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I ' I a ' L I f . 4' ,,: i Y?-'r A Qfydfiif ww my My fy Foreword . . . 'llo bring back fond memories of the past and to afford many hours of entertainment in the future is the purpose of 'this Log. Herein, are gathered the faces of your classmates, some of whom have won distinction through their attainments in athletics, through activities, and scholarship. lf, in years to come, you can sit in an arm chair and spend an enjoyable hour or two with this annual, recognizing your old friends and watching them parade by in a silent panorama of their' activi- ties, the members of the Annual lloard will feel amply repaid for their efforts. XVe wish to make known at this time our appreciation for the cooperation of our faculty advisers, Mr. James Card, who scruti- nized our copy for mistakes and criticisms: Mr. Robert Finch, for his line work in financing this annual: and, Mr. Lester E. Angene, whose unceasing and excellent management of the Log was invalu- able. Not to be forgotten are Mr. Robert Phillips and Mr. Roy I-linch, who through their excellent cooperation completed the fine work done on the photography in this book. The staff also wishes to thank all those students who have made helpful contributions in both writing and photography. Page Two PRESENTING ,E, E THE LOG BOOK 0fl939 Shore H igh School PEI-XLISHEIJ HY THE MEMBERS OF THIS SENIOR CLASS Contents . . . SL7l'ElQX'lSlCEJN AND lNS'l'RL'C'1'lON XYE NYIIU DEl'AR'lx THQSE WE LEAVE BEHIND PASTIMES AND PLEASURES OUR CON'1'RIl1L'TlONS IN SPQRTS DAY BY DAY AT SHQRE l... 3 Supervision and Instruction l-lE IDEALS AND PURPOSES of lhe principal anol his slall help our school lo grow in service 'lo youlh. ln lhis seclion we express, in general, lhe school's educa- lional oulloolc. We inlrocluce lhe slall of The Shore School ancl ollicials ol The Euclid Public Schools. The Princip-al's ffice S, N V , jst 1 f 41 ,. 'ii ,X -..-- 7 x K lior his untiring efforts in promoting our welfzire, in successfully lIlCLllCZ1lQll'1Q princi- ples zlncl cluties of citizenship, and in fos- tering zz spirit of frienclship ancl coopera- tion, ire, thc senior class, thank l'rincip:1l l,eonz1rfl l,oos. Xlve will all renienilmer the inztny unfzxiling attempts he has mzule to better our interests :incl associzttions. Llft DNARIJ E, IK DOS ln our otlice at Shore can he founcl three excellent workers who are contin- uzilly typing reports. nling recorcls, receiving cztllers, recorrling expenses, or answering telephone calls. 'llhese girls are Miss l,l1llUlNC1lZl. Virlugeris, the prin- cip:1l's secretary: Miss llorothy Stray, stenographer :incl telephone operator, and Mrs. Crznnpton, clerk. Their effort :incl manzigelnent are to be commended. Left In lflliflllffllllllljlllfllfl Viflugeris, Dorothy Stray, zxnrl Mrs. CFZIHIPIOII- Page Six Fam' Srzmu Comprehensive Services of Shore School .g..... Shore School offers a program of studies that is broad and designed to meet the needs, interests, and abilities of all who seek to continue their education. The work is no lcnger strictly academic and limited in scope to the college pre- paratory studies. VVhile students who so choose are well prepared for college, the lirst and most fundamental purpose of the school is to prepare students for life-life in its broad, cultural setting. Shore may well be called a comprehensive school. The public mind is accus- tomed to think of school life as consisting mostly of class-room instruction. This no longer gives a fair picture of the purposes and operation of a modern school. llecause of the broad mission of the high school, the educational program is thought of as including not only classes but the opportunities of club and home- room activities, assemblies, personal counseling in matters of career and life adjustment, athletics, musical activities, dramatic and other artistic ventures, etc. Instead of using only textbooks and lectures for instruction, the school makes wide use of visual education, especially through the showing of movies and the participation of educational tours. ln this brief space only the general problem of planning and supervision can be suggested. lt may be pointed out that the work of the principal of the school and his staff has two main purposes: l. Maintaining an educational program of high standard. 2. Constantly studying the possibilities for improving the program of the school. ln maintaining an educational program of high standard, the school strives not only for scholarship in certain iields but for the development of character and personality in students as individuals and for the promotion of cooperative group life among students. Shore School has constantly maintained a service of educational guidance, especially through the agency of the home-room. ln this group, each student receives the advice and counsel of a teacher who is well acquainted with him and thoroughly familiar with his educational record and ambitions. The educational program of the schools, since it tries to provide a whole and wholesome life for young people, encourages the formation of student clubs for the development of special interests and for cooperative participation. U The spirit of helping and guiding pupils is associated with all of the super- visory and instructional activities of the school and no one activity is considered apart as guidance. 'l'his follows the theory that there is more learning from practice than from preaching. Shore School considers the physical activities of the students in intramural and interscholastic athletics as exceptional opportunities for teaching people how' to live well. In fact, conscious effort has been applied to maintaining a wise bal- ance of physical and mental activities. 'llhis is in keeping with the motto inscribed over the arch of Shore Auditorium: "Dedicated to the youth of this city for the development of mind and body." In constantly improving services for students, certain new plans have been tried or adopted. lior the last two years, students interested in attending colleges or other schools of higher learning have had the opportunity to be helped with their plans by taking part in the career and college program held each January. At these programs, many representatives of colleges have been available for consul- tation. During the current year, a Life Purpose Vveels program was introduced. 'llhe theme of this event was "Let Us Have a Purpose and a Plan." Students have commented that some young people change their plans for a career every time they see a different profession or occupation depicted in the movies. Although the held of occupational choice is a wide one, there was an opportunity during the Life Purpose Week for each student to get a general idea of the broad fields of opportunity and to make headway in choosing a career. 'llhroughout the year personal counseling is afforded the student by his home- room teacher, the deans, the principal, and representatives of agencies outside of the school who are consulted. The home-room is the core of the school organization. lt gives every student a chance to meet at least once each day with a teacher who is interested in him for a longer time than a single course requires. ln the home room, pupils have plentiful opportunities for civic, social. and character-developing activities. Home-room activities foster school spirit. Sportsmanship, fair play angel other good habits are developed. Furthermore, desirable personality traits are devel- oped by the experiences in these groups. ln all classes and activities Shore School practices "guidance," ln its many activities, Shore School strives best to serve the student and his community. The following pages tell in part how this is done. 3 Iyllllf, Eight Page ivlillt' The Personnel Staff MR. PEAKE MISS ALBRECH1 Mr. Peake, dean of boys, is available for conferences on vocational and career problems. He, also, promotes home room programs, supervises attendance and assists in scheduling. Miss Albrecht, dean of girls, affords personal counseling in the high school and assists in the elementary school. Like the dean of boys, she maintains records about students and professionally considers their problems. Mr. Yorhees, director of pupil person- nel, is the man for the "main office" who checks up on all attendance cases referred to him by the school. He, also, assists various organizations in social service projects. MR. VORHEES Euclid Public School Cfficals lf Nl This legislative :uid policy'-fmiiiiiig burly, the lluurd of Ediicaticm, has dime much iii the way of the zidvzuicemeiit and progressiveiiess of Shure High. lt is tu them that we direct compliments fur their prziiseworthy work. of Euclid Sehuuls, goes our deep appre- Lritimi fur his uiieiidiiig interests iii the improvement of nur schuul during mir hrief stay with it. llis helpful sugges- tio Ill! I 'Vu Dr. E. C. Grnver, Superiiiteiideiit Y f f W Q ns :md zidditicms have mzide sehiml life ire pleziszmt, 21s well as iiiterestiiig IDR. E. C. GROVER I'uyc Ten Instructional Departments M ' '00,-.-1-Q-'A' ,,. .M -as -f"""'4 L 2 , Z 5 Z ENGLISH Composition . . . Poetry . . . Drama . . . English ancl American Literature, everything in the way of writing and speak- ing-that is a course in English. The love of one's country comes forth in the speaking of her tongue. Rare gems of poetry, a good book and the true appreciation of it: culture and refinement, intelli- gence and foresight-all these are attained, when with an open mind one takes a course in English. Page Elczvn USING! MISS AINGNYORTH MR. ANGENE MISS CQXKIPBELL English 9 English ll, 12 General English 10A English The World of the "Unknown" HLA' L gr- 'S . ..,....i MISS 'l'l'fNll'lfR'l'lJN MR. HINCH MISS XYO0l7KYOR'l'H MRS. XYILSON .Xlgt-bra, Trigonoinetry, Algebra, lfnglish Mathematics 7. 