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K, w 5 I z I I I I I4 I I I J N S Q fffx K' ' Tx X55 X- E- x ." x I' 1 ik. .' -N x 1 -if-' "x If A 7 I i ,fx 115. I. ii jf! ri tgp I-Q' Lf The Uss EUGENE AIG EENE CDD-7111 is 3 Gearing class, FRAM MK1 destr r homeported in Norfolk, Vir- ginia with a primary fu ction of anti-submarine warfare. GREENE is attached to Destroyer Squadron 32, and is presently serving as the Flag p of Commander Destroy- er Division 322. GREENE ixequipped with the most modern and effective ASW weapon systems. She has capa- bilities to search for, detect, and destroy enemy sub- marines at ranges far in excess of the capabilities of a conventional destroyer. GREENE has proven herself as an effective fighting unit in the areas of anti-air warfare and shore bombardment using her twin five inch gun mounts. She is propelled by a steam turbine plant capable of gen- erating 60,000 HP for speeds in excess of 30 knots. The GREENE was built at Port Newark, New Jersey and commissioned at the New York Navy Yard in June, 1945. She was named for Ensign Eugene Allen Greene of Dell- aireg Long Island, a Navy fighter pilot lost in the Battle of Midway during World War II. Her first major de lo ment being to Montevideo, Uru guary in 1947 P Y ' the GREENE participated in the inaugura- tion ceremony, for President Beretta. 1948 and 1949 were spent in co weather o ra was used as tion in th' M d Fleet operations in the Med and in cold ns in the North Atlantic. In 1950 GREENE reserve training ship but was back in ac- in 1951 participating in operations PORT- EX and CARI Ei. In April, 1952 REENE was decommissioned for con- version to a rad picket destroyer and on 1 December 1952 was recommissioned USS EUGENE A, GREENE IDD-7112. After O training in Guantanamo, Cuba in 1953, GREENE dep ed to the Med for four successive years '54, '55, '56 a twice in 1957 when she participat- ed in Nato operation "ig-,ATO FALL". In 1958 GREENE deployed to the Medite fanean for a Midshipmen cruise and was also involved missile nose cone recovery operations in the Caribbean. 1960 and 1961 saw GREENE again in the Med where she w53'i active in such operations as "CHECKMATE", "GREE,DISTONE", "BIG GAME", and "MEDLANDEX". For her outstanding performance in 1961 GREENE received the bat efficiency E, During 1961 GREENE was involved with op ration " QUICKKICKH in the Caribbean, and the blockade in Quka from 24 Octo- ber until 18 November. Wi " :I il if rx - X 54 .. .. FROM: COMSECONDFLT TO: USS EUGENE A. GREENE BT UNCLASS EFTO AS YOU DEPART ON A DEPLOYMENT HAVE AN INCREASINGLY LARGE BEST WISHES FOR A SPEEDY AND AND MAN WILL HAVE A UNIQUE SENTATIVE OF THE UNITED STATES. CONTRIBUTE TOWARD MAINTAININGA RESPECTED IMAGE OF OUR COUNTRY. WHERE BUT A FEW U S NAVY SHIPS ROLE IN SHOWING THE FLAG IOFFER MY SUCCESSFUL JOURNEY EACH OFFICER OPPORTUNITY TO ACT AS A REPRE THE SUCCESS OF YOUR EFFORTS CAN STABILITY IN THIS AREA AND LEAVE GOOD LUCK AND SMOOTH SAILING fqiss ff' 'X N ik 5 Jil XX? 2 wk it if Xxx! fn 1 fl . Q 'I 'D In 1962 GREENE Ikeceglsged FRAM MK1 overhaul in Boston Shipyard, BostonW,Massachusetts. Post FRAM check-out completed, GREENE joined Task Group ALFA for the conduct of HUK exercises both in the Atlantic and Mediterranean during the period 1963-1964. In 1965 GREENE carried out duties as a Gemini recovery ship in the Caribbean in addition to her duties as pat of Task Group ALPHA. In June 1966, after completion of ASW operations in the Caribbean, the GREENE deployed to WESTPAC as a unit of Destroyer Squadron 32. In the Gulf of Tonkin she acted as plane guard to United States aircraft carriers USS CONSTELLATION and USS CORAL SEA, and was active in shore bombardment in support of U.S. and South Vietnamese troops in Viet Nam. Deploying from WESTPAC on 11 November 1966 as a unit of DESRON 32, GREENE arrived in Norfolk, Virginia on 17 December 1966 After completing a six month overhaul in the Norfolk Naval Shipyard, on 6 August 1967, GREENE deployed to Guantanamo for refresher training During Operational Readiness Training on 16 September 1967 in GTMO CDR EMIL F WASNIEWSKI relieved CDR EARLE W SAPP s C mmandzng Officer of the GR EENE Two weeks later ter completion of the ORI GREENE returned to Norfol ember 1967 the GREENE with Commander Destroyer ivfszon 322 embarked deployed from Destroy er and Subm ne Piers Norfolk Virginia for the Middle East From Decemb 1967 through April 1968 GREENE effected her dut as goodwill ambassador to the people of the Middle st through Operation Handclasp and the People to P ple Program These programs in volve working hand in hand with rendering assistance to meeting socially h and meeting in friendly competi tion with people e the United States Community work projects childr parties presentations of school books athletic equipm medical and clothing con tributions to various or nizations in Kenya Ethiopia Saudi Arabia Iran Mauri us Bahrain Island and Pakistan strengthened the ties betwef ng the Middle East and the United States On . . n l rl I a t .Ou , . 