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, V x , --.1 .1,. . .x f- f":1 . '-tffii, A, ez' :tbl-. v, - P2612-, 4.15, -f,-ff' f :A A :iff F x . , 'gig :V . . ' Qs,-1: V ' .195 ' :ffl 3: 1 .M-..c.. -iifT1'Z.' hw.- - 4,-1, 7-1. A., .. .lb Q . 59" ' fl! '13, Wy. we P fr , Xb. Qs ,T 1, z. A-'?'. iz. HS. .4 2 ,.s's . Yi bel Q . ...K 'sn "" ' nf, 11:1 111 ,- ,qv-.5.. ,4 ,,JA,V U fi., ,, -- Manx. 1 ' ,-Vmzglj. - 5 "ff,-J f . JR ,iz i- if X1 2 -:zfwkph-3 - rw., . 3 -, - rv: . ,rf-5 f. , V' '4 W: . A ' 1.112 Z7 if", '- f K ::'t:3.',',f ' M '- Eifff L - 4.2 If - -fl, .2323 fzflife :R 1 ff. 1 ii 22? li 4 ' if?-2 if 13, 5 .51 ,."!' v -a -c 1 EUCLIDIAN-63 EUCLID SENIOR HIGH 711 E. 222nd St. Euclid 23, Ohio -.,,,......,--' A-,,.,-'A ,,,...,- ,,,,.--f ..,.,.f- ,.,,.- ...ff-"""' WAwM-yw,,...,- ,,,- ff 1 ALMA MATER Hail to thee, O Euclid High School, To thy name all praise we sing. Happy days of youthful pleasure Learning, living, life so dear. Our hearts fill with gratitude For all that is to be- Alma Mater, Euclid High School, All our praise we bring to thee. Where the blue of Erie's waters Casts the sun's bright golden rays, There all Euclid's sons and daughters Sing the joys of student days. If after days be dark and drear And storms of life draw nigh, The memories of our friendships here Will lift our hearts to Euclid High. TABLE OF CONTENTS DIMENSIONS . SENIORS . . . UNDERCLASS . ACADEMICS . . SPORTS . . ACTIVITIES . . SUPPLEMENT. . . ADVERTISEMENTS . INDEX . . . . . 2 14 84 124 158 202 256 288 332 w ' ' TWT' A ' + ' - 1 -'z..ma3,:f1-' - ,4 -1. I xl +C, EIW I Ng 41' . 'f 4 ,.,, , ,,f, , ,,,,,,,,,,..,, ,,. X f 'W' "Q, ' 3 P ,oe ,WU , s?2W'7'5a:ff:f1' ff f. " I I fi tr' D V' N I- I N A, ',' 1 rg ,' z Q51 1 'F , 1 ' 5 I 0 I 5 Q ro 1325 zo 2: Q , ie I - , I 1' I 3 Q Q za. 1 5 V I F A 4 .gg r I' .' nn? 5':VL9I' X .53 ,- A N I, ii V N 1 M-Sig I, ' I g I 1 gf W: , I I , ' ' . 'WF' -IE . 'ff ' ' ""7f I ,- D ,. X Z1 4 Qi' 1 " . 3 I ., i ll ' ge- -iqf, , 1 , Q:-ey , 'B E, , 1 f ,Z '4' ' 'If ' if , . ,ffl ' ' If TQ - ' .1QZ":..,.,111gff' 1 'K I . 12 'E aw I If 'I i xg ' ' .Af 1? I ' , ..-, I A . h E I go an unknown path, untravelled road Where everyone has gone before Guide me. Bur I would go myself and when I do Info The unknown Iand A land of how A Iand of why A Iand of know I wiII have come. xxN Y L UP ONLY Hasty, dramatic, shockingly blunt-youth Groping, confused, searching-youth Daring, bold, eager-youth I am youth in its every dimension I want, I achieve, I satisfy, I Iearn ,M 3 A. .,, 3, Qv, 'NE ff 1 if:-. fi Q- 155 'yt 'ML 5 1 ,sg 2. ' i'a'nJs..f"'x ' -x 4 524 Q f- Q, K ni, rw, .-M4 V. J., 'ihw - ,. , 5 , 3.4. an LU -41 ' pr..,yf,g.,,-.1 , 5 1225, 15:51 , ,,.- ' ' iff-Q ? ' "1-.. Y 2,-ff' . . . 5 K .Hg ' fa" ,Egg 44 , .' ff - """f'-, -'f l f' 2 vgfa. 'Egg - iz 1 Ziiffl 72 57? , Q75 ,w jf' ,U y . 1 , aaa- , L-W...-was-..,N - M il, V .1 ff, , Q ,o '- J- ' ' X .X te ,pf wr: V ww. - . ,, . Q J ,,f.- I g. , 1, 1 ' -fy Q ' QQ x M l F bun Q -av ww W Imax RXXSSQ 5 mf 7, 5, , : 3 Ag X Q l "M" , , ' 5,-552. '4 'iii' ' 4 ..., i .. ,A A , Do not Try Io bound my world for if has Limitless dimensions I give and I receive I Iough and I weep I sing and I sI1ouI 22331355 V ix M . til 'r ff ' 1, ' ?2 ' 1 I a Q 1 f .Qi nf i 5? 1 , , 1 ,L F ' h ' l v A? ' ,K t V '- --.......- " . I -1 . , X," - I 'H' 7 . , L: ' i t.. , Q . ---2 14... I lose myself in myself and feel lonely in on crowd l lose myself in crowds and feel lonely with myself 'Nag -TSM And all thot my life is Is now Within the dimensions of Time and Space Within the dimensions of Know and See Within. NN.- SENIORS Hasty, dramatic, shockingly blunt-youth I'll tell you anything you want to know And some things which you would rathe I can do anything I can take you anywhere Come with me and see. I've earned my title and my crown The world should be mine Hand me the sun! r not know W-use 5 x 'Q as Qi' I 'I .,"9b amiga, Vx gg wqmo-gm-dv mgfifw gf -WH' M The last days of summer had faded into the rust of autumn, and the senior came back to survey his kingdom, and it was good. The elevators ran smoothly in their shafts and the administrative machinery hummed efficient- ly. In the halls traffic glided in one-way streams down the stairways and snaked along the corridors and dribbled in small packets bit by bit into waiting classrooms. The sopho- mores were properly bewildered and the sen- ior was pleased that he had come back, not to foreign faces and strange bewilderments, but to reunions with old friends and re-con- quests of old challenges. There were only eight more blanks left for the IBM to print. The boiler boiled, blew, and warmed the freezing breath of winter. Then there he was in a bitter December, waiting for freezing Feb- ruary. Then the cold of winter melted away, wet April came. The days lengthened, warmed, the sun looked down upon him. He crammed more into the waiting days, and more, in a last ditch effort to preserve his sen- iority. The sophomores looked up to him in the halls now, and the juniors shot questioning glances, as if wondering if they could measure up next year, and he was lord of it all. I I I 'AM z. . ,x X SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS. Left to right: Vice President Tom Murphy, Secretary Barb Applequist, President Frank Jerneicic, Treasurer Roger Murphy. SENIOR CLASS CABINET. Front Row: Marie Prokopovich, Barb Vidensek, Gretchen Brandt. Second Row: Elaine Sokal, Carol Sedusky, Cathy Davis, Sue Gris- sard, Jan Krapenc, Shanna Doley, Bev Draxler, Kathy Corrigan, Bonnie Friedel, Char Boehmer. Third Row: Vetus Syracuse, Tom Ruple, Rollie Hudec, Terry Wohlgemuth, Mark Geiger, Tom Murphy, Jeff Bartholomew, Randy Stauffer, Roger Murphy, George Panstares. ff-23" .C 32952 W? Q? Q 'S 1 E fig,--3 5. QQYS-Tic if if ex 5' e .1 . . fl., 'f 91 . 1, sg . - Q .- .1--5 -3 S-. , 5 sa ., iw -s. ss fm-eg N fig av- J- '3. f yi Q C1 ' :im xg 'R' I N Q' C wx G fu TSR., Nl " .: If T 1 T. Q T xvfilest , ., '- . e ""' -' B lags- . Ay wt as 49, ',, rs 9 elxzulig, ' 1- Fei-'rise' 1fiF"'. Q Ss. f 'VBLEQ-lf" ' 5" 7 i :Elf 7 ' st li ,-ff '- 31 ,. I Senior Boys' Counselor Mr. John Griffin Senior Girls' Counselor Miss Edith Lemon 'ts 15.-I SENIORS Seniors could be bold, for seniors had ex- plored, knew where they were and sup- posedly where they were going. No longer were they lost in a crowd, for they had found their niche. Seniors were football captains, Student Council officers, leads in the fall play, Spirits, and iust numbers to IBM. The days sped by. Sometimes, iust for a moment, they wanted to linger, survey, or relax. But they couldn't, they had paths to beat, plans to fulfill, deadlines to meet. Seniors went to Mrs. Sheats' office in doubt, departed with college catalogs and recom- mendations, completed term papers early in the morning, and searched for senior priv- ileges. Then, some talked about finals, but did nothing about them. They went to the Senior Prom, dragged their partners to Tap- co, discovered complete exhaustion at the picnic that followed, and then hurried to re- turn graduation caps minus tassels . . . it was all over. 'My half used Crest." ANNA ABBOTT DOUGLAS ADAMS WILLIAM ADAM SHEILA ADAMS -in v- 3 'JR V--9' qrvuu,-X no-Q., 'bk wi SANDY AGRAST TERESE ALBERTONE PAULETTE AMATO PETER AKRABOFF KATHY ALBERTSEN CARILYN ANDERSON 'BBL ,at MA ..,,.,...,1r .fus- fb 'i 20 U""X 'X W Ml DAVID ANDERSON LINDA ANGELO -9- - Qi x jug- I EUGENE ANTONACCI SHARON APOLSKI BARBARA APPLEQUIST RONALD ASHLEY SUE AU FMUTH ROBERT AUSTIN SUSAN BAHR DENNIS BAILEY RONALD BAILEY JACQUELYN BAKER ' A I IQ, ,li f f , CAROL BALDINI A". , I A . 5 ll' :g a 0' PATRICIA BALLENTINE r ,XM ' Ar ' , A Av? 'Q ' 'R 7 MARY BALSLEY R A 2:A'- . ' L A '.', 5 GEOFFREY BARTHOLOMEW HARRY BASSETT ff? S-an wg. I ..,. 2, ,4.,,.4 b Lf ' 'f.- A f5:"' Q ,R js R ' ' " RODGER BAUR , ,-P. DONNA BAXTER. .gnmx A - ':':'R 4 'W' , 1,A- NEAL BEDNAR JOANN BEECHUK X 3 X I K , vi ' Al' 5 MARGO BEERY PAMELA BEINING Rb- A DIANE BELL -Hi vw, .355 SUSAN BELL A--x THOMAS BELL 'C' 'P JUDITH BEN DER .' ,rw . .V , . I S -'Ii -:H it 2 . ' 2 Q' ef NA x ' ::'If1., - A - ,:,I.1-ik. ' R , fi' xv' N If RICHARD BERNSTEIN ERENE BEYER I '77 " 0, I :xx It I . I ' if -N I!--.I:?w 'Q III' I K is 'Q , fy 5 Z JOSEPH BIELLO fr-v! MII' I :I II 2 I I x I 5 pw - , I A Sb- ' I Q' av I . V w X8 N I I 39 'X "Avon calling." DENNIS BILLINGS ALAN BIONDI JOHN BIRCHAK W -- -', Q :jjj- O ' I - 4 4 irq,-f Ia ' I 46? Q ian- Quite absorbing! KAREN BISHOP DALE BIZILY TOM BIZOSKY DONNA BLAKELEY X KN 1? .gp .ff-7-v 'XI , .ffl i TEV' , . 6 A f' I ,I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Ja Sanur QNW-'Y SQA my 4s.,,,,n-u. 1 vid fre ,J I ',, -25: 7 .. . WILLIAM BLANC RICHARD BLATNICK PATRICIA BLATTAU GLORIA BOCZEK JANET BOKAR JANET BLASSINGAME SUZANNE BLATSOS WILLIAM BOAG CHARLOTTE BOEHMER LARRY BONAR "This ought to get me into the Peace Corps." 1 T 1? "Tv: rv 2- Fifx 73 .fi ix. QQ 'TN?:f1rEi','11:?i' ie5'kv9INm!I-w.e.X.I-ww.:-'ikviv-S355 - ' ww ..,,... -ww'iE'.LQ.,,m.. ...LM .,,, L.....-,,-...,-A.,,.L.,,.,messew, , RICHARD BOWEN LUD BOYCE JON BOYTON KEVIN BRADY !'::r QR SALLY BRAIN 56 3 MARGUERITE BRANCAE GRETCHEN BRANDT JOHN BREEN LYNN BRENDORFER '!"" ..2 I m: . .Y . ','xL IA .. gk ... Rx ROBERT BRENNAN MARYSE BRICELJ 65 JANET BRIGGS 'x iv A K .5-,.n"'1 -'. ju" , . ,hreff'z,- '- - 1 yn A " 3 vi ,gn ,fAf:j,h'4s.L ,X . 14- if -mr f'Q1,-.1 -I 1 A, -','- 'w -aim j: sr ' 4, 5 ,, ,L-WA, . . fl- 4 1 I f l . -W '- , - 1 , 'ggi t' 155- ggfs 415 jj i, 3 . , f . .... iv vw lx I-.'fsH I A wg nd? 'QOH LINDA BROCK WILLIAM BROOS BETTY BROWN RICHARD BROWN THOMAS BROWN DIANE BROMLEY DONALD BROUGHER LAUREN BROWN RUSSELL BROWN PATRICIA BRYANT 'No wonder we lost, he's cz spy!" 26 N Fa Q"'r DAVE BUBONICS BARBARA BUCHAR JOHN BUDAS KATHELYN BU EHNER What cz class . . . 5 if, BEVERLY BURGER f- -an 59' YT? f' E TERRI BURGER ASBURY BURGIN THOMAS BURROUGHS Mr. Harding . . . ' what cz class! , fm will TOM BUSCH 495 SANDRA CALVERT -. gr'- www 27 A 7 Margo Zola gives us that candid smile. JULIANA CAMPANA ERNEST CAPRETTI TOM CAMPAGNA CHARLES CAMPBELL LOUIS CARDINALE JAMES CARLSON JOHN CARLSON SANDRA CAREY JEFF CARLSON ROBERT CARMANY ,.,X 1 Mlemfx -4?-T .sf .Qi - XJR 28 'E 'N' -4 X. Gi., A V is ...f 'fx -'I 'wil V"f'v ' Q? .411-in 1 Cut it, Bev, the libroricm's coming. JON CARPENTER PATRICIA CARROLL ROBIN CARTER JOANN CEFARATTI MAXINE CERGOL JACK CARR ROBERT CARROLL IRENE CEFARATTI LINDA CERCEK KAREN CERR .Rf4y bb -.1 0"""' MWA 4., CTL qw 12+--'4' 1:-ag' 29 1-'es e""4 ,fy ,,.-I ,an-"" MNH? Q :I PAT CHYLLA DAVE CLARKE TERRY CLARKE LAVERNE CLINK LAWRENCE COHEN Dale Bizily finds u sport fo suit him WEN DY CONRAD SUSAN COODE JOEL COOK KATHLEEN CORRIGAN GREGORY COX CAROL COZART 30 LONNIE CRAIG RUSSEL CRANE fa CAROLYN CRESSON RICHARD CUSTARD STEVE CZOMBA KATHY DAGLEY , iw 1 'Ut l "LiHIe Caesar" '- xv, A 7 . Q 40 N 'fn 0 N ,fufyz . :FQ tit fm' fi? 'H-Of fri . xx' , Sw 5 1, be jj ' DAVID DAUGHERTY DIANE DAUGHERTY 1 X 16' 1 ,X CATHERINE DAVIS 'x MARGARET DAVIS '51 wr--....,, JUDITH DEBELAK 'PA avx JAMES DEELY PETER DE FRANCO PAULA DEISTER JANET DELSANTER BERNARD DEMBEK CLAIRE DEMORE DON DE ROSA MARGARET DE VINEY LEONA DICKINSON fn' ll ,., 'NX - 1 Sr. 32 ,VA-.. .Wm 615 Q ALAN Dl LILLO PATRICE DILWORTH SHANNA DOLEY "Only three more books and the library shelves will be empty." 34 MARGARET DOYLE ERNEST DREHER BEVERLY DRAXLER PATRICIA DROSUTIS -RA 'fiivl A 36 Barb Tercek always has something up her sleeve PENNY DUNCAN LEMUEL EAGLEN JEAN EECKHOUT GLENN ENGELKE PAMELA EZZO MARGARET DUSHAK CHERYL ECKERT ALAN ELLIOT CYNTHIA EPPICH DENNIS FABEC 'N-.,, :D Q1 l Q:- l l""xx qua, .q...,,.w-f 'Ulug- 35 a-X HARRY FAINT BARBARA FARRILL KAREN FOWLER FRANCINE FOX gif' 3: ' V PATRICIA FEDERICO ROSS FERGUS HERBERT FOX SARAH FOY Ntiilq. VV! ,d""'x .. Al -Fix 'R .5 5 ah - ' az . if ARA RR Aft, I A V 2 X v I MARTHA FIELDS DOROTHY FIKE MICHAEL FOCARETO WILLIAM FIGNER CAROLYN FLAESGARTEN DAVID FOERSTE GERALD FRANCIS BONNIE FRIEDEL PAMELA GABALAC JOHN FRAZEE RICHARD FULLER GARY GALE Ubi' 495 RW ra-EI 'ESF' 36 4727 'You be The engineerg l'Il be The conductor." He says he's going fo hit me with his purse." w 5? LADDIE GASTER -QFVQ' e'r""'9!" Wa' HOWARD GEDDES EBERT GEIGER EDWARD GERM ANTHONY GERMANO CLARENCE GERWIG LINDA GERZENY MAUREEN GEYER Flrrwwv tu . ,, ,. D f f , "' W' K. Q v .M ,J ALAN GEZANN , CHERYL clsLAsoN 3 . 'WY' . N. ,, . I , I . i ., b YN-1 irc' i' -Ax-'A fx L If Q.,-vf ' A .. A ,ak ' ' -v-- b .-5+ ,-'f' , 5 , :wi ' " . ' 5: ' ' SN nw 9 f Lf 1 gn ii X X ., X ix L Q' X , f L Q, F I' , V 1 1 V I L JI? ' NLC' - ' I ' A 'W' . ' N 1 Z 'iw , ,ze ' 4' u L .5 I 9 J. b ' 4 ,- I SANDRA GISLASON KEITH GOLDLUST ANTHONY GOOCH HELEN GLENN ROSEMARY GOLOBIC ARLENE GORSHA A Peeping-Tom. NOEL GOSLEE JUNE GOS PODARICH 39 mn Ti' 1" nr--"Y XM! 'bg 'fr'-fr in QF'-ur 1-X ,,. 1 E DHI, V'-.'f."'.'7 in 40, Qua- LEO GOYANES EVELYN GRAY ROBERT GREEN MARLENE GRILL SUSAN GRISARD DALE GRAPATIN GAYLE GRDOLNIK DENNIS GRIFFIN JAMES GRINSTEAD LORNE GRUGEL Slightly esoteric F XX 'wi , g Y 11 :Mfg I I' 'Gd egg- -.NI - I ji fi ff-' ,,E'IIIII I ' 3 4 3 K ' A N 0 STUDENTS ALLOWED PLACE MILK I ,I A' an , . .rf I BCI ILEQ my wb HERE 5 - L l f f, ., 1fi?z1'.'-sq5Lii"I':'Yfi5V':5ff a 1Jf,"1X'5EI 3- 7- :fh T x ?4e'1s3,b.Iia.w2ifS ff I V171 'I ,' f '. . 5' iN:s.fN33ZC1x. 6-5' Iifk- 'TI' '- .-1 -Pay., . X A .3554-I-gn ,,S.w.g-.L--.P+-.. , .1-0 - I Fil S Y If is' av'-L. fi Y 7 I -I ' X 'I 'UNK 2- I ' - x , Q, 4 I' ' -I-Y, I '- Q - 'I v--rv 'L U I ur y f QQ! JOANNE GUTKA RUSSELL HAIGH DENNIS HALL MADELINE HADARICH WILLIAM HALE LAURA HALL Open mouth, insert hcund! CAROL HALUS JACK HAMILTON SUSAN HAMILTON WALT HANEY NANCY HANKS ir. lZ",1'P Q:-v ,ang apr-xx fi xx., . fi-bciw JAMES HELMINK STEPHENIE HIEBEL They scly I don'f live for enough away for on drlvlng permni' l'd like to see Them gethng on thus bus fs CHARLES HIGHLAND JOHN HILLEGAS qxnp QM , WZ1,""" 1 Did you hear the one abou! . . . '?" PHYLLIS HILLER JOANNE HITTY ALBERT HLABSE JOE HLABSE MARK HOBZEK DIANA HOEDT as K' X Q"""' G' it 'sf '3' 'L in 1 if 4 I rr K X I f I wx wi qw, DONALD HOPPERT WILLIAM HOUCK DAN HRNYAK LORALIE HORVATH JOHN HOWARD LYNNE HROVAT RICHARD HOTCHKISS SALLY HOWE ROLAND HUDEC 44 Three more rows and we'II make it over the wall! CAROLYN HUMMON CHARLES HUMPHREY E-f-xr' GT' JAMES HUNT PORTIA IPAVEC JACKLYN JACAVINO KAREN JAMBOR WOODROW JEDLICKA BERNADETTE INMAN GLORIA IRWIN PATRICIA JAFFRAY CAROL JANITZ GARY JENNRICH QOH' 5 ' fab F' 1 'iw SONJA JERKIC FRANK JERNEJCIC "Oh, give me cz home . . .' Q"""'7 .E 'ilu' iff' 41- ALLEN JOHNS JOANNE JURJEV TIMOTHY JONES MARY LOU KALINOWSKI rx 5 JOHN KAPSCH NANCY KASTON DONNA KASUNIC ll'-, avg iz:-rr! if Q3- Nl' J ' A I IU 31- .I ' 4 A 5' C?f"'? 'Il' Q-J NANCY KATANIK BRUCE KENTNER WOODROW KIRK JAMES KNEALE ALLENE KAUFFMAN CHARLOTTE KERESTES GEORGEANN KISH .IACQULYN KNIESS RICHARD KENDALL BARBARA KING PHILANNE KLEMENCIC JEANETTE KOENIG KIRK KENNEDY EILEEN KINN CAROL KLEVAY HERBERT KOETH MARION KOMAR ERIKA KONTE STEPHEN KOREN JAMES KOSMAN 'Y It 'vw .219 50" , izz i ,uzq gb 'ml' uae...-AP' Q? 251 JOHN KOVACH CATHERINE KOVACS JUDITH KOVIC BARBARA KRAMER JUDITH KRAMER ROBERT KOVACH ELAYNE KOVACS ROBERT KRAFT JOSEPH KRAMER VICTOR KRANZ 'I get to play first string-you're ineligible!" R4 9 E if X '-'T 'W ' C THEODORE KREIT JAMES KREN KENNETH KRISTY RONALD KROMAR RONALD LAPUH CHARLES LARDOMITA 'FU' sin QE! 1 'ii' 'fx 93 MICHAEL LEBER LINDA LEGE JULIA LESIAK JERRY LIKOVIC NANCY LINDQUIST CHARLES LEES CHARLES LEPPERT JUDITH LESKOVEC LINDA LINDIC ROGER LIPSTREU Fox finks! ALBERT LOC KER JOYCE LOC KER DIANE LI PTACK 75 The blushing bride. ORVILLE LOEDING LINDA LONG -ibf, 1r"""V LINDA LOOPE VIRGINIA LOWE JACQUELINE LUNDER ALVINA LOVEJOY DIANE LUKAT KAREN LUTZ ...,,j . ., A VN V -in ' . Z5 VIIV . I I . ,,,, :,, 1 1 1 , 1 E 31 52 i 5 i I 3 35 3 E 3 A 1 '11 wg' f And all that was left when the dust had cleared . . . P. D. A. on the stairs of E. H. S. CLARE MANSPERGER WILLIAM MARCH N60 1'-'v 1118201 AND vo 11A ,LQ 2 6 Q KATHLEEN LYBARGER DON LYMAN CAROLYN MARESH THEODORE MARKLEY .+A if 'sd D, .2 if DON MAASWINKEL PRISCILLA MAHANY WANDA MAJOR BRIAN MAEDER CHRIS MAHER BARBARA MAKOWSKI ROSEMARY MARMASH NORMAN MAROLT RICHARD MARTIN CHERYL MARN CATHERINE MARTIN JOAN MARZI 'E Y A .W Q--r if is Q"-v JACK MALZ CAROL MANDALLA GARY MASON JUDITH MASON 34' pi Wx CL- 'S J.:-' ' wg x ff, L, .112 . E K... L , .,, 4 -M2 " V ' , ...X 'UQ ' ,,...., hx Z Q' Q y 11 + Q K3 A 4 Z PAUL MASTRO EILEEN MAUSER ANNETTE MAUSSER MICHAEL MAZZEI DONNA MCCULLOCH um 'KIT' I I SONDRA MEALL ROBERT MEDVED "Don'f pull my eg." I ju Cx. 25 as 1' 'Q' - , VJ S : Q: L4 ':. '- H M I . .. - 1 I N ' .E If 'VIIQLQZQ-ff' F ' 1 ,v 'F' . 'S .. ?ii?f1'+'ff'm. , gig . ,::::4:,t, .:qs ? . P 'I x Pk 0 I-'53 JUDITH MCGARRY MARY ELLEN MCGRAW LYNN MCGREGOR JACQUELINE MCINTYRE BARBARA MCKINLEY 41 12 1, as , T 1? KAR JOANNE MENART JERILYNN MERVAR DIANA MIHALY DONNA MIHALY NANCY MIJACEK Jiri!! A' U..- ' E Y? ,W 5. N ,,... FRANK MIKLACIC FLETCHER MILAN MARGARET MILAVEC PHILIP MILAVEC BONNIE MILLER 55 .,- l 'G' ,Vw ,gh fggx JERI MILLER SANDRA MILLER KENNETH MISICK LARRY MOONEY DON MORELL Nothing like a little 'school spirit', eh Doug?" 'V 15:1 CARL MORGENTHALER DIANNA MORTON JAMES MROWCA 31 i-"f fb GLORIA MURPHY ROGER MURPHY THOMAS MURPHY 1--'E Q, I, CAROLE MULFORD WILLIAM MYLES LESLIE NASON SANDRA NAYLOR 'vs W MARY MULLIGAN ELIZABETH NEAT TOM NEEDS PETER NEOLA 1 ID Qing i he 4-I Q-'P' Apn- 'FWF' C' 57 ,1-i.. nv-X YE? 'i""""' 4'-'S' 1 je , rex M, IAQ, ,, 3 E I R X 5 ' I 2 X -v VX ., Ii MAUREEN NIXON SHIRLEY NOVOTNY FRANK OBLAK EMILY OFFAK MICHAEL ORAZEN JOYCE NOVAK LINDA NURMI ROSWITHA OELSNER THOMAS OLEKSY CARLTON OREBAUGH Lucy celebrates her first birthday . . . in America Q my J' ti. ai R vlan X-1 f f "These are my kind of people." LAURAJEAN OWEN ROBERT PALECHEK GEORGE PANSTARES JAMES ORR STEVE OZNOWICH JOHN PALINKAS MICHAEL PAOLELLA 1 4 qv Pl' ' . . 1 e l 0 Q Nix' I GUS PAOLUCCI DONALD PAPESH 3 fi-TG' if., 'NDF' il 5 Q f I JI Wwe AI I A WI I --4'- ig 49"- JUDITH PAPP BETSY PAPPAS VIKKI PARADISO ROBERT PARKER I I I I -C5 ALISON PATRICK WW, Vflffff ,N-vm Give me one Mickey Mantle for two Yogi Berro's." 60 TOM PERKO JAMES PETERS JOEL PETERS ,sv- 'Ni ERIC PETERSON SIDNEY PETROLEWICZ I?v'5?' "I am NOT Miss February!" CHARLES PICCIANO HARRY PIERCE CATHERINE PIPER PATRICIA PLESCIA JANICE PICKETT JOYCE PIKE RONALD PLANTAN THOMAS PLESEC PHILLIP PLESTIS :W in Y' 'gl ? MARY JANE PLESZ "Jimmy, please, I'd M M...-v" 'Wk DONALD PODOBNIKAR JOHN POLANC JOSEPH POLLACK GAIL POINTER GERALDINE POI.IS KATHRYNN POPIOLEK er do if myself!" 425 FRANK POTOCHNIK KENNETH POTOKAR CHRISTINE POULIN 62 .as-fA""'w 'Q 9 I it f I I V' 'Y PT xr 'AIX ,QI I f 4 ., A sx , I I , WAYNE POWELL GAYLE PRATT ANTOINETTE PRAWDZIK 'fill fr 4? bs Ii Nz-ff RICK PRESKAR MARIE PROKOPOVICH GAIL PUNCOH 'WN V""..::'v ALBERT PUTNEY JOHN PRICE JOHN PUGLIESE KATHLEEN PURTILL "Look coach, I pinned her!" -W-a 'W 40" A x ' 3 V X f 'I ff R What would Liz Taylor do in a situation like this? fsf ALICE RABUN RICHARD RACKAR MARY ANN RADWANICK NANCY RAKAS '?sge!v"A,1! JOSEPH RAMONA JOHN RANDT ROLLIN RANDOLPH RICHARD RANKER f my "fic r X-nv JOHN RATH BONNIE RAYMOND fa? CVT? , . . Ji Sfiiiisggigxf .Z"EI-iff ,3P"iaE V . lsigaigr' -, XS "Hobzek, I told you not fo get Mrs. Wagner s' LORENE REBA STEPHEN RECHNER DOUG REED HAROLD REICHENBACH JAMES RECHNER SUZANNE REDMOND LINDA REES JOHN REIDER 4'4" ,cs NJ I ,T-.4 ,uv-uv Q M 11-I sv- 'NR 'ffm Qw m 556 iss! 'DQ-4 QWP+vWJ5 1".ZI.."'7 MARGARET REIDER CAROLE REUBISH RUTH RICKSECKER DAVID ROBINSON EDMUND ROCKEY JAMES RENKO DONALD REYNOLDS LUCY RITTER FRANCES ROCCO RONALD ROGELL No more specials for me! di? 035013 9 SSJNHS V9 M-P 5335 auf sxnfifff Gi O E I5 MARTELLE ROMA ROBERT RON KE PAULA ROSENBLATT JUDY ROSSODIVITA MARSHA ROUTZAHN ELIZABETH ROWLES DENNIS RUPERT THOMAS RUPLE JOSEPH RUSCIN ALBERT RUSS THOMAS RUSS JIM RYAN JOHN SABATH ELAINE SAJNA 4 JU' i"""" YU" L.- 'CZ' ,i 4 N , , Gu 'Mar 1Q A ' '."Tf'3'?aY" fun I4 -4' 6 ,. J-ov ,1,,,7 A--2 S-s-...,- -. -,--f 1i+,, 4. L Q. 'UV ff bln' 67 auf Nba' Rae ' ag:w..,...,n H' 'iv' L- . -L 'r 'K b. . . , kg. fs.. ' I . , N I ,Q . ' r .iw- fi' f .' I 1 f--we I ,, .R ...M 1 . 'Q QL ., irq, ,. Y-OV, ,f S E A ,, y EM., ' -fp: if .1'a5Q..:'1:.b Fa wg '- gf iwripziv Q5 H sf' A , xg , Q A MARILYN SANTORELLI SUE SCHADE JOAN SCHEUFLER HERMINE SCHIEB EDWARD SCHNEIDER ELAINE SCERANKA BARTON SCHENCK LINDA SCHEVE WILLIAM SCHMENK JEAN SCHNELLER Wipe that silly smile off your face! i 456 9 The spirit of the E-Room Lf Y...-7 1-fs, JANET SCHULTZ URBAN SCOLARO PATRICIA SEARS JEANETTE SCHULTZ RICHARD SEAMAN WILLIAM SEDERHOLM Even my best friends won'T tell me. 1 a 1 1 r f 1 1' 1 , . , , :,':' ,f',Q'.A-.,.w --.-, f 'V :..-,1 ,Q ,:.',ae'+'-'L---.. .1 '..--fir 71' - , - . gf-524 1:1 15E:.15Z4.5y' "iN1i','fI,7"Qf,'--.kif512' -. . , . , ' 37: " E"':-17'i3'fE".""i,C ff, lizard afji:,:,wL' ' -' vify -' lv V' PM .-f '. 'A' H'-7-fnACf:,1Vp.5'"wif-., .N .11 '4-' - ff ,J-1 ,.-ff-3'-",'b'I1x??4s-V', E-'R H-:HT if,-'bg-E.:,:'Ti'., L' X ' 3gBfZgg,11':vA 'z "QV7.iiir4:!f31x 'gig ',2gfv'Qf.f+'L3g :gn 11 , 'fir ff::f,11?,'m' Mhiriir?-.-' :wig-.f'n:::. 31 ' ' A '7,. ',5'::f,-'Q vw: f -,1-11:4fa4f-. ,.--,,:. Y . .1157 .,, f. ,ffdqn-,X5f5:,fm V- Lg-31"-ra--..4. ' I 2-'f"L."'f'.'v',,.2,,f1 g5f,f'.'f,' if -41,,:,,.f,5 ff . V41:.:,,' :f ,,-3+ :f-mx'--,-.,""'.'f,' "'f'11'5j'f"'- iq .-1 ,..g:'1Qa.5-,wg 'ufrwz .'gj...,-711, .fu M. 1 -- -'r : 4 fa:-.fn Q, m.:,,f'z5-Aff 11- ,:f-,1,ff'f- A., , 5 ' 'ff ...5-,,,5 .,., ..,.', ,f,,1,-,,,.::,wnazi.. f'-' '-1f"I'- ,,,':'i". .al , ,fjf ,QC f5f',.lf1' 1- '.-- H 'gi5ffai:i:?fr':'-?f:Lf,a.,1ysj -,f, ,...:5r.5f . f'!f3f.j.",", fn ' i',::j3'-f-' - ,--'-1'u-111' 11 ff.,-Lltfxfl' ': ..G,- P... I ' ' ,, .fa1:1wf,:..::1, C,P,-f-3:sf-""'f!'f',.': ,W f-'mg-N 1 . 1-2:a',..5,m:.7'2'a'f'2,-,153-g,2 ,gpg-4,g+,',, I ' f ' ' ff , ,gf51-LZij,:.::wZL.ff1,,:,x.,-,Qf' .-L.,.,u 1'1" -f 1 ,sv x,2,g:f, ,,. -A ' 5. ff ' 1 .4 ' , , :4-21.1,-" Lia.-Ll. 2724 4131 , if' , 'f ' ' ' , 2 :xfwyff 1. 'i. A , , , Q 'P ':'jf1.f elesgf-if " -':. , ., , ' L::5,5.:4l.,Z'y,.,, ' fEf.. . 'Q fi , 141"',,f-.f X- 5 13'x,f-iw.,-T" '- ,' , . .,.,:g', -,ix .fp f .:- " - , vi . .0 fry., -',.. . - w .. ,A A .M f-,.,, , 'rf' . 1:1 imz fig-'13,.I f ' ' .,,,.H- .Pm ,ES .,,:,g 4, z 1 - , -5 ::.L::. ,, 4 V, H, , .Q Ly- 1. 1 , . . ., ,, ' 3-gf' rf,-f. f- -M,3i,1.v- ,.Q. I , , -,i,.ky1-. - - ,, .H , . . -f -:Ax '. ' ,, 2 fl y! ,,, 0 ww .M-,112Y'. .M ' vwskff fall' yu ' A SR 5. rpm s f' ,Wy ' ' 1, .1 Ex-a1,',w'51g 1 ' Vp 'd,?f5"'.. ':"4'4-ff'15'!G' Tff-:-.1 1 r a V' " "- ffm: -6 5 ,ah 15 Mfz. N -- A N A 'ff f . ifvff fm. ,Jw ' f . .391 A 1- rr AL, PN, 231 'S 2 E x f 1, Q M fb 1 gi: , , V . ,A stiff . 'V Ai? . lf. ' ' a ,X ,ii ,x lg: ,' .' ' v l X , ' "1 ff. K J, ' -:J 2 1 .1 'ikf ' -- A ,Mg .- .,x::'bB'5 .1 f X-A . S-N QI Vie 1 mi , 4 5 JAMES SHAW BARBARA SHEPARD SHARON SHIROCK MARIE SIKORA 'Z'-v xx. JOHN SMOLIC VICKI SNOW ANTHONY SNYDER DONALD SOBE lu IIN ,g,"'x and this left over. R CHERYL SOEDER CAROLYN SOMICH EILEEN SPALEK DAN SPOKAS ELAINE SOKOL DONALD SOTKA BETTY SPALL MARVIN SPRINGER .. ww 2.1 '3- SEM,- " Ph -vs- JOYCE STANEK GARY STANTON . '47 What, me worry?" CARL STATZ RANDY STAUFFER MARLENE STEFANCHIK RONALD STEFANCIC SYLVIA STEFAN KO JANICE STEGH PENNY STEINHOFF ROBERTA STERNEN T 1' M --2' 75 'D K7 Ji JEANETT STILLINGER JOHN STINSON if 'sl 'rf-"V 'fr' :gr 3 DONNA STOCK Other girls have dates 7- 'li wig" 'va , w Sis- YI...-v p'-5 .615 X.-viz THOMAS STOIBER KAREN STONE MICHAEL STRAINICK JANET STRAZIER SHARON STOJETZ NANCY STONEBACK BARBARA STRANG WALTER STREKAL 74 G Just like at CuIp's. LINDA STRUNGE RAYMOND SUMMERS BEVERLY SVEKRIC MW! tl! !""!' RICHARD SWISHER WILLIAM SYMONDS VETUS SYRACUSE if Lf :l r 75 gan- "3l'l' X'-..,v av-Q, i!! ROBERT SZABO LESLIE TAYLOR JAMES TEKAVEC RODERICK TEMPLETON JUDITH THARP SANDRA TARANTINO SANDRA TEITELBAUM ROBERT TEMPLE BARBARA TERCEK MELANIE THEODOSION Beery af her best? JANE THRONBERENS TINA TOSTI ROBERT TORTER MARGUERITE TOTH f-lg 41? 9-'lui '1""""""Y Q QB. rx ZII ro I You wont I should cook Itolicm? x MARILYN TOTH ELIZABETH TRENNEL THOMAS TUCKER CHERYI- TURK BARBARA TRAUGER JAMES TROBENTER KATHY TUCKERMAN DOROTHY TURK 'US i"l""7' VTE' ff'- F , . A PX - 7 401 f ' QE?-CI 5' Giiiv Tk . A, m y , 4 22: 3:51 5.5 5 f ' VT' 1 ' nf' '31 I 5 '--: 1 -:I I I I gf 1 , A I C' 5- lf- bf 'xg 1r'Pf-'V 'FY it I PAMELA TURK JOE ULEPIC JOSEPH URSINI PAUL VACCARIELLO DIANE TYJEWSKI WILLIAM URBANCIC ROSEMARY VACC DONALD VARGO "Do you Think Mr. Judge will fit in our satellite?" 78 ROBERT VERHOTZ EVELYN VESEY . 'l!S"'3" All See, Ann Landers says I'm right. M I But Custard, you ccm'f be 0 fink all your Iife BARBARA VIDENSEK PAULA VIDUSICH LINDA VISLOCKY ROBERT VON SICK JAN VUKCEVIC JAMES VIDMAR JAMES VIOLETT DIANE VITANZA DOUGLAS VUKCEVIC MYRTLE WAGNER .JS W-sf 1113 L, 115' 8 PATRICIA WALDRON ALLEN WALLACE X 1 4553 ww . 'Tiff' SHARON WATSON ,Ira qua... TERRY WATSON PATRICIA WATTERMAN ELIZABETH WAYDO ,fb RH JULIA WEBBE IS GAYE WESTERFIELD KEN WALTER president of N. H. S. Tx Q . '31 ' -5 X A -. .av ,sf IEA 45. DONNA WALSH Zimmerman Iocrsts the ' DOUGLAS WHEELER VIRGINIA WICK GLENN WICKES 9 Tim KM . 1 5 Q . '. 'mf rf l .5 Iiixi RANDOLPH WOOD JAMES WORGULL ANDREW WOTSCH ,S nf K 'X Q., - 1 7 'V 'wav' f xi? W JOHN WRIGHT STANLEY YABROFF KATHLEEN YANE PEGGY YAPEL JOHN WYBAN SUZANNE YANCHER DONNA YANNIE JOHN YEDNOCK ,S ,- -L- -fw weren'T so tired, I'd roll ya S Leslie Long and Laura Owen show their enthusiasm for drama. ,,,. I L. 1 .WWW inn fe XL JOHN ZIMMERMAN JANICE ZORMAN fi THOMAS YORK WILLIAM ZERAVICA JOSEPH ZIGMAN WILLIAM ZAFFIRO GUSTAV ZETTL JAMES ZIMMERMAN MARGO ZOLA BERNICE ZUPANCIC -Q, QW UNDERCLASS Groping, confused, searching-youth I have come a long way, but I'm not I have been trained, inducted, led Idid not train, induct, lead. Life was light with few responsibilities I was plagued with hardships Of over-enjoyment and under-work But in the midst of my privations And probations I had this consolation with me: Soon I would be The senior. yet there f"""' fx X ra QA Q5 AXE? "+l'4 x X This was a year for discovery. I found that seniors were not as seniory as the august fig- ures I had seen through my rosy junior-high glasses. I read short stories in English class that weren't short at all, discovered bunsen burners and hydrogen sulfide, and bisected angles with good will. As the year progressed, I became more deeply involved in every dimension-it was a year for trying. I tried out for the Gym Leader's Club, trained for the Survey staff, bluffed tryouts for "The Skin of Our Teeth," braved water for Wai Napolo, and spent hours competing for the few places on the varsity basketball team. And waited. Then I sewed three snaps on my shirt for the Gym Leader's emblem, saw my first story published in the Survey, became a Thespian, was tor- mented by the Swim Club initiation, and be- came high point man on the varsity squad. As the year flew by, I knew that I was maturing. Scholarship and National Honor Society became a more important goal for me. I filled out schedules for the coming year, explored the college catalogues, and for the first time realized that next year there would be someone for me to boss. I could see more clearly where my path lies. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS. Top Io bottom: Vice President Ted Goble, Secrefcrry Sue Anderson, President Greg Dane, Treasurer Norma Crone. as Juniors vote for Homecoming JUNIORS This is the year when the student is the monkey in the middle. He is between the followers and the leaders, but the school is his. After all, the sopho- mores are too young to comprehend the importance of Euclid Senior High School and the seniors-well, you would hardly even know they were still in high school, the way they go around in the middle of December smelling June in the air. Look at the way the iuniors participated in sports. Those cheerleaders were all iuniors, and so were Creveling and Komocar. The iuniors had the burden of international school relationships-one of them might be overseas next year in the AFS program. This same class had the chance to show Euclid to the academic world with applications for advanced scientific study during the summer at the institutions of higher learning. The iuniors are the forgotten class, but they are the mainstay of the school. 2:2 Q l 1 JUNIOR CABINET. Front Row: Judy Lilley, Jan HowelL Ellen Wehrle, Penny Wvlf Edna Hanes Second Row: Pat Alexander, Lynne Mocilniker, Sandy Davis, Linda Galaida Ran MUCKS HOMEROOM 102. Front Row: Bonnie Budas, Joyce Medlen, Pat Borbato, Jackie Bologh, Carol Andrew, Carole Allen. Second Row: Judy Adamczewski, JoAnn Baron, Pat Alexander, Marilyn Borbic, Les Balukin. Third Row: Jay Bammerlin, Stuart Babin, Jack Aten, Joe Josz- kewicz, John Burkhart, Marcy Becker. HOMEROOM lO2.X Sue Anderson, Kathy Ulle, Lynn Aspinwall, .Dione Bacon, Donna Budinsky. Second Row: Mike Ark, John Bailey, John Adkins, Alison August, Bob Evangelisto. Third Row: Myron Apple, Paul Banaszek, Tom Aliancic, Jim Bogocius, Terry Baber. 90 1- , l I. axxh Well, smell me! T pd X fx 5. ng ,. JJ! rfi' Q A W x xfgf X. psf? 5 Airs gfzffs f ' HOMEROOM 'lO3. Front Row: Linda Smink, Irma Skrout, Sandi Smith, Suzanne Jones. Sec- ond Row: Charlene Brandich, Donna Siedler, Marylyn Skully, Elaine Sirko. Third Row: Terry Steklassa, Roberta Skeivis, Karen Skalski, Maxine Edmonds. Fourth Row: Leo Substelny, Tom Stahre, Bob Statz, Allan Steich. HOMEROOM 103. Front Row: Joyce Splistiser, Elaine Sowul, Joanne Sovich, LaVonne Siegel. Second Row: Barb Spring, Charles Doyle, Esther Sluga, Sheila Skoll. Third Row: John Sustersic, Ron Surtz, Joe Focareto, Denise Brennan. Fourth Row: Carl Steinfurth, larry Stnoleton, Earl Switalskv. David Summers. 9- .ly '41s 5 l l .-rl. - 2 if Wifi HOMEROOM lO5. Front Row: Marlene Blatnik, Susan Blatnik Darlene Benvenuto, Sylvia Barcovic, Nancy Davis, Karen Hearn Mary Ellen Bogatay. Second Row: Ken Barta, Linda Belavich, Bon- nie Boldin, Gail Bell, Barb Bilyk, Jo Anne Rouse, Almira Baczek Michele D'Amico, Kathy Bene. Third Row: Ron Beno, Jim Beaudry, Larry Jevnikar, Gary Lorber, Ken Bateman, .lim Baranowski, Don Peisinger, Dave Barnes, Dick Currutt. Fourth Row: Bob Mlac, Jerry Baum, Wayne lasch, Bill Beacham, Vince Lenarcic, Don Belian, Dan Bentley, Gerry Bowers. HOMEROOM 104. Front Row: James Muth, Paul Donovan, Ken Tiderman, Phil Tartaglia, Dennis Thayer, Jim Tkatch, Second Row: Kathy Square, Judy Strausbaugh, Marcia Steagler, Cynthia Steagler, Alma Syracuse. Third Row: Nancy Teegardin, Cheryl Stepina, Margaret Strazisar, Judy Stanley, Joan Strnad, Bob Symonds. Fourth Row: Ed Shurman, Ken Takacs, Rich Tarantino, Bruce Boehmer, Betty Erzen, Jim Marsey, Linda Strnisha. Fifth Row: Frank Davis, Anna Stepic, Elaine Sturm, Jim Tekavec, Jim Tegel, Dean Cost, Bob Thorpe. 92 HOMEROOM lO8. Fronl Row: Laura Vahcic, Marie Vovko, Marilyn Verbic, Ellen Wehrle, Marion Wasenda. Second Row: Carol Iwanski, Bev Werley, Sue Walls, June Novolny, Cheryl Vernick, Karen Holmes. Third Row: Carol Webb, Fran Wervey, Waller Wolanski, Joan Whillaker, Gerri Urbancic, Amber Urbancek. Fourlh Row: Denise Shinosky, Mike Weber, Sleve Walls, Jeff Whilaker, Bob Elek. Fiflh Row: Sigrid Von Rekawski, Dale Wallermire, Alan Wolf, Jack Wilson, David Urh. Sixlh Row: Tom Wallers, Don Wilberl, Lee Wicks, Waller Wislum, John Wicherl, Craig Winder. HOMEROOM 106. Fronl Row: Bob Deans, Kurl Blumenslein, Nils Berglund, Tom Brennan, Wall Boyer, Dave Morgan, Joe De Will. Second Row: Jan Brazalovics, Sharon Seifert, Linda Zusl, Karen Breen, Diane Brule, Michael Bocskey, James Kane, Diane Bone. Third Row: Jim Blankschaen, Gary Bernslein, Margie Brown, Barb Bradford, Donna Bone, Harold Blackburn, Les Carlson, Dennis Bluhm. Fourlh Row: Cheryl Bruce, Cheryl Brown- ing, Paul Schullz, Sandy Borgsleadl, Ellen Brigden, Michelle Breskvar, Jean Boyd, Jackie Brown, Karen Koepke. l l l v7 ,M UWM QM Y K8 Sandi Cinco, Rosemary Cicco, Jo-Ell Carruthers, HOMEROOM l20. Front Row: Marie Smith, Betty Knock, Ellen Carlson. Second Raw: Sandy Williams, Linda Burris, Rita Juska, Sue ' ' ' ' ' ' - h ft J nn Stankiewicz, Lucy Smith, Linda Cipriani, Don Cherne. Third Row. Barb Herrsc a , oa e Cesnik, Elaine Chaunce, Judy Coleman, Connee Chiodo, Connie Carroll, Karen Burns, Jo avell, Rich Collins, Kenneth Capulo, Bill Caine, Chuck Petro, Gary Carpenter, Ed Carroll, Alan Consilio, Bob Cirino. Capretti. Fourth Raw: Mike C HOMEROOM 125. Front Row: Mary Dailey, Kathy Covert, Doris Collins, John Grace, Doug Demian. Second Row- John Fleshin, Barry Crawford, Paul Debevec, Cheryl Cook, Gloria Cornwell, Jill Collins. Third Row- Gar Lamos Gr D J D Amos, AI DeVictor, Eugene Diulus. Fourth Row: Jan Orehek, Norma Crone Joann Componl Judy Cm, ' FSE Rane,Gave DiNardo, Larry Domin, Jim Turich, Lynn Debeliak, Marvin Katz. I l Y Ig. I ow: ene j l t I l vu.,- 1. ,X-9. 4 fps, "3 I . I? I HOMEROOM l33. Front Row: AI DiLilIo, Gerry Likovic, Norm Maroll, Chris Maher, Bil Adam. Second Row: Tony Gooch, Jean Eeckhoul, Mark Geiger Gary Mason, Frank Miklacio. 41 'X HOMEROOM 109. Fronl Row: Denise Young, Sue Wrighl, Doris Young, Jo Ann Zdoro, Laura Willine, Kalhy Zanghi, Nancy Yeary, Sandy Zdanowicz, Mary Wolanski, Penny Wolf. Second Row: Gail Maloney, Ed Bugos, Tim Coy, Dan Rankin, .lo Yonni, Diane Yoger, Veronica Yager, Sue Yager, Jean Wrenn, Don Burhenne, Tony Yanni. Third Row: Larry Wright, Tonnie Zadnick, Bill Sporcik, Penny Yanchar, Jim Zoas, Ray Fuerst, George Spuhler, Dove Zoller, Paul Cox, Rich Creveling. "And then, offer my recifalion in my Advanced Placement Medieval Prose class . . . -. af- '09 HOMEROOM 204. Front Row: Rae Res, Carol Galunga, Sue Gill, Diane Geisky. Second Row: David Henderson, Marilyn Fogel, Sandra Froom, Rich Griffith. Third Row: Bob Hagberg, Sally Forker, Mary Schneller, Linda Galaida. Fourth Row: John Amos, Carl Kamraus, Bill Hobson, Jim Gorslene. HOMEROOM 204. Front Row: Jackie Wilkinson, Mariory Frost, Linda Fox. Second Row: Marlene Fuchs, Donna Germovsek, Ann Schultz, Mike Haller. Third Row: Ron Herbst, Don Hathaway, Artie Nach, Tom Harwood. Fourth Row: John Graatmeyer, Bill Hotherill, Bill Hertz, Carl Burger. 'QM HOMEROOM -205. Front Raw: Gene Eyer, Terry Springer, Ron Gabriel, Don Gaster, Rick Gainar. Sec- ond Row: Joyce Ellis, Rita Marthin, Bobbie Hill, Monica Fabec, Connie Zurlo, Mary Faska. Third Row: Nancy Emser, Dale Evans, Dorothy Eckerman, Peggy Dobni- kar, Judy Lilley, Sherry Downen. 4:5 S1 :S HOMEROOM 208. Fronl 'F l Row: Pat Deegan, Sandi Cook, .loan Domberger, Helen DiSon!o, Sandy Davis. Second Row: Lorraine Deans, Danelle DiBiasio, Rich Fabritius, Gerry Daugherty, Bea DiDonalo, Diane Day. Third Row: Ron Ferrel, Keilh Stoner, Andy Fende, Larry Miller, Joe Eckenrode, Ralph Dreis. HOMEROOM 205. Fronl Row: Jim Belanich, Ted Gasser, Glen Fosler, Dave Garland, Brian Glick Second Row: Sharon Drenik, Anita Dombrowski, Janet Dvornik, Linda Dulko, Helen Eslvander Connie Fallon. Third Row: John Orlikowski, Roy Bermond, Doug Fosler, Bill Ganl, Ray Van Ooyen Tom Gilliolli, .loe Giordano. 1 ,F ,. l l 1 Safari in the blackboard iungle. HOMEROOM 2l5. Front Row: Bob Temple, Bill Zaffiro, Dan Spokas, Rich Seaman, Carol Reubish, Jim Renko, Second Row: Alice Rabun, Marilyn Winger Dottie Turk, Suzanne Redmond, Jeanette Schultz, Doug Swisher, John Zimmerman, Marilyn Santorelli, Dennis Fabec, Steve Oznowich. Third Row: John Smolic Allen Sluga, Glen Smith, Bob Verhotz, Dennis Rupert, Joe Ulepic, Carl Statz, Marvin Springer, Don Reynolds, Terry Watson. E X17 98 l l 'Y 'fir -..-" , 2 - e- in-4'-.E--.ff Hi". -4. . , , - s l W- ,:,,55.,g,.,'.4i,..,. ,iiggm ,. . ,.I'1'f.5!i 5 , I . , ' . ,,,..f.... '-.m"sgip-fif - rigg- . X... ,Y if ' J x Q' it -l i f X gn 52 if - 5 X W tg SX 3 ,. X ,.,,...r-sw-non ,,, .4 . 132951 1 .ri : X.:-wil x l s X l ,Q 1- .-, C3 X v, HOMEROOM 214. Front Row: Karen Heckert, Carolyn Henry, lynn Payne, Judi Hallack, Anita Habian, Edna Hanes, Linda Guttmann. Second Row: Rosemarie Hall, Lindo Hamilton, Diane Henderson, Robin Hanna, Sandy Halterman, Jean DiPuccio, Bob Jackson, Rich Jost. Third Row: Rick Karosh, Dennis Kacperski, Rich Koehler, Joe lvanko, Mike Santay, Ed Judice, Tom Kaib, Bill Sweeney. Fourth Row: Bob Johnson, Dave Kaprosy, Gretchen Havreberg, Leslie Harris, Nick Kazor, Bruce Jones, Mary Beth Kovach, Beth Hahn, Dari Heben. vw 4 HOMEROOM 209. Front Row: Dennis Hoernig, Dan Baer, Judy Gozoski, Karen Guenther, Pat Greer, Donna Grubac, Jan Golon. Second Row: Gayle Zanyk, Dan Hylkema, Ron Howard, Mary Beth Green, Mary Ellen Goiak, Fat Miller, Helen Fogel, Sherry Gombach. Third Row: Elyse Grimm, Sandy Guild, Don Hull, Jim Hula, Roy Hendy, Bob Hula, Ron Hrovat, Carl Hurwitch. Fourth Row: John Horton, Bernie Hohs, Rosemary Gross, Dave Mikolsky, John Hum- phries, Ken Hrovat, Carol Grill, Joan Delsanter, Joyce Goodwin. 99 HOMEROOM 227. Front Row: Kathy Krince, Kathy Kolegar, Mary Korthals, Joyce Knoch, Jean Knoch, Val Miklausich, Donne Weeks, Marilyn Chiofolo. Second Row: Kathy Korosec, Linda Krecic, Reggie Korthals, Carole Krapence, Donna Kobe, Mary Ann Kostansek, Elaine Koval, Jean Krzepina, Donna Horn. Third Row: Ron Macks, George Mcllrath, Don Madey, John Lutsch, James Lunder, Darrel Loveioy, Bruce Coyle, Dan Bumgardner. Fourth Row: Gary Love, Jim Malnar, Gary Lo Conti, Tom Loncala, Ralph Lutfler, Dave Lorence, Dan Liggett, Mike Lorenzo, Keith McDerment. HOMEROOM 224. Front Row: Barb Hille, Mary Hotchkiss, Patricia Hurlburt, Janet Howell, Shirley Kokely, Nicole Wohlegemuth, Judy Frustere, Jackie Hynes. Second Row: Gerald King, Don Klann, Judy Hocevar, Rose Belanich, Connie Holwick, Carol Hoffman, Jan Houry, Marian Hunt, Cindy Hoedt. Third Row: Anna Klancar, Jane Holloway, Diane Janis, Bill King, Alan Krane, Joel Koci, Jim Burich, Allen Kovor. Fourth Row: John Komocar, Ken Klug, John Kelly, Andy Kissel, Rich Koller, Bev Holcomb, Sue Horsey, Ted Knop, Jim King. HOMEROOM 228. Front Row: Berta Kirk, Heidi Lasnik, Gloria Muir, Barb Shuber, Barb Leach. Second Row: James Mason, Louie Milazzotto, Al Miklavcic, Terry May, Dennis Miklavic. Third Row: Janis Letney, Toni Legan, Roberta Lanza, Bev Miller, Cara Van Scoder, Janet Leep- er. Fourth Row: Betty Lesiak,AJanis Chopyak, Sandy Lemm, Sandy Lewis, Pearl Lefor, Becky Leake. Fifth Row: Margie Lilley, Jim Mar- tucci, Bill Miller, Joyce Kotnik, Sue LaPorte, Peggy Fisher. Sixth Row: Richard Masek, Ron Masek, Rich Miller, Jim Milavec, Joel Marino, Jack Sumrada. 100 N x.,v, 1 HOMEROOM 225. Front Row: Carol Katalenac, Lillian Karl, Rosemary Bosetin, Connie Keller. Second Row: Brenda Klavora, Sally Carter, Laureen Kitko, Carol Zimmerman. Third Row: Linda Kipp, Joan Kozak, Barbara Starostanko, Kathy Jonaitis, Bill Lemmons, Fourth Row: Leonard Kulka, Eric Larkin, Eric Larsen, Richard Lewis, Ed Kuchling. HOMEROOM 225. First Row: Pat Kane, Donna Kaselak, Nadine Kendra, Marilyn Leber. Second Row: Linda Cebron, Pam Slocomb, Dolores King, Cheryl King. Third Row: Judy Vorhees, Lonnie Felden, John Lain, Andy Kukorelli. Fourth Raw: Barb Kirchner, Rich Lokatosh, Tom lellis, Fred LaPorte, Bob Langham. Y? '-9 fl ,gr' HOMEROOM 3l5. Front Raw: Sharon Lorenzo, Carol Lonchar, Sheryl Lefkowitz, Pat McKnight, Madelyn Skitzki, Darlene Rhodes, Leslie Long, Judy McCarthy, Joyce Mcliibben. Second Row: Cheryl Lofgren, Linda McKee, Marilyn Lis, Margaret Lynch, Pat Lyle, Sue Nelson, Ken Nemerovsky, Duane Moharic. Third Row: Colin Murdoch, Dennis Vantilburg, Nancy McNab, Rich Glass, Bob Muehleisen, Mike Morgan, Jim Nebe, Dennis Holms, Fourth Row: lgnas Musteikis, Cole Murray, Don DiBartolomeo, Rich Morse, Cameron Moore, Tom Gozelinchick, Larry Hopkins, Jack Neumore. A-5 xr -ev L Pkaserili HOMEROOM 309. Front Row: Lee Ann Neil, Linda Nalepa, Sharon Morse, Lynn Murphy, Carol Montsch, Norma Morell, Marsha Mullenix, Barb Modlin. Second Row: Robert Kermavner, John Maynard, Dave Newnes, Cynthia Nagode, Joe Mahovlic, Gary Peters, Ed Pesec, John Perrotti, Martin Zifko. Third Row: Robert Parmertor, Pam Nada, Hans Pesch, Mike Patronis, Carol Mog, Kathy Nehls, Greg Peterson, Al Paolo, Cloyd Peters, Ken Perusek. 102 I HOMEROOM 32-l. Front Row: Judi Mervis, Marilyn Mansperger, Mary Ann Minnillo, Lenore Miller, JoAnn Mikovich, Rosalie Milone, Rogann Tgkegl Bgyb Mills, Nancy Meyers. Second Row: Ray Riggs, Gary O'Neill, Roy Palenschot, Tom Nimelli, Bill Stair, Tom Ockunzzi, Judd Oiler, Joe Tuqgeri, Pere OIC. Third Row: Jerry Norsic, Laurel Nestlerode, Lynne Mocilnikar, Lary Henwood, Linda Miller, Loretta Morincic, Jane Mika, Nancy Moteikowski, Linda Mehls, Tim Plummer. ve J Mi 1- , ff' I 'Y C' ' f .L - 'L .. .., A- -mf' " .J Y. X HOMEROOM 230. Front Row: 'Kathy Jerneicic, Diane Salyan, Barb Olah, Bruce Hobzek, Vicky Zielaskiewicz, Sue Willson. Second Row: Judy Mance, Kathy Gustetic, Roberta Johnston, Judy Guth, Joanne Pinto, Louise Traven. Third Row: Rich Lewis, Bob Price, Jerry Dragonette, Mike Paller, Roger Brezec, Ted Goble. Fourth Row: Barb Kmetz, Bob Shaner, Elaine Begalke, Carole Malovic, Gail Lang, Barb Krepshaw. Fifth Row: Bruce Hyne, Ed Foster, Dale Mochan, Gary Kattler, Allan Malz, Bob lpavec. HOMEROOM 322. Front Row: Peggy Tipping, Carol Popp, Cathy Nenodal, Carol Nenadal, Sue Paulovcin, Rick Peterson, Charlotte Ogorevc, Shirley Ogrin, Jan Pearn, Cheryl Niswender, Eloise Haynes. Second Row: Jim Powalie, Leslie Onderdonk, Jim Petty, Jerry Powalie, Sue Allen, Tom Plickert, Bob Leland, Kathy Patton, Pat Oren, Mary Lynn Paganie, Carol Panichi. Third Row: Richard Lee, Tom Petrachic, Jerry Lupas, John Pozun, Bob Lesko, Tony Petruzzi, Jim Pietro, Janet Ostkar, Chris Pinkney, linda Pawlus, Sharon Papalko, Nikki Phillips. fu' .uw fag? wi i -me mv YZF -cxecwf a .J ef-- HOMEROOM 323. Front Row: Jim Mack, Carol Peterson, Sharon Pylick, Jackie Peterka, Carole Reese, Darlene Piscopo, Bill Reinke. Second Row: Kathie Clemence, Cindy Reba, Mike Romano, Lenore Rast, Maureen Pratt, Patricia Redding, Karen Pike, Dave Roll. Third Row: John Viburs, George Casey, Jack Reuchenbach, Sam Rockwell, Art Reder, Bob Priialeli, Charles Robinson. Fourth Row: Diane Pertick, Judy Pirc, John Ellul, Bob Roesch, Gary Reed, Don Romano, Richard Redmond, Jim Rosipko. HOMEROOM 326F. Front Row: Carmela Trivisonno, Sharon Tomasello, Estelle Terranova, Barb Truskolaski, Linda Tomko, Linda Thamer, Margaret Tekavec. Second Row: Betty Unick, Kathy Turk, Nancy Ulle, Frances Ulle, Beverly Tramte, Cindy Traina, Pat Thomas, Margaret Traxler. Third Row: Paul Tolchinski, Ken Whelan, Jim Ullestad, George Verner, Dan Omanski, Jerry Vitolo, Dennis Tramte, Judy Urankar. Fourth Row: len UFOHISI Bob Usalis, Steve Toward, Jerry Vencl, Dave Nesbett, Joe Urbanick, Dole Traven, Sandy Tucceri. S i t . rr if E 1 104 'R X 03. HOMEROOM 329. Front Row: Pat Sernel, Pat Scherer, Jo Ann Shirk, Rog Sprochi, Tom Purdy, John Sivec, Pat Purdy, Lionel Smith, Gail Scheid, Char Sedmak, Laura Ryder. Second Row: Linda Sherrill, Nancy Sheppard, Carol Serkownik, Diane Wilkes, Joan Shaughnessy, Margo Schaffer, Cynthia Shields, Jane Schulte, Ruthanne Seguin, Rose Ann Sarama. Third Row: Dennis Spate, Henry Spolar, William Sneller, Gary Ostrowski, George Sirco, Dave Howe, Martin Mazzei, Norbert Stewart, Gary Snyder, Kenneth Nickel, Bruce Stanley. 