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bw! I.. Iii :.-L3 rzVQ?!f ibn? 19 55 LZ 52' 95 S M '5 45' 4k 9Z SZ Q, 4 3,5 05 y fL 'U ,Q ' AcgNQ,giif'i ' A J X f "'Q,: nl N2 P C9 Q 1 :vm W Q5 S., 6 Q, 1, rw f 9 FV 6 3 Q' ,flgq U' 1 A C ' 4 621,19 6 4Qf?Q 09 3 ix Q v3 -4 'JJ J 2 Qs '42 OJ ? 29 E A1 9 J k Ig, Vw Q6 QQ' ff 99 jg '3 " ,f'jA,,g,fg,A ,Y ,Qu 96 fo , fp XJX-ffxefff .9 3? x del? N35 1 6 J' ox 69 WE! Zig'-5AE WX Qwwgx? Qc? ' 3171 CP 9531-'50 lf fig' Nix 5 6 9 0 ,Q XQQ59 v , - X CP vb , if Q 1 12 9 99 6 J Wsmiffa 9 29 f X J90' ,lf Q "I65fXX' 3 7 4 5 4? 7 I I, 7 X 5 X0 U xg QG5 Q59 Qfif , X 8 5 8 ,7 1 A, jig Ok , . L22 - ,JUNE ', is J ., . .. Tllflb. wgn. T namu ns. Fmf su. 2 W QQQ S 1 1 fox 9 Xfsm "0'?": ff 1 PI F 234567 8 lp gim- 11 1915 12 13 14 15 if 94 fn: 3.x..fjY ,JAKE V O L U M E X X X I V PUBLISHED BY EUGENE HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT BODY EUGENE, OREGON EDITOR . . . WILFRED ROADMAN MANAGER . . . BOB SPFER INTRODUCTION . . . . . Time is an impelling force, moving forward toward an unknown finish . . . an uncontrolloble element which is caught by the camera's eye and held for one fleeting second, to be thus re- tained as a still reflection of an ever- moving pageant which marches on and on and on .... The march of I934-35 as enacted at Eugene High is only the beginning of an even greater journey begun on a thousand highways, where Youth is recruited from the classroom in farm and city to join the ranks of a restless army sent into a troubled world to study and to work, to search for ond to find, from the fragments of yester- year, a way .... their way .... our way .... for always .... As our journey of life unfolds through the years, the ensuing pages will record for us o thrilling portion of o never-ceasing march which all men must tread .... .uns :. . v s-QQ "r il ' V gi ' 1 11 'l. 'M .,. L' '- Ia.: T,7ii5'f if ' 5' 51-aw .',if,g" ,Q -M A 41. :.f 41 'fm -.,-5: , 1 w 1' :".:'f.,....1-.-xi . , ,A- "f 1-,P ' Jlgfmf - flu " 'i-awk" . , V:-'F .". . - , 'M ?sn:gT,g-W. 'A f' , V. ':. ' . - .-: , N. ,-9' , i , Nlf-f ,a-" 'scu- ,H-,,"1 .vzji-95-E'-1.2.24 Y--dj ,fu Vgzih.-:...m' 4, .f - 54 , .:-' -'I '-'g'LA.f.":2-"j.' ff? Y f? . "1 " 7' 'fm 1 ,. ' 9-. 4. 1 ,., . N 1' , L 'xx .2 . . . .,,. 5 ' -1 , Q 1. ' fs -QL... I .. 1,9 2 if '!1-f L ' ' . W I vw f , . : 'i ' -113-1 E 552253 vi ,513 - -r 3 71 .4 Q'-ix. "4 -54 X: f, 231: ' " 'ik 1- 1. 1 Q- , pg I ,fur .1 2 f -w-. -.- ,Q , 4 Y.. yr f . , Q, . I .-,. L 5-. iv ' y Q H F3 , . fx , , K -' zgz- V, , X:-1 V ,,!,'Q .IQ .Tal k fx -3,fin'il,f,igM ,2,g,g,Ef. l:gaQ'1,,'Ig':m N Y 1 gs f'.,1,x 'ji ' - 2 :.."f'--' 5 I o .s1A'wLv sn: swans I I "" -f n ' ' ' -ul-' fri' 'E i-Q -1 " 1-, "" nu an nl It-Inq! 'I , , vg .3 ,.,,i- ,Y ' vw - A Y 1: if.--.E Q 1-1wq31A'H - 44 . W - EUGENEAN 0 1935 ll.. SEPTEMBER September .... Vacation over, hundreds of students turn to Eugene high as the center of interest, activity and thought for the next nine months. As routine is re- sumed, the building comes to life: under the leadership of the faculty, studies get under way .... in the classroom, in the halls, old acquaintances are renewed .... new ones begun .... Doc Near welcomes the sophomores at an all-school assembly and they soon are absorbed in their new environment. Clubs meet and elect officers .... plat s ' ' the futu 'e are discussed and scheduled .... The News staff prepares an open six-pag ition of the school paper .... Coach Kramer intensively trains a footb team that 's destined to Win all but one of its gridiron contests .... school spiri ets behinc he sale of student body tickets and everyone registers enthusiasm ova. ' e prospec of the season .... a sign of things that are to come .... ?- R5 04,4 J s 'ag- . W' THE FACULTY liiilxu-ll, llollis, Kkilislzun-l', Uillwrl. Gibson .lm-Itsoii, XYnl'i'vn. S4-lizn-fer, lliwluvl, t'l:n'k Moore, Xliilwlson. tlmsi-, 'Slrlhi-rimilt. Woods lilqnis, I"li-lvln-i', In-it-rl:-in. Halton, Allison lhvlwr, lit- ns, lillxins,.Iol1nson, lleiulricks, Kin so-x, Ifislmooil, Norris, t'llris1ie, Gorrvll, Kru liner. Jolnison, Hvlilnilt. I THE BIG FOUR Iii-an liiduvll. Ilczm l'olusl:mu', l'I'lIlI'iIb1ll.lUhIl son, Silpmilnlomln-lit tioolil, CLASS PRESIDENTS Igmf, '37, Flint, '35, l'lllllll'I', '30, lll'l'gfllillII, Furlis, lklrpelitvr. Iln-xv, lhuulslmw Flvlvlie-r, Clmsv, Vrosslzmul. Rzillinmre, .l, lfllI'li- er, Bruliel, Dye, F. lfillnll. Blanton, Clark, R. flll1lIlllll'l'S, lilais, Imnilxerg L, Christoferson, Bussell, G. Culluntine, Freink lmvis, Coz-In-i', H. lflirislofn-rsun, Royle. Callaway, Anderson, Carmen, Rirzl, I-Iwlwauwls 51. Baker, L. Baker, Fisln-r, Cul:-f, I-'innllnei Cooley, Frulm-rieks, Hailey. Crook, R, B.on-I, J. Cole, Ib. lin-l'g.g'lln1li, J. liwl- warals, lb. Buell. R. Alnlm-rson, Uzillalwaly, l'lu-ri'y, A. Anderson. C. I'oultm-r, ll. Akers, F, H1-V4-I, Alforll, ll. B1-env, R, Burton, lbuuin Amlersmm. Brown. lill- flers, K, limwlltin-lil. Uzimp, l". llnmll. liunim-,llz111uer, l". .Innvs, Bl. liilllu-y, fl. llilmns, li, Lee, Holm, Lopvr, l.owry, ill-nnig::u1, l,0pul', ll, .lolu1son. Gillespie, llull, tluilfrm-y. llllllllllt-'l'll'kNtlll, llun- mlrullsmi, llillmore, lliuton, llugln-s, Link, Hunk, Jessi-n. lm-lwl, tim-mimi, W:ul'rm-11, llzmier, lgoe. Linus. Leann-li. ll:-lillson, llil-In-us. R. .lolmsmm I'. John- l-till. Lune, limwlx, lill'lx1HllI'll'li, liiml, .Ie-anis, llvrou, ' llill, Km-fe, Knoll. ifurfl, C, . use, C. mm . . xx, R Hlfll, -gk er, H. ugm-rs, . . : -11 -. Rust, 0. Bl:-Kay, Orr, Pziinv, Xl, Ruthfmwl, I. Mr'Xutt, X. Rnlrim-tt, ll. Miller, .l. Xu:-I. Xlirlmel. A Q 5lUll.KUlIlL'l'j', l'l-rin, Miller. 'N l MQN4-il. Roussvalll. Iivvse, Qualll. Pulse, I'iv1'r-v, I'mlr--n, P. Miller. Naylor, l'Ul'll'l', Perkins, l"lxvlps, Morrison. Robertson, Nl-:ya-r. .l. Miller, Nloorn-, Ih'1-wnklmlm. Xeaves, J lingers, Ruln-nsti-in, Uslxorm-, Milnes, Ronmm-, Nielsen, Rm'lnm"n, 'l'homuson. Ri-ill, Nainkiu, Ii. Pruitt, .l, Miller. Yung:-r, Skiller, li. Slllllll, 'I'olmy. F. Wilson, l-1. 'l'lmnips4m, M, Wriulit, ll, 'l'urIier, li. Smith. Wllitrilow li. Staulig, Scllovng'zl1'lll, li, Wray. M. 'l':1ylor, Sc-hrenk, Sollwreg I. 'l'erry, ll. - Tripp, Tillllllxlllll, l". Smith, W1-lull, IK. Vain Usdul, Wilzlish, Y. Thorpe. Wieklilfi-', Sherwin, Sears, 'l'ln'anuer, Sulllerlainnl, Zeller, Ii. 'I'i'ipp, Wimlle. lVj'lIlV'l'. Tim-gn-. Shelby, 'l'l1oreluy, Sclmrpf, S. Smith. Simnlons, Toll, 'l'rospl-V. Bn -.r ' 1, THE CLASS OF '37 September . . . 360 adventurous boys and girls begin life at Eugene High . . . November: they produce the cleverly acted farce, "The Fatal Quest", in Hi-Jinks. . . February: the social spotlight pays tribute to'VYash1ng'ton in scheme of Kolonial Kapers, annual soph informal. . . April: the class sponsors an original radio broadcast over station KORE. . . Their versatile talents displayed, they show promise of ably performing their more numerous duties as upperclassmen. IN MEMORIAM Jean Adele Gilbert--Robert M. Anderson EUGENEAN 9 1935 CCTOBER October .... cool, clear, crisp, autumn days find school spirit pulsating to the rhythmic chant of "Give 'em the Ax, the Ax, THE AX I" as the magic pigskin brings to life again the romance and glamour of the gridiron and the grandstand. Hayward field .... a night game .... dazling lights .... an expectant throng jams the stad- ium .... a night team warms up .... eve rything's set .... the whistle blows .... THE KICKOFF! .... Kramer's powerful eleven go into action, sweeping down the field .... kicking, surging, tearing, plunging, ever-forward toward the goal-line .... suddenly, a break in the line and Eugene's away .... down the field he goes, a new hero in the making .... ten, fifteen, twenty, thirty, thirty-five yards for a TOUCH- DOWN! The Axemen score again! Fans go wild, the crowd cheers, while the band plays on, inspiring a victorious team to greater triumphs. Burdened with a heavy activity schedule, the school welcomes a new organiza- tion: the Service Club, a group of loyal stu dents resolved to further all school activi- ties, and to assist in ,every way possible .... 1115- ' ii -QV" 2 THE SQUAD Kelly, Clark, Mvtlill, lhlllo, Warner, Mehl. llowsvl' Hislmp, Colby, Brown, .l. Nei-ly, llutliriu, Mailus, Smith B. New-ly, 'l'zxyloi', Rolwrtson, Haven, Swinili-ll, W. Walls Ilanmer, lbiviz, Kimlmll, Shisler, Sn-urs, Loomzm. .L Smith l'1-ti-rs. lizuifnmli, Nlc-Vlalin. Gilliam, llorzm, KI'2llIlt"I'. AXEMEN IN ACTION CAN DID CAMERA CLICKS ' EUGENEAN 0 1935 ...l- THE FIRST ELEVEN Tzlylor, Xl-ely, Colby .loy Smith. Ml-Ill, Roh- erlson, Ilmvsvr Kelly Ilislwp, Wallis, Warm-I THE CAPTAIN Ili:-lt W1-ig-In F, 3--:fi -' -" A4 -- ' .' I . ,sf.1eis.E2- A+ .. ,AGM ""'s: 'T' E CLUB limxwxuun, Walls, l'z1l lauutine, N i in p s o n Broun, IluIln'i1-, limp er, Kaavvn. Ilnily, Sli'- llill, Wriglll, ll ll II n linwsvr, Nlzllos, Iizmtzl lp.-you Sny-lm-r, Warm-r X1-zir, Wright, 'l'uylul' Williams, llornuglis lmolllzlil, Hp:-1-r, .lm-li sun, Ill-lil, Kr:ilmA1',l':lr ler. NI4-lizly. lizlufnmn. . .ff SERVICE CLUB Flint. I..-11. Williams Nelson, I-'owl4'1'. Atwzll er, Wood, liowllow lln'll1ll'n-llsmx, Fnlgwlzl len. lhvulil, llulu-'nsln-in llvllullvll. Xlalwlv, Ilil lu-rt, l'oult1-r, Svoriel liillm-ll, I'iln1-y, Ilnl ipps, lin-vel. Iiimlmll NIUYPIINUII. l"l'yv, .Inlan- son. t'l1:lll1lu-rs, i'11rtm' Q-- llillllurl. Www 3 Q, . we W, w, Jlw 4. .l CUP WINNER limit Ilolu-l'lsun at . M.,- THE SEASON GF 1934 With only seven lettermen answering the Call for football in the early part of September, Coach Fritz Kramer develooed one of the most powerful football teams in the state. With a 6 to 0 victory over the alumni tucked under their belts, the Axemen journeyed to Cottage Grove, October 5, and defeated the Lions, 19-0. On October 9, the Kramermen answered the call "all aboard for Klamath Falls" and outplueked the plucky Klamath Pelicans, 19-6, on the Modoe field. The following week the team ran up a large 27 to 7 score while defeating the Linfield Frosh on Hayward field. October 27 saw the Axemen the hosts of the underrated Spartan eleven, but the Axemen were not good hosts and sent the Corvallis team home with a 13 to 6 defeat. fContiuued on Page 505 2Sia511 5 'i- i 12,111 Le V P' , ja '- '. QL lifillwtkz an ' M. in V .wi Q1-', EUGENEAN 0 1935 9 EUGENEAN 0 1935 NOVEMBER November .... a setting of sullen, gray days finds interest turning from the gridiron to the stage: the 1934 Hi-Jinks .... comedy, music, dancing, satire, marks this all-school presentation .... capacity crowds fill the auditorium while backstage all is in readiness .... technicians at the switchboard, casts assemble as a final touch is given costume and make-up .... Director Christie gives the signal .... Lights! . . . . CURTAIN! The show is on . . . . Scene changes: Hayward field . ...the Axe- men battle the Golden Tide to a victorious finish: 15 to 0. Scene three: the National Honor Society elects its chosen few from the senior class at a school assembly .... new members to carry forward its high standards .... Scene four: the activity spotlight shines on a new club .... The Paletteers, an art club .... devoted to give expression to all that is creative, beautiful .... Last scene: the first nine weeks draw to a close .... report cards soon .... the library is crowded with students .... some preparing lessons .... others enjoying a veritable playground of print .... while a silent, industrious staff works on .... ever-helping .... unselfishly serving .... for the good of all .... LIBRARY STAFF l u sc-ll, liuvm-son, Allen, l'on:lway, Fla-if-lwi'. lloikin, l'ilm-5' Clow. W:n'm'l', llv!'g.:li:lI1. C'll:lmln-rs. THE HONOR SOCIETY ASSEMBLY C THE PALETTEERS 'I'l'ipp. K'oIl'm:m. Ili-xriit, llyvrly, II. XI4-Ibonal-I, Ulflhzlm llanson, Simpson, Swalrlliout, J, Xlcllollalil, llunhorg .Inlnuson. Ilirrn-tl. Mzwslmll, Lord, lfisllwooil. Bailgi-n, Morgzun, lI:imlniH, ll--mlrii-ksnm, llurnl, His- DISCUS THROWER WHERE THE CARAVAN RESTED THE FATAL Qussr O THE WRESTLERS MAKING THE ROUNDS JAVELIN THROWER SENIOR SHIP OF JOY I-II-I IN KS: 1934 Variety was the lxevnote oi the fmt INOXIUQ' x IllCl6Wlll1 PIOCILILUI n of H1J1IllxS piescntul No xember T and 8 in the xthool dLlClItOl1LIlTl UINIG1 the il1liLfIlJIl of His l thtl Chaee Chllxtle The orchestra pl1wS the hauntlng melody ot the sw mipl incls Song of the Bavou Xe ting' and song well blended the Sophs tell a xtorv ot dukee death md dcxolatlon in thin lf It ll Quest" .... the mingling melody of a cololful gwpsv camp iq the anne of the combmcd glee Llubx offering, "Where the Calawan Restcd a cl 11116 Lxtr'1v1g'1n7'1 Mfiklng the Rounds is the yuniors' contribution d.CCl'TlHl6CI for ite student dxretted ensembles Mask and Dagger dots 1 'xtirical pantomime At the Moxie the sen ltlOl1il I ning St'1IC1.l xrw ant depicting nl wsu 1 reek figures" proxu to he the Qhovw N 'utistu highlight thuc clunih allors ml JH in mx 101110.11 c' old maids pro ic fl o ns x lg ter mr t L S11 inte hor pmt lol thc murtain. EUGENEAN 0 1935 EUGENEAN 0 1935 ii DECEMBER December .... last month of the old year, and with it comes the traditional gaiety of the yuletide season .... EHS reflects this festive mood in a whirlwind of varied activities: the Band, 45 strong, gives a brilliant concert at the Music building on the campus .... thrilling marches, melodic waltzes, well played, display trained tech- nique .... and Mr. Moore's able direction. Turning to the stage, the Juniors show their dramatic ability in that grand old revival, "Mrs, Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch" .... a double cast scores another hit! . . . . Young and old, the audiences enjoy the homey philosophy of this great Ameri- can classic .... excellent characterizations truly create atmosphere of by-gone days. Football season over, basketball, the favorite indoor sport comes to the fore- ground .... this month sees our hoopsters in training for the important games of the season, as yet to come .... Vacation near .... students eagerly await the annual Christmas assembly .... Auditorium gaily decked .... wreaths of holly, mistletoe and evergreens lend effect to Gothic windows and sacred music in "Why the Chimes Rang" .... Favorite of all times .... beautifully staged .... a prelude to a Merry Christmas. THE BAND son. l'urnutt, Si-olu-rl, lievm-rv, Rim-liar-I, Jollnson, H--:il foul. Tripp, 'l'nc-km-r, Lilnlszly. Alilvot, Uslmriu-, B. .'Xll1ll'l' Xl lei n Uilflx ll I I' X I I 1 ll lil 'i n lei XI 1 H-.Il.1- n Timm.- l'lun1mer, Siclxaifoosu, Samfnril, llulliwlim--. l'urry, lu-unison, 'I'olu'y. -I. lieefv, lhllncziru, llorlon, Milla-r, Wut- lb, Iii-1-fc. Ilel"i'm-vu-, Iiairlle-H. Yam FUSSEII, llllllgllllll. Nl. Lightfoot. Nlorgzin. lleimignn. White, llowr, li. Light' son, ll, A- 11 'sn , . Q, ug , '. 1 in---sou. 1- isou. ll: 1,...-1 -, sl iiit- y, Allz ili, Y: iv 1. 