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 - Class of 1934

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, '.?55 ff bu' Q-E? K- iliivfgv X J, I A. .614 'f 'i Y I 5 'H 'V 2--. Q S-ff' 4 1 . 4 C' ,N - -- . T V 0 : . A in-1 1 m .x L, 21. .. 4' Q f wg, Yu is I -f I I I 7 s. n .-4, ,iff-:Z -M 1... ,,..-f sf ." wt' A-7. U 1 97 J. iii,- YQAO u s v Xi 'u .,!'. . . Qs x lx., AI, git - 11" B 'i 4 'f'f. x 1 7, A' "f. 4 " ' 4 .f ':. - ' 'TTJH f 4.-1 . ," - "' "v ., ' ' ', . I7 YJ r , ' . -f I 1 - ':" ' il 'S , XL' X I : V' -. .5 . ' Cr, gn , 5 . 7 X . 1 ' lu X 5 1 x V: P 1' .S , Q C A . c , v 5 H' if , ' ,,. 4 1 P x -' . , 1 Y 1 1 Q I E. 4 I 1 X , 4 P U B L I S H E D B Y T H E sENloR CLASS OF SHCDRE HIGH SCHOCJL 1934 EUCLID, OHIO , -. :""'?. , ' -Q . -S .-LZL.7."'Y -SQ ' TANDING out from simple but appropriate surroundings, Shore represents a symbol of modern youth and education. New vvings have been added to the building from year to year. The school has developed from a small village school to one of city ranl4 since the enrollment has increased from a levv hundred to over one thousand in only a short space ol time. A Shore student can vvell speak vvith pride of his school. Quoting from an inscription in the auditorium, what can he more significant than to say that our school is dedicated to "the youth of this city for the development of mind and body." What more can be said? Ul3El2lNlElNlDElNlT W. A. Franks, in his Fourteen years ol connection with Euclid public Schools, has worked un- ceasingly for their advancement. ln cooperation with him, Mr. D. E. lvletts, during his sixteen years as our principal, has maintained the reputation of being a true Friend to all who have needed his advice. Shore owes much to Mr. Franlcs and Mr. lVletts. philomena Vidugeris is in charge ol stenographic vvorlt, Mrs. Crampton is in charge of school records, and Marian Motlett assists in miscellaneous routine. nlx t c os, isffi' ZW ,x vvlff . -. xfi- .J nrb f D. E. Metts ..... .. . .. ............ Principal B. A. ---Wooster,2l. A.-Columb' MblL.Flb . .... .. l'h 6 5 mirisiffii. im... is 'S Lucille Aingvvorth ................, ...lfnglish B. Pvshlora Stone Mather, Graduate vvorl4mColumbia Juanita Boucher. .................. English B. Fx.--Qhio Wesleyan, M. A.- Western Reserve Angeline Cocl4erill . .. .. ........... .French B. A:-Qhio Wesleyan, M. fx.-H Middlebury College, Vt. Mabel Crone ............... Science-Math B. S:HQberlin l-letty lf. Rosenberger. .. . . l-lome Economics B. Px.aaWestern Reserve, Graduate Worlc aafColumbia, Graduate WorlcsChicago J. Calvin Qldt .... .......... ..... C o mmercial B. A. axaxlbright, M. A.--Albright, B. Red .aaa aQhio, M. A.-Western Reserve Leona Mitchell ,.... ....... S ocial Science B. A.70hlO State, Graduate Worlv- Qhio State, Western Reserve Robert Phillips.. ................ Chemistry fx. BraWabash, Graduate Worl4-lllinois Graduate Worlo-lndiana, Graduate Worlc+Michigan l'l. Spangler ....,............. Science B. xAxr-l-leidelberg, Graduate Worlc- Western Reserve . Norma Vernon . .. ..... .. ...,....... English A. BrcQhio University, M. fX.aQhio State Stanley . Whi sid . lgclgnce and g cial Science . . 'io State, ra uate Works Qhio tate, Graduate WorlcaaWisconsin Meryl R. Baumer ............. ...... D ramatics y F A C u L T Y B. fAx.fWittenberg, Graduate Worlc- Wisconsin Lola Bevington. ....... .. ............ Music B. A.-Brenau College Conservatory Patricia Riddile. .... .. .. ....... Commercial B. S. in lfducationMBliss Business College Louise Darst .................. Commercial B. A.-Qberlin, Graduate Work- Western Reserve, N. Y. University Dorothy L. Seigling.. ........ Social Science A. B.-l-liram, M. fx.-Qhio State Dorothy Gill. .......... .... P hysical Education fax. B.-Qhio State Rera Campbell. ........... .......... E nglish B. A.-Defiance, M. fAx.M0hio State, Graduate Worlc--Wisconsin lManual Training Ford L. Case ............ . . . iphysical Training Ghio University, Wooster Esther M. Russell. ........... Social Science B. S. in EducationgBovvling Green, Graduate WOVR+WiSCODSiD l-l. B. Bullard ......... ..... S ocial Science B. S.fQhio State, M. A.-Qhio State Jane A. Williams ......... ............ L atin B. l3h.YDenison, Graduate Work-Qhio University, Graduate Work-Chicago John J. Rohto ....... ...Mechanical Dravving B. S.-Qhio State, B. A.-Qhio State, B. R. E.-Superior State College, Graduate Work--Cornell, Graduate Work-ldaho Bartgvvindler. ..... ..... .........Math B. S.-Qhio Northern, Graduate Worlc +Western Reserve John F. Beclc ...................... Music GraduateHCincinnati Conservatory ol Music in Public School Music, Graduate Worlc-Baldvvin Wallace Conservatory of Music, Graduate Worlc-Wooster Conservatory of Music. HE Student Council throughout this year has sponsored the hall-guard system, monitor duty in the cafeteria, noon-hour dancing in the gym, and the selling of tickets for a nnmlmer of the school affairs. It has also become a member of the Inter-School Council which meets every two weeks downtown. Shore has sent repre- sentatives regularly to those meetings. Gradually the Student Council is getting more responsibili- ties placed on its shoulders. lt gains in importance every year. :Xrtliur Bl'UWl1-I,I'C'SltfClIf Anna Hrovat Bud Keller Eleanor McMillan Marie Zwierlein Lodo Habrle-Ist V.-Pres., Hrst semester: PI't'Sl'l1L'llf, second sem- ester. Alfred XZJ.SUIl-21111, l'.-Pres., first semester: Ist V.-Pres., second semester. Theda Thorne-Serrc'lary joseph Hohl Donald Dixon Robert Bandlow H3 Mid -Year Class Officers President. ........ .... . . ....., RobertYoct1im Vice president. .. . .Ella Mae Joslin Treasurer ....... .,.... R udolpti Matlco Secretary ...A . .... LaVerne Berglund Sponsor .... ...Miss Aingwortti Members of National Athletic Honor Society Arthur Brown Buster Stewart Pudoion Matko Charles Wick it "V, .v P 4 , r .:, ,gills ,7 , , . 1 r. ' 'Y , -' - CW June Class Officers MJ President.. .,.... . .....,....... John Voger Vice presidentm.. ...... Celia Vojsack Treasurer. . ......... ..... ........ J e an Perry Secretary ..... ........ .......... B e tty Stein Sponsors ...... . .Mr. phillips, Miss Mitchell Members of National "Athletic Honor Society" Harry Davis Alfred Nason Loclo l-labrle Melvin Reihe Robert I-lill John Yoger Rudolph Nosse Joe lekavic John Zivich 0 A" f I A.4,u6r7, -dl 1!U1l1iR'l' YUi'11lX1 1,.X YQQRXICY 4 l'I1A1iI.liS XYIVK 1311111111111 2. .11 HilNl'1'2l11 3- Hl"Rl'I'l M1 14z14kf:t11z111 1, 2. 3. 41 1911111- 31 5t'll1f'1' 1'1l1j' 41 142144 1'11'iq-1111411111 l'I1111 1. 2, 3. 112111 2. 5, 41 111151-111111 1: 1,I'k'4141'CllI 4. 1, f11UC111ll1l 41 l'1z1sa Src P11155 ScC1'ct:11'y 1. 1, .11 . . . . ' 4 " 4. lllee f'1ll1I 4: Slmre 141'cc-xc 1LhAxuR XHNHLLAX 'UH1 Q H - - UM. . ' .t41H4:Xz'.'t' 5 2... 1"1'ig-1111511111 l'11l1l.1. 2. 3, RIf'11.'XRIJ 1"I X.