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I' x. gl J '. 4-Q. 5 'wi " A 4 .4 s 16" Ur Qs 5- N ' s 1 A " n' 4 V sg. If 1 4 ' l x U J hiv Q. Ax! 4" - ,nf-'N' ' ' 'iv .,. fvl! ls .'-Ji ,-L ' 24 ' ' 0' W , ff- ' ui 'RH u LH ' 34 1 fp WL. . -gffh -gf , ' - 4- Y f' " ,-vi' ' :J J Qu- 'lpi , .Fx ' .ln -. I ii. s1l., P If ef"-A 5, 5 Qt' -A H "D 5 r?, I Q P' K Y J 1 . J x ,-J. I F U - FY. as . Q psig. 'b,.:r-5 ,..,. ' .D iid. . K lr ' I ,tk x , " T., .' i L ', :I 018 '?:"fv ' ' 5 L' y. 1 5-A ' ' I 5' 2 P 1 '-5 1 V l 7. 1 am. X " .I : l Sis Ti .lqgba V. V. . R 'rf'p. " .fsi"+ 4' vj 2 . 1 I 4AA'1..?",lF Fai. V h 61 'ig ' J w vi? 5 5' I ll., THE 1 9 3 Q PGRTHCDLE F 1. ' ru, YT ry E! I' Lu 'fi' .'li'4! Yi . . " E3 4 + I. EQ... 9 fl!!! W f l 1 , . Il' 'pf I. 4 fl! x s A I . Sv - 1 c X Xi - rx, I - 'QHN 3 fix - . X5 XXQLQQN Igi 'Q 2 'XY RX u X X 't X XXX X . N I O MARIAN. WILSON EDWORS ' " VIRGINIA GENT I s I BUSINESS MANAGER GERTRUDE WAGNER E THE PORTHGLE 1932 VOLUME SEVEN SI-ICDRE I-HGH SCHGOL EUCLID, OHIO V I br 1 f I 1 . ,IJ 41, I 11' l I A 4 I rl .-'rf' ,gf 41 A f- sf' Q J e "-if a ' J. " Q' if . ,X j ff: r 7 I , V, f .1 I Zo ,ff 2 DEDICATION To George Washington, the Father of His Country, upon the celebration of the two hunciredth anniversary of his birth, we, the SeniorClassesoiShorei-ii9hSchooi do dedicate this book. To Washington do we loolc as the one who, overcoming the greatest oi obstacles, led his country to independence. His unwavering courage inspired those with whom he worlced and fought, his whole- some common sense, his unsellish patriotism, exalted character, and patient nature made him a natural leader and organizer. May we exemplify, in our day, these splendid traits! May we advance with courage, character and patience to some measure of service and success! fu X -- X c X X X as X 1 . X ik V. xx. Q I ,X ,Qi-'gl Ki is i, ' 9 5,1531 P xii 9 Nix' ,X rw i N-N ' 'A V kt x 1 ! MN W ' f- V . xbxsg xiii . .xxx N X ii .X , J Q , X' ' - , .. H X Y 1 ' "Q- E X ' x 5 . x i x N- V ,, ,fl X Q r r Nia lla If I. ll .a,. 41 1 v- ,Z , 4" 1 5 ' .,r 1 N' U.. ,il 4 'f , , l 'P' 1 5 3 ' rf' " ff' I vel, 'I 4' gy' ..f j' ' r Z ?. X -I-I I A 7 Q., P' J FOREWCDRD Not only to remember us, the graduating classes of February and June, not only to further endear our Alma Materto the student body, but most of all to instill a respect in the hearts of the students of Shore High School for the com- memoration ofthe Washington Bicentennial do we present this record of the year's activities to our readers. PORTI-IOLE STAFF EDITORS IVIARIAN WILSON VIRGINIA GENT BUSINESS MANAGER GERTRLIDE WAGNER ART EDITOR VICTORIA BROWNING PHOTOGRAPH EDITOR JUNE BABB LITERARY EDITORS ENTIRE STAFF I-ILIIVIOR EDITORS JOI-IN BINCKLEY I-IANS WINTER SPORTS EDITORS IVAN GARAPIC FLORENCE I-IERIVILE lie! CONTENTS OF BOOK SCHOOL . FACULTY ........... CLASSES. . ACTIVITIES FEATURES. PAGE 9 PAGE 15 PAGE Q1 PAGE 43 PAGE 55 Washington endeavored to man- age his plantation for the greatest happiness and good ol his family and slaves. ln like manner, our school is directed for the well being of its students, ll ' - J -2.1 It I , .,i 2,,,..l il' a- i-1- ,Title 5 I SCI-IOCDI. FTW Hb Q X. 'PH 4'3: -a Q Y , n to A . v -'Fw I . :'.".- ,g J+J.' .+ ,lg cn' 3,6 ' n . - O 4 3,1 ul Q F' Q 1 iv 2 .'x" 4 . ft. 'J 'Dv' fu.: I ,q0- 'A 4,4 'LArA'f:,: ,"'1f. , 111,75 5 u , 1,f U 5.0 ' 'f ff . arf- 9 4 rf pn Q ,.,-. J' T43 Q ' '-'f 'Ps lg-4 1 0, P LQ , ' use W ' - 2 Lb .ILS 4 I x " if 'Y f 'L' 'e . , . , 0 , : 'PJ . fy: yi u . , , 1 ' v v , , . u n ' oi' Q31 . 1 As one looks about in our lobby, a vifrc' is afforded zvlzich is a pleasant 'n1i.rt11re of 'warmtlz and stateliness. Inznzerliateluy in front of us we see the entrance to our beautiful, new auditorium, and to the left and rear are doors leading to the other 'various sec- tions of tlze building. In truth, the spot is the very nucleus of our schooZ's activities. 39 H K1 ,. 53 'I , 1 1 5 In our morlcrvz, indoor sport arena, both boys and girls receive fill' physical training which is so nffccssary in the buildivzg of sironyg liculfhly bozlifns-. Thr' girls are undcr the silpcrvision of Hliss Albrecht whiff' the boys are directed by Jlr. Richardson, and Dlr. Pohto. 1 I E 1 1 i H0r0 171 our 11111110r11 111111 1c'e11-0111111111011 1a1111rat11ry, 1110 7lI'lfS' f0r10s of 1116 01011101115 are 3111111011 111111 s01'z'011. T110 C'1101111.9fry D0- part1110111 of Shore r11111-'s with 1110 11110.91 111 1110 1'i1"1,1 111111 f0at11r0s 1111 010c1r1c111 z'011fi1afi0n 11111111 70111611 p11r11f0.s 1110 air, 111113 111sp011i11g 1111 irzjurious flmzes. L13 1 The quiet recesses of the library offer a pleasant diversion to our students who 'would read of adventure and mystery, and proves irwaluable to those conducting research work on subjects studied in school. Boolrs of all types are found on shelves and many periodicals can be found on the tables. XVILBERT A. FRANKS Thi- intcrc-sting and capable man at thc llt'ilLl of thc Euclid School systcm is Supcrintendcnt lvilhcrt A. Franks. Hc has cfficicntly dcvotcd his time to thc guirlzincc of the dcstinics of thc stuflcnts of our school for twclvc ycars. DANIEL E. METTS Thc principal of Shore High School who has hccn working to luring up-to- dutc cquiprncnt and thc hcst of instruc- tion to this school is Principal Daniel lil. Mctts. Hc has hccn :in uctivc powcr in the formation of Shore for fourtccn years. l 15 l 1 S. 1 . Finn O A 'I , . t -X-X N , 64 al '.i .7 I -Q -1,- ,. , I P 1 THE PORTHOLE I JouN I". Brien Director of Music Graduatc-Cincinnati Conservatory of Music Graduate XVork-B :1 l d w i n VVallace Conservatory , Graduate YV o r k--XVoostcr Conserva- tory ANul1:1.1Ni-: C'oeii1-:m1.L Frenchg Latin B. A.-Ohio Yvcsleyan M. A.-Middlebury College, Vt. JUANITA Bovcm-Jn English B. A.-Ohio VVesleyan Graduate W'ork-VVcstern Reserve LUCILLE AINGWORTH English B. A.-Flora Stone Mather Graduate VVork-Columbia University BIABEL CRONE Science B. A.-Oberlin H1-:TTY E. ROSENBERGER Home Economics B. A.-VVestern Reserve University Graduate Work-Columbia Graduate VVork-Chicago BIABEL L. FALBERG English B. A.-Illinois M. A.-Illinois BIERYL R. BAUMIAR Public Speakingg Journalismg Business English B. A.-Wittenberg Graduate work-Wisconsin I THE PORTHGLE I MARY R. CRAIvIP'roN Librarian B. A.-University of Michigan D. E. M1-:TTS Principal B. A.-VVooster M. A.-Columbia BARBARA REIIBURG Supervisor of Vocal Music B. S. in Education-Miami Graduate Work-Clex'eland College Graduate W'ork-Western Reserve LoLA BEVINGTON Supervisor of Instrumental Music B. A.--Brenau College Conservatory PATRICIA RIDDILE Commercial B. S. in Education-Bliss Business College LOUISE DARS'F Commercial B. A.-Oberlin HARRY' C. RICHARDSON Boys' Physical Educationg Football Coachg Baseball Coachg Girls' Bas- ketball Coach B. S. in Education-Miami ELSA L. ALBRECHT Director of Girls' Physical Education Diploma-Montana State Normal Diploma-Sargent School of Physical Education If fd gr' W f f, f .r,,. V .3 . K. . ,ii .A . J ni. .1',' 1 J-vi ..,, 4 fa I, W g ifggitflvlilfv. fi - '7":-.V-Main vi. V' A' l17l P N X 5 A xi. X X . 5 4 ,HQ 1. ,uri 18 .N R S . XX , X Xx N Xu. ,gljw I THE PORTHOLE I PERA CAMPBELL English B. A.-Defiance M. A.-Ohio State Graduate Work-Wisconsin Form L. CASE Head of Boys' Athletics Head of Manual Training Department Ohio University Wooster J. CALVIN OLDT Bookkeepingg Commercial Arithmetic B. A.-Albright M. A.-Albright B. Ped.-Ohio M. A.-Western Reserve University NIARIAN HQDDICK Home Economics B. S.-Ohio State LEONA F. MITCHELL Social Science B. A.-Ohio State Graduate Work-Ohio State ROBERT PHILLIPS Chemistryg General Science A. B.-Wabash Graduate Work-Illinois Graduate Work-Indiana Graduate Work-Michigan H. W. SPANGLER Science B. A.-Heidelberg Graduate Work-Western Reserve Uni- versity NORMA VERNON Englishg Latin B. A.-Ohio University M. A.-Ohio State 1 THE PORTHOLE I STANLEY L. VVHITESIDE Science B. A.-Ohio State Graduate Work-Ohio State Graduate Work-Wisconsin ESTHER E. RUSSELL Social Science B. S. in Education-Bowling Green Graduate Work-Wisconsin JANE A. VVILLIAMS Latin B. Ph.-Denison Graduate Work-Ohio State JOHN J. PoH'ro Mechanical Drawing B. S.-Ohio State B. A.-Ohio State B. P. E.-Superior State College Graduate Work-Cornell Graduate Work-Idaho BART SWVINDLER Algebrag Geometry B. S.-Ohio Northern Graduate VVork-Western Reserve Uni- versity I ,Z Z' X 1. 0 SHORE IIIGH ALMA MATER "MY TRUE SHORE HIGH" Green is the Springtime. lvhite is the snowy shore. Colors that I adorc, Of our Shore High! Springtime may pass away, Snow lingers but a day, But thee I'll love for aye, Our Shore High dear. Dear are the mem'ries, Golden the days of yorc, VVhen we acquired lore At old Shore High. Time may bring vain regret, Sorrows may irk and fret, Yet thee I'll ne'er forget, My true Shore High. Washington divided his days into various parts in order that he might spend his time to best advantage. Subjects are likevvise divided into classes that time may be most profit- ably spent. . A, rv' I ,-gm P. W- ff. 3' , . S 5 f",,' f rX3 ra g, 1 ra 0, 4 ' if 'Q in t" Q is . fx '- Wi '. ..:I.- fs ' - a at " ' CLASSES X .X Q X X X X N X E s ' 'x x X N . ' X il 'QXX ' 3 x X E. XX XXX r -x X. NY X 4 x x x ' X, 1 THE PORTHOLE I Senior Officers FEBRUARY l'reside11t Ruth Nason Vice-President John Binckley Sffrretary Marjorie Sullivan Treasurer Hilda Hartman Sfuflenf Councilors Iris Bundy, Eliza- beth F i s h, Arlene Haslin, Grace W a c k e r, Marian Vi'ilson A u K JUNE President l Gertrude Wagner Vice-President Virginia Gent Secretary Eunice Gilson Treasalrer Ivan Garapic Student C'o'uncilo rs Dick Abbott, Har old Kroetz, Her bert Nelson, Dor othy Petrie, Ed ward Platell CLASS SPONSORS X Jane A. VVilliams Esther M. Russell X Stanley L. W llltCSldC XXX. I2 xxx N be S S I THE PGRTHOLE I JOHN BINCKLEY-OPChCStTa 1. 2, 3, Band 1, 2, 3, Glee Club 3, 4, Operetta 4, Cheerleader 4, Senior Play 4, Class Vice Presi- dent 4. Johnny has been one of the liveliest boys in the school and his cheerleading made -us all want to cheer our best. MARY BURNS-Entered from Glenville 3, Leader's Club 4, Porthole Staff 4. Chosen by the Senior High as the prettiest girl of her class which is no small honor in the presence of so much feminine beauty. EVELYN DrsANTo-Leader's Club 3, 4, Sec.-Treas. 3: Porthole Staff 4. Evelyn is surely a stead- fast friend to all. She has been thoroughly reliable and conscien- tious in all her work. HILDA HARTMAN-Class Vice President 2, Class Treasurer 3, 4, Camera Club 2, 3, Leader's Club 3, 4, Porthole Staff 4. Hil- da is one of the smallest girls and one of the jolliest girls in her class. She is always reliable, and always a sincere friend. RALPH FIORETTI-Football 3, 4, Wrestling 3, Varsity "S" Club 4. Ralph has showed his athletic ability on both our football field and on the wrestling mat. RUTH NAsoN-Class President 1, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Lead- er's Club 4, Student Council 2, Class Secretary 1, Porthole Staff 3, Camera Club 3, Cheerleader 4. A good class president! A great basketball player! The team will miss her greatly. IRIS BUNDY-Entered from Collinwood 3, Student Council 4. Iris is neither athletic nor musical but she has proved efiicient in the domestic arts. May they prove useful to her in the future! MARGARET CARNEY - Camera Club 2, Leader's Club 3, 4. Mar- garet was well known and liked by all. She has proved herself a very good student in class room work. We truly wish we had more Margarets. BETTY F1sH-Shore Breezes 3, 4, Student Council 3, 4, Secre- tary 3, President 4, Leader's Club 3, 4, Camera Club 3, Port- hole Staff 4, National Honor So- ciety 4, Salutatorian. Betty is one of the most dependable girls to be found. Her literary talents are numerous, as she has done work on the annual, the paper. and has written many excellent compositions. MARY HARTZELTGlCC Club 2, Porthole 4. Ever see Mary when she wasn't smiling? Of course not. She's that kind of a girl. ARLENE HASLIN - Class Vice Pres. 4, Glee Club 3, 4, Operetta 4, Student Council, Leader's Club 4, Porthole Staff 4. Arlene has been known and liked throughout her school years. She made friends easily. VVe are cer- tain she will be especially missed by a certain Junior. EDYVARD KAZNIAREK -- Entered from Collinwood, Senior Play 4. Here's our handsome "Rollo," He was good in baseball and proved to us that he was an excellent actor in his role as Rollo in the Senior Play, "Applesauce." Q' 5 " X ,, fl-fl I i ' 1 . ." r bv . 