1 oo-1-. O THE JUNIORS PRESENT "MRS. WIGGS-" C THE CHRISTMAS ASSEMBLY I 'l'. Voc, llrsulcn, lit-rgg, Iniinln-'rgg lilmnl, lipliley, ll. .Klnlm'rsini, .l. IM- l"revZe. li. linlicly linrlon. liroolxs, t'. ltairton. l.. Q'ot'l'nizin. li. Curtis. SI. lirown, Y. Atltison, F. Cox. .Hu-i'naitli,i', lintliuott. Aii:Ii'm"ws. I'. Atwaltt-l', Unr- rol, t'li4-st-lmm, li. liliot. lieu-rc, i'i'ow:-, l'lY9I'illg,fil2llll. lizilrlnitt. Adzlins, Coul- ter. liorougglis. llorzin, Bishop, Bonney, linlx- lliM'I', lieynn-r, t'owan. liirnm'lnnfl, Allen. l':1Iltin-r, ltlnclt, luxcll, Cox, liluoin, lh's-wlutol, liurcli, Uoruin, t'lnls1'. l'uug:il, Imnr':in. t'ln'islott'crson. tb, lliinsnn. ll, llnnson, Nl, Little, li. tlrnlx. l.ewcllen, Xl. llnglu-s, I.. llnleinzln, Il, Fostf-l'. 3 li. llugln-s, .li-lirics, A. llopc, lt. l"l'yc. llainks, A. tiillt-spin-', Il, Johnson. A, Sniyly. lirzutz. llolilvs. tlrailnnn. lioppt-, lim-pp, Ib. ll'-ggliis, llogne. I., l-'4-gles. ll1-ntlerson. lIi-n:I4-r- shot, tliuvliwlt, liinncy, li:-env, Flint, liilvlrc. tiomllmv, Y. llill. Xl. llill, Allnvvn. Kingsley, Jolinson, llvzul, l'. liilnlmll. XI. Fry. li. llng:,g'ins. Y. Little, Nl. llai,x'wali-tl. llir-It:-nson. llzini tlmllove. l'il'j'lIlil't', llussel- V nn-tli, tlonlil. tlillnln, II:-niingrson, llinnlin. llanwly, tialno. lledniaun. llzunson, llzurnmn. Il. Iliill. lwmlt-r, lXlIlL:'lli, llnrlucrt. l'i-1--leru-Its, W. liziiilflimli, lflw-tr-ln-'i', .lol1nson, llylnntl, llzln- Still, l'i1'lti-rt, Nlinlgvr. ltcetz. Xlurlile. N4-lsnn, Mc- llonell, X. Row. Rr-1-41:-1', l.inn.'vn, Blil- li'It. Nlzlnscll. Ric-kzlril. ltinnltin. Nlull. Mow-. l,nsluy. I'zn'ltcr, I.atlnnn. Nlorhtl. Logrsilon, I.ittl4-, l.untlsti'oin, lllilhnin, Klrt'l':ir'ltill. l'-fltee. tbsnn-nllson, St4itl'oril, .I, Philips, Xliillllvton. ltunltin, l.:1lnl+, F. Xt-cillniin, Rh-- lxaiy, I'i-rin. Nlt-Vznltliini. J. X1-1-ly, Lylllilll, R1-id, l.ooinis, Itom-rs, Nlctlill, Xloycr. lla-inining'son, Hilliann Rlycrs. Cf: 'ur llnnnpsun, Vin-4-lvl', I.. llrlgrllt, Il. Nlrlgilll. XYn1'l'cli. ll. Siiwlxt-i'. ll. Smith. Ziinnu-1'1n:1n. H. Sw-lnnidt. Il. ll. Willizllns. l'. Willininson, IC. Willey. Ni0l'Ill0ll, Suttlc. Nm'i'og'1g"x, Niinlnons, 'l':rg:t-rt. Stzlton, 'l'rox4-I. I.. ltut li. H Yoltnin, 'IU-ng's. Snxxyer. li. Winn. Wether- forul, Willson, Y:inYli1ft, Sinzirtt, Stes-lc, lllUllll'.1iiilll'I'i. lilltins, Wells, Scarlet. Sollverg-, Wzlrren. iililllllvlllilllll, St-1lt'i'lin, S4-linst--r, Sinus. THE CLASS OR '36 This year finds the class of '36, now upperclzissmen, firmly entrenched in school year .... to them, go leading parts in many affairs. November: In Hi-Jinks they present "Making: the Rounds" a tuneful musical revue .... later comes the Junior Informal, a football victory dance .... De- cember: The juniors play "Mrs, Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch" to delighted audiences .... March: The season's only formal, the Junior Prom follows an Oriental motif .... April: Outstanding.: juniors are elected to the National Honor Society .... they sing leading roles in the opera, "Bo- hemian Girl" .... from the class, student body officers are nominated, elected, and installed .... leaders for another year, to carry on .... .. i t i 0. , I H AQ X 3 ft-' '. 'if , i Q, sb: . ll: 'it ' l l . ll-' 1 .- U f' 4 0 Ha N it Hmmm, li EUGENEAN 0 1935 To i W-. I3 EUGENEAN 0 1935 JANUARY January .... new year's resolutions .... school again and snow! Eugene high's portals lay fringed with snow .... her windows mirror the students' wild glee .... snowballs whizzing by .... slippery sidewalks .... while inside all reflects indus- try and hard work .... boys in the shop, making things .... technical classes study- ing industrial and commercial pursuits . . . . this typifies the spirit of the school . . . . Leading activity of the month is basketball: wintry evenings beckon sport en- thusiasts to the warm gym .... the Axemen quintet provide thrills aplenty .... win- ning or losing, fair play marks hard fought battles .... Uni-high, our rival is defeat- ed at McArthur Court, in a clashing tilt . . . . Springfield, St. Mary's fall under the Ax in successive games .... an organized rooting section led by Yell-king Banta adds a colorful note to winter sports .... the all-school Pep Club strives "to build and foster a high type of school spirit and cooperation between the students .... " The opening weeks of 1935 find exams, report cards, and the semester ending at Eugene high .... the school year, half gone .... We seniors enter the last lap .... our goal in view now, as Eugene high marches on .... Q xi sf , -V ' , ,. - vm x wg, it wt g y' Af , - .rf K k 'Cu-, 2: N' ' , --it M- - -..' :It if 5, P, i K gw.w"?il XA E. H. S. HOOPSTERS l!ul'ullg:lls, Taylor, Ilurlmzin, Wright. l'zn'1-n, Shisler, l llllfl sm. lgov, Moyer, llnily. Inserts: Conch Kr:um'r, :mul xllllllljlvl' !lr'Kuy. BOXERS AN D WRESTLERS uvk, Fo1'cc', Lanvr, Cougill, 'sher- u-Cluin. Fish, lfolgmlaleii, Thomp- son lxmh Anderson, Kc-rns, Torry, Sniartt, Neely, Wulf rl, Warner, ll, Fish, Guthrie, Davin, Beymer, M CRAFTSMEN'S CLUB i f -----W W -W---'--'H -F-W H- -xx C? ul H, g W A, .M J. .1 7 in. l .Q- ii?""3 "3 if i f? A h ,L E EJ: H S 41 Rankin, .lolinson, lizcll. Mullins, I'itm-lx, Nlidillcton, 'l'cngs, Il. Walls. Slit-lu-lson, lirut- f i.: zlvr, Lyle. N. liazmln, lloaru, Siiiinili-rs, Ro- mame, Mc-Nutt, llurlwl't, Gray. hll'lllTj'l'l', Ruth. FUTURE CRAFTS- MEN OF AMERICA l'urlvli', llill. llt-ad, llronltliallm, ti 1' i gg' s Russell. Xlzulmrrp. 'Vo- lneil Co ll l t cr , livzlns. llalstcrton. Williams, ll. Smith. 0 t t m at n , R. Smith. tkniliti-i'. Nlzlllx-ll sian. Itlaltyvliuclt. L, I VM., A 41"'v- tl.-Qsf13'J.' ' -.1-in -I-li'vv.. .L ' 'W M -'f F -1- '.i'?l EE' :lui l l t l 1.4.4 3 Q PEP CLUB MQ Rulwnstein, lit-igrlnaiin. Ile-liltson, limit, Hog'- s-rs. Ili-witt. l"i'yw-. Cal- lzmtim-. lflltbllllli. Trox- ol. Yolltsturt, llcming- ilrivkson, Jolmston, At- Rou, lb, Rmv, Sclmrpf, Muir. lim-ll, Wallilorf. Rutlu-rfoi'-I, Hood, Fry e. lonlti-1,lniteI.l.1nz1us. Wvmi l"-llkm-r liim- sliott. Tliompson, Rt-isv, tion-rt-ll, Schmitt, 'I'hu- m'm:um, .Kitt-rs. Bei-1-l, Naylor, Scarlett, liinggs- li-lx, Smith, llif-liens. llzimi-r, Smith, Svotii-ld. intl..-, um-. Lv.-. Flint. x BASKETBALL Eugene high hoopsters nosed out a series of clean victories that definitely established the superiority of the well-coached team above the u :ual run of hoop-tossing basketball teams. The first conference game was played on the Eugene floor with Cottage Grove, Three days later the Axemen journeyed to Albany where they lost, 20 to 15. The civil-war began two days later with University highg here Eugene managed to win 35 to 14 in a bitterly fought game. After four days of practice, Kramer and his Axemen played the Springfield high team, handing out a third defeat and making two wins for Eugene. The "Giant Killers" from Saint Mary's were the next victims of the super-crushing Axemen. The Axemen challenged the Oregon Frosh in a practice tilt losing to their larger and more experienced cousins. The most thrilling game of the season was the first clash against Corvallis, the winners of the confersnce, with Dick Wright playing the key pivot posi- tion perfectly. Eugene closed the season with two games against Salem, winning the first tilt 29 to 27 at the Capitol City and losing the second 32 to?.4 on the Eugene floor. Burton Buroughs, junior, lengthy center, was high point man, followed closely by Doc Taylor with 105 and 93 points scored respectively. l i l EUGENEAN 0 1935 cc. , c cc I5 FEBRUARY February .... a flood of new activities rushes Eugene high into the beginning of a new semester .... months have passed .... school actors, athletes and mus- iciians have gained recognition in their respective fields of attainment .... now, an- other group comes to the front .... the leading activity of this month is debate: EHS arguers, under Coach Allison enter the forensic meet at McMinnville .... pitted against teams from 21 schools, Eugene high debaters led by Speer and Devereaux battle a worded way into the semi-finals . . . others rate high. . . . Interesting events crowd Dean Constance's activity calendar .... in patriotic pattern the sophomores honor Washington's birthday with an informal dance, the Kolonial Kapers . . . Le Cercle Francais entertains all French students at a gay col- orful Mardi Gras party .... old-world atmosphere suggested in costumed frolic, tra- ditional celebration preceding Lent .... our mood changes from the frivolous to the serious .... a five o'clock church service is the scene of the Girl Reserves' ring cere- monial .... honors awarded 'mid reverent beauty of flickering candlelight and strains of soft music .... The new semester finds much interest aroused over the counselling classes for seniors .... vital problems are openly and intelligently discussed .... fresh fields of thought are explored .... stimulated .... Eugene high takes another distinct step forward .... INTER NOS . . 1 X s . Rvelz. Ros:-, l'lunnm-r. Williams, lil'Y4'l'l'illlX, Ml'f'l'lIlfkt'll, l pl'-, Cougill. I N:s'romANs Rofwk. lieu-wzuix, Flinl. l'i1m-y, J, ling:-l's, limliu-nit, Coll- fxlurris, l"ui'll-r, Stauhul, A, ling:-i's, llunt, Speer, Gibson, li Rugrvrs. l'mlllm', lizvll. Allison. Harrell. I.:1lu-. Sli-lhnwll, Blau' ple. l,llx'u:1s, l"i'yv, R1-ill, l':n't1-r, Wulilurf. LE CERCLE FRANCAIS Small, llalrsllzlll. Lnlw, lllalis, 'lwillPlllllSUll, Nelson, Hhull Sllipworlln, Nluscllgil, Illlllil0l',1f, Wormlen, i'il'i!'lxSUll, Kinney lluril, Siu-4-l', l.ux'zl:is, Griswold. EUGENEAN 0 1935 Pole, lt. Rlltlllilii, Rim. Marple-, Gurdon. Ho-llim-, Uullell, live" lands, IC. Rlmllailt, Amlc-l'sun, Wrirhi, Luslw, llnilvy, 'nrli-r, Hlnlrvs, Hurrell. f'ililllIll1'I'N, Hlxillvrli, Smith. K. Mill'- SOPHS DO KOLONIAL KAPERS GIRL RESERVES I-. xlllllilllls. Illlgliu-s, llslllwlc. lt. Rlioxmll, Shields, Nmlxlix. ll. ll'l'ig'l1l, Waln- In-V,Ilnnlmill.Iiinm-5-,St:1- lon. XIol':':1n, Rose, Ilen- ilrivltsoll. IC. Rlionzllt, Hilf ll-spiv,II,WilIin1us.M-Isola, ll- W"iU.'lIl. Vo:-, XYlll'l'lt'l', tlorllon, .I. Vllzusm-. Iirzxly, 'l':llnii-sic, Vlzncltzn. Imvis. 'I' .I hx lo V. lf. Lev. 'I'1'ilvp. Ilvllmlvlsuln, Marx, 'l'uvlwl'. Iloh-nmn. l':ni'roll, Rohi- lu-Il. limllzllll. 'I'll4npe. Xlv- Ibomllll, Iiissn-Il, I.ushIx, llvn-Iuslnoll l'ornuIt Ili-- I"l'e1-ww-, Ilolmlws, I'llllnlm'l'. XIonIg'onwl'5, Wzlrrl-n, Xllnnls. Hollis, Nllllll, Y, Huxv, Uriss, 1JillI1'I'l, Hul- rvll. Ilvuill, li. Lev. Linn, Vlmsv. lilmxn. Ilnlll. llalllf sull. lull:-Its-rin. l ll:-svlxro. lin-Ifl'-x, Svllrznlt, lluinlml. X1-Iler, Ifljw, liuili-hx. l'nlI:l- unix, IXIIIIH'-X, mfttl--. Noi- -Ion, I':u'lwr. Wzillwr, Hou, O HI-Y Itorumglus Sp:-4-r t'lnl1nIw1x Volllti-I' I"mxlvr Ililflj Tlllnn nmlm Iiiilxu-ll Xl:l4-It Xuan' Iflinl DEBATERS lllX'1'I'l'2lllX, Speer, Nlzlr plc. I.uvqms. Rl-i-I. Wzllflorf. l'ill'lI'I', Allison, Nluvris. t'oulter, Slalom. DEBATE This year Eugene high was represented by a debate team of which it may well be proud. Coach Allison developed a handful of inexperienced arguers into one of the most polished and suc- cessful debating teams ever to represent our school. In November, the debate squad and Nestorian Public-Speaking club put on a pay assembly featuring a mock debate, on the subject: "Resolved, That all debaters should be tarred and feath- ered". The financial returns were sufficient to take five teams of debaters to the annual McMinn- ville tournament. One of these teams, composed of Bob Speer and Charles Devereaux, worked its way into the semi-finals but was eventually defeated by the tournament champions. The varsity team composed of John Luvaas fcaptainb, Kenneth Marple, Bob Speer and Charles Devereaux, took the District Championship by winning all of its ten debates. The team then went North to defeat Dallas by a wide margin thus becoming' champion of both the Southern and Middle Willamette Districts, 12 schools altogether. EUGENEAN 0 1935 D EUGENEAN 9 1935 il MARCH March .... wind and rain mingle with sunshine and clouds .... to Eugene high this matters little .... rain or shine, her spirit is the top! Suggestive of the month is the March Hare party sponsored by the the Girls' League .... clever costumes en- liven characters from the pages of Alice's famed adventures in Wonderland .... in the same carefree vein is the coming of sp ring .... a welcomed return to outdoor recreation and sports. . . . Our attention is drawn to another land of make-believe and illusion: the stage . . . . Mask and Dagger goes Harlem in a pay assembly to raise money for stage equip- ment .... Later in the month the club's annual invitational evening .... three excel- lent one-act plays are presented for a capacity crowd .... varied types are portrayed in fantasy, comedy, and melodrama .... Judges select "The Florist Shop" as best . . . . colorful setting, humorous lines contribute to success of the actors' and direc- tor's efforts. . . . Imagine a bit of old Japan in springtime .... snowcapped peaks, cool mirrored pools .... fragrant flowers set among a background of ominous Oriental warriors . . . . incense offered to the gods spirals upward to the heavens . . . . sending out its mystic message .... Imagine smartly gowned ladies, with their immaculately groom- ed escorts .... dancing to softly syncopated strains .... Imagine all this tif you canj and you have our impression of an evening in a Japanese garden .... ! DIANA CLUB l'lumnu-i', lillhil, llill, i,ill'NHlI, Xlurris. 1l1'iswul4I, llzilninill, iillllli, filislggzlli, l'l:lslx:1, l.illl:-, Y, l.1'i', lf. lm:-. liuril. llvlili- sou, llewill, Iivilli, Iluril, Woods, I'uii:uw:x5, limi, Olson, Rzinltin, I-Iiidirult. ll-qw, Williulns, Xlicfliau-ls. BOYS' ARCHERY CLUB Img-iris, Su':ui'Iluuil. l'l:lslx:l,1lu4ul, Walls, In-slis-. llvlikson Jiililisuii. Xlivlwlsnn, Imillv, K1-vfv. l"i'wlvl'i1'lxs, Soul, ll:lrl11'i'l Vliillips, l.:im-, lrusper. GIRLS' LETTER CLUB Wzzrm-r. Wilfmwl tirali, Xvlson. Il, Williams, Gillespie Flint, l'lmmlu-rs, llulfl, II1-nnigrnn, l.. Wright, Mnrfitl. Frye Um-, ll. Wriglii. llulr-iimu. 'l'liuy1-r. Nl:irplv. Row. Saunders 'l'lumipsun, Williznnsmi. lh-nilric-lxsnri, Spenser, II u gli 0 S llnvln-, Bissell. Rc-'i4l, n:IlxQ'l'. Vlnsliai. Ili-likson. Pursley, ROS' -Asl, Sinyly. lil-wilt, llzlnson, Kililiv. l':1l'roll, Hope, Little si lil. Kinney. Hoocllow, lluut, Barton. llenderson, Loc, COIIR way, l'luninu-r, IC, Kinney, F. Williams, llnmlicott, Hobbs Tzuniusiv, Davis. MASK AND DAGGER 1I111li11g's11o1'll1. I1111111, 1 - - 111-111. 4.1111111. 11111111-1'- t111'1l. N14-u'11s1111, 511111111- lllll. N1-1113 IM-11-1'--:111x. 1Y:1I11o1'f. I'l1i1Iips. 511115 ford.1l:1111li11,Il1'1111I,11:1r- 111-rt, Speer, I'i1111-y. Rub' 1111sl1'111. X11-1i:1.1', Skip- XXn!'lll, Si111pso11, 11:11-Il, Wi11i:1111s, 511111114 121-rrell. I'111'l1-r, 1.111':1:1s. 1'I1:1111- lwrs. l':11'111i1'l1:11-1, W51111, tl. 1"1i111. 1i111'gI1:111. lllllilj- 1-1'. M1111-1'so11, 14111 11111, II1 ,11I1-1s1111II. X1 11 1' ll 1 1' , II1-xxitl, 111-llo11e11, N111- Ilow, 1lv'11111'i1l1so11, 1l111'111-- 11111. Xrlson, l'111'sI1'5. N. son. 11. Row, 11:11'lo11. thumlloxx, Ilo:111111:111,1l1'isf 11111114 I.:11'm11, llllsll, KK 1"1i11l. 111,551-1 s, lllllll, 421115, I. i I I 11-. '1'1'1vx1-1. .I1-1111slo11. 