Eufaula High School - Ironhead Yearbook (Eufaula, OK)

 - Class of 1956

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Eufaula High School - Ironhead Yearbook (Eufaula, OK) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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-f-1 X' vw. -- , A W - K- , -y-:ff-'i-9 uw- - .'wv'---Q '.u 'v-C H r A . J- w Kwxw 4 N Sw: rv. e:,:'.yy,.-g.,--.,1.a- ,2 -3, -, --1.5 1.-qu Q q,-.'.1.. f K. ' f1.,-- ., . X X X ' .-1---,Sw 4 .Q 5551:-, W -ul 4.5. mg: fi wewfgmg: , Q., The '56 Ironhead Presents Its Star u ' Q 1 - 1-. : if .r 1 L ' VERONA BRCJWN if Produced V Board Cf B The Edu catlon 'hr LYLE mHROYER Presxdem H G XLLXNGSW CRT EORGE HA B DK mewdem Clerk RLAN WCC 2234? 'U l I H, H 1 ,J A SE WISJ' .Y W, 9 ,,- 1 1 1 I 1 MIL fowl MMR BURN DOWL Membef Mem ber NG Directed M. Forrest Towry Superintendent Mr. Towry and family came to Eufaula in 1953. He received his B.S. degree from Northeastern State College, his M. S . from Oklahoma A 81 M. Mr. Towry has been in the teaching profession twenty-two years . We of the annual staff feel that the things he has accomplished toward improving the Eufaula School System in the short time he has been here should be greatly appreciated. Of his many accomplishments we will list a few: First on the list should be the New Dixie Elementary School Building, then two new lunchrooms, the remodeling and addi- tion of two classrooms to the jefferson Davis School, remodeled and modernized the Home Economics Department, separated the junior High and the Senior High. Mr. Towry should indeed be proud of this record he has made for himself. Mrs . Coleman, as secretary to the Super- intendent and Board of Education, does much of the routine work of the office . Mrs. Cole- man has served in this position for the past six years and has, during that time, endeared herself to both students and faculty by her kindness and unselfish attitude. She is always ready to listen to the problems of the student, and has assumed, to a great extent, the duties of girls' counselor. Without her, the office would be in a turmoil, and school would not be the same. She is that important to us. MRS. LOUISE COLEMAN School Secretary Senlor High Prxnc1pal CLYDE F DEATON AB Degree Major 1n Soc1al Studtes East Central State College Educatlon Masters Degree Major 1n Admmistratlon Central Washlngton College of Educatxon jumo r I-Ilgh Prmclpal RAYMOND E THURMAN BS Degree A rkansas Polytechnic College Master of Educatlon Unlverslty of Arkansas Assistant Directors Stage Crew CLEON AUA22 mdustrlal fast CC ntral 51319 Coueg, 6 INEZ BURNHAM Jumor Hlgh Math Southeastern State College MARTHA DANIELS ON Hzstorx and Engllsh HENRY CANEUWH-e North Texas State Teachers Vocatwnax Air and M 0klah0ma College J, W. GILBERT Biology and Chemistry Southeastern State College lil oossua FQESESTER fi LIERA GILBERT ERE l ' , Ommer Southeastern State COUEF3 S. H f southeastern 5l8?eeColleLLe X S14 x 'V e' ,-X f f l N. L L 1. 