0 1 . . o C4 VICE ADMIRAL DUNCAN , ia IE I1 M W' ' W fmtgiin- 1 A :jf ffm: TTTT- its V11 1 ,.,:,.v..w: vm-'nr-1 'ffm rf -'S": 5 , W Q S COMMANDER E. F. WASNIEWSKI COMMANDING OFFICER F A ih .K E 1, 1 CAPTAIN WALTER JQ MALONE 4 COMMANDER DESTROYER nzvfszorv 32.2 ! X ., 1" xx ffl .f , Fifff 'A' " V 1 c V, , 4 li fzonfamw fl - ' :J ff 1 fl ' - I fl 1- ,I Q r lf if sl fi Eff fl fl hifi-A Li E x.,,f' 1 Q1 QXQLJ XVI? XL, Lf' A lf iff' N, 7 ,-f x 's 5-1 ,f ,- 4 1, 'J ff I 2 'F ll U V4 1 1 fwnnmennifweafq ff If lg ll if ij ,Y 'zf ff fi 'f fl' gj if F7 fi. lj X2 ,I xi fly if my fi!! fi fp, 17 ir! fi XH 'X' L I 1 ' fi l f I " f 4 54 1 Nt 5 L ly if if T41 U L' Lf Xia M J On 25 January 1968 in Massawa, Ethiopia, Captain Walter J. Malone relieved Captain Roger E. Melick as Commander Destroyer Division 322 in an impressive ceremony on the GREENE. We bid a hearty farewell to Captain Melick and welcomed Commodore Malone to our good ship of Destroyer Division 322. "f55i'i'f'55' 1' Q 1 1 Q 37 , K A-.J ui-,:,9.,VLiw,,.if: 3, 2 1 egos CAPTAIN ROGER E. MELICK w I 1 1 LQQSIROM 322 Y QQ 53 kd i ,GW H50 'flyinl-"' LT R. D. REEVES STAFF OPERATIONS OFFICER a 4' Q LT D. H. KAUFMAN STAFF MEDICAL OFFICER LT E. A. GATES CHAPLAIN 5'0'0'0'6'0'0'6'0WW'0'O'C' 5'o'o'o'o'o'o'o'o'o'o'o'o'o'o Vo'lo'o'o'o'o'o'o'o'o'o'o'o 5202420202oiofofofoiofofofof 9 ' . RM1 C. E. MARCHANT' SD1 F. R. SANTOS Destroyer Division Three Two Two of the " Any- where Anytime" Destroyer Squadron Three Two is commanded by CAPTAIN W. J. MALONE. Our pre- sent flagship is the USS E. A. GREENE IDD-7112. Other ships in the squadron are USS STORMES, USS O'HARE, and USS HOLDER. D Emulating the squadron motto the division is now operating separately with STORMES in the Med- iterranean with Sixth Fleet: O'HARE in the Western Atlantic and HOLDER with Nato Forces on Match- maker IV. YN2 W. K. RESCO TA A. V. CUSTODIO fff' . ,, WM, ,M ,,-,Wk V of ' ' ' No Sir, they sure won't Well, Shorty you did it again! A wi' to . 6 Q xx , ,A V ,gg K ,wg ,, ' , New ' ,I ,, . P ,N vf..s,o- ,,.,-f.,,: J - ' . - , ,,,f Remember, Ensigns before Captains, Sir! X, XX 29526 I need hell p. Weapons Qepcuftmemt The Deck boat 'R. Lennex, BM2 A- CYI, SN W, Donlay, SN ' F. Doyle, SA J'. Gaston, SN R La.ffe1ty, SN B. Lan-d, SN T, Price, SN J. Procter, SN 11 11 1 1 11 QI 11 11 11.2 1 if 3 1 1. 11 11 11 1 11 11 1. 1 1 1 1 'E 1 L1 , 1, 1 i L1 11 1 3 1 1 1.1 31 1. E 4 1 1 1 T. Leahy, SA w, Kelley, SA T. chambers, SN R- Marlowe' SA 1 11 1, fe :.- -- 42:-Q-1-- . 4 f --J 47:-1--A M- - . i- f-1 - ll 1 111 ,1 11 1 '1 21 l 1 51 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 X 1 1 I 111 11 1 I 1 11 1 111 1 1" I 1 1 1 11 1 1 11 41 , e 1 '1 111 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 11 11 11 11 1 3 1.5 1 F1 1 gd 51,1 E1 1, 115 W5 , 1 11, 1 111 1 11 14 1 11 1 1 1,1 1 11 11 11 1 1 11 'f A 11 1 1, 1. -1 1 5 1 5 RI . 1 F11 F ,1 il gl 54 gl a 1 ,. l 11 1 lf, Ma could only see me now! "Tweet", will never find me here. This looks more like a job for "Mr, Clean". gags, ASS' 1 Q, O .X , 13-sz-me my -1- - K ' fwwlvf-X' ,, , ml Q. A., 1- fv- X M'.m.m,.f1 ,,?"'., Q if ,wvaf,::,-Awfefzve 1 ,, .1 X 1, -5 4 Q Nc . ., . f, ,111 , ,,,1-1f-fl gwm. .. W ,M AVE--KV. 11 1 ,.., 1 14,11 .1 , 111 -A-,vw X1 sm 3g,g4ya,,.- ,. 3 nf L17-1,,,,.-1 47 1.5 3.1 ,QQJS1 x:,:,,J. , f x , . , I , Zi . 4, .,! , 1, ,1 V fn' ', f 1 MH, f :,,fz,y1j1gg,- 4.qf,ff, .,,,2,:3,f0-K1 1, 1 ' vs -M-wr: . , W, 1 nwf 1 . f f. ff 1 :mam 2- ,iyf-121 , 1 f 1 f X 1 : f,,, f QA! . and wha,t's wrong with being a Boatswain Mate 'P 1 1 Y 11 1 11 i ' 1 2140i ivisio em. I al: -QEE? 56665.61 Division is composed o 51-IS Control Tecmiej are 'lab 161 1-1L .. 