8 General Mathematics, Gt-onn-try Mathematics 7 More and more apparent does the universality of mathematics become to the student as he sees its application in his daily work, whether working out a page plan for the Log, counting calories for a well-balanced meal, or any of the numerous tasks which may be listed. The school offers expert training in alge- bra, plane and solid geometry, and trigonometry, so that the student may add to his mathematical training. A student majoring in math, studies algebra in the first year of high school, plane geometry in his sophomore yearg in the junior year he chooses between a full year of algebra or a half year of algebra and a half year of solid geometry: in the senior year, he may elect trigonometry, solid geometry or advanced alge- bra, provided he has studied the proper prerequisites. MA'l'HEMA'l'lCS . Pago Twdzfe fic Tl The World of Business COMMERCIAL lJEllAR'llMEN'l' This department offers an intensely valuable course as interesting as any which the high school provides. Subjects which will be of delinite value to the students in the business world are taught fully and efiliciently in this department. Some of the newer additions to the department are Ediphones, Calculators, lloolc- lceeping Machines, Filing Systems, and the latest Ditto and Mimeograph Machines. Four semesters of shorthand and typewriting are an important divi- sion of the Commercial Department as well as four semesters of Ilusiness, two semesters of Bookkeeping, and two of Office Practice. lv MISS ll.-XRST MR. FINCH MISS l'HYl'liRS Sliorrhanil. Business. Shorthand, Typing Oflice Practice Bookkeeping Vlllcfll For Better Homes if 3' . Mamie., .. Y , MISS LICINIUN MISS RUSIfNl1l'fRGlfR Clothing Cooking H ONE ARTS The Home .Xrts llepartment constitutes an important part of our set-up in the high school. ln the various classes the girls are taught to plan, prepare. and serve meals and to make their own clothing. ln addition, they study home man- agement. lmilgeting, and art as related to home and clothing. The girls learn to make hetter use of their leisure time, energy, and money, and learn the funda- mentals of good home making. 2 1 xx Page 1"uurtcf'n 1 , L ith A ail and A Hammer 5' -54 . if K lNlJL'S'l'RlAL ARTS Au interesting feature iucluclefl in these arts is mechanical flrawiug. 'llhis stucly is iuterestiug tu all wha have any talent for clrawiug. 'llhe work consists of drawing geometrical hgures and clesigus: practice in the nlraxring of machine parts and architectural hgures. In Shup stucleuts make various articles of use aufl ut' picturesque clesigu. Many of these articles are later usecl in the homes of the buys wlw malce them. luclus- trial Arts gives a baclcgi'ouucl fur wcarlq iii later life. Q36 "W-1... QV' I llli. l'Ul'I'l'0 MR. CASE Klli. XYlN'I'l2RS llc-cliauical llrawiuu. Mathematics S Imlustrial Arts lmlustrial Arts rj, l if llistory Social Studies " Past, Present, and Future RUXX' 7 Xl ly. ,. , .Ukli 'Ill N Xlk. X .Xl t.llX I50'l"l'0M ROW social Sindh-c M153 IjA.XX'IS lffonom ic s -lnmilmllxm Eimlciiiillgtiitliusf 3 Sllfllll l'l'ulult'11lN ' 1 ' ' ' N lx. SL llll l,lil I lx MR. ll.'XNlDl,0XY yyorltl llplul-V American History MISS PIIQRSON English 7 Social Studies 'l'o awaken the young people of today and help them fulfill their duties to their community and country, Social Studies are taught in the high schools. "V.'liy bother to study the past-the future and the present are the most impor- tant." This is the remark often heard but one finds that in order to make the present and the future all it should be, a study of past mistakes must be made ' thus to avoid making them again. l num i M... E 4-I , . i ' Z V til 1 -il l . 35 ,. "9 5 Jf..f.'f,',,.Z. '.'il"'t SOCIAL ST UDTES Page Szlrlewz id To Man A .H SCIENCE 'l'he xvorhl of tonlay is a xxiorlcl of Science ..... Science is the backbone of existencevthese are the thoughts of people toclay. Chemistry, once thought "xx'itch's magic," non' essential to our mechanized worlcl which it has niafle possible, lliology, once thought a wicked practice, now a tool of nian to pre- vent disease anrl plague. In orclei' to fully appreciate its uses ancl value Science is brought into our schools HR mm I H 1 , , A . . 4 'S to be better unclerstoofl anal to senfl tuture helpers ot 1-i,yciC,, ig1,Q.,,1iem, ctw, humanity into the worlcl. , K "Q I w., 44, ,, L b 4 :,. R ..',,. I if Il J '1.,. 44. MR. Sl'ANGI.I'fR MISS CRUXE MISS S'l'.XL'FlfI'lR MR. GICIEIIIXRT ience 7. 9: Iliology Science 7, S: Algelmrai 9 Science lliology, Science 9 Strokes of Genius 71 4.-" MISS XX'l'fNlllfLI!URGli Art and Ceramics ART Yivid, splashing colors used cleverly on bits of manila and behold before your eyes a scene is depicted and you pause to admire an artist's creation. A lump of clay-a finely shaped vase-ceramics class. Art appeals to eyes and has a restful effect on those who help to make it as well as those who see it. As the poet expresses himself in verse so docs the artist in paint or crayon and the molding of a mass of clay into a thing of beauty. YUCAL EXPRESSION lf art is appreciated through seeing then surely music is appreciated through hearing, whether that music be made by instrument or by voices. lien' are tal- ented with a beautiful voice and few are born knowing how to play a violin but through training and practice these things are achieved. Music has an important place because it helps develop a sense of rhythm and harmony. MR. RAISH MUSIC Page Eighteen It's All "Greek" to Some of Us Sie- 4. 4-.,,,,,.4 MISS XYILLIAMS MR. V.-XCC.'XRlliLLO MISS IJICL.-XlXIA'I'ER MR. CARD Latin General Language French, English German, Speech, lJ1'amatiCS Social Studies, English FOREIGN LANGUAGES When our own unruly language has been conquered, we set out to find new languages to explore. Vllhether it be Latin, German, or French matters not, for each has a definite benefit and a deiinite use. Latin, long known as a dead language because it is not spoken by a race, is the basic foundation of most languages and therefore of utmost value. French and German give a wider and broader knowledge of the world without, and what better way is there to learn to know one's felloxymen than by learning their his- tory and customs while studying their language! Now more than ever before, there is a need for the better understanding of our neighbors across the ocean. One of the iinest ways is to study a foreign language. Pima' Niuctccn For o xml 1-:N A Sound Mind In A ound Body l l EALT H Health is essential to the well-being and happiness of any individual. Instruction and advice is given to the students concerning physical and mental health. The students learn not only the care and preservation of the body but also about prevention of disease and what to do in case of illness. PHYSICAL EDUCATION Two well-known spots in our school are our gym- nasiums. The boys and girls each boost their own. They spend many active and interesting hours apply- ing their time in various sports of skill and strength The gyms provide a splendid opportunity for healthful athletics and exercise. The entire student body gives annually a public exhibition of their slcills. Miss 11oRx',x'r1eI y, an CT XTR. SXY.Xl'Iil'l.XMlCR NIR. SCI'IKlllJT MISS Gll.l. l'hysic:il lfflnczition Pliysical lfducation. l'hysic:il lfdncalion Social Studies 8 Page 7'1w'i Graduates .... I 939 We Who Depart The height of high school ambition-to have attained the rank of Senior! And now that our time has come there is the sadness of partiiigeloiigiilg regrets for neglected opportunities. The prom, senior pictures, senior banquet, graduation, annual, senior play-what a whirl were those last few months! liaslcetball, football, baseball land we did have good teams, didn't we?l-with regret we leave them behind to face the future- awesome in its spirit of desired and veiled ambitions. Page T'll'!'Hfj"f1l'0 January Graduates EDITH BACKVVINKEL Friendship Club 2, 3, 4: Girls Leaders Club 4: Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4. DONALD BORGER llaml 4: Rohecl Choir 3, 43 An- nual Staff 45 Preeident of Cho- rus 4, Iloys' Leaders Club 3. MARY LOU CAMPBELL Friendship Club Z, 3, 4: G..-X.C. 1, 3. 4: Glee Club l 2 3 4' y Class Secretary, Z, 3,'4.i I JOHN CHRISTOPHER Hi-Y 2, 3, Shore Breeze Staff 3. JACK Dow lYrcstling 3, -I: Hi-Y 4: Hand 3, 4: Orchestra 3: President of Chorus 2, 3, 4, Robecl Choir 3, 4: Class Vice President lg Class President 3, 4g Student Council 2, 3. LOIS FRIEDRICK Friemlsllip Club Z, 3, 4: Cv.A.C. 1, 2, 35 Prom Committee. Page Tuwntyptlx nie HAROLD BEZIJEK Football 1, 2, 33 Basketball I, 3 I-Iockey 3, 43 Baseball 45 Track 1, 4, Hi-Y 3. ROSE IZUSHER Clue Club. RONALD CARRIE llasuball. MARIE IJITRICH Frienrlsliip Club 3, -Ig Glce Club 1. ROBERT FISHER Football Mgr. 4: Hockey 4g llaeeball 3, 43 Hi-Y 4. YER.-X COLE Friendship Club 43 Chorus 2g Glee Club 3. l'i'ii-mlsliip Cluli J. 3, 43 i,,,X,C l'i'oui Cuiiiiuillvi- 3: .Xuuunl Null lx X I'lll-'IQIYI-' KIOXIXIICI. . 5, 4: Girls' lmziilvix Cluli tl: ' " ' x., . 41 Klihx UIIIECIN, llaw. Ml, itumluul Cuuuuil J, 3, 4. lll I-TY ll XlQl'I-'K il..X,C. 3, 45 Girl! 1,1-:ull-is Cluli l. XX'.XL'lllilQ Hlfl-IK lli,Y 3, 43 lloclcryg lluwlizill. 'RANK MONTANA ' -1-Q i Fuutlmll 2, 3, 43 Ihislcctlizill 2, 3, 4, Ihinlmll 2, 3, 4. H18 7 3 4 Stuiluut Council l, 3, 43 Class Hfliu-rx, Prcfiill-ul l: Y. Presi- 4lsl1I 3. Kl.XXlNli OHL ' ' ' ' 7 - , I'rii-mlfliip Lluli -, 3, 4, G..X.C 2, 3, Gluc Cluli 1, 2, 3, 4: Robecl Chou' 3, 43 Shorc llimfuzc Stuff 3, 4: l,l'Ulll Comniittvc 3. liXlll. l'CJlJN.XlQ Friutlirill lg l5:iwki'Ili:ill l: lhsi l.:ill 4: Ili-Y 3, 41 Slullvut flllll cil l. 