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mf ,ZTEVM Q22 ef? ww WW J 57341 Qwwxoiw ZKXMQ il WWW WWMEMQ E12 f QQfffCfff is ,Wm 2595529 553-f4,ifq47f744yp qi gy Mxwmwm 2 . 5wf4Wf9MWL t WW? WJ WWM4W,gV5Hg,ZfjjV2Qw,Z'f MW 50-fffm M , . . MMQEQWQMQZQEQ Q. J W' Wifi 49 f vf -mm Q Ziglfwfbg iwilfwiiw WWj,Q,MfuwfgQ E035 jJfc,,ecj'7? gi Sfwkgiw GEEKMQQKW WWW? gilgigwgjgw Mum yfbffwfg W 2 i . Lfdwaiixx b Qffhgffmo f cf ZMWW ' A2 QM' filii fa Wjiwzg M i 'dfidfgzwg Wfiifgg I 'X X' l . .. '. T . , , . 0 ..:,L,7,:,:,:,e I , f wg xo, '::4'.ff'... .-f,:.:0:-fr: g.g,'.'.'.',-. ,a o'.'.',',' ,n,..... , 4 s . - , . c..',:,-...Q 8. ,O - . Lfozqffzzr - 4 v - - , nxflfrl Stadium El-GB-CE Zlnniiw H1111 Zin Aitmh Uhr Natinnal lgrrmirrr nf its 1941 lgrngram Elunr - - - 1941 Eurlih Svhnrr Svtuhina Eurlih, Cmhin Page Tw FOREWORD The 1941 class of Shore High School invites you to visit the L-O-G Studios during the first complete presentation of its accomplishments duringits years at Shore. This broadcast of station L - O - G will be devoted to the interests of the 1941 class. The members of this class feel that they have achieved things which they would like to remember and you would like to see. Therefore, they are inviting you to accompany them as they review these accomplishments. 449. DEDICATION To the pioneers of equal educational opportunity who held the ideal of higher learning for every individual always before them, we, the Class of 1941 hereby dedicate this book. These fore- runners of our modern system of education are worthy of the honor we bestow. ::::::::Jcoq:: :bot---:b4:,J:-zpotrzpatcn: Invitation ........,............. Foreword and Dedication Shore High Alma Mater Entrance to School .,,...., President of Network, Board of Directors Station Manager, Program Directors Script Writers, Commentators Foreign Correspondents, Soundmen Electrical and Chemical Engineers Mathematical Engineers Business Staff, Health Advisers Technicians .,......... Senior Intermissions .,... january Graduates ....... June Graduates .,..... Amateur Hour ..,. Junior Class .....e.. Sophomore Class .,.... Freshman Class ......, Underclass Intermissions Better Music Program .,.. Recreation Hour ..... Behind the Mike ..,,.,.. Sports Revue .......,.., Senior Class Prophecy., 3C Page Fo My True Shore High Green is the springtime, White is the snowy Shore, Colors that I adore, Of our Shore High. Springtime may pass away, Snow linger but a day, But thee 1'll love for aye, 0ur Shore High dear! Dear are the mem'ries, Golden the days of yore, When we acquired lore, At old Shore High! Time may bring vain regret, Sorrows may irk and fret, Yet thee I'll ne'er forget, My true Shore High! The Euclid Shore Broadcasting Studios if President oi Network Mr. Erwine is the president of our net' work. He is the superintendent of the Euclid School system. This system includes Euclid Shore, Euclid Central, Roosevelt, Upson, and Noble. Although he has been with us for just two years, his interest and diligence in the betterment of Euclid schools has benef fited the network as a whole. RUSSELL H. ERWINE Superintendent Board oi Directors Every successful organization has a Board of Directors and the Euclid network of schools is no exception. The Board of Education fills this position. With the idea of keeping Euclid Schools worthy of il city as progressive as Euclid, the Board of Education is continually striving to improve the Euclid system. Worlcing with this idea in mind are its members: Mr, Alexander Apple, Mr. Glenn Evans, Mr. William Hecker, Mr. joseph Maddox and Mr. Ray Turk. TOP ROW-vice-president, Alexander Apple, Jesse O. Evans, president, William F. Hecker. FRONT ROVVV-joseph T. Maddox, superintendent of Euclid Schools, Russell H. Erwine. Raymond J. Turk. Page Six Station Manager As the station manager or principal, Leonard E. Loos has devoted his efforts to maintaining the highest type of education at Shore High School. Dr. Loos deserves a great deal of credit, for it is due to his wise management, guidance, and loyal sup' port that Shore and its students have achieved such outstanding success. LEQNARD E. LQQS Principal Program Directors To keep the programs running smoothly and efficiently, it is necessary to have skilled directors. Shore is fortunate in having Miss Albrecht as its Dean of girls, Mr. Peake as its Dean of boys, and Mr. Voorhees as Director of Pupil Personnel. Our Dean of girls is in complete charge of the attendance records besides being the counselor of the girls. Our Dean of boys is a friend and adviser to every student. He also has charge of placement and vocational problems. His guidance is appreciated by every student. He takes charge of all testing. Our director of pupil personnel likes to feel that he is like a "liaison officer" be' tween home and school. He is known as a friend to a great ni mber of students. B. HOWARD PEAKE ELSA ALBRECHT LEONARD YOORHEES Dean of Boys Dean of Girls Director of Pupil Personnel Pdgc' .Wg .. 1 S EM M ff! ,flv 399' ' LUCILLE AINGWORTH LESTER ANGENE English English, Speech, Dramatics PERA CAMPBELL English ROBERT BANDLOW ANNETTE PIERSON Economics, Social Studies English, Social Studies WALTER SCHWEGLER STANLE Y WHITESIDE History, Social Studies History, Government Script Writers g The main purpose of the English courses are to teach the students to read well, write well, and speak well. These purposes are included in four years of training. Each year the student is gradually helped along the road to perfection and during the last semester of his senior year, his previous training is reviewed in brief repeat courses of grammar and literature. Miss Aingworth, Miss Campbell, and Mr. Angene are the full-time English instructors of Station LfOfG. They have planned together, the schedule to he followed for the four years and have worked in close coordination in teaching their students to "read well, write well, and speak wellfl Commentators In a day of crises and uncertainty, one of the most influential elements involved in patriotism and faith in one's country is the news commentator. It is he who inf terprets all the news and history which reaches the ears of his listeners, and unless he is well aware of the ref sponsibility of his position, he may easily make false and misleading impressions. The careful and trustworthy commentators of Station LfOfG are Miss Pierson, Mr. Bandlow, Mr. Schwegler, and Mr. Whiteside. The latter three specialize in eco- nomic, international, and national phases respectively. It is through their guidance, understanding, and analytic powers that the listeners of Station LfOfG are given an accurate account of actual circumstances in the world today. Page Eight f -M ,-., . -.. . . ...-.. ,-.- Foreign Correspondents Keeping up with the foreign news are our foreign corf respondents, Mr. Vaccariello, Miss Delamater, and Miss Williams. These three people, by keeping in touch with the countries whose languages they teach, send on to the listening audience of Station LfOfG a very complete picture of the "Old World". Covering every phase of foreign news, they transmit the history and current events in German and French, besides the basic language, Latin. With words of their own, we close this broadcast saying ,"Auf wiedersehnf' "Au revoir," and "Vale," Soundmen An important part of every radio station are the soundmen. Doubly important at Station LfOfG are Mr. Beck and Mr. Teeter who not only furnish our station with sound effects but also with the fine music for which it is known. In their efforts to make the music of our network rank with the best, they have brought to the many listeners of our station many enjoyable hours filled with solos, group singing, ensembles, orchestra and band numbers. ' Page Nine E- ADELINE DELAMATER JANE WILLIAMS French, English Latin, German ANTHONY VACCARIELLO General Language, English JOHN BECK JAMES TEETER Vocal Miisic liistriivrieiitiil Nfiisic T0 JAMES CEBI-IART ROBERT PHILLIPS Biology, Science Chemistry, Physics, Science ROY SHARROCK HARRY SPANGLER Science Biology ARBERY KUHLIVIAN A r t EDITH LEMON HETTY ROSENBERCER Home Economics Home Economics Electrical and Chemical Engineers The mysteries of science are unfolded to unsuspecting Shore students by Mr. Phillips, Mr. Spangler, and Mr. Gebhart. The department of science prepares its students for a better understanding and appreciation of science. Including the courses of physics, chemistry, biology and general science, the Shore student is able to secure an ex' cellent foundation in these fields. In the more genteel phase of the engineering depart' ment are Miss Rosenberger, Miss Lemon, and Mrs. Kuhlf man who teach cooking, sewing, and art, respectively. Theirs is the department which constitutes an important part of our setfup in the studios. The girls are taught to plan, prepare and serve meals and to make their own clothing. Besides, both boys and girls are encouraged and aided in developing their artistic ability in the art and ceramics classes. The electrical and chemical engineers are a very inf teresting and successful division of the studios and offer a practical knowledge for the future. Their technical services are indispensable. Page Ten Technical Engineers The practical and basically important problems of Sta' tion LfOfG are managed by the mathematical engineers. It is they who calculate and estimate and figure sums that are never even thought of by the very people who enjoy the finished product which was made possible by such calculation. The intricacies of such a department are almost utterly foreign, yet directly beneficial to all the listeners of Sta' tion L-OfG. Only if these workers were to suddenly stop their work altogether would their true value and neccsf sity be in any measure appreciated. In such position, in the studios of LfQfG are Mrs. Wilson, Mr..Case, Mr. Hinch, Mr. Pohto, Mr. Stubbart, Mr. Vaughn, and Mr. Rhoades. Mrs. Wilson specializes in algebra and geometry, Mr. Case, shopg Mr. Hinch, general mathematics: Mr. Pohto, mechanical drawingg Mr. Stubbart, trigonometry, solid geometry, shop mathematics and algebra, Mr. Vaughn, printing and journalism, and Mr. Rhoades, junior high mathematics. Page Eleven ROY HINCH PAUL RHOADES Mathematics, Social Studies .Nlathematics l. lvl. STUBBART BEULAH WILSCN Mathematics Algebra, Geometry FQRD CASE S h 0 p JGHN POHTO CHARLES XAUCHN Mechanical Drawing journalism. Printing ,,a. 2 1g I LOU I SE DARST ALEXANDER FARQUHAR Stenography, Bookkeeping, Business, Business English Office Practice jUNE Pl-IYPERS Typing DOROTHY CILL CLARENCE SWACKHAIVIER Physical Education Physical Education IRENE HORVATH DR. NAMEN Nurse School Physician Business Staff The business staff of any organization forms a vital department through which all forms of contact and communication flow. Books are balanced, bills and checks are writteng all types of stenographic work are carried on as the business department reckons for the activities and expenditures of the entire studio. On the business staff of Station l..fOfG are Miss Darst, stenography, bookkeeping and office practiceg Mr. Far- quhar, business and Business Englishg and Miss Phypers, typing. To these people Station LfOfG owes a great deal for efficient operation and well managed organization. Health Advisers Health, being of utmost importance to everyone conf nected with Station L-OfG, the studios are provided with four upholders of the principles of good health. All are concerned with prevention of illness as well as treatment and cure. Miss Gill and Mr. Schwackhammer are the health directors who conduct regular physical education classes. Miss Horvath and Dr. Namen are the nurse and doc' tor who attend to illnesses and defects which are found among the employees of the studio. Page 'Twelve Technicians No radio station is complete without its "men behind the scenes" and Station LfOfG is no exception. In the office are always found the three familiar faces of Mrs. Crampf ton, Miss Stray and Miss Anderson. Because of efficient service their numerous and detailed duties are carried out expertly. Apart from the bustle of high school corridors and class rooms, Miss McCaleb, Shore librarian, is found. Alf ways willing to lend a helpful hand in any "crisis" she makes an easier task of 'finding "the" book. Here in her secluded spot, the student may escape to lands un' known. One of the most versatile workers in the studio is Mr. Bones, Shore custodian. He has complete charge of the building and maintenance. To him one must go to get everything from clipping a lock to moving furniture. This is indeed a "man behind the scenes." Page Thirteen BETTY ANDERSON MARY CTR-XXIPTOX DOROTHY STRAY LAURA IvIcCAl.EB Librarian ARTHUR BONES PAUL XX INTERN Custodian Y .-Xutt Drum M.-go Q Ny .lv :,,. .. xi i Z-X W ff-f'ff'37 ' ' , , 1 we a .. W ,, X1 L ' 5 '11, f a f ' ' H N 4 j it 6 Ew l ujvf.. QA fff, 5 f it T 5 lvgg, ra'-4 Q A Q' 4 rig fx l 3.5. inf . ' ' 7 1 dsx 'xtp' nytia ix S Q 1 -' ,!.'L,'5 'f5e2'fQW?Mxxmm.4 ffim' 53Q ,, ff 2 'W ft., an 2 - X V b ,s 1 . . ggfsggg in 4? 