-XX 4: .X1111-1'tii1514,i'11n1n1itt11c 434 1111114111111 4.11g111'111:111 Inwnmll J. 5. 4. flxmck 3, 1. 23 Xniiumll Athletic Emi 111211111 l!1f:1l1'111.:111x.1lL 4' ymxih 3. 3. .13 111111111' :WllClt'1j' 3, .t1111:11t 1111111'1! 1 1 .1' ,..,t: . '4' 11Hwmu1mmmnw.1.g. U1" mnELLxsu1mRuvK ,M 41 11214111-1111111 1. -1 .11 Axxli llluyytyl' I,nn.m,F li ll 3. 4: SPH' 1.l'2U1l'I'N 1 11111 41 1 11lNN 51-111'v1:11'5 .11 111141111144 1 SISH1 nf 5L'I1111l' 1n11'1Q 4L X111i1111.11 1111111111 SHC1K'1f 4. NI.XRI1i ZXY1liRI,li1X 1"1'11-1111411111 1. 1. -11 1.111111 1-11 1'l'1P1'L'N1'IllJl11Xl' 11 ,1.I'L'.1N lll'l'I' 4111111-l'11111l. 1, 42 SL'l'1'1'lflI'f .11 Y11'1'f1'11w1 11l'1l1 41 U1-1-1'1'lIJ1.1.41 .X11 x1'1114111g 141111111111t1'1' F. 41 I'11-111-11 111111 4. 1'111-41111-111 1, 1. 1.4 . -. . -- 43 511:-11-111 1-11111111 J. 41 111-111111114 111111. V - . - X 1411111 9. 41 51'11i111' 12111114 NIA!! 12 N111111' 1:l't'l'!l' 4. X:1l1- 11:11 111111111 511111-lj 4. 51-1111-1 1'l.1:. 41 1'I1:111'111:111 11.111 111141114 4. .X1111'111.111 1.1-g11'11 1511111.11115 11111V1'4l 11 F41111111 1111111 1111111111111-V .'. 5.1l1:I.111111.111 181 1111' Ya-111' 141111k 41 5111111 1111415 1111111 41 1'-l'k'1lC1'l 4.11111 41 1"1'1cl111x11ip 4111111 2. .1. 41 X:11i1111z11 111111111' S11- civly 4: SL'111Il1' X't'Il1'1:1lIl1i 4. .XX1llil.lXli XUYIQSIQIQ Ii1.1..X MAP. ,1U51.1N 1.CZ1l1L'1'9 4.11111 3, 41 Yiwu P1'esi11c11t 41 Sc-11i111' 1'1:1y1 1'11'ir11f1Q11ip l'11111 5. 4. R1'1DU1.1'11 NIATKH A1111-1'ti4i11g C'11n1111ittcc 1. 2. 3: 1111111u1'1111111 1'11-51111.-11t 1: 4111155 Yicc 1'1'esi11e11t 1' 11llNC1lll11 1. 41 171111111311 42 1121S1iui11:111 .11 Hays' Hlcc 1-11111 4. Scc1'v1z11'y 41 l'111s- '1x1'c:1-111'c1' 41 S111- 1114111 11111111011 5, 41 Yar- 41iy 3. 41 Kluvic Up- c1':11111' .L 4: x2ll11'1lll1 .XI11 11-111' S11Cic1y 42 X:1l11111L11 I11111111' SllL'1L'1j 4. X'1'1RX.X 1'1i'I'1fRSUN 1'11l'L'1'L'I1 1-I'4'lll Kf111i1'111'111:1 .91 S1-111111 1'I113 4. THE 1 I .1 .J THE LOG QM I2I'S'I'ER STEXVART Class President- 1. lg Homeroom President I Z Varsity Cluli 3. 43 Vice'Prc-sident of Varsity "S" 4: Advertising Com- mittee 2. 3: Student Coun cil 3, 4: Baseball 4: Foot- liall 3. 4: National Ath- letic Honor Society 3. VIRGINIA PEARSON MIKE HAIJYK ANNE IIROVAT EARI. STICK tilee Clulm 3, 4: Upeiftta XVrestling 43 Fifltltllilll 2. 3, 4: Senior Play 4: Stu- 3. 4 dent Council 4: Hook- keeper QSchuoll 2. 3. 4: MANINE NELSON Shore Breeze 3. 4: Na- tional Honor Society: Friendship Club Z, 3. 4: I-ntered from Collinwoud 1 French Clulm 4: Valedic- Nfjlixllqx JAQ'K torian: Student Council 3: French Cluli 4: tilee Club 3, 4: Operettzi 5. 4. FRANK MII-ISE Rand and Urcliestrzi 1. 2, 3. BCD KELLER Student Council 4: Senior Play: President of Class I: Football 2. 31 xx'l'CS' lling I. 2: llelmting I, 2, 3. 4: Track 1, 2: Varsity 1, 2. 3. 4. hlee XIAIGEI. ISAACS Entered frmn Xlentor .Z AR'l'HI'R IIRUXVN President of Class 33 Stu' dent Council President 4: Varsity Cluli I. 2. 3, 4 Clgresident -lll Glee Cluli, Vice Pres. 4: Base hall I. 2. 3, 4: Basketball I, 2, X. 4: Fmitlmll 3, 4. ROY HEI N Hi Y Club 2. 3: Senior Play 4: Senior V1-zu' Book 4. l .4 , W , , K' -4 I if . ,:. ! g G l 'r Q' , . 'xg' A 5 - lf' 'f.lf,IiK.i1 -5' ' 441.52 'ppt ' .-,A 3 SA X ,Li'Ev,'i'?4 15 V V':'K:14?5g5 ef:,1::'7gfl P " f F ln, ,l'.rQ'f'.T W ftf!iX5gi?yw53'7'Q2J l ,1 ?'!'i,65vQ3,:,,g 2' , e ,ua 'lm 1 Y 'W Q? s -' f K ' E.'g,f!:Qi'7fiiwf'? 93. ll IJVAXIC 5'l'l'QXY1Xli'l' SYLYIA Kli.XNll'lfl, l'1l,Kllili l'AKll'1liUX l'A'lxllERlXI': FARLEY Fnntlfznll 1. Z. 3: llzuelmll l.iln':u'y 4. Student Qiuuncil 1. 2. 5. Iintereel frrmm Berea High 1, Z. 3: Cl e Vlulr 2, 32 4: Vice 'resident 3. 42 School 23 l.c-ruler: Club4. Upvrcttal 336 Yzuxity ll.XRUl.lJ ULSUN llzzsketlmll 43 l.llll'Ill'j' 1. Y V N llluln 2, 3, X'lCf'-l,l'k'Nllli'1ll gtmlcnt fmmcil 3' 4: 2, 3. -li Senior Play, MILTON XY0l.Fli 3- lilac fluln 43 Football V i i , Glgg Club -L , , Nlgr. 4g Nlrrvic Upcrzxtnr NIARGARP. lx l'ARl,l'.X Rl Ill IUU ll' 3- 4- lflntcrcml from Berea High I-ILA HARI-AU 1:r:'r'1'x' liINK'Kl.l'1Y ff'1""' 3' like flu" 1- 3' 5' U ' l,2.f.4:S1 Glu- Vlul. 1. 2, 3, 4: Up I.:S'I'Iil.:R Ml.:l'XH.1R Pisces? l Lmur 'Al-mm I' 2' 'l' 4' l'il'lk'INlSlll1l 2, 31 Senim' Hunk Stull' 43 l.t'IlllC'l'5 l Vlub 3. THE LOG f 'l l U ' 'l 1 f , I X -'fa-'. K.-1 F' 'gf J., , THE LO, ,Af'fff"" J 4 , 1 "JJ x .. r '- r Ni , Pb it 'I t U U QW V fxx - Q JOHN YOGER Student Council 33 Photo- graph Stalf 4: Class Presi- dent 4: Track 1, 2, 3, 4: XVrestling 1, 2. 3, 45 Foot- ball 4: Athletic Associa- tion 4: Varsity "S" Club 2, 3, 43 National Athletic Honor Society 4. ADELE XYASEL Friendship Club 2. 3, 4. CPres. 451 Glee Club 1, 2, 3. 4, Leads 2, 33 Lead- ers Club 45 Senior Play. GEORGE MILLER Entered from Girard High School 1: Hi-Y 2, XVrest- ling 2. 3. -4. JUNE XYIIITCOBIB Entered from XYest lligb School, Columbus. O., 4: Friendship Club 43 Glee Club KSec. -H: Leaders Club 4: Senior Play. ANTOX LAURICH lland 1, 2. 3. 45 Orclies- tra 1, 2, 3. 4. LENORE OHIERST Entered f' ni Col' wood 31 Frie slap Cl '3, 43 'lee fb . :i peretta 3 . ' er -l. 1 44 2'fug2r..,f2f-A15-127 ' 17.3141 ,C f-V ALFREIJ XASON Class President 1: Class Vice President 2: Student Council 43 Student Coun- cil Vice President 4: Yar- sity Football 2, 3, -lg Yar- sity llasketball 3, 43 Var- sity Club 3. 4: Na- tional Athletic llonor So- ciety 4: Senior Play. EDITH LICATIIERS lwiemlsliip Club l, 2, 3, fgec. l. 45: Clee Club 4 2. 3. 43 Leaders Club 3. 4. F NYARD PEIQGHEQR 4, Ajlffsicleiit ,sy one ' i 4: Sqrililflters Club 43 Xatiwhil F 0 1' e n sic League 4. llll ALICE NEISER lirienrlslmip Club l. 2, .i 41 French Club 4g Senior Play. JACK OYERACRE Hand 1, 2, 3, 45 Orches- tra 3. PEARL STRAY Leaders Club 3, 43 Has- ketball 1: Business Statf of Senior Book -Lf J- 3 Q J ,XX . tx F I v X N x X DQ YN 'B K 1 w lxxa 'J l,,L-'I ...L .IUIC XY.'X'I'I-QIQXYASII lIIi'I"l'I'Q ICIYPENIC film- f'InIn Il YI-ai' Iiunk- Ifntrsrcll from Glenville' i'I11'I01lI'ilIlII Stat? 4. High School 33 Kilrc C'InIr 3. 42 Ik-hating 32 I:l'C'lICII III':I.I':N IIURXYITZ fiIl1Ii f.St'C, -II: fIpe1'r,-H11 I-'m'mlS11i,. vim, 1, A. 4. 42 Milli" Play. GI CII 4: Yu' I5 k 5,52 fl' f,,,..,fQ,',n "Q: rar-zoiusiz R. i'Ut9IIII.I. I"1'w'CI1 I'InIn 43 Sutiui' Muvic Uprrahn' 3. -I. Play. IJURUTIIY Rl'IJY Nossl-2 YUfiI'Il.SAXLg Student Vnuncil 31 NYi'rst- ' y ling I. 2, 3, 43 l'3untIiaII 1 ' 4: Natin.n:II Athlc-tic Hun- P " . If Y Ii R ICTT PIC PI N Scnim' Hunk lPImtug1'apI1 Stat? -H3 Orclicstra I, ll Iiuys' UIUC C'InIm 3, 43 Iiaskn-tImII 31 VVi'estIing 4. I'1I.IfANUR KI'fI,I.ER' Basketball Varsity l, 2: Vlass Secretary 2: Frienil- ship f'IuIi I, 3, 43 Shure Breeze 3. 43 I.:-arlers C'Iuli 3. 4 IS:-C. 4b. EIJVVAR IJ ISUZKIAN Stmlvnt f'unnciI I. 2. 4 NIARVIA AIILMAX l!asketIraII I. .21 Ifriencl- ship l'InIr I. 2. 3, 43 Glue flnlv I, 43 I.:-aclers Club 43 Upcretta l, 43 I'i'0n1 i'onnnittr:c 3. KIELYIN REIISE Haske-tIiaII I. 2. 