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QW XA L 69 Q5 f N Sw yew '2 1 , ,f- xv Qg w f X E G AMT fm H wax Flfw X A JY XL, V f U '. wJ? ' ,A 'iiv ,JH ,mwf, K , I.. Hlmil -ngxv'-1i'g'g K 1 N N . Boord of Education EDWARD F. BAILEY, Chairman MRS. WARREN D. SMITH ARTHUR A. ROGERS EARL M. DREW VICTOR P. MORRIS MRS. E. A. LUNDY, Clerk: THE EUGENEAN A GARDEN OF MEMORIES preserving for you eventful days with happenings and thrills fha! will never come again. Published by THE SENIOR CLASS of 1934 Eugene High School Eugene, Oregon In our garden of memories From which we breathed deeply of life's fragrance Sometime - somewhere - We sought to find The perfect Hower hidden there, Fulfillment of Hopes, ambitions, dreams, The path to life in later years. And so, as onward through life we go, Seeking forever that perfect flower, We have the promise of richer, fuller dreams To leave In our garden of memories. - Jean Elida Curtis. 4 HOWARD R. GOOLD Superlntende1zt of Schools HARRY B. JOHNSON Principal .f Aff-EM MRS. MAXINE LAMB CONSTANCE Dean of Girls W. Kidwell J. Gibson C. Blais M. Fletcher F. Kramer H. Allison L. Jackson G. Deierlvin M. Kinsey D. Moore D. Elkins F. Baker E. Chase R. Schaefer B, Kems F. Fassett 0. Mcllvrrnott B, Morris L. Gorrell R. Hvndricks C. Diebel M. Warren H. Fishwoorl R. Norris V. Clark 0. Mickelson F. Gilbert E. Chick M. Reid Collins C. Woods E. Christie M. Johnson 6 Fo ALLISON, HAROLD W ..... Economics, Civics, Social Problems Debate Coach. BAKER, FRANCES E ...,. Physical Education Adviser to Girls' Letter Club, Athletic Department of Girls' League. BLAIS, CLARA M ...,,,,r ,,,,,,,,,,,,r, r,,,, .... I ' p 'enph Adviser to Honor Society, Le Cercle Francais. CHASE, EMMA .............., . .....,.. Illathematics Adviser to News and Eugenean, Girl Reserves. CHICK, MRS. ELEANOR C ............... English Adviser to Senior Class. CHRISTIE, MRS. ETHEL CHASE ,...., English Dramatic Coach, Adviser to Mask and Dagger. CLARK, VIRGINIA ,.....,....,.. .Office Secretary COLLINS, MRS. MINNIEEL REID ............................Commercial Arithmetic Adviser to Honor Society, Girl Re- serves. CONSTANCE, MRS. MAXINE LAIvIB..Spanish Dean of Girls, Adviser to Girls' League, Honor Society. COULTER, C .A .,,,,..., Trades and Industries DEIERLE'IN,GERTRUDE ..,,. ..,,,......... Typing, Business English Adviser to Clerical Department of Girls' League. DIEBEL, CLARENCE E...Physics, Chemistry ELKINS, DAROLD D ..,,,.. Civics, Economics Adviser to Sophomore Class, Chess Club. FASSETT, FRANK N ..,....l.,..,,, Bookkeeping Baseball Coach. FISI-IWOOD, HAZEL ..,.......... ......... A rt FLETCHER, MRS. MARIE P. Training Honorary Adviser to Girl Reserves. GIBSON, JULIETTE. CLAIRE ,,,,..........,, English Adviser to E. H. S. News. CU 7 Ity GILBERT, FRANC P .....,........... .--- ...... S c ience Adviser to Girl Reserves, Sophomore Class. GORRELL, MRS. LULU CRAIG ........ .... Latin Adviser to Inter Nos, Girl Reserves. HENDRICKS, RUSSELL G .----.............. History Adviser to Honor Society. JACKSON, HELEN LYNN ...,..,,,.. ..... C Iothing Adviser to Junior Class. JOHNSON, HARRY B ..,,,.............. .Principal Adviser to Honor Society JOHNSON, MARTIN ,........... Industrial Arts Adviser to Outdoor Club, Rifle Club, Junior Class, Craftsmen's Club. KERNS, BERT C .......,......................... Science Assistant Football Coach, Adviser to Packrats, Chess Club. KIDWELL, WILLIAM M .,,,......... Commercial Arithmetic, Commercial Law Adviser to Packrats, Stamp Club. KINSEY, lVlAE D .,,.,...,....,,.....,...,.,.,,, English Adviser to Honor Society, Girl Re- serves, Eugenean. KRAMER, FRED M ..,,..... Physical E'd1Icc1t'ion Adviser to E Club. MICKELSON, ODINE N .,.,,.. Inclzlslrial Arts Adviser to Senior Class, Craftsmen's Club, Archery Club. MOORE, DELBERT W .....,.., Orchestra, Band MORRIS, BFIATRICE ,.,,.... Typing, Shorthand MCDERMOTT, OLA M ..,,,,....... Mathematics NORRIS, RITA ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, H ome Economics SCHAEFER, RUTH E ..,,..................... History Adviser to Girl Reserves. WARREN, MRS. MILDRED P ............. English Adviser to Auxiliary Department of Girls' League, Girl Reserves. Wooos, CAROLYN LOUISE .... Music, English Adviser to Finance Department of Girls' League, Girls' Archery Club, Glee Club. R. Rickabaugh P. Adams lb. Ncar F, Parker l'. Plank V, Jepsen R. Coulter .I, R. Atwater D, Draper E, Humphreys J. Luvaas l-I. Wood R. Moser A. Rogers R. Ruff A. Gillespie M. Frye M. Spicer G. Flint V. Little R. Drew The Student Council ROBERT RICKABAUGH ....,,.,............ Presikient DWIGHT NEAR ............. ...... V ice-President PHYLLIS ADAMS .,,..... ............ S ecretary FLORENCE PARKER ....... ............ T reasurer PAUL PLANK ...............................,.... Auditor MARGARET SPICER, ............. Editor of News JESSIE RAE ATWATER ....................Pres1kient of Girls' League ROBERT MOSER ......,.Advertising Manager of Athletics GEORGE FLINT ............,.,. Manager of News VIRGINIA J EPSEN .... Senihr Representative ELINOR HUMPHREYS Representative RONALD DREW.,..,,... DICK RUFF .............. .Senior Representative Senior Representative EVELYN WOOD ........ ...Junior Representative ALYCE ROGERS ....... DARREL DRAPER ..... JOHN LUVAAS ....... .. ALICE GILLESPIE .Junior Representative .Junior Representative .Junior Representative Sophomore Representative VIRGINIA LITTLE Sophomore Representative RAYMOND COULTER Sophomore Representative MAX FRYE ........ Sophomore Representative UNDERCLASS "Na great thing is created sudden- ly, any mare than a bunch of grapes ar a fig. lf you tell me that you de- sire a fig l answer that it requires time-let it first flower, then bear fruit, then ripen." Epictetus. Time will develop us from the to maturity. Whether it b fulfilling the smallest of beginnings e a glorious culmination hopes of our gardeners. x or a sad failure depends upon us. We have been given healthful sur- roundings, faithful cultivation, and watchful love. Our measure of suc- cess nr failure in school and in life will be clue, in a large port, to our cooperation and initiative. GLADYS SAUND ERS R. MACK P. ATWATER H. JoHNs'roN President - - - - - ROBERT lllACK Vice-President - - - PHYLL1s ATWATER Sc'crefm'y-TrffusizrP1 - HELEN JOHNSTON Adm-SWS - I Miss FRANC P. GILBERT MR. DAROLD ELKINS On September 11, a large collection of over 260 seedlings was successfully transplanted from the nurturing hot beds of the pre- paragry schools to the fertile soil of Eugene High. Already the efforts of the gardeners are being realized. The sophomore stunt in the Hi-Jinks, "The Brown Derby," was a great success, and some of us were so talented as to rate places in the senior act. The sophomore dance, 'The Happy Heart Hop," held on St. Valentine's day was the best in years. A dancing chorus was recently organized and progressed rapidly under the leadership of Betty McDonell. Some of the leading roles in the operetta, "The Pirates of Penzance," were taken by sophomores also. All in all the year has proved most interesting and enjoyable, and we eagerly anticipate the days when We shall be addressed as juniors. 9 First Row-Hanks, Gillespie, Flint, Williams. Bailey, Greenwalt, Thorn, Henilershott, Atkinson, Meyers, Sawyer, Wright, Coe, Olson, McDonell, Abbott. Serond Row-Bahling, Rickard, Cook, Tupper, Reetz, Johnston, Atwater, Marple, Koppe, Carroll, Foster, Gieseke, Lusby, Brown, Morris, Graham, Hanson, Hanson. Ward, 'Third Row-Blood, Troxel, Stratton, Kirehaffnr, Fegles, McCready, lfickert, McCracken, Goodlow, Barton, Andrews, Frye, Hogue. Fourth Row-Wallace, Hill, Starmer, Gray, Lundstroni, Vedder, Lindgren, Warren, Davis, Muhr, Thompson, Johnson, Henigan, King, llioks, lbunlxerg. lflnmlieotf., Willey, Williamson, Nelson. Fifth Row-Kibbe, Oldham, Brown, Bevere, Christensen, Wright, Stewart, Baker, Curtis. Sixth Row-Godlove, Little, Mull, F. Cox, Lewellen, Tenipke, Brooks, M, Little, Hope, N, Engle, Ferguson, Linn, Hughes, R. Hobbs, R. Zimmerman, Parker, Hatfield, Ham, H. Jeffryes, Wheeler, Fegles, Martin, Setterburg, Latham, Schmidt, H Frymine, Simmons, Akin, Mansell. Seventh Row-Logsdon, Morfitt, Matyehuek, Madgin, Kratz, Robertson, Keen, Morris, Peugh, De Freece, Smith, Simmons, Chesebro, Holman, Koepp, Henderson, Orr, Smith, Gilbert. SOPHOMORE GIRLS Abbott, Evelyn Akin, Edith Andrews, Melba Atkinson, Yvonne Atwater, Phyllis Bahling, Adeline Bailey, Beulah ' Baker, Winona Barton. Merle Blood, Vena Brooks, Claire Brown, Alberta Brown, Marjorie Burleson, Ruth Cameron, Mary Carroll, Francetta Chesebro, Elizabet h Christensen, Martha Clarke, Alice Coe, Thelma Codman, Lucille Cook, Berniece Cox, Frances Curtis, Evelyn Curtis, Maxine Davis, Irene De Freece, June Doane, Eleanor Dunberg, Doris Endicott, Ruth Engle, Nancy Fegles, Doris Fegles, Lois Ferguson, Enid Flanders, Leona Flanders, Myrtle Flint, Cleo l"'0St8l', Dorothy Frye, Roberta Frymine, Violet Gieseke, Elsbeth Gillespie, Alice Godlove, Harriet Goodlow, Virginia Graham, Doris Gray, Katherine Ham, Katherine Hanks, Sebra Hanson, Doris Hanson, Orva Harper, Carol Hatfield, Pauline Henderson, Alice Henigan, La Vera Hicks, Ghislaine Hill, Virginia Hobbs, Rosemary Hogue, Gwen Holeman, Euzetta Hope, Alice Hughes, Betty Hughes, Mary Jeffryes, Hazel Johnson, Dorothy Johnston, Helen Keene, Zora Kibbe, June King, Aubrey Kirchhafer, Evaly Koepp, Eleanora Koppe, Lois I1 Kroll, Grace Latham, Kathleen Lempke, Ruth Lewellen, Margaret Lindgren, Doris Linn, Elizabeth Little, Mildred Little, Virginia Logsdon, Doris Lundstrom, Catherine Lusby, Alice McCracken, Leota MeCready, Helen McDonald, Jeane McDonell, Betty Madgen, Hilda Marple, Claudia Martin, Dorothy Matychuck, Olga Meyers, Ruth Millard, Mary Morfitt, Barbara Morris, Aletha Morris, Madge Muhr, Carolyn Mull, Margaret Nelson, Amanda Oldham, Ruby Ohlsen, Lenice Olson, Alice Orr, Alyce Parker, Carol Peuxrh, Margaret Pickert, Luree Rankin, Phyllis Reeder, Charla Reetz, Mildred Rickard, Viola Robertson, Elsie Row, Natalie Sawyer, Helen Schmidt, Bessie Setterberg, Doris Sexton, Mary Simmons, Geneva Simmons, Nedra Smith, Helen Smith, Shirley Starmer, Eve Staten, Mary Steen, Leona Stewart, Goldie Stratton, Julia Thompson, Margara. Thompson, Ruth Thorn, Mildred Troxel, Ruth Tupper, Juanita Vedder, Valera Wallace, Bette Ward, Iris Warren, June Wheeler, Margaret Wilcox, Dora Willey, Erma Williams, Helen Williamson, Phyllis Wright, Dorothy Wright, Lois Zimmerman, Ruth First lion'-XIc'l':ulul4-n. Snlzlrli. l'ou'zln, llplaunl. llilggiiis, liulsluim-ip Morse, 'I'L-rigs, l'lu'istoffvl'son. lam-ll. Xewllnun, lurn4-lg Ailuns, l'oi'nni. i'uug'iIl, 'I'lnn'n Sm-'voinl limi'-Srzlffuiwl. ll:-alll. llowr, Coulter, Sanyo-i', lhinlxin, .Mlm-5, Nwlvrlili, l'Iwi'ii1g'lialii, W:irl'r'n, llull. l'l:il'lc, liuuflnzln. liimlmll, Allen, Gilliam. l-'vwln-1'iur llnnc-nun. 'l'llil'1l RuXX7Sl1lt41li. llzlllsml, llnver, .lulilisuin Nm-Eli, Sllislvr. liwwl, llulitur, Hr-wx.ll'1l. il tl lllml l l lla-vnnfr, NX-'sn Hells. llnivln- ronv. Smuw- . -1' . 'nu 1-'mn-11. lhrwfYun Vleii. l'h,,.-1-lain. iummn, iii'-klinrln-la, .1-ilimnii. limlil-.-ii. in-yi-, xii-im, xllwll. Iivnl, liwivln-l, llelnlslnnll--r, lborzin. Smith. lhnlon, l"allxiw1'. Ru ll. llnllm' V l"rm-mln-l'iLlis. Ulllliul lilnmlli, hollwl'g'. l-'lfthl ltou'-lluinsuni, N4-liusln-r, llzumlr, l'i4-nw-, lirutzlvr. Imwsmi. iklliinirlmel, Fl--t:'ln'r. Mm l'l11llln-, Vox, liingslei, Hinilli, Vlmsn-. S1-limillt. liislmp, Iioppv, l-Hmler, Loomis, Sn-urs, Nlxllivlhru'-lilliinx, Voigt. llzwnmil, l'vl'ili, lilliglll. Nm-:lvl-y, Sulliilm, lllmml, Saville. llwl-on in' l Hu" lufh ll-nllmt l'vrin llvl-inl lilnw X14-V1 l-"fn Xlln-n Adney, Willie Allen, Fred Allen, Lauren Balzhiser, Bobby Bendshadler, Merlin Beymer, Alvin Bishop, Gordon Black, Prentice Bloom, Virgil Bonney, Rex Burroughs, Burton Brechtel, William Burch, James Carmichael, Robert Chamberlain, Tom Chase, Leroy Christofferson, Arne Clark, Leonard Cleaves, Vance Cook, Dale Corum, Gordon Cougill, Glenn Coulter, Raymond Cowan, Woodruff Cox, Robert Crowe, Duane Davis, Paul Dawson, Ed Doran, Francis Duncan, Bob Lee Elliot, Waldo , nr I. no , s, . . SOPHOMORE BOYS Evans, Dale Everingham, George Ezell, Iven Falkner, George Federico, Angelo Fletcher, James Fowler, John Fredricks, John Frye, Max Gillenwater, Don Gilliam, Bob Hall, Harold Hamlin, Miner Hansen, Allan Hansen, Emil Harbert, Derald Hardie, Richard Harmon, Paul Head, Marion Hemingson, Loyd Holley, Wesley Hover, Clarence Huggins, Bill Hyland, Ray Hyland, Wilbur Johnson, Carl Johnson, Vernon Kaufman, Wendell Kimball, Karl Dale Kingsley, Kirkpatrick, Holden Knight, Frank Koppe, Paul Kralicek, Laudie Krutzler, Gerald Lamb, Norris Lima, Robert Loomis, Lynn McCadden, Richard McFadgen, Howard Mack, Robert Marks, Don Molitor, Leroy Morse, Allan Moyer, Howard Myers, Walter Needham, Floyd Neely, Jack Omlid, Lloyd Ottman, Karl Paden, Mescal Perin, John Harold Perin, John Henry Phillips, Eugene Phillips, Jim Pierce, Curtis Rankin, Robert Reed, Gene Reid, Lawrence Russell, Vernon Saville, Walter Sawyer, Boyd Scarlett John Schmidt, George Schuster, Al Sears, Victor Seavey, Donald