'wif ,xxx 'f"Y W 355- 13 , ! 5 .S 9 3. g:1 -:Q M ,L vlff Q K ,Mx ,. F 55'-' fr if T My-5 WW' Q4 Q Q 34 in b vrlnn Q g'4 Q5 'O si Ianuary Class ROBERT FELKER, president JEAN COUPE, secretary MARY DEMPSEY, treasurer JOHN ARKO "I never had a chance" Clubs 1, 2, 3. K.. WILLIAM BANTEL "Wake up and sing" HifY 4g Football 3g Wrestling Orchestra 3. 4. Chorus 4. RUTH CLARE "You can depend on me" Friendship 3, 4g G.L.C. 2, 3, 4. I une Class DAVID BUERKEL, president ROBERT GILL, -vice-president MARY DRIVER, secretary ROBERT ROOSMA, treasurer RUTH CONRAD "So shy" National Honor Society 43 Cluhs 2, 3g Senior play 4g Chorus l. JEAN COUPE "Pa1fsie Walfsie" Student Council 1, 2, 3: C LC 1, 2, 3, 43 C. A. C. 3, 4g Rohcd Choir 1, 2g Orchestra l, 2, 31 Chorus 1. 2g Class Secretary 4g Friendship 41 Prom 33 Banquet 4. LIUNE DAVIES "Golden Girl" Class Viccfprcsidcnt 4: Glcc Club l, 3, 41 Chorus 2, 43 Brcczc 43 Annual staff 4: Friendship 3, 43 Clubs 2: C. A. C. 3: C. I.. C, 3, 41 Senior play 41 Rohcd Choir Z. Page Fifteen 'X ' .C P1 ..-1 it RV! nel! ' ar' ' 1 P33 -1 . f4 an 'Z' 17" ., s, ,gif ,y iff y . 4 fy: it 4 3 AW f MARY DEMPSEY "Trust in me" Student Council 1, 2, Treasurer 3, 4, Advisory Board 3, 4g Clubs 1, 2, 3, Friendship President 4: G. A. C. 3, 4, G. L. C. 1, 43 Girls' Glee Club 1, 3, 43 Chorus 2, 4, Class Vicefpresident lg Senior play 4, Class treasurer 43 Prom 33 Annual 4. ROBERT FELKER "A grand fellow" Student Council 1g HifY 2, 3, 43 Class President 3, 4, Prom 3g Bas' ketball 2, 3, 41 Baseball 3, 43 Foot' ball 31 Clubs 2. EVELYN FIER "ld ratlier lead a band" Band 3, 4, Orchestra 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, Glee Club 1, 2, Whirlo 2, National Honor Society 4. BETTY FOLLIS "Sl1e's got that pep and go" HAROLD KOVACIC "Where am I?" Clubs 1, 2, 3, 4. CLARENCE MALZ "I'm dreaming with my eyes wide open" EVELYN MIESE "Sincere at all times" Clubs 1, 2, 3, 4g Senior play 4. JOHN NEBE "Dust ojjf that old piano" G. L. C. 1, 2, 3, 4, G. A. C. sg Chorus 1, 2, 3, 49 Breeze 3, r Friendship 2, 33 Class President 2, Ribbed Choir 21 33 Dame Band 49 Class Treasurer 4, Student Council Male Chofus 43 SCUIOY Play 43 4, Breeze Zg Chorus 1. BERTHA HOMOVEC "Rollin' along" Cheerleading 1g Clubs 2, 3, 4. MARGARET QUEEN "Footloose and fancy free" Chorus 13 Clubs 3, 4' Friendship 3, 43 Chorus 1, Glee Page Sixteen Club 21 Ad Committee 3, 4g An nual Staff 4, Class Secretary 1, CAROL RAND "'Tl1ere's a secret in my heartl' Student Council 3g Chorus 2g Friendship 3, Banquet 4. EMMA SKCFF "Stay as sweet as you are" Friendship 3, Glee Club 1, 4g Na' tional Honor Society 43 Clubs 1, 2, 3. ELEANOR STARINA "Sweet and simple" Friendship 3, 45 G. A. C. 3, 4g Breeze 31 Whirlo 2. HELEN LUSTIG "Silence is Golden JOE WATERWASH "I was lucky" I'IifY 3, 4, Golf 33 Clubs 4. RUTH WRIGHT "The girl with the dreamy eyes" Friendship 1, 2, 4g Whirlo 31 Sen- ior play 4g Chorus 23 Glee Club Secretary 2, Vicefpresident 3: Stu- dent Council 4. LOUISE ZIEGLER "Eyes that are smiling" Friendship 1, 2, 4, Whirlo 3, Glee Club President 3, Chorus 1, Clubs 1. -v Salutatorian 4g Senior play 4. WILLIAM PALKO "Sportsman deluxe" Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4g Football 1, 2, 3, Hockey 2, 3, 4g Baseball 4: Track 3, 4g I'IifY 2, 3, 41 Vice' president 2, Breeze Council 1g Prom 3. 3, 41 Student ? AQ Page N 1 4" ,2.,.,, mm DOROTHY ANDERSON "She walks in beauty" Entered from East High in senior year, Friendship 4, Girls' Glee Club 4. MARGARET ANDREWS "She's a good fellow . . too" Ad Committee 3, 4, Friendship 2, 3, Publicity Manager 4, G. L. C. 1, 2, 3, 4, G. A. C. 1, 2, 3, Vicef president 4, Annual 4, Prom 3, National Honor Society 3, 4, Senf ior play 4, Senior Assembly, Quill and Scroll 4. FRANCES ARKO 'Tm lost for words" Prom 3, Friendship 2, 3, 4, Whirlo 2, Secretary 3, 4, Girls' Glee Club 4, Chorus 4. LOIS BAKER "Sweet and small" G. A. C. 1, 3, 4, Friendship 2, 3, 4, Chorus 3. EDNA BAUGHMAN "Her spirits are as high as her voice" Friendship 3, 4, Prom 3, Breeze 4, G. A. C. 4, Chorus 3, Clubs 1, 2, 3. GLADYS BERNER "Vi-rn, vigor and vitality" Friendship 2, 3, Program Chair' man 4, G. A. C. 1, 2, 3, 4, G. L. C. 4, Modern Dance 3, President 4, Prom Chairman 3, Breeze 3, 4, Girls' Glee Club 4, Chorus 1, 2, 4, Annual staff 4, Senior play 4, Senior assembly 4, Senior banquet 4. NANCY BLACKWELL "She doesrft say much, but . G. L. C. 3, 4, Friendship 2, 3, 4, G. A. C. 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, 4, Girls, Glee Club 4, Breeze 4, Annual staff 4, Prom 3, Senior play 4. LOUIS BLASE "Hercules was a mighty mari" Wrestling 4: Band 1. RAE BAUER GEORGIA BLOOD "Ready with a helping hand" HA Georgia Pfafhn Friendship 2, 3, 4, Robed Choir G- L- C- 43 F1'iCUdShiP 2- 3, 43 2, 3, 4g Prom 3,5 Annual Staff 4. G. A. C. 4, Student Council Treas' Page Ei ghteeri urer 4, Chorus 4, Girls' Glee Club 4, Prom 3, Senior play 4. Egg? ,,, .I ,.4 . - .4 as .,. '21Vf"' H,- eww J -..s MARGARET BOLZ "Goes with the crowd" Friendship 2, 3, 4, Whirlo 2, 3, 4: Girls' Glee Club 4, Chorus 4, G. A. C. 1, Prom 3. BERTHA BOZIC 'Talkative and thinlqativen Student Council 1, Chorus 3, G. A. C. 3, 4, Clubs 1, 2, 3. MARIE BRIGLEB "Shes independent" Friendship 3, 4, Prom 3, Chorus 1, 2, Annual staff 4, Clubs 1, 2, 3, 4. DAVID BUERKEL 'KAn unconscious humor" Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Hockey 3, 4, Baseball, Student Council 3, I-lifY 3, 4, Orchestra 1, Track 1, An- nual staff 4, Breeze 4, Prom 3, Class Vicefpresident 3, President 4. BETTY CASTELLI "A flash on wheels" Whirlo President 2, 3, 4, Annual staff 4, Girls' Glee Club 4, Chorus 4, Friendship 4, Clubs 2, 3. BARBARA COX "just Nan and Babsn G. A. C. 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary' Treasurer 4, Breeze 4, G. L. C. 3, Secretary 'Treasurer 4, Annual staff 4, Friendship 2, 3, Vicefpresf ident 4, Prom 3, Girls' Glee Club 4, Chorus 1, 2, 4, Senior banquet 4. is If 4 'E BOB BROWETT "Grin and bear it" Track 4, HifY 4. BETTY BROWN JEANNE COX "A rugged individualistn Friendship 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, 4, Modern Dance 3, Prom 3, Clubs 1. NORBERT DELUGA fu.. KP Where there s music, she s Not a bad guy dancing" HifY 2, 3, 4, Chorus 4, Track 2, Q Breeze 4, Friendship 2, 3, 4, Chorf Clubs 1, us 2, 3, 4, Girls' Glee Club 4, Prom 3. Page Nineteen PAT DICKSON "Three cheers for Miss Dickson" Friendship 3, 4, Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Girls' Glee Club 4, Chorus 4, G. A. C. 1. GORDON DONKIN "Rock of Gibraltar" Football 2, 3, 4, Hockey 2, 3, 4, Wrestliiig 1, 2, 3, HifY 3, 4, Prom 3, Track 3, Chorus 4, Breeze 4, Band 1, 2, Senior play 4, Movie operator 1, 2, 3, 4. JANIS DOUGHTY "An infectious giggle" Chorus 2, 3, 4, Friendship 4, An' nual staff 4, Prom 3, Breeze 4, G. A. C. 1, Clubs 1, 2, 3. MARY DRIVER l'Read5', willing and able" G. A. C. 1, 2, 3, President 4, Ad Com. 2, 3, 4, G. L. C. 1, 2, Presif dent 3, 4, Student Council 3, Sec' retary 3, Vicefpresident 4, Friendf ship 2, 3, Social Program Chair' man 4, National Honor Society 3, President 4, Annual 4, Girls' Glee Club 4, Prom Chairman 3, Class Secretary 4, Banquet 4, Senior play 4: Quill and Scroll 4. WILLIAM EPAVES "The king of wit" HifY 3, 4, Chorus 4, Senior play 4. Page Twenty JANE FERRIS "Petitness personified" Friendship 2, 4, Whirlii 2, 3, 4, Girls' Glee Club 4: Band 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Clubs 2. MARLYN GATES "The Greeks have no word for it" Breeze 4, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Friend' ship 1, 4, Girls' Glee Club 4, Quill .ind Scroll 4. ROBERT GILL "The best in brains" Ad Committee 3, 4, Breeze 4: Hockey Manager 3, 4, Annual Edif tor 4, Debate Club 4, HifY 4, Class Vicefpresident 4, Prom 3, Senior Banquet 4, National Honor Society 4, Male Chorus 4. Senior play 4, National Forensic lfague 4, Quill and Scroll 4. NORMAN GORG "The printing type" Ad Committee 2, 3, 4, Breeze 3, 4, Wrestling 2, Clubs 1, 2, Log 4. NANCY GROSSMAN "Busy as a bee" Breeze 3, Editor 4, Friendship 3 Vicefpresident and President 4, Modern Dance 3,.Secretary-Treasf urer 4, G. L. C. 2, 3, 4, Secretary' Treasurer 3, G. A. C. 1, 2, 3, 4, Prom 3, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Whirlo 2, 3, Chorus 4. 9 f '-9-gl X rabbis xx JULIA HADYK "Ever dependable" Student Council 3, Girls' Glee Club 4g Breeze 4. HOWARD HANKS "Everybody likes him" HifY 4g Chorus 43 Band 1, 'lg Or' chestra 1. JACK HANNAEORD "jack the soda jerlqef' Hockey 2, 3, 4g Captain 4, Track 1, 4, Football 1, 23 HifY 3, 4. HOWARD HARPER "The humor man" Hi-Y 3, 4, Senior play 4, Track 3, 4, Chorus 4. HOWARD HENN "Oh Howfwe like Howey' Entered from Princeton in sophof more year, Cheerleader 2, 33 Hockf ey Team Manager 4, HifY 3, 4, Whirlo '21 Chorus 4g Prom 3. GENE HOREN "He'.s as walling as they come" HifY 4g Ad Committee 4t Choir 1, 4, Clubs 1, 2, 3. CAROLINE HRANILOVICH "Cu'rly'loClQs" Clubs l, 2, 3, 4. EDWARD HUG "lt may be fun, but oh you kid!" Entered from Cathedral Latin in junior year, Hockey 3, 4, Breeze 4g Annual staff 4g Cheerleader 31 HifY 3, 43 Prom 3g Chorus 41 Male Chorus 4. ROBERT HUNT "The one-man band" Entered sophomore yearg Band 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 43 Track 21 Basketball 3, 4g Debate 41 Dance Band 2, 4g Chorus 4, Senior play 4. MARY ALICE INDA "The tower of lqnowledge" Friendship 2, 41 Chorus 1, 41 G. A. C. 4: Clubs 1, 3, 4. Page 'l'iuenty-'one LOUIS JANEZIC "Lights-action-camera" Annual staff 4, Breeze 3, 43 Senior play 4, Clubs 2, 3, 4, Movie operaf tor 2, 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 4. IRENE JASBECK "On wings of song" Student Council 3, 4, Friendship 2, 3, 4, Senior play 4, Senior ban' quet 4, Robed Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Annual staff 4, Chorus 4, Clubs 1, 4. RUTH KEEPER "Effort is her middle name" Entered from Willoughby in jun' ior year, Friendship 3, 4. JEANNE KIRCHNER "A little bit of independent" Annual staff 4, Senior play 4, Breeze 4, Debate 4, Chorus 4, Girls' Glee Club 4, National Honor Society 3, National Forensic League 4, Prom 3, Friendship 2, 3, Interfclub Councilor 4, Quill and Scroll 4. RUTH KIRK "Now, where I come from . . .' Entered from East High in Senior year, Friendship 4. Page Twentyftwo FRANK KNAUSS "Mercury on two wheels" Basketball 2, Football 3, Clubs. LORETTA KOLLAR "Her aims are straight and true Entered from Bloomfield in Sen' ior year, Friendship 4, G. A. C. 4, Chorus 4. ELEANOR KORDIC ".92,uiet but ever so cheerful" Clubs I, 2, 3, 4. TONY LAMACCHIA "He putters but what drive" Ad Committee 3, Football Man ager 3, Golf 3, 4, Freshman Bas ketball 1. FRED LIPOVEC "The golden god of Strength" Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 'Z 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, HifY 4 -me RUTH LONG "Sophisticated Lady" Senior play 4, Annual 4, Breele 4, G. L. C. 3, 4, Friendship 2, 3, 4, G. A. C. 1, Ad Committee 2, 3, 4, Band 2, 3, Orchestra 3, Girls' Glee Club 4, Chorus 4, National For' ensic League 4, Debate 4, Quill and Scroll 4. JEANNE LO RE "Elle est petite, elle est jolie" Friendship 2, 3, 4, Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, Chorus 3, G. A. C. 3, 4, Clubs 1, 2. ELEANOR LUGOSHAN "Not a care in the world" Whirlo 2, G. A, C. 3, 4, Friend' ship 2, 3, 4, G. L. C. 4, Chorus 4, Prom 3, Clubs 4. NORMA MACDOUGALL "A potential sophisticateu Friendship 3, 4, Chorus 4, Clubs 1, 2, Banquet Committee 4. CAROLYN MADDOX "A study in pastels" Ad Committee 2, 3, Secretary 4, Student Council 3, Friendship 2, 3, 4, Welfare Officer 3, Annual staff 4, Prom 3, Senior Play 4, Clubs 1, 4, Quill and Scroll 4. NVILLIAM MARTIN "Food for thought" Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Wrestling 2, 3, 4, Band 2, 3, Orchestra 2, 3, Dance Band 1, Breeze 4, Annual staff 4, HifY 2, 3, 4, Prom 3, National Honor Society 4, Chorus 4, Senior play 4, Quill and Scroll 4. GERRY MASON "Twinkling eyes reflect a sparkling wit" HifY 2, 3, 4, Track 3, Breeze 4: Prom 3, Chorus 4, Senior play 4, Clubs 1. MARGARET MAZICK "A genuine sport" Clubs 1, 2, 3, 4. TILLIE MCWILLIAMS "A wee bonnie lass" Friendship 2, 3, 4, Girls' Glee Club 4, Chorus 4, G. A. C. 1, 2, 3, 4, Breeze 4, Prom 3, Modern Dance 4, Clubs 1. DALE METTS "Captain, my captain" Basketball 1, 2, 3, Captain 4, Bascf ball 3, Captain 4, Football 4, Breeze 4, Annual staff 4, Hi-Y Treasurer 2, 3, 4, Band 1, Z: Orchestra 1,21 Chorus 4. Page 'I'u'entyftli rec - f ISV" ,gh .. H15 V .A Q. K 3, Q4 ' ff' I 1 L 4 - .f-5 45 j QF . . .z E JOANNE MILLER "There are smiles that make you happy" Friendship 2, 3, 4, Chorus 4. EVELYN MLACHAK "Still water runs deep" Red Cross 4, Clubs 1, 2, 3, 4. RUTHE MOORE "Oh, those big, blue eyes" Breeze 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 4, Friend' ship 2, 3, 4, Prom Chairman 3, Annual staff 4, Modern Dance 4, C. A. C. 4, Chorus 1, 2, 4, Senior play 4. WILLIAM MURRAY "A man of action" Football 2, 3, 4, Hockey 2, 3, 4, I'IifY 1, 2, 3, 4, Breeze 4, Prom 3. JEAN NELSON "That iridefnable something" G. A. C. 1, Prom 3, Breeze 4, Annual staff 4, Friendship 2, 4, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, Clubs 1, 2. Page Twerityffour PAT NEWPORT "She kissed the Blarney" Chorus 1, 2, 4, Friendship 2, 3, 4, Clubs 1, 4. ROBERT ODELL "Every Saturday night . . . 1" Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, I'IifY 2, 3, 4, Prom 3, Chorus 4, Movie Operator 1, 2. EDWARD OLIVER "Eddy long legs" Movie Operator Club 2. SMITH PARRATT "The 'eyes' have it" Wrestling 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Football 4, HifY 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, Orchestra 1, 2, Prom 3, Movie Operator 1, 2, 3, 4. JUNE PELLEGRIN "Nice girl" Entered from Collinwood Senior year, Girls' Glee Club 4, Friend' ship 4, Chorus 4. iv -15' 6 HELEN PIERCE "The typest type" Friendship 2, Clubs 1, 2, 3. JENNIE PRETNAR "A nose for news" Chorus 3, G. A. C. 2, 3, 4, Friend- ship 3, 4, Breeze 3, 4, Clubs 1, 3. KENNETH RICHARDSON "'Touchez., mon camaraden JOSEPH ROBERTS " . . . with a congenial smile" Baseball 2, B. L. C. 2, Choir 1. JACK ROBINSON "The weight of the world rests on his shoulders" Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Track 1, 2, 3, Class President 3, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Annual staff 4, Na' tional Honor Society 4, Chorus 4, B. L. C. 1, Movie operator 1, 2. ROBERT ROOSMA "Is there a doctor in the house?" Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, 4, Robed Choir 1, Annual staff 4, HifY 3, 4, Class Treasurer 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 4, National Honor Society 4, Senior play 4. PAUL ROSA l'He're he is, folks . . the little giant" Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Wrestling 4, Golf 3, 4, Track 1, 2, Basketball 1. JOHN RUSSELL "Sailing, sailing, over the bound' ing main" Entered from Brooklyn Park High School Sophomore year: Ad Com- mittee 3, Clubs 2, 3, Movie operf ator 2. EMMET SHAUGHNESSY "For he's a jolly good fellow' Football 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1, Z, 3, Assistant Coach 4, Tennis 2, 3, 4, Class Vice-president 1, 2, Jr. Hi'Y President 2, HifY President 4, Prom 3, Student Council 2, Sen- ior play 4. JOHN SHIMROCK "The call of the 'fulgoii' Class President 1, Track 2, 3, 4, Clubs 3. Page 'I'u'ent5'-five ."1i35fff2?':f.!'s is D s. 9 -1 5 'fee-,. , L' ' ' If 'Si 'ii BETTY SIRINGER "As tailored as a uniform" Entered from james Ford Rhodes in Senior year. ROSEMARY SMITH "A cute little Miss" Breeze 4, Annual staff 4, Crlee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, G. A. C. 4, Friendship 2, 4, Prom 3, Chorus 1, 2, Senior Commencement Com' mittee 4, Senior play 4, Quill and Scroll 4. RANDALL STEFFENHAGEN "One in a million" National Honor Society 3, 4, Stuf dent Council 1, 2, 3, 4, Advisory Board 3, 4, Ad Committee 2, 3, 4, HifY 3, 4, Debate 4, Prom 3, Breeze 2, Robed Choir 1, Senior play 4, Clubs 1, 2, 4, Annual staff 4, Quill and Scroll 4. WILLIAM STEPHENS "Casualness is his password" Entered from Mayfield High in Senior year. Basketball 4, HifY 4, Football 4, Baseball 4. MILDRED STOPAR "Shes gone with the bell" Chorus 4, Clubs 1, 2, 3. Page 'Twentyfsix DICK STRANAHAN "Easy come, Easy go" Clubs 3. DOROTHY SWITAJ "Tales a letter, please" Entered from Notre Dame Acad' emy in Junior year. Whirlo 3, Chorus 4, Clubs 3. JAMES TOWN l'Will the meeting come to orcleru HifY 2, 3, 4, Student Council 3 President 4, Basketball 2, 3, Foot ball 3, 4, Prom 3, Banquet 4 Basketball Manager 4, Class Vice: president 3, 4, President 1, 2. PAUL TWOHIG "First line of defense" Hockey 2, 3, Football 3, 4, Basket' ball I, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, I'Ii'Y 3, 4. JACK UPDEGRAFF "Fare thee well" Football 2, 3, Dance Band 4. 6 TN WILLIAM VANCE "Do I worry?" SHIRLEEN WALLETTE "Old Faithful" Ad Committee 3, Student Council 3, Secretary 4, Friendship 3, Treats' urer 41 National Honor Society 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 3, 4: Breeze 3, 4, National Forensic League 4, Dehate 4g Annual staff 41 Senior play 43 Girls' Glce Cluh 4, Prom 3g Modern Dance 4. JIM WERTS "The budding cartoonist" EDWARD WEATHERHEAD Affinity for Redlieadsn Hockey 3, Foothall 1, 2, 3, 4, Bas' kethall 1, 2, 3, 43 Track 1, 2, 3, 41 Student Council 1, HifY 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, 4, Chorus 4g Prom 31 B. L. C. 13 Senior play 41 Movie operator 1, 2. GLADYS WILK "A pal, indeed" Entered from Monticello junior High in Sophomore yearg Friendf ship 2, 3, 4, Chorus 4g Glee Cluh 33 Annual staff 4. GLORIA WOLF "A warm frzendlmess m her smile" Friendship 33 Chorus 1, 'lg Breeze 4. FANNY YERMAN "She does the boogiefwoogzen Cluhs1,2, 3, 4. WINNIFRED ZELMAN "Bas5o profimdou Breeze 4g Student Council 21 Mod ern Dance 4, Friendship 3, 4 Whirlo 2, Chorus 1, lg Girls' Clee Cluh 41Proni 3, C. A. C. 1, 3. MARGE ZGONC "A wliizz at spelling" Chorus 4gCluhs1, 2, 3, 4. WALTER LARICK "Water Bo-o-o-y" LAVERNE PRAZNOVSKY "ln your own quiet zuuy" Clulws 1, 2. 3. 4, HELEN YUSKA "just cull on me" Cluhs 1, 2, 3, 4, Page Twenty Axel' n ,Q A , 'Q f' 4150? -gr .4 J Page Twentyfeight PAUSE FOR STATION IDENTIFICATION A1'1'--4 HL I-WMIQUI3 I-IUUD SHORE STUDENT CCDUNCIL 64 D EN, C. UNCAV ---4:---:l: me vi . we l f -sg 'ivy . l A V 14 - ' 'ff 3, ' iv fha' Q75 .arm u "N, " .W we f 1 lam X Z, Q- t ww R. M 1 1 fa tw . FIRST ROW Yvonne Alexander jim Ashley Catherine Barresi Arthur Bolon Arlyn Brace Edward Cicenas Constance Coupe Hilda Henry jim Hodgson Annette Iacohacci Arline johnson Fred Krauss Richard Kreilach I unior SECOND ROW josephine Passerallo George Schmitt Vifayne Tiber Helen Weybrecht Darrell Wickson Elaine Adams josephine Arko joseph Barile Eleanor Barina joseph Bergoch Lois Berndsen Carol Bill George Bohatka Vivian Burdick Marvel Cannon Alice Celezic Robert Clasen Don Cohh THIRD ROW Patsy Cowin john Cox Lucille Curto Alfred Doherdruk Dominic Disanto Theresa Draganic Gertrude Drautz William Ettinger Henry Falkenstein William Gabrenya Anthony Golc Fred Hawley james Hay Paul Herrmann Eileen Heyne Colletta House Kathryn Huston james Kelly L FOURTH ROW Howard King Agnes Knapke Betty Krebs Wallace Krivoy is in J Nm ix V. i Mia rx FIFTH ROW Belva Kuchenbacker Paul Lang Edward Langa George Lardner 1 - ' 5 ' john Lebet , ' Q 'L Q joseph Mekinda i 3 ,, f Beatrice Miller is K , William Mitcliell f - A J' L' Margaret Parziale V, wg, ,A A "" M P i Page Thirty 1 . r ...J M-H-M YVHVQ. Ww- , V si. 8-F 'L ' Q' Ai I z?:gf-fav in'- -i-- ,, ff- Q 5.1. iq, an A ' - E films. i if-.. ex. ' . iw a , 'f 5 lm We in - ' A, 3 Z . ,W , Q, m Q, in- fw- SIXTH ROW Lucille Lardner Harry Leon Ed Holtcamp, pres. jane Murray, vicefpres. Elizabeth Chance, sec'y jane Casson, treas. Dolores Lesh Marion Lueders - SEVENTH ROW Margaret Malone Walter Maroney Audrey Maxwell Ieanne MeCandless L -mi W Class EIGHTH ROW Margaret McCarthy Patricia McClurg Norma McKimmy Berry Merritt NINTH ROW Violet Mijacek Robert Montgomery Howard Nelson Dick Netschke Fred Nevar jean Newman Helen Noch Cyril O'Neill Rosemary Parisi Phyllis Pfeiller Frances Pierce Rose Popek Don Powell Collins Reading Betty Reiche Edmund Rider Eleanor Rololf Kenneth Rood ,ig lf wx'- mig ' l 'YA ' l it SS W tt ia 5 mx an . 9 54 TENTH ROW William Russell Ted Sadler Betty Schlaeger Frank Smaltz Earl: u 1 , 1 if N 77" 7 v ,ga- Q lilsw- QC In Q' js. -fr' A s .4 ii l P 2 , '55 .4-' I Q5 If 1 ' "' 9- . i , Q- G-'i 1 x 'J 'Q' 'S' ' 5 4 ' F . iam., -':-1415 Lois Straka Y Pe. P L -M" V 5 Alvin Sugarman I V X Mary Sullivan A Louis Tomsic jack Vickerman sh A A L jean Warwick gh k, X Marian Watkins Q , Robert Wightman 7 Dorothy Winkler Alvira Wilson r Audrey Youngman A da 'R' Leonard Zdara g +5 Pauline Zerofl' 'nl fs! IQ Page Tliirty'o'ne WMM X A' -x 5- Y Q' W 'AH - ..,.f,., ,, ..c. ,....., ., .,, ,,-, ,M 7,0- v-vlli n- 1 ' " ' ,,, 5' A A 5- - a L.. L: i 'lg- X 4:3 'in gklil Q4 5- -f. A Y it l . 5' ,vcr- if Kr- 5 "'U0 S O P H O M O R E S gui in pg- Q.. 'X FIRST ROW james Adams Ruth Anderson Frank Bergoch Ted Bullard Ralph Calabrese Gene Cheihro Walter Clover Hugh Coburn Phillip Darby Lucien Davirro leffv Dave SECOND ROW Gwen Dinwoodie Dorothy Ditrich Gertrude Doering Meryl Donohoe Mary Lou DlN' Alhert Fischer Dan Garapic Max Garapie Ralph George james Gihhone Marie Gibbons Ray Giesse THIRD ROW Russell Haak jane Hawks Alhert Hess ,lack Hauser joyee Horn jenny laeohacei Page Tlzirtyftwo '- G. 7 "' . Q 5? . lr' A F QR 1 M. LL.. gb Miv- glial Q' Y, at E I R aM! aiigaa P 919 :gan 95" i 1 T "jx 1 fs . iii, if-V at 1 O 4. , '5',w "' 5' 'F 4' ily? in lhhh Patsy Iacobacci Ralph jones Warren jevmkar Agatha jonassen Ray jacoby Dorothy Kirk john Kmhc FOURTH ROW Emma Koracin Anna Lehet Edith Little Harold Lloyd Phyllis Malin Edward Malz Marie Massitt Helen Merrills Louise Messaeappa Ethel Mae Meyer Ted Mizner Charles Munnings Marilyn Perry ,-ng r: FIFTH ROW Rose Perovieh Rohert Pierce Virginia Pearson Ella Reid Andrew Repaslty Tony Roberts Florence Rohrer Howard Roth Robert Schlund lack Shafer Martha Sill Owen Straka Stella Swech -vs All . ' ir- 1 SIXTH ROW William Sylvester john Tarantino janet Town Mary Trivisono Peggy Tucker Betty Waltermire Mildred Walters joan Watson Jean Watt William Weir jane Vv'ilde William Winters Peter Wise Q. 1 ws- X Q' 4 SEVENTH ROW Dorothy Wolf Frank Zupantie john Adams Leonarda Adamg Robert Air jane Backst rfir ii Kathleen Batex Dick Behrend jerry Bergern Marilyn Blase William Bluern Mary lane Bolon Shirley Bowles EIGHTH ROW William Brown lla Mae Buell Gordon Burm Anthoney Cek Estelle Chiekness Flora Cook Robert Cooper William Criswell Lois Dingeldey Ann Douglaff Carmen Duco Margaret El.rffr,:'ffl'l Carl Erkler NINTH ROW flame- lrifda Margaret Fi r.r.. -' lessxe lfx-elder Larry Pueret Frank Cara Dan Gibbon- Rita Gibbon- Betty Cole Paul Greue Carita Harrell Mary' Lfilllvg l'l.i'.en Pat Hayex Mina Healey TENTH ROW Fred Hes Ruth Ann Hill Robert Hug Cynthia Huggmc Victor -lantzie lean lenkin: Robert Jenkins Dorothy 'lennin Ernest Jerome Rudolph Kastelic Nlargaret Ka:rn.1rck Q px W .lohn Kerr 4 ur t' ,lohn Klein 'K if Page Thirty-three 5' 1 ig. 1 V I ' T: 'Nl Q ,mr , we f il , in L N 7 i -1-, . N' igh- QT Dr' kr' QRS- A L i , Harry Knaus Edward Repasky ' John Kobessen Donald Raybuck 1 A r jean Kuebler Virginia Ritchings A Si. I - F. '"f L W 1 Ai ' Ted Lasky Elizabeth Rosa 64? ,J Naomi Lavo Anna Mae Royer if 'W Dora jane Luikart Ruth Schrieber V -N.-uf 41: Loyal Luikart Dennis Shaub Edwina Lynch Donald Sherman Tom Mazick Lois Slife Mary McGarry Audrey Smaltz 'V 1 ' Frances McKinda Jim Smith Alfred Medved Frank Sprinzl Fred Medved Dave Stanford pr- Georgia Merritt Joan Metz james Moore Mary Lee Moore Ruth Muzzio Lois Neal Nelson Dolores Q'Branovlc Ella Mae Oergel Iris Owen Edward Raufleisch amz yi Page 'Thirtyffour Frank Stepic Dick Strain Harvey Mlachak Anthony Sullivan john Telich Jim Twohig Updegraff Tony Urh Henry Walters Conway O'Brien Dick Weber Luke Whiskes jack Whitcomh l i l Esther Palmer Robert Wilcox Dorothy Perme Emilie Winkler Raymond Phillips Peter Yan Diana Popovic Robert Youngblood Raymond Prostor Dorothy Zaitz Lucille Zgonc Gi i 3 ,,.. W' i 4 3 I 1 3 john Anderson Edward Arko Lawere'e Auckland Kathleen Bates Betty Barkinen Glenn Birch Alvin Blatthar Elwyn Brace Norman Brandt Thomas Burns Salvatore Calabrese Florence Cerbin Agnes Clemence joe Conway Christine Curto Mark Daniels Dorothy Dick Edna Daugherty Edmund Diemer Kathleen Everett Marjorie Farrell Dolores Fondran Edward Gabrenya Dorothy Heuser Walter Hill Paul Hommel William Hoofe Franklin Hopton Martha Hou er Keith Hulsman Nick Iacohacci Frances Intihar Dolores lschay Reginald johnson Adrian Keefe Betty Kisthardt Ronald Klein Richard Kleve Robert Kozan Richard Kuhn Frank Legan Polly Matteo Sheldon Munnings Gordon Netschke Richard Phifer Aileen Polcar John Popovic Beverly Quick William Relyea Beverly Reese jean Rossodivita Richard Schlueter -lean Schmitt Rita Schroeder Frank Spine jack Strahosky lo cph Stllixan Donald Teske Page Thu tx ju L z a 9 N I l Q" A 1 " ' un' ' I Ii' Q , sg., 1 ,, , 5 , 0 Q if Q N . it ' A t f Uh V YY k-E . A'qv-4, l K, K 6' Y ,932 L SX 4 1 5 lf J W i Le oY.- ,j K "' gi 4. 1 , M, Rf ' i SQ 2 A l. 2 ' K Q A A Q ,R nif - gi- 5 at se 3 I -- '51 s . e,e. .,,e fe.-L1 ui ' A K 'x lg . Q' , 'l K Q A ' LA S i i - r.