3, 4: Baseball 3, 4: Track Mgr. I. l'EI.IA YOIISACIK I"ricncIsI1ip i'InIm I. 2. 3, 3 Business Staff 43 Class ' Q -, 9 K p Vice Pres. 4: Upcretta lg If 'imdb' 'Q Imacln-rs i'InIn 3. 4 CYiCe X K y ' 5. Pres. -4 I: Haskctlmall Squad I 4 x , X Wpk-y 2. . I dm 'Ii I I xy f Q , P VI ll2I THE LOG Q, My f I W5 -' ,I ,ff A ' J- ,JL WSI. . J, , . If , if ' , , lla! ,II I ' , I . , I, , -JI, II -:..f' A I4 l I. , In ', I THE LOG ,s 'lf 1 1' .J 1 J I F I' 4:0 x z 1 ' Q 6 ,A - V, 11 .Y ff X, Wh ' WIA. 'L A V 41' My 'Elf' . IR- f' . XYll.l.l.-XM ISROYE MARGARET KETCHIUN Entered from Kilmxlmanl High School Sq files Club 4: Operetta 4. JOHN CERJAN Basketball 2. Mll,lJRElJ MARSHALI. Ifrienflship lllulm 31 Glen' Club Z. 1, 43 Uperettn 2. 3, -lg l.c-zulers' Club l, Z. HENRY PIVOZZI l":ntc1'ecl from l'0llinuuml High School 4: Year Hook Stall Cllusiuess Staff? -lg Glu: Club 43 Opercttu ll.earll 4: XYrc-stlinx: 45 Varsity Club 4. MARION l'llAPM.-XX Enter:-fl from Shaw Iligh Schm-l 33 C'lu-crlcazler 33 Opt-l'ctta 3, 4: l.h-aslcrs flub 53 lllcc lilub 3, 4. -.,,. 3 n - lrlilfll Ylill' MARY MCEl.llA'l"l'EX Fricmlsllip lllub l. XYAl,'l'l'IR CONRAD Track 1, 2. 3. 43 Stlltlflll fuuucil 33 Azlvertiiing i'umm1ttec 3, 4. FRANCES AXIJERSUN Art l'lub li Ulf: Vlub I3 fllPL'l'QtlZl li Scrilnblers lxlub 43 Frenclm Club 4g l.-:zulurs Club 4. UOIUJOX liAl.lJXYlN Orchestra 1. DOROTIIY Mll.l.ER 115' -JJ fl I. I, I J., M. A 1 I NlARSll4Xl.l. KENNY lllllltl 1. 2. 3. 4i Ssnim' l'I:u. llf.'XN l'l'1RRY l':IlIL'1'i't,l from Shaw lligh chnnl 3: 'l're:isui'cr of Claw 43 l"i'i4-iiflslmip Clul, l. 4. lil-f'l"lAY STI-IIN Claw Yicc-l'rcs. 3: Clziv Nc-cr:-tary 4: Sc-niur Hunk fllusiness staftl -13 Bas- ltctl all l 7 'a C" , 1 7 7 ' f lk! lil.lZAlili'l'Il XYUUIJARIJ l':lllL'l'Ul from Lansing Ccutrnl 2: l"i'icl1rlsl1ili Cluli 2. .ig Glu' Club 3, . . , 41 l'rt-uch Club 4 Uri-S. 4 P. jill-1 TICKAYIC Yalcdictorian liasclmxill 2. 3. 43 National Jxfllllifli' llnuui' Society. l.ll.l,l.'XN lll'KOYlfC l71'ic'iulxl1ip Clulw 3, 4, DAN ANlllLlfCK Scrilnlilf.-rs Clull 42 l.itcr- :u'y Staff 4. lJORU'l'llY PARDEY Slmrc llrevzes li l'm't llnlc Art Stat? I, lg Up- vrcttzi 43 Glce Club l, 4. ,lUSlil'lllNEx XYlllTl'l I-Intcreil fro? Cleveland llviglits llig .21 Sn-nim' Your Qiunfq lllnsinrss Stznlt -ll. f . , I jx. ,4,f ,mf fl J ll-ll " J I 4 'Q AMlil.lA SETINA S t u cl c- n t Council l: Fricndsliip Clulx .lg Lead- ers Clulm 3, -1. DONALD Dl NON Student Council 4: Yicc l'i'csideut l: NYM-stling 2. 3. 4 fCapt:1in 493 Shore llreczcs 43 Sports Editm' Annual 43 Yarsity l. 2, 3. BETTY ANN CABlPl.E,l0llN lfricndship Club Sec. 1. Vice Pres, 3, Treas. 43 Student Council lg Class Secretary - 'l're:isui'er 33 Slmrc: llreezcs 2, 3, 41 News Editor 31 Editor 4: Year llnuk Stat? 41 Bas kc-tlmll Yarsity 1. 29 Ora- tinn Medal un llicenteu- uial 2. THE LOG I S I ,fi ff .i Q lnlrit I' PO QOAQQA5 clNfi A .. l an H A rllvvj THE LOG ifufflv . I n K - . Q 1 9, ff F , , 'ff I , V. .fl s 1 lx Vi.: . IW. Q 1 EDXYARD FRAXKS Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4: Baud 3, 43 Debating 1, Baseball 9 THEDA THORNE Entered from Collinuoud 33 Student Council 41 Sec- retary 43 l.eadcr's Club 4. JDE lllllll. XYM-stliug Mgr. 1: XYrcst- ling and Baseball 2. .lg Mud:-nt Vouncil 4. l.l'L'Y PARENTI Leaders Club S, 4. Rl'DUl,PH KRZXARICII files Club 4: Upcret FRANK GERJEYIC XX'rcwtling l, 121. 'v"' ' "V V ROlllL'R'I' IZANDLOXY Advertising Coinnmittee 23 Hi Y 23 Study-nt Council 4. l.0L'lSl'I KRFSER lfriemlslmip Club 2, 3, 41 Vice President 4: lilac Club 3, 43 Opcrcttzi 3, 4g Shore llrcczc 4. RALPH RITTS l":l'ltCl't'll frrmi lfulliuwuod 4: Cleo lwlub 41 VYrcs- tling 43 Uperctta 4: lic- lvating -ig Seninr Play. lll-QR X ICE BERXER lintcrc-d from Austin, Chi- cago, Illinois: Friendship Vlnb 43 Glee Club 4: Art Editor CShore lircezej 4: Leaders Club 43 French Club 4, Operetta 4. JOHN f,'l,YMER French Club 4. RVSSI-Il,l, llAl.DVN'I X Slmrc llrcezc Stall' 43 Glu- flub 3, 41 Uperctta 4, Frm-nvli Vlub 4. ll5l 16694775 ,Z l,..4'1f,,L4v'rf 1 f Tflisvl HERTII. SXYENSUN Track Z, 3, 4. MARJURII-1 EASTliRl.lNIi Uperetla I. 2: lirienilship fluh 1, Z, c'l1l'CilS. 231 Urchmtra I. 23 Aalv. Cunt. 2. 3, 42 French Vlnlr 42 Lilirary 1, 2. l'.Xl'l. lil JRYANES l'.I.l.hN t.lI.l'.5 illee Vinh Accmnpzinist 1. Z, 3, 43 Orchestra 3, -lg Amlv. Crmi. 2, 3, 45 Une eretta I, 2. 3, 43 Year Rook Stat? 4: Vlass Treas- urer lg Prom frminiittee J, EIJXYA R IJ Sl"l'LSRIl'S Iilee I lull l. 2, 3, 43 Sec'- retary 4: Uperetta 2, jg Student Council 13 French Vlnli 41 Shore Breezes 23 Schriril Ring fommittee Z5 Aniericzin Legion Essay Vrxntest 4: National Ifnrt ensic League 43 Presiflent 41 Delnatiing 43 Track 4: Xzitinnul Speech 'l'mirnzi- l J ment 3: Senior Ilziy. JANIC IIOFFNIAN "IIinl' lltmli Sta - f-ill Felllergid fflnli l'1i!.l 4 13,5 f'YibfTY," Vluli 1, 2, 4, 43 filee 'luli 45 up -im 4. llf'l lll"l'Il Mll.l,I'IK LODO IIAIRRLIC Advertising Vommittee J, 43 Student Council l, 2, .. 4 flreas. 3. Y. Pres. 4, President 43: Track 1, 2, 5, 43 Ring Committee Z1 Varsity fluh 1, 2, 3, 43 Shure Breezes Zg Nationzil Athletic Honor Sucietyg American Legion Awzirvlg Snlutatnriaii. X JAMES L'I.ll"l"lil. .2 ' t ,Ll 1 THE LOG , LZQQ xfzgx Xu ' J ,fdlfvykf I 'L " 9 LZKQAE4--F BETTY ACKER Glee flulm 1.2. 3. 4: Mcg- HPIIQIIHC' flub 1. 2. 31 Op- eretta 1, J, 4: Debate team 1: Prmn Conmmittee 3: Year Hook Staff 42 Frienrlship Club 1. 2. 3. 4. I.Ol'IS Hl'1',-XR ROBERT XYALI. . Y , H13 1: flIik'l't'fIIl lend .M 41 Stucluxt f1UllllCTl 4: Track 3. 4. .-' 4-. 4.9,-A :MX a.- ffflf N T ' , , 1 f,.,f , . A . f"",flpJ"l'e ,lf if. K Q HARRY IJAYIS XYALTER BAKER ,IAXjES-I'AI,KO Track 1. 2. 3. 4: Flaw E11te'r1-rl frnm fTl'ZlflHl'l Ffmtlfqi 2, 3, 'NQBIISL NJ Presiclc-nt 23 Senior Bunk High Schnul 2: Student bqllxj. 3, -Xlgqfrptaii 1 Staff 4. Vmmcil R3 Advertising 'lQ5ndk 3. 4: 'enfh lub l'mnn1ittc-:- -41 Truck 3, 4. 4: l4z.:1QtbQ1y3rL:1x1Af1' 1g LEE ROY IJIXON Ynrsigy " s Lrrrrxl, 4. Vlass Src1'c-tzxry 1: XYrcs- ROBERT VOYERT i V i Him: 4. 1f.,m1,a1l A. 41 um Vlulv "RAN'X"4M Hi XIAE jEHl,1gjKA 41 Ifmlm- 4' MARY Ii, IIOENE 17115-,H1gl1il,f'luL,4- ROBERT IJ.