Sederlin, Carrol Seward, Bob Shisler, Bob Sims, Norman Smartt, Calvin Smith, Harold Smith, Jay Smith, Robert Solberg, Emil Stafford, Marion Steele, Bill Sullivan, Chester Sutton, Kenneth Tengs, Martin Thorn, Blain Thunemann, Pau Tripp, Gordon Turner, George Van Vliet, Cleo Voigt, Bob Elbridge Warren, Wassom, Lemuel Watson, Watson, Larry Robert Wells, Bud Wells, Jack West, Thomas l H. RUBENSTEIN G. MASTERTON R. MARSHALL The Junior Closs President - - - HARRY RUBENSTEIN Vice-President - - - - GEORGE MASTERTON Secretary-Trea-surer - - ROBERTA MARSHALL - Miss LYNN JACKSON Class Advisers - - MR. MARTIN JOHNSON In our garden of memories, let us not forget those tiny cuttings which grew rapidly during the sophomore year, carefully nurtured by the faculty. The successful act in the Hi-Jinks and the Spider Sprawl were just beginning steps toward the goal we hope to attain. Drama, debate, athletics-these are a few of the activities in which our young aspirants showed themselves capable. We rejoice with those of our members who attained coveted places in the Honor Society. The delightful Junior-Senior Prom and the annual class play, "Mama's Baby Boy," were among the outstanding suc- cesses of the junior class. The cast of the players included: Beverly Vaughn, Billy Peltier, Adrian Martin, Dorothy Griswold, Lorraine Hunt, Floyd McKay, Jean Hewitt, Evelyn Wood, Marian Thayer, George Flint, Helen Boykin. Irma Helikson, Wilfred Roadman, Charles Devereaux, Alyce Rogers, Ramona Rhonalt, George Skipworth, Marie Anderson, Louise Pursley, Mar- garet Jordan, Harry Rubenstein, Mollie Bob Small. In the years to come we will look back to these happy days and know that, however small, our efforts have in no way been in vain. 12 II. I l.zlsl Itouf'l'l1i Ades, June Aldrich, Helen Allen, Marguerite Alnutt, Jo Anderson, Marie Balle, Sidonia Bartlett, Edith Bertelsen, Lucille Bissell, Velma Boring, Gertrude Boykin, Helen Brown, Dorothy Carmichael, Colleen Chase, Lorna Claska, Hortense Clow, Doris Coburn, Cristola Collett, Elaine Conaway, Madge Cornutt, Vivian Crockard, Undine Dick, Hazel Dirrett, June Dodds, Doris Dodds, Julia Dotson, Virginia Elliott, Grace Elsensohn, Dorothy Erickson, Evelyn sftimi-'1'iwiiipam, ximmli-iris. wilful-ii, Inman. si.-i...i.-ix, sunfm-ii. 1-I-low., mm.-. Wl1ifH2i', umm, iciimnii. limi. new-.-,. mmf, U First Row-llirretl, lluril. Coxizmziy, Ill-nliigmi, llullllzlu-il. Ilorum, l'm'mllt. Bissell, H. llowl. lutl1l,vn Rolnnvtt. lforstriun, .Xwl4-rson. Youiler. Sn-connl Row-lliowii, lluumiitt, Alles. flriswolil, liolileiv. llvliltson. Vluslizu. Williams, linrtln-tl, Buyltin, l4ux'ing', Alln-il, tiorilon, l'lu,i'tis, Smith, I'urslei 'l'lii1'uI lhrw7ilol1:uis4-ii, lluff. I,umlslrum, Wulltvr. liinm-y, 'I'n4'lxel'. Chase. Ziiximall. Willll, builds. -I, llorllls, Clow, l'own'i's, Xlzlsmviil, N-ilsou. Riggs, M. Shi-ilil, I-'ourlll Ihm-Xlzxl'sliuII. Colmiwi, 'l'Imiimsn-vi, Iirirlason, Vzlrmirliuvl, .Imnv-, l'oII4-tt. Wa-lvli. I.m'ul. Wzn'livi', 'l'zunio-sii-. lIvnvlri:'Itson, Hpviuw-i', 'I'upper, Alnult. Wrap. lfiflli Ron-Miss Lynn .Inc-kson, l-llnm Rolrinetl, Lee. Xlm'g'mi, Small, IC. Wlmil, .lolmsulu l.uusun Shin-Iils, Yun llsilol. Xlmilnnmlil, llilu-s, Yiiuig, I'Ium unpson, 'l'lui54-r, Wlu-1-Ii-13 .lar-ltson, Woiwlein. Marx. Bloom-, Bn-ll:-lsvli. Szuviuvl, Ilmmrcl. JUNIOR GIRLS Forstrom, Jeanne Fricket, Wanda Getty, Mary Jane Goddard, Vera Golden, Helen Gordon Dorothy Griswold, Dorothy Guild, Martha Hammitt, Virginia Hatch, Wilma Heliksen, Irma Hendrickson, Dorothy Hennigan, Martha Hewitt, Ferne Hewitt, Jean Horton, Maxine Houghlum, Kathleen Huff, Helen Hunt, Lorraine Hurd, Alice Johansen, Lois Johnson, Leona Johnson, Marcella Johnson, Ruth Kinney, Eileen Larsen, Agnes Larson, Alice Lawson, Hazel Lee, Virginia Little, Josephine Lord, Violet McDonald, Helen McDonald, Jeane McKee, June Marbrey, Doyle Marshall, Gladys Marshall, Roberta Masengil, Elenore Marx, Helen Meyer, Dorothy Miles, Louise Moore, Helen Morgan, Mildred Neilson, Una Pearson, Ruth Plummer, Charlotte Powers, Joyce Pursley, Louise Rhonalt, Ramona Robertson, Helen Robinett, Ethelyn Robinett, Elma Rogers, Alyce Sanford, Mildred Saunders, Maifair Shedd, Marian Shields, Edna Small Mollie Bob 13 moi Ulilse-ii. Xzulgrlili, Smith, Claytis Smith, Gladys Spencer, Thelma Tamiesie, Doris Thompson, Zelma Tucker, Marcia Tupper, Ruth Van Osdol, Esther Vaughn, Beverley Virnig, Wilma Walker, La Doris Warner, Wilma Welch, Dorothy Wells, Dorothy Jeanne Wheeler, Aletha Whitney, Mildred Wilford, Elsie Williams, Frances Wilson, Grace Wirth, Dorothy Wood, Evelyn Wood, Genevieve Woodring, Wanda Worden, Esther Wray, Ruby Young, Jeanne Young, Shirley First Row-Abbott, Luvaas, Staton, Draper, Simpson, King, Beamer, Good, Mullen Swarthout, Carruthers, Watkins, Waldorf, Claskzi, Callantine, Rubenstein, Briggs, McKay, Hand, Second Row-Paul Anderson, Hurd, Link, Van Fossen, McNctt, Sickafoose, Yokuni, Lamb, Torry, Celorie, Cook, Banta, Ronald Walls, Shuey, Townsmid. Third Row-Owen Miller, Speer, Skipworth, Roadman, Pitney, Carter, Chambers, Good, Peterson, Pruitt, Head, Hollingsworth, Gibson, Morris, Snyder, Leaders. Fourth Row-Martin Johnson, Taylor, Balle, Trapp, McCornack, Malkasian, Rutherford. F. Anderson, Marple, Peltier, Baker, Carlton, Gray, Edgar Gray, Doe Taylor, Devereaux, Warner, Myrmo, Wayne, Walls, Little. Last Row-Mastorton, llyer, Keefe, Hanson, Colby, Guthrie, Bauer, 'I'ullar, Warren, Hs-rningsen, Harwood, Brent, Hill, Ziminernian, Dickey, Lyle, Gordon Hoare, Gilfrey, J2ll'kS0l1, Fred:-ricksori Porter, Bishop, Brown, Brownfield, Doc X4-ar, Wright, Flint, Fox, Jack Ruth, Lindsay, Dennison Abbott, Billy Anderson, Bill Balle, Albert Banta, Derwent Bauer, David Beamer, Dale Benedict, Ralph Bowser, Kenneth Bradshaw, Eric Brent, Donald Brown, Eugene Brownfield, Grant Callantine, Russell Carter, Morris Celorie, Francis Christensen, Andrew Claska, Blaise Colby, Lynn Curtis, Earl Dennison, Charles Dickey. Thayer Draper, Darrel Dyer, Robert Fisher, Floyd Flint, George Fox, Lawrence Fredrickson, Ernest J UNIOR BOYS Gibson, Ralph Good, Don E. Good, Don W. Goldbar, Bartley Gray, Carlton Gray, Edgar Guthrie, Marion Hollingsworth, Guilford Hand, Gail Hansen, Stanley Harwood, Ray Head, Otho Hemmingsen, Paul Hill, Billy Hoare, Creston Hoare, Gordon Hodges, Luther Hurd, Sheldon Jackson, Byron King, Clyde Lamb, Bert Laner, Dick Leaders, Henry Lesley, George Lindsay, Curtis Link, Basil Link, Gordon Little, Robert Langston, Wilbur Loomis, Lynn Luvaas, John McCormack, Terry McIntyre, Lester McKay, Floyd McNett, Arthur Malos, Lloyd Matychuck, James Masterton, George Mullen, Clyde Myrmo, Emil Near, Dwight Peltier, Billy Pitney, Billy Porter, Robert Pruitt, Edward Riggs, Carol Roadman. Wilford Rubenstein, Harry Ruth, Jack Rutherford, Claren Sanborn, Roy Scobert, Guy Shuey, Dale Sickafoose, Sam C9 Simpson, Hugh Sims, Lloyd Skipworth, George Speer, Robert Stadig, Melvin Staton, Joe Swarthout, Howard Taylor, Doc Taylor, Melvin Torry, Bernard Townsend, Andrew Trapp, Gerald Tuller, Earl Van Fossen, David Volkstorf, Edward Waldorf, Warren Walls. Ronald Walls, Wayne Warner, Wayne Warren, Stanley Watkins, Jimmy White, Eugene Wright, Dick Yokum, Calvin Young, Ralph Zimmerman, Edward The past is our garden of memories from which we have breathed deeply of life s fragrance tears of Onward through the years we ga With heads held high and laughing lips Daring to face our coming fates, Daring to face each new heartbreak With the challenge brave of youth to life- "l will not be afraid!" O. WILLIAMS V. NELSON J. CURTIS M. VAN LYDEGRAF S I President - - OSCAR WILLIAMS Trcusuier - MERL VAN LYDEGRAF Vice-President - VIOLET NELSON Mas. ELEANOR C. CHICK Secretary- - - JEAN CURTIS Admsws ' MR. ODINI: MIcKIaLsoN How short, almost incredibly short, do the past three years appear as we look at them now in retrospect. It seems only a matter of months since we entered Eugene High as small but hopeful sophomores. Since then we have worked and striven to do our best. Many of our members were recognized for their all-around ability and elected to the highest honor in school, the National Honor Society, some in their junior and some in their senior year. Many of our members were elected to the Mask and Dagger for showing dramatic ability. A large number of us took part in the plays, "Laugh Clown Laugh" and "The Heathers at Home," as well as in several Hi-Jinks acts. Not all of our school career has been work, however. We gave four popular dances and enjoyed them to the utmost. We were represented in many activities, such as debate, where we produced teams which won the school championships all three years, the musical organizations, all forms of athletics, and many others as well. And though our active associations with the school are soon to be severed, we shall never forget the happy days spent here, and we shall keep an interest in her welfare in all the years to come. WE SENIORS Like shy, little Violets were we When as Soph'mores we first blossomed outg But the teachers were gardeners, you see, And they have done wonders sans doubt. More poised and more graceful we grew: Sterling qualities we do possess. With definite purpose in view, We've climbed toward our goal with success. As Seniors we're Roses-full-blown, And for the King's gardens we're fltg Much honor to us has been shown- And we merit it all-every bit. -Vivian Runte 15 l'. Adams C. Balfour H. Brown I. Byers K. Cole .l, Curtis M. Dunn L, I, R, ll. C, F, K. Akers Ba xtf-'r Browxl Camp Culvnmn Ilanmer Ellioft ll. Amlerson .l. Bn-urrlsley H. Brunton B, Campbell R, Coleman A. Imvis V. lfullmcr R. Atwater F. Billing . Buvk W, Campbell . Cougill F, lloflfls R. Fm-rebec 16 Backc Bjerke Burneson Chesefbro Cousins Doran Field V. Bzlhling Blais Bussell F. Chesubro Cox Drenkhahn Force E. Bak er . Bloonl Byx-rly F. Clark Craig Drew . Forncrook ADAMS, PHYLLIS H.-Student Body Sec- retary 35 Honor Society 35 Inter Nos 35 Le Cercle Francais 15 Band 1-2-35 Orchestra 3. AKERS, LEOTA - Entered from Grant High, Portland, 19335 College Prep. Course. ANDERSON, DAN Louis-"The Heathers at Home." ATWATER, JESSIE RAE-Girls' League President 35 Honor Society 2-35 Stu- dent Council 35 Eugenean Staff 25 News Stai 35 Inter Nos 1-2-35 Arch- ery Club 35 "The Heathers at Home." BACKE, JUNE ELIZABETH-Entered from Salem High School, 19335 Hi-Jinks 35 Glee Club 35 "Pirates of Penzance." BAHLING, R. V.-Entered from Santa Clara. BAKER, EILEEN H.-Mask and Dagger 35 Eugenean Staff 35 Le Cercle Francais 35 Archery Club 35 "The Heathers at Home." BALEOUR, CLARENCE LEVI-Entered from Los Angeles, California5 Hi-Jinks 2-3. BAXTER, EDGAR OLIVER-Football 35 Bas- ketball 3. BEARDSLEY, JOHN WILLIAM-'GICQ Club5 "Pinafore." BILLING, ESTHER H.-Entered from Cor- vallis High, 19325 Home Making Course. BJERKE, EVELYN-Letter Club 35 Arch- ery Club 3. BLAIS, EVERETT SHERMAN-HOHOY So- ciety President 35 Debate 2-3. BLOOD, LETA MARIE-Girls' League. BROWN, BARTRA MAY-HOUOY Society 35 Eugenean Staf 35 Nestorians 35 Mask and Dagger 35 News Staff 35 Inter Nos President 25 Hi-Jinks 2-3. BROWN, RANDALL EMoRY-Honor Society 2-35 Eugenean Staff 35 Band 3. BRUNTON, BONNIE JEAN-Entered from Klamath Union High, 1934. BUCK, CECIL S.-Honor Society 35 Col- lege Prep. Course. BURNESON, EVELYNN LoUIsE-Mask and Dagger 35 Glee Club 2-35 Tri-Y 35 t'Pinafore"5 "Pirates of Penzance." BUSSELL, ELWOOD-Glee Club 25 "Pina- fore"5 College Prep. Course. BYERLY, GoRDoN-Pack Rats 2-35 Gen- eral Course. BYERS, IRWIN L.-Honor Society 35 Lib- rary Staff 35 Technical Course. BYRD, BELVA LUGILE-Girls' League5 Col- lege Prep. Course. CAMP, DOROTHY-Girls' League5 General Course. CAMPBELL, BEATRICE M.- Girls' League Council 15 Annual Staff 35 News Staff 35 Hi-Jinks 3. CAMPBELL, WALDO Joi-IN-Hi-Y 1-25 E Club 1-2-35 Football 1-2-35 Track 1-2- 35 Baseball 25 Hi-Jinks 2. CI-IESEBRO, AERIAL-Tri-Y 2-35 General Course. CHESEBRO, FARNUM LE VoN-Baseball 35 Commercial Course. CLARK, FOREST E.-Archery Club5 Band 35 Football 35 Track 3. CLEAVES, JACK-Entered from San Jose High, 19325 General Course. 3 COLE, KENNETH WILLARD-Entered from Woodrow Wilson5 C o ll e g e Prep. Course. COLEMAN, ANNA RUTH-Girls' League5 College Prep. Course. COLEMAN, CORNELIA-NEWS Staff 35 Gen- eral Course. COUGILL, VERNON EUGENE - Entered from Conrad, Montana, 19335 Eugen- ean Staff 35 News StaH 35 Debate 35 Nestorians 35 Outdoor Club 35 Hi-Jinx 3. COUSINS, FLORENCE GERALDINE-Girls' League5 College Prep. Course. COX, MARIAN- Entered from Coburg High, 19335 News Staff 35 "The Heath- ers at Home." CRAIG, DORIS JUANITA-Entered from Flagstaff, Arizona, 19335 Commercial Course. CURTIS, JEAN ELIDA-Senior Class Sec- retaryg Student Council 25 Glee Club 1-2-35 Mask and Dagger5 May Day Princess 35 Operetta 1-2-35 "The Heathers at Home"5 Hi-Jinks 1-2-3. DAVIS, AUSTIN FRANK-Outdoor Club 35 Track 25 Hi-Jinks 15 "Laugh Clown Laugh." DoDDs, FRANCES CoRDELIA-Girls' League Treasurer 35 Student Council 15 Honor Society 2-35 Inter Nos 1-25 Le Cercle Francais 1-25 Glee Club 1-25 Faculty Teas 25 Archery Club 35 "Pinafore." DORAN, MILDRED L.