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4 IJ," Q m'f12f1'fzfz Presenter! by THE STUDENTS OE EUCLID SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL 711 EAST 222nd STREET EUCLID 33. OHIO is "Not the begimzing. but tbe contimzing to tbe emi wbirb giveth tbe true glory Editor Connie Bates Associate Editors Dawn Delight Bouse Sue Spangler Business Manager Florence Elrick Page 2 -Anonymous Printing by Edward T. Samuel Binding and Cover by Little King Pbolograpby by Rziimor Studios Iiugmz'ir1g.v by Cleveland Engraving CONTENTS SENIORS I I5 UNDERCLASSMEN I L55 DRAMA I I I 77 ACTIVITIES 83 SPORTS I 99 MUSIC I 121 PUBLICATIONS 127 SOCIAL LIFE 155 Page 3 DEDICA T1oN This yearbook is dedicated not to a person or persons but to an idea which, when put into full scale development in 1945, re- sulted in a singularly successful program in building international understanding. The Euclid Senior High School students, having benefited from the unique fruits of this program for the past two years, in the persons of Mr. Peter Badham and Mr. Clifford Owen, appreciate the fact that the exchange teachers are really "ambassadors of good will without portfolio." The teachers exchange program bases itself on the idea that the key station of teachers in every community furnishes varied op- portunities for advancing international understanding and cooper- ation. These teachers are given the opportunity, not only to be- come better teachers, but also to become better citizens of their own respective countries and better citizens of the world. Therefore it is with great pride and humility that we, the EUCLIDIAN staff of 1955, dedicate this book to the International 'Teachers Exchange Program and to the teachers throughout the world who are participating in this program. Theirs has been and is "a monumental contribution to understanding and to world peace." Page 4 HCULT . . . Preacb with rofzviction and teacb with integrity. -President Eisenhower All I can offer you is blood, toil, tears, and sweat. -Prime Minister Churchill XV. G. FORDYCE The people of Euclid have indicated their confidence in the American public School by the generosity of their support for these schools. Our high school stu- dents' are particularly fortunate in having one of the most beautiful school build- ings in the country. It is the hope of the Board of Education and of your parents that you have taken full advantage of these facilities and of the contacts with a group of well-trained. stimulating teachers. Your yearbook is a record of your days in this school. We hope they were happy ones. As you leave the school, you assume to a greater degree the obligations of citizenship. The test of your educational experience will be in what kind of citizen you become and how fully you support the American ideals which have made your education possible. The Board of Education expresses its congratulations and best wishes for your future. W. G. FORDYCE, Superintendent. BOARD OF EDUCATION LEFT TO RlC1H'l -f.. lg. llowman, Ray Turk. Vice-Prcsidcntg Russell Glass, President, Loyal Luikart, john lf. Daxis. Page 6 During its short life Euclid High School has been privileged to graduate many fine young men and women. This annual well illustrates the opportunities for all to live and learn in an atmosphere which contributes to a well- rounded life. We believe, at Euclid High, that students should have the opportunity to live in a demo- cratic atmosphere. This opportunity to partici- pate has helped our students to better assume adult responsibilities after high school gradu- ation. The publication of this yearbook with all the responsibilities which accompany it is evi- dence of the merit and the ability of our stu- dent body. May the lives of all who attend here be fruitful and make worthwhile contributions to an enlightened and better world. CLIFFORD G. OWENS, Principal. During these critical war years American youth has been brought face to face with sev- eral very serious challenges. Many of our young people have been forced to decide whether to enter combat service or to assist with industry, or to continue their education. The decision will never be an easy one. Ameri- can youth, always highly patriotic, under- stands what it means to maintain the American way of life at whatever cost is necessary. Your teachers and friends have confidence that you will continue your preparation and thus work for a better world. Best wishes. WALTER SCHWEGLER. .,, .. , . - Page 7 DEAN OF MEN AND DEAN OF WOMEN lf ? '."' "sis . . I o k l .cWd'X xl-7 .X f L - -tk. f A " ' fa? 4- V.-.,f " 1 'x ll ., Th. - .8231 l.l'l'l Xr 'VN 'YP' 'SX TOP RIC HT Miss XX illis BOITQ M LL T X rs XXm gr As mediators of stu- dent-faculty relations and advisors to both students and faculty, our Deans, Mr. Meryle Baumer and Mrs Harriet Sheets, hold tvto of the most xital positions in our school government. . l l iii Ui QQ' -1-QT' .' A l..:ir.ir1.nis Ir 1, our .um rf, lime rhv lilwmry .i part of thc sthoul, not .apart from uf' These signiliuint words tell very r ir gi rli irivri im ml lift I llll that fill ti our l in vr1f"', .fi , 1 ' I 1 ', 17' l,lll lfrlilfilll Mrs Nr 1. '. . . xiur v . livmrii s. 'xml Miss lim-ulirili, Mrs, Merit-, Page S f .,,?,5f?h wi- " ...,- Pera Campbell ingworth Lester Angene STUDIES DEPARTMENT Stanley Wfhitside Halen Stewart To encourage the highest type of citizenship in prob- lems dealing with govern- ment, economics. religion, and race, whose solutions depend entirely upon an intelligent and understand- ing attitude of all future active participants in Amer- ican democracy, and to try to develop those qualities which will make for a most intelligent citizenship, are not the least of the goals toward which the social studies teacher strives. The encouragement of a coop- erative spirit or an attitude of tolerance and the appre- ciation of culture are two further objectives. Ruby Olszn Myron Gordon ir, lf' , , ,!.:c.A, 1 , I., 'N 4' Wilma Gillman Clemens Blauch Robert Bennett ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Used in thinking and communicating id e a s , a skillful use of language is necessary for every intellec- tual endeavor and most social relationships. Through many experiences each six-week period, Eu- clid students continually improvc their reading, writing, speaking, and lis- tening, helping to make better citizens, to become successful in their life's work, and to live happy, well-adjusted personal lives. Melvin Robb Neal Nelson is E' -f --3 xgyt I ,V g' L. l 5 w EQ 'VT Pl' x S-.I George Wiley LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT Neal Maclieigan Anthoni Vaccariello iw- at X , . I ' 47' , .if Z' . Ruth Vermillion Leonard Rohuck Na. -4 lim' Y is ' - x ' , The constantly improving transportation facilities, plus more and better means of communication, have brought the present generation of Americans into a community of nations in which the United States must play the part of a neighbor and a leader. Now as never before, it behooves Ameri- cans to make themselves understood by the other peoples of the world. It further be- hooves them to make every effort to under- stand the millions of persons in the world who express themselves in languages which are foreign to Americans. in -5 uff K - l Yi COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT 'I'he general objective of the Commercial course is to prepare the student to enter the business world immedi- ately after graduation. The students in the "Co-op" de- partment are given a mini- mum of fifteen hours a week of actual work experi- ence at the prevailing wage rate. 'lhis program offers to the students the oppor- tunity of "learning by do- ing. -..H Delmar Smith john Reeves june Phypers Edmund Mize if, .pl , I ,- ta- Quik +25 T' Dolores Hohs Louise Darst Donald Brown Lillian Barrow SCIENCE DEPARTMENT A knowledge of the various sci- ences is extremely useful as well as being rewarding. The general ob- jective of the study of science is to aid the student to acquire, classify, and select facts and to draw logical iconclusions. The program of scien- :tific study offered at Euclid is a 'varied one which offers such courses las Physics, Horticulture, Biology, land Chemistry. f. 1. james Ge bhart ' '21 5' "N 5 1 P , I , st ff 2 'ri-ir N - . . 4 3? lfu sc -Az sae, f S' 'Q' joseph Mayer l 1 lv- Olin Bailey Leon Heinlein Richard Keay W ,1 . bi Q ,' ,,,. , G . - -f, -' w YV? " N ,fi A ul-.rg 'K pl b I p,xffV:"'f7 5'-. ' Q V MW H V of K If -"ggi, if ,,',.' .L 1 ,, I 5 A . L 1 r d " ""'ff':T lliflik 3 S l V - . 2 f' P5515-3: ' E M ' X an " ' ' .., f X LW, -1 I ' 1 x X3 I X W' J if jack Miller Harry Spangler Norman Thompson -,rl ...,. - MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT imma: -y. c ' 5 vi L' I ' -s - faf-f '74 N A, 5 , , 1. s A -Q If MY ' NI . 41, I ' 'l J my 1 . T V Irv: l . --A.: A 'f Beula Wilson Albine Weitzel Fred johns Adrian Buerger 'O :fl i ' TYWA - vu.-.. ' -..A-in ' Our Mathematics department of- fers: Shop Mathematics. Algebra, Plain and Solid Geometry, and Trigonometry. All of the courses in mathematics except shop math are a necessity for the student enter- ing a career of engineering or sci- ence. These math courses are suf- ficient for all the skilled trades in and out of industry as well as for a foundation for further mathematics in higher education. INDUSTRIAL ARTS DEPARTMENT Fred Yollman Ford Case Clarence Eckert bl Y' vs., john Supance . h Q 1 4-x A ' . "g 1' , N -A A 'Y A tr.:'g.' x .J -I 4 . p' .Q fi K 5 A 618332: - X92 ,L 1- . 54- 3"-f" 1553-A Q , fa, Q , , K 1 4- i, 3-' mixes .gg Al- x ' , 'xx F, xv , W fy X I 1-.5 I , .. I X Frank Troglia Aloysius Galicki john Photo Mervin Staines . Yr aw...-..7 1-1- 44-, l. Generally speaking, the Art and Industrial Arts courses are designed as nearly as possible to provide instruction and experience basic to the vocations and axocations represented in our school, shops, and craft rooms. The Industrial Arts subjects as set up are not intend- cil to prepare anyone for a specific job such as running Page 12 I X' .5 Y , il drill press or becoming a specialist in repairing automobile carburetors of a certain make. The instructors try to give a broad background in to develop basic skills the Held, and to teach within the group. the subject, peculiar to cooperation :,,-cas, C 2 Q U fn 'u P :U -1 Z H1 Z -4 I 7 The Music department offers the student interested in music an opportunity to participate in band, orchestra. or choir. There is an opportunity for all, in both popular and classical music. Naturally, a desire to play or sing is stimulated. and it is hoped an understanding and appreciation of the liner type of music is developed. Dale Harper nj? D T1 n-.,v" .. A jan Thompkins DEPARTMENT , " ?"Dv 9 ,f " i ' 'qal' KW -t .s ?" ..f 1 4 Q- . .:r..-. The art course is constructed to provide a maximum of experience in all phases of art as it applies to everyday life. This covers painting, drawing, crafts. appre- ciation, consumer education, ceramics, metalwork, sculpture, commercial art, and others. The emphasis is on practical work, although anyone who cares to use art as a career will find that this course will prepare him for art school or college art courses. Page 13 PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Clarence Swackhammer Dorothy Gill Spartoco DiBiasio ia- "- 1 ,4 ., '55 'li ' . The physical education pro- gram for boys and girls is per- haps one of the most important in the Euclid High curriculum. Its purpose is to develop and maintain physical efficiency, es- tablish desirable health attitudes, develop permanent interest in recreational activities, sportsman- i ' M 'YA ' " -- .-.. ship and a sense of fair play, .5 Q7 'f-Q X 3. self-control, poise, grace, ease, AVA and self-assurance. 1 all x X 5X 'md X .. joseph Gram Carol Grave jane Lais james Calvert Y O HOME ARTS DEPARTMENT nl 7- T1 0 ': .F 3-' , 1,7 H". ,.': i' 103 5 T' Marion Hoddick Edith Lemon jcssie Howe Pagclfl i The general aims of the Home Arts course are: K I J To lead the student to realize some of her responsibilities as a member of a demo- cratic home and communityg 122 To help the student analyze and solve her personal prob- lems as to clothing, food, and social relation- ships. The Home Arts Department offers courses which prepare a girl for the greatest career of her life-marriage. Go fortb to meet the slJad0zc'y Future u'itfJout fear and with zz rmznly bearf. -Henry Vfadsworth Longfellow Gone-glimmering through tbe dream of things that were. -Lord George G. Byron 117 SENIORS SENIOR A CLASS OFFICERS LEFT TO RIGHT-C. Wagner, T. Christoff, G. DeNeower, D. Carroll. SENIOR B CLASS OFFICERS LEFT TO RIGHT-V. Capello, J. Kotnik. M. McClure, T. Kure. The Seniors of Euclid Senior High School, with three valuable years of preparation behind them, are now ready to take their respective places in the community. This class has always held high the principles and standards of Euclid Senior High School and will be long remembered for its many achievements. Now that commencement is drawing near, the Seniors will march proudly across the stage and receive their diplomas. This will be a happy day but tinged with sorrow. They leave the past with regret but face the future with great expectations. Page 16 ARNOLD. PATRICIA "Pat" Girl trilb 4 migbry roar. Friendship 2, 3, 43 G.I..C. I, Swim Cadettes 5, -iz G.A.A. 2, 51 Majorette Club 2, 3, 41 Majorette -l. Maiorette Letterwinner -iz Choir 1, 5, 43 Glee Club 21 Intramurals l, 15, 4: Pin- ochle Club 1. 7--5 BROZ. RICHARD EDXVARD "Daddy" Broz He plug: hir lilfle Jaxo- plmue all np ,wif 111111421 the fuzz 71. Baseball l, 21 Band l, Z 33 Pina Pon.: Club -l. CA RROLL, DONALD A. ..DOn., For ritizerzrbip and .rerzfice he tfererrer a pal. Sr. Class Prc-s.g Euclidian Bus. Staff 5, 41 Choir 1, 5, -4: Sr. Cabinet -lg Poise for Boys 3: Chess Club 2. 31 :him Club -4. CHRISTOFF. THELINIA CLARA "Thelm" Entered from South High School, 1952. A girl zrlvore l1e.1.feJfm'fm'- 111116 tzmf frllllck Sffntl1'.v lofi ll'd.l Ifln'fhI"1 guru. Natl. Honor Sotiety 3, -ig Sr. Class Treas.: Friendship Club ri: Sr. Cabinet: Math Club -i. CLAYTON. JOAN Hclay.. Our flfclzflllii' lady. Student Council 2, 3, lil Fresh. Class Sec: Soph. Class V, Pres.: Friendship 2. 5. -4: Soph. Homecoming Attendant: Basketball At- tendant 43 Sr. Play Castg Maiorette Club 51 Acro- lutic Majorette 51 Mega- phone Club 2. 5, -'lg Cheer- leader I, 2, 3, -i, Letter- uinner 4. Co-Captain 43 Intramurals l, 2, 3. 4g Knitting Club 21 GLC. 3, ii Music for Fun l. 42 I - 94 'lr' 'Cl' sq.. rs., WT"'f' QS, 15" f2iX 5 . fe.. 4. CORLETTE, ANN MARY "Corky" She zrinr the real of lappmzwl, Friendship Club l. 2, 51 Jr. Play Prod. Staffg Choir 31 Red Cross lx Pinochle Club lg Intramurals l, 2. 5, 43 Ballroom Dancing 2: Canastsa Club 3: Charm Club 4. l ri: fn. -vw ue".'f' 9'-f f-q 'Y' pf 17 mtl DAVIDSON. BRUCE "Bruce" l'1e no reumu In fomplafnf Boys Leaders 41 P.A. Club lg Camera Club l, Z1 Gem Hunters Club 1: Canasta Club 5, -ll Ping Pong Club 4. DeNEOWER, GLORIA ll"e'ff walk a mile for that zrirzlzirzg Jmife. Fresh. Class V. Pres.: Soph. Class Sec.: Sr. Class Sec.: Friendship Club 2, 3, -ig G.L.C. 2g Homecoming At- tendant 4g Euclidian Bus. Staff 3, -lg G.A.A. 2: Prom Committee 4: Maiorette Club 2, 5, 4, Majorette 2, 5. 4, Letterwinner 4, Cap- tain 4g Choir 1, 2, 5, 4: Sr. Cabinet JH Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 43 Pin- ochle Club 1. Page 17 DYKE, JANET LEAH "Dykes" Blom! Bombflfell. Sri Class Sec.: Friendship Club 5, Euclidian Bus. Staff Z, 5. -iz Prom Com- mittee 4: Maiorette Club Zg Choir 3, -iz Glee Club 21 P.A. Club 51 Sr. Cab- inetg Music for Fun -ig Intramurals 3, -ig Ukelele Club 3. DYKE. ROBERT ALLAN "Cadillac Kid" CJ.l'O710l'4.Z trflb a migbfj mire. Student Council 3: Hi-Y 2, 3: Swimming 31 Choir 5, 4: Glee Club 51 Gem Hunters Club 2, 3, V. Pres. 2, 53 Gymnastic Club 5, 43 hladrigals 4g Ukelele Club -l. EVANS. LLOYD "Tom" B.'Y'.Iv.f c.:1,- .ln ft. ri 155 Idflil I. Wrestling, I, -41 Choir Sp bug: Crew -Q1 Dancing Club gl Ping Pong I: Checkers Club 1: Pinochle Club -4. it sf FISHER. XVILLIAM fl lifllt' firli i11 .1 lzig 5Il't.'.llll. Hi-Y 3, ,lx Cross Country lg XY'orld Affairs Club 3. HAMMILL. GORDON "Red" Entered from Admiral Farragut Academy, l95l Semml lrip aronml. Football lg Letterwinner lg Gymnastics -lg Ping Pong Club -4, Athletic Associa- tion l. .Ali S. if V4 -nv' Y-"C KLAWON. RUSSELL H. "Russ" There 111'e11'1 Illdllj like l1i111. Euclidian Bus. Staff 5, -13 Poise for Boys Club -lg Ping Pong Club -ig Chess Club l. 1 l l l KOLLAR. SHIRLEY ANN Surely' you will like Sbirleyo Friendship 1, 2, 4, G.L.ClL lg Euclidian Bus. Staff 2 3, 41 Survey Bus. Stal? 3 Prom Committee 53 Mal jorette Club 1, 2, 3, 4' Majorette -ig Choir 1, 2, 3, -lg G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, lntrarl murals 1, 2, S, 43 Quill and Scroll sig Ukelele Club eg, 'QT' 42 i? KI SAR. ALICE HAI., fic-.11i.', If 111' 01111 e Nite l 11,1-l1t111g' lr. Class Xf Pres. S3 Friend- sllll' Club 21 G,L.C,. ll Nleuphfine Club li Cheet- leu-fer l, Choir l. .fl Musit lor Fun JL Knitting Club Charm Club -1. lntrgi- nuursls l. J LACCHEO. RONALD G. "Lock" llL'il Hcslnlfllctfn fini' vlr. Class V. Pres., Quill S bcroll og Euclitlian Bus. bull S, -lg Choir l, 5, Alg Sr. Cabinet: Gem Hunters Club 2, Pres. 2, Poise for Boys Club 51 Auto W'ise Club -I. if 1'--3 LADDIS, LEXVIS A. "Lou" Tlw pmblwri ir 11111 lynn' 10 ililil lemir tu j'Illll' file. but life 111 lllllll' viemzr. Boys Leaders 5, -lg Football l, Z, 5, -i, Co-Captain sig Letterwinner 3, sig Baseball l, 2, 5, 1, Letterwinner 3, I, Captain -lg Choir 1, 5, -lg Diamond S p o r t s Clubg Quarterback Club, liiige l bl X- 'PDA X-...f MIHELICH. MARLENE "Mar" Slve 111-11111 well lJe1' p111'l.fn1' llvere all l70l1fH' lay, Student Council 3, 43 jr. Class Treas., Sr. Class Sec., Friendship Club l, 2, 5, 4g G,L.C. lg Swim Cadettes 2, 5. -'lg Euclidian Bus. Stall fig G,A.A. I, 2, 5, 4: jr. Play Prod. Staff, Prom Committee 3, ll: Mega- phone Club 2, 5: Choir l, 21 Glee Club 51 Drama Club lg Singing for Fun lg Knitting Club 51 Cribbage Club fig Charm Club fi, Pres. -ig Echo Bus. Stall lg Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. MUHIC, RONALD N "Ron" 1 Every 1111111 1.1 hir 111'rl.1ilezF nf forf1111e. l Hr-Y lg Red Cross Club 1? Ping Pong Club Ll, Canals Club 43 Gem Huntell Club 41 Pinochle Club l. VIURRAY, JOE ..Murr'. Experience if the ber! ether. Eli-Y lg Football 21 Track g Whittling Club 2: Auto Wise Club 33 Ping Pong :lub -ig Canasta Club -l. ICHARDS, PHILLIP E. "Ace" "ith music and Barney 'J rapt. i-Y 1, 2, Euclidian Bus. aff -'ig Band l, 2, 5, -ig 2 Stag ng Cl b -lg Canasta Club 5. 4: Pinochle Club 1. hoir 3, 4, Orchestra l, 2, ke Crew lg Ping ll NIDO, WALLACE JOSEPH "joe MacNido" Entered from Collinwowod High, 1950. .Han was made fur bmrer thingr than rtml'-1. Student Council -1, Plan- ning Committee 4, Boys Swim Leaders 21 Euclidian Bus. Staff -lg Football 3, -4, Letterwinner -lg Choir 33 Swim Club 2: Quarterback Club 3, -i. NUNNALLY. RICHARD EVANS "Nunnbach" He har 41 street tooth. especially for "Cookie" Wrestling l, 2, Captain 2, Letterwinner l, 23 Ad Club 1: Stage Crew 2g Bird Club 51 Lettermans Club 2g Ping Pong Club -l. 1753! 25? SON, RONALD A. "Little Boss" Maj bit life be ar rich arm' ful! at hir nmtic. Student Council Z1 jr. Class Ollicerg Euclidian Ed. Staff l, Euclidian Bus. Stal? 2, 3, 43 Prom Committee 3: Sr. Cabinet: Canasta Club 2: Ping Pong Club 5. SNYDER, GERALDINE "Geri" The cfofer I get 10 trouble live .wmzller it groin. Friendship Club lg Major- ette Club 2, 3, Megaphone Club 2, Choir lg Sr. Cab- inet: Pinochle Club 5, -ig Knitting Club 1: Echo Stall l. Page 19 PIERCE. MARGARET Entered from Garton High, Yonkers, N. Y., l95l. Her .v11'eetf1er.r "Piert'e,r" e1'erYmz1e lfllll zrlmm the conzer 111 mz1l.1t'l. Book Store R1 Knitting Club 3. rl. 'M -.. 'U' be RICHMOND. DONALD "Butch" Nwith the U. S. Marines in Korea-Holds the Purple Heart and Bronze Star. A gnoif heart if lfetlw' 117.111 aff the ltetztfx in Ili: zznrfif. Football 2, -4, Letterwinner 23 Baseball l. 2, 4, -4, Let- terwinner l, 1, 3,-41 Choir -lg Stage Crew 2, Diamond Sports Club 3. V. Pres. 31 Canasta Club -l. C LBWP! PRESLEY. BRUCE WESTON "Press" Entered from East High, 1951. .llvz Bernie!! .wif IF' Eucli-.lian Ed. Stall 11 Eu- clidian Bus. Stall 2, 5. -41 Football l: Basketball li Baseball lg Prom Commit- tee Sg Sr. Cabinetg Banquet Committee 'll Gem Hunt- ers Club 21 Quill N Stroll -4, Poise for Boys Club 33 Diamond Sports Club -l. 1,4-' ,tsigvagclf '- x 'Q 7' .W 'ii-f 5 is A STARBIAN. JOSEPH "Champ" Not je! .1 fltll' fm! .1 gfvmf UIJII, Student Council lg Stage Crew lg Canasta Club -lg Ping Pong Club -li Pin- ochle Club Z, VALENCIC. ROSE MARIE "Rosie" Erigageri. ltsrJi..'mor1J doth .:f:f1o:i11ce. .fowl Zur free- .l 7'.'.' .lbciii JIQVIIYIIVILYL. Fresh, Class Pres. l: Soph. Class Treas. 1: Friendship Club I. 1. 5. -l: GLC. 11 Euclidian Bus. Staff -l: G..-LA. 1. 2. 3. -l: Sr. Play Cast: Prom Committee 5, -lg Megaphone Club 2. 3. -4. Treas. 3. Pres. -lg Cheer- leader 1. 2, 3. -1, Letter- winner 2. 5. -l. Captain -l: Card Club 11 Drama Club 1: Echo Bus. Staff 1: Cheer- leader Practice Club 2. 3. -li Dancing Club 3: Charm Club -lg Intramurals 1, 1, 5. -ll Choir 1, . fl 4- Spf 'x.." A 4 xv. YVAGNER. CAROL ANN "Carol" Right muff twin with lwr Irirnlirlg ,rruifth Sr. Class V. Pres.: Friend- ship Club 1, 2, 5, -lg Eu- clidiari Bus. Stat? 2. 5. -iz Survey Bus. Stalif 2, 5, C1.A.A. 1, Z. 3. -ll ,lt. Play Prod. Staff: Sr. Play Prod. Statf: Prom Committee 3: Majorette Club 2, 3: Mega- phone Club 2. 5: Choir 1. 2. 3, -iz P,A. Club 51St. Cabinet: Echo Bus. Stat? 1: Card Club lg lntr.imur.1ls 1 " ' l 5. .--.1 . fig' ,V u S-...en . ' H, .Q I , x . 'N' . as, B v.. 'uv- R .pl ,roam wwicz. FRED J. "Alan'-J" Rememb fr 1176 Alamo. Hi-Yg Football lg Letter- winner 1: Baseball 13,4 . Letterwinner 3, -iz Dia- mond Sports Club 2, 5, 4. Sec, Al. ALLAR, RICHARD "Dick" Tlverebr power in ,Jil voice, Hi-Y 2: Boys Loaders 1: Basketball 1: Baseball 1, 2. 5. 4, Letterwinner l, --lg Band I, 2, 5, -lg Orchestra l, 2. 5. 4: Cribbage Club Z, Diamond Sports Club H, fl, Treas, 4. NVASI-IBURN. RICHARD "Dick" Ha zrllo rm'er,r terrilory in- ffwil' of .real nf rlmir, if .v1m'e.r.v. Hi-Y 2, 5, -i, Treas. 3, Chaplain 4: Boys Swim Leaders 2, 3, 4: P.A. Club 2: Camera Club 3. Treas. 3: Swimming Club -l. IK VVORLEY. MILDRED RUTH "Millie" Voire on! of the ufbirl- uxfmf. Friendship Club 1, 2, 3: Maiorette Club 2. 5: Choir 1: Glee Clubs 1: Echo Bus. Stal? I: Dramatic Club l: Needlecraft 1, Charm Club -4: Knitting Club 3: Intru- murals 1, 2, 5. ZALES, BARBARA J. A l'L'dI7i-1' rmilcf, an able brain. a mighty fine girl Io be a friend. Friendship Club 1, 2, S, 4: G.L.C. 1: Euclidian Bus. Staff 1: Survey Bus. Stall 1: jr. Play Prod. Sta Majorette Club 2, 3: Mega- phone Club 2, 3: Swim Club -l: Art Club 3: Echo Bus. Stal? 1: Needlecraft Club I: Card Club 2: I tramumls l, 2, 3. Fx..- frm- fl ANDEEN. JOAN NIU., ll"-41-I-c-IJ ber rtepr? Friendship Club 1, 5, 4: G,A.A. 1. 2. 3, 4: -lr. Play Prod. Staff: Majorette Club Z, 3, 4: Majoretre 3. 4, Letrerwinner 4: Choir 1, 3: Red Cross l: Music for Fun 4: Sports and Games Club l. Page 20 gaus- ANZELLS. KENNETH PAUL "Ken" To kazozz' bivz fi lo miller- .rtfnrtf him. Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Letter- winner 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Letterwinner 3, 4: Baseball 1, 2, 5. 4, Let- terwinner 2, 3, 4: Diamond Sports Club 2, 3, 4: Quar- terback Club 2, 3, 4. ATRAN, RITA "Rita" Entered from Addison Jr. High, 1950. Humor ami wit, for lenzltv- .rlvip xhe'r fil. l i l l s Natl. Forensic League 3, 4: : Quill it Scroll 4: F.T.A. 4: Friendship Club 3, 4: G.L.C. 1: Euclidian Ed. Staff 4: Survey Ed. Staff 4: Survey Bus. Staff 4: G.A.A. 3, 4: Jr. Play Prod. Staff: Prom Committee 4: Ma-- jorette Club 3: Choir 1, 2,l 3, 4, Sec. 1: Glee Club lg' Sr. Cabinet: Girls League: 1: Intramurals 1, 2, 5, 4. .1- BABNICK, NIARY LEONA "Lee" Entered from Wilson jr. -Iigh, 1950. llylaat Jzreel delight a quiet ife affordf. :riendship Club 5, 43 Eu- 'lidian Bus. Staff 4g G.A.A. 35 Girls Hockey 4g jr. 