-XXX' Ent:-rerl from Ridgefield Park High Sthuol 43 l.c:ulcrS flulv 4. os! . gf X 4 1' I 0 5' 5 lvx7 1uQaL n ALLAN KOONS 1W61N3 IN MEMORIAM T171 Soys 611.121-3 true Qincrs' Grazia CLV1 ,V c'il1cs'i'R,x ANI: liANn ll8l THE LOG XYitl1 Min llevington as director, Shorek lmoy's and girls Glee Clubs have increased to the approximate number nl one hundred and thirty. They 5211151 at the eonnnencements and at Gala Nite. Then, of course, the girls participated in the candlelight ceremony at Christmas. However, the feature of the year was the delight- ful operetta, "Pickles" or "In Old Yiennaf' The three seniors who had leads were: Henry Pieozzi .... Jigo, a Hungarian Gypsy King. llorothy Pardey. .Lady Vivian Delan- cey. a charming' English widow. Helen Horwitz ...... .X gypsy woman XYhile our school enrollment has lmeen increasing, the orchestra, under the direction of Mr. Heck, has added many new members. It has played selectionw at Gala Nite, Commence- ment exereiwea, Senior plays, and it has accompanied the operettu. THE LCG Tlzr' Shore 1u'n'z',:v, a student publi- cation which is issued weekly by the Staff members, has kept up to the minute on school news and activities. Under the able direction of Mr. Baumer, the new sponsor, the staff has worked together to keep the paper out of the red and has succeeded ad- mirably. Because several new positions have been added to the staff the journalism students have been given more oppor- tunities and experience in reporting. "A friend in need is a friend in- deed." This statement symbolizes the Friendship Club of Shore. Throughout the hard winter, they have helped others in numerous ways. The giving' of Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets heads the list of their good deeds. One can never be happy if he has no friends. The Friendship Club is trying to make everyone happy. Through it the girls become ac- quainted, and are very happy here at Shore. Under the direction of Miss Gill. the Leader's Club has progressed smoothly. The club is composed of twenty-Five members who are Juniors or Seniors. Their special enterprise this year has been the supervision of the girls' intra-mural basketball games. For each game certain girls are appointed to take charge of the scoring' and time-keeping. SHORE Bluciizic STAF1- FRIENDSHIP CLUB l19l Liaamfziis CLU2 Varsity Basketball NDICR the expert guidance of Coach Ford I.. Case, the Shore basketball team captured its second liastern Conference championship in three years. llefeating team after team hy overwhelming scores, the varsity won the coveted title. losing hut one conference game which was the game with Maple Heights. Seeking new laurels, Shore journeyed to Akron to compete in the Northern tlhio 'l'ournament. against the hest teams of this district. Here they were finally defeated hut not until they had secured recognition hy heating two of the strongest teams and gaining the semi-finals. Shore started the season with a veteran quintet composed of Riehe and Brown, forwards, I'alko and Mack, guards, and Vtfeinschreider, center. Captain VVick and Iirown were lost to the team at midyear hy graduation, hut their places were filled liy two capahle men, .Xl Nason and VVillard Riehe. ,lim Palko was chosen to suc- ceed XYick as captain. No player can he given special mention without including the rest of his teammates. Art Brown was the spark plug of the team. XYhenever a player became tired or discouraged, Art was always ready with a word of encouragement to put him hack on his feet. Chuck XYick directed the team. Always cool and confident. Chuck was the perfect captain. Melvin Riehe proved that size is no handicap to a haskethall player. His ac- curate shooting was one of the main reasons for the team's successful season. Mel- vin compiled l-lO points in l5 games for a new school record of individual scoring. Richard XYeinschreider was a silent hut important cog in Shore's machine. Dick will he hack next year. Melvin Riehe and Dick XYeinschreider were chosen on the All-Conference team hy the l5edford-News-Register. -lim l'alko took his haskethall seriously. Always eager to play. Shore will he indeed lucky to Find another player like slim who seemed to play hest in the toughest games. .-Xl Nason played his lirst year on the varsity. For clean, hard playing Al will he hard to equal. XYillard Kiehe still has another year of haskethall. .Xlthough he played hut half a year, XYillard scored fifty-four points for Shore. -lim Mattie proved valuahle all year with his ahility to play either guard posi-- tion. l20l THE LOG THE LOG 0 Sl1ore's Football Team of "33" HORES 1933 football team had one of the most successful seasons in the history of the school. Playing a hard schedule of nine games, the Admirals won 7, tied 1, and lost 1. Shaker was the only team that outpointed Shore. Mr. Case started the season with only six lettermen on his squad. He took the inex- perienced boys and made a team that was hard to beat. This is the first time that Mr. Case has had full charge of the football team, and he deserves a lot of credit for the iine showing that his boys made. Shore loses ten players from the first team due to graduation this year. The boys who are going to graduate are: Arthur Brown, 5'7" tall, weighs 150 pounds and played halfback. l'layed for two years on the varsity and was co-captain in his senior year. Robert Covert was 5'10" tall and weighed 184 pounds. Bob was a varsity man for two years as a tackle and he was co-captain in his last year. Dick Finan weighed 190 pounds and was 6'1" tall. He played tackle on the varsity for three years. Rudolph Matko played guard on the first team for one year. He weighed 160 pounds and was 5'7" tall. Albert Nason was an end on the hrst team for two years. Al was 6' tall and he tipped the scales at 170 pounds. Rudolph Nosse was 5'8" tall and weighed l-10 pounds. Rudy played guard for one year. James Palko played the fullback position for two years. He weighed 170 pounds and he was 5'10" tall. Claude fBuster to youj Stewart called signals from the quarterback position for two years. "Bus" was 5'9" tall and weighed 15-l pounds. Charles lVick was a one-year man who played end. He was 5'11" tall and weighed 185 pounds. John Yoger was the smallest and fastest man on the team. He weighed 135 pounds and he was 5'7" tall. Mr. Case is going to hnd it pretty hard to hll the ten pairs of shoes that these boys leave unoccupied, but he is used to hard jobs and every one is sure that next year's team will be as good as this year's was. l211 THE LOG Wrestling lQlCS'l'l,lXti is a comparatively new sport at Shore. 'Four years ago Shore's lirst mat team met with incliH'erent success. l,ast year our wrestlers tiecl for the league championship, while this year they were high point winners at the lfastern Conference Championship meet. Four lettermen reportecl for practice at the heginning of the season, .loe Hohl ll5. -lohn Yoger 122, Rucly Nosse l35, and Captain Don Dixon l-lO. The first meet at University School was a critical test, as six men were wrestling their first match for Shore. The result was a tie, hut Coach Pohto, hy making a few im- portant changes, was ahle to present a more formiclahle team for the next match with Gariielcl Heights. The ahle coaching of Mr. Pohto was shown when two of the new men came through with falls to give Shore their margin of victory. fCi0IIfli11Hl'fl 011 fuige 231 TTBCIK Ul.l,UXYlNfi a successful liaskethall campaign, the track team started inten- sive practice for the many meets in its scheclule. Coach Case plans to take the more promising stars to such notable contests as are annually helcl in Mans- tielrl anrl .Xthens-ancl to the