- Petcr Hranilovich Sophie Tomsic 9 Q. ii fl Q .' . Y K . f e s 1 e x r J-fl A Theodora Frank William Frissell Evelyn Funk Ann George Helen Greene William Grossman ,lack Henrickson Thomas Herrick Robert Himes Marjorie Hopson Christine lntihar Hanna johnson Marilyn johnson Agnes Karaba Walter Keal Marjorie Kirchner Ray Kollar Rollin Kollie Lillian Korosec Adolph Kunzwara Dorothy Lakan Thomas Langa George Lesh Dorothy Lesser Lois Lueders Lois Maldovan Helen Matheke Mathew Mattes Darian McClurg Ruth McMaster Page Thirty-six Margaret Merrils Jeanne Meyers Jean Wade jack Walsh William Walters Barbara Wellington Anthony Yerman Howard Weybrecht Ann Wyatt Margaret Young Rudy Zaiec Louise Zentgraf Barbara Blumer Andrew Zeigler Raymond Barressi Robert Bosworth james Braddock Robert Braden joseph Chidley jane Brinkman Helen Bromelmeir Josephine Christopher jack D'Arcy Donna Daye Vfilliam Drenik Elaine Deluga Louise DiSanto Margaret Dressler Richard Ely Fred Erthol Edith Fischer Edward Flammang Roy Miller Tom Miller Norman Mlachak Robert Modic Ernest Moody Marjorie Moore Tom Moore Frank Nagocle Dorothy Nowicki William O'Brian Shirley Olson Josephine Parziale Eleanor Pierce Wilma Pierce ' Genevieve Potts Ella Praznovslcy joseph Preskar Virginia Protz William Read Lois Reilly Dorothy Rhoades Richard Sadler Barbara Sanner Paul Schmidt Dorothy Schmitt Lillian Shimrock jean Shumway Eleanor Smaltz Arthur Smith Donald Smith Blanche Spangler -.VI gs or I., Ck 'K i F i K 2 7 Florence Speaker John Strauss Vv'illiam Switai Donald Theuer john Thompson Nicholas Timpcrio Frank Tursic Betty Urankar Lloyd Yandcrvoort Dorothy Vessel Lcnorc Yiiandc Betty Yon Hui Rohert Vs'ach Carol Wiagnqr Ken XX'allacc Klathilda Wolters HLvxk'ard XXQ-laqr Tnofztas XX mis Dorothy Vfcntling Robert XYilcox Richard XYilqox Russell XX'illt Hiirrv XYisc Eugene XX ozmdcnv Clifford XYvant Xlarx' :Mtn Zcpka Page Tliirryx' siren . if "'Ulvo4s. any 15, if if X ,, A ge- 936132 "".2' 3 T' 'x If ! V L, .gfveuvnnnillx Q :gif-lf X , Q 4 A , - ' c s ' 21 1 g f' t I ijt!! U , V,a . .1,. ,E'A':,,-,F li X 1 " A f '-1' A. . ff. ' F' A , 'I' 1 iii. lv ' 1 Q H' Q 1:22 ' L - - . 1 , 4 15, , . k --Q ---H M..- , 1 M J X , ' W ,A I BETTEIQ :maxi DQUQQAM jf!-D'Y1A.O'1.Ld.. inf 77a11,on.a.l. C crncfzefa S"M-ffwfffd-ay C ""1f"""1 Page Forty TOP ROW-J. Chidley, H. Nelson, P. Paulsen, P. Darby, P. Wise, D. Braden, K. Richardson, W. Richardson. THIRD ROW-F. Rohrer, I. Ferris, E. Middleton, T. Sadler, T. Bullard, I. Metz, E. Little, D. Daye. SECSJNI? ROW-I. Twohig, B. Hanson, M. Ehrenfeld, Mr. Teeter, L. Vijande, N. Brandt . ergem. FRONT ROW-B. Hunt, B. Spangler, H. Henry, C. Dinwoodie, T. Frank, 1. Telich, I. Fischer. Music Masters The Better Music Program owes its successful presentations to the Shore Better Music Club and musical directors, Mr. Beck and Mr. Teeter. Because of the untiring efforts of the club and music teachers, Shore possesses today not only an improved orchestra and band, but the potentialities of a glorious musical future. Today is heard the musical offering of young people but tomorrow is reaped the cultural benefits gained from an early, thorough musical education. Through the television set of time we see Hue upstanding citizens whose outlook on life has been broadened by a knowledge of that ethereal beauty-music. We salute Mr. Beck, Mr. Teeter, and the Shore Better Music Club! TOP ROW-R. Wach, W. Frisell, B. Hunt, H. Wise, Fisher. THIRD ROW-H. Nelson, R. Braden, P. Malin, R. Kraince, B. Simon, D. Braden, D. Daye SECOND ROW-J. Bergem, R. Hill, J. Twohig, P. Darby, E. Rider, E. Middleton, M Ehrenfeld, R. McRae, Mr. I. Tteeter. FRONT ROW-I, Anderson, W. Grau, N. Brandt, K. Richardson, B. Sherman, F, Hopton. With Fanfare .... "This is Station LfOfG carrying on with its 'Better Music Program by presenting to you the band of Shore High School. "The marching band led by highfstepping Arline johnson and her ten maniorettes has filled many engagements during the year. Throughout the football and basketball seasons, the band has been on hand to cheer the athletes on to victory, "Under the able direction of Mr. james Teeter, it has held a prominent place in the school. The Shore Band had the honor of being the first high school group to give the Selective Service draftces a rousing send-off. It played for the North 'Eastern Ohio Basketball Tournament which was held March Q, o, 7, 13. 14. this year. "In the latter part of April, Euclid's two high schools combined their various musical organizations to present a Spring Festival in both schools. The Shore band joined with Euclid Central's in a number of selections. "As this portion of the program draws to a close, the memory of the blue and white uniforms remains as a lasting symbol of high xhool days." ' Page F vrx 4 Musical Page F ony-two TOP RCW-D. Rhoades, B. Cox, R. Moore, M. Healy, M. johnson, M. Driver. THIRD ROW-L. Maldovan, P Dickson , M. Haven, L. Dingeldey, H. Bromelmier, A. Heinrich, M. Kazmarek. SECOND ROW--R. Smith, G. Berner, I, McCandless, J. Kirchner, S. Wallette, N. Blackwell, l. Jasbeck. FRONT ROW-W. Zelman, T. McWilliams, H. Johnson, D. Norwicke, G. Doering, B. Sanner G, Blood. W. Richardson, P. Anderson, E. Uranka. Music wih a flavor, with a regal beauty, with the power to inspire-that is the accomplishment that Shorc's music department has made this year. With Mr. Beck as the able director of vocal music, the Robed Choir and Girl's Choir have made marked progress. Singing at the Spring ,Music Festival and the Euclid Music Festival given late in April, both choirs proved to be individual as well as entertaining. The orchestra has been kept on the "go" throughout the year. They have played lnterludes . , N ,K r Y . TOP ROW-1. Whitcomb, R. Klein, Roberts, H, Weybrecht, R. Wilcox, L. Luikhart, D. Cobb. FOURTH ROW-Mr. Beck, H. Bromelmier, T. Miller, B. Sanner, M. Kirchner, G. Doering, H. Merrills, B. Sill, R, Gihhons, E. Vlinkler, Kucbler, G. Merritt, R. Knihc, A. Royer, W. Winters, D. Sherman. THIRD ROW--E. Funk, P. Lang, B. Reese, D. Rhoades, M. johnson. F. Roope, C. Harrell, A. Wyatt, P. Hayes, M. Healy, H. johnson, M. Haven, L. Berndsen, Hawks. Town. R. Sherrer. SECOND ROW-B. Sherman, P. Darby, L. Zentraf, l. Jasbeck, B. Simmons, G. Straka, A. Heinrich, L. Dingleday, P. McClurg, A. Youngman, M. Finnerty, E. Middleton, V. Ritehings, B. Wellington, Knihc, W. Weir. FRONT ROW-M. Zepka, Meyer, P. Nixon, R. Anderson, Brinkiinin, G. Potts, P. Bundv. E. Heyne, F. Krauss, R. Weber, R. McRae, R. Miller. with such enthusiasm and sincerity that their audience could not help but enjoy them Without this group of musicians, Shores programs would I1Ot have lwcen the succes they were. The credit for their achievements goes to Mr. Teetcr. Through his patience and diligence, a new and improved orchestra has heen horn .it Shore. 5 is Page Fortyftlxree of 11 'Q-Z -'Ill , W Z X iK SHORE any XXX X 'Q xx .Q '-X ' 4 B., , Ya: . ..,-'-f- W Page Fortyffour ,y 1 Q 7 A ff, -I aku I f N X 5 I I 1 5 :',1 57' 'I uf' 27 f BETTER-MUSIC C L U B Takes this opportunity to compliment the musical groups upon their successes of this year and to pledge its continued support and encouragement. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MR. LOYAL LUIKART, President MR. H. R. BRADEN, Vice-president MRS. R. SHERRER, Secretary MR. C. E. ANDERSON, Treasurer MR. PAUL B. HUNT DR. HARRY W. WISE MISS PHILOMENA VIDUGERIS MR. JOHN BECK MR. JAMES TEETER DR. LEONARD E. LOOS --nAf--:sQa--:roa.------Af-----A---- IEEIWIIATIUN HOU SPO NSOQE D BY ADDDEQQUILDADI-I MULT I CDADI-I PREPARED TO SERVE ANY BUSINESS . ANY ORGANIZATION Today, the watchword in business as well as government is pre- paredness . . . to be so equipped in methods, machines, and man power as to meet every emergency that may arise. just as a business should prepare to carry on successfully under changing world conditions, so graduates should continue their training. They should strive to gain knowledge by continued study and practical experience in office procedures. A working knowledge of Addressograph-Multigraph methods that bring better and more economical results from work necessary in every office, is a distinct advantage to young men and women just starting their business careers. It helps them obtain employment more easily because of the increased value of their services. ADDRESSOGRAPH-IVIULTIGRAPH CORP. CLEVELAND, OHIO Sales Agencies in Principal Cities .,.,,,,,,,.,,., oQoo QV M XxBiQiigV5i.S 5 'K 9 9335 xg j xi: Jffffllf 1 1 , 5 1 A National H ook-up "We have just heard the induction services of the 1940 National Honor So clety members at Euclid Shore Auditorium through the courtesy of Station L O G The National Honor Society holds such induction services each semester for the highest ranking students of the junior and s mor classes These services include an elaborate introductory program and the awarding of National Honor Society pins A great honor is conferred on the members of this society for its stand rrds are the hlghest possible and its requirements remarkably versatile The Honor student ranks hugh mentally spiritually and physically He IS a leader a scholar and shows superior strength of character and will He stands out among his fellow students but not away from them He is as willing to give as he is to take and he shares willingly his talents and gifts A member of the National Honor Society is equally worthy and capable of honor of the highest degree The National Honor Soclety chooses its members on the bases of Leadership Service Character and Scholarship Under the able leadership of Mr Whiteside this organization has not only served to honor worthy students but also has been a real stimulus to the underclxssmen who aspire to become members This year impressive 1n1t1at1on ceremonies have been conducted before the school a sembly by our own scholarship team The National Forensic League which IS found in the field of speech is also an honorary society Shore has an active chapter of this league again this year In reviving debating the school made a name for itself TOP ROW R Roosma W Martin I Robinson FOURTH ROW T Sadler A Cole R Steffenhagen R Gill THIRD ROW E Mlachak I Murray Y Alexander S Wallette SECOND ROW E Chance I Klrchner FRONT ROW M Driver Mr S Whiteside M An Clrews TOP ROW Mr L Angene R Gill SECOND ROW 1 Casson I Murray E Adams FRONT ROW S Wallette I Kirchner R Long TOP ROW W Martin R Steffenhagen FOURTH ROW L JHFIEZIC E Holtcamp R Gill THIRD ROW J Kirchner R Smith R Long SECOND ROW M Driver G Berner M Andrews FRONT ROW C Maddox N Grossman S Wallette by debating with Shaw ohn Adams Painesville Euclid Central and Cleveland College These debates were all practice in preparation for the debate tournaments held at Canton Painesville and Shaw In these tournaments Shore won eight debates and thus finished with a very creditable showing Another section of forensics taken up this year was 1nd1 vidual events cons1st1ng of oratory extemporaneous speaking and the Prince of Peace declamations These tournaments were held at Youngstown Doylestown and Canton The attending Shorites all did well in their particular fields All placed vxell above the average winning three fmrsts at Youngstown Bob Gill placed second there in oratory for all chapters in this sec tion Other speaklng activities were held at Western Reserxe Wittenberg and Heidelberg Not only does a student gain points for his eligibility III thi which are offered him by the colleges Shore students amasccd more than 475 points for a single year' In gaining membership to this league a member must a1n a certain number of points either through debating or 1nd1x1dual events or a combination of the two Shore has at pre ent exexl el1g1ble members many of whom are looklng forward to gettmv a higher degree next year In the field of journalism is the National urll and Scroll another honorary society Last year was the first year am journalists from Shore were elected to uill and Scroll Th u1ll and Scroll an international lournalistic SOcletj. 1 'vers helpful for future work in the field of lOU1'I'1Hl1IT1 It 1 al a a distinctive honor as the society is a national one Th Shore chapter has only two members Nancy Crossman and Shirlcen Wallette remaining after last yc mrs graduation A student to become a member of the Quill and Scroll mu t be an the upper third of his class in general schola Ile standin and he must have done superior worlc in some pha c of lournal ISCIC or creative endeavor He must be recommended bx hi advisers and approxed by the executne secretary Page Forts tel c-11 ,, , . . . 4 c . I l su - ' ' ' I . , 1 . I , . 1 , 1 T ' , - K . l . 1 I 55 11 ' ii - K , , . . , f so I f 'z ' . 2 . .. . .Y S 7 , . . . . Q . x . 9 5 ,I 9 1 W 9 - '- "" . - , . A, , . , . . ' l 1" - 1 . . 7 7 I .17 T I Y 7 ' I U ' I 1 7 ' 1 , . . . . . U Y . ' ' ' ' ' . , . 7 ch ' W 0 y L T' . . , . ' ' ' 4 A ' -a va . c , , . - . . , ' s - - society, but he also has a chance for the various scholarships ' Y ' ' . a f t-ga W . 1 Q- x., . , - - L e L , : g. ' , . ,S SM, - .b , . , , M b , . . I ' . . . , . ,.. Y - , - -. ' A' Q ' . e - ' ' - Q , . . . c ' ' ' ', s " I' 3 s I s . s Q st ' e c . ' t c ' . " 1 ' . 1 c X' , ,. , M r A g . a 8 ' S s S . S I '. ' j A ' .s ' :. g, ' c ' ' .sa r 1 . . ' 'U . 