11? ea, , respon m3.intainin i the SWS 5 guns and fire contrg the Mid.. dh East arm- ment was to the ini- ti ti com. f ln f Fggzlld the which V in T f a e man S LT J'. R. SHANNON, JR. LTJG F. C. SCHLEMMER II WEAPONS OFFICER GUNNERY ASSISTANT T. Campbell, GMGI R. Bocanegra, GMG3 C. Cantrell, GMGSN G. Goedde, GMG3 G. Switzer, SN 3 1 5 ' ' Q,-P f,,vmx,v1. T. Bowman, GMGC K. Anderson, GMGSA G. Ebner, SA G. Gagne, GMGSN fri' A ,X X Q . :li ...,,,,Wl , ' "Load . . .Shoot" D. Honn, SN J. Walker, GMGSA H Slack Six" D. Tanata., FTG2. G. Davis. FTG1 K. Kross, FT3 E. Justice, SN See what Santa. brought me! J. Woodruff, SN J. Watts, FTGSN J. Hartman, FTGSN "Make mine Gin and Water" 1 'X Q X X X Q LTJG B. F. HOWELL E- Whitmw' STCV ASW OFFICER X e e Q wzszo J. Jones, GMG2 E. Morningstar, GMG2 The primary mission of the GREENE is Anti-Submarine Warfare, and ASW is Fox D ivi S C Om P li ' A tivex th e ' s Torpedomen, ASROC Gunner 's Sonar Technicians. A. Piriak, SN R. Prewitt, SN M. Smith, SA 5 I 1- ,f:::aff,mqv gm, ' fr s + E . wmgs, XX .M The CIA will give me a. medal for this one! h is I promise not to press my fingers again. "MUSCLE BEACH '68" ' R, Babock, TM3 R. Bernas, TMSN ' 5-'zlw ' ,. 0, ...,.,f ..!"f- mi, . ll f . X . L,--. 1 71 3 605319-W X 554. . e s 151'-fini", :,1: -'5ig'4iiIf:wfQ ,M Wxfe-'fe' vw fy V ,h K. Oravsky, STG3 R. Whitfield, STG3 "But, Chief, the haircut list is always full when I C. Kessler, STGSN T. Lewis, STGSN W. Neville, STG3 1 ll R. Zlmmerman, STG3 G, Alte, STGSN D. Allen, STGSN . . ' I sf' was CDM io J Doyle EN2 E., Lutes, ENl LTJG P. N. EATON ' ' DASH OFFICER Submarine Force of GREENE deserve much credit for the maintenance a.nd operational status of DASH equipment during the deployment. The personnel assigned to DASH Division are responsible for keep ing the complex electronic and mechanical System of the Drone helicopter in a ready status., At times the initiative and imagination of the men in making needed parts enabled the DASH system to remain completely operational under adverse conditions. Come back! Come back! R. Kruczek, ATN3 D. Pa1I01'a, FTGSN Why, that's the third rubber band we've replaced this month. C. Vandertang, ETN3 R. Salerno, SN Only SZ. 98 at your local hobby store. The DASH Division, an integral unit of the Anti- jf 24 J ff f X G 1 ff, pf, A9 f 1 X 4 XXV if I X 2 3 ' ff 1 A ff 1, .naw - fy Q w w 1 ., if Z M' m g 0224, , V WWWQU f 2 4 7 4 , W X xv v o Engineering Qepnrtment 'illv qfvisio -fifjt 'S ig sfgeff,-'rivsmjgs 51,-5 3.7 il-ik .Cf :Q" q,e2 l.'2 '45Qe-i,.1 1'-ig nv fi Te the men ef B of mm' ing and maintaining Cbvilersl- that through their abilifiee Steam Power fer eu Steam machinery' dec' trical generatciigggifn engines which drive E. Lee, BTC W. DL1Beau, BT2 E, Dworak. FN ,r:r:a.r, BTFA J. Flaherty' FA nf' ' , QI-13 gf ?f,M7?z-fiiivy ' 'fafzfz-4 J y f X ff 547, f y f f , fff X 3, X f f f f If I 1 f 1 , f f acintyre, BTFA L, Miller, BTFA D, NQQU, BT3 W, ,,,.,,.,,,.,.,,7,.,,x,., a n ' V' L V., , -n." F F R. Bubenheim, SPCM "I'rn the friendly Oil King. " R. Greeson, FA G, each. BT B, , K, Rabold, FA L. Redcay, FA One more Coke and I'l1 be able to play this thing. G. Rowe, BT3 D, Ruth, BTZ R. Truesdale, BTZ "Yummie" . Q 5 n 5? .N sb- "More spuds . . . I'm on a scholarship. " M. Vacchiano, BT3 K. Washburn, FN J. Wilson, BT3 . . -fm, Ll ,V qDlU1Sl01fl R Daniels SFl H Strumlauf S R the s hip W e The is is done Engine men Re pairmeiiggind be found working on ice cream P-Z50's or it, R Divi- sion has a hand in THAT DEFERRED AC A , ,, 1 -. C. 1 ,I Q, mmm .f L. Martin MMC LTJGR D AMME DAMAGE CONTROL ASSISTANT J Bishop EMFN E Calliot, IC2 G Connolly, EN3 ' W gg? i Q O O . , . , Fl , . . I machines . . . bulbs . . . 3 Q ff 2 . , . . -sq I 1 M 'SK f aw 9 A sf' it vm Us X 'L K9 N1 A"'w. 599 f x agp ff is K I Chapter One - How to Untie Knots. "See . , . My men do work. " ,af ' fl' J. Culver, EN3 A. Da. Yhfiff, SFP3 W,, FA J. Doherty, FN J- Geiger. SN R. Hartsell, FN X f f G. Nickell, EMC D. Murphy, ICC M. Martin, EMZ K. Sittig, SA S, Laine, FA B. Lawson, FN A. Ramsey, SN L. Sabotta., SFP3 D. Sininger, EM2 T. Ziekaskiewicz, FN Hey man, you seen the bus to New York? I what. . . me worry! Wi L. Andrews, SA E, Austin, FN J. Bell, SA Q 'vision F. Reid, MMI J. Murray, MMC .W .cg fvf aw mXu21 To the ibilities Of OP- eration and Pf0Pu1Si0n turbine the wafer at Speeds in Machinist Mate's tend and evapora- tion lmits which supply the electrical power and fresh water so essential fighting ship at sea. ,.., . . I X R. Brock, FN R. Defrees, MM3 R. Dummermuth, MM3 P. Hall, SA X I D. Krentz, MM3 N, Lore, FA E. ,s , ., :sf Now open real wide. ,. McCauley, FA R. Malloy, FA R. Marx, MM2 W. Matz, MM3 W. Micali, FA E. Mitchell, SA L, Nevarez, FA D. Presley, SA l If I could only learn to use both hands. M, Riggs, MM3 L. Scott, MM2 J. Shaffer, FN - A Y-Q ...suv .J-',--ff'-"""""wmA.o K ,,, fa, Now how do we put it back together D. Slectha., MMFN D. Sinclaire, MM3 R. Stenger, MM3 D. Tennis, SA