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 - Class of 1942

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Euclid Shore High School - Shore Log Yearbook (Euclid, OH) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Cover

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Q ?-...--,.........M, W .. .. .4 . , ... ..... - ., .. . 1: , N l F -a 1 , I A71 f ! 1 I l. YS ' ' 'i sw if ,I -- X X - ' 'A M ,Z 'bs L 1 11 I' W V ' H 99 -T eff , X My -, ' 004' 9 HEMSMAUQ WMA WM Zwwfewgajjm DCM CZfQU'056Q0' 99 E-66, QM awww 7051: CET' 75, QQ 7-m fm QLAAWMWJXM I 9 'Ep if Mb 5 I WW 0010810199 99 .D"!fi,Zb Q4 EXYT Czfgnlj of JC' SOWUU ff CQ ,Yfweej 99C if if 1 Qjfzfajgiwtaoifflij? Q7 cgv l CL Dua? 565585 ff? yi' 5 21 ?5O1fJ Wf ffifffff 2 c ZQCMW5 'So X - o M3 . Mb Jaafif CLUMC1 ima Q XSCLQJ Ufwae fb O 99 CU? Ovfffa fwws 'K ZUAZZZS C6974 7 D 01f:fyzf9 7 2 My J 02 W 223 fm 0 Lv O C Q5 gg b qqfift QmuCQ2C122iZ C322 50920 634 O Q if ee X M4 gm Qgpaf QQQKQXKQQ 7770 CZ Z Cie Ltgjlvgcg XJX3! 8 Q Ss WYLGLS 0305! Zggfjd Czmfpggoggj QD wif ZMZL6 5505755 79046 330799 My 06' own UZ WW M667 ?Uw5,9QfWG9f7 Salim, Clfncl Q 99 096 OJ ee-765 055939 393.99932 8 3 as 833332338533 4933955 Se? 885 C98-998 983 Q53 Q-f.O4f1fZ3Q:Q-:KQQDQQQ-Qs, o CCZQXRHTEEN SQ H942 1 I "' - x J' in Nl qv ,Z nh, g ,I i'Q!0'77J?p 4 SC Cx if 40L Ewan lx Q JHJCIDPRUQ H-IIIGQH-I fCEUfICDCDIL if HZlUlEILIHD,CDH4l!CD QQCAQQQQS o v ,JSEECESSSECBS 0 5c BBS 0 2,5-3. 43 5 U3 00 ZS W Z-9 fb do 05 0b Us 0b 66 48 60 66 45 Qu 60 CO lb 60 OSB O FOREWORD We, the Annual Staff, chose a theme appropriate for the times and although we have treated it lightly, we are not unmindful of its seriousness. We hope that this book will prove to be a permanent record for you of all your good times, your friends, and your life at school this past year. DEDICATION To America, her unselfish aid in the cause of freedom, her final victory over the enemy, and to the preservation of our dem- ocratic way of life, this book is dedicated. This school year will be one, no doubt, that you will long remember because of America's entry into the war. Because of what has happened, this year at school should have taken an added significance in your mind. You should have enjoyed to the fullest your friendships, activities and your classes. C TABLE OF CONTENTS Title Page ....... Forward ..... Dedication ........................ From Taps 'Till Reveille ..,...... Army Staff Personnel ,,....... Privates ............................ Appropriations Board ....... Shore Breeze ................. Corporals ....................,. Reconnaissance Crew ...... Tramp, Tramp, Tramp ......................... There's Something About a Uniform .......... The "Voices" of the People ,.,,.,,,,,,,,,, ,, Sergeants ................................. junior Play ,,,,,.,,,,.,,,.,,,,,,, Intelligence Department ...... Shore Spirit ................................ The "Arsenal" of Good Time ...... .. "The Boys" ............................. Assemblies ....... Senior Play .,,,,,,,,,.,,,, Combat Maneuvers Football ' ............. Basketball ..... Baseball ...... Wrestling ..... Hockey .,.... Track ........,.,,.....,,.....,.,,., Women's Auxiliary Force .......... Senior Memories ................. "Canteen" Staff .........,.............. ..... . . The Army Behind the Army ......... -,... ....... Page Thr I ' 7-Porn !8F5 RCVGIXXC I fqfream ofjou Shore facfr 11196 ffff ff1eer7Peve1ffe ffhlhff Of 700 and 51?f7 S...-N 71,525 days f5fvenfwf!!vm 700 SVG 01065 0 'o Ghofbff ' 7'-'LOW Zlafas Zeer jpevei-We I E664 AGU? LZJIIIA you f7fm,55 N I I R fff' R if J , g Xlxpxxxm F ARMY STAFF PERSONNEL Chief of Staff Mr. Erwine is the chief of staif of our army, the superintendent of the Euclid Schools. He is at thc head of the live divisions, Euclid Shore, Euclid Central, Upson, and Roosevelt. For the past three years his work in connection with our uarmed forces" has proved lteneiicial. l H i V4 'Pi m f N v i L I RUSSELL H. LRXX INIL S Ill' S ' X If S 'flu' fl f - ' ' w, Q 1 g ilmlhr Draft Board The draft board operates with the idea of "drafting" or introducing ideas which will help the army move ahead. Euclid, a progressive city, finds it necessary to have an upftofdate army. The Board of Education of the Euclid schools serves as the draft hoard. The members are Mr. William Hecker, Mr. Ray Turk, Mr. Clarence Bliss, Mr. Loren Bullard, and Mr. Russell Glass. l l CLARENCE w- BLISS RUSSELL G. GLASS WH-I-IAM F- HECKER AI-IC E RESSI-ER LOREN 1. BULLARD RUSSELL H. ERYVINE FRANK MIL1-5 Page Five ,W I e W' afii f 1 f E WWII f f Nllllx, B. HOWARD PEAKE KE enera JWMMMQ Dr. Leonard E. Loos, our general, devotes his , ,- i -,Wav Af ' tiine to helping Shore and its students. Under his . 4, , i p si ahle leadership, Shore has grown and Shore students have grown with the school until they have acf coinplished tasks worthy of good "soldiers" His f leadership has placed Shore in the spotlight for its fine work in Red Cross, Safety, and other aspects of Civilian Defense. i s N , s ,W . I Xkxhkk. g . X 4 . M X S 1 W' W g lkxxi, S. ff! if hx DR. LEONARD E. LOOS General Staff Corps To consider and prepare plans for the future, is the duty of the General Staff Corps. Miss Albrecht, Dean of Girls, Mr. Peake, Dean of Boys, and lvir. Voorhees, Director Rx of Pupil Personnel comprise' Shores General Staff Corps. Gur Dean of Boys and our Dean of Girls help the students prepare for the time when they will have Hnished their service in the army. "Soldiers" of Shore should feel free to consult the deans at any time. Mr. Voorhees, the Director of Pupil Personnel, checks up on the "soldiers" who are A. W. G. L. He is friendly with the students, hut occasionally is forced to take drastic measures. LEONARD B. VOORHEES ELSA ALBRECHT 4' V Al K' ,L , Fi!-we A l l i QWQ- , M. 3 MERYL BAUMER LUCILLE AING.WORTH PERA CAMPBELL Vw e ,Q LESTER ANGENE ' iss' ELSA SMITH ROY HINCH I' WH' fu, . -3 we We G spAR'i-1010 DI BIASIO HARRY SPANGLER JAMES GEBHART X1-1 E 'iff 1 ROY SHARROCK JOHN BECK Q DALE HARPER Military Intelligence Corps The Military Intelligence Corps .uds the students in expressing themselves well. whether the expression he written or spolif en. The corps otlers four ye.irs of tr.iinf ingg during this time the student is assisted' in every possihle way. - Miss Aingworth, Miss Camphell. Ivfifs Smith, Mr. Angcne, Miss Pierson, Mi'. Baumer, .ind Mr. Hineh .ire included in Shores Intelligence Corps. Together they .irrzinge .i four English progixiin to lie diligently followed. Correct speech .ind writing are the first requirements of .in American citigen or rin soldier, .inxious to serve his country. Wheii this program, planned lwy the English Depirtf ment, is completed, the student is well on his wziy to hccoming 11 perfect "soldier," rind is equipped to enter any Nlviniiieh of the service." Chemical Warfare Service To hcnelit mzinkind in time of peace, .is well ins war, is the purpose and duty of the Chemical Vv'.irf fare Service. Science is not only responsihle for tlic itppezirzince of homlis and explosive g.ises. hut .ilso of waiter which comhiits these things. Mr. DiB1.isic. Mr. Spangler, M1'. Gehhiirt, and lvirrfliiirroclt un -esc- veil science :ind its puzzles to students of Shore who Lire interested in IHill'l-S warfare. The world ot tod.iy would not he so advanced were it not for science. Synthetics, for instance, have found their wiiy into our everyday lives. Volunteers Volunteers keeping up the iiriny's inoixile .ire Mr. Beck and Mr. l'li1i'pei'. By triiining Shore stuf dents to appreciate good music, they .ire helping them to hccome hetter "soldiers" .ind lretter citizens. We should he grateful to them for the services they have rendered .ind the tinc music they h.ix'e lrrouglit to us. Page Sei 'il 'CH IRA STUBBART BEULA XVILSON PAUL RHOADES .lOHN POHTO DOROTHY GILL 2 -we Military Engineers Mathematics has gained a new prominence our modern world. To understands a problem is have it solved. Mathematics has a place in warfa hut its place in peaceful pursuits has reached a n- height. The world of the unknown is exploredna its intricacies revealed hy Mrs. Wilson, Ivlr. Poli Mr. Stuhbart, and Mr. Rhoades. JANE WILIJAMS ANTHONY VACCARIELLO Diplomatic Service World conditions heing what they are, it is i solutely essential that our Diplomatic Service efficient. Miss Williams and Mr. Vaccariello quaint us with the language, life, and customs countries foreign to us. Now, more than ever heir we should better try to understand the peoples strange countries. DR. j, M. NAMEN IRENE E. HORVATH CLARENCE SWACKHAMER Page Eight Medical Corps The wellfheing of any army depends upon the efficiency of its medical corps. .in.1 Shores army is no exception. Dr. Namcn, Miss Horvath, Miss Gill, and Mr. jvsack hammer are Shores upholders of the principles of good health. Defense commences with perfect health, and defense is now uppermost in tht mind of everyone. Shores Medical Corps is striving to improve the wclltlaeiiig or Shores students by encouraging the students to realize the importance .mr physical rltness. Physical activity aids in comhating illnessg it strengthens the hody and stini ulates the mind, ' JUNE PHYPERS I' ll ii i ' .vi . Yi' ,' - 3.5 cw at 5. s is rANNETTE PIERSON QHARLES VAUGHN ALEXANDER FARQUHAR -1 M ' I M .2 LOUISE DARST WALT SCHWEGLER STANLEY L. WHITESIDE 5 Q' 1 N . Q Q ' we it .vi-GMI!! FORD L- CASE PAUL WINTERS Finance Department To "make hoth ends meet" is the aim of the Finance Department, The halancing of hooks, the writing of cheeks and hills and letters, the typing of important documents, are all left to the Finance Department. "Soldiers" who are especially inter' ested in this "laranch of the service" receive the assistance of Miss Fhypers, Miss Darst, and Mr. Farquhar. Signal Corps Contacts with people outside of our own im- mediate city, state, and country are important, and more often than not, valuahle. The Signal Corps makes such contacts possihle. Miss Pierson, Mr. Schwegler, and Mr. Whiteside aid us in compref hending the messages from distant countries. They bring to Shore students the straight, undistorted facts, thus furnishing them with the opportunity to form their own opinions. Ordnance Department The manufacture of ammunition is taken care of by the Qrdnanee Department. Shores ammunition is an ammunition which helps to destroy the evils of war and hring ahout a lasting peace. Mr. Vaughn, Mr. Case, and Mr. Wl1ltCI'S have charge of this department. The Shore Breeze, which hrings to light the true facts, is one form of the ammunition with which Shores usoldiersm are well supplied. Mr. Case shows the hoys how to use wood to the hest advantage hy making useful articles and repairing damaged ones. Mr. Cases ammunition may adef quately he termed conservation. Mr. NVinters in struets in the correct way of driving. Safe drivers provide ammunition against reeklessncss and care! lcssness. Page Nine i i ' ,T aft 4 X i xvilwilif' A 4 if r - - W - s . 5 , E - 4 Q- ,Q W ,,,.-Q. W Qjwy , ". 'Rexx k f W. Q ' fwlfb' by MARY R. CRAMPTON ,iii-so-is QQSQ' W-1fuiiW'f""' PHILENE DOOLITTLE L, ...W xl. ff .Q is 4 tex! BETTY CASTELLI ELIZABETH CHANCE 'iii f'- ,agen 1 i s i f gag-, lllv ' is L. viii' 4-- . , ' i ,.,.: 'V .,, Q71 Q if EDITH LEMON HETTY ROSENBERGEK ,fi','4'? Qi iff! NF ef' '.fvgm,,,f X ,.ff HELEN CHALFANT JQAN SULLIVAN ARTHUR BONES Page Ten Aides to the General T To transmit the generals orders and otherwise assist him are the duties of the Aides to the General. , They deal directly with the "soldiers," imparting to E :hem requested knowledge. Mrs. Crampton, Miss Chance, and Miss Castelli are General Loos' aides. They take care of important papers, answer tele' phone calls, and perform a host of other duties. National Guard An army, like other organizations, has its fine arts, and if the fine arts are to he preserved someone' must he close at hand to do so. Miss Doolittle gives the "soldiers" practice in painting, carving, and other forms of art. Miss Lemon is helping with the clothing prohlem, for soldiers must he neat, while Miss Rosenherger is lending a hand with the cook' ing, hecause every soldier loves to eat. Miss Doo' little, Miss Lemon, and Miss Rosenherger deserve a great deal of credit for keeping the Hne and use' ful arts alive. Department ol Public Relations Sometimes we have a tendency to forget the people who are of service to us: never' theless, we are aware of the services they render. Wlieii we desire "that special hookf or help in our johs, or a piece of furniture moved, or any one of numerous favors, we go to the people who will help us. Mrs. Chalfant, Miss Sullivan, and Mr. Bones make up the Department of Pulalie Relaf tions. Miss Sullivan is of great help to those students desiring johs. She keeps in conf tact with store managers and offers helpful suggestions to the students. ""i""1 'qt-U. 'MQ' Wallace Beerman Alfred Berthold Bob Bezdek Norma Birch NZWCY BIOSS June BOllCf1bHCh6r ly 4 , X fu Abfomovic Ralph Allison Par Anderson Joseph Bazlione Paul Bmlav Bee Bmw '---11 l , 1- .-... 1-1 l l l,.' Q ':vlf1" ,Qw- Xu r., 1 Carl Barlle r ? Charles B2i4tlClx l .aff . ,,-. .., ,. "r 1, - 3. . 4 B -, iQ 1 1 I , M J I f 4' "" vt IR I ' s X V ' , 3 I My ii Nf K lr- , s -I .mn Corinne Bowersox l ' 5 tif ' j at mls 491 'QF' n AN 'wx 5 N ag," L, ' r x x N Anne Braddock -4 'fx ,iq 1 .lim Braddock Bob Braden Russell Brandt Ralph Branovic Peter Bukur Patsy Bundy HFIVVQY Burwell Eva CalabfCSC My-?'N , nfgu fs M V E' ffl? 3 5 'R PRI 'I' Norma Cassidy Frank Celizic Martha Chalfant Frances Christopher Phyllis Clasen Betty Clover MHYY Cohen Par Cvflway Page Eleven 4,fo-n li 1:-l r S .4 K 'Q'- , .1 3, N 5 FrcdCouk Z.. gl QF I l NX. 2 f f -39 , , lrvxng Dlemer H-A-'W 5 ' 4 4 .8 Q . r. .... . -'hive 1 lmncttc Copley .,, ,,f . 11 lr-. Q ..,.-- Blll Dulker , Q . Q L1 19-' f"',...,X it .wr-F . 'Q nw in an 'Q QA 'fa .ov-"" ' 4 - 9"M"" ' ildaw Q-5-X K rajjnr .. f-. 'H' Y f W i 1' ' M- Q.A, ill e deed rr Q e 431994235 Tom Cox l-Ois Crockett Ken Daniels jack D'ArCy john Debenedicitis Elaine Dfluaa -7 -42'-I K. . .- ., x, .4 ,f 9-144314 439' ,,4nP"' 1 T, PV X n Cecil Easter xvllbuf Eggert Carl EW y"'lK...f- i4 ,fy -QW' X - ,fm filing lim.. Ed Fisher Mary Lou Forcstek Mill-y Frabotto Carol Geddes Clarence Gehrke .' 5 , we 'U4 VW, , QW' lcrtrude Gordon -lgnncs Gorka Peggy Han k AIYQIUK nlmsun, asy- lfflgllsh Alan Enkler 1.4 A' .,,n.,w-4-" AY? 'Q' Fred Erthal Anna Mane George Frank GWUECI' Lhaflh Gkmso 'l l f " "" fs! fi "fV 31,VC, iff ,F ll A M.. A n"' .f-5 -fr Q ,,..e -4 A "' X 'ra ff v- f "" 4 - X K I 9 - Q i Aly, ' ' X i A .lj 2,3 l f Q ,f n wr Ruth Haberacker Robert HHNICY VC'-na Harrison Gerhard Hauser Bob Hawley V M 46 A-yew ,-4""" if X Q6- fU'Y- 'Q .VV Aw ,mf ,Mv- N-.nv ' , A n ' A , L'41I1HVlldULlV'f"l ,lqrlc HCI1I'lliNtJI1 Durotlwy Hogan Rcgma Home julm Hmlbalc Dolorce lQCl1i1Y Rmcmdly lkmulr Albam 'lawn dk , ,M V W ,ggi-31. W R x 1. l Hinge Twelve .-n. "' ,QE T "Nw-1 'QFD'- 1' ,X ,, .- 5 I .15 K- I y . .M --.- -1? F ,143 1 A K fx ,Q af' 'Nuff' n.lld lr-n-fn flllll ,lvv-'L RAlNtUl'l jnncx lack julyan Hcfblff K-'lCY Ed K-llman Agnm Karaba Alice Ketcham ganog 42' 'iff' 'QU' vs .r ui? N. i- wif v my 4 'king- Auf' Q -, ,J gcx as fr eb-he f rrlv, . .' ., . , Lw ' ' -0101- rz .0 3 J Ill LL ' . v., X., A- A, il .ois Klotz Marie Kordic Dick Kraince Ed Lamb George Lesh Doris Lewis jack Llttle Normal Longo l l Q l . , gwhllx W l . ' ,g,. S-9 ' j " -Q f , , ' W -an 5 .. 