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.4-' .xv xy" I ,,-w" wswlmiril ' w:mn'id" 2'S'LfwzMu,wx-v, Cx M K ,x ' , - '7 R1'5"'L .Q z., f X , -E! ,.. .--Q f 53 gg 5 1 l 4 -'c i I ' v 1, ., W A v I! rr jwv, y,.A.e--nm.. -me w,..-fmwus f ..- '4 'av 141 1115 fvfmhy aa- , 5, A Xwfgwa-Qg,ns'-gaw wlmswewx il N f F. 1 -1 NPV 3 if ta A 4,- fx v Editor-in-Chief Assistant Editor Mounting Editor Assistant Mounting Picture Editor Staff Editor , Art Editor . . . ,E -yn-- , A r' as Ifxlalkxw xxxiix ii t I I - A- -A f' 2 I I -F j Q Judy Beacham Maureen Dolan Burton Judson Editor Bob Fabritius Marilyn Wendell , Sallie Combs Judy Blackburn Editor , , Gail Gianasi Artist . George Schroeder Artist , , , Paul Glenn Typist . , , Joanna Disantis Typist , . , Kathy Stoner Business Manager , Roberta Stamptel Circulation Manager Diana Sweeder Treasurer , , . . Judy Wakelee . s A r..-I-fi. A if-13-,n'.Q -twA,wQu ,,..1 '.1f5i"'4"'f EUCIIIIIHII EUIIIIII SEIIIIIII HIGH SIIHIIIII III E. 222IID SI. EUIIIIII, IIHIII Hllllll llllllfll Hail to Thee, G Euclid High School, To thy nome all praise we sing. Happy doys of youthful pleasure, Learning, living, lite so deor, Our hearts fill with gratitude For all that is to be - Alma Mater, Euclid High School, All our praise we bring to thee. Where the blue ot Erie's waters Costs the sun's bright golden rays, There all Euclid's sons ond daughters Sing the joys of student days. It atter days be dork and dreor And storms of lite drow nigh, The memories ot our friendships here Will lift our heorts to Euclid High. twig? we ,mums -is c DEDICHTIUH The achievements reflected in these pages are those of everyone who helped make this year a memorable one. To you, the Stu- dents and Faculty at Euclid Senior Hugh School, is presented the 1956 Euclidian, dedicated to your HOPES AND DREAMS for the FUTURE. ,t . f. r 155 THBLE Ut CUHTEHTS Aclmtnistration and Faculty Page l3 Sophomores .. luniors ....,.. CDllQCil'llZCtllOl'lS Pine Arts ..... Girls' ana Boys' Social Lite . . . Seniors .... Snapshots . . . Aclverttsing . . . Sports Page 27 Page 35 Page 43 Page 7l Page 33 Page 99 Page ll3 Page 170 Page l75 To some people it might seem that the physics lab is a room filled with confusing instruments. Actually the many demonstrations and experiments carried on in class are entertaining tc those interested in the science of the principles of heat, light, sound, elec- tricity, and machines, The experi- ments clarify many facts that cannot be learned from texts alone. Because the world is becoming in- creasingly smaller th-rough transpor- tation and communication, it is impor- tant for the American student to learn the languages of his neighbors in oth- er countries. This opportunity is pro- vided in Euclid l-ligh's many language classes. Buenos dias is the greeting one receives when entering this Span- ish class and as each school day pas- ses, the student increases his know- ledge of the grammar and pronuncia- tion ofthe language. Many girls' ability to make their own clothes saves them money and acquaints them with designs, textiles, and colors. Modeling the clothes they make for mothers and friends helps develop their poise. The home arts department also teaches the planning, preparing, and serving of meals in its modern kitchen. 5 Biology is not o subject for the squeomish, but for those who wont to leorn obout the science of living things, the dissection of the orgonisms of onimols is helpful in the study of other sciences. Biology study includes the origin, structure, development, functions, reproduction, ond distribu- tion of plonts ond onimols, lt is o requirement for the beginner in the field of science. The study of civilizotion from its beginning until present doy is corried on in Euclid's history closses to oid in comprehending world problems. Stu- dents leorn the connection between wors thot were fought, lows thot were possed, ond their present life, A know- ledge of world history, United Stotes l-listory, ond government will oid the students of todoy in becoming the gocd citizens of tomorrow, Check the tires, odjust the seot ond mirrors, depress the clutch - these ore the first four steps the student leorns in driving. At first it tokes some effort to remember these steps, but ofter being behind the wheel sev- erol times these steps ond driving rules become completely fomilicir, When the student posses his test, he receives his license from o member of the Euclid Police Department, ond one more good driver is on the rocid, 6 ln Professor Blackburn's senior English class the emphasis is placed upon composition and English litera- ture. No student will ever forget Macbeth complete with sword play, reading the Atlantic Monthly, and Mr. B's funny glasses. Brakes, clutch, electrical system, motor - these are all familiar words in the automotive classes which are designed to intelligently select, use, and repair automobiles. Stressed equally with the fundamentals of au- tomotive construction and mainten- ance are the appreciation and care of tools, good working habits, and the responsibilities of car ownership. The seniors with a true interest in advanced mathematics can be found in the two solid geometry and trigon- ometry classes. Many of the third dimensional pictures seem difficullt to understand, but with the aid of models and a large supply of pointers the laws of space are soon learned, Through trig the students learn that all logs don't come from trees, since the use of logs is helpful in solving for ci side of a triangle. 7 The motto, "All work and no play" has surely been disproved in the girls' gym classes. Here the girls are learn- ing the rules ot basketball as they compete against each other on teams formed in the individual classes, An important aspect of education, the gym class gives the student a chance to release some at the physical ener- gy that has been building up while sitting in other classes. Although the students learn in gym there is no end tothe fun to be had Six weeks ot health seems like tor- ture to the boys after basketball, toot- ball, baseball, tumbling, and swim- ming. Physical education does more than build bodies. lt teaches sports- manship and provides one period a day tor some healthy recreation. Six hundred students can be accom- modated in the library, theretore, tests are often given there. lt's more com- mon use is for research work on term papers and book reports during study halls and before and after school. Red leather easy chairs were added to a corner of the library this year to be used by the students interested in rec- reational reading. 8 ln Euclid's typing classes the future secretaries are trained to enter into the competitive business world. Most of the beginning typing students have never typed more than their names, but after starting with the alphabet and working up to writing business letters they increase their technique and speed enough to enter advanced classes. Printing is one of the many courses offered by the industrial arts depart- ment. Beginning students learn the fundamentals of type setting, after which they learn to operate platen presses to print tickets, programs, and office forms. The advanced students lock up and print the school paper on a flat bed cylinder press as well as learning the fundamentals of lithog- raphy. ln the office practice room only the advanced students in the commercial field are allowed to work. Each secre- tary is assigned to a certain teacher and they ditto tests, check papers, record grades, and make out the grade cards. They also learn to operate the Burroughs adding machine, the book- keeping machine, the ediphone, and the electric typewriter, 9 The "Hillbilly Express" arrived from Richmond Heights every morn- ing about eight o'clock bringing stu- dents to begin another day at Euclid High. is it, v MW: , .4 Some waistlines were remembered and others forgotten as the girls tried to eat, chatter, and still make it to the noon movies on time i0 All was supposed to be quiet in the homerooms as the PA. system remind- ed students and teachers ot after- school meetings, sports events, and social activities. There must have been a contest to see how many people could stuff their coats, books, lunches, gym clothes, batons, and tennis rackets into one locker, even though with l8OO of them there were plenty for everyone, ll lic! The boys as usual were more con- servative during lunch time using milk bottles for games of chicken and caus- ing minor disturbances. A new safety feature was added to the school parking lot in the form of a policeman to check on how closely driving rules were being followed and to see if each car had a parking stick- er on the windshield. l l Even though our rec room couIdn't be considered elaborate it was often the scene of many grueling ping-pong games and jitterbug contests. is-4". I Another typical Euclid High day was ended at 3:20 as the students boarded the busses taking with them :lass-room knowledge, the latest jokes, and dreams ot Saturday night's date, I2 Our weekly assemblies were varied in order to gain the approval of both the students and the taculty, We missed Sergeant Smith's second ap- pearance, but managed to enjoy an entertaining safety show sponsored by a national trucking association, ..,. i X if S V 1 '-:U-1: G7 Can. 4,4 THE HVXPIQESSIONS WE MAKE CDN SUR TEACHERS . ,. to right Loyal Luikart C E Bowman Russell Glass Mrs, Groce Watkins, John Davis This yearbook is dedicated to your hopes for the future. As such, it repre- sents not only the hopes, wishes and am- bitions of the student body but of your parents, your city, and your country. The American public school is a monument to the belief of a people that freedom, justice, and self-government in America can be preserved through free public ed- ucation where all children have an op- portunity to develop their capacities to the greatest possible extent. It is the hope of your teachers and of your par- ents that this ideol is deeply imbedded in your thinking, Your high school has given you on opportunity which exists no place else in the world - an oppor- tunity to chart your own future and to wcrk in the direction of its ochievement. Sincerely yours, W, G. FORDYCE, Supt. of Schools l4 This is your annual and you should receive a great deal of pleasure from re- viewing the events which are recorded here so well. The memories should in- clude the friends you have made and the opportunities you have had while at Euc- lid Senior l-ligh. You will be welcome when you return to us and you can help plan the best school possible, To you, the best of luck. Meryl R. Baumer, i Assistant Principal i5 All of us will enjoy turning the pages of this yearbook, reading its memorable phrases, and enjoying, through pictures, many experiences of the past school year. The class of i956 will especially cher- ish this book because it is the record of school life here at Euclid High School during their senior year. The thrill that goes with achievement is theirs, Greater things lie ahead but their high school days will always be among their fondest memoriaes. Congratulations to the staff and spon- sors for a job well done. Best wishes to the class of l956. Sincerely, Clifford G. Owens, Principal D m y Lasting friendships and happy memories of school days are important to all of us, and years. they become more valuable with the passing This yearbook will help you to remember many happy events and carefree days you have experienced during your stay at Euclid High School, Congratulations and best wishes to all ot you. Your contributions and experiences while here will help all the underclass mem- bers as they take your places, Harriet Sheats Dean of Girls SECRETARIAL STAFF Seated f Mrs, Winters, Marilyn Lovett. Standing - Marlene Krecic, Marilyn Lynch, Winifred Willis. Your Graduation exercises will make a break in your lives. You have spent more than halt ot your lite in school, The values gained and the knowledge attained will be the foundation upon which you will continue to build. May your future be as happy as your school experineces have been. Congratulations, seniorsl Bruce Graham, Dean of Boys l6 LIBRARY STAFF D. Stevenhogen, J Bowditch, D Steen PUPIL PERSONNEL Seated, left to right - P. Cleary, D. Sweet, N, Galvez, L. Voorhees, M. Freed, J. Bergem. Standing, left to right f R. Winters, B. James, E. Wilson, I. Broz, E. Wright, K. Clouser, A. Hamlin, Dr. R. Michler. The Department of Pupil Personnel is located in the Board of Education building. Its function is to give aid tothe child, the parent, and the teacher. It is a service organization in which the Nurses and Doctors, Visiting Teach- ers, School Psychologist, and Speech and Hearing Therapists are coordinated into a service for the welfare of all children in our community. l7 , i I X , K NADA GALVEZ GEORGE BREWSTER School Nurse Head Custodian MK s JERRY GANSER Assistant Custodian CAFETERIA STAFF First Row: Mrs. Yeske, Mrs. Maiiska. Second Rowt Mrs. Zimmerman, Mrs. Bauer, Mrs. Palodino, Mrs. Coy, Mrs. Turk, Mrs. Brash ear, Mrs. Janifz. Third Row: Mrs. Sandberg, Mrs. Gorman, Mrs. Riebe, Mrs. Straka, Mrs. Douglass. Lucille Aingworth Doris Alspach Alvin M. Arnster Enqlush Basrness Education Business Education Flora Stonc Mather, Ohro University Western Reserve Untv, W,R.U. Ohno State University BA, MA Columbia Univ, BS. in Education BA, MA, ,- Olin Bailey Vrsual Education Elcloqv Rao Grande Collcqe Onto State Unlxersuty Western Reserve Untx BS in Educctmctn M S. Lillian Barrow Business Education Musklnaarn Colleqc Onto University Unrxersltxf of Plttsliurqh ES rn Eclucatton Moster ln Edacatlon y W. A. Barton Industrial Arts Ohio State Unnverstty Kent State Unuversity B.S., M.E. Robert Bennett Socsal Studies Ohio State Unuversrty B.S., M.A, Pauline Berg English Kent State University Onto State University Columbia University Western Reserve Untv. B.S., M.A. Harold Blackburn Enqlosh Otterbenn College Western Reserve Untv. AB., MA. Clemens E. Blauch Government, Economlcs Kent State Unuversuty Untverstty at Akron Ohio State Untyerstty BS., MA, . A W . ,K Q ? S X I 7,1 X s X01. ex ' , . . X gg X xx f Willard Boerger Influlstrml Arts WHO Stott: Umvcrzslv B, . .r T, W 105 .1 ,.,,, ' Peru Campbell Enqllsh Detlonce Colleqe Unnversntv of Wxsconsnn Ohio State Unlversxty AB., M.A. .leon Bowditch Lrlwrorlon NVest Vlrqlntc Stott: Teoclwers Colleqe XVestern Reserve Univ E A, B S.L S Marjorie Danforth Plwysncol Educotnon College of Wooster Western Reserve Unrv. A B., M A. , 32, .... 15: is U. , I W- ,.,, .... , 7 ,Ox C' an 1.1 i 5,1 x ,f X my Tiiff S. QW' f Q X 6 v 5 l 64 X X ., .. Q ., .,..,W,,M mf X 4 A f ks ,MJ pa ez: 5512 Adrian J. Buerger Mothernotlcs Unuversuty of Dovton Ohio State Unlversltv B.S., E E Marion H. Dise Home Arts Chourmon Ohio State Universuty University of Minnesota Western Reserve Univ. B.S., M.A, f'...." ' 2 .f , fr. VW y W 'Rn' X3 ' X , Betty A. Byelene Buslness Ectucotuon Coputol University Unlverslty of Colorado Unrverslty ot Colntormu James M. Calvert Phvslcol Education North Control College of lllrnols Ohio State Unuversvtv Western Reserve Unzv HA , M.A. Clarence F. Eckert Industrnol Arts Kent State University B.S., MA. Wilton E. Eckley Englnsh, Journolusm Mount Unlon College Pennsvlvonuo Stote Unnv BA., MA. Aloysius C. Galicki Industrual Arts Ohio University Kent State Unuversnty Western Reserve Univ. Penn Colleqe B S , M E. wr fit Clayton D. George Basnness Educatvon Penn Colleqe Kent State Unrvergtty BS. 'X-::L"" Wilma A. Gi.lm:.n Joseph Gram Language Phvsucal Education Heraelberq Colleqe Onto State Unrversuty Western Reserve Univ AB, MA ES Ralph A. Greer Socuat Stuanes Hcrdettgorq Cotteqe Emory University Western Reserve Univ EA, MA Carol Greve Physncal Education Bowling Green State U. BS nn Educatson Dale Harper Music Cincinnati Conservatory ot Music University of Cincinnati Western Reserve Univ, BS nn Music Education MA. Leon T. Heinlein Dolores G. Hohs Science, Chairman Physics Ohio University B S, rn Education M.S, nn Education Business Education Eowlnnq Green State U B E Fred Johns Mathematics Western Reserve llnnv B 5, M A yn - ' , S Q .X 3 S Q- ,ff f Albert J. Judge Science, Mathematics Kenyon College Kent State University University of Florida Xgfgstern Reserve Univ. BS. in Education M.E. in Education Mary L. Kagy Home Arts Bowlin Green State U. Q Ohio State University B A an L.A. Jack L. Lewis Social Studies Bowling Green State U B.S. an Business Admin- istratian B.S. in Education Lee Jones Lillick ,.-or Richard R. Keay Jane Kline Science Physical Education Kent State University Kent State University AB., M.A. B.S. in Education Miami U. WR.U .. mc Joseph P. Mayer Donald McGinley Kent State University Health and Physical Science Science Education Baldwin-Wallace College Kent State U, Western Reserve Univ. B.S. West Vlrqinla University B.S., M.A. B.S. in Education Edith K. Lemon Home Economics Northwestern College Western Reserve Graduate School B.S., MA. . v i Ann Meinzen English Business Education Kent State University B.S. in Education Jack D. Miller Biology Oberlin College Western Reserve Univ Ohio State University AB, MS. Nancy l... Mitchell Soanish, Enqlish Denison University BA. Edmund C. Mize Business Education Ohio University Ohio State University BS vw W t L. Q 1 . N . ' 5 H Herbert Nold Ruby Barrett Olson June Phypers Industrial Arts Ohio University Bowlin Green University Q B.S. in Education M.S. in Education English, Social Studies Ohio Wesleyan Univ. University of Chicaqo Western Reserve Univ. A.B., M.A. Tvolng Denison University Western Reserve Univ. AB., M.A. We Donald R. Mohr Neal John Nelson Education Social Studies Physical Baldwin-Wallace Colleae Kent State Univer Bawlina VJestern BA., M ,Q ,117 Green State U. BS Reserve Univ .A r i 2 7 Gene M. Pillot Mathematics, Social Studies Ohio State University Kent State University B.S. John J. Pohto Industrial Arts Ohio State University Western Reserve Univ. Superior State Teachers University of Delaware Fenn College BS., M.A. 2 Frunlr 1 l fi iff, ZLZ S. Pringle Richard E, Puller John Reeves Leonard E. Robuclr Chester R. Rojeck , f,,,, 'Q f ,,. ,,,, .j .:,, g 5 ff ,Q ' J' 'ff 4 2 5 i 14 I E is Q W. Sfonley Schulz 'IF ff ,L K 0,1 1 Hr-ny' PS1 Q , , V Q.: ' Q' ,Nm 6 -V 1 1 Delmar Smifh xi: C 'J ,L Harry W. Spangler Merwin R. Swine: '-'fe f,'f.fff' .. Lff' l K ,J f ,,,,, 5. ,T..Y- e I r lj ' if ff: ff 'vf,,. Helen F. Stewart mf, '. f-,A .1.- ,4... ffjfv ., 1, ,,:,., .Y .'.4:.,,, , r-wr: ,r . 11" .'C'Q .' if:'Z 'I ' Q... .f .44 Za, C, .ff 'ze' cf.: I ,QQ .V ,lc L-Qu, 72" Cz f-fe E 2 f ' f' Q fl I Edwm J Sfoch Eluzabdh Slrofhcr John O. Supan 'HJ PNN 91 wr: fin H r r,f11.'.!rv,N f-Y", , f' nf, Vfufmf, I V' fu Urn V1 rx' ,YQH Ur, ur Jr I f 'f w U my V, Ll , lf? 1. 1 'INN ur, f 1 , 'N W. Tayior, ,1,,- ffm 1':,ff,vNf,f ffm mmf f, .V ',f,,,.-yn, mfg Kf!,,f,v ff,1NN,.. V ,gf j, ,, ,Maw 1,w,fv,n, '.f,vvr,f,--nn wwf ff, mmf, m,,,.,, 11 ', ff ff f ll V., s , r Q Norman Thompson Frank Troglio A. V. Vaccaricllo bww! Yun Amr- ,mfr-vzn, llwnrw Mmwvwv, if, lr. F11 Huw, ',vf,v.- 1,f,.ff-1-,nf 111,01-rn lu Nfl- mm, 11. nu. lf. . 1 w ' M L1 wl Ns it fa X! H' -' 'rrim if '34 . Tv ,I , Q A 5 ,Ms Q .. ,... su... is . ... fs Fred A. Vollman Stanley L. Whiteside George Wiley Reita Williams Beula Wilson Industrial Arts, Art, Social Studies History English, Home Arts Mathematics, Chairman Chairman Chairman, Social Studies Dept. Oberlin College Kent State University Flora Stone Mather Cleveland Institute of Ohio State University B.S. Western Reserve Univ. Art Ohio State University Western Reserve Univ. BA., M.A. Western Reserve Univ. BA. AB., MA. Kent State University B.S. in Ed. MA. in Art These are the teachers of E,H.S., some just out of college and others who have been here since Euclid High opened in l95O. Besides filling their days with lesson preparation, class instruction, and grading papers, they find time to sponsor activities around school, plan homeroom guidance, coach athletic teams, and most important of all to be friends with the student body, Here's hoping that you, the faculty members, enjoyed the school year of "56" as much as the students have. You have the thanks of the students for wearing "Beat Tech" tags, sponsoring Student Council candidates, directing the class as- semblies, giving up your free time to chaperone all the social affairs, and for backing the "Fat Panthers" as well as the Euclid Panthers. The class of "56" says good-by, but not for long. You can expect to see us back before too long with a long list of achievements because we have great hopes and dreams for the future, which you have helped make possible. 26 5 I -qs r 5 2 I THE ALEQTNES5 QP OUR SODHOIVXORE D!-WS l Q Fi' g M595 2j,7a'r,?,, Y Y .-.Q N Q 1 Wqx l SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS .lim Parker, Treasg Jo Ann Buchar, Sec., Ron Schneider, President, Bill Murphy, V. Pres. SOPHOMORE COUNSELORS E. Lemon, J. Pohto The Sophomore class had to choose its officers and class cabinet from old and new classmates, The representa- tives on the cabinet were elected by their homerooms and through them the class started ci successful three year stay at Euclid Senior High. This class will al- ways remember the Sophomore party, the Seniors of "56" who weren't such awful ogres, their first Friendship Hi-Y formal, the pep rally before Euclid played East Tech in basketball, and the Sopho- more assembly. This class will be re- membered as all Scphomores are always remembered. HOMEROOM IO3 iirst Row: J. Barnes, I. Anderson, L. Ber- ger, S. Altknecht, G. Anson, B. Baitt, B. Cali. Second Row: D. Allsopp, J. Kilka, J. Bottung, D. Beyer, J. Barnes, B. Ben- cin, G. Berthold. l'hird Row: M. Bauer, l.. Abrams, E. Abroms, G. Bagocious, T. Amundson, N. Beeke, D. Andrews. iourth Row: D. Bavetz, T. Andraitis, D. Allar, B. Batewell, B. Aspinwall, D. Bates. fifth Row: H. Bechemer, L. Ankuda l.. Banning, R. Beall. Slot Picturesd: B. Auten, J. Adamszew- ski, B. Behrens, V. Boclcstrom. HOMEROOM l O5 :irst Row: B. Boland, G. Adamik, C. Braden, M. Brown, D. Bossa, F. Bosich Second Row: C. Bonnett, C. Buss, D. Broeclael, F. Breen, G. Moher, A. Youngberg. Fhird Row: D. Bledermon, D. Francis, D. Burmeister, C. Brizard, J. Buchor. D. Bloom. Fourth Row: J. Beres, E. Boulware, G. Brewster, B. Brooks, B. Bockbrader, H. Berla. Fifth Raw: A. Bills, B. rewer, M, Block- burn, S. Bause, P. Binder. HOMEROOM IO6 First Rowz D. Cavell, C. Cerney, E. Grim, V. Budan, F, Davis, V. Colombi, N. Costello. Second Row: K. Danzinger, L. Davis, C. Dougherty, A. Weinstein, M. Colan- tonio, P. Cesen. Third Row: R. Brown, W. Candon, D. Buchta, J. Cline, E. Campana. Fourth Row: S. Brown, R. Carpenter, A. Brown, J. Butler, F. Cerino, F. Cercek. Firth Row: N. Carroccio, R. Campbell, R. Buzanski, H. Konte, C. Bustricky, F. Cesnik. Nlot Pictured: N. Carney, B. Carlton, D. D'Amico, C. Clarke. 29 HOMEROOM IO7 First Row: B. Drotos, P. Doyle, C. Edel berg, V. McDowell, A. Ditirra. Second Row: J. Derbaum, S. Dreitort V. Doris, G. Deely, B. Demshar, N Elliott. Third Rowz W. Cornell, M. Considine D. Kordick, C. Dinsmore, L. Davis M. Dunn. Fourth Row: D. Daley, J. Dodson, J. Dut ty, L. Crane, R. Dever, C. Dennis. Fifth Row: D. Deitz, R. Clevinger, W Cook, D. Deleyie, D. Clink, J. Cow gill, G. McKee. Not Picturedi W. Dclly, R. Dey, N. Dcll more. HOMEROOM llO First Row: L. Gorsfene, P. Gregory, J Duncan, J. Focht, J. Golob. Second Row: B. Friedman, E. Foerstc, J Ford, J. Geyer, K. Fletcher. Third Row: J. Golob, J, Fatur, F. For- sythe, S. Galaba, M. Felice, L. Foster Fourth Row: J. Glinsek, R. Gauch, L Gabowitz, A. Gessie, G. Falk, P. Faber Fifth Row: L. Garrett, F. Fende, D. Ful- ler, W. Geske, F. Fantini. Not Picturedi T. Chestnut, H. Fine, H Forsberg, G. Foster, P. Flaesgarten S. Rutkosky. HOMEROOM l I6 First Row: J. Holzberger, S. Edwards, B Hamilton, R. Horvath, G. Schafer, N Huston, B. Henfling. Second Row: N. Hewitt, P. Gliebe, K Haas, B. Hunt, J. Gielink, R. Gravell Third Raw: N. Holmes, A. Hanes, R l-lunston, J. Handy, J. Hudec, L. Han- sen, A. Hava. Fourth Row: R. Hammink, K. Lowry, J Greaves, A. Kakta, D. Green, J. Her- rick. Fifth Raw: B. Graafmeyer, T. Bingham Paul LaBont, G. Giordano, D. Gray T. Gibb. Not Pictured: D. Hedges, B. Harris, G Gordon, D. Gibson. 30 1 HOMEROOM 204 First Row: B. Potrycy, B. Koester, C Kocher, B. Hoernig, K. Kish, C. Jcirc, J. lntorcio. Second Row: J. Jones, A. Johnson, S. Kerzic, S. Kiebler, J. Hoppert, E. late lice, R. Hines. Third Row: M. Jordon, B. Rich, J. Holt K. Kessler, D. King, B. Kotonik. Fourth Row: C. Joynes, H. Jcinke, D Hill, P. Herobek, J Kolmon, C. Jeron Fifth Row: L Jonossen, H Hill, T Heinz, B. Howlee, A. lvoncic. Nlot Pncturedt J. Kneiss, J. Jundo. HOMEROOM 207 :irst Row. S. Jones, B. Lcinning, J Lu- cos, G CostorVinci, R. Kuznik, M Lorkin. Second Row: D Koss, T. Knock, R Krcinz, J. Kurilko, J. McGovern, K. Kuhor, J. Leduc. Third Row: S. Lindquist, J. York, E. McCormack, C Loubler, S. Levy, L. Luil-sort. ourth Row: C. Kidd, K. Krecic, C. Kozel, D. Lindstrorn, M. McBroom, E. Lou- rich, J. LoTour. fifth Row: L. Konyho, L. Korzinowski, J. Kuchto, J Koihler, B. Long, H King, R. Kocprzok. Nlot Pictured. M Keyes, M. Long. HOMEROOM 209 :irst Row: H. McKnight, R. Lisch, C Leber, P. Long, H. Leininger, K. Mclntyre. Second Row: K. McPeek, G. Mothson, P. Morolt, J. Morkonc, C. Kelly, C. Momono. l'hird Row: L. Veith, B. Molone, D. Lee, N. Montville, C. Mossie, J. Moskunon, J. McKibben. :ourth Row: L. Leovitt, C. Monney, M. Mortin, L. Moteyko, A. Mncorol, R. Longel, M. McPherson. :lfth Row: V. Mocheto, D. Lobdell, C. LoPresti, A. McLoughlin, R. Lelond, G. Bowers, R. McCormick. Xlot Pictured: R. Lokor, J. Leutkerneyer. 3l -fc? 563 HOMEROOM 308 First Row: C. Mulligan, H. Morgan, J Mullhal, J. Marett, B. Macck. Second Row: J. Norbic, V. Milenock, P Miles, P. Murray, R. Monroe, H Moles. Third Row: M. Mervar, B. Miller, B Miiacek, B. Mlakab, M. Metzer. Fourth Row: W. itchell, D. Nemeth, C Misick, J. Oneacre, C. Miller. Fifth Row: D. Mehls, T. Moore, B. Mur- phy, R. Milan. Not Pictured: D. Mattis, l.. McLaughlin R. MeLeod, B. Messner, M. Nash, W Nelson. HOMEROOM 309 First Row: H. Prebevek, S. Paul, G. Par mester, B. Powell, J. Bambick. Second Row: J. Potocer, J. Newman, J Popes, K. Oyler, D. Pintar, B. Ostkar Third Row: J. Nosselc, M. Pesec, B. Pog nik, P. Paulucci, B. Oviatt. Fourth Rowi T. Payerchin, B. Paik, P Perma, R. Piper, F. Polis. Fifth Row: N. Polorney, R. Ozman, J Palinkas, J. Nowacelc, E. Palcio. Not Pictured: B. Berger, A. Johnson, R Bags, T. Oster, C. Palmer, G. Nieman B. Pagelis. HOMEROOM 3 I O First Row: L. Relyea, D. Rammel, A Rostankowski, A. Primo, N. Ryder G. Ross, J. Ryder. Second Row: J. Rode, J. Rupert, J. Ron- court, S. Sandt, R. Reed, W. Raffety T. Rosenthal, J. Rotter. Roller, P. Rafter, M. Stasienko, N Third Row: l.. Prioreschi, R. Ryba, C Roby, A. Rancont. Fourth Row: J, Pasquale, L. Evancic, D Picciotti, J. Parker, G. Pringle, B. Paz Fifth Row: A. Perrotti, D. Potter, R Petrick, J. Piccirello, J. Parziale, R Patete. 32 HOMEROOM 3l2 :irst Row: C. Shirk, P. Shunkwiler, D. Rinehart, M. Shirk, J. Shack. iecond Row: M. Schoel, S. Schmidt, M. Schultz, H. Schiemann. Third Row: G. Sari, J. Scheerer, G. Siat, M. Simcic, M. Sedusky. :ourth Row: R. Rinehart, R. Reeves, D. Shank, K. Ross. :itth Row: J. Rogosch, N. Rohricht, B. Richards, A. Rendinci, W. Riebe, D. Roberts. xlot Pictured: R. Ricksecker, J. Rose, J. Chudalski, L. Shaheen, J. Schneider, HOMEROOM 315 :irst Row: A. Scott, B. Smce, T. Sivia, M. Smith, C. Stacey. Second Row: R. Stamm, J. Sims, M. Spall, M. Tucceri. 'hird Row: L. Sandy, E. Rost, A. Semlow, S. Sak, E. Helmiek. :ourth Row: E. Skodlar, J. Smith, M. Smigelski, J. Shok, J. Schudel. :ifth Row: R. Schneider, J. Schumer, R. Schmidt, A. Smith, R. Soiovec. Slot Pictured: C. Sivillo, R. Schultz. HOMEROOM 318 Pirst Row: J. Smith, M. Shichtmon, D. Shackeltord, J. Thomas, J. Spaur, A. Serra. Second Row: M. Tarantino, P. Strunk, D. Stillinger, C. Thomas, C. Taylor. Third Row: K. Straub, S. Montgomery, B. Sumner, J. Strand, A. Tarantino, J. Sullivan. Fourth Row: A. Siston, R. Speel, J. Stacks, M. Terrell, C. Telling. :itth Row: R. Sopata, R. Show, B. Spring- ger, D. Starnberger, L. Stevens, B. Sonnie. Not Pictured: D. Teal. 33 6' . '1 .J HOMEROOM CAFE B First Row: T. Syracuse, D. Thompson M. Teckovic, C. Turner, M. Thomp son, R. Valenti, B. Cinco, E. Vidmar Second Row: J. Turk, N. Trudeau, M Tolar, C. Turk, B. Tolar, J. Yesenko D. Tucker. Third Row: K. Tropiano, F. Valduga, D Thronberens, E. Vor1Hoff, M. Turk S. Turk, K. Toth. Fourth Row: N. Viclmar, J. Teckavic, C Thomasey, V. Walker, D, Vadaken R. Twitchell, C. Wallace. Fifth Row: A. Tiedman, L. Tyieski, M Theodosian, B, Twee, R. Stoietz, R Tilly, J. Vatty, M. Toll. Not Pictured: W. Thomas, D. Tucker. HOMEROOM CAFE A First Rowi F Weed, M. Yates, D. Wil liams, M. Wise, J, Waschura, L Zibert. Second Row: K. Zinner, R. Yanc, A, Zim merman, l. iegler, L. Gainar, L. Zu panic, D. Witzke. Third Row: F. Wickizer, J. Znidarsic, N Wood, D. Westbrook, D. Zackel, l Wolff, J. Weber. Fourth Row: S. Zupancic, J. Zingale, J Vigh, K. Whalen, W. Wallace, A Zayatz, C. Welcheck. Fifth Row: N. Wilberscheid, J. Yanchar D. Zak, J. Zagose, D. Woomer, R Vidulich, S. Walk. Not Pictured: R. Wandersleben, G. Wil- SOI1. A X .. .TCDGETHER WITH THE GROWING MATURIW OP SUR JUNIOQ YEAR. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS B Kramer, Treasurer, B. Cromer, President, S. Mock, Secretory, S. Korencic, Vice President JUNIOR GUIDANCE COUNCIL First Row: C. Gouch, R. Templiri, D. Brigger, M. McColl, C. Conrad. Second Row: R. Newcomb, M. Hummon, A. Borden, J. Sendo, D. MccCorthy, Third Row: B. Gerlond, T, Eddy, B. Zohler, L. Kelly, W. Milligon. HOMEROOM IO9 First Row: S. Allbery, J. Appleby, R. Ayala, B. Roskoph E. Schonhiurr. Second Row: J. Battung, G. Allison, T. Balnce, J. Baker, L. Apolski, J. McDonald. Third Row: A. Borden, P. Samida, D. Baumert, M. Bantt, E. Barrows. A Fourth Rowi R. Ambros, A. Anderson, B Birkic, J. Rog ers, P. Askue, P. Castellano. Fifth Row: D. Beyer, G. Bill, E. Kostiha, R Ayala, D Benic, D. Aibertone. Not Pictured: R John. -,.,?,.,.f..