5 at K' HOMEROOM 324. Front Row: linda Roberts, Sandy Rodencic, Cheri Roland, Eileen Rodgers, Roberta Rochkor, Marianne Erzen, Jane Rowland. Second Row: Dove Sedmak, John Scott, Roger Sanderson, Rich Ruusko, Wade Schuette, John Schaser, Paul Nauioks, Anne Springer. Third Row: Vicki Regalbuto, Linda Rogers, Jackie Raschy, Margaret Rupar, Carol Rinehart, Dionn Ross, Janet Rose, Donna Romano. Fourth Row: John Cerne, John DeMell, Ron Sarstedt, Ron Jenko, Jon Schroeter, John Roth, Gary Runyon, Bob Schiemonn. 'la z l 135255 .gr X: F2 I ,L A J' '-':.'1 52: , , ij., 3 f Sophomores await the selling of magazines with great expectations. -3 w-we R ,ffm as Q Q 2 M im xXx Y ww XNI-Kr x HOMEROOM 118. Front Row: John Benner, Richard Berger, Thomas Barrett, Joe Bensi, Dave Benner. Second Row: Sharon Bergant, Elizabeth Beretic, Rosanne Beni, Diane Regovic, Carolyn Berntson, Chris Berardinis, Jessica Basinger. Third Row: Beverly Batic, Susan Bencin, Sharen Belshaw, Donna Beechuk, Karen Benso, Phyllis Piper, Pat Beeman. Fourth Row: Frank Berus, Bruce Baumgardt, Chris Beery, Tom Barnhart, David Beaumont, Craig Benedict, David Bell. Fifth Row: Charles Hammett, Robert Berry, Tom Kevern, Phil Beining, Ted Bending, Dennis Berzinskas, Tom Bavec. 106 i 7 ff Eff N. -.LI ia Sophomore Class Counsellors, Mrs. Helen Stewart and Mr. Frank Troglia. SOPHOMORES No longer the "big bosses," sophomores found the realm of high school less romantic than they had ........., imagined, but not disappointing. To sophomores, everything was magnanimous,-mass gym classes, the trudge from one side of the school to the other with the new stairway system, the superior seniors, the biology book, and the library. lt was big and it was rough: teachers expected more mature work, sophomores tried harder, and they accomplished more. Despite their inexperience and difficulties en- countered, sophomores soon discovered short cuts and found their size to be no barrier. Filled with curiosity, anticipation, and that go-getter spirit, they cheered loudest at the basketball games, downed the most cokes at the soda bar, and swamped the intramural program. But then there were more than enough of them to do it. 107 Q HOMEROOM llO. Front Row: Bob Abbott, George Barabas, Steve Barnett, Greg Adam. Second Row: Charles Andrus, Eileen Arnold, Bonnie Aucelli, Sandy Barker, Doris Baitf, Barb Boker, Donna Barbre, Rick Aten. Third Row: Carl Aiken, Joe Mustar, John Bambakakis, Sam Amato, Rich Baldini, Terry Assad, Herb Anderson. Fourth Row: Linda Axford, Karen Aufmuth, Janet Avery, Sue Boker, Denise Alecci, Judy Azuilano, Phyllis Abozia. Fifth Row: Ken Aubel, Jack Ambrose, Dan Proznovsky, Keith Bailey, John Allcxr, John Armstrong, Tom Arvidson. F1 ,Q HOMEROOM lO7. Front Row: Geoffrey Miller, Darryl Max- well, Don Miller, Bob McKenzie, Henry Mclean, Ed Mc- Mahon. Second Row: Bonnie McArthur, Sue McClain, Karen Mawson, Jeanne Milde, Carol Maupin, Sharon McGill, Ro- berta McKenzie. Third Row: Frank Mesec, Jo Anne Mikla- Vic, Laura McCartney, Connie Mierke, Sandy Mattes, Barb McMahon, Paulette McCulloch, Rita Miller, Bonnie Mooney, Dianne Mekedis. Fourth Row: Bill Metcalf, Bill Miller, Bruce Miller, Bob Mervar, Craig Miller, Lou Milone, Ron Miller, Bob Mester, Mike Merritt, Jim Miller, Paul Miller. HOMEROOM 127. Front Row: Cathy Boich, Bill Brackenridge, Carol Blattau. Second Row: Eileen Biederman, Bruce Blumenstein, Sally Beutell. Third Row: Gayle Brendorfer, Ralph Boomer, Charlotte Bokal. Fourth Row: Marilyn Bilicic, Kathy Brannon, Len Brazee, Barb Bessire. Fifth Row: Chris Braden, Paul Bessel, Jim Boog, Margo Bradford, Sixth Row: Gary Bly, Craig Boehlke, Mike Delutis, Walter Braun. ii -in va HOMEROOM 201. Fronl Row: Pal Colt, Sandy Chapas, Mary Cavan, Larry Chambers, Dennis Cebul, Bob Ciammaichella. Second Row: Linn Conley, Ann Cimbalos, Mary Comella, Rosemary Cooney, Reg Clolls, Ken Coleman. Third Row: Bob Clasen, Vic Colombi, Terry Cooper, Ron Cesa, Bob Comen- schek, Sharon Cook. HOMEROOM 201. Fronl Row: Joyce Chisholm, Peg Price, Connie Coppers, Marie Lholewicki, Sue Coddinglon, .loan Clark. Second Row: Diane Carducci, Maureen Clemence, Sandy Carpenter, Sue Cochran, Ben Cavell, Bernie Cergol. Third Row: Fred Cooper, Bob Coode, Tom Cooper. Phil Cebular, Kris Carter. Rulh Carlson. HO .11 Fill! .lf . HOMEROOM 2l2F. Front Row: Rich Courtney, Pam Daviscn, Joann Debelak, Andrea Doskivich, Antoinette Demico Karen DiBnanca Maureen Mahoney Kathy Dilillo, Ken Delaat, Jim D'Amico. Second Raw: Mike Dempsey, Gary Lavcrgna, Bob Cwick, Jim Dadante Tim Debevec Barb Cram Kathy Courter Nancy Delost, Charlene Marsey. Third Row: Mike Doyle, Bill Doak, Cheryl Cradis, Carol Diehl, Sandy Deere Cheryl Darling Angela Cutrone Maureen Day, Rich Cunningham. Fourth Row: Tom Deakins, Jim Davis, Dale Dieckmann, Scot Wcmbsgans, Dennis Culmer Lowell Cox Paul DuPaolo Ron DuSantis Don DiSantis. sl 'Q HQMEROOM 131. Front Row: Joan Brooks, Sandi Cable, Donita Cameron, Kathy Butt, Dee Ette Bryant, Skip Campbell, Jim Burnett, Darlene Brodnik. Second Row: Connie Bretton, Laraine Burke, Merrie Butterfield, Karen Briggs, Paul Bright, Douglas Cure, Frank Burk, Larry Bydash, Frank Calavitta. Third Row: Darrell Baumgardner, Bill Bryant, Jim Campbell, Larry Dietzel, Tom Brewer, Pat Buzikowski, Janet Brooks, Rich Camino, Debbie Brown, HOMEROOM 218. Front Row: Harvey Doremus, Doug Donner, Barry Doyle, Kathy Domitor, Karen Leovuc Duane Dular Pam Duncan Betty DuRose Jacque line Duty. Second Row: Kathy Emmert, Linda Emmert, Sharon Dutro, Christine Evans, Carol DuPlago Kathy Enright Janet Estamch Joy Douglas Janet Dinle. Third Row: Stan Dritz, Mike Engelke, Randy Ehinger, Glen Erickson, George Edwards, John Dutrow Tim Essick John Edwardsen Sally Tiedman Fourth Row: Tom Ducca, Tom Ehlert, Pat Duffy, Ron Brandich, Tom Loesch, Donna Dennis, Kathy Dragoluch Bea Naelitz if? C K HOMEROOM 2265. Front Row: Pat Gullo, Beverly Grillo, Alice Grdanc, Mary Lynn Gireshmmer. Griftis, Linda Hargas, Lynda Hale, Germaine Grubac, Linda Hall. Third Row: David Gray, John .2 ' 7 'Ar'lf?Q: 3-'Q ' . Second Row: Kathy Gray, Larry Hanson, Larry Beck. Fourth Row: Ray Gyrycan, Michael Greenfield, Sam Guardo, Bill Hagstrand, Alfredo Gutierrez, HOMEROOM 2265. Front Row: Gail Gulbenkian, Connie Gregurich, Vera Giivanoich, Linda G Mary Grcar, Jean Grimsic, Susan Gulich, Sharyn Harrison. Third Row: Eileen Hasse, Vickie Gr Harvey Mills. Fourth Row: Jerry Gustie, Kingsley Guy, Bob Grigas, Chip Haller, Tom Halbedel. if an 5,1 Sw? rugel. Second Rowf eben, Dale Gregorin, iw 112 .--11 3... a :' 0 'I Jffpgr V Fleet ' A ff' 'L L' J' '- eg S '4' G, ','gT,'iYl ' 7 C , 4 l '..rk','-weffil i bd lt HOMEROCM 222. Front Row: Sharon Evans, Shelby Fetko, Sherry Fetko, Dana Fine, Joyce Fine, Chris Fiorelli, Pat Fielitz, Craig Farley, Barbara Zmiiewski, Marilyn Flanagan, Karen Felden, Judith Wrobel, Dale Fenster. Second Row: Marlene Ferencoak, Judith Freytag, Betsy Foy, Betty Francis, Frances Felz, Bob Farinacci, Ron Fowler, Judy Fensch, Jan Filipsovic, Martin Francis, Marcia Friedman, Karen French, Ellen Fike. Third Row: Richard Everstine, Ray Frank, Jeff Foust, Don Farman, Ron G. Fowler, Ron Evans, John Kovatch, Shannon Fink, Ed Fitzgerald, Bill Fier, Terry Fritch, Gary Fortuna, Lee Firebaugh. wi x xl HOMEROOM 226F. Front Row: Dave Gottschalt, John Roskell, George Gogan, Liz Geyer, Cheryl Goryanes, Tom Frohlich, Tim Troyer, Dave Gauch, Dale Glick, Sandy Glatz, Wayne Gould, Elaine Gibson. Second Row: Sandy Gfeller, Jeff Fryer, Harvey Goertz, Diane Gershow, Madeline Gorman, Joe Geno- vese, Sue Geyer, Elaine Geiger, Terry Gibson, Larry Gibson, Bruce Glick, Joe Garvas. Third Row: Ken Girod, Tony Genara, Gene Gainar, Chris Goulis, Ernie Gerbetz, Bruce Geddes, Tom Gooch, Bob Gildone, Sharin Glavic, Ken Gaida, Grey Goodyear, Gary Graf, Jim Gergotz. "Let your fingers do the walking . . 41 4 A 3 +1 X .5 HOMEROOM 304. Front Row: Jim Devney, Bob Engel, Dennis Hocevar, Rich Hess, Tom Hoppert, Joiy Holder, Jim Hough. Second Row: Barb Helmick, Ed Mauser, Kathy Haviland, Charlotte Hildebrand, Marcella Hefner, Doug Hibbard, Diana Hodgson, Karen Henderson, Lou Hadakievic. Third Row: Jon Hoffmeyer, Leon Lindic, Mike Long, Bill Hitty, Eric Herttelder, Jim Petersen, John Holcombe, Connie Hill. Fourth Row: Bob Horn, Mike Holloman, Gale Heighton, Dona Hido, Aldona Hocevar, Evelyn Hlad. Loretta Henikman, Dianne Hermsdorler. Jan Heinlein. How can all of these people be named George Smith?" HOMEROOM 312. Front Row: Linda Kasunic, Kathie Kavon, Sandy Kessler, Judi Jones, Diane Kaprosy, Anita Koblitz. Second Row: Pat Jobe, Sylvia Kasunic, Nancy Patrick, Richard Kershaw, Steve Kay, Carl Jerneicic, Laurel Kellogg. Third Row: Betty Johnson, Barbara Kendle, Ken Kapley, Lyn Karlan, Russell Johnson, John Kasinac, Marilyn King, Roberta Kelly. Fourth Row: Laura Kempert, Bill Kelley, Ed Keller, Rich Hadunk, Terry Kearns, John Kaltenbach, John Johnson, Martin Kelley. HOMEROOM 316. Front Row: Liz Lamacchia, Tom Wilson, John Blakeslee, Karen Lackner, Mary Ann Lang, Pat Kwiechien, Dave LaMacchia. Second Row Paul Kucharski, Laura Lanser, John Laseke, Lenny Lange, Ken Rucharsk, Fred Krotine, Gary Lamb. Third Row: Wayne Kukla, Elaine Lapinskas, Ernie Krysty John Burns, Jim Kurrent, John Lamb, Tom Lamont, Bob Kruck. uv 7 , 4nR..,.,u I HOMEROOM 305. Front Row: Betty Zadnikar, Michele Kmet, Pat lnfantolino, Lynn Humphrey, Joyce Ivins, Jac- queline Hovan, Wanda Hughes, Janet Hribar, Gerry Jablonski, Linda Hunter. Second Row: Lynda Iacofano, Judy Jean, Robert lseman, Sallie Cadwallader, Tim Howe, Bob Kibler, Tony lacofano, Louis Fioritto, Carol Howe, Kathy Hunter. Third Row: Gary Hyde, Hilary Hunn, Maurine Jackson, Carole Jelenic, Stephen Hotras, Bill James, Kathy Jelenic, Terry Hughes, Tony lpavec, Ken Hrovat, Carol Oren. HOMEROOM 313. Front Row: Bob Kostreba, Terry Korosec, Kathy Krich, Beth Knox, Mary Klosky, Al Kostreba, Claudia Kocher, Barb Koss, Karen Kropf, Jeff Kinsey. Second Row: Tom Kirchner, Ron Koren, Bob Kostreba, Doug Kirchner, Phil Koziera, Mike Kopach, Jack Korthals, John Krieger, Ed Kozlevcar, Olive Koger. Third Row: Dave Kral, Frank Krane, Ralph Kirchener, Gary Kleckner, Roy Kitaoka, Sue Kniess, Sue Klauga, Marilyn Kozak, Kathy Kolmorgen, Laura Klemenc, Frances Komar. i l ? E in- se w 5. gi L 3 if Q X w or 9 1 . ,. 2 Q -ww 1 I 'DW vw-gy ,-, 'YS 5---E' .l HOMEROOM CHORAL ROOM A. Front Row: Cindy Nagy, Jan Molchak, Gayle Moskowitz, Pat Mulhall. Second Row: John Nemeth, Larry Naylor, Pete Nagode, Pat Morse, Ben Morris. Third Row: Jane Musick, Marlene Nass, Gail Nardy, Marty Molnar, Kay Moulder, Gerri Myers. Fourth Row: Donna Moretti, Leslie Nelson, Janet Nainiger, Carol Moffett, Margaret Molinaro. Fifth Row: Kathy Moore, Frank Monteri, Larry Franko, Jim Monoyudis, Bob Nakaji, Bob Morris. Sixth Row: Terry Morgan, Jim Murray, Ken Moore, Tom Moenich, Bob Lemieux, Roger Murray. 16 ,gm- HOMEROOM 3l8. Front Row: Sam Black, John Latch, Dominic Lemmo, John Leskiewicz, John Lehr, Barbara Little, Nancy Lehman, Alice Love, Frances Laznik, lda Lisuzzo, Kathi Kronk. Second Row: Martha Leonhardt, Mary Ann Lovick, Irene Laukiavich, Joanne Logor, Nancy Linsley, Jo Anne Lonchar, Jim McConocho, Jim Leppert, Mary Lowry, Suzanne Lohrey, Diane Leutbecker, Carol Lewis. Third Row: John Lowe, Bob Leggate, Nancy Lehman, Maureen Lohmeyer, Vikky Lehman, Dave Libman, Mike Lovigna, Dick Lokar, Mary Locker, Mike Lindsey, Doug Lilley. HOMEROOM 325, Front Row: Debby Mahany, Kathy Halos, Donna Mogri, Connie Manley, Betsey Maher, Cindy Lutsch, Holly Lucas. Second Row: Kathy Luckay, Marcy Lushin, Gloria Marts, Bob Malinok, Mary Morolt, Bonnie Marincic, Carol Mansuy, Dennis Molenda. Third Row: Tom Mortic, Craig MacDonald, Sharon Marn, Jean March, Carolyn Luich, Karen MacDonald, Connie Mandel. Fourth Row: Tony Lube, Chuck Mallue, Jack Marron, Jim Mack, Dennis Matko, Bob Lucci, George Martinsen, Betty Luksic. wr-sw .ank- KS' HOMEROOM Ch.Rm.B: Front Row: Charlie O'Neill, Michael Paladino, Eric Neylon, Michael Palko, Marilyn Ogrinc, Rita Novak, Charles Ott. Second Row: Charlotte Palivoda, Wayne Opalk, Joann Pannetta, Christine Pacla, Christine Palfy, Colleen Otis, Richard Page, Joseph Noch. Third Row: Ann Olosky, Wayne Ballentine, Cheryl Nada, Mary Ann Ofciarcik, Denise Omerza, Patricia Oberstar, Ronald Pales, Jeanna Neilson. Fourth Row: Geraldine Orazen, Kathleen O'Connell, Calvin Packard, Michael Noonan, Tom Neuman, Dale Oster, Judith Novinc, Linda Palmer, John Palmer. HOMEROOM CAFETERIA B. Front Row: Linda Price, Lois Pyle, Teresa Popovich, Pat Popovich, Rose Pink,. BENY Pfeflon- Second Row: Carol Pohly, Carol Prileson, George Singer, Karen Pungerchar, Sheila Pierce, Linda Ralls, Third Row: Lind!! Picozzi, Andy Prokop, Diane Powers, Joe Plovock, Al Ranallo, Ken Rafter. Fourth Row: lltarlene Prugocy, Dennis Pace, Nora Piper, Joan Pureber, Hal Prasek, Garth Proctor, Larry Plesnicar. Fifth Row: Howie Price, Al Podb0Yf DOY' P"'Cef Andle Polsinelli, Jim Rabe, Ed Racich. nik ww ll8 0 4 ov X. ,ex Y A Look familiar? lt's page ll8. ? N 'we ! .4-' JK sf , HOMEROOM Cafe A. Front Row: Kathy Pearson, Jean Petkovsek, Sue Perko, Barb Petek, Mary Ellen Petelinkor. Second Row: Bonnie Pettek, Judy Pearce, Amy Picciano, Chris Petkovich, Lee Pereksta. Third Row: Tom Pavlik, AI Patterson, Frank Petrik, Charles Phillips, Paul Pavlik, John Petruzzi. HOMEROOM Cafe A. Front Row: Jim Perry, Bob Paulsen, Kurt Pfeiffer, Bob Perkins. Second Row: Joann Perry, Barb Perko, Ethel Taylor, Romain Penkala, Third Row: Gertrude Philipp, Joyce Pettit, Linda Popp, Sarah Patterson, Marlene Pardi. Fourth Row: Rich Peterson, Nick Perencevich, Larry Parziale, Dave Peek, Amy Percic. l l l l 'wo ww rw if? -nw HOMEROOM CAFETERIA D. Front Row: Donna Schervish, loreen Sabol, Janet Scribner, Betty SaFreed, Marie Ruth, Pam Scheurman, Carolyn.Schott, Laura Schlegel. Second Row: Don Schulz, Janet Rudd, Sharon Roznik, Martha Schwarz, Pat Saina, Cathy Scheiner, Pam Rudiak, Bonnie Rozman. Third Row: Den- nis Schmaltz, Fred Schutt, Eric Schultz, Jim Sanker, Dick Schroeder, John Sas, Gerry Russ, Mike Ruscin, Frank Saiovic. Fourth Row: Harvey Rubin, Chet Saunway, Martin Seredich, Ken Schmeltzer, Bob Schneider, Rich Schouval, Bob Sadler, Tom Schultheis, Bob Schumacher. HOMEROOM Cafe E. Front Row: Loran Shatter, Joe Setina, Gary Smith, Al Senger, Bob Shenkel. Second Row: Donna Smith, Marion Severino, Norma Smith, Susan Shemkunas, Kathy Soeder, Arlene Snitzky, Char Snable. Third Row: Linda Shemitz, Bob Solinski, Dave Semick, Roberta Slusser, Karen Shoaff, Kathy Skanier, Sharon Skupic. Fourth Row: Dawn Sielatf, Ray Shirk, Eraina Shamansky, James Semick, Karl Slaybaugh, Jo Smrdel, Barb Soeder, Sonia Skrli. Fifth Row: Bill Somers, Ron Skully, Art Sherwood, Susan Smith, JoAnn Snowbrick, Janis Sippola, .lanice Smeker. 120 Vi W K HOMEROOM CAFE. C. Front Row: Tony Romano, Mike Robey, Bob Riebe, Tom Rieder. Second Row: Margaret Reynolds, Donna Rihtarschich, Doreen Ricci, Christine Ross, Carrie Ratzman, Sue Reider. Third Row: Terry Richmond, Elaine Rossi, Karel Rossow, Bev Ranney, Georgia Reiche, Dave Robb. Fourth Row: Ken Rosenthal, Tony Roberts, Don Sanders, John Redmond, Gary Riedel, Tom Reed. Fifth Row: Judy Richards, Judy Reinke, Margaret Rinas, Stephanie Ravnahrib, Gwen Roberts, Denise Ray. Sixth Row: Ralph Reichman, Wayne Rohricht, Bill Renninger, Mike Rechner, Dick Rose, Don Raybuck. HOMEROOM CAFETERIA F. Front Row: Rick Subel, Rich Stegura, David Stegh, Jim Struna, Bud Sullivan. Second Row: Pat Springer, Veronica Somrak, Gerry Sullivan, Bonnie Starman, Judy Springer, Mary Lou Stelzer, Judy Sonntag. Third Row: Karen Stanley, Donna Stocker, Sue Struna, Cathy Spino, Barb Stefanik, Geraldine Samrak. Fourth Row: Sue Stanley, Jane Stahl, Diane Stocker, Frank Spina, Roger Stepp, Ron Spacagna, Craig Stenger. Fifth Row: Vic Strauss, Scott Sutter, Cheryl Steigauf, Al Strohen, Dennis Sustarsic, Mary lou Strekal, Joe Stih, Ralph Stibley. HOMEROOM Aud. A. Front Row: Jerry Toubman, Bill Town, Tom Sxitzer, Gene Tarantino, John Tekovec. Second Row: Karen Tomaletz, Dee Totten, Shirley Tarantino, Nancy Kanner, Sandra Toth Bonnie Swanson, Third Rowz Linda Tiffany, Karen Tabb, Peggy Shannon, Sally Swaney, Dawn Tetrick, Pat Theil. Fourth Row: Ed Tekavic, Barb Thorpe, Geri Dougherty, Fay Sweigert, Marylyn Terchek, Tom Theis. Fifth Row: Al Tolway, Len Tichy, Charyle Thoman, Donna Tomko, Sharon Thoman, Faye Svenwol. Sixth Row: Dave Swaddell, Ernie Szabo, Henry Tekoncic, Ken Thoman, Ken Tieber, Lewis Tomsic. 122 1 HOMEROOM Aud B, Front Row: Darrell Trebec, Kathy Tyler, Jim Turpin, Craig Vernick, Kathy Troop, Tom Tumbry, Sheryl Tucci, Betty Ufholz, Debbie Van Vechten, Sharon Tucceri, Carolyn Tryon, Barb Union, John Turkopp, Second Rowg Al Voss, Ken Van Deveer, Oralee Tyler, Nancy Valince, Carolyn Truesdale, Janet Vovko, Kathy Vernon, John Rae, Bill Vadnal, Dick Vibbert. Third Raw: Larry Tucci, John Ulstrom, Tom Ullom, Doug Uchbar, Mary Ann Vardian, Connie Tuthill, Sandy Urbancic, Sharon Tucci, Bernice Ulizzi, Jeff Tucker, Tim Ullom, Gil Tulino. HOMEROOM AUDITORIUM C. Front Row: John Wertenberger, Bill Walsh, Gene Wertman, Bob Warzin, Glenn Walworth, Bob Wickes. Second Raw: Carol Vranekovic, Pat Wicheff, Sharon Wheeler, Diane Whiteman, Nancy Waschura, Terry Wallace, Erika Wendel, Donna Waterwash, Karen Weseli, Marilyn White. Third Row: Steve Watson, Bob Warren, Dick Walters, Wayne Wiblin, Dave Wilber, Russ Czomba, Greg Walker, Bruce Travis, Barb Ward, Barb Vrh. Fourth Raw: MariJo Bradley, Vicky Washner, Darlene Vukcevic, Cheryl Walton, Joan Wendorff, Darlene Widlicka, Lynn Wehagen, Gayle Walker, Joyce Wichert, Linda Wilcoxon, Sue Warner. HOMEROOM AUDITORIUM D. Front Row: Joe Zarr, Cherlyn Wood, Diane Zadrovec, Joyce Wohlgemulh, Jenny Wohlgemuth, Larry Hemphill, Tom Zimmer- man, Dick Yeckley, Cindy Jerabek, Connie Wotring, Mary Wince, Lorraine Young. Second Raw: Sherry Zimmerman, Wall Will, Dave Wilder, Tom Zakrai- sek, Margaret Wills, Joanne York, Linda Wilson, Elaine Zakraisek, Linda Zupancic, Gary Zola, Jim Zusl. Third Row: Dick Zawack, Alan Yacas, Scott Win- sor, Ed Yanulaites, Don Zgonc, Bob Yuhas, Ed Zavack, Paul Willett, Bill Wunderle, Joyce Yertv, Lee Winkleman. W V--M A . F l 5 l T ' """"" """"' ACADEMICS I go an unknown path, untravelled road Where everyone has gone before Guide me. But let me grope myself I have a torch Which, burning brighter every day, Will let me see the way which I must go Knowledge. The past shall be my guide. The future shall be others'. ' 'a . 1 w - K ,sSi.,5?Zii555i M x' X... '- -... : , iv . A ,gaxgp .'- - , '51, P' K :tn-K rlxib NSMXT' " fi 5' E. 515: SES: wf SQ? sg M- -W Kiss HQ. X X eg 'A 's X E553 wg! , M X ew 4 , 2 . ., , F-A wXxN,.x-ma-4 f xv- --gr. A -:mfr - 1- '. -:V ' -, wx, f N 'Y , . Ywihke-my-X46 N i QXQ--1'2b?-Wdffff' ' ml-.uw,,,.... ,. , !"'f.,L , I do not know very much of the present, and what I know is the teaching of the past and the experience of now. Education in the sense of cramming facts into heads is impos- sible, each person must find his own path. Yet many sophomores know more about geom- etry than Archimedes, and some seniors know more about physics than Newton. The past is a great teacher, and that which is contained in books has been won by blood and sweat and agony and burnings at the stake. lt has been paid for dearly, but the debt is paid. Yet each generation inherits the traditions of knowledge and has its own payments to make: the accumulation of more facts for the future. All I know is that each generation re- Iives many of the mistakes of the one before it, but somehow some lessons are learned, and we do move forward. So, today, a dreary day in February, sitting in an unlit corner of a bleak room, learning, I partake of the tradition of Shakespeare and Galileo, I add to our knowledge of the present. Superintendent of Schools Lester E. Angene Certain aspects of education vary with the changing requirements of living in modern society. Other features of the school program were good yesterday, are good today, and will still be good in tomorrow's world. Students and teachers, there- fore, need to distinguish between the timely and the timeless-the variables and the constants. The Class of 1963, more than any of its pre- decessors, must regard high school graduation as merely a basis, albeit a sound one, for training and education beyond the high school. The needs of each person and of the community cry for excellence in the schools and for continuing education-two, four, or more years, yes even a lifetime of building upon the foundation begun at Euclid Senior High School. Lester E. Angene Superintendent of Schools BOARD OF EDUCATION The framework of Euclid education is the Board of Education. The Board is entrusted by law with the administration of all the far-flung corners of education, from building new schools to determining the necessary size of the custodial staff. It provides a basic platform on which the administrative struc- ture pyramids. Few people realize the problems of running a school system of over 750 employees spread in seventeen buildings, and enrolling over 1 l,OOO students. But the Board certainly does. The W. G. Fordyce Administration Building. c it . X swgx-I ...m..,..................M .,. . ....... M.,..-,,..,..,-L...n...N...-,L.A,..........w.....cML..,.,,s.AL -Ffmi' ' 'W' r- ' X . - . ,gs-sg..-W .. A 5 - t-"sn " . 1 -ii- 128 f . , ..V:. c .:,, Q LR. . , , ,. ,gov ,. , R315 V is A,-,1 -:..-J -.s-41 ' xr?"--iff:--le-z:.tRi'f5ffr'ff:4if ' -' L-izinesbcye Q .,. i F. ,..,,4,..4 .. VW YW' 23'74"'i5 Vi '12 'i ' ' ' ' " Zi ,- -Y f , -gg if tuqM,,,3,q,,?.,,,m , , . . . , V ,.5.,,f V, , f , H .,.... 1 H ' " , A L inf, ' In 4 . V ,A gg, 0 ,, - .GNN mwah: X Q, , 1 'xm-,H 'YI' A s SCHOOL BOARD. Front Row: Mr. Dole Monsperger, Mrs. Mary King. Second Row: Mr. William Tomko, Mr. Paul Tollen, Mr. Loyal Lulkorl. F , . 0.1- rg... .. .. C --.MH 7 M'-'A-.aww-da 1' 'N -if ,.,..,,,. Rl 'ix 1 . M35 f' f. Y X - - X 5-.gz.fgg1. X . --if ' .,.....,.. The hub of Euclid Schools communication .-V. ,,...- , , ....Y.. .f-N..-1: -. v ..,mvJ I r k 4. gd ' ,. ,,.. s. : .Q . , ,, 3 s ff-Le F ' gigs ' ' ' .xl V Quiz? L t vxgw , .V ,P .t Je Jig'-l' A , . Principal William A. Hunter The dimensions of lite are many. ln high school the primary concern has been with the dimensions of breadth and depth. Intellectual breadth came to you as you acquired knowledge and skill in the classroom, laboratory, or shop. Depth of under- standing and appreciation came as a result of your participation in both the classroom and the extra-curricu- lar activities. As you leave high school, we sin- cerely wish tor you the utmost in per- sonal happiness. Throughout the years, we hope that you will continue to extend the dimensions of your lite. William A. Hunter Principal l 130 l Dean of Girls Wilma Gillman Dean of Boys Fred Johns DEANS Both of our deans perform- ed their duties with a concern for the individual. Miss Gill- man, the already familiar Dean of Girls, and Mr. Johns, the newly appointed Dean of Boys, were both on the job this year, promoting the stu- dent's interest in studies as well as society, and urging them to be well-rounded, re- sponsible youth. Assistant Principal Harriet Sheats MRS. HARRIET SHEATS Lost in the index of the "Blue Book," anxious to make that big de- cision and yet reluctant, college- bound seniors sought the guidance of Mrs. Sheats. With her persuasive manner, frank and honest advice, Mrs. Sheats solved each problem and directed 51 per cent of the 1963 graduating class to campuses across the country. Assistant Principal Jerry Bergem DR. JERRY BERGEM Remember the announcements 'i lc ,N .1 about the up-and-down-only stair- ways? The voice you heard belongs to Dr. Bergem, one of our new assist- ant principals. Dr. Bergem patiently took his time to explain that situation to questioning students, request aid in the cafeteria on behalf of the teachers, support Euclid's sports and spirit lnot classl, and place his signa- ture on important documents. Then he retires each evening to his leisure -a few wild, tension-relieving beats on his drums-or otherwise. ll srl MR. GEORGE WILEY Euclid High is fortunate to have as its Assistant Principal the only man in the school able to tame the IBM, George T. Wiley. Contrary to popu- lar belief, this man does make occa- sional visits to his office. However, if he is not there, he is surely to be found rushing briskly down the cor- ridor in search of an erring member of the fold, bursting into a classroom clutching a sheaf of newly won certi- ficates, or rallying the teachers of English into a meeting. Of course, there is always an off chance he might be eating lunch, or inspecting the Survey office for lost books, or -well, better make an appointment for next week. This man is our As- sistant Principal. We keep him busy. Assistant Principal George Wiley ISI NON-TEACHING STAFF Stripping wax, enforcing the "no students al- lowed" sign in the main office, and tolerating com- plaints of cold rooms which nothing could be done about anyway, the non-teaching staff performed duties that Euclid could not function without. And often this staff went unnoticed, as they dropped a mop or stopped a moment to help students. They ioked with familiar people, opened doors for forget- ful youths, and waited while harassed students searched their crowded purses and deep pockets for change to pay for that pie. LIBRARIANS left to right Mary Fancher June MacCormack, Ceil Shearer, Beatrice Hamman, Edith Mueller. CUSTQDIAL STAFF from Row jenny Olmk Ma,-Y Sedel Mary Mai-me ster, Mary Berus, Angela Konte, Amelia Schepke, Mary Medvesek, Pct Clark Frances Marn Rose Trivisonno Rose Brancely Second Row Georg Brew Margflfel Cl"Un9Yf -le'fY Game'- 3.2 7.7 -Q C7 717 av YJ T7 fi f! if cqf ssl ""'-.' X 1 llg yi. ,E OFFICE SECRETARIES. Front Row: Madelon Stein, Rose Serocco. Second Row: June Edwardsen, Bonnie Kopach, Donna Pintar. Third Row: Jane Boyer, Marie O'Neill, lou Terlep, Ann Herrick. CAFETERIA STAFF. Front Row: Ida Sanberg, Margaret Caine, Jennie Paladino, Margaret Bitzer, Violet Janitz, Katherine Bauer, Elizabeth Zimmerman. Second Row: Frances Colbert, 0 Q.. r L School Nurse Helen Wise Treasurer Glen Coatswort , N q ig,-. Cooordinotor of Staff h Services Robert Yocum Luella Straka, Mary Pesec, Mary Brule, Betty Thomas. Jean ette Youngberg, Clara Douglass, rv .r .rv ' n 1 ' , T 5 S Q 1 . . A V .W as C . lr X ,.,,. gf F F ,IX , -. I i ' Q' 'V wx i jf ' V- it 'gf ,. E I V 1 I A 'F 133 ' x my il ' I 1" ,I 'J I' E R fi t . 'gc ,,,. A - , E I I 3 4 :P Kev J ., .R ' r R c tt 'RWM I Q .zv-11-1 - ,'-- , J -, ..-1 4-',,' 2 1 U J-L. '-:.. . ,AVU U .. V " Nancy Bartholomew Judith Carmody Rosemary Clement Jean Cox Donald Eisen Susan Emshwiller Mary Fogarty Marilyn Fuerst James McCampbell Howard Remnick Roger Round Nancy Taubman fly 1 yeytt , C -,. Y Joan Duprey Wilton Eckley Merwln Hunkln Jack Jenkins Judith McLaughlin Leonard Robuck Marcia Rust Carole Venaleck . X C' if ,gi E59 Q . i QSZTE.. E 1 , 7 'l'A 5 - ' . l 55':2 L2"'I' 1 " , 134 Frank Pringle Terry Ross Granville Smith Virginia Weadock X H X1 ' A gg aft: QS' wtf 25 ' rf' ' 1 'V - -4-- ,A ' bi fy 2fi2Xt.mfaff." . X . , J ii u ,K 1: Q. if V ' 'J f! hx I guess l'll make it an "A" for a change." 'il i- ' ENGLISH DEPARTMENT The universe we see is not the only one. There are othersp some people have visited them. They are in other dimensions - beyond the looking glass, across the river and into the trees. Macbeth declaims thereg Big Brother looms there, holding the two- minute hate. It is the world of the spirit of man. To some, it is a waste land inhabited only by hollow men. But think of the dimensions of liter- atureg the unbelievable outpourings of creativity and imagination. There are other worlds. There are unlimit- ed worlds. Colin Murdoch and Ron Surtz, assisted by Judy Strausbaugh and Judy Mervis, play "Return of the Native Suite." l v Q Ve viii 1? ai P -. 11- S+ .. .,5 . .-W 4.44 - as 11 r H en , '31 isle I 3:1 -'fffiiif A ' N 'f'- I-3 X.. , f ,Q 5 f:-2'Qs':i1f-55155-,bi 45: 4 "is.EYEi' x Z' if-5 -'ich " ?, -,-' Q ,ti 4' "Wig 2319: 1:-:aa-s N I al. mf.-r.:mw fr Q 'f' f' kg gi iii' -t2':z-sE:.' -x -5 3 ?r.m,x,.,., 'Sw -.U T "Oh, a wise guy!" Mrs. Stillman cmd her Open House government class Linda Cook Roberl CYUFY William DeMora Nalhanlel Dickinson Forrest Diehl Donald Glaser Ronald Harding Claudia Hepner Frank Hofferl James Lindsay ' 'Y '. "vi -- ,- ZX' , Q " i 'S mars? X - x 5 5 Q ,:...Ku N - .5 '- , K .wir ' ' f' , ,R U, 'x-.,x Av., . s K .5 A W Q, ' ,. ' ' 3 Qi A 4-.ef R' ff' M' gg gl S' bf, Q. Michael Raicevich Ruth Smith Wayne Smith James Stuckey SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT After reading current books, some more factual than others, and some more biased than others, social'stud- ies students were forced to wade through swamps of back issues of Time, Newsweek, and other iournals to bring themselves up-to-date on such murky, dark, and foggy issues as Cuba, Berlin, Medicare, agricul- tural aid, and deficit spending. And then came the quagmire of defining Conservatism and Liberalism, Repub- licanism and Democratism. Ambi- tious students who have managed re- quired subiects about American his- tory and government can then lose themselves in the thralls of Greek politics and medieval wars. 'Q I Cecilia Stillman "The bats come from here." VW' Joyce Alexander Donna Baumeister Ervin Boia Ahmed Fellague Katherine Gates Vida Horn Anthony Vaccariello Margaret Zimmerman Harold Daugherty John Supance Frank Fowler Charles Lewis 138 fs Q NV "F, ' .,., -' 1' 3 1-'Z L 38 5' X: G L4 ' - - -5- - w.ffe-'vvvm - r-3-':'+.'?5?iY'm .. tx, 6 'N s- --'::?:: z we v 1 r OM in -te , ' 4 x I .- . 1 , l ' Ji 2 . 5 , "Je ff . . H DRIVING CLASS Brake off, ignition on. Into re- verse. Better get off the sidewalk. There. Right lolinker on. Situation A-OK, speed 30 mph. What was that red octagonal-shaped sign? Oh, okay. Sorry, lady. there. Better get again. Parking? rub. Gver there. on. Rather wide turn off the sidewalk Aye, there's the Engine off, brake LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT Many foreign tongues are chan- fl-el 3 . A Lai' sse e Q ' Frank ultz A 4, .' X neled to the drowsy student in the early morning sessions at the lan- guage lab. His efforts here are a part of a study of the customs, peo- ple, geography, and politics, as well as the language, of a people who would be far away from us even if we were in their midst, for a lack of communication is a very broad bar- rier. Knowledge of an additional language aids greatly in personal as well as diplomatic relations. lil: ' I A foam man SOI00l DRIVER EQQQIIIIIII I iiaisnir an in "A few-more lessons and l'll get in the car with you." "We will bury you!" Mr. Fellcigue expounds his linguistic philosophy. .B."b"l- Q ,..- I cl " 'V- ' ig" ll Hulk: F . . M . X.. M4 in ' I fy' 4' i X I ,.'. ' -' H , READING IMPROVEMENT The light moves down the page. The eye follows the light. Six hundred, eight hundred, a thousand words a minute. Another triumph has emerged from the reading improvement laboratory, where me- chanical aids can combine with will power to make the reading rote soar. A good reading course stretches comprehension as well as speed, however -actually the two seem to go hand in hand, with the speedsters often having the highest comprehen- sion also. In assisting with one of the most basic communication skills, a skill essential to almost all occupations, the reading improvement program helps immensely. SQ3R-Survey, question, read, recite, review- the reading improvement Iab's motto. I spacial relationships for math students. Paul Avers Adrian Buerger Carl Clements .,L -' .L "Mother always said l had a mind for figures." Plane geometry class constructs James Cliffel Louis Gmeindl Mariorie Gorslene Luise Hanold Ronald Kull James Maple Charles Reno Donald Rinkes Dale Thompson 140 X. X Q J K ff f . f -,.,.. ' "' vi '55-fx X X 'M' ' sl P' 3 - , 'sg V f , , f Q if Y f i ,.i. iii. i Q c N l B V, , 9 5 it ,fs Q if 31 i . if s s- r X wi: A , if N' l - 'i az I said lipstick, not a slipstick." ?ii V-, The Reno Boys: Marty and Charlie MATH DEPARTMENT In the world of x and y strange things happen. Beware of the mathematician, for from a few basic laws, innocent-looking assumptions, he can create a new world, a logical world. Beware of the ob- vious, for it is not, contradicting the obvious is his basic tool. Try to understand the simple, for the complex will escape you anyway. A world of won- derful order, of bleak geometry is the world of mathematics. A world of complex dimensions, of n dimensions, where parallel lines meet and do not meet and planes return on themselves. But always have a dimension built on a simple fact. 2'l'2:4. e1ri:h'l. ff as J SCIENCE DEPARTMENT We see our world sometimes in pieces, in brief flashes, as a traveller sees a landscape lighted briefly by a flash of lightning, and then the dark- ness closes again. But the desire of man outruns the senses, and the great urge to know begets know- ledge. The discovery of the great- ness and wonder of the universe sub- tracts nothing from the greatness and wonder of man who can seek to un- derstand it. And men have, from Archimedes to Einstein, they have searched and have wondered, and accumulated a volume of knowledge of the material nature of the universe dwarfed only by the number of ques- tions they have raised. This is the greatest tool we have. The senses of man are increased tenfold, a hun- dredfold, from the smallness of the atom to the immensity of space. The tools must only be put to use. We reach for the stars. City Morgue: You stab 'em, we slab 'em "Well, it worked on the 'Mr. Wizzard' show:" Physics lab, where laws are proven. 'sob s, 4 L.. as 142 N X NUHCY Clcfk Dole Davison Bonnie Holi' Albert Judge Bette Wlggms Ralph Wisniewski 'QF R fad 4, 143 QQ What a funny way to drink orange iuice! BUSINESS DEPARTMENT Speed counts in places other than track, as any business student can tell you. A quick hand is as neces- sary to the secretary as it is to the magician, and it must have precision. Preparation for the world of busi- ness, a summer iob, or a term paper typing session are the results only of effort, practice, cramped hands, and broken fingernails. W. v . l ilwflllll ,lll4'i nv l'4Klli,, 529 It It - 5 :fa-:fggbfpv .sl R l ' ' Q, V 44,-f f r. 'N Y is 'if Alvin Amster Lillian Barrow l'lClr0ld CGyl0r David McKelvey Edmund Mile Judnh Nelson Quo 50,1195 Charles Sawyer William Saul fd' Fi . gh Mtv ,m s x X . -nu...-. X i use ,. 'ehczj X W N' x -- .. N -0- N - f x ,Q- . -,N --'x ,fy ,.,,, ,. . 1 -.,14 I , . x X ' ,K s tb' ""' i 'ts' S N '-ft K ' .L V9 I.. V-ff was-1-.r . X ,xi 1 ' ,.a-'Stab , X 'I-5:5123 fs - -.g - - t. 'Yi -'+A 5- , ' Y s - . - '. :vN+2:,1-fS5'::f,:: " X , in XE - 1 1 X X A . 4 ' 1 . ts, s X Students prepare for the world of highe Clayton George William Palmer Wilmer Shuster Annarosa Ginevra June Phypers Delmar Smith Q-vo' r finance Don't strain yourself, boys. PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT lt's all the fault ofthe Russians and Sputniks that l'm here. You see, it we don't keep physically fit they are all going to come in a big group and take us over bodily. That's why I am in this dratty high- raftered rgom today doing exercises. What I mean to say is, President Kennedy's Physical Fitness Pro- gram-bah, humbug. But then, I'm what they call a chronic Physically Unfit Manually Undexterous Manipulator. Perhaps that's why no one listens to me. Excuse me. Here he comes again. Robert Addis Charles Asher Donald Mohr Marcella Nold If-.fs ,A In J? ,Iv . .A , - ' E -fn - A, 'leaf' . " ,sn .- ' . .E , , NX V .::3 , it ' . ' I46 spike if! Julie Bach Victor Resch ' ' i .44 5 35? - ,rr 3.2.3 -' ' X N 'Q 1 vs s Q x QT' x Ki ,.gf:,- A , : .wwf , .-... . Laurel Bonnelli Gretchen Schwegler i .. 4 1,- 3 CI" X f xww C X Arlene Carter Edward Tekieli R V C Lx few fx x x. QTQQ, w 23, ' I - "Singer bah! I'll use a needle and she'Il never know HOME ECONOMICS Double, double, toil and trouble, cauldrons bub- bled, cooks stirred and delicious dishes simmered on the fire. Well, almost always. Then there was sew- ing class. Here the motto changed to thread, thread, stitch and rip as future seamstresses learned the fine art connected with navigating through the eye of a needle, or running a machine to navigate through the eye of a needle for you. The Home Economics program enriched the curriculum, truly, in many ways. Kathryn Frye Mariorie Malina Vinita O'Donnell Carol Petvqi - 'S 3. 1 ' , I 1 'x s 'w CCN EWJL Z 2 f 6 "' i. ii sf l Julia Smith "Let's do the tens now." The skills learned in the print shop have many advantages. INDUSTRIAL ARTS Contrary to common thought, the shop course was not designed to be an insurance course guaranteeing graduation. Its primary function is to prepare young men for a living after high school with or without a college education, to turn that favorite hob- by into an enioyable occupation, and to give these students help with the best teaching device of all, experi- ence-experience in the print shop, causing grey hunks of lead to express the innermost thoughts of Survey re- porters and Eucuyo authors, experi- ence in the wood shop, shaping form- Iess blobs of hickory into useful ob- iects, experience in auto shop, mak- ing the dead innards of a car come to life again, experience in the me- chanical drawing room, mapping out patterns of line and circle, experi- ence in the metal shop, bending brass and copper to a master plan. 148 Ronald Chambers Milton Kadlec Embert Martin 1:-ear Clarence Eckert Richard Hungerford Herbert Nold sf K' Aloysius Galicki Robert McLaughlin Merwin Staines ,.., it Q: Yrs . T"l e' H ' w"Qif F' . .".,f-4 T r , in -.., " 4 Molten metal molds the muse's mask. Curve conquers line in art class. 'Q ART DEPARTMENT Art is a profound expression, realistic view, of an orderly mess. Artists ore profound, realistic, or- derly, and messy. Such confused people con be detected by a green tinge to their fingers, a pink splash on their shirt, and blue spotters on their shoes. Cf course, these colorations are not natural, but the result of a hasty clean-up iob after two periods of intense creativity. V iv Qt an 1 5 1,,,, J ggi s r,,- is Gertrude Hoeger Fred V0llmClf'l 149 Psssfl Cindy, sforf singing. Mr. Taylor is giving us The eye." Sing Along With Scam Go .Qu Mr. Taylor and Beverly Burger Vocal director and Masters' accompanist. CHORAL MASTERS. Front Row: Marlene Stefanchik, Lynn Payne, Linda Zusl, Carole Allen, Gerri Krome, Sherry Downen, Dale Evans, Kathy Yane, Shanna Doley, Peggy Brancae, Dunette DiBiasio. Second Row: Linda Vislocky, Mitsi Wagner, Cheryl Cook, .lan Vukcevic, Jacquelin Brown, Kathy Tuckerman, Linda Gerzeny, Carol Peterson, Linda Tomko, Judy Thorp, Ricky Hurlburt, Jackie Lunder. Third Row: Karen Burns, Leslie Long, Judy Lilley, Linda Loope, Cindy Hart, Kathy Corrigan, Melanie Theodosian, Bev Burger, Jeu- 4 - V VOCAL MUSIC As Mr. promoted the vocal art, the popularity of the Choral Masters increased in proportion to their efforts at daily re- hearsals. With each class period, flat notes disappeared and uncertainty was replaced by a confidence that comes only through repetition. The hard-driving glee clubs strove to learn the techniques which would be necessary to use at next year's tryouts, voice control, tone quality, breath control, volume, pitch, and sight-reading technique. Appreciation for the long hours of practice was displayed many times by the people for whom the choral groups performed. Very impressive indeed was the Christmas assem- bly, which truly laid an egg in the "Twelve Days of Christmas" number. nette Stillinger, Pat Federico, Carol Cresson, Paula Vidusich. Fourth Row: Dave Amos, Tony Petruzzi, Tom Russ, Don Vargo, Gus Zelll, Jon Boyton, Mark Hobzek, Terry Wilson, John Graafmeyer, Dave Robinson, Randy Slauf- fer, John Bailey. Fifth Row: Paul Cox, Bob Langham, Dave Clarke, Bob Johnson, John Birchak, Randy Wood, Ron Macks, Rich Fuller, Steve Toward, Don Hathaway, Bud Kramer, Tom Lellis, Roger Sprochi. 4 4 A 1 l5l .. ,Y , ,QM gi ::' .5 5 K. R ess Xi 1 3 l ill 1 I l l li 5 X 5 F 4 l f 2' NM, Q 5 J 2 l 1 . .', .. , l qi N s ., ' - g' A . ,. l 7 X. .' 