'lay Prod. Statfg Prom :ommittee -lg Glee Club , Jig Sr. Cabinet: Book Ftore 2: Knitting Club 2g Travel Club 3: Intramurals , 2, 5, 4. K Sv- 'QI' 'U' . ARLENE "Arlene" thatfer arm' laughter life ever' afler. Club l, 3, -lg Staff 1: G.A.A. 5, 4: Jr. Play Prod. Movie Club 5, 4: Club lg Canasta Shorthand for Fun Treas. 53 Charm Club -1. BAILEY, LUCILLE ULU., Quiet girl. Friendship Club Z, 5, 45 Choir 'ig Glee Club 5, -ig Red Cross 2, 3, -i. ,AQ i 'Qs '77 BAMBICK, PEGGY LOU Mpeg.. Entered from Andrews School for Girls, 1952. Sbe pegs' on Ilve "SS.' Choir 3. BAKER. ALAN JAMES HAL.. True safe in irrifing comet from art. not rbanre. Natl. Honor Society 3, -ig F.T.A. -ll Hi-Y 2, 5g Eu- clidian Ed. Staff -4: Survey Ed. StaE 5, -lg Basketball Manager 2, 5, -l. Letter- winner 5, -lg Choir 5, 41 Sr. Cabinetg Quill 8: Scroll -ll Assembly Service Club l: Math Club 5. ga S' ' ilrrf' 'N re 'Sf bw . 1"-" . 'Y ff lf- . - 1 BANN. MICHAEL A. "Mike" Tliit "Blum" bay rz frm. Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 41 Football I, Basketball l. 21 Baseball ll Band lg Orchestra lg Pinochle Club 2. Page 21 BALDASSARRE. EVELYN "Evie" Branlifnl brouvz uriei. Friendship Club 23 Book Store lg Art for Fun lg Pinochle Club 2, 51 Charm Club -i. BALES, JOYCE NORENE "Dolly" Bale: of lauglner. Friendship Club 1, 5, Qig Survey Ed. Stafl lg G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, -ig jr. Play Prod. Staff: P.A. Club 3: Movie Club 4: Travel Club 13 Canasta Club Zg P.A. An- nouncers 31 Whats-it Club 3: Charm Club 4. fs -mf' BARNEY. WILLA JEAN "Jeanne, llwilli iz .fliirliug baton. the l1llll'L'l7EJ' 1111. Friendship Club 51 G.L.C. 5. 'll G.A.A. 1, 1, 5, Ji, V. Pres. llg jr. Play Prod. Stall: Majorette Club 2, 3. -4, Maiorette 3, 4, Captain -4, Letterwinner -lg Choir 2, 3, 4. .-7 4,1 f . fi 21 3 2 all BARNHART, JUDITH ujudy., Nerer give a 111.121 up znzlil be bas faileil in mmetlaizzg 5011 liked. Friendship Club lg G.L.C. 1, Pres. lg G.A,A. l: Mega- phone Club 2: Movie Club lg Sr. Cabinet: Pinochle Club 2, 3. BARRETT. DONNA "Donna" H Lfn If .: n.'."rfff .ful :rm will lxrrr fu flu ffl'.'r:fU' 1. "uri .iff !l'.'r,'if fwsiu Natl. Honor Soriety 3. -41 Natl. Forensic League 3. -1. St-t. ig FT..-X. I, 1. 1. -1, Tn-as. l. Friendship Club I. 5. lr. Play Prod. Stall. Asst. Dirt-ttorg Choir l. Q. 1. l. Glue Club 1. 51D.lI1u- ing Club 11 Music for Fun 4. Publit'.1tions Club 5' K harm Club -4. Twff BARRETT. ROBERT "Bob" Entered from Bloom Town- ship High. 1951. Cviflll .nhl "Blum tit" Hi-Y 3. 'll Boys Swim Leaders 3, -ig Football -ig Swimming 5. -L: Swim Club 3. -1, Y. Pres. -ig Qiiarterback Club -L. .nm , ni- o- A 'gl ' l . hr- C V ' C.,A' 3 .N Q 9 1 X vi x x 4' ., A . - ,fi-2' 1 BAIIER. MIOANNE BAVETZ. -IAINIES XV. "joan" "Jim" :lfu .1-,t rlwtry, Nutr ,lm1,2lt" lim. :1 t..'1-yy PA. Club 2, 3, 'll Chess lriendship Club Q. 7' 4. Club 1. C.l'll7lW.1,llC Club 3, x'.'.1l'D C .lift-tru w, Ellkllilltlll lin Shit? L QiA.A 1. W Nlsifrrcvrc flulr L. Mcgu- ghwnc f lub A fheerlcridcr 1 f.iI1.Lsf.t I llllf 'f BARTLETT. ROBERT G. "Bob" llnlmf d pair! Fresh. Class Treas.g Hi-Y Ig Football I, 2, 5, Letter- winner I, 53 Baseball l. 2, 5, -1. Letterwinner I, 2, 3, -lg Diamond Sports Club 2, 3, -11 Stage Crew lg Intramurals. new "M 5- BEAR. RICHARD "Dick" Big hem: fair mul .u111al'cf. Boys Leaders 5, -4: Foot- ball I, 2, 3, Letterwinner lg Track lg Letterwinner I, Page 22 BARTLETT. WILLIAM "Bill" COHII0l.fJ'Elll' uf r1zr1'e.r. Fresh. Class V. Pres.1 Hi-Y lg Football I, Z, 51 Letter- winner I, 5g Capt. lg Base- ball l, 2, 3, -lg Letterwinner l, 2, 3, -l, Captain Ig Stage Crew lg Diamond Sports Club 2, 5, -l, Pres. 41 Intra- murals. BATES, CONNIE "Squeak" A high rlepping "little" leader, fame will .rarely greet her. Natl. Honor Society 3, 4g Quill 8: Scroll 5, 43 Stu- dent Council Z, 3, Lt Soph Class Sec.g Homecomini Attendant 4, Euclidian Ed Staff 5, -I, Editor Play Cast, Choir 21 Pinochle Club 2g Club 3, 41 G.A.A. Friendship Club 2, 3, 4. Pres ii Qui' BEAUDRY. BRUCE "Bots" Tlwre are lfeller ll1iug.r in life llldll lexlbfmkr. Boys Leaders lg Boys Swim Leaders 5g Choir lg Pin- ochle Club lg Chess Club Z3 Bird Club 51 Ping Pong Club -4. BECK, CAROL "CAROL" She longed to have a littl Jlaeila to bring ber hom from rrlwol earlv -week. Friendship Club I, 2 G.A.A. I: P.A. Club 1 Movie Club 2, 3, gil Art fc Fun lg Sports Club 1 Ballroom Dancing 2, Pit ochle Club 33 Embroider Club 4, Pres. fig Chart Club -l. ir I ll l I 5 i I BEHNKE. ROBERT ..B0b.. 411 greal men are drying. I off! feel ,ru uell nzyfeff. 'ootball lg Golf 4, Choir ig Modern Dance 21 Can- lsta Club 3: Math Club -3. BELDIN. SHIRLEY "Shirley" You Jorft quile 511011 11113 -mn like ber. 'inn Illlfi Luau Jun dn. Friendship Club l, 2, Treas. lg G.L.C, -I: G.A.A. Z, Survey Bus. Staff 31 Choir l, lg Glee Club l 11 Movie Club 1, 5, ,if Assembly Planning Com- mittee 11 Fresh. Play Prod Staffi Pinuchle Club 11 Shorthand for lfun 5. Ts uf- T7 i .1- for lg Choir 11 Ukelele 3 'Fil' BESSLER. EDXVARD ..Ed.. .gg 42 'I BELTZ. ELAINE "Elaine" Aff bappirzwt il,L'f7L'IIzl'I nn mznwge nmf 1dI'l7'AL. F.T.A. 51 Friendship Club l, 2, 5, -41 G.L.C. lg Eu- clidian Bus. Stat? -ig -lr. Play Prod. Statlg Maiorette Club 3g Choir l, 2, 5, -ig Dancing Club lg Girls En- semble l. 1. E: Madtigals yi: Charm Club -4, Q' . BENCIN. RICHARD "Dick" lJJi1if,i fm? lrlifY lg Biology Club ll Mystery Reading 2: Chess Club 51 English Club 4. BENTLEY, JAMES A. njim.. fiigli ,sm in H1-Y. Student Council lg Hi-Y 2, 3, yi, Pres, Knights Chap' ter I1 Cross Country 3, -4, Letterwinner 31 Track 3,541 Choir l, 2. 3, All Movie Club l,-41Tt.1cl4 Club 3. 4. . Q, . C sf A .A ,C .K ' .I g V, s P I , A .f ' X , A , ig ' V f 'sri ,. - K xi,-Er. - ' I I T w 1 1 -55 ' L t Ea? fl X. :' 153 ,11 e'1',.v V f' ' ' '47 2 Q24 wi..-'ffs-fc'?:ff++ ,Lg ,f ,. ,f,.. .,W...1a..n,s ,..f . BEVERIDGE. TOM ..T0m.. Jackyn Entered from Shaw High, llulmt ui! In 111171 0111 rn beighl of ifelzgbl. 1951. bfi Honor Society 5, 41 Haze ,ion uw been In Club 2, 3, -lg fgdlldafclf lluefl - IW ld! 9, -4, Pres.-lgG.A.A. ,mu . . . v -i, Treas. 51 Cheer- Pa Sr 25 BLASIUS. ARLINE NAU.. Entered from Marymount, l950. .Slice fm! t1 L'l7tIl'N1IlItl filtftf rzmrzflfr. tim ruff frpbofl EllL'HiflJ' fmvzzzwx li.T.A. 21 Friendship Club 1: Reading X Wlriting for Fun 21 Canasta Club 5: Bridge Club fi. be wif! in- -.2 - L BOLDEN. CHUCK "Boel" flu girls, feaw we ufwzef I-li-Y l: Boys Leaders 2: Mystery Reading -4. BOMBACK. GLENN "Glenn" Tltir l.:.l'.r Jo nirr to lute .:ro,'.v:.1'. Ill.'ll7l7I ilu' :'r'f1,itwr lx' if fo.w1.l. Euclidian Bus. Stall -ll Survey Bus. Staff 3: Foot- ball 11 Track 1.41 Golf l: Sr. Cabinet: Prom Com- mittee1 Pinochle Club 3. gf , v QS if N !""f' BREXV. JIQANITA "jail" S0 511 ce! and lledl. Nlaiorette Club li Choir 1, 2, 5: Music for Fun 3: litho Staff 1: Friendship Club Club il. BOROVIC, PHILIP "Bucheroni" Tlnif min: of ricllon it a v1.1.5 rz .1:fr.1r!l0n. Student Council 5, Boys Leaders 2, 5. 41 Basketball 1. 5. ki. Letterwinner 5. 43 Baseball Z, 5, -i, Letter- winner 1, 3. -1: Basketball Club 1, 5, -1: Baseball Club 5. -iz Football Club 4. ,359 L'-Cf. I il gr ' g f. ' W CA 1 j BROCKMAN, KARL VICTOR "Karl" Hfilil llw for! glrli, 1-171 Uflllllllj. Student Council 21 Football 2, S, -i, Letterwinner 14, Basl-:etball 2, 51 Track 2, S, 4, Lctterwinner 5, 4, Co-Captain 5,11 PA. Club 21 Track Club 5, 4, Quar- rerbatl-: Club -1, BOUSE, DAWN DELIGHT "Dawn" Entered from Willoughby High, 1951. The lrarirplalltetl flower tba! bl oomefl aml flourirbezl . Natl. Forensic League 5, 41 Prince of Peace 41 Stu- dent Council 2, 4, F.T.A. 2, 5, 4, Sec. 23 Friendship Club l, 2, 5, 4g G.L.C. 1, 2, 5, 4, Treas. lg Euclidian Ed. Staff 4, Associate Ed. 43 Survey Ed. Staff 41 Sur- vey Bus. Staff 4, G.A.A. 1, 2, 5, 4, Letterwinner 1, 2, 5, Advisory Board 1, 2, 5, 4, Girls Hockey Z, 5, 4, Captain 4, Jr. Play Cast: Choir 1, 2, 5, 4g Latin Club 23 National Thespian 1, 2, Quill 8 Scroll 4. BRADNER, INIARIANNE "Mare" Yun never gel any fun our of Ibe Ilvingi you bazfezfl June. Friendship Club 5, 4, Swim Cadettes 5, 4, Euclidian Bus. Staff 4: Girls Hockey Team 5g Swim Club 41 Pinochle Club 1. "3Z"" 7-t BRENNAN, RICHARD D. "Dick" Silent and strong, be gen along. Hi-Y 5, 4, V. Pres. 4, Chaplain 4, Knights Hi-Y Council 43 Boys Leaders 25 Football 1, 2, 5, 4, Letter- winner 1, 5, 4, Wrestling 1, 2, 5. 4, Letterwinner 1, 2, 5, 4, Track 1, 5, 4, Letterwinner 13 Swim Club 2, Football Club 2, 5, 45 Pinochle Club 2, Wrestling Club 4, F an BROSE, MARK "Mark" BROWN, ARLINE "Brownie" Aliwayr happy, alwayr gay, l'l.rtnl Ptlfklllg lllnnzma. lbir buy liver from rlay lo Natl. Forensic League 5, 4, 1 P 4 lldy. rince of Peace 5, L1 Prince of Peace 53 Hi-Y Friendship Club 41 Eu- 2, 53 Baseball 1, Manager, clidian Bus. Staff 43 Survey jr. Play Prod. Staff: Band Bus. Staff 43 Choir 1, 2, 5, 1, 2, 5, 4, Board of Dir. 4, -lg Glee Club 5, 41 P.A. Orchestra 15 Movie Club 13 Club 5, 4, Sec. 5, V. Pres. 4. World Affairs Club 2, 4, Travel Club 5, Pig.: 24 BROWSKE, DON "Rod" Entered from Cathedral Latin, 1950. A born Ieare, bill rlo Ilaey like if! Swimming 5, Automotives Club 4, Round Table Club 5. l 1 UHNER, PHILIP "Phil" hief Big Feet. hess Club 2, 3, 4. BURNS, JEAN KATHERINE "Jeanie" Never horrid, never mean, many, many friends ha: Jean. Student Council 1, 4, Treas. lg Friendship Club 55 G.A.A. 2, 3, 4g Jr. Play Prod. Stafig Choir I, 2, 35 Movie Club lg Book Store lg Pinochle Club 1, 3, 4g Ballroom Dancing 2g Girls Ensemble 2, 3, 4g Mad- rigals 2, 4. 1,4 ELLO, VINCENT Vince" har the rtride of a further proof ir at hand. Council 3, 4g Plan- Committee 4g Sr. Pres.g Boys Leaders 3, -ig Football 4, Letter- 4g Basketball 2, 3, 3, 4, Track Letterwinner 3, 4g 3, 43 Prom Corn- Choir 3: Sr. Cab- Quarterback Club 3. hx 1 '92 ,YM CARLOZZI, JOSEPHINE ...Ion Entered from WickliHe High, 1952. Very quiel and friendly too. only her ziirllzer her her! friend: know. G.A.A. 3g Red Cross 5: Music for Fung Embroidery Club 4g Charm Club 4. BUSH, SHIRLEY ANN "Shirl" Entered from Willoughby Union High, 1952. Fm a lonely liltle pemnia in an onion patch. Bridge Club 45 Co-Op. 4. BUTCKE, SHIRLEY ANN "Shirl'l Her' joker 'will be known Ih77'0IlglJ eternity. Choir 1, 2. 5. 4g Canasta Club Zg Cribbage Club 3g Bridge Club 4g Girls En- semble 4. CAMILLY, ROGER "Roger" Entered from East Tech, 1950, Even lholzgh Roger in .fra- tnre is izveeny, H15 zfozce, zve'd my. I5 far from teeny. 5 J is: F - 'Q ir ? ll ' CARLSON. PATRICIA ANN "Pat" A quiet girl, freferzfezl. but rtill rhe zloer her' tarle with rare good will, Friendship Club 4: Choir l, 2, 3, 4g Glee Club 2g P.A. Club Zg Sr. Cabinetg Pinochle Club lg Ballroom Dancing 2. Page 25 ,- ' 'N 1 R- .-I .Q D... v., ,....., CARROLL. SALLY "Sal Galn A friemlly gal -zuirh many pals, Friendship Club 2, 3, 41 Swim Cadettes 2. 3, 41 Euclidian Bus. Stal? 43 G.A.A. 3: Jr. Play Prod. Stal? 4g Choir 3. 4g Or- chestra Zg Glee Club 3, 4: Swim Club 5, 4. '0""'f' s.,f Wk? . yu, X . ,' ...J CARUSO. SHIRLEY "Toni" "Toni" ir Jo rule and pllnnp, ,the keep! the hoys all on the jump. Prince of Peace lg Friend- ship Club 1, 2, 3, 4g G.A.A. l, 23 Girls Hockey Team lg Majorette Club 21 Choir 1, 2, 4g Glee Club 2g Girls Ensemble 4g Art Club 4. CASE. BRUCE "Case Botch" l'0.f.fc.f.f:'.1' 14 ln!! ful,r. Hi-Y 2. 3, Treas. 3: Survey Bus. Staff 2. gl Football I: Track 51 -Ir. Play Cast: Band I: Orchestra I1 P.A. Club l, 1, ,211 Movie Club lg Key Club 2, 3, -41 Pin- ochle Club Z, ,lg Travel Club 3: Gcm Hunters Club 5. - Qi., fr. 1 fi W A J .1-.. . 1. J-L I S El l COLLINS. ELEANOR HEI.. Ylvii lilllf girl If lllI1Il7lVlL lmfvpp. Friendship Club l, IZ, 33 G.l..C. li G,A.A. l, 21 Canasta Club SL Charm Club l. CHLTI-IA. NANCY "Nan" .fit :TI jill girl If 11742 Friendship Club 2. Singing tor Fun 2: Cribbage Club 31 Charm Club fi. YT fv ur' COLVUILL. MARSHA ANN "Marsh" ln fillili ,mil uinrli ilu lfirei Iwi' vfmrli. liricntlship Club 1, Q, 3,741 G.L.C. 4. Eurlidiiin lid. Stall ll Euclidian Bus. Stall ll G.A.A. 1.2, S, IQ Girls Hmlwy S, lj Singing fur liun 24 Cribbage Club 3. CLAMPITT. CONSTANCE "Connie" l'1i-.flaps rn ilu' rmnl nf .lflL'L'C.ltl'. Friendship Club Z, SQ G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, ,ig Major- ctre Club 2, 3, -4, Mnjurette 3, -IL Charm Club -i. 15 ni Hui' YH? CLARKE, MARY "Red" Har lmir ir ,rnflv 11 lovely ibiulv. in enrierl by llldllvl' tl nmiil. Friendship Club 53 G.L.C. l, 21 G.A.A. I, 21 jr. Play Prod. StaHg Glee Club 1, 23 Canasta Club 53 P.A. Club -ll Red Cross l, lg Triivcl Club -i. I n CLASEN, CAROL I "Class" I Vnire our of the whirling imrlrl. Friendship Club 25 Boolvl Store BQ Singing for Funi 2. 3: Charm Club 4. . 6 il fi 1 l I 56-' -r-N 'sf V'---nur sw! CONNELL. VIRGINIA MARY "Virginia" flu- jrlcmllll ,imllc iluci lzuylzilv, Fricndship Club I, 2, 5, -lg Clmir l,2,1,AigGlcc Club 11 Danting Club lg Rum- my Club 53 Charm Club -l. Page Z6 l -nw CONSIDIN E. PAT "Consie" fl pleuiurzl happy lilfle lan. zz'e're glial In bare ber in nm' Clam. Friendship Club 1.2, 5. 43 G.A.A. 2, 5, All Girls Hockey 2, G, -lg Choir lg Swim Club -lg Movie Club I3 Knitting Club 23 Pin' othlc Club 3. YYYW' l l' CONTENZA. DONALIl "Don" l l Cmmzge ir the erreure 0, gr-mlnerr. ' Student Council -lg Boyl Leaders 3, -ig Football I, 2- Letterwinner lg Wrestlingy I, 3, fi, Letterwinner 1, ff' 43 Track I, Letterwinner l N.A.S.S. 5, 41 Bird Club 3 l COOPER, MYRON "Coop" He'd .ftoop to rzolbirzg bn! the door. Survey Bus. Staff -ig Foot- ball l, 2, 5, -1. Letterwin- ner 1, 5, 43 Basketball l, 2, 5, 4, Letterwinner l, 3, 4, Baseball l, Letterwinner lg Stage Crew lg Quarterback Club 3, 4. CORRON. BERNADINE "Bernie" Blender prefer genflemen. Friendship Club 1, 23 G.A.A. lg Choir I, 3, 4g Red Cross 1, Pres. lg Ball- room Dancing 2g Pinochle Club 33 Charm Club 43 Intramurals. COUK, RITA "Reet" Cute. carefree. mm' gay. Friendship Club I, 2, 5, dig Euclidian Bus. Staff lg G.A.A. 2, 5, 43 jr. Play Prod. Staff, Movie Club lg Sr. Cabinet, Pinochle Club 53 Ballroom Dancing Club 23 Card Club Ll. CRANE. HAROLD "Hal" He doef lair zrorle and goes hir tray. Cross Country 5, 4, Letter- winner 43 Track 2, 3. Let- terwinner 3: Track Club 2g Ping Pong Club -1. CUMMINGS. THOMAS ..Tom., There are but timef HC'llI7lI7ZlIZg.f.H Choir 1, 21 Cribbage Club 21 Arthur Godfrey Club 4. g-u.-..- .--.. - -vv--1 -W 'vs . Crm- i K r " 1 . 4 B' ef' 1 3' X -N 49' .-. Q' ' A H: I . .v-..... if 'O' 'vm Wr' . 'sf' N if K ,I ' , . . 5- 'si M' '. li . X i I f x 1. f I Cav- ""'Uq,,,- 4 F' , 'N' 'x t. 'sta'-'Y Vg V ef -AL ,g54.if!5+eQ',' ' i ..,, Q,-.Y . , g "' I 'in' V W-' 'TF' is f ff Page 2 7 .qv- CORMIEA. SHIRLEY ANN "Squirrley" She ir the one u'fJ0'J full of full. Friendship Club 1, 2, 43 G.A.A. 2g jr. Play Prod. Staff: Glee Club 2, 5, P.A. Club 33 Pantomine Club lg Ballroom Dancing 2, Ar- thur Godfrey Club 4. COSTELLO, MICHAEL EDWARD "Mike" I will be happy all the day, lei mme what may. jr. Play Cast, Prom Comf mittee 45 Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Asst. Dir. 23 Movie Club lg Sr. Cabinetg Roundtable Club 51 Ukelele Club 2. CRAIG, JACK "jack" He'J got tba! fffftlfll .mme- thing thai ez'erjyboa'y likef, Boys Swim Leaders 23 Swimming 2, 31 Cribbage Club lg Pinochle Club 2, 3. CREGO. EUGENE "Gene" Eugenie u'ilh the light !77'Oll'?1 hair. Basketball l, 2. Letterwin- ner lg Choir lg Ping Pong Club 4l. CUTLER, CAROL JANE "Carol" Starry eyes, light brown hair. a cheery friend iJ zz lady fair. Friendship Club 2, 5, -lg Euclidian Ed. Stal? 3, 43 Euclidian Bus. Staff 43 G.L.C. lg Swim Cadertes 2, 5, 41 G.A.A, 2, 5, 4, Let- terwinner 51 Girls Hockey Team 3, 41 Megaphone Club 1, 25 Cheerleader 1, Letterwinner lg Band 1, Letterwinner lg Orchestra lg Swim Club 33 Arr Club 2, Charm Club 4g Intra- murals 1, 2, 3, 45 Freshman Play Prod. Stag. CVETIC, RICHARD "Dick" Entered from Cathedral Latin in 1949. Sporty rmile. Boys Leaders 3, 4, Football 1, 3, Letterwinner 2, 3, -ig Basketball 33 Choir 3, 4: Football Club 3, 4. DAVID, BONNIE MAXINE "Bon" She lo1'e.f io live and liter to lore. Friendship Club 2: G.1..C. 1: G.A.A. 1: Girls Hockey 1: Megaphone Club 1, 2, 3: Cheerleader 1, 2, 3: Dancing Club 2: Cheering Yell-O Club 2, 31 Singing for Fun 3: World Affairs Club 43 Charm Club 4. DELOST, DOROTHY JEAN "Dee" Ereryofze who Dorulbj' bneux found ber loyal. .tta1n1rlJ. and Irue. Friendship Club 1, 2: Choir 1: Reading and Writing for Fun 2: Canasta Club 3: Bridge Club 4. DEMETER. LUANA JEAN ..Lu,. Our rharafter if our twill: for :what 1z'e will we are. Student Council 1, Z, 33 Friendship Club 1, 2, 3, 4, G.L,C. -7, Sec. 43 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Treas. fig Mega- phone Club Zg Cheerleader 1. DINWOODIE, JUDITH "Dimwit" Here if a girl -who will lake a dare. Mm! any time, and anywhere. Natl. Honor Society 3, 4, Sec. Al, Quill 84 Scroll 3, 4, Student Council lg Jr. Class Treasg Friendship Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. lg G.L.C. 11 Swim Catlcttes 2, 3, 4, Euclidian Ed. Staff 43 Sur- vey Bus. Staff 2, 3, 4g Cir- :ulation Manager 43 G.A.A. 2, 3, 4, Girls Hockey 3, 4, jr. Play Prod. Staff, Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 23 V. Pres. 4, Glec Club 4, Swim Club 43 Girls State Rep. 3: Pres. of Council 55 Art Club 2, 3. .-i:'1m,4,-Q ,V .. . ,- is M 'Fri ,ees XO, !,, l . RN-s ..,', ft- -V' ek.- , vw.,-.f 'Q . .--4' ,J 2 Q1- MQ. Nga , .ff 'hr' ws.-.V .2 'U' .,. Page 23 w--.--f 'W-fi' we Q..- aaii FJ In 'WS -ui-0. 'nf 1 DAUER, ARNOLD - "Fritz" A ukelele player with a French accent. Tennis 2g Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Choir 13 Stage Crew lg Red Cross 1, Pinochle 2g Shorthand for Fun Club 3, Ukelele Club li. DELANEY, NORMAN "Norm" The :emitizfe touch. Prince of Peace 43 Student Council lg Hi-Y 1, 23 Sur- vey Bus. Staff lg Tennis gl Choir 1, 2, P.A. Club 3, 43 Movie Club 15 Stage Crew 1, Pinochle Club 23 Drama Club 1. DeLUGA, MARVIN "Marv" Firmneri if greafq Perxilrr- Llllfj' ir greater. Prince of Peace fig F.T.A. 45 Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Orches- tra 3, 4g P.A. Club 3, 4, Music for Fun 2. DeSl-IIELDS, BOB "Bugliand" Entered from Shaw High in 1949, I am no! afraid of Iomor- rouu for I have .teen jfeitef- zlay mul I lozfe lozlay. Student Council 3, Hi-Y 1, Z, 3, 43 Euclidian Bus. Staff 3, Baseball 1, Track 41, Swimming 2, 3, 4, Jr. Play Prod, Staffg Ukelele Club 23 Math Club 33 Golf Club 2, 3, 4. DIXON, FOREST "Wo0dsy" Happy-go-lucky. Hi-Y 2, 3, 4g Pinochle 33 Choir 2, 3, 4. DOBLER, G. RONALD "Slim" Ile kll0ll'I ilu' rlarrirr rule by one. F.T.A. 4: Dancing Club 23 Ukelele Club 25 Shorthand for Fun Club 5g Extemp. Speaking Club 5: Ukelele Club 4. DRAZ, ARTHUR "Art" The 'roive from nozrlyere. Ad. Club 2: P.A. Club 1, 2, 3, -i, V. Pres, 5. DULSKIS. JOAN "loa'-ie" fi Qorvzf rpm? ix buff ffvg fame. Friendship Club 2, 3. -iz GL C. ei: Survey Bus. Stat? -'li G,A.A. l, 2, 5, -lg Girls Hockey l. 2: Singing for Fun 2' Pinochle Club 33 Cribbage Club 33 Quill 8 Scroll. DYNT3. CAROLYN "Carol" Her zvifty 7'6II1c!7U6,f are full of sparks. Friendship Club l, 5, -11 Girls Leaders 5, -i, Treas, it Euclidian Bus. Staff 5. 43 G-AAA. 2. 5, -5: Advisorv Board 5. 4, Letterwinner 3, Jr. Play Procl. Stall: Maiorette Club 21 Choir 2, 5, -ig Movie Club ll Intra- murals l, 2, 5, -ir EELLS. JOAN If-,OU I'z'e no realm! to rombfain. Friendship Club 1, 2, 3, -ig Movie Club li: Book Store 51 Canasta Club 23 Home Nursim: Club gl Travel Club fi: Charm Club 4. ,Q we .v nf xr gg, Q Q , Q Ns.-' X i we .f E 'EJ' . J C Ki V ' . 5, . i . i--i Q F Q in if 5 2: pg, 1, -1 ' gi ,, ' w g. E '?3.'.1 ' 1 .,., ,?'IfFe?1 . QF ict-4' 41-M ""' -31? 'tad Q-.1 NZ-if 43:- YVTV 'i Q--' Q, fs M ' 3 Page 29 f 1 , DOUTTIEL. JEANNE MARIE "Jeanne" Entered from Roosevelt High, Kent, l951. Jeanne and her magir Violin. Friendship Club 41 Choir l, 2, 3, -ig Girls Ensemble 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 5: Glee Club l, 2: P.A. Club 3, 4, Pres, 4, Boosters Club 2. DULSKIS. ROBERT "Big Bob" A rard rhark. Basketball 2, 5, 4, Letter- winner -ig Pinochle Club 21 Basketball Club 3. DUVAL, ODETTE DIANE "Odette" EIIIIJIIJFHIIII ir the furor nf rmmn. G.A.A. 1, Z, 14, Advisory Board 2, 5l PA. Club l. 2, R, 4, Sec. Ai, Intramurals l, 2, 3, 4. EBEL, WILLIABI "Pixie" Herefr Io Pixie full of fini, Brigbl and fbeery ar the uni. Golf lg Camera Club 11 Checker Club ll Pinochle Club l. 3. EHAS. ROBERT "Bob" Give me 41 plure to rtaml and I will more lbe eurth. Wrestling 3,41 Gymnastics Club 3. EIGHMY, EVELYN RAE .. . .. Evie In her qzuelmau. .the htm Uhurm. Choir 11 Red Cross lg Knitting Club 21 Mystery Reading Club 51 Embroid- ery Club 5, Charm Club 4. ELRICK. FLORENCE "Flo" Truth uml honerl-1 are the bert pur1u'ori1'r thru life. Quill 8: Scroll 5, 43 Stu- dent Council l, 5: Planning Committee l: Friendship Club 2, 3, 43 Euclidian Bus. Staff 2, 3, 4, Bus. Manager 4, G.A.A. 2, 51 Jr. Play Prod. Staff 51 Majorette Club 2, Maiorette 5. 41 Choir lg Sr. Cabinetg Pin- uchle Z1 Intramurals Z, 5, 4. EWELL, JUDITH "Judy" Ready. willing and able. F.T.A. 5, 43 Friendshio Club l, 2, 5, Euclidian Ed. Stall 4, G.A.A. l. 2, 5, 42 jr. Play Cast, Choir 41 Ad Club 2. 5, 41 Modern Dance Club 21 Pinochle Club 33 World Affairs Club 4, Sec. 'ali Echo Ed. Staff lg Stagecrafters Club lg Intramurals l, 2. 5, -l. FARRY. JOYCE "Joyce" She goef through life hai'- ing a rlirkem of iz lime. Student Council 5: F.T.A. 33 Friendship Club l, Z, 3. 4, Cabinet 4: G.I..C. l, -ig Survey Bus. Staff 52 G.A,A. 2. 3, 4: jr. Play Prod. Staffi Choir 5, Card Club lg Dance Club 21 Pinochle Club 53 Girls Intramurals l, 2. 3, 4- FEE, ARTHUR "Art" Drum your aug lhmngh life. Band 3, 41 Pinochle Club S: Math Club 4. avi gif W-sr l Q , ,. VAN -3 A 4 x , -1 - 4 , is 3 'Q-4' E. 'T'-Y .lg ,rx an '1""""""I?" 4-a., 'l,.. Q-wa... 1 145 'vw fs..-V 'E' 5,5 'l 'wr' .L Page 30 f I' mf A' fx EISLER, VIVIAN LEONA "Viv" fl 'lllilllllllg personality 'with- out the leur! formality. Student Council 43 Friend- ship Club l, 2, 3, 4, Girls Leaders 1, 43 G.A.A. 2, 3, 43 jr. Play Prod. Staff, Choir lg Red Cross lg Card Club lg Dance Club 23 Pinochle Club 31 Girls Intramurals. EVANS, CI-IERIE "Cherie" Vim, 'vigor uml -vitality. G.A.A. lg Dancing Club 25 Music for Fun 31 Bridge Club 43 Friendship Club 4. EYNON, JUDITH "Iude" Strike up the banzl, Ihlrzl finger left hand. Friendship Club 2, 3g Eu- clidian Bus. Staff 4g G.A.A. l, 25 Girls Hockey 15 jr. Play Prod. Stall, Majorette Club 21 Choir lg Sr. Caba inet, Bridge Club 3. FAZZAN, MARY ANN "Fuzz" A jolly goof! frieml ir Jhe. Friendship Club 33 Sr. Cabinet, Music for Fun 2. FIELDING, DENIS "Denis" A goof! guy. Singing for Fun 2. FINK, DONALD FRANK "Big and Bad" Qulel ir what we neufl. Football lg Pinochle l, 2, l ' s, 11. FLYNN, JULIE MAE "Julie" .Ylrefr uln' Gentle julie. FRANCISCO, RETTA ..Dag., Her fingers fly along on the ivory. Band 2, 5, -43 Orchestra 2, 5, -ig Band Board of Direc- tors 'lg Travel Club 3, -ig Ukelele Club 2. FRECKFR, LARRY "Hick" Entered from Chester High in 1951. Under Ike .flvellef if fire if bllflllilg. F.T.A. -lg Hi-Y 5, sig Sec., Treas. of Knights -ig Choir 43 Math Club -i. FRIEDBERG, ROBERT MILTON "Bob" Entered from Ashtabula in Sept., 1952 The Flldllflllkg' of lmllnzzcr- able zrlyimr. Chess Club -iz Sr. Cabinet. FITZGERALD. ROBERT JOHN "Fitz" The lm! l1'ltl7 the laps li5'l.iUI'lIL'f'. Choir lg P.A. Club 2, 5, -lg Card Club lg Camera Club 2, Treus. 