one at Columhus if any of his "thinly clacls" place in the rlistrict meet. l22l THE LOG The team developed rapidly for the Conference meet, losing but one match, to john Hay, Shores last year co-champions. Fighting hard to retain their hold on the title. Shore surprised their opponents by capturing the championship with twenty points. Four wrestlers won their matches and qualified for the city finals, Joe Hohl lO5, jimmy Fowler 115. Don Dixon l3S, and Earl Bollenbocher l65. Although Shore failed to win the city championship, they made an excellent show- ing against the stronger schools with which they were competing. .loe Hohl won the city championship in his division and was awarded a gold medal. Captain Don Dixon was runner up in his class. receiving a silver medal. while Earl Bol- lenbocher won a ribbon for taking third place in the lo5-lb. class. Seven lettermen will be lost by graduation. all of whom deserve special men- tion for their good work. Aloe Hohl finished his third year of wrestling by becoming the third city champion from Shore. Two years ago joe won the Silver Medal in his class. He was also high point man at Shore for three years. He had earned lO5jA points in that time. John Yoger was a versatile athlete. His prowess on the mat was equalled in all his other activities. Bob Daw won his first letter in wrestling this year. Bob wrestled his best in every match and usually came out on top. Rudy Nosse was the only four-year man on the team. lnjuries kept Rudy from winning the medal which he deserved. Capt. Don Dixon won the City Ribbon two years ago and finished his wrestling career by winning the silver medal this year. Henry Picozzi wrestled his first year for Shore. His record is proof of his ability. George Miller was the strong man of the team. His record time of 37 sec- onds will set an example for next year's team. -limmy Fowler, Earl Bollenbacher. and Benson Blackie are lettermen who will return next year. ikith wrestlers like these. Shore is sure to be represented by a winning team. Senior Year Book Staff HE Year Book has been compiled under the competent di- rection of Miss Michell, the business. art, and photographic director. and Miss Vernon, the literary adviser. f,I.ff'l'0l'-X' Staff 1311.v1'1zv.r.i' Slujif f,1l0f0fjI'tIf'lII'l' Slajyf Amelia Shimrock Marie Zwierlein Betty Acker Everett Pepin Helen Horwitz John Yoger Betty Ann Camplejohn Ellen Giles Jane Hoffman joe iVaterwasli Henry liicozzi Sport Staff Eleanor McMillan Algcilhgein Dick Finan Donald Dixon Typisfs Marshall Kenny Marion Chapman Betty Stein , . J ' lzsther Meumer learl Stray B t gt t . . us er . ewar Celia Vojsack Josephine iYliite l 23 l F Y Around and About SHGRE 0 I-41 THE LOG THE LOG J , u Us 1 ,Q 'W " 'k9"'K.9""' "" 2 1 'Fava' CHARM l ' "WEE wif" ' , 4 1 GWNDEUR K. I, W. IPADJ' AAD CD55 ! AHHAAAAMM f NOSE. 01074 A f?0Mf4!lC'f . E PRIDE If 771065 1Df!?6'EVfl?ANff' 'x EVE When You ancl I Were Young l25l THE LCG .lune Class Will XYe. the Senior class of 193-l. do hope to convince the public that our class is sane in mind and body. XYe bequeath our talent and ability to whosoever may benefit from them. 1. Betty Acker leaves her sophisticated mannerisms to "Midge" Hora. y 2. Daniel .Xmidich leaves his scientific experiments to next year's chemistry students. 3. Marcia :Xhlman leaves her piano playing ability to Mr. Spangler. -l. Frances Anderson wills her history book to the second hand book shop. I 5. 1Valter Baker leaves his track letter to any sweet young thing who wishes it. fi. Gordon and Russell Baldwin leave their true brotherly love to the Shaughnessey boys. 7. Bob Bandlow leaves his brilliancy to his sister, Betty. 8. Frank Bauer leaves his red hair and freckles to janet Nason. 9. Bernice Berner leaves her position as art editor of the school paper to Ken Sabine. 10. Edward Bozman leaves a completely filled notebook of absence slips to Bill Dill. hoping they can be of use. 11. Louis Bucar leaves those engrossing novels to Miss Falberg. 12. Lillian Bukovec leaves with the rest of the Alpha-Z's. 13. Betty Ann Camplejohn leaves her editorship to Margaret Ray. Qlvho will be the Business Manager?j 1-l. John Cerjan leaves the feminine element at Shore weeping. 15. Marian Chapman--her petiteness to Dorothy Moffett. 16. James Cliffel leaves his size 12 to Millard Downs. 17. George Coghill leaves his blond complexion to Alvira Patti. 18. John Clymer leaves his shyness to Clyde Steele. 19. Vvalter Conrad leaves his track ability to Vincent Gracious. 20. Harry Davis leaves his morning walk to Mr. Philips. 21. Donald Dixon leaves Betty Pleis, but not for long. 22. Le Roy Dixon leaves his model T. Ford to Mr. VVhiteside. 23. Marjorie Easterling leaves her long tresses to Doris Brown. 2-l. Betty Eugene leaves her gift of gab to John VVarren. 25. Edward Franks leaves his red hair to the admiring freshmen females. 26 Frank Gerjevic leaves all his class notes in one of the desks in 2-ll. 1- 21. Ellen Giles leaves her neat appearance to Dick Lynch. 28. Paul Goryanes leaves his reserved attitude to Bob Lang. 29. Robert lfliall leaves his singing ability to Floyd Overacre. 30. Lodo Habrle leaves his well-slicked hair to Bill W'ebster. 31. Robert Hill leaves his acting ability to Melvin Andree. 32. Mary Hoene leaves her sister to the wiles of Shore boys. 33. Jane Hoffman leaves her car to Lucille jermain for future basketball games. 3-l. -loe Hohl leaves his stature to Dick VVeinschreider. 35. Helen Horwitz leaves her infectious giggle to Mr. Bullard. 36. Mae Jehlicka leaves her figure to Betty Loranger. 37. Eleanor Keller leaves her lively personality to Mr. lfhillips. 38 Marshall Kenny reluctantly leaves his ability as an actor to future Shorites interested in plays. KC-Ollfilllfflf 011 fmge .WU 1261 THE LOG June Class Prophecy Reading the latest best seller "Famous Fables of l85O," by Betty Acker, I sat in the lounging chair aboard a round-the-world Krznarich Air l.iner. Television, rudely interrupting, revealed I.odo Habrle, the president of the largest coal com- pany in the world. He was advertising synthetic coal developed by Ed l'ergler, Harry Davis, and Daniel Amidich. After glancing through a review of ,losephine VVhite and Bertil Swenson, the famous dancing partners, I went to lunch in the rear of the liner. lmagine my surprise when I saw Elizabeth NYoodward as hostess and Walter Baker as chief steward. Uiell, anything can happen. Elizabeth, who had just received a letter from Frances Anderson and Marjorie Easterling, said they were in Pueblo trying to teach French to the Mexican children. I was also surprised to hear that Ilelen Horwitz. the "lt" girl of the Screen, had just arrived in Reno to get a divorce from john Clymer ton the grounds of usurping her pet slangl. Vllhen I was almost through lunch, Ed Sutorius, accompanied by Alice Neiser, entered the diner. -lust in case you