4......,,g,, FAtIu1..TY HERSCHELL MARTINDALE WILLIAM MCCARTY MuSlC N Mathematics 1 State College Ortheastem 3 Centra tale College ,V MARJORIE PYLE Social Science Northeastern State College go 'WANT To - 9- X t 1 px LoRRAgNiSlhRE1LLY 'QA 6? Q C social'5mgnSC1Na2ZRf n 1 . ' Northeastern State College wi 4 . East CI-hgh Aihletics Umor Oklahoma A Hfld M entral State College l X Q1 -'il ,QW 4 Q W c ' 9 1 H x 2 w..,vt ,Ly . "ff J-'gzlz . 'Va sf ?acu I I ' 'LZEFI -' SEX Pnu.t,tP sryilfgudies LISJU ALICE TYREE History and Soma d M Univcggi ECfI2n0mics 0klah0ma A an Y 0 Arkansas MR PI-IILLIP SMITH BARBARA BALLINGER if R ..- SENIO Sensor if 'Bs SHIRLEY HENS N PAUL BLAIR +C' Q9 ' .au x ,ul -. I 5 - I I ' 'UQ I I I y X - I I VD- ! 0 Sponsor I P J President ' SO Secretary 'nf . D fx i HIGH O O f Class f Q lf, Y-----J ,nv x All Q, , 'E-" -M MR HENRY CANNON Sponsor X LORA JEAN HOOD Reporter li 'hr- wiv -.Sai CAROLYN BUCK if VERONA BROWN , 2 ' X , . 5" Z Oi I 'in Y I AT f 'F .fiat-i-1-'sf -Qui O 'Ji'- sg., 'ir '53 IFRI DABBS "Vx SAM GANN F MARTHA HASKETT IUANITA HENSON BARBARA HOWELL 'El' BEVERLY ANN KNIGHT N li-rx hVtRETT LAWRENCE IU'-agus 'Sw 'Y if WONAY ROY MCCUTCHAN law b'-'af' BETTY NORTHCUTT ,fvx ua VERNA LEE POLLARD IIMMY PRATT 'UN W ILDA SHACKLEFORD 'Sul NANCY ANN 5-MITH lub tx x JANETTA SMITHEE ARTHUR TREVINO 'Dx JOHN T RIPLETT 'K' JOHN CLARK WATERS bfi 'Thx wr- ,R-fm f"-N 1-wr' 78k Qivi in-.f JACK WHISENHUNT ROBBIE WILLIA MS FRED W ILLIA Mb 1 :Qs JOHNNY WOOD 11-1' IOHN W ESLEY WOOD K3-K-. 4 lim ll ll'Lb1klLlll Nlornm Klrby Vue pl'L5lLlLlll 5 Lon A g T L Nllxlll wr rt! 0' -al Jumor james BLllllg,3l'llLl' M llu Lou Bu s Z H' lvl' 1-Md 1 LL1 er Bmldx Llmwood AF' -7 40- Ui 19' 1.711 -1' V' ci If ...X 1,3 Ig .4-r ,A QI Jem Ann Coleman Bettx Cowan Anme Dabbs N mme Dabbs Thelma Dabbs Bobble Lou Damels Wllllam Day Jo Ann Dowlmg Charles Flud G1lbertGat11n M1ke Greene wllla Dene Hale W 1 Sponsor Frmkre Brewnr nerer rrx and Treasurer A ure M rm Rrpor Class rerun rm Creo H arm Juux ll rrkex Mdrtrn Hopkms Yvonne Hopkms Jerrx Howell Gertrude Ingle Mixre Ingle Bettw Im Lorem Krrbx Bermce Lu-15 Clltford Lexus Noal Mav Betty McAdoo Peggy McFarland Lou Anna Moore 1 vo -1? 6.55 5 at IV up l C? 'K rv 5 If I 5.4 JF' 6 ,.,., 5 Z wif 'kt .1 ,of- .4- k ,Q ,vs 4f"Y" Lihlff W2 ,. JA f" ll ll Z fy-X NOT SHOWN Homer Breedlove Shlrley Flood Barbara Carret! Jake Greenwood DerxlCr1ft1th Jerry Narcomev Betty Thomason Pat Townsend Blllx Wllmon llllllllp M wrgan ll'lL L 5. r N ull an L whrop h ar lo sm L wulllw Robert 5UlllN8ll JIITIIHX walker br idx Wh1SCllhUllI seven wood Ierrx Paul wrlght M lrjorle Y mdall , H I I Q, . Y : . j - r K h - Q ,xl K V 'ar K M - l'-rruwn u . ' . sv s Y 'fi A -ge B 1 I ' -- rl x l All if X A l 5.lllrl'w you ' 1 1 3: M X h 1 lDu:1.ll,1. 4 "r . ' ' -1 "' -iw T , gl, .H f I ' , S are . A 1-v x ,I .5 " -' Y M' ' Rlu. T . uh S 1.11 ' 'an 1' x 3 - . ' I A I . .,. T ll! , ' .W ' , 'Sea , T 3 X 2 F4 K .A - in it -kj ' ' ,,.'