'I k S 'ii X N v ' 7 - w-s- 'vs s- w - Y Page Fortyfeight TOP ROW-T. Bullard, R. Roosma, E. Holtcamp, Adams. FIFTH ROW-I. jasbeck, E. Flammang, G. Netscke, S. Calabrese, G. Blood. FOURTH ROW-B. Urankar, W. McVeen, C. Huggins, 1. Murray, A. Mazick, I. Passerallo. THIRD ROW-I. Buell, j. Town, N. Brandt, C. Enlcler, P. Anderson, N. Percio, F. Roope. SECOND ROW--Miss L. I ingworth, T. Mazick, P. Zeroff, S. Wallette, I. Horn, R. Steffenhagen, B. Simmons. FRONT ROW--M. Driver, Town, M. Dempsey. Iunior Board of Directors The Student Council is a service organization composed of a representative from each homeroom plus outstanding students who are given an honorary membership. Its objective is to act as an interfmediary between the student body and the faculty, solving student problems and interpreting the necessary school restrictions. At their semifmonthly meetings, they discuss school policies and improvements. Some of the activities of the past year have been aiding needy families of the community by supplying and distributing Christmas and Thanksgiving baskets. A unique drive was sponsored this spring to aid the government in national defense. Scrap metals were collected and sold after a weeks campaign. It was the first collection of its kind in the city and the news was scooped by the Cleveland papers. Increasing school pride and spirit was fostered by maintaining an orderly cafe' teria and aiding the services of the library. Free dances have been held during the year that gave vent to the waltz and jitterbug energy of the students. Miss Aingworth has been the sponsor of this progressive and thoroughly modern group for the past eight years. M' 'EP' 'sf- C? 'IJ' gg, qw' CTD' H .5 ,v.f,,i xx YW' TOP ROW-R. Gill, W. Criswell, P. Lang, T. Mazick, R. Weber, D. Stanford, Mr. H. Spangler. SECOND ROW-H. Mlachak, J. Hawks, A. Knapke, Town, Casson, I. Horn, M. Andrews, M. Driver. FRONT ROW-R. Steffenhagen, R. Long, H. Henry, Y. Alexander, B. Miller, F. Krauss. Service with a Smile "We are now presenting to the listeners of Station L-OfG, a short talk concerning the activities of the Advertising Committee at Shore. "The group at Shore has three important functions which it performs at each school event. It must sell tickets to all events, football and basketball games, school plays, musical productions, and any other event where ticket selling is required. The committee must advertise by means of placing posters in the different places of business throughout this community. It is also the duty of the Ad Committee to serve at they school events. The committee sells and takes tickets, sells candy, and ushers when necessary. "The most difficult task of the Ad Committee this past year was the handling of the annual sectional basketball tournament. Inasmuch as there were eighteen teams entered this year, more than the usual number, the committee was forced to take on additional help. Through the efforts of this group the tournament was L1 huge sueeex. We congratulate both the Ad Committee and its sponsor, Mr. Spangler, for the efficient way in which they have handled the events of the past school year." Page Fortyfviim' iii lnl Hi .7Aa..0,.M.f. .?Jl-l:E.721J!5A4.f- l1m.Jm.4Z2Lwu7f.Z 5-you. 6 Sialum. 4.-0-G. Jzfifzdii of all., wr. wal.. if a.a7u.fu'nt ?dzLwLi'f1.. ml gfuendsklfk- ffwl- Qf sam. Hifi. , JA... CAJ1L'1 x 714. ,gmmsfw of Mm. 6Zm,.z.zz.- Q.. 0. ffmmclz. Ufglf rw,c.A. Ulf. jfuenclsluln. of,06D2fzfic.s:. fri-aol:-LL OIL 0-Luz. AAAGUZ, 0uJz,, 01.uLcaw.rm.m.LZ?7,a.naLan..oLLfLz,w,-7,ZaL. LU'-:. 6747 fb- fscuzm. few- ZZ- jei a,L4-47 fain. WML. f9acff1Zf.'- as Eryb-7 72.5 cfzajfa., i1aJ4mLq anoZ.7fn.44A,1Lc.. 6 W Quai 0.11 Oflleai ZLA,f.'n.?.q.. ana 227-.zfw. 57 afjhex m7Qw7.z..+,,.-fzpzew M 4... Q. gg.. 07671511 Qzfmi AfwLLZ21.cLL we W7 42007125 faf.p.7, anal A4A 605 Amari Erybys lanciinf a.. fini Ig- cZc655c'n7 Cla-115. Qual- fell-017 faffffclls. QL 7za.sLQZ7- ' I fuf gummy.. 0-un. Uffgbaw. Eggwcni zi camja. 72.-L QLZEQMEAZ abil? N 5 Ocioffm. A201-L7!bt 0.!vu.Z' G.fy0.ZZ04oE622. aiazlzcl 7lflE. :LLL 7fMa.ojw.5fzQ.c:l.s.cL dn. 0z49Lnal. an-:L2'J.un4s,4. -. Qi Xmai 6021 Flannel , ff' 'F' 1' 'Q' 7fLLamZs!LgfJ.-H1-7' 765'-'277'10fZ. ta" JW. 747afzc.A., af. and. QL- wAa.Z' c2f:52gA.Z- 40414. adfaua. mfmkw. anal j,Lw.1:nL,L:. -. QA. Antica! 47- ufg fum 02111 Jmmal-QL SfvHl?27.U QQ jhg QQLLL ami ffzauz. Sa' a.Z.L1.uzLn.y ,f JAZJL GLA. Wzfifyfua. ALJ. a79!aJm.- wi kai. 02.1.0-. cz.z,ofZLav1qa.fz17f'7o7A.fJz.-DQLL7f1!-'9-!?1nyl1-SE-- ' LUCS., QA. Q. clufj Awug E7l7k7'Zf.fSi ENUM!! 777z51,uiL 40Z.LJLZ7Mi LUASZAEQ MM-lm wg-,A . WL Afwg lbfgafysol V551 G'Z..Lf2. fiffki ?fziQf hmmm. anifku., mil: ,5w1,bf:1.s4- , 771 yfdfw- fha. Mifulanninf J 7A,2.K02Z21.n.L f4'7L. LZAE.. fW-5' ' iljzouyl. 74541 ?awz.s.. 921-"GUI waaffloud. Z-Z2 -37!bI.E7LiSAyl- -f Page Fifty ., 4 A YY H -W Y Y, -. V uk , Z wx 'inf ak.. ,Q ' 1 Q 'Q 2204? fs 'Ei X9 5. 29 E' 4 Q5 5' Pl i 1 P li Iv Page Fiftyftwo TOP ROW-D. Sullivan, Robinson, Mr. W. Schwegler, R. Odell, W. Martin, R. Roosma. THIRD ROW-H. Hanks, H. Henn, W. Epaves, R. Gill, D. Buerkel, R. Steffenhagen, G. Horen, R. Kreilach, S. Parratt. SECOND ROW-j. Hannaford, D. Wiclcson, H. Harper, P. Herrmann, Town, W. Stephens, R. Finnerty, K. Richardson. FRONT ROW-E. Hug, G. Mason, W. Murray, T. Weatherhead, G. Donkin, E. Shaughnessy, D. Metts, H. Nelson, Cox. K i11er-cycles "Good afternoon, Ladies and Gentlemen: "On behalf of the Shore HifY Club, Station LfOfG, presents another of their series of informal talks given to acquaint the public with the activities of the clubs of Shore School. "The HifY Club is a branch of the Y. M. C. A. Shore's chapter has been under the supervision of Walter Schwegler ever since its founding. "The HifY Club not only provides an outlet for a boy's excess energy, but aids him in getting along with his fellow men. While a member of the HifY Club, a boy must live up to the Constitution established by the members. This same boy is given a chance to hold office and to work on committees. This way, the boy is taught the essentials of good government and the importance of responsibility. "The Shore HifY aids the less fortunate students at school by buying them eye' glasses, shoes, and hot lunches. Five Friday night dances were sponsored, the proceeds going towards this charitable cause. The Shore HifY Club of 194041 has been one of the most active clubs in the history of the school. The first Constitution ever adopted by a Shore HifY Club was drawn up by the 194041 Club. This same organization also established an official Shore HifY sweater. A banquet was held at Stouffer's, one of Cleveland's swankiest restaurants. The swimming pool of the Hotel Allerton was the next stop on the Shore HifY calendar. However, the Shore HifY does not spend all of its time for recreation. Mayor Kenneth Sims addressed the club on parliamentary law. Mr. Driver, one of Euclid's prominent citizens, spoke on the subject of "Group Organization." Erie Chapman, a prominent leader among youth, active in the Y. M. C. A. and its affiliated groups, showed football pictures. "The purpose of the HifY Club is "To maintain throughout the school and com' munity, high standards of Christian living." The HifY Club of Shore School extends an invitation to every eligible boy at Shore to help them in this purpose." r L- -..-.-- .T -. . . -. aw: , few ""e'w.' . 1 .W aFylin2f',ai'.' 574-gZ4y5'?H2?,' sl xl s ..,. .,,. . r VJ fry, -' -yi+144tg,a.,g' i - I . I - f.,, 1.,,i:,,i .yy .1 its wgalnm. ' yy y:rsj,,5 wt A ' ' il .' 'A 'fig'-.fig . V it Lg, I a4g1,1fV1f.t4, M412 "fc 'f uw .ff 5: 5 1,2 L , 1 . f " i ,Sf l a 5. " t1fiJ:'fW 'Iii' pr i - i ,,,,.f,gf,.f,t at 2 Y 4 l ""' ' , --' e- Wwiiv, ff .1 if - i h ., 4:1 if . is . 1 ,As -i ' i .f'f"Aw -sf-faitfl -4 sf-if at, y ff, M. A. gay- ,apt ,- ,9 M il i, i yn? f , . 1, .1 , ' r ox' iff , , ' 1 ff. ffcf. f f few A ...Y T ., V, M., an V 4 1 V 1 .7 'f ,1 5 3 'ii 1? N ' :ip w i ? ff .gf . 'S f ' if t i A SCENE FROM "YOUNG APRIL" On with the Show This is Station LfOfG presenting to its listeners a short summary of its speech work at school and the dramatic productions which were presented throughout the year. Shore entered nine students in the Prince of Peace Contest. This is a statefwide contest that is held in the churches of Ohio which offers to the winners, full tuition scholarships to a number of colleges in the state. Shore placed three speakers in the county contest. Ted Sadler, jane Murray, and Gwendolyn Dinwoodie all entered the second round of competition against the other winners of the county. There Ted Sadler finished Hrst and entered the district tournament at Wocister where he finished third. Jane Murray placed second in the county contest. Inasmuch as it was the first attempt of the year to gain interscholastic speech recognition, the school owes to these people its rank in the state as a "speechfconscious" school. The second annual American Legion Contest this year was again held late in April. The final three speakers gave their speeches entitled "Being An American" in the assembly. The contest was judged by three Legionaires. Their final choice was Gerry Mason, who gave his first oration on that day. The first offering in the way of dramatics was "The Bluff," an allfschool play presented on November 19. Wheii the athlete, played by joe XVaterwash, and the scholar, played by Randall Steffenhagen, exchanged places. a situation was created which proved both amusing and entertaining. Patricia lvfenough and lvlarion Lueders played the feminine leads. Cn December 13, the midfyear class put on a program of three onefact plays. Inas much as the themes of these plays vfere all different, the evening was successful from both the actors' and audiencc's point of view. The Dramatics Club presented two short comedies, one in assembly on january IS. entitled "Weinies on Wednesdz1y," and the other on March Zo, entitled "Greetings From Booklandf' Both plays proved humorous and well presented. This club also pre sented before the P. T. A. of Euclid, a play called "The Start of P. T. A." "What a Life" featuring Henry Aldrich, played by Earl Simon. was concerned with a familiar theme, yet the play was refreshing because of the excellent portrayal of school life by the members of the Cast. The final dramatic production of the year was presented by the Senior Claw on April 25. The play entitled "Young April" was the story of typical young people and their difficulties. Featuring Bob Hunt and ,leanne Kirchner in the leading roles, the play was a finishing touch to a fine year of dramatic productions. S X Jgd Fifty rl it Page Fiftyfour I, Left to right---I. Haessler, B. Kucbenbacker, C. Huggins, P. Hayes, j. Metz., Mrs. Kublman, C. Bill, L. Berndsen, N. Grossman, P. Zerofl, M. McCarthy, C. Berner, M. Sullivan, I. Newman, R. Moore, W. Zelman. M odern Rhythm Interpretive dancing is studied by the Modern Dance Club of Shore for several reasons. Not only are the members interested in learning the intricacies of a newly popular phase of the art of dancing, but they are concerned with the value of def veloping the grace and the poise to be gained only through this form of exertion. This club, sponsored by Mrs. Kuhlman, devotes all its meeting to learning new dances. Their interests range from interpretations of different ballets to the ever' popular LaConga and Rbumba. Successful spring dances were held for the students by the Modern Dancers. At each of these events the club members gave exhibitions of their skill. .. ..--...Y ,..m..L:fi--.2 N. --'Y EHI TI-E I E K SPONSOR E D BY SHORE BOOSTERS Solon Drug Co. Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Andrews Dr. S. H. Stevens, Dentist Alhambra Beauty Shoppe Moss Point Cleaners Mr. Mr Nlr. Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr. and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs. . e T. A. Dorner Al Craig A. L. Blackwell M. G. Wenning W. A. Abbott H. A. Zwierlein W. A. McMaster Frank Thomas C. W. Daugherty M. Rinzler A friend A friend A friend Mr. and rs H H Hooker M . . . Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Casson Mr. T. W. Reinbrecht Loyal Luikart Mrs. Loyal Luikart Joe Moss Smith's Delicatessen Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Metts Glenmont Home Appliance Co. Sherwin Hardware, E. 185 St. Tucker Shoe Store Beachland Department Store Mr. and Mrs. G. G. Brigleb Dr. Paul 0. Mayer Page Fifty-'jim Q, 3 1., ' .' it .Q , gf. is -.-A,- -.aww -up-.Q.1.4,,.w.q 3 Www-- ssf ex.: -an-,nf-... '10 :41P0UQf""n- 2 . Q j . ' .- ' ' c1k R 5" ,H QQ: Q. . f' ' -440 Y? 1' my .af -1..f""'---5.