haven't heard. Alice is writing the weekly speeches of President Picozzi, U. while Ed is delivering them. VVe discussed the present Palko Communistic Movement in Russia, as well as the breach in the Democratic party, the one faction being led by joe Ilohl, the other hy George Miller. Then Ed told me an amusing incident of Mrs. Palko Cnee E. Iiellerj who had a sprained wrist from spanking the children for trying to play basket hall in the house. The next item of interest and surprise was that Bernice Berner, who was painting oil portraits for her Rogues Gallery, had a picture of I,enore Oberst, Mary I-Ioene. Alfred Nason, Betty Eugene. -lune VVhitcoinb. and Everett Pepin. Quite a collection, eh? sloe XVaterwash and -lohn Yoger, President and Vice President of the Metropolitan Opera Company. had been trying to get Dorthy Pardey and Marcia Alilman to sign contracts. Next I decided to go into the recreation room where I heard the sweet strains of Ed Frank's violin, and heard Frank Gerjevic, comedian, advertising Dixon and Dixons Coffee. Then I saw a slow Motion Picture of Melvin Reibe playing basket- ball, and one of joe Tekavic and -lohn Zivich playing baseball. The news reel showed Betty Ann Camplejohn in England trying to get an interview with blames Clitfel, winner of the Rhodes Scholarships, and with George Coghill, U. S. Ambas- sador to England. Edith Leathers, Dean of an advanced Business School, was teaching Theda Thorne how to study. Margaret Ketchion and Louise Kruser, who came through the recreation room, were modeling clothes designed by Amelia Setina and Pearl Stray. Not far away, Ed Bozman, a member of the Ohio Board of Movie Censors, sat dreamily watching the Follies Girls impersonated by Mary McElhattan. Marian Chapman, and Lillian Bukovic. As our plane arrived at its destination, Euclid Air Port, Louis Bucar, selling the "Ritts Reporter", came aboard crying, "Miss VYasel sues the wife f'Celia Yojsakl of judge Kenny." Then I noticed Dorothy Yogelsang, the traveling com- panion of the wealthy Lucy Parenti, boarding a private airplane. Wliile I was leaving the grounds, I was confronted by john Cerjan, the mayor under the military escort of Bill Grove and Frank Bauer. I walked with them as far as Moss Point where I saw Patil Goryanes, the druggist, who said .lane Hohfman and VValter Conrad were vying with each other for swimming chamionship. I passed Baldwin Brothers "Dine and Dance" where Anton Laurich was the cook. Across the street Bob Bandlow, the tonsorial artist, was working on Bob Ilill. fC01lf1'l11!l'd 011 page 29j E271 THE LOG Mid-Year Class Prophecy lfxtracts from my diary: fcuimiry 15, 1955 Up at sunrise to attend an Orthodox I'rotestant Church, where, much to my surprise. I found Iilmer Cameron in the pulpit. JKIIIIIUI'-X' 16, 1955 , Decided to visit the city jail to gather information for a newspaper article. .Xll needed information was granted me by the notorious gang leader Rudolph Matko. 1:t'I?I'I!tIl'hV 1, 1955 Following the advice of a friend, I went to see a doctor about a mental ex- amination. At the office I was greeted kindly by an old classmate, Miss Ella Mae Joslin. Don't misunderstand me-she was not the doctor but a doctor had conquered her fear so completely that she was no longer "Miss" but Mrs. Milton XVolfe. I:L'bl'IIllI'hV 15, 1955 Received a letter from Miss Eleanor McMillan who was in Africa serving as missionary. I might add that Bud Keller was in Africa too. .IIUWII 3, 1955 Visited an old-maids home where I was conducted by Ruth Lace, the man- ager, to the reception room. The group presented a pathetic sight. Among them I sighted Misses Verna ,Peterson and Lila Barlag. They had settled down to a state of single blessedness and. as each had a pet cat, I concluded they had lost all hopes. April 7, 1955 Taking an afternoon walk I was startled by the high-pitched voices of two women. 'I'urning, I recognized Maxine Nelson and Angeline Novesky, two neighbors, having a few words with each other. As I understood it, Maxine Jr. had taken little .Xngeline's doll and then the feud began. April 30, 1955 XVent to see the new movie starring Mabel Isaacs who, after the decline of Zasu Pitts, met success. Homeward bound I stopped into the meat market of Stewart 8: Stewart. The store presented an atmosphere of "before and behind" -that is Duane was before the register and Buster was behind the meat counter. .lfay 19, 1955 About 12 M. the mailman, Harold Olson, handed me three letters. Une was from Bob Yochiin, who was in Alaska vacationing with the better half of the family-that is La Verne Berglund. The second was from Norman jack, who is engineering in Russia. He writes that he will soon be returning with a muscular Russian lass. The third letter was from the Farley girls, who were in Ireland on the outlook for two pairs of "smiling Irish eyes." June 4, 1955 Decided to visit the old high school. Saw Miss Aingworth teaching the twin daughters of a former Shore Valedictorian-Ann Hrovat. July 21, 1955 Visited the home of a widow, the former Virginia Pearson but found that I was not wanted since Dick Finan, the funeral director, was there. KCOIUIJIIICII on page 32j I 23 l THE LOG Mid-Year Class Will We the class of 1934, in 54 individual and distinct parts, being about to pass out of this sphere of education in full possession of a crammed mind, do make and publish this last will and testament. Those things which it has pleased lfate and our own hands to win for us, we do dispose of as follows: The class as a whole-our whole-hearted appreciation to our beloved sponsor, Miss Aingworth. Lila Barlag-her walk to Marian Chapman La Verne Berglund-her sedate air to Ray Shauglmessey. Betty Binkley-her sophistication to Midge Hora Art Brown-'his pleasing personality to Betty Bandlow Elmer Cameron-his refusal to part with his June Rose Margaret K Catherine Farley-their ability to get names mixed up by everyone, to Jean Sz Bud Rath Dick Finan-his height to Margaret Ray Mike Hadyk-his ability to blush to Bob Covert Roy Hein-his list of absence excuses to whosoever gets to him lirst Anna Hrovat-her book-keeping ability to Mildred Richman. Mabel Isaacs-her talkativeness to Edward Sutorius Norman Jack-his dancing ability to Edward Pergler Ella Mae .loslin-her long black locks to Bob Bandlow Bud Keller-his manly form to Margie Wfebster Sylvia Krampel-her "Hillbilly Boys" to Louise Kruser Ruth Lace-her demureness to Eleanor Keller Frank Miese-his saxophone to Marcia Ahlman Esther Meunier-her artistic ability to blames Palko Rudolph Matko-his brilliance to Theda Thorne Eleanor McMillan--her combination of beauty and brains to lack Stewart Maxine Nelson-her quietness to Clyde Steele. Angeline Noveske-all her homework to the faculty Harold Qlson-his managership of the football team to whoever can run the fastest with a bucket of water Verna Peterson-her childishness and giggles to Mr. Pohto Amelia Shimrock-her ability to plan programs to the members of the next senior class Buster Stewart-his way with the women to Art Disanto. Duane Stewart-his athletic ability to Dorothy Pardey Earl Stick-his place on the wrestling team to Betty Ann Camplejohn Milton VVolfe-his stuttering to Mr. Wliiteside Bob Yochim-his fetching grin to Russell Baldwin fC01IfI'lll!l'lI from Page 27j Being rather tired after my long trip, I inquired where there was a good hotel. I was informed that the Nosse Tavern had a very good reputation. I hailed a taxi driven by Betty Stein. .lean Perry, the treasurer, asked me to pay my bill in advance. Then she summoned Ruth Miller, the bell girl, to escort me to my room where I spent a delightful evening reminiscing. l29l THE LOG 30. Margaret Ketchion leaves l10l' 111iscl1ievo11s I1lZlllll6I' to Doris 1Vei1'. 