- '-je Dv " -L 1' l T' .i , pf T , L 'g J M ' 5 K I 1 1' x L . r , Q 'Y' 5- f, ff ' l , , ' f i gg , - 'F ' - T ,,-til Q, au -- ,A Y-.1 ' xxb, X W K: ' J ' y ' l lv I , -. ' Y ' V 1' JUNIOR PLAY CAST: Severs Wood, Jerry Paul Wright, Lou Anna Moore, Porky Smith, Peggy McFarland, Frankie Brewer, Jerry Tom Howell, Diane Shropshire, Mike Greene, Shirley Flood, Ella June Martin, Jean Ann Coleman Bobbie Lou Daniels, Wade Hopkins, Martin Hopkins, and Judith Lynn Harkey. A . Snapshot of junior Play. ----1-.1 :sg as , I ' , I 3111- Q . 4, D..-as . '1 . , in ',' : I " M is if ,. H 3 'ini S-I 1' fx 4' : 5 -'T ll z rl Q- f' '1 ..-1 Q A Q:, " N E 'Q ' --,LA r Pd- Q! P' Q FH . " , W ,F . iw L 5 WN ' . 5 , S i' ' 'gg A A .. it -X- lj' 1 . V I ,O .,.' 4. 'I '.":' sl 'T' R I a 'u v 1 v MR RO ' BERT A SDOHSOI- ca l 10 f' -J ,r 2' 1212 fd! Maxlne Bamett Glenda Brlxey Tommy Corley 'Q .spa ,J nf i ' vw 1 ,1 ' Q -1 ,.. . 1 Claudme Adqoqk Frankl1n Asburx hmmx Ballmger Donald Belcher P my Brand Donald Bu1e Jerry Curus F- Q-Q -.J' Y Arcell Burns Berry Dawson iw kenneth lv 115011 M arcella j mobs Pres1de111 Vue Premdent Sophomore M 1rg1e Charles Margaret Derrlsaw Cleon A11ld Roba Lee Cobb Homer Dover K' mi! '+ve 'QF' to C trr r A Da mt T L Reportgr Class Mr RobcrtAxer1r1 jtm H trrrs John How ell Margaret Hart Franlue Huff fo" 4 X . 3 I 1 't 1' Elmer Dowrrum Curtts C aw! Dan Haskett Ewelwn Ludowe S it .J fav Gem Fre rch Homer Hammolrb Jane Hogan Dorothy Mannon 'K Lmda Gatlm N tola Hancock Brll Hooten Bert McCutchan .J A 2 -1 Laxal -sf' ig '4 ,av .41 J A i Lf tors 1 MZ f 'R 1 Q mf ,A dwtl IO k Y., 'Y as 10 .aft Charlotte McElroy Betty MCIN all Mar1 Morrts Mary Ruth Nelson Phylhs Parker Louxse P1ICh6lyHH Shxrlene Roberts bamarlan Scott Garry belt Larry Self Lucy Savers Eva Mae Shatt Eugenla 511mon Dorrs Smtth Gary bmtth Jack Smlth Judy uwadley Eddy Thomason Johnny Ttger Judy W addle 13' ' " 3 f 2 "' , ,L 'X ' 'if 'Val xlmd ' Ai 1 A . . ,J D 7 R yr A Q , A 5 1 7 hiv .fi hx. X, 1 I' f , , V5 .L I 4 V I x. , if " f -A QQ 0 ii A S - I' L 'il -J , . d' ' , K 'Q di' , -7 rf 5. rox y M A y t . X 'K ' ix x . F l I - ' . bm. , 4 0- N 0, Q I- :Q 1 pw- 5: r y -4d Y NJ 'A . X f W 1 - ' ,Q Q I lf? 4 . 2 ' 2 R ' 1' J A 'V' , 51 0 . 'A 6 e y Q tg", xg, - 3- 1'--5 . 321, Q, . N fy 4 ir A . I: H' 1 ', Q f 3 ' 7: '3' L Labeth w sr i,,,--P .1 y XJ DCHHIS Wallrs " I John W ugh! YJ Elraabeth Wrlhamson Nancy Webber NOT 5HOWN Jeanne Barley Sam Chapman Charles Freeman Knox Fry Bobbx Goad Boyd Pearce HarrvToot1e J D Willmon Cecr Wrlllams fK'N 'U on ij XJLQXJ A ff f K . 2 i 2 . .. f - - 4 , A a- Q, lj. J A-A Y: -. ', . ' , 15 " jess Redding, Larry Shackleford, ' , U g 1, ,C ,-1 - 4 ' X X 7 ef f J? XR x X S X 'XX 1,1 N I dy- ff! S e ' eaae ef v X . R 1A,sl'7 0:1 QR. -Q JK? Q I. x iq-,Qs X- . ,W I -pc---H - 1 S ,vr'1 ,rg Vx ' I r,. 41.275 '98 F QN- 1 if. F' 8' fl 4 1'lAxi ws'-'H ' 'if f 7 I 1-44 R 785- . - ii, My X XXX JuNi Xxgf PDXX ff Q AW S Fresh X ff 2? Dyl X i ik 1 fiirmnwli I f . A-' V- A '- A 3' Mrs. Marjorie Pyle S 2 Sponsor S Y 2 5 -. I E Ar l ,- B. fs. D Carol Alton Roger Barton , jf ' " ' Everett Beaver Rosalia Birdcreek ' ' Chester Cam bell D. '. ab s V xi, I X f f a Aw I i f fi--P' " I 3 I Pat Huff Marcine Justice g ' Q ' President Vice President v:Lf'ffwj' id XXX Y' " 1" David Bui Dean Bi.