-.1, 19 -e-v ,DNN TOP ROW-G. Donkin, Mekinda, E. Holtcamp, D. Buerkel, W. Martin, R. Finnerty. FOURTH ROW-L. janezic, P. Rosa, N. Gorg, D. Sullivan, D. Metts, G. Mason, E. Hug. THIRD ROW-S. Wallette, R. Moore, N. Blackwell, B. Cox, Pretnar, M. Malone, E. Baughf man, Y. Alexander, Mr. C. Vaughn. SECOND ROW-J. Kirchner, R. Long, J. Davies, B. Brown, P. Zeroff, G. Berner, R. Smith, W. Zelman. FRONT ROW-T. McWilliams, H. Henry, N. Grossman, M. McCarthy, M. Gates, G. Wolf. Shore Breeze The "Shore Breeze" has advanced this year under the leadership of Nancy Gross' man, editor, Shirleen Wallette, advertising managerg and Norman Gorg, production manager. The size of the Breeze" was increased from four to six pages, two additional issues were published, and circulation was stepped up to near the 100 per cent mark. A new idea was developed in the publication of a tenfpage issue for the N. E. O. Basketball Tournament, which was published each day during the games. A first class rating was given the "Breeze" by both the Quill and Scroll and the National Scholastic Press Association. Page Fiftyfsix 5 wr i Q.. ga V' 'mv W " Vqvw' ff' 5 I OSQ'o 9009 0 'Q X 'ig it , wid i l I 510 A X l l l l TOP ROW-L. janezic, E. Hug, F. Krauss, K. Richardson, R. Roosma, D. Buerkcl, J. Robinson. FOURTH ROW-R. Steffenhagen, W. Martin, D. Metts, B. Castelli, R, Long, Nelson, G. W'ilk, M. Brigleb. THIRD ROW-Mr. C. Vaughn, Y. Alexander, C. Maddox, R. Smith, l. Jasbeck, Doughty, R. Bauer, Mr. R. Hinch. SECOND ROW-fMr, A. Farquhar, N, Blackwell, B, Cox, R. Moore, G. Berner, Davies, Mr. L. Angene. FRONT ROW-WM. Andrews, M. Driver, R. Gill, Kirchner, S. Wallette. News from L-O-G The editorial staff of Station LfO1G consists of twenty-eight members. They are responsible for the studio publication and their ranks include photographers, typists, and artists, as well as copy and editorial writers, and advertising and subscription managers. They have all worked together, often exchanging jobs and still more often wor'1ing until the dawn hours amid piles of discarded papers and the mad clatter of several typewriters. They have handled hundreds of lists of names, for pictures, clubs, and teams, have become intimately acquainted with the alphabet going in any direction and have dabbled for days at a time in pots of glue. They have been industrious and energetic in getting out a permanent record of the programs and activities of Station LfOfG. Page Fifty-seven Sports Revue With Our Roving Reporter 67-X xl r -: xi ef' ,.x , 1 xl 'X wt .3 .Vt r tt M, K HI N .X , Vis?-K SPONSORED BY Mr. cmd Mrs. Shore Fan f fr ,fr x TOP ROW-J. Bergoch. T. Sullivan, Telich, W. Ettinger, D. Gibbons, L. Luikart, YW". Jevnikar. R. Kzistelic, D. Racbuck, I. Adams. SECOND ROW--F. Bergoch, H. Walters, A, Fisher, D. DiSanto, D. Vv'ickson, G. Dunkin, bl. Robinson, D. Metts, W. Martin, J. Cox. FRONT ROW-Mr. Pohto, R. Kreilach, N. Nelson, D. Buerkel. R. Odell. T. Vsfcathcrhczid, D. Sullivan, F. Lipovec, R. Rosa, Mr. W. Schwegler. Pigskin Parade "Good afternoon, Sports Fans." "This is Station LfOfG bringing you a word picture of that powerful Shore foot- ball team in action. The stands are packed with eager students and . . . but wait, here comes the team on the field now. Their golden jerseys make a colorful picture in the afternoon sun! While the team goes through signal practice we'll try to describe some of the scenes around us." "To the tune of 'Fight The Team,' Shore's snappy band, preceeded by nine high' stepping majorettes, is making its appearance through the gates at the far end of the field. As we look among the eager throng, we spy two familiar faces, Miss Campbell and Mrs. Wilson, munching hotfdogs, anxiously awaiting the start of the game. Well, fans, it looks like that is all the time we will have to describe this interesting scene around us. The starting teams are lined up and there is the referees whistle." "The opponents get off a long endfoverfend boot deep into Shore territory where it is taken by Babe Lipovec, allfconference back." "It's Shore all the way this Hrst half, as their hard hitting line composed of Twohig, Martin, Robinson, Repasky, Rosa, Buerkel, and Weatherhead batter gaping holes in the opposing line, making it easy work for those galloping backs, Metts, Lipovec, Donkin, and Sullivan to pile up a wide-margin score." "As the teams retire for a much needed halfftime rest, the band struts on the field to entertain the crowd with some difficult formations and some peppy music." "All right, Fans, the teams are back on the field again and were ready to bring you the final half of this exciting game." "Shores opening kickfoff is taken in the end zone by an opposing back who is making a splendid runfback. He is hit hard on the thirty yard line, so hard in fact that he has fumbled and Shore recovers again, to start its goalfward march. XX'cll, Fans, here comes an entire new Shore team in the game and they do a splendid job of 1"--111' - -ILP Jgf Fifty' mm' Q, coNFERENcE scoREs ' Maple Heights ................ O Shore ......... ..... 0 Central fEuclidj ............ 1 5 Shore ......... ..... 0 Q Brush ...................... ...... 7 Shore ......... ......... 1 2 f I Bedford ....... ....... 13 Shore ......... ....... . .20 Garfield ....... ....... 1 2 Shore ......... ..... 2 X Mayfield ...... 6 Shore ......... 0 Pigskin Parade iilling the veterans' shoes." "There goes the final gun, folks, and you can chalk up another victory for Walt Schwegler's powerhouse eleven." "If you'll just be patient, Fans, we will try to elbow our way through this crowd to get a comment from Coach Schwegler. Pardon us, Walt. Would you mind giving us a glimpse into the future and tell us a little bit about Shore's team for next year?" "Well, the green material looks promising, but we're losing twelve regulars. Paul Twohig "First, there's Paul Twohig. An injury jinx has seemed to follow Paul through his football career and not given him a fair chance to show an ability which should have made him a fine end. However, he surprised many an opponent with his end- around ball carrying." Dale Metts "Next, there's Dale Metts. In Dale's first year of football he showed himself to be a fine runner and passer despite injuries which held his career back. Shore has never had a boy who took his football more seriously." Paul Rosa "Following Metts comes Paul Rosa. Despite a weight handicap, Paul's spirit and fight caused the players and coaches of the league to pick him for the All E. G. C. C. team." jack Robinson "Fourth is Jack Robinson. jack spent many an hour on mental football that his team mates did not know of. His spirit of sacrifice, hard work, and punctuality will be missed at Shore." Ted Weatherhead "Then comes Ted Weatherhead. One of the Hrst to arrive and last to leave practice tells the story of Ted's football. He will be greatly missed in football as in other sports." Gordon Donkin "Ted is followed by Gordon Donkin. When it came to willingness, love of conf tact, and desire to learn Gordon was right out in front. His desire to play anywhere just so he played was an asset to the team." Dave Buerlcel "Next comes Dave Buerkel. A hard playing tackle who always tried hard to do his best, Dave could always be depended upon to sacrifice personal interests for his team at all times." Fred Lipovec "Of course we can't forget Fred Lipovec. 'Babe' received more votes for the All E. G. C. C. team than any other player in the league. Shore fans, coaches, and players all agree with this fine honor given to a real athlete." Bill Murray "Then comes Bill Murray. An end with great ability, Bill never found out that he had this ability until too late in his high school career." Bob Odell "Following Murray is Bob Odell. An end who could always be depended upon to give his best and one all opponents found hard to keep out of plays." Jim Town "A boy who met up with some hard luck is jim Town. With prospects for a season as regular center, Jim hurt his knee and had to drop out of football. The loss of his spirit and desire to play was a blow to the squad." Bill Martin "Last, but not least, is Bill Martin. If regularity at practice, desire to play, and ine attitude toward training and team mates can make an All American football player, Bill should be one." "Thanks a lot, Walt, and good luck for next year's team." Fl 1 1 W r K5 f I Page Sixty if --v v it , - I ni F: 55 .. lk xx 3 I' Wrestling "This is your LfOfG sports announcer again bringing you another sports event on the Shore High calendar. We're broadcasting from the rapidlyfemptying gymnasium of Shore School where the Shore grapplers again just turned back one of their powerful rivals. The match has just ended and we're bringing you the resume of it along with a few comments about the Shore team. "Now fans, let's take a look into the news behind the scenes of wrestling at Shore. "In the 105 pound class, little Carl Enkler had little trouble defeating his oponent. By the way, fans, Carl is the boy to watch next year. joe Barile and Harvey Mlachak. 115 pound and 122 pound respectively, both turned in their first victories of the season. Both boys looked in fine shape and great things are expected of them this year. It seems as though the 130 pound weight has been quite a jinx for the Shore team. This spot has been kept vacant by injuries and overweight. Roosma left it vacant early in the season due to an injury, and so far, it has been impossible to End a man that can stay in weight. Our time is limited and we have lots to say so if you don't mind, fans. we'll just hurry through the rest of the matches. George Lardner and "Smitty" Parratt both came out on top in their matches. "Babe" Lipovec has yet to be defeated. He set a new low tonight by pinning his opponent in twentyfnine seconds. Hard lighting Paul Rosa got his first pin of the season and "decision" Martin chalked up another decision over the heavyfweight. "We don't think there is any doubt in anybody's mind about Lipovecs capturing the city and state crowns. So far, there has been no high school wrestler that could prove himself a match for the powerful "Babe" Lipovec. "We spoke of Carl Enkler before but we want to mention him again. Carl is pointing toward the city title next year and with his eagerness to learn and ability to put up a good fight, he will probably succeed. "Another one of the finest wrestlers ever to wear the "green and white" is "Smitty" Parratt. There isn't a wrestling fan at Shore that doesn't recognize the ability and sportsmanship of "Smitty" "One thing, fans, that impressed your reporter was the sportsmanship that pre vailed, not only at this match but at any sporting event at Shore that we have covered. Not one of these wrestlers ever lost sight of the purpose behind all sport activities- to play fairly. "Well, fans, there you have, in brief, the story that sent the crowd that witnesed this match, home with something to talk about. lt was one of the best matches weiye ever seen, and you can take it from me, your LC-C reporters have seen plenty of matches. ' "Well, fans, our time is up, so in signingfolf, may we congratulate Coaches Pohto and Vaccariello for their splendid team- -a team of ten boys who have learned hoxx to be men. Page Sixty on and now 1et's have cz look at that mighty team Page Sixtyftwu TOP ROW-F. Hawley, I. Mekinda, D. Raybuck, R. Roosma. SECOND ROW-Mr. -I, Pohto, F, Lipovec, P. Rosa, W. Martin, G. Lardner, S. Parratt, Mr. A. Vaccariello, FRONT ROW-E. Enkler, J. Barile, H. Mlachak, A. Sugarman, S. Barresi. Adams .,... ,...,..........,.. 2 4 Shore ............... ........ X f Garfield ........ ........ 3 4 Shore ........ ........ jx Central ,....... 16 Shore .,...... .... . . ' kffl University ........ 7 Shore ........ ..,..... Q 1,'A.iUx john Hay ........ 39 Shore ........ x Shaker .......... .,....... 1 4 Shore ........ ..... . .. f 18' East ....... ........ 1 2 Shore ........ l 1 5 ,Ql 'Ax 4752 J! Basketball "Good evening, sport fans: "This is your Station LfO-G Sports Commentator broadcasting another of Shores major sports event. Under the roof of this huge gym, Shore hopes to again show the home fans that they can still whip any team in the league. "Here comes an announcement over the Public Address system. It may be of interest to you so we'll try to pick it up . . . 'Your attention please, Shore's starting linefup for tonight will be: left guard, Captain Mettsg right guard, Nelsong center, Twohigg right forward, Weatherheadg and left forward, Maroney. '... and there we have Shore's starting linefup, fans, I hope you were able to catch all of that announcement. A "The teams are in position and we're ready to go. The fans are tense as the ball goes up in the air. A cheer goes up from the stands as Shore gets the ball and the game is on! "It has been a close battle so far, but try as they may, the Shore five has been unable, as yet, to lead their opponents during this half. Although the defense has been holding brilliantly, the Shore boys seem unable to get the range for those much needed markers that will put them ahead. There goes the gun for the half! The teams are filing to their respective dressing rooms and now we have some time for a breathing spell. "Well, it looks bad for the Shore team unless Coach Case's reputation for inf spiring half-time. pep talks holds true. The band is now swinging out on a peppy novelty number. Let's listen to it . . . "The teams are back on the floor again. Now we'll see if Shore's fighting spirit will enable them to emerge victorious. "As the game enters into the second half and the boys get underway, we see a new accuracy in Shore's scoring offense. As Shore's three sharpfshooting aces, Metts, Twohig, and Weatherhead start to pour in those necessary tallies, Shore begins to forge ahead of their worthy opponents. "The closing minutes of the game are drawing near and the opponents are trying desperately to sink those few points that lie between them and victory. "However, Shore's defense takes them in stride. A last minute basket by Nelson clinches the game. There's the gun, fans, and once again Coach Case's seeming half- time magic has again proven successful. Truly, he can be proud of the team that has represented his training and experience tonight." Page Sixty-three H03 Swis-s-s-h-h-h-! ! S T 5 Page Sixty -four Shore SEASON'S RECORD Kirtland .................... Shore .......... ........... 