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. I Ji. 1 "' 1 .p Q 4 O S, l N s 5 ' ' " xv -W fn 0 QI 4 'e Q' 04 Q o ' 0 Q1 4 , ' L A, H . ' ,fain , f X I Fi 'izhno 9 ' J if iffy' 0 ' l u U - J 79 I ru- L 'ug Q . I O O I A 4 .0 he Goals CA TLE Published by the Senior Class of 193 HORE HIGH CHOUL Euclid, Ohio S T A F F Sponsors Literary Staff Miss Vernon Marjorie Webster Literary Marie Winch . . Margery Richter MISS Mlichen Circulation Managers Busmess William Peck and Ph0t0gfaPhY Marion Saisall SPOFIS Edit0I' Assistant Manager James Fowler Mary McKee gm HIS View of the entrance to Shore is a study in strength and stateliness. Within these walls, destinies of hundreds are guided. Daily through these doors pass students in quest of higher learning, ever mindful of the splendid opportunities available. WILBERT A. FRAN KS For nfteen years Superintendent Franks has devoted his time to guiding the destiny of our school. His deep interest in Shore students is exemplified by his many efforts in our behalf. DANIEL E. METTS Principal for seventeen years, Daniel E. Metts has worked untiringly to secure up-to-date equip- ment and competent instruction for Shore. Dur- ing these years the school has had marked progress. Page three Page four LUCILLE AINGWORTH, English. MERYL BAUMER, S peeclz, fonrnalisnig History, Business English. JOHN F. BECK, LOLA BEVINGTON, Directors of Music. JUANITA BOUCHER, English. PERA CAMPBELL, English, Algebra. FORD L. CASE, Head of Physical Education Department. MARY R. CRA MPTON, Librarian. NIABEL CRONE, Algebra ,' Science. LOUISE DARST, Commercial. NIARIE DAVIS, History. ADELINE DELAMATER, French, Latin. MABEL L. FALBERG, Head of English Department. FACULTY DOROTHY GILL, Director of Girls' Athletics. DANIEL E. METTS, Principal. LEONA F. MITCHELL, Social Science. WANDA MYERS, Coinniercial. J. CALVIN OLDT, Bookkeeping, Commercial Aritlnnetic. ROBERT PHILLIPS, Cheinistryg General Science. JOHN J. POHTO, .Mechanical Drawing and Manual Training. HETTX' ROSENBERGER, Home Econoniics. ROBERT A. SHUPP, Geometry, Advanced Algebra. H. W. SPANOLER, - Biologyg General Science. NORMA VERNON, English. ERVIN K. VVAX, History, Conznzerce and Industry. STANLEY L. WHITESIDE, History, Physics. JANE A. VVILLIAMS, Latin. STUDENT COUNCIL HE Student Council at Shore is gradually be- coming more and more important. Through- out the past year it has sponsored the hall guard system, monitor duty and candy sales in the cafe- teria, the Football Parade, noonday dancing, and the sale of tickets for a number of school affairs. It is a member of the Inter-School Council of the Cleveland area and has sent representatives regularly to the meetings of this organization. In this way the Council, under the supervision of Miss Falberg, is always informed of new plans which are being used in other schools. W Page five an Page six CLASS OFFICERS lfelm1'1uu'y-- Rllylllllllil ISITISK-l,1'CSillC1lt Betty Fowler-Vice I'1'eside11t Helen Nulzm-Secretary Robert IJZJAV-'11l'C3.SLl1'C1' Sponsor- Johu Pohto June- Jaek 1XIcMillan-President Jeanette Miller-Vice President Betty Bancllow-Secreta1'y XYilliam SiXt--'f1'CZlSll1'C1' Sponsors- Pera Campbell Harry Spangler jane VViliiamS Betty Fowler-Friendsliiim Club 2- 3-43 President of Class 3: Vice Presi- dent of Class 4g Senior I'lay 4g Glee Club 4g Natl Honor Society 4. Richard XVeinschrider - Basketball l-.Z-3-41 Baseball l-2-3-4g Student Council 4g Class President l-23 Class Treasurer l-43 Natl Athletic Honor Society 4g Natl Honor Society 45 Senior l'lay 4. Barbara Blase-tjlee Club 3-43 Stu- dent Council 3-4g Operetta 4: Senior Play 43 Friendship Club 2-3-4. 