1'I11 isliv. Woo11. .llXX2ll1'1',ll'ilI11l1's11',NIWII- ser, 111-111, lliltorul, 0 1 INVITATIONAL 1 EVENING "'I'111' 1-'I111'isI Nllolf' A JAPANESE GARDEN .11111i111 l'1'UIIl THE PROM Dancing at the foot of the sacred volcano, Fujiyama in a veritable bower of Japanese spring- time loveliness and color, was the experience of the many who attended the prom on March 22. Heavy boughs of purple Wisteria and pale pink pfaeh blossoms with colorful butterflies dipping in and out, swayed gently over the dancers heads as they glided rhythmically to the tantalizing tunes of Sherwood Burr's orchestra. The mingling fragrance of Wisteria, peach and quince blossoms, Oriental incense and gardenias gave an exotic air to this gala formal affair, held in honor of the graduation seniors by the junior class. Following the Oriental theme the programs were metallic gold, black and green. F50 Qplvi V 'I 5 1 ,sm EUGENEAN 9 1935 E Ei 19 g EUGENEAN 0 1935 APRIL April .... warm weather, springtime and flowers .... yes, there's music in the air, too .... the Mixed Chorus sings "Bch emian Girl" to enthralled audiences .... flowing melodies, superbly sung .... superlatives showered on soloists, ensembles, and directors .... the city plays host to state band contest .... our band wins the marching contest .... our soloists rank among the first .... Eugene is represented at Northwest Music Conference at Boise . . . . leading members of orchestra and glee clubs go .... they play leading parts . . . . win honors .... gain recognition and valuable training. Another victory added to the season's spoils .... Spring sports and activities find eager followers .... Outdoor club spends week- end at Carter Lake .... inter-rollroom baseball provides noontime enjoyment .... golf, baseball, track teams, all train for coming contests .... the staff takes pictures for 1935 yearbook, sales best in years .... Axemen's Council sells tags to raise money for boys' den .... school pride grows, with mounting success and determined efforts of "BE Up! Clean Up!" campaign .... snappy posters advertise civic betterment drive .... results notable .... Dean Jewell explains how to do "this instead of that," at the Honor Society assembly .... outstanding juniors and seniors selected .... Doc Near, his year of achievement completed, installs the new president, a worthy successor to the executive office .... as ever, "the old order changeth .... " MIXED CHORUS Womls, N4-ttln-. llsirr, lizlrlon, l'I1Iu':u'1ls, Blum-ll, Il. liow. In-vw-rezilix, liruulxs, Iizintxl. Jully, Nelson, Skipworlli. llnlvh, Gould, Phillips, lluggius, Link, Mvlbom-ll, Ilavis, Ililmlls, Olson, .Mkinsoig llull, llre-wer, Hmullow, lingers. Yun llsslvl. Collins, I.. Fl'g:Ies, 'I'llumpsuu, 'l'lliiill'. Henni- gzin, l"l'wlel'ic'ks, Rumi-li, Thlllltflllilllll, liuufmaui. Heron, Frw, ' a ln rs, Sit'Yl'llSUll, Kni'hl. Ml'l'l'2ll'k0ll, lin-lit. son, l'airmir-hal-1, l ssill. Rutlu-l'fu1'4l, Hkllltil-'ll, Sillllll s, Fillson. Su'ul'tlinul, Boykin, Siinps-nn, Wood, IP, IN-gli-s, 1 l l uwn 1 ll mall l urrvl, Hi-olu-rt W ' ' 1-iss. N. Rim, THE OPERA 'llolwmizin Girl" ORCHESTRA liilisnn. llirllens. Sullivan. Wzirl'm-lu, l'lu-sn-lam, llvlln-1' lim-. llrzlliaini, ltloorv, Knppn-, Sivkzifoosl-, Mau-lx, Small liralz. Ulu-rry. Hilfry. Coimwziy, lloyl. Kinney iilliiilll0l't' Clll'l'j', liuslsy, live, l.iglitfuol, .Kll:lu, llvlikson, Bziilk-'y 'l'ulmey, V:1nVli1-l, limlfry, MiC'illll'i. llunsou. Frederic-kson I Klum e L. Burm-son, Stipv, Roi-l. Wailclorf, llzirlu-rl, llillmzin, l'v:il'- 1 lu ler llrny, lla-witl, Trsxe , .a , Vs ' 1. I . AXEMEN'S COUNCIL Howl, Ilivln-lx, Mullins. Ii. llzills, llrigrlit, bww. I Lyle, Fowler. Flint, Near, Jnlnnsnn, lgov, R ri Ill 11 n e, K'onIlel', Xl.u'li. Ki-Iwi-ll. OUTDOOR CLUB .lnI1nson. II. Wallis. Ihlvls. .I. Ilng'1-rs, Pitney, ltutll, lint:-Ii.0Isciu,1li':i.x', MIYI'IIl4i. Iiulwr. Vlalsltai, K' n 1' n in, Nl aills. I In-Ley. PACK RATS 'Vi I . f 1'nl'ln-lills, Yultllin, linml, 'i l,.x'lv, Shun. Link, Wai- ! X b 4 F y is Ili' ,F Q . r f :Qu -., qgi, it M iw F, A son, Su'ui'Ilinin. Slorsv. Ii. Stl-4-l. t'rmx. l"In-ips. Iii-rns, Ilillnmn, l'. Jollnsnn, liiil- '1 in-II.N,SlniIl1. Nli-t'orimck, Toll. Idlwleiic-Its, Nl:ill:ll'l'y. RIFLE CLUB Ii, Wzills, l'l11'Iis, Freml- riwks. Iizililnil. I lu s lt :i, Sm-Inirpf, Ilii-in-li, Nlnllins. I'itn--5. XMM-11, Iiirltpzill riclt. Iirutzler, Wutltins. N 1 ni ni ni n s. Min lfussvn. Wing, Jniinsnn. 'QQ AXEMEN'S COUNCIL An organization to represent the boys of Eugene high, to discover the boys' problems, and to find solutions for these problems is the Axemen's Council. The members are all boys, presidents of clubs whose membership is 60 per cent boys. The Axemen's Council was organized by the Hi-Y. Up to the present time it has sponsored a "Respect for School Property" campaign, noon dances and base- ball games between the Roll rooms. In April the council cooperated with the Hi-Y insuring the success of the "Be Up! Clean-Up!" campaign, which was the outstanding civic achievement of the school year. In order that the pur- poses of the Axemen's Council could be carried out, Boys' Roll Room representatives were elected, under the supervision of the Axemen's Council. Robert Mack was president of the council, Don Good was secretary and the advisers were Will M. Kirlwell and H. B. Johnson. 21 EUGENEAN 9 1935 EUGENEAN 0 1935 .il MAY May .... the last month of school climaxes a successful year of interesting study and activity .... a keynote to the joyous season is the Girls' May Day Party .... a brilliant court witnesses the coronation of beautiful Queen Deloris, surrounded by a bevy of lovely princesses .... her loyal subjects wind traditional Maypole .... her majesty reigns supreme over festive followers .... long live the queen! From Broadway to Eugene high, that's the senior class play, "Three-Cornered Moon" .... the crazy Rimplegars romp through a witty comedy of a family who learned to take it .... as well as give it. Moral: much margin means more money! This month sees spring sports in full swing: our baseball team shows promise in opening games .... trackmen compete in several meets .... the school golf team goes to Salem to play in state tournament .... state champions last year, we win again .... Spring weather lures clubs outdoors for picnic gathernigs .... Kinsey Kabin is scene of delightful retreat for Girl Reserves .... Last day of May is Senior day .... an all-school assembly honors the graduat- ing class of 1935 .... at noon, the senior luncheon .... afternoon and evening finds the class enjoying nature Cand themselvesl in the secluded haunts of Swimmer's De- light .... this memorable day will not pa ss with the months into oblivion .... BASEBALL Hullllmr, Howl, Blvlntyrf-, lh'vr'htvI, i'1-luriv, Russell, li4ll'UllQ4'ilN, Walls, SillSil'I', 'l'-iylnr. Wright. 'l'lnmem:um, S1-lnmilt. GOLF X I 'lxsnrlI. lirzmu-r, Spin-' ll I 4 TRACK Sing on, Vallauvnliluc. Wauwn-r, Blanlos, St:ifl'orml, Kramer Lyle, ll-:rr--il. Williams, llowmaul. l.-. EUGENEAN 0 1935 Va, J' N A 5 v i HW! A . rw , ' f , THRU THE WINDOW 1' wg. ,.,-- M vw' QUEEN DELORIS AND PRINCESSES SENIORS INVEST IN "THREE- CORNERED MOON" SCHOLARSHIP CUP EUGENEAN STAFF NEWS STAFF IN THE MERRY MONTH OF MAY Vine-covered walls encircling the court offer unusual pictorial effects as seen through the familiar hall windows .... the gracious May queen and her attendants pose for our cameraman . . . . they are, the Misses Hendrickson, Anderson, Weiss, Hunt and Rogers. The departing seniors present an over 'tstocked" family in the New York hit, "Three-Cornered Moon" .... Each semes- ter the Girls' League awards a cup to the three girls having the highest scholastic standing' in their respective classes. First semester winners are: Elma Parkhurst iseniorb, Natalie Row, fjuniorj, Ethel Rhonalt fsophomorej. May marks the appearance of the 34th volume of the high school yearbook, The Eugenean .... the '35 edition is a startling variation .... Members and advisers of the staff fseen in the picturel include: Pitney, Griswold, Roadman, Gorrell, Waldorf, Plum- mer, Kinsey, Row, Marshall, Porter, Snyder, Lee, Speer, Chase. Our more frequent informer of student opinion and activity, the E.H.S. News, completed its year with a special senior issue, dedi- cated to the grzuluating class of 1935 and their final activities .... FOLLOW THROUGH Youth marches on. Though not complete, Life stretches out before us there,--- A golden path with no defeat, N o thought of storm, no dream of care. Strong heart of youth! Now, as we turn To view the days we leave behind, We gain new strength, our spirits yearn For life and joy, new fields to find. Yet, if storm clouds prevail at length, This be our prayer .... not skies of blue, Just give us mind and soul and strength, And help us, God, to follow through. MARGARET REID I UNE June .... to seniors, a time of farewell to our school, and friends and activities there .... our goal is near now .... baccalaureate comes .... in silence we medi- tate the wise counsel of another generation .... then commencement .... McArthur court ablaze, to honor Eugene high's largest graduating class .... long lines of sen- iors file in side by side, each to his place .... high hopes and ambitions ahead .... parents and friends listen as tomorrow's generation speaks a bold challenge to the old regime, in a plea for the new .... for the future .... from the ruins, come visions of a new structure, a new order out of the chaos and confusion of the past .... June .... our dream complete, our goal realized .... we stand at the gateway to life .... our work here, done .... a milestone on our way, passed .... school days gone .... memories linger .... the years, our paths will part .... to cross again, perhaps, someday, somehow, somewhere on life's long journey .... we shall forget, but never this .... Alvhnf, A111-s, Allvn. I". Aluil-Tson, M. Alnla-rs linker, A. Hull:-. H. Hulk-, B:m1:x, Bartlett B1-:lim-'1', lim-l',g:l1:ll1, livrgrlllzln, Iiertvlsen. llillm Iiissn-ll, HUXYIIIIUI. Iimvsz-r, linykin, Hl'flllQ'll h'i1ig,5v, liriprgs, Ihnwn, lixwmlntivlfl, limwnson liuxh. Iiyvrly, Vzlllanlltilun-. f'2ll'l9y. Q'ilI'lllil'hllI' C2lI'I'llHll'I'S. Uurter. Cary, Uvlurin-, l'h1llllIN'I's l'l1l'islensvl1, Clow, IS, Plznskal, ll. Vlilrikil, U0 Cumnwny. Full:-tt. Vurnnlt, l'rw-kurfl, Furry lln Imvis. lionnisun. Ihwvlw-zlllx, Ilivlwy, lbirrc-tt lb. lbmhls, II. llmluls, llruper, lmmu. linrl Elliott, lfllsn-nsolm, lirivltsulu. lflvn-rn-tt, l":lug'llt l'lillllIIl4'l', Flint, Fort-0, Forstrom, Fox Fl'e1ln-ri:-ks:-n, Gibson, Uilfry, tlzxlllaml, tlnltlen Good, Gurdon, Gorrell, Gray, Griswold tlullml, Hilllllllltt, Hansvn, Hart, llurtmzm R Hatch, W. Hatch, Head, Helikson, Hvmingsen Hendrickson, Hennigan. Herlor-kr-r EUGENEAN 0 1935 ABBOTT, CHARLES WILLIAM-Band 2-33 College Prep. Course. ADES, JUNE ELIZABETH--Girls' League3 Commer- cial Course. ALLEN, MARGUERITE LOUISE-Inter Nos 33 Lib- rary Staff 3. ANDERSON, FRANK J.-Band 1-2-33 College Prep. Course. ANDERSON, MARIE CHARLOT-Mask and Dagger 23 Glee Club 1-23 "Pinafore" 13 May Day Prin- cess3 "Mama's Baby Boy" 23 "Three-Cornered Moon". BAKER., KAY A.-Outdoor Club 33 College Prep. Course. BALLE, ALBERT JOE-Football 1-33 Mask and Dag- ger 3. BALLE, SIDONIA MAITY-Girls' League3 College Prep. Course. BANTA, DERWENT CHARLES-Mixed Chorus 1-2-35 President3 Yell Leader 33 "Pinafore" 13 "Pir- ates of Penzance"23 "Bohemian Girl" 3. BARTLETT, EDITH MILDRED-Girls' Leag-ue3 Com- mercial Course. BAUER, DAVID FRANKLIN--Class Vice-president 13 Technical Course. BEAMER, DALE A.-Le Cercle Francais 33 College Prep. Course. BERGI-IAN, JEAN FRANCES-National Honor So- ciety 33 Library Staff 3. BERTELSEN, LUCILLE ELIZABETH-Gil'lS' League3 College Prep. Course. BILLING, RUTH-Entered from Corvallis Highj Home Economics Course. BIssELL, VELMA-Letter Club 33 Girl Reserves 33 Library Staff 3. BOWMAN, DON CLAIRE-Track 1-23 E Club 33 News Staff 3. BOYKIN, HELENGRAY-National Honor Society 2- 33 Secretary of Girls' League 33 Mask and Dag- ger 1-2-33 Mixed Chorus 2-33 Paletteers 33 "Mama's Baby Boy" 23 "Pirates of Penzance" 3. BowsER, KENNETH EUGENE-Football 2-33 E Club 33 Rifle Club 13 Mixed Chorus 1-33 "Pinafore" 1. BRADEN, EDNA-Girls' League3 Home Economics Course. BRIDGE, JEWEL LUELINOR-Le Cercle Francais 33 College Prep. Course. BRIGGS, ELTON B.--Entered from Coquille High3 Commercial Course. BROWN, BLANDA DoRoTHY+Girls' League3 Col- lege Prep Course. BROWN, EUGENE RAYMOND-Football 33 E Club 3. BROWN, WAYNE-Entered from Subbock High 3 College Prep Course. BROWNFIELD, GRANT LYLE-Industrial Course3 Manager Candy Counter 3. BROWNSON, JOHN HERBERT-Commercial Course. BUSH, BARBARA AMY-Mask and Dagger 1-33 "Three Cornered Moon3 Diana Club. BYERLY, RUTH ELENOR-Girls' Leagueg College Prep. Course. CALLANTINE, WALTER RUSSELL- E Club 2-33 Track 1-2-33 College Prep. Course. CARLEY, DORRANCE WESLEY-Tumbling Team Captain 2-33 Industrial Course. CARMICI-IAEL, COLLEEN-Girls' League3 Commer- cial Course. CARRUTHERS, GORDON E.-Commercial Course. CARTER, MORRIS ALFRED-Nestorians 23 Service Club 2-33 Student Council 2-33 E Club 33 Chess Club 2-3. CARY, LEONARD GEORGE+-Industrial Course. CELORIE, FRANCIS EMMETT-Entered from Port- landg Baseball 33 News Staff. CHAMBERS, RICHARD ELMORE-National Honor Societyg Mask and Dagger 33 Inter NOS3 Serv- ice Club. CHRISTENSEN, ANDREW S.-Entered from Siuslaw High3 College Prep. Course. CLASKA, HORTENSE MARGARET-Girls' Letter Club 2-33 Girl Reserves 33 Diana Club 3. CLASKA, BLAISE-Rifle Club 1-2-33 Outdoor Club 3g Archery Club 2-33 Pep Club 2-33 Orchestra 1-2-33 Band 1. , J CLOW, BLANCHE DORIS-Entered from Portland3 Library Staff 3. COLBY, LYNN-Inter Nos 33 College Prep. Course. COLLETT, ELAINE MARJORY-Inter Nosg College Prep. Course. CONAWAY, MADGE JUNETTE-National Honor So ciety 2-33 Cercle Francais 2-33 Girl Reserves 2-33 Diana Club 1-2-33 fPres.J Girls' Letter Club 1-2-33 Orchestra 1-2-3. CORNUTT, VIVIAN--Orchestra3 Band. CROCKARD, UNDINE SYLVIA-C0llege Prep. Course. CURRY, WILLIAM Ross-Band 1-2-33 Orchestra 1- 2-3. CURTIS, EARL WATT-Industrial Course. DAILY, ROBERT L.-Basketball 33 Archery Club 33 Track 3. DAVIS, FRANKLIN AUSTIN-Outdoor Club 23 Track 3. DENISON, CHARLES-Band 2-33 Baseball 23 Foot- ball 3. DEVEREAUX, CHARLES-National Honor Society 2- 35 Inter Nos 2-3, Pres.5 Mask and Dagger Club 35 Debate 2-35 Nestorian 2-35 "Pirates of Penz- ance" 25 "Mama's Baby Boy" 25 "Bohemian Girl 35 Commencement Speaker. DIOKEY, THAYER R.-Rifle Club 3, Pres.5 Out- door Club 3. DIRRETT, JUNE ROSE-Sec. Treas. of Senior Class 35 Paletteers 3. DODDS, DORIS ALIA-Entered from Crow5 News Staff 35 College Prep. Course. DODDS, HELEN J ULIA--Entered from Crow5 News Staff 35 College Prep. Course. DRAPER, DARRELL MORTON--Student Council 25 Golf 2-35 Technical Course. DUNN, JOHN W.