'l . ,,'. L i vN"1 J' GIRLS' GLEE CLUB. Front Row: Rae Res, Bonnie Aucelli, Paula Deister, Caro- lyn Hummon, Bonnie Budas, Robin Hanna, Nancy Shepherd, Judy McCarthy, Barb Mills, Diane Kurnp. Second Row: Rosalie Milone, Janis Letney, Marilyn Lis, Pat Kane, Karen Breen, Cheryl King, Sandy Froom, Lucy Lang, Joanne Sovich, Linda Nalepa, Bonnie Boldin. Third Row: Donna Romano, Pat Chylla, Rosemary Bosetin, Judy Coleman, Erene Beyer, Judy Papp, Alice Will, Judy Hallack, Edna Haynes, Cindy Reba, Anita Habian, Norma Crone, Janet SOPHOMORE GIRLS GLEE CLUB. Front Row: Geraldine Myers, Marilyn Ogrinc, Pat Jobe, Karen Weseli, Linda Kasunic, Dianne Mekeois, Bev Grillo, Ida Jean Lisuzz, Holly Lucas, Linda Ralls, Oralee Tyler, Carolyn Berntson, Beth Knax, Kathy Vernon, Carol Pohly, Nancy Valince, Kay Moulder. Second Row: Lynn Humphrey, Pat Wicheff, Janet Estanich, Trudy Phillipp, Pam Rudiak, Sally Swaney, Betty DuRose, Donna Stocker, Jane Stahl, Elaine Geiger, Sue Lohrey, Amy Picciardo, Cynthia Jerabek, Cheryl Crades, Belly Jane Preston, Joan Clark, Darlene Prigacy, Marilyn King, Kathy DiFilla. Third Row: Sharon Wheeler, Char Hildebrand, Sandy Deere, Cheri Wood, Loreenf Sabol, Elaine Rossi, Loretta Henikman, Ellen Fike, Sheila Pierce, Gayle Walker, Lynn Wehagen, Leslie Nelson, Jackie Duty, Q 4. Rose Fourth Row: Barb Modlin, Helen Estvander, Sandy Williams, Janet Howell, Sue Wright, Barb Little, Joanne Jurjev, Elaine Chaunce, Sue Paulov- cin, Linda Galaida, Joanne Zdara, Judy Stanley, Connie Keller, Sue Ander- son. Fifth Row: Laura Owen, Diane Bacon, Carol Webb, Donna Germovsek, Sandra Rodencic, Barb Bradford, Linda Krecic, Cyndi Nagode, Cathy Jonai- tis, Mary Wolanski, Cynthia Hoedt, Fran Fox, Linda Burris, Mary Ellen Bogatay, Sue Yager, Liz Neat. Deborah Van Vechten, Chris Evans, Pat Saina, Chris Pada, Barbara Bessire, Betty Johnson. Fourth Row: Jan Scribner, Cathy Scheiner, Pam Davison, Carolyn Hohs, Christine Ross, Doreen Ricci, Jacqueline Hovan, Carole Jelenic, Laura McCartney, Barb Koss, Betsy Foy, Ann Oloshy, Linn Conley, Lynn Wilcoxon, Carol Howe, Cathy Baich, Linda Tiffany, Gail Gulbenkian, Donna Moretti, Mary Klosky. Fifth Row: Cheryl Walton, Cheryl Steigauf, Cherie Bartos, Sue Cochran, Kathy Krich, Cindi Daskivich, Connie Britton, Barbara Thorpe, Marilyn Bilicic, Janice Smeker, Eileen Arnold, Barbara Crain, Frances Felz, Kathy Emmert, MaryAnn Vardian, Kathy Courter, Joan Pureber, Sue Warner, Laura Kempert, Karen MacDonald, Barbara Helmick. ,- BOYS' GLEE CLUB. Fronl Row: Jeff Kinsey, Bob Wickes, Mike Ruscin, Bob Riebe. Second Row: Dole Osler, Ken Coleman, Gary Zola, Jim Monoyudis, Gary Kleckner. Third Row: Paul Pavlik, Ray Sweigerl, Bob Comenshek, Dave Peek, Ron Ceso. Fourth Row: Ralph Kirchner, Harvey Mills, Roger' Crombie, Tim Ullom, George Edwards. Fifth Row: Jeff Tucker, Ed Rachich, Wayne Wiblin, Don Forman, Doug Lilley. Dale Harper Sam Taylor gg v 'A .H ' M K vf 'z' -2:,Q3nf ' ffl 0-J: 55? n.U X J. Bca: :rolmt 3.5: - QsPg95gn 2.':':'6"'09-C' 3 Ofozn af,,,3m'IQO :YN-49-PQ n 0 :'f0:"Z oEI'x5n1,,2n -Sfogmdgng m'oKDQQcu5 ?'v3 -1003 U3-uP"53'3'm 0m35?03,Z EDO:-rf?-4 U bm5:gK3g' arz3?54Tm 000, ,4mgg0 F2722 523 QPSUFIU-2:5 wsu 3'mo'-4-u?,f-:"E0 gE 03.2m:ff onfgn.. .- TWU " Z '- -.ygxmmc gg5iT'g-739 Fcfswrrgg ' Izggggfxlz 0Qof"n.'5'Z 2 Q-.4 -4mQW5 ma-mg :,:o,,,. 332:-:Ugg-5 WQLER5 N2 536 21533 7q.,u:29r'QE3N? ln -.HIE 3 Kiflffogfgz 14559, En. -D 'mZg,:'-ag: f-H o :rn-.,. wok:-:u'u:'m'U "'ma5-og!!-7-Q ECE' g-221:10 3-UT' 00? rg-mzauogz .,,0LS'D"'-' ,- a22fD9l5zEF5 '?J-,.,2a'2fs- rn .U-D0-40: Uma,-.--3 -.Q l:gc75'-' :nfl m"g'5'nflZQ Sion 0:r 100:-rw" O5 D'1U-..-07:53 7g,cui5"0Qn f'4m5?S 5 -4 0: - mo 'sm-mffa' xg-,-g'U2?-wh R- ru..4'U' mo 1-mags-X572 nglzmg-an-t-1 s5z'fVa"' rgooo gf? .K---on 0, -923 "' -2' Q x --Cmtn, rn'm,,.-. E?w:I?.'En 1-oo:-Uma nv- mn -. 5'nQ'U2i"4g'0 49,-29 :uc-Z rp- Q: -v--4 g'oNT Uggz 30'I ' "'UQ'.T. fD U 9"'n rn : ez'-r ,-FZ, m Elm of :uE?gcn"'g:. 27: o'D U 23?'Q 2 F2 fvcn. Q0 -'!'D.:2'10,-03 0i'U"3S'23:: an,-Lgn m ?'3'Pbcng-f' -Q 2' 535555122 r1.3-L-:gag I' i:gZmQ:"f-ru r 'V' giwagrlnmeg 1. wo- om 03Dm-,,3 C "033"3"-Q-X- -83 'E Ea eraiuoaqh- a -. ,, : :gfmI-. U, ff? :QFQQ 95' gi-1 'mS- ,...., La? 3?f3E:12 -10'rnUQ '?oI2a 792' "un ?'m I1 - 154 INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC "Face out. The diagonal's crooked. The head is too wide. Wipe the water off those horns ! l " Such are the dimensions of marching band: people making up height, width, and angles. But there is a wider meaning which applies to all instrumental music-the dimensions of sound. Well, may- be Euclid does not have the Cleveland Sym- phony, but all they need is a few more play- ers. If you can bear the first few weeks of dis- sonance and practice, the bands and orches- tra become pleasant to the ear. Listen to the depth of the tuba, the height of the piccolo. Be aware of the mellowness of a bass clari- net, the harshness of an oboe, the sweetness of a well-played violin, the resonance of a string bass. This is a boundless, beautiful medium of expression. BAND SERGEANTS. Lett to Right: Clare Mcnsperger, Katie Piper, Hurry Faint. Amo if-3' J '1-we 4, 5 ORCHESTRA. Front Row: Colin Murdoch, Jackie Brown, Leslie Harris, Martin Francis. Second Row: Cynthia Steagler, Susan Perko, Julie Lesiak, Amy Picciano, Noel Goslee, Marcia Steagler, Eileen Arnold. Third Row: Rosemary Marmash, Connie Chiodo, Sharon Pylick, Linda Dutka, Al Strohn, Mary Steltzor, Sandy Borgsteadt, Judi Mervis, Nancy Stoneback, Janice Smekar, Paul Bright. Fourth Row: Dorothy Fike, Barb Fitzgerald, Elizabeth Lesiak, Allan Kostreba, Greg Harper, Don Podobnikar, Bill Miles, Richard Cook, Penny Dickinson, Katy Piper, Bob Pryateli, Sandra Naylor. Fifth Row: Joe Biello, Kathy Butt, Jane Stahl, Carol Mau- pin. CADET BAND. Front Row: Sandy Borgsteadt, Linda Hall, Jim Blankschaen, Carol Servownik, Gayle Wilson, Anita Coblitz, Tim Howe. Second Row: Carol Diehl, Sue Reider, Linda Hunter, Darlene Morgan, Dave Wilder, Tim Tryon, Chuck Mallue, Tom Ehlert, Dave Roll, Ed Zovack. Third Row: Louis Fioritto, Tom Nimelli, Jack Hillegas, Diane Brule, Carol Maupin, Barb Baker, Diane Stocker, Sally Beutell, Rich Kershaw, Marge Rupar, Bobbie Kelly, Dave Gray, Bill Hitty, Fred Schutt. Fourth Row: Karen Leovic, Dee Ette Bryant, linda Shemitz, Lanie Prileson, Ken Aubel, Kathy Jerneicic, Jim Ullstad, Frank Forgione, John Scott, Chuck Phillips, Harold Prasek, Kurt Blumenstein, Tom Zimmerman, Ray Van Ooyen, Jim Turpin, Sharon Evans, Tom Allen. Fifth Row: John Wright, Mike Doyle, Joe Plovock, Harvey Rubin, Bill Gant, Frank Petrik, Dale Dieckmann, Mike Moore. wr 4, if -1' 'Ii' '10 -' Q1 CHEVRON SOCIETY. Front Row: Caralyn Henry, Judy Sirausbaugh, Judy Mervis. Second Row: Caroline Reeves, Sandra Tucceri, Frances Ulie. Third Row: Carh- erine Piper, Greg Harper, John Amos. Af the Cleveland Heights game the marching band and maioreffes were in their usual fine form n 1 i I w SPCRTS Daring, bold, eager-youth I dare to be bold Desire challenges Defy the difficult. Fervently attacking that which is hard, I beat it with courage, and know that I will tight andl will win Becausel dared do something Which no one else would do. Those who are not bold and eager Shall never discover that What comes out of me in sweat and strain Will go back in to make me Me. f - 5 " ': 159335,-I?2 R1.,:,f11L 4 'QX3' x.i..5-11 fii ' 1'. SQ, ' ' fzygg, . 4' W f 3 9' ss, fa if ' . f Q X , Q. 4 E' Wiiegiixi V S as M fi 1 5 E? sb s sl ', sw P' PM 335 r v , .xy . -:2 '-z f b xg,-. F if i,x.f.', X--N X . .. ..,wx1,, . ' I e.: 4" ? L '-s4',4S1:?'4.5,:. "" -f , 4.1, , , .:,VA.,. l:.V A jx V ' -f' 1:-22' eirffiie, has ' J ,F fy ' ' ' ' 'M""" 'ff'E11f5 ' "" I,.jf:::5:-I--gy.,-'-',: Q-Q , ,3:- 3:,gg5:-A3515 - ,V F4 ff' - ,f ' F H 25.4 l,-1, 1151:--rx 11 fgp:-::'-arl fx-fgzgbz-L . t. gwjwb' iff-7319 .. " :wg ' . . - Q .f" . .,,. rm, 1 5 -' . " ' "iffy, +A.:-.1-,:, .,.. :-- . f :,, L. . X 5 -55 295. . .4 J'-Ia,-Q:yxwf-giqwgg-j-2.-mt ., Q'i'E.'Z25js'.,-",I'grEg,:jf ,Z , Q 'EL ' - : ':21:s:2:r:rer:-11:-:Vg ::.-. 'hx-:va-:Q-:,:f-:que-a : A .,.. N V A-- . .1 .. :wwf 531.-vu, ', , 2,33 ITX' -Sli :4 ., war? SW , 'G,E5I '5'efL ' 'W' 'H'- N ,-.ts '- Q 1- ', i:, 1522. 255 :3,,:1gl,1-,I -, Q ""':bw"':':"" , - . ,..,.f,4. M. 4 ,.., ...., ,-W-WT.--7, The odor of six o'clock was in the air. ln the half-night on the field under the lights, a cold hard pigskin made a swish of icy air, and soon was gone. Off the field one could smell the dinner cooking behind the yellow win- dows, and feel the relaxing calm of the home- ward-bound busriders reading newspapers. Long after everyone else had left for home, the athlete strained his tired muscles toward the goal. The lonely hall was stacked with hurdles and a pair of exhausted legs was des- perately trying to surmount the barriers. Out- side, teammates were discovering that the football season encompassed all degrees of weather, and these uniforms, which might not be warm enough during November, were enough to make a man faint in September. But heat was no problem to the swimmers. Sloshing through the water in an ever-warm- enough room, there was a certain amount of relaxation in swimming. However, there was just as much work and the same long hours of practice. Strained muscles, twisted ankles, and slipping grades were telling on the ath- letes during the first few weeks. As they im- proved and adiusted, the muscles grew to ac- commodate the strain, the ankles strength- ened, and the grades came back up. The athletes were learning time economy: to make it to bed by curfew with everything done. HOMECOMING The dampness of the floors penetrated their tennis shoes and weary eyelids collapsed as un- daunted loyalists slaved to complete floats for homecoming. They sang, joked, and worried. They debated whether to staple or spray each crepe paper strip in place, but whatever they did really didn't matter. For each brutal snowflake turned the crepe paper a sickly hue and then gusts of raw wind took their toll. There was no bonfire and the victory bell didn't ring, but that didn't matter either. For we rationalized that we had done our best, and then anticipated the homecoming dance. "An En- chanted Evening," with palms and nets that set the stage for the queen and her court, completed Home- coming 1962. Pretty girl, gentle boy. Keith Goldlust congratulates our l962 Homecoming Queen Barbara Tercek. 162 "Wait 'til they find out that if is cl real sea monster"-Key Clubers hard at work on their winning float. "No! You can't go home now." Alice and Clare decorate for Homecoming. ,,w+'9?3, Euclid goes Hawaiian. Our Homecoming Queen Barbara Tercek 164 Senior Aftendanf Margo Zola 4'3" . ,, ,I yi ,.4,A- , 1. -..-, 41-vm., 'nm-y--e ----V - 'W-iff 1 g1.-,.rzrfzfyeevif'1fmvf'p4z1f:"'Hiro' r:':'rf:27iTf"fY 5.1 15? ' , , yt, uh, 'E y ,..".' ., -Q, Senior Attendant Carol Cozurt ,QW 6 me ' V' Junior Attendant Penny Wolf 1 ,4. 1 .LN Sophomore AHendanfSc1ndra Deere 75, FOOTBALL Other football teams have their glories - their star quarterbacks, their dazzling plays. But no other school has a football team which plays best in the mud. We are the Mudmen. Grit and determination proved victims of bad luck, however, and in eleven grueling contests, some of them in the murk, others played under the numbing influence of a constant drizzle, the Panthers emerged victorious in seven. Victory, on several of the other four less for- tunate occasions almost within their tackling range, managed to dodge by a fumble, a lucky interception by the other team, or an equal piece of bad luck depriving them of one or two needed points. 166 Apprehension on the bench 3' N 5 1 ... '..-4 1. n if H Reichenbach completes on pass against the worst of obstacles. 'iii x .nl 'ii VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM, Fronl Row: Joe Urbanic, John Komocar, Jack Reichenbach, Ken Thomas, Co-Capfain Mike Orazen, Co-Copfain Berke Relchen- bach, Doug Vukcevic, Bob Kraft, Bob Symonds, Bill Penny, Doug Demion, Urban Scolero, Tom Ockunzzi Dove Vrh, Gary LoConte, Bill James, Tom Aliancic Tom Ullom, Ed Carroll, Ed Bugos, Roger Sprochi, Babe DeRosa, Doug Wheeler. Second Row: Cameron Moore, Wall Haney, Sandy Agrqst, Ted Kriel, Glen En- gelke, Bob Palechek, Al Elliot, Dale Bizily, Bill Symonds, Doug Reed, Tom Gilliotti, Bob Symonds, John Schroeler, Loddie Burgin, George Gerwig, Tony Snyder Bob Coode, John Horton, Mike Weber, Ron Harps, Al Wolf, Ed Pesec, Chuck Picclano. "Gee, he's softer than the dummy." T fx s X 3 3, if 125 5- .41 .WiZ'e'+?' F- L, Y V 1, -. FXS, L fry-W 'WW ,S RA I Heads we win, tails you lose 5 Orazen leads us on to victory. Euclid Euclid Euclid Euclid .... Euclid Euclid Euclid Euclid Euclid .... Euclid Euclid ,... 170 VARSITY FOOTBALL 18 Garfield Heights 6 Collinwood ............ 21 West .......,.............. O Parma ...... 8 Heights ...... ...... 6 Shaw ..... 23 Shaker .,....... ...... O Brush .......,....... 31 Valley Forge ........,. 8 Lakewood .............. 14 St. Joseph .............. Wins 7 Losses 4 Mike Orazen confirms the play with Couch Asher "And away we go . . ." Bob Symonds evades a charging opponent. Palechek catches a T.D. pass. ,-1 1 The converging lines The J. V.'s make another tackle. J. V. FOOTBALL. Front Row: Carl Jerneicic, Jim Miller, Dave Benner, Rick Everstine, Rick Subel, Bob Carlson, Tom Kirchner, Ken Girod, Randy Ehinger, Frank Saiovic, Fred Cooper, Craig Boehlke, Hank Tekoncic, Dale Gregorin. Second Row: Ron Evans, Ken Tieber, Keith Bailey, Al Strohen, Chris Goulis, Ed Fitzgerald, Dennis Matko, Jim Monoyudis, Ed Racich, Tom Halbedel, Bill Frier, Jack Marron, Howard Price, Wayne Kukla, Third Row: Ron Di Scntis, Richard Zawack, Roger Crombie, Steve Watson, Rick Kodunc, Bill Miller, Pat Morse, Dale Glick, Steve Barnett, Nick Perencevich, Jom Dadonte, Bill Hagstrand, Mr. Daugherty, Coach Ross. Fourth Row: John Benner, Larry Bydash, Tony lpavec, Robert Lemieux, Paul DePoolo, Bill Kelly, Tom Barnhart, John Sas, Ken Kapley, John Ulstram, Ron Fowler, Dennis Schmaltz, Jim Hough, Coach Lindsay. 21 71 45635 7 l72 J.V. FOOTBALL The field was a murky brown plain of slush and smeared chalk lines. The sophomore football players went through all of the tensions, emotions, and experi- ences which the varsity players felt, and knew that they were working in the right direction. There was no ques- tion as to why they bothered to suffer through this un- glorious medieval tortureg the Kittens were preparing for their responsibilities on next year's team. They were going to play their best for their school in our Big Sta- dium. 'Give it to the one in the funny looking zebra suit." Coach Ross ogre Euclid .....,,,.,,, J. V. FOOTBALL T4 Garfield Heights Euclid 32 Wickliffe ,.......... Euclid ..........., T4 St. Joseph ,.,. Euclid 8 Parma .,...., Euclid 40 Heights ..... Euclid T6 Shaw .... Euclid 24 Shaker ..,.....,. EUCliGl 20 Brush .............., Euclid 6 Valley Forge ..... Euclid 22 Lakewood ....... Wins 6 Losses 4 umbs up o J.V.'s. MAJORETTES About face, kick, 2, 3, 4, left-right-left--and the whistle shrieked as Elaine Sceranka and Char- lotte Kerestes led maiorettes through performances that high-lighted halftime periods. Morning prac- tice, after-school sessions, and memorizing routines enabled maiorettes to strut confidently at night. I l i :kj ' 5 l l i y may I K ig i ,tv T j , l N X ffii i - Q 1 fvfdxcl X f-...,. A E-ff 9" .id Q, . rm! f Ez SUBSTITUTE MAJORETTES. Left to right: Mary Ellen McGraw, Mary Ann Minnillo, Judy Debelak, Charlotte The maioreffes lead anon Ritz, Joyce Novak, Karen Fowler, MAJORETTES. Lett to right: Head Maiorette Charlotte Kerestes, Marty Roma, Karen Skalski, Carol Cczert, Marie Sikora, Bobbie Skeivis. ZZ ',w - 4 .-QL." mx- -'fl .af 1 v I V -K Q ' Cai v- - 'Is' hr xg, ' ,--f:-3: H+. 4 5,5-' "x' "IX I M lift? Qf' X W 'lx a' f-f:1v5"- N.- rffiififm ---- A W. . " - .- -. X -FSA:'5N..wz?S'XN -1 I M i- New?- .fm 4 , Mi 4 I. Y. . Q A . - x'i - Q ' . 6- 'bmi X ' Q x' . X -.4 5 , N E - 2 H , . , , . , U . , M X 'P ' ' :sa 20' :X-i" e - K 'sis ' -xx ' 1 Y U- 5 A 1. ,, 1- ..,., - - . x ,-viz, 4 ' -u - 'Q . V , I K x , t 1 5 - J. fp gc1L1y, BUS! CROSS COUNTRY. Front Row: Jim Blankschaen, Ted Gasser, Hans Pesch, Burke Hyne, Bill Schmenk, Tim Coy, Don Klann, Bob Gratz, Paul Bright, John Ambrose, Russ Crane, Phil Tartaglia, Chris Pickney. Second Row: Bob Kovach, Craig Winder, Jim Leppert, Al Gutierrez, Dennis Miklavic, Larry Wright, Greg Goodyear, Rich Lakatosh, Dave Henderson, Chuck Campbell, Rog Brezec. Third Row: Rick Page, Wayne Powell, Biff Mcllrath, Bob Usalis, Don Hathaway, Bill Beacham, Rich Racker, Harry Faint, Bob Parker, Jim Campbell, Craig McDonald, Al Tolway, Don Madey. Fourth Row: Mr. Eckert, Dennis Coolidge, Gary Love, Rich Ruuska, Nick Kaczur, Rich Lewis, Rich Collins, John Pollance, Don Hoppert, John Wichert, Tony lacofano, Bill Renninger, Dave Lorence, Coach Thompson. Euclid Euclid Euclid Euclid Euclid Euclid Euclid Euclid Euclid ......,...,. 50 T76 .....23 CROSS-COUNTRY ....,2l Parma .....25 St. Joseph .. .....l6 West Tech .. ....,l9 Heights .....2l Shaw ,,,,.l7 Shaker Brush ,.,.,..,.... Valley Forge .... Lakewood ..,. Second in Euclid Relays Seventh in St. Joseph Relays Tenth in Bowling Green Relays Third in Brush Relays Second in Lake Erie League Third in Lake Erie Meet Third in District Meet Wins 8 Losses l A neat pass saves seconds. Euclid Euclid Euclid Euclid Euclid Euclid Euclid Euclid Euclid .... 57 59 61-4X5 41 16 70 3A 66 V2 71 V2 57 INDOOR TRACK St. Joseph ............ 35 ' 33 Heights ...,.,..... Glenville ....... John Marshall East Tech ....... Berea Midpark Cathedral Latin Collinwood ..... East Tech A...... Wins 7 Losses 2 Neither ram nor sleet nor snow can stay our cross country team. 5:30-475 ....51 ...Ja .,..2l V4 25'f2 .....2OV2 .....55 kv- 'S Tail man Rick Bowen surges towards the finish. 178 I told you I could fly through the air! TRACK The finish line lay lust ahead. Straining for- ward, the runner ran gaspingly after his uncaught breath. Just a few more yards. His eye sensed a faint shadow coming up on the left. He smelled an odor of effort and heard the gasps of his opponent passing him. But he was from Euclid. He ground out the yards, faster and faster now, legs spinning. His muscles hit hard and tense upon the track. That was all. No faster. But he was pulling ahead. He couldn't make it. He would fall. Five more yards. He couldn't make it. Three more yards. He couldn't make it. He did. Hey! Who waxed the floor?" Hurdles practice in the third floor halls. INDOOR TRACK. Front Row: Bill Schmenk, Dave Kral, Bruce Jones, Bill Bailey, Roger Bresec, Jim Blankschaen, Nick Kaczur, Dave Benner, Ron DiSantis, Greg Peterson, Jim Leppert, Al Tolway, Phil Tartaglia, Don DiSantis, Dave Henderson, Mike Ruscin. Second Row: Chris Pinkney, Captain Harry Faint, Bob Kovach, Howard Geddes, Dale Bizily, Tom Bizosky, Joe Eckenrode, Dave Vrh, .lim Vidmar, Bill Beacham, Rich Lakatosh, Mike Weber, Jack Ambrose, Al Paolo, Dan Hylkema. Third Row: Phil Cebular, Dave Amos, Rich Rackar, Ed Kovach, Chuck Petro, Rich Lewis, Bob Green, Don Hathaway, Jeff Sharp, Bill Symonds, Chip Haller, Dave Lorence, Bob Parker, Al Gutierrez, John Kovach, Don Madey, Ted Gasser, Larry Franko. Fourth Raw: Cameron Moore, John Horten, Jack Reichenbach, Ron Sarstedt, Jim Peters, Dave Swaddell, Bob Warren, Ray Frank, Joe Stih, Larry Stapleton, Tom Stoiber, John Sabath, Bob Medved, Larry Wright, Rick Bowen, Chuck Campbell, Dan Kadunc, Coach Schuster, Coach Kull, Coach Thompson. 5 .,..,.. .----.-,.-...i 1 a l , , t g cM,,W,,,, ,,.. .V 5 ,, 179 TENNIS Euclid ..... ...., 5 Parma .. Euclid 3 Heights .. Euclid 2 Shaw .. Euclid 5 Brush ........ Euclid ..... ..... 5 Valley Forge Euclid O Lakewood .. Euclid 4 Shaker .. Second in LEL Wins 5 Losses 2 5 Slam it, Ken! TENNIS TEAM. Front Row: Ken Barts, Ken Rosenthal, Co-Captain Rich Brown, Dove Garland, Ken Vanderveer, Coach Nold. Second Row: John Scoll, Co-Capfain Pele Breen, Rich Creveling, Bill Sederholm, George Mortinsen. .om 5 snug cu sfo T 'Y ' K: U ' vm Q 1 A M 951 ro ibm: V. mm --'- s 7x4 ,'-zyija, -, T 1? ' NAPSIH '4 25 1 il ' ' w as., gf TSC! S Q is SUCLQ ' VA i l Ram VAl?g,, mm, i l E , 7 l l8O BOWLING The bowling team is a crew of accurate-aiming young men who specialize in aiming a big, black ball at ten defenseless white pins down at the end of a long alley. The obiect of the game is to knock as many of these down as possible. And this, the bowling team usually does. TENNIS Unlike participators in most sports, the racket- men get the break for summer vacation shot at them in the middle of the season. While it causes some inconveniences, it also gives ample practice time, so that the players return better than ever. As the player stands alone on the court, virtually unob- served, facing his challenger, he must also stare at the individuality of his sport. lt can be the fault of no other if he loses, and he must play to win, for no one sees what a terrific game he played. They see the score. l8l WRESTLING Alone on the mat, the Panther stalks his prey. Now they grapple closer together and he strains and pulls against his powerful toe. Sud- denly the advantage shifts. The ac- tion becomes more intense. Anxiety pushes with the varsity wrestler. He has discovered his opponent's vul- nerability and the match is easily within his reach it he can maintain his hold. The shoulder's nearly on the mat. Push harder. "Hold it, my shoe is untied!" Urban grapples from the up position. T82 Subel fights the "Evil Eye A., , ...... .... Y..-...i,..,..... S . L x N 4 ,- 'ii ...-. t' : Q 51 . 1' 'K . s . ,, 4,41 - 1: 1 , W .,.... , 'N , 555155572531 .Ag , 5f4I':'fi22ElX " Q .qw :1,. - I . Qvsivnsbsldd . , Mx 9' Q N Q 4 1 51' , 8 . 1,1 ,.: . ga.. ,l ,x..g,K 4 V .--F" 1 . .. V .- v ' . x ' If-SSN A g kigsgasiffl ily Euclid Euclid .......,.... Euclid Euclid Euclid Euclid WRESTLING Garfield ........ East-Lake North Berea ............ Maple Heights . Brush ............. Valley Forge Euclid Parma ........- Euclid Shaw .....,..... Euclid Lakewood Euclid Huron ....... Euclid Heights Euclid Shaker ....,.. Sectionals How low can you go'-' Coach Eckert shows concern for his Wlns I I Losses I VARSITY WRESTLING Front Row Carl Jernelcic John Polanc Dennis Thayer Ken Vecey Frank Mesic. Second Row: Joe Dewitt, John Susleric, Hans Pesch Bob Torler Jim Marlucci Clare Mansperger Rick Subel Third Row Paul Tolchlnsky Manager Jim Deely, Laddie Burgin, Doug Vukcevic, Mike Orazen, Urban Scolaro Bob Clasen ,,,, i f-U,-it wwf 5 :A:la!'Z' .... ,, H. :. f -- .. -ri ' 'hw-1 .uv ,l,1,4,,5,,1 IA4,+.,,i- 1 . 4, 1u,H,i, S 4 J i l 4 f JUNIOR VARSITY WRESTLING Euclid ........ 38 Garfield Heights ........ 7 Euclid ........ I9 Eastlake North .......... 20 Euclid ........ 28 Maple Heights ............ I5 Euclid ........ 32 Brush .......,........ ..... 6 Euclid ........ 42 Valley Forge .... ..... 3 Euclid ........ 44 Shaw ,,......... ..... 3 Euclid ........ 86 Stow-Mentor- Crestwood ..... ....... 4 8-75-62 Euclid ........ 28 Parma ......,. ....... I O Euclid ........ 38 Lakewood ..... ..... 5 Euclid .....,.. 3I Huron ...... ....... I 4 Euclid ........ 3I Heights ,.,,........ ..... 6 Euclid ........ 33 Shaker ......,............... 6 Wins I2 Losses I J. V. WRESTLING It is iust a plain, yellow mat, made out of foam rubber, and about an inch thick. In the center is a blue ring, and an E, nothing more. Under the harsh glare of the lights, with a grunt and a groan and a grimace of pain, the J. V. wrestler decorated the matter-of-fact surface with a few red spots, a tense moment, and a tangle of straining muscles, which no one who was watching the varsity ever discov- ered. Then suddenly there was a thump, and a cheer, and in the corner, the sleepy scorekeeper chalked five more points onto the Euclid score. The gladiators retired, and left iust the plain yellow mat with its circle and its E. Now wait a minute. It's my turn to throw you! J V. WRESTLING. Front Row: Joe Selina, Skip Campbell, Don DiSqnIis, Jim Zust, Frank Mesec, Dennis Cebul, Jeff Fryer. Second Row: Mcnager.N ls Berg Iund, John Wertenberger, Jack Ambrose, Rich Macks, Jim Campbell, Rich Lewis, Manager Bill Breckenridge. Third Row: Paul DiPaolo, Frank Petrik, Rich K m Gilliotti, Tom Kirchner, Joe Urbanick, Henry Tekoncic, Bob Clasen. --- ww . .4 'ji intl- nunulihr 3 jmviii ,- Euclid Euclid Euclid Euclid Euclid Euclid Euclid Euclid Euclid Euclid Euclid Euclid ............ Euclid Euclid ............ Euclid ............ Euclid ....c,...... VARSITY SWIMMING 42 ' ' University ........... ....,. 5 2 33 Lakewood ........ ...... 6 2 57 Gilmore .v,. ...... 3 9 35 Berea ........ ...... 6 0 26 Shaker ...... ...... 6 9 59 Brush ..... ...... 3 5 43 Shaw ................. ...... 5 2 30 Heights ................v....... 65 56 Western Reserve .......... 39 39 Lakewood .................... 56 23 Shaker ............... ...... 6 5 64 V2 Brush .... ....... 2 9 V2 31 Shaw ..,.. ...... 6 4 37 Fairview ..... ..57 39 Heights .............. ....... 5 6 61 Gilmore ...................... 32 Wins 4 Losses I2 Fifth in Euclid Relays Eighth in Kent Relays What's down there that's so interesting? --Go! Strain! Varsity swimmers are off to a flying start. ??'f""'? 9-v " '- 5,,.,,.,5 it .A ral ks "lr-""-P SWIMMING The green cool pool water lay with- out a ripple on its calm chlorinated surface as the aquamen, their toes gripping the side in true classic form, tensed for the watery battle ahead. Then came the signal. Looking pale on the green wet top, Euclid's swim- mer struck out across his Channel. Butterflying, crawling, sidestroking, backstroking, trudgeoning, diving, twisting, underwatering, breaststrok- ing and backbreaking, back and forth, back and forth, he pulled ahead. He flippered once more with his feet and gave a powerful stroke with his arms. Then he climbed out, and victory in the water dripped off him. Pull! Tom Tumbry urges on a teammate. -All Hey! Who forgot the water?" VARSITY SWIM TEAM. Front Row: Tom Brennan, Craig Vernick, Bill Sweeney, Ron Beno. Second Row: Bill Houck, Chuck Andous, Doug Swisher, Manager John Reider. Third Row: Captain John Randi, Ken Van Deveer, Tom Tumbry, Tony Roberts, Don Belian, Roy Kiloaka, Ted Goble. On ladder, lefl lo right: Jim Kneale, Brian Maeder, Harry Pierce, Glenn Wickes. if v , , L K, T I. - 13 " l . ' 1 '. va 4 ,Mei 1 From back . . . . . . to front. J. V. SWIMMERS I The junior varsity swimmer wants to use this year to build a firm foundation on which to stack his many trophies in the coming years. This is the cramming before final exams: perfecting the stroke, smoothing the , dive, strengthening the lungs, and reinforc- ing erratic ability. I ' JUNIOR VARSITY SWIMMING Euclid ...,.... 28 Lakewood ............. 67 Euclid ,....... 63 Gilmore .... ....,.,, 3 2 I Euclid ........ 58 Berea ...,. .,... , H36 I Euclid ........ 30 Shaker ...... .,65 1 Euclid ........ 58 Brush ..... ......., 3 6 I Euclid ........ 32 Shaw .,................. 62 Euclid .....,.. 33 Heights ,.,...,,......,., 62 I Euclid ...,.... 46 Western Reserve ...49 I Euclid ........ 50 Lakewood ............. 44 5 Euclid ........ 33 Shaker ...... ......., 6 I I Euclid ........ 48 Brush ..,,. .....,,, 4 I I Euclid ........ 44 Shaw ..... ........ 5 I P Euclid ........ 47 Fairview ,.,. ,....,,, 4 8 Euclid ........ 36 Heights ...... .....,.. 5 8 Euclid ........ 48 Gilmore ..., ........ 4 I Wins 6 Losses? I90 My trunks what? 'Victory, victory is our cry!" JUNIOR VARSITY SWIM TEAM. Front Row: John Larkin, Tim Sunker, Roger So nderson, Bill Walsh. Second Row: Coach Palmer, Dove Robb, Ernie Szabo, Bob Nakoii, Rich Griffith. .z .--5 kts .gg Sb yu... .,.f"' -Q5 ,. BASKETBALL The tall, tempered teammates drove the ball down the floor. Run- ning circles around their opponents, this year's team won all but a few of their games, and those which they lost were the results of one or two baskets and one or two seconds. Led by the consistent high-scorers, Reichenbach and Creveling, the team pushed ball after ball through the net to arouse the citizens of Euclid perhaps tar more than the pigskin- carrying mudslingers were able to do. Anything you can do, I can do better." A t You never know when pretty hands count. Tom Murphy tallies two points Euclid controls the boards. VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM. Left to right: Manage D VARSITY BASKETBALL Euclid ........ 45 Euclid ........ 75 Euclid ,....... 62 Euclid ........ 53 Euclid ........ 72 Euclid ..... ...77 Euclid ........ 6l Euclid ........ 65 Euclid ,....... 78 Euclid ....,... 54 Euclid ........ 81 Euclid ........ 63 Euclid ..,.,.., 54 Euclid ,....... 6l Euclid ......,. 68 Euclid ........ 43 Euclid ........ 94 Euclid ........ 60 B C h D h l R G briel, Ron Mucks, Ken Sl Win 9 Y Musick, Rick Creveling, John Komocar, Jeff Barth I B k Reichinboch, Roger Murphy, Bob Palechek, Chuck Lanning Shaw c...A................. 37 Garfield .................. 55 Parma ...... ........ 4 3 Lakewood ..... .,...... 4 7 Heights ...... ,....... 5 4 Shaker ......... ........ 4 9 Sf. Joseph ..... ........ 5 7 Brush ......,......,........ 42 Valley Forge ............ 49 Show ..........,.,....,.s.. 55 Parma .................... 66 Lakewood ................ 66 Akron Garfield ...,.... 46 Heights ...........,........ 43 Newark ..v........,,..... 46 Shaker ........, ,....... 3 3 Brush .......s.............. 46 Valley Forge ............ 40 l6 Loses 2 enson, Som Ro k ll, Tom Murphy K Chuck Lepperl, Coach Wisniewski. 44 X!! KSC!-I 4 Q3 CJ xy ,I lj tx, Effmfil K --is 5 It iusf hangs there." 1011 Roger shoots cl perfeci arc. "If l've told you once, l've fold you C1 thousand times 194 Rich sees cu ghost! Creveling tries for two against Akron Garfield Reichenbach-in ca well-known pose. NG A-........., Q wg , R M..- I ,sh-4-sw 5 ""--in-.. Lef's go! 4 AY! - '. , 'Q... Winn! Rebound number 999 Bartholomew shows his expert timing. A bird watcher!-Jeff Bartholomew carefully eyes the Cardinals from Shaw. .sh J. V. BASKETBALL Bouncing down the court was a brown leather ball. Dribbling along behind it was a strainingmember of Euclid's J. V. Basket- ball squad. Dogging him on all sides were grimfaced members of the opposing team, who wanted the ball to be bouncing down the court before them. But no such luck. For the sixth time, the ball bounced, was lifted up, the arm sprang forward, the ball arched gracefully into the net, and into the waiting arms of a hopeful junior varsity roundballer. Up up up and away. Euclid Euclid Euclid Euclid Euclid Euclid Euclid Euclid Euclid Euclid Euclid Euclid Euclid Euclid Euclid Euclid Euclid Euclid ........ J. V. BASKETBALL 40 Shaw .............. 28 Lakewood ...... 40 Heights ...,... 46 Shaker ......... 45 St. Joseph ...... 54 Brush .............. 33 Valley Forge .. 36 Shaw .............. 45 Parma ,........... 36 Lakewood ....,. 51 Akron Garfield 57 Heights .......... 47 Newark .......... 37 Garfield ....... 52 Shaker ......... 55 Brush .......,...... 56 Valley Forge ..., 42 Parma ............ Wins 8 Losses 10 J. V. BASKETBALL TEAM. First Row: Fred Krotine, Lenny Lange, Randy Ehinger, Bob Coode, Jerry Gustie, Rich Zawack, Ken Tieber, Kit Martinsen. Sec- ond Row: Coach Tekieli, Steve Watson, Tom Bernlohr, Terry Assad, Ken Girod, Terry Fritch, Herb Anderson, Tom Haibedel, Gary Smith, Tom Theis. "But if iust disappeared." The J.V.'s fight for another win. Coode shows the Cardinals how to do it. gfrsg F r A 4 i 4 .kim ,rf-' 'V' C. ' 1-,Wifv M-, ' 44 Lee" Linda Roberts Lindo Fox J. V. CHEERLEADERS. Front Row: Sue Slruna, Linn Conley, Oralee Tyler. Second Row: Sandy Cable, Holly Lucas, Diane Stocker. . Q Anifa Hobiun CHEERLEADING SUBSTITUTES. Left lo righl: Mary Ellen Boga lay, Kalhy Jelenic, Eileen Arnold. 1 . .,.., , ...., itmgmr V, . A 1. ., ,X ,. gz.: . , L -- :. .,s: :g1-Q- : ' 'ax "' I A X S " 1.1 ' , .ami RWM 2535? Marian Hunt Penny Wolf Captain Connie Keller The peppy cheerleaders sparked enthusiasm among the fans and team alike. CHEERLEADERS Strong legs developed by ballet kicks and an overabundance of zest and youthful iollity are both qualities exhibited by Euclid's cheerleaders. The primary force in leading an en- thusiastic crowd in organized team support, these girls added much col- or to the sports activities. 201 I N 1 n ACTIVITIES Do not try to bound my world, for it has Limitless dimensions. So much I want to dop So little time. My desires The little ones that seem so big For all the things I had to get and reach Give way for want of place and time. Nothing at all outside my powers. No matter what I want to do So-meone else wants to do it And with me. Do not try to bound me Or hold me in I need others A where A when An I xl I I i l l l l l l l l 1 l l l 1 l I 1 l l 5UCl,P In a week there are l68 hours. But there are so many things to do. There are tickets and money to make, and publica- tions to get to press, and deadlines passing and absolute deadlines coming and strokes to learn and notes to unsour and harmony to perfect and lines to memorize and always practice, practice, practice. There are the World Affairs club and the Maiorettes and the Future Teachers of America and Spectrum. The Student Council let everybody win. The Camera Club sloshed in developer, the Math club computed, the Chess Club checkmated. Everybody hummed. The hands of the clock looked like the sickle of a grim reaper as they moved relentlessly toward H-hour. Balls bounced in the gym, liquid splashes sprouted in the swimming pool, a clatter of frantic click- ing typewriters racketed in the Survey office. And in still corners of quiet rooms, minds grap- pled trying to figure out how to make money without really trying and how to serve and how to discuss world affairs. All this sweat and anguish bore fruit. A cheer was cheered. A paper was born. An idea was hatched. ln a week there are 168 hours. There must be time to sleep and to eat, and to work. But many of the most valuable hours are spent in activities. The record of these hours is marked for me here. STUDENT COUNCIL. Front Row: Marge Rupar, Pat Bizikowski, Sally Beutell, Judy Tharp, Leslie Nelson, Pat Wichetf, Rosalie Milone, Karen Pike, Barb Tercek, Bev Ranney, Gerry Jablonski, Marsha Routszohn, Ann Schultz, Joyce Novak, Diane Daugherty, Sandy Mattes, Peggy Dobnikar, Elaine Chaunce, Bonnie Rozman. Second Row: Lynn Karlan, Bonnie Swanson, Joy Douglas, Peg Wills, Rosemary Bosetin, Edna Hanes, Marian Hunt, Sherry Gombach, Carol Cresson, Connie Tuthill, Sandy Deere, Joanne Gutka, Joann Beechuk, Diana Beck, Steve Barnett, Olive Koger, Mary Lynn Paganie, Sue Stanley, Mary Lowry. Third Row: Carol Krapence, Nancy Yeray, Anna Stepic, Sue LaPorte, Gretchen Havreberg, Judy Debelak, Laureen Kitko, Judy Urankar, Cheryl Soeder, Carol Sedusky, Eileen Spalek, Bev Burger, Gerri Urbancic, Marilyn Barbic, Danette DiBiasic, Ted Goble, Lucy Lang, Norma Crone, Maggie Lynch, Nora Piper. Fourth Row: Dave Wilder, Mike Morgan, Norm Stewart, Mike Leber, Charlie Leppert, Frank Jerneicic, Brian Maeder, Rog Murphy, Jeff Bartholomew, Al Elliot, Dennis Matko, John Burns, Mike Paladino, Ken Girod, Bill Zeravica, Don Belian, Larry Stapleton, Den Matko the Second, Eric Hertfelder, Tom Oleksy, Gary Gale. "But Doug, you can't do that!" STUDENT COUNCIL The iunior legislators of Euclid High, gloating over the missed phys- ics test, filed solemnly into the Student Council room. Under the punctilious parliamentary procedures of Pres- ident Doug Vukcevic, they had come to observe Euclid High's most honor- ed weekly ritual, the Student Council meeting. Pursuing various activities for pleasure and profit, the Council sold students their books ipaperback, that isl, plied them with rulers and bookcovers at the supply store, guarded them in the halls, amused them at Homecoming, mediated for them with the administration, pro- tected them against themselves, and made bold plans to liven their day with music in the cafeteria. After be- ing sold, plied, guarded, amused, mediated, protected, and livened, the students were ready to enter whole- heartedly once again into that most lively, noisy, and interesting spring event-the elections. 206 "I can't find the elastic clause." STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS AND EXECUTIVE BOARD. Front Row: Treasurer Tom Brennan, Vice President Keith Goldlusl, President Doug Vukcevic, Vice President Greg Cox, Secretary Marty Fields. Second Row: Rickie Hurlburt, Clare Mansperger, Sonia Jerkic, Greg Dane, Katie Piper, Ellen Brlgden, Barb Applequist, Margo Beery. 207 BOOK STORE After patiently coping with much delay and inefficiency, the Student Council paperback book store chang- ed companies. The increased ser- vice to teachers and students sup- plied required reading material at a most convenient location, saving many trips to downtown Cleveland. The buyer or browser could also pick out a book to read for fun or extra information from the wide selection found on the shelves. Profit? Not much, and some people wondered if it were worth anything at all as they watched Mr. Taylor and the morning workers trying, before dashing up the stairs to homeroom, to replace the books which a hastily closed cup- board had deposited on the floor. BOOK STORE WORKERS. Left to Right: Rickie Hurlburt Carol Peterson Laura Simpson Nora P per Manager Catherine Piper - g 1 f Z 208 M... V .-, W..--Y T: ""' T' Gli'ill,'SES T Ll l i T l l 1 'inf' TOO: ,.-. is Y? STUDENT SUPPLY STORE. Front Row: Roy Kituoka, Jan Heinlein, Linda Sherrill. Second Row. Mr. Amster, Hans Pesch, Gerri Urbancic, Alison Winet, Sylvia Stefanko. Third Row: Rich Collins, Don Maaswinkel, Rog Murphy. Our exchange student, Lucy Lang, takes an active part in student life at Euclid. STUDENT SUPPLY S.TORE Familiar was the cry, "You can get almost anything at the Student Supply Store!" Anything included assorted shades of rubbertipped bobbi pins, typewriter paper, 24 inch white shoelaces, and honey-flavored Vick's cough drops. Sales on Sheaf- fer cartridge pens and notebook filler drew more customers to the al- ready overcrowded cubicle. And among the many sale items scurried Mr. Amster, directing a staff that witnessed the art of persuasion first- hand. 209 I l i i 25 l I 1 l r I l l MOVIE CLUB With a spare study hall period and a little ingenuity, the movie club mem- bers provided the means for audio- visual education. After pulling shades, drawing curtains, and dim- ming lights, movie club members in- variably found the bulb burned out, the transistor dead, or the reel on backwards. This might perturb the unskilled operator, but movie club members were experts in their own right and, when everything was fin- ally in order, they crept from the room, returning when the education was completed. MOVIE CLUB Front Row Cheryl Stepuna Sue Schode .loyce McK1bben Linda Sherrill Second Row: Bob Evangelusto Cheryl Lofgren Gene Wertmon Rich Peterson Third Row Bob Lausche Terry Springer Jerry Taubman Fourth Row Penny Duncan Donna Blakeley Jan Ostkor Sigrid von Rekowski Fifth Row .lack Kupsch Tom Bell Bob Kermavner Lem Eolen Sixth Row l P. A. CLUB. Front Row: President John Howard, Vice President Rich Hotch- kiss, Secretary Sharon Morse, Treasurer Bill Sneller. Second Row: Linda Shemitz, Lynda Kasunic, Elise Grimm, Allan Kostreba, Jim Tkatch, Carole Allen, Tom Ruple, Vicki Regalbuto. Third Row: Judd Oliver, Diane Totten, Tim Tryon, Dave Bell, Judy Novinc, Don Romano, Ed Schneider, Linda Krecic. Fourth Row: Jack Korthals, Bob Hagberg, George Mcllrath, Richard Baldini, Bernie Hahs, Bob Lucci, John Maynard, Bob Usalis, Richard Focht, Glen Foster, Gary Bly. John Howard moans as a P. A. announcer reads an eleven minute Vacc. announcement. fsl Q Ki X ""Qf P.A. ANNOUNCERS. Front Row: Myrtle Wagner, Joyce Mc- Kibben. Second Row: Karen Livermore, Laura Owen, Emily Offak. Third Row: Louis Fioritlo, Keith Goldlust, Wade Schuette. P.A. CLUB 1963 witnessed the end of those announcements which had become so dear to our hearts. Gone were the bookstore commercials, and the traditional, witty Eucuyo announce- ments. The corn no longer sprouted daily from the student's favorite alarm clock. Instead, sensible an- nouncements were read briskly by an efficient staff of announcers. 2ll i AD CLUB Mr. Vacc's crew did it again- again they sold every program. lt wasn't easy, but the Ad Club mem- bers succeeded by begging friends, canning strangers, and pestering in- nocent bystanders with unrelenting effort. They sold tickets, too, some- times spending the whole evening in a four-by-two cubicle, all for the sake of Ad Club. Some punched passes, stamped hands, and checked the general confusion that accompanies each athletic event. KEY CLUB On Thursday nights, when only the swish of the cleaning ladies' brooms and the drone of adult classes dis- turb the warm silence, the peace and quiet which prevails after hours in the halls of Euclid High is shattered by an animated assembly in the Stu- dent Council room. lt is the largest Key Club in Ohio unlocking the door to heaven knows what. f- 5, .Q ., - ., . ,Lge 44,-'S mfi. qw ' 'z:'i+g22'5,, f.fff4v?fag5,3 : ,. fm RM 4 . :Vg .A 7g V-ff. .- .4-yf,.,.. , .- . v,,,:,-.1 -.. 1-. fc ..X... ., .s., .. ., ....,. .. . , MM s,,a..1.. ,,.....- ,. , V .aw9'?osf1,. ,nun AD CLUB. Front Row: Joyce Locker, Rosemary Bosetin. Second Row: Linda Cebron, Linda Vis locky. Third Row: Pat Watterman, Laura Simpson, Barb Vidensek. KEY CLUB. Front Row: Dennis Bailey, Mike Paolella, Ron Rogell, Rich Kendall, Jack Carlson, Mark Hobzak, Bill Schmenk, Tom Oleksy, John Polanc, John Reider, Ron Ashley, Gary Gale, Gus Paolucci, President Carlton Orebaugh. Second Row: Paul Debevec, Bruce Hobek, Richard Lewis, Jim Mack, John Allar, Richard Lakotash, Doug Demien, Dan Bentley, Secretary Bill Beecham, Gary Ried, Russ Thompson, Jeff Frye, John Lehr. Third Row: Dale Dieckmonn, Dick Cunningham, Jim Milavec, Dale Glick, Ken Barta, Dennis Cebul, Jim Kurrent, Joe lvanko, Bob Priiateli, Ron Surtz, Paul Vaccariello, Terry Wohlgemuth, Leo Goyanes, Allen Kovar, Treasurer Colin Murdoch, Roger Clotts. Fourth Row: Bill Reinke, Ron Hrovat, Tom Schultheis, Hank Spo- lar, Don Hoppert, Rich Karash, Carl Hurwitch, Joe Pollack, Bob Kovach, Alfredo Gutierrez, Bruce Jones, John Burns, Bob Warzin, John Palmer, Tom Bizosky. Fifth Row: Cameron Moore, Ken Bateman, Bill Zeravica, George Casey, Craig Winder, Ron Plantan, Bart Schenck, Jim Hunt, Vice President Larry Stapleton, Rich Creveling, Doug Adams, Tom Walters, Eric Hertfelder, Craig Vernick, Dennis Race, Gary Zolar, Rick Bowen, Ted Goble. 