'lack Halligan Sarah littenger--Senior Play 4. john Blake-Football 3: Basketball 2-33 Track 3-4: Stage Crew 3-45 Chairman of Crew 4. .-Xrion Piper Artluir llisanto--Hand l-2g liasket- ball Manager lg Football l-2-45 lias- ketball 3-4g Student Council l-4g Stu- dent Council l'resident 4g Cilce Club 41 Senior Play 4. Mary l'iClllC'Cil'3I'lCllfl5llllJ Club 4g Cilee Club 43 Class Secretaryg Natl Honor Society 4. Edward 'llonisic 4 lintered from Collinwood 43 Student Council 4: Senior l'lay 4. Florence Andrews-Stage Managerg Senior Play 4. Raymond lirnst -- Basketball 2-3g Track 23 Football 3: President of Class 43 Student Council lg Natl Honor Society 4g 'Secretary of Class 2: Salutatorian. I Katherine Syracuse--Shore llreczcs 4g Glee Club lg Natl Honor Society 41 Valedictorian. Helen Nolan-Student Council l 3 Friendship Club 4g Class Secretary 4. Page .W Il Klzttilcla Cherne NYilliam Peck--Football 3--lg Base- ball 2-3-4. Phyllis Miller-Senior Play 4. Burton Carlson-Band 1-2-3-43 Grchestra 2-3--lg Operetta 2-3. Dorothy Field. Page eight joe Bukovec-Stage Crew 3-45 Baseball -lg Vllrestling 3. 1 liliiabeth Metzger. Alvin Fasnacht Florence Felker-Glee Club 1-2-3- 43 Friendship Club 1-2-3-43 Drum Major 2g Cheer Leader 2-33 Senior Play 43 Qperetta 1-2-3-4. Rose Mihelich-Class Secretary 35 Class Treasurer 2-3. Robert Daw-Track 3-45 Wrestling 3-4g Glee Club 2-3-4g Varsity "S" Club 45 Class Treasurer 4. Betty Bandlow-Friendship Club 2-3-45 Social Chairman 45 Megaphone 25 Advertising Committee 35 Debate 1 5 Prom Committee 35 Class Secretary 1-2-3-45 Girl's Athletic Club 45 Presi- dent 4. Eugene Miller-F o o t b a l l 1-3-45 Basketball 1-3-45 Track 3-45 Student Council 4. ' Edanth Hill-:Class Treasurer 1 5 Stu- dent Council 35 Friendship Club 2-3-45 President 4. Fred Gonso-Glee Club 2-3-45 Operetta 2-3-45 A Cappella Choir 4. Anna Rankin-Friendship Club 2- 3-45 Glee Club 3-45 Operetta 3-45 Girl's Athletic Club 4. Thomas Howald-Glee Club 2-3-45 Qperetta 2-3-45 Student Council 3-45 President 45 A Cappella Choir 4. Isobel McKay-Friendship Clubg 2- 3-45 Glee Club 3-45 Operetta 3-45 Girl's Athletic Club 4. lVilliam Sixt-Entered from Wilk- ensburg High CPa.j5 Football 45 Track 45 Class Treasurer 4. Grace Ecclestone-Friendship Club 2-3-4. Raymond Critzer-Glee Club 2-3- 45 Student Council 15 Class Vice President 2. Dorothy Jehlicka-Friendship Club 3-45 Girl's Athletic Club 4. Henry Smith--Student Council 15 Football 1-3-45 Varsity "S" Club 4. Mary Fayen-Accompanist Glee Clubl45 Qperetta 45 Friendship Club 2-3-45 Girl's Athletic Club 45 Vice President 4. Joe Shimko-Baseball Manager 35 Wlrestling 3-4. Page nine Magclalene Scliultuitis. Ifred Burrtm's+lYrestling 4. Miriam lJrt-lier-lfi'ienclsliip Club 2-3-45 Leader! Club 35 Girls Athletic Club 41 Treasurer 4. blames Fowler-Football Mgr. l-22 Football 3-43 Xliestling 2-3-41 Capt. 41 Mgr. l 1 Track 2-3-4: Shore Breezes 1-2-3-4, Bus. Mgr. 2-3-43 Cheer Leader l-2-3-4: Student Council 3-41 Vice Pres. 4: Sr. Year Book 4: Var- sity S Club 2-3-4. Betty Tench-Glec Club 1-2-3-43 Operetta l-2-41 Advertising Commit- tee 2-3-4: Student Council 2. Norman Cerner. llelen l'ox-tilee Club 43 tnrls Athletic Club 4. Page len .lzunes Barr-Class 'Vreasurei' 2-3. Grace fieliring'--Shore Breezes Staff l-23 National