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 - Class of 1932

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FW' i' ,:-14,5 J, ' :A ., 1 A f , ?A .H Q A 'f Q K'-A -Z' 4,24 4.-f .,' V .. - "A-L. 4, 52: Q, ',,1f z ,- :.,f.,A-- ' rl f.1,,- '1 if 5 ' e2'zE.' 1 F12 1'f f - "1. fgL2i fix- 1, Eg L' , X, li. ,ll v-Miigr X.: :,'.,.Vl si. a ,.AA Ai 5,32 J Z i ,Q ?JH5.i,3,.! .,:A ' A LQ AAAACVTAI . - v 11, Q2 at if Q ,lil I , Adi av' dw , Ugg! u',"!N,i'vrA ,"fk.'fM - 'f4fQ3:1"'a A. fl' li A 1 'gf iw' W Q f 2? ' - Egg 'Q ' J i9T f'ei 3-4"g ' gwaff-5 A, '. -lg 51,"5' ia 'jlxsljg , milf? .fra-gf A Aw,5w:34. 4 'fr W5-,-gr,i . A - ' K H ' -' ,giia ApfP15,1g1a5g ff7f?WQ,p 1 E-1 .ig , JT in ' ' H- 24,12 A I,-' '3 -'A kd ,g1pg:'F,' 'fjfi I Q . -4 ', ,ffl '-'-if . F521-+ . 3, Q. ' lww ' . .3 'i ' f if-gf 7, Pg: -'mf , 'pw Q i 'HQ x A-f,v,,1?N girl? 35' 51 . + , - 1- 'V5,3'lii7'ff .13 ' W'ZIATf."?-' lyk- Q? Wifi' 'f 14 ' . '-.:Q'k,.-1 '-- M.. iLb.'Na,ifi1 Mr ff '21, J' ,, :f1e' 1 -,ia All C, 241:-5'-ag? 1-We ,, ""'3QF Q' 9: 'Qulr.'5Sf ' f irfibfri 1 i .3293-',A4'L V L- f 15 'Q 2, , wifalaz' ,x X' ' ' 1--'A , ff?-H 1--11:2 ' 4' V1 Emu? 11 5 .. 'J -Qi-riff" Av ' .- ,. . A fl .Vi .,. lE,fw,, . gf .Y gil Thug - ,,5gf,Q,' , ,Jil if fn ,..1,fg5-sa--' 1 , L+ .,, . . . . , 'Q n- il .rv ,x..- . 0" - l l rf! ,fjf "t'A"'- ' ' -- 'rg' j-2,6 ' If Xfmx , iv . gf --X ,wi Qc,-f 41,96 wif J .f 1 - ,Al THE EUGENEAN A record of o modern pil- grimage afraught, not, with the hardshipifwhigh pug pioi-,X - neer fathers endured, but with the untold advantages which we enioy because of their vision, their heroism and their faith in the future of this Oregon country. VOLUME XXXI Published by the Student Body of EUGENE HIGH SCHOOL, Eugene, Oregon 1932 i G, Dioneers E To qou wl1om ll1e communilq deliqlnls lo lwonor os if endeovors flwouqlu o series ol poqeonls lo enslwrine qour memorq in our lrneorfs - - - To qou wl1o loolfed loword o lneller counlrq, llcld ll1e will lo slrive,ll1ecouroqe lo dare ond llwe slrenqllw lo endure - - - To qou, men and women ol ll1e slronq lweorf ond llwe willinq l1und wlwo lrollowed ll1e5unsel-I-rail ond secured lor us llwe lrlessinqs wl1icl1 we enjoq lodclq- - To qou we dedicole ll1is Boolf - - - To ll1e Oregon Dioneers Euqene I-iiqix Caressed by whispering fronds of swaying elms Whose branches cast long fingers of green shade Across the paler velvet of her lawns Our Alma Mater stands a monument To what we are, and what we hope to be. The flowering shrubs that lean against her walls Now strung with starry petals or with drops Of gleaming scarlet berries in the fallw How many are the memories they have caught And blow to us like kisses down the years While ivy, clinging close like silver thoughts Of those that love her, binds her to our hearts. -Juliette Claire Gibson. Yesterday : Almost a century ago a period of migration began in our country as the East moved toward the West and the slogan became "Go West." The pioneers who crossed the plains in oxen-drawn covered wagons, endured untold hardships. These sturdy people opened up the West, built homes, de- veloped the resources, and established schools that their children might be educated. -I-Ofifllj 1'- The spirit of the pioneer lives still and pos- terity carries on the work begun by him. The trails which he crossed with long, slow caravans are now broad highways upon which pass auto- mobiles, and above fiy the aeroplanes. Villages where he settled have grown to cities and industri- al centers. The log houses Where once a bell call- ed reluctant boys and girls to strive for the rudi- ments of knowledge are gone, and in their place are large buildings, and today the educational system of our State is one of the finest. -I-0I"l'lOFPOWi We, the descendants of the pioneers, are pri- vileged to complete the task which they began. They endured untold hardships to make our West the land of promise and to those who came to Oregon in the early days we pledge ourselves to "carry on" and to make our State a greater Ore- gon. -I-lwe Dioneen I am the Pioneer-the Explorer.the Adventurer. At the first faint dawn of unremembered time, It was I who led thesons of men Forth on their primordial pilgrimage- Out of their remote and unknown shelter- Over the lowlands and the mountains- Over the rivers and the oceansw And through the air! Then by horse and wheel,,.by boat- At first on foot they fared, Moved by curious and mighty engines of locomotion Toward the West I led them-restless, searching, Ever toward the setting sun, Till they reached the Homeland- The last and best abiding place.. Oregon. -W. F. G. Thacher. W 'tt f th S tT l l ll tl p fth thor. .,a,v Q ' . nm. ,, . '..'. , n .' .':N'.'f : '.' .: u . -. I .,.., f . . n "" in '.' ,,. '..u 4 mlm, , IU,-.,.',.fa ' ..'.' ii.-1,---J H- , . ' '- ' ' :.'v- - :-'."-'-'i.'2-':'.F:."'.'.I -, -.., -Q -.' . ' f s ' ,5-.1-.g,'. V ,ue -5 . ,ll-.Zur of.: 'I . . ' 0 ' . - l v--..'.. .,, .,..,, .... , -- ...V-.,,, ,A-.g.s . .,.., ' . . , .., .-1 'T -Tn' '.'-- -,. ' ., .-..-,.j-.,'... , '.,.- . . . , . ,::., au,-f. -.,,-,. I .'.',.-'S- " .'.1 ' . . ." . .,..4',,, ......,-, T., . il. .-.,'. '. . j.. ' -1 -,' .'- .- ,.1.-.-,.,-.,j 5 . '-.3 . -, - .--.,-'. ' x..':','-" -:- '. .. .. , , . . . . , . J."-"-'.'.' -". . ' . Q , .-gy-.-.' ..-1'-.2 .,' -3-fn. .'- .-'-.Z:' M ' 'i ,'.",. I ' ' .".'."-'.,'- '.'.'- .,-..':- --.-,U H, ,, .Q3 , Fx... ... .,.1.-,..g, ,..',., . - ' ,'-,"usu " ' 1- 1 ' ,-.. ..--I ur- ' 12' .":" "" -. ' .3g,-. ,,, ' 1' -0.1-L ,- f.'.' -I. .,5....: ,:,1..g...:.... . - Di.. - ' ' ,- . 'A'- 1,"' 11- ' o 'ills ,". . -.:. . H- , 'I . "5 '.':,. '.-- ,' '- ' . . :'.1.1' 'J4 f . '-'x ,-1' '-"' '-".."" 1' . . ' A . 1 ' I ' 'U -.' 1,-., , .. . ,., .,I , -S1 ':-f'- . . n., . J, . ..'-,' .'-. ' ... .. 1:--- ..-'. .I . - - Q .,, .,v .f- .u ,- on r '- . , . . f... ... ,'f+'11 -C ' . ' 1.4 7, Av, ' if f-:S '. fi' .ff , --by-Ji ':J4E', 'N "-' 'rl' . 'ke .nf , r F A ' EI -ki: 'I . fri -.A 'ff ,V 196 Elf, KJ. . -'l 2' . 32 ff s, 5E 1 .U 61 . .gn 5 34 E.-. n ' .4 MRS. W. D. SMITH, Chuirmfm A. R. GRAY E. M. DREW DR. H. W. TITUS E. F. BAILEY MRS. E. A. LUNDY, Clerk The Board oi Educoiion These are the men and women of foresight and vision who have looked ahead into the future and pointed the Way toward the Land of Opportunity. They merit our sincere respect and appreciation for the splendid service, gratuitously rendered, and for the always hopeful outlook and encourage- ment which they have consistently given. D HOWARD R. GOOLD Superintendent of Eugene Schools 8 HARRY B. JOHNSON Principal of Eugene High School 9 MISS CHASE MISS DE GOOD MRS. FLETCHER MR. ALLISON MR. FASSETT MISS MCDERMOTT MISS SCHAEFER MISS KINSEY MISS BLAIS MISS JACKSON MISS RERID MR. M. JOHNSON MISS NORRIS MISS V. CLARK MRS. WARREN MR. KRAMER 10 l:ClCUill.J ALLISON, HAROLD W ..... Economics, Civics Coe College, Cedar Rapids, Iowap U. of 0. Debate Coach. Asn, GRACE IONE ..................... ......... A rt U. of O. Adviser to Texnias Club. BAKER., FRANCES ELIZABETH Education U. of O. Adviser to Girls' Letter Club. Adviser to Athletic Department of Girls' League. BEEBE, MRS. BEATRICE B ................. English University of Illinoisg U. of 0. BLAIS, CLARA M .................... ......... .... F r ench U. of 0. Adviser to Le Circle Francais. CHASE, EMMA .............,..........., Mathematics Michigan State Normal, U. of O. Adviser to News and Eugenean. Adviser to Tri-Y. CHICK, MRS. ELEANOR CoLEMAN..English U. of O. Adviser to Educational Department of Girls' League. CHRISTIE, MRS. ETHEL CHASE ............ English, History University of Minnesota. Dramatic Coach. Adviser to Mask and Dagger. CLARK, VIRGINIA .............. Secretary to the Principal E. H. S. Eugene Business College. DE GOOD, BEE ................ Typing, Shorthand Gregg School, Eastern State Teachers' College. Sophomore Class Adviser. Adviser to Clerical Department of Girls' League. DIEBEL, CLARENCE E ....... .... .... P h ysics, Chemistry U. of O. Adviser to Senior Class ELKINS, DARoLD DANFORTH .............. Civics Commercial Law. Commercial Geogaphy. U. of O. Adviser to Junior Class. Adviser to Hi-Y. FASSEVPT, FRANK N ....,.....,...... Bookkeeping U. of O. Baseball Coach. FLETCHER, MRS. MARIE P ............... Library Training U. of O. GIBSON, J ULIETTE CLAIRE .............. Englibh U. of O. Adviser to E. H. S. News. GILBERT, FRANC P ............... ...,.... S cience Oregon State College. Adviser to Tri-Y. 11 M MR. ELKINS MR. HENDRICKS MRS. GORRELL MISS ASH MISS LAMB MR. DIEBEL MISS BAKER MISS GIBSON MR. MOORE MRS. CHICK MR. MICKELSON MRS. CHRISTIE MISS DEIERLEIN MR. KERNS MISS GILBERT MISS WooDS MRS. BEEBE 12 GORRELL, Mas. LULU C ..................... Latin, Mathematics U. of 0. Adviser to Inter Nos. Adviser to Tri-Y. Adviser to Vocational Department of Girls' League. HENDRICKS, RUSSELL G ........ ........... H istory U. of O. Adviser to Honor Society. JACKSON, HELEN LYNN ..,.,........... Clothing Oregon State College. JOHNSON, MARTIN F ......... Industrial Arts Oregon State College. Adviser to Outdoor Club. Adviser to Rifle Club. JOHNSON, HARRY B. ,.....,.........,... Principal U. of O. Adviser to Honor Society. KERNS, BERT C. ................,............... Science U. of O. Assistant Football Coach. Swimming Coach. KRAMER, FRED M .....,. Physical Education, Civics Washington State College. Adviser to Golf Club. Adviser to E Club. KINSEY, MAE' D. .................,.........,., English U. of O. Adviser to Honor Society. Adviser to Eugenean Staff. LAMB, MAXINE ,..,.. ......,,,. S panish U. of O. Dean of Girls. Adviser to Girls' League. Adviser to Honor Society. MICKELSON, ODINE N.. ....... Industrial Arts U. of O.g Oregon State College. Sophomore Class Adviser. MOORE, DELBERT V. ..... ...Orchestm, Band U. of O. MCDERMOTT, OLA M ............... Mathematics U. of O. Adviser to Junior Class. NORRIS, RITA .................... Home Economics Oregon State College. REID, MINNIBEL ...................... Mathematics U. of O. Adviser to Honor Society. Adviser to Tri-Y. SCHAEFER, RUTH E. .. ...................... Histavry Willamette Universityg U. of O. Adviser to Senior Class. WARRE'N, Mas. MILDRED P ............. English Franklin College, Indiana. Adviser to Auxiliary Department of Girls' League. Woons, CAROLYN LOUISE .... Music, English University of Wisconsin. Adviser to Finance Department of Girls' League. Af- I eww? vu' gawk it if 'J 515 1 :ip 'Qi :ffm X, 's aw' 5, 'biv- Jfz wyuw bf ilvl I -ki" 'sv -Ea- - if ' ' wi ., ,, ,fi 1 H1191-, ,. ,, .,,,. ,,..- , ,, ., A g,p,it-If Ti , 2532.2 I Ky, ,ie-fff ' , Wig? f ' Ir? B all .- "yt" K. Nl.,-:w1e,'."v im. 'f L-"wwf . f, I X. g.1"fEr'g, gvfgfm' ' , Iii 5J2!5"?'!zJ.,Q41g"2, ig,-Q L " ,-: .r . 44: -tif 'Jai 4-Vi ' . .ft :aff ji 'F , -- ,X if -...-rf-, . - ' ' ff .g , 1, . +.'-Evjq' I-,-.',",' 5' at--e - a,l.-4 Q ' 5 4. f:x.w'ef:-sg, 11 A 1 I-lid-1 'flis f-filer? -i -v W1-'-au'-Q-av:-2 -.Jw-. ' '. f U . :fr I 33:-av! ,,'.,, -l. 'x, f 'Q ' -Q "HA + . - '1:rw,.af1'f' 1. ' Y-fn -, 'Sz 1 A. 4 -35-.f Lv ,,,'n,:,g 1, .iq -ag. 4-,f' ,tg1r3ia'.3mf-'+' ff. ' hi f M me Lager- .fv Ja 4 H. L , nl D , xr- XK ' 'mf :Q " N A A The Covered Wagon "From New England, from Kentucky, from Missouri, Came the settlers, came the home-seekers, came the pioneers, Led by the lure of gold, by the lure of land. By the brighter lure of adventure, In tented Wagons they came, drawn by slow straining oxen, Full of hope, high hearted, They endured the pangs of thirst and hunger, Met the menace of storm and prairie fire-. The greater peril of savage frightfulness. Through long days and longer nights, They lived mid lurking dangers, But traveled ever Westwardw. Ever West and North.. Over the Oregon Trail, Over the path of destiny, Till they found the land of promise- The last and best frontier- Oregon. - -W. Used hy Perniissmn of the Author 14 F. G. Thacher aw 5 4. Q. I., f f - 7 V -Vx . f BLAIs A f HILLIARD LEWIS HUGHES xSQl'I IOFS President - - - - - - JAMES BLAIS Vice-President - - LUVERNE HILLIARD Secretary - - - - JANE LEWIS g Treasurer - - - JANET HUGHES Advisers ----- - - - Miss ScHAEFER,MR.D1mBm. The members of the Senior Class, since their entrance in 1929, have assumed positions of leadership which have increased both in number and importance since they were sophomores. In the first year, marked athletic ability was shown by boys who earned letters, while a skit "Alice In Wonderland," presented in the Hi- J inks, brought to light several actors who were chosen for Mask and Dag- ger. The Sophomore Shuffle held in February was one of the year's most enjoyable dances. In the second year, sixteen members of the class were honored by be- ing elected into the Alpha Chapter of the National Honor Society. This was the largest number of Juniors ever admitted into this Chapter at one time. A skit, "Waitin' for the Hickville Train," was given in the Hi-J inks, and the class play, "Whimsy," was presented on December 12. These plays revealed dramatic talent and several of the cast were subsequently elected into Mask and Dagger. Outstanding players of the teams including the captain of the football team were from the Class of 1932, and sixteen boys were awarded letters. Two dances, the informal held in the fall and the formal given in the spring to honor the seniors were well-attended affairs. In the Senior year, this class led in scholarship, provided the main- stays for the athletic teams, and its members were foremost in activities and held important offices and chairmanshi s of committees. "What Happened Then," by Juliette Cgaire Gibson was given by the class in the Hi-J inks, and on May 13, "Nathan Hale," the Senior play which dealt with the Revolutionary War period, was presented. It is with sincere regret that the members of the Class of 1932 leave Eugene High School where they have endeavored to maintain the high standards and traditions. 15 AM Amlrm-ws G. Adams J, Adams Any Aldous Barber Hatvs Beuklvy B1-nnvtt BUl'g'l'l'SL!ll lllzxis Borrego U. Brsulway Brandt Branson 16 K, Aulzlms Barn:-s Bc-ymvr Bl?SSCI'll1il1l Bray H. Adams Barton Birnstiel H. Bradway Brent ADAMS, GLENN O.-Entered from Craigmont, Idahog College Prep. Course3 U. of O. ADAMS, JEAN ELAINE-Entered from Craigmont, Idaho3 Girls' League3 College Prep. Course3 U. of O. ADAMS, KATHERINE L.-Mask and Dagger 33 Texnias Club 23 Girls' League3 "Turn of the Road3" College Prep Course3 Nurses' Training School, Calif. ADAMS, ALLEN STACY-Entered from Yoncalla, Oregon3 Hi-J inks 33 College Prep. Course3 U. of O. AGERTER, PAUL D.-Entered from Tucumeori, New Mexico3 E Club 33 General .Course. ALDOUS, LESLIE EARL--Entered from Alma, Oregon3 Glee Club 33 Orchestra 3g General Course. ANDREWS, ANDOR MARTIN-Entered from Springfield, Oregon3 Varsity Debate Squad 33 Nestorian 2g Outdoor Club 2-3 3 Rifle Club 23 "Nathan Hale" College Prep Course. ' AREY, MODELLE-Inter Nos. 1-2-3? Girls' League3 General Course. BARBER, DALLAS-Rifle Club 1-23 College Prep Course. BARELS, JAMES H.-Entered from Roseburg, Oregon3 General Course. BARTON, MINA FERN-Glee Club3 Girls' Sextette3 Mixed Chorus, "Lucky Jadeg' "Sonia"3 "Mikado" 3 Commercial Course. BARNES, JACK R.-Inter Nos. 1-2-3Q Basketball 1-2-33 Hi-Jinks 13 "Second Thanks- giving3" College Prep COl.1I'S6'Q U. of O. BATES, ALICE MARIE-Inter Nos. 1-2-33 Tri-Y 2-33 Girls League3 College Prep. COUTSBQ U. of O. BEALS, RUSSEL M.- E Club 2-33 Hi Y 33 Outdoor Club 33 Mixed Chorus 33 Track 23 Football 2-33 "Nathan Hale" Commercial Course. BEAKLEY, VERNON L.-Mixed Chorus 33 "Sonia3" Commercial COUTSOQ U. C. L. A. BENNETT, MARGARET ANN-Entered from Vernonia, Oregong Girls' League3 Col- lege Prep Course 3 Oregon Normal School. BEYMER, FLORENCE OPAL-Entered from Norman, Oklahoma3 Girls' Leagueg College Prep. Course3 O. S. C. BIRNSTIEL, IDA BONITA--National Honor Society 33 Student Body Treasurer 33 Girls' League3 Commercial Course. BLAIS, HAZEL VIRGINIA-Eugenean Staff 33 Girls' Leagueg "Nathan Hale" Col- lege Prep. Course3 U. of O. BLAIS, JAMES SUMNER-National Honor Society 2-33 Class president 2-33 Eugen- ean Staff 23 News staff 33 Nestorian Society 1-23 Debate Team 1-23 State Extem- pore Contest 13 Yell leader 33 Hi-Y 33 E Club 33 Mask and Dagger 2-33 "WhimSyQ,, "Big Time3" "Nathan Hale3" Hi-Jinks 33 College Prep. COUTSBQ U. of O. BORGERSON, JEAN M.-Entered from England, North Dakota 33 Glee Club 33 Mixed Chorus 33 Sextet 33 Mask and Dagger 3g "MlkadOQ', College Prep. Course3 U. of O. BORREGO, DOROTHY FLORENCE-Entered from Salem, Oregon3 Mask and Dagger 3g Orchestra 23 Hi-Jinks 1-2g "Nathan Hale3" College Prep Course3 U. of Arizona. BOSSERMAN, CLYDE A.-Nestorian Society 1-23 Spanish Club 13 "Turn of the Road3" College Prep. Course3 U. of O. BRADWAY, CLAUDE A.-Spanish Club 13 E Club 2-33 Football 13 Track 2-35 Gen- eral Course. BRADWAY, HAROLD-E Club3 Football 1-23 Basketball 1-23 Baseball 13 College Prep. Course. BRANDT, GEORGE C.-College Prep. COHTSQQ U. of 0. BRANSON, CHARLCIA MAE-Spanish Club 13 Golf Club 2-33 Tri-Y 2-33 Girls' League: College Prep. Course3 U. of O. BRAY, ALVIN H.-Nestorians 1-2-33 Swimming 1-23 French club3 Mardi Gras3 Com- mercial Course 3 U. of O. BRENT, VERNA FAE-Glee Club 1-35 Mask and Dagger 2'-33 Football Princess 33 Girls' Leagueg "WhlmSyQ,, "Big Time3" "The Lucky Jade3" Hi-Jinks 1-2-33 "Nathan Hale3" College Prep. Course 3 U. of O. 17 A. Ilriggrs IC. Ih'ig'g's Brogflou B Vmvn Hut t ers lla-als Q.il1llC'l'UIl U:il'pc-'lm-r l':1l'1'lltllers ll. Uhlllllll lll l'lmn1lu-rs M. Chillllllilll Churm-hill CIlI'iSfUffEl'SUIl Cummins l'lzu'k A, Cutlxrvll M. Cutlm-11 Umwkcrlim: Crush-y lliulcey Uudck Draper Dodds Ilunbcrg 18 BRIGGS, ALYCE M.