212 A leg' .IA 3- rx! l I SPIRITS Cl-U54 Ff0"" Rofvl Gfeg DONE, ROQEI' Murphy, Chuck Leppert, Berke Reichenbach, Jeff Bartholomew. Second Row: Greg Cox, Sonia Jerkic, SUB Bell, Bdfb Applequlst, Gretchen Brandt, President Marty Fields. Standing: Sponsor Mr. Wisniewski, Rickie Hurlburt. Ha, Ha, I told you we'd win. SPIRITS CLUB Their meetings and identity were a secret, but the idea which they were trying to convey was most evident- "Scrub Brush," "De-Rail the Rail- roaders," "Make the Redmen Dead Men," "Buck the Rangers," "Forge '-1 " F Ahead for ii7," "Shuttle the Cards," "Claw the Tigers," "Pepper Shaker," or iust plain "Beat St. Joe's." Work- ing within the realm of constructing school spirit, these anonymities sparked increased interest in the ath- letic program at Euclid and spirited the teams to success. . . . . ,. K " - tiff' - kwftii '52,-ew we- 'iv-" "T"4ff2 " izjgglfbin cf?-gf - rg-PH was . -Q Ig. gf ii Mitt? .. , QQ Wi , -, -: v- ,: 13.1 5136 F1 : Y .. J. ,3-s,,53K:- 9 ,91ifs:?rf5f?'f, 1 '41 'fx 1: in 1 Livio . ,- 'vw J ix: Y 6 4 'sw '-Nv...zi R SOPHOMORES GIRLS' F.T.A. Front Row: Kay Moulder, Sue Baker, Joyce Wichert, Olly Koger, Dianne Mekedis, Merrie Butterfield, Norma Smith, Gayle Wilson, Pam Scherman, Mary Wince, Diane Gershow, Sandy Cable, Carol Lewis. Second Row: Connie Manley, Barb Helmick, Mary Lou Stelzer, Fran Felz, Jane Stahl, Lynn Humphrey, Donna Walerwash, Sally Beutell, Linda Grugel, Betty Preston, Beth Knox, Joann Dibelik, Sue Cochran. Third Row: Bobs Bessirec, Barb Ward, Bonnie McArthur, Fran Komar, Sue Reider, Anne Olosky, Sheryl Tucci, Sue Stanley, Eileen Arnold, Joan Bureber, Gail Gul- benkian, Mary Lowry, Cheri Bartos, Donna Moretti. Fourth Row: Karen MacDonald, Darlene Vukcevic, Hilary Hunn, Maurine Jackson, Joyce Yerty, Gayle Walker, Sharon McGill, Carrie Ratzman, Martha Sckwary, Eileen Biederman, Gale Heighton, Sue Smith, Mary Strekal, Sue Perko, Connie Bretton. JUNIOR GIRLS' F.T.A. Front Row: Judy Craig, Ellen Wehrle, Carol Gabrenya, Mary Ellen Gopich, Joyce McKibben, Elaine Begelke, Lynn Murphy, Linda Zust, Sue Anderson. Second Row: Sandy Guild, June Novotny, Kathy Patton, Barb Shuber, Charlotte Ritz, Kim Hashagen, Betty Lesiak, JoAnn Sovich, Donna Romano, Elaine Chaunce. Third Row: Frances Ulle, Sue Paulovcin, Caroline Reeves, Carol Krapence, Michele Breskvar, Kathy Gustetic, Marcia Steagler, Cynthia Steagler, Judy Strausbaugh, Marilyn Mansperger. Fourth Row: Sharon Pylick, Jackie Roschy, Norma Crone, Judy Frustere, Karen Siat, - ' ' ' ' - ' 'I 'k S Linda Miller, Barb Bradford, Maggie Lynch, Edna Hanes, Judi Mervis, Dolores King. Fifth Row. Judy Hallock, Rosemary Bosetin, Lynn Moc: ni ar, ue LaPorte, Laura Ryder, Bev Holcomb, Sue Horsey, Anne Stepic, Kathy Korosec, Cheryl Cook, Karen Livermore. '33-75' Tk 214 BOYS' F.T.A. Front Row: Richard Blatnik, Tom Rieder. Second Row: John Reider, Jeff Fousl, Bill Boag SENIOR GIRLS' F.T.A. Front Row: Margo Zola, Cary Hummon, Sue Schade, Kathy Yone, Lindo Brock, Sandy Calvert, Linda Loope, Lauren Brown, Cindy Eppich, Pris Mahoney. Second Row: Sue Bahr, Mary Balsley, Barb Applequist, Kathy Abbott, Pot Federico, Cathy Martin, Kathy Tuckerman, Dorothy Fike, Barb Kramer, Judy Thorp, Rosemary Vacc, Third Row: Linda lege, Pam Gaboloc, Rosemary Marmash, Barb Wilcoxon, Marie Prokopovich, Joanne Gutka, Carolyn Maresh, Sally Brain, Cheryl Hehr, Pom Hadarich, Koren Fowler, Fourth Row: Gretchen Brandt, Nancy Rakas, Judy Debelak, Sue Stross, Diane Lukat, Elsie Wilke, Lindo Long, Lorolie Horvath, Shirley Novotny, Sue Grissard, Ann Hartnett. F.T.A. EXECUTIVE BOARD, Front Row: Vice President Gretchen Brandt, President Mary Balsley, Secretory Norma Crone. Second Row: Treasurer Gretchen Havreberg, Historian Tina Grillo, Sue Schade, Marie Prokopovich. Third Row: Pam Hadarich, Carolyn Maresh, Sandy Calvert, Barb Applequist. Fourth Row: Judy Debelak, Karen Livermore, linda lege, Rosemary Mormash, Elsie Wilke. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Out of the classroom and back in again-that is the goal of the Future Teachers of America. No, the FTA members are not revengeful scourg- ers avenging all the surprise tests, grinding assignments, overpowering burdens, and crushing finals. We have it on the highest authority that it is better to give than to receive, and the FTA members are those who are interested in applying this principle. The teaching profession is one which calls for dedication, something the FTA members know from firsthand observation. They also know that their sacrifices will be rewarded by the knowledge that they are helping others. Sometimes. 215 FUTURE NURSES CLUB. Front Row: Janet Krapenc, Nancy Lindquist, Janet Delsanter, Carol Baldini, Rosemary Mar- mash, Judy Kozlevcar, Modonna Weeks, Sue Willson, Donna Walsh, Sue Wright, Barbara Shuber, Paula Deister, Second Row: Joan Whittaker, Becky Leake, Jean Knoch, Joyce Knoch, Sue Poulovcin, Barb Kramer, Emily Offack, Carol Halus, Vicki Snow, Diane Giskee, Penny Wolf, Joyce Locker, Nancy Emser. Third Row: Lindo Miller, Eileen Rodgers, Ellen Brigden, Sylvia Barcovic, Marilyn Barbic, Helen Estvander, Sandy Rodencic, Elizabeth Neat, Loralie Horvath, JoAnn Beechuk, Pot Deegan, Joyce Goodwin, Judy Bender, Linda McKee. Fourth Row: Donna Blakeley, Virginia Lowe, Diane Lukot, Joanne Hitty, Diana Hoedt, Hermine Schieb, Pat Dilworth, Pat Chyllo, Janet Orehek, Rose Bostin, Rose Belanich, Evelyn Gray, Sue Yager. Fifth Row: Laura Vohcic, Jackie Brown, Cynthia Hoedt, Kathy Jonaitis, Pam Gabolac, Linda Scheve, Lucy Ritter. Just gimme the facts, ma'am, iust the facts. You say you see two pink elephants? X4- I 1 2l6 'WU g ..- ' QS:- , . ,' GYA- ' - .M-frfi JUNIOR RED CROSS. Front Row: Emily Offak, Rose Pink, Shelby Fetko, Evelyn Hlad, Judy Richards, Sherry Fetko. FUTURE NURSES' CLUB Together because of a common goal, iunior and senior girls found the Future Nurses' Club both in- formative and fun. Hearing registered nurses, view- ing slides shown by an X-ray technician, and listen- ing to explanations about social life by student nurses gave members insight into many phases of medical careers. ln November twenty girls toured St. Luke's Hospital, in December they helped decor- ate Euclid Glenville Hospital for the Christmas season, and in January they were shown how a young girl was rehabilitated. By comparing, dis- cussing, and inquiring, these girls were finally able to make career choices, and many chose the nursing profession. JUNIOR RED CROSS When Junior Red Cross members spied cross- word puzzles, instead of grasping a pencil they wielded scissors and in short order snipped the puzzle from magazines and newspapers. After pasting them on cardboard, the word-teasers were sent to enlisting officers so that servicemen could battle them while being screened. Besides this proiect, the Red Cross co-operated with Friendship Club to collect paperbacks and used books for prison inmates and participated in the Greater Cleveland Junior Red Cross Intercouncil. Theresa Richmond. Second Row: Sandy Gfeller, Veronica Yager, Barb King. Third Row: Kaur 'S 6' F L7 0,335 YNL4 P3 ..3n' 2l7 SENIOR FRIENDSHIP CLUB SOPHCMORE FRIENDSHIP CLUB JUNIOR FRIENDSHIP CLUB 2 -Ii FRIENDSHIP EXECUTIVE BOARD, Front Row: Bobbie Slrang Kessler. Second Row: Diane Geisky, Arlene Smitzkv, Rosemary Third Row: Mary Balsley, Olive Koger, Marilyn Ogrinc, Nikki Phillips. Fourth Row: Mary Ann Vardian, Gretchen Brandt, Diane Lukal, Bobbie Rochkar. FRIENDSHIP CLUB The last Thursdays of each month were days of friendship-that's when the Friendship Club met to extend brotherhood. Friendship Club, a ser- vice club, was mostly inclined to be sociable. To be serviceable, how- ever, they collected, packed, and dis- tributed used paperbacks for hospital patients in the Christmas spirit. Then there was the annual Christmas party in the E-Room and the Friendship formal which became an "Enchanted Evening." The banquet and style show culminated an active year, where Euclid's own high-fashion models, to the strains of Chopin, showed off spring's finery. SQPHQMQRE FRIENDSHIP CLUB SOPHOMORE FRIENDSHIP CLUB JUNIOR FRIENDSHIP CLUB 219 2 STAGE CREW. Front Row: Tom Russ, Bill Blanc, Ray Summers. Second Row: Jim McConachc, Tom Bell, Kenny Kapley, Dick Redmond. 'year' Il l TTD' CAMERA CLUB. Front Row: Greg Harper, John Fleshin, Bob Usalis. Second Row: Sponsor Mr. Rinkes, Carlton Orebaugh, Gary Bly, Don Lyman. FOREMEN'S CLUB Certain boys are selected because of leadership ability as toremen, to direct, boss, and generally take charge of the shop classes. Under the super- vision of instructors they learn lessons in respon- sibility as well as shop and take pride in their mem- bership in the club. After a year of this type of training, they are better qualified for iobs in the workaday world. Bring 'er around, course 220, starboard and a midships. fe...x-.., H ,. 4 lu: Y V STAGE CREW No one knows what goes on behind the scenes- that is, no one but the stage crew. Each time play enthusiasts iam the auditorium the stage crew draws teasers, the strip as well as the traveler, and lowers the drop. The crew sets props, controls lighting, and coordinates scenery movement. They are an indispensable part of the cast, playing unseen roles. CAMERA CLUB ln a dark and slushy room on the third floor is the headquarters for Euclid's shutterbugs. Here the members of the Camera Club, groping about in the dark among enlargers, dryers, tanks, and dripping negatives, record indelible impressions of Euclid High. The Camera Club is a service organization, and it responds on call to requests for photographic work, creating a good image of itself by prompt and efficient service. FOREMEN'S CLUB. Front Row: Chris Maher, Jim Deely, Tom Nimelli, David Foerste, Jim Smith, Gene Eyer, Fred Davis. Second Row: Sponsor Mr. Nold, John Perrotti, Carl Morgenthaler, Jim Somrak, Rich Seaman, Dave Robinson, Don Gaster, Al Russ, Don Hull. T-Q-W..-"i'---... . ......i-- CO-OP STUDENTS. Front Row: Judy Leskovic, Lynn Hrovat, Dolores Skrainer, Kathy Buehner, Jeanette Koenig. Second Row: Pat Sears, Lynn McGregor, Pat Waldron, Linda Lindic, Marge Hasto, Gerri Polis. FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA. Front Row: Rita Marthin, Diane Brule, Mary Beth Kovatch, Joann Hitty, Judy Leskovec, Marge Hasto, Do- lores Skrainer, Mary Beth Green, Sue Grisard. Second Row: Shirley Gere, Julianna Campana, Nancy Emser, Carol Pulver, Lynne Hrovat, Sandy Davis, Lynn McGregor, Marian Komar, Cathy Buehner, Jeanette Koenig. FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA On that particularly cold weekend in February, all of the girls in the business department who had scored lOO'f, on the NOMA tests joined the delegates from F.B.L.A. at the state convention, one of this year's activities. Minimum requirements which qualify the many interested students for member- ship are two courses in the business department and an interest in preparing for the business wo1'ld. 222 NATIONAL ATHLETIC SCHOLARSHIP SOCIETY ATHLETIC BOARD The National Athletic Scholarship Society hon- ored those who combined scholastic ability with athletic prowess. Through this organization, the school was reminded that the ancient Greek ideal ofa sound mind in a sound body was still very much up to date. The Society encouraged those who sprained the brain as well as those who did not spare the brown, and its members made creditable show- ings in the classroom as well as on the playing field. Meanwhile, Vacc channelled more money into the coffers of the Athletic Board, an organization which had charge of the administrative aspects of the athletic program. Through their behind the scenes work, the Board encouraged and supported all the school's sports activities. '31, fi V 1' it if 'QE , all 'N - ev.-lg N Q Q, ' 1- N 1 . .5 Q4- Q.. , , x IS xx. , Q Q, E NCQ SJ Y fl ,Fl 7 S k :ml - -inf NATIONAL ATHLETIC SCHOLARSHIP SOCIETY. Front Row: Frank Jerneicic, Mike Leber, Rich Karash, Bill Beacham, John Kovach, Bill Sederholm, Stan Yabroff, Dale Bizily. Second Row: Bob Usalis, Rich Collins, Mike Orazen, Tom Murphy, Pete Breen, Doug Vukcevic, Roger Murphy, Jim Orr, Mr. Lindsay. ATHLETIC BOARD. Front Row: Frank Pringle, Vic Resch, Hal Daugherty. Second Row: Clarence Eckert, Dale Thompson, Herbert Nold. Third Raw: Anthony Vaccariello, Don Mohr, Bob Addis. it - in A lg latlj -i. S Q-17 :ISI ,S rf-T N 1 l l l l l rv HD-1. i WAI NAPOLO. Front Row: President Bill Houck, Vice President Wendy Conrad, Secreiary Peggy Dobnicar, Treasurer John Randt, Alison Winet, Lucy Lang, Carol Halus, Diane Bell, Kathy Tuckerman, Sherri Downen, Mary Beth Greene, Margo Bradford, Janice Golon. Second Row: Mrs. Schwegler, Linda Tiffany, Barb Ward, Michele Kmel, Connie Keller, Sandy Barker, Charlotte Hildebrand, Linda Ralls, Judy Hoce- var, Mary Klosky, Sandy Borgsteadt, Eileen Rodgers, Doris Young, Barb Bradford, Linda Zust. Third Row: Mr. Resch, Bob Paulson, Dave Mallue, Dave Wilder, Tom Allen, Ed Mauser, Dave Robb, Tom Tumbry, Tom Brennan, Craig Vernich, Mike Long, Dan Spokas, Ted Goble, Gary Zola, Roy Kitaoka. With the Swim Club's, all initiations go down the drain permanently. 224 W T W H 4 I -M i I ' I5-T V, r -'x 4' G.A.A. OFFICERS. Front Row: President Donna Stock, Vice President Kathy Lybarger, Second Row: Secretary Kim Hashagen, Sponsor Mrs. Bach, Treasurer Maggie Lynch. Co-ordination counts. WAI NAPOLO lt's that reputation that counts and that is what the Swim Club built this year. Their widely known grue- some initiations, feared by all, were eliminated this year to the disgust of present members but fortune of next year's tryouts. Swim Club members prided in knowing every stroke from the elementary crawl to the advanced butterfly and strove for perfection of swan dives and synchronized swimming. With gusto they wrote skits for swim show, selected lyrics, practiced until water-logged, for the honor of a senior solo or just a part in the annual swim show. GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The Girls' Athletic Association provided physical stimulus and men- tal relaxation for the feminine ath- letes of Euclid High. Since they can- not participate in the popular varsity sports, the intramurals set up through this organization are one of the very few opportunities the girls have to participate in team competition. 225 1 3 1 'SL' Q' First you put your two knees close up tight . . . Leader Jan Krapenc demonstrates a trampoline stunt for the iunior leaders. GIRLS' LEADERS CLUB. Front Row: Margo Beery, Susan Bell, Kathy Popiolek, President Gretchen Brandt, Vice President Mary Ellen McGraw, Secretary Barb Applequist, Treasurer Margo Zola, Historian Judy Debelak, Jan Krapenc, Cary Hummon, Roswitha Oetsner, Sandy Tarantino, Second Row: Rose- mary Marmash, Kathy Lybarger, Mary Lou Kalinowski, Elaine Scaranka, .lan Delsanter, Char Kerestes, Sandy Miller, Barb Wilcoxon, Alice Will, Judy Kozlevcar, Penny Wolf, Norma Crane. Third Row: Kathy Ulle, Danette DiBiasio, Donna Romano, Carole Allen, Jane Schulte, Judy Urankar, Gerri Ur- bancic, Kim Hashagen, Sandy Williams, Mary Ellen Bogatay, Mary Wolanski, Bonnie Budas. ,NNN-N f I J 5 ' L.. --.W -12.1 Margo Beery shoots the bull-s-eye. The Lune U - -pt. GIRLS' LEADERS' CLUB The Girls' Gym Leaders are chosen for their outstanding achievements in many fields, but particularly in the fields of physical education and sportsmanship. And they continue to stand out in gym class in their white shirt and shorts and new yellow uniforms. Perhaps they are not always the most agile and adept class members, but they are there to help to teach others while learning themselves, and they are respected by their class- mates for their efforts. Unless you en- ioy physical education and working with others, you are not among those girls who give up their time for Girls' Leaders. 1-.,o v .v 227 f - qw ,ff-7 SPECTRUM. Front Row: President Rich Brown, Vice President Don Wiltshire, Secretary Carolyn Cresson, Treasurer Robin Carter, Nick Perencevich, Russ Haigh, Gail Gulbenkian, Sonia Skrli, Second Row: Carol Pulver, John Amos, Mary Klosky, Joann Hitty, Nora Piper, Sue Warner, Kathy Dragolich, Sharon Apolski, Sandy Harris, Sue Cochran. Third Row: Ruth Ricksecker, Nancy Kaston, Joyce Chisholm, Sandy Gfeller, Sue Bell, Barb Applequist, Veronica Yager, Peggy Brancae, Paula Deister. Fourth Row: Randy Wood, Margaret DeViney, Linda Lege, Ann Hartnett, Mary Lou Strekal, Cheryl Steigauf, Sonia Jerkic, Noel Goslee, Paul Schultz, Pat Dilworth, Ron Surtz, Cheri Bartos. Fifth Row: Tom Halbeclel, Joy Douglas, Kathleen Luckay, Mary Lou Cavan, Marge Reynolds, Kathy Grich, Andi Daskivich, Sandy Barker, Bill King, Brian Humphrey, Chuck Mallue. Sixth Row: Jim Zimmerman, Dave Swaddell, Lem Eaglen, Joe Pollack, Wayne Wiblin, Rich Hotchkiss, Eric Hertfelder, Carl Statz, Tom Stahre, Ron Bailey, Mr. Eisen. A,F.S. Front Row: John Amos, Danette DiBiasio, Judy Strausbaugh, Rich Karash. Mrs. Baumeister, Mrs. Gates, Mr. Vaccariello. Third Row: Jan Howell, Noel Goslee, Jim Zimmerman, Laura Simpson, Sue Bell. .gf fear A wc'1 Second Row: Mr. Pringle, Mrs. Zimmerman, Mrs. Horn, Mr. Fellague, SPECTRUM. Front Row: Ross Fergus, Pete Akrabotl, Dennis Cebu Routzohn, Denise Ray, Sue DeVanna, Nancy Patrick, Cindy Eppic Vacc, Donna Waterwash, Cheryl Turk, Marilyn Mansperger, Sharon Stanley, Sally Brain, Sue Lohrey, Linda Long, Cathy Davis, Barb P Linda Brock, Cathy Martin, Penny Dickinson, Dorothy Fike. Sixth PYIISSOFI. M0ry Lowry, Sue Reider, loralie Horvath, Karen Heckert. AMERICAN FIELD SERVICE Financed by the traditional foreign films, the treasury of the American Field Service swelled, and hoped to be allowed to disgorge enough money to send one of EucIid's hope- fuls abroad. The AFS, founded as an ambulance brigade during the First World War, has since then developed into an international scholarship program which this year sent over 2800 visitors to the United States. Our .O3670 share came in the form of Lucy Lang, the second dividend to arrive from the invest- ment in film entertainment, but the first from South of the Border. Mean- while, the four prospects to return the favor waited anxiously for the mail- man to see if they could be Euclid's answer to the Alliance for Progress. SPECTRUM The nefariously fanged figure sauntered to the door. Who was in- side the Dracula costume? Why, Mr. Eisen, of course, sponsor of Spec- trum, the indescribable club which did everything. Spectrum members were game for falling to with burnt cork and pumpkin for the Halloween frolic, or donning more conservative apparel to witness the last man on earth become lonesco's Rhinoceros. Undoubtedly one of the fastest-grow- ing clubs at Euclid, Spectrum found itself in the unusual position of dis- couraging the thronging membership. But in they came, and the officers puzzled, shrugged, and ordered more cider. I, Paul Debevec, Randy Stautfer, Dennis Billings, Second Row Lauren Brown Mu,-sho h, Lucy Lang, Diana Hoedt, Carolyn Maresh, Third Row Kathy Hunter Rosemary Welch, Pat Beeman, Judy Thorp, Debbie Van Vechten Fourth Row Chris Ross Sue etek, Linda Nurmi. Fifth Row: Rita Marthin, Connie Mantey Linda Price Ellen Flke Row: Barb Shepard, Kathy Tuckerman, Judy Mervis Sue Stross Alison Patrick Carol TALENT SCOUTS E.H.S. Many unusually talented students in Euclid High tried out for their high school stage debuts in the annual Talent Scouts E.H.S. paid assembly. This provided an outlet for their tal- ents and enabled them to develop their performing abilities. NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE Overloaded station wagons, hard- seated school buses, and grim de- termination to improve carried Na- tional Forensic League members to speech contests. When the contest season began, students were nervous, and though they had to rise at five in the morning, they found themselves too excited to catch forty winks on the long ride. As the season progressed, ability increased, and extemps, or- atorical decs, debators, and original orators found new pride and con- fidence in speaking. Often whole Saturdays were whittled away in com- petition and suspense while awaiting results became a regular thing, as speakers strove to accumulate twen- ty-five points and the right to wear the N.F.L. pin. NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE. Front Row: President Wade Schuette Recording Secretary Karen Livermore Marion Wasenda Ruth Ricksecker Debbie Van Vechten. Second Raw: Laura Owen, Carol Klevay Mary lynn Poganie Cindy Tralno Sponsor Mr Robuck Third Raw Keith Goldlust Scott Win sor, Paul Cox, Bill Blanc. f eq,-.... eww Y ,- THRSPIANS. Front Row: President Carol Klevay, Yicf.-.President Sylvia Stefonko, Secretary-Treasurer Allen Johns, Sally Forker, Laura Owen, .lan Vuk- CEVIC, MUS' WGQUEV, 5Dlly Howe. Second Row: Jim Zimmerman, Pete Akraboff, Tony Petruzzi, Ross Fergus, Rich Brown, Tom Bell, Tom Russ, Ray Sum- l'I'I9l'S. The grass is greener onthe other side. THESPIANS The arbiters of dramatic activity ruled over their stage domain from a dark cubbyhole known as the stage shop. Having come through a long and arduous course of preparation, now sharply restricted by the Initia- tion-Control Law, those who made it to the top kept a close eye on the up- and-comers, who were inducted twice a year at ceremonies distinguished by taste, moderation, and culture. The culture included demonstrations ofthe developing talent, screening of the modern "avant garde" films, and other appropriate items of interest. Between initiations, the Thespians, like everyone else, relaxed, took a breather, and sat. 231 2 Q. 3 ,L as Y fif'H'I:':i."E5f fs- ' N 4 s L x A X 1 , z N S' X ' N va . L 4 agp: . -. .,.g:.s-iissms Q.. ' ' 42 ' 'GX 3332 1 by ' 0 as v ' xi-5 .-sf 1 1 x sw a 5 X 'iw v 7 1 WK 'Z-QZSQ L X -K3 SVS MATH CLUB. Front Row: Sponsor Mr. Reno. Keith Goldlust, Les Taylor, .lim Zimmerman. Second Row: Janet Hriber, Karen Heckert, Sonia Skrli, Ron Surtz, Robin Carter. Third Row: Leslie Harris, Jackie Brown, Debbie Van Vechten, Carolyn Henry, Pam Nada. Fourth Row: Rich Kershaw, John Lehr, Bruce Hobzek, Wade Schuette, Paul Debevec. MATH CLUB If you happen to be passing Room l03 some Thursday afternoon, you will see a collection lor perhaps "set" is the wordl of eager faces gazing raptly at someone making strange signs on the blackboard. Be very quiet, for it is the Math Club's weekly hashing out of various vendettas, such as what IS lfO and are there more points on a plane than on a line? After much heated discussion- often requiring a squashing remark from the other Mr. Reno, or a quick thrust by co-presidents Keith Goldlust and Les Taylor to restore order, business gets under way, with various giant bargains and prizes going to the top untanglers of the week's brain-twister. CHESS CLUB One of the more scholarly sports has its representation in the Chess Team, which is classified as a club, even though they participate in many interschool challenges. Euclid's team was consistently underrated, al- though they checked through com- petition with many triumphs. The team members found this year to be rather successful, in spite of the loss of many of their best players last year, be- cause they knew how to apply them- selves to the task at hand, especially under the pressure of a constantly ticking clock. SCIENCE SEMINAR. Front Row: Nancy Kaston, Barb Baker, Paul Debevec, Harvey Goertz, Bob Malinak. Second Row: Debbie Van Vechten, Sandy Barker, Don Wiltshire, Rich Kershaw. Third Row: Carolyn Henry, Les Taylor, Lionel Smith, Jim Burich, Chris Pinkney. Fourth Row: Leslie Harris, Geoffrey Whitaker, Cheryl Steigauf, Rich Karosh. Fifth Row: Dave Garland, Eric Hertfelder, Ron Surtz, Ray Frank. Sixth Row: Tom Frohlich, Bob Carmcny, Dave Swaddell. Seventh Row: Jim Zimmerman, Robin Carter, Dave Wilber. Eighth Row: Sponsor Mr. Judge. SCIENCE SEMINAR Ever heard of a Klein bottle? It you haven't, you are not a member of the Joe Berg Science Seminar, whose members heard about the weird one- surface bottle in a discussion of topology, a new mathematical dis- cipline which takes Euclid's nice neat scheme and stretches it into an entirely new geometry. Keeping up with modern trends was one desire which attracted students, another was see- ing real scientists put into application the principles which they had only seen decorating the pages of books. Seminar topics were wide ranging, from archeology to zoology. They were delivered by a wide range of speakers, with reactions from yawns to ecstasy. Often, trips were ar- ranged to the sites of research, and one could see the monstrous appara- tus, which, with a powerful mind, could give results. But the most im- portant aspect of the Seminars was undoubtedly introducing the student to the world of the real scientist and his problems. CHESS CLUB. Front Row: Wayne Rohricht, Earl Switalsky, Lee Pereksta. Second Row: Jim Tegel, Dave Swaddell, Ken Rosenthal. A X h , fi 'xx .7 Am? fs N 'U :Vg rp p cfgf.fif'c ' fre s ,ax If .,- .1414 "J, 2-iv-.A NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY. Front Row: Sponsors Mr. Sawyer, Mr. Avers, President Jim Zimmerman, Vice President Keith Goldlust, Secretary Katie Piper, Treasurer Barb Applequist, Robin Carter, Tom Murphy, Greg Cox, Lem Eaglen. Second Row: Peggy Brancae, Sue Bahr, Richard Brown, Dale Bizily, Roswitho Oelsner, Marty Fields, Sue Bell, Carolyn Maresh, Judy Tharp, Margo Zola, Sally Howe, Carol Klevoy. Third Row: Kathy Tuckerman, Linda lege, Sandy Calvert, Sonia Jerkic, Doug Vukcevic, Laura Simpson, Gretchen Brandt, Kathy Lybarger, Noel Goslee, Judy Debelak, Mark Hobzek, Tom Burroughs, Wendy Conrad, Roger Murphy, Margo Beery. i-if? Parents and students socialize at the annual N.H.S. reception in the E-Room. ,234 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY With a thud, the scroll hit the floor. Panic hit the audience. Hearts throbbed above the gentle hum of the organ. Shrouded figures in colored capes moved through the auditorium. The National Honor Society was inducting its new crop of members. Scholarship, Leadership, Character, and Service reigned as the secretary called the role of the in- ductees in a slow, steady voice. A ripple in the audience. Someone was making his way to the stage. Slowly he mounted the steps. The steps creaked. He lit the candle. He shook the extended hand. Congratulations. "I pledge myself to up- hold . . Recognition is a small part of achievement, but the National Honor Society offers recognition as a reward for service. By basing its goals on Char- acter, Service, and Leadership as well as Scholar- ship, the Society hopes to contribute to the spread of these qualities, and hopes to encourage its in- ductees to ioin the succession of those who have fulfilled the duties and responsibilities of life with honor and with reputation. 2 xii 95 X , ,. u 3 Y , -!,, r w'- ,.,.. 1' 1 L ,- 1963 JUNIOR N.H.S. INDUCTEES. Front Row: Linda Tomko, Ellen Wehrle, Danette DiBiasio, Penny Wolf, Donna Romano, Edna Haynes, Judy Straus- baugh, Marilyn Mansperger, Barb Hille, Rickie Hurlburt. Second Row: Norma Crone, Linda Fox, Bobbie Rochkar, Mary Ellen Bogotay, Connie Keller, Kim Hashagen, Sandy Williams, Mary Ann Minillo, Char Ritz, Gerri Urbancic, Ken Barta. Third Row: Judy Mervis, Ellen Brigden, Laura Wittine, Karen Livermore, Lynn Mocilnikar, Jackie Brown, Leslie Harris, Wade Schuette, Colin Murdoch, Ron Surtz. Fourth Row: Sue Horsey, Linda Roberts, Judy Hoce- var, Gretchen Havreberg, Jane Holloway, Sue Blatnik, Anna Stepic, Rich Karash, Bev Holcomb, Paul Cox, Greg Dane, Rich Creveling. The N.H.S. assembly. 'Vinh' Ti CN! 1 A .zgiyliisoooz l ' in l l' - - 'Els C- at I963 SENIOR N.H.S. INDUCTEES. Front Row: Barb Tercek, Cathy Martin, Lauren Brown, Marsha Routzahn, Linda Brock, Barb King, Cheryl Turk, Frank Jerneicic, Kathy Yane, Cindy Eppich, Dorthy Fike, Kathy Popiolek, Nancy Kaston, Sue Schade, Kathy Abbott. Second Row: Sally Brain, Sandy Miller, Mike Leber, Pete Akraboff, Pam Hadarich, Alice Will, Joyce Stanek, Peggy Davis, Juliana Campana, Joanne Beechuk, Mary Balsley, Kathy Corrigan, Linda Nurmi, Barb Kramer, Nancy Lindquist. Third Row: Joyce Novak, Sandy Stefanko, Linda Scheve, Ann Hartnett, Karen Jambor, Jeanette Stillinger, Diane Bell, Nancy Rakas, Rosemary Marmash, Bev Burger, Jackie Lunder, Les Taylor, Tom Oleksy, Carol Cresson. Fourth Row: Bart Schenck, Jeff Bar- tholomew, Bill Zeravica, Pete Breen, Mike Orazen, Doug Wheeler, Bud Kramer, Rich Hotchkiss, Bill Sederholm, Paul Vaccariello, Stan Yabroff, Chuck Leppert, Ron Ashley, Ross Fergus, Clare Mansperger. 2 1 ' 1 ' , , ,fi ,- 41 INTERNATIONAL QUILL AND SCROLL. Front Row: John Fleshin, Ken Barta, Kathy Lybarger, Wendy Conrad, Les Taylor, Frank Jerneicic, Mary Balsley. Second Row: Karen Jambor, Carol Sedusky, Carolyn Maresh, Sue Blatnik, Jane Holloway, Margo Beery, Gretchen Brandt, Pat Federico, Pam Turk, Ros- witha Oelsner, Joanne Hitty, Noel Goslee. Third Row: Virginia Lowe, Lindo Lege, Nancy Kaston, Sue Bohr, JoAnn Beechuk, Barb Vidensik, Eileen Spalek, Kathy Tuckerman, Nancy Rakas. Fourth Row: Ann Hartnett, Laura Simpson, Bob Wilcoxon, Sue Bell, Cathy Davis, Sally Howe, Leslie Long, Carolyn Cresson, Linda Brock, Kathy Yane, Judy Thorp, Cindy Eppich, Barb Applequist, Bev Burger, Margo Zola. Fifth Row: Greg Cox, Doug Wheeler, Tom Oleksy, Mark Hobzek, Bud Kramer, Dave Leber, Randy Stauffer, Jim Orr, Terry Wilson, Bill Zeravica, Norm Stewart, Carlton Orebaugh, Jim Zim- merman. An impressive organization, an impressive ceremony, an impressive pin. INTERNATIONAL QUILL AND SCROLL T This is the ultimate end-for deserving staff members of Euclid High's literary productions. Talent and effort in the field of iournalism are recognized twice a year at the short and simple closed induc- tion ceremonies. At this time each new member of this national honorary society is awarded his pin, or safety pin as the case was this year, for the emblems had not yet arrived at the time of the evening's ritual. 236 Wx Lem Eaglen gavels in another World Affairs meeting. WORLD AFFAIRS CLUB Bake sales that introduced "Mr. Cookie" to every Euclidite and after school popcorn sales financed World Affairs Club activities. Members heard Mr. Nehru, an ambassador from India, and Col. Edurado Martin-Elena, who was once a Cuban military leader, speak at the Carter Hotel. Through group discussions and speakers, members learned more of world situations, which should be the con- cern of every student. WORLD AFFAIRS CLUB. FRONT ROW: Lem Eoglen, Edna Hanes, Nancy Lindquist, Dorothy Fike. Second Row: Sue Baker, Janice Pickett, Lou Hodak- ievic, Linda Sherrill, Gerry Krome. Third Row: Nancy Waschura, Kathy Butt, Judy Kramer, Elayne Kovacs, Carol Andrew, Ida Lisuzzo. Fourth Row: Sandy Harris, Nancy Linsley, Lucy Lang, Roswitho Oelsner, Frances Ulle. Fifth Row: Bernadette Inman, Diane Liptak, Bill Figner, Marilyn Bilicic, Sue Nelson, Don Lyman. 1 .2 xv C7 301 V 237 .nv www! -Q.- A..,,,, EUCUYO Front Row Bob Carmany Gary Bernstein Bernie Hohs Les Taylor Second Row: Sue Grissard, Linda Brock, Pat Federico, Sue Horsey. Third Row Veronica Yager Nancy Kaston Sue Bell Leslie Long Fourth Row Michele Breskvar, Bev Holcomb, Ron Bailey, Ted Markley. EUCUYO Quite a bit of tearing goes on in the Eucuyo of- fice: the editor tears his Kennedy-style hair, phil- osophical discussions tear the literary masterpieces to pieces, and staff members tear writers and each other to bits with verbal rips. But, if you want to turn out a good literary magazine, you must have good writers, something the Eucuyo staff manages to come up with by deadline, even if they have to use themselves as a last resort. X Q 4' vs 5 I Al fr! i .f ,K 1:1 :y 1.1 EUCUYO EDITORS. Front Row: Essay Editor Sue Bell, Business Manager Les Taylor. Second Row: Editor-in-Chief Tom Burroughs, Sponsor Miss Rust. Third Row: Poetry Editor Nancy Kaston, Art Editor Linda Brock. SENIOR SCANDAI. Euclid's senior's dirty laundry was very publicly and revealingly washed in the Senior Scandal. Confession is good for the soul, they say, and this sums up the philosophy ot the snoop- ers. Under the direction of "Peeping Randy," various choice morsels were bagged, prepared, suitably spiced, and served to the waiting audience. lt was strictly thumbs down on the victims. Their reputations were laid under cold type. SENIOR SCANDAL. Front Row: Marsha Routzahn, Lauren Brown, Barb Applequist, Carolyn Hummon, Pat Jaffray, Barb Trauger, Marty Roma, Cynthia Eppich, Marie Prokopovich, Nancy Miiacek, Margo Zola. Second Row: Cothy Martin, Barb Tercek, Carol Cazart, Linda Loope, Rosemary Vacc, Co- Editor Mary Balsley, Co'Editor Randy Stauffer, Paula Vidusich, Pam Turk, Vetus Syracuse, Jean Schneller. Third Row: Les Taylor, Barb Wilcoxon, Linda Lege, Carolyn Maresh, Rosemary Marmash, Joyce Novak, Joanne Gutka, Kathy Lybarger, Tom Oleksy, Carol Cresson, Cathy Davis, Joe Pollack, Doug Wheeler, Roger Murphy, Jeff Bartholomew. ' x ,' My Q' ' 'Z - r ' t f - gm' SURVEY CUB REPORTERS. Front Row: Donna Kobe, Carol Klevay, Leslie Long, Sandy Lemm, Jan Houry, Gerri Miller, Eileen Spalek. Second Row Rakas, Kathy Tuckerman, Ann Hartnett, Linda lege, Doug Wheeler, Tom Oleksy, Barb Vidensek. Train reaction "Natural corruption" 1 r 1 TS 2. L Q2 'cs YJ? Orebaugh, Dale Bizily, Ken Ba ta Second Beechuk, Laura Simpson, Pam Turk. Third Row: Sonia Jerkic, Carolyn Maresh Susan Nelson Col n Murdoch Fourth Row: Editor-in-Chief Judy Thorp, Noel Goslee, Linda Tomko, John Flesh n M Sm th SURVEY EDITORIAL STAFF This year marked Survey's entrance into the world of black ink, made possible by a lOO'f,, price hike, but a monopoly of the Euclid biweekly literary production enabled the banner "lf it's been SUR- VEYED, it's true" to float once again over the iournalistic world. Known for witticisms in galley proof and below-the-belt tactics in football games, the Survey branched out into nostrums for the ner- vous in its coloring contests which provided psychological relief for the tension and para-defense mechanisms of frustrated seniors and unadiusted sophomores. The Survey office doubled as a center of culture. Decorated in the Neo-Tharp style, it boasted mobiles, driftwood, and similar treasures, even including a telescreen on one occasion. In the midst of this, typewriters clicked, shoes clacked, tongues waggled, flashbulbs popped, deadlines passed, copy was proofed, pencils wagged, minds hummed, and presses roared. The Survey was out on time. Mblivx S K 5 :mlm Ha! And Mr. Mize thinks the Survey's getting this money. 24 SURVEY BUSINESS STAFF Peanuts, Popeye, and subtle P. A. announce- ments convinced even the most naive sophomore minds to promote the Survey. By catching every sleepy student with gentle pleas and constant re- minders of the Survey's many attributes, more than nine hundred subscriptions were sold. Marty Fields, as Business Manager, directed what often prevailed as chaos in the cluttered, common Bus-Ed office. A well-supplied cookie iar and aspirin fund were the only means which kept tempers low, as Mr. Mize and Mr. Smith asserted their authority in spite of protests. Lumen SURVEY BUSINESS STAFF. Front Row: Mary Balsley, Business Manager Marty Fields, Dave Leber. Second Row: Barb Trauger, Cindy Eppich, Cathy Martin, Karen Lutz, Linda loope. Third Row: Kathy Corrigan, Pat Federico, Kim Hashagen, Marie Laukiavich, Juliana Campana, Cathy Davis. Fourth Row: Terry Wilson, Norm Stewart, Don Cherne, Les Taylor. By the way, Marty, you don't happen to have an extra picture of Yourself' do YOU? "Raise the price again?" 22 ,r , . ,g s 4 ff' "'.:',J5? . A ,Af :nf f z A-xi ' 4 .P J H. ' 'r 'If"l".- 51 if 1-31 '51-ii , :f2'fr,E,5"'- fi I-F 'fi ffl, J 1 V' . ' zggiggtf gg -ny' f f- 1'5137Kff75'E' .-"4 V ,. ,, "' "3-N" .' ' ' ' ., 1 " f,,1s5?.:af:F'f: H5542 .2 L -' if ,-itil.. - 1 ,Q . g.,, . - NW ar 1..L 1.1 . ,.,f ., vikuvz 'ann-r mg. , ., . ...Q . .,,, 1: Inf, J 1 lr 'll W 3 , NWA,--fv s. luv. . ,N f., ... -Q.. .....-.,.1..f .ff--,.. "M 1 ..- .:, e . ....... ,,.,, . ., -' 422. ww.-- U. -r...f-..... v 7 f,.1jS2'x:'i .- x N , x Q f.., K , 4 E X ' 11? F 53:5 11.3 After all, EUCLIDIAN EUCLIDIAN AD STAFF. Front Row: Linda Loope, Margo Zola, linda Brock, Lynn Murphy, Judy Lilley, Sue Anderson, Barb Tercek, Kathy Yane, Kathy Abbott, Gerri Krome. Second Row: Gretchen Brandt, Rosemary Bosetin, Sandy Tarantino, Rosemary Vacc, Vetus Syracuse, Carol Katalenac, Kim Hashagen Barb Wilcoxon, Paula Vidusich, Nancy Kaston. Third Row: Ginny Lowe, Jan Delsanter, Rose Belanich, Tom Oleksy, Carol Cresson, Pam Turk, Bev Drax ler, Joanne Hitty, Pam Hadarich, Ted Goble, Nancy Lindquist. Fourth Row: Rick Bowen, Tom Murphy, Chuck Leppert, Dale Bizily, Dennis Griffin, Roger Murphy, Bill Sederholm, Joe Pollack, Paul Vaccariello, Doug Swisher, Jim Orr, Roswitha Oelsner X3- K l ,Q Xi feb W-JL gl. EUCLIDIAN BUSINESS STAFF And the grad walked in the door and demanded, "Where's my supple- ment?" lt seems that the end of the 1962 yearbook had been too heavy for the postage which the Euclidian Business staff had pasted on the out- side of the large manila envelopes. But amends were soon made and all of the literature delivered. This was only a small part of the important role played by the business staff. The communal office, housing the edito- rial and ad staffs as well, was the scene of much hustle and bustle, for this efficient staff was conducting a full scale campaign to sell as many of the "Better, Best, Biggest" Euclid- ians as possible. sd' . .4u.f.w,,. Ee . .u..J .,.Nv'fSN' WH: There's standing room only in the E-Room's popular lounge during lunch periods. "Set up another round, Mrs. G." 248 5., Q TP csv ng its E-ROOM MANAGERS. left to right: Nancy McNab, Mrs. Graafmeyer, Pat Kane, Linda Nvrmi. If you can't dance in the Panther room, you can sleep in the small lounge. iv XXBF J A., E-ROOM ACTIVITIES At the familiar table that seemingly belonged only to you, in the lounge, or lingering at the soda bar,-there, over cokes and half-finished splits, came' heat- ed discussions, iokes, and binding friend- ships. And, when you were all talked out, you could watch the girls and a few boys do the popeye, mashed potato, or hitch-hiker. From Mrs. Graafmeyer's office, bedecked with certain graduating seniors, came authority, advice, encour- agement, and congratulations. 249 ,gd ,- 3 QW? W-ew Senior Attendant Janet Strazier Senior Attendant Charlotte Kerestes jmx v-3-yf S S S 2 44 Junior Attendant Roberta Johnston Sophomore Attendant Donna Beechuk 250 X X Q ,gg " ? X, us. t..n',' wifi: Q- Q . g Q V v Q Qhf5:f15i2"' 25. SUR-1, FN ' Q21 'Q " f ' A 1 , H X 'ff vs 3 - - :if 'WS' - - " . ' 1 f - - , ' A S154-,, Q. .ig V ffm 1 if-agxz ,, H- A , . gy Q P' 2 ' 1' is Z if 51- N 5 . 4,1 4E +,-, .1:,1Z. 25, , t ,fggqi .ku Our Winter Festival Queen Judith Debelak t -. - 4s:.a,:g-1, F-.N :- ,MQ ka Q sg.-..15fg.2:,six9:':3x-m.,. t w 5: -: wk- we-w:f QIXQNXQQC ,A V tQQ5,x,,-m:.ij:gigi5x,f,4,5v.:g.g,, 3 f ' , -Q V f 49-P - x , is'-asQ,-13-Nziszskfkfiibg ' ' X v "J-bfii 1'L'2":if V ff .fr , f :Z -. 4' xgk-:Z:.3F:YF: -t :S g 'zfiwzme p X X ii! MQ' 4 4 I . -A ' ' .Wm Y, 4.. K1 1056- Jfw . 'J , nw ,A- ff-, -ew., '51 ,ru 251 . "inthe midst of life we are in the midst of death CAST: THE SKIN OF OUR TEETH Announcer ............,.....,.....,.,. Richard Brown Sabina .,.................... ..,...... C arol Klevay Mr. Fitzpatrick .............. ......... A llen Johns Fitzpatrick's Assistant .............., Laura Owen Mrs. Antrobus ..,..,....... .....,,.., J an Vukcevic Dinosaur ..,........ ....... G ary Bernstein Mammoth .,........ ,....,.. K aren Heckert Telegraph Boy .,.... .........,.. J ohn Lehr Gladys ..........,.,. .......... H eidi Lasnik Henry ...,......... ...,...., P eter Akraboff Mr. Antrobus ..., . ,,...... Jim Zimmerman Doctor ........... ..,..,,..... J im Devney Professor ...,. ....... T ony Petruzzi Judge .....,,.. ...... R ichard Brown Homer ........... .,....., R oss Fergus Miss E. Muse .,... ....... L eslie Long Miss T. Muse .............................. Dona Hido Miss M. Muse .................,...,....,. Susan Smith Ushers .................. Tom Bell, Ricky Redmond Majorettes .........,.... Linda Brock, Leslie Long Fortune Teller ...............,,..,., Sylvia Stefanko Chair Pusher ................,..,,,,, Jim McConocha Conveeners .... Jack Neumore, Tony Petruzzi, Tom Bell, Jim Devney, Gary Bernstein, Ross Fergus, Dennis Bailey Broadcast Official ................ Richard Brown Defeated Candidate ............ Jack Neumore Mr. Tremayne .....,,... ........ R ichard Brown Hester ...,........,.. ........ S usan Smith lvy .,,,..,........., ....... S ally Forker Fred Bailey A...... ...,.. J im Devney 252 "Enioy yourself, bah! You are all doomed!" Twelve o'clock: the bewitching hour. FALL PLAY Onto the Euclid stage, accustomed to unusual plays, came in the fall of 1962 Mr. George Antro- bus of Excelsior, New Jersey, the inventor of the wheel, his wife, appropriately named Mrs. Antro- bus, his two children, Henry and Gladys, and their general utility maid Lily Sabina Fairweather, as Thornton Wilder's The Skin of Our Teeth unfolded to an often-bewildered audience an allegory of man in the universe. Mr. Antrobus, an Everyman figure, managed to pull through the Ice Age, load his family into the arc, and build the world anew, but only by the skin of his teeth. Operating on the theory that if you don't shake 'em up, they don't get shook, Mr. Jenkins once again provided that rarely digestible substance, food for thought. ,.,---P 54 u n Mad Music with E.H.S. Talent Scouts. 