-Baseball 1-2-35 Basketball 35 EARL, CHARLOTTE MARCEII:-Entered from Myrtle Point5 Girls' League. ELLIOT, GRACE FLORENCE-Girls' League. ELSENSOHN, DOROTHY MAY-Entered from Pom- eroy, WashingtOn5 Girls' League. ERICKSON, EVELYN LUIS-Le Cercle Francais 2-35 Girl Reserves 1-2-35 Diana Club 2-3. EVERETT, ADRED LEE-Glee Club 1-25 "Pirates of Penzance." FAUGHT, ANNETTI-1 WESLIE-Entered from Uni- versity Highg General Course. FINDTNER, FREDERICK ROBERT-Golf Club 15 Rifle Club 2-35 Football 35 "Three Cornered Moon" 3. FLINT, GEORGE WESLEY-Class President 35 Na- tional Honor Society 35 Hi-Y 3, President5 Student Council 1-25 Nestorians 2-3, President5 Mask and Dagger 2-35 Band 1-25 Pep Club 35 "Mama's Baby Boy" 2. FORCE, DARWIN DECKER-Hi-.links 15 Industrial Course. FORSTROM, JEANNE AUDALEY-Mask and Dagger Club 2-35 Glee Club 1-25 "Pinafore" "Pirates of Penzance." FOX, LAWRENCE-Stamp Club 35 Commercial Course. FREDERICKSEN, ERNEST-Orchestra 1-2-35 Mixed Chorus 2-3. GIBSON, RALPH M.-Orchestra 1-2-35 Nestorian Club 1-2-3. GILFREY, JOHN WENDELIf-National Honor So- ciety 3, President5 Band 1-2-35 President 35 Or- chestra 1-2-35 Hi-Y 35 Jane Thatcher Cup 3. GODDARD, VERA KATHRYNE-Girls' Letter Club 15 Orchestra 1-3. GOLDEN, HEIJEN MARIE-Girl Reserves 1-2-35 Diana Club 2-3. GOOD, DON EDWARD-Archery Club 2-3, President5 Pack Rats 35 Pep Club 35 Rifle Club 25 Chess Club 2-3. GOOD, DONALD WAYNE-Baseball 2-35 General Course. GORDON, DOROTHY GRACE-Girl Reserves 2-35 Girls' Letter Club 2-35 Latin Club 2-3. GORRELL, HELEN - Entered from U. H. S. 35 National Honor Society 35 Girls' League Coun- cil 35 Eugenean Staff 35 Mask and Dagger 35 Nestorians 35 Glee Club 35 "Bohemian Girl" 35 Sextet 35 "Three Cornered Moon." GRAY, CARLTON RALPH-Craftsmen's Club 35 Out- door Club 35 "Three Cornered Moon" 3. GRAY, EDGAR LANE-General Course. GRISWOLD, DOROTHY MAXINE-National Honor Society 35 Mask and Dagger Club 1-2-35 Pep Club 35 Cercle Francais 2-35 Diana Club 35 Annual Staff 35 Mixed Chorus 35 News Staff 35 "Bohemian Girl" 35 "Mama's Baby Boy" 25 "Three Cornered Moon" 3. GUILD, MARTHA DEWEESE-Archery Club 35 Glee Club 15 "Pinafore" 1. HAMMITT, VIRGINIA-Diana Club 2-35 Girl Re- serves 2-35 Inter Nos 35 Library Staff 35 Faculty Teas 2. HAND, GAIL D.-Entered from Woodrow Wilson5 Technical Course. HANSON, STANLEY CLIFFORD-Mixed Chorus 2-35 Rifle Club 25 "The Pirates of Penzance" 2. HART, MARJORIE M.-Girls' Letter Club 2-35 Col- lege Prep. Course. HARTMAN, CARTER EWING-Basketball 35 Track 3. HATCH, RAYMOND E.-Outdoor Club 35 Chess Club 35 "The Bohemian Girl" 3. HATCH, WILMA ELIZABETH-Girls' Leagueg Col- lege Prep. Course. HEAD, OTHO M.-Industrial Relations 2-35 CO1- lege Prep. Course. HELIKSON, IRMA LENORA - National Honor So- ciety 35 Girls' Letter Club 1-2-3, President5 Mask and Dagger 2-35 Diana Club 2-35 Pep Club 35 Dancing Chorus 35 "Mamma's Baby Boy" 2. HEMINGSEN, PAUL-Pep Club 35 Mixed Chorus 2-3, President5 "Pirates of Penzance" 25 "The Bohemian Girl" 3. HENDRICKSON, DOROTHY JOANNE-Student Body Treasurer 35 National Honor Society 35 Girl Reserves 35 Girls' Letter Club 1-2-35 Pen Club 35 Service Club 35 Library Staff 35 Faculty Teas 25 May Day Princess. HENNIGAN, MARTHA MARGARET-Orchestra 1-2-35 String Quartet 2. HERLOCKER, EUGENE MUREL-Mask and Dagger 35 General Course. EUGENEAN 0 1935 ll1rlmaun.I".II1-xxi1t,.I,Ill-xxitt,ll.Ilill, T. llill llulles. llillmzm. Ilmlrf-, llnllingswnrth, llnrton ugrlum, lluwn-ll, Hull, llughes. llunt N llurnl. H. llurxl, -IZIVRHUII, Jann-s. Jnlmnsv-n I .Iulms1m, Rldloluusun. R. Julnmun, Judy, Ke-4 fm ith, King. Kinnvy, Krugvr, Lake I llulnu, l.:mv, l.Zllll'l', lmllgslull, l.'2II'SllIl I msun, IA'Jllll'l'N. l,+-v, Lesliv, M. I.iL:htf4mt XX I,ig.:lllfnut. S14-xx:ll'l, Lilulsay, Il. Link tl. Link, J. I.itth", R. Litllv, l.ur1l. l.llIlIlhtI'Ulll IIYQHIS, Lylo, Mc'Curmu'k, II. ML'l!ul1:ll1l. .I. Mc-lionulwl Mm-Grew, M1-Intyrv, Mm-Kay. MvKc4'. Mr-Ns-tt Tilzuvlgrmm. Nlarlutt, Murph-. Mnrslmll, Mullmsian Mallos. Marx. MZISPIIQIH, Masters, Malstertnm Maxlyvllllr-k, Mvhl, Mill-N, Slillvr, Miif'lu'll Muwe, J. Mmm-, N. Mmm-, Morg.f:m,, Morris K, Morris, Xl. Morris, Muhr, Mullin, Murray Myrmu, E. Nagle, M. Naugh- Q. fs? 5-dl EUGENEAN 0 1935 HERRMANN, WILLIAM CHARLES-Football 1-2-35 "Sonia" 15 "Mikado" 25 "Pinafore" 3. HEWITT, FERNE ELEANOR-Pep Club 35 Paletteers 25 Diana Club 35 Girl Reserves 1-2-35 Girls' Letter Club 1-2-35 Stamp Club 3. HEWITT, JEAN IRVA--Mask and Dagger 35 Honor Society 35 Mixed Chorus 1-2-35 "Mamma's Baby Boy" 25 "Pirates of Penzance" 25 "The Bohe- mian Girl" 3. HILL, THELMA LEE-Student Council 15 Golf Club 15 "Mikado" 1. HILL, WILLIAM F.-Track 35 General Course. HILL , GRACE VIRGINIA-Entered from Grants Passg Girls' League5 General Course. HILLMAN, LESTER G. - Mixed Chorus 1-2-35 "Pirates of Penzance" 25 "Bohemian Girl" 35 "Three Cornered Moon" 3. HOARE, GORDON HARRY - Shop Club5 General Course. HOLLINGSWORTH, GUILFORD L. - National Honor Society 35 Mask and Dagger 35 Stage Crew 1-2'-3. HORTON, MAXINE-Girls' Letter Club 1-2-35 Band 1-2-3. HOUGLUM, KATHLEEN GENEvIEvE-Secretary of Student Body 35 National Honor Society 2-35 Band 2-35 Mixed Chorus 2-35 Student Council 15 Cercle Francais 35 "Pinafore" 2. HOWELL, BURNICE ILI-:NE-Entered frpm Portland5 Girls' League. HUFF, HELEN IRENE-Girls' League5 Home Eco- nomics. HUGHES, LILA LUCILLE-Diana Club 35 Commer- cial Course. HUNT, LORRAINE - National Honor Society 35 Girls' League Council 15 Mask and Dagger 2-35 Nestorian 35 Girls' Letter Club 1-2-35 Pep Club 35 "Mamma's Baby Boy" 25 "Pinafore" 15 "Pirates of Penzance" 25 May Day Princess5 Inter Nos 25 Three Cornered Moon" 3. HURD, ALICE ELIZABETH-National Honor Society 35 Girls' Letter Club 1-2-35 Diana Club 2-35 Mixed Chorus 2-35 "Pinafore"5 "Pirates of Penzance" 2. HURD, SHFIIADON-Stamp Club 35 Technical Course. JACKSON, BYRON E.-Golf Team 2-35 Commercial Course. JAMES, DELPHINE Lois-Girls' League5 College Prep. Course. JOHANSEN, LOIS J.-Girls' League5 Home Econ- omics Course. JOHNSON, LEONA-Band 1-2-35 General Course. JOHNSON, MERCELLA IONE-Girls' Letter Club 1- 25 Commercial Course. JOHNSON, RUTH-Girls' League5 Paletteers 35 General Course. JUDY, HELEN ISABELLE-Entered from Medfordg Mixed Chorus 35 "Bohemian Girl" 35 College Prep. Course. KEEFE, DANIEL EDWARD-Band 1-2-35 Chess Club 35 Archery Club 35 Mixed Chorus 25 "Pirates of Penzance" 2. KEITH, GLADYS MAY--Archery Club 35 Girls' League5 College Prep. Course. KING, CLYDE WENDELL-Entered from Alvadoreg Technical Course. KINNEY, EILEEN MAY-Girls' League Council 2- 35 Le Cercle Francais 2-35 National Honor So- cietyg Girls' Letter Club5 Girl Reservesg Arch- ery Clubg Commencement Speaker. KRUGER, RONALD KETTH-Entered from Modesto, Californiag College Prep. Course. LAKE, RUTH MARIE-Le Cercle Francais 35 E. H. S. News Staff 35 Nestorians 3. LANE, DOROTHY RUTH-Entered from Boise, Ida- ho5 College Prep. Course. LANER. DICK R.-Entered from Huntington, Utah5 Boxing 3. LANGSTON, WILBUR L.-Pack Rats 2-35 Chess Club 15 Swimming Team 1. LARSON, AGNES LOUISE-Mask and Dagger 2-35 Diana Club 35 Pen Club 35 Mixed Chorus 3: "Bohemian Girl" 3. LAWSON, HAZEL FERN-Girls' League 1-2-3. LEADERS, HENRY A.--College Prep. Course. LEE, VIRGINIA MARVEL-Student Council 35 Diana Club 2-35 Girls' Letter Club 2-3: Girl Reserves 35 Orchestra 1-25 Service Club 35 Pep Club 3. LESLIE, GEORGE DELOS-"Pirates of Penzance" 25 Archery Club 3. LIGHTFOOT, MAVIS HARRIETTE-Band 1-2-35 Hi- Jinks 2. LIGHTFOOT, WILLIAM P.-Orchestra 35 College Prep. Course. LINDSAY, CURTIS ALLEN-Band 2-35 College Prep. Course. LINK, BASIL--Mixed Chorus 35 "Bohemian Girl" 35 College Prep. Course. LINK, GORDON W.-Pack Rats 35 Chess Club 2-35 Technical Course. LITTLE, JOSEPHINE ELOISE-Girls' League5 Com- mercial Course. LITTLE, ROBERT KEATS-News Staff 35 Football 2-35 College Prep. Course. LORD, VIOLET FAITH-Mixed Chorus 25 Diana Club 35 Paletteers 35 News Staff 35 College Prep. Course. LUNDSTROM, NOVELLA ANNA-MARIE - Girls' League5 Commercial Course. LUVAAS, JOHN LUTHER-National Honor Society 2-3 5 Student Council 35 Nestorian, Pres., 2-35 Mask and Dagger 1-2-35 French Club 2-35 De- bate Team 1-2-35 Pep Club 35 Commencement Speaker. LYLE, CRAWFORD-National Honor Society 35 Pack Rats, Pres., 35 Craftsmen's Club. MCDONALD, TERRANCE W.--Pack Rats 2-35 College Prep. Course. MCDONALD, JEAN MARGUERITE-Paletteers 35 Col- lege Prep. Course. MCDONALD, HELEN BEATRICE-NalZi0I1al Honor So- ciety 35 Paletteers 35 Girls' League. MCDOWI-ILL, LOIS IRENE-Entered from Univer- sity High5 Girls' League5 Commercial Course. MCGREW, BETTY JUANITA-Entered from Port- land5 College Prep. Course. MCINTYRE, FRED T.-Swimming Team 15 Archery Club 1-25 Craftsmen's Club 3. McKAY, FLOYD-Basketball Manager 35 Mask and Dagger 35 Hi-Jinks 2-35 "Mama's Baby Boy" 25 "Three Cornered Moon" 3. McKEE, CRYSTAL JUNE-Girls' League5 General Course. MCNETT, ARTHUR KENNETH-Rifle Club 35 Craftsmen's Club 35 "Three Cornered Moon" 3. MADGBN, PHYLLIS ELIZABETH-Entered from Rockford, Illinois5 Library Staff 35 Home Econ- omics Course. MALKASTAN, SRED-Football 25 Commercial Course. MALOS, LLOYD GEORGE-Football 2-35 Track 2-35 E Club 2-35 College Prep. Course. MARLATT, BEVERLY RAYMOND-Hi-Jinks 1-25 Col- lege Prep. Course. MARPLE, KENNETH HIAL-National Honor Society 2-35 Debate 2-35 Chess Club 35 Nestorians 2-35 Inter Nos 1-2-3. MARSHALL, ROBERTA LOUISE-National Honor So- ciety 2-35 Girls' League Council 35 Le Cercle Francais 2-35 Paletteers 35 Class Secretary 25 Eugenean Staff 35 News Staff 3. MARX, HELEN JEANETTE-Entered from Spring- field High5 Girl Reserves 3. MASENGIL, ELINORE AQUILLA-Le Cercle Francais 2-35 Girl Reserves 3. MASTERS, DONALD E.-General Course. MASTERTON, GEORGE-Class Vice-President 25 Track 25 Band 25 Stage Crew 2-3. MATYCHUCK, JAMES ROBERT-Basketball 25 Com- mercial Course. MEHL, GORDON-Entered from Mohawk5 Football 35 News Staff5 Commercial Course. MILESS, MARY LOUISE-Entered from Coeur d'Alene Highg Girls' League5 College Prep. Course. MILLER, DUDLEY-College Prep. Course. MILLER, HAROLD LEROY-Entered from St. Mary's5 Fine Arts Course. MITCHELL, ERNESTINE-Entered from Canton, Il- linois5 Girls' League5 College Prep. Course. MOORE, HELEN GERALDINE-Entered from Elmira High Schoolg Girls' League5 College Prep. Course. MOORE, JAMES ARTHUR--College Prep. Course. MOORE, SIDNEY A.-General Course. MORGAN, MILDRED MARIE-BaDd 2-35 Girl Re- serves 2-35 Girls' Letter Club 35 Diana Club 35 Library Staff 3. MORRIS, FRED B.-Entered from Grant High, Portland5 General Course. MORRIS, KENNETH ROY-College Prep. Course. MORRIS, MAXWELL HUNTER-Debate 35 Chess Club 3, President. MORSE, ERVIE ALLAN-Entered from Springfield H1gh5 Commercial Course. MULLIN, CLYDE DONALD-National Honor Society 2-35 Craftsmen's Club 2-3, President. MUHR, RAYMOND J.-Football 1-25 E Club 1-25 College Prep. Course. MURRAY, MARGARET RAB-Entered from Drayton, N. D.5 Girls' League5 Colle-ge Prep. Course. MYRMO, EMIL ANDREW-OUl3d00T Club 35 Techni- cal Course. NAGLE, MARGUERITE-Entered from Grant High, Portland 5 Girls' League 5 College Prep. Course. NAGLE, EUGENIA-Entered from Grant High, Portlandg Girls' League 5 College Prep. Course. NEAR, DOC-Pres. Student Body 35 Vice-Pres. Student Body 25 Class Pres. 15 Honor Society 2-35 Mask and Dagger 35 Hi-Y 35 Golf Team 1-2-35 E Club 1-2-3. NELSON, MARIAN CORNELIA-Entered from Kerk- hoven, Minnesotag Girls' League5 General Course. NIEILSEN, UNA ANITA-Girls' League5 General Course. OI-1LsEN, MILDRHD EYELYN-Girls' Leagueg Com- mercial Course. PARKER, CARL E.-College Prep. Course. EUGENEAN 9 l935 X4-lsun. No-nr, N1-llsvll, llhlsl-ll, Pilyllt' I01n'sun, I'1'l1'rs. I'1'!4-l'sull, l'm'!Znlrl, l'i!lwy lmmner, l'Ol'fl'l'. I'ursley. l'ill'lxlllll'N1, R1-ifl RIIUIIGIH. Riggs, Rmulmalll. li. lhvlwrtslm. H. liuhwfsu I. R0lliIll'N, li. Rnlxim-lt, lingers, Ihmrk, lhnln-nstivn Ruth, RllHll'l'f0I'lI. Samlmrn, Hauufurul, SillllllIl'I'S Sf-mln-rt. Shulfl, Shields, Slum-5-l Shull Sivlxufnusm-, Silnpsnn, Skipworflm, Slut:-r, Small Nnyls-r, Sm-1-r, Hpvllvvr, Shlffurul, Sl,9illllll'lZ YulMtul'f. xYilI1Illl'f, S11-xvm, Slvvvllsmu, li. Wurllvu Swank, NWZIFIIIUIIK, Sws-1lln-5, T2llIliL'Nil'. 'l'alyIu1' Thugvr, R. 'l'Ium1psun. Z. 'l'hu1npsun, 'l'o1'l'y, 'l'uc-lien' Tullur. 'I'upp1-r, Van l"m4se-11, Yam Osmlul, Yirnig: Wulkvr, R. Walls, W. Walls, W. Wzlruor. W, XVZIVHUI' Warren, Watkins. W1-iss, We-lr-h, Whitm-5' ford, YViIlDy, F. XX'ilIi:lllls, Il. WVillizllllr. B. Williams YVilson, VK'il'1ll, H. Wuml, 1J.Wuml. w'tllHlI'illQ.f Wurthing. Wray, Wright. Yuung, Zimmcrnum EUGENEAN 0 1935 PARKHURST, ELMA VERA-Entered from Lowell High: Girls' League3 Home Economics Course. PAYNE, HELEN BLANCHE-Entered from Troy3 Girls' League3 College Prep. Course. PEARSON, RUTH VIRGINIA-Mixed Chorus 2-33 "Pirates of Penzance" 23 "Bohemian Girl" 33 College Prep. Course. PETERS, VURI-IL E.-Football 23 Stage Manager 2. PETETRSON, FLORENCE BARBARA-Entered from University Highg Girls' League3 College Prep. Course. PETZOLD, IRENE MAE-Entered from Reedsport, Oregon3 Girls' League3 General Course. PITNEY, E. BILLY--Honor Society 33 Mask and Dagger 2-33 Outdoor Club 2-33 Service Club 33 Nestorians 2-33 Eugenean Staff 33 Rifle Club 2-33 Library Staff 33 Craftsmen's Club 3. PLUMMER, CHARLOTTE LOUISE-Girls' League Council 2-3, Vice-President 23 Honor Society 2-33 Band 1-2-33 Girls' Letter Club 33 Diana Club 2-33 Girl Reserves 2-33 Inter Nos 1-2-3. PORTER, ROBERT J .-Industrial Course. PURsI.EY, LOUISE FRANCES-Mask and Dagger 2- 33 Girls' Letter Club 1-2-33 Mixed Chorus 23 Pep Club 33 "Mama's Baby Boy" 23 "Pirates of Penzance" 23 "Three Cornered Moon" 3. REID, MARGARET LOUISE-Mask and Dagger Club 33 Debateg Girls' Letter Club 33 Commencement Speaker. RHONALT, RAMONA ANDREA-Inter Nos Pres. 33 Girl Reserve Cabinet 33 Senior Council Rep- resentative. RIGGS. CAROL IONE--Entered from Coburg High: College Prep. Course. ROADMAN. WILFREIJ LYNN-Editor of Eugenean 3: Mask and Dagger 1-2-3, President 33 Na- tional Honor Society 2-33 Cercle Francais 23 Nestorians 23 Mixed Chorus 23 "Pirates of Penzance" 23 "Mama's Baby Boy" 2. ROBERTSON. ERNEST WAYNE-E Club 1-23 Foot- ball 1-2-33 Basketball 1-2-33 Baseball 2-33 Win- ner of Simmons Cup 23 Band 1. ROBERTSON HELEN MARIE-General Course. ROBINETT. ELMA B.-Girl Reserves 33 Girls' Bas- ketball Team 2. ROBINETT. ETHLYN G.-Girl Reserves 2-33 Girls' Baseball team 2. ROBISON, CATHERINE HARRIET-Girls' League. ROGERS, ALYCE CAROIr-HOHOT Society 33 Student Council 2: Mask and Dagger 2-32 Nestorians 33 'Girls' Letter Club 1-2-33 Mixed Chorus 1-2- 33 Pep Club 3: "PinafOre" 13 "Pirates of Penz- ance" 2g "Bohemian Girl" 33 "Mama's Baby Boy" 23 "Three Cornered Moon" 33 May Day Princess3 News Staff. ROORK, ARROL G.-Nestorians 2-33 Glee Club 2-33 "Pirates of Penzance" 23 "Bohemian Girl" 3. RUBENSTEIN, HARRY-ClaSS President 23 Mask and Dagger Club 2-33 Service Club 33 Pep Club 33 "Mama's Baby Boy" 23 "Three Cornered Moon" 3. RUTH, JACK-Sh0p Club 2-33 Outdoor Club 2-3. RUTHERFORD, CLARENCE EARI,-Mask and Dagger 3g Mixed Chorus 213 Pep Club 33 "Bohemian Girl" 33 "Three Cornered Moon" 3. SANBORN, ROY CONRAD-Baseball 2-33 Commer- cial Course. SANFORD, MILDRED LELAH-Band 1-2-33 Orches- tra 23 College Prep. Course. SAUNDERS, JENNIE MAII-'AIR-Girls' Letter Club 33 Baseball 23 Basketball 2. SCOBI-IRT, GUY CHARLES-Mask and Dagger Club 33 Band 2-33 Mixed Chorus 2-33 Pep Club 33 "Bohemian Girl" 3. SHEDD, MARION J.