-Le Cercle Francais 15 Glee Club 1-2-35 Mask and Dagger 35 Girls' League5 Hi-Jinks 1-2-35 Commercial Course. BRIGGS, ETHEL LEONE-Entered from Springfield, Oregon5 Girls' Leagueg Com- mercial Courseg Business College. BROGDON, RAY-Alchemist 25 Golf Club 1-25 College Prep. Course5 U. of O. BROWN, LENORA-National Honor Society 35 President, Girls' Letter Club 35 Girls' League5 Commercial Course5 Eugene Business College. BUTTERS, LACEY S.-Rifle Club 35 Football 35 College Prep. Course5 O. S. C. CAMERON, HOWARD SUMNERS-Swimming 2-35 College Prep. Course5 U. of O. CARPENTER, CORDELIA E.-Nestorian Society 1-25 Mask and Dagger 35 Tri-Y5 College Prep Course5 U. of O. CARRUTHERS, MABEL KATHLEEN-Girls' League 1-2-35 Hi-.links 35 Commercial Course5 Behnke-Walker Business College. CHAMBERS, HELEN-Spanish Club 15 Girls' Leagueg College Prep. Course5 U. of O. CHAPMAN, DONALD-Student Council 35 Yell Leader 1-25 Mask and Dagger 1-2-35 E Club 2-35 Nestorian Society 1-25 Band 2-35 Glee Club 35 Swimming 35 Hi-Jinks 1-2-35 "Whimsy5" "Big Time5" "Mikado" 35 "Nathan Hale" 35 College Prep. Course5 U. of O. - CHAPMAN, MILO L.-Glee Club 1-35 Mask and Dagger 1-2-35 "Whimsy5" Hi-Jinks 1-2-35 College Prep Course. CHRCLSTOFFERSON, BORGNY-Girls' Leagueg "Nathan Hale5" College Prep. Course5 . S. C. CHURCHILL, MARTHA C.-Tri-Y 25 Girls' Leagueg College Prep. Course5 0. S. C. CLARK, RUTH EVELYN-Entered from Elmira, Oregon5 Girls' League5 Steno- graphic Course5 Portland Business College. COCKERLINE, DORIS-Inter Nos. 1-2-35 "Birds' Christmas Carol5" "Second Thanks- giving5" College Prep. Course5 U. of O. COTHRELL, ANNA ROSE-National Honor Society 2-35 News Staff 35 Library Staff 35 Le Cercle Francais 2-35 Tri-Y 1-2-35 College Prep. Course5 Albany College. COTEIRELL, MARGUERITE CLAIRE-Library Staff 35 Girls' Leagueg Commercial ourse. CROSLEY, STEPHEN-"Mikado5" "Nathan Hale5" General Course5 U. of O. CUMMINS, RUTH E.-Tri-Y 25 Girls' League5 College Prep. Course5 O. S. C. DAWE, HAROLD V.-Alchemist Club 25 College Prep Course5 O. S. C. DICKEY, LUCILLE GRACIA-Entered from Newport, Oregong Spanish Club 15 College Prep. Course. DODDS, HELEN WILLARD-National Honor Society 2-35 President, Girls' League 35 League Council 1-25 Eugenean Staff 25 Mask and Dagger 35 Vice-President, Spanish Club 15 Girls' Glee Club 35 Hi-Jinks 35 "The Proposal5" "Saturday Market5" College Prep. Course5 U. of 0. DRAPER, CARL FRANCIS-National Honor Society 2'-35 Student Council 1-2-35 News Manager 35 News Staff 35 Hi-Y 2-35 E Club 35 Mask and Dagger 35 "The Turn of the Road5" "In the Zone5" College Prep. Course5 O. S. C. DUDEK, HAROLD M.-Entered from Bakersfield, California5 National Honor Society 35 Glee Club 35 Mixed Chorus 35 "Mikado" 35 "Freshies5" General Course5 Uni- versity of Michigan. DUNBERG, VIOLET-Mason, Wisconsin5 Girls' Leagueg College Prep. Course5 O. S. C. 19 I luv 1 n l"u1'w1' PI. 1+'rn-mzruuk 4 I ivsc-li 9 K Soul 11 I Dutton Finrh W. Fornvrook Gilstrap Guild Edwin rcls Fisher French 150011 G. llunsun 20 Emery Fitzgvra lrl M. Galskill Ura-sham Harvey ICIHOH. Foote Ga ll2l5L'llt'l' Gribhlu J. IIEHISUII 'E QALNPI V N. N W DUNN, GEN EVA-Girls' League 1-2-35 Commercial Course, Eugene Business College. DUNN, ROBERT R.-Baseball 1-2-35 E Club 1-2-35 College Prep. Course5 U. of O. DUTTON, JOYCE D.-News Staff 35 Golf Club 2-35 Spanish Club 1-25 Basketball 2-35 College Prep. Course5 U. of O. EDWARDS, HORACE S.-"Turn of the Road5" General Course5 O. S. C. ELLIOTT, EUNICE MARY-Student Council 35 Sec-Treasurer Mask and Dagger 35 Mask and Dagger 2-35 Spanish Club 15 Drama Tournament 25 Hi-Jinks 2-35 "Whimsy5" "Big Time5" 'lSaturday Market5" "Nathan Hale5" College Prep. Course5 U. of O. EMERY, HELEN-National Honor Society 2-35 Library Staff 35 Inter Nos. 1-2-35 Tri-Y 2-35 College Prep. Course5 U. of O. FARVER, DWIGHT-General Course5 O. S. C. FINCH, GLADYS DARLENE-Entered from Forest Grove High School5 Girls' League. FISHER, MARJORIE MAY-Orchestra 1-25 Spanish Club 15 Girls' League5 General Course5 Ashland Normal. FITZGERALD, HARRIET R.-Entered from Medford, Oregon5 Girls' League5 Eu- genean Staff 5 Commercial Course. FOOTE, KILBURN RICHARD-Band 1-2-35 Rifle Club 15 College Prep. Course5 U. of O. FORNCROOK, ELTON DALE-Hi-Y 35 E Club 1-2-35 Mask and Dagger 35 Band 1-25 Orchestra 15 "Turn of the Road5" Hi-Jinks 35 "Freshies5" "Mikado5" College Prep Course. FORNCROOK, WILMA-Tri-Y 1-2-35 Girls' League5 Commercial Course5 U. of O. FRENCH, DONALD J.-Spanish Club 15 Golf Team, Golf Club 2-35 College Prep. Course5 U. of 0. 5 GALLAGHER, KATHRYN-News Staff 35 Girls' League5 College Prep Course5 U. of O. GASKILL, MELVIN C.-National Honor Society 2-35 Nestorian Society 1-25 General Course5 Boeing Aeronautical School. GERHARD, MARION C.-Eugenecm Staff 35 Texnias Club 1-2-35 Nestorian Society 25 Mask and Dagger5 Hi-Jinks 35 "The Lucky Jade5" "Sonia5" "Whimsy5" "Nathan Hale5" "Mikado5" College Prep. Course5 U. of O. GIESEKE, WILLIAM H.-Rifle Club 2-35 Outdoor Club 2-35 Hi-Jinks 1-25 College Prep. Course5 U. of O. GILSTRAP, PHILIP-News Staff 35 E Club 2-35 Track Manager 25 Band 1-2-35 Hi- Jinks 2-35 College Prep. Course5 U. of O. GOOD, RENALD V.-Nestorian Society 25 Inter No. 25 General Course. GOOLD, HELEN-Secretary, Girls' League 35 Orchestra 15 Band 1-2-35 Hi-Jinks 35 "Sonia5" College Prep. Course5 U. of 0. GRESHAM, WILLIAM Jr.-Entered from Portland, Oregon5 Band 35 Orchestra 15 College Prep. Course5 O. S. C. GRIBBLE, CATHERINE H.-Entered from Medford, Oregon 35 Texnias Club 35 Girls' League5 Glee Club 35 Hi-Jinks 35 College Prep. Course5 U. of O. GUILD, JOHN-Student Body, Vice-President 25 Hi-Y 1-2-35 E Club 1-2-35 "Second Thanksgiving5" "Nathan Hale5" College Prep. Course. IIANSON, GERTRUDE ELIZABETH-Spanish Club 15 Girls' League5 College Prep. Course5 U. of O. I-IANSON, JUNE La VERNE-Library Staff 35 Spanish Club 15 College Prep. Course5 U. of O. HARVEY, THELMA LORRINE-Girls' League5 Commercial Course5 Business Col- lege, Northwestern. 21 V V llugkal lluglfes JilK'kS0ll J, .luvobsvn ll. -lt'llSt'Il IJ. .lalvulrsml J, .Im-llsell .lulmson .lolwlaul .loyw Iialhlnl' K:lp11z1uf A, King: lin-lulanll liiplmrl, R. Kin: KI1-nk Knox Knight 22 HEMMINGSEN, HELEN-Inter Nos 13 Le Cercle Francais 23 Mask and Dagger 33 Camera Club 13 Golf Club 3g Hi-Jinks 1-2-33 "Sonia3" College Prep. COUYSE-Q U. of O. HENDRICKSON, MARVIN EDWARD-College Prep. Course3 0. S. C. HENRY LOMA-Entered from Tacoma, Washington 33 Girls' League3 College Prep. Courseg 0. S. C. HEWITT, CHARLOTTE MARIE-National Honor Society 2-33 Treasurer, Girls' League 33 Eugenean Staff 33 Secretary, Le Cercle Francais 33 Secretary, Na- tional Honor Society 33 Le Cercle Francais 2-33 'iWhlmSyQ,, Hi-Jinks 33 "The Second Thanksgiving3" College Prep. Course3 U. of O. HILL, ELLEN KATHERINE-Girls' League3 College Prep. Course3 U. of O. HILLIARD, CHARLES L.-Class Treasurer 13 Class Vice-President 33 Golf Club 1-2- 33 Baseball 1-23 "Second Thanksgiving3" College Prep. Courseg U. of 0. HOGUE, RUBY A.-Hi-Jinks 13 "Birds' Christmas Ca.rol3" General Course3 Ashland Normal. HOWELL, RUTH-President of Texnias Club 23 Spanish Club 13 Girls' League 33 Commercial Course. HUGHES, JANET ELIZABETH-Entered from Du Pont, Washing'ton3 National Honor Society 2-33 Class Treasurer 33 Student Council 23 Editor of Eugenean 33 Debate Team '2-33 Associate Editor of News 3g Associate Editor of Girls' League Handbook Staff 23 President, Inter Nos. 33 Mask and Dagger 2-33 Nestor-ian Society 13 Sophomore Basketball team 13 Hi-Jinks 2-33 ilWhlmSyQ,, "Big Time3" "The Proposal3" "Saturday Market3" College Prep. COUTSGQ U. of O. HUGHES, RICHARD G.-Spanish Club 1-2-35 Mask and Dagger 33 Assistant Stage Manager 33 "Nathan Hale." HULEGARD, ALVIN ELLSWORTH-Le Circle Francais 1-23 Rifle Club 1-23 "Black Flamingo3" U. of O. JACKSON, WILLETA M.-Eugefncan Staff 33 Le Cercle Francais 13 Hi-Jinks 33 General Course. JACOBSEN, JAMES K.-Entered from Seattle, Washingtong Hi-Y 2-33 E Club 2-33 Football 2-33 Glee Club 33 Boys' Quartet 3g "Mikado3" "The Villian Still Pursued Her3" Hi-Jinks 33 College Prep. Course. U. S. C. JACOBSON, LEONARD-Eugeueom Staff 33 News Staff 33 Spanish Club 13 Outdoor Club 1-23 Golf Club 2-33 Hi-Jinks 33 "Nathan Hale3" U. of O. JENSEN, DOROTHY JOSEPHINE-Library Staff 33 Girls' League Handbook Staff 23 Spanish Club lg Hi-Jinks 2-33 College Prep. Course3 U. of O. JENSEN, JENS EDWARDS-Track 2g College Prep. Course. JOHNSON, ETHEL B.-Eugenean Stafl"3 Tri-Y 1-2-33 Hi-Jinks 33 General Courseg U. of O. ' JORDAN, MADELYN-Entered from Aberdeen, Washington3 Girls' League. JOYCE, GEORGE M.--College Prep. Courseg U. of O. KALDOR, NORRIS-Student Council 23 Hi-Y 2-33 Golf Club 2. KAPPAUF, MADELLE-Latin Club 1-23 Commercial Course. KENDALL, IRENE SARAH-Girls' Athletic Club 23 Basketball 13 Volley ball 13 Baseball 13 Commercial Course. KING, AVON L.-Entered from Nampa, Idaho3 Commercial Course. KING, RUTH-Student Council 33 Spanish Club 13 Girls' Glee Club 33 Mask and Dagger 33 "Mikado" 33 "Nathan Halejy, Mixed Chorus 13 F ot ll Princess 33 College Prep. Course3 U. of 0. - fy!-4 Canal- -UP ! IQIPHART, DAPHNE CELESTE-Entered rom Grants Pass, Oregon3 Girls' League3 Inter Nos. 33 Commercial Course. KLENK, GEORGE L.-Spanish Club 13 Golf Club 23 Commercial Courseg U. of 0. KNIGHT, HELEN-National Honor Society 33 College Prep. Course3 U. of O. KNOX, .ELOISE FRANCELLE-National Honor Society 33 Secretary, National Honor Society 33 Library Staff 33 Inter Nos. 1-2-33 President, Le Cercle Francais 33 College Prep. Course3 U. of O. 23 Koepp Lay McCle'w RICLK-'illl R. Miller ll. Koon Kulick F. Lamb I.-uighton Libke LUllllSU'Ol!l McCormu-lc McKay McKitric-k Metcalf A, Millm' B. Millvr Molitor Myrmo Moudy 24 R. Laszliur Milffill McNutt L. Miller Nr-ighbors KOEPP, THELMA L.-Girls' League5 Commercial Course. KOON, DORRIS-Glee Club 35 Girls' League5 General Course5 U. of O. KULICK, EVA K.-Spanish Club 15 Girls' League5 General Course. LAMB, FERN M.-National Honor Society 2-35 Girls' League5 Spanish Club 15 College Prep. Course. LARSEN, MAY KAREN-Girls' League5 General Course. LASATER, RUBY-Girls' League5 Commercial Course. LAY, ORPHA-National Honor Society 35 Eugeneom Staff 35 Mask and Dagger 2-35 "Whimsy5" "Big Time5" Hi-Jinks 35 Commercial Course5 U. of O. LEIGHTON, FRANCES ELIZABETH-Spanish Club 15 Texnais Club 15 College Prep. Course5 U. of O. LEWIS, JANE ANN-National Honor Society 2-35 Class Secretary 1-35 Class Vice- President 25 Eugeneom Staff 1-2-35 News Staff 35 Editor Girls' League News5 Spanish Club 15 Texnias Club 15 Hi-Jinks 35 College Prep. Course5 U. of O. LIBKE, ELDA MARIAN-Spanish Club 15 Mask and Dagger 35 Girls' League5 "Nathan Hale5" "The Proposal5" "Saturday Market5" College Prep. Course5 U. of O. LUNDSTROM, WILLARD-E Club 35 Student Council 35 Athletic Manager 35 Commercial Course5 O. S. C. MARTIN, GRACE ELEANOR-National Honor Society 2-35 Library Staff 35 Inter Nos. 1-2-35 Girls' Athletic Club 2-35 Book Exchange 35 College Prep. Course5 U. of O. ' McCLEW, HELEN GLADYS-Spanish Club 15 Tri-Y 2-35 College Prep. Course5 O. S. C. McCORNACK, ANDREW A.-Spanish Club 15 College Prep Course5 O. S. C. McKAY, VILLA B.-Entered from Springfield, Oregon5 Inter Nos. 1-2-35 Girls' Athletic Club 35 Girls' League 5 College Prep. Course 5 U. of C. MCKITRICK, TOM-Hi-Y 1-2-35 E Club 1-2-35 Football 1-2-35 Baseball 2-35 Track 15 Hi-Jinks 15 "The Villian Still Pursued Her5" Art Course. ,. McLEAN, WILLIAM T.-"Second Thanksgivingf' U. of 0. MCNUTT, RONALD E.-Mask and Dagger 2-35 Rifie Club 15 "Sonia5" Mixed Chorus5 "Nathan Hale" 35 "The High Heart" 35 College Prep. Course5 U. of O. METCALF, HERMAN F.-Football 35 Outdoor Club 35 College Prep. Course U. of O. MILLER, ADELBERT SHELDON-"The Second Thanksgiving5" College Prep Course. MILLER, BERNAL-National Honor Society 2-35 Editor of News 35 News Staff 35 Nestorian Society 25 Spanish Club 15 Alchemists 25 "Nathan Hale5" Hi-Jinks 35 U. of O. MILLER, LESTER-Inter Nos. 1-25 Mask and Dagger 35 Nestorian Society 25 Boys' Glee Club 35 "Whimsy5" "Big Time5" Hi-Jinks 35 "Nathan Hale5" U. of O. MILLER, RAYMOND C.--Entered from Mohawk, Oregon5 Baseball 2-35 Basketball 35 College Prep. Course 5 O. S. C. MOLITOR, GEORGE E.-National Honor Society 35 Associate Editor Eugenean Staff 35 News Staff 35 Camera Club 15 Hi-Jinksg "Nathan Hale5" O. S. C. MOODY, ROBERTA JEAN-National Honor Society 35 Student Body Secretary 35 Girls' League Vice-President 25 Spanish Club 1-25 Mask and Dagger 2-35 Girls' League Council 15 Golf Club 35 Girls' Glee Club 35 Mixed Chorus 35 Football Prin- cess 35 "Whimsy5" "Saturday Market5""Big Time5""Nathan Hale5" Hi-Jinks 35 College Prep. Course5 U. of O. MYRMO, I-IELGA-Inter Nos Secretary-Treasurer 35 Inter Nos 2-35 Tri-Y 2-35 Girls' League5 College Prep. Course5 U. of O. NEIGHBORS, EVELYN RACHEL-Entered from Roseburg, Oregon5 Inter Nos 25 Girls' League 5 Music Course 5 U. of O. 25 KX ii' 10 152971 1 1 Northrup Oglesby Osborn Owen Palanuk I'uye-au' Raines Rnmsm-'y Piukstaff Rayburn Re-I yea Ric-h Robertson Rugh RllU10l'f0l'1l Sullve S21l'hi1f'kPl' Saunnlers Suylox' Sc-hugpf Smlwrt Scott Nlweics Signer Simpson 26 NORTHRUP, F. EUGENE-Debate'Squad 33 Nestorians 23 General Course. OGLESBY, LEITH J .-VicePresident, National Honor Society 2-33 Spanish Club 1-23 Swimming 2-33 Mask and Dagger 33 "In the Zone3" Ride Club 2-3 3 Hi-Jinks 33 "Nathan Hale" 3 College Prep. COUTSQQ U. of O. OSBORN, MILDRED D.-Tri-Y 1-2-33 Girls' League3 College Prep. Course3 U. of O. OWEN, DON-Student Council 13 Hi-Y 33 E Club 2-33 Football 33 Baseball 23 Mask and Dagger 3 Publicity Manager 13 U. of O. PINKSTAFF, GAY K.-News Staff 33 Spanish Club 13 Mask and Dagger 2-33 Band 1-2-35 Orchestra 13 6iWhImSey,,Q "Big Time"3 Hi-Jinks 33 "Nathan Hale,'S College Prep. Course3 U. of O. PALANUK, DOROTHY EVA-Medford, Oregon3 Spanish Club 13 Tri-Y 1-2-33 Bas- ketball 1-2-33 Volleyball 1-23 Girls' Athletic Club 1-2-33 College Prep. Course3 U. of O. PARKER, JAMES W.-Spanish Club 13 E Club 33 Golf Club 1-2-33 Football 1-2-33 Basketball 33 Baseball 1-2-33 "Black Flamingo"3 U. of O. POTTS, RUBYE JEAN-Entered from Checotah, Oklahoma. PUYEAR, FRANK L.-Entered from Thompson Falls, Montana3 U. S. C. RAINES, ALZETTA IRENE-Entered from Brainerd, Oregon3 Girls' Glee Club 23 Girls' League. RAMSEY, JO E.-Spanish Club 13 Mask and Dagger 2-33 Volleyball 23 'lWhImSey,'Q Hi-Jinks 1-21 College Prep. Course3 U. of O. RAYBURN, OPAL VIOLA-Girls' League3 College Prep. Course. RELYEA, EDWIN S.-Spanish Club 13 Texnias 23 Rifle Club 2-33 Outdoor Club 2-33 Hi-Jinks 33 College Prep. Course3 U. of O. RICH, MARGARET-Tri-Y 23 Girls' League. V ROBERTSON, MARGARET A.-Junction City, Oregon3 Class Secretary 2: Girls' Itiegug Council 33 Eugenean Staff 33 "Whimsy3" Hi-Jinks 33 General Course3 RUGH, MARGARET DEE-National Honor Society 33 Inter Nos President 33 Inter Nos Secretary-Treasurer 23 Tri-Y Secretary 33 Tri-Y 2-33 Mixed Chorus 33 "MIkad0,,Q College Prep. Course3 U. of O. RUTIIEIERFAORD, LOLA GLEN-Texnias Club 1-23 Girls' League3 College Prep. Course3 . o . SALLEE, LAURA D.-National Honor Society 33 Spanish Club 13 Texnias 1-2-33 Tri-Y President 33 Tri-Y 2-33 College Prep. COUTSBQ U. of O. SANDERS, JAMES E.-Entered from Portland, Oregon. SARBACHER, MARY E.-Girls' League. SAUNDERS, ELTON S.-Football 3g General Course3 U. of O. SAYLOR, DOROTHY E.-Tri-Y 1-2-33 Girls' League3 "Arrival of Kitty"3 Hi-Jinks 33 College Prep. Course3 U. of O. SCHARPF, GEORGE L.-President, National Honor Society 33 Eugenean Staff 3g Sec- retary3 Rifie Club 2-33 Outdoor Club 33 Track 33 Hi-Jinks 33 Commercial Course3 U. of O. SCOBERT, MARJORIE JANE-National Honor Society 33 Associate Editor, Eugen- can Staff 33 Inter Nos 33 Le Cercle Francais 33 Tri-Y 1-2-33 Orchestra 13 Glee Club 2-33 "Whimsy3" "Mikado3" Hi-Jinks 33 College Prep. COUYSCQ U. of O. SCOTT, A. BYRON-Commercial Course3 U. of O. SHEEKS, DELLA LEORA-Le Cercle Francais 2-33 Girls' League3 College Prep. Course3 O. S. C. SIGNOR, RHEA MAE-Spanish Club 13 Girls' League3 General COUTSGQ Business College. SIMPSON, GILBERT-College Prep. Course3 O. S. C. 27 Q fgfxqj ,g... Q Ex ux -Q X N. Wi 1 Q S' Smith G. Ska-io Southworth Spicm' Sprague Sxvansnm Strobel Taylor 'I'h0mpsou 'Fuck C. Vam Lyxh-1gl':lf E. 'I'urnvr I.. Vzm Lydvgraf XVQINQIPQ' A. Wzml B. Wllvelvl' 'l'. Ward R. VVhs-ole-r Lois Willlmzm Lewis Wilwlnmn Willey 'l'. Wilson M, Wilson W. Wood 28 SKEIE, GEORGE-Golf Club 2-35 Hi-Jinks 35 College- Prep. Course5 U. of O. SMITH, JOYCE-Rifle Club 15 Manager of News5 College Prep. Course5 O. S. C. SOUTHWORTH, CHESTER K.-General Course. SPICER, THEDA JUNE-National Honor Society 2-35 Girls' League Council 2-35 Eu- genean Staff 35 Library Staff 35 Girls' Sextet 2-35 Glee Club 1-2-35 Band 15 H1- Jinks 1-2-35 "The Lucky Jade"5 "Sonia"5 "The Mikado"5 College Prep. Course5 U. of O. SPRAGUE, VERNON-National Honor Society 2-35 President, Student Body 35 Libr- ary Stafl' 35 Le Cercle Francais 1-2-35 Hi-Y 35 E Club 1-2-35 Alchemist 1-25 Camera Club 15 Hi-Jinks 15 "Nathan Hale"5 College Prep. Course5 U. of O. STROBEL, ELEANOR P.-Tri-Y 15 College Prep. Course5 U. of O. SWANSON, RAYMOND C.-Entered from Santa Clara, Oregong General Course5 O. S. C. TAYLOR, KATHERINE-Girls' League5 Commercial Course5 U. of W. THOMPSON, ETHEL MARGARET-National Honor Society 35 Inter Nos Vice- President5 Inter Nos 1-2-35 Tri-Y 2135 College Prep. Course5 U. of O. TUCK, W. BRUCE-National Honor Society 2-35 Eugenean Staff 35 Inter Nos 1-2-35 E Club 3: Mask and Dagger5 Swimming 35 Terrill Cup 35 Glee Club 35 Hi-Jinks 1-2-35 "Whimsy5" "Big Time5" "Sonia5" Drama Tournament 25 College Prep. Course5 U. of O. TURNER, EDWARD A.