23 Music for Fun 51 Canasta Club -lg Golf Club 2, 5, ki. FORTNER, WILLIAM ROGERS "XVild XVilly" fur! 11 HII'l7KL'lH in the ijwle of life, Natl. Honor SoC. 5. -ll Quill X Scroll 5, -lg Natl. Forensic League 2, 5, Ai, Trcas. Z, Sec. 3, Pres. -ig Prince of Peace 2, 5, -ll Winner -lg Survey Ed. Stall 2, 3, ,ig Bus. Staff 2, 3, -i, Cir. Mgr. 2, Adv. Mgr. 5, Bus, Mgr. -4, jr, Play Cast, Prod. Staff, Choir 1, 2, Ad. Club 11 Student Council 1, 2, 3,113 Planning Comm. 1, 43 Book Store 2g Red Cross 1, 2, 3, -ig Service Club 1, Pres.: Breeze Staff 13 Key Club 5.1. FRECH. RICHARD "Dick" To Ilifne nzrn .self be true. Football l, -ig Bisketball 1, Swimming Club 3, el: Track 2, 5, -lg Swim Club 43 Track Club 51 Swim Leader 3, -L FRIDLEY, PHYLLIS "Fifi" Some Iblrlle the zrurltl if zmnle for Inu mul frnlitl- .TU LZU I., F.T.A. 'll Friendshio Club R, ri, Choir 1, 3.1:GIee Club 5. '11 Music for Fun 2, -ig Pinochle Club 3. FRIEDIZL. RUBYANN ELIZABETH "Rubv" She .rlrikei tr happy note. Student Council 21 Friend- ship Club 2, 3. -l, Treas. 33 Girls Leaders 11 Swim Cadettes 2, 3, 4: G.A.A. 2, 5, ig -lr. Play Cast: Choir 1, 2, 3, -ig Swim Club 5. -lg Movie Club -iq Art Club 7 FRIEDMAN. SLYVIA ..Syl,. 5'i'1rer.i!A1 !rflm1fvlv,r nz t P' .1i'.'. Friendship Club 1. 2. 3. All Euclidian Ed. Stall 'Il Ci.A.A. l, 1. 3. -I1 Ulf. Flax' Prod. Stall: Choir l: Glu' Club -ll Pinoch'e Club gl Charm Club rl: Hall Guard ll Freshman Plav I. GARDNER. STEXVART "Stew" YH! .1 whip fini HH :ifvfl IVYOFE. Hi-Y l. 1, 5: Tennis I, 3, li Choir l. 1. 5. '61 Can- ,isra Club 5: Art Club lg Boys Quartet 1, 3. -i. GAYLOR. JAYNIES "RuStX"' Tl-.1 reD.v!.1fim1 Ifu'fwvf1 .f .'l"1llf41lI.fVlEf17'1' nfvl Jem 11.1 M1 111: inrziilmf nf a .izuhqfu ""'fII2el1f. Ad. Club l: RA. Club lg Movie Club li Stage Crew l. 11 Chess Club 21 Art Club 31 Pin vuhle Club VI. G' ASW? IYXVID "Dave" H1 flw lzurf :nn funn Kfv U flfltf. Student Council lg Hi-Y 1, 1, 4, V. Pres. 3. Chun- lain of Cleve. Hi-Y Coun- cil. Foorball l. 1. 3. 54' Biskerball Nanaluer 5, ' Trunk l. Z. 3. Al. Lette' uinncr lg Choir I, R, lfres. l , Trois, X3 Mm'7f.- f.lub l, 2, w, 4, V. Pres. l. S, Pres. 4: Model Airnlanfl Club lL Danuing Club B. Truck Club 3. -5. GOERS. MARAIORIF ANNE "Margie" C111 gmnr mrlrf, yi! mf, Hf,rfg:'f," lfricntlship Club 2, 31 C A A. 2. 3: Girls Hotlcey 2: Alf. Play Prod Sheff: Choir l, 2, 3. 41 Movie Club li Red Cross lg Bunk Store li Pinothle Club l, J, H, '31 Madrivtgals 4, Ser. -4, lnrrgimumls l, 2, 3, 4. l aw' -.M ..- Yffm,-wr .. N52 V992 QE. . K, -ff, 'Cl ..,.. A li", . . Yg- . 'iw . N i 'N ...ig-., fi ,i. . .11 ,N '. -S' .. , ' ,.. Q .1 Q! 5 rv- ' i, L hw L. o,.- px!-li 'CZ' .Ci Page 32 l , . x ,Q fl GABOWITZ. DEBORAH "Debby" The least of Debby 'we can my if tba! .fbe'1l be mined lrbezz .rlJe'r amzy. Flower Club 21 Travel Club 3, -l. GARGUILO, WILLIAM "Bill" Billlf zfayr were gladly xpefzi making friend! I1'l7?7'f,'1'?I' be u'ent. Swimming 2, 3. fig Pin- ochle l, 2. 5, 4. GFUFFRE. BETTY ..BetZ,, V A rmile Jo bright 1.r ulzwayi bright. Student Council 43 Plan- ninfz Comm. -43 Friendship Club l, 2. 3, 41 GA.A. l. 2, 5, 41 Choir li Ad. Club 2, 5, -lg Girls Intramurals l, 2, 3, -l3 Pnochle Club l, 2, 33 Round Table Club 4. GLINSEK, BARBARA ANN "Bubbl's" Re-entered after a year and a half at Willoughby. Bnbblinq over u'i1lJ joy. Friendship Club l, 2, 4g G.A.A. l, 2, 4g Majorette Club 21 Glee Club lg Charm Club 4. GOLINAR, CARL "Carl" All men of uclion are dreamerr. Hi-Y 11 Survey Bus. Staff 53 Baseball 2g Auto Club 33 Intramurals 1, 2. GORDON JOHN MICHAEL "Mike" He who contains himself reldom goer wrong. Choir 1, 23 Fresh. Play Cast, Gem Hunters Club gl Card Club lg Canasta Club 3, 4, Intraumurals I, 2, 3. GORJUP, PATRICIA MARIE "Patsy" Cheerful earful. Student Council 3, 4, Friendship Club 1, 2, 3: Euclidian Bus. Staff 2, 5. 4, Survey Bus. Stall 41 G.A.A. 1, 2, 53 Majorette Club 5g Choir 11 Red Cross l: Charm Club 43 Music for Fun Club 23 Dancing Club 2. GUARINO, FRANK JOHN "Frankie" Sleadinerr. humblenerr. and friemllinerr are just qualities. Student Council 23 Choir lg Ad Club l, 2, 3, 4, Canasta Club lg Chess Club 2: Intramurals. HALL, WILLIAM F. "Bill" The "Hall" -ufouldvft be the mme without Bill. Wrestling 4g Baseball 2, 3, 4, Mystery Club 55 Golf Club 2, 5, 41 Intramurals. HAMMILL, WILLIAM "Bill" N0 man'.r enemy. Student Council lg Foot- ball lg Baseball lg Movie Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Canasta Club lg Fresh. Play Castg Dancing Club 23 Golf Club 33 Echo Ed. Stal? lg Intra- murals. N." ,.f QQ . ff at ia i' J' 4 A ax Cf-'L 'gif .Ye l 3 W .?, , , 55:4 3 'X I' ha f . A QN : X , -v 'T 'S'-T" Pwr 35 GJ GORKA, JACK "Jack" I can alwayr work for the city. Wrestling 31 Baseball 2, 5, Stage Crew 1, 23 Mystery Club 3: Chess Club 2g Poker Club 5: Intramurals 1, 2. GROSS, NANCY ANN "Blondie" A uzzrm friend in our midrl. Flower Club 23 Travel Club 3, 4. HAGY, WILLIAM H. "Bill" Be rlou' of tongue aml quick of eye. Card Club lg Gem Hunters Club 21 Canasta Club 33 Music for Fun 3: Math Club 41 Hall Guard Cap- tain l. HALLACK, MARY ANN "Fifi" She master! good. Student Council 43 F.T.A. 5, 4, Sec. 4g Friendship Club l, 2, 5. 4g Euclidian Bus. Stall 3, 43 Survey Ed. StaE 41 G.A.A. l, 2, 5, 41 Girls Hockey lg Jr. Play Prod. Staifg Book Store 3, 4, Manager 4: Knitting Club 23 Home Nursing 3g Publications Club 3, 4, Pres. 45 Quill 8: Scroll 49 Hall Guard. HANNA, JAN "Janne Hanne' Tbat 110112 eary walk. Friendship Club 1, 23 Eu- clidian Bus. Stall 2, 3, 45 G.A.A. lg Jr. Play Castg Art Club 2, 33 Charm Club 43 Ukelele Club 2. HANNA. JAMES ...uma A ten o'clocb Jcholar. Hi-Y l, 2. 31 Swimming -lg Golf 2, 5. -ll Movie Club 1: Fresh. Play Cast: Dancing Club 2: Golf Club 2, 5, 4: Ukelele Club 3. -lg Echo Ed. Staff I: Intra- murals. HASSINK. MARY ELIZABETH "Liz" Lighz and fair, .the doe! her :ha-re. Friendship Club 2, 33 G.A.A. Z, 3, -11 Jr. Play Prod. Staff: Ad Club 53 Movie Club 3, 4: Red Cross Z, 3, 43 Book Store 4: Service Club 1. HEINRICH, ESTHER "Lynn" Hou' fweel are loohr fha! ladies bend' on zrhom their favor: fall. Friendship Club l, 31 jr. Play Prod. Staff: Choir 1, 2, 3, 4g Glee Club 3, -ig Sewing Club 21 Publica- tions Club 21 Whatsrit Club 53 Charm Club -'i. HERMAN, ROBERTA NRO., California, here I rome. Friendship Club 23 Ad Club 25 Embroidery Club 43 Shorthand for Fun 3. HOFFART, MARLEEN "Mar" Belief a free hird than a captive king, Friendship Club l, 2, 3, 43 G.A.A. l, 2, 5, 41 Jr. Play Prod. Staff: Knitting Club 21 Ballroom Dance Club 21 Canasta Club 33 Em. broidery Club 4. 'Wx gf-. vs ag- .v ver 'Ru- -'ll 'Lv'X5 Page 34 YN 'UB iir HANSON, JOANNA "Hans" To he a good liitener ir a rare rirlue among mortalr. Prince of Peace 3: F.T.A, -ig Friendship Club 2, 3, 43 G.L.C. -ig Euclidian Bus. Staff 41 Survey Ed. Staffg jr. Play Prod. Staifg Choir fig Glee Club 4g Home Nursing Club 53 Publica- tions Club Sg Service Club lx Hall Guard. HAZEN. BARBARA "Barby" llvilh mire of heaifeiily delighf, Her zrayr are full of fun and bright. Friendship Club 1, 2, 53 G.A.A, l, 2, 5, 43 jr. Play Prod. Staifg Prom Com- mittee 5g Maiorette Club 5: Singing for Fun 2, Dancing Club 23 Embroid- ery Club -ig Intramurals. HENKEL, ERNEST "Ernie" To hir pilrhizig he giver hir aff. Student Council l. 5: Hi- Yg Boys Leaders 1, 2, 3, 4g Survey Bus. Staff 1, 55 Baseball 2, 5, 4, Letter- winner 2, 3, 4, Sr.Cabinet1 Diamond Sports Club 3, fi, HEROLD, SONYA "Sonny" She "Hero1dr" rhe good thingy in fife. Friendship Club 2, SQ G.A.A. l, 2, 51 Girls Hockey lg Whats-it Club 5, Star Gazers Club 33 Charm Club 4. HOWARD, BARBARA "Barb" Entered from Mary D. Brandford 4Wisc.9, 1951. Hey bidi, 'u'hat'.r the lalerl? Friendship Club 2, 3, jr. Play Prod. Stalfg Choir 2: Glee Club 291 Pinochle Club 3. HUDDLESTONE, JOAN "Huddle" She hohf her way on the ll'dl'8J' of life. F.T.A. 43 Friendship 2, 5, 43 Swim Cadettes 2, 3, 43 Survey Ed. Staff 43 G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 43 Band 1, 2, 3: Swim Club 3, 43 Movie Club 43 Canasta Club 2: Dancing Club 2. INGRAHAM. KATHLEEN "Kathy" There'r aluuzyi' open home at Ingmhanzir Den'-drop Inn. Student Council 43 F.T.A. 43 Friendship Club 1, 2. 5, 43 Euclidian Ed. Staff 43 Survey Ed. Staff 43 Survey Bus. Staff 2, 3, 43 G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 43 Jr. Play Prod. Staffg Prom Committee 33 Choir 1, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 33 Red Cross 33 Book Store 43 Canasta Club 23 Danc- ing Club 23 Home Nursing Club 3g Science Club 3: Publications Club 43 Serv- ice Club 1. IRONS, SALLY usal.. She can fron our your Irouhler. Student Council lg Friend- ship Club 23 G.A.A. 2, 33 Red Cross 1, 'iQ Embroid- ery Club 23 Whats-it Club 33 Intramurals. JAMES, DALE "Dale" Power rfwelli' in rheerfnl- nerr. Boys Leaders 4. JERKIC, MYRA ..My.. She foflowr a talented' ana' a gnzciour path. Natl. Honor Society 3, 43 National Forensic League 3, 43 Prince of Peace 3, 43 Student Council 43 F.T.A. 4: Euclidian Ed. Staff 43 Quill Sc Scroll 43 Jr. Play Cast3 Choir 1, 2, 33 Book Store 33 Pinochle Club 1, 23 Knitting Club 33 Arthur Godfrey Club 4. . ?' S 9:03 Y 'wp' Q. -.-v-f . . .M 5 ' 'ms . .. 1 it Ai ,ws '. c.. .q. J , fr ox l YM IC s Luv' "1-. ' by' we-4' .. Ar N...-1 .- 1 te-af of X Hur ...W ss. ' ft-ws. 3' Mfisxy . 3, 3 . Y, fit, .1- 'f rr .is-3 wer --Y Q. Tw-Q 'girlie' i . ' f:r-33" 'ii rdf -rv 'T .x, . -if 3 Page 35 f af -. fa ' K I Y I N., I . . Y 5' X P f'Nq 1313 v 3 we--" HUTTON, DOREEN "Dean" Philosopher of life. F.T.A. 13 Friendship Club l. 23 G.A.A. l, 23 Dancing Club 23 Pinochle Club 33 Charm Club 4. INKS, JEAN CLAIRE "Jeanne" Entered from Collinwood High, 1952. The grealefl virtue of num ir. perhapr, curiosity. Student Council 1, 23 G.L.C. I, 2, 3, Treas. 23 Girls Basketball l, 2, 3. Co-Captain l, Captain 23 Glee Club 13 Red Cross l, 23 Pinochle Club 4. JACOBSKI, JEAN A. "Jean" Baby face, youre go! the cuter! little baby fare. Friendship Club 1, 23 Sur- vey Ed. Staff 23 Dancing Club 2, 33 Ukelele Club 4. JANKE, CAROLYN "Carolyn" Ez'eryone"J friend. F.T.A. 3, 43 Friendship Club 2, 3. 43 Survey Ed. Staff 23 G.A.A. l, 3, 43 Jr. Play Prod. Staff 33 Prom Committee 33 Majorette Club 23 Travel Club 33 Math Club 31 Spelling Club 43 Service Club l. JEVNIKAR, ELIZABETH JANE TERESA "Betty" The mark of intelligence. Natl. Honor Society 3, 41 F.T.A. 2, 3, 4, V. Pres. 4g Friendship Club 2, 3, 43 G.L.C. 43 Survey Ed. Staff 23 G.A.A. 43 Jr. Play Prod.3 Prom Committee 53 Band 2, 33 Ad Club 3, 43 Flower Club 23 Travel Club 21 Math Club 33 Service Club 13 Spelling Champ 13 In- tramurals 2, 3, 43 Hall Guard 1, 4. IIROVEC. FRANK XVILLIAM "Frank" Living a life of mgcr iritfurfr-1. Prince of Peace 5: Student Council 43 Hi-Y 2, 51 Ten- nis 2. 51 jr. Play Castg Choir 1, 2. 5, 4, V, Pres. -ig Red Cross 3: Ukelele Club 2: Star Gazers Club 5: Checkers Club 3: Chess Club 31 Math Club -lg Boys Quartet 2. 5. 4. -IOKELA. BERNICE "Bernie" OIL' llnlmt beaniifnl luzir. Student Council lg Friend- ship Club 2, 3, 4, Sec. of Sr. Chapterg G.L.C. 3. -ig G.A.A. 2, 3. -il -lr. Play Prod. Staff: Ad Club 3, -i. KALIN. JAIVIES .Jim-, Dorf! trait for him to limp lbe anchor. Student Council 31 Boys Leaders 3. 41 Football 1, 2. 4, Letterwinner 1, 41 XY7restling 1, 2, 3, 4, Let- terwinner 1, 3, 4: Track l, 3, Letterwinner lg Prom Committee 43 Band 1, 2, 3, 41 Choir 43 Orchestra 1: St. Cabinetg Dancing Club 2, Pres. 21 Football Club 33 Hall Guard Z, 4. KARLINGER. RICHARD "Dick" Entered from Collinwood High. 1950. iY0llJf!1,g' ir Inn bieb for man to reach if he 17111 flinzlu trilb rare mul mn- Hffenre. Chess Club l, 21 Science Club 33 Math Club 43 Key Club ei: Student Council 4. KELSO, ANNE "Diver" Cerlemlily, arm' ber brain haze led her the 1l'd'l' to friend: and lame. Friendship Club l. 2, 3, -ig Swim Cadettes 2, 3, 4. V. Pres. 31 Euclidian Etl. Staff 3: C1,A.A. I, 2, 3, 41 jr. Play Pmtl. Staff. Choir 2, 31 Glue Club 2, 3, -'lg Swirr, Club 2. 7-: Art Club 2 JOHNSON, DAVID "Dave" Entered from Classical High, Mass., 1951. Hir power lies In hir thoughts. Tennis 31 Gymnastics Club 31 Travel Club 4. JORANKO, RONALD "Ron" Hir bearfr in hir art. Student Council 2, 35 Hon- orary 33 Quill 84 Scroll 43 Jr. Class Pres.g Hi-Y 23 Boys Leaders 2, 33 Euclid- ian Ed. Stal? 3, 41 Art Editor 49 Football 1, 2, 31 Basketball 1, 2g Wrestling 45 Prom Committee 4, Chairman 43 Sr. Cabinetg Key Club 3. KANE, ROBERT FRED ..Bob.. For man II man and marter of his fate. Hi-Y 51 Tennis Z: Choir 1, 2g Star Gazers Club 31 Chess and Checkers Club 33 Math Club 2, 4. KAURICH, JOSEPH ".l0en Entlauriarm is your ber! arfet. Ure it! Hi-Y lg Boys Leaders lg Football lg Track lg jr. Play Prod. Staflg Cooking Club lg Dancing Club 21 Pinochle Club 3, 4. KELLAM, JOYCE "Joyce" EH017 if her mizlllle name. Friendship Club 2, 51 Choir 1, 2, 3, 41 Choir Board of Dir. 4g Glee Club 1, 2, 45 Red Cross 1, 43 Flower Club 3, Sec. 32 Nursing Club 4: Singing for Fun 2. KELLEHER, JOHN "Jack" Entered from St. Ignatius, 1952. Nice and lNl6'll'. I-Ii-Y 5, -i. KNAPP, RAY ..Ray,. fl Jzvell fellozzx KOEPPLINGER, GEORGE T. "George" The Jtajf of llfe lmr nzken him ihrongb Jclmnl and rlrife. Cooking Club lg Chess Club 2. KOTNIK. GENEVIEVE "Jeanne" Izmofence ,rn bemnzer zz girl. Natl. Honor Society 5, 43 Quill 8: Scroll 5, -lg Stu- dent Council Smg Sr. Class Sec. 43 Friendship Club 2, 5, 4, Treas. -i3 G.L.C. 3, -43 Survey Bus. Staff 2, 5, 41 G.A.A. 2, 5, -lg Girls Hockey 53 Choir lg Sr. Cabinet, Pinochle Club 23 Intramurals I, 2, 3, -1. KRAUTER, LARRY "Larry" llnlut Jbolzlzl a man do lm! be 77167711 .9 Hi-Y lg Boys Swim Lead- ers 2, Football 1, 2, 5, Let- ter winner lg Basketball l, 2, 3, Letterwinner lg Base- ball lg Letterwinner lg Choir 5, -4: Gymnastics Club 4. Page 37 KIBBY, GAIL SUSAN "Cookie" Golden friendr I had. mdrzy a llglal-footer! lad. Prince of Peace 31 Friend- ship Club l, 2, 3, -ig G.A,A. l, 2, 5, 41 Girls Hockey lg jr. Play Prod. Staff: Choir l, Z, 5, 43 Canasta Club 2, 3, Pin- ochle Club 43 Service Club 1. KNEZEVICH, LOUIS GEORGE "Louie" I! lakes life to love life. Student Council 2, 5, 4, Treas. 33 Pres. 43 Plan- ning Committee 5,-ig Hi-Y 2, Treas. Z3 Boys Leaders 11 Football 1, 2, 5, 4, Let- terwinner 1, 5. 41 Track lg jr, Play Prod. Staffg Choir 1, 2, 5, -1, Pres. 23 Glee Club 1, 5, Madrigals 13 Stage Crew lg Gymnastics Club 13 Quarterback Club 3, -ig Singing for Fun 3. KOKOS, FRANK "Frank" A little biz independent. Gymnastics Club 43 Gem Hunters Club 5, Stage Crew 13 Pinochle Club 5. -i3 Football I. KOTNIK. GERALD E. ujerry.. "I um, fir, Ibe brother of an angel," Choir lg Movie Club I1 Cribbage Club 2: Auto Wise Club li: Music for Pun Club 3. KRECIC, MAX "Max" He poolr bit rerozzrcer in ezvrytlvizzg be znzdertfzker. Hi-Y 3, -ig Boys Swim Leaders Z, 3,43 Track 1,21 Swimming 2, 3, 4, I-CHEF' winner 3, 4, Captain 42 Band 1, 2, 33 Swim Club 3, 4, V, Pres. 4: Movie Club 5, -l. KREINHEDER. KAREN "Kreiny" Forward' erer. backrrarif never. Quill R Scroll 5, -lg Prince of Peace -il Student Coun- cil Planning Committee -lg F.T.A. -ig Friendship Club l. 2. 3, -3: Survey Ed. Stal? 4: Survey Bus. Stat? 2, 3. -lg jr. Play Prod. Staff: Choir -lg Glee Club -43 P.A. Club 31 Book Store -ig Knitting Club lg Publica- tions Club 3, 4. Ed. of Eucyo. KROME. PAT "Slip" Gentle ladj. Euclidian Bus. Stall 21 Survey Ed. Staff l, 2, 5, -ig Survey Bus. Staff l, 23 -lr. Play Prod. Stalfg Choir 1, 2: Glee Club -lg Card Club lg Singing for Fun 21 Crib- bage Club 53 Pinochle Club li. KUNKEL. TOM "Klunker" Blonde and fall, liken' bra all, Hi-Y Z, 3, -lg Football lg Basketball 33 Baseball l, 3. +I: Band l, 2. 3.cl1B2innl Board of Dir. -ig Basketball Club 21 Dancing Club 3: Mystery Reading Club -lp Key Club -1. LASINSKI. CARL EUGENE "Carl" He .rouxr good fellfizzxrlvip and reap! good frferzdrlvip, Cross Country -i, Manager: Wrestling 31 Swimming 23 Tennis 23 Art Club l, 23 Track Club 3. LEFFERTS, PATRICIA "Pat" If lhffflf a querlmu ,mu mar! ark, lor ber ln amzru' if nn tarb. Natl. Honor Society 5, All Natl. Forensic League 5, -lg Prince of Peace 2, S, -ig F.T.A. Al. Friendship Club 4. Swim Cadettes 5, -ig Survey Bus. Staff I. jr. Play Prod. Staff Ad. Club 2, 3, 11 Swim Club 3, -I, Dance Club 21 Art Llub J. Service Club l, Treas. KROMAR. JOAN ANITA Attended Miami Edison High School in jr. Year Tlverek lure the rrorlif Ol'6'l'. !l'f7CfL'I't'l' Ylllll tiff. Natl. Forensic League 2, Fig Soph. Class Treasg Friend- ship Club Z, 3, 43 G.L.C. 11 Prom Committee lg Megaphone Club 2, -ig Cheerleader 21 Choir lg Glee Club 21 P.A. Club 23 Ukelele Club -ig Fresh. Class Play Castg Natl. Thespians 5. KUCHERA. MARCIA ELLEN "Shorts" Shflj lflff? bu! .rn ji' .the 41 .flick uf dyizanzile. Natl. Forensic League 2, 5. 41 Prince of Peace 2, 5, -'31 Friendship Club 2, 3, -lg Survey Ed. Stall lip jr. Play Prod. Staflg Choir l, 2, 5, -ig Glee Club l, 21 Reading K Wfriting for Fun Club Z1 Canasta Club ig Pinochle Club -lg Madrigals Ai. KURE, ANTHONY FRANK "Tony" Leizrei' the ririrl air J'f4UIli'd with lv!! l70l1IlI'. Student Council Fig Class Officer -ig Treas. Boys Leaders 3, QQ Sr. Cab., Treasg. Key Club 5.4, Pres. -lg Math Club 3. LEBOK, EDITH "Edie" Entered from Chardon, l95l. D7'r1IlldfI4i.Y ir bei' icuii' nf life. Natl. I-Ionor Society 2, 5, Jig Natl. Forensic League 3, 'ig Prince of Peace 2, 3, iz Student Council Plan- ning Comm. -ig F.T.A. -ig Euclidian Ed. Staff -ig Sur- vey Bus. Stall 5, -ig G.A.A. l. 2, 5, -ig Survey Ed. Staff 'ig jr. Play Castg Glee Club l, 2, 53 P.A. Club 3, -ig Sr. Cabinetg jr. Radio Council lg Quill 8 Scroll -i. LENGEL. ARLINE LOIS ..Ar.. Irlolzl fart 'lfIlH'1!l'L'dlll.l. Prince of Peace 2. Friend- ship 2, 31 G.A.A. 1.2, 3, IQ Girls Hockey Team l, 2g Choir lg Glee Club 23 Knitting Club 2g Charm Club 'L 'vu 'S-4' 45,- wi...-r fi. qx 51 Page 38 .I sry vu., Wrrz -' "Q" ' -TN. ur l5Q'- J C ffl qv-wr I s. l vr N . L. . 1 iq' Q ' u S-My X 1 LIBBY, MARGARET "Libby" , None bare emzpea' her mlile. Student Council 53 Friend- ship Club 1, Z, 5, -lg Swim Cadettes 1, 2, 3, 43 Eu- clidian Bus. Staff 3, 43 Survey Ed. Staff 5, -13 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, Jr. Play Prod. Staffg Majorette Club 2, 5, 43 Majorette 2, 3, 4, Letterwinner 5, 113 Mega- phone Club Z, 43 Band 1, 21 Choir 43 Glee Club 43 Dancing Club 23 Hall Guard 5. LONG, JOYCE DIANE "Pork" Cbeerfulnerr if an offrlmt nf ,gomln-err and zrirdanz. Soph. Class V. Pres.3 Friendship Club 2, 3, -3, V. Pres. -43 Homecoming Ara tendant 23 Euclidian Bus. Staff 43 Survey Bus. Stall 2, 5, -13 G.A.A. 1, 2, 5, -l, Treas. 13 Jr. Play Prod. Sraff: Choir 1: Glee Club 13 G.L.C. 43 Art Club 23 Travel Club 5, Intramurals 1. 2, 5. 4. LUX. WILLIABI "Bill Football" 1fl'6'!'JUl16 of ur loaf nn- Iappefl rexermirr of power. Football 13 Wrestling 1, 23 Tennis 5, rl, Letterwinner 5, Capt. 43 Camera Club 23 Pinochle Club -l. blac DOWELL, JOANN "Dimples" Entered from Zanesville High School, 1951. A picture ir irorilv tl flum- ,mml zrnrrlf. Natl. Forensic League 43 Friendship Club 33 Eu- clidian Bus. Stall A13 Red Cross 5,1 Chairman 4. BIAGNUSSON. SHIRLEY "Shirley" The girl zwillv 1176 green lmif. Friendship Club 2, 33 -43 Swim Cadettes Z, 3, -lg Jr. Play Prod. Staff: Choir 3, -i1Glee Club 2, 3, -13 Swim Club 3, 413 Canasta Club 2. Page 39 LONG, GLENN H. "Glenn" Right muff win. Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y Council 4, V. Pres. 43 Band 1, 2, 5, 4. LOVETT, MARILYN JANE ..Lyn,. She uwr af good' ar :be war fair. Friendship Club 3, Choir 13 Glee Club 23 Music for Fun 2, 5, Camera Club 23 Charm Club 4. LYNIAN, JEAN La VONNE "Sp:-1rky" Entered from Andrews School for Girls in 1951. I am 11 part of all I bare Ulef. Friendship Club 53 Glee Club lg Travel Club 4: Knitting Club 3. 1VlacKAY, DON MILLER "Mack" I could get along fartef on roller Jkater, I-Ii-Y 1, 2, SQ Cross Coun- try 3, 4, Letterwinner 5, 43 Track 1, Letterwinner 13 Band 1, 2, 3. Letterwinner 1, 53 Orchestra 1, 2, 3. MAJOROS. JAMES L. ..Jim,. Tbe tall Jilefz! lype. Hi-Y 13 Cross Country 3, 43 Track 13 N.A.S.S. 32 Movie Club 1, 2, 5, 43 Camera Club 23 Track Club 5. MANNION, EILEEN ..I-, I wifb I coulll ,fbillllll-l like my .finer Kale. Friendship Club 2, 3: Jr. Play Prod. Staff: Majorette Club 3, 4, Maiorette 4, Red Cross 2: Stage Crafters l, Pres. lg Boosters Club 1, V. Pres. l: Latin Club 1. BIAPES, WALTER. jAMES ..-lim.. He giver hir llvougbf no voice. Stage Crew 21 Chess Club 2, 3, 4. MARGO, LOIS MAY "Loe" Oh. you beautiful doll! F.T.A. lg Friendship Club l, 2, 33 -lr. Play Prod. Staff: Majorette Club 31 Choir 1, 2, 5, 41 Glee Club 3: Ad. Club 3, 43 Girls Ensemble 2, 3, 4, Charm Club 4, V. Pres. 43 Publi- cations Club 3: Ballroom Dancing 23 Latin Club l. BIATYAZIC, BETTY "Lou" Dark Eyef. Friendship Club l, 2, 53 G.A.A. lg Girls Hockey lp jr. Play Prod. Staff, Choir l, lg Ad. Club 3, 41 Red Cross l, 2: Knitting Club 2: Publications Club 3, Whatsrit Club 35 Charm Club 4. MAUSER, WILLIAM J. "Bill" llvhere llaere ir life, lhere if hope. Pinochlc Club 3, 4. MANSPERGER, DUANE A man Jncceeflr became lae lux Ike proper Huff in lJim. Natl. Honor Society 3, 4, Pres. 41 Student Council 2, 3, 4, V. Pres. 4: Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, V. Pres. 5: jr. Play Castg Band l, Z, 3, 4, Band Board of Dir. 41 Or- chestra l, 2. 3. 41 Ad Club 3, 4, Pres. -lg Boys State Re-pg Worlcl Affairs Club J, 5, 4, Pres. -ig Dance Club 2. MARCOMBE, JAMES "Jim" He laeepr flve nigh! light! blnvling. Band lg P.A. Club lg Worltl Affairs Club lg Pinochle Club 2. BIARTIN, MARY "Mat" Qlzile efficient. Friendship Club -lg Eu- clidian Bus. Staff 41 Choir l, 2, 3: Glee Club 21Sing- ing for Fun Club 31 Pin- ochle Club 23 World Af- fairs Club 4. MAUER, VERONICA "Ronnie" Ronnie your merrily 011 law' zvali-lluljal elle ii there In .my Friendship Club 2, 33 Sur- vey Bus. Stall 2. 3: Prom Committee 43 Red Cross lg Sr. Cabinet, Travel Club 3L Stngecrafters Club l. MCCANDLESS, JAN MICHAEL "Butch" Nerer wnrrj-ll lake! fun lung. Hi-Y 5, 4, Boys Swim Leaders 3, 4, Swim Team 3, -'ig Swim Club 3, fig Gem Hunters Club Z5 Chess Club 2, 3. Page 40 'N 'N 1 'Vx' f Q sg "' E W NU- 5 - by Q W . ., v -Ri. Q S-V Q6 1 fps- I 'Vx I, X sl 'X i .... 1 X P sl-:"ff 5 rf' I , 4' .,.f. v .JJ , s va '- "- Q J I , ,ii , 3- 15.2 -r M ' iv. 'R VY-r X. I :- 111. ?,,.-. UK ,W ,v- 'unf- '-:fa Y . rw - -. W v. . AM.- s v W 1 .1 'E Vrffr' LA A 4+ 5' 5 7 ivm Q 1 - .-rr: si wr , 1 '11,- ii' -vo--' .-.5 A I ' if . -.- inf MCCLURE, MARY LOUISE "Mary Lou" Evil. 16771171 me 1101. Natl, Honor Society 5, 4, V. Pres. 41 Quill at Scroll 5, 41 Student Council 31 Sr. Class V. Pres.1 Friend- ship Club 2, 5, 4, Sec. 51 Swim Cadettes 3. 41 Survey Bus. Staff 2, 3, 4, Circula- tion Manager 41 -Ir. Play Prod. SIHEIQ Sr. Cabinet. MCDERMOTT, JAMES PATRICK "Pat" The .fmiliug Irirhnzuzi. Wrestling 2, 3, 41 Pinochle Club 4. MICHAEL. MICHAEL "Mike" Double lroubfe. Student Council 11 Boys Leaders 31 Football 4, Let- terwinner 41 Basketball 11 Baseball 11 Gymnastics Club 21 Dancing Club 33 Football Club 4. MIKOLSKY. CHARLES W. "Bill" Entered from Cathedral Latin, 1950. 11151 plain Bill. Swim Club 21 Pinochle Club1 Checkers Club. MILLER. DONALD "Donnie" Hir voice ir bit power. Hi-Y 11 Survey Staff Car- toonistg Choir 1, 2, 3, -11 Music for Fun Z1 Boys Quarter 2, 5, 41 Madrigals 41 Boys Ensemble 2, 5, -1. Page 41 MCCORMACK. LEONARD "Lenny" Entered from Patrick Henry, 1950. L.igZ7fl7f?:17'16!?' LEIIN-1. Pinochle Club 2, 41 Auto Wise Club 51 Dance Club 33 Baseball 1. MCGOWAN. BARBARA ANN "Barb" Though quiel and rbi. rf5e'H get by. Friendship Club 2, 5, 411 Red Cross 21 Home Nurs- ing 31 Charm Club 4. MCKIBBEN. PATRICIA ANN "Pat" Entered from Falls Church High, Va., 1951 Sweet Iiflle min. F.T.A. lil Friendship Club 41 Survey Bus, Staff 41 G.A.A. 5, -il Girls Hockey 43 Band 5, -11 Red Cross -lg Round Table 3. NIILLER, ADRIENNE MARCIA "Adie" Alu malfer if the -zrorlrf gow zrmzzg-I um 411111111 rlgbf. Friendship Club 2, 5. 41 G.L.C, 41 Survey Bus. Staff 51 G.A.A. 2, 3, -1: Ad Club 5. 4: Movie Club 5. 41 Dancing Club 21 Card Club 31 Travel Club -1. MILLER. FREDERICK G. "Fred" I lmmffe a racket. Hi-Y 2. 3. Treas. 31 Boys Swim Leaders 2, 31 Euclid- ian Bus. Staff Treas. 41 Track 51 Swimming 2: Tennis 5, 4, Letterwinner 3. 4: Choir 1: Ad Club 2. 3. 