l W 1 , l 1 1 3 Ln Qpevations Qepomftment LTJG H oPE1-2.4 OI Qivisio ENSIGN J. O. NUZZO OI DIVISION OFFICER E Dixon Roc M- Merrill' RDI D. Yarborough, RDZ he, P. BerrY, RD2 R. Cameron, RDSN R. Corry, RDSN 3 2 3 This division is composed of the Electronics Technicians, Radarmen and th O e perations Department Yeoman. Is is responsible for maintaining the technical publications library, Electronic equipment and spaces. The Combat Information Center QCICJ is an active participant in intelligence collecting. With the advent of improved planes, submarines, offensive and defensive weapons and weapons systems, Combat Information Center is coming to the fore-front in all combative and tactical situations. The skillful manner of the Electronics Technicians in maintaining the electronic equipment is instrumental in insuring that Combat Information Center has a complete tactical picture for the Commanding Officer to base his decisions upon concerning the forthcoming action of the shi Mor p e now fitllxen ever before OI Division is becoming indispensable to every,ship in the avy. 3 "Who cares what brand . . . It's beer isn't it?" ,.,, 1 J, DuBois, RD3 W. Koens, RD3 tide, , . ,f,n fb VI Happiness is a soft pillow" s. Knapp, RD3 G, 1.inn,RD3 Things were never like this on the RICH. "Sweepers, Sweepers, man your brooms . . " W. Morton, RD3 J. Rives, RD3 E. Watkins, RD3 M. Seum, SN X J. H, Paoli, lCl, USN 'SR' --.X . ,'7x:g,sw - V . , Q . .. ., Q x, ,, put . f J! ijjr CR M V, ,, , .,. -w. fe r ' -J 1, - V 7 ' "T X ' , Q U 'C I Auf .J I, k -HL A ' ,y AJS- s , y. V' f y Jgglmvfx "Sony iv has an be vhis way . , , buf we aonw have any replacements for R-21 on board." The Electronics Technicians are a highly trained group whose mission is the conduct of electronic trouble shooting and repair operations to shipboard equipment, a. funCtiOn vital to the effective operation of thesliip in our modern Navy where electronics plays such an important role. L. Hedden, ETC LTJG J. W. SPEARS ELECTRONIC OFFICER W. Finch, ETN2 S. Focken, ETN2 R. Friend, ETR3 J. Gooden, ETR2 Captain, the 40's down. G. Halls, ETRSN J. Payne, ETRSN M, Ambroziak, ETRZ tammy 5 .33 me Qivisb LTJC. R. J. CLARK M- Lenfimb HMC oc DIVISION OFFICER OC Division could be called,f,lThe.inindiand voice" of the E. A. GREENE, forLeach,rateQ'th'aL1:feoinprises the division contributes to this ,'.- xfitatlfunotioni' The ,Quatrtermaste,rA-,is the magnet of the A,s,hip7QwfhiCh st'eer,s-her' straiight-and,-tiru'e. The Radiornan is '.theQ-Noiice oft-co'rnifn3.nd whiehireiidsi her thoughts on landgot 'at sea, and the Signalman is the light at night whichcalls ,to -.,, friend5or,foe.Aj,1T,he Yeomanlis ,m., g he pen of history whiehy records e.l,llher,Qdateisg'fgn,dIithe,H,ostpita,1 Corps man is thee-Lhfind bf,CQ1f1'1fQ1't who keepsthe,.distQa.nCieifrom should lose the hand of OCL F. Wables, RMI hrshrer srrrst I home a little i:loSe35,Q' 'Trhemgood ship GREENE would be lost if J. Landis, RMCS Hey Sailor . . . wanta buy some pictures? Sears J. Riegger, RM' V TC. Miller, RM3 J. Leland, RM2 T. Plummer. RM3 Ship's Office at work. D. Owen, PNSN N. Sargeant, YN3 G Sheline, RMSA B. Voigts, RM3 R. Wubben, SA Not more penicillin? J. Duncil, SN G. Harris, YNSN W. Orshak SN 1 Aww W 6 ,. ' ' i -if ww 'vw W., wx: 41 'QW f -Q:..,4 Z. .,, . .., Q! 1? 7 f I hate officers. ' ' ff , 1 1 y M, 1 if ff, 3 V ,y wmfzgv-1: ,1?I??"4fQ'!'1?'Zvv ' X 1 W A ff A V4.1 7 , 4 aff , 41 .447 v-- ' .ip ' mf zz . 'X ' . 44742 M R. T. Murphy, SM2 "OOD to OOD gency Sierra. . . . Please Hurry. " S. Otis, SMSN J. Gore, SN 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 , , P 1 1 I 1 E E1 1 E1 E 1 3 51 1 1 11 21' 2 I1 ,1 1 1 i 1' 1 ' I I 133 5 1!l 11 '1 l 1 . YI gl V I 1 L. Shuler, QM2 S. FIV, QM2 "Look . . . Up in the skyg it's a birdg it's a . . I 1 W J. McDaniel., QM3 D. Scott, QM3 A. Binneboese, SN 1 1 1 F 1 I "DIVE . . DIVE" "Smith . . . no more liberty til those dirty pictures are put up properly P. Jensen, QM3 C. Smith, PCSN E. Burns, SN VV.. f on Tv f un C ion a dir e ct eff ec t pr Ovid ifggflfa undry s er - vic e , a the g the C omm is s ar ymen and Stewards proviging and well-iqgived mealS3 and the Dis b ur s s ar Abb. S . In addition, the Sto 1' e 1-reap Zhe s hip in is - suing and on b Ca f d - L. Howell, CSC J. Hansen, CSI J. Sizemore, SKl J. Doyle, SKl Are you sure SK doesn't mean SKater ? O. Bolante, TN G, Blanchard, SHL3 J. Bumann, SN What do you mean? D, Austin, SM3 L, Bizzell, SN I f , ,. ff, I Lag: 'V 1, -- -9 f , X f, ix, - QM. M? , I 6 fm-ggye , ,X W -, I ,f R Boyington, TN