Euclid Shore High School - Shore Log Yearbook (Euclid, OH)

 - Class of 1948

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Euclid Shore High School - Shore Log Yearbook (Euclid, OH) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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WWW 'Z A DNS? 'CEC Q, 2 Q f 5 Q ,Sf 292 , Q12 1, 5 is EEG QQ QW My if Gigi wif Q JW W' N K we Ei 35 W Q Q . pax 63" J I F E AQ EL, My IW Mfg N HW gi? ff S ,fm Qf fix? W! 2 X ' M E gf bw W Vg S N 3 2? 3 AW' 2 ' E .2 , , gmt 'U' gifs E 53 fy Q P Q 1 QW R 5 gf SN Q5 S W g . Q5W'iV1bM'mf wfw eil will WMM 3 WW If WV gif? f7?747qL VJ" W fy VM ASSSFAQEKHQ iii? 7 X4 Wh My io if 5 ZW, dw 5? 53 My I 1 NSY My K ' JMQ KM 4 QQ F fy fig? E bEi:w ? A X wk Q ibm iz MWWLQM SQ gf ww ff. fawz, JE' Ciwfff 1 QMQJ Q A NS! E Q2'2'fa37x K3 'gx . W 5732, X sw Q 'ff QW. ,Bday ,f Mm! ' M Gm Alun! f 3 14 ma lllater Green is the springtime, Springtime may pass away, White is the snowy shore, Snow linger but a day, Colors that I adore, But thee I 'll love for aye, Of our Shore High. Our Shore High dear. .f W ' -fi. i m .g Xie! we Dear are the mefmfries, Time 'may bring vain regret Golrlefn the days of yore, Sorrows may irlc and fret, lfVhen we acquired lore, But thee I 'll fne'er forget. At olfl Shore High. My true Shore High. SHUHE Lua . . ,, uf rs' , :'t2ff3,,JJ1Ef W ' PRESENTED BY THE SENIOR CLASS of ' SHORE HIGH SCHOOL 1947-1948 Claw Will JANUARY GRADUATING CLASS ZELL ANDERSON leaves her dainty figure to Alice Cook. ED AXEL leaves cutting corners to save gas. JANET BALDI leaves, wondering, Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, with whom tonight shall I go. ED BOSWORTH leaves his Manley tech- niques to the girls. SHIRLEY BRASCH leaves her long hair to Miss Gillman. EARL BROWN leaves his wrestling ability to Audrey Mast. .IEANNETTE CALDWELL leaves her wan- dering eye to anyone who can take the long hours. ED DELIS leaves Wise-er than ever in jour- nalism. HENRY DRESCHSLER leaves a handy package of matches to the 12B girls. HOPE GARSON-our Hope still has Faith in Shore. DICK GRICAR leaves to be a leatherhead, rather a leatherneck. FRIDA HAUSER leaves one of her apples to Porky Steele. DON HORN leaves his distinguished height to Tom Ahey. RONALD JEZERC leaves his curly hair to Mr. Blanch. ZL- 4 gf! Q EMELY KOERPER leaves the first period gym class envious of all her boy friends, FRED KOERPER leaves the eight ball in the corner pocket. ED KURE leaves the hair on his chest to Jim Dostal. BOB LUCAS leaves the sophomore girls with no senior fella. DICK MOCNY leaves his sweetheart crown to Jack Rohrich. MARIAN RAPP leaves her sense of humor to Marlene Galletto. JACK REDFERN leaves with the Marine Reserves still looking for him. DOLORES SAYWELL leaves good relations between Shore and Central. JOANNE SOLON continues her Shore colors with a Green. IVA THOMAS leaves with a Rohr. DAVID WALQUIST leaves his quiet way to Ralph Moon. SHIRLEY WEBER leaves remembering her times with Himes. JOHN WESSEL leaves his accumulated ath- letic ability to Bob Marich. BEVERLY VVEST leaves her Beethoven- tchaikovsky ability to Aldona Thomas and Dick Leonard. x 2 F Q Q Q 5 5 K x S sf 3 . . I 5 I Q n ! 5 I . 2 Z X ' -is I " N . X . ,, '5'Ax.,,. A 2 I 115 We Hum61'y P dlf Y-.limlful of the lmpcs. Llrcains. and prayers of the inemlmcrs of the granduating classes of ISHS. we mln-mlii-site' this book to the fulfilment of that um' prziyvr wliicli is in all of our ln-arts. May tllc ycars lying ln-fnlw us bring peaco. liappini,-ss. and contentmm-nt to tl1iS trouble-cl world. Hay lcamlers ein:-rgc from mn' ranks who will allow the way to that fond goal of univcrsal ln'otln-rlmml wllicli has proven so 1-lnsiw to even tlu- gre-alvst invn of past gc-In-ratimls. May we malu- now discuvcries and inveniions which will lllifllit' cmnfnrl and SL'l'lll'lty inure' of a reality to lln- gn-atm-st nuinlwr of In-rsmis. May smne of us inalu- fini- cuntrilmutimis to tln' url. litvmtlirv. and music- of our limi- in orclel' to t'Ill'l4'll tln- lin-S of mn' ll'll0XVIIlt'll. lwnzilly. may our 1-lnlqlrvn :intl mn' 1-llilmln-11's l'lllltll'l'Il lie lxlm-ssm-cl with ai fruitful lirirvvsl lrmn ilu- sm-mls of lnnnanily XVllll'll wi- will saw in lln- yn-:urs lo 1-mnc. FACULTY Claw Will BILL ABBOTT leaves to put Bud out of a 'ob. J DAVID AITKEN leaves the Euclid Police still trying to catch him. EVELYN ANDREWVS leaves her house still open. DON ANZELLS leaves the captaincy of the football team to Target Hill, BARBARA AUSTIN leaves her chassis to Rae O'Dell. DICK BARROWS and PAUL HEDRICK leave to join the ballet. LARRY BAUER leaves for New York. EDITH BERNDSEN leaves Mr. Jamieson's Studebaker without a mate. ROBERT BERTKA leaves in his car. GEORGE BINDER leaves his muscles to Bob Clines. RAY BRESKVAR leaves with Dick and Paul for the ballet. DOLORES BRINZ leaves Miss Lemon with no right hand. LARRY BROCKMAN leaves saying, "Don't' PY, you love me any more. RUTH BROCKMAN leaves her cigarette case to Donna McGinnis. JEAN BUETTNER leaves still wondering "What It Says Here." JOANNE BULLARD leaves ahead of sched- ule. CAROL CHAPMAN and NANCY N leave Jean McKnight and Nancy Will to find their own way home. BETTY CHRISTOPHER leaves Joan to carry on the name. THERESA CLIFFORD leaves the teachers wondering who she is. EUGENE COLE leaves with LOUISE YO- VANNE to play in the local hot spots. BOB COLWILL leaves the Freshmen to find their own transportation. JERRY CONVVAY leaves for the jewelers FRANCIS CUNNINGHAM certainly leaves! BOB CYRGALIS leaves still the best man- ager in eighteen years. BETTY DIXON leaves following La Don- na's stag line. DORIS DONELON leaves her pleasing per- sonality to Carol Wilson. JIM DOSTAL leaves printing his own di- ploma. WINIFRED DUIKER and VIRGINIA SHIMROCK leave still Noble buddies. JUNE DUNBAR leaves her A's to be distrib- uted among the Junior class. . FLEMMING leaves her naivete to Babe Palko. BYRON FONDRAN leaves the Freshmen without an idol. ROY GEORGE leaves to join Pappy How- ard. CAROL GREVE leaves her jokes to Mr. Blauch. PAT HAMEL leaves singing, "Aint'cha ever coming back ?" DON HOAG leaves to get rich quick. MERCEDES HOWALD leaves her neatness to Barbara Dixon. STEVE JANOVAC leaves his sparkling per- sonality to Chuck Johnson. LAURINE JERZY and LOIS ROY leave still saying, "The grass is greener on the other side." SUZIE JONES leaves for the "hills." FRANK JORANKO leaves his way with women to Tom Ahey. JOE KENDRO leaves saying, "Put your feet down." PAT KIMES leaves singing, "California, here I come." '2Yr. - 1 I f. "i "W . 5 we I Russell H. lirwine - Superintendent of Schools In spite of the chaotic conditions under which we live. our young people are mightily concerned today with life values. They real- ize that the cheap and the superficial can never take the place of the substantial and the genuine. The good life today, as always. requires a fine sense of decency, a sense of direction. and a sense of the destiny of hu- manity. No one will dispute that high character and good health are outstanding assets in building the good life. These should be accompanied hy strong and virile friendships that have been built up from the earliest school years. The friendships of youth are most lasting. for they have been tested over and over again. This yearbook is a record of friendship. Interesting as it is now, it will become increas- ingly more valuable with passing years. To you. these young people will always be young. carefree and oyful. No matter what changes life may make. you will have the privilege of looking upon your friends as they were dur- ing your happy school years. May Gods choicest blessing rest on all of you. R. H. ERYVINR BOARD OF EDUCATION Sl'IlI'l'lI+lillQSCll Glass. C. lf. Bowman. Sfllllllillfffwl.0l'l'll J. llullard. Anton li. Strolnn. Russell H. lirwinc. Frank Mills. .lohn 1".Uavis. l.l.'Cll.l.l'l AlNGXVOll'l'Il l'1n'1'lish Smonsor of Newcomers ikm-X7..f' . 1 K . A fl! "A polgaoduufl fl'ue" 4 sw AL.. A 1- - i , x' Cluhq YVelfare Connnittee. BMX, Flora Stone Mather. MUX. Cohunluia l'niversity. l.l'lS'l'l'1ll ANGICNIC AII,h'.ljClllIlU!fl.l'IlHy .vper1lrii1y" English, Psychology, Faculty .Xml- visor of the Log, Senior Class Play Sponsor. AJS. Heidelberg College. M.A, Ohio State University, Ohio Vniversity. MICRYI. R. BAUMHR "The ufoniic Bzlrzurler' English, Drznnatics, Speech, Na- tional Forensic League, Junior Class Play Sponsor. B.A. YVittenherg College. l,I..ll. John Marshall Law School. University of WVisconsin, YVestern Reserve lfniversity. JOHN BECK "The music master" Choirs, Vocal Music. Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, Baldwin Vilallace College. JEAN BELL "What in all heuz'en's creation is that?" History, Business. BA, Findlay College. VIRGINIA Bl'ZI.l. "Good things come in small pucku yea" Physical lflducation, English, Meg- in ,Av aphone Cluh Sponsor. lS.S. Beaver College. f 4, V' n- 01 x i ,,,af , i Q... 'r".,,? , 1- '75 , KllN'l't IN ' .. lil Xl'C'Il "l'loHf.v of the rorimrrl lrill-rfrlonz Q-encral Science lllologv, Coach ot qv lreslnnan llasclrnll 'l'eani. l3.S. Kent State l'nivcrsitv. ' 'V-I-sary, ,XIJlll.XN llllliliiilflll "lla lfizozcs ull Iliff 1llI.I1lPNn .Xlgeln-a, Geometry. ll S l'niversitv of Dayton. l'..lU. Ohio State l'niversity'. . l'l'lli.X C.XNIPl5l'll.I. "S6'l'T'lI'f' wifi: ll snzilsf' A ,.,,,g5 linglish, Service Cluh Sponsor. ll..-X. Defiance College. Nl,.X', Ohio State llniversity, l'ni ' - f . versity ot Vi lsconsln. ,fy A ns My-,. f K . if FORD I.. CASE "7'liI.w Forfl will 0I'iL'fl-lj.S' get you fllereu Shop, llaskethall Coach, Traci Coach. ILS. in lid. Ohio WIS Vniversitv llniversity, oi VVisconsin. HICIIARID V. Cll.XNIlll'lllS "Qin e.rpwrf in cllltlllllfffl' 'IlIll.N'll'l Sponsor of .lunior Achnirals, Choir XB incl IES in l'1l Nllriin C ...n .-. lege. , 1. l,.c P O BLK. NVQ-stern llc-serve l'niversitg l.Ol'lSl'l IJ.Xll9'l' "Tile long mul .vhorf of .shuff- llllllllu Shorthanll, liooklieeping, Ollice Praci ice. l3..X. llllt'l'llll College. Nl..X. New Xorh l'niversit.v crn Hess-rve 'llnivc-rsi'f5', l'nivm-rsitx of Wise-onsin, 'l'olc-mlo I'nix'ersiiX MARIE DAVIS "JlI.w'.s H1l.vl1" lingrlisli, Latin B.A. 0l1ioAVvsley:nli, Colinnlviu l'ni- x'c'rsii'y, Uliio Sfnlc' U1iix'Cl'sil'5'. . HP 5 , cfs s y X, , 'maxi' NN' W ,. Sl'AR'l'UCU IJHEIASIU Uljfiilllf IIIIINI.-" SC'll'Ilf'f', Pliysivul l'lclnc:xtion, Assis- f' w U Q w., taunt Convli in Beislcctluull :anal lf'of,1- f- ' 'M' V lvull, Ailniireils Clnlm Sponsor, l5.A, Ulm-rlin Collvgv. ' -Y -:, Y 0 2 Sf - 17 : 4 I.-fi ' N , asf I AW may X , W if , if N ' fi fy V . .. f -,M f Q- -4 Qyq fs 'f ,:,m? fS' 'sf MM' rigid: f ILA. Coluniliiai I'liivPrsil'y. 1- f,' I ,.1 , . . , ...W-TTYR Cl,AliliNL'l'i lilL'lil'lR'l' I "HP llllfl his f'Ill.C1x'l'll.'! can boil: 'Whig-wi lay 'Wlllv ,I Inzlnstriaal Artls, AVrestling5 l"o:u"li, 4' Assislnnf Foollmll Cozivli. NAWQA BS. Kvnt Slate Viiivm-i'sity. JAMES AV. Gl'il31lAli'l' "For llffs Il, 'jolly goof? follow" Gi'l11'I'2ll Sviviivc, Biology, S1'll'lll'1' M33 Clulm Sponsor. l3.S, Hvillelln-U1 Collcgv. NLS. Ohio Slzltv llIllYPl'SltA', AYcsl- Dt Ili! l'1'IlY G lI.l , "The I,wuf7rfr".v lI'llf,f'7'.l Plwsiwil l'lllIlC'JlllUlI, Girls' l.m-:ionic . 7 , 2- nw 'U- Clnlm Sponsor, Girls' Aililvtim' Vlnlm - SPUIISUV. l3.A. flliio Stull' l'nivc:1'sil5'. ."'!F' XVIIJIA UILIJIAN x ",Yfft'w1' II flllll 'lllliillfllfll Q Q I linglisli, AillX'l'l'llllll'lll', ,AIlH'I'li'JllI ' llislory, Junior Y-'l'1-1-n Sponsor. l5.A. llm-imlvllu-l'gg' Collvgv. Xl ' fs . 4 av W' Q - , .,,,. if 'mu "Qsunds. -...aff 45 lg, . ,N M- by '12- v K "K A ik mf' if C 1 'GK' ,. NR W If ' .QV ' , ' .r-is -. -. '-4 NEWQQQ , 'I .Q .4-4. - Q DAI.l'l HAlil'l'1li "Uz'wr hill, :mer flflllfu liilllfl, fll'Cl1PStI'?l. l3.S. Cincinnati Consvrvatory of Mnsiv. l'niversity of Cincinnati, lYlllY6l'SltA' of Akron. M,A. AYcstern lic-serve L'nivcrsify. ROY H. HINCH "U1lI'flu.vll mon" Solicl Geoinvtry, Algebra, Trigo- noinetry, Svliool Pliotogmplier, HA. Akron l'niversity., Maryville Collvgfe, Uliio Stale University, licnt, State l'niversity. Mississippi l'niversify, Cliicsigo Vniversity. BLS, AYestcrn Re-serve l'niverSity. liHl3lili'l' .IABIIICSON "Is if Il lwflzlf Is if ffm lIIlN.VlIlff lillkf No, If"s his poorllvfv Art, AYorlml History, fl0YC'l'IllllCI'lt, Airplane Clnlm Sponsor. A.l3. Hnslcingnni College. livole iles Heainx Arts. AV:nsliington :incl .lclTm'son College. liS'l'IIl'Ill .IUNICS "lf'i'l'l'-If Joy fills' his flu-11" linglisli, Social Stnclies, .lnnior Sis- 'fers Sponsor. Co-Sponsor of Stn- mlcnf Council, lAlllSlilllgIlllll College: ll. of licl. Kent State- l'nivvrsity, Vniversity of PltlSl1lll'gll EDITH LEMON "rl .vlilf-11 in fimrf .wlI't'.x' 'lllllfn Home l'l,K'0ll1llIllk'S, Stinlm-nt Connvil Sponsor. l3.S. Nortliwa-stern Collm-ge. BLA. Vfvstcrn llc-sviwc I'niwrsily. DONALD ll. NIll.l.S "ll'1lnf u lrurf llISfI'lHI of Il lrrof- -mwul. Gconn-try, Till Grade Aritl1nwtic', Assislnnl' Sponsor of All Connnii- lcv, Assistant Sponsor of Jr, Aul- niirals. l3.A, AVoostG1' Collc-ge. NVQ-stern Resm-1'vc Gruflnslte Svliool, 1.1 M,XRG.XRF'1'TE PATRICK "I erm fi.r you up with If eufe one!" Spanish, Business, English, General Language, Friendship Club Spon- sor. BMX. XVestern Reserve I'niversity. JYNIC PI-IXVPISHS "In her 'IIIPVTIII 1'll2l'fI.'w'Ill1IlJHl'u Typing, Business Advisor of the Log, RA. Denison I'niversity. MA. YVestern Reserve University. Racleliffe College, New York l'ni- versity. ANNETTE PIERSON "A good .s-p01'f' Soeial Studies, Senior Sisters Spon- sor. l3.S. Kent State University, MA. WVestern Reserve I'niversit5'. JOHN L. POHTO "I floiff hem' ro1'1ffl:I11yf from fin' lIfIll'0II.If"' Meehanieal Drawing, Raseball Coaeh, Seale and Triangle Club Sponsor. , 13.5. Ohio State University. , M A. YVestern Reserve I'niversity. H ICTTY R OSB N HE R G li R "Cookie specialisz' e.rfmm'1lim1ru" Home Economies, Cooking, Junior Red Cross Sponsor, l3.S. Flora Stone Mather. NIA, Columbia Cniversity, ROY SHARROCK "'C1ll'1'e.v are his l1u.vine.vx" Physics, Coach of baseball pitchers. l3.S. YVooster College. M.A. Columbia University. ,405 ,xx A o-wp e Ae Q JK '-'sr' "'-uunvi ,ff ff, 34 9,5 fu: at ' X Q f QQ f 1... if 'tier ee . GSSJXPZ- . ' LH, by els... at ,W 1? ,.. .. ...., , fm Ai 5 't 1 s I. . ' 5:5 - . 'D 'il , 'fi' N 7-fi' M hh . f J. 19 is I 5 A' Air , ' ,Sig ' I- IIXRRY JV. Sl'iXNGl,l'1R "'Hpou.vor of fill' ,lromn Clulf' flllk'l!llSt1'f', Atl Committee Sponsor, l3.S. Heinlelbergf College. D NLS. XVestern lteserve l'niversity'. IRA ll. S'l'tll3lS.Xli'l' hGl'lll'SNUlIl!'l ry" Algebra. clt'Olllt'tl'J'. ILL Vniversitv of Iowa Clevelancl 'l'eaehers College. Cl,.XRl3lNCl'l SXYACKHAMER "Now lmys. heh, hell, e.1'err-i.w2S" Physical lTltlllCJlt'lOl1, General Sei- enee, Assistant Traelc Coaeh. HS. Ohio University MSX. Columbia l'niversit5'. flllllo State University. ANTHONY Y. Y.XCC.XltIl'il,I.O 'fTlmf 'nmn 'in fllw half-oily" lhugylisli, Spanish, Freneh. General Langruage, Ilus 'l'ransportation Sponsor. ll.S. Miami Vniversitv, NIJ. NVQ-stern Reserve l'niversit5'. CIl.XRI,l'lS C, YAVGIIN "tA'oIc' for ll Iliff' Iliff I?l'I'I9Il'U Printing, Journalism. Quill and Seroll Sponsor, Rreexe Sponsor. l3..X, Bethany College. MUN. Ohio State Iaiiversitlv. .Xl,l'IX.XNDl'lR XY.XSl'iI.KOY "The lull .vilenl fllfpf " Art. Coreoran Sehool of Art. l3..X, Georgie XVasliing'1on l'niver- sity. Hut, Ohio I'niversity. S'1'.XN1,1'IY 1,, N1'111'1'1'1S11J1'1 "1'lurl'.vIc'f14l! I HM' Illflllll HH' Snuflf' .x1I1k'1'1l'i111 Ilisfnry, Nv2If1U1liI1 Ilnnm H0011-f.x', Jnniul' Council on XVHV111 ,Ma A H':uil's, auncl Nunn Blnvivs :vn11 Ulr- f-rufnrs Sponsor. 11..X, 011141 Sfufv 1'l11Yvl'sifj'. gg YViscAul1siIl l'I1ix'1'l'sifj', Z 1 .1.XN1'1 N1'11,1.1.XB1S "Our ix :ml fu l'f'Il.N'0Il u'1f'1f.' 0Ill'.N' ix lfrlf In flu nr fliff' Gernmn, Latin, 1'11.13. Dc-nisun I'nivL-rsity. Uluin I'nivcrsif,y. L'1ric'ngg'n 1'nivcrsi1.Y. :z,+2,:2.2. rc' W1 f QL 1 M1 1 Tliw Q. 1 in if ST-f?x.s-QF-, 1 Ai T1 W W - ,4 1. M 141'1l'1,AX XYILSUN "l"f'if'114l.w'ln'p, frirflfrhvllilf, 'jnxl I1 lI"l'fI'1'f lllfllilifllllll-1 .X1j1'l'1ll'JI,l111'1 114-541-l'w-s SIIUIISUV. 13,.X. 1"1nl':u Shun' N1:n11u'V l'H111'g:1'. 31.1, X1l'N14'1'1I 114-su-l'x'v I lll1l'l'Nl1.X. ,'xI1'1'11l'1i 111 JN 1'1S ",lrrr'A nf :Ill fl'lIlll'-Y., . Imlnnk l lIlXl'1'N .21 ! J 111- 1"Uli1'15'l' 1'1W1'11,I, U.1lIlI'1Il'llfl. Nzcvfrfl.v" 'l'1'ant1ic' Oiiivcr. lli1CN1'I HHN Y,X'l'1I "Our lmrlrly zvilh flm Ifrmfi-uifl.w Svlmol Nurse. Fairview Park Ilospitnl 84711001 o Nursing. 13.8. in Nursing, Frances Payne linlfun 5011001 nf Nursing. .11'1,XN 15UXY171'1'l'11 nlllifffflllllffflll, lflrrl.w'."' 1,i1n'n rinn. .X.11, YYN1 1,i1u'l'1j' Shlfc' '11l'ill'1ll'1N l'u114'g:c'. 