'Y' 'J l f ,'A ffl. . '- . 4- "'nl . .i 5' J :rf ,-" O Q' L Q - , . y.. my l. - -v- .Ji-" Au 3 .B XX :PS 4 . i f . .X X X N I THE PORTHOLE I CAROLINE l,PIClilGli'6 Club 2, 3. 4: Operetta 3. Caroline helped all her teachers and friends. She spent much of her spare time helping in tl1e library and oflice. VVc are sure sl1e will make good in tl1e lJllSlIlt'SS world. Good luck Caroline! LIILDRED Roo'r-Entered from Euclid Central 2g Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Operetta 2, 3, 4: Leader's Club 4. "Milly', is renowned for her fantastic roller skating. She is always around to greet l1er lllillly friends, especially Jerry. G11 ETC IIE N SCI-IWAN - Class Vice President lg Student Coun- cil 3g Secretary 3, Basketball 2, 3, Porthole Staff 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 3, National Honor Society 43 Senior Play 43 Valedictorian. Ex- celling in scholarship, and lead- ing in Illillly of our activities, Gretchen has also llild time for social activities. FRANCES VOJSAIK -- Entered from East High 35 Friendship Club 43 Leader's Club 4. Fran- ces is tl1e little girl with tl1e sunny disposition. VVe can't remember a time when she didn't have a bright smile for us. BIARIAN kYEIPLEIltCl'Cd from Collinwood High 3. Marian can be compared with her sister quite easily. lVe are sure she will do well in following her sister's idea in becoming a nurse. We have 11111cl1 confidence in Marian. FREI1 ELICKER'GlCC Club 3, 4g Operetta 3. Fred has provided tl1e music for so many of our noon dance sessions that there could be no one in Sl1ore wl1o has not heard his piano playing. His orchestra has also provided music for some of the Porthole dances. WILLIAM ROEDER - Football Manager 1 g Baseball 23 Senior Play 4. Bill is a rather quiet boy but he certainly boomed up in tl1e Senior play in the role of "Pop." VICTORIA RUPNIK - Entered from Collinwood 2, Leader's Club 35 Friendship Club 3. "Vicky" is a very congenial girl and l1as won many friends since sl1e came to Sl1ore. MARJORY SULLIVAN - Cla s s Secretary 2, 3, Glee Club 3, 45 Operetta 3, 45 Leader's Club 3, 43 President 4g Camera Club 3g Senior Play 4. Marjory was one of tl1e most popular girls in her class. She aided in bringing her class into prominence when she appeared as a successful actress in tl1e Senior Play in Mid-year. GRACE WACKER -- Student Council 4, Sl1ore Breezes 45 Port- hole Staff 45 Leaders Club 3, 4. Grace should some day make an excellent business woman. She has sl1own her abilities in this line by her work in tl1e cafeteria and on tl1e staffs of tl1e paper and tl1e annual. MARGARET YEIP -- Entered from Collinwood High 3. Mar- garet entered Sl1ore in her Junior year. She was retiring and shy, but a pleasant person to know. Rumor has it tl1at sl1e expects to become a nurse. EIARIAN XVILSON - E n t e r e d from Collinwood 35 Student Council 3, 45 Glee Club -1-3 Oper- etta 4, Sl1ore Breezes 3, 4, Port- hole Staff 3, 43 Co-Editor 4g Leader's Club 4. Many are her accomplishments. They cover tl1e Helds of art, poetry, and prose. Her scholarship has been very high while sl1e was at Sl1ore. I THE PORTHOLE I RICHARD ABBo'r'r - Student Council 1, 41, President 415 Or- chestra 1, 3, Basketball 3, 41, Band 2, Baseball 2, Hi-Y -Lg Secretary 41, Varsity "S" Club 3. 41, Glee Club 41, National Athletic Honor Society 3, -1. Dick has proved to be one of the main- stays of Shore's basketball team for the last two years. He has, during his last semester at Shore, ably led the activities of the Stu- dent Council. VICTORIA BRONVNING-POI'lSll0lC Staff 2, 3, 41, Art Editor 4-g Lead- er's Club 3, 4-g President 4-3 Glee Club 44, Friendship Club 4. "Tory" is one of the most artistic girls in the school. She lends a cheerful note to the atmosphere. FRANK BIYCAR-EUtCl'6d from Collinwoodg Glee Club 4-g VVrest- ling -1. Frank, who entered Shore in his Junior year, has won many friends here. He is ever care- free and is blessed with a very appreciative sense of humor. JOE CPIIiINO-'OTCllCStT3. 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2g Hi-Y 31 Porthole 3, 44. Joe helped furnish the fun for his class, but when it came to serious business he excelled with his violin. Joe is our concert mas- ter. , HELEN D0LYGLASLGl6C Club 2, 3, 4-g Operetta 2, 3. Helen al- ways seems to have something to smile about. She was one of our lively cheerleaders. FRANK DANi1SLB3Hd 2, 3, Or- chestra 1, 2. 3, 4-5 Track 1, 3, "B" Basketball 4. Frank Davis is the fellow who plays the sax like "Rudy," He is always ready with a smile for everyone. DAISY BA're1u-:Lon - I,eader's Club 41. A quiet though thought- ful girl is Daisy. Her many friends will vouch for her pleas- ing disposition. Roni-:RT BROCKMAN - Entered from Shaker Heights 3, Glee Club 2, 35 Operetta 2, 33 Hi-Y 2, 3, L1-. Bob has always been very friendly and has many friends. He is known as a very easy going and cheerful person. ROBERT Bi'nGEn'r-Band 1, 2, 3, 44, Orchestra 1, Baseball Man- ager 2g Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 2, 3, 4-g President 1, Operetta 2. 3, 44. Musical talent is Bob's characteristic. He has played with the band and orchestra and has proved his vocal talent by l1is splendid performances in thc op- eretta. ELNORA CAMPBELL-Leader's Club -1-. Elnora has often been termed a quiet girl because of her retiring nature. She has won many steadfast friends. who have found that her presence is always a pleasure. WAYNE CROZIER-Glee Club 2, 3, -1-5 Operetta 3, -1-5 Class Secre- tary 2, Class President 3, Foot- ball Manager 4-, Shore Breezes 4-. lVayne has been a most eflicient manager and soon won the liking of the whole squad. His interest in sports helped his sports writ- ing on the Shore Breezes. In operettas he has appeared very creditably. , BIARIAN DOHERTY-Marian is rather unassuming, but can be de- pended upon to do her share of work in which she has a part. 1 f X 3,4 f - 1 f A A g ,of 2 ., 1 I- 1 .F ,4 W I f Q? , 3 X L Tl'x 5 5 u -Q N xx x I THE PORTHOLE I VV1LLlAM lJAw-Class Presi- dent 2, Vice-President 3, Port- hole Staff 3, Art Editor 3, Var- sity Club 3, 4. Bill Daw may be small in stature, but he is not short of ability along musical and artistic lines. In years to come we may attend his concerts and view his pictures at our best art exhibits. lNIARGUElllTE ETTENGER-Glee Club 2, 3, -lf, Music Appreciation Team 3, Leader's Club 3, 4. What will the orchestra do within-ut Marguerite to play the piano for them? STEPHEN Fox-Glee Club 1, Baseball 2, 3, Basketball 3, 4, Football 3, 4, National Athletic Honor Society 3, 4. Steve has been a very prominent figure in athletics at Shore. He has also excelled in his studies. ALBERT HENDERSON-EI1tC'TCd from Shaw High 3, Glee Club 3, Hi-Y 3, 4-President 3, 4, Class President 4, Shore Breezes 3, Porthole Staff 4. Al is well known for his ability as a reader and ac- tor and has been one of the Ujokestersu at school. VIRGINIA GENT-Entered from Cleveland Heights 3, Shore Breezes 4, Leader's Club 4, Port- l1ole Staff 4, Co-Editor 4, Class Vice President 4, Advertising Committee 4. Always hurrying, always busy. and always depend- able-that's Virginia. .IOIIN HIMPLELIANLVICC President of Class 2. 3, Glee Club 3, -1-, Operetta 4. In last year's operetta John made an excellent "Dick Dead Eye!" He sings very well. VVe hope that he will go far along musical lines. Doms ECCLESTONE - Friend- ship Club 3, 4. Doris has proved to be an excellent student in her years at Shore. She is an ex- tremely quiet girl. GLEN IDONAIIOE'-GlCC Club 4. Although he is such a serious and quiet boy, Glen is an expert at humorous impersonations. IVAN GARAPIC-Class Treas- urer 3, 4, Track 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, "B" Basketball 4, Varsity "S" 3, 4, Football 4, Portholc 4, Shore Breezes 4. The class says that one of "Gary's" grins is worth two of the renowned smiles of others which we must mention. Even those outside the class agree -especially a blond. EUNICE G1LsoN-Class Treas- urer 1, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Op- eretta 3, 4, Music Appreciation Team 1, Class Secretary 3, 4, Girls' Basketball Manager 4. Eunice is well known as an ex- tremely clever dancer. She has helped with the dance arrange- ments in various productions at Shore and has done a great deal of solo work. ANTON JAGODNIK-Band 3, Orchestra 4, "Tony" Jagodnik is one of Shore's accordianists. We think he will also make a success along the musical line. How he can make his fingers Hy! INIARGARET HAWKINSlEHtCYCd from Madison, Student Council Member 2, 3, Friendship Club 2, 3, 4, President 3, 4, Camera Club 3, Leader's Club 3, 4, Porthole Staff 4. "Peg" has been a very active member in Friendship Club. She is an all-round girl with whom fun abounds. X . I THE PORTHOLE l '. RosE KLEINTEHtCYCd from Shaker Heights 3, Leader's Club 3, 4. Rose is something we have to thank Germany for. Her schol- arship is excellent. VVe wonder if Germany has any more such girls to give us. HAROLD KROETZ-Hi-Y 4, Stu- dent Council 4. One of our think- ers is Harold. He says little, but knows much more than he tells about. May we have more school- mates like him! VVILLIAM lhIASON'OPl'llCStY2l 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Shore Breezes 4, Porthole 4. VVe pre- dict that "W'hitey" Mason will be a professional musician. His trombone, as well as his pleasing personality, will be greatly missed in next years' musical organiza- tions. ELIZABETH BICLIILLAN- Friendship Club 3, 4, Secretary 4, Camera Club 3, Porthole Staff 4, Leaders Club 4. Elizabeth has been an honor student and is al- ways willing to help out when she is able. DUANE LARICK-Class Secre- tary 1, Advertising Committee 3, Hi-Y 3, 4. Duane is our only redhead and is one of our most bashful boys. He is really a lively boy when one penetrates his bashful modesty. KATHERINE lhIURRAY'D0lT1CS- tic arts were Kathen-ine's spe- cialty. She is a quiet, but inter- esting girl. .lol-iN K0RTIIALS1GlCC Club 2, 3, 4, Band 3, fl-, Megaphone Club 4. How many times have we seen John beating his drum at the games? And are thcre any of us who have not enjoyed his foolish pranks? BIARY LOUISE lhICALTLIP'FE - Glee Club 1, Leader's Club 4. Mary Louise is a girl who has al- ways been full of vim and vigor. She is known as an accomplished tumbler, EDWARD MASON-Ed is a very friendly boy and is called "Pinky" by many of his friends. He is a serious boy, although he may not appear to be. CLARENCE LALTDERBACK'iB3S' ketball 4, Baseball 3, Football 4, Hi-Y 4. "Clary" is another ver- satile athlete. He has served well on all of the teams of which he was a member. His team mates will miss him greatly. BIARIAN BI0k'k'ETT1GlCC Club 1, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Shore Breezes 3, 4, Editor -1-3 Advertis- ing Committee Marian is that "Stonewall" guard on the girl's basketball team. Her work as ed- itor of the school paper has been very commendable. BERNARD MCCAHAN--Football Manager 1, 2, 3, Track Manager 1, 2, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Track Like an airplane. he goes up in the air occasionally, but when on the ground he