1 - '-r 4 ' .Dis Maldovan Iudith Mayer Agnes Mazick Bob McRae Wylda McVeen Blll Medved Cafl Merchant Mafflafct Mefflllr 7 ' 91-Ef ' r ' 5' fa 'gp 'A' 413 .X , rQ....- W, V Y .. y 1-N A A 'W' hw. K X 6- f nv. as 1 -1. WL' ,tm V, Q. J, K E 49:3 -9 N. X fy , 1 was Z W M frlrxcv Bob Modic : , on X w 2 Meyer Q Clyde Middleton Vi0lH Mihalich George Mitchell Norman Mlacbak Marv Mlakar X ,.., v V x 'l "ee rf Q, A l for an , M79 2 A R Nb l 'l F9 rfzzf' W , ' ,...., 5 If K, X . l 1 ,, x l 1' 6 ""' 1 ' av 3 I Williarn OQBYICTI Rita Qttefg Sally Nelson Dave Newman Marilyn Niebes Iosephme Par ziulc Nrck Percxo A "" 1 , ,., ,. l l . l - 4' 7 ' ' i .y,o Q liao 'F 1 , ff A ff f. I ,N Bernlce Nelson Q - , l Dxck Pergler A M ' "wig : , VC, i, I ,,,,, 'K W . 5 -1 3 .Q """ 9""l'l 4 A 1 r , 1 .. ' M .-A " 1 L- 'LT-. -if 53' 1' 'N 'Q' ,X 'N is ff. pu- M 'G' ' 5 e' P 'Q v - A M 1 , l- if . A , - x F" M f Q V ' ,Wx V 4 X is 1 ,x Q V l 1' ' . A - r 15+ - S , .4 x. as Dave Perry Alberta Peterson George Popovic Blanche Prior Ralston Jones Bob Rceher jack Relyeu ,lcanne Rxclmardg M x if 'L X fi 2 Q 7' V "' -'. l .1 i e 'K vw ,K y I 'nl fi, ,-,E fr. ,..-V f: 1 , 'M'-'N "' A' x'f ... ice A ' , ' - ' - nw ' fx 5 . . M . 'qv v ' J' '5",x Q A X I f - A f - x 4, 5 Ae M Ll- , r- Lggji P' XX A - - - . , ' R. 'S. dr s nhlrley Rxtter jean Rogers Chester Rojeck Dudley Rolla Frances Roope Clnrrstme Roma Df'f0fh1v S-UNUU Page lL,i,h372e2Z1 I-'rv' 4-ug, M W9 qw' ,nigh - T We An me u 1 g. -""i ' I .A , MQ, 'f x -Mem! 'wi r - Ray Schott Eddy Schuler Harry Schutt Beatrice Sfheid K An -"" P ima 1 , Wx In ai , Mr? ,I "4 A Bruce Shcrman Betty 5,11 Beverly Simmonds Albert Skubic F5 MW' ,..-.. 'Ri 91 il Paul Schmidt an -eww "SK" uv' janet Semple Bill Shafer Rae Shaffer 35 qpliiln Dorothy Slokar Eleanor Smaltz Glen Smeltz Tom Stanford 10 . ,Q 2 . ,V V . :J ' - .1 1, -, -' '-"' " I ji, ' ae' V: ,,.. wi X - i VX- EW ,. , , M I I -E 1 -s - f ' " ny ' 5 1 l aw ja" K l 1 W i I H9 . t f 5 , 1 v 71 ga- . ig, 3 9 E -, gr fm my y ... M 1, - yi .Azz . x , ,nr . 5 A , 'SX r QQ, if 21 "'Tf"" r 'fy rr ' 2 ft ly, i Gladyg Stfaka june Stranahan Donald Stibich Glenn Stockhaus Wllllam Stollaf William Strauss Steve Sllllaf Anthony 33 i ,S M: , ' Mlm, l L MA: at AM A - ' '-', 5 . . I 4 'h 4 X gl 3 '41 ' 1, 11" 'W -N - M Y' 2 H A ,E 5. fm, j J K I ! Nm-.Q I l 9, 0 of fe it few ' 5 if qu: 4 9 l , l 21, ' l 2 'lf-W ' . elm. ' 9 L 3 ' Lillian Tegel Douglas Tercck Leona Thompson RRY Tiber Vic Tomsic jean Trivison joe Vihtclic Betty Von Hof Rgggf Vogypka , bn. if-Rt 4 Ian QIBI1 ,....-"4 f' W 5 S Q , vs., - ' ff, Allen Vxfade Carol Vv':'gner Ken Vxfallace Howard Vv'ehcr it ff ,,,-g .r L19-1 1 ,mgqf I Il fr 3-"lr'!"" AMO' Tom 'Wells .llm vVyCYbY9'3l7f in 19 U .- y '- 'il .1 ..u-- w Dick Vhlcox 439 i if :xv I Q. ,ar Bill Vv'il-on Rllfh Wirrs 'sf' 'w-Qin dr' 'P'-,W Charles Wlijan Eugene Vxfondcrly ,l1H1C VW-"'ll1lDHU111 Cliflord Wyzliit Phillip Yan Frances Yuska EVCIYH Zawada Frank Zoeller Bob Zook f , K- 41 V e - . f -wgigag., foil ff ' T f ,L ,ii A-5L'iff ' A Xa'-Z, 1,351 , ,Q.,95,gs K, . ' ' : in - 'fi i f f' . , r , 1-wiser' nf- 5, . , Q , in p,:.,,,,,Z,. A TOP ROW: D. Theuer, F. Nevar, B. Criswell, T. Mazick, Johnson, A. Enkler, C. Enkler. P. Lang, F. Gara, F, Krauss, T. Gole, D. Stanford. F'RQNT RQW: K, Bates, My Hauser, HI Henry, Y. SECOND ROW: H. Mlachak, D, Pergler, B. Barkinen, V. Ritchings, M. L. Haven, Hawks, Town, M. Alexander, B. Miller, Horn, A. Knapke, Murray, bl. Casson, Mr, Spangler. Appropriations Board The 'main duty of the Ad Committee is to sell tickets for all the school activities. Football games, basketball games, musical productions, and plays would be failures without the aid of this committee. First the members scout for the sales by placing posters in store windows and around the school. They advance closer to their objective by selling tickets to anyone and everyone. Cn the day or night of the event, they take tickets, sell candy. and usher, thus capably taking charge of everything. Their only reward for valor is the thanks of the school for doing a necessary job so well.. Mr. Spangler is the moving spirit behind the Ad Coin' mittee. Page Fifteen , 2, FRONT ROXV: Brizwkmdn, Metz, M. Cannon, M THIRD ROXV: C, Coupe. IN4cC4mdlcw, E Barinn, ff. P . .W ,yi A V A , L -N - X ,. ., , .WW . N f - -X , l .,w , FCURTH ROXN: D. Vhckfon, Hom, E. Hqync. McCarthy, E Hfwltczunp,P.IVInlm,H.Nocli,L.Bc1'ndsCn. yvdl-Wlckx Jenkins. M. '1'riw5UnU. E. yg'1,-llgv' D. SECQND RCXY: Simon, Reed, M. Hopson, G Diniutz, C. Blll. A. Kimpkc, B. NVcl1111gton, M. Kazmarck. 4 Vsfolfe, M. P.:rz1.1lc, Barlle. TOP RQXV: Bergoclu, A. Bolon, Mckmdn, R, Mo J, KUCHU.. R. Glmwnx M- L4 Haven' A. D1,Ug1Hk,' Master, P. Darby, Cox, R. Montgomery, R. Kimlzich P. XY1rc. M. johnwii. F, K1'.1L1:Q, Iklr. Vniglm. SHORE BREEZE Volume- XX-Number 22 Shore High School, Euclid, Ohio Friday, April 24, 1942 Sold only by Subscription EE .E E . E - . V Q N E 1 E UE EEWEEfEEEvE Malin, Mchartlly Roto 5611101115 y BREEZE, Ib PUBLlbHED WEEKLY Are Co - Editors Distributed Monthly h- - - - H--A , Page Two Is Umque , lim 1-mlm lu ICLIIICL' thc Large xml' Thu Sclrwliulxu Rolo Wm .ln Ad- ' ' Q TIN- YWIA thc bhmf' BWf'35 INN rival! uf mlm wlork xwiglnmg upon Rillltllllll AIIIRICIIHII lniclw month tw N Tlwc wound gmpgc wi thu Sllorc 1 bccm Pl'1l'llCkI wuckly. To edit the thc -lwlxldl-rx ol gi Nnnglc Vkllllil' lil. Llmc Hvcciv, Tlwlx picture xcftlun. ll.l' 1 BrcL':.c cmimlncd l1lll1lUI'KuLlN Brcgn, mch xwck mmm that thlru, in Yfl'L'.fll'l'l auth the pmnlolixlmlrig nl Liormlly dlxtrllwlltcd. paw: thc -tu' 1 .md NIl'.l,l1gL'sIHI1CXllhlklllgll umquu WIN N-N tmd d A ' IN I Q xwcl-:ly Slwru 151051.42 M.nrpg.m't 'limb .n xplvndid uvmcurtioxi of tlic 1 in ll-cli. Amomg thc .lrtmclci fum 1 lit RUE Frm t UHHL tn MAI. f,'Irf'.u'rTuv .md Plnyllix M.1l11n xwrc WQKQMIILN uf lupli wlwol Ntudcm- W tuxcd zxglllmly wuz'-: "Du Tcl" .md 1 COMP-'Vfd U' thc FCVUWYCCW 'WUC' VI ' ,wiv uwmlitrwr- tfwwzg lout ilu' Umntry. l 'XX Surmn' Pm't1.11I" ' Zinc prcvzou- ycarx Page Sixteen f 'qos -M... gitfkh. ' "" ff-stfv' 1 'Q K4 ' .- I. W-wal-'S 5 , -e - , ,- dl .1 -..t.....4 flof' ' l Yr N 4 '1 af' ,X ,,,, 11 N. . A , Q o, .s 4 o, A IQ. .- - I ' ,Xt t in .1 V X Edward Arko Wanltcr Arunslu Luwrcncc Auckland Betty BilTlilI1CI1 Kathleen Butck Carolyn Blakely WlllllRllIl Blncm xx il ,gg , fo! agp 1 Fin. . Q- . . A4 gp ,X X Ang ' . . 4 ,,,,,,, ,Ms 'wx K - '-ov' ' , ,wfxl "r' l Q' 1 V SQ, AA - 1 -A -aff wi 31,1 fl r""X 1 ll '55 r nh xA. Bob Bosworth U . I i -' W' 4 ' .ax t I M A ws bm, Y tv' a 4. - Anthony Cek rf .N , f X , .,,i ,fy M , u ',Z?gQR5,'f - J- , 'M' Gerard Cywinski Elwyn Brace af gl 1 is l , ,gf A wwf. .. .. rg W! fm-. ft 2 P- Wy. y, frm' l 5,95 Norman Brandt idk 4 . " ' 3 -.Q 1 ' ff' :Q gui. 1"-xfm -mf" am? 44? dv" nymphs 5 1 Florcncc Cerbin Joe Cestarich loc Chidley ,loxephxne Christofhc Dorothy Cnnpcrnmn loc Conway , ,,, 3 in Av- Q l- - 4 WH. "--W' V x, - ,Ili ,rf A4594 rg 3 l , U V ' ZH. :': , ' - V- . A 'r 4 t E Ea tr: f' walks, A f 5 ll Boh Cywinskl Mark Damcls Edna Daughcrty DUDD21 Dayc Kenneth Dgqkm- Edmund Dxcnmcr LS IIUBPIIR -WNQN K . 4,5 l5.u'h.1r.n Blllrlnur +q.5.g,. 13 ' '- W 4 3' , . , A fr , Qi'-Q 'U' w Helen Brcnennn HUC Bfmkmfm B111 Brown Tom Burns Salvatore Cdluhrc-C ri as f.hr1Nt1nc Qxnto il, x I 1 " 4 11'- Ni. , w . Xt Lowlw Dhmzl, age Seventeen Q ,la a-Oi 455- iff' rl! ' ""'-vw 61m-wr--f-5 james Feda Edith Fischer Ed wx 'wha x N Q ,..,..a.- Bill Grossman Martha Hauser Audrey Hem I 1... 1? IQL K H S - r 5 'iff "'v if y 'Y Bill Dorrington Margaret Dressler Richard Ely Kathleen Everett Marjorie Farrell " 'M-A ' . ,I 'f-1'gg,f , A ' , - B JS sb e - A H- r r i if 1 1 W-W 2 v 6 fig V - ff? Iv X X, Q I 'vm tug L ,Q r ' Q01 4 4 - ws ' Z, I , - ' . , f f E tif.: ', - - ' Q , vx v V my A ' Q M 5 N A f v fi V' 5 Q5 1 1 sf f f Q, . DOlOfCS Fmldffln ThC0d0f?1 Ffaflk Bill Frissell Evelyn Funk Helen Greene 2V'f'?' 1 " -- 'i f 'E M 55 ja ' Q j f if ' ,V E?" ' , t i 4? 5 f an " , , W ' 'l f F Wu , ,, li, 1, gg, 4 , . g, r ms , J ,M Q, r ,rg fr' ' W' ' f .. V- WMA , ' 'ii i Q f to M ' -of -'i-:"' - . 1 .. ' M M---M if f "W-' " ' -f ' 4 Mig , I W ,V ,ffjf,f?'X I, '53 , f at , 5 A,xdC1HClm,iCh Tum Hcfflgk Dorothy Hauser Walter Hill B05 HiH16S i ,ima Mmm- !' -WW '--ra. rp . is ,:,,h i 2 , r- ,,,,.-f- " : I 3 'U' """W i l ,. .fix 1' - 4 f x ,WM-A Q il x34-' Puff' " -cur hib- Paul Hommel Bill Hoofe Marjorie Hopson 'WO' x,-WVU' X 'QM Frank Hopton Cynthia Huggins Keith Hulsman Bmw Hugron Christine Intihar Frances Intihar -ful' N' at NY 7' i ' , 5 A - - ' .f-t. ' "NAM, i Q 4 A if r Marilyn johnson Reginald Johnson Walter Kcal Adrian Kecfc john Kerr Arn it L , l ,1 A , :K ta ig.: 3, . ,, rt - Y A - C - . .- ' Kxgy L w I "i . 'l V 'fi - H -- . H ' .4 E I I 1 'I Ray Kollar Rollin Kollie B Uh Kwzan Dick Kuhn ,rv js Bob jenkins Hanna johnson Aff Marge Kirchner Ronald Klein Dick Kleve 2 F it-363 K5-n-r fvx? A Q -VN Dorothy Lakan Tom Langzl Dorothy Lcsscr Lois Lueclers .vi QQ, . f .vf Jolly Matteo Marian McClurg John McDonald Ruth MCMHSUZF 155' A 1- N B -Q 1' M fl fri ma.. 'XL.-.1f 5 X Carol Mead Jeanne Meyers Roy Miller T1iII1MlllCr mf- al" 5 'irothy Mitchell 'Tom Moore Evelyn Morella Sheldon Munnings Gordon Netschke Dorothy Nowicki Shirley Olsen Dlfk Pcflilfls 16' Kite' Dick Phifer Eleqthore Pierce' Wilma Pierce Aileen Polcar Genevieve Potts Ioe ,una pon. 1-nits ,A,. qv? .. 4 f 4 Preskar ang !"h'e ""79l" 3 -Qi'- Ray Proster Vlfginia Prot: 1? Q9- 4 B ,aff ,aff -' Bill Read Beverly Reese Bill Relyea D0f0fhY Rhoadcs Elizabeth R053 Dick Sadler Bafbdfli SHHDCV Den Schauh if ew... l"'iZZ" 'JRR 'Q Orothy Schmitt jean Schmitt Rita SChr0Cd6f Lillian Shimrock .lcannc Shumway Joyce Simon Art Smith Don Smith -VWQ' '36-1' ,. -5,,..- 9-af:.S 4 -M1-P 4 , f--. ir 'lisa' nah fr- Kr, ff - 1' :ffj , ly ' V , . ., .Nm '-F11 4.12.0 'Sw--f 'Iii v . -5 ' Q if APY 1 'A 'Q 5- s xl ...Q Xi if - if A r, if ' n , . . , -, ,LXQ 4' Blanche Spangler Florence Speaker Frank Spino jane Stevko Dorothy Stojbcr Lolsjam Stone John Stmlw JOB gunman Q r , as 0- 4g"'7 l H,,,.-Q E at 'V' K Iii.-if Bette Urankar 'sry' eff " " 36' 9. lv 4 A We J 1 Marlannc Sullrvan jean Sunagcl Brll Switaj john Tarantino Donald Teske Don Theuer Lois Updegraff Q 'L f , ' 'zti-i w , l.,x'9"E'F+'.' -1-rr' l ' 1 M 'Na 'H mt l i 5 f' 'nz ,LA x .,v. -r K. ,tg W J X Lloyd Vandcrvoort Dorothy Vessel Bob Wach jean Wade jack Walsh Henry Xvalters ,jr-13 , :lr K ' il - ls 1 -'S' Y Q, 'ff' ,M,,,-f ,......M, ...- iff Matilda Walters Blll Waters bf' ,f'sr'? X I gg fy.. LJ Dlgk Vvfgbm- Bgiyhilm XX'qllmggOn Barham XVcllw Marilyn Vvlells Dorothy Xhf7CI1Illl1g Rrta Vwfcssel Howard Vvlcybrecht .laik XVlUtC01Nb Bvb Wilcox 'Gif V, r-.V , iff, . l 4,-as nf- 524 Nw L - x , fig 'IU' -A fir- ja: .gn wg -2' AQ , ' 1 Db- r , KN ' rv f.,-r-'J .Dig J I f I I W X km.. to 2 ii "-' f 6, V L M M 'Q .. 1 D, , ,,t,t. ,M 'fir-it 1tfQ gd ' 9? 'inn Lon Vwfrllmelrn Rux-ell Wrlk Adi, Wi,1te1-5 Harry W'iSe Ann Vvfyatt Marg, Young Louise Zcmgmf Mary Ann Zepka Andrew Ziegler ,ll fl ,NJ , . ,.- ll 0 4 VLTL1 V f-"" Q l - - ' D fr-f"'n , Q e e rr S C fwirijbf if , 2 X EE KEU'-I s BOr1cl5 an Stam -""""'! S X Hangs Q P -riff. F f ff f " "' UNCLE LL' fx fll fk ,, Z I EZ-'Zo ,,,- 'hx ,ar-,.,, .ff- fig' 2"- 21, page Tuemx 'ffyec 3 maj!! f Q W JQYY3 I Ing 'VX Q l I f .4 NN pf D l 21 N' : W 0 T I F l I 'll 9 K4 l LIL , Q l 4 - ,XS W I Nl l ' JLI r 'f I ' ' rf' W-Z r x f, X r D D, 1 ' A ' ' 1' 'f f' - ggi ' I , 511 1 'N ' I I f 3 T 9: X -Y R-ee 5' ft' n ff' ef ' x S: I, 'U lr, l , , , -'G-7 ifjiiil it t'tltt f "ff If l V r 1 ffl Zin' f - Q ,it i+gX ,,f"1 f 0 ,nf ,g J , TA ' I V W K l gf I fp . D 7 If on TOP ROW THIRD ROW D. Rayhuck W' Hill A I. Farrell T. Herrick M- Mccarthy R. Gjesse V. Ritchings M. Gibbons F' Nevar E. Chance D. Netschke B. Miller T. Cole Y. Alexander B. Sanner B- Aff T. Stanford B. Wilson S. Calabrese SECOND ROW 1. Baglione S. Nelson B. Barkinen F. Cook -I. Casson D. Lewis N, Cassidy ,l. Carlgren A. Johnson A. Hoffman BOTTOM ROW -I. Adams J. Horn P, Zerotl, VfC6'PT6-9. Miss Aingworth I. Murray, Pres. I. Town, Sec'y T, Mazick, Treas. Reconnaissance Crew Every school and every army needs someone or some organization to provide entertainment for relaxation and to provide rewards for honors ref ceived. The Student Council is such an organization. This group, composed of representatives from every homeroom, has provided us with many free dances and several special ones such as the Foothall Dance and Victory Dance. Their greatest achievement was the purchasing of the electric scorehoard for haskethall games. This was ohtainecl hy their sponf soring a magazine selling campaign. Another of this organizations revolutionary ideas was Stunt Night. The awards that the Student Council purchased were the gold hasehalls, National Honor pins, gold has' kethalls and metals. Pag C cT1.L'671 l,5'fO115 TOP ROXV: E. Simon, E. hdlddleton. B Vvfinters. C Ea-ter, P Hommel. G. English, H. Becrman. kl. Bergem, E. Shulson, B. Paulsen. Semple. l FOURTH ROW: B Abramovic, F. Hopton, Hendrickson, B. Grau, B. Braden, D. Alexander. Il. Craig, B. McRae, G. Srockhaus, B. Howhn, R. Sherrcr, Shumway. Meyer, D. Daye. THIRD ROVJ: D. Heuser, lvl. Elircn' feld, -I. Fischer. R. Pierce. B. Sher' man. Chidlcy. B. Sill, Stranali.iii, A. George, C. Mead, L. Vogelsang, P. Malin. B. Hansen, XV. McVeen. SECOND ROXV: D. O'Branox'1c, A. Chalfant, R. Oliver, F. Rohrcr, L. Giampoli, L. Shebanck. A. Trivisano, N. Brandt, A. Rosa, I. McVcen, B. Seymore, A. Hale, L. Crockett, B. Vvlellington. FRONT ROVV: K. Newton, D. Dykar, C. Middleton, C. Miller, xl, Simon, P. Anderson, P. Buker, B. XVh1te, J. Mayer, Travers, D. Braden, G. Smeltz, A. johnson. T ramp. Tramp, Tramp Our band is marching to fame. Shore has just reason to be proud of its band for this year it has reached its greatest musical heights, claiming a uni- formed membership of sixty talented musicians. Mr. james E. Tccter, leaving to answer the call of his country, gave the directors position to Mr. Dale Harper. The band has given unanimous support to all activities it has participated in. Most outstanding was the spectacular exhibition of patriotism at the annual night football game at Willoughby, the splendid support offered by the band in the Pageant of Defense Bonds, at the concert at the Shore Theatre, and the North Eastern Ohio Basketball Tournament held the 4, 5, 6, 7, 13, and 14 of Mzirch this year. E There's Something About a Uniform While the new brilliant uniforms of white, blue and gold may be first to attract the eye, there's no ettes have progressed rapidly in their single year of training and are well deserving of high merits. Active in the participation of maneuvers of the denying the agile ability of the girls wearing them. band they have done much to add Color and enjoy, Headed by Arlinc johnson Shore s Drum Major ment to this hi hly successful organi ation 1 SHUMWAY J MEYER D Hrausrsa L cRoc1cErT B WELLINGTON 4 Page Twenty two J SEMPLE ' 5 ' , H' ' , ' 'U -- '-v ' v b c B ' i .1 gi A . . . . , 1 i , . i . Ax JOHNSON D o BRANov1C w MCVEEN B ABRAMov1c R sHERRER 1 1 E z. ' ' ii' i a' 1 i l i l TOP ROXV: I. Meyer, E. Winkler, B. Heyne, D. Cobb, R. Kollie, D. Wilcox, L. Luikart, B. Winters, B. Hug J. Little, B. Bluem, B. Sherman, R. Miller, -l. Kirchner: B. Reese. FOURTH ROXV: 1. Knific, R. Kollar, P. Darby, T Malone, R. Knihc, T. Miller, P. Lang, D. Sherman B. Dorington. Telicli, Vickerman, D. Weber, H XVeybrecht, V. Pearson. THIRD ROW: P. McClurg, I. Hawks, R. A. Hill, ac compamst, H. Merrills, jenkins, A. Youngman, P Hayes, I. Metz, L. Adams, R. Gibbons, M. Hopson H. johnson, A. lonassen, M. Ogilvie, A. M. Royer J. Bollenbacker. s SECOND ROXV: E. Middleton. Meyer, M. A. Zepka, B. Kisthardt, G. Merritt, M. Sill, B. Sanner, M. Hcalv E. Heyne, 1. Kuebler, M. L. Haven, ul. Warwick A. Peterson, L. Lueders, Brinkman, TQWI1, R Sherrer. BOTTOM ROW: E. Funk, H. Green, R. Habcracker, M. Kazmarek, D. Rlioades, lvl. johnson, B. Sullivan L. Zentgraf, C. Harrell, F. Roope, L. Berndsen, Rich ards, C. Geddes, C. Bowersox, S. Ritter, P. Bundy D. 1. Luikart, R. Anderson. NOT IN PICTURE: G. Doering, R. Miller, M. Young, B. Curry, 1. Whitcomb, T. Roinona, A. Heinrich. The "Voices" of the People Symbolic of the hope and faith of the people today, the choir of seventyffive blended voices is doing its part in keeping up the morale of our country. Having already participated in affairs of a patriotic nature, the future promises that this sup' port of the choir will continue to be in demand. Most notable were its performances at the concert in the Shore Theatre, the Baccalaureate Service and the Commencement Exercises. The traditional Christmas program at Shore was a grand success. A celestial atmosphere of calm was achieved by the beautifully sung Christmas carols. Mr. john Beck is the able instructor and advisor. To him goes much of the credit for the success of this organization. Page Q Twenty three ,rams-. ,Qfu X ar Awgggr 1 "X -,k Af fi Ir1lmfXd.1l11: . ,N7 . P zegivfirf,-5,2- In w.2"!w1+ ,L aw 1-fb-QW LL'UILlId.l AAQLIIIIN I in V f 5, Q .. ff V, - - i' W 4 I , M in x if . 