'Gr iii " 41 .1 l.XCli GKUSSKLXN Fuotlizill 3, 4: llnclccy 45 'l'rzick 3. PHYLLIS lrl,XlQRlS G.A.L. 3, 43 liluc Cluli l, 4. FRANK KLAYON XYru-ailing l, 2, 3, llzlwlizill 2, 3. CONSTANCE N,'XlQYIfLl'.lT Frieuflaliip Club Suu. 2: V, l'I'c'N. 3, Pres. 4: G.A.C. 2, 5, 49 Giflhv Leaflcrs Club 43 Prom Coiumit- tee Chziirmzul of Rcfim-Nlliiii-iitx 3, Claes Officers Sec. 2, Slurln-ut Council 3, 4. DORIS U'NlflLL in-urlxliip Cluli 2, 3, 4: G..X.C. 3, 4: Slmrc llrucyc Stuff 4: 5Ill- fleilt Council 2. LIOHN lQ.XCl3ORG 3, 43 Hi-Y 43 l'i'oiu. Commiltcc 3: Claw l'i'1-siduiit l, Hockuy '7 Page Tzvezzty-f011I HENRY ROYER l1.1slxLll1.lll 1, 3, 4. lll-X K. G.XlQNlf'll SUl.ZlflQ Glcc Club 4. QOTHY Slfll.lCl','XK ..,. l:I'lClNlNlllll Club J: G,,X,C'. 7 3 llflx ll ulux Q lub 4 QIIUIIIN P C ll s I , . . . as, '1'rczuurur 4. lI..XIN x'IJ4xNm-1 Friqualxl' ' , 5 - up Klub 3. 43 fll'K'll1'NIl'Zl 1: Glcc Club 2: Stucln-nt foun- cil 2. Lfxx'ri14N1f: WACHTELL 4 il , "'ll: g W' "" 1eL1zA1:1c'r1 lwlcm Fricmlsbip Club 2. -. 1'1' f Z4 f G.A.C. 1, 23 files Club I, 2, 3: "ff, i ' Robccl Choir 3, 4. mlm' T'Zx'4'7lf-V-fl1'6' N11 111 1"1IY .XN1J1f11S11N 11'11'l1l1N1l111 1111111 J, 5, -I: Sl'1'1'1'- l1l'j' -I: 51111111 1 11l'l'1'l1' 2, .1, -1' 11111 1 I 11..X.1. 11111111-11 51:1 : 1 1 ".,. s - . . I -, .1, 11, l11.11111'1-1' I 1 l'1'1wi -,., ' 1'1'1'- l11'I11 4: 11111 111111 I, J: 111 111111111 .13 111-111 J: .X111111:11 S1:11'I' 1 1 11.111115 4: 1'1'11111 1'1111111111l1-- .1 , 111111 'Ig S1-111111' 1'1:1y -I. QY 11.1111114181 1111-1111111111 1'11111 13 11211101 111 4 111111 J, 11..X.1. IQ 1111'1' 111 11l1ll'l1h I. 1101113 IEICRNIQIQ 1 .111 1, 3. 1, 1: 1lI1-1- C11 . , N 111 31 1111 June Graduates 1 1 1 , 11111111 11111 111111 J, 3, -I1 1'1111r11s B 1111 -1111111011-1 11.liY 111.11 11 11-1 11 -I 51'1'l'1' I 1 1114L' 111'1'1'l1' 5. 1113 ' 111 1'1111111w111111 1111411 111111141 1111 I 1:I'11'l111N1l1ll 1411111 43 11111 1111111 I 1 X1 -1 11 111 111'1JN1C1i 1'11.GY 1'.XX11'1 ,ai 1 I I 11 . .1 -Q wi' '11 1 , J 011 1 J 1111'1111N11111 111111 2. 3, 41 11 111111 lg 17:1111'i1114 1'11111 2. I ,Ii-101'1N 111'1' 11l'1'1'71' 1. 22 1.L'1lf1'l"' 111111 -11 11.,X.1'. 1 7 1 -I 1'11:11'v 4' 1'1'l1'l1l1 11111 I 1'1' s.-1. 11'-v14'1,l11l' 2, 3, 1 1 1+ 11111111111 3, X l1'l" 11111111-111 4, .X111111:11 Stuff 42 ' 4111111111111 1111111 1Il11111l1111'1' 33 S1'11ir11' 1'1:1y 111111-1 ANI JR IQVVS 1111-0 1'11111 -1. LUIS 1!1f1QG1.17N1J ' ' 1 I, 2g11.A.C. 1, 2, 3, 1111-u 11111 -I.: Fric1111s11i11 1111111 2, 3, -1: Ring 111111111 3, '1'1'1':1s11rcr 35 Chorus 3, 4. 111J111i1Q'1I 131'1UTL1'111 111-Y 33 13:11111 1, 2, 3, 44 Glue 1.11111 4. 111J111f11'1' HILXNIJT 1':1l1Cl'1'!1 fro111 Cz11111'111'a1 1511111 33 Hockuy -I: 111-Y -13 1':l11.Q1l1CL'I'S 111111 35 1Y11i1'1o Club -I. CQXIQLO C.'XK11'1T1f1.L1 Shore 111'lS1'Z1' 1: 51111111111 1111111111 -1: Trcnburcr -I3 F1111l11a11 2, 35 Gym 1'fx11i11i1io11 3, -I: C11fJ1'11S 1, 2. 33 11Ill1f1 1: FI'L'?-111111111 Foot- 11:1113 1X'11ir10 1111111 4: Vice 1'rr:Si- r1c111 -Ig 11111'r1'1tz11 S11111c11t 1'111111- 1'i1 Advisory Iinarcl. X1 .IXRY JANE C:XK11',BE1.L 1:l'1Clll15111Ib 1111113 3: 11.A.C. lg 11211111 1: Glue C1l11l 13 5111111-111 Council 1. Page Twenty-six 1'1'11-1111111111 111111 2, 3, -1: Rm' 1. 111'0lI1l 4: 11.1-1.11 2, 35 Chorus 4, MAY CARLGREN Chorus 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2: Glee Club Z, 3: Robed Choir 42 Friendship Club 2, 3, 4, Tnreas- urer 4, Ring Group Chairman 4, Ring Group 3, 4, Secretary 3: G.A.C. l. 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4: Leaders' Club 4: Kent 2: .ih- sistant Editor of Log 4: Senior Play 4. BRUCE CLARKE Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Track l, 3, 4: Football 4: Tennis 4: Prom Committee 3: Rand l, 2. 3: Of- chestra l. 2, 3. 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: Student Council 3: Class Treas- urer l, 2: Ring Committee 4. BLANCHE CROCKETT Glee Club 3, Treasurer 3: Cho- rus 4: G.A.C. l, 2, 3, 4: Lead- ers' Club 4: Student Council 4: Shore llreeze 3, 4: Friendship Club 2, 3, 4. CARRIEN DqXYlRRO Dancing Club 2: Auto Ciub 3. MAY DiXYlS G..-X.C. l, 2, 3. 4: Glee Club 2. 3: Friendship Club 2, 3, 4: Clio- , rus 4: Leaders' Club 4: Ring Group 4: Kent l, 2: Robed Choir 4. i DICK DICKSON Hi'Y 4. Pain' 7'1t'm1ty-.rcrcfs A KlARlLYN CASE lland 2, 3, 4: Secretary Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 1: -Xnnual Stan' 4: Leaders' Club 4: Prom Committee 3: Ilreeze Staff 3, 4: Friendship Club 2, 3, 4: G.A.C. 1, 2, 3, 4: Vice President 3: Senior Play 4. BETTY CONVIN G.A.C. I: Leaders' Club 3: Clio- rus 4. BETTY DANIELS Student Council l, 2, 3: Vllotog- rapliy Club 1: Friendship Club 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 3: Class Sec- retary 3: Class Treasurer 3: Ring Group 4. MARGARET DAYIS G..-X.C. l, 2, 3, 4, Vice l're-sitlellt 3: Glee Club 2: Friendship Club 2, 3: Cllorns 3: Recreation Club 3: Travel Club 4, Treasurer 4: Leaders' Club 4. 2 A ' JOSEPH DEMPSEY t V Football 1, 3, 4: Raslcetliztll 1, 2, it 3, 4: Track l, 2: Tennis 3, 4: I llaseball 4: Class l'resident 1, Z, F 3, 4: Hi-Y 3, 4, Treasurer 4: . .0 Prom Chairman 3: Jr. Hi-Y . ..e' , President 3: Ring Committee 4: if Picture Committee 4. cttt ""'i ,i Fw , it I - AIARTHA DRAGANIC f 'V llanciug Club 2: Charm Club 4: X VVVQ ':" Dancing Club 4. , ...i ' i' 1lll.l3l-IIQT ICTTENGER llnuil .l, 4: lluueing Klub 3: " Printing Klub 4: llflllllil C . llll.l. l"lNNl'.lQ'llY Printing Club: Sliorv llreeve Stull: l'liotogr:tpl1y Club: Autu- mobile Club. l JC PRC 7'l'l'l Y FOX Girls' l,L':ulcrQ Club 4: .X4l. C0111- inattee 43 Illee Club 33 Chorus 2. AIJICLINIC GIQIGIQR Prienilslup Club 2, 3, 4: ll..-X.C. 4: Glee Club 33 Roberl Choir 43 Shore llreeve Staff 4: Prom Committee 3: Annual Staff 1: Acl Committee 4: Cliorux 4. Xll'1lQYl, GCJUl'JHlf.Xl7 Sliore lin-exe Stull' 5, 4: Xnnunl Stull' 41 G,.X.C. 4: Friunnlsllip Clul ' 5 4 Clem Clubl Clio 1-,., , 1" .. .' fn 2 Z bn 1SI"'l"l'l" lfl lfll ll:nul 3, 43 Oreluwtrzi J. 3, 44 Shore llreuze Stuff 3: Annufil Stuff, liilitor 4: Cliorux 2: 3: Kent 2: Clieerlezuler 2: Senior Play 4: lliinee llnnil J, 3: See. of XYhirlo Club. JACK Ifl..tXMKl.XNC Trztck: Aclvisory lloztrrl, Stuiltnt Council: llantl, Presiileutg Hi- elieslrzig Hi-YQ llzince Iizuulg 1,1-. gion Uratinn Awzirilg llrzunzitivsg Gym Leaflets' Club. , c,if.cmf:E FULLER 5. ,, AI rux 4. Y 'Ji 'an .xNNl-1 GIQIQGURIN GI lirieuilxliip Club 2, 3, 43 fi..X.C. 4 ' l, J, 3, 41 Girls' l,K'flll1'l'N Club 4: film- Club .lg Cliorux 4: Shore 2" lliwefi- Stull' 3, 43 .Xnnuzil Stuff fy 4. Printing Club 4: Auto Club 3: llziskethzill Manager .lg Stage Club 2: Shore Breeze Steiff 4, PA UL GEORGE Football 1, 3, 43 Track 2, 3, 4: Sturlcnt Council 33 Claw Secre- tary 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: Camera Club .21 Prom Committee 5: Senior Play. .-XRGOT GRANEY Frienclsliip Club 2, 4: G.A.C. 4: Kent .21 Shore Breeze, Stuff liili- tor 4: Shore llreeze Stuff 3, 4: Senior Play. 'ZURGE GlQlfYlf lli-Y 3, 4: Football 1, 3, 4: Prom Committee 3: Clan 'Prens- urer 4: Aclv. Mziitziger of Log -3: Football Mziitzigei' 2: Movie llooth I, 2: Picture Committee 4: Senior Plziy. Payv 7"z:'vuty,01g1lll BETTY GRONDA G.A.C. 1: Drivers' Club! 2: Drama Club 2: NYoincn's Voca- tion Club 3. RALPH l'l.'XRPliR Ad Committee 4: Student Coun- cil 4: Track 3, 4: llraiua Club 3: Ili-Y 4. HAZEL HXXYLEY Baud 1, 2, 3, 4: Choir 2: Or- chestra 1, 2, 3, 4: Recreation Club 3, 4: Pliotograplty Club 2: Theory and Harmony Club 4: Sec. of Band 4. EDXYQXIQD HEGLAVV Bl lil Page Baseball 2, 3, 4: Hockey 3. -ll Football 3, 4: Student Council 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: Prom Committee 3. LLIE H ELPHREY Entered from Collinwood 3: G..-MC. 4: Friendship Club 3, 4: Program Chairman 4: Shore Breeze Staff 3, 4: Prom Com- mittee 4: Senior Play 4: Ad Connuitee 4: Secretary of Auto Club 3. f'l"l'Y HCNT Glee Club 4: Robed Choir 4: Dratuatics Club 4: President: XY.G.A,R. Speech Contest 4. Tzcwzty-r11'11e ,TACK GIQOSSMAN Entered from XVilloughby High Junior Year, Hi-Y 3. NEAL HARVEY Drama Club 3, 4: Senior Play 4. ROBERT HAYES ,Q Football 1. 3, 4: Basketball 1, X an it 'restling 2, 3: Track 3: Hi-Y -l. BETTY HEISS JO Friendship Club Z, 3, 4: G.A.C. 1, Z, 3, 4: Glee Club 1, 2, 3: Shore Breeze Staff 4: Prom. Committee 3: Annual Staff 4: Ad Committee 3: A Capella Choir 1: Senior Play 4. HN HENN Entered from Princeton High School Senior year, Band 4: Or- chestra 4: Hockey Manager 4: Photography Club 4: Secretary and Treasurer. ROBERT HUSTON XX'reetling 4: Annual Staff 4: Senior Play 4: Student Council 1: Camera Club 2, 3, 4. IHLXNCHS yxN1Tz l'ruimlflup Club 43 Slmrv llrcclc Null -I1 l'roru Cmuuutlcu 33 klnw Ulbcn-xx Sccn-I:u'y .23 l'up- ulnr Urcluwtru 3. uxxu-ir. JOHNSTONIQ A Cupcllzn Clmir 2: Chorus l, 21 Rubrml Clmir 4: .Ml Cummillcc -lg Movie lluutll l, 2, 3, -l. FR.-XNClfS KARDOS Friumlsllip Club l, I, 3, 43 G. A. C. l, 2. BETTY Kl LLIZEN Fricmlsllip Club 2, 3, -1: I-lIlll1llll't Commitu-Q 4. l.XIX'Fl KOXYXCICH lfllllfllll Clllll 31 A Czupulln Clmlr 2: llrzuun Club 4: Rohn-rl lllfvlr 3. 4: fill-u Club J: Chorus 2, 3, 4, lCJSlCl'll Lll'OX' 'Q ' ., . .' .. , m, W 1 . N , ,, l.xx'- 1- :Q lm-1 .,'gSlmre irwfzc 51:1 4. 1. 1 K .ar w ROBERTJASON ll:uu'iup4 Club 3: llascbnll 2, 3, -lg Hi-Y 3, -4: Prom Committuc 3: Chorus 2: Class Officers 'l'rv.-:lsurur 3. GEORGE KALTOPE llunciug Club l, 23 National Ri- llc Club 45 Class Officer Trczls- urer 3. DOROTHY KEMPTER Friuullsllip Club 2, 3, -lg G.A.C. l, 2. ANNE KOCMAN llzmciug Cluh 2, 35 XVl1irlo Club 4: Typing Club 3: G..