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I :Fyug , .N , , 1 ,S 5 Y -- 1 5 My v V 4, 'om X, u . , ' r - 1" V.-'I' 7 41 ' ,H- , , , lf, 1 V' ' ' ' 1.55.1 il , .UH-4 I 1 J 'V' 32" +1 fix 4. 4:- -ff""M ' 1. .ggi ,. . .mer E 5 , .pix .3 If .cillixa ' 'Q'-'f'L1': ., QL , '-thu' -, qjrl- W: 1, , XREYW , J 4--L. ' :- .w V firm:- L X 45 5' 4.2 X 'rgjgfcggfl X . . .qv Wu' 'iafwz HPF: ""'1 'S 0 'W' : 59135 , f .ffm , ' - I ,, . S 1 5 f, ,hx f gi v ,tx A f I Q5 5. Wi- Qfzlg, , N . ff. ' X L re :F " ,358 f ' 2 ' I 13 , if 1, if 4 f 'I -1-r vm- " . 'J' 1. 4 ...-. .4 Y 1 LiV'E'iyi5ilj- t.. ' 'fy ' -- N , x -f "fg3,,gj:zzf ww, . , , 1 ivy 'Q U f " .044 fiem. K, .1 ,AWA X W. ...,- ,V ,WM rzau,:N,, .4-,5"-11x11 ,A,.:., ff7f+fw .,,sL,- y Q 1 :nz 1 s frm, ' 5-mv, I Lf 'M . ,g , Q gg: . Lv," ' V et J.-1 f Wlfvxffl . wif 23591 A ifsf' 1139 fi f 'aff ,M -.5 . Q., . . 1 V ,Eh '- -V w,..f. - .V V-- g 5 ' 34 Qi Q an .,.. '..-1.1.95 MXL A 1' YP amish H511 Editor-in-chief , . . Assistant Editor. . Make-Up Editor . THE STUDENTS OF EUCLID SENIOR HIGH T11 East 222nd Street Euclid, Ohio 569' D S b o I-I-I 7' Nl W 2-,, 6' Joanne Lacey Script Editor ,,,,.., Audrey Blanc Elaine Lokar Art Editor .......,,. Deanna Cook . , .Al Carlson Business Manager ,... Janet Eiber 4 nt1'nh1u'ing The year of 1954- witnessed a distinct change at Euclid High . . . a certain something seemed to be added . . . the intangible feeling called school spirit had begun to grow . . . it was the feeling that brought tears to our eyes at the first pep assembly . . . a quickened heartbeat as our alma mater was sung . . . a deep feeling of pride whenever our school was mentioned . . . a closer harmony between faculty and students as we worked together with one objective in mind fthe best for Euclid High . . The spirit of Euclid High is still growing and will continue to do so for many years to come . . . we have tried to present the year of 1953-541 to you through the eyes and ears of our school itself . . . Eddy, as we have nicknamed our school, will bring back memories to you of your own high school days . . . days filled with joys, sorrows, successes, and disappointments. Uome with us to meet Eddy -- listen eagerly and read carefully as he writes his t'First lVill and Testament" . for he has a remarkable story of a t'uly remarkable year to tell. 57 3.7 3 LUUUU IUIJLIU Llunnlu 7m,s5- 12-3239 Aus 131965 'M f"Vk"5f'gs5?f'wf 7 ' N all 1HHP111ll1'iP5 uf Path puzzling gvar -Z -N.1v W, ,M , .M I sl W I U 41 z I by -sexi Q F E3 1 within Ihwr 11151115 uw lpnlil Dvur i H Ima Hail to Thee, O Euclid High School To thy name all praise we sing. Happy days of youthful pleasure, llearning, living, life so dear. Our hearts fill with gratitude For all that is to be- Almu Mater, Euclid High School, All our praise we bring to thee. XVhere the blue of Erie,s waters Casts the sunk bright golden rays, There all Euclid's sons and daughters Sing the Joys of student days. If after-days be dark and drear And htorms of life draw nigh, The memories of our friendships here lVill lift our hearts to Euclid High. LlLwI't"IlCf' Beck Lester .-l'7lg?fI1F atm' vhimtinn I, Edward Samuel Hughes, Senior, being of sound stone and steel, do hereby dedicate this book, My First Will and Testa- ment, to the ever-growing "School Spiritv enclosed in my frame . . . I hereby will the events of my school year, 1953- 1954, to the memory of those who shared, lived, and experi- enced them Q . . And so, on this eleventh day of June, 1954, I hereby set my hand to bring back in writing the above said happenings . . . I request that as you read the pages set be- fore you of my First Will and Testament, that a word, pic- ture, or phrase will bring a memory to your mind, a smile to your lips, and a thought, "It was a wonderful year V' . . . nntvnia Z1 hvqnrath In gnu the fnllnwingz My My My My My My My My My My Faculty and Classes . . Seniors .. Juniors . . . Sophomores . . . Fine Arts . . . Organizations . . Girls' Sports .. Boys' Sports . . . Social Life .... Advertisers . . . Page Page Page Page Page 9 27 71 81 91 Page 105 Page 129 Page 137 Page 163 Page 183 ie , wznltg 8 1215595 Remaining with mv, gnu' after gear 'T1SS,?'lff11 1 rv K' 1 J, .-3, - si " 1.- ,fy J f 1 1 VI' ' '1 1 A X V 4 ' 5 1 1 , . 1 1 111 1 1 1 1 1 R, 1 , . E 11, I 1' 1. 1 1 .-vi., 1'-,7 W ff :I v, 1,,1', 11"', ..,., ,gf-,3 '1".s- ' HL 'Ag fi- , l'1 .J 111 'fx l'l B 1. 4 1 :IN contrast with the rest. of the world, every American has an opportunity for an education. It is possible for him to go to school through senior high school without the payment of fees which are a part of many liuropean school systems. The only limitation is his ability and effort. If he has these two elements, he can go through college by means of scholarship. Nowhere else in the world is such an opportunity available. Universal free pub- lic education is a priceless American heritage. Like any other public institution. the schools must sur- vive under public scrutiny and examination. In a democracy. constructive criticism produces growth and development to meet the needs of the people. As each senior receives his diploma. the obliga- tion of preserving, improving, and advancing' the eause of public education should be in his mind. Your parents and the citizens of your eity hope that you have taken full advantage of the oppor- tunities in our publie schools. Your future obliga- tion is to pass this opportunity on to future gen- erations. The Board of Education expresses its congratulations and best wishes for your future. Sincerely yours, YV. G. Fordyce MH. YY. G. FORDYCE si'i-1-:iciN'I'ENm-:N'1' or sc'Hoo1,s BOARD OF EDUCATION Menillers slzinding lm-fl to right nr:-1 Mr. V. l'I, liowiiinn. I'r4-sident llussn-ll Glass, Yi4'e-Presiileiit Mrs Hraee XV:itkins, Mr Loyal Luiliart, and Mr. John lbavis Ah111i11i5Irz11iu11 f i A ' W ' ' X ,, "' ff '-:2,'f+1- --:7:"4' -' A -- -f A , eleven Ahminiairaiiun MR. CLIFFORD G. OXVENS PRINCIPAL Isl 'lr' . MR. lVAl.'l'lslll Sf'HXVlQGl,l'ilt vicl-I-1'1zINCli'AI. Q pw ! 1 JIT IS a satisfying experience to look back over the activities and achievements of any school year. I am sure that as you leaf through the pages of this annual you will have pleasant memories of an enjoyable and worth-while year with your class- mates and teachers. As the years go by, you will treasure more the story told within the covers of this book. The Enclidian staff and sponsor are to be con'- gratulated for this fine production. Their efforts in behalf of the entire school are appreciated. The best wishes of the school go with the class of 195-11. lVIay their ambitions be achieved with honor to themselves and their school. Sincerely yours. Clifford G. Owens OUR friendships of high school days are most lasting. for they have been tested over and over again. This yearbook is a record of friendship. Inter- esting' as it is now, it will become increasingly more valuable with passing years. To you these class- mates will always be young. carefree, and joyful. No matter what changes life may make, you will have the privilege of looking upon your friends as they were during your happy days at Euclid Senior High School. May you receive the best of every- thing. Sincerely yours. Yvalter Schwegler twelve W I2 Mu. NIERYI. 1sAt'M mi UNS- lll-IA N OF BUYS Mr, Meryl Baumer has been Dean of Boys since my first school year. Previously he ml tau ht 'lt Sh re - l '- ft'- l l '. I'-at . - - gl f o fine pmt nec tw I As twcher for km-ll experiences have equipped hnn well tor the h F1 position he now holds. ' .,P' ll,XltltIl'l'l' SlIl'l.X'l'S IIILXN oi' umm Dean of Girls, Mrs. Harriet Shouts. guides ' girl stnflcnts along thc ro:ul to hotter citizenship. ltrevionsly sllc was at visiting :ll ll l l 'u J ic Sc loo s. Help- ino' Lrirls choose their right vocation or col- hfre 15 one of her nizun llutics. 25 Ea A ,. O FFIC111 STA FF Xlrs. Louise Yvintcrs, Bliss Hvinifrecl lVillis. llliss Nancy' llllllllil, :incl Miss thirteen Marilyn Lovett hnsily performing tht-ir nmny tasks .Ah1IIiI1i5T1'Z11iUII I ngliah Anil illangxtagr Bvpartmrntz MISS I,l'CII.I.l'1 .XINGWOli'l'l'I Flora Stone Mutlwr - A.I3. Columbia I'nivvrsity - 1'huirnmu. Enylixlz Dvpnrlnzruf MISS P,-U.'I.INI'I IIIERLQ Kent Slate I'nive1'f-ity - I3.S, XVestern Reserve I'nivers-ity - MSX. English NIR. HAROLD III .XCKIIVRN Otti-rin-in Collt-gc - .X.I5. VIR-sterli libs:-rw Ifnivx-rsily - II..X. Engllixlz IXIISS .I EAN I!OXVDI'1'l'II XYekat Virginia 'I'wicli:'ix College' - A.B. VVcstL-rn I'Ies.1-rvv Univm-rsity - I5.S.l,.S. llilrrrrriruz MISS I'I'IRA i'.'XMI'I5l'II.I. IM-i'ium'4' Colin-gr - A.II. Ohio State I'nivc-rsity - BI..'X. English MII. IIIYRUN GURIIUN .hlalln-rt. XVl'Sl1'I'II Itcsvrvc Uni- versity - I5..'X. II'ostvrn Iiesei'w- llIlIYL'l'Sltj' - MSX. ,lUllllfllI.VlIl, Iclljllhvll MISS I3I'IItNIt'I'I KUS'I' Flora Stone IVIEIIIICI' - ILA. XI'cstvrn Ih-at-rvu I'l1iv1-rsity - MSX lfngllixh I X ,Q V 'fnibf I Ab. -.f V I AQRFA -O ""f9 -- , .. .X-x qc-""' 'TT , in MR. NEIL MacKEIG.-KN Western Reserve University - ILA. XVestc-rn Reserve Vniversity - BLA. Vlmirniun, Lungzmgrf llrparfnzrlzf IFVPIIFII MRS. RUBY OLSON Ohio VV6--Icynn I'nivi-rsity - ,X.B. Fiiiverxity of Cliicago - MA. IfnylIi.vlz MII. FRANK IJRINGLE St. IIOIl2lVl'IIIllY'U I'nive'rsity - B..-X. lfnylish MR. LEONARD ROBIQCK VS'estern Reserve University - B.A. XVOstern R1-serve I.'niversity - M.A. Spwrlz, English MR. XYAI,'I'I'1R SCHL"l'Z Otterlwin Collegv - IS..-X. Ohio State l'nivex-,ity - BS. in Ed. I,I'!III1flfi!'.V, English NIR. ANTHONY YACCARIEI.I.O Miami University - B.S. IV:-stern Reserve I'niversity - M..-X. Sliflllfkh BI ISS R l"l'H VER MILLION Akron I'niversity - B..-X. NVestern livsei-vc Vniversity - BLA. Lufin. English fourteen Here one secs Mr. "'Sl1:1l4os- pearev Bl?lC'kllLll'Il.S SClll0l'I':llgA lisll class in tllc library. Oncc he told nic his classes used, uTllI'CSSlC1' us 21 conlpanion, lvelistcr as ai ffuiclu. :incl Env'- -5 EN lisli llt0l'?lflll'C as :1 cunficl:1nte." My English I,QIJ2ll'tlllCl1l pre- pares my seniors for flu-ir cols leffc freslnnzln vc-ul' of 1'lnv'lisl1. P5 . P' so that "nmny of tlioni lnnkc B's." Iglll surc liis stuclcnfs it' will always l'Cl1lCll1lICl', Foniorf row. and t0Ill0l'l'0W, and tus Ill0l'1'0W.,,q 'i'1'lmn surc Illlil firm sol E2ll'tll,,. :incl writing coni- pletc accounts of tlicir week- Cnfls and llolicluys. I. i, i- ,l -----,Wm,.i, s v-l l.l. nM,is iiftccn 1 - ,ga .G--52 l'lll'Sl'yC!ll' Simnisli lays flu- founrlziliun of llic lilllgllilgk' firnily in flu- niinrls of my sins rlcnls leiliing' flic coxtrsc. If givcs flic lmsivs. tlzl- lczwliing pronunc-i:ilim1, and the clenicn- 'mry g'1'211llIllGl1'. Af the ond nf studcnf liens for an lllUl'3 of The lan- licnl unc of nip' SIHll1lSll liow lic fouls. llc lillgflll ax11swux'. Gllwaava fllllertlgvmutirz Anil Svrivnrr Evpartmeut 5 , 'ff 1 2 9- 4 e 'fi , h MR. OLIN ll.-Xll.l4lY 'Wil' ' ' .. .. , ..,,,,, I I Rio Grumle College - lS.S. in Htl. e xiffx, Ohio State University - MA. ,, ,.,. 2, lfwl 01111 Q ' ,,.,. ., ..... t Q Fggm, ' .I --vv- 1 MR. ADR IAN l3I'l+lltlll'llt Cniversity of Dayton - l3.S. Ohio State lvlllV1'l'hltj' - l1l.l4l. .llyrhru, Sulizl lfl'1lIII1'fl"Il. Trifm nn me I ry Mn. .I.xM1+1s oms11,x1c'1' F ' Q., I'IPllll'llH.'I'fI e.,1lt-ge - IRS. ff QR ' .V ' Ohio State I'nivc-rsity - lVl.S. W .' 1 ' C'lmirnmu Sr'i4'nf'1' lf!'lHll'flHI'Ill 5 1 Wi l"'ff gh l '-2, l'lH'nll.vfr'.11 F9 ' ' I A t E:!2'S?3:'f:15K" ' S' V523 .2 1 ' ' ,t X 'G sg Mic. 1.14:oN lllilNI.l'llN ffff' ee - Ohio Ifniversity - ILS. in lid, I Wi Ohio Cniversity - NIA. in ltltl. I l1usn's, Inrlmvlrml Jlulh. f "TQYXf3'.iN3il5i MISS Gl'llt.'Xl,lJINl'l lll'lZl'1l5ICKS Ohio State I'nivn'rsity - l5.S. in lid. llurlf llHlll'1'. ,lfjl1'l11'rl lbw' . Q X 'i:""'E ' FIR. I"Rl'lD JOHNS - vig wg NI'ewlern Re:-erve I'nivt-rxity v li.S, YVeH.tern Reserve l'nivs-rf-ily - BLA. ' " - ln4lu.vIri1rl Jlllfll. l'lr1n1' llr'111:1:l:'.lf N' sixteen st X Y Y NX I . . ' wi' ffffxf ' I . . If xXN. . iii.. "' -N"'N2 fe. - Qin , 51,5 'I M R. RICHARD KEAY Miami University - A.l5. Western Reserve University - M.A. Che IN ixf ry MR. DONALD MCGINLHY Kent State Cniversity - ILS. liiolugy. Hm'tir'ulfru'r' MR. JACK MII.I.ER Oberlin College - A.B. VVestern Reserve University - NLS. Biology, Physics. lmlzuwlrial Seiwrzrr' MR. HARRY SPANGLER Heidelberg College - B..-X. VVestern Reserve University - 31.5. f"Il'IlIISfI'.Il. Biology MR. NORMAN 'FHOMPPSON Kent State Cniversity - ILS. in Ed. XVestern Reserve University - IVI.S. If inluyy MISS ALISINIC XVEITZRI. I'niversity nf Akron - I3.A. in lid. VVestern Reserve University - M.A. Plane G'mn1r'fry HRS. l3IflL'I,AH XVILSOX l3.A. Flora Stone Mather College - XVestern Reserve University - M.A. f'IIlIII'I1Il'lI1. Jlafhmnaffrx Ileparlm1'nf .lflwzneed Algebra. Grfonwiry Amid the smells of sulphur dioxide :init czirhon, my stu- dents :ipply what they lczirn in l their texthooks to practice. I can always hear them saying. "Another test tube hits the Q dust," "Turn off the water." or ' '6IYli:1t :1 smell!" In chemistry not only mlo my students lezirn the hzisic science, hut responsi- bility :inrt how to cooperate with others. This course is necessary for those entering into the engineering :init scien- tific fields. ,-, "Hun to the office for si few more pointers. . . " So often I heard this saying from Mr. Actrizui Buerge-r's solicl geoine- try class. Here stuclents lczirnemt in an informal. interesting way. They :ippliecl the principle of "seeing is believing :incl zulml- erl such new worcls to their vos cnbulary :is prisms. polyhe- ctrons and icosziherlrons. XVh:1t they have leeirneil will lie the lmsis for higher m:ithem:itics. the foundation of engineering. Qllamf-P5 r it f seventeen Svnrial Svtuhima Pmh wait Bepartmrntn MR. ROBERT BENNl'l'l"l' Ohio State lhiiversity - B.S. Ohio State University - M.A. flixrnry. Bll.9iILl'3S, f?II'l'Pl'II IIll'IIf MR. CLEMENS BL.-XLCII Kent State University - l3.S. Ohio State University - MA. liI!l'l'I7l'll1lI!'llf. Hroiimnirnv, Ilixfu ry M ISS VVILMA GILLMAN Heidelberg: College f A.l5, xV6YZt0I'I1 Reserve lYlllVl'I'Slfj' - MJX. Ilixfnry, fluzv' rn nnfni, llwrnmn M R. BR VCE GRA H AM Akron University - A.l3. Ohiu State l'niversity - M,A. IvIlifI'!l Sfflfm Hixlury llonw mm' Family l's.l1r'l1nlng1.11 MR. imlmz HARPER Nd' Viiiversity uf Cincinnati - l5.S. in P.s.M. Western Reserve Vniverhily - MA, f',llliI'lllfI1l, .llusir Ilvpfcrfnirfnl MR. NEAL NELSON Kent State University - B.A. Vliilrd Sfrzfes History. Surinl Prolzl1'n1.v M R. MELVIN ROBB Mansfield State Teachers College B.S. in Education Penn State University - M.A. in Ed. Pxyrhology. Hixfory MRS. HELEN S'l'EXK'AR'l' Kent State University - HS. in Ed VVestern Reserve University - BLA: Snrfal Problrfmx. Wnrlfi Ilfxfiil'-ll MISS JAN TOMPKINS Oherlin Cue-ge - B.M.E. Vocal Music MR. STANLEY WVHITESIDE Ohiu State University - B.A. lvl1ifl'fl States History Clllflifllldll, Social Studies Dept. MR. GEORGE VVILEY Oherlin College - AB. VVC-stern Reserve University - M.A, in History Wnrld Hisinry eighteen "The British :irc L'0llllllgl...u the Huvolutioiisiry Vvill' is 'iust one of thc lllillly phases of his- tory Illy stualciits lczlrn in A 111 Q r i c :1 I1 QOVCl'lllllL'llt. Mr. "l'11c'lc Neal" Nelson gives l1is stuclciits tl hcttcr umlerstzuicl- ing of our A111c1'ic':111 licritzigu und culture :incl docs so witl1 discussions, lllfOl'll12ll lccturus. 1'GC'lt?ll'l0llS, :xml L'ClLlCEltl0112ll gmues . . . instructiiig his class in :111 intcrcstiiig fnsliion. JK? . . ,152 -rf it to Q .itz l k A s 0 KY W it 51 lvlienever I stroll into the hamrl l'00lll it is not unusuzil to licar Mr. Dale Hzmrpcr saying. "Get to work!" He would llc guiding the lmud lll6lIllJL'l'h towzircl that goal of thc fifty-six first places in the solo :incl CllHCllllJlC con- tcst. Bly bancl strives to achieve il gcnuine lxnowlcdgc of music :ind ax g'CIlCl'H.l ft-cling of rcsponsibility. This is :1 group that works :is 21. team to pro- viclc 1110 with PL fll'Sf-l'2ltC' hand. 011215525 1 lt' i ""i A WMM A i Lgdifiizifflffi i mm' A 'WM QQ? - f gQ1,,,, ,LAQJA 11i11ctec11 Hume Arm Anil iilggsiral 3 hurniiun Eepartmvniz M R. JAMES l'AI,VEli'l' North Central College, III. - ILA. Ohio Stzlte l'niversity - M.A. l'I1y.vif-nl Elillfllfilrll M IIS. ROSEMA HIE Di-VAI, Slippery Rock State 'I'eaelwrs College - IRS. l'll.IlNIl'Ill Ifrlurufiun M lt. SPA Ii'I'Ul'U DiI5I.XSIU Oberlin Cullegrm- - IRA. citbllllliiill l'nivm'rr.ity - M.A. l'lr-uxirrrl HIllI!'lllf1lII llrmu' llllll lnlllllilllf MRS. MARION DISE Uhio State I'niversity - IIS. XVf'Hit'I'II Reserve I'nivs'rsity - M.A. Vlzrzirnmn, Hninw .lrlx llrlmrlmwul MISS VAROI. GR EVE Iiowling Green Stalin- I'nivers.ity f II.S. in I'Iiilll'2ltIUII l,ll.ll.Yil'Ill l'f1lur'u!iun f -.kb-'FMR I xi Y " I L .":' . 3 Q, X my ,X A Q 'J'-, ' ., X11 A --M ' ' Ak x R x as I - 5 K -'A in 'Cf' N if 6-sg .fy 5 Q 'qv-Q ,' ,4:g4:.. :fries .I I si' H' -EFF' 'Ke RN MR. JOSEPH GRAM Ohio State l'niversity - I5.S. l'l1-Uxirfrl lfrlu nfinn. Szvinznzing MISS .IESSIE HOWE Ihildwin XVaIlace Cullege - B.S. F'fmrI.w MRS. .IANE KLINE Kent State Ifniversity - PLS. l'lmirrn11n. Girls' 1,11-IISIFITI Eclurn- limi I1l'IJUI'fl7Il'llf MISS EDITH LEMON North VI'estern College - B.S. Western Reserve University - M.A. fvlflfllilifl MR. CLARENCE SVVACKHAMER Ohio l'niversity - I3.S. in Ed. Columbia University - M.A. f'lJUiI'lII!IIl. Hnyx' I'Iyy5ig-gl Eflug-U- tion Dfpnrfnicnl twenty Here in office practice, the most important class in my Commercial Department, the girls :irc taught the propcr ways :mal metllurls, so tllcy can go out into tlic busincss worlml and become efficient sccre- taries. These girls gain cxperi- ence by working' as secre- taries for my tcaiclicrs. If I clon't lmppcn to hear tlicm say, "Not another mistake!" they might be exclaiining, "Iigaul T" t " " Y v-f 'W-' vel us' lllll'0W . . . tlirow . . . t lirow . . . ," tu tliis 1'l1.Vtlnnicalsta ment tlie carriage of tlic tv writcrs :irc tlirown into tion, My first-yczir fypin stlnlcnts lczirn liow to up :i typcwritcr :incl tlie ge Cl? H611 ine In mccliunics of thc nmcli . tlicir sccmnl term tliey le: spcccl. cnrlions, :incl invmc-s Aftcr taking tlic t-vpingcuuisc my stuclcnts can run ii ty writer "l1linrlfolcletll" Qllamiw i L......,.-,. WM- ,c,, MM, twenty-three nf Elnhuatrial Aria Anil Art Brpnrtmeniz NIR. CIM-Xltl'lNL'1'l lQL'K1'1R'l' Kent State l'niversity - 15.5. Kent State University - M.,-X SlH'!'fIlll'fIIl mul Welmling NIR. Al, t:,xI,1eK1 'Q W um.. University - Bs. Lf... ' "" 1 . . at . X3 . 1,l'lllfllIjl ,. ,ir ,. NIR. I11'I1t1SIi1t'1' NULD Ohio Vniversity - 11.5. in l'1ch:c'ation ltmvlingr Green State l'nivert.ilx BI..-X. in Education iivmuf Nlmp M R. JOHN P01110 , rf' V, 11 N s ki ' T Helix ' om., sum- t'niv.-miy - las. rift... Wewtern Re:-erve - NIA. K "" ,L " ,111-rlumir-ul llrrrzvirzu E 5. 1 . 5 1 bf ' ...V I ' Xi, MR. MARVIN S'I'AIN141S New York State 'feaeliers Cullegm' at Buffalo - 13.5. l'niverr.ity of Colorado - MA. in Iidlleatimi . I llfI:IDIllfi'l'l'.Y M R. JUIIN SUPANC11 Ohio ljniversity - 15.5. Kent State t'nivc-rsity - 31.15. .lzalu lI1'iz'iuy MR. GENE THOMPSKJN Kent State University - 13.5. in 1241. SfIlfll'f'I'lIff. Arts 111111 Urnfts Nl R. FR ANK '1'ROGl.1A Uliiu State 1'niversity - PLS. in 1111. 11'este1'n Reserve laxiversily - M.:X. .iluelrine Slmp, Jl4'f',IllHII'1lI lll'!lTl'1.Ijl MR. FRICD Y01,1,MAN XV:-stern Reserve Ifniversity - 13.3. in lidueation X1'estt-rn Reserve 1'niverf:ity - BLS. in A rt f'llllfI'IIIf!ll. Influxfrinl .-Iris Dpparl- nsrnl. . I rf twenty-four In th is class I can l'L'lllCllIllL'l' nt-ver seeing anyonu sitting in his assigned seat. Here Mr. Fred Yolhnan, hoacl of tht- art department, runs his class hy giving freecloni to uach stu clcnt to do as hc wishes, anml tht- spu ing students do so with rcs ct and appreciation. Show- great promise for the fu ture in any phasc of art . . they learn printing. metals. enaincls, oils, anal ceramics. Mr. Yolhnan's favorite saying sa-urns to tc, "Sunil two cle ine rits I" 4, 'ix in' 3 ,Z ' X ' X f 7 ' Q 't it i iiii QL I XM at ' . twenty-five YVith tht- souncl of tht- hell that starts class, one van hear a rush of fc-ut running the last few yards to the doorway. It's the hoys in tht- print shop try- ing not to he tarily. These hoys print not only the S11r'7'r'1f, hut school programs for plays :xnrl sports. anml any othur printing 'ioh nt-edt-cl. This class is not only one of my niost ini- portant functions hut pro- vlcles ext-ellunt training tor prospcctivc printers. Gllasaw 3 Srhnnl Staff N N Miss Xarla lialich examining' lulalln- Monroe's throat Mr. lieoree llrm-uster and Mr Jerry Hauser talkin: over ll1'5P If you become ill while in school. you may he assured of competent care. Miss Nada Batich, my school nurse. is always on hand to give first aid and medical care. Her office is located on the left. in the executive corrido1'. At the begin- ning of each year, Miss Batich and the doctor give regular check-ups to all the students. My seniors are also given eye tests. Miss Batich performs a valuable and very neces- sary job. their many duties Gluatnhizm At the far end of my executive corridor is the office ot my head custodian, Mr. George Brewster, and his assistant, Mr. Jerry Ganser. Directing the operations of a large staff is Mr. Brewster's main occupation and when visitors continually remark about my A-1 condition. it is a credit to his man- agement and organization. No mishap is too small to escape his watchful eye: no request, too trivial that it will not receive his immediate attention. This deparlment often work "around the clockn to as- sure my many school and community activities of a clean and comfortable place to meet. perform. and be enjoyed. frothy Steen, Veil Slit-arer. Jean liowmliteh, JoAnn Nason, lines! lranisha, Susan tiorman. Jennie l'alarlino, Margaret Rhoinbus. l'lal'a Douglas, Irene llalash. ifiihrzlrg In my library there are over 9.000 volumes kept in order by my librarians whose duties are many and varied. Listed among: these duties are: fll "bouncing'ig C21 reference and rcconnncndingg and CSU passing out supplies: ink, pencils, and Kleenex. The staff is confronted with some odd rc- qm-sts such as: "an under the bridge diction- ary." "hysterical" novels. and "a blue hook l used last semester." VVhen I asked what joys there are in being: a lihrarian. Miss Jean Bowditch answered. "My work with students in reference and hook sclcction - to thc point that a hit of humor is oftcn a saving grace." Q1E1fPTP1'iEI My cafeteria is the eating' spot for most of my students. My staff works long and hard to prepare thc meals eaten by my student body and faculty. 'l'he dietician told mc that 900 of my stu- dents buy lunches daily and consume over 1000 bottles of milk. My dietetic staff not only prepares the school lunches but also thc parties and banquets given by various organizations throughout the year. twenty-six - s i- - ,... --..l.. A iw P11iU1'5 leaning num, rhrrishing high srlynnl memnrien an theg npvn the hum' in the future . . . 5 5. A SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS liivl: Hronkall Xin-A--lriwwilli-lit: Ji-nn U't'onnoi', Nm-viw-lzii-yi l'ai'ol5n No-all, liw-aiflliw-rl znnil Raj Y'-slw. piw-will-lit, takin: tnni- out In pow' Im' :L pivtliri- at tliv l"i'i:-mlsllip IlifY l"orlnnl SENIOR CLASS SPONSOR Hui' V4-qw, pi'e-sirlvnt, nnrl Mr. lli'n4'1- lirallziin. qloiixor, ri-- laxlng :lt an talula- at thu- l"i'i4-nilsliip Ili-Y l"orlnnl as tlii-y slim-nw thu- Si-nior Uanqiln-t. wcrc nianiv lllL'l11Ol'illJlC occasions, but flu- followi Years come and go . . . YVQ are soplioinorcs, -juniors, and finally seniors . . . YYQ waih-ml a long 'rnnc for our senior year and our gramluafion. 'l'hurl- arc l'o1-Lniowf in our niinmls: HlJlllGL't?llllllg wifli Heights . . . Seeing flip- last gaine or moot in all of iliu wporfn . . . Maulncfli . . . Thu final liour and fiffccn minute exam period . . . "Room For Unm- Moreu . . . knce soc-km or sfuffccl animals, lloy- lilonscs or rilibons . . . The SL'lll0l' l'i'oni wifli all of llic fincry anal cxcifcnicnf . . . flu- scnioi' lmaiiquof . .. li:1cc:1laL11'L-ate scrvivcs . . . tlw playing of flic filllllf ' 1' Q! liar "llo1np anml Lll't'LllllSlIllll'L' . . . anml flrcn flic lasf nicniory lllilllt? during our liigll sc-liool day, ff coniniciic-L-ilu-lif. flic l'L'l'L'lVlllg of our cliploinas. lint most of all we will l'ClllQllllJL'l' fliu t02ll'llGl's anal flu- umlurc-lahsineii wlio niaalc our years lien- so cliffic-nlf ancl yn-i so niucli fun. Gllaaf- nf 19 4 twenty-nine Hg Swuinra .X mins. IJICNNIS "DENNY" "On the mat he rated high, Fighting with spirit that never d'd die." Fimtlmll 1,2,2S,4, Letter XYiuuer 4: Wrestling 1,2,1l,4g Letter Xl'iuuer 1,3i,4, Capt. 4: l'r1uu Ciuum. 4: Marge Crew Zig Nr. Cabinet: Wm-st ling Cluli 2,2l,4: l-'uutlmll Cluli 2. 33,4 Armlsox. lV.xN1mA "WANDA" "She goes along in her quiet way, Thinking ot pleasant things to say." Xul'l Honor Sueiety 4: l",T..X. Ii,4. Pres, 4: i'll'lPllti5llllJ Cluli l,2,Il,-1, Pres. l, Ser'y 4: GLC. 15,42 liul..-X. 2,Zl,4, Vive Pres. 4: lilvv Cluli 4: Hmm- Nursiuu' Cluli U. Steering Couim. 4. ANUEEN, CARL "ANDY" "Thoughts to deep to be expressed, Or to strong to be surpressed." Band 1.2.3,-13 01-rliestlun lg Spell- in-' Cluli 3.4. :- AN u1cics0N, Gouuox "ANDY" "EttorI' is his middle name, He will find the road to tame." Hin-it-ty 4: Surrey luclll. F-tailf -5: l'..fX. 'l'et'll, -ll lVurll -lffuire Clulm -lg Si-in-live Clulr 2: .-Xutu Wise Club 2: Mutli, Cluli 575 Qlmrterlnuvk Cluli SL. Ntll 'l l'luuur Axnrzusox, lilclmlcim '-DICK" "Quiet and strong, He goes aIong." Ntumlvut Council 4: l"r+-slnuznn Clams Vive-Pres.: lli'Y lim-gi-nts 3,43 Buys ln':ulvl's12 l'lllvlimli:m lius. Stuff -1: l"uutlJ:nll l,2,Ii,4, lmtter ll'iuuer 1,Il,-lg 'I'r:u'k I: Clmir 4: lilee Clulu Cl: Fimtluill vltm 1,:,::,4. l :XIi'l'IIl'K, ROSE RIARIE "You wlll tind that she ls always full of cheerful glee." l-'.T.A. 4: Friendship Club 2: G.I..4'. 1: G.A,.-X. 1: Hockey Team 43 Choir 1,23 Red Cross 1: Pium-lile Club 4: Shorthand For l'uu 2: Survey Bus. Staff 4. l I 1 Arsrix, HA1:Vr:Y -'RABBIT' , "Lite's iust fun, all things show it, I thought so once, but now lknow it." Fnutlmll l,1I.I3,4, Letter NVinner 1, 4: Bust-lnnll 1.3.4, Letter XViuner 1.43 Qu:n'tex'l1uuk Club 3.3: Din- izmutl Sports Cluli 4: Pinoclile 1 ul: ' ix ii i' W Q 2. V K N- Q., 'v E " We -gf I B.xxI.1cY. FRED sf V f --PR1'rz" ii. V if- iff "Though quiet and shy, t .Q We rate him high." f j,Qygj: A, . -A YX Boys 1.1-:tilt-r 1: Baiseluill 2: Tran-la 33: Chess Clllll 4. Xi " .' '92 H. 4g5"'gi2l,'i 5 ,cgi ' CYK-ge 1- 4' . 1 '-1 is I .v ,...L. -.. . - it 'A V' .. .... t hsgg. h E1 X' 'sis'- S T'-'I'1'I:.1 1. ':l.,-uumzsiee B.-1141-zu. 'l'HOMAs ...I-OM.. "On him and on his high endeavor, W The light ot praise shall shine , tarever." 1 1 Xz1t'l lluuor Society ZZ,-l: N:lt'l l"ureusir League Z2,Ii,-1, X:it'l Con- Q test 2, lst plan-e Rauliu Speaking 1 31, Pres. 4: Student Counril 1.2,:l. Pres. 13 Survey Edit. Staff 2.3.4. News liilit. 4: Survey Bus. Stuff 2,2l3 .lr. l'l:1y Prml, Stuff: l3un.l 1,2,1I.4: tlrvliestru 1,2,Il.4. B,x1,nAss.x1:1c. JEAN "BUNNY" "Cute and sociable is she, A real delight to see." l-'rienilsliip Cluli 2: Sr. Atteudclnt of Ilnun-i-tuning: Clleerlezuler 1: Clmir lg linux-ing Club 1: Pinnelile tlub .2..l,4. thirty BAi,ocu. DuN.x1,u '-B1GELow" 'Sober and serious-cheerful and EIUYI I take what life offers me day after day." Prnui. Clillllll, Ilg All Vlub 43 Movin- flub 1: C3llll!'l'll l'lub li lil-m flub 125 llutilours 1'lub lg KVM-lil 'xff6lll'A Club Cl. IBARISII, S,xNmz,x i --sANDY" "Her cares are few, She's never bIue." Frivuflsliip Club 2,33 G.L.l'. li Survey lirlit. Staff 43 Hui-kvy Team 23 Jr. Play Uustg Prum Ummm. li Cliuii' 1: Spanish l'lub ll Art Club 23,35 Piuuvlilr- l'lub 4: - 1 br. Iluy, Studi-ul llll'l'l'llxl', BAT!-zs. BENHAM HBEN., "Because of wit He made a hit! Swim Club -L: l'Iuvlili:m Hui, Stuff 4: Swimming: 21,133 Jr. I'l:iy Pr-ml, Stuffg Vliuir 2.35.41 film- Club 45 All Club li K:-5' Vlub 25 Plllllvllle Club 4: Swim In-ml:-1-N 2.3, BAYER. CAROL "CAROL" "A worker with a will, Any position she can fiIl." l".T.A. 4: l"1'n-uflsliip Club l,12.5l,-13 fi.L.C. 1: Euvliflinn Bus. Stuff 43 ZlllTYt'j' lirlit. Stuff 43 f'buir LI,Il,-1: Glev Club 33 Rod Vruss l: Iiilviiyu 13 Mnmlriguls Sl: Slmrtlmnrl l'lub 1: Round Table l"lub 21 Time Tut Club Zig Ste-crim: Vumm. 3,21 Blc,x1,1c, Slillnmzx' "SHIRL" 'A iolly, friendly, peppy gal, Just the sort you'd want for a pal." l'll'll'llfl5lll1l Club Il: H AMX. 2: Slujurettv Club 233.-1: Mnjnrvfli- ll Choir 1,21 Glen- Club -li 4'-me iasta Club '22 Pinuvblu- l'luIl Sl fharm Club -1, tllirly-unc Br:.x'1"l'l1-1. lfxxmi. "CAROL" "One mottto always true, Wait and good things come to you." l'lnlwr4-rl from Nlmu lllglu Nvlmul April, IUBZPQ l'Ill1brmIr-rp l'lub Il, Fulk llzxuv-ing: Vlub 4. Bl11I'Il'I', Lois "Lo1s" "Skate-that's what she likes to do, For when she docs she's never bIue." l"'rii-urlsllip Vlub 12, H .XML 122 1'bnir 11 film- Vlub U3 Xlusir' for lfuu Vlub 133 Vbnrm l'lub 4: lluuvr im: 4'lub l. B1cllfl'ss. .lixxlrlc HJAN., "Charm she practices and defines, With it her personality she com- bines." -- -, A.,,,v. l'Vl4-mlslllp llub 1, .ll ll.n Ilml Stuff: Vlmii' l,2.II,-li Nr, l':ibim-li V - - . ., .v Muni- tur l'uu llub ,..,. li1f:1:.x1cmx1cI.l,l. llllYI.I.lS "PHIL" "Always friendly, always happy, Never cross, never snappy." l"l'ii-mlsllip Vlub 2.521 l'lu4'lirliuu lfilil. Nuff -lg livrl Vrnss l.fI 1-:llun-s Vlulr 123 Knitting l'lub 313 l"i:11'Iu l'lub 4, lE1':x:x.w1c1, .Iuux -'JAY BONES" "Tall and thin, With u friendly grin." Jr. Plug' lu-1-4l.Slnfl': Ntvwrivi Vumm. -1. Srninra 1 Srmnra a e ' f '-4.1 ' QW Mm i 1 ' sg w. .f - ' -' v Q 31 ,21 , A 2 i 1 ' Q . Bvuxs. M,xl'1u-:Ex ,, 1- 1 C ,XI,lJXlIuI,1,, Rox.x1,1m --Mon" iii 530' f ' it f NRO:-1" "Sugar and spice, "wi V, '-1, fi "Though he does what he would, And ever so nice." .,..,.... , , , ,, He does wha' he Should-" l Z. , , K , 515 gg ,Q 1,25 ' ', -sig 4 I l , lfrif-nrlsliip Vlulu 23 Swim f'lulm -8: N b '-i" , lfmmtlmll li Hnurl l: Xlnrll Affnifs ' HAAAA 1.2: H,,,.kM- 'Imam gl MH. . k',.fX ,E Vlub JZ,-ll Flu-es f'lul1 2: Mystery inrettv Club 2 fl' Vhoir 1,2113 Mu- 'fi "K, " Hvauliug Vlulm 12. ' '. f F VMS I ' , K . su- or un . .. N' : ' , . 1 V ,V -K if f ,W Ulm - I. x .. - W.,.5Qfgfqw. f s ef., ....- . .,., f f s. is : . l l l Brine, Dams C'.xM1'1sr:1,1,. JUAN "DORIS" W, A-JoANIE" "Her ways are ways of pleasant- ' "You will find 0955, Her courteous and kind." r Her virtue is that of naturalness' Y , , i 4 V l Q t I I V his-mlsliip Club ZZ: lzlwluliaii Bus. l'rlv-mlsllip Q'luluViI,'i.-1: G.A.A. 1:23 Staff il,-I1 H.,l,.X. lg Rml Crnsf 4: Y Vlinlr li All. Vluh 1,41 llnuwfiug XY4,r1d Affairs Vinh jg: jjan,-in: Vlulw 2: Mum' fur Fun Vluh in I-Qui, gg Tm,-,.i Qui, gl J,-Y Cnr,im.tA ' ljlmrvu Vluh -4. T Q - 1 Bl'uv,xi,. Jusm-u Cixlcimcmx, Al, B. , . .K-'OE' V x 3 . .ALBEE, , "Swimming was his great aim, -M K "When I have grown fa man's In that way he wan fame." ' U estate, .N u Swim l'lulx 253,41 Trzlx-k 13 Swim- X 'Q M I shun be proud and great' min: 2,141 L01tvru'iliu1-1' 55,41 X A. X:lI'l Humax' Sm-icly 3,42 Nzlfl NS, 11,43 Muvil- Vlulw l, Yil-1--l'i-vs P, 1-'urelisif' lmaiglia- Zi,-ll lflioir 4: Oi'- Ig Sviviivi- 4'lul1 23 Hyinziaistiv Vlull - rliestrzl l.2,3,43 liuvlidiam Edil, , 1, Nluff -1. Make-up limlit. -lg Survey ' l,clit. Staff 45 Jr. Play Vast: Bauil ' x 1.2.3.-1: L0tteru'iiiiivr 1,2143 Glen l'lul1 43 PA. .Xliimiiiiver 3,43 Hu- ruyu 4. Yi:-v-Pros, -lg Mmlrigals -L ' Brscu. l',xr1, "' -vs C,x1:1,s0N. Cixnoi, HPAUL.. UKAYH "As far as we know, "Her main creed He has no foe." In ls to help those in need." Hnselmll I,Jl,4g Pium-lilo Club 71,11 V Stuflvul l'uuu:'il I: Fvivudsliip Uhr-ss Vlulr 1,23 liansvlmll Vluli 4. V -, Ull' 2.4: lvlvv Clulv 1,-1: llmm- Nursing l'lulw 2,Rg Travel 4 ul, 122 Musik' for Fun il: Charm l'luh 4. X 5 5 . BVSH. LEE N g , Cixiaxicv. IKICIIAIRII HLEEV. ,K S it M "DICK" ' S ,Q i ' 5-8' K i ., . HH d -Q 5 X ,f 1 Oh. for vacation emzgsgglgoo man' as good .1 3 ., fx And no medifalionf' He V55 'eany nice fn know", K L . X --ff i ' Vzliwl Cluh 1: Pifmclill- Club is Hi-Y, Squires I:,4g Choir lg Cam- " ' YSNW l 'i ' Vhess Club 4. 