lforensic 2-3-4g Class Vice l'rc-sident 3: Student Council 31 Glee Club 3-43 Operetta 3-45 Girl's Athletic Club 4. Joseph Ferrara-Clee Club l-2-45 Operetta l-2-43 Football 2-3-43 Bas- ketball 2-3-4: Shore Breezes 43 Var- sity S Club 3-4. Jeanette Miller-Student Council lg Friendship Club 2-3-43 Glee Club 2-3- 4: Operetta 2-3-43 Girls Athletic Club 43 Class Yice President 4. Richard Houston. Dorothy lioren-Cilee Club 3, 4: Uperetta 3-4: Friendship Club 43 Shore Breezes Staff 4. . Kenneth Sabine-lintered from Shaw: Student Council 45 junior Proin Committee 3: Shore Breezes Staff 3-4. Marjorie VVebster--Glee Club 2-3- -lg Friendship Club 2-3--l: Qperetta 2-3--lg Senior Yearbook Staff. lfclmoncl Rossoclivita-'l'raclc Z-3--l. Hester Tankard-linterecl from Aurora High: Shore Breezes Stat? -lg Glee Club -li Operetta -l. Stephen Rudy-Glee Club 2-3--lg Operetta 2-3--lg A Cappella Choir -lg Shore Breezes Staff -ll Track -l. Ruth Frissell-Friendship Club 2- 3--lg Shore Breezes 2-3: Gym Assis- ant 4. Betty Baehr-Library l-f-3-4. Emily Nemec-Glee Club 2-3--l. liclwarcl Rush - Glee Club 3-45 Football 43 lYrestling 3--l. Marian Saisall-Glee Club 1-2-3-45 Frienclship Club 2-3--lg Uperetta l-2- 3-lg Girls Athletic Club 45 Shore Breezes Stall' l-25 Circulating Mana- ger 2g Prom Committee. Robert Wlilber Fern Iiessner-Aclvertising Com- mittee l g Frienclship Club 2-3--lg Prom Committee 33 Ciiirl's Athletic Club 4. Jack McMillan-Class President 1- 2-3-43 Freshman Footballg Freshman Basketballg llrestling -lg Baseball -l. Mary lYaterwash-Leaders Club 35 Girl's Athletic Club QSecretaryj. llilclrecl liuettuer-l"rienclsliiim Club 3--lg Scribblers Club 35 Glee Club -li Gills Athletic Club -l. Page eleven Marie XYincliAlintcrccl from St. Yinct-nts: Scribblers Club 3: Debate 23 Shore Breezes: l'i1'lCllKlSlllll Club .2-3--lg liirl's Athletic Club -li Senior Yearbook Stuiif. Charles Ratli-Glee Club l-2-3--li Opcretta l-2-3-43 Shore Breezes Staff 35 .-X Cappella Choir -l. Jean Rath-Friendship Club 2-3--ll Glee Club 2-3--lg Uperetta 2-3-42 French Club 33 Dance Director 2-3-41 Cirl's Athletic Club -l. Stephen Hadyk- Student Council 23 Basketball Manager -lg Shore Breezes Staff -l. Helen Fleck-Clee Club 2-3--lg Friendship Club 41 Shore Breezes 2: Operetta 2-3--lg Girl's Athletic Club -l. Merle Miller. Vida Stanford-Friendship Club K-lj Page twelve Eugene CIunderson-VVrestling 4. ,lean Massena-Glee Club 1-2-3-4g Uperetta 1-2-3-4g Friendship Club 3-4. Glenn Sears-Band 1-2-3-43 Or- chestra 1-2-3--l. June Mclione-Girl's Athletic Club 4. Wlillard Riebe-Basketball 1-2-3-45 Baseball 35 Football 4: Student Coun- cil 4. Dorothy Sullivan-Friendship' Club 4. Joseph Dezman-Basketball 2-3-4g Track 2--lg Baseball 3. Doris Weir-Glee Club Z-3-4g Girl's Xthletic Club 43 Cperetta 2-3-4. james Paul-Glee Club 33 Gperetta Lg Freshman Footballg Student Coun- il 3-4. Margaret Moeller-Glee Club 45 Dperetta 45 Friendship Club 4. La Verne Harwood-Football 1-2- 5-4g Basketball Z-3-4. Elsie Hartman - Girl's Athletic :lub 4. ' l Howard Taylor-Entered from Nestern Reserve Academy 3g Glee Ilub 35 Shore Breezes 4g Operetta 3g Track 3-45 Varsity "S" Club 45 Scrib- ulers Club. i Dorothy Sternberg. l Bill Welnster-Glee Club 3-4g Oper- etta 3-4g Class Secretary 4. Betty Theller-Transferred from Monticello. Thomas Fitzgerald-Basketball 3-4g Varsity "S" Club 3-4. Gertrude Davy-Friendship Club 3-45 Glee Club Z. VValter Wohlgemuth - B a s e b a l l Manager 2g Baseball 3. Marie Zook-Glee Club Z-3-4. Dominic D'Avirro. Page thirteen llumiliy Scibulml- --K ilcc Club l-2-3-4: Fricuclsliip Club 2-3--l: Upcrctta 2-3- 43 .