-ie Bradley Burnham 1 f Barbara D Karon o e Sharon Doyle lx 4 """'h FR 'X S - l ' 'P B - r' B9 1 ' f' 3 . fl . f ' :Riga i f H ' ""j J- f I .- ,X 1 3 r K ' B I 2 l i 1 . i n Q . fs fp- O - J . .iw ,f I r A ' A 1' 11-. IGH ? t-11' lf 4 f j or X xv f 5 J W Grlbert sponsor 355 I Annalee Brown Secretary Treasurer wxnona Flelds Lharlolte Greenwood 'Qu I Douglas Hopl-uns Reporter Pali Frazrer Lharlotte Grrffnh K X fr? NN Chancey Dunegak X X Ester Harj Rosalee Dunson Ronald Gray Mary Harrls S 'iv- xxi 1 A , 1 . ' V , A 0 H L K 5. A Y 'ff 4 wi' , 1 " H ai -r ' s . if ,., 4 . ' I A M so r wg, W my , 5 -'1, ' TN ' " x I ,. , if P' 3 -V - Q ' ' ' . - ' J" Q it ' Q . ' Q: h so .A 'it -f ' fi 4 X Q - 4' s ,A Charles Cawf sharon Hale 4? f aondra Helms Gary Hopkrns morn Hopkrm Jerrx jones 1 Jerry Moore Geraldene McAdoo Davrd McBr1de Dugan Mclntosh Carolyn Palmer Beatrlce Pxerce Juanlta Phrllxps Freddy Pollard ,Q rm ,4 :,.. -.Ji F73 Y .qu nd f"'v"i Carroll Krllrngswor Jeff Lowe Lrnda Majors Paulrne Marshall 9 Anrta McMurray Ronnre Nelson Alvrn Newton Reba Northcutt l A - b 4 Rosemarx Riddle Johnnx sellerb Phylln bhackelford Roberta Short ll.y ? Cedrxc Tlger Manlvn Towry earherrne Walker Rose Mane watson fif 1,, -1 gn 0 I in r-WF l r I . Charles Prlce Donna Reddmg Mlke Rxchardson Tucker Rlchardson I Nayne Srmrh Kenneth Smnhee Marlene sulphur Anette Thompson janxce Whlte Gary W1l11ams Lrnda Wood Jessie Wright Glen bhatswell Ceorgerra Ingle Presrdent Vxce Preudenr Davrd Avance Mlke Brown Gayle Brlxey Y 1 Tsranana McIntosh secretary Treasurer Mrs Lorralne O Rellly sponsor Delores Burwell Mlrlam Bruner 1 Mol1yO Rellly Reporter M J W ban ers bponsor Deanna Brady Carol Ch1IWO0d 'U Lmda Brashrer Terrll Corley '56 f . .5 ' , -in Q ' 1 - x , A :R 4 , Q 4 Y , V I "' l Tlxf' 4 2- is A ix Eighth Grade ' I . ,fi fl S l . N ' ' ' r. .i .' d ' 2 l I 'J A M l ,'i'- f M 4- ., f , . ,, ,-aff r ,, l ' .-Q 'C +++ +-H' 'Q ++++'f34 1 Q.. 10 fail X xx gi Q x Dig 10 A 'XUL anim? Lrnda Dabbs Eugene Doyle Maxre Dunegan Kay Emmons Loretta Foreman Sue Flood Ethel Frank Jerelyn Gatlm Betty Couge J D Green Leon Grxder Betty Haryo Johnny H111 Paul Hooten Pat Howell Larry Ingle Chrrstme Lewu Mary Lou Lowe Brvce McK1nney Edward Prerce Carolwn Rhlnehart Marv scott bherrx bhawer Kat bhropahtre lN1dl'Clll6 omtth Il tnxe atrtes Anthonx Thomas Anna Ttger 6 -C. Phrlltp Yandell Q Ella Mae Vw ebber 'L Ioe Whrttaker NINTH GRADE Not Shown Maxxe Beazeale Jrmmy Green Bxlly Morgan Elwood Sulpher Audxe Urquhart Jacky Walters Moms Dale Evrtdge James Young Jan Turley James Patterson Newhn Tootle EIGHTH GRADE 'Slot Shown Gene Bumgarner Mack Holuby Bobby Pendley Lucy Bllly Judy Boatman Delores Burwell Bessre McFarland Rxta McNatt Q1 SEVENTH GRADE Not Shown Ray Bumgarner Knotchre McCrary Brlly Eckelkamp Don Pearce Kenneth Young Delbert Baxley Rrchard Turley Davrd Beeler Lharley Derrxsaw Letue Beth Damels Bonnre Northcutt Yvonne Reeves Mary Kirkpatrtck Nrta Leadford Mary Buckner -ng ,flu .Q Q V . o f I, fn , . :- fr y . , in t .x :I M fl 'su Gary Asher Larrw Barton Bobby Brand Jerry Burns Phxlhp Corlex