-MC. l, 2: Girls' Lczulcrs Club 4. CURNFLTA KCCHIYNBACKFR Friumlelmip Club 2, 3, -lg G..-MC. l, 2, 3, -lg Girls' l,l-rulers Club -lg Ilnurl 1, 2, 3, -lg flI'CllL'SlTZl l, 2, 3, 4: Shore llrcczc Staff 4: Annual Stuff 4: Class Olliccrs llrcs. 1. .XN'llOINl2T'l'li KLXRIQCRI Cnrlx Lqgulqre Club -lg G.,X.C. I, 23 XYhirlo Club 4: Typing Club 33 Dancing Club 2, 3. Pagc Tl: ir! 3' EDNVARD MARSHALL XVrestling 43 Kent 1, 23 Annual Staff, Business Manager 4: Atl Committee 45 Student Council President 4. lfl,l'f:XNOli HXYO G,.'X.C. l, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 3, 4: l'rom Committee 31 Cllzirm 7 Club 33 llillllilllg Club -, 3, 4. OTIS MCKEQN Football 1, Z, 3, 4, lizlsketlmll l, 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y 4: Shore llreeze Staff 3, 45 llZlllllllCI Committee 4. WILLIAM MOORE Football I, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 3: Hockey 3, 43 Iizisebznll 2, 3, 43 Hi-Y 3, 4: Chorus 3: Shore Breeze Staff 3, 4: Prom Com- mittee 3: Class Secretary ,ig Stu- rlent Council 1, 3. VIRGINIA NEKIEC . lfntererl Senior Year: Friend- ship Club 4. YERNA OHL Friendship Club 2, 33 Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Shore Breeze Staff 4. Page 'I'hirty-0116 ROl3lfliT lXlAT'l3HlfVVS xxlfbblllllg 3: 'l'r:1ck 33 Hi-Y 3, 4- BETTY MCCOY Cheerlunrler 3, 45 Chorus 3, 4: Ffltllllhlllll Club 3, 4: G.A.C. l, 2, 3, 42 Glu: Club 3, 4, Assist- ant lfflitor of Shore llre-em: 2, 3, 4: Annual Staff 4: Senior Play. BRYAN MOFFET lg2l.5liC'fllllll 2, 33 Mgr. 4, llzmcing, Club 2, 3, 45 Hi-Y 4. JAMES MOULTON Acl Cominittce 2, 3, 4: htuclunt Council 1, .23 l'rom Committee 3: XYrcstling 43 Hi-Y 4, Annual Staff 4. TONY O'l3liEZ.-X Football Klzuizugui' 13 Shore llreeze Stuff 33 Class Offwer 1. BETTY JO PATTON Frienrlsliip Club 2, 3, 4, Pronl Coinmittee 33 Class Vice Presi- rlent 3. vliecuxlcli '8 YICK f ' ' Slinli-ut Cmuu-il J, Xlll,.XN l'l,L"Il'l' lfuutbnll 43 'l'i':iclc 3. 0 lllf'l3'l'Y RQXY Frivualfliip Club 2, 3, 43 G.4X.C. ' ,, Va Y 2, 3, 43 Gln- Club l, 2, 31 Slicing 4, h ,Q J l!i'm-rv Stal? 1: l'r0m Committee A 3: Auuunl Staff -1: .Xil Commit- 3 ' tcc I, 2, 3, 43 Scuioi' l'l:iy. Hlxiuqv 1e15Ex'13S ' Qi lXl..l3F1lQ'll liUOSXl,X XYrwtliiu4 2, 3, 4: Claw Vice l'ri-xulcul 43 Afl Cmumillvc ' 3, 4. llli,XCl'i SKXIVSCJX l"rii-uflxllip Club 2, 3, 4, f X C 1. R. ll,lllflQ'l' l'llll,l,ll'S Fuotlmll 4: llnucu Hiwlicr-ti':1 2, -I5 llnwlmll 4: lll'l'llt'hll'2l l, 2, 3, 4. G Q ,iosi-:mi ie.moN,x S'l'.'XNl.EY RIQANICK bvftsllllljl 1, 25 Trzick lg lli-Y 2, 3, 43 Shore llruczu Stuff 4: Siurluut Council I: Movie Booth 3, 4: Senior l'l:1y. IZIJNA RlLLllf Drama Club 3, 43 Fricmlsliip Club 33 G.A.C. 43 llzmcl 45 Glue Club 3: Shoru llrcczu Staff 45 K liorub 4. DOROTHY ROXV Fricuilxhip Clul: 3, 4: G..X.C. l, 2, 3, 4: Girls' l,L'lIllCl'5 Club -Ig Shure llruczu Staff 4, HICLIQN S.XVCll.XlQ Fricuclwliip Club 23 Glcu Club 4. Page 7'lu'rty'tzc'0 JACK SCHLAEGEIX Hockey 43 G.A.C. 1, 2. LUIS SPIKIPLE Fflfllllhlllll Club 2, 3, 4: G.A.C. J, 3, 4: Girl-1' Lezulers Club 42 Secretary :uid Treasurer: Class Ofticer Treasurer 23 S I1 0 r e Breeze 43 Senior Play -I. TOM SHIRIROCK Ilaslcetlxaillvhlaiiager 25 Track 2, RUTH SLIFE Radio Club Z: G..-LC, I, Z, 3, 43 Recreation Club 23 Friendship Club 4: Shure Breeze Staff 2, 3, 4: Girls' Leaders Club 2, 3, 4: President 45 Sec. 3. JOHN SMITH 1 A XYrestIing 3: Hockey 45 Hi-Y 3. , 4. DOROTHY SMITH Friendship Club 2, 3, 4: CM-XC. 3, 4: Sliore Breeze Stat? 4, Page Tlzirty-Ilircv CLARA SCHLOBACH Friendsbip Club 2, 3, 4, G.A.C. 41 Annual Stuff 4: Ad Commit- tee 5, 4, llzinquet Committee 4. MARY SHINIKO .-Xnnuztl Staff 43 llrzim. Club 4: Treas. 4, XYbirlo 4: Shure llreeze Ig Annual Stuff 4, -lr. Cbamber of Commerce 2: Auto Drivers' Club 3, llus. Club 3, GEORGE SKROBOT llnsketball 3, XVrestling 2, Dasc- bull 3, 4: Class Officer 2. PHIL SOLESKI Glee Club 1, 2. ixxnis SMITH Hockey 3, 43 Hi-Y 3, 4. ROISIQRT SNOIJGRASS Hockey 4: Student Council 3: Claw Ufticer 2. IQXYKIONIJ STOCIQICIQ Ilzuul 3. 4: Urvll-.'stl':i I. 2. I 4 Conccrt Mmm-r 2. 3, 4: Movie lloutll 2, 3, -I: Slimlc Upurntoi' 2, 3, 4: llriunn Club 4: Cxnm-ra Klub 3: bingo XX ork 3, -I: hin- ilcut Council 4. Sl I l lQI,liY Sl'G.XIUl.XN I'rlvu1llu Llub I 3 C XC I 4 ll -, .3 I.. filvn' Clllll IXIILIJRICIJ YICIQICIQKIAW Ililuug Club 2: Cburux I, 2, 3, 4: lhuiciiug Culb I, 2: Nt lion Club 3: Friymx ' ' -......Z,-- 3 Clusir 3, -I: Scnior Play 4. ,IGI-IN IVJXRD GEORGE lN'l'll'llTl.I2S Movie Ilnotb I, 2, 3, 4: Ili Sn-uior Play 4. KliI'l'lI XYILSON llullcll -Y3 'CI'L'2l4 -ou? MW - r I'uotlmll I, 4: llnwlirill 3: IIVX 4. BIf'lI'1'Y STROUP Friendship Club 3, 4. JEAN TIQNCH C1.A.L. 4: lnrls Luzulcrs Club 4: Glcu Club l, 2, 3: Roburl Choir 3, 4: hboru llruuzc Stiff 4: Annual Stuff 4: Sturlt-nt Council l: llrzunu Club, Prusi- tlcnt 4. NVILLIARI W.XIJli Football 3, 4: XYrcmtling 3, 4: Truck 4: Hi-Y 3, 4. VIRGINIA VVHITCORIB Friendship Club 3, 4: Preiicleut 4: G.A.C. 3, 4: Shore llrct-ze Staff 3, 4: Prom Committee 3: Atl Committee 1, 2, 3, 4: Senior Play 4. ALICE VVILSON Friendship Club 2, 3, 4: Glcc Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Robcrl Choir 3, 4. IQYIQLYN RAPP Frienclsbip Club 2, 3, 4: G.A.C. l, 2, 3, 4. ALIEICNA NOSEIC G.A.C. I, 2: Girls' Lczulurs Club 4: Dancing' Club 3: XYbirlo Cluln 4. Those Not Having Pictures LIQROY IDOKGLASS Him' 4. ,lUSlfl'l-l KlUl'lYlC l,l'1lI1lll Club 4. KENNETH HARPER Or cbestra 5, 43 llaml 2, 3. 4. LARRY GNIDOYEC ELIZANGR MIPISE ROUIQRT SERRIC lfntercml last part of Senior Your from .Xwunmptiun High, XX'iml- sur, Ontario, Czuxzulzn. GERTRUIJE JEFFS Drama Club 4: Clmecrlczulcr 4: Athletics 4: School Play 43 Cup and Gown Committcc 41 Sr. .Xa- sembly Committee 4. lfntcrcml from Seattle, xYll5lllllgtf7ll, in Senior Year. RAE SCHLUND Friendship Club 2: G..X.C. 2 Glee Club 13 Shorc llreczc Stuff 3: Vocation Club. xvlCt'-l,l'CNl1lL'Ilt Page Thirty-five 5 41 ...LJ Wm? 4nd'Tg R ff e 1 x If I i Those We Leave Behind Here are our underclassnien, but they will be Seniors some day too! Until then, however, they are busy working hard, having fun and looking forward to the day when some lireshman will say- "Yes, they are Seniors." Then it will be their turn to tzilqe over the leadership of the school and help the new underelzissmen on their way to Seniorship. We who are graduating take with us line memo- ries of friends who will be Uhlling our shoes." 6 MR. HINCI-VS HOMEROOM Fllfff Rvfy, Lfff I0 Right-M. Bezdelx, li. Swcch, U. Daniel, XY. Ciesse, A. Bziragzi, B. Glam poll, A. Boekel, T. Calalmrese, F. Calalwrese, E. Brezic. Second Ron'-H. Mazick, V. Zust, J. Dale, B. Grove, R. Dickson, H. Ric-lie, E. Oriyitz, lf Savchak. Third Ron'-llr. Hinch, XV. Witt, E. llroimka, XV. Channell, VV. Zwerlein, XY. Grossman A, Loncar, R. Rhodes, A. LoRe, J. Carrie, 1 l Q l . we gr.. XIIQ. SCI'IIYEGLER'S I-IUXIEROOKI KTUIU l"z'1'.vf Rim'. Luft In Rlihffflf-I. Ifitzpzitrick, I. Gramm, KI. Coffee, II. Iiucll, N. Ficlclcs, C. .Xrnm ciwlu, bl. Illcw, ,I. Allcmler. ,Skialzcl leflin'-ID. Ilziilcy, If. Ilrccr, KI. Cux, XI. Goliiizir, I. Ilurlick, Ii. Bolmtka, C. Ilzircssi H. Cmlc, RI. Scliwcglcr. Tliird Ru-zu-IJ. Ifwcll, RI, Iilliott, .X. Ilracklaw, D. Grove, R. Berry, R. Iiogotay, .X. Campi- tclli, NY. Ditrich, I". Gulc. BI R. ANGENES HOMEROOM .77ir.vf Rn-zu-Mr. Aiigciic, ul. Kelly, Morris, II. Hug, Luikurt, M. Horn, XY. RICIJIJIIQIIII Y. Long, If. Cfilmscm. .Slmfriicl lx"u:u-IQ. Klillcr. F. Nlcunicr, S. Bla-tz, KI. NIc'K0uii, IJ. I-Iulncr, I. Kirchner, C. Xlczzzl- Czlppa, Ii. Holly, Y. Kriczevich. I Tliirzl lx'uzu--XY. Gmvcr, D. Noviuc, R, Llwyml, M. Ncmic, NV. Jzickshaw, B. Janes, KIP- Iiimmy, XY. Kicr. MISS CAMl'llELL'S HOMEROOM l"ir.rt Rfrzu-KI. XX7cnning, RI. Yamlervoort, R. VV:Lllin, Miss Campbell, A. Papouchek, D Zmlzlrzl, C. XYCIIIIIIIQ. Sivmiirl Rufu'-I". Pcrmc, KI. Zgmxc, D. VVlIl'SlCI', L. Sicrs, RI. VVitt, B. Shafcr, I. Tclich. Third Rfrzv-K. NYcltc1', I. Vililfforrl, D. Somrak, R. Wismcr, E. Walter, E. Saisell, G, VYimI- ing. MISS DARSTS HQIXIEROOIXI Filxvf 134m', Lvfl In Right-Ii. Cmlrzul, ,I. Ilzwics, If. Ificr, I. Cmmpc, II. Ifullis, IQ. Ii-IIQL-1' X. Iilzxsku, H. Iim'z1cicl1. .Slwulzfl Ieuivfll. Clare, XY. Hartmzm, H. Lustig, I. CI1I'ISUl1XI1C1', II. Hwmfwich, IJ. Ilums Ii. Ifmm. 'l'lz1'l'rI Run'-XX'. Hill, XY. Lzxriclc, XY. I3CutIC1', -I. Izlculmcci, XY. Lchct, I', Ilrcmum, XIISQ Iizuwt MR. SIJANGLEIYS HOKIERUOKI Ifizzvf Ron'-E. Skuff, XI. Queen, If. XIL1tIu-Icc, C. Raurl, XI. XX'llIfCl'1NIl'C, If. I'upx'icI1, L. LITZLII kur, Xl. XX'I1itcumIw, H. You Huff, IJ. SCh1'uc1IQr, I'. S3'1'z1C11sC, R. Xbjsuclc. Svrofzd Ram'-C. Simpson, XI. Iiwsmmlmcrg, R. XYrigl1t, IQ. Patrick, L. XYz1CI1teII, VI. IIIKJXYII -I. XYcir, XI. Yuskzl, If. Xlicsc, N. XI11ttcu, S. I'zu'isi, C. XIaIz, XY. I'11Ikw. Third Row?-I. XYiIscm, E. Starillzl, -I. I"z1rfIy, G. Nzmsfm, IQ. Rzmclzxll, VI. XIz1l1lm'zm, F. XI:1c Namarzx, I. Rolvcrts, IQ. XXYCIIIIIQIUII R. Shramm E. Shzluqlmcssx' Mr, SJZIIIUICY. . x, Y Y K, :I I C' 21 MISS .'XlNGXX'UIQ'I'II'S IIOINIEROOIXI KTUN l"ir.vl Rn:i', Luft In Rigflils G. llurcn, M. lbrivcr, M. llcmpscy, li. Gill, II. Hunks, R. Iiml- X lil x I I lin I1 innnmls, ul. . s cj, -I. Ignlyi, DI. ng' ty, M. Anmlrcws. Ycrfrfzil lx'u':i'-M. IIrigIL-lr, II. III-rnvr, II, Cox, N. lIlz1ckwCII, M. GLIICS, G. IIIuml, ll. Harper II. Ilicksnn, If. l,ug'usl1:1n, I.. lI:ikcr, Miss .'XlIlgXYUI'lll. Tlfiru' Rim'-I". Xrlw, C. l'lI'SllIIlllXlL'I1, Ii. Hunt, G. Ilzlnnziforcl, G. Dunkin, N. Gcmrg, If. Ilcli- kcr, L. IIIQISC, Y. Fuclcrcr, II. C:1SlClli. MISS IJEIWNKI.