-X Cappella Choir -ll Girls .Xthlctic Club 4. Clzu'cucc llzuiicl-llaucl l-2-3--ll Orchestra 1-2-3-42 Student Council -l. .-Xlicc llUllf1llg6l"-l"il'lC1lilSllllJ Club Z-3--lg lilee Club 43 Uperetta 43 Girls .-Xthletic Club -l. :Xlbiu Craulqar. Margery Richter--Glec Club 2-3-45 Operetta 2-3--lg Girls Athletic Club 43 Year Book Stal? 4. Albert Tegc-l-Frmtliall 4. llurutlix' liilicluwc--f ll'L'l'll'SlI'Il 2-3- 41,Ir. filce Club l. Vflqm' fm1r'li'r'11 VVilbcr Pike-fllec Club lg Oper- ctta l: Stucleut Council l-2-35 Band l-2-3--lg 'l3l'Z1Cli 1-.Z-3--lg lfreshman lfcmtbull. Agues Alllflll-l':1llQCl'CCl from Collin- wuucl -I 3 lfrieuclsliip Club 4. 1 John Mezgec - li a s e b a ll 2-3-43 Track -l. Mary Coprich - files Club 3-4: Friendship Club 3--l. Reiualcl ll'iuters--lfreshmaii Foot- ball 11 Baud l-2-33 Orchestra 3--lg Glee Club l-2-3-43 Operetta 2-3-4. Agues 'l'1'ivisfm1io--Cirl's Athletic Club 43 Cllee Club 3--lg Uperetta 3-43 Shore lireczcs Clypistj -l. Ralph Pfaff. Mary Mcliee-Glee Club l-2-3-4g Operetta 1-2-3-43 Friendship Club 2- 3-4g Leaders Club 3-43 Girl's Athletic Club 4. ' Robert l.ang-:Xdvcrtising Club 2- 3-4: Shore lircczcs Stail' 2-3-41 Debat- ing 3-4. Mildred BlcCurniiclq--QJrchestra l- 2g lland l-2-3. lYilliani Fairley-Clec Club l-23 Operetta 23 XVrestling 2: Varsity Club 2-3-4. Enierson Hirsch-Class Vice Presi- dent l 2 Megaphone Club l 3 Basketball Manager l: liaiid l-3-43 Orchestra 1- 3-43 Basketball 3: Football Manager 4. .lohn Da Mice. nl Richard Wleybreclit-Debate 3-4. Urval Clark-lland l-2-32 Orches- tra l-2-3: Clec Club 4g Wi'estliiig 3-4g Student Council 3. l I llflargaret lioscclq-flrclicstia 1-2- 3-43 Friendship Club 3-4. john by2lI'l'Cl1--lil1fCl'CKl frmn Utica, N. Y. 2: !Xdvertising Cmnniittee 2-3-4 Student Council 3 4TreasurerJ g Track 2-3g Debate 2-3-41 Scribblers Club 33 Varsity Club 4. Angela Hirsch-iilee Club l 5 Girl's Afhieiic Club 4. Charles Hopson - D e b a t i n g l g Shore Breezes Staff 3-4. Helen Doyle-Glce Club 2-3-43 Friendship Club 2-3-4. Page fifteen Page sixteen MUSIC URING the past year Shore's musical organizations have contributed much to the life of the school. Much value has come to members of the Glee Clubs, Orchestra, Band and newly organized a cappella choir from the splendid training of Miss Bevington and Mr. Beck who have given their services so faith- fully and effectively. Much pleasure has been given by the musical organizations to both the student body and the general public. The Band has been faithful in attendance at all football and basketball games. Commencements, concerts, class plays, Operetta and Gala Night performances have given the public an opportunity to enjoy the musical talent of Shore pupils. Membership in any of the school music organizations does much to teach an appreciation of the better things in music as well as a knowledge of lighter and more popular compositions. .MMA FRIENDSHIP CLUB HE largest group at Shore is the Friendship Club, which numbers over one hundred mem- bers. Miss Campbell directs the activities of the Club, which is a social, cultural, and charitable organization. Edith Hill is president and Betty Bandlow, social chairman. Page seventeen ,i.1 Page ciglilccu BASKETBALL l-lfllilf, coached by Ford T.. Case, accomplished the seemingly impossible. They finished their