7. ff , I in if ,fn ,,... ' 4 4 is ft 3 W , Q N 1, 4' I ' 'f'fTff1.1',' V ' J- ' I V , r ' . . 5 -me fi' .r A-we Q' ig, - ' 2 Q .. if M, gg C 1 ,- 1 , W I :ii I . ! I at 1 1? N1.lI'1lX'l1 Blgrw Mary jam' Bulun M r-5' Q W A 0 5 1123 N- i ,L ,U , VV Y-'x xr ' g h ' f P H' ' 1 .LQ A lame B.lCkNIl'1ll1l if L W. ff X S Q 2 Gurdon Burns H! 'H T55 V , .- .., k Audrcy Bcdclwcln H U VY Bccrm rn CNY Bcrgcm han Ralph Calubrcbe Ann Ch ilf lm C lm u Hugh Cobb!! Plum Cirmk B111 Crrxwqll Plnl Darby Lucien Duvrrru .ICVVY DHYC DUVUYIW Durml Mm Douglab' mug. 'iff 'ff ,ww mm, b ' A ' . 'Q 'gb Q ,,. 5 at ' ' "::- 3 f - ff ..,....g-- V .- -ff, -M-M .M yas rf wr 1 M I 4. A ,' ' ' Af A Zlfxfpf 4 J , M f 1, Sh I i r ' f ,, , f fiisifgfif S ' I r . K Y W A, Cumcn Dum Mary Lau D'Vm'.rk Margaret Elwrcntcld QM-1 Enkler Bill EYUSHQCI' Vs rl u. fur ll Q Mwrgarct Fmmxty 'KlbLrtFm.l1C Lgn 11 ntx cr J , ' . I 1 ' T c '-j u r F .1 E'ff7"i'f'.I'i. "i'9"., 'CFQQ-'r1X"lG'l3.T'1"1 "'i'll 1UJ"..?.l7 ,1' :YWWIV I'-IL, lll'l0!lJ" h"Nfi1n,-J'G-'Blnv- AL, 3-F""' fp, , 0- M 'M ZR """" an 7:1 l fi' 5 e ' Q -Y ' 4 Q-11-l'l1 fl 5 A ' i 4,45 ' i i it ' in Fischer Larry Fuerst Francis Gara Ralph George Dan Gibbons lim Gibbons Rita Gihhons Ray Gicfke Im nm rw-,sl9"" W? 12 SN 1054? Betty Gole Paul Grave Russell Haak Carita Harrell MHTY 1-Ouise Haven jane Hawks Pat Hayes Mina Healey - ,173 , 2 4-4 .1 ay ,'v, va . me T ix Eff: I -1 4 1 1-.,,',gfg' V. - , 4,,, fl! , it l ,ggff 2 X . A L. ' R? W L-K Qxjack Hauser Ruth Ann Hill Bill Hoofe Bob Hug Patsy Iacobacci Victor janezic Jeanne jenkins Earnest Jerome V ,Q .Ma-: -----1,5 , , Fx E' ' wif W R fe f be WJ' K ' Q "v, . J lp' ph ,2 Jarren Ievnikar Agatha jonassen . Wm 14- i , i-,A 5- r 'Q A 4 - - I f ,t i ,f ,it K ' ml "- , R ' R , f 'ta 1,15 f HHYYY KUHUS john Knific QIQQX I 1 l I ,ir .1 T f 4""ff ' ,.,. A Q xt? all fl.. me ,pan el"7"5 Aw I - F494 'J' , . Nw' " , ,xx ffwaf r if R f if Ralph jones Margaret Kasmarek Glen Kerney Dorothy Kirk Betty jane Kiftharclt ,lOlln Klein 0--, -ir '16 fe? ,. , 4.5, l FA, . E 2 S f nr ,greet f , lt ti, X. imih Betty KIUPPU jean Kuebler Naomia Lavo Gilbert Lawrinson 'mf' '-and-F' Annie Lcbct f'ax -our Edith Little its ,.,,,.,fsrf 1'-w .1 I pq rx FP" 5 f'N R1 'AF-"i ilorence Longo Dora Jane Luikart Loyal Luikart Eclwina Lynch Ed Malz Marie Masitt Thomas Mazick Frances Mcliinda Page Twentyffive 1 -Sl an are ,fl X I "'M.uv" Fritz Medved Georgia Merritt JOHN Metz Ethel Mae Meyer Eleanor Middleton Harvey Mlachak Mary Lee Moore Chuck Munning fm AQY' fi? ,x Q Ruth Muzzio Neal Nqlgon Dolores G'Branovic Conway Q'Brien Ella Mae Qefgel Margaret Ogilvie Betty lane Paul en Virginia Pearson, mis wr, Dorothy Perme Bob Pierce George POlSd0rf W9 if Florence Rolirer Howard Roth Ruth Schricbcr Don Sherman Lois Slife i rr ufzi "A,' QQ ii '95 t wmllg' Diana Popovic Edward Rauelifleiseh Don Raybuek Ed Repa ky VIVEIUH Rlf hm l 9 AQ, lyjrfifh- 1:2 p 1!:f .,1: 'R'-4? , iii .A I k. X Audrey Smeltz rllr l 'F -9 1 Q- , Q -, 'Q 1 if 19 .4':9n rf 'F G my x ' J iil'1?4'rl N-f I bw' 'M 5 ,U Dave Stanford Frank Stepie Owen Straka Dick Strain Bonnie Sullivan Stella Sweeli janet TOWN "lm Tkllkh Tony Vrli la, La F' 4 i' 7 ' i X .X f H 1 Xx r. Z 1 " -4. 5 'Q l l fain '7'1.-gif 'Fi' 7 fr Ili vi-.' Md.-l"'I'lIlll Bill Vv'eir Bob Wilgi,X jane Wilde Emilie Vv'inkler Pete Vv'i5e Luke Vv'iskes Bob 3 oiingjwlood Liieille Zgolh .ff 4 'fa 4 H53 ' 1 1 TOP ROW: P. Greve, T. Mazick. MIDDLE ROW: Smith, R. Hug, T. Sullivan, R, BOTTOM ROW: A. Douglas, P. Hayes, M. Baumer Youngblood, D. Raybuck. M. Moore, B. Wellington. "THROUGH THE NIGHT" By Florence Ryerson and Colin Clements C A S T Sayre Holbrook .......,.........................,......,... Pat Hayes Bunny .................. ..,................ D on Raybuek Kay Stanton ............ .....,.. B arbara Wellington Gregory Stanton ......... ........... ........ P a ul Greve Mrs. Alicia Keefe ...... ....... M ary Lee Moore Dwight Holbrook ....... ............... J im Smith Calvin Driscoll ......., .........., T om Mazick Smith ................... ......... T ony Sullivan Bart jessop ........ ................ B ob Hug Roberts ................ ............. B ob Youngblood Manager .....,. ........ A nn Douglass Director ............. ..........., M r. Baumer "Through the Night" is a mysteryfeomedy with a plot that exposes the stability of a family when murder strikes. While entertaining in his summer home, prior to the coming marriage of his niece, the master of the house is killed by his business man' ager. The murderer cleverly disguises his crime and shifts suspicion upon the Owl, a prowler in the summerfcolony vicinity. After the Owl begins to, help the poor and establishes his innocence, the murderer turns the ray of guilt to a strange and charming but absentfminded guest, Bunny. The awkward assistf ance of the village police results in the escape of the murderer while the stranger is more directly inf volved. Sayre, the brideftofbe, and the maid of honor by triggerffast work halt the murderer. Page Twentyfsevei . 4 I l l ll I ll l Y? Page 'l'wentyfez'gl1t TOP ROW: Mr. Baumer, E. Rauch' fleisch, 1. Kelly, A. Sullivan, Mr Angene. BOTTOM ROW: R. A. Hill, M. Sulli van, M. L. Moore, J. Murray, I Casson. TOP ROW: A. Cole, R. Giesse, E. Holtcamp, E. Rauchfleish, T. Sadler. MIDDLE ROW- E. Heyne, E. Chance, P. Nevar, Murray, H. Noch, Mr. Whiteside. BOTTOM ROW: P. Zerofl, I. Hawks, j. Horn, I. Casson, F. Cook. TOP ROW: M. McCarthy, G. Drautz. L. Mead, L. Berndsen, C. Bill, E. Heyne. MIDDLE ROW: Mr. Angene, H. Noch, A. Knapke, E. Koracin, P. Zerollx, Mr. Vaughn. BOTTOM ROW: J, Warwick. M. Cannon, P. Malin, E. Holtcamp, L. Zdara, D. DiSanto. l v INTELLIGENCE DEPARTMENT The National Forensic League Besides an active Hghting army, every country needs a small separate army to incite civilians to aid their country. This problem was very ably handled by the Shore chapter of the National Forensic League. The subject of their debates was "Resolved: That as a Permanent Policy Every Able Bodied Male Citizen Should Be Required to Have One Year of FullfTime Military Training Before Attaining the Present Draft Age." The members of this society have obtained their goal by debates, oratory, declamations, and extemporaneous speeches. Each member becomes eligible for the Forensic League if he is in the upper twofthirds of his class and has earned twenty points by speaking in any of the abovefmentioned activities. His final reward is the receipt of a silver key for a job well done. The National Honor Society Step forth for your award for valor! These are the words that each member of the National Honor Society mentally hears as he is initiated into this society. Each initiate has waited long for this occasion, he has worked hard to obtain his reward. Each member must have a ine character and a fine disposition, willing to undertake and to plan anything. He must be a good student, have good leadership, and lastly, willing' ness to give service-to his friends and to his school. Each and every member must have these qualities, and belonging to this society is recognition of one's work. The National Quill and Scroll Every army needs correspondents who can write important news correctly and conf cisely. The members of the Quill and Scroll are the best of these. They have been recognized internationally for their ability and effort as journalists. But not every journalist can qualify for this society. First, each member must be in the upper third of his class, for intelligent and clear writing is important. Second, he must be a member of the business or editorial staff of the school paper or Annual, since voluntary and productive work is needed for becoming a better journalist. Third, he must be recom' mended by faculty advisors for outstanding work. Fourth, a sample of his best work must be sent to the Natidnal Offices where, upon approval, he is accepted as a member. Thus, his reward comes after long and diligent perseverance toward a useful goal. HAT! ONAL HONOR SOCFEVY CID? 1655 41 BX 6 .ss 5 ff METER NL A:-r I0 rv A 1. Gantt. a.""' 'F 'il is 'ff' 7- -J Q 5 cfaossf Page Twe my-nine i- is gg, SHORE "OLD SHORE HIGH HAS EVERYTHING" HNEED HELP, BOYS? "NEWS DISCUSSED IN THE CLASSROOM" ,M HFAITHFUL DOM' USTUNT NIGHT" "PEP TALK" BEAT ME, DADDY!! Tv? THE COACHING THAT COUNTS" "THE PORTALS TO WISDOM" 'FIGHT THAT TEAM'- . 1 li Emi' "OUR ALMA MATERN "HES ALWA'Y'S THERE" --v1c,T OR-'Y" T "TWIRL THOSE BATONS, GIRLS' 25 T'W ks A 1 ' 4' .. s. it " ' IN RAIN ON WINGS OF sONG" OR SHINE" THEY HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR, TOO" '-COME ON, TELL!" .THEY WT FOR BRITAIN A aw Sid STEPPING HIGH, WIDE AND HANDSOME' ll. -Q - 'f' .. 6-5. 5 N -uv 'J' I A, 4 . -E.. L , ., - - V . ...,,,,a- .1 'Aww' 4.6105 . , J NRI' -4"'f X i ,xhg fe, ,lg me .. Q' 1 My 'II ff Q Ilu M, w THE "I-XRSENI-XL" OF GOCD TIME In an inspiring and traditional ceremony, the girls of the Friendship Club again this fall dedicated them' selves to the ideals and principles for which the club stands. Ivlaintaining that every girl has a mental, physical, and spiritual side, the club attempts to help its members grow in these three ways. In many club meetings they have had talks, disf cussions, and demonstrations on how to improve their looks, figures, and personalities. Discussing such problems as dates, boy friends, and etiquette, this organization is bent on turning out poised, comf petent, well groomed young women with likeable personalities. Every year the Friendship girls and the HifY boys have enjoyed a joint Christmas formal and this year was no exception. To the lilting strains of popular songs, gay couples danced amid bright dec' orations and twinkling Christmas trees which made the gymnasium almost unrecognizable, In the early spring, the girls had their own formal, also a sucf cessful event. Patriotism is by far no small part of their thoughts for in almost every class one can hear the Hclacketyf clack" of knitting needles as some earnest member painstakingly 'Lknits for Britain." At Christmas and Thanksgiving, baskets were made up and given to needy families in Euclid. Another custom of a charitable kind that they performed, was the dress' ing of dolls which were given to the Rosemary Home for Crippled Children. The girls are not only giving support to their country, but are also rooting for their school. They paid for one of the new cheerfleader's uniforms and they always buy space in the Annual every year. Early this fall, the girls had a ripfroaring time at their Hallowelen party. There were all sorts of cos' tumes and a prize was given for the most original one. There was fun and laughter, dancing, and, of course, cider and doughnuts. A novel and successful idea was their box social. With appropriate decorations and to the chant of the auctioneer, Mr. Baumer, gaily decorated lunches were raffled off to the highest bidder. There was dancing until eleven and when the couples left, there was the feeling that another Friendship affair had been successfully completed. Among those events anticipated in the calender was the Mother and Daughter banquet, which is almost part of the tradition of the Club. Also a kids' party and, of course, the Seniors, farewell. No mention of the Friendship Club is ever com' plete without a word about Miss Campbell. She has been the sponsor of the club since it was first introduced to Shore. Her expert guidance, her inter' est in each girl as an individual, and her love of fun, have given backfbone to the club and provided a spirit which is felt by each girl. Every Friendship Club girl feels a sadness in leaving the club, but she also feels that the friend' ships made there, and the good times enjoyed, have made her high school days a little richer and fuller. Page Tlnvtx thi t 0,45 .fi J F I X an ,-N 1 11,5 u M If f' f, C3 'T "THE BOYS" During the past year, helping the U. S. Gov' emment in National Defense was another purpose added to the outstanding acclaim already gained by the Euclid Shore chapter of the Y. M. C. A. Having found that we had the largest member' ship in the history of the school, Walter Schwegler, the adviser, agreed on allowing the ninetyfseven boys to divide into three separate chapters in a man' ner which was agreed on by the majority. Four different plans for division were proposed by our boys who with Mr. Schwegler, inquired of authorities concerning their ideas on the different systems. After a great deal of consideration and def bate the fellows finally decided on the plan that was used. The HifY helps to develop the ordinary American boy. into becoming a good citizen of this nation. This idea was brought out in a few programs, one of which was a talk by Mr. Whiteside on "Parliaf mentary Procedure" in which the boys were deeply interested because the regular meetings of the club must be run in an official manner. Mr. Pohto gave a very interesting talk on "Civilf ian Defense." This talk was extremely timely bef cause we are all connected in some way. Either we have assigned duties or we are members of the civilian group and must know what Civilian Def fense is- all about. Reverend Mayer brought out the Christmas spirit when he told all the boys about "The History of Christmas." Getting into the lighter and gayer side of the club's activities, the boys enjoyed an exciting bowling tournament which was won by Dick Krielach's team and the winners were presented with medals in recognition of their evident superiority. Later in February the boys devoted a meeting to an exciting four hours of basketball. The boys were divided into teams and'played off in a series of eliminations until finally Walter Maroney's team ended an exciting evening victorious by a 32 to 16 win over Don Sherman's team. The members picked four boys to attend HifY Conferences at Springfield and Camp Nelson Dodd because all the boys could not possibly attend. The report of the four boys, Jack Heuser, john Cox, john Telich and Walt Maroney, was def layed by a series of unavoidable incidents, but was finally given much to the gratitude of the rest of the boys. The formal HifY initiation for the midfyear entries was held on Tuesday, Mar. 10, in which thirty new, members were admitted. After the initiation of the new members a plan for division of the HifY into chapters was accepted and the group was divided three ways by drawing names out of a hat. The resulting clubs, namely, Alpha Upsilon, Beta Upsilon and Gama Upsilon had as their pres- idents Ed Holtcamp, jack Heuser and Frank Berf goch respectively. The other officers of the Alpha Upsilon were Ray Ciesse, vicefpresident, Dick Netschke, treasurer, and John Cox, secretary. Those of Beta Upsilon were Paul Herrmann, vicefpresident, Thomas Mazick, treasurer, and John Telich, secretary. The other officers of Gama Upsilon were Warren jevnikar, vicefpresident, Albert Fischer, treasurer, and john Adams, secretary. When new uniforms were presented to the cheer leaders by school supporters, it was found that only three had been purchased, so quickly following up the Student Council's offer of another, Walter Maroney, on behalf of the HifY, presented another and so the five cheer leaders presented a very fine ap' pearance at the following games. Ending a very Hne year the annual HifY picnic was held much to the enjoyment of all concerned, and so the HifY of 194142 leaves a fine record of activities and looks forward to another fine year. Page Tliii tx ju 6 ??"'9"' ': ' an .TXKFFT -LT :JN Y' 9353! 