- . ,,.,, 4 JUNIOR COUNSELORS H. Stewart, F Troglia. HOMEROOM I I I First Row: M. Bisbee, M. Brinovec D. Brigger, N. Morlock, N. Broos Second Row: P. Beran, C. Bratush P. Boehmer, C. Bindokcis, I. Ber- ardlinelle, G. Brewster. Third Row: A, Bast, B. Bowers, M Burnett, M. Bubonics, V. Burger Fourth Row: R. Berlo, C. Berezon- sky, K. Scheel, D. Burmeister, V Cefarotti. Fifth Row: B. Denihcn, B. Brancely, PI. Browning, E, Peicick, B. Tay- or. Not Pictured: D. Bork, B. Berzin, H Toth, D. Brciunlich, B. Chapman 37 HOMEROOM l25 Frrst Row C Euskonen, C. L Lrnter, E Dudash, E Second Row, R. Downmq, P. Danley, R. Dayls, S. Thurd Row H Eldeneer, nlck, N Eckerrnan, D. Ellcker. Fourth Row B, Erickson, nck, R. Elrnck, P Coon, T. Frffh Row. W. Mnllgan, G. J. Duval, H. Douglas, Nor Prcmred T. Coyle. D'Amico . Courtot G. Ersen Corron. J. Drob- Poyse, F J. Emerf Halloran. Donahue, T. Doty, HOMEROOM 212 Frrst Row: J. Colledge, L. Soderberg P. Bulicek, C. Carpenter, C. Con- rad, S. Cohen. Second Row: H. Contenza, J. Co- V vnlle, J. Clayton, S. Carr, Charnick. Thnrd Row: R. Clayton, C. Carr, C Chauby, J. Clarke, B. Burr, R Coltrln. Fourth Row: D. Clark, B. Crane, J Corlette, J. Conroy, W. Marshall D. Larrck. Fifth Row' D. Clark, G. Duskes, D Delauer, R. Cramer, J. Kayach L. Stenger. Not Plcfured: G Collnns, R. Corsaro W. Cox, D. Coy, R. Dells, R POweII, N. Comm. HOMEROOM l 28 Flrst Row: J. French, S. Foster, M. Drescher, C. Gauch. Second Row: E. Fenster, D. Flor- ettl, A. Flocke, P. Kessler, W. Fox. Thrrd Row: E. Fuller, F. Federuco, A, DOCFIVGC, C. Frledel. Fourth Row: W. Fleck, B. Finke, D. Gadke, P. Frankoyich, P. Dragas, B. Foster. Not Pnctured: Lynda Domitor. 33 HOMERCOM 2Ol :irst Row: F. Pappas, G. Kaufman, M. Gargetic, J. Hallack, D. Hall. Second Row: G. Gordon, S. Graharn. N. Halderman, T. Gnidovec. Third Row: J. Gortz, M. Green, V. Skerley, C. Gausby, E, Govitz, Fourth Row: D. Gotthalt, T. Goble, B, Gerland, B. Gallagher, G. Gore. Fifth Row: J. Gierke, R. Hadden, T. Gregaric, J. Goebelbecker, J, Gleason. Xlot Pictured: J. Galliher, D. Ham- ilton, G. Rose, K. Ryder. HOMEROOM 206 First Row: K. McKinstry, B. Kellogg, S. Korenclc, S. Jerebek, S. Bates. Second Row: J. Kozak, B. Korencic, D. Kamm, D. Kubilus, J. Kraft, J. Jarc. Third Row: C. Krecic, Fourth Row: C. Klima, D. Kelso. Fifth Row: N. Johnson, A. Spring, J. Klopovic, B. Katosic. R. Kornblum, J. Knuth, R. Katana, R. Klishek, L. Kendig, Not Pictured: E. Kovach, J. Johnson, R. Koib, R. Knuth, L, Kelly. E. Krevs, N. Kalberer, R. Klishek, B. Mills. 39 HOMEROOM 205 First Row, M Eva, J Hurless, M, Harris, M. Jacksa, P. Holtz, J Harlzell. Second Row. B Hanslik, M. Erzen, J. Henry, M. Wotawa, N, Hot- ferr, G. Hunt. Third Row, D. Howard, L. Haddock, L. Hamilton, A l-luusare, C. James, N Hoykar, L Highland. Fourth Row. D, Hillier, T. losue, B, Jelinek, A. Hale, F. Horton, L Hovancsek. Fifth Row. R. Hodden, H. Holt, B Howell, B. Holland, J. Hotfert, J, Herbst Not Pictured' J Warren, T, Jaw- arske. HOMEROOM 220 First Row K McDermott, D. Mar cus, N Mar-igus, S Meske, P Massey, P Milner. Second Row B McMiIIion, B, Mei er V Mirenda J Ma alenga, L. i f CJ McGowan. Third Row. J. Keene, J. Miller, B Miller, A Meyers, V Gebron, G McGinnis Fourth Row R. Patterson, M. Mar- ion, G. McCracken, M. McWaters, R Ward. FifTh Raw D McCarthy, T. McBur- nie, T Murphy, J. May, B Mar tm, M, Miller, K Maicen Not Pictured' R Weiss, R. Massey C Mandel HOMEROOM 210 First Row: B. Gregory, K. Larkin, J Stuehringer, B, Kramer, S. Lein- inger, B. Leybeck, J. Kuhar. Second Row: B. Lazor, L. Levko- vitz, L. Lampe, M, Laurich, M, McCall, B. Lace, B. Lazor, B. Lloyd. Third Row: R. Lynch, T. LaBarbaro, R. Kuhar, B. Kozeowski, C. Her- ick, L. Krzuwinski, B. Parr. Fourth Row: R. Krause, L, Kreiei, J Naroski, W. Gansen, R. Larson R. Lucci, K, Krotine. Fifth Row: P, Launch, B, Lustrick, J. Layo, R. Kriyec, N. LaBant, T Laainskus, T. Kramer. Not Pictured: B. Mason, 5. Lanese HOMEROOM ll2 First Row: N. Neale, P. Noble, M. Muracc, R, Maher, E. Mylar. Second Row: P. Nipple, J. Neus- tedf, J, Dixon, M, Clements, J. Nobbe, B. Nixon. Third Row: R. Petelinkar, B. Moh- Iar, C. Neat, L. Neylon, J. Myers. Fourth Row: F, Novak, T. Koester, D. Pasquale, L. Nagy, T. O'Brien, K. Modic. Fifth Row: J, Pegoraro, G. Neu- mann, B. O'Brien, T, Opdahll, R. Moses, R. Novotny, L. Nosse. Nut Pictured: B. Morris, L. Myers, R, Newcomb, F. Palm, Y. Donner, S. Mock, K, Moser, 40 HOMEROOM 2l3 'rt Row K Pierret C Krauss M F I . , . . 'Palumbo G. Perkins, C. Pearl' man, B. Pickett. Second Row' R. Randall, F. Wolf J. Rogers, B. Perusek, D. Opalichi B. Novak. Third Row: J. Pimeau, D. Noson, J Phelps, M. Oblak, B. Papp, A McCormick. Fourth Row: J. Ridinger, M. Pere tick, S. Porter, M. Rice, R. Queen, P. Richards. Fifth Row: T. Potts, S. Rinehart, R Price, L. Pokrant, A. Focarett P. Dragas. Not Pictured D. Rash, J. Poch, N Petrich, M. Oberdank, K Peter son, J. Boggs, J Rose HOMEROOM 303 First Row: L. Schrock, D. Seamen, S. Santee, S. Knowles, W. Ryder. Second Row: J. Sanda, H. Solaiak, S. Sieber, M. Samsa, P. Shuster, D. Sanders. Third Row: R. Taylor, E. Schrainer, G. Schwartz, H. Smiciklas, B Smith. Fourth Row: C. Stenger, J. Stevens, K. Stigh, T. Somork, E. Steelman. Fifth Row: R. Sullivan, E. Bolan, P. Strohm, C. Tahon, R. Stegura. Not Pictured: A. Tarantino, R Stefanik, M. Cefaratti, J. Stra- zier, B. Sherman, R. Miklovz. 4l HOMEROOM 212 First Row B Roth, J. Rayer, G Ritchie, L Ress, C. Rose, M Rankin Second Row M Priest, E. Potichny, D. Rochkar, J. Redfern, L. Riehl. Third Row. R Rothrock, J. Runo, C. Rafter, C Rever, B. Arnund- sen, J. Gerson Fourth Row B. Scott, G Row, R Timco, L. Shuber, D. Smith. Fifth Row P. Smith, C. Corrao, D Kokos, M. Sayat, L. Saunkwuler, T. Eddy. Not Pictured D Seaman, R. Sek- ston E, Shearer, J Smeby, G. Smeiik, R Hale HOMEROOM 306 First Row' B. Anson, M. Thomas, J. Tabor, D. Stellute, D. Soeder, R. Stone. Second Row: L. Stankiewisz, E Stermole, A. Valenti, P. Stadler, R. Ternplnn. Third Row: R. Karpin, J. Town, J. Swaney, M. Solon, J. Ulmann, J. Thomas. Fourth Row B. Walters, N. Voccar- iello, L. Worholic, D. Voh, J Woterwash. Fifth Row J, VanDiest, B. Tegel, J. Wawrzynlck, L. Urgelelt, R. Wall, G. Watkins, P. Clark, Not Pictured: T. Tench, D. Werlev, A. Tapassi, J. Tozzi, D. Kosely, D Walter. HOME ROOM 3 l 3 First Row P Zeigler, G Waldman, S Wolanski, R. Harris, M, Yoger, J Zonvk. Second Row' M. Zanghi, C. Wolf, C Wright, A, Valduga, P Wil liams. Third Row O, Wertenburger, M Witrine, J Zoul, G Williams, J Walcelee, D. Kernon. Fourth Row D. Smith, T. Wight, J Williams, S Zingales, K. Wes! Fifth Row M. Yopko, L. Smith, J Wise, J Yarsko, W. Zahler. The Junior Class had a cabinet consist- ing of representatives which met after school to plan the affairs ofthe class. The outstanding event of the year was the Jun- ior Prom, when the cafeteria blossomed into o Southern plantation scene under the direction of the decorations committee, with the evening mode lovelier by the mu- sic of Harry l-lershey's orchestra. This class will remember the Junior Party, the Junior assembly, and buying closs rings. This class will be remembered for origin- ating the Junior Guidance Council to im- prove and promote homeroom guidance on Thursdays. By the time the Juniors see this book they will be Seniors. Here's hoping that they will have a successful year as upper- clossmen and hold on to the many honors which belong to Euclid High - especially that wonderful new feeling of school spirit! W f S FURTHER DEVELDDED AS WE- STRWE- FOR PECCDGNXTXCDN IN OUR CDQGANXZATXCDNS, . lllllllllllll Hllllllll Sllllllll First Row D. Snyder, D. Sweeder, D, Heck, M. Kunkel Second Row. M. Zimmerman, J. Kronenberger, J. Krauss, J. Beachon, M. Wendall. Third Row M. Weayer, J. Blackburn, J. Koyha, M. Foster, S. Angene. Fourth Row D, Covert, E. Eckert, L Miller, J. Bombock, H Hempl, M. Dolan, One ot the highest honors a high school can bestow upon an outstanding student is membership in the National Honor Society. Members are chosen from those in the upper third of the Junior and Senior classes. Scholarship is emphasized since all students eligible must have an average ot eighty! tive or better. These students are rated by the faculty and N.H.S. members according to character, leadership, and service. 44 OFFICERS D Snyder, Treasurer, D. Sweeder, President, D Heck, Vice Prestdentj M. Kunkel, Secretary. llllllllllHl llUlll Hllll Sllllllll Rl! EX I T li NT x 3""'yv-ii 1 W. .fl 3 First Rowi R. Stampfel, G Gianasi, M Wendell, M Dolan, S Combs Second Row: J. Blackburn, J. Wuchte, B Judson, T. Eddy, J. Zust, B. Fabritius, J, Walfelec. To be eligible to belong to Quill and Scroll a person must have a high scholastic average, must have made a valuable contribution to one ot the high school publications, and have been recommended by an advisor. Ac- ceptance into Quill and Scroll means that a person has literally "made it" as tar as the field of high school journalism is concerned, The honorary pin is a quill with a scroll beneath it. Printed on it are the words Quill and Scroll as well as the initials IHSHSJ meaning International Honor Society for High School Journalists. 45 , J OFFICERS First Row: J. Konyha, S. Combs. Second Row: R. Starnpfel, M. Wendell SlUlJElll lJllUllCll First Row: G. Donahue, J. Bock, S. Patmore, E. Eckert, E. l-lcissink, M. Zimmerman, M. Dolan, J. Kronen- berger, D. Heck, F Bowles, B Kramer, T. Gregorc. Second Row N. Clements, W. Ryder, B. Korencic, B. Moore, M. Franks, N. Pavlicek, J. Sims, M, Larkin, N. Carney, J. Buchar. Third Row H. Leininger, J. Thomas, B. Mnacek, L. Berger, A. Clark, G. McGuire, E Berrier, 5. Henn, P Bulicek, J Hallock, J. Baker, N, Eckerman, N. Turdeau, S. Mock. Fourth Row: D, Johnson, B. Fabritius, B.Harris, S. Kiebler, M. Sedusky, J. Ford, A. Neylon, M, Skrance, K. Lauter, A Thompson, F. Frederico, R. Hager, B. Ostkar, M. Priest. Fifth Row D. Gravel, N. Browning, G. Macracken, J. Wawrzyniak, B. Pierret, B. Ronke, S. Lianning, T. Wight, J. Yonchar, B. Kosher, A, Hale. One of the most important organizations at Euclid High was the Student Council. At the beginning ot the semester each homeroom elected one representative to take their problems to the weekly Student Council meeting. The problems were brought to the at- tention ot the council, discussed, solved, and the representative returned to his homeroom with the report ot the last meeting. l-lallgua rds, concessions, assembly programs, room secretaries, guides, the recreation room, and the student magazine drive were completely managed by the executive board comprised jointly of the candidates who ran for office in the last election, and the present officers. The Student Council works for the better- ment ot the school by appropriating money tor other worthy school organizations. orricsns E. l-lassink, Secretary, M. Dolan, Vice President, T, Gregofc, Treasurer, J. Monnet, President. 1 i S A + 11 ww, I, . . -I ml l ' iff siunini cuuncii EXECUTIVE BOARD ROOM SECRETARXES First Row: T. Gregorc, M. Dolon, J. Monnet, E. Hossink. First Row J. Kronenberger, D. Orcutt, P. Gribbons, S. Hcnn Second Row: J. Kronenberger, D. Grovell, G. Donahue, S. Pot- Second Row: G. Bute. B. Cromer, B. Ronke, D Heck more. Third Row. D. Grovetl, G. Donohue, J Wowrzyniok, J. Gerkc Third Row: M. Zimmerman, E. Eckert, F. Bowles, D. Heck, B. Korencic. GUIDES First Row: A. Nylon, M. Skronce, M. Zimmerman, P. Grsbbons, E. Hossink. Second Row: J. Kronenberger, S. Potrnore, P. Toll, N. Repogle D tt, . Orcu Third Row: J. Bock, B. Cromer, G. Donohue, M. Priest. Fourth Row: F, Bowles, S. Lonning, D. Grovell, J. Wowrzniok HALL GUARDS First Row. D. Heck, C. Corpenfer, D Orcutt. Second Row: H. Bill, F, Bowles, D. Grovell, S Lonning. D. Heck. I BOOKSTORE CONCESSIONS Left to right: K. Carpenter, A, Clorlg, YD. Pcisqucile, N. Hoftert, Left to right: S. Potmore, B. O'HxJre, N. Browning, N Clem L- H0m'lTO"M C' Maurer, R. Ricci, ents, S. Korencic, N. Eckermcn, B. Korencic, D. Hamilton R. Pignotoro, J. Boker. 0 f lllillllllllll lllllEllSlC LEHGUE NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE First Row: G. Waldman, A. Kopf, P, Niebecker, M. Wendell. Second Row' G. Gianasi, R. Starnpfel, J. Sanda, B. Grossman, D. Wlodarski. Third Row: J. Battung, P. Corbone, L, Miller, C, Rogosch, R. Edwards. Fourth Row: J. West, G. Gore, D. Albertone, D, Covert, D. Heck. Unknown to many, Euclid's National Forensic League has won more medals, trophies, and honors than the combined efforts of all our athletic teams. This year our speakers gained recognition when a plaque was given to the school by the national office naming the group "Outstanding Chapter in Ohio for i954-l955." The speech team, specializing in debate, original oratory, humorous, dramatic, oratorical declamation, and extemporaneous Speaking gathered over ten thousand points at tournaments during the past five years. First Row' C. Sprocki,Oggdi9eEE?yp A. Kopf, President, Second Row: L. Miller, Vice President, G. Gianasi, Record-ing Secretary, D. Covert, Treasurer, " -I " ...mnn lR - FUTURE TEHCHEHS UF HHTEHICH First Row. D. Snyder, M Shirk S, Peek, G Gianasi, D. Sweeder, J Blackburn, L. Miller C Rooel G Swartz, T. Laurenson, T Eddy, M, Dolan, J. Beacharn, B. Mason Second Row' J, Roubicek, M Spall, P. Bulicec, M Yciager, L Ross, P Neibecker, D Woldarski, P, Carbone M Wendell, B Gregory B Llovd C Carpenter, S Leiningcr P Morocco P Holtz, C Krause M. Hummon. Third Row M. Zanghi, E Skodlar, N. Pavilicek, C Bernard, P Miles R Rict, B Ansno, K. Stoner, A Nevlon, B Perusik, C. Braden, S Edwards, G Brewster, N Huston, B Hunt, P Greaorv H Moles L. Relyeo, M, Thompson Fourth Row, J, Eckerman, G. Postnak, A. Valduga, P Zeigler, B Mliesic, D Appleby, C Longlois, G Allison, L. Meteyka, E. Lauricn, C. Scheal, K Kish, D Kost, R Hunston, M Launch, M McCall, A Krogman, S Angene, W Benedetto, C. Linauist Fifth Row D, Becker, J, LaTour, M. Weaver, D. Biederman G Slat, S. Caron, N Halderman, S Graham, C. Neat, P. Bank, J. Herrick, J Balice, J. Boker, J. Smith, B. Novak, V Davis, B Carleton, J Kosrnan B. Hamilton D Stillinger, K Daugherty, J. lAcKibben, D. Gothay Sixth Row' D. McDo.igalI, P. Postle, C. Dinunzio, P. Perrne, S Bouse, C Miller, N Beeke, M, Pesec, S Linguist, C. Chauby, M, Leuty, A. Mackerel, K, Fletcher, J, Znidarsic, J. Jorc, A, Flocke, N Reploale P. Toll, J Jablon, J. Zust, D Laribee, E. Berrier, B, Budd. J Battunq The Jane Williams Chapter ot the Future Teachers of America is one at the many groups in high schools and colleges all over the country designed to acquaint interested students with the teaching profession. Euclid's F.T.A. held an initiation ceremony at the beginning of the year installing eighty members selected on personalilty, character, schol- arship, and interest in teaching. These members were able to earn pins by tutoring, substituting in the Euclid Schools, and serving on club committees. At the end ot the year a traditional spaghetti dinner was held, At this dinner the new officers were an- nounced and pins were received by the students who have earned them. F. T. A. OFFICERS irst Row: J. Blackburn, V. Pres., L. Miller, President. second Row: G. Schwartz, Secretary, D, Sweeder, Treasurer, C Rogel, Historian. ..-1-W we K """ 'i Xw""'Ss N 2 iii , . . - if . -3-- X, . .. .ti EUlIlllllHll Ellllllllllll Slllff In May of l955, a group of Euclid students held the first meeting of the 1956 Euclidian staff. Until summer vacation started, the group met after school to discuss small details that would improve the yearbook. During summer vacation the staff met once a week to plan the dummy book. ln August the cover was chosen after a long consider- ation on design, color, and cover grain. During the school year two days were set aside to take homeroom and activity pictures, This still left many pictures to be taken through- out the year. Script had to be written, pictures identified, pictures cut to size, and division pages and symbols drawn. lt was a difficult job, so here's hoping that you real- ly like your book. 'F' W EUCLIDIAN EDITORIAL STAFF First Row: M. Dolan, J. Beacham, M. Wendell, S. Combs. Second Row: J. DiSontis, J. Blackburn, K. Stoner, G. Gianasi Third Row: P. Glenn, G. Schroeder, B. Judson, B. Fabritius. EUCLIDIAN EDITORS S. Combs. Second Row: G. Giancsi, B. Fabritius, B. Judson. 50 First Row: J. Blackburn, M. Dolan, J. Beachcim, M. Wendell, EUSLIDIHH BUSINESS Slllff fi' Obtaining money for the publication of this yearbook was the main function of the Euclidian Business Staff. Through the efforts of the staff of the Business Manager, Adver- tising Manager, Circulation Manager, their assistants, Sophomore Heads, and Treasurer, the Euclidian subscription drive in early October was successful, The Publications movie, "U,S,S. Titanic" and an after-game dance were also sponsored by the Business Staff as money-making activities for the Euclidian. Advertising was a chief source of income, and the three-month campaign was one of the most successful The final job of the staff was to plan and organize for the distribution of the Euclidian. EUCLIDIAN BUSINESS MANAGERS First Row: J. Wakelee, D. Brigger. Second Row: B. Zahler, R. Starnpfel, D. Sweeder, S. Patmorc, D. Opalich. SURVEY Elllllllllfll Slllfl A new format and editorial policy was introduced last year into Euclid l-ligh's bi- weekly newspaper, the Survey, when a different system of editors was established and re- porters were selected from the journalism classes. Comprised of six editors: the news, feature, sports, front page, and third page editors, and an editor-in-chief, the staff as- signed stories and edited copy. By working on the Survey the students learned to collect news material, write columns, and meet deadlines. Girls and boys alike were required to write editorials, take student polls and even cover sports events. The paper promises to become one of the finest in the state and belongs to the Nationall Scholastic Press Asso- ciation and the International Quill and Scroll Association, Survey Editorial Staff SURVEY EDITORS First Row' J Wurhte, G, Gainasi Second Row B. Starnpfel. Third Raw: D, Heck, J. Konyha, 52 SURVEY BUSINESS SlHlf Every homeroom at Euclid High had a Survey representative. These people collect- ed the subscription money at the beginning of the year and saw to it that every subscriber received a paper every two weeks. Soliciting advertising, sending out bills, selling football and basketball programs, and working on publication movies were all jobs of the Survey business staff. Just as important as the editorial staff of writers, artists, and printers, the business staff had the difficult job of raising money which went on all year. Happy was the staff who left the Survey in the credit column. SURVEY BUSINESS STAFF First Row: M. Skrance, A. Neylon, M. Zimmerman, l. McDonald, K. Stoner, J, Magdelena. Second Row: W. Rider, J, Sanda, M, Fike, J. Kronenberger, P. Carbone, G. Hunt, G Schwartz. Third Row' R. Wall, M, Leury, T. McBernie, C. Bratush, ,D McDougall SURVESY BUSINESS MANAGERS First Row: M. Zimmerman, l. McDonald. Second Raw: M. Fike, J. Kronenberger, K. Stoner. Third Rowi M. Leuty, D. MacDougalI. EUUUUU Slllll The Eucuyo, Euclid High's annual literary magazine, provided an opportunity for some ot Euclid's creative talent to be exhibited. Poems, essays, and short stories sub- mitted by the student body in an annual contest were voted upon and edited by the Publi- cation Club which met on Wednesdays during the third period. The Eucuyo's cover and story illustrations were drawn by the club members and other student artists. The entire magazine was printed in the Euclid High School print shop. Many at the writings sub- mitted to the contest were sent into national contests where more often than not Euclid emerged with honors. First Row: J. Wakelee, R. Stamm, J. Mcliibben, M. Wendell, J. Sims, l.. Soderberg, J. Wuchte, .D Stillinger M, Yager K, Stoner Second Row: B Fabritius, S McBroom, M. Martin, J. Zust, J. Klovic, D. Larabee, J. Redfern, C. Moore. Third Row. B. Randall, D, McDougall, D. Cvitkovic, T. Eddy, D. Brocone, G. Kiebler, M. Runo, D. Mezget EUCUYO EDITORIAL BOARD First Row: J, Wakelee, J. Zust, M. Wendell. Second Row: J. Wuchte, S. McBroom, L. Soderberg, J. Redfern. Third Row. D McDougall, M. Runo, T. Eddy 54 llllllllll HFFHIHS CLUB Q Discussions and movies concerning current world problems were the activities ot the World Affairs Club which met on Wednesdays during the third period. During the sec- ond semester the members participated in the annual Model United Nations Assembly held on the campus of Western Reserve University with the students acting as delegates from foreign nations. In the spring two active Seniors were chosen by the club members, the club sponsor, and the faculty to travel to Washington, DC. and New York City to visit government agencies and the United Nations. First Row: P. Gorsha, L. Stokes, E. Mylar, P Muraca, T. Sivia, E Kovach, C. Lindquist, P. Gregory, B Gregory, K, Lees. Second Row: P. Carbane, C. Roller, B. Smith, S. Avery, A. Tarantino, B Carlton, B Tolar, G Brewster, M. McCall, B Lace, M. Laurich. Third Row: G. Gianosi, G Waldman, C, Rogel, B Glavic, J. Smith, D. Zackel, C Southworth, B Popp, V. Brewster. Fourth Row' E. Skodlar, L Miller, R. Reeves, G. Gore, L. Krecii, J. Holtz, E. Steelman, M Watowa. Fifth Row W Marshall, C Nowacek, R. Covert, E. Schultz, C. Rogosch, C Stenaer, WORLD AFFAIRS OFFICERS First Row: D. Covert, President, C. Nowocek, V. President. Second Row: G. Gore, Treasurer, C. Rogel, Secretary, L, Miller, Parliamentarian 55 ,fb lil! CLUB Meeting on Thursday nights, the Key Club worked toward the purpose of commun- ity service, This Kiwanis-sponsored club provided on opportunity for the boys to visit mon- utacturing plants, to hear interesting speakers, and to help plan the annual Key Club dance. Recreation, character development, and friendliness were emphasized in the Key Club programs. First Row tbottomlz D, Doley, R. Gauch, E. Eckert, H, Leininger, R. Coltrin Second Row. B. Judson, A. Hale, N. Browning, R. Chapman, S. Zingales, E Third Row: R. Fabritius, J. Waterwlash, L. McLaughlin, J. Emerich, R. Knut Fourth Row Non-member, J. Knuth, S. Lanning, P. Schwengler, E. Berrier, , P. Richards. . Steelman, D. Delavi. h, T. LaPorte, D, Heck A. Miller, J, Gierke 56 KEY CLUB OFFICERS T. LaPorte, P. Schwegler, A. Miller, A. Hale, HI-Y CLUBS J The basic purpose of Euclid's tive Hi-Y chapters was to promote high Christian stan- dards in the school, the home, and the community. The meetings were held either at the Y-House or at the home of a member. Because of the large number of boys in Hi-Y it has proven necessary to divide them into chapters. Each chapter was responsible for its own membership and activities. During the year the various chapters sponsored dan ces, put on assemblies, and worked on civic projects. REGENTS HI-Y First Row: B. Erzen, D. Marsh, J. Bock, E. Opatrny. Second Row: B. Kramer, T. Kramer, K. Lauter, J. Bomback. Third Rowi R, Schneider, T. Gregorc, J. Phelps, B. Berrier. Fourth Row: B. Boynton, D. Woodford, B. Stoietz, R. Garguilo. Fifth Row: R. Hager, P. Schwegler, J. Banks, W. Milligan, LORDS H1-Y First Row: A. Caprevic, B. Gerland, R. Reeves, B. Kramer, O Wertenberger. Second Row: T. White, D. Powell, F Frederica, D. Smith. Third Row: . Schudell, B. Tweed, T. Lapinskas, L. Nosse, B. Bill. Fourth Row: B. Zahler, J. Primeau, G. Donahue, J. Pegararo, J. Lucas. Fifth Row: J. Thomas, K. West, J. Hoftert, J. Herman, A. Miller, J. Williams. SQUIRES Hl'Y First Row: B. Kozlowski, J. West, D. Hershey, D. Hoetle. Second Row: B. Clayton, R. Wall, B. Burger, B. Denihan. Third Row: R. Sopata, B. Flasche, G. Garrett, D. Albertone, BISHOPS Hl-Y First Row: G. Foster, J. Spaur, J. Smith. Second Row: H. Forsberg, A. Hanes, D. Shockletord, Third Row: L. Stevens, G. Niemann, C. Lopresti, B. Graotmever. NOBLES HI-Y D Q First Row: D. Howard, R. Gravell, T. Gobel, H. Lindinger. Second Row: J. Ernerich, J, Numan, T. losue. Third Row: R. Elrick, T. Halleron, B. Nelson, D. Delavy., Fourth Row: J. Wawrzwak, D. Gravell, A. McGIaughllin, J McDuftee. HI-Y OFFICERS g First Row: R. Garguillo, O. Wertenberger, D. Smith, K. West T. losue. Second Row: J. Smtih, T. Whte, R. Wall, D. Hoetle. Third Row: J. McDuftee, H. Forsberg, C. LoPresti, B. Graaf- meyer, B. Flasche, J. Wawrygniak. Fourth Row: D. Hershey, B. Berrrer, P. Schwegler, J. Bock D. Marsh. iiiiinnsii FRIENDSHIP CABINET First Rod: P. Banks, B. Rowe, B, Budd, Second Row: J. Gilmore, B. Glavic, C. Ragel, Third Row: G. McGinnis, L. Saderberg, M. McCall, M, Solos. Fourth Row: J. Buchar, D. Kosta, J. Leture. IP CLUB The Friendship Club was com- prised ot Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Chapters. The members met twice a month on Tuesdays, once as a combined chapter, and again as separate chapters. At these meetings members heard outside speakers or developed their leadership through service meetings at which they made tray favors and other projects for hos- pitals. Members were ushers tor the various programs held through- out the year. All programs were planned by the cabinet members chosen by the club, with the Friendship-Hi-Y Shangri-la Ball as the biggest event ot the year. Senior Chapter 58 E? 1 F I anih 5 'Tx ,,f" f . ., 1 Junior Chopter Sophomore Chapter vnlsiiu ciiffiiiiiiiiiiis P. Nipple, B. Stampfel, L. Schrock, B, Gechie, S. Mock, L, Lyons Varsity cheerleaders not only have to learn many cheers, but also acrobatics, arm and leg movements, facial experssions, co-ordination, and poise. These six girls practiced all summer and after school to gain perfection in their cheering, They followed our football team through a losing season and still had the pep and enthusiasm to boost our basketball team onto victory, Originators of EucIid's flash card section, the cheerleaders really gave school spirit a lift with new cheers and pep songs. A vote of thanks went to the cheerleaders, their substitutes, and megaphowe club for planning such excellent pep rallies. CHEERLEADER CAPTAIN B. Gechie , 6 0 i l lllHllCHlllG lHllilllllEllES L 'j qYllllllllllfflllllflIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllillllllll ll Left to right: G. Schoen, B. Bowers, B. Korencic, D. Kramer, B, Lloyd, J. Judice, C. Pagels, M. Dolan, K. Mannion, S. Korencic, G. Bednar, J. Magdelena. Pick up your legs, point your toes, get in stepl The members of the majorette club heard these commands every Monday third period, over and over again. The girls and their teachers know that it takes a great deal of practice to become a marching majorette, for the future majorettes of Euclid High need to be the best. It is the dream of every mem- ber of the club to one day marchout on the football field with the band, to twirl, and cheer the team on, and to march in the numerous holiday parades. The realization of this dream will come to very few of the girls because they know that only twelve of the best will be chosen. HEAD MAJORETTES J. Judice, C. Pagels 5 61 45 '1, x My LX ' -I ."? II 'A xx - - ' '- v'! 1, I' xx Mojorette Club Megaphone Club 62 Slllllll CLUB 9 First Row: F. Bowles, D, Gravell, M. Dolan, N. Clark, A. Neylon, S. Onderdonk, G. Postnak, S. Henn, O. Pirchner, J. Monnett. Second Row: J. Kline, C. Gauch, N. Eclcerman, B. Kaib, G. Bills, N. Browning, A. Hale, T. Goble, M. Priest, S. Leininger, A. Johnson, M. Yates, M. Brown, B. Perusek. Third Row: H. Moles, D. Sanders, J. Sturinger, J. Battung, S. Sebar, A. l-luusare. Fourth Row: R. Gravell, R. Reeves, B. Tweed, J. Newman, B. Lobdell, VV. Nelson, S, Sack, Leininger, E. Vidrnar, D. Williams, J. Gram. Last fall, Euclid's swim instructors selected a day during which students might try out for Euclid's swim club, Wai Napolo. The candidates were selected for their proficien- cy in many different aquatic skills. The chosen few were then ready to assume their duties. The girl cadets assisted the swim instructor in teaching the girls' swim classes. Meeting every Wednesday third period, the cadets had an opportunity to perfect their own water skills and prepare for the annual Swim Show held in April. The boys received this same chance on Monday third period, and after school much spalshing and yelling was heard as the boys and girls swam together. 63 - . BAND nos FUTURE NURSES ASSOCIATION First Row: R. Stampfel, M. Skrance, K. Lees, M. Specht, C. Swain. Second Row: J. Kronenberger, J. Kovic, N. Funk, B. Grossman, C. Shael. Third Row: B. Brennan, S, White, J. Krause, A. Bills, J. Murphy, D. Becker. was .223 RED CROSS First Row: J, Kuhar, J. College, S. Bates, K. Larkin. Second Row: G. Deely, P. Millner, L. Veith, B. Anson, J. Waschura. Third Row: F. Weed, D. Tepassi, C. Chauby, B, Burr, D. Cooley. Fourth Row: C. Clark, C. Rever, M. Erzen, J. Henry, J. Chrine. Z ff ' -1 af' wdld, . '95 ,rv 5 6 J ir' h I ' VL. 1-- +2 il .X "J, MOVIE CLUB Solocjek, B Corlfon, P, Mcrrcle, Second Rowi L Muller, P. Sonmdo, Therd Row: D. Gorroof, E Sfrekol, J. Keck, J Wxsc, R Lonqek B. Verh, J. Conroy, G, Por, D, Bofes, D. Brown. Frfth Row, B Flmshrck, J. Moy, F. Conroy, J. Holt, R, Hole, R, Aspenwoll. Fnrsf Row P, Stowe, B, Schrener, H. E Sternole, R, Ulnzzo, S. Perkins, Consndnne. Fourth Row: D. Thorpe, J. V CAMERA CLUB Flrsf Row: C. Edelberg, W. Benedetto, A, Bills, Second Row: H. Hemplc, G. Honor, R. Potferson, Thidr Row: B. Nebe, A. Anderson, M. Theodosion, G. Kouchy. P. A. ANNOUNCERS Frrst Row K. Dougherty, M, Lorlcxn, M. Wendell, B, Tolor, G. Wclldrnon. Second Row. S. Bouse, B. Oskorf, J, Sums, G. Gldnosu, B, Brooks Thurd Row: C. Roller, A, Zoyotz, N. Carney, D. Wlodorski, L. Muller. Fourth Row, J. WEST, T. Eddy, D, Covert, J, Wowryzniok, C. Nowocek. P. A. TECHNICIANS First Row: C, Pelorlmon, S. Edwards, D. Srillinger, J. Wuchfe. Second Row: N. Eckermon, D. Pinfor, D. Kordo, R. Lokor, B. Pickett. Thurd Row: P. Nelson, J, Toplok, B. Perusek, L. Mofyo, D. Zockel. Fourth Row: J. Duval, L, Kelly, C. Homer, J. Holtz, H. Forseberg, R. Toolok. x Xa- V J: - , 3 4 -usi- ss' i AD CLUB Ftrst Row J Korwho, N. Pcxulcek G, Brewster, K LCCS G Postnol- Second Row A, Voldugo, J Stttnmetz, D Schoerti, J Ncbbc, X' Brewster Third Row K Carpenter, G Clothson, E Pttlshmv, I Bernordvncilt, E Skocilor Fourth Row C, Neat, D Hamilton, J Srmth STAGE CREW First Row: L. Krzewinski, C. Leber, D. McCarthy, P. Yockey. Second Row: J. Wotkms, T. Tarantino, D. Cvurcovic, T, Gregorc. iff y qffwgn 1 5 -495' 54 SENIOR CABINET Farsi Row: C. Kurulko, A. Kopf, C. warn, R. Rlccn, J. Gulmore, D, Fieldnng, J. Hocevfar. Second Rawi B. Brennan, B. Srmfh, B. Zellers, K. Carpenter, C. Schael, J. Kranenburger. Thrrd Row B. Ronke, I-I. Hemple, B. Wnlson, S. Combs, D. Orcutf, S. Pafmore, D. Marsh. Fourth Row T. I.aPorfe, H. Verbske, J. Koucky, K. Lauter, S. Lannung, R. Gargunlo, D. Murray. Fuffh Raw: G. Jorasek, G. Buro, D. Osborne, A. Ehos, G. Schroeder, B. Boldun, B. Berrler. f"' ff., rv? f li 'Iii - .Im M JUNIOR CABINET First Raw: S, Korencuc, S Mock, P. Schuster, M Yager, N. Hofferf. Second Row: C. Near, B. Katosuc, J. Swainey, M. Palumbo, E. Tunster, D, Bridger. Third Row: H. Douglas, G. McCracken, B. Cramer, B. Gerland, O. WerTenburger, B. Cramcr. ks iifsiinns First Row: E. Kasunic, M, Dolan, M Wendell, G. Gianasi Second Row: N. Eckermon, G, Postnak, J Jablon, P. Neibecker, C Friedel. Third Row: N. Johnson, J Lucas, D. Covert, C. Nowdcek Euclid's newest honorary organization received its charter as Thespian Troupe lOO8 last fall. Becoming a Thespian is an honor for outstanding actors and production work- ers who have earntd enough points for membership through their dramatic efforts. The group presented two assemblies last year. They also highlighted their monthly meetings with play cuttings, record pantomimes, and discussions about different phases of the theater. Members of the group help select the plays for contests and future perform- ances, f nr W A it , Mc- N-:.....'t"-M'-ff.... --'-2.1:-3-,, -.......,, W.