4- 49- . "The Colgate Thirteen." z , F s 5 5 , T s Our Gang Comedy the annual Euclidian campaign assembly. "Who's there, i' the name of Beelzebub?" Laurie Kitko sings up a storm at the E.H.S. Talent Scouts Assembly. ASSEMBLIES Euclid students who were bored, sleepy, or in a rut could always take advan- tage of the free entertainment which aspiring performers presented for love or money. The would-be troopers included: Euclid's own local Euclidian Players and Choral Masters, a genuine DuPont millionaire from Delaware, a patriotic American from Scotland, an atomic expert from the A. E. C., a quick-change Shakespearean artist from Long Beach, California, an Around-the-World-in-a-Red- Jeep man from Cleveland, and Mr. Liquid Air from -27O"F. Local talent was also used, such as the perennial favorites, Keith Goldlust and Greg Cox, mas- ters of ceremonies, and various counsellors, deans, and administrators. lt was better than bread and circuses. 255 Q? ADVERTISEMENTS THERFS N0 SUBSTITUTE FOR QUALITY 5. RAIMOR STUDIOS OFFICIAL CLASS PHOTOGRAPHER 1722- . .. ..-.., GLAVIC MOTORS 536 East 185 St. Ke-1-3377 EUCl.ID'S DODGE DEALER COMPLIIVIENTS OF EUCLID NEWS JOURNAL 814 East 152 Street CL 1-4383 Compliments of LOUIS HAIR STYLISTS 20030 Lake Shore Boulevard IV 1-3775 HERB FITZGERALD 635 East 185 Street KE 1-1313 Closed Circuit Television Systems Communications Compliments ot Q--ou.-. E U C U YO Euclid's finest literary magazine CHARLITE STEAK HOUSE 22350 Lake Shore Boulevard RE 1l180O 259 Eucun IGNITION BILL S sms CLOTHES SERVICE Morfy dicfafes as Ricky types af: 22810 Lake Shore 106 E 185 S CRAIG AND SHERMAN Blvd- INSURANCE CONSULTANTS RE-I-3440 22070 Lake Shore Blvd. IV 1 2 RE-I-3600 I 5'9 La"e'ie" AW' Houcl-I BAKERIES, INC. SW50600 mum LE ,Li E L L L , ,,,,m,,,,m,,, I L E A R 'I' .MFE 357, .mm 'CUMPIETE SELEUTIUN UF FLOOR RWALL TILE 22066 Lakeshore Blvd. 731-4040 6 "because I demand qualify .... PRECISICN OPTICAL 22580 Lake Shore Boulevard AN I-H66 MODEL FOOD MARKET PROPRIETORS: FLORIAN G MARIE KONCAR 445 East ZOO St. KE-1-7447 You ccm get c1Imosf anything of: THE STUDENT SUPPLY STORE LA TOUR OLDSMOBILE, INO 25200 Euclid Ave. 261 2800 21100 S CI PAPP'S BODY SHOP Avenue IV I 4333 'Euclid's First and Only Beauty College H EUCLIDIAN BEAUTY COLLEGE 22714 Shore Center Drive RE 1-8668 EQ ii i 200 f 4. it 5 i '451'X if J X Q.WfZlP" k I . Y T36 it Wil 5 'f A 'WI' 17 lim 1271 so 2 lg ' 'ii iiiii ' l X X l X X Public transport borrows ideas from American MonoRail Someday you may ride to work this way because public transport officials borrow from efficient handling methods developed by American MonoRail engineers. For over thirty years all kinds of materials have moved on monorail tracks in nearly every industry-and beginning with hand pushed carriers, today's developments include systems that are completely automatic from pick-up to deposit. Heavy-bulky-hard to handle loads travel quickly, safely and directly to their destination-through the air. Only the research and experience of American MonoRail engineers make this equipment possible. TM AM HIM ,mlwa 1' ' ,, ,ENGINEERED MATERIALS HANDLING 2 OVIINIID Ill! IABT 2000! STREET CLIVILAND17. OHIO 4, g DIVISIONS: Conveyor Division, Tipp City. Ohio- Canadian Monorail Co., Ltd.. Galt. On! 6 .-uf' WD MODERN POWER EQUIPMENT 25950 Chardon Rd. 261-0700 COMPUMENTS OF Qfogue Cpnimtimg Qompamg 618 Eos? 185111 Street - Cleveland 19, Ghio IV 6-0585 SIMS BROS. BUICK - Complete Printing Service LE TT ERPRESS - LI THOGRAPH Y 18781 Lake Shore Blvd, -lil'-' IV 6-0600 Conlrnerrziol and lnduS1riol Prinfling We Specuolnze ID Color ond Process Luthogrophy 3-xf lt::y 'X Af"-'al' f Judy and Greg admire flowers af: HThe Friedman brofhersn MARIO'S FLOWER AND FRlEDMAN'S .IEWELERS GARDEN CENTER 22304,Lake Shore Boulevard 18245 Euclid Avenue IV-1-9292 RE-1-3450 6 N. H. FINE FURNITURE O APPLIANCES O CARPETING O TELEVISION. Sales - Service KEnmore I-9333 D I C K I N SO N George Kruger DICKINSON 8- KRUGER, INC. 20961 EUCLID AVENUE Af Chordon Rood CLEVELAND 17, OHIO MURRAY P. NIC0l FUNERAL HOME 19001 Nottingham Avenue KE 1-0747 RHYME REALTY COMPANY "Where fhere's Rhyme, fhere's Reason." 535 Eosf 185 ST. KE-1-9363 ED WANK TELEVISION SERVICE COMPANY, INC. 398 East 200 Street KE 1-1222 EllCIl,d'S Oldest TeIevz'sz'on Senfire Company CHESTERFIELD STEEL SERVICE COMPANY 1220 East 222nd St. Cleveland 17, Ohio KNUTH GREENHOUSES Phone IREIIIHOIAC 1-14-19 ENGLISH IVIE5 OUR SPECIALTY 21601 Euclid .-Xveuue Euclid, Ohio CLIFFORD M. JONES INSURANCE coMPANY Fire-Auto-Liability-Life 22655 Euclid Ave. 1 - ' , 'V62535 film! Kwm guage TOUR m1'epma'ef1t - F KEN-MORE 1-3874 RED K ILLE mm lnsuranre IAGENT RES. ZQl'Ef53glR' g'gLn?17' Ol-:HO E66 v EUCLI HIGH DEDICATED TO SERVICE JIM? I X 5 X X FOR SCHOOL AND THE COMMUNITY KEY CLUB THE HALLE BROTHERS HAMMOND ORGAN DEALERS 22475 Shore Center Drive 261-1135 LAKELAND BODY 81 PAINT SHOP Expert Auto Repairs and Painting IV 14680 IV 6-1550 RADIX WIRE CO. 26260 Lakeland Boulevard RE 1-9191 Compliments of HARTY'S KNllFEL'S SUNOCO FOOD MARKET SERVICE Mary lfnatel, I P'0Pf'eTO' n 18515 Euclid Avenue Lindo Brock admires cr new ring at: TED BROCK 20070 Lake Shore Blvd IV 6-9817 jewelry Watch Repair I f Diamonds Reasonable 114411 391 East zoo sf, KE-1-5035 268 With Every Good Wish To The Class Of 1963 YOUR CITY OFFICIALS MAYOR JUDGE, MUNICIPAL COURT LAIV DIRECTOR ADMINISTRATIVE DIRECTOR FINANCE DIRECTOR PRESIDENT OF COUNCIL lst YVARD COUNCILMAN 2nd IVARD COUNCILMAN 3rd YVARD COUNCILMAN -lth IVARD COUNCILMAN COU NCIL-ATVLARGE Anthony Sustaric Frank I'Velling CHIEF OF POLICE FIRE CHIEF Kenneth Sims Vfilliarn F. Burns John F. Ray, Jr. Michael A. Spino Anthony B. Baldwin Harry Knuth YVillard Schutt Anthony Lang Max Gerl Helge V. Erickson Charles YV. Wade Joseph Whalen Frank A. Payne George R. Langa 7 Conzjzlimenfs of DEMSHAR'S Dv RL Nr 22034 Lake Shore Blvd. RE 1-4770 Doug, Greg, and Keith choose prom jackets GORNIK'S MENS WEAR 22340 Lake Shore Blvd. RE-1-2151 Compliments of X Mark and Margo enjoy sundaes. EUCLID-RACE DAIRY PRODUCTS ' 632 East 222 Street AN 1-1428 503 East ZOO ST. IV-1-4700 CLARK FOODS 27 Compliments of RICHMOND BEVERAGETUWN 213 Richmond Rd. RE-1-9010 ,Z 1AcKsHAw cnsvnom MUDERN DEB 22822 Lake Shore Boulevard Eli! RE-2-9299 543 Easi' 185 sneer E b4x.....--4-A - IV I -9090 1 , .N I-7255 7 Erirkntan 8: Suns FUNERAL HUME5 4-72138 Sur : :uno 3 Um EUCLID WINDOW SHADE C0 505 East I85 St. KE-I-4343 BRIGANTI S T UD I 0 S 21099 Euclid Avenue IV 1-7100 V.-1-'Y 'BER r 14-if ,qw 1-un -I-ef?-3-,2-1 '-fi?-w-f-9-Fl---'V' -ef- 786R:f'ff955: S" PANTHER DINER 22336 Lake Shore Blvd RE l-0403 "There Is a i1Iateri111 Difference" DILLE ROAD LUMBER COMPANY 1420 DILLE ROAD EUCLID, OHIO Eue1id's only Lumber Yard Lumber - Plywood - F1oori11D Shingles - Doors and IVindows KE 1-0512 4' -K ,... z177..,.7 '-I l. J. TROTTER E. 185th Sc Lakeshore Euclid QC1eve1and 19j , Ohio 147111. Alexander Oenera1 Sa1es Manager Ivanhoe 1-8400 .4aIZ F::"' ' V .L . ,ef-f' vw Compliments of BETHANDALE CORP. 24040 Lakeland Boulevard RE 1-4394 Keith Weigle Motors 2094l Euclid Ave. IV-l -4500 EUCLID'S CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH VALIANT DEALER EUCLID SAVINGS ASSOCIATION 228l8 Lake Shore Blvd RE-2-9090 IlllARINClC PURE Oll 700 East 200 Street KE 1-9889 THE GERl CONSTRUCTION CO. 23600 Lakeland Bouleva rd RE l -0077 74 Lu Salle Cleaners und Dyers Pick-up and Delivery Service 835 East 185 Street Cleveland 19, Ohio KE-1-3658 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATINC CLASS CARL A. JONKE INSURANCE AGENCY 22700 SHORE CENTER DRIVE RE I-8400 D'ANGELO'S BARBER SHOP 22374 Lake Shore Blvd. In the Shore Center Shopping Center 4 Chairs At Your Service AMERICAN TYPEWRITER C0 FLAT TOPS PRINCETONS 25501 Euclid Avenue AN 1-2525 "BIC SAM, TI-IE BARBER" 731-3192 25020 Lakeland Blvd. REdWood 1-3720 JET DIE AND DEVELOPMENT CO. LAKE FURNITURE, INC. "Everything for the Home" "We Meet All Prices" 855 East 222 Street RE 2-7616 5 EATON MANUFACTURING COMPANY COMPONENT MANUFACTURERS for all MAJOR INDUSTRIES for HALF - A - CENTURY General Offices: Cleveland, Ohio TWENTY-THREE DIVISIONS AND SUBSIDIARIES LOCATED IN TWENTY CITIES PRESSURE cAsnNGs IV I-5400 BIG BOUQUET FLORIST Compliments of CHARTERHOUSE MOTOR HOTEL Manager: Michael M. Schweiger 24800 Euclid Ave. AN-l-0300 480 East 200th St. IV 6-4343 s 3 3 1'- F Eric Peferson and John Bailey make selections of Rick's P. 0. MclNTlRE CO. Pomco Boring Bars 6' Blades 25020 Lakeland Boulevard Cleveland 32, Ohio RE l-9300 RE-l-8762 A. R. SYRACUSE 81 SON TOPSOIL-FILL-SAND-GRAVEL 71 l East 250th St. Euclid 32 2 78 I Q CHANDLER PRODUCTS CORP. CHANDLER PRECISION CAPSCREWS produced to your exact specifications from high carbon, alloy and stainless steels. l49I Chardon Road IV I-4400 Cleveland I7, Ohio RlCK'S MEN'S SHOP ' 22572 I Lake Shore Boulevard Euclid 23, Ohio AN-l-l 445 I: .11 M, " I--ef , ,I . 5+ , ' Q: me we -I l i, 1-II 2 ,.,Cc.. E I W: J "y -- :rzrtiix Compliments of UNClE BIll'S 24470 Lakeland Boulevard WINKlER GAGE AND REPAIR, INC I BUILDING EOR TI-IE FUTURE KAPEL ENTERPRISES REALTORS 25020 Lakeland Blvd. BUILDINGS An M720 PROPERTY MANAGERS 25000 Euclid Avenue - RE-I-0400 9 MILLEIFS BEAUTY SALON 22480 Shore Center Drive Above Giant Tiger RE-1-9358 FISHER DANCE STUDIO 899 East 222 St. 261-3071 Tues., Wed., Fri., 4:00 P.M.-9:00 P.M. I 1 Non-rmnous METAL FABRICATING CO. etlmszs s i 1 25861 Tungsten Road RE 2-7171 AJAX MANUFACTURING COMPANY 1441 Chardon Rd. Euclid, Ohio KE-1-1010 HlllWO0D MANUFACTURING 21700 St. Clair Avenue KE 1-4040 280 COMPLIMENTS OF WAI 'WQLQ 'lil I l ll X-N i we 2 ,sw s e A CENTER OF STUDENT GOVERNMENT Identification Cards Assemblies Honor Study Halls Hall Guards Social Room Committee Rules and Policies Poster Placement Staggered Test Schedule Suggestion Box Lost and Found Student Council ,Election TUDE T UNCL Thanksgiving Baskets for the Needy Chfmllw-5 Bfwkets for the Needy Homgmmmg Paperback Bookstore Spring Sports Dance E-Room Fountain Workers Wrestling Concessiong Basketball Concessions Adoption of Foster Child Voters Babysitting Service J 4.4 .div Special machine parts are made at the T. J. Murnick Company T. J. MURNICK MFG., INC. 1081 East 260 Street RE-2-7050 AMERICAN STAMPING COMPANY 26650 Lakeland Boulevard RE 1-9633 284 ll ZATKO METAL PRODUCTS COMPANY "World's Largesf Manufacfurer Of Sfamped One-Piece Pulleys" Euclid 17, Ohio KE 1-8005 COMPLIMENTS OF COMP'-'MENT5 UF H. F. HOHlFElDER EUC'-ID COMPANY HEAT TREATING CO. 26470 Lakeland Blvd. 1403 East 222 Sf. RE 1-7400 lv-1-8444 THE CONTINENTAL PRODUCTS CO. Euclid's Paint Manufacturers 1150 East 222 Street KE 1-0710 1 I i l l THE F OUR - WAY TEST OF THE THINGS WE THINK, SAY AND DO: I. IS IT THE TRUTH ? 2. IS IT FAIR T0 ALL CONCERNED ? 3. WILL IT BUILD GOODWILL AND BETTER FRIENDSHIPS ? This Four-Way Test is now being used successfully around the world in business, government and schools as an effective meas- uring stick for conduct. lt is a guide to RIGHT thinking. lf mem- orized and constantly applied to relations with others, it will make a definite contribution toward more effective and friendlier re- latonships. lf you get into the habit of checking your thoughts, words and deeds against the Four-Way Test, the experience of others has shown that it will help you become happier and more successful. copyraghf 1946 Rotary International RO ARY CLUB E CLID 2 To all the members of the Graduating class of EUCLID SENIOR HIGH SCHUOL Congratulations I And Our Heartfelt Good Wishes for Every Possible Success in Your Future Careers and Private Lives As Well Compliments of ADDRESSOGRAPH-MULTIGRAPH CORP. TARANTINO BROTHERS, INC. 17614 St. Clair Avenue IV I-0344 COMPLIMENTS OF JOST TOOL COMPANY IO66 East 222nd St. Euclid KE l-l-423 PATRONS Dr. Thomas E. Netheron Dr. Saul H. Makman Dr. Howard A. Nelson Dr. Robert F. McConagIe Dr. Emerson B. Beery Dr. Spartaco DiBiasio Key Thrifty Drug Store Compliments of a friend 287 EUCLID LANES MARIOIS PIZZA 26159 Euclid Avenue AN 1-0665 FORESBURG ENAMELING COMPANY 4101 H gh A EX 1 9269 CONIPLINIENTS OF A FRIEND SAINT CLAIR CUT STONE INC 19510 St. Clai A enue IV 1-2442 ROESH WALLPAPER AND PAINT COMPANY 853 East 222nd Street RE 1-3585 WESTERN AND SOUTHERN LIFE INSURANCE CO. 13233 Euclid Avenue KE 1-5775 ADVERTISEMENTS INDEX A K Addressograph Multigraph Corp. ,,.... 287 Kapel Realty, Inc. ,,,,7,,,,,.,.,.. 279 Aiax Manufacturing Co. .......7...... A,,,.A 2 80 Knafel's Food Market ..., 268 American Monorail ,,,i..,7,.. V77.A, 2 64 Knuth Greenhouses ..... ....., 2 66 American Stamping Co. .,.,..., ,4.... 2 84 Fred Krauss Garage .........,,V,,, 266 American Typewriter Co. ......... ...,.. 2 75 L B Lake Furniture, lnc. ,,,,.A,............. 275 Bethandale Corp. ,,,, ,i....,,,.. ,.,,.. 2 7 4 Lakeland Body and Paint Shop ,,.., 268 Big Bouquet Florist ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,....., ,.,.,i 2 78 LaSalle Cleaners and Dyers .,..,,,. 275 Bill's Clothes ,,,,,,,,,,,Y,,,,s,,s,,,,,,,,,,.,,,, ,,,,,, 2 60 La Tour Oldsmobile, lnc. .....,,., 262 Brickman and Sons Funeral Home ,,,.,, ,.,.,. 2 71 Louis Hair Stylists .t,.st......,,,,,,, 259 Briganti Studios u,,,.,....,...,....,.,,.,,,,.,, .,.... 2 72 M Ted Bfock Jewelef ---e-t----------eee ------ 2 68 Marincic Pura- on 274 C Mario's Flower and'iOairidieinvCenitier 265 Chandler Products Corp. .,..,,, ...... 2 79 Mario's Pizza ,,,,.,,.t,,t...,...,.,,,....... 288 Charlite Steak House ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,.,,.. 2 59 P. O. Mclntire Co. ,,,. 278 Charterhouse Motor-Hotel ,,,,,,, ,,,,., 2 78 Miller's Beauty Salon 280 Chesterfield Steel Service r,,,.,r ,,,.,, 2 66 Model Food Market ,,,..,,,,....i. 262 City Officials ,,,,,,,,r,,,,,,,,,,,s,,r H269 Modern Deb ,,,,,,.,.r,,,,,.,,,,,u,,.,., .. 271 Clark's Food Store e,e,,,e,,,,,,,.,,,, ...... 2 70 Modern Power Equipment Co. ..., 265 Continental Products , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,., 2 85 T. J. Murnick Manufacturing Co. ...,. 284 Craig and Sherman Insurance , ,,,, .... 2 60 N D Murray P. Nicol Funeral Home ,,,,,,. 266 D'Angelo's Barber Shop ,,,,,, ..... 2 75 Non-Ferrous Metals Fabricating Co. ,,.,., .,.,,. 2 80 J. Demshar and Sons ,,,,,,,., ..... 2 70 P Dickinson and Kruger ,,,, ,..... 2 66 - Dille Road Lumber ca. rr..r, 2 73 Egggf'B2A'Legh'57b tsiii' """ 3 Q Discount Tile CO' """"""""""' """ 2 60 Precision Optical 261 E Pressure Castings lnc. .......... 277 Eaton Manufacturing Co, .,,,r,,,rr. ...... 2 76 R Euclid Heat Treating Co, ......,,...,.. ..,.,. 2 85 - . Euclid Ignition Sales and Service ...... 2 60 Salim Wire CO' 'iiili """ 2 68 . armor Studios ...,.......... 258 Eudld Kev OUP --------'c--ccr-'-"-'c'c '-'--- 2 67 Rhyme Reality ca. ....,........ 266 Euclid Lanes A""""""""' """ 2 88 Richmond Beveragetown ......... 271 Euclid News Journal , ,,,,,,, ,,,,,, 2 59 - . y Euclid Race Dairy caaaa.,c accaa 2 70 Rmk S Men S Shop 77"t77" . s"""'7s""" 278 , , ' ' Roesh Wallpaper and Paint Co. 288 Euclid Savings Association ,.,r.,. ,,2c.. 2 74 Rotary Club 286 Euclid Window Shade Co. ..,. ,.2,.. 2 71 """""'A""""""""' ' Euanaiau Beauty College u,.,,, ...... 2 as , , 5 EUCUYO ---,--,----,--V'AAVvAAAvAVA-V'---v Vwwvw- 2 59 Saint Clair Cut Stone, Inc. ....... 288 F Sims Brothers Buick ,.....,....... 265 Student Council .............. 282 Fwher Ponce Sludm """""""' ss"" 2 80 Student Supply Store ,,.......... 262 Herb Fnizgemld """"""""" """ 2 59 A. R. Syracuse and Son ........... 278 Foresburg Enameling Co. .u,.,, ,..... 2 88 Friedman's Jewelers .......,...u.. ,..... 2 65 T G Tarantino Brothers, Inc. .,..,.,,,.. 287 Gerl Construction Co. ,,.,,,.,.,.. ...... 2 74 L J' Trotter iiiiiiiiliiiiiiiiiiiliiiiiiii 273 Glavic Motors ..,,..,....,. ,,.,,, ,...., 2 5 9 , U Gornik's Men's Wear ............ ...... 2 70 Uncle B'll'S -'---- -----------' 2 79 Grdina Hardware ......u..,,....,., ...... 2 73 V H Vogue Printing Co. ,...........,.,., 265 Halle Brothers Co. Organ Dealers ..,.,. ....,, 2 68 W Harty's Sunoco Service ,.,.,..,,,,.,,,..., ,..... 2 68 Wai Ngpglg ---,----A,-------------.-,- 281 Manufacturing CO. ...., .,.,.. 2 Wqnk Service, Inc. --------- H- F- l'l0l1lfeldel' CO- -------------- ------ 2 85 Keith Weigle Motors .,,.....,,,,,...,..., 274 H0U9h Bakeries, lf1C- ----'-"---4" '--'-- 2 60 Western and Southern Life Insurance ...... ........ 2 89 J Winkler Gage and Repair, Inc. ..... 279 Jackshaw Chevrolet ...........,..,.....u.. ,..... 2 70 Z Jet Dye and Development Co. ...,.,,... ...... 2 75 Zqfkg Metal products --g---,,---- 285 Clifford M. Jones Insurance Agency ..... ...... 2 75 Carl A. Jonke Insurance Agency ....,,..,. ...... 2 75 Jost Tool Co. ..............................,,.., ...... 2 87 9 ANNA KATHERINE ABBOTT l Barney Euclidian Ad smff 4, G.AOX.'3,4, F.T.A. 4, Friendship Club 3,4, Honor Study l'LallJ'3, Transferred to Euclid in Jr. year, N.H.S. 4, 20, 235, 246 WILLIAM JOHN ADAM Bill Swimming 2. 20, 95 DOUGLAS WILLIAM ADAMS Doug Key Club 3,4, Hall Guard 4. 20, 212 SHEILA BEA ADAMS Friendship Club 2,3,4. 20 SANDY AGRAST Football 2,4, Letterman 4. 20, 168 PETER S. AKRABOFF 11 Pele Student Council 4, Fallf Cast 3,4, Spring Play Cost 2, Thespians 3,41 2-gibtrum 4: Hull G'-lflfd 4: N.H.S. 4. 20, 229, 231, TERESE MARIE ALBERTONE Terri Friendship Club 2,3. 20 KATHY GAIL ALBERTSEN Maiorette Club 2, Hall Guard 3. 20 RONALD KEITH ALEXANDER PAULETTE THERESE AMATO Friendship Club 2,3, Honor Study Hall 2. 20 CARILYN MARIE ANDERSON Moose G.A.A. 2, Hall Guard 3, Fall Play Production Staff 2, Friendship Club 2. 20 DAVID LEE ANDERSON Bowling 4. 21 LINDA LOU ANGELO Blue Transferred to Euclid in Jr. year, 21 EUGENE N. ANTONACCI Dago 21 SHARON LYNN APOLSKI G.A.A. 2,3,4, Girls' Glee Club 2,3, Spectrum 4, F.T.A. 2, World Affairs 4, Friendship Club 2,3. 21, 212 Blue Eyes BARBARA APPLEQUIST Barbie N.H.S. 3,4, Treasurer 4, l.Q.S. 4, Student Council 3,4, Executive Board 4, Committees 4, Euclidian Art Ed- itor 4, Survey RepresentI'tiVe'Z2, Spirit's Club 4, G.L.C. 3,4, Secretary 4, G.A. .Q,! ,4, Class Cabinet 3,4, Class Secretary 4, Spectd mu, F.T.A. 2,3,4, Treasurer 3, Executive Board 3,4, Zigndship Club 2, Ushering 2, Prom Committee 3, Senior Scandal Editorial Staff 4. 14,18, 21, 63, 204, 206, 212, 213, 215, 226, 234, 236, 239, 244 RONALD LEE ASHLEY Ash N.F.L. 2,3,4, Student Coulngl 10, Swim Club 3, Football 2, Swimming 3, Spring aL'Cost 3, Key Club 2,3,4, N.H.S. 4. 21, 43, 212, 23 SUE MARIE AUFMUTH Student Council 2, Girls' Glee Club 2, Friendship Club 3. 21 ROBERT A. AUSTIN Bob Golf 2,3,4, Letterman, Letterman's Club 2,3,4, Key Club. 21 SUSAN ELLEN BAHR ,ree Sue N.I-I.s. 3,4, I.Q.S. 4, Euclicaa Business Staff 4, Rep- resentative 3,4, Ad Clu1J,3 Girls' Glee Club 2,3, Spectrum 3, F.T.A. 2,3,4,'2ErS.Iendship Club 2,3,4, 21, 215, 234, 236, 246 , DENNIS RICHARD BAILEY Beetle N.F.L. 4, Fall Play Cast 3,4, Spring Play Cast 3, Thespians 3,4, Key Club 4, Hall Guard 4. 21, 212 RONALD LEE BAILEY Ran Eucuyo 4, Swimming 3,4, P.A. Announcer 4, Spectrum 4, World Affairs 4. 21, 33, 212 JACQUELYN ANNE BAKER Jacque G.A.A. 3, Girls' Glee Club 2, Friendship Club 2,3, Hall Guard 3. 21 CAROL CHRISTINE BALDINI G.A.A. 2,3, Friendship Club 2,3, F.N.A. 3,4, Treasurer 4. 22, 217 PATRICIA ANN SALLENTINE Pal F.B.L.A. 4, Transferred to Euclid in Sr. year. 22 290 SENIOR INDEX MARY PATRICIA BALSLEY Mary l.Q.S. 3,4, Survey Busin s-Staff 3,4, Circulation Man- ager 4, Ad Staff 3, Euifb I2,3,4, G.A.A. 2,3, Girls' Glee Club 2, Euclid Choiyr ,rSpectrum 4, F.T.A. 2,3,4, President 4, Executive Board 3,4, Friendship Club 2,3,4, Cabinet 2,3,4, Senior Scandal Co-Editor 4, N.H.S. 4. 22, 215, 219, 235, 236, 239, 243 GEOFFREY RAY BARTHOLOMEW Jeff l.Q.S. 4, Student Coungilf--2,3,4, Committees 2,3,4, Euclidian Business Stafhf lCirculation manager 4, Spirit's Club 4, Cross C untlry 2,3, Basketball 2,3,4, Letterman 4, Letterman'siC,I1ib 4, Class Cabinet 3,4, Big Show 3,4, Senior Scandal Editorial Staff 4, N.H.S. 4. 18, 22, 48,193,194, 196,197, 206, 213, 235, 239 HARRY D. BASSETT 22 RODGER D. BAUR Rage Hall Guard 4. 22 DONNA MAUREEN BAXTER Donna P.A. Club 2,3, Technician 2,3, World Affairs 2, Hall Guard 4, Honor Study Hall 3. 22 NEAL STEWART BEDNAR Ne Hall Guard 4. 22 JO ANN BEECHUK Ffi Joa Student Council 2,3, EuBliQiaIn Representative 4, Sur- vey 2,3,4, Editorial Staff 4,lG.A.A. 2,3,4, Friendship Club 2,3,4, F.N.A. 3,4, 4. 22, 206, 217, 235, 236, 241 MARGO AYERS BEERY Beer N.H.S. 3,4, l.Q.S. 3,4, Studefit Council 2,3,4, Execu- tive Board 3,4, Committe 2,3,4, Euclidian Editorial Staff 4, Editor-in-Chief -tigurvey Representative 2,3, G.L.C. 3,4, G.A.A. 2,3,4,-iSe-cretary 3, Class Cabinet 2,3, Friendship Club 2, Pram Committee 3,4. 22, 76, 206, 226, 234, 236, 244 PAMELA JANE BEINING Pam Hall Guard 4, Transferred to Euclid in Jr. year. 22 DIANE LYNN BELL Diane G.A.A. 2, Swim Club 2,3,4, Eliendship Club 2, Usher- ing 2, N.H.S. 4. 22, 2245.295 SUSAN CAROL BELL Gus N.H.S. 3,4, l.Q.S. 4, Student Council 2, Euclidian Ed- itorial Staff 4, Senior 4, Eucuyo 3,4, Essay Editor 4, Spirit's Club 4, G.A.A. 2,3,4, Ex- ecutive Board 3, Class D nyet 2,3, Girls' Glee Club 2, Spectrum 2,4, Friendsbui' Club 2, L.D.P.C. 2,3,4, Treasurer 2,3, Secretary 4, Euclidian Representative 2, Eucuyo Representative 3,4. 22, 28, 65, 204, 212, 213, 226, 228, 234, 236, 239, 244 THOMAS RICHARD BELL Tom Fall Play Cast 2,3,4, Cast 4, Production Staff 2,3,4, Spring Play 2,3,4, Cast 3, Production Staff 2,3,4, Big Show 3, Thespians 2,3,4, Movie Club 4. 22, 210, 220, 231 JUDITH A. BENDER Judy G.A.A. 2,3,4, Friendship Club 2,3,4, F.B.L.A. 2, F.N.A. 3,4. 22, 217 RICHARD ROBERT BERNSTEIN Dick 23 ERENE BEYER Ernie G.A.A. 2,3,4, Girls' Glee Club 2, Euclid Choir 3,4, Friendship Club 2,3. 23 JOSEPH G. BIELLO Joe Cross Country 4, Basketball 3, Orchestra 2,3,4, Can- cert Band 2,3, Marching Band 2,3, Pit Band 2,3, F.T.A. 4. 23 DENNIS MICHAEL BILLINGS Denny Cross Country 3, Letterman 3, Track 2, Spectrum 4, 23, 34, 229 ALAN CHARLES BIONDI AI 23 JOHN L. BIRCHAK John Choral Masters 4, Hall Guard 4, Boys' Glee Club 3. 23, 120 KAREN ANN BISHOP Karie G.A.A. 3,4, Transferred to Euclid in Jr. year. 23 DALE F. BIZILY Biz N.H.S. 3,4, l.Q.S. 3,4, NQAQAS. 3,4, Euclidian Repre- sentative 3, Survey EdiI'6ii l7Staff 2,3,4, Copywriter 3, Sports Editor 4, Eucufogqpresentative 2, Football 2,3,4, Letterman 3,4, Trcb:lQl'2,3,4, Letterman's Club 3,4, Euclidian Ad Stotf 4,' Indoor Track 2. 23, 30, 168, 179, 223, 234, 241, 246 TOM R. BIZOSKY Football 3, Track 3,4, Key Club 4. 24, 179, 212 DONNA LYNNE BLAKELEY Movie Club 3,4, F.N.A. 4. 24, 210, 217 WILLIAM JOHN BLANC Bill N.F.L. 2,3,4, Football 2, Stage Crew Club 2,3,4, Fall Play 2,3,4, Spring Play 2,3,4, Big Show 2,3, Thespians 3,4, Hall Guard 3, Movie Club 4. 24, 220, 230 JANET BLASSINGAME Student Council Representative 4, Euclidian Repre- sentative 3, Survey Business Staff 3,4, Representative 3,4, G.A.A. 3, Girls' Glee Club 3, Friendship Club 2, Hall Guard 3, Honor Study Hall 3, F.N.A. 4. 24 RICHARD A. BLATNICK Rich Spectrum 3, F.T.A. 3,4, Secretary 4. 24, 214 SUZANNE B. BLATSOS Sue 24 PATRICIA M. BLATTAU Pat Friendship Club 2,3. 24 WILLIAM W. BOAG Bill Student Council Representative 4, F.T.A. 3,4, Presi- dent 4, Hall Guard 4. 24 GLORIA ANN BOCZEK Glor G.A.A. 2,3,4, Girls' Glee Club 2, Euclid Choir 3, Friendship Club 2,3,4, Honor Study Hall 3. 24 CHARLOTTE ANN BOEHMER Spectrum 3, Friendship Club 2,3, Chemistry Lab As- sistant 4. 18, 24 JANET L. BOKAR Jan G.A.A. 3, Friendship Club 2,3,4. 24 LARRY BONAR Larry Hall Guard 4. 24 RICHARD DAVID BOWEN Rick I.Q.S. 3,4, Student Council 3, Euclidian Ad Staff 4, Survey Reporter 2,3,4, Indoor Track 3,4, Letterman 3,4, Cross Country 2,3,4, Captain 4, Letterman 2,3,4, Basketball 2, Baseball 2, Track 3,4, Letterman 3,4, Letterman's Club 2,3,4, F.T.A. 3,4, Key Club 4, Hall Guard 3. 25, 177, 179, 212,246 LUD MICHEAL BOYCE Butch Baseball 2, Tennis 3. 25 JON PAUL BOYTON Jon Choral Masters 3,4, Boys' Glee Club 2, Fall Play Cast 2, Big Show Production Staff 2, Key Club 4. 25, 150 KEVIN PATRICK BRADY Chef Honor Study Hall. 25 SALLY LOUISE BRAIN Sally Survey Editorial Staff 4,t3A.A 2,3,4, Girls' Glee Club 2, Spectrum 3,4, limi 2,s,4, Friendship Club 3,4, Honor srrrdy Hrrii 3,2NfFI.S. 4. 25, 215, 229, 235 MARGUERITE ALBERTA BRANCAE Peggy N.H.S. 3,4, N.F.L. 2, yclifiion Representative 4, G.A.A. 3,4, Choral Mosgge ,4, Treasurer 4, Girls' Glee Club 2, Fall Play 2,-Q ast 2, Production Stat? 4, Spring Play Staff If-Spectrum 3,4, F.T.A. 2, Friendship Club 3, Honor Study Hall 3. 25, 150, 212, 234 GRETCHEN BRANDT Gretch N.H.S. 3,4, Euclidian 3,4, Business Staff 4, Survey Representative 2,3, Euc 'O' Ryepresentative 2, Spirit's Club 4, G.L.C. 3,4, Tredgbcfe 3, President 4, G.A.A. 2,3,4, Treasurer 3, Closslgaginet 4, Girls' Glee Club 2, F.T.A. 2,3,4, Executive oord 3,4, Vice President 4, Friendship Club 2,3,4, Executive Board 3,4. 18, 25, 213, 215, 219, 226, 234, 236, 246 JOHN EUGENE BREEN P- Pete N.A.S.S. 3,4, Student Cgutcii 3, Survey Representa- tive 4, Spirit's Club 4, Boy ling 3, Tennis 2,3,4, Co- captain 4, Letterman 2,3,4,: Letterman's Club 2,3,4, Honor Study Hall 2,3, N.H.S. 4. 25, 180, 223, 235 LYNN MARGARET BRENDORFER Student Council 3, G.A.A. 2, Friendship Club 2,3. 25 ROBERT PATRICK BRENNAN Bob Transfer to Euclid in Jr. year. 25 MARYSE FRANCOISE BRICELJ Frenchy G.A.A. 4, Fall Play 3, Friendship Club 4, Ushering 4. 25 JANET ELAINE BRIGGS G.A.A. 2. 25 LINDA LEE BROCK r- Linda Student Council 3, eiieiiasi7AAii Staff 4, Eiieiiye 3.4, Art Editor 45 G.A.A. 2. aiorette Club 2,35 Fall Play Cast 45 Spectrum Eij.T.A. 45 Friendship Club 2,3,45 Cabinet 45 Hall Guard 35 N.H.S. 4. 26, 215, 219, 229, 235, 236, 239, 246, 252 DIANE PATRICIA BROMLEY Di G.A.A. 35 Friendship Club 3,4. 26 WILLIAM H. BROOS B020 Swim Club 35 Swimming 35 Prom Committee 35 Hall Guard 4. 26 DONALD THOMAS BROUGHER Football 2,3. 26, 100 BETTY L. BROWN G.A.A. 2,35 Girls' Glee Club 25 Friendship Club 2,3,4. 26 LAUREN SUE BROWN ,f Euclidian RepresentativEis5 G.A.A. 35 Spectrum 45 F.T.A. 45 Friendship cup 5 Honor Study Hall 35 Euclidian Ad Slaff 45 Smgr Scandal 45 Transferred to Euclid in Jr. year5 N.H.S. 4. 26, 215, 229, 235, 239 RICHARD BROWN gc c Rich N.H.S. 3,45 N.F.L. 2.3, stu eili Council 4, Survey Edi. torial Staff 45 Eucuyo 45, ehnis 2,3,45 Co-captain 45 Fall Play Cast 45 SpringLPlay Cast 35 Spectrum 45 President 45 Hall Guard 4. 26, 81, 180, 212, 234 RUSSELL ALVIN BROWN Russ Marching Band 25 Pit Band 25 Big Show 2. 26 THOMAS AUGUST BROWN Hall Guard 45 Honor Study Hall 3. 26 PATRICIA JUNE BRYANT Pat 26 DAVE RICHARD BUBONICS Victor Baseball 2. 27 BARBARA MARY BUCHAR G.A.A. 2,35 Class Cabinet 35 Friendship Club 2,35 Ushering 25 Euclidian Ad Staff 4. 26, 27 I Barb JOHN BUDAS 27 KATHELYN ANN BUEHNER Kathy Ad Club 2,3,45 G.A.A. 25 Friendship Club 2,35 Usher- ing 25 Hall Guard 35 Future Nurses 35 F.B.L.A, 45 Co-op 4. 27, 222 BEVERLY WILSON BURGER Burger-bits Student Council Repres 'Faire 45 Euclidian Business Staff 45 Treasurer 45 RED' sentative 25 Swim Club 2,3,45 Choral Masters 3,12,i:rQirls' Glee Club 25 Future Teachers of America 25 onor Study Hall 35 N.H.S. 4. 27, 28, 150, 151, 206, 235, 236, 246 TERRI ISABELL BURGER Ter G.A.A. 2,35 Girls' Glee Club 25 Cheerleader 2,35 Big Show 2. 27 ASBURY LADIMIR BURGIN Laddie Student Council 2,35 P.A. Club 2,3,45 Treasurer Tech- nician 2,3,45 Letterwinner 2,3,45 Football 2,3,45 Wrestling 3,45 Letterman's Club 2,3,45 Spirit's Club 35 Hall Guard 2, 27, 168, 183, 185 THOMAS ELLSWORTH BQR-R UGHS Tom National Honor Societyl3p4?lnternational Quill and Scroll 3,45 Student Counci 1,45 Executive Board 3,45 Treasurer 35 Eucuyo 3,45 Editor-in-Chief 45 Class Vice- President 2,3. 27, 234, 239 TOM LEO BUSCH Leo Track 45 Biology Club 45 Chess Club 2. 27 SANDRA LUCILE CALVERT Sandy National Honor Society 3,45 National Forensic League 35 International Quill and Scroll 45 Student Council 2,45 Representafvge ,45 Euclidian 2,3,45 Busi- ness Staff 45 Junior Circglil gn Manager5 Representa- tive 2,35 Survey Represiexcytive 3,45 Eucuyo Repre- eenieiive 3,45 G.A.A. BZ355iCIass Cabinet 35 eine' Glee Club 2,35 World Affairs 45 Future Teachers of America 2,3,45 Executive Board 3,45 Friendship Club 2,3,45 Cabinet 2,3,45 Ushering 35 Hall Guard 45 Hon- or Study Hall 35 Senior Scandal 4. 27, 215, 234, 246 TOM SAMUEL CAMPAGNA Cool One 28 JULIANA CAMPANA Julie Survey Business Staff 45' c untant 45 Concert Band 3,45 Marching Band 2, 5,Pit Band 25 Friendship Club 45 F.B.L.A. 3,45 Pre' ' nt 45 N.H.S. 4.' 28, 154, 222, 235, 243 CHARLES RICHARD CAMPBELL Chuck Cross Country 3,45 Track 2,3,4. 20, 28, 170, 179 ERNEST CAPRETTI Ernie Football 3. 28 LOUIS DOMINIC CARDINALE Lou Cross Country 45 Track 25 Manager 25 Senior Scandal 4. 28 SANDRA LU CAREY Sandy F.N.C. 45 Transferred to Euclid in Senior Year. 28 JAMES R. CARLSON Wrestling 25 Concert Band 45 Marching Band 2,3,45 Pit Band 35 Honor Study Hall 3, 28, 154 JEFF CLINT CARLSON Transferred to Euclid in Junior year. 28 JOHN ARTHUR CARLSON Jack Cross Country 35 Key Club 3,45 Hall Guard 3. 28, 35, 163, 212 ROBERT M. CARMANY Tl'I0f N.F.L. 2,3,45 Eucuyo 45 Tennis 25 Concert Band 2,3,45 Marching Band 2,3,45 Pit Band 3,45 Spectrum 45 Sci- ence Seminar 45 Biology Club 2,3,4. 28, 154, 223 JON ARTHUR CARPENTER Jon Basketball 2. 29 JACK R. CARR Moose S.C. 25 Football 2,35 Letterman 35 Wrestling 25 Base- ball 2. 29,114 PATRICIA ANNE CARROLL Pat S.C. 35 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Maiorette Club 35 Fall Play Cast 35 Friendship 25 Hall Guard 35 Honor Study Hall 3. 29 ROBERT WILLIAM CARROLL Bob 29 A '1 ROBIN MICHAEL CARTER qi l N.H.S. 3,45 S.C. 35 Eucuyo epresentative 3. 29, 230, 232, 233, 234 f -5 IRENE CEFARATTI RENO G.A.A. 35 Concert Band 25 Friendship Club 2,3,45 Hall Guard 2. 29 JO ANN CEFARATTI Orchestra 2,45 F.T.A. 45 Friendship Club 3. 29 LINDA MAY CERCEK BUDC G.A.A. 35 Friendship Club 3. 29 MAXINE FRANCES CERGOL Mac Friendship Club 2,35 F.B.L.A. 3, 29 KAREN EILEEN CERR Peanuts 29 PAT A. CHYLLA Pt-'Jlfle G.A.A. 2,35 Girls' Glee Club 25 Euclid Choir 3,45 Fall Play Production Staff 45 Thespions 45 Friendship Club 45 F.N.A. 3,4. 30, 152, 217 DAVE C. CLARKE Whitet' Bowling 35 Choral Masters 4. 30, 150 TERRY M. CLARKE Hall Guard 35 Transferred to Euclid in Jr. year 30 LAVERNE CHRISTINE CLARK Friendship Club 4. 30 LAWRENCE COHEN LGVVY 30 WENDY LOU CONRAD N.H.S. 3,45 l.Q.S. 45 Eu Lid' n Editorial Staff 45 Pic- ture Editor 45 Survey Regrfiritative 25 Eucuyo Repre- sentative 2,35 G.A.A. 25'-Swi Club 2,3,45 Vice-Presi- dent 45 Girls' Glee Clubi253f'Euclid Choir 35 Spectrum 35 F.T.A. 35 Friendship Club 35 Honor Study Hall. 30, 224, 234, 236, 244 SUSAN LEE cooos Susie G.A.A. 2,35 Friendship Club 2,3. so Jost RICHARD cook cueey Orchestra 45 Concert Band 2,3,45 Marching Band 2,3,45 Pit Band 3,4. 30, 154 KATHLEEN ANN CORRIGAN Kathy Student Council 35 Eu ' ' Ad Staff 45 Euclidian Representative 45 Surve id: oriol Staff 3,45 Business Staff 45 Representative i455 V .A.A. 2,45 Class Cabinet 45 Choral Masters 45 Girkf-'Glee Club 25 Euclid Choir 35 Cheerleader 25 Substitute 35 Panther 45 Big Show Cast 35 N.H.S. 4. 18, 30, 150, 235, 243 GREGORY S. COX Greg N.H.S. 3,45 l.Q.S. 45 Stu en Council 2,3,45 Executive Board 3,45 Vice-Presiderl? 5l-7Euclidian Representative 35 Survey Editorial Staffl S, 5 Spirit's Club 3,45 Foot- ball 2,35 Basketball 25 ' eye Boys' State Repre- sentative 35 Big Show 35 Spectrum 45 Hall Guard. 30, 206, 213, 234, 236 CAROL JEAN COZART Cookie G.A.A. 45 Homecoming Attendant 45 Marching Band 3,45 Maiorette Club 2,3,45 Maiorette 3,45 Big Show Cast 35 Friendship Club 25 Hall Guard 35 Senior Scandal 4, 30, 144, 164, 175, 239 LONNIE CARROLL CRAIG Swimming 45 Foreman's Club 4. 31 RUSSELL L. CRANE Craneski Cross Country 45 Bowling 2,3,4. 31, 170 CAROLYN RUTH CRESSON Carol I.Q.S. 45 Euclidian Repr tive 45 Survey Editorial Staff 45 G.A.A. 45 Swirg Qljb 2,3,45 Choral Masters 45 Girls' Glee Club 25l xprctrum 3,45 Secretary 45 F.T.A. 3,45 Honor Studyll-lbll 35 Senior Scandal 45 N.H.S. 4. 31, 52, 150, 206, 230, 235, 236, 239, 241, 246 RICHARD CUSTARD Rich Student Council 2,35 Survey Representative 25 Boys' Glee Club 25 Fall Play Cast 25 Spectrum 35 Hall Guard 35 Honor Study Hall 2. 31 STEVE A. CZOMBA KATHY MARGARET DAGLEY Kathy Friendship Club 3. 31, 64 DAVID DONALD DAUGHERTY Dave 32 DIANE LEE DAUGHERTY Student Council 45 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Girls' Glee Club 25 Maiorette Club 35 Friendship Club 2,35 Hall Guard 45 Honor Study Hall 3. 26, 32, 206 CATHERINE JEAN DAVIS Cathy Survey Business Staff 45 Representative 45 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Class Cabinet 3,45 Spectrum 45 Friendship Club 2,3,45 Ushering 2,35 Prom Committee 35 Hall Guard 25 Senior Scandal 45 l.Q.S. 4. 18, 32, 229, 236, 239, 243 1 MARGARET DAVIS Peggy G.A.A. 2,3,45 F.T.A. 3,45l rindship Club 2,35 Usher- ing 35 Honor Study Hall S-5fN.H.S. 4. 32, 235 JUDITH MARY DEBELAK Judy N.H.S. 3,41 I-Q.5. 4: Student Council 2,3,45 Commit- tees 35 Euclidian Businqfs' S ff 45 Representative 25 Survey Editorial Staff .L.C. 3,45 Historian 45 G.A.A. 2,35 Girls' Glee 25 Maiorette Club 2,3,45 Substitute 45 Big Show 3,45 F,T.A. 2,3,45 Executive Board 35 Senior Assembly 45 Girls' Glee Club 2. 32, 60, 63, 175, 206, 215, 226, 234, 246, 250 JAMES CHARLES DEELY Jim Survey Business Staff 35 Wrestling 25 Letterman 25 Baseball 35 Letterman 35 Foreman's Club 4. 32, 185, 221 PETER HOWARD DE FRANCO Pete Concert Band 3,45 Marching Band 3,45 Pit Band 3,45 Big Show Cast 35 Key Club 2, 32, 154 A. PAULA DEISTER Tiger Student Council Committee 45 G.A.A. 2,35 Girls' Glee Club 25 Euclid Choir 3,45 Spectrum 45 Friendship Club 2,3,45 Honor Study Hall 35 F.N.A. 45 E-Room Worker 2,3. 32,152, 212, 217 JANET ELIZABETH DELSANTER Jan Eucuyo Representative 35 G.L.C. 45 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Friendship Club 2,35 Ushering 35 Hall Guard 35 F.N.A. 3,45 Secretary 45 Euclidian Ad Staff 4. 32, 217, 226, 246 BERNARD WILLIAM DEMBEK 32 CLAIRE ANN DEMORE Caramel Student Council 35 Girls' Glee Club 35 Friendship Club 3,45 Honor Study Hall 35 Transferred to Euclid in Jr. year. 32 DON RAY DE ROSA Babe Football 35 Wrestling 25 Baseball 35 Letterman 25 Hall Guard 35 E-Room Social Guard 4. 32, 168 MARGARET ANN DE VINEY Peg Friendship Club 2,45 Spectrum 4. 32, 212 LEONA PENELOPE DICKINSON Penny Student Council Committees 2,35 G.A.A. 2,35 Orches- tra 45 Concert Band 2,3,45 Marching Band 2,3,45 Pit Band 3,45 Spectrum 45 F.T.A. 35 Friendship Club 3,45 Ushering 3. 32, 154, 229 ALAN ANTHONY DI LILLO 34, 95 PATRICE E. DILWORTH Pat G.A.A. 2,3,45 Spectrum 45 Friendship Club 2,3,45 F.N.A. 4. 34, 212, 217 291 SHANNA KAY DOLEY Dwarf Girls' Glee Club 25 Choral Masters 3,45 Secretary 45 Fall Play Cast 2,35 Class Cabinet 45 Panther 4. 18, 34, 35, 150 MARGARET ANN DOYLE Peg G.A.A. 25 Friendship Club 2,3,45 Ushering 2,3,45 Head Usher 4. 34 BEVERLY JEAN DRAXLER Bev Student Council 2,35 Committees 35 Euclidian Ad Staff 45 Euclidian Representative 25 G.A.A. 2,35 Girls' Glee Club 25 Friendship Club 2. 18, 34, 37, 246 ERNEST F. DREHER Ernie Hall Guard 3. 34 PATRICIA ANN DROSUTIS Pat G.A.A. 2,35 Friendship Club 2,3,4. 34 PENNY ELLEN DUNCAN Penny Movie Club 3,4. 35, 210 MARGARET A. DUSHAK Marge Friendship Club 2. 35 LEMUEL WILLIAM EAGLENS I-Gm N.H.S. 3,4, Euclidian Ed'iiQt I stuff, Photographer 4, Spectrum 3,45 World Affgzlrgr 3,45 President 45 Movie Club 3,4. 35, 210, 212, ' , 236, 237. 244 CHERYL LEE ECKERT G.A.A. 2,3, Friendship curb 2,3,4. 27, 35, 144 JEAN FERNAND EECKHOUT Frencl'iY Cross Country 25 Track 25 World Affairs 4. 35, 95 ALAN JAMES ELLIOT Al Student Council 2,3,45 Spirit's Club 45 Football 2,3,45 Letterman 45 Class Treasurer 25 Class Cabinet 35 Key Club 45 Hall Guard 3,4. 35, 168, 206 GLENN LENARD ENGELKE Dixie Football 2,3,45 Letterman 3,45 Wrestling 25 Track 2,3,45 Letterman 3,45 Lelterman's Club 3,4. 35, 168 CYNTHIA DOROTHY EPPICH Cindy Survey Business Staff 2,35 Concert Band 2,3,45 Marching 2,3,45 ,HQ nd 2,3,45 Spectrum 3,45 F.T.A. 2,3,45 Friendship'Qflib 3,45 Chevron Society 2,35 Senior Scandal 45 , 4. 35, 154, 215, 229, 235, 236, 239, 243 PAMELA R. EZZO Pom G.A.A. 2,3,45 World Affairs 35 F.T.A. 25 Friendship Club 2,35 Ushering 25 Honor Study Hall 2,3. 35 DENNIS JOHN FABEC Cal Transferred to Euclid in Junior year. 35, 100 HARRY COMPTON FAINT Hurrying Harry Cross Country 2,3,45 Letterman 2,3,45 Track 3,45 Cop- tain 45 Letterman 3,45 Letterman's Club 2,3,45 Or- chestra 3,45 Concert Band 2,3,45 Pit Band 2,3,45 Big Show 3. 36, 155, 170, 177, 179 BARBARA JEAN FARRILL Barb G.A.A. 2,35 Friendship Club 4. 27, 36 PATRICIA ANN FEDERICO Patti Euclidian Representative 45 Survey Representative 3,45 Survey Business Staff 45 Co-Manager Paper Ex- change 45 Eucuyo 2,3,45 Circulation Manager 45 G.A.A. 2,35 Class Cabinet 35 Choral Masters 45 Girls' Glee Club 25 Euclid Choir 35 P.A. Club 2,35 Tech- nician 2,35 F.T.A. 2,3,45 Friendship Club 2,35 Usher- ing 2,3. 36, 150, 215, 236, 243 ROSS WILLIAM FERGUSf""4 Eucuyo 45 Fall Play Cast' 4 Spring Play Cast 35 Thes- pians 45 Spectrum 45 Hogr Study Hall 35 Winter Play cost 3, N.H.S. 4. 36, 22 ,2"3i, 235 MARTHA ANNE FIELDS Marty N.H.S. 3,45 I.Q.S. 3,45 Student Council 2,3,45 Com- mittees 2,45 Euclidian Representative 35 Survey Busi- ness Staff 2,3,45 Treasbrf 535 Business Manager 45 Ad Club 2,35 Spirit's Cl2,ibrl3,45 President 45 G.A,A1 2,3,45 Girls' Glee Club F.T.A. 3,45 Friendship Club 25 Honor Study Hall 3. 36, 206, 208, 213, 234, 243 WILLIAM COLTON FIGNER Bill World Affairs 2,45 Bookstore Worker 4. 36, 236 DOROTHY JEAN FIKE pr -L G.A.A. 2,3,45 Orchestra Q,,,4l Spectrum 45 World Af- fairs 2,3,45 Treasurer 455, .Tl.A. 2,3,45 N.H.S. 4. 20, 36, 215, 229, 235, 236 C-A CAROLYN FLAESGARTEN Carol G.A.A. 25 Friendship Club 2. 36 292 RICHARD C. FLATH Dick Transferred to Euclid in Sr. year. MICHAEL ANDREW FOCARETO Mike Baseball 2,45 Golf 35 Class Cabinet 35 Honor Study Hall 35 Boys' Locker Room Guard 3. 36 DAVID ALAN FOERSTE Dave Foreman's Club 45 Machine Shop Foreman 4. 36, 221 KAREN LEE FOWLER Student Council 2,3,45 G.A.A. 25 Girsl' Glee Club 25 Maiorette Club 2,3,45 Maiorette 3,45 Spring Play Cast 35 Big Show Cast 2,35 F.T.A. 3,45 Friendship Club 2,3,45 Ushering 2,3,4. 36, 175, 215 FRANCINE FOX Girls' Glee Club 25 Euclid Choir 3,45 Big Show Cast 35 Friendship Club 25 Senior Scandal Business Staff 45 Representative 4. 36, 152 HERBERT A. FOX Herb Hall Guard 3. 36, 50 SARAH FOY Sally G.A.A. 2,35 Junior Red Cross 35 Friendship Club 25 Honor Study Hall 3. 36 GERALD ALAN FRANCIS Swimming 2. 36 JOHN HERBERT FRAZEE Jack 36 BONNIE JEANNE FRIEDEL Euclidian Representative 35 G.A.A. 2,35 Class Cabinet 35 F.T.A. 35 Friendship Club 2,3. 18, 36 RICHARD E. FULLER Track 3,45 Choral Masters 45 Transferred to Euclid in Jr. year. 36, 150 Speed Shift Bonnie PAMELA MARIE GABALAC Pam G.A.A. 2,3,45 F.T.A. 2,3,45 Friendship Club 2,3,45 Hall Guard 35 Honor Study Hall 35 F.N.A. 4. 36, 215, 217 GARY MICHAEL GALE Gary Student Council 45 Committees 45 Key Club 2,3,45 Hall Guard 3,4. 36, 206, 212 LADDIE GASTER Gaster 38 HOWARD GEDDES How Track 3,4. 38, 179 EBERT MARK GEIGER Mark Cross Country 35 Track 35 Letterman 35 Honor Study Hall 3. 38, 95 EDWARD F. GERM Eddie Intramural Football 45 Intramural Basketball 4. 38 ANTHONY GERMANO Tony 38 CLARENCE GERWIG Football 45 Letterman 4. 38, 168 LINDA LOU GERZENY Linda Euclidian Representative 25 G.A.A. 35 Choral Masters 3,45 Girls' Glee Club 25 Friendship Club 2,3. 38, 150, 225 MAUREEN PATRICIA GEYER Marie World Affairs 25 Junior Red Cross 25 Friendship Club 25 F.N.A. 3,4. 38 ALAN RICHARD GEZANN Al 38 CHERYL ANN GISLASON Cheri Euclidian Representative 25 G.A.A. 25 F.B.L.A. 2,4. 38, 144 SANDRA LEE GISLASON Gis 39 HELEN GLENN Survey Representative 45 Eucuyo Representative 3,45 G.A.A. 2,35 P.A. Technician 2. 39, 126 KEITH RUSSELL GOLDLUST N.H.S. 3,45 Vice-Preside - N.F.L. 2,3,45 Vice-Presi- dent 3, student Councill-2 3, , vice-President 4, Eu- clidian Ad Staff 45 Spirit! lub 45 Golf 3,45 March- ing send 2, P.A. ArrrrQuri.Lerg'3,4, Mum Club 3,4, co- President 45 Homecoming Committee Chairman 4. 39, 56, 60, 162, 204, 206, 210, 230, 232, 234 ROSEMARY GOLOBIC Rosie Friendship Club 2,35 Ushering 35 Honor Study Hall 2. 39 ANTHONY EUGENE GOOCH Hill Billy Euclidian Representative 3. 39, 95 ARLENE GORSHA Arl G.A.A. 35 Friendship Club 25 Honor Study Hall 3. 39 NOEL ANDREA GOSLEE Christmas N.H.S. 3,45 l.Q.S. 3,45 St Y, Council 25 Committees 25 Survey 2,3,45 Staff 45 Representative 2,35 Ad Club 45 Eucuyo 3,4- Vpresentative 35 Spirit's Club 45 G.A.A. 25 Buckekfe3lGirls' State Representa- tive 35 Orchestra 2,3,45 Spectrum 3,45 World Affairs 45 L.D.P.C. 3,4. 39, 212, 228, 234, 236, 241 JUNE ANNETTE GOSPODARICH June 39 LEO GOYANES Key Club 4. 40, 212 DALE GRAPATIN Hall Guard 3. 40 EVELYN MARY GRAY F.N.A. 3,45 Movie Club 4. 14, 40, 217 GAYLE GRDOLNIK Student Council 25 G.A.A. 2,35 Maiorette Club 35 Friendship Club 2,35 Hall Guard 3. 40, 54 ROBERT ALLEN GREEN Bob Cross Country 25 Track 2,3,45 Letterman 3,45 Hall Guard 3. 41, 79 DENNIS CARL GRIFFIN Grif Student Council 25 Euclidian Representative 45 Base- ball 2,45 Letterman 2,3,45 Euclidian Ad Staff 4. 40, 42, 48, 246 MARLENE GRILL Co-op student. 40 JAMES E. GRINSTEAD Football 2,3,45 Letterman 2,3,45 Letterman's Club 2,3, 4. 40, 100 SUSAN MARIE GRISARD Sue Student Council 25 Committees 25 Survey 25 Ad Staff 25 Eucuyo 2,45 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Class Cabinet 45 March- ing Band 25 Big Show 25 Production Staff 35 World Affairs 35 F.T.A. 3,45 Friendship Club 2,35 Ushering 2,35 Hall Guard 35 Honor Study Hall 2,35 F.B.L.A. 4. 18, 40, 215, 222 LORNE CHARLES GRUGEL Student Council 4. 40 JOANNE THERESA GUTKA .lo Student Council 3,45 Committees 35 Eucuyo Repre- sentative 35 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Representative 2,3,45 Ma- iorette 35 F.T.A. 3,45 Friendship Club 2,3,45 Hall Guard 45 Honor Study Hall 35 Senior Scandal Busi- ness Staff 4. 41, 206, 215, 239 Grinny MADELINE B. HADARICH . Pam Euclidian Represenierivrigf, G.A.A. 4, World Af- fairs 45 F.T.A. 2,3,45 Ezqe f7ve Board 45 Friendship Club 2,35 Ushering 25 F.H.Al 3,45 Euclidian Ad Staff 45 N.H.S. 4. 