'l ffm! .i,. W.. This year, our assemhly programs have shown a marked improvement. They not only have heen edueational, hut interesting as well. To further our interest and appreeiation of musie, a great many of our programs have heen inusieal. Our first assemhly was to show off the hand and the majorettes with their new uniforms. Later, in the spring, we were given a hand eoneert under the new direetorship of Mr. Dale Harper. To deepen our appreeiation of symphony musie, there was a return engagement of the W.ll.A. orehestra. Something novel in the way of musieal entertainment was the program presented hy the Bell Ringers and Singers. They performed many songs on the musieal lwgllg and a quartet rendered madrigal songs. Our ehorus has also done a great deal of work and has given i l Assembhes us several eoneerts, ineluding an inspiring Christmas program. Knowing that the mysterious and unexplainalwle is always fascinating, we were presented with two programs dealing with magie. Mr. Stuart Cramer, well known magieian, haffled us with mindfreading and other trieks, sueh as suspending a student in midair, making water and flowers appear out of seemingly empty jars, and doing ineredihle trieks with large rings. This ma' gieian, and another one who entertained us, left us all with a profound respeet for the art of magie. In order that we may hetter learn how to express ourselves in puhlie, we learned some of the trieks when a dehating team from Westerii Reserve met a team from the University of Pittshurgh. ,..f 111-nn-mn Our own dehating team here at Shore gave a demonstration of what they could do in one asf semhly program. An American Legion Uratorical contest was also featured with four of our students competing. Nature is a fascinating suhject hut few of us know very much ahout it. Qur interest was awalif ened and our knowledge enhanced hy two programs dealing with nature. One was presented hy the Vxfashington Zoological Society, in which niany actual live animals were hrought on the stage and their hahits and histories explained. Another nat' uralist showed us pictures and told us of life in the forests of the north. These colored movies left us all resolving that someday we'd take such a trip for ourselves, as Each of us should have a deeper appreciation hy now of the men who made this country, especially after hearing two speeches on Ahraham Lincoln. One was given hy our superintendent, Mr. Erwinc, and the other hy a prominent man who made a hohhy of collecting facts ahout Lincoln. If we didn't know how to play Chinese games hefore, we do now. We learned much ahout the Chinese peopleg their customs, language and dress in an assemhly program given hy an American who was horn in China. Knowing that keeping up morale, is an important phase of army life, the "draftees" of Camp Euclid Shore were provided with many moralefhuilding as semhly programs,ecommonly called "pep rallies' In these programs, "our hoysu were cheered on to 'victory and greater laurcls for their alma mater. Q C7 TOP ROW: H. Falkenstein, K. Rood, MIDDLE ROW: L. Angene, E. Simon, BOTTOM ROW: I Murray I Casson H, Hildebrand, 1. Kelly, P. Lang. P. Zeroff, H. Nelson. E. Adams, I.. Berndsen NOT PICTURED A Knapke 3 ii 1 4 l l i Page Thmyfeiglzt if J U N E M A D 'e By Florence Ryerson and Colin Clements C A S T Penny Wood .................,...,....,................. Jane Casson Chuck Harris ,....... ............ .I im Kelly Mrs. Wood ........ .......... J ane Murray Elmer Tuttle ...... ........... K enneth Rood Dr. Wood ....... ...... H enry Falkenstein Effie .................,....... .......... E laine Adams Milly Lou ...........,........ .......... A gnes Knapke G. lviervyn Roberts ........ .,......... H oward Nelson Roger Van Vleck ......,. ....,.. H oward Hildebrand Mr. Harris ...................... .................... P aul Lang Shirley Wentworth ........ ........... L ois Berndsen Ralph Wentworth ...................,.........,..,..... Earl Simon julie Harris .......,.................................... Pauline Zeroff PRODUCTION STAFF Director ....................................,.,,.......... Mr. Angene Business Manager .....,, ............ J oyce Horn Direction Assistance ....... ......... E ileen Heyne Promptress ........,,......... ........... P at McClurg Properties ......... ..,........ C ertrude Drautz Art .......,..,......... ................... A udrey Youngman Lighting ...................................................... Don Cobb Stage Managers ........ lliaul Herrman, Leonard Zdara Promotion ...,......,,...........,.......,,..,............ Helen Noch The problems of lightfhearted youth form as the basis of the plot for "june Mad." Penny Wood along with Chuck Harris, the neighboring boy, are inf volved in many difficult but amusing situations. Penny's Uncle Mervyn, a college student only five years her senior, brings a sophisticated college friend, Roger Van Vleck, home from the campus with him. While trying to bring herself up to the sophisticated standards of this irrestible young man, she discovers Roger is deceiving Mervyn by trying to gain the affections of his girl. This realization brings her back to normal and back to the attention of Chuck. Supervised by: Walt Schwegler lohn Pohto Sparky DiBiasio COMBAT MANEUVERS Anthony Vcrccariello Clarence Swackhammer Dorothy Gill '14 ANDY REPASKY-"Light but full of fight," suits Andy. A good center, a gentleman, and a good sport who could get rough with the best of them. His smile and ability will leave a big hole in the Shore squad which will have to be filled next seaf son. How well someone can take Andy's place will go a long way toward deciding the success of the 1942 season. DARRELL WICKSON!Shore's allfconference end -As Bedford said, "Where did he come from- we couldn't keep him out." What Darrell lacked in weight he made up in courage and iight. His performance should be a record for other small Shore boys to shoot at. ART BCLON-Shores captain and leader for 1940 lived up to his job 100 per cent. Respected by all teams as a leader, as well as a good guard, Art was highly recommended for the allfconference team. Had he been with a winner he undoubtedly would have been chosen on the first team, as it was he who was picked as the third best guard in the conference. His line attitude and leadership will certainly be missed. JOHN COX-A fine tackler in the open field who wins his second football letter as an end. His all around athletic ability will be missed. 7 Against Mayfields champs Shore showed plenty of power but was beaten as a late eoring threat was stopped on Mayfields own two yard line. x.G9'4' l x, . i-11,4 iffm W5 wifi, fx Q f M - L i l 1 l l v ALBERT FiSCHEReA sophomore letter winner as a guard and an even better player as a junior. LA yi Great things are expected of him next year as .1 H J player and leader and he certainly should be 8 timber for the 1942 allfconference team. e DOMINIC DISANTO-A real leader as well as a vicious tackler will be lost to Shore by his ' ' graduation. Many league opponents chose him on the allfeonference team but because of Sliorels 31' M , Z standing in the league he was placed on the sec' fr , .' ond team. His courage, iight, and fine attitude .0 -.if-'. m - ' were a real asset to Shore. BILL WEIRNA good end who will be hard to re- mn place especially as a pass receiver. Bill loved conf i V, tact and that is football. HENRY WALTERS-"Hard to get started-but if started-harder to stop." Central will testify to this, we are sure. If Henry can start in Septemf ber 1942 and go until November, Shore will be heard from next year. . f ,ar if'7'2.fY'Nfe2fiz' Shore 6 Central 0 Before the largest crowd of the year Shore gained revenge for the last years setback by riding over Central's Lions 6 to O at Willoughby stadium. Page l"ortvmie ILL GROSSMAN-"Another Gromnanm' means something to former Shoreites Tofill the shoes leftbyBobandJackGrossnanisabigjoband Billdoesjuathat.Bi1lhasafinefootballcareer ahead and next yearasajuniorhe shouldbeone of the outstanding line men of the conference. ED MALZ-A very serious conscientious guard who lacked experience but had a wonderful at' titude and spirit First out to practice and last to leave indicated his interest in football- It's too had Ed didn't find his niche in football before his senior year. His experience should be an example to.other boys of Shore who early in school life have no interest. FRANK BERGOCH-He astounded Parma with hisabilityasapassegbutashoulderinjury kept his ability throttled all year. Frank is a fine runner and gave many a team a bad afternoonas was specially shown at Bedford, where he rivaled the best backs of the league. Frank's senior year should find him a shining light on a championship team. HOWARD NELSON-Constantly plagued by in- juries and lack of weight, Howards ability as a hard player kept him in the lineup. His specialty was tackling and running to the weak side, and these made him wellfrespected by all opponents. 6 Outgaimng and outplaymg the Brush eleven Shore was victorious with a score of , I J' S, , Y' ,., ' ANAL -A. . ' I .x K I x ' .f '44 , ir J 'WV " .qr ... S101-e 6 Bedford NEAL NELSON-The most versatile member of the Shore team- Neal was picked by most every coach for the allconference team, but because he was a junior they placed him on the second team, which incidently IS made up mostly of seniors. Next year Neal should take his place among EGCC greats, as well as such former Shore playf ers as Curto, Palko, Bezdek, Crockett, Montaxia, etc-, all of whom were not only looked to in leage competition but by Greater Cleveland as well. RAY GIESSE-Never having been out for football before and being very light kept Ray in the background in the early season gama- However, hesoonblossomedintoagoodrunnerandasure tackler, a combination hard to beat. With this year of experience and his desire to succeed, he lookslikeasurebetforagoodbacknextyearina good backfield on a good team. DICK KREILACH-For two years one of the Leagues snallest but scrappiest players- This year he took over the hard job of manfinfmotion in great style, and produced several fine examples of ball The Cenual game showed his worth to the squad as he consistently pepped up the Shore team. FRED MEDVED-Shores quarterback who did a goodjobofplaycallinglnthelastgameofthe seasonhefoundhimsellasarunnerandifthis continues into next season he'll really be heard from- His prospects for developing into a great backnextyeararegoodandthere'snolimitto theheiehtshemayreach. 13 Againa a highly touted Bedford eleven the Admirals had many scoring threats butfailedtocapntalieearidliedfordwasonthelongeridofal3to7score we Page Fcrrtx three A 'n 4. 4 4 3 ' as fix Q. J, f . "Fm in s ' Zfwfir 1 r V .,,. "l IN A .. I n 3 . I A ,, i , 9 Q f ,, . f t .. ff ,, af 3 LX .- U I ,. .A as A if ? , . J' ef' , V A ' n ew ov ' -i 4. V 4 425. z fl 'Q' mv- ' in 5 I we iff! i 2 5 1 Z 1 l f ' 4, Z, g-F, .Q 4 , 4 - V x I , Q' ' if ' ,t v"",. , Q 4 X . . , , c, , 55-'fr' . ' N 4. , 4 f' ' . ML ' - , , s 3 1 -' , up W 5 , , , 44 .Y . 0 w V V, f iv , X 29 ,', .Y , ' ' X A ways., X :ffm ' ' 'c 'f ' Q A ' A I t thus" H4 4, 4. A W? we , 9- .ae . nfmm ., . V V g W. I ' 'Q Lf 4 H , l - 'Y ' r ' f,Wf.y.-Mm u.. r , ,-M , ,Q , ai, 1,2 f Vw., , ' . ff' ,f Q I y. f . ' ff' 'L' , f , , X V - ..,..4 Q ,,. . X . .9 ' 'wi- JI' I ijqgl 7' A'-..,"'?' ,au A O I v1 3 Shore 0 Orange 0 On a rain soaked gridiron Shore and Orange slashed and slid thru a scoreless and soggy game. Shore 7 Garfield 20 Against last year's champs Shore was overpowered and at the end of the game were on the wrong end of the 20 to 7 count. Shore 13 Maple Hts. 21 Showing their hest offensive form of the season, Shore tallied twice in the opening quarter, only to have their opponents come back in the second half to score three touch O- O E D CD ,J I3 G. rw fl? as "Fu f' ff 'C PY O 2 I3 F9 3' X rv gime 'I 'XXX ug H Q L. . K cz waz- . .6 ,Q fi l 4 .Mx i 6 . 1 .uf 1 f ' ,.v .h . s ' ' t- 1 L. - Q ll ,. 7- . s-Yhi' I 5 Q Q :,l 2 I , ' gef 1 ll A 41:1 i -' , 2, , .. . , -? Q V , . - , , 7 . 5. 1-Ji. ' 'l , ' '5 1 .'. .1 ,-' A . gp Q i .F , . U , '11 AL 4 . f i - A 1 ,Q -l'a,. I , 5 ' . a' ' 1. D ' A 3' g f H , . I . I rm I if s J , f ,- v rf 'X N s X . XXX xf , n ag, X GN XX X sf-x.,.,,,jg. QC ef. . .131 2 75 MR. SCHWEGLER :Xn athlete who can inal-te two .'XllUhio teains surely niust lie a good one. That is the honor he stowed n pon XX'alt Sclixyegler, Shores head toothall coach for the last six years. Coach Scliweglei' was an :XllUhio end in footliall and All Ohio center in lxislsetlxill while attending Baldwin NYallace Col lCSv.'. While at Baldwin Wallace he won twelve varsity letters. He is the only person who has ever won so many letters at Baldwin Wallace. After graduation he h e g a n his coaching duties at Shadyside High School where he coached for seven years. In the last six years he has won four championships. Frank Mori' tana, Lenny Palko, Ray Bezdeck, Joe Curto, Ed Heglavv, Bahe Lipof vec and others are a few of his products. Coach Schwegler brought the famous "T" formation to Shore in the last year. 'W EDMUND RIDER lj ac h year 5hoi'e's liootliall squad is lilessed with a line :nan agent, lint this years lfdninnd Rider, liar snipassed llls prede eessors in his willingness, inter' est, and pnnctiiality. His part in the 1941 foothall season was not only an important one, hut one that will he long remembered, just as he will long rememher the return from Willoughby on that famous Thursday night. 