11.5, in 1.5, XXX-s1m'l1 111-sm-l'w l'ni xc-rmiig. . v..v,..,, .11'..XfX f1lN1N1a11 "Thr llfllllbllff fulfill" .Xsxis1:un1 1,i1v1':lri:zn. 512N1uP.5 C' au Wil LORENE KISTHARDT and MICHELLA PENOSA leave to mold their future. PHYLLIS KLOTZ leaves her curly hair to Marilyn Lasher. ALICE KOSHER leaves to start a pickle factory. JOSIE KOZAN leaves her ability to polka to Dorothy Jameson. PHYLLIS KREILACH leaves still the farm- er's daughter. FRANK LANZA leaves to give Jimmy Du- rante some competition. PAT LEACH leaves her business-like man- ner to Miss Jean Bell. ELAINE LINDSTROM leaves still helping Mr. Voorhees. THERESA MOLNAR leaves her efficiency to Miss Darst. DON LORANGER leaves wondering, "Which is bigger, man or mouse ?" ALAN LUIKART, after being Senior Class president leaves. May he rest in peace. JOYCE MANLEY leaves Mr. Baumer. NICK MARINO leaves Miss Gillman his curly hair, LOIS MARTIN leaves her legs to Clarence Eckert. - JANE MQKONE leaves her height to Cookie. FRED McLEAN leaves Eckert the problem of finding a captain. BARNIE MICHELBRINK leaves his smile to Doug Harrell. MARILYN MILLER leaves the life of the party at Madison. DOROTHY PHILLIPS leaves to start her own factory. vi 1 .a 3jqFv'lf! hi lm' , .lm ?wFP'?2B...s-Qfei N f 'lla JANE MOORE and DOROTHY WILK leave still the best of friends. COLLETE MORA leaves Mora-or-lessa. SALLY MORRIS leaves her eoy remarks to anyone who has the nerve to use them. BOB MUEHL leaves still carrying the torch. PHILIP NEIDE leaves determined to buy a pair of pajamas. GERRY NOVAK leaves Miss Gillman to an- swer her own questions. RONNIE NULICK returns to leave again. LARRY OTTER leaves saying, "I'll sec you some Otter time." WINIFRED PATRICK leaves to join her alumnae buddies. VIRGINIA PEDERSON leaves Gabby with- out any eusunncrs MARILYN PETERS leaves selling tickets for the Polic-eman's Ball, AL PETTIT leaves beating DAVE SURTZ on the pick-up. DOLORES POTOKAR leaves ready for Freddy. DARKO POZAR leaves still in the dark. DON REED leaves the underclass girls alone. MARYANN REPASKY leaves, the last of the family. JOANN RINI leaves her Y-Teen presidency to anyone capable of filling it. JACK ROHRICH leaves Marlene to see what the Juniors boys are like. CHARLES RUSSELL leaves on his motor scooter. DOROTHY SALINGER leaves saying, "It's Pamela." EUGENE SANTON leaves to start a bean factory. JOANNE SCHMITT leaves her athletic ability to Miss Pierson. ALICE SLADEK leaves the responsibility of decorating the formals. W'F""'M x " x X X x M. M. nl' -uni.: I' 6 ' BRI f l 'Quit U i 'runnin IV A5 Hill ' l ,-., .4 6 Zl'1I,I, JUAN ,XNIJICRSUN 21-122511 Gilclirisi Ave. "Fur N110 twm r1lIc'1r.11.s- f1'Iv11fll.11 rural 1'111'1'f1f1l ll .v1111'Iw for u11.'J A11 L111ll1lll111f'f' 25,-1: GUYC. 1,255.1- Sc1'1'ic'1' Clllll 1,2.3,1lfg I,l'1Dlll 110111- lll11'1'1'l'1 I'l1'11'lIl1Sll111 Y '1'1-vu 255,-L IAJ11 Stuff' 35,-Lg 1'l1'1Ul111S111l1 Culviuet fl-, '1'1'1-:1s111'c-1' 'Lg Iiiug C1I'1illlD 255.11 .111 Pluy 511111: Seiiim' I'l:1y 812111 l51'f-1-nv 511111, Ci1'c11l:11iu11 M:111:1g1'e1'g lYI64112l1b1l1ll1l' 1,2: Cliuii' 1,2,3!,1I-: V'l1i1'- lu 1,2,J5q 4Illll11Dl' Y 'l'1-vu 1: S12 Sis- 11-rs 25,13 Quill Jll111Sl'l'1l11 1. ICDXVIN ,XX13ll. 7711 I'l. 232 51. ".-lrl' is his IC'1Il'lIi,u SCI111Pl' Play 511111: I,ug-511111 -1: 1111 C11111111i11'1'1'. .1AN1'Z'1' I,111'ISI'1 1511.111 21181 li. 1117 St. fl'I111e1'c-11 S1u,u'0 frinu Iiust 1111511 in .1lll111H' ye-:11'.j 'Nlw AIIWIEYN' wlmf slnf u'1111l.v 111111 11.v11r1ll.1f yds ii." I'l1'1Cl111S1I1l1 Y 'I'v1:11 3.1: f,1lO1l' 25,1- I,I'0lll L'u111111i1,1v1fg I11'l'L'Zf' 511111 4 Quill 111111 Hc'1'oll -1, IIARBI1 FN ICIJYY. 151,DSNV1l1i'1'H 2515711 l"1'11'1-s1'vif-w Avv. "N1'1P11l 11111 yfff 111' 'ix l11ff11'11." I1i Y 35,11 110,11 511111 114. SI I Ili 1,l'lY ANNE 15li.XS1'II 211-511 131111 KVO. "S7c'wft1fx1' Day S7c'0etl1m1'rt" I'll'l1'Il11S1l1I3 Y 'IR-1-11 2,25,I4g M1'11':1- 6 111111111-2gG.A.C, 1,255,114l1i111,gG1-111111 2: 1,1111 Stull' -li: Qv1lU1l' 1,235,111 H1 . - . y 1 . hislvrs J,-Lg 1511-1-za' 511111 -114.111 1 1:15 S1ll11.1Sl', 151:11 511111: 1Y1Jl'i1ll'l'11l'S 2: .11'. Class 51-12: I'1'o111 l,'1u11111i1I1'1-4 ' .111 Y'l'1-1-11 l:1,lui1l :11111 Svrull 4. 1 131111. 1131125 iuzowx 1 2-12 218 si. 1' "You I'llIl.f lrrep ll 5111017 'lllflll IlOIL'l1.H ' 5111116111 Cl11lllN'11 1: Ifoutluill 35,-1-: 15:1sli6'111:1ll 1: XV1'13S1li11f" 23,-I-1 1 '1'1':1Clc 25511: 15161-ze 51:11:11-4-g Log ' Stuff 1: Nut. ,Xtlilc-tin' Sm'l1o1:1s1iC 1 51101611 51.-1: I1i Y 3,1-: Cluuir 1.2.3. .1l'1.XNl-l'1"1'l'I CiXl,D1YI'lI.I. 2211111 11115111116 Ave. 1I'I11te1'e11 f1'U1ll Colliiivvood in .11'. Yt'il1'.1 i'114'ffl'I' Iflfff fllllll -1107.'1f1'." GNLC, 3.1: I'll'1Pl111S1llI1 Y Teen 3,1: lircexc 511111: Sr. 1'l:1y Staff: Log 5111111 I'lDXY.Xli17 11151.18 225111 Niclumls Ave. "Jn ullrlefff 11.11 'lIllf1l7'0.,' S12 Class 1'1'vsic1eu1: Student Coun- cil 2: I"mm111:1ll 2,3,1: I311Sli611,1:1l1 1,2.I5,1: .113 l'l:15' 511111: Sr. Play Cust: Sr. Play Stuff: I,l'OIIl C0111- iuitteez Ig1'lJk'ZC' 1-111111 1: IIi Y 35,11 N..X.S.S, 15.1. IIICNRY l7l1l'lSL'III,1'lli 1iH1 lf. 2511 51. "All flu' zg'u1'l1Y'.w ll lllllflll, 111111 flu' 111 apic' yig.11I1'.N'." 15111111 1,2,I5,1g .111 l'l:1y 513111: Ili Y 3.1: '1l1'I1L'1i 1: 1Vl1i1'l11 1: 1511-016 S1:111' 1. I'11Jl'l'1 ,Xl51'11,l. GANSON H91 1'l. 22551 51. "S1llllI'UIll' .s-:wil In lmzvl lYl'1llllll1.n 111111 C1-on 1: l"1'i1-1141511111 Y 1110011 255,15 U.iX.C. 2.25: Img 512111 3: Ulunii' 1. RICHARD GRICAR. 25630 Forestview Ave. "I will find a way or nmlre one. Hi Y Lg Football 3,-Lg XVrestling 3g Newcomers 3g Breeze Stalt VL. -- FRIDA MARIE HAUSIAIR 20870 XVestp0rt Ave. "Her frieufls there are 'lllilllllfj' her foes-are there any?" Nat'l Quill and Scroll -Lg Breeze Staff 3,Lg Editor IL: Student Coun- cil 2,3,4-g Advisory Board 3.-Lg Sec. -Lg Service Club 1,2,3,lLg Ad Commit- tee 2,3,-Lg Sr, Sisters 3,Lg V. Pres. -Lg Sr. Play Staff: Sr. Play Castg J1'. Play Staffg Jr. Class Co-Treas- urerg G.L.C. 3,LLg G.A.C. I,2,3,Lg Letter 3g Athletic Roard 2,3g Log Staff 3,Lg Newcomers Club 2,3,+Lg Friendship Y Teen 2,3,Lg Friend- ship Cabinet 3g Ring Group 2g Choir 1,2,3,Lg N.H.S. AL. DONALD A. HORN 16sL E. 209 St. "I just gotta have mifflzer ......,,. . RONALD CERYL JICZRRC S25 E. 232 St. "rl worker with lb will," Newcomers Club 1,2,3,,Lg Ad Com- mittee 3,4-: Student Council L: Hi Y 3,-Lg Boys Leaders Club -Lg Sr. Class 'I'reas.g Sr. Play Sta Hg Sr, Banquet Chairmang N.H.S, LL. IIBIICLY lf. KOH R Plilt 5-L5 250 St. "--I comlaiiiatiozt of yigfglcs and lLl'f1l Ts," Rand I,2,3g Friendship Y Teen -Lg G.A.C. FRRDRICK I". KOFRPICR 5vL5 li. 2511 St. "TIG does llflfllllljf, buf he Joes it zcwllf' Rand 1,24 Jr. Play Staff. EDXVARD KI'Rl'l 875 li. 232 St. "He fakes them ns' they come." Football 2,3g Hi Y -Lg Student Council 3,Lg Boys Leaders Club fLg Jr. Class Pres, and Y. Pres.: Prom Conuuittceg Banquet Connnittce. Gl'IORGlC RORITIRT LUCAS 20702 lidgeclitt Blvd, Qlintcred from Jolm Adams in Jr. Yearj '21 wriclfizly .wfizse of 7z11mor."' Hi Y Lg Log Staff -Lg Breeze Staff Lg Rasketball -Lg Baseball Lg Scale and Triangle. RICHARD CIIARLICS MOCNY 829 li. 222 St. 'None but the lrraz'e z'1esm'z'es the fair." Sr. Class Y. Pres.: Prom Commit,- tee: Football 2,3,'L: llasketball 1,2,3.-Lg Rand I,2,3,sL: Sr. Play Stattg Log Staff: Hi Y 3,21-. BIARLXN lIlI,l,lCliX'l' RAPP 155 li. 2051 St. "Fa'run, fr. lilllc spark 'Hill-lj lfursf ll rlrfifflfljf flunzef' . llreczc Sta1tALg Log Stall' L1-: XYhir- lo Club 1,21 Nletfaphone 1,23 lfricnd- ship Y 'l'ccn 2.3,ALg Jr, Y Teen 2,3,sLg .lr. Y 'l'ccn 1: G.A.C. 1.2.35 Choir 1,2.3,L: Sr. Play Statl: Prom flillll- mittccg Jr. Play Stall: llajorctte. JOHN NYIl.l,l.XNI ltl'llJl"l'iliN 21215 li. 2258 St. "Tl11f ,s'fl'Ull'Ij .viiwllf f.1fl11f," lhws l,ea1lei's Cluli 41 l"11t11l1all z.:sQ14 uw-miiiig 1,z,:s,1., lJUl,Ultl'lS S.XYXVl'll,l. 120 li, 2241 St. "-941111 IIIllA'!'N 11. 11111111 l11ffIc'1'1f11 iNlllfII'I' 111111 C'1f11fr11i," Choir 1,2,3,4g Friemlsliip Y 'lk-eu 255,41 Jr. Y Teen lg Bll'gfJlllllllllC 1,23 Li..X.C, l,2,3,4: Newcxuuers Clul1 Zig King: Grnup 2,3g llrveze Stall 34 Prom CUIlIlIllttQ't'. JUANNIC SULUN l-4415.217 St. "ln I1111' 11f11ief11e.v.v .vlw has' 1'1IllI'lll,H ,Ml Cuuuuittee 3,44 G.l,.C, 3,-I-4 Service Clulm 2,3,4: G.,X.C, 13.3,-Lg Friemlship Y Teen 253,41 'l'reas, 44 Choir 1: Sr. Sisters 4-g Jr. Play Stall: Sr. Play Staff: Ing Staff 4: Jr. Class Treasurer. I VA MA li '1'I IOMAS 22711 Niclmlas Ave. "The .vp-'ri1111' e11i1Jr1f1I Ic'ill1 Il 111i11hf-11 'R11I1r." Frielulsliip Y 'l'eeu 2.3.44 Clmir 1.2. IJ,-X VID ,Xlt'l'Ill'lt XV1Xl.Ql'IS'l' .Z1l2t1 lvlilllllfll AXV0, 'Ill' lllllllf 1111! 1'1111.v1f Ihr' w111'l1l ,II .vf111'1f, 11111 1111 1l111f.v his l1if I1-11 l111i11'11 fllliffn lll X 3,41 lug Stall Alf, ,. 1 i, Slllltl,l'iY MAH XYl'll5l'ilI 224311 l'lmlgg'ec'li1'f Dr. ",Y11111f l111f i11f1's'1flf 1'1111 110 ller l1111'11il1fi." l'll'lPIlil!-illlli Y Teen 253,41 Sec, 4.1 l'll'lC'lltlSl1lll Calvimt 4: Sr, Sisteisi 25.-ll: 'l're-as, -Lg G.l,.C. 4: G..X.C., l.2,J5,4: Choir 1,2g Jr. Play Staiiif Sr, Play' Stall: Servive Clulm 23,4-:Q Y, Pres, Lg Lug Sta1'l'4g Jr. Y Teen- lq .Xtliletie lluartl 34 Sec'retar5', JHIIN l". NVl'iSSl'il, S1135 IC. 25D St. Ullizwf 11111 ll 11111111 f11 .wl1I111I llllll I! will 11111112 11111 f'lITfll.u N.l".l,, 1.2,3,4g Treas, 3: Pres. 4:1 Siucli-ut Council l,2,3Z, Hi Y 3,41 See, 3,41 Jr, Class '1'l'eas.q Jr. Play Cast: Sr. Play Cast: 1,1151 Stat? 41 llanquet Cauiiiuittee: Frencli Clulil Sig N.H.S. 3.4: Pres. 4. 1 lSliYl'Ilil,Y JANE NYHST 21700 l'I1lg1'ec'liti' Dr. ".I 11111111.11 1iis'1111.viIi1111 is ll gif! of II1lfIll'F','! Frienllsliip Y Teen 2,3,4: Jr. Y Teen lg G.,X.C. l,2,3,4g Sr. Sisters 3,44 Pres, 44 G.l,.C. 4g YVl1irl11 lg Mcgaplioue 1,2g Student Council 1: Jr, Play Staff: Sr, Play Staltg Ing Sta1T: Sr. Class Secretary: Choir l,2.3,4q Breeze Staff 44 Ring Group 23,-4: Quill anal Srroll 4: B.ll.S. 4. Wll,l,l.-XM .XISIBOT 389 l'l. 2711 Sf. "The silent f.l11l0.U Atl. Committee 4-:, 'Track 3.4. IXXYIIJ .XIKIN 1.4 tiilvllrist H11 l1111f 11i111 in ji1'.vf 111f111'." EVELYN ANDRIQXVS 356 Babbitt Rd, "Always 'ready with tl wisrfc'1'ru'lr." G,A,C, 1,2,3,4-g Friendship Y Teen 2,3,44g Real Cross 2g G.Ii.C. fl: Breeze Stuff 414 Megaphone 2,3g Jr, Play Stultg Prom Couuuitteeg Service- Club -lg Log Stuff 4. DONALD .'XNZl'Il.l.S 275 E. 232 St. "He lmfh the jiglzfing blond Iviflfili lLl'lIlf."l Football 1,2,3,4fg liusketlrull 1,2,3.-Lg Baselmull 1,2,3,4-g Nutionul Athletic Scholastic Soc, 3,44 Hi Y 3.14 Treus. -L: Student Couneil 1: Img Stull' -I-. BARBARA AUSTIN Drayton Plains, Michigan "New things are fnm.vt Iuulitezl at." QEutered Shore in Jr. ya-:nr from Pontiac, Miclrj G.L.C. 3,ALg G.A.C. ILM PVCS. 413 Friemlsliip Y Teen 3,13 Service Club 3,-l-g Log Stull' 4: Sr. Sisters 3,43 Prom Conrg Athlettie liuurd 4- RICHARD BARROVVS 23935 Clark Dr. "Not a cure in the "lE'U7'ltI.U Hi Y 3,4-4 Ad Committee 3,43 Breeze Stull' 4-. I.AXVlil'lNCE BAUl'lli 21930 Fuller Ave. "A pleasing 'way mill: lilllrf I0 .s-ny." Boys Leuclers Cluli lg Ili Y Ll-. 008 l'IlJl'l'lI l3l'lllNDSliN 215 Ll Xlvestport Ave. "Vim, Vigur and V'itc1Iity." lil-ll Cross 2: Megupluuie 2.3.4-3 See. Jig Friemlsliip Y Teen 2,3,'1'l G..'X.C. l,2,3,4-1 Clieerlezuler 2,3,4-Q llusketliull Attendant 84 Jr, Play Slutlig l'rmuu Conuu.: Student Coun- 1-il Sig Jr. Y Teen 1. liUlll'lli'l' l5l'lli'l'K.X H71 li. 237 St. "lCu.v.1f IWIIHF, l'US.If yo," Lililllililfl l3lNDlil'l 23+ 141. 2145 St, "His 'name is HIIVIIPII with football." Hi Y A1-g Football 2.14: YVreStling 2,:s,41. ll.'XYNlUND l3Rl'lSliY.Xli 22100 Fuller Ave. "Fun Fol'eZ'el'." liuys l.m-:ulers Club .L lJUl,tJlll'1Sl3lllNZ TSM li, 236 St. "lJ1f1u'l 'ix lufr 'nlfrffllaf 'l1frn1f'," N.II.S. -lr: 3ll'Q2l1bllUlll' Jig Studi-nt Cauuwil 3.14: lxllX'lS01'y limird 3,-Lg llvcl Cross 23: Trvus, Ii: lied C1-053 .Mlvisory liourclg Sr. Sisters 34: G..X.l', 3,-lf: Llllllll' 2,Ii,Pl-Q .l r. Y Teen lg 1'll'li'lltlHllll5 Y 'll-vu 2,3,'l4: Serr- iee Clulv lg Ring' Gi-mul: 23, lil"l'H ISKUCKMA N 2-I-3510 Nluwc Ave. 'Cl 'ZC'llll'll'1l and fliliyenzf 1ciorl'0'r." G.A.C. 1.2,3,4Lg Red Cross 24 Mcgu- pbone 2: Atl Comm. 3,44 G.I,.C. 35.14, J Sec.-T1'c:1s. ig Sr. Sisters 3,LL, lro- givuu Cll?lll'lllilIl-141 Fricuclship 2,3,-I-g Friendship Cabinet 3,-Lg Prom Comm.: Jr, Play Stuff. Log Stknffg Clloir lg Urclicstrzl 1, I,AliliY ISIQOCKMAIN' 21390 Muvec Ave. "Ol: for lim moozlliglff, rrufl 171611 rm girl." l+'ootball 1,2,3,,l-g Bnsketlmll 1,2,3,ALg 'l'ruc'k 14 Hi-Y 3,-l-3 B0y's 1,6-fillers Club: llrc-H6 St:1H'3g Prom Comm. JICANNE l3U,l4l'1"1'NliH 2-I-U lizlsl 210 St. 'L-lx nzerry as llle Jay ix l0lI.lf,p Choir 1,2.3,4wg Frienclsllip 2,3,xLg Ring' Group 24 Frienrlsliip Cubimlt 2g G.A.C. 1,2,3,,14g Service Club 1,2,3,4-3 llreezf' Stall' 3,414 Log Stuff 3,1-4 Jr. Play Stuff: Sr. Sistvrs lg 'rw Jr. X-19911 l. JUANNIC lSl'l,l,AlilD 270 liusl 270 Sl. "Sll1f's .ijfll flw Ilffll Illlll yo," C,:.,X.L. 1.2,-3,-Lg 14I'lf'lNlSlll1l 2,.i,iLg Jr, Y-'l'f-cu Ig Scrvim'e Club 3.-l-g Choir l,2,2i.Lg Jr. Play S'f:iPr'g 1311-vm? Steiff 2 CAICUI, Cll,X l'N1.XN 1351 l'l:lsllH'4mlc UF, 'Tl1w1'r".v Illl'Sf'lllI'fl in ll1i.v ic'onmn." U..X.C, l,2,Ii,l1g Frim-mlsliip 255,-Lg Mcggvipliom- 2g Jr. l'l:uy Si:lT'l'g liwl Cross 24 Jr. Y'l'cm-u lg 1Vbil'lo 1: llrvf-zv Siu H' ily, WA ,V ' ' I n ...L V I f - xlll li l A A . IAVAQ f , , ' if 5 l3li'l"1'Y CHR IS'l'OI'H1'lR, 2134-5 llzlll AVP. "By being l1e'1'.velf, she .s-1151105-."' Log Stuff 3,4-4 Choir 1.2,3g Fl'lCl1ll- ship 253,44 G.A.C. 1,2554 Red Cross 1,24 1Vl1irlo 1,24 Prom Comm.: Jr, Y-Teen 1. I 'l'l'IRlfIS.X Cl,ll"FUlilJ 5553 Babbitt Rfl. 'Nzcwvf mul quiwf in lmr :c'1ly.v." Friemlsliip 255.11-1 Polka Club 25 11611 Cross -I-3 G.,X.C. 2.14. lf'l'Gl"Yl" CHI l" HHH lflusl 2121- Si. "Tim puff of flu' i1'ori0.v. .Xml Comm. Zig Img' Stull' 3.113 l5l'6CZC Stuff' 3,14 Jr. Plug' Steiff. .V liUl3l'lli'l' CUl.XVIl,I. 130 liusi, 211 St. "Holi mul lllla' 1-ur lnrzv' .vurrf -110110 ffllfu l3ny's I,v:ulvrs Club lg Student Couuvil 23: l1ll'2ll'li l,2,Lg Brcczc Stull' -ll. Gl'llilXI,lJ CUNXVAXY lll liusl 213 Sl. "C'lollm.s- 'lllllkl' flu' num." lfontbull l,2,3,Lq l3uskC'tb:lll 1.2532 XYi'vstlim1 -l-g 'l'r:u'k 1,293.13 Hi-Y 3,Lg N.,X,S,S, 3.1-: Prom Comm. ii: Log' Slsifl' E: liofs I.0:nclm's Club -L. i lFRANCI5 CPNNINGII.-XM 549 Babbitt lid. f'Free from ull erzrff.v" Hi Y 3,-1-. f'liOl5lCli'1' CYliG.Xl.lS ,xiililyl l'l. 218 St. "IVl1-11 so slay" Hi Y Sift: All. Couuu, 4: Basket- ball Mgr, 2: Neweoiuers Club 25. D Bl5'1"1'Y DIXON Q-l-55 H. 215 St. "A fell o'z'lm'k .w'lmlu1"' 'lflinterecl from Collinwooal in soph- omore yearj lCh0ir 23,4-: Friendship Y 'l'een IZA: G.,-LC, 3.4: Log Staff 4: Breeze lStaft' 2,3,-L: Camera Club 4, 'DORIS DUNIQLON -764 lil. 260 St. l"lV0rk is u 1llf4ll.V'1lI'l" io her"' ,'lCl1oir l,2,3,Al-, G.l,.C. 41: G..'X.C. l,2. 13,4-: xvlliflll 2: Friendship Y Teen ,2,3,4-: Cabinet 4: Jr, Play Staff: 'Log' stlaif 4: Sr, Sisters 411. l l li 'r l l J A M ICS IN JSTAI. '296 l'l. 210 St. "A prinferiv dwliglzf' Jr. Play staff: Breeze Stan' 2:55,-L l ,M fi 5 ie K fS7,, C21 ,f' , ' ,' f fs 4 ,Q -' gg, '24, if Q . A Q f A - V, 4' :Qu , JI' 'V' 'J' fi' f " Yfiiiis' SIL! f"93'fz' . . , V- z .5-55ifif1ga,E15:g .. ,,-f.'w..1..- N 1 1 n 3 ,dw sm fi NIB TX J . ? ff K K f f A V 'Q . ' xi y .f QXQWQXM , v N Wfay .. if X X Mgsqqkxjgw, , fsif 1 X f MQ, A I i ,Q fy if ,Q s43'?W'Mf if ' fy' vfi If 1 ei Q gif ,ff 5 4. s W: .2 61 xws -'41 4 X. fi, I W! L 'E' 42- arf XX'lNll"ltl'1lJ lDl'llil'1li H51 l'l. 231 Ht. "lf'.v llll'I' lo knoll' .wnleonff like her" Uboir l,2,Ii,-I-: l'lI'l6'llllSlllll Y Teen 2,3,i: Log Stall' 3: lierl Cross 2.3: G X L' 12 'S L' G l C' 'ln' YYllill'o 2' .A . ,. init' 1. 5 1 A. . Q 51 Sr, Sisters Al. .ll'Nl'I IJUNIHAR 21871 Priday Ave. "Nlill wafer I'7l'lI.S' rlwlf' N,H,S, -lg Log Staff -1: I'll'lt'llKlSllllP Y '1'een11: G..-MC.-1:Camera Club-1 Jl.Xlil'l.X l"l.l'lNlINll 19325 S. l,alce Sliore lllvcl. 'Llloy llm Ivurlai ffffllf her will: file lies!" v 'lie Jr, N en 1: Friemlsbip Y Teen 2,C5,Al: Cabinet 3,41 Choir l: Mega phone 1.2: All. Couunl 3,-lg lien Cross l,2: Log! Staff 3,-L: Jr, Play StaH': Neweouuers Club 3: Serviee Club 2,3,-I-: G.gX.C. l,2,Zi,'L: Sr, Sis ters Ii,-L: Prom Couuu. BYRON l"UNlJli.XN 55 lf. 221i St. "Surf: uml .vo Furious ure flue fasles o 'IIIPIIH f N,I'l.S, -L: Football 2,3.AL: Stuclent Couneil 2,3,AL, .Xmlvisory lloaral 2,3,-L Basketball l,2,3,-L: Traek 1.2.34 Hi Y Il,-L, Pres. Al-: Jr. Ulass Pres. N..X.!w.h. 3,-L: Newcomers l'lub 2,3,-I ROY Ul'lUliGl'l l!I,L2l S, Lake Shore lilwl, " I nl ll1lfIIl'P is une ov' II11' ffrluf. ruifs-" ' Oil' ,L.,I, : ' Y 5,41 1 ' V. 4 ', CXXIHJI, Glil'lV1'l 84 li. 199 St. Ellen 11111.11 FUIIIP mul men -may yo, but I .qu on foreZ'er" Choir 1,2,3,-Lg G.A.C. 1,2,3.l4g Jr. Y Teen 1g Friendship Y Teen 2.3.1111 Cabinet 44g G.I..C. 3.1, Pres, llg Service Club 1,2,3,:Lq Prom Comm.: Log Stall' 4. l'A'1'liICIA HAMEI, 355 197 St, "Take ll' pair of sprrrlrliny e'11w.w" Service Club 3,-Lg G.A.C. 1,2,3,-li: Friendship Y Teen 2.3,-Lg Ring Group 2g Jr. Y Teen lg Red Cross 1,24 Breeze Staff 3,41-q Log Statl' 3,413 Jr. Play Statlg Pro Comm.: Choir 1,2,3,-1-: YVbirlo 1.2, See, 1. PAIYI, HNDIKICK 310 li. 211- St. "His rcnrrlx ure few" DUNAIJJ HUAU 121 10.215-1 St. "fill the world lfnzies ll lover" flflntered from libocles in Jr. f'CJll'., Ili Y 3,1-g 1"o0tball 25,14 XYl'f'Sllll1,iI .LL Ml'lliCl'IlDI'1S llUXY.Xl.ll 3211 lf, 21415 Sl. ".l Illl'l'I"lf llrfurl Lrffrrfx all fluff" Servlet' Club 15,1-g Sr, Sisters 8.11: Sturli-ni' C'ouuc'il -Lg l"l'ielulsliip Y Teen 2,3i,lfg Jr, Y Teen lg Ring clI'Ullll 2: H1-fl Cross 1.2, ,Xflvis4rl'j' ll1l1Il'll lg lug' Stall' -lg JV. l'l:1,Y Si,:lfl'g Ci.,X.C. I,2.25,I4g Clioir 1,255.1-. , 522 M 4. 1 f eq f Q X 'N I rg' J? X f ' fx .H A Q f X XXX? , , W f qi it ii ,ygqg i 5 ir ,V 1. l S'1'1'lP1i1'IN .IANOVAC E 60 E. 209 St. I "The fun grew ffrat and f'llI't01l.S'u 1 Hi Y 3,-Lg Traek 2,3,4-g ,Basketball 3.1: N.A.S.S. 3,4. FRANK JORANKO 24-L77 Maven' Ave. NCl'llI0'lL, we mn rin it" Football 1,2,3,4-4 Basketball 1,2,3,4-I Baseball 1,2,3,4-g Hi Y 3,443 Breeze Staff 3,4-, Sports Editor: Log Staii 4-4 Sr. Viee Pres. 4 1 I 1 i I..XUHlN1'lJl'1RZY 313 lfl. 216 St. Hl'IlTi?f.lf is the xpife of life" Friendship Y Teen 253,44 G.A.C. 2,3,vl-g Ring Group 2g Newcomers Zig Choir 2,3Afg Log Stal? 4-3 Jr. Play Staff: Sr. Sisters 3,4-. Sl'Z.XNNl'l JONES H0 Lake Edge Dr. "1C7'0'r.11fl1in.q'.s' Olllfkiij 7c'iH1 Cl11lrIfy': ni 1 H G,A.C. 1,2,3,A1-g Service Club 1,253.21-,i V, Pres, lg Jr. Y Teen 1: Prom Coninrg Frienflsbip Y Teen 2,3,4g Log StatT 1-g Jr, Play Staff: Mega- phone 2,3: Football Attendant 23 lied Cross 1,2. JOSI'll'll lil'lNDliU 71--lf li. 258 St. "For l1rf'.v fl fjflflfl Jovi' lSoysl.e:u1lel's Club -1. ,396 F. 214 St. E Choir 1,253.44 Lug Stuff 34 Jr. Plan' 'Stzxfl 34 Ring Group 2: Jr. Y r :ALICE KOSHICR 1 853 E. 230 St. 1 Qlinterecl in Jr. year fruin Buffalo, 1 42, See. 34 Real Crmgg Advisory PATRICIA KIMICS 21020 S. Luke Shore lilvcl. "Tim frielarllilwm of her xniilaf' flintereml in J r. yeur fruni Oulclzuul, C2ll1fl'bl'I1l?l.J Friendship Y Teen 3,44 Cubinel 44 Img Stuff 4: Choir 3.4. 