-X'I'EIi'S Hcmxllilacmcm Firxl Rim'-Miss IDL-Iznnritcr, UI. Lore, G. Mzissitt, ID. Moeller, II. Kay, H. Lurzingcr, E. Lzimlv gl. Millin, II. Martin. .SIFCUIIIII Rim'-I. -Inslm-ck. II. Ncwmrt, II. King, M. Mazick, If. Korclic, T. MCXYilli:1ms, 'I I Ixirclmcr, Ii. Lung, li. Munro . Nelson. Tliird Rim'-M. Mulligan, MziCDmi,qz1lI, I. Miller, M. Inrlzi, R. Lotz, F. Knauss, XY. Min'- rny, D. Mctts, ll. hlunczic, ,I. Nclie. i MII. lYIrII'lIESIIIE'S HOMEROQINI fgoffolllj Ifiazvl Run'-T. XYCLlIl1CI'l'lC1l4l, IJ. Strzmzihzln, M. Zgonc, F. Yermun, R. Pzzttun, S. NYalICttc L. Przizinwsky, R. Stcffenliugcn, E. Oliver, XV. Rolmiiismi. .Slwmzd Rufv-M. Stupar, H. Yuslczl, 'I. Iiwlwcrts, I.. Zicglcr, nl. Staples, L. Zimmerman, C Schmidt, S. I'L1rrL1tt, li. Runsnizi. Tlzird Rum'-P. Rosa, I. Shimrock, II. Twohig, R. O'Dcll, N. Scott, Snkzich, L. Strakn I. XY1ltCI'XYZlSl'l, Mr. XN'hitCsicIC. I' ' W" I 'zz' ' ' "J .2 " 5. Rl ISS PHYPER'S HOMEROOM First Row, Left fo Right-Rl. Cole, li. Campbell, R. Finncrty, L. Craft, C. Barrcsi, H. King B. Bozic, A. lacohacci, lliss Phypers. Scrond Ro-zv-C. Coupe, H. Henry, H. Coburn, M. Bolcs, Banghman, T. Amatu, Y. Alex ander. Third Rom'-J. Bergoch, A. Bolun, J. Hodgson. MR. NYlN'l'ER'S HOMEROOM First Row, Left 10 Right-B. Miller, A. johnson, D. Lioce, I. Passerello, E. Bzirklnnicr M. LaBar, V. Soules, F. Krauss, D. Sullivan. Serond Rom'-L. Phillips, I. Pretnar, R. Popek, M. Parziale, R. Kris-lach, H. XVevlwrc-cht, XV Zelman, R. Smith, T. Lamacchia. i Third Ron'-B. Lipovic, J. McKinfla, G. Shakaitjs, fl. Montana, G. Schmitt, B. Stevcrding XY. Tiber, R. Kitcham, E. Cicemas. 0. fa L . MISS ROSENIBEIQGEICS IIUMEROOM I lfifwf ICM, Lp-ff in Rigflzff-I. .X1'ku, G. Ilrzmtz, C. Hill, II. Brmllwcnt, 13. Clmlsvn, G, Bullzllkl IJ. Cznrlfmc, IJ. CUIIII, I. Cffx, ml. Casson. Sumzzfl lf'n:ufIf. fX1I:uns, T. lJ1'11z1u1ic, -I. Ccmltcr, P. Cmvin, If. Iiariuu, A. Cdizic, KI, Hcrm l,. C111-141, RI. Czummm, .X. IJUM-1'ml1'11k, AI. .XlI1l.lUS, I. Hurilc, IJ. Di Santo, XY, Clover T. Cu-4IiCu. XI ISS I'IEIQSfJN'S HOXIEROOM l"ir.vf IW-ru, Lvfl in Riglzfflf. Lzmgq, P. Gilvlnfms, KI. Gzlrupic, 13. Kuchculvackcr, P. Herman 11. l,zu'1Incr, I. I.L'IIll1SI-Ky, IJ. harzlync, -I, Hay. ,S',-fmzfl Rfrzv-li. Gcwrgc, P. Hzmly, ID. Lesh, If. Hcync, H. Huston, ul. Izlcolwacci, IJ. Gros mam, If. K1LrIm'iC. L. Lzlrflncr. 'A v 1- Y . ,, . . v - llnrfl Rwzu-I, LIISIQY, XX. f,z1II1-c-mu, I. lmlc, I. Hzwflcn, In. Holcnmp, Wm. Izttcnqer, H I'A1lIIiCllSIL'Ill, lQ."l:1cuII5', VI. IHIIII, XY. K1'ivm'wy, I'.'L:mg. IV MISS TEMPER'1'ON'S H OMEROOM Fz'1'.vi Row, Left In Riqlzl-XY. Rnssell, Xl. KlCC2ll'll'lV, F. Nevar, XY. Klaruney, R. Rlelienna, tl. KleC:1nclless, iC. Munnings, A. Rolmerts. i .S'm'o11d Rafe-C. Reading, R. Klatheke, -I. Klunier, B. Reiche, R. Parisi, N. Meliimmy, Y. Kli- jzieek, R. Perovieh, F. Pierce, E. Roluff. Third Run'-A. Repusky, G. Novinee, E. Piliernik, K. Roocl, H. Nelson, H. Nach, J. Murray, P. Pfeiffer. MRS. WILSQ'N'S HOMEROOM F!il'.X'f Row, Lvft fo Right-lil. Selilueger, P. Zerlmy, li. Uppule, J. XYz1rwiek, L. Zmlzirzl, .fX. Sugarmzm, P. Zeroll, Rl. Sullivan, B. Tenny, J. Yon Hof, B. YNilson. Second Raw-M. XYz1ltcr, F. Smaltz, L. Tomsic, J. Skok, M. VVZISSCIWTUAII, VI. VVatt, P. Tucker, ,l. 'X'ickermun, F. Zupaneie, D. XX'ieksun, B. NYesley. Third Rom'-B. Schafer, T. Sadler, 1. NYutson, L. Zuitz, H. Trivisuinm, R. Sehlunll, IJ. Tinker, XY. llorrington, R. XYightman, F. Stepic. .f" , -.- "' 'N 11. A FX FX fi , l 'S-I xv: B.. NIR. l'Ulrl'liU'S HUMEROOM lfirsl lffrzv, Lvfl to Right-Mr. Pohto, C. Frahatto, R. Colley, VV. Durkee, F. Bergoch, T. Bullard, P. llarlvy, -l. Hawks, D. Dietrich. Snmzci Rim'-S. llnrresi, P. Blaxsko, Nl. Dvorak, N. Donahue, R. Calzibrese, A. Hess, L. Da- Yirro, G. Dinwoodie. I'l1ird Run'-G. llurns, D. Burns, DI. Hucser, F. Hess, H. Fuderer, R. Hank, j. Duye, A Fischer. Nl R. l"lNCl l'S HOMEROOM First Row, Lvfi to Righ!-P. lacolmcci, M. Perry, M. llasite, P. Malin, N. Lavo, D. ,len- nings, A. Leliet, M. McKee, E. Little, F. Roher. Svrmzd Ron'-XY. jevnikzir, V. blanezic, NV. Richardson, E. Mals, H. Roth, L. Mezzacappa, ,l. Horn, li. Korasin, G. Klerrett, G. Hodge, L. Lardner, L. Runion. ' Third Ro-zu-lf. Meyer, K. Raupach, T. Blizner, R. Jones, J. Knific, R. Munnings, E. Bloody M. Sill, B. Merritt, A. Royer. RUSS CRONIFXS HOMEROQTNI First Row, Left to Riglzl-,l. Schafer, O. Straka, H. Lloyd, W. VVinters, E. Wurster, J Town, S. Swech, B. VVassum, B. NValtermire. Svrond Rum'-,l. Tartino, P. Yan, P. XVise, VV. VVier, H. Thompson, J. VVallace, M. Watkiiis J. Vlilde, A. Heata. ml! i. -3 .. -J fx . FQ .M 53' f, fx "'I 1 Pastimes CLTL Pleasures Makers of Friendships True and FRIENDSHIP CLUB lfriends galore in this happy group of friendly faces! They set forth on a treasure hunt to discover the hidden gems of a valuable hidden school year. Recognition services launched the club on its pursuit of friends . . . spend- ing a whole week-end at Mary Eells Camp, an adventure never to be forgotten . . . an uproarious time at the Hallowe'en Party as movies were taken here HI-Y The Hi-Y members started out the school year with their annual tourna- ments: these tournaments were not only among themselves but also with other Hi-Y's. As usual they were a great success as is anything these boys do. Musty smells . . . old clothes . . . scratchy hay . . . hamburgers and the boys found themselves on Z1 "Hay Ride" with Friendship girls with them. Did they have fun? Around Halloween time the boys again got together and held ,it ,J QQQ Page I Holders of Memories Dear as 4? Z' x FRIENDSHIP CLUI1 tContinuedJ and there . . . quiz bees on VVednesday afternoons . . . prizes to hrain- sters. Christmas came around and the Friendship club and Hi-Y club got together and emerged with a semi-formal dance. Miss Campbell has guided the girls throughout their club activities in keeping their ideals and goals, objects to be acquired. HI-Y tContinuedJ a "weiner roast" only somebody made off with some of the pies. The boys did their part when they combined with Friendship club for the semi-formal dance, anyway the girls thought so. Mr. Schwegler is the leader of this club and you have only to ask the boys if you desire to hear him heaped with praise. These boys are going far in the world making good young men. ,J--w Q Page Forty-scwn We C0uldn't Do ithout Them 'S STUDENT COUNCIL ln each homeroom in the school the Student Council is represented by a member and this member brings the room's suggestions for the betterment of the school to the Student Council meetings. Here the suggestions are discussed and voted upon and if the suggestion is voted worthy, the Councilors proceed to enforce it. This year as many years before, the Student Council has played an important part in school activities. They conducted the "Vocational Guidance Week" and have run a series of after school dances. The Council is under the supervision of Miss Aingworth. AD. COMMITTEE Have you bought your "llooster's Tag" to the football game? Have you bought your ticket to the Senior Play? VVith a barrage of "Have you's" we find the everbusy Ad. Committee members greeting you in the halls. They see to it that you hear and see about everything ahead of time. Shore needs boosters and these students make good leaders. Mr. Spangler is the guiding llooster in this Committee. 9 is 's Page Forty-viglrl Familiar trains T V CHORUS Who has number seven . . . that's my music folio . . . Mr. Raish, somebody has taken some music out of here . . . singing . . . music . . . two synonymous words but oh! what a combination they spell when they stand for our first period Chorus. Hut not only do they signify a group of fifty voices, they also represent the interesting musical programs in assemblies, when we have heard the familiar strains of southern melodies. Friday ordinary rehear- sals stop and fearless members have chances to show off in front of their fellow classmates. GLEE CLUB Two traditions . . . one depending upon the other . . . Shore Highs Christmas music and Shore High's Girls' Glee Club. VVell do we appreciate their value . . . the haunting refrain of "Pale Moon" . . . Hoating through the air . . rehearsals for "Gala Nite" and many more delightful programs. Payv Furtypuinc' . - .v.- ' 7.3 ' 4... '89 fi I X Voices n High RUIRED CHOlR Early morning rehearsals . . black robes . . . starched white collars ..., 3 O voices . . . the l'.-T. A. musical pro- gram . . . Gala Nite . . . bidding farewell to the seniors with the familiar strains of "The Rosaryu . . . and last but not least, the annual concert with the band. 'llhen to make the world all right the choir meets with other choral groups at lledford to end the joyous season. Add all of these together and the sum equals that outstanding organizationgthe Rohed Choir. 