-Mask and Dagger 2-35 Thespians 2-35 Inter Nos 15 Archery Club 35 "Laugh Clown Laugh"5 Hi-Jinks 3. DRENKHAHN, EDYTHE EsTELLA-Nestor- ians 35 Letter Club 35 Tri-Y 2-3. DREW, RONALD E.-Student Council 35 Band 1-2-35 Orchestra 1-2-3. DUNN, MARGARET A.-Honor Society 35 Letter Club 2-35 Volley Ball 2-35 Office Staff 2-3. ELLIOTT, JACK EUGENE-Entered from Vlfoodrow Wilson5 C o l l e g e Prep. Course. ELLIOTT, RUTH ANN-Le Cercle Fran- cais 35 Home Making Course. Foster Gilfry Hanson Harwood Hughes .Inc-ksou ' 'ing C, Fuller A. Gilliam li. Hzxpnm' Il, Haugann 'I'. Hulse M Jackson ll, Kiphart . Pulls ll. Hnskill .Gilslrzm M. fiivnpl . Hzxrgrvavos 0. llz1l'g:x'ruws W. Hayes IJ H1-lgerson Humphrvys J. llur4l Jacobson V. Jvpsen , Knight ll. Kun-pp 18 J, Geiger Ii, lhllvhell X. Guerlrer J. llulvvrson . Harmon X. llzlrris . Hendrickson I., Hughes . Hyland V. Inman , Kaufman I, Kimluall V. Krutzlc-1' R. Larsen . Giesolce . l'lamme'ri0lisen . Hart , Hughes . Jauskson . lim-efc Lay FALKNER, VERNE V1NcEN'r - Entered from Woodrow Wilson5 G e n e r al Course. FEREBEE, RUPERT E.-Track 25 Industrial Course. FIELD, MARY ELIZABETH-Honor Society 35 Mask and Dagger 2-35 Tri-Y Treas- urer 2, President 35 Inter Nos 25 "Pi- rates of Penzance"5 Letter Club 3. FORCE, DARWIN DECRER-Hi-Jinks 25 In- dustrial Arts Course. FURNCROOK, ROBERT-E Club5 Football 35 General Course. FOSTER, RUTH lVlARGUERI'i'E-TTI-Y 35 Letter Club 35 Commercial Course. FULLER, CHARLES FRED-News Staff 35 Mask and Dagger 2-35 "Laugh Clown Laugh"5 Hi-Jinks 3. FULTS, HAROLD-Entered from Salem High, 19335 College Prep. Course. GASKILL, HERBERT M.- Entered from Woodrow Wilson5 College Prep. Course. GEIGER, JUANITA JUNE-Eugenean Staff 35 Office Staff 35 Letter Club 3. GETCHELL, FREDRICK GRANT- Entered from Valley City, North Dakota5 Col- lege Prep. Course. GIESEKE, CATHERINE MARGARET-Tri-Y 35 Letter Club 2-35 Commercial Course. GILFRY, WAYNE ORSYVELL--Band 1-2-35 Orchestra 1-2-35 Fine Arts Course. GILLIAIVI, ANNABELLE DIANE-Entered from Covina, California5 Commercial Course. GILSTRAP, BOB R.-Glee Club 25 Rific Club 15 'tPinafore." GIMPL, MARY CATHERINE-Entered from St. Maryisg Commercial Course. GOODWIN, ROBERT--Le Cercle Francais 25 General Course. GREER, DORIS ELEANORE-Glee Club 35 Football Princess 25 '4Pirates of Pen- zance"5 Hi-Jinks 3. GUERBER, NORMAN L. - Entered from Franklin High, 19325 Nestorians 35 Inter Nos 3. HALVERSON, JOHN BOOTH-Outdoor Club Secretary-Treasurer 35 Swimming. HAMMERICRSEN, IVIARK -Entered from VVoodrow Wilson5 College Prep. Course. HANSON, ROALD-Entered from Woodrow Wilson5 College Prep. Course. HANsoN, WILLIAM-Entered from Wood- row Wilson5 General Course. HAPNFR, EDNA WINAERED-Entered from Springfield Highg Home Making Course. I-IARGREAvEs, ADELINE E. -Le Cercle Francais 1-2-35 Letter Club 3. HARGREAVES, ORVAL VV.-Entered from VVoodrow Wilson5 General Course. HARMON, ANNETTI-L K.-Mask and Dag- ger 2-35 Le Cercle Francais 1-2-35 News Staff 35 Band 2-35 Orchestra 2- 35 'laugh Clown Laugh"5 Diana Clubg Hi-Jinks. HARRIS, NAOM1 Louisrz-Entered from Roseburg High, 19335 Baseball 35 Basketball 35 Volley Ball 3. HART, DOROTHY HOPE-Entered from Springfield High, 19335 Basketball 35 Volley Ball 3. HATCH. ELINOR LoU1sE4Girls' League5 "Sonia"5 General Course. HARWOOD, GLENN G.-Entered from VVoodrow Wilson5 General Course. HAUGANN, HELEN RENA-Entered from Springfield High5 Home Making Course. HAYES, WAYNE XvEBS'l'ERJP3Ck Ratsg General Course. IIELGERsON, DOROTHY L.-Mask and Dag- ger 35 News Staff 35 Band 2-35 Arch- chery Club President 35 "The Heath- ers at Home." HENDR1CRsON, BERNICE C. - Girls' League5College Prep. Course. HOYT, HARVEYfEHt9TQd from Hood Riv- er, 19345 General Course. HUGHES, CLYDE-News Stal-F 35 College Prep. Course. LIITGHES, LELAND BLAIR-Entered from 'Woodrow Wilson5 General Course. HUGHES, LILA LUciLE-Archery Club 35 Commercial Course. HULSE, THELMA BEss1E-Letter Club 35 Library Staff 35 General Course. HIIRIPHREYS, ELINOR ARLENE-Student Council 35 Girls' League Council 25 Honor Society 35 Le Cercle Francais 1-2-35 Mask and Dagger 2-35 News Staff 35 Archery Club 35 May Day Princess 35 'tLaugh Clown Laugh"5 "The Heathers at Home." HURD, JACK-Entered from Woodrow Wilson5 College Prep. Course. HYLAND, IWYRA MAXINE-Girls' League5 Commercial Course. INMAN, VERREE W.-Entered from El- mira Union High, 19335 Library Staff 3. IACKSON, LAVVRENCFI C.fTexnias Club 1-25 General Course. JACKSON, NIARCEIL RosAL1E..- Girls' League5 Commercial Course. JACKSON, IVIARJORIE RUTH-Mask and Dagger 35 Tri-Y5 Inter Nos 15 Hi- Jinks 35 HThe Heathers at Home." JACOBSON, IVA-Honor Society 2-35 Mask and Dagger 1-2-35 Eugenean Staff 35 Girls' League Council 35 Nestorians 35 Debate 15 Archery Club 35 Mixed Chorus 25 Glee Club 25 Faculty Teas 25 Hi-Jinks 25 "Pinafore." NA . Lee , Lyle C, Mclntyre R. Matlock . Nvcrlham . Nillcver . Perry Lifehty Lyon M clizly . Mills-r . Nvvly Osborn Pitney Lightfoot Lyons M cliee' Miranlontr-s Nelson Osborne Plank .L Loricko R Mclkee R MOKSP J. Moore A Nelson F. l'arkf-r li. Pooley 20 M lmwe-ry F. 1Ir'Cr0arly M Mar-k R Moser F. Nl-lson T Parks J. Porterficld . Luvuas L. Mcllonell T. . Malxarry M. H. Mull G. . Nelson E. 0, Perkins G. C. Purdue Il. Luvzms Blclioes Matlock Myers Nicklaus Perlich Reed JEPSEN, VIRGINIA EvELYN+Honor Soci- ety 35 Student Council 35 Eugenean Staff 1-35 Inter Nos 1-2-35 Le Cercle Francais 35 News StaH 35 Hi-Jinks 1-3. KAUFMAN, ALBERT L.-Track 1-2-35 Eu- genean Staff 35 Library Staff 35 News Staff 35 Pack Rats 3. KEEFE, ROBERT JosEPH-Band 1-2-3, President 35 Orchestra 1-2-35 Glee C1ub5 Hi-Jinks 1-2-35 "Pirates of Pen- zancef' KIMBALL, IVAN K.-Outdoor Club 2-35 Football 35 Basketball 35 Swimming. KING, ALENE L.-Library Staff 35 Vol- ley Ball 35 Baseball 3. KIPHART, EULA V.-Inter Nos 1-535 Let- ter Club 35 Tri-Y 3. KNIGHT, BERNARD H.wlVIask and Dagger 1-2-3, President5 Glee Club 2-35 Boys' Quartet 2-35 Pack Rats 35 Swimming5 Hi-Jinks 1-2-35 t'Pinafore." KOEPP, RUTH LILLIAN-Girls' League5 Commercial Course. KROLL, ALBERT WILLIAM-Entered from Woodrow Wilson5 College Prep. Course. KRUTZLER, ETHEI. VALERIA-L9 Cercle Francais 1-2-35 College Prep. Course. LANGSTON, LAWRENCE RUssELL-Mask and Dagger 35 Footbf '-35 Hi-Jinks 35 "Kid Colby." LARSEN, RUTH A.-Entered from Spring- field High, 19325 Tri-Y 3. LAY, LUCILE MARIE-Entered from Ccn- tralia, Washington5 Fine Arts Course. LICHTY, KENNETH STANLEY-E Club 1- 2-35 Band 1-2-35 Orchestra 1-2-35 Swimming. LIGHTFOOT, MAvIs H.-Tri-Y 35 Hi-Jinks 35 Commercial Course. LoRIcKE, JOSEPH CHRISTIAN-Entered from Woodrow Wilson5 College Prep. Course. LOWERY, RIELBA LUCII.E-TT1-Y 35 Com- mercial Course. LUvAAs, ALICE- OLINE-Honor Society 2- 3, Secretary 35 Editor of Eugenean 35 Class Secretary 25 Scholarship Cup 25 Stamp Club 3. LUvAAs, Lois MARGARET-Honor Society 2-35 Le Cercle Francais 35 Scholarship Cup 2. LYLE, HAZEL LILLIE-Entered from Bill- ings, Montana, 19335 Tri-Y 3. LYON, ORPHA-Tri-Y 35 Commercial Course. LYONS, ELLEN JANE-Entered from Uni- versity High, 19335 College Prep. Course. LEE, KENNETH BCRToNYMask and Dag- ger 1-2-35 Student Council 15 Class Vice-President 25 Glee Club 2-35 Nes- torians 35 Debate 35 E Club 35 Track 2-35 Hi-Jinks 2-35 "Pinafore"5 'Laugh Clown Laugh"5 "The Heathers at Home." DICBEE, RICHARD H.-Honor Society 35 Eugenean Staff 35 Library StaH' 39 Pack Rats 2-35 Stamp Club 35 Hi- Jinks 15 'tThc Heathers at Homef' MCCREADY, FLORENCE X7IRGINIA7L6ttEI' Club Vice-President 35 Le Cercle Fran- cais 1-2-3. llf1CDONELL, DAVID H.-Mask and Dagger 35 Inter Nos 35 Football 35 "Pirat6S of Penzance"5 "The Heathers at Home." MCGREW, CLIFFORDYTQXIHEIS Club 1-2-35 College Prep. Course. IVICHOES, TOM-Entered from Woodrow Wilson5 College Prep. Course. IVICINTYRE, CHARLES A.-Student Council 25 Outdoor Club 2-3, President 35 Rifie Club 15 Basketball 3. MCKAY, KENNETH E.-Student Council 15 Class Treasurer 25 News Staff 35 Hi-Jinks 1. MCKEE, CRYSTAL JUNE-Girls' Leagueg Commercial Course. MCKEE, RALPH FRANKLIN-Outdoor Club 1-2-35 Rifle Club 15 College Prep. Course. lVlACK, MARY ELIZABETH-Letter Club 35 Library Staff 3. ll1AHARRY, VIRGII. E.-Pack Rats 2-35 Hi- Jinks 25 General Course. ATATLOCK, BERTHA MARILYNN-Entered from Spokane, Washington, 19325 Col- lege Prep. Course. MATLOCK, ROBERT H.-Entered from El- mira High, 19325 College Prep. Course. lllERCER, HUGH-Hi-Y 15 E Club 1-2-35 Baseball 1-25 Football 1-2-35 Basket- ball 1-2-35 Student Council 2. lVlILLER, ALICE FLoRIs-Girls' Leagueg College Prep. Course. lllILLI-IR, FLORENCE B.-Mask and Dagger 35 News Staff 35 Letter Club 2-35 Archery Club 35 Baseball 1-2-35 Bas- ketball 1-2-35 Volley Ball 1-2-35 Hi- Jinks 3. ll1IRAMONTES, SALVADOR-Entered from Corona, Californiag Football 3. MOORE, JUANITA M.-Girls' Leagueg Com- mercial Course. M, Reynolds Ifl. Russell S. Sc-tterberg E. Smith W. Stevvnsuu M.van Lyaegmf 0. Williams H G Il I. C ID V Rice R. llifkulmligh Saunders W. Smlxc-it Shewlfl W, Shisler Smith .I, Smith Sumers A. Taylor Vim Omlol V. Wallnc-0 Whifney B. YVilliams Rubvrtson Seal Shumway Snel lstmm 'lx-rl-y Wzlrnlvn J. Vl'0nrl 22 R R N NI G R I., Ruff . Smlrw S kein- Spin-r 'l'm'l'y W llvvlnlf un Wood. R ll ll li B Il X I. Rugh S1-Gly Smverl . Str-vln Thompson White Vl'u1'1l en Y. liunte R. Sears ll. Smith IC, Steinmeiz F. 'I'hox-nhor W. Whism-an 1. xfvugm- MOSER, ROBERT WAYNE-Honor Society Vice-President 35 News Staff 35 Eu- genean Staff 35 Nestorians 35 Debate 35 E Club 35 Stamp Club 35 "The Heathers at Home." MULL, HARLEY H.-Entered from Wood- row Wilson5 Commercial Course. MYERS, GENEVA L.-Mixed Chorus 2-35 Glee Club 2-35 Letter Club President 35 Basketball 25 Baseball 25 Volley Ball 1-2-35 Hi-Jinks 35 'KPinafore"5 'APirates of Penzance." lVlYRMO, ARTHUR-E Club 35 Football 1- 2-35 General Course. NEEDHAM, ROBERT ADDISON-E Club 2-35 Yell Leader 2-35 College Prep. Course. NEELY, ROBERT BQIARION-F0OtbHll 2-35 Hi-.links 2-35 Glee Club 2-35 'tPina- fore"5 'APirates of Penzance." NELSON, ALICE VIRGINIA-Honor Society 35 Nestorians 35 Debate 25 Glee Club 35 Le Cercle Francais 1-2-35 Tri-Y 2-35 "Pirates of Penzance." NELSON, ARNOLD-EI1t9I'6Ll from Wood- row Wilson5 College Prep. Course. NELSON, EILEEN M.-Student Council 25 News Staff 35 Ollice Staff 35 Hi-.links 2-3. NELSON, VIOLET P.-Class Vice-President 35 Band 1-2-35 Inter NOS5 Letter Club 3. NICKLAUS, EVERETT LELAND - "The Heathers at Home"5 General Course. NIDEVFIR, BRUCE-EI1t61'6Kl from Woodrow WllSODQ General Course. OSBORN, ,BLANCHE VI-:STA-Tri-Y 2-3 Vice-President 35 Hi-Jinks 35 Com- mercial Course. OSBORNE, GERALD LUTHER- Mask and Dagger 35 Archery Club 35 News Staff 35 Pack Rats 3. PALANUK, JOE-Entered from Woodrow Wilson5 General Course. PALMER, RUBY HENRIETTA-Mask and Dagger 2-35 'iLaugh Clown Laugh." PARKER, FLORENCE ELAINE-SfUllQ1'lt Body Treasurer 35 Tri-Y 2-3. PARKS, THELMA I-1ARRIE'rvEntered from Roseburg5 Hi-Jinks 3. PERKINS, OWEN E.-Student Body Vice- President 25 Class Vice-President 15 E Club5 Hi-Y 1-25 Texnias Club 1-2-35 Football 1-2-35 Track 1-2-35 Hi-.links 2. PERLICH, GORDON B.-Hi-Jinks 15 College Prep. Course, PERRY, lVIAXINE L.-Honor Society 35 Mask and Dagger5 Glee Club5 Mixed Chorusg News Staff 35 Texnias Club President5 Archery Club 35 TheSpians5 Hi-Jinks 1-35 A'Pirates of Penzance." PITNEY, lVllLDRED G.-Honor Society 35 Inter Nos 1-2-35 Tri-Y 35 Library Staff 3. PLANK, PAUL NEWTON-Student Body Auditor 35 Honor Society President 35 Nestorian Treasurer 35 Debate 2-35 News Staff, Radio Editor 35 Hi- Jinks 3. POOLEY, EVELYN G.-Girls' League Coun- cil 15 Texnias Club President 15 Golf Club 1. PORTEREIELD, JUNE ROSE-EHt9T9d from Norwalk, California, 19335 Honor SO- ciety 35 Mask and Dagger 35 May Day Princess 35 Archery Club 35 Basket- ball 3. PURDUE, CHARLES WILEYYEntered from Lincoln High, Portland, 19325 College Prep. Course. REED, HOMER FRANKLIN-Mask and Dag- ger 2-35 E Club 1-2-3, President 35 Hi-Y 1-25 Football 1-2-3, Captain 35 "Laugh Clown Laugh." REYNOLDS, MIIADRED AI.BERTINEvEntered from Medford High, 19335 Commercial Course. RICE, HAROLD EDWARD-Entered from Woodrow Wilson5 C O l le g e Prep. Course. RICKABAUGH, ROBERT JOHN - Student Body President 35 Class President 1-25 E Club 2-35 Football 1-2-35 Golf 2-35 Hi-.links 1-2. ROBERTSON, GORDON LYLE-Entered from Woodrow Wilson5 College Prep. Course. RUFE, RICHARD HARRY-Entered from Roseburg High5 Student Council 35 Eugenean Staff 35 E Club 35 Football 2-35 Track 35 'The Heathers at Homef' RUGH, ROBERT L. - Honor Society 2-35 Vice-President 35 Student Council 25 Glee Club 35 Hi-Jinks 1-35 "Pirates of Penzance." RUNTE, VIVIAN C.-Honor Society Sec- retary 35 Le Cercle Francais 1-2-3, President 35 Eugenean StaH' 35 Girls' League Council 35 Scholarship Cup 35 May Day Princess 35 Archery Club 35 'AThe Heathers at Homef' RUSSELL, RAY EDGAR-E Club 2-35 Foot- ball 2-35 Basketball 35 Baseball 1-2-3. SAUNDERS, GLADYS LUCILLE-Mask and Dagger 35 Eugencan Staff 35 Texnias Club 1-2-35 Archery Club 3. SCOBERT, VVHITNEY GILLETE - Entered from Los Angeles, California, 19325 Orchestra 3. SEAL, FRANK H.-Entered from Port Orford High, 19325 Band 1-2-3. SEARS, RAYMOND LOUIS-Entered from Woodrow Wilson5 General Course. SEARS, RICHARD J.