1-ra Ululi Il: lVorl1l Affairs Vluly 43 :Qi -x Y K Mystl-ry Rvaulinfr l'lul+ 23 Vkelvlv- 'msg l X Vluh Il, - 'Q in gcfi E N Q . l thirty-fuur i A. 4 CARl'EX'l'l'IR, IZAHIIARA "BABS" "Into u big world step little feet, Ready for the challenge they will meet." Friendship Club 233,45 lS.A.A. 22.43 Sr. Cabinet: Music fur Fun Flnh 2,32 Ilzim-ing Cluh 4. CARR. PAH, "Commendable And dependable" Nat'l Honur Society 4: Sluilent Council Lil,-1: Hi4Y Monarchs 43 Track 1: Band 1,23 Sr. Cabinet: Key Club 4: Steering t'mnm, 43 Card Club lg Track Cluh 2: Golf Club 4, CARROLL, 'THOMAS HTOM., "Six foot one, Full of fun." Hi-Y Monarchs 41 Swim Club Il,-4: Basketball 1.2, LP'lPl'Xl'll'Ill6l" lg Tennis 2.4, Letterv-'inner 2.4: Band 1.23 Ore-hvstral l. CARTXVRIGHT, BRl'i'P1 "An agreeable guy, Who's sort of shy." Stage Crew 23 Outdoors Club rt. CAR1'so, Axrnoxx' HTON-Y., "Lehigh that's what he makes us o He riever has a day thot's blue." Stagecrew 4. thirty-five 'Uv- ow S www., .0415 4 .9 v fl N. N, ,K-1 ew -wwf vw. 552955 sz 555-'11 C:-:TZ7?'i'3FQ 15 QV! I NN,- ' Nr' v v l1l,x1'M,xN. lunar-:ic ' ROGER" "Swimming is his middle name, Towards perfection he docs aim I Ili-Y Squirvs lil, Klvvrixirv-lis 1 Nuim Vlnli 15.25.11 Survi-3' Img Stuff 11, Sxxiinliiing L!,Il.4, Lwltf-r xxinm-i 1, Vliviir l,1I,fl.-l v f'lll,0l'lCK. Kumi, "CAROL" "A friendly gal, A nice pol." 0i'a'livsli':l lf, l'llim'lllo- I Hrlflril t'lul, Zlg Vlizii-in Vluli -l f'llI,l'll.-X. Yvnxxi-i "VONNIE" "There are smiles that make us lwnnv, Like this girl's, who is so snappy' I'I1ito-rml from XY:-st T4-th in lfl52 l".'I'..X. Il.-lg l"rii-mlsliip Vluli 4 tilt-il t'Iuli 42 Morin- Pluli 44 CllRlS'l'Il-1. Axllizii HANNH "She takes the pleasant road, Happiness is her code." - - . .. .. , V .. l'i'i1-iiflsliip tluli .,..,.4, tt .X .X l,.. Zi: Hrwkey T4-'ziin lil, Vliuir lg R0 Vriiw I: Illnxir' for Fun Vluli El lCiiilii'niilv1'y Vlulx 2 CQUXSIDINE, l'111,i:i:x "EILEEN" "She's at her best When she does iest." l"rin-iirisliip l'lnl+ 123 tilt-v t'li1lu 4 Ri-tl Uruss LZ: l'h:iim Vlulv 43 Snr vim- lflulv l Svrninru Srninm Cunimo, JQANNE ..J0.. "With enthusiastic pep she bub- bles, Vanishing her cares and troubles" Music for Fun t'lulw 1.2.32 Harm-N Vluh 1g l'inm-lilo 4'luh 1.2. CRAMER, .I.xYc'i-:1,YN 1'JoYcE" "lt is my chief delight To do things right." Student Count-il 2: l"ri0nflsl1ip l'lulu 2.333 l'lu1'linli:un Bus. Stuff 11.43 G.A.A. 2.3.4. t'lmii' 1: Hlee Clulw 4: Red Cross 2.75.45 Hfuno? Nursing Vlllh 23 R1-ml Uruss l'uunCil ll.-1. CROOKS, :Xl'l1Rl'lY "DOLLY" "You will find Her happy of mind." Nnt'l llrninr Sxwivty 41 F.T..X. -1. Frienilsliip t'lulv 2, Swim Vlulx 14.41 11 -X A 1' Sri Vluli 2 DX-Xnilvo. .IAA1Es HUM.. "Fancy free and full of fun, Jim sure is a friendly one." llaselwull 1. In-ttn-i'winue1' 11 Blow' ie Club I3 llusf-lmll Club 2: l'in, nrllln' fl.-1. Dixrs, JEAN '-JEANNIEH "Modest and neat, A personality that's sweet." Frieinlrlmip I'luli 1.2.3141 l'luvlitl- inn Bus. Stuff 43 KLA..-l. 2.11,-1. ln-if lerwinnvr 43 llm-kt'-y Tenin -lg .lr Play Pi-url. Stuff: S12 Pluy Pr-ul. Stuff: Uliuir 1.2.43 llunuin: Vlull l.2g Biology Vluln 2.3: Ti-uvvl t'lull Il: 4.'li:iru1 Ululi 4. X Q r.. Q ' - 'mr' .wif 5 . I. v ,.. III , 6 XS? 'M . . Q 9 8 4 if . 4 4,3 M . W ..:i:'g:.:: 5 Q . Q f 1 if 2 X Q . H- te. . 1 . VPN 5. - . . Ei. get W-f" " 'S-MJX ' P ...... S X xx P XMI? - .xi .. kiwi! 2 TS suse. s-.. . i Dixvis, D,xv1n 'ADAVBH "Now he's earnest, now he's clever, Now he's iolly, changing ever." lfmntlrzill 1.2.4. Letterwinner 1,41 Basketball 1.2.4. Letterwinner 1: f'l10i1' 2: Stage Crew -L: Pino:-hle Vlulm Il: Fonthall Vlub -1. Dixwsox, JAMES HJIMH "He'll always win With his cheery grin." X I lillllfl 1.2.3.-43 Le Ulmir 4: Orrhestr Zuls 41 lliolngy C terwinner 1.3,-4: a 1.2.3.-lg Madri- lull 22 Bluiir' for l-'un l'lulx 3: Chess Club 4, Di-2 C'A1'I'A, A-XNGELA ' 'ANGIE" "Quiet, it's true, But awfully nice, too." Student Council 1: F.T..l. 1.2.3,-1. Sr-i"y 4: Frienrlsl 4i.l,.C. 4: G..-LA. 4: Jr. Play Prod. l: Movie Club 1 iip Cluh 1.2.1143 13 Hrwkoy Team Staffl Glve Club : Dance Club 13 .-v Nlusim- for Fun Pluh 2.0. D if:L,xNEY. P1-: HPEGUMH "Here is a friend GGY indeed, Who will help you in your need." Nut 'l Honor Suv it-ty 41 Student Cmiiivil 1: Fresliuian Class SQFVYZ Fl'lPllllRlll17 Club 1.2.3.-12 G.L.C. 3.4: l'Iuvlidi:rn Bus. Staff 2.3.4. l'ir:'ulu1inn MET. 42 Jr. Play l'i'ml. Stuff: Red Urnss 2.71. Ditxxis. DOROTHY UDOTTIE' ' "Dancer, singer, drummer, too, Her talents were many, not few" Nntl burensn- 149112119 42 Student 1'uunm'il I: Frien clsliip Club 1.2: lG.L.f'. 1: Jr. Play Cast: Jr. Play Pi-ml. Stuff: Sr. Play Pr-ul. Stuff: Klzijnrvttv Club Nlesupliune Clulu 1. Band 1.2.3.-1: 1.2.33 Cheerlead- vr 1.2. Cunt. 1. LettPi'u'innei' 1. thirty-six Dia YANNA. 1C1.1c.xxon HHONEY' ' 'Happy she was born, She never learned to scorn." 'hifi-ri-el from ,tmlri-its Svlmul iu W52. N 1 u cl 1- ut l'uuuvil l,2,-lt 'lui-liiliziu llus. Stuff -L: H,.X..X. 1, Lil: llivvkvy Tifziiu 1,2131 Him- flulr 211 liilviiyii fly l"n-mfiiig l'luli L. D11f:'rz, Roniziri' -PEACHES" 'This boy is one of the best, His friendliness shines above the rest." Y-Ii-Y Rvfgvluts Ii,-Lg l4'4mtl1:ill l,2, 5,-1, I,i'tt0l'wilii1i-1' -12 llnslivllmzill 21 llmir 24,43 Qiiartr-rluu-k l'lulv 2.42 Pinot-lilo Vluh ll. D1 Fiuxco, ANGELA "A cute brunette, Yau're glad you've met." Fi'ivii4lsliip Vlulm 1,22 fi..X,.X. 42 Ir. Play Prufi. Stziffg Msijurvtti- Flulw 25 Vlmir li lluuviue Ululw L23 Munir For Fun Cluli 223 Tlizirui Club 4. IDOMHROSKY, GLIJIRIA "DUMBO" "A personality that's sweet and SUYI In our hearts she'll always stay." Cute-i'ml frruu I'uliiiiwurul High in IU52. X:it'l Huuur Sm-ivty -1: Fl'lE'llLlSlllll Ululm 22,42 H.L.i'. 4: iuvliilinu Bus. Staff 42 G..l..X. 23. L, filer Cluli 4. 'D,c,NOFli10, Lilxoiu-3 HLENNYH 'Gifted with a temper whose un- clouded ray, Can make tomorrow as cheerful as today." Yiit'l Hmmm' -Siu-iely 3,-1: N:it'l .?'uri-iisii' League Cl.-1: Prium- of ,valve 252 Friendship Vlulm l,2.3,-L2 Curlirlinn Edit. Stuff 43 liurlirliaiu Sus. Stuff 2: Survey Edit. Staff L: HA...-X, 2,233 Jr. Pluy Cust: Jr. ?lny Prod. Stziffg Blzijiiwtte Club l,3,-13 Majorette 4. itliirty-sevcu ,.... '71 1.1, ,J Wilbu- K" ff' YNTTW -9 . 'ie x..,. T""'.7 'E' ts Doicx. BAIcu.xn.x HBARB., "Dash of sugar, dash of spice, That's our Barb-devilish and nice." Stull:-ut Vuuiiiril 2. l"l'ii-mlslilyr Vluln 2j,3l.-12 Survi-5 Hua. Stuff 4. 1i..X,.l, l,1Z,3i,-11 llui-kvy 'IW-:ilu lj! lg ilr. l'l:iy Vzxsvg Vlmir l,Zl, 4411-1- l'iHli fij llvil l'l'lws l,1f,fl, Surf fl, lxuutmg: tluli .,: tliurm Mull l IJm'ui,.xs, D.xvui HDAVEH "His motto may be heard by all, My kingdom far a basketball." N:uI'l lluuur Nuvii-ty -12 lluwkvl- lmll 23,Zl,l, l,4-tie-i'u'iuur'1' 43 Holt' 2 42 K4-y i'lul+ 41 fllntli Vlulm -l. luskr-Ilrzill l'lul+ li. Dow, N.xxc'Y HNANH "Enemies total none, Friends total everyone." liluli-rt-il from East High in 111512. Naltil llouiu' Snoivty -li Slllllvul 4'ouur'il 4: l"l'll'llflrlllll l'lul1 11,42 Survey llus. Stuff 4, llus, Mir, 4. Vlmir 43 Ulm- Club Ill i'l1nruil'lulf 4: Music- Fur Fun Vluli Il, lJ1c,xu,xs, M1c'H.xE1, ' 'MIKE" "Why warry your head with things that might be, Just drift along, contented like me." I-Iuf-Iiiliaiu lius. Steiff -1: llnurl ll Uri-ln-stiwi l: Piimclilv Vluli lil.-l lliuxsi-i, Arnicizv UAUDH "An all around gal, An all around pal." Stiuivut Vouuvil 1: l",T.A, 13,171 l"rii-udsliip Cluli 2,31 l'liir-lidiun lius. Staff -lg Hurvi-y lflflit, Stuff 43 ii.A..X. 1.2I,i3,-lg Pruiu 4'miuu.Zlg 1l:i,iui'etti- Vluli 23.43 lliijnivtli- -12 Huuml l,2,2Z,4, Lviti-rwium-r Il: Ur 4-lwstrn 1,2.2l,42 Spuuixli Plulv l. Svminrn Sveninrs I1li0TI.EFF. Axnnicw "ANDY" "Andy was always on the beam, An important man to the swim- mlng team." Hi-Y lliniziiwlis 4: Buys I.:-:ifli-re 43 Swim Clnli -lg Snrvvy llns Stuff Zig Flwtlizill 121 Swiinniin: Tl,-1, l.etlvi'n'ivim-r 41 Stiigi- l'i-4-xx 2, l'fu1'ny1i 33 l'inur'lil1- l'lnli 23 liriflgv l'lnh fl, DVIKK, SALLY HSAL.. "Quietly she went along, Trying not to do a wrong." Friviivlsliiii f'lnlu -lg film- l'lnli -lg lYfn'lrl Affairs l'lnli 13 llriilgi- Vlnlr 13: Nhnrtliainrl l'lnli 53. HIHER. JANI-:'r HJAN.. "You'lI know her by her auburn hair, Her cheerful smile and friendly air." X:it'l Humor Swwii-ty ZLL '1'i'4-ns, -lg Studi-nt Vmiin-il 23 Fi-ivmlsliili Vluli 2,143 G.I.,f' 1.41 lflui-Yiilin-i llns. Stuff 2.34, Asst. line. Bl rr R: Rus, Mer. 4: HA A, 2.11.45 .Ii- Plaiy Prml Stuff: limi Vriiss 12. Sr. l':iliinv-11 Knitting l'lnli I N:il'l Quill sinfl N1-will 4, Himlirin. .l.xNIc'i: HJANH "Not acquainted with the world of strife, She lives on the happy side of life." N:il'l Hunin- Siwii-ly 1: l-'TA 43 Frienilship Clnli QA: G,L.l'. ZS.-l: l'Inr'lirli1in Bus. Stuff -tg li A ,X l.2,Zl,4L llrwki-y All l'rnln Vinnnv I, lli-il l'i-oss 23 Sn-i'x'i4-v l"nl. l EI.I,io'r'r, J.xc'ii "JACK" "A shy guy but hard to beat, Someone really nice to meet!" Vlziss Uffivvr, I"uu1li:ill 2. HJ- ke-tluill l,L!,2S,-l, l,i-Ili-riviiilivi' l--l, Vruss l'mlnti'y l, llgisi-lmll l.12. ZL4, l,vlti-rwiniii-r ll Vliivii' 1,212 Kewl Vruw lg lhinring: i'lnli I, lliulugy l'lllli Ig Hamlin-lli:illf'liil. 51,43 llnsi-luill Vlnli Il. 'sf . 'SZ57' '?5Z" Shar' i x X x . .3 s - X X X via . X . - WNY x NN N i l l PLLY, BI.-XRILYN E HE.. i "A quiet happy life she lives. . Complaints are something she never gives." Ifrn-iirlshiy l'luli 1.2,Il.-1, Treas.-1: , li..-LX. 1,fl,2i,-11 Jr. Plav Prnfl. Stuff: Prum Fmnin. 4: Fhfiir 11 i .MI Vliih 4: Sr, Cabinet: Service Vlnli 13 llnsiv For Fun f'l'ib 33 - llzinuinzt Club 3. l I ICMTER. ILVGENE I HGENBH k "AIways willing to serve, l All honor he does deserve." ' l lf'-vvtlmll Mgr. 12.3,-L Letierwin- nf-1' 11,43 XVi'estling 3,42 NVrestling t'li1li fl.-1: Fnotbaill Flnli 2.3.42 , l'inm-lile Vlnli l,'.Z. Hsrosmo, xl.-XDELIXE '-MADELINBH "Here's friendship filled with fun, A smile for everyone." N:it'l Honor Society 3,-11 Friend- ship Vinh 2,33 G,I,.C. 3.-1, Ser"y -it liiivlidiziii Bvs, Staff 113,-ig G..-LA. l1I..i,-l: Cliuir 1,2,3.-1, Sev'y 3.43 lille' Vinh 4: Sr, Fabinet: Madri- Szils 3,-1. linxxs. JVNE "JUNE" "Her eyes as stars of twilight fair, Like twilight, too, her dusky hair" lfiiifnifsliip Vlnli il: Glee l'lnb 41 Smile X Triangle Clnlx fl: Knit- ting llnli J. Fiiimx. XYAIIRIZN "W'ARREN" "He will never fail, In him success will prevail." l'i'mvl1lv Flnli 1.2.3,-1, thirty-eight 41 FAIRCHILD, Jmui-:s "cLnM" "I like the girls but they frighten me Con't' someone suggest a remedy?" Student Council 3g Hi-Y Regents 3,43 Swim Club 2: Fuuibull 1: XVrestling 2,3,4, Letterwinne-r -li Baseball 41 Track 15 Sr. Cabinet: Biology Club 35 NVi'estling Club 4. FALK, Dux --sPEz:DY" "Something different, a little shy, But he'lI be successful by and by" Swimniing Zig Stage Crew 4. Ffxzio, C H RISTINE "CHRIS" "ln her quietness she'll be heard, Her actions speak louder than any word." F.T.A. 4g Friendship Club LZ,3i,4: Survey Bus. Stuff 4, Treas. 43 G.A,A. 1: Choir 11 Red Cross lg Music For Fun Club 3: Charm Club 43 Social Club 1, FENSCH, CHARLES "CHUCK" "In art He plays his port." NaCl Quill and Scroll -11 Student Council 3,43 Survey Edit. Stuff 45 Basketball 1.2, Letterwinnvr 2: Baseball 1,2g Jr. Play Prod. Staff: Sr. Play Prod. Staff: Prom Comm. 3,43 Camera Club 13 Eucuyo 2,553 Publications Club 3,43 Dinmuml Spur-ts '2. FERRIS, Noam-:N HRED, i "What counts the most is quality, What counts the least is quantity" F.T.A. 45 Friendship Club 2.3.42 Swim Club 43 Jr. Play Prod. Staff: Prom Comm. 3,43 Glen- Club 43 Jr. Cabinet: Music For Fun Club 35 Shorthand Club 23: Whirlu Club 2: Canasta Club 1, thirty-nine lgtxr 4, F' . ' eff .i i 'uv-rf' .4-eq eff" will-m 'Vi is W. '," . "25'l.:Qv?:' f- .1y ,gg QS? :fx AT' ,fqgkfvsg 'iz We w- ii"i"f:. il.. FlFOI.'l', DONNA. -'DoNNA" "You'd think the cot had her tongue at school, But outside silence is not her rule." lfiie-iulsliip Club Il,-13 Clmir l Ilaiiiviiipr Club 13 Czinustu Club L3 l'll1m'lllv Club 31 lirillgfu Club -1, l"1,icx1iNu, Sixnmzl. MSA-Mi. "With every shirt there goes otie With every school an all-around guyf, 'I'i':l1'k l,L5,25,-ll, lmtte-l'xxiiiln-r l,IS,4 nr. iubiue-I 4: l'ir-lil :mil Fi-ui-l. Club 2.12. l"1.ovm:, Sirzifuizx "STEVE" "You can depend On this friend." N:il'l lluuur Surii-ty 43 I'.A.'l'e-L-li 1.3.3,-l. Pri-Q. 4g 1'i':ifI Club 12 XYm'l1l .Xffuirs Club ZZ, 191,014 i:x'1'ix1-2, Hrssi-11.1, "Russ" "We often hear Russ repent, Blest be the mon who invented sleep." Cuiumri Club Ll: Auto Wise Club Z! 1"Lou.1ANc'1c. Rox,1.1,u '-Manx" "He has laughter, he hos wit, For a friend he sure is fit." Ili-Y Nobles 4, Sw-'y-Ti'eaix 4: lizisketbnll l, Lvtte'i'u'ilinel' 1: Bi ulugv Club 23 llziuving Club lil ilaiuiies Club I3,4. Svniura 1 Y' kv fl" l"o1c1:s'1'E, Avmu-Lv ' "TARGET" - "We're awfully fond J." Of this sport blond! '-f'gI-j ,,,-:- 5' N:iI'l Honor Soriely 41 I".T,.X, 25,43 , 'i Frii-mlsliip Club 3,43 ll.L.C. Il,-l. Pm-s, -13 l'lllt'lllll2lY'l Bus, Stuff -1: C G,A,.-X. l,1Z,3,-1, Letteruinnei' -li gf l2'Q,msc5' II...-key :,::,4, npr. 4: Choir lp gb . Rm' llwl Cross I3 lfuvilyo 23 liinlugy 1 Club 2, Num-izxl Club I, A w V w 'vvN' ci 4' l'oi's14:H, 1HoM,1.s X., A ATOMY V v 9- X "He's the kind of guy that's nice K to know, - . Through the years his friendships g " ---.: .1 ,,., 9'0" 4 F43' Ntuclvnt Colm:-il li liziskvtbzlll ll ' L,. ,rx NYM-stliyig ll Trzirk 11 Clmir l, J X l'llll'ICll. JANlc'1' "FRECK" "A toll pretty miss, Her eyes filled with bliss." l",T..X, Sl: l"1'ieemlship Club l.Zl,3l: Girls lmauli-l's 1: Swim Club 43 lt ,LA l,!,Il.-11 Hzijmwtte- Club 3.15, Swim Cmlvttv !,ll,4. F1ulvI,r:Y. IIAKIONA "MONY" "Around horses her interests ore, Along that field she will go for." 1i,.K..l. l,23 Hoi-lu-5' T1-:lm I,2,2l,-43 lizxml-11 Cliuir Jig 411-4'l1eslr:1 41 tile-11 Club 111 PA. .'Xl11m11m'm' Sly llnilviiiz Club 111 lliolugy Club Zip wive- GALE. R1c'H.xub as 5 --DUKE" c ' "Meditive of thought, AN X K... X , Education he has sought." 1, of l'llUil' 1: Jr. Cabinet: Pre ' , 53: Stump Club lg Myst:-ry Ri-:ule ATX , ing Club 21 Chess Club 2: lhinv- S XY ill! Club Il: llillIlUS Club Zig Klillll of HH" 4- x X . Z fr Y.-. '11,- ulll GA1,I,ow,u'. IJOXNA 1,1-:E MDON., "FuIl of smiles and fun, This gal's a carefree one." Student Cmincil 13 F.T,A, 4: Frivml,-liip Club 2,35 H,,X,A 1 lluvkvf' 4, G'EI.SIMINU, Brzvrilcm' HBEV.. . L.If: "Full of fun and mischief, too, Doing things some won't do." luuterel Irom lullllllluiul Hizll in 15152, Cburm Club 43 Knitting Club 2. GENT. CH,x1:I.lzs "CHUCK" "With his cor He'Il travel far." H1-X Rubles 4: liamil l.-. Ui flu-strzi 1: Key Club J..l.l, Ihim-Y in-f Club 2: Hamm-s Club J, Musii z- Fm' Fun Club 4. Gi-ZHAM. JA 31 its --GERMH "Cute and short, A good sport." l':linting :xml lhwxxxinpr Club 12 Si-:xlv :xml Trizinirlw- Club Ii, Gr:n1.A N im, 13,-XVID "DAVE" "A pleasing way, With little to soy." Club 12. Glov Club 4: Movie Clul Czibim-tg Biology Club 2: C h 4, l' Qi' ZIIIIISNI forty iGIllHONS, R1-:ul-:crux "BECKUM" "The girl with the little feet, Cute, witty, and friendly-plus twice as sweet." Nut'l Honur Society 15,-1, Seify 4: Student Uuunril 22,Il,-L: -lr. Vluss S9l'l'k'tlll'yI Friendship Club lil,-1. Pres. 2,33 G,L.C. 3,41 Survey Bus. Stuff 2,Il,-1, Cir, Mgr. -12 ll.,X,A, 1,2,Sl,-13 Hui-ke-y Teznu 12: i,I'0lll Cuinin. Zig Sr. Uubine-lg Hu:-uyu 23 Imniw Club 2. GILMORE, 'FHOMAS ..ToM-v "Many friends he has won, Because he is so full of fun." XVri-stling 2,35 Travel Club Zlg Outdoors Club 43 XYrestling Club 3. GOLIlS'1'ElN, S'1'l'AR'1' HST-Un "Marks, not women, are his aim, He will surely find fame." Entered from XVhite High Sm-lmnl April, 1953. Football 1. Nulneruls 1: Truck 1,21 Tennis 4: Real Vrbss 1,2,Z!, Pres. 25 Round Tublv l'lub 33 Math Vlub 4. GiJI,E. HARRY "HARRY" "He is as iolly as can be, That is plain for all to see." Buys In-mlvr 33 Golf 23: Pina: Pong Vlub 4. Gounox, CrR'1'1s "CURT" "Of his ways take heed, By them one can succeed." N:lt'1 Honor Society -11 Hi-Y Nohels 3,43 Vice Pres. 3, Chaplain -L: Survey Bus, Staff 4, Asst. Adv, Mgr. 4: Truck 1: Choir 1,42 Glee Club 4, Biology Club 23 Dancing' Club 23 GHIIIIAS Club 233 Math Club 4, forty-one Y-1.7 BRN La it 'S :anew Vw 'gif 'NAM ea' -L, ,, vwi 4 Jw me I x 'lr' X 5 'W MX rf vw...--P Gmznox. liox,x1,n "STUMP" "Short and somewhat shy, But an okay guy." lunti-rn-il lruiu l'vnns5lx':inl'i in 1031 ciltl-IAYES. SH1u1.m' "FUZZY" "And she has taught us laughter, That will remain long after." Fri'-mlsliip l'lub 1,1J,Iij Swi1nClub ZS,-1, 'l'l'e-us, 4, 4i.A..X, 1.13,-1. llm-kvy Twain 1,23 Jr, Pluy l'rml Stuff, liilvilyvu 2, Gicmzxwxr. MH1ucYJ.1'NL: '-MERRY Jo'- "She never worries where to roam, She's EucIid's gift to the roller- drome." Ifrimnlsliip Vlul. 43 Euvlidinn llux, Stuff -lg 1'l1nir -ll Singing: lfur lfun Vlub 155 l'hurlu Club 4 ilcrxaoni-xii. l,l'II.0llES 6 --DELoREs" "Tall and friendly is our Dee, She suits friends to a T." I- , , .,.. 1 1 .u Klilmuvtlv tlub -..lg lwil truss ,, 4':mn-ru t'lub lg l"rvn:'ll Club -l, ,. llnm-lilu l'lub 21. G1zI'1IN. Lois ..Lo,, "As she leaves, she leaves behind, Memories so sweet and kind," l"i'ii-mlsllijr l'lub 2,Z1g Jr. l'luy l'rwl. Nluffi R:-cl Vrnss Vlnli Il,-li Knittin! l'lub 2. Svvuinrs Smiinra Gl'', liUBl'Ili'l' UBOB., "Personality and wit, both has Bob, He will succeed at any iob." Hi-Y Squires 4: l'inw-lllv Ulull 1,23 liiuluz-gy Vlull 22 lllltilumlw l'lllln 4 H.XllIbEN, cilillltllli +'GnoRGE" "This will be true-come what may, He will remember each school JOHN W day." H.XI,L, linux His per nallty shines above the rest llal L " " it A ,J "A boy of few words is the ben, "wr:-as f ' so ' ' 7 "1 " ...,.... El "wil frunl ,Xi-zlill-lily lllrll, Erin. ' S17 l'u., 1.1 1.ur,::, lli-Y 4: l' 3 Q Irv 4: Quill' -' z -' ' HlXBlII.'1'llN, KQAII. "GAIL" "A quiet gal, A nice pal." l-'ru-llilsllip l'lul+ 2.4: .lr Pllly Prml. Stuff: Heil Vi-uss Vluli ZL4, Knitting lvllllr 12 HA 3Ill.'l'0N, SAllAll "SARAH" "She is as funny as can be, Just a witty mystery." lfllli-lu-l frunl Xlullullzlllwy lllull in lllfwil. N:xl'l l"ul'l-llsil' llvllgflll- Zig l'l'ill4-l- nt' l'l-:ll-v 2: l1"l' .X 4, l"l'il-nulslllp Vlul: 125. li,l.i', Ll, H..X..X. 251,43 llui-ll:-5 Tl-.llu L21 Jr. l'l:ly Vnlsli l'l-um l'ulunl. il,-1: lillllil l,2,fl,-GQ l'lluil' l,I,fl,-lg ill' will-slrll :Ll HANSEN, NYAXCY 'ANANNT' "She gives pleasure One cannot measure." I-KTA. 2: Friendship Club 2,35 Rui-lilliall Bus. Stuff 41 GA..-X. 2.Zlg Prrml Comm. 41 Glee Club 2: Sr. Cabinet: Music Fur Full t'luli 21 Gaines Club 3. HANS1-zx, Nxvel "NEvA" "Has more than she shows, Speaks less than she knows." Nell 'l l"ul'r-llsic League 42 Or' vllestral 1,25 XVurlll Affairs 42 liuuull Table Club 3: Painting :lull liruwing Club 2. PI.-XNSLIK, li0BER'l' HBOB.. "A heart that's kind, An intelligent mind." Student Collllvil 1: Dancing Club l: Vilualstal Ulub 2: Rlllllllly Club 13: l,iIltll'lll9 Club Ii: Ping Pong Vlub -I.. H.Alll'ER, CAROL "CAROL" "A bonnie lass is she, Always quiet as can be." Vllllll' 1.3.43 Glen- Club 2. HA ll'l'z1s1.1.. Dos XA --DIMPLns" "This cute gaI's gift at gab Is something that is never drab." Studi-ut ix0lllll'll 1,23 Friendship Ululx 2.3: G.L.C, 1, Letlerwiu- uer lg Eul-lidiau Bus. Staff 3.-lg ll.A.A. 1,2.3: Hoi-key Team 3.4: Mzljoretle Club 2,33 Majorette 3,4. I.vltel'u'illller 3.4: Choir 1,2',3,4: Uri-lleslrrl 2,3: PA. Announcer 2. forty-two H.-Kl'SER, JOHN -lBA'r'rL1:n" "A right swell guy! Wha's never shy." Hi-Y li,-lp Euclimlian Bus. Sta Q Football 1,23 lVrestling ,2,1, . Letterwiuner -li flI'l'll95lTil I Pinochle Club 1: KVM-stling Club 1,2,3,-lp Football Club -13 llimv- ing Club ... -if wr-.-r I'IEAlllNG'l'0X, BIYRNA '-MYRNAH "Field and courts, She loves her sports." HELIPEL, BIARIANNE HMARIANNE' ' "Blessed with courage ever true, With her faith she'II see things through." HENc1E, ROBERT HBOB.. "Ready, willing, and able, His character is always stable." Hi-Y Nobles 3,4, chairman uf Social Comm, 43 Football lg Choir 3,-lg Dancing Club 23 Quur- terback Club 3: Bridge Club Il: Ping Pong Club 4. HOcEv.u:, JOHN "BIG JOHN" "A sensitive guy, Who always will try." Hi-Y 15 Wrestling 3: Stage Crew 3C Pinot-hle Club 42 Dancing Club 2: Canasta Club 3. forty-three QT? Sf IlOr:F1,r:, l'1iAul.i-Ls "CHUCK" "Handsome and blond, Ot him we're fond." l'r4uu Cuniinittee Il,-lg Sr. Cabinet, Cuuieru Club 21,43 liallruuiu Dani" ing 23 hvlllllhll Club 13: Steering l'4uuni, 4. HOLOHEN, AR'l'Hl'll ..AR.1.,. "He might not have much to say, But this guy is quite okay!" Truck 1: Gulf 12,233 Stage Crew lg Pin: lwng Club 43 Rummy Club 3. I10I,Ll-Ill, l,A'l'R1ClA "PATTY" "The height Of delight." Stuslent Council 2,151 l".T.A. Ii: l"ru-mlsliip Club 2,251 liuclimliun ilu-, Stuff 41 Jr. l'luy Czisli Clmir lg ll'urlll Affuirs Club il, Charm Club Ig Music Fur Fun Club 3,4 HllLI.S'l'ElN, Hi-LLEN1-2 -'HELENIV' "Her eyes express Sweet bashfulnessf' lintevrctl fruln Linculn Jr. High, New Jersey 1951. l".T,A. 42 l"l'ie-lnlsliili Club 2,3942 Euclidiuu Iius, Staff 4: Survey Bus. Staff 4, UAA. 2,111 Jr, Play Prod, Staff Zig tilee Club 4: All Club 3,42 l':anier:i Club ll, Set-'y 3: Music For Fun Club 2, HfDI,l'B, vVII,llER'1'A -'BERT'- "Happiness will come to you When you say, 'I do'." l-'iienilsbip Club 13, Choir 1,2, 21,43 Itlndrigzils Zi. Svvninra Srvninrz H0llX'A'l'l1, Acaxms MAGGIE" "Nice to know, She hosn't any foe." Student Council 1,21 l"rie-umlsliip Club 1,131 G.A.A, l,2,3,-11 Hrwkey Team 4: Ad. Club 3,42 Music Fur Fun Club il: Su:-iul llum-ing 353 Piuuchle Club 43 Charm Club 4, Huovfw, AR'l'Hl'R -AABIEH "One ot the best, He likes to iest." Football 23 Illovie Club 1.31 Stage Crew 13 Biulugy Club ZIA Pinm-ble Club 2.3: Ping Pun Club 4. HVMM1-il., CHRIS 'ACI-IRIS" "Here is a quiet lad, lt takes a lot to make him mad." Baseball I3 Xluvie Club 135 Cum- era Club Ili Iluuuiug Club lg Crib- bage Club J: PlllllL'hit' Club 2, Hrfuxfx, FRANK UHURK.. "The personality of this all around 9'-'Y ls like o fountain that never runs dry." Hi-Y Regeiits, lillillllillll 12, Vive- Pres. Il, Sr-4"y 41 l"4mlbull l,2,3,-1, l,etleru'iuuer l: Busvbull l.L2,-lg Prorn Conixuitlee 41 Clluir 21 Ox" chestru l: PA. Tevh 13 l'..l. Au- lmiinwi' 1: Fiuntbull Club 23 linen-- bull Club Il: lluuve Club 4. Hl'RI.ESS, .I.u'Ql'1-:i.lN1-1 "JACKIE" "lf l had my way, Everyone would be gay." l".'I'.A. 33 li.A.A. lg Real Cruss 13 Plum-hlu Club 2,251 Charm Club 4. firm PTY x Q Ixkie. u 5 i i i l l l Hl'S'I'fJN. IJEWEY '-Dnwnvv l "He must have been told 1 That silence is gold." . Choir 1: mu-eluive YVriting Club-1. l IA1-'ELICL JOSEPHIXE "Quiet and sweet And very neat." H,L.C, 15 Ki..-LA. 1: Euclidiau Bus. Stuff 4: Ad Club 43 Kntting Club fl: Piuuulile Club 3: Clin:-iuin Club 4. Ixuux, lY11,1,.u1AY -'INMANH "We can foretell, She will do well." l'.T.A. 3,-1: Friendship Club 43 l'lu4'li1li:m Bus. Staff 113,-lg Jr. Play Prod. Staff Jlg Baud 1.2.3,-1, l,vlteru'iuuer Il, Jr. Offiver: Or- :-llvstru 13 Y-Tw-us Club 13 Mull- --Vu lmiive Club Ig Music Fur l-'un Club ll. Iosrl-3, XIICHAE1, ..0sH,, "This we know-before this doy will end, Mike will have made another friend." Cauustu Club 2,43 Travel Club 33 l'kr-lule Club Cl. 1v.1.xc'1c'. liourzkr ..B0B,. "Friendliness he did show, He was really nice to know." I-Iutereml from Colliuwouil High N-lmol, Jlllllltllj' 1953, Truck Club -I forty-four J,u'1csrx, f'ilill.Xl.lDlNl'f HGERRYH "A sweet smile ls always in style." G,.K..X. ll Hn-nl I'rnNN lg lClnlrruiil- vry Vluh 3: Xlusiv lfur lfun Vluli 113 l'l::nrm Vluh 4. J.xN1c1-:. B.'x1:n,x1:.x HJUG., "She's bubbling over with pep and fun, Her life is surely a happy one." Sturll-nt Vniiiwil 11' S1-My m'Nup11. t'l:iNNg 191-if-1i1lNluip Vlulv 2,113 li.L.l'. 1, lmlti-l'xxii1ner ll Vuln- Q11:-vn ll lfllvliulizllu Bus, Stuff -ll G..X,.K. 12,121 llm-levy T1-:im ll Mgrjnrvlll' l'1l1ln Qyll,-li Mzljulwlln- Zl,,l. l,vIt:-rwilxiuvi' Al: lilln-vl'll-:ull-1' 1, VI.:-II:-lwxilim-x' li Flu-il' 1.12144 .lr:I,vo. Mun' ANN --MARY ANN" "From work She does not shirk." F.'1'1.X, 21,-lg lfrin-ml hip l'lulv 3.3.4. lv.l,.l. lg 5ll1Yl'y lmllt. Slant -ll li X X " "' l"lli4l 1" " 4 lvllvl' .1... ...VM .. ,.,,,., , , winm-r -1: Blish-ry llvullinz Vlulr 23 lhmy l'lm1'uN 21,1 lxxb, 1 xc x BONNIE A gal so sweet l'.I,.X. -1. l'1lw-mls ,,..A f .: .J 4, '- 1 J 3 3, ll1.1lA 7 , .. ,. A , "s II d r it N"-'T ma an nea .51 QM 2 Ki I "' ' "4 hip Vlulu " "' ,XM lumllnllm 111 Nlill 4 li X X 1 Y . . ix .. , 1""' lr l'l'ix I'1'ul Ytsull' l'l1ml' ,..,..,. . .V ,. . , 11 lilvv Vlulr 111 I'1l1xln'ni:lr-ry Vlulx - 1 v . ., , 21 Nlusu' lwn' l'llu llulm .rg llianrm l'll1ll -l J1-314.-xmtlc. Hl1ll',Xltl1 -'1-1ow1E" "A's and B's, Never C's!" Sturlvnt l'nun1'il 43 Uhnix' 1.!,Ii,-lg Gln-e1'luh 43 l,'am1e1':i4'l11lr Sig Biology Club 2, forty-live .I14:u.xnr:1c, rIl'l.l.X "JULIE" "She had a hand ln Euclid's band." l4'.'1',X. 41 llznnl 1,2,I5,4, lmlu-r' winm-r 513 Ulm- l'lulf lg Ah-1 1-'nr Fun Vlul: ily Npainisll Fm' l-'un lyllllv ll l'Iliili1'ui1lvi'5' Vlnlp 25 Xllmflxxuurliillg l'lllli 4' .IuN1-zs, Guncu "GLORY" "Come be happy as you go, With a light and pretty toe." l"l'i1-lnlsliip l'lulr Ig li..X..X, 1I,Z5, Blzijorn-th' Vluln 2.11,-13 Xlnjure-tw Il.l2 llnnul 1,211.43 lllw- l'lnli 4 KAMA1, JUAN ..RED,. "Carefree and gay, She came ta stay." l',lltn-rwl fr-mn Ofllinwnml in 11132. l"l'i1-mlsliigu 4'1ulr 43 .lit Play l'rml . Sluflg lixmi-lilv l'll1l1 ily l"1-living l'lulv -l. KIQHN. DlcNN1s "KEHN" "At first he appears to be shy, But after you meet him he's quite the guy." Iwmllmll 1, In-Ili-rxxlimi-1' lj Ping Pong Vlulm 121 Hull' Clulv U1 liirwl l"ull S13 Vrilulmul- 4 KlcK.xc', I,0I.0lC1-ZS "KITTY" "Contentment of mind, She'lI always find." l'1l'lt'll4l5ll1ll l'lulr 11,213 li,.X,.X, 1.-. Ili Hlve Vlul: 41 .Xml Clul: 1,41 IFA. .Xnlmllln-ex' L23 Klnsiv For Fun t'lub 1: lmuy Ulmrlrs -1. gPlIlUI'5 S'Pnin1'5 ICELL.-XM, JAMES ...HMM "He will continue his friendly ways, Evan after his high school days" Hi-Y Lor's 3,-il, Vive-Pres 41 Football 1: Choir 1,2,3,4g Liles Club 4g Chess Club 2.3: Pinochle Club 4. KELLE1', KAY HK., "She went to our hearts on wings ot a song, That will last in our hearts our whole lite lang." Na!'l Honor Society 3,-Lg Friend- ship Club 2,33 Swim Club 2.3,-12 Majorette 13 Che-erlenmler lg Bimini 1g Choir 1,2,3,4, Jr. Dirertnr 2,-l, Sec. Lender 35 Ori-hP-tru 13 Hive Club 3,43 Movie Club 41 Madri- guls 3,-l, Director -lg Spnnisli Club 1. KERN, JACK UBALD-JAY" "His ways We praise." Sr. Cabinet: C tl r ll Club 1: Pinni-ble Club 2.3. Klum FRED 7 "You'll tind him o welcome triend All his characteristics seem to blond. 5 A A X - ,Y '- Q K ...,. -' 7 .,,.,,. A. :sn Q. K A - . , A Q. in CX. l Kms. RIARILYN ..MAR,. "Her laughter Will remain long utter." Glee Club 15 Spanish Club lg Singing For Fun Club 2,33 Gaines Club 151 Pinochle Club 4. Kixasxfonn, JOAN "J'0ANIE" "Come what may, She's always gay." Frienmlship Club 1.33 G.A,A. 23 Choir 1: Sing For Fun Club 3. IiLIMA. BARBARA -'BARBH "Cute is she, Nice company." - oil' 12 - , , 1.. .l . .-,,, Student Cnuncil 1: l-'rienilship llub34 1-XX 173 th Hier- Club 4: All Club 1,-LI Em- ln-niilwy Club 21 Music For Fun Club Il: Pnny Chorus 4, ICLOSKY, JUHN "PAT" "Here's an all around guy Who's friends rate him high." Hi-Y Rez:-nts Ii,-1, SE4"Q"Tl'91l5. Si E lei lllllllel B1 6 H 1 'zu-' : ' e ' 3: uni" Survey Edit. Stuff 42 Foullazill 1.2. Il.-1. Letterwinuer 1,43 Basketball l,2,1!, Lt ' 1: .sbll 1 Ti k 4 tile tlnb l Q In-rlwawk Club Sl: Basketball Club 4. liI.l'G, SYLVXA '-sYLv1E" "Steodtast ot thought, For knowledge she sought." llillbilly Club Ili Clmrin Club -li Stem-ring Cnnun. 4. IiNAl'S, NANCY "NANCE" "Beauty describes this girl so fair, Green are her eyes, and dark is her hair." N:il'l Honor Society 43 N:xt'l l-'nrensiv League 2: F.T.A. 4: l'ql'lPllllSlllll Club 3: Euclidian Bus. Stuff -lg Survey Bus. Staff -lg Jr. Play Prml. Sluffg Sr. Play Prod. Stuff: Choir l.2,4: P..-X. Announc- vr 4: Mnllrigals 4, forty-six IQNERR, SANDRA "SANDY" "'By her methods she does excel, She does everything quite well." N:lt'l llmmr Sm-ivty Sl,-lg l-"I'..l. 3.4. Treats. 45 llanfl l,2,fl.l. Sn-1-'y 3,4g Orc-lwstr:i l,1I,Zl.43 l-'vm-in: f'l'h 4: Painting: :luvl lh-:nu'i11L' f'lulw Il. IKOEHNE, Brzixxixun A-BERNIEH "Knowledge is power, In fame he'Il tower." Nut'l Honor Society 43 Studi-nt Council 23 Hi-Y Monzirz-hs -l, S1-Wy 43 Tennis 13.33, Lvtterwiuuvr 12111 Key Uluh 1.2.31 Math Vluls 121 linuws t'luh Ilg Flu-ss Vlulv 4. IQOLLER, Do1'c:i.As "DOUG" "He's got the might, To do things right." Student Council Il: Hi-Y. Squires 2,3,4, Treas.: Buys Ls-nrlvre il.-l: Dancing Club 23 Pinot-hlw l'luli 3.4. KORNBLVM. RIK'H.'XRll "KoRNY" "With trombone in hand, He played in the band." Band 1,2,3,4, Latte-rwinnnr -lg th-- vhestra 1.2 3 Swing Baunfl lg Pinochle Club 2: Bridge Clulr :Ig Outdnnrs Club 4. Kosfrmxsusx, Roux im "noLLY" "He likes to talk, he likes to smile, But he likes to be serious once in a while." Football 1,2,J3,4, Iii-tterwinlwr 1,42 Basketball l,2,Jl, Letterwinner 1: Baseball 1.2.3,-1, Uapt. 1.4, Let- terwinner 3.4: Pruni Cnuim. il. forty-seven IV" 'QT vp fy x... 4 f. i ,. f , Hur 2 x ii -iffy- Qf gg eff T fj? if ,,.,f-vw ,fig up-ff' X hz. ,f"'S ' rv - we A 'Y' ' f'x,, -f--1, If 5 h A in X l i Kovfwn. JANET "JAN" "Deeds, not words, are shown ra- paid, By the many friends she's made" Studi-ut l'uun4-il 4, Ex:-in Bunrvl 43 Vrivurlsllip t'luly 2,3,4, Sr-193' 33 rG.l.l', 13.4. Tri-cus. 43 Euvlidian llus. Staff Z!,3l,4, Asst. Bus. Mfrr. sig H,.X..'t. l,1J,Zl,-4, LQ-ttvrwivmer li lliwlce-y 4: Prom Vomvn. 31 Mega- plmnr- f'luh 23 Flmir 1.51,-1, Trims. lg lilvv l'lulv 4. KVMP. IJUNALD ..DoN,. "Graduation has come at Ialt, He will ne'er dwell on the pant" Ili-Y Lurils 43 liund lg Pinorhlv Vluln l,2,flg Uhvss f'lul1 -1, Iil'NC'HIK, ARLENE "ARLENE" "Slowness is sure, All tasks she does endure." l"riw-nnlsliip t'luh ft,-Lg Biolugyflulv lg Rlusim- For I-'un f'luh 2. Iil'llTI, l,0NALll UDON., "Hard-working, honest, faithful, too, The kind ot friend vho's always true." Fu4utl1a1ll 23 Basketball 1,L3, Let- tvrwinner l: Prom Comm. 3: Baud lg Key Flub IL4: Steering Vunuu 4: Dani-inz Club 23 Quar- rnrlxnf-k Vluh 12: Canasta Pluh 4 Kr's,xu. .lou N "JOHNNY" "A personality that's goy, He came to stay." Entert-d from lVillnughhy in l95Tl. Hi-Y Lorfls 41 Chess Club 4. Srninra S'fr11inr5 KVs,xu, BlA1tGAllE'1' UMARGEH "Always gay, That's her way." Student Cnuuz,-il l: Clmir 13 lluum- Club I: Cam:-Isla Club 2: Pimwlilef Club Hg rfhurm Club 4. I,Ac'l-IY. JOANNE um., "A :harming girl, full at will, She leaves a place that's hard to fill." N:1t'l lwluuur Sm-ivty Il,-1: N:xt'l Quill :incl Srroll 11.43 N:xt'l Fore-uv sie' Lvagiw 2.3,-1, Vive-pres. Il, treux. 43 Prim-P uf l'vur'0 lil. ll'iuu4-r Il: Stud:-ut Coum-il Il,-1, Iixm-, Buarfl 3,43 Snph. Class Viv.- l'rvs.g H.L.C. 32.42 Sm-iiiuHpurls .lttvmluutr 55,41 l'llll'll4llHll l'hlit, Stuff l, ldflitnr -1: Girly- Stull- Ill l-luvlislinu Rus. Stuff 2.55, Cir:-ulzv tum Mgr. -li 1'l'lIlllflSlllIP Club lil, 4: Choir 4. LA M,xc'CH1A, BE'1"1'Y "LITTLE BETTY" "She's really a riot When not being quiet." Frivmlsliip Club 2.4: H..X..X. ll Choir 13 Ad Club -1: liuluvs Club 533 Cllurm Club 4. Lfxxm, S.xLv.x'muE HSALV, "Patience, man, Just do what you can." Funtbnll l,2, l4PlI1'l'Xl'llllll'l' l: Ham-bzill I 3 liaufl l 1 Urn-llvstrzx 1: Pnim- For Buys Club 2: l,lll2Il'lt'l" lmvk Club Sly Cribbzuge Club 4, I,,x1'1NsK.xs, llIlYI,1,IS -'PHYLH "She laughed and smiled and gaily talked, As through high school days she merrily walked." Slllllttlll Cuuuvil I.2,llg Claire Offif vor lg Frivuilslihx Club 2,33 li.L.C. Ig li.A.A. ZZ: Prom Comm. 43 Glev Club lj Sr, Cabinet: Dum-9 Club 25 Pino:-ble Club 1211, 1 ,n-g 5 y. 'gm ' . '29 - K , . A, 'X , , Q" x N N- N ,,,,... we yy if u ' ' .ua S ., M' x X N ,. ix i A : N? N xxx Xxx f x R 3 , f ., Y 5 ai C 9 X' .tb XXJ6 5 . YS '-5 ' ' iff bc.