4 ffl' 4 .em 4 Q L , , Mx T.: I six s. ' Q MVA WWW ' frm HSPARKYN DIBIASIO As often said, "Best things come in small packages." This fall Shore received a sinall package in the per' son of "Sparky" l7illi.isio, new as sistant foothall, haskethall,.nid hase' hall coach. An outstanding athlete during his high school and college days "Sparky" has proved very valuahle in his chores of coaching the three sports. An all around athlete at West High School, Coach D1Biasio attained further laurcls at Claerlin College, where he starred in foot' hall, haskcthall and hasehall. His reserve haskethall team enjoyed a very good season due to his line coaching talent. Page Fortx Page Form su: 4. ln -'- 'R' . M A - ' L A 3 gf TOP ROW7: B, Frissell, B- Criswell, D. Disanto, H. XVise, T. Herrick, E- Rider- FOURTH ROW: G. I. Telich, D- Gibbons., T. Sullivan, A. Ziegler, F. Gala, R- W'ilk, G- Netschke, hir- Schwegler- THIRD ROW: Mr- DiBiasio,, B. W'ach, I- Klein, B- A Crosman, N. Nelson. R. Giesse, E. Mal.:, A. Repasky, D- Kleve. SECOND ROXV: I- Adams, H- Wfalters, T- Miller, F. Spino, Heuser, W- jevnikar, B- W'eir, G. Burme- BOTTOM ROW: F. Bergodh., F- Medved, I- Cox, A. Fischer, A. Bolon, H. Nelson, D- Wickson, D. Kreilach- TOP ROWV: I- I- Wleybrecbt, E- Wonduly, P. Yan, Mr- Pohto. THIRD ROW: D. Kmince, Vibtelic, C- W'yant, I- Lebet, C- Barile, Percio- ,gu- 9 SECOND ROW': B- Medved, C- Roieck, D- Rolla, R. Brandt, R. Iones, 1. lulyan, P- BOTTUM ROW': K. Daniek, F- Celezic, C. lever., P- Barclay, F. Cook, F. Kanba. f . -A..- i -In Mfr- 1 Ye ,Z-.6-,U Q V lil' 'L Q -Qi was gf 106 'V-',:f' ' 1, b ' .5 -3- -ur lqg ax' .:7 -7, 5 ' I QX4 - j"'-' "v ' 'f:u.i1? -I 2 ' 3 '12-21m53,9f:3w 'T K 1 c QQ!-w vga 4 Jill' X-Q' ,N f -f W if , ,P do I, I 1 ' . , 1 O., I - '-'eat-rf' 'lfifnwv I , ,t 0 4 s K - 1 5 K 'Q .s K s J EW 11331 , I 'M' . w ' FRANK BERGOCH-Bing was shifted to forward in an effort to strengthen the scoring punch of the Admirals. Bing proved dead' ly on one-hand shots and was a fine team player. He scored 'li points in two quarters in the Orange game to set a modern record for Shore. Shore 46 ! Shore 45 I i Shore 25 if Shore 45 . TOM MILLER 4- Tom is the i sophomores' contribution to Shores basketball features for the year. Tom improved fast and A immediately stepped in t o t h e tough spot of center when vacat ed at mid-year. Willoughby Kirtland Fairport Wfickliffe WALTER MARONEY - Walt was a regular from last year. He proved to he Shores speed merchantg shot equally well with either handg he was always pos- sessed with a fine competitive spirit. 26 Shore 33 29 Shore 45 39 Shore 25 23 Shore 84 ED CICENAS-"Big Ed" was certainly a steadying influence to a rather eratic Shore team in the early season games. Back-board play at either end of the floor was his role and he enjoyed it. Ed graduated at midfyear after scoring 19 points against Orange in his last game. ! NEAL NELSQN-Neal took over the arduous duties of running guard which is the most difficult in the style of play in vogue at Shore. Aside from heing a great allfaround floor man on both off fense, Nelson was Shores most effective twofhanded shot. Youngstown Campbell 29 Bedford 18 Canton Lehman 46 Orange 24 PAUL HERRMANN-Paul was a great team man and fine in ref covering defensive relaounds. He scored his points when they meant most. His long shot in the Mayfield game was made at a I ON SHERMAN-Don turned out to be quite a basketball play' er, although this was his Hrst year of participation in the sport. 1 Don is fast, a good ball handler, and is rapidly improving i n shooting. Shore 52 shine ss Shore 30 VARREN jEVNIKARH"Rcd" was a much improved player this year, and fast becoming a fine twofhanded shot. He was par' ticularly effective against zone defenses where his deceptive passing was most valuable. Garfield Mayfield Maple Heights -?fY,,fM.,.,.-9 ,W M .. i.. . c.. ED HOLTCAMPaEd played ci' JOE BERGOCH-A hard player ther forward, was speedy and a line shot. Ed was high point man in several games. Ed's versatility took him to the center position on several occasions. 38 Shore 26 Shore 46 32 Shore 34 34 Shore 36 TED BULLARD-Ted played his first year of varsity basketball and was noted for his Hght and famous "jump shot." Ted had this particular worked out to a nicety and proved unstopable at times. .--,..........,,.-scf.a...,.,.....W:,.,,,,,,a,. -L JNVMW W K 'NMMA 9 y N and clean fighter, Joe was the first to score a field goal in the Admirals rout of Garncld. joe was one of Shores most effective pivot men. Parma 35 Euclid Central 33 Brush 14 Painesville 30 ART BOLCN-Art was a line ball handler and an excellent two' handed shot. Art was very fast and probably Shores best man on assigned manfforfman def fense. ,...,a..... JACK SHAFER fe ,lack worked equally well at either forward and was probably the best all- around shot on the squad. He featured in making the varsity look "ill" in practice sessions. TCM BURNS-Tom was an exf cellent ball handler, fast, aggresf sive, and a line shot with either hand. He may develop into one of Shores better allfaround playf ers. FRED NEVAR, Maiiager. An upf andfdoing basketball manager, of our Admirals, he was a eonf seientious and painstaking keep' ' er of equipment. Fred was a good player in his own right, but due to illness was unable to par' ticipate during this season. Tournament Scores Shore 60 Shore 3 1 Shore 30 Shore 40 coach. interest lies in basketball. - Euclid Central 35 Ashtabula 19 Berea 26 Lakewood 42 Ford Case "Coach of all sports but a lover of one," This is how Mr. Ford Case is always referred to. He has coached all sports, but his main He was first familiarized with the sport in 1913 and in 1915 he inf troduced basketball to Bolivar High School as its first basketball Mr. Case eame to Shore in 1925 as assistant to Coach Van Dusen. In 1930, however, he became head coach, and it was in 1932 that Shore won their first undisputed basketball championship under him. With this as a beginning Shore has since tied or won six champicgnf ships in nine years, and has been runner up the other three years. Mel, Harvey, and Bill Riebe, Art Brown, Frank Montana, Bill Simmermacher and Lambert Hawks are only a few of the great bas' ketball players who have played under Mr. Case. Ccrgers Victorious Coach Case built this year's Eastern Conference basketball champs and runnersfups for the Class "A" District tournament around six returning let' termen from last year's squad. The returning letter' men were Walt Maroney, Neal Nelson, Ed Holt' camp, Art Bolon, Frank Bergoch, and Ed Cicenas. At the beginning of the season, Coach Case was experimenting with different combinations until he found one that would win basketball games for Shore. In the first two games Shore swamped both of their opponents, Willoughby and Kirtland, by large scores. Fairport Harbors tall and experienced team then handed the Admirals their first of five defeats. Coach Case's chief worry then was to find a for' ward who could make points. He then shifted Frank Bergoch from backguard to pair with cofcaptain Maroney at right forward. With Bergoch and Maroney at the forwards, Nelf son and Herrmann at the guards, and Cicenas at center, Shore started rolling. They then defeated Wickliffe, Youngstown Camp' bell, and Bedford in order before dropping their second game to a tough and superior Canton Lehf man five by a lopsided score. Smarting from their defeat at the hands of Can' ton, the Admirals came back strong by pouring in 84 points to Cranges 24, and setting two school records. The 84 points set a new scoring record for one game, and Frank Bergoch set a new individual scoring record for one game by garnishing 25 points and breaking Harvey Riebe's record of 22. The Admirals then were avenging the defeats Garfield handed them for the last two seasons by giving them a sound drubbing at Garfield for their third straight conference victory. Striving for their fourth successive win in conf ference play, Shore was able to defeat a strong and scrappy Mayfield quintet by 6 points. Maple Heights' Mustangs then turned the tide and defeated the Admirals on Heights' spacious floor in a heated contest. The loss of three of the starting five who went out on fouls early in the third quarter struck a severe blow to the Admirals chances of winning the game. The tide was still flowing against the Admirals the next evening when they lost their fourth game to Parma's tall five. Euclid Central, our city rivals, was next on the Admirals schedule. This game was played before one of the largest crowds ever to witness a league game in Shores history. The fighting Admirals showed in this game that the last two defeats were a mistake by giving Central a severe walloping. Brush was the last hurdle for the Admirals to jump before being undisputed champs of the East' ern Conference. Playing a good defensive and off fensive game, Brush proved an easy opponent for Shore. In the last game of the regular season Shore def feated Painesville Harvey High Raiders easily. Shore was one of the four seeded teams in the tournament and reached the finals only to be beaten by Lakewood. In the first game Shore again swamped Euclid Central. Ashtabula, the team that beat Shore in last years tournament, was Shores second victim. At first this was a very close game, but our Admirals then pulled away and beat them by 12 points. The final hurdle for Shore before entering the finals was Berea, another seeded team and four' time champion of the Southwest Conference. This game was very fast and close all the way. A basket by Shore in the last 20 seconds was the deciding point of victory. Shore then had to play the highly touted Rangers from Lakewood in the finals. This game proved to be one of the toughest of the season for Lakewood and Shore and one of the best in the tournament. The Admirals who were the underdogs in the last two days showed their prowess by leading the Rangers the whole first half. Lakewood then lived up to their preftournament prediction by coming back strong in the third quarter to take the lead and never relinquishing the lead. With less than a minute to go and Lakewood four points ahead, Shore garnered another basket to climb within two points of Lakewoods lead. Page Fifty-one Flu QFD we .HO l PSR! X. sv, -is TOP ROW: A. Sullivan, R. Jenkins, J. Bergem, E. Flamf mang, Kninc, B. Cywinski. SECOND ROW: B. Criswell, W. Ferante, B. Wilcox, Second This year Shore's Reserve basketball team was one of the best in its history. The team lost only one game and that was to a strong and superior varsity team. The theory behind the Reserve team is to give the players valuable experience and teach them the fundamentals of the game before playing varsity competition. L tion B318 iw B. Russell, B. Wach, W. Hill. FRONT ROW: Mr. DiBiasio, G. Netschke, H. Wise, Tarantino, F. Spino, J. Shafer. Team The Reserve team built their prestige by sending players to the varsity before this year's basketball season was half over. They advanced such players as "Red" jevnikar, Tom Burns, Tom Miller, Paul Herrmann, and Don Sherman. The present players on the Reserve team will be the future varsity. TOP ROW: E. Gara, T. Mazick, D. Strain. BOTTOM ROW: H. Mlacliak, M. Daniels, C. Enkler, SECOND ROW: Mr, Vaccariello, A. Sugarman, A. Repasky, B. Erissell, B. Bosworth, Mr. Swackhamnier. W. Arunskip Wrestling Coaches Vaccariello and Swackhammer built this year's wrestling team around two lettermen from last year's squad, Carl Enkler and Al Sugarman. The majority of Shores grapplers this year were Sophomores and Juniors who were trying to keep Shores record of having a state champion wrestler in Columbus. The Hrst call for wrestling was answered by twenty industrious wrestlers. These boys practiced every day after school and it was very doubtful at first who was going to wrestle in the first meet for Shore. Out of eight dual meets Shore came out victor' ious in ive. Their defeats came at the hands of strong teams, john Hay beat Shore 30f8, Garfield won 2242, and John Adams won by the score of 2648. Shore beat Euclid Central, Western Reserve Academy, Shaker Heights, East High, and Univerf sity. This year Shore placed more boys in the City finals than any other year. The boys who qualified were Mark Daniels, Al Sugarman, Bob Bosworth, Dick Strain, and Frank Cara. Al won a second place and the rest of the boys finished third with the exception of Daniels who placed fourth. The following boys' pictures do not appear with the team: Frank Celizic, Dick Kraince, Eddie Schulf er, Ken Daniels,and Glenn Smeltz. 'Page Fzftx tlwce ..A. , 'S XX. Q TN, 199.1 'ijt Mark Daniels, one of the oustanding'105 poundf ers in the city is only a first year man on the squad. Mark did excellently in the City Tournament until an injury stopped him. Harvey Mlachak did not secure his varsity S last year, but he more than made it this season. An aggressiv: wrestler, Harv will be with us next fall. Alvin Sugarman, one of the most feared 140 pounders was beaten by a slight margin in the final round of the City Tournament at john Marshall. Al leaves us in June and his loss will be deeply felt. Dick Strain, an eleventh grader, also reached the serniffinal round and won third place in the tourna' ment. He will have another chance next fall. Dick Kraince, Bill Frizzell and Carl Enkler are depicted in the picture. They are in a referee's position and are awaiting the signal to start wrestf ling. All three boys will be back neiqt year and we are expecting a great deal from them. Frank Gara and Bob Bosworth, both of whom are first year men, placed in the eliminations at Garf field Heights, and each secured a third place in the final round. These aggressive boys will form a nucf i . 