4 I,O.l'lRN1i K1STH,XRlD'l' 18891 IBZISNUXV Ave. "1-I lffllflllll-If 'zcwrrl for ull' Friendship Y Teen 255,44 G..X.C. 1.2. Red Cross 1,24 Breeze Stuff 4: Lug Stuff 34 Cliuir 1.255444 Sr. Sis- ters 3,44 Student Council 1.4: Hill Grnup 3. PHYLLIS KLUTZ "All, fluff rm? lmir is ll Qflefr.w11'P '1'fl7'64H Friendship Y Teen 2,3,-ld G.A.C. 14 Teen 1. I 'Sweelf rr I1 rl luzwly' 3 N. HJ N.1-1.5.4 Friendship Y Teen 3,44 Sr, 'Sistlers 44 Ruud 3,44 Service Club 14- G XC 4 lJOSEPH1NlfZ KOZAN 1910 E. 237 St. "'She 'is file belle of the ball" :Student Couneil 2,3,4, See. 3, Axl- ivisory Boeird 2,3,44 Service Club lT2,3,4, See. 3, Pres. 44 Friendship lY Teen 253,44 Red Cross 1,2,3, Pres. fB0z1rd4 VVliirlo 14 Choir 14 Megan- :pbone 1,2: Gyni Council 3, Y, Pres, l3Q Majorette 2,3,44 Nlaijorette Club 13,4 Pres. 3, '1're-us. 34 G.A.C. 1,253,444 'Newcomers Club 3g G.L.C. 4: Lug fStuf'f 44 Ring Group 2,34 Polka lClub 2g Breeze Stuff 4. :Kg 4 iw was w-My .y l'llYl,l,lS liR1'lll,.XCll R.l1. Nu. 3, Geneva, Ubin "Un one sin' xnlilffrl Illlll he Ivan llll'.N'fU Real Cross 24 Serviee Club 2.35,-4: G.4X.C, 1,243,444 Nlegfaiplimu- 2,3,l4, Pres. 44 Clieerlezuler 2,3,44 Friencl- ship Y Teen 255,-1-4 .lr, Y Teen 1: Nl:lju1'etie 14 Mui' Queen 34 'l'r:u'k Qiu--en 2. . W A 4 IPR.-XNK1,,XNZ.X Z ll, 21180 XVeslpnrl Ave. V "Fur lik is rl -fully lrjrmrl fffllrrif' 4 , jf Xml. Cnnnn, 34 llusebull 1,234 Jr. . 1 il ' Plzlj' Cust: Clltlll' 1.2,3,4. P.XTRlCl.X l,1'LXCH lfil 1'l. 213 St. 'QURQQ "lVifl1 fr xurznff zli.s-lim-Ififw12" G..X.C. 14 Newcomers 1: Clmii 1,2,34 Jr. Y Teen 14 Friennlsliip Y Teen 2,4. , 1flI,.'XllNlfl l.1Nl1STROlI 21751 Crystal Ave. "fl 'llltllllkll IlIIIIIP.N'f1lIj!'f self p0,w.5'e.v.wy41" Jr. Y Teen 14 Frienmllsbip Y Teen 2,44 1Vbirl0 1: G.,X.C. 1,2,3,44 Red C ross -4. DON I,UR.-XNGICR 2!'i1l1 Luke Shore Blvd. A " fI'r1W1.v frwfexf :vim fl'tT'l'l'lS r1lm1f"' .Ml Cnnun, 3.4. 4 S f, A - 14 ,JF 'Wi I HP Q 2 A SK QL 5 ' ALLEN I,l'IKAR'1' 3350 E, 265 St. "Little fIIfll1ff.S'fII'!7 fl7'?l'If fo My men" Football 1.2,3,l: l3aslcetball 1,213,413 Baseball 1: Hi Y 3,41-4 Band Student Council 1,4-4 Treas. 4: .Kd Comm, 3g Dance Band 2.3.-Lg Sr. Class Pres. 1VIl,I.I:XM LYON 20521 lidgeeliff Blvd. J.BP'ZC'llI'f' Hip fu ry of ll pnfirmz' man" Ad Comm. 3,43 Hi Y 3,4-g Boys Leaders Club rl-4 Log Staff: Choir 1,2,3.+: Student Council 3. JOYCE NIANLRY 27251 Sboreview Dr. "'Hv1' spirits- are ns Digi: as Izm- z'nif'e" G.1X.C. 1,2,3.l: Sr. Sisters 3,13 N.F.I,, 1,2,3,-L, See Pres, 41: Friendship Y Teen 253,-L: Jr. Y 'Teen 1: Breeze Staff 4-g Jr. Plav Castg Ring Group 2,3g Clioir 1,2,3g Log Staff ILL, Business Mana,f1er LL: ,Xtbletie Board ,Lg Nat, Quill and Sc-roll 4. NICK MARINO T82 2410 St. ":TllN'7'E4 'IINPIVZ to lie yiflllfs in file zc'o'rlrZ" Rovs Leaders Club -Lg Hi Y 3,111 XV1'C'StllI12Lf 1.23.14 Football ell: Rand 1,2.3,A1q N.A.s.s. :z,4.. LUIS MARTIN 100 11.2115 St. "G'rfufiofz1.s- in 'HIlIl7l1I'I'H N ll,S, 1141 ,Ml Cfnnin, 253,111 G.I..C. 35,1Lg GAC. l,2,Ii,-L: liettei' ZS: Serv- iee Club 1,2,3,1Lg Jr. Y Teen lg Friendsliip Y Teen 253,-L, Y, Pres, ill, Cabinet: 'Lug StaH' 3,114 Jr. Play Stattg Red Cross 1.2: Student Council 1,1113 Choir 13,33 Proin Comm.: Sr, Sisters 3.1. ll" l 4, ,1. l l I lg- , p , JANE MQROINE Q, ff ,H W 2234-6 Nicholas Ave. 1 ' - f . 1 V I V "Po I worry' v ' 1 It YK lnrlo 1g Friendship Y Teen 23,4-gl ' f f f Red Cross 3,-'Lg Prom Comm.: G ALJ ' C 4- A 'mg ' ' 11 f fs 1 M V 1 'N I 1 . .... , . . 1 I, f f L PRl',D Mc-LEAIN ,I . f fQ 111 142. 211 st. It 1 , "'Tl1p free of all 110011 fPIIll'iL'.H"n , WM. gym! f Q V n , - , . . 1, J fm lg -f y. Football 1,Z,3,-1-g V 1'CStllIllL'f 1,2,-3,-Lg ' if Capt. 2,3,,1-g Track 1,2,3,4-g Hi Y'l 1 . - fe A-1-M: f ,ff ' 1 f , of JA, V. Pres, 44 Log Staff 4-g., 1 Q . Q N..X.S.S. JA: Student Council 2. f gf. f , I 1 A m BERNARD MIGCHRLRRINK I " 285 li. 28-L St. "You, have fflllflllf 'us ll'lllfflIfl'l'." W Aff' Hovs Leaders Club AL: Hi Y 3,4-g ' Breeze Staff -L. - MARILYN MIIJJCR 1 19350 Newton Ave. "fl folly yum! person fo AVIVIIU., Jr, Y Teen 1: Friendship Y Teen 253.11 XVbirlo 1: G..X.C. 1,2,3.'l-: Jr. Play' Stattg Ring Group 2: Choir' T l.2.3flf : Red Cross lg breeze Stair, 3,114 Log Staff 3. ' 4 1 I Ql i 'l'1'll'lltl'lSl'l MOl.N.Xlt 1 250 l'l. 21353 St. l "Sill:-wr'l'f-11 fl'1'1l111pl1s" X' G.I,.C. 3.1-1 G.,X.C. 1.23,-1-g Friend-5 sbip Y Teen 2.3,-L. Cabinet: Cboirt 13.3,-1-g Sr. Sisters -Lg Prom Comurgg Log Statt Al. 4 l I 1 l 'Friendship Y '1'een 2,3.4: G.A.C JANE MOORE 238 E. 208 Sl. "There 'ix lIIllSlC' in her lfmglf' Jr, Y Teen lg Student Council 1 1,2,3.-4: V1 l1l1'l0 1,24 Log' btslll' 11. lCOLl,1'i'1"1'1'l MURA ,Y 'mo E. 2:52 St. KK She lm.: 'wllrlf if ffrl.'e.w"' Red Cross 1.2.Ii,4g Friendship Y Teen 4. i SALLY MORRIS 95 15. 217 St. "'SImple, sensible. a-nfl sweet" G.A.C. 1,253.44 G.l,.C, 2,3,4: Sr. :Sisters 3,4-3 Jr. Y Teen 14 Friend- ship Y Teen 2,3,4. Cabinet 3.4: IMegaphone 1,2.3,-L. See, 334 Cheer- -leader 2,3,4g Prom Comnrg Choir 1,2,3g Log Stull 4. 4? 6 mi T-w-up M f ROBERT MI'141HI. fm fe 1131 E. 21651. gre "A light lzeurf li1'es'lm1g" 3 .Hi Y 3,4: Ad Comm. 3: Scale and " w'1'riangle 4. ww is kv-- y A ...,. ..'1 1 1' 4? .'2, X 'NANCY NIEBICS 27110 Fullerwood Dr. "'G7'inf and bear VG.A.C. 1,2,3,4g Friendship Y Teen .Z,3,4g Megaphone 2: Jr. Play Stallg 'Fed Cross 2: Jr. Y Teen lg VVhir- 0 1. , .,,,,..,.,,-7 . V 4, V .Sf ...- Gl'iliAl.D1N1'l NUYAK 21574 IVEIII Ave. "Will .vlw ever run fluzmf' llinfered in Sr. ye-:ur frmn Cruslmy Minn.J Choir 3.4: Friendship Y Teeni4 li.A.L', 4: Friendship Culwinet 4. RONALD Nl'l,1Cli 126 15. 20:3 St. 'Z'-Izc'. girls. lem-me nlmzff' Murine Curpsf'1'wu years. Ili Y 2.3.4. 1.AXYli19lNC'F U'1"1'l'lRS 21751 YYilm4n'e Ave. "NllfI1f'1f is fllv lnfxll fn f'Ullff'lll'H 1V1Nll"li lil? l'A'l'liICli 24582541 Uriull' Ave. "Qllvrrill'1f wr' frnll ulmzjf' Fl'll'l1llSl1lll Y Teen 2.3.43 G.A.C XVhirlu 1.2: Megaphone 1.2 liel Cross 1.2: Img Stuff' 4: Choir 1,31 Ning Group 2. YIRQI NIA l'I'IlJl'1liSON 154 li, 203 Si. "Lifflrf purple l'llIt'll-IjN 'Bull' up az' flee 'rlylvf f'imf"' Jr, Y Teen 1: Friendship Y Teen 2.3.41 Red Cross 1.2: G.A.C, 1.2: 1Yhirlo 1.2: Breeze Shih' 4. . ,w 1 . 2 " f. Qs, f r. ,Z f g I ..,,.S- l MICIIAEI, PIQNUSA 1, , 237111 I.:1kcIz1111I 111111 w A 1, "' 'C-1 ffrilmlizvf lifflrf 111i.v.w" ' IA, .-V:V :':':" I DAR K0 POZAR 11611 Cross 1.2.3.-L, Pres. Zi: Choir ' V 21871 N14-11111.15 Ave, 1.2: Jr: Y Te-en I: 1?1'Il'Il1ISIl1lI Y ,-45'W"x "A rulnz.111111selfl10.v.9g.v.we1Iyo1l11g1 Teen 2.3.4-: Sr. Sisters 3.1-A Ring lllllllu G1-1111112.31 G..x.c,1. " fg MARILYN 1'E'1'I'IIIS 591- 1'I. 2615 "'P6'fI' is on file buff" Sr. Sisflers -I: Frie'n1IsI1ip Y '1IQI'I1 231 G XC 1231- Ir I' ' 't'1Pr'- Hu' s' w 9-fn' aw' 1' .11 5 Choir 1: I'r1n11 Cum .: I Tern 1. .:XI.I11'IR'1' 1'1'1'1'TI'l' 144 IC. 207 St. "Q1Ie1z. of few wfrrds are flaw be-vt D 111m1"' Ad ' w 11111111. 2.3.4-: 111111 1..Z..3.1: I fl 'w L L ,. Stat? 11: Jr. Play but 111 Y il Boys I,e:11Ier CIIIII -I-1 '1II'2ll'Ii 2.3.1. ,1. , ,yf 1 f I' L Ml gr ?-1.N 5 1 ,ff 4 Q1 , , ,.., X511 f , ,fm I X W Q ,W fa, 9 Eg. , f 3 111.- . of -- .FAR bv: n f. N..'X.S.S. 3.-I. IJllIIU'I'I1Y 1'1III,I.I1'S Q 215831 M:1II:1r1l ,XV1-. X .,'1 ,Q "ll1'1f1l.v :mf 1c'111'1l.v lIl'I' r1fl111i1l" 1 G..X.l'. 1.2.3: Sr. 91511-rs 23 I 1 : 1"1'i1-1111511111 Y 'I'1'1'11 IL: Jr. I'I:1x' Stuff: 1Jl'0llI C11111111.: 1.1115 512111.12 W f 111:11 fruss I I'HI H111 H 1'11'1'UK.XIi 261311 1'IHI'K'SIYI1'XV .X x'1'. Uffvlllllll. l1'i1l.w'flQf'l'.w' l'1"1lH.lj .lfffllfu 8, NI1'g1':111I111111 1.2.J.lf: lIIIl'l'I'Il"l1Il'I' 2,Ii.l1: Jr, Y '1'1'1 I1 I: 1"1'i1-1111511111 Y 2 -qu '11-an 2,IS.l1: G..X.t'. 1.2.3.-L: 1311-1-ze yep. 511111,-1111118 SMH' -L: l'1'11111 C11111111 1"1,111Il1:1II .X11 PIN I 1111 J. M3911 'Q' -Guam, - . ww' Y.. I DON.XI.I7 RICIED 251 I'I. 218 St. "A fl'-llllllll' 1111.110 Hi Y 3,-I-: .MI C11111111. 2.3,-I-g Prom C11111111.: Boys I.ez11Iers Club 4-, '1'1'e11s, 4-: Breeze St:11'f 4: 1.1151 Staff -I-: 11211111 1.2.3.,I: I3z1sketI1:1I1 4. M.-XIRYANNIC R1iII.XSKY 2191111 Ivan .Xvfn "Q11iwf buf ever .eu I'lIl'Pl'fIll" lied Crnss 1.1: G.,X.C. 1.1: lfriend- ship Y Teen 2.23,-L: Jr, Y Teen 1. .IO.'XNNIi1NI 121 I'I. 2111 51. uI'll'l' IL'Il.1f is lflrf 114:11 lu l'v,.il'lIllNlII,l., N.II,S. 3.1: Sc'rx'i1'1- CIIII1, Ser. 2: FI'Il'IICI5IIIl1 Y '1'1-1:11 2.3.1-: 51161111 L'I1:1i1'111:1n 3. Pres. 1: NNN'- 1'111111:1's 2.3.1. Pres. 1: G.I,.l'. 2.3.'L: G..X.L'. 1.2.21.L. S012 3: Sr. Sisfcrs 3.1: .111 C11111111, 2.35.11 I1:1sketI1:1I1 .XI11:111I:1111 51: 1lI'UIlI C11111111.: Jl'. 1'I:1j' 511111: Img 1-111111 31. 11: J1'. CIHSS 'I'1'1':1s.: Jr, Y 'I'1'1-11 1: LII1411I' 1: Xnft. QIIIII N Sl'I'1lII. J.Xl'Ii IUDIIIIICII N um. 1-1, 215 51. ' ' N ' "Xu nm.v.1- !fl'IlIL'S 11111l1'1' l1I.v fur!" 3 , . - . v, Y. . - . 1 ,..,f,-, -.x 1 v-u g ':.'-1 ,L: 'Q Z.: I111yS N ' 'I 1. ,... K '-f,- .' If 1 1, .. 1 's . g' .I :1 ' : 31111 .1..3. 2 I'- ' esfr: .Ig '1'11 Vs 2: 11211 ' 1, . - 1 ..,,-,- . 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' 'Ill I' 445 J?-av 1Vl1'Gl'1N11l SANTON 215151 Bull Are. -,QL 'yllilrl 'ffm' 110 .vrll.vf1'v.v" JOANNE SC11Nl1'1"l' 155 E. 2418 Sf. 1 "Bw ylucl mul your frizfllrlv 'llI1llI.lf"l Qlinterecl from llGil1lIllOl1t ye:1r.J G..VX.C. 3,4-4 Sr, Sisters 3,Al4g 1 sliip Y Teen 3,-Lg Jr. Play Img Stull' Al-g Clmir 3,11-g Cllllllll. ll Fl' in Jr. Stull: Prom ricncl- l3l'IX'l'1lil.Y I-iL'lIl'l,'l'Z 'ITU li. 237 St. "Sim is full nf' your! fun" llccl Cross 3,1-, Pres. -L: l'll'lf'l1!l ship Y Teen 2.3,-Lg Ci..X.C, 1. 1 mm Cuinin. VIRGINIA SIIIMROCK . 41 . 250 St. "l'n!iff11f llllll .wfill rrnrl full of vlflll will" Cliui I' w . '1 1.2,-34 ,Xml Lu . :.,I .....-,-. , H.: lu lg lie,-cl Cruss Ii. ,Xl.lL'l'1 SI,.XDl'1li mm 75. hi Hislm-rs -lg Friemlsliilm Y Teen '7 3.4- L: Xt 1731 In,-,Still il .lv N v Xhii 245580 Slmreview Are. "Nw .vf1'izvf.v fu flu her flllfllj in lui own .vzvwf zvilliuy Zl'fI.IfU .lr. Y Teen lg l'rum Comm C1.l..L V1-4 G..X.C. l,Z2,3S,'l-g Img Stull' l lf'ric-mlsliip Y Teen 23.14 .Ml Cflllllll. 3,-L. li.XYBlONIJ SNYlJl'lli Sill l'l. "1fl.s' f 2165 Sf, IIIIIIOV I.: rr lftlllllflllll n'lriwlf rlvtwl' l'lllI.S' rlrlf' Img' Slzlll' 4-. Stlllllllll Cuixmil 5 . '1 linys I,v:ulers Clulw -Lg Ili Y 'il Prmn Cmmn.g linsclmll 'S' XXI fling fl. MARION S'l'lil3I.Y T75 lf. 2315 Sl. "H1' vrrnw, we .wrzcg tw' lilwrl 13, . , . glilila-11,-cl trum Lullmwuucl iii bl Yv:ir,j lluys l,e:iclel's Lllllli il-: liwlwtlvnll lg l"fmlI':1ll-I-4 lll W Al. 7I5 I" ISUIS S'I'I"I"I,I'l il :lv Kun ZIHIII Many : "IIN nmlfiliml is fn lu' l'l'w.vi1lff11f. lYllfl1fIIj1 lrlnrff, Sluclm-uf C' ' l'rvs, 'Lg Xxlvisury ' Ni'NVl'UIlll'I'S I.- v w-fv'w's -- ' - II.u stun I'ru luuuu .: 1N.II.S. 25,1-4 NUXS S. SL' Iuw IA-:ull-rn '. n Cluli 'lg Ilwvm' Still? 'Lg .Xssly I'I4Ii- J . . - fur: Img Stkziti' 414 Asst, Iirlitm' N Pri Ir Llus Inuflvlll 1 ' II . 'N ' . 4 - -. ' v-fn' . 'l'r:u'k l,2,Iig Quill :null Scroll -I NI I I vs ...1. AI,I"IiI'II7 Sl'I'lI 'rm if -.4 1, 2ll SI "l'nlfnn7c'n lrrlwnff' Ura-Iiestra . v ' . 1 " F Ii TN 3 Iwuul l,2,ZS,Ig Hi Y 1 3,13 Imvs I.c.uIeis klula L ing 2,-I I'IIII,I,II' S2'I'I'lX' 1. 250 SI. KU "AI .wlalllijif Illlllll fllilllfjllf. SI I I lil ,ICY STUI I 8"l I" 2257 Sf .. 1. A : VI'rf-sIl- firm flvliflr mul I ".Y4f2'ff1' ll Icvrrfl is llrfnrfl fflllll fwfr." I"ru-mIQIup Y 'l'1'c u -I llml Cruss 411 K Xl 1- - v l.... . A. l"IR.XNK S'l'l'NII 'lull I SI .4 I. 9.74 .i.i.. r 'lmuylv unrl Ihr Zcurlal ,fllI!lIl.V 'wflh lynn," Ir. l'I:nvl"1s1g XII lmll lg Inu' S1 J I I 'VS lliug' 2: Ili Y I: .MI L mum. JJ: IMI I.. LI: Iiusv- II L: Vlinir l,2,II,I4: Iliw-vm' Sl:lII' li: BI JI lv llurrus li. 9 ff' Mff, 1 V. . , X M, V? -2- .f Vw f l X., K V xv Q 1 I I 16175 fx? 'Z .-4...Z. XV I I ,LIAM SUMNER. 370 li. 248 St. "'lVlmn work inferferm with 1l,f'IISIITi'1fl7Iif u'0rk." Hi Y 3,13 Foutbull 3g Trzltk 1,2, Mgr. 3,4. lJ,XVIIJSl'Ii'1'Z 25889 I,uk6'IumI IIIWI. rilqhf guy." Hi Y 3.1. I5l'lIiN.XRIJ SZl,'RSZI'IIVSKI ZHLU Maven' Ave. 'Z-1 lion nnmny Indies." Img Stuff -In Student Council 3,4 .Xrlvisury Board 3,4: Ad. Comm 2,3,Lg Pres, Ig Hi Y 3,-L: Boys I,f-:ulf-rs Club -Ig 'fruck Mgr. 8 Ilznskeflmll 3: Hi Y 3,1-: Fuotlmll lg Truck 4. ISlil'CIi 'I'I'II,I,I'lR I30I'l,190 Si. 'Ll girl, n. girl, -nzy kingflnnl for II girl? Ili Y 3,1-1 Fuotlmll -L: Trauck AI. II.X'I'IIIL'I.X 'I'I'IRIiI'II,I, ll'if1m11f lnlml' Ilflfllillfl prnsp1'rs" fI'lIII!l'l'PlI from Cullimvuml in S0ph. V011 III Sr., Sisters Ai-: Fricmlsliip Y '1'Cf'n SLI: Ing SIJIII' -L1 IIFOOZP Still? AI-3 QIIIUII' 2,3,I-, ALDONA THOMAS 26001 Lake Shore Blvd. "Your life is lfouml to be full of sfucces.w'." Ad Comm, 2.33: G.L.C. 23,4-5 Friendship Y Teen 2.3.42 JF- 3 Teen 14 Sr. Sisters 3,4-g Log Stat? 4-4 Editor 4-g Jr. Play Staff: G-A-C 2,3,4-g N.H.S, 3,-1-g Student Council Zig Choir 1,2,3,4-g Ring Group 3.11: Sr. Class See.: Quill and Scroll Alf. BILL THOMPSON 666 E. 222 St. "If 411071 ll0n't - I will." Football 1,4-4 Basketball 1,2,3,Al: Track 1,2,3,4-: Hi Y 3.1113 Boys Leaders Club lg N.A.S.S. 3,41 Student Council 1,2,3,4ig Advisory Board 2,3,4-q Sr, Class 'l'reas.q N.H.S. 4-. EARL TONKIN 691 E. 260 St. "His power lies in his music." fSpent Jr. year in Michigan. Choir 1,2,3,4-. mg. if e ,O I 'W' . .. r 4 J , 7 X , .. , .-f-,Q .I rn.- Nz. 5- ,.1 . 10-H 3, f X? S f X 1 ! " fs as I f V 1 .1 X 4 :P . i f w-'fbi' , gs.. ......,. , , , , K 1 Y' X AQ Y . 1 '. my .1 , 'E .fm-2, 2 ' - '. . ax. , 412141 X it 2 I If 5: ,, YQ y I. 9 fs., Q. . , ,, fr ,sf Q ' rw 'O ' jg M 5 - ' ' 33 . - ,, 5 Q i a ?3'AQ:'... :L 'fm 3, X , ,. ,g .. 2 ' 'lf 2 in e C. ... , Til.. 0:3 f L Q 3 ACB" ei'g'22r1't- 1 , ., ff, f s .isflj rt 4' li' X11 542.26 ' .,,1:.LzatNi,ipe4::... '- -W r it .I heya' gif Jw .MW- EDWARD UDOVICH 317 E. 200 St. "I give any tho-uglzt 110 tongue." Qltntered from East Tech in Sopb. year.J Boys Leaders Club 4. R A Y M O N D' XV A XV lt Z Y N I A K 881 E. 250 St. "Look at the Birdie-Hold lt!" Ad Comm. 2.3,4ig NVbirlo 1,2g Breeze Staff 3,4g Newcomers Club 2,3,4g Hi Y 3,4-g Band 1.2,3g Prom Comm.: Log Staff 43 Camera Club 43 N.H.S. 4. A au l'l1'Gl'lNl'l XYl'lllt 215 1'l. 211i St. "Ul:.' Those Snfurfluy uiylzfsf' flintered from Cleveland Heights in J r, yearj lli Y -Lg Log Statl'-1-1 Prom Comm. JACK XYl'lNNING 2641 141. 216 St. "Halal the fortffl am fouling." Football 1,2.3,fl-g Basketball 1,2,3,4-g llaseball 1,2,3.4-g Band 1,2,3,4: Or- chestra 1,2g N.A.S.S, 3,46 Boys Leaders Club 4g Student Council 23,44 V, Pres, -L: Advisory 1103111 3,4-4 Prom Comm.g Jr. Play Staifg Hi Y 3,44 Log Statl' lg Dance Band Al. PEGGY VVIIITR 50 E. 1941 St. "Peg of my lzenrtff G.A.C. 1,2,Al-3 Friendship Y Teen 2,3,LLg Log Staff Siftg lied Cross 2: Jr. Y Teen 1. lJ0ltU'l'I1Y XVILK 285 li. 208 Sl. "It's 'nice to be wmfurul, zvlwn you are Illll'll'I'llll.lj 'lIlI'f'.u I Jr. Y Teen lg Friemlsliip Y Teen 2,3,-l-: G.A.C. 1,2,3,4-: 1Yhirlo 1.2g Student Council 2: Sr. Sisters 3,4-1 Sec. -Lg Newcomers 3,-1-: Sec, -Lg Jr. Class Sec.: U.L.C. 3.-Lg Service Club 23,21-: Log Staff -Lg N.Il.S. -1-. LA DONNA 1YlSl'l 21731 Morris Ave. ' "Smile mul Iliff 'lllffll smile of you." Friemlsliip Y Teen 2.34: Service Club 2: Choir 2.35.l: G.A.C. 2.Zi,,Lg Jr. Y '1ll'K'll l: 15'mmlli:ull lxllIl'4'Il, liUl5ICll'1' 'WlilGl'1'l' 230 li. 221 ST, ".lll'.v fXVJ2'iylrl willf nw." Clllill' 1,23 llnselmll 1,1-g Ili Y 35,11 Jr. Play Curia N.H.S. 3.4-g Y. 1Jl'ffw, ,,V 1 lg N,F.I,, 14 Fnotlmll -lg Breeze l Stull' -Lg Img Stal? 44 NCXA'K'lDlllCl'S 13: 2 L Slmlenl Cfnznvil -lg Smile and 'Iri- :mgle 1114 Pres. -L. Q . , igfff l,Ul'ISl'I YUVANNIC 154- li. 212 sr. W HHH' 'ZC'lI.lf.V are Iurrilfs nf , plprrsrr11f:11f.v.v," -AA f.'f9f , X .lr. Y T66-rl 1: 1"x'ie-lulslxip Y '1'f'Qn 4 13,4-4 Clmil' 1,2,3,hl-g NI:1jm'ettP Club 34 UNMC, 1,2,3,-Lg A41 Comm. 23.13 Play Stnffq Img Stuff 3,-1-. ROl4l'lli'1' A. lSlilJCUNl'1 23380 Milton Drive "YM, jfl'Il!'flIIlf'S ll '.vm'0Il' ffllozcu F G ul Ll K1 12, vw' 'm 1 H .. D jlu 1 I J Ab' X J 3 E-? 2l,.,: Q. l'HII,Il' G. NICIDF 25870 Shnreview Ave. "He'.v jim! un all urnunzl .vpfn'Z"' IIUXVAIQIJ YUVNGISIANJD 2539 lf. 208 St. " You ulzc'uy.v kllllit' wlwn lm is f H u1'nz1nf1," , Hnselmll 2,253 Jr. Pluy Sfflrf, , A gf.. ,I .x N l4:'1' Z4 :mi .J ' H J U" ' mf? ii ' ,Q ,I l 'Ci s w f ' - .Xl-5, 1, -34 ,,,, Wi- 5: Q, -r: ff :gg-:.'gz'ff,'f,:::3 , 2- :iff 7 flu-R "I 1' . . , . , , , .Hill 15. 270 bf, "Him lmlh Il 'jolly lzciuklrl in hm' f'.l11'." - v ,, . , . - , , T f.,.X.i. I,-,,i,tg l'ru-mlslup 'X lu-1, 2,3i,l-g lug' Sfglfl' ZLL: .111 1'liI.N' Sfaull: l'1'rm1 11UlllIll.1 RHI Frusrs 2: Clwir Ig .ll'. Y 'llK'1'll l. I W U UEHIIL SSM N CIMA Wil RAY SNYDER leaves his wit to "Butch" Spangler. MARION STEBLY leaves his singing ability to John Mihelick. BOB STEELE leaves wondering which let- ter sweater to wear. PHILIP STEVKO leaves Wesley Aldred. SHIRLEY STOLL leaves her gift of gab to Carol Nelson. FRANK STUMP leaves his band uniform to June Montgomery. BILL SUMNER leaves his lost week-end to Ray Milland. G, 5 A ll 1 . will HU, .i-Wllli uw gill l BERNIE SZURSZEWSKI leaves to change his name to Rasputin Szursewski. BRUCE TELLER leaves for dancing school. PAT TERRELL leaves still gloating of her victory over George Sherman. ALDONA THOMAS leaves to become a doc- tor. Is BILL LYON going to be a nurse? BILL THOMPSON leaves on two solid feet. EARL TONKIN leaves his letter sweater to Bob Marich. ED UDOVICH leaves setting them up. RAY WAVVRZYNIAK leaves Mr. Hinch no competition. "J I -""1.v 1 :K EUGENE WEIR leaves to give Howie Lund iough competition. JACK WENNING leaves and the fort col- lapses. PEGGY WHITE and JANET ZOOK leave the cafeteria to make their own change. LA DONNA WISE leaves and the stag line follows. BOB WRIGHT leaves his hat to Dick Fox. HOWARD YOUNGBLOOD finally leaves. Ti M 2 iii a ? ' W2 -'Biz , '-.,.