2 6 john Hay .........,.... Shore .......... ........... 2 7 Youngstown Campbell Shore .......... ........... Z 9 Youngstown East ........ Shore .......... ........... 3 7 Willoughby .,............ Shore .......... ........... 3 8 Garfield ............. -. Shore .......... ........... 4 9 Brush ......... - Shore .......... ........... 3 7 Bedford ...... - Shore .......... ........... 2 5 Orange .-.. .... . Shore .......... ........... 4 8 Mayfield ......... . Shore .......... ........... 3 0 Fairview ....... ..... Shore .......... ........... 2 7 Wadsworth ....... ..... Shore Shore Shore Maple Heights ....... - Central ............. . Shore .......... ........... 3 3 Berea ............. ...... Shore .......... ........... 4 1 Ashtabula ...... ...... Painesville ..... ..... TOP ROW-J, Adams, D. Stanford, C. Donkin, D. Buerkel, Cox, Smith, H. Nelson, M. Donohoe. FRONT ROW-E. Langa, Telich, D. Wickson, Hannaford, R. Kreilach, E. Hug, mascot A. Greene. Blue Network "Good afternoon, sport fans: "This is your L-CfC sports reporter greeting you from the radio booth of Al Sutphin's giant Arena here on Euclid Avenue, where the Euclid Shore pucksters are in the closing minutes of a fast and furious game. Right now, the score is all tied up and there is only two minutes of playing time remaining in this game. Shores starting linefup composed of Hannaford, goalieg Donkin, left defense, Buerkel, right defense, Cox, centerg Krielach, left wingg and Wicksoxu, right wingg is on the ice now trying desperately to break that tie. "Shore is entered in hockey this year as an independent team. Since they are the only suburban school to have a team, they played in no league, but they did schedule non-conference games. So far, Shore has beaten every team in the Senate League, including the championship team. "The team this year is again under the capable hand of Coach Phillips and it looks as though his team again made a name for itself. "A few of the other veterans who make up this team are Ed Hug, Bill Murrary, and Ed Langa. "The opponents' coach is signaling for a substitution. The two defense men are leaving the ice and here come two more forwards. The opponents have Eve forwards on the ice now, in one last attempt to again tie the score and put the game into an overtime period. Shore has lost the puck out in center ice and the opponents are on the make. The entire opposing team is massed around Shore's net and theres the shot. Oh! A magnificent "save" by Hannaford. There is the gong, fans, and the game is OVCF. East Tech .......... ...... S hore ...... .....,.. ,,. East Tech .............. ...... S hore Cathedral Latin Shore X , Collinwood ........ ....... S hore NX f 1 Q john Adams ...... ....... S hore X Z X john Adams ...... ....... S hore Q Q1 If john Adams ...... ...... S hore ' West Tech ..... Shore ' University ....... Holy Name ..... Ignatius ...... U Shore Shore ......... ....,... Shore ll i Page Sixty' nu: X 5. i . S: 'x qi fx x ' 'il H -111 6 L Zlgsmthx ...Lv 3 ,...v--'-'- ' n . wtgaf KJ f. u Xlw, 1 I ff 2 .-,-is uma . I. N' ': , A . V N, 1 if D' X9 Clx L3 . - 4-, ---R- E' x f r 4 5,1 y n X,a Baseball "Good afternoon, baseball fans: "This is your I..fO-G sports announcer greeting you from the Noble school baseball diamond, the home of the Euclid Shore baseball team. We are equipped with a portable microphone which enables us to roam the field and give you a word picture of what we see, as Coach John Pohto puts his team through a practice session. "As we stand here behind homefplate we can clearly see the entire field covered with f - f but wait fans, here comes Coach Pohto now. Let us see whether we can get him to say a few words. Pardon me, Mr. Pohto. Will you tell our radio audience a little bit about Shore's team this year. "Well, we have Hve lettermen around whom I think we can build a pretty fair team. The regulars back from last year are Bill Weir, catcher, john Cox, first base, Fred Lipovec, center field, Frank Bergoch, short stop, and Captain Dale Metts, second base. "Thanks a lot, Mr. Pohto. I know you're anxious to get hack to your team so I won't keep you any longer. "Walking around the field, we see the pitching staff composed of Ed Holtcarnp, Fred Lipovec, Art Bolon, and john Tarantino warming up in the bullfpen. Lipovec, who played center field last year, has been converted into a pitcher. "As we stand along the sidelines, we can not help being impressed by the en' thusiasm that prevails out on the field. There isn't a boy out there lagging in practice. Every player is trying his level best to show the coach that he is just a little better than the regular who is playing his position. "This year, Shore will participate in an Eastern Conference League, for the first time in six years. "The infield is warming up now by fielding some well placed 'grounders' from the bat of Coach Pohto. "And speaking about Coach Pohto, fans, in this reporter's opinion, he is the finest coach in the league. Cne of his former stars, Harvey Riehc, is now playing with one of the Detroit Tigers farm teams. "Some of the boys who are likely to get first team positions are Neal Nelson, third baseg Bob Clason, left field, and joe Bergoch, right field. "Well fans, our time is up so we'll have to leave the Shore team. Good luck for the coming season, boys! "This is your I..fOfG sports announcer returning you to the station." Page Sixtyfseven ,- fi. Qtpiu ,,-'LV 4 2- vu 4 ,, .. .af ,'5?3Tf'iu xx,-. 4. 4,3-44,i.a1,3o .av ,V Q fT:n9'L1i'N:D3 . fl -Aqff 1-T 5-' EQ 9.11. , W. . . . ei...-4, 4 . Y . . 1 -wif -C - I : , ,, .,, ,. , -. , , r . , .1 F v-'Q-...yu ,air-:ggu I. 1 V ,. ,- ..- 7" .1 w..4.' 'v' :K-. 1,-f.vfiA fr,,f 1 -J A I, ,.,. ' a - i -.4 V. -. fi 'fn -.- 4, :...,.., . , 4 a w.-. . , ,,. ,f ., . ..V Q-. 'P . .: ,, I Q" aaa.-. .au-. ji . QR., L '4 4 vi'-as KH' A 1 -s,.,s fs and they're cr "smash hit" df ' ,. 2 'X-in w .v al we v..,' ,, f '2iU5.lP 4 ki , . L Al X f 96096. 23 L1 in IW C Page Sixtyfeight Collinwood Shaw ......... Brush ....... SEASON'S RECORD Shore 5 Shoren..- 1 Shore,.... Benedictine .. ....... 2 Shore ..... ....... . . Mayfield ....,, ..... 2 Shore ..... ......... Central ......,. ..... 2 Shore ..... ......... Parma ........... - .... 3 Shore .,... ........, University ........ ......,.. 1 O Shore ......... ......... Benedictine ...... ..,.. 5 Shore ,,,,, ,,,,,.,,, Central ........ ..... 0 Shore ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, Mayfield .................,,,,.,,., 2 Shore ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, Cleveland Heights ,,,,,,,,,, 2 Shore ,,,,, , ,,,,,, , Q -3- X- We Sm Q I 22 9 qi ,M l T' ' f , .. 'v nj , " 2-.1. e-.r - . - . . ' A ,,.g:v K. - ., 1 1 " . u I F . 2' 5 ' 1' - if I i' ' 4 ' .. h W .7 ' A , ,. 3 Q , ga ' , , ,Elf .4 F ll M T f it .ec 1 L W of I 4 , . ':. . ' vn' 'K 1 I C M V" AIAI Z . l I' M - I I lx' ? , . Q' A . A' nf i . haf S TOP ROW-L. Berndsen, P. Hayes, Metts, E. Winkler E. Cha M. D H k , nee, empsey, 1. aw s. M. Haven, F.. Lugoshan. FIFTH ROE!-S. Bowles, A. Knapke, G. Berner, G. Blood, P. Zeroif, j. Town, M. Healey, F. Coo . FOURTH ROW-Miss D. Gill, B. Kuchenbacker, D. Luikart, R. Long, N. Blackwell, N. Grossman. THIRD ROW-C. Bill, A. johnson, B. Miller, Davies, Y. Alexander. SECOND ROW-B. Cox, M. Andrews. FRONT ROW-M. Driver. "Women in White" "This is Station LfOfG introducing the Girls' Leaders Club of Shore High School. "This club, as the name implies, is composed of girls who possess qualities of leadership and good sportsmanship. There is a restricted number of members elected every year. "In the club, the girls learn the rules of the various games and sports, after which they conduct all the tournaments held throughout the year. Miss Gill, the sponsor of the club, is aided willingly in her gym classes by this energetic group of G. L. C. girls, 'A member of this club can be recognized by her white uniform, ai symbol of one who can lead and help others to lead." ,vin 1. .Y me U 4 I Page Sixtyfniric Page Seventy Television Tells A11 Knock! Knock! Thus the super senior salesman of Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith and Hug Insurance Agency, fP.S. Jones is there, tool starts his sucf cessful super selling schedule on Saturday, the seventh of September, 1946. I'm not sure which, but one of the afore mentioned Smiths is the wellfknown business woman, Rosemary, class of '41 Smith. The first attempt Ed makes at selling insurance is at the famous Grossman and Wallette fsteinj advertising company. Hug has a difficult time getting past the efficient secretaries, Rae Bauer and Dorothy Switaj, but thanks to his "gift of gab" he at last gets into the inner office. There the office boy, Joe Roberts, is just taking life easy! Upon talking to Grossman, Ed learns that this building also houses the offices of Steffenhagen, the architect, and Buerkel, Donkin, and Martin, the cutfrate engineers. Cleaning the windows of the advertisers' office is none other than Frank Knauss and when the janitor enters, he is found to be our old friend John Shimrock. After selling Nancy a policy Ed takes the elevator run by Helen Pierce to the street floor and leaves the building to approach other customers. Our high pressure salesman boards the street car ftaxis are too expensivej and finds, to his amazement, that the two conductors are Ed Cliver and Smith Parrott. Among the passengers who are on their way to work are Joanne Miller, bookkeeper for the Bolz, Brown, and Baker cooking school, Jean Nelson, model for the Maddox Snappy Style Shoppee, and Ruth Keeper, matron at the Hadyk House for Homeless Hoboes, whose starboarder is Jim Werts. The social workers most concerned with the welfare of this home are Pat Newport and Jeanne Kirchner. After leaving the car Ed notices that a large crowd has gathered around a speaker, and that the policeman trying to dispense the mob is his classmate, Louis Blase. The man letting off steam is that def fender of mankind and high school students, Gerry Mason. He is speaking on the subject "Homework is Not Necessary" or "Look at Me, I Got By." Gerry finally gets out of breath and stops talking fwill wonders never ceasej and the crowd leaves. The street cleaner, Kenneth Richardson, sweeps up the debris hurled at Gerry by the followers of his opponent, that great educator, Robert Roosma. I must not neglect to mention that pictures of this were taken by that "Quickie at the Camera", Louis Janezic. These pictures will be published in the "Gab and Gag Gazette" edited by Robert Gill. Norman Gorg has full charge of the printing of this paper, the staff of which is made up of such famous reporters as Nancy Blackwell, Barbara Cox, and Georgia Blood. Some of its clever cartoonists and able artists are, just to name a couple, Gladys Berner and Marlyn Gates. The main features of this paper are the editorials written by Bill Epaves, whose specialty is giving advice on how to write a senior thesis, and the poems by Jennie Pretnar. Moving with the mob, Ed continues down the street in search of a place to eat. Passing the LoRe Theatre, owned by Jeanne, Hug notices that Jack Robinson is taking tickets for the matinee. Seeing that those two famous stars, Dorothy Anderson and Paul Twohig, are both in the picture, Ed, after getting some candy at the Doughty Den for Dainty Delicacies, enters the show. He is shown to a seat by that capable usher, Ufandfatfem Updegraff. Much to his surf prise, the screwball comedy team, Hanks, Harper, and Henn, is also featured in a picture. After a few hours of hard word, fthat's what he'll tell 'em down at the officej Ed once more comes out to the street in hopes of selling insurance. There is much noise as a firefengine comes tearing down the street. Brave "Firemanfsavefmyf child Shaughnessyu has the courage to hold on with only one hand while he waves to Ed. As Ed moves down the street, he pauses such places of business as Town's Dry Cleaning Company Uim Town, Jr., executivej, the Weatherhead and C'Dell car washing company QE. C. Weatherhead and R. I. O'Dell, co-presidentsj, the Yuska and Yerman bakery, the Vancefy'pants Tailor shop, and the StrollafLong'WithfUsf Escort Company, Ruth, sole proprietress. Reaching the Arko Hotel where Bob Brownett is the doorman, Ed enters the EatfMoore Dining Room which is under the full supervision of Ruth. The dietitian Canterbury Flowers Ns,gQ M 557 East 185 St. 5:,f X3 'I f KE 6810 Z R for this exclusive feedfroom is Evelyn Mlachak and her chief assistant is Margaret Mazick. Checking his hat with his old classfmate, Mildred Stopar, he is escorted to a table by that wistful waitress, Gloria Wolfe. After ordering a large platter of Tony Lamacchia's spongy, stringy spaghetti, he relaxes and listens to the Hefty Hunt "m'm"I"""'m"""ml l""""""""'3"""""'5 l ll O ll WICKLIFFE LUMBER CU. if CARL M. RICHARDS Lloyd Road E fThe N. Richards Co.j "Tell Us When and Where . . FUNERAL DIRECTORS We,ll Be There" Q Your Country Cousin KE 0624 GL 6067 15245 St' Clair Ave' HARLEY L. CLARKE CLEVELAND, OHIO ll --x:..