9 T Q , GP. '- -- r ' an As The Baton Is Raised .... URCHESTRA Ever faithful . . . ever neeclecl . our school orchestra. At HIOTC serious programs given we hncl the orchestra playing favorite classical pieces whether the stirring "'llriumphal March of tl1e ries s" 'rom 1 ica, or iffi aic airx' "Mae o' 'i n11'1 'om " 'l l' t 1 Xl thelblt il lls tXe NN l ll L 1 s. ie orchestra's greatest importance comes at CUITlINt'llCCINt'llfS. lit--XNIJ leet . . . wincl . . . hail . . . a football game . . it means 11otl1i11g to the bancl, always there . . . spurriiig' on the light . . . boost- ing tl1e team ancl proucl as Dean Tinker "struts his stuff" in tl1e sparkling new uniform. As a climax of their successful season, the annual hancl concert is helil in April .... So let's give three cheers for "Old Faithful," our hanfl! S 'J' this could be the clehnition of f'N QP' 56 Page Fifty-one The Girl Athlete GIRLS' Sl'OlQ'liS .X llz1sh of 21 l1lz11le . . . :1 lJUllllCj' white hall . . . the quiver of z111 1ll'l'UXX' . . . the girls of Shure lligh cmiipeting with each other in Sports. l.:111gil1ler . . . keep eoinpetiticm . . . ll loser in the game hut Z1 winner in spirit . . . z1ll this speaks for the IUUtlCl'll girl athlete. Straight :mcl g'I'I1Ct'l.lll lmllies 1ll'C lmuilt, mimls are trz1i11ecl to he quick :incl alert while Still having fun i11 sports such 115 Areliery, lienciiig, lllllg' I'1111g', lr3z1sl4ethz1ll, Volleyball, :mtl INIIIIY l'l1Ul't'. has M Y , Y The Boy Athlete giiiwi L 'I xty 1 1 2 E I 1 BOYS' The same is true of Boys' Sports strength and force is shown by the boy . . the show of intricate holds of the wrist of the fencer. Front Ping Pong High is proud of its good Sportsnien! Ffffx H1 rn' SPORTS as is of Girls' Sports. except that more s as . . . E1 dash around the field . . wrestler . . . or the deft liick of the to Boxing one finds 21 champion. Shore We Who Keep the Log Rolling Ifmlitm11'-ill-Clwicfellctlc I'.iL'l' .Xssislzmt Emlilur-eklzly C2li'lg'I'Cll fh'gZllliZ1lliUIlS Ifclitcm1'fefM:l1'y Shimko Sports Iiilillbff'CUl'l1L'li2l lillclmcllbzncher Art EkliUlI'fAl2ll'il5'll Case Special XY1'itc1's--Ilctly Hunt, lletty KICCU5' 'lxypists-,Mlclille Gcig'e1', Meryl Gomllwezul I'hulavg1':1pl1crs-IHmb Huston, liuml llm'ger. Axlllwonly Lolie, I'Al'Cil-RICN11I1lH1'2l Business Ixlllllllgfl'-L2C'lJl'gC Grcvc .Xclvertising iXI1lIl2lgt'l'-tlilll Kloultcm Suhscriptifms-Iletty Gommel, Clara Schlobuch, lletty Ray, l'eg'gy Cillllllltxjllllll, llc-tty rX1'lllCl'SU11 l'12lL'llltj' .Xmlvisers-KI1'. Angcue, Mr. l'4illCl1, Mr. Card l'1z1culty PhiltfJg'l'21lJht'l'S--Bl'I'. Phillips. Mr. Hiuch .vw P I L. xnxx 'Yi ffirxl l?ffzu--XIII Card, Hr, I'4i11c'l1, Xl. f:1HNH'lL'I1tl, A. flciger, Ii. Ficr, M. C:u'lgVc1l, C. Kuchcn- lvzlclwr, Xl. law, Mr. Phllllps. .Slwwlfzl Rfm'-ll. Hum, ll. McCoy, C. Schlnlmch, IE. Hciss, Ii. .XINlCl'SUI1, P. Camplcjulm, ll. Rug, XIV. .Xngcxlu Zlqlllufll Rn-rv-UI. Touch, Ii. Marshall, R. Hustmm, -I. Xlilllltlill, G. Grove, J. Lipovcc, F, llc- Nzunzxm, Mr. Hinch. Page Fifly four Printed This Year! HORE BREEZE Vol. XVII ' 'V' 7939 Gebhart Junior Q The l of MATC? 101' P1357 Gebhart, JUOITI XIII' Higtgry Y V0ld9.l':l5 MT. 4 of mankil Elrls' the edg UUE mfm there to 19? ihe C IBF!!! UQ blenis O 'I 50 This va 'ids ways--of A-mf! Bel:- and not talked sore and it sembly The Trip to WaShiHSf0D ceive a silver medal Is Still Uncertain ner' ups, a bronze medal. V four give. To enter just give your riame to l . V ------ S HORE BREEZE STAFF EDITOR ....................... ASSISTANT EDITOR .....,........... RIf3PoRTERs: Betty Daniels, Bill Moore, Verna Chl, Anne Gregorin, Edna Rillie, Betty Heiss, Otis McKeOn, Betty Anderson, Helen Von Holt, .lean Kodger, Dick Dickson, Lois Semple, Joe Lipovec, Cornelia Kuchenbacker, Milan Plutt, Charles Armocida. PHOTOGRAPH IQR: Fred McNamara. CIRCULATION BIANAGICR ,.,...,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,v,, Subscriptions received and deliveries representatives. FAc't'LTY ADvIsIiRs: Mr. Vaughn, Mr. Page Fifty-fiI'e .,.....Margot Graney .......Betty McCoy TYPIsTs: Billie Helphrey, Blanch Croclcet, Anne Gregorin, .lean Tench, Virginia Whitcomb, Doro- thy ROW, Dorothy Smith. 'l'YP1isIiTTIiRs: George Fuller, Bill Fin- nerty. MARIQUP EDIToRs: Adeline Geiger, Meryl Goodhead. BI'sINI5ss lXlANAGliRI James Dailey. Betty Anderson made by Student Council Honieroom Card, Miss Phypers. of the rn Re- in before purpose to de- ters ve any he situ- Clubs and Clubs GIRLS' LEADERS CLUB Our most recent club to join the frivolous group. The girls are leaders in every way . . . new suits of white material are worn by members only. . . . These girls help conduct Gym classes and competitive tournaments. At Christmas they held a party which was successful in every way. All these happy hours are given to the credit of Miss Gill's untiring cooperation with these youthful athletes. BOYS' LEADERS CLUB These boy leaders are the equivalent of the girl- leaders and they also help conduct Gym classes. The older boys wear shirts which tell that tiiey are in the club: the younger boys wear a shield which says, "Shore Leader." These boys played an important part in this year's Gym exhibition. G. A. C. The Girls' Athletic Club sponsors all tournaments after school and all mein- bers receive points according to the tournaments they are in, and after reaching the number of points, they are entitled to a letter. This letter is white set on green and every member receivinv' one is proud of it. It usually rewards the 5 f b work of four years of high school, Freshman year through Senior year. DRAMATIC CLUB Que more week 'til the production is to go on . . . worry . . . anxiety . . . then . . . relief! Yes, you guessed it . . . we're talking about the Dramatic Club and "The Queens l-lusbandn . . . and also, not to be slighted. . . . "The Man In the Bowler Hat," Gala Nite's "A Happy journey." But it isn't all play rehearsals and hard work .... Remember the fun at the dance on St. Patrick's day? . . . Under the able direction of Mr. Card . . . these have been the contributions given to us by the 1938-39 Dramatic Club . . so more power to them in continuing their share of contributions. TRAVEL CLUB Buenos Aires . . . the dashing sheiks of French Morocco . . . Cal- cutta, the land of rumbling herds . . . the gentle, rolling waters of the NYaikiki beach and back to room No. 221 in less than an hour. Thus journey the members of our "Travel Club" with Miss Delamater, the stevvardess. Be- tween brief respites the members bring their weaving and embroidery and try their hand at that. AVIATION CLUB "Men with VX'ings" . . . Oh, yeah? I-Iorns, maybe, but not wings. Seri- ously, though, these air-minded boys study and speculate the future of aviation and all its possibilities as an even-mcare-modern-means of transportation, and aviation as a future career. Thus does Mr. Spangler guide these pliable minds in his Aviation Club. BUSINESS CLUB Yyhat dress shall I wear? Do these blazer sox match my plaid tie? Wliicli Finger do you strike the "A" with on the typewriter? Are abbreviations ever correct? tNot when I use them.b These and many more such questions are answered during Miss Darst's and Mr. lfinch's Business Club meetings. Klany other clubs meet on the yVednesday after noon but these are but a few representatives of the variety and the usefulness of the various clubs. Pajc' Fifty fix ffj PNG fl fd it H -' ,. ""' 1 up P1 -v. 3 The Fighting Admirals More than ever, this year Shore students are proud of the Hghting Admirals, who won their hrst undisputed Eastern Conference Football Championship title. Close to sixty enthusiastic boys turned out at the call of Fall Football practici- and from these boys, Coach Schwegler picked his winning team. Pngfc' Fiflyirdylil Page Fifi-v-ninc' Sailing On To Victory tContinued from last pagej The Admirals traveled to Canton Lehman for their first game, where they were honorary guests at Lehman's dedication of their new stadium and night lighting system. That night, the Shore boys failed to bring home a victory-however, Curto made up for the loss by bringing back a nice black eye. Shore journeyed to Brush to launch its lirst conference game attack and was met with warm weather and clean play. Brush was kept on the defense throughout the game. ln spite of our aggres- sive team, the pigskin was carried over the line only once by our boys. Coming home for their next game, our confident team swamped Bedford under a great aerial attack. Maldovan received a serious leg injury and was missed from the team for the remainder of the season. Next, the Admirals romped over Garfield, away, and sank all of the hopes of Garlield's winning the championship. Our staunchy backlielder, Joe Dempsey, appeared for the first time this season in play, after his summer injury. XVith little snow and bitterly cold weather, Shore met its one undefeated opponent of last year--Mayfield. This game evened up last year's defeat of the Admirals and also, gave our second team a chance to play fincluding Rob Berry after a call from the band for himi. CContinuefl on next pagej lContinued from last pagel 'l'lie Shore eleven next encountered Maple Heights, away. 'l'xx'o excellent runs were made of about forty and fifty yards by 'loc Dempsey and l'aul George, respectively, of which each resulted in touchdowns. Shore came out of this genuine "dust bowl" game victorious. 'l'o end the gridiron season, the Admirals trounced their tradi- tional rival under a deluge of thirty-nine points, allowing one- ancl the only one of the season-touchdown to Euclid Central. 11 I o t Luft Io Rigflif-.-X. Papoiisclick, li. liogotay, C. Grcyc, A. Bocke, nl. Klalcloyan, XX Pi o Scmfzzcl 1641-gt-, Hoffozzi-rl. Grossman, li, Clarke, R. Fanta, K. Wlilson, P. George if K Fw- X ...I I A is in f E91 Xt ti 'QT N 'gli U xxx V 3,5,.. 1. ,wh X fContinued from last pagej The following is the 1939 Football season schedule: :'fCanton Lehman .................... 26 Shore ................................ 6 Brush .................................... 0 Shore ................................ 6 Bedford ................................ 0 Shore ................................ 25 Gariield ................................ O Shore ................................ 13 Mayfield ................................ 0 Shore ................................ 33 Maple Heights ...................... 0 Shore ................................ 40 Euclid Central.. .................... 6 Shore ................................ 39 Conference Total .......... 