--Girls' League3 College Prep. Course. SHIELDS, EDNA MARION--General Course. SHUEY, DALE OWEN-Band '1-2-33 Orchestra 2-33 Pack Rats 3. SI-IULL, HELEN LOUISE-Honor Society 33 Pres. Cercle Francais 33 Girls' League Dep't. Chair- man 33 Girl Reserves 3. SICKAFOOSE, SAMUEL RANDLE-Orchestra 1-2-33 Band 1-2-3. SIMPSON, HUGH 'GILMAN-Mask and Dagger Club 33 Track Team 2-33 E Club 2-3Q Glee Club 2-33 Paletteers 33 "Bohemian Girl" 3g "Three Corn- ered Moon" 3. SIMS, LOYD S.-Commercial Course. SKIPWORTH, GEORGE F. JR.-Honor Society 2-33 Mask and Dagger 1-2-32 Cercle Francais 2-33 Mixed Chorus 1-2-33 Editor of the News 33 "PinafOre" 13 "Pirates of Penzance" 23 "BO- hemian Girl" 33 "Mama's Baby Boy" 2. SLATER, FAYE LEONA-Entered from Sweet Home, Oregong General Course. SMALL, MOLLIE BOB-Honor Society 2-33 Mask and Dagger 2-33 Orchestra 1-2-33 "Mama's Baby Boy" 2. SNYDER., EARL WESLEY-Mask and Dagger 2-33 E Club 2-33 Tumbling Team 2. SPEER, ROBERT ELDRIDGE-HOHOF Society 2-3, Pres. 33 Cercle Francais, Pres. 2-33 Nestorians, Pres. 2-33 Mask and Dagger 2-33 Business Manager Eugenean 33 Debate 23 Golf Club 2-3. SPENCER, THELMA-Mask and Dagger 33 Girls' Letter Club 3. STADIG, MELVIN EDWARD-Industrial Arts Course. STAFFORD, CARMEN JUDY-Entered from Spring- field High3 Commercial Course. STEINMETZ, EARL RAE-Glee Club 33 "Bohemian Girl" 33 Commercial Course. STEVENS, BARBARA ELIZABETH-Commercial Course. STEVENSON, WILLIAM A.-Mask and Dagger 2-33 Glee Club 1-2-33 Service Club 33 "H.M.S. Pina- fOre" 13 "Pirate of Penzance" 23 "Bohemian Girl" 3. STEWART, HELEN-Commercial Course. STIPE, COLE ARTHUR-Gl96 Club 33 "Bohemian Girl" 33 College Prep. Course. SWANK, VIRGINIA DAIR-Entered from Jefferson High, Portland 3 General Course. SWANSON, HELEN THELMA-Entered from El- mira3 Girls' League. SWARTHOUT, EUGENE HOWARD-Glee Club 2-33 Pack Rats 1-2-33 Rifle Club 1-2-33 Mask and Dagger 33 Archery Club 2-33 Paletteers 33 "Bohemian Girl" 33 News Staff. SWENNES, ROBERT HARVEY-Entered from Grant High, Portlandg "Pirates of Penzance" 23 "I-leathers at Home" 2. TAMIESIE, DORIS JEAN-Mask and Dagger 33 Girls' Letter Club 3g Girl Reserves 33 "Three Cornered Moon" 3. TAYLOR, JAMES FALVEY-Football 2-33 Basketball 2-33 E Club 2-33 "Three Cornered Moon" 3. THAYER, MARION-Mask and Dagger 1-2-33 Girls' Letter Club 2-33 Girls' League Roll Room Rep. 33 Girls' Baseball Team 33 "Mama's Baby Boy" 2. THOMPSON, CLARA RUTH-Technical Course. THOMPSON, ZELIMA ARGONA-Girls, League. TI-IORP, GILBERT EARL-Entered from San Juan High, Californiag General Course. TOBEY, FREDERICK R.-B a n d 1-2-3 3 T ec h n i c al Course. TORREY, BERNARD CHARLES-Entered from Rose- burg3 General Course. TUCKER, MAROIA EVELYN-Girl Reserves 2-33 Band 1-2-33 College Prep. Course. TULLER, EARLE CURTIS-PICS. Mixed Chorus 2-3Q "Pirates of Penzance" 23 "Bohemian Girl" 3. TUPPER, RUTH LAVERNA-Commercial Course. VAN FOSSEN, DAVID-Band 1-2-3. VAN OSDAL, ESTHER GRACE-Glee Club 1-2-33 "Pirates of Penzance" 23 "Bohemian Girl" 3. VIRING, WILMA GRACE-Girls' League. VOLKSTORI-3, EDWARD ROBERT-Pack Rats 1-2-33 Rifle Club 2-33 Class V. Pres. 2. WALDORF, WARREN ROBERT-M3Sk and Dagger 33 Service Club 2-33 Nestorians 2-33 Debate 2-33 "Bohemian Girl" 33 News Staff 3. WALKER, LADORIS HELEN-Girl Reserves 1-2-33 Cercle Francais 2-3. WALLS, RONALD-Outdoor Club 2-33 Rifle Club 33 Archery Club 33 Craftsmen's Club 2-3. WALLS, WAYNE G.-Football 33 Baseball 2-33 Outdoor Club 33 E Club 2-3. WARNER, WAYNE A.--Football 1-2-33 E Club 1-2- 33 Track 1-2-3. WARNER, WILMA WINTHER-Girls' Letter Club 3g Girl Reserves 23 College Prep. Course. WARREN, STANLEY-Entered from Santa Clara 3 Commercial Course. WATKINS, JAMES M.-College Prep Course. VVEISS, DELORIS MAY-May Day Queen3 Girl Re- serves 23 Girls' Glee Club Pres. 33 "Bohemian Girl" 3. WELCH, DOROTHY MAE-Girls' League. WHITNEY, MILDRED-Commercial Course. WILFERT, DOUGLAS L.-Entered from Thurstong General Course. WILFORD, ELSIE HELEN-Glee Club 1-25 Girls' Letter Club 2-33 Mask and Dagger 2-33 "Pina- fore" 13 "Pirates of Penzance" 2. WILLEY, ESTHER INEZ-Commercial Course. WILXLIAMS, SARAH FRANCES-National Honor So- ciety 3g Girl Reserves, Pres. 2-33 Inter Nos 2- 33 Diana Club 23 Girls' Letter Club 3. WILLIAMS, HOPE THEDA-Archery Club 3. WILSON, GRACE GEORGINA-General Course. WIRTH, DOROTHY JEANNE-College Prep. Course. WOOD, EVELYN MARGARET-Girls' League Pres. 33 National Honor Society 2-33 Student Council 2-33 Mask and Dagger 2-33 Class Sec. Treas. 13 Inter Nos 1-23 Service Club 33 Glee Club 2-33 Girls' League Council 2-33 "Mama's Baby Boy" 23 "Pirates of Penzance" 2. WOOD, GENEVIEVE MARIE-Girl Reserves 23 Col- lege Prep. Course. WOODRING, WANDA CLARICE-Commercial Course. WORDEN, ESTHER MAY-Honor Society 33 Cercle Francais, Pres. 2-33 Girl Reserves 2-33 Editor of Handbook. WORDEN, MARION-Girls' League3 College Prep. Course. WORTHING, WILBUR FISKE-Entered from Los Angeles, California 3 College Prep. Course. WRAY, RUBY-COllege Prep. Course. WRIGHT, RICHARD LENVILLE-Football 1-2-33 Bas- ketball 1-2-33 Baseball 1-2-33 E Club 1-2-33 win- ner of Earl Jones Cup. YOUNG, SHIRLEY-College Prep Course. ZIMMERMAN, EDWARD LEO-Stamp Club 2-3. EUGENEAN 9 1935 EUGENEAN 0 1935 li' STUDENT EXECUTIVE COUNCIL President - - - ---- DOC NEAR VTZUG-P7'6S1iLi67lf - ---- ROBERT MACK Secretary - - - - KATHLEEN HOUGLUM 7'reasm-er - - - DOROTHY HENDRICKSON A ll dit o-r ---- Senior Reywesefntcttives - HARRY RUBENSTEIN, VIRGINIA Las, Doc TAYLOR, RAMONA RHONALT. Editor of News - - - GEORGE SKIPWORTH President of Girls' League - EVEFLYN WOOD Adverfisivzg Mgr. of Athletics - MORRIS CARTER 1Wfl'lLLLg6'I' of News - - - WARREN WALDORF - - JOHN FOWLER Junfior Representatives - CLEO FLINT, BURTON BOROUGHS, HELEN JOHNSTON, PAUL THUNEMANN. Solrhomore Representatives - MARY C. TAYLOR, RAYMOND BOND, EDITH PARIS, FRED HIOHENS. The executive council is the governing body that has control Over all student activities and organizations. All new clubs and activities must have the approval of the student council before they can be organized. Among its many duties is the election of the various managers of the publications, activi- ties, and athletics. All student awards must have the approval of the council before they can be presented at the student body assemblies, The student council is also the nominating committee and nominates the student body officers who carry on the student body business of the school. 519' Near. lltlllgllllll, Muck, lla-IIdI'icksoII, Fmx'1v1' Wood, llllll9lISll'lll, IA-v, 'I':IylOI', Flint SlilllXYUl'lll, Rllllllillf, l'Ul'll'l', l'lll'iN. llim-ln-Ins 'lUllllSl0ll, Wailulorf, llUl'0lIg'llS, Tllllllelllillln, Bond, Taylor Woull, Atwater, Boykin, Murslmll, l'llllIll'llf'l' Kimu-y, Staton, Williams, Bailey, Fincltner Gorrell, Shull, Bergllnrl, llurll, Marple Nelsnn, llraly. ROW GIRLS' LEAGUE COUNCIL President - - - - EVELYN WOOD Senior Representatives - CHARLOTTE PLUMMER Vfiee-President - - PHYLLIS ATWATER EILEEN KINNEY. Secretary - - - HELENGRAY BOYKIN Junior Representatives - MARY STATON, HELEIN To-easm-er - - - ROBERTA MARSHALL DEE WILLIAMS. Sophomore Representatives - JANICE FINDT- NER, LORENE' BAILEY. First Semester Second Semester LOUISE SHULL Clerical NATALIE Row HELEN GORRELL Social KATHERINE GRAY JEAN BERGHAN Auxiliary CLAUDIA MARPLE ALICE HURD Financial AMANDA NELSON The Girls' League has as its purpose the development of character and personality. The league is composed of four departments: social, clerical, auxiliary, and financial, each having its definite duties. The girls serve in a different dpeartment each semester. The organization awards pins to those girls who contribute outstanding service to the league, and encourages scholarship through the League Scholarship cup, presented every semester to one each of the Sophomore, Junior and Senior girls. Several social functions are held each year, including the "Get-Acquainted Party" given for the sophomores by their senior sisters, the Christmas party, the March Hare party, and the May Day party. Each spring a Print Week is held, and Girls' League Week is sponsored, featuring the teas to which University high and Springfield high schools girls are invited, and the Girls' League issue of the E. H. S. News. A Mothers' Silver Tea is also held in the spring. EUGENEAN 0 1935 EUGENEAN 0 1935 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY First Semester Second Semester Bon SPEER President W1-:NDELL GXLFRY JOHN LUVAAS Vice-President KENNETH MARPLE KATHLEEN HOUGLUM Seciretrwy CHARLOTTE PLUMMER MADG1-: CONAWAY Assistant Treasurer' MOLLIE BOB SMALL R. G. HENDRICKS Treasurer R. G. HENDRICKS Advisers Miss KINs1-nv, Mas. CONSTANCE, Miss BLAIS, MR. H. B. JOHNSON, MR. HENDRICKS Membership in the Alpha Chapter was increased this year to a total of forty-nine members, the largest group in the history of the local Organization. The first election was announced on November 23 at which time Professor John Casteel was the speakerg the second on April 11, Dean Jewell of the University of Oregon delivering the address. Out of town meetings were held with the chapters at Cottage Grove and Roseburg, when plans for a district association were outlined. A large delegation attended the State convention of Honor Societies on the Oregon State Campus at Corvallis, April 20. A social meeting was held in Albany on May 1. The Junior members of the Alpha Chapter are: Robert Mack, Raymond Coulter, Natalie Row, Phyllis Atwater, Katherine Gray, John Fowler, Philip Gould, Jean Hewitt, Burton Boroughs, Mil- dred Little, Helen Johnston, Amanda Nelson, Robert Cox, Ivan Ezell, Paul Thunemann. Spec-r. Coxiiiwzly, Luvnns, Htlllgllllll, Hilfry, Plunmnr Snnill, Marple, NIEITNIIQIII, Skipwortli, Wood, lieverumx Roznlnnin, Boykin, N4-nr, Rogers, llollingswm'th, Kinney Chu-rell, Flint, lwiswolnl, Lyle, ilviniriw-ksun, Pilni-'y lluril, lin-rglnin, Oll1IllIlll'l'N, Shnll, Hunt, Willininu ORGANIZATIONS BAND Q P'I'6S'l:d61Lt. - - - - WENDELL GILFRY L'l:b'l'lL7"l:d7l - - - - LARRY WATSON Vice-President - - - WILLIAM CURRY Social Secretary CHARLOTTE PLUMMER Secretary-Treasurer KATHLEEN HOUGLUM Manager - - - - CHARLES DENISON The band of 45 members under the direction of Mr. Moore has just completed one of its most successful years. During the fall and winter months it appeared at all the home football and basketball games. A concert was given at the Music building on the campus in December. On April 12 at the Oregon State High School Band contest held at Eugene the organization tied with Grant High School of Portland for second place. The band received a large cup for being chosen as first in the marching contest held on the same day. This organization also participated in several community activi- ties during the year. CHARLOTTE PLUMMEXR. BOYS' ARCHERY CLUB Q Presikienti ----- DON E. GOOD Secreta.ryTreasurer HOWARD SWARTHOUT Vwe-President - - - JOHN FRI-IDRICKS Range Manager - - DANIEL CORNELIUS Adviser - - - MR.. ODINE: MICKELSON The Boys' Archery Club has as its purpose the development of knowledge and skill in the use of the bow and arrow. Archery is a good, clean sport and has more to offer in the development of physical and mental coordination than many other high school activities. This year the Boys' Archery Club has added to its equipment a large, full-sized target and two new sets of arrows. The regular meeting night is Thursday. Tuesday and Thursday are the regular days for practicing. The club has been sponsoring "Pie shoots," "ice cream and cake shoots", and contests for prizes. An initiation for the new members was held in March. DOIN E. GOOD CRAFTSMEN CLUB Q Proshient - ---- CLYDE MULLIN Secretary-Treasurer - - NORRIS LAMB Vice-President - - - RONALD WAIJLS Advisers - O. N. MICKELSON, MARTIN JOHNSON This club aims to promote the best in workmanship, a greater cooperation among its members and a keen interest in an efficiency organized shop. The club has twenty members and meets twice a month. An initiation of new members occurred during the first semester, and a "high light" of the second semester was a pot-luck dinner in March, which was attended by all members. Individual projects have been stressed more than group projects in this organization. The club emblem in the form of a silver pin and designed by members Of the club is a wood working plane with the lettering "Craftsmen club-E. H. S." CLYDE MULLIN. E CLUB C President - - - - DICK WRIGHT Secretary-Treasurer - - BOB SHISLER Adviser ------ - FRITZ KRAMER For the purpose of developing and sustaining good sportsmanship in athletics and about the school, as well as leadership, scholarship, and citizenship, the E club is formed of the men who have made letters in sports. During the last two years, the club had been very active in sponsoring such things as the Pep club which is made up of students who play up the enthusiasm of a sportg they have also sponsored a few successful smokeless smokersg a successful pay assembly in the month of May. The club also presented a book to the library entitled "Inter- Collegiate Football", in which the names of all football stars from 1864 up to 1934 are included. DON BOWMAN. EUGENEAN 0 1935 EUGENEAN 0 l935 E H S. NEWS STAFF Q First Semester Second Semester GEORGE SKIPWORTH - - - - Editw' - - GEORGE SKIPWORTH ROB!-:RTA MARSHALL - - Associate-Editor - - - ALYCE ROGERS WARREN WALDORF ----- Business Manager ---- WARREN WALDORF Advisers Miss JULIETTE C. GIBSON, Miss EMMA CHASE The E. H. S. News, edited by the journalism class once every two weeks, gives an accurate account of school activities and events. This year, eighteen issues were pub- lished, including a special opening six-pager, a Christmas number, a Girls' League edition and a special senior issue. Every Tuesday afternoon, the staff sponsors a radio program which is broadcast from station KORE. Various types of music and speakers are presented, and much popularity and interest has been attained by this activity. Seniors who are especially interested in journalism make up the staff, so the people who write our news may be classed as "the cream of the crop". The motto of the News, "a conservative paper with liberal ideals" is well carried out in the editorial columns as well as in the news sections. Features, jokes, cartoons, and pictures are all blended together to make the paper as attractive as possible. As seen in the picture Qpage 233 the staff includes: Fowler, Flint, Roadman, Houglum, Lake, Small, Rogers, Waldorf, Skipworth, Gibson, Marshall, Griswold, Speer, Chase, Lord, H. Dodds, D. Dodds, Plummer, Bowman, Taylor, Gould, Little, Snyder, Tamiesie, Wood, Celorie, Swarthout, Reid, Simpson, Mehl and Porter. GEORGE SKIPWORTH. EUGENEAN STAFF Q EDI TOR-IN -CH IEF Associate Editor - Business Mwnager Activities - - - Senior Class - - Junior Class - Sophomore Class - - - - - - - WILFRED ROADMAN - HELEN GORRELL - - - - - - Bos SPE!