41, 215, 235, 246 RUSSELL E, HAIGH Russ Honor Study Hall 3. 41, 212 WILLIAM E. HALE Little Will Concert Band 2,3,45 Marching Band 2,3,45 Hall Guard 45 Honor Study Hall 4. 41 DENNIS HALL Hulligqnqe Key Club 2,35 Football 2,35 Letterman 2,35 Wrestling 2,3,4. 41 LAURA HALL Co-op Student 4. 41 CAROL LYNN HALUS Carol Euclidian Representative 25 G.A.A. 2,35 Swim Club 3,45 Friendship Club 25 Hall Guard 45 F.N.A. 3,4. 41, 217, 224 JACK HARVEY HAMILTON Jack Football 2,35 Track 2. 41, 142 SUSAN KAY HAMILTON Sue Friendship Club 25 Hall Guard 3. 41, 145 WALT J. HANEY Lats F.T.A. 35 Football 4. 41, 59, 168 NANCY ANN HANKS Hank N.F.L. 3,45 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Friendship Club 2,35 Hall Guard 3. 41 RONALD HARPS Ron 42, 168 DIANE ELLEN HARRIS Di G.A.A. 35 F.T.A. 35 Friendship Club 2,3,45 Hall Guard 3. 42 SANDRA JEAN HARRIS Sandy G.A.A. 2,35 Spectrum 45 World Affairs 45 Friendship Club 2,3. 42, 212, 236 CYNTHIA ELOISE HART Cindy Euclidian Representative 35 G.A.A. 3,45 Choral Mas- ters 45 Euclid Choir 35 Friendship Club 2. 42, 150 JOHN KENNETH HART Jack Movie Club 4. 42 ANN M. HARTNETT G.A.A. 2,3,45 cms' Glee Qu 2, spectrum 3,4, F.T.A. 3,45 Honor Study Halizg 35 Survey Reporter 45 N.H.S. 4. 42, 212, 215, , 236, 240 MARGARET A. HASTO Margi G.A.A. 35 F.T.A. 2,3,45 Friendship Club 3. 42, 222 CHERYL LEE HEHR Cheryl G.A.A. 2,3,45 F.T.A. 45 Friendship Club 4. 42, 215 JAMES E. HELMINK Jim Baseball 25 Bowling 2,3. 42 STEPHENIE LEE HIEBEL Stevie Student Council 2,35 G.A.A. 2,35 Friendship Club 2,35 Honor Study Hall 2. 42 CHARLES EUGENE HIGHLAND Charlie Gym Leader. 43 JOHN MARSHALL HILLEGAS Jack Marching Band 2,3,45 Pit Band 2. 43, 157 PHYLLIS JUNE HILLER Junior Red Cross 3. 43 JOANNE MARIE HITTY Jo Euclidian Business Staff 45 Representative 45 G,A.A. 2,3,45 Concert Band 2,3,45 Marching Band 2,3,45 Pit Band 2,3,45 Librarian 45 Big Show 35 Production Staff 35 Spectrum 45 Friendship Club 2,3,45 Future Nurses Club 45 Cadet Band 25 F.B.L.A. 4, 23, 43, 154, 212, 217, 222, 236, 246 ALBERT ALAN HLABSE Al Wrestling 25 Honor Study Hall 2. 43, 48 JOE A. HLABSE Weasel Transfer to Euclid in Jr. year, 43 MARK LAWRENCE HOB EK Russ N.H.S. 3,45 I.Q.S. 45 Eulzlididn Editorial Staff 45 Pho- tographer 45 Choral Mdters 3,45 President 45 Boys' Glee Club 25 Fall Play CLW25 Key Club 4, 43, 150, 208, 212, 234, 236, 244 DIANA LYNN HOEDT G.A.A. 35 Concert Band 3,45 Marching Band 2,3,45 Pit Band 2,3,45 Spectrum 45 Friendship Club 3,45 F.N.A. 3,45 Cadet Band 2. 43, 152, 154, 227, 229 BEVERLY HOLM Transferred to Euclid in Sr. year. DONALD FRANCIS HOPPERT Happy Cross Country 3,45 Letterman 45 Key Club 4. 43, 44, 170, 212 LORELIE RUTH HORVATH Survey Business Staff 45 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Concert Band 2,3,45 Marching Band 2,3,45 Pit Band 2,3,45 Spectrum 45 F.T.A. 45 Friendship Club 2,3,45 Pep Band 2,3,45 Chevron Society 2,35 F.N.A. 4. 44, 154, 215, 217, 229 RICHARD GAINES HOTEEFYES Rich Marching Band 2,3,45 P.'l .5 lv ub 2,3,45 Vice President 45 Spectrum 45 N.H.S. 4.' , 211, 212, 235 WILLIAM CHARLES HOUCK Bill Survey Representative 2,35 Swim Club 2,3,45 Presi- dent 45 Swimming 2,3,45 Letterman 45 Key Club 2. 44, 189, 224 JOHN FREDERICK HOW John N.H.S. 3,45 Student COEt 25 P.A. Club Technician 2,3,45 President 45 Sprl g .5 lay Cast 35 Production Staff 25 Big Show Prodgdtlfbn Staff 35 Thespians 45 Spectrum 3. 44, 211 SALLY HOWE N.H.S. 3,45 N.F.L. 25 T .. 45 Student Council 35 Euclidian Editorial Sta, M5 Co-Mounting Editor 45 Orchestra 25 Fall Play 3,l -l-Q oduction Staff 3,45 Thes- pians 3,45 Spectrum 35 Pay Night 35 Student Director 3. 44, 140, 157, 231, 234, 236, 244 DAN JAY HRNYAK Bowling 2. 44 LYNNE LOUISE HROVAT G.A.A. 25 F.B.L.A. 2,3,45 Treasurer 45 Co-op Student 4. 44, 222 ROLAND GARY HUDEC Baseball 2,3,45 Letterman 2,3,45 Letterman's Club 2,3,45 Class Cabinet 4. 18, 44, 48 Rollie CAROLYN CLARK HUMMON Cary Euclidian Representative 45 Survey Business Staff 45 Representative 45 G.L.C. 45 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Euclid Choir 45 Maiorette Club 35 F.T.A. 2,3,45 Friendship Club 2,35 Ushering 25 Prom Committee 35 Senior Scandal 45 Homecoming Decorations 4. 44, 152, 215, 226, 239 CHARLES BRIAN HUMPHREY Brion Cross Country 35 Concert Band 45 Marching Band 2,3,45 Pit Band 25 Stage Crew Club 25 Spectrum 4. 44, 154, 212 JAMES FREDERICK HUNT Willy Football 25 Key Club 45 Honor Study Hall 2. 45, 212 BERNADETTE FERRER INMAN Bernie G.A.A. 25 Class Cabinet 35 World Affairs 45 Friend- ship Club 25 Honor Study Hall 35 Movie Club 35 F.B.L.A. 4. 45, 236 PORTIA ANNE IPAVEC G.A.A. 2,35 Class Cabinet 35 Friendship Club 2,3,4. 45 GLORIA GERTRUDE IRWIN Gee Gee 45 JACKLYN FAY JACAVINO Jackie Friendship Club 2. 45 PATRICIA KAY JAFFRAY Pot Student Council 45 G.A.A. 2,35 Malorette Club 35 F.T.A. 45 Friendship Club 2,35 Hall Guard 45 Linguist Club 3, 45, 239 KAREN ELIZABETH JAMB I N.F.L. 3,45 Euclidian Bu i sf Staff 45 Survey Repre- sentative 35 G.A.A. 2,35'-Colncert Band 25 Euclidian Representative 45 MarchiAgSBand 25 F.T.A. 45 Friend- ship Club 25 N.H.S. 45 l.Q.S. 4. 45, 235, 236 CAROL ANNE JANITZ Carol Survey Business Staff 45 G.A.A. 2,35 Concert Band 2,35 Marching Band 2,35 Friendship Club 2,3. 45 WOODROW WILLIAM JEDLICKA Woody Hall Guard 25 Honor Study Hall 35 Movie Club 2,3,4. 45 GARY E. JENNRICH 45 SONJA MARIE JERKIC Sunny N.H.S. 3,45 l.Q.S. 3,45 A t Council 3,45 Executive Board 3,45 Survey Editdsiiiysegtaft 3,45 Eucuyc Repre- sentative 25 Spirit's C1531 ,45 Concert Band 3,45 Marching Band 2,3,45 P 'Bbnd 3,45 Spectrum 2,3,45 Junior Red Cross 2. 46, 51, 154, 204, 206, 212, 213, 234, 236, 241 FRANK ANTHONY JERNEJCIC N.A.S.S. 2,3,45 Studentf. ncil 3,45 Euclidian Edi- torial stuff 4, co-Mollie? Editor 4, Football 2, Wrestling 2,3,45 Letterman' 2,3,45 Letterman's Club 2,3,45 Class President 3,45-Jrom Committee 3,45 Hall Guard 45 Honor Study Hall 35 Gym Leader 45 N.H.S. 45 I.Q.S. 4. 18, 22, 46, 206, 223, 235, 236, 244 ALLEN R. JOHNS Bowling 35 Fall Play Cast 3,45 Spring Play Cast 35 Big Show Cast 35 Thespians 3,45 Spectrum 4, 46, 231 TIMOTHY DALE JONES Tim 46 JOANNE JURJEV .lo Eucuyo Representative 2,35 G.A.A. 25 Girls' Glee Club 25 Euclid Choir 3,45 Friendship Club 3. 46, 152 MARY LOU KALINOWSKI Lou Euclidian Representative 25 G.L.C. 2,3,45 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Panther 45 Friendship Club 2,35 Cabinet 2,3. 24, 41, 46, 54, 145, 226 JOHN FREDRICK KAPSCH Jack Movie Club 4. 46, 210 NANCY MARIE KASTON V Nikkie Euclidian Ad Staff 45 2,3,45 Poetry Editor 45 G.A.A. 35 Spectrum 3,45 5Ftae dship Club 2,3,45 Usher- ing 25 Honor Study HallE5 F.N.A. 3,45 Science Sem- inar 3,45 Biology Club 45 'Secretary 45 N.H.S. 4. 46, 212, 233, 235, 236, 239, 246 DONNA KASUNIC Danna G.A.A. 2,3,45 Maiorette Club 3,45 Maiorette 45 Big Show 35 Cast 35 Friendship Club 2,3. 46, 174 NANCY L. KATANIK Nance Concert Band 2,3,45 Marching Band 2,3,45 Pit Band 2,35 F.T.A. 2,35 Hall Guard 4. 47, 154 ALLENE KAUFFMAN G.A.A. 25 Friendship Club 2,35 Hall Guard 3. 47 RICHARD LEE KENDALL Dick Football 2,35 Baseball 25 Class Treasurer 35 Key Club 4. 47, 212 KIRK JAMES KENNEDY Foreman's Club 4. 47 BRUCE JAMES KENTNER 47 CHARLOTTE ANN KERESTES Char Student Council 2,35 Committees 35 Eucuyo Repre- sentative 25 G.L.C. 3,45 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Homecoming Attendant 25 Girls' Glee Club 25 Maiorette Club 2,3, 45 Majorette 3,45 Head 45 Big Show Cast 35 Girls' Varsity Basketball 2,3. 47, 175, 226, 250 BARBARA JEAN KING 571 Euclidian Representative. I. G.A.A. 2,3,45 Junior Red Cross 3,45 President 45 lLElglGuard 45 Future Nurse'5 Club 45 N.H.S. 4. 47, 216,235 EILEEN FRANCES KINN Eileen G.A.A. 25 Swim Club 25 Friendship Club 2,3. 47 WOODROW THOMAS KIRK Woody Transferred to Euclid in Sr. year. 47 GEORGEANN ELEANOR KISH Georgie G.A.A. 2,3,45 Friendship Club 45 Ushering 45 Honor Study Hall. 47 PHILANNE MARIE KLEMENCIC Phi? G.A.A. 2,3,45 Girls' Glee Club 25 Friendship Club 2,3,4. 47, 148 CAROL ANN KLEVAY N.H.S. 3,45 N.F.L. 2,3,45.Secc'etary 35 Survey Editorial Staff 45 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Club 2,3,45 Announcer 2,3,45 Fall Play Cast 3,45 5 oduction Staff 2,35 Spring Play Cast 2,35 Director Zkdllioduction Staff 2,35 Thes- pians 2,3,45 President 45 Spectrum 3. 47, 225, 230, 231, 234, 240, 252 JAMES RONALD KNEALE Jim Swim Club 2,3,45 Swimming 2,3,45 Letterman 3,45 Key Club 2,3,45 Honor Study Hall 3. 47, 189 JACQULYN LOUISE KNIESS Ta-Noosi Friendship Club 2,3,45 F.B.L.A. 3,4. 47 JEANETTE REGINA KOENIG Jan Student Council 35 G.A.A. 2,35 Friendship Club 2,35 F.B.L.A. 3,45 Co-op Student 4. 47, 222 HERBERT ANTHONY KOETH Bondo Transferred to Euclid in Sr. year. 47 MARION FRANCES KOMAR Marion F.B.L.A. 3,4. 47, 222 ERIKA KONTE Cookie 47 STEPHEN KOREN Steve 47 JAMES MICHAEL KOSMAN Kos Honor Study Hall 3. 47 JOHN CHARLES KOVACH John N.A.S.S. 3,45 Basketball 2,3,45 Letterman 45 Baseball 25 Track 3,45 Letterman 3,45 Honor Study Hall 2,3. 48, 179, 223 ROBERT D. KOVACH Bob Cross Country 3,45 Letterman 3,45 Track 2,3,45 Letter- man 3,45 Letterman's Club 3,45 World Affairs 45 F.T.A. 3,45 Key Club 3,45 Hall Guard 35 Honor Study Hall 2,3. 48, 170, 179, 212 CATHERINE SHERRILL KOVACS Cathy G.A.A. 45 Senior Scandal 45 Latin Club 3. 48 ELAYNE MARIE KOVACS Elaine World Affairs 45 Friendship Club 2,3,45 Ushering 35 F.B.L.A. 3. 48, 236 JUDITH ANN KOVIC Judy F.T.A. 25 Friendship Club 25 Ushering 2. 48, 145 ROBERT CHARLES KRAFT Bob Football 2,3,45 Letterman 45 Letterman's Club 45 Hall Guard 35 Honor Study Hall 3. 26, 48, 59, 168 BARBARA ANN KRAMET-f sqft, student Council 2, o. .4 2,3,45 Class cabinet 3, spectrum 3, F.T.A. 2,143 rr mishap Club 3,45 F.N.A. 4, N.H.s. 4. 48,215,21?' 35 JOSEPH FRANK KRAMEIEE, Bud Euclidian Editorial Staff.4Igsistant Editor 45 Survey Representative 25 Eucu' a ,V epresentative 35 Class Cabinet 3,45 Choral Mage-r-U 3,45 Big Show 2,35 Key Club 25 N.H.S. 4. 18, 48, 150, 235, 236, 244 JUDITH A. KRAMER Judie G.A.A. 35 World Affairs 45 Friendship Club 2,3,4. 48, 236 293 -t .E VICTOR WILLIAM KRANZ The Beast Football 2. 48 JANET ANN KRAPENC Jan Student Council 35 Euclidian Representative 45 G.L.C. 3,45 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Class Cabinet 45 Girls' Glee Club 25 Panther 45 F.N.A. 3,45 President 4. 18, 49, 217, 226 THEODORE KREIT Ted Student Council 35 Football 2,3,45 Letterman 45 Let- terman's Club 4. 49, 168 JAMES MICHAEL KREN Jim Movie Club 2. 49 KENNETH HENRY KRISTY Ken 49 RONALD MATHEW KROMAR R011 49 GERALDINE MARCELLA KROME Gerry Euclidian Representative 25 G.A.A. 25 Choral Masters 3,45 Girls' Glee Club 25 Fall Play Production Staff 25 Big Show Cast 35 Production Staff 25 World Af- fairs 3,45 Friendship Club 2,35 Euclidian Ad Staff 4. 49, 150, 236, 246 ROSEMARY JANE KUHARIK Rosie G.A.A. 25 Maiorette Club 2,35 Spring Play Cast 35 Big Show Cast 25 Friendship Club 2,3,4. 49 LUCIA DANIELA LANG Lucy Student Council 45 Swim Club 45 Girls' Glee Club 45 Spectrum 45 World Affairs Club 45 Bookstore Worker5 AFS Student 1962-63. 49, 206, 209, 224, 229, 236 CHARLES R. LANNING Chuck Football 25 Baseball 2,3,45 Letterman's Club 2,3,45 Hall Guard 25 Honor Study Hall 2. 49, 193, 194 RONALD FRANK LAPUH Student Council 35 Key Club 3,45 Hall Guard 35 Hon- or Study Hall 3. 49 CHARLES J. LARDOMITA Chuck 49 MARIE PHYLLIS LAUKIAVICH Survey Representative 25 Business Staff 45 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Friendship Club 2,3,45 Honor Study Hall 3. 49, 243 ROBERT AUGUST LAUSCHE Movie Club 3,4. 49, 210 DIANNE MARIE LAVO Di Friendship Club 2,3. 49 DAVID JOHN LEBER Dave Student Council Representative 25 Survey Business Staff 2,35 Representative 35 Key Club 35 Survey Ad- vertising Manager 4. 49, 236, 243 MICHAEL A. LEBER Mike N.A.S.S. 2,3,45 Student n il 2,45 Eucuyo 25 Wrest- ling 2,3,45 Letterman'sv u 2,3,45 Big Show Cast 2,35 F.T.A. 35 Executive d 35 N.H.S. 4. 50, 206, 223, 235 CHARLES EDWARD LEES Chuck 50 LINDA Iou LEGE N.H.S. 3,45 Survey Edxixri I Staff 2,3,45 Spectrum 3,45 F.T.A. 2,3,45 Execpt Board 3,45 Friendship Club 2,3,45 Ushering 251 I Guard 3. 14, 50, 212, 215, 234, 236, 239, 240 ' CHARLES A, LEPPERT rf Charlie Student Council 45 Surge epresentative 35 Spirit's Club 45 Football 35 Bark t all 3,45 Tennis 25 Hall Guard 3,45 Euciidaerr Aa ff 4, N.H.S. 4. so, 193, 206, 213, 235, 246 ' JULIA MARIE IESIAK Judy Orchestra 2,3,45 Honor Study Hall 3. 50, 230, 254 JUDITH ANN LESKOVEC Judy G.A.A. 35 F.T.A. 45 Friendship Club 2,3. 50, 222 JERRY TOM LIKOVIC 50, 95 LINDA LEE LINDIC Friendship Club 35 F.B.L.A. 45 Co-op Student 4. 14, 50, 222 NANCY LEE LINDQUIST Lindy N.F.L. 35 I.Q.S. 45 Student Council Committee 35 Euclidian Editorial Staff pywriter 45 Representa- tive 45 Survey EditoriaIlStf? 2,35 Representative 25 Ad curb 4, G.A.A. 2, erin Play Production smff 2, World Affairs 4, rraendsrrrpsciub 2,35 Ushering 2,35 Hall Guard 35 F.N.A. 3,45 Vice-President 45 lnterclub Representative 35 N.H.S. 4. 20, 50, 217, 235, 236, 244, 246 294 ROGER L. LIPSTREU Rag Cross Country 35 Track 3,45 Concert Band 2,3,45 Pit Band 2. 50, 154 DIANE LYNN LIPTACK Dee-Dee G.A.A. 2,3,45 World Affairs 4. 50, 236 ALBERT LOCKER 50 JOYCE MARIE LOCKER Dimples Student Council 45 Ad Club 2,3,45 G.A.A. 2,35 Ma- iorette Club 2,35 Fall Play Production Staff 25 World Affairs 25 F.T.A. 25 Friendship Club 2,35 Ushering 25 Prom Committee 35 Hall Guard 25 Honor Study Hall 35 F.N.A. 3,4. 50, 212, 217 ORVILLE G. LOEDING Football 25 Concert Band 2,45 Pit Band 25 Honor Study Hall 3. 51,154 LINDA LEE LONG Student Council 25 Survey Business Staff 45 G.A.A. 2,35 Class Cabinet 35 Girls' Glee Club 25 Spectrum 45 F.T.A. 45 Friendship Club 2,3. 51, 215, 229 LINDA LEE LOOPE Loopie N.F.L. 35 Student Council 35 Committees 35 Euclidian Ad Staff 45 Survey Business Staff 3,45 Assistant Ad Manager 45 G.A.A. 2,35 Choral Masters 45 Girls' Glee Club 25 Euclid Choir 35 P.A. Club 3,45 Announc- er 3,45 Big Show Cast 35 F.T.A. 2,3,45 Friendship Club 25 Senior Scandal 4. 28, 51, 150, 215, 239, 243, 246 ALVINA LOVEJOY Girls' Glee Club 2. 51 VIRGINIA LOWE GinnY Euclidian Ad Staff 45 G.A.A. 2,35 Girls' Glee CIub5 Friendship Club 2,35 Hall Guard 3,45 Honor Study Hall 35 F.N.A. 4. 51, 217, 236, 246 DIANE LUKAT Di G.A.A. 2,3,45 Girls' Glee Club 25 F.T.A. 2,3,45 Friend- ship Club 2,3,45 Executive Chairman 45 Hall Guard 35 Honor Study Hall 35 Euclidian Representative 2. 51, 215, 217, 219 JACQUELINE MARIE LUFBER, Jackie Student Council 2,35 Eucltdibn Ad Staff 45 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Choral Masters 45 Girls' Glee Club 2,35 Friend- ship Club 35 Hall Guardi'-45' N.H.S. 4. 37, 51, 150, 235 KAREN ELIZABETH LUTZ Euclidian Ad Staff 45 Survey Business Staff 45 Repre- sentative 45 G.A.A. 2,35 F.T.A. 3,45 Hall Guard 35 Honor Study Hall 3. 51, 243 KATHLEEN MARIE LYBARGER Kathy N.H.S. 3,45 l.Q.S. 45 Student Council 2,35 Euclidian Editorial Staff 45 Underdrif ditor 45 Representative 35 Eucuyo Representative .f .L.C. 3,45 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Vice-President 45 Buckey' Girls' State Representative 35 Girls' Glee Club 25 2,35 Historian 35 Friend- ship Club 2,35 Ushering 2,35 Hall Guard 3. 53, 225, 226, 234, 236, 239, 244 DON ALLEN LYMAN Big Dal Euclidian Editorial Staff 45 Photographer 45 Euclidian Business Staff 45 Senior Circulation Manager 45 Cross Country 25 Wrestling 25 World Affairs 45 Camera Club 2,3,45 President 45 Chess Team 2. 53, 220, 236, 244, 246 DON C. MAASWINKEL Cross Country 35 Basketball 2,35 Baseball 2,35 Book- store Worker 2,3,4. 53 BRIAN MILES MAEDER N.F.L. 2,3,45 Student Council 45 Euclidian Ad Staff 45 Survey Representative 35 Swimming 2,3,45 Spring Play Cast 35 Hall Guard 2,4. 53, 189, 191 PRISCILLA MAHANAY Pris G.A.A. 35 F.T.A. 2,3,45 Friendship Club 2,3. 53, 215 CHRIS JAMES MAHER Wheels 53, 95, 221 WANDA JEAN MAJOR Wanda Friendship Club 2,3,4. 53 BARBARA LYNN MAKOWSKI Lynn G.A.A. 3,45 Honor Study Hall 3. 53 JACK ARTHUR MALZ Wolf 53 CAROL JO MANDALLA Friendship Club 35 Transferred to Euclid in Jr. year. 53 N.A.S.S. 3,45 Student C c 45 Executive Board 45 Ad Club 3,45 Spirit's Cl bf4 Wrestling 2,3,45 Letter- man 35 Buckeye Boys' Representative 35 Con- cert Band 3,45 Marching and 2,3,45 Hall Guard 25 N.H.S. 4. 51, 52, 154, 155, 163, 183, 185, 206, 235 WILLIAM ROBERT MARCH Bill Concert Band 2,3,45 Marching Band 2,3,45 Pit Band 3,4. 51, 52, 154 CAROLYN JEAN MARESH Carolyn N.H.S. 3,45 I.Q.S. 3,45 Student Council 25 Survey Rep- resentative 25 Survey Ech7l'6riT Staff 3,45 Copyreader 35 News Editor 45 Eucuiycfll presentative 25 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Girls' Glee Club Eluclid Chair 35 Spectrum 2,45 F.T.A. 2,3,45 Executive Board 3,45 Friendship Club 2,3,45 Ushering 25 Senior Scandal Staff 4. 53, 215, 229, 234, 236, 239, 241 CLARE W. MANSPERGER THEODORE JOHN MARKLEY Ted Eucuyo 3,45 Publicity Manager 4. 53 ROSEMARY G. MARMASH Rosie Student Council 35 Eucliftian1Representative 45 G.L.C. 3,45 G.A.A. 3,45 Orchestt l2,45 Moiorette Club 25 F.T.A. 3,45 Executive BODECI-S415 Friendship Club 2,3,45 Ushering 25 F.N.C. 3,45 Historian 45 Senior Scandal Staff 45 N.H.S. 4. 53, 215, 217, 226, 235, 239 CHERYL ANN MARN Cheryl G.A.A. 2,35 Friendship Club 2,35 F.B.L.A. 4. 53 NORMAN L. MAROLT Mud 53, 95 CATHERINE JEAN MARTEN Cathy Survey Business Staff ,5 QAA. 3,45 Spectrum 45 F.T.A. 2,3,45 Friendshiplau 2,3,45 Hall Guard 3- Senior Scandal Business btdif 45 N.H.S. 4. 53, 2155 229, 235, 239, 243 RICHARD ALBERT MARTIN Dick 53 JOAN CAROL MARZI Joanie G.A.A. 25 Hall Guard 2. 53 GARY PAUL MASON Mase Student Council 45 Football 2,35 Letterman 2,35 Wrest- ling 25 Letterman's Club 35 Linguist Club 3. 53, 95 JUDITH ANNE MASON G.A.A. 2,3,45 Maiorette Club 35 Cheerleader 25 Friendship Club 2,35 Ushering 2. 95 PAUL JOHN MASTRO Millbrook 54 EILEEN MAUSER Pixie F.N.C. 2,3,4. 54 ANNETTE M. MAUSSER Dolly Friendship Club 2,3,45 Ushering 45 Hall Guard 3. 54 MICHAEL A. MAZZEI Lightning Football 2,3,45 Letterman 45 Wrestling 2. 54 DONNA LEE McCULLOCH Student Council 25 G.A.A. 25 Girls' Glee Club 35 Friendship Club 2,3,45 Honor Study Hall 2,3. 54 JUDITH ANN McGARRY Judea G.A.A. 25 Friendship Club 25 Hall Guard 2. 55 MARY ELLEN McGRAW Survey Business Staff 45 Eucuyo Representative 35 G.L.C. 3,45 Vice-President 45 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Spring Sports Attendant 35 Class Secretary 35 Maiorette Club 2,35 Substitute 45 Friendship Club 25 Prom Committee 35 Euclidian Ad Staff 4. 18, 55, 62, 175, 226 LYNN IRENE McGREGOR Lynn G.A.A. 2,35 Friendship Club 2,35 F.B.L.A. 4. 55, 226 JACOUELINE MclNTYRE Jackie G.A.A. 2,3,45 Friendship Club 3,4. 55 BARBARA ANN MCKINLEY Barb N.F.L. 45 Euclidian Representative 35 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Maiorette Club 2,35 Maiorette 45 Big Show Cast 35 Friendship Club 45 Honor Study Hall 3. 55, 174 SONDRA CAROL MEALL Sandi G.A.A. 2,35 Friendship Club 25 Hall Guard 2. 54 ROBERT ALLEN MEDVED Bob Track 2,45 Class Cabinet 35 Key Club 2. 54, 179 JOANNE MENART Jo Survey Representative 3. 54 JERILYN ANN MERVAR Jeri G.A.A. 2,3,45 Friendship 2,3,4. 55 DIANA LOUISE MIHALY Student Council 3,45 G.A.A. 2,35 Class Cabinet 35 Maiorette Club 2,3,45 Maiorette 3,45 Big Show 2,35' Friendship Club 2. 55, 145, 174 DONNA MARIE MIHALY Euclidian Representative 2,35 G.A.A. 2,35 Maiorette Club 35 Friendship Club 2. 55 NANCY CAROL MIJACEK Majack Student Council 2,35 Survey Representative 2,35 Eu- cuyo Representative 2,3,45 G.A.A. 2,35 Swim Club 35 Girls' Glee Club 25 Cheerleader Substitute 25 Panther 45 Big Show Production Staff 35 F.T.A. 3,45 Senior Scandal 4. 55, 239 FRANK JOSEPH MIKLACIC Transferred to Euclid in Sr. year. 55 FLETCHER DANIEL MILAN Fletch 55 MARGARET ROSE MILAVEC G.A.A. 35 Friendship Club 2,35 Ushering 25 Hall Guard 25 F.B.L.A. 4. 55 PHILIP FRANK MILAVEC Phil Baseball 3,4. 55 BONNIE ANN MILLER G.A.A. 45 World Affairs Club 45 Friendship Club 35 Transferred to Euclid in Jr. year. 55 JERI LYNN MILLER Jeri G.A.A. 2,35 Maiorette Club 2,35 Friendship Club 25 Survey Reporter 45 F.N.C. 3. 56, 240 SANDRA LEE MILLER ff Z student Council 2,3,-4, GLC. 3,4, G.A.A. 2,3,4, Cheerleader 25 Substitul 25 Friendship Club 2,3,45 Honor Study Hall 35 NICSE 4. 54, 56, 226, 235 Sandy KENNETH JAMES MISICK Bones 56, 193 MARILYN LOUISE MONTAGNER LARRY JAY MOONEY 56 DON RICHARD MORELL Grand-Pa 56 CARL J. MORGENTHALER Chuck Foreman's Club 4. 57, 221 DIANNA LOU MORTON Mort G.A.A. 2,35 Honor Study Hall 3. 14, 57 JAMES DANNY MROWCA 57 CAROL RAE MULFORD Mulfie Swim Club 35 Girls' Glee Club 35 G.A.A. 35 Friend- ship Club 3. 57 MARY KATHERINE MULLIGAN World Affairs Club 35 Friendship Club 2,3. 57 GLORIA JEAN MURPHY Jerry Student Council 35 Euclidian Representative 35 Survey Representative 35 Hall Guard 3. 57 ROGER T. MURPHY Rag N.H.S. 3,45 N.A.S.S. 3,45 Student Council 45 Spirit's Club 45 Cross Country'3? 'Letterman 35 Basketball 2,3,45 Letterman 45 Basebifl V 5 Letterman's Club 3,45 Class Vice-President 45 usd Cabinet 3,45 Big Show Cast 35 Student Supply S or? Worker 3,45 Hall Guard 3,45 Euclidian Ad Staff 45 Senior Scandal 4. 18, 57, 75, 193, 194, 197, 206, 209, 213, 234, 239, 246 THOMAS ANDREW MURPHY Murf N.H.S. 3,45 N.F.L. 45 N. J 3,45 Student Council 35 Euclidian Ad Staff 45 CES ?ountry 35 Letterman 35 Basketball 2,3,45 Letterma? 5 Baseball 2,3,45 Letter- man 3,45 Letterman's ClB.b3i3,45 Class Treasurer 45 Class Cabinet 35 Student Supply Store Worker 3. 18, 57, 75, 192, 193, 194, 197, 223, 234, 246 WILLIAM H. MYLES Bill Orchestra 2,3,45 Concert Band 2,3,45 Marching Band 2,3,45 Pit Band 2,35 Buckeye Boys' State Representa- tive 3. 57, 154 LESLIE ADAM NASON Stoney Student Council 25 P.A. Announcer 45 World Affairs 45 Debate Team 4. 57 SANDRA LEE NAYLOR Sam G.A.A. 2,35 Orchestra 2,3,45 Fall Play 25 F.N.C. 3,45 Friendship Club 2. 57 ELIZABETH JOAN NEAT Liz Girls' Glee Club 25 Euclid Choir 3,45 Fall Play Pro- duction Staff 3,45 Spring Play Production Staff 35 Big Show Production Staff 35 Thespians 45 Friendship Club 3,45 F.N.C. 3,45 Hall Guard 45 Thespians 45 Euclidian Ad Staff 4. 57, 217 TOM JOHN NEEDS Tom 57 PETER MICHAEL NEOLA 57 MAUREEN JEAN NIXON M0 G.A.A. 2,35 Swim Club 35 Friendship Club 25 Hall Guard 2. 58 JOYCE Novmc 5 1 Student Council 45 GAA' 2: MUIOVEYLG Cl!-lb 2,3142 Maiorette Substitute 45 Friendship Club 2,3,45 Honor Study Hall 35 Senior Sciindal 45 N.H.S. 4. 58, 175, 206, 235, 239 SHIRLEY MARIE NOVOTNY Student Council 35 Euclidian Representative 35 Sur- vey 45 Business Staff 45 G.A.A. 2,35 F.T.A. 3.4: Friendship Club 2. 58, 215 LINDA K. NURMI Lindo Student Council 35 Euclidfaan epresentative 45 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Spring Play 35 Spefrx m 45 F.T.A. 3,45 Friend- ship 2,3,45 Honor Study!-lcxxtl 35 E-Room Manager 45 E-Room Worker 2,35 Senior Scandal 4: N.H.S. 4. 58, 229, 235, 249 FRANK WILLIAM OBLAK Owl 58 Roswnnf-x OELSNER r ,W N.H.S. 3,-1, Euclidian Bu 'ness stuff 4, GLC. 3,4, G.A.A. 2,3,45 World Affa,s.45 F.T.A. 3,45 Friendship club 2,3, F.N.C. 2,3, Euelidion Ad Staff 4. 58, 226, 234, 236, 246 EMILY LUCILLE OFFAK N.F.L. 45 P.A. Club Anouncer 45 Junior Red Cross 3,45 Friendship Club 35 F.N.C. 3,4. 58, 210, 216 THOMAS M. OLESKY 10117 l.Q.S. 45 Student Counci'FReqresentative 45 Wrestling 2,3, Key club 2,3,4, Direftqr 4, Hall Guard 4, Eu- clidian Ad Staff 45 Seniogsgbndol 45 Survey Reporter 2,3,45 N.H.S. 4. 38, 52, 3 206, 212, 235, 236, 239, 240, 246 MICHAEL ORAZEN 57 Mike N.A.S.S. 2,3,45 Football' W, 5 Co-captain 45 Letter- man 2,3,45 Wrestling 2,3,4-lLetterman 2,3,45 Letter- man's Club 2,3,45 Panthegfdf the week 4, N.H.S. 4. 26, 58, 162, 168, 169, 170, 183, 184, 185, 223, 235 CARLTON MOORE OREBAUGH Maxwell l.Q.S. 3,45 Camera Club 3,45 Key Club 2,3,45 Presi- dent 45 Council 45 Survey 2,3,45 Jr. Photographer 35 Sr. Photographer 45 Spectrum 4. 30, 58, 163, 212, 220, 236, 241 JAMES ORR Jim l.Q.S. 45 N.A.S.S. 2,3,45 Student Council Representa- tive 2,3,45 Euclidian Business Staff 45 Cross Country 25 Track 25 Letterman's Club 2,3,45 Concert Band 25 Hall Guard 2,35 Euclidian Ad Staff 4. 33, 59, 223, 236, 246 LAURAJEAN OWEN Laura N.F.L. 3,45 Euclidian Representative 25 Eucuyo 2,35 G.A.A. 2,35 Girls' Glee Club 2,3,45 P.A. Club An- nouncer 45 Fall Play 2,3,45 Cast 35 Director 2,3,45 Spring Play 35 Production Staff 35 Thespians 3,45 Friendship Club 2,3,4. 59, 83, 210, 230, 231 STEVE MARTIN OZNOWICH Oz 59, 100 ROBERT PALACHEK Bob Euclidian Ad Staff 45 Football 2,3,45 Letterman 3,45 Basketball 2,3,45 Letterman 45 Letterman's Club 3,45 Big Show,3. 59, 168, 193 JOHN PALINKAS 59 GEORGE JAMES PANSTARES Class Cabinet 45 Key Club 25 Honor Study Hall 2. 18, 59 MICHAEL RONALD PAOLELLA Mike Student Council 25 Survey Business Staff 45 Football 25 Class Cabinet 2,35 Key Club 45 Hall Guard 35 Honor Study Hall 3. 31, 59, 212 GUS ALFRED PAOLUCCI Key Club 2,3,4. 59, 212 DONALD A. PAPESH Don 59 JUDITH ANN PAPP Judie G.A.A. 2,35 Class Cabinet 35 Euclid Choir 3,45 Friend- ship Club 2,35 Honor Study Hall 25 Euclidian Ad Staff 4. 60 BETSY PAPPAS Bets G.A.A. 2,35 Girls' Glee Club 2,3,45 Maiorette Club 3,45 Friendship Club 2,3,45 Honor Study Hall 2,3. 60 VIKKI LEE PARADISO Friendship Club 4. 60 ROBERT A. PARKER Park Cross Country 35 Letterman 35 Track 25 Letterman's Club 3. 60, 100, 170, 179 ALISON GAIL PATRICK Spectrum 45 Friendship Club 45 Transferred to Euclid in Sr. year. 60, 229 TOM PERKO Tom 60 JAMES WALTER PETERS Pete Football 2,45 Cross Country 35 Track 2,3,45 Letterman 2,45 Letterman's Club 2,3,4. 60, 68, 179 JOEL PETERS Pete's Hall Guard 3. 60 ERIC PETERSON Pete Student Council 25 Football 25 Cross Country,35 Wrestling 25 Baseball 25 Big Show Cast 2,3,45 F.T.A. 35 Key Club 35 Gym Leader 4. 60 SIDNEY S. PETROLEWICZ Sid Football 2. 60 CHARLES A. PICCIANO Greek Football 45 Baseball 45 Bowling 3,45 Letterman's Club 45 Hall Guard 4. 61, 168, 181 JANICE MARY PICKETT Jan N.F.L. 35 G.A.A. 25 Girls' Glee Club 25 World Affairs 45 Friendship Club 2,35 Ushering 25 Movie Club 3,4. 61, 236, 237 HARRY O. PIERCE Football 2,3,45 Letterman 3,45 Swimming 2,3,45 Let- terman 4. 61, 148, 189, 191 JOYCE MARIE PIKE Eucuyo 2,35 G.A.A. 25 World Affairs 45 Friendship Club 2. 61 CATHERINE JEAN PIPER Katie N.H.S. 3,45 Secretary 45 l.Q.S. 45 Student Council 45 Executive Board 45 Committees 45 Euclidian Editorial Staff 45 Literary Editor 5' presentative 25 Survey Representative 35 Eucuy .e resentative 2,35 G.A.A. 2,35 Orchestra 3,45 Treasgl' 35 Concert Band 2,3,45 Marching Band 2,3,45 Sergeant 45 Pit Band 2,3,45 Fall Play 25 Spectrum 35 Bookstore Manager 45 Pep Band 45 Chevron Society 2,3,4. 61, 154, 155, 157 206, 208, 234, 244 RONALD STEVE PLANTAN Ron Biology Club 45 Vice-President5 Treasurer 4. 61, 212 PATRICIA ANN PLESCIA Pat F.T.A. 25 Friendship Club 4. 61 THOMAS LOUIS PLESEC Tom 61 PHILLIP CHARLES PLESTIS Phil Wrestling 3,45 Foreman's Club 3. 61 MARY JANE PLESZ Student Council 25 Friendship Club 2,3. 62 DONALD L. PODOBNIKAR Don Orchestra 3,45 Concert Band 2,3,45 Marching Band 2,3,45 Pit Band 2,3,45 Fall Play 35 Big Show 3. 62, 154 GAIL KAREN POINTER Gail Eucuyo 3. 62 JOHN FRANK POLANC John Cross Country 3,45 Letterman 3,45 Wrestling 2,3,45 Letterman 3,45 Letterman's Club 3,45 Key Club 4. 62, 170, 185, 212 GERALDINE LOUISE POLIS Jeri G.A.A. 2,35 Swim Club 25 Maiorette Club 25 Honor Study Hall 3. 14, 62, 222 JOSEPH RAYMOND POLLACK Jose Student Council 45 Class Cabinet 45 Spectrum 45 Key Club 45 Hall Guard 35 Honor Study Hall 35 Eu- clidian Ad Staff 45 Senior Scandal 4. 62, 212, 239, 246 KATHRYNN MARY POPI Poopsie endship Club 45 F.N.A. G.L.C. 3,45 G.A.A. 2,3 3,4, N.H.S. 4. 62, 226,' FRANK LEONARD POTOCHNIK Hall Guard 4. 62 KENNETH JAMES POTOKAR Ken Cross Country 35 Wrestling 3,45 Key Club 2,35 Hall Guard 35 Junior Red Cross 4. 62 CHRISTINE POULIN Chris 62 WAYNE DALE POWELL Morgan Eucuyo 35 Crass Country 35 Indoor Track 35 Key Club 4. 63, 170 295 GAYLE WEBSTER PRATT Swim Club 2. 14, 63 ANTOINETTE JOSEPHINE PRAWDZIK Toni-Jo Transferred to Euclid in Jr. year. 63 RICK JOHN PRESKAR Rick Eucuyo 3,45 Cross Country 35 Biology Club 2,3,45 President 2,3,4. 63 JOHN GIRARD PRICE Jack Football 3. 63 MARIE ANNETTE PROKOPOVICH Prokop N.F.L. 45 Euclidian Business Staff 45 Representative 2,45 Eucuyo Representative 35 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Class Cabinet 45 Girls' Glee Club 2,35 F.T.A. 2,3,45 Execu- tive Board 45 Friendship Club 2,35 Senior Scandal Editorial Staff 45 l.Q.S. 4. 18, 63, 215, 239, 246 JOHN FRANK PUGLIESE Pug Honor Study Hall 4. 63 GAIL MARY PUNOCH Panoochie G.A.A. 2,3,45 Hall Guard 2. 63 KATHLEEN PURTILL Kathy Survey Representative 25 G.A.A. 25 Friendship Club 2,35 Hall Guard 2. 63 ALBERT JOHN PUTNEY Al Transferred to Euclid in Jr. year. 63 ALICE RABUN Alkie Survey Representative 45 Fall Play Cast 35 Spring Play 3. 64, 100 RICHARD METHEW RACKAR Rich Cross Country 2,3,45 Track 2,3,45 Letterman 2,3,45 Letterman's Club 2,3,45 Honor Study Hall 3. 64, 170, 179 MARY ANN RADWANICK G.A.A. 35 Friendship Club 3,4. 64 NANCY ANN RAKAS G.A.A. 2,3,4, Spectrum 1.33 ond Affairs 2,35 F.T.A. 2,3,45 Honor Study Hall l3,il Survey Reporter 2,3,45 N.H.S. 4. 64, 215, 235, 2-36, 240 JOSEPH MICHAEL RAMONA Joe Key Club 25 Fall Play Cast 2,3,45 Big Show 2,3,45 Concert Band 2,3,45 Marching Band 2,3,45 Pit Band 2,3,45 Bowling 45 Captain 45 E.H.S. Talent Scouts Orchestra 2,4. 64, 154 ROLLIN HARRY RANDOLPH Tennis 2. 64 JOHN ROBERT RANDT Turtle N.F.L. 35 Student Council 35 Survey Representative 45 Swim Club 2,3,45 Treasurer 45 Swimming 2,3,45 Captain 45 Letterman 2,3,45 Letterman's Club 2,3,4. 64, 189, 224 RICHARD J. RANKER Dick Student Council 25 Survey Representative 25 Hall Guard 3. 64 JOHN MATHIEW RATH V.W. 65 BONNIE LYNN RAYMOND Bonnie G.A.A. 2,35 Friendship Club 2,3. 65 LORENE ANN REBA Rebes Student Council 45 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Class Cabinet 3,45 Girls' Glee Club 25 Cheerleader Substitute 25 Pan- ther 45 Friendship Club 25 Ushering 25 Prom Com- mittee 35 E-Room Guard 4. 65 JAMES GEORGE RECHNER Jim 65 STEPHEN PETER RECHNER Steve Football 3. 65 SUZANNE JANE REDMOND Suzie G.A.A. 35 Friendship Club 3,4. 65, 100 DOUG ROLLAND REED Student Council 45 Football 45 Letterman 45 Golf 3. 42, 65, 168 LINDA MARIE REES G.A.A. 35 F.T.A. 2,3,45 Friendship Club 2,3,4. 65 HAROLD RAYMOND REICHENBACH Berke Spirit's Club 45 Football 2,3,45 Letterman 3,45 Basket- ball 2,3,45 Letterman 2,3,45 Letterman's Club 2,3,45 Honor Study Hall 3. 59, 65, 168, 169, 193, 197, 213 JOHN KENNETH REIDER John Swimming 3,45 Letterman 45 F.T.A. 3,45 Treasurer 45 Key Club 3,4. 65, 189, 212, 214 MARGARET ANN REIDER M99 Student Council Committees 2,35 Euclidian Repre- sentative 25 G.A.A. 25 Friendship Club 2,35 Hall Guard 35 F.N.A. 2. 66 296 JAMES MICHAEL RENKO Jim Foremon's Club 4. 66, 180 CAROLE MARIE REUBISH Reub Student Council 25 G.A.A. 35 Girls' Glee Club 35 Junior Red Cross 35 Hall Guard 2,35 Honor Study Hall 2,35 F.B.L,A. 2. 66, 100 DONALD M. REYNOLDS Beer-Belly Golf 3,45 Letterman 3,45 Letterman's Club 4. 66 RUTH ANN RICKSECKER N.F.L. 3,45 Spectrum 45 Friendship Club 2,3,45 Usher- ing 2,3,4. 66, 212, 230 LUCY RITTER Lucy G.A.A. 35 World Affairs 45 Friendship Club 2,35 F.N.A. 45 Linguist Club 25 Senior Scandal Editorial Staff 4. 66, 217 DAVID WILLIAM ROBINSON Robbie Football 25 Choral Masters 45 Foreman's Club 45 Hall Guard 3. 66, 150, 221 FRANCES A. ROCCO Fran G.A.A. 2,35 Orchestra 25 Friendship Club 2,35 F.N.A. 3,4. 66 EDMUND D. ROCKEY Ed 66 RONALD STANLEY ROGELL Ron Football 3,45 Track 3,45 Key Club 4. 66, 212 MARTELLE FRANCES ROMA Marty Euclidian Representative 25 Survey Representative 35 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Maiorette Club 25 Maiorette 45 Substi- tute 35 Big Show 2,35 Friendship Club 2,45 Senior Scandal 4. 14, 67, 175, 239 ROBERT E. RONKE Bob 67 PAULA ROSENBLATT G.A.A. 25 Friendship Club 2,45 Honor Study Hall 3. 67, 144 JUDY LYN ROSSODIVITA Feet G.A.A. 2. 67, 100 MARSHA ANNE ROUTZAHN Marsh Student Council 45 2,35 Maiorette Club 35 Fall Play Production Sta' 45 Spring Play Cast 35 Thespians 45 Spectrum Flriendship Club 2,35 Hall Guard 45 Honor Study E11 35 Senior Scandal Edi- torial Statf 45 N.H.S. 4. 67, 206, 229, 235, 239 ELIZABETH A. ROWLES Betty F.T.A. 25 Honor Study Hall 3. 14, 67 DENNIS WILSON RUPERT Bones 67, 100 THOMAS M. RUPLE Tom Student Council 25 Survey Representative 45 Baseball 25 Class Cabinet 45 P.A. Technician 2,3,45 Key Club 25 Hall Guard 3. 18, 67, 211 JOSEPH MICHAEL RUSCIN Joe Foreman's Club 3. 67 ALBERT LOUIS RUSS Big Al Foremon's Club 4. 67, 221 THOMAS E. RUSS Rusty Choral Masters 35 Stage Crew Club 45 Fall Play Cast and Production Staff 45 Thespians 3. 67, 150, 220, 231 JIM JOHN RYAN Jim Hall Guard 2,35 Honor Study Hall 3. 67 JOHN RICHARD SABATH Track 2,3,45 Letterman 45 Key Club 2. 67, 179 ELAINE SUSAN SAJNA Elaine G.A.A. 25 Friendship Club 3,4. 67 MARILYN JANICE SANTORELLI Friendship Club 2,35 Honor Study Hall 3. 68, 100, 147 ELAINE MARIE SCERANKA Elaine Student Council 2,35 Euclidian Representative 25 G.L.C. 3,45 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Girls' Glee Club 25 Ma- iorette Club 2,3,45 Maiorette 3,45 Head Maiorette 45 Big Show Cast 35 F.T.A. 35 Honor Study Hall 3. 14, 68, 174, 226 SUE ANN SCHADE 'fi Schady Ad Club 3,45 F.T.A. 3l45.Elxecutive Board 45 Hall Guard 35 Latin Club 2,12 gllovie Club 45 N.H.S. 4. 68, 210, 215, 235 F BARTON DEAN SCHENCFIL, Bart Student Council Represgrigzmqve 25 Euclidian Repre- sentative 45 Concert Ban 33,45 Marching Bond 2,3,45 Pit Band 2,3,45 Big Shovvggst 25 Key Club 45 N.H.S. 4. 37, 68, 140, 154, 212, 235 JOAN MARIE SCHEFULER 68 LINDA SCHEVE ,7 Student Council Repreggxaqiive 2,3,45 G.A.A. 2,35 Class Cabinet 2,35 Malo tt5e Club 25 Spectrum 35 World Affairs 45 F.T.A.2253J'Friendship 35 F.N.C. 45 N.H.S. 4, 68, 217, 235 HERMINE SCHIEB G.A.A. 2,35 World Affairs 35 Honor Study Hall 35 F.N.C. 4. 20, 68, 217 WILLIAM ROBERT SCHMENK Bill Cross Country 2,3,45 Letterman 3,45 Wrestling 25 Track 2,3,45 Letterman 45 Letterman's Club 3,45 Key Club 2,3,45 Lieutenant Governor 45 Hall Guard 3. 68, 170, 179, 212 EDWARD JEROME SCHNEIDER P.A. Club 3,45 Technician 3,4. 68, 211 JEAN PATRICIA SCHNELLER Jeanne G.A.A. 45 Transferred to Euclid in Junior year5 De- bate Club 45 Senior Scandal 4. 68, 239 JANET RUTH SCHULTZ Schultzie Friendship Club 2,3. 69 JEANETTE CAROL SCHULTZ janet 69, 100 URBAN A. SCOLARO U5-b Football 2,3,45 Letterman 3,45 Wrestling 2,3,45 Letter- man 3,45 Letlerman's Club 3,4. 69, 74, 168, 182, 185 RICHARD CROSBY SEAMAN Dick Wrestling 2,35 Letterman 35 Track 25 Foremon's Club 4. 69, 100,221 PATRICIA ELAYNE SEARS Pat G.A.A. 2,35 Girls' Glee Club 25 Maiorette Club 35 Friendship Club 2,35 F.B.L.A. 2,3. 69, 222 WILLIAM A. SEDERHOLM, Bill N.A.S,S. 2,3,45 survey R23 rgfentative 45 Ad Club 4, Tennis 2,3,45 Letterman 29,455 Letlerman's Club 2,3,45 Concert Band 25 Key 45 Proiectionists Club 2,3,45 N.H.S. 4. 69, 180, 223, 235, 246 CAROL ANGELA sEDusKY sedusk Student Council Representative 3,45 Survey Business Staff 45 G.A.A. 35 Class Cabinet 45 Maiorette Club 35 F.T.A. 2,3,45 Friendship Club 2,35 Hall Guard 45 Honor Study Hall 35 Senior Scandal 4. 14, 18, 71, 206, 236 JOHN FREDERICK SEMENIK Jack Student Council Representative 35 Baseball 2,3,45 Letterman 4. 43, 71 PATRICIA LEE SHAMBAUGH P05 Euclidian Representative 25 G.A.A. 2,35 Friendship Club 2. 71 JEFFREY CARL SHARP Cross Country 45 Track 3,45 Letterman 45 Letterman's Club 4. 71,179 JAMES DALE SHAW A5556 Bowling 3,45 Concert Band 2,35 Marching Band 2,35 Pit Band 2,3. 71 BARBARA LYNN SHEPARD 5055, National Forensic League 3,45 G.A.A. 25 Spectrum 45 Friendship Club 2. 71, 229 SHARON ANN SHIROCK Friendship Club 45 Transferred to Euclid in Senior year. 71 MARIE ELAINE SIKORA G-A-A 213: Girls' Glee Club 2,35 Maiorette Club 35 Maiorette 45 Friendship Club 2. 71, 175 LAURA KRISTI SIMPSON Simpy N-H-5 354: I.Q.5. 3,45 Stugegt Council Committee 45 Euclidian Representative" 5'1Survey 2,3,45 Editorial Staff 2,3,4: Representatiy! ,3,45 Ad Club 3,45 Eu- CUYO Representative 2,3,fQLQ'.A,A. 35 Euclid Choir 25 Sp-ring Play Cost 35 Spectrum 3,45 F.T.A. 2,3,45 Friend- ship Club 2. 30, 71, 208, 212, 228, 234, 236, 241 LEONARD DEAN SINGER L95-5,-,Y Student Council Representative 2. 71 DOLORES JOAN SKRAJNER Friendship Club 2,35 F.B.L.A. 45 Co-op 4. 71, 222 KARLENE JOYE SLATER Cla,-ence Student Council Representative 25 G.A.A. 2,35 Girls' Glee Club 25 Friendship Club 2,35 Hall Guard 35 Honor Study Hall 3. 71 JANET SLAUTA 71 ALLEN JOHN SLUGA Af GLENN WILLIAM SMITH 71, 100 JAMES ARTHUR SMITH Jim Bowling 3,4, Foreman's Club 4. 71, 221 PAULINE MARIE SMITH Paul Student Council Representative 3, F.N.C. 3,4, G.A.A. 2,3,4, Friendship Club 2,4, Class Cabinet 3. 71 JOHN J. SMOLIC 71, 100 VICKI LYNN SNOW Vicki G.A.A. 2,3, Friendship Club 2, F.N.C. 3,4. 71, 217 - ANTHONY SNYDER Tony Football 2,3,4, Letterman 4, Letterman's Club 4. 71, l we I DONALD ALLEN SOBE Sobe I Baseball 2,3, Letterman 3. 71 I CHERYL ANN SOEDER I Student Council Representative 4, Euclidion Repre- sentative 3, Survey Representative 3, G.A.A. 2,3,4, Class Cabinet 3, Friendship Club 2,4, 72, 206 ELAINE KATHLEEN SOKOL Euclidion Representative 2,4, Ad Club 4, G.A.A. 2,3,4, Class Cabinet 4, Friendship Club 2,3,4, Honor Study Hall 2. 18, 72 CAROLYN MARIE SOMICH Carol Ad Club 4, Friendship Club 2,3. 72 DONALD W. SOTKA Polak 72 EILEEN ANN SPALEK Student Council Representative 3,4, Survey Editorial Staff 2,3,4, Eucuyo Representative 3, G.A.A. 2, Friendship Club 2,3, Hall Guard 4, Honor Study Hall 3. 72, 206, 236, 240 BETTY JANE SPALL Eucuyo Representative 3, Friendship Club 2. 72 DAN SPOKAS Spook Student Council Representative 4, Swim Club 4, Swimming 4. 72, 100 MARVIN E. SPRINGER Marv Track 2. 72, 100 JOYCE ELAINE STANEKTC Survey Representative 4, . 3,4, Bookstore Work- er 2,3,4, Friendship CIUM f , Hall Guard 3, F.N.C. 3,4, N.H.S. 4. 73, 235 GARY JOSEPH STANTON 73 CARL EMIL STATZ Marching Band 2. 73, 100, 142, 212 RANDY LELAND STAUFFER Randy Eucuyo Representative 4, Cross Country 2,3, Letter- man 3, Track 2, Letterman's Club 3,4, Class Cabinet 4, Choral Masters 3,4, Big Show Cast 3, Spectrum 4, Key Club 2, Senior Scandal Co-editor, Choral Master's Executive Board. 18, 73, 150, 229, 236, 239 MARLENE STEFANCHIK Marq Choral Masters 4, Girls' Glee Club 2, Euclid Choir 3. 73, 150 RONALD STEFANCIC 73 SYLVIA ELEANOR STEFANKO Syl Eucuyo Representative --Av I Play Cast 3,4, Produc- tion Staff 2, Spring yla!a'froduction Staff 2, Big Show Cast 3, Thespiansl ,4, Vice-President 4, Spec- trum 4, F.T.A. 2,3,4, Bookstore Worker 3,4, Manager 4, Friendship Club 2,3, Hall Guard 3, N.H.S, 4. 73, 209, 231, 235, 252 JANICE ELIZABETH STEGH Jan G.A.A. 3, Friendship Club 4. 73 PENNY LEE STEINHOFF Penge G.A.A. 2,3, Class Cabinet 4, Friendship Club 2. IB, 73, 142 ROBERTA ANN STERNEN Bobbi 73 JEANETT SUE STlLLINGERf- Still F.T.A. 2,4, P.A. Technicibn'37?4, Girls' Glee Club 2,3, Fall Play Cast 2, Produqtionr Staff 3, Big Show Cast 3, Choral Masters 4, CEQA. 2,3,4, Friendship Club 2, Ushering 2, N.H.S. 4. 73, 150, 235 JOHN P. STINSON Football 2, Cross Country 3, Letterman 3, Track 2,3,4, Bowling 2, Letterman's Club 3,4, Key Club 3, Indoor Track 3,4. 35, 73 DONNA R. STOCK Stockie G.L.C. 3,4, G.A.A. 2,3,4, President 4, Friendship Club 2,3. 54, 74,225 THOMAS WAYNE STOIBER Tom Ad Club 4, Basketball 2, Baseball 2, Key Club 2. 48, 74, 179 SHARON MARIE STOJETZ Sharie G.A.A. 4, Friendship Club 2,3,4, Ushering 2,3, F.B.L.A. 4. 74 KAREN LU STONE Karen G.A.A. 2, Friendship Club 2,4, Ushering 2. 74 NANCY JEAN STONEBQQK F Stoney N.H,S. 3,4, Orchestra 2, ,foftcert Band 2,3,4, March- ing Band 2,3,4, Pit BandLil5,?,FaIl Play 2, Spring Play 2, Big Show 2, Friendship ub 4. 74, 154 MICHAEL TERRY STRAINICK Mick 74, 142 BARBARA JEAN STRANG Bobbie G.A.A. 2, Friendship Club 2,3,4. 74, 219 JANET MARIE STRAZIER Jan Student Council 4, G.A.A. 3, Friendship Club 2,3, Hall Guard 4. 74, 250 WALTER HENRY STREKAL Walt Biology Club 4. 74 ALLAN WESLEY STRONG 75 SUZANNE CAROL STROSS Sue Spectrum 4, World Affairs 4, F.T.A. 3,4, Friendship Club 2,3,4, Honor Study Hall 2,3. 75, 215, 229 DAN L. STRUNA Track 3,4. 75 LINDA SUE STRUNGE Lynn Transferred to Euclid in Jr. year. 75 RAYMOND J. SUMMERS Ray Fall Play Cast 3, Production Staff 2,3,4, Spring Play Production Staff 2,3,4, Big Show Production Staff 2,3, Thespians 2,3,4, Foreman's Club 4, Movie Club 4. 75, 220, 231 BEVERLY ROSE SVEKRIC Bev G.A.A. 2, Friendship Club 2,3,4, F.N.A. 4. 75 FRED E. SVEKRIC Chemistry Lab Assistant 4. 75 KATHRYN SWEENEY Kit G.A.A. 4, Fall Play Production Staff 4, World Affairs 4, Friendship Club 4, Transferred to Euclid in Jr. year, Thespians 4. 75 BOB K. SWINDELL 75 RICHARD DOUGLAS SWISHER Swish Swim Club 2,3, Swimming 2,3,4, Survey Representa- tive 2, Euclidion Ad Staff 4. 27, 75, 100, 189, 246 WILLIAM THOMAS SYMONDS Bill Football 2,3,4, Letterman 3,4, Track 2,3,4, Letterman's Club 2,3,4. 75, 168, 179 VETUS JOSEPH SYRACUSE Vee Survey Business Staff 3, Football 2, Class Cabinet 3,4, Hall Guard 2,3, Honor Study Hall 2, Senior Scandal 4, Euclidion Ad Staff 4, Talent Scout's E.H.S. 4. 18, 75, 239, 246 ROBERT LEE SZABO Bob Football 2. 76 SANDRA MARIE TARANTINO Sandy Student Council 2,3, 'Hi 'an Representative 2,3, Survey Representative Club 4, G.L.C. 3,4, G.A.A. 2,3,4, Fall Play Prgdzlction Staff 4, Friendship Club 3, Prom Committee 3,SN.H.S. 4. 76, 226, 235, 246 LESLIE PAUL TAYLOR Les l.O.S. 3,4, Survey BusineAss.SZaff 4, Program Manager 4, Representative 4, Euc oy3,4, Business Manager 4, Representative 3, Tenwis, 2, Spectrum 3, Honor Study Hall 3, Math ClubkJ3Ss4, President 4, Joe Berg Science Seminar 2,3,4, N.H.S. 4. 76, 78, 232, 233, 235, 236, 239, 243 SANDRA L. TEITELBAUM Sandy Friendship Club 2. 76 JAMES WILLIAM TEKAVEC Tek World Affairs 4, Honor Study Hall 3. 76 ROBERT EUGENE TEMPLE Charlie Track 2,3, Football 2,3, Key Club 4, F.B.L.A. 4. 76, 100 RODERICK TEMPLETON Grubby Foreman's Club 4. 76 BARBARA JANE TERCEK Barb Student Council Represegtafve 2,3,4, Euclidian Rep- resentative 4, G.A.A. 2,, ,f,lHomecoming Queen 4, F.T.A. 2,3,4, Friendship'Cldb 2,3, Hall Guard 2, Senior Scandal Editorial Efiitf 4, Euclidion Ad Staff 4, N.H.S. 4. 