-..... mum... E -f--7 'T' THESPIAN OFFICERS First Row: G. Postnak, C. Sprochi, J. Jahlon. 69 Second Row: N. Johnson, J, Lucas. SPIRITS CLUB Frrst Row. D Fleldxng, M. Fake, J. Gilmore, S. Mester, C Pegols, J Judlce Second Row R Hager, J, Kronenberger, P. Bonks, S. Potmore, S. Kovoch, D Osborne. Thurd Row: E Eckert, D. Heck, J. Bock, S Lonnmg, T, Kuhn, R. Gorquulvo. I' 4? K--www H ---we M -,,....,,.., ,WWA mmm ,AXIS-R , Ls I 3 ,N,,.c . A ,f 0 .f X' I im-sf TUMBLING CLUB Front Rowz B Bolon, B. Paz, B. Lieber, B, Murphy, B. Foster. Second Row' R. Reed, T. Scott, D. Bioom, B. Rchords, J. Prumeou, J. Newman, H, Leinmger. Thnrd Row' Mr. Stock, D. Coy, O. Pnrchner, D. Grovell, F. Bowles, T. Goble, R. Grovell, M.r Graham, if f x is-Q .. AND fEhC5i'?END Gum INTERESTS BY BECQIVUNG MCDRE- F'!WXlLlAR Wm we Ama. .. N K I W -'fx , BAND INSTRUCTORS Mr. Syclow gives closs lessons to the bross section of the bond. Mrs. Troutwein teoches the woodwind section ond chorts the morching bond shows, Mr, Dole l-lcirper, director of the Euclid l-ligh bond, is olso heod of the Euclid music system. Mr. Teeter cissists with generol lessons ond bond supervising while Mr. Mitchell ossists Mr. Horper ond directs the morching mojorettes during tootboll seo- SOFT BAND SERGEANTS The bond scirgeonts, C. Nowocek, T. Lo- Porte, ond F, Polm, heoded the bond boord of directors, orgonized publicity tor the bond, ond pushed bond spirit oll through the yeor, The heod sorgeont, Ti Loporte, led the pit bond for oll of the school ossembliesi Euclid High is proud of its concert bond thot hos eorned the reputotion ot being one ot the finest groups in the stote. The bond consistently emerges with top roting ot the onnuol stote contest ond mony individual musicions eorn high honors ot the solo ensemble BAND LIBRARIANS M. Wendell, C, Nowacek, and G. Gianasi were in charge of ordering, filing, and dis- tributing the band music, The responsibility was theirs as band librarians to see that every member ofthe band had the correct music. Q Z 1 iw- is S ni- W- Y fm.-f1,..i rz ., ., , JM7' jg? I Q , QR Frst Row. S. Zingoles, M Kunkel, D Snyder, Wt Viclmor Second Row, C Nowacek, R Moses, T, l.aPort, F Palm, J. Gray BAND BOARD OF DIRECTORS The band board of directors is responsible for making all the band rules, holding viola- tion court, and finally dishing out the needed discipline. contests. In addition to active contest participation, the instrumentalists present several concerts and assembly programs, and visit Euclid Central and Shore Junior High Schools every yea r, E uacnfslnn Flrst Row: A Anderson, P. Mules, A. Macarol, J. Herrrck, N. Halderman, D. Snyder, P. Askue. Second Raw C. Llndauvst, J Derbaum, R Edwards, M Wendell, C. Pearlman, W, Nelsna, J. West, F, Palm. Thlrd Raw J. Rader, B Holland, P. Gregory, G. Clark, L. Garrett, G. Garrett, A. Valduga, G. Gnanasl. PIT BHHU 5.4. , First Row' R. Edwards, J. West, M. Wendell, N. Halderman, C. Lrndquist, D, Snyder, M. McColl, l. Lompe. Second Row: S. Zngales, M. Verbsky, G. Clark, R. Hadden, L. Garrett, B, Vrdmar, J, Gray, C. Carr, R. Moses. Third Row: G. Glanase, C, Nowachek, G, Garrett, H, Berlo, F. Breen, D. Hershey, S, Grisham. Fourth Row: C, Vagel H. Hemple, J, Zanyck, M. Kunkel. 74 a mmf ' if Q i 4 I Qkr Q Contronted with untimely snow ond roin this seoson, the morching bond didn't perform os otten os they would hove liked. Nevertheless, many hours of hord work went into preparing progroms with o dit- terent theme for every game. The morchers, led by the morching mojorettes, occom- ponied the footboll teom in presenting unusuol shows ot both home ond owoy games, ' rr- :Shill- CHOIR COUNCIL First Row. J, Disanfis, V. Howard, G. Brewster. Second Row: Mr. Taylor, C. Krauss, N. Repogle, M. l-lerr. Third Row: N. Johnson, B. Berrier, A. Thompson, A. Miller, Fourth Row: .l. Prime-au, D Werley, C. Welsh, R. Thorpe, J. Mang. CHOIR OFFICERS Kirk Lauter as president of the choir han- dled all of the business details with vice- president, Ted Kramer assisting him. Secre- tary Beverly Budd called the roll and checked all absentees. Treasurer Orlo Wertenburger was in charge of all the choir money. fal1l' A l MADRIGALS First Row: M. Enkler, A, Borden, C, Southworth, S. Mock, P. Gorsho Second Row: D. Fink, M. Burnett, V. Burger, N. Johnson, V. Howard Third Row: J. Goebelbecker, J. Telismon, D. Wills, C. Welsh, A. Mullcr. 77 GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Frrsf Row, B Moore, P Muraca, P Zouglcr, J Reeves, B. Gregory, C. Rose, J, Estvancler. Second Raw B, Kellogg, 3 Gene, K. Larkrn, P Mclnfyrc, R Pugnotaro, C. Euskenon, B, Nelson, J, Blackburn Thrrd Row V Howard, C Bernard, J, Swoney, J, Jarc, C Jarnes, J Boker, D Hamrlron, SOPHOMORE CHOIR Frrsr Row: B Henllrng, J Lucas, P. Gregory, P Lang, K. l-leas, L. Reylea, J Janes, C Shark, Zccand Row D. Covell, J. Norslc, J Rancounf, H Prebevsek, L. McLoughlin, B Tolar, M. Colantonla B. Sumner, J Sums Tlwlrd Row L. Gorslene, J Marcous, B, Ostkar, D Kass, C. Braden, C, Turner, J. Slat, S Arlknecht. FoJrTh Row M Tolar, I. Anderson, B Polrycy, E. Abrams, J, LoTour, R. Slomm, C. Erlzord, T, Rosenlhal T Payercnln, D Lee, Filth Row C Msslch, C Dougherly, J, Mclilbben, N. l-lolrnes, L Slevens, M. Bouer, D. Llndsrrorn, V Backsfrom, C, Muller, S. Bouse, I. Wolff First Row K Downing, E. Sotder, B Powell, 5, Gcrlonrt, J Thomas J Cc-taratti Second Row B Miller, J Bock, D Hoctle, J Phelps, D Smith J Peaarano J Bamracl' Third Row H Douglas S, Lannlng, D Woodford, D Brocane, J McCann, D Osborne, H Cohen Representing Euclid Senior High at school concerts, community functions, and the Lake Erie League Choir Festival, the A Cappella Choir develops in its members an appre- ciation for and an ability to perform every variety ot music, from the sacred or serious works of the well-known composers to the recent popular tunes This year the choir per- formed in several assemblies, both at Euc- lid and the Junior Highs in the city. A CHICKLETTES Thanksgiving show, the Christmas concert, M f""'eff D W"'Si D PM and the annual Choral Capers presenta- tion gave the choir members a chance to show how constantly they had practiced :ind how much they enjoyed singing under the baton of Mr. Sam Taylor, the thorough- ly well-liked choir director. The Girls' Glee Club, the Boys' Glee Club, and the Sopho- more choir trained just as diligently as the choir and added their talents to every musi- cal show. 79 l X' l I '-x w, . "nv ' First Row. B. Tolar, G. Waldman, M. Shirk, P. McKnight, M. McCall, S. Sandt, L. Riehl. Second Row: J. Disontis, B Oskart, N. Carney, R. Stampfel, C. Friedel, B. Zellers, G. Postnak, R. Pignataro Third Row. A. Valenti, C. Roller, K .McPeek, M. Zanghi, J. Smith, B. Poznik, J. Sims, Fourth Row. R. Gauch, F. Polm, J. Lucas, C. Rogosch, A. Teeter, L. Miller, F, Fantini. Fifth Row: J, West, H. Cohen, D. Bauer, G. Schroeder, D. Covcrt, J. Lavrenson, B. Ronkc. "lllllllE GET UUUH GUN" Annie Oakley Frank Butler Buffalo Bill . Charlie Davenport Sitting Bull . Pawnee Bill Dolly Tote . Winnie Tate . Tommy Little Jake CAST Barbara Zellers, Larolyn Friedel . . Fred Palm . . . . Joe Lucas . . Bert Ronke . George Schroeder . . Jim West' Nancy Petrick . Gloria Postnak . Dick Covert . Melinda Shirk 80 4 li li llll-SCHUUL PLHU PllllllUlJllUll Slllff The fall all-school play "Annie Get Your Gun" gave to the audience lilting songs, laughable situations, and heartfelt characterizations of real-to-life people, The actors worked day and night on their given parts to make the play a great success. Besides mem- orizing speaking roles many of the actors and actresses had to learn to sing, shoot, and speak with a hillbilly drawl. The production staff saw to the props, advertising, and the unique scenery which backed up one of Euclid's best plays, portraying the life story of Ohio's immortal sharpshooter, Annie Oakley. i ,AQTEL 5. 81 T T .,. 1 3 ,Qi ' T Tit EUCLID lJHlllll SHUIUS Euclid s Choir shows instead ot featuring only vocal selections, has begun to blos- som out with dramatic pageants narrated song stories, and colorful costuming and scen- ery The band assisted in the singing of Naughty Marrietta" and individual members ot the band in Gloria ln Excelsis Deo for the Christmas concert. The octet dressed in clothing of the "Gay Twenties" - really put their all into the "Birth ot the Blues." Everyone at Euclid awaits with curiosity each of these shows to see what has been added this time. The choir has begun this year the tradition of singing "May The Lord Bless You And Keep You" at the close of every program, MRMWHPWKW bg Q,- 412541 -fl I L ! AS WELL AS THE RULES OP GQCDD SPORTSMANSHIP Bi' C Top Center M Leuty Outside From Upper Left: N, Holdermon, G. Swortz, A. Bordan, D, Opolich, J, Nobbe, N. Povilcek, J Mogolengo M. Solon, M. Zanghi, J. Konyha, M. Fike, K. Snyder, J. Toplok, A, DeGiraIamo, M. Weover, D. Sweeder, D. Schaertl, M Kunkel, P, Toll. Inside From Top: N. Replogle, P. Mclntyre, P. Nelson, A. Volduga, M. Samso, B Bud, B. Rowe, A, Flocke, J. Blackburn, G McGinnis, S Conrod, E Pefishny, S. Santee, P. Bulisek, G. Allison, C. Brotush. QE G. L. C. OFFICERS M. Fike, M. Kunkel, J. Toplok. s mt, 1 Members of the Girls' Leoders Club ore easily distinguished by their white shirts ond shorts. They are a group of athlelti- colly-inclined girls, who excel in leoder- ship, scholarship, dependability, and sports- monship. This year the Leaders have enjoyed many new activities in addition to their regular duties of assisting in the gym clos- ses, refereeing games, ond recording points. Junior and sophomore girls wishing to be- come Leoders, first become Junior Leaders, then attended the Leaders' Clinic, and tin- olly were elected to membership. 84 x7 e f , I li f "V f K 1 X r r Xlaf Big ' ., ., .Q-LPA--QL .' ,- ZEVXHOR SWIM CADETS N. Clark, S l-lenn, L Onderdonlc G Postnak, A Ncvlon, M Dolan, Thus select group ot excellent swrmmers rs chosen by the swvmrnrng advrsers and the Swrm Club. The gurls are actually one port of the Swim Club and are rrgsdly tested rn many aquatic skulls before becomlng eligible for membershlpt The Cadets' main duties are those of assrstung rn the swrm classes They teach gnrls how to swrm and Improve therr strokes, wnth hugh ernphasrs on prornotron of hugh standards rn water safety Therr other respon- srbnlities Include partrcrpatron in the annual swrrn show ond trmrng events at the swam meets, bi' SENIOR G. A. A JUNIOR G. A. A, 86 div SOPHOMORE G. A. A. li. H. H. Any girl who wishes to participate in intramural sports is eligible to join the Girls' Athletic Association. By earning points in school sports such as basketball, volleyball, hockey, and badminton, and in out-ot-school sports, such as bowling and hiking, she can win a letter "E" or a medal. Girls' Athletic Association strives to promote ideas of good sportsmanship. The G. A. A. advisory board is elected by the entire organization. The board organ- izes the tournaments, schedules all games, sees that referees are available, and records the points won by each girl. GAA ADVISORY BOARD First Row: G. Postnak, G, Schwartz, M. Leuty, M. Weaver, J. KonyO, S. Peek. Second Row: P. Nelson, J, Ecker- man, J. Toplak, M. Pcyerchin, D. Sweeder. Third Row: C. Link, N. Haldermon, W. Ryder, M. Hummon, P. Wil- liams. ll 62'-F J if 5:15 . .nw W. .. , , ,., hx --Al' ., 4 . , V i " rf ' .Vi :Q -JG.. 3' if fl 5' S X Qi '9 l phi ' i'f f l ' J ji J " M A o ', I First Row: R. Moro, E. McPeek, D. Heck, T. Goble, E. Eckert, F. Elicker. Second Row: R. Gorgiuo, J. Bock, D, Cinelli, M. Marion, J. Williams, J. Peterson. Third Row: K. Louter, T. Kramer, S. Lonning, G. Bill, S. Rosenthal. Fourth Row: J. Monnett, R. Hoger, P. Smith, B. Beurger, J. Bombock, D. Grovell. Fifth Row: P. Schwegler, D. Osborne, B. Berrier, A. Thompson, B. Nebe. ATHLETIC BOARD First Row: F. Johns, A. Voccariello, C. Eckert, C. Swockhommer, J. Pohto, C. Ro,eck, E. Stoch. Second Row: J. Suponce, C. Blouch, A. Golicki, G. Wiley, D. Mohr, J. Lewis. Third Row: C. Owens, R. Keoy, J. Cal- vert, B. Grohom, M. Baumer. 89 div First Row. J. Bomback, J. Phelps, D. Marsh, D Woodford, S. Lanning, J. Bock, T. Longo, R. Erzen. Second Row' T. White, J. Williams, J. Hoffert, D, Vah, J. Redinger, D, Lockwood, B. Walters, K. Lauter. Third Row B. Bransley, G McCracken, D Price, T, Kramer, D. Ward, B. Cramer, D. Seaman, P. Smith. Fourth Row: R. Hager, B. Denihan, M. Marlon, P. Strahrn, T. Focuretie, T. Opdahl. Fifth Row: F. Federico, J. Nowacek, J. Kuchta, B. Stoytz, W. Milligan, J. Wawryzniak. Sixth Row: B. Stuart, Mr. Galicki, Mr. Nelson, Mr Mohr, Mr. Lewis, L. McLaughlin. VHHSITU llllllBHll The Panther eIeven's record was rather disheartening to everyone including Coach Mohr, who is quoted as saying, "l'II never forget this season's record." The squad worked hard during practice, but was shaken up a bit with a slight misunderstanding over train- ing rules. Certainly the experience gained during Coach Mahr's first year at Euclid will help to build next year's team into a powerful squad. FOOTBALL CAPTAINS V COACHES First Row: J. Wawrzyniak, R. Hager J. Bomback, L. McLaughlin, B Stewart. Second Row: A. Galicki, N. Nelson D. Mohr, J, Lewis. 90 6:15 R. Hager F, Federuco T, Longo J, Bombock B. Cromer J Hoffert B. Bronsiey J. Phelps T. Focurette J. Bock K. Louter D Marsh J. Wlllcclms B. Sfoytz J. Nowocek D. Lockwood T, Kramer P. Smith S. Lormlng D, Woodford B. Erzen B. Wolters D. Seaman T. Wight Gi' il. V. llllllBllll lflllll evenger, B. Murphy, D. Dietz, J. Greaves, J. Parker, C. Bystricky, R. McCleocl. Se d R . B. Graafneyer, J. Vigh, L. Jonassen, L. Banning, J. Rossek, J. Butler, C. LoPresre, D. Leland. Third Row: C. Hammink, A. Tiedmcn, N. Corroccio, R. Schneider, J. Dodson, C. Palmer, B. Wander- Firsf Row: P. Faver, R. Cl con ow' S UVEF1 , I cl Fourh Row. B. Paz, A. Rendino, G. Pingle, D. Doley, D. Bovetz, L. Stevens, B. Mack, B. Condon. Fifth Row: Coach Stock, B Miller, H. Nelson, T. Heinz, D. Stamberger, T. Gibb, B. Sonnle, A. McLaugh lin. J. V. FOOTBALL SCORES I3 Euclid I2 Euclid 26 Euclid l3 Euclid O Euclid 7 Euclid O Euclid l 4 Brush l 3 Willoughby 20 Shaker 7 Pa rma l 3 Lakewood 20 Shaw O Cleveland Heights FOOTBALL J.V. CAPTAINS AND COACHES Mr. Stoch, B. Murphy, D. Leland, R. Clevenger, Mr. Roleck VARSITY FOOTBALL SCORES O Euclid 6 Euclid l9 Euclid O Euclid O Euclid O Euclid l4 Euclid O Euclid Akron Garfield Canton Lehman Ashtabula Shaker Parma Lakewood Shaw Cleveland Heights First Row: G. Buto, W, Jornes, D Osborne J Banks, S Lanning, J Bomtiack, D, Woodford, P. Schwegief, B. McCormack, Second Row D. Rosh, B Gerland, P, Smith, J, Pegororo, L Urgeleut, T Kramer, B Cromer, Third Row. G. Donahue, J. Hoffert, B, Tegol, W, Milligan, D Braunlich D Beyer, A Kcprevic VHllSllU BllSllElBllll This year's varsity basketball team only had one returning Letterman, Sherm Lonning. Due to inexperience and o few bod breaks our season wosn't as successful as seasons in the past, Cooperation and the squad's effort to succeed were troits thot were very evident in our basketball team. This work has helped to build our team and certainly Coach Calvert along with every student is hoping for o more impressive record. BASKETBALL CAPTAINS AND COACHES First Rowi T. Gregoroc, S, Lonning, D. Hohnson, B. Chapman. Second Row: Coach Boerger, Coach Calvert, Coach Suspance. 93 Gi' J. Bombock J, Pegororo J Banks D. Rosh W. Jomcs P. Smith T. Kremer B. Cromer D. Osborne L. Urgcleit S. Lonning 94 fn--X 5 JUIIIIIII VIIIISIIU BIISIIEIBIIII ID' Frst Row: J, Yonchar G Second Row: R. Buzanski, F Wickiyer, R. Schneideer, D. Potter, D. Fuller, B. Wan ersa en, . Third Row: J. Nossek, D. Delavie, G. Bowers, C. Palmer, B, Oviatt, A. Youngberg. VARSITY BASKETBALL SCORES Won 6 Lost I3 Euclid 60 Cleveland Heights Euclid 50 Chagrin Falls Euclid 40 Garfield Euclid 60 Parma Euclid 53 Lakewood Euclid 78 Orange Euclid 54 East Euclid 47 Chardon Euclid 60 Shaw Euclid 68 Cleveland Heights Euclid 59 Shaker Euclid 6l Parma Euclid 50 Brush Euclid 62 Lakewood Euclid 59 Shaw Euclid 65 Painesville Harvey Euclid 60 Cleveland Heights Euclid 59 Shaker TOURNAMENTS Euclid 8l Brush Euclid 75 East Tech JUNIOR VARSITY , , Pringle, E, Borilware, D. Korl-nick, B Hines, L. Konvho. ' d lb C L P t O F95 I. BASKETBALL SCORES 9 Wins Euclid 8 Losses Chagrin Falls Euclid Garfield Heights Euclid 43 Parma Euclid Lakewood Euclid Orange Euclid East Euclid Chardon Euclid Shaw Euclid 76 Cleveland Heights Euclid Shaker Euclid Parma Euclid Brush Euclid Lakewood Euclid Shaw Euclid 58 Painesville Harvey Euclid 58 Cleveland Heights Euclid Shaker Heights 882 ,f irs ow: . ic er, , oe er, . FfR FEIkGSdJHpptJPt D Second Row: G. Buto, D. Bates, J. Gray L K Ily J B k Heck, R. Gorgullo, A. Cook, S. Rosenthal. W, Powell, R. Reeves, T. Tench, Coach Wiley. Third Row: R. Gregorac, G. Allor, M, Gargetic, R. Miller, P. Glenn, D. Smith, J, Yotsko, R, Brewer. CROSS COUNTRY COACH AND CAPTAINS First Row: D. Heck, Mr. Wiley, R. Garguilo. CROSS COUNTRY SCORES 22 Euclid 39 Latin l8 Euclid 45 Collinwood l8 Euclid 45 Show l6 Euclid 47 Benedictine l8 Euclid 46 Cleveland Ecst 7th in Bowling Green Relays l7 Euclid 47 Shaker I8 Euclid 44 Cleveland Heights l 5 Euclid 48 Parma 2nd in L.E.L. l8 Euclid 46 Bedford 2nd in District l3th in State Meet 96 iD First Row: Coach Gram, D Korda, T. Lapart, J, Monnef, J. Koclan, D. Gravell, O. Pnrchner, F. Bowie J Kane, B. Vidmar. Second RoW:Cooch Miller, . o , . ae . fT1l id. T G bel B K b N Bo Q G Bll J H It A Hale, S. Lanese, P. Richard L S th Third Row: D, Gravell, R, Reeves, B. Tweed, B. Richards, H. Forsberg, H. Lounger, B Lobdell, B. Pag I E Vidmar S Sak Fourth Row: T. Knock, J. Newman, W. Nelson, L. Sandy, L. Stevens, J Leutkmeyer, R Ozn-wan, D WII- I'sDShklfdJ dol iam , ac eor, .Schu . SllllIIlIIIlllG lllllll VARSITY SWIMMING SCORES 45 Euclid 32 32 Euclid 38 38 Euchd 39 24 Euchd 53 39 Euchd 38 34 Euclid 43 29 Euchd 48 I7 Euclid 60 23 Euclid 54 59 Euclid I7 45 Euclid 3l Shaw Cleveland Heights Lakewood Shaker Heights Shaw Cleveland Heights Sandusky Lake Shaker Heights Berea Akron Buchfel 3rd in the Lake Erie League 4th in the District l lth in The Stale SWIMMING COACHES J. Gram, J. Muller I if I f D W F P Gl B Ad L N M M ri, G. McCracken, D. Smith, B Murphy, B. V B ge R R d F Fd D L k od L H lc, L. Joriassen, N. Rohricht, B OVGFICSB e F th Ro Coach e D G M h B Sonnie, P. Faber, J, Dodson, A. Zimmer- lllllESlllll6 lllllll WRESTLING SCORES Euclid Euclid Euclid Euclid Euclid Euclid Euclid Euclid Euclid Euclid Euclid Euclid Euclid Cuyahoga Falls Adams Collinwood Marshal Shaker Heights Painesville Lakewood Mayfield West Tech West Massillon Benedictine Cleveland Heights ii 4 Smal KW .wwufcu HELP Us T0 EDI-EQOME A socmw vveu-RQUNDQD PEQSQN .. x0 I xscrh fl, ' 1 4' ll S' 3 . 1 IF ' R- 4 J AIA With the traditional lighting ot the FTA. candles, eighty future teachers were installed into the Euclid Chapter, making the current enrollment lO5. They will always remember this tirst step toward a teaching career by the tiny blue and yellow corsages presented to them during the ceremony, l To the excited sophomores receiving first-day instructions from the Student Council Executive Board September 6, l955, was a new experience. The girls had spent days planning what to wear and the boys had spent weeks planning an escape from returning to school. To the juniors September 6 meant the be- ginning at being considered . , . to the Seniors it meant being upperclassmen at last. A jitterbug contest, a specialty num- ber by the sophomore chorus line, and music by the Disc-Chords highlighted the first sophomore class get-together. lts success started the sophomores' high school social life off with a bang. lOO Along with jitterbug contests and the usual slow number for weaker individu- als, a Virginia Reel was the highlight of the iunior class shindig, There were no decorations due to the tact that the jun- iors were saving money for their prom. q 4 'Lal- R! I it if ,Q 0' film" 'A , r-J 5 N xr A Euclid High graduate was the moderator for the fourth annual college Clinic held on October l8, The repre- sentatives from Case, Kent, Western Re- serve, and Baldwin-Wallace were able to give our college-bound students an idea of the opportunities offered at their re- spective schools through their informal talks. lOl 0 auil The "Welcome Seniors" sign showed how diligently the Seniors worked to make their class party a success, There was the usual dancing and eating, but DJ. Joe Finon and ducking tor apples were the added features ot the evening. fp. I ?f1n'5llt ajQ'wilf j I Bw: H Sv Af.-A 71, 1 .v ' dsih ,, JUDY KRONENBERGER ROBERTA STAMPFEL Fi rst Senior Attendont Second Senior Attendant SANDY MQCK LINDA RELYEA Junior Attendant Sophomore Attendant MAUREEN DOLAN - Homecoming Queen 6 ' f 4n1A 0 te tl' x'-' fwfe- 451A A football dance couldn't be quite the same without a lively bunny-hop. lt seems that this dance step is more pop- ular with the girls than the boys. Either the boys are too bashtul or they tire easily, ln spite ot rain, snow, and even the heat of September, the Euclid varsity cheerleaders, seen hitting the ground af- ter one of their high leaps, cheered our football team at home and away. The sale of popcorn by the various organizations around school added to their treasuries and also filled the ever- empty stomachs of Euclid's students. Under the able supervision of Ed Eckert and his bevy of beauties, the popcorn was never burned. "Uncle Neal" you never did pay for that bag! IO6 Euclid I-ligh's annual Open House gave the parents an opportunity to form opinions ot what their teenagers are be- ing taught as they followed the daily schedule and met the teachers. Coach Mohr, are you explaining gym class rou- tine or talking about your favorite sub' ject, the football team? Euclid's blue band uniforms were prevalent at the twentieth annual Mili- tary Ball held on November l2 in the Heights Social Room, Either the guy or gal had to be a marching band member or a marching majorette in order to at- tend this grand climax to the marching season. IO7 411 I : tv 'N Q T 9 5' .i ' , " 17'Q9?C9' I anfh "What school do you go to?" For the correct answer to this and many oth- er questions, Senior Polly Toll was award- ed thirty-two popular records by D. J. Bill Randle. The stars ot the long- awaited assembly were singers Snookie Lanson and Frankie Castro, Polly never did get those records. 0 I i GTWQ M' 1 llajlfgd 4:15 "lndian lick" must have burned his foot in a council tire or maybe he just wanted sympathy. No other high school can boast of a wrestling coach who gets so carried away at a practice that he breaks his own toot. The traditional R e g e n t s' Hi-Y Thanksgiving assembly was as inspiring as ever due to the informal sermons by Rabbi Spitz, Father Lees, and Reverend Poli. Thanksgiving poems were read by several ot the boys to begin the program. The school Christmas tree was really a large one this year, and a plea was sent out to the student body to contribute tree ornaments to fill up those empty spaces. Beverly O'Hare must have paid Mr. Pillot to get into so many pictures, 108 The traditional candlelight proces- sion opened the choir's annual Christmas cencert which consisted ot familiar car- ols and modern holiday songs. A new feature this year was the presentation ot the pageant "Why the Chimes Rang" and the musical narration ot "The Song of Christmas." x f 662' Lx W I if my I .5 ' ' H" ffwviief- all LX .1 'x. X'Y .J 0 s fir cciics John Bomback certainly didn't look happy toting that sandwich board around the cafeteria, but it must have helped because he was elected to the position ot first-ward councilman in the student- run city government. IO9 Prospective voters in national elec- tions were eager to vote tor their tellow students running tor office in Euclid's "Student Government tor a Day." VO TE lulm UQERAL QQ: VQTE fu .0 , Qin ' kj? o s 'T' I' "'U!69 4 411A ln order to give the parents a better idea of the extra-curricular activities of- fered at Euclid, student speakers were invited to a P.T.A. meeting to describe service clubs, social clubs, and school publications. Let's hope the audience was more wide-awake than the speakers. W is There were surprised exclarnations and a few happy tears as the name of each new member of National Honor Society was called. The soft organ mu- sic in the background, the presentation of excellent speeches, and each indi- vidual pinning helped make the installa- tion as impressive as always, T if xx The annual band assembly provided musical selections to satisfy every stu- dent and teacher in the audience regard- less of their interest in the finer things of life. No one could help but enjoy Wally Marshall's frantic drumming. IIO This year a flash-card section was organized to promote school spirit at the basketball games, but by the time the photographer had his camera focused the cards were down, Maybe next year? Although school was adjourned at noon due to snow and freezing winds many EHS students never made it home. Many of them got lost and ended up downtown shopping. lll 4-"' i f ik-1 f"" ,,,1Qy!Cg c, 1 anfl To everyone at Euclid who never heard the truth about Miss Mienzen's purple and yellow black-eye here's the story. It seems she went to the movies and became so hysterical over a Pete Smith short she banged her face on the chair in front of her. What a sense of humor? 0 1 f' GJJQJW 4115 The price of the twenty minute noon movie went up to three cents this year but the students felt it was worth it to see the African Queen complete with leeches, Sabrina, and Stalag l7 among other enjoyable films. The dances after the basketball games were attended by the students who wanted to celebrate Euclid's victory, start oft another week-end with a bang, or witness a spectacular jitterbug con- test. To every student and teacher who thought Pat Patterson was going to dem- onstrate head bouncing instead of "hand balancing" in the one-man circus assem- bly, you were not alone. ll2 2171,- QQ .,, ADDMNQ UPTC3 A SUCCESSFUL GQADUATIQN Wim SPLENMD MODES AND DREAMS FUR TUE- FUTURE. Am, .. . wgwuc I 15-'1'-:Q : . ' M , ,gawk if . ' "S Q Q .. F- I - was - , .. ,.,.x , ,, , . Ay .,,, I I X I ' S 'C T xx ' E H I f ' N if Z 4 E A ag ,X I x it I S 'K ' A 2 G K 'Y . gg . I ll I -is ' I ,,., , f i 1. V, - I :.:s,.:,A15,5W,s.1:f, -, yi.. Z, " 45 i E ,.,. -S i 5 gif I ., , .gi Eg Z . iii' -fe - ...N-..-M-. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS First Rowz J. Gilmore, Secretary, B. Berrier, President Second Rowz K. Lauter, Vice President, S. Lanning, Treasurer The class ot i956 started at the beginning ot the school year to run their affairs in a businesslike manner. Complete trankness and careful thought were used to decide who would occupy the important class offices. The officers received wholehearted support from the Senior Cabinet in planning and carrying out the Senior activities. The class ot "56" will remember the Senior party with Joe Finan, the cider barrel and apple ducking, all the hubbub about the all-night prom, the day the Seniors ran the Euclid government, I the fun they had planning and attending the Banquet and Prom, the Senior assembly, the practices for graduation, and finally the long-awaited Commencement. The class ot "56" will be remembered for being the only class in Euclid High history to have all the boys present on the same day lTues- day, November 22, I955I, tor initiating honor study halls, for their class gift, for being the first Euclid Senior High class to have Commencement away from school, and for being the first class to win the com- petitive assembly in the sophomore year. We hope the class of "56" will return often. They will always be an important part of our schooI's history. had SENIOR COUNSELORS W. Gillman, F. Johns I I4 Adams, William BILL Anderson, Ed OLDSMOBILE Survey 3,4 Eucuyo 2,3,4 Pinochle Club 4 Automobile Club 2 Euclidian business staff 3,4 Angene, Susan SUE Avery, Shirley Friendship Club 2,4 World Affairs Club 4 GAA Member 4 Drawing 8. Painting Club Singing for Fun 2 Re-entered from Orange School l955 ll5 P? Aitken, Cal Swim Club 3,4 JV Swimming Team 2 Scale and Triangle Club 2 Automobile Club 2 Andolsek, Geraldine GERI Friendship Club 2 Megaphone Club 2 Play Actors l Golf Club 3 Pinachle Club 2 Charm Club A Anfonick, Ron K C. Swimming Team 3 Ballroom Dancing 2 Fencing 4 Ba ker, lvon lVY PA Technicians l PA Announcers l Boys' Leaders Club l Varsity Wrestling Team l Letferwinner l Chess Club 2 Ballroom Dancing 2 Gymnastics and Tumbling Club l Weight Lifting Club 3 Wrestling Club 3 Intramural Wrestling l Champonship l Bombakakis, Elaine BAMBI Future Teachers of America 2 Junior Red Cross 3 GAA Member l Charm Club I Knmang Club 2 Banks, Joseph JOE Student Council Hall Guard 4 Hi-Y, Regents 4 Basketball, Varsity 3,4 JV Team 2 Letterwinner 4 Baseball, JV Team Cross Country, JV Team 4 Basketball Club 3,4 Honor Study Hall 4 Monitor 4 H.S,H. Central Commlttee4 9th grade at Mansfield, O. Citizenship Club l, Pres. l Student Court l Glee Club l Bassett, Jim Canasta Club 4 Cribbage Club 3 Gomes Club 2 Round-Table 2 Automobile Club 3 Baurnert, Dolores DEE Friendship Club 2 Choir 3 Singing for Fun 2 Knitting Club 4 Bank, Pat Future Teachers of Amerca 3,4 Friendship Club 2,3,4 Whole Club Preslden Ballroom Dancing 2 Charm Club 4 Home Nursing Club Z Knitting Club 3 Student Faculty Com. Bortone, Richard Ad Club 2,3,4 Swimrnlng, J.V. Team Pinochle Club 3,4 Bauer, David MAC Play Actor 4 Canasta Club 4 Cribbage Club 3 German Club l Bayer, Carole Anne Friendship Club 3 Choir 3 Megaphone Club 2 Big Show Choir 3 Dancing Club l Automobile Club 3 Woodworking Club 4 ll6 T 4 4 3 Beecham, Judith IUDY Student Council l,2 Home Room Rep. 2 Secretary l Hall Guard 2,3 Euclidian Home Rm. Rep 2 Editor-in-Chief 4 Survey Home Rm, Rep, 2 Publication Club 2 National Honor Society 3,4 Future Teachers of America 2,3,4 National Quill and Scroll 4 Friendshia Club 2,3,4 President 2 Cabinet member 2,3 Freshman Play l Girls' Glee Club 3 Big Show Actor 3 Ballroom Dancing l Pony Chorus 3 State American Legion Essay Contest Winner l Greater Cleveland District FTA. 4, Sec'y Beck, Roberta BOB Bl Friendship Club 2,3 Canasta Club 4 Bednar, Virginia FOXIE Class Cabinet 3 Concession Worker 3 Friendship Club 2,3,4 Maiorette Club 2,3,4 Marching Maiorette 3,4 Band Letterwinner 4 Big Show Actor 3 Dancing Club 2 Woodworking Club 3 Big Show Production Club4 Benedetto, Wilma WILLIE Concession Worker 4 Future Teachers of America 4 Friendship Club 3,4 Plays Production Staff 4 Camera Club 3,4 Square Dancing 2 Marching Band 2,3,4 Letterwinner 3,4 Concert Bond l,2,3,4 Pit Band 4 GAA Member l Big Show Production Staff 2,3,4 Printing Club 2 Service and Social Club l,3 National Honor Society 4 ll7 ,dr 1--r Z-. 