-It - - ------ VmG1NxA LEE - Donorur Gmswomm, BILLY PITNEY - NATALIE Row CHARLES Ponrm Sports - ------ - Doc TAYLOR, EARL SNYDER Associate Business Manager - ----- CHA.R.L0'l'I'E PLUMMER Cover Design ----- ------ - ROBERTA MARSHALL Feaures ------ - - - CHARLES Ponrm, WARREN WALDORF Advisers ------ ----- M Iss MAE D. KINSEY, Miss EMMA CHASE In publishing the 1935 Eugenean, the staff has digressed, almost radically, from the plan of previous yearbooks, in its arrangement, make-up, printed space and pic- torial effects. Following chronologically the school year, month by month, we have endeavored to make the book more nearly represent life at Eugene high as it is enacted by reproducing activities, organizations, and events as they occur. More pictures and less print has been our goal-yet we realize that short, concise write-ups of all major activities are a lasting record of the school year and a necessary part of any high school yearbook. Y In short, we have tried to produce something vital, and at the same time to inject a. keynote of originality. By discarding outworn traditions and stereotyped forms, the staff believes this publication to be truly symbolic of the spirit of our times. WHIFRED ROADMAN . LIBRARY STAFF Q During the past year, the fifteen members of the library staff, under the direction of Mrs. Marie P. Fletcher, have accessioned and catalogued nearly two thousand books. In addition, a large collection of pictures was mounted and bibliographies were made. A new system of filing was undertaken which has added to the efficiency of the library. During the first twenty-five weeks 52,221 books were circulated and 378,872 students used the library. The following sophomores gave a great deal of their time in helping in the library: Marcella Fletcher, Joyce Gordon, Mary Barbara Godfrey, Mary Katherine Taylor, Helen Michael, Sanders Smith, Coral Barton, Dorothy Calloway. JEAN BERGHAN. or 'CQ MURALS Attractive, colorful murals, depicting life in a tropical country now cover the walls of the large lunch room. The advanced art class of the spring term of 1934, under the direction of Miss Hazel C. Fishwood, art instructor, planned and painted these murals as a term project. The theme was suggested by Armstrong Sperry's book, "One Day With Manu". The following students participated in the project: Ruth Coleman, Alene King, Hazel Lawson, Helen McDonald, Marian Worden, Lucille Lay, Gladys Saunders, Eileen Baker, Helen Boykin, Ro- berta Marshall, Jack Elliott, Homer Reed, Earl Curtis, Ernie Robertson and Harold Miller. Dx igyi . Q , EUGENEAN 0 1935 l an 1 EUGENEAN 0 1935 GIRLS' LETTER CLUB Q P1-eszklent ----- IRMA HELIKSON 7'rvusurer - - HORTENSE CLASKA Vwc-President LOUISE PURSLEY Sergeant-fff-urms - - MAXINE HORTON Secretary - - - - - ALYCE ROGERS Alll'1iHl'l' - - - Miss FRANCES BAKER To create more interest in Girls' athletics is the main purpose of the Girls' Letter Club. Admittance into this organization is gained by earning a given number of points under the Oregon Physical Education Point System. Ten points are required to be- come associate member and fifty points to become an active member. During the year, the club has had several pot-luck suppers and two initiations. Two complete assemblies were given before the Girls' League at which the awarding of athletic honors was featured. A "print and cord" dance was held in the early spring for all the members and their friends. ALYCE ROGERS. GIRL RESERVES I President - - - FRANCES WILLIAMS Secretary - - - ELEANOR MASENGIL Vzcc-President - - - MARY HUGHES Treasurer ---- CLAUDIA MARPLE Adviser ---- MRS. LULA GORRELL The Girl Reserve group is one of the junior members of the national Y. W. C. A. and has for its aim personal growth in mind, body, and spirit. This year's activities have included, recognition and ring ceremonies and relief work at Thanksgiving and Christmas time. Social affairs included a party for E. H. S. girls, new in Eugeneg a Good Cheer Christmas party, a Valentine date party, a dinner for girls from the Corvallis group, and monthly potlucks. The crowning events which close the year are the Mother-Daughter banquet with its ceremonials, and the second annual retreat and week-end house party at Kinsey Kabin on the McKenzie River, May 17, 18, 19. ELI-IANOR MASENGIII. HIYQ Preseiclent - - GEORGE FLINT Treasurer ---- - JOHN FOWLIJR Secretary - DWIGHT NEAR Scrgcunf-at-rlrms ---- Bos MACK Advisers ----- WILLIAINI KIDWELL, CARL THUNEMANN, W. P. WAL'rERs The Hi-Y, an international organization, serves as a link between the Y.M.C.A. and the High School. The purpose is, "To create, maintain and extend, throughout the school and community, high standards of Christian character." This organization is for boys who are interested in improving their school and communityg it was reorganized this year and has fostered numerous movements that have proved beneficial to Eugene High. Among these are: The Axemen's Council, Pep Club, a den for the men and boys of the school, and a 'tBe Up! Clean Up!" campaign. GEORGE FLINT. INTER NOS I l'I-esiflmt - - RAMONA RHONALT Swwtury-7'rcus11rw - NATALIE Row Vice-I'rcsidcnt ---- JACK COLE Adviser - - - MRS. LULA GORRELL The Inter Nos aims to promote interest in the study of Latin through sociali activities and the study of Roman life. The meetings were held at the homes of the various members twice each month. A special meeting was held in October celebrating Virgil's birthday. The Saturnalia, just before Christmas, was celebrated with a play and appropriate entertainment. Pins in the shape of a scroll and bearing the name "Inter Nos" have been adopted as the insignia of the club. The Eugene High School Radio Broadcast for April twenty-third was given by Inter Nos. RAMONA RHONALT. LE CERCLE FRANCAIS Q ESTHER WORDEN - - - - - Preszklent - - LOUISE SHULL IWOLLIE BOB SMALL - - lflilfl'-Pl'l'HiClf:'7If - - JOHN LUvAAs ROBERTA MARSHALL ---- Sccrcfary-Treaszu'c9' ------ RUTH LAKE The purpose of the club is to foster an interest in Francee--its language, customs, history and geography. This year's project was a Travelogue of France, written by the members, and read at their social meetings. It was compiled by Miss Clara M. Blais, adviser to the club, and Esther Worden, 1934 president. The club has two meetings every month, a business meeting and a social meeting. Every year the French club puts on a Mardi Gras Party, imitating the famed Mardi Gras festival of the French people. This gay affair was held for all French students, February 28, in the music room. On April 22, the club sponsored a treasure hunt, which started from the school. May 7, the French club put On a complete program of the E. H. S. News of the Air, which is broadcast every Tuesday Over station KORE. The club's annual picnic was held On May 27, and was the last social event of the school year. In March the following new members were elected tO the club: Dale Beamer, Jewel Bridge, Ruth Chambers, Mildred Little, Eugenia Nagle, Jean Noel, Ruth Solberg, Kay Wynn. RUTH LAKE. MASK AND DAGGER Q President - - - WILFRED ROADMAN Tl'C'll8Ill'GI'- - - - HELFINJOHNSTON Vice-President - HELENGRAY BOYKIN Secretary - - - - JEAN HEWITT Adviser - - - Mas. E. C. CHRIsTIE Drama! What varied pictures this small word presents. Comedy, lights, tragedy, glamour, mystery, and adventure. All are presented in some form by the Mask and Dagger dramatic club, which furthers dramatic interest in the school. Tryouts for the club are held at the beginning of each year at which time members are selected on the basis of interest in dramatics and ability. A short presentation of a satirical farce "At the Movies", was the club's offering in the annual Hi-Jinks program. At its invitational evening in March, three one-act plays, entitled "New Moon", "Florist Shop", and "Drums of Oude" were presented by the members. A negro minstrel show given as a pay assembly netted S50 with which much needed stage equipment was purchased. MARGARET REID. ORCHESTRA Q President ----- WILLIAM CURRY Secrcfary-Trcrzsnrer WILLIAM LIGHTFOOT Vice..Presi1lm1t - lVIAR'I'HA HENNIGAN Social Clzmrnmn - BIOLLIE BOB SMALL Under the experienced baton of Mr. Delbert Moore, the Orchestra, consisting Of thirty pieces, assisted the school plays and assemblies and contributed much to the success of the operetta. This spring the orchestra broadcast over the radio and eight of its members took part in the Northwest Orchestra, held in Boise, Idaho, in April. MOILIE BOB SMALL. EUGENEAN 0 1935 LLL EUGENEAN 0 1935 MIXED CHORUS Q PAUL HEMINGSEN - - IU-esvikient - - - DERWEN1' BANTA EVELYN WOOD - - - Vice-Presvkient - - - PHILIP GOULD HELEN GORRELL - - Secretary - - - - ALYCE ROGERS ALYCE ROGERS - - - - Librarians ---- - ESTELLE THOMPSON STANLEY HANSEN - - - - Librarians ---- - GEORGE SKIPWORTH Miss CAROLYN WOODS, adviser The mixed chorus is one of the largest and most active groups in Eugene high school. A lovely Christmas vesper service was held at the Baptist church on December 16, and was very well received by the public. "The Bohemian Girl," by Balfe, an excellent and difficult opera, was presented on April 18 and 19, at the high school. This was the annual production of the club. Members of the chorus playing leads were: Robert Mack, George Skipworth, Helen Judy, Deloris Weiss, Esther Van Osdol, Bill Stevenson, Charles Devereaux, and Guy Scobert. George Skipworth and William Stevenson were the club's two representatives to the Northwestern Music Convention held at Boise, Idaho. The music for the graduation exercises, baccalaureate held at the Baptist church, and commencement at McArthur court, was given by the mixed chorus. ALYCE ROGERS. NESTORIANS Q The Nestorians sponsor and promote public speaking and forensic activities in Eugene High. These include debate, extemporaneous Speaking, and the Terrill cup contest. The Nestorian Club activities for the school year began with the presentation on December 7 of the mock debate, "Resolved That all Debaters Should be Tarred and Feathered". Toast programs and after dinner speeches were featured at three potlucks and one banquet. These formed the highlights of the club's social events. The initiation of new members was held at a potluck on November 19. BOB SPEER. FUTURE CRAFTSMEN OF AMERICA Q 4-5 ' Industrial Relations MASTER ' Superintendent ------ OTHO HEAD Foreman - - - JAMES MATYCHUCK Cl'lN'TSMArI - s . . . . H P R ' Apprentice Training 7 Timekeeper - - VERNON RUSSELL N 'Cl Gatekeeper - - KARL OTTMAN ' ! Adviser - - C. A. COULTER if One of the trends in industry is toward the revival of Apprentice training, modi- fied to function under present day conditions. Training for industrial pursuits requires in addition to manual skills, thorough technical trainings. This latter phase of the training has been assigned to the public schools by executive order. Experience has shown that Eugene business men are willing to cooperate in such training programs as their activities permit. This favorable condition enables the school to offer industrial courses in nearly all industrial and commercial lines repre- sented in this community. This course provides vocational training under actual operative conditions en- abling the student to definitely plot his life course. O'rHo HEAD. THE LIBRARY I CONTRASTS C WHERE surs cnoss THE BAR O Hzwsns 0F wooo l msnvo CHEMISTS 1 'f CQ... EUGENEAN 0 1935 OUTDOOR CLUB Q Presikient ---- RONALD WALLS Secrctawry-Treasurer - BILLY PITNEY Vice-President - - - WAYNE WALLS Adviser - - - MR, MARTIN J01-INs0-N The Outdoor Club has been very active and has done many things of interest. The big trip of the year was the duck hunt and fishing trip to Siltcoos Lake. Several trips to the snow line furnished some excellent tobogganing and skiing for the group. Parties have made trips to the coast several times and one of the coast rivers was floated from source to mouth. The entire club made a trip taking in all points of interest from Newport to Winchester Bay during the spring vacation. Plans for the spring and early summer included scheduled fishing trips to Hidden and Odell lakes. This year moss and greenery for the Junior play and Junior-Senior Prom were furnished and arranged on the stage for these respective activities by the club. BILLY PITNEY. PACK RATS Q THE President ---- CRAWFORD LYLE' Historian ---- SAND!-IRS SMITH Vice-President ---- DALE SHUEY Reporter - - - HOWARD SWARTHOUT Secretary-Treasurer - - - DON GOOD Advisers WILLIAM KIDWELL, BERT KERNS The Pack Rats, a hiking club, was organized in 1932 by a small group of am- bitious outdoor loving boys, to give members a chance to go on organized hikes to in- teresting places. During the past four years the club has increased until now its full quota of twenty is easily reached every semester when qualification hikes are held. The club has made many interesting trips this year, covering a total of 500 miles in 20 days. Besides hiking, all kinds of outdoor sports are indulged in. PALETTEERS Q President - - - HELEN MCDONALD Vice-President - - LUCILLE COFFMAN CLYDE MULLIN. Secretary-Treasurer - DORIS DUNBERG Ad'U'l:967' - - MISS HAZEL FISHWOOD under the leadership of Miss Hazel Fish- In November this club was organized wood, art instructor, to stimulate an interest in art throughout the school. The outstanding social event was a tea given in honor of Miss Rhoen York. A picture painted by Miss York was presented to the club and unveiled at this time, and was explained by her. Twice a month meetings were held, occasionally in the form of pot luck dinners. At Christmas time the group made cards and gifts and conducted a sale of these articles in the library, and in February a very successful Valentine sale was held. Members of the club earned the right to wear the "Palette" by acquiring five hundred pointsg a special opportunity to provide such points was given at the buffet supper held at the home of the adviser late in the year. ROBEZRTA MARSHALL. PEP CLUB U Executive Chairman - - GEORGE FLINT Lieutenant Chairman DEIRWENT BANTA Adviser ----- LAWRENCE F. SCHMITT "To create and foster a high type of school spirit" is the chief purpose of the newly organized Pep Club. The group presides at all athletic contests as an organized rooting section. It organizes and leads all rallies and pep assemblies, and leads in the support of all school activities. The club has sixty members, ten boys and ten girls from each class, sophomore, junior and senior. The executive body of the club is composed of the presidents of the respective classes, the yell leader and assistants, the president of E club, and the president of the student body. GEORGE FLINT. DIANA CLUB Q President - - - MADCIE CoNAwAY Treasurer - - - BARBARA BUSH Vice-President - - - - ALICE HURD Field Manager - - HELEN GOLDEN Secretary ---- HOPE WILLIAMS Adviser ------ Miss Woons The bi-weekly shooting, initiations, pie shoots, and potluck suppers helped to make the year a successful and enjoyable one for the Diana Club. As a closing event the Round Robin Tournament was held to determine the straightest shooter of the club. MADGE CONAWAY. oNLY A NICKEL? I "DRUMS OF OU DE" THREE-Cominco MooN O SALEM'S BALL EUGENEAN 0 1935 RIFLE CLUB Q President ---- THAYER DICKEIY Secretary-Treasurer - CLYDE MULLIN Vice-Presiklent ---- BILL PITNETY Range Manager - - BLAISE CLASKA Adviser ----- MR. MARTIN JOHNSON The Rifle Club was organized in 1924 and affiliated with the National Rifle association. This organization provides medals and