Emma Gean Deere -1 rd Seventh Grade Trnnre A Capps Anna M Cully Patsv Deere Q Frankre Carr Pearhne Cullg. Arve1Downam 'Cs fl -lm' 'C Drckey Bn an Nancy Chrsolm ROS16 L Cully johnny Duke at Mrs In - . I v I Doss re For F6 Sponsor stef Pai Qt' T"'I lk 22 Bur 5D0ns0, nharn Brllx Trm Davrs Lydra Dunson Q A , V X lx! "' Vwiilmill :BFI .vfywf 1 Y f' f R .' :ll J , 1 I ,' ' ' Q Mrs, , J I lg . Ae .L B if - B f , ' Y B - , ' st ' 'f ' 1 , if ,- - L D- ' - X 'A A .i,, N ' i rx. if X xv, a It Elk ,!"f .X 1 9' ' K .. 'J ' ' lu il 5 ' LY XX E V 1 ' is in K ,S ' ,- . ' ,fy ' A 34 A ii '- , xl I I, 3 . I , 3 E , . ,I . 5 I 1' . . 4 B. 2- :iv ' 0 A A " 3 . B' ft - " , , 3? 4. ' K fl bf I b N 1 11 .A . ! f X R . ll, b xx 3 2 ' in ll' -..b Jxmmy Edwarda Wayne Exens Kay Foley Bobby Frazrer Vrrgrl Fry Melrssa Gouge Jewell Gray Ann Hammett Bonnxe Har Charles Hams Wayne Hart Kenneth Jacobs Elsre Iennrngs Thurman Jennrngs Kennre Justrce Suetta Lanham Carol Marr Bobby McCombs Patsy McAdoo Gene McKenzre 'Off'- X rf 00' Lg la- ZK YT! '24 441 -x 975 at-3-P l wt if wiv erin ?"'l of Gary Moores jackie Narcomey Ronnre Palmer Christine Panoske Bemice Plerce Rose Mane Powell john L Qulntm Ioxce Reynolds B111 Rhmehart Sally Rhodes Bonme bam Jane sellers Paulme Short Don Shroyer Loretta bmlth Vlrglma Strume Shrrley Toon Ronn1e Trustley Jane Wade Lou Anna Walker Ax fl To L , K, , ,Q P. 1 yv is 1 fjx Q E 'Q-7. f'e:.+. I' ,ff '45 ft' "1 alfa. fl"?' U' X' 1' r ffl' xo fi I' fp-LJ as I yi "I-11 QIXJ lf' NT D f.h01Lr'lflrJlXr.rll1Ullll1ulDll'lll4lUL ml CJ 1 f 1 3. s ,,.. . 1 f l 'lx 'k ' 7 Qi - As 1 16 , . A - A - sv --3 lax V' I ll 19,1 I A ' fo ' T I - 7 s , -A X ,, I'-,ik ,Q . -N l L21 I ix KN 'S , ,jk ','2t'n,X'JCl .Tyr 7 ' 75 Q i-'xi 4, E J x ' f s A . if , A A ,5 V 4 X- P? - U Q 4 I' 1. J 5 . . . I: i I ' 3 , ' s 1' -A . rg ,fjf i ri ay . f, V5 - - If sg ' rf " - '1 Q - f- K s .A.Kx YA K K X A ' D3 ,Iv fu i x yff' . 2 . " :'35'T:T'I,'f'.11L Nl. , . ',1"T"'l '4'-I' 'x'g"AfEM Flbert ward Clen ls aters Monah West Shlrley Whlte Judy Wxlllams 'Q md 3 Susan Young ...ff Pv U v-H aih un:-n ' U Junior High Glee Club Mrs Ann Henderson, Pat1Fraz1er, Charlotte Grtfflth, Carolyn Palmer, Delores Burwell, Lmda Brashler Deanna Brady, Pat Howell, aue Flood, Jamce Whxte, Linda Dabbs, Betty Gouge, Jauntta Phxllips, Bessie McFarland Tsianana Mclntosh, Ella Webber, Kay Emmons, Lucy Btlly, Carol Chltwood, Sherry Shaver, Judy Boatman Loretta Foreman, Marilyn Towry, Sharon Doyle, Sharon Hale, Mary Harris, Jerelyn Gatlln, Mary Lowe, Carolyn Rhtnehart Kay Shropshire, Carol Alton, Pat Huff, Molly O'Reilly, Marclne Smith, Sondra Helms, Karon Doyle Rosemary Riddle, and Annalee Brown 1 '24 ' 1 . .--- f a l I .5 A Q -- ga . .3 A -x y D is Q 1. " I , A L V , K I I il I -is-.E Md p V -4-...J ,J -- 'V ., ""' , f rx 4 WV' 0 D . r y fb 5 5 Q A 4 iw ., L! I . I O M , 1' ' I W - l V 4 A 42 A25 is 1 I fi as 'R ' v g ' Q... ,. 6 4' 5 yi? . 'E Af uf' .W .!s ax 1 A I ' v ff V V 535. 'I X x A Q 'x I Af! ' c H f G - + 2 1 ' ' 'f if' Q Pr, h I ff. - ia r -X' , .....-. ,.....a ,.,..1....-,.