-.. ,ig-. NSN A s ifgx ' wx A . Qfsf s --X -A A by .gs - 21,1 we ww .Sif t Xa C. 5 -N L' . Xxx yy x Wife YR X NK Xxiwb ww Cu 0 I Q l 1 4 4 1 3 i 1 :- I.A1-Ixslms, llON.XI,D ' 'PINKY' ' "One of the best, He's given to jest." l-'rmlbxlll l,2,5l, I.1'tle1'wi11i11,-1' li lV1'estliu2 1.2, 1.1-ttf-rwimwi' l : Choir 12.31.42 Glvv Club 4: Blurll ligals Il,-1: Ilunviug Club 25: Cai uustzn Club 4. l,AVum:x:, JACK -'JACKH "An all around good fellow, This guy's really mellow." Student Cnuul-il 1, Trri-us. 1: Nr. C:ll1invt: Key Club Sl.-1, Tru-VIS. -1: l'i:1m-hlv Club 1.53. I.1cnr:1c, R.X1'BIllX1J HB-UD11 "l've found the right girl now, None other than little Miss Dow" Nlllllvlll Council -1: S-vph. Class Tre-ns., .l1'. Class Yin' l'res.Z Fool- brll 1.2.3,-1, Li'llli'l'Xl'lllllC'l' 1,-12 llus:-luill 1: Prmu Cmuiu, Jig Choir J3: SIITYUX Bus. Stuff 3: lluuciu: Club 2: kQllEllilt'l'l72lt'li Club -1. I.mI"1'1s1ec'Hr:1:. BIARILYX A-MAGGIE" "A taste exact yet confined, A knowledge of both books and human kind." Nut'l Hmmr Sm-ivty 4: Student Colxzivil 4: Fi-imnlsliip Clul' 3,-1: l'fu1'llxli:ln linlit. Stuff -ll G.A.A. 12,33 Prmn Comm. Il: Travel Club 123 Ruuurl Tublv Club 3,-li .Tuuior C--biuvl I,1nux', ICDWIN MED., "lf you want to succeed, blaze a trail, In that way you will never tail." N:1t'l Hnum- Society 4: Swiiumiug 12.43 Ruud 1.2,R,4: Orcllestru 1.23 Movie Club 1.2: Key Club 4: Stump Club I3 Art Club 23 Dunc- iug Club 33 Chess Club 4. forty-eight l.1Nnx1':u, EAN JEANNIE "She gives no offense, ' 0 ' 1 Kui in ' Z" ' , uv Nurs' 1 ' I.. . T J 0 .. -, 3 'She makes no pretense." V , fs ".T.A. 43 l"riu-mlsllip llulr l A -lv llulv 4 tt Q llulw , Im i lllg Klub ' ,V ,lj 4 3 i L1N1msAx', DAX'lll '-DAVE" "His only books Were cure girls' looks." l"ootlJull 2,32 Trnvk l,1I,-li Ulmil' 1,2,3.-1, Pres. -lg lllve- l'lulm ll,-l: Movie l'lulr l, Pros. lg Kvy l'luln 11.3,-13 l'aluer:1 l'lulx il: l'in,fzI'nu1: w l'lulm Zlg liiolngy l'lul1 L1 f-'llllJlSlil 'rr-v' ll1'r'1'I,r:, l'.x'1'l:1cI.x X b UPATH we , "lf all her smiles were worth a ' A' my dime, I fy. . ' She'd be a millionaire in time." l':lllE'l'Pfl from lhvllinwoml High iu Svptenllmr 19512. Eucuyu ll: l'llill'lll Club 4, LLOYD. B1-:v13RL1' Y X 'X' HBEV., i 5, if "Five-foot-two, K. NY f Eyes of blue." Friendship Club 1.'.Z,Zlg Euvlidigm Bus. Staff 43 G.A.A. 2: Mnjnrvttr- Cluh l,2,3. I . '- z ,.,. .5 x .f . gl, J, V ' s sg' will if fm" "' LLOYD, BIARYLYN , N ,fd .tl "LUCY" if .Q -, ,. "An easy going mind, Q3 -' Happiness she will find," z V Frienilsliip Club 3,-lg G..-LA, l,2, ,,, V 'jijxx 3,42 Pllllll' 1,23 Mystery Rvzuliug' ' ',,,.-,,, Club 151 Music Fm' Fun Uluh 2,233 f .. .I we 1 Games Club 3: Pinovhle Fluli 4, f- ' forty-nine 55- 129259 g,...,, . I,0f'liXl'llllll, l,A'l'llll'lA "PAT" "She shines from wifhln, 5he'll always win." l-'ri'-mlsliilv 4'Iub !,Zl,4g Vlmir lg Y-T:-1-us l: Nluflvrn llnnca- f'lub 23 Musim- l-'ur Ifuu 1I,Ilg Knitting flluh 41. I,uHsE. HAI. HHAL., "You will find Hal A nice pal." Stngv- Vrww 4. l.oK.xR. I'lI,AlNY "LOKIE" "The more you gel to know this 90l. The more you want her for your pol." N:xt'l Honor Sm-ia-ty Il,-11 N:il'l Quill and Sm-ull 11,43 l"ri4-udslxip Vlulv 1I,fl,-1, Sn-1-'y-Trvzis, lixw' liuurll Il: ll.L.l', Il,-Lg lfluvlidiun lfmlif. Stuff 113,-1, A-sl, liflil. 41 liul-liflinu Bus, Stuff 2,351 Survvy llus. Stuff 2,31 ll.A..X. 1.2.3.-1. ,lr, Play P1-ml Nlnffi Nliijurvtlw- Vlulm 23 Nr, l':1lviue-ll Sr. Plny l'rml. Stuff: Ulmir 1, Loxu. S,xNIum --SANDY" "Through the serene A smile is seen." liulvreil from Chivzagu, lllilmis. in ISIBIX. N:xl'l Hmmm' Sm-ivty 42 Frie-ullslxip Club 4: liuvliflislu Bus Stuff -lg Vlmir 55.42 Mnflrigals 41 Knitting l'lulw il: Rnuud Table 1'lul- -lg Swvring l'1uurul 4, Luxe, lV1LI,1.xM -'coLoNEL" "Dork and tall, Nice to all." lli-Y Ruggvuts ffl,-ll Buys Lenders lil: lim-lidiau Bus, Stuff 3,42 l-'uutlmll l,1I,2l,4, Leltvrwinm-r 1,41 Wrvstlim: '.2,2l,4, Le-ttvruinm-r 1.4, Tl':l1'k l,2,3,-11 l'h0i1' lg lV0rl'l Affairs Vlnh 23 l'lu:'uyo ll,-lg Foul' lmll l'luln l,'2,?l,4: Trunk Flulw 2, IZ,-lg XVrl-slling Ululv 1.2.3,-4, Sminra !g'l?lIiU1'5 LORENZ, ROSEMARIE -'RoMIn" "lnnocent and sincere, In our hearts we hold her dear" N:it'l Honor Society 3,43 Student Couuvil 2,33 Friendsbin Club il.-l Huclidian Bus, Staff 3.4: Survey Bus. Stuff 4: ti.,-t,A. 1: PAX. Tech. 3.4, Tren-. 41 Swim L1-arlcr 2.3,-ig Travel Club '23 Rnuul Table Club Hg Browsing Club 4. IJUETKEBIEYER, I-IENRY '-BUCK" "He makes a hit With his wit." Boys Lender 11,33 Swiuimiup: 2.3. 4. Letterwinuer 2: D1ll'll'1? f"ub21 Reading Club 12.71.43 Siugiuu' For Fun 4: Newspaper llvznliuz Club 4, BICCARTHY, l'ATR1c'i.x APAT.. "To be sure, we know that Friendly and happy is our Pat." Friendship Club 1.2.3.-1: Choir I 1 Dance Club 2: Music- Fm- Fun Club 2: Eiubrnitlvry Vfub ZS: Hnndirrnft Club 43 Clisulu Club -1. BICCLVRG, l'Hi'1,1,ls 1'PHxL" "Phyllis is as quiet as can be, As nice a senior cs you'lI ever see." Elllllfkd frum Slinn' Iligb in ISIS! Friendship Club C143 lrlurlv-5' Team 4: GI:-v t'lub 314, N x . :. : .. f., ' s ...""'xn1 i' Ig. 5 1 'A"' N "' 4 W- i A Y X 1 :HRS AICIJOXVELIA, l,Al'I, . 1 A-PAUL" SFX 5 N- s S. s Always funny, always gay, CQXQS N For you see that is his way." 1 " S sm.. MX , . .axss-S : sgx.. X ,Musik A XX restling lg Trawk 1.2: Jr. Play Ass-:X I-.M . ,K s N 5 if A Cast: Culnurn Club 4: Canasta X 3 L.. 1 Club 25 Pinot-his :i, Q5 QQ: ax eff... I 1 ! l i Q l Mr CQVIGAN, CHARLES AMACH "He lives each day, In his own way." XY11-stliiig 1: Trnck 1: Prom Forum. 4: Choir 1: Movie Pub 1. Stagv Crew 2: Sr. Cabinvt. AICGVIRE, lV1L1,1AM "BILL" "He is a boy of deepest thought, His qualities cannot be bought."f Entered from Asbville High 1953. Football 1.3: Basketball 1: Crib- bage 43 Business Club 2.3, Vice- Prns. 12. l'r--, 33 Jr. Class Yi'-0 Pri-s. MCKEON, PATRICIA '-sHon'1'Y" "As merry as the day is long, Life is iust a happy song." Nut l Hmmm' Society 4: F,T.A, 3.-1: Frienzlsliip Club 3.4: G.L C, 42 lint-li-liuu Bus. Stuff -1: GAA, 1.'.Z.1l.-1: Megaphone Club 31 Choir 2,3.-1: Ad Club 13.42 Painting uurl Ilrziwiug Club Sl. MAuCH1oNE. BIARGARET "JUNE" "Always happy, Bright, and snappy." Frieunlsliip Club 2.3: G.L.C. 1: H AA. 1.2.3.-1: Horkey Tteam 4: Mnjorette Club '.Z.fl,4: Majorette 4: Pinof-ble Club 3: Charm Club 4. MARCVS. JAMES --JIM" "School days, School daze." Chess Club 3: Golf Club 4: Arthur tindfi-ey Club 3. fifty 1 i v I M.x1u.x. Dmus ..D., "She travels through a ficld of fun Laughing and learning undcr the sun." lfiiviiilsliip Vlulr 2.35.43 li,l.l'. Al: li..l,.l. l.2.3'i,-12 lluvkvy 'Fvuul -l: 1 .Ml l'lulu l.L.1l,41 Munir' 4"ul- 55. l'ium-lilo' l'luli 2.25. M.xrml.'1'. Cxlcol. HK., "Upon her God did bless An attitude of friendliness." i"l'ivl1rlsl1ip Ululr 3.:1,fl: fi .X A, l,1'. 11.41 lim-key 'Yi-:un -lL .lvl l'luli Il. li Movie- Vlulv -ll l'!mruu l'lulx 113 l'ium'l1li- l'lul1 Zlg Sovinl llziui-iu 1"uh 4: Illusif- For l"uu l'lul1 fl Mrxnxxxu. li0NAl.l1 NEON., "From paths of humor, he does not stray, For humor finds its own way." Kvy l'luls 3,43 Trnvvl Vlul- 12: Piumlhle- Vlulw Sl: Ping: Puug l'luli l,4. MA'1'u1.xs. Cfuml. "CAROL" "Starry eyes, merry ways, Make for happy high school days" Studi-nl Fuuui-il Sl. lwiviulslmip Cluh l.2: I':lll'll1il2lll llus. Stuff 43 G..l..l, 41 Jr. Play l'rvul11vlio:i Staff: Mzljnrvttv f'luli 12.21.41 Mn- jurette 3.4, I,Plll'l'll'llllll'l' 4: Clmrui Club 4. M1-:ll-zu, HAROLD "HARRY" "Baseball team's delight, He added to their might." Hi-Y. Mumxrrhs -11 Ifmnlmll lg lizlskvtlmll 1,113.41 llusehzlll 1.2. 3.43 'I'e-nuis 2.51.-1: Banil 1,231.43 Orvlwrlrzl I3 Km' Ulub Cl.-42 Vu' luwlal f'luh lg Ci-ilvlunggv Fluli 2: Uiflmuuil Sports li"ulr Jig l'g-gk,-1. ball f'Iuh 4. fifty-one 5,1 X. fx 'Ih- Nl mm.-x N N. M.-x lKli.Xll l'I'l' "PEGGY" "Always on the go, Someone nice to know." iflili-iw-fl from lhllilixxviriil lllllii Svllrml lu HI52. l",'l',.X I"1'iv-ynisliip l'lulr 12.Zl,4l. Xl.ul'u'i-tV1- Vlulv l" Ulm- Vlulw 21. lYurlul .lfl':nli-X M1 1.1.1-in. KAX mix li HKAYH "A kirdly grace, A pleasant face." .':1',:1..., 1.9.-A' -L Nr, Vulnimilg XYurl1l .lffnlre Vlulw il l"iii-urlsllip l'Illli 111 l'1uf-lul :lu llus Nllflllll llufiulvl 3IlI.I,1'Zli. ii.-X'I'llll'I.X "PA'r'rY" "She's pretty to walk with, And witty to talk with." l4'l'i:-uflsllip l'lui1 LIL I'iux-liiliziu llus fluff Sl: Nurvi-5' Hus. Stuff C11 H .l..l. lg llm-lu-5 Tvaiui lg .lr l'I:ip l'r'-il. Stnffl Vlmir l.2.Zl,4. Xlusla- lwir i'lIll lluln .I..i. llmrlu l'Iulv -1 AIlI.I.liR., lllnfll USUNSHINE' "To be iust and kind and wise, There solid self-enioyment lies." l"ri:-livlxliip Vlulx lil.-11 li.l.,1' fl. Nxxim Vluly Il: l'1um' liilxl Stuff 41 ii ,K,.l. l.2.1l,-li .liz Vinny . - -- .i 4, l'r4ul. Stull. Xlvgylplluiln- l.ulv -..l l'l1uu' l"' lil l'lulr "" AIISKUIC. Dmus -'DoDDUs" "This sweet gal's friendly ways and laughter, Will remain in our hearts ever after." X:il'l llmmr Suviwty -l. l"1'if'u-I ship l'1uli 12.12.41 li I, 1' Il.-1. l'Iuvl14li:m lius, Stuff l, Survvy lillx, Nlzlfl' Cl.-1. li,,l,.X. l.2.Il.l, .lr l'l:l5 l'i'ml, Stuff, 1"iuir lj ,Ml Vluli 2. l'ulvliv:'lu-u- Vlulu I Svrninrs Seniors AI0l4'FA'l', .litmus HJIM.. "It may be said that Jim had Humor suited for any lad." Mourl-zu, Nnxm' HNANH "A quiet maiden intent on her work, We know her duties she will never shirk." lfrieiitisllip Clnh 21,123 Jr, l'l:ny Prml. Stuff: lloun- Nursing.: Cluh il: Knitting Cluh 13: lCinln-with-ry l'luh fl: l'li:lriu t'luh 4. Muuutxx, liA'l'llI,l'IlCN ' 'KATHY' ' "Not quiet or loud,-short, or tall, She's a pleasant combination ot them all." lfrivlualxllip Club I: l'Iu1'lltli:lnHus. Staff 45 Choir l.2.3l,43 Cniuistn Clulv lg li:lllrtnun l7:iut'in,: 12: th-in lluuters t'luh ilg Knitting t'lulr 41 Nt:-1-rim: l't-min. 4. AIORRUW, NANM' UN-ANU "A girl so toir, A personality rare." l".'I'.A. 3.4: l-'rivnflsliip Cluh 22,353 Swim Cluh 43 film- Cluh 4: Musit- l-'ur Fun Cluh 22: lClnl1ruitIt'ry Cluh Il, l'rt-S. Il NIo1:1.oc'1c, l7ox.xI,n HDONH "Na matter what paths, roads, or ways, He will remember his high school days." Nuinnuiug: Nlgr, 2, Choir lg Ill. Tm-vll. 1: l'..X. .Knnuunt-n-1' li 1 - . - lumrhlt- tlub l,2.Jlg Ping lmng Clnh -l 1 - ff:-i' 5553 . 6 ,,..,, .. y 'WNY xx , 3 '1 f - X Q New .aio " X f M-A. ek. . WW? N er X' '- Saw ei Q 'X lf , Mosfx LL, CAROLYN "MOZZLE" "A sweet gal to have around, Another like her cannot be found." X:it'l Honor Society 3.4: Student Vnunril 3: Sr. Class Tre-as.: Fri:-nflship Club 1,2,Ii,4, Vice Pr:-S. Exec. Board 43 G.l.,C. 4: Htunw-nniing Queen -1: .Tr. Hrune- rorning Attendant: liuvlidian Bus. Stuff 2.3: Survey Bus. Staff 2: tl..X.A. 1.2.3.-1: Jr. Play Prod. Staff: Prom Cnnun. 4: Majnrette Club 3. MI'1ufHY. DOROTHY "B1:T'1'Y" "She goes on her quiet way, What else is there to say?" lied Cross Club 2.31.-1. MI"1'c'HLER. JEAN ' 'JEANNIEN "Personality and smile, Dazzle and beguiIe." Student Council 4: Frienflshill Club 2: lint-lidian Bus. Staff 42 tl..X.A. 1.13.43 Megaplmne Club 2.12,-L Pres. 4: Cheerleader 2,3, Lf-tterwinner Sl: Mixed Cll0l'llS 21 ITA. .hlllltlllllll-'l' 2. MYERS, IQONALD ..RON,, "He has that winning way, Plus a personality that's gay." Student Council 1: Survey Bus. Staff 4: Baseball 1: Ping Pong Club li Auto XYise Club 21 Bas lat-tlmll Club 3: Outdoors Club 4, MU-zlcs. lV1LLIAM f-BILL" "Everybody cheer, The good humor man's here." S t u tl e n t Council l: Freshman Class Vice Pres.: Boys Leaders 3: Survey Edit. Staff 31 Football l, Sl, Letterwinner 1: Basketball 1.2: Track 1: Gulf 2.3: Choir 1: Stage Crew 2.4: Gulf Club 2: Pinochle Cluh 4. fifty-two N1':1,sor:. Xnxcx' --NANCY" "A gentle disposition, She fits any position." l':llll'l'4'1l frum ill:-li Ellyn, lll. in 1952. N:il'l llunm' Nm-in-ty -4, l"1'ii-lulrllip Clulx l,2,!l,,lg ll,li.l','l1 Nllrxvy Ifrlil, Stuff 'lg li..l..X. l,!, 52.41 lluvkvy Team fll lit--l Frogs 12: Train-l Vlulw II NPII,SlJN. Hox,x1,n HRON., "Not serious, tor he's gay, Jolly ond good in work or play." Ifmmtlmzill 1,252 XVl'1'slllll,! l,!,2l, l,a-ttm-rwinm-1' 13 Ti-nnis 131 1':m:ist:i Vluh 43 Q11:n'tvrlmrk Vlull 215: XV1-I-skiing Vinh 123, NESlll'l"l'. LYNN "NICKI" "Happy she comes,, happy she goes, She's fallen in love with lovely clothes." Frivmlsliip Vlulm 327,42 l'Im'li4li:uv Hu:-, Stuff 4, li .X .X, l,2,5l,-11 f. - - ., v . llwlr ll lull:-uyw .,,,l3 Klizlrm llulv -1. Nlzwxmx, li0I!1CR'l' HBOBH "He has his moods, quiet, jolly, glad- But a better guy cannot be had!" Snim Vluln 2,233 lfmntlmll 1, lYrE'Stlin2 lg Swimming: L2,2l. NlCl'l'3I, DAVID ..N1C,, "His school days were fIlled with fun, Many friendships he has won." Hi-Y Lurrls 2.3, Pres. 2: Te-nnis 2,33 Movie f'luh lg Slum- Crexx 1, Pres., Canwrzi Ululx 2,15,4, Pres. Il, lifty-tllrcc 1'- ilu"f 3? 3,257 -was-4 l "P-W-f 'dl' gun-ar" irygf W s ll Wifi ff? a- r A Nmzxlc, .Imax --JOHN" "His popularity is mainly due To the tact that hc's ncvcr blue" Um-zlclnxxli. l,.XWlil'INI'l'l "LARRY" "Cute ond merry ls our Larry." X:nI'l lfivl'--lmsiv lmngfxli- el, lll-Y, Nplilw-X 2,Il,4, Vim- l'r-w Cl, l'r4-N. lj .ly l'l:iy Prnrl. Stuff C53 Vrnm l'nnim, -li Vlmir 41 llri-ll:-sim ii,-1. SV. Vfulnillvtg Ke-5' Vlulr -l1 1':il111-rn Vluly Ii,-lg Vrilwlvaigi- l'lnlp 22 l'k:- lvli- Vlnlm Il, lin-nl llunli-rs 41 Sl' l'l:lg Farsi. OT 'ox Nou. .ll-:AN MMOE.. "Personality and a shining smile, She dresses smartly and in style." N:ll'l llmmr Niwii-ly SZ,-lg Ntuflvnt Vmllivil 2.3,-l, lixi-4-, Huairil -l. Nr. Vlnss Si-Wy, l"rl4-iulsllip Vlul: 11.37.-l, 'I'i'v:is. 12. 4i,l.1' 314. l'.u1l'll1ll:1n larllt. Ntnff J.-lg luur-llrl lain llus, Htrlff 2,143 Silrvvy liillt. Stuff 2,fl,4Z li,,X .X l,2,1l,4I ,ll'. l'l:iy l'ru4l. Stuff. Spring: Swirls .Xth-mlzlnt -l. llxirilczn. R.xYm1uN1w "TINY RAY JAY" "A friendly one, So full ot fun." Stmli-nl l'uum-il UL lli-Y ll Sm" Hwy lille. Stuff 125 l"m1llvzill l,2,f1. lialslivllrzlll ll liznsvlmll ll sll' l'l:uy First: .lr l'l:iy l'rml, St:iff1 Sr, l'l:iy Vuslg Sr Play l'ruil, Stuff: Mix:-il Vlmrus 2.-1: Novi-- 1'lnl: l"' into Vlnlw "' Paisl- lfnl' ll:-5 ". lllH'l"l"l', .l.,xc'lc '-sN1FI"' "Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble, Brown-eyed Jackie has no double" lli'Y1 lfufmtlvzlll l.12,IZ,-1, l.:-th-r nxilinvr 1,43 llzis--luull I, lmltv-r'xxli1 lxvr l, Mnvim- l'll1l: lg llull liuziril Vznpt. 4: Qllairti-rlnu-k Vlulp 12,141 lliisl-in-llmll l'lulv lil l,vtIv1'vl1:ilx's l'lull -1. Sputum l x l 1 l l l l l I'A1'ol'RAs, BIICHAEL l uMIKEvv l "He was strung and he was quick, He was the one who was hard to lick." Student Council 1,2: Hi-Y Rflzunls Zi,-1: Buys Lenders 1: Euvlirlian Bus. Htaff 4: Football 1.2,7l,-1. Let- tvrwinuer 1.4: lYl'6SfllllL' 1.2.3,-1. Lette-ruinner 1,43 Ban-lm'l 1.2, llettv-rwinner 1: Qlmrtvilzu-'k Club 1.2: Lettermank Club fl,-1 PARATORE, FRANK "FRANK" "He always pcmics I'.A, TM-li. 1: P.A. .-Xnnouncprli Ge-in Hunters Club 2: Dunning Llnb 3, PARK, DONALD HDONH "He's never proud, He's never loud." Hi-Y Lords 3,-1. Pres. IZ: Buse- bnll 4: PHX. Announcer 1: Rounl Tnblv Club JE: Baseball Club 4. l'Aum-tn. IIICHARD A'D1cK" "Life of the party, Not snooty-not a smarty." Hi-Y Knights 2,3, Squires 4: l-lun-lidian Bus. Stuff 4: Survey lddit, Staff 4: Football 1.2. Let- terwiuner 1: Basketball 2: XYreSt- ling 1. Lvtterwinner 1: Truck 1' Jr, Play Cust: Jr, Play Prod. Staff: Play Cust: Sr. Play Prtnl. Stuff: PA, Announrer 113, 4: Fuutbnll Club 2: Drannn Club Il,-l. l'Ann. CoNsTAxCE '-coNN1E" "Attention folks-look who's here That cute lil' gal who makes us cheer!" 1-'riendship Club 1.2.3.-l, Pres, nf Sr. Chapter: Sr. Hnnwcmuing At- tendant: G-.A.A. 1.2: Megaplmnt- Club 12.3.43 Cheerleader 1,2,3,-1, l49lll'1'XYlllll9l' 1,3.-L, Capt. -1:Chnir l: Singing For Fun Club 2. fifty-four Those in auto mechanics." ' PATIHCK, Ill.xlcu.x1:1-i'1' MPEG.. "Five-foot-six, Full of tricks." l"l'lBllllSlllln l'lub 12,233 l'luvli1li:1u Bus. Stuff 4: Choir 1: liluunyu 2' Clmrxu Club 4, l'E1n-zusox, GERALU "PETE" "A boy with a friendly air, He and humor make c pair." lillllll' 1: Games Club 1. PEMBEIVFON, BIARY -.PEMVV "The seeds of friendships, she has sown, She will never be alone." Friemlship Club 13,43 l'lllf'll4llIlll BUS. Stuff -lg li.A.A, 1,Z2,Zl,-1, Let' ll-rwinuvl' 11 lllwkvy Tm-:nu Lil,-13 Jr. Play Prod. Stuff: Prum F0111- miller- 3: l'hoir lg lllee l'lub il,-11 Afl l'lub Cl,-13 Rvxl Vruss 41 Nlusim' l-'ur Fun Ulub 22 Sllllflllilllll l"m' l"ll:1 Club Zlg llull Hxlulwl Il. lJE'l'EliS, GPIRAI,ll "JERRY" "His friendships are growing yet, His personalfty we'Il not forget." Fullllalll 1.22 Vhuil' l,2,Ii,-li lizlules Club l: Qlmxtwllalvk l'lub 1.11. PE'1'1co1-ms, ITZVELYX -lEv1E" "A friend so dear, To have so near." Friendship Club 21 li.A.A. 2: H01-key 21,33 Prom Cnnnu. 11: Megaphone Club 1,1I,3,-12 l'llt'El" lender 2,35 Choir 1: Gln-e Club 11 Musim- Fur Fun Club 2: Dum-ing fifty-five ,S .A ,- F X4- x - . Nik, .VM 'Qing' . v., :I if .1 Q. ., Q? if . I L 5' Siu .g E. Q ,, :" l 'i . l'u1LL11's, 3llI.lllllCll -'MILLIBH "A pretty girl is like a melody, Sweet and lovely for one to see" Studi-nt Cuuuvil 1. l".'1'..X. 1Z,4, Vive Pres. 41 Fl'il-ullsllip Vlub Lili liL,l', lg Surya-y lillit, Stuff -lj li..l,A. lil,-lj H1If'li0y 'llc-'zllll -11 .lr. l'luy Cust: Mugupllmw l'lub 2: Vlmir lg limi Uruss 1: .Xrl f'lub 151 l'iuu4-blv Club 123 Party lluunfs l'lub Zlg Spuuisll Club -1, l,lC'K'l0'1"l'l, All'l'Hl'li HART.. "Easy going, Ecsy knowing." Nillll llnllul' Suvlvly -11 1li'Y lmrlls Vlmplllill fig liuuml 1,2,Il,-L, l,4-tll-1'wium'r ilg Senior llfflnw-1' -lj l'..l. 'Fvvll 1: Plug Pong 4'lub lg lluuull Tulrlm- l'lul1 23 liuluvs l'lub ,li 'l'r:u-li -1, l,l.ll'I'l'C'lllVAl'l', .lAxlc'E UJAN.. "She is a delight To have in sight." l"rim-uwlsllip l'lub lg ll.A.,l. 11 Jr. l'l:ly Pu-ul, Stuff: Vlmir 1.2: Nr. Vallriluvl- -lg Mzulrigrznls fl,-lg l'i- mwlnb- 1'Iub 23 Blusiv For l-'uu Vlub fl. lj0ll'l'lCIl, 1l0llER'l' HBOB.. "He likes to laugh-but still He is very strong of will." l'lutn-rn-xl frmu lfntllellrul Lutiu in HOSE, Fmnllvull 1,2,Il, Lutterwin- vu-1' I: Qllalxm-rlmrk Club -4, l,0'l'UC'AR. CAROL -'cARoL" "You will find Her courteous and kind." livll Uruss 15 Knitting l'lub 21 l'inm-hlv l'lub fly FI't'lll'll C'lub H1 Vhuir 4. Srniura Svrninrz Puwr:1.I,, BIARY El.I,PIX "M.B.P." "The right one hos come along, Making life a happy song." l"rivn4lsl1ip Cluln 2: Survey l'l1lit Stuff 15,43 lflmir 1,2,il,4g Glewlflulv 21,43 Maulrignls 23 Jr, ililllllll-'ll Singing I"nr Fun 23 Latin Ululv lj Slt'0l'lllg l'nmm 4. llnzlsolcma. Hourzlvl' "RAGS" "You ore sure to enjoy The personality of this boy." Su1'Vr-3' lfllit. Stuff 41 I'l'nm i'nmln, 211 l',.l, Tr-vlx. 11 Sr, Vzxlxiin-I lhnz, 'l'mm,xs f-TOM" "Quiet though he may be, He is friendly you will see." Hi-Y l.urlls 23.43 l'hf-Qs Club 2, llrziwiug l'luly -4. H,Xl"l'H, AI.-XlllI,YN "MARILYN" "She is rharming, And not at all alarming." l".'l'.A. 1I,Ilg l"l'ie-lulsllip l'lulr !,2.. -lg l':llt'llfllllll Bus. Staff 25,43 Survey liux Stuff 2,253 li A..-X, 2,231 lluncing Ululi 21 Music' For Fun l'lul1 21 Piuuvllle Vlulr Zig ll'mnl Wm-king l'lulm 4. lhmvus. Knxxxx "KAY" "Her deeds are good, She does what she should." l"ri4-mlsliip l'luh 121.45 ti..l..l. 255,42 Jr. l'l:iy I'rurl. Stnftl Sr, l'luy Prod, Stuffg Prulu iillllllll. 21,-lg till-u Vlulm 2lg Bluvia- t'lul1 -lg Huluv Nursing Vluln 23 llaxllrill-f Club 253 lirimluu l'lulu 4, A-Mb e' '- N.-. N az: - . - " v 'r .'1.Yg 2 if ivgvszhmvsff vf Rm'1'Eu. I,E0NAn1m "LENNY" "Character and wit, For humor he's fit." liunrl 1.22: Vlmir 1: Party Haines L'lul1 4. RICHII5, Dl4Il.llllES "DOLLY" "On this we will agree, She is as nice as she can be." lulite-rel frmu Rllum-sutu in 1902. I-'nic-xlfslxip Vlulf Zi: Eurlilliun Bus. Stuff 25.4. 4i,A..fl. 231 Blvguplmue Vlulv il: Blush- For Fuu Vlull il Vimwlllv Vlulm -1. lilT'1'ENllEllG, L'H,xR1,Es "CHUCK" "Though this boy is quiet and shy, Upon him we can rely." Vlmir lg Suimmiug Mgr, 11: Vln-ss l'lulx -l, IRVFENEII, JUAN "JOANNIE" "Nuturolness is her virtue, She is herself the whole day through." Frivunlslxip Vlulr 2.251 Clmir Il,-11 lilvi- l'lull 2.4: lmnrin: l'lulw 2: llnll liuuril Hum. 2!,l. Sxxulclz. Dams "DAISY MAE" "A happy life ls one without strife." Jr. l'l:1y Prml. Stuff: Vlmir l: Rluviu Vlnlv 43 Y-Teen l: Blush Fur Fun i'lul1 2: l'iuu-'lilo Ululu Zi: L'l1:iru1 l'lul+ -l. fifty-six ! A I I l l I l i S.-xN'r,xY, Do11o'1'HY MDOT.. "Always snappy, She'Il make you happy." l"1'ieudsbip Club IS: l'lu1-lilliziullus, Stuff -l: Eucuyn 33 Cluirui Club 4, Sc'HA1iLAL', lV1I.L1AM --BILL" "He wears a bashtul look, Printing is his only book." Chess Club 2,31 Cribbage Club -1: Stump Club 1. ScHL.u'cH. JANET "JANET" "A sweet gal, A real paI." Spelling Club 3: Chiu-in Club -L: Music For Fun Club 2: l'iuu4-hli Club l. SCHMALZ, BIARILYN HMAR., "Pleasure she will give As long as she will live." Friendship Club 2,251 G,A.A. 2 Choir lg Camustn Club 2: l'ium-hln- Club Zig Bridge Club :lj lhnu-ing ,- ,QN I R lb: viii? AVII' ..-. , ff Q., . XM. iv X ETL-3 "'-J! W7 Me' Tiff Club -1. SCHOLLE, Rom-:R A HROGH -45,5 "AlI his accomplishments ore done Vi V, ig x. with ease, ln him alone it's natural to ' Q? Er please." - Entered from Cleveland Heights 3. High School 1952. Nat'l Honor Society 43 Jr, Play Prod. Stuff: . v, Band 3,4, Letterwinner 43 Paint- . X ing und Drawing Clubs 3: Si-ab' 1" and Triangle Club 4. W-H - Hfty-seven Sc'uI'i,'1'z, Rlt'li.-Xllll "JAsBo" "Born to be funny, His life will be sunny." lli-Y R1-ue-uls 4, linys 1,1-airlws .Z IL,-lg Wrn-stliug -lg Hziwbull L!,3lg , - V , - . v lulse lwu' boys llub .21 Pliiuvlilv Club Zig ll'i'i-slliug Club 4, SCHXVEIZER, Srmx HSUE., "The measure of her life is thought, She has a quality that can't be bought." l"l'ie-uclwllip Club 31 1r,A..l.. Il, Cbuil' 11 Y-Tw-u ll Nm-iul linux-- iuu Club .12 Plium-lilo' llub .L Cliuriu Club -1. Si:AM.xx. l'lim',1.ium MED.. "He shines from within, He'Il always win." Swim Club 15,43 Suiuuuiug 2,IS,4, l,vtIvru'iuuu1' -lg Hn-lu lluutz'r's Club lj Tumbling Club 12. Sizcoxno. IIICHARIJ A-RICH" "Short and dark, With a friendly spark." Ili-Y Nobles 4: Poisu For lioys Club 12: Auto Wise Club 21 Uut- ilours Club 4. SH El'l'.XR'l'. :xLll1'Ill'l' ' 'SHEP" "Born to play and play he will! Long into the future he'lI be drumming stiII." liziuml l,1J,Il,-l, Huuril uf lliiw-1-tm-s l, I,i-llvrwium-1' 4: Urvliestru 1.2. Il,-15 lilvw- Club 4: Vlielole Club !,Z5g 'l'r:u'k Club L21 Ballroom llaxuviuu -l: Priuu Cuiuiu, 4, Seniors Sentara SHERLOCK, PII-21,1-IN "HELEN" "As she leaves school days behind Conlenlmenl and loy she will find." 1-Illtei-911 from East High in 15452, Friendship Club 21,42 film- i'1ub 4, Plum-hle Club 111 Hzinuls Vlub 4. Snnui. I-14-Xlllllill HHAL.. "H" for Hal, "P" for Pal. Football 12,213 lim-kvlliaill 1, Baseball 1,41 Clmir L!,3,-1: Ur' vheslra 13 G11-e l'1ub li,-li llzinv- ing l'1ub 1. SIRN, Gigoimrz --GEORGE" "Ambition finds such loy For this quiet and able boy." N:i1'1 Hunur Simi:-ty' 15,43 Studi-nl 4'uun1'i1 2.3.4, Tre-zu. Cl, l'rws. 4. lixwv. Buurrl 11,41 Hi-Y Nlunurz-Ins 42 Buslwllmll 1,LI,Il,4, 1mtti'l'uinf ni-r 4, 11:is+f-bull 1.21 K+-y Vlub 3. Il,-4, Sw-'5' 41 ilizimnnml Sluirte Club 121 lizisketbnll lflnb 21,4 SKINNER, Juux -JOHNNY" "His enlhusiasm and love of sport Makes for success on the tennis court." Hi-Y 51Ul11ll'l'1lS 4, Vive 1'1'n-s. 45 Survey Edit, Stuff 41 'Fvnnis 1l,I1, 4, Lett:-ru'ii1nvl' 41 Vimil' lil. Nlnvie Club 2,1l,-lg Sr. 1':ul1in+-I, Key 1'lub 43 lliulbgy Vinh 33 Math i'1ub il SiconI.,1.R, ClllllS'l'INl-Z "CHRIS" "Full of smiles and lun, This gal is a friendly one." Nut'1 1'1nnm' Sunil-ty Ii,4g Studi-ni t'nunn-il l,L!,2l,4, S1-1-'y 4, lixw- 1iu:ir.1 41 1".T.f1, 2,Il,4: l"i'i:-ml ship i'lnb !,Ii,-1, I'r4-s, lixi-4: limlril 42 li.I,t', 1.4: lium-limliuu lius. Stuff Il: Siirvvy Huw, Stuff Il: fi.A.A. 215,41 lliwki-5' '1'o':in1 41 -lr. Play I'rm1. Stuff: 1111-11 1'1ub 4, '1're-us. 4. 4 4. -me , n V 4 Q 4 1 f-if ' Q -V 1 34 .5 , ii ls if X 94, 1 W Y, ri' -gg 5 4 S 'of ,V w...,,,. , ws.-M, . fb 7, 'q , may ef as 5305 Kew Via' 'QT' . 4 Pew -' 5f,3".-35 ,fi x X ' ,-' ,,. 43.1, N xx N 5 ,- . ' -mme N-'vs ...- E eg.. 6 , Sicimxc, Doxaui HDON.. "Silence prevails, But a smile unveils." Funtlmll 1: H:is1-ietbaall 1,LZ,3,41 Tennis 1: 1Yul'1d Affair- Ulnb 11 l"mntb:ul1 1'!ub 1: lizisketbzill Club 4. SLONAKER, Runnin' HBOB., "ln high school he did have fun, In high school, friends he's won." 1 Hi-Y Nnbles 4: Jr, Play Prol. Stuff, Hiulugy C1ub 25 Ping Pun-1 Club 4. SLVGA, IIONALD "SLUGGO" "Handsome and shy, He's quite the guy." 1YresI1ing 1,-4. 1.e'ttvl'u'innel' 12 Trzivk 11 Band 13 Nr, Cgiliiliietg Music Fur Fun t'1uh 1.2: Wrest- ling l'lub 4. SMA1.'1'z, MAuc'1ix "She proves when all is said and done, That iust being happy is a lot of fun." N:it'1 1"1u'eusim' League Ii: Survey Rus. Stuff 45 1i.A.A. 111: Friend- ship L lub 2,13 11.1.1 , 1: liziud 1, 2.3,-15 Choir 4: 1'illt'1lj'0 11 Dance l'lub 1: Home Nursing Club 2: Musii- 1-'nr Fun Club 113 Bridge 1 lub 11, SMITH., B,x1ux,xuA A-B.-ms" "She does not rest 'Till she does her best! 1 l"rii-uiisllip Club 2,113 F1'eni'l1 Club 11: Music For 1-'un Club 4. fifty-eight SMITH, .IAx1s HJAN.. "A merry heart goes all day few ln a sweet manner, a sweet way' l"riimlsliip Club 2,21,4, Ni-4-'y I5 1'I1u-lidinu Hum Stuff -l: Survi-5 lius. Stuff 45 UA..-X. 2,213 Sr L':ibiul-t: Music For Fun l'Iub Zi SMITH. R.AI.l'lI "Six-foot-one, Full of fun." Hi-Y Squires 235,-ll l'lmir I: Piuuchle Club 25 Golf l'.ub 12' Outlmirs Club 4. Sxrru, Houmvi' 'fBOB" "Nothing impossible to a willing heart, He finishes everything that he does start." Nnt'l Forensic' Leugfui- Si,-lg lli-Y Nobles 3,-4, Pres. 3 'I V 'zz Edit, Stuff -1: lfmmtlinll Mgr. l, Letterwiuuer lg Buske-tbull Mgr. l, Letteiwviliuer 1: Baseball Mgr. 1, Letterwiuuer lg Jr. ljlziyikisti Jr. Play Pi-ml. Stuff: Prulu l'1imm, 2,33 Choir 1,L!,42 lYurlil .Xffuirs Club 3,-13 'I'ri-us. Zig Pres, -13 51 Play Vast. SNIDER, JAM1-:s HJIM.. "FriendIy, indeed, He likes to read." Hi-Y Nobles -lg Gulf 33 Jr. Play Pro l. Stuff: Choir 125,42 Movin- Club 1: Biology Club L13 Gulf Club 2: Vkelelr- Club Sli lluhlmirs Ulub SODJA, I'A'1'1:1c'i.x UPATH "A high stepping leader, Happiness will surely greet her." Student CUllllL'il -l 3 Frieiimlsliiii Club 22,153 Euclidixiu llus. Stuff 4, Treas. 4, Li.A.A. Zig Priuu Unuuu. 31 Llajurette Club 1Z,Ii,4, Pres. -If: Mujorette fl,-1, Capt. 4, Letter- wiuner 43 Music Fur Fun Club 23 N 'GW .rim rn? i E' t e 1-'ir' vw' QW' M . vw s . Piuuvhle Club 3: Uliarui llub 4. . fx fifty-nine Bimini., .lullcs "SQUIRREL" "Whenever I am feeling blue, I hum or sing a song or rwo." Vlmli' l,!,Z5,l3 lilvi- Vlub 41 XY4ii-ll Xlluiis Iluli -11 Kimlilgil- Il,-1 Iiiiuuil 'I':ililw- Vluli fig Alu-iv I-'iii :".'u Vlub L1 Hl'li'fC, .llaxx --JEAN" "To us it's clear,, She is sincere." lfrii-iiiislilp Vlub -I Xlu i' Fm ... . fi Ifun Vlub Il,-l H'1',xNI,m', .linux "DICK" "His name is John, we call him Dick, A nicer guy we cannot pick." lli Y Nrluiri- Zig XYW-tilrig 1'll---N Vlul. I S'l'.Xl'l,liS, Lfxlml, "STAPS" "On the field she led the way, Always carefree, bright, and gay' Stucli-ut l'uuuri1 Zig l"i'i+-ml-liip Vluli 11,213 li li V, 13 lfllviltllilll lius Stuff 2.3.-l. .Xilvvi'tIsiiip5 mul fl: Surxvy liilil Stuff 2, Surn- Iius, Siufl' Z3 4i.X,.X. l.1I.Ii,-li 51 l'1:xx I'rml, Stuff: M:iioi'wItv Club 2,3 l, l'l1's lL Klziyriw-tie 23,4 Vspi. J. l,vtIn-iwium-1' 42 Flirt-1 I4.iili-i l. lbw!! l.-..l,l, STI-IGII. xxlhlkl "ADAM" "You will find our 'Stegh' Has a very pleasing way." Hull' l'lIlli 11. Sentara Svrninru S'i'oKi:s llll-1011.15 9 "STOKER" "Tom doesn't take track iust for fun, He hasn't a car so he has to run" lli-Y Slwxiiallwlis 42 Truvk 1.2.3.-l. 4'4i-Vnpt. l. lfaipl 4. Lette-rxviii' ner l.13.Z3.-lp Swimming Il.-1. Lvl' lz'l'u'iriuvi' -13 Prom Coiilul. 42 Mmm 1'lul1 l.2.Il.-1. l'i'r's. 1.4. X im- l'rvx. Il. Ke-5' Club 21.41 l'lui'11yl1 -l. lhnu v Vlulw 13 Trairk Vlull Zlfli 1-.lines iliiln 4. Sroxirz. Elll'l'11 'LEDIE" "A senior gal, A quiet pal." l"i'i1-mlxliip l'li1lJ 1.21.2141 li:-.l Vruss 1:51 llziinaliwaift Vlulv Zi. H'rui'.-xii, Hrznwiu HHEDDYH "lt is her way to please, All things she does with ease." l"i1vu1lsliip l'lulx Zi. lillvlilliziix lius. Stuff 33 llusiv Fur Fun Vlub 2.211 liuiiies Vlulns: Nw-rx'if-v l'luli l S'1'lum, ANNr:'1"1'i-1 "ANNIE" "A girl who ioined our class this year, A girl so sweet, so very dear." l"rii-mlslnip l'lull 4: limit-linlisiiu lius Stuff 43 Nr. l':ilviul-l. SVVH, NANVY HNANH "Here is to a 'Tiny Tot' Her body is small, her heart is not." l'l11tn-rl-il frliui XXX-st llig:l1 Svlmnl in 19511. Hz--l Vruss Sl. l"rs-nl-li 1'lul1 4 4 SSVETEL, lRIC'H.-XRD "DICK" "He had fun in high school life And should succeed in any strife" l HifY Muimrulix 45 Jr. Play Prod. Stuffg Prom 4'umn1. 13 Fhuir 3: Hire Club 1: Pinnchle Flub Ll. Vhess Club 4. 'llEK.-XNCIC, ANTHONY A"roNY" "At every turn He likes to learn." Movie Club 1: Cainerzl Club 4: lillvliyn -1. 'l'mx'rLER, lV1LLI.-XM "MOOSE" "Yau'lI know him by the way he walks, The way he smiles, the way he talks." lli-Y Regents 43 Football l.2.3.4. Letterwinner 1.-1: Fhuir 1.4: Stage Frew 4. 'l'i:scHK1-2, clk.-KHAKI "CRACKER" "His perfect manners, charm ond grace Will win him friends in every place." Student Fmim-il 1.45 Tri-us. of .liz Vlnlssq Hi-Y Moimrcli 1.2.3.-4. Tri-ns. IZ. Vice Pres. 2. Pres. 4: Swim Club 2.3.4. Sei-'y ZS: Eu- rlidinn Edit. Staff 41 Euvlidinn llus. Stuff 4: Survey Edit. Stuff 4: Baxsketluill 1. Letterwinner 13 Nxiimming 2.3.4. Lettel-winner 3.43 Tvniiis 4: N..'X.S.S. 11.4. 'rESVEI.1.. Do1.oR15s NBER.. "Life's so gay, never a care, Do what you wish or what you dare." l"rin-mlsliip Cluh 1.2.31 Girls 1,4-:ulers 1.3.43 G.A.A. 12.3.43 llui-key Team 1.123 Clmix' 13 Glee Vlulr 1: l'Iiu'uyu 1: Dancing Cluln .u shnty JIXHOMAS, llllili '-TERRIBLE" Q, "Our Ted is iolly and gay, . And he plans to stay that way." zu Cuuaislzn Club 2: Huiue-s Clulm 15.4. E i Fir-:le-, -1, 5 Y. l f ,,,A mv:- Tuoxirsox. CH.u'xc'x' --BUD" "'We know why his friendships rise, He's nice to all, both gals and guys." Student Cuuui-il 153 Ili-Y 1: Sur Vey Hus. Stuff 2: Piuiwlile Club 2,31 Pius Pung Club -1. '110llIJ, NANCY ' ' we 1 "TODDY" ,"'A cute lil' gal with a smiling face W J 1 Welccmed any where, any time, J N any place." , . ,, '-Student C-vuucil 4: l"1'ieunlsl1ip i i S l E rl Club 1.2.3.-ig G.L.C. 13 Eurliilinn Edit. Staff 43 l'lurlinliuu Bus. Stuff 81 GAA. 1,2,3,-1: Hockey TQ-:im I2 .l1'. Play Prod, Stuff: Mzijmxivtlv Cluh 233 Clnlir lg Gln-e Club 4. ITUMC, TOMMY HKAT.. Yhwvff "Don't let books interfere with education, Life is one, big, happy vacation." Euvlilliuu Edit. Stuff 2: Eucuyu ' rc um' iuui il: 4 Studeu luuul ix P l sn FORIORILI, Lol is TORCHIE Easy come, easy go '59 Drifting along, to and fro 1X Regents 1 Lmlf Llub " uv 1 ul: 5 Pinu ilu: am six '-one lil , lizillrm uu D' -ing 25 P -lllv 1 Clk Sl, g .I t ' 'il 4: Sr. , Pl:.' nil. .' aff. A 5 l l - k l L ff , .. .. Q U 3 n .fit l - . ' .. 'H jf H3 ' .' I ' l -I Ping . . 'Po . 'I I : ' chle '7 1 4. f - V . 1 .' ' 1 1 f . ' I I i f tb l l , ' wr' Sv' '4'9' 'llI'A1llllY, Jimxxlc HJ-O.. "The right thing at the right time, Up the ladder of happiness she'II climb." l"ri1-mlsllip f'llllP 1.2.3.-13 li .X A. 13 .liz l'l:1y l'ru4l, Slzilll l'l'uiu Cum uiillm- Il.-lg Maijnrvtli- Cluli 1:1 Clmir lg Nr Cnlviuvlg Jr. Culyif llvl. 'l'wr:1-111, Hrs,-xx "sUz1E" "Personality and laughter, Friendship ever after." Nnt'l Ilunur Ss-vivty IS.-11 Stxuln-ut t'uuu4'il lil,-L lfxw-, lluzixwl fl.-lg l"1'ivmlslii1l Cluli 12.15,-4. Silrvvy lfxlil. Stuff 24.41 Blzijurr-tlv Clulv 2.25.-1. I.:-tt:-rwiuuvl' -lg Rlznjuiwllr- Sl.-lg Clmir 11.15.41 lilw- Clulr -lj ll:-il Cross 1.2: Cliuriu Clulv -li Spring Nlnufls lime:-li 4, l'1.A1ANN. liUllElt'l' HBOB., "Whatever comes in future days, He'Il never lose his quiet ways." IiifY lil: Nlldlllllllllg Mgr Zi: Gulf fl: Hnuil 15 Nlupgv Crm-u' 4. Czmwrzi Cluln Il. I'1iAN1c.xu. Fiuxnrs "PAYE" "Peppy, friendly is our Faye, Carefree, witty, and so gay." l'l'ir-mlslillr 4lul1 1.13 lv..X.X. I.!, Zlg Clinir l: lhiiim- Club 223 Klusir For Fun Cluli 2.113 Hmm-5 Clull Ili Cllznriu Clulv -l VAN Scomcia. CA noi. -'sco'1'TnR" "FuIl of pep and go, No time for worry ar for woe." l",'l',.X, -lg Fri:-nilslliir Cluln 2.3.41 li.l..l'. l. l,vtln-rwiliiivi' ll ll..X..X. 1.2.3,-1, l,n-ttvrwiuuf-r 1: Iliwlivy T1-:ilu l.2l.