-, , xfx-9-. I t Z ea. 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N. ,Z 'f 1 f Z M f f , X7 .. f , X Q ..e ,nik v , X Si I'l6'l'l1lilI1 Sluga liulwerf Solllfdl' .X1111 Sorttt .l2lINi't Steelfen .lcmll Stl'llll1l 'N'i1'g1Ai11ie1 5f1'l1I1i1 Alive '1':11'i11tinu l.'lllS6lll2lI'5' Tiffzllmy l'z1tN1'ic-in Toth Agnes l.llUVS'2ll'Ll N-...Y gf, J, i 5 , N agy I f-I... O , . . if '1'.:, ,, -. A M-.. ' I 1 A 1 ,v,. F .,VvA V-5 .W , I .I f AA -,SAL , 1 ,Q U. . V X , A A - X A' " M llllfllll llllllllilll .QM QL A I K . , W1 as W lilsnine llllllllillef' , Q ' -h A ' V ' A liilylllllllll llllllwll ' 4+ A V 1, 'Q' Y K 'Af 4 . ' "X" K MIM? N 4, liiCl1:11'cl X :111 Scmlcr ,, A N, i , fs W 1 kuqn .I J V Q liic:l1:11'cl XYeml111:11' AS , A 515 .. Q -M... l M'Q'vM-MMM, h M 1 .:1, - . .1 A 'VIVI A-AfA ' A 1' ' 'A S42 l,0lU1'fAS Verlveslqy 1 1 ,.., . , A 1- Q Nelson Yixler 'Af' 'WN gg am ff 7 Ala - T2 ' l M. ..,, Andy Ylcek ff 5,5 X X WW. X N 1 . Y . .. I, A A W 1 Mx Georglne X nlney Nh A ' IAZI W . A 1 Iris XValker Crisy XVillf6l'WilSll R M I 41 V . ' 1 IIONV2lI'll YVelc'I1 mi 15, W 'QW - 23,5 A l Q.,-Y W., Donald XVest Y l W 1 ll A ga . it . .- Af a K :vig f., Jez111XVl1itc-hicle ' W -5'1" 3 .X V ' I.:1Yc-rne NYill1eln1 t 1 A A M A , x. fn K , ' 5 . f., 3 A F X x Y unify A, gi - .,.-. Q f ,... 1 . ..-1: g Paul XVinslow l Q. ul I A t 1 k .IUQ111 XVise A., A fx W l K M-E s' ri h A in liurl NVl1itti11c' l' . A Xl 4 ' " ' --' 5'1" V ' ,.. 1.1, 2. 1 ' f .f yi ..,-- Pc-'fer l,t't6l' Donald XvQ'I'llIJlll 1I?ll',fIlC Zulctc llvnlf XVUIYT NB!! " ev ,wa 'WV Q , aw- f Z? N. 1 , 17, .- H.: ,. V , I' 4 . ..,7 ' lK"",gf.....g.. 'll f- -4 f Q . .- . - . iffy ' , . ,, 1' f , Y Q 1 I .Q .V.., ,Q ,L -Q V , l . .Q l sq -uw l A X11 A 1 'Q , 1' . I A xr .L... ,-.,. . . AA' 'Qyp ...- I .5 4 ' l . F1 .K 1 ' 1 vt ,. I. i' it 'x 1 X b -xbl i ik 1? ix. .. . . 121 'N vml7?me emo ieA hat linge lit-:ir Diary, WI- want to i't-im-inlwi' all of tht- important things that happt-nc-d to us this year at Shorc. ttith your lu-lp wt- hope to rt-call niany of tht- happy cxpwfcliz-4-s of our high svhool days. long aftt-r wi- haw- passed through tht- portals of the auditoriuni for tht- final tiinv. Vn your page-s wt- hopt- to find smile-s and tt-urs-fomt nn-inories of glorious at-liim-ve-mvnts and the lu-:irt-rt-mling dc-spair of said failure-s. Happy nioinc-nts will ht- ours wht-n wc- lcaf through your page-s sonn- day in thv distant fu- turv. If you can ht-lp us to rn-vapturv lhv 4-aref frm- spirit' ot' tllvst- lmlvssvml days of our youth. wt- will thank you from tht- hottom of our hearts as wc- coninn-nd you on a jot: wall dont: 51. Sli t"I'l'lNIliI'1Ii Ii StCI"1'l'iMl5l'iR 26 Vat-ation Q-ndm-d as tht- st-hool lwlls rang onu' YVQ- got tht- lowdown on the foothall ruh-s in igain calling us to our vlasst-s. YYY are- glad to asst-inhly today. 'l'In' G.I,.C'. vandidatvs had a gm-t hack toge-tlu'r. and it was ph-asant to grt-vt "tough" night tonight as thf'y had thc-ir initia- old trim-nds. tion u-rcinonics. Thi- Boys' I.:-ade-rs ha-ld tht-ir Nl'1l"I'l'iNIl3l'iIt 5 first nn-sting tonight aftt-r school. tire' playvd livclforcl and lirush in tlu' l",.fi.f'.f'. St'lP'1'liNI HIGH 27 prt-vit-w at Shaw tim-ld tonight. 'I'lu- "lit-art':its" IJHFIIIPIYS ltednn-n ulailncd anothvr st-alp as vm- 1-asily taint-d, ti-0, hut tht- ".Xl't-liglltsn tht-y 1-ontinut-d on thvir unln'att'n way hy suhdu- proyvd to ht' too hright as tht-y ln-at us. ti-0. ing us. 19-0. Sl", l"l'l'1NIliliIt I2 Sl'il"I'l",NIl5l'iIt 29 Our uixlilIlll'3llSH svt sail lay rolling ort-r Our wonderful clit-4-rlczuliiig squad was in- l'aine-syillt-. 26-ti. vrm-asm-d to sc-vt-n as tlirct- nt-w "gals" wt-rc adds-d Nl'il"l'l'iNll3l'iIt IT today. 'l'lu- Kit-ssit-li lit-ll ltingt-rs 4-ntt-rlainvd us to- Sl'il"I'l'iNllil'iIt. 30 day in asst-nihly. Thv Studcnt founcil nu-t for tht- first tilnm 'wl'1I"l'l-lkllililt IH this morning. Big things wt-rv planlu-d for 'Flux Svnior Sisti-rs 1-utr-rtaint-d thi-ir trt-slum-n Sliort-its-s. sistvrs at a party in tht- old gym, UC"l'Ul3l'ilt I Sl-',I"I'liNIl3l",lt lit Nc--wt-onwrs wt-rv gin-n an insight on tht- op! The- nt-w lights niadm' tht- varsity 4-lux-in look portunitius at sc-hool at an assc-rnlvly this morn- fu-n hrightvr as thvy swamp:-d Nlt-ntor, 14543, ing. IITIVITIES N ,V gf , f X C ,Ugg TX N. fx :, . VL? Q I , , fy Q, . v1,, , M W 'yf ,W , xsfzwm , Iliemorie That Inger OCTOBER 3 The Log staff was announced and plans were made for this year's publication. The football team began to drive toward the E.G.C.C. crown by downing Garfield, 45-0. OCTOBER 5 Tryouts began for the Junior play. OCTOBER 11 The Admirals scored a brilliant "upset" by taming the Lions from across the town, 20-7. The new bleachers made it possible for a record crowd of 6,000 to witness the tussle. OCTOBER 17 The rampaging Shore eleven evened their score with Brush by over-powering the Arc- lights, 18-7. OCTOBER 18 Shirley Brasch and Dick Mocny were chosen "Sweethearts" of Shore at a dance tonight in remembrance of the "Sweetest Day of the year." OCTOBER 21 The Community Chest campaign was inaugu- rated at a thought-provoking assembly this morn- ing. OCTOBER 24 The conference football crown was nearly ours as we trounced Bedford, 41-0. OCTOBER 25 The Friendship Club sponsored a World Fel- lowship dance tonight. OCTOBER 29 Ghosts and goblins were in style as everyone had a grand time at the F riendship-Hi-Y Hallo- ween party. OCTOBER 30 We did it again! Maple Heights fell before our high-sailing Admirals, 24-0, as they copped the conference crown. OCTOBER 31 Hooray! No school today! The N.E.O. Con- vention gave us a day of rest from our labors. NOVEMBER 7 Cuyahoga Falls was no stronger than any of our conference foes, falling before our cham- pions, 38-0. NOVEMBER 8 Visiting lettermen from all the conference schools added to the splendor of our football dance in honor of the champions. La Donna Wise reigned as queen. Her attendants were Kay Sturm and Audrey Mast. NOVEMBER 9 John Wessel "topped" a splendid group of speakers at the Prince of Peace contest tonight. NOVEMBER 11 The Hi-Y initiation proved to be a joyful and frolicsome evening for all. NOVEMBER 14+ YVondcrs of science were unveiled for us at the Bell Telephone Assembly this morning. NOVEMBER 19 The Kiwanis Club fctcd our championship clevcn. ' NOVEMBER 21 A full house greeted the Juniors as they pre- sented their marvelous play "My Sister Eileen." NOVEMBER 26 The Thanksgiving holiday was ushered in by a dance sponsored by the Senior Sisters in the old gym. NOVEMBER 27 Turkey and dressing graced our tables on this blessed holiday. NOVEMBER 28 Several Shoreites attended the N.S.P.A. con- vention today. DECEMBER 41 John Frye, the magician, amazed us all with mystery and allusion at an assembly this morn- ing. DECEMBER 5 Back your Log! The Log subscription drive began today. DECEMBER 11 The Grapplers topped Adams, 23-15. DECEMBER 12 Our hardwood quintet opened defense of its league crown by defeating Garfield, 51-38. DECEMBER 13 VVilloughby was no match for our basketball team as it fell by a score of 59-27. f .,A ' "'Z.f'3x 03 Ck!! y ""f' - I' , fi-fue X, .J 40157. jf I w ..,...:.Q I HW 2 f, N ,ff W Wm, N-.4 N, , P .AFM 'I' , ww., .X annum , 'V We Seli you Kay . 1 lm :zu Huff' li. Smsrsc-wslci, H. .le-ze1'c', G. Ritcllings. Rum' Tim'--l,. x,UYUllllC, li. X'OYUllI16. AX. Meyers, K. St111'111, M lw1'1'11111, J, Tutll, J. lllll'1lj', ,L I.111lwig', C. licvsull. Huw 7llII'l'l"li. l3I'UClilllJlIl, J. Solon, Z. .XI1lll3I'S1Jl1, P. llllll'llCI l II:111w1', l", H:111s1'1', M, FlCllllI1Q, I.. Blilftlll. .L Slnclek, A. lllllillllilfw. 1fUIUI'lUIll'f'll.3ll2lli1ll',l'l. .Xxr-l, D. 511111116 . Stcvle. l". Stump, K, St11c'lcv1'. li. '1'ntI1, S. Slll'CXVSl1llI'y, P. l711g:111iv1'11. Rum' Fiw-ll. l'11w1'll. NV. ,Xl1lm'1'f. '1 11-we, II. l.j'Ul1, li. Cf'l'gIilllS, 17. .ll1ll'I'UXY5, H. l'll'0hSt'l', 17. R1-ull, ii. XY?lWI'Zf'lllilli. AD COMMITTEE 'l'l11- jnlm of pre-selling tivliets for our z1tl1l1-tic Pl'0gl'Zil11S is tlle main purpose of .Ml Cltlllllllltttf' IlN'llllJL'1'S. It is unclcx' ills SllPl'l'VlSl0ll of Mr. Spangler. Only mln-pv111l2l1lc people mul tlmsc with 0lltSt2iIltllIlg S1-llolastiv l'C'K'0l'llS are chosen from tllc tvntll grzule :xml 11p. Tlnc Illt't'tlllgS are held cw-1'y Mumlay'1' sclmol in room 129. To M242 the School of Community Row Ono-Y. Izleohacei, S. Jones, J. Kozun, M. Hill. Row Two-N. Forestek, C. St,egk:unper, A. Mast, M. lie-:ul B, Jjuhi, P, Kreilaeh. Rom' Threefli. Auer, D. Clarrieoates, M, Stoddard, I., Stetten, I3, Gritiith, J, Morris. I Colantonio. Row Four---V, Sll'llII2l, A. Kosher, J. liuettner, P. Hamel, M, Howald, R, lirockmun, G, I,eh:ir, I Frost, M. Egger. Row Fizvf-Ii. Cressman, P, Toth, A. Meyers, K. Sturm, A, Ludwig, D, NVilk, IS, Austin, L IVilson. Row Si.:--Ii, Andrews, S, XVeher, Z. Anderson, M, Fleming, F, Hauser, J, Solon, I., Martin, Ii, Rojet Row Sewell-IS, Repieky, C, Greve, J, Bullard, J, Loyke, D, Iirinz, I., XVehh, I3, XVilson, G, Ititchings, P, Blue SERVICE CLUB The Service Club was organized by Miss Campbell to do the many tasks that were put oft' or neglected. One of its new accomplishments is the supply shop which is open during all periods to supply students with school equipment. Anothcr project is the adopting of a girl in Austria to whom the members send food and clothing. There are "hostesses" situated at prominent places in the main hall to direct visitors and strangers to different parts of the building. The club also participates at many evening functions at school by ushering. llei ?0l' the Eene it of 141 fw4f"' WW W1 Ifnzc' Huw-J, XVt'lll1lIlf1., F, I'I2lllSC'l', 13. Steelv, A, Imilczxrt, Ruta' Tivo--V. luculmcci, M, Putete, J. Feldman, J. Morris. AX. lSruwnin,gr, li, Slxirlc, C, Hurtzcll, C, Bates. Huw Threw-J, Clwistopller, A, Meyers. l,, Stellen, D. Austin, .X. Lnrlwig, Nl. lx'lillll6l'S, I.. liistI1u1'clf. Hou' Fnurflfl. Hnwulcl, IJ, lirinz, P, Mueller, J, Kazan, G. Lelmr, J. XVl1itesinle, li, David, J, Lowell. Ru1c'F'iI'1f4.l, Felclnmn, D, S?llIlll6l, ll, Szursewski, C, Johnson, ll, Klaus, 7 Cnlclwcll, ll. Svtrun, G. Slwpnrcl, D, linrry. Irvin' Sim-H. Steele, ll. Tl10llll5SOIl, B. YV1'igl1t, IJ. I,lIlflS2ly, lffnnlrznn, li, .leze1'c', J, Vl'vssel, J, Butler. li, VVinluwski. ADVISORY BOARD , J. 13. ' K A"-- Ifnzu fluff J, xYl'lllllllf,I, l", llnllss-r', ll, S104-lc, ,X, l.llik:u'f. Run' T100 fJ. l'll'lKlIlIllll, .l, Blorris, ll, llrinz, J, lfillflll, ' l lm 'HflllHlNKNll ll lxluns JK, I.nrlwigg'. Hun' Tlrrrfw ly, 'l'lnnnlssux1, ll, Sunlllvl, ll, l"umlr:nn, ll, ljmlszly, J, Xlfssv. ', '55, , ' Gi.. To e 4 lieazing Hand gp '+V Raza' 0110-M, Miekluucic, J. Burrows, B, McKone, H, R osenberger, V, Cole, ,L Snider, Rau' T1c'0fC. Mora, BI Penosa, D, I,11m:ulue, S. Stoll, G, NIcYVherter, B. Schultz. JUNIOR RED CROSS This organization is a branch of the American Red Cross. Its purpose is to help others and not ourselves." Any girl willing to work who is in the ninth grade or up is eligible for membership. Miss Rosenberger heads this respected club. Scrap- books for youngsters confined to hospitals, baby clothes, quilts. and tray favors are some of the articles made by the members of the Junior Red Cross. Uic to lf! Uictvrq! Y Ula' Cry! N. Setron, li, Pulko, J. FCIIJIIIJIII, li, liernclsen, P, Kreilu ch, D, Potokzlr, A. Must, S. Morris, V MEGAPHONE CLUB Row Une'-A, Must, J, Fvldnmn, N. Sc-tron, S. Morris, D. Potoknr, E. Bcrndsen, P, Kreilzlch, Row Tzc'nfN. Fair- vllild, P, Crllllllllillgi C. StC'QIkillll1N'l', M, Ilill, G, Evans, Y, Fitzpatrick, P. Collins, J, McKnight, I., Pringle, A Cook, Ham' 7'l1'rwfA, '1'uruntino, D, Jameson, li, Yovanme, J, Henry, I., Stleffen, B. Griffith, M, 'fll0lll2lS, B. Eiself P, Gosnc-ll, N, XN':1ll:1c'e, li, VVz1l'fln:1de, A, Meyers, I.. Xvilllellll. Rum Ffrur-M, Read, P, Cooney, 13, P6fCl'S0fl, C Ne-lson, li. Colnnmunder, C. Mzlylielml, N, M'zl1'e, M, I.usher, Ii, Pulko, C, Becvslr, J. Christopher. Row Five- J Ilussink, B, Key, S, Clnsnrskv, J, Toth, IJ, XYeinkc, D, Mc'Ginnis, li, Schottke, J, XVhiteside. M, Egger, J, Steffen P. Toth. Ruza'Ni.1'-.l. Gordon, B, Helmicky, G, Ritc'hingS, IS, IIIIIHIIHIS, IS, XVilson, J, XVise, N, IJ1'ucl1, G. Yolney N. XVill, C. Altcr. 1 ms-1 ww Sturm, J, Curdv, J. Kazan. Row Tu'u- Slw elf High-Stepp fa. 'i'g"""K:s C. Besson, J. Curdy, E, Schottke, M. Egger, J. Knzun, K. Sturm, J. Toth. MAJORETTE CLUB Row O-rwilil. Schottke, M. Egger, J. Roth, N. Mawetti, N, Fnrestlek, Y. Cmmur, li. Cumlmttn, A, .Xrr-ison, K. J. I4Ilik2ll'f, J. Czmllmttzl, J. Mclinlglmt, I". CIIQJIUIHU, 13. VK use, lx. llmnllmson, IS I H1 ml C Lmnm lu C.'StCgkillllPCI',-NI. Read. IQOTL' Thrwfll. Frnlmttn, I., Pre:-stun, D. Funk. A. Meyc-'.', . , ess' Q. ' :lm N. M. Holdren, J. Clrristopller, E, Yovzmne, H. Cressmzm, R, l'wCl'l'U, Ruzu' I+'uurffM. Lzlslmer, M. Duering, F. XV:1ltem:1de, C. Gollwitzer, C, Beevalr, N, Rive, P. Cooney, Ii. Amer, D. Mzxyiielal, IN. VX ure, X. I41i'zp:1t1'1c'k. Rum' IWW D. lma- ' ' N' ' f' If-mr Lick, D. XVCiI1k9, IC, Timoney, R. '1'iH':1ny, li. Jnnznsson, J. NIUl1tgIUlllt'I'f', NI. lxrevw, J, Cmrdun, 1, .Xlh-r, L. YVebh. 1, . 1, af, gf te gif me 9 e amen fun' Une---li. BTlll'kl1lilH, F, Hauser, B, VVest, S. Vlleher. ll. NVillc. Row Two-l,. Kistharclt, C. M'ilson, IJ, Philips ll, Clmricmltes, M. Penosn, V, I:ic'olmc'c'i. Row Tl:r1fefJ. Morris, A, Lntlwig, XV. Duiker, J, Schmitt, ll, Austin I. Rini, T. Molnar. Row Fu1u'fM Peters, A. Tlxonlas, J. Hue-ttner. V. Cole, I.. Jerzy. li, Martin, S, Morris Y, Gates. 1fu1c'l"ii'f'-A, Kosher, M. Howzllcl, D. Salinger, M, Fleming, 15, Hansruth, J, Solon, D. Donelon R010 Sim-Z. Anclerson, l'. Terrell, D, Brinz, P, Mueller, J, Manley, Y. Shimrock, J, Loyke, S, llrnsvll. SENIOR SISTERS The Senior Sisters is an organization of 11A. 1213 and 12A girls whose aim is to help freshmen girls hecome better Shoreites. To he eligihle for this rluh. a girl must be ahora an-rage in her studies and shc must be approved by Miss Albrcvlnt, thc dean of girls. Miss Pierson. the clulfs spon- sor. and her homeroom teacher. We come St ange Rozc'O1ze-J.Rini,D, VVilk. RowTzva-P,'1'ot,l1, M. Hill, N, XVull:1uz, M, Abbott, C. XVilsou. Row Three-lil Pzulko, G. Lehar, J, Loyke, C. Swuckhammer, J. Frost, N. Setron, C. Commander. Row Four-D. Coluutonio, R Toth. R. XVawrzyniak, B. Fondran, R, Jezerc, J. Yerbsky, R, Brandt, D, Burke, NEWCOMER'S CLUB Newcomers Club makes a new student at Shore feel more at home through the efforts of homeroom representatives who act as hosts and hostesses to new students. The members show the new students around school, introduce them to teachers and students. and help them to get into the Swing of activities at Shore. One of the newer clubs, it has proved its value by doing a fine ob of promoting a welcome feeling among new students. Set your Sail ?0 the 'K ee e" ' 222 'zu' Une-F, Jorunko, F, I'Izulsv1', B. XVrighi, B, Colwill. Row Tzwrm-I., liistliwdt, ll. Potolqar. li. Pallqo, 14' icrpcr, li. ,Xndrc-ws, J, liozzin, M. Rapp, B. Dixon, N. Sctron, J. Hug, M, Miller. Row Tlirwf-BI. Stomldarc l' Ilauu-l, .l. Cliristoplier, J. l'51lc'thici', l., Hoy, M, l3yruiu, J. llaldi, C. Clmpuian, li. Hagen, Y. Gates, li. XY:lltP lIllIll', G, Ritcliings. Row Foul'-P. T6l'1'6ll, ll. XVQST, J. Maiilcy, ll. Hoag, li. Brown, I.. lgl'lll'lilllJlIl, .l, Dostal I ,Xndn-rson, S. lirasvli, J, Caldwell. Row Ifliiw-H. XVawrzynialc, D. Ilarrcll, G. lliucler. li. Delis. G, Lucas, I3 fvle, ll. NI2ll'll'll, IS. Sllllll1Cl', F. Stump, IJ, lieml, G, Klein. Hou' Sim--II. lh'1?L'lislci', D. Grivar, ll. liarrows. BREEZE STAFF The pounding of typewritcrs. the smell of printvrs ink. and thc throbbing of pn,-ssc-S may bc hcard by those- passing room 33. our printing room. Tlic-rv thc mom- bvrs of the Brccze staff. under thc guidance of llr. Charles Vaughn. make possible the woe-lily distribution of the Shorc- B11-cze. The journalism course ii a great aid in securing a position on the stall. Junior and scnior boys and girls hclp to prr-parr the papcr for wee-lily publication. livcaiise of the Junior High Nr-ws Column. unior high atudr-nts he-lp rc-port the news. The Pen i lliigla tier than the wbrd J Row One-B. XVest, S. Brasch, F, Hauser, J. Baldi, Z. Anderson. Run' Tzc'o!L. Roy, J, Manley, J, Rini, B Steele, A. Thomas, R. 'l3l'0CliIHZlD. INTERNATIONAL QUILL AND SCROLL To gain membership in International Quill and Scroll the student must rank in the upper third of his class and must have accomplished superior work for the Breeze or Log. Mr. Vaughn selects those on the Breeze Staii' who have contributed exceptional workg Mr. Angene selects outstanding workers from the Animal staff. If the students work is approved by national headquarters. the highest honor awarded for journal- istic work is membership to this organization. Held 'lfvu gl af Yfva Knight It? l ,Z WW M Y V W. l X 2' Row One-L, Yovarme, A, Mast, T, Molnzwr, O, Gillette, .T. Manley, P, XVhite, C, Steglcnmper, J. llclinigllt. V. Iacohacci. Row TIUQAB, Dixon, D. XVilk, N. Sctron, N. XVAVQ, C. Commuml01', ,L lmclwig, C, Mnyiicld, S. Nluwis, J, Schmitt, B, Austin. Row Tlzrrfe-ll, Blzxclcwell, V, Cole, M, Howaltl. J, Moore, If. Jerzy, I,. Roy, l', ll:1lnvl,.l, 13lll'tAtllCl', Y, G:1t6S. Row Fnur-BI, Surtmriu, S, .Inna-s, l,. Martin. D, llunclam, P. Terrell, G. lilll'lllll3L1'S, J, Zouk, li, ltepiclcy, R. Andrews, C, I"I2lllSl'J'lfll. Rum' Ffzvf-D, BIl'cllIllllS, Y, Slxinnmclc, l,, NV0lslw, F. Stump, li. Culc, ll. liwtl, lt. ltickvnlwmlc, N. Drzlclm, D, Salinger. LOG BUSINESS STAFF 'l'i1't-lvsslv Lioinff from otlivvs of mlzmts und store Ill?lll2lU't'l'H tllc hw- llusiness Stall' . - 3 5 C' lmw alum- its slmre lowzxrtl lu-lping t-mnplt-tt: tht- lug :mtl st-mliug it ull' to tht- pu-ss. 