is a mighty Hne fellow. ',.f' .4 f A 4 , 4 L -es . . , S" 1 L S S S I J s rf, 5 . X N X 9- X A ig A Q I THE PORTHOLE I ITONALD lbICl,0NALDLStlldCI'lt Council 15 Glcc Club 1, 25 Hi-Y 2, 35 Track 15 Football 25 Var- sity "S" Club 2, 3, 4. "Bud" has been a good sport while he was hcrc and has always had many friends. AGNES IJALli01MUSiCT Appre- ciation 2, 3, 45 Girl's B. B. Man- ager 35 Friendship Club 35 Cam- era Club 35 Shore Breezes Staff 4. Agnes is a girl whom everyone knows. She was a very popular manager of the girls B. B. team in her Junior year. HERB:-:1i'r NELSON-Band 2, 3, 4, 15 Student Band Director 45 Assistant Orchestra Leader 45 Student Council 3, 45 Hi-Y 35 Shore Breezes 45 Porthole Staff 4. "Herby" is the boy who swings the baton when Mr. Beck is not with the band. He makes a hit with the girls with the clari- net he plays. EDWARD PLATELL - Entered from Glenville 35 Band 3, 45 Or- chestra 3, 45 Advertising Com- mittee 45 Student Council 4. Ed- ward has been a clarinet player in the orchestra and band. He also ranked high in tests which were given down at Kent Normal School. Dono'rHv PETRIE - Entered from Shaker Heights 35 Glee Club 35 Basketball 3, 45 Student Council 45 Secretary 45 Porthole Staff 45 Advertising Committee 4. One of the most likeable girls we know is Dorothy. She has a great deal of art ability and is a great basketball player. THOMAS SCHVVERTNER - Foot- ball 45 Class Treasurer 3.. Tom was one of our football players and has always been a very friendly classmate. M1umUEiu'rE NELSON-Entered from Collinwood 4. Marguerite is a very pleasant girl and seems always ready to laugh with every- one. GEORGE Monms-Class Treas- urer 2, 35 Track 3, 45 Manager 15 Captain 35 Wrestling 3, 45 Varsity "S" Club 3, 45 Stage Crew 4. George was the main- stay of our track squad. Remem- ber how he jumped over the hur- dles? ANGELO PARENT:-Basketball 1, 45 Baseball 2, 35 Football 3, 45 Track 2, 3, 45 Varsity "S" Club 3, 45 Stage Crew 4. This boy, was one of our best athletes. He was Hrst in Baseball, Football, and Track. SURLENE PATTERSON-Surlene has been a very quiet girl but has also been friendly to all. CLIFFORD RUDY-Glee Club 3, 45 Operetta 3, 4. What hasn't Clifford done? He has filled us with laughter many times at his pranks. Perhaps we shall hear in later years of a pair of famous comedians Rudy and Korthals. ETHEL PICKERING-Entered from East High 35 Shore Breezes 45 Friendship Club 3. Shy and quiet, our friend Ethel was tact- ful in all that she did. We hope that the future will hold much happiness for her. I THE PORTHOLE I ANGELA Ponosicv-Glce Clubg Band 35 Student Council 2. An- gela's nimble fingers have made music for us many times. We are sure that tlIc orchestra will miss her very much next year. HOWARD STEINTF00tb3ll 2, 3, 45 Student Council 3. Howard is a lad with a happy-go-lucky dis- position. He has played good football for Shore. DUDLEY STOCKALL - Band 1, 25 Orchestra 1, 2. "Dud" is the drummer in the orchestra around Shore. On the drums he can give the effect of everything from a train to a bicycle. VIRGINIA STIEG-Entered from Bellefontaine 35 Leader's Club 4. We know of no quieter girl than Virginia. VVe have all heard it said that quiet people have worth- while thoughts. FRED TRAUBiPOFtl10lC Staff 2, 3, 45 Hi-Y 45 Movie Operator 4. Just glance through the Portholc and see some of Fred's art work! We hope he will continue in this line of work. ELEANOR TESKA-Camera Club 35 Friendship Club 35 Basketball 45 Shore Breezes 4g Leader's Club 45 Portholc Staff 4. Eleanor excelled as typist for the Port- hole and Shore Breezes. She promises to be successful in the business world. LIIKE SIiIMROCK'-WfCStllHg 2. Rather quiet and reserved is our "Mike." VVe are sure that he will make good. MARY BEUSCII-Entered from Reading, Pa. Mary is the girl with the pretty red hair. Her smile has been appreciated by Inany. VVILLIAM STRAY'-Cl3SS Play 25 Varsity Basketball Manager 45 Quiet yet friendly "Bill" has been the manager of the boys' basket- ball teams. We believe victories of the team are due partially to "Bill's" successful managing. .loIIN STRUNK-Boy's Glec Club 2, 3, 45 Operettas 2, 3, 45 Advertising Committee 4. .lohn has been one of Mr. Spangler's assistants in the work carried on by the Advertising Committee. He has also done good work in Shore's operettas, especially in last year's operetta, "Pinafore." BIARION THOMAS - Student Council 15 Glee ClI1b 1. Marion is a quiet, serene girl. She is an example of the saying that an in- telligent person doesn't talk a great deal. GEORGE TIFFANY-"BH Bas- ketball 2. 3, 45 Football Manager 2. George has won many friends because of his friendly nature. He excels in dancing as well as in various types of athletics. I X 4 f.4 A 5 4 If 9 I 2 g ,Qi 1 R F. A x . B S '. g c 5. ' -xv N ' X gjbk X l THE PORTHOLE I LENA TuoMAs-Glee Club lg Student Council 2. Our studious Lena is sure to succeed. Lena is rather reserved, but one can rely upon hcr to do her share in all work which she is called upon to do. JOHN WlLli0B'IR'I1B2lSCbiill 3, 114, Varsity S. Club -Lg "B" Bas- ketball 3, 4. VVe are certain to miss Johnny. He was among our good baseball and basketball players. HANs WIN'FER1EHtCYPd from East Tech 3, Class Vice Presi- dent -iig Porthole Staff 'Lg Hi-Y 3, 44. Loves to tell jokes. and loves to laugh, but also takes things seriously-that's Hans. GERTRITDE VVAGNE11 - Cla s s Vice-President lg Class President 2, 41, Porthole Staff 2, fig Business Manager 4-g Friendship Club 4. Gertrude has been one of the most active members of her class. She has served credibly as class presi- dent and as the business head of the Porthole. GEORGE MANTEL - Dance Or- chestra 2, 3, -1-. Many times have we danced to the strains of George and his syncopators who donated his services for Porthole dances. VVe hope that some dance orchestra is waiting to receive George's services upon his gradu- ation from Shore High. OLIVE VVIIITTLE1 Entered from Collinwood 4. Olive is one of the tiniest girls in school so that it will always be easy for her to find someone to look up to. EUGENE TRlMANTGlCC Club 3, Porthole Staff 4-5 Movie Op- erator -L. Eugene is an energetic boy who is always willing to help out., He managed spot lights for o11r entertainments and ran the noon day movies. ADILINE Tunic-Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 41, Operetta 3, 4. "Addie" has deservedly gained the friend- ship of many people. She has a sunny disposition. GERARD HAVEN - Porthole Staff 4-. VVe can hardly mention Jerry without thinking of Milly. A very cheerful disposition and a friendly disposition mark Jerry. RICHARD LATOUR-Baseball 1, 2, Basketball 1, 2, 35 Football 2, 3, 415 Track 44, Wrestling 3, 4,5 Senior Play 415 Varsity "S" Club -L. Dick is one of Shore's most versatile athletes. He is also an actor, as he played his part in the Senior play very well. LIARGARET VVEINFUR'rNER-En- tered from Collinwood 3, Shore Breezes 45 Porthole Staff 4f5 Leader's Club 4. Margaret al- ways has a smile for everyone and she has the best sense of humor. Her work on the Shore Breezes has been very commend- able. AILENE Wnucic-Class Treas- urer 23 Friendship Club 3, 4-. A reserved and shy blonde is Ailene VVruck. Her stock in trade is pies and cakes. We wish that We could induce her to offer us some of her wares. I THE PORTHOLE I June Class History N the year 1928 A. D., 85 little Freshmen enrolled in high school. They came from Roosevelt, Noble, and Shore and maybe a few came from other schools. I wish you could have seen this timid bunch. They got their share of the "razzing," taking it without a word and wondering how the upper classmen knew they were "Freshies." Had this been a big day for the Freshmen? Well, I should say! They chose their class officers and here were the results: President-Kenneth Bending Vice-President-Gertrude Wagner Secretary--Duane Larick Treasurer-Eunice Gilson Another year had rolled around and this time the Freshmen were Sophomores. Did they feel big? Well, use your imagination. Time to elect class officers again, and this time they were: President-Gertrude Wagner Vice-President-William Daw Secretary-Wayne Crozier Treasurer-Tom Schwertner This year they all had a good time because they felt as though they were part of Shore. They were not teased but could tease others. Then the Junior year! They were real honest-to-goodness upper classmen of Shore. The class officers for this year were: President-Wayne Crozier Vice-President-William Daw Secretary-Eunice Gilson Treasurer-Ivan Garapic This the year of years! They, together with the other Junior class, were financing the Junior-Senior Prom! There was a lot of whispering going around and the Seniors wondered what it all was about, but the Juniors wouldn't tell. The prom was held on the stage of the new auditorium and were the Seniors surprised? The decorations were very beautiful, and all who came had a great time that unfor gettable night of May 15, 1931. It's September 8, 1931. We find the Juniors. are now enrolled as sophisticated Seniors. The time has come when they can "squelch" a Freshman with one look f 1 ,f if rf ,Z A if 1 ' Z ' if V' . ,, . fr y , , 1 Z ff fi 44 jf' f 4. A 7x just as was done to them when they were Freshmen. X X After much thought and consideration the following class officers were chosen fC'ontinued on Page 702 Q fc ff 4 f f X r X o 6 if! ' 1 7 I 31 J X .J 7 If 4 V ix XX X XXX 3. w NX X. , x TSN XX Sex I gf N X -ix x , sir. N. c f 'NN N N. 'NX NN .X x 'X 'x X x XX X xx N 5 A . I 5 x X X S X I X, r xi xX I THE PORTHOLE I Mid-Year Class Prophecy 0 out and get that interview of Miss Nason and have it ready for the early edition." As I got my first assignment since my return from China where I had been writing as correspondent of the Cleveland News U94-61, I realized that my poten- tial subjcct for interviewing had been a classmate of mine at Shore High, way back in '32. Although not much interviewing had been done when I ended my visit, I knew all thc news of what the other members of o11r class were doing, which was, in short: Frances Vojsak had a chain of individual restaurants with the Yeip twins as general managers. Gretchen Schwan was a talented actress on the New York stage with Iris Bundy designing all of her costumes. Milly Root and Jerry Haven were happily married. V Fred Elicker and George Mantel jointly owned and conducted one of the best jazz orchestras in the United States. Grace VVacker and Marjorie Sullivan were "crack" stenographers in the U. S. Senate House. Dick Latour was a contestant in the Olympic Games and had won many events in the past seven years. Bill Roeder was a well-known contractor with Margaret Carney as his assistant, doing interior work. Evelyn Disanto was Caroline Peck's business partner in a large library. Arline Haslin and John Binckley had a popular "song and dance" on the R. K. O. circuit. Victoria Rupnik and Ed Kazmarek were on the Blue Network in the true stories serials. Hilda Hartman had a kindergarten home and Marian Wilson, the famous artist, was designing the walls of her new nursery. Mary Burns' name was appearing in society columns. Mary Hartzel was a partner of a very popular dance team, appearing in Europe and America. Ralph Fioretti was a professional football player. Mid-Year Class History N far-away 1929, a group of fifty-nine enthusiastic Freshmen entered Shore. How their dignity increased as they realized that they were now "Senior Highnl Back in the forgotten archives of time reposed their days in Junior High! With eager hands they opened Latin and Algebra books. How wonderful to cast aside plain English and go around referring casually to Latin verbs and deal- ing with cryptic symbols familiarly called x and y! Class meetings were held- fC0ntinuecl on Page 