-lg Jr. Play Pruil. Stuff. Gln-v Clulv 4, Sw-'y 4: K1-rl C1-use Clulr 23 l'Ii1vi1j.'n 12: Pzirly Harm-- Cluli Il: llmm- Nursing Cllxlr Il, Svninra Svvninrn Y1f:N'1'e.1., JUAN Nr: "She went through school life Without worry, wfthout strife." Yesrrz, Hlxvuuxn HEAT. "P'ck of the crop, He is the top." N1st'l Honor Sin-iety -l: Stull!-nt Vnzini-il -13 Sr. Class Pres.: lflnvliil- inn l-Iilit. Stuff -13 Survey liilit. Stuff ll,-l, Um-Spin-la l'Idil.Z Nr. l'lny Prull. Stuff: llirys Stull- 213 Sr. Unbinet: liuukk.tnl'i- 11,42 Xlaullx l'lub Zig tiulf Vlnb Il. YllJMAn, NAnJ.x "COWBOY" "Swim or draw-thot's what she likes to do, But she alwoys finds time for her ...onlin ll'l'ii-mlsliip Vlnb LZ,2l,4: H.L,l'. l. lmllerwixixii-r lj Suinl Ulnb Il,-L Vile-Pri-s. 4: li LA. 2,252 Art 1'lnln 23 lluni-e l'luli 11: Swim Uxuletls 151. XV.-xI.r:Ns.'x, Ilunnlcrls HDEEH "She remained true The whole year through." Xut'l llnnur Sm-ivly 41 l"rien4l- ship l'lnb l,Zl,2l,4: ti L V. CBA, l'iui'lilllaln l'l.lll. Stuff ll,-l: Sllrve-5' Hnrs, Stuff 4: ll,.X..X. l,12,fl,-ll Ilm-ln-y 'l'i-uni -1: 1'hnlr l,Z3,Il,4: Glen- l'lnb 'lj Il:lnc'ing1 l'lulx 11: Nervivi- t'lnb l: Sli-i-ring Uinnin, 4. lY,xI.1c1.11:'1'. All'IlH'Ell -AMBRKH "Today-small in trame, Tomorrow-tall in fame." X:il'l llnunr Simi:-ly 4: Ntuile-nl l'ounc'il 2l,4, Yin'-l'res, 4, livi-ix liunril -l: Survey Bus. Stuff Iii linskellrull l,Zi,-1, l,ettel'u'inni-r li Bus.-bnll l, l4t'llt'l'XYllIllt-'I' l: Ten' nis 23 Vlinir l: Key Club 115,-lt lflurilyo Sl: li.-isketbnll 3,4. XVALTER, CHARLES '1cHUcK" "Count the girl lucky Who gets our 'Chucky'." Hi-Y Cavaliers 1,2, Regents l-'cv tifnll 1, Letterwinner l: lwtbnll 1.2, Letterwinner 1: bnll 1. Letterwinner 1: Ten! liunrl 1,2,3,-1, Letlerwinne Choir -1: Orchestral 1,33 lm Vluli 2: Quarterhawk Club 153 Izetballl Club 3: Ping Pong 4: Nr. Play Cast. lV.a1zH0I.1C, XVILLI.-KM --ELMERH "I1's for sure we never will Know o better guy than Bi Student Council 3,-L: Jr. Pres.: Hi-Y Regents 3: S Iirlit. Staff 3.4. Cu-Edihib 4: Fiuvtbzill 3,-1, Co-Capt. -1, 'S -1' B: N ' : l ufrwinner .. . .Lketbil Wrestling 3.4, Co-Capt. 4. L winner 3.4: Truck 3: Fu l'lnb Sl,-1: NVrestling Vlub Puisi- For Buys 2. YVATKINS. NI.-XRY -'MART' "Cute and friendly is this on For her school a lot she's d Friemlslxip Club 2.3: G,A.A. PA. Tech. 2.3.4, Trens, 25. -l: Mn ic For Fun t'lnb 2: lint Club 3. YVA TSUX, KEN N I-Z'I'lI ..KEN,. "Sound the trumpets, beat l' drums- Hoil, the conquering hero co lluvs Leziilers 1: Swim Cl! il,-1: Unpt. 1, Covllnpl. 4: li bull l.2. Letterwinmu' l: bull l. Letterwinner l: l'lmii lfimllmll Club 2,Il,4: Pix vnu, 21 N.xss 4, xhv.-X'1"1'S. XIARIAN ' 'MARIAN' ' "The sporkle in her eye Makes many people sigh." l"rondship Club 2,33 Pruln C Ill Pinmslile Clnh 2: Musi Fun Club 3: Vhnrni Club 4 sixty B 1 lb l"imtlJull l,2.ll,-L, Letterwinner 1 ' ns et lvlillll, fl1CNEVA "DEB DEE' ' "She's never sad, she's never mod, She's always happy, always gIad" Frivliilsliip Ulull 2,35 l'I:1rlirli:in Bus. Staff Il.-13 Survey lius, Stuff '3' H K X "' Vin: Pmm l'lulw .lg llllusiid li'slr-ll'un l'luli 113 Iiulnmy l'lulw LE. XVEIR. clARY -'GARYH "The best athlete plays to win, But loses with a friendly grin." lli-Y livgvllts Il,-ig llnye l.0a14li'ix ll: Survey lflrlit. Staff -1: Wrvst lm: 2.15,-L Li-tierwinnf-r 41 Bam-- l. 'I l.2,Cl,4: Sr. 1':xlmini-il Flies- l'lu!i 123 lliuluonil Spurtx l'luls il, 3.4. ll'l'i-stling: Ululr 21.4. lVEls11Ni-Lic. l'u.xR1.o'1"rr: '-cHUcKIs" "Extreme, it's true, But extremely nice, too." Entererl fr-um Exist High in 1052, Friomlship Club 43 Survi-y line. Staff 4, Sm-'y 43 l"cncin,g ffluh 4: Art Club 3. YYELSH. .Louis ..JIMv, "Trim Jim" Student ll0lllll'll lg lli-Y 1.01-mls 1.4: Bxlskvtlvnll lj lflusi-l'rall lg Golf fl: Stage lfrmv 2: liuel-cvtlmll Club 4: Golf Cluh Zi: Curil Vlulril. lVHI'l'AKEll. DoN.x1.n "WO0DY" "Swimmer plus a friendly guy, With a humor that's never dry." liutervcl from St. .lnvvpll lli:'l Sclmnl in l952. Swimming Il,-1, Lettr-rwinm'r 43 Golf 33 Jr, Play Provl, Stzlffi Afl. Club 21,41 Xl'm-ld Affairs Flulm 3: Golf Clulm 113 Out- dnnrs Club 4: Steering l'un1m. 4. sixty-tllrcc 'Wxft if f ""'9e A Y lr' . f A - 2. , ' me -' 51 if S WA . Aww- - ' ow ' V l' ft - aff K Jay if 53? i ll' ii 11' ic. lY.x Y N in ' 'SPIDER' ' "A lot of friends he has made Because cheerfulness he dis- played." Ntuflvnt ll0lllIl'll ll llnufl l . Hzuno-5 Vluh lg Pinfwhli- Vluli 12,112 lliitilnmrs Vlulr 4, l'rn-x. 4. lVr:1uM.xN. .l,xc'K "JACK" "Such as he Will never be lonely." Nrzzlr- :null Trinnpzlr' -11 livin Vlulv il lYl1.1.mms. C,x1m1.E "CAROLE" "She has intelligence we will find, A hiqhly learned and educated mind." Friellfl-liip Vluls 3,41 li,.X.A. l,Zl. Sig t'l1nir 13 Iilev Vluh 4: Rerl Vw-se Vlulw 31,41 Slmrllmnrl For l"un 23 Stovl'inL! Vnnim. ri. lYlI.I.lABlS. JANE 'AJANH' "She lives each day In the quietest way." l"l'i1-mlaliip l'lulv ll l'l1uir li Y' 'I'vi-I1 I2 l'llulnr0i4lv-ry l'lulw 2,731 llmulq Vlulv 4. XVll,l.I.XBIS, llox.x1.n URONH "This is pro and not con, One at the best, is our 'Ron'." lluskvtlvnll Il: Vlmir el: llzwkf-ir lnlll Vluln 2l,4. Sentara Sputum lV1I,suN, IQEYIERLY --SA-My, "Pep and fun, A spirited one." lfi'im14lSl1i1v l'lul1 21 li.L.l'. 12 1l..K..X. 2.32,-12 lluvlivy T1-:lm 22 lllvv l'lul1 -11 R:-ll Vrnss l: Huluv Nursing Vlulw l: Imm-ing Vlulw 1: Aluxiv l-'ur Fun Ululm flg C'lnu-m Vlulp -1 lVlI.'l'SlllllI-E, R0ll1lH'l' "WILLIE" "Five-fool-nine, Mighty fine." Swirnuiing 313 Vlmii- 43 Nr. Valli uvt -lg Vhvss l'lulr ill .Xutn XYiw I'lulr 12. lvlfylllill, l,.X'l"l' -'LATTH "He always come through For the gold and the blue." l'1l1t4'l'v4l from Huyul Unk, Mivh. iu 1 1952, Rusketlmll 2l,4, LI-'llPTXYlll' um-r 25.43 l":apt. 41 Tru:-k ilg Hus- kvlllull Vlulv LZ,fl. lVOIl'I'HlNG'l'0N. IJONA l,ll HRED., "A guy so toll, A friend fo all." lli-Y Squlrm-S Zi: Fnullmll ll -lr. Plug' Prod. Staff: Hlw- Vlulr IL4. l':11um':1 l'lul1 fl, Tralvvl Vlulx 12,153 llu14'luu1'w l'lulv 4. Ymms, Inlcxu ..I,, "Eyes of blue, Ever true." Htufleut Noun:-il 513 Vluss Ul'l'im-r 13 l"riuumlship Club 2,113 l'1uvli:liuu , Bus. Stuff 4: lQ.A..X, Z.,Ilg Nlusir For Fuu Ululu 2,33 XYmul1'r:1fl Vluli -Lg llllZll'lIl Vlulm 4. re af Ks X X X X .X lx Y.xnc'Vsxo, CQERALID -JERRY" "A sfor found On the pitching mound." Ifuullmll 21 Basketball ZZ: H115 l-:ull 1.13.-1. Lvtterwinner 4: Ili , umusl Sports Club 3,-13 Quartf- luzvk 2. 1 l XYEARY, LERUY HLEEH "Sl'rong in will, I LeRoy fits the biII." E Xutfl Hmmm' Society Ill-lf. Pres. lj Stull.l-'ut Cnuuvil 3: Hi'Y Mouarc 1 -lg Euclidiau Bus, Staff 13. SLITVPY Bus, Stuff 23 Football ' Le-tt:-ru'ium-r 1: Basketball V1-uw fhnlutry Il: Track 1.3.3. Lf-tlerwiuuer 1,153 Hzlnrl 12.3, Hman-41 of Dirf-'c'turs 1.2.3, Neui llffiver. Yovxo, BIARY JANE HJAY-1. "Here's fo 'Joy' She's really okay." l-'riumlfllilx Vlulw 23,31 Euvlidi: Bus. Staff -1: li..-X..X. 1,21 Chr 13 Blmll-ru lmuve 1: Music F Fuu Club 113,42 lVundwm'k C11 Ili l'l1::.r1u Vlulx 4. Z,x1,E'1'1-:I,. Y1c"1'oR ..VIC,, "Someone nice to know, As through life you go. n liuclimlinu Bus. Stuff Ii: Cllnll' - Movie Club 15 .Kula XYisP Cluls j Vhufs Club 1,23 Buys Glvv Vlulw Z.xx'A'1'x. ANlxs'1u1z1.x '-STACEYH "Bod language or abuse ls someihing that she never wi use." 'N:1t'l Honor Som-in-'ty 3,41 F1-ie-nr ship Vlulw 131,42 Jr. Pluy' P1-ol Staff: Rell Cross 1: Model' llurwe Club 2: Ylhmlwurkivxg V111 4. Sixty-fou' CIEGLER, I,EoN.x1m "LENNY" 'On his accordion he likes to play He has a personality that's bright and gay." ii-Y Squires 2,3,-1, Sm-'y Il, Vim- xl'Ps. 43 Baud 1: l'ium-hlv Club 21 llath. lflulm 33 Fnnzistsi Vluh 33 l1ll'IlH'l'IilO, 1lll.XllI,l'IN "JERRY" 5 Ly , F 3 A , AJ I "A smile so bright, , .... . g"'X'm,.,hNN ls always right." L l 1 A V l'lllA'llj'U 21 l'inm'l1ls- Vlulr ISjNil11: 'I' ing Fm' Fun l. :Calif and Trinuglv l'lulw 4. Vice- 5. Q 5 .L , y 3 X , 5, fl'LI4'. MARY LUV -..-f 3ll'IlTAX, All-IHLIC ANN .1 -v f""' , LOU "She .came to'us from MentorHigh 'A peppy and energetic one X A girl so quiet and so shy. she lwes fo have h""u I-'ntl-rf-ll from RI--mor High in Wrieudsliip Club 12,33 G.L,lj, l: Iucliflinn Bus. Staff 45 G.,-LA. 1, Lip Prom Comm. 4: Mvgaplmm- Vlulm l,'2,1i: f'lwi-rlvznler 1.21 Thnir 1,2,43 Sr. Fzxbiuetg Danm- l'lulu 25 BluFi1- For Fun Club 2. 1'lli'l-IENlllilllllill, .l,xMEs nt lgiriurrh KOZEI., KENNETH "LUCKY" "As a comic He's atomic." 1 Football 1. Letterwinne-r l 1 Bas- I ketball 1, Letterwiuuer li Base- -I ball 1.2. L6'1lF'l'XY1l1I1Cl' li Gulf 3.4, Lctterwiuner 3, I.oNnoN. CHARLES "CHUCK" ffshyl Guy." Enter:-fl fr-mn Arliugtun, Mass in 1954. Gulf Clul: 4. il l CARPENDER, RONALD I rl "He made friends, many not few il He now journeys into something new." ,I ixty-five NIKE.. "We first heard his name wx. When by his piano he won fame" xi'X,,Q,f45Q5 if....m.m 21 wh.-if 1,:,4. SMITII, BuA1v1,Ex' "BRAD" "Don't anger a patient man He does all that he can." Vlwir 11 R--.l Vruss l.21 Xluth. Vluli 31,.lg th-m 4f'uttiuLS Vluli 2 1lI,l,A FAXE, JAY "Someone nice and new Who's faults are mighty few." lint:-rl-rl frum Slmu' llizh in IEIS4 l'nlli:l llunvv Cluli -1. 111lLI,Ell, BAIQEARA 1'1ARLY "A pleasant smile, a sweet way, Having fun day after day." Svninrn - -Y-h-,YV 5 -A,-, if - 111 !iPIH1'.A1thi1iHf1f1lVKfQfffh High V! 1 1 ' I 'K 1151 A111z1r1i11P Bill YY:11'l1ol1c' :und l'?ll'0lylI Mumll. El K'l12ll'lIlil1g' couple :Lk the Swcctl1c:11'f x ww, Q5 'lxmwm xxwm 1 1: 111 , 4 -EQ. 'Pi Qi. S. . X5 we 1 il ,H ' -v sk, ,ft ami ww- 414' Gm? -I I I., Hhs- Q ,.,.,V. 9 DFW r, 5. - E! V5 r , 4 uf. . ,f 1.41-an ww ws- .63 ,H . , ., .-....-.,.. . ..,,1g?,w, ,AVI r kxnu wg. . 'Ffa 2 4 M' ? Q:-an mil' ' Hi fifw 3 'af 9 "'-"---.-.,.,, ffm . Q - wi N v ,Q . s w '7 1331151 Q1I11IU1'lJ1I5 IgIll'l!ill'?l -IPIIIIQL' :xml Dick Sc-llulfx ul'C!Ll'l'?LI1U'iI1P',, Foxla wimlow display IH 'a ulsnvsxvmiviex Wm A. N-.v-xQ,:x - Q Xxx uw 1 x f 5 ' ' 2 y-nim Xvilflllllit' and Msxrilyn H11-Nkv:l1' Cllhllyillg il gzunu of IIOXYIIIIUI P' 1151151 Atlglvtir .ww .mg lg ini S, -es W -M..-, Tw-If'Ii'S:X..i . Wi An. , . 9 5 1 s F, . Q-1-N. H 4 2 ww T? C . Y ,Q X E x 2. S, Q S - .W nm...-N QW ids xx x mmssmmaxvxmm wew'v ww NX X 1 x. 1I11fII1'5 Sana thegfll turn the last :urns nn the rnah nf happg high zrhnnl hugs . . . fgxmwww L, , ii ' I' B X JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS B0t15'l'ntli Tvnvli, si,-4'1'etau'y: Ilon Xlnlonv, vivv-pi'vsi1l1-iili lion Nniilli, pr:-fills-nlg nnrl liinnn tkln-rg. tl'z':lSnl'ur, talking ow-r l'ln:'lnl's 1-liaiiivvf ln-forv lln' llolnvwoining gfninu-. Noi our first your. :xnrl ycl. not our lnhl. We-. Tln- Dinnioix of l95Ii-N35-li. vain look lain-lx on incnioriu ainml look :mln-:nl lo The fnlnrc. As junior, wc will long raiiiuiiilicr tln- .innioi pzirlv. lln- Bnnnx' Hop. Hn- .lnnior .Xwciiililxx tlic National Honor Installation. "Bled Mu In Sf. l,onif." flic liigli liglil of flu- yn-ur. the Junior Prom -f lln- Apple Hlomoni Bull . . Spunlmlings . . . sports . . . Tlic Swcclliunrl liiill . . . 1-r:nn niing for L-xiuns . . . llie Heights ganna: . . . Sfnrlviil Uonnvil L-lcclions . . . flu- King Hop . . . ln-ing flie liiglnwf rnfm-rl claim in Nlr. Uwcn's Tuesmluy morning ln-sis . . . lln- flu-xx scliool was cnllc-fl off lim-mise of know . . . anal Nl'lll't'lIl2lIl, Huw- All 1'liilfl." . . . YYifli tliese inuinorim 'fnckccl nwnx' in our pax wc look :mln-:ul fo in-xt year wlicn we slnill lu- "'1'lio Sm-niors" JUNIOR CLASS SPONSOR Dm, gmml. pri-fiilviil, pinning :i ninm on 0 Mrs' 111.1911 51,-wiin, sponsor, to celubrutv :ho Homecoming game. L --OO..Kw.3.-v,YuNWw O N ..:-.i,,,,O 6 ,f i i Q .iluninra Fr HOMEROOM 116 Mr. Bennett ont Row: 124-IU' liulnle-11, Jann:-4-ii Alcl'ullr-y, liim-ii1:z1'iv Alllillll, IL-- ii.i1h:l Allison, llunnzl Apjvlwiiy, Ill xrutliy H:il'nvX. .Tully Pmwt, Jexxiv lhaiilll-y. Second ROW! ll 41 r t In 4- al Huniml, Mui ily Lynx-ll, Maury lialrkvr, Neal llnrtmw, Kny lizulnviimr, IM-unnn Ilirkiv, llnrlnirzn .lvl-ry, XV:iym- 1'liux1ilu-rluin. II:irx'ey Barnum. Third Row: Nike I':ltvl1-, Linw- rr-iivv Kuvlm, Fr:-ml Hilxkif, Hvml-l .Xxlilxmlmun Larry liukvr, Vliairles '-Nui, Bull liaulgw-r. .Terry l'h:imf ,Kill pu. Hury Hr-rvs, Fourmh Row: Mr. IQUIIIIPII, Ilzivinl .Xill'I'. Pi-tv liv-ru:lr'ki, l'iein'ge- lizzvili-li. John llizhluml. Amir-All lie-lm. Camera Shy: .Mlm ,lmlm-N.-ii.liqiry Iinkvr, Mil-llawl HQ-va-i'i4'li, Iimizllel l'lll'l'lIll, Yirginin Arthur, Sylvia Unlim- HOMEROOM 112 Mrs. Stewart Front ROW: 15:11-lun-zu Ulllllillilil. .Tumi Clalrk, Uunnie lilulmly. Iilalinr Ihwulln-1', X:lm'y Hmlttir-, Be-tty Bruins, Murcia l'l11'isuipl1er. Ru- IIPTTII Vine-. Second Row: Russell Buyer, Wil' lium Brow, .lu Cuuuiai, Ualrolyn k'alrilull, Ilurvn-il Chinn. M:u',iuriv Full-iilalli, lii1'h:ll'1l Bxlrznws, MIN. Stl-w:i1't. Third. Row: Bill Brziuml. Ray Bu' mnrki, Ril-hairil Kuss, Gary Gumll ling, Dain- Julinston, David lim'- vail. Paul Brown, Hmvzird B1-mills. Ralph Cxnrlsmi. Camera. Shy: Chris Cln-wmff, limi Flivkt-'llg0l', Hill Foley, Jim Tzlylur. Put Moldvr, Francis Dietrivk. Blur- lv-nv l':ilx'n-it, Suv Ritter. seventy-four HOMEROOM 206 Mrs. DeVa1 F1'0I1t ROW: llinmlv l'lll4ly, H:1r::1- Fleming, Betsy Gatos. Ln-unnv Fox. Phyllxs l'4l5liUIlk'!l. Pun-ulylx liurrvtt. Mrs. IN-Yzll. SCCOI1d Row: Hvbustizln Hiuutxl. tiv1'l'y Halrufnlu. .Ivan Fulk, Mzxry ,xllll Fifult, .Tun Uulskis. Mary , Ibunn. Int Dugan. Third. Row: Huh IJiP:mlu, Divk Ihlliosv. Tnlll Gillvmpiv, Frank Gln- Y lmkvr, Ifvn Dixon, Hill l"l'y:lr, Stew- Firher. Fourth Row: Paul Dowis, Jim lilln-, Sum Ilreyvr, Gary Emvrivh, Kevin Fivlding, Uhznln-s Gray. Dim-lc Fitzsixnnmns, seventy-five ,,, HOMEROOM 204 Miss Lemon Front Row: lm-1-lr.: wmnklmg, ,lim I-I 1'uuu4-l'. X1-ru llmllm, Xl:1l':g:u'nl Ibmxxmullm- 3l:mr:i4- Iiirk. I'hr:ml1 Hhhgmul, Xlur,1m'i1- XY1-ml. IM-:uma l'm1k, Second Row: Mnry In-1-lmum. Am Nlanrh Vox. .Xnll'in-lllw l7i4'wnm l.uul4r:11,f, l'ul Imran, l':ut Vulnlw Iiurlmll loski. Xliw lmlmm, Third Row. luv h.u4l lullm 1'!n:xrIn-A Ilznrlmm, .Inv l'nr!u--r, Inlrlx tullm xu Al lux M ll lm hx ml lu V141 llurn lioh 1'r:mkw. F0llrth Row: lmxxo-Il lfanviu l'Irn:-I ilu xl ff Vnm n Vnllin l'nls Vrxlm- u Camera Shy: liivhqml Hulmil Ulvalv 4':n!+-x. .I4-vl'l1:nu, Imn In-mp nw' lmlu-rt lvllf-lmrlst, llmrll-5 H11 mon. Iwuh Il :le-law-, XI:al'unr:t Snpk.. .iluninrz - 111f?f1f'-'fi' gg. , 1 .Uumnm HOMEROOM 200 Mrs. Olson Front Row: lliuln- linrxlml, l':nl Hmnlnin, ,lnnv liriffix, Al'lt't'll l'1'::ll, .lmun liriffix M:u'ilyu linu- nwll, 4':1lul .ln-:ln H:1ll:u'k, Luis Hil- lnnrv, ,lv:1nln' llznlrlur-li. SECOIIQ ROW: .lnzunw tilvv, li:n'l1:lr:a Hull, lfllizzmlmtll Vllalulry, lim'-mtlmy linlnlpnf, Guy Hlhlm, llnry Glam, hfunlrn tvll-mnzn, ,Tnnnnv huurlnn, Klux, Hlxnn. Third RDWt Vllllvk llnll, Turn Hrs:- lmnx, llnln llzllu-. l,:lrr.v Huston. Yivlnr lirilxlmnx, .lnlnn l"wl1u', l'l:u'l llzlnnzl, Rnnnll l'lllttvl'. Fourth Row: lion Ilif-k, Lnnis llm.-xzu' Imll- lluilln-It liill ll,lf- I1- I. link H--rrnlk. Camera Shy: lheul tiuxnnmn, lfrannlc llnfll-1't. .lnlm llnlrkiny liirllulwl l.upn, Vgnnl lilvindeinwt HOMEROOM 305 Mr, Spnnulvr FFOIIY ROW! Janet N1-xvnxgul. lilzxiln- .Inqn:1ys, Gail I1-uter, Viviun Hug- Lrins, Joyvv Ih-rnlnl. Ihnnnn John- ann, Vclrnl Ilnvvn, l5e'Ye1'ly Hzlmilf run. k':lrul Jnllnsnn. Second Row: Ruger liz-lly, Srvfni ll:ll'pex', Juyvv Julxtxsun, Holly Hex" nnnn, B:n'lnn':1 I-Iulnnw, Nnnvy Hunt. Tony Km-Lnmnlwski, Mr. Spanzler. Third ROWS Riullaslwl Knuwles. Lur- ry Krause, Ralph Knntlu, .lnhn .lex In-rm-r, livrnarnl Knelnn-, Hull .Inlin- snn, liill .lm-nn0l'. Fourth Row: Imw- Klnul-an-lx. l.q-1m:n'd Km-tll, lbir-Ii Jayne-. lii--ll' :xr-l Jnsuny. Camera Shy! lhunzlll .lm':1nkn. l"rvml Kvllnln. Roy Knuvll, llnlv llvlir-rf mutt, Yixnw- Yentrzn. Shn-lvy Ann llultlnnn. seventy-six HOMEROOM 308 Mr. Brown Front ROW: Mary Alive Murray, lhnlmvs Kuloilus, Nancy Rowe, Vir- ginian I.oml::iriln, llurntliy Mi-lk-in mntt, BIurgiu'i-t Laxrl-din, Curnlyn l,:iuning, Num-y Le-itch, Vurol Mau'- vin. Second ROW! l':l1'ul Luiknrt, Juan llelwrhruml, Szimlrzi Mr-f'nrd, Ban'- lnlrzi lmukwuml, Nailwy L:lPm'iH, Mzirtlin Luvlc, Juni- Ann M:-Gem-, Hr. Bruwll. Third. Row: llyruu Me-zulvr, Huh All-tzger, lhm Milla, Dick Mailzahn, llun Xlzltllizzx, .lulin Maitysizic. lion llxilulw, Fourth ROW: Ruln-rt Timku. Tum Mnriauty, liill 1l:n'vin, Al Martin. .lim Mi:-ivli. Binh Muwvry, Tn-ml Misim-li, .lim Nll'L2lllEllllll, Camera, Shy: Huh M1-Gary, Runnlil XVillinms. HOMEROOM 306 Miss Phypers FFOIIY Row: Nnlwv Kuflnxxxki, Immun Krull, Alyrn Kli-in, li-ill.-I-in llmu'r4'in, lmluws Kiclfl, Suv Kivll li-l', M:ll'gzi1'l-1 Kvskin, Imiinzi lnixli. Second Row: Kay Krvimllwilw-l'. .luyve Kulllvr. lilziixiv Mmnwn-4 .lunl5 .Iul1ns1m, Hail Kl1lllIlllllll'l', ,li-:nur nvtlv Kuhn-3, Alivn- Kro-ln, Nol'lu.u Kzisiinir, Min Pliypi-is Third ROW: .lulin li1u'k:n-r. .Ianni-N Mung, Heil- li:-if-wlvr, l,i-miziinl l uuuuliw. lbairrr-ll Krzixny. Man' xhull Lung, .lnlllolly lnulllix, Hlvllf :-ril Kraft, liivlisniwl Nlzivv. Fourth Row: liuh l,ilH,Zt'i, lf:-:mls l,iknx'im', .lnilnw l,e-'fur4l, l':irl Ki Hi, l'liilip l,um:u'ln-, lin-ruxil'-I lirulim-, lion Ihvvivxxxki. l,:il'rv l,ip!:lk. .I-if lmngn, Kali.-ri l.5'l11'li. Camera. Shy: William Vu-llim, 31 uninrz I Fw 'aww My ,w. .A by Y.-- -W ,U ,,,,, lk, ,Y W ,ewnly-seven 3l1minrn HOMEROOM 309 Mr. Miller Fr011t ROW: .ln-:lnnv Umm-nl, llll' , . ' lull: llstlllu, Jzmvt XIII. Nllll'lr-'X X4-rv, l"ra1n Nulivk, lilalim- Nurllf xlruul, livtly Xlilaum, liiznnzl U5- lwuu. Emily' Sm-itzvx-. Sccond Row: lid Amh-1-um, Mary ,linux Mulmy. Alu ' lllrlxv llrlntyrl-, lmlu-nl-1 Nlllllruul Nl :lun .A ' ,za - 1 Mm'- rlx, Xl.lly Nl:-ivr, llglrry Nulrlea Third ROW: l"1':lnk Pvtril-ll, lili l'vlvIlm-ximll lnlm Pu ' ' , . , rkv, llluywl XX'illl, lull lluxnm-w, Vlluvk Ulm! Fourth Row: ,Iulizm l'1-truui, liunly l'vLgul"llu '4 .Xrlllur Kllllvr . lmlv l'nylw, lixl llllulvik. liemw, lblvl: Pllillipw, Xlr. Camera, Shy: .lnlm Oviult, lhlln-rt l"nll'--"ln-r lulm l'4n'-utnrl- Ye-ll: xll ... x w 4 HOMEROOM 31 0 Miss Hohs Front Row: ll.-nv IH-iuglv, I.uuiw l'im-uzni. Sully Hzulxv, lliws lluhs. 1'l1:zVluttl- l'v!'tlvlc, .Xml Yun llnf, l'nll5' l'1'11itt, Second Row: 111-mlm-ly IN--gi.llq, Ulu- l'i:1 l'4-rlwxlvllik, lhulnres l'vl'l'y, Klux'- inn l'ilia-, lievvrlp l':u1'Sn1n. l':xrnl I.:-Nlm, lE:11-Imran liaxlwnxml, Lois l'nnikx':1r. Third ROW! Num lim-vu. llzxvirl liv- lmrfl, Hia-lmlwl Kulnmun .Klan Nil,l4" Niv. Tum Haulu-m'i4'. Pvtvr Him-. ,lnlm liyxlvr, Fourth Row: Itivllfu-.I llulwn-15. .Tim liuul, .lim Ibiunmml, Rivlxalml Rim-- l1:11'1l, lil:-llallwl lhutmxln, ,Xlnn Nuju- Lnuir l'l'm-lwvm-li, Hill Rumi. Calllera, Shy! lmxinl Roll:-V, Nam- na-tlv l'n-nnuym-1', l':lt Pillln. Suz- zmm- I'upl-V, Ill-rliv lim-vvs. seventy-eight F . 5 HOMEROOM 318 Mrs. Barrow Frbllt Row: M rs. ll:u'1'nw, l':nI Tiny' Img Numly Stn-ffl-illlzngl-11, Sli:-li:1 l'l1l, Milcli-ml Stmlilurfl, Mary Lou Stark, Pail Lvislimain, Hully Stein- furtli, Czirnlyii Spills. Second Row: Bi-tty Ruth Tvm-li, l'z'tty '1'urm-r. Agnes Spie-2:1-l, Siu- Tlmni:.s, Phyllis Stuzen, .lxuw 'Fw-A ,a:uriliu, Ye-mnivzw Yoplm, llium- Slupkn, Phyllis Vnnek. Third ROW: Rin-lmrml Tmnsiu, Fred Turk. Koen XViltshi1'v, Jainws Tunic, Miki- Yah, Tum Tlmmlismi, Ray Yznnek, f'0l11'bh ROW! Knbvrt Svllwzlrlz. Ruuzllll l'm'upl1e1g Dick Turk, Luuia 'I'is1ivm-. Ka-11 I'vrm'ii-li, .Inhn Tyr- rvll, Ames Trysm, .lim Tl'1ll1ll'l'. Camera Shy: Irii-I: xvll4l5WUl'lll, llun XXX-ln-i-, Sniulrai Fznlyiziri. :Luventy-nine h ,, HOMERO OM 3 1 2 Miss Strother FIOIII. Row: limmlrl Slum-rn, XX'11nf Un liyrler, Ha-an Snlmlmm-. 1'ln:il'lvin- llurilingr, Mlm Stu-nlln-V, Nauru-x lim'1lvl', Mzxriv liuax lhrnlyn H4-lk l.e-uuuul Sul:-X. Second ROW: Mnrtlm lilismn, ll:-v wily l'l:'l'li, linsu- Maxriv ling, Liu 4:1 liuaivli, Xmlr-I lu--vw, I':il Ie-ll ing, I'ut Kitts-r, liusviunrin- NIH-vit Third ROW: llivk Sli-itll. .lim Mui' 4-ux, .lnlin l'le vu. llili- Sin-an-ur llivlicxlwi Sn-limulz, Pvtvr Skill, Sqn furil F'4'lu'ull. Arnulfl Nvlalm-ling, C3.Ill9l'?, Shy: Hivlizinl Szilu, Sull N 1 Dirk, Nzuwj Hvlvlim-, Kaxlllli-vii lin- l-Q-ilu, ' , ' , :xg " 13, sign M wg asf . Af P. .,.., 'SQ .5 4-.-e if l i X J' fs Q " -. , ' g 3 U i ., xg -I va fduninra 1 A 1 -M - ll N ,mink W-N i,,, ,, ,J Iluninrn IIOMEROOM 313 Mr. Heinlein 4 urn ,Ivnn zu ry url ull. Fr-:nl 1 line-ls Front Row: Maury Sullivan ' l3H Souls-V, Pnl Svllneiclvr. Blau'- lnnf- Slnnln-r, .ln-:nn Ilzuus. Snnllru I4'nLg'vl.Num-yHxl1itl1. SBCOIIJ Row: Imnnzl Slulw, N1-lnnurlz, Gerry Sm-lcstmm, M lml Nlcnfvzn, 4,'l1:1l'lvnn- S1-llnltz, l"lI Shaun, Funnix- llnnu-rx, l'nrln.11.x Nlcwlnf, Third Row: .lim IM-lvvw. llwn: Snyder, Iinw Slnitln, .lne Stv .lun-li Stn-lirll, .l0n:ntll:ln Htinsun. l'I1'.1il-'l'i1xlu-r. Fullrbh Row: lllll lirismlzxlv, . Spiwnl Vlnnvl: 'I'nrnntinn, ' Hnliill, llnln l,:xngv, NUVIII Sym .Inn Nlniuqr-l-lil, Mr. llvinlvln l.n. VL. SA -stggvv N .dr . .. l I . ,:,-Y, 1-A .,- -- -,.. ,- MAL-. I- . ., ., ,W 4 HOMEROOM 320 Mr. Reeves Front Row: In-ny NY:llsll. Ann XVllS1lul'f, H1359 Hrglv. Hll1lr'g:ll',lm' XYvilvl', Nancy XX'iv:li. Nnllnelh' XYivliizvl', Melvn XYe1'tmllvex'grv1', .ln,Xnn L:unmnt. Second Row: Gail Krnnmr. Rug Wnrlvy, Marlene NVQ-alex-, Marilyn XY:lll. Limln XXI-ist, lilzulne Yeager. .luyvv l"h-lvlnvr. Terry Yisllnnr. Third Row: Mr. lim-vus, Kennilll Zinrule, llirk XYilli:uns, ,lnhn XVink- ler. Curl Y1-kv, Bula llnnsnn. Glenn Xvalry. Norm Xvxlzvr, Fourth Row: Vllnrlvs Zinsnles, Sun: NYillnw. Dick XYunnwl', Hob Stew- -nrt, 'IH-1-1-5' XX'rigl1t. liillwrt XVlmlen. Gm-dun llxlrrisml, Cillllefa Shy: Ricliurll Yirnvzx, Rug- er Z1-lnsny, llinnv llxnlle-r. Luis XXX-In-r, Xlnrlonv XYnl1lgQ-vnnllm. eighty nphnmnrrz 'Eagrrlg thrg remw, hringing new spirit anh mthwaiamn . . . 9 A 4. a, ' L i l Q1 7 .N 3, 4, 'i 5. I. .+ Vi E4 qi. E , F! w 1 1 i - Ei W M SOPHOMORE CLASS orrrcnns ,lnlln liunllrnm-k, vim-v-1:i'vsi4l1-Ill: Xlirinln linxxirli, s--1 rn-!:xr5'1 l':H l'nslIw, lr--:lsnrn-V, nnil Jun Jluifin--tl. prvslilvnl, 1-n,inylnL: :I Xxriin in tht- pnnl. Uni' lll'Sl your at ltuclicl l5Clll0l' High llils 1-mnnc tn :in cnrl. YYQ, the soplimnnrcs nl' 1953-1954, can look lmck on our first Your of high sc-lmnl life :xml ronicnihcr :lll tlw nc'c:1sinns. , cvcntfnl or unevcntfnl. lig nr small. that insult- our first Your the sllt'l'Css it wus. BL-snlcs lu-ing part nl tht- spirit :xt fontlmll unrl hnskctlmll gaincs unrl the girls' "'1"iftli ,-XYOIIIICN tank suits, we will ?llNY1l.YS rcincnihcl' the Slll'T'l"Ij :nncl E111- Iifliun nssclnhlics, tc-rni payers, cxznns. the Bunny Hop. the h0llllOlll0l'Q class party, the scniors. the soplminorc cmnnpeti- tivo usscnihly, Hoinccoining. "lifth-slimy" shirts. unrl tht- l'0lll'll?lIllElll'S. Because of thcsc incxnorios :intl nmny nthurs. 4 we will long l'l'IllClIllX'l' lacing soplimnores. It was our first VL-ar at :1 wonflcrful sclmnl . . . we are only glint it XY1lhll.l our lust. SOPHOMORE CLASS SPONSOR Nh John Pulltn, simnsnr, pausing for l nininvnt tu tnlk with l.'1':,-siclvnl Jim B llonnvfi. fr j X f or W'L"rp i 1 9 f 1 ,. f ' W ?:vnphn1nn1'r5 H B HOMERO OM 1 0 8 Mr. Calvert Front ROW: Wilmn Bw:--fleet-1. Sur- .kiizf-iii-, Shirlvy Avery. Yirziniu Hi-iliizii'. Imris Iii-4-ks-r, Imlmw-s Bxiiiinf-rt. Putty , .- llalik. i':ii-ulyli In-ii:ix'4l, 1'ni'1ilz- Laiyw-it Second Row: 4':llx'i1i Ailkvii, Tiizuie Lzirzx- bww, Jmliih H+-:w'll:1Ii1, -Tllllith Blaivklriirii, ilviwihliiin- Amlnlavk, .Xmiai Hairiv Hills, Iftliwlyii H1-rrivr, Rfiiviwi Tfnliiiw. Third ROWZ Blurtiii ilaiclifr. Ivan Baker. ,Tnliivw .Xllw1'1. B1-ryl Appul. Erwin Bvr- rin-i', limi Iln11l1wir'k4 .Twliii lifmiliawk, Rnlnml Aynlzn, Iii'-lmril Ilzirtuiw. Fourth Row: MV. 1'JllX'r'l'I. IM1i:il'l Hull, Iivziii Uwltwii. Tum Ailanii, Imvi- Bmxini. Jmiliii Burk. limb:-rl Bnlfliii. Hriiiaill B1-air, Hrry Iinrk. ljwlwzirl Ilulvizi. Camera, Shy! IH-wi' Aimrii, Xvlllliilll .Xilzxlilx Lxixx iw-in-v .Xiiilirnsfn Erlu iiffi ll1mti'1i5, lilaiiiio- IE:uiiiluik1:kix. Ilol-1-iii Ih-rlc. HOMEROOM 1 10 Miss Gillman Front Row: l':1Iriwi:x Vlziytwii. ,Ti-xiii N1-ylnii, K:llhi'Xii 1':ri'11v-iitvr. .T:iiiiL'P I'zii':1iiu, l'n1'nI ,Kun Blzitiiik. Arln-nv 1'I:ii'li, ,Xlyvv Huw, Xniivy Iirmvks, Yirf Sinin H1'4-wwf:-i'. Second Row: Mary Bray, Iii-wi-iy limi-1. P::ti'ivi:i C':irimiiv. l':ii'nly1i 1':ii'iivy. Pniiivlai Iiiiriis. Iiivliiiwl Viimlli. Tum U1-uhii. Nzxiivy l'l:ii'k. Third ROW! Huiizilml ,Kiituiiii-k, .lnliii fvhillliil, Ilaiviil lirm-viii-, Ruiizilml Iiuyvi. lil:-ii Hutri, Frxiiik 1'lii'iftnpl1:-ip Toni l':iiIn. Miss Gilliiinli. Fourth Row: Ilcirvvy Vuhvii. Frwl Pun- ruy, Hairy Vlzirk, David Haiilvr.. Miki' f'z11'lsuii. Riu-lizirnl Vlurk. Huh Bnylmi, I-Siwif-v Iiiirgvr. Camera, Shy: lfilxiziiwl I-!i'1vii'ii, Ili-i'lwi'l l'h:ii'iiiv'k, I-Iairl tfolliiiw, Hlxiil' Uxlmivi. -lf' .hm Hnli:ikA liiziiizi f':ii'nlmit:i. HOMEROOM 114 Mr. Whiteside Front ROW! l'I1l livlif-i't. N-illlw-vii Imlxili. I3:ui'lv:ii':l Funnix, Snlliv Vrilllivx. Hthvl Dildaisli, .Uliviiai Iiniiii-ir. .iliivlin fM-lGii'- ulaiiiiw. Klzti-iv Camp:-llu, Second ROWZ Kon limxiiiiiu. XIIIVQ Cmiix- ii'ui'tli. Ji,-:iiiiiw Firm-izl. Nziiivy l'0i'iwtI. l':iri-I lhnlsuii. .li-:ilu-tra Fox, Philip Diliiu, Hrliri- lhivkaim. Third ROWS Mr. XYliitvsidv. Ruth IT:ii'iS. .Ii-:inmi Ilirumis, l'i12ll'i1'S i'm'1-am. Dirk 1'm'vrt, IN-:iniiv L'h:li'lw-S, Mary .Kun Vhin' 4-hair, limiailil Ikiiinai. Follrth Row: Dun linhly, Rirliaiiwl lirvis. lfnlxiin Vnxxgill, .Xlh-ii I-fhziv. Tum Poyle, IH-unix 1'YilknN'ic, Holi Dvmiuii. Camera Shy: Jim Navi-lwii, Iiivlinrd liislvi-in Num-5' V11-iiii-nits. PM Fvvru. .izivqiiziliiiv lhiiiniiiuvi-, Um-ky lmiilwiiiiiiru. .Tvllw-ii lWulT5, l':iul Ryan. Uliriwtinc liiiimiziu, eighty-four W Fr HOMEROOM 120 Mr. Pringle Front ROW: .lunv liillmurv, l':llri:'1'1 Fllrgfumnlx, llmmnzl Fil-lzling, XYilmzl ,lm-:ln llrmlt, Shirley livlwy, .llulilll lflstvaulnlvr Marilyn Fl'illll'iX, Ruth l'I1lwnr1l5, Uanrul lim ns. Second ROWZ llulnrm-S 1l:l1llw1'r3, lil-ve-rlx Hn-vlwi, Bl:l1'g':l1'm'l l"ilu-. Nzlllvy Funlr. , lie-lly lillxe, Blalrlvnn- lC11klu'r, llizllu- l"il1lr Sonja llnrli, Gull liizmusi, ,l:lnic" ' lic-lc 1-rlmln. Third ROW: llrllws- l"inli4-, llun:ll4l Hn-rlvn5. lhulnwl l":lluriIil1s. Jaunva l'll'janY1-v, l.:lr1'x' llif-rr!-ri'-ll, linry Gzlrrvtt. Huy l"urtl1, Ralph Fm-, .Xl'lllllI' l4'r:lm-isl-u, limnluml li:nl'::iulu, I'0ll1'th Row: liulwrl l'll'l1'll, lnrlllx l"ln1' vizulwiv, Holm-rl Nuvnli, Ruln'1'l l":ul:ll:l1'l1 liurmlfm Galllinl Ii--njzumin 1'i11n1lnzxi4'l1:-ll,l, till-nn Gunn.-r, Xivlmlxxw l"r:1ulmvil-lx. Wil linm l"l:1M-lu-, Mr. l'l'mEl4f. Camera Shy: 'Ymly 'Furlcl ont Row: Rub.-rt 1 1--, 4 x - HOMEROOM 125 Miss Hezebicks llnl Ilan ll4mpvl Nslnvy Hmw' l"'1vu- liurnlun ln-nifvr llzlvie Numan Hnrlmm, .lmly lhmflwin, livm-:lnxw limlvviaum ln, SEC0l1d Row: Nlisx llvm-luivkx, l'lln1'l1-Q ' A 'r 'nxsl la 'ln ': li 'uw ll lmnlu llllllll lv l nm nl r mwn lllnmlu Vlnxin l'1l Vilw l"1t lirilxlmnf, l'nt llursllal. .- -X Third ROW! lmvill 1l1':lY4'll. Ilmm llc-xlgm Ili4k Vlun llil II uhm lluiel llvml . . ' .NI vi ...U .Avi 5' lmvmzn Mm- llrugvl, Luis llnlm, ..i Follrllh Row: .luv llzmlis, Jun- II'-1'm.m. liulm H1'0gn1':w, .lnlm llalllau-lc, l'l11u-lc llzxmrivh. Camera. Shy: 1'v!1,-r Sunuin. lhnul till-nn, Run llzlgur. HOMERO OM 1 27 Mr. Pohto FIOIHS Raw: Jniznlln llm-1-Ynr. Immun. llumil lun. Irom- lIv1mlmg4-r. Put Ilmfrxllu, Yirv lllllll Hamilton, Mzutllal llm-rr. .lim llmxppvli, .l :I rosa: lx lln1'lx'nn Third llnlmm-A lluoflo-, 1'll:Il'l1-s Camera llIN 14411111- Secoud Row: 121111.-1-1 Hu: Q- '. Pill lligflllzlnvl, Sully lla-lm. - llnwkl-, lilsin- Ilnsxink, MV. I'nl1tu. Row: llzlxinl Hnllxm-lmlmlvr. llzlxw- liury llnlmn-s, .lim llultz, ll-uw l-ill .Tom-s, l'l1:1l'l1-A llumn-1' .I4-x'nlk:n1'. Shy: ,ll-rry lliiv, S7nplpu1nn1'P5 fo I I 1 HOMEROOM 208 Mr. Blackburn Front Row: .11ll1j' .111411111 l11erl1 I1111-4 1'i1'. Gloria Hurka, .11111P111 hop! Nhrmn Klinp, A12IT1l'll1' .I1'1111w D 11: lIor1 1'iX'l'1Xll Klinv, Jz1111-1 1- 1 r X1rg:11111 1l1111'z11'11. Second ROW! .14-:111 K 11 1 11 1 1lll1. J1111i1h 1111111-1'. 1019 1111: I 11111 N K:1ih. Ri1'l1:11'41 Kr1r1l:1 41111 4111 1111-1' K:1s1111if-, Hwy K1 Third Row: Marta 1i1'l'l1Z. Harry Kf111h11 K 111-1111, .I41hn K11cj:1 I1 1111111-r1 M111111'y, -111111-1 Fourth ROW! Mr. 1 A1 111r11 K41114-ky, B11r11111 J1111s111 N 11r1 1111111 1111111-111 Koslier. FTZIII xr11111r 1111 'rl K11ll:11'. A112111 K1l1bl'. 1 11 1x11 Ir rr1 K1-1-k, T1-rl K1ll'1l1i'l'. Camera Shy! 11111111111 1xr1 x1 HOMEROOM .101 MT. M126 Front Row: 1,'111'111 I 1111 1111 11 111 Kr1z4-ly, Karon L121-S, 1 1.:1:11, 1':1r11l l,:111gl41i1 1 lx 1111 1l:11'11:11':1 Kr:111:-11. Second Row: L11r1-11:1 Ku h 1111 111:111. Mary Kunkel. R11r11111 0111 1 11141 K11111011111-1-,-zer. 1':1r41l 11 1111111 1 P11111-, Ernie B1l'PPt'1-Q, 1 1r11l X r Third Row: 11311-1 L11x'1 XI111 1 .I:11'k 1111511113 Kirk L:1111Pr 11111e-1 X111 1'111'1'y L1-wis, 1l:11'i11 XIII' 1111 erinv Kriz. 1I:11'g:1r111 Kr17111111 X r X 11 F01ll'T,h Row: .1119 M11311ff11 11 li11l1111'1 M1'Cnr111:1ck, ,111141111 Ill T9111 1.1-1ir1111111, P11111 L1 11111114 4 ll 111111111 N11-1i1'0!111'. Camera. Shy: 1,illl1 1'4-11r11 414111, 1'111'i11r 1.11kz11, 14111 11111 N 1 2111121 K11111'i11, HOMEROOM 014 Miss Berg Front Row: 1211-1111-11 I1111.1r1 1111 1 S:111y 11y1111s, 112111111 N11 11 111 M1111-1', livtsy M11111'11. 1' 111111 1111x111 l1:1rlv11e BI11r1'111'i11. Second Row: Bliss B1 ru ll sun, 1141111111 Miknlsky, K1111111111 NI1111111111 1':111'i1-in M1'1111yre, 5:1111 1 11111 X11 r11 M1'K:1y, 1'l:1r111111- B111 IXPIIIR I 11r11111 M 11411111. Third Row: 11111121111 11 11 11 11 RI111'z11g:1, R11'1lilTf1 1111 11 1r1111r 1w11 11111111 M:1rs11, L1-roy 110 11 TPITN N 111 Fourth Row: Ke111111l1 11111-11 1.11111 M111-ri111:111, Alun Mi 11- 1x11 N11 91 '1'11lll1IllS A12lT011, T11111111N N111he11 111 111 31:11-i111-1-k. Camera. Shy: 13:1rl1:11 1 11111111 11 Row NIi111s01'i1'l1, Dun 11:11'111111 HOMEROOM 215 Miss Byelene Front Row: llovvrly 0'lIarm-, Pal Bl. Nolsrm, iiillllll'l'll Muulpvr, Carolyn Uldag, Carol Matin-r, Anno N:-ylnn, litm- nif' Mvzge-t, Martha Alllt'il1liliiII'. Second ROW: Barlxara Nc-lsmi, Uarnl Mnnrv, Marilyn Blyvls, Karol lll'1'll'l, 'l'f'vn:1 Mirvmlal, Julianne- Klayfiu-lil, l'al Minvllo, Pat Ii. Nz-lsnn, H1-tty Nt-mn-tlu. Third Row: livu Nick, .lim Mmuiivlt. Xlal- vulm Rlisin-k, .lim Mug, lirl Mutrlilt-r, Dis-k Murray, Hub Mills-v. .Tim Mussarml. Miss Byele-in-. Fourth Row: limi Nt-ht-, Bill Alana, hit-k Ugrinv. Gr-ralnl Nolwlslrnilx, f'li:lrl1-s Nowa- vvk, Frank Kusar, Kay Mora, Jim Nvil, HOMEROOM 218 Miss Kost Front Row: Sara IH-vk, tilnria Pustnak, Unrolv PPrlimii, lrw-lu' llt'Il'I'N, Host- Maviv Pignatarn, V111-nl Pagvls, Angolan Pvtruzzi, Xnnvy Parsons. Second Row: Miss Kose, Nanvy Pavlit'--k. Syfllwy Omit-rfionk, Mary .hm Pay:-in vhin, .Toyz-9 Nunlt-y, Sanrlra Patinrm-. l"rant'es Pavliv, Antninvttv l'arzialt-, Carol Palmer. Third ROW: Frank l't?l'llSl'li, t'hari1-s Palazzo, Ken Pilotti. Bvrnartl Patton. Spencer Porter, .Tnlm Parker, limb Pit-rw-, Ralph Owens, Jvi'l'1' Ps-tt-rszm, Olin l'irt'lmer, Janws Ott, F0ll1'iLh ROW! Fred l'alm, Tum Ovvianaii, Dirk Osbornv, Jim Fryan, Nic-k Palumbo, David Paik, .Xl Pvtrivll. livrry Pvtrivli, Claude Jnvkstm. Camera Shy: Ibivk Luyur, Mary Palinkas. Nnrcvn Pierrvt, HOMEROOM 301 Mr. Thompson Front Row: Mary Ann Rarlatz, liarirara Rowe, Lnis Ruthrmfk, June Rim-, Shirln-y Rf-bro, Rita Janv Rim-i, l'll'2llll'PS Rini, Donna Jean Powers, Lrrys Ralmhitt. Second Row: Martin Rini, Rivlisxiwi Ilirlvr, Jnnn R0l1bif'Pk, l'arule linfrvl, lizlrvia Runn, Jeanna Reove, Pat Pnstle, l'at Sanders. Third ROW: David Russ, tfurtis Rims:-ll, -iark Lazur, Ed Knirnsr-hilsl, Hill Pow:-ll, Bnh Rnssinpztrm. lion Rustanknwski. Albert Ronkp, Ray Hallis. l'0l11'Y,h ROW! Jim Hassvlt, Huy Nalvr, .lorry Sandy, Pat, Pottvr, Stanlt-y Ilust-nv thal, Keith Redfvrn, Jim Ham-r, timwlnii Robors. Svnplynnnnrra ff' i ' f L-.-, .,.