4 1 1 leus for the 194243 wrestling team. KJ .aR7 qs ' W x K s 7' +4 I lf 7X1-17' , QS ,fi--Tfv X ziilll - X ' I - x ! I Shore Western Reserve Academy Shore East Shore John Adams Shore Garfield Shore Euclid Central Sl'l0r6 john Hay Shore Shaker Shore University School TOP ROW: A. Doberdruk, Smith, R. Prostor, D. Stan' BOTTOM ROW: .l- KCHY, L' L'-Ukaft, .l- COX, A- FiSCl16f, ford B Clasen R Giesse I Adams P Wise Mr Vacgarielloi ' ' ' ' 3 ' N ' ' M. Donohoe, E. Langa, H. Nelson, Hockey Team Une of the best teams in Shorels history brought more glory to Shore, dropping only one game in seven engagements. This grand record, the icers all agree, is due greatly to the expert help from their coach, Mr. Vaccariello. Starting the season with a 9 to O romp over john Marshall, the Admirals of the ice swept to victories over Cathedral Latin, East Tech, East, Holy Name, and a tie with a strong University team. The 4 to 4 tie with the Preppers was the highlight of the season. It was the first time a U. S. team has been held to a tie in three years of competition. The only game in which the pucksters were on the long end of the score was against St. Ignatius, who were the league leaders. Darrell "Whitey" Wickson and Dick Kreilach, first line wings, paced the Shore attack until their graduation in January. However, the team kept going and won undisputed second place in the Greater Cleveland Hockey League. Page Fzftx fue ri i v i 3 , V i yn .. if S .47 if L A M147 L KSN LQ! DICK KREILACH-Dick was one of the fastest and surest shots in scholastic hockey. His loss at semester was a real blow to the team. DARRELL WICKSQN - High school hockey eoaches are unanimous in acciaiming "Vv"iekie' as the boy with the hardest shot. The "teamiest" of team players on the Shore squad. JOHN COX-Flanked by Wicksoii and Kreilach, Johnny was the setterfupper for our goals. His record for goals and assists speaks for itself. MR. VACCARIELLO Head coach of wrestling, hockey, golf,and sponsor of the cheerleaders surely keeps a man busy. Mr, Vaccariello is the teacher who is kept so busy. During the fall he is kept busy with the cheer' leaders, in the winter with the hockey squad and wrestling, besides his cheerleading duties. In the spring, with golf. As head coach of wrestling he brought Shore more honors when one of his wrestlers went on to win the city and state championship. This year his hockey squad went to the semi' finals in the Greater Cleveland Hockey League. LIUHN TELICH-An operation cut johnis hockey career, but watch him next season. AL DQBERDRUK, manager-Al has fulfilled his duty in an Afl fashion. He is a credit to the whole team. AL FISCHER-Al was a goalie respected by every I team in the league. He has made sensational stops. , We can look forward to next season and not worry about our goalie. ED LANGR-Ed finally came through after a slow l start. He pulled the famous "hat, trick" in the 1 East ame nettin three goals and one assist. g v g i There is action when Ed is in the game. DAVE STANFORD-Dave was a hockey player . who baffled the goalie on many an occasion. l Not a hard shooter but consistent and accurate. flAMES ADAMS-Jack, as he is called, never l knows when to quit. A fourfandfonefhalffinch' ' gash on the thigh couldnlt even stop him in the i Benedictine game. KAY PROSTOR-Ray is a fast skater whom we should watch in the near future. Only a sophof more, Ray played as well as the best of them. BOB KOZAN-Appendicitis stopped Bob in mid' ' season. Keep your eye on him next year. 'RAY GIESSE-Ray is a good stickfhandler and 1 team player. Ray likes plenty of skating and a g great deal of action. MERLE DUNOHOE-Mike thrived on defending ' the goal. More than once, he has lent a helping hand to our goalie. HOWARD NELSUN-Mike and Howie work well together. Their passing and checking were way above average. LOYAL LUIKART-Skippy will give his opponf ent plenty of trouble. He has proven his ability to check and his skating is faultless. BOB CLASEN-Bob's Hrst experience on the hockf ey squad made a lasting impression. We will lose him in june. JIM KELLY-An unusual skater and plenty of trouble for the opposite team. Kelly broke in a little late but made up for lost time. JIM SMITH-jim is around when he is needed. A good skater with plenty of zip. t -w ,i fi I V ' N 5 41 TN in W? I. x I A 3 r l aa in -f "' .r t W Mm. I Q 'W' ,sn W' ,him ii wt' g g 5 g t bd? t .. A Vfrfl q K A 'T V. 4 I 5 5 'Q QW - -A Q aw za-Z g . L P- f A " . ' A' if is V arf rf' I i if 'fifaiifgil , .W an , M R N: l aa 1-. ,, L3 , ".. , 'mf in X' i I 2 Y i , ,. ,ig , Y fp H' 5 3 ' as We M , is at 3 .sf A ae -gm,.,,.,. g I I p -r 2 f-ff A M f to ,W ' '5 tk , ,,, Q ew "W" Li I A ' f if , N 0 Z' -ph i ' . X ' """ X 1 541 "' 3 M ' " .3 nf 3 Q t f ' 2 l f, W N I '7" ff 'K V , ,,,A f 522 , ,,. if kiwi, . A A A ff ' , f js' 1 A 'fu' we ., . f ' ,Q "' 'gy A . A Ilvh ,g,..-.J ' yt . Hamm-fe N - 3 J .,4, Qzf ff--!2 ' We ? A W' ' ,sr A A V 4 fa -- ' A , 1941 Baseball Summary Shore Collinwood 2 Winning batteries Shafer and Weir Shore Maple Heights 2 Winning batteries Lipovec and Medved Shore University 10 Winning batteries I-loltcamp and Medved Shore john Adams 3 Winning batteries Tarantino and Medved Shore Brush 3 Winning batteries Lipovec and Medved Shore Lakewood 4 Winning batteries Holtcamp and Medved Shore Garfield 0 Winning batteries Lipovec and Medved Shore Cleveland Hts. 13 Lost Holtcamp and Medved Shore Shaw 5 Lost Lipovec and Medved Shore Mayfield 3 Winning batteries Holtcamp and Kastelic Shore Central 1 Winning batteries Holtcamp and Medved Shore john Hay O Winning batteries Nelson and Weir Shore Bedford 0 Winning batteries Lipovec and Medved Shore Garfield 0 Winning batteries I-loltcamp and Weir Shore Parma 0 Winning batteries Lipovec and Medved Shore Shaw 6 Lost Holtcamp and Weir W O N 13 L O S T 3 Page Fiftyfeiglit SHORE SLUGGERS The Shore Admirals continued their high ranking in Metropolitan baseball by winning the Eastern Conference without losing a game. They were final' ly tripped by Shaw High in the Ohio sectional finals, 5'3. This was the third season in four years that the Admirals have been on top of the Eastern division. They have made an enviable record of having lost but five league games in four years while winning 27 games. . The high lights of the season were Babe Lipovec's nofhitfnofrun game against Carheld Heights to make a clean sweep of the conference and Ed Holtcamp's one hitter against the same team in the playfoff ser' ies. The scores were 6-O and 7f0, respectively. The Admirals lost only to Cleveland Heights in at nonfleague game that had no bearing on the stand' ing, and to Shaw in the playfoffs of the division and section. The starting linefup was made up of: Ray Ciesse, right field, Neal Nelson, third base, Babe Lipovec, center fieldg Dale Metts QCQ, second base, John Cox, iirst base, Frank Bergoch, shortfstopg Fred Medved, catcher, joe Bergoch, left field, Ed Holt' camp, pitcher. Other members of the squad were Frank Knaus, Bill Weir, Dave Buerkel, Art Bolon, jack Shafer, john Tarantino, joe Roberts, and Rudy Kastelic. Dominic Disanto was manager. Of this winning combination Ray Ciesse, Neal Nelson, john Cox, Frank Bergoch, Fred Medved, Ed Holtcamp, Bill Wier, Jack Shafer, and john Tarantino were back to form the nucleus for 1942. joe Sullivan was elected manager for 1942. 5423 is Q51-inn ,ei af MR. POHTO Did you ever see a grownfup with a big jaw that looks like a tooth- other than john Pohto, Shore's baseball coach for the last twelve years. In Mr. Pohto's years at Shore he has been head or assistant coach in baseball, football and wrestling. Baseball is the sport he likes best of all. Shore has won the championship three times in the last iivc years. Before this Shore had won four championships and tied two. The Ad' inirals never have finished lower than second place. Some of the outstanding players that played under Mr. Pohto are Mel and Harvey Reibe, Herb Vsfagulemuth, Elmer XVeinshricder, Aloe Curto, Babe Lipovec, Art Brown, and Art Cezann. Harvey is now playing on the Detroit Tigers team. Page Fiftyfninc ache while the Shore baseball team is practicing? This man is none 4-.. FRANK BERGGCH EDWARD HOLTCAMP NEAL NELSON VICTOR JANEZIC gun, 'if' 4- EDWARD IANGA Sulhvan E Holtcamp P Medved HARRY HHS-I ON ANDREW ZEIG, ER W Hlll F Bergoch JOHN KNIFIC RAYMOND GIESSE FRED MEDVED RQBER-p CLASEN l942 Sllll Page Sixty TOP ROW: Mr. Case, G. Burns, F. Gara L. Wiskes, W. Krivoy, E. Malz. BOTTOM ROW: T. Lasky, T. Burns. 1. Knific, R. john' son, R. George, E. Simon, B. Youngblood, B. Schlund, -I. Vickerman, D. Raybuck. Track Shore's 1941 track season was only fair. Of seven dual meets they won four and lost three. In the Eastern Greater Cleveland track chamf pionship which was held at Orange, Shore came in sixth. They had eleven and a half points. Reginald johnson, a sophomore, came in fourth in the 880 yard run. Bob Odell, a senior, placed third for the lowest of Shores trackmen in the high jump. Shore's freshman relay team looked like 'a prom- ising group of boys for varsity track hy placing second in the Freshman Relay. Page Sixtx one Page Sixtyftue an A85 'AQ' TOP ROW: D. Nowicki E. Chance M. L. Moore E. Heyne E. Adams Y. Alexander H. Noch C. Harrell I. Kuebler P. Hayes. FIFTH ROW: Hawks M. Healy D. Perme E. Winkler L. Curto A. Celezic L. Berndsen P. Zeroff. FOURTH ROW: I. Brinkman B. Sanner M. L. Haven . Fischer B. Miller D. . Luikart. Women's A Home defense! Physical fitness, a No. 1 factor for home defense is well promoted by our women student directors of Physical Education. A restricted number, who are elected into the Girls' Leaders Club' each year, being qualified in leadership, character, physical ability, academic standing, dependability, 'O '45 THIRD ROW: E. Funk M. Ehrenfeld M. Kazmarek D. Daye A. johnson. SECOND ROW: Miss Gill R. Anderson . Town F. Cook. BOTTOM ROW: I. Metz Sec'y, C. Bill President B. Kuchenbacxer VicefPres. uxiliary Force and personality receive one of the most coveted hon' ors awarded in the school. This year the organization has successfully di- rected a schedule of intramural athletics and super' vised the sale of United States Defense Stamps and Bonds for Shore. The club, under the able direction of Miss Gill, helps girls all over the school in all sports. Comments by Miss Gill CAROL BILL-"Billie," President of the Leaders Cluh hrought rec' ognition to the school hy winf ning a Physical Education Schol- arship at Oberlin. BELVA KUCHENBACKER we We will miss "Cooky" and her "refereeingf' BEATRICE lVlILLER4Now that "Bee" is gone we'll have to look for a new hadminton champion. YVONN E ALEXANDER -d Yvonne always had a cheerful smile and was willing to work. ARLINE JQHNSONfArline has been in the club three years and has helped the underclassmen get to the top. AGNES KNAPKE - "'Aggie" keeps us well fed at our parties. ELIZABETH CHANCE. - "Bucky" is another one of our capable members. LOIS BERNDSENe!Lois particif pates in all intramural activities. PAULINE ZEROEF-"Pollyl' is always "ready, willing and ahlefx ALICE CELEZIC-Alice will he rememhered for her hasehall ahilf ity. y HELEN NQCH-Helen is a loyal and conscientious new memhcr. ELAINE ADAMS-eElaine is a new hut helpful memher. LUCILLE CURT0A9'Lucy" too, instantly reminds us of hasehall. EILEEN HEYNE4Eileen is good in hoth athletic and scholastic events. Page Szxtyftl I i K-, 5? Erma' b XM I-Egg' l ' Q ,,f' . ...- f- I f , 9 -, f V ?G5'3g'N f'jqW P' fy, X gg Cwmn 1 9 , -f mwfl, W 4 Q WQNX U1 M' If l 'W 'J 4-' 3 H 1, wld - Q A Q 1. UH! ' Q: IV, I 5 Y Q 2' ', EN fq W 1 ' X 5, ht F mix V' K' X , ' X ' ' X " K' I 5-f 1' " ' -- Nl CffT1T'1"b - NN 'P .2 ' . ' in X ' 'H' 'Q " " fgglx ll ' Q 13313151 f f f Q H 2 , 1' Qfsffqiffx , Z I -f H! fb it i f 5 ' In , , Q Z X p X Q X X P - X 'Q g" h"' XZ an W W ,916 N O 'N in fx V - ing 857 wa? in X ? XX, 1 - 5 X - W ? E J X x llxxymx. if W X T I ef- vi"""Is alxkl nl sS'Iff,g2.W-Q5 ,J Q N 5.5: l v. -:T 'gx.,7ll0lif:. '-i'47Yf77L Iv SYN Ll" . :Six 9. X S g,0bQff'L 5 "wiv 385 ' ' mags. Q ': '- 1 A,i, 'Q YVGNNE ALEXANDER JAMES ASHLEY CATHARINE BARRESI ART BOLON EDWARD CICENAS wsnuniff as Y L -no 4'-'asia 3 vie., Ni ,F Me Q' WALTER COKEN CQNSTANCE COUPE LEONARD CRAFT HILDA HENRY JAMES HQDGSON Page Sixty 'jim' Iva WG 5, 5 I if, iz, f'Vf 2 '4'v .I- ,IWW E I I E 'El Qllr 1'f ' R3 - ' 'L:,3?:,-4,-,:r1Q:,rijgf:,"f52.5-55,.-.,, -'i J" -Ihtfiiiifaflf' 327551 I V. , f , ,, ,, .. U., I WA M5 'PWM Ia wwf 1uww wf 'Muff ANNETTEIACOBACCI ARUNEIOHNHMQ f . Y 2 '23-5 FRED KRALES ' at x RICHARD KREILACH .IOSEPH MEKINDA Pagc Szxtyfsix 'arf' - lift- 'Si ' 1 YM ' BEATRICE MILLER WILLIAM MITCHELL MARGARET PARZIALE JOSEPHINE PASSERALLO JEANETTE RUTLEDGE 38 f 4 1 gif V4 L r-""'1r J sl: ,IA ' ,Q , M .4 1 ,R , ' ," x '2 4 . f fs' Mk N.. ,.,,.. ,. . ,..,'. wig 1,32 ' Q19 .: ' H' h S H 'inf 17' L, M ,,,1z.V V- A 1. AjA'Sjf,,,f 5 V' S' ,'L, f2x1U -: fi 34 J., A1 ,,, , , O 9 'saw 'LOIS STRAKA HELEN WEYBRECI-IT DARRELL WICKSON ELAINE ADAMS JOSEPHIN E ARKO Q, I A " f gf- . ., ,, Sm XL ffm I 4 'WA SFR 1 Sw ai, Q X I .NV wk, TAS iqvdiff? 'luv' MW 5 JOSEPH BARILE ELEANOR BARINA JOSEPH BERGOCH LUIS BERNDSEN CAROL BILL Page Sixty seven I fl 1 ' Q T , 'A', 'N fl . ' .. --.NE IWYFQ Q' slit. ' X - , :! .,.4-. A 3' f xx ' ? , , A 'M ,X if fi M , AL f, K "agus uqwg 2 , 1 W . .-,iv 4 , . g ym3 ,.2-,- - X , 449 A'f""f i Q , . N . 4 M., f .. Oz xi 'ii 'A Q' 1 , I 'W ww .L Q, K Q AF , fb fp 3 Q 25 34' an 4 ' A . ',. , J . L " ,Q 1' -'TV WLS -if 1 1 Wm' if QR -1652, Wd? THEODORE BULLARD VIVIAN BURDICK MARVEL CANNON JANE CASSON ALICE MAY CELIZIC Page Sixtyfeight 1 i,i5'x 'www wx ELIZABETH CHANCE ROBERT CLASEN DONN COBB JOHN COX LUCILLE CURTO ,Shu gg Y , I r EEL 'L , A 1' f ' ' ' -A,' A V- KX + , A 1h . ,, 5 Lf ,,A- ,v... f A X' A any DOMINIC DI SANTO ALFRED DOBERDRUK GERTRUDE DOERING THERESA DRAGANIC GERTRUDE DRAUTZ Lua Q i Mk,,X .K 5-521,421 'tgj ....... ......-+-.-y 55' 5 f x7,E2 If 131 . 136' . -Q '?..'?? 7 3 VJILLIAM ETTENGER HENRY EALKENSTEIN RALPH GEURGE JAMES GI BBON S ANTHONY COLE Page Si yryfni 35- if ' I gf, ,. J, X f r' , 6 fi ' ' r W A ,, . ,f-5'5" , 5 ,pf A , -33.7 in " - 'f , 317453. f ' qv: 5 CS- 4 ig? 5? Q 1 yfazfvf, 1 ,RL .1 V .vm . 5,,:a f. 4,24 " ,' ,WJ ,,.,1 I f. Q ,, .aff , 1 , ' 7145 2,4 ' ., HELEN GRICHER FRED HAWLEY PAUL HERRMANN JACK HEUSER EILEEN HEYNE Page Seventy .,v,., V V , R f k " O ,,f.. .I gf , K Q 'a .1 , K f Q gfvvw ly Q. V 5 w 4 .H .,-- si isp' 'Qu' "Hu-U 1 HOWARD HILDERBRAND EDVJARD HOLTOAMP JOYCE HORN HARRY HUSTON KATHRYN HUSTON fuk-"Q '13 ' 234 'QV' W' if 7 i f' .R ,Q I, 1 , V '- 'lhuvf 51 ' X iw '61, f,ii .aw '1 -M rf my ' -A '- J ' Q' " -...vw 'I . 'V A f ,AA 5 'V EH 5:5 La MWA JAMES KELLY AGNES KNAPKE NM I EMMA KORACIN fW"' WALLACE KRIVQY ,Wh BELVA KUCHENEACKER . 'E 15' iv! PAUL LANG EDWARD LANGA GEORGE LARDNER THEODORE LASKY DOLORES LESH Page Se1'e11tyfO11 """w 1 ...., .., A .W W uw . ., ' MARION LUEDERS PHYLLIS MALIN EDWARD MALZ VJALTER MARONEY RAYMOND MATHEKE Page Seventyftwo 22' ff ,WM -,,, , JEANNE MQCANDLESS MARGARET MCCARTHY PATRICIA MCCLURG NORMA MCKIMMY ar' ' LQRA MEAD 7 .36 F , , O nv NA qill NG ,tk- P"N 3 mv ,pw-J , L. 5 BETTY JANE MERRITT HELEN MERRILLS LOUISE MEZZACAPPA VIOLET MUACEK THEODORE MIZNER i ROBERT MONTGOMERY 6, JANE MURRAY A '- HOVJARD NELSON RICHARD NETSCHKE FRED NEVAR Page S6l'C71Ij"f'l7'CC 4-nv '19 , tsxwf V tn U P K 1 K F 4 1 ,ah M VZ., - V Z E: W .nf-r -,nk ,, x. f 'W -eil i ' ,E . r +? ,E , . Y Y xl l i i sign ' I udiuah 5 i I E 5 ' i f J , Y Nw Q 5 I 1 1 1 5 K .W 4 r 1 I I JEAN NEWMAN HELEN NOCI-I ROSEMARY PARISI BETTY JANE PAULSEN MARILYN PERRY Page Seventyffrmr f I , ,Hr- H E, E sm, 3, We-.R 1 E K PHYLLIS PFEIFFER Y A FRANCES PIERCE 1 K 59,7 DON POWELL ' BETTY REICHE - ANDREW RAPASKY 5 i fi V' Nl fins' Y, .NEMY 8 T i Z 835253 K 'nr A C r G, 55,521 , V" Sf' 4 2 8 I I' 4 lf V , f 12. 1 - Av yay xsfm- 2, L .E ,. . Q ,, .W -A E. - .:f- V -Ira :- 4 re '22 EDMUND RIDER TONY ROBERTS 1 I f if XI ELEANORE ROLOEE KENNETH RUOD 1 """ WILLIAM RUSSELL ' ,' '-nail' -'TQ' THEODORE SAD TER JACK SHAEER BETTY SCHLAEGER ROBERT SCHLUND MARTHA SILL Page S61V6'71Ij'ffI7. I-I gs re u I F' 4 rl fJ I I I X 5 I 5 j. 1 F I. rg, ' ,J Y 1 ,K 5-34, :Z 4 'i ' snifgi :J if f, A , Q mm ,mg F45 AA,,.' iii, ?"Il:S I A Mx A , , , Jw. -,-my - '3- "4:T,.-X-ffifi. A EARL SIMON FRANK SMALTZ ALVIN SUGARMAN MARY SULLIVAN BILL SYLVESTER Page Seventyfsix AK ans" W? 4 W. 9-iQ. X L I A as 341 -473.- "'lQ"fV I All 'T S... Louis TQMSIC MARY TRIVISONNO JACK VICKERMAN JEAN WARWICK JOAN WATSON IIN - F I ,.,, W. .. ,M ,, ., f' ' li ifw : , f ,i - w" 1 ,T M. Q U 195 3 fl - . Q ,A ,V , ' M.-gs. .M-7 " 'T ,Ji . A' y 14. 4 . .. K..--5. yu ,g gi Lx 2 ' . 4 '- " - .,, I . . 1 - X13 , ' A ' my I QQ - - - r '. .Q Q K ' , X .- K N .Q t 1 mf . 