-Football 35 Track 1-35 Band 1-2-3. VAN LYDEGRAF, CLAYTON-News Staff 35 Rifle Club 15 Swimming Team 2-35 Orchestra 1-2-35 Band 1-2-35 Hi-Jinks 35 College Prep. Course, U. of O. VAN LYDEGRAF, LESTER L.-E. Club 1-25 Basketball 2-35 Baseball 2-35 Golf Club 1-25 College Prep. Course5 U. of 0. WALLACE, DOROTHY-Texnias Club Presidentg Spanish Club 1x5xTexnias Club 1-2-35 College Prep. Course5 U. of O. 1055K " acne' ' - WARD, ALICE MARGARET-Texnias Club 25 Girls' League5 General Course. WARD, THELMA DARLENE-Library Staff 35 Spanish Club 15 College Prep. WHEELER. BILL J.-Mask and Dagger5 Golf Club: "Second Thanksgiving"5 Hi-Jinks 35 "Nathan Hale" 35 College Prep. Course5 O. S. C. WHEELER, RODNEY C.-University High5 O. S. C. WILDMAN, LEWIS A.-National Honor Society 35 Student Body Auditor 35 Com- mercial Course. WILDMAN, LOIS-Student Council 15 Mask and Dagger 2-35 Girls' League5 "Big Time"5 Hi-Jinks 3. WILLEY, OPAL B.-Entered from Myrtle Point, Oregon 5 Tri-Y 35 Girls' League5 Volleyball 35 Commercial Course. . WILSON, MARVIL DALE-Entered from San Francisco, Californiag National Honor Society 35 Eugenean Staff 2-35 Mask and Dagger 35 Texnias Club 25 Mask and Dagger Plays5 Hi-Jinks 35 "Nathan Hale"5 U. of Cal. WILSON, THELMA J.-Tri-Y 1-2-35 Girls' Leagueg Basketball 35 Volleyball 35 Col- lege Prep. Course5 U. of O. WOOD, WENDELL E.-Hi-Y 35 E Club 1-2-35 Football 35 Golf Team 1-2-35 Golf Club 2-35 Commercial Course5 O. S. C. SENIORS Fon WHOM No PICTURES WERE SUBMITTED Agerter, Paul5 Barels, James5 Beal, Robertg Bean, Wilbur:,Boyer, Donaldg Dawe, Haroldg Dunn, Robert R.5 Flynn, Milesg Gerhard, Mariong Hulegaard Alving Jeffries, DOFOUIYS Larsen, Mayg Mounts, Variang Newton, Wilbur5 Ohlsen, Ralphg Potts, Rubye5 Sanders, James. 29 To ihe Dioneers oi the Wesl Would God that We, their children, were as they, Great-souled, brave-hearted, and of dauntless willy Ready to dare, responsive to the still Compelling voice that called them night and day, From this far West, where sleeping greatness lay, Biding the time. Would God we knew the thrill That exquisitely tormented them until They stood up strong and resolute to obey. God make us like them, worthy of themg shake Our souls with great desires, our dull eyes set On some high star whose splendid light will wake Us from our dreams and guide us from this fen Of selfish ease won by our fathers' sweat. Oh! lift us up-the West has need of men. -Mrs. Ella Higginson ao BRISBANE HUNT J ENKS BAGAASON The Juniors loss President -------- HUGH BRISBANE Vice-President - - MARY HUNT Secretary - - - - CARMEN JENKS Treasurev' - - ALTON BAGAASON Advisers - Miss MCDERMOTT, MR. EL-KINS The Juniors in their two years in E. H. S., have contributed a definite part in the school program, for they have been represented by members of their class in almost every activity. While Sophomores they presented "The Ghost Walks," in the Hi-J inks program and later in the year several of their number had parts in "Sonia," the operetta. In athletics they won distinction. The annual Sophomore Shuffle held in the spring took the form of a Carnival Dance, and was one of the notable events of the year. As Juniors, they sponsored a pay assembly, contributed a skit, "The Boss of the King," in the Hi-Jinks program, and the class play, "The Ar- rival of Kitty," presented on December 18, was a successful production. Twelve members of the class were honored by being elected into the Alpha Chapter of the National Honor Society. The Junior informal was h-eld on October 14, and the two upper classes gave a formal on April 8. Several members were elected to Mask and Dagger, and a large number of the boys won letters in athletics. The members of the Class of 1933 look forward eagerly to a promising senior year in which they hope to uphold the standards established by the Class of 1932. 31 jfg7,,, ..x JUNIORS A-D Fira! rmxp l'l1rixIutTmsfm, Iin11'r'1-gn, Hush. Imw-ulvm'tA f'2ll'liSlP, Iirnxx'u S1-:'mnl1'mx': Hzuuly. Hain. Hriu-r. Curtis, Hrmxn. B2IUt'l', Cmly, lirmmn. fulmln-ll 'l'l1i1wlrmv: Iillxins, :n-lvis:-rg IS1'mmxni1n,u'. l'l:n'Ix. Il4'VL'l'l'2llIX, lislggs, Auslin, lizlileiv, K',l2lIIlHl'I'. AIIISIIWV , Fu1n'tl1rnw: IN-nl. I,l'Vl'l'l'2IllX. l':n4-nur. liruwn, llmlw, lhnul. lilzmtun, lhlrvls, Xlr'IP0l'lllut1. 2lllYiSI'l' l"itll1rmxg Ihlmrlnm-l'ty, Iirlnjv, l'l1:1n1lu-rs. Amh-mul, Cznsvy, C'l1m-, Brislvzulw. Amh-rmn, Iizlgualsml m Cl'll'li J UNIORS E-K First ww: II+-rrnxzmn, Knight, lilliut, I":nl'nwr. tivrol, llanyvs Hunt, Hugln-s, .Inc-les-nu. flutvs, Il:1u::ul1l1 S1-1-muI1'mx': ll:-!ihs1m, liilnlmll. II:n'Iu-'rt Iilw-1'ha1'l, limlim-4111, .l:1r'ksmn, fQllIllIll'l', llulsv, Fenflrif-h mx llllirl f 'Vhirml r ': wins- 11. lfurm-ruulx, 111111-Q, Hulllingg 4i1'it'l'in, .IL-psen, llc-tvllvllr .11-nlxs. Jzxvksuu, Killggwo FEIIIIIQF, Iizunwml, I"ol1l'llll'mx': lIa11'vvv ll III ' " ' ' z Mm, 1.1-l'h:ll'wI 1.xlstr:l 1, lxulwlx lluuivr, Huh-S. .loI1nslun. llulmw-s A ' J I . ' . . l41ttl11'mm: f:l'1lj', .l:u'lism1, l-Inxills, il1lYlHt'l'Q finlwlmnh lilllwrt, lll'l'I'lIlg.f, .l4'sH4'l1. lXlIj'Ixl'IIIliIlI, Im-w 32 ........,,-. 'WMASV' cf- JUNIORS L-RO 1"irst1'uw: Nlnnmu-y, Nlaxrlxlzlllgll. Xlf'llll'lil4'll, Alomw-. Ru-, llws-ll, I':1l'll91' Miller. Lesluhl, Nzushulm, Owvn S1-mnulruw: Rilvy. Ulllwiall, xlillll4'l'S, Lyons. xlllll1'l'. xl1lj'1"I'. R1ISlllllS4l'll, R4-viz, l'zlllislm', L1-nl, Nurllxavn 'l'l1i1'4l1'mv: Mullin. Ilznlngwtula, I':1lum1k. l,il52llt'l', I"v1'1'y, Nvwtun, l4f'illUll l1'm1x'tl11-mv: Xir-lllnuw. lmmll-v's,'hty, Lewis. Nlillm-r, Mull, Myrnm. liulwrtsfm. Mm-Imwl-ll, Relyea Fif1hl'mx': I.:m1lx:1, I.:-wis, NL-'WfUII, Xlusvr. Xlulxr, Nlmllltylw-. Nll'l'll1'l'SUll, Nl:lguil'e, Uslmrn, Elkins- awlviserg Mr'llvrmu1t. zulvisvr rv ---.M-J JUNIORS RU-Z l"i1'st1'4m': 'I'l1mups1m, Spurlur-ll. Wvlls. W4-lla. RIIIIIIIIQIIS, Williamson, Ntniforul. West, Smith. Rlliter, 5lft'llllll4'lZ. SIJITIQIIIQ Svr'ul11l1'mx': 'l'lHlj'4'I', 'I'r:lvilli0n, lVlllllf'lIlH'l'fI. lV2llSUll, 'l'uplveI', Slzullm-y. 'I'rzux'is, Slwne-, Williams, Sc-llrallm-'r, Starr. 2-Htl-'wz1r't. Stnrlk 'I'lnirvl1'ow: 'll1'l'l'Il', Yuung- 'l'irYuny. SIVZHKII. Yr-nm-. Wilkinson, 'I'igL'g.:m-1'11uzll1, Hulm-im, Vlkltsuln, Hmith, Elkins, zlvlvisl-V FUL1l'lll 1'uw:Sclm1-illQ1', Stump, vlllllblllllhtlll, Wulsmn. lVlll5llI2llI, Hvllzlrell, S111-1'1'ig:, Suusvy, 5lK'l74'l'!llUl.l, aulvisul' 33 Ahlstrom, Hazel Anderson, Dan Anderson, Jimmie Anderson, Wallace Andrews, Elmer Andrews, Lawrence Austin, Hazel Bagaason, Alton Bahling, R. V. Bailey, Doris Bain, Dorothy Bandy, Wyatt Barels, Elaine Barker, Delbert Bauer, Barbara Baxter, Edgar Beddo, Lorraine Bergman, Hildred Bishop, Richard Bladon, Kathleen Blanton, Arlene Boggs, Grace Bond, Scelora Borrego, Helen Brandt, Paul Brewer, Bernard Brisbane, Hugh- Billy ' Brown, Brown, Mary i Brown, Thelma. Wilma Brown, Brownfield, Jay Browning, Rolla Bush, Marjorie Cady, Earl Cady, Maxine Caesar, Sue Carlisle, Joy Casey, Emmet Chambers, Frank Chandler, Betty Chapman, Elaine Christofferson, Ruth Clark, Forrest Clark, Robert Clore, Edward Coghlan, Henry Coldren, Alice Cornutt, Marvin Curtis, Bettie Danner, Ford Daughtery, Henry Davenport, Dorothea Dawson, Heloise Dawson, William Deal, Harold Devereaux, Anne Loui Devereaux, Mary Drake, Elbert Drew, Kenneth Driver, Jeanette Drury, James Dudek, Harold Eberhart, Mary Ellen Elliot, Ruth Endicott, Virginia Farmer, Erlene Junior Fendrich, Ann Feulner, Ethel Forncrook, Robert Fults, Harold Gates, Carrol Gates, Frank Gates, Leola Gerot, Wilhelmina Getchall, Charles Gerhard, Edgar Gilbert, Paul Gilliam, Annabelle Gilstrap, Bob Goodwin, Robert Gordon, Don Gray, Merle Griffin, Lowell Gunther, Betty Hall, Clifford Hanson, Billy Harbert, Wayne Harvey, Dale Harwood, Gweneth Hatch, Elinor Haugann, Helen Hayes, Alice Hayes, Wayne Helikson, Lloyd Herring, Carol Herrmann, William Holmes, Lois Hughes, Laura Hulse, Marjorie Humphreys, Chuck Hunt, Mary Hunter, Donald Hutchinson, Eldon Igoe, Clare Jackson, Dorothy Jackson, Lawrence Jackson, Marceil Jackson, Wylma Jacobson, Bert Jenks, Carmen Jepsen, Marguerite Jessen, Wilbur Johnston, Janet Kimball, Ivan Kingwell, Catherine Knight, Dean Koepp, Ruth Kulick, Mike Kuykendall, Jack Lamka, Arthur Landles, John Langston, Lawrence se CI GSS Larsen, Verna Lasater, Patricia Leaders, Don Leal, Leslie Ledahl, Agnes Leaton, Harry Lewis, Donald Lewis, George Lichty, Kenneth Loveless, Glen Lund, Esther Lyons, Helen McCadden, Clella McDowell, Harold McGrew, Clifford McHoes, Tom Mclntyre, Charles McKee, Ralph V McPherson, Loran Miannagh, Ardath Martin, Evelyn Mathers, Jessie Matychuck, James Mercer, Hugh Miller, Carol Miller, Charles Miller, Evelyn Milligan, Sidney Moffitt, Francis Mooney, Louise Moore, Loretta Morris, Margaret Moser, Robert Moyer, Doris Muhr, Raymond Mull, Harley Muller, Margarete Mullin, Clement Mummey, Henryetta Myrmo, Arthur Nasholm, Clara Newton, Theona Newton, Wilbur Nicklaus, Everett Northam, Roy Ohlsen, Mvrtle Osborn, Ralph Owen, Dorothv Owens, Lucille Palanuk, Peter Pallister, Ruth Parker, Carl Parker, Dorothea Parkton, Sidney Perry, Maxine Pickert, Lucille JACK RICHARDSON DON VERDIER Zin tllrmnriam 34 Purcell, Averil Rasmussen, Ethel Ree, Alice Reetz, Leota Relyea, Demora Riley, Bill Roberts, Hugh Roberts, Melba Robertson, Gordon Ruiter, Della Rummens, Marjorie Rundlett, Robert Ruth, Wallace Scharen, Robert Schrader, Aby Shaw, Geraldine Sherrie' Dell Shumway, Leota Skene, Jo Smith, Barbara Smith, Edna Smith, Ruth Soasey, Elwood Soleim, Thelma Spencer, Charles Sprague, Muriel Spurlock, Bonnie Stafford, Louise Standley, El Nora Starr, Edna Steele, Eva Steinmetz, Rosalie Stewart, Mary Elizabeth Stock, Lavon Strawn, Harold Stump, Loy Suiker, Milburn Terry, Fred Thayer, Ada Thompson, Glenwon Thompson, John Tiffany, John Tiggerman, Catherine Travillion, Marjorie Tupper, Gleneva Tuttle, Helen Virnig, Lilith Walkley, La Velle Watson, Gilbert Watson, Myrtle Watson, Perrine Wells, Alice Wells, Dorothy West, Zora Whisman, Walter Whitney, Verlene Whitbenberg, Nettie Wilder, Harold Wilkinson, Dorothy Williams, Max Williams, Edith Williamson, Lucille Wilson, Catherine Yenne, Donald Young. Ned Young, Viola Lee -I 1-.JI .4 ,K 4, L, ., .Ui 1 -ww , A 5 1 T W, - a . , qu , " 1 v V' A V .,-,, V 54 li ' Q1 ffl! iff? : 4 . .TI 'L 13 gif L'-S ff' Q-,ski 1 '41 43 pi :lj Ga Q-:f wx J . 11-2.15 ' 'Q vi. .zL,g4, 4' pf-AT?---A' 11A .-R 11 'Ein J! -..+L.. ., '11..:g:- , --,rf ,. I .tvs 'E-Q. -mr -V -5:5 , - A ' , -, ' 6,4 -' Y' 4 .. i- Q ,V 4 1 'N ,pg H in ' f F9 ' 115 L"k..I 51 114 " 1 J,-H WH? ' ,-I 4- fp A W- . X .Q E. millvc- 'rl' '.'aj11., ' 53- ' K 1:-N W 5sg,..-33 'Fug 15 4 - 1? Q. H 11:5 Lg' .. Q, ani. H 1' ,u :I ev -N T ' 1 2 1:9-,fi 'W' ,g :W 1 1 ' , , HEI 'K A A :MJ 2 'J A 35' llgfzfk 4' ' LE. f 7.1 HL .1 ,' . L' E125 if Q ,f ,j M ,lf U .W i --4. 4 . -Q 451 A, L. fi N , J. J , , - ,xi .lg . ' fi 'QL gi' 'Q HE 5 ,L ' " n '-:L , 1' Q 1- ab-V ,...,f-L, jg. Yr li' , . - . . F- --F 1 . ,X hw. cr! 1, z' "ff-,fl V WL .: Huw' ,bmi 'SE u 4. . -.1 1-. ,4 ??'- --mn. U-I 1 iv' ? L A '1- wlx Eff, w ' 76' 'I -- - 11 1 1, 1 .1 A.. . 4-uf ig' .l, 5 w ,..,, .1 f: 'iff w P' is-A-.tb . ,SN .. 3. -fi.Qa1f ' - 'l .1 ,. ,a-.. M Q .1 .- . ,, ffl if A A7-5 el E., U. ,, 1 -L-.1 . 1.5 yi 14 ng .. iv. rl lt mV' f ,J .iw-f x - 4 1 'amd RICKABAUGH HOUGH KENNETT PERKINS LQ mSOpl"lOITlOPQ GSS President -------- ROBERT RICKABAUGH lf'yiC6?-P'I'6SZid67Lt - - OWEN PERKINS Secretary - - - ELLEN KENNETT Treasurer - - KEITH HOUGH Advisers - - ---- Miss DE Goon, MR. MICKI-:LsoN Sophomores to-day! Seniors to-morrow! So far distant it seems when all we Sophomores will be thinking of announcements and caps and gowns! How swiftly has passed our busy year. We hope it has not been in vain. The records show that we have ranked high on the athletic teams and that some of us have won letters. We have earned our quota of blue cards and many have found their names on the Honor Roll. 'In the Hi-Jinks we were well represented and some of us have been elected to the Mask and Dagger Club. We also gave one of the most delightful dances of the year, the Sophomore Shuffle, pictured below. Wherein we have not attained the goal for which we have struggled, we are cheered in the hope that the years of experience may bring us to our ultimate desire. 35 5 SOPHOMORES A-E Firft1'uxx': llllllll, Cllvselvro, Ctlllj'El'S- lillint, Curtis, Ca1tl1r'1ll'l, llurlfls, llalwlllaill, lilmul, Lhpvlullalvs-x'. lic-vlx, Curry K1m'r'ululmw: llluis, llym-rly, Baker, llrowll, Alina-, llllfllll, Bolts, Brunvlt, 1'llIl'lll'Hllll, l'ulI'mz1n, lljc-1'lwA L'ml5'. 4 L'2llIlllOl'll l'l1i1'wll'mx': liurgersulu. lilroy. Atwalc-1' Adams. liolsun, lM'1-nklnzllm, l4lll'l'lll, Camplre-ll, lirzly, llrow, lirnwnsml l+'u1lrtl1rmx': Currin, 1351-1's, llzllnli, liuttrm. llvelme, Uumplwll, lizllim-r, lla-v1'1'vu11x, liw-114-vlirt, liowlnun. Iluln-1'lsu11 l"lftl1l'ow: Urlv- CEIFSUII, lim-li, Brown, Elliot, lluvis, Br-11slla11llf--l', llusscll, B1-ul'clslry, Curley, Allison SOPHOMORES F-K lirst rmx: fluff, Ill-mlrir-llmn, Ilyluml, .lm':l:uu, llugzln-N, .Inf-mlm-u. Kiplxawl, llornluulx, l+'m-rw-, Gnslxill N1-cowl mw: liuylivmlull, Hulse-, lsun. King .lm-psen, .laceksmh llzllversnn, limm, H1-all l'l1i1'1l row: llfllllilillll, Kl'lIll9lf, flies:-lw, Fuslvr, H4-'l'l'llIilllll, Filultnvr, H1'rluc-kvr, l'w2lllxlll'l' l'lllll'llll'llWZ G4-tr-lu-ll, lllllljlll, Ilumphries Krlllzler. Hlll'lll0ll, Gl'ilj', Gilfrwy, lllll'1l, Fl'l'l'lH41' I'iftl11'uw: llllLQ'lll'S, Fx1llv1', ll2ll'XYOU1l, .lonw4, Knight. FiIlliPlllJlllt'l', llalulxm-ricksun, lievik-, Klilfw-5-, llamwu 36 -vm ....,....-.-4... .M-...Q-.k SOPHOMORES L-P Fixsi 1-uw: Nvlsmn. Ne-lwn' Blilligqm, l':u'ker, Kirby, l.ightfu0l'. I,ow4-ry, IAIYZIZIS S1-m1ml1'mv: Nlwliny, Helmurll, I'uIlm-V. Mill--r, M4'i'1'a-auly, Myers, l.1lvz1:ls, ,XIom'0, Mr-K'1':lr'kn-11, Xlnlpls- l'hil'nl mxx: l'1-tvrs, Xlznllxalsialln, Xlvlivn- l'iin0y. Mau-li, Moore. Nlanlningg l.i,y:l1tfrmf, Plzmk. lmxlie I"uul'll1rmv: L1-xxis, Nlillvr, Mvliz-u, UsIJlH'IIC, N1-lsun. lm-, l'l'l'kxiII!4, Xlilftill. McRey1mImls Fifill row: l.:lllrlul1, l'E'l'li1'll, 1'1vl'tm-l'- N11-'lj', l'zll:muk, Maxim, Nlalihisun, Xl0ol'm', Xidm-vvr H! SOPHOMORES R-Z Iirstruw: Wnmls, SIIIIIIIWQIX, Runiv, Hlu-mlfl, Smith, Stun-k, SAlllll4It'I'S, Wullzlc-Q, NYh0l'Il'I', Wolwh-11, Willux' villl 1Aj'4l9gL'l'Ilf I SUYEOIIII mw: Sny1lw1', liuggh. SIIIINWSI Tl'l'I'AV, XY:-s1fvl1H, Skvic-', Whilv, lhlwkins, Rnhinson, Stivn, Nhislvr, XIIIIIIIIIY fllilml lun YV ll 9 ll ' ' ': ous, .nv -lfl'UIIl, 'I'znylm', Rnlxlnills, We-sfropl-, Rim-, Spiver, RQISIIHISSUII, Rosv, Wllitv, Sylw-l'Q. Nllmatine l1Illl'1YlI'0WI Sims. Hi'Hl'I4lllll'g', Sownlwl, S2lllIl4lL'l'S, SJlllll4lf'l'S, Sowzml, Rir'k:llul11g'll, NVutsnn sftlxruw: Nmth, Ilnm'nlwrg', YA-:nge-r, Ib-ml, S1-urs, Smvwl, Williams, Stvxvllsnu, Russ:-ll 37 Adams, Phyllis Aline, Esther Allison, Jack Andrus, Louis Atwater, Jessie Rae Back, Eugene Baker, Eileen Baker, Lawrence Barker, Iris Beardsley, John Beck, Arthur Belts, Maxine Beymer, Howard Bjerke, Evelyn Blais, Everett Blevins, Virginia Blood, Leta Borgerson, Jack Boyer, Phillip Brandt, Helen Brauner, Thomas Bray, Thelma Brown, Bartra Brown, Randall Brownson, Herbert Buck, Cecil Bussell, Elwood Burneson, Louise Button, Ruth Byerly, Gordon Byers, Irwin Byrd, Belva Cady, Jack Campbell, Beatrice Campbell, Waldo Carely, Dorrance Carson, Harold Cathcart, Dorothea Cauthorn, David Chesebro, Aerial Chesebro, Farnum Cocking, Claribel Cole, Kenneth Colman, Ruth Conyers, Imogene Cooper, Charles Copenhaver, Audrey Currin, James Currin, Winnifred Curry, Billy Curtis, Jean Curtis, Maxine Dailey, Robert Daniel, Bill Davenhill, Edesse Davis, Austin Deeds, Gordon D'Elba, Henri Deveraux, Charles Dodds, Frances Doran, Mildred Dorsey, Viola Dotson, Virginia Dunn, John Dunn, Margaret Drenkhahn, Edith Dyer, Joe Elliot, Jack Elliot, Pauline Sophomore Elroy, Marie Elroy, Ruth Falkner, Verne Ferebee, Rubert Field, Mary Findtner, Robert Finkenbinder, David Fisher, Marvin Force, Darwin Foster, Ruth Fuller, Charles Gaskill, Herbert Gieseke, Margaret Gilfrey, Wayne Gilfrey, Wendell Gimpl, Mary Goff, Eugene Gonier, Jack Gray, Dorothy Grondahl, Jack Grubbe, Dorothy Grubbe, Francis Halverson, John Class IQOII Krutzler, Valeria Kuykendall, Donald Lake, Ruth Landon, John Lay, Lucille Lee, Kenneth Leigh, Grace Lewis, Robert Lewis, Wayne Lightfoot, Billy Lightfoot, Mavis Lind, Dorothy Loricke, Josep Lowery, Melba Luvaas, Alice Luvaas, Lois Lyon, Orpa Lyone, Ellen Mack, Mary Maharry, Virgil Malkasian, Fred Mann, Marlion Manning, Marian Hammerickson, Mark Marple, Kenneth Hanson, Roald Hapner, Edna Hargreaves, Adeline Harmon, Annette Harwood, Glenn Hatch, Raymond Head, Otho Hawkins, Marguerite Hendrickson, Bernice Herlocker, Eugene Herrmann, Claudie Hillis, Eugene Hoare, Creston Hornback, Priscilla Hough, Keith Howell, Bernice Hughes, Clyde Hughes, Leland Hughes, Lila Hulse, Thelma Hulegaard, Stanley Humphreys, Elinor Humphreys, Veryl Hurd, Jack Hyland, Myra Ison, Lorena Jackson, Marjorie Jacobson, Iva Jacobs, Marguerite Jeans, Lee J epsen, Virginia Johnson, Evelyn Jones, Earl Jordan, Margaret Kaufman, Albert Keefe, Robert Kennett, Ellen King, Barbara King, Lula Alene Kiphart, Eula Kirby, Annabel Knight, Bernard Koon, Bennie Martin, Ned Mathison, Donald McCready, Florence McGowan, Burneal Mclntvre, Fred Rice, Harold Richabaugh, Robert Richmond, Dorothy Robertson, Ernest Robbins, Clyde Robison, Catherine