-,, , , , N -- A , no HOMEROOM 220 Mr. Nelson Front ROW! Mnrthn Skrzuicv. Varnl Sprm-hi. .lean Slinwke-, Marsha Snvirler- man, Patrivia Snieff, Bzirhairn Smith. l'zxtri4,-in Skully. Second Row: Roberta Stnniiife-l, Bertlizi Stllflllilll, Donna Snyder. Arla-'nv Supp, Hem- Suhmln, Joanna Samlifm-r, Judy Sr-hu. Third ROW: Rivliard Tnlway, Paul Scliwvulvr, Frank Sibf-nik, Erich Schulz. ldddiv Shearer, Richard Stnkv. Hunzilrl SliPriii:m, Robert Smith. Fourth Row: Mr, Nolsun. Ben Smilmvitz, G+-'n1'g5v Scllruerler, Allen Srllorpp, Erl- wnrd Sc-liultz, Paul Serra, Carl Sihenik, Xml Sliriniptmi, .luv Sheridan. Camera Shy: David Svhmitz, Riu-hard Schultz. G+-ue Smelik, Ray Stacller. Dat'- lviis- S4'llPIll'fl. Lela Svliefflsfr. HOMEROOM 3 15 Mr. Robb FTOIIT, ROW! 4':irul Sunin, Linda Stukf-N. Vurul Snitz, Judy Taiylnr, Judy Stvinf mvtz, Gloria Stewart, lbiaimn Swm,-:le-11. l':u1linv Toll, SECOHI1 RDWI l':lul Sulzlliivm, llosl' Sturm. .Iuliii Sunni:-, Rirlinrd Strzilx. Arnold 'I'1-Plzir, l'Idw:n'd Stn-k:il, Clizirlc-s Tailiuii. .lrliiv-S Nlrnzier. Third ROW! Nr, llfrlilw, lfluzviw Srwnlvig lmrid Tvntler, lVilli:im Stnplvtmi. l.v1'1wy Sqiiiiw-, hvllllillll Tyrrl-ll.. Art Tlmmpwn. .luhn Te-lismzin, Nivk Tlwufnsizlii. Czllllerz Shy: lizitlilz-mi Stuiivig Sylvian Slopnr. Julm Alllri-ry, lirldiv Strnlu-rg. HOMEROOM 316 Mr, Smith Front ROW: I':iti'i1'i:n Zn-igrm-r, Mnrlvnv Xinimvrmain, Elniiw XVmiilvi'ly. .lntmiivttv Yanni, Marilyn XYzindr-ll, .Tumi Yzmdmi- lniri. Imuisv 'l'in'km-i'. Jllillllll' l'l'illlliJll'. .Xlin:li1i:iv Yaxlsku. Second Row: .lunc Toplal-c, Suzanne NVil- liunix, .T:uiim-v Verliutz, NYilli:um Yidmzir. lmmtliy ll'ills, Clinrlvx Vnizl, Ruin,-rl l'liw:u. Nlnnai lVo:ivvi', Carol Tumsiv. Third Row: Louis Yale-nti. Ray Tuplnk. .lzinu-X NVQ-xt, Slinrmi XYliitx-, llil-liar-l 'lll'lUl'l3l', Dnlv NYilli:ims, llulm-rs Nl':iltl-rs. Judy Znst, 1'li:u'les XYL-lsli. Mr. Smith. Fourth Row: llvnry Tutli, Rirli:n'd XY:n'- rvn. lY:u'1'en Jnlnes, limi Nlhworlforfl, Nm'- iu-'ii Cui-lmctt, Ilv-my Yvrlxsky. Rir-linrd XYQ-im, YVilli:im Yalllzil-rin, lltlllkllfl XYvill. .Inn Vvrh. Camera, Shy: ,lm-lc Wvln-i'. .Ynlwt xVll1'lll4'. ciglily-ciglit 1i Gining tn :ng ntnhentz the entertainxnent theg Desire . . . ,-in vw' -. Q. L1 1313221 BHP Ein 571. Enuin I Front Row: li. Sckslon. li. Lovkwoml. l". Nnlivli, N. Kitclllr-i'. Il, Cook. Second ROW! ll. Osln-x'g:, V. Dillio, P. Leishnnin, R. lii1i'i'ows. lb. lllirsuyl. J, Iirailh-y. Third ROW! Nr. Schull, l", Spino, il. Jaisnny. ll. Hollm-r, .L Col'm-'r, li. l'lIllPl'll'li. .l, Stinson .ICNIOR PLAY CAST Tootie Deanna Cook Mrs. Sniifh Mr. Smith Hose , . Esther . Agnes , , Lon . , , Grandpa llroph Katie . , , Mrs. lVaughop Ida Boolliby John Shepard Fred Gregory , Lucille Pentarcl Mr, Dodge , Mr. Duffy Singers . , Dancers . . Gerry Sekston David Roller Barbara Lockwood ater . Sue Kichler Francis Nulick Ricky Burrows Joe Corner Pat Leishnian Carolyn Carlton Diana Osberg Richard Jasany Gary Einerick . Jessie Bradley . Charles Tarantino Jonathan Stinson . A . Verna DiDio, Frank Spino Bob Hanson, . Marilyn Lynch. Louis Prebevsek, Bettyruth '1ench, Dick YVoon1er, 1 I at Dugan, Tom Radencic, Hildegarde Wleiler nine! y-three .Uuninr Iglag L If ' l Zhminr 1312115 l JUNIOR PLAY PRODUCTION STAFF FIOIIE ROWS I7 llulivw-. I'. T1114111-1', Xl. Hullirain, IH. Allison, l'. 4'o111l+s. J, llnzls, lC. Blo111'ox'. V. I,o111h:1r.lo. SCCO1ld ROW: li. T1-111411. .l, l'11st, Xl. liueli, Rl, Sl111l11-1', J. H:11'of:1lo, ll. Slinw, ll. lleevvs, A. Killml, Third Row: M, XYz1ll, N. Moor:-, I1.l'oski, ll. I'l:1111ilIo11, Xl. 31:11-l11lj.'1'1', S. ll:11'pe-1'. I'. I1visl1111:111, ll. U4lJ9Tll'. Xl. M mw1'1 'is. Fourth Row: V. Nvlnxlvn, J. S1'l1u:11'l1, I.. Vistillo. S. Tl nrvvulzl N. .I, Ln lrlcv 111. .T. Fl:-In-l1e1'. J. Mv4'11ll4-y, ll Sllllllill, lr, l'l1I'l'j. SL'L'lllgJl plziy U11 llIlL'IlilllLfIliglll,l1 person ezinnot really sippreeiute the lmrcl worli and tension i111'olvecl i11 cre:1ti11g, 111:1intz1i11i11g'. :incl presenting it. The success of il play mloes not really clepencl llllllll l1ow the people react, 2lll'llOlIg'll the sounml of applause is music to the ll2l1'llW0l'lilIlg lllCllllIQl'S ot' the east. hut upo11 the spirit ereeiteml :luring 1'L'l1C2ll'S2llS. My Junior Uluss l'l:1y of 19535, "Meet Me ill St. Louis," has heen ext-eptioiml i11 this respect. The cast workecl ll2ll'IlCl' than usuzil hecuuse the relienrsail time was short. The olistacles to su1'111ou11t were great. AIHII-V times the lines were reeul over :mncl over again to insure that the moods of the :lets woulcl he 5lll'1'CSSflll. XVUl'liiIlg' hnnml i11 lmncl with the vast wus the procluetion stuff. 'l'hey haul the l'QSIJ0llSillllll'-Y of IJl'l'l.0l'l1llllg such cluties :1s: getting props. :ulve1'tisi11g. :incl helping with scenery. Direetecl by Mr. Stanley Schultz. 111y Juniors on NtDX'k'llllJ9l' 20, 19535. :lt S200 PM.. presentecl in tlrt- opinion of lllillly. the greatest play ill my short history. 1'l iiii' k T .11'z111 li 1n11 rising rivlilu to the fzings ol' Il i-ql 1 iiixl 1' lwww k il 111' in: 1 v1': 1411 1le'. whilq- lmvi- ltoll ili' The Smith t':1111il1' 1'Q-:11' hing :111othn-1' 1-rises in the :-1111 fi4'I'l'j' N1-xl rvii l i1r1 li niri. 1'olli4'ki11: 1'nvlx1n-1 ly 1 11'1 lsn- 1 neil by the J 1111 ior Class. EKHHITI 511111 091111 131311111 sa X., J Front Row: f'lllIt'k Second Row: Imh Larry Ulwrflnnk, SENIOR PLAY CA Mother , Joey . Trot Hose . Teensie Rose Jamey . Betty .1 , . Miss Yvinstou Poppy . Jimmy John Mrs. Biddle George Biddle Rescued XVonmn Student Director , A Director Mr. Le ninety-five XVa1lte1', Sumirzi llurish. Phyllis Bri-inser, Dirk Pnl urea NYail1-nsai, Kathy Morgan, L1-more IJ'4lnotrio, ,A 4'-x gu- sv' 1-:ui Mutvhler, Joan Oshurii. 3' lilnmg Angela Ilelknpilzi. 'kr-r, J ' ' Audi' S T Phyllis Bremser Chuck YValte-rs . Joan Osburn A Jean Mutchler , Audrey Blanc Kathy Morgan Lenore D Unofrio A . ,Bob Smith , Dick Parker ngehl De Capuu Larry Oberdank Dolores XVZIIBIISII. Sandra Harish onard E. Hobuck 5P11iII1' 11113 ff?" 'M WA' nw W O -i N rw L -..' .,- ,- .. Evninr Flag WNKQEQV' -lo SENIOR PLAY PRODUCTION STAFF Front ROW! Mary l'zrinhv1'1on, Marilyn Lclithn-cliciy Vnrol Vlilopvk, Klndclim- Esposito, Elaine Lokzlr. ,lane Xllillianis, Irs-nv lloycc, Aixastalsizl Zuvaltz. SCCOHG. Row: .lvnniie Lilcvy, Varole Ntnplcs. llick Schultz, l':lt Soilja, Hola llictz, .Xudrn-y Blanc, lioh llaluhorg. Mary .lnn ,lclcoi .loycc l'r:inlcr. Opening night canic: thc curtain went up: the play began. On March 26. niy Senior Class presented to the puhlic "Room For Une More". The play was sclectcd hy Mr. Leonard Rohuck, who was this year's director. He picked it hccausc it was a play that called for depth, mood. and meaning. Those given parts worlicd long and hard to Ill21liL' the play a great suc- cess. The production staff was in charge of thc eXtra duties that go along with a play such as props, scencry, and aclve1'tisi1ig. All thosc who viewed the play on opening night caught the spirit and de- tcrnlination of the cast and watched with interest a play that was unique and diffcrentfa play that will always he reinenihercd hy cast and audience as onc ol' thc hest that was presented within my auditoriuln walls. Sanslrzi linrish directing: thc sci-nc in whicli the The- other nicinhi-rs of the 1-:ist ali-innnstrailing one th-cision is nmde to allow .lane-y to lwernmf part one of the humorous sci-:ws in whn-h :i turtle ls ol' Ihc Hose fnliiily. rcvivm-ml hy alrlifiriall res1ril'nlioi1. , ff , WWW! i ,wx ...fs 1 2 1' rrnnh Annual Mtg Sham - PUBLICITY STAFF SCRIPT COMMITTEE Judy Post, Mr. Miller, Betty Xdvilltill, Nancy Roeder. Bob Smith, Mr. Pringle, Sue ltitter, .loyte Kram Pat Combs, Mr. Gordon Rita llalbuze, Bob ltagborg, Andrey Blanc, Al Carlson The Biff Show is tht bifwest the best. and the onlv all-school production of mv school D bb ' . . year. Each year the theme of the Big Show is different: but the time, the work, and the A energy to produce it is always present. Miss Jan 'l'ompkins and Mr. Dale Harper, the Hinaster miudsv of my only variety show, aided by many faculty members and students, plan and write the various scenes, direct the mammoth cast of over 200. and rehearse my I ' i .rf ,. A EF, band and my Choir. lreliminary work begins two weeks after the closing curtain of the previous year's production. Plans are formulated throughout the summer and the final or- ganization is completed early in the fall. At this point my students fit their varied talents into the well-formed plans. t ff XT! fi 1 j- , lt . r y . V X "Q Li' 'Z i K N 5 Much of the talent for the Big Show is uncovered during the class competitive asseme blies. This vear the So ihomores, usinw' as their theme the Harvest Festival see above . . F1 featured the variety of a magician. a snake dancer, and a tumbling act combined with en- tertaining vocal numbers to win in a close vote over the Juniors, with the Seniors finishin in third place. Glnmpetitiur A55m11hliua ninety-seven U' ZH l, 1,-. , s 4 M. . I e W-l it Glnnrvri ilgillih Bly Concert Band is an organization of the highest standing in the minds of my faculty and my students. My group of musically trained students. directed by Dr. Dale Harper and his assistants, Mr. Albert Mitchell. Miss Barbara lvilson. and Mr. Art Sydow, have won recognition by their fine I3C1'l'i01'll12ll1CS, ap- ""' pcarance. and hehavior. Many of my band members are honor roll students and members of the National Honor WW Society. They work hard in their studies in order to improve themselves and. in that way. tiring prestige to the hand. Une of the main aims of the Concert Band is to earn a first place in the state through eon- BAND DIRECTORS test competition. They practice many tedi- ous hours preeeding thesc contests. and if Nlr Allie-rt Mitchell. Mr. Dale Harper, Mr. Art Syclow, 'ind Miss llarhara VVilson looking over a music score. Front Row: A, llrnnse, S. Knerr, J, .ln-i':il,n-k. Second ROW: K, S1-hollv, V. 'I'ar:intino, A. Pic-4-iotti, A. Martin, ll. liositano, .l. lllackhnrn. Third ROW: J, W1-sl. A. NVils1lorf. ll, Uolelnan. l'. Link, li. ldelwnrils. Ii. Koller, li, Milano, H, Srlineitler, NY. lnmun, l'ImI Libby. Fourth Row: M. Wendell, J. IC:-ke-i'lxi:iii, C, Moore, J. Kossman. t'. Yzligl, XY. liexiiieiletti-. ID. Man-r. li. lioyer, ll. Ma4'llon1::1ll, A. Srhnieling, N, Tlleoilosiail, lid liekeri, li. Kotnik. J. Hzxllzii-li, J. Plnsea, H, Lanpfel. lil Host. Flfth ROW! T. linker, T. l.:il'orte, li. Nvillill, ll. Verlxsliy, T. Hralinln, S. Harper. XY. t'llninlwrl:lilI, Mr. Harlrvlg ll, Kornlrlnm, H, Vlark, J. llziuron, E. llanna, tl, Nvliroemler. Q Yi' sfl- " -:hw -- ,. ' ,ga Q . X' x-ra . .. . . v- XX 3 , , "Xl . , I A , all "1 .lk , ' an 1 ' ,. -.- . mf .WK I ' ' H' 'Nl 4 X ni' WP Vi X 3 ig.- ,1 X X . 21+ Jn., 5' if ' -, f YV" 'M E v x .M , 1 9 'X U P if ii .9 iff' ' 2 ----5 f .I Ira, ,J ggi x,i g I P Lf J- ,' " ,F J .V s .xx 1 x Q 4 ki ' ' 'X 1' ' A Ml f 4 ' W .-i x. - , ilk ff ,' Q ? 1 - ' X ' ' ' SL.. is X ,,.,:,,i.' -V X "' liz- . W. H 4' , , ,- . ' "' --4 X - X' Nz' - 'iv'-1- s f Z iw AM M? Y ,V ,Y M ,,,, ,,k,,,,,,, , , -........,A-- ----- ---T:-f --v . -fr -.- - +'f-- 1 J . twrrhvzira Front ROW: S, Harper, P. G exnsa lwin, J. NYest, M. NVenrlell. lt. Ed xx':1 rds. D. XYeiss. C. Liudquiri, T, linker. Second Row: E. Hamm, S. K v11'1-1', J. Dawson, .L Drnnse, ll. ltost. ll, Rosituno. B. Bre xx'. , M. Cola-mzzu Thirt:l.l4Rgi1lrl.:lMllgliFriilley, A. Hlivppert, Mr. Halrpear. Learning to play und to appreciate classical music are some of the main aims of my orchestra, which is under the direction of Mr. Dale Harper. Due to the small number of members, 1ny orchestra does not pzmrtieipzlte in concerts or contests :Ls does my band. Their main affair ofthe year was pzwticipzxting in the Lake Erie League Orchestra Festival, where they united with over 350 members from other high school orehestrals. 15911 Ifdanh Adding 21 touch of spirit to my pep assemblies are the thirteen members of the Pep Bzuid. These boys, all memhers of the Concert Band, play marches and zleeoinpnny the stu- dent body in my Alma Mater. During the foothall season they sacrificed their leisure time to rehearse assembly rou- tines with the msrjorettes. An example of the school spirit in some of my students can he found in this small group. PEP BAND Front ROW: A. Czxrls4m, Ii. Host, B. Brew, A. Sheppert, E. Pereneevieli. Second ROW: U. '1':ir:xntino, E. flilllllil, T, Baker, lf. Kornhlum, J. Dawson, L. Yeury. X ., wxirrfswmx to . .. s I 1 V j' K3 as s s - i .J A Glappella Glhnir BOYS' QUARTET Miss Jan Toinpkins directing Chuck Tarantino, Larry Collingwood, Paul Brown, and Louis Prebcvsck in one of their nnmhers. My students can be .justly proud of my vocal department under the direction of Miss Jan Tompkins. Its main objective is to present my students and faculty with bigger and bet- ter school programs and to be available for community functions. The A Cappella Choir. which represents me at concerts and the Lake Erie League Choir Festival, has as its purpose the development of an appreciation for and an ability to perform various types of sacred and secular music, including choral works of the masters down to the light novelty tunes. The Choir provides entertainment for many pro- grams and this year participated in the Christ- mas programg a Big Show production in spe- Front Row: M. Powell, M. Xl'eefl, Y. Loinhartlo. Y. Diflio, S. Steffenhagen, M. Stoddard. E. Yeager. Second ROW: K. Kelly, E. Nurrtstroiii. J, Rnfener, B. Janke, C. Harper, N. Hunt. D, Gordon. S. Thomas. Third Row: Miss J. Tmnpkins, D. Walensa, D. Hartzell, N. Moore, .L Spiegel, P. Melieon. N. Knaus. XV. Hnlnb, J. Dans. Fourth ROW: J. Eicl1enhei',f:e1', li. XVilli:1nis, R. Chapinan, C. Tarantino, .l. Latzor. J, Allen, B. Diet? L. Collingwood, R. Brown. Fifth Row: lf, Swettel, J. Sperl, -T, Peters, L. Ohertlank. J. Kellum, H. Jerahek, B. Heneie. C. XValters J, Hall, D, XYoomer. cial scenery and costume of Fred lVaring's 'tHoly City": and in thc Choir Festival held at Parma. From the A Cappella Choir, a choir council was selected to plan social ac- tivities and to take care of routine duties dur- ing rehearsals and concerts. The Boys' Quar- tet this year was established mainly to provide entertainment for community functions and club meetings and to demonstrate their fine talent in the Big' Show and various assemblies. Many hours of constant practice are needed for the fine performances that my vocal de- partment has given. and many thanks go to it for its contribution to my school life. CHOIR COUNCIL Front ROW: J. Ilnll. f". Mosall, .l. Kovalrli, M. Esposito, I3 l.inds:ly. Second Row: N. Moore, S. Thomas. .L Spit-gel. K Ki-llY. Third ROW. U. XY:ulswm'tl1, IP. Sxrm-tlel, l'. Turner, J liradlvy. IJ, Hirkic, L. Prchcvsck, L. Ohm-rdank, Fourth Row Il. Laiwinskas, li. Dietz, J. Snider. Front Row: P, limidxrin, U. Bayer, .l, Koracli, K, Morgan, NI. Esposito, H. Long. I'. Conihs, J. liiwullvv. Second ROW: B. Holmes, C. Mnsnll, J, Lacey, C. Staples, J. ISradh-y. M. Znlic, G. Jones. I.. NX'eist, N. Dow. Third ROW: S. Tweed, T. Vidinnr. J. Vlark, X. LaI'urtc, l'. Turner, l', L1-islininn. IJ. Krnll, li. H1-rkir, C. Luikart. Fourth Row: J. Telisnian, J. Snider. U. Gordon, ll. Smith, D. Toinsiv, Ii. I'r4-llvvsi-k, T. Radcncic. P. Breniscr. J. Bn-ifnss. Fifth ROW: D. Lindsay, Y. Zalm-tel, Il. XV:nlsn'ortl1, A. Varlson, ll. Shirk, J, Dawson, IP. Rehard. li. Lapinskas. , ,A I, AQ-. .1 se, ,f I ,X f if .illllzthrigazln Front, ROW! P. lirowii. L. C'nllingwoofl. N. Kloorc, K. Kelley. P. Gooilwin. .T. Clurli, S. Lonf. J. Brnilley. M. Esposito. IZ, Lapinskas, L. l'rclu-rsek. Second ROW: J. Spa-rl, C. Taramtino, S. Hamilton, E. Noi-rlstroin, J. Plivtcliwait. N. linaus, T. Yiclmar, J. Bradley. I7. Tomsic. A. Carlson. The purpose of my Maclrigals, a group of selected students from the various choirs. is to learn about the different types of music aclaptahlc to a small group. lVhile they sing mainly 16th century maclrigal music, light novelty numhers are stuflierl for the purpose of special entertainment. They appeared in contests, and school and community programs this year and sang for the Chamber of Commerce Banquet. Special sessions of caroling were helrl at the Tasty Shop and the Euclid-Glenville Hospital. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Front ROW: A. Ili-f'apua, AI. liulmnics, C. AVilli:lms, P, Mc- Keon, M, lirvskvar, P, 3Ic1'liir,E, R. Casc, L, lilllllHl'k', J. Grzc, BOYS' GLEE CLUB Second ROW: J. Hriffis, A. Yonllof, N. Smith, Xl. Stark. H. Sherlock, S, Patliioi'c, li. Han-s, H. Nteinfurth, S. llurk, Front Row. D Rehard N Kvwlig L m,llin,,wUmi 'lt ""t"'S' M- M"""'t: . . . J. zsnflii, ia. iam.-S, A, 'ri-mn, F. s-,vim R. Third Row: Il. Hollstem. 11, IN-trclicliik, D. Lusk, J. Iilmlm-r. In - 'lj' 4 1, pri ' Y. f'hlu4l:1, I.. lioacli, li, l.ocliu'oo4l, U, Skoillzir. ll. lfclinc, Allllllxhls' ' lllllm' H ig 1q1i,,,,., Second Row: J. Mount-it. A. Ixihhy. A. Can-lson. Fourth ROW: A. Cox, N. Morrow, A. Pratt, B. l'Q-cjalc, N. ll- Tllmlllllml, ll. AVo4viiicr, H. Shirk, Tl. Worth- Funlc. N. Kasnnic, H. Wilson, li. Dorn, li. liomhro-ky, lllifmllf 'll l-lilllflglwll Y- Zfllvlftl- N.To1lil, I". Nulick. Third Row: U. XVclsli. D. Swettel, J. Sperl. D. Fifth ROW: N. Ilamilton, XV. Allison, IC. Uoiisiclim-. J. 1'r:umcr, Heck, K, llickson, L. Wilk, lk. Smith. ll. Tomsic. Rl. l'1-llilmi-Holi, V. Marvin, K. Miller. B. Tm-nch. l. lioycc. As PVHC11, Limvvu, ll. Alinicucci. l'. llansizen. C. Xvilfl Scosli-r, J Y' il zzylelg .... .negpfs siQ-aasxgx.hz.-.1'v"v3g:a5..::. -...1. , H 1' 5811112315115 Supernizeh artinitiea that haue hermnr an impnrtant rule in mg urhnnl life . . Y , L vu, Lmiffif x .v-, ,fm -.0 5. AE .Q Q Q YL-wk. .MYQFQ ' If " .. ,,c,,, IM ,5 ' vi. d tw' f qw f Fffllt Row: 'l'. lialrrr, L, IVlinoi'iio. 'l'. llrowninsr, G. Sivn, S. Twvwl, l'l. l,lllCiIi', K, Kelly, N, Kln'i'r. .L lilanc. L Yi-arf-', J, Lucey, ll, liiblwons, V, lloszlll, R. llxrn-nz, Bl, l'lsposit.u, bl. l5i'4-slivalt V. Nkozllar, J. lfliher, A. Zayatz. .l. 0'1'onnor, .X, i'arlson, 5,-K-ond Row: X, lloxv. ll. Vooli, li. XY:iln-nsa. IC, Blonrov, l'. 'lllli'ill'l'. N. llunt, S, Tholnzis, K. Kr:-inlle4lei'. NY, Allison, X. Xt-lson. A, l'i-ooks, S, Kieliler, M. Sliulwr. TT Usherg, L. Fox, M. Sullivan, N. Smith Y. Loinlxardo, 4' Lnikzxrt, N. Yidmar, .X l"on-rstc, V, liayer, Bl Lcutbew-ker. li, lHvIl1lH'1lek3'. NI Phillips N lon I' lhlunu it Nlislot Third Row: 24. Flon-ke, L, Ncl1i1lin4-istler, .l, i'oi'nv.-r, H, Anmlerson, Rl, XYalklct. R. l'1-::li'ai'o. N. Knans, A, Pie,-viotti, lt. Vcspe, R, S1-liollc, I', Mr-Keon. li. -lasney, V. Tarantino, IC, Nweitzer. li. Roller P. Vonihs. J. lilmlm-rl, Il. Huston. .l. linrval. C, Gordon, ID, Douglas, P. 4':err, li. Libby. X. F:-rris l'. lircinscr. My chapter of the National Honor Society. directed by Mr. Stanley Whiteside, is one of 3,500 in the United States today. To be elected to this organization is one of the most coveted honors that a high school can bestow upon a student. Any of my juniors or seniors who have main- tained an eighty-five or above average and is in the upper third of his class is eligible. My members are chosen on the basis of their character. leadership, and fervice, as wcll as scholarship. On January 22, N.H.S. inducted thirtyesix scn- iors and twenty-two juniors in une ot' thc most im- pressive ceremonies ever seen by my students and faculty. It was one that will be remembered always by those who saw it, regardless of whether they actually took part in it or not. Mr. Whiteside opened the assembly hy briefly stating the Society's history and how members are chosen. The program was then turned over to the president of N.ll.S.. Leroy Yeary. After his introduction. four members of N.H.S. spoke on the four requirements of a member: scholarship, leadership, service. and character. 'l'hen came the all important moment for which everyone had waited. The secretary, Becky Gibbons, read the names of all who had been newly elected into the organization. In the background during the whole Janet Eihmz U,P,mu.e1,. LPRM,YUHIW'l,1..,Si,l,,m: Hwky program was subdued organ music winch added Gibbons, secretary: and Tim Browning, vice-president, greatly to the IITIIJFCSSIVC CE'I'l'iH0liy. standing in front of the newly-purcliaused trophy casa-. atinnal lqnnnr Snrivtg one hundred and seven aiinnul Qbuill anh Qrrnll vv 4 t 5, t V if. M my W if KA si' X , I ,,'5, 1 I Q f , -ff MW il - FTDTIE ROW: iQ Ilulwlmi. A. 1':n'l-nn. V. P1-nsh, ll. Yvslw. T, lizilii-r, H. XY:il'l1ulim'. S6C0lld Row: .l l,:l+'1'5. X, llnnsvn. .l. liilwr, l'. lk-lniwy. IC. Lnknr. X. Ni-lsnn, .X. lilnnv. Third ROW: ll, tiihlmns. If, Xhili-nsau. V. lfiifnv, IP, Vmilc. lf. Ilaiyf-r, N. lmw, J. U't'4nnnv1'. lt is thc :liln ut' vvvry high svlnml junrnalist tu lw- wnne si nnlmlwr nf Quill :nnl Svrull. As in nmny uthvr high sclnmls. Illy vlniptvr is purvly nn lnmnrnry urgnn- imtiun. vstnlilislwrl tn rwugrixim- those- whu lnlvo mlunv nutstamling work un mn- nt' nn' lllllillliltltills, lt is :ln intrrnutinnul nrgrunizntiun with vlxnptt-rs in Alaiska, Cain- nrln. l'lngrl:iml. :unml l'hinn, :ns W4-ll sis thc Vnilccl Stzltcs. 'l'ln- pin. whivh is :n synnlml nf llIl'llll1l'l'Nlllp, is :i quill unclvr which is si svrull :incl thc' initials I.ll.S.ll.S..l.. whivh menus lllt1'I'lHltlUllJll llunur Sncivty for lligh Svlnml Jmnirnailists. To lu-lung tu this tlljlillilliltilill. ai person Illlltit linu- lllllilt' ai significant L'untrihntiun to uno uf my high schonl public-sitinns, lfllulflllllll, Sllrziwy. nr IJll"ll'lllP, :intl lnivo il high sL'lmlustim' :iw-rngrc. llv must :ilsn he I'l'l'llIllIlIk'llllt'll lay his uclvisnr. It givvs :i pcrsun whu has El truv intvrvst in writing: :I 4-li:nn'c tu hc rvt-ugnizctl, Tha- rn-wnrcl is t'Yl'll gre-zltm-r siinw- this nrg::iniz:ntinn is so with-ly known :incl iuwvlwtcrl. Mt-rnlwrsliip is :I lll0IIl0!'2ll1lC :intl signifi- t':int :u'liievcnn'nt. lzlaxnn- lull cur. Mr. My:-mi timwlmi. :ind .Tonlnw Inu-vy nwnliin: plans fur thv Quill :intl Scroll Ass--nihly. one hundred and eight FIOHL ROW! A. Varlson, I.. lVOnofi'io, J. Lzlccv, A. Hlanr. T. Hain-1'. li. lmcknond, l'l. Monroc, H. Rcvves, Mr, Rohuck. Second ROW: M. Dolan, J. ltn-cvliunl. K. Iia4lox'iiiac. li, Appl:-lay. li. lil-rlmnln. J. N1-ylon. V. lionxlnurvlo. H. Hianasi, M, XY:-ndi-Il. Third ROW: 1'. Spiwwlii. lP.vSl1au-, li, Irwnnis. Y. Iluguinx. II. lloi-man. Z. N-Ifon. IP. hlnplca, X. Iiuni. 1. 4-:irrt-tt. ll, N-ln-artl. . Fmlrth ROWZ C. Tarantino. ii, liillvr. l. Noir-un. A. Hopf, J, li1'a4ll4-y. ll, 4'liai'lv5, l'. 'l'nrn4-r, S. lIal'1wr. Fifth ROW: J, 1jorn1'i'. li. Jaxnvy. li. Hull:-V. li. Tnnisic, Bnrhsira Lockwood, cnrrespomling: sn-crvtaryg Toni Bakvr. presidvntg Audrey Blanc, vivo - 1n'0Si1l1'I1lL Jnannf- Lacey, tr--asura-rg and lilaini- Monroe, rz-corll- ing: secretary. talking: ovvr an iinportanl inattur in Mr. Rnburk's room. onc hundred and ninc DE 'l'hc National l'l1lI'1'llNi1' "uc was cstahliflicd in liI5l l- undcr thc dircction ot' Mr. Mcryl llaumcr. .Xl that timc thcrc werc only lwclvc charlcr mcinln-rs. 'l'hc nm-xl ycar thc cluh was takcn over hy Mr. Imonard ltohuck and has xincc grown to over forty nn-mhcrw. 'I'hs'sc rncinhcrs havc the opportunity to dcmon lralc thcir spcaking: ahility and to iinprovc it. 'l'hvy al:-.o havc the opportunity to compctc against studcntx from othcr schools. My spccch team and my dchatorm havc donc cxccption- ally wcll this acason. Un Dvcvinlicr 12, thcy tram-lcd to Youngstown wlu-rv thcy ticd for first plan' in thcir division. 'Plum' spcakcrs in oratnrical. dramatic. hu- morous. original. and C'XtCIll1NH'JlllL'1lll5 spcaking trav- clcd lo Youngrstown Boardman on January 9 for an in- 1 dividual s-vents contcat. Euclid shown-cl its strength hy taking' first placc in cxtcmporancous spcaking: and fir:-at, sccond, and third placcx in oratorical. On Janu- ary 30 at Cathedral I.atin, they tnplvcd thirty-fivc other schools and won thc Swvcpeiakcs Trophy. N. F. I.. held its third animal Individual livcnts fon- tcst on February 20, 195-1-, with forty schools partici- pating. Tho dc-vvloplnent of many promising undcrclaasmcn indicates continued success for my N. F.I.. chaptcr. atinnal Elinrrwair Evugur .f FA 0 -+.-+'-.avr-'fx-:H V- ss s M t Z 4 ., f 'f 5 tuhvni Qlmmril F1'0I1t Row: Miss I'. Vziliiplu-ll, N. Twm-41, .l. Lueey, J. Koyau-li, IL Vooli, V. Skorllalr, Ii, Sirn, Xl. XYullil4-1, V. Slllllll. J, 0'1i'onnor. T. lironning, F. Spino. S9CO1ld ROW! J. K1'onenlrergel'. Nl. Zimmerinnn. V. l,o1nlm1'do, NY. liroilt. ll. ltolden, XV. Ryder. H. Sulliyzin, Xl. lleilttu-ek:-r. ll. ll:-ek, lt. Owens. K, lietwr. N. lion. Thlrd. Row: li. Iii-kert, V. Suziin, ll. Hilihons. ll. II:-rm:in. .l. Muteliler, l'. Iirnily. li. Sm-itm-r, V, ld-sku li, Yeziry. ll. 1'olling:u'oo1l, .l. Lneltner, l FOl1I'th ROW! ll. Nodjai, l'. lirelnser. N. Todd. if lfeneli, ll .Xn1lerson. ll. XY:ii'liolie. K. Kl'einliedu-r, ll. Hale, H. 'I'es4-like, lt, Ve-sire. Fifth ROW! l1.Juvlson, IP. Blueko, Xl, Rini, l'. f':-rr, XY. .lone-s, J. Mount-tt, ll. .X4l:lm'. li. Fryair, l', Serra ll. Jerulmeli. 'l'lie Student Couneil is one of my most zletive and important student orgsinizntions. The Inemhership in lliis organization consists of the eleeted eouneil offieers. tlee l'lXt'l'lltlYL' Board, :ind :in eleeted representative from eneli liomeroum. The purpose of the Student Vouneil is to link my student lwody with my faculty, to provide harmony lu-tween students and faculty, and to luring effieieney to my government. Under the assist- :inee :ind gruidnnee of Miss Peru Campbell. tlie organi- mtioifs sponsor. the Student Uouneil has sponsored lnsiny of tlie dunees after the footlmll and lmsketlmll grannesg presented my first annual Homeeomingg lirouglit to my students assemblies such as Charles King, the nationally renowned singer from the Karnmu: furnished tlie lteereution ltoomg purelulsed door drsiperies for the :iuditoriumg pllrellused :1 sehonl hun- ner: :ind lllilllltillllvll a reeord library. VVitl10ut the skillful lmnd of tlie Student Uouneil. my students wuuld not have the opportunity of voieing their opinions in student groveriunent, or other fum'tionstl1ut full under the jurisdietion of the Student Couneil. llu- members ot the htudent Vouneil are competent 47-h,.iS,i,,,. 5kU,11n,.. ,,...,.,.m,.y: 4-I,,,,.k 5,,,m,v ,,.,.:,Sm.,.,.l p.ud1.r5 who dt.M.rn. Hu. I-t.5pl.ct of tlwir h,HChm.S and Hi-mise Sirn, pwsida-lit: Azxnil Mere--r XN:lllilet,'Y1:'e- ' president. nmkingg plains tor :n future ine-4-tin: in tin- tellow L'lHSSlllGItt'h. Student Uoiim-it rollin. one hundred :ind ten Tlu- liXl'l'lltlVt' lioartl of my Stuclcnf Council, prvsimlc-cl ovvr by ilu- Stumlm-nl Founvil prvsimlq-nt, is volu- posed of all tha- czlmlitlutvs who run for officw-s in my Siullenf Counvil. lfluuh of tha-su stncln-nts is ihvn assigned to lu-:ul onc of thu connn'il's many functions' 'room sa-vrciurios, tha- hook sforv. m-om'm-ssion xvorka-rs, hull guards, Unfctcrisl c'l1-an-up i'l7lIllIllfll'L', lnngrnzim- mlrlvu, ilSM'llll3lll'S. rccrm-:ation room, :xml lhv lost :mil founll. The room sm-cruizlrie-s ch-livcr lm-ssugvs and tuku vzlra- of lhm' losi :xml fonml. My hook storm- supplivs my students with usseniiul school nmlcriuls. The concussion yvorkcrs opcrnh' thi- hooths unml svll rm-frm-slnm-nis :nf ilu- :xthletic vvenis. The- hull gllilI'flN assist visitors and niml in keeping: lhv hulls cluun. 'l'hr- guimlvs show my mzmy visitors liigllliglits of thc school plant and its uctivitics. 'l'hv l"lXl'ClltlVi' Bonrml clccimln-s what importzml issm-s will hc hrougrhl hcforv thc f'llIllKll'Ilt Council :incl the projwks which thvy clcsirq- the Council to nnclvriaulu-. - i ,..... .,... 12 b , -V gk , STUDENT COUNCIL EXECUTIVE BOARD. Front ROW: GUIDES. S. 'l'xvv-ml. I'. S-uljn. J. Inn-ey, lr, Slnllkn, F fyn 4 1 V. Skoillnr. J lim-vv, N. Tyvvwl, .l. U'C'nnn1n', J. Kovalvll ly Cook. Second Row: l'. 'l':n':1ntimf. l". Slrino. 19. Siu-n U. Smith. M. HALL GUARD S. Tyvvvzl, J. J, Orvnlt, P. BOOK STORE Xl. Xlleslw-1, Wulkln-t, T. liroxvninz. CAPTAINS. Front ROWS Bl, linsnoxv, .l. Smith liufncr, N, Kozlowski. Second Row: N, Todd llrm-lnsvr. P. f':n'l'. WORKERS. li. Yvspv. H. ills-svlllie, J. Kolb-r J. Xl'inkln-r, i'. Rillvnlwrgf, ll. XYl1i!:xln-r, li Skrcmv. li. XVilli:1ms, IP. Hwlfvrn, J, lnunont. ll, llohlvn, Xl. Sullivan. l' 1':lr1'. V. l"'n-vh. IC. Sn:-tn ROOM SECRETARIES. Ki. Y:11'vusko1 I". Xllli:-lc, J. N1-ylrn Li. Sivn, l'. Slcmllalr. J 1i'l'onnor, l'. I':lrr, N. 'l'n.-ml. I Kovslvll. li. Nlillvr. CONCESSIONS. Ki. llomlrrusky, ll, Krull. J Iioxnvli. l l'l4'ku-rl, N. Knnnx, J, l4alf'Py. Stuhvni Qlmmril Artiniiiw ELKMALN :,"!,. - . .,, , ,..f..,..,,.., om- hundred and eleven -n -s .G 7 urlihian 7 hitnrial Staff ,, , ,W ,, ,.,,, , Y ,,... -- viii- i......i, Front ROW! li. Vooli, A, Blanc. E, liokar, J. L:iee3'. A. 4'arlson, H. lilneriek, l'. Rice. Second ROW: ,lr 1-b't'onnor, N. Todd, 5, Thomas. S. liiehler, IP. XYale-usa. li. Monroe. l'. l'onihs. Third Row: M. Sliuher. XY. Hyder, li. Hates. L. ll'0not'1-io, M, llreskvar, X. Hunt, P. l'ik'l'lll'1lllll'lll, M. Leutlmelier. Fourth ROW: Mr. ll. Xtiley, ti, '1'esehke. lt. Vespe, li. Smith. J. For-yn-i', l'. Turner. lt. Miller, liolores XYalu-usa. typisti .Xl 1'arlson. lualiv-up: l'l'i1ne l,oli:ul', assistant: Audrey Blanc. si'l'llvlI lleanm tool artg and .lownnc liaeey. editor. eliv-elclns' a Iew ill-ta of ilu- lilisl Euclidian, My lfllflilllllll liditorial Staff. under the supervision of Sponsor George Wiley and Student Editor Joanne Lacey. is suhdivided into several sections with each section playing an important role in the production of the yearhook. Aiding: Joanne in her time-consuming and difficult joh were lilaine I,okar. assistant editor. Audrey Blanc. script editor. Al Carlson. make-up edi- tor, and Deanna Cook, art editor. The students on this staff worked unecasingrly, searching for and or- ganizing new ideas concerning slnart cover designs, interesting: arrangeiuents. and selection of pictures. My lfzzrlhliurl Editorial Statl' had sole responsibility of the success or failure ot' this year's Ezlrlidinrz, My First Will and 'IR-staincnt. Additional students were selected to aet as section editors. There were editors for the music department, organizations. girls' and lyoys' sports, speech and drainatics, as well as editors for the classes. My student hotly owes a deht of gratitude to these people who gave so freely of their time and effort to provide a yearbook that you can proudly treasure in the years to come. one hundred and twelve Front ROW! ll. i":i1':1lmtl:1, IX Ushers, P. Smljai. U. Staple-S, l'. IN-lun:-y, .Ir lCm':u-ll. I". Nvilif-lc, I-I XYnnfle1'ly, S. Lynuf. C. Olmlzlar. Second Row: l', T111'11e1', M. Luelc, li. llnllln-11, li. fllilllllllltll. H. Ihlllllvrwwlii. fl. NlI1lTl1, 51- l'5l"'fl"'- N, Lmxu, M, liiisimv, M, Peiullwiwmi, K, Stun 01' Third ROW: li. II:1111iltu11, ll. .livin-N, ll. Hullsh-in, RI. l'l11'innpl11-r, J. lflvli-livr, .X. l"m-1'Nt4-, 4' llimmnl-I. X, l'z1rsu11s, ll, Krull. BI, F11-111i11g, S. Hamlin-. I'O1l1'th ROWS ll. Lung, .l, 0'l'4u1111n1', ll. Mislcue. l'. liziyer, H. liuwlln, .L llrxmv-, K. lfiw-i11ll1'4lv1', Xl G,-,.,.,U,-ny. JA Mmjullt-y, 44, liiuiu-Ai. Iii X:-lslm, K, Kril, Xlr. ll. ll--1111:-tt, Fifth Row: J. L'z11':111n, H, Vnski, X, lhflmlulv. li. Hanminlc. li l':1rw11X. li, Slwlm.-K K. V1-1':1x'i4lu, Bl Pziimiiiwis, .T. Hnusf-r, D, P2!!'l'il'I'. The lfllflilllllll lillb-lllk'hh Stull' lmll ilu- ilnpurlzilil juli uf raising: the iiumey fur My First NYill :xml 'l'val:i- menl tliruugrll mlvm-rlisi11g :incl sulvwripliuiis. lllllt'l' 111611115 of reiixing IIIUIIUX were lllfllllgll piilmliezitimi lllOYlt'S mul cluiivvs. The stuff SlDllllSUI'i'll 'ixvllllvl' Hlisllmmclyu in l,t'Cl'IlllN'I'. 'l'l1is yezir my bluff was lwnrlerl liy 31111111511-r .Iam liilier and lier il5Sl5lillll, .lun Kuvzieli. It was their clufy to eliuuae llic limiiicm stuff :incl to als'-ist lllflll in 1-very pumilvlc way. 'l'l1e 1'lI'ClllilllHll lllJlllJlQI1'I', Peggy l,t'lilIlty, was in elmrgv uf F-lllIl1'lll' sillwseriptiulix. lit'0I'1Il' l Upeulicli mul Carole Simplex, the zulvm-rlif.i11gr lllilIliIgIt'Y'h. seliecliilecl 5tllllK'Illh to sell airlvvrtisiiig. Put Smlju. as treasurer, wsu respuiisilile for the billing: ut' :adver- lisers :intl ken-piiigr flue lmnks lmluiwell. ' 'l'l1e I't'llHllIlllk'I' ut' the elziff is inmle up nf llUIIlt'I'lH7lll 1'ep1'ese11tz1liyes wllme juli it in in get 5lll5NL'l'lllll11llS from sluflents in their llUlIl?!'lN?lllN. 