regular playing season with ten wins and no defeats. The team averaged over thirty points a game and held their opponents to the remarkably low average of fourteen points. This is Shores third Eastern Con- ference Championship in four years. Shore is the third team in the history of thc Cleveland area to linish their season undefeated. Dick Weiiisclireider was Captain until he graduated at mid-year. Bill Riebe was Captain the last semester and finished as high point man for the season. La Verne Harwood was the sensa- tional "hnd" of the season for the other forward. Eugene Miller, Tom Fitzgerald, joe Ferrara, and joe Dezman were other Varsity Seniors to distinguish them- selves on the Championship team. , FOOTBALL HE football squad was the greenest to come along for many years. Yet, they won four and lost four and finished third in Eastern Conference competition, losing only to the strong Shaker team and to Central's experienced squad. The Senior letter men were Captain La Verne Harwood, Bill Peck, Eugene Miller, Bill Riebe, sloe Ferrara, Ed Rush, Henry Smith, Bill Clark, and .lim Fowler. WRESTLING l'l'H only two letter men back to make up this year's team, Coach John l'ohto managed to construct a fairly good team from the Sophomore candi- dates. This year's graduation toll will only take two of them, leaving a good balance for the year to come. The two who have Finished their wrestling careers at Shore are Captain Jim Fowler, undefeated in his seven matches and ranked as a topnotcher in the ll5-lb. class, and Orval Clark, 135 lbs., who was lost to the team after five matches due to an injury. TRACK FTIQK winning the Eastern Conference track Championship for the first time, Shores track squad was riddled by graduation. Those who are to be back are Eugene Miller, Howard Taylor, and Ed Rossodivita. "Doc" XVax, from University of Illinois, assisted in football, coached the Reserve Basketball squad, assisted in track. "Doc" was director of arrangements for first East Side VVrestling Tournament and made it a real success. EVE ATTU AT Q N1 s w 9 Q Q Q Q 2 Q N xi ff: C 9 'fl N Q m 2 w 2 n-4 B 3 S E 2 .O -EU' :wg ,':,'.x-aJ:..:..w UQSGES 52SSU22? Nr-'CUUFC s:wq,oq, +3 cnE,,q UZ L3 O E-' 'U S3 css CI bn :ASM .:-C-cu-Es-. 4-1.fQ',I'-'O cu-asLJ3b0 .-C7bD"" "' J-lQ,l,"' uf-Q. .-. - -1L.l-1r-Um- 'Um'aOS225: 3-fgcvsczsd 'UEYUQ UI sg? 5 .A ',.. 4-3 Saas -E2 m,'5g0.'i,,"E:,C 53' .Hu ggE'3C9-AWE +-':Ta5.x'aUf8 HPQAOZ HEQ U gm W Q m Ez?S ggi 2:-2.4: 1-O: u"':.f:U 'JD'-P EG62?:Eg whxgyuw .gtg id -2 I., f C'- Ep Suggs f.: :'3'ZEi-4826 cd ,..QU,.,-.-.Ja 42g . i'dIA+-'Lis-. I-Oman Bo Jw M i A M D A1 Wi P' v W 1 s.. U 3 7x 3-,D-4 rn gf' vga. 3 -5 .E ,202-O ""'fQ-'D cd'-C:54,,f5.,-13.2 O.:!-.. OQSSUWSL- E32 . Egzzwq-5.5-,SSEMFENU 5 UOOUDUHQUUSS 'D' 4-J 'v-1 GJOSQJD U - 5' -5+-' 4-lbD,.,,aqJqJf.,L-4v-1 GJ ' Q a.Jcv"'s..SOO-U5"""" "'f-T-1gl49,3"'G'a1JOS-5-"3-' 5555.-'--+-'f-'GJ cDLnE,'2.'3.Q"'..C 3632? OE Ac L gn G5 EE3g- E - cufggpcvs U 'ln .- aux cpu 4-1 . 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Suggestions in the Euclid Shore High School - Shore Log Yearbook (Euclid, OH) collection:

Euclid Shore High School - Shore Log Yearbook (Euclid, OH) online yearbook collection, 1932 Edition, Page 1


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Euclid Shore High School - Shore Log Yearbook (Euclid, OH) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


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