--Debate 35 Football 35 Baseball 3. SEELY, MARY ALICE-Entered from Neo- sho, Missouri, 19335 Tri-Y 3. SETTERBERG, SPENCER FRANKLIN - Out- door Club 2-35 Riile Club 1-2, Presi- dent 2. SHEDD, B. DOROTHY-Girls' League5 Commercial Course. SHISLER, E. WARREN-Entered from Woodrow Wilson5 Commercial Course. SHUMWAY, MARGARET-Girls' League Sec- retary 35 Le Cercle Francais 35 Glee Club 1-2-35 Hi-Jinks 1-2-35 "Pina- fore"5 "Pirates of Penzance." SKEIE, NORMA M.-Glee Club 1-2, Presi- dent 15 Sextet 25 Mixed Chorus 1-25 Eugenean Staff 35 May Queen 35 Golf Club 15 Hi-Jinks 1-25 "Mikado"5 'tThe Heathers at Home." SMEED, GLENN H.-Hi-Jinks 35 College Prep. Course. SMITH, BARBARA ANN-Girls' Leagueg Commercial Course. SMITH, EDNA ANNA-Debate 15 Archery Club 35 Hi-Jinks 15 "Sonia"5 "Pina- fore"5 t'Pirates of Penzance." SMITH, ILA MAE-Girls' Leagueg Gen- eral Course. SMITH, M. JOY-Football 2-35 Track 2-35 College Prep. Course. SNELLSTROM, ROBERT E.-Entered from Woodrow Wilson5 Commercial Course. SPICER, MARGRET MAE-Honor Society 2-35 News Editor 35 Student Council 35 Mask and Dagger 2-35 Girls' League Council 25 Texnias Club 2-35 Glee Club 1-25 Sextet 1-25 Hi-Jinks 35 'tMi- kado"5 "Laugh Clown Laugh." STEELE, EVA LEORA-Entered from Alsea High, 19325 General Course. STEVENSON, WILLIAM ALBERT-Mask and Dagger 35 Glee Club 1-2-35 Hi-Jinks 1-25 t'PinafOre"5 "Pirates of Pen- zance." SUMERS, CRYSTAL ELLEN-Girls' League5 Commercial Course. SWOFFORD, GARNETT RAYMOND-EHt6T6d from Woodrow Wilson5 General Course. TAYLOR, ALFRED-HOHOT Society 35 Pack Rats 2-35 News Staff 35 Nestorians 3. TERRY, FRED-Entered from Woodrow Wilson5 General Course. TERRY, GRACE MARGUERITE-L6 Cercle Francais 1-2-35 Letter Club 2-35 Eu- genean Staff 35 News Staff 35 Basket- ball 2-35 Volley Ball 25 Baseball 1-2-3. THOMPSON, BILL-Glee Club 35 College Prep. Course. THORNBER, FORDYCE S.-Entered from Woodrow Wilson5 Technical Course. VAN LYDEGRAF, MERL-Class Treasurer 35 Honor Society 35 News Staff' 35 Mask and Dagger 35 Debate 2-35 Nes- torians, President 35 Hi-Jinks 1-35 "Laugh Clown Laugh"5 "The Heathers at Home." VAN OSDOL, DONALD T.-Entered from Woodrow Wilson5 College Prep. Course. VIRNIG, LILITH MABEL-01508 Staff 35 College Prep. Course. WAIILACE, VIRGINIA M.-Glee Club 1-2-35 Mixed Chorus 1-2-35 Archery Club 35 Hi-.links 1-25 "Pinafore"5 "Pirates of Penzance." WARDEN, LAVERNE-Entered from Quin- cy, California, 19325 College Prep. Course. WEST, MARY ZORA-Entered from Theo- dore Rooseveltg Commercial Course. WHEELDON, RUTH LOUISE-Mask and Dagger 35 Commercial Course. WHISMAN, WALTER T.-Band 1-2-35 Or- chestra 1-2-35 College Prep. Course. WHITE, DOROTHY ELAINE-Girls' Leagueg Commercial Course. WHITNEY, VERLEEN H.-Girls' Leagueg Commercial Course. WICKLIFFE, MARION CATHERINE-Stamp Club 35 "The Heathers at Home." WILLIAMS, BOB ALAN--Football 2-35 Track 2-35 General Course. WILLIAMS, OscAR K.-Class President 35 Honor Society 35 E Club 2-35 Basket- ball 2-35 "The Heathers at Home." WOOD, HARVEY LIsToN-News Staff 35 Pack Rats 2-35 Hi-Jinks 35 "Laugh Clown Laugh." WOOD, JACK L.-Pack Rats 2-35 College Prep. Course. WORDEN, MARIAN A.-Letter Club 2-35 Tri-Y 25 Fine Arts Course. YEAGER, JOHN WILLIAM-Entered from Woodrow Wilson5 General Course. .Q 0 ACTIVITIES . As in a garden the flowers whisper and laugh, the trees hold music con- tests, and busy bees bustle on their secret ways,-so we fill our growing years with the hobbies, trainings, and experiences that make life complete. This has been a busy year, but a very happy one. Social organizations have prospered and expanded. New O I groups have been formed. An at- tempt hos been made to give every student an opportunity to express himself individually, to develop his talents, and to fulfill his aspirations. "This world is so full of a number of things I am sure we should all be as happy as kings!" -l. R. .ltwzltcr C. l'lumnwn Nl. Slnliimn-v l". Ihullls Y. Runtv li, Ilnnlwrq li, Kinney R. I-lmli:-utt l. .lnnulwmi l-.. Xlumls Girls' League President -------- Jessie RAE ATWATER Vice-President - - - CHARLOTTE PLUMMER Secretary - - - - MARGARET SHUMWAY Tr-easurer - ------ FRANCES Donns To teach every girl in high school, through cooperative activities, a sense of loyalty to the highest interests of the school, the commun- ity, and the nation is the purpose of the Girls' League. Every girl is a member of the league and of one branch depart- ment in which she has individual interest. These departments are social, clerical, finance, and auxiliary. Under the expert guidance of Mrs. Maxine L. Constance, adviser to the league, the girls had a busy year, entertaining, making money, and taking charge of extra work done in school. Delight- ful teas were given for the mothers, besides teas given in honor of Springfield High and University High girls. Faculty teas were given once every week for the enjoyment of the teachers. Parties for the girls were frequent and very enjoyable, and the May day party, with Norma Skeie as May queen, ended the year as one of the best and most successful. 25 R. Rugli IR Adams E. Iilais V. llunte I". Plank A. Luvaas R. Moser .l. l'orts-rfielcl M. Van I.yrlegruf J, Atwater R. McBee M. Pitney I. Jacobson C. Buck V. Jepson I. Bye-rs M. Spicer M, Perry IC, Humphreys A. Taylor F. Dodds M. Field ll. Brown 0. Williams li. Luvaas R. Brown M, Dunn A. Nelson H S ciety FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER EVERETT BLA1s - - - Presvblent - - - - - PAUL PLANK ROBERT RUGH - - Vice-President - - - BOB MOSER ALICE LUvAAs - - - Secretary - - - VIVIAN RUNTE Lois LUVAAS - - - - - Student Treasurer - - PHYLLIS ADAMS R. G. HENDRICKS ----- Treasurer ----- R. G. HENDRICKS Advisers Miss KINSEY, Miss BLAIS, MRS. CONSTANCE, MR. H. B. JOHNSON, MR. HETNDRICKS The year 1933-34 has marked a new and growing interest in the National Honor Society. A state convention of representatives from fourteen chapters was held in Eugene, April 14, with members of the Alpha chapter acting as hosts. During the year Alpha chapter had two social affairs and two initiation services, assisted in the installation of a chapter in Cot- tage Grove, and initiated members from Albany and Lebanon High schools. The junior members are: Kathleen Houglum George Skipworth Robert Speer Clyde Mullin Mollie Bob Small Madge Conaway Dwight Near Helen Boykin Roberta Marshall John Luvaas Evelyn Wood Charlotte Plummer Wilfred Roadman Kenneth Marple Charles Devereaux 26 Honors ond Awords In the vast garden of activities there are always those few stu- dents who stand out among all the others and attain high goals of workmanship and honor that make their blossoms the brightest and most colorful accomplishments. Honors for this year are as follows: GIRLS' LEAGUE PINS: 1932-33 -Scelora Bond, Beatrice Camp- bell, Jessie Rae Atwater, Frances Dodds, Margaret Dunn, Margaret Gieseke, Lorraine Hunt, Martha Hennigan, Catherine Kingwell, Grace Terry. 1933-34 - Edith Drenkhahn, Eula Kiphart, Ruth Foster, Esther Worden, Margaret Dunn, June Rose Porterield, June Geiger, Grace Terry, Blanche Osborn, Bartra Brown, Annette Harmon, Louise Miles, Evelyn Wood, Elinor Humphreys, Eileen Baker, Mildred Pitney, Louise Burneson. SCHOLARSHIP CUP: First Semester - Betty Chandler, Lois Luvaas, Eileen Kinney. Second Semester-Vivian Runte, Mollie Bob Small, Phyllis Atwater. GIRLS, ATHLETIC AWARDS ACCORDING T0 THE OREGON POINT SYSTEM: 1934-Louise Burneson, Belva Byrd, Annette Harmon, Alenc King, Valeria Krutzler, Orpha Lyon, June Geiger. 1935- Dorothy Hendrickson, Maxine Horton, Alice Hurd, Roberta Marshall, Zelma Thompson, Wanda Woodring. 1936-Violet Atkinson, Lois Fegles, Roberta Frye, Ruth Myers, Bessie Schmidt. 150 Points - Lorraine Hunt, Geneva Myers. 100 Points - Dorothy Camp, Vera Goddard, Irma Helikson. DEBATE PINS: Everett Blais, Vernon Cougill, Kenneth Lee, John Luvaas, Kenneth Marple, Adrian Martin, Robert Moser, Paul Plank, Richard Sears, Merl Van Lydegraf. BAND AWARDS, STATE BAND CONTEST: Solos H First place, Ron- ald Drew, DeLos Crook, Wendell Gilfry. Second place, Paul Ander- son, Billy Curry. ORCHESTRA, FOREST GROVE STATE CONTESTS String quartet placed second, consisting of Mollie Bob Small, Martha Hennigan, Wayne Gilfry, and Madge Conaway. RIFLE CLUB SHARP-SHOOTERS: Distinguished Rineman-Carl Blood. Fourth Award-Howard Swarthout, Blaise Claska, Bill Pitney, Clyde Mullin, Harold Hall, Edward Volkstorf, Richard MeCadden. Other awards went to - Dick Thayer, Wesley Holley, Bob Seward, Edward Pruitt, Earl Tuller. SIMMONS CUP FOR FOOTBALL: Hugh Mercer. 27 R. Brown V. Runte A. Lllvzms R, 1Ic'BI-Q B. Campbell R. Moser B. Brown A. Kaufman V. Jepson V, Cougill I. Jacobson N. Skeie R. Cox J. Geiger Ii. Bzlkvr G. Saulmlers G. Terry R. Ruff EDI TOR-IN-CHIEF Associate Editor - Business Manager - Associate Manager Senior Class - - Iunior Class - - Sophomore Class - Activities - - - Features - Faculty - - Girls' Sports - Boys' Sports - Art Editors - Typists - Advisers - Eugeneon Staff - ALICE LUVAAS - RICHARD MCBEI-: - ROBERT MOSER - - - - - VERNON' COUGILL - RANDALL BROWN, VIVIAN RUNTE - - - DoEo'rHY JEANNE WELLS -------- ROBERTCOX - - VIRGINIA JEPSEN, IVA JACOBSON - ALBERT KAUFMAN, BARTRA BROWN - - - - - BEATRICE CAMPBELL - - - - GRACE TERRY - - - - - - - - -DICKRUFE - EILEEN BAKER, GLADYS SAUNDERS - - - - - NORMA SKEIE, JUNE GEIGER MISS MAE D. KINSEY, MISS EMMA CHASE SZ First row, Ii-ff In rig-ht: SlIipixui'1li. Full:-I-. l'l.m1I, Sri-mul, lbslmme, mimilniv. lflim. Sm-oiirl rmv: Kzlutlvlzlli. Simi:-i-I. Xliss nilrsmv. ziilxisi-V. Thilul row: llugrlxes. Cux, l' limnn, Iluiuiiilirn-is, Xvlwlv. lim-.nv. Il.urivum. llillvlk L'.mmlnlI. Ialmvl. In-vlx len-I -Ivpsili Ilvl-'nr-rm Fourth ww: Riley, Wu-ul. Yun I4-lw' Nlimin. lkvnigill, Xlnsi-r. Xli-S Vlms--. wlvisn-rg .Xm.xtvr. I.ilvrzu'ians. Stailivliiiggz Cliqiuvilwlw, lg,,ug,,,,,,,4 ig-U.,-S, yl,,,.l,' IMWEIX, l'iVlw.x, XI:-Nw, Wilsmi, Xlis. I-Iut4'lu'l'. mlim-ig Immun lung, Hill-v, Ilzuiflilmlx, l,iln'.n'lzuis, smnvlinu. llidlnln-Is, lxzultiuzln, H51-is. Xlmil, l.m:m-. I'iIliei. Xlr'l31'n'. Wilson, MVS. I-'lwtf-lin-IL zlrlvisilg Iivmvui, King. Ilulsv. lD.1i12ll1vi'5. E. H. 5. News FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER MARGRET SPICER -- Erlzlffn'-M-C11ivj - - NIARGRET SPICER IvA.JAcoBSON ------ Associate Editor ---- ALBERT KAUI-'MAN STANLEY HULEGAARD - - - Business Jluimgffr ----- GEORGE FLINT MISS JULIETTE C. GIBSON AND MISS EMMA CHASE, Acli-isei-S Library Class The library class has been especially interested in its work this year and agrees that there is a peculiar fascination about it. There has been much more work than usual as all the books purchased by the school, some two thousand in number, were catalogued and Inade ready for the use of the students. 29 DEBATE NESTORIANS itting-Left to right: R. Spear, R. Moser, A. Nelson, ll. Flint, I. .Iac-olxson, Xl. Vain l,y1legmf, B. Brown, J, Luvuas, P. Plank. Stamling--H. Gibson. A. Taylor, Y, Cougill, K. 1,1-0, li. Hugue, li. Drinkliulxn, A, Martin, li. Blalis, K. Marple, Rlr, Allison, uflvisvxx Debate The debate season this year has been on the Whole successful. The two teams which represented Eugene High in all the A squad district debates were composed of Everett Blais, John Luvaas, Merl Van Lydegraf and Paul Plank. These four speakers won the Southern Willamette district championship. B squad debaters were: Kenneth Marple, Vernon Cougill, Kenneth Lee, Adrian Martin, Robert Moser, and Richard Sears. . Nestorlons FXRST SEMESTER SECOND 'SEMESTER MERL VAN LYDEGRAF - - - - President - - - - GEORGE FLINT IVA JACOBSON - - - - Vice-President - - ROBERT MosER ALICE NELSON - - - - Secretary - - BARTRA BROWN PAUL PLANK - - - - - - Treasurer - ---- - PAUL PLANK JOHN LUvAAs -------- Libi-ai-ian -------- JOHN LUvAAs The purpose of the Nestorian Debating Society is to promote the art of public speaking and debating in Eugene High school. Its membership totals twenty students. Mr. Harold W. Allison is adviser. 30 ORCHESTRA Uliflll-IS'l'Ii.X 1-'iyet lim: Slulvj, Ilmrv, XYQII-ulv. Sruln-Vi. Fllllixzln. llillsulx L Ill! I Null fm..-, m......,.I. 'i',.I,.',. x..I. vm. Nw-mul nm: Xlzu-lx. l'l::slX.I, l'uvn:lxm,I, lliumrm, Smit-I, lun 1 no f:.,I1.Im--1. xxum-.-I., II.,,q.Q. nxwi.-1sI,.,I1. II.-,...if.I.. sm 4:11.I...n., Iu..n..I.., l.uslr.x, ui. Im.-.I. .nam-I... President ------- BILL RILEY Svffwrury A - - - - VIRGINIA LEE Vice-President - - - MADGE CONAWAY Jlunugm' - ----- Roni-:RT ATACK Lib7'!lVi!lIZ ----- SAM SICKAFOOSE Under Mr. Delbert Mooreys capable direction, the orchestra, composed of 35 members, and the band, with 56 students, have completed a most successful year. In school activities they have been indispensable, for they have helped at all the plays and many other functions. There was a state contest for the band, and the orchestra quartet placed second in the Forest Grove tournament. The orchestra played over the radio, and their abilities have been heard in several parts of the state. Bond President - - - RoNALD DREWV Viez'-Ihmirlmit ---- YVAYNE GILFRY Secretary-TreuszfVer - - VIOLET NELSON Members of the band are: Abbott, Adams, F. Allcn, L. Allen, F. Anderson, P. Anderson, Bartlett, Bevere, Brown, Clark, Cole, Cornutt, Curry, De Freece, Dennison, Drew, Duncan, Flint, Gilfrey, Gilfry, Harmon, Hover, Holley, Horton, Houglum, John- son, D. Keefe, R. Keefe, Lightfoot, Lindsay, Masterton, McFadgen, Morgan, Nelson, Plummer, R1Ckard, Riley, Sanford, Seal, Shoey, Sniartt, Solberg, Tobey, Tripp, Tucker, R. Tucker, Van Fassen, Whisman, White, 31 GIRLS' LETTER CLUB GIRL RESERVES l-'irst row, left to right: Coe, Kiphart, Miller, Hulse, l'u:sln-y, MQCN-nrly, Myers Terry, Wilfred. Hewitt, M. Hart, Geiger, Harris. Second row: Wright, Gordon, Horton, Claska, Burnvson, 'Pharm-r, Hunt Worden, Parker, Nelson. Henllrickson, Mclionell, Hjf-rkv. 