Roork, Arrol Rose, Della Rosen, Karl Runte, Vivian Rugh, Robert Russell, Edgar Sanders, Ethel Saunders, George Saunders, Gladvs Saunders, Ward Sayre, Drucella Sears, Raymond Sears, Richmond Setterburg, Spencer Shedd, Dorothv Shisler, Warren Short, Howard Shumwav. Margaret Silvers, Theda Sims, Lloyd Skeie, Norma Smeed, Glenn Smith, Delmar Smith, Ila McCracken, Patty LouSne11st1-Om, Robert McKay, Kenneth McKee, June McKee, Mary McReynolds, Donald Miller, Alice Miller, Dudley Miller, Florence Miller, Harold Milligan, Capitola Mills, June Misera, Percy Moore, Moore, Moore, Moore, Morgan, Myers, Geneva Needham, Robert Neely, Robert Nelson, Alice Nelson, Arnold Nelson, Eileen Nelson, Violet Nidever, Bruce Osborn, . Blanche Osborne, Gerald Palanuk, Joe Palmer, Ruby Parker, Florence Parks, Thelma Perkins, Owen Perlich, Gordon Peters, Vurhl Pitney, Mildred Plank, Paul Pruitt, John Rasmussen, Billy Rasmussen, Helen Reed, Homer Helen James Juanita Sidney Tom Snow, Margaret Snyder, Earl Soward, Ray Soward, Rex Spicer, Margaret Stien, Thelma Lee Steinmetz, Earl Stewart, Helen Stevenson, William Stock, Marvel Stroud, Lucille Sumers, Chrystal Sumstine, Frank Taylor, Alfred Terry, Grace Thompson, Enid Thornber, Fordyce Turner, Wilma Van Lydegraf, Merle Van Vliet, Doran Walkley, Elwood Wallace, Virginia Watson, Gilbert Welch, Nellie Mae Westfeldt, Jane Westrope, Loren Wheeldon, Ruth Wheeler, Helen White, Dorothy White, Gladys Willey, Esther Williams, Bob Williams Junior Willis, Clehona Wood, Jack Wood, Lisbon Worden, Marian Workinger, Bill Yeager, John The Dioneev Molbev When night fell on the circled wagon train And under quiet prairie stars came peace To soothe away the day's fatigue and strain And grant to wearied limbs a brief surcease, As distant coyotes cried, what was thy dream But in the green and happy land to see '- Thy daughters and thy daughters' daughters stream In smiling throngs about their mother's knee? Rest here, brave woman, as the years flow by, And see thy patient courage and thy love Renewed, as noble generations vie, With thy calm benediction close above, To meet a tangled world, and press along With hearts as high as thine, with souls as strong. -Eric W. Allen. Il'll'l"" fAll 39 The Dioneev Driocessionol "Stop! Be still Let action cease! My eyes, used to rest on distant, misty heights. . Are blinded by this frenzied scene. My ears, attuned to silences And murmurous and gentle sounds, Are deafened by this tumult. In all this mad confusion, Alone I stand-and desolate. Oh, friends of frontier days, Trail-mates, Companions of those brave and vivid scenes, Come back to me. Oh, ancient and memorable years, return once more. And yield to me your treasured memories. Let the past live once again Let time reverse itself, And the last procession of the pioneers, Pass in review." Used by permission of the autho 40 W. F. G. Thacher A f X LM, Lf .VA nal y7,c,afu 74--f-4 .1 yZ,A if!! 07 LIKA jf, A i Q V A N K I 'ff ., JY' Z 1 F4 hz., Q L 1,fLfA,fffv5f'-f..A,c ff -.0 5 , "-'44-'fx . ,- J Sz, 44LL1!fL !vs4""" AJC4 ,- kwftff .., ,f'f4uy fl' I l if ,I jf f ' ,- Lf ""K.4,,f',44-1 ' , 'f. a " is ,. Q' :all k., 4.1,- :Q " Pi' if ji: W: 1: .1 E-.ff-in I.: -F: EET? 1. fha? 433 355.2 "Jie,"-f :Lf Q-Z... .. '13 it 7.5. if Q-is ir: itll' 7345 Af ,E J 5.51 qt, r z in fly 1.3 5 .qw ,nj 1. . ," i!n,.'ak1 ve' B f kr' A I 1' 5 Y ml: 1 'N Q- , rv ,, ,. hi . if " 1 : m, -L 3.-..: M-4 Nt: 5. . . hr." nm E. rl, 3 H--V . 'JT . - .V 'r ll "v ' ' F F 1 r fv Qizwfrgixu iv . LQ fuclcanf ounci IQIRNSTIKI. MILLIUAN HPRAGUE MOODY WILINAN Tl'0klSlll'1'l' Vin-v-l'u-sinh-lmt l'1'vsich-nt Ser-ra-t:u'y Aumlitm' MILLER IDRAVER II. DUIJIJS SMITH I.I7NIlS'I'R0fXi Editor of BlZl!lilf.ft"l' nf P1'vsi4lem, nf hI2IllRlg'l'l' nf NIilIlilf.ft'l' of News News Girls' 1,4-aglle News Atlllutivs ELLIOT KING CHAPMAN 'I'l"l"l'Ll'1 BRUWNINH Hvninr Senior Sn-niur .lunior Junior livpresmxtntivo RL-p1'oe-aenlzltivv Ropresm-utzltivv Relprese-ntaxtivsr Rupresvutantivv LEAL Sl'ITRlAK'li LEE STEIN F, IDOIJIPH K. Xlr-KAY Junior .luninr Suplmnlorv Huplxolnorv SOIYIIUIIIOVE HUIIIIOIIIUPI' Re-presn-ntutive Rn-prvsmtzltive R0pl'Pswl1tutiw R1-pw-selltautiw R1-pn-svxututivv Ileplw-sa-lntzltiu 41 Y GOOLD S0011-tu1'y .IE PS EN Junior Rvprvsf-ntut ive TIWQ Girls, eclque ounci IJOIJIIS l'1'c-sidullt NEW I'l"l' 'I'1'eus1l1'L-I' TUT'l'LI'I .Iuniur R1 'lm-sm-lltaxt ive HAYES Vixen'-1'1'e--simlmmt SPICER Senior Rc-prosmltzltive CAMPBELL Hophnmore RL-presentzntivv ROBERTSON S1-nim' R1-prvsvntutive BIT'l"I'K PX Sophomorv Rvpn-svntnt ive Girls, League The Girls' League has experienced a progressive year under the leader- ship of Miss Maxine Lamb, Dean of Girls, and Helen Dodds, Girls' League President. During the last semester of the year 1930-31, the Department system was organized. All of the girls signed up for the departments in which they wished to work. There are seven of these committees, each one being under the guidance of a chairman and assistant chairman, and advised by a faculty member. They are the Social, Financial, Vocational, Educational, Athletic, Auxiliary, and Clerical departments. In November, an assembly was held and pins were awarded to those girls who did outstanding work last year. Three girls who had attained the highest scholastic standings were honored by having their names en- graved on the scholarship cup. These girls were: Sophomore, Jo Skeneg Junior, Janet Hughesg Senior, Marguerite Davidson. In December the Girls' League sponsored a Bazaar, which proved quite profitable. Many attractive articles were contributed and much interest was shown. January 8, 1932, a Silver Tea was given in honor of the mothers of high school girls and on May 8 a Mother's Day Vesper Concert was given. In February a Girls' League Assembly was held and the scholarship awards were given to Sophomore, Esther Alineg Junior, Betty Chandler, Senior, Ida Birnstiel. The week of April 11-15 was designated as Print Week, and practical- ly all of the girls wore print dresses. , Girls' League Week, April 25-29, featured a variety of entertainments -teas, dances, a Girls' League assembly, and a pay assembly. April 25, a tea was given in honor of the Springfield High girls. April 27, the girls of University High were our guests. April 26, a Girls' League meeting was held at which Mrs. C. L. Schwering, Dean of Women at the U. of O., talked. On Apml 29 the girls gave a successful pay assembly. The Girls' League has given many clever parties during the year in- cluding the Big - Little Sister party, the Christmas Party, the Mad Hatter Party, and the annual May Day Party. A new system of entertainment called the "Fun Plan," has been carried out. The Senior girls had a Tea Dance, a Dinner Dance, and a Lawn Party. The Junior girls gave a series of teas featuring the foreign countries. The Sophomore girls held a charm school in which they discussed appropriate dress and other matters of im- portance to every school girl. In addition to providing an adequate social program, the League gives every girl Vocational guidance in home economics, nursing, library work, and other professions, and we are all agreed that it is one of the most bene- ficial organizations of E. H. E. 43 rpTIil17CI1upfeP 0 ufionu Drapm' Svllnrpf Lamb Mulitm' Brown llodmls Nuwl'y ',l'llck Birnstir-l Rugh SENIOR MEMBERS Ilggll-shy Wilrhmm Hrvnhort Wilson Nilriiil flxlskill Millvr Cntllrell l.'uv liluis 44 0n0P ociefq Hvwitt Spivvl' 'VIIOIIIUSOII Snllwe Muuily Knox I luglms Lewis HIr!'Z1g'll9 Knight cliioncl OYIOP Socielq FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Carl Draper .........,.. ............. P resident .......,...., ,........ G eorge Scharpf Leith Oglesby ............ ....... .,...... V i ce-President ......................... ......... L ewis Wildman Charlotte Hewitt ........................................ Secretary ...............T................................ Eloise Knox R. G. Hendricks ..........................,............. Treasurer ................,....................... R. G. Hendricks Advisers: Miss Kinsey, Miss Reid, Miss Lamb, Mr. H. B. Johnson, Mr. Hendricks. The Alpha Chapter of the National Honor Society of Secondary Schools secured its charter May 15, 1924, with seven members and has initiated 235 members during the eight years of its existence. MEMBERS 1924-Joanne Ackerson, Justine Ackerson, Vada Belle Browne, Ruth Farris, Keith Ingalls, Ona Belle Simpson, Lester Swaggart. 1925-Joe Bally, Alice Brown, Myrtle Beymer, George Evans, Elsie Everett, Carol Eberhart, Evadne Hurst, Evelyn Hollis, Joy Ingalls, Dorothy Knowles, Daye Marshall, Mildred McDermott, Elizabeth Morse, Robert McCornack, Scott Milligan, Melba Mc Donald, Raymond Oglesby, Victor Phelps, Esther Taylor, Alice Spurgin, Herbert Wheel- er, Pauline Winchell, Katherine Winchell. 1926-Helen Bell, Lincoln Constance, Don. J. Campbell, Margaret Edmunson, Ivan Hall, Blanche Holcomb, Herschal Honey, Karl Klemm, Mary Klemm, Harold King, Cecile Mayberry, Bernice Phelps, Virginia Reid, Mary Alice Reid, Donald Sheythe, Ethel Theines, Elizabeth Thatcher, Elizabeth Wilmot, Theresa Young, Marion Bradley, Lily Anderson, Philip Gatch, Genevieve Hale, Darold Elkins, Shailer Peterson, Lucille Wirth, Alvia Keepers, John Ludlow, Vina Phelps, Martha Ness. 1927-Shirley Hinton, Jennie Klemm, Herman Walruff, Gertrude Richmond, Gwen Shephard, Harold Shuey, Malcolm Smith, Wallace Campbell, Bartine Morrow, Margaret Reid, Charles Wooden, Harold Ayeres, Janet Osborne, Robert Near, Ann Steele, Janet Fitch, Eugene Calhoon, Josephine Esterly, Harry Meyers, Anna Ness, Pauline Ziniker John Dodds, Genevieve Hathaway, Helen Farris. 1928-Christine N. Rawn, Kenneth Kienzle, Valette Ree, Doris Helen Patterson, Beulah Van Guilder, Jessie Winchell, Louise Smartt, Winsor Calkins, Marion Keep, Carl Knowles, Helen Chaney, Thelma Lund, Harriet Van Osdol, Miriam Yoder, Lucie Norton, Roma M. Gross, Bertha Finkenbiner, Pauline Lyon, Helen D. Farris, Minnie Barton, Bessie Lane, Wilma Bowen, Lymon Coburn, Gordan White, Kenneth Weaver, Merlin Blais, Victor Kaufman, Roger Houglum, Leonard Gaskill, Phyllis Meisel, Bertel Thorstenburg, Grace Farris, Marian Chapman, Thelma Zeaman, Jessie Steele, Marjorie Haas, Norma Huston, Alice Olmstead, Mary Knowles. 1929-Virginia Clark, Russel Cooke, Mary Louise Dodds, Lucille Driver, Eveard Fish, Lois Greenwood, Eva Heitzman, Lois Scharpf, Billy Seaver, Warren Stoffer, Mabel Soverns, Cecile Tuttle, Helen McKee, Beth Montgomery, Ruth Dupuis Margaret Osborne, Kathleen Shepherd, Betty Allen, Frances Row, Ellene Long, Dick Near, Evelyn Slocum, Robert Ades, Beverly Caverhill, Zona Malkasian, Agnes Marks, Frances Marks, Frances Johnston, John Pennington, Marcia Tulley, Lois Wilder. Orren Brown- son, Claribel Clark, Eva Charlet, Helen Garrison, Rosalind Gray, Lois Margaret Hunt, Odessa Knowles, Lucille McBride, Frances McDermott, Clifford Murphy, Theodore Pursley, Knute Soleim, Roger Schell, Helen Row, Mildred Tulley. 1930-Bernice Ingalls, Alice Gerot, Leonard Anderson, Eliza Hardman, Genevieve Hallin, Thelma Hayes, Jean Lewis, Lyle Rowan, Rolla Goold, Lloyd Faust, Richard Dallas, Helen ,Neal, Esther Fegles, Herbert Large, Robert McAlister, Eva Klenk, Pauline Moore, Donald Fields, Earl Vossen. 1931-Charlotte Hewitt, Katherine Sallee, Grace Martin, Helen Dodds, Helen Emery, Bernal Miller, Leith Oglesby, James Blais, Janet Hughes, Theda Spicer, Anna Rose Cothrell, Jane Lewis, Vernon Sprague, Carl Draper, Fern Lamb, Bruce Tuck, Roberta Moody, Sidney Milligan, Helen Knight, Eloise Knox, Ethel Thompson, Lenora Brown, Laura Sallee Margaret Rugh, Marjorie Scobert, Marvil Wilson, Ida Birnstiel, Orpha Lay, George Scharpf, Melvin Gaskill, George Molitor, Lewis Wildman. 1932-Catherine Tiggerman, Leslie Leal, Elmer Andrews, Betty Chandler, Harold Dudek, Clare Igoe, Clara Nasholm, Virginia Endicott, Laura Hughes, Jessie Mathers, Myrtle Ohlsen. 45 ,IALCIXSOII Molihn' Svhurpf Lay Gcx'I1u1'1l .Iuhnsuu uqenemavw Sfulflf Sc-obert J. Hughes Hr-Witt L. Hughes Robertson Nasholm Lewis Wilson Jucobwn Spicer 46 Tuck J 4-pst-11 Milligan Bush Blais Editor-in-chief Assomkntte editors Administration Senior class - Junior class - Sophomore class Q Uqi-2I'I9CII'l EDITORIAL STAFF - JANET E. HUGHES - MARJORIE SCOBERT, GEORGE MOLITOR - WILLETA JACKSON - CHARLOTTE HEWITT, GEORGE SCI-IARPI - LAURA HUGHES - VIRGINIA J EPSEN Athletics - - - CLARA NASHOLM, SIDNEY MILLIGAN Activities - - - THEDA SPICER Features - - LEO ' J ACOBSON Snap shots - - ANE LEWIS, MARION GERHARD Typists - - - - VIRGINIA BLAIS, HARRIET FITZGERALD Art technicmns -- ORPHA LAY, MARGARET ROBERTSON Artists - - - - MARJORIE BUSH, ETHEL JOHNSON BILL PIRIE, MARVEL WILSON Adviser - - - MISS MAE KINSEY MANAGERIAL STAFF Manager - - - LEONARD JACOBSON Assistant manager - - BRUCE TUCK Adviser - - - - MISS EMMA CHASE 47 Davcnhill Jacobson Nasholm J. Hughes Northrup L. Hughes Andrews Debate Twenty-three students turned out for debate at the call of Coach Alli- son last fall, and twenty of these participated in inter-class debates. The winners in this series were the sophomore negative team composed of Edesse Davenhill and Iva Jacobson, and the runners-up were the post-grad- uate affirmative team made up of Emmanuel Trapp and Andrew Gibson. The question chosen by the Oregon State Debating League for all high school debates this season was: "Resolved, That the Several States Should Enact Legislation Providing for Compulsory Unemployment Insurance." In the two pre-season debates held with Corvallis and Albany, the Eu- gene afiirmative won from Albany and there was no decision given at the Corvallis match. Three district debates were held, with the Eugene affirma- tive winning at Springfield and Roseburg, and the negative victorious at Cottage Grove and Roseburg. On May 7 we were awarded the district championship with the privilege of participating in the inter-district de- bates. The first of these debates was between our negative team and the Albany Affirmative and was won by Albany. Harold W. Allison, debate coach, says that the season has been unusu- ally successful, with Eugene high winning a majority of the eleven inter- school debates. Five of the squad will return next year. 48 Kathryn Gallegher ....... ,,,..... Leonard Jacobson ...... s rx Sitting: Van Lydegraf, Lewis, King, Libke, Brent, Borrego, Miss Gibson, B. Miller, Gallagher, Jacobson, Brad way, Gilstrap, Pinkstaff, Howell, Hughes, Bandy. Standing: Blais, Draper, Parker, Adams, Cothrell, Miss Chase, L. Miller, Van Lydegraf, Chapman, Smith, Hughes Molitor, Wheeler, Saylor, Wilson. .H.S. FIRST SEMESTER Bernal Miller .,..,,,,,..,,. EDITORIAL STAFF ..l.....Ed1,tor Janet Hughes .....,..............,....... Associate editor ..,... Clayton Van Lydegraf ..,,.,...... Managing editor ...,... Miss Juliette C. Gibson ..,.,I,,..,. DEPARTMENT EDITORS .,......Features Ruth. flag ............,.II................. , S 0 Cie ty ,... Jerry Blair, Courtney Towne Sports ,,,,.. Adviser ......................,.............. Exchanges ......,.....,,,,,,......,....... Anna ROSe Cothrell ....,.,.........., Literary ...., .,......, Milo Chapman .,,. .,.,. .I..,... D 1 'amat-ics Bill Pirie .......... ........ C artoonist News Staff SECOND SEMESTER Bernal Miller Richard Hughes Philip Gilstrap Miss Juliette C. Gibson Lester Miller Verna Brent, Bill Wheeler Elda Libke Jim Parker Katherine Adams Dorothy Borrego Bill Pirie REPORTERS, FIRST SEMESTER Janet Hughes, starg James Blais, Joyce Dutton, Gay Pinkstaff, Jane Lewis, Claude Bradway, Andre Clayton Van Lydegraf. REPORTERS, SECOND SEMESTER W Gibson, Ruth Howell, George Molitor, Jim Parker, Dorothy Saylor, Lester Van Lydegraf, Thelma Wilson . Carl Draper ...,.. ........ Wyatt Bandy ..,.,...,,, ,...... Jane Lewis ..........,.,...,. ....,.. MISS Emma Chase ......... ........ BUSINESS STAFF .Assistant .. ............. .,..,. . . Solicitor ...... ......... 49 Busmess Manager. ..,............. .. Admser ........ ......... Joye Smith Bill Wheeler Dorothy Saylor Miss Emma Chase Sitting: Ilmnphreys, Driver, Hewitt. Davenport, Williamson, Nasholvn, Knox. Standing: Mcflrezuly. Born-go, Krutzler, Tiggvrnmn, Runtc, L4-al, Bray, Young, Harmon, Goodwin, Cothrvll- Blais, Knight, Terry. Pallister, Spit-QT, Shot-ks, Nelson, Scobert. PON I' Wim. 'ig . Yrkltglfx F -fa f ,gl . 4 4 I' S, cliff 'ef -Q evcle Pclncois OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Eloise Knox ..........,,,,,,, A,,,,,,,,,,,,, P resident 4,,,,,,,,,,A,, ,,.,,,,, D orothea Davenport Charlotte Hewitt .,.,.,. ,,,,,,,,.,,, V ice-President ,.,,,,,,,,,A ......,..,.... C lara Nasholm Lowell Fish ............... .,...., S ecretary-Treasurer ....... ....... L ucille Willia1'HSOT1 Clara M. Blais, Adviser . Le Cercle Francais is composed of students who have taken French for one or more years and who maintain an average of not less than III. Meetings are held twice a month for the purpose of fostering an interest in French culture, and for developing more fluency in the use of the language. During the first semester, individual programs were prepared for each meetingg during the second semester, the members worked in groups. The outstanding event of the club's journey during the year was a pay assembly given February 5. The theme was a Mardi Gras scene in France. The social events along the way were two initiation parties and a picnic. 