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'-1Hf'1T"" 'f""' ' .J ,, I r L . 19. I r ,z sq 5 V E I 1 aving by Cleveland Engraving P 'ring by Samuel and Wallcer B ding and Covers by Mueller -in-1 lil """""'-'I .- S Z X, X ef? sm Way! same EUCLID, OHIO EUCLID PUBLIC LIBRARY 631 EAST 222ND STREET EUCLID, OHIO 44123 is-we-....,.,, ,Q , 'Wf.,- F , . S oefv 1- f , .. . qc rg, ,Q , ... sz. - .-- -mv.-...J .....1.. . f 1 FSR Green is rhe springfime, White is fhe snowy shore, Colors +ha+ l adore, Of our Shore High. Springtime may pass away, Snow linger bul a day, Bu+ +hee l'll love for aye. Our Shore High dear. Dear are +he Mem'ries, Golden lhe days of yore, When we acquired lore, A+ old Shore High. Time may bring vain regref, Sorrows may irlr and fref, Buf lhee I'Il ne'er forgef, My 'rrue Shore High. Page Fi ' The year of I949 caughf a spirif of evolufion and change, as Shore High confinued fo grow wifh fhe firnes, accenfuafed by fhe quickened fempo of an alerf sfudenf body and faculfy. Tradifions fhaf have been followed many years, are drawing fo a close, and soon fhe infimafe family of Shore High, a family disfincf in fhe degree of ifs loyalfy and friendship, shall say adieu . . . Come wifh us, as we record our lasf year af Shore . . . as we frace fhe memories and evenfs, our work and play fogefher . . . look and lisfen closely . . . fhe fainf rever- berafions of fhe once mighfy cheers of Shore High sfu- denfs . . . fhe sparkle and glamour of a formal dance . . . oufsfanding days in an oufsfanding year . . . fhis is Shore High in perspecfive. THE EDITORS .ge Six J! If, . 4 Zan! at lie gem 1fY3'Yf 56042 . The year of l949 caughf a spirif of evolufion and change, as Shore High confinued fo grow wifh fhe fimes, accenfuafed by fhe quiclrened 'rempo of an alerf sfudenf body and faculfy. Tradifions fhaf have been followed many years, are drawing fo a close, and soon fhe infimafe family of Shore High, a family disfincf in fhe degree of ifs loyalfy and friendship, shall say adieu . . . Come wifh us, as we record our lasf year af Shore . . . as we frace fhe memories and evenfs, our worlc and play fogefher . . . loolc and lisfen closely . . . fhe fainf rever- berafions of fhe once mighfy cheers of Shore High sfu- denfs . . . fhe sparlxle and glamour of a formal dance . . . oufsfanding days in an oufsfanding year . . . 'rhis is Shore High in perspecfive. THE EDITORS we Six 1 4 X . , i I, ff' - ,.L , L ,ff K7 f A 2 ,f f ,-f? 'W "-- 1' . 'ru ff , S1 , . , ' L ,. -" f" .f U " '75 . 4, -,fx ff' 4 f' 4 .-1.1 fm .3 .A L7 f ' 'J 1 ff' ' L L f L 5 n V' ' Lf' - ' A' X -- f ' ' My f' 4 ,,:1g j , ,f LU , X CYLQ4 K' f L1 :fbi M17 67 0 0 . M , X, 56 'ff Y L xywfiggf , , , E' '-. 'G 2' -. . ,V L 'A Yu' ' . if-, A-,I 4 A A . M, -2 ft AY, ' I ,f ..k ,, WI, .ff X- ,,',. ' X, fx' f' ',, Y . Ks 'Ai ffl 1- A w 'E ,g fipp VX! V ' 11. fl Y V K 5 W ' v-'dxbfv ,Y K A . 'G A A ,N SX I: ',. . 'QHW1-' , A . .L x ,A Xf A fff !!,f,,1 - Y., ,- !y',A!,f V 1 ij A lu! r .- Q ' bfi" X3 1.713 I ' , 1 "?' I A.:-ff ,f" f' . X . fi!! " "'f'f'3:3d A is ,:' Xl l..N--,L,,-L--LL L , LOREN J. BULLARD RUSSELL G. GLASS ' 'Emu of Emmram I JOHN F. DAVIS ANTHONY STROHM CLARENCE BOWMAN .,. . .M- FRANK MILLS CONTENTS AdmhkhaHon Seniors Our Classes Underclassmen . Our Clubs Our Drama Our Music Our Queens Our 'Spor+s Our Social Life Our Aclverlisers Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page 9- I5 33 4I 59 87 93 99 IO7 I2l I35 EcIH'ors CAROLE BEESON JIM BUTLER Associafe Edifor MARLENE GALLITTO Presenfecl by 'the s'IucIen'rs of EUCLID SI-IOIQE HIGI-I SCI-IGOL Euclid, Ohio I DEDICATION 2 new W! MISS JANE WILLIAMS The unhmely de-aIh OI our IoeIoved Ieacher and friend, Miss Jane WiIIiams, Iouched Ihe heart of aII who Inew her. We OI The I949 LOG SIQILI fake- pride in dedicahnq Ihis, The IGSI Shore AnnuaI, 'ko her, ir1IhehopeIha+ she WIII Iive Iorever In +he memory oI Shore sIudemIf. ge Four K H64 IMS' fi E ,, 2-I ,332 rw 1 I P 1 qu N, -',i" A . 11ml?ii!wH!M f Q ,aw 6 '7 XX tx feb M7 . ff 5x43 4 '- , m W -f,g,,,.4f -i E M 1.f?"'.i.. :"f N ,, ADMINISTRATION SENIORS OF I949: Your graduaiion is epochal for you and for Shore SchooI. Greai hopes aHach To grear evenfs. In 'rhis insrance, I place firm confidence in you as undersianding and devofed Amer- ican cifizens. May you Iive good Iives, build happy homes, and confribure responsibly Io +he WorId's fu+ure. Success in all of your under'raIcingsI LEONARD LOOS e Ten This I949 Log is a sI'ory of high advenfure. II records fhe happy experiences of a Iarge group of young peopie Ihrough four evenfful years of high school. During +his period of Iime, underneafh Ihe rouiine cIassroom proce- dure 'rhere has been an iniensive search 'for high c.harac'Ier and sound convicfions. The 'Fac+ Ihaf eI'For+ does counf has come Io be regarded as one of Ihe suresi' 'Z'hings in fhe whoIe universe. As Ihis annual goes 'ro press, Ihese young peopie are becoming more and more aware of Iheir responsibiliiies. Upon Ihem our couniry musf depend for Iceen vision and sound iudgmenf. The hour of crises has been reached in many Fields. We musf noi' prove unfaiihful Io our solemn +asIcs. Therefore. we welcome +his splendid group of young people Io an associafion wi+h aduI+ life wiih ihe feeIing Ihai in Ihem we neiI'her need Io be afraid nor 'ro be ashamed. RUSSELL H. ERWINE 1949 LOG .X Z ' ' s If II is W1 , f in Deen of Boys J Wx WALTER SCHWEGLER ELSA ALBRECHT 475 Q vw.. 4:1 -I Nb - 5 1.: ,:1. . 535. I LUCILLE AINGWORTH LESTER ANGENE EHQIISI1 Psychology I JOHN BECK JEAN BELI- Music Business Dean of Girls MERYL BAUMER , r. X Dramafics N. di If . I Q Q VIRGINIA BELL Physical ECI. MINTON BLAUCH JEAN BOWDITCH ADRIAN BUERGER Science Librarian Mafhemafics Page Ele- FACULTY Tw I K: 2.12 1, A I aah, ' . 4 . W N , I Q' I3 f 8 ' 4 5 A . " f-5155! 9 if r- -,X gk ff Q mba ' 4 B fQ"'? Y " ' M25 ,. FORD CASE Shop Q ?,f. , 7 Im. W- ' ' M W' , I . 'L , . .:,. A-.- w.:,i ,,'5:51 . ., , S, ,.,.,,..,.,, 5 If .-Info' LOUISE DA RST Office Praclice I SPARTOCO DiBlASlO CLARENCE ECKERT Physical Ed. 245- 'vm -V- Z ..,...- ' ' V5 L i'?4C9' DOROTHY GILL Physical Ed. I ' ,,,gv Y. X 'WV' DALE HARPER Band elve- Cai-:5 ....':,.-x . Shop 'W' A Q A ffl I f- Y X 4' Y ,4 .552 Xvww' L 'Peng ' ., ' --L- : WILMA GILLMAN Social Sfudies Aw. ROY HINCH Journalism 'il 55:3 X Q :aff-..:. "'ffi7Z4-:A ' CIW ' 3725. MARIE DAVIS Social Siuclies JAMES GEBHART Science ROLAND GRAY Prinfing ' ' - 45,4 7. F5 -Q gg - " 369 ' ffl'- . 4-5 ROBERT JAM I ESON Governmenf FACULTY Nh' .ps-w..,' EDITH LEMON ESTHER JONES Sewing ir NTT MARGARETTE PATRICK JUNE PHYPERS Spanish Typing 51 . , ? ,,,. 5 I I is 1 vA,. , I 3:5 JOHN POHTO HETTY ROSENBERGER Mech. Drawing Cqoking -.fx ---fb f 1 A I ,Q W' .L Q 1 ki 3 r 45 X DONALD MILLS Ma+hema+ics FV" ' "' .- . fi ' W M II I LL uf" , '- ,W 5 L- XP ki ,534 Xi c ANNETTE PIERSON Social Sfudies Kr A N 1 RAY SHARROCK Physics Keg HARRY SPANGLER IRA STUBBART CLARENCE SWACKHAMER Chemisfry Mafhemafics Physical Ed. Page Thirie F A C U L T Y 'fy Q V, in 1 K .I H ,,', A,,v. Iv ,.:: 4 A" JAN TOMPKINS Music M--W' ' .,31,i551r . f , ALEXANDER WASELKOV Ari ANTHONY VACCARIELLO Languages Y I Q35-Q 1 '- 35 S 2, -,iw ' Mol It STANLEY WHITESIDE American Hisiory T A' Q,,, A fi fA A :,, -H 3,3 A L , , f .T Qhl, I 1 EDNA WOODWORTH PERA CAMPBELL Mafhemafics English INDESPENSABLES V '.,- ' DeFOREST EWELL Traffic Officer e Fou rfeen DOLORES FONDRAN OFfice Secrefary JOAN IRONS Office Secrefary at 4 lf 4 K f 2 . L f f ., , my 'L 5- 4 A X,-. W U. . MARGARET WARNER Languages BEULA WILSON Ma+hemaHcs - 4 vw-, GEORGE BREWSTER Cusfodian Fil' V I' i f A X l ,L SENIOR RICHARD ALTKNECHT JAMES BRESNAN JOYCE BURROWS 34200 Qlml Dr, 545 me 241 S+. use Easr 220 Sf. Blond and fall: Nice fo all Gfway girls, ya boflwer me Noi a care in 'l'l'1e world BLCH 34- L51 3-645 A: l-ll.Y 3,4 BALC, 3,47 V. Pres 4: l-li-Y 3,42 Jr. Y-Teen 2,3,47 6.A.C. I,2: Re-0 lf, QMS V. pf, Play Smflq Wlrirlci Club 33 Log Cross 43 Srudenl Council 2: Choir S5554 4- Prim Conmt Sr. Play I.2' Sr, Sislers 4, Jr. Play Slafl Sfarl. EUZABETH BLACKWELL ALBERT BROCONE 2625l Lale Slime Bivd 20450 Morrls Ave. Open l1ouse af Be'r's! Flirfy Befly Q.A C, 113.43 Y.'l'gen 2,143 Serve-cl lwcr years in llre Marines Choir I,2,3.4q Priflrrr Ccrnx La 3 Slall 43 Megaphone 2.3.4, Jr. Play' Sr. Play: Mal-Qreife Club 2,3. .V , 551 f- ,. 4, 9 In 9 4' ""'w Xe fe 4 -an-V r. .ww DONALD BUTLER 285 Easg Q!! S+. Do nol anger a palienl' man Jr. Play Stall. e Sixleen ARTHUR CERGOL 45 Eesl 2I7 Sl. Friendship is his "Ari" DORIS CLARRICOATES 225 Eas' 246 Sl, A sweef liflle Miss B.L.C. 4' l-lr-Y 3,41 Band I,2,3,4g GAC. I.2,3,4: Sr. Sislers Sr. Class V. Pres? Sludenf Coun- Service Club 3,43 Clwoir l,2,3 Jr cil 43 Newcomers Club 4, Pres. Play Srallq Prom Corn., Y-Teen l 2,3,4: Trees, l. JAMES CAMPBELL TONY CIPRIANO 47 lE5Sl l94 SA. The life of lhe parly 'li Y 3,41 Clvfiir l' Qr. Play Slarl. QIOS4 Ball Ave. Noi a "Chip" buf flue whole block Served two years in fine Navy. l-li-Y 3,43 Wresfling I,2,33 Fool! ball 4i Breeze Slafl 4. SENIORS VIRGINIA COLE 308 Easl 2I4 Sr. A smile so brighl is always righl G.A.C. I:2,3,4: Choir 21 Y-Teen l,2,3,4, Sr, Sislers 3.4: Sludenl Council 43 Prom. Com.: Jr. Play Slail: Red Cross 3: Log Slall. RENEE ELFMAN 20730 Wesfporl Ave. A 'touch of Paris Enlered lrorn John l'lay in Sr. year. Y-Teen 4: G.A.C. 4. ORA GILLETTE 254-7I Shoreview A "Sharp" characler GJNC. l,2,3,4: Sr. Slslers 45 Meg aphone l,2g Y-Teen I,2,3,4: Choir l.3Z Jr. Play Slall: Sr. Play Slall Slall 3. Prom Corn.: Breeze Shall 4: Log JOHN DOGANIERO S45 Bas? 250 Sl. We'II walk a million miles for one of his smiles Served Iwo years in Marines. Wresrlinq l,2.3: Breeze Slail 4: Sfudenf Council 41 Jr, Play Slallg Ad Cnmmilree l,2.3: Choir l. VIRGINIA GATES 2lB3I S. Lalfe Shore Blvd. Laugh and Ihe world laughs wilh you G.L.C. 3.4' G.A.C. l,2,3.4: FTA. 4, Sr. Sislers 3,47 Service Club 2: Megaphone Club 2: Y- 'leen 2,3,47 Choir l:3,4g Jr. Play Slallq Sr. Play Slallg Prorn Corn.: Breeze Slarl 3,47 Log Smal? 3: Mad- riqals 4: Whirlo 3,45 N.l-l.S, 4. 'Zi t Uw- ..,a '-Q' 'frf:'P sz. I DOUGLAS HARRELL wr Lloyd Rd. I Irnow Ihaf someday you'll wan? me Foofball Mgr. l,2,3,4: Baslcelball Mgr. 2: I-li-Y 3.4: Prom Corn.1Log Slall 3: Jr. Play Slallg Breeze Slal'l 3.4: Sporl Ed. 4. VINCETTA IACOBACCI 1'OQ3b Vfesfporl Ave. The pause Ihaf refreshes Shade-nl Council 4, Ad. Bd. 4: Y- Teen I.2,3.4. Sec. 4: Service Club 2.3,4, Sec. 4: G. L.C. 2.3,4: GAC. l,2,3,4, Pres. 4: Breeze Slall 4: Loq Sfall 3,4: Prom COrn.g Nl-l.S. 3,4: Jr. Play Stall: Sr. Play Slall: Choir l,3,4q Sr. Sislers 34: V, Pres. 3: Megaphone Club 2: Girls Sevlelle 3' Girls Chorus 4. WILLIAM KLASS 2lO8l S. Lalce Shore Blvd. Slriclly high "Class" Baseball l:2,3.4: Baslielball 3,43 Wreslling I: l'li-Y 3,41 Sluclenl Council l,2,3,4g Loq Slall 43 New- comers Club l,2: Jr. Play Slalzl: Foolball l.2,3.4: Advisory Board 234. CAROL HAUSRATH JOHN JAVORIB B35 Easl 236 SI. 920 EGSI 232 J7- Va,-iefy Girl Baseball leam's delighl G.A.C.: Sr. Sislers 3,41 Y-Teen Baseball 2.3,4g Wresllinq l,2,3,4? 2714: Meqapl-,One Club L27 L09 l-li-Y 3.4: Jr. Class Pres.: Breeze Slalf 3,43 'Prom Com.: Choir l,2, Slall 4: Log Stall 4: B.l..C. 3.4: 3,43 Jr. Play Slafl: Sr. Play Slallq Choir 2,3. Girls Sexlelle 3. Page Sevenle S E N I O R S GEORGE KLEIN JOAN LOYKE EILEEN LUTHER WSOO S. Lale Slvcre Blvd. 300 Easl ZI6 Sl. 2I45I Tracy AVG- EoIIow II'1e drummer Keep II1em coming Her words are Precio'-'5 Laq Siall 43 Foalball 3,47 Tracl 6vA.C. M2347 LOG Syag 4? Red Red Cross 33 G.A.C. 3.4: Y-Teen MQW 47 BTQQZ9 Slall 343 DEVICE Cross Ad. Bd. I: Sr. Sislers 3.4: 3'4' Bend 2.32 Prom COUNT WC'35Il'U'3 Newcomers Club 3,4, Sec. 4, Serv- I? EGSEIUGII I? -IV PIPY Slilf- ice Club 3,47 Sr. Play SIaI3I3 Jr, Play Siarlli Prom Com.: Y-Teen I,2,3,4 Pr s I BURGESS LEWIS 29l Easl 2l6 S+. I"'Ii'IcI1 your wagon Io Ihis sfar Trad. I,3.4' Baslefball I.2,3.4q Eoolball l,2,3,4, Capt 4' I-li-Y 3,4, Pres. 4: Prom Corrrg Newcomers Club 2' Sluderml Council If Log Slarl 4' Breeze Slall 4. . e. Z N.I'I.S. 4. ALMIRA LUDWIG 92l Easl 236 SI. MeryI's pearl N.H.S. 3,4: Loq Slaril 3,4t Sfuden Council 2,34 Ad. BCI. 3,4: Jr. Play Slalll 33 Y-Teen 23,43 Megaphone Club 33 Service Club 3,4: Ad. Cornrniflee 3,47 Sr. Sislers 3,4 Pres. 4: C5.I..C. 2.343 G.A,C, I,2 3,4 ,fl er . hi N2 ..,- uw' .5 ""'Ps-R , I A 'l ' , I ff- if 2 A Q Q aww . K, - . .Q .jf XJ Q' ' C-, -5: , ' - V I , I - Z , V'-' CHARLES MILLER 2I93I Fuller Ave. Beaufy, brain and brawn Served fwo years in llwe Navy. I-IIFY 3,47 Foolball 2.347 Band I,2. ge Eiglwreen JOAN MORRIS 95 EGSI 2l7 SI. Las? buf no+ Ieasf Service Club I,2,3,4: G.L.C. 2,3,4g SIUdE'f'IT Council l.2.3,4, Ad. Bd. 3. V. Pres. 4: Sr. Sisfers 3,43 Jr. Class Trees.: Jr. Play Cash Sr. Play Slafli Cv.A,C. I,2,3: Y-Teen 2.3,4, V. Pres. 43 Log Sl'aILI 47 Prom Com.: Choir I,4, N.I-I.S. 4 RAYMOND OGREEN 2255i Nicholas Ave A shy guy buf hard 'Io beef NA.S.S, 3,43 Baseball I,2,3,4. ANTHONY MLAKAR 97l Easl 235 SI. He goes by a "S+andard" I-li-Y 34:Ad,Cofnmi1+ee 3,4-' Jr. Play Cash Jr. Play Slallj Choir I,2,3: Loc: Sm?-l 4, PATRICIA MUELLER 73 Easl 224 S+. Racing wiih The moon Service Club 2,3,47 GLLC, 2,14-3 Sr. Sisfers 3,43 GAC. I,2,3,4: Lef- ler 3,47 Y-Teen I,2,3,4, Cabin-ef 3i Prom Com.: Jr. Plav Sfaffx Sr. Play Sfalf: Sludenl Council 3.4, Ad. Bd. 43 Ad, Commilfee 2,3,4:' Choir I,2,3.4: Hockey 3.4, Capl. 45 Log Slalll 4. SENIORS JERRY POWELL ISOO Easl 204 Sl. Enrered from Shaw in Senicr year. You won'l be salisfied JAMES SANKEY FRANK SCHULTZ 22000 Bal Aye 934 East 237 S+, Sewec two years in Arrny. "Tinlrer" Looll before you leap Football 4' Baskerlnall 41 Track 43 l-ll-Y 43 Foqrball 3,43 Tragk 2 Choir 47 Prom Corn. EUGENE PRINGLE 24060 Clarlc Dr A demon on The courf Baslxerball 234' Baseball 2,34- Bl.,C 3.4: Jr, Play STGS' l-li-Y 347 Breeze Slall 3,4 'amy 43 'ff' y lx . k , Scale and Trianale 4, JA MARIE SARTORlO 24672 Richards Dr She sings in "Sharps", no flafs YeTeen l.2,3,4: Choir l,2.3,47 Mad- rigals l,3,47 GAC, I,2,3,4- Red Cross I.2' Girls Sexlelle 34' Breeze Sialf 43 Jr Play Shall: Sr Play Slalf: 'Sr Class Trees.: Lol Shall 34: Prom Com.: Girls Glee Club 4 lm ylye 1 'X , .,,, .1 f .1 Enfered from Kenrncre, N, Y., in THOMAS TEREE CAROL WILSON 32l Easl2llSl. ZIIE Sperlsle plenly C5 A ssl 233 S' -ed' vm 3 .1 'X .1 Q TL 'uri X x SHRILEY ZANZIG l3l Easr 205 Sl ax. .. I'555Z2w'5f u i:-' ,,.. . Y 4 Q Q 'ska ii ,X Field and courl she loves her Sopl-,Omofe year- C. l2,3,4: Sr. Slsrers 4' YA Sporfs Characler and wil, for leadership L2 Jr Ipfw SWT" Li? Band I 2 3 4: Orzheerra 4' G has H+ rw A Gil 1 QA'-ffonefi l,2,3,4 y Pres 4' 6 LC 4 Sr. Class Pres: Nl-'l S. 3.4, Pres 47 Club l . 34' Servfe C U5 2.3 4' Teen 34 Se' 4' Sr Class Se Ad, Commirlee 3.4, Pres, 4: Big lll'l'S' A- Brorhers 4: Sudenf Council 4, Ad, Bd. 43 N,F L. 4: Breeze Slall 41 l.oq Slall 4: Sr Play Srailg FTA 4: I'-li-Y 4: Jr. Play Slalrl, KAYE THOMSON 2l35O Tracy Ave, Never malre a promise in vain Choir lf Y-Teen 234' GAC 23 Malorefle Club 3: Whirlz l. JACQUEUNE WOGENSTAHL b3l Eas' 242 S' Slill waier runs deep GAC 2' Y-Teen 34: Choir I. Page Ninel SENIORS THOMAS AHEY 650 Voellxer Ave Enlered lrorn Ccllinwcod in SCDH- ornore year, Six 'feel six and full of friclis l-li-Y 3,4j Baslelball 34, Cap? 4? Baseball 234' N A SS 3,4 WESLEY ALDRED 2l93O Ball Ave Crysfal Clear DOLORES BASTAICH l893I Meredillw Ave' Dark Eyes Y-Teen 2,3.4: FTA 47 GAC I,2.3,4: Red Cross 2: Log Slall 4' Megaphone Club 2,3' Malore-He 2, Club l,2,3: Clwoir l,2,3,4q Prom Com I Jr, Play Shall FRED ANDREUCCI 23520 Harlland Rd. The woman are ready for Freddy BLC 4i l-liv Y 3,41 N,A 5.5 3,42 Fccfball Mgr 23,47 Wresllinq Mgr 23,43 Clwcir 23' Trail: M-gr, CALVIN BARCLAY 34-O Easr 2lO Sl. You can'+ lreep a good man clown Slmfe Sfleflce Cliff 34- V PWS Hi-Y 3,4: Shore Science Club l- 4 N l-l S 4 ,Q lr , 0 ,, bv 'kA,. hi Q l S'udenl Council I: Baseball I,2, 3,47 Jr Play Cash Jr. Play 545153 Easlcelball l,2,3 493 P 13 -44? , S f l ' 'Sz ' 5 WILLIAM BAUMANN l79ll Carierlinury Wallling Diclionary Sncre Siiierfi-9 Club 34 PAUL BAYNES I429 Babbil' Po Eric-red in Juni-jr year Tram Ver l-liali Y A lwunling we will go Male- Quarlei l2' Trac A-M. if ,paw CAROLE BEESON FRANK BROWN 84 Easl 2l7 Sl 23835 Clwadsey Dr. California, here l come Brown, Brown, l'1e'5 our man Ad Cornrnillee 2,3,4: Breeze Slaij l-l7- Y 3,4 Treas 47 N.ASS 3,4 3,41 Y-Teen l.2,3, Cabinel 3: Wresflinig l,2,3,47 Baseball l,2,3,4 GAC. l,2,3,4: Log Slall 4, Edi- Fco'ball l23,4' Clwoir l,2: Le' 'Cr 47 Quill and Scroll 34' Sr. 'ernwar-5 Club 4 Sislers 34, Sec. 4: Service Club Play Slail' Choir l,2.3' lvla- ,crelie 2,3,4: Leader 4: lvlaiorelre Cub I,2,3,4, V Pres 3,47 Meda- ciliigne lg N H S 4' Prom Corn, 33 Sr Play Produvion Slalzl 4. ROBERT BLAZEK 633 Vcelker Chas- Trail blazer lo happiness 'aid 4 ELC, 43 l-li-Y 34' L63 S l 2,341 Baslielball l2,34' Baseball l e Twerily SENIORS MARIE BURNS JOSEPHINE CARABOTTA ROBERT CLINES 222 Easf 238 S+. Bb Easr 2l3 Sl, I45 Easr IQ7 Sr. A warm friend in our midsf A 9006 "JO" Me and John L, Sullivan Breeze Sfalq 47 Y,Tee-n I,2,3,4' Y-Teen l,?.34r GHNC, l.2: Jr. BILACI 4. i-in 34, NAS-S 3x4 GAC. I,2 3,47 Jr. Play Srari- Play Slalrr Maiore++e Club 23. Wfesfiinq 347 J, pray Case. pail Megaphone Club I,2,3,4: Choir l,24. JAMES BUTLER 25I ll Lalce Shore Bivd. The "Bu+Ier" did if. Big Brollwers 47 Breeze S'a?f 3,4 Fealure Ed. 47 FTA 3,47 Hi-W 3,47 Jr, Council World Agairs 37 Log Sfail 4, Edilar 4: N HS, 3,4 Pres. 47 Sfuderi' Council I.2 37 Jr Play Casr' Sr, Play Casr' Pram Corn 7 Quill and Scroll 4 V.. Sr. Play Casl RALPH CHIDLEY 3l6 E555 I97 S+, Keeping in condifion Ad Commiriee 3,44 Big Bro'liers Hi-Y 34, NASS 3.4, Scae 1 . -1 and Triangle 4' Foorball l.2 3 4' Trail: l.2,3,4g Lerrermarfg Club 23,47 Sr. Class Cow- N H5 4 1"-4 - .4 ,gif - pi' 2 . :E, .1 -1 :F- A V, rw--1 . V' fe - Q. :ye-rglf :X-. -x I X 1, . i A A .fir I'-ff' 'S' '-I 73 xg -ii fi 6 er ,iilfe J x.f2,1'2'. JOSEPH COLANTONIO RICHARD CONTENZA WILLIAM CROWELL 2023l Ball Ave, 325 Eas' l95 Sf 253Ol Lale S-Fire BV1 A dance wiflw Joe is Heaven Enrered in Junior Year from C: - An answer +0 every quesfion Boyis Clvorus 3i Hi-Y 47 Male 'irw.9oCl Hiqlv, Quarre-+ l,2' Fcfyball 3,43 Choir Jumped flhe gun l,2,3. BLC 4' I-lieY Ai Sifae a'7d Tri- angle 4, COLINA COMMANDER 522 Easr 236 SH Always a "CI'1ucIrlIeI" Breeze Sralf 37 Y-leer l2,3,4' Log Srafi 3,4' Megaphone Club l,2,3' Newcomers 23' Maioreve Club 237 Wliira Club It Clvci' l,2,3.43 Prom Conn: Jr, Play Slarig Sr, Class Com. LOYAL CORNELIUS IQSO O Nevfori As "Loyal" as fhey come, hu "Carney" B,I.C 47 Hi Y 34, V Ereg 4 L03 S'a" 4' Bafd 23' Jr r-an Cay- Prev Cam ' Qf Da, Cas' Page Twenry-o S E PI I CD R S KATHRYN CULP 750 Easl 260 S' One, Iwo, Ihree, kick! Breeze Slal? 4, Y-Teen l,2,3.4: GAC. I,2,3: Megaphone I,2,3i Chcir I,2: N FLA 4, ROBERT CUMMINS 385 Easl 222 Sf. JUDY CURDY 70 Lalre Edge Dr A chief among girls Ad Cornmillee 23,47 Breeze Slah 347 Y-Teen I,2,3,4, Cabinel 3, Pres, 47 GA C, l,2,3,4g GLC. 3,4, Sec.-Treass 4: Jr, Council World Affairs 3,4: Log Slall 4g Megaphone Club It Nl-IS. 3,4. Sec -Treas. 