-.1-nc rw 5 5 Q , 9 . ,J fl. I CAROLYN BUCK Most Courtcous Girl -, Q. 'LV' 5 fy' ,K . IEAN ANN COLEMAN 1 4 DON ED PAYNL 1' 3 Most lovcsick couple , 1 'P ,ll . BFVERLY ANN KNICHT RIFHARJO wMITll Most popul ar hm md gxrl 'Lx LOU ANNA MOORE Pretxiest Lnrl Who's Who In Eufaula Hugh v 'G LINDA LJATLIN GARY SMITH Cutest Couple f X X ff "QUEEN and ESCORT Barbara Ballinger Roy McCutchan "BAND QUEEN' Barbara Ballinger Jean Ann Coleman Mary Ann Daily Rosemary Riddle Don Ed Payne Roddy Carr Gary Smith ATTENDA NTS AND ESCO RTS T me of' Actlvltl Sports A il- ... Z7 Z li lv! X 4 x 'Q ' ,fel-SIS! f 1 L x . Martindale DRUM MAJOR: Verona Brown. MAJORETIES: LOU Anna Moore, Anna Lee Brown, Beverly Knight, Judy Ilarkey, Diane Shropshire, Bobbie Lou Daniels. X TROMBONE: Gene French, Betty Northcutt, Donny Stites, Mike Richardson, Anthony Thomas. BARITONE: Curtis Gawf, Charles Freeman. BASS: Hoil French, Don Ed Payne. PERCUSSION: Marilyn Towry, Linda Majors, Carol Alton, Mike Green, Carolyn Rinehart, Jerlyn Gatlin. CLARINET: Janice White, Sharon Doyle, Judy Swadley, Mary Ruth Nelson, Sharon Hale, Bobby Pendley, Martha Haskett, Jean Ann Coleman, Judy Waddle, Phyllis Parker, Bradley Burnham, Lou Anna Moore, Carol Chitwood, Doris Smith, Beverly Knight, Tsianlna McIntosh. FLUTE: Linda Brasher, Pat Huff, Kay Shropshire, Diane Shropshire, Bobbie Daniels, Judy Harkey, Rosemary Riddle, Karen Doyle. FRENCH HORN: Frankie Brewer. ALTO SAX: Verona Brown, Mary Ann Daily, Carolyn Palmer, Charlotte Griffith, Sue Flood, Mary Lou Lowe. TENOR SAX: Pati Frazier, Joe Bryce McKinney, Anna Lee Brown. BARITONE SAX: Carolyn Buck. BASS CLARINET: Sondra Helms. CORNET: John Triplett, Charlotte McElroy, Barbara Ballinger, Dennis Wallis, Jane Hogan, Charles Gawf, Ronnie Nelson. DIRECTOR: H. L. Martindale. X I Cifr., - ' .SY fav- 'Sf'- .. , 'ol Q N Qxli ,,. za-,, fi?" ,ik 197 5 Ts. PHYLLIS PARKER is LOU ANNA MOORE Sophomore Attendant Iullior AIICIIJAIH SWEETHEART BARBARA BALLINGER Senior MEMBERS: Cedric Tiger, Douglas Hopkins, Maxie Breazeale, AlvinNewton, Charles Gawf, Billy lyloraan, Gary Hopkins, D, C, Dabbs, Freddy Pollard, David Buie, Carroll Killinltsworth, Scott Hopkins, Mr. Hank Cannon, John Clark Waters, Wade Hopkins, Marty Hopkins, Charles Flud, John W. Wood, Watie Centers, Wayne Smith, Dean Buie, Jimmy Young, Chester Campbell, Billy Hooten, Honer Dover, Jimmy Ballinger, Everett Lawrence, Billy Joe Shatt, J, D, Wilman, Knox Fry, Jimmy Greene, Tommy Corley, Jack Smith, Franklin Ashbury, Arcel Burns, Donald Buie, Billy Wilman, Cleo Harris, jimmy Pratt, Johnny Wood, Larry Shackleford, Gilbert Gatlin, Billy Pratt, Fred Williams, Severs Wood. .lunlor Hugh atlonal Honor Society 500 SEATED Left to Rtght Ltnda Brasher LarolCh1twood Anna Lee Brown Huff Treasurer Annette Thompson BTANDING Mrs Inez Burnham mponsor Douglas Hopkxns Mar1lxnTowry Johnnre sellers Kav bhropshxre Molly ORe1lly Glen Shatswell Marcrne Iustlce Carolyn Palmer IBUICCWHHC Larry Ingle Sensor Hugh Natlonal Honor Soclety 0 M B111 DOUSOI. Mccan SEATED, Left to Right Dtane shropshlre Lou Anna Moore Maxte Ingle Ger trude Ingle Wade Hopklns Judy Harkex Marty Hopktns Vtrglnla Hancock Barbara Garrett Jean Ann Coleman BTANDING Ierrt Dabbs Martha Hasket Don Ed Payne, Beverly Kmght, Barbara Howell Barbara Ballmger, Nancx Ann Smtth. Verona Brown, Carolyn Buck 0 0 9 ' l an s is K ' r B1 f B ai 'A' "fi af ' 'fi..,g 2. . w I: P 0 -I Q , I I .,-tg. -by 1' ' A 'wiv' Secretary, Bradley Burnham, President, Rosemary Riddle, Vice President: Pat O 0 O O .I , . 