50 First row: Myrmo, Thompson, Rugh, Millvr, Hughes, Brown, Cllt1ll1llt'l', Kiphart, Pitney. Second row: Scobert, Knox- Bates, Martin, Mrs. Gorrcll, Dave-nhill, Kiphart, Gaskill, Lemlahl. Third row: McKay, Cockvrline, Johnston, Button, Atwutn-r, Flnnery, Bush. 151 ll fm Y 1 0 fl io":'::' U pi fl QP OS OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Margaret Rugh ....... .,......... P resident ........... ,...... J anet Hughes Ethel Thompson ..... .,........ V ice-President .......,. ....... B artra Brown Helga Myrmo .T...... .,,,.....,... S ecretary-Treasurer ,,..,,,.7,7,, .,,..... B etty Chandler Mrs. Lula C. Gorrell, Adviser The Inter Nos club has for its purpose the creating of an interest in Latin and of bringing together those students who are interested in the language. I The club has one afternoon meeting and one evening meeting each month, at which times the programs are arranged by the members. Among the year's activities have been the initiation, the Saturnalia at Christmas, a Latin play, and a meeting addressed by Frederick S. Dunn, head of the Latin department of the University. 51 First row-Blais, Draper, Hilliard, D. Owen, E. Owen Mercer, Biddle, Northam. Tliinl row-John Hill. McKitrick, Runrllett, J. Jar-ohsnn, Fornr-rook, Humphreys, Barnes, Kaldor. Second row-Sprague, Wood, Beals, Guild, Leal, l.ilnls:1y, Rui-ml, Milligan. e Eugene l-ii-V OFFICERS President - - - - - - ELTON OWEN Vice-President - - - SIDNEY MILLIGAN'er - - JOHN HILL Scrgca1z.t-at-Arms --------- LESLIE LEAL Adviser -f---------- DAROLD ELKINS ADVISORY COMMITTEE-G. P. Winchell, H. B. Johnson, Will M. Kidwell, R. O. McCully. The Hi-Y is composed of mature students of the Junior and Senior classes of the high school who are banded together in a definite cause calling for scholarship, physical efiiciency, moral worth, and service to the school. Hi-Y is national, even international in scope, and in the United States has a membership of over 100,000 fellows who are, in the main, the leaders in their respective schools. The local club has a membership of twenty-five. The members are ex- ceedingly active in practically every activity of the schoolg in fact, fellows are chosen because of their activities and leadership. The club does not seek publicity in its activities but operates as a directing force in the lives of the club members. 52 Upright from bottom to top Guild, Tuck, Lunrlstrom, L. .lar-ohson, Coghlan, .l, Jac-olmsen, Potampzl, Ilanily, Cann-ron, Knight, Carson. Uilstmp, Xleru-r, lh'L-'wei', John llill, F1ll'll!'l'UUii, llrznlwzly, CllZlf'il Kl'2lllll'l'. Bottom row from left to right Chnpnian, E. Owen, Northam, R. llulnnhrcys, Il-. Owen, H. Recd. J. l'nrkt-r, L. Morris. Miflrlle row, from left to right Griffin, liir-hiy, C.w'ZlllI.1Wll',l.K'l'1If. li. llilliurll, Ilrzlpor, Blnis. " is ' w frm vft to rifht iq io . nl . g, , Milligan, Sprague, Lmil, Rnnrllcit, RIr'liih'ir'k, Beals, Lindsay, Vain lmlegrzxf Wood. E Club President - - - - DON OWEQN Sccretm'y-Treasztrer - - CARL DRAPER Vice-President - - SIDNEY MII,LIGAN Sergeant-at-Arms - - LLOYD Momus The E Club, one of the leaders in all of the school activities, is the let- termen's club of Eugene High. In addition to participating in all athletic events, these boys work hard to create good school spirit and sportsmanship, and to increase the attend- ance at the games. The E Club successfully promoted several various ac- tivities during the year and rendered valuable assistance to others. One of the most important pieces of work the club undertook in the fall was the Lettermen's Banquet with University High and Eugene High at which the two clubs formed agreements to work not only for the better- ment of their own schools but for each other as well. The banquet was held at Lee Duke's cafe and was attended by forty members from the two schools. 53 l " 3- -' J First row-liush. liwluhl. llenmlingsm-n. Elliott, Moody, King, Ramsey, .lacksou, lim-nm-lt. S1 on n lll l coli Nl I mhl em n . -zonil r 'flvllllllillh vl0l'0l', l.'. .lu son, Hu-iv, in , St ' , llmnso . Tliird l'UW-villl liyrlu-grzlf, llill. Owen, lirogrzlon, Fimllnvr, Ru'lxal1:l11g'l1. Yl'2lg0l'. l+'ourtl1 row-MiIlig':nn, Mr. .lulmson, lilm-nli, lim-ul. Frvuf-li, Wuonl, Mr. Elkins, Mrs. f'lll'lSti4', Mr. Krzumx Golf lull Professiooml - - SIDNEY MILLNIGAN Greevls-Keeper - - LESLIE LEAL Caddy Illaster ----- - - - HELEN HEMMINGSEN The ancient Scottish pastime of golf holds increasing attraction for the students in Eugene High. This club Was formed in 1931 and now has its full quota of 30 active members and five honorary members: Mr. H. B. Johnson, Mr. Kerns, Mrs. Christie, Mr. Elkins, and Mr. Kramer, Who is also an adviser. The Eugene High golf team which has held the state championship for the last three years, has been composed of members in this club. In the spring the annual tournament was held among the members. 54 Sitting-Wurrl, Spicer, Morris, Mrs. I-'lm-tin-1-, Spiuugiw, Cothroll, Martin Sl2lllIllIlg'1Kll0X, Jenson, fluoml, Ellll'l'y, llamsmi The I.IlDPClPLj President - - - HELEN EMERY Adviser ----- ---- M Rs. MARIE P. FLETCHER Eleven students have helped the library to function for the school this year. They have met the responsibility which rests on them to blaze the road by way of bibliographies of short stories, authors, commercial geo- graphy, science, and other subjects. The Smithsonian reports have been explored for suitable material, and for all these, cards are in the catalog as guide posts for those who come after. Mounts of illustrations for the Idylls of the King, Ivanhoe, musical characters have been made to catch the attention and interest of travellers along the road. During the iirst semester, the faculty members were invited to par- take of a cup of tea and to inspect the large amount of new material on hand for use in all of the departments of the school. 55 Siitillgf-llmwn, l'k'l'l'j', llauw-np01'i., Wzlllzwv, W, .lm-lxsful, Wilson- Salim-0. Sinlulillg-lhlxll, I.4-nlnm, llnrn, IR-1'lli11s, lik?l'll2ll'll, Miss Ash. L, .lm-lxsun, llIll'll1'l't- I'iria-', lllalis. -I-exnios Ciulm E121 FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Dorothy Wallace ...., .,...... P 'resident ...Y...,. ,,,...... ......... B i ll Pirle Bill Pirie! ..,,..,......,,, .,.... V ice-Presidevzt .... .A ,.,,,.... Maxine Perry Maxine Perry .,., l..,.... S ec'retf1wry .......Y, ,,,,,, , ..Wayne Harbert Mary Brown ..,. ..,7A... T 9'9!l,Sll7'6l' ...... .. ,7.. Lawrence Jackson Ha-V Club OFFICERS Presiflent - - - - LAURA SALLEE Secretary - - MARGARET RUGH Vice-Pres'icle1zt - - CHARLCIA BRANSON T1'easm'er ----- GRACE MARTIN Hitting.:-Cotl1l'vll, l'lIIIf'l'j', llrzmson, Rugh, Salim-0, lllartinr Flmxnnllvr, L. llughes. Htzlmlillg-Mrs. Waurrvn. Stewart. liah-s, Mcfillvw, Miss lieill, Bush, Mrs. l,lm'rvll, liznull Myrum, Miss Clmsm-. Nalslmlm, I':nllist1-V, Fin-l1l, Miss fiillnwt. 56 Sitting-Gissr-ke, Sclxurpf, Metcalf. GOIIIOII, Beals, Amlerson, E. Rvlyvu, LI. Vzm Lyllvgruf, SUIlltlillgTAlltlI'l'WS, Rumllutt, Morris, Jucolzson, Smith, ll. Rvlyvu, Potalmpzl, Mr. M. Johnson. 0UlClOOI" President - - - LLOYD MORRIS Secretary - - VERNON SPRAGUE Vice-President - - EDWIN REILYEA Treasurer - ANDOR ANDREWS IQIHQ Club President - - EDWIN RELYEA Treasurer - - - PHILIP GILSTRAP Secretary ---- GEORGE SCHARPF Range Officer - - - WALLACE RUTH iIiIIPOliIIg-Rvlyeu, Oglvsby, Gilstrap, E. Relyva, Sulxarpf, AllKlEl'SUll, Blood. St2lIllli!lg,"TGil'Sk'lil', Osborn, Ruth, Mr. M. Jolmson, SettoI'lmI'g, Cauneron, Young. 57 w l'irsl. row-l. .lar-oluson, llusli, Spurloc-li, H. Borregoh Bra-nt, Elliott, Moorly, liois VVilrlmun, Klllg, gS0ll, Luv. Svc-mul row-ll'. lllllllllllllll, Miller, liluis, ilWI'll, Rm-ml, IP. llo1'i', Adaims, llmhls, lgov, C2Il'Il9IlfC'l'. Tllirml :uni Fourth rowkwlweler. R. Iluglws. Ugleslmy, 1.1-ul, C. llumplircys, Morris, Mr-Nutt, R. llumplm-ys. Lilrke, ll:11'lr:u't, Wilson. lf1llllSk"j', lil'ig'gs, liol'gn-lu-1-xi, .l. lluglnes. Fifth row-.l, .Involves-ll, Strawn, M. Ullallmllnallz, Mrs. Vllristie, Ili':lp4-r, llimlwlle, l'inksh1ff. M Cl s C1 n C1 qq ee President ---- - MILO CHAPMAN Secreta1'y-Treasureo' - - EUNICE ELLIOTT Adviser ------- - MRS. ETHEL CHASE CHRISTIE The membership of the club includes 33 active and 16 associate mem- bers. The annual production was in the form of four one-act plays, the purpose of which was to give every member a chance to participate. "Saturdays Market" was given by nine girls and was a difficult under- taking as it was entirely a play of character. The cast portrayed distinct types in an interesting manner. The cast of "In the Zone" was entirely of men for which a most inter- esting setting Was made. It represented the forecastle of a tramp steamer which was in the War zone. It has moments of suspense which was upheld creditably. "The Villain Still Pursued Her" Was frankly a silly farce. It was played very seriously by the cast who were concerned about the loss of a chimney hole. "The High Heart" was a difficult play for amateurs and proved very interesting. J The McDonald theatre sponsored the presentation.4s several one-act plays on High School night and opportunity for much experience was given to different members of the club. A Week-end trip to the Obsidian camp in the Cascades Was enjoyed by twenty-one members of the club, accompanied by Mrs. Christie and Mr. Elkins. 58 WCIPCIS oi H18 QCIP The Terrill Cup Declamatory Contest was won by Wilhelmina Gerot, junior, and Bruce Tuck, senior. 4: 4: as if Leslie Leal, junior, won first place and Janet Hughes, senior, took second place in the George Washington Bi-Centennial Essay Contest which was conducted by the local American post which offered prizes of ten dollars and five dollars respectively. Janet also won second plaqe in the countyskconteast on athe sakme subject. Helen Goold, senior, and Robert Keefe, sophomore, won second places at the ninth annual band concert held in Corvallis, April 15, 16, with saxophone and sousaphone solos. Harold Wilder won first place in Class B violin contest at State Music Meet at Pacific University. GIRLS' LEAGUE PINS FIRST SEMESTER-Helen Dodds, presidentg Alice Hayes, vice-presidentg Helen Goold, secretary, Charlotte Hewitt, treasurer. Ida Birnstiel, Anna Rose Cothrell, Helen Emery, Janet Hughes, Katherine Kingwell, Fern Lamb, Orpha Lay, Jane Lewis, Laura Sallee, Theda Spicer, Ethel Thompson, Helen Tuttle. SECOND SEMESTER.-Ida Birnstiel, Lenora Brown, Ruth Button, Beatrice Campbell, Anna' Rose Cothrell, Mary Ellen Eberhart, Virginia Endicott, Janet Hughes, Marguerite Jcpsen, Helen Knight, Orpha Lay, Jane Lewis, Aby Schrader, Marjorie Scobert, Theda Spicer, Ethel Thompson, Helen Tuttle, Dorothy Wilkinson. E. H. S. NEWS EDIToR's PIN EUGENEAN EDITOR,S PIN Bernal Miller Janet E. Hughes DEBATE PINS-Edesse Davenhill, Janet Hughes, Iva Jacobson, Clara Nasholm. GiRLs' LEAGUE SCHOLARSHIP CUP FIRST SEMESTER-Marguerite Davidson, senior, Janet Hughes, junior, Jo Skene, sophomore. SECOND SEMESTER.-Ida Birnstiel, seniorg Betty Chandler, junior, Esther Aline, sophomore. TRI-Y RINGS--Betty Chandler, Mary Stewart, Mary Field. Girls' Athletic Awards According to the Oregon Point System: GOLD PIN-Lenora Brown. STATE "O" and HIGH SCHOOL "E"-Catherine Kingwell, Eloise Klink, Grace Martin, Clara Nasholm, Aby Schrader, Edna Starr. LETTER "E"-Alice Hays, Laura Hughes, Mary Hunt, Irene Kendall, Margaret Rugh. ATHLETIC LETTERS FOOTBALL--Paul Agerter, Russel Beals, Bob Biddle, Glen Brown, Bill Carson, Elton Forncrook, Joe Hill, John Hill, Russel Humphreys, Jim Jacobson, Dean Knight, Thomas McKitrick, Sidney Milligan, Roy Northam, Don Owen, Elton Owen, James Parker, Homer Reed, Ted Reed, Vernon Sprague, James Blais, yell leader, Willard Lundstrom, manager. BASKETBALL,-Richard Bishop, Henry Coughlan, John Hill, Hugh Mercer, Sidney Milligan, Roy Northam, Robert Rundlett, Vernon Sprague. SWIMMING-Howard Cameron, Leonard Jacobson, Bernard Knight, Kenneth Lichty, Bruce Tuck, Clayton Van Lydegraf. RIFLE CLUB SHARPSHOOTER AWARDS Gieseke, William, third class, Gilstrap, Robert, fourth class, Oglesby, Leith, third class, Osburn, Ralph, fifth class, Relyea, Edwin, second class, Relyea, Demora, fourth Elassim Rflth, Wallace, fourth class, Scharpf, George, fourth class, Young, Richard, ourt cass. 59 Tiwe Imiiun Love Coil Ooh! Ooh! So echoes the sweet love notes which gently fall Thru the forest stillness, as fond waiting Indian lovers call! When the lone lagoon, stirs in the Spring, Welcoming home some swany white wing, When the maiden moon, riding the sky, Gathers her star-eyed dream children nigh: That is the time of the moon and the year, When love dreams to Indian maidens appear. And this is the song that they hear: When I'm calling you-oo-oo! Will you answer too-oo-oo? That means I offer my love to you, to be your own. If you refuse me, I will be blue, and waiting all aloneg But if when you hear my love call ringing clear, And I hear your answering echo, so dear, Then I will know our love will come true, You'll belong to me, I'll belong to you. -Friml. 60 f"5-2,3-5 E3 X-A K. Q7-QQZZQQV CQMMQ .- K inmlibgg ZLL, .. ifkiq f by yZ,,i,ZY PS.-' 70 'M vfQfwZ?'5-4 mt ' ,535 Mffjbf . xyaafr. - ff,7f,u. Vff... X W! -545,523 5 ff N X I P D My i la f in 3? 1 5 I T x f p MJ Lf if fx J I x UL. an 15 45.31-If-: +r N '93 Q I ,ilhja-.w.'BA.fl:3a4 , xl 01-Afwvrr WAft.,f'7LME ffxlf?X,i'jml.i+-tie D...1q,,1-f - f ,fl ff ' LA W my . gif I. V fa 7 M ff I in af XX! ' 1 f ,, 1,1 1 ,' H- ff ,. f f" f' ' K X! If ,- ,Lf 1 V! 'E w.. 1 31: ff:- w1,,'f 'iff A L w rn 'LS- Jg: , if . Q . , gf ,.V ,ish sh .,, R q' YN 213: . V Te --L if ' "1 R Wig." MIL ..E: ws, 1, lid 11 ' ,417 J" 1.5" 4: if .-.- , i 3, ,T 1 4' .11 ' . '! rl ,. H, ff' I ,. .fl W 1 -w c 'U 9 'Lrg ull--lL'M,5 .rf v IW RQ, I. ! nn ' 'riff'-im ., 145.6 - 'fl-"s .44 , 'fl i' L: Q -4 'nf -L ,.. 4 'QL A.- n J. ,- ,-rw. JW HU ,xl .i lgfrz V4-+. ,--PY f- W ,,,, WHL., ,fm u,H-' First row-Mr. Munir, M. Ijglltfuot, 1'. flilSl'I'2lp, Nvlson, Ilutl-llinsun, lllllllllll1'I'j'S, Goulvl, W. Liglltfout. Sw-01111 1'mv--lhlllfm, Clurv, l.if-llty, Adams, xvlllSlll2Ill, Im-w, ll2lIIlll4'S, Ilzulpre, Rilvy. 'l'l1i1'sl 1'uw-Alulm-1'sml, C. Vul1l,yrh-gmf, llilliurrl, I'inkstuff, livvfe, UVESIIRIIII, Clmplllzlll, Gilfrl-y, Nuwtuu. BONE! The officers are: Director'-Delbert Mooreg Pres'idcut-Walter Whismang Manage: -Kenneth Lichty. CDPClAlQSl'FCI The officers are: D'irc'cfor-Delbert Mooreg President-Virginia Endicottg Mana- ger-Darrell Renfro. Y First row-Lightfoot, Jorrlun, Conyers, Holmes, Ward, Welch. Sevnml rnwflilink. Hughus, linrlicnttl McKay, Gilfry, 1,3.llll0l', REl5llll.lNSl'l'I, Kingwvll. Third row--Mr. Moore, rlirvcturg U. Van l,yLls:gl'af, Licllty, Rvnfro, 'l'urncr, Linn, Mullin, GI'0SllilIll, Aldous. 61 First roxx'-Tliompson, Scobc--rt. Seconwl row-llorii, liuggli, Iiot 'I'llii'vl rmmiSinitl1, li:u't4u1 I"oui'tl1 l'uxx'-Ulmpirmil. lii'l'l'lIl2lIlll, l"ifIl1 row-,XlfIous, Suilml4-rs Still All students who are interested together in the Mixed Chorus T. Spencer. Curtis, Rlziilmigli, Sk:-ic, Hayes, Hunt. lll'flS. Woods. I-Imlicoii, lgoi-, Hieiu, Munmicy. -plz. lximg, Slowly, Howl-l'snin. hpn-1-r. flililfllllilll, flrilvlvlc. Iirigggs, iii-nncli. King, l'1'i-ssimnli. .ll-ssefu, X1-xxloix, Ilumplircys. PU S have the opportunity of learning to sing of the boys' and girls' glee clubs. They con- tribute to school programs and assemblies. The crowning event of the year was the presentation of "The Mikado," a comic opera, on April 14 and 15. This was a most creditable performance and won much favorable comment. The director was Miss Carolyn Woods. 1-v THE 'ADO 62 PRESSMAN HORN THOMPSON JACOBSEN Buss Her-onvl T4-nor Buritoln- First Tenor Ulllqlei The Boys' Quartet and the Girls' Sextet are selected from the Mixed Chorus for individual excellence of voice, and for blend. These groups are available for school performances and gladly contribute to civic programs. The director is Miss Carolyn Woods. Sexiei me e iw - n V Y SVUTIJTQTIUE M Heboridlglifnario uzklto i BAR'l'4JN M, Hl'lCl'Ili IQQEQLZ Supuuio Second Soprano Alto 63 ul Jewels. ,J Qfl-AM-wel-'lqgfdurl i VN X.-Wax - Clllilflll I-lCl Q The celebration of the Bicentennial of Washington aroused a new in- terest in things historical and determined the Senior Class to choose "N a- than Hale," a tragedy of Revolutionary days. The play was presented on May 13 in the school auditorium. ' THE CAST Nathan Hale ......... ..i..................,,.,... ....... R o nald McNutt Alice Adams .........,.. ..,...,... E unice Elliott Captain Fitzroy ......,.. .......,.. J ames Blais Lebanon ...................., ,.,.,....,.,,,.....,.,,,.. D on Boyer Knowlton .............,. ,.,,,..,,,i.....,,..,,., G ay Pinkstaff Cunningham ....... ........ C layton Van Lydegraf Adams .............,.. . ......... Leonard Jacobsen Tom Adams ............ .....,. D on Chapman Hall ......................v....... ............... B e1-nal Miller The Jelferson boy .......... ...... N orman Pressman Talbot boy ...,....,.......... ..,....... A ndor Andrews Jasper ...................... .....,.... B ill Wheeler Mrs. Knowlton ....... ............ D Orothy BOI'reg0 Angelica ,,,,,.,.,,.,.. ,,,,,,, ...,,,,,,,...,...,,..,,.. ,,,.............,............,........,.......... M a r vil Wilson The Widow .,,,....,............,........,..................,.i...........,,...,....................,.............. .. Roberta Moody School children: Verna Brent Lester Miller Elda Lidke John ! Y 7 7 Guild, Borgny Christofferson, Virginia Blais, Marion Gerhard, Herman Met- calf, and Carl Blood. Soldiers: Richard Hughes, Leith Oglesby, and Russell Beals. The Arvivol ol illq On December 18, the Class of 1933 presented "The Arrival of Kitty," a three-act comedy by Owen Lee, before a large audience. This play centers about a case of mistaken identity, and was a merry mix-up which brought out the fact that there are many talented young amateurs in the Junior Class. Kitty Benders ....... Sam ..................... Ting ...................... Benjamin Moore Bob Baxter .............. William Winker Jane ............ .. .......... . Aunt Jane ........ Suzette ........ Director ........ 64 Thelma Tefft .......Sidney Milligan ....................Leslie Leal .....Wayne Harbert ..........Chuck Humphreys ...,..Haro1d Strawn .........Dorothy Saylor Wilhelmina Gerot Carmen Jenks Mrs. Ethel Chase Christie I- ll-N 707 CTL.. a,daw-14, ei if MCJSL CIYICI CIQCJQP C'1lJS On February 25 and 26, the Mask and Dagger Club presented four one-act plays which received much favorable comment and were well-at- tended. The casts chosen from members of the club and directed by Mrs. Ethel Chase Christie were: Smitty .,...., Davis ..,,.. Olson .,,., Scotty .....,, Ivan ......, Yank ...... Cocky ....,. . . ,...,,,,,,,,,, ,, IN THE ZONE" ,. ..........Gay Pinkstaif .,.......Milo Chapman ,........Homer Reed .........Carl Draper ............Glenn Hoare ....,..,Maurice Thorson ..........Leith Oglesby D7"iSC0ll ....... ,.....,,...., ..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,.,,,-,,,v,-,,,---V--V-.A----,...w-. ---,,-'.''.-..A--..----.--.,' L 1 0 y d Morris "AND THE VILLAIN STILL PURSUED HER" Jack ' ---------'- -----e-----'-eA---AA-'---- ------ --4-'--------e---'-e------4---------"'--------- .......A..........,...,. W a y n e Harbert Erwlme ,-------- .............., E lda Libke John -----'----- ....... J ames Jacobsen Lena -------- ,.............. H elen Dodds George A .... .. J un .......,,, Mary ,,.,,,, Ifizzie Sara Henry ,,..... Mrs. Baker ...,,,. Mrs. Warren ..... Aunt Fanny ....... Mrs. Hansen ......, Jeanette .,.,,,,.,.A,,,, Mrs. Dunning ....... Sylvia ............,. Major Cranston Mrs. Peyton ........... Agnes Cranston The General ,,..... Sam Davis ...... Lieutenant Augustus ..,,,,..,.....,,.,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,4 "THE SATURDAY MARKET" "THE HIGH HEART" Thomas McKitrick .........Richard Hughes ..,....,.Marvil Wilson .........Verna Brent ........Roberta Moody ............Elda Libke ,,,,,,,...Janet Hughes .........Helen Dodds ........Eunice Elliot ........0rpha Lay ,.......Alyce Briggs ........Verna Brent ...,.............James Blais ........Dorothy Borrego ,..,,,,...Lois Wildman .......Donald Chapman .......Ronald McNutt ..........Bernard Knight PRODUCTION STAFF Business Managers: Lester Miller, Earl Vossen, Verna Brent. Stage Managers: Lloyd Morris, Richard Hughes. Costumes: Dorothy Borrego. Properties: Catherine Adams. 65 .,......Elton Forncrook Hi Jinks The annual Hi-Jinks of 1931-32 was one of Eugene High's biggest events. It was in the form of a seven-act vaudeville, all classes and many of the social activities participating. The Senior stunt, "What Happened Then," was written by Miss Juli- atte Claire Gibson, of the English department, and the setting was a nurs- ery in which many of the class costumed as dolls presented an interesting program of song and dance. The toy soldier brigade was so well drilled that it quite took the audience out of the real into the unreal. The Junior act was comedy, "The Boss of the King." The Sophomores put on a carnival feature entitled "Noah's Ark," Mrs. Warren, also of the English department, wrote the skit. Elephants, tigers, monkeys, cats, and giraffes went into the ark two by two to be welcomed by Mr. and Mrs. Noah. The Eugeneom staff presented "The Occult Review," which was writ- ten by Janet Hughes, the editor of this year's annual. Out of a huge book came much that has been of interest throughout the year. The Glee club put on that perennial favorite "Tell Me Pretty Maiden" from the "F1orodora Girl." In the costumes of the gay nineties girls and boys showed how their fathers and mothers did it. For the first time in several years, the orchestra presented an act, "Arabian Fantasief' Delbert Moore composed this skit, which showed a young prince who hired entertainers to woo his lady love. The boys' gym classes put on a tumbling act, which was well received by the audience. The Mask and Dagger stunt concluded the entertainment with "Alexander Ambles Inn," a comical negro play. The Hi-J inks was under the direction of Mrs. Ethel Chase Christie, dramatic coach, and music was furnished by the orchestra and band com- bined. - S-Q Si'IQ Sloops lo Conquer This perennially fresh and amusing comedy by Oliver Goldsmith was presented by the faculty on two successive evenings, April 1 and 2, before enthusiastic audiences. Every member of the faculty contributed in some measure to the production of the play and so aided in its success. The proceeds were contributed to the student body treasury. Mr. Hardcastle, a Country Gentleman ......................,...,..,................... Mr. Harry B, Johnson Mrs. Hardoastle, his Spouse ..,......,........,.,,.,.......,............., ..,.... M .iss Franc P, Gilbert Tony Lumpkin, his Step-son ....,..............,.....................,.,,...... .,.i..,,,,,,,,, M r, Darold Elkins Kate Hardcastle, his daughter, who stoops to conquer ,........ ....,,,., M iss Juliette C, Gibson Constance Neville, his Niece ....,,.,............,............................ .,.,,i,,,, M iss Ola McDermott Filldldl' Cll the fLlCh0IlS6 ...,............... ..,........................,....,..,.....,.,.. Mr, Delbert M0019 Fellows at the alehoase .....................,.,.......,....,.,......,..............,.......,...,,,,,,, Mr, Clarence Diebel Mr. Odine Mickelson, Mr. Harold Allison Young Marlowe, the Hmodestest young man alive" ..........,,.....,....,..,,,,,,, Mr, Fritz Kramer George Hastings .....,....w..,....................,.......,......................l..........,......... Mr. Russell Hendricks Diggory, Hardcast1e's servant ..... ................................,........,. . ....... M r. Martin Johnson Maid, Hardcastle's servant .....................,............,.............,............ ..,,.,,,.,, M iss Clara Blaig Sir Charles Marlowe, an old friend of Mr. Hardcastle's ......,.. ......,, M r, Bert C. Kei-ns PRODUCTION STAFF Properties ,,... .............,.,...........,,,,,,,, ,,,,, ,,,.,.,,,.,,,,.,,.. M r s . Charles Chick Direction ...,,,.. .....,.............,.....,..,.,,,,,, ,.,,,,,, M r s. Ethel Chase Christie Tickets ........... ...,....,. ...., M i ss Minnibel Reid Advertising .,,...,. .,..,..,. M rs. Beatrice B. Beebe Costumes .,............... ....... ...,......... M i ss Lynn Jackson Stage Settings ....... .,.,.......,..,........ M r. Odine Mickelson, Mr. Martin Johnson Art Work ,i,,,,,,, ..... Q ...Miss Grace Ash, Texnias Club Ushers .....,...,,,.............,.,.,, .......i................. M iss Mae D. Kinsey Stage Manager .......................i............................,................................l....,............... Lloyd M01'I'iS Assistant Stage Hands ........................,...,,,........................... Richard Hughes, Edwin Relyea, Lacey Butters, Jay Brownfield, William Gieseke Oyghggfq-fl ------'-.ID-,,.---,------,-'.YWI-il--------,,--.,.-,..-'.-' ,,.,---,Y,,,.,,,.,--,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, M I' . Delbert Moore Flowers furnished by Chase Gardens. Furniture loaned by Eugene Hotel. 67 Alhlelics The foe most dreaded by the Pioneer was the warring' Indian who was skilled in the use of his bow and arrow and also in the best way to fight either on the rolling plain or on the wooded moun- tains. The Indian of the West was a superb speci- men of manhood, for the outdoor life he lived gave him a splendid physique coupled with an alert brain. The Pioneer had no truer friend than the Indian whose friendship he had wong neither did he have a worse enemy than the Indian who op- posed his right to take from him what he regard- ed as his own. Today We have those who rival the Indian in athletic prowess. Staunch friends of the school, they iight valiantly for her colors on the home field. When they carry the Purple and White into the enemy's territory they genera'ly bring back the scalps of their rivals. 68 ,fa Zjfwf AZMIQQQUMS N lirzinu-r lfzissi-tt lic rns The Cdoc inq Sloll The Eugene High Coaching Staff has undergone a complete revision. Instead of having one coach for each sport, one man has been placed in charge of all. This man is Fred Kramerg Bert Kerns, science instructor, assisted him in football and Mr. Kramer has assigned the task of coaching baseball to Frank Fassett, of the commercial department. This was the first year for "Fritz" in Eugene High and he has won the respect of everyone who has worked under him, and has also proved that he is one of the best coaches in Oregon. An athletic advertising manager has been installed in Eugene High for the first time this year in the person of Don Owen. The plan has proved very successful and will doubtless be continued in years to come. Willard Lundstrom has been the athletic manager for the entire year. He has had assistants for each sport but has had to spend much time and work in his office. 69 Alblelics in Eugene I-liqlw Eugene High! The feared and respected foe of every opponent. Her mighty dread-naughts of power have again swept through a year of vict- ories with few defeats. Under the true and never-faltering leadership of Mr. Fred Kramer, that quality of sportsmanship so much desired by every lover of true sport has started on a sure and steady incline. In a preview of spring sports we find a nucleus of track l-ettermen, excellent baseball material and three members of the last year's State champion golf team returning for play. Football In the simmering heat of a warm September sun the gridiron valiants of Eugene High started their work under the tutelage of a new master. Mr. Fred Kramer had been called upon to lead the Purple and White. The first game came on September 25, when the Purple and White routed Cottage Grove, 22 to 0. The next week this was followed by a 13 to 0 victory over Springfield. Marshfield loomed as the next opponent. Leaving Eugene at 2:30 in the morning and playing the same day, Eugene was trampled to a 26 to 0 defeat. 1 Then came University High. A touchdown in the first few minutes of play and a beautiful place-kick gave U. H. S. a 7 point lead. The rest of the half was scoreless. The next half started with a touchdown for Eugene but the place-kick failed. Eugene's power could tear a hole in the Campus team at almost any time but a touchdown did not reward their eiorts and the game ended 7 to 6 in a disastrous upset. This was the last straw and Eugene then regained the old spirit. Al- bany was trounced 13 to 0 the next Saturday and Sprague rounded the boundary for both touchdowns. Now it was time for the undefeated Lava Bears from Bend. They came with blood in their eyes to avenge the defeat of the year before. A four-quarter struggle and the Bend aggregation went home with black eyes instead of red and a 6 to 0 defeat. Armistice Day! but the war with Salem rages on! The Capitol team graced our premises for the first time in several years. The coin was Hipped and Captain Jacobsen chose to defend the South goal. The whistle blew! the game was on. Plunges, gruelling drives, spirited power, stonewalls of defense, all that makes the game of football what it is, were showing themselves in every second of the game. A series of passes and power attacks put Salem ahead 6 to 0 in the second quarter. The Eugene line smeared the place-kick before it left the toe of the Salem back. The half ended with the score unchanging. The second half started with Salem on the defensive. Eugene re- ceived the kick-off and in the first minute of play, Biddle was through and with a wonderful interference away for a touchdown from 57 yards. The kick never faltered and Eugene led 7 to 6. An intercepted pass on Eugene's 20 yard line and Salem had another touchdown. Again the kick was smothered. Eugene was not to be beaten! With the end of the game drawing nigh 70 if avr-f-v v --1 an g J- lwll John llill Nlvliitric-lc l"m'm'rook l':u'lxel' Il. Owen R1-ml Joe Hill llmwix VIIFSIJII Allllllfllll lliflillc Beals Knight IJ, tlwvn Northam lllllIllll1I'f'j'9 Sprague Ag:-rter the Purple and White drove yard after yard and finally McKitrick crossed the goal standing up. The kick was again made good, the score standing 14 to 12 for Eugene. The smoke cleared away to find only one game left on the schedule. This was Corvallis, the powerful! Eugene hadn't beaten Corvallis and Salem in the same year since the World War! A record indeed, but not for Eugene. The first ofensive play in the game for Eugene was a touchdown. However, a holding penalty on Eugene made it null. No scores were made until the final minute when Eugene scored and won the game 6 to 0. 71 Ilunlllvlt Nlilligaul Xlillm' L. Yam lvvlv lnitilllillll liixhnp Hill Xurllu l'iIQ'lll' Cblfjhlilll AIL'l'l'4'l' S111-m4-r f-Au r.. llll W rv Basketball Immediately after the din of the football victory over Corvallis had died away, "Fritz" issued his beckoning to the stalwarts of the maple court. A few weeks of preliminary training, an odd game here and there, and the team traveled to Cottage Grove to open the conference season. An easy victory was followed by a series of the hard kind to loseg practically starting the season with a heavy load upon the teamls shoulders. The rest of the season was nip and tuck, finally ending with seven games won and seven games lost. Of the seven games lost, five were by one basket and two of them in overtime periods. University High speci- alized in these, winning three battles by two points and the last one gave them the District Championship. It was an overtime game and was clinch- ed when McAllister sunk a long shot with only a few seconds to play. The other two were lost to St. Mary's and Salem. In the latter, Eugene out- played Salem throughout but was unable to make their shots good. Roy Northam, captain, was the leading scorer of the year, tallying eighty-three points. Milligan, his nearest competitor, trailed in the dis- tance with sixty-four. Vernon Sprague was the leading fouler having twenty-eight personal fouls. Roy nearly led in these also by tagging Sprague with twenty-six. Eugene decisively led her opponents in total points by outscoring them 356 to 279. Games EUGENE OPPONENTS 46 ...................... Cottage Grove ...,..,..... 17 18 .......... ...,.... S alem ...................,...... 23 18 ...... ........ S t. Mary's ........ ........ 2 0 12 ...... ........ U ni. High ...,.. ......., 1 4 35 .......... ........ C ottage Grove ............ 8 28 .......... ........ S pringfield .,......,..,.... 22 25 .......... ........ C orvallis ........ ........ 1 7 28 ....,. ........ U ni. High ...... ,....,,. 3 0 29 ...... ........ S pringfield .,.............. 15 is ........,. ........ c orvallis ......,. ........ 3 7 15 .......... ........ S alem ...........,.......,...... 17 34 .......... ........ C ottage Grove ......l..,.. 16 30 ........., .....,... L owell ............ ..,..... 2 1 20 ...... ........ U ni. High ...... ......., 2 2 73 , '! 2111. 2 ww ,fv'.f E f-' v' f I .. . - Y. V .. '. Fiist mn L. Mm Iqnlegnlf, Bu-wer, Hamric-lison, Draper, 'l'e:1gun-, Meri-er. HL'COllllTONY-LlllIlH2lj',lll2lll2Ig'k'l'1E, Owen,Guil1l ll Bl'Rl1lW2IV Inman Nlvliifrizk IJ Owen r'-:pf-lin' FilSSt:'lf,'l'0iH'll. my 'A ' . . ' I , BGSQLGII The Eugene High Baseball team completed a satisfactory season in 1931, winning 7 games and losing 7. The team played first class ball at all times and showed a fighting spirit and determination to win that made them a tough t-eam to defeat. Eugene won from Bend, Cottage Grove, and the Eugene Bible Uni- versity g broke even with Salem, Springfield, and the Oregon Freshmen, and lost to University High, and the Oregon State Rooks. Four of the games the team lost were by the one point margin. The Eugene boys played their best against the highly touted Bend team whom they swamp- ed 25 to 0, and looked their poorest when they were beaten by the Univer- sity High for the A League Title, 9 to 8 and 7 to 6. Totals of the 14 sched- uled games show Eugene was superior to her opponents. Opponents: Runs- 89 Hits,.107 Errors-56 Eugene: Runs-115 Hits-141 Errors-53 Harold "Nig" Hammerickson won the honor of having his name en- graved upon the Hendershott Trophy as being the most valuabl-e player of' the season. Cecil Inman was judged second, and Elton Owen, third. "Nig" won the vote of the squad, had the highest batting average and slug- ging average, a fielding average of 1000, second number of stolen bases, and third in number of runs scored. Lettermen who played their last baseball game for Eugene are: Billy Haskins, "Nig" Hammerickson, Earl Vossen, "Ox" Bradway, Gene Teague, Cecil Inman, Clarence Taylor, Don Verdier and Don Owen. Those who are back are: Carl Draper, Tom McKitrick, Elton Owen, Hugh Mercer, Les Van Lydegraf, Bernard Brewer, and John Guild. 74 l Wood Milligan Leal French Gall The four-man golf team of Eugene High once again traveled the rounds undefeated in 1931. The annual State tournament was played at the Eu- gene Country Club with the Eugene team as hosts. Composed of Leonard Anderson, captain, and playing his last year for the school, Leslie Leal, Wendell Wood, and Sidney Milligan, the team walk- ed away with all honors, winning team medalist and Leal winning individu- al medalist. In the finals of tournament play Eugene was pitted against Salem and Won eleven to one. Thus the third consecutive State title was taken and three members of the team returned for the 1932 season to continue the record. 