6 156 ,'cNon-Conference game. First Ron'-O. Mclieon, M. Plutt, L. Palko, E. Heglaw. Sv'-ond Ro"-VV Nloore VV VVade I Dempsey A Bmcklow F 'Xlontana . LL .. , . ,-. ,-. L ,.. . The Wearers of the Blue and Gold liicbe. Harvey ......... ...... l forward Roekel, Allan ,,,,,,,,,.,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, G nard l7ClllPSL'5'. hlUS0llll ...... ...... l '-0l'WLlI'Ll Maldovan, John ......,., .,.4,,,. l forward llldfliv. llI'UCC ............ ....... C elltel' Vapouschek, Anton ..... ........ l forward Montana. lirank ..... ....... G uard Heglaw, Edward .,...,,,. .,,,,,,,, C enter KICKCUII. UliS ...... .......... l .lllZ1l'il Dietrich, NYilliam ....... .,.... C enter l.ipoyec. 'loseph ....... ...... l forward Schwartz, George ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, C enter lil1l5lill. Xllgust ..... ...... l forward Shaugnessy, Emmett ,,,,,,.,,,,,,.,.,, Guard li115'CI'. HCIIFX .... ....... Q lenter Motfet, llryan ............... ........ R lanager Curto, -loseph .,.,. ,,,,,,, G uard lford L. Case-Coach Henry Schmidt-Asst. Coach Glenville . . . For the second straight year, the tar-blooders fell before Shore-'s smooth working Admirals. Mayfield . . . The green and white of Mayfield fell before the fast breaking tactics of the Shore team to the tune of 59 to 20. Harvey Riebe dropped in twenty points to tie the Shore record set by his brother, Mel, in 1931. Maple Heights . . . The Admirals beat a power- ful Heights quintet in stride. Central . . . Shore won the first leg on the beautiful new American Legion trophy by smothering the Lions 69 to 20. Capt. lfrank Montana whisked the net for twenty markers to tie the Shore record held jointly by Mel and Harvey Riebe. Mentor . . . The smooth working combi- nation of Riebe-lDempsey-Clarke-McKeon-lXlontana played its last game together by trouncing Mentor 59-lb the next night after the Central game. Brush . . . . The Admirals trailing 15-3 at the half, staged one of the most brilliant rallies seen on any court in years walloping the Brown and Gold 29-8 the second half, to come in easy victors with a score of 32-23. C5 fb 6 . 1 Q . 4 i. -1 . .. a L l liirxl Rozu, Ifvfl lo Riyllzl-F. Montana, .X. llockcl, O. Mclicon, J. Dempsey, H. Riebe, ,l. Curio, ll. Clarke. .Srrnzifl Rott'-yl. Lipoxcc, .X. Papouschck, li. Shannessy, ll. Hcglaw, XY. Dietrich, .X. lilasko, ll. Moller, Mr. Case. Tlziz-fl l6,.g,Y.-l- gh,-ictoplicr, Vl. Town, T. XX'c-atlierlicad, ,l. Robinson, G. Schwartz, NY. Zxxicr- licn, K. llerry, li. l'alko, lj. Melts. Page SIi.l'f.V-f It's a "Case" of "Netting" Victories BASKETBALL fContinuedl lledford . . . This team was downed in a close contest, 29-27, at Bed- ford. The game was marked by long range shooting by the home team and the game was not decided until joe Curto, Admiral guard, looped in a double decl-:er from far out to decide the victor. Garfield . . . Garfield and Shore came up to the last league game without defeats to pack in the largest crowd to see a bas- ketball game in the history of Shore Flasketball. Gariield's classy quintet was able to put on a finishing drive to win in the last four minutes of play to cop their first Eastern Conference crown. Fairport . . . The lllue and Gold Admirals surged back to whip a powerful Fairport tive for their first defeat in 16 games to the tune of 40-30. Ed Heglaw at center and loe Curto at guard played good defensive roles to assist the dependable scoring combination of Riebe and Dempsey. NEO. SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT Shore held the Sectional Tournament for the second consecutive year. only' to have their own team draw the Fairport team, by a queer quirk of fate, and be eliminated by the team they had beaten by ten points a week before. hloe Demp- sey and Harvey Riebe acted co-captains the second semester and made proh- ably the best pair of running mates at forwards to wear the school colors in, recent years. Page Sixty-tlzrce The Familiar Blue Light ?"v'l i 2 w Y vi- rl' OO I"i'vpvf Rott'-XY. Moore, NY. Palko, -I. Smith, R. Schroeder, J. Hannaford, R. Brandt, VV. Mur- ray, D. Nickson. Svuoaid Rim'-Ossie Asmundsen, L. Palko, D. Ewell, P. Twohig, E. Heglaw, Smith, Henn. Shore is mighty proud of its 1938-1939 Hockey squad of which each puck- ster proved of some lid Heglaw ............ . Dick Schroeder ........ Iloh lfisher ........., 'lim Smith ...... 'lack Smith ....... Hill Moore ........ .. -Iohn Raghorg ...... Lenny Palko ........ Hill lialko ............ -I ack Grossman ...... value to the team. 1938-1939 HOCKEY SQUAD Ossie Asmundsen-Coach Robert Phillips-Assistant Coach ..,...Left Wiiig ..............Center ..........Right XYing ........Left Defense ......Right Defense ...Right Defense .......-Left Defense ........Right VVing .......Right VVing ......Right Wiiig Delforest Ewell ........ ...........Center Hob llrandt ........ ,.,.,, L eft Vkfing -lack Schlaeger ....... ............. L eft Vkfing Paul 'liwohig ......... ..,.,,.. L eft Defense Darrel NVickson ........ .....,. L eft VX'ing' Jack Rlattau ...... ..,...,. C enter llill Murray ........... .lack Hannaford john Henn .......... x ........C,enter .......,.Goalie . ...... Manager Page Sntx four The Admiral pucksters moved into their second hockey season with five lettermen and an enthusiastic group of new players. Skating off to a surprise victory over Cathedral Latin, and easily trouncing Holy Name, the icers next staged their hardest fought battle against Shaker, only to meet their first defeat. The pucksters carried the lighting spirit of Shore with them and masterfully slid through the season with only three defeats by Shaker, Cleveland Heights, and Shaw, and tied two matches with University and East High. Shore was eliminated in the First round of play-offs by East High, whom they had held to a scoreless tie in a previous game. This was the final blow to an almost perfect hockey season, but before the play-offs our pucksters held second place in both divisions, tying the leaders of the Metropolitan division. J.SMTTH P.PALKO I SMITH Q! 'U'b 1 L.PALKO R.SCHROEDER j.HANNAFORD .S'i.r1-v4liz'c Presenting the Boys ho "Set the Pace" at hore .JI 1- 4.4, - 'mn ' j C4 A l'l1.l'.X'f Ron'-R, Grossman, A. liracklow, il. Malflovan, L. l'alko, P. George, M, Plntt, R. Mat- thews, R. XXI-llington. Svrond Rom'-Mr. Case, NY. Larick, VU, McDougall, T. Shinirock, R. Harper, VV. Channell, . Flammang, XY. Zweirlien. Shores hopes for a successful track season look fair. clue to the fact that Shore tiecl with llrush and lleclforcl in the C. A. C. Incloor Meet. The following is Shores 1939 Track Meet schedule: Shore Shore Shore 1 Shore ....... 1 bhore ....... Shore Shore xApril 26-Garfield ......,.,,..,,....,. 7 May l-University ........,.,,,. ,,.,., Xhlay 3-Redford ....,,......,,.. ,,,,., May o-Mentor Relays at Mentor May 8-lilrush ..........,........... ,..... May 10-l'1rush ...... May l5-lleclforfl ........ XM215' 17--Alumni .......,.......... .. .... . May 20--District Meet May 23-Eastern Conference Preliminaries Mag 2-l-Eastern Conference Finals at Redford May 26-27--State Meet X-lune 7-Central ...... ........,... ...... S h ore .,........ ljunior High American Legion Meetl 'k Home Meets. nov S'i,1'!j Pitching . . . Slugging . . .Fielding At Coach John l'ohto's first call for candidates, seventy-live willing boys turned out for baseball. lt was the biggest turn-out in the history of Sh.irc's sports. The squad was later reduced to twenty-live, of whom three were letter- men, Harvey Riebe, Elmer VVeinschreider, and Capt. Frank Montana. -loe Curto and Hob Jason turned out to be two of the best pitchers in the Metropolitan League. Their steady pitching did much in the way of contributing to Shores fine season. The dependable slugging of Riebe, VVeinschreider, and Montana were other highlights on offense. Some good helding by liezdelc and Heglaw featured the outfield on defense . Shore won the championship of the Eastern Division of the Metropolitan League and were semi-linalists in the district play-offs, losing to Cleveland Heights. The following was the 1958 schedule of baseball: Brush .................. 6 Shore .............. -l Mayfield ..... ...... 0 Shore ,..,.., .... 4 Euclid Central .... l Shore ....... .... 8 Brush ......... 3 Shore ....,.. .... 4 Collinwood ........ 8 Shore .............. 7 East Tech ,.,...l.,... 7 Shore ,,,,,,, ,,,. l Mayiield .............. -l Shore .............. 15 Latin .................. 4 Shore ,,,,.,. .,.. 5 llenedictine ........ 4 Shore ....... .... 6 lienedictine .....,.. 3 Shore ,.,,,,, .,,, 5 John Adams ........ 7 Shore ......, .... 5 V -- aw... 4 . li nh ' ,V W fc' Sl'.1'fj'-SFI n Matmen of Shore Even though Shores matmen got off to a late start this year, they did well for themselves. Under Coach Pohto and Captain Hill NYade the grapplers soon made up for lost time by taking second place in the Conference. This year's team was composed of seventeen muscular boys. Shore had three home matches and traveled to the opponents' mats four times, making a total of seven matches. The matmen won four of their matches and placed four boys in the City 'Wrestling Tournament. Hill VVade won fourth place in the heavyweivht division: Lenny Craft, fourth place in the 103-pound 6 divisionp Al Roosma, second place in the 145-pound division, and Al Hracklow took second place in the 155-pound division. Here is the 1938-39 Wrestling Schedule: 1 Shaker ............... ..... 1 University .... ..... X l 'arma .... Garfield .... 'kShaker .... yfentral ....... ..... 'tHome Matches. Lentral ....... ..... Shore Shore Shore Shore 1 bhore ....... 1 Shore ....... 1 Shore ....... ...... Page S1'.rty-ciylil Day by Day at Shore Slfirri-:Mullin hath XXX remarkable days: 30. Oc'roia1-311 1. -l. 5. Ci. 7. 10. 12. 13. 17. 20. 21. 24. 26. 27. 