diplomas for the following quali- fications: pro-marksman, marksman, marksman-first class, sharpshooter, expert rifle- man, and distinguished rifleman. The purpose of the club is to acquaint the boy with the proper and safe way of handling a rifle, and to teach him the finer points of rifle shooting. Such activities as team shoots, pie shoots, and novelty shoots are carried on by the club. In season, members of this club take to the fields in quest of various kinds of game to be found in this neighborhood. CLYDE MULLIN. SERVICE CLUB Q President - - - JOHN FOWLER Secretwry-Treasurer -PHYLLIS ATWATER Vice-President - - - MoRRIs CARTER Advisers ---- WILL KIDWELL, FRANC GILBERT, H. B. JOHNSON. It is often said that the people who do the hardest jobs get the least credit. If this was ever true it is in the case of the members of the Service Club: they have a job that takes lots of time and work but receives little praise. The Service Club is on hand at all games, plays and school activities where their service is neededg they take tickets, usher, patrol the gates, and make themselves useful in many ways. JOHN FOWLER. s'rAMr SOCIETY Q llrfsirlrnt ---- RICHARD ROMANE Secretary ----- LAWRENCE Fox Vice-President - - - WILLIAM LINNS Treasurer - - - EDWARD ZIMMERMAN Adviser ------ WILL M. KIDWELL The stamp society meets once a week in the library to trade stamps and hold business meetingsg once a month socials are held at the homes of various members of the society where a good evening's entertainment is planned, emphasizing some phase of stamp collecting. The stamp society has subscribed to one of the stamp magazines in the library and Mrs. Fletcher has aided by securing several books and magazines of interest to collectors. Richard Romane, William Linns, Lawrence Fox, Edward Zimmerman, Ruth Byer- ly, Sabra Hanks, Boyd Babbitt, Sheldon Hurd, Virgil Maharry, Charles Fuller, Jack Rubenstein comprise the membership of the club. RICHARD ROMANE. SPORTS FOOTBALL ' . fSee Page 9D The next week, entering the game as a slight underdog, the Axemen won a 37 to 0 contest from a hard-fighting Redmond team coached by Johnny Londahl, ex-Eugene assist- ant coach. Journeying to Salem on Armistice day, the Axemen received their first defeat of the season from the Salem Vikings led by Jimmy Nickelson, Salem's all-state quarterback, by a score of 13-7. White man's medicine proved too much for the Indians when the Axeman gypped the Roseburg Indians 33 scalps for no Wampum, on Hayward field, November 16. Eugene won the final game of the season by defeating University high's Golden Tide 15 to 0 in the annual "little civil war" on Hayward field. The following are the twenty-two lettermen together with their positions: Joy Smith and Lynn Colby, 215 pound beef trustersg Lynn Loomis and Al McGill at the tackle postsg Gordon Mehl, Gordon Bishop, Albert Balle and Marion Guthrie at the guard posts, Kenny Bowser at centerg Captain Dick Wright, Bob Neely, Wayne Walls and Eugene Brown holding' the end posts. ,ii In the backfield Ernie Robertson and Bob Shisler kept good care of the fullback positiong Bill Kelly, Doc Taylor, Vurhl Peters, and Doug Caven, all elusive ball packers, as the quarterbacks, completed the list of boys who received letters and who ran up a total of over 20 points per game to less than four points per game for their oppon- ents in an eight-game series. Ernie Robertson, star Axeman fullback, was voted as the most valuable man on the team and Lloyd Malos was chosen as captain of next season's team. Earl Snyder was manager of the team and Jim Phillips was assistant manager. SCHEDULES AN D SCORES--1934 October 5 .,....... ...,.. E ugene 19 Cottage Grove ,.,.,,... ,.,..... 0 October 9 ......,.. ...... E ugene 19 Klamath Falls ......... ,....... 6 October 15 ,........ Eugene 27" Linfield Frosh ..,...... ..... 7 October 27 ............ .......... E ugene 13" Corvallis .......,.,..,... ..... 6 November 3 ......... ,......... E ugene 31" Redmond .,..,........ ..... 0 November 12 ........ ...... E ugene 7 Salem ..................,. ........ 1 3 November 16 .....,., ...... E ugene 331' Roseburg .,.,..,..,,...... ..... 0 November 23 ........ ...... E ugene 15 University High ,...,.... ,..,..,,.,,..,,.., 0 Total 164 Total 31 Eugene-Average 20Va points per game. Opponents-Average 3K points per game. UD Marks home games. BASKETBALL iSee Page 153 Q The results of the second Conference clashes were as follows: EARL SNYDER. Eugene ..............................................,....... 29 University High ..,,... ........ 1 9 Eugene ....... ....... 3 63 Springfield ............. ........ 8 Eugene .....,. ....... 2 1' Albany ..,...,........... ........ 1 5 Eugene ..,.... ....... 2 41' St. Mary's ,,.......... .....,.. 1 1 Eugene ....... ....... 4 0"' Cottage 'Grove ......... ........ 1 3 Eugene ....... ....,.. 1 9 Corvallis ...,.......,.. ...,.... 4 0 TOTAL ..,...l...,,.,.,...,,.,,,,,,,,,,,.,4A,,,,,,,,,,, 169 TOTALS ,.,.... CU Marks home games. DOC TAYLOR. sou: Q State champions for two consecutive years! Such is the remarkable record of Eugene High's golf team. Doc Near, captain, Bob Speer, Darrell Draper, Byron. Jackson, Bob Findtner and Edgar Gray comprised the '25 team. They played nine matches, winning seven and losing two-one to the Oregon Frosh and one to University High. The team then went to Salem May 16, 17, 18 and again brought back high honors by defeating Parkrose High, 716 to 4Va. Doc Near was chosen No. 1 man of the all-state team. In 1934 the team won the district championship, the Willamette Valley cham- pionship and then climaxed the season by winning the state tournament, which was held in Eugene during May. The team plaved 16 matches, winning 15 of them, and losing 1, that to the Oregon Frosh. Doc Near was selected captain of the all-state team while Byron Jackson was named first alternate. The team of 1934 consisted of Doc Near, captain, Byron Jackson, Darrell Draper, Bob Speer, Bob Rickabaugh and Lawrence Jackson. BOB SPEER. EUGENEAN 0 1935 Lo EUGENEAN 0 1935 BASEBALL Q The spring of 1934 saw five lettermen out for baseball. These were Ed Russell, captaing Dick Wright, Johnny Dunn, Lester McIntyre and Wayne Walls. Around them Coach Fassett built his team, picking Charles Purdue, Doc Taylor, Bartley Gold- bar, Bud Knight, Tubby Chesebro, Ford Danner and Ernie Robertson, at the close of the season Ed Russell was awarded the Hendershott trophy for be-ing the most valuable player on the team. Doc TAYLOR. TRACK Q BOX The Eugene High school track team participated in five meets including the Eugene-University High meetg the four-way meet between Eugene-University High- Cottage Grove and Springfield, the Willamette meet, which took place at Salemg the district meet at Eugene, and the state meet which was held in Corvallis with stars from high schools all over Oregon competing for honors. The team included: Russell Callantine, captain, Bob Williams, Don Bowman, Lloyd Malos, Wayne Warner, Stanley Warren, Marion Stafford, Cleo Van Vliet, Hugh Simpson, Kenneth Lee, Waldo Campbell, Frank Seal. Albert Kaufman, Earl Ware, George Masterton, Forrest Clark, Joy Smith, Wesley Holly. DOC TAYLOR. ING AND WRESTLING Q The boxers and Wrestlers although handicapped by lack of equipment and train- ing facilities in their first year, showed an eagerness to learn and win that made: three inter-school smokers possible. The boxers were outstanding, suffering only two losses and two draws as against many decisions in their favor and two technical knockouts. The wrestlers had less success due somewhat to the lack of a full time instructor. There were three inter-school smokers: two with University High, and one with Springfield High in which three boxers-Bruce Thompson, Glenn Cougill, Crawford Lyle and Manager Virgil Bloom represented E. H. S. The enthusiasm shown this year promises boxing a succe-ssful future at E. H. S. and a possibility of its becoming a major athletic activity. Bert Kerns coached the group. CRAWFORD LYLE. CUP AWARDS HENDERSHOTT CUP Q This cup was given to Eugene High school in 1930 by Mr. Arthur Hendershott of the Hendershott Gun Store. It is awarded annually to the outstanding member of the baseball team. Those receiving the honor are: Cecil Inman, 1930: Harold Ham- mericksen, 19315 Dick Bishop, 19333 Edgar Russell, 19343 Bartley Goldbar, 1935. SIMMONS CUP Q In 1929, Mr. E. V. Simmons. of the Simmons Motor Company, presented a cup to Eugene High school to be awarded every year to the most inspiring player on the football team. The boys who have been given this award are: Dick Near, 1929: Joe Hill, 1930: Tom McKitrick, 19315 John Hill, 19323 Hugh Mercer, 1933: Ernie Rob- ertson, 1934. EARL JONES MEMORIAL CUP Q In memory of their son Earl, Mr. and Mrs. Norman Jones gave this cup to Eugene High in 1934 to be awarded to the outstanding all-around athlete each year. Hugh Mercer received this honor in 19343 Dick Wright, 1935. JANE THACHER CUP Q The outstanding member of the High School Band is awarded each year the Jane Thacher cup, given to the school in 1933 by Mrs. Jane Thacher of the Univer- sity of Oregon School of Music. The winners are: Darrell Renfro, 19333 Ronald Drew, 19345 Wendell Gilfry, 1935. f AMERICAN LEGION CUP Q The E. H. S. Band was the winner of the marching contest held during the state band contest in Eugene, April, 1935. The band was awarded the parade trophy by Post No. 3 of the American Legion. HIGH LIGHTS AND SIDE LIGHTS SEPTEMBER Q 17-Boys and girls enroll in every class, as has been done a couple of times before, Sophomores gape with ill-concealed awe and open mouths at the antics of dignified f?J and seasoned Seniors and Juniors. OCTOBER O Ahhhhh! Excuse me, but this mad scramble of screwy schedules, new teachers, courses and rules is finally finished--after two heck-tic weeks. 5-The day when Kyack Kuddlers Kuddled at the Kyack Kuddle-the first dance of the year presented by the seniors at their annual Senior Informal. This afternoon the EHS football boys won their first-of-the-season game from Cot- tage Grove, incidentally training for a hot time in the Antarctic atmosphere of the Kyack Kuddle. f 12-Feathers fly-EHS gridsters go to Klamath Falls. Bring back a 19-6 win-and plenty much dirt column material. 18-19-First vacation, Teachers' Institute. All together now. "I-Iip! hip! Hurrayl" 26-Whattagame! whattagame! Axemen footballers chop Corvallis for a win. NOVEMBER Q Plenty few football games-will omit-see Sports. 7-8-The annual Hi-Jinks-singing negroes, colorful gypsies, princesses and cats, mod- ernistic dance revue, sappy singing sailors, etc., etc., and etc. All to be seen in the Hi-Jinks-right this way folks, for tickets. 15-Ohhhhhh-Cards out. Nothing more need be said, except, then, this is only the first semester. 23-A little uncivil war will be held tonight when Eugene beats Uni High-and after the game the Junior Informal-football boys cartooned, some fun! Now until the 30th we rest-and eat our way through another Thanksgiving vacation. 30-Nosing the grind again . . . By the wayg did you eat as much as I did? Well, I did. DECEMBER Q 7-Daffy debators persuade pleasingly in nutty Nestorian pay panorama. Should de- bators be tarred and feathered? No! Judges? Yes! So it was. 16-EHS Band and Glee club make pretty noises today. 18-19-At last after weeks of Eugene high-feverish activity the Junior class presents "Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch". And all the little Wiggses, neighbors, our next prexy as Mr. Wiggs, we just laffed and laffed and laffed. 21-Merry Christmas! Yeah, you guessed it, it's Christmas vacation. So long until January 2, and, oh yes-Happy New Year! fP.S. Nice Christmas play, "Why the Chimes Rang" by Oral English classes in assembly todayj. JANUARY Q Many fast and furious basketball games this month-See Sports. It's a new year, old school, old teachers, old clubs, but new resolves! 18--First get-together of the sophomore boys is this morning. Experienced Seniors- Flint, Taylor, and Near stroke their beards and advise the callow and puerile sophs. YMCA Secretary Walters gave feature talk however. 27-Semester ends-but these words don't. FEBRUARY Q 1-Debaters bring back news of conflicts and spoons from McMinnville. 10-Big official bunch of fights at our school-Smoker with Uni-Hi. Boxers were battered and arm-twisters were tied-and so was the score, 7-7. 16-Glee Club and orchestra broadcasts first act of opera over KOAC, Corvallis. 22-KKKKKK, Guess what? Yes! Kolonial Kapers, the annual inferno, I mean Infor- mal of the sophs. Very Revolutionary! EUGENEAN 0 1935 i EUGENEAN 0 1935 MARCH Q 8-'tYassuh, Yassuh, dis ministrel show am sho' sumpin!" Ungrammatical comment. but truly expressive of the Mask and Daggers "Gentlemen Be Seated". Drama, jokes, dances, songs, music all included. The outlook was "dark", 15-More Mask and Dagger! Annual invitational evening included three entertaining plays. Capacity crowd. 22-"Fu Manchu, sing a ling, Fujiyama, Wut He," and all the rest of my Oriental voc- abulary to herald the Junior-Senior Prom. Slanted are the eyebrows of the decorations of the affair. Exquisite surroundings and music! 23-30-Spring vacationg"No more school, no more books", for one week, anyhow. APRIL g 1-"Pardon me, can you spare a soap box? Oh! You're going to use it? All right, I'll use this desk". Student body elections after the "If-I'm-elected" speeches in an as- sembly of the nominees. 5-Officers installed in assemblyefjust like radios are. No ditference except you can get music, too, on radios-and can turn 'em off! G-Semester ends. Only nine more weeks! Omigosh! 19-20-Glee club gives "Bohemian Girl" in auditorium. Thrilling music--both vocal and instrumental. Also dramatic story. 23-Girls' League elections. Boys demand the right to vote. No luck. MAY Q JUNE Q 7-8-Seniors' parting dramatic gesture--their annual play-"Three-Cornered Moon". Laughs at "Mother", "Jennie, the Maid"' "Kenneth", and part, except the parrot who forgot his cues. 17-Athletes attempt acting in the E club's pay assembly "Submerged" this morning. Actors attempt ambling thru woods at their picnic. "My kingdom for a horse", with mustard! fAm I hungry!J 24-Big assembly. Letters given to baseball and track boys. KNO! Not chain letters, dopell 31-Senior Day-Seniors best, clothes displayed- Senior picnic- Senior girl lately? tSome pun! lflhlj every other well-portrayed 2-Baccalaureate ..... Seniors down front looking solemn ..... Pastor counsels them with specially addressed speech ..... Glee club singing. 6-Commencement ..... McArthur Court ..... Fiery denouncement of contempor- ary attitudes and systems by student orators ..... A diploma ..... a handshake . . . . . and another class is through EHS, but not through WITH EHS . . . . memories linger ..... and teachers ,.... 7+-The day the sophs and juniors have been waiting for-The last day before vacation. "See you next year". And so the doors of EHS close-three months to some-always to others. CHARM-is Poirrmc. ,Nfl Tn-,,,,,,, ........-............ - - - - - - I I I KOKE-CHAPMAN CO I I Printers of I First Class I I High School I I ond CoHege I I A nn uc Is I I - I I I I I I I I I I I I I STATIONERY T I T E M S F O R s T u D E N T s I I I I I I I Eugene's Leading Printers For 30 Years I -I- EUGENEAN 0 1935 I I EUGENE,OREGON EUGENEAN 0 1935 FURNITU RE COMPANY "You furnish the girl ...... we'II Furnish the home." ,1,,,...,.., .- ... .... 1 .... -,....-...-...i1u..1-I--an-u---I - - uwuu -n'-5 iw- .fll - -.- 1 .... 1H..-.I..-....1,..-....1.,.,,,,.,.,,, ,,,,,,,,1,,!, I I I I I I I I i Summer School i I LUDFQRD'S i I June, July, August l E for I Ugene I I . I . I 1 . I Points, Artist Supplies T Buslness College ond Picture Fromirig I4 A Good School T E A l Miner Bldg- Phone 666 I 979 Willamette Telephone 749 I I I I ,i,..-..,- -..,-... ........ ..-I -.......I-.,.g1 .g..-... ---.--... - -..,.. -...-,.-..g. .g.,-.... .... - .... .---- . - - - .- -..--I---I--I--.-.- -.-' ---I --------- .- - -...-..-..-...Q n "Skeet" "Pink" "Shy" i L. xxx, MANERUD i MANERUD-HUNTINGTON FUEL COMPANY, Inc. I Wood, Coal, Oil, Hogged Fuel i Phone 651 997 Oak St. I ,i,..,-,.i-............-u.- -.- .-..-.- .... - ,.,. - .... -..I- .... - ..., .. .... - .... -..I- .... -..,-... .----- ...-...-I.-I...I.-..-..5. .!...-....-..- - .- - - i-.- - -'i- ----I- 'f-1 - Ill- - '-I- -u--- III1 - IIII - '-i- - -'-- - Ivlf -m--m--w-w-- - - - - - - -..-.,...!, I I i EXACTING VISION FOR EXACTING FIGURES i i MATHEMATICAL WORK DEMANDS ACCURATE VISION ir You NEED GLASSES- I 11? I I Your Benefit Greotest A ,eW, ,V I Dr. C. Meode I4 W. 8th sneer , I .5..-..-...-.......-....-..-I..-I.......-..I.-.W-.-I-I...-I----I - - - --I.-..-..-U... -...--I..-....-....-...-....-....-....-...-I+ Suspect: Why do you want to wait A. Nelson: Doesn't the way I sing till Saturday night to arrest me? that song warm your blood? Officer: I want you t.o come clean. M. Staton: Yeah, it actually boils. I""'""""'"""""""""""" ' ""'I' IPROFESSIONAL D I R E C T O R Y I.-. ...... ..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-.-I 3.........-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..- -..-..i. I DR. A. J. ATWATER I 2 Dentistry i I . I Tiffany Bldg. Phone I l l 5 -ii grin: 11:11--nu1-m1nu1nn1nn1un1nu-nu1nu-nlillillf If DR. R. T. BURNETT I Dentistry I Miner Bldg. Phone 820 I I -ik----- ------ -------- --- ---------5 I"'''''"'"""""""""""""""" ""'i' on. WRIG:HT B. LEE I I Dentistry I Tiffany Bldg. Phone 42-J I I I .i.---- -------- ------- --- -------is imIImmmmmmWWWM'Imi 1 DR. R. E. MCINTYRE i 1 Dentistry Miner slag. Phone 2323 I I .i------ ------ -------- -------------L d.I.-..- -..-1.---I-.I-l.----.--------n- - -u--nge I I I DR. H. W. TITUS I I Dentistry l Miner Bldg. Phone 947 1 I I 4Illllllill1ll1ll1llll'll1Il1-0-ill-illlulillihlillillii Martha Guild would be married ten times if she didn't have so much horse sense. What makes you think that? She knows when to say nay. hahahahahahahahahaha K. Marple-Mr. Allison certainly is an enigma. M. Carter-That's funny. I always thought he was born in this country. hahahahahahahahahaha 'I' .....-..-..-..-. ....... .... -..-......g. -i- VPERLICH'S FOOD MARKET Eugene's Quality Store 0 Full Line of the Best MEATS - FRU ITS - VEGETABLES Red and White Brand CANNED GOODS 0 Telephone 54 I644 Willamette WE DELIVER Ford: Sheep are certainly dumb ani- mals. Raona: Yes, my lamb. hahahahahahahahahaha "Is your wife's cooking anything to write home about?" Mr. Newlywed: "Yes, it has me writ- ing home for som e of my mother's TECIDSS. hahahahahahahahahaha "There was a big run on the bank this morning" "Heavens, what bank was it?" "Both of them 3 the creek overflowed." hahahahahahahahahaha Son: Father, are you still growing? Pop: No son, why do you ask? Son: I wondered why your head was pushing out through your hair. hahahahahahahahahaha Marion: We certainly had a good time last night on fifteen cents. Alice: Yes, I wonder how my little brother spent it. hahahahahahahahahaha C. Devereaux: Gee, teach-I just swallowed a worm. B. Kerns: Take a drink of water, quick, and wash it down. C. D.: AW, no, let him Walk. hahahahahahahahahaha IT'S OLD-BUT STILL GOOD L. Clark: What was the greatest feat of strength ever performed? B. Gilliam: Wheeling, West Virginia. hahahahahahahahahaha EUGENEAN 0 1935 EUGENEAN 0 l935 .-........-..-..-...-...-. ---- ..-...-...- ..-I..-iq. .l..-...-....- ..-...-...-..-....-..-..-..-........... -....-..-.-E. -'-'a-:c-:+:-1-:-.-:-1-:-:-:-.-.-.-.-. . .4,-,-:-,-:V.-.-La1:ae:-2-21+1-ze-:-1-:-:-2:-1-1-221414-te:-2-::+:':-mf: '5fl:53:5:3:5:553fif3f5f5f5f5:5555333fi3fflififff32if23iffiff23Zfffl52if3555ffI3fiIfI3ififififfffifiiifffiffilif3:ffifffifilffif .' -"' .-...45S:5:5:f" -'5:5:i:1:1?:3:P3:5:25"''.5:1:5:5:5:5:5:3f5:5E3:5:5:1'5'i:3:''-' 'ziizizifk .i..-...... ---------- ----.- ----I-qu ERIC MERRILL I Clothes for Young Men and Their Elders EUGENE i .-..-...... .... ..., - ..... .... ..... . ..-..-...:. .-...1 .. 1 1 .. 1 1..1.,.,..........1...1...-...1,..1...1.,,-,.,.-...-..,.1..........-....-..........-.....- - 1 ... 1 1 -...-......!. ESTABLISHED 1881 MIDGLEY PLANING MILL COMPANY i Manufacturers of . DOORS, WINDOWS, FRAMES, MOULDING, ETC. I 4th and High Streets -..1..1..1,.1,.1,..1I.1,.-..-H1...1..1..1.,...,.1..,1I..1,,.1.....,,.1,..1,,.1...,1.I.I1...1,,.1...1...1,.,....,.1...1......III1I..1,, Eugene, Oregon I 4- .-..- - .. .. .. - - - .. ...,.-...-..-...-...-..,-....-.,.-.,......-...-.I...I..-....- - - - - - - - -....-......i. . HENDERSHOTT'S EUGENE'S ATHLETIC SUPPLY HOUSE i 770 Willamette St. .g,...-..-......-..-..-..-.....- .. - - - - - -.. +.1.-1..1u-niIIn-uu-nu-un-nu-nn-un-nu-nu-:nina-It Twin Oaks Builders Supply Co. John J. Rogers, Pres. L. C. Scharpf, Sec. 1..1.,.1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11.4-.i......1,,.1,........,1, .,1..,1,...1.,.1.,.1..,,1 1.,,1.,.,1,..1iIrI.-.011...1,.,.1,.,.1..,1., I I I Telephone l5l -I- 'I' I I FOR I9 YEARS I I the rendezvous of E. H. S. students T "lt's a tradition" i When You Want to Build 1 'rn Y W f r s u iL ' I en ou an o ee s Eugene Junction City Cottage Grove 'lqluaa-Fnfflaeaflflfl' ' I E-win 1111 m1 u-un-nn1nn-:nvun-n-n1n-E+ vflIu1n.-II. 11111111111 1IIII1IIII-ni. .-... -.... ....-..-..-....-..-.I-...-.I-I..--.I-...I-...-..,-....-....-...,-....-....-..,.-,...--,,,,-,,..-,..... - - ....-,.,.-..-f Elliott's Grocery and Delicatessen I FRESH MEATS - GROCERY - BAKERY I Try a Juicy Steak or Roast From Our Market Today Phone 95 l3th and Patterson .-......-..-..- -..-.....,.--..-.. ..... .-...-.......-...-...-..-.,.-,.-...-..-.,,-,,,,-,,,-,,,-,,,-,,,g, II-M1IIII-w-uu-u-1:n-an-nu-ru-HH1-I-1ll1In1ll-111'-'E' I-lu-uu1nu1-nn1nu-ni:-uII1mI1.III1.w1iI.I1II.I1.I.1.u1.,.1I.n!o Angeline Dillard Kittie Scobert ' I AI-IGELINE DRESS sHoP B R I O W S 1 Things Distinctly Different JEWELRY 51-ORE Phone 533-W 63 E. Broadway At the Big Street Clock I Eugene, Oregon 620 Willamette Phone 595 i .-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-......-..-..-..I..,...... .-...-....-...-.I-....-,...- ..,. -...-,.,.-..-...-..-...-....-..-...5. Draper: Barney Jackson plays a fair "Butch" W.-Ilwas on the stage once. golf game. Wayne W.-D1d the magician trick "Doc" Near: Yes, if you watch him. you badly? hahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahaha EUGENEAN 0 1935 EUGENEAN 0 1935 f-Quin 11111 n1nn1un1uu1n-nn-un-nu-nu-un-uu-uu-nn-nn1nu1nn1uu-min--E1 .- 1 1 1 1 101+ u O THERE IS ALWAYS A BETTER SHOW ll at fhe 5 MCDONALD THEATRE .Q:.-..-.. ...... ....-..-..-..-..-..-..-......-..-..-......-..-..-..-..-..-..- .. - - .. - -..-..,. :i------ ------------ -H-H'---Q -s----i-r- - ------i---- ------------- - ------r ii l l l ll Plenty of Hot Water 5 At Your House? i 1 HARDWARE COMPANY E ' I I l lf not, ask about the new low electric rateg I E ' ! I for water heating with a heater on your 5 g SPORTING l meter with all of your other electric appli- E : -l M l L and l H 'ms' I I HARDWARE l l Everyone is enthusiastic about this new type I I I 2 l I of water heating, and you will be too. L . I l l l " : E T I h 47 d 'I794 : l. Eugene Water Board e ep one "' H i i Eugene Oregon 4...-..-..-E ------ ----- - ------I-E -i---I--M ----------- ----------4 1,414.11.1.,1ER1p'-ln-uu1nu-nn-nn1mm-nu--nn--lu1uu1u.!g :su-ln-u -1ull-lil1n1v1uH1un1uu-nu-11111-Il1nu1 1 -nu-ul!! I sKEiE's JEWELRY STORE l l EVE'f2fL'gjNghfIfS2:UGS l le 927 Willamette Street l Perfumes land Cgsmetics L Makers of Fine Jewelry L I KUYKENDALL DRUG co. l l Telephone 41 1 I I 870 Willamette sf. I Eugene Oregon i T Eugene Telephone 23 Oregon ! aiu--u-un--un-ul1nl1uu-nu1111:-un1Il1ll1ll1Il-ll-ll-viii 'i"1""1"" " '-"""""""""""""1""" 1"1""""'i' Miss Jackson: Well, well, this coat is PUN ripped, isn't it? Robert Frye: Yeah, sew it seams. hahahahahahahahahaha BY SPECIAL REQUEST OF ANNE SMYLY He: Who was that man I saw you with downtown last night? She: That was no man: that was my husband. hahahahahahahahahaha GOLF Skipworth: I lie two. Gould: And I lie two. Banta: I lie the same as the rest of you. I'm two also. hahahahahahahahahaha Goliath: Why don't you stand up here and fight me? David: Don't hurry me big boy. Wait until I get a little boulder. hahahahahahahahahaha NASTY DRAGON Miss Gibson fReadingJ : Then the great dragon came belching forth. G. Flint: Didn't he excuse himself? hahahahahahahahahaha D. Griswold Cshe drives nowlz Theres no gas guage on your car. J. Fowler: Well? D. G.: How can you tell when you run out of gas then? hahahahahahahahahaha ag.-1-in 11111---1 11-1-1 111 11111 ---1-1--11m-ungu I I I . . l i To the Students of Eugene High 3 I I i I T We have enjoyed our work with you in the preparation of this Eugenean of 1935. 1 May you have success and happiness in whatever lies I ahead . - ' 5 I i I S i I KENNELL-ELLIS STUDIOS i I "Worthwhile Potography at ci Reasonable Cost" I I .i..-.. ..-.--- --..-..-...-...-...-...-..-..-...-...-...-..-..-...-...-..-......- - - - - .. ....-..i. .5..-.. ...-.. ..-..-........-...-..-..-...-.I-...-...-...-....-...-..-..-...-....-...--,...-,.,.- .. .. - - -..-...!. I HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS, SEND YOUR CORDS TO I Eugene Steam Laundry I We Restore the Color to Look Like New at No Extra Charge : l Give Us a Trial I I Phone 123 178 West 8th Street I .ig1uu1n-1m-1nn1nn1 1: 1 -- ---1-1 im1u1n1n1 1n -1-11- nu1nu1uu1nn1ln1nn1u1lI1ui :fu1un1 1 1uu1uu1uu1w1n1n1uu-nn1nu1 1ln1un-I c!u1nu1 ilil 1 iiii 1u:i1un1uu1uii1 iiii 1un-un1nu-nu1nn1nl1un1r? f Gfoduetion Suits DELLA soniN's onsss si-ldv 1 T DE NUEF Where You Are Always 1 FE'S W I ' 5 Style Leaders for young Men 988 Willamette e Come Phone 2592 T .i..-..- -..-..-...-...-..-..-...-..-...-.... -.-...-. .-...-......-..-...-...-..-..-...-......-..-..-..-..-..g. DEBATERS HUH?? What did your aunt have to say about these tropical dancers? She said they should be to r rid and feathered. hahahahahahahahahaha B. Stipe--What's the matter Les? You don't look as Well dressed as you used to. G. Lesley-That's funny, they're the same clothes. hahahahahahahahahaha "Water, water, WATER," he cried weakly. "Will no one give me a drink of the precious fluid?" All around him for miles upon miles stretched the white burning sand of the great American desert. Once more he called out, once more - silence. But suddenly an in-- spiration s t r u c k his thirst-tortured brain. He Wrung his hands, and held them above his mouth. hahahahahahahahahaha I hear Bill Stevenson might quit school for a job in a big clearing house. Yes, clearing up rubbish, garbage, and old papers. hahahahahahahahahaha L. Reid-Say Dotty, Why don't you like me better? I'm just what the doctor ordered. D. Hendrickson-You are, you pill. hahahahahahahahahaha Mr. Hendricks: What was Washing- ton noted for? H. Rubenstein: His memory. lst: What makes you think it was his memory? They erected a monument to it. hahahahahahahahahaha Skipworth: I'm growing a mustacheg what color do you think it will be? Roadman: Gray, at the rate it is growing now. hahahahahahahahahaha EUGENEAN 0 1935 62 EUGENEAN 0 1935 'N Xu NX X 'xl x Nu -'Au 1' 1-adn. -4- i . . I EUGENES OWN STORE i MclVlorran i 'QI ia, - I 4 i I 1 i w ' H i f -'T-AMI 4 86 W ashburne I ""' 'rf'tE2giZwa' i't'giiiqg Q' i Merchandise of Merit Only 'il-554' Nw : SIM' ' K l Phone 2700 2 A I 45-uvn ------ -- vli, 1 -I -ll-un-np-ii un1nuTiin1iiu1-iiii-:n-iiu- uuur ---- 1 -uniirlfr ........ .i-., .. . i,.Qg..A-., ,i.-r,-i.z. . , -l- - - - -.,-, If You Want the Best at No Extra Cost order BLUE BELL Dairy Products EUGENE FARMERS CREAMERY i I . Telephone 638 " .i-Ill' llll lvlllllllillIlITlIlllIll'CIIlITllWT llll 1.5407 ll'l TUVITUWT TllTlll'i'l'l'1'lm"" Tullilli 4.0-..-...-it-..-.n...n-n..-.,-..-..-..-..,-..-..-..-,. ...- L.....,..- ,.,. .,.- - -..,- -t....i..-.i...t--5 ' . . , Ba' ' Q Williams Service Stores, Inc. lOl 5 Willamette Eugene, Oregon The Store Where the Students Save F .I-..1nu1n--asia'-nn-uni ..,. - - - -....-...-...-...-....-....-...-...-..--ii.-in-I.--ii ---- it-...i-W-W-.M-..........-...:. lillili liiiii lNTllUTUllilllTll4T'luiNll'1 illl 9-'Ull"-ullilliiulliillli llll T llll T llll limi llll 'IIUTWUT T T 1' "" illiillll-if Q THE BOOTH-KELLY LUMBER COMPANY . For Lumber Service Fifth and Willamette .. Telephone 85 I 00 i 4 -uuinnin--an-nu-nu1nn-an-w -i AnnQ-IL-in-351Q1Q iiu-nn-nn-an-Sinn--uii-iiI--ui---ll1v'il n-n--m- 1 1m-...ii.ui,...1,u...........1....-...-.i.-nu-un ui.-nu-nu-u.t1.l.-nu1,t,41mt.. - 1,,.........- 1 1 1 inn-an-sf Cressey's i BOOK SELLERS. AND STATIONERS 864 Willamette Street I Eugene, Oregon .....,.1un..nn...nniuniu.-im-.un--un ..,m1n.1.m1nn1iin1i. v HINTS TO HIGH SCHOOL MOTORISTS Go slow and fare wellg go fast and farewell! hahahahahahahahahaha Mrs. Christie-So y o u really think that our act would be a good one to give in the South Seas? Miss Gibson-Yes, we w o u l d have them rolling in the isles. hahahahahahahahahaha .,-..,,-..,,1...-.,..-im-..1-u.!. B. Mack-There's one thing I want to know .... Diebel-Little man what now? Mack--Who waters the bulbs of the electric light plant? hahahahahahahahahaha I hear Guy Scobert is wearing glasses latelyg do they improve his looks? Yes, about fifty feet. hahahahahahahahahaha ' ft X RW' , X 3' gfffffecafrfq jf 1,QMvf r'--'V 'QNVP' My Le0"Va.ff'4"" KY fQ 59W0 ' may .7 R , '2i.,4"5a" , 0742.0 0.2 A'ZQ.G55E1:l5. 5 3! awww'-? A c!?QZM"'Z fgfl . as jj Q Mk uifvv 4""u"' 135 bay? .psf wif?..,,,m1-wg, -- fxjbmf """" """"" 7ffy,q,e0Zf' , Aioqgal,-Q37 ,,.4,.,v-fi fLl?f?Q7i?fne.s'l? :4,,,1.f.f,,,..L-K 'l'f.,2i4-fi"f7 4QffQfff+g,,2 77, "'7""JL , J Law f 56 WW ef M fffiiiw Q,.awf4m02fzv'3 il' M J ll 5' V29 U0 I el V . LF . I . O Bw. 01' , Q lilwwlh, 'I ':.-37 Q 37 'U' 'J I TMDL ' NW A. 36 ' I ' 'lag 1 , S7 , b , - f . 1.--I -Q1 I ,A A Y in . va 1 if -,g :lf f 32' 3 ' Q 'WJ 37. ., . ag Q4 3 , ,M ff' w ' X -f CZ! f 094.44 . 5 J Q l ' .k:A 2: :I 432222- ? ik-Duff -MW' Qi .. 2-H' 4 C"LmZZ"ac aylbagmy ' . WW 5-I I 4 6 3--4 mm VQMJQM ,Ll 'V 7 , 've . 55 Q1 E 'E 1 ., ul W -J i iq J 'T' . V0 ' J , K A Q4 K 'Q ' t f if ' . 1 lf - -- ' V "5 -L. ' , , . A ' ' l .. .L-4.14, . uw. J ra A as A 32: .-.4 E .f 1 ,32- ,,, s "N: ,f.?ffi' ,Jw . ? 3 i 3 i 2 I i I Z z i 1 T ESL' IS

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