'llllm-il' .lllll inulunlvs gvtting SllllSk'1'lIlll0llS frmu stlulellls :xml ?lllYCl'llS6lllt'lltS from Ninn-s :xml plants lu lu-lp 1'iilNL'Il10lll'y for tlu- pulvlit-:xtiun of tllc lxllllllill. l9iI'ff1'liI1g tllis llllllfllfilllt Wwrli iw Nliw lJllj'llL'1'N. to whom wt- wish to t-xprt-ss our g1'l'fIfltllllQ' :mtl lllHllliS for lu-lping us nmlu' il lmiggcr :mtl lwettcl' Log. 71.61, 'jiiled ou '20, " Ka exp' .5 ,ag Q , ,A ll? ,, Q. LQ G15 Row One-D, Phillips, E. Palko, S. Jones, A, Thomas, D, Potokar, J. Rini, li. Austin, li, lierntlsen. Row Two- ll. Broeknuln, J. Dunhar, J, Solon, J. Kozan, I.. Martin, B, XVest, J. Schmitt, A. Slaclek, M. Rapp. Rom' Thrw- P. Kiines, Z. Anderson, F, Hauser, IS, Steele, 13. Lyon, D, Reed. H lirasch, S. VVeher, P. Hanunel. Row Ifouf-4 C, Axel, 17. YVz1lquist, A, Pettit, J, NVessel, D, Moeny, D, Anzells, F, Joranko, F, NIeI.ean, ll, Xvflgllt, LOG EDITORIAL STAFF One of the most important of the many tasks the seniors must fulfill is the puhlica- tion of the Log. ' liaeh year the stalt earnestly attempts to present a hook surpassing all others from the preceding years. ivith the co-operation of every ineniher of the start, plus hours of hard work. puhlication of a year hook can he accomplished. Under the capahle supervision of Mr. Angene the work of the stati' continues throughout the school year. ive in the staff. with great anticipation that this year hook will interest all of its reatlers. are glad that you have given us a chance to make more familiar Shores clnhs anal activities. litlitorx Ai.noN.x 'l'uoM.xs Associate Editor: Bon S'1'12i2I.E Photography: Jo gsxNN RIN! The Power of Speech J. NVPsscl. J, Manley, 13, XVright, M, Bauiner. NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE To hem-oinc a inonihcr of the National Forensic League. a Student must hc in the uppvr third of his class scholastirally and must have earned twenty points hy puhlic spt-aking or intcr-scliolastic debating. A total of fifty points entitlcs onc to hold tht- dcgree of Merit, ont- hundred nic-ans thc degree of Honor, while two hundrcd points hrings the hight-st tlt-gi-ve. thc ch-grae of Distinction. There are Several Holds in puhlic speaking inn-hiding Qxtcinporary, oratory. and declaination, This c-luh is undcr the guidance of Mr. Baumer who haS given us a lint- group of spvakers and dc-haters. n the fond to ucce A ou' One-S. XVhiteside, B. Steele, H. Broeknlan, J. XVessel, li, XVl'lg,1'llt, J, Rini, A. 'l'lionms. Row Tivo-ll, XVilk, , Ludwig, B. WVest, D. Brinz, B. Thompson, F, Hauser, I,, Martin, J. Curdy, V, Iaeolmeci. Row IIVIIITK'-li YVilson, L. lVelib, J. NVenning, IS. Fondrun, T, Teree, li. Jezere. J, llutler, li, XVilXVl'Zyl1lilli. .L Kosher. J, Dunbar NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The National Honor Society holds an iinpressive cereinony in .lanuary in which the newly-elected inenihers are taken into the organization at a school assenihly. A great honor is conferred on the members of this society for its standards are the highest possible and its requirements 1'CIll2l1'liEllJly versatile. The students rank high mentally. spiritually. and pliysic-ally. One is chosen because he is a leader, a scholar, and shows superior strength of eharaeter and will. He stands out among his fellow students but not away from them. He is as willing to give as he is to take and he shares his talents and gifts willingly. Members are chosen from the upper third of the junior and Senior classes on the basis of Leadership. Service. Character and Scholarship. Under the leadership of Mr. Yvhitesicle this organization has not only served to honor worthy students but also has been a real stimulus to the underelassmen who aspire to lien-ome lnembers. 14 Coach lf beliglat NATIONAL ATHLETIC SCHOLARSHIP SOCIETY f '11' , ' f "' - ,- I-II, 'F 'ltt' 'i . 9 4 'I Iif' f'-v mg A "'1 I I Sw y ' A? i Iwi T.. Y lime Ufw-f--J. VVenning, N. Murinu, Ruiz' Two-U. Steele, li, Brown, S. Januvac. Run' Tlrrfe-li, Delis, G, Cun- way. IS, Pumlrsnn, F. Jorsmko, J, Ruhriek, D, FOX. ROIU Four-D, Anzells. A. Pettit, B, Tlmmpsnn, F, Mel.ean. The ambition of every Shore athlete is to heeome a memlaer ofthe N.A.S.S.. whieh mmlmines seholastie aehievement with athletie ahility. It is every eoaeh's tlream to have hoys on their teams about whom they need not worry over ineligilvility clue to grades. To beeome a memher. a hoy must have earned an athletie letter and he in the upper forty per eent of his elass. This eluh was eharterecl in 15115 at Slmre and we helieve it is an ineentive to athletes to keep their grades up. LETTER WINNERS RHIC'will"-I.J1lX'Ul'lS,l,. llnug, J. NVenningr. J. ltulirieh, IS, Marieh, li. Brown, Italy U'Green. N. Marino, li Szursewski. New True-Il. SIIIIIIIVIH I7. Fwx, J. CUIIWIIX. li. Chitlley, 15. Steele, F. .lor:niik0, li. Lewis, IR. Tlmmpsqm. Ifme Tlfrwf-f-IS, l"umlr:m, S, Jznnuvzue, G, Pringrle, li, Nulnlne, G, Bimler, F, MeI,eun, J, lluag, IJ, Anzells, Hum lnlllll'-ell. llarrell, .l. Mihelielc, .L Pettit. T. Alley, l'l. Delis, ll. Cyrgalis, F. .xl1lIl'0lll'l'l. I Hi- Zi and and ome SENIORS 0,-.4-.... , ,Wg an I .. '23 S ':m.,f . J f Run' Um'-J. XVessel, li, Fnmlrzm, D, Anzells, F, Mclmznn, Huw 'l'wu-IE, Szursc-wski, J, linln'ic'l1, ll, QlQ"lDl'jl'KJ, XY0nning, B, Vl'rigl1t, li, Kurv, B, '1'l1m11psun, li, Brown, D. Surtz, N, Blur-inn. Rum Thrppflb, Reed, li, XX'nwl'vx lllllli. 1'. .lm'nnlm, ll, Muelal, R, Snyder, li, Pringle, B. NIic'l1clln'inIc, D, XV3lllllllSf, lf. Stump. lffm' f'JfII1l"'-XX lirmwlmmn, li, Steele, A, Luiknrt li, XVei1' G, I.m'sns li, l3oswm'tlx, S, .l:mm'uc', D, llnrrmvs, li, Summ-r, J, Cmmwux l 5 9 Row Fira'-I,, llsnuer, ll, Cy1'g.f:1lis. A, l'ef,til., R, .l4'zc1'c', D, Mrwny, li, Delis, li, Teller, li, l,ym1, M, Ste-lwly. Row Om'-J. NVesscl, li, JUNIORS Q WC W' 9 a ,RR , gc ,,.v 3 ,JV V W . N ,,.,, iw , 'll 1 'x K J Fomlrzm, D. Anzclls, F, Nlcl.v:ln. Row Ticw-li. Clinvs, D, Snlmlvl, D. Curtn, I", lim lf. Spilw, J, Ol'l2llHl0, Il. I'IllllI11llI'Cf', 15. l'll'lv. Huw Tl1rwffl5, IA-wis. S, Slm-wslmry, J. llrcsnzxn, C, 3l1llltg'UlllCIX XY. Nolan, K. Stocker, li. D. Hzn'1'f'll, C. l3:l1'Cls1y, '1 P, Haynes, D. Fox. R010 dienst, H. Prosser. Tutll, J, 1lJlY0l'lS. Row 1"ours-li, Klaus, ll, Sfvvlv, C, Jolmsun, li. 5ln'ing14-V, li. lla-iclml '. Nllilliilf. Run' Fimffli, Miller, XY, lhlvz-nl, N, Ilnpv, li. Cllicllvy, G. Siclwr, J, Cnxnulmlvv Sl.l'-A.CC'l'fI0l,lJ.CllIIllllll1S, J, Milwlic'lf. T, .Xlu-y, ll, lirsnsvll, l", .XlNll'K'llk'K'l, J, Klein JW- Nz.-, 5, XX ll T indand... Y-TEEN SENIORS -pw-mf Huw One-V. Iucolmcci, D, Done-lon, J. Solon, L. Martin, J, Rini. S. XVel1er, J, Morris, P, Kinies, S. Morris, Row Tw0+P. Kreilavli, I., Yovunne, I,, Vl'ise, B, Cliristoplier, M, Penosn, ll, Schultz, P, Klotz, L, Kistlinrdt, K, Von Hof, M. Miller, E, Iierndsen. Row Three-C, Moral, V. 'Pc-de-rson, D. XVilk, 111. Lindstroin, li, Koerper. T. Molnur, P. XVhite, T. Cliiford, M, liepacky, D, Phillips. R0zc'F0'1n'--I., Jerzy, L, Roy, YV. Patrick, J. Bueltner, J, Moore. A. Kosher. M. Peters, M. Rapp, 13. Austin, J. Sclnnitt, D. Potolculx Row Five-M. Howzild, P. Lezlc-li, J. Kazan, D, Suywell, Jones, B. VVest, H. Gnnson, J. Dunbar, A, Sludek, XV. Duiker. Row Six-G, Novak, E, Andrews, J. Zook, J, Caldwell, N, Nielmes, C. Clnilnnan, J, Bnlcli, A, Tlnnnns, R. Brockinun, C. Greve, P. Hannel. Rum' Seven- P, Terrvll, D. lirinz, Y. Shiinrock, J, Manley, J, Mclionc, Z, Anderson. 5. Blmiscll, F. Iluuser, D. Salinger, M. Flellllllll. . Y-TEEN JUNIORS i Run' UWSV. Iaiculaucci, D. Dnnelson, J. Solon, I., Martin, J. Rini, S. NVeIxer. J, Morris, P, liinies, S. Morris. Now Tivo-IJ, Cl:11'i'ic'0utcs, ll, Ljnlvi, A, Must, J. Ceirznlvvttn, N, l"m'estvk, M. Putete, Ii, Pringle, J, XVt'lllIll2lIl. C. Sll',Lfli2lllllTCl'., S. Horner, C. Lux, M. Gzlllittu. Ram' Tlfrwf-M. Hill, U, Gillette, N, Setron. C. Beeson, BI, 'l'honnns, J. ling, C. NVilsun, B. lflisclt. V. Fitzput,1'im'lc, l, Mc-Mnlmn, M, Burns, li, Culp. Row Four-S, Pollock, J. Curdy, Pullm, J, liOVlli'll, A, lmclwig, M, Iluniplireys, li, lilac-kwcll, D. Tzlti. M. l,ilSllt'l', C. C0lllIIlEllNlt'l'. B. Smith, N, YV:1r6, Him' lfliw'-M. lI0ll1'l'lJllSl1. G. Iil'UllZll'Cll, lil, Hmnilton, N, lIl'I'SlllN'I'gI6l', Y. Hsnnilton, K, Bluyiiclll. J, Kupunslci. M. Stmltlurd, 'l'. Svlmrc-s, Y. Gatos, li, Knific, S, Zunzig. lfvrc' Si.rfD, lizlstick, G. llll'l'lllllgIS. Y. Cole, -l. lhn-rowS. J, liullnrrl, J, NV0l,fl'llSl2llll, C, I-Iaiusrutli, M, Snrforio, B, licpicky, N. NVill, D, McGinnis, How Sezwn-ll. Rick- :-nlvrmlc-, A, Snillvr, l'. Mueller. ll, XVilsnn, 13, '1lll0lll2lS, li. StClllflll'tll, l. XVcl1lv. N. Drzwli, J, Inylce, A, Lee, C, .lzll1m':1l'. ie tlaege t my . Iv W Qz...,,,,f ....,,.z. - M ' ,.f""'4e'efffM-' f4+.,,g4.,...,f... . .. g12Qyd5.wAWm..... qw- -LM... . J + ,,,.4w......,-,.a,4, ....x . 'f,..M ,.., . .. Row One-E. Yovanne, N, Demeter, E. Auer, J, Toth, M, llyrum, D, Colantonio, P, XVawrzyniak. Row Tzcofa A, Cook, A, Tarantino, M, Calahrese, M, Pederson. D. Calalvreses. J. Almlmott, A, Rohloit, M, Krause, V, Connor, M. Shulson, F, McPherson, Raza' Three-l', Cuuunings. J, l3osanko, M. Alilmott. C. G0llWitZer, M. Mathers, D. Austin, G. Evans, ll. Brewster, L. Gibson, B. Griffith, K. llates. Ifo1c'Four-ll. CPCSSIIIZIII, 13. Peterson. C. liecvar, J, Grihhons, ll. Nuliclc, P, Cooney, A. Jehlichu, l', Kreuuer, IJ. Funk, I.. Steffen. P. Gosnell. M, lteacl. .Row Five'- S. Cliarske, M. Hopkins, A. Meyers, K. Sturm, M. Hollylielcl, IS, Key, J. XVliitesifle, J, Hassiuk, J. Christopher, C. Nelson, M. De Benedictus. Row Six-B, Hoffman, S, Shields, J, Stetl'en, B, Hagen, S, Pettit, G, Lelmr. B. Marraccini, B. Hausrath, M. Henry, P. '1'ot,h, N. Rice, M. Altos. Row S4fz'w1fE. Schottke. C. Alter, G. Brascli, M, lireeic. E, Tiinoney. N, Nelson, G. Yolney, ll. Marsh, E. Ilauser, D. XVeinke, I.. Goers. Row Might-J, Frost. B. l.avo, Y. Tidernizui, B. Mclione, R. Tiffany, li. Jonassen, C. Sandstroni, J. Montgomery, J, XVise, G. lirthal. li. Tlionias. Y-TEEN Girls from the eleventh and twelfth grades may join the Y-Teen Fricndsliip Club. and hy joining are able to follow its purpose. "To find and give the lu-st." and the Y-Teen motto, "To face life squarely." llnder the guidance and sponsorship of Miss Patrick and Miss Virginia Hell. the cabinct members, consisting of the president. social cliairman, program chairman, see- retary. treasurer, and interclulm council chairman have been alilc to attain recognition for the cluh for its service work and also for its social affairs. The Junior Y-Teen is a eluh for girls in the ninth and tenth grades. lt is spon- sored by Mrs. lYilson. This organization strives to develop in the younger girls those qualities of precision and enthusiasm which arc so necessary to a happy and successful high school career. " arching 14 ang Together" BAND 5 E 5 Q Q92 6? "' ' P+ 22 1 QM ' , I , , V Y ,. . . , V. um' Unk-ID, BIVI Ilvrsml, I.. Ixey, J. N erlvsky, N. X lXIt'I'. I'. II HIFI, I1.NX1lwn, I", Givtsum, N. Nelson, II. IIIJIIQIIIJIII I7. Ilurlvss, I", NIm'I'I1crmm. Rum' Tzcw--G, I,vlmr, Il, Krnuwr, I'. Gutmnnn, ,L Cf-rgul, I". Martin, I,, Cornelius, I II2lIIHlI'IikJY, J, Iiuhricll, JL S'f0I'I'en, D, Bluvny, IEI. .lunsnssvm .l. Zn-vin. Ruiz' Thrw-J, I3yrum, II. Munncell, D Isq-I1:uy,.l. Iims, I7. VI'etxlvr, NI. Hyrum, .l, Muntgrnm-ry, S. Znnzig, IJ. Iilnsmm, IS, Iiilwr. Ifuzc' Four-Il, Yun 'Il'lK'IilJI', ,L Iiuhlrer. II. 'I3r:umIt, H. Slugu, J, 'I'lmmpsmm, II, I,imIsny, J. XYQ-nning, ,L I,llIIiElI'Il. D, Rec-ml, D. Sum lffm' I"Ii'1f- II. I,imIu-rs, 'I'. Nlnlmvelli, 'I'. I'I:xStc-Ilzllw, Ii. XYiIson, J. Grvve, ID, 'I':uit, K. KzlIIc'nImc'I1, II. I'II1'iCIi. I QIlI'lK'l,'ll, K. BI1wIIC'I'. SENIOR CHOIR lffm' Hur 'I', Blnlnsnr, IX. Must, NI. Blillvr. Ii, Yun IInt', I'. Gnsm-II, IT, Uvlznrlimliu, N. IM-lm-h'1', G. Iiitvhings. II IIIk'III'llIil'lHIl'. lfrrzc' 'flew I-Ii, Nuvrnli. G, ISr:uwI1, NI. IIvm'x', II. Ilznucn, IS, lilm-lam-ll. Y, CUIllIllI', I,, I,I'III2'Il', Q XI IXIII sl X N 3 :. '-I . Wnrv, II. lm-ring, .L IIul1lutT, .l. Svlunilti Iffm' 'lIlIl'!'!' HIE, Iimsch, IZ, Dixon, J, 13111-lIxIv1', I IIIJIIINITIIII. I . lmllwllm-V, N. IIlc'1'. I. fvt'IlJIl'l'S, II, Ihxwn, I.. lxlsllmrcli, I'. Ixlniz, I., NUIZIIIIIU, I., IYIW, Iffm'1"ff11rM V. I'1mmmml1-r. IJ. II:uNI:uim'k, IS, Iiiwlil, IJ, Ilum-lun, I., .l1'x'zy, I., ling, J, lizllmli, IC. Ilrnusn-V, ,L 'I'Imm4ls, I3. II'0s II, Sc'I1lllicI,'l', lim-rs. Ifwzv I"i2'w II, I'Il'Ill:uI, l', Iiinws, Il. I5rinz, .I, IIulI:u'mI, Z. .Xllclq-INIII, I'. 'I'I-rrvll, II. S:ll'tu1'Iu II, SIvinI'1n'mI, IT, SJlIIIljjl'I', Y. 'I'imI1'rm:lI1. lffm' Sim--I". Iirmvn, J. Jzuuwis, I", SIIIIIIII, II, llillvr. II, l.y1m, .X IH-Hit, I", IIl11ll'4-1111-i, Ii, 'I'umI4il1, IV. Nolun. II, LIL'llI'g1'I', I". I,:u1z:l. nel Without a Svng Row One-J. McKnight, E, Yovzmne, D. XVilson, V. Iucolmcci, J. Grilnlwons, li, Sartorio. F. Polluvk, ll. lrjlllii. C. Stegliun1pe1'. Row Two-M. l.:1sl1e1'. -l. Curcly, P. lil'2Illlt'I'Q I.. Stephen. P. XV5lVVl'Zf'lll2'lliq ll. M. Read, J. Hassink, S. Horner. Row Thru'-D, I.eon:u'rl, M. Krevic, Y. Gates, li. Slielnoy, K. lien-se, L, Gibson, S, Pettit. J. Frost, ll, G1'iH'it,l1, J, Clmlizl. Row l'lHlIl'-Ili. Blorraxeeini. J, XVise, N. ljl'?lQ'll, C. Szmclstrom, C. I'1JlllSl'2ltll. J. Gorclzm, C. .Kite-r, B. Skriver. Run' Fiiv'-S. lllulker. J. Felclmzm, J. L Orlumlo, F, Sznso, T, Kolthotf, C. Montgmmiery, G, lilunclmlielml, li. Civirelli. XV. Foster. FRESHMAN CHOIR WW . . 72' ' L3 me , DEN ' W I M, I 5 ' wi. :owl 3 tilt? F -..QAM K, Bates, Cressnmn M. Altos. I.. XXX-lllw. ilmlwell, J. 1 i 2 Ln! Row One-A, Cook, G. Blanellfielcl, P, Cummings, A, Townrcl, NI, Zzliitel. li. Odell, li, Nulviek, D, Funk. G. livulms. Row Two-S. Cliarske. F, Kozlowski, J. Steffen, F. Timoney, R. Titlziny, A. Sortet, F. Powell, J. Strouy, 1'. Cooney, Row Three-J. Pratt, D. Browning, B. Eynon, M. MeVeen. R. Timeo, D. XVcst, B. Setron, IS. Gluvzm. Run' Ifourg B, Eiber, B. Dirk, D. Barry, P. Clark, E. XVitt,ine, T, Czunplmell, D. Paine, B. Tollmunn, R. lilrick. 'bed X II Katia AA. Frfmf 1f0IUvI,?1llI'l!l6 Jerzy, Lois Roy, Joyce Manley. Janet Zook, Dolores Potokar. Buck Rua li my XX nu Hun 11 ltohert TVright, Al Pettit. Frank Stump, Bob Steele, Mr. Angene. CAST OF CHARACTERS Dora .............. Miriam lvilkins ..... . . Judge Harry W'illiins . . . . . Ruth lvilliins ......... Lt. Vl'illiam Seawright . . . Albert Kummer ..... Martha Seawright . . Sgt. Chuck Vincent . . Harold Klolmhermeyer . . . . .Janet Zook Joyce Manley Mrs. Edith lvilliins . . . . . . .Dolores Potokar Ray lYawrzyniali . . . .Lois Roy . . . Holi Steele . .Robert YVright Laurine Jerzy ... . .Al Pettit .Frank Stump SENIOR PLAY CAST This Spring the Seniors. directed by Mr. Angene. presented Norman Krasna's long sought after "Dear Ruth." llns rollicking comedy in two acts depicted the prolmlcms encountered by an older sister who was plagued hy the ovcr-zealous efforts of her younger sister to create a blossoming romance. via-airmail. in the name of the older girl. The triangle. consisting of the unsuspecting Ruth. the handsome Lieutenant Sea- wright. and prim Albert Kummer furnished the lvases for one of the most humorous presentations in Shores dramatic history. A line cast and lirilliant directing were mixed in ust the proper proportions to make this a truly outstanding show. Tltey made it P0 Ai6le tw at , gm p QL I J I 2 ? . l v l 4 4 -1' all ni 0,239 Q '53 2, in 1? 3, Fir.vtRr1zc'fEditli Berndsen, Marilyn Miller, Yiucettsn Iacohucci, Ora Gillctte, Phyliss Klutz, Dorothy Phillipm 'l'hereSn Molnnr, Peggy 'White, Phyllis Krielnch. Sffcninl l?ozc'fFi':iiik LLIIIZJI, Stleve.l:mov:1c, Howard Youngblood, Marilyn Peters, Gerry Novak, liarharn Austin, Lois Martini, Suzanne Jones, Evelyn Andrews, Put Kiiues, Allen Luikart, .lerry Conway, Jnck NVennin,u', Tlzirfl Razr'-'Don Recd. June Dunbar, Alice Slade-k, Sally Morris, Michcln Penosa, .loan Morris, ,Xhuira Luclwig, Jenn Beuttucr, Carol Huusrsitli, Fnurflz Rim'-Dorotliy Salinger, Put Muel- t V l c ler, .loam Loyke, Marcin Fleuiiug. Ruth l3i'ockimaii. Dolores Urinz, Carol Greve, B111-I.: lfmu'-Doro hy 'i Moore, Pat Hsuuel, Mercedes Hmvzlld, .loaauuc Scluuiclt, Josephine Koznn, Joanne llullurd. Carol Clmpiusui. SENIOR PLAY PRODUCTION STAFF Sufficient praise cannot be given to the hard working members of thc production staff whose efforts make or break any class play. The various committees of this Staff workcd hard for weeks in advancc assembling properties, planning scenery and costumcs, lighting, publicity and providing for tickct sales and rescrvationS. This g1'oup may be proud of their work. because thcy have certainly proved that at Shore "The Play is 'not' thc thing," but the Production Staff Wlithout such hard working groups as this wc could never expect such line produc- tions as this ycar'S presentation of 'LDear Ruth." k. .lan- 'Wy Si ter fileenn F3 za... 1 Row One-S. Slll'6VVSlJlll'y, B. Smith, K. Culp, F. Pulko, L, NVelmlm, C. Mayhelcl, J. Morris, R, Toth. Row Treo- J. Butler, H. Prosser, B. Cummings, F. Saso, C. Sieher, A. Steiten, B, Churske, Mr. Baumer. Row Three- XV, Gorku. C. Montgomery, T. Mlakzlr, T. I-Ienn. I., Cornelius. C. Barclay, K. Stocker, B. Clines. Mr. Appololous . . Ruth Sherwood . . . Eileen Sherwood . . Jensen ......... Two Men . . . Lonigan .......... The lvreck ....... Another Street Arab Helen ........... Frank Lippencott . Chick Clark ..... Cossack ....... Violet Shelton . . . ltfrs. W'ade .... Robert Baker . . JUNIOR PLAY CAST CAST OF CHARACTE RS Stetfen . . . .Flizabeth Palko . . . . . .Lois VVebb . . . Robert Clines . . James Butler lYVilliam Gorka . . .Loval Cornelius . . . .Grafton Sieber . . . .Tony Mlakar . . . . Bessie Smith . . .Harold Prosser . . . Robert Charske ........FrankSaso . . . . . . .Kathryn Culp . Catherine Mayfield . Charles hfontgomery Ted Henn Richard Toth Six Future Admirals. . . . . VVilliam Gorka l Scott Shrewsbury Tony lNIlakar James Butler Walter Sherwood . . . .... Kenneth Stocker Mrs. Smith .... ....... J oan Morris The Consul . . . .......... Robert Cummins Sand Hog . . . ............. Calvin Barclay Passers-by ........ Joan Morris. Bob Cummins. Bruce Coons. Calvin Barclay. Ted Henn. Richard Toth. hfary lfargaret Hill. Scott Shrewsbury, Tony Mlakar, Donna McGin- nis. Nancy Drach. Gertrude Ritchings, Jim Butler. Bill Gorka. Jeanne hlclinight. lNIari- lyn Lasher. Norm Mason. Kelaind the Scene ' ' glean Row Une-C. Barclay, A. Ludwig. l'. Mueller, G, liitchings, D, McGinnis. Nl. Lasher, J. Bullard. J, Feldman. li. Nobbe, Ron' Two-J, McKnight, C. Commander, M. Hill. P. Collins, J, Curdy, .l. Burrows, M. Sartario, G. Binder, D, Hoag, .l. Bresnan, H, Steele, D, Harrell, G, Klein, D. Bastaich, li. Blackwell. N, Forestek, C, l.ux. Row Three-V, Gates. V, Cole, V, Hamilton. li, Hamilton, B, XVilson, J. l., Pringle, ll. l.jubi. D, Clarricoates. S. Horner, N. Setron, C. Steghamper, Y, Fitzpatrick, A. Mast, J, Kovach, N, VVare. Row Four-NI, Thomas, B. Eiselt, K. Tlionipson, Y. Iacobacci, 0. Gillette, .l, Hug, J. Carabotta, J, I.oyke. li. Schwartz, N. Drach, li, 'l'homas, B. liepicky, C. Hausrath. I., Keyes. Row F'iz'e-T, Campbell. D, Samuel, N, XVill. A, Snyder, lt, Rickenbrode, I.. Sbrocco. JR. PLAY PRODUCTION STAFF The importance of good backstage crew was stressed this year as Meryl Baumer. director of "My Sister Eileen" credited much of the play's success to his fine production stait. Headed by general manager. Donna Mc-Ginnis. the staff did a remarkable job of selling tickets. publicizing the production. reserving seats. and collecting furniture. properties and costumes. Although the members of this group do not receive much recognition as the actors who ap- pear on the stage. they may be proud of their ae- complishments. which made such an outstanding production possible. Committee chairmen were: Tickets. Joanne Bullard: Publicity. Pat hlueller: Reservations. Gertrude Ritchings: Properties. Marily Lasher: l"urniture. Calvin Barclay: Costumes. Almira Ludwig. and Lighting. Norman llason. Hook- liolders were Jeanne Mt-Knight and Nancy Drach. "My Sister Eileen" is a play portraying the lives of Ruth and lrlileen Sherwood. while they were living in a basement apartment in Green- wich Village. New York. The action of the story revolves hilariously from one exciting escapade to another reaching a magnificent climax when six Spanish midship- men invade the apartment in an etlort to further the "Good Neighbor" policy. Directed by hir. Bl. liaumcr. the presentation was a lmge success. lee goal of 1411 Sho e gli! Row One-Joyce Manley, Sally Morris. Row Tivo-Frida Hauser, Lois Martin, Joanne Rini. GIRL LETTER WINNERS The greatest honor which any girl may receive in the field of athletics is a G.A.C. letter. This letter is symbolic of years of hard work. fun, and exercise. Points are earned by hiking. hicycle riding and participation in various athletic activities. The number of girls who 1'cceive this awartl is limited to the outstanding few in each class and everyone who acquires enough points to earn this distinction is worthy of the admiration of all Shoreitcs. 14 llleam SW ec eativn GlRL'S ATHLETIC CLUB Row Une-A. Must, M. Hill, O. Gillette, P. M'liitc, D. XV ilk, M. liepzisliy, C. Stvgrlcziiiilww, J. Mcliniglit. M. Nlillvr. I... M'ise. I., Yovzinne, D. Clziwicozites. How Twa4M. Pet ers, NV. Pzitrivk, 'l', Molnnr, M. Gnllitto, Y. 1"itzp:iti'iCk. M, Doe-ring, C. Cl1lIllllIlllllCl', M. I.uslie1', K. Culp, N. Set ron, I.. Pringle, li. llvrmlsen, D, Potoknr. Row Tlirveg L. ROV, IIS, Schultz, J, Cnrrly, A. Lutlwig, V. Gsitcs, ll. I3 lux-kwvll, N. M':irc-. M, Pvnossi, C. llzinsrritli. l.. Jerzy, P. Kl'I?llElL'Il, Y. Izic'olmcc'i, N. Forestek, 1fu1u'Fo1lr-VJ. Felclinzin, D, Ilona-lon, 13, Austin, C, Mayfield, J. Morris, J, liilllzircl, D. llustlck, X . Lole, .L Slziclvk, S, Jones. li. lirovkinziii. J, llnnliiir, J. look. 5. Lilllllff.. I. 5l'Ilill'l'S. I7- Tuit, B. Dixon. Rom' Fiz'efM. Tlionisis. Il, liisc-lt, IZ, Sin itll. S. l'oIl:u'k, S, Morris, J, Moow. M, Howailml, P. Hannel, J, lluettner, J. Kozsin, A, Kosher, J. Sclnnitt, I., Martin, li. Amlrvws, M. lliirns. Row Si.:'All. M'est, J. C:ilmlwt'll, J. Solon, S. Brsiscli, G. liitcliings, ID. Mvfiinnis, N. Iliwivli, I.. XVelmli, ll, Tlioinsns. C. Clinliiiiaiii, N. NVill. Z, ,kINll'l'SUIl- F. llunser, M. Fleniinu. Row Nl'I'P'llf'fl,, Min-llvr, S. Stol l, V. Sliinirovk, .X. Sniilcr. J. Mzinlc-Y, li. liivkt-nln'ocl0, C. Izinovaic, ll. VVilson, D. Salinger, IJ, llrinz. J. I.oyk1-. Row One-A. Cook, N. Fzlircliilcl, D. Czilziluiw-sv, IC. .Xiicig .X. '1lSll'illlflll0, I., M'illiclin. ID, Janne-son. M. L':il.ilii'0sv, IJ. M'illson, I", Mc'l'li6i'son. Hun' 'I'zc'u-l', Cnniniings, l". Uietuno, ll, M'isv, D, lfiwiliottzi, A, ltohlotl. J. llosnnko, J. Laingzi, M. Mzitliers, J. Aliluott, I.. Gilwson, V. Connor, K. llzites. How Tlzrffeffll. Kranm-i', ll. G1'iH'itli. li. M':iltc'- nizicle. ll. BrPvvste1', M. lkliliott, J, Hzissink, K. SIIITIII, J L'lii'isto1ilici', A. Meyers, M. Iloltlrvn, T, Prcston. M. Zaletel, ll. Oclell, C. Gollwitzcr, ID. Funk, M, llczul, li, Yovniiiw. Huw Four-ll. P1-terson, C, Nelson, N, lfollis, M, Hopkins, I.. Goers, IS, H:1lisr:1tli, C. Morgan. M. Akos. IP. Milivlick. V. St1'un:1. .L .Ivlili4'li:i, .I, Ze-vin, IV, Powcll. Ro1c'Fiz'e-P. Gosnell, I.. Steffen. IJ. Colzintonio, ll. Cressnizin, G. Filsingcr, .I. Stvttcn, D. M'eink0, M. liggcr, J. 'Wliitesick-, N. Demeter, J. Pitroski, S. Pyle, M, Henry N. Rive. ll. licy, P. Toth. S, Sliiclil. M. Hollyiic-lml, C. Becvar, P, Cooney, J. Henry, N. Mhllzice, J, Grililmons. lfuzc'Ni'.1-gli, S1-hottkc, C, ,Xltm-, G,, IS, lk-gilt, .I, Frost, G. Lelizir, S. Pettit, M. Byruni, Ii. Hauser, .I, Gortlzin, J, Toth. ll. Ilzigcn. P. XVZIXVIYXIIIZIIQ. Huw S1'z'f'fi-A. Sortet, J, Anclerson, M. Meek, B. I.z1vo, M. IiI'E'C'IC, ll. Tlioinzis, Y. '.Illll6l'IIliHl, J. Kosher. M. Ililll, N, Nelson. Rum Eight-P. Solon, D, Mauser, J. XVISC, R, '1'itT:ii'1y, li, Jonusscn, C, Sxinclstroni, J, Montgoinm-ry, S. Szitkovit-li, 13, McK0ne, G. Yolney, B. lirtlial. K They Ze J the W 9 -s,. il is i wt 5 Q ,fx , K , V lffffl , , 8 V I gp , il., . ,E--3? ,A , 4,495 3 ' V- fx , 4!.1M f' M fume' ' 'CJ fi 1 ' Z- 5. f ' f , ..... ' sf " ' . A ,..,,, V rf. .V A .ff - '4' Mums 1 " .J , ., 'W ,L ' 9 ' L f. . 4 '-A-:,.f .1 ' ,:A . . ' A ' 'K . """' - Us Y 1 ?,,,.tg,, '-'W' . yay V f ,AY I H., Qsdv' QQK I N .- if .-V, is N wigs, I ',,'., .. . , ti , . ff Qfggxx 55555 Fig 'si-WG 1,, ' f 3155 1 4229 f 1,55 A V' x X 0 i W mg AA- 41, A , K t . ,,,, Y ,J i ,wi nc' f7llf'7.lHllIl lit-mll'oi'1i, limi Ssmmel, .lack Rulii'ic'li, Dun lie-etl, .lim lil'6SIl2lll, Nivk Marino, Jerry Cunningliaun. fu' Tzcw--.le'rry CIPIIVVJIY, limb Sta-cle. .luck bvvllllillgf, Inxrry llmclminii, Dick Altneclit, Rnlzlml Civerelli, lid Valu- lr n Ui ii i i xlrli, Raza' Tlzrw- Y. .li 'ln mlm. limbL'ulwill,I'lz1i'1'y Stevie, Al Stcttvii, Bernie Mic'lielln'ink, liruve Spi'ii1g10i'. I miis Spinn, lSill '1'lmmpsun, .lllliun Grevc. Ram' Fuurgllill lirzisll. Hill Lyon. Al Petit, Ilumlcl I'1'usser, Murinn Slcl wly. Italy lim-sln':xl', .loc lienrlru, licl Kurs. Italy Snyder. BOY'S LEADERS CLUB A ucw club at scliuol, this 01'g'2llliZ2lJEiOll is coiiipusccl of boys who are UlltS'iilllfllllg in tllL'i1'iCZlllCl'SlllP, scliularship and atlilctiic ability. BIiClllllCl'S assist the gym tcuclicrs to cuucluct classcs by serving as squzul lcziclers. It is tlicii' cluty to set thc cxamplc for the other buys in thc classes. I1C2lKlC1'S arc privilcgccl tu XVCZII' wliitc 111iil'm'ms. Tlicii' "TN shirts have thc sclirml cmlilcm zuicl thc iiiswiptiuli 'i1iUySl1C2lliL'l'S Cl11lm"uu1't:ss thc chest. Mciiibcrsliip in this g,L'l'Ull1l is 1'csti'ictCcl to sopliuiiloiws. jlllliU1'S and SClliUl'S who arc sclcctccl by votc of thc lllClllllCl'S. The White S uit Krigade .us as 35' S-ny Av ff- l 2 f 4 Huw One-M, Hill, B, Austin, A. Thonias, R. Brockinan, A. Sladek, D. NVilk, T. Molnar, B. Griffith. Row Two- 5. Morris, P, Salinger. XV, Duiker, .L Ludwig, D. Austin, J. Morris, I.. Martin, li, Andrews, Rom' 'l'l:rw-Y. Iacobacci, P. Solon, S. XVt'llCI', V. Gates, J, Rini, ll, Donelon, M. linger. Ram' Fuurgll. Gill, M. Uallitto, J. Feld- men. .l. Kozan, lf, IVIueller, .l, Solon, C, Creve. Row Fiiw-ll, XVilson, J, Cnrdy, N. Drach, N. Setron, IS, NV:-st, l". lluiiser. Ron' Simfll. Tll0IllJlS, l.. lVebb, A, Mast, li. ltepicky, lt. 'l'hoinas. GIRL'S LEADERS CLUB Known as the 'cwhite suit ll1'lU'2lll6',,i the Girls Leaders assist Miss C5 ,Gill and Bliss Bell in the direction of games in the gyin classes. They also learn to referee intramural tournanients after school, under the leadership of Miss Gill. A limited nuniber of girls are elected into the Gills Leaders Club front the sophoniore, unior and senior classes. They are selected on a basis of scholarship, leadership, initiative and athletic ability. r1llll'Ullg'll continuous practice. the girls become skilled and capable leaders. SENIOR GIRL'S LEADERS ATHLETICS iiiemoriu That finger i DECEMBER 16 Carols filled the air at the annual Christmas Concert tonight. DECEMBER 18 The matmen defeated Shaker, 27-11. DECEMBER 19 A powerful Central five brought gloom to our hearts by beating us AM:-39. Christmas vacation began today. DECEMBER 20 Soft lights and sweet music supplied a back- ground for a beautiful Christmas formal. DECEMBER 25 Merry Christmas! DECEMBER 30 Ashtabula topped our cagers 412-25, to extend their losing streak to two games, the longest in eight years. JANUARY 1 Happy New Year! JANUARY 8 An unexperienced Bedford wrestling team fell before our grapplers, 30-8. JANUARY 9 We all cheered as our Admirals trounced Brush, 45-32. JANUARY 12 The Senior A's were honored at their assembly today. JANUARY 13 Official ceremonies marked the opening of the new addition tonight. JANUARY 15 The matmen rallied to defeat Rhodes, 22-17, for their seventh straight victory. The band presented a fine concert to raise money for their new uniforms which arrived during the football season. JANUARY 16 Bedford fell before our rejuvenated five, 39- 27. JANUARY 17 Continuing to roll, we bcat U. S. 63-11. JANUARY 18 The combined baccalaureate service for Shore and Central was held in our auditorium this afternoon. JANUARY 19 Fun and revelry marked the Senior banquet held at the Hollenden tonight. JANUARY 20 We bid good-by to the Seniors who received their diplomas tonight. JANUARY 21 A fire alarm interrupted final exams this morning. JANUARY 23 The new semester began today. Maple Heights was added to our list of victims as they fell, 42-24 before the hard-fighting basketeers. FEBRUARY 5 John Marshall snapped the wrestlers' 18-meet winning streak by subduing the Shore matmen, 20-16. FEBRUARY 6 Gloom descended upon loyal Shoreites who battled their way into Central's gym to watch the Lions edge out a 46-4141 victory over our Ad- mirals. FEBRUARY 7 Youngstown's city champions were an easy mark for our rebounding quintet. Tonight our boys beat South, 38-30. JANUARY 24 A snowstorm must have blinded Parma's Red- men who were repaid for their humilitating foot- ball triumph with a 413-39 thumping at the hands of our inspired quintet. Mr. Baumer and a group of speakers spent a pleasant evening in Massil- lon. They were snowed in there. JANUARY 27 Everyone was wondering about the identity of "Mr, Shore" after the assembly today. JANUARY 30 Garfield was unable to cope with the basket- ball team. The score was 64s-47. Y1-1.-x 11 19315 19 3 7 153 38 15339 123110 1941 lil-12 19-13 lf!-1-I 159-15 19416 19117 I9-18 1949 f it'UXllllNl Wt'll'X HK Ill l 4. L 'L If' ,gf-" . fr M, .. . 3,-vf wr . , g,,L.,, , 1 " W 3 Q H DOUGLAS HARRELL 'T , FOOTBALL I y BILL THOMPSON BASKETBALL JOE COLANTONIO LB' ' l BILL SUMMER j -., , - ' I . " . in ,-: 1. ',,r ',r, E Q llf' A , Zi f f f 2 4 K ,4 . . X I 3 X S S x xl! Q ff L xi M., W 1 fv 1 -n:zu':w'ff-f H , JK K' V . K?" 4 LW . FRED ANDREUCCI WRESTLING V -, M1184 4 V am jg 1533 QT, S Sufi t 4 the -L' l I ll I li iiiii T 'A'A gl! ll FOOTBALL TEAM Row One-lil, Brown, J. G3l'lI1il, B, Klzlss, D. Samuel, F, lil'4'lVVIl, D, Curto, S. Zivkovicli J. liolirich, N, Marino, J. Feldman. Row Tu'of5. Dilliusio, J. Rellfern, B. Murivh, J. Conway ll, Moon, H. Steele, T, Parisi, B, TVrigrlif. J. Thompson, J. XVenning, D, Hong. Row Three- C Eckert, D. Mocnv, ll. Teller, E. Delis, J, Mihelick. J. Omerza, B. lirasch, .X. Omerzn J. Mathers, 13. I.inclsini', I.. Parr, F. Andreucei. Row Four-T, Cousineuu, M. Stelaly, J. Klein- alienst, R. Chiclley, YV, Duval. B. Steele, I.. Brockmun. D. Fox, B. Lewis, G, Klein. D. Harrell XV. Scliwegler. Row Five-XV. Nolan, R, Nolwlwe, J. Hong, P. Guttmun, ll, ,Xl?llHll'llil, S. .lzumvuc A, Luikzlrt, ll. Fmiclrain, G. Binder, F. Mc'l.ez1n. D, Anzells, lf, J0l'2lIlli0. SHORE CLINCHES THE TITLE AT MAPLE HEIGHTS wind they le t CAP'rA1N DON ANZELLS-A senior end, Don's terrific line play, leadership on the field, and his pass-snatching ability made him a unani- mous choice for the All-Conference team. Gitomer: BINDER-A senior tackle, George ranks as one of the greatest to ever don the Shore colors. The "toe" is the second player in the Admiral's history to make the All-Scholastic team. George was also a unanimous choice for the All-Conference team. LARRY BROCKMAN-A senior guard, Larry im- proved as the season progressed and proved to be an outstanding defensive linesman. liimi, BROXVN-ik senior fullback, Rails speed and tackling ability made him an excellent line backer. His spirit and fight will be greatly missed next season. HALPII CIIIDLEYP-A. junior end, Ralph loved con- tact and was excellent on defense. Next year's forward wall will be greatly strength- ened by his return. .llcnnv CUNXVAY1lX senior halfback, Jerry was one of the hardest runners on the squad. He evidenced plenty of spirit and determination. lvithout a doubt, Jerry was one of the best backs in the Conference. lin llicus-A senior end, "Tex" proved his value in the Euclid Central game with his great defensive and offensive playing. Yvinning a berth on the All-Conference second team. hc will long be remembered as a sparkplug of this year's championship eleven. lgYRON 1'l0NDRAN+ik senior fullback, "Bar" was another unanimous choice for the All-Con- ference team. His speed and driving power enabled him to lead the league in scoring. DoN Home-A senior guard and Navy veteran. Don was one of the scrappiest guards ou the squad. His spirit and iight were un- bcatable. .l.-wk Hoiusgrk junior end. .lack's pass receiv- ing helped the Admirals through many tough spots during the season. He should prove to hc one of the outstanding ends in the league next season. FRANK JORANli0?,k senior quartcrhack, l"rank's passing, signal calling, and tricky hall han- dling kept defenses haltied. His iierce com- petitive spfrit helped win him a place on the Allffhnfcrcnte team. liI'lUilCSS I,l4:wisg.Y junior halfhack, "Burg" proved to hc a very versatile player. He played hoth end and the hackfield and ex- cells in hoth. "Burg" will he counted upon to strengthen the team next year. -XL I,iflliAu'r-A senior center. "Luke" was an excellent linehacker on defense and shuttle- man on oitensc who eontrihuted his share in making a championship team. lion hlAl!lf'II'Y.'k sophomore guard. lioh was one of the returning lettermen who proved his versatility hy playing part of the season at the fullhack slot. Boh made the All-Cow ference second team as guard. Nifit hlAHlN0L.'x senior guard. Nick followed in the tradition of his family hy playing an aggressive game at guard. He more than made up for a lack of weight hy his hard and scrappy game. l'lRl'TD Mc'I.1c.'xNg.X senior center. he filled a va- cancy left hy his hrother. Fred not only passed the hall capahly on offense. hut was an excellent line hacker and aerial de- fenseman. He was chosen for the All- C'ont'erence second team. PEM:'iifPete has the rare quality of heing a versatile triple threat halfhack. In- jured in mid-season. he will he welcomed hack next year. Dick MocNY+A senior tackle. "Red" was the heaviest man on the team and a detriment to all opponents. His fast charging and hard tackling made him an outstanding lineman. Jack R1-:1iFE1iN-.X senior guard. .lack was an outstanding tackler and hlocker. His team spirit and tackling ability made him one of the hest guards on the squad. .Meri R0lIltIl'lI .X senior halfhack. .lack was one of the fastest men on the team. His speed and spirit will hc missed next year, 6elaind them Bon S'rEP:1.1a-A senior tackle. liob developed into one of the best blockers on the squad. His driving tackles threw many opposing hall carriers for a loss. lillI'ClC TEI,I.LfIl-.'X senior tackle. Bruce made up for his lack of experience with determination and ability. His weight and size will be greatly missed next year. .l.xcii l8VENNlNlii.X senior halfback. .lack proved that spirit could make up for lack of size as he earned a second string berth on the All-Conference team. Although punting was hifs specialty. he also ran and passed well. FOOTBALL SUMMARY The rambling Admirals sailed through one of their finest seasons in years to win the undisputed championship of the Eastern Conference for the second consecutive year. Rolling over eight of their nine opponents by overwhelming sc-ores. the Admirals fell only to an undefeated Parma eleven. 