P Enriquez, TN W. Giese, DK2 D. Harp, SN V A f ,f f - ,,,,....,..w,.. ' - we ,.m,,5,wM auafai Sailors eat this! "These boots were made for walkin"' Easy on the Sides P, Hahn, SN G. Isner, SN R. Matus, SN A. Ponce, TN Roy . . . add some more water for flavor. Need a shine ? i Mr. Cocks will never find me here Watc h it Dave . . . You'1l rub it off. J. Provenzano, SA A. Rivera, SA A. Roy, SA G ,. DISBURQN. uovli ' H T454 ' I I 5 " 255' 5 i V -fu uuuuu u 0 Make mine well done. do 5 -. "l'll see your 25 thousand and raise you 30 Ihousundf' c A. Valente, SK3 W. Woodson, SK3 E. Yuzon,SA Sorry . . . there's no more room on board. Is that Ground Beef or African Crow ? AA ,AA ml' Ap: .AA,. A AA AA 11, A'lA 1 TA 'YJ :Az IA .I AA A A I A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A I A A A I, A 6 A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A i apo ting Wo folk fy Anchors Aweigh! On 2 November 1967, GREENE departed Norfolk commencing a six month deployment-her first to the Middle East. The Indian Ocean, .Red Sea, Gulf of Oman, and Persian Gulf was her destination. A new and challenging experience awaited each man as we proceeded on our mission of goodwill. Captain Davis bids GREENE Bon Voyage. Take in all lines. H v ini 1 F r Jack . . . There's a hole in the ship. s I ,. fo b M: if .-2 , , , .,, yt r 4 , ,il G? f 4' 1 ' V+ , X ,, . , We didn't do it like this on the RICH. Som dn, me to Rico 5 , 2 s i i , San Juan was the first highlight of the deployment for ships company. The casino, rum factory tours of old San Juan, the fortress of San Cristobal, and El Moro provided enjoyment for the crew during our two day stay. g ,. , ,f fi g e 9992? eeee f IPQQQG e il a sees . A Urlczu .. ,, f- ,..- " V m 1.4 I rxvy Av i 'i"'A A". Vw i 1'q'?A Q ' K 'K '-'Nc fp, . 'L " '- fa V ,. :, c Arriving at the harbor entrance of Recife, Brazil on the morning of 13 November 1967, We had our first look at our neighbors to the south. Various social activities, beach parties, and open house on the ship contributed for a successful visit. iv all 'fs I 6,56 vp 'fl 'I I 1 reii " 1 is PM ' I J Zim 3 l l i c -gl N ' M: -Z W-1 fi? "Are you sure this was Ohe de! got af the ServMart"" 535563 A if gag? or gee The 22nd of November GREENE arrived in the dark continent of Africa. The picturesque port of Luanda afforded the crew an opportunity for re- laxation at sidewalk cafe's and exotic night clubs. futmolu, ftugola 0 XWQQ l V' li, Lozfenco zfques w U 1, ,, A 1: 'N 45 U .L 'Xi ,a -s i 'J ,. U A sil W U3 Y Ei ' et l ,H J: W Y il 1 Fl 33 E, EE K if U . ,y it W 1 1 1 w D'75'H . -wa A E Q MWQ l Our B1g Happy Fam11y M0561 Rounding the Cape of ceeding along the GREENE stopped for renco Marques, in So Hippo's on a jungle city sights and the entertainment by night happy one. pro- A . fr1ca Lou- odern sit a ypfllff Louis , auriius At Port Louis, a small island in the south Indian Ocean, we relieved the USS CHARLES R. SPERRY. We remained in port for 3 days of fun and excitement amidst an island of natural volcanic beauty. The crew spent much time being entertained by the local British families of HMS Mauritius. The ship's ath- letic teams enjoyed a full schedule of eventsg and long be remembered will be our new friends from M M S- c A Wt wry Qhrzstmus Cl Merry Chnstmas although our thoughts were of fam1ly and home the hollday season Wes en Joyed by all because of the efforts of the Amer1can communzty of Mombasa Chrzstmas trees and yu1et1de sp1r1ts names 11ke HMS LONDON and FORTH W111 be remembered 1n years to come when we thmk of Chrlstmas 1967. The visit to Kenya gave many of the crew members the opportunity to visit the Tsavo Game Reserve and see the jungle animals in their natural environment. Sporting events and local community projects were accomplished with outstanding success. " ' What . . . Me Worry" a fs- ,-Ai., - --cab, 9 Yes Fred, That's an elephant. " Qperution Humulclus P Before crates o kites ing. fulfilled During olk, GREENE loaded aboard basketballs, school books, asp was our objective and we successfully. REENE distributed 250 cartons ou ship boxes and boxes of cloth- N--E llgeode to eopfe GREENE'S work in the Middle East will long be remember- ed. The crew spent many hours working on community pro- jects which included repairing buildings and schools. The community assistance team painted various orphanages and assisted with plumbing and electrical work. The movie team showed "Friendship Seven" and other first run movies to various homes for the aged and civic groups. Those participating recall long