'l'l1ew l'K'lll'k'5t'I1lil- liven are C'llUNt'll llt'1'illlNl' ut' their clepemlallwility for this jolm. lfllflftlillll Blniiiew .Xrlvimix Mr. liulwerl lim-1111vll J Jun Knvzwll, 1lNSlSl2lllfI f'ill'lllt' Simplex, :alive-1'tiai110'Z . . .. . . . ' Pam. I,elnm,Y.,i,,,l: Jun Eib,.,.' ,,uSim,,x mail, cllml il great rlezll lu and the slant! willi lln-lr YJIFIUIIS anger: George Ulmlii-li, :nl1'e1'tifi11,:g Pant Smljqi. tri-uv lH'1ll7l?lllS. lll'Bl', alrraiiigilirr x11lmsr'1'il:tim1 1-nrlls nml m'm'1w-viiinpf :ulvertisvlm-11ts. My First Yl'ill and 'l'C"5lJlllll'lll unulll not he il sllvtvss witlwiit tlie Cillllllllhil efforts :xml ill'lllt'VK'Illl'lllN nf :ill the nienibc-rx of the lmsiin-ss stuff. 7 urlihian Buzinwz Staff one liunclrecl and ll1irleen lf? ,,. x g. f Snxruvg Ehiinrifal S aff ,,,fv,L,:. -V f'1'0I1t ROW! 'll llzxlivr, .M lllzxxxxg ll. V4-sixv, li, XYaxx'lxxxlxx, Il, lxrxmlx, l, lxlxxxxx. iv, Second ROWS K, Kxw-ixxlxx-xlx-1', A. lPx':xixM'., Nl. Hlxxxlwr, S, Kxvlxlvr, Al. l,lxx'li, S, li::i'ish, li Xlmxxwx.-. Xl .lx-lx-xx. Third ROW! J. l,:xx-vy. S Tux-x-xl, ll Plxillipx if lhxjvl, N. llxxvxt, X, Rx-lxxxxx. l, ll Uixxvtxxxx, .l H 1 xxmxxxr. Xl lirx-xln:xx'. J, lirzxxllx-y, Fourth Row: XIV, Xl. Hxvxwlulx, lf. ,Xxxxlx'rxmx, H, Tx-wlxlix-, ll. .lzxraxxxyy H. l'llxix-rivk. l', Klxxxlqy, AX, V4.1-lxxyxxl ll, liullx-r. .l, l'xx1'm-l'. Vmlvr lhx lcmlcxwlxip ul' in four ecliixmr:-: 'l'xmx l3:xkc:', Il4'XXs wlilxxr: .Xxxclxwy l3l:xm'. fx-:xlxxre cxlihxrg ling' Vx-ape :xml liill lllQll'llUlll'. spxxrts vxlihxrs. my Sxxrz':"x1 rcl:xim-cl lls rcpxxlntixm :xx :xxx cxcx-llvlit wlxxml puhliczxtiun. .Ks x-.lilm-Q., ii wax lhx-ir xlxxly lu xlwixle whzxl sluries wx-rv txi hc v.'x'illx-xx :xml :xssigrn llll'lll lu thx- xlzxff repxirlcrs. 'l'hxy :xlxxx prxxxxfrx-:xxl thx- stxxrixw :xml plaxxm-xl lhx- muku- ups of thx- p:xpx-rs. lla-lxxg xnxx ihr- lxmluxxxl for xuxws. ia the prixm- qxxnlifi- x':xlixxn xxf :x lIll'lIllll'I' of my licliturisxl Stuff. 'l'hcy xxxxxst hx- vaxpuhlx- :xml mlepm-ml:xhlc, fur flx-:ullim-s muxt :xlwzxys lu- llll'l. lim-pxxl'ls'rs zxrx- r.x'lr'c'tetl fur thx-ir xxliilily lu wrilv. 'l'hx- sqllI'1'I'tll is :x hi-lxxx.ntlxly pxxliliwxlixxxi. It iw xxmlvr lhx- 'slll1t'l'Yl5lHll ut' Mr. Nlyxxxxi lixxrxlun. 'l'hom' nn thc Hluft' kxxxm' lxxxw vxxxxgxn-xxi:xl NIV. Lixxxmlxxxx iw. llx-:':xxl+.x' of his vft'ix'ix'lxx'y :xml oxpx-rt kxxxxwloxlgx- xxf 'lUlll'l1illlSlll, :xlxxxxg with the hx-lp xwxxxlcrcxl by his four 1-mlitnrs. lhx- Sxxx'I'1'.xf has lllilllilglttl tu run mxxxxxtlxly :xml vffivicnily lhin your :ls in pzxsl yours, 'llxxixx liaxkx-r. xxx-xxx: .Xxxxlxx-y lilnnx-. fx-:xlxlrvsi qxzxxl Ray Xe-qw xxixxl lull XX:xx'lxxxlxxg fpxxrtx, pxwxxxtvw-zxxllixu vxqq in xhx- print Nllxip, um' humlrvxl :xml fUllI'tl'l'll Fffillf. ROW! 4' Iiorxlon, T. llralmin, V, NYeislln4-r, .L lilanr. l'. l":iAio, N. lloug li. Hilrlrorus. .l. Hlnilh, X. B-niith, ll, I-ranks. Second Row: .l, Taylor, I. Yukos. li. l2ol.len, li. Mai--s, Ii, Sit-infurth, li, Stqninpln-1, N. ltalniorr-, .l, ian---, li, l'ollin-, Mr, li. Min-. Third ROW! lt. Myers. ll. .Xi'thur, Si llenn, ll. llollstvin, II. Lorwnf, ltr Nliiiililm-i, ll XY:ll:-nszi. .l t'raiiwr, li. Hunlca, J. Vlarlc, ll. Johnson, Fllllrth Grade: ll, Hair-, V. XXX-lsli, li. halo. ll, ln-ln-r, X, l,:il'nrli-. l'. Vnnulxs, ll, llrvulr. lf, lfrn-inlu:-ulifi' li. liruusv, S, NYillow, l". Horilon. Taelclingr the prohlt-in of raising enough lll0ll1'y to support my school paper is a very difficult and tiring: i task. It was handled this year hy Nancy Dow, the husiness manager, and her eapahle and hardworking staff. Her assistant was liarhara Dorn. Becky Gilm- hons. eireulation manager, and Jan Smith. her assist- ::nt, were in charge of all homeroom representatives and aided tllvlll in getting subscriptions. Advertising: Maliager ixllfllej' Blanc and her assistant. Curt Gur- don. had the task of securing: advertisers for my Sur- zwgu. Keeping the hooks and accounts in order was the treasurer, Cliristine Fazio, Charlotte Vl'ieshner was this yeafs staff secretary. A very big hand should go to this staff as they are the third business staff to operate the Szznwy in the credit column. Not only do these people solicit advertising, sell suh- scriptions, and send out hills, hut during fouthall sea- son they are the ones who stand out in the cold tu sell - .1 - . -- ' .. H . H., I-.uns and . ..i I .' - I. K. , , I. U, ,, L. . N, .-i:i.Ili, s .r.-l :inn ii,-'14 i, lvi.ill.ini, stnll nn-inlwi I t gil dgdln tux lull 'f'i'X"'f1" M muon Support X. liow, lriisim-ss xn:lna:5v-ri V. lfziclo, t1'1-zlsliiw-I the iSurz'vy by selling programs. 1: Nh-islm.-1-, S1-wvrav-y: A. lilan--. mtv.-rrisingg I lvilrlmiis, 1-liwlllzilioiii 4 hnrilon. :nsslslalit anlvvrfismg lt. Bly:-rs, stat! 111+-nilwi': and li, llorn. .assistant luis ness niunzugl-r stannlin: around thi- filin: valnim-t in Survey 1-nom. Etgftwg Ziuzinrzfa Staff l it it -lf t ---WM U one hundred and fifteen 513, e X., 1 Harziig Glhvvrlvahrrn Front ROW: L+-anne Fox, Naney Smith. llelsy Hates, Holly Steinfurth. Jumping: Phyllis Stuxen, Uonnie Parr. My cheerleaders are the force behind my spirit. They organize and lead my students in good, clean cheering for my many sports. This year, under the leadership of Captain Connie Parr, my Panther cheerleaders did just that. They faithfully followed my teams and gave them the extra push that they may have needed. Not only do these six girls practice all summer and for two hours twice a week, but on NVednesday. third period, these girls give up their time to act as teach- ers to girls who belong to the Megaphone Club. There are about thirty girls in the club--most of whom hope lo become cheerleaders. The varsity cheerleaders teach these girls all the skills of cheering, including aero- batics, hand and leg movement, facial expression. co- ordination, and poise. These girls then become candi- dates for positions on the junior varsity and varsity squads. Aside from its cheering activities, the Megaphone Club always sponsors one "After-the-Game Dance." It is also one of my clubs that help during the basketball tournaments. Faptnin Connie Parr doing n favorite wheer "XVe'vn go! a T-li-.X-M." one hundred and sixteen FIOIIIS ROW! Pat Sodja, l1:il'h:lra .lankn-, Gloria Jones, Sm- Tweed, Annette Orlando, Uarol Mntllias. Parole Staples. Second ROW: Donna Hartzell, Marlene Shuher, licrnarline liradncr. Nancy Kozlowski, f'arol Hallack, Head Maiorettes Pat Smlja and Carole Staples doing il ilal twirl. Clad in their new sparkling white uniforms. my majorettes again this year added that extra spark to all my football games. Headed hy Co-captains Carole Staples and Pat Sodja, they entertained all in the stands with a variety of marches, twirls. and dances. For their hour or two hefore the puhlic, these girls must put in many hours of hard work each week. Dur- ing the summer they practiced twice a week, and when school started in September, they often hraved the elements to practice an hour and a half each morning. Une of their other duties is to organize and direct my Majorette Cluh. This cluh is composed of forty of my sophomore and junior girls who want to become candidates for my next ycar's majorettes. 'l'he seven- teen majorettcs and alternates act as teaahc rs and in- struct the girls in the skills ot' twirling. marching. and dancing. The Majorettes also sponsor a dance in the spring Called the "King Hop". A senior hoy is elected king with a junior and a sophomore attendant. iililarrhing ililainrriiw ff one hundred and seventeen KAV W' I' A'WwRW'7 M I ' I I vgaphnnv Gllnh Se Pgcnt Row: .l. l I-4:uk:1r. 1' Luzlcnzt J. tlxlmurv. IZ. Iiuwwwiv. S. Iimuu-In. II. Hlzulxlpfvl. V. I':11'1', I". Ftxlzivn. 1 II. Sivinfultll, II. KIHIUS. J. Smith, I.. Fox. .I. RIMA-III1-r. I1. Ilzmxllmn, I1, Iiuldvn. N. I.yuuf, A. IvwI4I, K.. Iizxvvu. CO11d ROW! I'. Zim-avr, Il. Iiirlcim-, N. I':11'sunx. li. U'I'I:lr:1. A. I'4-trllzzi. Ii. XVOIl4II'l'Ij'. A. Iiikkllxmw. Ilt I1 fulu-1 KI.I1iI1'Ii4'1'. Third ROWZ I'. IW-z':'1lmnl1, M. l'mntmx'm'III. I'. 1I4'IIIlXl'1', J. K4-II4'1'. V. XYVIE . '. Q-- .I. f'm'r':m. XI. HI-Cl'ilIH't', 1'. Ilxlywr, BI. Zilnlm-rnlzun, BI. I'I4-rr. .I. Luxe. Fourth Row: Rliw .l. Ilmxw-, A. Wilmlurf. L. liruuvl. V. 1I:1miI1-1n. J. IliS:xx1lis, P. IIie1I1I:1mI. I'. Iluvrlliup N, NIvtz4-r. V, I'1-1'I1rm1, IC. IXJINIIIIIV, V. I"iIiv, II. .Xn1IuIsvIi. I". Ililli. Hr. IC. Nilv. MAJORETTE CLUB Front Row: II. .Iunlu-. .X. Urlzlmlm, l'. Xlzltllinx. S. 'I'u'I-ml. li. .Imu-s. l'. Nt:lpIvs. I'. SmIj:l. Ii, I31'111Im'1'. N. Iiuzlwwwlii, AI. NIIIIIPPV, V. II:1lI:1r-Ii. Second ROW! H. Ix1'uln:l1', .X. I'r:1It. M. I,:11'Iiil1, II. Urvutt, S. ISHIIP. II. I7'Ulmfrio. N. Im Purlv. II. l'0mI1s. 1 1 1 1 J. RI:n'4'l1ium', .X. IT1':mM'. I. N1'IS41n, N. Izltmurv, I. IuSI:xI. qlluln. l, I'uImnl. Third Row: Mins .l, Inlia. NY. Grmlt, T. lIix'vmI:x, Ii. Kl'm'illI11-mIu1', Il. T0ll4'Il. Il. Gll1"Ai' Ir. Ifiulc. Ii. Sturm. J. Slunrw, l-I. Nulivk, li. Vusv. M. Rusmw. Fourth Row: S. Iinhz, N. lliwlniv, NI. .IuI1nmm. .I. .lnImIun. I. IH-tm-s, II. Dnlxinnmoyvr. K. Mnlmiun. S. Umnlrs, M. llnlzm, .I. Mn-1'uII1-y. .I. l"l1-tvllvr, M. f'IIl'IS'01PIlPl'. M. IS'u-kvr. unc lxundred and eigI1tc0n To crceitc, niaintnin, nnrl cxlcnd tlH'UlljIllUlll tht- M-lnml nnml L-mnniuniiy thc high stnnrlnrclx of Vlirislism Clizlrzlctvr, is thu lmsic funclnincntnl of lily Ili-Y. 'l'hs- rgnnfznlimu in cliviilvrl inlu xeirinm clunplvrh: Lurclx, Nohlvs. Squires, Counts, Rvgq-rits, :incl Nlunnrclis. Blvinlnfr hip is urgnnizi-cl hy 1-:n'h mlinplm-r. 'l'hcir llll'L'iiIlfIv arc either ut thc Y-Honsc or nt tho hmm- uf :i nn'1nhct'. 'llirullgglmiil my sa-Inml yi-:ur thcy lll'I'flll'IIl snvh duties. ns hpumivring clulicc-, pizza halos, nnil wurking on civic pruji-ch. This yt-:ir thi- lim-grvnls won thi' Ili-N hnskcthzill cluvillpiom-allip of thi' grri-:ltcr Clt'X'0l2lllCl illll ' MONARCHS HI-Y. FYDIHZ ROW: ll. Knrlhnn-, ii. Tu-srlllv-, J. Skinnur, Second ROW: li. Yvnry, R. f'h:i1nnnn, T. Slnlu-s P. Carr, G. Sirn. Third Row: T. liruwning. T. 4':l1'rull L. Yenry, E. M51-rs. REGENTS HI-Y. Front Row: F, Hurka. li. liivlz, ll, .Kn4l1-1' sun. Second Row: M. Pnwnlr:1s, D. Svhnltz, P. Klcnky J. Hzinsvr, 49. Opillivll, Third Row: C. XV:1ltcr, f', Sniilh G. XYeir, D. Davis, .l. Bmnhau-k. Fourth Row: l', N4-line-L: img, R. Rinvhnrt, F. Spinn, Ii. Lung, J. .Xlnlm-vm H. I'nyn4-, LORDS HI-Y. Print ROW: J. Kc-llnin. Il, Pnrks, F, K1-llznn Second ROW: ,X. Pix-1-intli, lf. Cargill, J. YVelxl1, J. Kvznr. Third ROW: li. Llllllilfllltx. D. Knnip. L. lmvis, I,. llm-evnr T. Rahz, 'Vi Ii l'lwr NOBLES HI-Y. FIOIIE Row: 1'. Hmwlml, li, Hin. . , ' .innwii-. Second Row: J. Sm-ll-r. ll, II1-nf-iw, 1' tivni BI. I in hlin ll lllirlilinlrli-r, Il, Nmwliiinlu. Third ROW: J. Rl:-.: 5 4 . Klnrxln. Ii, Milla, ,!. Vhnrn. J, llnpkinx, SQUIRES HI-Y. Front ROW: li, Kvvlnr, I.. Zi'-:li-i'. L, Nlwrf l ilnnli. li. llvixllr-yl ll. NV4mim-r. Second ROW: I.. Iinah, J. Ll11':1Q, Ki. l':i1n-s, ll. Blwilxzxliu-v'. Third Row: li. Smith, I .1 l', Hull, J. Hltv, li. linliv, IV. NYMM, ll. Ru COUNTS HI-Y. Front ROW: li. llulv. li. Knnll pit 1, 41, linliv-12 Nl. 4'n'ffnl'nYi. Second ROW: I". liilkkis. T, QW-rlwtt, L. Krzium- li, link:-V, Mr, H. Thmnpxnn, Spnnmir. ,. I iii-TE .. I - ---.. W--. W -M T.:-Q75 unc hundred and ninctcvn cf , s he i f ' Hrivnhship Qlluh CABINET l FFOIIIZ Row: .Xnielizl lh-fiirolunllo, l'l1ris Slimllnr, Vzlrnlyn Xlnsull, linrlmrn Rowe, Second Row: Joy I.n1-.-A Vonnin- l'ilI'l'. Waunlai Allison, Marilyn lily. .Tully Third ROW: .Tenn U'L'mnxor. linrlmran llull, Hvrrj S1-liston, I2z1l'ln:lr:l Holmes, .Inn lfnlsliis. The Frienclsllip Club is :Ln 0l'g?lIllZ?ltl0Il for my sophomore, junior, and senior girls. It gives the girls an opportunity to develop lezulership through active pzirticipzition in social progrzuns and service projects. It teaches the girls to work with and for others. The one big project of my Friendship Club is its formal dance, co-sponsored hy the Hi-Y clubs. This year, since the date of the dance was February 13, they took advantage of the Valentine theme and neunecl it "The Sweetheart Ball." SENIOR CHAPTER FYOIXC ROWZ N LONE. Bl. Velnlwrton, ll. Miller, V. llnyvr, XY. Allison, M, lily, J, KoY:u'l1, ll. linlmnit ll. t':nrln-nter. ll, Blalrin. V, Mzlrolt. Stcond Row: N N1-lsnn, l'. M1-l'lur:, V, Fznnio, .X lfm-1'st+-, .X, Defzllnxax. Y. ttllllltlil, l. lioyi-e, J, '1'ninbry. X. F:-rris, li. Dolnlurosliy. V, Xlusnll, J. Nlllllll. Third Row: li. l.nM:u-1-l1i:1. ll. Nliskm-, N. Tmlll. XV. Ilolulw, J. 0'l'onnor, J, Duns. A, Strorn. H, liilvbons. P. lh-lzlnvy, J. liilwr, XY. lnnnun, H. Dorn, XI, Jelvo. Fourth ROW: lt. Lori-nz, ll. Hollslvin, li, llzunillon, X. Kunrliili, J. Krllnln, H. .xl'ill1ll'. A. lilnne, I.. lVllnofrio, M. In-ntbeuker, J. Linmlner. li. Loknr, V. Y:mSt-mlf-r, H. Sln-rlovk, K. Reeves. l'. Blu-Caxrllxy. Fifth Row: 12 XVeishn1-r, U. XVilli:uns, IF. NY:xli-nsn, N. xviillllilf, J. Ventrn, M. Lloyd, J. lCl4lrr-ml, P. Mvlim-on, 141, Stone, I., N1-shift, D. Hnrr, A. Horvnth. J, Lucey, S. Imrk, M. Greenway, C. Skudlar, S. Twvx-xl. one hundred and twenty " JUNIOR CHAPTER iFI0lll5 Row: J. liriffis, M. Ki-akin, M. Kla-in. S. Kivlili-r, ' J. Cuvcisi, M. l'l1i'iatnplis-r, R. V115--. J. lmlxkis, Ii. Hfllilfxll. , V. Lunilvzii-ilu. IC, lirauliwr, V, llrzuly, ll. Funk, U. lit-lk. BI. llukvi 4. WSGCOIICI ROW! ll. Xlilallm, l'l. Mmiiwii-. Bl. I"lm-ming. .l. l"lm-t:'lu'i'. Pj, Ib. I':liflj', M. Ilunn, P. Ilugzsin. ll. Allimn, M. Iliiiwomlii-. .1 V. Iiiilio X lliI'1-nvn X Vim B Cuxki . Mg J. Ilrn 'li 'Third new mi ... I . Gnu-4-ll. . i , .. 'cis , . . :l.., I. -, I ll. Huh-A S. Flxggwl. iI'0U1'th ROWS I.. Ni-lawn, ll. lirllll, li. lil'i'il1l1i-Ili-i'. .X Krolm. S. Iflairln-1' li Klaimiiilim-r N Illini li. Ilzmiiltim. J. Kun sm-y, V. II:ur mu. J, Ilnilnlm-li, l. II.lll.u-li. J, ll.i.ix, J. ' li11:iriim, J. lirmf. li. tim-gif-. J. Hriffis. Tifth ROW: Ili 5 Iluwi-. li. Rliiiiriu-vi. N. Kzisiiiiiv, Y. llllILflllN. S. Nvrv-, J. Fulk, XI. Klvivr, N. Ili-I'-wil, J. .luliiismy J. Bllflllllvj, Bl. Lynn-li, KI. Luvk, li. llolnivx, Il. Inu-liwoml. 1. I.:-flux, N. I,:iI'ui'ii-, .l, Iiaxiimnt. llrronr Row. N. smith, I.. lmiiii... H, i,'i.ii-if. mx l'11t1il v LL-isliinrili, li. II:lll. ll. N4-kstmi, J. 011111-lli. Ib lxlilil. V. l II:iYvli, ID. Hslii-rig. I. l'i'ili!ln-, IC. Nniwl:-ti'mii, J. Xiu. f'l'SCCOrld ROWS l'. 'l':lylur, J. Nvliiizirtl, l'. Si-liiilln, KI. Sllulu-i'. :Qi P. Si-lim-iili-r. l'. Tvlliiiz. N. Iimw, M. limbs, M. llilsimv, 'V I". Nulivk, II. lh-vw-S. J. Pint. Third ROW: I-I. Jnquzlys, P. Nliairiv, BI. Slmfu-zu, N. Wi:-kim-1-, Ii. Tl'Il1'll, XY. Ryili-r. I'. Slum-ii, ll, St:-infiirlli, li. Sziluinuni-, ll. Stmlzlrliwl. N. Slvffv-nlialfvii. .L Npivm-l. S. Smith, r l Fourth Row. 1. 1 I -. - ' ' .' ii. I'i A . In ' ' A . VI' ' ' 'r ' ' 4. PN I . '.,.. .l.. . .'. . ii.. ifth Row: t'. Jnliumm. J. II:-lui-In-niiil. Il. Sli: xv, '. ' ur iv . . 'isiuif " ". " 1' 2, ,fqvn-. , .V .' 'gif , . Stu ':. SOPHOMORE CHAPTER Front Row: IJ. Ilntliiwwli, I.. Imm-, V. I.:lli::lHiN. Ii Iwi-x t'. lniikzirl. S. Lyons. .L IM-tlilwvlailim. li. linwi-. V. Xlziilrvi' ll. XI1'l'i'i1riu. ll. lIr'Kviizi1-, l'. Rlvlfiiigrlil. If. Rliiniin-V, A l'4'tri1Li. li. Xiliiirln-l'l5', Second ROWI J. lfvulii-iiln-l'gvr, N. Oliiln-rmlmili. J. Xlziyfivlil l'. liogi-i. ,l. qw-1-111. A. Ni-ylun. I., Xlziynnrzl. Ii, U Ilznn l'. N4-lmui. S. Mn-tm'l', l'. Xliiiv-lln, li Klvslggit, ll. Xlfmru- I'. I'us!:il. Bl. Ski':il14'4'. Third Row: H. Ni-ni:-tli. J, Nlinln-X. l'. i'ZllIIll'l', ll. Nhlrliigili N. I':irsrui5, S. I':it1i1rn'v. N. l'1ii'lir'vk. Xl. Vzlliiilizis. I' 3I1'1':u'tliy, J. Siviiiliin-17, H. Prulnzik. V. Xlrmrn-. li, llrvlili Ii. I'igii:1t:iru. l. l'f-tviw, l'. Nnliele-rs. Follrth ROW! Bl. I':iy1-i'r'liin. S IH-1-lc. 1', l'1-l'limiu'. li l'uxx'i-VN I.. lizililritt. M. linilntz. J. lim-vi-N, .l. Yr-rlmtz. S, Siwlmi' A. Supp. I.. M1-'ln-vi, F.llii1i, I'. Sliully. lb. Si-'miwli-r J. Zlisl. ll. S1'li:l1'i'fl. Ii. Nlailiipfvl, V. Swniu, ll. Smilli. Fifth ROWS Ii. S:-livffli-V. J. Sumlifi-r. l'. Toll. N li"lmlL:lv' I.. '1'i4'kiwr, 19. Stvii':il'!. I.. Slwkvs. K. Sluiiiw, KI. Xliiiilv-ll J. V:iii'lvl1lvl1i':. J. Tnplzili. Rl, NY:-:uw-r. Ii. Swv.-fl.-i'. S lVliil-'. N. XYilli:imK. ll. Willis, A. Yutfkn. l'. Zii-:I-r NI. Ziniliu-i'lli:iii. FIOIIC Row: l'. lilzitnlk, .l. Hun, M. Juni'-. J. Hiliiii-iw, S Horiimvi. li. Ili-1-lc, J. Iii-I-vlmlii. .l. Lux.-. Il. linmiii-rt. l' lluiwliai. XY. Hrrvli. Y. llrvwsti-r. K. 1':ir1wiit1-r. Nl. Vziiwll-i IP. I':'rutult:i. J, .lliflivi-. Second Row: I'. Iluriwy, V. Iivrlmir. S. .huge-in-, BI. Vmits wurtli. S. Vunilw, li. Vmmf, N. Vu:-ln-tt. I'. l'i'f-mv. .X Ilzinie-lx. J. Ilzinzinger. ll. llolun, H. Iiumlzl, M. limi. S Diirk Third ROW: Ii. Ilurvaitli. J. lil:u'kliurn, .I, l'Ii-ki-riiinii, R I'l1lxxair4Is, Ii. lfllw, Nl. IlIlilL'l', Y. Hnliiilton, D. Fink. IJ Biwlcvr. N. Funk, G. Hizinzisi. S, Gi-lie, F. Iiimmziu. J Hziller, I-I. Hnssink. J. Kent, M. Hi-rr. Fourth ROW! I'. Bunk. S. Avery, I., Hrugfi'-l, P. Hrililmlis 44, Amlolwc, P. Giles, J, Hui-vvair. A. Billi. S. Hn-lin IC. Iierrivr, lf. Klingf, J. Kmiyai, li. I'u1'1-ini:-. J. Vnsnizili J. Kfwiv, P. Ne-lsun, IS. Xi-limi, IW. Iliimiltun. Fifth Row: J. Uziraimi, N. 1'lvmi-nts. Il. Cliairli--. li Hlzivic' J, J0xl1e1'p:v1', IC. Kaixiiuiv. M, Film-, 44. Ilui-lm, J. Jaililnn P. Knrnz, E. Kline, K. Kril, M. Krizmnn, S. Kuvavli BI. Kunkm-l. I.. Kuslinvr, M. I.:-uty, ll. Krxinie-i', Blrirnhahip Gluh l,--Nm- YY Y NM-? -W - A YY YW iiiAi My V i hjf one liundrccl and twciity-mic ,Pi I iliuiurv Ivarlyvra nf Amvrira Frcnf, ROW: J. Vnnly, A. Vu-nmks. N. Km-rr. A. llv1':i1v11:l, M. Phillipx, XY. Allison. N. l'll'.'1'lY. J. Uilffix. 1'. l":lAin, Second Row: Huw l.. .Xl11:w4v1'tl1, XI, .Tum-S. Y. i,1nnl1:lr4In. C. Y:uiS:'mli-V. N, Knrnnx. H. .Xrtlllllk ll, Hallw- nzny. V. Nlqmllnr, N. ilnnt, W. Innuznn, M, Jvh-n. Third Row: li. T4-nw-h, .X. l'rulT. li. Lllxli, Ii. liznnllxziliuliis. if lizlrrvtt. J. Tnlllzili. J. Linmlnvr, Y. 4'l11lhl.l, K, l5:wlnx'ilu:lv. ll. llullftvin. li. J4-nnv. V. lizlyvr, F0l1I'tl'1 ROW: l', Tnrnn-r. l'l. Kluliruv, N. Kll'llll"l', ll. Allison. ll. lie:-k. IP. XYmnIwl'. li. llivlir. P, Xivlfvwli. J. lflrllw-el. S, llvnn, .X, l"m'i'xI:'. J. lh-vvllzilli. 'l'hc Fnturv 'I'1-uuln-rf. ul' .-Xnu-riru is an :ncfivc Ul'gIillllZ!ltlUll L'UIIlIlU5t'Kl uf Hmm- htllllL'I1tN who lmvv au their vmnnmn goal thi' t1'6il'lllIlgI thc ymith ul' tulnurrow. lrfavli year the IlN'll1llf'!'5 ure' given the uppnrtllnify of Nllll- stitutingr in um' of our city wlnzulf.. This nmmul t'nnL"tiun l'l1Hl5li"S my :-ztumlvnts to uhtziin :in iclvu of thc- vxpvri- FllK'l'S funnml in an tm-zzvliiligr carer-r. l'n1lcr the uhh' fIllillEIlN'l' nf my clash spnnsur. Mr. llruce Urailienn, :incl Clams Pres-aimlcnt. Rely Vcape. my Se-niur Cabinet clisciinwal :mal with-cl mainy IH'1Plllt'IllS with whivh my Senior CMM ia confronted. This year! Senior Canhinct. which is wnnpmucl nf thx- vluss uffivvlm :und :in vlcvti-cl hwy :mil girl from vnuli horncruum. helpocl plan my Senior Play. Senior Prmn. lilL'llll'CS. :xml cumlrln-lxcerlu-lit exercises. SENIOR CABINET Front Row: .l. Tumhrx, XI, l-himsiw, li. llrunknll. li. Ywlw. J. 0'l'nn1mr. l'. Rluxalll. li. i':1r1n-m--r. li. liilvlmns, Xl. Znliv. S6COI1d Row: J. ll:-ifllm, li, liulhnnm-, l'. l.:ipinsk:la. ,X. Urhlnwlu, J, Smith, li. lily. K. Xlillvr, li. lmkair. Third Row: lm, .X1I:unN. li. Shura. J. l'Ii1-tr-lixxuit. J. l'Iih1-r, N. Iinnwn. .X. Strmn. J. Lunhh-r. lf Hoefh-. li. lii'l'lilllll, J. l"nii'4'hil1l. Fourth Row: Mr. ll, Hrnlnzlni, ll. liugghurg. H, W1-ir, l'. Xlvtiuigaun. il. Uhr-rmlzunk, J. Skinner, J. Korn. li. Wiltshirv. unc lmndrcd and tXVCI1ty-fW0 AD CLUB Front Row: Y. l,u111l1111'1l11, ll. lla-1111is, ll, Kvkzlw, V. Mznralt, ll, Nl:11'l.1, li l.:1Blz1u-lain. Y. ll1'1-xxsit-11 1, ,. Xl l1111l141la11 Second ROW: ll. Sham, S. II:1111il1u11, ll,St11pk:1, lb. l1lll'l'. ,M Ilm'v:1l!1. A. Wilstlai-l'. M. lily. ll llt-llsll-111. ll. llamillu11. Third ROW: lb. XYlllfIllU'l', Xl Glass, J, .lllllllSllll, S. liairpt-r, lt, liullnim-. J. lal'v-lit-1-, lt. Alillvr. N. ll1111I J 11 X 11 11 Q 11 l. l2:1l sh, ilr. A. V:1":1"1-ll . Tha' .Ml Club is unc nf my must essential 0l'f!,'i1IllZH.tl4Hl5. Slllwrvisc-tl hy Mr. .lntliony Yac't':1rix'llu. it aicls lllj' atliletic ClC'lHll'tlllL'flt, hy selling: tickets for games bvfort- and cluring the 4-vent, hy cnlluctiripr tickets at thn- cluors, and by pe-rfuriningr other CllltlC'S. Often they arc Callt-cl 1111011 to aid in tht- Illll?lll'ltj' aml Ilflillllltlllll ot' my spurts activities. Spunsuretl hy thc- Kiwanis Kllllll, my K1-5' l'luh is K'UlIlp4lml'll nl' lmys who nice-t um- t'Y1'lllllfI :1 wt-sk fur tht- plirpusc ufc'n111111l111ity svrvirt-. 'l'his prngralli pruvitlrs imtsich- rcci-1-:1tiu11 fur thx' 1111-111lu-rs and ln-lps thvm tu clvvolup tht-ir 4'llill'2ll'tl'I' :mel their :xhility tu gt-t along with utlicrs. 'l'hc vluh 11ft'1-rs its 111e'111ln-rs il 1'l1:1114'1- to visit 111:11111t'ac't11ri11gr plants, tu listt-11 tu llltl'l't'?-tlllg Sl7k'Hlit'l'5, and to assist with tht- Kvy tlllllb 1lillll'l'. My Illl'll1lll'l'5 also attvml Hll llllIlll2ll 1'u11x'e11ti1111 ut' cluhs in lhx- Uhiu district. Front Row: li. E1-ln-1't. L. Yr-:11'y, T. Hr4m'11111g, IH Smith. .l, Iinhlvr, Bl. W:1lkl4'1, T, Lal'-n't1f S COIICI, ROW: J. Slci1111v1', ll. liurli. ll. liimlszly. L. Sm'l111l1111'i:st1'1', lt. livlly. T. Nirvlu-s. l'. th-nt. lt, I':11'1' Third. ROW: ll, lmlxslzxs, H, 'l'vs1'l1l-cv, ll. Blarvair, N, S114-1:11-, .l. Nl1'l.:111p:l1li11. li. lim-l111v, li. Lnltlty, .l, NYi11lcI1-r, T. IJ1':1l1:1111. FOl1I'Eh Row: l', l'llll4'll. li. Siru, Ii, Yvairy. l'. Sc'l1u'm'gl-'1', Ii. Ulu-1'1la11li. li. NY1'i:l1I, li. Mills. livg Qllnh unc llllINll'1'll aml lW1'lltQ'-tllI'l'l' Jax? ' 'r'-'-- 'rw'-' -v' ' ' ' 7 W ' ' W 'A- J, illllnniv Glluh ' Front ROW: K. Kelly, lb. In-nnis. li, Kubilus, B. Marvin. T. Stokes, R. Roberts, P. Snylll-r, Bl. XY:-ml, K. Rem-ya-s. SeCOl1d Row: R. Xvllrivy, -i. Third ROW! Mr. 0. linilvy, ll. 4'urll-ton, C. Zingnlvs, ll. Ni-bo, F, Conroy, l,, .im-11111-rv 13. llivlqf, Y, Cilillllll, D, Sanger. Skinnvr, li. Lynvh, R, Thorpe, li, Holon, ll. Marin, C. Murolt, .l. Ynncli-nln-1-ggi , , , shown in my extensive visual 1-clllczltion program, the opc-rutor bc-hincl the projvvlor Every time H Inovir is is an trainml inemlwr of tho Movie Club. Nlernbvrs receivu instructions on the usc :unl care of the equip- nn-nt from Mr. Olin llailvy, the club sponsor. They aid the teachers in using movics by "bringing the screen to the classroom" :incl they urn' zunong 'the privileged group who "ride the c-levutorsv. The proceeds from the noon movies, shown by the Movie Club, are use-cl to provide funds for additional vquipnlent. 'l'hc nwinbcrr. of Mr, Mm-lvin Robbk Ceann-ra Club are continually occupicd pllotogmplling hchool events for my Surzwvu, EllI'lil,iIlIl, and other publications. Ml-nibl-rs lc-arn the uw of professional equipment and lianvc every opportunity to employ their knowledgv in con-ring: my sports, sovizll, and nczlclenlic' events. Thi' club sponsors u yearly intra-wliool photo contest :incl nn-mbcrs exhibit lhcir work in various shows through- out ilu- yvur. CAMERA CLUB Front ROW: li. Nom-ilvr, Ii, Shvrlnun, A. Bills, l'. Ria-4-, ll. llunos. Second ROWZ l', M4-lbowvll, l'. Hoeflv, L. fNbt'l'll2l1lii, l'. Lvilmllm-1lv1', J. Muni, li. Krimwlm-i'. Thifd ROWZ MY- M- HUNT. A. Bino, X. Yvngvr. J, XVinkln-r, J, Hang, D. i3L'YllilNl'f'. one llunclrml and twenty-four P. A. ANNOUNCERS 1. lrJllxl'l', ll. luulh-1'., A, lilz111c, Iv. N-lwl1111, 11. llQi'lPillllll. J, l-1':11ll1-y, X. lxxulllx. ll I-xx-1111' X K'1'l 11- "'1'h1' PHX. .X111111111111-rs . . . hringr yilll thc 111111'11ing 11111111111111-1111-11ls." .xltlllillglll this grmzp has llll nlhm-1' 1-l1:1111-c fu 111011. UW P, .L .-X1111o1111CCl'N. llllflvr thc clirn-c'ti1111 nt' Mr. I,c1111:1rcl RUllllC'l'i, 1':111 allxvayx ln- calls-cl llllllll for 5111111-tl1i11g 111111s11:1l :111ml c11t1-rt:1ini11g i11 thc course- uf Illillilllfl' tha- daily 1111111111111-1-111:-11tw. Xvllll elm- hut il P. .-X. 'l'ccl111i1-iz111 1-1111ld lllillik' :my sa-1151- out of thc grn-:lt K'0llg!lUIllt'l'illlilll of 1q11i111111-11t i11 my P. A. ruum. Mr. .lz11111-s G1-hl1:1rt and Mr. .luck Milla-r. s11u11m1's, sec tn it that not unly mln the 1111-111l11-rs know hmv to use this eqlliplm-11t hut also that they llllYC" tht- nppmvrtllnity to Cllllllllj' thcir tc-c'l111i1':1l skill. lt is the duty uf thc- P. A. 'l'l'L'lIlllL'lilIlh tu take- cure- of all i11tr:1-sc-l11111l 1111111111111i1':1ti1111s. Mc111l11-ra set up thn- 1-q11ip111r11t fur th1- Illflflllllfl 111111011111-Q-111e11ts. llillltllf thc Vilfllbllbi other L'l2lSNI'lVlllll 4-ulls, 111111 :1r1- 17l'tl'Il 1-alla-cl 11111111 to Illillii' tape 111' cliw rc-1-11r1li11gs 111' my v11ri1111s t'1111c'tim1s. Front ROW: li. .X111l1-1's1111, S. 1-'lm-k1-, M1-. J. liUllllill'f, M. NYz1tki11s, K. L111'1-11L, M1-. J. Mill:-1-. Second Row: Il. Turk, X. H111-111-1', li. Ntnlfh, J. T11pl:1lt, J. W111'l1te-, ll. 1,111-k11'11 1111 1 Third ROW: F. Spinu, R. Tnplak. R. L'111-1111111-1', D SI.'lll!1ll'fl. ll. Millx, Il. R11t111:111, Il. H1-l1:11-11. 1g.A.EP1'lI1iIiEIIIE 1.,..-.- 1- lf' i-j,- fi?-1,-,,,, f---Qiifii-'W'-L. Q2- om- lllIlKlI'CCl and lXVL'lltj'-FIV? p nrlh Affairz Qlluh , ffl . H -1: , aww' is . 8 Front Row: IC, Xlonrov, I". liroirn. li. Svhullz. Second ROW1 J. Snnrlifer, lil. iilllvlllflll, C. ltogzusvll, J. Spvrl, K. lizxclovunil-, L, Imy-ig, H, Knlwin, Third ROW: X. Ilunsf-n, H. llurk, lb, liolle-r. lb. Applr-hy, C, liawvtt, ll, Amie-rson, S. l"isl1vr. Fourth Row: N. Puvlic-ek. S. liirk. ll. Bush, L, Nvlson, R. liulmik. Ri. NVnrrvn. Fifth Row: ll, Fivlrling, R. Valltlxwll, J. Cornf-r, B, Smith, L. Schefflvr. Mrs, Ii. Stvwurl, B. 1':1rln-ton. 'l'hv purposm- of my World Affairs Cluh is to inte-rest students in current world problems und to clvvelop llllCi6'l"SliillCilIlg.1' in their solutions. During thc Cluh period, the IlN'lIlhCl'S cliscuks un important issuv. often with thc nicl of in moviv or :A gilt-st spcuker. Unclcr thc- ilircction of Mrs. Helen Stewart. the Club sponsor. mn-mhcrs pzlrticiputr in many Clllllllllllllty uctivities. .-X group of my students huvc- joined the Publications Club in order that thcy might help extend to my stufh-nt homly the- c'r:-:alive writing tulvnt of some of their fric-nlls. Not only don-s this Cluh run El Contest each year for lllPltt'l'llll, hut it prints and sr-lls thc storics, ll0t'lllA,ill1li cssuys in u hnokh-t form mulled the "IqIll'Il-IMP." 'l'hc vluh ulso puhlishc-ml thc "S1'nior Sczuulul Slwctu untl "Class XVill" for grrurluuting se-niors. ge EUCUYO Front Row: 'l'. llulu-r,, A. Vurlson, Nl. ln-rlmuin, ll. llorluvoml, .l. lil-nm-y. V. llllllllllili. l', M1-Knight. S9COI1d Row: 'l', lG1':ll1:un, N. lion:-, l,, 'I'i1'linor, lt. llolmi-s, V. ll:uy1'r, ll, ltvnvvs. J. l50:lvll:1ln, l'. l"m-nsrll, Third Row: Mrs lt, lllson. Xl. Blu1'r:l5', l'i. .Xnnli-x'soli, l'. Nlnvv. om- hnnclrm-ml :ind twcnty-six l Qs ' -QM RED CROSS Front ROW: l. Boyce, l'. Bowers, L, Hruhn, li. llamilton, lb, BlllI'lPllX. Second ROW: M. NV:lll, L, l'i4'uzzi. P. Pinto, Miss E. lmmon, l'. liorsha, l' Stall. .l, Vrzunor. Miss Edith LA-mon's Rod Cross group is a club with a purposu. ll is dediuatr-cl to scru- others. 'l'ln club, among its other functions, provides aid to various institutions such as hospitals and thv armed forcc-s NI:-rnhers prepare gift huxr-s and a gift exhibition to ht- sent abroad in an vffort tu do all thvy ran to im- prove intcrnational relations. I feel it is truly a significant acliiewnwnt whrn sonn- of my stndt-nts can lt-arn to work together for the hvnefit of otln-rs. My stage Crew Consists of 'thc members of two daily classes in stagrevraft. one undcr thu dircvtion of Mr. Herbert Nold. the other supervist-d hy Mr. Gene Tliolnlmson. ln those classes IllL'IlllH'l'5 lvarn tin- funda- mentals of scem-ry, scenery de-sign, and stage construction. Mvmhvrs of my stage vrew clnploy their know- ledge in setting up my stairs' and svrncry for ilSSt'lIll3lit'S and tin' wills- varie-ty of othcr pY'll1,f!'i'illlS which trans spire in my anditorimn. Front, ROW! Mr, H, Xold, l5. Falk, F. 1'l1ristofl'. T. Caruso. D. Davis, li. Moy:-rs. IE. lilansn-tt, Secbud ROW: li. Tenth-r. I., Golnh, J. lit-mf, H. linhnik. J. liydvr, ll. She-ar. Mr. l'. Thompson, Third ROW! L. livtlllll, J. lilghlflllll, L. Lilllslr, li. XVilli. li, llislnv, .l, Zanghi, A. liilrlvy, ll. lmlls:-, Stags Glrmu one hundred and twenty-sf'v9n Swim Inh i"' . 2-ss-W i 1, Frullt ROW! li, Kelly, .l. lil'il1ll0-'Xi Nl. Burns, .l, l.'ll'P4'l1, N. Yi4lmar. A. Vrooks. X, Fe-1'i'is. S, lireaves, N. 1lo1'i'ou'. Second ROW! N. iflark, li lirozina, ll. l'hapnian, li, T1-sm-like, A. llrotlr-ff, T. lironning, ll. Hates. ll, lflll'll, J, liu1'x':ll. J. Vlark. Third ROWZ Mrs, J, Kline, A. Xe5low, .l, liratlley, H, Klnuminzer, N. Thomas, ll, Holobie, T. Yimllnzlr. , ' nv' NI! l kvilln 1'. Unrlelmlonk. Rl. Glass, N. Lal orte, l. Telli ,., , P0l1Yth ROW: li, hxlllllillllh, V, lbreyer. J. lliamonnl, H. Rolmers, ll, Vollins, ID, liravell, ll. Mills. ll. llrnle. li Koeth, 1', Magnusshn. Nui Napola is the seeret name of my swim cluh. It is an Hawaiian name whose meaning is known only to its members. Nai Napola was organized in 1952 hy Mr. Jody Gram anal Miss Mary Vl'olverton. Since Miss XYolverton left Euelicl. her joli has been taken over hy Mrs. .lane Kline. Membership includes twenty boys and twenty girls, usually juniors and seniors, who must pass a rigid test hefore heeoming members. They must show pro- fieieney in nine clifferent strokes hy doing two laps of the pool with each stroke. They must show some skill in diving and also in underwater swimming. Tlley must demonstrate their encluranee hy doing: a pre- serilveml numher of laps of the pool. The purpose of the eluh is to aclvanee aquatic skills. They inelufle synehronizerl and speed swimming plus water safety. In the spring Nai Napola presents its annual NVater Show. 'llllt'I'K" is one ventral theme upon whieh several aets are hast-cl. 'l'hmse aets may inelude synchronized swinuningr. or eometly, displaying: all the skills of the memhers. sliirh-y Greaves, treasurer: Xmlja Yidinnr. Vive-presr nlenli Tim Brownintf. ses-rvta1'y. and Louis lirozinzl. presideiit, posing on the low tllVlIlL1' lsoznrsl. one hundred and twenty-eight trla pnrtn Hrnnihing gnnh rleem fun, an mergetir fnrm nf rerrvatinn I ,- lr S' .f i X if wa , JU A t A Q7 "' uv l f ,U i , xx 2 'KP' 'Y .4 4 l . X' 9 l il 'f i' Ni Front Row: A. Foe:-ste. Second Row: M. Esposito. J. Iiovawli. Third Row: lv. 'IR-wr-Ii. IG. Lokar. .l, O'f'onno1', Fourth Row: D, Xililcilsa, J, lici'nl1:i1'4lt. A. lilanc, N. Nclson, Fifth Row: H, llolnrosliy, V, llosalll, H, liihhons. M, lilw-slivzlly J. l'lilw1'. Sixth ROW! V. Slcocllar, li, Maria, l', Klclfi-on, li. Millcr. ll. Miskom-, XY. Allison. Seventh ROW! XY. liyllcr. Il, llr-rnl2'in, S, Smith, ll. llzlll, .l, Lum-oy, J. l'llnlr1-fl. A. In-l'npu:n. Eighth ROW: P. Combs, ll. Krull, B, Tcnch, P. Turns-r, S, Kiclulcr, ll. Allison, II, Uslr1'l':l. Y. I.omh:1r1lo Ninth Row: J. llulskis, Bliss 4', tin-w. li. Voski. Andrcy Foerste, presiilvntg Nmlm-lixw Esposito, sr-c1'c tary: and -lilllvi Kovacli. tri-:isuri-r, working: in tha- gyin officc. Thu group of wliilr-suilcil girl. found in thc gym every XYt'dllt'SClily, third pcriocl. is the Girls' Lcaclcrs Club. The group is CUlllIlUSULl of athlctically inclined girls with a high ranking in scholarship. lcaclcrship, sportsnianship, anil dcpcmlahility. It is unflcr the clircction of Miss Carol Grcvc. A special function of thc club is tin- I.r-aclcrs' Clinic, which introduces thosv girls who :irc inicr- cstcll in hecoining lllClTll1l'l'S to thc purposc anal ich-als of the club. Eva-ry sport and its rules arc cliscusscd hy the prcscnt llIf'lDlN'l'S, Junior and Stllillklllllifl' girl- arc cligihlc to aitcnml thx' Clinic and llUCUIlli' cancliclatcs for IllC'Illlit'I'SlllP. XVII:-n thc sclcction uf ncw ll1ffllllM'I'N is made, thc prcncnt oncs initiatc ihcin hy hoth a formal and an llliiliflllill ccrcniony. The main purposc of my G.l..C. is assisting in ihc tc-aching of skills, ilfgillllllllg sports and aciix- iiies, and rcfcrccing: intralnurals. My lcaclcrs :irc :xlso in chargc of lnakcups. An ilnporiant social activity iw ihc Aninml .Xlinnni Night. ll social gct-togctlwr of all olml and ncw members. Members of the cluh haw hccn invited to various play Clays. sponsor:-cl hy IlN.'lIl'lN'I' schools of th? Lake liric I,cap:uc and certain inmlcpcncl- cnt schools. 