75 First row-B. Knight, Jacobson, Tuck. Second row-l.ichty, Cami-ron, C. Van Lyzlvgraf, Mr. Horns. SWI ITI ITI I YI Cl The swimming team, coached by Paul Lafferty and Bert Kerns, broke even on the season, winning 2 meets and losing 2: one to University High and one to Salem. The eight members of the team financed the season and paid all the expenses and earned a total of 97 points. Clayton Van Lydegraf, captain, diving and free-style expert, led with 36 points 3 Kenneth Lichty, free-style and back stroke, came second with 18. Howard Cameron, breastroke, and Bruce Tuck, diving, were third with 12 points each. Leonard Jacobson, breastroke and diving, and Bud Knight, free style, each earned 6 pointsg while Dean Knight and Leith Oglesby won 5 and 7 points respectively. Six of the team won letters and had there been another meet as sched- ule all the boys would have had sufficient points for them. At the Y. M. C. A. Championship Swimming Meet held at Tacoma, Wash., on April 22 and 23, Clayton Van Lydegraf took third place in fancy diving. T6 First row-Humphreys, Bandy. Knight, Griffin. Second row-Gilstrap, C. Bradway, Beals, McKitrick, Tmek Last year's track team was rather a sad outfit at the opening gun-fire. Among the gangling group were no lettermen of the year's previous champ- ionship team, but Mr. Weber with the help of the Oregon star javelin thrower, Howard Dickson, took the situation in hand and turned out a iight- ing bunch of men. The first week the team opened their schedule in the Oregon Relay at Corvallis, taking third in the distance medley race and placing second in the shot by virtue of the powerful arm of Claude Bradway. The next meet was held at Salem under the name of the Webbamette Valley meet and 16 teams entered. Eugene surprised their followers by placing fourth. Seven men then journeyed to the State meet at Corvallis but the boys failed to make as strong a showing as they had done previously. Five lettermen are now on hand for the 1932 season and many other excellent candidates are in training. Under the tutelage of Fred Kramer, the squad is set for a good successful year. 77 First row-Klink, Nasholni. Schrader. Kingwell, Willey. Second row--Miller, Mooney, Belts, ljucr, coachg Starr- Martin. Gskeilmll At the beginning of the third six weeks Miss C. Duer, coach from the University of Oregon, called for all basketball players from the three classes. Practices were held and class games played with the juniors win- ning all three games. An all-star team was chosen and three games were played with Uni- versity High. University High won the first by a score of 24-195 Eugene High won the second by 31-25 and the third by 29-19. The lineup was as follows: Maxine McGowan .......,................ Forward Louise Mooney .... ..... ......... S hi e Center Edna Starr ...................................,.. Forward Lenora Brown ......... .........-...... G Hard Aby Schrader, Captain ........ Jump Center Grace Martin ....... . .............................. Guard Subs: Opal Willey, Catherine Kingwell, Clara Nasholm, Maxine Belts, Eloise Klink, and Florence Miller. 78 First row--Worden, Nasholm, Schrader, Starr. Kingwell. Second row-Klink, Willey, Myers, Martin. Olleqlmll At the beginning of the volley ball season class teams were chosen and games played to determine the class champions. The juniors Won all the games they played and therefore received the title. After the class games an all-star team was chosen by Miss Redkey, coach from the University of Oregon. Three games were scheduled With University High, the only competi- tor. Eugene High Won all three gamesg the first by a score of 51-165 the second by 37-359 and the third by 48-42. THE TEAM Aby Schrader, captain Geneva Myers Edna Starr Opal Willey Lenora Brown Grace Martin Catherine Kingwell Marian Worden Clara Nasholm Eloise Klink 79 First row-Milligan, voaelig Strawn, Ilutchinson, Iilc-x'c-rw, Lindsay, Barnes. S1-cmul l'l7WiRlllllll4'ff, lil'4lWIlllILQ', SlI0lll'k'l', Kniglit, ililliwt, Bishop. uniorl oss osifeibaii The winning streak of the Seniors in Class basketball has now been stopped. They were dropped in the first round by the championship junior team, 22 to 13. The sophomores Won the right to meet the juniors in the finals by downing the 9-A quintet 28 to 7. The score of the final game was: Juniors 195 Sophomores 11. The con- solation game was between the Seniors and the 9-A'sg the latter group won with the help of a few 1931 basketball lettermen, 24 to 15. MR. SLY The man who is inter- ested in every sport and every activity - - Our Friend 80 1-Springfield game, at half. 2-Salem game. 3-Cottage Grove game. 4-Cottage Grove tilt. 5-Salem game. 6-Salem battle. 7-Salem, kick-olf. 8-Salem, McKitrick taking ball out of bounds. 9-Bands at Salem. 10-Salem clash. 11-Salem, Hill taking ball out of bounds with 10 yard gain. 81 ifliqii-r t o if , SEED! OPQQOTI, M lj QPQQOTI Land of the Empire Builders, Land of the Golden West, Conquered and held by free men Fairest and the best. Onward and upward ever, Forward and on, and on, Hail to thee, Land of Heroes, My Oregon. Land of the rose and sunshine, Land of the summer's breeze, Laden with health and vigor, Fresh from the Western seas. Blest by the blood of martyrs, Land of the setting sung Hail to thee, Land of Promise, My Oregon. ' -Murtag 82 -r Cmwffff ' 47,4 MMC X , . , ,, 4W7M,,,f ,4,64, ia! 'f'Mf,,2zCf., ,uv--ffffu-vv.,v...4,2 Qjffj fm If LM! Fog: 'YWEQSXZFWBS Aff-72 3 Lfu W n.'1' oREri Viv , bi C' R5 70 pvzf. 5'i'l'i2 l: .1. ,,.r.,.4' 1 I' 11 . ' -"5x,f1.., , 4.-. NL K 1 .K FD- .pw .- 'L 1 S- 'ic 4 ylmrp, Us 4. ?lLsf. Q .yn new L ,wg WF E. :lil ' 4 .-. 4-01 .r ' -an -ra. 1'J:'f Q !E1!n.Ul ulnliM1!.ll2r l1JAlll THIS DEPRESSION When your telephone rings, when You're hardest at work, At your books about nine P. M. And the plaintive voice of your Pocket book's curse Says, "Dear, I'm alone again." Do you manfully answer with Courage and force: "My love, I have work to do ?" Well, maybe you do, and if so, My man, you're one of a very few. Sk if Pk L'ENVOI When our last election is over, When the votes are won and are polled, When politics end forever, And the bells for its ceasing are tolledg When corruption lives merely in legend, And men are unmoved by gold- Why, the world will go on just as ever. With the taxpayer out in the cold. Pk if ill Little Girl: "Mamma, what is a 'dead letter'?" Mamma: "One that has been giv- en to your father to post." Pl' PIC BF Humphreys: "I can't run the hun- dred today, sir." Coach Kramer: "Dash it!" if 'ffl fl :Qs PDQ. ff f A I fa X l . 2 1 X i js ? '? "' we , c tw Bruce Tuck, the diving champ, goes skiing. 4 5? H4 .' H- f- JV, YIS- V 14.3 V4 - I ' rig' . if P , , 1- . '--. -. ,As-'-'."2I .-Z-ij-37.9 . 1-.'i'::. . ff :uf KP rl oi gg 1-ffffgl , I-gh, 'f LD .f 'I X' ' l O 'F ' . Q 8 - I X I I 1 :iv f TQ " 1 Old Man: "I was a sophomore in that school once upon a time." fl' Sk 'IC Smith: "Whom are you working for now ?" Jones: "Same people-wife and five children." PF PF JK The new hardware clerk prided himself on always having a snappy comeback. "Do you keep refrigerators ?" the timid looking woman inquired of him. "No," he snapped, "we sell them." "Well," she replied, as she strolled toward the door, "you'll keep the one you were going to sell to me. Good morning." wk 214 lk Wifie: "Did you tell anybody a- bout my pies?" Hubbie: "Oh, yes! I had to tell my physician what ailed me." Pk Dk SK Son: "Say, Pop, what do you call a man who drives an automobile ?" Father: "It depends upon how close he comes to me." DK ak ek Jimmy Cwatching something tas- ty going into sick-roomjz "Please, Ma, can I have the measles when Willie's done lvith them ?" Pk Sk It has now been definitely settled -that the man who first said "pros- perity is just around the corner" works in a round-house. XY Xp. Nx Y., -3, , 'Q -Mft sw fri- IW Lgl -l Russ Humphreys: "Gee, I hope Dorothy likes the new crush in my hat." if HF SK WHAT TO READ "The Faithless Wife," by Lida Lott. "The Dentist's Revenge," by Her- ter A. Little. "Iva Payne," an autobiography by Etta Greenapple. "The Lady and the Osteopath," by Willie Duer Goode. "The Sleepy Night Watchman," by Wares A. Bed. "My Life In the Army," by A. Cootie. lk ik wk Brevity is the soul of modern jour- nalism. A budding journalist was told never to use two words where one would do. He carried out this advice in his report of a fatal ac- cident in the following manner: "John Jones struck a match to see if there was any gasoline in his tank. There was. Aakge sixty-five." if A HIGH JUMP We read again that a Bostonian was showing a visiting Briton a- round. "This is Bunker Hill Monu- ment A where Warren fell, you knowf' The visitor surveyed the lofty shaft thoughtfully, and then said, "Nasty fall! Killed him, of course ?" -Boston Tromscfript. Archie MacKinney was sitting in the depot the other day holding a baby in his arms. The child began to cry lustily and soon it attracted the attention of everyone around him. By and by a waiting passenger walked over to him with a smile of pity on his face and said: "A woman gave you that baby to hold while she went to see about her luggage didn't she ?" "Yes." "Hal Ha! Ha! I tumbled to the fact as soon as I saw you. You ex- pect her back, I suppose?" "Of course." "Hal Ha! Ha! This is rich! Look- ing for her every minute, aren't you ?" "Yes, and I think she will come back." "Well, this makes me laugh.Lha! ha! I had a woman play the same trick on me in a Chicago depot once, but no one ever will again. Young man, you've been played on for a hayseed. I would advise you to turn that baby over to a policeman and get out of here before some news- paper reporter gets hold of you." "Oh, she'll come back, she'll come back." "She will, eh? The joke grows richer and richer. Now what makes you think she will come back? "Because she is my wife and this is our baby." Moral-He who laughs last laughs best. Pk Pk Dk "Sedentary work," said the college lecturer, "tends to lessen the endur- ance." "In other words," butted in the smart student, "the more one sits the less one can stand." "Exactly," retorted the lecturerg "and if one lies a great deal, one's standing is lost completely." lk Dk wk "What are you going to do with your bathing suit this winter?" "Use it for a book mark." move mm GNE MASCUUN5 hfmeruwvr FLlPPl7f FLop A fff' f N WHEN rms -H 4, , X K' .ICWUJGN Q I X3-If Awfmefp IIY 'QQ ,, 'Y - WWE 51ooP5" X Q-Q .., AMES ACGBSOH -' EAT5 I 4 RAW E065 DAILY ' BID NOLLIGAN Tn-4eLr1A Lee ST E I H ATTQNDED E Foorgfw.. GAME u.u5T Simson Q EQBEQTA Maggy DOES HGNEWQQK 45 PFOVHV GY 77-lf! Guam' FIC ruff? EUGENE 3 AGE Smeg-P ,Iu5T To o fxNiyELEIlg BHLT I5 EHS' MGST V ERSATD LE ATHLETE," DIDH 1 GO TOTHE STORE ONCE Cwuewl IN 'mE RQST GRADE l 85 1-D. Bain and T. Newton. 2--Thelma Wilson. 3-Janet Hughes. 4-C. Van Lydegraf. 5-Drama on the beach. 6-Marion Gerhard. 7-Frank Fassett. 8-L. Miller, J. Moore, E. Benedict, D. Ades, S. Crossley. 9-Jane Lewis. 10-George Klenk. 12-Margaret, Bea, and Spud. 13-M. Bush, H. Mummey, H. Borrego, N. Skeie, B. Spurlock. 14-V. Brent, D. Borrego. 15-Theda Spicer. 16-Roberta and Eunice. 17-Helen Dodds, Hale Thomphon. 18-C. Nasholrn, M. Tulley, G. Martin, R. Pallister, C. Kingwell. 19-Cay and Clara. 20-Lunchroom scene. 86 X MANMUNUSUAL SUBJECT A man will always, disbelieve you . And, on the slightest chance de- ceive you, But if your love for him should leave you Watch him scramble to retrieve you. is as PK Mr. Diebel: "Just hang onto those two wires, George." Klenk: "All right." Mr. Diebel: "Feel anything?" Klenk: "No." Mr. Diebel: "Well, don't touch the other two: there's 2000 volts in them." HF if if Matinee Performance: Women Without menman all talking produc- tion. Hk lk Sk "A sonnet," explained Bob Ricka- baugh in Mrs. Chick's English Class, "is a very small baby boy." ik IF wk Lois W.: "Aren't you getting Seldon and Morris confused ?" Marceil J.: "Yes, I get Selden con- fused one night and Morris the '77 next . if DF wk H. Dodds: "How are you as con- versationalist?" Stacy Adams: "SWell! I can ex- press less in more words than any- one I ever met." Ik ik SK Mr. Kramer Cin Civics Classj : "Why did you not answer my ques- tion ?" Joe Hill: "I did. I shook my head." Mr. Kramer: "Well, you didn't expect me to hear it rattle from here, did you?" Sk bl' Sk Don: "What did the audience say when you told them you had never paid a penny for a vote?" Sid: "A few cheered, but the ma- jority seemcd to lose interest." 87 if ' " ' I 1 X X :QN2 I F t R N Z B.. gi .I Y 0' Z' ,.... ' Bill: "Well, Pa, I guess the de- pression has hit my classroom." Ik HK Ik We recommend that the perfect female teacher have the following qualities: 1HaThe size of Miss McDermott. 2-The personality of Mrs. Chick. 3iThe patience of Miss Chase. 4,,The poise of Miss Lamb. 5-The humor of Miss Kinsey. 6-The smile of Mrs. Christie. 7-The clothes of Miss Jackson. 8MThe Gibson. 9-Miss De Good's "it." . Sk Pk PIC dramatic ways of Miss OUR OWN DICTIONARY Banana Peel: Food article that brings the weight down. Diplomat: Man who remembers woman's birthday, but not her age. Etc.: Sign used to make others believe you know more than you do. False Doctrine: Wrong medicine given by doctor. Horrible Example: Any problem in mathematics. Man: The one animal that can be skinned more than once. Tale: Biggest part of a fish. Vacuum: Nothing shut up in a box. Zebra: Horse with stripes used to illustrate the letter Z. PF if Pk And then there was the sap soph. who took two extra subjects so he would have more chance of passing. 4"1o1. - l-Eunice, Roberta, and Ruth. 2-Burneal McGowan, Anna Rose Cothrell, Grace Mar- tin, and Maxine McGowan. 3-Don Ades. 4-Benedict, Dyer, and Ades, 5-Molitor, Mr. Fassett, Gerhard, and Scharpf. 6-Jane and Jimmy, 7-Alvin Bray. 8-Burneal and Maxine. 9-Don Chapman, seasick. 10-Irene Stivers. 11-Ruth Clark. 12-J. Dyer. 13-R. Miller, I. Smith, C. McCadden, A. Davis. 14-On an outing. 15-D. Ades, J. Dyer. 16-C. Van Lydegraf. 17-Musing. 18-J. Blais. 19-Annette Harmon. 20- Bob Biddle. 21-Sweet Girl Graduate. 22-D. Ades, J. Dyer, E. Gerhard. S8 The E By the mountains named the Rockies, By the river called Willametteg - r. -1 In the town by name of Eugene, Stood the high school of the Axmen. Dark before it rose the black butte, Rose the butte with oak and ivy- Rose the butte with white E on it. Of this E my legend deals with Of the painting in the Autumn. Every year about September, Fifty boys from Sophomore class, Trudge with buckets and with paints, Up the butte in pitch dark blackness Up the butte in single file, Strictly Watched by E club men. In the days soon after painting Many sophs are missed from schoolm And their loving Sophomore sweethearts Wonder Why they absent are. If they could but see them at home After painting the White E, See them with their faces swollen, Swollen with the vine of red, Known as poison oak thereafter. When in trudging up this pathway, These ill-fated sophs are led They are paddled..yes, they need it? By these brave heroic men. Strange as it may seem to tell it, Few E clubbers dare to speak it, These dear sophs this year were treated With less harshness than e'er before. If in case you don't believe it Just ask those who went to school here In 1923 or 4. But tradition makes it forceful That we every year paint white Paint the E and keep it spotless, Keep it clean with all our might. So in ending let me tell you Tell that these sophs in the future, Will uphold our past traditions, By the painting of the E! -Laura Hughes, '3 89 4. -,-u 1i11i 1 11i11 -. 1,.,1.n1lu1'u1n.l1nln1uu1nu1nu1unl-nu1un-nuruni 4g olks soon learn N - - Largest Assortments. nominate for our Hall of Fame: nw o-if v10'U"S Cllxtfl MUSIC IN THE AIR QS That It Pays To Do OJ, Their Buying At V . ' we , MCMOY1 an K .f:,, fisS . nluiiil' 9 f R ...-..- X Sc Wuslzburne S -lgggggg, ,-gg. IVIIL FNQII1' I They hurry here to be ' .if assured I , - - of Quality f - - of Style - - and Lowest Prices X with The old songs will soon live to be 1hKathryn Gallagher-Best dress. ed girl. 2-Don French-Best dressed boy. 3 gHelen DoddshFor her Girls' League work. 4-John Guild-For his good na- ture. 5-Janet Hughes-For her Eugen.- erm. 6,Bernal Miller.For his News. 7-Marjorie Scobert-For her pia- no ability. 8,Mike Chapman..For his wavy hair. i 9-Jean Borgerson-For her sing- ing voice. 10-J im Jacobsen-For his roman- tic nature. 11gEunice Elliot-For her giggle. 12-Bruce Tuck-For his histrionic ability. 13-Ronald McNuttgThe Perfect hero. 14-Leith Oglesby .- For his tap dancing. revised and brought up to date, in the opinion of a prominent jazz king and he gives the following examp- les: Parachuting Nellie Home. In the Zooming O, My Darling. My Bonnie Flies Over the Ocean. After the Fall Is Over. Two Little Girls Who Flew. On a Skycycle Built For Two. Nobody Knows How High I Am. Has Anybody Here Seen Kelly Field? Motor of Mine. Airily We Roll Along. if Ik Bk Don C.: "Why are you painting one side of your car red and the oth r blue ?" Geo. Skeie: "It's a fine idea. You should just hear the witnesses con- tradicting one another." .-..-..-..-..........-......-..-..-..-..-....-g- I I I Mannagh's Grocery I I 2 I I FANCY GROCERIES i I I T If It's Good to Eat I We H ace I tl I T I 675 Willamette Phones 38 and 39 E i I ,i,...-..-..-..-..-..- ......