43 Sr. Sisters 3,47 Prom Corn.: Jr. Play Srallg Malorelle Club 2,3t Maiorelle 2,3,4, Leader 4: Basllelball Alfendanl 3: Choir l,2,3,47 Sr, Class Corn: Band 42 Sr, Play Casl. BARBARA DIXON 455 Easl 2I5 SI. MILDRED DOERING 2lO7I S Lalre Shore Blvd. Sl1e's landed her marine Choir I,2,3,4' Y-Teen l,2,3,4: GAC I,2,3,4: Megaphone I,2. Hair of Gold, Eyes ol Blue Hwy 34. J, Cmmril Wnryd Af. Y-Teen l,2,3,47 Madriqals I,2,3,43 Nancee's Fancy fdgys 3-ly' Log, SLM 211 Nfl S SA 4? Choir I,2,3,4: Girls Glee Club 3,4. Newcomers I,2: Trail 2,3,4g Class S ec,-Treas. 47 Prom Corn Sec 3: Jr Play Caslg Prom Corn T Choir I,2: Sr Class Corn 1:29 'WS' 'E?. NANCEEDRACH ll Eels' 2l9 SY A model of Beaufy Y Teen I 34' GA.C. I 23,41 GLC 2,34 Llffll Slall 34' Mell- aphfinr' Club I,2,3,4: Sr Sisters 4 ,li Play grail' Pri' rn Cfiimg M51- irrfi-'I-3 C ub I2' Sr Class C5 'Y" A lnlii ir WILFRED DUVAL 23975 Clarl Dr, 429' ai? mar" as fiwzv H- 9 3 ,, 'S Q as s mf wg? QI A WILLIAM ERB 2OlOO Edqeiilill Wafclw Ihe Fords go by l-li,Y 34' Loq Slall 4: Wresrlinlsl 23,41 Fcolball Mar l,2, JOHN EVANS 22390 Edqechn JEAN FELDMAN 22590 Edqeclif? Sweel and Genlle Y-Teen I,2,3,4, Sec 4: l,2,3,4, Sec.-Treas. 3, V Pres. -fr GLC 23,43 Loq Sfahl 4: Mega- ohone Club 2,34 Seo 3.47 New :omers l,2: Sr, Sisrers 3,43 Slu- denf Council 2,3,4, Seo 4, Ad Bd 3,43 Choir l,2,3f Jr, Flay S'all: Prom Com: Track Queen 3: Cheerleader 3,41 Lerler Winner 4: Sr Class Corn GAC. A Jolrer of all cards Enlered from Rhodes High in Hi-Y 3,41 Newcomers 4' Scale and Junior year llliahfzle 34. Pres 43 Siudenf Jol1nnie's "Sei" for life Lfwfil li Feolball 3: Baseball Big Brolhers 4: BLC. 4: I-Ii-Y 4, M"l' 3,4 Sr. Class Tre-as: Prom Com: Sr, age Twenly-Iwo Class Corn. Q s S E N I O R S VAUGHN FITZPATRICK RICHARD FOX JOHN GILMORE 280 Easl I97 SI. 223l0 Arrns Ave. 25l Sterling A When Irish eyes are smiling The hunfed "Fox" Served we years in Army, Y-Teen I,2,3,4: G.A.C. I,2,3,4: Breeze Srall 4: I-Ii-Y 3,47 Log Sfari The coming Arfhur Murray Megaphone Club I,2,3,4: Log 43 NA,S,S 2,347 Foolball I,2,3,4g Hi-Y 3,4 Slarq 4: Sr, Class Com: Choir Nlfresrling I,234, Caol 47 Jr I,2,3: Malorerre Club 21 Jr. Play Class V, Pres: Leberrnarrs' Cluc Slall. Z3-4x NANCY FORESTEK MARLENE GALLITTO 345 Easr 2IS S5 22o0I Edqeclilf Good 'rhings come in small Life is full of surprises packages Breeze Slalj 3,4- Y-Teen I,234 Breele S'al'5 4' Y-Teen l,2 3 4' V, Pres 4' FTA 4' GAC. I 2,34 GA.C, I,2,3,4: Log S'a': 4' Sr Lefler 3, GLC 234' Log Srarx Sislers 4: Service Club 343 Jr, 4, Associale Edilor: Megaphone Flav Sralilf Sr, Class Corn: Ma- Club It Service Club 43 Prom lorelle Club 2,33 WIwir'o Club I. Ccrn ' Choir I,2' Pzwball Queer Hailey 34- Jr Plav Shag' Nl-l,S 4: Sr. Play Caslt Qulr and Sirol 4. P F -'if Q3 5 'WI .HQ ,n WILLIAM GORKA VAL JEAN HAMILTON MARY MARGARET HILL 26I3I Briardale 23500 Mlllirl 357 Easf ICP7 S+ The ladies choice She musl' have been Iold Ihaf Afhlelics are her "TargeI" Boys' Chorus I,2: BLC I: Breeze silence is gold Y-Teen I,2,3,4, Cabin-er 37 FTA Slalil I: I-Ii-Y 4: Madrlqals l.23' Y-Teen 3' G.AC I' Jr, Play 3,4, V Pres 4: GAC. l,2.3,4: Scale and Triangle I' .Ir Plax Sfa: GLC 234, Se:-Tre-as, 3, Pres. Caslt Choir l,2,3,47 BasIe+ba l' 4' Lc-3 Sfau 47 Ivleuaphone Club Wlrirlo I.2. I,2,3' Y Nevwiorners 234' Service Club 234, Trees, 33 Sluclenl Coun- cil 4: Prem Cam: Jr Play Slallr Chair I' Ivlalcre-"e Club I,23 Lel- 'er Winner 4' Sr, Class Comq '-lgrrjlrey 3,4, C305 31 Quill arid Scroll Ll, EILEEN HAMILTON ROBERT HEIDNIK 508 Easl' 244 SI, 76I Easl 250 Sl. She rung on lime Rugged Individualisl Y-Teen I.2,3,4t G,A.C I,2' Sr Bl. C, 4: I-Ii-Y 34: Foolball Mgr. Sislers 47 Jr, Play Slall, 3,47 Traclf 2,3,4Z PFOW COW. Page Twenry-Ih SENIORS JACK HOAG IZI East 264 St Jack be nimble, .lack be quick Bio Brothers 4: Hi-Y 3,41 Log Stail 4: NASS 3,43 Newcomers 3i Wrestling l,2,3,42 Football l,3,4q Lettermarrs Club 23,4 JEAN HUG IIO East 2lI St A "Hug" for Hegan Breeze Stall 3, Asst, Ed 4: Y-Teen l,2,3,4, Program Chairman 2, 'SA C. l,2,3,4: Jr Red Cross I,21 Log Statt 4, Megaphone Club l,27 Madrigals 3,43 Quill and Scroll 3,43 Sr, Sisters 3,4, V, Pres. 47 Service Club 4: Speech Club 47 Band 43 Clwoir l,2,3,4: Girls Glee Club 4: .lr Play Stall: Prom Corn? Sr, Class Com: Sr Play Cast MARY LOU HUMPHREYS I2O East 207 St. All at once Y-Teen 3,43 FTA. 4: G,A.C. l,2, 3,41 Log Stall 4: Megaphone Club 23 Sr. Sisters 3,47 Service Club 4, Choir l,2,3,4g Jr. Play Stall: Ma- 'orette Club 2: Sri Class Corn. SHIRLEY HORNER LOWELL HUMPHREYS 2474l Lalreland Blvd. l2O East 207 St Surely, you'll like Shirley MY 95' Sal E yjggn 3x47 SQA C, 4: Clad, 32 BL.C. 3,47 Hi-Y 3,41 Traclc 3,41 Jr, play Stag. Choir I,2g Jr. Play Corng Baslret- ball Mar, 4, vi CLAIRE JANOVAC 60 East 209 St, Fair Claire in all sporls Y-Teen l.2,3,4, Cabinet 47 l,2,3,4 lqe Twenty-tour ess , . t A H Gif if ' v A 'mn V ,M 0, ,, ' A X ci fs 'K Q Q . , A.. f """ tt i ' 'I w iiiii 5:57. 1 Q 5' E - ..., 1 ', ' I , . ' i 'ref si r ,... fs rr s ei' 2isN -:ww 4. AW ..- -4, 4 - V , of s by A '. ,Q It r t ,: -,a f lg x' Q' f- A 'R 4 -af A Rust z -- r ' JFS: W X st. , sas E iff if . WILBUR KEEFE JOAN KOPANSKI 40 East 2l9 St, 560 East 237 St. Slow but sure Newcomers I. GAC CHARLES JOHNSON SI East I96 St. Count the girl luclry who gets JERRY KLEINDIENST 856 East 237 St. Gone and laacl again Slwe can "Cope" with anything Ylileen 3.43 GAC, I3 Jr, Play Stall. Clmuclry Big Brollwers 4: l-li-Y 3,4: Log Stall W Bla Brothers 43 Bl-,Q 3.41 Pre, 43 Track I,3.4: Basketball 3,43 l 43 HLY 3.4, Pres- 41 Log Sfaff 4: Football 33 Prom Com.: Letter- Student Council l,2,3,4, Ad. Bd 41 Clwoir l,47 Traclr l,3,4g Letter' rnan's Club 3.4: Sr Class V, Pres: Basketball 2,41 Prom Corn, 3: Sr Class Com.: N l-l.S, 4. 1 fnarrs Club 3,4. SENIORQ JOAN KOVACH ELAINE KUBICEK ALICE LEE ZIBO6 Morris Ave. 20950 Tracy Ave 24842 I-laclvgv Dr Slie Irnows 'Ilne ways of llwe world Still wafer runs deep Errered In stfolwomcre yea frgrrr Y-Teen I,2,3 4' GA C, 12' Log 'Tfleerw 4' GAC I: Ivladrigale lVVyanclc"e MICH Staff 4' Madrigals 33 CI'-slr I 234' 34' Ivlegacrrvzre C mb I,2' Clwolr No relafion fo "Rczber+ E." Girls Glee Club 4: Jr Play Sfalf' I2 3,4 Y-Teen 34: G,A,C. I2 3' Jr. Res Malorerle Cfub l,2,3' Sr. Play Cross l23: Jr, Pay S653 Prcrr Cash Com WILLIAM KRASCH MARILYN LASHER 2537l Slworevlefu l55 555+ IQQ Ss "BOOMl" NicIr's Pick Boyls Cl1orus3,4'I3L.C.3,4:Da1:e Y-Teen I,3,4: GA C 3,47 L03 Band 4: Vocallsli I'll-Y 3,4' Jr, Council World Arfalrs 34' Ivladrl- gals 34: Ner.-,camera 3' Fcfvbd' 343 Iraclr I: Clvolr IZ3,-1 Trees. 4' Sr, Quarler: WIwIrll:, I: Sr, Class Ccm. ii .4 all uf" Slafl 4: Ivlefgaplwone Club l,2,3.4V' Prom Corr 37 Jr. Play SHIT' Ch r I 2: I-ljclev I Q.. Q' 5' 4. . Q ,sv ef if .41- We V uf' YZ ,, OI I RICHARD LEONARD FRED LJUBI CLAIRE LUX. 36, Egg, 266 S.. 124 E657 Q25 S,-I ZW59 Ke'-w-ser Ave. His Hngers wandered idly over Swamp Wafer Kid Million dollar name flue lreys Breeze S159 34- Jr, P ay Sfalf. Y-Teen I,2,3,4i ETA, 4' GAC Boys' Chorus 234: Dance Band l2.34' GLC 4C Lol Slarf 4 I,2,3: Jr, Council World Alfdlrg Jr. Pla H ,Q ', s". L22 Log Shar: 34' Madriga' I,2,3,4, VA Pres, 3' Male Quarle' l.2.3: Speech Club I: Clwcir I,2,3.4. BETTY LJUBI JAAMES LUOMA 424 555+ 225 S4 525 Ear 237 Si One of Il1e crowd S'ff0f'9- Silenf IYPe Y-Teen 34: GA C. 1:23:47 Serv- ice Club 34: Clvolr 3,41 Prom Com, 3: Jr, Pay S+afTt Girls' Glee Club 4, 'C UC 2 Y ST3"I'Cl'1'IV I' Marrvre 3 Page 'Iwe-nIyAIl SENIORS AUDREY MAST CATHERINE MAYFIELD JEANNE McKN1GHT 260 E651 214 Si, Our "Queenie" wifhouf her king. Breeze S1514 4: Y-Teen l,2,3,4Z GJNC. 1.23.47 Log S1511 3,47 Megaphone Ciub 12,32 Prom Com' Jr Piay 51511: Choir 1,2,3g Maioreffe C1ub I 295 Easf 248 S' 25211 Le1fe Shore Blvd, Hip, hip for a viciory Hip! Oh, T1"l0Se Eyes! gm,.z,3 Sidi? 3Y4j Y-Teen 1,2,3,4g YsTeen 12,34 Sec 1: GLAC. FTA 4, efic, i.2,3,4, v, Pre-5. 121314: Los Sw? 3: Meqephone 3,5 ped QWSSQN33 L,3,qS+5,T-13,4- C1ub I,2,3,4g Newcomers lg Sr. Madrgudjs 3jQgf15 C5159 Qiub 4' Sisfers 3,43 Choir 12,37 Pre-rr Meqaelnone Ciub 1,2 3, Cheer- Corn-I Jr, p1f3Y C1551 Maigfeiig ieeder 3,42 Service C1ub 1,2 3,4, Ciub 1,21 1'1O'i1K'?Y- Trees 2: W1nir1e 1,27 Jr Way S1551 3- Choir 12,37 Maioreire C1ub 1,2' Prcirx-i Corn 2 Sr, C ass Corn. JAMES MATHERS DONA McG1NN1S 476 East 239 S1 BO Eas122I S' He gefs many places on wheels A page from Vogue Ad Cornrnirree 4 Hi-Y 4' FOOT- Breeze Sail 3' YsTeen I,2,3,4' bi1i133TraC14, '3A.C, I,2,3,4t Loo S+aT'1 3,43 Vieoapnone Ciub 12,32 Jr Piey Sui? Mar: Prem Corn.: Choir i 2, ff' 4,-..--p LOUIS MENTLER 590 East 240 S+, L Q' -4-U4 QMXXA Tm if sf- A -1 r , L s JOHN MIHELICK 21731 Crys1a1 Aye, Refurn of King Louis Pefe's Nea? Served rwo years in Marines Hi-Y 3,41 NASS 3,43 13001135.11 l,2,3,4: Wres11inq 1.23: Track 3,45 ge Tweniy Leffermarrs C1ub 123,45 Baskets 13511 4. .,-14' 'fy' CHARLES MONTGOMERY 546 Easr 266 S+. Pafricic Henry, '49 version Big Brofhers 4: BLC, 4: Breeze S1511 47 FTJX. Pres. 3,43 1'1i'Y 3,4, Sec, 4: Jr, Councii World Affairs 3,47 Log S1511 4, Business Mgr? NPL. 3,42 Sfuderif Council I: Jr. Piay Cash Wresiiing I7 Track 13 Choir I,2,33 Prom Com.: Key Ki- wanis 4, Trees. 4: N H.S, 4: Sr. P1ey Cash JOHN MIHELICK RQBERT MILLER E34 Eesf 239 Sf, 44 E551 Qi4 gf, Hsfuneiiei Pfeieffedi' Bobs are in Fashion B061 CEUUS 17 HEY 3.47 S6616 Hi-Y 3.4: Shore Science C1ub 27 'inc' TV1511'31e 3? BGSQLJG11 113.47 Choir I,2,3,4g Track 2,47 Wresfl- Bas1re1be11 3,45 Eoofboli 1,33 Lei- ing 3,4- 1err'nan's Club l42,3,4. -SIX S E N I O R S JAMES MORRIS ROGER NEIDE JOHN ORLANDO 552 Easl 238 Sl. 25870 Sboreview 22340 Arms AVE Genilemarl Jim Jolly Roger His soil fone makes us swoon Iviaclriqals 4: Foolball Mor. 3,47 Boys' Chorus I,2,3,47 B.L.C 34 Cl'1Oir I,2,3,4. I-IIAY 3.47 Jr. Council Worlcl lairs 3,4' lvlaclriqals I,2.3,4 lvl Quarlel Ili Newcomers I Ban I.27 Sr. Quarrel 47 Clwoir I 234 Aeronaulics Club I: Sr Ca s Corn, WARD NOLAN IBO Eosl IQO Sli Tl1ere's no frown upon l'1is brow GEORGE MURRAY 2075! Fuller Ave. "Our Buddy" I-li-Y 3,47 New-:orners l.27 Baslel- ball 47 Baseball 47 Sr, Band l.27 Cl'1Oir l.2. Big Brollwers 47 Boys Clmorus 3,4 BL C, 4' HIYY 3.47 Log Slall 4 Maclrlqals 3,43 Male Quarlel 3,4 Clvolr I,3,4, Pres. 4: Eoolball 3,4 Lellermanls Club 47 Tracl 2,3,4 Prom Comb Sr, Class Corn. MARION PATETE 24I8O Clark Dr. Elle is "pe+i+e" Y-Teen I,2,3,4: C7.A.C. 4i Loo Siafl 4: Sr. Sislers 47 Shore Sci- ence Club 3i Srudenl' Council 3i Girls' Crlee Club 47 Choir I,2,3,4- Sr. Class Com. lx' ix 3 'nr' Y I .vxib L35 7 w x: Q wry... ffimxe ,M Q ,gg I "W: A- 9 U ' MAU RICE PARSONS 70 Easl 2l4 SI. Innocence so becomes a 24060 Clarlf boy Philosopher of Enlered in Junior year from Tur- ner, Kansas. Hi-Y 347 Baslerball 47 Track 47 Lelrermanls Club. GAC. 2,347 riqals Club Girls' Glee CI rw Q4 'S-'-if K LOIS PRINGLE Dr. love Breeze Slail 47 Y-Teen 2,3.47 Log Star? 4' Mad- I,2.37 Choir I,2,3,4: ub 47 Jr. Play Slal'l7 lvlaiorelle Club I7 Prom Com: Meoaplwone C SALLY POLLACK 275 Easl 238 Sf. Merrily we skaie along ELIZABETH PALKO 25 Easl 220 S+. Number nine and mighfy fine Breeze Slalll 3,4, Ed. Bd. 3: Y-leer' Breeze Shall 47 Y-Teen I,2.3,4 I,2.3.47 GAC. I,2.3,47 Log S+al'i 3.4, Business Mgr. 43 Megaphone Club l,2,3,4: N,F.L. 3,47 Newcom- ers 2.3,47 Cheerleader l,2,3,4: Jr. Play Cash Clwoir l,27 Prom Corr1.7 Sr, Class Com,7 Sr. Play Casl. Slall 3' Girls' Glee Club 4. lub I,2,3. G.A,C. 3,47 Jr. Red Cross li Meo- aplworie Club I7 Clwoir 3,47 Jr. Play Page Iwermly-sev 5 E N l 0 R 5 HAROLD PROSSER BARBARA REPICKY RUTH RICKENBRODE 25 E350 Qlq S' Tail Eas' 236 Sl 2207l S Lakeshore Blvd. "I gol Rhylhmu The pick of lhe crop Tall Timber V"'W1 Cir" AU CCH 34' B31 Hlezkev 34' Ad Cir' 4' Breeze Breeze Skill 3,4' YATeen l,2,3,4f BV-fr'll'fVS 41, Bl-C 34, S95 4' S+al5 3,4, Ad, Mgr 4: Y-Teen '3.A,C l,2,3i Log Shall 3,4: Mad- Brr-e:-e Sraf' 3' Drifxir? Bind 3 2,34 Pres l Cabir1er3' FTA, 'sais 3: Meqaiihore Club I,2' l'l"Y 31413 5Cii'U'TCll W'iV'j Al" 3' GAC. I,2,3,4' GLC. 2,3.4I fr Sixers 41 Service Club 42 lgiyg 3 Lag wall 4- NFL, 3,4 ,.r. Fed Cross Z: Lia Slall 34: Chiir l23' ,lr Prorn Com: Jr. Speech Club 4' Chcir l,2,3q FCC? Mrgqaphane C.ub 2,3' Service : av Srarl' Cuiri ana Sircll. ball Mui l2' Jr, Play Cas' 3' .fury 234' Prcrri Cr-rn' Jr, pay Sr. Class Pres N H3 41 5r. Ver Stag' Chcir l,Z' lvlaiereve Cue Cas' 4 Trail li Sr Class Crimi Q- Sf- Qlagg Qigm Jr Cass pres JAKE REEBEL 2653i WILLIAM RHODES A rf 5' 2OB3l Lakeshore Bfvci Shure View The grass is always greener in fhe "Rhode" lo success olher 'Held Sr, Play Sfall 4. BL,C, 4, Trail 3,41 Sr, Class Ccini i . ff., - W ,,., ,. 1 .1-1 ,, 5 45 4 ,,. ,- ',-'.- 4 ii f ..f'lI P- x lj- Y GERTRUDE RITCHINGS DONALD SAMUEL LEONARD SBROCCO 2522l Shflreview 3I3 Easl 2l6 Sf. l975O Soulh Lakeshore Blvd. She carries a smile for all Whal an example! The man wifh all lhe songs Ad, Crimmlllee 2,3,4, SerieTreas Ad, Com, 3,47 Big Brothers '47 Dance Band 3,4, Hi-Y 4: Ban 3 Breeze Slall 3,4, Circulalien ELC. 3,45 Dance Band 3,4' Hi-Y l,2.3,4: Foolball I,2: Baskelba Mar 43 Y-Teen l,2,3,4: GA.C, 3,4:Loq Slall 4: N,F.L 4'NA,S.S, l,2,3,4: Baseball I,2: Track 3,4 l,2,34' GLC 43 Lou Slall 3,43 3,43 Speech Club43Sludenl Counf Jr, Play Slall: Orcheslra l,2,3,4 I lvleqarirhrfrne Club l,2,3,47 Service Gil l,2,3,4, Ad. Bd 3,4, Pres 4: Lekrermans Club 3,4. Club 23,4' Prorn Corn: Jr. Play Band l,2,3,4t lzoolball l,2,3,4, Sla'3'Chr1?r l 2 3' lvlaioreffe Club Vlfresllinq l,2,3,47 Track l,2,34g Jr. l,23 Si Class Caving Hockey 4 Play Slalilg Prom Com: Orches- 'ra 2,37 Lelle-rrnan's Club 234, JOHN SALO FRANK sAso 25441 Brnren 22350 Arms Ave. Oh, Johnnie-How you can love! He painfed The fhrone Enlered in Junior year lroni Collin- : DCU lmrlh Boys' Chorus I,2,3,47 B.l.,C, 41 Breeze Slalzl 47 Log Slall 4' Mad- , 1-Y 4 Fbrfball 4: Wresliing 4, :ge Twenlv-eignl riqal Singers 3,43 Male Quarler 43 NFL. 4: Scale and Triangle 47 Shore Science Club 2: Speech Club 44 Choir l,2,3,47 Jr. Play Caslq Track I7 Aeronaulic Club lg Pram Cornq Jr, Play Casl, SENIORS THELMA SCHARES WILLIAM SCHWARZ 238Ol Clladsey Dr. 260 E659 ZI6 Sf- Full of generosiiy One of flue Solon boys Yffeen 2343 QVAQA 3,47 Mega. l-li-Y 3,47 Shore Science Club l,2' phone Club 23 Sr. Sislers 4' Jr. Baseball l,2.3.4: Movie Operalor Play Stall: Wlwirlo 2: Speech 4: V232 Jr PIGY slag? Prom COW' Newcomers 4. yr- 1, 5, ny. 1 . ROBERT SCHWABE l3l Easl 207 Sf. Roberf's rules of order! Ad. Com. 4: FTA. 3,4- l-li-Y 23 NFL, 4: Slide Rule 2: Speech Club 4' Sludenl Council 2.4: Qer- man Club 27 Debaling Ciub 2' ROBERT SEARS SOI Easlr 250 Sl. The mark of inlelligence Slnore Stience Cub 3,4 Nl-l.S, 4. NANCY SETRON 54 Easl 220 Sli Dance. Ballerina, dance Breeze Slall 3,47 Y-Teen 3.4: GAC. l,2,3,4: GLC. 3.4: Log Slall 3,4: Megaphone Club I.2.3,4, Cheerleader 3,4: Sr, Sisrers 3,4' Prom Corn.: Jr Play Sralf: Clioir I,2: Sr Class Corn. Pres. 4. ff' LN, fi L. My 4' vw' Kg an ,ed 'rw-,Q GRAFTON SIEBER BESSIE SMITH l98OI Edqeclirq Blvd. QZQOI Kennison Aye. Enlered in Junior year ircm Uni- Twinkle, 'lwinkle lillle slar versily Higlw Bree:-3 Slavx 4: Y-Teen 2 3.4: FT A GocI's gill fo +l1e world! 4. Trees, 4: GAC. Z 34- G LC I-li-Y 3.4: Loq Sfall 4: NFL. 3,4, 4' Lcd Sfal: 4' Sr. Sisrers 34' Pres. 4: Speech Club 3: Prc-rn Jr, Play Casl' Cl'i-:ir 4' Nl-LS, 4 COPD.: Jr. Play Casl: Sr. Cass Corn Sr. Play Casl. LOUIS SPINO 2l97O Weslporf "I can always work for flue oily" Eciorball l,2,3,4: Baslfelball l,23' Baseball l,2,4: Lellerrnans Club 4: Hi-Y 3.4: Band l,2: B.LC. 2,3. SCOTT SHREWSBURY ALICE SNIDER 304 Easl 246 Sl, EIB Easl 222 S' The faming of +I'ie "ScI'irew" Alice leaves wonderland Ad. Com. 3.4, V. Pres. 4: Biq Y-Teen l,2,3,4' Jr. Red Cross Brolliers 4: l"lieY 3.4: Jr, Ccuncil 2.3 4, Pres. 43 GA C. I,2.3.4: Sr. World Aflairs 3.4' Log Slall 4' Sislers 3.4, Treas. 4: Service Club NPL. 4: Scale and Trianqle 4: 4: Shore Science Club 4: lvlaior- Speecli Club 4: Jr. Play Casl: elle Club I: Clwoir I,2: Jr, Play Prom Com. Slal? 3: Sr. Class Com. Page Twenly-ni SENIORS WILLIAM SPITZIG Ewbl E555 239 S? CurIy and Burly Wres'Iing 23 Breete S FQIQIIIJQII 2 NaI? 3,4' BONNIE STEINFURTH 421 Easr 222 Sd A bonny lass is she Ad Carry 47 FTA, 4, G Lcq SIQII 4: Choir I 2,3 HARRY STEELE 2I80l Maydale Ave. .Iusf wiId abou? "Harry" Ad Com 3,47 Big Brcfhfbrs 4' BL.C, 3,4, Trees 4' I-IIYY 3,4: Loq Sf6Ti3,4TSTUdE'r1+ CounciI 3,4, Ad, Bd. 4: EQoIbaII I,2,3,4g BasIfeIbe,II 237 Trail I,2' Jr PIay SIQIIQ Prom Corr1:CIw0Ir I,2f Jr CIass Trees: I.eI'er'rxan'5 CIuI:n 44 Sr CIass E AC I,2T ,IU Cwn. THOMAS STRAUSS 569 Ee:s123S SI, Eleef of foo? and mind Ad. Com 47 BL C. 4 Sr CIass Com KENNETH STOCKER 308 EasI 2I0 SI. Mered from Penr1syIvania in mor year Mr. "Manners" Ad. Com 3,42 Big Brmhers 4: BL,C, 42 Breele- SIGII 43 I-Ii-Y 3,45 Jr Council World AI3Iairs 3,47 Log SIQFI 4: NFL 3,41 Speech CIub 44 Sfuderif CounciI 4: Jr, Play Cast Prom Com.: EooIbaII 4- Choir 43 Sr CIQSS Comg N HS 41 Sr r. DORIS TAIT I74 EQSI 2II S+ Eriwri,-d in Junior your High Doris doesn'+ bore us Y'Tef-ri 34 GAC 3 qe ThirIy 'f' from Brush 4: Band 3,4 BETTY LOU THOMAS II4 East 220 SI. YATQQI1 I,2,3,4,T1eas 4 MARILYN THOMAS 22030 S Lalfe-shore BIvd. A smile fhaf beguiles Y,Teen I,2,3.4g GAC LCQ1 SMI? 4' Meqaphcne 23,43 GrirIsI 6Iee CIUID 4: I,4: Jr F'Iay SIdT:j WhirIg, C Maiordie CIUID 2,3. G.A.C. I2.3 4: GLC. 3,41 LCG SIQII 41 Meqaphorie CIub l,2g ITIL,-miiiirrwrs 2' Sr. Sisvers 34' Jr Prigvfi Cmmg Jr, PI5y SI GII- Choir I,2q Hridoy 3,4 NI-IS 4' OUII and SUQII. '4 I,2,3,4, CIUID Choir Iub If Track 3,4: PIay CasI, X.: I - is ew A. Q' 3 ' 2 ' ' 2.,:5- fl 3 f V. ..., ,Qgm..f,,-,-4. ,..,... M- 4, -A, Q, -. fs, ,pn .Q x, - as-I ' gig? ...- 5 4 " f- .' '11-I 'f -'-- 9 , a im IBM: 1. f' ' QTL 7 .iv L, Q THOMAS N. TURNER I3I EasI 2II SI, NORBERT TORER I4I EEISI 250 Sf. For whom The "BeIIs" IoII I'Ie's a +earIerI FTA 43 ScaIe and TrianQIe 3,4, I I I I T. N. T. BVGEZE SIGN? 42 Shore Siiemce CIub I I23 PWS 2 I I I I I SENIORS RICHARD TOTH 399 Easf 250 S+. A righf nice guy Ad. Com. 3,41 Hi-Y 3,43 Jr, Coun- cil World Affairs 3,4: Loq Slall 4: N.F.L. 4: Newcomers 2,3,4: Scale Prom Com.: Jr, Play Casi. and Triangle 43 Speech Club 4: GLENN WALLAUZ I34 basl l99 Sl, "Bufch's Pal" B.L.C. 4: Scale and Triangle N.l'i,S, 4. LOIS WEBB 24300 Maplewood Dr, Our Leading Lady Breeze Sialrl: 3,4, Ed. Bd. 37 Edifor 47 Y-Teen l,3,4: CvA.C. l,2,3,4t G.L.C, 2,3,4q Jr. Council World Affairs 3: Log Sralll 3,4g Mega- phone Club l,2,3q N.P,L,47 N,H,S. 3.4: Quill and Scroll 3,47 Sr, Sis- lers 43 Service Club l,2,3,4: Speech Club 43 Prom Corn: Choir I,2,31 Jr, Play Caslg Sr Class Conn., Sr, STEPHEN VLCEK S75 Easr 258 Si. Unexpecfed bu+ welcomed Enlered in Junior year lrorn Do- nora, Pa. M E ,, I N-2' N J 1 , we sgvfeai-sir, -f if It 21 i : H S -o Play Casl, NANCY WARE I4I Lake Edge Dr, Jaclt'S silver "Ware" Y-Teen l,2,3,4: GAC. I 234: Jr Red Cross l,2: Log Sfalzl 3,4: Megaphone Club I,2,3.4, Treas, 32 Cheerleader 4: Choir I,2,3: Pr Corn, Jr. Pfay Slab: Maiore Club 2,3. crn He RICHARD WETZLER 20250 S. Lalceshore Blvd. Look a+ 'Phe birdy Breeze Slarl 47 Loo Slarl 43 Shore Science Club 3: Speech Club 3,43 Band l,2,3,4' Orcheslra 2,347 Jr. Play Cas? 3: Phofcigraphy Club 3,4, Pres. 4, NANCY WILL BARBARA WILSON VITTA YUSHKA IQEZ7 Lalre Shore Blvd. The bloom of youih Y-Teen I,2,3,4' G,A.C. l,2,3 Meoaphc-ne Club I.2,3.4? Choir I,2: Jr, Play Slarh Prorn Corn. 54 basl 2l2 SY Enrered irorn Palriclr l-lenry in Sophomore year Poriia faces The Band Breeze Slalil 47Y-Teen 2,3,47PT.A, 3,47 G,A.C 2,3.4: G LC. 3,42 Log Sfahf 4: Madriqals 4, Megaphone Club 3: N.H.S, 3.4: Sr. Sislers 3.4, Service Club 3,43 Sludenl Council 47 Choir 43 Girls' Glee Club 4? Prom Cor', Piay Slalili Band 2.3,4. S'udenf Conduclor 3,4g Qrghegfra 2,3,4g Sr. Class Com. 