'Fhiral row: Comnray, Ilunbvrg, Revere, IJ. Hurt, l'ortc-rliclal, Mr'Creu4ly, Rom-rs Hughes, Morgan, Dunn, Giesekv, Mack. Lust Row: Hurd, Hunnnitt, A. Nelson, Flint, Atwater, Wooml, llelilison, l"icl4l Row, Drenkhahn, Hargreaves Miss Baker, mlviser. First row, left tu right Mclloncll, Lightfoot, Smith, Kiphnrt, Burneson. Lowery, Claskzl, Warner, 'l'u:ker, Vivlllcr, Rlionzllt, Wlwelrr, lluni, Wright. Second row: Frye, H, Williams, Gillespie, Mzlscngil, Golden, Givsekv, Walker F, Williams, Kinney, Erickson, C. Parker, F. lmrker, llri-nklnhn, Thirrl row: Stanton, Lusby, l.nrsz-wi, Lyle, Erickson, Son-ly, Nelson, Jaizkson, Tucker. Wood, Atkinson, Osborn. Last row: Marple, Gordon, Brown, Miss Kinsey, mlriserg Coe, Hughes. Mrs. Gorrell, zzflviss-rg Pitney. Miss Chase, Miss Sxlium-fe-1', Mrs. W1u're'n zlllvisersg llannnitt, Vnuglml Girls' Leiter Club Presvkient ----- GENEVA MYERS Treasurer ----- LORRAINE HUNT Vice-President - - FLORENCE MCCREADY Sergeant-at-Arms - - IRMA HELIKSON Secretary ------ ALYCE ROGERS Admser - - - Miss FRANCES E. BRKEI? The purpose of the Girls' Letter Club is to further interest 1n girls athletics. Aside from the usual bi-weekly luncheon meetings, two initiation parties, and two potluck suppers, the club sponsored a dance, April 4, to which all members and associate members were invited. Girl Reserves President - - - - MARY FIELD Secretary ---- ELENORE MASE'NGIL Vice-President - - BLANCHE OSBORN Treasurer ----- ALICE NELSON Adviser - - - MRs. LULU C. GORRELL Growth in mind, body, and spirit, which is the ideal of the Girl Re- serves, has been expressed through a varied program of monthly potluck suppers, hikes, ceremonials, conferences, and a house party on the Mc- Kenzie river. 32 LE CERCLE FRANCAIS INTER NOS Ifiusi nm. lun In rigln: NILIII. II, I.ux':I.Is. XII-lilmly, limnlixlzxli. Sltipxun' .I, I,uI.m-. NI-wi, 'Il-ny, A, Xwlsun. Sllllivmzli. nm: n.,,1,vs. s..aslI.,I.:. num-I-.'..I-ts, Itglm, no-Wu-I, s4um,lIm-,A. nm. us- Iiluis, mis.-I1 lc. w..,.,, .Isis-I., IIAUQIIIIII. xxm-Kiwi., Iiimn ml-Aul.lIl. Iu..Il.l.m. I-'Irsl mu. lr-H lu Iiqlnz Xlilwvl. l'. .XtII.uvr, Xtlnul, lmflll., lh-mm, Hunt ncn.m.:.Il,,,..-In, m,.I...f1. Nwuml ww.: Hillesywiv. I'ilwy, I'lI1vvImI'v'. flolmsmn, J. .ttxxulvlz Mrs. tion' .l.IIlL.-I, .I.,,M.., xn.v...fII.v,., Im. la..-lim. 'u'u.l..u .-.M II..-ml, sI..l'I.In. .xl.IuIVI...n, u,l.I.... cm, Ii.-I.....l.X. mm.-l,,, L C I Francois FIRST SEMESTER SEUINII SEIIIESTER VIVIAN RUNTE - ---- Iwvsiflmzl - - - Rosi-:RT SPEER ROBERT SPEER - - - l'icc'-Prvsizlwff - - - ROBERTA IIIARSHALL ALICE NELSON - - - Sew-vtury-7'I-1ff1sfo-v1- - - - EILEI-:N KINNEY MISS CLARA BLAIS ------- Aflmsvw ------- MISS CLARA BLAIS Twice a month meetings were held, and a large annual celebration in the form of the Mardi Gras was sponsored by the French Club. This festi- val was held February 193 local color was added by the varied French songs, costumes, and dances. Inter Nos Inter Nos desires to promote interest in the study of Latin through social activities and study of Roman life. The club sponsored the historical drama, "What Price Rome," which was enthusiastically received. Slides depicting Roman life, accompanied by short explanatory talks, were shown before the entire Latin classes. At the monthly meetings the various Roman holidays have been studied, the lives and activities of famous Romans have been discussed or drama- t1ZEd, and Latinized games have been played. on vu MASK AND DAGGER MIXED CHORUS First row, left to right: U. lluinphreys, Tlmyur, Curtis, Wilfreil, llelgu-rson, Jacobson, Baker, Spieer, Doran, Mrs, Christie, adviser, Saunders, Gris- wold, Pursley, Iiuviuis, Snyder, Yun llyrleginf, Blood. Sec-onnl row: Lou, 1'ulnu-r, Vaughn, l'n-rry, ltogzers, Hunt, Miller, Porterfield, Knight, llolikson, Ilunlphreys, Small, Skipworth, Mcllonnn-I, Laniku. Third row B, Xlcllonnvl, Jar-kson, Boykin, Forstronn, Browning, Flint Ruben- stein, Plank. Fourth row: Johnston, Recd, Burneson, Atwater, W'oofl, lloauliuzm, Row, Pitney, Stevenson, Speer. Fifth row: D-rvoreaux, Dyer, Fuller, Mack, Osborne, Philips, Martin. First row, left to right: Sliipworth, Buntu, Fit-lil, Muck, Knight. Second row: Curtis, Burn:-son, Hunt, Rogers, Slunnwuy, Myers. 'Fhirrl row: Leslie, Bussi-ll, liouihnan, Pearson, Pursley, Miss Woods, zulviserg E, Wood, Hewitt, lluril, Wilfred, li. Mvllonnel, Russell. Chainborlaiin, Fourth row: Devereuux, Rourk, Lee, Forstrom, IH-rry, Smith, Ohlson, A. Nelson, I Nelson, Backe, Greer, Alnutt, Dyer Clnnnbers. Fifth row: Keefe, Hs-nnningson, Swennes, Gray, Vain Osdol, Johnson, Row, McCracken, Boykin, Saunders, Kel-fe, Last row: Hanson, FI'enl4-I-inks, Neely, Brent, Stevenson, R1-eil, Mr'lJonnel, Lamka, Blood, Be-arflsley, Fuller. Mask ond Dagger President - - - BERNARD KNIGHT Secretary-Treasurer - MARIAN TI-IAYER Vice-President ---- KENNETH LEE Adviser - MRS. ETHEL CHASE CHRISTIE More than sixty members compose the club which presented a group of five one-act plays at an invitational evening, had several potluck sup- pers, and one dance. Mixed Chorus President ---- BERNARD KNIGHT Treasurer - - EVELYN WOOD Vice-President - - - ROBERT MACK Librarikms - - - ALYCE ROGERS Secretary ------ JEAN CURTIS FRANK CHAMBERS Miss Carolyn Woods, music instructor, trained a large class of boys and girls for the glee clubs this year. The Mixed Chorus presented "The Pirates of Penzance," a Gilbert and Sullivan opera, with much success, May 3 and 4. 34 BOYS' ARCHERY CLUB DIANA CLUB First mxv. left to light: Howl. llzlll. Sxxzirtliout, Clark, Sn-4-mul low: l'l:l-lvl. Stall. lflwlvlc-lt, Helriwlvv, liluuul, XIV, Xlivlielson, uflviser. l-'ir-1 rim. Ii-fu lu night: Ile-lui-uiorn .lzu-ul...,1,. I-1,,m,,,,.,-l MK.1,,,,,.,11, Wright, x iolu.ux.uIx, fmlllux. llumplnc, . Sm-owl Ron: Xlxxuu-r, Rumi-, Nlr-i!'a1clu11. Vlnslel. lil-xx-vm-. Bliss Woo:ls,mlx'iserg lla-liltsnm. lln-mln-vslvoli. Xlilli-r. lluulu-s. Fzxu-wlx l'vl'1',x, l'ol'lx-rl'i4-ld. Baker, ll ' x lull. ldxslm.. 'I'l1ilwl lou: lijcrlw. liilvncj. Williams. Wnlwvn. llziimun. llaxmiuitt. Bo s' Archer Club President ------ HAROLD HALL Range Jlmmgef- - - JOHN FREDERICKS Seco-etary-Treasure1- - - DONALD Gooo Adviser ---- MR.OD1NE HIICKELSON Archery was added this year to the sports of Eugene High school. The club is a social organization, and has its purpose in developing skill and ability in handling the bow and arrow, which trains the eye and gives the boys an opportunity to become good sportsmen. Dicmo Club President ---- DOROTHY HELGERSON Trefzsln-er - - - Jrssnz RAE ATWATER Vwe-P'reside11t ---- MAXINE PERRY Field Mrumger - - CHARLOTTE PLUMMER Secretary ------ IVA JACOBSON Adviser - - - - Miss CAROLYN Woons All attention! Cupid has some twenty helpers now to whom he has taught his art. Under the leadership of Miss Carolyn Woods and Mr. Mar- tin Johnson the girls have learned to use the weapons of love and war very quicikly, hitting the bull's eye with their stunt given at the Mad Hatter's par y. 35 OUTDOOR CLUB RIFLE CLUB i First ron, li-ft to right: Anderson, Gordon. Second row: Davis, R. Walls, W. Walls, Kimball, llauglitry. Thin! row: Lumlni, Setterbs-rg, Olson, Cougill, Mclntyre. Mclieo, Johnson, Pitney. First row, ln-fl to right: Scwiml, Mullin, Volkstorf, Johnson, McC:nldcn, Swartliout, Claslin. Bu:-II row: llull, llollvy, Blood, Dickey, Pitnuy, Hansen. President - - - CHARLES MCINTYRE Secretary-Treasurer - JOHN HALVERSON Vice-President - - - RALPH MCKEE Adviser - - - MR. MARTIN JOHNSON Good sportsmanship, skill, and agility in outdoor sports provides this energetic club with interest and enthusiasm. This year hiking, fishing, and skiing trips have been undertaken, and the members have fairly well covered the territory between the Three Sisters and the Pacific Ocean. Rifle Club President ---- HOWARD SWARTHOUT Secretary-Treasurer - - BILLY PITNEY Vice-President - - - BLAISE CLASKA Range Manager - - - CLYDE MULLIN Adviser - - - MR. MARTIN JOHNSON The Riiie Club was organized in 1924 and affiliated with the National Rifle Association. This organization provides medals and diplomas for the following qualifications: pro-marksman, marksman, marksman-first-class, sharpshooter, expert rifleman, and distinguished rifle-man. 36 PAC K RATS CRAFTSMEN'S CLUB -.4 .mi lat IIINI IIIII' IIIII III I'iu'IIl: Ii:-I-II-, IuIig'IIt. IizIIIfIII:III. llvlil-I-. Yulltsroxt XII III I .It-IIf ailiiser. SIIQIJIIII Iuw: 'I'II4IIoI'. .loIIIIsoII. L'IIIxIv. XeIIIII:IIII. NI1III:II'I'-I. XII-KoIII:I I Ii I IIIIITI mu: sxI.IIIlIuIIt. lluutl. I.:III:sImI, Ilu-ws, I'I'c--III:-Its. II':IIIII, ILILIX Inu: IIIIIWI, XII, XIIvIIeIsIIII. :IIIIIsIAIg XIIIII.IIIy, lK.IlIs, Hr! II I S4-Il--I'IiII. RIIIIIIIII. Il.IIIuIIlI'5. II:II'IIIuII. lim-II, IIIIIII, WIIisIII:III ll II I IIIII II 'I' II I'I Ilfl I XIIIII' XII I III I i I 'I' I I II I I Iv, III Iv, I I ,Ig III. ', .III son, In ru-Its. I..IslIIII. Pock Rofs Pfresvblent ---- - BILL STEELE Advisers - - MR. WILLIAM KIDVVELL Secretary-Tfreasurer - - BUD KNIGHT MR. BERT C. KERNS The Pack Rats had a very successful school year. The annual spring vacation hike of eight days was made by a party of nine who traveled 180 miles in the high Cascades. A stag dinner was held at Riverview Park to acquaint the fathers of the boys with the men of the faculty. Several other trips were taken to points of interest and this club was one of the sponsors of a big picnic. CrofIsmen's Club Pofeshlent - - - - JACK RUTH S6'CI'f'ffI1'll ----- CLYDE MULLIN Vice-Prestdent - - - RICHARD RUFE Al'l1'iS6I'S-MR.JOHNSON,MR.DIICKELSON The industrial department has been aided largely this year by the service of this new club, composed of master craftsmen. They have taken care of all extra school projects and managed the work done by boys from study halls. 37 I sv : II l g Myers fcoaclij. Ilunn, Wilfrs-ll. llelikson, Hunt, Godclaml, Pursley, Worden, Miss Baker. Front row, left to right: Matlock, Saunulr-rs, llunt, Terry, Harris, Rickard, Cook, 'l'uppn-r, Orr, Robinett. Back 1-ow: Myers, Schmidt, Clorlwlaml, llelikson, Marshall, Sm-ely, Hart, l'o1'tel'1'iL-lul, Miller, Miss Baker, Girls' Basketball The girls' basketball squad was coached by Miss Margaret Black, Uni- versity of Oregon student, assisted by Geneva Myers of Eugene High, with Grace Terry as manager. The class was divided into four color teams, and an intramural tournament played. The seniors were victors and their names were engraved on the cup. Games were played with University High and St. Mary's High girls. The basketball squad was composed of those in the picture above and also the following: P. Atwater, H. Claska, I. Helikson, P. Madgen, I. Ohlsen, E. Robinett, H. Johnson, M. Morris, R. Endicott. Girls' Volleyball The All-Star volleyball team was as follows: Dorothy Hendrickson, Mar- garet Dunn, Louise Pursley, Irma Hclikson, Marian Worden, Elsie Wilford, Lorraine Hunt, Vera Goddard, and Geneva Myers, coach. The All-Star second team was composed of: Grace Terry, Florence Miller, Alice Clark, Natalie Row, Bessie Schmidt, Alice Hurd, Esther Willey, Phyllis Atwater, with Naomi Harris as manager. 38 KRAMER KERNS FAssETT Athletics Coaches Fred Kramer, Bert Kerns, and Frank Fassett have turned out winning teams in all lines of sport. Coach Kramer, the football, basketball, golf, and track mentor, has produced some very strong teams, especially in basketball, in the short time he has been here. Both years he has been with us his team has gone to the state tournament. He also maintains the highest ideals of good sportsmanship. Bert Kerns has been coaching the B squad and, with the available material, has had good teams this football men averaged about one hun- dred and forty poundsj. Coach Fassett, baseball, has also turned out some of the best sports- men in the state. This year Mr. Fassett took up basketball on the side and says he likes it. Dick Wright, all around athlete of our school, was picked as one of the ten best basketball players in the state. He was also chosen most valuable player on the squad. Besides basketball and football, which he is to captain next season, he is a baseball player, probably one of the best Mr. Fassett has with him this year. Bob Moser.Was appointed as advertising manager and kept us well posted on coming events in athletics. He received a letter in recognition of his services. 39 First row-Cznnplxell, Golcllxar, Brown, lferliins. liielxabaugh, Hillis, Herrmann, Myrmo, Clark, Malos, F ' k OIHCTOO . Second Rowfllough, Ruff, Gutlirie, Devils. Langston, Robertson, Taylor, A. Myrmo, Sears, I" l-ll W' ht urn 1.1 , u-1 . 