-m::::.L:: Letl ::::::::::::::'::::I::::C::1:::m rc:::::::::::::::::::::-- ::-J - 1: Lulkart Insurance Agency l 5 compliments of ml ll ll ll ll tl INSURANCE - - ALL FORMS 55 gg THE BHECKENHIDGE 18609 St. Clair Avenue ,g , MACHINE Co. Cleveland, Ohio KE 4770 in lj in an g :z I-::::::::::..:::::-xx:2:--:ea l.:::::---- ----- ---::::::::: Page Seventy THE FRIENDSHIP CLUB ...CODE 0 0 s "AS A GIRL RESERVE I WILL TRY TO BE: G racious in manner I mpartial in judgment R eady for service L oyal to friends Reaching toward the best E arnest in purpose S eeing the beautiful E ager for knowledge R everent to God V ictorious over self E ver dependable S incere at all times." PURPOSE: "TO FIND AND 99900000009 Page Seventy Hepcats who furnish the music, with Zelman GIVE THE BEST" , the blues singer supplying the vocal. There is a nurse, Ruth Kirk, nearby in case the spaghetti and music don't mix. Buying a pack of cigarettes from that slim, sophisticated sally, Betty Siringer, he steps out into the street once more to be accosted by a panhandler who is fyou'd never guess so 1 Dille-Euclid Motor Sales 1570 Dille Road Your Neighborhood Dealer ::::::boo4::::::poo4::: Compliments of the DILLE ROAD LUIVIBER CU. STUDEBAKER AUTOMOBILES HIGH GRADE USED CARS 1420 Dille Road Ke. 0592 I Guaranteed j IV 6830 Open Evenings ffl11CZll1l"lll111llIl"illJ1I NORWOUD APPLIANCE AND FURNITURE CO. Leading Appliances and Complete Home Furnishings EASY TERMS . . OPEN EVENINGS jerry Bohinc and john Susnik, Props. Ke. 5700 819 E. 185th St. 'two SPECIAL COURSES FOR HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES a n d COLLEGE STUDENTS R. N. Wilcox, Pres. MAin 2425 Wilcox College of Commerce :boo GREAT LAKES LITHOGRAPH COMPANY LITHOGRAPHING SPECIALIZING IN FOLDERS - CATALOGUES - BROADSIDES MAILING PIECES - LABELS, ETC. Exceptionally Fine Halftone Work REASONABLE PRICES - - ESTIMATES GLADLY FURNISHED 112 HAMILTON AVENUE CH 5020 -1733:----:tact ---- tt--- I II II II I I II II II II II II II II II I I II II II II I II II I I II II II II II II I II II II II II II II II II I II II I I II :I I'll tell youj, our old friend, Paul Rosa. Ed gives him a dime which was given to him by Jack Hannaford, who joined the Foreign Legion to get away from it all. Hailing a taxi, Ed climbs in only to find to his surprise that the cab is being driven by Eleanor Lugoshan, the only woman taxifdriver in the country. Ed gets out MOSS POINT HARDWARE Compliments Of Hardware - Paints - Household Utensils 22030 Lake Shore Boulevard Kenmore 2757 EUCLID, OHIO -my- 9:-900019:-Q L E O T A 'S Hair Styling Salon THE SHORE P. T. A. Dorothy Beebe Ivanhoe 6281 22090 Lake Shore Blvd. Euclid, Ohio "Beauty ls A Duty" II II I II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II I'I II II II I II II II II II II II I II I II II II I I I II II II II II Page Sc1'e11tyftl1ree C 1-1 R 1 S T 1 N E Fred Krauss Garage FLORIST,INC 7820 Hough Avenue ' GENERAL and SPECIALIZED S E R V I C E F L 0 W E R S Arranged in that Distinctive Way 1570 Dille Road at Euclid Avenue Ken. 3874 and Not Expensive 1:::::::::::1:: -::::::::::::r4::::::J ::::::::::p4:::pot:::::::::::::::::bd at the corner of 6th Street and Dickson Boulevard, named after Pat, the politician, who had run for president last year. Entering an office building, he goes to the sixth floor where be Hnds John Russell leaning out of the window taking a picture of Dick Stranahan who is shingling the roof of the building across the street. Hefff ' -101195 C0mPa11Y Mohawk Hardware Store Designers and Manufacturers of School and College Class Rings and Pins. WallPaPer ' Paints ' Vamishes Graduation Announcements, Radio Tubes - Glass - Sporting Goods Medals and Trophies IV 9634 Indianapolis, Ind- 727 East 185 St. Cor. Mohawk Representative, Virgil Wire ,, ::::::1.c::::: 1::1:::: ::::::::4 Tl ':::'c::":::::x:""t:::: TT ll Compliments ll HPARAMUUNTQE of U ll FINANCE CO. THE ll Thos. B. Roope, Mgr. f0l E l'd A ll E 1 4HE1lc'i43461enue C 0 M P A N' Y ll -A-- : :::::::poc::::::ii c:::r4:i::::::::roc:::::::b4:::boo4:::::Q Page Seventyffour 1 I I I I II II TH1RsTY?1rfyayumb0 TOWN g II M A L 'I' E D M I L K I . . . C L E A N E R S I Refreshing -- Inwgorating I ODORLESS CLEANING II II I I hoax- I I I II Same Day Service in Euclid II . . Garments Insured I' Against Fire and Theft 515 East 200 Street Same Location Since 1912 Ken. 0515 8523 Hough Avenue G3. 2613 II II II II II ::::::::::0c::::::J :::::1v4::::::v04:::r4::::roo000o00000o4 He then enters the offices of Brigleb, Baughman, and Bozic, who run as "Advice to the LovefLom Column" of the neighborhood paper. Failing to get results here, he is almost ready to leave the building when the sign ujazbeck Studio for jivin' Juveniles" fpainted by Gene Horenj catches his eye. Upon entering the office, he is :"":""::I:::I:::::""""" 'I I Compliments of Best Wishes to 1941 Class ll II . . CLEVEAND CHEMICAL CU. I Barbeau's SBIVICB SIHIIOII gf . . . . I Pest Control Service - Fumlgatmg Service II II 19099 Lake Shore Illvd. Exterminating Service IV 9661 11223 Superior CE 2960 1' W. E. KIRCHNER 04:39-0-q:::po-oo4:::::::: f-c::1o-4::::::roo4:::::::po4::::vo-04: SHORE DAIRY GRILL AND DELICATESSEN KE 0089 I Floyd B. Stein, Inc. II 22502 Lake Shore Blvd. H KE 9694 EUCLID, OHIO II Babbitt Road at Nickel Plate EUCLID, OHIO "Our Coal Makes Warm Friends" II II ::::q I II II I II I I II I-I II II I I II II II I I II II I Page Se1'e11t5'ffivc Visit Nelot Park Headquarters of General Elec1ric's Lamp Department World Famed as the "University of Light" General Electric invites you to visit Nela Park. Here at the G-E Institute, open Monday through Friday during the months of April through October, you will see the latest developments in lamps and lighting. The Institute presents a special Open House program each Tuesday evening from 7:30 to 10 during these months. Featured demonstrations include home lighting, school, and street lighting presentations. Special programs for groups may be arranged by appointment. General Electric manufactures G-E MAZDA lamps for ALL lighting purposes-home lighting, store, office, and factory lighting, Sealed Beam automobile lamps, and Photoflash and Photofiood lamps for photography. G-E MAZDA lamps are made to STAY BRIGHTER LONGER. Be Sure the CG-EQ Mark is on the Lamps You Buy GENERAL ELECTRIC Loo-ooo-ooo-ooo q II II EDDIE'S SERVICE STATIONS, INC. Texaco Gasoline, Texaco and Kendall Motor Oils Lubrication - Mohawk Tires - Exide Batteries Cars Called For and Delivered Phone KE 4227 - Y 14:--acc:oc::poot::ro4:::::i::::pc::p::l:::::l::::::::::::-:::::::i:::::::::r-4: II II II II I I I I I II II II II II II I II II II I I II II I I II I I II II II II I I I I I II II II Il II II II II I II II II J confronted by Betty Castelli, the efficient secretary. Inasmuch as Irene is not in, he decides to try his luck elsewhere. Once more tramping the streets, he is almost struck by Dale Metts, the popular playfboy who was once again forcefully ejected from Hraniloviclfs HotfSpot by r H I I You'Il Save on Our Ready-to-Wear II and Custom Made Garments EUCLID FUR SHOP FUR STYLIST II II II II I 673 E. 185 Sr. KE 6720 I I ............... A -- ----- 999-909000 BEACHLAND BAKERY Fresh Baked Goods Daily 626 East 185th Sr. CLEVELAND, OHIO KE 3903 --A::::rt:::l:::::::: :::1:::::::p4:::::l::::::::::::::1p4::: 0ooq:---------------:l:v:l:--34:------ :::::::::::::l::::::::::::::::---- D A I R Y D E N SODA GRILL SANDWICH BAR 19191 Lake Shore Blvd. ""-'I--:r4:----A---- '7 II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II i --1:-J:--:l:-A-A--:l:A::----:l: ---- -- -- - -- ..,,,. - ,,,, ,,-,.-, , vvq THE WRIGHT STORE 696 East 185th St. Dry Goods - Furnishings - Shoes "It's Wright to Be Thrifty" -:::::4:::ba4:::::::::::::::::::3 II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II I J Page Seventy seven COMPLIMENTS OF THE GIRLS' LEADERS CLUB LEADERSHIP CHARACTER DEPENDABILITY ----A---ooc-------ooooc----------1A1--------1ooc-1----1c--1--I-- l..-,, bouncer, Babe Lipovec. Passing the MacDougall and McWilliams Millinery Shoppe run by Norma and Tillie, who have as their models jean Cox, and Loretta Kollar, Ed notices Mary Driver, heiress to the Andrews airport, leave the shop assisted by her chauffeur, Bill Stephens. Pierce, Pellegrin, and Praznousky, proprietresses of the -----AA------AAA------A- ::::pq4:::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::q 1: I n nu x EUCLID CAB co. :: E in 0 -a - ,, I . i ,, 1, Compliments of I: Transportation to Any Destination il EE KE 5100 lg EE 18607 Lake Sh0r6 Blvd 220th W. E. :: Dependable 24-Hour Service ll II Reasonable Rates l ll ll il ll ll 3 llaaxaaaaxa-::::x:::::::--:::s L:::::x::::::::::::::::xxx r::::----:::::::::---2222222222:-.1 r"f::::::::::::::::f::::::::::: ll fi I nr an EE NEIL E. SMITH H GROCERIES and MEATS LOCALLY OWNED CHAMPIONS ll ll ll ll if -0f- 1040 Babbitt Road IV 4644 lf Goop LIVING U Class of '24 ll I U ---::::::::::::::::::1:::1::J ------ ------- -:::: 1:1::1::::: Page Seventyfeight -:b9c:,-:p-0-07 Y--1- ---v- I I I I I I I I II I 1 II I II n I II Smith s Restaurant and Barbecue, Inc. I I II "Good Food is Good Health" IE LUNCHEONS- -DINNERS I II II II I 22305 Lake Shore Blvd KE 2792 I joHN VIDRICK JOHN PoLsoN I II I II I I People's Peepflnn, pass Ed on the street greeting him politely. Deciding at last to call it a day, Ed enters his office only to 'rind a saleswoman, Mary Alice Inda, waiting to sell him some of Ferris's Fancy Footwear. Finally succeeding in getting rid of Mary Alice without purchasing anything he bids his secretary, Gladys :::l:::r-c::1o04:::::::22bO0O ::::::::roc::::b4:::::1:::1 I I I Noiiingham Hardware Co. I I B B A W N ' S I paint . Glass . Brushes I coNFEcT1oNARY sc DAIRY sToRE Electrical and Plumbing Supplies I ice Cream ' Salas ' Sundaef U High Grade Candies and Pastries 18707 St' Clair Avenue II 22078 Lake Shore Blvd. I, IV 0665 We Dt-lam I I IV 1033 I II II II I II II II II I i:,mx,xm:::,,:::::,r:omni fQ4:::::::::::v4::::::voc:::::::::::b01 9 II II II II II I . II I Congratulatzons to the 1941 Class II II II I I II ' 22590 Lake Shore Blvd. II II I LION VARIETY STORE I KE 6630 I II II II II .. A. L. CRISTEE I "You'll Like our ser-,iff I I I iQq.QQQQc::pooc::::::vc:,oc:::::::::l 112222222222 -222: -'A' ::::::::::-1 Page Serevityfnnz Page Eighty ::QQ::::::: :::::::: :::::q 9: A-A-A ------ -AA---- ------ -----I U 0 if II AUTHORIZED DEALERS for O 9 HAROLD FURNITURE OO. 1: fi -i-22125,-QQA gg fi CONVENIENT ELGIN 708 East 185 Street 4, Il B d IT KE 6040 U A BUDGET TERMS WESTFIELD u ge erms 0 No Extra Charge and ' c 1: 0 ..........ii. HAMILTON Complete Home Furmslzmgs ii WATCHES O Complete Home Furnishings II I ll I H 690 East 185th SE ::::::::::::,::,,,::::::::,:::::Q 2 ...: 3: .::, :::,,:e1:::::::::::,: :::::::::::::::::::::::-::::o:::q T1:1:::::::::::::::::::::::::::: '-e" ' ' IT'S THE 5 l- x I 2 Jgggaxzggafgg 55,31 EE 55 THE SHORE THEATRE ' ' 4 ll Z, 9:5 2 ' DfliC'0W5 East 225 and Lake Shore Blvd. IigffilaIE3-5:Jil55'5-Ziiiiiit'Q3 ' sh. 'L ambufgefs igjfj rle, 'O X9 R ,gm Town at 5: 3 EUCLID'S SYMBOL OF REAL '- v I H ias3,?', S Q HAPPINESS H:3:3.i:5:-Z. , l ' ' Q2 222 st.a,,a 0 Il R. L. cosr, Mgr. KE 6900 1 rs . Babbirtat :Q :Q Lakeshore Blvd. O O 0 O I ......I.. , ...........I....., J 9 .... - .................... --- Wilk, a weary goodfday and sets out to spend a quiet evening at his boarding house owned by Eleanor Kordic, reliving the thrill he got from meeting each classmate. His plans are interrupted as his two borrowing buddies, Norbert Deluga and Bill Murray, burst in to take Ed out lon his moneyj. TROUT WARE INC. PHOTOGRAPHERS 130 TERMINAL CH 4363 ARCADE cocacasa:006003:93339039933QQQQQQCQQQQQQQQCQQ 410' M,,eMr45g ' 0 ., QQ' ,ff5w52bJfjQAv5,9Q 73,6 filxtffk QR ffffjfw Mia eff' Mqgwgifn '69 9,65 ww Q24 fijiifijycm 1 Mjiil QLBQJQQPLMMQWQQ SS if?f?'MQ7fw 2 2 S W? MAJ B06 'gum 7f?M,wf2- M,-Vofwdfff 9 Ewa QM' WV? Qlggmf 'M QiWWiQ ?1,?lCQ if ,,M4w4,Wc, gpwmpiiab WQfZ?flfff32JwQf, i, ,, ff?-fe., if WQQW MQMWW W Q WQZQW' M W W MM 2 W his Ef-W fwjfwlgidii WM W MW 0 gg fmm 42 ,WML awk Hi XS:,,,d46z'e22J W M601-A A' y-Q12 QLILXNQYWJ fda! 0 gf Www . Wig 771,wj9,,,fW Q My

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