80j E321 l THE PORTHOLE I mr, Last Will and Testament of the Class of 1932 1119 Ulagg nf 1532, being about to pass out of our extremely morose and miserable state of being into that haven of everlasting peace of solid comfort, and being of fairly sound mind, in spite of counteracting forces, do hereby make known our last will and testament, in the name of our insignificant but extremely honored underclassmen. SECTION I A1-figlp I, lVe will all of our eccentricities and bad habits to our successors that they might be used to torture their fellow men. fMay they follow our example as ably as we have performed itlj Ati. II. We will to our Alma Mater a book, "Dancing Learned in Ten Easy Lessons," to be passed around at noon hour in the gym. Ari, III. W'e bequeath to those recently elevated but nevertheless insignificant Juniors the privileges which we have heretofore exercised to the dismay of all Fresh- men, Sophomores, etc. Art. IV. To our successors we leave the condescending air with which we have been able to receive the worship of our dear Freshmen. SECTION II Atiirlp I. Ivan leaves his quiet, retiring manner to Beatrice Cameron. Art. II. Angelo Parenti bequeaths his stock of toothpicks to Gail Rutlege. Ati. III. Doris Ecclestone leaves her supply of tardy permits to Zora Stefanac. Ati, IV. Bill Mason wills about one and one-half feet of his length to Louis Benson Art. V. Dick Abbott leaves his alarm clock Cfor class use onlyj to Miss Boucher to keep his successor awake. Arr. VI. Edward Mason bequeaths his latest book, "How I Speak Frenchf' to Miss Cockerill to read to her classes. Ari. Art. Art Art Art. plenty Art. Art. Art. Art. Ari. VII, Margaret Weinfurtner wills her giggles to Florence McCloud. VIII. George Morris wills his bashfulness to Corliss Bain. IX. Frank Davis leaves those moaning blue notes to Frank Miese. X. Tom Schwertner wills his famous waltz to Kenneth Bending. XI. Bill Daw wills that iron jaw to Ruth Cowin Qthat gum will provide of exercise for itj. XII. Bob Brockman bequeaths his golden rod eorduroys to Curt Dyer. XIII. Eugene Triman wills his beautiful mareel to Eugene Harwood. XIV. Marion Moffet leaves her playful tricks to John Korthals. XV. Joe Cerino leaves his bashfulness to Martha Plummer. XVI. Bob Burgert bequeaths his booming baritone to the next oper- etta hero. fContinued on Page 80j L 33 J f ff if 1 1 if 7 ! fi .f ' 1 fiei of 5 4 f f ' If , ,f 7 f ff!! , . ff, ' if ,fff f .. ,, , g, 7 , , I ,f W 7 1 f K f I . I C af , 5 r f f f a I f , ' f fl , X ix is X X A xt X . A ,X KXQX XX. S5 t w X -X A 'S l X Y fr. N to X T 'NN N N. Xqfx X N X 'x XA X xxx x X MN .X 'X 5 fx Rx S X Y X. N NX X X. I THE PORTHOLE I L34 FORTUNE They had traveled that road for many a day They were joyous at ventures well met, They had baskcd in friendships prized by all VVho prize these friendships yet. Their burdens were borne each for the other Their sorrows were cheered by all, To them life was one golden dream, No sadness for them to recall. n But see-oh sad fate-the road breaks apart, Each seeks his separate way, For they must disperse-this merry lot To be led by fortunels ray. They are gone-and the road trod by many VVinds forlornly over the lea, Soon to be traveled by other steps Sturdy, gay, carefree. Though their paths may never cross again And their burdens be not the same, Love of life, of truth, of service to man None but the road can claim. '-MARIAN XVILSON. 1 r I THE PORTHOLE I 12B Pmsirlcnf .... . .ALBERT HENDERSON I ICP-PfFSi!1Pllf . . . .HANS VVINTERS tSr'crr'fary .... . .CORLISS BAIN Treasurer ......... . .JUNE BABB Sflldfllf Couneilors 7 DOIIOTIIY BICKEON, BIARTHA ILUMMER, EDWARD HARTDIAN Andrew S, ,Toe Bahh, June Bain. Corliss Bending, Kenneth Bukovie, Rose Cameron, Beatrice Cash, James Cowin, Ruth DaMico, Madeline Donohoe, Glenn Douglass, Helen Frissell, Dorothy Gilchrist, Mary Halmrle, Steve Hartman, Edward Harwood, Eugene Henderson, Albert Hrihar, Zvoniniar Jehlicka, Edward Korthals, John Kratzer, Kathryn McDonald, Donald MeKeon, Dorothy Murphy, Lenore Nolan, Mary Phillips, Jeanne Pllll'l'llllCl', Martha Rutledge, Gail Stark, Pearl Stewart, Duane Sylvester, Jack Yidugeris, Elizabeth XYhittle, Olive NYilken, Everett XYill, Yaleria XVinters, Hans Zupancic, Stephania 3 . I ff II ,J X f' f' .4 ,ff I . ' A V' .- -If ' l::'a '6l I I X ' 1 df X, X 'Im If fi',Z Q , 4 A ,f i -l -4 f ' :1 if X,- 1, fi ff ,' if , X , I , 1 V 'E THE PORTHOLE IU' , . '. 4 if 3 4 I 5 ' I , 6 2 y' A , Q. 2 11A Prrsirlrfrli .... .... H l'1z1cu'1' RIAIISIIALL Vicr'-Prr'.siclm1t . . . .CATHERINE BFESCIIICII Sffcrrftarly . . . ........ fxLBICR'l' YVAT'r Trmsurrfr ........ ...IANE SANBORN Sfurlrfnf f'0uncilor.s' ......................... RfDIlPIl!'F CLARK BICTTY HELEN I"l'LL1-in, YVARRI-:N BIlI.I.lCl!, FRANCIS XVALL Xl1fll4C'WQv flcnrgc Heck, l,zlwr1-ncc lluntzvn, Lumix liincklm-y, HL-My Jnnv Iiuyclmu-, XYiIli:nm Iircylvbk June Hllz-scl1c1', f':ntI1c-rinc fl-ntncr, Uwiglmt f'I1ri5tupl1L-r, King fililrkc. Rulwfl I 36 j Hnnrlluw, Rnhcrt Vliffcl, AIM-rt Vmmk. Maxine I'm'n-ncy. Ilrwwnrxl lqffllhllfllll. Marne llzlvics, Batty Davis, -Tc-:ln IJIIULIIIISS. ,lnnv Duylv, Vlmrlcs lily, lxftlllll' Vox, xviuiillll Kunmzmn. H4-rnzulinc Mulwrg, Ruth Iillun Fuller, Bcity Helen Krunls, fxL'l1I'iC Mueller, Grace llrzncifnls, Regina I.:1cc, Ruth Mmntnnzl, ficrznfrl Henning, john I.uc'ls, Albert Nclsnn, Maxine Hermlc. Flm'cncc Klclmuml, Flnrcncc Nugh, Stgmlvy Hicks, Henry Blzu'sl1:1lI, Hnlmn-rt Uilcr. lingvnc jnflsun, Ffllllklill Narcsic, XYilli:un Own-ns. Yiulcl King, Milton lluxwcll, Ilmvxxrfl I':1rmlcy, lJm'ntl15 King, Yirrlcl AICiSSllL'l', Hanlzllrl Vrvjr, Illlflllllj' Kuclnp, Doris Miller, xYfll'l'l'll Rzxzlnlmislp Anna ffillllll-IHIFII' on funn' 792 ' ll ill THE PORTHOLE El 1. li . r- :ig l . f-4 - , Q fi X A9 , . 32 1 l 1 PVESilIFIlf ..... I'ic'c-Presidelzt S6'Cl'l'f!lI"11 .... ,L 11B . . .CTCRT IJYER .........loR XVHALEN ..ELEANOR BICAIILLAN Mcllarry, Yecc-lin McMillan, lfleziimr Mutku, R udulplm Merchant, Mabel Merchant, Milclrcnl Treasurer ........ ............ ...... R 1 GUARD XOUNG Siuclmzl Coznzczlors . .... ELMI-Ill CAMERON, MARIE ZWIERLI-:iN Amillicli, Daniel L'zuuem'1, lilmci' Farley, Mz1rg'z1rct Irvin, I.:1wi'e11Ce Balnlwin, ilunli-ii Covert, Rube-rt Fiilaii, Richard lauacs, Mabel Barlag, Lila D'.-Xvirro, Drmiinir Guryailcs, Paul jack, Norilluil Mzalz, Marjorie Bergluml, l.:lYcl'iie Davis. liflith lludyk, Mike jusliii, Ella Mm: Blucm, Aug'uNt IJUXYIICY, Tommy Hart, Martha Keller, Bull Brown, Arthur Dyer, Curt Hein, Roy Krampel, Sylvia Busch. Null:-rt lfziirley, XYillinm Illllllllflllllll, Margie l.:1Porte, Marjorie Miuso, lfrnnl-c Bynum-, NYillium lfnrley, Cntlierinc: Ilruvat, Anna. Mclflliattn-11. Mary fC0llfl.lllH'tI' an page 792 ' Meunicr, lfstlirr L 37 THE PORTHOLE 10A President ..... ...... . .I1ARRY DAVIS Vice-Prf'sir1vnt . . . .AL14'llICD NASON SL'CI'Hffll"y .... ..... E LLICN ClILlCS Treasurer ........ . .ELICANOIR KIGLLI-:R .S'tu1lr'nl Cmuzcilors .................................. EDWARD BOZBIAN, Bmvrx' ANN CAM1'Lr:Jo11N, Lobo HARRL1-: Ackcr, Betty Hczclck, l.ZlXVl'Clll'U Vlymcr, -lulm llixwn, Drmnlfl flcrncr, Nllflllilll Ahlmam, Mrmrvizl lilzxke, ,lulm K'ngl1ill,licm'ge liixun, Le Roy Giles, lfllen Alfurll, XX'illi:nm linml, liclwurcl flllllfllll, XY:1ltcr l'1IlSlL'l'lllljI, M:u'jm'ie Gluln'lc:u', Annu Anllerwn, l'-l'2HlL'L'S Hozmzm, I'ZllXY1ll'1l i'm1w:1y, lillwzml l"uikux't, lfugem- limve, XVillizun Hulnln, livclyn llucur, lmuis Vruker, Doris lfclkcr, l"lm'cm'c llauk, 1"lurem'c liulflwin, Russell liukovc-U. l.illi:u1 1'rmvthcr, liliznlwtll Fowlcr, lizlrry llalwrle, Lmlu liakcr, XYnltn-r llxnlplcjulnl, Us-tty Ann llnvis, lllll'l'j' Franks, liclwzmrml llc-nry, live-ret! lflzmrxmmvaki, l'Zlll.1L'llC f'crj1m, lluhn Daw, Rulwn-rt Fuller, NYilli:nm Hill, Roll:-rt llnuvr, l"r:mk lflitlcl, -l:um-A llieantn, Arthur llerjuviclm, l"1':mk llitzman, Clmrlrs fC'mll1'nnr1l nu funn' 791 5381 THE PORTHOLE 10B President ..... ...... . .RIC1-IAIID VV1c1NscHR1a1D1+:n Vice-President . . ....... HELICN I,0RIMER Secretary .... . . .RAYMOND ERNST Treasurer . Student Councilors ..,. Andrews, Florence Blake. John Blase. Barbara Bukovec, Joe Cherne, Matilda Conway, Howard Cross, Billie Drenik, Felix Ernst, Raymond Ettinger, Sarah Fasnacht, Alvin Femec, Mary Fowler, Betty Frabotto, Benny Hoislhauer, ,Toe Houston, Dick lschay. Harold Juratovic. Helen Klawon, Marian Kroetz, Lois Lorimer, Helen McCormick, Mildred Marshall, Russell Mellick, Clark Mellick, Patricia Metzger, Elizabeth FELIX DIRENIK .MXLDHED Holm, EDWARD SUTORIUS Mihelich, Rose Miller, Merl Medica, Lucille Moss, Elmer Nosee, Stanka Passasello, Angelina Patrick, Sara Peck, XX'illiam Pleadwell, june Popek, Frank Stanford, Vida Steffen, Milton Storey, Hazel Strakol, Stanley Stranahan, Roliert Sutorius. Edward Syracuse, Katherine Volpe, lidward XXYClIlSCllX'ClKlCI', Ria. liar d YV6nClorif, Bcverlc x Wvllbuf, R11lrCl'I XVilks, Earl Zack, Leona Zarnik, Alice iw THE PORTHOLE 9A Presiclvnf ..... ..... . . .JACK LICBIILLAN Vice-Prcsiflwii . . . .Emmzsox Hmscu Secretary . . . . .BETTY BANDLONV Treasurer .....,.. . . .PHILIP BAILPIY Slluleni f'UIllICllUl'.Y ........ Aikenhciul, Yiulut Antunucci, lhmninim Armucidxi, Rulu-rt Uziehr, Betty Hailey, Philip Bnmllow. Betty Bzirkuvicli, Angela Burr, .lmnca l+0l RAYMOND C'IaI'I'zIcu, XVILBUII Pune. I1l'lNRY SMITII Beck, Rnyilxuml lllackie, ,lc-:In Bugutuy, liclwzml Boseck, Mzirgxirct llrzulac, livin-vicve lluettner, Milrlrcrl Burrows, Fra-Ll Vairlsmi, Burlim lluylb, Helen Farr, Thelmil Parson. ,lane Vassidy, ,lack l'l1rew:II1, Olga fllilfli, Urval Clarke. Billy C'lenIc-lice, lrrzlnccs Flcment, Regina Cooke, Richard COIll'lCll, Mary Cowin, Bill Critzer, Rnymoml Dalllico, ,lolm Daniels, Clarence Davy, Gertrude llczxnun, joseph THE PORTHOLE fi lfcclestnne, Grace lily, lfvelyn lfaycn, Mary Ferrara. Joseph Fleck, Helen Fowler, James Fox. Helen Frey, Ralph Frissell, Ruth tlebrenya, Louis Gesmner, Fern tiniilovec, Dorothy fionso, Fred llernik, ,lohn fiuarino, Roxie lladyk, Stephen Hartman, Elsie Harwood, l.aYerne Hirsch, Angela Hirsch, Emerson Hitzman, ,lack A Holtert, Joe llotiinger, Alice Hopson, Charles Howald, Thomas Ink, John Ivinson, Betty' Louise Janitz, Helen' hlehlicka, Dorothy -luratovic, XYilliani Kastelic, Frances Kidwell, ,lane-t Kleber, XYilma Kunz. Mary Kline, Margie Knorr, Katherine Koren, Dorothy Lang, Robert Lentz, Gilbert l.ikos:1r, Louise l.ix'erinore, NYilli:i l,oCkLird, blue fl 9A McKay, Isobel McKee, Mary McMillan, ,lack Macjen, ,Toe Massena, ,lean Mesgec, John Miller, ,leannette Xeinec, lfmily Xicholxon, Burton Norliu, lilvv Nosee, Yeda Ovsck, Adolph Paul, james Pavlovich, Anna Pepin, XValIace Peters, Donald Petric, Arthur Pfaff, Ralph Pike, XYilbur Poliinena, Tony Potokar, Stanley Prijatel, Yizla Rankin, Anna Rankin, Easton Rath, Charles Rath. ,lean Richman, Mildred Richter, Marjorie Riebe, XYillard Root, llilly Rossmlivita, liilnnniil Roth, Marion Rudy, Stephcn Rush. lfdward Saisall, Marion Sawyer, Orrin Schmidt, Harold Schultz, Raymond Seaman, Emma Sears, Glenn Sliauglnicssy, Bernard Shaughnessy, Raymond IConliu:wfI on prim' 79j Shinkn, .lrie Shukaitis, Magilzileiic Siellulil, Dorutlly Skrobot, Ca t herine Smith, Henry Smith, Mae Spearman, Doris Spino, Nick Steele, Clyde Stick, Robert Strunk. Carl Sullivan, Dorothy Sullivan, Eugene Sullivan, Virginia Tarantino, Vincent Tegel, Albert Tench, Betty Thomas, Rose Trivi:-oniio, Agnes l'le, ,lennie l'i'ankar, Albin L41 1 Q SLX ' X VX 1 ,N R V X X 'NY . x X a X X X X X X X 1 XX X XXX X X. XX X S QX . 1 XX xxxxs X xx X Xxf ix , WX N xx it Q X X? X x X X Xxx A x xx E X N y S X fx xx N xx I,- ij X MX Q I THE PORTHOLE I 4-2 I li SCHOOL YELLS ' Shore High had winning teams this year and it has been due largely to the backing of the student body. The following yells have contributed much to the school spirit during the year. THE SKYROCKET One big whistle- Boom-Ah! Shore! ZIGGITY BOOM Ziggity Boom! Rah! Rah! Ziggity Boom! Rah! Rah! Who rah? Who rah? Shore High Rah! Rah! TIGERS GROVVL Growl-Growl-Fight! Fight! Fight! Grow!