'ZSI Easl 255 Si. Known by his name Track 4. Page Thirly-O SOENIORS 2: as Seaahu NOT PICTURED LOUIS KEY JEAN HOOK 3l4 Easf 210 S5 ISOOS Maplecliwq Dr, His "Key" fo success Enfered from CWeveWand Heiqhrs Band I,2,3,4' HEYY 34: Jr, Play rn Senior year Srarfg Sr, may SMH Heigh+s's loss: Shore's gain Y-Teen 4. DANIEL CURTO ROBERT HENN WILBERT HOFFMAN 21600 Ball 3477 Eas' 222 Sf. 2Ol5I WiNrrvore D'3"nY BOY Jael: of all irades Pl'il'1+9f'5 Devil Hi-Y 34' Foo+baU 3,41 Basebdf Foo'fbaU 41 Baseball 2, Mqrg 2,347 Baslfefball 2,3 4, Wre5+linwg V, Choir I,2.3. 535' rw 5" Q1 'iff Pl'eSid8I'1T Segrefqry HAROLD PROSSER JUDY CURDY 5? . . 5 Vice President Treasurer 5 Y 4 M' ,-'v JANUARY CLASS President A A T0m Tefee 5eCl'eTC1ry ,,,Morie Sclrforio Vice-President 2 Art Cergol Treasurer eee, e ,Shirley Zcmzig ge Tlwlrry-fwo 3 46 4- l 1' 4: Page lhirly-leur is 5,59 !9Ay5ic5 "Amme'fers are connecied in series, vollmelers in parallel," reilerafes Mr. Roy Sharrocli, physics insfruclor, in a lively labora+ory discussion. As lighfs glow . . . hells ring . . . and mo+ors purr, 'rhis class is 'faugh+ how and why 'lhe mechanical world licks. SOM g00Ill0fI'y Laleral area . . . prisms . . . cones . . . spheres ...' Frus+rums . . . alfifudes . . . Such +erms dash 'rhrough 'ihe minds of Mr. Donald Mill's predominanfly male solid geomefry classes. Finding how high Z is, and whefher l is crossed by A or M is 'rhe problem confron+ing 'lhis class of 'Fu+ure ma'rl1ema+ical wizards. 6A Glll ij iff! Alomic weighfs and Planerary elec- irons . . . Orloils . . . RA-226.05 . . . Chemical reaclions . . . all 'ihese are well undersfoocl lay Mr. Harry Sparvgler's chemislry s+uden+s. During a lah-oralcry periods 'rwice a weelc 'ihey have an op- porluniiy 'fo lesl' 'lexf lscolr kheories. 5.,,A,i From Shakespeare and his life 'lo "your good friend and mine, P. T. Barnum," Mr. Meryl Baumer iniecrs his scin+illa+ing humor in+o his English classes. Discus- sions concerning Beowulf, +he Vicforian period, and 'rhe +wen+ie+h cenfury are all a par+ of +his course. Troubled wi+h a complex? . . . Is life ge++ing you down? . . . These and many quesrions like fhem are answered in Mr.'I'er Angene's psychology classes. Dur- ing +he semes+er +he pupils learn rhe forces mo+iva+ing human behavior, and lhe always valuable mefhod of "how 'lo win friends and influence people." K I'Cl.I1l Cl fl CJ "Murder a+ Mrs. Loring's" is fhe play occupying ihe a++en+ion of Mr. Baumer's dramaiics class. Par+icipa+ing in class- room plays enables +he s+uden+ +o apply fhe sfage +echniques he has learned from lecrures and books. Page Thiriy-six I7 FEIICA "Boniour" . . . "Commen+ Allez-vous" . . . Mr. Anfhony Vaccariello's French class alfhough small in number is wise in wisdom, for a small group is conducive +o infensive s+udy and frequen+ discus- sion. lJCllliJA "l'las+a Luego" . . . "Muy Bien" . . . These are common phrases heard every day in Miss Margareffe Pa+riclc's Span- ish classes. In +his course 'rhe pupil is in- 'iroduced 'ro +he language and acquainf- ed wi+h +he life and cus+oms in Spain and Mexico. 5Q,.ff,, JM Giving +he s+uden+ free +ime in which +0 do his homework is fhe purpose of +he s+udy hall sysfem. S+uden+s are assign- ed +o siudy hall when +hey have a free period, and manage +o use rheir rime wisely so fhal' af+er school +hey are free +o a++end club mee+ings and parricipafe in school acfivi+ies. 0Ul2l'I'l WI ell! Powers and Du+ies of Congress . . . The func+ion of 'lhe l.C.C .... These and o+her phases of our governmen+ are made clear +o all pupils in Mr. Rober+ Jamieson's Governmeni' classes. Needs and benefi+s of good governmenf bring aboul' many discussions in which fhe slu- denis learn fhe impor+ance of each gov- ernmenfal clepar+men+. m erican ,kejfory Giving every sfudeni' a greafer appre- ciafion of fhe his+ory and cul+ure of +he Unifed Sfa+es is a clu+y assigned fo Mr. Sianley Whifeside, ins+ruc+or of Amer- ican Hisrory classes. Through informal class lecfures and recifafion, fhe pupil recognizes +he facfors comprising +he building of our nafion. OUQFII In elif American Government a required subieci' ai' Shore, acquain+s 'rhe s+uden'rs wifh poli'I'ics bo'I'h ai' home and abroad. How 'Phe presidem' and his sfalif Funcfion are of greaf in+eres'l' fo +his class in- s+ruc'I'ed by Miss Wilma Gillman. ewin 92 "Lady of Fashion" mighi' be +he name applied +o a pupil of fhe sewing class ins+ruc'red by Miss Edi+h Lemon. Begin- ning wifh learning fo hem and mend in fhe iunior high, +he sfudenl sfeadily pro- gresses in her work +0 lhe poin+ where she can proudly exhibif a handmade suii, dress, coal, or evening gown. SA OIJ One of +he mos+ informal classes is manual iraining, ins+ruc+ed by Mr. Clar- ence Eckeri. During 'fhe daily periods, fhe boys are rrained +o 'rake fheir place in fhe world, knowing +he fundamenlals of a manual career. goolein g Under Miss He'Hy Rosenberger's capa- ble supervision, junior and senior high girls learn, iirsi hand, +he ar+ of cooking and baking. New gas sfoves, recenfly insialled, are pari' of 'Phe modern equip- men+ used. i f ourna Lim Aspiring journalisis enroll in Mr. Roy Hinch's infroducfory course, +o acquaint 'rhemselves wi+h fhe various phases of +he presenf day newspaper. Praciical applica+ion and furiher s+udy is acquired by working on +he "Breeze," +he "Friday Morning lns+i+u+ion." ufiin emi Banking and legal forms are only a par+ of 'ihe curriculum offered in 'ihe Business course. This class, ins+ruc+ecl by Miss Jean Bell, acquainis 'rhe s+uden+s wi+h commercial forms of The ou+side world and brings an undersfanding of every day problems fo Shore pupils. Lgfflfy A privilege which +he siuclen+s enioy is using fhe library for reference during sfudy hall periods and afier school. Miss Bowdifch and her assis+an+, Miss Gun+- ner, aid +he pupils in finding suiiable boolcs in accordance wi+h 'rheir needs. --4 G I lr , - -1--.W-...-. - , s.4f'ZfR XJ! 'U-. Mi if '31 1...-1'-'I 9 oy J gill 0.5.5 Deep-lrnee bends . . . push ups . . . and a fasl moving game of volley-ball are all a parl of fhe physical educalion classes under +he ioinl supervision of Mr. Swaclchamer, Mr. Case and Mr. DiBiasio. Once every +wo weeks lhe boys are pre- senled wi+h a guidance program in which social and family problems are discussed. 1' y Q'l'fJ gym A455 Volleyball . . . is ius+ one of 'rhe many sporls which 'rhe girl's gym classes enjoy. Under 'fhe supervision of Miss Dorolhy Gill and Miss Virginia Bell, fhe girls learn good sporlsmanship and -Fair play as well as baslcelball, field hockey, base- ball, and badminfon. .Ari C4155 Beginning wi+h simple slre+ches, +he sludenls advance 'ro wafer colors and oils. To express lheir ar'I'isl'ic falenf and improve lheir lechnique, Shore sludenls are insfrucfed in painling and slrelching by Mr. Alexander Wasellcov. LOG M X1 5 x g iQ' Ny: 1 1 ' V 4 ' 1 ix , X E12 ' vi Q. Q 1- '71?'f -fir gg: Y- 4 N Ng 14 JUNIOR S MARILYN ABBOTT CONNIE ALTER ELSIE AUER BILL BECKER RAY BRANDT GEORGIA BRASCH JOE BRESNAN DIANA CALABRESE MILDRED CALABRESE BOB CHARSKE JOAN CHRISTOPHER ROSELLA CHRISTOPHER BRUCE COONS DOROTHY EARL MONA EGGER BARBARA EISELT ARTHUR GRAY JACKIE GORDON JULIAN GREVE ESTHER HAUSER MARY ANNE HOLDREN ANNE JEHLICKA DAVE KRAMER LOUIS KEY BILL LANDEG BOB LIMBERS BILL LINDSAY BOB MARICH ge Izorfy-Iwo Egg I 'I , ,un , 1---A-W Y"f9!" - .ss ' , Y A IQ. I, W ' dw jg, i I if W, . , 5 ,L , x 1 ' , S In I' x g, '. " 12 f-' 'Hg , ,f I 1 Y , ' , 'fa 2? I I X A , - A W A fi, ' T if ' 4 V .I Nl Q S gf , I+ 4 A K A , ,. .T 521, .X . ,. rw . 'Nw ' , Aw- - 1? 0" J Q' -' 41.5-: Eg' , i f f' Y ' .g .1 V, x fy, -wx ' fix? . Q .1 Q A wif L -if 1' .4 eff Q 1 . f . 15 'G A 14? ,. as 'fm 'iflff , f W , ..J,Agay 4 ,WI I Y X L .49 V1 ,X i I. X i Se' ' I I,,V I m, fm f 'H ' 'A' W 0-93 . 'nm F 'YM f, fx 'f is 4 , br I 1 ' ,1,. 4, 9 K 42-M I 'WMS "EF 'A W ,J wav ,,....w-sw If T I f . .f1.v.,,,..'-ms CLASS OF '50 ,A MQ: . I., . .-eg I "J Q .sv ' ' Ns,,..,?f' I ' 43-, 5. -,ES V. , .- 11 5' Gy . 'fa G Segfx ,am gk? 5 -f an vi, . A L -fix ffl' I x wr ki A .LEX .,- j 54 suvwausr V 12 ,an ' ff .r i l .. .A ' 4 11 I 1 - fjv .1 pb ,Q W! ,4 'X W' . X3 :Q I 3 vw I If A us: N A 5 Ll , fly ' I I 1 I del' p 'X Q.. x 'xo 5,3 fi- L: 'fm' f':: A I ll, ff Lewin,- i Y x d 1 Q: 4 ,:N' rg, - Aa- ' 'L , S N' xr- 'F K, W I' V Yi . fades 5, N N.. Nav ",l 2 .. ..A. A , 1' I I x IJ-- .am ',, 4-1 I1 In 5, QQ, I ,,,. fy, I A ARDELLE MEYERS DOLORES MIHOK RAY MONACELLI ED NOBBE DAVE POWELL LONA PRESTON NANCY RICE MELVYN SELBY NANCY SIMMONS PAT SOLON PAT SUGDEN TOM SUGDEN GENE WILSON JAMES WOODRUFF BOB YOUNG CHUCK ZNIDARSIC JERRY ALABURDA MARY AKOS LENORE BALTUS KATHY BATES BOB BERNDT GEORGE BLANCHFIELD JUDY BOSANKO BEVERLY BREWSTER RONNY BROWN MARY BYRUM FRANK CEK ROLAND CICIRELLI Page Forlry III JUNIORS JOHN CHUHA DOLORES COLANTONIO BETTY CRESSMAN JOANNE CROSSWELL VIRGINIA CONNOR JERRY CUNNINGHAM MARGARET DeBENEDICTIS NANCY DEMETER BOB DIRK PHILIP DOGANIERO JIM DOHERTY DOLORES DOMENICK LIBBY ERIDON BARBARA ERTHAL JACK FELDMAN WARREN FOSTER DOLORES FRABOTTA JEAN FROST CHERIE GANSON LEE GIBSON FRAN GIETANO MARGARET GILCHRIST LOIS GOERS CHRISTA GOLLWITZER PHYLISS GOSNELL GORDON GREAVES JACKIE GRIBBONS BARBARA GRIFFITH ge Forfy-four C W. 'S ' 205' T X 9 A j if li .gg-'A N.7A ...., 1 I -W I gs 1. ,W W , ,M ,,VY,,I, V N" 2 Y . . 263 ff-gy 4 Q X, V ,I ,K 9' fu? I x X ,. . . 1 ' .-.-: 5 .q,. , , V99 ."' 'h' ' ' if I I I f ,gf I. A ,x,,l L, ff V 13? "-Rx I Y ' SST ' V A A . , X .A . ... 1 fggw I JQ' J?" Y' f W ' .7-W-'H' . ,.,! I , pf 4:-. ff, Q E ,A- , 'f1,.., ll 2 H ' L R M -,E,.',3,g':f." V . K. A 139J":Q'- -,za , , V g? 'W A , , if i 'x gk . .235 V: , . ' 'N' -. . V, . TSA 1 asf, ' 1 I ' A , . A A , A wi, ,. , 3, 5 K A I ,,.,,,, , Q A - I H . vi ,f geEiLg.5,: fl: , Q wh , 1' L 212 - A: , -E M W K' M 64 " 352' Aw. W- ,fix ' if vez-wi ' vw Mig r 'wx .px ,I Q , , , If V ' gg: - ,V iff- Qi 9 4 - wmv, V Q f m -3 'ff' , wg 4. , -N . . Y ,. j , ' ,, ff: W' , 'W , - , , L A . , , Q. , ,X 5 ,- .N M A ,I - . ff' I M I 'A N, Q' ,. , I CLASS OF '50 I ,sk Igg y IW I ,af 7 . vw, ' 'lm """' ,Q 'ZZ' 1 I v. xx s If f fx f- fm, fx' 1 1 Y P 1 ' . s A. .A x F vw an-1 ' ' Q: Ib., .ff is ,W ' Q gf if 'ln I , ,M ,.f 4 A i A iw ' IR' J' . 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Q I , L JOHN GUARINO PHIL GUTMAN BEVERLY HAGEN JEAN HASSINK LEO HAYBARKER BOB HENRIKSON MILDRED HENRY NORMAN HERRICK BETTY HOFFMAN DON HOLZHEIMER DON ISCHAY ELIZABETH JONASSEN PAT JORDAN JERRY KEYES LOUIS KOTNIK JIM KOSTELNIK JOANNE KOSHER MARLENE KRAUSE PAT KRAMER CHARLES KUEHN MARLENE KRECIC GERRY LEBAR RUTH MARSH DOROTHY MAUSER MARLENE MECK BILL McGAR BEATRICE MCKONE DON McPHERSON Page Forfy In JUNIORS DENNIS MLACHAK KENNETH MOELLER JUNE MONTGOMERY RALPH MOON CLARICE MORA MARY ELLEN MORRIS HAROLD MOSES GARY NELSON NANCY NELSON JERRY NUNNALLY CARL RANEY MARION REED KATHRYN REESE DENNIS RINALDI EDWARD ROBERTS AUDREY ROHLOFF GARY ROSENTHAL LARRY PARR BETTY PEAK MARY PEDERSON SALLY PETTIT CAROL SANDSTROM PHILLIP SCHLUND ELLEN SARTORIO ELAINE SCHOTTKE JOHN SEITA MARCY SHULSON BOB SILVOLA ge Forfy-six ,,,-eww-L , E, QQ N9 ii Q vm 5 3 5 """"' V4 XX 5 Q80 I, ,I., ,Q 'QQ E I? 'hm 'I' W ,.., ' Q ,I A - w or ,. I +R M' A I--5 ,.. . 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'-U 4:-sr 'VLSI 4 X J f' ' JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS PresncIen+ JACK FELDMAN Secretary Vice Presndenf JOHN oU,- RINO Treasu er DAVID SOUTHWICK BOB STRATHERN LOIS STEFFEN KAY STURM RUTH THOMAS BEVERLY THOMPSON JACK THOMPSON VIRGINIA TIDERMAN LEROY TIMEN JOAN TOTH JIM VERBSKY PAT WAWRZYNIAK DOLORES WEINKE PHILIP WELKER PAT WHITELOCK BETTY WISE RAY WIDOWSKI DONNA WILLSON LARRY WILSON NORMAN WONDERLY DOLORES COLONTONIO JIM VERBSKY Page EOM f sev SOPHOMORES Jane Anderson Angelo DeBenedic'lis Carol Croclcelf Nancy Follis George Gardner Cliflord Hanlns Jean Henry Kennefh Kallenbaclr Gloria McWherler Fred Marlin Tom Mason Kennelh 5ands+rom Carol Schoenbeclr Bill Schudel George Shepard Tom Sferling Diclr Trebec Nancy Wallauz Marge Zalelel Dolores Auer Jacll Alaburda Pal Alexander Bill Arendl Ardys Arrison Roland Baehr Carol Becvar Don Barry Gail Blanchfield Diclr Boldin Charles Bowman Kennelh Braidic Doug Brown Don Browning Kean Bubnis Rufh Buchla Bill Burlcholcler John Byrum Anihony Calabrese Jerry Caldwell Tom Campbell Joy Carr Tony Casfellano Shirley Charslxe Philip Clarlr Don Clilzlord Joyce Codling Alice Cool: Pal Cooney ge Forly-eighl , . lr.r i r 4 i 4 y,,V , , M A A fs- gl ey -F. .A 'Q --f A 'S - ' 'J ,. is si: ' 4 K ., 'M-V g Javzgf .- fi Y V il fill ., A I vi f y r 4, Q ,,,, , -A .. 1 p r r 6 - f l -is ga, j P ,a Q k , " 1 'W fm V' in n fl " X ' 1 f, , . l 5 ' , , - f " --., 1 ' I x, , f r r we , ,f ff' Q 'Le iff- 15:4 lf? rf' ' 137 f l ,: ' 5 DW! 4 ,N , Q V 1 ver ai f fe i Q g Q r Af V Q ' - Q '3 . , ' , 1, -'K fi " ., - T. f . 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I, 37 had 4- .J x mf i n 2 " ag s .4 ' iii .-1, f if fi ,l A f Pal Cummings Helen Davis Donald Dennis Bill Dirk Bol: Eiloer Ralph Elrick Gloria Evens Bill Eynon Frank Faber: Nan Fairchild Gerirude Filsinger Dorofhy Funk Bob Gilmore Bernard Glavan Ronald Goodrich Chuck Graham Mariorie Gray Glen Gressley Gene Gressley Douglas Greve Mary Ellen Hollyfield Dorofhy Jameson Nancy Jordon Barbara Key Belly Klein Carol Ann Koppich Richard Kosfeinshek Fran Kozlowski Joan Langa Joan LeBre+on Mary Jane Leonardi Jim Lilz Maynard Makman Pai Marchione Marilyn Malhers Dean Mclnfire Gene McLaughlin Flora McPherson Milford McVeen Dick Michelbrink Dolores Mihelick Gerry Miklavcic Ted Monacelli Celia Morgan Nancy Moreffi Bruce Murphy Bill Muser Horner Nagle Page Forfy-n SOPHOMORES Carol Nelson Roberfa Nuliclr Dolores Page Marflwa Paimore Rickey Payne Marie Paz Bill Peclr Burl Peierson Babs Pe+erson Franlr Podnar Ronny Poiolcar Ferolyn Powell Earl Price Leonard Rafzrnan Claire Reilly Rila Roieclc James Russ Rifa Schmidl Waller Scliwabe Bob Se-iron Burleigh Shiloley Sally Shields Herman Sluga Roberf Soeder Vincenl Sofia James Sobe Ann Sorlef Ray Sfaley Sue Staples Janei Sfefien Joan S+roup Virginia Slruna Andy Szabo Alice Taraniino Andy Topassi Ann Teegardin Rosemary Tiffany Ray Timco Elaine Timoney Pai Tolli Agnes Toward Dolores Verbeclly Nelson Vixler Diclc Van Scocler Roberf Walsh Crisy Walerwaslw Peier Wolf Howard Welcli ge Filly f? ., , l ,, - - ' , , 15 K Q. - ee., ji 2 S' '- ., , 4 f . .r R , .LQ L5 S? " ' 135, A we ' 'Q VA f. .V rw I , 1.11, 1354 '-gy , . g W, - -gg' " 4:5 V I V VV 2 k V 'VI ii if f, ' . L f 1 A Q I , .. VV A yVV .-v, V V 45 V I , ,v lv My Va- :L M- rf, an iii , A wi -4 W lg., r -5- ' af f l .,,,, - 1 Y W ,- A l, VV1 Q V ia V324 V A y V E ff-L. 1 W f' .gi .-:gs 1 If , 8 :L if A V 5 X 1.5. , .,., is 's-"' P ' ' ff, ' . .5 'ii' 3' 'P' U X F I 'Q AV W F551 1 me 3: :ff 6957 'ra 335 'Tv f-ei.-2,gg ,V -W j 0' Q .fi V' La:-ref f -W ' QV L I., ,Q A. A 4,.. j V ,. :V5.VV A , V i- . V '- . ,h P . K ..s A I V f, ,Islam VA MV V 'UV 'x Vx h A AV 6 '1' , 'iii' ig Q 'A 4 'P 1 'A A V. ... Jff-i'i'i'ff "" ' ' Q V -. , " f 1.1 A X ,S 1 if' -' , ir ff f e .5 P 'dw s .f , Q' V fe 'Ist-f V, fs., N V ff W , 'U , -11 ' 'Q--HW' . ' ' """' J 1 1,41 5 335, N c . A V ., -gy V is V ' Y V V A in QNA ,. . A M A i Q 5 Lv" fa V Q " - -A in if -X fn. ,Q " im gg. " H X.: fy M' "J .11 'T' Ig- . .4.. f Wg' " 4, 2 .f A , CLASS OF '51 A. , p , A iv V awk-1 : " Wi 'iw l was s .1 in .,k in ,.A J ff . :,4,. g I Xe, 1 5 fvlk A , J , .fjugr 4 A . i a - All-',' - I 1 . , A l limi,- Marlene Weir Don Wes? La Verne Wilhelm Nancy Willson Earl Wifline Pefer Wolff Don Yerman Sophomores prepare for 'rlweir Thanks- giving Dance. "Oswald," a capon roos+er was given as firsf prize in a dance conlesf which was parf of flue gala evening. Page Filly-o BETTY ABENDROTH JOYCE AHEY BILL AKOS JOAN ALDRED SHIRLEY ANDERSON DOROTHY ANDREUCCI IRWIN APLIS BILL ARGENT BUZZY ATWOOD DONALD BALOUGH JIMMY BARLOW BEN BATES JOANNE BAUER SHIRLEY BEALE CORRINE BEADLE ANDREAN BENO PHYLIS BERARDINELLI ARTHUR BERNDT RONNY BRESKVAR SHIRLEY BOYLE BARBARA BOYTIN JOSEPH BRAUNER BEVERLY BRASCH BERNADINE BRADNER MARILYN BRESKVAR NANCY BRIGLEB EOBERTA BROWN WILLIAM BROWN ANNE BROWNING RICHARD BROWNING LOIS BRUCK GEORGE BYRNE DORIS BURR DICK CAMERON ROSE MARY CARABOTTA BOB MONNETT BARBARA CARTWRIGHT MIKE CEFARATTI RICHARD ZGONC CAROL CHLOPEK DANNEY COLANTINO DICK CONLIN EDDIE KOMRAUS PAULINE DANIELS LEONARD DELAC TOM CARNEY JOE DOHERTY JOAN DONDREA RICHAR DOSTAL MARILYN DOWIS JACK DUGAN RITA DUGAN LEO DUVAL JAMES EICHENBURGER CARL EHLERT TOM FINNEGAN BILL FLYNN BOB FETKAVICH ROSE MARIE FERRO BOB GATER CARLTON GEORGE THOMAS GIETANO PAT GRANT JAMES GRAY BILL GREEN MARY ANN GUIP MARGIE HALL BEVERLY HALL CAROYN HARTZELL JOHN HAUSIN JIM HIRTLE BRUCE HORNER MILDRED INFANTOLINA STAN INTHAR CAROL ANN JAKE RICHARD JORANKO DONALD JUSTUS DICK HOGAN DORIS HOLZMER ROSE KALASKY RUTH KALASKY MURRY KAPLIN BOB KAPPELLE RUSSELL KIDD TOM KINES BETTY KIRCHOFF DORIS KOVACH KAROL KROHME DONALD KURTI MARY LA MACCHIA JERRY LANGAN BARBARA LANGER SALVATORE LANZA DIANE LESKE JANICE LINDSTROM WALTER LINDSTROM Je Fiffy-Two ,Q .., .4 f,-if My Q ,Q QQ w. F R E S H NI A N ' QQ 4.,:. I',' ' - '--' I , Q -, -" -an A I .Q ',JJ Q 5. ff - . ., 'L ,:1 H: -f::,. . Q, A 5 ,.,,, .QQQ Q ,B 1: Q, ,..... . , fl ' 'if' :Z I ff' in 1. W 35, I " ' ' 'Y' .... ' ' If Lf ' f 'f 1, ..T., I I W - A A I ,M 1 .. I I ""' I ' I A . W f 1 '- , K' ' 3 I 1 M 'fi' 1-2 fxxf i x Q Ii f' f .Nags M' 3 If J, 1... . I I- -if If I A T. '2 f ' J Q If Nl -ffl ' .B , J 1- f ,.. .M 4 -alfgf, ,, W , , , . , 4 J 'N , . f , Fifi-I J Q I5 . . I , QQ? Q 5 QQ Q Q QQ . - A gig? H QQ . ,Q V Qi ff-'U E, 3- 5:3 , .2 Y.. R 4. Baz.. ' Q M, .1 ' .. . Q A . '--1 QQQ , .. ,N ' ,M Y A, f' ' ' 1 I ' 'W' l W ' J - 'X . A .,' , T-' ' ' - fig I , 1 I . G: ,Q .gi QW A e m,-az. Q Q AQ W5 an QQ Q QQ QQ J W " I 4, ,QQ ' A I, - A ' 315.- .av X My ... if - K., ,Vw ..., 1 ww-I ' wfgf Q Q Q A fr - 'SI 4 Q QQ3Q,5,N 1-if. Q-. -'WIN N , , gm . 1 ' 1., J- Q f if ' FPS ff W1 'iw M 332 H' " ' ff? 1' -'I Ht.- V, M? ' if. I mf, ,, -f -ff V 2? I Ili I , .- ' -"' .Q 4. ,f . "4-,J -' I -'f - 'I I ' I ...,, I' V . I. 3 f Av iQ 'Q N , Q Q KW Q :Q Q . QQQQQQ ,Bw Q? my ' ' ' gf' 6 5 Q ' , wg Q Q L Q mf ,... Q Q ,-Av Rf. QQQQ QQ , Q A-' , '.