1 -V A I .K-. .Q . ' , I NOT PIOTURED ROSE POPEK W YNE TIBER JEAN WATT A LEON ROBERT WIGHTMAN HARRY ALVIRA WILSON DOROTHY WINKLER 4093 'l DOROTHY NVOLF AUDREY YOUNGMAN LEONARD ZDARA PAULINE ZEROFF Page Sevent yfseren 734441 Defense 4 I W- O 06 F 2, jgdfrwccg afybcf 0 1 ? 02 3' 2 5 51? i 1 - W ' TDK' WO 'A f f , 4 Q! ' HEMI! f f AQ 7169, we ,xg-,J 3 S U ,156 Wild CQXLU'-V3' X is KT 9 J 5? ' - 'Xf 'I-N -S, ,,,.5'2i.9fV Lcgifeliw-ff! 3-if X f ffyvfljj wma C4 Q-Lf""' Zodvwfr Oftm w 4 if W f il c 4 W b W 1 N. .f NNN , fj gm Ze C4043 ma, W 9 NN Q 79445 Sf- XX NN Q ,iff-161 CCG 0440549 rdf lx X5 :QM 0 QW Q21 0 r 'Q 1 12 -E: K xA 'if 42 - 4 I ,I C X g .M J f , fra an Q ,X 7543 N YQ J Sf! F Q ' Q X0 TLMN W XXX' SENIGR CTIVITIE YVONNE ALEXANDER "The sunshine of her smile" Chorus 1, 2, 771 Class Oflicer 1, 4: Band 2: Camera Club 21 G. L. C. 2, 3, 4: Noon Movies 2, 3, 41 Prom Committee 31 Breeze Staff 31Cv. A. C. 3, 41 Friend, ship 3, 41 National Honor Society 3, 4: Annual 3, 41 Student Council 41 An- nouncement Committee 41 Ad Commit- tee 41 Current Affairs 4. JAMES ASHLEY 'Pretty Boy Ashley" HifY 3. CATHARINE BARRESI "Just depend on Katy' Chess Club 2. 31 Student Council 11 Senior Assembly 4. EDVJARD CICFNAS "The man on stiltsn 4 Student Council 41 Class Secretary. 41 Chorus 4: Basketball 2, 3, 41 Track 2: Banquet Committee 4. ART BOLON "Those dark brown eyes" Football 1, 2, fCaptainJ 41 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 41 Track 11 Student Council 1: Breeze Stall 41 HifY 41 Secretary and Treasurer fClassJ 31 Vice'President lClassJ 41 Baseball 4. WALTER COKEN "Remember me" CONSTANCE COUPE 'lPetite and evasive Connie" Friendship 2, 3, 41 Breeze Staff 41 C. A. C. 2, 3, 41 Chorus 11 Noon Movies 3, 4. LEONARD CRAFT A.AYHb1Il01l.SJJ Wrestling 1, 2, 3: Football 21 Chorus 11 Cheerleader 11 Hi-Y 2. HILDA HENRY "Give a cheer" Friendship 2, 3, 41 Breeze Staff 2, 31 Chorus 1, 2, 31 Orchestra 1, 21 Cheer' leader 3, 41 Noon Movies 2, 3, 41 An' nual Stall 41 Ad Committee 3, 4. JAMES HODGSON 'lIt's all right by me" HifY 41 Wrestling 31 Movie Operator 1, 2, 3, 41 Movie Club 1, 2. ANNETTE IACOBACC1 "Straight from the heart" C. A. C. 3, 41 Prom Committee 31 Ban' quet Committee 41 Dancing Club 2, 31 Red Cross 41 Swing Club 1, 2. ARLINE JOHNSON "Strut on down" Friendship 3, 41 Band 41 G. A. C. 1, 2, 3, 41 G. L. C. 3, 41 Noon Movies 2, 3, 41 Annual 41 Camera Club 21 Na' tiona1'Honor Socict 4- Chorus 1 2 3 Y s s s 4 41 Banquet Committee 41 Student Counf eil 4. FRED KRAUSS "Busy man" Breeze Stall lAdvertising 1N4anat1erJ 3, 41 Ad Committee 1, Z, 3, 41 HifY 41 Annual Stall 3, 41 Chorus 3, 41 Con- servation Club Z, 31 Prom Committee 3. RICHARD KREILACH "The authority on Florida" Hockey 2, 3, 41 Football 2, 3, 41 Breeze Stall 3, 41 Class President 4. JOSEPH MEKINDA "We'll have fun at Joes, Wrestling 31 Breeze Stall 3, 41 Base' ball 4. BEATRICE MILLER i'Badminton all the way" Ad Committee 2, 3, 41 Student Council 41G.A.C. 1, 2, 3, 41G.L.C. 2, 3,41 Friendship 3, 41 Noon Movies 3, 41 An' nual Statl 41 Breeze Stalf 31 Red Cross 31 Ring Committee 41 Prom Commit' tee 3. WILLIAM MITCHELL "He didnt have time" HifY 4. ' MARGARET PARZIALE "She can do tt" Breeze 41 C. A. C. 3, 41 Student Coun' cil 1. JOSEPHINE PASSERALLO "Very dependable" Student Council 1, 2, 3, 41 Sr. Play 41 Prom Committee 31 Class Secretaiy and Treasurer 31 Class President 21 Chorus 1, 2, 31 Friendship 2, 31 C. A. C. 4. ROSE POPEK 'Just aslq Rose" G. A. C, 3. JEANETTE RUTLEDC-E 'Just a. Jreclqle Jacek, Breele 41 Red Cross 4. LOIS STRAKA "Narry a sound" Friendship 1, 21 Movie Club 11 Interior Decorating Club 21 C. A. C. 31 Red Cross 4. VJAYNE TIBER "I'm a httle Greyhound HELEN XVEYBRECHT "SO sweet" Chorus 1, 2, 31 Friendship club 2, 31 Glee Club 3, 4. DARRELL WICKSON "I'I1'ya chicken" HifY 3, 4: Hockey 1, Z, 3, 41 Football 3 fAll Conferencej 41 Breeze 41 Class Secretary 2: Announcement Committee 4. ELAINE ADAMS "A friend indeed" Girl Reserves 11 Friendship Z 13, 41 Student Council 31 Annual 41 Prom Committee 31 Debate 31 Cv. A. C. 2, 3, 41 G. L. C. 41 Junior Play 3. JOSEPHINE ARKO 'ifluiet as a mouse" Glee Club 21 Chorus 2. JOSEPH BARILE "The .silent typel' XVI'CSfllI1fl 2, 3, 41 Hi Y 41 Breeze Leaders Club 4. ELEANOR BARINA "Just a .secretary at heart" Chorus 1, 31 C. A. C. Z, 3, 4: Draf matics 3: Junior Play C111 Friendship 2, 3, 41 Breeze 41 Annual 4. JOSEPH BERCOCH "Ol1' that plzysiqzzen Football 1 ,2, 31 Basketball 1, 2, 41 Baseball 41 HifY 3, lTreasurerj 41 Leaders Club 4. LOIS BERNDSEN "Rahl rah' rahln Friendship 3, 41 Choir 41 G. A. C. 3, lpresidentl 41 C. L. C, 3, 41 Clee Club 11 Fencing 21 Modern Dance 31 Annual 41 Junior Play 31 Prom Committee 3: Cheer Leader 3, 41 Quill and Scroll 4. CAROL BILL "Leader in sports" Friendship 2, 3, lCabinetj 41 Glee Club 2: G. A. C. 1, 2, 3, 41 Breeze 41 Annual 41 C. L. C. 2, 3, lPresidentJ 41 Mod' ern Dance 31 Student Council 11 Prom Committee 31 Quill and Scroll 4. THEODORE BULLARD i4G6fJTg1d on my mind" Football 11 Basketball 1, 41 Track 1, 3, 41 Leaders Club 1, 2, 3, 'ILVSILILTCDI Council 2, 3: Orchestra 1, 2, 3. VIVIAN BURDICK "Shell give you that sweet talk" Friendship 41 Chemistry Club 4, MARVEL CANNON i'YVhat an imagination" Cirl Reserves 1: Friendship 4: Fencing 21 Annual 41 Breeze 41 Foreign Atlairs 31 Quill and Scroll 4. JANE CASSON "Half of a good fight" Friendship 2, 3, lSecretaryJ 41 Student Council 41 Ad Committee 3, 4: Class Treasurer 3: Debate 31 Annual 41 Junior Play 31 G. A. C. 1, 2, 31 Clee Club 41 National Honor Society 41 Forensic League 3, 4. ALICE MAY CELIZIC 'JA baxeball teams deliltglitl' Cv. L. C. 4: Friendship 4. ELIZABETH CHANCE "EjJicient to the end" Student Council 41 National Honor So' ciety 3, 41 Friendship 3, lCabinetJ 4: Cheer Leader 41 G. A. C. 3, 41 C. L. C. 3, 41 Fencing 21 Prom Committee 3: Junior Play 31 Art Club 31 Class Secre- tary 3. ROBERT CLASEN "VJe all loolq twice" Baseball 31 Hockey 4. Page Settntx nine Page Eighty DONN COBB "Candid fiend" Science Club 13 Radio Club 3, CPres- identj 43 Junior Play 33 Debate 3, 43 Chorus 3, 4. JOHN COX "'I'winkle,x twinkle little star" Football. 1, 2, 3, 43 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 43 Hockey 1, 2,,,,.3, 43 HifY 3, lSecretaryJ 43 Prom Committee 33 Breeze 3 ,4. LUCILLE CURTO "Straight and true" Friendship 43 G. L. C. 43 G. A. C. 1, 2, 3, 4. DOMINIC DI SANTO "Liked by all" Student Council 2, 43 HifY 3, 43 Foot' ball 1. 2. 3, 4: Baseball fmanagerj 3: Basketball Qmanagerj 3, 43 Breeze 4: Annual 43 Junior Play 33 Class Vice' President 43 Quill and Scroll 4. ALFRED DOBERDRUK "You know what I mean" Hi-Y 4: Hockey fcofmanagerj 43 Scale and Triangle Club 3. ' GERTRUDE DOERING "Leaving before time" Friendship 23 Glee Club 2, 33 Chorus 2, 3, 4. THERESA DRAGANIC "Champion in all sports" Glee Club 13 G. A. C. 1. GERTRUDE DRAUTZ "Strives for perfection' Student Council 1: Friendship 2 .3, 4: G. A. C. 2. 43 Breeze 43 Annual 43 Junior Play 33 Prom Committee 43 Best Citizen 43 Quill and Scroll 4. WILLIAM ETTENGER "Swing that sax" Band 1, 23 Orchestra 1, 2, 33 Hi-Y 43 Gym Leaders 1, 43 Football 33 Golf 33 Prom Committee 3. HENRY FALKENSTEIN "Beat me daddy!" Hi'Y 43 Scale and Triangle 23 Junior Play 33 Prom Committee 33 Senior Play 4. ANTHONY GOLE "Oh.' that look" Class VicefPresident 13 Basketball 23 Student Council 43 Baseball 2, 3, 43 Football 33 Ad Committee 43 Annual 43 National Honor Society 3, 43 Junior Play 33 Foreign Atlairs 3, 43 Math Club fPresidentj 4. HELEN GRICHER "What will you have" FREDRICH HAWLEY "May I park your car?" HifY 3, 43 Wrestling 3, 43 Track 43 Leaders 4. PAUL HERRMANN "The other half of a good fight" Football 3, 43 Basketball I, 2, 3, 43 HifY 3, 43 Tennis 2, 43 Annual 4: Student Council 33 Prom Committee 3. JACK HEUSER "Handsome is as handsome does" HifY 3, fPresidentj 43 Class Vice' President 23 Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Base' ball 1, 2, 3, 43 Student Council 13 Prom Committee 3. EILEEN HEYNE "Do you need any help?" Friendship 3, 43 G. I... C. 43 G. A. C. 1, 2, 3, 43 Annual 43 Breeze 43 Chorus 1, 3, 43 Fencing lg Junior Play 33 Madri- gals 43 Quill and Scroll 43 National Honor Society 43 Salutatorian 43 Sen- ior Play 4. HOWARD HILDEBRAND "He always says the wrong thing" Debate 33 Junior Play 33 Foreign Af- fairs Club 43 Hockey 43 Senior Play 4. EDWARD HOLTCAMP "Laugh and live" HifY 43 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 43 Student Council 33 Class President 3, 43 Breeze 3, 43 Annual 43 Prom Committee fChairmanJ 33 Track lg Quill and Scroll 3, 4. JOYCE HORN "Queen, of knowledge" Student Council 1, 2, 3, 43 Ad Com' mittee 3, 43 Debate 33 Glee Club 43 Friendship 43 Breeze 43 Annual 43 Na' tional Honor Society 43 Valedictorian 4. HARRY HUSTON "A man of few words" Baseball 4. KATHRYN HUSTON "Quiet but sweet" Friendship 4g Antique Club 2, 4. JAMES KELLY "No one doubts his competence" Hockey 3, 43 Junior Play 33 Debate 4: Foreign Affairs Club 33'Chemistry Club 43 HifY 43 Forensic League 43 Senior Play 4.3 Annual 4. AGNES KNAPKE "Just a ray of sunshine" Friendship 2, 3, fCabinetj 43 G. L. C. 3, 43 G. A. C. 2, 3, fVicefPresidentj 43 Drama 33 Breeze 43 Annual 43 Ad Committee 3, 43 Junior Play 33 Senior Play 43 Quill and Scroll 4. EMMA KORACIN "A charming redhead" Friendship 43 Glee Club 13 G. A. C. 2, 33 Quill and Scroll 43 Noon Movies 4. WALLACE KRIVOY "Just a little bus boy" Track 2, 3, 43 Hi-Y 43 Camera 33 Junior Play 33 Scale and Triangle 2. BELVA KUCHENBACKER "A tailored Miss" Breeze 43 Chorus 33 Band 1, 23 Student Council 1, 23 Friendship 2 ,3, 43 An' nual 43 Junior Play 33 G. L. C. 2, 3, 43 G. A. C. l, 2, 3, 43 Modern Dance 33 Prom Committee 3. PAUL LANG "I like mine straight" Hi-Y 43 Ad Committee 3, 43 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4. EDWARD LANGA "One of Vac's falling stars" Hi'Y 43 Hockey 2, 3, 43 Scale and Triangle 2. THEODORE LASKY "A flash on the track" Track 3, 43 Chorus 23 Printing 3, 4. HARRY LEON "Drummer man" Junior Play 3g Prom Committee 3, DOLORES LESH "Take a letter Miss Lesh" Friendship 2, 43 Annual 4g Antique 4g Current Affairs 4. MARION LUEDERS "Queen of beauty" Drama 33 Modern Dance 33 Annual 43 Friendship 43 Prom Committee 33 May Queen 33 Football Queen 4. PHYLLIS MALIN "Have you heard this one" Girl Reserves 13 First'Aid 2, 3g Chorus 13 Band 2, 3, 43 Orchestra 3, 4g Junior Play 33 Breeze 1, fCo'Editorj 4g Quill and Scroll 4. EDWARD MALZ "He thinks of everything" Hi-Y 3, 43 Football 3, 43 Track flvlanf ager1 33 Boxing and Wrestling Club 1, 2 WALTER MARONEY "Where's the boys?" Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 HifY 3, fPresif dentl 43 Annual 43 Prom Committee 33 Baseball 4. RAYMOND MATHEKE "Strikel a perfect three hundred" Printing 3. JEANNE MCCANDLESS "Independence leads her" Friendship 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 1, 33 Chorus 2, 33 Breeze 43 First'Aid 33 Prom Committee 3. MARGARET MCCARTHY "Hey Junior" G. A. C. 1, 2, 3, 43 Friendship 1, 2, 3, 43 Breeze 3, fCofEditorj 43 Chorus 33 Band 1, 23 Student Council 43 Prom Committee 33 Modern Dance 33 Quill and Scroll 4. PATRICIA MCCLURG "Watch the Ford go by" Friendship 1, 2, 3, 43 G. A. C. 1, 2, 3, 43 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Drama 33 An' nual 4. NORMA MCKIMMY "Just trust me" Glee Club 1, 33 Chorus 23 Friendship 3, 43 Red Cross 43 Knitting Club 13 Bicycle Club 2. LORA'MEAD "How yo' all?" Friendship 43 Quill and Scroll 4. ALBERT MEDVED "He speeds right along" Track 3. HELEN MERRILLS "Just a swell pal" Friendship 33 G. A. C. 3, 4. BETTY JANE MERRITT "Third pnger left hand" Glee Club 1, 43 Chorus 2: Friendship 3, 43 Red Cross 4: Knitting Club 13 Bicycle Club 2. LOUISE MEZZACAPPA "Willing to oblige" Glee Club 13 Friendship 2, 3, 43 G. A. C. 3. VIOLET MIJACEK "If it's capability you're looking for" Radio Club 13 Class VicefPresidcnt 1: First Aid 33 Friendship Club 3, 43 G. A. C. 2, 33 Glee Club 13 Chorus 2. THEODORE MIZNER "Keep your eyes on the road, Red" Band 1, 2. ROBERT MONTGOMERY "One of the best" Movie Club 23 Conservation Club 33 HifY 43 Track 3. JANE MURRAY "The meeting will please come to Order" Friendship Z, CSecretaryj 3,fPresidentJ 4g Student Council 3, fPresidentJ 43 Ad Committee 3, 43 G, A. C. 3, 43 Glee Club 33 National Honor Society 3, 43 Prom Committee 3: Debate 33 Forensic League 3, 43 Senior Play 4. HOWARD NELSON "Hey Freshiel' Class President 2: Wrestling 23 Hockey 2, 3, 43 Hi-Y 3, fVicefPresidentj 43 Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Student Council 23 Band and Orchestra 1, 2, 33 Baseball 1, 23 Senior Play 4. RICHARD NETSCHKE "Live and let live" HifY 3, 43 Student Council 43 Annual 43 Prom Committee 33 Track 4. FRED NEVAR "Singing in the shower" HifY 43 Student Council 43 Basketball 2, 3 lManagerJ 4g Orchestra 1, 2, 33 Annual 43 Ad Committee 43 Math Club fVice'PresidentJ 43 Foreign Affairs 43 National Honor Society 4. JEAN NEWMAN Ujitterbug deluxe" Friendship 3, 43 G, A. C. 3, 43 Annual 4g Prom Committee 33 Modern Dance 3. HELEN NOCH "She's in everything" Friendship 3, 43 Drama 33 G. L. C. 4: Student Council 13 First Aid 33 Proni Committee 33 Junior Play 33 National Honor Society 43 Glee Club 1, 23 G. A. C. 1, 2, 3, 43 Breeze 43 Annual 43 De' bate 33 Quill and Scroll 4. ROSEMARY PARISI "That winning way" Friendship 23 G. A. C. 1. BETTY JANE PAULSEN It's the gypsy in her" Band 2, 3, 43 Orchestra 2, 3, 43 Glce Club 4. PHYLLIS PFEIFFER "Seated one day at the organ" G. A. C. 4. MARILYN PERRY "Types with the best of themn Friendship 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 13 Red Cross 43 Handicraft Club 2. FRANCES PIERCE "Smile a while" Friendship 33 Antique Club 2. 3. DON POWELL "Roll out the barrels" HifY 3, 43 Chorus 33 Prom Committee 3. ANDREW REPASKY "Lady killer" Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Wrestling 43 Base' ball 33 Track 4. EDMUND RIDER "Reverend Rider" HifY 3, 4g Foreign Affairs 33 Football fManagerJ 43 S. M. C. 43 Band 3, 4. TONY ROBERTS "Flying high" Movie Operator 3, 43 Leaders Club 2. ELEANORE ROLOFF "Theres music in her laugh" Friendship 2, 3, 43 Chorus 2, 33 Glee Club 2, 3. KENNETH ROOD "A grand fellow" Band 1, 23 Orchestra 1, 2, 33 HifY 4. VVILLIAM RUSSELL "Aye, aye Admiral" HifY 43 Student Council 1, 23 Basket' ball 4. THEODORE SADLER "Ship alioy" National Honor Society 33 Band 33 Orchestra 23 Photography Club 13 Prom Committee 33 Automobile Club 2. BETTY SCHLAEGER "Witty and tuinsomeu G. A. C. 1, 2, 3, 43 Chorus 1. ROBERT SCHLUND "Wanted: wings" Track 1, 2, 3, 43 Wrestling 1, 33 Print' ing 2, 3. GEORGE SCHMITT "Shoulders back, chest out" MARTHA SILL "In her own quiet way" Orchestra 13 Glee Club 1, 23 Friendf ship 3, 43 Girl Reserves 1, Z3 Red Cross 43 Senior Choir 3, 4. EARL SIMON i'Henry Aldrich forever" Track 3, 43 Band 3, 43 Junior Play 33 Debate 43 Senior Play 4. FRANK SMALTZ "Silent sincerity" ALVIN SUGARMAN "This time the laugh's on me" Wrestling 3, 43 HifY 43 Tennis 23 Band 1, 23 Orchestra 1, 2. MARY SULLIVAN "That certain indefinable charm" Friendship 2, 3, 43 Modern Dance 2, lVicefPresidentJ 33 G. A. C. 1, 2. 