hours of work with a lasting reward of helping those in need. GREENE hosted childrens parties in every port and gave funds to various orphanages which were contributed by the crew after expiration of liberty the last nightin port. Qjihouti, ranch Sornalila ul Enjoying a lively ' ' Happy New Year at sea", GREENE entered this Frenfdi port located at the entrance to the Red Sea. The athletic teams met the French Army and local sporting clubs in friendly competition while others took advantage of this free port by purchasing tape re- corders, cameras, and radios at reduced bargaining Dtices. to , rirp H E fhm r A mfx fllx I ,Q I 'I Q 1 nl a X X11 N M at I H , "Slack OH!" lr ' ' Happy New Year" . gm.. Make mine a Double Scotch. A- xp X S XNSNXNNXNN XXX ' X wi - ss X X X Q X EX X X XXX 5 X 1 l X folder , Saudia Hrubi 12. . . , ., ,, 1,5 :, , ,pgs 2. E , i..: E , f f bit Q pt 6 if Q 5 ,. 2 , Qi M? is I f Z ' Q Manning the rail for a 21 gun salute, GREENE entered Saudia Arabia. The American Embassy and community greeted us with a full schedule of social and athletic events. The crew enjoyed ships parties at the embassy pool and Ubhor Creek. The crew ob- served the culture of the Middle East viewing veiled women and the crude camel and donkey carts mixed with the modern hustle of automobiles. After several days of steaming in the Red Sea, we arrived in Ethiopia. The Ethiopian Navy gave us a grand welcome and were eager for competitive sporting events. Several men enjoyed a trip to Asmara While others enjoy- ed relaxing ar the Army "TTU" compound for food and drink. . Our visit was highlighted by a change of command cere- mony for Captain Roger E. Melick, Commander Destroy- er Division 322, as we welcomed Captain Walter J. Malone to the good ship GREENE. assowa, thiopia omoln ftbbas,i cm A one day visit to Iran found GREENE firing a 21 gun salute Welcoming his rayal highness, Prince Gholamreza Pahlavi, brother of the Shah of Iran. Open house and a childrens party was held with much success. The children were entertained on the mess decks with cartoons and cakes, ice cream, cookies and cokes. , 5 - fWz,,L,t..,.,t,,,,7,,':,,,3,,,,,i-,,t ,.,, ww, 'WL 3 lgozhifotn island flgersia ul After a short visit to Iran, We traveled the Persian Gulf and arrived in Bahrain. HMS GURKHA and HMS JUFAIR welcomed us with a full schedule of social events and entertainment. Rear Admiral W. L. SMALL, Commander Middle East Force visited GREENE: his staff was beneficial in making our visit an interest- ing one. igoflywogs ewowrafhe Equator The people of the Domain of Imperum Neptune Regis, State of the Raging Domain, Equatoria, pray that the defendent be brought before the .Royal Court forthwith and be tried before the benevolent judges presiding ..... VERDICT GUILTY! is Wear As GREENE headed southward, the Equator and the realm of Neptunas Rex lay in her path. Youthful Pollywogs stag- ed an unsuccessful rebellion on 11 No- vember against the "Salty" Shellbacks only to be adjudged on the following day by King Neptune and his Royal Court. It Karachi, pakistan 4. ,ti ,X ,afi zwv wr, - 2 i Arriving in West Pakistan for relaxation and repairs, GREENE continued to show her effectiveness in pro- moting a feeling of goodwill among the Middle East countries. Movies, athletic events, community assis- tance and social commitments were accomplished with much success and the promotion of understand- ing among the people of Pakistan and America will long be remembered. Karachi gave us the opportunity to purchase brass at reduced prices in various mar- kets and we witnessed the growth of this important city of Pakistan. The American community again opened their homes to the crew with parties and dinner engagements and their kindness will long be remembered. . -- fffw. ,X , ffwwf 5. 3 'Y gmg a 3 xg N ,. ,, f f 2 za, 'I f yy-,EL .v,.,..,, wqwwq- , E4 ,f ' f x L'-wax f"L Z -f f , fr-www "-..M., rw is 4 iff! A V W ..,x,3' . ,. . ,W if fl 2 , ,Xe hx SNK my 211 wuvdw 9 f g ,-.1--...,J . Muni ff 4, it ',,. V 15,34 fi Q , , , Y' 1 ff If X, M1 ,xr ii, lb! 1. 1 if i1 lx tl i , 1 1 1 133 ,Ji :P all -1 I :1 r 1x .1 11.1 41 1 151 1-1 Q, 121 1 1. n , 4 4- 5, JZ ,a i ,A 1 f I i sl Z1 4 Letters of Appreciation and Commendations it for work during our Nuclear Weapons Acceptance 51 Inspection, Good Conduct medals and advance- l ment in rate ceremonies were held during our , - , f11. 