28. Pa gc Sixty- 111 ut' 'llhe heavens will weep. lrlut all the rain in the world won't keep Shore from fighting even though the stars prophesy victory for the Green and Wfhite. hath XXXI days: Here at last we have a get-together for the lfriendship Club at Mary Eells Camp. Our regular dashing football heroes playing the Post Graduate football players who came back to learn how to play football. Our first Short' Brccsc issue was printed. Generally clean and mild in ocean region. lfaculty seamen and sea- women attending a nautical party will encounter pleasant weather. Shore puts on her war paint: "Heat lledford!" in pep assembly pro- claims aloud lier bloody war cry. Mr. Peake will address the Senior Class on Vocations. Some of the Seniors taking an afternoon oft to go and see "You Can't Take It with You." Miss Darst's Business Girls' Club went to visit the Addressograph- Multigrapli Company. Volley ball teams got well under way in the new gym. Recognition services for the Friendship Club. Garfield tribe takes a whipping at the hands of Shore High. A mathematical genius displayed his abilities before the breathless stu- dent body in assembly. Playhouse stages a play called "Ditch Diggers" for the benefit of the Community Fund. Mayfield takes a trouncing from old Shore High. Friendship Club girls get together for a grand Halloween Party. No School! Teachers in Suburbs go to Cleveland for the annual teach- ers' convention. .LNA3 wfxj Q3o.g,'R udhG.N-'- '1 '7 Day by Day at Shore Noi'1-:Min-:R hath XXX days: 2. llrama Club gave a play in Assembly. J. NY.l'.A. swing band will play for the students presided over by the Student Council. -l. Maple Heights takes a whipping from the Admirals. 9. The Automobile Club gives an assembly on "l'reventing Accidents." l0. Football Rally at Shores field for the Shore-Central game. ll. Shore wins from Euclid Central but Central spoiled Shore's chances of a scoreless season in the Eastern Conference. 1-l. General Assembly on "Let us have a purpose and a career." 15-18. Conferences on vocations for all of the Senior lligh. lo. The Federal Music Project lland gave a splendid concert in assembly. Z-l. Shore gives thanks-no school for four days. D1-iciiixmi-:R hath XXXI days: 2. Tag dance honors our football players. J. Our Hockey Team starts off with a bang! Today marks their second victory. 7. One of the hockey boys interviewed their coach, Ozzie Asmundson. 10. Our first defeat in hockey. Shaker is the victor. 12. Girls' Leaders Club chose basketball teams and had pictures taken later. 13. Chorus sings for P.T.A. Colored swing band plays during the ninth and tenth periods. 14. A few Gala Night acts being given in Assembly. 15. Austin XNiley plays for the Friendship and Hi-Y Clubs. 16. Admirals boost game with Glenville. 21. Colorful Christmas Pageant given in Assembly. Friendship-Hi-Y for- mal dance given. School closes for the appreciated two-weeks vacation. ZS. Shore wins another hockey game. Page Scvcnty-one Day by Day at Shore -l.'xxi',-xlu' hath XXXI days: -l. Basketball plays explained to all in assembly. fm. Shore cagers win from Mayfield. 7. Shore puclcsters defeat West. i 10. -lanuary graduating class has its banquet. What a night! 11. Shore has college night for Seniors and their parents. 12. Friendship Club enjoys a Farewell Party given to departing Seniors. 13. VVithstanding the jinx of Friday 13, our cagers won their game with Maple I-Its. 16. Quite stormy out: teachers decide to parallel the weather with a similar blizzard of report cards. Zo. Shore wrestlers attack Parma. 17If1sRL'A1:Y hath XXVIII days: 1. Drama Club presents "Queens Husband." 11. Hockey team wins from Collinwood. 20. A special assembly for information on tire drills. AIARCH hath XXXI days: 1. I-Ialf a day off due to the Teachers' Convention. 10. Musical quartette entertains student body, also fencing exhibition. Zn. Shore given hockey crown to victor East. 31. Students rejoice as Easter holidays emerge with lovely weather. APR11. hath XXX days: 1. April Fool's day is shouted at everyone else who forgot it. Shore track team participates in Arena meet. 21. Orchids to the cast of the Senior Play "Charm School." It certainly was a hit! Pnyr .S'rvcnt,v-tufa B R A W N ' S CONFECTIONERY and DAIRY STORE Ice Cream High Grade Sodas and Candies Sundaes and Pasfries 9 22078 Lalce Shore Blvd. Ken. I035 MOHAWK HARDWARE STORE WALL PAPER.. PAINTS . . VARNISHES RADIO TUBES . .GLASS BUILDERS' HARDWARE ....... Telephone KEnmore 045I 729 E. I85Ih S+. Corner Mohawk I. ANNE GREGORIN Kenmore 0585 COMPLIMENTS OF N O TTI N G H A M DEPARTMENT STORE "SHOES AND FURNISHINGS FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY" 4-1-ge Leonard Mandel I8607 SI. Clair Ave. Propriefor Cleveland, Ohio AI Ihe "soma sHoP" Complele Seasonal Ouifils For Men and Young Men 2. ADELINE GEIGER HAROLD FURNITURE COMPANY An Uplown Slore wilh Downlown Service .993- 708 Easl I85Ih Sfreer Budgef Terms KEnmore 6840 Ken. 0665 N o T TIN e H A M HARDWARE COMPANY "The Communily S'rore" PAINTS . . GLASS . . RADIO BUILDERS' HARDWARE WARREN MILLER l8708 S+. Clair Ave CLEVELAND I I "MOTHER, MAY WE HAVE MORE?" EUCLID DAIRY CO. Ken. 05:5 515 E. 2OOIh S+. 22. DORIS BERNER Kenmore 5630 TAILOR 84 FURRIER I I I Knowlton Cleaners 2-HOUR ODORLESS DRY CLEANING 20020 Lalce Shore Blvd. P S 'lily-tl Veslrmenls for Choir and Pulpil The C. E. WARD COMPANY NEW LoNDoN, oriio Graduefion Caps and Gowns Band Uniforms Gowns for School Choirs ancl Glee Clubs Wrile for Free Calalogs Prescriplions Drugs Candies FiFTY-Two STANDARD DRUG STORES The .Siftlllllillflli for Pure Drugs since I899 Toilelries Soclas Cigars coMPuMENrs W. E. STEVENSON 'I Eanngli Svanhmirh Shoppe 3. MAXINE OI-IL 4. MERYL GOODI-I EAD . COMPLIMENTS of FROM A FRIEND YOU V,S,T i5PicuRE Bosefxm ALMOST DAILY! Q.. 2228I Llc. Sh. Blvd. Ke. 44175 C LA SA LL E T T ik RADIO and REFRIGERATION For Gradualion Gills See Herb Fifzgerald 635 E. I85'rh Ke. I3l3 BETTY'S BEAUTY SI-IOPPE All Branches of Beauly Cullure Kenmore 2548 606 E. l85rh S+. an sf af Page .S 48 Yeam M Budneu THE UNION SAVINGS AND LOAN COMPANY 232 Superior Avenue, N. E. Founded I89I Prinlinq GREETING CARDS PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES PHOTO FINISHING ENLARCIINO AND COLORINC5 EUC LID NEWS-JOURNAL 675 Easl I85Il'1 S+. Real Eslale Loans-TX, Inferesl on Ke' 5730 Savings Deposifs V it 4, It 464. Deposils Insured up Io 55,000.00 by Ilwe COMP'-'MEN-VS Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporalion OT The ANNUAL STAFF Member Federal Home Loan Bank Syslem Q- II. BETTY HUNT I2.EDNA RILLIE I3. CO RNELIA KUCHENBACHER i4ENMoRE4oos SALLY SHOPPE Suils . . Coals . . Dresses Hosiery . . . Accessories Sporl Allire 2I9I0 Lalce Slwore Blvd. EUCLID, OHIO Ken. 0624 "Tell us when and where . We'Il be Ilmeref' WICKLIFFE LUMBER CO. LLOYD Row Your Counlry Cousin HARLEY L. CLARKE COIVIPLIMENTS ..ol.. A F R I E N D I 5 lv-hm' Herff-Jones Company DESIGNERS AND MANUFACTURERS of SCHOOL AND COLLEGE JEWELRY GRADUATION ANNOUNCEMENTS MEDALS, CUPS AND TROPHIES INDIANAPOLIS, IND. JEWELERS TO SHORE HIGH SCHOOL I5. SHIRLEY SUGARMAN I5. DOROTHY ROW I6. BETTY DANIELS S M I T H ' S Barbecue and Restaurant, Inc. se S GOOD FOOD LUNCHES DINNERS 22305 L. S. Blvd. Ken. 2792 JOHN VIDRICK JOHN POLSON I9. VERNA OHL 20. MILDRED VICKERMAN 2I. VIRGINIA NEMEC Pay S oi- Eddies' Service Stations, Inc. 22259 LAKE SHORE BLVD. Texaco Gasoline Texaco, Kendall and Valvolirie Molror Oils Lubricaiion , . Ivloliawlc Tires . . Exide and Willard Baileries Cars Called for and Delivered PHONE KEN MORE 4227 lo 5. HELEN SAVCHAK 6. BETTY JO PATTON 7. BETTE FIER 'i. Purpose 'TO FIND AND GIVE THE BEST" FRIENDSHIP IS THE GEM OF LIFE 11l.H1i. THE FRIENDSHIP CLUB I7. HAZEL HAWLEY I8. BLANCHE CROCKETT --0 1 .5 I COMPLIMENTS ofII1e Student Council 8. JEAN TENCI-I 9. FRANCES KARDOS IO. MAY and MARGARET DAVIS INTERESTING PORTRAITS PRICES OUOTED ON OUANTITIES OE 3 OR MORE I I The Newman Studio PHOTOGRAPHERS I706 Euclid Avenue MA 2333 Addressograpfr . . . Multigraph SPEEDS UP Tl-IE "PAPER WORK" OF BUSINESS ON ALL FRONTS 0 Addressograpln and lvlulligraplw supply an essenlial need in every business. Tlweir value lias been endorsed llirougli conslanrly increasing use, over a long period ol years, in every class of business enlerprise. Addressoqrapli . . . lor speed and accuracy in The rouline copying of names and dara on various forms used in every business: for proleclion aqainsf error, delay and wasle. lvlulligrapli . . . for convenienl and economical duplicalrinq ol a wide variely of business forms and communicalions necessary ro carry on business and increase sales of ils producls or services. In any business or profession you clioose, you will find +l'ia+ Address- ograplw and lvlulrigraplw lvlelliods provide advanfaqes Jro ease flue burden of daily rouline-prolrecl your inreresis as well as Jrliose ol your employer-lxelp you progress. Addressograplw-Multigraph Corporation cLEvELAND, ..... - QHIQ A COMPLIMENTS OE THE Shore Hi-Y Club BOOSl'2f S , COIUITIH I l BEACHLAND BEAUTY SHOP MOSS POINT HARDWARE BEACHLAND PHARMACY MR. AND MRS. J. SUOARMAN DR. AND MRS. M. J. CLUCKER TUCKER SHOES HARBAKS PASTRY SHOPPE WRIGHT STORE, 696 E. I85+h JOE G-ORG LOWE'S TOOOERY l Page 1. I 4 , . 5 n . 4 . C X fl ' .Q . Z' 1. 1,! 4 ' V Q W . 0 r -',' l , F ' S , ,f o , " 1 l,, , 1 . N '-x .F . . A . V' i ' G' '11 l : ' ' T , 4 K ' ,Q - , s 1 FA- 'bn 5 QV, 'E ' f X 45' . , .. rcs! V 11' 1 i. Q- ' L' It .X V l . lPsLA1"',.-W7l.Ar 'gf' ' :f'W'1',v SP., , 1 ' .'l'g' rims 1 qi' 5 u"I "J 04 f '. I, . r. .1"' 5 -' JL . . Q.-, I' , 'u -. w . x I r T . X-4 .1 V . t --e I" ik Q 1 1 tb 4? 1" ' 'Tw If V' - w if ' ff' ' ,J .LJ - 7-x . A - I

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