-Growl-Shore! Shore ! Shore ! YEA TEAM Yea team! Yea team! Fight! Fight! Fight! FIFTEEN FOR SHORE Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Shore! COME ON SHORE Come on Green! Come on White! Come on Shore! Let's fight! HIT 'EM HIGH Hit 'em high! Hit 'em low! Come on Shore! Let's go! COME ON BLUE Come on Blue! Come on Gold! Come on Shore! Knock 'em cold! SHORE LOCOMOTIVE Two whistles-two ssssss Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Shore High! Shore High! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Shore High! Shore High! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Shore! During his entire lite Washington vvas very active. i-ie is noted as having held the record for broad jumping. Shore provides many sports and organizations as diver- sion for its students. -I I 1 g i 1 f gs, , i - F .faxfs ' . . ii iff? i A ' -F " 5 v- fu: zz-"':' 'F 'ra-I Q i Q i' 2 i ' ' . if ,' xx ' i , 'Q if I 3 yy w rt 15 it ti 1 -4 C 'lax ', i F I.. W V ,C i x 07 E it Fifi TWT' . . .null 1 QA i I 1. ,var -fv- - zu 1 i . 4 i QIQCTIYITIES I 5" ' ' V" 'V :lux , ' ir, I ,, X ir - P. - l THE PORTHOLE I Porthole Staff HE Portlzoie staff has attempted to give its readers a faithful account of Shore and its activities. Each statl' memher has eontrihuted his effort with the idea of pleasing you. I"acuH'q Jzlzvisors Miss Norma Vernon-I,iterary Miss Leona Mitchell-Business I'fdif0r.s--in-chief Margaret lveinfurtner 11011111-"Ij1JiSf Marion lVilson Joe Cerino Grace lvaeker Virginia GCN Arline Haslin .'i.S'Si-S'fl1l1iS -lssislanl I'frlifors-in-c Gretchen Sehwan Margaret Hawkins Iizisilim-.v .llanagcr G e rt rude lva gnc r i1.v.s'i.s'frn1fs Bcrnadine Koman Maxine Cook June Breyley Frank Struna Marion Smith Huhert Marshall Herhert Nelson Dorothy Mc-Keon Alhert lVatt VVarren Miller Steve Hahrle i441 lziej' Diary Hartzel Photographic Ifziitor June Bahb ,Alx.s'ista11f.s' Marne Crampton Corliss Bain Helen Douglass Martha Plummer Elizabeth lNIcMillan Hilda Hartman Bill Mason Eugene Triman Sports' Ifrlitor Ivan Ga rapic .-1.vsi.s'fru1f Fl orence He rmle CllUlliilHH'll on Page 'flij Angela Podosky Eleanor Teska Evelyn Disanto Caroline Peck Marjorie Sullivan Hilda Hartman :lrf Ifrliior Victoria Browning .flssisianfs Katherine Beuscher Dorothy Pardey Fred Trauh Dorothy Petrie Liierarly Staff Beatrice Cameron Elizabeth Vidugeris Albert Henderson l THE PORTHOLE I Shore Breezes Ll, the news that's fit to print." Shores niimeographed puhlieation. the Shore Breezes, is a favorite feature of Shore students. All the latest news of the school. the sports and hits of humor, are to he found in this paper. The staff of the Breezes is under the supervision of Miss Boucher. STAFF, 1931 Jlanaging Editor ...... Marian Moffet Humor Editor .... .... . Al Henderson Sports Editor... .... .loe 'Whalen .flrt Editor .... ...... li Iarian lvilson Ii'r'portr'rs ........ Betty Ann Cam- plejohn. YV. Crozier, Betty Fish, Marne Crampton. Florence Hermle Typi.s't.s- ..... Grace VVaeker. Eleanor Teska, Agnes Palko. Angela Podoskv Jlinzvograplzvr. ........... Bill ltlason STAFF, 1932 fllanaging Editor ...... Marian Moffet .1ssi.s'tant Editor ....... Virginia Gent Ilumor Editor. .ltlargaret VVeinfurtner .-Irt Editor ....... Katherine Bueseher Sports Editor. . . ...... Ivan Garapie Typists ........................ . . . .Eleanor Teska, Angela Podosky I3llStIl6-SS fllanager ..... .June Breyley E451 1 THE PORTHOLE D la. Band and Orchestra HORE'S Band. composed entirely of Senior High students, has done outstand- ing work during the past year. Attractive marching at the football games was appreciated by the students and added much to the spirit of the school. Thc combined bands of the two high schools gave concerts at the five schools in Euclid. The band, under thc direction of John F. Beck, also participated in the Gala Nitc Program. The cxccllent work of Miss Lola Bevington, instrumental supervisor who has charge of thc Junior Orchestra and instrumental instruction, accounts greatly for the increasing numbers in Sh0re's Band and Orchestra. fCo11fin Ilfll on Page Sflj LG J I THE PORTHOLE I Glee Clubs SPIRITED group this year harmonized nicely in four parts. They sang their Shore High tribute song at the Installation program. Several of the boys sang as soloists in the Christmas Candle Light service. They sang selections from the opera "Martha" at the January Commencement and had active parts in the annual musical show. Their director is Barbara Rehherg. HE girls' glee club, under the direction of Barbara M. Rehberg. has been quite active in program work this year. doing three and four part choruses. "The Childhood of Hiawatha," a cantata by Ira B. VVilson, was sung by the CCOIlfillIll'l1 on Page Uflj i '17 1 v L 'lik L, 18 ' x ,Y J.,-7, X, 1g ' x I 1. Q Cx X THE PORTHOLE Friendship Club "To Find and Give the Best" VVO years ago the Friendship Club of Shore High School was organized. There were 50 girls in the club that year and Miss Havens, the .lunior High School Girl Reserve sponsor. resumed the position as sponsor for the Friendship Group. This year Miss Havens was granted a leave of absence and Miss Campbell took her place. This school year the Friendship Club has done much to live up to their pledge. They have had many social occasions as well as times which were for the purpose of giving service to others and have done much to make others happy. The Girl Reserve says. "I still find each day too short for all the thoughts I want to think. all the walks I want to take, all the hooks I want to read, and all the friends I want to sce.', Betty Acker Marcia Ahlmau livelyn Babb ,lune Babb l.aX'erne Bergluml june Breyley Victoria llrowiiing Rose Bukovec Betty Ann Camplejohn Beatrice i'Ell'l1Cl'Ull Marne f'ramptoii Elizabeth Croivther Marjorie lfasterling Doris licelestrne Florence Felker Margaret Hawkins Florence llermle ,lane llotiman Anna llrovat Louise Kruser Marjorie l.aPorte Edith Leathers Eleanor McMillan Elizalietli McMillan Easter Meuuier Ruth Ellen Moburg Alice Neiser Ann Neurohr ,leanne Phillips lleleu Plummer Martha Illumnrer Marjorie Schlick Amelia Shimrock Bernarline Smith Celia Vojsak Gertrude VVagner Adele VVasel Dorothy XVeiler Ailene XVruck Marie Zwierlein OFFICERS Pr:-sizlent ...., ................ B IARGARET HAWKINS View Presizlcnt . . . . Bi:'r'rY ANN CAMPLEJOHN Secretary ..... . . .ELIZABETH BICIXIILLAN Treasurer . . . ..MAnJoR1E EASTERLING i 1+ i I THE PORTHOLE I 9 Leaders Club NDER the splendid direction of Miss Albrecht the Leaders' Club has flour ished. It offers many opportunities to girls who are athletically inclined From all gymnasium classes several members of the Leaders' Club are chosen to keep the records of attendance, uniform records and shower records. Besides this they aid in the Gymnasium Exhibitions. June Babb Daisy Batchelor June Breyley Victoria Browning-l'rcsirlr1nt Catherine Buescher Hose Bukovee Beatrice Cameron Hlnora Campbell Betty Davies Marguerite Ettinger lletty Fish Betty Fuller Dorothy Frissell Virginia Gent Mary Gilchrist Arline Haslin Florence Hermle Margaret Hawkins-Sccrctury. TI'l'!lSIll'C'l' Rose Klein Mary Louise McAulitTe Elizabeth McMillan Grace Moeller Esther Meunier Lenore Murphy Violet Owens Jeanne Phillips Mildred Root NVilma Stein Marion Smith Marjorie Sullivan Virginia Stieg Eleanor Teska Grace Wacker Margaret VVeint'urtner Virginia lNeir Marion VVilson itwi l THE PORTHCLE I Student Council HH Student Council, composed of representatives from each home room, has 11c1d meetings every second week. at which school matters have been discussed. Home of the achievements of this year's Council have been the forming of a social conmiittec to introduce new students to their home rooms. the sponsoring of a service point system. the maintaining of order at the noon movies, the collection of material for a hand book to aid new students, and the continuation of the Library monitor system. In addition. the Council plans to visit and receive Student Council members from other schools. This organization has done a great deal toward the advancement of student co- operation during 1931-1932. MEMBERS Iris 13undy 12A Arlene llaslin 12A Grace X1'aeker 12A Marion VYi1son IZA Frank Davis 1213 114-rbcrt Nelson 1213 lidward Platell 1213 Edward Hartman 11A Martha Plummer 11A Dorothy MeKeon 11A Robert Clark 1113 VVarrcn Miller 1113 Francis VVa11 1113 Elmer Cameron 10A Marie Zwierlein 10A Edward 13ozman 1013 Betty Ann Camplejohn 10133 Lodo Habrle 1013 VVil11am Peck 9A Edward Sutorius QA Jack Hitzman 913 Raymond Critzer 913 Wilbur Pike 913 Henry Smith 913 OFFICERS 1,7'f'S1!lPllf ........... ...... B I-:TTY Fisn I'ice-Presirlmif . . . .RICHARD ABBOTT Srwrfftary . . . . . .DonoTi-iv PETRIE Treasizrer . . ........... BETTY FULLER Sponsors . .. ..Mn. M1-:T'rs, Miss IVALBERG I .so T1 .y ,Zi , f 4 , . f A I , Ford l.. Case - , l-lead of Boys' Athletics l-larry C. Richardson Boys' Physical Educationf Football Coachf Baseball Coachf Girls' Basket Ball Coach l-l. W. Spangler Faculty Business Manager Bart W. Swindler Faculty Business Manager John J. Pohto Wrestling Coachf l-lead ofCheer Leading Dorothy Gill Girls' Basket Ball Advisor f-N L-N W-T 1 il 15 f' 6 ' , -,?,.,. . ' V 4 ,'-., wg.- 4 5 ff 9-1 I THE PORTHOLE I Advertising Committee Marjorie Easferling Ellen Giles lluclolph Matlco Anna Ns-urohr Dorothy Petrie Fclwarcl Platell Buster Sh-wart ISQJ Football Stephen Fox Ralph Fioretti Tom Sehwertner Clarence Lauderlvaek Ivan Uarapie VVilliam Rynane Dick Finan Duane Stewart Frank Struna fclilllfllllllfff un Pan' 6 32 Freshman Football L. J. E J. C W. B. J. J. Harwood Majcen Moss McMillan Steele Peek Frahatto Hitzma n Ferrara l THE PORTHOLE I Basketball Dick Abbott Arthur Brown Robert Clark Clarence Lauderback Joe Whalen Charles VVick Herbert lN0lllQ'C'Il1lltll Stephen Fox Gerard Montana Angelo Parenti Girls' Basketball Marcia Ahlman Katherine Buescher Betty Camplejohn Marne Crampton Virginia Gent Florence Hermele Eleanor Keller Bernadine Koman Eleanor McMillan Elizabeth McMillan fCn:1t1'uzrml on Page 622 Varsity "S" Club Richard Abbott Arthur Brown Robert Clarke VValter Conrad Frank Davis Harry Davis Robert Daw VVilliam Daw Ralph Fioretti Stephen Fox E581 l THE PORTHOLE I Megaphone Club Betty Acker June- Babb .Iohn Binckley Katherine Buescher Ile-len Douglass Jane Douglass Curt Dyer Bernadine Komen Jane llofliman John Korthals Edith Leathers Ruth Nason Clifford Rudy Doris Sears Wrestling VVilliam Bynane Donald Dixon William Fairlry William Fox Frank Gerjevic Edward Hartman John Henning Anton Jagodnik George Miller Rudolph Nosse Frank Struna Joseph VVhalen VVilliam VVhalen John Yoger Florence Felker Robert Speidel Joe I-Iohl Stanlcy Noch Rl:-anor Keller Dorothy VVeiler Zvonimar Hrihar Joe Whalen Vlfgilllil Nvell' fCuulimwd on Page 0 wi Outstanding features ofthe social life at Mt. Vernon were the lavish dinners and entertainments in which Washington delighted. Shore High features many entertainments during the year. I I - m X rtfxruifags I THE PORTHOLE I 'v , 1 - U .f 1 V. - - , , ' - ', ' ,1Li"i"",' 1 , 4 - 1 . .V ,Q 0115901.33 f ' WL? 'LAKE BREAD . ' ,,-. . sa .... A .MARIE AND ED Luce me Am: IAJKE THEY LOOK ALIKE D .. . , VIHERE 1o,PLEAsE 1-' Q Dflfou LDYOU BEUEVZ IT ? A f HERE. ARE THE HARTMANS AND H JUST Ronuncf ALONG Qnu. some "YES s1RoNe "WERE snswensf ww ERE ARE THE NASON5 +2-fs THE PORTHOLE ,J u-nun-can -linen-um ,AK N 1 1.5 ,Jai Aipa s. x 7 J I THE PORTHOLE I IRIDE WITH WU" DIGN IFIED FACULTY- "U" 12105 WtTH JAE! MEMBERS ENJOYING' W-o - r. AWS r A W an '1 :sag Q1a5f4,iM5,5v v Q A 'PlCNlC Luce BUTTER AND BREAD if WHAT - ,QIAADAMOQSEM mqurry! 