7 deployment and the personal feeling of accom- ' . . . f1,t plishment in a Job "Well Done" was conveyed W' 1 to all hands by the Captain. T The ASROC Team received special recognition rirt , for their efforts in accomplishing an outstanding X job at GREENE'S Nuclear Weapons Inspection ' 1 prior to deployment. , The Captain on numerous occasions thanked y the crew for their outstanding participation and g dedication in helping GREENE fulfill her mission 9 of goodwill inthe Middle East. T it I' " il 112 11 iiii 1 1 i 011161 VLCEWL ents 1 c c,,.,. . -I 1' Gl VL of HW 61 ul S 1? 1g Qi S' , .y Ed A Q 1 ? 1 1 1 - l Y . ,I K JU, Q , , it "ii t 1 W E d g K lf f1'1--,f:ff , i ilaf ".,f"i 1 T X X ft., tt,t t if t 1 il. J fi 1 eb Fun and F ole... ebbieps Music provided by "IVans IC Room" and Bar-B-Ques on "Debbies DASH Deck" com- plete With hot dogs, baked beans and kool aid made many lonely Sunday afternoons at sea enjoyable. Ringside seats were available at reduced prices as GREENE'S boxers prepared for "Sunday Night at the Fights". 1 , we-W ' ' , r,,N.i,4..,,,,-V,-vfaf-vfv'-"'c W7 A 6901314 week 'V' X!! Hwa ols and Trophies 41 'dfagf C X QQX Ns KX The athletlc teams of GREENE met strong compet1t1on 1n every port durzng her tour to the Mzddle East Rlfle matches, volleyball water polo, track and freld tennzs, softball boxmg, soccer and basketball events were enjoyed by the team members as they competed Wlth sk111 and sportsmanshrp IH promotlng gOOdW111 among the natlons of the Mzddle East X. Q X. w, + A ur .' X nm. X X X-, I N ,XXX X Q . X.,,. A .X ,Xp X I , Xt,-:,-f I 1,-,,,.,fst,.,Xrf,w-Vi ,- 'L is X X ' as '1. ,. X E XX.-X X .f:X if, X 0 H V5 ' "' ' ' fi, Q75 'N ' ' 'W 'src li ' flf i 'E' .st-5 as 1. L, ,,,a,,?3?53i':.f'iqfX"v ' 'X X ,Q-XX X 2,35-f t " r V J " ,r if X' 'xifrlltqisff--Hx J ,1 f. FSf -fe? ff.-4 3- tl," if z -' Z 1 ff' - I r .,., , , ,Q-fa ' 4 ef-XY: vs. . ' -:of ., no- 'ir 1 -' -, f ' Y ' "-- ' 1 - .- ., S .V4 " 1 . 4 Xfgg f I: jj 'if' Qisif., S' '-1I:: ,ft,f,, a ,i X A 5 jg ' , pm 2 5 C' V . ., , ' 97:1 Jlsfii'- "fr 'Y " it ll? -i -"- 2717" xiii: 5f::t'?f? f-f- ' , -55973 If ' -1' if 7 1 j ,N 11: 'XT . ' , ,,4, , . '- " F' , -' . ' SX, , ms, N W ,, r- X . WX, 5. ,s.X,,,X,.- -, , . ., . 1 . ,. .r ,tt - fu..--Q,-f -ffwl., SXXV' ' - NX? -1f'z ,q't?Q5if!i4: - 11. t i' -gl-+ "af: , f - X, . - 5 . , ,N ,, .r l . ,. ,r5.,,:N kkkkrrh in V. X-?, ft '.,X ,fv X. ,, A P X ' I.-..,"iffi'.1-v:.i"Zxifi111f::,if, , :::'f--1-f.1vi..:z.:,-1 wtf-a f X X iv XXX 1: Q, 'git 2, X XX N Ag M ,No S V ur Xw S' X V 'X XX "X tx A Q ,yor X r 'Xkby .9 X X I 2 sfX.SXX XAXXXX- XXX ,C W-I wk XvfXfvX w?5s,Q QMQXHA XXXXAL I 4 sum, Q, XI cb, gg X tsfizzg ,t X 'rn ' A X. XV X . X , "-fN'?Sy, S2919 M few. btw, ww, as gt WM X, W Q.: ' , X, - X V 4 7 y Za 0' 0+ W 9 WX 4 19 y ' MN! iff Q Aff 5 f W A , 7-5 X sw? V vsf ust 2 wX:g:z2-:ww Qg4MWv.X2gf' e,.W,t,. ,WMV l.x,,s.,.-,,,,, L, .M,.,Zf'.,v ff..-,,.,,f, . N, 1 BM3 Rice, QM2 Fry, SM3 Gore, BM3 Boyd, PN2 Owen, LTJG Eaton Finch. V , BT3 Washburn, Missing ETN2 tanding Left to Right: GMG3 Cantrell, PN3 Duncil, 'TG2 Patora, SM3 Gore, YN3 Sargeant, QM3 Y 'cDaniel, SM1 Boy Me Otis, BT2 Ea ette, GNG3 Bocanega. Kneeling: rp, SN Binneboese, SN Petrillo, 1MGSN Walker, QM2 Scott, LTJG Eaton. Wi flthietits Standing Left to Right: FN Hall, LTJG Spears, BT3 Noel, QM3 McDaniel, LTJG Clark, SN Alston, SN Van Loten. Kneeling Left to Right: GMG3 Cantrell, SN Justice, RM2 Leland, MM3 Shaffer, SM2 Murphy, LTJG Amme. BT2 Earp and FN Presley X Mfvf f? f 2 f , M'-z fn -v , , .--, My 'gw,5.H,QAi ,fm ,, ,,.- V, 3 -LLV - -' '4,-wif:-, Q If f. 'WM w,W.'m- ai' fm -9 'ffm-w.f:'Q-wvfafm, ' , -' Je, V ' , W. f , -ww My W4 W. W1 , X -. AM ri A, f , f , 5 f 32 fi L7 4, f,,..37, Zk My ,- x ,-,- ,rf V ,:.,,, ,V f M, .1 , ,--,- A gpg A f ,, , , Mx. .f ,... fy 4 - ,M .,L, A - 4.1 f f Q ,--' 4 .- . he A ff , ,, .,,. Q .5 ff , A f 5444, ,,.- eg:-ff ,af f H 4-2, ' 1.1, f fsjfsg, fi 5 ' 51 Wifi f 4., ' , Q- .X vyf,,w,4fQf-' - ' f, g,-y,-af, J 4 Y, 'Q 4 Q ' ..,, 4., .4 ,.,. K! E7 L f , ,W , 7---.x4,.,:54g,y-i',i 1,QfL,1,,,:f-jf :wks-i:1N EZ., wit: V h , .... ,. , ..':-::Ag,'. AI' 4- , X X Ringside action on Debbies Dash Deck. BM3 R1ce drlves for two Wzth several curlous spectators Watchmg, the Wardroom Offlcers led by Crazy Legs Nrcholas met the Communlcatlons D1v1s1on led by Fleet Foot Wubben 1n a m1le relay For the results check the next 1ssue of Track and F1eld guarantee you won t fmd the results GMG3 Bocanegra awalts next pztch f My wif A QQ gay an 15536 Wir yew awry Way' M ww, ff " M1 few.