'I'hinl Row-Capt. Ilonler Reed, Mirannnitn-s Peters, Little, L-ec, Baxter, Russell, John Londahl, Asst. Couch, Neely, liowsa-'r, Williams, Wzlrnvr, Mnllxusinn, Smith, Coach Fritz Krmnnr. Football The 1933 season was not as successful as some but the experi- ence gained should prove a factor in the development of next yearis team and should produce a winner. Homer Reed, last year's cap- tain, was unable to continue the full season, but with the help of Marion Guthrie and Art Myrmo the team pushed on. Charles Cooper was manager for this season. He was a hard worker, always on his toes to help. SCORES E- H. S ............. 7 J efferson ....,..... 19 E. H. s ,,.,,,,,,,A,, 0 Medford ,,,.,,,,,,,, 19 E- H. S .....,....... 6 Cottage Grove ., 6 E. H. S .,,,,,,,.,.., 0 Salem ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.. 21 E- H- S -------,----- 0 C0l'ValliS ........., 21 E. H. S ..........,., 6 Roseburg ...,...... 7 E- H- S -..........., 26 U. H. S. ..... .... 6 Dick Wright, junior, ....., ........end ........end Edgar Baxter, senior, ....,..,, Waldo Campbell, senior, ,,.,.,,.....,... end Bob Forncrook, senior, ...,....,,,.,,,,,, end Laurence- Langston, sen lor, .,,, .. Dick RuE, senior, ..,..,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,, Joy Smith, junior, ,,,.,,. Ivan Kimball, senior, ,..,,,.. ,....,. tackle tackle tackle tackle guard Homer Reed, senior, ,,,,.... ....,.. Marion Guthrie, junior, ........... Gordon Deeds, senior, ...,.. ......, .guard guard Bob Neely, junior ,...... ...,,., g uard Art Myrmo, senior ,.....,. ..,..., g uard Doc Taylor, junior ,.,,.... .,...., c enter Hugh Mercer, senior ,............ left half Owen Perkins, senior ,....,,...... left half Ernie Robertson, senior, ........ fullback Bob Rickabaugh, senior,..quarterback Wayne Warner, junior,..quarterback Keith Hough, senior, ..,........... fullback Leonard Brown, junior, ...... right half First Roxx-Kmxhmm. Slnish-1, Hzxxlvr, Imam, Fritz Kmnxt-1'. Sw-mul ltmx-llmuxiel' Russell, 'I'n5lor, Wriglul, Basketball SCORES E. H. S ........,.,,, 21 Oakridge .......... 24 E. H. S ....,.....,,, 12 St. Mary's ,,,..,,, 7 E. H. S .,,,......... 18 Corvallis ..,,...... 48 E. H. S ..........,,, 22 Cottage Grove ..16 E. H. S .........,,., 19 Corvallis .,,,,,,,.. 17 E. H. S ............. 30 Springfield .,,,.. 9 E. H. S .......,,.... 19 U. H. S. ,,,,,,,,,,,, 13 E. H. S ....Y.....,,. 28 Salem ..............,, 21 E. H. S .........,... 33 Corvallis ..,,...... 12 E. H. S .........,... 22 Roseburg ...,,,..., 16 Ford Danner, senior ,,,,,., ,,,,,,, c enter Ed Russell, senior ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, f orward Doc Taylor, junior ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, g uard Dick Wright, junior ,,,,,,,.,,.,,,,,, guard Wendell Kaufman, sophomore, guard Bob Shisler, sophomore ,,,,,,.,. forward Edgar Baxter, senior ,.....,..,... forward E. H. S .,........... 17 Corvallis .,,....,.. 30 E. H. S .,........... 16 Frosh ................ 31 E. H. S ......,...,.. 27 St. Mary's .l.,.. 23 E. H. S ............. 29 Springfield ...... 10 E. H. S .,,......,,,, 30 Cottage Grove H25 E. H. S ..,.,,,,,,,,, 27 U. H. S. .....,..,,.. 17 E. H. S ............. 35 Roseburg ....,,,,.. 16 E. H. S ...,.,.,,..,, 26 Corvallis .,..,,.... 6 E. H. S .,,,,,.,,,.,, 27 Oakridge ...,....,, 26 E. H. S ............. 29 Oakridge ........., 23 John Dunn, junior, ...,..,,..,..,...... guard Oscar Williams, senior ,..........., center Burton Burroughs, sophomore, Hugh Mercer, senior ,..... ,,,,,., g uard Ivan Kimball, senior ,.,............., center Charles McIntyre, senior ,....., forward Ivan Kimball and Hugh Mercer graduated at mid-term, but Ford Danner, all-state center, stepped in and took Ivan's place. Wendell Kaufman and Bob Shisler, sophomores, showed up very well this year. Farnum Chesebro was basketball manager, one of the best we have had for a long time. Near, Draper, Gilstrap, Jackson, Coach Kramer, Speer, Rickabangh. Kaufman, Browning, Lee, Ruff, Coach Kramer, B. Williams, Bowman, Turner, Warner Callentine, Malos, Perkins. CBOH: Last year's golf team, led by Sid Milligan, Darrell Draper, Doc Near, and Bob Rickabaugh, played excellent golf. They were district champions, took third place in the Willamette Valley championship match, and fifth in the Oregon State high school tournament. In their intramural games they won twelve out of sixteen matches. Track Last year's relay team, Hill, Callentine, Malos, and Perkins, took third in the state meet. Joe Hill was the most outstanding, taking a third in the hun- dred yard dash, and fourth in the two-twenty in the state tournament. Bob Williams also starred on last year's team. The boys who have turned out for this season are showing promise of a fine team. 42 5'Sf4e'-Gus: , J 34 it Y 'Ahh Front Ruxxflllxun. l'l1es:-Iam, Xlelwr, Xlr-In!.x'11-', Walls, lialvk li0xxiYl-vly, 'I':n-x'lul', lYillsllil'v, Czlmlj, lin-Hel, Fl':Anll lfslwvll, Baseball Eugene High had one of the best high school baseball teams in the state, losing only to the University Frosh. However, in a four game series it out- scored the Frosh, nineteen to fourteen. The lettermen are: Dick Bishop, Bob Wiltshire, Leonard Brown, Hugh Mercer, John Dunn, Sid Milligan, Bud Brewer, Ed Russell, Earl Cady, Jay Mercer, and Dick Wright. S 5 E H S E. H. ............. 11 Myrtle Creek ..,. . . ...,,..,,..., 1 Frosh ,.,.......... 2 E. H. S ........,.... 15 Myrtle Creek .... 5 E. H. S .,,,.,,,.,,,, 13 Frosh .,..,........... 5 E. H. S ............. 0 Frosh ..,....,.,...,,. 0 E. H. S ...,....,,.., 5 Frosh ,,...,.........i 7 E. H. S ...,......... 6 Lincoln High ,... 2 E. H. S ....,,..,,,.. 2 Oregon Super E. H. S .....,......, 9 Chemawa ,.....,... 2 Varsity ...,,... 1 E Club Dunn, Callantine, Needham, Near, Kaufman, Rickabaugh, Perkins, Draper, Burroughs, Campbell, Browning, Williams, McIntyre, Kimball, Wright, Russell, Shisler, Taylor, Reed, Fritz Kramer, Knight, Warner, Moser, Ruff, Lee, Smith. 43 IINIII-L4 mAj'O-if-..-.4Lf4A- "Pirates of Penzance" The comic opera, "Pirates of Penzance" by Gilbert and Sullivan, was presented with much success by the members of the mixed chorus, May 3 and 4, under the direction of Miss Carolyn Woods and Mrs. Ethel Chase Christie. The double cast was as follows: George Skipworth ....,.,....... Donald Brent ..,....... Bob Mack .,.,.,.,.,,..,,,,,,..i.,.... Wilfred Roadman .....,,....... Vernon Russell ...... Derwent Banta ...... Paul Hemingsen .,....,,..,,..,. Jean Curtis .......................... Margaret Shumway .....,.... June Backe ............,............. Alyce Rogers .......... Louise Pursley ...,,,., Richard-Pirate King ,,,,, ,.,,..,,.... B ill Stevenson Samuel ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,.,,,.,,,,.....,. ....... C harles Devereaux Pirate Apprentice ...... ................. B ud Knight General Stanley ,,,,,,,, .,,,,,, W ilfred Roadman Edward ,...,,............. ,.......... V ernon Russell Policeman ,,,,i,,,,,,, ,,,..., T Om Chamberlain Policeman ..... ...,........ R Obert Rllgh Mabel ,,,.ii,,, ,,,,,, L ouise Burneson Ruth ........ Edith ..,,,. Kate ........ Isabel ............................. SENIOR PLAY Amanda Nelson Jean Hewitt Evelyn Wood Lorraine Hunt "The Heathers at Home," a three-act comedy by William Allan Kimball, was the class play presented by a double cast on the eve- nings of April 9 and 10. Oscar Williams ...,.,............ Norma Skeie .......... Jean Curtis ..........,.......,,...... Everett Nicklaus ...,,........, George Saunders ,,,,,,..,..... David McDonell ..............,. Marian Wyeliffe 4. ,,.i........ .. Eileen Baker .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,.. Elinor Humphreys ..,......... Richard McBee .,................ Dick Ruff ............,.., Dan Anderson ...,.,.. F1-ed Swanson Bessie .....,............. ..... Merl Van Lydegraf Vivian Runte Sally ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,.,,,,,.,, M arian COX Papa Heather Bertie .................. ..... Oscar ,. ,........, Mama Hea ther ..,.., .,..... Lottie ..,...........,. ....... Elsie ,...,,...,,,.,..,, ...., Mack .,,,.,,,,,,,.,.,,,,, .. Mike Heaton ..,... Dr. Graves ...... 44 Bob Swennes .. George Saunders Bob Moser Jessie Rae Atwater Dorothy Helgerson Marjorie Jackson Richard McBee Dick Ruff Kenneth Lee FEATURES In the Iaveliest of gardens we find laughter and fun. We have drama, high opera, and burlesque. The bassa-prafunda is carried by the bull frags, the tenor by the honey bees. Feraeious snap-dragons, heroic bays- in-blue, and saucy, naughty, dandy- lians peep aut between the aisles, and flirt with us. A fragile painted, butterfly dances between the acts: villainous g leto-like, at rass hoppers dart SI dy-long-legs stalks across the stage in a quiet moment. So, in our garden, we have strut- ted and laughed, and played our little parts. They have been iayous parts, and we want to carry them with us, into the larger garden ahead. Y Sept. 11. 25. Oct. 13. 19. 27. Nov. 10. 13. 17. 23-24. 19. Dec.11-12. 13. 15. 24. Jan. 19. Feb. 9. 15. Mar. 2. 9. 16. 18-26. 27. Apr. 5. 9-10. 13. Diory of E. H. S. School begins. Back home again! Is everybody happy? First S. B. Assembly presents Bob Rickabaugh thinking up two-bit words for his first big speech. Friday the 13th. Junior Informal. What a thorough airing our superstitions suffered. Honor Society Assembly. The gates of the most exclusive so- ciety were unbarred to the intelligensia. Pay Assembly. Wherein the males of the species had great difficulty manipulating "their skirts." Armistice Day. As a result We're now all conscientious ob- jectors. Puppeteers. Girls' League and the S. B. CHow could they get along without usb played hosts to the Olvera dolls. Senior Informal. And cabarets were encountered by the stu- dents ffor the Hrst time, we hopeb. Hi-Jinks. Did you notice the size of Mae's dress shoes, and that iigger? Thanksgiving. Yeah! We had pains too! Junior Play. For every Daddyls baby girl there Waits a "Mama's Baby Boy." E. T. A. Xmas Party. Would have enjoyed being a little mouse that night. "The coffee was good." fPage D. EJ School's out until next year! Cupid wins, and Miss Lamb becomes Mrs. Constance. Military Ball. "Merry music made by mirthful musicersf' Sophomore Informal. The youngsters celebrated St. Valentine's. Oh those comics! Mask and Dagger initiation. And then we learned about eggs and yeggs. Junior Senior Prom. The garden bloomed early in honor of the "grads-to-be." One of the nicest dances of the year. Mask and Dagger Invitational. "Never-the-less" the stars showed what they could do. Girls' League Assembly. Service received its due reward. Basketball tournament. We lost but had a "swell" time doing it. S. B. Elections. Mentors for next year selected. Good luck! Girls' League Matinee Dance. Dancing crown was Won by Billy Briggs and Virginia Goodlow. Senior Play. "The Heathers at Home" While Mama was instructed in the art of kissing. The cast went in for sun baths until ...... Senior Sneak Day. Did someone mention a Skip day? And were they thoroughly squelched? 46 14. Honor Society Convention. Fourteen societies in the state of Oregon met to discuss their problems. Eugene was very pleased to be the host for this big event. 17. "What Price Rome ?" was presented by the Latin classes. More things were seen! 20. Debate assembly. Band played contest numbers, and the fair sex was encouraged to go out for debate. 23-27. girls' League Week. Tea and rain mixed make-a very good ea. 27. May Day Party. Norma Skeie crowned May queen. May 3-4. "Pirates of Penzance" presented by the combined glee clubs. 5. Girls' League Conference. They met to discuss their problems and achievements. 10. Tri-Y Tea. Mothers of the girls, town women, and the wives of faculty members were entertained. 11. Mask and Dagger Dance. All vintages and descriptions of wearing apparel were discovered. 18. Girls' League Assembly. All of the latest creations modeled. We heard one child murmur, "Girl of My Dreams." 25. Senior Day. Look at us. Such pulchritude! 27. Baccalaureate. 31. Commencement. The day of days! Are you glad or sorry? June 1. School's out. The best of luck to you all!!!!!! LOVE'S OLD SWEET SONG The orchestra in the ballroom of the Honeymoon Hotel in Dixie finished the Carioca and swung into This Little Pig Went to Market. It was One Minute to One by the majority of watches in that gay crowd gathered to honor the engagement of Jeanine and Mister Dooley. Pnclclin' Head Jones groaned. He had just remembered that his partner for the next dance was Shanghai Lil. Although he liked her, yet he was forced to admit that she was not light on his feet. "Well," he decided, t'I"L'e Gotta Get np and Go to Work." and suited the action to the words by res- cuing her from a small crowd surrounding her. As they danced over the glossy floor, Puddin' Headys gaze fell on a girl whose face brought Memories to him. Was it Juanita, Sweet Adeline, or Ramona? Then he remembered. He had met her among the Blue Bells of Scotland, but her name he knew only as Carolina. He distinctly remembered, however, that he had fallen in love with her, before she had left for America and Home Sweet Home. As soon as possible he excused himself and hurried toward her. Then he saw that she was looking at him Over Somebody Else's Sho-alder. He muttered. "There Goes My Heartf, and the next instant was at her side. "Why hello, Mr. Jones," said she, giving him one of her Smiles. "Hello Adorablef, Jones answered. 