-L AJ I I I 'W' Q I t B . IQ Z .vi 7 TI, f . I I I -I 23 " ,, .,.,. I -A .sg Q -f ,Q 5,4 ggi? , W N' -J. ' 'f -as , .af A-S,-SJQA QZ1 W S' 'ME zfgii? I sf:-mfr ,,,T , , ' I f ' I yr 5 f f II LQIYEQ 1 . BA f' . ,-mf" . N- -' , , ' fr Q -Q ....,. I . ' V .I I ' - - f - . P1 JI 2 ' N' 'J' Q Q :QQ W, A Q3 Q gg, Qi - ,. QQ Q , . 4 ' . fr M3 Ja 'I ' . I " . I , .1 A ' J , i, ac-V .- j A . I 1. rs, Q9 ' gr, W ,QI I - A. pr 22-J" 2 " 5 "ff W ' , "'f' .. , Q22 QQ . + 3 , - A S EAQQQ 1 K Rs S. AJ , I2 f I ... 'X . , . V M, QQ . ,..-, . Q Q Q Q A I - -I A - '-" ' EW A -II :C fr' 2 I 5, .I ' , ' -2 I-Sf A- " . N ,Q , 4, .QS . . 4- -.6 rw A, QQ ' .. . ' , ' Q ' 5 Q , ...Aff v'Q,,,.,1' , - :ix f, Jug X r 1 A vi J -ff. , . OF 5? lllllllIlllllllllll VCLASS 1 Q - .1 W v A,,. ' : I A, V ,K Qi , A' gww m 4 7 , g K, 5 ev A 'W W T' 3 II ' E, , az . , V ' A L :xy fu N - 9 vu In A I IA. K I . 1 at ' ' 3 ' C! gig? 1 if wma Ja R Q 5 .J - ,wx A . I 5,1 a,?.,.1?4 Stix A , W f ,Q 'Qi , is A V 5 532 fw' v .f . -i, U 4 Q, V7 4' ig 'Y . TK. 7 ' ,Z If.: 1 ' I . if fi' , 1 J . I .i Q W A lffax A 19513 Qi I 4+ rw I I B W K L I I ff- -w I A A+ ff- , 3 . Q W ,, - I . -4 I f Q .. . ' f .. ' "J V f . T Y 5-Q YN Z ' ' ' . . 1 FN, A B7 J-' "" I 'DWI . X CQ If 'Q W Q, I I ' ,I f 221. II -1+ Qji. 4- X . , v X' jp f 6' 'E' '54 I ' ' 'T , " , f ":1.::1, 4 . I: as , N.: .15 W 'W mmf' . , Rx, ,. A , Liam , '? , W ' J' :L 5 ' TA? ' 'id :lv w of 4 -Q ' - Vi I X V' ,R it J. " .J ,J n " , I w h we . , 4' H' I ' r 4' ' A .. ' I' . il my Sam -. -A' I - .4 - at V 97,14 va Q , f , 4. ' N ' 5 ,. ,.' V A -'W frmljl . Pl: My 5:4 , C. gf I , . V fi . 'M X , A, 5 RW .Ji ,, fx f,i3.L X , -f H +I h ' ' , , 1 1 mix , :L ANR fy I ,ga VC. '20 I ,X -Q "" I I fi .A ,A -. Af' 4 . xii' Y 'uv 33 4 Ir: :T 7 .9 .T A .ml Lf Y. , - I . V, Z Y ff ::-'- ' A if 1 1 ji " I V 1 I -'f ' Q 55 3 3' R . V ,I tx ,if 2 ARLENE LOKAR JANE LOWELL JOAN LUIKART EILEEN MARCHIONE SHIRLEY MARDORF JANET MAPES ALICE MAUSER THOMAS MCFADDEN MARGARET MISKARICK DOLORES MIHELICK JACK MOCNY FRANK MOLNAR ROGER MUNNINGS DENNIS MURPHY JOHN MURRAY CHUCK MUSSER RICHARD NEUMAN BILL NOBBE JIM NORSIC DICK NUNNALLY RONALD O'CONNELL LOUIS O'KICKI DOLORES O'GREEN EDWARD OMERZA ANDY ORLANDO LOIS OSBERG TOM PASKINS JOHN PASSERELLO SAM PATSANIS DONALD PLESNICAR MARY KOLETIC WILLIE POTOCAR RONNY REDDING MARGE REILLY ELAINE REPICKY LEONARD RICE CHARLES REIGHARD MARILYN RINI HARVEY ROLL NANCY ROLLINSON JOHN RYAN SHIRLEY SALATELL CORINNE SBROCCO RONALD SCHMELZER PHIL SHANNON CLAIRE SHEPARD BARBARA SHULTZ BOB SIFKA RUTH SILL AUDREY SIMONIC RONNIE SLUGA CHUCK SMITH JAMES SPERL BILL SPORE CHARLOTTE STUZEN CAROLYN SWACKHAMMER MICHAEL TENCH JANET THROMMETER BARBARA TIFENBACH JERALD TURNER ROBERT ULMAN GRETCHEN UHRY HOWARD VELCONER ROBERTA WALENSA DANIEL WAWRZYNIAK LINNY WEISS DOLORES WISEMAN CAROL WISKES WAYNE WOGENSTAHL JANET WOODRUFF JEANNE WOHLAND DONALD WORTHINGTON ARDEN WRIGHT NANCY SZABO MARIE ZAKRAYSEK JOE ZANGHI RONALD ZANZIG Page FiIIy-Th 8th GRADE RICHARD ALLAR HARVEY AUSTIN KENNY ANZELLS CONNIE BATES RICHARD BEAR BOB BEHNKE JACKY BERNIER DONALD BILLER GLEN BOMBACH MARIANNE BRADNER RICHARD BRENNAN KARL BROCKMAN MARK BROSE ARLINE BROWN SHIRLEY CARUSO BRUCE CASE JOSEPH CASTROVINCE DENNIS CHRISTIE CONNIE CLAMPITT BETTY CLATTERBUCK MARSHA COLWILL DONALD CONTENZA JACK CRAIG HAROLD CRANE EUGEN CREGO BONNIE DAVID MARVIN DELUGA LUANA DEMETER CHERE DICKS ARTHUR DRAZ DAVID DUSTIN TONY EDMONDS LOUISE ERZON JUDY EYNON DONALD FALK KENNETH FLICKINGER JULIA FLYNN JOANNE FIORELLI SIDEY FURSMAN DEBORAH GABOWITZ INEZ GADSBURRY STEWART GARDNER JAMES GAYLOR JOHN GAYLOR BARBARA GLINSEK PAT GORJUP FRANK GUARINO MARY ANN HALLACK COLEEN HALL JAN HANNA CLYDE HART ESTHER HEINRICK SALLY HENDERSON BARBARA HENRY SONYA HEROLD JOAN HUDDIESTONE ERIS HULLIN ROBERT HULVAT KATHLEEN INGHRAN SALLY IRONS JEAN JACOBSKI DALE JAMES CAROL JANKE BETTY JEVNICKAR FRANK JIROVEC JENNETTE JOHNSTON RONNIE JORANKO BETTY JUSTUS VERA KALASKY JIM KALIN BOB KANE MARILYN KLINE C-AIL KIBBY JOAN KOSTELNIK GERALDINE KOTNIK GEROLD KOTNIK LOUIS KNEZEVICH MAX KRECIC GERTRUDE SKROBOT PETER KURTZ PATSY LEFFERTS JOYCE LONG CHARLES LONGO MARILYN LOVETT RALPH LUTHER BILL LUX SANDRA MacDONALD SHIRLY MAGNUSSON JIMMIE MAPE5 BETTY MATYAZIC JAN MCCANDLESS PAUL MCROWELL MICK MICHAEL DAVID NICCUM DAN NRAMOR e I:iIIy-Iour 9 ,, 4. ,, .rr il JW Sayre I. V Xniflw. ' Z, ix R.,.., ., 'gf' A J E , ,,:. , , I ., A I B . - -wi , 21 1 J. A ,.,.. Q '- ' AG is 'A , -0' 2, X A :pi II., fn... . gi QW, ' A '- 2- ,. , " . 'wr Q a mx - -II 1 fu. .Q , 4 ,ff M , X 'W A 12.11-11.5 If? ' " ' V I Q :- is ' Q3 , .Tiki af , 1.. V lhv . lf.. h ' I 2- if -.A . ,P -, , ,fix 41.9 , R. N ,J ' A .. .,,.. I I - " , Q + W 'W , J " , " ."'?g 2 A ' if Ig I. , 157 W1 1 ' SH ' W , W . N " " Q, , 5,3 X , JA ' ymrf 'Y- - X.-. 4 Q ' 6 ""' ' f, 1" my Ig' ' NV Q. It I.. ' .Q 'Q-v I I ' .7 H759-f . Q, A . f A- ,L 4? .Q , . .I ' - -an M ,M A I-, Vlhl L , R5 , sr I I w 3 ff 2- A f . ..., ' M4133 NA 4' ' 1 gg ., 5.1. gig W' A 4:1 I , V V 3- I VX W I A .ff .II fi ' 'iwlxlllvke 55, if W 5 , if 1 ,, N ., .,,. i x , X-157 5 1 x, Q' -' Mfg Y 4 ,A 3:1 QM 1 ' i , V ,, q:,,.W.., M ' In -' LQ -'.',.si x' -I .,fj,.f .. -' . -X, - S I I Ml' 'A - ,. is , m 1-rf: 'WA R :Il J, V I 49 az V- Q B, ,i"f-QQ, ' 1 f JJ A 1 I- "' fn, ,-a -W f-1 V I . . , Ov., W- ,344 Vj W ww! 1 ' ff! I ' , 1 , , ' ' " f-rm , , V 2 A 'MZ' A' 4--9 .N : -fm, L , R mf- in f 1. A L, 'L 1 V ,,. I II:-SQ LEM.-lol W I x x ?f W X Q . ' Hs-4. .. 5-,A M 2, H - LW, Q- E I we W I :Q , '- M 3, ,,. JM-b ,L W4 if fi-4' ' W 1, ' V Y ii, -f' T ., , ff.. .M 4' :vm 5 , .,.., WIP' Q- .., X . M ' 'C . M 3, 5 sv fm A - 9 A , W X IAM' ,sy Q I , , 1 . Afmff' if, -. S I 1 ,4 ws. I-iiifkx in :I R+ zz. 4411 D. , - Mr- X. -1' ,W , , Q ' fi, .sn .- - SP I -SI' ,afwlf , :5,,,,: L 'Q QQ me I , 5, Mk f ' e' A , u-K vrif ivfg, V I, I-Q Ji- 'I V, M' '-4 K '- ,L is fi? X K 'QV' W viz I ' , X J.-'Ev II.. Bw Il , W- 5' ,., 5' N., it ffl -. '.fg,g-5.- Lx: "J -' K ' ,f in I ' . A M Aww ', .- A MA:--Q 5 Fm I, 5: : .ux V .W Q , ,Q 'ik "Yr I' I I ' ' , ' 'Wi-QA " ., A fy., . I ' JW' iw Is Q' S' 7' ga Rl, mg .N ,F 1 v ,a SE, ,-'J h I V I 1 v r A --jjill f I . X. Je 7- if Q Y, K, I . I I- , V w 1 .EL MH C L A S S O F ' 5 3 f' . O ' .I A E . -vi I of Q , 3 Q' ax 'L 1'IEP 'f I! ' I ,, I, .fp , 1 'N 3 av D + Q 1 A- Q I A ff' 512 4- H ,I of-fe ' ' A 'Fw f , ,. A " c 2-Lai--: . K I .. .- --J I M ' 'N xy 3 . 'N' x 'er ,.f 1 W . ' 'J" - W V , :lk .- V -V X ' I " .T .E .' gffif .gr . ,- 1 L ' A A . , ,.V.. : I , 1' , f M 'I "2 . I , Q:-I I, - 5, C f in A- f xr , we . ,, -4 A f I X' " I 52" f. "' 5' '92 , View "T f 'afar 'ka A xvrgky . -f lg., . ' ' ,, ' ,ff ,Q A ,I I I f ,Q -24,1 A5 , 44553, I I QA A EPIA '..Q 5? nrwf an 35' -I ff . -. ' . -5. -' 1' Af- , I fi A A , L . A A ff I S ' fc QC Ph: 4 ,- 6 ' ' I , I W ,- 14, . . . "Jus+ once each year" . . . Shore s+uclen'rs gel' a close Ioolc a+ wild and 'lame animals from all over 'II'1e world. SHIRLY OLSON RICHARD PALMER ANGELA PARENTI MANUEL PAZ CHARLES PETERSON GERALDINE PERCIO GEROLD PETROFES RONALD PHILLIPS JEANNE POWELL SYLVIA PRINGLE PHOEBE RANEY STEPHEN REPASY CHARLES REIER GARY RISLEY DANNY ROSS HOWARD ROSE ARTHUR REED TOM SABATH MARLENE SABEC DAVID SAUNDERS EDWARD SANTON WILLIAM SCHNEIDER CELIA SERNS ROXANNE SHIRK NAVARRE SIEBER KENNETH SMITH JACK SOLL SUE SPANGLER BEVERLY STEVENS EDNA STOREY JAMES TEEGARDIN OTTO THOMAS THEODORE THOMAS FREDDIE THOMPSON WILLIAM TLEWELLYN RICHARD TODD FRANK TOPLAK BILL TROUT KENNETH WUCHTE JACK WATKINSON EDWARD WELLING MARY LOU WEIR ARTHUR WEST WILLARD WERTENBERGER KENNETH WHITLOW DONALD WEICK RUTH WILK RICHARD WOLGEMUTH JOAN YARDBOUGH MARY LOU ZAHLER GARY ZANZIG Page Filly In LUCILLE BAILEY DALE BENTHEIMER ARLENE BIRCHAK ANTHONY BUCHTA WILLIAM BURROWS MAUREEN BURNS LEE BUSH SHIRLEY CAMERON JOAN CAMPBELL CAROL CARLSON LEONARD CEFARATTI SALLY CHAMBERS DAVID CHAPPELL ROGER CHAPMAN GEORGE CHIPPENDALE ANILLE CHRISTIE DOLORES CIPRIANO JOYCE CRAMER CAROL CRESSMAN MORRIS DANZINGER ANN DELINGER ROBERT DIETZ BARBARA DORN DAVID DOUGLAS MIKE DRAGAS BILL DURAN BARBARA EARLY TONI EARL ROBERT EHAS JANET EIBER MARILYN ELY EUGENE EMTER MADALINE ESPOSITC MARY FALLS JAMES FAIRCHILD CHRISTINE FAZIO AUDREY FOERSTE DONALD FORCE WILLIAM FORTNER JANET FRECH DAVID GERLAND GAIL GLEITZ ROBERT GILCHRIST CURTIS GORDON SHIRLEY GREAVES BETTY GRUGEL LOIS GRUHN DAVID HAHN JOAN HAIGHT DONALD HALE DONNA HARTZELL SANDRA HAW BARBARA HAZEN CHARLES HOEFLE ARTHUR HOLDEN MARY HOPP AGNES HORVATH JOSEPHINE IAFELICE BARBARA JANKE JAMES JANKE BARBARA JENNE NANCY TODD GLORIA JONES ROBERT KAROL ANNE KELSO BARBARA KILMA RAY KNOCH PATRICK KLOSKY ROLAND KOSTEINCHEK JANET KOVACH MARCIA KUCHERA JOANNE LACEY BETTY LA MACCHIA EDWARD LANGER DAVID LINDSAY PATRICIA LITTLE MARILYN LLOYD ELAINE LOKAR HENRY LUETHEMAYER THOMAS MACKENZIE JUNE MARCHIONE DORIS MARIA CAROL MAROLT BARBARA MCGOWAN CHARLES MCQUIGAN DEAN MCINTIRE RICHARD MENTLER KAYLENE MILLER RUTH MILLER DORIS MISKOS JAMES MOFFOT NANCY MORROW CAROLYN MOSALL JOAN MYERS RICHARD NEMETH LYNN NESBITT ge Eiffy-six 7 I I1 G R A D E TRL . ' A 211+ k,4'g,.,k wi H A , ' .4 A 17' I I . A I I AH 4-2 lr sw V N' A 'fi Ti' M " 4"" J , ' . ,. :I '- ' . I J-1 R 7' H V - ,L , s ' -, p ., I Q i Q., wx , ' as-' I 8 ""5' J , - K' ,'.,. L, Mink I :im 1 14 'Q 6-v 'T' I "',f Q I L I . L PM ' A .t 'ayw -4 Iain -, 41- ' A 1 CA!" , ' N u 'rg nl-3 ' "-1 4 I fc V . J, . a?E.i"5E Q TAXI.. I ,. ,fx M E, - 'W -. if-M" .2 5,1 " " A . A251 if if? f H 52 ' A I Mm ' ' f 'I ' - .. A 'S , V A, if W A: I L .... X 'N fu um 5 - Q is .MQ ,, ,.. I Klgf 39, V be . ' ,Q A 'a Al' :E , ' ig 15.4 f 1' .ALA f Ti aug A Fw? ' - ,- . " '13 I W SQL 55 'ff A I T' wg ,ax Q V 1,1 1 ,,.. 5' 'I -Q. -- ,, ' ., I X. JK' 'N if , Q' R, N Pe A " f I,,g9'i? I -., .Qi Y-, . u Q .Rx 7- 'L-1"22 X .Q i Q15 ' I' I .V If 'W,,"f. ..v 1. fS4 "' ' ,124 - 'I ' , r' A.: -4' and -nm, I-5 -:yy ' A 1 J A 4 4 fffhgg: .-: A J ,. X I' Q, L gf ,C be gg., 3'-2,1426 I if , . a SW K -f H V L W .., V. V, Iyl 1 I JJ Nwie?:fm .s ,EM If - nz' , . .42 ,W ' -' ' .- J., ' I- L dan , . fain--,xxx 'vi' , N ' .,,, ,gg rf. , f-rea, ' E-Ia s. - :J ,-ff ' , 5. .,f,. ' 7: W' , -'9' , .. M W- I ,I 'ww rv .Av ' A-:M an -V ' any . 'P 1 I fi 2 6 Q , I ,jg . . 4 -'K 9 f 'W f ,M gan: wa. I . .S .4 W ,'- A jg I . , we iq If., I " 3' -I '-'l .si ,.,, ' ,. R, fav - I 553. xv N V-13 ,U sv ,X ,L I, W: W1 . if I V '5 N uv- . I ' My ff- ' .13 """ L F5 " L-gi -. ' . Q fi ff. I 'af' 9' ' :L 'T W ... J ' x 'L -1 Q H55 . :if-, ' X ' I. '3 I ' X? If .. If.. :W J, - Nm 3, 1' 51:5 :L A I XS Qi : de A L - . ' "X X- -'fl I. f 'a L Hi R-' 'mx Vbd,..N,. ,L , LQ., 'BINWE 'i,Jf'v'.AiZ I A I-AA v-2 4' 'T my , ., Q f - , ' :I ffxfw ' ..' f' I H bvbl 31, A Y ,. 4 Q 155 zfgffig? J 1 I CLASS OF '54 " I I P X.,v M I ' V N N I I , I I . V I I , ' - I f,. l ,L 1. 9 I A - -lies : T' I QV - rx I 4' ' -, "CJ i we t . NN , , J. X 'Q' 55", - .5 K 9 I' ,. I ' ' I M ' I I -. SH I 'I A ' - I r I -- 1, I J x V 'Ii' f I I 2 a 1 .9 , Qi A ,I afvirff ' Q I- L N ,Q f3""m,g5 I-vb " .:' '-'- A 7 4., ,QQ , 'I . ,V , ,-. ER: I , if F X A1 is ' Y ' I A Q 5-.A g sa .Q , I. X 14 ' 'A Q Q , Q ,.. - - :Y at if , Q4 I - 'T fg. . 1 QQ SEAT- . , or L., I Q , I T ,V 1 Ml 3? I fx 1 I : 'A I H '- '-. - .3 Q- 'Q fx , 0 W- Q ,. K T- Sl' I 1 A ' - f :z . 5 - . L a i 'T A ff-j " f nf? " a ' ' . 'fi fa' "' . R, , . , , , Agni x -' an X YJ J ' ., A , 2 -:Pj-' Y V 1, L' KS.-5 I ,Saga 51223 I 'f liking V I I A 3' I Ev 'f T ' f- "- A A , ' V W .A :J an ff' i- ' ' Ka Q .. . L , L' iqzf 'ai' f T ' - I X f 1 ,, L ,se . 4 ' wz-- Y " 1 rife " K' - EZ if A I ' ATI , 'F ii ' ' I f If ' if 1 " in W' ' 1 gf' A I ff Q 9 X i I' 6 A "' " K Z N, " .Alf U. '- ,-.. ' r ,- N if T I' , Q' 1? ' ' ,ga I 1 if gil AT 5 3 fy. iii? ,I J Aff J. I ,,.. - . f 'v-1, 1 I f?f,55 , " 9353 4945 fi, JANET NEWMAN BOB NEWMAN JOAN NUTCHLER LAWRENCE OBERDANK JOANNE OGILVIE BOB ORLANDO JOAN OSBORN CONSTANCE PARR TOMMY PASKINS PEGGY PATRICK BOB PAYNE KATHERYN PECK GERALD PEDERSON GERALD PETERS EVELYN PETROFES MICHAEL PATETE VEROL PIERCE CAROL POTOCAR GEORGE REPASY DONALD REIGHARD PATRICIA ROLLS JOHN ROOME STEVE ROSIC PAUL RYAN BOB SANDMAN TOM SANZABRINO CLARENCE SAVAGE JOHN SKULA ED SEAMAN HAROLD SHIRK RICHARD SECONDO JOHN SKIMER BOB SMITH BRADLEY SMITH JAMES SNIDER SANDRA SNOW HELEN SALOME JEAN SPICE CAROL STAPLES SUSANNE STOKES ROBERT SLONAKER RICHARD SWETEL BARBARA SYNENBURG KATHLEEN THOMPSON TOMMY THOMPSON JOAN TUMBREY SUSANNA TWEED DOLORES WALENSA MARY WATKINS KENNY WATSON MARIAN WATTS GARY WEIR CHUCK WHEATON RONALD ZALETEL MARY LOU ZULIC Junior High sfudenfs enioy one of 'rheir firsf assemblies of I'I1e year sponsored by fhe I949 LOG sfaff. Page Fiify-sev . . . Olflle eine QP? . . . A QP6 QF? QF? Wpfsge Flffyfeighf f z ,illiml K m H 441 C,,,...J f X N X ,Z XX f Us ,I 3 Q. ff 'li 5 i 21"-ff' 1-L1 i.i Q fr' 'rg Y, -K f X f K , AD COMMITTEE l r .xl . MZ? .. ,. y T F155 li 'S K . - , Q ml -. .V 'L '1X- K1 W , Q a, . ROW ONE-Mr Spangler S. Shrewsbury M. Byrum, D. Colanfonio, T. Teree. ROW TWO-F McPherson, J. Tolh, B. Repielxy, E. Hauser, P.. Solon, P. Mueller, B. Slennfourfh, M. Pafrnore, R. Thomas G. Rifchings, J. Frosf, M. Basz. ROW THREE-M. Schulson, M. Mafhers, A. Ludwig, A, Meyers K. Sfrum, J. Whileside, S. Siaples, P. Wawrzynialz, J. Curdy, C. Beeson, S. Shields, B. Griflifh, K ' h J Bafes. ROW FOUR-T. Mlallar, W. Schudel, R. Chldley, J. Verbslry, C. Raney, J. Mal ers, Woodruff, B. Schwabe, G. Rosenlhal, H. Prosser. ROW FIVE-P. Doganiero, R. Tofh, R. Widowslti D. McPherson, H. Sieele, D. Powell, K. Sfoclcer, R, Brandi, A. DeBenednc+us, R. Monacelln. A few ol The pel sayings ol lhe enlerprislng Ad Cornmillee mem- bers, 'Buy your liclce-T5 from me . .. Give me your hand To be slampecl ...Sorry, wrong doorf' have lradee marked lhis club as one of Jrhe mosl achve and erhclenl in lhe school. Srnoofhly run by Mr. Spangler, Alhlelic Manager, Jrhe commillee sells liclcels lo, and works al, all home Conlesls. Mem bers are Chosen on 'rhe basis ol willingness and inihalive, .,.,,,,,,,, ge Sixly SERVICE CLUB l. L I i V fer fwfseifiiffi -0'- ROW ONE-P. Tolh, D. Colanlonio, A. Meyers, M. Egger, Miss Campbell. ROW TWO-J. Hug, C. Beeson, M. Humphreys, C. Gallwiher, J. Chrisropher, J. Hassinlx, A. Ludwig, P. Kramer, E. Auer, M. Read, M. Galliffo, J. Morris. ROW THREE--N. Fairchild, C. Wilson, D. Frabolfo, A. Masf, L. Sfelzfen, M. Hill, B. Grilififh, B. Cressman, N. Foresfelr, D. Clarricoafes, K. Bafes, V. lacobacci. ROW FOUR-B. Repiclcy, P. Mueller, E. Jonassen, A. Lolrar, B. Wilson, L. Webb, P. Solon, A. Snider, R. Riclrenbrode, G. Rifchings, G. Volney. ROW FlVE-A. Browning, K. Siurm, M. Byrum, G. Lebar, C. Schoenbeclc, J. Frosf, J. Carr, V. Gales, B. Hagen, N. Demefer, J. Gribbons, C. Shepard. Presidenf , Ardelle Meyers Vice Presidenf Dolores Colon+onio Secrelary .i . Mona Egger . Treasurer Pa? To+h Hilarious plays . . . melodious concerls . . . and sad Commence- menis are all in a nighis worlc of ushering for ihe Service Club. "li lhere is any worlc lo be done, lhe Service Club will do il." This moiio could well be used by Miss Campbells courleous or- ganizalion, whose duries are many and varied. This year The girls, MW Y4, aside from selling school supplief and ushering, adopied a large Ken- luclcy family and semi rhem many packages of food and clolhing. Page Sixry- STUDENT Q , Nw I in nga!!! Q F i ' 4 A , .. .2 1 ,W fr W. Y .1 E I. 'sa' '. sph! ig -fe.. ' ' Q V f , .,i,,.,,Q , Q -, . ga . - , ' nv? , 'Egg 5. 'E' fs! , ,.. ,, y 1 , x "wks '-A 3 8.2, Hgh If ' gy Q f ' .Q - Gia ROW ONE-Mr. Mills, B. Lindsay, D. Samuel, J. Feldman, J. Morris. ROW TWO C Crolzeil M Byrum, J. Christopher, P. Mueller, B. Wilson, P. Solon, V. Cole, P. Wawsynialz P Kramer ROW THREE-V. lacobacci, J. Dondrea, B. Langer, J. Lacey, M. M. Hill, A. Browning A Meyers M Mafhers, M. Rini, N. Foresfelr. ROW FOUR-K. Sfocker, C. Johnson, B. Schwab T Terree A Cergol G. Rosenfhall, H. Sielle, R. Pofolar. ROW FIVE-B. Forfner, O. Thomas, B Klaas R Brandl J Feldman, P. Wolf, M. Tench, J. Snyder. i Sixfy-lwo COUNCIL rl cf- - -251 ire I fa 4-mg as r ' . 171' ROW ONE-Mr. Mills, W. Lindsay, D. Samuel, J. Feldman, J. Morris. ROW TWO-H. Sfeele, T Teree, C. Johnson, B. Klass. ROW THREE-V. Iacobacci, A. Ludwig, P. Mueller, J. Chrisfopher, A Meyers. STUDENT COUNCIL ADVISORY BOARD Shores sluclenlr governmenl is a democralic organizalion which represenfs Jrhe enlire sludenr body. The members of The Council Iormulale plans, solve sludenr prob- lems, creale a favorable sludeni-leacher relaiionship and sponsor many annual affairs. Each homeroom elecls a repregeniaiive 'ro pariicipale in The council. Mr. Miller and Miss Jones are Ihe sponsers ol Ihig vilal organizalion. The Advisory Board is 'lhe parl of Jrhe governmenl which selecls proiecls, inlrof duces new programs, and nominales olrlicers lor The following year. To become a member you musl be elecred by Ihe council. Page Sixiy-Ihr ROW ONE-T. Carney, P. Alexander, B. Sears, W. Alclred, Mr. Gebharf, P. Wolff ROW TWO D Earl, W. Green, V. Sfruna, D. West D. Soufhwiclc, A. Snider, M. Malcman, M. Kaplan J Lowell The Shore Scicnce Club, reor- ganized lasl year under lhe direc- tion ol James Gebhari, conlinued lo be one ol lhe rnosl acrive and educalional organizarions al Shore rhig year. The general Theme and inreresls ol lhe club have cenlere-cl around biology and nalural science. Under lhe guidance ol a lew members inleresled in ham!! radio a sludy ol radio and elecrronics was con- ducled. A Trip lo The Lighring ln' erirule al Nela Parlf was one ol The ourslanding eve-nfs of lhe year. 655156 Sixly-four Presidenl' A B05 SSBFS Vice Presidenf Wesely Aldred Secre+ary-Treasurer Pal' Alexander FUTURE TEACHERS fl Q, .ew era -F . 