1 ff T T3 1 I tif i ' Q ' y 1 r, 1 S ,A ,f Junlor Hugh Student Council 5FAltD, Left to Rrght Carol Chrtwood Tennre Ann Capps Reporter Bradlew whrte V1cePres1denr Lrnda Brasher Mr Raymond Thurman sponsor Paul Hooten Gan Vwrllrams Garx Moores Senior Hugh Student Council SEATED, Left to Rrghr Don Ed Payne Marty Hoplcrns Paul Blarr Presrdent John Wesley Wood Jake breenwood SECOND ROW Iean Ann Coleman Lou Ama Moore Beverlx Knrght Marx Ann Darlx Iudx swadley Verona Brown THIRD ROM C rolyn Bunk Vrce Presrdent shrrlex Bumgarner Henson Roddy Carr Mr Robert Averrll Sponsor Judy Harkey secretarx Treasurer Elrzabeth Vwrllramson b X A - k 1 .. . 1 , 4 'f qi ' li ' " c 7' 3- . r -, A A hr F 0 gy, NQ. A -L Q' . O O O Burnham, Secretaryl Marilyn Towry, President, Monah West, Treasurer, Janlee V Q I I ' I V I X v O D O B and Bobby Frazrer Dtck Turley wx O May Mora vvest Lou Anna walker Yyonne Reayes Mr Hershel Martrndale Drrettor Ray Foley Ann Hammett sandra uellers susan Young Morrrs Eyrr e Tucl-ter Rrchardson Mary Ann Krrkpatrrck Nrta Leadford uhrrrey Toor Lette Beth Danrels Tennre Ann Capps sally Rhodes buetta Lanham Judy kyrllrams Chrrstrne Lewrs Phyllrs shackleford Anna Lourse Trger BEATED Verona Brown Presrdent Jean Ann Coleman Vrce Presrdent Nancy Ann smrth becretary Martha Haskett Treasurer Mtss Joan snodqrass sponsor Barbara Ballrnqer Hrstortan Bobbre Lou Dantels Parlramen tartan Drane Shropshtre Reporter Frankle Brewer bong Leader Pat Huff Anna Lee Brown Carolyn Palmer Lou Anna Moore Mary Ann Darly Judy swadley Lmda Gatlrn Charlotte McElroy Elrzabeth west STANDING Carolyn Buck Pat Townsend Janrce Vyhrte Jer1Dabbs Melba Lou Burns Barbara Howell Judy Harkey Betty Cowan Judy Waddle Betty McNatt bhxrlex Flood Marte Perguson Rosemary Rtddle Ch rlotteGr1ffrth Carol Alton Sondra Helms Phyllrs Parker Dortsbmrth Mary Ruth Nelson Patsy Brand MarJor1eYandell Peggy McFarland HD Junior High Library Club LEFI' TO RIL HT Robe Marie Powell Deanna Bradx Marctne Justice Mrs Dome Forrester Monah West Beatrrce Pierce and Annette Thompaon FIRST ROW, Left to Right Lou Anna Moore Secretary Treasurer Mrke Greene Presrdent Mrs Dossre Forrester Sponsor Norma Jean Ktrby Vrce Presrdent Verona Brown Reporter SECOND ROW Jane Hogan Lora Hood Gertrude Ingle, Betty Isaac Beverly Kmght Peggy McFarland Barbara Garrett and Robbie Wlllrams Senior High Library Club FF rv oy XJ' JUANITA HENBON Basketball l years boftball 4 years BHIRLEY HEN5ON Basketball 3 years Softball 4 vears WILDA BHACKELFORD Basketball 3 years Softball 4 years DON ED PAYNE Basketball 3 years Baseball '3 years an If EVERETT LAM RENCE Baseball 1 year f l e 5. JACK WHISENHUNT Football 3 years All Conference Guard Basketball 1 year l ROY MCCUTCHAN Football 2 years .AY PAUL BLAIR Football 3 years All Conference Quarterback Basketball 1 year 1 I SCHATZE TREVINO Football 3 years Basketball 3 years Baseball 4 years ..