41 Boys State Rep.1 Math Club 4. MILOSEVICH. VIOLET If.J1f'ffI1z,1j .:1t.1f!.f, Friendship Club -tg Charm Club I. Dancing: Club 3: Rummy Club F1 Hostess Club VA. MITTELSTAEDT. BARBARA "Mitt" Hn t1Ji,l Jn' 11.111 nf pk J.-'.1r1rr1e yur. Friendship Club -ll ,lr. Play Prod. Statlg Pinochle Club lg Pinochle-Cribbage Club lg Xforld Affairs Club rl, 56C -L MCKENZIE. CH ERIE .N:.u'1 arm' xlij. MOSER, ELAINE "Mouse" TM fur! laid plan ull ,llffnre 11 ill: men, Friendship Club l. 1, 5, ll G.I..C. lg G.A.A. l. 2. 3. ll Girls Hockey lg Band lg Glec Club I, Movie Club lg Rell Cross l: Book More l, Dance Club l, 'll Rummy Club 31 Home Nursing 2 MVEHL. NIARILYN JEAN "Mar" flurulzf inn! lim' 'I lvnnzfwr. Natl. Honor Society 5, ig lr Class Sui Fricnilwhip Klub J. a 'I lixtmutivc Board Pres, L i1.L,f, S, 461 liuf liillan Bus. brafl 'L fu A A .f, N. 6. fX4lVls4yfy INIITCH. MARY ANN "Bubbles" Entered from XVilson -lr. High. l950. Sha mpf lwppiut-so :mb Iliff ifmlfiflg frci. Friendship Club 1, 3. 'lg jr. Play Prod. Stall. Prom Committee -iz Maiorerte Club 1: P.A. Club 31 Rummy Club 51 Charm Club -L MLACHAK. GERALD "Chick" Tlvir boi uifl gn far. Wirestling lg Bird Club 21 Pinochle Club 3. MORSE. DAVID "Dave" lilllllllf 7114111 rriflv L1 lmru. Natl, Honor Society 5. -lg Student Council 23 Hi-Y R, 'lg Band 1, 2, 3, -lg Or' chestra 1, 2, 5, -lg Ad Club el: Chemistry Club 51 Sr. Cabinet. MRAMOR. RAYMOND DANIEL "Dan" Tlwjx if a 111.1u'.r trnrlil. Football lL Swimming 2. 51 jr. Play Prod. Stall. P.A. Club lg Movie Club lg Rctl Cross 3, -4. bflUH1C. GERALDINE "Gary" 5,114 rwdr for pltililfrr. lfricntlship Club Q. -I1 Choir lL Glcc Club ll Musit for liun lg Damc Club SQ 'l'r.tvcl Club el: C harm Club VI. L' .l 5, .L A . 'X' vit? ' f an-We Y' 4. ' x 3 V . is 'Cf' 1-a 'fi- ?' , 1, fx 127 l'm ll w, , Pl. ' l' fl, ar l Ar ly ro, X buff. Nlcluaphonc Club -. fbuir 'L 9, lgmbnmlcry ffi.l'- Q Scryitc Club l. Page 4 2 E'-'Ji' 'S Pu 'vs a 41,1 ' ,AN t,-y 'vu for 'fr '- an ,,-. f- ,. fe Fifi. ' X . ,.rj,1.'.' : "-Sri. s 5 I 'Q ...F 16 'fx asf in N. 'x . 'vii Z' G I , .A I .gf 'qv- Page 4 3 MYERS. GLORIA EVELYN Shbb! Silence if golden. Friendship Club 2, 3. 41 Choir 11 Music for Fun 2: Dance Club 53 Travel Club -'lg Hostess Club lg Auto Technicians 4, Pres. lg Sr. Cabinet. NEMETH. RICHARD "Dick" A right guy. NULICK, JIM JOSEPH .,-Umm A fellou' -who mula'n'l be "Lirk"ed. PAE. ROGER A. All the u'orId'.f a rlage. Natl. Forensic League 2, 3, 43 Prince of Peace Z, 3, Lil Student Council 2, 31 F.T.A. 2: Euclidian Ed. Stal? Z1 Choir l, 2, 3, -lg Glee Club 51 Photo Club 2, V. Pres. 23 Dance Club 23 Wforld Affairs Club 2, ya. PAOLO, CATHERINE ..Kitty,, "Kimi," buf fum c.zn5.' Friendship Club 4: Euclid- iari Bus. Staff 43 Choir l, 41 Glee Club 2. 3: Y-Teen ll Pinochle Club 2: Round Table Club 3, 4. MYERS, JOAN "Mimi" D0 or die, a finger in every pie. Natl. Forensic League 43 Prince of Peace -'ig Plan- ning Committee 43 F.T.A. 3, fig Friendship Club 2, 5, 43 Euclidian Ed. Staff 5, -il Survey Ed. Staff 5, 4, Fea- ture Editor 43 Survey Bus. Staff 4g G.A.A. I, 2, 5, -31 Girls Hockey l: jr. Play Prod. Staffg Choir 2, 3, 41 Glee Club l, 2, 5, lil Movie Club lg Red Cross lg Book Storeg Quill 8: Scroll -'lg Knitting Club 21 Dancing Club 2: Home Nursing Club 33 Publica- tions Club 5, 4, Pres. 5, 42 Eucuyo 5, 4, Asst. Ed. 5, Asst. Ed.-in-Chief 41 Girls Ensemble 2. 3. -lg Service Club I. NIMMO, FRANK D. Ann' the Jrore goef up anolber notfb. Boys Leaders Club l, 2, 5. di Basketball I, 2, 5, -3. Letterwinner 3, 4, Capt. -ll Baseball lg Track 3, 4, Let- terwinner 35 N.A.S.S. 5, -ll Band l. OLSEN. SHIRLEY Sbe'l1 enier the bwirzexr Charm Club 4. PALM, PAT ..PeP,. Entered from Collinwood High School, 1951. You'H krzou' ber by the friendi :be keeps. Friendship Club 5, -lg Swim Cadettes 3, -1g Eua clidian Bus. Staff 43 Choir 1, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 3. 41 Swim Club 5, 41 Knitting Club 31 Madrigals 5, 4. PAPES, HELEN "Babe" Her voice was ever mfl. Friendship Club 41 Choir lg Y-Teen lg Pinochle Club 23 Canasta Club 53 World Affairs Club 4. PAVLINA. EILEEN "Tootsie" Tomi Tunf. Trmljicl g1'0iH7i1c'1. Student Council lx F.T.A. lg Friendship Club l, 2, 3. -4: G.L.C. 1: G.A.A. 2: Choir 11 Glee Club lg Movie Club 1: Book Store lg Pinochle Club 51 Dance Club l: Charm Club l. PECK. KATHRYN CAROLYN "Kate" .I MPH?" of 511'ee!r1e,r.r. Friendship Club 5, -ig G.A.A, 1, 2, 51 Girls Hockey 1: Red Cross 2. 5. PETERSEN, CHARLES RICHARD "Chuck" The be!! of lurk. In llrif Carefree Clmrb' Choir l, 2, 3, 41 Cribbage Club 33 Travel Club -l. PETROFES, GERALD "jerry" You ozrfl keep a good man dun Il, Football Manager l, 2 4. Lerterwinnet 5, -ig Basketball Manager lg XVrestling Manager l, -4' vi. Golf 2. 3. fl: Band l, 2: Oruhestra lg Key Club 3 -I1 Gymnastic Club 3. . v PHILLIPS. RONALD XV. "Inkie" Ile? yo! zz bu! I1 lrzici, In Jr! lfw hreafr. Student Countil -41 Boys Leaders l, 2, 3, -lg Eu- tliwlian Ifal. Staff 'li Iroot- ball l, 2. 3.1, Letterwin- ner H, L Wrestling l, 2. 3, l. Letterwinner l 2, H, 4. Cn-Captain al, fhoir I, I, lworball Club -L PAZ. MANUEL ..T.. fl real grappfer. Boys Leaders l, Z, 3, -ig XY'restling 1, 2, 5, -4, Let- terwinner l. 2, 5, rl, Co- Captain 4, Football 1, 2, 5, 4, Letterwinner -lg Baseball 1, 21 Choir 1, 2. 3, -ll Quarterback Club -l. PERCIO, GERALDINE "Gerry" Meek, milff ami' nzerrj. tlu11'.r our Gerry. Friendship Club 2, 51 G,A.A. 1, 2, 51 Girls Hockey 1, Majorette Club 5, Choir lg Ad Club lg Charm Club 13 Camera Club 2: Publications Club 9. PETRIK, NORINIAN "Norm" A Ib-'ll guy. P.A, Club 1, 2. 51 Model Airplane Club lg Whats-it Club 31 Checker Club 51 Travel Club l. PHILLIPS, FRANK "Frank" H65 up In par. Boys Leaders -l: Golf -l. PIERCE. VERAL GENE "Veral" fi friemllj ltzxf. zrilb lf1l'J nf If.f1,t,t. Natl, Honor Society 5, al, Treas. vlz Student Council 5, 'IL Planning Committee ll Euclidian Ed. Stat? Llp Euclidian Bus, Staff -l, Sec. lg Survey Bus. Staff alg G.A,A. lg Ad Club 2,1-ll Wforltl Allairs Club 2, 5, fl, Treas. 5, V, Pres. fig Music for Fun 23 Service Club l, Sec. l. Pap 44 t. H is . F if., ff . ss. .H assCf.n f 'WS 4' f xbfts POTOCNICK, ALBERT JOSEPH "Albert" flffierl und' bfi' Nlllllfb mggtuz. RADY, PATRICIA "Pat" A bear! for ezerymze. Friendship Club 1, 2, 3, fig Euclidian Bus. Staff 3, Mig Survey Bus. Stax? 3g B.A.A. 2, 3. -lg Girls Hockey -ig Choir lg Movie Club lg Book Store lg Dance Club 21 G.A.A. Advisory Board lg Canasta Club 3. REED, ARTHUR ALLAN "Art,' Friemflizleipf ii' his "Ari," Hi-Y 2, 5: Football Man- ager l, Letterwinner lg Wrestling lg Baseball lg Tennis 3g Band l, 2, 3, -ig Letterwinner 4g Movie Club lg Pinochle Club 2g Travel Club 31 Photog- raphy Club -l. RERASY. STEPHEN V. "Steve" Siieuzfe is bfi' nliifdle -mzme. Boys Leaders lg Football 1, -lg Wrestling lg Choir l, Z, 5. fig Science Club lg Chemistry Club Zg Art Club 3. RICHARDS. LENORA "Lenore" She 5nzileJ and .1 neu' friend is bert. Friendship Club 2, 3, 4g G.A.A. lg Girls Hockey lg Pinochle Club 2, 35 Crib- bage Club 3: Sr. Cabinet. Page 45 POWELL, JEANNE "Jeannie" This girI'J art it really smart. Student Council -ig Friend- ship Club l, 2, 3, 4g St. Cabinet Pres. 4g Euclidian Ed. Statf -lg jr. Play Prod. Staffg Ad Club 41 Art Club 2: Charm Club -4. RANEY, PHOEBE "Phoeb" Life it rznmj' aroumz' Runey. Friendship Club l, 2, 3, Qig G.L.C. lg G.A.A. l, 2, 3, -lg Girls Hockey lg Ad Club lg Canasta Club 3g Dancing Club 2. REIER. CHARLES "Chuck" AU llldllkflltli lorer a lover. Student Council 3g Foot- ball l, 2: Wrestling l, 2, 3, 4, Letterwinner l. ag Sr. Cabinetg Biology Club Z1 Pub'ications Club 23 Sci- ence Club 3. RICE. WILLIAM D. "Willw"' Boifeif, broifed or fried, Boys Leaders lg Football lg Basketball lg Baseball 1, 3. -lg Book Store lg Intra- murals l. 2, 3, 4: Gem Hunters Club lg Pinochle Club -l. RICHMOND, JOHN "Rich" The thin man. Baseball lg Choir lg 2g Dancing Club 23 Singing for Fun 3. RISLEY. GARY. W. "Gin" Tl.verr',r .1 Dot on My lmriztm. Hi-Y 2. 52 Vlrestling lg Baseball 1, 2, 53 jr. Play Castx Band l, 2, 5, -lg Ad Club 1: Stage Crew 31 Diamond Sports Club 1. 5, 41 Dancing Club -lg Intramurals. ROSE. EUNICE ..Eun.. "nl Row by .uri other :mme 111114111 .rmell .JJ street." Friendship Club 1, 2, 3, -4, Sec. lg G.I..C. -ll Glee Club lg Movie Club l. 3. -l. Sec. li Canasta Club ll XY'orld Affairs Club gl Fresh. Play Cast. ROSIC. STEVE bi. "Steve" E415 form. eng gn. Student Council 5, 41 Planning Committee 43 Basketball 1, 21 Baseball lg Golf 5, 43 Intramurals: Basketball Club rl: Golf Club 5. At. RUNO. DONALD I. ..Don.. A Illljj man. P.A. Club 2. SABEC, MARLENE In my fdJ'I2l0ll. Friendship Club l, 2, 5, +ig Eutlidian Bus. Staff 5, -lg G.A.A. Advisory Board 41 Girls Hockey lg jr. Play Prod. Staff: Choir lg Knit- ting Club l, lg Red Cross l, Canasta Club l, 23 Charm Club 4. ROACH. ROBERT EMMETT "Bob" .-llu'.15.f il helping lnnztf. Camera Club 2: Auto Wise Club 3. ROSE, HOWARD XVESLEY "Howie" HU :lirefriun ir np. Key Club 5. 41 Gem Hunt- ers Club 51 Intramurals. ROSS. LLOYD D. Jr. Dynamo Dau. the weigh! lifting num. Band 1. 2, 3, 41 Choir lg Ad Club 13 Art for Fun Club 2. Modern Dance Club 3g Intramurals. SABBATH. THOMAS "Tom" ,llnry men are ire. Band l, 2, 5. 4, Letter- winner -lg Sr. Cabinetg Pin- ochle Club 53 Service Club lg Hall Guard fl. SAMSA, LAURA JEAN "Lot" Le! my life riugf lsriendship Club l, Z, 53 Euclidian Bus. Staff 21 G.A.A. l, Z, 51 Choir lg Glec Club lp Ad Club 3. lg Movie Club l, Rell Cross lg Whats-it Klub ig Pinochle Club 23 Danting Club 3g Charm Club -fl. "ry ,ti V ,-ay Q. Ei Page 46 all " tb "Il 5' Quai' QQ SANDERS, ROBERT W. "Bob" Ever-1'o11e': rrazy but me. Ii-Y lg Boys Leaders lg Sasketball 5g Baseball lg Sand lg Movie Club lg 'lall Guard 1, 2g Dancing Ilub lg Pinochle Club 3,1 SANTON. EDWARD ..Ed.. E1'6l'j'U1lf! mu? be 11 hero. Boys Leaders lg Choir lg Movie Club lg Stage Crew lg Pinochle Club 5, 4. ,pf 1 SCHNEIDER. WILLIAM JAMES "Bill" The quiel type. Student Council 2g jr. Class V. Pres.g Boys Swim Leaders 2g Football 1, Z, 5, 4, Letterwinner 1, 2, 3, -1, Captain lg Baseball lg 2, 3, 4, Letterwinner 1, 2, 3, 4g Captain lg Choir lg Foot- ball Club Sg Baseball Club ig Pinochle Club 2. K PM Sl SHERRILL. EDITH MARY "Edee" Unlil the real llriuy mimi dimly. Natl. Forensic League 5, -lg Prince of Peace 3g Plan- ning Committee 'ig F.T.A. 3, 4, Pres. 4, Friendship Club Z, 3g P.A. Club 5: Movie Club 2, 5, -ig Sew- ing and Knitting Club 23 Travel Club Li. SCHAERFL, ROBERT ANTHONY "Rapid Robert" Rdpicllf Ad Club 2: PA. Club 2. 3, 4, Sec. -ig Gem Hunters Club 3, Pres. and Sec. 31 Service Club l. G ' SCHEERER, CAROL "Cal" Trim am! Sbdrpf Friendship Club lg 2, 5, -lg G.L.C. lg G.A.A. l, 2, 5, 'ig Girls Hockey 2, 3g Choir lg Embroidery Club lx Bridge Club 31 Charm Club -L 5.-' Y fw- gif at SCHMITZ. GERALDINE "Germ Geraftline in ilu' fSrlJl"mi1z" of bar fmriey. F.T.A. 'ig Friendship Club 2, 31 Survey Ed. Staff l, 2, 5, 41 Glee Club All Report- ers Club lg Reading and Writiniu Club Zg Whats-it Club 51 Publications Club 'l. L..- QV gnu- 'PWM SI-IREVVSBURY. "Shrews" It'.r Hire lu be I1d1llI'J!'!l'l7c'll your l1nIfll7'LIHj Hire. Student Council 3, Ai, Sec. sig Soph. Class Treasg Friendship Club lg 2, 3. -l, Sec.-Treas. Eg G.L.C. 5, llg G.A.A, 2, 5, -ig -lr. Play Prod. Sratfg Choir l. -lg Movie Club lg Dancing Club 2. Page 47 SIEKER, CONSTANCE "Connie" xl "Sieier"' of gout! will, Friendship Club 2, 5, 'ig Ad Club l, lg Red Cross lg Book Store l. if 'S T Ill SIMS. KENN ETH ..Kun.. lift rn Nl Ulfflllallilt. lu' 'J Jepeflffufzfu, Student Council 1, Alg Eu- clidian Bus. Staff 2, 3, -ig Football lg Basketball l, 2, 3, Alg Track sig Choir lg 23 World Atiairs Club ig Canasta Club Zg Basketball Club 'lg Hall Guard 2, 5,1 SKIFF. MARILY "Roll-a-long" .llsrrilri ,fllif miller .IIFUIIAS lu r,,w.-, N.1tl. Honor Society 4. -iz F.T.A. 3. -ll Friendship Club 32 Survey Ed. Stuff 2. 51 C:.A.A. 31 Girls Hockey 5: jr. Plug- Prod. Smtlx Choir 1. 2. 5. -4: Glee Club 41 Cwirls Ensemble 1, 3. 41 Reading S XY'riting Club 2: XY'h.1ts-it Club 51 Spelling Club -4. tfsind . it --.-0 ' 'A 1 -Q 4-4,7 . NX i I SMITH. RONALD "Roland" Lsltl it nfirfll fll.lPIQ'. SKROBOT. GERTRUDE "Snooks" I "Don" trawl.: be alone, Friendship Club lg 2, 5, -ig G..-XA. 1, 2. 3. 41 Choir lg 2, 41 Glee Club All Ma- iorette Club 2: Charm Club 'IQ Singing for Fun 51 Embroidery Club di ln- tr.1mur.1ls 1, Eg P.A. Club 4 'Sf' 3. Q. - if fr fa S Q SOLL, JOHN CLYDE "jack" You fan rlepeml ml 111512 tl f'!'l!f7ll1, Buys Swim Leaders 23 Football lg Swimming 3, li Swim Club 21 Canasta Club lg Wrirltl Affairs Club lg Pinothle Club -ig Hull Iiuuril 2, S, Il. SLADEK, SHARON "Sharon" A plearing tray. Friendship Club 1, Z, 3, -ig G.A.A. 2, 5, 4g Girls Hockey 2, 5. -ig Choir lg Ukelele Club 2g Bridge Club 51 Charm Club ii. QL- ,'fZ"F' rt SOLTER, DENNIS FREDERICK "Fritz" Entered from Newport, R. I., l952. New lli?l?1,Lf.f are max! lrmketl ul, Track -ig Swimming -'ig Truck Club fi. Page 48 SMITH. DAVID "Dave" A fommon name but not 41 60111111011 fellow. Golf 3, -ig Tennis 2g Choir lg Camera Club lg Science Club 21 Chess Club 51 Golf Club 41 Ping Pong Club -ig Hall Guard 1, 2. SMITH, JULIANNE "Jinx" Entered from Shaw High, l95l. A "jewel" not a "jinx." Friendship Club 3: G.A.A. 2, 5g Band lg Orchestra lg Movie Club 4g Red Cross -ig Music for Fun Club 25 Shorthand for Fun 3. 1' -T,?,".f .nf-5 fd-In is..- E? SPANGLER, SUE ANN "Spankie" Her friernlr fbere are ma-ny. ber foe! are there am? Natl. Honor Society 5, -ig Student Council 4g Friend- ship Club 2, 3, 4g Swim Cadettes 2, 3, 4g Euclidian Ed. Staff 5, 4, Asst. Ed, 41 Survey Ed. Staff 5, 4g G.A.A. 1, 2, 3. 4g Swim Club 3, 43 jr. Play Castg Choir lg 2, 5, 4g Quill 8: Scroll fig Red Cross Zg Pin- ochle Club 2g G.A.A. Ad- visory Board 3. -ig Girls Ensemble 2. Q' STAPP, CLYDE "Stormy" I-Iauzly willy llae les! Iubef. Boys Swim Leaders 2g Football lg Basketball lg Baseball 51 Swimming 2g Prom Committee 41 Swim Club 2g Red Cross lg Sr. Cabinetg Gymnastics Club l, F53 Math Club 31 Intra- murals 2, 5. 4g Canasta Club 3. BEVERLY "Bev" prefer blondes. Council 2, 35 Club 2, 32 1, Pres. lg G.L.C. Hockey lg jr. Play Sraffg Megaphone 1, 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader 2, 4, Letterwinner 1, ir 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 1, Dancing Club 2: Club 35 Knitting Cho STEVENSON, THOMAS E. "Tom" Szep on il. boys' Band 11 Auto Wise Club 5. SULLIVAN, JOE ..Joe,, 3e happy-go-lucky. Student Council 3, 41 Class fficer 2 Euclidian Bus, .3 .31 Stal? 2,41 Choir 1, 3. Viv' SULLIVAN. PAT "Pat" ll"i.'b grariozzmers lbs' reignr. Student Council lg Friend- ship Club l, 2, 3, 43 Swim Cadettes 1, 21 Homecom- ing Queen 4, Euclidian Bus. Staff 43 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 43 Girls Hockey 3, 41 jr. Play Prod. Staff, Prom Committee 4g Swim Club 3, 4, Pres. 4, Friendship Club lg Canasta Club lg Knitting Club li Sr. Cab- inet. STILLS, RAYMOND STINSON. DAVID STRECK. DONALD A. "Rely" "Dave" "Don" lVinner and "StiII.r" rbam- Slow lm! Jury. Don "lorzg-legs." piofz. Auto Wise Club 53 Pin- Boys Swim Leaders 5, 45 Golf 2, 3, 4, Chess Club 2, 5, 41 Intramurals l, 2, 3 4 , , . Vw ochle Club 4. Swimming 3, 41 Choir , is-'I SUTHERLAND. ELEANOR "Elem She fake 4 plure on the road io bdppineyx. Friendship Club 2, 5, Choir l, 2, 43 Glee Club -ig Red Cross lg Ballroom Dancing 2, Embroidery Club 3: Charm Club 4. Page 49 TELISMAN, SALLY "Sal" O11 Ifillgtf of wrzig. Friendship Club 31 Girls Ensemble 2, S, -41 Choir I, 2, 5, rl: Madrigals 3, -lp Choir Director -lg Girls Glee Club -ig Prom Com- mittee 4: Sr. Cabinet. l 2, 3: Swim Club 5, 4, Book Store 2, Art Club 2. THOMAS, THEODORE N. "Ted" TP'aIL',e ii hir "meal," Cross Country 5, 4, Letter- winner 5, Al, Captain 4, Baseball l, 2, Letterwinner lp Track 3, -lg Movie Club 5, 41 Ukulele Club 21 World Affairs Club 3g Track and Field Club 4. THOBIAS. WILLIABI OTTO "Otto" Ono, n lu! if big motto: Hi-Y 2. THOBIPSON. DONNA LEE "Lee" DiJ1.'-jofiej '.f ifeliglif. Friendship Club I. 2. 5. Euclidian Bus, Staff 2. G.A.A. 1. 2. 5: Girls Hockey 1, jr. Play Prod. Staff 53 Majorette Club 2, Maiorerte 53 Choir 1, 2, 3, -1: Glee Club 1, 2: Ad Club I, 5. el: Red Cross ll Publications Club 51 XVhats4it Club 3: Charm Club -41 Star Gazing Club -i THORNICROFT. ROBERT "Thorney" Ilsff 110 llmru in our Jiile. Football lg Baseball Man- ager 11 Choir 1, 2, 5, 'ig Glee Club 5: World Af- fairs Club 1: Pinochle Club Eg Bridge Club -4. TODD, RICHARD W. "Dick" A tenor of lemlir. Tennis 5, -1, Letterwinner 43 Choir 1, 2, 5, -ig Glee Club 5, -13 Pinochle Club 2, 33 Bridge Club -lg Boys Quartet 2, 3, 4: Madrigals 4. TOPLAK, FRANK "Frankie" A :lay with the PA. P.A. Club 2, 5, 4, sec. 5, Pres. 41 Movie Club lg Stage Crew lg Canasta Club 2. 55? Lf Yr? 153 -Q... 'A ,UK if Q., 4, , 92 5, W' 1 'YZ' fee. -Q7 TROUT, WVILLIAM H. "Bill" The "lmul"' ffm! .ffixer like iz fifb. Hi-Y 5. Sec. 51 Swimming 5, i. Letrerwinner -41 Gulf J, 3, -43 Band lg Ping Pong Club 2: Golf Club J, 5. ll Chess Club 5, -3. TURK. GERALDINE "Get" Turk-in Ihe .vlmzzu Friendship Club 1, 2, 51 G.A.A. 2, 31 Choir lg Ad Club 5, A43 Red Cross lg Pinochle Club 2, 53 Charm Club -I. TURKALL, JOSEPH EDWARD "Tricks" A lillfe guy bu! A big man. Boys Leaders lg Football l, 3, fi, Letterwinner 1, -li Wrestling 2, 5, -lg Basket- ball, Letterwinner Ig Base- ball l, 2, 3, Al, Letterwin- ner I. Page 50 K L .Ski ii TURNER, JERRY "Hot Rod" Come ride wilb 7118. Boys Swim Leaders 23 Swimming 23 Ping Pong Club Al. fr? 'S A VENDELAND, ALLAN JAY "Vendy" "FriezufJ. Ronzanr, Colznlry- men, femf me your earl. Quill K Scroll 5, 41 Natl. Forensic League 3, 43 Eu- clidian Ed. Staff 5, 43 Sur- vey Ed. Staff 2, 3, 4, Ed.- in4Chief 4, P.A. Club lg Chem. Club 3, Ping Pong Club 43 Echo Ed. Staff lg Ed.-in-Chief 1. VERBSKY, CAROL "Verb" 4 Verb of motion. 'Friendship Club l, 2, 3, 43 3.A.A. 1, 2, Girls Hockey ', 23 Balroom Dancing 23 inochle Club 3: Charm lub 4, Intramurals l, 2. VISIC, DON "Vis" He'r our "Captain Vir-io." Boys Leaders 2, 5, Boys Swim Leaders 23 Football 2, 3, 4, Letterwinner 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain -lg Basketball 2, 3, 4, Letterwinner 3, -ig Track 2, 3, 4, Letterwinner 3, Ll, N.A.S.S. 3, 41 Quar- terback Club 3, fl. we W ALSH, GERALD "Uncle jerry" Get the D.D.T.! r. Play Cast, Band lg Choir 3, 4, P.A. Club 3, g Book Store 33 Dance Club 2, 3, Math Club 3.4. WATERWASH. ROSELLA L. NRO., Silence ii the perfeff herald of joy. Friendship Club -lg Charm Club 4. VONHOF, JOHN JR. ujohn.. 0b,fOfJ71I1.lf, Ob jobmzy, bow you can lore! Hi-Y 3, -l, Sec. 3, Treas. 4g Boys Swim Leaders 2, 3, 4g Football 2, 5, 4, Swim- ming 2, Choir 33 Swim Club 5, fl, Pres. 3, Movie Club I, Pres. lg Quarter- back Club l. .gy IX... - Y S. . WEIR. MARY LOUISE "Mary Lou" Hair of Red. Heart of Gold. Friendship Club 2, 3, 4, Prom Committee 35 Choir l, 2, Glee Club 2: Knit- ting Club 2, Art Club 2, Ballroom Dancing 3, Home Nursing Club 41 Pres. 4. Page 51 WALLACE, EMILY t.Emy,. Entered from Hartford, Kentucky, l95l. She goer along in ber qnief way. Friendship Club 3, 41 Ball- room Dancing 5: Travel Club 3, Art Club -l. Q ,., i 'g ".. , f x I wi VT' WEISS, WILLIAM RICHARD ANTHONY "Bill" Yozffl know him by hir name, P.A. Club 3, -l, Sec. ll, Cribbage Club 2, Dancing Club 33 Gem Hunters Club 31 Ballroom Dancing 4. WALKLET, THOMAS BLADWIN "Tom" He alzvayr mamzged -well. Student Council fig Survey Ed. Stan' -lg Survey Bus. Staff, Football Manager 3, 4, Letterwinner -lg Basket- ball 3, Jr. Play Prod. Staff, Prom Committee 4, Choir lg Sr. Cabinet, Chess Club 2, 3, -1, Fresh, Play Cast. ap WELLING, EDWARD C. Never a rare in lbe -world. World Affairs Club 2, Travel Club 31 Chess Club 4 XVERTENBERGER. XVILLARD E. "Shippy" I-If if .1 king .fize peanut. I-Ii-Y I, 5. 4, Pres. 5, -ig St. Cabinet: Auto XVise Club 5: Prom Committee -1. W'ETTRICH, SUSAN JEAN "Suii" Friendly. lnxppy. dI1l'd.T.f .crzapp-1. Student Council 1. Sec. lg Friendship Club 2. 3, -I: G.L.C. 1, Sec. 13 Swim Cadettes 3, -ig Survey Bus. Staff 4: G.A.A. 2, 3, -I1 Jr. Play Prod. Staff: Prom Committee 41 Megaphone Club 21 Cheerleader lg Choir 1. 3. -iz Glee Club 3, -iz Sr. Cabinet: Music for Fun Club 21 Pinochle Club 51 Ballroom Dancing 23 Intramurals 1, 2, 5, 4. wifi . 'iff 'K 24. 9' I ' . 1 s I 'gy XVILK. RUTH "Deaf Ruth" Friendship Club 2, 31 Eu- tlidian Bus. Stall ll G.A.A. l, I, 5,13 Girls Hockey l. ll Choir l, lg Glee Club 2. Knitting Club 25 Intra- murals l, 2, 3,41 Canasta Club 51 Charm Club -4. ,. i we-1, WIECH, DONALD Yurb am! ro varied are lbe Iarler of men. Pinochle Club Z. WHITESIDE, DON He goes taroling all year. rolmd. Student Council 1, 2, 33 Soph. Class Pres.g Boys Leaders lg Boys Swim Leaders 2, 5, fig Euclidian Ed. Staff -ig Football 1, 2, 5, -I, Letterwinner21 Swim- ming 2, 3, 4, Letterwinner 21 Choir 4, Pres. -'ig Swim Club 2, 3, 4, Pres. -'ig Key Club 2, 3, Li: Lieut. Gov. 5, V. Pres. -'ig World ARirs Club 2. 1' - ' ra far.. -i 'ie 35' I WILLIAMS, EDWARD "Ted" A zrlaiz nl the rink. Ukelele Club lg Pinochle Club 2: Dance Club 35 Gem Hunters Club 3g Camera Club 4. Page 52 WHITLOW, KENNETH "Woody" Free life and frerh air. Boys Leaders 1, 2, 3, 45 Football lg Track 1, 2, 4, Choir lg Track Lk Field Club I. WHITNEY, RICHARD ERNEST "Dick" Small but mighty. Student Council 45 Hi-Y 3, 43 Football lg Track 13 Choir lg Publications Club 7 WILLIAMS, SHIRLEY TEMPLE "Wicked Willie" Entered from Grundy High School, 1950. A merry damref. Friendship Club 33 G.A.A. 5, -ig Megaphone Club 4g Band 4, Ad Club 3, 45 Canasta Club 23 Pinochle Club 3. WOHLGEMUTH, RICHARD GEORGE "Dick" Open the door. Richard. Track lg Chess Club Z3 Pinochle Club 71. WUCHTE, KENNETH Eary come, easy go. Pinochle Club 23 Auto Wise Club 3. QV? ZIEGENFUS. CHARLES J. uzig., Zig, Zig, Zig, a Iiltfe zoug with me. Boys Swim Leaders 2, 3, fig Track 1, 45 Swimming 2, 43 Swim Club 3, 45 Chess Club 2. YANCHAR, BETTY "B6tZ" Slfillgillg her way through life. Friendship Club l, 2, 5, Sec. ll G.A.A. I, 1, 3, -ig Choir lg Glee Club 1, fig Book Store lg Pinochle Club 2, 51 Charm Club 4: G.L.C. 1. nga 'inns YARBROUGH. JOAN MARIE "joanie" She :beers for Eurliif. Eudid cbeerr fur her. Student Council 33 Friend- ship Club 2, 5, -ig Eu- clidian Bus. Staff 41 Mega- phone Club -lg Cheerleader l, -i, Captain -lg Choir lg Canasta Club 5g Ballroom Dancing 2. Not Pictured BILLER. DON "Don" Quiet rome. quiet go. Canasta Club lg Chess Club 5: Gem Hunters 4. MALMBERG, GARY EDWARD "Bird" ll"lJat type of bird if be? Pinochle Club 4. MOORE. CHARLES "Chuck" Entered from Lakewood High School, 1952. He nm in from Laketrooif. Hi-Y 41 Football lg Track I, Letterwinner l. Page 55 ZAHLER, MARY LOU "Mare" Cute little note, and laugh- ter zrbererer' the goei. Friendship Club 2, 5g G.A.A. I, 2. 5, 42 Choir l, 2, 5, -ig Glee Club 23 Knitting Club 23 Dancing Club 23 Pinochle Club 52 World Affairs Club -lg Charm Club 41 Intramurals 1, 3. vm li' ..7 11-2. 9 PITT. DANIEL "Wipper Dan" "ll"ipper" will or "ll"ipper" z4'0n't. Euclidian Bus. Stati' l, -l. SELEMAN, JOHN llvlnzt iz rhanzcterf Basketball 23 Choir 1: Hall Guard 2, 3g Bird Club 55 Pinochle Club 3, 4. ZANZIG, GARY RICHARD He blmber at nothing, Hi-Y 371 Band lg P.A. Club 2, 5, -4, V. Pres. -ig Movie Club 1, Pres. lg Stage Crew lg Chess Club lg Gem Hunters Club 5. ' Oi is- :,-..,. -' "-...V SUSTAR, DAN On the green, belt really keen. Golf 3, 4, Letterwinner 3. -ig Intramnials 2. 3, 4. SENIORS xx 'llme lwlmrn hall ul the upper ern'-xl XYe, the Seniur Class ol NSS, rememlwer the Senior Play, those wild parries, liuclimls basketball team land the sell-appointed luugler at Cleveland Heightsl, leav- ing assembly first, memorizing Shakespeare, and finally ue remember teachers aml umlerclassmen who made our senior year so hectle. Page 5 'l UNDERCLHSSMEN . . . He that climbs fl ladder muy! begin at lbe frxt romzd. -Sir Walter Scott Young blood! Youth will be served! -Stephen Vincent Benet Junior and Sophomore Class Officers JUNIOR CLASS ye eTC'e' it SOPHOMORE OFFICERS ,T , CLASS OFFICERS LEFT TO RIGHT - R. E as ' sf? N LEFT TO RIGHT - D. Leber. G. Teschke, B. ' ' Gibbons. B. Smith. B. XY'arholic. 