3 6' QSM? ROW ONE-Miss Williams, B. Smiih, C. Monfgomery, M, Hill, J. Monfgomery. ROW TWO-3. Griffifh, S. Shields, D. Baslaiclr, C. Beaver, L. Sleffan, N. Wallauz. ROW THREE-A. Tarinlino, A. Masf, M. Gallillo, J. Henry, M. Humphreys, C. Lux, L, Wilhelm. ROW FOUR-G. Volney, B, Thorvai, R. Schwabe, T. Teree, W. Lindsey, J. Bufler, E. Jonassen, B. Sieinfourfh. ROW FIVE-3. Key, V. Sales, D. Weinlre. J. Anderson, M. Byrum, G. Lebar, B. Hagen. Presidenl Chuck Mon+gomery Vice Presidenf Mary Margarei Hil Secrefary June Monfgomery Treasurer Bessie Smifh "Wha+ a day, sigh lurure icachera aller a be-zslon of frying ro corwlrcl and leach a group cl elemenlary elude-nfs, Orgarfied E1 an erlorr lo provide ewjverienca far' aspiring leaclwerg. fha Fulure Teachers Club rrxernberg learn lrcvf if leela lo be al The head ol We :la-ss, By doing praclice leaching ln the lower grades lhe member. are erwdeavorlng lo find a be-Ver and more modern melhod cl eil ralnlishirwg puplllilacher relallcn- shape. Page Sixry-FREE? ROW ONE-C. Beeson, J. Hug, A. Ludwig, S. Snyder, Miss Pierson. ROW TWO-J. Clwrisfopher A. Meyers, C. Mayfild, B. Smilh, M. Humphries, N. Selron, E. Auer, M. Alabofl. ROW THREE- M Pefeie, M. Calabrese, N. Foresfelr, J. Feldman, D. Clarricoaies, C. Wilson, D. Calabrese, V. lcabocci ROW FOUR-P. Mueller, N. Drach, B. Wilson, L. Webb, R. Riclrenbrode, B. Thomas, P. Solon, J Loylre. ROW FIVE-V. Gales, C. Hausrafh, V. Cole, J. Burrowsn, E. Hauser, C. Alfer, T. Schaers E. Hamilfon, J. Curdy. Presiclenl llzirsl Semeslerl Almira Ludwig Presiden+ lSecond Semeslerl Jean Hug Secrelary Carole Beeson Treasurer Alice Snider Lffrie sisler guewlions . . . big Qifrera answers. The loo ol lhe Senior Sislers Club is lo acguainl freshman girls wilh high school lile. A lreshman girlls llbiq sisleru helps her wilh any problems she may have. To be eligible lor The Senior Sislers a girl musl be in 'rhe IIA, l2B, or IQA Class wilh a good scholaslic raling. She musl be ap- iiroved by Miss Albrecht dean ol Girls, her homeroom advisor, and Miss Pierson, sponsor ol lhe club. Page Sixly-six v.,- .W , . V I: ROW ONE-C. Johnson, R. Chidley, H. Sfeele, J. Bufler, W. Nolan, K. Sioclrer, Mr. Angene. ROW TWO-C. Monfgomery, D. Samuel, W. Lindsay, J. Kleindiensr, H. Prosser, S. Shrewsbury. Members of rhis club are selecled senior boys whose duly if is 'ro help freshman boys become laerler acquairned with Shore school. Besides helpful everyday "Chum- mingf' a ger-acquainred nighr was held. Each senior boy and hls s'x freshman brolhers consliluled a leam. A baslcelball Tournament relay racesk and wreslllng marches comprised an evening of relaxae lion, enlerlainmenl, and guidance. Page Sixry-seven BREEZE STAFF ROW ONE-Mr. Gray, B. Repiclry, J. Bufler, L. Webb, J. Hug, D. Harrell, G. Rifchings, Mr. Hinch. ROW TWO-M. Hollyfield, J. Curdy, C. Mayfield, B. Smiiii, S. Pollock, V. Gales, N. Demeler, K. Slurm, E. Pallco, C. Beeson, N. Sefron. ROW THREE-N. Foresfeli, K. Culp, P. Collins, A. Masi, O. Gilleffe, M. Galliiio, L. Presfon, V. Fiizpafriclr, M. Krause, J. McKnigl1+, V. lacabocci. ROW FOUR- R. Wefzler, C. Monigomery, B. Lewis, G. Klein, F. Saso, T. Terree, K. Sioclier, D. McPherson, J. Javoris. ROW FIVE-J. Chrisfoplier, D. McGinnis, B. Wilson, J. Monfgomery, E. Jonassen. R. Riclrenbrode, C. Alier, R. Marslw, M. Byrum. THE SHORE BREEZE SHORE HIGH SCHOOL Easi 222nd and BabbiH Road Euclid, Olwio Leonard E. Loos, Principal Published Every Friday During 'ilwe School Year, Along Euclid Shores Connie Alier and Joan Chrisioplier Excepi During Vacafions Shore Senior Shorls Marlene Krecic and Marilyn Lasher Prinied af flhe Shore School Prinl Shop gif?" I-FLQULSN s B +li'3YTE+""'m l . unior ig ews e y omas 75C pe'-lsemesier' Slzoo by Mall . I Alumni News , Rulh Ricluenbrode Member of Nahonal Sclnolasfic Press Assooiahon Library News y Kay Culp and Quill and Scroll Circulalion Manager Roberi Marich Ediior Lois Webb Adverfising Manager Bessie Smiflw Assisfani Edifor Jean Hug Copyreaders , Ruih Riclcenbrode, Mary Byrum Feafure Edifor Jim Bufler Typing Audrey Masf, June Monfgomery Assisianisz Carole Beeson, Marlene Galliifo, P"l".+l"'9 Advisor Roland B- GWY Connie Alier, Marilyn Lasl'1er Ofilce Run Charles M0"l'90me'Y Sporis Ediior M. M. Hill Priniing Sfudenfs. Assisfanfs: Dick Fox, Gene Wilson, Harry SfudenfPl1o+ograpl1er Richard Wefzler Sfeele, Calvin Barclay, Bill Lindsay, Ed Advisor Ray O. Hinch Nobbe. Prinfing Priniing Sfudenis ge Sixiy-eiglii 'ome Q Y-Teen SPYTUQ l:Ol'fTu3l Tmzgt-.: GHZ' - xv0l1IIl1C XXYII, Nu. 233 5llliTt'1lltlll Schrmol, lfuvlirl, llhiu lfri.. Apr. H, l.l-1.5 Must Go Ong Shore-ites Win Nine Shoreites Bring : D --A 'l 29th-30th ln Vocal T oes pr: Greta Ye rtrfky, 1-npr: 'he Show 'January Thaw', Senior Play, Scheduled For the Usual Two K1 ntral K Intl' lack Ttlu 1 C tL4? held at ksdr zrvc me V Q' mon acre- nol tl r nf 1 X lting- ien' T' ymhsrw and their uwrrh frvcr mf-re lr l da'-95 Hccllyded glut n ever, rth's fa h' W 1 over vrnnll yrrxzpe frm., wr-,wr rin! ..n.l ming Li II fffesu vcnlr Imirmru 'llrg llnrhal 'Jann-I in 1865. F1-frm Fhfvre the 1'frllcrr,n4r.g wrr PS, Sc ' r-xarrqrlr-, turn- tlrarrr-,r...1A 1 SllQ.l'tIUl7YlX' , - Wit UIUC fQt .r ., - , - leneral n - r' Excellent. Rrta Schm1rl,.loan hr 11 C Sou Cljes 1 .Ah r-- t.:--N r- :- showed Iwi I nm: fUl".l"llElj.' on rhrn mr. - .t.,, Gray. Frank 53, Mont Qfole Bllds oi' Iedlin rdf,-.r. 1. ef 5 in a tr.-.en can and stwkrng V-'mth thru- hnfrklwlri-' voyn grlamh deqdlgolher S950 Hoy SS l' to her knees. The rv' '-"' naqqng C551 mlm-' I In I I 11198 Y Q 17, K Q1 fy. ' - an " " ues: . ,49 Marlene Gallitto. ' fm ff' - - . I 'ld IGQQY Stu Des d ' 'I . " ..- :rr-r:11zi.1xf ' . fr. .fter outbrf Flngk ' 'diner Webb, Iedn Hug In WII H io H Hugqrlz, june' gh Q V I 1 , BTI ' . ' " ' "' ' lirrm, ' . 'meoffr 'F M. W'1bert Hothncm checkmg the final rrrrrfr-F. rf nt re.. A 1111119 ' and 1 - 11 done bythe H tl' nr. .rr .5 .r ,nr fu" A ' at when , . A at lob I I , we I IIIIIN RIIII I .Arai um Q ..... ... 5 .. I In ol-II I I I gre -1 Tl I I I , A , NIL I I-Mr! mn., . 1-ny CQ. edltl I I I I rmrr1,14l1r wmlunrtv ..rm,r. I, II, ww I T .I altered Breeze staff ot 49- ,,. ' HHH ll' ' Unnllp :tml vnu! nwnrrrr' uf lmrxflrnlirf-f H- 'lt """U '4" R, "rl, 'lu M' teen hum Mk ryoetfl ,md Mn, ,rm '1'.,my1,n,1 III.Im.,,I,I- N1nr.rL,rQrI,..ry. In 1, .Url rr. ,. . .vrl .nrru nxt... rr. s IIIIMH lv -'II I v I 'IW' irnd irzr-rn.rr5 Incirlentally I , y',nr'1-1,53 rl',1fr5glngAnrrhg1 ,Mu gf M, liiriimiij H? ilu hum lltiltinmc ti UW' "lr ll 91'-MUN fl-"'f l'l"' "i'L ' " 'Urn 'Md' L"':"l Iwi' UNH jul: M ll.f Iurljr' nf irlrrlrrw wr' 2 U I I GJ S I I I d t 1+-ar,r.4r,u:xfr'h.1rr:n:rr.trfllr :ilrrr AM IHA, ,H .MII III IAM, -, U. D, PFOITI 7-le TC: UI n S Sf-rlwn, Tl 1' Irrnirffe r--www rl hui .rf v hr!-, nw! pfrrr rin! rrnl I 1 ' gr K U "Q lrrgzmlzzxtirn,tlri-threernn1.rJ1m:- Be Perfunple o I fr rllifts. there :ire nrrmy I-I 5 ,I .H :I I I AI I I III lane New Members f2.'QiL.r, K - ' i .. mmh null ",,.....- rr, 1 .. 4- f Ray Turlc ol: News Tallcs, ls Made ' l-lonorary Member at Ceremony ' I"'I 'rr .. I.. rr. ' .-rrnl lu' Phe first anti tin l rrllt mlmtr n 1 frrlrr rx ,pter1rftlwt3,.lArriS11tri tix fr :Al 5 helfl NI-rnd.41.'I April -Ill.. ,cis Wow., r nr' f-- lurlenl cl' l Fair 450' . . . l I .With Mr. Hmch. Breeze supervisor ,el . . . Mr. Gray, Printing advisor . . . I ,r Editor Lois Webb cmd Assistant lean ke. Hug check dummies and page lock- renll lay '1 ws, guest I period assm., l timely talk after r,,.....,, .-U-n RIIPNBI de an honorary member of F,.a1,,mjU- MI Iem. :res Q. and S. Chapter. my pmgmm with 8 Ioparate Hr. Turk is Hi-News Ylirevtrrr awards cerevnfrny. the News and lt- rn-inmnr nf Q vw rr..-.wa L., L..- 3 Euflld Yfsl- Beverly Hagen, 11.-X. was the rr nl v I.. f7r.r.!.4 W..r-,.....s- r Paper Buying problem is Sc fue d yarn' 'rrrl llnnrll - rl " 'nd pnfrr. tln Slntilffrl 41 nrnrl ' Chuck ' wa rl the -rvl- r-.Jr .,. B Loca SIAFF F5 .s I if I WZ' Cf 'I' J .Qi ...Q LOG EDITORIAL STAFF ROW ONE-H. Sfeele, M. Gallillo, J. Buller, C. Beeson, E. Pallmo, C. Monlgomery, Mr. Jamieson ROW TWO-M. Hill, A. Ludwig, J. Gribbons, M. Byrum, C. Alfer, V. Gales, D. Colanionio, C Commander, N. Sefron, B. Repicky. ROW THREE-V. Iacobacci, J. Morris, J. Chrislopher, J. Hug C. Lux, G. Rifchings, B. Smifh, J. Hassinlz, A. Meyers, N. Foreslek. ROW FOUR-D. Samuel, C Johnson, W. Nolan, R. Moon, D. Harrell, B. Cummins, L. Cornelius, B. Schwarz, H. Prosser, D. Tolh ROW FIVE-D. Welzler, D. Basfaiclx, D. McGinnis, L. Webb, P. Mueller, P. Solon, R. Richenbrode N. Drach, B. Wilson, B. Thomas, C. Hausrafh, P. Doganiero. ,iw , . - ,A . W.. IGI.. 1 , .fury 5.143 5' I TY gem .. , , , , 91 .,,, my A gf, A wr I I-was I A I 'X " , ws LOG BUSINESS STAFF ROW ONE-M, Hill, B. Thomas, J. Bell. ROW TWO-M. Lasher, D. Basiaiclz, M. Sariorio, P Mueller, P. Solon, B. Sfeiniourih, K. Siurm, J. Curdy. ROW THREE-P. Collins, J. Feldman, A. Masf N. Sefron, N. Ware, J. McKnighI, V. Fihpafriclr, N. Foresiek. ROW FOUR-R. Wefzler, J. Klein- diensl, G. Sieber, B. Lindsay, E. Nobbe, A. Cergol, C. Johnson. ROW FIVE-J. Javoris, R. Moon K. Sioclzer, B. Lewis, D. Samuel, R. Tofh. Page Sevenly I A l3ounding Type For ine dummy Iag- oul . . . more picrures sclwecluled by Harolcl Prosser ancl Rusry Comrnanc- er . . . Flasb bulbs missing . . . and e Few over-exposures . . . bul 'rlwe pic- lures carne Jrbrougli . . . Ricbard N"L'el'2- ler. "Ns Meeling lne business rnen ol Eu- clid was lbe iob ol 'rlwe salesmen and saleswomen ol llwe I949 'Business slalil. - .H 'Q'--ef Under The able supervision and guidance of Mr. Roberl Jarnefson, rbe N49 LOG was publislwecl by Co- Edirlors Carole Beeson and Jirn Sui-V ler willi Marlene Gallirlro as Associ- 1- Cd: , ,, Ill - ale i. ,lor . . . a gre-ar goo, ue, cone. Pwciucricn ss e.. ,,, ,, ,.,1, remover . . . nours ar k,,ei'e:a': ' l ' 1 i gfaving , . , oescllinesi mer ani: ec . . . rlwe well planned and 3 , . scneoule Rep-T' rnovinq gi- i'x . ll'.L,L ,.' V. . J. . If "' . T' .Z'.:lIi1O Erma lie! Sioii. Ji? l. - - i 1 ,- Lil is ncpeo in ee cL'rlas'5i:1o -N , ,.- L-".-' " X -' illufl s. ..wlC.4, - I U ...X .1 X lvleel rlwal BUDGET! . . . and un- der rbe capable leaclerslwip of Miss Jean Bell il' was rnel' . . . Ee'H"-,i' Lou Tbornas ancl larger l-lill lailring lne siluarlion over. l..' O U1 i O i ,,,- A, ci i i Q iw aw" ' -ru" vol -i sflifli, C"oilis oi o l'E'5'f l l N lf Fi -1' "g Arr :FG 16? 3iGL, EF, :aFC'::i ., l.,L- F nfl, n i'.'- :in u:.:.i':l', :vain 'ss' Q "Cf'TS5. Page Sevenly-one 3 ROW ONE-C. AlTer, M. GalliTTo, J. Hug, L. Webb, C. Beeson, B. Thomas, J ChrisTopl1er M Hill ROW TWO-C. Moniqomery, J. MonTgomery, J. Bufler. This year The TirsT, and la5T, pub- lic inducTion oT members inTo Shores chapTer oT The Quill and Scroll SocieTy was held on April 4Th, The Quill and Scroll is an organ- izeTion designed To qiye recogni- Tion To aspiring high school iour- nalidn. STudenTs, To be eligible Tor membership, n'iu5T be iuniors or Eieniora, in The Lipper Third oT Their class, and be recommended by Their sponsor Tor ouwranding worl on eiTher The school paper or The yeerboolq. The Shore chapTer is sponsored by Mr. Roy T-lineh, Breeze edyigor. Rege SevenTy-Two CHAIRMEN Jean Hug Carole Beeson Lois Webb SITTING-A. Ludwig, Mr. Whifeside, V. lacobacci. ROW ONE-V. Gales, B. Hagen, J. To+h, A. Meyers, C. Wilson, M. Gallilio, B. Thomas, J. Chrisfopher, J. Curdy, L. Webb, T. Teree, J. Bufler. B. Wilson, G. Lebar, P. Wawrzyniak, B. Smifh, B. Grihfifh, C. Beeson, J. Morris, J. Loylce. ROW TWO- G. Wallauz, H. Prosser, W. Aldred, B. Schwabe, J. Verbslcy, R. Brandi, B. Lindsay, R. Chidley, C. Johnson, C. Monfgomery, N. Demefer, K. Sfocher, M. Egger, P. Solon. Presiclenf lFirs+ Semesferl Tom Teree Presideni' lSecond Semesferl Jim Bufler Vice Presidenf Barbara Wilson Secre+ary Judy Curdy Each January ar a solemn and imbrexive ceremony, vforlhy mem- bers ol The Junior and Senior classes are inilialed inlo lhe Naf lionai l-lonor Sociely. The mem- bers ol This sociely mu-sl ranl high in scholarship eadership, chare acler. and service. To be chosen a member ol lhe NJ-l.S. is lhe grealesl honor which a high school can beelow on Hs slu- Cne ol the proiecls of lhe was To sell programs al lhe baslxelball lournamenl lo raise money for a wire recorder. The club is under lhe direclion ol Mr. Slanley Whileside. denls. Nl-l.S. annual Page Sevenlyflhree FORENSIC LEAGUE k if ROW ONE--J. Wbifeside, L. Webb, G. Lebar, G. Sieber. ROW TWO--Mr. Baumer S Shrewsbury H. Prosser, K. Sfocker, C. Monfgornery. Blood-chilling rendirions of Poe's 'Tehrale Hear?" . . . debares on Wor'fd Governmenr . . . and hu- morous snores from sleeping cars . . . These consfirure a few of fhe speeches prepared by Nafional Forensic League members for srare speech confesrs. Wirhin 'rhe League irself rhere are several honorary degrees - merrlr f5O poinrsj, honor QIOO pornisj, and rhe hiqhesr degree, rhajr of dlsrlncrion Q00 poin+s.l If one is in The upper rhird of his crass zchorasricahy and has accu- mulared rwenry poinlrs in speaking he enrrrled ro become a member of rhe NPL. which is sponsored by Mr. Meryl Baumer. ge Sevenfy-four Presidenf GraHon Seiber Secrefary . Jerry Lebar ROW ONE D Tofh H Moses P Aplis W Duval S Shrewsbury R Replogle. ROW TWO-- B. Hendrickson R Conienza R Neude G Sheppard D Kramer T Monacelli ROW THREE-D. Hurless, ' Omerza A Omena F Saso R Chidley D Rinaldi ROW FOUR F Schulh., G. Walluz, B. Boys who look lorward lo a lu- lure which involves engineering lalre an aclive inleresl in The Scale and Triangle Club, sponsored by lvlr, Pohlo. The purposes ol 'rhe club are lo leach lhe boys lo use a slide rule and olher inslrurnenls used in enf gineeringg lo male various me' chanical models: and lo give lailfa perlaining lo dilrlerenl phafea ol engineering. ln general lhe cluld elrives lo give inlerealed clove a loaclzground which would prepare 'rhern for an engineering career. I' Page Seven+y-livi - 61- .. ,.. - -. ,. Y . ---f- l-Tl Hawk'-Um. UTIL? I Wi i. . ,- -,- .4 lv L.. '. ,I -.4 J, ' LW ROW ONE-D. Wlwileside, G. Shepard. ROW TWO-W. Duval, Miss Aingworlh, J. Loylce, A. Cergol D. Tolh. ROW THREE-C. Bafes, A. Cook, M. Abbolf, T. Sclwares, N. Follis, H. Cressman, T. Hill R. Caraboffa. PRESIDENT Firsl' Semesfer , . Arfhur Cergol' Second Semesler Wilfred Duval SECRETARY Firsf Semesler Joan Loylxe Second Semes+er Thelma Sclwares Knowing wnal il ie lile To be a new -gludenl, members ol llie New- comers Club slrive lo make friends willw all enlering sludenls. 3V giv- ing direclionz lo lofi and bewil- dered slrangers llrie club accom- plislwef, ils purpose ol bringing new aludenls info llwe lold ol flue close- ly lnil Slmore lloclf. Tlve members are bclvooled in courlesy by llieir sponsor, Miss Lucille Ainqworllw. Page Sevenly-six LETTER RWINNERS l i i . 'S 'Q ff? 'Q Q" 1353 sg elvis? l 5 1. , T Q 'D I JU! 'lv' ' 'V X FR ,if , . K - Q, jMi.,,s 'V Q .- ,'. V ,'-R',X',..1ns . I M Q ii in K .Q Q .. . - fqfi 'lf-+V, f 5 A in ROW ONE-J. Guarino, L. Spine, J. Thompson, E. Wilson, D. Fox, F. Andreucci, R. Moon, R. Cicirel'i, H. Sfeele, D. Curio, W. Nolan. ROW TWO--W. Erb, J. Javoris, F. Brown, R. Clines, R. Marich, C. Johnson, R. Ogreen, B. Klass, D. Samuel, J. Feldman. ROW THREE-J. Sanlxey, J. Kleindiensf, T. Cousineau, . Miheliclr, T. Ahey, W. Lindsay, E. Nobbe, L. Sbrocco, P. Gulman, D. Harrell, R. Cummins, J. Keyes. ROW FOUR-B. Lewis, 6. Klein, D. Rinaldi, J. Salo, VV. Duval, R. Chidley, P. Baynes, C. Barclay, J. Alaburda, E. Pringle, J. Reelsel. BOY'S LETTER WINNERS Traclx, boskelball, loolboll, baseball, and wreslling are lhe sporls in which a boy may excel and lhus become lhe proud owned ol a leller. l-le rnusl have proved himself oulslanding in his chosen sport by using lair play and good sporlsmanship. N.A.S.S. A proud accornplishmenl' of any Shore elhlele is lo be chosen by lhe Nalional Alhlelic Scholarship Sociely. To be eligible, a boy rnusl have earned an alhlelic leller, and be in lhe upper lorly per cenl ol his class scholaslically. This club is perhaps an alhleles grealesl in- cenlive 'foward working for beller grades. ROW ONE-R. O'Green, B. Marich, D. Fox, F. Andrecci. ROW TWO-F. Brown, D. Samuel, E. Nobbe, R. Chidley, B. Clines. Page Se-venly-se Clocllwise-Nancy Seiron, Jean Feldman. Babe Pallro, Dolores Fraboffa, Pal Collins, Capfain Audrey Masf, Nancy Ware, Marlene Krause. Capfain, Audrey Masf, proudly exhibifs The frophy won by fhe Shore squad for "Runner-up" in fhe ,Rgqe Sevenly-eighl cheerleaclin g confesf. "Viclory, Viclory, is our cryf '... These lamiliar words refecho in rhe minds of Shore sludenls and are always associaled wilh lhe V748-49 Cheerleading Squad, The cheerleaders 'rhis year were led by capiairi, Audrey Mash and sponsored by Miss Vir- ginia Bell. Round-oils . . . baclcberids . . .ironifovers . . . cariwheels . . . were all parl of The irilricaie lormalions which brouqhl lhe "l?uririer-up" Trophy lo lhis oulslandinq Team. , .y,- Din.-...- Leif fo riglwf-Dolores Weinlre, Mona Egger, Kay Slurm, Co-leaclers Judy Curdy and Carole Beeson, Ardelle Meyers, Joan Tofh, Elaine Schofflre. "l-lere comes flue bandl' '... And slrulling proudly before if are The Slwore lvlaiorelles, who add color annd inrricacy ro llwe varied roufines performed al all liome and away games. Seniors Judy Curdy and Carole Bee- son were co-leaders ol llwe corps, consi-sling ol eiglwl girls from llwe iunior and senior class- es. Two new maiorelles were clwosen from a large group of aspiranls af +l'ie beginning of flue year. Eacln morning during ine loolloall season llwey pracliced llieir roulines along willi flue marching band. Eiglif girls, plus, eighf bafons, plus, eighf new wlwife satin uniforms equal .... The Shore Maioreffes, led by Co-leaders Judy Curdy and Carole Beeson. Page Sevenly nine HI-Y YT' I ll:-if Q 2,4 L.., A .W 5 -f. ' s El 4" . r fi? S-'31 if Ib. ,-an V Y I-fl f R S 3' SENIOR ROW ONE-Mr. Schwegler, C. Monfgomery, J, Javoris, B. Lewis, F. Brown. ROW TWO-J. Colon- fonio, J. Orlando, J. Gilmore, T. Mlalcar, C. Barclay, J. Sale, R. Fox, C. Johnson, R. Alllcneclcf, R Heidnilc, D. Curio, J. Evans, W. Erb. ROW THREE-R. Conrenza, D. Samuel, W. Klass, R. Clines L. Humphreys, K. Sfoclrer, L. Cornelius, H. Sieele, S. Shrewsbury, R. Toll1, W. Nolan, J. Bresnan ROW FOUR-6. Sieber, H. Prosser, R. Cummins, A. Cergol, F. Andreucci, J. Milneliclr, T. Alney J. Marhers, T. Teree, J. Kleindiensr, W. Gorlsa, D. Harrell, W. Krasclw. ROW FIVE-W. Duval, J. Builer R. Chidley, L. Sbrocco, G. Murray, J. Campbell, W. Schwarz, L. Key, P. Miheliclz, E. Pringle, P. Baynes JUNIOR ROW ONE-Mr. Schwegler, C. Monlgomery, J. Javoris, B. Lewis, F. Brown. ROW TWO-L. Hay barlrer, R. Cicirelli, R. Brandi, J. Thompson, J. Guarino, C. Znidarsic, G. Blenchfield, J. Cunningham Sudgen. ROW THREE-D. Kramer, P. Doganiero, T. Sudgen, K. Roberls, J. Keyes, J. Feldman R. Miller, M. Parsons. P. R. Monacelli, E. Roberrs. ROW FOUR-A. Omerza, J. Woodruff, E. Nobbe, W. Lindsay, T. Cousineau Gulman, J. Verbsky, G. Rosenilial. ROW FIVE-J. P. 6. Wilson, W. Landeg, D. McPherson. Bresnan, T. Parisi, R. Moon, G. Alaburda , I I W fy Q-, an ,- m m l msg aa s 2 sim? ' z.,m.' We 5 4. ss , . 3 - - ' MQW 1 y 1 a fn ,.-, f M' A s '- 'F' L- . 112 -- ' L . Gr- ' -W. -f .JV IL. I' W 'Asif xi i-C... I .jj ' tw- 4. f ef - Si I I e Eiglwry X.. if-ri QA X. Y-TEEN E 9643! Nw- m.,...., fi? SENIOR ROW ONE-M. Gallillo, M. Palele, J. Caraboffa, M. Hill, B. Thomas, J. Morris, J. Curdy, J. Feld- man, S. Zanzig, C. Janovac, R. Elfman, J. McKnighl, K. Culp, B. Liubi. ROW TWO-Miss Pafriclc, lacobacci, O. G-illelfe, A. Ludwig, M. Lasher, T. Schares, J. Kovach, E. Pallxo, N. Will, N. Ware, . Commander, B. Blaclcwell, S. Horner. ROW THREE-N. Foreslelr. M. Thomas, D. Clarricoales, D. Tail, E. Kubecelr, B. Smifh, K. Thompson, S. Polloclr, M. Burns, C. Beeson, J. l-lug, B. Wilson, C Lux. ROW FOUR-B. Dixon, N. Selron, C. Mayfield, A. Lee, A. Snider, R. Riclrenbrode, E. Lulher, V. Gales, C. Hausralh, J. Loylce, P. Mueller, M. Saforio, J. Kopanslci. ROW FlVE-L. Webb, B. Wilson, E. Hamillon, B. Repicky, D. McGinnis, G. Rifchings, N. Drach, D. Baslaick, V. Cole, J. Burrows. JUNI O R ROW ONE-6. Uhry, D. Jameson, D. Auer, J. Dondrea, D. Kovach, M. Lamacchia, J. Mapes, R. Carabolla, J. Luilsarl, B. Tiflinlaach, F. McPherson, A. Tarinlino. ROW TWO-A. Wrighl, D. Ogreen, B. Langer, L. Osberg, N. Fairchild, C. Morgon, R. Tiffany, P. Tolh, P. Cooney, G. Filsinger, P. Daniels, C. Krome, R. Dugan C. l'lar'l:ell. ROV! THREE-E. Reoiclcy, D. Wiseman. D. Holzmer, M. l-lale, A. Browning, M. Zalele, N. Wallauz, S. Shields, A. Tower, B. Hall, J. Ahey, D. Andreucci. M. Dowis, Mrs. Wilson. ROW FOUR-J. Langa, B. Schulz, A. Arrison, M. Leonardi, N. Morelli, D. Klein, N. Jordon, D. Funlx, M. Malhers, N. Rollinson, R. Ferro, D. Verbslry, M. Baez, A. Simonic. ROW FIVE-J. Sleflen, C. Crocliell, R. Walenzd, J. Woodruli P. Alexander, C. Swaclchamer, G. Volney, M. Pafmore, A. Lolcar, E. Timoney, J. Anderson, S. Sfaples, D. Miheliclr, N. Follis, J. Aldred. ROW Slx-B. Key, C. Sluzen, V. Slruna, J. Whileside, J. Linslrom, J. Mardorl, M. lvlislcrich, O. Shepard, D. Lelcse, M. Hollyfield, C. Nelson, B. Pederson, R. Nuliclc, C. Becvar. V. C l 1 5 l l l g A tal Ellfiiik Ei 69 r.