'x .uf - I 5 tv" If: 75 tb 'CT Bear, Ronald DUTCH Play Stage Crew 2 Choir l,2 Track, Varsity Team l Letterwinner l Chess Club l,2,3 Becker, Doris DORIE Future Teachers ot America 3,4 Future Nurses of America 3,4 Friendship Club 2,3,4 Maiorette Club 2 Cholr 1,4 Girls' Glee Club 3 GAA Member l Intramural Sports l Girls' Leaders Club I Choir 2,3,4 Ballroom Dancing 2 Charm Club 4 Home Nursing Club 2 Knitting Club 3 Benard, Carolyn BERNIE Student Council Hall Guard 3 Future Teachers ot America 4 Friendship Club 3 Girls' Glee Club 3,4 GAA Member l Big Show, Choir 3,4 Ballroom Dancing 2 Scrabble Club 3 Honor Study Hall Monitor 4 Berrier, Erwin BUD Class President 4 Student Council Home Room Rep. 3 Survey Editorial Staff 3,4 Key Club 3,4 Regents Hi-Y 3,4 Choir 4 Boys' Glee Club 3 Baseball JV Team 2 Tennis Varsity Team 3,4 Tennis Letterwinner 3,4 Big Show 3,4 National Honor Society 4 Big Show Actor 3 Big Show Choir 3 Cribbage Club 2 Games Club 3 Weight-Lifting Club 3 Varsity "E" Club 4 Euclidian Business Staff 3,4 Wrestling Club 2 I National Honor Society 4 Chairman ot Honor Studv Hall 4 Student Court 4 Berrier, Efhelyn ETHIE Student Councl Home Room Rep l,4 Future Teachers of America 3,4 Friendship Club 2,3,-1 Choir 4 Girls' Glee Club 3 GAA Member 3,4 lntramural Sports 4 Girls' Leaders Club 4 Big Show, Chair 3,4 Singing for Fun 2 Woodworking Club 3 National Honor Society 4 Bills, Anna Marie CLARA Future Nurses ot America-l Friendship Club 2,3,4 Choir 2 GAA Member 4 Intramural Sports 4 Big Show 2,3,4, Chair 2 Canasta Club 3 Camera Club 2,3,4 Knitting Club l Photography Club 2 Travel Club 4 Camera Club Treas 2,3,A Secretary 2,3 National Honor Society 4 Blackburn, Judith BLACKIE Student Council l Tax Stamp chairman l Euclidian Editorial Stott 4 Art Editor 4 National Honor Society 3,4 Future Teachers ot America 3,4, V Pres 4 National Forencic League 2 Prince of Peace 2 National Quill 8 Scroll 4 Friendship Club 2,3 Plays Actors l Band l,2,3,4 Marching Band 2,3,4 Orchestra l,2,3 Band Letterwinner l,3 Concert Band l,2,3,4 GAA Member l,2,3,4 Letterwinner l Girls' Leaders Club 3,4 Singing for Fun 2 Girls' State Rep 3 Cleveland Solo and Ensemble Contest l,2,3,4 Big Show 4 Bobak, Jo Ann JO Y-Teen l Pinochle Club 2 Printing Club 3 Knitting Club 4 X 743-,mfg Sw 5, L. V ..: .. 34. V , "fav, . ., ' ' . , Q 1' , S ifjs N, , R J -:Q . K Q X sw.:-1-s':-r - 3 f 1 :,,.fwfJl:- - mlil .,... 'fi , 2451-: -T 111 'Weis-iirii ,Tig ' 'l ', , Kiln E?7'1:532:i ., . Bielobocky, Rheda RITA Friendship Club 4 Art Club 4 Bisbee, Richard Concert Band 2 National Athletic Scholarship Society 3,4 Football, Varsity Team 3 Track, Varsity Team 2,3 Letterwinner 2,3 Canasta Club 4 Field and Track 2,3 Blotnik, Carol Hall Guard 3 Friendship Club 2,3 Megaphone Club 2 Play Actar I GAA Member l,2,3 Letterwinner l Intramural Sports Pinochle Club3,4 Bock, John J. B. Student Council 2,3,4 Executive Board 4 Hall Guard 3,4 Regents Hi-Y 3,4 Vice-President 4 Boys' Glee Club 4 National Athletic Scholarship Soc. 3,4 Boys' Leaders Club l Treasurer l Football Varsity Team l,3 Letterwinner l,3,4 Basketball J.V. Team 2 Track l,2,3,4 Track Varsity 2,3,4 Letterwinner l Big Show Actor 2 Field and Track Club 3 Quarterback Club 3,4 Ping-Pong Club 4 Varsity "E" Club 3,4 Vice President 4 Bohinc, Robert BOB Boys' Leaders Club l Big Shaw Actor 3 Golf Club 2 Canasta Club 4 Baseball Club 3 Archery Club 3 Tumbling Club I Bolton, Dean Boys' Leaders Club l Football Varsity Team l,3 JV Team 2 Letterwinner 2 Basketball, JV Team 2 Baseball, Varsity Team J.V. Team 2 Letterwinner l,2 Baseball Club 3 Quarterback Club 3 Music for Fun 2 Officials Club 4 Bone, Karen Lee KITTY Art Club 2 Charm Club 3 Music Appreciation 4 Home Nursing Club 3 Bowles, Fred FAB Student Council 4 Executive Board 4 Hall Guard 4 Captain 4 Swim Club 3,4 President 4 Boys' Leaders Club l,3 Swimming Teom Varsity Team 4 JV Team 3 Track Varsity Team 2 Gymnastics and Tumbling Club 45 Vice-Pres. 4 Candidate for Pres. of S.C. Pres, of Senior Class National Honor Society 4 Boldln Bob BOB Class Cabinet 4 Boys Leaders Club Baseball Jw Team 2 Scale and Triangle Club Baseball Club Bombcck John JOHN Class Office President 3 Secretary 2 Class Cabinet 3 Student Council Home Room Reb Hall Guard 34 Captain 3 National Honor Society 3,-1 Re ents Hi-Y 2,3,4 Choir 4 Boys' Glee Club 3,4 National Athletic Scholarship Soc 3, Boys' Leaders Club l President l F otball l,2,3, Basketball ,2,3, rack l,2,, Field and Track 23,4 Quarterbuck Club 2,34 Basketball Club 2,3,-1 arsity " " Clu , President 4 Borthwick, Donald DON Plnochle Club 3 Cribbaae Club 2,4 Boyes, Ron SHEBA Pinochle Club l Fencing Club 4 ,1 Boyton, Robert BOB Student Council Home Room Rep. 2 Hall Guard 1,2,3,4 Concession Worker Regents 1-li-Y 3,4 Choir 4 Boys' Glee Club 3,4 Varsity Football Team 1,3 Varsity Basketball 1,3 JV Basketball Team 2 Varsity Track Team 2 Card Club 1,2 Drawing 8. Pointing Clubl Quarterback Club 3 Basketball Club 2,3,4 Ping-Pong 2,3 Brennan, Barbara Class Cabinet member 4 Future Nurses of America4 President 4 Friendship Club 3,4 Choir 3,4 Girls' Glee Club 2 Big Show 2,3,4g Actor Chair Biology Club 2 Pony Chorus 3 Clinic Secretary 4 Brickner, Mariorie MARGIE Student Council Home Room Rep. 1 Charm Club 4 Dancing Club l Embroidery Club 2 Friendship Club 1 World Affairs Club 3 Moyne Club 2 Choir 2 Girls' Glee Club 1 Brooks, Nancy 120 ty at - . Bray, Mary BONNIE Survey Home Room Rep. 3 Friendship Club 4 GAA Member 1,4 Intramural Sports 1,4 Ballroom Dancing 2 Pinochle Club 3 Cribbage Club 4 Singing for Fun 2 Brewster, Virginia GINNIE Ad Club 2,3,4 Friendship Club 2 World Affairs Club 2,3,4 Girls' Glee Club 2 GAA Member 1 Brocone, Dave Publications Club 3,4 Art Staff 3 Lords Hi-Y 3 Dramatics, Actors textrai 3 Production Staff head of sound effects 3 oroperties 4 Thespians 4 Boys' Glee Club 4 Ballroom Dancng 2 Poise for Boys 2 Brown, Edward BUZZY Hall Guard 1,2,3 Euclidian 2,3 Football Varsity team 1,3 Captain I Letterwinner 1,3 Wrestling Varsity team 1,2,3,4 Captain 1 Letterwinner 1,2,3,4 Baseball Varsity team 1,2,3,4 Letterwinner 1,2,3,4 Diamond Sports Club 2,3,4 Baseball Club 2,3,4 Quarterback Club 3 Gymnastics and Tumbling Club 1,2 Indian-dance Group 4 State Wrestling Champ 2 Wrestling Club 1,2,3,4 Budd, Beverly BUTZ Class Cabinet 3 Hall Guard I Future Teachers of America 4 Friendship Club 2,3,4 Chapter President 4 Chair I,2,3,4 Secretary 4 Madrigals 3 GAA Member I,2,3,4 Girls' Leaders Club 4 Intramural Sports 4 National Honor Society 4 Big Show, Choir 2,3,4 Dancer 3,4 Pony Chorus 3 Fencing 2 Burns, Pam Student Council Book Store Worker 2,3 Friendship Club 3,4 Marorette Club 2 Big Show, Actor 3,4 Drawing and Painting 23 Buto, Glen Class Ofticer, Cabinet 4 Student Council H.R. Rep. 2,3 Hall Guard 4 Basketball l,2,3,4 Varsity Team 3,4 J,V, Team 2 Cross Country 4 Pinochle Club I Basketball Club 3 National Honor Society 4 Carbone, Patricia PAT Student Council Concession Worker 2 Survey Home Room Rep. 4 Business Staff Member 4 Future Teachers of America member 3,4 National Forencic League member 3,4 Friendship Club 3,4 World Affairs Club 2,3,4 Plays, Actors 3 Production Staff 3,4 Choir I Girls' Sports GAA Member 4 Girls' Leaders Club I Creative Writing 4 Dancing Club 2 Scrabble Club 4 I2I -rf 1 Burger, Bruce Sduires HI-Y 3,4 Chaplain 3 Play Production Staff 3,4 Choir Council I Boys' Glee Club I Boys' Leaders Club I Football Varsity Team l,3 JV Team 2 Letterwinner l,3 Quarterback Club 2,3 Buss, Alyce Student Council HR, Rep. I Book Store Worker 3 Friendship Club 2 Camera Club 3 Charm Club 4 Handicraft Club 2 Carobotta, Diana Euclidian 2,3,4 H. R. Rep. 2,3,4 Sold ads Survey 2 Business Stott 2 N.F.L. 2 Ad Club I Friendship 2,3,4 Maiorette Club 2 Chair I GAA. I Big Shaw 2,35 scrpt Ballroom Dancing I Charm Club 4 Pony Chorus 2,3 Service 8. Social Club I Modern Dance I Honor Study Hall 4 Carpenter, Kathryn KATHY Class Cabinet Member 4 Book Store Worker 4 Hall Guard 2,3 Ad Club 3,4 Friendship Club 2,3,4 Choir I Singing for Fun 2 Service and Social Club I Scrabble Club 3 Charnick, Herbert HERB Chludo, John JOHNNY Chess Club 3 Browsing Club 2 Ping-Pong Club 4 Cinalli, Dick Closs Vice President l Boys' Leaders Club 1,2 Varsity Basketball Teom l Varsity Trock Team l Letteiwlnner l Varsity Baseball Team 2,3,4 Letterwinner 3 Dancing Club l Diamond Sports Club 23,4 Gymnastics and Tumbllnq Club l Weight-Lifting Club 3 Lettermons' Club 4 Clark, Gary l22 4 , fi to ai snail", Chinchar, Mary Ann CHINCH Student Council Home Room Rep. l Book Store Worker 2 Holl Guard 2 Friendship Club 3 Girls' Glee Club l,3 Ballroom Dancing 2 Canosto Club 3,4 Pinochle Club 2 Charm Club 4 Office Worker 4,l Christopher, Frank CROW Holl Guord 2,3 Wrestling 2 Vorsity Teom 2 Cross Country, Varsity Gomes Club 2 Outdoors Club 3 lndion-Dance Group 4 Wrestling Club 2 Clark, Arlene ARLENE Book Store Asst. Mgr. 4 Friendship Club 3 Big Show 3 Bridge Club 4 Canasto Club 3 French Club 2 Clark, Nancy Holl Guard l,3 Notionol Forencic League-1 Swim Club 2,3,4 Ploy Production Staff 4 Choir l Girls' Glee Club 3 GAA Member l Clark, Richard SPIDER Browsing Club 3,4 Chess Club 2 Model Airplane Club l Coatsworth, Maryl Friendship Club 2 Megaphone Club 2 Choir I Y-Teen I Browsing Club 3 Canasta Club 4 Cohen, Harvey HARV Conroy, Fred Movie Club 2,3,4 Basketball JV Team Diamond Sports Club Basketball Club 2,3 2 2 , Kris! 3 ,E f Clements, Nancy NAN Student Councl Home Room Rep 4 Friendship Club 23,-l GAA Member 3,4 Big Show Actor 3 Slngrng for Fun 2 Pony Chorus 3,4 Coccia, Jeanine t Concession Worker 2,3,4 Survey Home Room Rep. 2 Business Staff Member Friendship Club 2 PA Technicians l PA Announcers l GAA Member l, Sec'y l Girls' Leaders Club l Big Show Stage Crew 2 Chess Club 4 Pinochle Club 3 Dancing Club l Round Table 2 Combs, Sallie COMBSIE Class Cabinet Member 4 Student Councrl Home Room Rep. l,3 Concession Worker 2,3 Room Secretory l Euclldian, Staff Editor 4 Survey Home Room Rep, 3 National Quill 8. Scroll 4 Vrce President 4 Fruendshrp Club 2,3,4 Maiorette Club 2 Choir 2,3,4,l Girls' Glee Club 2,3 GAA Member l,2,3 Intramural Sports l,2,3 Big Show l,2,3,4, Actor 3 Choir 2,3,4 Y-Teen l Browsing Club 2 Pony Chorus l,3 Prom Committee 3,4 Cook, Al Track, Varsity Team 3,4 Cross Country Varslty Team 4 Letterwinner 4 Field and Track 3 Scrabble Club 4 Coons, Barbara Friendship Club 2,3,4 Choir l ,2,3 4 Bug Show Cholr 2,3,4 Canasta Club 2,4 Scrabble Club 3 Covert, Richard Student Councrl 3 Home Room Rep 3 Concession Worker 3 National Honor Socrety 3,4 National Forencnc League 2,3,4g Treas, 4 World Affairs Club 3,4 President 4 Audra Andes 3,4 PA Announcers 3,4 Dramatics l,3,4 Plays l,3,4, Actor l,3,4 Production Staft l,3,4 Tl-lesoians 4 Bug Shaw 2, Actor 2,3 Script 2 Chess Club 2 Ballroom Danclng 2 Cvitkovic, Dennis Publrcatnons Club 4 Play Stage Crew 3,4 Thespnans 4 Bug Snow Stage Crew 3,4 Art Club 2 Canasta Club 3 Prnochle Club l Card Club l Drawing 8. Paintrng Club 2 Scrabble Club 3 Danna, Ronald DIRTY RON Tennis Varsity Team 3 Canasta Club l Pinachle Club 3,4 5 .+ me t we fiw gi C r..,.4.x.....Lu., ,.. , u, . A. Corbett, Nancy Frlendship Club 2,4 NAN Choir l Big Show Actor 2 Canasta Club 2,3,4 Card Club l Co-op 4 Cowley, Dianne PUNCHY Friendship Club 3 Megaphone Club 3 Play, Production Staff Stage Crew 2 Girls' Glee Club l,2 GAA Member 2 Home Nursing Club 3 Red Cross Club 4 Daniels, Athena TINA Concession Worker 4 Euclidlan Business Stat Friendship Club 2 Choir l,4 Girsl' Glee Club 2,3 Big Show 2,3,4, Actor Choir 2,3,4 Canasta Club 3 2 t 2 Drawing 8. Painting Club 2 Music Appreciation 4 2nd in Solo Contest 3rd in Solo Contest Daubenmire, Becky Hall Guard 2 Concession Worker 3,4 Mojorette Club 2 Friendship Club 2 Girls' Glee Club I Girls' Leaders Club l Letterwinner l Chess Club 4 Canasta Club l Pinochle Club 3 Games Club 2 Ping-Pong Club l l24 2 3 Doubenmire, Hozelieon Girls' GlCC Club Demion, Robert BOB Boys' Glce Club 3 Cribbage Club 2 Archery Club 3,4 Dinunzio, Christine TINA Student Council Concession Workcr 2,3 Euclidian Home Room Reb. 2,3,4 Eucuyo Publications Club 2,3 Future Teachers of America 3,4 Friendship Club 2,3,4 GAA Member 1,2 Charm Club 4 Dodson, Carol DODDY Concession Worker A Art Club 3 Canasta Club 4 Games Club 2 Co-op 4 - .. V3 5 if f fl X7.....ff 6 '23 'six f ,f.gvg,, fgvrsf was Q DeGirolomo, Amelia D-G SHORTY Surxet. Home Room Rep 4 Frlenoslmp Club 23,4 Chapter Secs-Treas. 2 Cot-inet Member 3 Mixed Chorus 3 GAA Member 12,34 Intramural SDOHS 23,4 Girls Leaders Club 4 Big Show Actor 3 Egllroom Dancing 2 Sertice and Social Club 3 Diedrich, Eileen Concession Worker 3 Publications Club 3 FrlCV1ClSl'llD Cluh 3,4 Charm Club 4 Disantis, Joanne JO Euclicllan Editorial Staff A Jr Red Cross 1 Megaphone Club 2 Dromatics Club 1 Plav 4 Play Production Stott A Student Director A Choir 1,4 Cnolr Council 1,4 Girls' Glee Club 3 Intramural Sports 1 Bio Show 1,3,4g Choir 4 Y-Teen Club 1 Dance Band Club 3 Drawing B. Painting Club 3 Music Appreciation A National Honor Society 4 Dolan, Maureen MOE Class Ofticer, Vicc-Pros, l Student Council Home Room Rep, 1,3 Vice-President 4 Executive Board 4 Hall Guard 2,3 Concession Worker 3 Euclidion Editorial Stott 4 Asst, Editor 4 National Honor Society 3,4 Future Teachers ot America 3,4 Natonal Quill 8- Scroll 4 Friendship Club 2,3,4 Swim Club 3,4 Maiorette Club 2,3,4 Marching Maj. 3,4 Dramatics 2,3,4g Actor 2,3,4 Production Staff 4 Thespians 4 Girls' Glee Club 2,3 GAA 1,2,3,4, Treos, 1 Intramural Sports 1,2,3 Girls' Leaders Club 1 Secretary 1 Homecoming Queen 4 Spring Sports Attendant 2,3 Freshman Queen 1 Choir 3 Big Show, Actor 2,3,4 Pony Chorus 2 Community Chest Speaker4 Downing, Ken RED Student Council Concession Worker 3,4 Plays, Actors 4 Boys' Glee Club l,2,3,4 Baseball, Varsity Team l JV Team 2 Letterwinner l Bla Showg Actor 2,3 Choir 3 Canasta Club 4 Cribbage Club 3 Baseball Club 2 Eckerman, Janice JAN Future Teachers ot America 4 Friendship Club 2,3,4 Band Marching Band 2,3,4 Letterwinner 4 Concert Band l,2,3,4 Pit Band 3,4 Orchestra l GAA Member l,2,3,4 Advisory Board 4 Intramural Sports l,2,3,4 Girls' Lenders Club l,3,4 Games Club 2 Girls' Hockey Team 4 Eddy, Donald DON - IRISH Track, Varsity Team l Letterwinncr I Ping-Pong Club 4 Automobile Club 2 Track Club 3 Ehas, Allen AL Class Cabinet mcmlrer 4 PA Technicians l President l PA Announcers l Choir l,2,3,4 Plays, Actors l Boys' Leaders Club l Basketball Varsity Team l JV Team 2 Track Varsity Team l Pinochle Club 2 Basketball Club 2,3 2 .9fv' X i 'S Dreis, E. Richard DICK Hi-Y l Pinochle Club 2,3 Ping-Pong Club 4 Eckert, C. Edward ED Class Cabinet member 3 Student Council 2,3,4 Home Room Rep, 2,3 Executive Board 4 Key Club 2,3,4, Treas. 3 Concession Worker 2,3,4 Hall Guard 3,4 National Honor Society 3,4 Band l,2 National Athletic Scholarship Soc. 3,4 Wrestling Varsity Tetm l,3,4 JV Team 2 Letterwinner l ,3,4 Big Show 2,3, Actor 2,3 Chess Club 2 lnclian'Dance Group 4 Wrestling Club 2,3 Edwards, Ruth Evelyn CAMIELLE Nat'l Forencic Leaauc 3,4 Friendship Club 2,3 Megaphone Club 2 Marching Band 2,3,4 Letterwinner l,3 Concert Band l,2,3,4 Pit Band 3,4 Orchestra l,2,3,4 GAA Member l Big Show, Actor 2,3,4 Musician 2,3,4 Music Appreciation 4 Pre-med and pre-dental Club 3 Enkler, Marlene MARTY Concession Worker 2,3 Friendshp Club 2,3,4 Choir l,4, Madriaals 4 Girls' Glee Club 2,3 Big Show, Actor 2 Musician 3,4 Charm Club 4 Singing for Fun 2 Music for Fun 2 Service and Social 3 Chicklettes l26 Erzen, Bob TIGER Regents Hi-Y 4 Football Varsity Team 1,4 Letterwxnner 1,4 Basketball Letterwlnner 1 Varsity Team 1 Wrestling Varsity Team 2,3,4 Letterwznner 4 Track Varsity Team 1,2,3,4 Letterwlnner 1,4 Cross Country Varsity Team 3 Bzseball Varsity Team l Letterwinner 1 Bla Show Choir 3 Chess Club 2 Field and Track 2 Quarterback Club 4 Ping-Ponq Club 4 Evans, Carol Chess Club 4 Scale and Trianqlc Club 2 Fee, Ralph SMOKEY Pinochle Club 3,4 Honor Study Hall 4 Fielding, Donna MEADOWS Class Cabinet Member 4 Concession Worker 3 Friendship Club 3,4 World Affairs Club 2 Majorette Club 3 Big Show 3 Bridge Club 3 Games Club 3 School Spirit 4 1 Estvander, Judy JUDY Friendship Club 3,4 Play Production Staff 4 G:rlS' Glee Club 3,4 GAA Member 2,3 lntramurol Sports 2,3 Big Snow Choir 3 Charm Club 4 Service and Social Club 1,3 Swim Show Production Stott 2,3,4 Fabritius, Robert FAB Student Council Home Room Rep. 3,4 Hall Guard 3 Concession Worker 3 Euclidlan Asst Mounting Editor 4 Publications Club 4 National Honor Society 4 National Quill and Scroll4 Kev Club 3,4 Lords HI-Y 3 Secretary 3 Crlbhaae Club Camera Club Ferguson, Pat FERGIE Friendship Club 3,4 Meaaphone Club 7 Girls' Glee Club 3 GAA Member 2,3 Intramural Sports 23 Service and Social Club 3 Fike, Margaret COOKIE Student Council Concession Worker 2,3,4 Survey Business Staff Mcmber4 Home Room Rep, 4 Secretary 4 Friendship Club 2,3 Megaphone Club 2 Plavs Production Staff 2,3,4 Girls' Glee Club 3,4 GAA Member 2,3,4 Intramural Sports 2,3,4 Girls' Leaders Club 3,4 Treasurer 4 Big Show, Choir 3,4 Costumes 2 Service and Social Club 1 G, A. C. I Intramurals 1 School Spirits 4 Fink, Diane Dl Concession Worker 2,3,4 Friendship Club 2,3,4 Maiorette Club 2 Plays, Production Staff 3 Choir 4 Madrigals 4 Girls' Glee Club 3 Musician-Bra Show Charm Club A 5'1uare Dancing 2 Printing Club 2 Service and Social Club 3 Chickletts Florjancic, Louis SONNY Boys' Leaders Club l Track, JV Team l Golf Club 2 Dancing Club l Games Club 3 Weight-Lifting Club 4 Franks, Marilyn FRANKIE Student Council Bookstore Worker 4 Captain 4 Survey Home Room Rep. 3 PA Announcers 2,3 Big Show Actor 2 French Club 2 Brldqe Club 4 Pinochlc Club 3 Furfh, Guy Baseball l Chess Club 3 Ballroom Dancing 2 Pinochle Club 4 x... Flasche, William Squires 2,3,4Q SeC'y 4 Treasurer 2,3 Audio Aides PA Technicians l Movie Club l,2,4 Baseball 2 JV Team 2 Cribbage Club 3 Scale and Triangle Club National Honor Society Foster, Marsha Ellen Hall Guard A Entered from Newberg High 4 Br.dqe Club A Funk, Nancy Friendshio Club 2,3 World Affairs Club 2,3 Girls' Glee Club 2,3,4 GAA Member 2,3 Canasta Club 4 Choir l Maiorette l Gadberry, Delores DEE Hall Guard l Student Council Home Room Rep. 2,3 Euclidian Home Room Rep. 3,4 Survey Home Room Rep. 2 Future Teachers of America 3,4 Friendship Club 2 Choir l GAA Member l Girls' Leaders Club l Ballroom Dancing 2 Canasta Club 3,4 - l28 2 4 Galko, Gordon GORD Student Council Home Room Rep. 4 Track 4 Field and Track 4 Welghtelqftlnq Club 3 Gargiulo, Ray Class Officer, Treas. l Class Cabinet member A Hi-Y Re ents 3 4 Q , Secretary 4, Treasurer4 National Athletic Scholarship Soc. 3,4 Wrestling Varsity Team l,2,3 Cross Country Varsity Team 2,3,4 Co-Captain 4 Letterwinner 3,4 Lettermans' Club 3,4 Treasurer 4 School Spirit Club 4 Wrestlina Club 2.3 Gebe, Shirley GABBY Friendship Club 2,3,4 Girls' Glee Club 3.4 GAA Member l,2,3 Big Show, Choir 3 Service and Social Club l,3 Singunq for Fun 2 Charm Club 4 Swim Show Production 3 Gerzeny, Ronald RON Pinochle Club 4 Scale and Triangle Club Honor Study Hall 4 Intramural Sports 3,4 Galliger Irene IRISH Plav Actor 3 Chozr l Gris' Gloe Club l Girls' Leaders Club l Art Club 3 Dancina 3 Garrett, Ga ry Hi-Y SLJUWQS 2.331 Vice-President 3 Band l,2,3,4 Marchinq Band 2,3 Lettcrwinner 3,4 P.t Band 2,3,4 Board ot Directors 4 Orchestra l,2,3,4 Cublt Club 3 Pnochle l,2 Ciwcts Club 4 Gechci, Beverly Cl-HEP Student Council Hall Guard l,3 Concession Worker 3,4 Survev Home Room Rep. 3 Megaphone Club 2,3,4 Varsitv Cheerleader 3,4 Captain 4 Choir l G.rIs' Glee Club l GAA Member l Girls' Sports Letterwinncr 3,4 lntramural Sports l,2 Big Show Actor A Gianasi, Gail F. G.N.A.Z. Concession Worker 2,3,4 Euclldian Home Room Rep. 2 Editorial Staff 3,4 Script Editor 4 Survey Editorial Staff 2,3,4 Headline and P. 3 Editor 4 Publications Club 2 N.F.L. 2,3,4 F,T.A. 2,3,4 Parliamentarian 4 Big Show Actor 2,3,4 Script 2,3,4 Hi-News Reporter 4 National Honor Society 4 Giegerich, Larry GEG Glavic, Blanche BLANC Friendship Club 2,3,4 Secretary 4 Chapter Cabinet Member 4 World Affairs Club 4 Ploys 3, Actors 3 Production Staff 3 Choir 3,4 Girls' Glee Club 2 Biq Show 2,3g Choir 3,4 Drama Club 2 Scrvlcc and Social Club 3 Gordon, Faye LITTLE ONE Survey Home Room Rep. 2,3 Friendship Club 4 Choir l Big Show, Choir 2 Bridge Club 2 Golf Club 3 Charm Club 4 Knitting Club l,4 Woodworking Club 4 Service ond Social Club 1,2 Honor Studv Hall 4 Secretary 4 Y4Tc'cn: l Gorman, Susan SUE Friendship Club 2,3,4 Moiorette Club 3,4 Substitute Marching Malorette 4 GAA Member l Bridge Club 2 Woodworking Club 4 Service and Social Club 3 Honor Study Hull 4 Gilmore, June PEE WEE Class Officer, Sec'y 4 Cabinet Member 3,4 Student Council Concession Worker 2,3,4 Friendship Club 2,3,4 Secretory-Treasurer 4 Chapter Cabinet 4 Megaphone Club l,2,3 JV Cheerleader l,2 Girls' Glee Club 3,4 GAA Meeting 3,4 Homecoming Attendont 3 Freshman Attendant l Big Show, Choir 3,4 Service and Social Club l G.A.C. I School Spirits 4, officer 4 Glenn, Paul Euclldlan 4 Editorial Staff 4 Art Staff 4 Football JV Team 2 Track 3 Cross Country 3,4 Wrestling 2,3,4 Wrestling Club 2,3,4 National Honor Society 4 Gore, Nancy NANCE Student Council Concession Worker 3,4 Euclidlon Editorial Staff 2 Friendship Club 3 Choir l Malorette Club 3 Megaphone Club 2 Bio Show, Actor 3,4 Singing for Fun 2 Pony Chorus 3 Gorsha, Patricia PAT Future Nurses of America 3 Junior Red Cross 2,3 Friendship Club 2,3,4 World Affairs Club 4 Chair l,4 Madrigals 4 Octet 4 Grls' Glee Club 2,3 Big Show l,2, Choir 1,3 Y-Teen l Nurses Secretary 4 Messiah Civil Chorus 4 l30 Goss, Phillip PHIL Movie Club l Track, Manager I Pinochle Club 4 Chess Club 3 Bridge Club 2 Model Airplane Gray, Sondra SANDY Maiarette Club 3 Megaphone Club Y-Teen l Charm Club 4 Letter winner Girl Activities Green, Richard DICK Student Council 3 l Home Room Rep, l Hi-Y Regents l Boys' Leaders Cl ub4 Wrestling, Varsity Team 4 Football, JV Team 2 Baseball, JV Te Cribbage Club 2 Pina-Pong Club Weight-Littinq C Gregorcc, Bob Chess Club 2 Music Appreciat Wrestling Club 5 Airplane Club l Survey Reporter am2 a. 'hw-4 's-ra 4+ ,c .h ? b 6, '4 I, 3 z ond 4 .i f'r-fe..-are-, I 3 SJ. .4 ,, ,.., -N 2: -- , Y E' Grovell, David UNCLE DAVE Student Council Home Room Rep 3 Executive Board 4 Hall Guard 4 Head CaDtain 4 Nobles 4 Hi-Y Nobles 4 Swim Club 2,3,4, Treas. Swimming Team Varsity Team 3,4 JV Team 2 Letterwinner 3,4 Golf, Varsity Team A Tennis Varsity Team A Varsity "E" Club 3,4 Executive Boarrl 4 High Paint Award Swimming 3 Gray, Jack E. Bond 4 Marching Band A Board of Directors 4 Concert Band 4 Pit Band 4 Pep Band 4 Track, Varsity Team 4 Letterwinner 4 CVOSS Country Varsity Team 4 Letterwinner 4 Advanced Zoology 4 Green, Tom BIJTCH Chess Club 3 Golf Cluh 3 Pina-Pong Club 4 Gribbons, Patricia GRIB Hall Guard l,4 Euclidian Home Room Rep, 2,3,4 Survey Editorial Staff 3,4 Friendship Club 2,3,4 Plays Production Staff 3 GAA Member 2,3,4 Intramural Sports 2,3,4 Girls' Leaders Club l,4 Big Show, Actor 3,4 Dancing Club l Falk Dancing 2 Pony Chorus 3 Room Secretary 4 Guide 4 Grodt, Wilma JINX Student Council Home Room Rep. 2 Hall Guard I Captain l Friendship Club 2 Maiorette Club 2,3 Girls' Glee Club l GAA Member 4 Intramural Sports 2,3 Pla Sbow, Actor 3,4 Frowrrio 8. Paintina Club l Hearts Club 4 Soc-lluno Club 2 Grugel, Leona LEE Hall Guard 3 Friendship Club 2,3 Meqaobone Club 2 Cboir l GAA Member 2,3 Intramural 2,3 Girls' Leaders Club l Canasta Club 4 Hearts Club 3 Service and Social Club l Hallock, John Band Marcbinq Bond 2 Concert Band l,2,3 Pit Band l,2,3 Big Show, Musician 2,3 Golf Club 2 Games Club 3 Bows' Club 3 Hamilton, Donna Ad Club 2,3,4 Choir l Qflluarc Dancmq 2 Service and Social Club 3 Grossman, Barbara BOOTS National Forencic League Member 3,4 Future Nurses at America Friendship Club 3,4 Plays Production Staff 4 GAA Member l,4 intramural Sports l,4 Biq Show Actor 2 Games Club 3 Pinocble Club 3,4 Music tor Fun 2 National Honor Socictv 4 Hager, Ron RON Collinwood 2 Entered in lOtb from Class Cabinet member 3 Student Council Home Room Ren. 4 Hall Guard 2, Captain Regents l-li-Y 4 National Atbletic Scholarship Society 3 Football Varsity team l,2,3,4 Letterwinner l,2,3,4 Captain 4 Basketball varsitv team l Letterwinner l Bug Show Actor 2 Wrestling 2,3 Track Varsity Team l,3 Letterwinner I Quarterback Club 2,3,4 Ping Pong Club 4 Varsity "E" Club 3,4 Spirit Club 4 Monitor Honor-Study Hall Central Committee National Honor Society 4 Haller, Judith JUDEE Hamilton, Virginia GINNY Friendship Club 2 Megaphone Club 2 Girls' Leaders Club l Dancing Club l Service and Social Club 3 132 4 3 Hamrich, Charles Aizronzs Games Club 3 Automobile Club 3 Boys' Club I Hanes, Robert BOB Hall Guard 2 Concession Worker 2 Browsing Club 3,4 Camera Club 2,3 Heck, David HECTOR Student Council Home Room Rep, 2 Executive Board 3,4 Hall Guard 4, Captain 4 Survey Editorial Stott 23,4 Sports Editor 4 Editor in Chief 4 National Honor Society 3,4 Vice-Pres, 4 Future Teachers of America 2 Drama Club 2 Field and Track 2,3 Lettermans Club 3,4 Scrabble Club 4 Exec. Board 4 Most Valuable Runner Award 2,3,4 Natonal Forencic League member 2,3,4 National Quill 8. Scroll 4 Plays Actor 2,3 Choir l,3,4 National Athletic Scholarship Soc. l,2,3,4 Track Varsity Team l,2,3,4 Letterwinner l,2,3,4 Cross Country 2,3,4 Captain 4 Letterwinner 2,3,4 Big Show, Choir 3 Henn, Sally Student Council Home Room Rep. 2,4 Hall Guard 4 Concession Worker 4 Survey Home Room Rep. 2 F.T.A. 2,3 Friendship Club 2,3,4 Swim Cadets 3,4 Swim Club 3,4 Swim Show Director 4 Choir l,2 G.A.A. l,2,3,4 Girls' Leaders l Big Show, Actor 2, Choir2 Fencing Club 2 Service and Social Club 1 Director of Swim Show 4 Library Monitor 4 Student Council Room Secretary 4 National Honor Society 4 l33 f , .M 'wc V P .ref " ' of , l L-5 ,V . ,ci jf- , is X , I ,1 I A l 1. - ....,.. . . 'rife if C , lt 3 i'V, , b f 4,-- ff Q ,f:t- . ,, A af' '-'::i' "" V 1. 3 1 i Hamula, Charles Frank CHUCK Dancing Club I Hassink, Elsie EL Class Cabinet 3 Student Council 4 Secretary 4 Executive Board 4 Hall Guard 3 Concession Worker 3 Euclidian Home Room Rep, 2,3,-8 Friendship Club 2 Plays Production Stott 2,3 Choir I GAA Member l,2,3,4 lntramural Sports l,2,3 Bio Shaw Production Staff 2 Bridge Club 4 Home Nursing Club 2 Wuodwuiking Club 3 Hempel, Hans Class Cabinet member 4 National Honor Society 34 World Attairs Club 3 Plays, Actors 2 Marchng Band 2,3,4 Letterwinner 3,4 Concert Band l,2,3,4 Pit Band 3,4 Peo Band 2,3 Camera Club 23,4 Herman, Joel JOE Hi-Y I Lords 3,4 Basketball JV Team 2 Baseball JV Team 2 Golf Varsity Team 4 Basketball Club 3,4 l' Herr, Martha TURTLE Student Council Home Room Rep. 3 Hall Guard 4 Survey Home Room Rep, 4 Friendship Club 2,3,4 Megaphone Club 2 Chair l,2,3,4 Cllair Council 4 Girls' Glee Club l,2 GA.A l,2,3,4 President l Letterwinner l Intramural Sports l,2 Girls' Leaders Club l Chair 2,14 Charm Club 4 Woodworking Club 3 Highland, Patricia PAT Student Council Home Room Rel? l Meaaphone Club 2,3 Choir 4 Girls' Glee Club 4 Intramural Sports 2 Big Shaw Actor 3 Hocevar, .lean JEANNlE Class Cabinet member Student Council l Home Room Rep. l Book Stare Worker l Hall Guard 3 Malorette Club 2,3 Friendship 2,3,4 Megaphone Club 2 Cheerleader 1 GAA Member 2,3,4 Big Show 2,3,4 Dancing Club l Folk Dancing 2 Pony Chorus 2 Printing Club 2 Honor Study Hall 4 Monitor 4 Holmes, David DAVE Bays' Leaders Club I Football JV Team 2 Canasta Club 2 Music Appreciation 3 Intramural Basketball Champions 2,3,4 ASV ,,., we ,. 'gc . 'Asn--....,w-4-1" WW MWF 'WQSBHMW' - -Je if S- 1 f L, e Q ?e.Zy,pisN Q '1 S. Q 1 .L S 1- X iQ ' A - at "'::N:f::L vi . t gr mb- was ,,. Hershey, Richard HERSH Key Club 3,4 Hi-Y Squires 2,3,4 President 4 Vice'President 3 Secretary 2 Band l,2,3,4 Marching Bond 2,3,4 Letterwinner l,3,4 Concert Band l,2,3,4 Pit Band l,2,3,4 Pep Band I Football l Big Show 2,4 Musician 2,4 Script 4 Art Club 2 Dance Band Club 3 Gymnastics and Tumbling Club l Big Show Production Staff Club 4 Hisnay, James HIS Student Council Hall Guard l Swim Club 2 Football JV Team l Basketball JV Team l Wrestling JV team l Track Varsity Team l Letterwinner Baseball Varsity Team l Canasta Club 3 Ping-Pong 4 Gymnastics and Tumbling Club l Foremans and Supervisors Club 4 Hoefle, Dave ROCKY Hall Guard l,2,3 Junior Red Cross 3 Sauires Hi-Y 2,3,4 Secretary 35 Chaplain 4 Band l Choir 3,4 Boys' Glee Club 4 Bays' Leaders Club l Football JV Team 2 Wrestling Varsity Team l Track Varsity Team l Big Show 3, Choir 3 Canasta Club 2 Music Appreciation 3 Scrabble Club 4 Honor Study Hall 4 Holmes, Gary Survey Home Room Rep. 3 PA Technicians l Movie Club l Football l, JV Team 2 Swimming Team JV Team 3 Big Show Actor 3 Ballroom Dancing l,2 Canasta Club 4 Basketball Club l,2 Scrabble Club 3 l34 ., Holtz, James iii' f JIM World Affairs Club 3,4 PA Technncans 3,4 H ,f Hoppert, James HOPPY Football I Bcsketball I Cross Country Varsity Team 4 Letterwunner 4 Baseball JV Team 2 Tennis I Gall Club 3 Baseball Club 2 Intramural Basketball Champions 2,3,4 letterwnnner I Howard, Virginia GINGER Friendship Club A Choir I,2,3,4 Girls' Glee Club 2,3,4 Modrngals 3,4 Bag Show Cholr 2,3,4 Ballroom Dancnng 4 Singing for Fun 2 Hurshma n, Neil Student Council Home Room Rep. Hall Guard 3 Football JV Team 2 Track Team Vorslty Team 3 Calypso Club 4 HI-Y Senators 2,3 I 5 ov QX"""" J f..... 'CE' -'na-s-in-swf' si Sex Y"'?" 