'KO Promise Me this next dance." "Certainly." she said and as the orchestra struck up An Old Spinning Wheel, they glided out on the floor. Jones had decided that his trouble in 47 identifying her was because she was not wearing the Beautiful Oregon. Rose he always remembered she wore. Without That Certain Thing she was changed greatly. "Girl of My Dreams, you're Only a Dream, Dream Girl," gulped Jones, somewhat embarrassed and nervous. Carolina made him regret that. She laughed at him and said, "Did You Ever See a Dream Walking? Anyway, I'm only a Bohemian Girl that's been Sitting on a Backyard Fence on Forty-Second Street. My only claim to fame is my Petting in the Park." Jones gulped again. His batting average was sinking to unheard of depths. He tried changing the subject. "That music is certainly intoxicat- ing me," he offered as a relief. "It should," replied Carolina, "that is the Champagne Waltz." When Jones recovered consciousness, he saw Mister Dooley leading Carolina away. The truth burst over him in a Hash. He grabbed Dooley's arm and growled, "You're Gonna Lose Your Gal." The next moment Jones would have sworn that the building fell on him, but he was incapable of further combat. His friends carried him home. The next evening Jones asked Jeanine Cfor it had been shej why she was marrying Dooley. She replied, "lf I will not, he will foreclose on our Old Kentucky Home and throw my father, Mother Machree and our servant, Old Bla-ck Joe, into the street." "Why didn't you say so in the first place!" exclaimed Jones. "I just made a clean-up in Wagon Wheels, Incorporated, and a fat profit in the Chicago Board of Trade. The brokers are still singing Comin' Thru' the Rye, in fact." Jeanine stared at him, then ran to a 'phone booth. When she appeared, she said to him, "I 'phoned my father to tell him the news. As I hung up, he was singing We're in the Money and whistling Happy Days Are Here Again. He didn't like Mister Dooley." "Let's get married next week. Frankie anal Johnny will be our wit- nesses. Right after our Coffee in the Morning we'll be Flying Down to Rio on a honeymoon," said Puddin' Head. "I'd be satisfied if you'd Carry Me Back to Old Virginny or if we'd Shuffle off to Buffalo and live By a Waterfallj, stated Jeanine, of Lilac Time ame. "My brother, Casey Jones, will give us a ride on his train, but I won't ask him unless you promise to Holal Your Man," said Jones, feeling more encouraged than he had the night before. "I'll Be Faithful," ventured Jeanine. "Now I can sing Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf since the Old Folks at Home are safe, Sweetheart Darlin'." - By Randall Brown. 48 l 1 i i ?w--n--n----- ---- W- ...-I.-H..-...-H.-..-.........-.W-..-..-.y- .- .- - - - -..-..-1.-ge 1 GRADUAUON suns AT l I F l 5 De NEFFES I T Smart New Styles 2522.50 to 327.50 T TELEPHONE 2124 4...-..-..-..-..-...-..-..-...-..-..-..- -.- .. -...-..-...-..-..-..-,.......-..-..-...-..-..-. MCDONALD THEATRE BLDG. I -i' - - - S QQQEQI MQMUQQAN EPWAJHEURNE 1 MERCHANDISE OF MERI'f ONLY 5 Phone 2700 T l l l . ' I 2 More Than 3 l I ! A Store i l l I AH 1 7 Q l Inshruhonl T T l l +V--M-H -------------------- - ----- ----H-H+ .g......-.... .-..-..-.......-..-...-.......-...-......-..-...-...-..-...-...-...-...-...-...-...- - f EllioH's Grocery and Delicatessen i T FRESH MEA'rs - GROCERY - BAKERY 1 T Try a Juicy Steak or Roast Today i T Phone 95 13th and Patterson i ,i,..-..-...........-..-....,.- ....-..-..-......-..-...- .-......-..-..-..-..-..-.......-..-..-...-..i. Memo: To Ma and Pa Several little hair pins Scattered here and there, Gasoline depleted, Tires minus air, Faint perfume aroma, Mudguards sprayed with tar Plainly shows that Baxy Last night used the carl "See here, Mr. Casey," said Pat to the tax assessor, "You know that goat isn't worth eight dollars." "Oi'm sorry," responded Casey, "but that is the law." And produ- cing his rule book he read the fol- lowing passage: "All property abutting on Front Street should be taxed at the rate of two dollars per foot." 50 gau1-m- -ut--1I-un-nu-lm-nn-nu-nu--1-u1nn-un-ug' l l T ERIC MERRELL 3 2 Clothes for Young Men 2 ! and Their Elders EUGENE T .i. ..,..-t........R..-.,......-...-,..-..,,-R.. ..,i..-............ qu.-H..-W-...-Hi.-....-,...-..,-,..,-...- .,.. - .,,. .. .... -...-.!. L l L The Broadway, Inc. i l Wearing Apparel 8: Dry Goods EUGENE, OREGON E i 30 East Broadway Phone 674 3.-..-...-..........,..-........ .... - .,.. -...-...-,...-......,,.1. im- wlll -my-. ,.,, .........,,1 ..,. 1....- ..., 1 ..,, 1 ,,.. .. ,,.. .....,1...-n? 5 Johnson Furniture Co. 'Q' : We Will Save You Money in 5 Buying Your Furniture I 649 Willamette Phone 1188 E l L 4.-.,.-,..-...-n.......-...-...- .-.......,.-.,.-.......,...,-4. .!.,.-.t....-....-...-,m- .... -...- .... -...,.-,,..-,,..-....-...--Q l e "Come And See Us Sometime" Q Red Cross Drug Co. l l Willamette Street I . -i- + -m-m- -tm-my-...-.4......i1.1-nl-my-......, -,m.... cgi-nn-1 -.,..-n..-W.-..,,-....-,...-.,..-....-,....,,,.-....-4- Market Lunch Z Producers' Public Market g FOUNTAIN LUNCHES -s--i--W---'- '--- --i--M- i-" -H-- ---' -M-----H--M-Y-H----r "Why is it, Rastusf' an old negro was asked by his employer, "that so few negroes ever commit suicide ?l' "It's dis way, boss," replied Ras- tus, Hwhen a white man gets in trou- ble and sets down to worry over it, he gets desperate and kills hisself. When a colored man sets down, he jus' goes to sleep." Kenneth: "Broken off your en- gagement to Eileen I" Orville: t'She wouldn't have me." Kenneth: "You told her about your rich uncle ?" Orville: "Yes, She's my aunt now." ll If fgxsf rafglaft Ofcl r STRAP WATCH FOR HIM Ofhfr Gifts All at Special Low Prices Af The Big Street Clock XHTHE HOME OF DEPENDABLE WATCHESD Hzrisiaws rormsnw 'll,. LUCKEY3 JEWELRY SIORE O rfaf.G?S 2.fbz.Gt.. . 5 r , tllllil f G 1 . or 2 A , Q ' .,.,.,. - He was a bit shy, and after she had thrown her arms around him and kissed him for bringing her a bouquet of flowers, he arose and started to leave. HI am sorry I offended youf' she said. "Oh, I'm not offended," he replied, 'Tm going for more Howersf' Wilfred: "I think that driver in the car ahead of us is an old school teacher of mine." George: "What makes you think so?" Wilfred: "Well, she seems mighty stubborn about letting me pass." .gm-.,,.-.. --.---- M-H.-..-..-..,-.. .,.-.......-....-...-.. ---- . ---- ...,....,.!. l GRADUATION FROCKS l I l i BARNHART'S INC. T I Home Owned Home Operated I T We Pay Taxes in Lane County i 4...-........-.M-,..-l..-...1.-.W-.M.-...-...-..1-..--l..-..-...V-.U-...-....-..1-H.-1...-n--....-.H-M.-H.-M-M-nf. .!.l-........-..,-...-l,,-..,,-..-..,-..,-...-,l-..-.,.-.... ...-..-..,-...-.N-...-.H-...-...-l..-,,,-...-..l-....-..1- l The Store With the Reputation for Giving Good Values! . THE ARMY and NAVY GOODS STORE l 716 Willamette Street Eugene, Oregon l Look for the Big Neon Sign I l Yoon DOLLAR,S Wom-H ALWAYS I +......-.,.- - -. .... ..-...-...-..-..-..-,.-...-.i-....-...-..-. -... ..... ,.,.-,m-..,1 'eg -, y . FURNITU RE COMPANY "You furnish the girl ..... we'll furnish the home." Mn- - - - -H-,,,1.,,-...-...-Q....,.-M-I.-In ogy-mi-m-nu-n--u-.-..- - --.- - ... - - Q PHONE 2592 ...-l.-,....,.-,..-...-l.-...-...- - - - -,..-,..- .,.....-..-...-...-M....,.....-...-...-...-...-......,..-.. 4. Where You Are Always Welcome i l I Della Borln's Dress Shop 1 ' I 5 67 East Broadway Eugene, Oregon .i....-.,:-,..-..-...-...-.,.-...........-.,.-,..-..- .... -..- -.......-.....,.............-.l.........-,..-...-....-ll.-li. A kindly old gentleman met a "Is your wife at home ?" little girl with golden curls out walk- "Naw," replied Frankhauser. ing in the park with her mother. "She's out with a bunch of prize "What a lovely little girl," he ex- Fighters." claimed. "I will give you a nickel for a kiss." "No thank you," replied the little miss scornfully. "Why, I get a dime for taking castor oil." Owen: "Who was the last man to box John L. Sullivan ?" Bob: "The undertakerf' "Prize fighters ?" replied Mrs. Murphy in surprise. "Yes," answered Frankhauser. "She went to a bridge party." Elinor: "I was so upset when Chuck kissed me last night!" June: "Why! Haven't you been kissed before?" Elinor: "Yes, but not in a canoe." g----'-- - ----u-l- --- ----- - 11 - ---- -w--l- 1-+f - --- --l-H-l--1-- - +4 - ---- -w- -- f - 1-A -W- --- -I---I---I-I----my---I I Q THERE IS ALWAYS A BETTER SHOW at the McDonald Theatre Q -i----ll- --l- - ---l-- T--, -l-- ---T -l-- VTT- -.l- T--- -i-l- T--T - T1-1 -ll- AAAT - -TT1 - -TT1 - T--- - TT1- - ---T - T1-- - 'T-- ---I-I----'+I----I -5-l-l-1- - -1- -TT- - ---- -we -YTQ - 1--T - --vi ----- '--+ ----- -VTA - 1--' --l-- --YT ----- -T-- - --'- -----W--'---I------I-M-M-I 1 High School Students Send Your Cords to I I EUGENE STEAM LAUNDRY I I We Restore the Color to Look Like New at No Extra Charge I I Give Us ll Trial I I Phone 123 178 West 8th Street -i-f--l------ fll- - -w1- -w-l-u-I---- T--- -ll- - ---- - -'T- ---l- T.-- -l--- --IT - -'-- -------f- Txf- - --'- - '--- -M--W-If-I-Ill'-----I-3 2-I--I--- - ------'-- ---- - T--1 -H-I-l-'---- -T'- - ---- ------r +I- --fT --f---- -'fT - ---' - 'TT- - -"T - T--- --"I---'I- I I I I I PERI.ICH'S I I Plwlfvwazlhzf by I I I I I I Food Market j Eugeizds Quality Store I .. I I I I Full Line of the Best I I Meats - Fruits - Vegetables I Red and lllhite Brrmd I Canned Goods I 0 0 : TELEPHONE 54 I I I I I I I f I I I 1644 Willamette st. Kennel'-Ellis WE DELIVER +---'- -III -- - I1-1 ---l- '--' - '1-' - -III - -I-- - II4- -- - --II - II-: -I-P il- I1-I - -II1 - ---- - III. ----I---I-l---I---W---I--I---I--I+ Zh- vwll -vl--- ---------u- IIII - .--I - .II. - .II. - .... -...- ,,., -i..- ,,.. - .... -..,.- .,,, - ,... -W-...-....-.Ii-..l..l...-..l.-...I-IIT HENDERSHOTVS I Eugene? Athletic Supply House 770 Willamette Street .3...-,...-....-...-I...-...-...,-I.,-.,.- .... ..,,,.-..,I- ...I -,,..-.,.,-,. Explorer Crelating his experiences at a boarding house tablejz "We were slowly starving, but saved our lives by cutting up our shoes and making soup of them." Dyspeptic Boarder: "Sh-h-h-h-h! Not so loud. The landlady might hear you." Telephone 151 ..-ii-..,,-,...-.,i-,..,..,,..-.,,.-.,,.-.,..-....-0.-....-,,.-,..g. f'Say, Ernie, do you still kiss your wife every morning before you leave for Work ?" "Sure, Keith, I give her rainbow kisses." " 'Rainbow kissesf how's that ?" "The kind that come after a storm." Montgomery Word ond Company 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 f 1 1 1 "The Friendliest Store In Town" I 1 . +l------- - -- ----- ------------- - - - - ------1+ ?.-w- - - .. ---- .4.-u.-...1w-...- -m--,-.n-nu-uu-..-.n-m- - - - - - -lu-lm? 1 , , 1 1 Hutch s Bike Shop 1 85 West Eighth Street Eugene, Oregon .i....-..,-....-...-..-..-....-..-..-..,-.....,.-,..-. .. -...-..-,..- -.--..-..-......,,.-....-..-...-....-ai To the tramp who wanted to earn a bite to eat the housewife said, "If I thought you were honest, I would let you go to the chicken house and gather the eggs." "Lady," he replied with dignity, "I was a manager of a bath house for ten years and never took a single bath." A lady is a woman who always remembers others, and never for- gets herself.-Charles Dana Gibson. Inquisitive Son: "Papa, have we any pictures of angels ?" 'Disgruntled Parent: "Yes, look in your mother's family album." Mr. Hendricks: "Can anyone in the class tell me why an Indian wears feathers in his hair?" Lorraine: "Yes, sir, to keep his wigwamf' The young nature study class was having a lesson on animals. The teacher had asked a number of ques- tions which were easily answered. At length she said: "Why does a dog hang out his tongue when running?" A boy who had not answered be- fore held up his hand. "Yes, Tommy, what is it?" "To balance his tail," was the reply. 'Q"-"-"'-"H--'-"'--"-r'- "'- -HH-HI'-"I--I'--IH'-Hl i WILLIAMS' SELF SERVICE STORE, INC. i ! 77 East Broadway I I -W-.II.-W,I...-N-...I-....-....-,..,...I.-.W,....-....,...-...,i, Eugene, Oregon - The Store Where the Students Sure i ,g,..-..-.-..-..... - -...-...-...- .... - .II. - .II. -...-..-...-...-........- ,.., ......-...-....- -...- - -.........-ei. ?h-.u- - - .-. .-...-...-..I.-..I.- ,... -...-...I-...I-I... ...I -...-..I.-IhI-H---ml-w--1--w--4---w- -H-I-M-H? NEW SERVICE LAUNDRY DRY CLEANING AND LAUNDRY Q g Phone 825 839 High Street Eugene, Oregon 5 ,i,m--u-nu-u.-I.u-u.- ----hi-I - - --N-nu-Im-nu niuninlw- 1 -mI--wu-u.I-mI-uu-un- :vlv -un:-uII1IIII-un I FOR LUMBER SERVICE I Fifth and Willamette ,iw-...-....-...-..-...-I..-I.-...-...-H.-. 'S' 'E' I DENSMORLLECNARD -....-.h.,IIh-....-., - .I..I...-hh-...I-U..-III.-.....,...-I..-h-9 M-I.-.-...-.III-...I..,.I.-..h-I...,h.-...,-.I..