-L 533 ' if G . A . C . 1 2 1 R -R i .I . Mi Q s, 131 fa? - ':,' N .. '-- an ,K f': ,rf -H J ? .. .J-5 ' ff-5 H M - 1".'f', 4? I ".- . . S 'ffl ' . .:. ff' E? . 4 I Ss: -.-.-, NA M f J A wa ... za? -f H- , ,,A,: J- f i Y, in H V.,., . ,ff ., md., i , , .y .. , I:,.:. . ir, r f . R E ' "f',:f- 'l ' WTO. Q 'iw T 'Y .5 f if .-,, w- A . ' 'T 'Z .' Lffig. ""' 3 ' ,,- 'Q A as A "":' J 41 N..,. ff' x, , "W'4 ' . fi if ',.:V A fa W .f -1:, . 7 ,Q ' ' 'JAI f ' :A2 J ... .M 3, 1 Q "" ' i " 4 ' QE. . 5 , 2' Q1 V :::,' , :': Q 2 N .,,.. , ,1:, 'R "--f' Q v-.QA Z A L, -,,4 ' if ' y V. Znv xx. . , .- ' ..,,,, 1 . ii 3,6 :QV K :PT-5 rf- T-.1755 t W x s A'-' A -"' -A Auvf . . "'A A V W .f . fS7k' ...S-hwy kg Nw... W v My gm Q www ,,,...- SENIOR ROW ONE--M. Pefefe, N. Foresfeln, J. Carabofla, J. McKnigh+, Miss Gill, M. Meclr, V. lacobacci, S. Zanzig, M. Galliffo, O. Gilleffe, C. Lux, A. Mast ROW TWO-M. Burns, M. Lasher, A. Ludwig, J. Curdy, S. Polloclr, E. Hamilfon, J. Kovach, B. Smifh, D. Tail, C. Commander, N. Sefron. ROW THREE-M. Hill, S. Horner, C. Beeson, E. Pallto, K. Mayfield, N. Ware, J. Hug, R. Elfman, B. Liubi, D. Clarricoales, J. Feldman. ROW FOUR-C. Wilson, N. Drach, L. Webb, E. Lulher, C. Janovac, A. Snider, A. Lee, V. Cole, B. Wilson, D. McGinnis, B. Thomas. ROW FIVE-T. Schares, D. Basficlr, C. Hausrafh, G. Rilchings, B. Repiclry, P. Mueller, J, Loylle, N. Will, M. Sarlorio, V. Gales, B. Blackwell. J U N I O R ROW ONE-M. Pederson, M. Krause, M. Gilchrisf, A. Rohloff, B. Wise, D. Fraboilo, S. Zamig, V. lacobacci, M. Meclr, F. Gielano, K. Bafes, N. Simmons, D. Calabrese, M. Abboif. ROW TWO- M. Calabrese, L. Gibson, P. Kramer, P. Wawrzyniak, M. Egger, C. Aller, A. Meyers, J. Chrisfopher, E. Walfemeade, S. Peffif, M. Henry, G. Lebar, C. Gallwilzer, J. Bosanlro, E. Auer, E. Sarforio, Miss Gill. ROW THREE-B. Brewsfer, P. Gosnell, P. Spencer, M. Read, J. Hassinlr, D. Colanlonio, J. Henry, L. Preslon, N. Rice, J. Gribbons, M. Holden, M. Paleif, B. Cressman, L. Sfeffen, B. Griffilh. J. Croswell. ROW FOUR-B. Lavo, V. Tidermen, J. Gordon, M. Kresic, B. McKone, J. Montgomery, C. Sandsfrom, E. Jonassen, D. Mauser, P. Solon, B. Erlhal, R. Thomas, J. Kosher, J. Frosf. ROW FIVE-N. Demeler, B. Dixon, E. Hauser, R. Marsh, J. Tolh, D. Dominicll, P. Jordon, D. Weinlre, C. Reese, M. Byrum, G. Brasch, L. Goers, E. Scholllne, N. Nelson, L. Ericlon. 2 G. A. C. 3 , 1 . , 1 l - V , , I . , I M l z .el :warg aa are a e ' X , , .YV . S f r igfiaa' . 5 1. - Q1 ' wr ., .- -'ef' M , 1 was ' -T . -. - 4, , f N W 'fx 'T' A 5 A' E.. . VEY 2' 'A A A 1 , .,,- . .5 v , ' iv .i 'v f , a x '.x.-- . 5 , -5 are 5 we ,. .l f ..-Sa. "'.'5r" . 4 - Q- , M. -- .. lv, v q, ,,..A . , ,. 3, .,,, K i ff' Q- " 5 v iw fl f- K ' Q --' ' 'J I r "C: wr - l"- K5 l rl ' 'Emi-'. J. . . A. - -A Q :E T A es F- 3, 'lla S '- "' g"f ..,, C., ,.:. , A .-,-- - I f A..,q In , .,... 4 5 4. V , H h xii. . A S fi? R '?"'i--U -------""""n' .B I as Q4 Q. SOPHOMORES AND FRESHMEN ROW ONE-A. Coolr, J. Langa, N. Fairchild, D. Jameson, G. Uhry, J. Donclrea, A. Wrighl, M. Meclr, V. lacobacci, S. Zanzig, D. Auer, J. Mapes, R. Carabofla, . Luilcarf, E. McPherson, A. Tarinlino. ROW TWO-S. Shields, G. Fllslnger, J. Whifeside, B. Hall, R. Ferro, C. Sbrocco, E. Repiclry, J. Ahey, A. Browning, C. Shepard, M. Dowis, N. Rollinson, C, Crocluell, M. Hollyfleld, C. Becvar, P. Cooney. ROW THREE-M. Rini, B. Langer, H. Harfzell, M. Malhers, D. Funlc, A. Simonlc, M. Zalele, B. Schulz, N. Wallaul, C. Krome, D. Holzmer, N. Jordon, N. Morelli, L. Osberg, D. Verbslry, M. Basz. ROW FOUR-H. Lowell, J. Woodruff, C. Schoenbeclc, M. Miskrich, J. Anderson, P. Alexander, D. Miheliclx, R. Tiffany, A. Lolrar, M. Palmore, G. Volney, J. Aldred, C. Beaclle, N. Follls, R. Walenzd. ROW FIVE-B. Key,, R. Nuliclr, J. Sreflen, S. Slaples, C. Sfuzen, C. Janke, D. Miheliclc, L. Bruck, S. Marclorf, J. Lindsfrom, J. Wohland, B. Pederson, N. Nelson, C. Morgan, P. Tofh. ROW ONE-P. Mueller, B. Thomas, M. Gallillo. ROW TWO-J. Feldman, B. Wilson, M. M. Hin. GIRLS LETTER WINNERS Years ol hard work and per e verance have proved lruullu lhe few girls who can be Iuslulalo proud ol lheir alhlerlc leller The e lellers are awarded on lhe bass ol a poinl svslem. The g rl ear poinrs in various ways, such as ba lcelball, volley-ball, and ba eba school and biking, hmm and horseback riding oulslde of schoo Page Eighry 'rh 5 2 1 gi . ff: .. ,,, . .,,, V 'J X' 3: : 'fi of , ffyf 5 -4 ,xg f Mis :CWS ff is z. me 93 Jw ' g QZJENP ROW ONE-L. Humphries, T. Shauss, G. Wallauz, H. Prosser, C. Johnson, l'l. Sleele, W. Nolan J. Cunningham. ROW TWO-G. Blanchfield, B. Sivola, D. Samuel, G. Shepard, R. Confenza. B. Clines J. Evans. ROW THREE-L. Cornelius, G. Pringle, A. Cergol, F. Saso, J. Rebel, W. Krasch, F. Andrucci L. Parr. ROW FOUR-R. Alilmechl, l'l. Welsh, J. Bresnan, J. Bresnan, J. Orlando, R. Heidnick, J Caldwell, K. Sloclmer. Presidenl Chuck Johnson Vice Presidenl John Evans Secrefary Harold Prosser Treasurer Harry S+eele Demonslraling proper hurdiing -i'd high iump reehnioues lo less eioerienced boys and assisling The gym feacihers is lhe iob of lhe Boys Leaders. Each leader has a squad 'n class and he develops his own as a fearn, This Type of worlq gives The boy excellenl pradice in leading. Boys from lhe sophomore, iunior and Qenior classes are eligible lo ioin, Distinguished by Their while uni- lorrns, Jrhe boys malre applicalion lo rhe club and are voled upon, Page Eighly-four iii ' GIRLS LEADERS ROW ONE-Miss Bell, M. Abbolf, P. Cooney, B. Smilh, A. Ludwig, J. Curdy, M. Hill, D. Colonlonio, N. Demefer, J. Gribbons, Miss Gill. ROW TWO-F. McPherson, V. iacabocci, C. Lux, B. Grif-liih, P. Tofh, M. Galliflo, J. Feldman, M. Mafhers, J. Morris, N. Sefron. ROW THREE-D. Mauser, R. Thomas, N. Drach, B. Wilson, P. Mueller, P. Solon, L. Webb, G. Rilchings, B. Repiclry, B. Thomas. ROW FOUR-J. Crisfopher, V. Gales, S. Zanzig, J. Whifeside, J. Tolh, M. Egger, P. Wawryznialc, IA. Meclx, A. Meyers, C. Crockeff. Presidenf Mary Margaref Hill Secrefary-Treasurer Judy Curdy The blowing ol a whialle . . , lhe familiar words iine up! . . . and 'whal happened lo sguad four? . . .are all parl ol The every day worlf ol lhe Girla Leaders Club. The main purpose of lhis organe izalion is lo assisl The gym inslruce lors during gym classes and in in- lramural sporls. A limiled number of girls from lhe sophomore, iunf ior, and senior classes are chosen for membership each year. The Leaders are ioinlly Sponsored by Miss Dorolhy Gill and Miss Vir- ginia Bell. Page Eighly-li RLS LEAD Judy Curdy Jean Feldman Vincelfa lcabocci Joan Morris Audrey Mas? Barbara Repiclcy Nancy Drach Gerfrude Richin gs Belly Lou Thomas Marlene Galliffo ge Eiqlnly-six l. 5 Claire Lux Barbara Wilson Lois Webb Nancy Sefron Pai Mueller Virginia Gales Shirley Zanzig Miss Virginia Bell Miss Dorollwy Gill Bessie Smi+l'1 Mary Margaref Hill fs X f A xx ' I fa X f 3 1 I 'lp i W w1,gy5g.zr ,A v " Q - 3 f S JUNIOR PLAY nigga' l ' -fee? 512 rw' J. f . 5605 R 3 , xz f-.A W,- wo ,mm I. . wer e 1. 42. ug' ' 3 A fx. 4512 . P + - A 22225 fs, J R 'mf' if 5 -JC-it fx M M 4? ii' fi ROW ONE-C. Reese, M. Henry, P. Wawrzynialx, N. Deme+er, M. Byrum, J. Toih, Mr. Angene. ROW TVVO-K. Baies, L. Sfelifen, J. Gribbons, M. Read, P. Gosnell, B. Griffifh. ROW THREE-6. Lebar, D. McPherson, R. Brandi, J. Verbslry, J. Greve, E. Jonassen. ROW FOUR-R. Henriksen. D. Kramer, G. Rosenfhal, R. Widowslri, R. Wefzler. ge Eighly-eighl eg RVIIPIPIAUI' Wifllllfl I Remember lvlamaf a wholesome comedy proe duced by lvlr. Angene and lhe Junior Class, will always remain Iorominenl in lhe minds of Shoreiles aa one ol lhe besl. The play Cenlera around Hlvlamaf lpal Vlfawrzyniall, Papa lRay Widowskil, and Their children, Daqmar, llialhy Belesl. Chrisline, lJoan Tolhl, Nels, lRay Brandll, and I-ialrin lBarl3ara Griililhl, who lells 'rhe glory. 'lvlamasi Three sislers, porlrayed loy Mary C. Bye rum, Karhryn Reese, and Elizaloelh Jonessen, comolicale lhe plol, while, Uncle Chris, Mlhe black Swede," lends hu- mor and lenderness. JUNIOR PLAY 7 PRODUCTION STAFF i . 4' are . , - "S: ss . fi? .1 ww . ' - .y we . ,jew-:, V 43-I L GS ROW ONE-P. Gosnell, L. Presfon, M. Abbofi, J. Croswell, L. Sfelifen, F. Giefano, E. Sarforio, M, Krause, B. Wise, D. Fraboifo, P. Spencer. ROW TWO-M. Palei+, L. Goers, B. Hagen, D. Weinlce, N. Nelson, M. Egger, C. Alier, D. Colanfonio, N. Rice, S. Refill, B. Cressman, E. Auer, K. Balef. ROW THREE-B. Coons, J. Hasslnll, A. Meyers, J, Chrisfopher, P. Kramer, D. Miholr, K. Sfrurn, C. Gallwlher, J. Bosanllo, E. Walfermade, M. Holden, N. Wallauz, W. Rhodes. ROW FOUR--P. Doga- niero, D. Powell, A. DeBenedic+us, C. Znidarsic, J. Thompson, W. Lindsay, E. Nobbe, L. Paar, R. Cicirelli, D. McPherson, J. Feldman. R. Monacelli, Mr. Angene. ROW FIVE-P. Solon, E. Hauser, M. Krecic, V. Tiderman, C. Sandslrom, J. Monfgomery, J. Kosher, R. Thomas, G. Brasch, J. Frosi, J. Gordon, E. Schofflce, R. Marsh. Swilr change ol 'rwenfy-eighr scenes. and difliculr properlies, demanded an alerl, wellfrrained produc- rion slarl. Allhough lillle credir is given, much is deserved, by This hard worling group behind The currain. The Produclion Slarl ror 'l Remember Mamaw was headed by: Beverly Hagen l-louse Manager Elsie Auer Home Room Ticlel Manager Frances Gielano Reservarions Kay Slurm Publicily Rulh Marsh Wardrobe Sally Peliir Properlies Ed Nobbe Scenery Jean Hassinl: Pal Kramer Pal' Spencer Joan Chrislopher, Donad M David Powell Ray Monacelli, Charie-5 Znidauic Sound Ehleclf, Arr Furnilure Srage Crew .on Bool -Holders tecrrician !f If 74 . I REMEMBER MAMA Page Ninefy nwdffteld S H . JANUARY THAW PRODUCTION STAFF I I I I 'A -.. Bi 'wr ROW ONE-L Pringle, E. Auer, M. Burns, M. Lasher, M. I'IiII, D. McGinnis, R. Rickenbrode, J. FeId- man, G. Rifcnings. ROW TWO-D. Basfich, E. I'IarniI'fon. J. Carabofm, D. MiI1oIi, L. Pres+on, M. Abboff, G, Brasch, R. Commander. C. MayfieId, J. Christopher, M. I'IoIdren. E. Kubecek, A. Mast ROW THREE-M. Pafefe, C. Beeson, M, Humphreys, N. WiII, E, Walfemade, E. Hauser, D. CaIabre5e, S. PoIIecIr, N. Sefron, M. Egger B.SfeinfurII1, N. Drach, P. SoIon, J. Gordon. ROW FOUR-R. Brandf. B. Gorka, B. Bowen W, Nolon J. Mafhers, P, Hill, B. Cummings, E. Nobbe, R. Moon, D. Sar1'..eI J. Evens, C. Janovac. I The success of January Traw was IargeIy defermineo by me rragnificenr Mage se? which was bmi? oy nrvnbers of fne cfooucfion 5'aF woe' fne c"ecfio" of Ford Cage. Double landing s'aira . . . rnazfacrured snow . . . gIass windows . . . Ducn doors . . . aII combined ro be one oi 'ne Iines+ sets ever fo be ereded on fne Srcre sfage. Exfensive pubiicify insured the zuccess of 'rhe Iasr Senior pIay and Iarge scae ficker- selling campaigns and eFIicienI reservafion accommodaions provided seII-c.r houses for born niglwfs of fne proouciicr. I I I ge Nine+yfIwo 5EN'0R CAST 1 5 I5 F3 Hi' 41 Ni KA 'f I , . FRONT ROW-J. Curdy. E. Palllo, J. Hug, M. Galliffo, J. Kovaclw, Mr. Baumer. SECOND ROW- C Mon+gomery, H. Prosser, G. Sieber, K. Sioclner, L. Cornelius, B. Ciines, J. Bufler. Cor' Mare: . . . 'nyaiies , . . olives, nor sfuffed ...A:l1!...Bu' oirecfed oy 'fiery Culinary coriccric' w"'fn "Q ' "e Senior Piay 'January Thaw Baumer, was rar berfer fhan rlrus snowed-in" Gages were rcrcec 'Q ea' as orealFafr lunch . . .an dinner, Hercerr Gage Marge Gage Jorarnan 3 :ckffccg Marniida Qoclrv. Maff Rocfwooc Frieda Sarah Gage Pau a Barcara George Carson Uncfe Wa fer Loomis Harold Prosser Eiizaberh Palko Loyal Cornelius Joan Kovac Grafron Sieber Lois Webb Jean Hug Mariene Gallirfo Judy Curdy Chuck Monrgornery Jim Burler Bob Clines Ken Sfocker Page Ninery I'-25' N I .A X SJ' '- . f V' , Y' -4-JXT ,f 5 s.. ' A N' Nifgn- U 1 ! ky! j I j 1 9 Al j F. XX fl. J Q 5 xx I V - Q2 v 4 ' - -A Q, . 7 - 'U f-x l-1,,, f -- 0 5455?- - ' 2v- 2' 5:".A- ff X ,4 XX I 2 L' S I C ?"""N"""""""""'f"'Z""'"""T'f"" "x' """4"f"""':"i"""""" UE -............-... .. ..,,.........,,.. ..,-......-......-..e...i ,.........,....,,........ Page Nlnefy-four Oll CHP! Mary Byrum assembles l'1erins+rumen+'For rehearsal as Ray Monfacelli and Fran Gie- 'rano loolc for 'rhe music. .gain Barbara Wilson, sfuden+ direc+or, and Gerry Lebar, band secrefary, look over a difficulf music passage wifh Dale Harper, band direcfor. Page Nineryrfive BAND I F2 -..T 1' BAND ROW ONE-T. Monacelli, P. Spencer, M. Tench, J. I-lug, J. Norisic, F. GieTano, M. Vlier, F. McPherson, F. Podnar. ROV! TWO-M. Byrum, T. Paskins, L. Delac, J. Carney, T. CasTelIano, D. CoIanTonio, S. Zanzig, D. Cirino, D. TaiT, ROW THREE-M. Makman, R. WeTzIer, J. Passarralio, G. Lebar, VV. PoTokar, F. IvIerTin, R. Monacelli, D. Plesnicar, D. Kramer. ROW FOUR-H. Sluga, P. Wolff, R. Zanzig, L. Key, J. Verbsky, A. Cergol, J. Greve, R. Brandl. ROW FIVE-B. Wilson, D. McPherson, J. MonTgomery, L. Sbrocco, R. Elrick, E. Jonassen H. Welch, J. Byrun, N. Vixler. MARCHING BAND "Forward march! Concadence counTII' These Tamiliar phrases rang in The ears oT members oT The marching band all during TooTball season. Every morning aT seven TorTy-Tive, These sleepy musicians marched up and down The TooTball Tield pracTicing rouTines Tor The games. AT The Shore vs. CenTral game, They combined wiTh Their opponenT's band Tor a perTormance, looking Torward To nexT year. The band Traveled To every game where They perTormed along wiTh The maioreTTes. SENIOR CHOIR "OT Thee I sing - " The Shore Senior Choir has compleTed The lasT year oT vocal music, remembering Those robe TiTTings, double period rehearsals. and Their beloved direcTors, John Beck and Miss Jan Tompkins. The choir sang aT The ChrisTmas concerT and Gala NighT. One number ThaT no member will TorgeT is "There Were Shepherds," Taken Trom ST. Luke's Gospel sTory of ChrisTmas, which They sang aT The ChrisTmas FesTival. ge N neTy six i.:3i, A q:,..:...-y' Q..-...,... ROW ONE-M. Gibson, V. Connor, N. MoreHi, B. Griffifli, J. Morris, M. Holdren, B. Cresman M. Palefe, L. Presfon, B. Klein, V. lacabocci, M. Palefe. ROW TWO-B. Dixon, M. Alcos, R. Roiecl: P. Wawyzniak, M. Doering, J. Curcly, A. Sorlef, D. Baslaiclw, M. Humphries, C. Commander, B. Hagen N. Demefer. ROW THREE-J. Chrisioplwer, C, Gollwifzer, P. Kramer, S. Slaples, L. Pringle, S. Polloclz J. Sfroup, B. Eislell, M. Thomas, J. Hug, L. Goers, J. Hasinlx. ROW FOUR-J. Clwulra, D. Wesl T. Kollofil, R. Leonard, J. Bresnan, F. Saso, A. Gray, W. Krasl1, J. Orlando, W. Nolan, G. McLauglin ROW FIVE-B. Blackwell, N. Rice, M. Sarforio, P. Mueller, P. Solon, B. Wilson, C. Haurafln, R. Thomas V. Gales, J. Frosf. ROW ONE-A. Toward, J. Croswell, K, Bales, E. Sarlorio, A. Roloff, D. Auer, M. Schulson, A. Croolr ROW TWO-G. Evans, M. Henry, S. Palefe, D. Zuliclx, M. Hall, N, Follis, G. Filsinger, M. Zalilel 6. Blanchfield. ROW THREE-M. Hollylield, S. Chaslce, P, Gosnell, K. Reese, J. Henry, R. Schmid? E. Kubecelr, J. Gribbons, L. Slelrlan, D. Funlt. ROW FOUR-J. Feldman, M. McVeen, R. Cicerelli P. Wellrer, C. Johnson, B. Miller, P. Clark, G. Gardner, W. Fosler. ROW FIVE--N. Jordon, L. Eridon C. Sandsirom, G. Blanchfield, W. Eyman, M. Malrman. Sine 'Wlacbzcyczia ,1- .ef Qiee gm , . 3 , l , Q , -Y' W- . . L mg. ge Ninely- . l ROW ONE-J. Luikari, R. Caraboffa, R. Dugan, R. Ferro, A. Simonic, A. Wriglvl, D. Ogreen, G. Uhry. ROW TWO-B. Langer, E. Repiclny, C. Sbrocco, P. Granl, S. Boyle, M. Dowls, D. Holzmer, C. Harfzell, M. Kolefic. ROW THREE-C. Swaclxhamer, L. O'Kirlxi, J. Pra'H, D. Colanfonio, S. lnfihar, F. Molnar, R. Kidd, B. Galer, J. Wol-lland, A. Lolrar. ROW FOUR-J. Alwey, L. Bruclc, S. Marclorf, J. Lindsfrom, J. Woodrulil, D. Mihellclx, R. Walensa, J. Lowell, R. Sill, N. Szabo. eiglwl gf 1 1 f K , , In-'I X A ' ' w:' MMnif R ,4 N f One hundred , ff: ffm .1 L ,4f"7:7??3 'rw gi 5 L' Qfvv-wvvLQmy cywcfQfv'w SENIOR LOG QUEEN mmm- .5 ' R 5 " , ' " ft ' i 3 .F 3 4 'af .1 A Q gigs. LA 4 - 4:52 f- V 94. f A A , , 'fvff F ,V fy! 'Ill N17 9' V fL9'XL7i7' CfC:fLrf'VLfK,J A Cf'-'f'L7'5J' 3' JU NIOR LOG QUEEN Page One hundred and ode QQQQjj"'Q O 3 A I T E N D A N T s T O 74055455 QUEEN MARLENE GALLITTO PAT ARDELLE TOTH MEYERS Samba .fog fftfeadcznte PAT COLLINS JOAN MORRIS f, - Xu. 5, 5, "H, 'Hifi' ':" U yu j: Q l'HTN"fV-'-'--'w--'-HAA-------N--VY-W- 3 femdom .faq Awmdamw N r N 1 KAY STURM JOAN TOTH Zadie! Za!! QUEEN MONA EGGER DOLORES FRABOTTA . J ,F 1' . 1- 'I DOROTHY FUNK 1 Page One Hundred and 'rhree 77fwJwe 7aZZ62!z'a FOOTBALL QUEEN SJC F Clcxedfour N M . ...N ,...wuma-I I I I , l4 lj,i,y::,,v N 32, V , ,S --I ' ' -ll "Tiff-Q ' , H .:: -wi fyg xw 5 .Yi 4 , W V,.2.4lg1. 1- -3 V .T 'E I ' '- ' , , 'I-4314.1 HJ' V ' . -ff' X , - ff: f.'1r"Nf4ff.:w:" 215116 Y " '7 r 4 E Q 371 REQ, QW: 'jfff' ' "1. f..24fQ9f'5,, www " A4 Wow 9 BASKETBALL QUEEN Page One hundred and f ik Q Pliqe Une hundred and six TRACK QUEEN "'r 2 9'-Q v4 'fni I x Y 9' ?r-N w X -Q,-4 Z.. K Xxx f inn X i 49' r 1' ,,,- X X H I x iff - ? I V ,K H xx as- 5-L ' vT.r-..- Jw JW J -wax, O TQ J r O Cf T B A f 1' N 1.1 - "uf-1 7 r- rf5'N1:f:r.:,f:Qmf-,E-fi. . ,. . . L L Q-jf-,r-,, ','-"gf f fl ' ,V -'-- .' . 2,1-: f ' Lgil-lfs,,1'Qf93,,l,1figi-,ELL f 'f,,11,pL1f--1 -'-- ' 5 ---i--3 V? .spnargy mi Music Yftla Aer .S7cAwe9 Ar 6nll'E'I'l C9 8CA2l'f ROW ONE--R. Chidley, T. Cipriano, F. Brown, R. Moon, L. Spino, D. Curio. ROW TWO-G. Wilson, P. Mihelick, J. Hoag, P. Gufman, E. Nobbe, J. Salo. ROW THREE-R. Cicirelli, J. Powell, G. Klein, D. Fox, B. Mariclw, C. Miller, B. Lewis. Page One hundred and eiglwl v-f"Xf' ix.fsJ i.i'.LL? Shore's I948 foofball season was iiiled wifh surprises and disappoinfmenfs for fhe Admirals who chalked up five wins againsf fwo sel-backs. Shore iourneyed fo ZANESVILLE Seplember I7 for fheir season opener, only fo drop a 27-7 de- cision fo fhe down-sfafers. Fullbaclc Bob Marich hif pay-dirf for fhe Admirals' firsf fouchdown of fhe season. The squad fook advanfage of an open dafe fhe nexl' week by scrimmaging Holy Name. Ocfober I found Coach Wall S:hwegIer's crew roufing PARMA I3-O here a+ Shore +o avenge Iasf season's I9-O loss. Caplain Burg Lewis and Rollie Cicerolli provided fhe Admirals' scoring. Cicerelli we-nf on fo become one of fhe real "finds" of fhe season wifh his consislenf de- fensive play. The following week fhe Admirals lock advan- fage of 'rheir sea-going knowledge lzy turning back MAPLE HEIGHTS 7-0 in fhe Conference opener. The game was played during a heavy rain fhaf found only Marich able fo sco'e, "in fhe mud bowl." GARFIELD HEIGHTS was fhe scene of a real 'rhriller on Ocfober I5. Shore look a I2-0 half- fime lead, when Gene Wilson and Bob Marich scored, oniy fo have Garfield roar back fo a I3-I2 fhird quarfer margin as Shore suddenly became plagued wifh iniuries. The Admirals bounced back in fhe 'fourfh quarler when Ralph Moon and Frank Brown fallied fo give fhe "green and whi+e" a 24-I3 vicfory. Shore ended ifs 27-year-old rivalry wifh EU- CLID CENTRAL Ocfober 22 on Shore field by faking an 8-O fhriller from fhe Lions. Lewis scored fhe game's only six-poinfer. BRUSH'S ARC LIGHTS blazed pasf fhe Ad- mirals on fhe Korb Field Ocfober 28, 20-I2. This was I3rush's firsf win over Shore in II years. George Klein and Ralph Moon chalked up TD's for lhe Admirals. BEDFORD bowed fo Shore 24-O wifh Ed Nobles, Jack Hoag, Jack Thompson and Ralph Moon doing 'rhe scoring, November 5, on Shore's furf, fo close fhe Admirals' Iasf foofball season. . 