1 .ff Homer, Charles Cnemlstry Club 2 PA Technzcnans 2,3,4 Board ot Dxrectors 3,4 Plays Stage Crew 2,3,4 Bug Show Stage Crew 2,3,4 Advanced Zoology 4 Biology Club 2,3 Horvath, Delores DEE Home Room Rep. 2,3 Euclldran Frlendshlp Club 2,34 Gnrls' Glee Club 3 GAA Member l Bla Show Cholr 3 Plnachle Club 2 Charm Club 4 Music Appreclotlon 3 Hurkc, Gloria GLORIA buryey Home Room Rep, 2,3 Friendship 2,3 wolf 1,4 G rls' Glee Club Choir 3,4 Ballroom Dancing 2 Browsing Club 3,4 Canasta Club I Smgnnq for Fun 2 Jablon, Judith Future Teachers at Amerlca 3,4 Friendship Club 2,3,4 Malorette Club 2,3 Dromatlcs 3,4 Production Staff 2,3,4 Play 35 Actors 3 Thesplans 4 Scribe 4 Girls' Glee Club 2,3,4 Gnrls' Sports l,4 GAA Member 4 Intramural Sports I Bug Show 2,3g Actor 2 Choir 3 Charm Club 4 Drama Club 3,4 Pony Chorus 3 Knittnng Club 2 Jackson, Claude JARlNG JACK Basketball Manager 2 Bla Show Actor 3 Dnamond Sports Club 2 Basketball Club 2,3 Hearts Club 3,4 Mnxed Cholr 3 Competitive Assembly 2 Jesberger, Judy JESSIE buryey Edltorlal Stott 3,-I Frrenclshlp 2,3,-A Pnnochle 2 Crrbbage 3 Charm Club 4 be-rylce and Soclal I Treasurer Jones, William BILL student Councll Home Room Reb. 2 buryey Busrness Stott Member 4 Boys' Leaders Club l Basketball Varslty Team l Track Varslty Team l,3 Letterwlnner I Cross Country Varsity Team 2,3 Danclng Club l Fleld and Track 2,3 Intramural Basketball Champlon 2,3,4 Honor Study Hall 2 Judson, Burton BURT Junnar Cablnet Student Councll Home Room Rep, 2,4 Bookstore Worker 3 Hall Guard 3 Eucludlan Mountlng Edltord Euclndnan Buslness Staff 4 Natlonal Qulll and Scroll 4 N. H, 5 4 Key Club 3,4 Basketball I Browslng Club 2 Camera Club 3 Indlan-Dancung Club 4 Joroscok, George my Class Cablnet 4 Student Councul Hall Guard l,2 Cholr l Football Varslty Team I Basketball Varslty Team I Wrestllng Varsity Team I Swnmmmg Team JV Team 2 Track l Varslty Team l Baseball Varsnty Team I Dancmg Club I Basketball Club 2,3 Intramural Basketball Champlons 2,3,4 Jevnikar, Charles CHARLIE Hall Guard l,2 Publlcatlons Club 2 Sauures Hn-Y 3,4, Treas 4 Wrestlnng l Canasta Club 3 Automobile Club 2 Scrabble Club 4 Judice, Judith JUDD Hall Guard l,2,3 Frlendshlp Club 2,3,4 Concession Worker 2,3 Malorette Club 2,3,4 Marchlng Majorette 3,4 Head Malorette 4 GAA Member l,2,3 Charm Club 4 Games Club 2 French Club 2 Servlce and Soclal Club l Spirit Club 4 Kaprosy, Gerald JARRY Canasta Club 3 Muslc Appreciation 4 l36 Kasunic, Esther Survey Home Room Rep 4 Friendship 2,3,-4 Megaphone 2 Dramatics 3 Plays 3 Production Staff 2,3,4 Thespians 4 Girls' Glee Club 3 G.A.A. l,2,3 Intramural Sports l,2,3 Big Show Choir 3 Drama Club 3 Service and Social Club 3,-l Keck, Gerald JERRY Movie Club 4 Choir l Ballroom Dancing 4 Browsing Club 2 Golf Club 2 Quarterback Club 2 Hi-Y l Keller, Janet JAN Junior Red Cross 2 Megaphone Club 2 Girls' Sports 4 Pinochle Club 3 Charm Club 4 Kernz, Patricia PAT Friendship Club 2,3 Choir l G.A.A. l Chess Club 4 Browsing Club 3 Square Dancing 2 Embroidery Club I Printing Club 2 32 NG Katz, Lynn Cinasta Club 4 Ned Cross Club 3 Keeper, Kenneth KEN Browsing Club 2 Weight-Lntting Club 3 Pinuchle Club 4 Kent, Janet BLANDlE Friendship Club 2,3,4 Girls' Glee Club I Basketball Girls l GAA Member l,2 Pinochle Club 4 Cribbage Club 3 Automobile Club 3 Knitting Club 2 Kiebler, Gretchen Eucuyo 4 Friendship Club 3 World Affairs Club 3 GAA Member 2,3 Embroidery Club 2 King, John JOHN Galt Club 2,3 Stamp Club l 'Certificate for Spanish and English In 9th Grade Kling, Marion Friendship 2,3,4 Dramatrcs 3 Choir 3,4 GAA, l,2,3 Big Show Choir 3 Pinochle Club 2 Charm Club 4 Woodworking Club 3 Kocian, John TOM Marching Band 2,3,4 'Letterwinner 4 Concert Band l,2,3,-1 Pit Band 3,4 Pep Band 4 Swimming Team 4 Varsity Team 4 J.V Team 3 Big Show Musician 3 Ballroom Dancing 3 Browsing Club 3,4 Automobile Club 2 Gymnastics and Tumblina l Kolfhoff, Margaret Ballroom Dancing 4 Cribbage Club 3 Entered from Collinwood in Junior year Kline, Evelyn EVIE Megaphone Club 3 Dramatics 3 Friendship Club 2 G.rls' Sports 2 Big Show 3 Charm Club 4 Singing tor Fun 2 Knirnscluild, Edward ED Browsing Club 4 Round-Table 2 Weight-Lifting Club 3 Koller, Robert BERT Boys' Leaders Club l,2 Football Varsity Team l Basketball Varsity Team l,3 J.V. Team 2 Track Varsity Team l Canasta Club 4 Cribbage Club 2 Card Club l Basketball Club l,3,4 Scrapbook Club 3 Gymnastics B. Tumbling Club Konyo, Jean Surey Editorial Staff 3,4 3rd Page 8- Sports Editor 4 National Honor Society 3,4 National Quill and Scroll 4 President 4 Ballroom Dancing 2 Ad Club 3,4 Friendship Club 13,4 Play Production Staff 3,4 GAA l,2,3,4 Advisory Board 4 Intramural Sports l,2,3,4 Girls' Leaders Club 3,4 Big Show Cholr 2 l38 Kapf, Annelie ANN Class Cabinet member 4 Publications Club 2,3 N.F.L, 3,4, President 4 Friendship l Prince of Peace 2,3,4 N H,S. 4 Korencic, Beverly BEV Student Council l,3,4 Home Room Rep. l,3,4 Executive Board 4 Concession Worker 4 Friendship 2,3,4 Majorette Club 3,4 Marching Maiorette 4 Megaphone Club 2 JV Cheerleader 2 Choir l Girl's Glee Club 3,4 Gib Show Actor 3,4 Choir 3,4 Kosman, Joan JOANIE Future Tearchers of Am. Ad Club 3,4 Friendship Club 2,3,4 Marching Band 2,3,4 Concert Band l,2,3,4 Orchestra l Big Show Musician 2 Bridge Club 2 Browsing Club 3 Travel Club 4 Kouchy, Gerald JER Class Cabinet member 4 Student Council Home Room Rep. l Movie Club l Bology Club 2,3 Camera Club 4 l3 3,4 9 Korda, Richard DICK P.A. Technicians 1,4 P,A. Announcer I Swimming Team 4 Varsity Team 4 Manager 3 Browsing Club 4 Golt Club 3 French Club 3 Tumbling l Kosher, Robert BIG AL Student Council 4 H.R, Rep, 4 Boys' Leaders l Football, Varsity Team I Basketball l Varsity Team 2 J.V, Team 2,3 Letterwinner l Baseball, Varsity Team l,3 Kofnik, David DAVE Hall Guard 4 Band l,2,3 Marching Band 2 Concert Band l,2,3 Choir 4 Boys' Leaders Club l Football l Basketball l,2 Letterwinner l,2 Manager 2 Baseball l,2 .V, Team 2 Golf 4 Varsity Team 4 BigBig Show Musician 2 Golf Club 3,4 Pinochle Club 4 Cribbage 2 Basketball Club 2,3 Kovach, Miriam SIS Class Vice President 2,3 Euclidian Business Staff 23 Advertising Manager 3 Friendship Club 2,3,4 Choir l,2 Girl's Glee Club 3 Big Show Choir 2,3 Hearts Club 4 Service Club l Kavic, Joyce JOYCE Survey Reporter 4 Future Nurses of A 4 Junror Red Cross l,2 3 Fruendhslp Club 23 Blq Show Actor 2 Charm Club 4 :erynce and Socrol Club I Krause, Barbara EARB Survey H R Rep. I7 Chou I Card Club l Slngnng for Fun 2 Basketball Club I Home Nursnng Club 2 Home Nursung Club 2 Knntfrng Club 4 Music for Fun I Lcrobble Club 3 Krautberger, Susan RED Student Councll Home Room Rep, I Fruendshnp Club 4 Dramatncs 2 GAA Member 4 Intramural SDOrls 4 Charm Club 4 Archery Club 3 Krizman, Margaret MARGIE Hall Guard 3 Concession Worker 2,3 Frlendshlo Club 2,3,4 Dramatlcs I Calypso Club 4 Smglng for Fun 2 Pre-med and Pre-dental Club 3 Kramer, Deanna DEE Frrendshlp Club 2,3,4 Malorerle Club 2,3,4 Marchlng Majorette 3,4 GAA Member 2 Bla Show 2,4 Drama Club 2 Hearts Club 4 Krauss, Janet Hall Guard I Natronal Honor Socnety 3,4 Future Nurses of America Cablnet Member 3 Frlendshlp Club 2,3,4 Gnrls' Leaders Club l Charm Club 4 Doncmq Club 2 Lotun Club 2 Scholarshlp Club I,2,3 Kriz, Catherine KAY Euclndran Home Room Rep. 2,3,4 Friendship Club 2,3,4 Canasta Club 4 Plnachle Club 2,3 Card Club I Kragrnan, Alice Future Teachers of Am. 4 Frrenclship Club 4 GAA Member 4 Round-Table 4 I4O 4 Kronenberger, Judy JUDY Class Cabinet Member 4 Student Council Home Room Rep. 2 Treasurer 3 Executive Board 3,4 Concession Worker 2 Survey, Business Staff Ad Manager 4 National Honor Society 3,4 Future Nurses of Am, 4 Friendship Club 2,3,4 Chapter President 3 Play Actor l Choir l,2 Secretary 2 Girls' Glee Club 2 GAA Member I,2,3 Girls' Leaders Club l,3 Homecoming Queen Attendant 4 Homecoming Chairman 3,4 Student-Faculty Corn. 4 Prom Committee 4 Spirit Club 4 President 4 Bug Show 2,3,4 Actor 2,3 Musician 2,3,4 Singing For Fun 2 Kulwin, Virginia GINGER Choir l Girls' Glec Club 2,3 Bla Show 2,3, Choir 2.3 Brndqe Club 2 Punachle Club 4 Basketball Club l Home Nurslnq Club 3 Kurilko, Carrie Class Cabinet Member 4 Concession Worker 3 Laddis, Anthony TONY Class Cabinet Member 2 Hi-Y I Choir 3 Pinachle Club 3,4 Basketball Club 2 l4l Kuehn, Thomas TOM Wrestling, Varsity Team 4 JV Team 2 Track, JV Team 2 Ping-Pong Club A Weight-Liftna Club 3 Kunkel, Mary KUNK Student Council l, Treas l Natuona Honor Society 3,4 Secretary 4 Friendship Club 2,3,4 Secretary-l'reasurcr 3 Chapter 3 Cabinet Member 3 Band l,2,3,4 Marching Sand 2,34 Letterwvnner 3 Board ot Direyrors 3,4 Concert Band l,2,3,4 Pit Band 2,3,5 Orchesta I GAA Member I,2,3,4 Treasurer 3 Advisory Board 3 Letterwinner I Intramural Sports l,2,3,4 Girls' Lcoders Club I,3,4 Kushner, Loretta LORRIE Friendship Club 2,3,4 GAA Member l,2 lntrarnural Sports l,2,3 Games Club 2 Scrabble 3,4 Lain, Laura LAURIE Survey Editorial Stott 3 Friendship Club 2,4 Chair l GirI's Glee Club 3 Big Show Choir 2,3 Canasta Club 2,3,4 Card Club l Editor at Eucuya I Lang, Rose Marie AYA Concession Worker 4 Friendship Club 2,3,4 Dramatics Produc'n Staff I Choir l,2 GAA I Big Show, Actor 2 Y-Teen, Vice Pres, I Browsing Club 3 Canasta Club I Charm Club 4 Sauore Dcncino 2 Printina Club 2 Lenning, Sherman GO-GO Class President I Class Vice-President 4 Class Treasurer 2 Student Council l,2,4 Hall Guarcl Captain 3,4 Key Club 4 Choir I,2,4 Boy'S Glee Club l,2,4 Football I,2,4 Letterwinner 4 Basketball l,2,3,-4 Captain 4 Letterwinner 2,3,4 Track l,2,3,4 Letterwinner 2 Golf 3,4 Letterwinner 3,4 Drama Club l,2 Field and Track 2,3 Quarterback Club l2,3 Basketball Club l,2,3 Pbotoarapby Club 3 Lette-rman's Club 3,4 Cam-Mentor l,2 Lurabee, Dianne Futurc Teachers ot Arn. 4 Eucuya, Publication Club A Friendship Club 4 GAA Member 2 Bridae Club 2 Pinochlc Club 3 LeBreton, Terry Rays' Leaders Club 2,3,4 Football, Varsity Team 2,3,4 JV Team I Letterwinner 2,3 Track, Varsity Team l,3 JV Team 2 Letterwinner I Quarterback Club 23,4 Gymnastics 8 Tumbling l,2 so Fifi Q3 -.f N X yn. i x Langlois, Carol CAL Concession Worker 4 Future Teachers ot Am. 4 Friendship Club 2,3,4 Choir l,2 Girls' Glee Club 3 Big Show, Actor 2,3, Choir 2,3, Canasta Club 2,3,4 Card Club l LaPorl'e, Thomas BIG T Senior Cabinet Room Secretary 3 Key Club 2,3,4 Secretary 4 Band Captain 4 Marching Bancl I,2,3,4 Letterwinner 4 Board of Directors 4 Concert Band I,2,3,4 Pit Band 3,4 Lauter, Kirk Class Treasurer 4 Student Council Vice Pres Home Room Rep. 4 Hall Guard l,2 Captain I,2 Regents Hi-Y 4 Audio Aides I Chair 3,4 President 4 Football Varsity Team I Letterwinner 4 Basketball, Varsity Team Wrestling, Varsity Team Track, Varsity Team 3,4 Letterwinner 3,4 Baseball, Varsity Team l Tennis, Varsity Team I Big Show, Actor 3,4 Stage Crew I Dancing Club I Ballroom Dancing 2 Round Table 3 Quarterback Club Gymnastics B Tumbling Lees, Karen Student Council Home Room Rep. 4 Survey Home Room Rep, Future Nurses of Am. 4 Ad Club 4 Friendship Club 2,3,4 World Affairs Club 4 GAA Member 3 Pinochle Club 2 Scrabble Club 3 l42 ,4 I I I 3 l Leihenseder, Paul Kurt Baseball, Varsity Team Letterwinner I,3 Manager Tennis, Varsity Team I Advanced Zoology 4 Camera Club 2 Diamond Sports Club 3 Hi-Y I Visual Aides , pres. I Visual Operators pres. I Stage Crew I Traveling Assembly I Lewis, Perry Mavic Club I Track Manager 2 Ballroom Dancing 2 Browsing Club 2 Canasta Club 3 Field and Track 2 Hearts Club 4 Trig and Slide Rule Club 3 Link, Carol CAROL Play Production Staff 4 Band l,2 Marching Band 2 Band Letterwinner I Concert Band l,2 GAA Member l,2,3,4 GAA Advisory Board 4 Intramural Sports I,2,3,4 Camera Club 3 Embroidery Club 2 Lucas, Joe JOE Hall Guard l,2,3 Concession Worker 4 Euclidean 3,4 Hi-Y, Squires 2 Treasurer 2 Lords 3,4 PA Technicians I PA Announcers I National Honor Society 4 Plays, Actor l,2,3,4 Production Staff 2,3 Thespians 4 Treasurer 4 Choir I Big Show, Actor 4 Stage Crew 4 Ballroom Dancing 2 Drama 2 Games Club 3 Poise for Boys 2,3 Boys' Leaders Club I Big Show Production Club 4 Gymnastics 8. Tumbling I Weight-Lifting Club I I43 Leuty, Mary Ellen Concession Worker 2 Survey Home Room Rep 4 Business Staff Mem 3,4 Business Manager 4 Future Teachers of Am, 3,4 Friendship Club 2,3,4 GAA Member I,2,3,4 President 4 Advisory Board 3,4 Letterwinner 4 Intramural Sports I,2,3,4 Girls' Leaders Cluh I,3,4 Singing for Fun 2 Service and Social Club I National Honor Society A Lindquist, Carol CAROL Future Tearchers of Am, A Friendship Club 4 World Affairs Club 4 Megaphone Club I Marching Band 2,3,4 Letterwinner 3 Concert Bond I,2,3,4 Pit Band 3,4 Crchestra I,24 GAA Member I Letterwinner I Intramural Sports l,2 Big Show Musician 2 Browsing Club 3 Scale and Triangle Club 2 National Honor Society 4 Longo, Anthony SLASH Student Council H R Rep 2 Euclidian Stott 4 Junior Red Cross 3 Swim Club 2 Boys' Leaders Club l,2 Football, Varsity Team I,3,4 Football, JV Team 2 Basketball Letterwinncr I Baseball Varsity Tezim I Baseball Letterwinner I Baa Show Stage Crew 3 Ballroom Dancing 2 Square Dancing I Dancing Club l,2 Diamond Sports Club I Baseball Club I Quarterback Club 23,4 Ping-Pano Club 4 Modern Dance 2 Gymnastics 8. Tumbling I Luikart, Carolyn LOUIE Friendship Club 2 Megaphone 2,3 J.V. Cheerleadcr 2 Varsity Cheerlcader I Chnor I GAA Member 2 Letterwinner I Girls' Leader I Big Show, Stcge Crew 3 Service and Social Club I,4 Sec.ATreasurer Luse, Joy STRAWBERRY Student Council Hall Guard 4 Concession Worker 2 Serice Club I Friendship Club 2 Treasurer, Chapter 2 Megaphone Club 2 GAA Member 2,3 Lctterwinner I Intramural Sports l,2,3 Girls' Leaders l Hearts Club 4 XVOOdWOllill'lQ Club 3 McBroorn, Sharron, MICKIE Publications Club 4 Editorial Board 4 Art Editor 4 Friendship Club 4 GAA Member 4 Intramural Sports 4 Art Club 3 Transferred from Kirkwood Hgh School, St, Louis. Missouri, Spring of I955 McCormack, Robert BOB, PIERRE Hall Guard 3,4 Boys' Leaders Club I Football, Varsity Team I,3,4 JV Team 2 Letterwlnner I Basketball Varsity T. l,3,4 JV Team 2 Baseball Varsity Team I Letterwinner I Ballroom Dancina 2 Baseball Club 2 Ouarterback Club 2,3,4 Basketball Club 2.3.4 Gymnastics 8. Tumbling I Prince 2 Mcbuffee, Joseph JOE Student Council, l-l R. Rep. 3 Hall Guard 3.4 Nobles l-ll-Y 2,3,4 President 4 Play Actor l,3 Boys' Glee Club 3 Football, Varsrty Team I JV Team 2 Basketball Varsity Team I Track Varsity Team I Baseball I,2,3 Letterwinner 2 Big Show Actor 3,4 Chess Club 4 Square Dancing 2 Diamond Sports Club 2,3 Baseball Club 2,3 Basketball Club 2,3,4 Lyons, Sally Concession Worker 2 Euclidian, H. R. Rep. 2,3,4 Surevy, Editorial Stott 4 Service Club, Trcos. I Friendship Club 2,3,4 Megaphone Club 2,3,4 Varsity Cheerleader I,3,4 Choir 4 GAA I ,2,3 Letterwinner I Intramural Sports I,2 Girls' Leaders Club I I-lomecomino Attendant 2 Big Show, Actor 3 McCann, John JOHNNY ACE Entered from Cathedral Lat- in 3 Boys' Glee Club 4 Boys' Leaders Club 3,4 Intramural Basketball 3,4 Plnochle Club 3 Card Club 3 Drama Club 4 Music Appreciation 4 Basketball Club 3 Ping-Pong Club 4 Printlnq Club 3 McDonald, Irene Entered tra Chardon Hiqh 3 Survey, H. R. Rep. 4 Business Stott 4 Treasurer 4 Charm Club 4 Service and Social Club 3 McGregor, Ronald Euclidian 4 Boys' Leaders Club I Football Vorsitv Team I JV Team 2 Letterwinner I Wrestling Team I Big Show Actor Ballroom Dancing 2 Pinochle Club 3,4 Card Club 2 Games Club 3 Gymnastics 8- Tumbling I l44 McGuire, Geneva PAT Student Council Homeroom Rep. 4 Friendship 4 Archery Club 4 McKay, Audrey AUD Concession Worker 3 Friendship 2,3 Megaphone 2 Varsity Cheerleader l Choir l GAA l,2,3 Letterwinner l Girls' Leaders Club, Pros, l Bio Show, Costumes 2 Charm Club 4 Sinqinq for Fun 3 Service oncl Social Cluh l McLaughlin, Nadine NADY Student Council Hall Guard 3,4 Biq Show, Actor 3,4 Drawing and Painting Club4 Pony Chorus 3 Entered from Collinwood in Junior Year McPeek, Ernest ERNIE Junior Red Cross 3 Boys' Leaders Club l Football, Varsity Team l JV Team 2 Wrestling Varsity Team l Letterwinner l Baseball Varsity Team l,3,4 JV Team 2 Letterwinner l,2,3,4 Big Show Stage Crew 2 Browsing Club 2 Diamond Sports Club 2,3,4 Baseball Club 2,3,4 Quarterback Club 2 Hearts Club 4 Scrapbook Club 2 Weiaht-Lifting Club 2 l45 Mclntyre, Patricia PAT Friendship 2,3,4 Megaphone Club 2 Girl's Glee Club l,3,4 GAA l,2,3,4 intramural Sports l,2,3,4 Ci.l. C 3,4 Service and Social Club l McKnight, Patricia PAT EucuyO Publications Club 2,3 N F L. 4 Friendship 2,3,4 Dramatics, Actor A GAA l Bio Show, Script 3 Creative Writinq 3 Wooclworklnq Club 4 McNellan, Jan MAC Concession Worker 2 Friendship Club 3 Megaphone Club 3 Secretary Girls' Glee Club 4 Bla Show Actor 3 Drawing and Painting Club2 Hearts Club 4 MacDougall, Dave Student Council Book Store Worker 3 Survey Editorial Staff A Home Room Rep. 4 Business Stott 4 Assistant Busines Mgr, 4 Eucuyo Publications Club 3,4 Editorial Board 4 Future Teachers of Am. Band l,2 Concert Band i,2 Big Show, Actor 2 Scale and Triangle Club Natonal Honor Society 4 Macko, Don Student Council Homeroom Rep. 2 Pnochle Club 3,4 Diamond Sports Club 2 Maczuga, Len MAC Chess Club 4 Diamond Sports Club 2 Scale and Triangle Games Club 3 Automobile Club 2 Mang, Jerry MAD-DOG Concession Worker Choir 3,4 Boys' Glee Club 3 Big Show Choir 3 Camera Club 2 Photography Club 2 Indian-Dance Group Archery Club 3 Marincek, Arthur ART Scale and Triangle Games Club 3 Automobile Club 2 Hearts Club 4 Boys' Club 3 Club 2 4 Club I LCN MacQuarrie, Phebe-Nell Junior Red Cross l Friendship Club 4 Choir 4 Girls' Glee Club I GAA Member 4 Home Nursing l Scrabble Club 4 Magnusson, Chris PEE-WEE Swimming Team JV Team 2 Games Club 3 Scrabble Club 4 Mannion, Kathleen K Student Council Hall Guard l Concession 2,3 Malorette Club 2,3,4 Marching Maiorette 4 Big Show, Actor 2 Modern Dance 2 Games Club 3 Big Show Club 4 Marsh, David Cl-l l NA WALL Class Cabinet 3,4 Hall Guard 3,4 Euclidian Editorial Staff 3 Survey Editorial Staff 4 Junior Hi-Y l Regents Hi-Y 2,3,4 Football, Varsity Team l,3,4 JV Team 2 Letterwinner l,4 Wrestling Club Swimming Team, JV 2 Tennis, Varsity 3 Scale and Triangle Club 2 Quarterback Club 2,3,4 Automobile Club 2 Service and Social Club l I46 Maurer, Carol Book Store Worker l,3,4 Friendship Club 2,3,4 Ballroom Dancing 3 Bridge Club 2 Canasta Club 4 French Club 2 Archery Club 3 Mercurio, Darlene J Frendship Club 2,3,4 GAA Member I Ballroom Dancing 2 Woodworking 4 Pinochle Club 3 Mesfer, Sandra SAM Concession Worker 2,3 Friendship Club 2,3,4 Megaphone Club 2,3 JV Cheerleader 2 Dramatics 3 Choir l,2,3,4 GAA 2,3,4 Girls' Leaders Club l Big Show, Actor 2,3, Choir 2,3 Girls Basketball Club V.P. l Service and Social Club l,2 Big Show 4 Girls' Sports, Lettcrsi Basketball l Baseball l Soccer l Merger, Donnie Publncations Club 3,4 Friendship Club 2,3,4 Dancing Club l Home Nursing Club 2 l47 Meden, Loretta Student Council Home Room Rea 2 Hall Guard 3 Friendship 2,3 Ballroom Dancing 2 Pinochle Club 3 Woodworking 4 Scrabble Club 2 ' Home Room Rep for Career Week Mervar, Richard DICK Scrabble Club 2 Chess Club 4 Scale and Trranqlc Club 2 Trng 8- Slide Rule Club 3 Meyers, Ken Euclidian, Business Staff A Boys' Glee Club l,2,3 Chess Club 2 Pinochle Club 3 Weight-Lifting Club l Chef's Club A Miller, Alan Key Club 3,4, Treas 4 Lords 3,4 Choir Council 4 Madrigals A Ocfel' 4 Bays' Glee Club 3,4 Big Show, Actor Choir Scale and Triangle Club 2 Archery Club 3 Scrabble Club 4 Miller, Leslie Student Councrl Home Room Rep, l Natlonal Honor Socuety 3,4 Future Teachers of Am, 3,4 Presudent 4 Notronol Forenstc League 2,3,4, Vnce Presldent 4 World Affairs Club 2,3,4 Treasurer 2,3 Parlnarnentanan 4 PA Announcers 3,4 Moyne Club l,2,3,4 Play Actors 3,4 Thesolans 4 Boys' Glee Club 3 Camera Club 3 Photography Club l Sent to Cuncunnatu by the Rotary Club to take part In the Institute on World Altairs.. Minello, Patricia PAT Concesslan Worker 2,3 Frlendshup Club 2,3 Play Productuon Staff 2,3,4 Archery Club 3 Mog, James JIM Plnocble Club 3,4 Games Club 2 Monnet, James JIM Class Presudent 2 Student Councrl Home Room Rep 2 Executlye Board 3,4 Presldent 4 Survey Edltoruol Staff 4 Natnonal Honor Soclcty 3,4 Basketball I Letterwinner l Monarchs Hn-Y 2 Swtm Club 3,4 Cbour 2,3,4 Madruqals 3 ROVS' Glee Club 2,3 Natronal Atbletuc Scholar- shlo Soclety 3,4 Boys' Leaders Club l Football 1,2 Letterwunner l Swlmmung Team Varsuty Team 2,3,4 Letterwnnner 2,3,4 Track, Varsnty Team l,2,3,4 Captain l Letterwunner l,3,4 Bug Show Chorr 2,3,4 Chess Club 2 Fneld and Track 2 Gvmnasttcs and Tumblnnq l lx.,-Aa.. -' XT Miller, Robert J. BOB Holl Guard l,2,3,4 Concessions Worker 3,4 Euclndlan Busrness Staff 4 Nobles HvAY l,3 Cbolr 4 Boys' Glee Club 4 Track, JV Team 3 Cross Country Varsrty Team 3,4 JV Team 3 Bla Show Actor 3,4 Ballroom Dancnna 2 Browsnnq Club 4 Canasta Club 3 Games Club 3 Fzeld and Track 3 Automobnle Club 2 Serylce and Soclal Club 2 Scrabble Club 4 Mirenda, Tino MARIE Book Store Worker l Hall Guard 2,3 Future Nurses of Am. I Friendship Club 2 Magarette Club 2 Gurls' Glee Club l Big Show MUSlCIGH 2 Y-Teen Ptnochle Club Pony Chorus 2 Automobllc Club Molder, Jim JB Chess Club 3 Browsrnq Club 2 Golf Club 3 Moore, Betsy OSH-KOSH Student Council Home Room Rea. 3,4 Concessuon Worker 3,4 Survey, Edltonal Staff 4 Friendship Club 2,3,4 Grrls' Glee Club 3,4 GAA 2,3,4 Bug Show, Actor, Dancer 3 Choir-Glee Club 3 Make-up 2 Charm Club 4 Scrabble Club 3 Drawing and Painting 2 l48 Moore, Carol Publucatnons Club 3,4 Frlendshlp 2,3,4 Marchmg Band 2 Concert Band l,2,3 Ssnglng for Fun 2 Motto, Bill Basketball l,2,3,4 Football l,2 Murphey, Joan MURPH Future Nurses at Am. 4 Marching Band 2 Pit Band 2 Choir I,2 Girls' Glee Club I Home Nursing Club 4 Pre-med and Preedental 3 Mussard, James JIM Choir I Baseball, JV Team 3 Manager 3 Chess Club 2,4 Photography Club 3 I4 Mora, Ray Baseball, Varslty Team l Galt, Varslty Team 3,4 Letterwlnner 3 Galt Club 3 Plnochle Club 2 4 Moyer, Donald LAWN Plays, Proauctlon Staff 3 Student Durector 3 Basketball, JV Team 2 Letterwlnner 2 Track, Varslty Team l,2,4 Murray, Richard DICK Class Cablnet Member 4 Band I Wrestling I,2,3 Track 2 Blg Show Actor 3 Ballroom Dancing I Quarterback Club 2 Welght-Llfting Club 3 Wrestling Club 3 Intramural Sports I Mutchler, Edward MUTCH Pinochle Club 3,4 Automobile Club 2 Myers, Marilyn Hall Guard I,2,3 Concession Worker 4 Friendship Club 4 Megaphone Club 3 Movie Club I Ballroom Dancing 2 Card Club I Games Club 2 Neibecker, Patricia PAT Concession Worker 4 Future Teachers of Am 4 Notiona Forencic League3,-1 Friendship Club 3,4 Majorette Club 3 Plays, Actor 2,3 Production Staff 3,4 Thespions 4 GAA Member 4 Charm Club 4 Drawing and Paintinq CIub3 Nelson, Barbara BARB Friendship Club 2,3,4 Girls' Glee Club 4 GAA Member 3,4 Card Club 3 Charm Club 4 Singing for Fun 2 Neylon, Ann Student Council Home Room Rep. 2,4 Hall Guard 2,3,4 Concession Worker 3,4 Euclidian Business Staff 4 Survey Home Room Rep. 4 Business Staff 4 Future Teachers at Am. 4 Friendship Club 2,3,4 Swim Club 2,3,4 Swim Cadettes 2,3,4 Plays, Production Staff 3 GAA Member 2,3,4 Intramural Sports 2,3,4 Spring Sports Attendant I Service and Social Club I National Honor Society 4 .pw QQ? w""f"""f Nebe, Robert J. Movie Club I,2 Tennis, Varsity Team 3,4 Letterwinner 3,4 Camera Club 3,4 Card Club Games Club 2 Letterman's Club 3,4 Neil, James JIM Baseball, JV Team 2 Pinachle Club 2,3,4 Nelson, Pat Euclidran, H. R. Rep. 3,4 Future Teachers of Am. 3 Friendship Club 2,3,4 PA Technicians 3,4 GAA Member l,2,3,4 Advsory Board 3,4 Intramural Sports l,2,3,4 Girls' Leaders Club I,3,4 Creative Writing 3 Music Appreciation 2 Hockey Team 3,4 Nick, Leo NICK Boys' Leaders Club I Card Club I Craft Club I Scale and Triangle Club 2 Basketball Club 3 Hearts Club 4 Gymnastics and Tumbling I I5O Nordstrom, Gerald JERRY Student Councrl Home Room Rep I Hall Guard I Moyne Club I Cholr 2,3 Boys' Leaders Club I Card Club 2 Craft Club I Danclng Club I Hearts Club 3,4 Gymnastlcs and Tumblrng Ogrinc, Richard DICK Student Councrl Home Room Rea I Hall Guard I PA Technrcrans I PA Announcers I Movre Club I Boys' Leaders Club I Prnochle Club 2 Card Club 3 Dancrnq Club I Scale and Trrangle Club 2 Freld and Track 3 Prng-Ponq Club 4 Gymnastlcs 8. Tumblrnq I O'Hare, Beverly PAT Ptnochle Club Basketball Club 3 Opotrny, Edward ED Class Treasurer 3 Regents Hi-Y 3,4 Football 2,3 Manager 4 Wrestling 3,4 Track, Varsity Team 3 Quarterback Club 2,3,4 I5I Nowocech, Charles GOLDEN BOY Student Councrl Home Room Rep. 3 Natnonal Honor Socrety 4 Squires Hr-Y 3 World Attalrs Club 3,4 Vrce Presdent 4 PA Annauncers 3,4 All School Play Actor 3 Thesorans 4 Marchtng Band 3,4 Letterwlnner 3 Board of Directors 4 Concert Band 3,4 Put Band 3,4 Orchestra 3 Boys' Glee Club Bra Show, Actor 2,3 Muslcran 3 O'Hora, Patrick Student Counctl Hall Guard 3 Caotarn 3 Consessron Worker 4 Eucltdran 2,3,4 Survey, Edltorral Stott 4 Frrendshro Club 2,3,4 Matorette Club 2,34 Megaphone Club 2 Dramatrcs 3 Productron Staff 3,4 Choir I Grrls' Glee Club 4 GAA Member I,2,3,4 Bla Show, Actor 3 Charm Club 4 Games Club 2 Pony Chorus 3 Onderdonk, Sydney SYD Frrendshlp Club 2,3,4 Swim Club 2,3.4 Secretary 4 Swrm Cadets 2,3,4 Dramatrcs, Production Staff-I GAA Member 4 Orcutt, Karol DEANIE Class Cabrnet 4 Student Councrl Home Room Rep. I Hall Guard I,2,3,4 Captain l,3,4 Survey Home Room Rep. 2,3 Frrendship Club 2,3,4 Malorette Club 2,3 GAA Member l,2,3 Presrdent I Intramural Sports I,2,3 Gtrls' Leaders Club I Vrce President I Freshman Queen I Beg Show Actor 2,3 Pony Chorus 2,3 Recreation Club I Osborne, Richard BIG-OZ Senlor Cablnet 4 bfudent Councll Home Room Reb 3 Hall Guard 2,3,4 Chess Club 2 Boys' Glee Club 4 Football l,2 Letterwlnner l Basketball l,2,3,-4 Letterwlnner l,-1 Track l,2,3,4 Letterwrnner l,2,3,4 Basketball Club 3 Letterman's Club 3,4 Owens, Ralph RALPH Paik, David DAVE Concert Band l,2,3,-1 Chess Club 2 Cnbboge Club 3 Palinkas, Mary Agnes AGGIE Frlendshnp Club 2,3,4 Plays l Productuon Staff 3,4 Thesbians 4 GAA Member 3,4 Intramural Sports 3,4 Bug Show Actor 3 Canatsa Club 3 Charm Club 4 Pony Chorus 3 Recreatlon Club l Booster: Club I Ott, James Plnochle Club 3,4 Games Club 2 Pagels, Carol Magoretle Club 2,3,4 Marching Malorette 34 Head Malorette 4 Bug Show Actor 2,3 Ballroom Dancrng 2 Brldqs Club 3 Palazzo, Charles "TO GO" Basketball, Varsity Team 3 Baseball, JV Team 2 Basketball Club 2,3,4 Gymnastucs and Tumbling l Palmer, Carol POGO Book Store Worker l Hall Guard 3 Concession Worker 3,4 Junior Red Cross l Friendshlp Club 2,3 Woodworking Club 3 Megaphone Club 2 GAA Member 4 Intramural Sports 2,3,4 Charm Club 4 Dancing Club l Embroidery Club 2 l52 Parker, John JACK Canasta Club 4 Cribbage Club 3 Games Club 2 Patton, Bernard BERNIE Pavelik, Francis Junior Red Cross I Friendship Club 4 Girls' Glee Club I Megaphone Club 2 Intramural SDorts I,2 Dancing Club I Knitting Club 4 Payerchin, Mary Ann Student Council Book Store Worker 4 Friendship Club 2,3 Girl's Sports GAA Member l,2,3,4 Advisory Board 4 Letterwinner I Intramural Sports l,2,3,4 Big Show, Chor 2 Canasta Club 4 Spelling Club 4 Games Club 2 l53 Patmore, Sandra SANDY Class Officer, Secretary 3 Class Cabinet 3,4 Student Council Executive Board 4 Hall Guard 3 Concession Worker l,2,4 Euclidran, H R. Rep 2 Asst. Bus, Mgr, 4 Survey, Editorial Stott 3,4 Home Room Rep. 2 Friendship Club 2,34 Malorette Club 2,3 Choir I Girls' Glee Club 23,4 Girls SDorts, GAA l,2,3,4 Intramural Sports l,2,3,4 Big Show, Choir 2,34 Knitting Club 2 Varsity Basketball lGirIsl I Service Club Treas I National Honor Society 4 Povelka, Dove B. Movie Club I,2 Marching Bom! I Art Club 3,4 Pcvlicek, Nancy NANCE Student Council Rep, 4 Survey Editorial Stott 3,4 News Editor 4 Future Teachers of Am. 3,4 Ad Club 3,4 Friendship Club 2,3,4 Dramatics Plays Prod. l,3 Choir I GAA Member l,2,3,4 Intramural Sports l,2,3,4 Girls' Leaders Club 4 Big Show Production 3 Scrabble Club 3 Peek, Sally Future Teachers of Am. 4 Friendship Club 2,3,4 Play Production Staff 4 Concert Band l,2,3,4 Orchestra I GA Member l,2,3,4 Advisory Board 4 Intramural Sports I,2 3,4 Big Show, Actor 2 Musician 3 Ballroom Dancing 2 Singng for Fun 2 Scrabble Club 3,4 j Perlloni, Carole PERU Hall Guard 2 Concesslon Worker 2 Frlendshlp Club 2,3,4 Mayorette Club 2 3 Megaphone Club 2 Play Productlon Staff 2 Play Student Dlrector 3 Gurls' Glee Club 2.3 Secretary 3 GAA Member 2,3,4 Bug Show Choir 2,3 Brldqe Club 3,4 Plnochle Club 2 Peters, Irene HOT ROD Friendship Club 2,3 Malorette Club 2 Play Productlon Staff 3 Ballroom Doncmg 2 Charm Club 4 Home Nurslng Club 2 Scrapbook Club 3 Petruzzi, Angela ANGIE Student Councul Hall Guard l,2,3,4 Corbtaln 2 Concessnon Worker 4 Euclldlan 3,4 Survey, Editorial Staff 3 Home Room Rep, 3,4 Frnendshrp Club 2,3,4 Maporette Club 2,3 Megaphone Club 2 Dramatrcs, Actors 2 Productnon Staff Grrls' Glee Club 2,3 GAA Member l,2,3 Intramural Sports l,2,3 Blg Show, Cholr 2 Charm Club 4 Dancung Club l Games Club 2 Pony Chorus 3 Pignoto ro, Rosemarie ROSIE Survey, Edrtoral Staff 3,4 Frlendshlp Club 2,3,4 Moyne Club l Dramatlcs, Plays, Actors 2 Production Staff 3 Student Dnrector 4 Gnrls' Glee Club 4 GAA Member 3,4 Bla Show, Actor 2,3 Script 4 Ballroom Dancnng 2 Drama Club 2 Hearts Club l Drawing and Palntlng Club3 Mlxed Chorus 3 Perusek, Frank FRAN K Advanced Zoology 4 Flshermorvs Club 4 Archery Club 3 Peterson, Gerald PETE Hall Guard 4 World Affalrs Club l Moyne Club l Boys' Leaders Club l Football l Basketball l Track, Varsity Team l,2,4 Letterwinner 4 Chess Club 3 Golf Club 3 Basketball Club 2 Pang-Pong Club 4 Phelps, Joy BIG JAY McNEALLY Euclldlan, Business Stott 4 Survey, H, R. Rep. 4 Regents Hr-Y 3,4 Boys' Glee Club 4 Football, Varsity 3,4 Letterwinner 4 Track, Varslty Team 3,4 Tennls, Varsrty Team 3,4 Quarterback Club 4 Varsity "E" Club 4 Pilotti, Kenneth KEN Baseball, Varslty Team 3,4 JV Team l,2 Diamond Sports Club 2,3,4 Spelling Club 2 Baseball Club 2,3,4 Photography Club 3 Officuals Club 4 l54 Plrchner, Otto W. PERCH Student Council, H, R. Real Concession Worker 2,3 World Affairs Club 2 Swim Club 4 Boys' Leaders Club 4 Swimming Team, Varsity 4 JV Team 3 Big Show Production 2,3,4 Camera Club 3 Sauare Dancing 2 Gymnastics and Tumbling 4 Scrabble Club 3 Postna k, Gloria GLO Eucliclian, H. R. Rep. 3,4 Survey, Editorial Stott 3 Future Teachers of Am, 3,4 Ad Club 3,4 Friendship Club 2,3,4 Swim Club 3,4 Vice President 4 Dramatics, Plays, Actor 3,4 Production Stott 3 Thespians 4, Sec. 4 Band l,2,3,4 Concert Band l,2,3,4 GAA Member l,2,3,4 Advisory Board 4 Big Show, Actor 2,3,4 Ball Room Dancing 2 Singing for Fun 2 National Honor Society 4 Powell, Bill Hall Guard 4 Lords Hi-Y 3,4 Chaplain 4 Choir I Boys' Glee Club 4 Track, Varsity Team l Manager 2 Cross Country, Varsity 3,4 Pinochle Club 3 Games Club 3 Round Table 2 Field and Track 2,3 Ping-Pong 4 Intramurals, Swimming 3 Track 2 Basketball 2,3 Volleyball l Robbitt, Loys BUNNY Friendship Club 2,3,4 Canasta Club 2 Charm Club 4 Service and Social Club 3 Co-op 4 l55 ww- Postle, Pat Concession Worker 2,3 Future Teachers of Am 4 Friendship Club 2,3 Mayorette Club 2,3 Play Stage Crew 2,3 GAA Member 2 Freshman Queen Attendantl Big Show Actor 2 Spelling Club 2 Pony Chorus 3 College Reading Club -4 Big Show Production -1 Potter, Patrick PAT Hall Guard 3 Football, Varsity Team l,3 JV Team 2 Letterwinner l,2 Basketball l Baseball, Varsity 1,4 JV Team 2 Browsing Club 3 Canasta Club 4 Baseball Club 3,4 Quarterback Club 2 Powers, Donna DONNA Book Store Worker 2 Honor Study Hall Sec, 4 Friendshp Club 2,3 Play Production Staff l Choir l Girls' Glee Club l GAA Member l Intramural Sports l,2 Big Shaw Script 2,4 Art Club l,3 Ballroom Dancing 2 Charm Club 4 Square Dancing 2 Radatl, Mary Ann Friendship Club 2,3,4 GAA Member l,2,3,4 Ballroom Dancing 2 Canasta Club 4 Hearts Club 2 Scnabble Club 3 Hockey Team 3 Rafh, Elaine llu:ml',lnp llulf 4 DIVX M1'llllI4'r 1,4 All llulf 4 Uullluurn Uumanq 3 Rebro, Shirley ORBYN l'Ic1y',, lhmlxllllml Bluff Al Um Show, Prullunlmu ' Y-Tcun I Cumcm Club .i J llruwenq will lululunrg C fl mule uml Tvlrmqlu Chnl, .' Hlfuml Tulllv J Knllllnq Club 4 Llimr W1,nllf1'I Y,l,4 lludfuy lo-um 5 Reeve, Jeanne JLAN Bl All lncmlslnp Club 2 Choir I hula' Culvc Club 3,-1 Bm Slww Choir .l 'nuqlnu lm Fun 7 Munn Alrlnoilullull .5 'luulllilv Lluln -l Replogle, Nancy Cl f l Y Hlmlcnl Cmnu nl Culnufs-.lun Wnmrkcr luflulaun, ll. ll, Rep Uurvvy, lilelnrlul 5101 Future lm-admin ol A Frluvs-lshm Clull 7,fl,4 Muluwllu Clnlx 3 flxulr 1,4 GAA Mcmlmcr l,2,3,4 Inlrumuml Sports l,7 Lnrls' lcuilcr-, Clulw 4 Buy Shlgw, Aklor fi Cham 4 Plrlmhlc Clulf ll luilulnun Bunnm--.'