7 ,ILNIORS . . . Honors go to our outstanding junior Class for its scholastic achievements and for its leadership and participation in school activi- ties. The officers, under the guidance of the class advisors. were the helping hands that led the juniors through a year of success and fun. The Class of '5 i, with the success that it has already gained. is looking forward to another year of all around achievement. Mathias, F. Spino, B. Boldin, S. Willow. CLASS ADVISORS LEFT TO RIGHT-Mr. Smith. Seniorg Mrs. Ste- wart, Juniorg Mr. Photo, Sophomore. SOPHOMORES . . . The difficulties of adjusting to a new school, new surrounding, and making new acquaint- ances confronted the class of '55 just as it does any sophomore Class. These obstacles were soon forgotten, however, as the first few weeks of confusion and excitement died away. The Sophomore Class has really displayed a keen interest in class affairs and the numerous school activities. We are certain that the Soph- omore Class with the initiative that they have already shown can be expected to do great things in the future. Page 56 Juniors . . . 5 rv . 'axe . , 4 J mi 5 3 'x ' , ' Yr Y J, , xg ,MIT wrgf 'fu li. A "7 A ' "-'Ig 1' Tl B V 2 1' Dennis Adams jack Allen Richard AndersonRose Marie Arthur Sandra Barish Dale Benthimer Shirley Bickley Marcia Boldin Benham Bates Phyl. Berardinelli Arlene Birchak Margie Boldin ,- ,4 'sw "" .Q 4 I IL" A . ' .Lf 9 if 1 Sandra Allen Fred Bailey Carol Bayer Darlene Berlo Audrey Blanc Irene Boyce v . , S' . - P. ' 'ya .N 7 P- .. " f' ,E r r F' , . -"gli A XVanda Allison Carl Andeen Thomas Baker jeans Baldassarre Shirley Beale Lois Becht john Bernacki joan Bernhardt Roherr Blansett Geraldine Blazek Judy Bradley Bernadine Bradner 59: R '52 .L 'zz '13 . f ' l nf. , , Page 57 Gordon Anderson Donald Balogh Janice Beifuss Celia Berns Deena Bohn joe Brawner 'w 3 ?' , 5 Juniors . . . 7. l. We H 'A 1' fiyi 17 -fi- "3" .,-. , --wr .5 4 ,: . ' -'ci' . A I 11, . A .4:? :Qty 2 .A , k i Q FJ JI' 5' -up 444-- -1 'CQ 4'- 1 Fu ,Q Q A i L ,f-' "M, u jg- K f C , C . Phyllis Bremser Marilyn Breskxar Richard Bronkall Fred Brown Vfilliam Brown Richard Browning Louis Brozina Howard Bruhaker Mary Lou Bubonics Florence Budan Jeanne Burens Marvin Burkholder Maureen Burns Doris Burr joseph Burval Paul Busch Lee Bush Ronald Caldwell joan Campbell Al Carlson Carol Carlson William Carlton Richard Carney Barbara Carpenter Paul Carr Thomas Carroll Bruce Cartwright Anthony Caruso joe Castrovince Roger Chapman Carol Chlopel-1 Yvonne Chluda Chris Chre-stoH Anilee Christie James Coffman Eileen Considine 1 I . . V I J - ' i N' C1 p QQ w Tv . . f H 4.5 is ll I I A I I 1' 1' 1, f ' , Q. S '- 'sr l W. '. .fl Page 58 . La! 'I f . Q - M Juniors. . O 1 ' 3 ft 'T .Q -c ' . ' ' ff S if tg ' f-fe ' Q A t ' R H I fi .. Q b , . f ' . I f f 1 ff E if-f If 'E o 'iq su - L: . Q fy Q A' v1A-A -fm, ' I , ,,.,. , ,AA. ' I 51' V A I 'IE A N Q jo Anne Corrao Joyce Cramer jean Daus David Davis Ann De Pasquale janet Dickerson Lenore D'Onofrio Barbara Dorn Andrew Drotleff Barbara Early Marilyn Ely Eugene Emter ,en :av Q, 4 ,-o ' fs Q K , Vincent Criado james Dawson Robert Dietz David Douglas Janet Eiber Q va. xjyv .. LK -, V is :Q 0 A YZ? V' .9 I I 5 Q Patricia Dansizun Dorothy Dennis Gloria Dombroslq Audrey Dranse Jack Elliott Wfarren Fabian Audrey Crooks james D'Amico Angela De Capua Peggy DeLaney Angela Di Francolforest Dixon Michael Dragas janice Eldred Anthony Evans Nancy Dow jim Eichenherger Madeline Esposito june Evans . - .Q I' . ,. ,.,s DA W "' ' , V ..x ' " aff of f' va F 9 N. gg? . b :ff . Q as Q Qs ' is L fi, 'Q .f ' E? '2 -fs 4 fr-, if '-'59 sl' 772' -V 1 r - -- -Q L' - X ' 2 Q'?Q A A 'I , . , 2, nkggyw X . 1, 43. .2 I ' . 'S .taxi f. 5 in -:K nz, 1 ' , "' sv s- wa' sa iv A A -Q, he 'i ., . , , ' 'i r'Tl'l"i?ll' f- , -if I, Page 59 Juniors. . . n f- F , , R f c ll 4 I '5-' ,. ei, 1 Q' A ri- 1 1 AT ff A ai A 1 f A I 'Q -gi: is ef: H . 4 ll cg,Df7 s ' , x X ,, , N W" 'QA .S if 'FT' ui . .if - ,I .R 1 -3 - R 7 C, -- R x it ' ' N ' ' , . f- I " C elm., e , . -N 4 - I 'F ':l,'::- h ,:. , A' Q 'I 0'-I 9 - - A -B i --5, "' ' ,A " at , "Q L ,Q -'aff L . A , f' . - 3, r X A 12.- ,ef :V A , 1 . '5 if james Fairchild Donald Falk Christine Fazio Charles Fensch Noreen Ferris Donna Fifolt Marlene Fisher Marjorie FitzpatrickRegina Flack Robert Fleming Sam Fleming Ken. Flickinger Stephen Flocke Russell Florentine Ronald Floriancic Audrey Foerste Thomas Fouser Janet Frech Richard Frech Ramona Fridley Richard Gale Robert Gallagher Donna Galloway Charles Gent James Geram Harry Gole L ri nb -i f Av ,- vv,A David Gerland Curtis Gordon I' 'W -I1 IS 7 x ,Q JO L., ,i 1 "'1 1 . 1' Y Dolores Germano Charles Ronald Gordon Shirley wiv. as .ri c Gertz Rebecca Gibbons Thomas Gilmore Greaves Delores Gregorek Lois Gruhn X Y , -1 4,-U, ' .1 - is 'faqs .C -25, 1 'x ' f. -WUI ei Lf' 'Y R-, l if . r if uf' . 77' ,, I' , . f , if 'S-N 'X W 1 ta ig 49 1, .5 A , H ' 1 , , V f Page 60 f 14 f Juniors. . . A ,, r I , 'X Q Q Q' We . 1 F J, I9 Y? . ,M 'D H fr 9 Robert Gulic Robert Hanslik Myra Headington Patricia Holler Frank Hurka Michael Iosue vw ...x ' ag SX QE 1 1 I 'W' 'W- 'T .nf f M, V3 " -l I ' M ., x A , M' ' .rf-U3 F05 , Q W rrr, ,f if J K I X l Joanne Haight earol Harper 'iatricia Hegedus Helene Hollstein lackie Hurless Geraldine jacksa Gail Hamilton Donna Hartzell Robert Hencie Wilberta Holub Dewey Huston Barbara janke Sarah Hamilton john Hauser john Hocevar Agnes Horvath Josephine Iafelice Mary Ann jelco x .,,, 1, , .AN . , 3 lays ,vi-,K 5 3A x A L Nancy Hansen Sandra Haw Charles Hoefle Arthur Hrovat Willamay' Inman Barbara Jenne Neva Hansen Ronald Hallett Arthur Holdren Chris Hummel Rohertann Intorcio Howard jerahek , Q L, ., 9 ,l f I, Q V11 -,x l J X, 5 ,Q An. f Q ' Q3 in A. 1 R 'rf' of ff --1 'er , -..,-,.. X I fx i" as qi I I v Y if Page 61 I ' r f' A.. nxy ,,...,L , V' 0 ,gf . as Juniors. . . -a ua . '3 1 15, 1, .Q -X., I vw -p 5 "cr julia jerahek David johnson Dolores Kekac lames K-:llam Marilynn King Joan Kingsford Sylvia Klug Nanci' Knaus Richard Kornblun'Ron Kosteinshek Donald Kump Arlene Kunchik if W x- . 'Nui' WF' Q v ,QQV U 'wif' fbi Merle johnson Kay Kelley Carol Kleindenist Sandra Knerr janet Kovach Donald Kurti ' 2 'X 7: I . -Q ff' ' Q' ff . h , i I r . W r if lf'-v 5 'Q' "' A' X -0 Y' ' . ,4 Q,,? ' A I " ".4 f i i' 5"" 1" J 4 Tv' 'N '1 4+ . . I 4 .A l 'nf . i 'P ,Sta X I 1 1 l zen' L fi is ,1 ll . .Thx ,'E'I7f411d ix in, , " ftp, 3 P-vw .3 Y - - df' 'Q I Gloria jones joan Kamm jack Kern Fred Kidd Barbara Klima Carol Koestler Kenneth Kozel Margie Kusar .4 1 Ann Kline Frank Kokos Janis Krumins Joanne Latey Q .fu X 3 6, A X ' if if B' 1 f f'4Qil 3417? 4' mi A 3 l .4 l 1-'ij -7 K' ' ,f , Page 11.5 ,Q . Q .Q K. Q i I-B . L5 Y N .N ,e Dennis Kehn Elizabeth Kimmel Patrick Klosky Douglas Koller Lawerance Kuehn james LaDouceur ' 'Z L 2 'lo lg! ,-E Juniors. . . x 'i . 'Q , ' Q . L 1 F79 ' .W s YU '76 f i . -dai ang. 6 ,sf N ' 'J ' l 1 1 v l A A. Q' ' "' f' ' .. ,K Tv ',.,, 3' at 'WE- . v -3 4 ' I , I 4, fn- ' .31 C? S " V A . 7 1. it f X, if .lx Betty La Macchia Phyllis Lapinskas Ronald LapinskasRonald Lascak Jean Lindner jack Lauhler Raymond Leber Marilyn Leutbecherlidwin Libby Patricia Little Elaine Lokar David Lindsey Beverly Lloyd Marylyn Lloyd Patricia Lockwood Hal Lohse Richard Lupo Donna Long Sandra Long Willianl Long Rosemarie Lorenz Henry LeutkemeyerDonna Mason June Marchionc James Marcus Doris Maria Carol Marolt Ronald Marvar Carl Laubler joy Mason Carol Mathias PQ' EIMS 'A Patricia McCarthy Phyllis McClurg Donna McCumber Paul McDowell Patricia Mclieon mei ' Q V V' INA D 'S' 2 I llns P "hz, U R. lj ii A ,.,.. 'PSP ' L P fl in P1 ' Li , ' 1 . .4 J P Q Q Q Q .4 L u ' Ag P l mf A 2' ig' A f Q' if -ff i tv. i eq, f-s A l: Ax...v, . ,Xi W "' If J ' Page 63 Juniors. . . I Q ':,,'-s , Q lf' :av .151 7: i' -, irq., fi 1 U S x ug' M- I ct qi' B, 4 X I 1 u A ' 4 1 3 13' mir? D 'ci' ' . , I K . l ' ,V I: 19g i 4 FY: 1, iv' Q - .9 .-- '4 4 A 'fi 1? 41... '3 i 5? ' K Y Q' 1- . . In Vi ,fail I -I H fi fail' 1 Charles McGuigan Harold Meier jerry Mercurio Peggy Meymann Patricia Miller Ruth Miller Doris Miskoe james Moffat Donald Morlock Nancy Morrow Carolyn Mosall Dorothy Murphy XY'illiam Myers Caryl Neiner Nancy Nelson Ronald Nelson janet Newman Robert Newman David Niccum john Novak Raymond Omerza George Opalich jack Orcutt Annette Orlando l ollvlg A. 1:3 I 'jir- ,- rf P3 ' f , Q .. R l 7 l - ..x :ks l . 1- ,-aft. 37' A Q at Kaylene Miller Kat'1leen Morgan Ronald Myers Lynn Nesbitt jean O'Connor Janice Panty Edward Micco Narzcy Mohler jean Mutchler Dick Nemeth Larry Oberdank Sally Palazzo .H 'Zo t f 4' 5 5 if .A , "' 1 H' 'i" .- 1 Y I 9 rl' 'YP Page 64 Juniors. . . ' 39 " 5 , 1 v , R as. E . A ,I ' . ' ' 1- K:-.1 . i 9 552599 ' A , Qtfikfei A' N' A , AX 'f?Q "g.- . l ' 'S 4 .. or nh- 4 A . ' 4. .. Q' - Q ff vc .k 'v V 3, 'D .5 4 . -. h 1- -4, V f -2' s ,L , L ' Y ,J ' f 0 ,- ,, ' " ,- , " - 3' f P as . . q , , --Q Y I-3, X ig- K 'I' l .I A Y ' 4 ' F ' . I , I A .1 4 r -X - l Martin Papes Michael Papouras Franklin Paratore Donald Park Richard Parker Constance Part Michael Patete Peggy Patrick Gerald Pederson Mary Pemberton Nannette Pennoyerlienneth Perovich Gerald Peters Evelyn Petrofes Mildred Phillips Arthur Picciotti Janice Plietchwait Robert Porter Carol Potocar Mary Ellen PowellMichael Rado Ronald Rado Robert Ragborg Thomas Rahz Marilyn Rauth Kayann Reeves Leonard Reiter Dolores Richie Donald Richmond Nevin Riley Charles Rirtenberg David Roberts joan Rufener Richard Saiovec Robert Sandman Doris Sanger -.4 3 - n N E 3 B ,I 'B. 1 Q .A,. s l ' f s I I V' fiim gs - -0 Page 65 ff . l, 4 1 P V .' is ,il I will! , U fi R' 2 s,4eilssl5l 2 6? i ' f .A is l 3 'mx A - 1 R f Juniors . . . I , 1 -- 1 I ki 1- 'W .qlvmi -.a . "' -r-7 A . tl. In , , ,qiii f. - .35 X IS' 'fa ff- Q5 I A ' n -A, is A fl 5 .t 1: , - K, ' 5 'TRL' I I . L K N A li I.-. 1 Dorothy Santay Grace Schuler Russell Shawke Christine Sl-todlar Bonnie Smith Patricia Sodia William Scharlau Janet Schlauch Richard Schultz Robert Schwartz Al Sheppert Donald Skranc Bradley Smith james Sperl Helen Sherlock Robert Slonaker Janis Smith jean Spice ,, la , :il ,af Q C154 'JP f"J'7 .J A ,Q i f Marilyn Schmalz Sue Schweizer Harold Shirk Ronald Sluga Ralph Smith john Stanley .a 'Q 7-7 :lf-:ll fx ,y 3 ' p ik ,ji 1 I Q Y 'V f E I '95 V , , 4 l 4 I v Ytwf-N 'al fx 6' 'A -cv if I - 'I' TD A -: ' v AA g f' r I ,J A xx Page 66 f' -" .21 -35 .1 7 " S 1 ' ' 1 I J lijz I AX . I -at fi? 4: 1? l ,. 7-11,1 -1, A -al-f' Ss ." tm ,A If nl . "fi . ,.. I I Paul Schmidt Edward Seaman George Sirn Marcia Smaltz Robert Smith Carole Staples .A ,ff-I' 1+ S' t.1-'- 1 Roger Scholle Richard Secondo John Skinner Barbara Smith james Snider ' , Adam Stegh N 5 I 1 ... 1 ff 3 ' fi! S r X. Juniors. . . . CV ,, . nu' " 53- ww 'oi , ' q ...,...-- . ..-Z ,T .J! n Q .l X fo ug 4 1 s 'WR' M1 T2 -Q A ff arm. - t 5 A 1 f j- W ' . c T 'I 'T .A 5 g in . Thomas Stokes Edith Stone Hedwig Stopar Nancy Such Richard Swetel Anthony Tekancic Patricia Teklinski William Tentler Graham Teschke Dolores Tcwell C. Thompson Thomas ThompsonNancy Todd Joseph Toigo Thomas Tomc Joanne Tumbry Anthony Turk Susan Tweed Robert Ulmann Frances Urankar Carol Van Scoder Dale Vencl Raymond Vespe Nadja Vidmar Dolores XValensa Charles Walter William Warholic Mary Watkins Kenneth Watson fr' as fi-., ,,,s ix, . , rv 11 X ', H71- ., .A V , i 3 5 'J ,,!, , . is-s ,. 5 ., if l U' I 1, - W. or , . , 'ew If si Y IJ also-' 'Wifi' Page 67 Marian Watts Q 2 ' , ji Q:-1 e lg. U james Tecgardin Ted Thomas Louis Tortoric jay Valentine Mercer Walklet Geneva Webb 5 ll' 5 3 ,T pry, L , -xr f 1 ., ' .nn K I ,+ I Y , , ff Sf? -4 s vi r"-M rj I' N A Q.: .luniors . . . The junior Class of 1955 will never forget the Heights basketball game, junior party, getting jobs, Mr, Owen's assembly, junior Prom, term papers, the first dance??? in the gym, and looking forward to having the best graduating class E. H. S. has ever had. f 1' 2 i U C 1 -4 grime.. e lim' M35 if I I I ' C l . N. l 1 E h w.-.w-if j X be i - 4 L W : Mm ' Yi s , -hx? .W I W' ,. l. W 'Ps " 'N ' . " .fax - tx 4,5 -N 1 U . , 5 .f gf ,.., - - L . " 'J' : , .EL . 2 v- rf . , Q . I Gary XY'eir james Wels'1 Gloria Wheeler Donald Whitaker Wayne White jack Wierman Lloyd Wfilk C. Weishner Carole Williams jane Williams Ronald Williams Beverly Wilson Robert Wfiltshire Latt Winder Don Worthington Irene Yakos Gerald Yarcusko LeRoy Yeary Patricia Yoger Mary jane Yopko Victor Zaletel Anastasia Zayatz Leonard Ziegler , A . , 4 l ff , , 1-.1 ' Q. ,Q ff-'N , ' ' 5 , , 1- , 5 i A 3' .st . . uv l 1 .W ..., 1 -ef. l n . r-. e X K Page 68 .a 5 guy V .X , I ,vw- xr 'fr wr VA-rw , 'f.5'M: J- ,..- 'fo' 1' .L ,f 5:5 'zfl , V - W 3,5 . .. ik V , 4 7 1 ' 1 .. I - .1 l , I A f Lag, 'ff' A Ffa: f gf ' ' - 1 .. L, . A g X 5 t -. V , , 6 73 fl." 3' Ls' . .15 .I 55,5 ., L 'W' M- V gf ' 'B i ' x 4 i W .Q rf' .fa Q NY: -, 4 1 , mf. , Q ' Q I df I 5: .. A 1 , ., .N 'V va A 1 r " , , A - in W B 799 --H ' on Q , ...s - , - M .,,b t fl 75' 2 ,Q 'i ni." we . .fx . f W' ' ,j ,,,, ., A S: 'v'N' ' ' -9 ,. , . '4 .5 ' j I-rj 1 -1 ' - ' I if as y g, W ,Z .A 710 1 -.. Avy Q , . J '5' 3 X S X X It 1 I '- , A no-Y we . . - A f-If 'S t ,iw A 5 " WA-' 'L-V C7 . ' L-Q , , 'A fi? of .1 f F Page 69 Sophomores N an K A R , f- --'S 431121 - 1 -F" - gg . .I ,lil K my ,gy x wr as S- ,, l .gl . r 'Q A Z f F Vs - it Q: ,. avg --4 ' 1 ., ' A 2 . . plat - . 'R . v- ff-4 3 vi -' sf Q43 A fa ,RY .- ,Tv A ' ff.. ,. ff P q 1 4 X 'T ' .3 ' A ' up J' V' 'X , -1 V, 75 A 5 V' FJ ' Qi ' Ck. f , Abnrn. Peter Abrams. Robert Allison, Dcreatlm Allison. Karl Alter. David Amato. Rosemarie Amundson. Roald Anderson, Edward Anderson, john Anzick, Joanne Appleby, Donna Lee Arrlson. Charles Arthur, Virginia Austin. Harvey Avery, Barbara Babnik, Richard Bacilek. George Badger, Robert Badovinac, Kay Baker. Gary Baker, Larry Balice. Sylvia Barker, Mary Barnes, Dorothy Baron, Harvey Bartone, Neal Beck, Marcia Beers, Arthur Beldin, Richard Belk, Carolyn Beno, Andy Beres, Gary Bernacki, Pete Bernardic, Pat Beverick. Mike Bidgnod, Phranua Bilskis, Fred Birkic, Deanna Boldun, Betty Bonnor. Dorthea Bowers, Connie Boyer, Russell Bradner, Elaine Bradley. Jessie Brady. Connie Braund. Bill Brawnet. Ted Brew Bill Brooks, Howard Broos, Betty Brown, Paul Burrows, Dick Burval, David Buzanski, Ray Carlson, Ralph Carlton. Carolyn Carnahan. Delores Carroll. Paul Case, Roberta Cates, Clyde Cefuratti. Martin Champa, jerry Charo, Joe Sophomores . . . lihquby. Berry Chinn. Doreen Chisholm. jerry Chrisrori. Ernie Chrisiopher. Marcin Cizm.idi.x. B.irb.xr.i Clqrk, ,loan loqcia. Josephine Cochmnc, Russell fodling. George Coleman. Murioriu Collingwood, Larry Combs. PM Conkling. I.on.-rm K onnor. ,Liner Cook. De.1nn.x Corhcrr. Norman orncr. ,lou o5Li. B.1rb.1r.a ox, Ann Mnric, G.1rry l l, C. K. rnoks. Robert urruir, Donald lutwright. Blifflin lhlilquisr. Yvonunc Daria. Lowell Durlmnini. Mary Grace Diamond. jnnivs K K. Uifynzo. Adricnnc DiD:o, Vernal Dinvroodic. Margaret DiPoulo, Robert Dirk. Margie Dnlvnrc. Leah Dumn. Patricia llnuglas, Luis Dowis. Paul Dreyer. Charles Dugan, Pal Dulskis. Jun Dunn, Man Dork. Sally Dufiuwr. Dirk Eddy. Diunnu Edmonds. jo I-rsknncn. Phyllis Hhc. jim Pmurivgl-2, Gqry hihiun, kimlrn Lilk. jcrnn lf-lluvu, JJIIUI lwlllxng. K1-xun l,io!r. Khin Ann lml.--r, Su-xc livnmiriiom Ridhird llvrmng. Nl.iru.irur lf'-1-'ir jon. lfmrvr Nl:- lof luiviri' lrfmir Hill f,+Il.i.' Holi fi-io!-lo fi'-H1 f,,ff.i f.i:f,5'n 5: r. Y 3, 'cz ' X 1 Y W! ' . , 7 . x 1 f 1 I JA -- ' W 1' '. - i if var 3 ' ir... f7'f3'r if . ? K x i l N V 1 l. , . - gg ' 'r' , Q ' '41 gvfvv- "E . 133 'V ' 3 .A ' 3. ' ' 6,2 Q , , ,... rx X 'x L , I 4 .- ,ih ' ' l 'A X . A i i 1 2 x L' fi I l '. - vii. I -' sz K ' IU' if XL .. Q HA. ygg, .ggi ' kk -'fa-A . W K r RX V 41 , J 1 i Q X an Q J K 'fra V 3' If 1 in 1- Aff XX. 1 1 5' gf r .1 - ,, 3. T H Te V ii i ' AQ. F-' X R lil 41 . X K gf W ,3 ,N i . 1 f 13 ' G' 2 D Y '- ' ' .. Q .fav - ff ' " 7 l 'F , , 7. ,. 1 N , i -1' , I i , , 5 , 5 , . . -' fl J 44? ,WZ 3 f" ' ' ,I ' V , ,A it ' ' xx I jf , if. ak N Hg 1 f R-hi ii , A 5 n I nr , ,. " i 5 A 4 .J Q .43 j Qi A , - , - ' V . 9 '7 f 6' "' Q 4 ,Fri , A .lug A nf 4 4 " .2 . 2 , I -1 '- -r r "flak I -Q Q1 - -'- 'S' . -- ' f S ,i ',:l:',7 r iv' X Page 70 A I Sophomores xl wwf A .Q 1 i N Q v A , .1.. 4 , , A f w 5, i . ' t - V 3 I ' fn' - A i , 1. if fgla Y ' L , iff: W if 4 ' ,Q 1 , I ',,..-f i ,,,. ' -' , , ' ill 'X 5 1 A ' i 1 ,I IQ," Q , X 4 Sai-1 ,Ml-sg tl . ,i Q , ' in . 'zz' Y i ' 'v I wail' J A-'B :QS 'Xllf , " ' ' M as ' f H ' if r 1 ' - " iv iz, 9-Q li ' 'ff Q , W M. if y J + - 1 I ff if 'f I . I 1 : v 1 r , 'G V' 'Q - " FN .gi E Q, fp V 1 :ki i A I . A ii -. GYM-gi i , fr 4' D f 2,1 1 1 , ,i ' , - .A , ,F ef -. A R+- , R, if , R, Q, ,, W 'T' X V-4 - , 12' fy? 'X I ' l ' ' -G' x-, G' if 12 ag: fv 3,231 ff E ,iw R 'U' R R . XJ! . 13 , f' M ?' ii i' ' ' r "" QL "' ..' PIX A f 1 'i ,, A 551' If-'-1 Q 1+ 'Q Q if R f S4 Q R X is Q fi is f Y iw ii ', in ll A X . H1 'Q Page 7 I Gates, Betsy Gersin, Paul Gibbs, Gay Gillespie, Tom Gilmore, Lois Giunta, Sebastian Glass, Mary Gleason. Sandra Globokar, Frank Golobic, Dorothy Goodwin. Patricia Gordon, Diane Gosncll, hfarilyn Gary, Charles Grgic. Rose Gribbons. Victor Gridis. jane Griffis, jean Grisdale, Bill Grze, Joann Guarino, jo Anne Gutmann. Paul Haas. ,lean Haddock, jean Hahn, Curtis Halle. Robert Hall, Barbara Hull, f:ll2ll'lUS Hallack. Carol jean Haller, Dianne Hanna, Earl Hanson, Robert Harper, Stefni Harrison, Gordon Haven, Carol Hawes. Roland Herman, Holly Harold, Joyce Herrick, Richard Hicks, Don Highland, john Hill, Marilyn Holierr, Frank Holmes. Barbara Hopkins, Jean Hopkins, John Horn. David Horter, Gail Huggins, Vivian Hunt, Nancy Hupp, Bevffrly Husted, Wfilliam Huston, Larry Hutter, Ronald Ilgunas, Dorothy jasany. Richard jauuays, Elaine Dick XVilliam Juynes. Jenner, jcsberger, john johnson, Carol Johnson. Donna Johnson, ,loycc johnson. johnson. joranko. Kadunc. Kasunir lkellam. .ludy Robert Don Donna Norma Fred Kelly. Rogur Kcskin. Margaret Kichler. Sue Kidd. Delores Kidd. Carl Lee A X19 f 'au f A an r - . i I ur N? N ,wiv " -N - Sophomores. . V? "nf f , ,Q ,rrr,: ag.. li- 558 in ,I a f J' ' A 1 W 'rf' ' i 1 , f X 1 rr .o qu, .3 47 Klauminzcr. Gail 'B' ,- Klein. Mynn - Klorzhach. David ,,,.,., I' wk "' 'B Wilt ... "A. .sr 77 ' 'dbh .f l i I Knoch. Roy Knowles. Richard ' Knuth. Ralph 3 I Kochnu. Bernard I f , an ' Kohler. Joyce ,..., Korzunowski, Tony ' T Xi Y' ' 1 Kocrh. Leonard ' 5 A i 1 V r -' l 1 Y I 1 T S v. Kosrelic, Deanna .- Koss. Richard - . Kozlow. Florence Kozlowski, Nancy an Krazny. Darrell as l '- Krausc. Larry I 1 . ' Krebs. Alice Y -f' I YK I . ,- -Q 'VK -5 ,. , ngli-fir Krcinhudcr. Kay Kricsslcr. Bob ' ' -' - 1,,,J,' Krull. Donna A J f' Kubilus. Delores . ., K 'IJ' Kulwin. Gloria - r-' Lacknur, john radar.. Tony 1 , .. r.' 1 Q- fx I. 4A Q I A l Lamont, Joann p 3 Langcl. Robert i A A -1' yum. U 'us Lanning. Carolyn I.aPorzu. Nancy , -9 ,r 6, Larkin, Margaret '7 X E , , '. Latham, Carol 7? 5 Lazor, jack I V VIH ., -4- A f ,Q I l Lcdford. ,lim ' Leu. Mary l 'I N Lcishmzin. Pa! l 'I rx 'V Leitch, Nanq' .Ji - f 'R Lesko. Carol ' ,-q - Lxkruir. Frank . Unkunml, Barbara i I ff' Loicwskx, Ronald Lomanliu. Philip lnmhzmln. Virgina ,, x f 1" lung. Marshall 'Q dl lnngrx. Joseph l ' , A .ff l.uhin, llarw.-y , "" ' -' Lunk. Donna . l ln- l 1 . ,- . l .- rf l rw 'A . .I l,uil-., Nlarrlia lanlul., l,ilwin l.ull-..irl. Karol, l,i-unaril lanili. Knlw-rt 'v-? 51:11 Ailiim. Dun H Flair. Klllmril -0 151 -Y, I ,Lf-Q. YI Page 72 f w is 1 J v 13' Q Af 5 .1 E Y i ff .ir 6 ' ' .ara 1? 5' W' 7? 'vs'- I It l "ff'v - el Qi in ' ,S LTU, , A f kV, r- , l ,fn ' rf 'Q 'A r Q.. . 1 'rr ww. r Fl 'L' .,,- 1 - 4 . .. .- .-- if f 'i 3 d J' 9 .. wg iv fm- ,5 gl .I We ' . X J . ,Z -... N1 ll 3? . fr x '25 -v r I, Qu i - -. x g .. u +4 Ziff?" 'X 1 LN : l ' A 1 .vl If ' 7 .nl 1. F ..., e,, if- . vfx 5, ls' 7' , -. 5 I .a X 5 . . . ,, s XF pn. '- .., 9 ' ,f'!l ll' i Q. 1 FF r fo Sophomores ' , 1 Malone, Don l - f- 7' ' l Mannion. John l - " 'I g E A- Igfiartin. 6KlbeIrtA ' ' ,- . ' ' ., arvin, aro nn 1 XI '7 2' rf . g Q I Marvin, XVilliarn I X N, Mathias, Don I A 35 K f. Maryazic. John g- :A 'fa , 1 ,' 5 ' A l , Q lf" ,g Y I . I W , j . , McCord, Sandra , fs .. ,Q McCulley, Janeen I " ,, , 'Ar' 4' ,' N ' 1 '7 ., , McDermott. Dorothy 2 1 ' ' I McDermott, Robert ' - S -' -L3 ' I Q I McGee, June Ann ' Q I lf ,, 5 McIntyre, Montrue K tix g gx . , 1 MCLaugh1in,Jim N h ,A '- .ah I A ' X ' , Q' --v is fa' ,' , Ml 1 y . . ' n I , . N, V I Meador, Byron 'Z . 1 , - Meier. Mary 2 " ' . . , 4 ' 0 . A- Metzger, Robert i .-. ' ' ' V' . Milano, Betty ,- 5 .'-jx 1 2 ' V, I Nfiller, Richard Q X 1 rf H y , Q - Ng " I Ming. Donald ' fox Q M - N ' A C -77,1 ' Minicucci, Roberta gr' A . Y f' JL- , lf A W , I A f ' 4 ' I . a ' Misich, Theodore i . 1? ff I Misick, Jim I ,, ' 3 ' iff, ', ',. Mlakar. Jean W , Q- --1 ts .4- bfonroe, Elaine g 5 --J ky ' '5' Moore. Nelda , Y Y, " f U X ' 1lzgoriartyMThomas 2 ' 2 1 A A, 4 3 4 I orris, arlene I 1, uf' .Jai in :J . B.. a fy .F 'Y i ' u - 1 Mowery, jRobert "' , 'G 1 ., Mullins. im I ' "' " " . ., "R , 7 fr Fm? Mullins, Phyllis - " 'i 9, Q ' 1 Murray, Agnes "" '1 3 -' --P xurray. ,Eames . arney. ynn t 1 F ., 4 I 1 j Nelscn, Lois . 'X 5 ' -K Xxx! lv , , 'I 11 4 , ' 5'5- ., , A 1 , 1 Nere. Shirley "' gm 'ji AV 'A V I '--. 3 A , Neylon. ,lean A f' . 3 ' r- f- J fd Q fi' ' Nitz. janet 'v 4 ' w I, ig il ,-jj, . --5 fi Noble. Larry I ' ,,, ,,...a 'K -'- Nordstroni. Elaine " i ' i ' , ' Novak, Robert X-.Je Nulitk. Frances . f. if . i a fr: A I Obert, Charles ,N 0 ' J ,Q Osberg, Diana " 'S AK -3 ,,," , . " Q 'N " Osborn, Blair Q? . -- 5 . gviatt, Jlohn- ' ' , ' . arker, auris ' '7 '7 I ' , 'T fa, ' Parorore, john X 8 ' A 1 Parrish, Norma Jo f 'Vi , xt, ' ' A Ike: jx " I x ., , ' . Parsons, Beverly , fs. 'Q .Q 9 Payne. Igobert 1 4- . . .- 1 f' , , Qs , lx V ,. Pecjzik, ever'y :L -f. - K ' ' i ' gegoraro: -' I --pk 'T ' e - f 3' , Q erenvsvix . 1 f ' ,rf , N-'A ,. ,. 'L Perryf Delores ' A . Petick. Charlotte 6 . X Q Q l F 4 M V Petrfnchik, Gloria .. ' z ', Petrich. Fjank K "" V ' ' f 'N Petruzzi. ulian , 1 2 A? ' +1 Petri. Charles ' -ig H ' ' - ' 1 - X ' ' ' Phillips, Dick l ' - " e ' X i .V .? Picozzi, Louise - I ' ' lr- 1 X H- J -"' v Pike, Liarian I , . , r r an ., g - .1 i . A N, ilhlw- -V V - V 1, .. 1 ,fis,!,1 Page 75 Pinto. Pat Pi5tillo. Lucllle Poniluar. Lois Prcbusga.-k. Louis Pringlu. llunc Pruitt, Pollv Radcncic, Thomas Rady. Allan Rancont. Barbara Rn-ex cs. Hurlie: Rcl'l.Hs.l. D.n'id Rclchc. Xanq' XA' Sophomores. . . Rcsclc. Violet V i X, Rlfu. Peter in ', , - V lib.-fi Rzncharr. Richard X X X Q Rltrcr. Pat , , X ,N . X, ' fX Roach, Liiiili l - 'A VT 5 . '5 ' Robe-da. Kathleen -3 - A tg f i , Roberts, Richard -R K l , . XX 'iX ' Rocco, Salvatore l Q X ' 3 My if ,- r X Rocdcr, Nanq' 0 , ' ' X in ' fi V ,XZ if Q - i ' I., Lf' Q - , A Rohz. Sally ' r i A X Rolili, Lillian 0 fi -3 ' ' Roller. David X , X. pi' . R.: A .- C fl" X , 4' Roof. james i ' ' i Q 'fi .5 ., Rositano, Donald Q if ' X. 7 ' -M X . L ' ,jx li, i Ross. Marie - XX 1' y .. ' i Ross. Ross Marie V - ' 'X I " 'ik .gi X X' ' X fa- 2 L X X an XX iii . X Rim, w' R X X V Rotman. Richard -i X' Q ' Rowe. Nancy r .f- Q, ., s -fm f 'S' Rusnox. Martha N1 A 'Q i. at X 'M -, x -T Ryder. Craig ' 1' '- ' 9 if -4 ' , .. Rwlvcr. John '52 , -'3 ' Y -A . ,f X f V " . -.S 'W il.. Ryder, Xlfanda 1 -y. ' ' Ls ' 'Sl X- X , ,zyasi LX., K . - XX XX , . -. ,Q '4 , F 35... ff, if . i I 6 If 5' . wifi.: isi fv: , , X E A ,. l Xn AD X J 1 . Sale-Vic. Alan X 4 1. ' Saiuvic, Pat , ' 5 XL . Sal cr. Rosemarie " " 'Qi H 'A ' .-.rr i J bnlzy. Leonard 'A ', 'f bil ' ' Q ' info. Rithard 'I 4' .H ,. 