5,5 V 4 - ,shawn Page Une hundred ahd P e GERRY POWELL JIM SANKEY CHUCK MILLER LOUIS SPINO TONY CIPRIANO CAPTAIN BU RGESS LEWIS PETE MIHELICH ED NOBBE DICK FOX FRANK BROWN RALPH MOON GENE WILSON RALPH CHIDLEY JACK HOAG BOB MARICH JOHN SALO DAN CURTO GEORGE KLEIN ROLLIE CICERELLI ge One hundred and Ien 5. ROW ONE--L. Sbrocco, E. Nobbe, T. Ahey, J, Miheliclr, B. Sivola. ROW TWO-C. Johnson, J. Kleindiensf, B. Lindsay, P. Baynes, M. Parsons, P. Doganiero, Mr. DiBiaso. ROW THREE-R. Brown, P. Miheiiclr, T. Cousineau, D. David, J. Alaburda, Mr. Case. . . . ln 'rhe Garfield game Coach Case briefing fhe boys in second quar+er for s+ra'regy. ellife OWLQII fri ,.. . . .-... .. ..... .,.. .,- ...,.,......-...........-,.-...4-.Q-,X 5.4 B A 5 K E T 3 A L L F jf ROW ONE-W. Fosfer, D. Callaly, D. lschay, L. Parr, D. Rinnaldi, R. Cicerelli, Mr. DiBiasio. ROW TWO-T. Love, B. STraThern, J. Alaburda, D. David, T. Mason, S. lnirhar, D. Cameras. ROW THREE- V. Sofia, T. CasTellano, J. Thompson, K. Kloss, D. Herless, C. Zmdarsic. Page Qne hundred and Twelve Xefierue Wife - Mp A repeaT performance was given when The ciose OT The IQ48-49 Seasor Turned ouT an- oTher EasTern ConTerence championship B Team Tor The Shore reserves. The 'Junior' AdmiraTs ended The season wiTh nine wins and Three deTeaTs. Under The able coaching oT 'Sparky' Di Biaso The boys dropped Their TirsT game To The Numni and The nexT Two To a sTronq QarTieTd Tive, buT Tinished sTrong by peaTinq Brush 37-32 and 36-26: BedTord 3l-24 and 4If3I, MapTe 33-25 and 30-ZQI Euchd CenTraT 35-30 and 28-261 UnIversiTy 45-37. By ,JUG CA I1 AA: m n 1' gc 761 in fAc' .140 . . . V!jll.AOL.fl' 761 . EJ! ibm l,,1 BASKETBALL .avr , -X 7' 2 2,51 - " , 1 In 3 M. , . ' ff S m . A . Z cz Z . 2 , W .cw 1 IT1 L. A,ne'4'5' it fn ' . .. f A 0 i- 3 rn 2, . I 0 ?" if? " If 1 fs I :- vi, , -i P 5 1 E 4. ,Q Wg , S l 5- ' ' H-nc. i 4 I Q A F O U 4- , x ' . xv .,.. " ,, ' A i Z w , if . ga '- 1 - W 3. s O : 2 U l 9,51 3 - X A N X. V, ' f y r i .W f, .1s.g..f.,,,? X -1fZ"'4.4eg?fE','4i P Q 1 I ,el . -ev 3 s ...,, s -sf.. - '-" 1 ' ' , J, ff Z ' -. Q 3 f " 7' . ,4... , l if 2 ff' ii 'Egg 5 A A I . I 'Pi ' X veal V' ' J , ., 1 O LE A fli.5x?SgiZ, ii:-,,g,..i, X -. 5 Z KQ 2".4'D Us STH? wja' ii? 3 O'cDLQ QLDU, img KD-O-3 5090. -O-OJ-' 3-33 CD?-P gari- 2.3-H1 or mmm ova 02-3 00,0 330 Tl5'3s JXQCD 3- 1 333 aww was 9..-5' 3-:J gm-. 3 Cbgmsg Dfw? 0.21.0 in-s -:OO Olnzc '- -1 :'g'3 O-. 352 5151 Q00 mga, 592 .1-.UT -03:11 3330 oi -ng? TOTZL Afrer a loss fo fhe Alumni and a vicfory over Maple I-leighfs, fhe Bulldogs from Garfield invaded fhe Shore Gym. The Admirals closed a large gap fo nine poinfs in The final period buf fime ran ouf. Then came fhe upsef. Playing af home fhe Sailors were edged by Bedford 32-3l and plunged info fhird place. Nexf was fhe second Garfield game. A squealcer . . . The Admirals saw fheir small lead erased in fhe lasf few minufes and fhe chance for an upsef slip fhrough fheir grasp. The Green and Whife finished fhe season wifh five sfraighf viclories over Euclid Cenfral, Brush, Bedford, Collinwood and Easf Tech. The Bedford vicfory gave fhe Sailors second place and preserved Ford Cases record of never having finished lower fhan second place in fhe Easfern Conference since coming fo Shore. Then came fhe semisfinals of fhe fournamenf . . . Garfield again! . . . and as Mayor Sims said af fhe frophy presenfafion . . . "Any feam fhaf beafs Shore fhree fimes has fo be a champion.. . l' So ended fhe season of The lasf baslcelball feam Shore will ever be able fo call ifs own. ge One hundred and fourfeen r Q he-0' I ROW ONE-G. Wilson, F. Brown, B. Sr-fron, Mr. Eckert D. Mlachalr, B. Erb, D. Nunnally. ROVV TWO-M. Tench, D. Samuel, J. Hoag, D. Fox, B. Marich, J. Keyes. ROW THREE-R, Pofokar, R. Moon, A. Omerza, P. Gufman. R. Payne, D, Michelbrink, F. Andreucci. Coach Eckerfs advice paid off for Siafe Champs Marich and Fox. Ihis yeang wr95IIing squad wrfire 3 IIITInq Chrna. fi! Shire HIgh's Iasf year QI aIhIefiC Con'vpe?I+Iz by I.-.Inning rhe City CharnpIonshIo crown as as bringing I-jr Shgre IIS hrs' Save Charrvoicnshic Staffing 'heir sfihedme in ine 5fyIe, fhe UrappIef5 edged WEST TECH, Iasf years Cd-charnpions, I5- I4, In Ihe second meef Shore swarnoed GAPFIELI3 26-Il wIII'1 an impressive showing Irorn PIN Gulrnen WI-If :nnned hIs oppcnen' In bivh 'he seiind and 'Iwlrd oerhirds. AqaInSr LAKEWOOD, rhe oIhr2rCIaIn1anI If Iss' yeans IIIIQ, Ihe rnafrnen wresfhyd an mining see-saw-. baHIe whhih ended In an I8-I9 deadIof:L, BENE- DICTINE feh 28-II and JOHN HAY, 3312 as fha- qrapphers got bad Int: Ilwir s'rIde aaain In an Independem rneef, UNIVERSITY uve 'hi Shore boys is scare as fhey Ied unnl Ihe IinaI rnafih when Bob Iv1arIch pinned his 0ppnnenI Io IIQ Ihe meet I7-I7. Sr.-.ramping Ihc prevIousIv undf2Iea+ed JOHN ADAMS team 29-8. and CUYAI-IOGA FALLS, 33- 3 the Shore rnafrnen were WQII mn The-lr In Ihr? CIW IMI? SHAKIER HEIGHTS, +hQ QnIy bbq Ihrfi--1' IQII Zlrlb on Ihe Shore r'na+s. WInding upII1E-Seasfnn fha wresIIe-rs ovifrwhf,-Ir'w-:I BEDFQFYD. 2b-6 and been T3'edn DEVILBISS 22 I2 rf-nnaInIn3 fha iniy undef-fab:-ni 'fi-arn in 'hw CW, and I.-.InnI": 'hfb CITY CHAMPIQNSHIPI Page Qne hundred and hffeen vp raw,-xm fc 5 E in K ,f If 4 3 1 , Q5 " E A. 'Q , as Q4 ,LE f , V 2 f V? I 4 f 3: yi! ,. I Vt z! Ik I J f , I BOIB SETRON DENNIS MLACHAK JERRY KEYS A wa ,, ' ,5 ,, If 5, I I' I I . Z: V- 46 75 . fm w fs ff 1 ff , my ,, U K 5 www ht, - NA, 4' I I If if '., V' FRANK H it ,, !,', 51 BROWN f W 1 E 1, ts I 1, S+, il E Za 4, I 1 'h + 1 .A . '-'E' ...I . I . . -LTL Q lg JACK 5' E fn' zz,-I 2 6. I I X FELDMAN if: EW . ,MN 'X W E. X fl' I , f un- bl f .E 5 E QA . jj. I - ' " ' GENE WILSON .Dfw ' W- .W . I '23 - " H ,?" 1, Q ' . I , Q .- ,f W, I ' - 3,51 gy, fcgiik f M :-fwiw 25355, 1,4619 ' ,wwe .vm f'?Q'fi.s-if X ,fm 44,1 'X -, ,-fu' .fivff 4 : rw .wg I , I fy-'aa f' +.,,,, - 1- - A ,AQ ,,E, , 5 0 ggi' SAMUEL if Y! rj EW E il. S , , Eff , , 5, 51' sw fe if , 5 w., Y PEW. mf x , Q, , I , Q., I 1 I I W' F I ,- ,,,,, 1 X'-fb fr r ,GX Xa DICK NUNNALLY ,j,,,,f,,,, , ,f E. ,,,., . , .. ffj 1 75:9 5 1 I flgfj, is ,351 3. , 5 1 1 , I I 5 fa I fa? , -'T My .wg Q qw +4 05 I S 5 I 2, 1:9 1 I BILL ERB BOB MARICH Om DICK FOX ' f""-E f-N 'N 'IE :Q 15 5 I "E 'W , 4, " ' . wk, , 'E - I 1 I M , 14: M ' 1' 2.71. ,Q ' N 510 I 'I ' ' 3 ' I I ' ' J , I A X 1 ,iff -gf? ' I 5 I , I I .1 fix. . JACK I-IOAG RALPH MOON PHIL GUTMAN FRED ANDREUCCI WRESTLING ROW ONE-D. Nunnally, F. Brown, B. Erb. ROW TWO-P. Gulman, J. Hoag, D. Fox, Coach Clarence Eckert ROW THREE-D. Samuel. B. Mariah, Mgr. F. Andreucci, G. Wilson, D. Mlaclwak. mpiam Euclid Shore wenl info lhe Shale lnvilalional Wreslling Tournernenl as underdog 'ro lhe powerlul Wesl side schools, buf ernerqed viclorious. Bill Erb received 'rwo poinls when he pinned his lirsl rwo opponenls and wenl on ro win rhe I I3-lb. Sfale lille. Frank Brown, allhouqh he losl, collecled one poinf before he was elirninaled. Jack Hoag wenl down in a lhriller, buf came back in lhe conf solalion malch 'ro win a lhird place. Diclc Fox, undeleeled in dual comperilion, con- 'rinued his viclory slreak by winning Shores second individuel championship. Phil Gulman pinned one opponenr and received a second place. Bob Marich foolc lirgr place in fhe heavvweiqhl division, lo end rhe scoring and give Shore ils lirsl STATE CHAMPIONSHIP. page One hundred and Seve-nl ,.., ff 'fl k 144111 ,I LU' IT XJ J- N ' uw! Nu' f '1z1,1141!'r ,frolrvflj If 1' f lf? 7 if Ilil ,911 , .L fl' - fWfl'l't' VU H f 1 K xwmll f ' 1 . 1 r 1 V f,I!' H ,,. LL- Lu ROW ONE-J. Javoris, F. Joranko, K. Wenning, K. Walson, D. Anzelles, G. Pringle, F. Brown. ROW TWO-B. Muehl, D. Rinnaldi, G. Wilson, R. O'Green, B. Klaas, C. Barclay, B. Szurszewski, J. Miheliclr, J. Cmerza, B. Alaburda. Filleen wins and only one loss won anolher lfaslern Conference championship for Shores diamond Team. Under 'rhe able coaching of John Pohro, lhe Admirals were linally sropped by Parma in 'rhe disrricl iinals. Plagued by injuries lhe Redmen slipped by lo win... An experienced squad was on hand lo slarr lhe season. Nine lerfermen relurned 'ro rhe fold wilh one in each posilion. l-leading lhe lineup were Caplain Franlc Joranlro, shorlslopp John Javoris. 'rhird base: Gene Pringle. second base? John Mihelich, lirsl base: Ray Ogreen, oullieldq Tom Ahey, pilch- ing: Jack Wenning and Frank Brown in rhe oullield. The defending champions opened lheir season by los- ing a non-conference game lo Shaw, 2-O. Sleady improve- menl showed in 'rheir nexl game, as lhey rolled over Wil- loughby. IO-O. A relurn engagemenl wilh Shaw subslanlialed Coach Pohlo s lailh in 'rhe boys, when The linal score 'rallied wilh lhe Admirals ahead! 5-O. Euclid Cenlral also lell in lheir walce, losing bolh games, 3-O, and 6-2. The winning slrealc conlinued, as Garlield dropped lwo, 5-2. and I-O: Brush followed suir, 6-4. and 4-O: Bedford losl 9-O, and 3-2: Willoughby, shul our in lheir lirsl encounler, IO-O, and delealed again, lf?-2. Olher leams conlribuling lo Shores winning sfrealc were, Cleveland l-loighls, 7-3: Paine-sville, 5-23 and Collinwood. 5-3. Amassing a lolal of lilleen conseculive vicfories con- cluded anolher successful year lor 'rhe CHAMPIGNS. Page One hundred and Nineleen TRACK 294.8 TW 'ii 5905 ww ROW ONE-P. Baynes, G. Binder, B. Marich, E. Nobbe, J. KleindeinsT, J. Rebel. ROW TWO-Mr. Case, B. Lindsay, A. PeTTiT, G. Klein, L. Sbrocco, B. Callwill, B. AbboTT. ROW THREE-Mr. Swacll- hamer, T. STrauss, J. Conway, B. Fondron, S. Janovac, B. Lewis, B. Thomson. ROW FOUR-Mr. Sfub- barT, D. Samuel, C. Johnson, R. Moon, B. Cummins, R. Mason, G. RosenThal, C. Hanks, J. Thompson. The I948 Traclc Team, coached by Ford L. Case, Clarence Swaclchammer, and Ira STubbarT, and capTained by Byron Fondran, proved To be one oT The mosT successTul Teams in The hisTory oT Shore. VicTorious in Three maior meeTs, The TraclcsTers displayed Tine spiriT and sTrengTh ThroughouT The season. The Admiral cindermen opened The season by capTuring The Division lll crown aT The Arena lnTerscholasTic lvleeT. Two weelcs larer The Thinclads Traveled To MansTield where, amid sTiTT compeTiTion, Burgess Lewis snared a Third place in The 440-yard dash. On successive weelc-ends, The Admirals placed I2 among 65 schools aT Ohio Wesleyan, losT Their lvlenTor Relay crown by QV? poinTs, easily won The Roclcy River Relays and Tinished a splendid Third in The disTricT meeT. Cleveland CenTral and EasT Tech, sTaTe powers, were The only Teams beTTer Than Shore. CualiTying Tor The sTaTe meeT was The craclc mile-relay Team com- posed oT Bar Fondron, STeve Jano- vac, Jalce Reebel, and Burgie Lewis. Also qualiTying were Burg Lewis, Bill Thompson, and Bob lvlarich, in The 440-yard dash, The broad iump and The shoT-puT, re- specTively. The relay Team nabbed TiTTh place in The sTaTe wiTh a Time oT 3.3O:7. The winning Time was i 3.29:2. The season ended successTully on a high noTe wiTh a Tine Triumph in The EasTern ConTerence lvleeT, a TiTTing climax To a briilianT season. e One hundred and TwenTy .1 Q 4, g Q 5 5 ., X ,- g 0 1 8 K I s as Z' K 2. . i , X ' .-21 ss 1' ' . j , ' 1 V AQ. ' - W! ' 45:3 - .:'g0Lr. In f .. X L- L' ' L--Jz-.1 X f W SW' gi:-A . . . Clue jl'f?lJA0llC' W4gj5:xg A 'xx X X J One .yefelunone 7 ' w ll f.,oy.1. . QU R SOCIAL LIFE QUJVEA3 3 n J rwerw-'v'f -M lv- T. my doors were wide 'lo well over i800 s+uden+s, noficed 'l'hafI' during +he summer va- ' wiih cleaning, painiing, and re- pairing, l, +oo, had acquired +he "New Look." . . . Yes, l was in+en+ upon making my las+ year as "Shore High" an ou?- sianding one. ' ln Oclober . . . acfivifies really slarled rolling . . . Baseball was suddenly broughl' - info +he picfure when Shorei+e Tony Cip- ' riano received a real l'??l live preseni' from Bill Veeck . . . A horse called "Slu- foo?" who was allowed 'io graze on my green and whi+e pasfures un+il 'l'he ex- ' , sailor boy finally had +o give il' away. The World's Champions Cleveland lndians broughl' me back info 'I'he local limeligh+ again as fheir clown and Holly- wood glamour boy, Jackie Price, broughf back a car la cuslom-buill' orchid con- verfiblel load of girls from 'their Vicfory Parade. The excifemeni' broughi some s'I'uden+s from 'I'heur classes while ofhers leaned oul' of lhe windows +o gel' a beH'er look al' Jackie and his new Buick 11 IVV . . S ' . ' ' -M ' 4 f . . 4SE2'5'7iZf" A . f T ' T' - Fliffeffr " C - 'L , - '1 -'Eff-ffl , 'f , - 'i 1 ' 1, 'L'-'HN fi ,eases-,.5.v , ,., 17 ' wx: 5 q,n-psi! manual", Wfr,u1"" 4 Ylxlkfl "mfs l3gj14ll"v,xY ?Iljn1ul!,"n1 'lul1u"",l ,twigs "xl t'lxg:ll"'H t wvrm, T 1 - Fr, wr' ff f fi y2 ' .LW-'mek f. A., X fd .K I f T ' ,. NCL , ,fn A g B fy. .F 0 6: L- f - xr xg wr Q . , i , - as so will A e N as ,Q , f. made. WV,-5, WWW 1' .Ways 'ii fn 24. .sun sm 'V 1 iw ? 1 df 1. Ei? 1' w -6- 59 1' ,I 253532 .m 1 455. mf W b 4 l i l 1 l 'r l ! ,. ,,. . lxifila , 3 , ,, .,,J. . ' 'W Q - i i V 11 - 'V .1 5f.vfxw ' 3' "J 'V K i Q' l' game '-"'i"' 'M fs V .I 4 ' ' f' H vz 452 :gi , . Q,-V4 sg-f V,,gf. ,,, E I, V VV. K Vi as Q i 3 , ,V ,g s if A, - .f , ,u V, layya - 4.-V 4 fl ' i ' '51 ' 1 ,rm r Q? ,z 51.152 K' V -xmbwxb ., 'sf ' a -,f. - maya 2 '-'- r' ,fyegfwg : - , - Vs ' 'V V . V' n ' , , m v, ' ,V,1,,,,, V- ' ,V .gg V a g. V g4::V,1--SV ' ' m2,:3ff:5f-' I f '--V 11,-if a 'f "fiff?s-'few 1 , Q: . .,,X,,, .: -"Q V V . - f H ,5 V We V , - ., , ,---1:-nqgip-""':s11. W vi! W if V 5 A M , 3, -4 .1 Q .-V. . ,,.... , ., X -' ,.,,, : ,.sV.Vs,. - 'Q my spy, , WQZQ, . f -.s was SKK? . Qi X V f ' A :ve A -if r ,. .l .. 'f-is. , I ,. , i , X I JN x X . ' A 1' 4 - 2 341. g r ' if f , A is lb 5 s-wqvgfii fy -,, j gh , V . , i M- - , 1 ,, I g Q. 'IU . v V .- MSN iff ' :-,.fV- l e Wi l cerlainly can'+ forgel' "The Man Who Never Forge'I's," Elize Bown, who slump-- ed my s+uden+ body a+ an assembly Oc- lober I9+h . . . Lois Webb, Berl' Brocone, and Ted Henn were among 'lhose who were amazed while 1-hey assisfed Mr. Bown. Spooksy . .Vgoblins.. . . pbuffmosfly parlies were on l'he agenda during The week 'of Halloween. And lim sure +l1a'I' fhe Friendship Hi-Y members won'+ 'for- gel' lheir maslged parly held Oclober 26. Topping 1'he evening of fun and laugh-5 +er was an original Hallowe'en Yslcil' given by Barb Wilson, Lois Webb, and Vin- cel-fa Iacobacci. , l ,.- During lhe season dances afler 'lhe home foolball games were bo'I'h unique and popular . . . H seemed To me 'lhal' my people never +ired of dances, and of course my doors were always open when +here was a promise of an enjoy- able evening. . .Q .- .in W, fl ji l Xu f D -, ? 1 1 X G 'vc , it 'I- I 57 1 G .r ' I 4? , , . in 44 Y Y ,1 'Lai QW .. ' 9 -. 2 in 1 1 wx fi .v . 32 J ' ,r ' 1 f? . v m f I 1 s f 1 1 x 4 5 1 , vb 4 Q. I I v '. E , 1 X .- 1 ,- if 'A I 'A' I X 4 ri, ,f ,Y , ,H , vw 4 .xg -9 if 13, V -' ,., A n- ,pf 1 1: -. Z i . c x ,, 5 nf" 'flf i i, , . Q .I . 'li A, A N J "X:'gg':Q,iuff"l'gii'-' N5fT',.,,',:,, . 1, ' .' 1 ' . ' 4 . 1 sk'-X-:,moylngg,z2 5-fscenes, an -real success, Qi ,fifrl-asg3a'.-.f,.-:fri 'f ., , ' -, - l. - WU, S 3' , i'il93lf,a,!-Y-F''Zum-rv'',.'S' J ' 'ifla 'MII ' 'xiii' "'."'f5'Lf15ff:?Y-31'YiWZ:-."i1f' Eff ffl-E 7.6 ,-T : ' ' r Qfhlij ,I'1g'uf",!- rf: le' ' .rrh , f i.92.ac2:si- ,1. !.'L-!':1.-f- . , Charfered busses for all of fhe "away" foofball games made if possible 'For my 'l'eam +o have a large and 'faifhful 'Follow- ing fhroughoulf 'ihe season. Laughfer' and songs were par+ of 'ihis happy crowd, including.Barb Wilson, Mr. Vac- cariello and cheer-leaders Nancy Sefron, Audrey Mas'l', Dolores Froboifa, and Marlene Kraus. ln November . . . The gridders ended 'rheir season in second place and bid 'Farewell fo fhe Easrern Conference as 'Far as foo+ball was concerned . . . Bu'l', 'for mos'r of my people, +he real climax +o fooiball came a+ rhe annual "Foo+ball Dance" . . . balloons . . . crepe paper sireamers . . . and a while 'I'hrone for ".'Her Ma,iesl'y" . . . were all par'l' of 1'his dance. Wi'l'h l'rue royal'I'y Marlene Galliifo was-,proclaimed my lasl' Foofball Queen, and was escor+ed in +he grand march by Capfain Berg Lewis . . . Ardelle Mey- ' ers, a Junior, and Pai' Tofh, a Sopho- more,, were chosen as fhe queen's ai- fendlanfis. Escorfs were Diclc Fox and George Klein. ,, I shall never forgei +ha'I' ouisfanding pioducfion . . . "I Remember Mama" given by fhe Junior Class on November I9,and 20 The casf and producfion s+aFf,, under +he dlrechon of Mr Les+er ngene combined +o make rhe fasi' ro ,K af, ,J , H We 44 iv Nr xx..-wx W 'Gif ig: ill .3 l "Mama" lPa3I' Wawrzyniakl gave a suc- cessful pariy ai' her home for 'lhe casi' 5 and produc+ion s+aFF affer 'ihe play Fri- day nigh? . . . "Fun was had by all" . . . agreed Dolores Weinke, Jo Ann Cros- well, Pa+ Solon, Liz Jonassen, Jean Hug, and Be++y Cressman. The I949 Log ,Si'a'FF, really swung info ' aciion, wifh Carole Beeson and Jim Bui- ler a+ +he helm . . . Be'Hy Lou Thomas worked on 'lhe Budgef, while Elizabeih Palko. Marlene Galliffo, Harold Prosser, and Barb Repicky began +he long job of scheduling pic'I'ures. - Ai' an assembly, +he firsi proieci' by +he l LOG Sfaff . . . Nominees for Senior and Junior Log Queens were announced. The ' J Senior Class ballols were counfed . . . Pa+ Collins, Nancee Drach and Joan Morris as +he +hree pre'Hies1' girls in fhe class. . s 3 ,xi ' F 'A 1 ,u i -9 fi V if .51 The Juniors in like manner decided l upon Kay Siurm, Joan Torh, and Marlene Kraus . . .l was so proud of my girls as 3 if E 'L l knew any one of 'ihem would make a 1 fine queen . . . Sophomores, Juniors,,and Seniors voied ,. . . Nancee Drach ,-and J , ,lf M l Marlene Kraus won in a :very close - elecfion. , ' ' 1 V ff!