5' X . V uv . ., -.,. X1 fgv' ,v U- 1 T 'LT "f aff: HERE IS D0 ww I ALL mzessen AND HERE THE FACU LTY BLONDE I THE PORTHOLE I 9 4- , R.. Q' -Q. x , 4 .445 wk 1 if' ,mn w 'Q' D 6 V x 4 , 1: . 5'. 4 v 4 Q gtg,-55 'fi f f , N, V .KW Ni 3 14 2 VW: ry - s 4. 1 v ' 9 - X A y XXX X . NN A 'n l THE PORTHOLE I Se t. Sept. Sept. Oct. Oc . Oct. Oct. 8-Back to schoolg we like it fine this week. -Big event! Senior B's elect "ossifers"! What can we expect now? Everybody ? subscribes to Shore Breezes. ' . -12A's crash through with class election. How come? -Epidemic of pennant stickers! VVho can remember them now? CMarch -Porthole staff chosen! More work! -Shore swamps Central-25-0. What a victory! 30-What a Hallowe'en! Special number of Breezes. Many ghosts walk. N SX ' n N N s SX Extracts from a Shore Hi Diary N . p 3 16 N X c J 1 X so X .N 7 D A ll 14' K 241 1 X. X N x i . NX xx lr- R N 'x X X N L c x CL XX '1 Nov. Nov. Nov. Dec. Dec. Jan. Feb. Feb. Feb. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. May May June f 60 11-We hear about Armistice Day. "Apple Sauce" cast chosen. 18-Much excitementg Coach Richardson now girls' coach. Many rejoice. Porthole campaign launched. . 95-First basketball game announced. We buy season tickets. 9- 1 6- Football letters presented. At last it's here-Christmas vacation-and two weeks of it. Well, the Seniors had their dish of Apple Sauce-good play. Shore beat Shaker 30-21g B's win 25-10. Girls beat Mayfield 31-6. 6-School again. 5-Breeze subscription drive a big success, as was our Band concert. 12-Whalen wins prize as waltzer. Girls lose to Brush. We can't always win. 25-Shore plays last basketball game. But here comes track! 2-Great dayg Shore wins three cups. Mr. Phillips burned in Chemistry lab. We're sorry. 9-Athletic Banquet, Porthole tag day, Wrestlers beat Central 20-11. Faculty game. 16-Operetta a success! Porthole tag day! Baseball season! Joe elected wrestling captaing Spring vacation comes the 18th. Miss Boucher tours the East. 30-Back again. Gosh! that week went fast! 1 11 22 29 18 31 -Arbor Day. Another acorn buried. -Euclid puts on assembly at Shore. -Gala night. -Gym exhibition-Girls do their stuff. -Senior play. Gee! it was good. -Commencement-Sorry we're leaving. 3-Vacation is really here. l l THE PORTHOLE I Alumni News H1-:oDA LUIKART, '28, is attending Ohio Wesleyan. Chuck Schubert, '30, is at Albion, Michigan. Philomena Vidugeris, '29, is secretary at Shore High. AROLD Book, '28, is a Sigma Chi member at Columbia University. He will be graduated in June. Zora Garapie. has joined the ranks of newlyweds. Eleanor Hart, '28, is at Ohio Wesleyan. STHER GEHRINQG, '31, is a Freshman at VVittcnherg. Helen Spencer, '29, has been doing post-graduate work at Shore High. Lucille Riddell, '31, is employed at the Euclid Road Machinery Company, as a stenographer. coTT CRAMPTON, '31, is President of the Freshman class at American Univer- sity in VVashington. LeRoy Collins, '31, is attending the Cleveland Institute of Music. VVilliam VVinslow, '31, is a Freshman at Reserve. ELEN LARICK, '29, is a Sophomore at Miami. Dick Redden, '31, is a Freshman at Reserve. Jane YVitmer, '31, is a Freshman at Carnegie Tech. mo UNIN'ERSlTX' claims Otto Longo, '31, and Ludwig Shally, '29. Sheridan Horwitz, '31, is attending Antioch College. Russell Aitken, '27, is doing graduate work at Cleveland Art School. ICHARD PRoUDFoo'r, '30, is attending Case. Freda Pyle, '31, is attending East Cleveland Business School. VVilma Gilman, '30, is attending Heidelberg. DMUND BUDNIK, '28, is taking a course at Reserve. Margaret Clark, '27, is teaching at Noble School. Lucy Mathews, '29, is attending Ohio University. LICE BIATHEWVS, '28, is now at Michigan. Bernice Carney, '29, and Jean VVilson, '29, will he graduated from Charity Hospital in June. ENORA SIGNORETTI, '29, is studying at Miami. Marie Riddell, '?, is assistant secretary at Shore High. know that Fordyce Luikart, '28, attends Ohio VVesleyan. He is a Sigma Chi member. Rachel Cameron, '31, is attending VVestern Reserve School of Nursing due to a scholarship awarded her last June. AY PYLE, '30, is Shore High Librarian. Doris Smith, '31, is employed at the Halle Company. Brass Works. Prescilla Easterling, '27, is private secretary to Mr. Smith of the Chase AN CALHOUN, '27, is kindergarten teacher at Shore. Stuart Miller, '31, is employed at the Halle Company. RENE AITKEN, '22, is now teaching at Central High. Virginia Jamieson, '31, is employed at the Addressograph Multigraph Co. CONGRATULATIONS, ALLYININI! I 61 1 x xx N X. NX X 5 X Ya R. X , , .X .X Q is i S5 we XX , 'ns ,xx X X x Ns ' r XX 51 XXB N X XXNXX so X 'X it XX XX x S N x i t X Xlxx. fx. i X X N N X X I THE PORTHOLE I Books Personified "Dangerous Days"-just before the close of the semester with you on the ragged edge. - The Hundredth Chance"-"Honestly, my kid brother tore up my paper." Heart's Desire"-to make the honor roll. Q The Lookout Man"-trying to prevent teachers from seeing you copy other pupil's work. Glory of Youth"-school days. The Lonesome Trail"-crossing the stage alone on graduation night for your diploma. ''Manslaughter"-Football. To Have and to Hold"-Our Diploma. "A Gentleman of Courage"-one that has to face Mr. Metts about that low mark. The Valley of Silent Men"-Boys' locker room. Heartbreak"-the boy friend gets sick the night of the "Prom." Over the Hill"-Shore's athletics. Flying High"-Freshman before first report cards. fC0l1tl-l11ll'Cl' from Page 521 Advertising Football Freshman Committee John Henning Football John Strunk Alfgfflo Pafentl A- pet,-ie Helen Plummer gtilllllam vlsoxk W. Livermore June Babb ' Rl? EEC 'YC t W, Pike Eleanor MCMIHHU 0 ff Orff R. Winters-Illanager Dorothy MeKeon Virginia Gent George Morris James Palko Eugene Triman Buster Stewart Rudolph Matko George Andrews Alfred Nason Albert Clidel Robert Yochim Wayne Crozier-Jlanagm' C. Bollenbaeher B. Nicholson H . Smith H. Schmidt R. Frey J. Fowler-Manager John S. Pohto-Conch Basketball Srzconn TEAM George Tiffany Rene Tousley Elmer Cameron Frank Davis Ivan Garapic Robert Hill Cedric Koons Albert Lucas Alfred Nason James Palko Melvin Riebe Richard Weinschreider John Wilkomm William Stray-Manager 621 KCon.timwd from Page 532 Girls ' Basketball Marion Moffett Ruth Nason Dorothy Petrie Gretchen Schwan Betty Stein Eleanor Teska Adeline Turk Celia Vojsak Margaret Weinfurtner Dorothy Weiler Marie Zwerlein Eunice Gilson-Mmmgcr Varsity US' ' Club VVilliam Fox Ivan Gerapic Lodo Haberle John Henning Richard I.a Tour Clarence Lauderback Donald McDonald Girard Montana George Morris Rudolph Nosse Angelo Parenti Duane Stewart Francis Wall Joe Whalen William Whalen John Wilkomm Herbert Wohlgemuth I THE PORTHOLE I In Parting HEN, at the end of four years in high school, one suddenly faces the day of farewell, he finds his emotions conflicting. He has a joyful feeling of victory mingled with the sadness of separation. For parting means a loss of long loved surroundings and friends. Perhaps not lost forever, but no longer daily asso- ciates. VVe are parted from our companions and teachers, who have been friends and advisers to us. Our friendships may live on, but our places may soon be filled by new faces. But, too, we have a feeling of confidence and independence at reaching the end of our high school days. We are about to embark on a new adventure, whether in the pursuit of a career as a living or in the advancement of learning. Perhaps our trivial cares have seemed great to us in our small scope of life, but we have still to meet truly great responsibilities. WVhen we leave the institution which has for four long years been the back- ground for our scholastic career, we leave many of our care-free happy days behind. For after having lightly disregarded the advice of our more wise advisers, that "our school days are our happiest days" we suddenly come to the realization that this is quite true. VVe have not just gathered mere facts at school, but have learned how to apply our knowledge to real life and how to further our education by our reading and con- versing. We have been taught to think for ourselves and from now on we must apply all of this. As Freshmen entering Shore we were considered "green", which we truly were. Our graduation seemed a far off goal, which would be reached sometime in the indefi- nite future. We had few responsibilities at school and went about our work with more or less a feeling of routine. As Sophomores we were beginning to acquire a little of the dignity expected of a high school student. But still we were mostly onlookers to the parade of activities. Then, when we became Juniors, our pride swelled and our interest was increased by having more matters of importance placed in our hands. We were now upper classmen with some share in the activities and athletics of our school. Our gradua- tion was now a nearby goal which we could see close at hand. And then as Seniors, having reached the ultimate degree of sophistication, as we may have thought, we strove to uphold the standards and traditions that were customary. We have held an important part in the affairs of the school, as has each preceding class. But soon our successors will be just as ably carrying on this work. We will probably be missed at first, and we hope this is true, for to be missed brings a feeling of having been of some benefit to our friends. But soon our places will be filled and our presence will be but a dim remembrance. Now, as we stand at the gates of the future, encouraged by the confidence of youth, we say farewell, and we hope that we will fill to our best ability the place in the World for which we are best fitted. And may we carry on the ideals and knowl- edge which have been instilled in us and apply them to our future lives! ' i631 I Yf' ff? X ' X' f' A .f,J ff XJ 1' iff!! r'!i I i - , ' .1 ,fi , X , .Li A , .--- '1 ' f' f f 1 P 7' f y, . . pb fi? v' ci A i K,-. , f V, J f f if " THE PCRTHOLE FOOtb21ll lContinued ANum.o PAui:N'ri-Necessity shifted Angelo from his fullback position to a tackle. At tackle he played above par. His punts threw Shore out of dangerous situations time after time. liven though he was the heaviest man on the squad. he was one of the fastest. He will be missed a great deal. as he will be graduated in June. STi:vlf: Fox-Steve was the lightest but the brainicst of the team. He played the quarterback position well. Fox passes often and punted some. Steve was also a valuable man as defense as he was fast and alert. This was his second and last year of football and will be missed by the team. CLARENCE I.Al'm:u1zAea-Coming out at the beginning of the season with little experience but with willingness to co-operate "Clarie" made good. He passed well above the average and his passes were feared by Shoreis opponents. He will also be through this season. .lol-: VVHALEN-VVlialen was one of the most versatile men on Shore's team. He could run. both plunge and skirt the ends. tackle. block. pass and kick. .loc was the main cog in Shore's defense and the punch in its oifense. He has another season. DUANE STI-IWART--He was the most experienced man on the team. Duane played end for his third year on Shoreis team. He snagged passes, blocked. tackled, and blocked kicks well. On punts Stewart went down fast. His position will be hard to fill next season. FRANK STRUNA--Struna was the surprise of the season. He came out for foot- ball with no experience and made good at end. He tackled hard. clean and received long passes. VVith the experience he received this year. Struna should improve at end next season. DICK FINAN-At the beginning of the grid season Finan played end. He was shifted to tackle where his weight and reach helped him. His height enabled him to make many unexpected