19 to 0. Shores most impressive win was the champions' trouncing of a powerful ,liuclid Central team. 20 to 7. Four members of the squad made the All-Conference team. while tackle George Binder was selected to the All-Scholastic team of the Cleveland Press. Captain Don Anzells, Byron Fondran. Frank .loranko and George Binder are the boys who were honored with All-Conference berths. lid Delis. Bob Marich. Fred Mt-Lean and .lack lvenning were selected on the second team while Jerry Conway made honorable mention. Qhoie G , Hhoit Shoit "vll0lt k Shoie Shoit 1 Shoit X5 Hhoit lotal FOOTBALL SCORES lamesy illt Nltntoi l ll n 1 S f llfltltl ut id Ct 1glllSll lit dtord yahovi la lotil . 5 XV It XC l POIN IS Pl It C' XXII Short c1ll1llS ll on ' ' .. M245 P-' Y' .. is t J C -- ..o X! Q' U.. ..0 ,212 ...... ....1l ,' if ..-1-5 i:"- .... .. ..0 2 .' ' .. ..20 lf -l' N -ntral .. . . 7 ,,. F .' ..1.1 -' ..... . ..o J' Sll0l'L' . . . .2L hlaplc Ht'igllts . . . . 0 Q il '- .. U38 Cu." ,ga lls . .. 0 ' ', l " .................... 258 ' l 2 ...... 33 ' q me 1 l". Q Q C f' K' fi 1. . 'l '- .... .......... 2 SH: li ' .. .. 8 Opponents . . . 441 :Ig Lost ..... . . 1 you make flee . . . T, Alley, D, Moc-ny, li. Delis, .l. Miheliclq, ll, l'lUINll'illl, li. Nolnhe, ll, Anzclls, li. Pringle, F, Jorznnko, ll, 1,1-xx J, XVenniug', J. Roliricli. The 19-L7--1-S Admirals t-lull,-tl the season in second place in the eonfert-nee Stand- ings but not without two terriiic battles with Central who vopped the Crown from Shore. The first game was lost by tive points and the second, in a thrilling overtime, was lost hy the score of -146-'14-14. The only other loss was to a strong Ashtabula live. liml Delis and Dick Mocny were lost to the team through iniclyear graduation. One of the high spots of the season came as Shore. for the second consecutive year. dumped Youugstown's city champs. Youngstown South. This game proved the Admirals to he a spirited aggregation since it was a real coinehaa-li after the loss to Central. SEASON RECORD Gariiehl ... .. llvilloughlmy ..... lfucliml fentral .. Sll01't'. . . . . Shore Shore 9423 -Xshtahula .... Shore L llrush .... Shore iauifm-ti . . . slim-Q. . . . . ang K University ..... Maple Heights .. Parma ....... Shore Shore Shore Garfield ........ Shore lflut-lid Central ...... ,146 Shore Q Youngstown South .... 30 Shore Brush .......... Shore Q Bedford ....... Shore Maple Heights . . Shore Ka lzet We 'l... Tom Alley, unior. "Big Tom" played center. He was always an offensive threat as well as a lmulwark of strength on defense. Tom will he the nucleus of next year's team. lion Anzells, senior. Filling in at guard at mid-year, "Slez" was always full of scrap and out to win. He was a deceptive hall handler and a spark plug on defense. lid Delis. senior. One of the four re- turning lettcrmen, "Tex'si' defensive ability was outshown only by his deadly longshot artistry. lid was one of the mid-year grad- uates. Byron Fondran, senior. Co-Captain and high scoring guard, stood out not only as an outstanding player hut as an inspiration to a second-place team. Frank Joranko. senior. Co-Captain and forward. Frank is an excellent shot with either hand. His lighting spirit kept the team on its toes constantly. Burgess Lewis. junior. Brought up from thc Reserves at mid-year, "Burge" proved the wisdom of Ford Cases move. Fast and aggressive. he will he hack to spark next ycar's squad. John Mihclik. junior. Being the hook- shot artist of the team helped .lohn to hc a constant scoring threat. .lohn will he hack next year and should he a mainstay of the squad. .lack Rohrieh. senior. "Little .lack's" speed and remarkahle two-handed shots made him a constant threat throughout the season. tiene Pringle. senior. .X terrific one-hand set shot artist. Gene set a new school ree- ord for points scored in a conference game. His agility on the court will long lie rc- menilwered. lid Xohlie. junior. lid was moved up to the varsity at mid-year and helped the Case crew eonsiderahly. lid will he the spark- plug for next year's team. make the 710i e Dick Blocny. center. "Reds" gigantic six foot. three inch frame made him a tremen- dous asset to the team as he proved to he one of its hest hackhoard men. Dick also was a mid-year grad. .lack Yvenning, senior. .lack showed his versatility hy playing lmoth forward and guard. YVhat .lack lacked in height. he made up for in speed and shooting ahility. RESERVES - E. G. C. C. TITLE HOLDERS The 19-1-7-AL8 Shore reserves completed one of their most successful seasons in thc history of the school by capturing their first liastern Conference "B" title since ISHS. The "little" Admirals captured 12 contests and suffered hut two defeats. Coach Sparky Di Basio's charges were dropped hy Kirtlands varsity and liuclid C'entral's "B" team. Outstanding reserve players, Danny Curto. Bill Lindsay. lid Xohlve, and Lenny Shroeco will form the nueleus for next year's varsity team. Steve Janovac and Larry Broekman. two seniors. were the mainstays of the re- serve squad and will he missed greatly next season. S S . ... . H A 7 , - if- ----- w-awww, afl , l,,t .m,,,,,,,,,. , Q f-g,Vg,::Bg.....,:j f - k hf - Q -ef ., ,ST M, 1 ." MEM W3 MJ? ii ,SW A W - t Q ' ,... ,Q W , .Wt up ,,.... ...... - -,say ii Eg, - .- . . Ai , . ,. ..,, . 5 . . ,Q 'f ' X ,,, - - - l b 1 wsfaq,.M..? t '. Wa, .i,,.... . , M f . -. f "' 3 at-,. K , fn: V 2: . v.., f J! , . X U We , h - My W - Y y i 1 S , E t i, is f il .- ' 1: li S ' ig ' R' lt il " 3 x 43' Mllxxf , r r f f i r li .' l f Q ' ' X il il 1 iT: V 1 lg 'i,' ' SQ , ff, ia FQ L. ie . f"" A Q 5, 1 I-'lf' 'L' 2 i V , 1. . ,, .s..,,,,, . if:-A S -j gg- . H X' W W Q I y, 'f ae- " g X ' M Z' W ' . V ' -NS, A' i 5, A tl Ii A , ,31 4 58 if f n X 4 .Q is Qs -heglif. i gk . 1 lit 52 WOR SHORE . :Hone - f' . e . t ts .. R ...t t 1. . i X.- : R ,... R L - .. r ' it v t f ' a f A u lb .,. bvll , N ug e A , . , A 'if ' f as r ifi - L . . , . , V ll Z- is K f -,Li sp 5 . L v 4 F 4 -My . Q We K , . 4" X31 ii i ' ,. . 1 -'H -'T .P TA Af. V, z K in - . W? 5, i '- 1. " 5 SW' ' 1' l ,N , rw X I -'t' l i . S s.r i V i L -we-- i f W. S :aa Row One-S. Diliiassio 'l'. Callalav, I.. Parr, T, Pstantis, IS, Klass, D, lslmy, l., Iflumphrcy. lime Two I 5 . Shroeco, S, Janovae, B. Aluhurda, 15, Lindsay, J. Kleindienst, IS, Strnthern, I,, lirockmsm, D, Vurto, To Ha e and To Hold fr it smll, J. Javoris, B, lirh, 13. Clines, D, Fox, J. Keyes. Row Treo-F. Brown Xisou 1 Wal emu, G. liincler, J. Hong, li. Brown. Rum' TlzreeffC. lickert, J, Feldman Tllllitl lm NI unch, ll. Hong, F. Cek, IJ. Mluclmk. Hou' l"v11r---F, .Xmlreucch J, ltedfei 1 It Moon 1 Cluttluin, P. Mihelick. WRESTLING Shores grapplers ended their wrestling sea- son as runner-up to the Greater Cleveland Champs. This year's squad was built up around twenty boys who competed in weekly eliminations for a place on the team. Having lost only one meet the Shore wrestlers notched nine victories coming out with three boys undefeated in dual competition. These boys were Fred McLean at 155 lbs.. Dick Fox at 165 lbs., and George Binder at 185 lbs. Midyear graduation claimed only two boys: John Redfern and Plarl Brown. Seniors to leave in June are Chuck Russell. Don Hoag, Fred McLean. George Binder. and Nick Marino. This year's team was well represented by the underclassmen with seven of ten regulars who will be back to wrestle for Shore next year. 1918-+9 SEASON John Adams . . . . . . University . . . . . . Shaker .... . . . Bedford . . . John Hay . .. ... Rhodes ........ . . . Cuyahoga Falls .. John ftfarsliul . . . . .20 Toledo ...... nest... Shore Shore Shore Shore Shore Shore Shore Shore Shore Shore .lavli llt'llft'l'Il. svnior, 1311. .lavli has liven on the squail for four yi-ars. ,lllhongli hc has nol wrvstlml l't'Qlll?l1'lf'.- ln- is :i yn-ry lim- wri-slh-r :xml has girl-n lin- var- sity ph-nly of 1-ompi-lilion. llrcml Nl:-l,m-an. si-nior. This was l'l1'l'cl'S fourlh yi-ar on the squacl: hc' was :1 strong point on last yi-ar's 4-liainpionsliip lm-ain. Fri-il plan-1-cl tliirml in last ycar's tourna- nn-nls anll was iilimlm-fwilm-il in 155-pouncl ili- vision cluring 19-147418 si-ason. Clnu-li Russi-ll. si-nior. 128. Although this is Chic-lq's first yn-ar he looks like a Yut- vran on thc- mals. Hf- has he-en a gn-at as- set to the tm-ani. lfrank Brown, junior. 128. Frank has plcnty of spirit and stamina. Hi- is a jun- ior anal will lic hai-li in-Xt yn-ar. liarl Brown. sn-nior. IMS. Thai lm-am was we-alwm-cl hy l'iarl's graduation al mill- ycar. l'iarl's favorilc holcl was the figure four. which many fans have se-cn him apply. Ralph lloon. sophomore-. 1-116. Phil Guttman. sophomore-. Phil has hcl-n vvry aggressive ancl tough comps-tilion in thi- higln-r weights. Phil slioulcl lu- a rug- nlar nvxt season. Georgm- liinclcr. sa-nior. ln-avywciglil. clL'0l'U't' is one of thc' Sl1'0ll"'l'Sl lmovs on thr- F' P' - Sf uacl. This, alono' with his c nil-li lhinkinff. FN ri Q-nalilvs him to lu- a wi-ll-lialam-cal wri-sth-r. Gvorgv plan-ml lhiral in thi- Stale' Tourna- nu-nl last yr-ar. .lohn Javoris. junior. He- is om- of lln- smarlcr wreslh-rs in his wi-ight. with ph-nly of powl-r lo hack up his lurains. .lohn will lic laavlc To slrcngllivn llu- li-am nvxl yi-ar. .lcrry Kcyvs. junior. This was .li-rry's sl-conml ycar on lhe loam. .lvrry sliowvcl mum-h improvvmcnt. Tin- squail shonlil lwn- vfit lay his prvsciim- ni-xt ya-ar. K. 1 Nr Eugene lYilson. junior, 13-1-. was one of the strong hoys in his division. This was Geneis second year on the squad. He has one more year and should he one of the roughest on next year's squad. .laek Feldman. sophomore. 112. Holm Clines. junior. 10-14. This was l3ob's tirst year on the squad. He is a junior and has another year. lloh should he improved very mueh hy next year. Bill lirh. junior. 112. Bills speed and endurance mark him a top-noteh wres- tler. He took second in the State last year and should he first this year. Nick Marino. senior. 133. This serappy little senior has done a fine joh of wrestling all season. His aggressive attitude was a real inspiration to this year's squad. Dick Fox. junior. 165. Diek is one of the most improved wrestlers on the squad. He was undefeated this year and will he hack to eontinue his winning streak. lloh AI2l1'il'll. junior. heavyweight. won the State championship last year at 165 pounds. lioh has heen wrestling heavy- weight this year and is one of the aggres- sive hoys of the team. Don Hoag. senior. 1-145. has heen wres- tling for four years and has the most knowl- edge of wrestling on the squad. He has hecn an added strength to the team. .laek Hoag. junior. 113. is a very ae- complishcd leg wrestler and will he hack to show his talents next year. The ? ying Ylainclad Front Rn:cvJ, Tarantino, R., Moore, J. Mayer, C. Mast. E. Brown, R. Hutt'man, D. Satava, C. Anient, Second Raza'-I. Stulmlvart, E, Noblwe, J. Conway, 13. Fondran, A, Pettit, 13. Lewis, IS. Thompson, J, ltohrich, S, Janovac. Third Row-li, Sumner, F. Andreueci, R. Chidley, 13. Marieh, T, Cousineau, B. Lindsay, B. Szurszewski, F, Case, C. Swaekhamer. TRACK SUMMARY Victorious in three major meets, the Admiral thinclads sped through the iinest season in Shore track history. In successfully defending their Mentor Relays crown. won last year for the tlrst time, Shore's traekmen scored 55 7X10 points to hopelessly outclass Brush, Ashtabula, with IGIAL points. Tl1e following week the thinclads journeyed to Rocky River where they captured the River Relays title by scoring 38 points to top Rocky Riveris 35, and Euclid Ccntral's 19 points. V Highlighting the season was the lflastern Conference hfeet which was held on the Shore oval. The host team won seven first places, amassing a total of SS points, to add the conference trophy to its collection. The team. one of the most well-balanced in Shore's history, was laden with star performers. The hest showing of the year was made at the Conference Meet by .lack Rohrich who lwlazcd down the cinder path to a double victory in the 100 and 220 yard dashes. Jack established a new Conference record of 22.7 seconds in the 220. Other outstanding performers were Crayton Mast. who placed second in the State Meet in the shot put: Byron lfondran. Burgess Lewis. lid Nohhc and lrlarl Brown. who made up the Ucrackn mile relay team which was victorious in the Conference Meet and third in the District Meet: and Ralph Jones, .lerry Conway, Al Pettit. Steve Janovas. Randal Holtman. Dick Satava. Chuck Amcnt. Bill Thompson. Ralph Chidlcy and Rob Marich, all consistent point winners throughout the season. SEASON RECORD MENTOR RHLAYS Shore .............. 7f10 Brush .............., 18 Ashtabula ........... IGIIQ -, 3 ?e-' ROCKY RIV1-ZR In-:L.u's ,Q0 1 J , f Shore ................... as U' if llgfiwf A Q jw Rocky River ...... . . .35 Z I Euclid Central ...... . . .19 -?. It Euclid Central ........... 'Ll L-W TRIANGULAR MEET :ACC Shore ................. 'YQTQ 'TQTEKN VVilloughlJy . . ...... 36 A , . .. Ashtabula .............. 35 X Z Q 'Tn 5 Shore, S21f3g Shaw, A1+21f2 ---- N CONFERENCE MEET 'W Shore .............. .. . SS Brush . . . . . . 53 nothing like . . . . gg Q ,1?'jl':: H 17, is .af .fuk - MLA, 054, btl RE Row Une-l,. Molnar, A. Trivisanno, S. Mihelick, C. Hill, J. Olnert. Row Two-R. O'Green G, NVilson, Olsen, E. Pringle, F. Joranko, J. Javoris, J. NVenning, J. Pohto, Row Three IJ, Anzells. F. Brown, li. XVilson, L, Spino, Krivacic, B. Lucas, C. Barclay, J. Mihelulx Row Four-'l', Ahey. Handicapped with only three returning letter- men Coach John Pohto molded his green aggre- gation into a squad which won Seven and lost eight. and finished third in the conference stand- ings. Ray O'Green. Stan Michelick and Jack Obert were returning lettermen who formed the nucleus of the team. High points of the season. oddly enough. were two losseS to a powerful liuclid Central nine which later copped the city championship. This year's team will be bolstered hy John Michelic. Eugene Pringle, Frank Joranko, John Javoris. Jack VVenning. Ray O'Green. Tom Alley and Don Anzells. all lettermen from last 3'ear's squad. SEASON RECORD YYilloughlmy ......... fi St. Ignatius . . . liuclid Central .... Q Cleveland Heights .... 11 is 47 fx Bedford ........ . . . li Q, . Garfield .. . N f Brush ........ 96oR Maple Heights . . 4 ' Garfield ...... X Q? liuclid Central . . . 69 lg, Shaw ........ x Brush .......... 'if 4 Maple Heights .. Collinwood ........ Shaw ............ Shore Shore Shore Shore Shore Shore Shore Shore Shore Shore Shore Shore Shore Shore Shore State Cllamps-Cleveland Heights. City Champs-l'luclid Centra YVon. 7: Lost. S. l. jtjn y XX . J. . Wal? . A Z P. ,I "va ,g s .Q Q .V ., . V '-X. a. . if ' , 1 -1 ' -' 'Vo' -usa-f:aQ5.5..,.4:...:zgX- - + . f- W Ax. X ' . ff Zu .ysxyr 5 ,. V f, .1 . '- . . .qs 1 0-af.--' ff fzfsf- as gf... qxx ivg .R ,XN . X ,. ..,. Jak ., -. Q e 5 5' V .fs rams- .,,, ,M as . ,.. .,.v , v EV 1. I .. , 'rf , V- ,H V ' -, ' 1 ft? 5 -K th 5 -Q.: 5 V V . -'V -env, 5 ,Q sv V' so o f .51 . V . ,wil-4, kph Q -. ' ' ' V If :kvfwgi Y, . ..f V , x . . Y AM f A V - VV. I V- w s, .... -- . 99 ...L - ,M 45, K ,rf '0 ' .Q AVL 'L A, ... . . ,-,, ,. -v . - nm: n. 4... W Us " QS.. 52" ' .f L 1 4 x cg-xG,RE ' W was . " V -nun .lhmxw "1 . 'f ms! V5 VV.5-.17-V,:V,f -Mali. QM 1 Tom Alley, a sophomore pitcher. Lanky Tom is a mainstay of the Admiral pitching Staff. His deceptive delivery makes him one of the strongest hurlers in the league. Chuck Hill. a senior catcher. Chuck was one of the ablest receivers in the league. A real chatter box, he was an inspiration to the entire squad because of his drive which compensated for his lack of size. Frank Joranko. a unior shortstop. Frank is a coach's dream. His snappy fielding. steady hitting, and all round team play mark Frank as a real "player's player." a valuable asset to any team. John Javoris, a sophomore third base- man. Johnny is a "cracker-jack" third baseman. His snappy fielding and consis- tent hitting make him an outstanding guard- ian of the "hot corner." . Ed Krivacic, a sophomore pitcher. lids strong right arm deprived many opposing batsmen of a chance to get on base. His blazing fast ball and fast-breaking curve willcontribute many victories to this year's record. Stan hlihelick. a senior outfielder. This husky right-hander was a real threat at the plate. His keen batting eye and superb fielding made him one of the most valuable members of last yearls squad. Jolm hlihelick, a versatile sophomore. Jolm played both first base and the outfield with equal brilliance. The team's power hitter, he will be expected to contribute many extra base drives and runs batted in to this year's total. ' Jack Obert. a senior first baseman. Jack was the captain of the Admiral nine. His catlike fielding marked him as an outstand- ing first sacker. A fine team player. Jack's spirit and determination will be missed this vear. Ray O'Green. Ray's fast and hard pitch- ing was the mainstay of Shores baseball team last year. Being a junior. his excep- tional curve will be a formidable foe to his opponents next year and his deceptive fast ball will also be feared. Eugene Pringle. a junior second base- man. The pivot man on Shores double- play combination. A'Oogie" is an outstand- ing member of this year's squad. His de- fensive play is matched by his eye at the plate. k edltd W5 FOOTBALL BASKETBALL Years S 1937 .. ..4 1938 1 1939 . ..M 1910 ..... 1 1911 ..... 1 1912 ..... M 1 1913 ..... 1911 ..... 