'T Girlz Lwuhrrza Glluh i I ,X i , one hundred and thirty-one .Han ivninr Girlz' Hlvahrrn Ha-re you su- pic-lurccl all my senior Lezulers faking part in lllc various sporls offered to my ffirls in the gym classes. 2-1 nm- lmmlrc-cl and thirty-two ' Q I , " "L -1 .Y ....f...+ . -sv - .4 ar- ,,.... f4 f- s FTOIII ROW: N. 1li'v:ix'Q-s, K. K1-lly, Second ROW! N. BIm'ruw, X. Viilm:li'. M. lliiriv. .l. l"ri-4-li. N l"i-rris, l A. Crrmks, .l. llrzullvy. Third ROWZ l'. Ti-llivig. N. Vlairli. .l. Xvylnii, ll, Hlziss, ll, liiilwl iv. .X Yiilmzir S. '1'l1rvlll::s, F0l1I'th ROWS S, Uliilvrilvnili, li. Kl1lllllllllL0l'. .l. llrsulln-y, N. l.:ll'u!'Iv'. .l, l'l:irli. .l. l'lo-ti-lu.-i ' Alum.-.-ii lllll'llN, .x.1.iV.-y cw....k,. xumiy xim-I-..w, my and utlior :ulimlic :ic-fivitics. Kelly, .lllcly lirzullvy :mil Nllirli-y tire-ziy'n-s pr:im'li4ili ilu-ir many skills in lliv pool, one lumclrccl and lliiriy-llirce One of thi- main llllllCS of my girl swim- mcrs is to lip-lp in my swimming clnssus ln-:u-liing girls liow To swim nml liuw fn improve 'their various sliwikcs. 'l'lie mvm- b0l'Sl1lP cmisisls of lwcnly girls wliu :iri clmsen by Mrs. .lsuic Kline. Jmly Gram. :xml rw my Swim Cluli. llie girls lmvi- lu pass :1 rigid 'rest of many nqimlic skills ln-forc H11-ix :irc uligible for mcmlmcrsliip. My girl swimmers :irc engagcml in many H special ncfivitics. lliey :irc given ilu- uplmr- I i funity 'ro p:i1'licipufu in my :xmiuzil wnlui slmw, lo I lun tlie intrzumiral swim mei-l among llie gym pcrimls, to luzicli in clzlssvs, I :xml to lnmiimfe :ill forms of wah-r sullcly Giirl Snnirmnvru 1 -r 1 R' CEi1'La' Athlriir Aunnriatinn 'CRT Front Row: Miss Luis, ww -N KT? V X G.A.A. ADVISORY BOARD .lun llliln-r, ,Inn llnlskls, ln! Vomlis, .lun .'ll1lro-rl, Ilolorvs NY:1l1-nsai, .lvzun 0'l'onl 'Q'-w XYa1n1ln .Xlli-on, Bllll'llj'lI lireslivzlr, liinnn Uslu-rgf, .Xnilrn-'y l"oQ-rslv. Second Row: ' ' moi Sine sportsmanship in our worlll of today is il great asset in lllilllltllllllllg in-zlcc, thc muin purpose of my Girls' .Xthlvtiv Associzltion is to injvvt sportsmanship into the minds of :ill it- members. 'l'he Kl.,X.,-X. vnuhles any of my high school girls to participate in thu various sports, suvh as fivlil liockvy. lmslcutlmll. volleylmll, zmrl hzulminton. 'l'hc goal of ezmlm lIlt'IllbE'l' is to rcccivr- lln- lettvr "E" uhicli is ziwurclvcl whrn she acquires Il specific number of points uirin-cl through pzirticipution in intremnirzil sports :incl other outsiclv sport activities. 'l'ln' ti..X..X. .Xclvisory lioarcl is composml of lll1'll1llt'l'b who :irc specifically in cllzlrgrc of El l'l'Flillll sport. Tlwy svln-clnlc thc lournzuncnts, sm- that nhle rl-fcrvcs are pre-sent. :incl rvport thi- points ilCllllll'L'll hy vuvli girl. SENIOR G.A.A. Front ROW: A. lfomwh-, lb. Wailcnsu, li, t'n1-pvnlvr, XY. Allison, Bl, lS1'oskx':u'. M. l'l-nilwrton, li, Rm-xx-s. li. Xlzirlu. V. Xlnrolt. Second ROWS N: Xu-lson, .l. ll:-rnllzirilt. .l. liilu-i', N. Toclml, li. Miskov, li. lloml Inoslq, .l, lrumor, A, llorvutli, Rl, l'l1lllips, V, Ntzlplm-s. Third Row: .l. Yi-nlrzl, U. Slionllzir, l'. llm't'lnl':. .l. lmns, .l, liox':u4'li, KI. Esposito, K, Morgan, .L lilalnv, ll. llilrlnons, Nl. lily. Fourth ROW: l', llvlfl-on, li. XY1lson, .l, Nlilrvllionl-. V. Xlanlllius, .l. l'llili'1'ml, l'. lil,-laun-y. t'. Bloxzlll, .l. Rlllll'lll0l', .l. lnlvvy, J. ll'1,'onnor. H. .ll'lllUl'. one lnmflrvd and thirty-four SOPHOMORE G-.A.A. Front ROW! K, Mllmpe-Y, M. Ilnlaln, J. l'l'a1luk:ll'. J, Luav, S. Lymn, Ii. U'IIn1'v. I-I. XYu:nlu'l'1j, N. I':lrNu11s. S. Putnmre, J, Jlulive. M. Herr, P, Nvksmx, ll. Km':u'Ix. SLCJIIJ ROW1 Ii, Blmmf, J. Km-Hvquz li. , Kusuniv, A, Nvylun, M. Skraulrv. N. I,:lYlil'l'k, li. I'u,tn:1k, N. Il'-ml, J, K1-nt. J, Knnin. H. Hmm-. ' K, Glliv4'a1l'du. Third ROW! A. lM'lii1ml:l11m, J, XVl14'llIu, M. Film-. U. Krzlulvr, N, Fiukv, N. Mvsivli V. 'I'mnsir, J, l'1C'kPl'llIiIH, RI. XY:-:V ', " 1'. Mvllltyrv, I'. Cn-gn, Al. Snyrlvr, M. Hunk:-l, A. M4-Kay, S, IN-ek. J. lilxlrklvurn, ll. Zlmvm-rlllam F011rth Row: J. Tupluk, l'. Nr-lsun, H. lmuiy, N, lin-lrluglv, lf. Ilzlwiuk. I'. Toll, l'. Ura-ntl, J. IH-1'li-mi, xez I Rini, f Girlz' Aihlvtir Anznriuiiun u. C lmnnlrccl and thirty-five --.X 1 vf! Cgirlu' Sparta HOCKEY TEAM Front Row: A, lffm-sr:-. Second ROW! H. Pelnhe-1'tnn, M. Phil- lips. J. Ihluf. l'. V:nnS1-mule-x', V, Skmllur. R. Fridley, J. lin-rnl1:u'1lI. J, ICl1l1'enl, XI, Hrvik- xnr. J. Iimuwlm. IP. XVZIIUHSZI, I-nv hundred and thirty-six , r nga parm Zlnhinihual ahilitg, team spirit, emit gnnh marking rnmhimrtn gin: tn me mzrrzzsful neasnna in athlrtirn . J 11" 1 FI'01'1t Row: li. Sl1'11':11'1, NI:111:1:1-rj J. l11111:11, ll. l1il'11:1l11, ll. li1'1111'11, li, I1111l1'1li, lf. XY:11s1111, IZ XY.11' l111li1', ll. K11ali1-11sl11-k, .l. li11111h:11'l1. ll. XY:11lsx1111-111, SECOIld Row: B112 1'. l'f1-lu-1-1, l,1111- l'11:11-l1. IP XY11111111-1' 15, lilllinw-, I". S111l111, li. T1-11tl1-1-, li, l,1111::, .L 'l'1'51111. ll. .X111l1-1'r1111, -l. llull. Third Row: M12 N, N1-l-1111 11:11-kfi1-111 t'11111-hg S H111-1-11, li, IH11-t1-1-. li. I-I:1:1-1. J. I'1-11'11f1i. ll. I':1p111-, I' ICIMIQ1. li. U11-11. ll. 1.11111-11 A. li:11ly. M1-. A. Y:11-1-:11-i1-ll11, lrilfllllj' 3l:111:lLZ1'1'. fourth Rgwg Mr, 5, 111lL1g1N111. II1-ml 1'11:11-hj li. l'h:111111:1. I1. K1':111N1-, ll .X11:1111x. ll. K11111l1. Il l1111'x:1l. H. 01141111-I1, J. 011-1111, li. Smith, S. NY1ll11u. R Y:1111-IQ. 511- ll. K--115, ll11'1-1 1111' 111' .X1l1l1-I11-X. Fifth Row: 1 11h111 II I'1 1111111 I' Il111l 1 II XII 1111 I' 11, XY11111-y, KI:111:1::1-1-1 ll. llzuis, T. I,1fI11-1-11111, Ii. II11 'il 'i', '. 'iI, .. ' , 1 l.1111111,kg1y Ib, M1-l.:1115hl111. ll. l:11111111':1N. ll. 5111111113 11, I-11111111-1', lI1111l Rl.111.1,,11. 3 FOOTBALL 5 , llll5 yq-:1r's M-1151111 rs-c'11r1l lll l'1111lh:1ll. lllllll' 1'i1'l111'i1-- illlll . , HM- four 1l1-fouls. IN il 1-1-1-1lil 111 1111' 1-11:11-111111: Nfnff x1'l111 11111l1l1-1l E il 13111111 111' 1:11-1-11 11l:1y1'rs i11l11 El m1111111ll1-t'111u'l11111111143 high- 1 " A"' spirih-cl Sflllilll. S111'11riui11g,: il f:11'111'il1- ,Xxl1l:1l111l:1 1-I1-V1-11 in llu- lmttlv 111' "l':111llu-ra," 1115' 11-11111 mu-pl 111 il lllblll' l111u'l1- , 2 -V A 1l11w11 YlL't1II'j' 111 Hu- M-1151111 11111-111-1' Jlllll 5lNlI'lil'll hy l'l1l l.111l- " -,m xivkl r111111i11gr. lllillffllt 1111 1'Yt'Il ll'I'IIl1 with 1111111-1-1'11l 1211111111 E W l.1-h11l:1l1. llllll' lll'Jll'll7I'l'illi of llu- yn-:xr 1':11111- 111 flu- I.:1k1-11'1111.l F. ' V jllllllt' wlu-11 il SlN't'lJIl'lllilI' 1-1ul x1 1u- 1-:1l1h hy llllll Smilh wax 1u-111111111-lm-. Jlllil ilu- li:111g1-1-s 1-11ll1-1l 111 :1 x1-1-11111I hull' 1 , lllllllllbll vlllfl ill! 1111-11t11:1l ll'ilg1'lll' 1-l11111111i1111sl1i11. My lmyx SMH" " rl r1-l11111111l1ul, l111w1-v1-r, :1g:1i11st llJII'lllil 111ul 111151-t its Nl:11li11111 ilu' l5llJlNY Y 1 1'11I1tL'sl. 1l1-1l11-:1t11111 wllh El l,lllll1l'lA 1'i1-fury. 'lhix wt ilu- ntngrc fm' Killlll' :ll :1 li1111- N'lllll flu- llilflllllillh 11'1-r1- ilu- 1'l:1-.s 11f ilu- ll'ElfIlll'. 'I'w11 t11111'lul11w11 11111l1-1-1l11g3, 1111 g:ri1l1h-rx I1-1l hy l,1l l,llClYll'li.A 111111-l11l11u'11 rum mul tlu- llllPl7i'C'lill1gI 111' K1-11 XY11l+.1111. g:r11111ul 11111 11 Ilt'I'l5lYl' 21-I1 Xll'lUI'f'. II111111-1'11111i111,: was El f11rt'1-if 111 1111- hy l'll'Yt'liIlHl II1'ig5l1h, lllll 1,111-11i11'-. S111-I1-as h1ul 11:11 lIlllk'll 1l1-11th ilu- i'11ll11wi11g: W11-lc, I11 ilu- fi11:1l jfllllll' :1g:11111st Shavks-r. Illj' Pillllllt'l'h NlI'Ili'li with :1 lil-ll fini 11111rt1r I1--ul lllll 1-1111-1'1-1l 111 ilu- 5K'l'HIlCl h:1lf 111 1l1'1111 :1 1-111-1- . . Ill uc-ry ,ga - 1' 11111 Illj' ll'?iIll 1l1s11l:1y1-11 ilu- l'll'lIl1'I1lx 111 t'll'Jll1. h1r1l t1111th1ll lllil 1 : 1 1'1111 as Illilllj' t':111s with NlllI'll4'll f1111r1-111:1111- ship :ls with thrilling: l111u-Iul11w11 1-1111x. C0-CAPTAINS 11 XY:1ts1111 1111111111113 11111 111 liill NV111'l111l11- lh1- 1I111- 111 th 1- II111111-1-111111112 2:11111-. 'lgzxrsi g Elllllifllilll H. Austin D. Adams J. Orcutt F. Hurka B. Tentlcr R. Hager VARSITY COACHES foaclics lm-lu-l'I, ltilmlsio, and Re-lson fliscussinzl soinn- ilnportnnl ilznys lwfoiw- :I :nine with 1'o-calptains XYntson and XY:nl'l1ol11'. If you've ever tried talking to iny football coaches, "Sparky" Diliiasio. "I'ncle Neal" Nelson, and "Big Thief" Iiclicrt, at the same tinie, you may he sure every word they say will he humorous. I, Eddie. happened to he passing the sports office when they were together. I stopped in and the suhject of football was innnediately hrought up. They were tall-:ing ahout their coaching techniques. 'Wvhat was differ- ent ahout this year's technique as compared to last year'sf"' I asked. "Eckert coached," hroke in Neal. "IVe used eleven men instead of ten." responded liclaert. And Sparky, doing a dance, demonstrated the last routine, Trying to he serious, I'oach Nelson said. "Wie improved on our split-T formation." "Trouble is," interrupted the Big Chief, "it split in reverse -fin defense instead of offense." Sparky continued in the same inanner. "Wie went to coaching schools that taught us how to improve our drills." "Yea" agreed Ivncle Neal, "wc taught drills. Next year we'll get around to teaching the game." Silence fell: and not wanting theni to stop with their humorous reniarks, I asked. "Do you think it was a successful year?" Sparky started to answer with. "Success isn't measured in one hundred and forty P. Klosky G. Opalich R. Leber E. Ludvik i i E f. l l I 1 Ev l B. Brown R. Kosteinshek R. Anderson M. Papouras ll J. Hall B. Dietz D. Skrance E. Opatrny D. Davis D. Smith 1 4 NNN- J. V. COACHES toavllv-s hallvkl and hold clit-4-kung wqiiipiiieiil III the locker room with maiiagcrs Ray NVoi-Ivy, liugrem- Iiinter, an-l Holi Nt--wart. wins or losses. hut on what the hoys get out of the sport." Eckert and Neal ended the answer with. 'tYes. what a guy gets out ot' it 1 an autographed cast. a front row scat at thc athletic assembly. and a practice jersey or two." Suddenly. all became serious ahout the sulfect they could 'okc about --ff H . . .1 Joke ahout only hecause they knew and liked it so well -- hecause it is as much a Jart of them as Ciltlllft' and rcadinff and I F' 25 teaching. "The relationship hetwecn coach and player was really something," said Sparky. "The hoys on the team felt we were their friends. and we felt they were ours. You know how Eckert is. Eddie, always an air of humor when he's around. The hoys would lock-up his clothes whilc he was taking a shower, or else they'd turn his lock upside down." 'GOL11' boys really did a marvelous 'ioh for as inexperienced ' as they were," continued Sparky. while Neal anfl lickcrt nodded in agreement. "most of their success was dre to the great amount of team spirit they had." "You remcmlrer the Shaw game." Nelson interrupted. "don't you. Eddie?" '5Isn't that the one where Shaw. who was undefeated was supposed to one hundred and forty-one ,xi xr W X . Front ROW: D, Oshnru, A, Mash .'..., Y 11, B, l.1l.1t.uh, J. l.mulmucl1, f':1ptz11u: P. lllllltb I l5u1':vr. IS, M4-l'm'- muck, G. Sl'llll14'llI'k. Second Row: Ml: Hnlicki, T. Inmgu, BI, Misick, H. Azluuu, IP. Mnrxh. ll, Ihvldcn. B. f'iamm:lichcll:i. D. Tcutlcr, Mr, H. Xolll, Third ROW: J. 1lcIPufl'3'. li. Ill-pusy, I., Squirv. J, Xlmmi-tt. P. Ulcnn, H. Hughes, Ki. Holmcs, G, S1-hrncdn-r, R. Mc-Gi'cg:ni'. SE.1SON'S SCORES VARSITY JVNIOR VARSITY Ashtabula ...... T Euclid I.:1kcwood 18 Euclid 6 Canton Lehman , 141 Euclid , ' A . h Q, I. , Lakewood A A E A 23 Euclid Q lcx cliuid Heights .20 Luchd 1.2 Paying I , 1 . Sl12lW 14lLlCllCl 0 Shaw ..., I ..,. . O Euclid pumm 24, Euclid 6 Cleveland Heights . , 0 Euclid I N , Q F 'Vi , Lorain ......... 26 Euclid 'ohlm K 'ul ll ll Shaker .. , 14 Euclid Shall-:cr 6 Euclid 0 JI. JH. ifnnthall ,1 ' -7 I , , ' Y T "gif V' 7 ' fb-,LY ' 1 QJ' unc hundred and forty-three , f f '3 5. IH. 'Eaakvihall SEASONS SCORES Nnsf ii Hl1c'li41 36 Hzlrvcv +25 lfllclirl -10 Shaker 53 liuclirl 57 l,2ll'Ill2l 239 lilxvlirl VI' Imkewoml 60 l'1llk'Iid 27 Shaw +6 1'1l1i'lill 31 Brush C59 liuclid Mi C. Heights 50 liuclicl 351' Slmkcr 38 Euclid +G ciL'llL'Vil -1-0 E111-lic! 57 P2ll'lll2l +4 Huclicl 58 Lexkcwuml 37 l'11li'lill 351 Axl1f:1bl1l:1 258 linlclid -L2 Shaw 256 l":llCli1l 417 C. Huigllfs 352 liuclirl -1-5 E. Ft1'nbvrg:, M. Mimi:-k. B. Ci:mm1:ei4'lwll:1. IS, Iiuytrnn, B. BI4'Cl7l'lIlIIl'k. J, Hvrmam X Bla D Lme Ib, Odmrnv. I-'. I'm11-ny, J, Hunks. H. Svlxrm-414-r. H. liutn. H, Kullnr, I'. N--lmxn-zlvlx h N 1 C Mamzlu--rl Hr. Wilvy. km-1-ling. Front ROW! li. Slirxxxxv, li. lJ:xy'is, J. lilliol, ll. XYixxxlx-r, H. Sirxx, ll. XY:xlklx-I. IP. lioxxzlxxs, SeCOI1d Row: ll. llxxrvxxl, J, IM-l,x-wx-, I Iiomlv-xx'l' ll llvioxwxx-o, T. 1-xllx-slxxx-4 IF. hlx-xxlx, lu. 4lxx-xstofl. H. Nlvlx-1' Third Row: Mr, J, l':xlx'x-141 Xll' S111 x I ' CAPTAIN xtt Xvlllkltl' lxaxxxlxily x'x'xxxL-xxxlwx'ixxg: ilxx x . , YYitlx only om' lx-llc-rmsxxx rx-lxxrnixxg for llxis yvxxrk uxxm- pexigxx :xml :xxx lxxvxlxvric-m'x-tl sqxxsxrl from lxxsl your fo fill tlxx' wxczxxxcix-s, my vaxrhity lwxskvtlwxll team paul:-xl ax 10-li wu- soxx record. .Xftx-r Nxxffvrixxg: ex clx-fczxt in ilu-ir firnt grzxxmx witlx Clove-- lsxxxrl East, my mpiritx-cl l':xxxtlxx'r lxoopxtx-rs olmlzxim-xl zx foxxr- ,,, g..xxm- winning strxxak, xlvfwxlixxgr llzxixxvsvillx- l'l:xrv1-y, Slxzxkcr. Paxrxxxxx. :xml Akron lillvt. llxxl llxx- victory strxwxk wzxs. slxort- liu-cl xxs Lzxkewoocl xxpyvt my yzxrsiiy lay only om- point. Slnxxx' ln' two points, :xml Brxxslx lw clvvx-xx. Rx-lxoxxmlixxg: from llxwx' xlx-fvaxly. my wxgrcrs oxxiplnyx-fl C'lx'v1-lzxxxxl llc-iglxln. Slxxxkvr, Gvxxcvax, :xml l':xrm:x. XVitlx llw lon. of fax xtxxin I.zxll XYimlx-r lu my lilxxv :xml l 1 . . . . I Cxolxl lxm'-xxp. oxxx' rlxzxrpfxlxoofxxxg llllllIlt'l lxxxl :x x'o-.v om' ln l,:xkx-wooxl, I-L-36, llxnl clx-iiclx-ul llxx- l..l'l.l,, vlxxxxxxpioxxxlxip. lloxxxxcixxg lxaxck xxgaixx, xxxy rqxxxxxl rlx-l'x':xlx-xl .Xslxlaxlnxlxx lmy only om' point ixx om- of tlxx' mowt llxrilling: grxxxxxvs x-vx-r wsu m xxxy gym. 'l'lxx- sxwoml lust gzxxm- was loyl to xx pxxwvrfxxl Slxzxw hqxxzxcl who ticcl thx' gxxxm- in llxv lzxst wvoml of plzxy .xxxcl woxx ixx .xxx xxvx-x'lixm'. My l'zxxxlIxc-rs cmlx-xl ilu- l!l5l' waxsoxx W lxy dx-fvsxlixxg l'lc'vclaml llciglxls. vxxxxx-x-. ll. l'lxxllxps, ll. 1'x'ooliS. ll. llxxroxx, ll, liir-lxmoxxxl, ll. lioxxxilc W ' lcsxm 5 1 x-xx-x-lla-xxl l'l'CUl'4l. ' 1 1 om' hxxmlrc-cl :xml forty-five Hamitg Muukrthall I, .-.x X if x It was just after basketball season when I happened to see J'De1eeSe Coaches Jim Calvert and John Supance discussing the season's happenings. lVhen I, Edward Samuel Hughes Cmore commonly called "Eddy"j joined them, they were just agreeing, "A basket- ball eoaeh's life is a little rough at times." Coach Supance related to me the time Coach Calvert tried to look up a phone number in the dictionary. YVhen Coach Calvert was explaining to me how it happened, Mr. Supanee broke in jokingly with, "He was starting to Crack." I happened to mention the words "team spirit." and they hoth agreed it was excellent f highest it has ever heen. "Just for an example," Mr. Calvert explained, "during the season we got two new players. transfer students 4 good players. Two meinhers on the team knew that if the new players were too good they would I - be replaced hy them. But they still worked hard to do everything D' Phlmps possible to help them - disregarding the thought of being replaced. This means they put team suecess hefore individual glory. and that was the key to our sueeess this year." "There was no selfishness at all?" I asked. "No, none." I continued to ask ahout the techniques of coaching' this year as compared to last year. They hoth said that they had to work D. Skranc E. Brizes VARSITY COACHES foirfli l'alx1'iI taping up t'apl:iin I.:ltl's ankl:-s ln-fore u lnll :ls 1'o:n'll Hnp:lr:f-v looks on. D. Burval H. Meier T. Gillespie D, Sleith G. Siru 1 i J' Bomback niore on fundzunentnls than they ever had to hefore. Finesse, ai I faking, stylish play, was taught to nizike up for the loss of height. I "YVe're really proud of this gziiigf' they eontinued, "enn't say enough about theni. lvhen we went to :iwnuv geunes, we didnt allow . . 5 them to wear levis, they had to dress up. lhey looked like ai differ- ent hunch of guys. lhey always had good tnhle ninnners: we were reullv pleased with theni. One thing we like to erezite is :Ln lIlf0l'lllE1l nttitiude hetween eoueh and player. WI- like to share their prob- lenis, eXperienees,:1nd want to he elose to them. 'l'hzLt's why," tl02lCll l':1lvert said. "I never minded heing enlled 'J.C'.' " "I reineniher," Cozieli Supnnee snid with il sniile, "Ernie and Sleith used to open :ind elose the plnee. 'l'hev were :ilwnvs first in R. Pegamro dressing hetore :1 gzune :ind last in Cllilllglllg utter :L gzinief' "I believe," Conch Culvert sziid Htlmt I.:Ltt did niueh to relieve 5 i the tension before :ind after the gillllew. He lent :1 lot of hunior. Un the hus he'd start eonnnunity singing that lasted :ill during the trip. YVe. Fozieh Snpnnee :ind I, didn't mind this: it was good. eoniienl singing." v For their final words ther hoth added with deep sincerity, "Yes, Edfly. it was :L sneeessfnl lresirl Q R.. Crooks D. Brxzes J. V. COACH M:iiinL,i'rs Vlzinile .laukson :infl llnve liotnik marking: Inst niinnle pl'i-p:ir:ntions with Vosivli XVil'-3' ln-fore ii annie. E. Christoff J. Eliiott D. Davis M. Walklet D. Douglas l 1 1 o ,1 K s 4 G 1 x 1 x wvx Q' Q X3 x x A ' v , , N7 Q.. si , N 3 XA. X1 Q-4' T? S. Zur 'f 1: i P1'0l1t ROWZ li. Svalnan. J, ltnrval. l". liimlxl, J. Allv-n, A, In-ntlvff. T. llruxxninil. li, l,ihhy, ll. XYhit- alwr, lt. Tm-Svlikv, H. 4'l1aliln:1n. Mr. J. Hrziln. Second Row: L. l'l'vl,wt-Mfli, T, Rzirlvlu-it-, H. XYilli:lnls, li, llalv. ll, Millx. li. l'ullinx, l'. Smith, J, llisilnnnfl, 1'. lll't'j'l"l', L. Kuvth, K'. Yuki-. Third ROW: 'I' Mayln-xv, ll. liraxwll, 42 Magiuiwmi. .l. Xlvtigi-y, .l, Marxli, H. lhilwi-xl l', Rivrriman, 4'. Ania.-n, 15, .la1'uwal:. J. Msmnr-lt. CAPTAIN Tim Ili-mxning piilziig up smm- pniiiii-rs fn-in in swnmnmg m:um:nl. one lmmlrc-.l :intl fifty-tlirev The 1953 hwinnningr tc-am was tht- in-st in my hixtury as it hrukv eve-ry sclmul mark ancl posted a 7-1 revnrtl. Although they we-rv mlcfeatucl by Shakrr Heights 53-22 in the firht invet of the sr-ason, their train xpirit and inrlivirlual skills slimvcd ste-acly impr on-lnent. As the scasun progrt-sm-xl, my hXYllllIll9l'- clvfcatvcl Shaw 57-18. Aftvr a -W-:Zli lusx to l'nivc-rally, my Pantln-r swim- mvrs, Captainecl hy Svnior 'l'im llrmvninpq hy Mr. .locly Grain. olitaincml a t'ivm--1116:-t W aml cuaclirml inning streak clefvating lVmmt1-r -l5fIiIig liast 'Ywli 12-32: Cl:-velaml Heights -L9'2tiq Cllyalmga Falls .Sli-104 Arlington -l-6-29. Altlllbllgll they lust 22 anll YVvstern liesarrve .M'aflc-lny M--Zlli, Panther MZIQIIIIIIICIXN swam un tu victury feats-rl Shaw High 49-26 in their last aml Umar-r tu Lake-woml 53- niy spirited as they cle- IllK't'f nt' the ht'2l" smm. My team proviclc-tl the crnwml wilh many thrill.. Thr cleterrnination exhihitx-cl at all lhc nu-etx wax wx' tainly in the chalnpionship class. Sminnmixxg gf-k""i"" "KWH A' -f -'fxdv-'-Y-'1 1 ff 5 I f I 'T I i Smmzning 7' f 'YJ D... R'---., J. Burval R. Chapman E. Seaman G. Teschke A. Drotleff P. Kidd Upper Left: Mr Jnvl: Nliilvi' -'lswlcs t'znpt:ii11 Tim Iiruxxh- Lower Left: Dick Uullins of Euclid tl':n' right! finkhes ing' tfur Vishti :ls hm' stnrtf in tht- ltill yzirwl hr:-:txt strukv in 4-lnsv M-vun.l in thv 101+ yziril l::u'k-4tl'ukr- :IN Mr, Dnnatlri iiuwiinxt We-Nt-1i'ii 1lfwvi'x'i- Am-:ull-lily. Tim's hvxt timm- fm' 151-uwii time-5 thv XVil1llk'l'. liit-k ix tht- vurrent recwnul thix t-vt-nt t1IlVH,ib xxats mw ol' ilim-tilvn rt-t'm'tlf nwtzih- ilultlvr in this vw-nt t11ll!.tiJ. Iixhml hy this yt-:IVR 14-nm. Lower Right: Dirk Collins sturh the 150 ynrtl lllvdlvj' Upper Righti Lou l'rt-ht-xat-k tstripwl shirti turns in :I rvlziy ngzlilltt Has! Tvvh, The- lilltflitl tvzlln uf Vnllixix, uiniiixi: time- tu twain ixuzmzuui-1' :intl mt-1-t zmimlxntlt-i' Tum llriiwnimf, :mil t'hurlc Smith lmstml il i'w4n-tl timv uf 1:25.15 Ntnlitw, ttiris' swilxmiin: inat1'um'tm', MVN. Jilin- Klinv, this M-zisun. ww 1-h-rk ol' tht- 1'-vliiwv :tt :xll lmim- nu-1-tx. NIV. "'l'ylcti" Ht:ui'it'S of Ihr- l':u1'l1lty in-liwti with tht- tiuiiiigi, - X u . m,,A,sxw".: qx.xxQ xwmgl 1 Front RTW: L Prvlivvwlc, S. l"lf'llllll5.I', I.. Ymwury, li. l':1ym-. li. llrunkaull, T. Nmlcvs, l'11pt:uin: N. XYilluxx. . - E . 1 ll. Smith, Ix. NX:l'mx'r-1-Ili. Second ROW! A. Picciotti, R. Hull-, l'. Sm-liwvzlvr, li. Ulrntrixy. XY. Mui-vin. li. llixlii-1-. .l, llzill. li. Iiilllllil, R. DiP:mlo, A. Trynn. Third Row: .l, Duwsuu, J, Cllalrn. R. Svl1wzui'tn. S. limi-ntliznl. li. Slimln-1-3, .l. flllillllllil. ll. lllvlcx li. 'Fumsim-, H. Collins. Fourth ROW: R. Hugln-s, K. Lzxutvr, 14. Hzllko, ll. Ugriiiv, ll. lirfi-n. li. 1i.1rg:lulii, IP, Rluiwlu, ll, l'l.:i'li. ll. Rvitumi. Fifth ROW: ll. lliilhlso-, ll, Cizlmmziim-lm-flln, J. limvilnuwk. ll, Oslwrm-, .l. lhwk, li Ili-ur, 'l', lin-ilm. IZ BllP1'2'l'l'. ll. Hnnm-1', lr, '1'+-nth-V, .l, Ravi-r. CAPTAIN Tum Sink:-s g::uIl1vrinf,: travli lllfUl'lllillllHl in ilu- axtlllvtiv nffivo. This your my travk valrsily l.ill'l'Ll ilr, lnllgrlu-sl svelmiu. rluol mills raliu :ml nliunpuun- L'1IIll1M'llllgl' in fiflvvn s " .. ' 2 . : - : r-lilp cwlifx-sts. Cuaxuln hc-nrgc Xlilvy. m lux fIl'wl yvur with track, was nssistcml by "S1mrlxy" :incl livokcll to nina' rclurning lm-llcrim-n lo furm ilu' lllH'll'lls of hi- Sflllilfl. Captain Tum Stuluw suppliccl strvngrili m flu- duslu-sg Sum Vl'illow vxrm-llccl in lmlli lmrclls- c-vm-nls :incl tlm liigrli junipg Dick XYu:l'.wurtl1 :mil Dun S mitli l1illHllCll tlu' miflcllc lllNlJllll'l'N :xml ilu- rm-lap.: Lumix Prvlwvsek p1'ovicl1'nl an :w:u-mlicml lll'l'l'Ul'llll'I' in ilu- linlt- milf' rung Dick llrunkull. Sum Fli-mingr. :mil l,1-Huy Yvzlry filllccl l7lN'llll1QIN in many 1-VL-lits :intl gnu- mlvptli tu ilu' squad. .Xftcr tlw sclmlaslic imluur l1lt'L'l ul ilu' .Xrl-mi. llll' tc:-un prcpurs-rl fur my sn-amul ummnl liiivlicl lnvilzxliumul I llclalys m lI'N'Ct5 with BIL'lltlPl', llvvcluml Host, :iml Hvigrliis. Slrung uppuiu-:its worn' mvt in tlw Nlslnxficlml :mtl thc YVPM 'll-vli Relays :mal clixlriut :mil Anti- coni- pciiliwm followccl IllC1'tN with Pzfrmzu. Slmw. xvlllllllgflllll' :incl Slulkvr. Tlw scumifs liigrlxliglit was tlic Lulu- liric I.1'2i,LYllt' N In-l. zlml my trzlvklllvli slmwvcl flu- clump:-tilimi. im-lmlmg I4HliCNYlH7fl.S lmwcrful clnlllipinm, llml l'llll'llll-A l,illlllll'l'x wr-rc an Clclvrminccl outfit. -1 fv Marla ff 1. unc liunclrcrl and fifty-five I rark .Q ' YL' . ,ggi at A' ' 4 A B. Payne L. Yczlry D. Smith L. Prebcvsek R. Bronkall D. Wadsworth Arena itlivrt My traekmen finished third in the Suburban I Division of the scholastic track meet held at the Arena on April An outstanding performance was given by Dick tVadsworth and Don Rositano when they captured first and second place respectively in the 4-LO-yard dash. Sophomore Ed Stroberg came within one tenth of a second of the meet record in winning the 50-yard dash. The mile relay team of Hositano, John Bombackf I.eRoy Yeary, and Yvads- worth finished second. yielding to Shaker after a hotly contested race. Sam tvillow was the only Euclid man to place in two individual events - the high jump and the 50-yard high hurdles. Qirnaa Qlnuutrg Finishing: third in the Lake lirie league. ninth in the District and placing a rmmer in the State. 't my lfanther Cross-country team. xx,-X captamed hy ltoliert Hale, dis- played plenty of drive and en duranee. . Q xx X R' X Z' 5'-N.. 'l'hese spirited eindermen opened the season with two straight vie- tories over Shaw and Painesville Harvey, then dropped a elose meet with Shaker Heights. Only I.akewood's state champions de- eisioned this squad with :mv authority. Dave lleek, a sophomore, was the nnmher one man, placing seventh in the Lake lflrie Leagrue, ninth in the District, and thirty- ninth out ot' IHU in the State Meet at t'olumhus. -was Coach George NVitey was great- ly pleased with my team's show- ing. and he is looking: forward to even greater achievements next 5"'i'r Wm' MX l"it"r"'f"' 'f'f""'i'UI- ri-one Row: o. itiisioms. la, inn.-, o. in-.-it. I.. if.-t-ii.-vs.-lf. o. in.-ks, G. S6COI1d ROW! Mr. H. XVilu-y. li. Tunisie, N. Rosenthal, ll, Blarvin, J, lilliotl. X. Spo II, Jones, lt. Harginlo. one lnmdred and iifty-six Kneeling: R. Kostx-inslnak. Front Row:, F.IIxxrlx:x.1-I.I1ox':xnxAx- 1' Hlwrl II Innx-ixlnv XY Xnxfvlino 45 ll'xrrlNon ll XYorlvy. R. Pvgoruro, Second ROW: H.F:il:il:wl1,H.I1:n-on. li, Xlx-tl-wr I lxrlI"xl li l'111-.ppkj l' lun:-I, ll Ior-xnI'o lb . .-..i.,...,. ,4...,..x.. Bxirval, Third Row: Mr. lixxlivki. .I, I"zxil'x'liil4I. -I. Mifix-k. .I. Vvtrxlxfi, II. justin. xl, XY:-ir. ll. Hzxnxlinnn, -I Elliott. Fourth ROW: Mr. X. Nx-lson, .I, Yqxrx-xxrko, li, llroxxn. Il, Ilinx-lmrl, li, l'Iirlfxol'l', W, liroxxn, ti. Snn. I rx' -5, -Q - ' llnn yx-:xr 'ro the x':xll of 'I l:xy I::xlI Ilnrly varsity xwxnxlixlaxlos l'L'II0l'l'CCl to lny new llilsbllilll x-o:xx'l1. NIV. Neal Xulson. IVifl1 fllllllilIIl'ClL'Cl Hollis lixmsfciiix-lix-x'lx llic only rx-'rxxrning lx-lfcrnnxn from lust yQ:xrH I,.lC.l,. x'l1:xnxpion- sliip 'r0:nn. l'o:xx'l1 Nelson f:xx'cxl :x rx-Imxxilcling iiolm in orxlcr to inx-ut the 'foxxgli fclicxlxxlx- of I,.l'1.I,. play :xml inxlx-A izcmlx-nf confosls. Fx-niora Hill Brown. flill'-V IVx-ir. Dirk Svlinllz :xnxl Hurry Mcix-r fliowx-xl x-:xrly Ill'0lIllht' lint Nxxpporf lnxil Io Im foxlml in :x group of xxmlcx'x'l:xm mon lixwxxlx-xl Ivy .Ixxniors Frzxnk S mino, Clixix-I4 Olmert. Hxxxly l'cfx':xr:1ro. l'lxl Hov:xn- I r- , 1 coli, Huy Bixmimlyi. :xml .Inli:1n lx-'frxxxzi :lnxl Soplixnnorc lixlxly Brown. .X strong pilclnng stuff was lixwuloxl Imy .Inniors Hrnix- C'ln'imtoff. Niclizxrxl liIIlL'lI2ll'l :xml Guorgc Uoxlling. , . . , . . lo:xcl1 Nelson, :x5sia'fx'xl Iby Mr. Al inxlickx :xml Mr. .Iolni SHPQIIICC. C'0l'l'L'C'l'L'1l niishxlxoh :xml xlirx-x-ful cntlixx- K wi:xs1n. The L'XIlL'l'ICIlt'C gwxim-xl Imy tlxx- Mlllilll will liclp CAPTAIN ' ., ' .' Rollie Kosteinshek talking on the phone tutull' ltuclld ldlxltux' in thc athletic office. Q r ' 11 ' Manrha 15.14 li-.............-...,,-..,, ,.-,wri I 'I om' llllIllll'L'll :xml Ilflyff-L'Yl'Il L... ,,-ml f ..f...M.--.--- .... . M..- - . ... lg f iiazvhall IH 3 My 1953 hasehall squad made a fine showing: hy winning fifteen games, losing three, and tying one. My team proved to he a true champion as it won the Lake Erie League Cham- ' pionship for the second year in a row. lt alao won the Dis- trict Class A Championship and was- runner-up in the Class A lin-gionals. Team captain, Ken Anm-lls. and two pitchers. Ernie Henkle and Phil liorovie, were picked for the All-Seholafatie Team. These three, along with Bob Bartlett and Fred Adamowitz, were also included in the All Lake Erie Team. They all were signed hy major league organizations during the sum- nier. The Clam A final with Akron Garfield was a real thriller! sf A l'lnc'lid led 3 to 0 going into the sixth inning when Akron i X , filled the hast-5 on a single and two walks. Vl'ith a 3 to 2 . 7 ' ' count, Phil llorovie tried to throw the hall pant the batter but 5 :-l "'i 03Ss':3p, inwtead the hall went flying' over the right field wall into Lexington Avenue for a grand-slam home run. That was the hall graine, ,L to 3 in favor of Akron Garfield, and the final game of the season. an X P1 CAPTAIN lin-n Anzvlls pre-xeiltiilaf the lmkv l'lri-- l.e:u:in- and llixtriel Class A ehainpion' ,hip 11-oplliea In Coach John Pohto. Front ROW: H. Bartlett, li. Allzir, ll, llartlelt., R. Kosteinshek. F. Aflainowicx, T. Kunkel. Second ROW: Mr. Halieki, J. Yuri-nsko, R. R-ineliart, K. Anza-lls. ll. Hinkel, H. Austin, B. Hi-lineider, Mr. J. ljlioto. Third ROW! lt. Holwiiw. il. lfllintt. I' l1oVnYi1', H. Meier, F, Slninor Q . ' V ' 1i"f.A! 2 On the Pine liiclge Country Club course, my golfers, instruct- ed by Mr. Frank Pringle in his first season as coach. niet league teams from Parma, Shaker, Wil' lougrhhy, Cleveland Heights, zinil VVic'kliffe. The tradition estuh- lishecl hy former emu-Ii, Mr. Har- ald Blackburn, continued, als the Spirit of competition and at clesiri- for perfection kept the teanfs interest high. lt way Ccmeli Pringlek desire that my gulf team would have places fur all boys interesteil in the spurt, :incl by constant practice and deter- minution many nf these won their varsity letter in golf. cne lnuulrccl and fifty-nine Front Row: J, XVinkler, H. tinlilkwin, 1 'Freq 1 Second Row: H. Meier, li. Kmwlmm-, J. Hui i I' iimxnin N11 I Tm lil 3 U1 11' 3 1121 Pm A J L -D 111110 le 111e1's, 111' 111111 11111111- s ls 1 0111111 111 11111's 11'1111 2ll'L' 11111 to 11011110 s11111c of 11IL'1l' b ll ICI 1 11111 free ti11111 to 119111 11 111 lL'l'S 111st1'111-t 11111's lt 11 111111-11t11111. N112 c12ll" 11 511 111111 llllll1Cl' is 111 l'1lill'gL' 111' 1 11 s rll1L'1'N 111111 11'1111'11 cts 111211 111111111' l1lll'1I1g 1111- 111 11111111 The 1111t111s of 1111' 111 1111 to 11ss1st 111 l'XCl'1'lNCh, ,Q 11111.1s 11s 111111 11e1111111st1'11t1o11s1 to 1111111 t111 11111111101 111 the g'X'lll KANNLS 11111 to 11ss1st lll 111t1'11- ll1s 11111110 211111 2l11C1' sc-1111111. 1 H1 111111 11111st 111111 fl 15111111 1 11111111110 111 16 1'11111s 111111 t1'1'11- 111s 111 1111 s1111'ts 111111 11111st 111- 1 ll 1111 111 111 111'111'1' to I19lll11Il' annual Athlvtir Svrhnlurship Svnrivtg . .. '1 ,A Z- 1 , , 1 3 m .. 1 1 1 1- .1-1,11 -1 -, WW 5? 1 '1' .1 1 5 ,N - . A T 1, - ., J ..,.,h..W ..k' - Q1 ., . " ' Q ' 1' S, 1 " 4. ' 1 .-.. fr: .v...,1 , Graham Teschke, and Joe Burval pausing for 21 moment 011 the - 1 , . 111'g1111iz11ti1111 11'1111se purpose is to fu1't1101' 11111't11'ipat11111 111 11th1ct11's 111111 to 111'11111ote 1111t11 s1-11o1111's111p 111111 athletic ability. My 1111111111-1' is 1-11111p11sc11 of boys 11'1111 111110 e111'11Q11 1ette1's 111 1111' 1-o111110titi1'Q sports, who 11111'e 11111i11t11i111111 El good schol- 11sti1' Stillldillg, 111111 11'11o 11111'e 11ee11 Q11-1-ted 111' vote of 11111 faculty. Une of the 11111st 1'111'1-ted 11o11111's that 21 high s1-1111111 1-1111 11cst1111' 11111111 its 11t11111tes is t1111t of i1111111'ti11g t111'111 111111 thc N2l1'10Il?11 Ath- 11-t11' S1'11o1111's11111 S111'1Qt1'. Front Row: M, Ygh. I1, S1-1111117. 11, l1111'1'1111's. 11. 1'11111i11s. 11. 11111'11s1-, 11, 111111111 Second Row: Mr. l'. N11111-1411111111111-11 15. Lz111:11-, 11, 1i1'1111111-. 11, li11l1111'. T. B QI one 11undr1-C1 and sixty '1l1c N11t1o11111 Athletic S1'11111111'- ship Society is 21 1111111111-wide 4-05 wink, 1 ' 1 1 ATHLETIC BOARD Front ROW! llr lt. Km-ay. Blr, A, Haliwkl. Mr, .l, llrain. Alix If Uni-ns. Xli' X Yavw:ii'11-llo. Blr, -l t,':llYe-l'l. SeCOIld ROW! Klr. H. Xl'ili-y, Nlr, S, lfiliiasio. Mr. lf lilauvlu , Third ROW! Nlr, lf, livlim-l'I, Mr. X. N1-l-on, Mr. l". 