3, 4: Prom Committee 33 Junior Play 33 Chorus 1, 33 Breeze 3, 43 Class Secre' tary 1, 3: May Queen 2. BILL SYLVESTER "Laugh and the world laughs with you" Tennis 2, 33 Prom Committee 33 Movie Booth 3, 43 All Sports Club Z3 HifY 4. LOUIS TOMSIC "Dizzy fingers" Printing 33 Chess Club 2. MARY TRIVISONNO "Vagabond lover" Chorus l, 23 Glce Club 1, 23 Friend- ship 2, 3, 43 G. A. C. 3, 43 Breeze 4. JACK VICKERMAN "Stop, loolq and listen" Track 3, 43 H1fY 3, 43 Junior Play 3: Camera Club 13 Chorus 3, 43 Hockey 43 Fencing 23 Basketball 3. JEAN WARWICK 'Posture wins againl' Friendship 2, 3, 43 Junior Play 33 G. A. C. 3, 43 Chorus 3, 43 Breeze 43 Annual 43 Red Cross 3, 4: Quill and Scroll 4. JOAN WATSON "Competent my dear Watson" Friendship 2, 3. JEAN WATT 'Jeannie with the light brown hair" Breeze 13 Friendship 43 Whirlo Club 13 Glee Club 13 Chorus 1. ROBERT WIGHTMAN 3 "What goes on behind those eyes?" Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 HifY 43 Student Council 1. ALVIRA WILSON "A charming, timid Miss" Friendship 43 Red Cross 4. DOROTHY WINKLER "Not a care in the world" Friendship 2, 3, 43 Red Cross 43 G. A. C. 43 Annual 4. DOROTHY WOLF "Happy as they come" Friendship 23 Chorus 2. AUDREY YOUNGMAN 'Personification of ease" Friendship 2, 3, 43 Chorus 2, 3, 43 Class Treasurer 43 Annual 4. LEONARD ZDARA 'iDance to your heart's content" HifY 3, 43 Student Council 1, Z3 Jun' ior Play 33 Annual 43 Quill and Scroll 43 Senior Play 4. PAULINE ZEROFF "Captain my captain" Modern Dance 33 Friendship 3, 4: G. L. LC. 3, 43 G. A. C. 3, 43 Annual lEditorJ 43 Student Council 3, lVice' Presidentj 43 Breeze 33 Prom Commit' tee 33 Quill and Scroll 43 National Honor Society 43 Junior Play 3: Senior Play 4. Page Eielitx on 2 - . .4 XV. Maroney. D. Netschke, F. Nevar. E. Holtcainp. SECOND RCW: P. Malin, M. Cannon, G. Drautz, D. D1Santo. E. Barina, B. Miller, H. Henry, A. johnson, L. Berndsen, THIRD ROVJ: Mr. Farquhar, Y. Alexander. D. NVinkler, B. Reiche. A. Youngnian, D. Lesh, P. McClure. B. Kuchenbacker. BOTTUM RCW: H. Noch, C. Bill, 1, Vv'arwick, P. Zerf bl. Newman, Murray. E. Adams, Horn, Mr. Angene. If you have turned all the pages through to this point, you have seen the editorial section of the 1942 Canteen. And now that you have seen it, there seems only one thing left for us of the staff to say -we hope you like it. Some of you do not, of course, but we will try to swallow our pride and smile. Both fun and headaches are essential parts of any yearbook's constructiong the Canteen is no excepf tion. The editor desperately hopes to he handed a Page Eighty 'tw0 off, editor, E. Heyne, J. Casson, Bus. Mgr., M. Lueders. diploma klunc lil and wearily hopes you who have complaints will postpone their delivery until june 11 . In conclusion, the editor would like to express her appreciation and thanks to all those staff mem' hers who worked with herg to faculty advisor Mr. Lester Angene for his guidanceg to Mr. Hinch, Mr. Vaughn, and Mr. Farquhar for their splendid cooperationg and to all students and faculty who aided the staff in the puhlieation of this hook. QQQ1tttQ CANTEEN BOOSTERS J. V. Sanner H. T. Florence Mr. and Mrs. William G. Drautz Mr. and Mrs. Harold Heuser A friend Dr. and Mrs. H. A. Nelson Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Mr. and Mrs. joseph Hanks Mr. and Mrs. Hooker Dr. and Mrs. Hill Mr. and Mrs. H. V. Smith Dr. and Mrs. Charles Bost Shore Beverage Co. Mr. and Mrs. Middleton Mr. and Mrs. Ettenger Mr. and Mrs. Erwine Mr. and Mrs. Neitin Dr. P. C. Mayer Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Casson Dr. and Mrs. Wise Mr. and Mrs. L. Shebanek Beachland Bakery Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Adams Mr. and Mrs. J. Sugarman Mr. and Mrs. C. DiSanto Mr. Daniel Maroney Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Clason Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Cox Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Nevar Mr. and Mrs. A. Noch Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Knapke Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Rood Mr. and Mrs. Carmen Bill Mr. and Mrs. W. Murray Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Hildebrand Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Mijacek Euclid Quality Meat Market Methodist Youth Fellowship of East Shore Methodist Church Mrs. F. G. Gabriel Neil Smith Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Rose Miss Belva Jean xliuchenbacker Miss Cornelia A. Kuchenbacker Mr. and Mrs. W. Horn Marie Heyne Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Rider Mr. and Mrs. Watt Shore Dairy Grill Mr. and Mrs. Morella Mrs. A. Weber Keith Hulsman Mr. Darrell Wickson Mr. justin J. McCarthj Mr. William Weir Mrs. John M. Hahn William Grossman Mrs. C. F. Schreiber Mr. A. J. Straka rage Ezglityftlrree Page Eigl1ty'f0uT We, the business staff would at this time like to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to the ad- vertisers a n d boosters in helping to make this book into what we feel is a suc- cess. --- -2e:::: -4::::: fo-QoQc:31:::::l:::: Fonsoon SERVICE -' , s E E 1' r H RALPH MCCLUHG 5 0 , Q , f 5 I ll l .. u H I1 3 0 5 r II 13608 St. Clair Avenue NIU. 4000 , E 0 1::n:n: I:::: ::::,,:: I:1:: ::: :,,::::::: ' l Congratulations to the 1942 Class C , A N D R 0 N I 5 . . SHOE REPAIR ' 21900 Lake Shore Blvd. "Use your shoes and save your tires H R. L. CHRISTIE When we repa' th -th y l k l k new H U :QQ Q-oaoctttt I Q Wickliffe Lumber Co. WILDWOOD FLORAL ' LLOYD ROAD H "Tell Us When and Where 17750 lite ??fgAe Blvd' We'll Be There" ' l Your Country Cousin KE 0624 ORCHIDS ' ' ' Cena ly U HARLEY L. CLARKE II ll iDO00000012::::bo4:::::v1:::1::vc:::vc::l::j P ge Eight Iztyfsivc King Cole Drive In 17901 Lake Shore Blvd. "Where Friends Meet" :::::p00q:::::: :::::ro4::::::1:: :::4 I I I Pi: :::::::: ::::l:: ::l:::v4:::s4:::bo4:::: Robert S. Jameson R E A L T O R "Keeper of the Keys" Main Office Branch Ojice 18950 Lake Shore 21272 Lake Shore KE. 3164 KE. 3166 -A-------- ---- - --:1::::4:---v-- 17 I II II II II II II II II IVANHOE 6868 We Telegraph to All Parts of the Country Lake Shore Florist FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS 18322 Lake Shore Blvd Cleveland, O. Il In II II II II H I -----------: -::::AA::::::::::q: F- --------- -A------ A :::::::- II II II i II II II II II II II II II II II II II I'I II I RECORDS BLUEBIRD - DECCA - VICTOR COLUMBIA - OKEI-I ... A T - Herb Fitzgerald's RADIO SHOP 635 E. 185 KE. 1313 - --A----:bQt::::r4::::::rooo-cv- 'T II II :I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I -:boo4:------- ft1:::l:::l::::l::::::::::::::b9::::bot::: Moss Point Hardware Sherwin Williams Paints Lawn and Garden Seeds Fertilizer and Tools Plumbing and Heating Supplies 22030 Lake Shore Blvd. IV. 2757 Herff - Jones Company Designers and Manufacturers of School and College Class Rings and Pins Graduation Announcements Medals and Trophies Representatwe Virgil Wire Indianapolis, Ind. Y4::::p4:::: ::p4:::1::::::::::::::1::::e II II II IE Compliments of the I H1LLwooo MFG. coMPANY a::-A- ---::::: --- v Y4?'A-:--- -:::: II I Paramount Finance 55 Company I Auto Financing Personal Loans :I Thos. B. Roope, Manager II 6014 Euclid Avenue KE. 4340 II :: ::::o:::::l: --:cv -v---o T 0 W N CLEANERS ODORLESS CLEANING nqffo Same Day Service in Euclid Garments Insured Against Fire and Theft Same Location Since 1912 8523 Hough Avenue Ga. 2613 qqov--- ----oQoo---v-ocoQ ----------:l:':l:----A- '- ftv --.v.v-v- - ----v-- v-- "Ser'vice Witlz a Smile" EUCLID DAIRY CD. 515 East 200 St. KE. 0515 ----A-- -A------:nz--:l:----1q:::p1::: ------v:l:-------- -- ---- BILL'S CLOTI-IIERS EVERYTHING FOR MEN AND YOUNG MEN TWO STORES 618 E. 185 - St. Clair Ave. at 152nd St. fo1:--:b4:-:l:- II II II II II II II II CLETRACI C R A W L E R TRACTORS A nother Euclid lndustry The Cleveland Tractor Co. I 19300 Euclid Ave. :::::po4:::po9c:::::l:: :::p4::::po4::: II II II II II II I II II I I I II II II I II II II II II I I I II II II I II II II II II II I II II Compliments of a FRIEND Compliments of The Continental Products Co Euclid, Ohio "Paint Manufacturers" II II II II II II II II II II II II II II I II II II II 1 II II II II II II II II ' II II II II II II I II II II II I I I 4 Page Eiglttvsu en 0999 99900 1 I I COMPLIMENTS OF THE EUCLID CRANE AND HDIST CD. EUCLID, OHIO Manufacturers of Electric and Hand Power Overhead and Travel g C Electric Hoists and Trolleys Miscellaneous Hoist g d Conveying Machinery ------ -:oo4:-----:b4:-:1:-:l:----- 494:---:pt-3,4 990-QQQQQQQ 1 1 :hoc-----Y - ----- - - ----- , ,,.- - ---3004:-gpq:---:bot---:boq:-fp4:-:bo0C I 2 5 I M- The EUCLID NEWS - J DURNAL p4:--:l:-:soc :v4:::vl -- - ::po4::::::::4:::::::: 14: ---- z gli v-----:pc,--,-,v ...... - Compliments of the AUSTIN COMPANY :::::::94::::::: ST U R M'S MARKET KE. 1881 678 E. 185 St .,4 1 rooQ9o9 ' 0 5 I, The WRIGHT STORE II " 696 East 185th E Dry Goods - Furn sh ngs - Sho 5 "It's Wright to be Thrifty" b UQQQQQQ ::q V E :I Compliments THEEUCLID BHUDEN SE l CONSTRUCTION Co. :ELECTRIC AND j g MANUFACTURING l l CUMPANY Q SCCCUO, l z.. - -vvv:l:v:po4:::::::p4::::::l:::::-- l I E MANNER'S DRIVE IN CHICKEN ON THE ROUGH Always the place to g After a dance or shonfl ---:pc:::::::::pq:::::ro4::::p4:: cocoa:--- BRAWN'S l Conlectionary 8: Dairy Store QQQ l Ice Cream - Sodas - Sundaes an High Grade Candies a d P t ' Q 22078 Lake Shore Blvd. IV 1033 ll y,::1:::: :::::v4:::::va::::::l:::::::::v4 be The Wean Engineering Co. Warren, Ohio 22800 Lakeland Blvd. f 3 5 2 ,,, g::::pQ4::1QQ4:- ..... - Compliments of the Dille Road Lumber C o m p a I1 y 1420 Dille Road KE. 0592 I ll I! H ll ll Il ll ll 2 ll 0 ooooo0o :ve ft-3-1-:rc--:CA--:bot ---- -:94::::::: 'TUCKER SHOES QUALITY SHOES - Expertly Fitted For dress or sport, always newest styl e Fitted by X-Ray 1 ll ll 0 ll H ll mn ll H ll ll H ll mn H ll ll l : .::::::r9oQ4::::voc:::boc:::h4::9-Q P g Egl Page Ninety f::r4::::: :::: :::: ::sQQ1.::uoq::p::.: 11: :QQ-Qn:::::::pQQq0 PREPARED T0 SERVE ANY BUSINESS . ANY ORGANIZATION Today, the watchword in business as well as government is pre- paredness . . . to be so equipped in methods, machines, and man power as to meet every emergency that may arise. just as a business should prepare to carry on successfully under changing world conditions, so graduates should continue their training. They should strive to gain knowledge by continued study and practical experience in office procedures. A working knowledge of Addressograph-Multigraph methods that bring better and more economical results from work necessary in every office, is a distinct advantage to young men and women just starting their business careers. It helps them obtain employment more easily because of the increased value of their services. ADDRESSUGRAPH-IVIULTIGRAPII CORP. CLEVELAND, OHIO Sales Agencies in Principal Cities i b -34:-:D-1:-:roocf Y ----- Compliments of THE TAYLOR AND BOCGIS EOUNDRY COMPANY Manufacturers of Light Grey Iron Castings 1261 Babbitt Road Euclid, Ohio 999-oo-4:--190001:--104:--A ---- :recog- COMPLIMENTS OF THE SHORE P.T.A. ,,,,,,, Nottingham Dry Cleaning Company ODORLESS CLEANING We own and operate our own Plant PRESSING - - - REPAIRING REMODELING 18127 St. Clair Avenue We Call For and Deliver "Service is our Motto" Ke, 0595 COMPLIMENTS OF S H O R E B O W L Shore Drive-In Ohio's Finest Bowling Lanes" - A N D - The Place to Meet the Gang for "Sh " G d Food ore oo 22400 Lake Shore Blvd. Euclid, Ohio Congratulations To The Class of 1942 CROCKETT CLEANERS 22490 Lake Shore Blvd. KE 6630 "You'll Like Our Service Qgausoooo-C OC-:QQ Page Ninetylone S E Y W E R T' S SERVICE STATIONS D L ke Shore Blvd at East 222 St. KE. 9779 Lakeland Blvd. at Babbitt Rd. IV. 9578 T II Nottingham Hardware Co. 5 PAINT - GLASS - BRUSHES LL Electrical and Plumbing Supplies " 18707 St. Clair Avenue Iv. 0665 We Deliver II ll tl ll II :oi A R K 0 'S RESTAURANT 1170 Babbitt Road Euclid,Ohio o1:::::::: ::1::1c:1c: "lt is Better to Know Us and Not Need Us Than to Need Us and Not Know Us." Silas E. Richards 'x9'D9 KE 2900 Cor. Huntmere Ave. 15230 Lake Shore Blvd. EDDIE'S SERVICE S T A T I 0 N Texaco Gasoline .Qooo41:4:::p4:-:pqo4:-:p-4:-:i:-:I:- -zpoooo-QQ ------ ----------A----v-:---v - --,,--I--,-,-----v--- Floyd B. Siein, Inc. "Our Coal Makes Warm Friends" B bb tt Road at Nick I Pl te Euclid, Ohio :: ::::::ro:: Smiih's Restaurant and Barbecue, Inc. "Good Food is Good Health" LUNCHEUNS - - DINNERS ACCOMMODATIONS for PRIVATE PARTIES 22305 Lake Shore Blvd. JOHN VIDRICK KE. 2792 JOHN POLSON -- - -:r-1:--:1:-- - - -94:-3g----- -----9cY v14:-:p4: All Types of Small Appliances Glenmoni Home App. Co. 21946 Lake Shore Boulevard KE. 5566 Euclid, Ohio Radios, Ranges, Ironers, Refrigerators, land Washing Machines St. Clair Coal and Supply Co. Building Material and Coal 20300 St. Clair Ave. Cleveland, O. KE. 6000 p4:--A- - - -- -::p4:::-1---9-oc--- ::::34::1c:::b-q:::l:::l:::p-Qc4:::pct::l:::po-o1 I The BLISS ROAD COAL if AND SUPPLY C0. 3 2 "We Also Carry Cement Blocks" ll I 2229-0 Lakeland Blvd KE. osos I, ll II ll -1c-t----:ot--3c---:ot-j - --- ---:rc --.,-:l:-:l:-:l:--:Iz- lb ll II ll The School on the Square 3 11 I Wilcox College of Commerce 3 H R. N. WILCOX, President MA. 2425 " E ::pcot::o4:::l::::::I:::poooq:::I Page N THE FRIENDSHIP CLUB ...CODE "AS A GIRL RESERVE I WILL TRY TO BE: Gracious in manner I mpartial in judgment R eady for service Loyal to friends Reaching toward th E arnest in purpose S eeing the beautifu e best l E ager for knowledge R everent to God V ictorious over self E ver dependable S incere at all times. 73 PURPOSE: "TO FIND AND GIVE THE BEST" :v04:A:btAAA1"-AA-A---A---' 5 :::-- :::o-:so4:::vo4:::l::::voooQo4:::l:::l:::::: - --- ------- 1 4: ,,,,,,,: 1::::I: ,::::::::,.......T: ll AUTHORIZED DEALERS for 11 BULOVA 1: ---- GRUEN gg CONVENIENT ELGIN 0 BUDGET TERMS WESTFIELD 11 N0 Extra Charge and --l- HAMILTON ll WATCHES ii ll ELWITT JEWELRY C0 " . ll 690 East 185tl1 Street E Pt:t:::,t::,t::,:t::,:':::3t::t3:33?43i1 II ll II fl ll n 55 Moss Pomt Cleaners I ll ll EE Tailors and Furriers H fl Established 11 Years l II ll ff Phone KE. 0719 E Q 22044 Lake Shore Blvd. 1 1:3::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::?i Page N17ICf5"fllllV 99-91: Compliments of A. S. C. M. C. S M I T H BUILDER OF QUALITY Ke. 2436 81 East 216th St. Euclid, Ohio :Q-oc::p4:::1:::1::o-q::1::bo-1:::bo-od J: -'-'--- -- -- ---A 'xc-A::oc::::::A::::: vooQo:ei THE PARADE STUDIOS --- :::p4:::::14:::bo4:::::::::p4:::::::: :l:-1- icc06Q Self-Powered Hauling Equipment For Earth, Rock, Coal, Ore The EUCLID ROAD MACHINERY CO. 1361 Chardon Rd. Euclid, Ohio - - - ----A ::: ::1q:::p94:::l::::I: -:poo-:r4:-J:-:p-o4:,----, - Page N Nine GREAT LAKES LITHOGRAPH COMPANY LITHOGRAPHING SPECIALIZING IN FOLDERS - CATALOGUES - BROADSIDES MAILING PIECES - LABELS, ETC. Exceptionally Fine Halftone Work REASONABLE PRICES ESTIMATES GLADLY FURNISHED 112 HAMILTON AVENUE CH 5020 Q4- 4 I'C if 4, v I ' v u .- Y n . 0 1 Z O .ga A i ' 5 ,I X U J ' Q5 W ? ff A .LL H Y ' --'-'-'-211114 , 99 ef! - ,Q Hamgmdm feagwvaw 777 0fCz5WfDfffff5'j'f5? eeDwfL Clwqbflfafg Q Eiga, my Q Bmw, 10:9 ACE? EWIQQQ -jfmcgpc Un OMdLQfAKd,u ,aj wjWxJ,5ff3 631152 aff can me OW JK 660 gh, :ff ?TQe7ff86L0 6? fvjhmgggb Agfjgkiip Qjfze, YJJWQ6 7215? Q7 Q22 M0 ,Q TBM, in QQ G uf fa aff Q CL Dafa? 53166559 aff' F yes 521 Q DCM, Omg Cl wvmdf MCU wfjf, in wing ffwnm 0,71-yyja Ex Vhiiw ECZUAZK Yfff O XD 0?f1ffU1f-g 2Q 5' i"" Www tgwgiwk yo 7770! Egwgnezicagg fig CN Q 777434 gm C5252 Gig? ,AMXQLZ Qc, C5 2 Wfafigcglji Q eegffbvifg 6520 ig 5 B O W O U Z0 WwWCfwQ4mA W6 eeygwjju E188 gogimfficoc ee 77 Zifzg 9 6 Q0 QQ? 52 Q41 ULU 99 Cf QW W Q06 Gdsjv f 712 6 . 'b 4b H 5pM?!6d Q afyznql ffzf

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