tackles. Dick. being a Junior. still has another crack at football with the Varsity. TOM SCIiXW'ERTNERiTOI11 played at guard on the team. and he played it above the average. On defense Tom played low and hard. On offense Schwertner was a help to the backs through his blocking ability. Next season he will not be out for football because of graduation. XVILLIAM BYNANE-Bynane played center. His passes from center were hard and true to the spot. After he centered the ball, he always blocked his man. Bill has another year for varsity football. IvAN CEARAPIC--IVHTI was a real fighter and a good sport. He played hard and well whether Shore won or lost. lVhenever a few yards were needed for a first down Ivan made them. He was very good for running interference and did his share of hard tackling on defense. He will not he with the team next season, as he will be graduated this June. RALPH F1oaE'rT1-YVl1enever a play was to be executed he did his bit and did it well. This was the second season that "Laird" played with the varsity football team. Ralph tackled hard and clean. throwing his one hundred and eighty pounds in a grand fashion. His position will be hard to fill next year. JOHN HENNINKE-illhIllSClllS,,, as hc was called by his teammates was a guard. He had a bull-like charge on defense that enabled him to get through the opponents and make ground losing tackles. On offense his flying block was hard and clean. Johnning has another year of football with the team. f oi j I THE PORTHCLE I Basketball CConrinuedJ VARSITY BASKETBALL Our varsity won the Championship of the Eastern Conferences for the first time that any Shore athletic team has ever been an undisputed champion. Coach Case and Assistant Coach Richardson produced a powerful and fast organization which played smart basketball all season and rolled up points with regularity against all opposition. The defense was varied and cleverly played and won many games by being manipulated successfully against certain attacks. Dick Abbott and Steve Fox were the captains appointed before games and showed a type of leadership and sportsmanship which was a credit to all. Bob Clarke, Herb Wohlgemuth, Art Brown, Joe Whalen, Chuck Wick, and Girard Mon- tana are lettermen left over for next year. The "B" team leaves such prospects as Melvin Riebe, Cedric Koons, Rene Tousley, and Dick Weinschreider as very capable performers. ' Individual scoring in E. C. games: Abbott 70, Whalen 50, Brown 39, Fox 38. Dick Abbott led the entire league in points scored. Shore ....................... 23 Granger Centralized .,.. . . . 20 Shore . .... 20 Nash Preps .......... . . . 17 Shore . -.-. 33 Central ............ . . . 10 Shore . .... 30 Shaker ..... . . . 21 Shore . .... 37 Brush . . . . . . . 8 Shore . . . 27 Bedford .... . . . 22 Shore . .... 27 Maple .... . . . 24 Shore - .... 34- Central ..... . . . 14- Shore . .... 32 Shaker . . . . . . 24, Shore . .... 17 Bedford .... . . . 20 Shore . .... 30 Maple .... . 9 Shore - -... 29 Parma ..... . . . 15 Shore . ...... .... 3 0 Holy Name ........ . . . 32 Shore Total . . . . . . 283 Opponents, Total .... . . . . 245 Points PCI' gaIIlC - - ------ 27 Opponents' Points per Game 17 Won 12 Lost 2 "Bn BASKETBALL TEAM WIN TITLE T the beginning of the year Davis, Garapic, Riebe, Koons, Tiffany, Wilkomm, Tousley, Lucas, Hill, Palko and Cameron reported for basketball. Coach Richardson drilled them in fundamentals which they soon perfected. They played their first game and won it by their teamwork. They then defeated Euclid Central, Shaker Heights, Brush, Bedford, and Maple Heights in great fashion. Then they began their second leg of the conference and lost but to Maple Heights. They won the cup of the Eastern Conference. The lettermen were Riebe, Garapic, Tiffany, Wilkomm, Koons, and Davis. Riebe was high point man. - fC'ontinued on Page 701 E 65 J 1 1 '71 f If I , 4 y f ,f 1 fs ff if ff .4 iff . fr If . I, K., 7 ,f , fy' , , ff, 'ff f .I fi X If ., I C K ,,?' j X., My ffl f f f if f fff ,- fi ff f' fl, . Ypl ff f N 5 X is X, X N X -by X. Xbxxx xr x Xl S. lsr CAN. x N X .N .xt NS X N. .. xxi .xx X NN N. '- . .X X E Xx N X X XX xxx X N x X m x I THE PORTHOLE l Wrestling fContinuedl SHORE WRESTLERS RATE HIGH The Wrestlers ended their most successful season by getting four medals in the Greater Cleveland Conference Tournament. Captain Willie Whalen won his twenty-third straight victory and was crowned City Champion for his second consecutive year, while his brother Joe Whalen became the 155-pound City Champion after twelve consecutive victories. Joe Hohl and William Fox were runners-up in their classes and were awarded silver medals, while Don Dixon took third place in the 130 pound class. In the regular season Shore piled up 282k points to their opponents 156W points. In eleven meets, Shore won six, tied one and lost four. The whole team will return to school next year. Below is a sum- mary of the meets: Shore 92, J. Hay .... 28V2 The Tournament standing was as follows: " 21 gtfesft la ..... 26 I Hay 21 ,, 29 ar e A . . . 9 . . ...................... ..... . 71 Painesville . IV2 J. Marshall . . .... as Mansfield . . Sl'lOl'C ...... .... 1 7 2' 19 West Tech l 24, W. Tech . . . . . . . 9 H 32 Univ. School 10 West ---' ---- 7 " 9 Marshall , , , 18 U. S. ..... . . . . 4.1 " 4-2 lk .......... Harvey .... 1 V2 SOIIU1 .--.-- ---- 4' " 20 Central ......... 11 Garfield ....,. .... 2 " 21 South .... 21 E. Central . . . . . . . 2 Track Track appears as a most presperous sport for Shore. Most of the lettermen are back from last year's outfit which lost the runner-up cup by one-fourth of a point. They are: Clarke, Daw, Wall, Whalen, Garapic, Conrad, H. Davis, Hablrle and F. Davis. With these boys back, more experienced and seasoned in track, and a few other prospects which include Andrews, Nosse, Tousley and others, this coming track season looms as a highlight in this field of activity. This year there will be dual meets with Shaw, Shaker, Brush and a triangular meet with Shaw and another city school. If all the boys show up better than they did last year at the conference meet, Shore will finish higher in the Eastern Conference Annual Meet, which will be held at the new Shaker Stadium. Baseball HIS year H. C. Richardson will begin his baseball club around the nucleus of five of last season's letter men, Fox, Whalen, Wohlgemuth, Lauderback, and Brown. When Richardson called baseball players to report he received besides these lettermen a few able recruits. They will play Brush, Bedford and Euclid Central this year. Shaker and Maple Heights have dropped out for this season. Of the lettermen Whalen will catch, Fox and Wohlgemuth pitch, Lauderback will play the infield and Brown the outfield. E661 THE PORTHOLE ENTUALLY BEST Ev cn BI N Luc TIO PA Occu POSITION Dis H S 4 Z 1573 E06 s -5 UD .2-3.5 .SWE 3822 Ta"-.::. Q-.QU IU m 2 52.5 M. O-hm ch.: FEQS an 20.5 CD--10 -D FI .156 CDCDQ E Sui 3.23 555 E T5 5x P-3.123 . H ea :f."'4 .SQA A5123 .sis DQ QQ GI S4 2 Q1 E C5 ID fc o o Q-Q Am 50 .E .fee 052 ,Q-:s HZ :N 0 r: o E 'Saw EE io 0.2 ::,-. 410 UD LJ GJ U '75 Q.. VJ O 6-3 mE : 1550 e-:E as we-.s QLD 'EZ' L'-"U 5: 42.2 -Gl- CJ B4 4-7 3: SDLT 3-QQJ va: 2211 52 1: :Pi UQ -in-S 5. C1 r-4 C1 -A-P --u C2-4 rice S Mau turn Q-4 O +1 5 O IDD .E 4: 'E E4 Jazzin' PY D-4 w Du 'U '-U 7:- v-T-1 L: w .-'xi U .LI Bl ::5 Horoscope 5:1 EE -1-L' "75'nQ go 'VE' Q51 ... ,A o EH,--3 o5.ru0 ,sg-3223 ur-14-, 2? g 'D 15 S Bwwog 3 .2 15 55 N Q-QECDUJQ VJ :: .2 4-V U7 3 agos- :Manx lE'E.E'5 6' ,355-Q cum? U 3 EC U fn Q 3 U Q 9 u mZfrIELw-1 ED enangnng .E.E'Ev. Q-44-w-g-f-509 :gt--5,..C o 12 75 .S 0 Ainfdmnd E v1l low.-9 2 "U:" : 0:1354-' OD... O'q EUJEUZ A n ia Sag f5s.m-352 F3133 .44 .ogpf E525-E L 4: H Q 72 .2-236551 ::..:-QEECIII zio6cSc5-I F-1714 5-4 o IQ4 Q2 -C o Q CI f'X Ii.. 4-2 C3 --'I 3 Q 5. v-4 v-4 .-1 5-1 A U Q9 Ln Q-4 Ca re rry Haven, Je 01 v-4 1'-4 Q2 CD E 'fs Y4 A S :: 6.0 'CS CI H: 5. 'C Cl 6 O 4-1 5 O 22.0 .E 'cs x: Ha Generous Bill vs I-4 Q 'U Q O Di ef-5 !1l KUKU Ilgel' OVCI' Si I-4 cu N fd F 60 .E N if :E L4 4-7 Nonchalan Edward Kasxnarek, -13 V11 56 :: 2.22 Q .2 JD CD E-if Lila 3 o .3 32 21: 4'-'53 +3 Q5 D-40 :J GUS '93 Z5 -112 gcc :QED -0-T U1 :cf '22 B122 as gm - H111 'Sw Z2-4 16:6 71111 tuner Piano ming m o Qi CD Q2 U-4 5-4 O 5 -n-1 U f-1 --1 Q-5 an .E E .2 E-4 .E C5 -ua 1-1 U U C2 D U 50 5-1 3 QD ,-'fx 2 S 2 ni I-4 S-I 91.15 me 0 QS.-U gm... ECN sig 1:23 Blk-.O flu 07 3 O .5 KD O0 4:55 3am :E N a -9.4: 'H+-r O n O o L"'.c: EW? .,..bIJ v.,E i3 20-5 QQ! GJ li 'Si 1-SBE .1 2.22 CJ B4 C? .E 'S .la 313, Q55 Ix,Nbg1 EE? E-1m'6 C550 el QS Q1 Qfioici v-4v-101 I-4 0 O 5 731: 50.2 3: gm: swf? 2123 Dia O E 'cs ,S .2 C0 56 Q. ian "REE En.: ea.: 5PM-I GJ 53 : S-4 ,G 2 2 an wang f:n.::f-cz .ESB CU,-40 QQ QQ Q4 U14 CG -6-7 : U E G3 338 -QQ-44. 75'-10 ,Eu-l ocu-'5 AHC? U2 3 4.1 E532 3-225 'A s-4 .iq-3 2,54 'fwjfji v. .:.' O 5 rm 535+ -Ioied 010101 5 C3 H CH ,M O O v-4 U tching the g Wa din CU an Di ly n Sl rio M a . -'L --. GJ 51 -13 ox I' o 4-3 Q cs E. 'tio fi 20 Z 5 o 'i 4-7 U2 U :1 U'A1 ,NAS Q3 of E-14 vs CU C0 Q9 32 CD o D-4 CL o U .:: 6-3 .1 if 3 ED'-3 LEE 1-42-4 :vo 5-40-4 GJ E3 U 2 f"n-3 :E 21: 43 'SCS Q-4 g"U s: Dr-4 r: Q2 F: C 3.2 353 U2 CIC' So ffl? .-17: CJ cn? u-51:5 mm 0 72 a DQ 'U frien boy he her T :E 4: 5:0 : EE E U2 U .-1 I-4 o F ee 2 C. C5 . 5 .- I11 1 n-I UD li 01 fm' Q N X X4 Qs 3, x ix x t is It .V XXX 5, X N X .: l QR. x I T x. Y t X xx NN N N K Nx. ' X xfj-R Q - N I x X xX I THE PORTHOLE I Last Will of Mid-Year '32 Class E, the third fugood things come in threesnj mid-year graduating class of this most venerable institution, Shore High School, being sane of mind, hereby do ordain and attest this last testament of our wishes before said condition deserts us. Item I We hereby in these presents, appoint our revered principal, Mr. Metts, as chief executor of this document. Item II We leave all miscellaneous books, test papers, and season tickets to fill in the "depression," What depression? Left by us. Item III Personal Bequests: 1-Dick Latour-his contribution for ten years hence to the Community Fund. 2-Hilda Hartman-her "treasuring" ability to Mr. Swindler. 3-Marian Yeip-her quietness to Helen Plummer. 4-Milly Root-her wise-cracks to the "freshies." 5-Frances Vojsak-her winning smile to Mr. Richardson. 6-Iris Bundy-her slenderness to Mr. Spangler. 7-Ed Kazmarek-his "pink" tie to Mr. Whiteside. 8-Mary Burns-her answer to M. B.'s "Isn't that right, Mary?"-to all other Marys. 9-Marian Wilson-her artistic cartoons to future Shore Breezes cartoonists. 10-Fred Elicker-his piano-playing ability to Joe Whalen. 11-Betty Fish-her yellow blouse to Miss Williams. 12-Gretchen Schwan-her ice cream craze to Hans Winters. 13-Bill Roeder-his candy and gum supplies to the book room. 14--Margaret Yeip-her talkativeness to Lawrence Beck. 15-Victoria Rupnik-her weight to June Breyley. 16--Ruth Nason-her footsteps in the old gym to Florence Hermle. 17-Jerry Haven-his dog to Miss Boucher. 18-ltlargaret Carney-her friendliness to all friendless. 19-Evelyn Disanto-her dark tresses to Eleanor McMillian. 20-Arline Haslin-leaves "Rene" in the oflice. 21-Caroline Peck-her French pronunciation to Mlle. Cockerill. 22-Mary Hartzell-her long lashes to John Henning. 23-John Binkley--his sunny nature to Kenny Bending. 24-George Mantel-his orchestra to noonday dancers. 25-Grace Wacker-her typing ability to Miss Vernon. 26-Marjorie Sullivan-her good nature to future "test takers." 