-rt" CAROLYN BUCK , Football Queen ' ' , fgggfts-' -ig .1 1 , '. 'f BEVERLY KNIGHT Senior Attendant JUDY HARKEY l I Junior Attendant K " Football T I , L - A I ,ng I. J . PHYLLIS PARKER Sophomore Attendant KNEELING, Left to Right: Cecil Williams, Grady Whisenhunt, Dennis Wallis, Gary Williams, Bert McCutchan, Eddy Thomason, Johnny Tiger, Curtis Gawf, Sam Harper. STANDING: Schatze Trevino, Jack Smith, jimmy Harris, Wade Hopkins, Wilbur Law, Roddy Carr, Franklin Asbury, Gary Smith, Clifford Lewis, lack Whisenhunt Sonny Bumgarner, Jake Greenwood, Marty Hopkins, Paul Blair, Sandy Scott, Roy McCutchan, Kenneth Wilson, Larry Shackleford, Jimmy Walker, and Coach Smith. ' 3 K' if F, - -:Q ' ff 'v' P A ', ,K . . NL I ,J,: ' if sig ,YI - 4 f ! i s JAMES w, SANDERS -1-Q., 'S PHILLIP SMITH Assistant Coach E: NL, Coach IOHNNY WOOD 1955-56 Basketball Captain All Conference Center Junior' Senior Years Lettered 3 years Basketball "E" Club STANDING, Front Row: Grady Nhisenhunt, Sergeant at Arms, Schatze Trevino, Secretary, Jack Whisenhunt, President, Roy McCutchan, Vice President, Jimmy Walker, Treasurer, Clifford Lewis, Eddy Thomason, Dennis Wallis, Johnny Tiger, Don Ed Payne, Everett Lawrence, Mike Greene, Johnny Wood, Coach Smith, Jimmy Harris, Roddy Carr, Kenneth Wilson, Larry Shackleford, Paul Blair, Jake Greenwood, Marry Hopkins, Wade Hopkins, Sandy Scott, Sonny Bumgarner, Gary Smith. Cheerleaders LEFT TO RIGHT: Charlotte McElroy Mary Ann Daily, Diane Shropshire, Phyllis Parker, and Judy Waddle. Basketball Boys Basket ball Girl SEATED: Nztnnle Dahbs, Annie Dtihhs, jaunita llenson, Wilda Sliackleford, sarnarian Scott. STANDING: Claudine Adcock, Marcella lacohs, Betty North- cntt, shirlej. llenson, Ella June Martin, and Coach Sanders. SEATED: Schatze Trevino, Jimmy Walker, Jake Greenwood, Johnny Tiger, Jack Whisenhunt. STANDING: Curtis Gawf, Paul Blair. Iohn Wesley Wood, Johnny Wood, Don Ed Payne, Donald Belcher, and Coach Smith. l gl So Jumor Hugh Basketball LEFT TO RICHT Douglas Hopkins Jerry Ray Burns Roger Barton AryelDownum Wayne Smith Dugan Mclntosh Charles Gawf johnny Sellers Gary Williams Glen Shatswell Alvin lwewton Dav1dBuie Jerry Moore Coach Sanders lm .1352 'fix 'RSL KWH 1' lsr .Xuan :va LFS L...- Jumor Hugh Football LEFT TO RIGHT: Larry Ingle Don Shroyer Billy Tim Davis Bill Rhinehart Glenn W alters Knotchie McCrary Frankie Carr Larry Barton Dugan Mclntosh Cedric Tiger Charles Gawf Mack Holuby Scott Hopkins Douglas Hopkins Arvel Downum, Gary Moores Roger Barton, Carrol Killingsworth, Johnny Sellers, Glen Shatswell, Charles Price, jeff Lowe, Gary Hopkins, Gary Williams, Mike Richardson, David McBride, and Coach Sanders. 1""'1-.5 A 'T 1"- fl' ""'1.,,,, Jumor Hugh - Cheerleaders LEFI' TO RIGHT Rosemary Pi 1 Riddle Pauline Marshall Marilyn Towry Molly O Reilly Kai. 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