3 E , X R . - Y . I bafumunc. Beatriu: ' V f ' 3 mllonlonc, Helen . f '- ' t ' X , - H 1. ' ,mi if 1, L . Aff. ig f , r Xf .li i-Xl. X., 5 Nangln. Pclur i Nhmcttx. Ronald " IL, Sthmull, Richard V X X ,, X , . ,X ithmullng, Arnold A I . i ' L .X rf 'Q X 5 Slhrlcidcr. Pat .1 57 , X Yi, Xl X 'R Nlhrull. Sandford G '- ' X ' ' ' Ntlllllmclstt-r. lilac , 'N , X Q V f l' Q . .l . 1' Wm ...J1 QR, .1 N ,I l Nilllllm. f.h.lrlcnc Nilivuan. Dzlxid ,, Ni.llw.lrts, ,lean i , 'X Mfllllfltl. lrrud pi If - X - A ., Nl-L.sl1 n. liuraldln- '--f ' 'r H' 5 ' -CQ Nllarpi l'.lI L N' '- KN ' ,X Nllilu Ullnna i I '.X XX ' K .X 34 4, ,lf ,Pg ' ff 0 ' i. I 1 ill-xlrur. Dillv: vlllhur. Nlarlum: ' fy, ' Nlrllnrl. Klmllard .' ' ' Nlwhl,-, lhrhar. Q " 'il' ' .X ". '- sml. Iwi-f X f ,H ? Q 'v l xL,i.ft.l, Marx l.nll '- Q' ,:. Slcltll, Rllhurd ,A 5- if ' I . i i . Page 74 5 E'f1J 5 xv' ft Q:-.5 I . J Q .:.,,. . 'Q ' if X S. G ,A - vi Q Sophomores . , fi ,. . 1 QW M l g - Vi. ' - 4 1. ii " Q N W Smith, Carl Smith, Charles Smith, Donald Smith, Nancy Smith, Sharon Snyder. Howard Soeder, Carolyn Spiegel, Agnes Spies, Carolyn Spino, Frank Spolar, Norman Stadler, Ray Stanton, Paul Stark, Mary Lou F J , 1 1 V -n Kira, . i f 3 . w... .f x "sf fy -f ,Q S g . I .gf x X 4 H x . 1 .Q I at .B I Q , M , 1" ", i my A 'ff QQ . i - "7 f 9 - .,., X zf- F i. .. ' V ., QS ',,,, , Q, i A 'T 51' "L: 5' " 57 J i Q T SFI X - I .K R T 'f f 13 -A r av t , "5 V ,P Ei if i Q K 'K 3 Q Ex .gi x:,'. , y bi. X ' Ri 1 in - ,. ,:' Y. R We '-,-. C, ii f - f- iii fl D i V A I QQ . S Q A, j , fi K lx ling, if 1 'H' LL: V ' . ,- A 5 . M g ' , J F " N --'- t .,,, A t ' ,W V i . vw , "' -Y ' fi ax ' T' .' 2 if ti. 1 p 'ii if l V Jia' fi ' i ' 'fl iii as f i, , 77 - t- T, rf, . i Q t ,ef Q, 1 I 4 . ' 1 ':" . Q' 4 ! v " s l' X i ' 3 ph- Y. -' ' KT - I 3, Y, tl K .3 y .,:, X , ." 1 1 I I , r.. ' ,fr ' , dl V , , - f 3- 95 i' ' if A - A' or " X TAN i f I ' ' T7 ' ' sv Lf, dt ef itt ' -if, ' , " J is K - , h ' Gxh T, R .ini T V I , . 1 ' ,S .fix gi ,,,-gggoi,ff"'-'I' 'L' il Page 75 Steffenhagen. Sandy Stegh, joseph Steinfurth. Holly Steins, Judy Stinson, Jonathan Stoddard. Mildred Strekal. jack Strnad, Rudy Stupka, Dianne Stuzen, Phyllis Sweitzer, Emily Tabor. George Tarantino. Charles Taylor, Pattie Teegardin, jane Telling, Pat Tench. Bettyruth Timko. Robert Tisovec, Louis Tolway, Richard Tomc. James Tomsic, Richard Trouter, jim Tyron. Ames Turk, Fred Turk, Richard Turner, Patty Tyrrell. Jack Tyrrell, Wfilliam Uccello, Jo Ann Uhl, Sheila Uncapher, Ronald Vah. Michael Vanek, Phyllis Vanek. Raymond Vidmar, Alice VonHoff, Anne Wadsworth, Dick Wall, blarilyn Walsh, Marilyn Walslx, Berry XVeber, Don XY"ciler, Hildegarde XVi:ist, Linda Xlfurtcnbergcr. Melva XVc5lci:, Marlene Wfhalcn, Gilbert XY'hitson. Estel XY"irgii, Nanq' XY" ickizer. N ixunette ii! li 1 l I Xvilliams. Barry XY'illiums. Richard Wdllow, Sum W'ilsdorf. Ann Winkle r. john Vnohlgemuth. Marlene Xvoomer. Dick Xforley. Roy Vwrighr, Gerald Yager. Norman Yarcusko, Phyllis Yeager. Elaine Yeary. Glenn Yirava. Dick Yoke, Carl Yore. Ralph Zanghi.John Zelazny. Roger Zingale. Kenneth Zingales. Charles K Sophomores .. ! f 6 r 5 K . 1 j 1 - i X- , 0. A V Q 2 3 E N Y K I 1- . i .9 - 1. 'ee .Qt ix i X E.: 1 'I K r f ff. il , -',' . fl X , ' l , r i: " , 7 ' f jd X ' 1 . fx -l',Qf' J ,. i 105 Q lik 4 l 4 ii- +.- 1' . a l wx' l bi .4 , ' ' . Agni I.. . .Ml------,i fr.: SOPHOMORES . . We, the Sophomores of 1955, will never forget the trouble we had finding our classrooms during the first week of school, the first "Homecoming," reading Silas Marner, "green Thursdays," and white bucks. Page 76 SPEECH and DR M The play is done: the czzrtain drops, . . . The real hero of this scene is1z't on the -William stage at 1111. Thackeray -Thornton Wilder .lumor Play "DUB MISS BRDOK " BOTTOM ROXYJAML Robuck, R. Omerza, D. Dennis, J. Bradley, B. Dorn, A. Carlson. SECOND ROVU-j. Lacey, A. Blanc, S. Hamilton, R. Parker, L. D'Onofrio, J. Panty. THIRD ROXV-T. Baker, P. Holler, AI, Dickerson, K. Flickinger, P. Bremser, S. Barish. Miss Brooks Miss Finch Hugo Longacre Mr, XXfadsworrh Miss Audubon Elsie 'lane Sylvia JUNIOR Judy Bradley Par Hollar Ray Omerza Bob Smith Sarah Hamilton janet Dickerson Barbara Dorn Joanne Lacey PLAY CAST Doris , , Marge L Faith , , Rhonda . , ,, Ted , Stanley , , Martin ,. , Mrs. Allan... . Dire-cred by Mr. Leonard Rolmck Page 78 , , , .Audrey Blanc Lenore D'Onofrio , ,Phyllis Bremser ee,Dorry Dennis ,, Al Carlson , .-.Dick Parker , Ken Flickenger , Janice Panty Q, ti Fw SJ WI .IUNIOR PLAY PRODUCTION STAFF BOTTOM ROXV-M. Pemberton. D. Bohn, A. DeCapu.1. J. O'Connor. M' Phillips. R. Miller. H. Hollstein, D. Dennis. SECOND ROW'-E. Lokar, P. Delaney, C Skodlar, N, Hansen, A. Zayatz, J. Kamm, -I. Cramer, S. Greaves. THIRD ROXV-J. Iiiher, A. Diliranto, D, Miskoe, N. Knaus, L. D'Onofrio, VI. Dickerson, N. Ferris. FOURTH ROW'-Al. Latev. R. Omerza. T. Baker, B. Smith, D. Parker, yl. Campbell, XV. Inman, L. Kline THE LII INIOR PLAY The delightful comedy. "Our Miss Brooksf was presented in the auditorium November 21st and 22nd, by the junior Class. The play was a huge success. and provided many laughs and an excellent evenings entertainment for those people who saw it. We offer a vote of thanks to Mr. Leonard Robuck. who directed the play. for the way he tirelessly gave of his time to work with the cast. His steadying inlluence did much to eliminate those "opening night jittersf' "Our Miss Brooks" was based on the radio and TV show by the same name, starring Eve Arden, and depicted Miss Brooks, a high school English teacher, directing a school play of her own. A romance was added between Miss Brooks and Hugo Longacre. the basketball coach. and when the curtain was finally rung down on the last per- formance. most people agreed that this was one of the finest junior Plays ever seen at Fuclid, f.. I sv-L. Page T9 ' 'l .I II I I I I I I I I I l I I -I The Senior Class Play ii Y77 BUTTON ROW'-L. Knezevieb, VU, lfortner, E, Lebok, vl. Myers, D. Miinsperger, A. Vendeland. NH HND IQUXVM-ll. Clase, R. lfriedel, M, Libby, D. House, B. Flevnilxgtr, M. Costello, Mr, Bennett. PRODVCTION S'lAFlf CI-IAIRMEN CAST 'Indy Lxxell lmnl-, 'lropldlg Riu Noe bguinuler, Delnlulrt Hou-.L .Nldrtlxn Sluelil 'l lllillltxk- XX'.ill.leI Xldrt, Arm ll.iIl.i.l Nl.xr', Luu Nltfll Kwuer Poe lknlimi .intl lelev Yeml Pxerae Cienerdl lNl.ingt51er Stage Crew Publieity Pri ,parties Reservations Progrtunx 'liitliets lfu r nitu ru :sion A lvertisemenrs Ci ,stu l'UL'S Page HU Myrtle Mae Simmons Veta Louise Simmons Elwood P. Dowd Miss johnson Mrs. lithel Chuuvenct Ruth Kelly, R.N. Dunne Wilscxtl Lyman Sanderson, M.D. Willianm R, Cihumley, M,D. Betty Chumley judge Omar Gaffney lf. .I. Lolgren , Betty -levnikur , Myra jc-rkie Dunne Mansperger Rubyunn Friedel Dawn Delight Bouse Edith Lebok Wlilliam Former Louis Knezeviuh Bruce Case Margaret Libby Allan Vendelund Mike Costello Directed by Mr. Robert Bennett BOTTOM ROXV--F. Toplak, M. McClure, V. Pierce, M. Muehl. R. Arran, S. Spangler, D. D. Bouse, M. Hallaclc, R. Pae J. Ewell. SECOND ROW'-C. Bates. P. Sullivan, P, Rady, -I. Powell, P Raney, S. Carroll, A, Kelso, S. Magnusson, S. Fried man, M. Lovett, M. Bradner, THIRD ROW!-M. DeLuga, V. Connell. P. Carlson, M. Colwill. P. Mcliibhen, C. hlanlce, P Goriup, B. Hazen, B. Glinsek, S. Cormiea, S. Sladek. FOURTH ROW-R. Friedel, K. Ingraham, K. Krienheder. VI. Farry C. Cutler, -I. Long, M. Babnik, R. Couk, B. Howard, C. Scheerer. FIFTH ROW'-A. Reed, A. Fee, R. Dohler, T. Thomas R. Schaerfl, M. Weir, M. Mitch, L. Demeter, C. Dynes. SIXTH ROXVAD. Bentley, D. Glaser, bl. Maioros. M. Brose, A Draz, E. Lebok. Mary Chases's delightful comedy, I-Iizrrei. provided the Senior play cast with many enjoyable afternoons and evenings of rehearsal, and the large crowd who came to see the play, with an evenings entertainment. Duane Mansberger as Elwood Dowd-the lighthearted gentleman who is befriended by the six-foot white rabbit, Harvey-and Myra ,Ierkis as his sister, Veta Louise-who tries in vain to destroy the supposedly mythical rabbit- only to find herself coming under Harvey's influence- kept the play moving swiftly and smoothly. The production of Harz-eg was a large undertaking, but the Seniors under Mr. Bennetts direction carried it through to success. "The tough guy? " E. Lebolx. D. Mansperger, L. Knezevich. XV. Fortner. B. jevnikar. INSETS-Myra .Ierlcic and Dwane Mansperper. Page Sl vu r y I 3 l A 'ill EY' lr T a C BOTTOM ROXY'-D. Cjoolc, D. Bouse. T. Baker, rl. Lacey, B. Fortner, F. Lebok, A. Blanc, M. jerkic, lf. Monroe, M. Snialtz, Mr. Robuck. SECOND ROW'-S. Kichler, D. Osberg, F. Nulick, M. Shuher, M. Delaiga. A. Carlson, A. Vendeland, M. Derbaum, B. Doski, F. Sherrill, D. Allison. THIRD ROXY'---S. Thomas. M. Luck, P. Turner, N. Roeder, V. Lombardo, B. I-lupp, N. Hunt, B. Kimmel, S. Hamilton. K. Badovinac, L. D'Onofrio, L. Nelsen. FOURTH ROW-G. Yeary, P. Tomsic, K. Kreinheder. nl. Fletcher, P. Combs, G. Sexton, B. Lockwood, B. Holmes, D. Stupka, C. Garrett. M. Hill. N. Fox. FIFTH ROW'-C. Tarantino, D. Roller, H. Herman, B. Early, N. N. Once again the National Forensic League can look hack with sincere pride on its accomplish- ments of the year. lt has been .1 year of success and failure. happiness .ind despair. This year the club was increased from thirty members of last year to .ipproximately seventy-live members. The Prince of Peace contest started the speech .icrnity in Nweinber. lu: ferience once again pr-ixcil v.ilu.1hle .is liill lfortner, Marcia Kuchera, lfianiic l..iccy. Mary brace llerbauni. and Roger l'.u won in the Iirsi set mil contests. ln the next tonrtsr Roger Pac was victorious and went on to fain ilurcl place in the district. Tilt. l. H 8 debate team did very well in their . Huggins. N. hlocifc, B. Tench, C. Garofalo F. l'i.x:CH ' L. tirst debate at Tallmaclge, Ohio. The first individual events contest was at St. joseph. Following this were contests at Ravenna. Cathedral Latin, Niles, and Cuyahoga Falls. Euclid contestants made an excellent showing in all of these contests. The high point of the year was reached on February 21 when Euclid held its second all-events tournament. This was even bigger and better than last years contest. One of the highlights of the year was that coach Mr. Leonard Robuck, served as a member of the northern Ohio district committee of N. F. l.. Next year, judging from the line showing this year, Euclid should occupy one of the top positions in N. F. L. ranking in the nation. ACTIVITIES . . . Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that is the SIIIH life is made of. -Benjamin Franklin So much to do,' so little done. -Cecil Rhodes Student Council ie 4 C1 BOTTOM ROXY-Y. Capello, rl. Lacey, L. Knezevich. D. Mansperger, P. Shrewsbury, G. Sirn T. Browning. V. Pierce. S. Spangler. Ql. Powell. SECOND ROW'-NV. Fortner, R. Phillips, XY' Nido. S. Rosie. C, Golinar. R. Lorenz. S. Tweed, C. Shodlar, M. Libby, THIRD ROW'-B. Gibbons D. Bouse. P. Holler. B. Boldin. S. Smooth. C. Mosell, bl. O'Connor. J. Clayton, P. Bremser, NI. GriHis FOURTH ROW'-B. Koene. wl. Burns, M. jerlcic, B. Gates, M. Christopher, S. Kichler, XV. Ryder M. Hallacl-4, K. lngraham. FIFTH ROW'-T. XY'alklet, F. blirovec. R. Kosteinshelc, XY-'. Xwarholic I.. Ycarv. T, Baker. D. Mathias. D. XY'hitney. Par Slirexxslwtiry. Sc-crctarit Louis Knezevich, Presidentg George Sirn, Treasurcr Dwanc Mansperger, Vice-President The Student Council is one of the most important organizations in our school lt was the Student Council that sponsored dances after our gaincs. refurnished the Recreation Room, presented our first annual homecoming. and gave us assemblies such as the one during which Mr. Clitiord Ou-cn gave his interpretations of American ways. The Student Council served well as the link between the faculty and students which brought both harmony and efficiency to our school zovernmenr. Page S-l xv STUDENT COUNCIL EXECUTIVE BOARD The executive hoard of Euclid High School, presided over hy the Student Council president, is composed ol the leaders ot the main functions of the Student Council: Assembly Chairman, Hall Guard Supervisor, Honor Study Hall Head, Captain of the School Guides. Con- cessions Chairman, Cafeteria Supervisor and Recreation Room Supervisor, These people decide important issues to he brought hefore the council and the various projects which they desire the council to undertake. STUDENT COUNCIL BOOK STORE The Book Store of 'Euclid High under the direction ot Kathy Ingraham and Mary Ann Hallack is really helpful when one needs notebook paper, pencils, or some other classroom supply. It is open every period of the day and is operated by the students, Page S5 HALL GUARD CAPTAINS Our Hall Guard system under the direction of ,Ioanne Lacey insured visitors ot a courteous welcome to and guidance in any part ol the lwuilcling. The period captains made certain every post was occupied hy a competent pcrson and the hall guards aided the deans lwv delivering attendance slips to the otlice, STLTDENT COUNCIL LONLESSH INS Pop torn! Hot Dogsl Candyf , . One ot the most important iolm of the Student Coun- cil is tu manage concessions at all important athletic events. This year the ioh tell into the hands ot Tim Browning and his assistants, Bill Fortner, -Ian Eiber, and LeRoy Yeary. National Honor Society One of the most coveted honors that a high school may bestow upon one of its students is the honor of being inducted into the National Honor Society. A membership in the National Honor Society is cher- ished throughout one's entire life, whether he may choose to go to col- lege or otherwise. Any student who has maintained a scholastic average of eighty-live percent or better. is eligible for membership. The students are chosen from the Junior and Senior classes according to the standards of scholar- ship, leadership, character, and service. They are selected on a point basis by each member of the faculty and the present members of the Society, Each year in January, the induction ceremony takes place during an all-school assembly. No student knows who has been selected for initia- tion until the names are resid in the assembly. Our chapter of the National Honor Society. led by Mr. Stanley Wliite- side. is one of the 5,500 in the United States today. It is not a service club. although most of its members are key persons in other service clubs. They have social activities and each year find a means of earning money to defray the cost of pins and other expenses. BOTTOM ROW'-V. Pierce, M. McClure, T. Cristofl, D. Mansperger, D. Morse, P, Dinwoodie. SECOND ROW'-E, Lebok, P. Lefferts, B. Jcvniltar, A. Baker, W. Fortner, S. Spangler, C. Bates. THIRD RONX'-D. Barrett, M. Jerkic, J. Kornik, M. Muehl, J. Bernier, M. Skiff. Members elected to the National l-lonor Society in the Spring of 1955. Sl1NIf1RS--Richard Allar, Rita Atran, XVilIiam Bartlett, Dawn House, Mark Brose, Donald Contenza, Carol Cutler, Marvin Dt-Inga, Luana Demeter, Jeanne Doutriel, Vivian Eisler, Joyce Farry, Retta Francisco, Rubyann Friedel, David Glaser, Mary Ann Hallatlz, Joanne Hanson, Carolyn Janke, Frank Jirnvat, Richard Karlinger, Anne Kelso, Anthony Kure, Joyce Long, Joann MatDov.ell, James Majnres, Patritia Mtliihben, Fred Miller, Joan Myers, Gloria Myers. Jeanne Powell, Pat Shrewsbury, Allan Vt-nderland, Donald Vitit, Thomas XY'all-ser, Susan Wettrir'k. JUNIORS-Tom Baker, Audrey Blanc, Marilyn Breskvar, Richard brwaniriu, Al Larlsnn, Jean U'f.nrinor, Lennre D'Onofrio, Jan Iiiber, Madeline Esposito, Becky Gibbons, Kay Kelley, Sandra Kneer, Joanne Lacey, lilaine Lokar, Rose Marie Lorenz, Carolyn Mosall, George Sirn, Christine Skodlar, Susan Tweed, LeRoy Yeary, Anastasia Zayatz. partir' Sri I 1 Hi-Y I Remember the old song, "For he's a jolly good fellowu? Well, when l referring to the Hi-Y, we must say "for they're all jolly good fellows." I The Hi-Y is an organization for boys with the desire to Create an attitude which promotes Christian living. Their many activities otfer not only service to the student body but also pleasure to the members. Because of the large number of boys participating in the Hi-Y activi' ties, the organization is divided into four chapters. the Knights. Squires, Nobles. and Regents. each having its own individual projects and activities. Hl-Y COUNSEL L SQUIRES BOTTOM ROW-G. Long, ,l. Bent- NOBLES BOTTOM ROW - L. Ziegler. R. 'Tha man L Oberdank E Bessler. ley, R. Brennan. SECOND ROW' XV. Xvertenberger, L. Oberdank, E. Bessler, D. Glaser. BOTTOM ROW'-B. Ulemann, W. W'ertenberger, G. Long. SECOND ROW'-M, Bann, F, Bilskis, D. 1' P ' v - 1 ' 'SECOND ROW - L. Brozina. L Bush, H. Brubaker, J. McCandless THIRD ROW-hi. Papes. R. Smith ll. Stanley, D. Koller, D. Miller. l REGENTS Borrom Row-B. Long. D. An iderson, B. DeShields, C. Walters, J. iliairchild. SECOND ROW -- M lPapouras, F. Hurka, P. Klosky, A. Laddis, B. Dietz. THIRD ROW - L, Wlinder, B. Warholic, G. Opalich, jhl. XValklet, G. Wfeir, R. Schultz. UN ill g.pll4ll uN'Qi-6. Morse, D. Mansperger. THIRD ROW'-R. Smith. M. Burkholder, M. Krecic, B. Hale. KNIGHTS BOTTOM ROXV - L. lfrecker, Al. Bentley, R. Brennan, j. Vonl-lof. SECOND RKDW A G. Teschke, J. Kelleher. C. Moore, T. Kunkel. THIRD ROW'-Mr. johns, B. Fisch- er. DI. Majoros, R. Parker. D. Glaser. Y Page 87 . XY'.ii Napolo. Euclid High School Swim Club, has .is its objetlivc, the advancement of .iquatic skills. This includes synchronized and speed swimming. The Club consists of twenty girls and twenty boys, who must pass n rigid test to become members. A good deal of the clubs time is spent in preparing the annual water show, which is given in the spring. l-lU'l"l'OM ROW'-5. Lircaws. P. Letlerts, R. Miller, J. Dickerson. P. Sullivan, S. Magnusson, N. Vidmar, J. Brad'cy. SECOND ROW'-Mr. Gram, Miss Lais, B. Zales, P. Consitline, S. Simngler, J. Dinwoodie, T. Browning, G. Tesch'tc, B. Barrett, D. XYhiteside, A. Kelso, li. Kelley, M. Bratlner. THIRD ROV'-D. Streclt, S. Carroll. D. Washburn, P. Palm. J Yonlelot. A. Crooks, T. Edmonds, B. Early, M. Krecic. R. Friedel. FOURTH ROW!-L. Brozina, J. Huddfc- stone. R. lircuh. E., R. Bronltall H. Leutkemeyer, J. Burval, T. Carroll, C. Ziegenfus, J. Mvillandless. W I'l"l'f1Xl RHXY-R. Dohlcr, A. Baker, 5. Kichler, P. Turner, D. Bouse, M, Hallack, E. Sherrill, D. Barrett, B. Jev- nilzar, Isl lJel.u,ua, Miss Ainyworth. 5liC.OND ROW-D. HiCliS, J. Griffis, Nl. Jelco, W, lnman, R. Arran, N. lflansen. N l'rer.h, A Dranse, L, Nlqoillar, M. Rauth, M. Phillips, I.. Ereclter. THIRD RONW-J. Griffis, C. Janke, J. Xluers. K Kremhetier. K Inluraham, A. lfoerste, P. Le-Herts, P. Mcliibben, A, Calutla, G. Tabor. FOURTH ROW- l A Burthalt, D. Mason, P. Hollar, J. Ewell, P. Triclley. M. Skifl, J. Huddlestone, J. Hanson, P. Meymann, I Pam-. lIlr'l'H RHXXV- D Allison. E. Knerr, NW. Allison, A. DeCapua, E. Monroe, P. McKeon, N. Marrow, K. Batlo- '-lllfi' The transference of knowledge from one generation to another is a job that will always F T A he necessary-there will always be children to teach! The purpose of thc F. T. A. Club is the uniting of students who have a common goal- ihiii of being one of the l:LllLlI'C Teachers of America. Page SS l 1 Ad Club The Ad Club is very important to the success of the responsibility of the Ad Club to sell the tickets to such athletic program here at Euclid High. Without it the sports sports events as football games, basketball games, and activities would not run as smoothly as they do. lt is the wrestling meets. BOTTOM ROW'-Mr. Vaccariello, H. Holstein, M. Pemberton, L. Samsa, A. Miller, D, Maria, C. Marolt, A. Horvath, C. Bates. SECOND ROW'-A. Reed, G. Turk, S. Nwilliams, F, Miller, G. Percio, V. Pierce, B. lokela. THIRD ROW' --F. Guarino, P. Raney, l. Powell, ll. Ewell, B. glevnikar, P. Leflerts, B. Giurlre. FOURTH ROXY'4D. Morse, D. Thompson, B, Maryazic, E. Heinrich, L. Margo. BOTTOM ROXX'-D. Mills. T. Browning, T. Kure, G. Sirn, NV. Former. SECOND ROW'-F. Miller, T. Vlfllklet. D?-lxurti. D. lindsay, C. Finch, Ql. Wlright, L. Schulmeister. THIRD ROW-R. Laubler, G. Teschlte. T. Stokes, -l. girikler, R. lxelley, B. Case, R. Karlinger. FOURTH ROW'-VI. Corner, B. Koehne, L. Yeary. T. Kunkel. G. Yeary. . ose. The Key Club is a service club for boys in high school. This year the Key Club was host to the State Key Club At Euclid the club is sponsored by the Euclid Kiwanis Club. Convention held here in April. The Key Club ushers at the tournament games and con- tributes other services that sometimes are not publicized in K b the school. U Page SO Senior Cabinet BO'I"l'OM ROW'--I. Kotnik, M. McClure, C. Wagner, T. Christolf, G. DeNoewer, V. Capello, A. Kure, S. Telisman, Mr. Smith. SECOND ROW'-S. Wettrich, L. Richards, F. Elrick, .I. Dyke, R. Laccheo, B. Presley, T. Walklet, A. Baker, D. Morse, S. Wferre-nlwerger. THIRD ROW'fM. Costello, R. Mower, W. Nido, G. Snyder, Henkel, R. ' Arran, N. Bahniclc, G. Myers, C. Stapp, C. Reier. HU'l"I'UM RUXVvR. Slwrntto, AI. MaLDowell, L. D'Unofrio, B. Dorn, Miss Lemon. NI-,CUNIJ RUXX' --I.. lollinluwootl, yl. Cramer, B. liortner, M. Hassink, C. Smith. Red Cross Council Page '70 SENIOR CABINET "Let's take a vote!" This democratic sug- gestion is frequently heard at any one of the sessions of Euclid's Sen- ior Cabinet. as selected senior class students meet under the leader- ship and guidance of the class sponsor, Mr. Smith, and class Presi- dent, Vince Capello, to discuss and settle the various problems with which a Senior Class is always confronted. RED CROSS COUNCIL The Red Cross Coun- cil has accomplished a great deal in its brief two-year history. The purpose of the Council is to co-ordin- ate all Red Cross activi- ties in the school and to stimulate interest in Red Cross among the Student body. Though only a few belong, it has very ad- mirably fulfilled its pur- pose. Technicians Club BOTTOM RONW+F. Toplalx. SECOND RONVAA. Draz, G. Myers, N, XV.1tl4ins, Ci, Strobot, O. Thomas. THIRD ROW'f-I. Wfxlsh, A, Fee, D. Rheehard, G. Teschke. nl. Bivitz. G Kinviu, Mr. G:-bhardt. FOURTH ROW'-B. Xveiss, B. Schlarlel. C. Dru-r, P. A. Announcers Club The next voite you hear will be, . . . Therek no telling he- cause . . . thanks to the work of student opera- tors who are on duty .it the tonsole ol the P.A. system and to their .idk visor, Mr. Ge-bh.1rt, who is everywhere , , . we heir political speeches by Eisenhower .ind Rog- er Pie. commercials lh.1ve YOU bought your SHREXVSBER- RIIES? J, heartrentling tales ol C A PT A I N VINCENCIO, .ind news bulletins from the of- Iite by commentator XV,ilter Scliwcgler. XY'e .ippretiatc the efforts of the P.A. Sufi . . . their work gives unity to our sthool. The many duties of the P.A. Announcers stati .ire too numerous to mention. but among their more important duties are the mornin.: announcements. The Public Address stati, supervised by Mr. Robuck, is .in org.1niz.1tion reteiving little public recognition, but performing .in imporunt .ind .1 netessary servite. :N IT F . si' " F' . l l J i i R. K - 4, - -. i is r- ,. ,, 0 Tv FIRST ROW-R. Fridley, A. Brown, A. Blanc, -I. Fletther, li. Lebok, O. Duxxil, HI, Dutrif-l. SECOND ROXV- -R, Parker. R. Jasney, C. Ryder, N. Dr-Lqineg, T, Hiker, A. Clirlson. Page 91 The Friendship Club BOTTOM ROW'fM1ss Vermillion, bl. Long, M. Muehl. E. Lokar, Mrs. Wilson. SECOND ROW- -I. Furry. QI. Kotnik. VI. Powell, B. jokela, I. Smith. THIRD ROW-I.. Gilmore, S. Gleason, B. Gibbons, M. Dimvoodie, B. Tench. THE FRIENDSHIP CLUB The Friendship Club of 1955 has had one of its most successful years. just ask any of its members and theyll all agree that the many activities have kept them more than busy throughout the year. The Friendship Club is an organization for Sophomore. Junior, and Senior girls. Its purpose is to develop leadership among girls through their active participation in social programs and service projects for our school and community. I5O'I'I'OM ROXi"4R. W'atc-rwash, V. Connel, A, Miller, M. Kuchera, bl. Bales, A. Balint, S. Magnusson, C. -Ianlce, E. Rose, M. Weir M. Mitch, V. Milosovirth, C Verhsky, R. Friedel, M. Muehl. SECOND ROW-K. Peck, M. Colwill, P. Carlson, S. Friedman M. Goers. I.. Richards, I. Dulslzis, P. Shrewsbury, S. Wettrick, bl. Dinwoodie, P. Sullivan, -I. Bauer, P. Raney, A. Kelso, M. Libby, ,I Pm.