27-Ralph Fioretti-his economic knowledge to Miss Mitchell. By witness hereto wc have firmly and finally set our seal and signature and declare it to be official and legal in the presence of witnesses of sane mind and reason, this twentieth day of January, D. D. Qduring depressionj. EDDIE CAN'ron MAHATMA GANDH1 i681 1 THE PCRTHOLE I National Honor Society HE National Honor Society has as its purpose the promotion of scholarship, leadership, character and service in students of American secondary schools. A committee is chosen from the faculty to select fifteen per cent of the 12A class for the society. . Shore High School received its charter from the society on June 16, 1925. Since that time the following members have been selected. 1925 Irene Aitken Carl Brigleb 1926 Laura Kinney Lillian Mann 1927 Russell Aitken Kenneth Anderson Emily Kovacic Harold Book 1928 Goldie Kovacic Fordyce Luikhart Elizabeth Raeburn 1929 Marian Ahlman Helen Larick Chester Morris Florence Pfeil Helen Spencer Philomena Vidugeris Midyear, 1930 Beatrice Hirsch Wilma Gilman June, 1930 May Pyle Violet Tratter Lester Riedel Edward Krsnik Richard Proudfoot Robert March, Midyear, 1931 Lillyan Stepanovich Rachel Cameron Scott Crampton June, 1931 Emilia Amidick Elizabeth Anderson Le Roy Collins Sheridan Horwitz Esther Gehring Ann O'Donnell Alvin Triman Victoria Tomazic Midyear, 1932 Elizabeth Fish Gretchan Schwan Marion Wilson Glee Clubs fContinuedl group during the autumn on an attractively set stage, while the Junior High stu- dents pantomimed the story. As is customary the girls sang at the Student Council Installation program in October and again at another traditional candle light service for the Community Club at its annual Christmas party. There they did "The Child Jesus," a cantata by Clokey. They all took part in the spring musical show and sang in combination with the boys' club at the January commencement. l69l X , X f 7 I ,I ,zz 1 f f M5 ,f ,f , 9 ,Q A 17 7 i , f fff fff 1 5 . 4 fx xx N N X x X get x is X. ix lk T38 NX :X .BQ 1 N N BX NN N N. We X 'K X X NN 'X 'll S , xx xx X X X S . S x , CX I THE PORTHOLE I Athletics fContinuedD GIRLS TIE Fon CHAMPIONSHIP The Shore Girls' Basketball team had a very successful season this year, having tied for championship with Brush. There were six letter girls back this year who did their best, with the help of the other girls on the squad, to make the season a great success, by winning all but one game. .Y SCHEDULE Shore . . 32 E. Central ..... .... 1 9 Shore . . 30 Mayfield . . . . Shore . . 25 Brush ...... . Shore . . 30 M. Heights . . . . Shore . . 21 E. Central .... . Shore . . 27 Mayfield . . . . Shore . . 22 Brush ...... . Shore . . 19 M. Heights .. . . 206 Individual scores-Hermle 74, Nason 61, Keller 30, Crampton 26, Teska 15 June Class History QContinuedJ President-Gertrude Wagner Vice-President-Virginia Gent Secretary-Eunice Gilson Treasurer-Ivan Garapic The class introduced a standard school ring, which everyone thought was a good idea. The gay and grand time of getting one's picture taken for graduation! The Senior Play! Everyone excited! The Senior Banquet! That's the last gathering of the class until after grad- uation when they become Alumni. A lovely June night and it's graduation time! The girls all dressed in white with their lovely bouquets of flowers, the boys in their new suits! The Valedic- torian and the Salutatorian must have been proud to have been able to give speeches on graduation night. The four happy years are over. Each one goes his own way, either to success or otherwise. All of them will look back in later years and remember the happy times they had together. E701 OUR DVERTISERS . . Three cheers For our advertisers! To them our praise is due, No ads would mean no annual, A thing we all would rue. So readers, you owe a lot to them, And here's how you can pay, Acquaint yourself with each one's ad, And call on them someday. woRK IN THIS ANNUAL PORTRAITS 40' GROUPS MADE BY THE NEWMAN STUDIO 1750 EUCLID AVENUE CLEVELAND 7 Compliments of SHORE COMMUNITY CLUB L Q L,LL.LL.LL L l QUALITY FIRST l l l l l FLGYD B. STEIN, Inc. DR, C, T, DQWNER T i 413 Smythe Building l Paving and Sidewalk l ' Hu,-on Road I I A Contractor Specialist on Rims and Lenses Oculist STEAM and DOMESTIC COAL of all Kinds TC C C Tw TT Yard and Olice: l Babbit Rd. and Nickel Plate R. 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LEHIVIAN FOR YOUR HARDWARE STORE COMMENCEMENT PAINTS, VARNISHES, GLASS Diplomas Programs and HARDWARE Announcements Certificates Engraved Cards Dance Programs Two Stores , , 620 E. 185th St. 729 E. 185th St. Invitations KEn. 0678 KEn. 0451 A vomplete line of supplies that please for W wwf ir Yin if Wifi' Cornmencement and all through the school year P' 'N' 'W Compliments 'La' of the THE HARTER PUBLISHING COMPANY 2046 East 71st Street Cleveland, Ohio McDonald Ice 8: Fuel Co. LIGHT MOVING 24350 Lake shore Blvd. Klan. 2141 I i 1 6 1 GLenville 3234 FOX BROS. Moving and Storage Incorporated 724 East 105th Street Cleveland, Ohio Al: "Say! VVhat do you intend to be?" Bob: "A sculptor l" Al: "Yeah, I thought so. Just an- other chiselerf, Hans: "Do you know that a man's thoughts are worth millions F" Barry: "Yes tllHt,S so, but try to sell your thoughts." John Binkley: "Do you know any jokes for the PoRTHoLE?" Clever Student: "You're the big- gest joke I know." Spencerian has HIT." Every month between two and three hun- dred lirms ask for HIT." Drop us a line, or telephone for HIT." SPENCERIAN SCHOOL Commerce-Accounts-Finance PRospect 4500 3201 Euclid Avenue Cleveland, Ohio WHY? Are we interested in YOUR school-? Because we have students from Shore High. We know them as high type students and splendid workers. WHY? Should you be interested in OUR school-? Because we can give you that necessary business training that leads to a position. Our school appeals to the discriminating student. DYKE SCHOOL OF COMMERCE 1001 Huron Road J. R. HOLCOMB 8a CO. School Supplies S 1518 St. Clair Avenue CLEVELAND, OHIO Porthole Staff fC0lIfZ'llllFd from Poor' 442 Betty Fish Grace Moeller Lawrence Beck Mary Burns Humor Editors John Binckley Hans VVinters DOES YOUR CLUB NEED MONEY? Hundreds of school and church organiza- tions have successfully used our plan. For full particulars-See The Wheatcrisp Company 2104 Superior Ave. Cleveland,'Ohio CANDY NUTS SPECIALTIES I7 7 El lil ngravings . . furnished by Pontiac Engraving and Eleetrotype Company 812-822 West Van Buren Street fChieftain Buildingj Chicago, Illinois El lil Thousands and Thousands of Square Feet Dizvoiso to Hioi-LGRADE PRINTING and BOOK-MAKING THE EVANGELICAL PRESS 1900 SUPERIOR AVE. CLEVELAND PHONE PRospect 7700 fC0llfl.IlllCd from Pant' 362 Roeder, Charles Roth, Rohert Russell, XYalter Sanborn, ,lane Sehepley, George Sellers, LaYerne Sifieet, Inez Smith, Marion Sokach, Peter Stick, Earl Stine, YYilnia Struna, Frank Taylor. Alex Yesel, Edward XVall, Francis XYardell, Richard NYatt, Albert XVeiler, Dorothy XVeir, Virginia XX'erle, Ralph XYill, XValter Zoller, Ruth fC'o11t1'l.u1'd fiom 1,0116 372 Neurehr, Anne Norris, Norma V Noveske, Angeline Ocvirak, Olga O'Donnell, Dick Olson. Harold Payne, Alice Plummer, Helen Potokar, Anton Rankin, John Rider, Alfred Schmidt, Isabel Shimrock, Amelia Stefanae, Zora Stewart, Buster Tousley, Rene XYhalen, Joe XViek. Charles NYohlgemuth, Herbert NYolfe. Milton Yochim, Rrzbert Young. Richard Zwierlcin, Marie Hoeevar, Albert Hoffman, Jane Hohl, Joseph Howard, Dorothy Hranilovich, Martha Ischay, Harry Jehlicka, Mae Juratovic, Helen Keller, Eleanor Kenny, Marshall Koons, Allen Kruser, Louise Krznariek, Rudolph Larick, Iirnest Laurich, Anton Leathers, Edith McKone, June Marcus, Anna Marshall, Mildred Merchant, VValter Miller, Dorothy Miller, George Miller, Roy Miller, Ruth Mower, Louise Mueller, Phyllis Nason, Alfred fCOI!f1.HHt'U' from Page Neiser, Alice Nolan, Helen Nosse, Rudolph Overaere, ,Iaek Palko, James Parenti, Lucy Pepin, Everett Pergler, Edward Poliniene, Angelina Richardson, Harriet Riehe, Melvin Rothrock, Margaret Saile, XYilliam Sava, Angela Schlick, Marjorie Sears, Doris Setina, Amelia Smith, Bernadine Smith, Louise Sonntag, .Iolianna Speidel. Robert Stein, Betty Stray, Pearl Stray, Richard Swenson, Bertil Tait, Rohert Tekavic, joe .-sy Thomas, Victor Ulepic, Josephine Yogelsanpz, Dorothy Vojsak, Celia XYaehtell, Dorothy VVall, Rohert YYasel, Adele NVaterwash, Joe VVendortt, Carl XVhalen, YVilliain XYillkomni, Mildred VVitt, Fred Yagello, john Yeip, Fred Yogar, John Zivich, ,Iohn KCAOIIYIAIIHFU' from Page 411 NValters, Richard XVaterwash, Mary NVebster, Marjorie VVeir, Doris NVeybrecht, Reinald XVohlgeinuth. XYalte1' Zaceheo, Felix Zook, Marie Son in college was applying pressure for money from home. "I cannot un- derstand why you eall yourself a kind father," he wrote, "when you haven't sent me a cheek in three weeks. VVhat kind of kindness do you call that?' The father replied: "Dear son- That's unremitting kindness." A golf professional, hired by a big department store to give golf lessons, was approached by two women. "Do you wish to learn to play golf, ma- dam?" he asked one. "Oh, no,', she said, "it's my friend who wants to learn. I learned yester- day." l79l I THE PORTHOLE I Mid-Year Class History fContinuecU Miss VVilliams was chosen sponsor. Gradually, members of the class entered vari- ous school activities. , Second year came. Ivith it came the girl was elected to office. Nobody knows Junior year saw members of the class school. In basketball were Captain Ruth reign of masculine class officers. Not a why. entering all fields of activity around the Nason and Gretchen Schwan. In foot- ball were Dick LaTour and Ralph Fioretti. As cheer leader came the gallant John Binckley. Glee Club Girls were Marjorie Sullivan, Caroline Peck, Arline Haslin, Mary Hartzel, Gretchen Schwan, and Mildred Root. The Boys' Glee Club num- bered Fred Elicker and John Binckley among its members. Artists included Marian Wilson who was also Porthole Editor. Betty Fish was the president of the Student Council and a member of the Shore Breezes Staff. Other members contributed to Shore Life along various lines. Miss VVilliams' advice and energy as a Senior sponsor were greatly appreciated. The Mid-Year Class of 1932 hopes to carry Shore's spirit and tradition into its life after graduation days have long since passed. Art. Art Art Art Art Art Art. In Q 4 Class of 1932 CIEISS iContinuedl XVII, Duane Lariek leaves his gentle nature to Barry Fowler. XVIII, Ed Plattell leaves his dainty stride to June Babb. XIX. Bernard McCahan leaves some of his wise cracks to Wilma Stine. XX. Cifford Rudy wills some of his playful antics to Elizabeth Vidugeris. XXI, Virginia Gent leaves her locker mirror to Lila Barlag. XXII. Wayne Crozier bequeaths his baske ball prowess to Bob Clark. XXIII. Rose Klein wills some of her grey atter to Dorothy McKeon. witness whereof we do hitherto set our hand in Euclid this rare day of June. wVALTER' WINCHELL, Testator Signed and acknowledged for the said class, for 'their Last Will and Testament in our presence and by us subscribed as attesting witnesses in their presence. HERBERT HoovER RAY T. MILLER Orchestra iC0nfimwdJ HE Orchestra at Shore this year is the largest in the history of Shore school. It has played all kinds of music from the popular to the classics. Mr. Beck, the conductor, feels very proud of it and thinks the school should be happy to have such an organization. The instrumentation of the orchestra is: fifteen violins, cello, piano, four clari- nets, oboe. flute, four saxophones, two trumpets, alto horn, trombone, baritone and tuba. I 80 l 8 4 I Y' 4 .'0?'fE 'I wg' ' 1 pf . 'wr '. 9 Wt' F' 'fa '-4 '- I p. fy 1 ,- ," 'p Q 1 R 3 2 1 X .1 'lr' , L' ,., I .,' - ' W 9 1 I D ! U I 'sXT1...H ,. -fi tis? ' -1-.I ' ,. fi V+ . , '4 'n'. "V .' , A ful A- 1 -' .- 1 'Ayhy x J' 2 'L . fl-W' ' '4 ' . I ' 1 A , ,"r . , l' Nl ' X X 4 "S, .7, 64. 1 ' Q, . -,"2 I ,'. A I - . slr' H 5 I I 1 1 N .' ' fx I , Y - V . 1 f I' 1 -i1,,'-. I l FS. . J ,np I I up .1 E I E 5 i 9 I. L .- L A F 5 1

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