3 0 1915 ..... - 1916 ..... M 1917 ..... M 'X-Conferene S-Standing YV-W'on L-Lost T-Tied 1V L 6 3 6 1 7 2 2 -1 0 1 8 0 rs ss 114 2 is 2 7 0 S 1 e Champions Al Trivissanno, a senior outfielder. "Zookie" was a dependable fielder and an outstanding hitter. The garden corps was strengthened by the presence of this husky "slugger." .lack Wlenning. a junior outiielder, is a fast base runner and a good hitter. Al- though he is small. he takes care of the eenteriield position very well. His strong throwing arm enables him to throw into the infield with great accuracy. All his qualities will be welcome next year. Don Anzells. a junior catcher. was un- matched in Greater Cleveland until he broke his collar bone in midseason. He has a strong arm for throwing men out at the bases. His excellent hitting and catching will be a great asset to next year's team. BASEBALL Yea 1' s S VV L Y ea r s S 1V 1936 ..... 6 7 1 1936 ..... 2 7 1937 ..... 2 10 3 1937 ..,.. 2 S 1938 ..... Z 12 5 1938 .. .4 7 1939 ..... 2 9 3 1939 ..... 3 10 1 910 ..... 2 s 1 1 910 ..... t 9 1911 ... .M 13 6 1911 ..... E 11 1912 .. 16 3 1912 ..... 2 9 1913 ... .X 15 1 1913 ..... 3 9 1911 ..... 2 11 1 1911 ..... 3 10 1915 ..... 2 13 2 1915 .. .3 20 1916 ..... 6 11 1 1916 .. .H 18 1917 ..... X 15 2 1917 ..... 3 7 1+-Conference Champions 1-Con ference Champions S-Standing S-Standing VV-1Von 11'-111111 L-Lost L-Lost UUH FRIENDS lliemvrie That linger FEBRUARY 26 The grapplers decisioned John Hay, 27-11, over in their gym this afternoon. FEBRUARY 27 Eastern Conference basketball play was con- cluded tonight as our second-place Admirals downed Maple Heights, 72-41. MARCH 19 The basketball dance was held tonight. Every- one was thrilled by the crowning of the queen. MARCH 30 The boys really had to pay for their suppers tonight at the Friendship Box Social. I 1 FEBRUARY 13 Friday the 13th brought good luck to our ath- letic aggregations as the basketball team downed Brush, 32-29 and the wrestlers turned back To- ledo DeVilbiss, 33-5. FEBRUARY 20 The American Legion gave our P. A. system fund a real boost today when they generously donated 35100 to the Council's total. FEBRUARY 23 No school today! FEBRUARY 24: Choir Night was held this evening. The pro- gram was beautiful. bro. a stron' bases. L will be a g BASKETBALL N My T umm s W L 1 19:56 . . . 7 1 15137 . 10 3 was . . . 12 5 1 wsu . . . gp 3 l 151140 . . . 3 .L 15?-L1 ... is is 15?-112 . 16 "'-143 . . . 15 APRIL 1 ' MAY 22 Tonight's band concert was no April Fool. Everyone had a wonderful time at the Prom. Everyone enjoyed the fine musical program. BIAY 23 APRIL 16 and 17 Mr. Angene and the seniors scored again with a wonderful presentation of "Dear Ruth" for the Senior Play. APRIL 241 Soft lights, sweet music, and gayly colored formals highlighted tonight's Spring Formal. lNlAY 7 The seniors really displayed their talent at their Senior Night. Program in the auditorium this evening. Bacculaureate Services were held for the sen- iors this afternoon. JUNE 1 The fun really began at the Senior Banquet to- night. Thank goodness tll61'C,S no school for the seniors tomorrow morning. JUNE 2 That walk up the aisle after graduation seems like a thousand miles. VVe got our diplomas to- night. It's all over now. CH 'TY QF . ,f QJUSHMSEMAYUQ I FRANK ATHQMAS CUTY ENGBNEER sw -m A - I945 - SCALE in VEEY nan :ooo was Q l sun nu rms: 1 V I if 4, llEL -.7-Ugg 'HT VI if I P li- V7 W F X fQL,. . 1 M N- XX Q x ,f ,b + 1 ?' Y H WXWQ' ,1 TX -f E ff? V Q 4 T QV-iff g ig I ' ! . 'ff K 2' ,Af K 1 I HH l1MX X a,W I 5 ,Mfr BOOSTERS The People We Always Count on for Help Our Parents and Our Teachers. Miss Iflszx .Xllxxwwlxl Mr. :xml Mrs. Mr. xml M J . YS. C. fx. -Xxxxlx'ews I4-slx-r fxrxxgmxc Miss Iiaxrlxzxrax .Xxxslilx Mr. :xml Mrs. TV:xItx'r A. Iizxxxx-x Mr. :xml Mrs. C. If.. lgt'l'lIllNt'll llr. if Iiusl Mx'. :xml Mrs. M. Iirixxz Mr. :xml Mrs. J. IT. Iixxllx-r Mr. :xml Mrs. R. i". i'Ix:xpxxx:xxx Mr. :xml Mrs. Ii. J. Colm- Mr. :xml Mrs. H. IS. I'l:xrI Mr. :xml Mrs. 1".G:xIIitln Mr. :xml Mrs. C. TT. Gillx-ttf Mr. :xml Mrs. Holm-x'l IS. Jzxxxxiesoxx Mr. :xml Mrs. Jnlxxx I". Klolz Mr. :xml Mrs. Pr-tx-r Kxmzxxx Mr. :xml Klrs. A. H. I,:xlxz:x Mr. :xml Mrs. l.imIslrnxxx Dr. :xml Mrs. Lf-omxrxl Lxms Mr. :xml Mrs. IJ-ltlliilll J. Lxxilizxri Mr. :xml Mrs. TT. C. AlilIIlL'y Mr. :xml Mrs. G. H. Martin Mr. :xml Mrs. F. P. Molxxzxr Mr. :xml Mrs. Romxlcl Nxxlix.-Ii Mr. :xml Mrs. 'I'Ixcmlux'x- Healx-x'sm1 Mr. :xml Mrs. Val .I, IN-mxszx Mr. :xml Mrs. lfrm-sl I'x-lx-rs Mr. :xml Mrs. A. YV. IU-Ilil Miss June Plxypx-rs Mr. :xml Mrs. Amlrx-w lil-p:xsIcy. Sr Mr. Iialwzxrxl Szxxxxm-I Nlr. :xml Mrs. Jzxxm-s Slaclck Mr. :xml Mrs. Julxxx Sta-Ixly RIF, :xml Mrs. Olin Stu-Ie Mr. :xml Mrs. l"r:xxxk Y. Stump. Jr. Mr. :xml Mrs. S. 'l'. Tlxoxxxas Mr. :xml Mrs. .Xntlxmxy Vzxx-x-:xx'ix-Ilxx Mr. :xml Mrs. R. TV:xwrzyxxi:xIi Mr. :xml Mrs. M. G. TTR-rxxxixxg Joseplxim- ITL-ir Mrs. Utln CI TVIIIQ Mr. :xml Mrs. Howurxl T 0lII1g'lIl0Ull A l"rivxxxl Mr. :xml .X l"rix-ml SHORE PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION LOYALLY SUPPORTS All Deparlmenls of Shore School and Assisls in Many Ways ALL PARENTS ARE INVITED TO IOIN SHORE R TfA. IN I948 14 6616 am ge 77wcw!. . , . . . WHEN SHE EABNS HER HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA 0 And she should be proud when she tokes her pldce ds d Wdge- eorner. 'Telephone Girl" is o proud title in business . . . whether it's operotor, stenogropher or clerk. The telephone girls does interesting, useful Work which is importont to everyloody. 0 She con tdke pride in her pdycheck which grows steodily, ddding six raises. The tirst l8 months, she coin Ioe proud ot her lousiness home dnd friendly girls with Whom she Works. Thorough troining gives her confidence ond good pertormdnce eorrns her promotion. 0 YOU, too, con loe pleosed ond proud with o telephone job. APPLY: WOMEN'S EMPLOYMENT OFFICE 700 Prospect Avenue - Room 901 THE OHIO BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY 'fl Good Place to Workw COMPLIMENTS OF CLEVELAND CXVIRE WORKS BEST WIS'-IES T0 THE General Electric Co. 1331 Chardon Road EUCLID,17, oH1o OF I948 PRINTCRAFT PRESS Operated by a Iune, 1948, Shore Graduate A. IAMES L. DOSTAI, IR. 296 East 210th Street IVanhoe 5694 Euclid 23, Ohio A R C H I T E C T g ooNeRArULATioNs sENioRs or '48 from SENIOR SISTERS B-2 CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS OF '48 FRIEDMAN JEWELERS 22312 Lake share Blvd. COMPLHVIENTS OF LAKE SHORE TAVERN 21939 Lake Shore Blvd. REdwood 9872 H I L D A ' S Children Apparel Shop An Exclusive CHILDRENS APPAREL SHOP 22378 Lake Shore Blvd. REclwood 0440 Euclid 23, Ohi COMPLIMENTS OF TAUCHER'S MEAT MARKET East 260th St. REdwood 1950 0 Northeast Appliance and Furniture Company LARGEST AND MOST MODERN STORE lN EUCLID YOU WILL ALWAYS DO BETTER AT Northeast Appliance Furniture Shopping At Our Store ls a Pleasur 22530 Lake Shore Blvd. Next to Shore Theater RE. 2303 819 East 185th Street Next to La Salle Theater KE. 5700 Franey and Glen, Props. LOU CfRDlNA, Sales Manager lERRY BOHINC, Prop. ALBERT J. SCI-IAEFER I E W E L E R 687 East 185th Street COMPLHVIENTS OF CONTR1BUTlON FROM SHORE MOTORS, INC. Upson Pharmac CLEVELAND EUCLIDS LARGEST AND Y HQBBING FINEST EOUIPPED DEALER Rfzdwaad 1130 COMPANY 2248f1Lggke S:Egi3B1Vd- WOO The COMPUMENTS OF EUCL1D'S OLDEST IEWELERS 22570 Lake Shore Blvd. REdwood 0155 Ivan Food Market East 222nd at Ivan Ave. KEnmore 1 1 16 The Continental Products Co. PAINT MANUFACTURERS EUCLID, OHIO Compliments of the S shone Gldldl Ccvmmlttee AY, ' 1: ,L Qtr Xu' V Qu W lb CONGRATULATIONS TO TI-IE CLASS OF I948 .Simone .Student Counclfl CONGRATULATIONS! Our Heortiest Congrcxtulotions TO THE SHORE HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES, STUDENT BODY FACULTY ON THE SUCCESSFU SCHOOL YEAR IUST COMPL Grdina Hardware 22336 Lake Shore Blvd REdwood 0403 AN ETE Ulnunawick ton qllowenla D "ORCHlDS OF COURSE" L In The New Shore Center Bldg. D FLoWER Fon ALL EVENTS We Deliver REdwood 0200 LueIIa O. Beerman TEACHER OF VOICE REclowood 0585 COMPLIMENTS OE THE DILLE ROA LUMBER CO. 1420 DILLE ROAD EUCLID, OHIO KEnmore 0592 D BRIGANT BROS. BARBER SHOP 646 EAST 185th STREET Over 20 Yeorrs in the Some Location CompIimenI's of suoms HL-'lg CIM? CompIimen+s of CL!FFEL'S BAKERY THE BEST IN BAKED GOODS IVanhoe 0991 22030 Lake Shore Blvd. Complnnents of the E. W. Bliss Co. Boy's Leaders Club CL E AN SPEE C1-I E. 222nd St. and St. Clair Ave. C L E A N S P O R T S CLEAN LIVING COMPLIIVIENTS OF Wean Equipment Company COMPLIMENTS OF THE SE I RCLASS F I948 CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES If you are inIeresIeoI in Ihe possibiliies of empIoymenI in Ihe Iadrory or offices of e progressive EucIioI manu- Iaclrurer, you are ir1viIeoI Io conIac+ our Personnel DeparImenI EUCLID ROAD MACHINERY CO. 1361 N. CHARDON ROAD 22800 ST. CLAIR AVENUE MAXIE'S Beverage Store BEERS - WINES - CORDIALS SOFT DRINKS 923 East 222nd Street flax Oerl Euclid, Ohio Nottingham Hardware Co. 18708 St. Clair Avenue CLEVELAND 10, OHIO IVanhoe 0665 SHORE THEATER Lake Shore Boulevard at East 225th Street EUCLID, OHIO ADELAN HAIR SHOPPE Specializing In RILLINOS PERMANENT WAVE AND HAIR STYLING REdwood 4868 ADAM'S MEAT MARKET 520 East 200th Street QUALITY MEATS AND POULTRY Telephone IVanhoe 2386 F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. B48 East 185th Street Shore Cleaners 8: Furriers SAME DAY sraavics Bring Your Garments in by Noon, Pick Up at 5:00 P.M. Cash and Carry Pressing While You Wait Shore Theatre Bldg. 22490 Lake Shore Blvd. REdwod 2244 FLOORCRAE' T CO. CARPETINO QS LINOLEUM EXPERT WORKINIANSIIIP 623 East 185th Street EUCLID 19, OHIO FOY DRUG STORE 638 East 185th Street CLEVELAND. OHIO KEnmore 0988 AUTHORIZED DEALER BULOVA - LONGINES - GRUEN WITTNAUER - ELGIN HAMILTON WATCHES AT ELWITT IEWELRY CO. 890 East 185th Street BlLL'S CLOTHES Everything for Men and Boys D E M S H A R ' S 22034 Lake Shore Blvd. COMPLIMENTS OE Two siomzs EUCLID, OHIO Beachiand 618 East 185th Street REdW00d 4770 --and -- Pharmac GABBY'S Delicious Sandwiches 22400 Lake Shore Blvd. DRENIK'S BEVERAGE DISTRIBUTING. INC. 23776 Lakeland Blvd. BETTY'S BEAUTY SHOPPE 606 East 185th Street REdwood 2548 Specilizing In Rffdwggd 9854 REdwood 3300 REdwod 3301 PERMANENT WAVES CONGRATULATIONS SHORE HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATING CLASS OF I948 We Know You Will Tal4e Aclyantage ot the lvlany Opportunities, Awaiting You in This New Worlcl CHASE BRASS 5' COPPER CQ. INCORPORATED Subsidiary ot Kennecott Copper Corporation 1260 EAST 260th STREET EUCLID I7, OHIO Telephone 3960 J Qfmm5fz55m5fzz' M555 551 9607! Swim 1555551555 CONSIDER the advantages of joining a local business organization with world-wide sales and manufacturing connections. CONSIDER the advantages ot ioining a company which offers the opportunity to learn most any type of work-manufacturing, engineering, mechanical servicing,selling,secretariaI,or clerical. CONSIDER the advantages ot talking with people in a personal clepart- ment which is interested in Euclid and Euclid people . . . the Personnel Department of ADDRESSOC-RAPH-MULTIGRAPH CORPORATION izoo BABBITT ROAD EUCLID, oi-no HUMPHREYS 5-I RISHER 444 East 200111 Street MATT F. INTIHAR REAL ESTATE - INSURANCE NOTARY PUBLIC PRODUCTION MACHINE COW-P1imGHTS 630 East 222nd Street 21491 Naumcmn Avenue WGBH Iv. 2644 Iv. neva aI IOY COMPLIMENTS ar THE AUSTIN COMPANY MANUFACTURING T H O M P 5 O N ENGINEERS - BUILDERS P R O D U C T S E U C L I D O H10 COM PANY East 222nd 5. N.K.P.R.R. S O L O N SHORE DEPT. STORE CCMPUMENTS DRUG STORE 22040 Lake shore Blvd. OF REdwood 5151 LAKE SHORE FLORIST PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS 21051 Euclid Avenue 21860 Lake Shore Blvd. COMPLIIVIENTS OF . S Rogurch Realm Gorse Dellcatessen . 1 I' 18000 Lake Shore Blvd- Wallpaper Ice Cream, Shelf Groceries Ivanhoe 6430 Magazines, Sc1'1ooI Supplies CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Nadine's Beauty Shoppe 20030 Lake Shore Blvd. IVanhoe 3775 COCI-IRAN PAINT STORE 22560 Lake Shore Blvd. THE STANDARD OIL CO. 22311 Lake shore Blvd. 1 1 Habenacken Glptlcafl Qomlparuff 3 CONVENIENT LOCATIONS l2022 Easi' 9+h Sfreef - - MAin 2430 lO537 Carnegie Avenue - RAndolp5'n 5676 l5IOI De+roi+ Avenue - ACademy 2727 BLACK I DU TRIES . . . BLACK DRILL MEC-BAD ci MACHINE CO. COMPANY COMPANY BLACK BORING A GOOD PLACE TO WORK AND A GOOD PLACE TO BUY "C" CHARLEY The Beer and Wine Man For Anything and Everything in "BEVERAGES" Finest Beers, Wines, Ales, Cordials Cocktails, Vermouths, Highballs Ginger Ales, Etc. All to Take Home - Ice Cold We Deliver to 5 P.M. Only 677 East 185th Street coMPLiMENTs or UPSON FOOD STORE Groceries - Vegetables Frozen Foods 485 East 260th Street REdwood 1950 IN EUCLID ITS . . . SMITH'S E. 222nd St. cmd Lake Shore Blvd. FOR GOOD FOOD WELL SERVED IN A WHOLESOME ATMOSPHERE OF WARM FRIENDLINESS I COMPLETE REPAIR SERVICE On All Makes of Cars GOOD LUCK Brake Benning and Adiusting Motor Overhauling cmd RADIQS - RECQRDS to the Motor Tune-up ,48 CLASS Fast Service Work Guaranteed APPLIANCES SERVICED Lake Shore-Hiller Service WHEATCRAFT COMPANY Lake Shore Blvd. and Hiller - KE. 2710 Approved Chevrolet Mechanics Reinhold Iohnson Chuck Szabrak WELCOME TAVERN 937 EAST 222nd STREET KEnmore 9713 COMPLIMENTS OF GIRLS' ATHLETIC CLUB cmd GIRLS' LEADERS' CLUB of EUCLID SHORE COMPLIMENTS OF Photo Supplies KE. 1313 638 East 185th St. HAROLD FURNITURE CO. 708 EAST 185111 STREET GEOMETRIC EAGLE STAMPS BUDGET TERMS CORNWALL THE INDEPENDENT DEI-ICATESSEN 602 East 185th Street CO. KEnmore 2892 Free Delivery 19620 Nottingham Road BEER AND WINE CLEVELAND, OHIO IVcmhoe 2000 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1948! MANLEY BEAUTY SHOP 26592 Lake Shore Blvd. REdwood 1442 NOTTINGHAM DEPARTMENT STORE SHOES AND FURNISHINGS FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY 18607 St. Clair Avenue CLEVELAND 10. OHIO Leonard Mandel, Prop. CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS OF '48 Kay Ieffery, Inc. 22308 Lake Shore Blvd. EUCLID. OHIO REdwood 0565 HYDRAULIC EQUIPMENT CO. 1100 East 222nd Street A GOOD PLACE TO WORK Congratulations to the Class ol 1948 PANDY BARBER SHOP 26592 Lake Shore Blvd. Euclid, Ohio IVanhoe 5620 MARTIN'S E. 185th St. Poultry Market LIVE AND DRESSED POULTRY 685 East 185th Street CLEVELAND 19, OHIO Martin Bickart MODEL FOOD MARKET FULL LINE OF GROCERIES - IVIEATS SIMENS DRY GOODS We Give and Redeem Eagle Stamps EXPERT I-IEMSTITCI-IING COMPLIMENTS OF THE AIR COMPRESSOR BEVERAGES RENTAL COMPANY 445 East zooih Street Ivanhoe 64465 Kgnmore 7447 694 East 200th Street JOHN KNIFIC REALTOR 820 East 185th Street IVanhoe 7540 MOSS POINT REMEMBER . . . CLEANERS WILDWOOD FLORAL I COMPLIMENTS OF CLEANERS o TAILORS FOR CORSAGES TUCKER SHOE STORE EURRIERS We Deliver ivfmhee 32151 sas East 185th Street Free Delivery REdwood 0719 20020 Lake Shore Blvd. CONGRATULATIONS SON CLEANERS 5: DYERS EUCLID FORD COMPANY SENIORS OF '48 MAIN PLANT FO D ALES ND E I WATERWASH 406 East 156th St. - IVanhoe 5252 R S A S RV CE BRANCH STORE Your Neighborhood Ford Dealer 335 East 200th Street Telephone KEnmore 0956 526 East 200th St. - IVanhoe 5221 We Pick Up and Deliver 495 East 185th Street At Lake Shore Blvd. BARKER 6. STAMPF EL HOME APPLIANCE, INC. 22068 Lake Shore Blvd. REdwood 4450 "EVERYTHING ELECTRICAL EOR THE HOME" i i RUSS' SHELL SERVICE COMPLETE AUTO SERVICE O 17600 Lake Shore Road CLEVELAND, OHIO Phone IVanhoe 9506 MARIAN'S 804 East 222nd Street SHOWER SUGGESTIONS BIRTHDAY SUGGESTIONS EULL LINE OE GREETING CARDS LADIES' I-IOSIERY - HANDKERCHIEES CONGRATULATIONS TO THE I cLAss or '48 CENTER Beverage ancl Delicatessen. I 22362 Lake Shore Blvd. Un New Shopping Centerl Iohn Simcic, Prop, REdwood 0706 Euclid 23, Ohio RE SALLY SHOPPE SUITS - COATS - DRESSES Hosiery - Accessories 21910 Lake Shore Blvd. dwood 4005 Euclid, Ohio CONTRIBUTION OE THE ST. CLAIR COAL AND SUPPLY CO. BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OE 1948 Benton Building Co. 790 East 260th Street BEdwood 1133 COMPLIMENTS OE THE Bielfield Tire Co. U. S. TIRES 4500 PROSPECT AVENUE CONGRATULATIONS REctwood 5050 WATKINS FURNITURE CO. 22015 LAKE SHORE BLVD. The Wr ghts Store The Boulevard Florist 696 East 185th Street SERVING EUCLID EOR 22 YEARS LOU'S TAVERN 783 East 222nd Street IVanhoe 7038 Louis Tomrok, Ir., Prop. 22630 Lake Shore Blvd. REdwooc1 0515 WE TELEGRAPH FLOWERS lack Corlee, Propi C. N. Davis Funeral Home 18915 Nottingham Road 43 YEARS SERVICE TO THE COMMUNITY FRED KRAUSS GARAGE COMPLIMENTS OE Keith Weigle Motors, Inc. DeSOTO - PLYMOUTH 20941 Euclid Avenue EUCLID 17. OHIO Phone IVanhoe 4500 ARMS SODA BAR 843 East 222nd Street KEnmore 9750 DELICATESSEN BOVVMANS ICE CREAM Open Till Ten Gouse Accordion School NEW AND USED ACCORDIONS ACCORDIONS ELECTRIEIED ACCESSORIES Sax-Clar Reeds KEnmore 2431 878 East 185th Street Chas. G, Ozcm, Mgr. KE. 4530 MAYOR KENNETH I. SIMS WM. A. ABBOTT WALTER HEHR HARRY J. KNUTH MICHAEL J BOICH CARL WINKLER WM. F. BURNS HAROLD B. CRAWFORD HUGO A LUX RALPH V HILL GLENNA H CLARK PAUL H TORBET COMPLIIVIENTS OF SHORE Y-TEEN FRIENDSHIP CLUB AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS vv W " Vw 0 . . , I , 11. g . I n, ' - ,I , . 1 I ' i I ' Q mil, ,W . ' X ., A b . I ' , , I I ' 1 4 - . A ' , e , I J , - f' x . Q I ' 1 sn , . . 1 Q f 1 "w 1. 0. f. 1 v ., . - in 2 I . I i., .f - agrymfwvyfxxg is Q? QQ 3? W My Ex F5547 W M if ,MQW S Mxibmx fy M W Qygihmw M W ?jffVWW J? Q gf ' MQW A . E R A We . fv ng A ' , K O 0 wig YQ Q3 LQ ii Q21 , fm Q 'bg L if I W ,M 3 be W AX 3 6557, K I MS lj -A ,f ! N MMV ff 5 V QEhM"+ 02r 3, . 9 M0 OW 1 ig? A MX is KQf.iXQ,ggx,X F Q Y ,yd if is ' f af If X gg fx ' 4' 521:90 H559 1 X E any Q My E Wy My J ki I qi E 4 F f' 5 Sk 5 VM Oy Q QJ Q5 f 5 fx L a 4 w "Z,"-26 fa , mam! ,HK PM 'a ' W QA MIM MW W 2 W WV -A225 7'?77f"L WJ-f y XVVM QQAFQSXQ Aff? 3? Sigjfgpf W W M do ima SX 47229953 dx? og 5? My fy Y NK WM W Q , V! Sl lbs MEM Q Y W fav wx 5 4 W YQ w 5 Q Q4 J! EK E WA ma vgmfgiwffs HWWJMW 5'2M wJ:4 E 5 Q K 5 ff Www QW? Q by S WW , 1 W5 M W3 My if 'i7Q?VO0fL, gi WM MMM www W 6 wb-xdrfkf

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