'l'l'o!lia, Blu' .l. Niipaliiw-, Xll' Il, Nolrl. Athletic Dire-:tor Richard lieay has charge of all my hoys' varsity athletics. His duties inclacle the pur- chasing and maintenance of equipf ment, the schcclalingr of all athletic events, antl the assigning of offi- cials. Another of his responsibilities is to act as Chairman of my Athletic Board. The ltoarcl includes all my coaulies, my principal, and other memhers of my favulty connected era-' with the boys' athletic brogram. This "' group cliscusms my athletic policy in monthly meetings. Mr. Anthony Vaccariello, as facul- ty manager. is in charge of my athletic promotion. This includes ticket sales, advertising. and puh- licity. This year Mr. Vaecariello was director of the regional basket- hall tournament helcl in my gym. .,-1 ,vw v , .4 '1 , aww im une: ww 54 -i. .-, 1 5-1 ,fi 12' .H ..,,. .....t.Vf.,,y......V- ..,.......,..,.......,-,-.... ,, Mr, Vaccariello and Mr. Keay discussing some important details of Euc1id's exteu sive athletic program. .7 ..Y. iFarultg Hiaxnagrrai lm Y 2' one hundred and sixty-one xx do' Y 'i X WWE' . , b Q N. if .XY . Q 'R -N Mk 'A . . X ' gg . a NK ., U Q 'X"5Nj'ss 4 Fl , r E' HIIEI Dliirmnrwn mah: with frwnha nlh anim new tu he rhmnheh farmer fx Yi Q91 vw 3 if - 9 I I iq g 4 jp , .31 ,jg ff ig, . 4 .5 O 1 O 131 tfv R 5A 3 0 Q . Fi . Ei., WI- O O O ef- Za 5 B' 55 ffl.. Q .I u.45i"a'3" .V-.X 'S ' ...U 1, - . I . I3 ' 'Q-L ,MQ W Q ul ' 11' X .1 fry its MC. ff The heginning . . . Septcniber 9, 1953 . . . ,- my doors opened to some one thousand thrce hundred students .... soon thcy'd walk my halls, lcarn from my teachers . . . partic- ipate in my activities . . . hut I. liuclid High. was theirs for thc taking . . . I'll always rememhcr "l'ncle Jalan-'s Housi-" fr- the themc of thc SllI'T't"1j Assembly . . . . . . the first studcnt-produced asscmhly of the ycar . . . it was la-ld in Selztemhcr . . . wonder who cnlioyed it more, the cast oi the audience? . . . just goes to show. wc're all 'Ifitlsi at heart . . . Tlierc was always a dancc after my home foothall games . . . my cafeteria would hecome crowded with students who were never too tired to dance and have fun and a dancc was never complete without .1 circlc around a couplc doing an "extra- spec-ial" 'iitterhug . . . Appetite is prohahly the first word ainong my students . . , unless it's second to hunger . . . and those lunch lines! . . . with students racing to get in line first . . . teacher and student hoth waiting patiently to get served . . . and food that made it all worth while . . I. one hundred and sixty-live l x , 70' -nf! fmt EJ 2 5. Rf ' K .,,ff.z,, H dk, 4 'ywl ., ,if-321 1 . M - ,I ,'Sff"' VV1 1' W , '6Going to noon movie F' . . . twenty minutes of eating was followed hy twenty minutes of adventuring to France. fighting' the Apaches. laughing with Dean Martin an'l Jerry Lewis . . . traveling through the jungle . . . swooning over Dick "Rollin Hood" Todd . . . and all this made possible hy my Movie Ulith and the purchase of a two-cent tin-liet . . In Uctolier came my Junior Class Party . . . besides dancing and refreshments, entertain- ment was also to lie had . . . pantomimfng the record, "Little Red Hiding Hood" are: Diane Stuplia. Beverly Hamilton. Donna Shaw, and Virginia Lomlardo . . Here ehairman of my Magazine Drive. Jean U'C'onnor. is awarding the prizes to tlxe lligll salesmen, Roberta Miiiiclieei and liieliard Korda . . . the drive is an annual affair . . . it lasts for ten days . . . the profit made is divided up among my organizations . . Au evening of fun and frolie was had hy all mx' sophomores who attended their Sophomore Class Party . . . dancing . . . refreshments . . . the Coke eups seem to prove the popular demand for "the pause" . one hundred and sixty-six . . . j11s1 s111ppi11g JL 1111111110 111 111111- 11 1111111 111 my s111111-111s . . . 1111111 11111111- S111111- 1111111 1111 1111- l'1g1l1, f1l0llg1l, is 11111 Il S1lll1t'll1. 11111 F0111-11 1'1c'1Qe1'11 . l'1111eg1- C'1i1111' 11115 111-111 L'2ll'1y 111 lllj' S1-1111111 .YC?ll' . . . 11111-1' il s11111'1 13115111155 111e1-1i11g of 1111- 1'.'1'..-X.. spew-111-5 1.111111 1116 D1-1111s, 211111 21 111111 111' 1116 11111111 SI'JC2l1iL'l'. 111111g1111111s. 11-11, 111111 1-o1'f1-1- were s1-1've11 . . . S1?1l'f1Ilg 111y sn-001111 11111111111 H01111-1-11111- ing w1111 1-11ee1' 111111 zip was 111y fi1's1 11111110111' yep l'2l11y . . , s1111'1111g 111 2:30 111111 wi11c1i11g up wi111 El SIlQL1iE 1111111-e 111111 led fl'0ll1 1111- s1111111s 111 1111- 111111-1' si111- of 1111- field. w11e1'1- . . . The f1l12l1C 10 11112 l'2l11j' was -- 1111- 1J0llf1l'L' . . . 11s 1-1i11111x v 1119 b111'11- ing of 111e C1eve1111111 Heights flkllllllly by Co-C11p111i11s, B111 YV111'1m1i1- 111111 Ken xX'il1S0ll . . one hundred and sixty-seven Pl'CSCIlllIlg llxx- firsl pl:xc'i- lrophy lo lhe I,l'QSl!lQIll of lxxy Kx-y flnh. Tim Browning, :xnd Yin-c-l'1'esimle-xxl. Glenn Ycxxry. :xrc Dczxnnzx Uooli zxnxl Clxxxclx Fmilh. cofrlxzxirnxcn of my I1tllllL'l'Ullllllg . . . llxx- Kcy Flxxh h:xxl llrx- winning floxxl. ils llxvmx- was . 'In My AlL'l'l'.V Uldnxnohilx-" . . il h:xd llxe A loxxch of 1'om:xnx-e :xnd lzxxy Sunday xxfler- loxxvh ol' lhx- "Guy Ninx-lies" . . . with flxxic-li noons was porlrxxyed hy lhe Nohlcs Hi-Y xnd l3:xx'h:x1':x mezxled on lhx- :xnliqxxe x-:xr wilh floxxl, g'l'i'xxising Down Thx- Hivx-x"' . . . il xlxxxlx-V. dcrlmy :xnd :xll .... x'x-x'x-ivecl wccond lxlxxcx- . . . llxc boy :xnd girl A ' 1 , mu-in lo look very fxxmilixxi' logx-llxex' . . . llx-cx-xvxixg llnrd plxxx-Q. lhx- Hegx-nlx Hx-Y ' K lloxxl. nlYllll'L'l' lVoixdx-x'l:xnd" . . . il look Vsinggj 2.000 flowers lo decorzxlx- lhe side, one wx-uk xxlone lo hxxilxl lhx- wnowmxxn . . , ol' ils l'lo:xl. nxy Ad fllL1ll pul ax gn-:xl dx-:xl xnd I'lx1x'lid's nxxrsery helped hy furnishing of lime inlo lhx- lheme. 'lH:xw:xii:xn XV:xx' lhe lrx-Q . . . hex-ins lhx- lhcmx- could :xlso hx-. l'h:xnl" . . . nxy linx-lid girls Neem lo look "I'y'x- Gol My Lou- To Kcx-p Mx- lV:xrnx" . . . yx-ry mxxvh :xl home in lheii' wrongs , , , x - 'ky- fi x iw i . A fi. avmfx gs' X ' x' f 'Yun -1 S. "'Xv S NWN 1. .. x.. ...Q 1-new .4-mv -- .-X Ap 5 NGK C . V, W, f..m..3 A elose-up of the Queen and her Attenrl- ants - Phyllis Stuzen. Sally liyons. Jean Balclassawe, anal Connie Parr ff as they were being viewecl hy the enthusiastic- erowcl . . . after this eereinony. the game hegan The next night, Saturmlay, was the evening of niy I'IUlllL'CUlIllIlg Dance . . . it was helml in niy gym . . . even though the Bunny Hop has eoine into style, the traflitional Mexiean Hat Dance is still always a lot of fun . . . with this. iny seeoncl annual Honieeonling had eonie to an end . A . A 'hi1'd's eye view' of the erowml that attendeml iny Hoineeoining . . . its excite- Lovely Farolyn Klosall erowneml Queen of lnv Seeonml Annual Hoineeoining hy C'o-Captain Bill W arhohe, while L oel ai - tain Ken lYatson alnl my eager and fun-loving students lookeil on . . . she was heautifully mlressecl in all wlnte . . . her erown was math- of vellow earnations . . . Inent anal spirit gave the finishing toueh that was neetlecl to IllIlliC my Holneeoining the sueeess it was . . . hut even with the spirit and exeiteinent of lny fans, hanfl. eheer- leamlers, and inajorettes, iny teain f though they fought to the enml 1 lost to Clevelanml Heights hy a seore of 13-T' . . . Seateml next to the eaptains of eaeh of the wintei' sports is iny Queen and her Attencl- ants . . . the Faptains: rllllll Browning of sWlIIlllllllgl liatt Uinmlei' ot haskethall: Bill lvarholie and Ken lVatson of foothall: Dennis Aclains of wrestling: ancl Boh Hale of eross-eountry . . . MFG is In umm li llml lNNll rc. Sr. .-Xfh-mlalnf v0IllliC P3ll'l'. Sr. Affclldzlnf Mnmrrnming Qlnuri Pllxlllw gfllltll Jr .Xffl'Illl2lllf Sully Lyons, Soph. .Xtfemz K E f s llllt xx wwf , , 1 N I . 1 4 W 1 V W 1 1 z 1 CAHULYN MOSALL. IJlll't'77 Starting the czuiilmign for My First YViI1 and Tcstemient with fun and zip was the Ezzvlidirllz assembly . . . it Wils produced :ind direc-tell by my Business Stuff . . . one quote that reiiiziinccl with my students for :1 long time wus, "YVhy ftonft you pick mu up :uint react me ' yas somu time. . . . Un Novemhui' 12 I opcncd my doors oncu signin to the public for my fifth suimml c,lfQll Housc . . . I was clczinect :xml decoiwited from hull to classroom oven my shown-:Asus . . . which some of my stiutcllts viewcil chiriiig tht-ir luisurc moments in the hull . . . whih' others loohcct :Lt my troirliics . . . some Ctllllillgf . . . some going . The "Moms" of my football lihxycrs hought my c-l1cei'lt-:utws mums :it ths Flmkei- g2llllL' ht-ht on Novcmhei' 6: . . . it was also Mom and D:ut's Night . . . Qllops, Mr. ltohh. watch your ncgaitivi- - f it's lm:u-kwzirdsj . om' humlrvgl :xml sevvnty-two Dccmwxting of lrccs is one xvzxy llx:xl my sfmlcnts :ulcl l'l11'islm:xs spirit lu llxcii' sclxuol life . . . llxis :xclivily is slum- sorexl liy llxc Stmlcnt Council . . . :xlso culurfxll lcflcrs :irc xzusfcxl mx my frxml wimluws for the public to soc tli:xf I xvisli ll1Clll :x NAIL'l'l'y cllll'lSllll2L!-5 :xml Ilillllly Ncw Your." . . . Dirccfcxl liy Alisa Jzxn Tmnpliins xx':xs my l'lxi'islm:xs COI!lL'Cl'l lxclcl xm Dcccm- lmcx' 9 . . . llullx l'lclw:x1'cls :xflxlexl :x 'fuxlcli of mxyclly lo llic cvening willx lxcl' s:xml painting xvliilc my clxuii' sang "'l'li1'cc Kings" :xml nlicliuicc :xml Sing" in 'tlxc lJ:xcl4g1'ox1ml . . . Fxm :xml l2lllglltCl"lllllSlL' :xml song. .. :xlmusl :xll my cl:xsscs c:xxxgl1l 'rl1cCIxris'r- m:xs spiril :xml l1:xxl parties . . . my sliop cl:xsscs :ulxlccl refreslxmcnts :xml music 'ro tllCll'S . . . playing llic lJ:xn.iu is lion Sluga: flxc s:xxoplxxmc. CllllCli XX'2lllL'l'Sl llxe :xcco1'clixm. Miko Drzxgus: :xml llxc g'llll'2Ll'.. Rxlcly Slfl'EllNl. Tlxc Ffllll' Aces?-wma. The lnllkll' I.:uls? V- my. lvlm? f- wlxy Tlxc FUUI' 'l'c:xcl1Qi's - H12 Rolmcli, Mr. Sclxutz. Mr. Robb, :xml Mr. Millci' . . . llxcy were CI1lfC1'tilll1lIlg' flic rcst of my fzxcul- ly :xt llxo Fzxcully Cl1l'lStlllilN l':x1'fy . . one lmmlrcd :xml scvcnty-fix'c l 1" 1 'elfl trips always aclfl interest. enjoy- ment. and a novel way' of learning to my classes . . . iny senior ffoverinnent 3' r 1 class is now horircling a ehartererl lllls to witness a trial at the C'onrt House. The Lakewood haskethall game . . . ancl some of those who saw it . . . from the looks on some of the faces. Iiake- woocl innst have made a basket . . January 28 hronght to my anrlitoriuin Speech anrl Draina Night . . . two one- aet plays 4'Firenian Save My Child" anml "The Happy Journey," were given hy an all-school east along with three cleelalnations hy N.F.I.. ineinhers . . . woncler whose glove Toni has his shoe on . . . would that he a faux pas or a ganelierie? . . . My Seniors were finally Senior ".X's!" . . . so that everyone wonlcl be ahle to recognize a Senior "A" from any nnnler- classnien. every Monrlay was set asimle as "Senior 'A' Distinction Daly" . . . pic-tnrecl here are the nnlorgettahle knee socks, with the hoys rolling' np their pants to let their argyles show . . . clifferent Mondays hronght rib- hons. hoy-hlonses anal ties. anal stnffecl animals . one hnndrezl and seventy-six 'l'hat unforgettable evening of Feb- ruary 13 . . . The Sweetheart Ball . .. co-sponsored by my Hi-Y and Friendf ship Clubs . . . every couple started the evening by presenting the bid and re- ceiving the dance programs . fhatting a bit between dances is al- ways in good taste . . . here brother and sister. Jack and Deanie. and their dates are two of the many couples just enjoying themselves through conver- sation . . . Along the sides of my cafeteria, tables were decorated to follow the sweetheart and Yalentine's Day theme . . . around these. couples gathered to sit and talk, to eat their refreslnnents fpunch and cookiesj or to rest a while between dances . . . Some couples dance in the background to music furnished by Harry Hcrshey's Music Masters, while others Chose to talk. or gaze at the beautiful decora- tions - the new backdrop with cupids on it, the arched crepe paper, the mo- biles. and everywhere-red and white hearts . . . but even unforgettable eve- nings must come to an end -- so after "Goodnight Sweetheart." ttI'll Fee You In My Dreams," and "I.inger Awhile" the couples slowly departed . . . my cafeteria was empty-lonely and silent. one hundred and scvety-nine sm.: . 1 AQ' In .-.1 ' :umc l,ili'L'y. Sr. Af're1ul:u1'f Jean O'Co11nu1'. Sr. ,-Xttcrlclallt Spring Spnrts' Gnuri sry Sllllivull, Jr. :X'H'L'lld?lllf M l Mnurecn Dolan. Suph. :xttC11diil1t NNN- Q' ' ,3 ,sr , L 's -wif?-1 - M. V ..: ' +YnNu.,4jQ U, slimx TWICICIJ, Qum, N-...x is .SN "vw W Ty PQ ln .Xpril came the spring sports' dance and the spring sports' queen . , . scholarship tests . . . statc music contests . . . my own Minstrel Show put on by thc swim cluh . . . the Majorcttc King llop whcrc one of my popular scnior boys reigned as King. .. The month of May, exempt for the Big Show f the biggest and lu-st all-school production and thc Student Uouncil elections -V with their speeches, voting. and assemblies, could bc called "Senior Month" -V - with the long awaited Senior Prom. thc Scnior Banquet, and the Senior Assembly . . . XVith thc coming of June. UEIIIIC the grraduation of my seniors. Xtith a heavy heart and an almost empty feeling, l, Eddie. watched each senior receive his diploma -- a diploma which was like a seal that ended the all-important chapter of high school in his One of the few rehearsals my seniors had for their competitive assembly... the entire assembly, portraying the months of spring, was under the direc- tion of Dick Schultz , . . on Thursday, March 18, the enjoyable and colorful assembly was presented to my student body . . . this was just one of the many activities that keep my seniors "on the gon . . . my seniors, while working hard in their many activities, also found time . . To prepare for graduation, such as the measuring for caps and gowns . . . Jack is making sure that Marilyn has a per- fect fit . . . Margie is handling rental fees and announcement orders . . . "Very few more days for the Senior sA9,, 39 b.... There were several "sure signs" of spring . . . the outdoor track season opened . . . convertible tops started coming down . . . the fancies of young men "lightly turned" as usual . . . and my metal shop class constructed a batting cage for the baseball team. .. life. It is my one wish that though these seniors have ended their high school years 4 years filled with every emotion -- love, happiness, loneliness, excitement. boredom, joy -- that they will only ven- ture out to greater happiness and success as each one faces the world . . . Yes, all these made me realize that the end of another year was here. As always, my students would leave - some to return, some not to return. I hope they all carry memories with them of happy Euclid High days. And so, before you close thc pages of My First VVill and Testament, remem- ber that even though the 1953-195-L school year has come to a close, to yon, my students, my doors will never he shut . . . one hundred and eighty-two l llllli huvrtiavrn Un mhnm mg thanks gn fur helping tn make pnzzihle "Mg Hirst will aah Eeatamentn . . . iff! vii. ., W S S I N lx . - ,-HQ . X S- Tl-IE EUCLIDIAN BUSINESS STAFF WlSl-lES TCD THANK We Are Pleased to Serve You ond We Appreciate Your Willingness to Allow Us to lnolucle You Among These Poqes. Euclid High Varsity Clieerleaulers and llI2ll'ClllIlg Majorettos FOX'S TOWN AND COUNTRY SPORTSWEAR Skirts - Sweaters - Blouses and Dresses 22822 Lake Shore Blvd, REdwood 2-9299 STOP at KATZ'S EoR A Hot CORNED BEEF SANDWICH Euclid Ave, at Richmond Rd. ln the Shopping Center WILDWOOD FLORAL AND GIFT SHOP 20020 Lake Shore Blvd. lVanhoe l-32l5 "Flowers, Gifts, and Cards For All Occasions" Compliments ot THE UPSON SHOE REPAIR LOUIE ToRToRici 26090 Maxim Free Pickup and Delivery REdwood I-0I I3 BEST WISHES LADIES AUXILIARY No. 7 Fraternal Order of Police CONGRATULATIONS To the Graduates of 1954 WHYTE CHEVROLET CO. 243 East l85th Street THE V. DEMSHAR HOME APPLIANCE CO. Euclid's Largest Record Department And Only Magnavox's TV. Dealer 22034 Lake Shore Blvd. REdwood I-4740 Euclid 23, Ohio VINCE DEMSHAR Tony Spencr - Ed Divincenzo SOHIO SERVICE Chardon at Richmond Rd. TIRES - TUBES - BATTERIES ACCESSORIES IVanhoe I-9678 Eagle Stamps one hundred and righty Wlcklitte 3-3002 NON - FERROUS METALS FABRICATING CO. STEPHEN QPALICH 300l2 Lakewood Blvd. Wioklitte, Chio Congratulations to the Graduating Class ot l954 L and M TOBACCO AND CANDY WHoLEsALE 1oBBERS 784 East l85th Street KEnmore l-8777 1 l I l I BEST WISHES To the Class at l954 Gornick's Store For Men Dress Suit Rental CPEN Monday, Friday and Saturday Evenings The Flynn - Froelk Co. FUNERAL l-ICMES l3032 Euclid Ave. l3lU4 Euclid Ave. Ulster l-llllll BEST WlSl-lES From Forest City Material Co. Cleveland's Largest Lurnberrnen l79U3 St. Clair Ave. BEST WlSl-IES To the Class at l954 The Euclid News Journal l ld I it It CGMPLIMENTS QF FULTON, KRINSKY AND DELAMOTTE ARCHITECTS Ile vauwih' ffmtlmll IIIIIVGIJS Mums and Dauls :lf flux ,Xnmml Hom :xml 17:11 Y. 1 , Nlghf Iwxofllznll Gzunc. REdwood 1-0200 BRUNSWICK FOR FLOWERS Flowers For All Occasions 22082 Lake Shore Blvd. BEST WISH ES, GRADUATES From DRAGAS CLEANERS FINEST TAILORING 17011 Grovewood Ave. KEnmore 1-2337 Compliments ot AIAX MANUFACTURING CO. iNsuRE WITH MATT F. INTIHAR Complete Insurance Service 630 East 222nd St. REdwood 1-6888 Euclid 23, Ohio REdwood 1-2705 CARL I. NEWMAN MASON CONTRACTOR 450 Lloyd Road Euclid, Ohio Compliments ot - BARKER AND STAMPFEL HOME APPLIANCE, INC. I 22066 Lake Shore Blvd. APPLIANCES - FURNITURE - TELEVISION THE . EUCLID SHORE CLUB . Caiering to Business Executives In a Progressive City 25608 Lakeland Blvd. I REdwood 1-9892 - LET'S GET ACQUAINTED BEACH MOTORS. INC. 473 East 185th sf. of Lake shore Blvd. Euclid 19, Ohio , Your Northeast Hudson Dealer - NEW AND USED CARS Expert Repair and Service, All Makes 5 Phone: lVanhoe 1-9850 one hundred and ninety Compliments ot Your Erieridly SINGER SEWING CENTER 748 Eost l85tl'1 Street CLEVELAND, OHICD lCEnmore l-0660 REAL HARDWARE, CO. Linoleum, Points, Sporting Goods, Gloss omcl Builders' l-lordwore lVor1l'1oe l-9534 Locksmith - Keys Mode lVor1lioe l-l3l6 727 Eost l85th Street hlddt Joseph Zele and Sons Licensed Eunerdl Directors ctnd Embdlmers Louis A. Zele loseplfi Zele, lr. Sutton C. Girod Licensed Cosrnetoloqist Iustine Zele Girod 6502 St. Clctir Ave. ENdicott l-0583 lVctnlnoe l-3ll8 Ed Wank Television Service Co. Euclid's Qldest T.V. Service Shop Du Mont Philco HCA. Motorold GE. All Stdndoird Mctkes Antennd Repair cmd lnstctllcttion 378 Edst ZOO Street Euclid, Ghio Compliments ot The Whiteway Stamping Co. Euclid, Qhio Solon Drug Stores 2l86O Lctlce Shore Blvd 21051 Euclid Ave. At Chdrdon Rodd Iddd tt W 1 Z I r K BEST WISHES , N N 3 W 4 - To the Class of 1954 M CLEVELAND HOBBING MACH!NE CO X Thy CillllCl'2l and I?L'llt'illg' flubs worm- two new :ulclifions in my long list uf club ll HILDA'S Children Apparel Shop AN EXCLUSIVE Cl-1ILDREN'S APPAREL STORE 22378 Lake Shore Blvd. Euclid 23, Ohio REdwc:od 1-0440 GLAVIC KAISER - ,FRAZER 536 East 185th St. KEnmore 1-3375 "AUTOMOTIVE CENTER OF EUCLID" Authorized Keepsake Diamond Rings FRIEDIVIAN IEWELERS ESTabliSl'1ed 1914 22312 Lake Shore Blvd. REdwccd 1-0800 12322 Superior Avenue POtomac 1-6686 Headquarters for Sterling Silver "May the Enjoyment of the Senior's Future Lie in the Compensations Received From Work Well Done." E. I-IOFFMANN ENGINEERING CO. 1084 East 222nd St. Compliments of HENDERSI-IOT AND SMITH. INC. E'JCLID'S SPORTING GOODS HEADQUARTERS GRDINA HARDWARE 22336 Lak: Shore Blvd. REdwocd 1-0403 "YOU CAN GET IT AT GRDINA'S GOOD LUCK To the Class of '54 CITY OF EUCLID Transportation Division LUIKART INSURANCE AGENCY All Forms ot Insurance 18609 St, Clair Ave. KEnmore 1-4770 one hundred amd nir tx f ur Good Luck to the Closs of l954 TONY APPLE Sewer and Water Construction Co 1300 Eost 260th Street Euclid, Qhio , BEST WISI-IES F rom THE EUCLID CRANE AND HOIST CO. Euclid, Ohio THINKING ABOUT YOUR FUTURE? Maybe a tele 1 h you want - n interesting job h a good salary and f' dly peopl k with. Why om d alk THE OHIO BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY Lombardo Realty REALTQR 24481 Lakeland Blvd. Euclid 23, Chia REdWaad l-5010 Compliments oi Petric's Barber Shop 761 East l85th St. The St. Clair Builders Co. 20020 Si. Clair Ave KEnmare l-6000 I I I CONGRATULATIONS To the Graduates of 1954 THOMPSON PRODUCTS, INC. TAPCO PLANT 23555 Euc1id Avenue EUCLID, O1-11O h GOOD LUCK To the Senior C1ass of 1954 THE GEOMETRIC STAMPING COMPANY CA Subsidiary of Barium Steel Corpj 1111 East 200th Street Euciid, Ohio hdddt CCNGRATULATICNS Graduates Fred Krass Garage l570 Dille Road Euclid l7, Chio Compliments ot Jet Die and Development Co. 25020 Lakeland Blvd. Cleveland 23, Cnio REdwood l-3720 Compliments ot KAPEL Builders, Inc. Compliments of Radix Wire Co. 20200 Lakeland Blvd UNITED STATES AIR COMPRESSOR CO. Manufacturers of AIR COIVIPRESSORS - HYDRAULIC LIETS LURRICATINGX EQUIPMENT AIRLINE ACCESSCRIES EABRICATQRS CDF PRECISICDN AIRCRAFT PARTS 5300 I-Icrrvcxrd Ave. MIchiqcm I-5487 Clevekimd 5, Chic II 51 ecI1 Tcam with Cutlmn-rIl':1I Latin TiJlIl'II?lIlIEI1t IIIFUPIIY l'u1't:1in Call of Junic I I MILLER - STONE EucLlD's OLDEST JEWELERS Between the Theaters REdwood 1-0155 22570 Lake Shore Blvd. BIG BOUQUET Flower and Gift Shoppe 480 East 200th St. at Posnow Euclid 19, Ohio IVanhoe 1-1544 SPECIALIZING IN CORSAGES EAST 200th HARDWARE 685-87 East 200th St. Euclid 19, Ohio IVanhoe 1-8448 'GIFTS OF UTILITY HARDWARE" "Pittsburgh Paint Products" GOOD LUCK To the Class ct 1954 EUCLID ELKS No. 1793 PAGE REALTY Members of Multiple Listing System 455-461 East 200th St. KEnmore 1-1030 Compliments of BUTLER BROTHERS ISCOTT BURR sToRE 4511 Lake Shore Blvd. At East 222nd St. EUCLID, OHIO EUCLID CITY PLUMBING SERVICE EVERYTHING IN PLUMBING SEWER CLEANING REdwood 1-7040 ALLAN'S BEAUTY SHOP Specializing in Haircuttirig No Appointment Necessary lVonl'1oe 1-7553 two hundred d t FOLLOW THE CROWD TO . . . OLENINVS 28901 Lake Shore Blvd. Willowick, Ohio k To the 1954 Graduates of EUCLID SENIOR HIGH SCHQOL Best wishes for success in whatever undertakings you may now become engaged. You are holders of the American heritage - freedom of Worship, freedom of speech, freedom of enterprise, and freedom of gov- ernment. Let us all unite to protect and maintain these priceless rights. EUCLID VETERANS' CLUB t hdd dth Compliments ofa FRIEND Hattendorf - Bliss, Inc. 25080 Lakeland Blvd. Euclid 28, Cnio Trenchers - Eulldozers Dump Trucks - Cranes Carryalls - Pipe Trucks Portable Compressors and Weldina Units Trenchmg for Footmgs - Woterllnes S G L D S ewers- os ines- roin ystems Conduit Telephone REdwood I-0777 HYDRECO Manufacturers ot - Hydraulic pumps Motors Valves Cylinders Cfood Steady Dependable PLACE TC WCEK Employment Cttice l-lours 8:00 to 5:00, Monday-Eriday 8:00 to l2:00 Saturdays DIVISION THE NEW YORK AIR BRAKE CUMPANY IIUU EAST 222 STREET 0 CLEVELAND l7'UHIO CCNGEATULATICNS To the Class of l854 FriedeI's Delicatessen 848 East 222nd St. REdWood 2-8848 Mae, Mary Agnes and Leo t I d I d WHEN IN EUCLID IT'S BENDER'S Expert Garage and Body Work 23680 Lakeland Blvd. Euclid, Chio AAA We, at Bender's, have combined our efforts to bring you the finest service available. We are at your call anytime . . . our three trucks are ready and Waiting. Qur fine staff of good me- chanics and expert body men are all super- vised by Bill himself. So don't forget, - "WHEN IN EUCLID lT'S BENDER'S" 3 Trucks to Serve You - Emergency Boad Service 24 Hours a Day - Seven Days a Week GUARANTEED WORK Don't Forget - Call BEdWood l-Ol9O EUCLID CENTER ROLLERDROME 22480 Shore Center Ave. Skating Every Evening 7:00 to I0:30 P,M. Matinee on Saturday and Sunday 2100 to 5:00 P.M. Midnight Skate Every Saturday I IZOO to l:30 A.M. SPECIAL PRICES TO PARTIES AND GROUPS For Real REAL ESTATE SERVICE SEE GIBSON REALTY KEnmore I-3530 2209l Euclid Ave. Compliments ot 'WATERWASH HARDWARE 335 East 200th Street Compliments ot WEAN EQUIPMENT CO. 228 Lakeland Blvd. Compliments of AMERICAN LEGION AUXILIARY Euclid Unit 343 "We furnish an American Flag for every classroom in every school in Euclid." ADAM'S MARKET QUALITY MEATS and POULTRY 520 East 200th Street lVanhoe I-2386 Diamonds - Watches - Giftware ALVIN S I EWELERS Budget Accounts Invited Never Any Carrying Charge or Interest TWO STORES 690 East I85th Street 5633 Broadway COURTESY OF TWO FRIENDS two hundred X i -Q' "- 4 7 Q - me S- E ee 3 'T I E -N1 --' 1 l wi 'ff' Xa Tai X! 'I 4- Q X ' A . :' X " Fiiwn T155 I F: x Y F all 1 X E ,j ":l""f -un N ti, ' vi 3 - ? - X LTIJ- e ""'L'm'l-'1'J'IL..........A , : ,,W1-Ewa-,SWL M K BEST WISHES From THE OLIVER CCRP. Compliments of ZATKO METAL PRODUCTS CO. 20850 St. Clair Avenue Compliments of A. J. Grossman and Sons General Contractors 18609 St. C1air Ave. 1Van11oe 1-7484 The Dille Road Lumber Co. 1420 Dille Road KEnmore 1-0592 "There 1s a Material Difference" BEST WISHES From The Fraternal Order of Police Euo1id Lodae No. 18 D. and D. Clothing Made To Qrder Suits Pants and Topcoats Specializing in Tailor Made Drape Pants Ready Made Suits M. Ornstein 1V1U1berry 1-0118 762 East 152nd St. Cleveland 10, Ohio Home Phone - FAirmont 1-3475 ldlllt CQMPLIMENTS QP STUDENT COUNCIL Royal Court at I1UlllL'k'0lllillg Gzuuc Study-nf Vouncil lixeclltiu- B0:ll'tl :lf Hecfin CLIF FEL'S BAKERY 22030 Lake Shore Blvd. REdwood 1-4747 704 East 185th Street KEnmore 1-0650 COMPLIMENTS OF CHESTERFIELD STEEL SERVICE CO. 1220 East 222nd Street Proprietor lVanhoe 7-9716 Sophie Zawie WENDY'S RESTAURANT 1550 Chardon Road Hamburgers - French Fries Chicken in the Basket Euclid 23, Ohio Managers: Chris Zawie, Roni Zawi BEST WISH ES from KNUTH GREENHOUSE 21601 Euclid Avenue ' GLenviIle 1-9048 WM. E. LINGER J EWELER 950 East 152nd St. At Five Points Cleveland 10, 0hio COMPLIMENTS of cr FRIEND BEST WISHES IASBECIC FOOD MARKET 821 East 222nd Street GOOD LUCK GRADUATES from BOULEVARD BEVERAGE 22742 Shore Center thdddt MOTORS BEST WISHES ECE YOUR CONTINUED SUCCESS MACHINERY CO. EUCLID lSubsidiary of General Motors Corp.l 1361 Chardon Road To all the members of the Graduating Class of EUCLID SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL CONGRATULATIONS And Our Heartielt Good Wishes for Every Possible Success in Your Future Careers and Private Lives As Well Compliments of Add ressograph - Multigraph Corporation thdddl Compliments ofa FRIEND Paints Enamels Varnishes Floor Sealers Roof Coatings Boiler Treatments Caulking Compounds Wood Preservatives -.l 0 Made in Euclid by The Continental Products Co. 1150 East 2Z2nd Street Euclid 17. Ohio Compliments of The Hamann Construction Co. General Contractors BEST WISHES To the 1954 Graduates Cleveland Wire Works of General Electirc Company 1331 Chardon Road Euclid 17. Ohio tllllil BEST WISI-IES Class ot 1954 RAIMCDR STUDICDS 762 East 185th Street CLASS PHOTCDGRAPHER I t t ct Sttlrtcllts View Animal Life Murlcne l':1lvc1't Yit-ws l'1ucli4l's XI 1 I "Fine food in an atmosphere of friendliness" Lake Shore Tasty Shop Restaurant East 222nd St. at Lake Shore Blvd. Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner Late Snack Private Parties in our new PATIO COMPLIMENTS OF SHORE CENTER WASHETTE 22740 Shore Center Ave. V2 HOUR LAUNDRY Dry Cleaning - Shirt Service Flat Work Mangled REdwood 2-8228 EUCLID BROOM MFG. COMPANY INDUSTRIAL BROOMS KEnmore I-5382 or I-5705 Howard Payne l98Ol St. Clair Ave. Residential - Industrial - Commercial Heating, Roofing, and Sheet Metal LAKE SHORE ROOFING AND SHEET METAL CO. 9ll East 222nd St. Euclid 23, Ohio REdwood 2-9292 "Our friends are warm friends" I it I I POWERS AND CO. I REALTORS Chardon at Richmond Rd. lVanhoe I-43ll BEST WISHES FROM S'I'ERN'S MEN'S WEAR 7l5 East I85th St. KEnmore I-2640 Complete Line of White Tuxedo Coats far Rent NOTTINGHAM HARDWARE CO. l8708 St, Clair Avenue Cleveland IO, Ohio I. LOMBARDO CEMENT and ASPHALT CONTRACTOR 2457l Hawthorne Dr. lVanhoe I-4526 ........................-... two hundred and fourteen CGMPLIIVIENTS CDF PIIFSSIJRII CASTINGS INC. EUCLID, OHIO I X. s Q VIV, .IVVVI. MMM I I I and fifteen With Every Good Wish Manufacturers of Screw Machine Products Cap Screws and Set Screws Kerr - Lakeside Industries, Inc. "A good place to work" 2IO5O St. CI ir Ave. E I'd I7 Oh' KE I 8380 CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES Chandler Products Corporation Good Luck To The Seniors of 1954 The Cleveland Trencher Co. BEST WISHES of Crescent Metal Products, lnc 18901 St. Clair Ave. Cleveland. Ohio Compliments of The Austin Company ENGINEERS AND BUILDERS 16112 Euclid Ave. 1255 East Z22nd St. t l l I d t RUTH'S P. X. 2568I Euclid Avenue REdwood I-9889 TOYS - COSTUME JEWELRY CERAMICS - DELICATESSEN WINE - SODA FOUNTAIN PAGE INSURANCE AGENCY 455-46I East 200th Street KEnrnore I-I030 Member - Insurance Board of Cleveland For the Finest in Quality Jewelry WOLKOV JEWELERS Keepsake Diamonds All Nationally Advertised Watches 707 East I85th St. IVanhoe I-4888 Compliments of ROOSEVELT SAVON MARKET 690 East zoom Street KEnmore I-5332 JOE'S PURE OIL SERVICE PURE OIL PRODUCTS GENERAL REPAIRS 700 East 200th St. KEnmore I-9876 DEDREUX MARKET CHOICE MEATS 654 East I85tl'1 St. IVanhoe I-76I4 .....................- hundred and seventeen COMPLIMENTS of DR. AND MRS. HARVEY C. IANKE COMPLIMENTS of A FRIEND Compliments ot MAXlM'S DELICATESSEN Gooo LUCK TO THE CLASS or 1954 GOLLER BODY, INC. 24180 Lakeland Biva, SAM'S MODERN BARBER SHOP B28 East 200th Street KEnmore I-3458 BIG SAM LITTLE SAM Compliments of FRANK TUREK AND ORCHESTRA I I llll una' .qgfiigl-gifs: EUCLID POST No. 343 ll I u To safeguard and transmit to posterity the principles of Iustice, Freedom. and Democracy." From the Preamble i American Legion Constitution T H A N K Y 0 U . . . Without the help and guidance of many people, To Mr. H. Hurst . . . Painesville Publishing Co. this yearbook would have been impossible . . , We ...for complying with all our new ideas . . . for wish to express our deepest appreciation to them . . . being an understanding person whom it was a pleos- To Dr. W. Fordyce . . . Superintendent of Schools ure to work with . . . ...for providing us with all the wonderful facilities To Mrs. Hecker I i i Lime King publishing CO. fef PUlJll5l'l"'Q lhls Yeefbook - - - . . . for helping us to design our cover . . . To Mr. C, Owens . . . Euclid Principal . . . for To Mi.. Mi Robb i i i Camera Club i i i for mk- Weflslng Wifli US Gnd l'lelPlf1Q US with 0U" new ideee ing our social section pictures . . . for patiently - end OU' m0'1Y Problems i ' - making so very many reprints for us . . . T0 MV- W- SClWWeQle' - - V Ellelld VlCe'P'l"lClPCll To Miss B. Kost . . . for diligently checking over ' . , . for taking an active interest in our book . . . OH our written mane, i i Q moz? Wilfglr 'his 'efgtigsgiiid bO'iiL?iLeSo mcqgii To the faculty . . . for accepting with smiles all his help and understanding . . . but most of all for Exgiiiifigrses fOrfc?retitifi2?r ilgiisggejgijgntooiirzjoribeiondi:-ire: - being a real friend as well as an advisor . . . ing the ii-ilirigfdoys of the picture taking , , . p , T0 Mr. R- Befmeff - r - Bl-'5lneSS SDOVWSOV 4 4 - fel' To the students . . . for all the co-operation Pf0VldlnQ U5 with The bl-'dQel' needed T0 Pl-ll3ll5l'i 0 given us , . , for help in many of our problems . . . beek Sl-'Ch 05 l'l"l5 i A - To the staffs . . , for the book itself . . . for giv- To Raimor Studios . . . for having such patience ing of their time freely for a better yearbook . . . with us . . . for taking over three-fourths of all our Without the help of each and every one men- pictures , . . for giving up their valuable time in tioned this book would not have been published... order to take a special picture for us . . . to say "thank you" would hardly be enough, but To Mr, Ri Seifz i I h Cievelond Engraving CO iiii we do wish to say it with the deepest sincerity . . . for giving us a free hand with our book , . . for ll10"'l4 YOU Ull VefY mUCl'l- offering valuable technical advice . . . THE EXECUTIVE STAFF 92711321-B two hundred and eighteen BR 'licl 1 U3fU5 210000 SBK i .-,gm .ag x ad ,. ,l -I 5415: 'ir

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