-.ell. THIRD ROXIU-I.. Samsa, IS. Glinsek, S. Cormiea, E. Sherrill, V. Eisler, M. Bahnick, J. Long, E. Moser, M. Sabec, P. Rady M Hutlart, M. Iirailner, Ii. Flritk, S. Carroll, S. Spangler. FOURTH RCJW--I. Bernier, N. Chuha, G. Scrobot, j. Kotnik, P. McKib- hen. IS. Ilfilzela, WI. Iiarry, IS. Guiffre, A. Brown, A. Lenlule, P. Fridley. tl. Doutteil, .I. Clayton. FIFTH ROW-L. Dememter, P f.ons1-line, li. llevnilqtir, M. MrCIure, G. Muhit. D. Bouse, j. Hanna, j. Myers, M. Hallaclc, K. Ingraham, K. Kreinheder, E. Pavlina M Mihelich. SIXTH RUWAI. Andean, P. Palm. Ii. Beltz, P. Considine, S. Sladeli, C, Scheerer, Wallace, J. Eells, I.. Bailey, E follins. I'. Arnol-l, I. Iluildlestone, C. Whilxgiier, S. Koller. Page 92 L.....4,.- .-7 -4- 'i' ' 1 if Lf ka-f BOTTOM ROW-B. Carpenter, D. Burr, J. Bradley, S. Hamilton, l. Baise, A. Birchak, P. Berardinelli, S. Beale, C. Bayer, S. Barrish, W. Allison, C. Staples, E. Stone, 1. O'Conner. SECOND ROW--D. Miskoe, C. Mossall, -I. Cramer, A. Christie, C. Choplek, P. Turner, 1. Marchoine, D. Walensa, P. Yaget, F. Uranakar, I. Yakos, M. Yapko, DI. Latey, M. Esposito, M. Narrow. THIRD ROW-W. Holub, B. Early, A. Dranse, B. Dorn, G. Dombroski, L. D'Onofrio, DI. Dickerson, A. De Capua, j. Daus, A. Crooks, B. LaMacahia, M. Fitzpatrick, J. Newman, G. Webb, -I. Eiber, -I. Spire. FOURTH ROW-S. Tweed, P. Sodja, P. McCIurg, VI. Tumbry, L. Gruhn, S. Greave, A. Horvath, D. Maria, C. Maralt, B. LaNachia, J. Frech, A. Foerste, C. Fasio, M. Ely, A. Blanc, C. Schodler, E. Lokar. FIFTH ROWAB. Smith, -I. Mason, B. Jake, C. Parr, K. Reeves, S. Sweitzer, H. Shirlock, P. McKean, D. Ritchie, D. I-Iartzell, K. Kelly, P. Hollar, N. Hanson, P. Delaney, M. Rauth, R. Lorenz. SIXTH ROW-DI. Evans, I Kingsford, N. Knaus, B. Lloyd, H. Stapar, M. Phillips, M. Schmaltz, D. Galloway, C. VanScoder, M. jelko, L. Nesbitt, J. Rufner, A. Kunchik, VI. Kovach, C. Williams, N. Vidmar, j. Smith. SEVENTH ROW-P. McCarthy, 1. Kellum, A. Zayatz, N. Nelson, M. Leutbecker, M. Lloyd. M. Pemberton, B. jenne, H. Hollstein, B. Klima, D. Keykat, P. Meymann, -I. Panty, M. Watkins, N. Todd, D. Tewell B. Gibbons. BOTTOM RONXI'-V. Lombardo, J. Griffis, M. Gosnell, D. Cook, I. Pringle, V. DiDio, C. Hallark, M. Lee, M. Ross, P. Taylor, S. Kichler, S. Gleason, L. Gilmore, G. Sekston, B. Holmes, A. Spiegel. SECOND RIUW-B. Tench, D. Kostelic, D. Osberg, M. Wertenberger, P. Goodwin, FI. Gritiis, V. Huggins, P. Telling, VI. Nirz, D. Applebee. P. Ritter, J. Clark, N. Wicai, B. Skebe, S. Thomas, P. Vanek. THIRD ROW-N. Roader, B. Malano, M. Derbaum, M. Shuber, P. Yarcusko, T. Vidmar, M. Dirk, E. Bradner, H. Steinfurth, P. Stuzen, M. Christopher, B. Salomone, N. Smith, M. Pike, M. Grze, B. Lockwood, K. Kreinheder. FOURTH ROW-N. Richie, M. Beck, S. Nere, M. Stoda dard, P. Mullins, N. Leech, C. Marvin, -I. Lamont, L. Picozzi, -I. McGee, DI. Mlakar, D. Kubilus, E. Nordstrom, N. Hunt, J. Falk, M. Weslee, C. Lesko. FIFTH ROWfM. Keskin, N. Kozlowski, D. Allison, E. Yeager, D. Gordon, S. Ferlito, QI. Haddock, E. Jaquays, B. Rancont, N. Moore, M. Stark, K. Badovinc, S. Harper, N. Such, V. Rescic, D. Perry. SIXTH ROW'-M. Klein, D. Balice, F. Nulick, N. L.1Porre, M. Luck, P. Turner, M. Glass, -I. johnson, A. Wilsdorf, J. Fletcher, E. Monroe, E. Sweitzer, D. Bonnot, M. Morris, Y. Dahlquist, B. Susmadia. SEVENTH RONW -C. Schultz, G. Klauminzer, H. Herman, B. Hall, M. Kufca, VI. Dulskis, M. Dinwoodie, D. Birkir, C. Craig, P. Doran, B. Parsons, C. Brady, L. Roach, M. Murray, L. Narmi. EIGHTH ROW-D. Crawl, P. Dugan, H. Weiler, M. Wall, M. Dunn, C. johnson, L. Parker, L. Weist, C. Carlton, S. Stelienhagen, P. Sharp, L. Nelson, P. Combs, D. Stupka, J. Hopkins. G.A.A. Juniors G.A.A. Sophomores . Page915 Majorette Club .4 tx 3. . DI. Barney Co-Captain G. DeNeower, Co-Captain BOTTOM ROW!-F. Elrich, lf. Mannion, P. Arnold, C. Clampitt, j. Barney, G. DeNeower, B. janke, P. Sodja, S. Tweed, C. Mathias, C. Staples. SECOND RCJW-B. Early, j. Andeen, S. Kollar, A. Orlando, M. Libby, B. Bradner, G. jones, D. Hartzell, C. Moscell, N. Todd. THIRD ROW-QS. Beale, D. Gregoric, M. Christopher, P. Ritter, M. Shuher. C. Hallack, B. Bolden, D. Osherg, rl. McCully, M. Larkin, M. Glass. FOURTH ROXV-B. Lloyd, K. Krein- heder, B. Rancont, D. Krull, N. LaPorre, F. Nulich, S. Durk, N. Reichie, M. Derbaum, E. Bradner, S. Harper. FIFTH ROW'-ll. Dickerson, B. Burns, .I. Ifreth, VI. Marchoine, G. Garafolo, P, Comhs, D. Germano, L. D'Onofrio, A. Drunse, S. Thomas. LlLl5'l' TO RIGHTAAI. Barney, G. DeNeower. SECOND ROWA-F. Iflriclt, E. Mannion, C. Clampitt, bl. Andin. THIRD ROX5Uili. ylanke, P. Sodia, P. Arnold, S. Tweed, C. Mathias, C. Staples. lVlAjORlfTTlf C.l.Ul5 Three to one odds may seem rather good at lirst glance. hin to the thirty girls in the Majorette Club who are xyinig for the ten varsity rnajoretie positions the odds heyin to appear quite high Lomes the month of May and rhe final selection of the next years tztntlidales. Regardless of whether or not they are one of the lucky ten, the girls appreciate the various skills such as twirls, dances, and marches which they have learned, and the great deal of fun and enjoyment they have had during the year as ii member of the Majorette Club. Page 'H Megaphone Club Q BOTTOM ROW'-R. Vale-ncic. B. Stevens. C. Parr, rl. Mutchler, gl. Bauer. rl. Clayton, nl. Yarbrough, P. Stuzen. SECOND ROW'- N. Smith, B. Hupp, B. Gates, H. Steinfurth. T. Vidmar, A. DiCenzo, L. Fox, Mr. Mize. THIRD ROW'-M. Hill, B. Broos, G. Horter, M. Libby, S. Wlilliams, B. Tench, ll. Burens, E. Petrofes, D. Dennis, FOURTH Row'-M. Fleming, M. Dinwoodie, B. Lombardo, C. Latham, A. VonHof, P. Mclieean, VI. Coccia, C. Lonning. LEFT TO RIGHT-R. Valencic, Co-Captaini B, Stevens, J, Mutchler, AI, Yarbrough, Il, Clayton. wl, Bauer, P, Stuzen, C. Parr, R. Valencic, -I. Clayton, Co-Captain. THE MEGAPHONE CLUB - THE CHEERLEADERS The Megaphone Club is composed of thirty students who work toward a common goal-that of becoming a cheerleader. These girls are trained during regular meet' ings by the varsity cheerleaders. with the assistance of Mr. Mize. They are taught acrobarics, hand and leg move- ments. facial expression, and coordination. Unfortunately, all members cannot become cheerlead- ers. but it is a high honor for those who do. Our cheer- leaders. chosen for their exuberance and school spirit. are the "Zip! Bang!" of the school. For the limelight they enjoyed a couple of times a week. they spent many hours practicing so they could arrive at near perfection in the cheers which they led. With the help of their advisor. Mr. Edmund Mize, they also planned and presented the pep sessions held for the student body. With everlasting pep and enthusiasm, our cheerlead- ers followed the football and basketball teams wherever they went. XX'hether the team was victorious or lost 21 heart-breaking game, whether few or multitudes of stu- dents were in attendance. they proceeded to cheer and hoped that they might add that necessary spark to the team. Page 95 ...-L TOP RIGHT-Dancing, Mr. C.ise's club, Sophomore Drama, Pliotography Club, Art for Fun, Typing. BOTTOM RIC1HTfQuarterback, Publications, Fmbroidering, UI. V. Quarterback, Oscar Club, Red Cross, DANCE CLUB The Dance Club under the direction of two representatives rrom the Fred Astaire Studio meets every Weclnesclay. The club is sponsored by Miss Hohs and Mr. Bennett. The members of this club enioy themselves learning new steps and express much interest in improving their dancing. THE PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB The Photography Club was originated to provide avocational and vocational interests for its members and to extend the setxices of the club to other clubs and agencies in the school. Third Period Clubs THE QUARTERBACK CLUB Through movies, charts, and discussions, the Quarterback Club attempts to enlighten boys interested in football so that they. as players or spectators, may possess a keener appreciation of the ramifications of the sport, J.V. QUARTERBACK CLUB The ,I. V, Quarterback Club, like the Varsity Club, is gaining more knowledge of football. They are picking up pointers that will enable them to be top contenders for the varsity football squad. THE TRACK AND FIELD CLUB The Track and lfield Club meets every Vfednesday to discuss rracl. events, techniques. and qualifications for various track .intl neld efforts. The personnel of the club is comprised of varsity Track letter mc-n and other boys who are interested or may have participated in Iuclid iunior hiluhs or other schools. X TOP LEFT-Biology, Home Nursing, Round Table, Charm, Canasta, Ultelele. BOTTOM LEFT-Diamond Sports, Knitting, Pinochle, Ping- pong, Automotives, Bridge. THE DRAWING AND PAINTING CLUB This club is for the students who are interested in art and are unable to fit the subject into their schedule. Fundamentals of drawing and painting are studied and practiced. THE PUBLICATIONS CLUB The Publications Club fosters interest in personal writing. The Club serves as an editorial board for the Eucuyo, the school literary magazine published in the winter and spring. THE OSCAR CLUB The Oscar Club discusses the current movies and the actors in them. Members see one play and one picture a semester. SOPHOMORE DRAMA CLUB The Sophomores, through the Sophomore Drama Club, have a real opportunity to learn about the stage and gain a small amount of knowledge of acting. Mrs. Olson sponsored the club first semester and Mr. Robuck the second semester. , SHORTHAND FOR FUN Realizing that they like to do those things they find them' selves best able to do, the members of Mr. Donald Brown's club explore the secretarial field. THE EMBROIDERY CLUB The nineteen girls in the Embroidery Club are learning, to make the linens for their hope chests distinctive by trimming them with fine stitches. THE RED CROSS CLUB The Red Cross Club sponsored by Miss Edith Lemonrgives local service to hospitals, national service to the armed forces, and international service to children overseas. ...---- -r 1.--... +1.11- -nfffi :To-A 9 .1 1- 7 lawn Tj I THE TRAVEL CLUB Have you ever visited distant Africa, or taken a hike through Canadian forests? These, plus other interesting and imaginary trips, movies, and discussions, have been part of the program of the Travel Club, under the sponsorship of Nr. Miller. THE CHARM CLUB Open only to Senior girls, the Charm Club offers numerous helpful hints on good grooming. Miss Wlilma Gillman con- tacts many prominent persons to give lectures on such topics as clothing, hair styles, make-up, proper diet, etc. THE DIAMOND SPORTS CLUB The Diamond Sports Club members, under the leadership of Mr. Photo, view professional training films and discuss baseball techniques and methods of play. They also contact the big league scouts for talks on what the scouts look for in amateur players. Each spring the members choose the player who has done most for the betterment of the high school team and award the "Outstanding Player Trophy." THE PING PONG CLUB The senior boys in Mr. Gordons Ping Pong Club enjoy the competition of some of the pest ol the schools players. A tournament highlights this club's activities. HOME NURSING CLUB The Nurse teaches the members of her club the proper way to care for those who are bedridden, thus helping members gain a practical knowledge which will be of value throughout their lives, THE CANASTA CLUB In the Canasta Club the students have the opportunity to learn to play the game, as well as to learn good sportsmanship and card-table manners. .8 1 THE KNITTING CLUB Mrs, Barrows hopes the girls will derive relaxation and pleasure in learning the skill of knitting in the Knitting Club, THE AUTOMOTIVES CLUB Under the sponsorship ol Mr. Staines the 'liuclid Grease Monkeys," as they prefer to be called, study the fundamentals of automobile construction. Proper maintenance and good driving habits are among the major topics discussed by this tenth grade group of boys. THE ROUND TABLE CLUB The Round Table Club discusses, in an informal manner. current affairs and issues. Members have an opportunity to bring their points of view before the group, but they must be prepared to receive criticism in a friendly, constructive way. THE ARTHUR GODFREY CLUB The Arthur Godfrey Club is divided into three groups: 411 those who are learning to playg Ili those who sing as a group to guitar accompaniment, and I 1 1 those who play banjo ukeleles. During the last ten minutes the group usually gets together for a combined program. THE PINOCHLE CLUB The purpose of the Pinochle Club is to teach the boys and girls a few of the fundamental principles of the game of pinochle. In later years this game may be a source of many enjoyable moments. THE BRIDGE CLUB The Bridge Club is a sixteen member group devoted to learning the liner points of Contract Bridge and also enjoying the social aspects of the game. 1 17 4 aldrin.. Q lllldliif Stage Crew The Stage Crew started with the Senior High School and has progressed and de- veloped with the various needs. Starting as .i Stage- crafters Club. the set-up has changed. gradually. to .i regu- lar school course in stagecraft. meeting two periods a day and carrying regular school credit. Equipment has been fur- nished by the Euclid Board of Education. and the Euclid P. T. A. has contributed much to augment the facilities. Movie Club l5UT'l'UM RHXYV-lx Rose. -I. Hales, A, ljalint, C. Beck, T. Stokes, D. Glaser, AI. Majoros. NIQCHNJIJ ROXXV- Mr. liailcy. T ilvliiiriias, yl, liclls, li. Sherrill, -I. Huddlestone, M, Krecic. Tllllilb IUJXY'-l., Ziriualc. 'I Bcntly. li. Lynch. li. Marvin, D. Roherts, AI. Skinner, A. Horvat. Left to right-B. Carlton, Mr. Case, R. Shrocco, T. Moriarty, R. Lupo, R. Yote, C. Yoke. Wflien "The March ol' Time" marches into your class room, you may thank the Movie Club, A great deal of skill and "know how" is re- quired to do the job of the projection crew. lt is their duty to set up and run all films used in the school whether it be for noon movies, an assembly. or for classes. PDRTS . . . Ask not if we won or lost, but how we played the game. -Rudyard Kipling The race is not always to the swiftest nor the battle to the strong, but tbafs the way to bet. -Damon Runyon National Athletic Scholarship Society NATIONAL ATHLETIC SCI-IOLARSHIU SOCIETY Boys who have earned Ll school letter and have a good scholastic smmling may be elected by vote of the faculty into N. A. S. S. The object of this group is to promote both scholarship and athletic ability. 1 0020.6 E E EAoi0 7 ::ADtf- . , . fw , .- IE -ll I ix lc' 'A '1 N., . Gi lf J 1 . 'I F FALL G5 x S'-J' L53 ,Unto t I 'i in hn- Don Lonrenzai. Frank Nimmo, Don Vicic, Vince Capello. BOTTOM ROW'-K, xXIl'IlIl1lXK. R. Fleming, D. Bear. C. Boldin, D. Contenza, bl. Kalin, T. Ixurc Mr. S'-u.Acklmn1er. SECOND ROW'-li. Spino, C. Yoke, R. Burrow, F. Lickovic, G. Weir, D. Malone In Phillips. D. james. THIRD ROW'-B. Lanyle, R. Rinehart, li. Cristofl, R. Misic, C. Shultz B IJ iii, :. D. lxollar. L. l.zitl-Irs. Boys' Leader Club This club is composed of gym lenders among the boys. These boys .issist the physical education teachers in the regular gym classes and in in rriimurzils, lg Page 100 Football ..-HQ fx BOTTOM LEFT-Poor Harvey, He's in the center of a UPPER RIGHT-Scoring Shaws fourth period touch 12-man pileup as Euclid stops him on the goal line just down is Al Sebransky from the one-yard line, Harvey before Shaw made its fourth period touchdown to win, Peskin and lien Horton were stopped from the same spot li-'. Harvey Peskin found somebody's lingers in his eye. on two previous plays Co-captains of the 1952 Panther football squad were Don Vicic and Lou Laddis. Don a rampaging fullback, was named to the Lake Erie League lirst team, the Press All Scholastic team, and received All-Ohio honorable mention. Lou's line work and all round play were important factors in many of the battles This years "Blue and Gold" grid squad, although lin- joe Turkall scored the lone Euclid TD, as the reserves ishing with an unimpressive 5-5-l record. gave its fans sptrl-.led in the hnil quirtcr This defeit ,cue us 1 1 4 l plenty of exciting action. IEL record ind forced our cridders to settle for sixth plice in thc sttndincs Euclidccc mul? Canton Lincoln Euclid Slim Euclid , W 55 Ashtabula , Euclid C lex el md Heights Euclids-- A O Lakewood 7 ,H , , Euclid Lly rii Euclidw, ,,,, -ll Parma 7 Y Euclid lor un Euclid Sh lkcr B. Schnendcr R. Phillips M. Cooper bl. Turkall K. Anzells M. Michael D. Whireside K. Brockman W. Nido T. Paz x f ' lwmrlwll Nlarmagers-E. Emprer, T. Walkler, J. Perrufes. Page 103 'yt 'r l gl 3 'f C. Moore L. Knezevich B. Barrett D. Brennan S. Repasy l 1 1 H r. .l v l H 4 1 l u l l r 3' .ly ,I V. Capello J. Vonhof B. Warhaulir D. Anderson K. Xvdtson lr' E ' l 1 Q l ,r y l l lf I I . COACHES l Wforlcing hztrd to insure victory for our football team is the coaching staff lrended by "Sparky" DiBi:1sio. Not v only do they coach the team in the football techniques, but their moral support is all im- portant to the players. Coaches Mayer, Nelson, DiBiasio, Galicl-xi, Eckert. xl l I. Page 105 vl 1 Football l.XS'l, RUXY- R. Kklwrn. 'If Radcmtt. D. DuRmc. N. Spulu. -I. Nthxughtcn, B. Metzger. R. Burrmva, D. XVilli.4mw R Rtm-lmrt. THIRD ROW'-.-X. Rmly. L. Collitwluuootl, L. Kmuse, B. Hannon, D. Miller, -I. Roof, P, Lomaclwc, D XYtmrm'r. D. Hutzlett, A. Lhtlitki, Head Ctutlm. SIYCUND ROXV-C. Smith. D. Smith, S. Rouen, R. Peguram, F Spun--. kl. Petrurfx. A. Tryon. D. Burxull. 1. Maver. Assistant ftmch. FIRST ROW'-S, Xvilluw, B. Dipnolo, xl. Longo W D. Alter, G. Harriwn. U. P.1ynu. D. Wkdsxxorth, N. Bnrtune, Manager. Pt H L4',F"5' IV . ,V . - ,: -u- 'Z 2 Zz' ,ggi Q .NI 'Q.- Kr' .. ,,. - UQ. . - 'ZIP' . 1' 1. ' - L' , . f-5 7 2 Q . Lf K- ,X . Sd! JK , X -sf' I, iv Lt e X til V 7 .- N Y t , tt +L' f ' M U V X Q . I .A ' T ' '- 1 I mg V' 3 4 . 7' A 9 .. V. V . fs , V ' , N . S ,, we 1- . v a X lg ut. QW 1 Q ' : ' V 1 N ' 'h .6 . 1 ' -1 , Hfxf K ROY-Q' S lieymtxt, D Atlmux, H. Auxtm, R. Nelwnx, G. Peters, AI. Kftlin. V. Lapello, R. lmpinskas, G, Upalieh N1 I'.tp..t,tr.w. li. Tentler. THIRD RtmW -I. Petmtes, Head Manager. M. Miehaels, B. Sthneitler, B. Wfarholic, K Kmula YI Yt,nI'1fn. K Bmtkman. ul Urtutt. R. Kuseinshek, B. Brown, E. Ernter, Assistant Manager. SECOND Rf JXX' 'I' X'k'.1lLlert. Assn-tant M.m.14uer, R. Phllips, L, Knezeveh, D. Vicic, L. Laddis, B. Barrett, -I. Turkall, D. Ander- wrt. R Ijrertrtdrt. IIRYI' ROW'---M. fuuper. B. L.1m.1, C. Moore. D. Whiteside, K. Watsot1, M. Paz, W. Nido, D its'-7.1. 1"lwlII'tf rl. l'.1x't IU! Wrestling BOTTOM ROXY'fD. Malone. D. vloranko, C. Bolden, rl. lialin, ,l. Turkall, M. Paz, D. Lontenra. SECOND ROW'-Mr. Mayer. P. Gutman, B. Ehas, C. Rieir, R. Phillips, D. Adams. R. loranko. Mr. Eckert. THIRD ROXV-bl, lfergeson, R. Nelson, P. McDernott, XV. XVarholic, R. Brennan, -I Hauser, M. Paporas. 1. Matyazic, G. XVeir. FOURTH ROW'-B. Broun, ,l. Pettofes. Ll. Empter. B. Long, I.. Likovic, D. Mathias, B. Moxierv. Ranking high in the state wrestling tournament for the third year in a row. Coach Clarence Eckerts grapplets took second as five boys placed in the state. Winning state titles at l27 and 165 lbs. re- spectively were co-captains Manuel Paz and Ron Phillips. jim Kalin. out for a good part of the season with a spine injury, took second place at 138 lbs. Dick Brennan notched a third in the heavyweight class, and previously unheralded Don .Ioranko took fourth in the ll2 lb. division. In regular season matches. the Panther varsity won 6 and dropped 2. The "B" team notched one victory against one loss, defeating Maple Heights and losing to University School. Page 105 Cuyahoga Falls was the "Blue ad Liolds' first victim, falling 54-S. ln the second match of the year. the Panthers downed a tough john Marshall squad, 20-18. Next came tv o easy wins over W'est and Lakewood. W'ith three regulars out with injuries, Euclid lost 22-18 to powerful W'est Tech. Bouncing back in Euclid fashion. the Panthers knocked off 'Iohn Adams and john Hay. In an attempt to snare .1 Greater Cleveland Con- ference tie, Euclid suffered .1 heartbreaking loss to Shaker, 17-15. Although the nucleus of this years squad is graduating. other capable grapplers have received added experience and instruction and will be ready to keep Euclid a power in scholastic wrestling. '.f,-llxxlwms lfmrx um r Iix ' " - x "7 ,I 'A 'A 5 - v 5- ... ff'-n.lpr.nm nl rlmc 1955 I Sluc .llhl Cmlll m.u rn-.nm L-rc ILS lb Mmxucl Wlrsmlsl l'.lf .lull lffl llw Run Phillips f vlmplcrlnvu rluc fL'vL.1LIl.lf SCJSUII lrwlcln-.fry-ll. lmrll M.lm1cl .xml Run 'mum .ln ru um rllc sI.xIL ll..1mpxwmlnp III fllL'lF rcxpu l Mlm' Llmrllgf .lr llfl Ilns lm! c:.:r ,LH-l Kun Vcmli .1 Nkllllhl All Vllf' lflf ll, 1l.xN', llll' Pggr In SENIOR WRESTLERS 4-'lbp Lift"-CHUCK BOLDIN , RICHARD BRENNAN MiddlfkQf1"'DONALD CONTENZA , 6.11-.M uw- JOSEPH TURKALL , cuuclc Ramen. r.,n.qi.+--. Robert sims mai. R14-1-n Jim KALIN e SB.11.m naqm PAT MCDERMOT1' ,RONALD Jonfmico Page lil' Coach Clarence Eck- ert called Ll meeting of all graduating senior wrestlers. 'lim Kalin. full of aches and pains. and canvasback Ron jo- ranko sat in one corner talk i n g to "Honest Chuck Reier. the Rail- splitrerf' 'lim McDer- mott. muttering. "I should have beat him." was Consoled by Chuck Bolden. who deals with bonesetters. Don Con- tenza. who needs .1 col- lege scholarship badly. had to tell "Fourfeyes" Ron Phillips tl1e time of day, -Ioe Turl-:all com- plained again that his opponents are all big- gsr than he is. "Floors" Paz remarked tl1at he is still looking for .1 fe- male friend. bu' Dick Brennan and Bob Ehas said nothing. for their girls keep them quiet. By our Gossip Columnist. Clarence Eckert. Wrestling Tournament Team BOTTOM ROW'-D. -Iomnko, D. Malone, P. Gutmun. SECOND ROW-R. joranko R. Phillips, -I. Knlin, T. D.1z. THIRD ROW'-Mr. Meyer, R. Brennan, C. Reier, D Ad.1n1s, Mr. Eckert. , . ' .3-. f-- I .X ., ..':Xf-3 ee-T ,572 . --"ET XR ' 4 f Q N, ' '.,,,-xv 1' ' A ., -,QT it ' ' fl -My f ' R 1 1 R 3 F-'eff' P .Q .f lp ,ll L www if , .x I ' " . 6 l7l'PliR l.I:l'I'-D, Vlurunku, P. Gutmnn, UPPER RIGHT-D. Ferguson, D. Mnlfrmx I.lJWliR l.l'.If'I' M. lhnprmrns, Ii. Lung. LONXXER RIGHT-B. Wfurholic, I Nvlwn. Page 108 L oter, li. Jtnzc-lls, F. Nimmo, V iapello, . Borovic, L. W'inder MIDDLE ROXV-D. Douglas, H Meier. D. Skranc, li. Sims, R. Ko steinshek. G. Sirn, R. XVilliams, sl Elliot. TOP ROW'-Mr. Calvert coach, Mr. Supance, coach, D, Glaser hlanaiier, L. Zigman. QQ 1. Posting the best season record of any Euclid cage squad, the Panther hoopsters rolled to 17 victories in 19 games for a winning percentage of .895 The "Blue and Gold" opened the season by dumping East High. 60-46. Elyria then pulled an upset by downing Euclid on the Pioneer court, 50-47, Like True champions. the Panthers rebounded to capture fourteen straight tilts. Included in this streak were double wins over Shaker. Cleveland Heights, Lorain, and Shaw. Other victories came over Painseville Harvey, 60-58, Lakewood. 