35, 76, 162, 164, 206, 235, 239, 246 JUDITH ANNE THARP Judy N.H.S. 3,4, I,Q.S. 3,4, Styjent Council 2,4, Survey Editorial Staff 3,4, Editdf-'i -Eihief 4, Spirit's Club 4, G.A.A. 2,3, Choral Masters1,4, Girls' Glee Club 2, Fall Play Production Stagg, Spectrum 3,4, F.T.A. 3,4, Friendship Club 2,3, Prom Committee 4, United Appeal Committee 4. 76, 150, 204, 206, 215, 229, 234, 236, 241 MELANIE THEODOSION Mel Choral Masters 4, Girls' Glee Club 2, Euclid Choir 3, Friendship Club 2,3. 76, 150 JANE LYNDA THRONBERENS G.A.A. 2, Friendship Club 2,3,4, Hall Guard 3. 77 ROBERT EDWARD TORTER Bob Student Council Representative 3, Football 2, Cross Country 2, Wrestling 2,3,4, Letterman 3,4, Letterman's Club 3,4, Big Show Cast 3,4, Key Club 3, Hall Guard Captain 4, Gym Leader 4. 77, 162, 185 TINA MARIE TOSTI Red Honor Study Hall 3, Transferred to Euclid in Jr. year. 77, 100 MARGUERITE TOTH Marg Euclidion Representative 3, Friendship Club 4. 77 MARILYN TOTH Euclidian Representative 2, Friendship Club 4. 77 BARBARA ANN TRAUGER Barb I.Q.S. 4, Euclidion Representative 4, Survey Business Staff 2,3,4, Public Relations Managerr 4, Representa- tive 3, Eucuyo Representative 4, G.A.A. 2,3,4, Girls' Glee Club 2, Euclid Choir 3, World Affairs 2, Friend- ship Club 2,3,4, Hall Guard 2, Senior Scandal Edi- torial Staff 4, E-Room Guard 4. 77, 239, 243 ELIZABETH MAE TRENNEL Betty G.A.A. 2,3, Friendship Club 2,3. 77 JAMES EDWARD TROBENTER Jim 77 THOMAS ALDEN TUCKER Tuck Baseball 2,3,4, Letterman 4. 77 KATHY GAIL TUCKERMA . N.H.S. 3,4, Survey EditEiI2Staff 2,3,4, Swim Club 3,4, Choral Masters 4, 'arcu ing Band 2,3, Spectrum 3,4, F.T.A. 2,3,4. 77, 15 Q-215, 224, 229, 234, 236, 240 CHERYL CHRISTINE TURK" Survey Editorial Staff 4,t5A.A. 2,3,4, Girls' Glee Club 2, Spectrum 3,4, Fnkrgship Club 3,4, N.H.S. 4. 79, 229, 235 DOROTHY JEAN TURK Datti G.A,A. 2, Friendship Club 2, Hall Guard 3. 77, 100, 112 PAMELA MARIE TURK Pam l.Q.S. 4, Student Council Committees 3, Euclidion Ad Staff 4, Survey Editorial Staff 3,4, Art Editor 4, Eucuyo Representative 2, G.A.A. 2,3,4, Maiorette Club 2,3, Hall Guard 3, Honor Study Hall 3, Senior Scandal 4. 30, 78, 236, 239, 241, 246 DIANE KATHLEEN TYJEWSKI G.A.A. 2, Friendship Club 2. 78 JOE GERALD ULEPIC Joe Eucuyo Representative 2, Basketball 2, Baseball 3, Foreman's Club 4. 78, 100 WILLIAM JOHN URBANCIC Bill 78 JOSEPH GARY URSINI Joe 78 ROSEMARY VACC G.A.A. 2,3, Concert Band 2, Marching Band 2, Spec- trum 4, F.T.A. 2,3,4, Friendship Club 2,3, Honor Study Hall 3, Euclidion Ad Staff 4. 78, 215, 229, 239, 246 PAUL GRANT VACCARIE.I.1l,O Euclidion Ad Staff 4, Representative 2, Key Club 2,3,4, Hall Guard L4, onor Study Hall 3, Gym Leader 4, One-For-The4Ea.S'ther Winner, N.H.S. 4. 78, 212, 217, 235, 246 ' PATRICK VANDETTI DONALD EDWARD VARGO Don Choral Masters 4. 78, 150 297 ROBERT ALLEN VERHOTZ SOI? 78, 100 EVELYN MARIE VESEY LYNN Friendship Club 4. 78 BARBARA VIDENSEK Barb Euclidian Ad Staff 4, Representative 3,4, Ad Club 3,4, Eucuyo Representative 2, Class Cabinet 4, Pan- ther of the Week 3, Girls' Glee Club 2, Euclid Choir 3, Friendship Club 2,3, One-For-The-Panther Winner. 18, 79, 212, 236, 240 JAMES VIDMAR Jim Student Council 2, Fall Play Cost 2, Spring Play Cast 3, Big Show Production Cast 2, Survey Representa- tive 2,3, Eucuyo 2,3, Track 2,4, Letterman's Club 2,3,4, Hall Guard 2,3. 62, 79, 179 PAULA VIDUSICH Tempest G.A.A. 2,3,4, Class Cabinet 3, Choral Masters 4, Girls' Glee Club 2, Euclid Chair 3, Maiorette Club 3, Fall Play Production Staff 3, Spring Play Production Staff 3, Big Show Cast 3, F.T.A. 3,4, Friendship Club 2, Ushering 2, Prom Committee 3, Hall Guard 4, Senior Scandal Editorial Staff 4, Euclidian Ad Staff 4. 26, 35, 79, 150, 239, 246 JAMES ALAN VIOLETT Posy 79 LINDA MAE VISLOCKY Lyn G.A.A. 4, Choral Masters 4, Girls' Glee Club 2, Ma- iorette Club, Future Teachers of America, Friendship Club, Ushering 2, F.B.L.A. 2. 79, 150, 212 DIANE MARIE VITANZA G.A.A. 2, Friehdship Club 2,3. 79 ROBERT WILLIAM VON SICK Bob Honor Study Hall 2,3. 79 DOUGLAS PETER VUKCEVIC Doug N.H.S. 3,4, N.A.S.S. 3,4, Student Council 2,3,4, Pres- ident 4, Ex. Board 3, -"Sp it's Club 3,4, Football 2,3,4, Letterman 3,4, brtting 3,4, Letterman 3,4, Letterman's Club 3,4, Qldbgf President 2, Buckeye Boys' State Rep. 3, Key Club 4, National Association of Student Councils, Greater Cleveland Rep. 4. 56, 59, 79, 168, 185, 206, 223, 234 JAN MARIE VUKCEVIC Jan National Forensic League 4, Student Council 3,4, Survey Representative 3, Eucuyo 3, G.A.A. 3, Choral Masters 4, Girls' Glee Club 3, Euclid Choir 2: P.A. Club 4, Fall Play 2,4, Spring Play 3, Thespians 3,4, Spectrum 3,4, Friendship Club 3,4, Winter Play 3. 79, 150, 231, 252 MYRTLE WAGNER Mitsi N.H.S. 3,4, I.Q.S. 4, Su Q Editorial Staff 3,4, Eu- cuyo 4, G.A.A. 2, Choralkvlid-gters 3,4, Marching Band 2, P.A. Club 2,3,4, Annbunqer 2,3,4, Fall Play 3,4, can 3, staff 4, sprang Plkyt-2,3, case 2, Staff 3, Thes- pians 3,4, Spectrum 3,4, Honor Study Hall 2. 79, 150, 210, 231 PATRICIA ANNE WALDRON Pat F.T.A. 2, Hall Guard 2, Honor Study Hall 3, Friend- ship Club 2,3,4. 80 ALLEN B. WALLACE AI Cross Country 3, Letterman 3, Track 2. 80 DONNA JEAN WALSH Don G.A.A. 2,3,4, Girls' Glee Club 2,3, Friendship Club 2,3,4, F.N.A. 4. 80, 217 KEN PAUL WALTER Football 4, Letterman 3, Bowling 2, Letterman's Club 3, Hall Guard 2, Honor Study Hall 2, Biology Club 4. 33, 80 SHARON ELAINE WATSON G.A.A. 2, Maiorette Club 2,3, Big Show 2. 80 298 TERRY RONALD WATSON Euclidian Representative 4, Transferred to Euclid in Junior year. 80, 100 PATRICIA LOHANNA WMTERMAN Patty-Jo Ad Club 3,4, G.A.A. 2, Friendship Club 2,3,4. ao. 212 ELIZABETH ANN WAYDO Betty Transferred to Euclid in Senior year, 80 JULIA BELLE WEBBE Transferred to Euclid in Junior year. 80 GAYE DARLENE WESTERFIELD G.A.A. 2, Girls' Glee Club 2, Friendship Club 3,4. 80 DOUGLAS J. WHEELER VP' Doug survey Editorial siuff 41, 80 iboii 2,3,4, Leiieimuh 4, Boskeihoii 2, senior scehggpi 4, N.H.s. 4. so, use, 235, 236, 239, 240 VIRGINIA CAROL WICK Ginny Student Council Representative 4, Eucuyo Repre- sentative 4, G.A.A. 2,3, F.T.A. 2,3, Friendship Club 2,3, Ushering 2. 41, 54, 80. GLENN FRENCH WICKES Zip Swim Club 2,3,4, Swimming 2,3,4, Letterman's Club 3,4. 80, 142, 189, 191 PATRICIA JEAN WILCOX Pat G.A.A. 2, Friendship Club 2,3, F.B.L.A. 3, 81 BARBARA RUTH WILCOXON Barb Euclidian Representative 3, Survey Business Staff 3,4, Survey Representative 3,4, Eucuyo Representative 3, Girls' Leaders Club 3,4, G.A.A. 2,3,4, Girls' Glee Club 2, Future Teachers of America 3,4, Friendship Club 2,3, Hall Guard 3, Euclidian Ad Staff 4, Senior Scandal 4. 18, 81, 215, 226, 236, 239, 246 ELSIE G. WILKE Future Teachers of America 2,3,4, Executive Board 4, Friendship Club 2,3,4, Ushering 2,3. 28, 81, 215 ALICE M. WILL V--'T Girls' Leaders Club 2,3,4, .A.A. 2,3,4, Girls' Glee Club 2, Euclid Choir 3,42.Iiu ure Teachers of America 2,3,4, Friendship Club 2574? N.H.s. 4. si, 163, 226, 235 NORA LOUISE WILLIAMS Student Council Representative 3, Euclidian Repre- senlotive 2, G.A.A. 2,3,4, Friendship Club 2,3,4, Ushering 2, Friendship Cabinet 2,3. 81 SUE E, WILSON 81 TERRY GEORGE WILSON Whip Survey Business Staff 4, Ca-Program Manager 4, Sur- vey Representative 4, Tennis 2, Choral Masters 3,4, Boys' Glee Club 2. 81, 150, 236, 243 DONALD A. WILTSHIRE Don Spectrum 2,3,4, Vice-President 3,4, Honar Study Hall 3, Science Seminar 2,3,4. 81, 212, 233 ALISON NADINE WINET AI National Forensic League 2,3, G.A.A. 2,3, Swim Club 3,4, Orchestra 2,3, Cheerleader 2, Bookstore Worker 3,4, Honor Study Hall 3, Biology Club 2. 14, 81, 209, 224 MICHAEL EDWARD WINTERS 81 MARSHA ANN WITZKE Girls' Glee Club 2, Euclid Choir 3, Friendship Club 2,4, 14,81 TERRY HAROLD WOHLGEMUTH Football 2,3, Key Club 2,3,4. 18, 81, IOO, 212, 217 RANDOLPH A, WOOD Randy Choral Masters 3,4, Boys' Glee Club 2, Spectrum 4, World Affairs 2,3, Survey Cub Reporter 2. 81, 150, 212 JAMES N. WORGULL Zip 81 ANDREW PAUL WOTSCH Andy Honor Study Hall 2. 81 JOHN CHARLES WRIGHT Concert Band 2, Marching Band 2,3,4, Pit Band 2,3. 82, 157 JOHN RICHARD WYBAN .lOI'1rtny Golf 3,4. 82 STANLEY MARVIN vmsizucfgf sigh National Athletic SchoIk:irsh,p Society 3,4, Football 3,4, Leiiefmqh 3,4, Letfgrnliians Club 3,4, N.H.s. 4. az, 223, 235 SUZANNE YANCHER Soolrie 82 KATHLEEN YANE Yi. Kathy Euclidian Business Staif 4 Senior Circulation 4, Choral Masters 3,4, Fall Cast 2, F.T.A. 4, Honor Study Hall 2,3, N.H.S. 4. 82, 150, 215, 235, 236, 246 DONNA S. YANNIE Transferred to Euclid in'Sr. year. 82 PEGGY JEAN YAPEL Euclidian Representative 4, G.A.A. 4, Friendship Club 2,4, Hall Guard 3, Honor Study Hall 3, 14, 82 JOHN CHARLES YEDNOCK Charley 82 THOMAS ALLAN YORK Tom P.A, Club Technician 2, Bookstore Worker 2,3, Spring Play Cast 3, Talent Scouts 3. 83 WILLIAM ZAFFIRO Bill World Affairs 4, Honor Study Hall 2, F.B.L.A. 4. 83, 100 WILLIAM John ZERAVIKCLZQ sin Student Council 3,4, Eu i ian Business Staff 4, Treasurer 4, Concessionsiliignager 4, Class Cabinet 3,4, Key Club 4, N,H,S. 4. 83, 206, 212, 235, 236, 246 GUSTAV ZETTL Gus Choral Masters 4, Transferred to Euclid in Jr. year. 83, 150 JOSEPH JACOB ZIGMAN Zig Movie Club 2,3, Biology Club 2, Treasurer 2. 83 JAMES HAROLD ZIMMERMAN .lim N,H,S. 3,4, President 4,flTOfT. 4, Euclidian Editorial Staff 4, Copywriter 4, i,EfcIdian Representative 2, Fall Play Cast 2,3,4, sp Play Cast 2,3,4, Thes- pians 3,4, Spectrum 4, .C. 2,3,4, President 2,3,4, 37, 78, 81, 83, 212, 228, 231, 233, 234, 236, 244, 252 JOHN F. ZIMMERMAN Jock Hall Guard, 83, 100 MARCO RAE ZOLA Zola Bird N,H.S. 3,4, N.F.L. 3, l.Q.S. 3,4, Student Council 2,3, Committees 2,3, Euclidi TB iness Staff 4, Business Manager 4, Eucuyo Re rQe tative 2,3, G.L.C. 3,4, Secretary 3, Treasurer 4 ,A. 2,3,4, Homecoming Attendant 4, Girls' Glee u 2, Euclid Choir 3, Big Show Cast 3, F.T.A. 2,3,4, Friendship Club 2, Usher- ing 2, Euclidian Ad Staff 4, Senior Scandal 4. 28, 42, 83, 162, 164, 215, 226, 234, 236, 239, 246 JANICE MARIA ZORMAN Jan G.A.A. 3, World Affairs 3, Honor Study Hall 3, Transferred to Euclid in Jr. year. 83 BERNICE ZUPANCIC Bernie Friendship Club 2. 83 JUNIOR INDEX Adamczewski, Judy 90 Adkins, John 90 Alex, Don Alexander, Diana Alexander, Pat 88,90 Alexander, Ron Aliancic, Tom 90,154,168 Allen, Carole 90,150,211,226 Allen, Susan 102 Amos, Dave 94,150,154,179 Amos, John 97,154,157,212,228 Anderson, Sue 73,75,90,152, 214,236,246 Andrew, Carol 90,236 Antonick, Dennie Apple, Myron 90 Ark, Mike 90 Aspinwall, Linda Aspinwall, Michael 90 Aten, John 90 August, Alison 90 Baber, Terry 90 Babin, Stu 90,154 Bacon, Diana 90,152 Baer, Dan 99 Bagocius, Jim 90,230 Bailey, John 90,150 Bailey, William 179 Balogh, Jackie 90,227 Balukin, Leslie 90 Bammerlin, Jay 90,154 Banaszek, Paul 90 Baran, Joanne 90 Baranowski, Jim 92 Barbato, Pat 90 Barbic, Marilyn 90,206,217 Barbre, John Barcovic, Sylvia 92,217 Barnes, Dave 92 Barta, Ken 92,180,212,235,236, 241 Bateman, Ken 92,212 Baum, Gerald 92 Bazan, Barb Beacham, Bill 92,170,179,212, 223 Beaudry, Jim 92 Becker, Marcy 90 Beckwith, Barb Begalke, Elaine 103,214 Belanich, Jim 96 Belanich, Rose 100,217,246 Belavich, Linda 92 Belian, Don 92,189,19l,206 Bell, Gail 92 Bene, Kathy 92 Beno, Ron 92 Bentley, Dan 92,212 Benvenuto, Darlene 92 Berger, Carl 97 Berglund, Nils 93,186 Bermond, Ray 96 Bernstein, Gary 93,238 Bilyk, Barb 92 Blackburn, Harold 93 Blankschaen, Jim 93,157,170, 179 Blatnik, Marlene 92 Blatnik, Sue 92,235,236 Bluhm, Dennis 93 Blumenstein, Kurt 93,157 Bocskey, Michael 93 Boczek, Almira 92 Boehmer, Bruce 92 Bogatay, Mary Ellen 92,152, 200,226,235 Boldin, Bonnie 92,152 Bone, Diane 93 Bone, Donna 93 Booth, Mary Borgsteadt, Sandy 93,157 Boselin, Rose 101,152,206,212, 214,217,219,246 Bowers, Gerald 92 Boyd, Jeanne 93 Boyer, Walt 93 Bradack, Shirley Bradford, Barb 93,152,214,224 Brandich, Charlene 91 Brazalovics, Janet 93 Breen, Karen 93,152 Brennan, Denise 91 Brennan, Tom 93,189,206,224 Breskvar, Michele 93,214,227 Brewer, Rich Brezec, Rag 103,170,179 Brigden, Ellen 93,217,235,256 Brown, Jackie 93,150,156,217, 232,235 Brown, Margaret 93 Browning, Cheryl 93 Bruce, Cheryl 93 Brule, Diane 93,157,222 Budos, Bonnie 90,152,226 Budinsky, Donna 90 Bugas, Ed 94,168 Bumgardner, Dan 100 Burhenne, Don 94 Burich, George Burich, Jim 100,233 Burkhart, John 90 Burns, Karen 94,150 Burris, Linda 94,152 Caine, Bill 94 Capretti, Jo 94,227 Caputo, Ken 94 Carlson, Ellen 94 Carlson, Leslie 93 Carpenter, Gary 94 Carroll, Connie 94 Carroll, Ed 94 Carruthers, Jo Ell 94 Carter, Sally 101,146 Casey, George 212 Cavel, Mike 94 Cebron, Linda 101,217 Cerne, John 105 Cesnik, Joanne 94 Chaunce, Elaine 94,152,206, 214 Cherne, Don 94,95,243 Cherry, Bruce Chiodo, Connee 94 Chiotolo, Marilyn 100,227 Chopyak, Janis 101 Christopher, Ralph Cicco, Rosemary 94,227 Cinco, Sandy 94 Cipriani, Linda 94 Cirino, Robert 94 Clemence, Kathy 104 Clemens, Terry Coleman, Judy 94,152 Collins, Doris 94 Collins, Jill 94 Collins, Rich 94,170,209,223 Comport, Joann 94 Consla, Jo Consilio, Al 94 Cook, Cheryl 94,150,214 Cook, Sandi 96 Coolidge, Dennis 154,170 Cornwell, Gloria 94 Cost, Dean 92 Covert, Kathy 94 Cox, Paul 94,150,230,234 Coy. Tim 94,170 Coyle, Burce 95,100 Craig, Judy 94,214 Crawford, Barry 94 Creveling, Rich 94,180,192,193, 197,212,235 Crone, Norma 94,152,206,214, 215,226,235,236 Currutt, Rich 92 Czohara, John Czomba, Steve Dacar, Bob Dailey, Mary 94 Damberger, Joan 96 D'Ainico, Michele 92 , Dane, Greg 94,206,213,235,236 Daugherty, Gerry 96 Davis Frank 92 Davis, Fred 221 Davis Nancy 92 Davisj Sandy 88,96,222 Day, Diane 96 Deans, Lorraine 96 Deans, Bob 93 Debeliak, Lynn Debeliak, Pat 94 Debevec, Paul 94,154,212,229, 232 Deegan, Pat 96,217 Delsanter, Joan 99 De Mell, John 105 Demian, Doug 94,168,212 De Victor, Allan 94 DeWitt, Joe 93,185 DiBartolomeo, Don 102 Di Biasio, Danette 96,150,206, 226,228,236 Di Donato, Bea 96 Di Nardo, Gene 94 Di Puccio, Jean 99 Di Santo, Helen 96 Diulus, Eugene 94 Dobnikar, Magdaline 96,206, 224 Dombrowski, Anita 96,227 Domin, Larry 94 Donovan, Paul 92 Downen, Sharon 96,150,224 Doyle, Chuck 91 Dragonette, Jerry 103 Dreis, Ralph 96 Drenik, Sharon 96 Dutko, Linda 96 Dvornik, Jan 96 Eckenrode, Jo 96,179 Eckerman, Dorothy 96 Edmonds, Maxine 91 Elek, Bob 93 Ellis, Joyce 96 Ellul, John 104 Emser, Nancy 96,154,217,222 Erzen, Betty 92 Erzen, Marianne 104,227 Estvander, Helen 96,152,217 Evangelisto, Bob 90,210 Evans, Dale 96,150 Everett, George Eyer, Eugene 96,221 Fabec, Monica 96 Fabrilius, Rich 96 Falton, Constance 96 Faska, Mary 96 Felden, Lonnie 101 Fende, Andy 96 Ferrel, Ron 96 Fisher, Margaret 101 Fleshin, John 94,154,220,236, 241 Focareto, Joe 91 Focht, Rich 211,154 Fogel, Helen 99 Fogel, Marilyn 97 Forgione, Frank 157 Forker, Sally 97,231 Foster, Ed 103 Foster, Glen 96,311 Fowler, Rich Fox, Douglas Fox, Linda 97,200,235 Frederick, Paul Froom, Sandy 96,152 Frost, Moriory 97 Frustere, Judy 100,214 Fuchs, Marlene 97 Fuerst, Ray 94 Gabrenya, Carol 214 Gabriel, Ron 96,193 Goinar, Rich 96 Galaida, Linda 88,97,152 Galco, Mary Gallagher, Paul Gant, Bill 96,157 Garland, Dave 96,180,233 Gasser, Ted 96,170,179 Gaster, Don 96,221 Geisky, Diane 97,217,219 Gere, Shirley 154,222 Germovsek, Donna 88,97,152 Gill, Susan 97 Gilliotti, Tom 96,168,186 Gingell, Bonnie Giordano, Joe 96 Glass, Rich 102 Glick, Brian 96 Goble, Ted 103,189,206,212, 224,236,246 Goiak, Mary Ellen 99 Golan, Jan 99,224 Gombach, Sharon 99,206 Goodwin, Joyce 99,217 Gorslene, Jim 97 Gozelinchick, Tom 102 Gozoski, Judy 99 Graafmeyer, John 97,150 Green, Mary 99,222,224 Greer, Pat 99 Griffith, Rich 97,191 Grill, Carol 99 Grillo, Tina 215 Grimm, Elyse 99,211 Groce, John 94 Gross, Rosemary 99 Grubac, Donna 99 Guenther, Karen 99,154 Guild, Sandy 99,214 Gustetic, Kathy 103,214 Guth, Judy 103 Guttmann, Lindo 99 Guy, Norman Habian, Anita 99,200 Hagberg, Bob 96,211 Hahn, Beth 99 Hale, Fred Hall, Rosemarie 99 Hallack, Judy 99,152,214 Holler, Mike 97 Halterman, Sandy 99 Hamilton, Linda 99 Hanes, Edna 8B,99,206,214, 236,237 Hanna, Robin 99,152 Harper, Greg 154,157,220 Harris, Leslie 156,232,235 Harwood, Tom 97 Hashagen, Kim 174,214,225, 226,227,235,243,246 Hathaway, Don 97,150,170,179 Hatherill, Bill 97 Havreberg, Gretchen 99,206, 215,235 Haynes, Eloise 102,152,235 Hearn, Karen 92 Heben, Dari 99 Heckert, Karen 98,99,154,229, 232 Henderson, David 97,170,179 299 Henwood, Larry 103 Modlin, Barb 102,152 Henderson, Diane 99,147 Hendy, Roy 99 Henry, Carolyn 99,154,157,23O, 232 Herbst, Ron 97 Herrschart, Barb 94 Hertz, Bill 97 Hill, Bobbie 96 Hille, Barb 100,235 Hobson, Bill 97 Hobzek, Norman 103,212,232 Hocevar, Judy 100,224,235 Hoedt, Cindy 100,152,217 Hoernig, Dennis 99 Hoffman, Carol 100 Hohs, Bernard 99,211,238 Holcomb, Bev 100,214,235,238 Holloway, Jane 100,154,235, 236 Holmes, Dennis 102 Holmes, Karen 93 Holwick, Connie 100 Hopkins, Larry 102 Horn, Donna 100 Hornack, Larry Horsey, Sue 100,214,235,238 Horton, John 99,168,179 Hotchkiss, Mary 100 Houry, Jan 100,240 Howard, Ron 99,154 Howe, Dave 105 Howell, Janet 8B,100,126,152 228 Hrovat, Ken 99 Hrovat, Ron 99,212 Hula, Jim 99 Hula, Bob 99 Hull, Don 99,221 Humphries, John 99 Hunt, Marian 100,200,206 Hurlburt, Ricky 100,150,206, 208,213,235 Hurwitch, Carl 99,212 Hylkema, Dan 99,179 Hyne, Burke 95,103,170 Hynes, Mary 100 lpavec, Bob 103 lvf1nk0,Joe 99,154,181,212 lwanski, Carol 93,126 Jackson, Bob 99 Janis, Diane 100 Jasky, Alon Jaszkewicz, Joe 90 Jenko, Ron 105 Jeric, Rich Jerneicic, Kathy 103,217 Jevnikar, Larry 92 Johnson, Bob 99,103,150 Johnston, Bobbie 103,250 Jonaitis, Kathy 101,152 Jones, Bruce 179,212 Jones, Suzane 91 Jost, Rich 99 Judice, Ed 99 Juska, Rita 94 Kacperski, Dennis 99 Kaczur, Nicholas 170,179 Koehler, Rich 99 Kalb, Tom 99 Kane, Jim 93,152 Kane, Pat 101,249 Kaprosy, Dave 99 Karash, Rick 99,186,212,223, 228,233,235 Karl, Lillian 101 Karpy, Ted Kaselak, Donna 101 Katalenac, Carol 88,101,246 Kattler, Gary 103 Katz, Marvin 94 300 Keller, Connie 101,152,200, Keller, Gary Kelly, John 100 Kendra, Nadine 101 Kermavner, Bob 102, 210 King, King Cheryl 101,152 Dolores 101 214 King, Gerald 102, King, Jim 100 King, Kipp, Bill 100,212 Linda 101 Kirchner, Barb 101 Kirk, Berta 101 Kissell, Andy 100 Kitko, laureen 101,106,230, 254,255 Klancar, Anna 100 Klann, Don 170 Klavora, Brenda 101 Kleinhenz, Dave Klimko, John Klug, Ken 100 Kmetz, Barb 103 Knack, Betty 94 Knoch, Jean 100,217 Knoch, Joyce 100,217 Knop, Ted 100 Kobe, Donna 100,174,240 Koci, Joel 100 Koepke, Karen 93 Koeth, Gilbert Kokely, Shirley 100 Kolegar, Kathy 100 Koller Rich 100 Komocar, John 100,154,168 Komraus, Carl 97,193 Korosec, Kathy 100,214 Korthals, Mary 100 Korthals, Raieanne 100 Kostansek, Mary Ann 100 Kostiha, James Kotnik, Joyce 101 Koval, Elaine 100 Kovar, Allen 100,212 Kovatch, Mary Beth 99,154,222 Kozak, Joan 101 Kozlevcar, Judy 217,226 Krane, Al 100 Krapence, Carole 100,206,214 Krecic, Linda 100,211 Krepshaw, Barb Krince, Kathy 100 Krotine, Gilbert Krzepina, Jean 100 Kuchling, Ed 101,154 Kukorelli, Andy 101 Kulka, Leonard 101 Kump, Diane 152 Lain, John 101 Lakatosh, Rich 101,170,179,212 Lamos, Gary 94 Lang, Gayle 103 Langham, Harry 101,150 Langlois, Gary Lanza, Alberta 101 La Porte, Fred 101 la Porte, Sue 101,206,214 Larkin, John 101,191 Lasch, Wayne 92 Larsen, Eric 101 Lasnik, Heidi 101 Leach, Barb 101 Leake, Becky 101,217 Leber, Blair Leber, Marilyn 101 Lee, Rich 102 Leeper, Grant Leeper, Jan 101 Lefkowitz, Sheryl 102 Lefor, Pearl 101 l.egan,Toni 101 Leland, Bob 102 Lellis,Tom 101,150 Lemm, Sandy 101,240 l.emmons, Harold 101 Lenarcic, Vincent 92 Lesiak, Betty 101,214 Lesko, Bob 102,230 Letney, Janis 101,152 Lewis, Rich 103,170,186 Lewis, Rich 101,179,212 Lewis, Sandy 101 Liggett, Dan 100 Lilley, Judy 50,88,96,230,246 Lilley, Margaret 101,230 Lis, Marilyn 102,152 Livermore, Karen 126,210,214, 215,230,235 Lo Conti, Gary 100 Lofgren, Cheryl 102,210 Lancala, Tom 100 Lonchar, Caroline 102 Long, Leslie 102,150,183,236, 238,240,252 Lorber, Gary 92 Lorence, Dave 100,170,179 Lorenzo, Mike 100 Lorenzo, Sharon 102 Love, Gary 100,154,170 Love, Kathy Loveioy, Darrell 100 Lucha, Arlene Luffler, Ralph 100 Lunder, Jim 100 Lupas, Gerald 102 Lutsch, John 100 Lyle, Pat 102 Lynch, Maggie 102,206,214,255 Lyon, Cheryl Mack, Harriet Mack, Jim 104,212 Mack, Mary MacKave, Eugene Macks, Ron 95,99,100,150,186. 193 Madey, Don 43,100,170,179 Mahovlic, Joe 102 Malnar, Jim 100 Maloney, Gail Maloney, Tim Malovic, Carole 103 Malz, Allan 103 Mance, Judy 103 Mance, Bob Mansperger, Marilyn 103,154, 214,227,235 Marincic, Loretta 103 Marino, Joel 101 Marsey, Jim 92 Marthin, Rita 96,154,222 Martucci, Jim 101,185 Maschke, Mike Masek, Rich 101,154 Masek, Ron 101,154 Mason,Jim 101 Maleikowski, Nancy 103 May, Terry 101 Maynard, John 102,211 Mazzei, Martin 105 McCarthy, Judy 102,152 McCrone, Tim McDerment, Keith 100 Mcllrath, George 100,170,211 McKee, Linda 102,217 McKibben, Joyce 210,214 McKnight, Pat 102 McNab, Nancy 102,249 Medlen, Joyce 90 Mehls, Linda 103 Mervis, Judy 103,134,154,157, 214,229,235 Meyers, Nancy 103 Mika, Jane 103 Miklausich, Valerie 100 Miklavcic, Albert 101 Miklavic, Dennis 95,101,170 Mikolsky, Dave 99 Mikovich, Jo Ann 103 Mikus, Dennis Milavec, James 101,212 Milazzotto, Louis 101 Miller, Lawrence 96 Miller, Jo Beverly 101 Miller, Lenore 103 Miller, Linda 103,214,217 Miller, Pat 99 Miller, Richard 101,154 Miller, William 101 Mills, Barb 103,152 Milone, Rosalie 103,152,206 Minnillo, Mary 103,175,235 Mlac, Robert 92 Mochan, Dole 95,103 Macilnikar, Lynne 88,103,214, 235 Mog, Carol 102 Mohoric, Duane 102 Montague, Dave Montsch, Carol 102 Moore, Cameron 102,168,179, 212 Morell, Norma 102 Morgan, David 93 Morgan, Mike 102,206 Morse, Richard 102 Morse, Sharon 102,211 Muehleisen, Robert 102 Muir, Gloria 101 Mullenix, Marsha 102 Murdoch, Colin 102,134,156, 212, 235,241 Murphy, Lynn 102,214,246 Murray, Cole 102 Musteikis, lgnas 102 Muth, Jim 92 Nada, Pam 102,232 Nagode, Cindy 102 Nalepa, Linda 102,152 Nauioks, Paul 105 Nebe, Jim 102 Nehls, Kathy 102 Neil, Lee Ann 102 Nelson, Susan 102,154,236,241 Nemerovsky, Ken 102 Nenadal, Carol 102 Nenadel, Cathy 102 Nesbett, Dave 112 Nestlerode, Laurel 103 Neumore, Jack 102 Newnes, Dave 102 Nickel, Ken 105 Nimelli, Tom 103,221 Niswender, Cheryl 102 Noch, Arthur 97 Norsic, Gerald 103 Novotny, June 93,214 Ockunzzi, Tom 163 Ogoreuc, Char 102 Ogrin, Shirley 102 Oiler, Judd 103,211 Ola, Peter 103 Olah, Barb 103 Omanski, Daniel 112 Onderdonk, Leslie 102 O'Neill, Gary 103 Opdahl, Dennis Orehek, ,lan 94,217 Oren, Pat 102 Orlikokwski, John 96 Ormston, Mary Ostkar, Jan 102, 210 Ostrowski, Gary 105 Paganie, Mary 102,206,230 Palenschat, Roy 103 Polko, Joyce Paller, Mike 103 Panichi, Carol 102 Paolo, Albert 102,179 Papalko, Sharon 102 Papesh, Don Papp, Carol 102 Papp, Nancy Parmertor, Bob 102 Patronis, Jordan 102 Patton, Kathy 102,214 Paulovcin, Sue 102,152,154, 214,217 Wrenn, Jean 94 Pawlus, Linda 102 Payne, Lynn 99,150 Pearn, Janet 102 Penny, Bill 168 Perrotti, John 102,221 Pertick, Diane 104 Perusek, Ken 102 Pesch, Hans 102,170,185,209 Pesec, Ed 102,168 Peterka, Jacqueline 102 Peters, Cloyd 102 Peters, Gary 102 Peterson, Carol 104, 130, 208 Peterson, Greg 102,179 Peterson, Richard 102 Petro, Charles 94,179 Petrochic, Tom 102 Petruzzi, Tony 102,150,231,252 Petty, Jim 102 Phillips, Nikki 102,219 Pietro, Jim 102 Pike, Karen 204,206,230 Pinkney, Christopher 102,170. 179,233 Pinto, Joanne 103 Piotowski, Sharon Pirc, Judy 104 Piscopo, Darlene 104 Plickert, Tom 102 Plummer, Tim 103 Powalie,Jim 102 Pawalie, Jerome 102 Powell, Martha Pozun,Jahn 102 Pratt, Maureen Price, Bob 103 Priioteli, Bob 104,154,212 Pulver, Carol 154,212,222 Pummell, Larry Purdy, Pat 105 Purdy, Tom 105 Pylick, Sharon 104, 214 Rankin, Daniel 94 Rast, Lenore Reba, Cindy 152 Redding, Pat Reder, Arthur 104 Redmond, Richard 104,220 Reed, Gary 104,212 Reese, Carol 104 Reeves, Caroline 154,157,214 Regalbuta, Victoria 105,211 Reichenbach, John 168, 179 Reinke, Bill 104, 212 Reisinger, Don Res, Rae 97,152 Rhodes, Darlene 102 Richardson, Ken Riggs, Ray 103 Rinehart, Carol 105 Ritz, Char 175,214,235 Roberts, Linda 105,200,235 Robinson, Chuck 104 Rachkar, Roberta 105,219,235 Rockwell, Sam 48,104,193 Rodencic, Sandra 105,142,152, 217 Rodgers, Eileen-105,217,224 Roesch, Bob 104 Rogers, Linda 104 Roland, Cheryl 105 Rall, Dave 157 Romano, Don 104,211 Romana, Donna 105,152,214, 226,235 Romano, Mike Roschy, Jackie 105,214 Rose, Janet 105,152 Rosipko, Jim 104 Roskoph, Sharon Ross, Diann 105 Roth, John 105 Rothrock, George Rouse, Ja 92 Rowland, Jane 105 Runyon, Gary 105 Rupor, Marge 105,157,206 Ruuska, Richard 105,170 Ryder, Laura 105,214 Salyan, Diane 103 Sanderson, Roger 105,191 Santay, Mike 99 Sarama, Rose Ann 105 Sarstedt, Ron 105,179 Saver, Richard Scanlan, Jim Scanlon, Joanne Schaffer, Margo 105 Schaser, John 105 Scheid, Gail 105 Scheid, Linn Scherer, Pat 105 Schiemann, Bob 105 Schneller, Mary 97,146 Schroeter, John 105,168 Schuette, Bob 105,210,230, 232,235 Schulte, Jane 105,226 Schultz, Ann 97,206 Schultz, Paul 93,212 Scott, John 105,157,180 Sedmak, Char 105 Sedmak, Dave 105 Seguin, Ruthanne 105 Seifert, Sharon 93 Serkownik, Carol 105,157 Sernel, Pat 105 Shaner, Bob 103 Shaughnessy, Joan 105 Sheppard, Nancy 105,152 Sherrill, Linda 105,209,210,236 Shields, Cindy 105 Shinosky, Denise 93 Shirk, Jo Ann 105 Shuber, Barb 101,214,217 Shurman, Ed 92 Siat, Karen 214 Sidman, Carolyn Siedler, Donna 91 Siegel, La Vonne 91 Sirca, George 105 Sirko, Elaine 91 Sivec, John 105 Skalski, Karen 91,175 Skeivis, Roberta 91,175 Skitzki, Madelyn 102 Skoll, Sheila 91 Skrout, lrma 91 Skully, Marylyn 91 Slocomb, Pam 101 Sluga,Allen 91,100 Sluga, Ester Smiciklas, John Smink, Linda 91 Smith, Lionel 105,233 Smith, Lucille 96 Smith, Marie 94 Smith, Sandra 94 Sneller, Bill 105,211 Snyder, Gary 105 Somrok,Jim 221 Somrak, Linda Sovich, Joanne 91,152,214 Sowul, Elaine 91 Spate, Dennis 105 Splistiser, Joyce 91 Spolar, Henry 105,212 Spring, Barb 91 Springer, Annastachia 105 Springer, Terry 96,210 Sprochi, Roger 105,150,168 Spuhler, George 94 Square, Kathy 92 Stafford, Dave Stahre, Tam 91,212 Stair, John 103 Stambaugh, Richard Stankiewicz, Suzanne 94,147 Stanley, Bruce 105 Stanley, Judy 92,152 Stapleton, Larry 91,163,179, 206,212 Starostanko, Barb 101 Stasienko, Tom Statz, Bob 91 Steagler, Cindy 92,214 Steagler, Marcia 92,214 Steelman, Fred Steich, Allan 91 Steinfurth, Carl 91 Steklassa, Terry 91 Stepic, Ann 92,206,214,235 Stepina, Cheryl 92,210 Stevenson, Ken 149,193 Stewart, Norbert 105,154,206, 236,243 Stoner, Keith 96 Strausbaugh, Judy 92,134,154, 157,214,228,235 Strazier, Margaret 92 Strnad, Jaan 92 Strnisha,1.inda 92 Stumpt, Roger Sturm, Elaine 92 Substelny, Leo Summers, Dave 91 Sumph, George Sumrada, Phillip 101,142 Surtz, Ron 91,134,154,212,232, 235 Susteric, John 91,185 Sutton, Darl Sweeney, Bill 99,189 Switalsky, Earl 91,154,233 Symonds, Bob 92,168,171 Syracuse, Alma 92 Takacs, Ken 92 Tan'na, Frank Tarantino, Richard 92 Tartaglio, Phillip 92,170,179 Teegardin, Nancy 92 Tegel, Jim 92,233 Tekavec, Jim 92 Tekavec, Marge 112 Terranova, Estelle 112 Thamer, Linda 112 Thayer, Dennis 92,95,185 Thomas, Pat 112 Thompson, David Thorpe, Bob 92 Tiderman, Ken 92,154 Tilk, Bob Tipping, Mary 102 Tkatch, Jim 94,211 Takes, Rosann 103 Tolchinsky, Paul 112,185 Tomasello, Sharon 112 Tomko, Linda 112,150,235,241 Toward, Stephen 112,150 Vahcic, Laura 93,217 Van Ooyen, Ray 97,157 Van Scotsler, Cora 101 Vantilburg,-Dennis 102 Vatty, R osemary Vencl, Jerome 112 Verbic, Verner, Vernick Marilyn 93 George 112 , Cheryl 93 Vesey, Ken 95,185 Vibbert, Tam Viburs, John Vitola, Gerald 112 Vocatur o, Maria Von Rekowski, Sigrid 93,210 Vorhees, Judy 101 Vovko, Vrh, Da Marie 93 ve 168,179 Wagner, Dolores Wallace, Richard 181 Waltermire, Dale 93 Walters, John Walters, Tom 93,212 Wasenda, Marion 93,230 Watts, Steven 93 Watts, Susan 93 Webb, Weber, Weeks, Carol 93,152 Mike 93,168,179 Madonna 100,217 Wehrle, Ellen 88,93,214,235 Werley, Beverly 93 We rvey , Frances 93 Whelan, Ken 112 Whitaker, Geoffrey 93,233 Whittaker, Joan 93,217 Wichert, John 93,170 Wicks, Jae 93,152 Wilbert, Don 93 Wilkes, Wilkins William Diane 105 an, Jacqueline 97 s, Sandra 94,152,226, 235 Willson, Susan 103,217 Wilson, Winder Wirick, Jack 93 , Craig 93,170,212 John Wistum, Walter 93 Wittine, Laura 94,235 Traina, candy 112, 230 Tramte, Beverly 112 Tramte, Dennis 112 Traven, Dale 112 Traven, Louise 103 Traxler, Marge 112 Trivisonno Carmela 112 Wohlegemuth, Nicole 100 Wolanski, Mary 152,226 Wolanski, Walter 93,94 Wolf, Alan 93,168 Wolf, Penny 88,94,164,200,217, 226,235 Wright, Larry 94,170,179 Wright, Susan 94,152,217 Yager, Sue 94,152,217 Yoger, Veronica 94,212,216, 238 Traha, Mike Truskolaski, Barb 112 Tucceri, .loe Tucceri, Sandra 103,112,154, 157 Turick, Jim 94 Turk, Kathy Tyiewski, Stanley Ulle, Frances 112,154,157,214, 236 Ulle, Kathy 90,226 Ulle, Nancy 112 Ullestad, Jim 112,157 Unick, Elizabeth 112 Urankar, Judy 112,206,226 Urbancek, Amber 93 Urbancic, Gerry 93,206,209, 226,235 Urbanick, Joe 112,154,168,186 Uronis, Leonard 112 Usalis, Robert 112,170,211, 220,223 Yanchar, Leoanard Yanchar, Penny 94 Yanni, Tony 94 Yanni, Josephine 94 Yeray, Nancy 94,206 Yoger, Diane 94 Young, Young, Zaas, Ji Zadnik, Denise 94 Doris 94,224 m 94 Anton 94 Zagar, Eugene Zanghi, Cathy 94 Zanyk, Gayle 99 Zdanow icz, Sandra 94 Zdara, Joanne 94,152 Zielaskiewicz, Victoria 103 Zifka, Martin 102,181 Zimmerman, Carol 101 Zoller, Dave 94,154 Zurlo, C annie 96 Zust, Linda 93,15O,214,2Z4 301 FACULTY INDEX ROBERT M. ADDIS, Physical Education, Kent State University, B.Sc., M.Ed. Head Baseball Coach .... 146 JOYCE ALEXANDER, Spanish, Marquette University, Kent State University, B.Sc. in Ed. .---,--4-4-'-'---------- 138 ALVIN M. AMSTER, Business Education, Western Re- serve University, M,A., B.A. Advisor of Student Sup- ply Store. . .........AsA.......,.------- .----------AA-----e-----'----- ----- 1 4 4 CHARLES R. ASHER, Physical Education, University of Louisville, Miami University, B.Sc., M.A. Football and Baseball Coach. ..s....Y.....,..------ .-.A--------'------------- --'--- 1 4 6 FRANK AULTZ, Reading Improvement, Mount Union College, Kent State University, B.A., M.Ed. ..,,,.,. 138 PAUL W. AVERS, Mathematics, Capital University, Hiram College, Kent State University, B.Sc. in Ed. Advisor of National Honor Society. ...,..............,,A.-- 140 JULIE B. BACH, Physical Education, Ohio Wesleyan University, Bowling Green State University, B.A., M.Sc. Advisor of Girls' Athletic Association. ..... ...146 RONALD A. BACKOS, Science, California State Col- lege, Kent State University, B.Sc. in Ed., M. in Ed. ..,,..,.......,................................... ..............--..--------.- 1 43 OLIN BAILEY, Science, Chairman, Rio Grande Col- lege, Ohio State University, A.B. in Ed., M.Sc. Chair- man of Audio Visual Department. ........................ 143 LILLIAN C. BARROW, Business Education, Muskingum College, University of Pittsburgh, B.Sc. in Ed., M. in Ed. .....,,........... ................... ..... ...................-- --..--... . 1 4 4 ZETTELE BARTHOLOMEW, English, Denison Univer- sity, B.A. .............................................. ...........--------- 1 35 DONNA BAUMEISTER, German, Miami University, Ohio State University, University of Colorado, Uni- versity of Munich, Western Reserve University, Bald- win-Wallace College, A.B., M.A. ............................ 138 JERRY BERGEM, Assistant Principal, Kent State Uni- versity, Western Reserve University, B.Sc., M.A., Ed.D. ,..........,.............,.............................................. 131 BARBARA BLACK, Spanish, University of Wisconsin, Kent State University, B.A., B.Sc. ...,........................ 138 ERWIN BOJA, Language, University of Budapest, Western Reserve University, M.A. Horizon Advis- or. ...,...,........................,...........,,....,,,,........................ 138 LAUREL BONNELLI, Physical Education, Western Re- serve University, John Carroll University, B.Sc. Ad- visor of Girls Gym Leaders. ......,.....,......,................ 146 ADRIAN BUERGER, Mathematics, Ohio State Univer- sity, University of Dayton, B.Sc. ..,...........,............. 140 JAMES CALVERT, Science, North Central College, Ohio State University, B.A., M.A. . ....................... 143 JUDY CARMODY, English, Notre Dame College, A.B. Debate Club. ............................,,............................., 135 ARLENE CARTER, Physical Education, Chairman, Bowl- ing Green State University, Trinity University, West- ern Reserve University, B.Sc. in Ed. Friendship Club. ..,.,............,...............,....,,,...............,.............,. 146 HAROLD E. CAYLOR, Business Education, Indiana State Teachers College, Edinboro State Teachers Col- lege, Kent State University, B.S., M. in Ed. .,.,.... 144 RONALD E. CHAMBERS, Industrial Arts, Kent State University, B.S. .,,,....,, ,..,,,,,,,,, ,,..........,,...,.,,,.,,,,,,,,,,. 1 4 B NANCY CLARK, Science, Allegheny College, Univer- sity ot Michigan, B.S., M.A. Advisor of Student Council. ,..........................,.........,,,,,.,.,.. ..... . .....,..,.,... I 43 ROSEMARY CLEMENT, English, Ursuline College: B.A. Advisor of Drama Club. ...,..................,.........,.,,.... 135 CARL E. CLEMENTS, Mathematics, Chairman, Capital University, Ohio State University, Western Reserve University, B.S., M.S. Advisor of Mathematics Club ., ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,Y,A,,,,,,,AY4,,v,,,,,,Yv,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,, , H140 JAMES CLIFFEL, Mathematics, John Carroll Univer- sity: B.Sc. Chairman of United Appeal, .............. 140 LINDA COOK, Social Studies, Western Reserve Uni- versity, B.A. .lusststant .Advisor of Junior Council On World Affairs, ...,,,, ,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,, ,Y,,,,Y,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 1 3 6 302 JEAN B. COX, English, Allegheny College, University of Pittsburgh, Columbia University, Duquesne Uni- versity, A.B. Advisor of Junior Red Cross Coun- cil. ,,...,................,.,............................ ....................... 1 35 ROBERT WALL CRARY, Social Studies, Ohio State University, Western Reserve University, B.A., B.Sc., M.A. Chairman of Euclid Teen Association Scholar- ship Committee. ........ .................... .......................... 1 3 6 HAROLD DAUGHERTY, Driving, Ohio University, B.Sc. in Ed. Basketball Coach. ........................................ 138 L. DALE DAVISON, Science, Michigan Stale Unievr- sity, Ohio University, Ohio State University, Purdue University, B.Sc. in Ed. ............................................ 143 WILLIAM L. DEMORA, Social Studies, Ohio State University, Kent State University, Indiana University, B.Sc., M.Ed. Assistant Wrestling Coach, Key Club Advisor. ..,.... , ........................................... ................. 1 36 NATHANIEL DICKINSON, Social Studies, Kent State University, Ohio State University, B.S. in Ed. ...... 136 FORREST H. DIEHL, Social Studies, George Wash- ington University, Hiram College, Kent State Univer- sity, University ot Colorado, B.A., M.Ed. ............ 136 JOAN DUPREY, English, Western Reserve University, B.A. ..,,,.,,.,.........,,.......,.......... ,....,..........................., . 135 CLARENCE ECKERT, Industrial Arts, Kent State Uni- versity, Western Reserve University, B.S., M.A. Head Wrestling Coach, Assistant Cross Country Coach. 148 WILTON ECKLEY, English, Chairman, Mount Union College, Penn State University, Western Reserve Uni- versity, Yale University, A.B., M.A. ......... ............. 1 35 DONALD G. EISEN, English, Western Reserve Uni- versity, A.B. Advisor of Spectrum. ........................ 135 SUSAN EMSHWILLER, English, Miami University, Uni- versity of Colorado, B.S. ............,...,....................... 135 AHMED FELLAGUE, French, Ohio State University, Georgetown University, Mexico City College, B.S. ................................,.,,..,...,.,..............,................ 138 KATHLEEN FOGARTY, English, Bowling Green State University, Ursuline College, John Carroll University, B.A. Spirits Club. .........................,.....................,.... 135 FRANK F. FOWLER, Adjusted Curriculum, Ohio State University, Bowling Green State University, Ohio Universitv, B.Sc in Agr., B.Sc. in Ed. ................,... 138 DANIEL R. FRANCETIC, Science, Duquesne University, B.E. .........................,.................,,..,,,,.,,..,,,,...,,,..,.,,,,., 143 SHELDON FREEDMAN, Science, City College of New York, B.Sc., M.A. Advisor of Chess Club. .........,.. 143 KATHRYN FRYE, Home Arts, Kent State University, ssc. in Ed. ..,,........,,..,.,.........,.......,.....................,.., 147 MARILYN HKYFEURST, English, Kent slate university, ssc. in Ed. ..................................,,..................., ...... 1 35 ALOYSIUS GALICKI, Industrial Arts, Ohio University Western Reserve University, Fenn College, Kent State University, B.Sc. in Ed. Football Coach. .............. 148 KATHERYN GATES, Latin, Marshall University, A.B., M.A. ......,,.........,........................................................ 138 CLAYTON D. GEORGE, Business Education, Fenn Col- lege, Kent State University, East Carolina College, B.Sc. in Ed., M. in Ed. Advisor ot Euclidion Business Statf. .....,.,,..,..,...,,..,...,,,..,...,,..,..............,,,.,,,,,,,,.,..., 144 WILMA GILLMAN, Dean of Girls, Heidelberg College, Western Reserve University, A.B., M.A. .........,,..,.. 130 ANNAROSA GINERVA, Business Education, Dyke and Spencerian Business College, Cleveland College, Kent State University, B.Sc. in Ed. Advisor of Future Busi- ness Leaders of America. .........,....,..,.,,.............,,.,.. 144 DONALD R. GLASER, Social Studies, Ohio Wesleyan University, Ohio State University, B.A., M.A. . ....... 136 LOUIS GMEINDL, Mathematics, Muskingum College, Kent State University, Fenn College, Brooklyn College, Arilorla State University, B.Sc., M.Sc. ..,..,....,..,...... 143 JOHN F. GRIFFIN, Senior Counselor, Western Re- serve University, B.Sc., M.A. ,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I8 MARGIE GORSLENE, Mathematics, Western Kentucky State College, University at Cincinnati, Ohio State University, B.A., M. in Ed. .................................... 143 BEATRICE HAMMON, Librarian, Western Michigan University, B.A., B.L.S. .....................,.......,..,.,....,.... 132 LUISE HANOLD, Science, Ohio State University, M.Sc. in Chem., B.Sc. in Ed. .....................,.......,.. 143 RONALD L. HARDING, Social Studies, Ohio Uni- versity, Western Reserve University, Kent State Uni- versity, B.Sc. in Ed. Bowling Coach, Talent Scouts, United' Appeal Committee. .,,,.,..,.........,.........,,,..,., 136 DALE HARPER, Music, Chairman, University of Cin- cinnati, Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, Western Reserve University, B.Sc., M.A. Bond and Orchestra Director. ...,....,,,.,.,,,,,,...,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 152 W. DEAN HAWVER, Science, Ohio State University, Kent State University, B.Sc. in Agr., B.Sc. in Ed., M.A. Advisor of Biology Club. .......,,..............,........,,,,,,,, 143 CLAUDIA HEPNER, Social Studies, College of Wil- Iiam and Mary, B.A. .,..,,...,.,.,,,,..,.,..,,,,,.,,,,,,.. , ,,,,,,,,, 136 GERTRUDE HOEGER, Art, Ohio State University, Western Reserve University, B.Sc., M.A. .,.,,,,,,,,,.,, . FRANK HOFFERT, Social Studies, Western Reserve University, B.A. Advisor of Future Teachers of Amer- ica. .........................,....,........,...................,,..,......,.... .136 BONNIE HOLT, Science, Ashland College, Baldwin- Wallace College, B.Sc. in Ed. ,..,..... ......,,.,............. 1 43 VIDA HORN, Spanish, Notre Dame College, B.A. ..138 RICHARD HUNGERFORD, Industrial Arts, Oberlin College, Hiram College, Kent State University, B.A., B.Sc., M. in Ed. ...............,.,............,........,....,..,,.,..... 148 MERWIN HUNKIN, English, Western Reserve Univer- sity, B.A. ....,...,.............................................,....,...... 135 WILLIAM HUNTER, PRINCIPAL, Mount Union College, Ohio State University, A.B., M.A. .......................... 130 JACK L. JENKINS, English, Indiana State University, B.A., M.A. Dramatics Director. ....,......,....... ........... 1 35 FRED JOHNS, Dean of Boys, Western Reserve Uni- versity, B.S., M.A. ................ ................................... . 130 ALBERT JUDGE, Science, Kent State University, Uni- versity of Florida, Western Reserve University, B.Sc. in Chem., B.Sc. in Ed., M.Sc. Advisor of P.A. Club, Science and Mathematics Seminar. ........................ 143 MILTON KADLEG, Industrial Arts, Illinois State Nor- mal University, John Carrdtl University, Kent State University, B.Sc. in Ed. Assistant Football Coach. 148 RONALD R. KULL, Mathematics, John Carroll Univer- sity, Kent State University, B.S., Assistant Track Coach. ...................... ........ ........................ . ............... 1 4 0 EDITH LEMON, Senior Counselor, Northwestern Col- lege, Western Reserve University, B.Sc., M.A. ..,..... 18 CHARLES LEWIS, Adjusted Curriculum, Western Re- serve University, Ohio State University, B.A. ........ 138 JAMES W. LINDSAY, Social Studies, Chairman, Bald- win-Wallace College, Wesleyan University, B.A., M.A.T. Assistant Football Coach, Advisor of National Athletic Scholarship Society. ................................ 136 JAMES F. MCCAMPBELL, English, Northwestern Uni- versity, Western Reserve University, B.S., M.A. Ad- visor of Euclidion Editorial Staff. .......................... 135 DAVID MCKELVEY, Business Education, Muskingum College, Indiana University, B.A., M.S. in Ed. ...... 144 JUDITH McLAUGHLIN, English, Ursuline College, John Carroll University, B.A. ............................................ 135 ROBERT E. McLAUGHLIN, Industrial Arts, Kent State University, B.S. .........,................................... ........... 