. 'ilu Ulu-lun! Luuunll, Cul Hull-UV luum 4 Rouer, Jim llulmnul Fmurmauc luu1,pu1. Pluv'-, Adm I ,2 Orflvvulru l,7,3,-'1 lrunlf, Vmullv luu Club 3,-I Rr,nlull lnllllrg Y Fwlvl mul lroclf. 7 'lrlq ulvl 'lllllu Rule' Club 5 Inllulnllvolw, Uwlmmlnfg UUwlfv'lllull 7,3 v,.Il.fyl,l.ll I Redfern, Keith Ql?A',ll Bowl' f-lull' Wmlfcl 7 julul-,lr R1-rl Cloak. Swim Llull ?,'l,4 Rcpcsy, George STEVK Plov, Pmllucllon Stull l Sloqu Crcw l Cl'10r l,2 'lirL-nizalrrcr 2 Bova' Lcoilcrs Clulx l Fuullioll, Vorslly luom l IV Toum 2 Wrc5tllnc1 Vorslly Tc-om lruck Vorsulv Tcum l Brulqu Clulw 3 Aulomubllc Club 7 Gyrurm-,llcs 8- Tunnlnlunq W1'nr1lll llfllnq Cllll: l Ricci, Rita Jane RICKY Clow. Coluncl Mcmlmcr 4 Book Slorc Worker 4 Fulurc Tcochers. of Am 4 FflCI1fi5i'lID Club 4 PA ATIHOUHCCFS 2,3 Cuolr l Charm Club 3 Round Table 2 French Club 2 Scroplguuk Club 3 l56 lu I' Richert, Mary Beth Transferred 4 Future llur5C3 of Am 4 Archery Club 4 Rogosch, Curtis CURT HOII Guflrrl 3 Survey, Erlutorral Staff 3,4 Home Room Rep, 2 llotlonol Forensic Lc-aaue3,4 Worlrl Atlarrs Club l,2,3,fl Mayne Club I Plays, Actora 2,14 Prorluctran Staff 3 Tlvcnbrans 4 Bla Show Actor 2 Rosenthal, Stanley L. STAN Student Councnl, H R. Rea, 2 Play Actor l SNattrmal Athletrc Scholar- sbup Soclety 3,4 Bays' Leaders Club l Football, Varsrty l,2,3,4 JV Team 2 Cross Country Var5rty Team 2,3,4 Lcfterwtnncr 2,3 Tennis, Varsrty Team 3 Ballroom Danctnq 2 Goll Club 4 Pro-mcrl IL Pre-dental Cl, 3 'lrack Club 2 Lctlcrmerfs Club 3,4 Rossington, Robert l57 ,iff Rogel, Carol Future Teacbfrs ol Am 3,4 Hrstorran 4 Frler1dSblp Club 2,3,4 Cabtnet Member 4 Natronal Farensrc Leaqun A Natronal Honor Socrety 4 Viorld Affairs Club 3,4 Secretary 4 Play Productton Stott 4 GAA Member 4 GHI5' Leaders Club l Drawlnq and Parntrnq Ctub2 Serytcc and Socral Club 3 Prrncc of Peace 4 Honor Study Hall 4 lfl H S, 4 Ronke, Albert C. BERT Class Cabrnet Member 4 Student Cauncrl H. R, R00 4 Plays, Actors 4 Tbesarans 4 Concert Band l,2 Brq Show Actor 2,3,4 Prnocblc- Club 2 Crrbboac Club 3 Natrona! Honor SO-tlcty 4 rt H S, Ross, Dave Boys' Gtcc Club l Boys' Leaders Club l Football Vorsrty Team l Lctterwrnner l Track Varsrty Team l Art Club l Ballroom Doncrnq 2 Square Dancrna l Drawlnq 8- Paintlna Club l Games Club 3 Srnqma for Fun Z Freld and Track 2 Outdoors Club 3 Hearts Club 4 Pbotoqrophy Club I Moflern Dance Club 4 Rothrock, Lois SHORTY Friendship Club 23,4 Brq Sbow 4 Ballroom Dancrnq 3 Roubicek, Joan Future Teachers of Am.2,3,4 i Junior Red Cross 2 Friendship Club 2,4 Girls' Glee Club l Girls' Leaders Club l Canasta Club 4 Home Nursing Club 2 Competitive Assemblies 2 Runa, Ma rcia Concession Worker 3 Eucuvo Editorial Board 4 Future Teachers of Am. 3 Junior Red Cross 3 Friendship Club 3,4 Megaphone Club 2 Movie Club 3 Chair 1,2 Girls' Glee Club 2 GAA Member 3 Bla Show Actor 2 Knittino Club 3 Sanders, Pat Future Nurses ot Am. 4 Big Show Actor 2 Y-Teen I Pony Chorus 2 Knitting Club 4 Friendship Club 2,3 Service Club 3 Bla Show Production Stt A Safer, Roy Swim Club 3 Play Actors 2,3 Track Letterwinner I Wrestling Letterwinner l Big Show Actor 2 Ballroom Dancing 2 Field and Track 3 Archery Club 3 Gymnastics 8. Tumbling Rowe, Barbara BARB Student Council H. R. Rep. 3 Concession Worker 2 Survey, H. R. Rep. 3,4 Friendship Club 2,3,4 Combined Vice Pres, 4 Chapter Sec.-Treas. 2 Play Actor l Choir l,4 Girls' Glee Club 3 GAA Member l,2,3,4 Girls' Leaders Club 3,4 Big Show Dancers 2,3,4 Big Show Choir 4 Pinochlc Club 2 Rutkasky, John JACK Honor Studv Hall 4 Captain 4 Sandy, Jerry Football l Basketball l Pinochle Club 4 Cribbaqe Club 3 Schael, Carol Entered from Villa Angela in Junior Year. Class Cabinet Member 4 Future Teachers of Am. 4 Future Nurses of Am. 4 Secretary 4 Friendship Club 3,4 Plays, Production Staff 4 GAA Member 3,4 Scrabble Club 3 Dramatics Club l,2 l58 Schaertl, Darlene TWIRPY Concession Worker 3 Euclidian Business Staff 3,4 Survey Editorial Stott 2,3,4 Home Room Rep. 3,4 N. F. I., 2,3 Ad Club 4 Frienaship Club 2,3,4 Audio Aids 2,3 PA Technicians 2,3 Plays Production Staff 2,3 GAA Member 2,3 Intramural Sports 2,3 G.L,C. 4 Era Show Stagc Crew A Golt Club 3 Service and Socal l,3 Scrabble 2 Schoen, Gene SHANE Concession Worker 2 Friendship Club 2,3,4 Maiorette Club 2,3,4 Marching Majorcttc 3,4 Letterwinner 4 Intramural Sports 2,3 Bla Show Actor 3,4 Charm Club 4 Music Appreciation 3 Schultz, Edward ED World Attairs Club 2,3,4 Movie Club l Schwartz, Jerry Plnachle Club l59 Schmitz, David DAVE Hearts Club A VVeigl1t-Lifting Club 3 Schroeder, George Class Cabinet Member A Euclidian Editorial Staff 4 Artist 4 World Attaurs Club 3 Play Actor 3,4 Production Staff 4 Thespians 4 Band, Marchinq 2,3, Letterwinner l,3 Concert Band l,2,3,4 Pit Band 2,3 Pep Band l Orchestra l Football, JV Team l,2 Basketball, JV Team l,2 Bla Shaw 2,3,4 Actor 3 Musician 2,3 Music Appreciation 3 Newspaper Readina 3 Ouarterback Club 2 National Honor Society 4 Schulz, Erick BIG EK Audio Aides l PA Announcers l PA Technicians l Ping-Pang Club l Hearts Club 3,4 Gymnastics 8- Tumblinq l Schwegler, Paul PlNl'lEAD Hall Guard l,2,3,4 Euclidean 2,3,4 Asst. Circulation Mar. 3 Survey, Editorial Staff 4 Home Room Rep. 3 Key Club 2,3,4 President 4 Regents Hi-Y 2,3,4 President 4 Secretary 3 Treasurer 3 Football Varsity Team l Basketball Varsity Team 3,4 JV Team 2 Track JV Team 2 Varsity Team l Tennis Varsity Team 3,4 Letterwinner 3 Round Table 2 Field and Track 2 Basketball Club l Movie Cluh l Serra, Paul Student Council Rep. 2 Baseball Varsity Team 3,4 .IV Team 2 Letterwlnner 3,4 Canasta Club 3,4 Diamond Sports Club 2,3,4 Baseball Club 2,3,4 Scraabook Club 2 Sheridan, Joseph JCE Canasta Club 3,4 Diamond Sports Club 2 Soellinq Club 2 XVoild Affairs Club 3 Shrimpton, Edwin NED Hall Guard l Play Producton Staff l Stage Crew l Baseball Manager 3 Art Club 2,3,4 Camera Club l Skrance, Martha Class Cabinet Member 2 Student Council Home Room Rep. 3,4 Concession Worker 2,3,4 Euclidian H, R, Rep, 4 Survey Editorial Staff 4 Business Staff 4 Future Nurses of Am, 4 Friendship Club 2,3,4 Cabinet Member 3 Megaphone Club 2 Choir l,2 Girls' Glee Club 3 GAA Member l,2,3,4 Intramural Sports 2,3,4 Big Show Actor 2,3 Choir 2,3 Charm Club 4 Music Appreciation 3 Shawke, Jean Junior Red Cross 3 Movie Club 4 Big Show Stage Crew 2,3 Chess Club 4 Flower Club 2 Embroidery Club l Sherman, Ronald BOSCO Cross Country Manager 3 Camera Club 2 Hearts Club 4 Pre-med 8. Pre-dental 3 Sibenik, Frank DADDIO Track, Varsity Team 3 Biology Club 2 Field and Track 3 Skully, Patricia PATTY Friendship Club 2,3 Choir l,2,3,4 Big Show Choir 2,3,4 Charm Club 4 Home Nursing Club 2 Red Cross Club 3 l6O Srnith, Barbara SMITTY Class Cablnet Member 4 Concession Worker Survey Eclltorlal Staff 3,4 Frlendsblo Club 2 Play Actor 3 Choir l,2,3 Madrigals 3 Bug Show Actor 2,3 Choir 2,3 Creative Writing 4 Muslc Appreclatlon 3 Woodworking Club 7 Smolic, Louis F. LOUIE Advanced Zoology A Pnnocble Club l Camera Club 2 Chemistry Club 3 Soeder, Eugene GENE Boys' Glce Club 4 Wrestllng Manager 4 Track Varsity Team 3,4 JV Team 3 Cross Country Varsity Team 3,4 JV Team 3 Camera Club 2 Field and Track 3 Photography Club 3 Weight-Lifting Club l Indian Dance Grout? 4 Southworth, Carolyn SHAW Student Council Home Room Rep. I Concession Worker 2,3 Friendship Club 4 World Affairs Club 4 Plays Stage Crew l,2 Choir 2,3,4 Modrigals 4 Octet 4 GAA Member 4 Letterwlnner 4 Gym Leader 2,3 l 6l wrvf-"W 'EF' li lt 'C 'U' 'Yi Smith, Robert BOB Vtlarld Affczlr5 Club 2,3 Ballroom Danclng 4 Square Dancuna 2 Drama Club 2 Snyder, Donna DE Student Council Home Room Rea, l,2 Natonal Honor Soclety 3 Treasurer 4 Future Teachers ot Am Friendship Club 2,3.4 Band, Marching 2,3,4 Letterwmner 3,4 Board at Directors 4 Concert Band l,2,3,4 Put Band 3,4 Orchestra l,2,3,4 GAA Member l,2,3,4 lntramural Sports l,2,3,4 Glrls' Leaders Club 3,4 Bug Show MUSICIOU 2,3,4 Pony Chorus 2 Solanics, Paul Wrestllnq Varsity Team Baseball Varsity 3,4 Diamond Sports Club 2 Basketball Club 2 Chefs Club 4 Archery Club 3 Specht, Marguerite SPECKLES Student Council Home Room Reo,,2 Future Nurses of Am. 4 Frnendsbio Club 3,4 Play Production Staff l Charm Club 4 ,4 4 4 Sprochi, Carol SPOKES Suryev Edltorual Staff 2,3,4 Home Room Rea 4 National Honor Society 3,4 Future Teachers of Am, 4 Natuonal Forensic Lg. 2,3,4 Secretary 4 Friendship Club 3 World Affairs Club 3,4 PA Announcers 3,4 Plays Actor 3 Production Statl 3,4 Thesplans 4 Vice President 4 Choir 2,3,4 Girls' Glee Club 3 GAA Member 4 Bug Show Actor 2 Choir 2,3 Script 2 Smaung for Fun 2 Stampfel, Roberto BERTIE Eucllduan Home Room R 2,3 Business Manager 4 Survey Editorial Staff 3,4 Home Room Rep 2 Feature Editor 4 Natrona Forensic L 3,4 Future Nurses of Am, 4 National Quill St Scroll J Secretary 4 Fnendshlo Club 2,3,4 Megaphone Club 2,3,4 Natnonal Honor Soclety 4 Megaphone Club JV Cheerleader 2 Varslfy Cheerleader 4 Plays Actors 3,4 Productuon Staff l,2,-1 Thesprans 4 Cheerleader letterwunncr 4 Choir l,2,4 GAA Member 2,3 Homecoming Queen Attend Eng Show Choir 2,3,4 Stapleton, William BILL Pnnochle Club 3 Games Club 2 Ping-Pong Club 4 Stewart, Robert BOE H-Y 1,2 Football Varsuty Team 2,3,4 Letterwlnner 3,4 Manager 2,3,4 Basketball JV Team l,2 Wrestling JV Team 2 Baseball JV Team 3,4 Chess Club 3,4 Canasta Club 2 Diamond Sports Club 3 Quarterback Club 2,3,4 NPS' Squire, LeRoy LEE Student Councrl Home Room Reb, Football JV Team Letterwlnner Prnochle Club 4 Quarterback Club 2 Pre-med 8- Pre-dental 3 Stancavich, Elizabeth BETTY Friendship Club 3,4 GAA Member 3 Charm Club 4 Games Club 3 Service and Socnal Club 3 Entered from St, Patrick's Hugh School Steinmetz, Judith, JUDY Hall Guard 3 Ad Club 3,4 Friendship Club 2,3 Choir I Singing for Fun 2 Hearts Club 4 Exercise and Social Club l Scrabble Club 3 Stock, Shirley SHIRL GAA Member 4 Glrls' Leaders Club l Bridge Club 4 162 Stokes, Linda LIN Friendship Club 2,3,4 World Affairs Club 4 G.rls' Glee Club 2,3,4 GAA Member 4 Ballroom Dancing 2 Canasta Club 3 Folk Dancing 2 Stopar, Sylvia SYL Friendship Club 2,3 GAA Member l,2,4 Ballroom Dancing 2 Hearts Club 4 Service and Social Cl Shah, Richard RICH Piriachle Club 3,4 Diamond Sports Club Basketball Club 2 Weight-Lifting Club Sfroberg, Edward EDDIE Regents Hi-Y 2,3 Football l,2 JV Team 2 Letterwinner 2 U 2 l Basketball JV Team 2 Letterwinner 2 Track Varsity Team l,2,3,4 Letterwinner 2,3,4 Field and Track Club 2,3 Basketball Club 4 ff Stoner, Kathleen KATHY Eucliclian Business Staff2,3,4 Home Room Rep. 23,4 Editorial Staff 4 Survey Staff 4 Accountant 4 Eucuya Publications Club 4 Future Teachers of Am. 4 Friendship Club 2,3,4 Choir l,2,3,4 Girls' Glee Club 2 Big Show 2,3,4 Pinochle Club 3 Dancing Club l Pony Chorus 2 Prom Committee l National Honor Sacictv A Stowe, Phyllis Friendship Club 3,4 Movie Club 4 Play Production Staff 4 GAA Member 4 Ballroom Dancing 3 Travel Club 4 Sfrekal, Edward STRE K Movie Club l,3,4 Chess Club 2,4 Camera Club 3 Photography Club 3 Swain, Carol Class Cabinet Member 4 Student Council Home Room Rep. 2 Future Nurses of Arn. 4 Friendship Club 3 Maiorette Club 3 Play Actor l Production Staff 3 Girls' Glee Club 3 GAA Member 2,3,4 Big Show Choir 3 Drama Club 2 Service and Social Club 3 Sweeder, Diono SWEEDIE Class Cabinet Member 3 Student Council Home Room Rep. l Concession Worker 4 Fiiclidian Circulation Mgr. 4 National Honor Society 3,4 President A Friendshio Club 2,3,4 Future Teachers of Am. 3,4 Treasurer 4 VVorld Affairs Club l Choir l,2,3,-4 GAA Member 3,4 Advisory Board 4 Girls' Leaders Club 4 Rio Show Choir 2,3,4 Fiiflae Club 3 Pinochlc Club 2 Teefer, Arnold ARNIE Play Actor 4 Bridge Club 2 Canasta Cluh A Camera Club 2 Archery Club 3 Tenller, Dave Boys' Leaders Club l Football Varsity Team l,3,4 JV Team 2 Letterwinner l,2 Varsity Wrestling Team 2,3 Varsity Track 2 Ballroom Dancing 2 Quarterback Club 2,3 Ping-Pong Club 4 Weight-Lifting Club 3 Thompson, Arthur ART Student Council Home Room Reb. 4 Choir 2,3,4 Choir Council 4 Football l Wrestling l Golf 2,3,4 Letterwnnner 3,4 Big Show 2,3,4 Chess Club 3 Golf Club 2 Pinochle Club 4 ,I Taylor, Judy Ssrrvey Home Room Rep Friendship Club 4 GAA Member 4 Spelling Club 2 Scrabble Club 4 Telisrnan, John Survey Hamer Room Rep. Choir l,2,3,4 Madrigals 4 Octet 4 Boys' Glee Club 2,3 Big Show Choir 2,3,4 Dancing Club l Indian Dance Group Theodosian, Nick BIG NICK Marching Band 2,3,4 Letterwinner 3 Concert Band l,2,3,4 Pit Band 2,3 Big Show Musician 2,3 Chess Club 2,4 Camera Club 2,3,4 Thorpe, Richard Movie Club l,2,3,4 Play Actor l Play Stage Crew l,2,3 Choir 2,3,4 Boys' Glee Club 2,3 Big Show Actor l,2,3 Choir 2,3,4 Stage Crew l Ballroom Dancing l,2,3 Canasta Club 3 Drcma Club l Folk Dancing 2 Printing Club l l64 2 Toll, Pauline POLLY Student Council Concession Worker 2,3,A Survey Editorlal Staff 4 Home Room Rep, 4 Future Teachers of Am 4 Friendship Club 2,3,4 Magorette Club 3 Dramatics, Play Actor 3,4 Production Staff 2,3,-1 Chour l,2,4 Girls' Glee Club 3 GAA Member l,2,3,4 Girls' Leaders Club 3,4 Hockey 3,4 Big Show Actor 2,3 Chair 2,3,4 Drama Club 2 Pony Chorus 3 Servlce and Social Club l National Honor Society -I Tomsic, Carol TOMI Concessron Worker 2,3,4 Survey Editorial Staff Member 3 Friendship Club 2,3 Megaphone Club 2 Movie Club 2 Girls' Glee Club 2 GAA Member 2,3,4 Letterwinner l Intramural Sports l,2,3 Girls' Leaders Club l Bug Show Choir 2 Singing for Fun 2 Tolak, Roy PA Technicians 2,3,4 Play Stage Crew 2,3,4 Big Show Stage Crew 2,3,-4 Chess Club 2 Pinochle Club 3 Turnbull, Barbara Student Council Home Room Rep. 2 Megaphone Club 2,3 Choir l,2,3 Girls' Glee Club 3 Big Show Choir 2,3 Canasta Club 4 Square Dancing Club 3 Gymnastics 8. Tumbling l,2 l65 sv' A l Y 1 T 'JS' X Tolway, Dick Track Varsity Team 3 Letterwinner 3 Cross Country JV Team 2 Ballroom Dancing 2 Cribbage Club 4 Singlng for Fun 2 Field and Track .1 Toplak, June Concession Worker 2 Future Teachers ot Am 2 3 Friendship Club 2,3,4 PA Technicians 2,3,4 GAA Member l,2,3,4 Advisory Board 3,4 Medal Winner 3 Intramural Sports l,23,-1 Girls Leaders Club 3-1 Secretary 4 Tucker, Joan 'TENNESSEE Blq Shaw Script Uliua, Robert BOB Movie Club Member 4 H:-Y Club l Ballroom Dancing 4 Browsing Club 3 Ulle Ronald HGER Prnochle Club 3 Pnng-Pong Club 4 Photography Club 3 Vadnkin William BILL Valenti, Louis Ballroom Dancing 2 Prnochle Club 4 Dancing Club l Music Appercialuon Pholography Club Verh, Jon CHIP Junior Red Cross l Movie Club 2,3,4 President 4 Singing for Fun 2 Printing Club l 2 3 Servlce and Socnal Club 4 Archery Club 3 Wild Life Displays 2,3 Urankar, Johanne JO Hall Guard 3 Concession Worker 2,3 Survey H. R. Rep. 3,4 Business Staff 3 Secretary 3 Megaphone Club 2,3 JV Cneerleader l,2,3 Co-Captain 2 GAA Member 1,2 Letterwlnner l Intramural Sports l,2 Vaigl, Charles CHUCK Band l,2,3,4 Marching Bond 2,3,-l Letterwinner 3 Concert Bond l,2,3,4 Pnl Band 3,4 Bla Show Musician 3 Chess Club 4 Dance Band Club 3 Verbsky, Henry HANK Class Cabinet Member 4 Concession Worker 3,4 Marching Bond l,2,3,4 Letferwinner 4 Concert Bond l,2,3,4 Pit Band 2,3,4 Pep Band 2,3,4 Orchestra l Pinochle Club 2 Camera Club 3 Big Show Mvsician 2,3,4 Sports Club l Verhotz, Janice JAN Friendship Club 2,3 Choir l Singing for Fun 2 Hearts Club 4 Service and Social Club G. A. C. I Scrabble Club 3 I66 l Vert, June Card Club 3 Knitting Club 4 Entered from East High 3 Walter, Judy Activities in former school Moyne Operator Y-Teens Club Refreshment Chairman Library Assistant Girls' League Rep. Teacher's Secretory Girls' League Sgt. at Arms Weaver, Mona ABEGAIL Student Council Home Room Rep, 3 Book Store Worker l Captain 1 Concession Worker 4 National Honor Society 3,4 Future Teachers of Am. 4 Friendship Club 2,3,4 Dramotics Actor l Production Staff 3 Girls' Glee Club 3 GAA Member l,2,3,4 Secretary 4 Advisory Board 4 Letterwinner l Intramural Sports l,2,3,4 Girls' Leaders Club 3,4 Big Show Choir 3 Bridge Club 2 Wendell, Marilyn WENDY Euclidian Editorial Staff 3,4 Picture Editor 4 Eucuyo Publication Club 4 Editorial Board 4 National Honor Society 3,4 Future Teachers of Am, 4 National Forensic L'gue2,3,4 Prince of Peace 4 National Quill 81 Scroll 4 Treasurer 4 Friendship Club 2,3,4 PA Announcer 3,4 Thespians 4 Play Actor 1,3 Marching Band 2,3,4 Junior Officer 4 Concert Band l,2,3,4 Letterwinner l,3 Librarian 3,4 Orchestra l,2,3,4 Cleveland Solo 8. Ensem- ble Contest l,2,3,4 I67 l X194 69? 'E 2 ,1 Vidmar, William BILL Bond l,2,3,4 Marching Band 2,3,4 Letterwinner 4 Board of Directors l,4 Concert Band l,2,3,-1 Pit Bond 4 PeD Band 4 Swimming Team, Varsity JV Team 3 Big Show Musician 2,3,-l Biology Club 2 Chefs Club 4 Archery Club 3 Scrabble Club 4 Band Captain l Walters, Dolores Ann MERT Friendship Club 3,4 World Affairs Club 3 Dramatics Actor l Big Show Choir 3 Stage Crew 2 Bridge Club 4 Canasta Club 3 Drama Club 2 Singing for Fun I Scrapbook Club 3 Welsh, Charles Survey Asst, Adv Mgr, 4 Choir Madrigals Eoys' C-,lee Club Big Show Actor Choir Camera Club West, James JIM National Forensic League Squires Hi-Y 2,3,4 Vice-President 2 Secretary 3 PA Announcers 4 Play Actor 4 Marching Band 2,3,4 Letterwinner Concert Band 2,3,4 Pit Band 2,3,4 Pep Band 3,4 Orchestra 2,3,4 Drama Club I Biology Club 2 4 4 White, Sharon SHARY Friendship Club 2,34 Ballroom Dancing 2 Drawing - Painting Club 4 Home Nursing Club 2 :ervme and Social Club 3 Wills, Dorothy DOTTIE Friendship Club 2,3,4 Choir 3,4 Madrngals 4 Girls' Glee Club 2 Biq Show Musician 2,3 Choir 2,3 Charm Club 4 Service and Social Club 3 Chncklettes 3,4 Wlodarski, Dolores DODY Survey Business Staff 4 Future Teachers ot Am 4 National Forensc LeaQue3,-1 Junior Red Cross 2 Friendship Club 3,4 Audio Aides PA Announcers 4 Dramatics Production Statt 3,4 Thesprans 4 Girls' Glee Club 2 GAA Member 4 Drawing and Painting ClulJ3 Knittrnq Club 4 Woodford, Donald DON Hi-Y l President l Regents 4 Choir 4 Football Varsity 4 JV Team 2 Letterwinner 4 Quarterback Club 4 Basketball Club 3 Boys Glee Club 4 -5 is Williams, Suzanne SUE Friendship Club 2,3,4 GAA Member 3,4 Charm Club 4 Singing far Fun 2 Hearts Club 3 Wilson, Robert BOB Class Cabinet Member 4 Hall Guard 4 Wonderly, Elaine E Euclidian H. R. Rep 2,34 Frlendshrp Club 2,3 Megaphone Club 2 Choir l GAA Club l,2,3 Big Show 4 Golf Club 3 Service 8. Social Club l Wuchte, Janet HOYLE Survey Editor.aI Staff 3,4 News Editor 4 Eucuyo Publications Club Editorial Board 4 National Quill and Scroll Friendship Club 2,3,4 PA Technicians 2,3,4 Board of Directors 3 Treasurer 4 Choir 4 Girls' Glee Club 3 GAA Member l,2,3,4 Intramural Sports l,2,3,4 Big Show Choir 2,3,4 Dancer 3 Scrabble Club 3 l68 4 4 Yatsko, Annamae AISJNAMOO Friendship Club 2,3,4 Choir I Dancing Club I Drawing 8. Painting Club 4 Melody Reviews I Zellers, Barbara ANNIE Transferred from Madison in March, l955 Cabinet Member 4 Friendship Club 4 Megaphone Club 3 Dromatics 4 Play 4 Thespions 4 Choir 4 Girls' Glee Club 3,4 GAA Member 4 Big Show Choir 3 Lead in Fall Play, "Annie Get Your Gun" Zimmerman, Marlene ZIPPY Student Council Home Room Rep. 2,3 Executive Board 3,4 Concession Worker 2,3 Euclidian 2,3 Survey Home Room Rep 4 Business Staff 4 Circulation Manager 4 National Honor Society 3,4 Friendship Club 2,3,4 Chapter Treasurer 3 Cabinet Member 3 Choir I,2 GAA Member 2,3,4 Intramural Sports 2,3,4 Girls Leaders Club I Big Snow 2 Pinochle Club 4 Service Club I Reading Club for College 4 Golob, Leroy LEE Big Show Stage Crew 2 Pinochle Club 3,4 Games Club 2 Mason, Arthur ART Boys' Leaders Club I Football Varsity Team I JV Team 2 Numerals 2 Baseball Varsity Team I JV Team 2 Letterwinner I Numerals 2 Cribbage Club 3 Baseball Club 2 pr-4. sl Sf, si N Kane, James Student Council H. R. Rep 3 Hall Guard Captain 4 Swim Club 3 Basketball I Swim Varsity Team 2,3,4 Baseball l Advanced Zoology 4 Card Club l Games Club 2 Gymnastics 8. Tumbling I Racine, Fla Friendship Club 4 Swim Club 3 Girls' Glee Club 3 GAA Member l,4 Round Table 3 Karol, Robert BOB Swimming Team Varsity l,2 W.R.A. Entered from Western Re- serve University in Junior year. Sfadler, Ray RAY Automobile Club 2 Modern Dance Club I Zeiger, Pat Student Council Book Store Worker l Euclidian Business Staff 2,3 Friendship Club 2,3,4 Megaphone Club 2 Production Stott l,2 Choir l Girls' Glee Club 2,3 GAA Member 3,4 Intramural Sports l,3.4 Zgonc, Rosemary llvf, Entered from John Hay '54 Cribbage Clcb 3,4 " 2 honor ribbons in 9th grade Zust, Judith Class Cabinet Member 3 Concession Worker 3,4 Survey Edtonal Staff 4 Publications Club 4 Editor 4 Future Teachers ot Am. 3,-l National Quill 8- Scroll 4 Friendshzp Club 2,4 Play Production Staff 3,4 Choir I,2 Girls' Glee Club 2,3,4 Big Show Actor 2 Choir 2,3,4 Ballroom Dancing 2 Y-Teens l Scrabble Club 3 Kern, Roy Golf Club 2 if Certificate tor Algebra in 9th Grade. ' Letter for Sports in 9th Grade. 0+ W-MS' WQ f' fx' Qs . .:,'.w'.m...-. '.' . . Q . -,.-".z,',v.. Q v . ,. .. - ' 'Pu' feb' -1 Q ,' , . 4 . , aw. 4 vu- --"'.:': 'X x ,Q 4 ' v ,- Q '1fkl3f"7.'?-if v2'vi. W" -iii-51 'ff av. A . ,QV x X . Z A . v , - I Qi. L Ngg . -3 Q, L ,,,fgaiX'Z1'g-29-.':35x: ,, X M fwfr-bf. - Q M XJ'-N.,1:m AWS ""'e'X'S'x'2a 'ii' fm gin" f Wag, ,5 I' V df,-,,n . -jf, :W . Hg, x ' -f' 311- ."'X : Sa va ' - f .. , , ' ,- : 'LQ -452 165.4 -gig ., ' .-,s 5 fl ,M -ff W' 704 Q W ',M,,.Mw-Q ymsw wr- kt -rf X f w"'f 0 .Q v, fr Q EIC, 3 4 ,h 2 in!! Q is FN N 4 N ,I N Q ? xg X TN f ' 1 fi -1 .QS . a 1: .X 1 V X ,S-ii K X 1 NS N4 A W 4, X Q x 5 X - X Jw We wish to express our most sincere "Thank You" to the following people who have helped us with the l956 Euclidian. Dr. W Fordyce . . Superintendent of Schools . . , for providing us with all the wonderful facilities for publishing this Yearbook. Mr, C. Owens . . . Euclid Principal . . . For working with us to solve our many prob'ems. Mr. M Baumer . . Euclid Vice-Principal , . , For helping us keep our picture schedules running smoothly. Mrs. H. Sheats and Mr. B. Graham . . . Euclid Deans . , , For being so understanding about the STAFF ABSENCE from classes, Mr. Bennet and Mr. C. George , . . Business Sponsers . . . For their staff for provid- ing the necessary budget with which we worked. Mr. R. Seitz and Mr. R. Libengood . . . Cleveland Engraving Co .... For advising the bcst seteup of our dummy and for doing our engraving. Mr. R. Hammill . . . Mueller Art Cover Co .... For Helping us design our cover. Mr. H. Hurst . . , Painesville Publishing Co .... For helping us choose our printing style and for printing our book. Mr. M. Levine, Mr, Wm. Rainen and Mr. J. Gongos . . . Raimor Stuidos . . . For doing an outstanding job on our Senior pictures, Mr. F. Vollman , . . Art Instructor . . . For helping the staff artists with all the art work. Mr. D. McGinley . . . Camera Club . . . For taking our pictures and then patiently making the many reprints. Mr, G, Pillot . . . Sponsor . . , For being so much fun, so patient, and for putting up with our many goofs. gd 175 Best Wishes To the l956 Graduates Euclid Lodge No. 597 Loyal Order of Moose The Family Fraternity 'Man's greatest good is found in service to his fellow man." ZAGAR TOOL, Inc. SPECIAL MACHINERY Standard 6- Special Hydraulic Drilling Machines Acoustical Tile Drilling Machinery and Special Tooling Collet Fixtures - Holding 81 Indexing - Multiple Drill l-leads Small Parts Broaching Machines 24000 Lakeland Blvd. RE. 1-0500 l7 Compliments of Fraternal Order of Police Euclid Lodge No. l8 Euclid, Ohio Compliments of Mr. Nelson's Senior Homeroom 118 Tony Laddis Dan Woodford Dave Schmitz Marge Brickner George Schroeder Hazel Daubenmire Ed Schultz Lynn Katz Erick Schulz Gretchen Kiebler Paul Schwezler Paul Serra Joe Sheridan Ronald Sherman Edwin Schrimpton Frank Sibenik Robert Smith Ra Sta e Elaine Rath Gene Schoen Jean Shawke Martha Skrance Pat Skully Barbara Smith Donna Snyder y dl r Carol Sprochl Bob Stewart Roberta Stamptel Dick Tolway Joan Tucker Compliments of Senior Homeroom 208 Irene Galliger Marion Kling Judie Haller John Kocian Delores Horvath Bert Kollar Virginia Howard Jean Konyha ' Ann li K f e e op Richard Korda Beverly Korenci Gloria Hurka Judith Jablon Judy Jesberger Judy Judice Bob Kosher Burt n Jud David Kotnik Gerald Koucky Joyce Kovic Sue Krautberger o son Esther Kasunic Jerry Keck Janet Keller Janet Kent Tam Kuehn Roy Kern Rose Marie Lang Patricia Kernz Paul Solanics John Kinq Rosemary Zgon: Evelyn Kline ..- The Student Council at Euclid consists of an Executive Board of fifteen students who ron for Student Councll offices the previous spring and who are in charge of some school function, and one representative from each homeroom elected by his classmates. President of this year's Student Council was Jim Monnett while the offices of Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer were held by Maureen Dolan, Elsie Hassink, ond Tony Gregorc respectively, Members of the Executive Board and their jobs were: Maureen Dolan, assemblies, Sandy Patmore and Bev Korencic, Concessions, Dave Gravell, hall guards, Fred Bowles, recreation room, Guy Donahue, cafeteria, John Bock, parliamen- tarian, Ed Eckert, popcorn machine, Bob Cramer, social, Dave l-leck, lost and found, Marleen Zimmerman, suggestion box, Judy Kronenberger, home- coming, and Elsie l-lassink, magazine drive. 177 ,ut SCI-iOTT'S Depa rtment Store Lctke Shore Blvd. omd E. 222nd Street Euclid, Chio REdwood i-2286 New Foslriions tor the Fomily' cmd Home -Q At Economy Prices For a Guaranteed Fit Every Time See X emi Stow ,IM Wien AND DRESS SUIT RENTAL 22346 Lake Shore Blvd. "EucIid'S First and Finest Men's Store" Carr ourowncom eesoc o ,.. White Dinner Jackets 0 Tuxedos Pastel Dinner Jackets 0 Full Dress 0 Morning Formals 0 Complete Formal Accessori Compliments ot MR. STOCH'S Sophomore Classroom lCateteria Northl Compliments of PHILLIP BERARDINELLI E f ,, " 1 Zvi? X ,, - ,Q W, :gi f xixx . P H Rlcics Mews si-nov Euc1id's Headquarters For Youna Mens Styles 22572 Lake Shore Boulevard CBe'rween Lake 84 Shore Theatres? RE, 2-7875 Profitable Convenient Safe 371 Interest Bearing 395 Sound Management Substantial Reserves 'IZCLAIR AVINGS AND LOAN COMPANY 813 E. 'I85 St. ' 6235 Si. Clair Ave. Savings Accounts Insured Up to 510,000 "A Savings lns'ritution" Two Convenient Locations IV. 1-7800 HE. 1-5670 BOB'S BARBER SHOP 22048 Lake shsfe Blvd. FIVE SKILLED BARBERS WoMEN fx CHILDREN oUR sPEotALTY Air Conditioned ii? Shoe Shine BGULEVARD SHQES Shore Center Building Sparinq No Effort To Please" 22324 Lake Shore Blvd. RE, 1-0575 THE KIWANIS CLUB OF EUCLID Extends Its Congratulations To Graduating Members ot the Key Club And to Qther Members ot the Class of 1956 180 RE. 2-7171 NON-FERROUS METALS FABRICATING COMPANY Euc1id's Gnly cmd Qricginctl lob Shop FABRICATING PLANT A11 Types of Metals Stephen Opoilich Best Wishes To the Class of 1956 From the following Patrons: Dr. Lloyd N. Hollander Dr. V, L. Ramanauskas Dr Dr. . . o er Dr. John Hrisko Dr. J. F. Morabito Dr, E. B. Beery Dr. J. L. Whitaker Frank G. Gornik, Attorney Dr. A. J. Blaskevica Dr. J. L. O'Donnell Dr. 8. Mrs. Filmore Schiller Dr. Elwood Sawitke Dr. William Schiffman Dr. C. T. Downer Dr H b t P J k . Theodore R. Havel C W R rr . er er . an e Dr. Howard A. Nelson, Jr. Dr. F. Deutsch 25861 Tunqston Rd. Euclid 32, Chio BEST WISI-IES To the Class of 1956 "Air and High Cycle Electric Portable TooIs" Compliments of Miss Aingworth's Junior Homeroom 210 Compliments of Miss AIspach's Junior Homeroom No. 306 Euclid's Finest Home Values KAPEL REALTY Realize the Home ot Your Dreams Will Build To Your Blueprints or Your Specifications Also Build on Your Lot sf? Real Estate ik Builders -ik Property Mariaaerrient Q insurance by Seifert 902 E. 222nd St. RE. l-0400 LAKE SHORE BARBER SHOP "Since l932" - One of the Oldest in Euclid AIR-CONDITIONED 8 Barbers to Serve You Sam Ratzman, Prop, 21934 Lake Shore Blvd RE. l-2560 KRAUSS GARAGE l57O Dille Road at Euclid Avenue Euclid l7, Ohio KEnmore l-3874 REdwood l-0440 HILDA'S CHILDREN'S APPAREL SHOP An Exclusive Children's Apparel Store 22378 Lake Shore Blvd. Euclid 23, Ohio Good Luck, Class at l956 See Us First for DIAMONDS - WATCHES - JEWELRY LINGER'S CREDIT IEWELRY 702 East l85th Street SHERWIN HARDWARE 740 E, 185th St. IVanhoe l-2092 COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND KAYSER Kiddie College Day Nursery Weekly Rates Ages 3-6 College Trained Teachers Hot Lunches Naps Fenced in Yard Approved by State, Health, Fire 81 Building Inspectors 7 am, to 5:30 p.m, Bus Service 270 E. 222nd Street RE. l-9493 1 x fvtiif' Drip, j.