40. Louise Kruser leaves a book o11 "School Dress and Manners" to the library. 41. Rudolph 1il'ZllZlI'lCl1 leaves that Ulllglllt twisti11g 11a111e of l1is to John Ink. 42. .Xnton 1,aurich leaves l1is height to Betty Cochran. .- 43. Edith Leathers leaves l'lCl' typi11g table fully supplied witl1 gtun for l1er successor. 44. Mary lXlCl'1lllIl1I1IZll1 leaves l1er quietness to -lohn lhierkel a11d Earl Bollen- backer. They lllily iight over tl1is to their 116211118 co11te11t. 45. Mildred Marshall leaves Dick VVeinscl1reider--alone. 46. George Miller leaves l1is deep voice to Florence Felker. 47. Ruth Miller wills l1er quietness to Joe Hoislbauer. 48. Al Nason, after 11111cl1 thought, leaves his athletic prowess to George XVilson. 49. Alice Neiser wills her eloc11tio11ary powers to Grace Gehring. 50. Rudolph Nosse says l1e 11as 11otl1i11g 11111cl1 to leave, but if there is any- t11i11g. George Wleber C2111 have it. 51. Lenore Oberst--her social duties to Barbara Blase. 52. .lack Uveracre leaves his saxophone to Mr. VVhiteside for a physics experinient. 53. .lim Palko-a framed picture to Miss Cockerill for l1er 1l16l11OI'y book. 54. Lucy Parenti wills l1er basketball ability to Mary McKee. ,...- DJ. Dorothy Pardey wills l1Cl' smile and ni111ble feet to Clyde Steele. 56. liverett Pepin leaves l1is school hooks to Mr. Stray to start the furnace. 57. lidward Pergler leaves l1is owl-like wisdoin to Ray Shaughnessy. 58. -lean Perry leaves l1er treasurer book to Miss Darst to straighten Ollt. 59. Henry Picozzi-his wrestling ability to Dale VVinslow. 60. llarriet Ricliardson leaves tl1e school to get alo11g as best they ca11. 61. Melvi11 Reibe leaves his basketball suit to anyone it will ht. 62. Ralph Ritts-his good 112l1Illl'C to the teael1ers O11 Monday l1101'1'l1llg'. 63. Amelia Setina-her art of vainping to Betty Fowler. 64. Betty Stein leaves l1er love for Latin to Marie VVinch. 65. Pearl Stray wills her XV0l1121ll'S i11t11itio11 to Mr. Pohto. 66. Edward Sutorius leaves l1is speaking ability to anyone wl1o needs it. 67. Bertil Swenson wills his blue eyes a11d l1londe l1air to tl1ose dissatisfied br1111ettcs. 68. joe Tekavic wills his 1ll5tO1'y average to any future seniors i11 11eed of it. 69. Theda 7l1l1fll'11C wills l1er slenderness to Betty Stewart. 70. Df1l'i71ll3' x7UQ'L'lSZll1g'1llC1' baslifulness to -lean Rath. 71. Celia Vojsak leaves l1er linglish ll1Cl11CS to Miss Yernon for her e11te1'- taininent a11d i11te11se appreciation. 72. Adele 1Yasel leaves l1er singing tale11t to Ralph Moeller. 73. -Ioe VVaterwasl1 wills l1is gri11 to Miriam Dreher. 74. -I 11110 1Yl1itco111l1 wills l1er taking ways to tl1e freshmen. Let's 110136 they appreciate them. fa. -losephine XVhite leaves l1er soutl1ern drawl to Mr. Bauiner. 76. lilizabeth W'oodard leaves l1Cl' scholastic record to Helen Doyle. 77. Fred Yeip gladly leaves l1is tWi11 brothers still i11 scl1ool. 78. john Yoger and hlohn Zivich will tl1eir fund of knowledge to astound the best of tl1e Shore Students. VVRIICSSCK1 a11d signed 1301 J. XVELLINGTON VVIMPY MR. BOP THE EVANGELICAL PRESS Printers Q Publishers e Bookbinders Special Editions a House Organs School Annuals vv Prospect 7700 1900 Superior Avenu THE NORTHERN ENGRAVING 81 ELECTROTYPE CO CANTON, OHIU Certified .... Through Service and Quality Since 1906 I p I 1 I I I I I I-311 omplimen ts Q E. J. FREER , fl rom A Friend-W ff' asf: cert "c3L-cfdgcfl-sl" Jul-V 31, 1955 VValking down town this morning I humped into Mike Hadyk and Frank Miese, both of whom turned out to he successful business men but stayed out late and dined at the club. August 5, 1955 Visited the Cathedral when I niet Marie Zwierlien, who, disappointed in a love Zllliillf, became a nun. This P. M. I attended a VVomen's Rights Association in a large hall where Bliss listher Bleunier presided. Among the members I recognized Sylvia Krampel. The discussion was-"Shall men he allowed to vote?" ffugusf 10, 1955 VVas invited to the home of Iiarl Stick for dinner. My dinner was served me by Chuck XVick, a faithful employee. liarl was now one of the great money kings of the world. .SlI'f7fI'1lIl7CI' 16, 1955 Roy was the last lnemhcr of the class of 1934 that I saw. The others- nevermore. fXMl'II,IA SIIIMROCK. l32l Compliments OF Euc:1lidfSh0r1e P. T. A. O I3-31 uality Printing CALLING CARDS SCHOOL PROGRAMS ANNOUNCEMENTS VVINDOW CARDS POSTERS PIlbllXhl'l'S of 1 Community News Euclid's Business Stimulator 1 Advance Printing Co. 548 East 200th Street KEnmore 4421 East Cleveland School of Business 14242 Euclid Avenue All Business Branches Day and Night Sessions Mr. and Mrs. Thos. P. Scully GLen. 8893 Storage - Moving COWYJDZZQIIBIZKJ' 0f A. W. NEAL T HE FISHER BRos. Neal Storage Company Co M PANY Clftveffmdtr Lpadimz Nite and Holidays Warehouse ii 31 East zozud sr. 11607 Euclid Ave. Rffdly M frcharztf KEnmore 1234 CEdar 1444 3 NEWMAN STUDIO 1 7 0 6 E l' d A C Class Photographer . l i BLUEM The Boulevard Florist Our Flowers Are Freshest Our Prices Are Lowest Funeral Work - Wedding Flowers l 2 22630 Lake Shore Blvd., L Euclid, Ohio T KEnmore 0615 We Deliver THE BROOKS COAL 8: SUPPLY COMPANY 920 East 200th Street KEnmore 1050 l T Compliments of o 1 1 PENNZOHQ i J SERVICE l STATION I I l l T E. 185111 and Lake shore Blvd. 3 GUTH'S SHOE STORE 2205-L Lake Shore Blvd. N For Tl: 0 Entire Family ELMWOOD GARDENS CKausek's Rathskellerj Dinners Sandwiches Music and Dancing S32 E. 185 St. For Special Parties Call KEn. 0369 W A R D S Soft Bun Bread and Cakes Always Fresh urniture Finishers KEI1. 