1 48 MARJORIE MALINA, Home Arts, Chairman, Ohio State University, University ot Colorado, Mexico City College, B.S. .................................................. ..147 JAMES H. MAPLE, Mathematics, California State Col- lege, Bowling Green State University, B.S., M.A. ..140 DONALD MARTIN, Junior Counselor, Kent State Uni- versity, B.S., M. in Ed. ......................... . ................. .89 JUNE G. PHYPERS, Business Education, Denison Uni- GRANVILLE sMirH, English, indiana state Teachers '35 EMBERT MARTIN, Industrial Arts, Iowa State Univer- sity, Kent State University, B.S. ............................ 148 EDMUND MIZE, Business Education, Ohio State Uni- versity, Ohio University, Kent State University, B.Sc. Advisor of Survey Business Staff. ,....,....,............. 144 DONALD MOHR, Physical Education, Baldwin-Wallace College, Western Reserve University, B.A., M.A. ..146 JUDITH NELSON, Business Education, Theil College, B.A. .......................,....,,......,,....,.................,.....,...,... 144 HERBERT NOLD, Industrial Arts, Ohio University, Bowling Green State University, Kent State Univer- sity, B.S. in Ed., M. in Ed. Tennis Coach, ............ 148 MARCELLA NOLD, Physical Education, Ohio Univer- sity, B.S. in Ed. Maiorette Club. ,,,,....A,,.,.,,...,,...,,., 146 VINITA O'DONNELL, Home Arts, Marshal University, Kent State University, B.A. ,..,....,,, .,.......,,..,.,,,.,,,,,, 1 47 WILLIAM E. PALMER, Business Education, Ball State Teacher's College, B.S. Assistant Swimming Coach. 145 CAROL S. PETVAI, Home Arts, Ohio State University, B.S. in Ed. .....,.,s..........................,...,..........,.....,.,,,.,, 147 versity, Western Reserve University, Middlebury Col- lege, Radcliffe College, New York University, B.A., M.A. ...........................................s.....,,,.........,,........... 145 FRANK PRINGLE, English, St. Bonaventure University, Bucknell University, John Carroll Univeristy, St. Francis College, Western Reserve University, Kent State University, Golf Coach. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..,,,,,,,,, 135 MICHAEL RAICEVICH, Social Studies, Ohio Univer- sity, B.Sc., M.Ed. Golf Coach. ,............................... 137 HOWARD REMINICK, Physical Education, University of Toledo, B.Ed. Assistant Wrestling Coach. ...,.,.. 146 CHARLES RENO, Mathematics, Edinboro State Col- lege, Western Reserve University, Fenn College, Baldwin-Wallace College, Arizona State University, Harvard University, M.Ed., B.S. ......,.A......,.......,,,,, 143 MARTIN RENO, Science, Edinboro State College, Harvard University, B,Sc., M.Ed. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 140 VICTOR RESCH, Physical Education, Miami University, B.S. in Ed. Swimming Coach, Advisor of Swim Club. ........................................,............................... 146 DONALD RINCKES, Mathematics, Muskingum College, West Liberty State College, West Virginia University, Ohio State University, Kent State University, Case Institute of Technology, Fenn College, M.Ed. Ad- visor of Camera Club, Audio Visual Director. ...,.. 140 LEONARD ROBUCK, English, Western Reserve Uni- versity, B.A., M.A. Advisor of National Forensic League, P.A. Announcers, Director of Spring Play. 135 ACTIVITIES INDEX TERRY ROSS, English, Ohio Wesleyan University, B.A. Head Junior Varsity Football Coach, ,,.,,,s,,,,, 135 ROGER R. ROUND, English, Mount Union College, Penn State University, Kent State University, M.E., A.B. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..,,..,.,....,,,,,,,,,,,,----..,-,- ,l-,,..,.- 1 35 MARCIA RUST, English, Ohio Wesleyan University, Western Reserve University, Northwestern University, B.A., M.A. Advisor of Eucuyo and Senior Scandal. 135 OTTO SANTOS, Business Education, John Carroll University, Kent State University, B.S. in Bus. Adm. 145 WILLIAM E. SAUL, Business Education, Westminister College, Western Reserve University, Erie Business College, John Carroll University, B.B.A. ,............... 145 CHARLES B. SAWYER, Business Education, Kent State University, B.S. in Ed. Assistant Advisor of National Honor Society. ........................................,...s........... 145 GRETCHEN SCHWEGLER, Physical Education, Mich- igan State University, B.S. Advisor ot Swim Club and Cheerleaders. .,........,..............,..................,..... 146 HARRIET SHEATHS, Assistant Principal, Kent State University, Western Reserve University, B.S., M.A., M.S. College Advisor. .............,.....,.,,..................... 131 WILMER K. SHUSTER, Business Education, Baldwin- Wallace College, Ohio University, B.Sc. Assistant Track Coach. ...........................s...,...................... ..145 DEIMAR V. SMITH, Business Education, Chairman, Ohio Northern University, Columbia University, ln- ternational College of Business Administration, B.A., M.A. Director of Placement. ..............,.....,........... 145 College, Pennsylvania State University, B.S., M.A. Advisor ot Survey Editorial Staff. ........................ 135 JULIA SMITH, Home Arts, Ohio Wesleyan University, B.A. ...............,...,......,.................................... ............- 1 47 RUTH B. SMITH, Social Studies, Western Reserve University, A.B. M.A. Advisor of Girls Future Teach- ers Association. ...................................................... ..I37 WAYNE SMITH, Social Studies, Muskingum College, B.A. ....,,,Ys........,.......................................... ................ 1 37 MICHAEL G. SOCASH, Science, Duquesne University, Westminister College, B.Ed. .................................. 143 MERWIN R. STAINES, Industrial Arts, New York State University, University ot Colorado, B.S., M.Ed. .... 148 DONALD STEINBRINK, Science, Ohio State Univer- HELEN STEWART, Sophomore Counselor, Kent State University, Western Reserve University, Ohio State University, University of Zurich, Switzerland, Univer- sity of Hawaii, B.Ed., M.Ed., M.A. Advisor of World Affairs Club. ......,,.,....,..,..,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,. 107 CECILIA P. STILLMAN, Social Studies, Radcliffe Col- lege, Western Reserve University, B.A. Advisor of Youth Council on the Council on Human Relations. 137 JAMES STUCKEY, Social Studies, Bluffton College, Ohio State University, A.B., M.A. ..,.,,,,,,,,,,, , ,,,,..,,,, 137 JOHN SUPANCE, Industrial Arts, Ohio University, Stevens Point Teachers College, Kent State Univer- sity, B.S. in Ed., M. in Ed. ,,,,.,,,,,,.,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,..,. 143 NANCY TAUBMAN, English, Fenn College, A.B. ..135 SAM W. TAYLOR, Music, High Point College, North- western University, B.S., M. in Mus. Advisor of Stu- dent Council, Choral Director. ........,....,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 152 EDWARD T. TEKELI, Physical Education, Glenville State College, West Virginia University, B.A., M.Sc. Junior Varsity Basketball Coach, Assistant Football Coach. .......,.,,...,,..,,,,,,,,.... ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,, 1 4 6 DALE THOMPSON, Mathematics, Butler University, West Virginia University, Muskingum College, A.B. Cross Country, Track Coach, ..,,, ,,,,, ,,,,,..,,,,.,,.,,,,,,, 1 4 0 FRANK TROGLIA, Sophomore Counselor, Miami Uni- versity, Western Reserve University, B.S., M.A. .... 107 ANTHONY V. VACCARIELLO, Language, Miami versity, Western Reserve University, B.Sc., M.A. Uni- Fac- ulty Manager of Athletics, Advisor of Ad Club. ..138 CAROLE VENALECK, English, Fenn College, B.A. RUTH VERMILLION, Sophomore Counselor, Akron University, Western Reserve University, A.B., M.A. 89 FRED VOLLMAN, Industrial Arts, Chairman, Kent State University, Western Reserve University, Cleve- land Institute of Art, B.Sc. in Ed., M.A. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 143 VIRGINIA WEADOCK, English, Bowling Green State University, B.Sc., M.A. ,,,,,,,,.,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,, 135 BETTE JOAN WIGGINS, Science, Muskingum College, Middlebury College, B.Sc, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,.,.,.,-,,,, 1 43 GEORGE WILEY, Assistant Principal, Oberlin Univer- sity, Western Reserve University, A.B., M.A. ........ 131 RALPH W. WISNIEWSKI, Science, Ohio University, B.Sc. Advisor of Spirits Club, Baseball and Basket- ball Coach. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,.,,,-,-,--,-,,.,-,-,--, 1 43 ROBERT YOCUM, Staff Co-Ordinator, Kent State Uni- versity, B.Sc. in Bus, ,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,..,,,,,,.,,,,, ,,,,,-----,-----,, 1 33 MARGARET K. ZIMMERMAN, Language, Chairman, Moravian College for Women, Middlebury College, Columbia University, B.A., M.A. Linguist Committee. Ad Club ...,........................ ....... American Field Service ....... ....... Assemblies ........................ .... . .. Athletic Board .... Basketball ......... Bookstore ....... Bowling ..........,.. 212 228 254 223 192 208 181 Cadet Band ...... 156 Camera Club .... 220 Cheerleaders .... 200 Chess Club ......... 233 Choral Masters ..,............. ....... 1 50 Concert Band .......................... ....... 1 54 Euclidian Business Staff 246 Euclidian Editorial Staff 244 E-Room Activities .....,...... ....... 2 48 Eucuyo .................... 238 Fall Play ......,...... Foremen's Club ....... Football ............... 252 221 166 sity, B.S. in Agr., B.S. in Ed. ................................ 143 Friendship Club ......,............................... ....... 2 18 Future Business Leaders of America ...... ....... 2 22 Future Nurses .................... Future Teachers of America Girls' Athletic Association Girls' Leaders Club .......... Glee Clubs ....... - ..... Homecoming ...................... Homecoming Court .......... International Quill and Scr all ....... 216 214 225 223 152 162 164 236 Junior Red Cross ....................... 217 Key Club .................................. 212 Maiorettes ..... 174 Math Club ...............,,.,.,,.,..........,,,,,,,,,,. ,,,,,,, 2 32 Movie Club ...............................,.............. ...,... 2 10 National Athletic Scholarship Society 223 National Forensic League ,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, 2 30 National Honor Society ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, 2 34 Orchestra .......,....,.,,,,,,,,, 156 138 P.A. Club ............. ........ 2 11 Science Seminar ...... ........ 2 33 Senior Scandal ..... ........ 2 39 Spectrum ............ ........ 2 29 Spirits Club ....... .213 Stage Crew ........... ........ 2 20 Student Council .............. .,....., 2 O6 Student Supply Store ..... ,.,,,,,, Survey Business Staff ..... ........ Survey Editorial Staff ..... .,..,.,, Swimming ...,.,...,.,,,,,,..,,, ,,,,,,,, Talents Scouts E.H.S. .... .,,,,,, , Tennis ........................ .,,,,,, , 209 242 240 188 230 180 Thesyians .... ,,,,,,,, 2 31 Track ................,..,, ,,,,,,, ,176 Wai Napolo ,,,..,.,,,.,..,,.,,,, ,,,,,,,, 2 24 Winter Festival Court ,,,,, World Affairs Club ,,,,., ,,,,,,,, Wrestling ,............ ..... ,,,,,,,, 250 237 182 303 Y-- -11... EDITORIAL STAFF Margo Beery .....,,. Bud Kramer ...,.., Wendy Conrad .,... Lem Eaglen .,.... Mark Hobzek ...... Don Lyman ....,. Katie Piper .,..,..,.. Nancy Lindquist ..,... Jim Zimmerman ..,... Editor-in-Chief .............Assistant .Picture Editor .Photographer .....Photographer .Photographer Literary Editor ..........Assistant .....................Assistant X... Sally Howe ,4,,,,,,,, ....... M ounting Co-editor Frank Jerneicic .... ....... M Ountlng C0-edltOr Susan Bell ,,,,,,,,,,,, .........,.... S enior Editor Kathy Lybqrger ,,,,4A,4,,, ,..,.., U nderclass Editor Barbara Applequist .......,... ............. A rt Edit0I' James F. McCampbell ........ Sponsor BUSINESS STAFF Margo Zola ,.,.,,.. Gretchen Brandt ........Business Manager ...............Circulation Manager Don Lyrnqn ,,,,-,,.,, ,,,,,,, S enior Circulation Manager egg. Kqthy Ynne V,,, ,,,,,,, S enior Circulation Manager Susan Bqhr ,,,,,,A ..,,.,.. J unior Circulation Manager Sandy Calvert ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,, J unior Circulation Manager Joanne Hifiy ,,,,,A,.,,, ,,,4,, S ophomore Circulation Manager Marie Prokopovich .... ..... S ophomore Circulation Manager Roswitha Oelsner ...... ...........-.-------- A dVeFflSlY"9 MGHUQSV Jim Orr .,.............. Judy Debelak .... Bill Zeravica ...,. Karen Jambor .....,.. Beverly Burger .,,,..u,. Clayton D. George ..., Advertising Manager Advertising Editor ..............Treasurer .......Funds Manager .................Cashier Sponsor Here is your book, Euclid. It is ci unique combination of black and white formed by an equally unique combination of minds. With the completion of the 7963 Euclidian goes a well-earned "thank you, staff" from a grateful editor. You have made my year-and it was good. Here is your book, staff. I can only hope this '63 Euclidian will be a personal reward for your efforts. A yearbook, however, involves more than the devotion of a determined staff, there are many facets connected with making any yearbook a reality. To acknowledge all those who have added their own special touch to the Euclidian seems impossible. Of primary concern is finances. Our business staff, headed by Business Manager Margo Zola and sponsor Mr. Clayton George, had no easy task in handling the supplements, the sales campaign, the endless homeroom receipts, ads, and yearbook distribution. But, here is your book, business staff, payment for overtime. And with the book comes a sincere thank you. Many questions concerning the photography in the '63 Euclidian have been asked. Over 800 pictures are used in a yearbook such as the Euclidian. Although their content is a result of our photographers, the finished product is generally a result of Raimor Studios. During this year I have had the opportunity to be acquainted with three fine people, Mr. Morrie Levine, Mr. Bill Rainen, and Mr. Joe Gongos. Always a smile and'always a finished product-no matter what the request. Thank you, Gentlemen. Here, also, goes my acknowledgement to the photographic work of Herb Fox. Thanks, Herb, they're great. As soon as the yearbook is thought out, the Gray Printing Company of Fostoria and Mueller's Art Cover Company of Cleveland provide the unifying factors for the '63 Euclidian. Our thanks to Mr. L. O. Kisabeth of Gray's and the representative of Mueller's for their time, advice, and experience. Being a high school organization, support from our new administration is an integral part of production. Dr. Lester Angene, Superintendent of Schools, Mr. William Hunter, our principal, and the entire administration-thank you, we know we could not have done it without you. Finally, what can I say? Thank you, Mac. Mr. James McCampbell is not merely our sponsor-he is our friend, advisor, fun- sharer, tear-dryer, and all over question answerer. Mac and a fine yearbook are synonymous. With sincere respect for you, Mac, we say thank you. And a note to our Euclidian widow, Mrs. McCampbell. Anyone who can put up with us must be great. You are such a person. Here is your book, Euclid. If there is but one facet of the '63 Euclidian which brings to mind a particular dimensions of this year for you, its purpose has been accomplished. We hope you will enioy your Euclidian as we have. Sincerely, f' O4 dfi Editor-in-Chief I Y 'v .Wy K A- X MQ-, - 1 4 ,1:x 1,,rV-,' N, . , . , ., , , nf J' V L lniilagf .,g' -. W. .V M gig, 113' . "5 i I' .'F'f"' ' F H' 1-y Q-,Q',u?e!q4:f:f.,. Z ' --jg: fhf 51 1 f.j,i:',,.:..: .5 lj, - 11 g:l7l,".4,.-1l:ff3,7:gg13,?l::: fl PL ri: ,.'g.W:1'l?'7 .,3 ,N 'NI .,3f'-',1v..,f1g1" ' 1 S .IA ,Mk . ,mf-I 11. 1'?FfZQ'I 1 'M.:.M 14,3 T..v,i . 4 . 1 f - ' 'fc-."..,": S ,r 'J ' - '1 ,S .Y-x A. '. 1 'v ,.,,, . VN .T ,N X Nz, , v , ,, Q, ,. y v giferyding Ami exec! - Czcmcer . . N ,lii Q 1: E .. nw 5 l t I- 1 . A A I, 24,1 ff 'f'! A . I f X K 1. 226 E ATIEQ S SUPPLEMENT Snow fell past the classroom window reminding the day- dreamer that it was better to be inside. When the homework assignment was given, the student wrote it down but payed little attention to it. After patiently awaiting the end of his last class, he attended a club meeting and then went home and tell asleep for twenty minutes. Awakening and hurriedly eating dinner, the student returned to school for another activity. The assignment would be put off until the next day, saved for the weekend, and finally completed in a frenzied burst of study Sunday night. With windows raised to let in spring air, the door opens and a warm draft floods the classroom scattering papers. The bell rings. Pushing time, the student frantically completes a test and runs on to another one. He works on Student Council campaigns, rehearses for the musical, attends proms, and struggles to rein- force a faltering average. He does not daydream now. His goal is clearly fixed before him-to excel and complete . . . to com- plete . . . to endure. l 227 EucIid's answer to the Rockettes. CAST: Bells Are Ringing Sue .,..,.,...............,,,,..4.,,.. ,..,,, Gwynne ...,.,..., Ella Peterson .... Carl ......,............e.. Inspector Barnes ..,... Francis .......,....,., Sandor ...s,. .left Moss .,,......., Larry Hastings .4,.... Dr. Kitchell ,..... Blake Barton .... Telephone Man ..,,. Joey .....,,........,,. ........ Olga ...................,. ....... Corvello Mobster ..Maureen Trotto .........Dona Hido .. ........ Sally Forker .....,.,John Lehr .......Jim Devney ......,Bob Leggafe .,.,..,.Ron Surtz ,.....Dave Amos Racich .....Tony Petruzzi .. ...... Jay Bammerlin ,,..Gary Kleckner ...,...,Bernie Hohs .Joan McConocha ......Vincent Lenarcic Paul Arnold ,......... ...... D an Praznoysky Butler ........... Michelle .......... Policeman .....,.....,. Nightclub M. C. ......Gary Bernstein .........LesIie Long ......Walt Wistum ......Jim Burnett Sally and Dave pair off for "Just in Time." All in favor of urban renewal say "aye." SPRING MUSICAL An atomic show radiating with enthusiasm and talent exploded on the Euclid stage this spring. As Ella Peterson, Sally Forker detonated a chain reaction of brass, tenderness, spectacle, and humor carried through by the rest of the cast in a tull- chorused, back-alley bookie meet- ing, a riotous subway party, a wiggly nightclub act snowing confetti, an off-key musical swindle, and a wild cha-cha. The trio of Jenkins, Taylor, and Harper, responsible for many great shows in previous years, had prepared "Bells Are Ringing" for '64. The explosion leveled all criti- cism and produced unprecedented popularity and congratulations. Subway insanity. l l l 1 229 230 i . He andfor she. TALENT SCOUTS Talents often scorned by larger, more professional groups found ref- uge at the annual Talent Scouts Show. Under the fatherly eye of Mr. Robuck, tiny uncoordinated cubs be- came Pink Panthers, mere pastimes developed into the Novelties, and two rock and roll bugs completed metamorphosis to emerge as Beatles. The careful direction of raw talent re- sulted in a well-done show. ta gq fr 1' The maid is made to leave. Bernie and Maureen caught in a dramatic moment. The swinging .lims bring the Beatle beat to E.H.S. TRIPLE-PLAY The lights of "Triple-Play" rose first on the lobby of the Parkview Hotel. Ornate, but fading, the tradi- tional set suited the traditional style of "The Little Lady." Into this lobby came Alice Lampkin, bringing with her a capacity for love that shamed the other characters and encom- passed the audience. Twenty-nine strokes of a rather unorthodox clock transported the audience from the traditional to the absurd. Together, the Martins and the Smiths discovered the curious, strange, and bizarre conditions of conditions of conventional life. Final- ly, unable to cope with themselves, the cast of "Bald Soprano" ran off in all directions. Again the mood changed, and emotional flare surrendered to tran- quility with the world of Robert Frost silhouetted against a twilight sky. This last drama of the triple-plays gave new dimension to a collection of perceptive and often sarcastic poems. They left an audience won- dering iust what Frost meant to say beneath those barren trees, to the haunting strum of a guitar. These are the voices of Robert Frost. Making up requires a steady hand and a sure eye. CAST: The Little Lady of Friday Night Ray ,..,..,,,,...,...................... Vincent Hughes Mrs, Reed ,,,,,..,, ...... N ancy Patrick Alice Lampkin ,.,,., ....... M aureen Trotto Mr. Morgan ........... .......... J im Devney Mr. Andrew Able .................... Bernard Hohs The Bald Soprano Mrs, Smith ,,,,,,....,............... Cheryl Steigauf Mr, Smith ...... .......... R on Surtz The Maid ,,,..,, ...... D iane Frank Mrs. Martin ...... ........ L eslie Long Mr. Martin ..... ............. J 0l'll'1 l-Shi' The Firechief ........................ GGFY BSFYISTGJIW The World of Robert Frost Sally Forker Diane Frank Karen Heckert Joan McConocha Amy Picciano Sue Smith Music composed and performed by Sally Forker Jay Bammerlin Jim Devney Bernard Hohs Vince Hughes Bruce Lamb Tony Petruzzi 2 232 Silky sotin swirls... .. .precede Peggy's poolside plunge. 1 s r s S 5 5 , Q, A - ' t 's 4' " iff X . Q 0 Let Hertz put you in the diver's seat. Sandy Borgsteodt spies the Loch Ness monster l The Swim Club members give themselves a hand. i SWIM SHOW With the smooth strokes of polished swimmers, "Musical Memories" submerged Euclid's poolside in the waves of the past. Old songs and new routines appearing in the chlorinated theater recalled neg- lected remembrances. The evening came to a close as the strains of "Thanks for the Memories" faded away, and Swim Show itself drifted into the past. 23 l is 3,2 34 Students swarmed like ants on a Pic-Nick. STUDENT COUNCIL Campaign season opened this year in the usual subtle manner. After school hours, campaigners stole dis- creetly through the halls leaving their marks above the drinking fountains and other convenient places. Al- though the main purpose of these posters was still to influence the gen- eral student body, they were quite noticeably planned to draw the at- tention of specific groups. The smiling ants that said "Pic-Nick" were espe- cially appealing to entomologists, whereas according to custom, the candidates soon adapted stronger persuasive methods: rallies in the main entrance, blaring brass and drums, banners, maiorettes, and fin- ally, speeches. Only the matter of voting was yet to be done. After the tremendous strain put upon them by the opposing factions, each student could rise leisurely from his lunch table and, with an appropriate quip on patriotism, walk off to decide the outcome of campaign season. WSQVA U c ,,., ,. ,- . ,,y5fg,gM,Q,33g,5g:- ,. -.4-14:1--1:--4 -1 -.1-et..-Q.. '- -' - Behind every great man there's a woman, a woman, a woman Play the Alma Mater? What's that?! A V,-J V . 'Q ' H 1' ,. ' .-i- , ' x- pfl , " , 113 ,Q-7,51 .' , X V Y - -'. ' N Q , - 5 1 - , ati ' X-L. 1 d' A .T Y 2 I, f 4, ,. V' 'IS flu' w' l YI ,R I. x '. Q 9 -1 55 3 3' Lx E w qxlx- : 4, T 255 3' .fl -1-f l lf never go? off The ground. 1 . l STUDENT COUNCIL, Firs! Row ll. lo Rl: Charlotte Hildebrand, Marie Tancredi, Barbara Bernlohr. Second Row: Steve Barnelt, Connie Manley, Judy Rohrer, Third Row: William Miller, Dennis Cebul, Dennis Marko, Nick Perencevich. A secret ballot? ,va Q- ll ...mud 1 1 ' Ao! , .,,, am. M, .g l 'l l ,A ,"l AMN-,4, v N , Sue Warner, Don Rieder. ' 235 236 I-if M-era N.F.L. A year of feverish forensic activity was terminated. One by one the debators and orators stepped to the front ofthe E-Room to receive their pins. Throughout the room an air of satisfaction prevaiIedT-no more speeches to be written or debates to be won. There was time at last for N.F.L.'s induction ceremony. STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS, First Row CL to RI: Barbara Bernlohr, Marie Tancredi. Second Row: Dennis Matko, Steve Barnett. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS, Standing IL to RI: Ken Bowen, Paula Schulte. Sitting: Sandra Schwabauer, Darlene Gortz. ,,r:,, 'P F7 You know, Sir, you're only allowed three cups of punch. Sue Blcutnik acts as gracious hostess. Food for thought. 4?-' ?,,.,' 237 BASEBALL Euclid's baseball players pos- sessed the spirit that earmarks a first- rate team. Strike one! L.E.L. competition found the Pan- thers placing second at the season's end. A' It I Strike two! But the lure of first place still ex- isted for the .l.V.'s, and they diligent- ' -- -1, s ' - ly prepared themselves to fill the var- sity spots of next year's team. A steal calls for a fast slide. lt's a hit! Home run! VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM, First Row lL to Rl: Tom Aliancic, Tom Theis, Hank Mclean, Dale Gregorin, Roger Sprochi, Bob Coode, Wayne Opalk. Second Row: John Allar, Ken Thomas, Terry Fritch, John Sustersic, Lee Wicks, Jack Korthals, Coach Robert Addis. Third Row: Coach Ralph Wisniewski, Joe Mahovlic, Eric Larsen, Tom Ullom, Ron Marks, Jim Nebe, 'S , It we Q -4 Q, ' pl 6 g C I1 f A .. -, ., . -Q -a 'frfy 5 X 1-fl X N fri it iff: H -- T 2.10111 Nik f .36 e fuk. ig' .Jil X n his .3 7 5 ' . 1 ' I .d' 4,'Nn4, 5 V if I U rL, , Sv XX! -if ' 3 X, , x , , il 1 N l Q Q l 54 x 1 Y U l J ful'-LEE ' 1-Uv 5 J. V. BASEBALL TEAM, First Row CL to Rl: Dan Stocker, Jim Beran, Dove Zuro, Karl Bohr, Eric Carlson, Bob Watts, Gary Wohlgemuth, Doug Stout lManogerl. Second Row: Preston Suminguit, Tim Stupica, Bob Harrison, Frank Kovacevic, Paul Buchholz, Darryl Kozel, Mike Corrigan, Frank Udovic, Bill Forgione. Third Row: Coach Ronald Lokar, Jim Lewis, John McRedmond, Rich Shisila, Joe Laukiovich, Tom Barbis, Dole Gorris, Dick Novak, Don Woodruff. BASEBALL SCORES Euclid ........ 3 Rocky River .,..... ...... l Coach Robert Addis, Ron Macks, Coach Ralph Wisniewski. Euclid 8 6 Eastlake North Euclid ........ 5 Painesville Harvey ,....... 2 Euclid ...,.... 5 Painesville Harvey .,...... l Euclid ........ 8 Valley Forge ................ 4 Euclid ........ 7 Niles McKinley ..... ...... O Euclid ........ 4 Shaw ................. ...... O Euclid .,...... 6 Shaw ..... ....,. O Euclid ......., O Parma ...... ...... 3 Euclid .,...... lO Parma ....,............ ...... 3 Euclid ......,. 9 Lakewood .................... l Euclid .,.,.,.. 3 Cleveland Heights ........ l Euclid ...... 8 Cleveland Heights .......... l 14, f Euclid ......,. 3 Shaker ................. ...... l Euclid ........ 3 Eastlake North ..... ...... l Euclid ........ O Brush .,,.......... ...... 5 Euclid ........ 7 Shaw ........... ...... 3 Euclid ....,... 15 Collinwood ..... ...... 7 Euclid ........ l Parma ......... ..,... 9 Euclid ........ 2 Lakewood l Euclid ........ l Elyria ........ ...A.. 8 Euclid ........ l Elyria .........................A.. 4 Euclid ........ 2 Cleveland Heights ........ 0 Euclid ........ 3 Shaker ................. ..,... 5 Euclid .....,.. lO Westlake ........... ...... 2 Euclid ........ 3 Brush ....,......... ...... 0 Euclid ........ 7 Valley Forge .... ...... 4 Euclid ........ 12 Rocky River ...... ...... l -f Wins 22 Losses6 239 240 TRACK TEAM First Row lL to Rl: Larry Grigsby, Dan Hoffman, Rick Everstine, Tom Halbedel, Rich Lakatosh, W' ht, J St'h Dave Libmon Ted Gasser John Doherty Jim Leppert, Bill Muller. Second Row: larry rig , oe i , , , , Ray Sweigert, Bob Lucci, Tom Schultheis, Don Klann, Ron Sarstedt, Bill Bailey, Rich Zawack, Bob Rodwanick, ' ' Z k AI Tolway, Randy Jordan, Richard Graham. Third Row: Dave Vrh, Tom Bernlohr, Kim Kimberly, Ed ovac , Frank Budic, Jack Ambrose, Rich Kaczur, Jeff Kish, Don Lucci, Jerry Kish. Fourth Row: Tom Barnhart, John Ulstrom, Russ Johnson, Greg Goodyear, Tony lacafano, Roger Brezec, Dave Schaser, Jim Blonkschaen, ' ' M'k K h Dave Welsh, Al Tol- Harold Graham. Fifth Row: Greg Sobole, Ken Lucci, Steve Watson, i e opac , chinsky, Sam Rockwell, John Schroeter, Jack Reichenbach. TRACK Anyway you look at it . . . Endurance is forced beyond itself as exhausted muscles scream them- selves insensible, and thel ody be- comes an extension of th will. The runner is proiected beyond height, breadth, and width into a fourth dimension of speed. The finish tape and the will snap simultaneously, and he is thrown back into a world of ex- haustion. Dyspneal, his muscles ss ff I " Mix, X vw , , ss Al f , e 'fn "" "TQ-'l"'-"""1 tremble, and his lungs claw for air, but the mind, obsessed with the song . of speed, leaps ahead to the next FGCS. I sf . . .these Panthers are flying high. Mr. Ted Theodore, Mr. Clarence Eckert, Larry Wright, Mr. Dole Thompson, Mr. Wil , I SEASON TRACK RECORD Euclid ........ BI V2 Euclid ........ 65 Euclid ........ 90 Euclid ........ 80 Euclid ........ 84 3A Euclid ........ 76 V2 Euclid ........ Euclid .....,., 78 V2 88-U3 SPRING 1964 A TEAM Parma .,........... St. Joseph ..,.,.. Shaw ..,.... Shaker ........ Brush ,......,........ Valley Forge ...,c. Lakewood .....,.... Cleveland Heights Wins 8 Losses O 4th West Tech Relays 3rd East District Meet lst L.E.L. Meet lst Euclid Relays 36 V2 53 28 38 33-275 41 V2 29-273 39 V2 lst Arena Indoor Meet lL.E.L. Divisionl Euclid ........ 94 Euclid ......., 93 B TEAM Parma ......... ........ I 9 St. Joseph .................. 21 Wickliffe .................... 20 V4 Euclid ......., 97 V: Euclid .....,,. 66-275 Euclid ,.....,. l02 Euclid ..,..... 96 V2 Euclid ........ IO4 Euclid ,..,..,, 95 Euclid mer Schust ....,,..86V2 Fairport Harbor ......... .51-375 Shaw ........................ I Shaker ....v................. 20 V2 Brush ............ ......... l 3 Valley Forge ,........,.... 4l V2 Lakewood .................. 27 V2 Wins 'IO Losses O lst Shaker Sophomore Relays L.E.L. SEASON DUAL CHAMPIONS ln - 241 I I I I I5 I I I I Q X xo ' "1 , ' --., . , U VV' K 4 3 f -fa- " J 1 'VS ---- i- p ,vs V XA ,gf 'K f .Yr -.if ,Q .. , . 'A'-g.,if2:xf1f1 ' 'lx-:iw-vcN"' F i f ff sf T .v.. r - Tffff ' ' T . Captain Rich Creveling and Coach Herbert Nold. TENNIS After a disappointing fall season, the tennis team turned to spring and the task of summoning its latent potential. Determination combined with practice, and the desired result slowly materialized. The realized end-an outstanding season. TENNIS SCORES Euclid ........ Valley Forge ...... Euclid ........ Shaker Heights .... Euclid ......., John Marshall ...,.. Euclid .....,.. St. Edwards ..... Euclid ........ Parma ................. Euclid University School . Euclid ........ Cleveland Heights Euclid Shaw ..... ............ Euclid Brush ..... ..... Euclid Gilmour ............... Euclid Willoughby South . Euclid St. Joseph .......,.. Euclid Brush .......... Euclid Euclid s..,.,.. Orange ............... University School . Wins 12 Losses 3 Winner of Euclid Invitational Tournament Winner and Runner-up ot District Doubles Tied for Third Place in State Doubles Winner of Northern League Third Place Greater Cleveland Play-offs GOLF SCORES Euclid ............ 193 Chardon ,.,.,, ,,,.,., 1 77 Euclid ............ 181 Wickliffe .,.... .....,. 1 75 Euclid ............ 2 Parma ,,..,,. ,,,. 6 Euclid ............ 178 Riverside ...... ....... 1 82 Euclid ............ 178 Eastlake ...... ....... 1 66 Euclid ............ 171 Harvey .... ....... 1 93 Euclid ............ 173 Riverside ...... ....... 1 81 Euclid ............ 178 Mentor .... ..,.... 1 78 Euclid ............ 169 Mayfield ..... ....... 1 71 Euclid ............ 181 Chardon ..... ....... 1 78 Euclid ............ 5 Shaker .... .... 3 Euclid ........,,.. 168 Mentor .... ....,... 1 80 Euclid ............ 6 Brush ................... .... 2 Euclid ............ 174 Mayfield .......A......,..,.... 164 Euclid ...........v 174 Willoughby South ........ 166 Euclid ............ O Valley Forge ...........,.... 8 Euclid ............ 187 Willoughby South .....A.. 170 Euclid ............ 174 Wickliffe .........A....,..... 170 Euclid ............ 187 Eastlake North ..,......... 178 Euclid ............ 4 Lakewood ......... ..... 4 Euclid ............ 169 Harvey ........................ 176 Euclid ............ 8 Cleveland Heights ........ 0 Euclid .........,.. 8 Shaw ............A............. 0 Wins 10 Losses 11 Ties 2 At Manakiki, Euclid won the Northeast Golf League Tournament with 332. Al Kovar was medal- ist champ with 77. At Highland, Euclid won the Ohio Northeast Dis- trict Championship. Al Kovar was medalist champ with 77. At Columbus, Euclid came in 20th with a score of 685 for 36 holes. r l George sinks a long one. GOLF i Seriousness grips a golf course. The individual -his precision, calculation, and finally his power- is accented. No roaring crowds accompany the ten- sion, only the sound of a club slicing the air. To mas- ter the game requires a blend of patience with skill and determination. Tom Halbedel receives the trophy at the Spring Mr. Frank Pringle, Al Kovar, George Vranekovic, Wayne Kukla, Joseph Zarr. Sports Awards Assembly. sm.....-l- l VZ la gi 1 il 'N in X Ve fs. ALL-SCHOOL PARTY Everyone is entitled to one day in which he can dis- card the shackles of polite society and revert to his fun- loving natural self. The All-School Party provided such an occassion. Serious students took this opportunity to dance in the E-Room and to get their heads wet in the swimming pool. The quiet young girl in French class be- came the screaming, scrambling anchor-man in a wild tug-o-war. Fun was had by all. The Industrial Arts Show.. . A pleasant shift from the daily routine. . . . displayed fine craftsmanship. HOME AND INDUSTRIAL ARTS The spotlight shifted from the scholars to the craftsmen of E.H.S. with the annual Industrial Arts Show. Strolling among the varied exhibits, parents and outsiders alike were amazed by the professional quality and beauty of the finished products. Each piece reflects not only skill, time, and care, but the maker's genuine love of the work., A year of creation in cloth was climaxed by the annual Spring Style Show in which polished gar- ments made by students in the sewing classes, were displayed. Modeling her own efforts, each girl clearly showed the three obiectives of a home arts course: the skill to create, pride in her creations, and the necessary poise to show them. 56. ' --1 1, -.:.f :- HH -5 1. t ,, an A i ,. c J . -. f Q' nAf"o:'..- Dm" 3 . f.L'Cf 'Sf ' .P L 245 246 The Junior Prom combined light moods . . . JUNIOR PROM The sky was overcast, and the buds still huddled close to the branches, but one could feel a special something in the air on the night of the Junior Prom. Bits of crepe paper and sequins shed their identity and magically became "Moonlight and Roses" for four enchanted hours. Reluctantly, before the first stroke of midnight could break the spell, the couples straggled homeword, clutching corsages, memories and a single rose. Sitting pretty. . . . and tender moments. 1 x I l l The E-Room awaits prom transformation. I I fo fi 1 i , it 1-145 1 1 4.4 , ,fu -fr. , ,, r ,, vu-sn-J' " pri, ini VV. nv it 4:-a 'Av The Decorating Committee having good, clean fun. 1 in ,- i . , "Moonlight and Roses" and you. in is 1 x , lllll " Oli' .llx ' Q i 1, B , Q, If 5 , X, X I X' lil , Hg we i I 2 ' - DECORATING COMMITTEE To make the E-Room say "Sayonara" instead of "E" was the work of the Decorating Committee. Their creative endeavors were not without compen- sation, for who else could boast of wearing Bermuda shorts and sneakers to the Senior Prom? 247 ,,.,, s 1 . ' . s .2.,. 248 SENIOR PROM The Senior Prom begins as a young girl's dream, existing in her imagination, fantastic in the magic it holds. The date seems far away, as though the an- ticipation of its happening will never mature to reality. Yet the individual grows constantly aware of time approaching and all that must be worried about, and finally accomplished. Telephone calls, dress shops, bids, flowers, tuxedoes, and car keys rise as looming obstacles that shadow final exam study and attention in class. Finally, the tension ex- plodes in a thousand flashbulbs ignited by proud parents and smiling couples. For some, the end result was disappointment. For others it became a strange combination of sophistication and mosquito bites acquired at a picnic, symbolized by a souvenir charm bracelet of Chinese "happy gods." Seniors are sophisticated- x I 1 P , 1 ,f g el -swingers Prom belies-perturbed and poised i Q fC' M P I S ? l N x , S x '. if Gm, -X xi .J . r Q., A 1 or llflr 79 V," M ' L Our group had 201, fewer Surveys. 1 J He: You dance so smoothly. She: I have ball-bearing shoes. Ax y, 249 250 An impressive 800. BACCALAUREATE AND COMMENCEMENT All year Seniors thought and said they were special, privileged beings. Perhaps they didn't know what they were saying until Baccalaureate and Commencement arrived. The impor- tance of these ceremonies lay not in ritual or in speeches that would be forgotteng they served as a post at a crossroads on which to hang direction signs. They meant that a Senior was special not because of divine provi- dence but because of the work that brought him to graduation. His priv- ileges were not to twist in the E-Room, nor to wear knee socks on Friday. He could now find a fragment of the world and call it his. Don't worry Mr. Troglia-no one will trip. l l A 'le E 1 , lj g Behind the scenes. Seniors shore some good advice with Reverend Dillon. 2 252 . Y ixwuwm . I . 41' :1 . gy R. Wade Schuette Sue Blatnik VALEDICTORIANS The president of Euclicl's National Forensic League speaks with a rich, mature voice and argues with calm logic. Wade finds fun wherever he can, and he drives people mad with card tricks. Being one of the two third year Russian students is simply a supplement to his uniqueness. Rosemary Vatty 1---. ' ffmf... -.Y .4 x +- V . . V , .r of If et.. Af., kL,.s x5,.f Having survived Ron's humor and unique wit, friends as well as teachers recognized and respect- ed his originality and independence. By using time to his best advantage, he discovered many varied interests, by actively participating, he developed them. His talents were marked by precision and ac- curacy, and whether teaching himself Spanish or tackling a lead in the spring play, Ron excelled. Becoming a valedictorian isn't easy, but main- taining a 4.0 average and a iob is nearly impossible. However, Rosemary accomplished this in her usual manner-quietly and with determination. Although there was never enough time for many activities, she took full advantage of the honors program and Euclid's other opportunities for advanced studies, especially in her chosen field, languages. Sue Blatnik is the blur you saw as you walked the halls of E.H.S. this year. She has been busy making headlines, meeting deadlines, and maintain- ing a 4.0 average. The scope of her achievements ranges from editing the school newspaper to com- pleting Mr. Reno's multicolored math calculations. Enthusiasm and diligence have typified her attitude as a scholar, mathematician, and co-editor of Survey. As one of seven valedictorians, Danette is hon- ored for academic achievement. However, this fails to honor her for her many activities. Throughout high school she has been engaged in interests such as A.F.S. and Euclidian. But Danette's greatest asset isn't listed in the back of the yearbook, nor is it necessarily evident in her 4.0 average, it consists of the limitless spirit with which she performed in all fields. Danette DiBiasio Q U . r rf- fjxi' Ji 'W 5 4 ..-.. . kjf :git l 1,-1 IEA! , Z Rick hasn't built a perpetual motion machine, but he has developed a perpetual smile. He's be- come a National Merit Scholar, a National Honor Society president, a golf captain, and a top physics and math student. Give him time, he may still con- struct a machine as perpetual as his smile. Paul Debevec Paul's achievements may be widely varied, but all are characterized by a certain steadiness and perfection. In organized debate and informal iam sessions, he always bases his arguments upon sound reason and careful thought. Paul's ability to rely not only upon the knowledge at hand, but also upon his own ideas and capabilities, shows confidence and produces positive results. Rick Karash 1' 253 254 TROPHIES FOR VALEDICTORIANS Sue Blatnik Paul Debevec Richard Karash Danette DiBiasio Wade Schuette Ronald Surtz Rosemary Vatty COMMUNITY AWARDS Phi Beta Kappa: Paul Debevec Rotary Industrial: Thomas Loncala Jewish War Veterans Science Award: Chu'ck Hurwitch American Legion National Exam: Wade Schuette Chris Gregoric L 1 AMERICAN FIELD SERVICE Representing American youth, Char Hildebrand traveled to Bilbao, Spain to become EucIid's second exchange student. Denny Matko, also a candidate, waited for notice about spending his senior year abroad. Both trips are a result of Euclid's interest and activity in American Field Service. DEPARTMENT AWARDS BUSINESS EDUCATION Linda Cebron HOME ARTS An n Sch ultz MATHEMATICS AND SCIENCE Richard Karash VOCAL MUSIC Ken Barta VISUAL ARTS Sharon Papalko SOCIAL STUDIES Paul Cox MUSIC Judy Strausbaugh BOY'S PHYSICAL EDUCATION Dennis Antonick GIRL'S PHYSICAL EDUCATION Mary Ellen Bogatay ENGLISH Danette DiBiasio ENGLISH AND LANGUAGE Ronald Surtz INDUSTRIAL ARTS Thomas Loncala PINS FOR 3.8-I- AVERAGE Colin Murdoch Linda Tomko Tom Walters Katherine Ulle Steve Watts James Birch Carolyn Henry THIN- THE FRANTIC FINALE .f -A Y, '.ff'im- 7 'fx ,7l .J- P V L 4 -+01 f. 3' g . I P 'iv' A Y f V 'ww ' P 1 , X ,X , 2 . I A I XR 1 XX V ' S 'X I L ? .X V 2 , L . P X4 , l 2 I P F if ' 5 1 3 9- E' ' Q -Jr' 1 E I' , rt al i Z x Y . V 4, 5 vw !f,f T577 A' Z.,2-fx. H A :ygqgvhga W, My i 4 ' Q5 .qqxu , 'MWWW 'M A-'1 1? ' - W . P NW' x' ' . X fg- zu Q-un:-Q, , E.-f. N , ' Q -lk 4 ' 59' V' 'Lf-,Y "1 ,.., ,eL.3..,..n --'fx , '5 X xx-'X 'W .,g' -. W. .V M gig, 113' . "5 i I' .'F'f"' ' F H' 1-y Q-,Q',u?e!q4:f:f.,. Z ' --jg: fhf 51 1 f.j,i:',,.:..: .5 lj, - 11 g:l7l,".4,.-1l:ff3,7:gg13,?l::: fl PL ri: ,.'g.W:1'l?'7 .,3 ,N 'NI .,3f'-',1v..,f1g1" ' 1 S .IA ,Mk . ,mf-I 11. 1'?FfZQ'I 1 'M.:.M 14,3 T..v,i . 4 . 1 f - ' 'fc-."..,": S ,r 'J ' - '1 ,S .Y-x A. '. 1 'v ,.,,, . VN .T ,N X Nz, , v , ,, Q, ,. y v

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