- .........-....-..-..I. ?nu-nn-n1nn--u- :n-un-m1un- 1 -nu-nn-4? 3 Ie III v 6 I I I SKEIE'S JEWELRY STORE I : i DIAMONDS - FINE JEWEILRY I I I Watches, Clocks, Silverware I I Expert Watch and Jewelry I i Repairing I I I I EUGENE OREGON i I .f.----------------------.-----------------I Teacher: I want your sentences to be so clear that they can be un- derstood by the most stupid person Qthen I can tell what you mean. Ik SIG IK lst Science Student: "All right then, wise guy, if you're so wise, tell me Why a motorman can't get a shock." 2nd Science Student: "Because he isn't a conductor, song he isn't a con- duct .' SK lk lk A real nice girl Is dear Ruth King, Always ready or any old thing! Sk 14 Roberta . "You must take me for a fool." Jim J.: "Well, I would if I wanted one." lk ,F at Clayton: "I learned to play the trombone in no time." Sharkey: "Yeah, I heard you play- ing it yesterday, that Way." n!nu1ln1nl-ul1un1un1ln1ln-ul1nu-uu1ll-ll1lu-'E' I - ' 1 Eugene Packin Co. I I I I C. E. STEEN Rox' STEEN I 4 1 GOVERNMENT INSPECTED I Fresh and Cured Meats I I rl oo I 675 Willamette Telephone 38 .if-nn1nn-ul1ul1nu1uu1u 1ll1nu--nl1nn1l:1uu1nnL I J. J. NEWBERRY 1 2 I l : f . I I "CZQ7l1ere value outwezglvs I 1 I I your dollar" 1 - I ! z I 966 - 968 WILLAMETTE STREET I : LITIITIllIlllllillllllllTllTllTlllllT S. .. 'm a member of the 'Out- ing C1ub.' " Margaret R.: "Then let me see you out." FII Ill if A girl I know Is Orpha Lay, Always happy And very gay. Pk SF Pk V. Brent: "But, daddy, Why do you object to my becoming engaged? Is it because of my youth ?" Father: "Yes, he's:Fhopeless." lk Chet Horn: "How is it that you were ousted from the glee club?" Elton: "Oh, I had no voice in the matter." ,F at It Our prexy will be Sid, For a good man should not be hid, When he rises to speak His knees Won't be weak, For he's an E Club kid. 91 f -"-"--'-'-'-:----'- - -':-:-:- I-:H--P - -ri:-ri-PMr-r-r-:--r-:- --'-H: f Printing - - Stationery - - School Supplies 2 I Valley Printing Conzpcmg 2 l l : I ? I l : 76 West Broadway Eugene, Oregon ti--M---1.-M--Q.--I--M--H.----.---.- - -in-H--.--W - - -.- -..- - - - - - -1 I Glnllv P Sihv Elan g I : 5 Q 5 o A K w A Y i E Public Golf Course E t I ' l E 4 Good Grass Greens and l I The Popular Place Grass Fairways L to Meet and Eat ' I L CREDIT FOR GYM ...------------------i-------i---i---- i-i- --4 4----M--H.-...-M-M-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-.:.. SOME REASONS WHY WHY WE STUDY 1. Because our mother makes us Cusuallyj. 2. Because we can think of no bet- ter Way to spend the time foc- casionallyl . 3. Because studying at the library gives us a chance to rate some hot dates Calwaysj. 4. Because it seems to be the fash- ion nowadays Csee College Hu- morj. 5. Because we have to make our grades to play football fthis hurtsl. 6. Because we want to? tOh, yesl. 7. Because that is what we came to high school for. CRare, oh so rarel. Sk if FK Chet S.: "Have you ever had a lesson by correspondence ?" Ox: "Yes, I never write to girls any more." . Policeman tto Bill who nearly col- lidedlz "Don't you know that you should always give half the road to a woman driver ?" Carson: "I always do, when I find out which half of the road she wants." if 34 'lf Verna Brent Likes to see The money spent By you and me. Gallegher: "I hear you had a big time at the dance last night." Hewitt: "Yes, I laughed so hard I thought I'd s:plittan:'infinitive." Hughes: "Did you make up this jolge about the two Indians your- se ?" Leonard: "Yeh, it's aboriginal." ik Bk sk A young man named Bruce Tuck Who could dive and swim like a duck, Was too modest to say He had a winning way, But claimed it was "just luck." E ,I-nn.-I ...,..,.n...m1,,1,m-.n1 1 1 ...m.1m,..I.,....q..1,n1,,.,1nl....1,,,m...g..q,....,m1nu1 l n REQUIREMENTS of Oregon State De- 2 VKX partment of Motor Vehicles for Op- I . . -X erators, with and without glasses. i Visual Acuity, Depth Perception T " Color Reception, Field of Vision FUSION TEST T You may obtain a check test without charge - ' . at I NX ELLA C. MEADE, Optometrist T T' ' 14 West Eighth Telephone 330 ,i,..-.... -..... - -....-.. ------ ...-....-...-..-...-.... --.-. M-.......-I.-...-... 4...-.. ---- ...-...-....-.. ---- ..-......-Q q.......-m.-....-....-...-..-....-...,-...............-....- I - : l Q i BOOTH KETLITJI2' LUMBER EMERY INSURANCE E - i 5 I COMPANY 3 1 AGENCY I 2 ' 5 . I : I Lumber, Laths, and Shlngles ff A , . - H T Slabwood and Planer Ends Insurance for Evew Risk g FIFTH AND WILLABIETTE ? TELEPHONE 452 I 5 EUGENE, OREGON S l as w B d P ! Eugene Oregon l est roa way hone 321 i I 1 I 2 qi!-nu-nn-n-lm-un-nn-nn1m1-nn-nu-nn-nu-nn-use 4,I-nu-nn-un-mt-nl-nn-un--nn-m1--u-1m-1m-m--was "Absence makes the heart grow fonder," murmured John. "Oh, I don't know," remarked Thelma, "Did you ever try pres- ents?" X it bk A real nice girl Is Margaret Snow, And always is , Right on the go. ak HF Windy Wood: "How do you like my new golf suit? I bought it to match the new large size golf ball they have this season." Bk Pl' PF Would-be Employer: "Have you any references ?" B. Wheeler: "Sure, here's the let- ter. 'To whom it may concern: Bill Wheeler worked for us one week and we're satisfied? " is HF if D. Owen: "Look here, y o u ' r e cheating." L. Morris: "I am not. I had that ace long before the game started." Well, well, folks, have youse heard the new halitosis song? No. I thot youse didn't. Here it is-"Just a Gargolof' if SF PF Tom McKitrick: "Is my face clean enough to eat with ?" Bernal Miller: "Yes, but you had better use your hands." if lk FK Soph: "I'd like to try that dress on that you have in the window." Clerk: "Sorry miss, but that's a lampshadef' if FK PF In room 204 you will see The teacher who yelled Whoopee l ! When first she was told, The placque she would hold- Just ask if you don't believe me. if IF Sk Norman Pressman: "Did you ever study a blotter ?" Dick H.: "Don't believe I have." Norman P.: "It's a very absorb- ing thing." 111.1 1 1 1 1 1 .1 1 1 1 i,u1.q.. I -1- J!"lg -1- Il I ' E l 7 I 'A' I Perllch s Q L Stevenson T Jw E E E KK ' ' I! Q I Food Store I family dmggwfs I I Eugeneys Quality Stare I 5 Complete Drug Store Service 5 DRUGS I oo , E , I I I PRESCRIPTIONS I E I I I I Full Line of the Best I i CHEMICALS T MEA'rs - FRUITS VEGETABLES TOILETRIES 2 Red and Whzte Brand i i STATIONERY i CANNED GOODS KODAKS I oo I I I I I 764 Willamette 8 E. Broadway I I Telephone 54 I McDonald Theatre Building I ! ' I : : ' 1044 Wluamette Street I I Eleventh and Alder Street I I . 5 2 I WE DELIVER 14 BUSY s'roREsJ I ! . . ein-nuinul 1 1nn1lu1nu1un-nn1un1 iuuiln-walt +-In1ul- 1 -:nu1nn1nu-un1uu1nn1 111111:-li!! ulguillv 1ll-lI1nn1nu1lI1uu1uu1uw1nn1uu-nn-0? uffninulun-Ins-u1111111un1uu1un-nuiulinurnuxun-T I TELEPHONE EEE YOUNG FELLOWS FIND Q KODAKS ' ' FILMS i I style, Fit amz Qmzity 3 I CARL R' BAKER plus Lofwer Prices E FILM SHOP 1 E t I I E - I I 1 I E I T verythmg Photogw apluc 5 DeNeffe'S ! E Seventh and Willamette I I 1022 Willamette I i CARL R. BAKER Eugene, Oregon , gig-ul1ul1ulzul-11:101un1ll:ln:un1ll1uu:ll1unL gl.-Il1IniII-un-nu1am-:ul--auxin:-ul1ln-u1:l1ld!t John Hill fat an Albany restaur- strong arms around you so that you antj : "I say, old fellow, Why on can't use your rifle." "What will earth are you in your finger bowl. Elton Owen: "Silly! Do you think I want to get egg all over my poc- ket ?" Ik ik Sk washing your spoon 'PH Military Officer fat drillj : "Now suppose you are on your post on a dark night. Suddenly a person ap- pears from behind and wraps two you call then ?" Paul Ageter: "Let's go, Honey. Ill PF PF "Oh who shall be queen of May ?" The Juniors and Sophomores did say, A Senior girl must do it, So they voted for Charlotte Hew- ltt, Who reigned at the party on May Day. ,p,...,. 1111111 uninn 1-1111111111111111 u:uu1n1 1' 5 I I I I The Golden Rule 1 I I I 4 1 I I I i 1 I I 1015 Willamette Eugene, Oregon I i qi.:n1uu1nn1nu1nn1uu1nu1nn1n: 1111-11 wn1ll 11111 ll1Il1"l1ll1Il1Il1II1"'1"'I' jg-n--nn-nn-un--u--m -1-1-- nu-un-Es oEon-uu-nn-nn-ln-ln-ll-nn-ln-ll-ll-uw-In-In-gi. Q HENRY A. TROMP i l EUGENE LAUNDRY i I JAMES H' MCKINLEY Q g General Laundry Work of All Q Q HW-6 Insure Anythmxgn i 2 Kinds and Services i I 1 S Q I : L TROMP KL MCKINLEY i Q CLEANING AND PRESSING g I Agency I 2 By Our New Band Box E L I I Cleaning System I I 43 West Broadway, Eugene, Ore. T I i I i TELEPHONE 124 on 398 i i""""""""""' """""""""' """""""I' 'i'-'I-H'-'II-vw-ll-II-ww-wu1nn-ll-ww-ww-III'-NP 'P'-"' ------------ -'I-In-ww ------ ----- I --n-In Q 'Q' I I I Inzpericrl Lunch i T I 2 I I GOOD EATS at MODERATE PRICES Satisfalction Guaranteed 731 Willamette Street Eugene, Oregon I 1 'in' """"1' 'Wil 'I 1' 1 1n :nn1ln1 l-mr-nn1ll:ul1un1nn1ll1ll1ncL Ruth: "Dot says her face is her ortune." Eunice: "Then she Won't have to pay much income tax on it, will she ?" -'ki 4,22-1'w Oxe Two boys there are who stray To the store across the way They'll break the door If they use it more- Take warning Chet and Ray. 0 you hear a rap, rap, rapping, r just a steady clap, clap, clapping? Is that sound made on the door, Or is that sound made on the Hoor? Oh now I know, it is1Leith tapping. Stude: "Do you serve lobsters here '?" Waiter: "Sure. We cater to every- one." Q.II-mI-II-- - -n-Im-mI-mI-IIII-IIII-mI-Im-nII-IIn-nII-nn-nII-nn-nn-nII-nn-mI-nn-nu- - -an-ul1.I,f, I . 2 I I FOR THE BEST IN DAIRY PRODUCTS I INSIST ON 2 I I Blue Bell I I Milk, Cream, Butter, Cottage Cheese, and Ice Cream 1 I I Eugene Farmers' Creamery I I TELEPHONE 638 -I----M ---------- ---I-----------------I -------- ---------L .g...-....-.I-.I-.I ------ ...-..-.....I-I.-I..-.I-...-...-...-....-...,-...-...-...-...-...- .-........!. I ' E I I ',,,'f fmu7j'f'?-N1 . . . . 5 f Competent Vision Specialists T up g I Take Care of Your Eyes and They Will Ta-ke Care of You I No FANCY PRICES i IN EUGENE SINCE 1915 I I I DR. SHERMAN W. MOODY f I E O Optometrist and Eye Specialist gk B I I UGENE, REGOSG 6 i A S 8 Egsr RoAnwAv i oieIn1nn-nu-un1uu1uu-nu n1Is-nn-n -nm II-nninntiu 1IInLnu1eIEnn1nn19 Q-run-un-nu-ll-welt ifllillhv-llll1IIlvllllvhllr-lllTllTllTlI1Tllillillillillvill"1ll1-IITllillllliIITll-'ill-1ll'Tllllll'llillTl? l I I Go Down the List of Advertised Products and You Instantly I Recognize Certain Names That to You Mean - - I EXCEPTIONAL MERCHANDISE a:' MILKY WAY BREAD BETSY ROSS BREAD 5 i MAYFLOWER BAKERY GOODIES i i have become exceptional merchandise i I BECAUSE OF OUTSTANDING FLAVOR .il KORN BAKING COMPANY Q Ininn1IIn1IIq1IIn1IIn1nn11.-innilpinpiplin-.H-inin1...-Ininin-nl-nu1IIq1IIn1nu1uu-un-lII1IIl1n4n Mr. Allison: "Imagine this, Dar- If all the boys who told strange rold. This girl wrote on her exam. girls last summer that they played paper that 'July the Fourth was one on the football team were placed on of our ' ' " the players' bench, the E Club cheer- Mr. kins: "XVNhat copntry was ing section would be vacant. he King of?" ":iF:"' ' "' "' "' I I I "Yes," said Miss Gibson to her newswriting class one balmy spring Miss Chase: 'fgood boy," afternoon, "it isn't the heat, it's the G. K.: "And here's ten answers." stupidity." George Klenk: "I've added those figures ten times." 96 T""'u' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ""'l"'l'"""'l"""""' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' 'Mi' i Compliments of I LAURELWOOD GOLF COURSE 1 i I -i-.-I---..- .. -I.-..--.-...-...-I.-..-I.-..-I-..-I.-...-..-..-..-.--I--..-I- - - -M-I-L sin-nn1nn1 - inn-nn1ll1nn1ln1lu-nn1nn1nn1ln1nn1nn1nul1nn-uu1uu-nu1un1uu1nu1 1 1 1,11-mga 4 I l HENDERSHOTTS GUN STORE I 3 ATHLETIC AND SPORTING GOODS ,L.-..-. ...... M-..-...-...-...-..-..-,.-...-...-..-,.-...-..,- - - - - - -..-...i. 'I----'--- ---------- ----H-'!' -!'--'H- --'-"--'--'--------"---'---------'Q' I I 1 I T fr Eronomical Transportation 5 5 5 5 , : S I I I for I I ' If Q l : I I PAINTS, ARTIST SUPPLIES 1 Morris Chevrolet Co. i 5 T l 942 OLIVE STREET i ! and PICTURE FRAMING I d I I I Q U S E Dim C A R S g 979 Willamette Telephone 749 i I gi.-In1nu1uu1uu1nu-1mm-un-nn1nninn-nu- -nn1uqIu ,if-nu-nn-nn-nu-nn1un1 inn-nn1nn1 -nu-nn1n+ ni?-lu1un-ll1ll1nn-nn:nn1nn-un-nn1nu:-un1nn-'Ig' ui-:inn -111-111 1 1 nv-nuvnu-F? I I : I s : , I Q I 1 Cfeanom j I J I M j i PHONE 1210 I I L 300 WILLAMEIIE i I I I 'W-A The ! : l Q 1 EUGENE, OREGON SHOE DOCTOR I Beautiful Dry Cleaning I 5 i : -i-------- ---..--.-.--.---.I--.----It .iw---I---.--M -I--I--------I-------------L Eunice Elliott Wildman: "Do you keep all your Is a girl, love letters ?', But we question Henmingsen: "Sure thing. Some Whence comes her curl. day I expect them to keep me." ' HF Bk HF Mr. Fassett: "I ask you again, did you ever stop to think ?" Les. V. I.: "And did you ever think to stop ?" Geo. Lewis: "You are the breath of my life." Dorothy Saylor: "Let's see you hold your breath." R A. BABBi Hardware Company V SPORTING GOODS and HARDWARE V Telephone 47 and 1795 Eugene Oregon Pau Cash, and Pay Less ERIC MERRELL Clothes for Men" Eugene, Oregon TINY TAVERN 1 Fourth and Blair ! l TABLE AND FOUNTAIN SERVICE I Prwate Parties a Specialty I Telephone 2781 for Reservations l STEW RIDDEL CHEF CECIL A danca A data Perchanca Out lata A classa A quizza N o passa Gee Whizza 'P alan1In--ll1ll1un1ul1luinn--ln-ln1nl1uu-nuinn-'UP I OPEN THE YEAR AROUND l EUGENE BUSINESS , COLLEGE g Ask About I t T Phone 666 Miner Bldg. gill?llillillilllllllllillTllillillTllTlli +lllll"1llITIllTIllTHITIYITIUTllillillillillill 2 A Sam'S Barber Shop i o I 1 91 West Eighth Street l MII-Tll-!!llill1-IITlllllTllTllTllTllillTllT ill11IIiIllTMNTUITIlilllllTIlTllTllT'll'-IIT!! 1 Q DELLA BORIN'S DRESS SHOP 5 Ready-to-Wear ,L-nulwn 11111111111 ul1 ebay-uI1uu1nI1uuiun:nn1lu1lu1nI1:u1ul1ll-un- I T H. W. White Electric 7 Company T Contractors and Engineers 2 TELEPHONE 254 l 878 Willamette Eugene, Oregon 4.....-..-..-..-..........-..-..-..-..-.......- A sweet maid came from Dakota, For boys she cared not an iota, She loved to sing notes, Didn't try to win votes, But Jean Wants to go to Echota. Bernal Miller's News is out I'hat's the reason we all Shout Read it un, read it down Read the gossip of the town. If you want a Square deal, Just ask Leslie Leal.. He will follow all clues, And will edit the News, And knows how a champion feels "P Reward ot Merit n 5 n 0 0 0 Our Company has printed the Eugenean for 21 years. +We are proud ofthe publications and we feel our efforts have been re- ceived with approval each suc- ceeding year. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Nothing is well done if it can be done better. 4' This is a thought kept constantly in mind by those responsible for products made by KOKE CHAPMAN COMPANY Printers of High School Annuals by the Dozen TELEPHONE lO3 75 West 8th Avenue Eugene, Ore. 99 up -n..-..n- -....-.,-.,-.,. .... .. - -....-, -....-....-....-.... .... .. -1- Official Photographers for The Eugenean XZX X PHOTOGRAPHS THAT KEEP THE MEMORIES Of THOSE HIGH SCHOOL DAYS L Q O KENNELL-ELLIS Artist Photoghraplzers EUGENE Studios also in SEATTLE - PORTLAND - SALEM - TACOMA KLAMATH FALLS - MEDFORD 100 .4 101 Ja' ff --Q r . I !bf K 'J ,J 'V ' I ffl, jLY4.Ax f My . f . ,L I f5..4.,Q, .ji , , O up , .fa lgalha 1-" K g-ev-Za-449a,ZL.a.1,J'3 JQ04.,fQ,,,,,4,, '31 A 1 ,4 , 7 .J i i I 32: n IJ3 Q31 ZW? ' F f2ffwf gqff2 Za. Ml' f.f.fC-mfg .iii-www ' 'Jw ,fQ9 l ,, 7Lf I M C5w,.52w?4gM,g3q Q ffl, Y . 0 I 1 ,f wil, 13' - ' :Q 31, I 1 . I f 1 . X" 1,11 A fl 'R j' af ff 15140 f 307 b K, II I! -if , 1, J0L't!,..,.Vj,L 5 Z , V - ,fr f j f' ' f,fff'!f'9-ff?-K 4 ft. 7 LJ ac 11,4 gy' 542 1 . T' 14 :A ,, X X JbX4,L,K,L,f'Xy'kiSViQ ,d Q J A Ja! 56-wwf . KV mx -73 ,,r,,. . .33 -'a""' -4'--4--V!-J'J -4256300-.J A 1. ' QVJ-4.44132 3,3 if fzfffffi-.fy XE- ITWMW Cf K ' ,IQYILII X V, 3 if u ZZWAWQTM gk, . Er 552- WQ,g'AMQ0L ,5 LAMVXII ..., fd-V 'Er Yvgeseoxgx Autographs 'gg LJ f- jaw' A- J 2. u3fQQ,Q,,,',, M Uga,,w7f M4015 'J ,L 5 N f . iii 33 4 .PX ' ,If MjG.33,,h ,hxx Q wwmsr. ' '35 41 J ! I ,5X'X',Z5?gi:AX:.L . V Q, ,. ,. --Y--f J 'ifmvffeffaf . . - i-.ff 43,7 ,nxfx - "-'fl . "'q"f":- S 5 "-,,P1f'- 'A' ' '. . , at 'V - 1 Q - v . :XQJN Mx., , x M., 1 w. ,, Vx' . . 65 affix? :Mala gag ai P We Q x M li rNu an 'K rm"'7w!Q F' W' "' 'ix'-,x 1 ,1. I ff: A' EA' X D ' 1 'ri ,. - ' , - D K 1 . t 1. 1 . ,lv , V . E.. , 1:.1 :n I. o 'tif' L 7 ' 'x .5 5' '- -F. -' 23- , 4. . .K 1. , I . ,xii '. . I: .WX ,, .4,. - , -4 x'-'- Q ,O ' ' 3 1 y . X4 1. 4, ,. , vg :Jr . '-"i-A .":l 4-'F3 'I -' . Q? f,,--Qfy ,w.. ' 5 x. ' ' qv -wjilzn v'f R'-, , ,E V ' . l'1Q"',, 3--fff"f N V Q " ..'fQfv. 1 ., K,-"' . . . I . -' " ' :N ,Q-fm '-3: . ' '7 I 'wird 1 A --, ' -- H -mf ' lg: 111 5 513 if K .- , ,P . LF? 3.1 2 3 , A., . . - ,f -. lr X? ' 1-'N "f W' 1 X ' , 4' - 'Q ., 1 ' 7, F ilk f f?". 'f Ll -qv Uni ,ir . 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Suggestions in the Eugene High School - Eugenean Yearbook (Eugene, OR) collection:

Eugene High School - Eugenean Yearbook (Eugene, OR) online yearbook collection, 1918 Edition, Page 1


Eugene High School - Eugenean Yearbook (Eugene, OR) online yearbook collection, 1924 Edition, Page 1


Eugene High School - Eugenean Yearbook (Eugene, OR) online yearbook collection, 1931 Edition, Page 1


Eugene High School - Eugenean Yearbook (Eugene, OR) online yearbook collection, 1933 Edition, Page 1


Eugene High School - Eugenean Yearbook (Eugene, OR) online yearbook collection, 1934 Edition, Page 1


Eugene High School - Eugenean Yearbook (Eugene, OR) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Page 1


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