-quit ll! We at E. Hofmann Engineering Co. and E. Hofmann, Inc. Extend our Congratulations to Your Achievement and Our Best Wishes For Your Future Success and Contentrnent Best Wishes to the Class of 1956 The Euclid High Boosters Club 183 10112115 el'llia1J..l .Ji J A Triple Play in Engineering Worthwhile IDEAS to Constructive Plans to Energetic 81 Efficient Execution CLEVELAND HOBBING MACHINE CO. REST WISHES 1311 Chardon Roaol EUCLID 17, O1-110 AUSTIN CLEANERS 25 YEARS GE SERVlCE We Gperate Car Own Plant Quality Dry Eur Storage Cleaning Clean Dying Tailoring Qiten Pick Up and Delivery 3 STQRES TO SERVE YCDU 21131 Euclid Ave. 1V. l-2589 26595 Lake Shore RE. 1-7833 36201 Vine Street Wl. 2-5121 184 BEST WISHES Class of 1956 R IMOR ST DIOS 750 East 185th Street Class Photographer FELlClTATlCNS from The State Chemical Mtg. Co. RE. l-l936 BEN IAKUBEN Representative nlnlnllnnnunana:unanunnunanuauunnsnnnnnnaunn EAST 200th HARDWARE Hand and Power Tools Fishing Tackle Plumbing 8. Electric Supplies Housewares - Appliances Scott's Lawn Care Products 68587 East 200th Street lVanhoe l-8448 WM. H. TOWN REALTOR Specializing in l-lomes in Euclid And Northeast Cleveland Member of Cleveland Real Estate Board l564 Chardon Rd. lNear Euclid Avel IV. l-5770 Perrnanents That Satisfy Hair Coloring Consultation Mary Frances Dee's Beauty Salon 25461 Euclid Avenue Euclid 17, Ohio Specialists ln ik l-lair Cutting ik Shaping si? Styling ik Waving KEnmore l-5030 THE EUCLID HOMES COMPANY BUILDERS 960 East l85th Street Cleveland l9, Ohio BEST WISHES To the Class of l956 Compliments of THE NORM - D. MEN'S SHOP Open Tuesday, Thursday, Friday Till 9 PM. My 'QI-P '19 fx aff' ' CGNGRATULATICDNS 5 J f To the Graduates of 1050 WILDWOOD FLORAL cf GIFT SHOP wax J 20020 Lake Share Blvd. CQMPLIMENTS OF ZATKO METAL PRODUCTS CO. 20850 St. Clair Avenue 187 CONGRATULATIONS To the Graduates at 1956 OLIVER CORP. 19390 Euclid Avenue CONGRATULATIGNS To the Graduates of 1956 WHYTE CHEVROLET COMPANY 243 East 185th Street 188 To All the Members of the Graduating Class of EUCLID l-HGH SCHOOL CONGRATULATIONS And Our l-learttelt Good Wishes For Every Possible Success in Your Future Careers and Private Lives As Well Compliments ot ADDRESSOGRAPH - MULTIGRAPH CORPORATION COM PLIMENTS OF A FRIEND 8 CHANDLER PRECISION CAPSCREWS Produced to your exact specifications trom hiah carbon, alloy and stainless steels. Chandler Products Corp. 1491 Chardon Road Cleveland 17, Chio D. and D. Clothing Made to Qrder Suits Pants and Togocoats Specializing in Tailor Made Drape Pants Ready Made Suits M. ORNSTEIN MUlberry l-0116 762 East l52nd St. Cleveland 10, Qhio 190 GOOD LUCK, Graduates Of 1956 V. Demshar 6' Sons 22034 Lake Shore Blvd. Compliments of CHESTERFIELD STEEL SERVICE CO. 1220 Ecist 222nd Street Compliments of BILL'S CLOTHES 15119 St. Clair Ave. f 53 , c ' ,HW .WW iii A ctii - 4 C :gsm-savvy f- f ggg I lf S EUCLID RACE DAIRY PRODUCTS Servino All ot Euclid With the Einest Dctiry Products in the Country - N HOME DELIVERIES All-ESSSAR---A-jj For Your Convenience llfctnhoe l-4700 Fdrnous tor lce Crecxms - - Our Plant in Euclid LOMBARDO REALTY REALTOR 24481 Lctkelornd Blvd. Euclid 23, Chia REdWood l-5010 503 E. 200th Street EUCLID Y M C A Sponsors of l-ll-Y CHAPTERS ' SQUIRES ' REGENTS ' NCBLES ' LCRDS 0 BISHCPS l-ll-Y PURPCSE "To Create, Maintain and Extend throu hout the Horne, School, and 5 9 . Community High Standards of I Christian Character." l9l Compliments SKY - WAY MACHINE PRODUCTS COMPANY 2l73O St. Clair Ave, Cleveland I7, Ohio Compliments ot NELMOR 26420 Lakeland Blvd. FRANK BRIGANTI 6 SON BARBER SHOP 559 East 155m sr. THREE BARBERS TO SERVE You it Our Specialty WOMEN AND CHILDREN Diamonds - Watches - Giftware ALVIN I EWELERS Budget Accounts Invited Never Any Carrying Charge or Interest TWO STORES 690 East I85th Street 5633 Broadway Compliments of KNUTH GREENHOUSE 21601 Euclid Ave. HERB FITZGERALD Repairs on Radio ard TV. RECORD PLAYERS 635 E. I85th Strcet KEnmore I-I3I3 For the Finest in Quality Jewelry WOLKOV IEWELERS Keesake and Artcarved Diamond Rings All Nationally Advertised Watches 707 East I85th Street IVanhoe I-4888 Hattendorf- Bliss, Inc. Best Wishes from STERN'S MEN 'S WEAR 7l5 Eost l85th St, KEnmore l-2640 Complete Line of White Tuxedo Coots for Rent Compliments of IET DIE AND DEVELOPMENT CO. 25020 Lokelond Blvd, Clevelond 23, Ohio REdwood I-3720 MILLER - STONE Eucuos oLpEsT JEWELERS Between the Theotres REdwood I-0155 22570 Loke Shore Blvd. Compliments of ACTIVITIES PRESS. INC. PRINTING 22700 Shore Center Ave. Euclid, Ohio RE. l-2500 Compliments of IAMES A. FLETCHER REALTOR Wickliffe 3-4300 32341 Vine St. Willowick, Ohio NORTHEAST APPLIANCE 6. FURNITURE Sporting Goods, Soles 8- Service 22530 Loke Shore Blvd. REdwood l-2303 Open 9-9 EUCLID MOTOR PARTS 61 REBUILDING 24331 Lokelond Blvd. Euclid 23, Ohio REdwood 2-8686 EVINRUDE OUTBOARD MOTORS SALES - SERVICE - PARTS Whiteway Stamping Company SMITH'S RESTAURANT East 222nd 81 Lake Shore Blvd. Open Daily 7100 A.M. to 2:30 A.M. Sundays Till l:OO A.M. Completely Air Conditioned il? THE BEST IN FOODS Private Rooms Available for Weddings, Parties, Etc. Complete Take-Home Service RE. 1-2787 RE. 1-4477 Celebrating 25 Years of Satisfying Service L " uxurious Cocktail Lounge" Compliments of Ackerman Plastic Molding Div. Sir Consolidated Iron - Steel Mfg. Co. l94 Compliments oi RADIX WIRE CO. 26260 Lakeland Blvd. THE PERFECT SPOT FOR Parties, Dances And Delicious Dinners The Beautifully Decorated PATIO ROOM Ot the Tasty Shop 22350 Lake Shore Boulevard Phone REdwood l-l8OO FOR COMPLETE INFORMATION WHERE GGGD HUNTING AND FISHING BEGINS EUCLID TACKLE AND SPORTS SUPPLY Huntina - E ishina - Archery Equipment 564 East 200th St. IV. 6-0566 BEST WISHES From FOREST CITY MATERIALS CO. Cleveland's Largest Iiumbermen ik' l7903 St. Clair Ave. EUCLID NEWS JOURNAL Compliments WEAN EQUIPMENT CORPORATION 22800 Lakeland Boulevard Euclid, Ohio AMERICA Its foundation is in youth, Its salvation is in God. The Continental Products Co. Euclid I7, Ohio .llrmufririurrrx of I'uinfx, l'nrnislu's, l'1'oIn'fiz'r' C'mrfing.v. Hofilvr Trmfnirnfs and .lllivrl l'r0rI1u'f.v in l':'IH'llIl Sillvi' I9 Ili Puro Maintenance Cleaners O Puro Crystal Cleaner O Puro Detergents O Puro Grease Solvent O Puro Dishwoshing Compound O Puro Glass Cleaner for cleaning all types floors, painted walls and general cleaning. 0 Puro Deodorant, Blockettes 81 Crystals O Puro Disinfectants 0 Puro Sweeprite Compound O Puro Liquid Wax Self-Drying 8. Polishing O Puro Liquid Floor Cleaner Pine and Sassafras O Puro Soap Powders O Puro Soap - liquid, oil, hard green, mecha ic' ri s 0 Puro Liquid 8. Powder Soap Dispensers of Hand Soap O Puro Alkaline Boiler Compound Ipowderl O Wax Applicators I Puro Oil-Sorb O Powdered Synthetic Soaps Puro Chemicals, Inc. I643 St. Clair Ave. Cleveland, Ohio CONGRATULATIONS The Geometric Stamping Company KA Subsidiary of Barium Steel Corp? IIII East 200th Street Euclid, Ohio Compliments of LOYAL E. LUIKART l8609 St. Clair Ave. BOULEVARD TV 6. RADIO SERVICE 906 East 222nd Street Euclid 23, Ohio REdwood l-7863 Compliments of GOLLER BODY, INC. 24l80 Lakeland Blvd. Compliments of EUCLID KEY CLUB uinnunnuuununu sun Compliments of THE ACCORDION SHOP 553 East l85th Street IV. l-7073 ANCHOR RUBBER PRODUCTS. INC. l725 London Road Cleveland I2, Ohio CLIFFEL BAKERY 22030 Lake Shore 704 E. l85th RE, l-4747 KE. I-0650 Compliments of HOMEROOM 109 CONGRATULATIONS Graduating Class of i956 ALBERS AND NICOL PET 6. SEED SUPPLY CO. 542 East l85th Street IV, I-0254 Compliments of CLARK'S FOOD STORE CONGRATULATIONS Class ot 1956 A THE HAMANN EISLER Cr SON CONSTRUCTION COMPANY 25020 Lakeland Blvd. Compliments ot Gas - Oil - Grease General Auto Repairing 510 E. 200th St. QUALITY FIRST AND KE, 1-9707 FIRST IN QUA1.1'1'Y "Congratulations to the Compliments Of GRADUATES" : A ML DELLA E. JAKUBS f,f7mvfU...n7Z61ic Suomi 5. soN gp FUNERAL HOMES . 936 E. 185th sf. KEnmore 1-7770 ' Shofegofe Shopping Cenfef 0 6621 Euclid Ave. EN, 1-1763 ' 0 E. 185th Shopping Center . COMPLIMENTS OF Compliments of : DIAMOND'S EASTGATE EUCLID DlVl5l0N : GENERAL MOTORS CORPORATION Styles for Men and Boys : EASTGATE PLAZA MANUFACTURERS OF SOM Center or Mayfield 5 HEAVY-DUTY OFF-THE-HIGHWAY HI 26650 EARTH-MOVING EQUIPMENT 1361 Chardon Road, Cleveland 17, O. 198 Compliments ot KNIFIC G' KNIFIC Cttering Complete INSURANCE and REAL ESTATE SERVICES 820 East 185th St. Cleveland IQ, Ohio IV. I-7540 9 GRDINA HARDWARE "You Can Get It At Grdina's" EucIid's Largest and Most Complete Hardware Store Power Tools For Rent In Our "Do It Yourself" Department WE DELIVER 22336 Lake Shore Blvd. RE, I-0403 MARTIN'S DAIRY BAR Euclid Ave. at E. 204th St. MILK SHAKES, MALTS SUNDAES AND CONES MELDEN 'S DEPARTMENT STORE 11 11 On the Street of Greater Values 696 East 185th Street IT'S OUR 30th YEAR SERVING EUCLID AND NORTHEAST CLEVELAND PRECISION OPTICAL DISPENSING COMPANY L. V. PROHASKA Eye Doctors Prescriptions Filled Binoculars and Field Glasses Cpera and Sport Cflasses Barometers and Baroquides Thermometers and l-lumidiauides Magnifiers and Compasses 22580 LAKE SHORE BLVD. - RE. 1-5779 ln Lake Theatre Blda. Other Locations 9915 Euclid Avenue CE. l-4961 3550 Warrensville Center Rd. SK. l-Oll2 200 COURTESY 0F Quail zllizlzivrn EUCLlD'S FINEST MILLER IEWELERS 768 East l85tlfm Street Cleveland I9, Ohio DIAMONDS - WATCHES RELIGIOUS ARTICLES es F. Miller KEnmore I-0225 MILES AUTO STORES 669 East 185th Street KEnmore I-3200 For Driving Smiles, Shop at Miles RISHER AND COMPANY 25030 Lakeland Blvd. GENERAL MACH I NE WORK NATIONAL AUTO PARTS 6. WRECKING CO. 17615 St. Clair Ave. IV. I-4444 Phone I,'s For Your :I1lf0 Partus Needs. WE DELIVER M Q X SX Latest Styles and Fashions From New York Specialty Shoppe 606 East 185th St. mm 'W 'ig 5 y W, XL 11 Pa i. ff 4 -I gf swfiu , H L A II, , , , I - L " NA! CX M 1 . 1"s M ,y,,, V, nnan:-1-nunInnu:nun-nnnunnnnuunnnuuunnuuu-nnnnnnunnnn SHOREGATE DELICATESSEN AND RESTAURANT SHOREGATE SHOPPING CENTER Hot Corned Beef , BBQ Ribs Open till 3:00 A.M. Daily Sz Sunday Good Luck From EUCLID MEDICAL PRESCRIPTION LAB 21801 Lake Shore Blvd. Comp1iment3 of EAST 200th ST. RESTAURANT 381 E. 200th Street Phone KE. 1-978-I Euclid, Ohio Compliments of HOMEROOM 'II6 Compliments of A FRIEND ELLIS AND LESSER YOUR FIRESTONE DEALER T19 East 1851.11 street KE. 1-744-1 Compliments of WICKLIFFE MEN'S 81 BOYS' WEAR 29013 Euciid Ave. Wi. 3-0250 Wickliffe, ohio BERGER'S WALLPAPER, PAINT 81 LINOLEUM CO. 805 E. 185th St. IV. 1-6250 6919 Superior HE. 1-3659 Eaton Manufacturing Company GENERAL OFFICES: 'Q 7 Cleveland, Ohio PLANTS 1 . U, , A cLsveLANo MASSILLON MAmoN ' A TOLEDO Demon sAalNAw vAssAR Y IX' BATTLE cami MAnsr-:ALL LAWTON - NX COLDWATER LACKAWANNA Noam 1'oNAwANoA KENosHA RICHMOND, INDIANA LONDON, ONTARIO, CANADA Row l Il. to r.l: P. Mclntyre, K. Mclnfyre, father is Roy Mclntvre - Axle DW., B. Henflmg, father is Norbert Hentlmg - Axle Div., B. Bohmc, father rs Joseph Bohmc - Axle Div. Row 2: J. Kalon, father IS John Koyan - Axle Dw., D. Plntar, father rs Ludwug Plntar - Stamp- ing Div., P. Paolucci, father rs Gus Paoluccn I- Axle Div., L. Squnre, father IS Jack Square - Axle Duv. Row 3: O. Wertenberger, father is Wnllard Wertenberger - Axle Dnv,g K. Fletcher, father as William Fletcher - Axle Div,g F. Cesnik, father ns Charles Cesmk - Axle Duv. IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII.IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIII III IIIIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIII I II II I I I I I I I I I I - FRANK A. THOMAS Cr ASSOCIATES 5 CWM. ENGINEERS fs. SURVEYORS I I EUCLID, OHIO I 203 YDUR CITY QFFICIALS Utter Their Congratulations and Best Wishes To the Graduating Class ot l956 Kenneth I. Sims .... Paul H. Torbet ..... William A. Abbott . Michael A. Spino . . . William A. McMaster William E. Burns Harry I. Knuth ..... Ralph V. Hill ....... Anthony l. Lang .... Max Gerl .......... Helge V. Erickson .. Hugo H. Lux ....... Prank A. Welling . . . Charles W. Wade . . Anthony Sustarsic . . Ernest C. Peters .... Robert Gill ........ l. Vincent Q'Connor LeRoy Williams .... Clyde Woodmansee Robert B. Henn ..... Walter Nason . . . . Mayor Law Director Director ot Einance Administrative Director Executive Assistant to Mayor ludge ot Municipal Court President ot Council CounciQ CounciQ CounciQ CounciQ Counci CounciQ Counci Counci man, man, man, man, Qman I'I1CIl'l Qman Qman lst Ward 2nd Ward 3rd Ward 4th Ward at - Large at - Large at - Large at - Large Chief ot Police Chiet ot Eire Department Clerk ot Council City Engineer Building Commissioner Park Superintendent Service Director 204 CQMPLIMENTS OF FULTON, KRINSKY G' DELA MCTTE 20 Qngfzczlalatiom and Sdmzefze good 70c'a4e4 '4 "EVERYTHING EoR THE HOME" 720 E. 152nd St. UL. 1 - 2525 Furniture Carpeting Appliances CONSULT PERME'S FOR DECORATING AND FURNISHING PROBLEMS Compliments ot the Following Senior Girls Mary Ann Radatz Shirley Rebro Pat Kernz Laura Lain Carol Benard Judy Estvander Darlene Mercurio Carol Moore Delores Cuadberry Nancy Corbett Pat Ferguson Sandy Gray Shirley Gebe Carol Langlois Wilma Benedetto Mary Ann Payerchin 206 Stone Cutting G' Carving Sandstone For Platforms Sills, Steps, Fireplaces, Landscaping, Etc. Fireplace Stone Cut to Order - Easy to lnstall Free City-Wide Delivery Free Estimates ST. CLAIR CUT STONE, INC. l9507 St. Clair Ave. lVanlrioe l-2442 fwwv Z? M alla? yffliillli gd. YM O in OW QW EQWOWMM 552 m Silas mom I A 5434 NI H42 ffz W W S Q ff I W if Iffgw mfw5Ww iffjjwpiozefwlf-.ggwwg 15' M539 hfyfzw, ffffeymwmz D51 WISHES FR THE AUTO ' DIESEL PISTON RING CO I LAKE FURNITURE. INC. for the tinest in ' Furniture, Appliances, TW and Rugs 855 E. 222 St. RE. 2-761 Stan Erzen Chcts. Bus ik NEW ily MODERN with gk COMFORTABLE is COMPLIMENTS GATE - WAY to the MOTEL EUCLIDIAN 29865 Euclid Ave. from an Wicklitte, Ghio INDUSTRIAL Phone: wi. 3-5254 FRIEND A A A Approved - T. V. il? Tile Baths - Cctrpetecl Compliments ot General Electric Company Ldmp Wire dnd Pnosphors Department Cleveldnd Wire Pldnt l33l Chdrdon Rodd Euclid, Chic PCR QUALITY PRICE AND STYLE shop dt FALL'S TOWN G' COUNTRY 22822 Ldke Shore Blvd 209 Compliments of LAKE SHORE MACHINE CO. l34O E. 222nd St. Matko Painting and Decorating Co. 74I E. 232nd St. FINE RESIDENTIAL PAINTING AND DECORATING INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR Latest Sanitas and Wallpaper Samples Available Competent Union Mechanics To Serve You Complete Insurance Coverage Estimates Cheertully Given RUDOLPH J. MATKO RE. I-6453 HAIR CUTTING ALAN BEAUTY SALON Northeast Community Beauty Center 629 E. l85th Street IV. I-7553 No Appointment Necessary 210 The Richmond Square Barber Shop is now open EXPERT BARBERS New Modern Sanitary Equipment Children Are Our Specialty Open 8 A,M, to 6 P.M. Every Day for Your Convenien UNICDN SI-ICP Plenty ot Free Parkina Compliments ot THE AMERICAN STAMPING CO. 26650 Lakeland Blvd. REclWoooI I-9333 P d g Opp f 1' n Aircraft, Auto t El t Af d GOOD LUCK! 7mm qawz davluedzcld nedgdiafz TAPCO PLANT THOMPSON PRODUCTS, Inc. 23555 Euclid Avenue Euclid. Ohio ldflcp tDlp tdMftg CCDMPLIMENTS GF SIMS BROS. BUICK, Inc. 18781 Luke shore Blvd. Euclid, Chic Wqmhoe 6-0600 ZH GARCO MACHINERY, Inc. 2l000 St. Cloir Avenue Cleveland I7, Ohio TOOLS FOR INDUSTRY MACHINE TOOL DISTRIBUTOR Phone: Klflnmore I-9l20 Compliments Of a Friend Compliments of THE DILLE ROAD LUMBER COMPANY Compliments ot Mr. Grea r's Homeroom Class ot '57 EUCLID'S FIRST Automatic Car Wash LAKE SHORE AUTO WASH 227Ol Shore Center Dr. 2l3 Insure With Matt F. lntihar Complete Insurance Service 630 E. 222nd St. REdwoocl I-6888 Euclid 23, Chia CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES! Commencement is the start of a new phase of living. The future has prom- ise for those with the right desires and the will to accomplish. May this be a perpetual challenge to you! Sincerely yours KERR ' LAKESIDE INDUSTRIES, Inc. Manufacturers of SCREW MACHINE PRODUCTS LARGE CAP SCREWS - SET SCREWS SOCKET HEAD PRODUCTS 21850 St. Clair Ave. Euclid l7, Ohio KEnmore l-8380 REST WISHES FRQM Page Realty Co. Cr Page insurance Agency REALTCRS Member oi North East Multiple Listina Service 455 E. 200th St. KE. l-lU3O Congratulations To the Class ot l956 Tarantino Bros. Millwork Custom Kitchens Formica Fabricators lVanl1oe l-0344 l76l4 St. Clair Ave. Cleveland lO, Chia 214 SOLON DRUG STORES il? 2l86U Lake Shore Blvd. ti? 2lU5l Euclid Ave. At Chardon Road Maxie's Beverage and Delicatessen Q FREE DELIVERY ln Euclid and Vicinity Open Monday Thru Saturdays 9:00 A.M. to lO:0O P,M. Sundays 8:00 AM. to 3:00 PM Compliments of TREBEC EXCAVATING, Inc. 571 East 200th Street Euclid 10, Ohio lV. l-1000 ED WANK Television Service Co. EucIid's Oldest T. V. Service Shop DuMont Philco R.C.A. Motorola GE. All Standard Makes ANTENNA REPAIR And lnstallation Visit Our Hi-Fi 81 Color TV Room 378 Eost 200th St. Euclid, Ohio 2 BEST OE LUCK To My Daughter And 1-ler Senior Class it Gordon B. Zellers Katherine J. Welter REALTOR Congratulations To The Class of 1950 YOUR FUTURE HOLDS lN STORE FOR YOU A HOME OE YOUR OWN When the Time Comes, Visit EUCLID'S MOST ACTIVE REAL ESTATE OFFICE 26500 Lake Shore Blvd. 29025 Lake Shore Blvd. Phone RE. 1-2000 FAREWELL SENIORSF May the Future Bring You Luck, MRS. OLSON'S Sophomore Homeroom TOM IAWORSKE Accoiaoiomist Music for All Occasions 94 E. 2l4th St. Euclid l9, Ohio REdwood l-5783 LA SALLE BAKERY 863 Em iasih sf. Phone: KE. 1-2388 We Specialize in Potica and Birthday Cakes CARL I. NEWMAN Mfxsow coNTRAcToRs REdwood l-2705 BEST WISHES From Your Senior Homeroom 320 Congratulations Graduates THE LAKELAND FLORAL CO. C. Barile and Sons Flower, Gift and Garden Shop 2965l Lakeland Blvd. Wicklitte, Ohio Wlcklitte 3-l230 MILLER'S BEAUTY SALON Above Roller Drome 22480 Shore Center Dr. Euclid 23, Ohio REdwood l-9358 NOLAN MERCURY, Inc "Get Rollin' with Nolan" 48l E. l85th Street 450 Lloyd Rd. Euclid 23, Ohio IV' I-QIOO 2l6 DEDREUX MARKET CHOICE MEATS PERSONALIZED SERVICE 654 East 185th St. IVanhoe I-7614 OTTO NOVOTNY, Proprietor FLICKINGER, Inc. 939 East 222ml sri Euclid 23, ohio Redwood i-7100 Authorized Keepsake Diamond Rin FRIEDMAN IEWELERS Est. 1914 22312 Lake Shore Blvd. REdwood 1-0800 12322 Superior Avenue POtomac 1-6686 Headquarters for Sterling Silver Compliments ot THE HILLWOOD MFG. COMPANY 21700 St. Clair Ave. 217 Compliments of DRENIK DISTRIBUTING CO THE FLORENCE SHOP 644 East 185th Street Cleveland 19, Ohio Compliments ot HENDERSHOT AND SMITH CO. Compliments of HOMEROOM 206 SGRO'S SQUARE DEAL SUPER MARKET 26588 Lake Shore Blvd, REdwood I-3250 "FOR THE FINEST IN FOODS" WICKLIFFE LUMBER CO. Lloyd Rd. N K P Tracks Wicklifte, Ohio WI. 3-I2O0 Lake County's Largest and Most Complete Inventory M. APPELBAUM 6- SON Building 8. Mason Contractors I9779 St. Clair Ave. IN EUCLID CALL VILLAGE CAB CO. Dependable 24 I-Iour Service 50C Anywhere in Euclid lVanhoe 6-I300 All Cabs Equipped with 2-way Radio FRANK BRIGANTI 81 SON EUCLID BARBER SHOP 559 East I85th Street IVanhoe I-5I I2 SERVING EUCLID FOR 33 YEARS BEST OF LUCK To the Graduating Class ot I956 Euclid I9, Ohio DR. R. M. BALDWIN Office - KE. I-6362 OPTOMETRIST Evenings - EV, I-8225 or SK. I-8635 - CENTER BEVERAGE G DEL. 22362 Lake shore COmP"menfS Of In Shopping Center REdWOOd F9473 IGNITION COMPANY WE DELIVER Open Daily 9:00 to Midnight 2I8 GOOD LUCK, CLASS of 1956 See Us First For GENERAL CONTRACTING OR ROOFING EUCLID ROOFING 6 SIDING CO. 330 East 222nd St. REdwood 1-8273 BEST IN FOOD FRIEDEL'S DELICATESSEN Mae - Mary Agnes - Leo 843 E, 222nd St. RE. 2-8646 Open 7330 A.M. to 9:30 PM. Daily Euclid 23, Ohio Compliments of Dr. Robert R. McGoncxq1e I. C. PENNEY CO. Always First Quality Clothing, Shoes, Sportswear For the Entire Family Home Furnishings 8. Piece Goods EASTGATE PLAZA 219 EUCLID WOOD PRODUCTS ARE ALWAYS aaoo PRODUCTS See the New JEEP DISPATCHER Hard Top and Convertible at the HENRY AUTO SALES G SERVICE. INC. 15000 Aspinwall Ave, Phone: MUlberry 1-3005 BEST WISHES FROM THE PANTHER DINER 768 E. 222nd St, Euclid, Ohio RE. 1-9775 Our Specialty "Pantherburgers" Compliments of ED POWELL PAINTING CO. Rt. 528, Madison, Ohio HAzel 8-3654 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS THE REPLAC CORPORATION 21830 St. Clair Ave, Compliments ot AIAX MFG. CO. 1441 Cha rdon Road BEST WISI-IES I. M. ARNOFF COMPANY IN EUCLID its BIG BOUQUET For Yoar Prom Corsages Flowers and Gifts For All Occasions Hallmark Cards 480 E, 2OOtl'1 St. IV. 1-1544 220 ADAM'S MARKET QUALITY MEATS AND POULTRY 520 East 200th Street lVanl'ioe 1-2386 AMERICAN LEGION AUXILIARY EUCLID UNIT 343 20750 Arbor Ave. Inn-uuuaunuuuuununnnnnnnnuuu.nunnnnununnnnu THE AUSTIN COMPANY ENGINEERS AND BUILDERS Bliss Steel Fabricating Division 1245 East 222nd Street Cleveland 17, Ohio ENJOY A B - BOY at the CARTERIA Behind Bailey's EUCLlD'S OWN DRIVE-IN RESTAURANT 22800 Shore Center Dr. UPSON PHARMACY 48l E, 260th Street SAM'S BARBER SHOP 828 E, zoom Street OWENS' PLANTATION DINNERS l5357 Euclid Ave. UL, l-2364 E. Cleveland O. Business Meetings Weddings Compliments of MAXIM'S DELICATESSEN Compliments of MRS. BARROW'S HOMEROOM 318 Compliments of SENIOR HOMEROOM 305 Seniors, pause as you go through For as we are, so once were you. MISS STROTHER'S HOMEROOM 312 Compliments of MR. CALVERT'S HOMEROOM 'I08 Compliments of MRS. 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INC 571 East 200th Street Euclid 19, Ohio Compliments of WENDY'S RESTAURANT 1550 Chordon Road IV. 6-9869 1,31-F ' xi,-' 7-f -'I -- J. -1.5- Q9 I' ' "a.g,w' .644 O I lf' 'W -at -Ei IH,,,Z I 'A J- -U 1 -I' . 1' 1 'VNV' 5 L : 1' X 777'- u U' ll A Q bu N-L-sg., .,, A Ilqfq . " 4 ,X 'fy' QM.- ,:p,3lj, - . , '. ." ' V W sv 4, A - - 1 --4 sv rn' 1 H ' -.J 'I' 1 4 , L , , , 3 1.6 . . , 1 '- , ,. ' . - I .' , an v n., .1 .Q ' ,r 1 . I, A 1 . 1 ' , V 1 A' 1 .'.,', .A Lf! 1'.. ' n -N ,A Wu, YNY. r, " .fi M l fum i ,' 19" I x, X ,lm A QA I a '- . ,, s, 1 Mfg. X . 1- 71 v 'v 1 ,fi I4 Q ' " 31'-ri: ' Il P-9' 1,341 Lv ,ig "P ., Eu- i .xr Q 1 n - - L, 'gn ' I A I ! l ,y U 4 A 1 -x 2 Q Q, 1 Y, H . z vi gr '1 sf li K? 3 az n Q. 1. i ICLUMDIAN NATURAL CLAS-P N01 755 E u Na1g n rrnss sNv:Lo rs co. 'HQ as IOSQ 1 .., :.i:,:'- 'fibzu r ' , , K 1 W i, , . I . '-' X , . 4' 1 +- A N ' 'Nw J ANN , X- , A lx X Nga A + . Q. I ' M ww-f 45,.a,f:wwQM ew f ff nf? y N, , .3 xv gsypf, , ,wmmy ,xigqv , J. -mmf 41, I . S Y Q' AJ.-f .ff A ,- .. , Jw .af ,fd ',,. ,6- Mfwgf .ff X., i X .,f"v4' - , L?,L?g1,,Q,r:-' ' J.. f 'ff f ff- "A Mfg' f A im xg- ' Q., N A-Ke n"MQs'9'FlWhDPE!1f , F , M-.. Aw. Mw- ,-.-.p v .. N-Q ,...v1em-use 5? a wands y 9744 1 , XQDQXM ,gg s-pnhm' ffl? .Ulf xi!-4' r X ,, 1 f. 1-Wm: -1 5 F , K Q AEK' 1,857 ,ff 'K A. . "mv, , .- , S at 3 V w- w ,, f '- J '1' -' ' YM'-' r v" ,nr K mif .1. . 1 , N P V - .- . fr -1, ,, fl., 1 1 ' ' , V ik M W.: .. , ,Q , 'H 1 , , - v K . 4 l i -' f Q, v I' J! '. 1. AJ47,-9 44 . A' .im 'f 'I .455 .G ' . A M ' Q .- -v-afi't - . .,,p11, -'. , A 1 N 7 m... 4 . ' v w- W X "N 5 35 h 1 " 'ii 'L W f ' H9 I". I -5.31 , . l f.. . , : Mft J "J:-6 - 7 ' MSP' l' L... 0 r U I l , Q .4 M- J 5' V1 l , 4 n J k li 4 U ' p , .I 1' g Q x 1 ' 1' r ' - n ' ' " ' -- 1 ".7 .f. ',N l,,'.' 1',--w. . , . ', ' 1 ' !.'x. 1 'L '3" 'V WW' 'f v , 'f"'i "' I . X , , 1 X ' 1 '. . ' 4 .- . ,gf lug. K' 'fo ,ps A fn'r,KY !"N4'l F11 nv, JY K7 THE EUCLIDIAN dhhl HHTIUHHL HUHUR SUCIETU .4 -n G .N . i l .. 1 zgwafi U . Q px ?.. fig Q56 K C ' A l L i SENIOR N.H.S. Fxrsf Row: A. Bwlls, A. Neylon, C. Llnqulsf, G. Gxonosl, K. Sfoner, G. Postnolc, 5. Henn, J. D1Sor1Tis. becond Row B. Fobrrtuls, M. Leufy, C. Rogel, B Grcssmon, P. Toll, B. Ronke, E, BEFFIEY, B. Budd. S. Pofmore, R. Sfcmpfel. Thurd Row: P, Glenn, D. MocDougoII, C Nowocek, G. Schroder, B. Judson, B. Flosche, G. Buto, E. Berrner. vp 7' .J 1. . .fr .ff 'S if 'Wx .. x. i . 156-ss g. V., Yr .- I f er . 5 5' x X 'f . - A 1 Lf Q , 3 N . -. JUNIOR N. H. S. Fnrsf Row: L. Soderberg, M. Yoger, M. McColl. I Second Row: J. Wokelee, G. Woldmon, S. Korencxc, G. Brewster, A. Vcldugc, D. Brlgger, J. Botfung, C. Neof. Thurd Row: N. Pefrnch, A. Flocke, M. Pruest, N. Haldermon, J. Sando, S. Grohom, J. Mogolengcu, G. Schwcurfz. Fourth Row: G, McCracken, A. Hole, A. Grcgorc, J. Wowrzynnok, W. Marshall, T. White. 2 PHHTHEHS Ui lHE llliill C7 ., J, PANTHER5 OF THE WEEK First Row: S. Patmore, J. Beacham, R. Stampfel, L. Beurger, S. Henn, P. Bank. Second Row: D. Woodford, J. Bombock, O. Pirchner, D. Leiand, G. Gore, E. Eckert. REITA WILLIAMS Faculty Panther-of-the-Year Every school needs a feeling of school spirit, and Euclid High is no exception. Roaring cheers at football games, largest turnouts for school plays, and united interest in all school activities needs the support of every student and teacher of E.H.S. The School Spirit Club with eye-catching posters, P.A. announcements, and o flash-card section at basketball games created that long awaited bond between all of the students of Euclid High. The School Spirit Club membe-rs wished to remain anonymous giving well-deserved recog- nition to students who contribute greatly to var- ious phoses of school lite. Each week after the assembly the Panther of the Week was announced and given a certificate of merit. These Panthers of the Week starred in plays, worked on worthwhile campaigns, planned social activities, and took an active part in athletics. 3 FRIENDSHIP HIHHIHL ...Zin 1 " Q 1 I I Y 1 Each March Euclid l-ligh gives its students an opportunity to develop their interests in future life-time oc- cupations. Speakers from nearly every field of endeavor: floristry, en- gineering, agriculture, and nursing, to name a few, give speeches, demon- strations, and pass out literature to help today's students make up their minds about tomorrow's jobs. Whatl Swimming, Badminton, and medicine ball in February? Anything was possible at the All School Party when El-l.S. was open in the evening for all types of recreation. Dancing in the cafeteria, checkers in the halls, television in the choral room, and mov- ies in the auditorium were among the activities enjoyed by students and teachers alike. PIHU IIIIIHI QUIET PLEASE By Howard Buermann Jeff Harria . . , . Fred Fantini Judd Harria . I , . . . Bert Ronke Mattie Wigam . . Rosemary Pignataro Reverend Andrews . . , Bob Hale Jessica . , . .... . Connie Misich Josie- ,..,,. I I Patti Holtz Catherine , . Barbara Smith DIRECTOR I I W. Stanley Schutz STUDENT DIRECTOR Joanna Disantis 8 FEUDIN' By Wilbur Braun Maw Talbot Ellie May , Wally Wolpin June Talbot Mat Bascom Jude Talbot Betsy Bascom I , , Karen McPeek ..JanetLucas George Schroeder , Nancy Carney . . I , Larry McLaughlin Arnold Teete-r , I . Pat Gribbons MARLENE ZIMMERMAN CAROL ORCUTT First Senior Attendont Second Senior Attendont SALLY KORENCIC Junior Attendont NANCY CARNEY Sophomore Attendont Qfm- ay , SANDY PATMORE Spring Sports Queen ,apr .x ,,p Representative of the spring banquet season at E.H.S. were the Mother-Daughter and International Quill and Scroll banquets. Besides plenty of good food these dinners featured style shows, skits, speeches, and the giving ot awards. The F.T.A. spaghetti din- ner, the G.L.C. "Chuck Wagon Spread" and the Honor Society picnic were welcome changes from the more torrnal round of barquets. Sllllm SHULU 'L me .ww Practice for the annual Wai Napolo water show began at 7:30 in the morning be- fore school and lasted until ll:3O after schcol. These grueling hours lasted tor weeks until the big night came at last. Time well spent considering the high caliber at the show. The swim club members took the audience cn an interplanetary trip all in one evening on the Wai Napolo rocket ship. On each planet individual or group swimming routines with gorgeous costumes, colored lights, and unearthly music acquainted the earth people with life on that planet. Big-eared dogs on Pluto, female wariors on Mercury, and the lovely goddess of the Sun were just three ot the many wonders to be seen. l3 "lIlllE llUl FUR GIllGEll" Cast: Ginger Carol Mrs. Carol Mr. Carol Joan Carol Jeannie Carol Eddie Davis Tommy Green Lizzie Mr. Wilson Mr. Hoffman R .YQ-rv K, Nancy Morlock Roberta Sfampfel Don Woodford Sally Peek Charlene Bratush Jay Phillips Dave Roberts Barbara Leybeck Jim Laurenson Norm Johnson 5 ' 'JS ,I f-9 .Alt PLAY PRODUCTION STAFF "Time Out For Ginger" was a heartwarming story ofa very common ailment known to the young teen-age girls. Males can seem very much inferior while acting very much superior. Ginger's decision to show up the boys by playing football on their level caused her parents much anxiety, her two sisters mental anguish, and the football players much embarrassment. All in all there was enough laughter, tears, and common sense through- out the play to last for quite a while. Each one of the main characters fitted into their roles as naturally as breathing. 5' .rr, w i T l5 .lr From the first sight of Clifford DeOwens in beret, dark glasses, and high boots until the end ot the presentation of faculty awards to various students, the faculty assem- bly was one of the most hilarious shows ever seen in the El-l.S. auditorium. The teachers "let down their hair" and "really lived it up" with clever costuming, snappy dialogue, novel acts, and believe it or not plenty of talent. They sang, they danc- ed, they shot water pistols into the audience, and when all this was over there was more clowning around which was appreciated by the students. Here's hoping that the faculty assembly will be a custom from now on, i6 ' lent 0 cculicil ' Vg' As one year's group of Seniors nears graduation day their successors begin mak- ing plans for their own Senior year. Another yearbook is planned, new hopefuls try out for the majorette line-up, and officers are elected to lead the clubs of E.l-l.S, through an- other year. Just representative of this restless forward movement is the spring Student Council campaign complete with posters, speeches, and assemblies to elect the new of- ficers and the choosing of the next year's cheerleaders from the J,V. cheerleaders. l7 e X WS Q -:rs ir, , mi Southern Belles in their formols ond Southern Gentlemen in their dress suits dcincd from eight to twelve on the evening of Moy 5 ot the onnucil Junior Prorn which is looked forward to every year os o dress reheorsol of the Senior Prom. The Juniors danced in the formal garden of "A Southern Plantation" to music played by Harry Hershey's band and relaxed at pool-side tables overhung with imported Spanish rnossi Punch and cookies were served on the porch before everyone left for various nightspots. ff! V ww' F rst Row: T, White, P, Salonics, J. Gortz, P. Serra, D. Bloom, R. Kern, B. Motta. Second Row: B. Damiori, B. Jelinek, D. Lockwood, D. Cinalli, M. Miller, E. McPeek, J. Thomas, O, Wer- t b ge B Gerland, D Johnson en er r, . hird Row: Coach Nelson, L. Nosse, L. Konyha, D. Price, B. Tegal, K. Pilotti, D. Buyer, B. Martin. D. Bunzonski, T. Kramer, F, Peterson, Co h B g CET ET. SEASON'S RECDRD Total games l9 - wins l7 and losses 2. Willoughby 3, Euclid Wicklitfe 6, Euclid West 3, Euclid Parma O, Euclid Pairiesville 3, Euclid 8 Shaker 2, Euclid 4 Lakewood O, Euclid 7 Shaw l, Euclid 7 Heights 2, Euclid 5 Ashtabula O, Euclid 6 Willoughby O, Euclid 9 Parma 2, Euclid 3 Akron East l, Euclid O Lakewood 4, Euclid 5 Heights l, Euclid O Shaw l, Euclid 5 Crestline O, Euclid 9 Crestline 5, Euclid 6 Shaker 2, Euclid 8 Lake Erie League Champs, Sectional and District Champs 20 2: ,. ,,,, ,Q .3 4 ,Y .2 . I f 'P ' A-4 4 . f 1. ' Aif' +L.. 4 ' A 1 fl Q. f LAW ., ff, 1 4,331,555-512-Q X x N K-Ji ' -.1. - F" Y f 4 . " '4 'Qi Z1' 'A N fgiax X X : - A' a n 'Q' v u O in?" .. 