- -....-llliyllvy A THE BOOTH-KELLY LUIVIBER CO. I Telephone 85 ..-...- -....-.. -., -......-..,.-..................-...-...-...5. im.,un1l.I-.hiuniuuinll-uni nnnu :uu1ul-uuuiuul-nu-I! I TWIN OAKS LUMBER Co. I l 5 Building Illuterzol Stores I Apparel for the I-Iigh School Miss l John J' Rogers - I - Prem-dent 2 1004 Willamette f ' . , , ' I L L. C. Scharpt - - - Secretcuy i Telephone 6333 1 I 669 High Street Phone 782 I .i.--.-..- .-...-....-...-......,.......-I.-N-.. ......-...L -5- -...-...I-.I..-...-...I-I..-....-..I-...-....-......,.-........i. Q..-I..-...-....-. ----- ...-..-..-...l-I...-I.,-...-.,..-.......-...- - .-.- .- .,,. .....-..............-mg. l nskeety, Ifpinkn ushyn E E L. W. MANERUD I MANERUD-HUNTINGTON FUEL CO., INC. I 1 WOOD, COAL, OIL, HOGGED FUEL I PHONE 651 997 0AK Sr. .i.......-...-....II.-...-......-....-..-..... .... -...-.....,.,.-..-...,- ..., -.,,........-..-..-..,,-..-..........-,.......,........,.i. Dorothy Hart was taking her first trip on a train. When the con- ductor came through the car, calling for tickets, Dorothy readily gave up hers. A few minutes later the pea- nut butcher came down the aisle. "Chewing gum," he shouted. "Never!" cried Dorothy courage- ously. "You can take my ticket but not my gum!" Margaret: "Why, I can't marry you. You're practically pennilessf' Farnum: "That's nothing. The Czar of Russia was Nicholas." Florence: UI sent you some sug- gestions telling you how to make your paper more interesting. Did you carry out my ideas ?" The Ed: "Did you meet the ofiice boy with the waste-paper basket as you came upstairs ?" Florence: "Why yes, I did." The Ed: "Well, he was carrying out your ideas." Oscar: "Haven't I seen you some- where some time ?" Vivian: "Quite likely. I'Ve been theref' 4...-...- .......- ..-.I-.I-I.-.. I I Let's Get Associated . I Danners - One - Stop - Associated - Service I 'I' I I I Tenth Avenue and Olive - - Eugene, Oregon I I Telephone 1765 -s--.-- --.- . .... .. - -..-...-..-...-..-...- - -. -..-. ..... -..-..f. .!...-I.- -..-..-.-..--..-I..-.I-I..- - ......-.!. I I I R. A. BABB I Hardware Co. 1 I I I I -- I I I I Sporting Goods I and I Hardware 5 . C I I I I Telephone 47 ant. '95 I I EUGENE OREGON 'Q' u1un1nu1-vxu1uvu1uu1uu1nn1 1 I 111: nl-lg! DO You KNOW - - S That if you could drive the fam- T I ily automobile overahighway which - I followed Eugene's electric rates the I I past 2 years, it would be down-hill : riding all the way. : I Since 1911 the Eugene Water I I Board has made a half-dozen or I - more rate reductions. : The cost of living which has nev- I I er been BELOW the 1931 level in S I these 23 years, but which at times I I has been MORE THAN DOUBLE I I the 1913 level, is again on the up- I turn. I I At its lowest the cost of living I I was 28.3W1 MORE than in 1913 and I I now is 35W ABOVE the 1913 level. I 2 The electric rates in Eugene are 2 I among the lowest in the United I I States. I I I I EUGENE WATER BOARD. I -i--.......-..-.. .-..-. ..-...-.....,.-...i. 5.-...-...-......-...-...-..-...-...-...-...-..-...-..i. .su-nu -111111 n-1nn1nu1uu1nn1un1un1u1uu1nu1uu1uu1un1 1 1 1 1 1 - :1nu1uw? I 12 MONTHS or THE YEAR I EUGENE BUSINESS COLLEGE I I Irs A Goon SoHooL I I Telephone 666 Miner Building If 4...-..-..-...-......-......- .-...- .-..-......-..-..-...-..-..-...-...- .....-..-..-...-..-..-......i. Restaurant Proprietor fbelliger- entlylt "Listen Mister, when you eat here you don't need to wipe off the plate, see ?" Mild-mannered Gentleman: "I beg your pardon. Force of habit, you know. I'm a baseball umpire." Friend: I understand your wife's great on modernity in keeping house. Victim: Yea-uh: the only scienti- fic doodad that woman hasn't bought on installments is an electric chair! The teacher had been reading stories of boys who had grown to manhood and achieved fame by their inventions. "Now tell me," she asked one boy, "what would you like to invent?" "Fd like to invent a machine so that by simply pressing a button all my lessons would be finished cor- rectly," came the prompt reply. "And you?" continued the teacher, calling on another boy. With an effort the boy rose to his feet and replied in a drowsy voice: "Someone to press the button." :g....,..-.,. ------ -. .-.. ...I-...-.Q. Seymour's Cote I I for 18 years 5 the rendesfzvous - I E. H. S. I I Students W 5 "It's lb T1'c1dit1'0n" I . -1- -...-...- - - -.-..-..- ...- .......,..-..+ n!u--I.u-wI-un-u-uI-nn-W---I-W-w1u.I--I.-nu-gg. ' . I Automobzle Parts and Supplies I I 2 Goodyear Tires I I Batteries I I CARLSON HATTON s. HAY .l.,.-..,- ...A -...- ..., -l.,-.,.- .... -...-t.l-t.I--..-W-I..--in I Rice'S Grocery 7 I I one of 1 Eugene's Finest Community Groceries i f-aiering fo 1 A Distinctive Trade I 380 West 13th Phone 2102 I I FREE PROMPT DELIVERY ,i,.....,-.,.-...-,,.... ,,.. -..,..,..-.... .... ..,l..-..l... - ,... -...i. .!.I.-,....- , .-W.-II.-t..-..I-..,,-...- -.t.-....-.,.- ,? 1 I 5 I LudfOrd'S i for I I I Paints, Artist Supplies I and Pict-ure Framing I , - I 5 I I 979 Willamette Telephone 749 I Telephone 239 Tenth and Oak .i.-..-t.-...-.,.-,..-..-..-.,-.,.-...-,..-l..-...-ti. .i.....- ..,. -...-,. -I-. .--. - .i-- --,---- iii- -----4.--I----I .3..-...... -. - ..- .-...- ...W-.I-...-...-..-t..-..-...-.......-..,..t..-..t-...- ...t..- .- I-I.-----.N--I-g ! ESTABLISHED 1881 I Midgley Planing Mill CO. I I 1111171Ilf'lIl'fIU'6'I'H of I DOORS, WINDOWS, FRAMES, MOULDING, ETC. I ' 4th and High Streets I giguvuu-un-inn-:nu-1un1 nwil fuluu1ul1uuLu.n1nu1..q-.4 The lecturer had spoken for two hours. "I Shall not keep you wait- ing much longer," he Said. "I am afraid I have spoken at very great length. There is no clock in the room and I must apologize for not having a watch with me." A voice from the rear interrupted, "There'S a calendar on the wall be- hind you, mister." "Watchagotna package." "SaboOk." "Sadickshunery, fullonaimes. Gon- na getaplecedog angottagettanaim- ferimf' Eugene, Oregon .,-...-...-I.-.......,..-.,..-...-,...-..,.-...-,...-..-M-...-..g. A bored city Slicker named Pratt Once stepped near a bored mule to chat. When he woke up in bed A day later, he said: "Well, we both got a kick out of that!" Little Ann returned home from the movies looking weary and sad. Her mother asked, t'HOney, was- n't the picture any good today ?" Ann replied, UNO, it was awful. I could hardly sit through the third performance." .gn-...-.. -.-.- ...-...-..-..-..-...-..-.. -..-..-......-..-...-..-.. ----- .-...-...!- i For the Best in Dairy Products I insist on T I 7 "Blue Bell" T l l T Milk, Cream, Butter, Cottage Cheese and Ice Cream l I i EUGENE FARMERS' CREAMERY 1 Telephone 6:38 .ie---H-Ie ------- - -..-.--...... ..-..-..-,. ..-....-. ...-..-..i. u!vu---u--w-----u--------u--u--u-w- 4...-.u--u--.--..--e-.------.--u--u----.ll-.lm4, I ' ' EVERYTHING IN DRUGS : g 7 F MX ' . 5 2 P Qjffalibill Tgwgbys iii' . ff' x A Y X , Z er ume an osme ics E I 'N 1 I KUYKENDALL I I 9 foonmn 4 I i D31-YG CO- I EUGEN1-270 V'IYelE1u1l11ghEe?22treetCREG0N 'im'"""'T"""""""" ' ' -"WT f""u1??JE5l'1T1li:il's5E'MEE 'E6T"'T Compliments of INC- 2 . 2 e s h, D d G 1 e l Ke1th's Grocery l 1 as iifiii iiilrk 'mm 1 I I T Boats cmd Boat Material I I Seventeenth and Charnelton : East Eighth and Mill Race 2 i-m-u-W-I'-u-H-M-ll-M-M ui. Telephone 1782 -""-"-"-" --e-..-..-..-..-e.-...-..-..----..-i.--.-eq. in-nu-1t-ifu--u-un-uu-nu-u--nu--an-nu-n-u-.f, .f.1......- - ....-...-...-..-..-....-,..- - ....-,!, - I e . Hotel Oregon i CRESSEYS' Opposite postoffice Booksellers and Stationers I 864 Willamette Street I i W. A. CUMMINS, Mgr. EUGENE, OREGON 4...-..-..-..-..-..-...-...-..-..-..-..-u.-,.i. 4.-..-..-..-,.-...-..-....i.-l..-..-l..-...-.......,a Adrian: "That cow over there -why hasn't she any horns ?" Plank: "Well, it's this Way. Some of the cows are born without horns and never grow upg some shed theirsg some we dehorng and some breeds aren't supposed to have horns at all. There are lots of reasons why some cows don't have horns, but the main reason why that cow over yonder hasn't got horns is that she's not a cow-she's a mule." Many a traffic cop's victim feels that a courtroom is a place where justice is dispensed - with. Bud: "Say, what were you doing with that lantern you were carrying down the street last night?" Austin: "I was going to see my girl." Bud: "Well, I never took a lantern with me when I called on my girl before we were married." Austin: "Yeah, and look what you got." Roosevelt's New Deal is Dictated but not Red.-Fudge. Golf :-A game where the ball al- ways lies poorlyg and the player well. 58 2..-...-...-...-.M-...-......,.-........-....-ti-............ ...-..... -..- -..... -...-..... - -.-..-....-..-5. 1 . . . . . . l ' Exactmg Vzszon for Etractmg Fzgures 1 l 5 L Mathematical Work Demands Accurate . , ,, if l L Vision My '-f, if A ff" ' 5 , E IF YoU NEED - GLASSES - i f THE - COST is - SMALL - 1 Your Benefit Greatest l DR. ELLA c. MEADE I 1 14 West Sth Street i l .i.....,...-..- -.-...-H..-...-,..-...-....-v........- -......m.-.. - - -....-...Q- .!...-....- .-M.-....-...-...-T...-...-..,-...-T..-. -K..-.!. +1.-1...-...l-...-...-M- .... -....-...,.-...-...-...-.V...-T..-.!. I CUT-RATE DRUGS Q Q Ask Us - Our Pl'iC9S - OH that ! I l T Repairing - You've Been 1 1 Western Thrift Stores l T Wanting 1 EUGENE, OREGON i .i.-..-...-.......-..-...-...-...-...-...-....-...-..-..4. .gn-ui---I iw-n.u-nu-nu-un1un-nu-un- -lll --u-an-ul.-in l Radiator, Fender and Body Repairs l AUTO BODY 8x FENDER CO. I . 1 Corner 7th and Charnelton All Work Guaranteed ' I I i Telephone 249 Eugene, Oregon i .i.-...........t-...-..-...-...-....-.........-T..-..,.- ..,. ,sa....... - ...H-.W-...-. - -.,-...............-....-.... 1 1 l 1 l -1- The proud mother was talking of her son's last athletic feat in a track meet. "He must be a very fast runner," she Said, showing the paper to a friend. "It says he fairly burned up the track with his record-breaking speed, and it's true, because I saw the track this morning and it was nothing but cindersf' Artist: "A thousand Wouldn't buy this picture." Onlooker: "Well, I'm one of the thousand." ri' 'Q' 1 -1- -...,,...-.,,,-....-.........-H-1.-...... - -..- -...-,., EUGENE'S BEST . Gold Medal 'Grade A' Dairy Products i 5 J. W. Copeland T 131 West Eighth Telephone 572 I ' -1- -u'......-...n-iw-....-.m-.......n-lm-....-.i.-.-..-lm-A ..-....-,...-......wi-...-....-...i......-n-.....-In-........-,l, ! SKEIE'S JEWELRY STORE I EUGENE, OREGON I 2 927 Willamette Street i A Makers of Fine Jewelry : - Telephone 411 l Eugene, Oregon -......m-ml-u.1l..-U..-ml-...y......-...-1.-1....t-.....,.,f. if l - MEDO-LAND CREAMERY i Telephone 393 .---.-----T..-...-..--..-..-...-.......-...-.............-...- .... - .... -..-...-...-..-...-...-..-...-...-...-........i. There were just as many carless drivers 30 years ago, but the horses had more sense. Traffic jams cause fewer acci- ients than pickled drivers. Crooning was defined by Noah Webster, who preceded radio, to be a contimwus bollow sound, as of cat- tle in pain. If times keep getting better there may yet be a car for every filling Station. ..,-,..-,...-....-,,,-.u-un-,,,.-my-,..-mi-.,.-.,.-,.,,-....-ui.-H..-,...-...i-,,,,,,,.-,,,,.. KCKE-CHAPMAN COMPANY Better Printing cmd Service TELEPHONE 103 75 West Eighth Street Eugene, O -..,nn-..-.,...n.-n-,.-...-i.n-im...n..m-...-i..-..-.m-...-in-..., 60 I Sign here, Please! A -- ,, 1 ff V - - - 454-ca. ,d,,,4,W1, vb- L. K- 6 - 'H J . as n L9 BQ,-1 flffj SQ' 1 3 I . 4- r,, -M. 61, Ag., 1 .Ny ' X ff? ' ' 5?i',,- 1 I ' ' J ' Y ' ' 7 ,' , Y . ff f ,1 f - ' , l , . yn-. 3 . I , .rl I , 5 Q- 1 rf ' 5, A I -. ., 631113: .GL H' b' r ,III X '7'27,7,5,a,,, Z4 ' 87,375 Il i Z J M uf f ' ' fx ' , 'rv 1 ' 1 Ni r V p L 1 I .4 I Us H lffid-acc,-v1f4 'I' J' I., . K W A-huq.u .'kh:QFg Sq fplbbfb gif". V . -- " - " "- . 'I u,'-. Q.. J"-. Q if 'fvif' " f V gfbdoscdxw- g'4.?Y,'T1f"uL.1Ql,4"' 7' 1 ' -,M ,V 2' - 4' 67 e :sw Q Owe . f JJ 'alps' 3.1" f ' ' V! I , l W ff. f,,l1,' .L .ckoird V- 'N 8 , Qffffjfxfggg ' 1 w f-A Nl, - n 4 fcfll' w , J, I I 4, - 1 , ' 0 f P 1 A ' ' -,K D .'f ,I If ' --ZIV L I , L ,313 Y l 1+ , '. f I l ' 'W . ' Q . 4 A -V4 h - Y 1 111 V- lf' '- 1? 'I L f . I , , 9: ,QQ Sign here, Please! fn! - - -Qr-ZCQJI3' UL 2: J0,0L,,7l:gLlg,4 ,iff ' .J C I jf D6 " ax iffy WH 7' "Hal ,'5a,n7 '.?.5" -4 Zo! M'QcMZCn xx. XQO ...iii im QV 35 5 44M.,,4g4,j lynn I J 47f.wfvQfvvf"97fLf,L6 Lie By vynf, '9 K' -v 'L MLLQ ' -K 3 dw, 1 L,-ftlf, , , fdff."'ffff',-1'. X, u ll ,MMU 36 A f' 0 4 36' , 1 -4 , ,,ggJ,.,wwM Q-' Sign here, Please! V l 1 W x I I Postlude Think back, for a moment, to your childhood days, and to some- body's garden. Think of the mint and the violets, of the crocuses and roses. Can you feel the thrill of hollyhock ladies, and pansy "man- in-a-tub's"? There should be such a garden in every one's heart. Many times, in the years to come, e hope you will open this book QV ours, and think back to your high school days, as you do to that garden. May your mem- ories be sweet, and fragrant, and lasting-flower memories, all the days of your life. THE STAFF. ag

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