-we-Nfigf WW, J MMM f ff W ww Q ZW f ff M ,aw f mf fw Wmfffn f ' fwmf , f.f, 'fa Wh W., M l l Q ,xx -' X X X g - vM,S?N . .. V k X Q kk ' ' K ...vm K ,x + X x. , A Q x K ,. ' X K .MQ M. . - X' Q x. 3 . X, fx. wx xy L, y Q xxx ,mf . A ,wax ,pn a Q L r , xk A xx A N a X X N1 N' Xxxwgw UVLGTX' Left to Rlght AN Salerno GMG3 Swztzer SN Chambers FTG2 Patora B Honn SN Blzzell SN Kelly N Slaughter SN Alston SN Doy Boastmg the only pre c1s1on dr1ll un1t of the U S Atlant1c Destroyer Force GREENE S honor guard provlded entertaln ment 1n the form of trlck dr1ll for the people of the Mlddle East The honor guard appeared before a telev1s1on audlence dur 1ng our stay 1n Port Louzs Maurztlus and at var1ous ports of call they were 1nspected by var 1ous degnltarzes who v1s1ted our sh1p Red Sea pi lot 52 ,, M I U ffm ' Wzimzwfw mf ,Zf ,,,'p4 'ffwyW.,ffwiwfikfwiiiew f X f f f I Luz M, ,,,L, , 5 ,, ' 'C " 'Z ' Efmf: 1, ! ff f ff Q Q" yy f p ,. f :f U7 ' ' 'ff -',v- fc 3' 1 ' ,K 211116 fa 7 V! J ffffq f ' - .. N f , '-' f, ' 'ff ?M, .: f li! 3 5 I l E Il i ,.. -.41-eh,,.,.. I J, il g 3 fd- I. f gi. B: fi-E". 1 T. FTE .. 5, 1 Q1 I n ,I ' I I, -J., If ,- 'Ai 6 lu 1 if f I Bene Hchievements ' 'THE AMERICAN MISSION IN KENYA WISHES TO THANK THE OFFICERS AND CREW FOR EXCELLENT COOPERATION IN ADMINISTERING OUTSTANDING HANDCLASP AND PEOPLE TO PEOPLE PROGRAMS IN MOMBASA. WE HOPE THE VISIT WAS AS GRATIFYING TO THE SHIP AS IT WAS TO THE PEOPLE OF KENYA" ..... !!AMERICAN EMBASSY, NAIROBI, KENYA!! "IT HAS BEEN A GREAT PLEASURE FOR Us TO HAVE YOU IN D IBOUTI I WISH TO CONGRATULATE YOU FOR THE SMARTNESS AND PERFECT BEHAVIOR OF YOUR CREW ASHORE AND TO THANK YOU FOR THE RECEPTION GIVEN TO THE DJIBOUTI ORPHANS. GOD SPEED AND FAIR WINDS. COME BACK." !!MARINE DJIBOUTI, FRENCH SOMALILAND!! "I WISH TO COMPLEMENT YOU, COMMANDER WASNIEWSKI AND OFFICERS AND MEN OF USS GREENE ON A FINE IMPRESSION WHICH YOU LEFT WITH SAUDI ARABIA AND THE AMERICAN COMMUNITY. AS THE FIRST U. S. NAVAL VESSEL TO CALL AT JIDDA SINCE JUNE HOSTILITIES, I BELIEVE THE VISIT HAS BEEN HELPFUL IN MAINTAINING CLOSE RELATIONS BETWEEN THE U. S. AND SAUDI GOVERN- MENTS.". ..... !!AMERICAN EMBASSY, JIDDA, SAUDI ARABIA!! . "THE OFFICERS AND MEN OF THE GREENE ARE CONSIDERED BY ALL HERE TO BE THE BEST GOODWILL AMBASSADORS TO VISIT THIS PORT IN MANY MONTHS. THE EXCEPTIONAL SPORTSMANSHIP OF THE GREENE'S VARIOUS ATHLETIC TEAMS AND THE COMMUNITY ASSISTANCE PROGRAM AND CHILDRENS PARTY WILL BE LONG REMEMBERED BY ALL." ..... !!MAAG, MASSAWA, ETHIOPIA!! "THE OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCES OF OFFICERS AND MEN O-F THE USS GREENE WHILE VISITING MOMBASA IS INDEED MOST GRATIFYING. IT IS APPARENT THAT MUCH GOODWILL RESULTED FROM THE VISIT AND CLOSER TIES WITH THE GOVERNMENT OF KENYA AND THE LOCAL POPULACE. TO THE MEN OF GREENE WELL DONE." ..... !!COMMANDER IN CHIEF, U. S. ATLANTIC FLEET!! "IT IS DIFFICULT TO PROPERLY RENDER OUR THANKS FOR THE MANY COURTESIES YOUR SHIP HAS SHOWN DURING YOUR VISIT IN BAHRAIN. ALL IN ALL YOUR SHIP HAS DONE A GREAT DEAL TO CONTINUE THE TRADITION OF AMERICAN GENEROSITY WHICH OUR PEOPLE DO NOT EASILY FOR- GET." ..... !!FATHER BARTHOLOMEW AND THE SACRED HEART CHURCH!! "IT'S BEEN WONDERFUL HAVING YOU AROUND -J REALLY IT HAS. TALK ABOUT SPREADING JOY AND GOODWILL. WE HAVE BEEN THE RECIPIENTS. YOU CANNOT REALIZE WHAT YOUR COMING AROUND HAS MEANT TO THE KIDS. IT IS ALL WELL AND GOOD TO PREACH CHARITY AND GOODNDSS, BUT THE ACTUAL VIRTUE SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS AND THAT IS WHERE YOU COME IN. LITTLE ECHOES OVERHEARD MAKE US REALIZE HOW MUCH THE CHILDREN ADMIRED YOUR BOYS. CONTINUE TO WEAR THAT SMILE ALONG WITH THE SAILOR CAP AND SPREAD JOY AND YOUR ,LIFE IS WORTH- WHILE. OUR PRAYERS, OUR THOUGHTS AND WONDERFUL MEMORIES FOLLOW YOU. ..... !!ST. LAWRENCE'S CONVENT, KARACHI, PAKISTAN!! "JUST A NOTE TO SAY THANK YOU FOR THE PLEASURE OF BEING ABLE TO COME ABOARD YOUR SHIP IN MOMBASA. EVERYONE WAS MO ST COURTEOUS TO ME AND OUR PASSENGERS. ..... !!AMER- ICAN PRESIDENT LINES!! r -5 ' 'I L l ,Q 1 , Qi Et E3 if 5 E 5 if 1 ' B 2 1 E , ,T ' Q iv 3 Q" 1 35,1 Q fa 1 I 3 1 52' I 5 , IS -x ssl 1 4 4 Miles Steamed: 35,373-5 HIUGS , ij neg Fuel Consumed: 617,318.2 gallons Amount of food consumed: Stores: 90,000 pounds if Beef: 63,000 pounds .I Vv" Eggs: 11,000 ounces Coffee: 2,466 pounds T Total Deployed Days: 4 193 days Water Consumed: 452,181 gallons Advancements: 98 V3 Radio Messages Sent: 4,200 , 3 1 Number of Cokes Consumed: 150,000 5 V1 V 1 i 1 F w Cl of 1 V W N 1 A 1 1 4 , if 3 1 v 4 , 1 14 , 1 5 1 L 3 r 1 Q E LI, 5 ll? as r S? L1-11 Ji 4, E 3.5 ggi, I U. fill li ' M -it .n W 6' S V N 16 if 5 4' I ' 2 1- ,ri-'Q 2 'Ye N , Q vp ' 4VfHUE,ll0lWx-K'

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