'f .V.. X .1 i ' - X . A Wy' V' . wb ...I ..., YQ ..., f 'I s . V5 - ' . A Lv. f 1 " K . ki' J ' I M3 M cu 1 ig '7- 'ls fig ALL SCHOLASTIC PLAYERS: Larry Nosse, Paul Serra, Ernie Mcpeek, Ib 2b .. ,. Q vet '1-,gf-l""0' Y 'l ' If -Y 4514! Q' sl 1 ngflg First Row: A. Miller, S. Lanning, J. Hoppert, A. Cook, E. Soeder, J. Mocnett, J. Banks, J. B ba D M r . oye . Second Row: B. Cramer, D. Seaman, B. Scott, D, Lynch, B. Walters, B. Knuth, P. Smith, D. C y N Bant, D. Smith, Coach Wiley. Third Row: D. Daley, J. Rogosh, R. Schniecler, D. Bates, D. Leland, J. Parker, Co:ch Mohr. SEASON'S RECORD Dual Meets Won 8 Last 3 Euclid 63 Cathdral Latin Euclid. . M5626 Cleveland East , Euclid . .lOl Painesville Harvey Euclid. 74 Parma , , . . Euclid , . .78 Willoughby . Euclid . 55 Shaw , . , , . Euclid . 86 Wickliffe . Euclid . . 76 Painesville Riversid Euclid . . .84 Holy Name . . Euclid . , .7l Cleveland Heights Euclid . . 47 Shaker ..., , . Arena lndaor Meet - Third Euclid Relays -- Second 22 5l 57V3 l3 44 40 59 28 42 30 47 67 24-1.4 2 14 4' A A .Q J.- INDIVIDUAL CHAMPS Stroberg - 50 yd dash At Arena MILE RELAY - IPeterson, Strohm, Gray, Cook? - Arena SHUTTLE HURDLES - ICramer Knuth, Lauter, Rogoshl - West Tech. POLE VAULT - ILanning, Lauter, Monne'ttI if , NEW SCHOOL RECORDS Stroberg - IOO yd. dash Broad Jump Bamback - 220 yd. dash :oak - 880 yd. dash -Icppert - Mile VIanr1e1t - Pole Vault IDistrict Champ? 880 Relay Team Mile Relay Team tis' QS u fill-f, 4 Iwi, Ffufa, A VARSITY T ENNIS TEAM Fnrst Row: B. Rendell, D. Ovioft, D, Smith, H, Whlte. Second Row: B. Kolb, E. Fenster, B. Zeller, B. Eerrler, D. Rosh, Cooch Troglno. EWNW' X- ., 2 VARSITY GOLF TEAM Left To right: D, Kofnik, B. Adams, S. Lonnzng, Conch Pringle, G. Bill, G. Foster, P, Long. 24 iw? 9 X - ' kk A cast of 250 students, lavish cos- tumes, and imported Spanish moss from North Carolina helped to make the Big Shaw, "Old New Orleans", a big hit with El-l.S. students, parents, and other Euclidites. Senior Otto Pirchner presented, for the last time, one of his novel "spectaculars" stag- ed and designed by him, tb: Euclid High always had its share of pretty female students, but with teach- ers looking like these it's a wander thc boys graduated at all. Here six mem- bers of the faculty lead the cheers at one of the "Fat Panthers" basketball games where the faculty men played in the game, took tickets, and sold refreshments. One of the last duties the Seniors had to perform before graduating was the cleaning out of lockers. Text books were the first to go, junk such as papers and old lunches next, and the large boxes containing caps and gowns last. 5 The theme "A Southern Plantation" was used not only for the Junior Prom, but for the first '56' Senior assembly. The Seniors really put on a worthwhile show combing comedy, music, anc talent. Just a few of the acts were "Paddelin' Madeleine Home", "Chair Gang" sung by a group ot newly dis covered Senior crooners, and "Can'1 l-lelb Loving That Man" sung by c slightly overweight Patty Gribbons, The second Senior Assembly of the year was put on as the last school ac- tivity before graduation. For a show that should have left some wonderful memories in the minds of the gradu- ates and underclassmen it was a big disappointment. With all the things to do before graduation day there was not enough time to plan and rehearse a show to compare with the first Sen- ior assembly. HSSEIHBLU 'Q The Lake Shore Country Club was the scene ot the Senior Banquet held one rainy evening in May. An excel- lent meal was followed by a humorous talk on the names in the Senior class by Mr, Owens. The class poem was read and the list ot '56' firsts was giv- en after which everyone danced in the Club ballroom until it was time to go on to open houses and then home to bed in time to go to school the next morning. Hear some didn't make it home at alll SEllIUll Plilllll Excitement over the approaching Senior Prom began when the subject of an All-Night Prom was discussed in the senior homerooms and in the Senior Cabinet. As soon as the affair was planned with the support of the Euclid business clubs, bids went on sale and the fun began, Waiting in front of the counselor's office to buy bids and stuffed panther favors the boys began to wonder if it was worth it. The girls' weekly trips downtown to buy dresses left them tired but elated. Finally the "Lovliest Night of the Year" arrived on May l9. Though the Prom, which was held at the Tapco Ballroom didn't start until 9:00, the boys started picking up their dates about 7100. The reason was that loads of parties were being given all over Euclid, As soon as the girls got their corsages, collected enough junk to last them through the night, and let every neighbor on their street see them it was time to start. pw Arriving at the Prom fashionably late the couples were soon dancing to the music of Billy Lang's orchestra, enjoying punch and cookies at floor side tables, and getting their pictures taken by Raimor Studios. Live trees, flowers grass, and bridges over tiny wading pools transformed the ballroom intoa lovely surprise. At l:OO the dance itself ended and a police escort guided the caravan of cars to City Hall where movies of the Prom were shown and a key to the City was given to the Senior Class by Mayor Sims. Then back to the Tapco ballroom for more dancing, eat- ing, and entertainment. At the after-Prom party the guests had their choice of a chicken or steak dinner. With the meal came professional entertainment from Greater Cleveland's night spots. A pickpocket, a trampoline trio, and a vocalist filled the bill very well. Music for danc- ing was furnished by Wendell Tracy's band. 30 About 5:30, another motorcade led to the Euclid Pork Clubhouse where the few remaining people waited for the truck with the rolls and coffee which was late in arriv- ing. A few of the harder people went down to look at the lake but the rest tried to keep awake with group singing which didn't go over very big. Af 7:00, some of the cars in the caravan went to the EHS auditorium for a corn- munity church service led by Reverend Austin Coe. Needless to say that by this time very few people were awake, After church, home to change clothes, then on to the picnic at Wyoga Lake and a day of swimming, eating, and trying to keep awoke, A few of the real slap-happy couples even tried to go to the drive-in movies that night, Monday morn- ing the Senior class attended classes en masse as usual, but not willingly, "The Lovliest Night of the Year" will not be forgotten for many a year. 31 Euclid Senior High's eleventh commencement program was held at the Music Hall of the Cleveland Public Auditorium on Tuesday, June fifth, l956. This was the first time the Euclid's Seniors did not graduate in the school auditorium or in the football stadium. The featured speaker was Dr. Allan F. Griffin, Professor of Education at Ohio State University, with "The Shape of the Next Twenty Years" addressed to the graduates. The valedictory music by Marilyn Wendell and the salutatory by Judy Blackburn was followed by the certification of the class and the presentation of the diplomas by Mrs. Grace Watkins, Vice-President of the Euclid Board of Education. With the playing of the recessional by the E.H.S. band 436 graduates filed up the aisles wearing for the last time the blue gowns and gold tassels of their Alma Mater. The '56' graduating class first marched to the traditional "Pomp and Circum- stance" on Sunday, June 3, when Baccalaureate Services were held in the Euclid High auditorium. After the invocation and scripture reading by Reverend Kenneth Poly ofthe Mast- er's Church, the Baccalaureate address, "Feet of Clay" was given by Reverend Frank Hutchings of the Church of the Epiphany. The Senior Chorus was heard for the last time as it sang "The Halls of lvy" and the choral response to the benediction. For the Seniors Baccalaureate Day was the first time to wear their graduation gowns and the beginning of the parties and open houses which come before and after graduation night. 32 -W V-V-e ew- -M -'-' -mwam-im Q -'I R .. 11' A. I nf? 'LEW , ' k'ahr' arg M W-Q 1 gf Q 9' ! A Aff ' 'if ,r .A .5 5, , ,,..-u.,:1 13 'I ' 5.14 N 7, V ,1?Lxj, ,. Q ' f, x 'A Q I - kk g F1 is .ia , f 5- :w 'fm' 32? Nia! i, i QE f X3 , 1 X . . E ' Q. i ,'jfX7', ' X A? Q, Y YE!! if I 'Ii sf' gli:-'wa 5 2.2 A f f.f,4, f"'w, X Judy Blackburn's scholastic average of 94.4 and her leadership in many activities made her eligible to be the salutatorian of the class of 1956. Be- ing on the Distinguished Honor Roll every six weeks during her three years at EHS, vice president of Future Teachers of America, and a member of the Euclidian editorial staff did not hamper her from being in many other clubs around school. Among many of her other activities are Girls' Leaders Club, National Honor Society, Girls' Athletic Association, and Quill and Scroll. She played bassoon in the concert band and marching band. Judy will be a camp counselor at Camp Julia Crowell this summer be- fore she leaves for Ohio Wesleyan in the fall to major in elementary educa- tion. 34 Marilyn Wendell, valedictorian of the i956 graduating class, played "Rhapsodie Hongroise" by Franz Liszt as her musical valedictory. Marilyn's ninety-five plus average in her high school studies was not hampered by her interest in extra-cur- ricular activities, She was a member of National Honor Society, National Forensic League, Thespians, and Fu- ture Teachers of America. Being treasurer of lnternational Quill and Scroll, an editorial board member of the Publications Club, a band librar- ian and playing solo clarinet in the band and violin in the orchestra kept "Wendy" quite busy. After attending Radcliffe College on a full tuition scholarship, Marilyn plans to be an English teacher. When asked how it felt to be first in a class of 436, Marilyn said, "l have never sacrificed activities or recreation for studying-just sleep." W 7- 1, -'vw-:mares A METRICAL PANORAMA OF THE CLASS OF by Gail F. Gianasi PART l Listen my children, and learn the tricks Of the wonderful class of fifty-six. On the nintth of September in fifty-three Euclid's doors opened for you and me. Our first Homecoming was a game against Heights We lost that as well as other grid fights. But the track team did well, and Wiley's a wreck, Because of an unknown soph'rnore named Heck. The baseball team were LEL champs. They made their opponents look like tramps. Rosie, Maureen, Hans, Dave, and .lim Rauer Were great soph'more actors in Playnite's first hour. Our first all-school formal was the Sweetheart ball. We danced in the cafeteria, not some fancy hall. Morning announcements featured a quiz master. Mr. Owens checked up to see who replied faster To: "How many feet is the swimming pool deep?" "How many students in class fall asleep?" ln contest assemblies, we won the last cup. Seniors were mortified. We lived it up. As soph'mores we proved that we were the best By conquering obstacles, meeting the test. PART ll As juniors we started to run the school. We had lots of fun, and observed every rule? "You Can't Take It With You" created a fuss. Well, why not? The cast featured seven of us. The government classes started some fun. The students we chose had the city to run. ln football we didn't win any game But champion hoopsters brought EHS fame. The wrestlers took the GCL crown But didn't do well in Columbus town. The band, however, brought home a first. That made us so happy we thought that we'd burst. At our Junior Prom we had quite a throng. "This ls Heaven" was the formal's theme song. Our newly checked boiler exploded in May. That incident gave us a free day to play. The yearbook presented the first supplement, It showed NHS and our Prom's merriment. We said farewell to the grads of fifty-five. At last, we were Seniors. lt was great to be alive. PART Ill During the summer, to Raimor's we'd trot. They made us look pretty if we had it or not. Mr. Rojeck came with school spirit. lf there is a game, we should all go and cheerit. When we played EasTech spirit reached its peak. That was during tournament week. Mr. Blackburn reads Atlantic. It drives his English students frantic. Through Mr. Pringle we discovered Grendel. The SURVEY said that Marilyn Wendell Would be our valedictorian. Judy Blackburn's behind her by one. The Senior Prom was really a dream. "The Loveliest Night of the Year" was our theme. Every Senior who was a smarty Followed the Prom with the All Night Party. Commencement is Tuesday, the fifth of June. lf 'twas in our stadium we'd want a full moon. But since it won't be there any more We don't care if it'll snow or pour. As one walks through old Euclid's halls He sees around him the cracks in the walls. That shows our Alma Mater has a heart. Cause our class is leaving, she's falling apart. 35 Fl FTY-SIX , A , I, 7 J,'fg4, . 4' -134 1 ' x , ' I J-n I if 4 ,n . " 1. nf- f, , , I' J 4 -1 X - r ' Q 5 v' 1. MQW? 0 111. Q :Z . ' A I I , 5 Q A 1, Q . . ' N L' v' ' HE' -x 1 ,Nl .'- 5 , I ll In I 1 1 'k L ,,qll I lx 'lb i N Mgr v .w. v..,w'M' u'1wm ' ' ' H .hx '. ' ' 41" ' ' 4 V W Z. ,I I. I ' 1 xx lg- p . ws, , v . mn " , .X 1 f' f . , I, ' ' 1, "1',"' v ,"'. I-r ,If- ,, . 1 H H QA Q. ' ' Q wh N v W., :J 1 J ' ' ' " "" ' . N m- w - - ' ' V ' y ' - 3 .ps,.,-,-', In ' ' ' .. " v, . Ax X H ,TV ,.vLw , p. . , A 1, , 4,,'v.'-V ,x ,Ag 9. . .A ' - . - -N W- vf.-f. J . ,- Av , .A I ' V . . 5: P, ,.3..5.5f,,., 1, I X - ' V t , 1 ,Kg K I-1 X"-I-'pn , ..1 - x , I 1 M ' "'-' A " 1' up-fw'w'.' . ,N f QV, -, Y. ,fy . I ., ,. u-1 '., v 0,11 ' 45,-'11, 1 ' , . , ' r ga 1 4' 9 ' I A ', , ' as-r. ,, . ,, U' ix. 1 ' I' i ' .H 1 I ,X P. , N. ,, ' ' 1 I . 1. ,. ln '.,1 ,J .45 ' z, ' . wx ' 'X M ,if . ' 'K 9' w A '.".Q'.-' ' 1 - V 4, ' H lg' , Y ' . r l I 5 - ,I Q ,, K , X' 'Q V' 4 W ' 1' '7 r 4 n K ' -'L, 1 xml, A Y Q ' w ', ' v' -' fx w , -,Q f ' , . . , , , , 3 A . ., , Y., . ' , " - ' .. W ., ' ."-f 1 ss ' ' I is '. if ,.7, T -fm 4 I , ' ,bw ,, -, . 1 1 ' 1 'vgg ,. .z 1 X ' l 4 ' 1 f ' V - , . A , ,A 1 N 5 Y , ,I X l . . '-,. , n ., ,W I , ,, A M, W ,H 5 g , - .' ' v' ' .- ,I V . V, A ,-4 .1 ,4 .,, V, ' ' ' ff 4" H :-' " WI- ,1., - V All ,., , 'H".,.. ' ' - 4.11"-L. I W 4 1. . ,K4 1, ,c ,, N f, 8, ,,., , v X. r ' x 1 rl, 5--,M A x x I w 'Vw m. ,4 . f gn 1,5 A- ,', 1.-nr ly . ,. ily' ,V i, wr ,,A , H4 AAWMA ,. . uw. Msg 'C' v-v-, g A ,,, 'v--Q.. nl' 1 A ' fx ., ,A Y SKU. X h . 'I 1. Q In W ' ss W, H ,, .x 'Y A Q .fml 'I 5 s 4'-hvi' r,y71,.'.' 'QV' ,,.1j,,,1. ,'r,.f .IM ,'.! . ' '- ff ,:'. . ,'.,a" ' l n ,Mx 5 M ' ' ' -,Q 41. ., Q 5:.j'l.g2'Bj, QU ..' . ,. mf 8 ' -mm ' ' . 1, I. ,,v bw, . ,-.1 .izjqsrglm ten, 2f'l"'e'w32 X fu' " -- ' .-Aff, ' ,wwfM-QaM.w '..- fw--hx , ,,. Wx -, fm S ,.f'1 In U V- www -" 1 ' - VV . ...Hifi nux my V s',.' X, . .r A . ,fjfyw X ,, , , ,' . ' , 1 . 5 'Us' ',-' '- Win, ', ,, --Q 'N' ' .' '- ' ' .", i . Q I JJ ' 4,, Lg...-I Ax .W It 'W 41 J 5-. Q ,Aj r-gig, VV 1 'Q ', YI' . ,. 1 g ,,-"Q - ,I ,V f.-if ,. L "3 1 I ii' I is-' F ,HL ,L ,.'w.f V ' - - .:f f' ., . f ., , V' 'a-' -, ' ' ' . Q ' ' 1 - -V ,V ' 4 V 41 V -XI? 4 'X- vg 1 ' x,3l ,, Vu If 1, 1,, 1 " ', Wd, Q' A M. ,qx - 1-4 'Yi' 'K '3 ..',:' nr 4 4 W? ' - ga, , - 1" '. .V W" X V .px ,Q44-. M-7 W ,VI W , 1',Lu,, . V A .-h- -. ' ,,'.",!Q, I- LNVQV' l ' - jk P '54 " ', Q, .-F ' ,, . ' ,I + 1 ' V4 . f ff mwiwt . . ' r"' - vu, I-1 - 1 f.,-'A-1,1 fp- -n, ' 4 . ,M 1.4. ' u .sl as ,- ad x xv X mil .- J..- I, , , -' , ' .1-s--f - - N -A.. V-.. .mf w,..,- , P .0 ' 'A ' X X 1' A V- Uv' fs ,fu N .au 'VQ "4 H ",IA1.' I . Q ' V 51' vt A " 1' ' ' 1 ' 1- w ---, .101 1,2 ,,W..1 ,W ,H 'Mq, ui M w.wn .Sfwf wd,mw'?wWW I v E Y., ' K f W Qty V S 147.1 -Tk.. H. V1 Q W.: 4 w ,f 4 W -, 5 , I, N . - ,A , .. "" ,gn ,, A, ' -7- .R , vj- 4 V 4 '. I-21 - -4 , - - , r nf . ' . , NX , F ,,. 4 , .N ,, 4 ,!. , .. .wwf 'A 1, ,, I Y . in f- . v ww-V M- wffw 'Hs' r.'r,f'r"a . 'I V , , v'-' -' .' '- . L'.v'x' . X' iv-.2 4 ' ' 7, 1 V f -Nr f w- '. - 9,-gf! .1 ' ""c,xx. '. . , 1. K . . ,I ' - 'X .fl-J-!,3 fb. 5 'M J ,W 'I U- , rl I if W.I,ll,- .. U L -+,, ' , , X-",,.'.'1 V- X Ala . 1.,-- - '- lv . V -J L- A - 1 ., V ff- 'f .f . -XJ. vm -, 1421 ., ,g 'S' 3 v- - 1.1, Eu V ,A . f.. , -, Has- I- ,. , fu x ,QI . .- V , , ,-'J ,q 'M .1 .- o....- ow--X. .- '- - ' i 1 , W 3 t X ll I .f w H '51 I hgh' K' 1' ! HNlHv,A '1 .XII F ,I , Inu- wi, . ,. "' - . ' G. I 11 V- u - . V- V . . V f, Q - ,ns . b ,y 13:,,kf, '4 AS.'A"C','i'g1"w ,V . k 4, , . y 1. I ' 1' ' It xy: fm . ' fx, -,qj1f,Qn-.,I- 1 1 g4r'Hv.':-Ah,-- aj :4:..".f V, MIL L. N '- , X .yur I !.,, 1 A ' I .M-'1.f'.LQ 'rl J' ,Q fr' j',y',, gw dy I " ' , . ,jf QM, H- L ,Vai I . . I 1 A ,W -3.. , vi., Q g -V., 1- , I 1 ,. va , ll Q N ,. , yyf,-. ,H V. fu! V 5-,X W. 5 W. Lg, V, X. ,. , 7 uw r- V 1 .., -f V, .' 3-, ,- - .,,y'1. 1 V31 ,JM .V V N , , '-.,, , C- -T f ,. , ' N-'K . .u ' .v,--- ., 3-fv".M. ff "s,gg,.4f1P,,1 -'v -vw ,V , v' A 1 v 11.5. ' ' "2 ,"' ' ,-' "" 1 '.".- 5 'Hz ff: , - nn- -., wr- V- K' J.. 3" , V J . . V x , 5 ,ma ' " ' , M X- ' 'w , 1,,.'.f,, ,naw-Y . '- 1. L 3. X H W A4 1, A 'Y . . ,Q X-. f. ' 2,t?'.-f.-N., -V 'fm' ax-e.'..'i1'.-k" .: , ' il. .L . .w V , 4- , -' ..,,' , t ,. , ,I V , A , v .- A 4 ' I VQ- .fl-fu. - 5 Q' W' Jiffy-V ,XA -1f':'y.'1s .fx-N' ,x -K' fkF':.Q.-4 We 5 3 'g n gf " Sv, 'V 1 v '. ' K "1'x1""x"'n"'H"' " 4' ""' "- "'s,d..l ,V- 'V U' 55- ' mu lvU,Q,,,, ,Ht , w 5 vmwifg ,',... U W ,L xv: ., 'u1:WwW'5wL:W WNWVH W3'w v-' 'wks 'K L ' 4, 's' f -wwww -.XwgMfvf. . .qfwwv MQ' 7 '1,'! .' ' ,IAQ if 5 Q7 . 'R 1 Q' ta A hqgfgxu -, ' .., , ' - Q .an ,II w w 1 pb . , - 5 Q I ' ,' fn 'H 1 1 fx. . U ,X-W", . lx My ., gi up , . , V M., X wmrlty. Y x 1' 4 w 'I l Nlxauf . .- 17" ' W' " .I ' u' '. W ' 4. . , 'N , .f I K, 2 I ', 1 . H t 4 ,. 3 , M , M , fx, w ual' ,N Arwfinqgg U 1 u A 6 Jsf I: Q , ,gf 1: 4 tr, F, V . x V Tn' 2-'V 'Q 71 1'1 ru e ' .J 1 fm .J "ff ' " . " A- 5 ' '- ' f13f if V"' AV'.AV.V 1--g igEmf5Vf1HQ T . ' A -A V 'fjl ma' .iff .. ' 1 'vcfxx fakraw cflvmfk 0I'l'll'l'lel'lC0l'l'leI1f l"0gl'Cll'l'l .,.f . . .Lf .g V , ,q,. mn I " I . .. JI- I----1:N'r1VT"' gi I- I f-'fe-'f-iff' 'W Z, W I 'If ff' 2 --l"A' -X'.:'1,i., A'F5QLIf7i'L1'Q:'?' F-b',IfflIIlw'I in I ps 2'Lf:ff5'i' Hfffi ' I I 1 I 1-I IL. A If .9 A I , 1 ,IF .. , I- 1 - 1 JJTIIV , .-L-U Q x v- - I , .,.:fz , , f gh, E 1 ' "V ' - M72 ' " I Q .p l -Ig , I . 5 9 '-5 1 4 ,, , 12M w e 1 'wi 'A A ' '-f-I' -S "' ff? -. P - , jf , 5? QQ S 5 -If -iii' I 6' 4 'QIFI ir .-,fag Liz. , L , ,.',. . ... 'T , L x fem '-my -H - Q , M r H- AFFE 41' ' aj ' ' I IA. Ea E451 ll I ,ul LVL- I 1, I J, :gd ft' lm -lrvfiif ? - - ,W .wr ,rfafh A --5? I 4 ' rj!! , ' -- haqlffi- L f- . .- -' 1 fir. -. ,, " ... ffl-54' ' -Y gl - A .3a:.a,L4,1,., - j ' 3? ' Hi ,-ag-425: xJf3'j1gga.9wgu. 2-0 ,z-1 ,. --: ., V f!.!: uiI.:?! li, a- um-,UNL ,, -N bun: 1 , . . A UT F X ' 'A ' mwagab'4' " EUCLID SENIOR HIGH Muslc HALL SCHOOL CLEVELAND PUBLIC AUDITORIUM Tuesday, June Fifth Nineteen Hundred Fifty-Six Eight Fifteen P.M. 6 l"09l"CLl'l'l PRELUDE .,.A....,. ..,. ' 'Doge's Overture" ,,.....,,...,...A........... Rosse INVOCATION ....,........ , ................................K......... Rev. Paul O. Mayer East Shore Methodist Church THE NATIONAL ANTHEM SALUTATORY .....,....,..,,.........,.,.,.,...,,,.,...,,........ Judith Ann Blackburn The Cloths of Heaven ",.,,..,..,,. ,.,.,,,...,,,.,,..,.,,,,,........,,.................., D unhill Athena Daniels Introduction of Dr. Alan F. Griffin ....i... Erwin Franklin Berrier, Jr. President, Senior Class 'THE SHAPE OF THE NEXT TWENTY YEARS" ,,.,,.., .,.,,,.,,,,.,V D r. Alan F. Griffin Professor of Education Ohio State University VALEDICTORY IN MUSIC ,i......,. "Rhapsodie Hongroise" .,,,...... Liszt Marilyn Wendell CERTIFICATION OF CLASS ..,...r i...... M r. Clifford G. OWGHS Principal PRESENTATION OF CLASS ......, ....,,.... D r. W. G. Fordyce Superintendent PRESENTATION OF DIPLOMAS ..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,. Mrs. Grace Watkins Vice-President, Euclid Board of Education BENEDICTION ...........,.,...,.,..,...,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,, Rev. Paul O, Mayer RECESSIONAL ...............,....,..,............................................ Class of 1956 Dk Euclid High School Band , Homeroom teachers will assist. We request that there be no applause until all diplomas have been awarded. Qaduafed William A. Adams Calvin Milans Aitken Edward James Anderson Geraldine Ann Andolsek Sue Louise Angene Ronald Andrew Antonick Shirley Anne Avery Ivan Edward Baker Elaine Bambakakis Patricia Ann Bank Joseph Henry Banks, Jr. Richard Blase Bartone James Paul Bassett David William Bauer Carole Anne Bayer Judith Rae Beacham Ronald Andrew Bear Roberta Ann Beck Doris Louise Becker Virginia Ann Bednar Carolyn Mary Benard Erwin Franklin Berrier, Jr. Ethelyn Louise Berrier Rita Ann Bielobocky Anna Marie Bills Richard Allan Bisbee Judith Ann Blackburn Carol Ann Blatnik Jo Ann Judith Bobak John Lawrence Bock Robert Bohinc Robert Anthony Boldin Dean John Bolton John Lawrence Bomback Karen Lee Bone Donald Norman Borthwick Frederick Albert Bowles Robert Jon Boyton Mary Vianney Bray Barbara Jeanne Brennan Virginia Lou Brewster Marjorie Rose Brickner David Francis Brocone Nancy Jean Brooks Edward William Brown Beverly Gail Budd Bruce Arnold Burger Pamela Burns Alyce Marie Buss Glen Lee Buto Diana Marie Carabotta Patricia Agnes Carbone Kathryn Mae Carpenter Paul Leo Castellano Herbert James Charnick Mary Ann Chinchar John Alan Chluda Frank A. Christopher Richard Paul Cinalli Arlene Clark Gary Wallace Clark Nancy Lucille Clark Richard Browning Clark Nancy Patricia Clements Maryl Lyn Coatsworth Jeanine L. Coccia Harvey Morton Cohen Sallie Combs Frederick Walter Conroy Barbara Cecile Coons Albert A. Cook Nancy Anne Corbett Richard W. Covert Dianne Therese Bridget Cowley Dennis Paul Cvitkovic Athena Daniels Ronald Anthony Danna Becky Ann Daubenmire Hazeljean Ann Daubenmire Amelia Ann DeGirolamo Robert Craig Demian Eileen Marie Diedrich Christine Frances Dinunzio Joanna Marie Disantis Maureen Cecilia Dolan Kenneth Philip Downing, II Richard Edward Dreis Janice Lee Eckerman Clarence Edward Eckert Donald James Eddy Ruth Evalyn Edwards Allen John Ehas Marlene Pearl Enkler Robert John Erzen Judith Arlene Estvander Carol Ann Evans Robert Thomas Fabritius Ralph Joseph Fee Patricia E. Ferguson Donna Jean Fielding Margaret-Lynne Fike Diane Ruth Fink William Earl Flasche Louis Frank Florjancic Marsha Ellen Foster Marilyn Rita Franks Nancy Elaine Funk Guy Francis Furth Delores Elizabeth Gadberry Gordon John Galko Irene Erma Galliger Raymond Joseph Gargiulo Gary David Garrett Shirley Arlene Gebe Beverly Ann Gechei Ronald E. Gerzeny Gail F. Gianasi Laurence Lenard Giegerich June LaVerne Gilmore Blanche Glavis Paul Michael Glenn Ronald Leroy Golob Faye Marlene Gordon Nancy Ruth Gore Susan Margaret Gorman Patricia Jean Gorsha Phillip Fred Goss David Gary Gravell Jack Edward Gray Sandra Elizabeth Gray Richard Dana Green Thomas Richard Green Robert John Gregorac Patricia Lee Gribbons Wilma Jean Grodt Barbara Ann Grossman Leona Mae Grugel Ronald Allen Hager John James Hallack Judith Adele Marie Haller Donna Lea Hamilton Virginia Ruth Hamilton Charles George Hamrich Charles Frank Hamula Robert Edgar Hanes Elsie Margaret Hassink david Edwin Heck Karl Hans Hempel Sally Henn Joel Peter Herman Martha Ann Herr Thomas N. Herringshaw Richard Freeman Hershey Patsy Jo-Anne Highland James Hisnay Jean Elizabeth Hocevar David Herbert Holmes Gary Edward Holmes James Jennings Holtz John Charles Homer, III James Rexford Hoppert Delores Elizabeth Horvath Virginia Lee Howard Gloria Jane Hurka Neil Henry Hurshrnan Judith Gail Jablon Claude I. Jackson George Ronald Jaroscak Judith Ann Jesberger Charles J. F. Jevnikar Ralph E. Jones William Frederick Jones, Jr Judith Ann Judice Burton Moore Judson, Jr. James Dennis Yane Gerald Allen Kaprosy Robert Ray Karol Esther 'Joyce Kasunic Lynn Barbara Katz Gerald R. Keck Kenneth R. Keeper Janet Elaine Keller Janet Joyce Kent Roy D. Kem Patricia Ann Kernz Gretchen Gray Kiebler John Wayne King Evelyn Alice Kline Marion Louise Kling Edward F. Knirnschild John Thomas Kocjan Robert James Kollar Margaret Nancy Kolthoff Jean Ann Konyha Annelie Kopf Richard Everett Korda Beverly Ann Korencic Robert A. Kosher Joan Carol Kosman David Philip Kotnik Jerry James Koucky Miriam Frances Kovach Joyce Lee Kovic Deanna Joyce Kramer Joe T. Krashoc Barbara Ann Krause Janet Ruth Krauss Susan Frances Krautberger Catherine Ann Kriz Margaret Louise Krizman Alice Maria Krogmann Judy Gail Kronenberger Mary Candace Kunkel Carol Jane Kurilko Loretta Ann Kushner Anthony Pasquale Laddis Laura May Lain Rose Marie Lang Carol Ann Langlois Sherman Warren Lanning Thomas Roberts LaPorte Deanne Margaret Larabee Kirk Evan Lauter Edward Terry LeBreton Karen Rae Lees Paul Kurt Leihenseder Mary Ellen Leuty Perry Alan Lewis Carol Karine Lindquist Carol Jean Link Anthony Fredrick Longo Joseph John Lucas Carolyn Ann Luikart Joy Karen Luse Sally Rae Lyons Sharron McBro0m Robert Kenneth McCormack Irene Mary McDonald Joseph Henry McDuffee Ronald M. McGregor Geneva Marie McGuire Patricia Jean McIntyre Patricia Joycelyn McKnight Nadine Joy McLaughlin Janet Ann McNellan Ernest Eugene McPeek David Mercer MacDougall Donald Stephen Macko Phebe-Nell MacQuarrie Christopher Magnusson Jerome F. Mang Kathleen Ann Mannion Arthur Karl Marincek David Benton Marsh Carol Ann Maurer Loretta Meden Darlene Jean Mercurio F. Richard Mervar Sandra Elisia Mester Kenneth Rudolph Meyers Donnie Ella Mezget Alan H. Miller Leslie Louis Miller Robert James Miller Patricia Ann Minello Tina Mary Mirenda James George Mog James Molder James Dale Monnett Carol Ann Moore Elizabeth Jean Moore Raymond Frank Mora William Joseph Motta Donald Franklin Moyer Joan Marie Murphy Richard Allen Murray James Charles Mussard Edward Joseph Mutchler Marilyn Mae Myers Robert James Nebe Patricia Louise Neibecker James Alan Neil Barbara Lea Nelson Patricia Louise Nelson Ann Jennifer Neylon Leo Nick Gerald Allen Nordstrom Charles James Nowacek Richard Anthony Ogrinc Michael Patrick O'Hara Beverly Ruth O'Hare Sydney Onderdonk Edward Anthony Opatrny Karol Deane Orcutt Richard Lynn Osborne James Ott Ralph Randolph Owens Carol Lynn Pagels David Rudolph Paik Charles Anthony Palazzo Mary Agnes Palinkas Carol Jeanne Palmer John Lester Parker, Jr Sandra Lee Patmore Bernard E. Patton David William Pavelka Frances Alice Pavlic Nancy Jean Pavlicek Mary Ann Payerchin Sara Elizabeth Peek Carole Jeanne Perlioni Frank William Perusek Gerald D. Peterson Angela Maria Petruzzi Jay Edward Phelps Rosemarie Anne Pignataro Kenneth Anthony Pilotti Otto William Pirchner Patricia Ellen Postle Gloria Jeanne Postnak Patrick Ernest Potter William David Powell, Jr. Donna Jean Powers Loys Ethel Rabbitt Florence A. Racine Mary Ann Dorothy Radatz Elaine Rath James Matthew Rauer Shirley Jean Rebro Keith Bernard Redfern Jeanne Carol Reeve George Andrew Repasy Nancy Louise Replogle Rita Jane Ricci Mary Beth Richert Carole Rose Rogelj Curtis Frederick Rogosch, Albert C. Ronke Stanley Louis Rosenthal David Norman Ross Robert H. Rossington Lois Jean Rothrock Joan Marline Roubicek Barbara Jane Rowe Marcia Runo John James Rutkosky Patricia Ann Sanders Gerald N. Sandy Roy Allan Sater Carol Ann Schael Darlene Joanne Schaerfl Gene Marie Schoen George Stephen Schroeder Edward W. Schultz Erich R. Schulz Gerald Peter Schwartz Paul Walter Schwegler Paul Thomas Serra Jean Pauline Shawke Joseph Charles Sheridan J Ronald Dale Sherman Edwin Alfred Shrimpton Frank Carl Sibenik Martha Jane Skrance Patricia Ann Katherine Skully Eugene Allen Smelik Barbara Ann Smith Robert Allen Smith Louis Frank Smolic Donna Ruth Snyder Eugene Henry Soeder Paul Joseph Solanics Carolyn Ann Southworth Marguerite Cecile Specht Carol Ann Sprochi 0. LeRoy Squire Roberta Lynn Stampfel Elizabeth Ann Frances Stancavich William Regis Stapleton Judith Carol Steinmetz Robert Lorin Stewart Shirley Lou Stock Linda Jane Stokes Kathleen Doryce Stoner Sylvia M. Stopar Phyllis Jean Stowe Richard John Strah Edward Strekal Edwin Russell Stroberg Carol Rae Swain John R. Swartzwelder Diana Sweeder Judith Mae Taylor Arnold Earl Teeter John Allen Telisman, Jr. David Barry Tentler Nikita John Theodosion Arthur Roger Thompson Pauline D. Toll Richard Henry Tolway Carol Jeanne Tomsic June A. Toplak Ray A. Toplak Joan Carol Tucker Barbara Alice Turnbull Robert Jack Ulizza Ronald Andrew Ulle Johanne Marie Urankar Charles Franklin Vaigl Louis Enrico Valenti Henry James Verbsky, Jr. .Ion Anthony Verh Janice Rose Verhotz June Elsie Vert William Anthony Vidmar, II Judy Lynn Walter Dolores Ann Walters Mona C. Weaver Charles E. Welsh Marilyn Wendell James Norman West Sharon Louise White Suzanne Williams Dorothy Jean Wills Robert Donald Wilson Dolores Marie Wlodarski Elaine Antoinette Wonderly Donald Lynn Woodford Janet Lorene Wuchte Annamae Yatsko Patricia Ellen Zeiger Barbara Ann Zellers Rosemary Zgonc Marlene Helen Zimmerman Judith Louise Zust 0l'l'lQl"00l'l'l I 3-QGLC Glad Delmar Smith Stanley Whiteside Pauline Berg Harold Blackburn Betty Byelene Harry Spangler Herbert Nold Listed in order CAM Erwin Franklin Berrier, Jr.., John Reeves James Calvert Dorothy Lillick Stanley Schutz Frank Pringle Norman Thompson Edmund Mize Neal Nelson of diploma pmsentation icerzi Sherman Warren Lanning ss..,i.. June LaVerne Gilmore ..,.,.,,...s .,.,,.,,,,,.PI'9SldEllt .,.msVice-President .,....s.....Secretary Klrk Evan Lauter ,,,,,.,,,,.,i MEG! Treasurer Russell G. Glass .,.. gown! of ajalucafion ......,............President Grace Watkins .......,., C. E. Bowman Loyal E. Luikarnt Frank B. Mills ....., Stewart A. Cox ......, ....................,... W. G. Fordyce .......... ..sM.A........,.Vice-President John F. Davis .........Superintendent of Schools Business Manager .Clerk-Treasurer ,f ,ff .ff ,Q wmamvnenrzxn mms mf malwra 1 1 aff"

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