5065 R. H. STEVENSON General Painting Contractors and Paperhangers 225 East 248 Street Euclid, Ohio OFFICES AND APARTMENTS TAKEN CARE OF ALL WORK GUARANTEED I-371 DAWSON Sc FINAN General Contractors 1276 W. 3rd St. 701 Nlarion Bldg. CHerry 5380 Cleveland, Ohio KEnmore 3992 Gulf Products 1 HOWARD J. MARXEN Service Station 711 Babbitt Road Euclid Ohio Radio Repairing G. E. Refrigerators SLASALLE RAIHO AND REFBIGEBATOR 635 East 185th Street 0 I-381 TEXACO SERVICE STATION 17630 Lake Shore Blvd Fire Chief Gasoline KEN. and Texaco Certified Lubrication SNETSINGER THE LOTUS GARDEN Clevelamfs Newest and Largest Dine and Dance Restaurant Playhouse Square Euclid Avenue at Eighteenth St. Cleveland, Ohio OXFORD GREY Two-Trouser Suits for Graduation Save-Use Bond's Saving Card Use-Our Popular Ten-Payment Plan H 419 Euclid Avenue Leading DiFfil'l.llllS Know the Value and Aclvzuzfclge of Serving Only the Best of Foods THAT IS WHY so many of them buy from The William 'Bauer Company The Complete Foods Supply House for Hotels, Clubs, Restaurants and Institutions Their Products Served in This School THE WILLIAM BAUER COMPANY 600 Bolivar Rd. Cleveland, Ohio l-391 PREP 1 Cs t omplzments HALL Clevelanaus Exclusive l High School Shop l SHOWING a complete assortment of correct wearables for High School chaps . . . at truly moderate of Beachland Department Store 688 E. 185 St. Prices- Our Motto: l Best Quality tllerchandise for See Bill Olson-3rd Floor Less Money - l BAKERS Mi Euclid at Ninth l "It Pays to Look Well" SIMENS DRY GQQDS 1Ladies', Men's and Children's Wearj WE DO HEMSTITCHING l BOULEVARD l l BARBER SHOP fx! First Class Service Hair Cuts by Master Barbers 694 E. 200 St. Cor. Pawnee Ave Tel. KEnmore 0412-W 22052 Lake Shore Blvd' "Our Goods is the Best of Qualities' l401 STEVENSON OIL Sz CHEMICAL CO. Petroleum Products Cleveland, Ohio There is hardly anything in the world that some man cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper, and the people who consider price only, are this man's lawful prey.-Ruskin. "Oil Is Cheaper Than Steel" SCHLEUNIGER BROS., INC. Auto Parts and Accessories Shop Service 936-38 East 152nd Street LIberty 9432 CANDIES LUNCI-IES 20 Years at Corner of Euclid and Chardon HILL'S OF EUCLID Dispensing Hoffman's Ice Cream SCHOOL SUPPLIES NOTIONS i411 MONCRIEF FURNACES gh! All iWakes Repaired VVarm Air Heating Systems Tin and Sheet IWetal Work fx! F. W. Oberst I: 140 St. GLen 8858 BIERBACH DANCE STUDIOS Instrurtion in T p Dancing A robatic Dancing B llet T gk! Home Studios at Lloyd Road and Euclid Phone Wlckliff 39-J 2 Y o Compliments i of T r RAE HORWITZ 1 D R E S S S H O P P E ! 10523 Carnegie Avenue l 0 i . i Wickliffe K Lumber Company Wickliffe, Ohio I Compliments of. . FLOYD B. 'TEI Inc. 9 1 O Babbitt Road and Nickel Plate Ry. WHITE OAK COAL "Less than a bushel of ash to a ton" Do Not Accept Substitutes FOLLOW THROUGH! A successful position awaits you. THIS is a message to graduates. Follow through! Take up special business training here, day or evening, and prepare for a well-paying position. We train you for business. We help you place yourself. We offer terms on tuition if desired. Call, telephone or write today. SPENCERIAN COLLEGE 3201 Euclid Ave. HEnderson 3200 l43l KRUSER'S Euclid Cash Market 20973 Euclid Avenue at Chardon Road Fresh Meats - Poultry - Fish SOLON DRUG 22076 Lake Shore Blvd. KEnmore 0704 SOLON DRUG 21050 Euclid Ave. KEnmore 1135 We Aim to Please with SOHIO QUALITY PRODUCTS Complete Lubrication Courfeous Service fi AL BLEWETT, Agt. Service Station Corner of Babbitt Road and St. Clair 44 Dependable . . . That's Wright SHOES, FURNISHINGS and DRY GOODS 11 Wright Department Store 18 in Greater Cleveland Bring You More for Less VOISACICS BARBECUE SODA GRILL E. 185th and Lake Shore Blvd EDWARD A. STANTON, INC. Fora' Dealer 20941 Euclid Ave. Hearty Congratulations to the SENIOR CLASS OF 1934 STAND DRUG S ARD TORE High Quality - Low Price I451 Does Your Club Need Money? Hundreds of school and church organizations have successfully used our plan. For full particulars see THE WHEATCRISP COMPANY 2104 Superior Avenue Cleveland, O. CANDY SPECIALTIES NUTS BILL, Clothier fi NEW LOW PRICES on All Wool Graduation Two-Trouser Suits A Complete Line of Men's Furnishings and Hats Cor. St. Clair and E. 1S2nd St. EDdy. 7028 1461 RICHMAN BROTHERS cLoTl-nas an 522-50 ' T OVERCOATS - SUITS EVENING CLOTHES Direct from Factory to You-No NIiddleman's Profit Three Cleveland Stores 746 EUCLID AVENUE 5716 BROADWAY PROSPECT 81 ONTARIO Compliments from LINNERT DAIRY KEnmore 0222 EUCLID, OHIO CHRISTINE BEAUTY SI-IOPPE All Phases of Beauty Culture KEnmore 3913 20920 Euclid Avenue I471 BOOSTERS Epicure Boegam Barbecue-22281 Lake Shore Boulevard Nloss Drug Store-21939 Lake Shore Boulevard Kenneth J. Sims-Attorney and Counselor at Law, 814 Hippodrome Bldg. H. E. Arnold, Hardware-22030 Lake Shore Boulevard Roseclifl' Grocery 85 Meat Store-542 E. 185th St., Cleveland, Ohio J. C. Nlitchell 8: Son, Fancy Livestock-Linworth, Ohio Lipsky Delicatessen Store-21932 Lake Shore Boulevard hir. and Nlrs. Jerry Shatner wish you all good luck. Compliments of Dr. C. E. Bost-21937 Lake Shore Boulevard Compliments of Blum's Meat Market Trudy's Beauty Salon-22090 Lake Shore Blvd., KEn. 3648 Joe Modic, United Food Store-Cleveland, Ohio P. E. Dietrich Sz Sons, Music Store-781 East 152nd St. Compliments of St. Clair Coal 85 Supply Co.-20300 St. Clair Ave. Leonard S. Sutorius, Vice Pres. Rauch Nut 85 Mfg.-1513 Aspinwall Ave. Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Hoffman, No. 1 E. 219 St., Euclid, Ohio Gorden Fruits and Vegetables-Euclid City Fruit Market Moss Point Cleaner-22064 Lake Shore Blvd. East Shore Cleaning Co., Pressing and Repairing-21944 Lake Shore Blvd. Compliments of Miss Aingworth Compliments of Mr. Charles Doyle-134 E. 212 St. Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Neiser Neil E. Smith, Grocer-1040 Babbitt Road Willoughby Theatre, "Famous For Fine Sound," Willoughby, Ohio Compliments of Charles Schepis-21443 Ball Ave. John Mavsar, Fancy Groceries and Meats-23751 St. Clair Ave. Joseph Setina, Fresh Meats and Poultry-608 E. 185 St. Compliments of Real Hardware-620 E. 185 St., Tel. KEn. 0687 Frank Poje, Custom Tailor, Cleaning-Pressing-Repairing-631 E. 185 St. Compliments of J. R. Holcomb Co.-1518 St. Clair Ave. L. M. Sprague Radio 85 Electrical Sales-10 East 219 St. Beachland Beauty Shop-628 E. 185 St., KEnmore 0630 Peg Wilson's Garage and Service-18816 Nottingham Rd., KEn. 2212 Mandel's Hardware-15704 Waterloo Rd. Compliments of Dr. F. E. Miller Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Orr The Florence Shoppe-644 East 185 St., KEnmore 4332 Frank Bricel Garage-24465 St. Clair Ave., KEnmore 1087-R Uppole's Garage-711 Babbitt Rd., KEnmore 3992 Central Institute-5200 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, Ohio Mr. Morhard, Quality Meats-21951 Lake Shore Blvd. Compliments of The Auto Electric Service Co. l48l TJWQW .X VA I 1 E - s- a ' "1 KK Ee X . ff. 1 -iir c . ' . ' ii-1 55-Q--fi - -n- .- 3 X A YZ x gf' ' . XN5 ,X X: X'xf"'ff J I r QJ 7: .-1. . 'idf S1 ver' -"73--I. - E g -QP'-' , . , NL - . IE- 5 " , D . ,QQ -,Eg V 1- . X145 ' X i L E i fixed K. Z- E .YR ' X 'ik-.'fEi'f?!h-J ' '- ..,,, 11- 5 F 5 . 1..,.4-,-,1,...-- ,,,..?' I 'Q .al D J 1 V g-1.2 gl e-Q-.7 A YA -- , H:

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