-12,6 V J A J J N . ,. p Carole Beeson and Ward Nolan, bofh Seniors, were proclaimed "Shore"s Sfnooihesl' Dancers" al' +he swell Thanks- giving dance sponsored by 'ihe Sopho- more class November 24+h . . . The rwo were "given 'I'he bird," in +he 'Form of a capon roos'l'er named Oswald, which was firsi prize in fhe dance con+es+. Wifh December . . . came +he annual alumni game in which 'ihe "seniors of yes+erday" me+ fhe "seniors of +oday." ln a fasi moving game 'ihe Varsiiy losl +o 'I'he Alumni 'leam composed of such well known Shore aihlefes as Ed Sullivan, Bob Hawley, and Jack Oberi. . . . Bui' in +he nexi' game my boys came back +o defeai' Brush in a real con- ference +hriller . . . Ralph Moon and +he cheerleaders kepl' 'l'he crowd busy wilh . . . Viciory . . . Shore Speller . . . and T I E - A - M. Affer 'four years of hard work, one of my grea+esf ambilions was realized when fhe Public Address Sysfem was properly installed December I4 , . . Marilyn Ma+h- ers fesls 'rhe "mike" . . . as Joan Toih, Jim Verbsky and Mr. Sfanley Whifeside look on. l . J' fx 1' Edge One hundred and Twenfy-eighf Arriving for an evening of fun are . . . Ardelle Meyers, Jean Feldman, Joe Bresnan and Jim Morris . . . A cha'l' beiween dances, is always pop- ular . . . Ward Nolan, Carole Beeson, Bud Murry, Millie Doering, Vaughn Firz- pafriclc, and Don Samuel . . . . . . Maybe 'lraclifion . . . bu? sfill fun is 'lhe Grand March . . . led by Friend- ship Presideni' Judy Curdy, and Hi-Y Presideni' Berg Lewis . . . . . . Affer fhe "Brawl" was over . . . iusf kidding, of course, are . . . Don Sam- uel,. Vaughn Fihpafriclc, Nancy Will, Fred Andreucci . . . 'V J ail ll L Gay 'feslive parries were on everyone's calendar during Cl1ris+mas vacalion . . . Elaine Scl'loH'lce played l1os+ess . . . and proudly displayed her gaily clecorafed free and lovely gif+s . . . . . . "Tl1ree ball in l'l1e side poclce'l" . . . The pool +al::le was a popular spol' afl Jean Hug's parly. Shore and Cenlral s'l'udenl's mingled for an evening ofdanc- ing ...liood...and games... In January . . . we mel our long-s1'ancl- ing rival, Euclid Ceniral, ancl my boys neH'ed 28 poinfs +o +l1eir 25 . . . Affer 'lhe game, rivalry was 'forgo++en, as Shore' played lmosi wi+l1 a dance in +l'Te old gym. Then I saw forfy-five more of my people walk oul' of my doors, diplomas in hand, and ready +o meer 'flue prob- lems of 'Hue world . . . H' was a happy. ye+ sad occasion, ,as llcnew fhere would be only one more class 'lo gradua'l'e from "Shore High." ' W 3? 6 A J . . . And fhey did . . . My boys proved fhaf fhe sign held by Sophomores Pal Cooney, Barb Key, Celia Morgan, Alice Tariniino, and Par Tofh was fhe +ru+h. ln February . . . came more parlies, parfies, and?, why, more parfies. Wien- ers . . . pop . . . po1'a+o chips . . . all 'rhis and more was responsible 'for rhe good lime had all by a+ Phylis Gosnell's house affer fhe Garfield game February 4. Journal . . . Holiday . . . Pos+ . . . These and many o+hers could be pur- chased 'from Shore sfudenfs during rhe fwo-week long Magazine Subscripfion Drive, sponsored by +he LOG s+aFF and headed by senior Barb Wilson. A liHle humor was broughf info my halls when fhe "Shor+ Slcir+ Brigade" be- gan. My senior gals wen+ "old look" for one hecfic weelc of fun and laugh+er un- +il 'ihe boys finally decided fo accep+ fhe "new look" once and for all. JN F' '5'-f"'5P xl .. K , , na,-, ,L..... s -:Milk '7 .. .s , A ,gg veg, 1 , V , ., .. , I We - -1 ' M . . -1 .X S ,, i .s I R ? My happy people celebraiing a bas- kefball vic'I'ory wi+h 'lhe usual dance 'I'o fhe unbea'l'able music of Hal Prosser and his records. ' F. , , -.1 ,A, From refreshmenfs To , fielgeli ?,sellin'g,f Ad Commi,H'ee m'em'bers'fwere 'Fo be seen every nighl' ai' 'Phe Touurnamenfs . For elevenunighis KM,r.,Spa'n,gl-er 'andihis crew worked 'hard and xwell as -Shoife played .h'os'r +o Sen'a1'e,, arid1,LalceHErie League, as wellias Easfern-LGonference 'I'eams.r ' , ' , . s "Ng, f 4' J K Shore rnafmeh broughr the lwresfling crown for ciry .and s+a+e champs fofa very proud s'ruden+ body . .N . Three of my boys, Bob Marich, Bill Erb, and Cap- +ain Dick Fox won S+a+e 'Firs1' places.f. , Bill's fafher gave him a Ford conveH'ible for 'I-he accomplishmem' . . . Good Sporfs All! A+ fhe "Cashier," Euclid Teen-age Canfeen, Shore s+uden'rs mi-x wiih boys and girls from all over Cleveland . ., . Soil' drinks are served and a 'Floor show of s+uden+ +alen+ is presenfed. l 'Sf ' 'lqxel 4... , :.-rv-1 ' Lr.f.....1......-- .M ,- .,.......... Paz A 4 A gala evening was enioyed by all who aH'ended Shore's lasf Gala Nighi' . . . as +he "B O Trio" l+he only four-man frio in exisfencel enfer+ained such songs as "The Tack" and "Coney Island Babe." As a grand finale Miss Jan Tomlcins presen+ed a wesfern scene enfiiled "Coun'l'ry S'I'yle." The sevenfh graders accompanied +he music wifh a square dance . . . 'rhe en+ire program was lxepl' . moving by "M.C." Chuck Johnson. 'F' 6 -1 1 1- 42 E5 ? -vb :tiff ,gary - in :-1316 ,alia ' , f.-1-L, gszmargm +0 ng 3 -+- 3 T: U"Q. -T3 P :N m uglm -0- 3"--Q--F : 'O' 'O' 11.20 9' 1' 5 2-3'3- D f 900 V'-3 Fm sn 3 0 "' -0 : 3 mmm. n. 20 -0-'U ul :Q .Lg U-LD 0 5'91 -h m a D 0 a 0 ff? "' rn m mi"-1-3 'P fp ,Tn m 0.-4 39' 3 'F 3 fn U' gg mzgni-Q H 3 :Q-,U 0 5 :LD 0 ,F - ..,o'r 23m i no 0"m'O U'+ rw fb : I: 1 m U' Sim n.Qm 32. 0 3-CD Q vu '- m un G5 0. 0 0 u G U' Q, 0.0 0 :" :0 V. , 137 o U-nf 2 5-D a ff 0 S 'T'qn"'Fi5.?ii?.T 5 jf: 1-I-'5?Filfi51'7l'iQ''-P5511-L. -' ' 'Amin as E if if ff fu- r ln April . . . came The Spring formal , . . wilh perfume . . . flowers1g,y,,qnd Pg-efty gn-Igqdecorahng 'H-ge scene .l . ' ' , WHJQUQE7 ln May . . . came fhe Junior-Senior Prom and whal dance will everlalte ifs place . . . Wlfh 'l'he Prom Cameigggyf 'he time for my las? senior class io bid I2 years of sludy and social lifeffarewell . .Q A 7 i' ' , ' i 1 " ' " :f -QL,-ag, ,- 32 1 , 1--12Qif52:?z5? gf f , - . yi-.-13515 1 , . - - -. , . ' -. 1 ' + 'Q i,xA,jgjlpi,j f"'3Q:1,. . " 1 ' 3 Q J- , " ' 11 'QF' liygg , 'Urn - ' '-QQff"'il: 3:1 Buf in June . . . lhe 7+h fo be exacf, +he graduafing class of I949,Zg+he lasf graduahng class I shall ever -seegqgifiifyf' marched down rhe aisles io fhe sfrains of Pomp and Circumsfance fo receive fheir 'diplomas . . . l ltnewimy use'full-7722? ness had come To an end and yef I also knew lhaf al+hough I would no lon er live as fhe once mighfy Shore would never die: 'rhal l would live forever in lhe hearls of fhose l had grajuafed, and l'was happy ,,. . H V, A V . . I - In A ij " 1 1'7ff -G .,, .f,,.-, 4, . i .-5,z ..,, F ..., :SM K' 1 - - Q- -1 I f' mf ff 'ft' M M LT 3 lg Q '45 W ANP: QV V Nrw ?os 'A R ff f 1 , My I Z' f X X X N I jrif ii Q4 rf' . -- "-.gqpif g,LT ' Lfg, K Y :, Q X 'R xl ATION THE OLIVER CORPOR 19300 Euclid Avenue ' C leveland 17, Qhio 4 Q Q . A IJIIIPIIIPII I HELYX ' Concrete Screws 3 l"orutti11'llin-'M0011 ga rlveperslu4-4:l11'l'Cle ' Xnllrilling NoPl11gging 1. Wearing Apparel for Entire Family 2 X 4 Qllllic l'l1'fi1'iiw1 Cosh- llll'i um :Iexpc-11s,lv:-. 2. Furniture and Appliances 'j , z7gQ,j'f Lffllglllf Ai 10 4 ,, , For fforrerl IAJIIIUIII' A4111 3. Hardware and Auto Accessories """""" ""' 'i ' H" '0fhi"lf'1PSNlN0l1 wish I0 llllllfl. 1 9 DEPARTMENT STORE xl Better Builders Build X Phone - REdwood 2286 Better Floors with 22 X x H I FI s Easl 222nd and Lalce Shore Blvd. e Yx cor crews X X XX '+ E ln the New 5h0'e'Cen'fe' The Hillwood Nlanufacluring Co. 21700 Sf. Clair Avenue Euclid, Ohio .cle Une lx 31 a 1 Compliments of The Cleveland Hobbing Machine Co. 1311 CHARDON ROAD Euclid, Ohio K A I L E R ' S Telephone: KEnmore 9814 KOTTAC-E Gabriel-Lackner, Inc. Hudson Sales ancl Service 15316 WATERLOO ROAD CLEVELAND 10, OHIO Compliments of Compliments of H. W. lIKE1 DRIVER lVanhoe58l2 Cleveland Wire Works of General Electric Company 1331 CHARDON ROAD EUCLID 17, OHIO THE DILLE ROAD LUMBER COMPANY LUMBER SPECIALISTS Cleveland 17. Ohio KEnmore 0592 KEnmore 0593 Page One hundred and thirty Q SOON CLEANERS 6' DYERS Michael A. Son, Proprietor 24-Hr. Service We Own and Operote Our Own Plant 4-Hr. Service 1, "Future Cleaners of Tomorrow" + a Main Store and Plant a Branch.S+ore 406 EAST T56rh STREET Ivanhoe 5252 Main Store Branch Store 526 EAST 200th STREET lVc1nl1oe 5221 COMPLIMENTS OF Compliments ot GEOMETRTC JEWELERS Keith Weigle Motors, Inc. STAMPING Shore Shcpping Cemer 2094 Euclid Avenue Euclid 'I7, Ohio 223l2 Lake Shore Blvd. Wonhoe 4500 C n r I i n G 21 S O Luikart Insurance Agency SERWCE GIBSON laoo: Lake Shore REALTY KEnmore 4770 MOBILGAS 2209l Euclid Avenue "Insurance with Service" MQBILQIL gucigd I7, Qing lVanhoe 9603 KE. 3530 RE. 4974 Congratulations H I L D A I S A I 0 Y l-IUMPHREYS Children . 81 RISHER Manufacturing Company I Apparel A A 444 Easilzooihisireei Sl10p 22300 St. Clair Avenue Euclid, Ohio age One hundred and thirty-eight "C" CHARLEY CLEVELAND TPVISi1ggEh1?Ig13d INDUSTRIAL TOOL CO. For Anything cmd Every- thing in Beverages. Finest Beers, Wines, Ales. Cordials. Cocktails. Vermouths. Highballs, Ginger Ales. All to Take Home. We Deliver to 5 P.M. B77 East 185th Street Manufacturers ot Solid Copper Wheels and Diamond Tools 1080 East 222nd St. Tel. KEnmore 8100 HAROLD FURNITURE CO. 709 EAST 185th STREET EAGLE STAMPS BUDGET - TERMS LATIMER MOTORS B. EILBERG DORNER TEWELERS CHEVROLET CO. The Friendly Ieweler at Eive Points 15007 St. Clcrir Ave. GLenville 1287 Chevrolet and Only Chevrolet ls First 14115 St. Clair Ave. MUlberry 7700 H YDRAULI CS -the transmission and control of power by means ol a fluid in an enclosed system. - Visit our Personnel Office for information about the manufac- ture of HYDRECO Hydraulic Devices, and the opportunity for you in the factory or office. Hydraulic Equipment Co. 1100 East 222nd Street Euclid. Ohio Growing With Your City Compliments of FITZGERALD LAKE sl-Tom: 'rAvEnN RADIO Comphmems of AND 21939 Lake Shore Blvd. TELEVISION EUCLID CRANE R1-Zdwood 9872 638 East 185th Street 5. HOIST Franey and Glen, Props. KEnmore 1313 Page One hundred and thirty-ns VIKING Canterbury Restaurant STEEL CO. ST. CLAIR diome Cooking That Will Please You Slleels ' Plaief ' Bars COAL 8: Structurals and Rails we CATER TO PARTIES M660 S+ Cl n A S . CII' Venue 565,509 185th Street Euclid, Ohio Ivanhoe H82 COMPANY Congratulations of 49 wzrrxms Bsurou BUILDING co. WATERWKSH , HARD-WERE Furniture 481 Babbitt Road 335 5551 lump, 54, Cblllptllly Bfldwood 1133 KEnmore.U956 RECREATION SALLEY SHOPPE , Suits - Coats V Dresses , , Co. Hosiery - Accessories Llquol - Wlne ' Beer Good Food B u I L D E R s OPEN EVENWGS re-revision Residential - Commercial Tues. and Fri. 8:30 P.M. REdwood 4005 2 l9l0 Lalre Slnore Blvd. Euclid, Ohio Air Conditioned MUlberry 9833 Rome-y lvionacelli, Proprietor K O V A C B R O S . 960 East 185th Street KEnmore 5030 Bell Painting and Decorating Co. FRED C, BELL 968 East 14lst Street Cleveland. Ohio me One hundred and torty EUCLID NEWS-IOURNAL coMPLiMENrs 1 ELERIC Florist Flowers tor All Occasions 15302 WATERLOO ROAD IVanhoe 0195 MATT INTIHAR THE R l E t t GRDINA HARDWARE QQ fm WAN FOOD TISUTCITICG 22336 LAKE SHORE BLVD. REdwood 0403 Notary Public 930 East 222nd Street 21491 Naumcmn Ave. IV. 2644 IV. 0678 East 222nd at Ivan IEInmore 1116 LAKE SHORE Congratulations MACHINE Seniors ot '49 1 i m ' s l-HGH GRADE Tavern MACHINERY and SCREW MACHINE KAY IEFFERY. INC. 22308 LAKE SHORE BLVD. PRODUCTS REdwood 0565 Euclid, Compliments NADINE'S BEAUTY SHOP BOULEVARD cf 20030 Lake Shore BARBER sr-:op LAKE SHORE Bi... FT-ORIST IVanhoe 3775 Page One hundred tortyeo 0 To The .enior Class of '49 MAY ALL THE LESSONS YOU HAVE LEARNED AND ALL THE TRUTHS YOU HAVE BEEN TAUOHT BE WITH YOU AS YOU STRUOOLE TO SUCCEED. YET IE AUOHT OE OREATNESS YOU ACHIEVE IE AUOHT OE GOOD YOU DO, THE GARLAND AND THE LAUREL WREATH-BELONO, DEAR SCHOOL, TO YOU - . "S ' H T UIITIII STUDENT CUUNCIL Aggg O hundred forfy-Two Ereslfi Eruits and Vegetables "FOR GIFTS YOU'LL GIVE WITH PRIDE LET MILLER-STONE BE YOUR GUIDEW BEST WISI-IES Grocery and Meats - Dairy Products Sgro's Food Market, Inc. MIL'-'ER'sToNE 'Fort THE FINEST IN Footy' EUCLIDS oLDEsT IEWELER 22570 Lake Show Blvd' 26588 Lake shore Blvd. Redwood 3250 Diem... a college education completed and paid for- the happy result of systematic saving with- mzint ffl' mfn 5 lOuNDlOg :ali g UNE PEOPl.E'S BANK ON PUBLIC SQUARE MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION CHerry 3153 SOLON DRUG STORE THE DOHN ELECTRIC CO. PRESCRIPTION SRECIALISTS Electrical Contractors and Engineers 21051 EUCLID AVENUE 725 Hamilton Avenue Clevelcmd 14, Ohio 21860 LAKE SHORE BLVD. Established i915 R. P. CARBONE CONSTRUCTION CO. GENERAL CONTRACTORS 1504 Scovill Avenue CLEVELAND. OHIO Page One lwuridred forty-th Q FUTURE TEACHERS' ASSOCIATION RUSS' SHELL COMPLIMENTS OF Tires - Balleries C pl+ Service E gl Slamps I7600 Lake Shore Blvd. Cleveland I9, Ohio Ph ne lVanhoe 9500 RUSS DlCKENS P l878l Lalce Shore Blvd FRED KRAUSS GARAGE 1570 DILLE ROAD AT EUCLID AVENUE KEnmore 3875 Euclid 'l7, Ohio SERVICE CLUB BOYS' LEADERS CLUB geOriel'1d df wi The Whiteway Stamping Company METAL STAMPINCS 1160 EAST 222nd STREET KEnmore 5900 Euclid 17, Ohio FLOY B. STEIN. INC. OUR COAL MAKES WARM FRIENDS Babbitt Road at Nickel Plate Railroad REdwood 0089 Euclid, Ohio BETTY'S BEAUTY SHOP 606 East 185th Street REdwood 2548 Specializing in Permanent Vfaves BILL'S CLOTHES Everything for MEN and BOYS Two Stores G18 East 185th Street and St. Clair at East l52nd Street COMPLIMENTS CP The Continental Products Company PAINT MANUFACTURERS EUCLID, OHIO r"' ' VJ? TREBEC EX CAVATIN G CONTRACTOR EXCAVATING - GRADING - TRUCKINC SLAC DRIVEWAYS 567 East 200th Street IVanhoe 7565 Steve Trebec THE WRIGHT STORE ess East issih street SHOES - DRY seams - PURNisHiNss This ls Our 23rd Year Serving Residents at Euclid and Northeast Cleveland COMPLIMENTS OF WEAN EQUIPMENT CORPORATION 22800 Lakeland Blvd. EUCLID, OHIO L G M TOBACCO 6 CANDY CO. Wholesale Iobbers Candy f Cigarettes - Tabaccos - Sundries 784 East 185th Street Kffnmore 8777 Page One hundred tarty-tuv CONGRATULATIONS TO THE 7?4? .faq Staff FOR A los WELL DONE ik FROM THE SENIOR CLASSES OF I949 ge One hund d f ,-..-..-fy.- .f.u..f...1-.: 2sQ..,...:.5s...,-.-a..f. .ug C. N. DAVIS 45 Years Service to Euclid and Eastern Cleveland 18915 Nottingham ln Euclid lt's SAM'S BARBER SHOP 21934 Lake Shore Blvd. "Congratulations to the '49 Graduates" BETTER PICTURES Weddings Children's Portraits STANDARD Albums of Portraits or Candids OIL COMPANY Harvey Burwell 159 East 199th Street RE. 4059 IV. 4050 cawcm-iruimiows or Girls' Leaders Club and Girls' Athletic Club OF EUCLID snoms -Sarn is 1 li Compliments ffxr l' F of Q90 I PQI MR. SPUDNUT 5' Pg! 1,39 X ' 22550 Lake shore Blvd. j X Mayfield at Noble Road A ' E. ilsih and Euclid Ave. BEST WISI-IES TO THE CLASS OE '49 T H O M P S O N P R O D U C T S I N C . TAPCO PLANT 23005 Euclid Avenue IVanhoe 7500 ROLLER SKATING - - Qt - .. WllLTON'S ROLLER RINK Sunday 2:30 to 5:00 and SBU to ll:UO Tuesday thru Friday 8:30 to 11:00 Saturdays 8:00 to 10.30 - 1013010 1:00 A lvl. Inquire About Our Party Plan TED WARNER AT Tl-lE ORCAN Phone Painesville 3646 COMPLIMENTS OF FULTON. KRINSKY and DELTI-I M OTTE ARCHITECTS Page One hundred forty-severmb MAYOR KENNETH W. M. A. ABBOTT HARRY J. KNUTH CARL WINKLER HAROLD B. CRAWFORD RALPH V. HILL 1. sums WALTER HEHR MICHAEL J. BOICH WM. F. BURNS HUGO A. LUX GLENNA H. CLARK PAUL H. TORBET Complirnenls of Clean Scholarship Clean Speech Clean Sporfs Clean Living FRIENDSHIP ge One hundred Iorly-eighl ADDRESSOGRAPH-MULTIC-RAPH CORPORATION 1200 BABBITT ROAD EUCLID. OHIO BUT THEE I'LL NE'ER FORGET, MY TRUE SHORE HIGH 47142 agahiamme 67555 7957 POhddf Q Samuel 8 Walker lm l Qtzhfetg f E724 "Reputation Printing of Quality" 1459 - 1461 Lakeside Avenue CLEVELAND. OHIO MUELLER ART COVER and BINDING CO. 2209 SUPERIOR AVE. TOWER l-2581 OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER Chesshire Studios grbqo hddfy , X i i -- ff 5 XF Q X X 2 if Q 'xx f . 'xg xl ' xx X ' 'NN XS. fz'agweY0U1.'4e77Zo4Z.S'0zacce The Cleveland Engraving Co., located in the heart of industrial America, IS convenient to a wide area in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, West Virginia, Indiana, and Michigan WE SOLVE YOUR ENGRAVING PROBLEMS AND SAVE YOU TIME AND MONEY X ,perm . X ANNO f -' o a n I I . L .L . . - f ,.-1 ,f ' ff f ' 1- i"'l,H"' ' 1'-fr y"rsf1"f-fu -,- c.- :Le ...1,m. referral, c , 1 ' 1 f We would like lo fake fhis opporfunily fo honor in our own way, several people who have done so much for lhis book .... . . . Firsf comes Mr. Russell H. Erwine . . . Superinfendenl' of Schools . . . who has given Euclid such a splendid school syslem in which siudenls have fhe opporfuniry fo publish annuals like fhis. . . . Dr. Leonard E. Loos . . . Shore Principal . . . who . . . despife his hospilaliza- lion . . . has faken an aclive inieresf in fhe success of fhe book. . . . Mr. Rober+ B. Jamieson . . . Advisor. We cannol honor fhis man enough . . . He has clone so much wi+h so liHle recognifion thaf we feel we should say somefhing abouf him here . . . Wilhin cerfain limifafions imposed by budge+ and common sense . . . he has given us full confrol of lhis book . . . And his guidance and hard work have helped us and inspired us lo do fhe besl' we know how. . . . Miss Jean Bell . . . Business Advisor . . . Has provided a budgef larger fhan usual which . . . however . . . was quickly ealen up . . . and fhen lhoughf of olher mefhods of raising money. . . . Mr. Parfridge . . . Chessire Pholographers . . . was ins+rumen+al in geH'ing us sfarrecl on our picfure-faking iob and provided able advice concerning our Senior and Queen picfures. . . . Mr. Jim Cooley . . . Cleveland Engraving . . . This splendid friend and helper provided valuable informafion on picfure lay-our and confenf of fhe book . . . He was one of The linesr businessmen wifh whom we were ever associaled. . . . Mr. Edward Samuel . . . Samuel and Walker Prinfers . . . Anofher wonderful associa+e who has done a grarifying iob of prinring lhis fwo color book and who has done an equally grarifying job of raking a sincere in+eres+ in The book . . . He has . . . very evidenlly . . . gone oul of his way fo help us and we are very graleful. . . . Mr. John Rierh . . . Mueller Ar+ Cover and Binding Company . . . Wilh his associales he has helped us considerably in producing fhe cover which surrounds fhis book. . . . The Facully . . . who pul' up wi+h us when our s+aFf and ourselves were called our of class fo work and who displayed such considerafion during fhose hecfic days of picfure faking. . . . The S+aff . . . who filled this book wifh fhe many in+eresling fouches of Shore School life in its lasf year of exisfence are honored in fhe Log Sfalif page ol' fhe Club secfion. . . . And now a hearl'-fell' "l'hank you" fo all menfioned . . . A "1'hank you" which only we . . . know how sincere il' really is. Carole Beeson Jim Bufler Edifors age One hundred lilly-Two

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Euclid Shore High School - Shore Log Yearbook (Euclid, OH) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


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