57-49. Canton Lehman, 65-47, Brush, 53--13, Elyria, 69-39. and Ashtabula, 65-53. The first Heights encounter was won 59-35 in a thrilling overtime battle. Euclid clinched its hrst Lake Erie League championship in the second Shaw contest, winning by .1 60--42 count. BOT IOM ROXV R Dulskis, M Q JACK ELLuo'r l 1 t J' 4' sth s ooueuas W MEITEIZ- FRANK NIMMO Winning .1 place on the Lake lirie League all-star team, the News and Press all-sclmoldstic team, the Euclid Tournament ull-star team, and winning the Ford I.. Case "Most Valuable Player" trophy, are only Al few of the honors so iustly accorded to the Pan- thers Basketball Cnptnin, Frank Nimmo, Pdgelll They also serve. who only stand and wait." A ilcscrvmu rnanl' Page I ll BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT REVIEW! Although dropping the championship game of the district tournament, the Panthers extended their record to 20 wins as against three setbacks. Led by Captain Frank Nimmo, the "Blue and Gold" cagers swept by Con- neaut 65-49, Geneva 64-60, and East High 69-54, to reach the final. The championship game matched the Panthers against a powerful East Tech quintet, unbeaten in seventeen encounters. After giving the Scarabs a battle all the way, the Panthers were downed 38-52. Frank Nimmo was elected to the all- tourney first team and received the most valuable player award. Phil Borovic was nominated to the all-tourney second team. V U BOTTOM ROV B Barrett I boll D Nttctlx 'Nl lxretnt XX Truut Mt Lum SECOND Rl I Burval D Allen T Broxxnmz G Tcsthlxe l' lull D Btmnlxall A Dmtlcll THIRD RL B Alman M Vkallxlet R Ch.1pm1n I' Seaman D falls H Luetlxemucr D W hxtllxer T btolhes FOURTH ROW' I' Sttltlon R Hale C Drexer D Collins A Trxun D Mills H lxo h B XY7lllldl"D9 C Xolxe LllLllLlN 195 5s SXKIIDIDID5 tum xx ts uptuned by Max lxreue xx ho sn mm the freesty le ex ents The hngh ponnt mm mms Grlham Tesehke xxhose spceults xx 1s the tndmdu 11 medley The telm vsxll lose the hxe sxxtmmers pmtured ln the from rom md RlLlllI'Ll Trech not ptctured But there IQ 1 hne nucleus left to mxlxe up next sears team vshxth ns hoped sull be .1 contender ln the Lake Erle Leabue Pasellg BOTTOM ROXY'-Mumgers B. Cuse .intl bl. Homncsek. SECOND ROXV-Coach Case, D. Glaser, L. Yeary, B. S. Capello, K. Brockman, R. Bronlmll, D. lfrench. H. Cmne. THIRD ROW'-T. Thomas, D. Newman, D. Vicic, S. lntihar, F. Brancely, F. Nimmo, D. Brannen, Couch Myers. FOURTH ROW'-B. Lautet. B. XY'.1itl. R. Knerr. T. Stokes, C. Moore, J. jackson, S. Fleming, Coach Gram. ' - ..' , I xt ls 5 , . 144 I-, rg.. .J 4' if ' , ' A l. 1 , , ks . C .7 .2 ! Q F . 5 5 ,, Llgd l i-fl J A l fi r! w' . A? J, L. TRACK AND CROSS COUNTRY QXXCLQ5 l l lf sv :yUCl.l0l E-gust z lL..LL v Showing: muth imprmemem , Z' V 1'- fi ' mer last year, the P.lmher cintler- ..,. ' ' " A . ,f ' men prfwitletl their l.ins with - .:, '-: n ,als nmny thrilling moments, lrhich " V' lurfl fue kms urentl' llessetl s . , in . C ' I EL with the s slnmihu luntl is 'utllh Blau, 'I Val. ' ' l LH- x Al lwilznrmlu l 1. r u .1 r tl to lureurer ' V I' ' E .ulnevenients uc:-:v ycqir , -' ' LUCUI l ln mc-ers with Nlennrr .in-l "" l 'l FUCLI4 NCL!! ,A Q N V i , . 1,iu'el.i1i'l Heluhrs. the "Blue .nn-l ' ' ' N - ,- fmlfl' lust hy close sr,urcs.Au..11lnsI J if I k . b Vftllffuulilffr' the rum mul. cle'-en ' Aw- - - I ' lil ' - 1 H5 "ru .grail -.-.un t:.tsv'v A muh! I I1 1- - .qv ,. 'fl,iIlL'lJl.lf :heel ln Sl1' .tial X ' , iifl.. - xll.1'.'. mv.-. l1u.lfl11 rrf'-s the Slrtl. ff: . X "' ,L ' , . j trims, .ill the '.-..ij., 'mxslurmlu .1 ii-U - ,s D f q 1. 'C ,bfi Llme scumll 'lhe Psrnhers .liflrrr : 'E .lu as well in the Lalze lirie 5' .... Ledcue Meer, plains sixth QM, QM Finishing.: secontl in the Lake Erie League Cross Country Meer. Euclicls distance runners showed plenty of tlrive and endurance. Harold Crane, Ted Thomas, Bill Fischer, Don MacKay, and Bob Hale were the first live Panthers tu cross the linish line. BOTTOM RCJW-B. I-lale, H. Crane, D. Phillips, J. Majorus. SECOND ROW!-B. Fischer, 1. Bentley, D. MacKay, T. Thomas, L. Yeary. F . BOTTOM ROW-J. Turkal, G. Sirn. SECOND ROW-CL Rice, I. Yarcusko, H. Shirk. C. Fensch, B. Brown, G. Weir. THIRD ROW-H. Meir, G. Risely, T. McFadden, J. Elliott. T. Kunkel. C. Gertz, Coach john Supance. f' " is M, V nh' 2 ff S ,LJQ i - i 'Q E- ---f-'-3--d'- uw- - if " QP W ...L f kqsw -L-,LL V ' -W . Laqxgu K fat' L it Y Ki ,f c X hx J i l i f' XJ ..,. ' X A . , l"x.,"lpX lv' 1' Q , ,,, . , -1- S- g1fu.' u QW W YWV xt X -y-nl' ill L ' ky L5i3..4L BOTTOM ROW'-Coach john Photo, B. Vigh, L. Laddis. D. Ferril, D. bloranko. B. Gates, T. liimes. SECOND ROW' -Coach Al Galicki, Bob Bartlett, B. Schneider. E. Adamoxvitz. D. Allar. li. Anzells. A. Vfalton. THIRD ROV'- Manager A. Baker, -I. Novak. P. Borovic. E. Henkel. Bill Bartlett, Manager D. Richmond. Euclid's 1952 baseball squad chalked up a re- spectable l5-6 record. and brought another Lake Erie League crown to the "Blue and Gold." Euclid ,,,, L24 Lutheran L L L O Euclid LL L LLL 8 Collinxvood 2 Euclid LL LLL L I Lakewood L L L 0 Euclid L LL LL L -i Lorain L L 5 Euclid L ,,,., 9 Elyria L L L L L L L . 5 Euclid LL L LLL 10 Cleveland Heights LL L L l EuclidL LLLLL L 5 Shaker Heights L L 4 The three leading Euclid pitchers, Phil Borovic, Ernie Henkel, and Bill Bartlett. all held fine rec- ords. including sliutouts and .1 no-hit victory by f Henkel EuclidL LLLL L 4 University School L L 5 Euclid LL L L 8 Painesville Harvey 0 Euclid LL LL LLL 4 Shaker Heights L LL L L LL l EuclidLLLLLL 2 Cleveland Heights LL LL 6 Euclid L L S Shaw LLLL L LLL O Euclid LLLL LL 6 University School LLLLLL O Euclid L T University School LLL O Having lost only Lou Laddis by graduation. next yearis Panthers will pose ii problem to any team in the state. Lett to right-I.. Retini, G. Burnes, j. Penkaln, Mr. Blackburn. '-x i l'lRN'lA RUXY'-'lf Cnirroll. D. Alstuii, R lNl.ikn1iiti, W. Lux, F. Miller, J. Valentine. SECOND ROW!-D. johnson, M. Willk- Qt-rv. D Niittuin, ,l llertel, H, Myers, D, 5l.r.incs, yl, Sl-Qinner, iloacli Trolulia. GOLF The fll'SY lzuelid te.1m ni two l,al-ze lltie League Lhampion- sliips is the rirle proudly worn hy Umtli Harold Blatkhurns J'ill1,'l"- Uri M43 'I .ir Seneefi Country Lluh, Lia-ctiptziins Rohert lint elle uni: Cieoree Byrne tumhined with Dun Susnir and jerry l'f,-nl..i.l.i to ' the murimmerit hy twenty-fine strokes. Kupelle .inf lfgffll' what I-mfs, '.-.hile Suslar and l'enl:.1lu had HHN. F. '11,-ei: Liver in Hiuhl.intl the stime hfiys pl.ited lifth among 1,-:gliteeti te.iir.a :Hlruuerher the team unit nine mgiltlies, lost f':.'f,', .ifwf riff-3 une, l'rfn.'i'l1ne the uimpetitinn were Cleveland ll:eh'i. l..irin, l'.iriii.i Vl'illoiiehliy, fnlliriwuotl, lirush, Bene- Tlf YHA' ,iii-l flfiilillfj Other hoys who participated in various matches were Joe Bernstein, Robert DeShields, Dennis DiCenzo, Williani Gar- guilo, Ronald Lziseak, Leonard Ratttini, Ray Stills, and Louis Torinriti, TENNIS Lust fall the Panther tennis team won one match and lost live in l..F.l.. competition. Displaying much spirit and interest in the game, the "Blue and Gold" nettets gave all their oppon- ents a good battle. Having seen steady improvement throughout the fall season, Coach Frank Troglia can put his team on the toiirt l-:nowing that they will he a threat to any foe. Girls' Leaders BOTTGM ROW-J. Dulskis, E, Rose, D. Bouse, C. Dynes, sl. Bernier, L, Demeter, Al. Barney, P. Shrewsbury, 5 Beldin. SECOND ROW-A. Miller, F. Elrick, -I. Hanson, M, Colwill, xl. Clayton, M. Muehl, P. Raney, V. Eislet J. Long. THIRD ROXVN-D. Walensa, J. Bernhart, -I. Eldred, B. vlevnikar, A. Foerste, M. Bresltvar, B. -Iokela, -I. Parry FOURTH ROW-P. Delaney, J. O'Conn0r, E. Lokar, B. Gibbons, ul. Kotnilc. FIFTH ROXV-rl. Iloyach, D. Mislme INI. Esposito. SIXTH ROW-D. Tc-well, J. Lacey. SEVENTH RCUW-XV. Allison A whistle blowing-the familiar words "line up"-and "What happened to squad three?"-are all part of the everyday work of the Girls' Leaders Club. One of the high honors that may corne to a girl is to be selected for membership in the G. L. C. Members are selected on the basis of leadership, srholatship, and dependability. Page 1 17 The job of the lenders is to uid the physical education teachers by refereeing games. curing tor equipment, and demonstrating proper techniques tinuous practice, the girls become skilled and capable lenders Through help from Miss Gill, and through con- I in il l L Girls' Athletic Association BOTTOM ROW-S. Spangler, J. Barney, M. Breskvar, L. Demeter, A. Miller. SECOND ROV!-C. Dynes, J. Bernier, M. Muehl, O. Duval, P. Raney, -I. O'Connor. THIRD ROW -N, Tootl, A. Foerste, M. Sabec, D. Bouse. Hockey. badminton, tumbling, volleyball, tennis, letic Association is to possess the coveted letter E basketball-name any sport you want, and there you'll in girls' sports, Points are earned through participa find the G. A. A. members. tion in the intramural program and through other The ultimate goal of u member of the Girls' Ath- specified athletic activities. SHN ll VR G..X.,'X. Im'1"l'1rAl RHNY bl, An- ilcen. A. Miller. M. Zah- lcr, V. hlrtnku. Il. llnrnt-y, l.. lh-:mm-l', 5. Spnnglt-l'. S. XYcttrn'l1. Al. lililskis. l', Vtnlsivlilng, H, lluvnl. SIQVHNII RUVV - S. VYllli:in1s, li. Scrnlnvl. M. Vnluill. l'. MrKihl:i-n. ll. llmlw, Il. liuvll. M. llns sink. vl. Kotnilr. R, ,'Xtr:ul. Y. liislt-r, -I. Long, Mi-.s Ijrvvt-s. THIRD RHNY Miss fhll. K. I'm'k. M, llullziclx, xl. M31-rs, K. Krt-lnhf-'lt-V. li. lnigtnllznn. ,l lllxvlflltwlmxv. 12. Klluhy, H. Yzmrhnr, M. Mnvlil. I. Ili-run-r. lf U I' R 'Ii ll RUN' li. lltliifrc. 5. Flmlvk, .X, Kelso. l'. Rznly, l'. Sullivan, l'. Blur:-uslrilq. vl. l'mu-ll, ,l. Hnnfr, l' Rainey. ,l. lizilvs. l', llynv--. FIl"'l'll RHXY ll lnlff-ln I Nvl1r'rru r Nl Ilifvinrl, M. Sztln-1-, ll. Ilnff-n, H. Vlinsa-k, Y. Xlnln-1, 5 Vin-tlmfm, ,l. l':il15, H. Alvvvlllmi, l'. I.v sf. 11. ,ll NIUR fi..X..X. R1v'l'I'fIAl RUXY Mite hill. H, 1'7nwgnlf-1. Ii. Rm '-1-, .X If-if-rsn. M, l'1-nllu-thin. A, fllllulxv. l llinl- il ll Xlniil Morrill. lb. xxillC!1SJl, S. llmnilton, M, llrt-skvrxr. S, Suit-tzer, A. llorvnth. SEVONU ROVV fll. Kli, nm. Al. Kovncli, J. O'Con- lnrr. ll. Mislfov. N. Toflrl. lu. l.nk:u', K. Mnsnll, ll. Hilnlmns, Al. Smith, ll. 'l't'wL'll'. M.. Lloyrl, N. Xfitl- nmr. 5. f.rc:n't-s. J, Dick- vrson. THIRD ROXY f I.. IVOnnfrio, l'. l':u'r, il. llnighl. G. jenn-:4. ll. lunrly. M. Ely, Il. Dorn, M. lfsposlto, M. Jclru, Ki. liuinhrnsky, XV. Allison. Al. llrznlluy. j.'y. N. l'unnuyCl'. l" O li R TH ROXY - J. Eltlrt-rl, J, llnus, li, XVclvlw, A. Blanc. M. Rnnlh. ll. Stopnr, if Skotllur. V. YanSeorlt-i'. M. Sclnnnltz, ll. NYilson. l. Mfirclliont-, B. Llnyfl. FI l"'l'l'l ROVV f l'. Mc- Kean, ll, iinllnwily. M. Phillips, Ii, lit-rnunun, A. lirnnst-. II. llnllslvin, N. llnn-un. ,l. lfrr-ch, M, I.vxilln-vkc1'. ,l. II:-i'nI1:ir1. M. XY:nllx1ns, If YYillinn1s. Sill IIHMURI. li.,X..X. Hfl'l"l'UM RUVV V. lnnnhnrfln. M. hosncll, ll. Funk, J. ririffis, I. Print glut, l.. Fox, S. Kiclilt-r. ll, Ko'-lvlic, ll, Uslrt'r14. N. Smith, B. Ilnpp, ll. Page 118 litltly, ll. lizilice, M. Mc- lntyrt-. SICCOND ROVV- - l'. linlgootl, NX. Ryilr-r, Nuylun. l'. 'l'clling', M. Slluht-r, l'. Ynrcuslio, M. "r':xi. i. iz 'ng . . IJL-rhznnn. J. Clark. N. XXI l in nlo D .Xllison. A. Lux, A. Spit'- gcl. THIRD ROXV - F. Nnliclc. M, Luck. l'. Tun" ner. M. L'ln'istopl1t-l'. M. Dirk, ll, Crawl, J. Swartz, S. Smith. R. Case, fi. Sckstrnn T. Yiilin:u', l'. Stunt-n, ll, Snlmone, K. K1't'i1ll1e4lL-1'. T H l R D R O XY if Carlton. l.. Wt-ist, S. Steffenhngcn. Glass, ,l. Jolinsttm, E. Nnrrlstronm, B. Rnncont. M. Pike. M. Kcsltin, H. Ilcrmnn. G. lilauniinzt-r. J. IiriH'is. M. Skufkn. l7ll7Tl'l RONVW-P, Ritter, N, llunt. S, Harper, D. Stnpkn. N. l.:1l'o1'tc. M. Stark, l.. Roach, B, Lock- wooil, A. Kitt-hs, l'. Du- gan, ll. xvCllL'l', J. Dul- skis. SlX'l'I'I ROVV--Tl. llulnlr-S, Il. -inllnsion, S. Md'orrl, M. Myer, V. Slrtrp. I.. Nelson, V. l'rnig, M, YV:xll, J. Ln- monl. ll. Anplchcc, M. Klint-. IJ. flalnhie, l'. Vonxhs. SIQVENTH RONV S. Thomas, B. Skehc. S. filcfuson, J. Vnccin, M. llnnn, If. Johnston. Page 110 G. A. A. Letter Winners G. A. A. LETTER XVINNERS ln our "Hall of Fame" are the girls who, through their line degree of athletic skill and their devotion to fair play. have earned the coveted letter TH E GI R LS' HOCKEY TEAM From all the senior, junior. and sophomore girls who try out for hockey. about fifteen are chosen to represent Euclid at various schools. This year Euclid was in- vited to Laurel School for Girls for an annual high school playday where they participated in four games, under the able leadership of Captain Dawn Bouse. Girls' Hockey irls Letter Winners-C. Dynes, C. Cutler, D. Bouse. TV. K 117 '15 -P' :. Q W7 3 C. ' , ' A C me ' . at I rrfxt l5O'I"I'OM RCDW-A. Christie, A. Foerste, D. Bouse, Al. Bernhardt, M. Colwill. SECOND ROXV- M. Bresl-war. N. Nelson, P. Sullivan, C. Cutler, P, McKihhen, THIRD RUXV-P. Ratly, L. Demeter, D. Gill. S. hpanglcr, M. Pemhcrton. Team Page 120 USIC... Musir is the universal language of manleind. Henry Wadsxvorrh Longfellow Music is well said to be the speech of angels. Thomas Carlyle BAND BOARD OF DIRECTORS The band board of di- rectors, usually composed of ten members elected by the band, from the band, or- chestra, and majorettes, plays a very important role in arranging the social affairs as well as the disciplinary mat- ters of the instrumental groups. BAND DIRECTORS Both the Concert Band and the Marching Band are under the very able direction of Mr. Dale Harper. Mr. Harper also used the advice of his asso- ciates, Mr. Albert Mitchell, Mr. Robert Clark, and Mr, James Teeter, throughout the entire school year. Each asso- ciate has a speciiic section of the band to instruct. UN 1 1 c lxutcr Ht 1 ri r I Iohnson M Dtlu .1 SECOND ROW'-AD, Allar, tixrln tn t so sw slcy, M. Brose, nl. Cocciu, M. J 4 t c 1 t 1 D Macc, W. Inman, E. Libby, L it s Milano, A, Wilstlrrrli, N. 4 iff s .. yu..- 3 I Concert Band The Concert Band at Euclid Senior High has always had gi line record. The line performance that it gives throughout the year, and its record of first division in .ill contests, including those in previous years, have brought the biind ti line reputation throughout the state and county .IS well as bringing 31 great deal of prestige to the school. Under the direction of Mr. Dale Harper, the band is it close-knit organization. always striving for perfection. Colerman, j. Post, C. Andeen. D. Langfe, -l. Crisler, N. Battone. C. Arrison, F. Perencevich, D. Morris, T, Kunkel, L. leafy, B. Brew, H.. Meyer, C Zingales, G. Wfhalen, A. Duvet, M. Shuher, M. Sntaltz. FIFTH ROW!-R. Boyer, D. Roller, A. bchmaling, lwlr. Hurper, S. Harper, B, Wlalsh, W. Chamberlain, D. Long, D. Kornhlum, l Knlin, l. Dawson, E. Hanna, G, Emrich, lx Brown, Mt. Clark, R. Trnncisto, Mr. Mitchell, A, Fee, D. Dennis, A. She-part. H Page l Choir P H y cuom coursica The choir council. composed of 21 olficers elected by the A Capella Choir members, makes rules and plans social events for the Choir. BOTTOM ROW-M. Esposito, F. jirovec, D. Nwhiteside, gl. Dinwoodie, L. Laddis, R. Phillips. SECOND ROW- E. Beltz. QI. Kellam, S. Caruso, K. Kelley, S. Carroll, B. Corron, D. Mason, P. Bambick, P. Palm. THIRD ROW- S. Repasv, R. Pae, ul. Bentley, D. Lindsey. BOTTOM ROW'-S. Burke, -I. Myers, V. Connell, DI. Kel- lam, D. XY'alensa, E. Beltz, P. Palm, M. Kuchera, C. Marole, S. Spangler, D. Bouse, M. Muehl, C. Wfagner, P. Triedley, A. Brown, L. Margo, D. Thompson, M. Zahler, R. Arran. A CAPELLA CHOIR'1 individual Is missing .in opportunity to make the tlays happier friends friendlier. the sun shinier. An organization of which the student body of lzutlid High Stliool may be iusrly proud ls the o hundred voice A f..ipell.i Choir un-ler the direction Miss -Ian 'l'ompl:ins i 1 l.iis year our choir :gave its annual f,Iiristmas I ro- ,urarn san.: .ir 'lapto and the 'l' Tower. and bECOND ROW'-K. Kreinheder. D. Hartzell, M. Powell, D. Barrett, K. Paola, G. Kibby, E. Heinrich. S. Tweed, K. lngraham, M. Libby, S. Carroll, 1. Dinwoodie, bl. Kovach, C. Bayer, M. Goers, P. Shrewsbury, M. Esposito, K. Mor' gan, -I. Dyke, S. Kollar. THIRD ROW-QMiss Tompkins, P. McKean, S. Telesman, K. Kelley. M. Skill, P. Carlson, rl. Brew, R. Friedel, S. Magnusson, S. Wettrich, C. Mosall, G. jones, C. Staples, E. Sutherland, R. Friedley. D. Mason. B. Corron, C. Liukart. G. DeNeower, P. Arnold. FOURTH ROW'-D. Richmond. C. Peterson, M. Paz, L. Krauter, ll. Allen, bl. Sperl, E. Bessler. L. Downing, B. Carlozzi, gl. Kalin, WI. Pederson, A. Baker, -I. Walsh, H. ylerabek. D. Miller, R. Lapinshas, D. Todd, H. Shirk. FIFTH ROW- S. Repasy, H. Crane. B. I-Ienchie, R. Knapp. S. Gardner, F. hlirovec, R. Laccheo, D. Carroll, bl. Bentley, D. Glaser, B. Thornitrott, M. Costello, B. Dyke, R. Leber, D. Lindsey, D. NX'hiteside, L. Laddis, R. Phillips. BOTTOM RONX'4S. Caruso, Il. Myers, A. Lynch, 5. Spang- ler. SECOND ROW'-M. Skill, S. Butcke, Burns, Douttiel. was host to the Lake Erie League Choirs in their annual festival, at which Mr. Evans of Lakewood and our own Miss Tompkins directed a mass chorus of seven hundred voices. GIRLS ENSEMBLE The Girls' Ensemble consists of nine girls of out- standing ability chosen from the choir. The ensemble enters the Greater Cleveland contest every year and appears in many concerts. l GIRLS' QUARTET Our Beauty Shop Quartet is Composed of three seniors and one sophomore. They have sung at vari- ous community events, assemblies, and in the big Show. Sally Carroll, Ruby Ann Friedel, Judith Dinwoodie, Diane Birkic. MADRIGALS The Madrignls consists of twelve students selected from the various choirs in the school. This group is the nucleus of all of the choirs. g .M N , E. MADRIGALS BOTTOM ROWYR. Warmer, L, Collingwood, P. Brown, R. Miller, S. Spiegel, K. Kelley, M. Kuchera, C. Bayer, . ,l Burns, M. Esposito, M. Goers, R. Leber, L. Tortorici, D. Todd, R, Lapinskis. TOP ROW7F. jirovec, -I. Sperl, C. Tarantino, E. Bessler, rl. Beifuss. VU. Holub, P. Palm. E. Beltz, A. Brown, P. Friedley, 1. Bradley, P. Bumbick, D. Miller, M. Costello, R. Dyke, BOYS' QUARTET Our Barber Shop Quartet is composed of four senior boys who have been singing together for three years. The student body enjoyed their fine singing in several assemblies throughout the year. Richard Todd, Don Miller, Stewart Gardner, Frank jirovec. Page 125 Orchestra Q Q f BOTTOM ROXV-Stefni Harper. Patti Goodwin, Kay Kreinheder, Dick Allar, Al Martin, Don Rositano, Chuck Xlililters. Chuck Tarantino, Audrey Dranse, Sandy Knerr. SECOND ROW-Glenn Yeary. Cryl Niener, Marvin Deluga, Eli Perensevich, Bill Brew, Bill Rost, Dave Morse, Duane Mansperger, Al Carlson, Tom Baker, ,lim Dawson. THIRD ROW!-Earl Hanna, Betty Lou Kimel, Larry Oberdank, Retta Francisco, Mr. Harper. Al Sheppard, Norm Spolar, THE ORCHESTRA The Orchestra of Euclid Senior High School holds true to that familiar saying: "Music Hath Charm." Although this group is small it brings a great deal of enjoyment to the student body as well as to the Euclid community, THE MARCHING BAND Fanfare. please! Vik want to salute the Euclid High School Marching Band under the direction of Mr. Dale Harper, The Marching Band. led by the ten strutting majorettes, performed their intricate drills at our football games as well as in the Columbus Day parade, the Press Christmas parade, and the Memorial Day parade. CHRISTMAS CONCERT Each year the Music Department of Euclid High stages an annual Christmas Concert, and this past year's was certainly one of the finest ever given. The opening of the program by the Euclid High Orchestra playing a Christmas Overture was followed by the Christmas Pageant, presented by the junior and senior choirs. As always, the beautiful candlelight-procession was an impressive part of the program. li""'T,f- . r l'ii't' llfi PUBLICATIONS . . . Talent alone cannot make a u'riter. Tbere must be a man behind the book. -Ralph Waldo Emerson None but an author kno-ws an azztbofs mres. -William Cowper Euclidian Editorial g BOTTOM ROWQB. Fortner, V. Pierce, J. Dinwoodie, -l. Powell, R. Atran, S. Friedman I-EET TU RlGHT-D- B0uSf.L.B1Ifs C. Bates. SECOND ROXVWM. Breskvar, D. Walensa, E. Lokar, bl. Myers, bl. Ewell S 5- MQJYISICY- Spangler. THIRD ROW'-R. joranko, R. Phillips, D. W'hite-side, M. Collwill, M. -lerkic LEF'I TO RIGHT-C. Cutler, M. Jer- K, lnumhdmy D' Bullse- , kic, E. Lokar, R. -loranko, R. Arran, A -I. Powell. EDITOR AND ASSOCIATE EDITORS No one need relate to you a long list of efforts and achievements on the part of the editors, for is not this yearbook adequate proof of the outstanding work of these three individuals? Connie Bates. Editor-in-Chief, had the sole respon- sibility of the success or failure of this years EL'Cl.IDIAN. Dawn Bouse. Associate Editor. was responsible for all the written matter throughout the yearbook. Sue Spangler, Associate Editor, had in her charge the selection and placement of pictures. ART EDITORS AND CLASS EDITORS Art Editor Ron Vloranko, and his assistant, Jeanne Powell. have one of the most important jobs on the Euclidian statlivthat of designing the cover for our year- book and assisting in deciding the page layouts for the liutlidian. Three other important persons are the Sophomore. junior, and Senior Class Editors. They are responsible for your picture being in the yearbook. This year the Sophomore Class liditor was Myra -lerkisg junior Class. lzlaine l,okar1 and Senior Class, Rita Atran and Carol fuller. Page IZB EUCLI DIAN EDITORIAL STAFF The Euclidian Editorial Stali. under the supervision of the Euclidian sponsors, Mr. Angene and Mr. Wileyt, and student editor, Connie Bates, is subdivided into several sections with each section playing an extremely important role in the production of an outl standing yearbook. The students of this staff work unceasingly, search- ing for and organizing new ideas concerning smart cover designs. in- teresting picture arrangements, and the best selection of pictures. The student body owes a debt of gratitude to these people, both student and teachers, who gave so freely of their time and effort to provide Euclid Senior High School students with a yearbook they could proudly treasure in the years to Liljfne. Euclidian Business Staff BOTTOM ROWsP. Miller, V. Pierce, J. Dyke. C. Wlagner, S. Kollar, M. Mihelich, R. Valencic. F. Elrick, M. Libby, S. Carroll, Mr. Bennett, -I. Lacey, F. Miller, VU. Nido. SECOND ROW'-B. Parsons, M. Colwill. P. Patrick. A. Brown, P. Gorjup, M. Esposito, M. Shubert, J. Hanna, G. DeNoewet, P. Yarcusko. DI. Haight. S. Staples. R. Laccheo. THIRD ROW-P. Gosnell, G. XY'heeler. P. Dugan, XV. Inman. P. Sullivan. P. Rady, -I. Yarbrough, R. Lorenz. C. Skudlar, M. Roth, A. Blanc, R. Klawon, -I. Kaurich. FOURTH ROXVfM. Luck, E. Lokar. I. Knvach, N. Tood, M. Sabec, R. XVilk, I. Boyce, M. Babnick, -I. O'Connor, M. Hallack. I. Hanson, B. Presley, D. Carroll, ITIFTI-I ROXY'fS. Balice, R. Zaletel, -I. Eiber, C. Dyncs, P. Delaney. M. Wlatts. D. Twell. M. Clark, AI. Vlacohski, E. Beltz, P. Palm, lx. Iireinheder P. Turner. The Euclidian Business Staff has the task of raising 341,500 each year. They do this through advertising, publica- tion movies, dances. and student sub- scriptions. Our Yearbook could not be a suc- cess without the combined efforts and achievements of all the members of the business staff. EUCLIDIAN BUSINESS MANAGERS There are three major officers on the Euclidian Business Staff. The duty of Florence Elrick. busi- ness manager of the Euclidian. was to choose the business staff and to assist them in every possible way. The Circulation manager. bloannc Lacey. was in charge of student sub- scriptions. Carol Cutler. the advertising man- ager. scheduled students to sell adver- rising. These three individuals worked to- gether to produce the best yearbook possible. EUCLIDIAN ADVISORS Mr. Angene, Mr. Wliley, and Mr. Bennett combined their efforts to the making of a bigger and better year- book for 1955, Each did a great deal to aid the editors and business man- agers with their various problems. Left to right-kj. Eiber, C. Cutler, E. Elrich, DI. Lacey. Left to right-Mr. Bennett, Mr. Angene. Page 129 - T xlv it N 1 l.ll I IO RIGHT-A. Baker, A. Ven' It-land, I. Myers. IL. Lebok. Survey Editorial Staff ew f ' swf A A I I 4 ri SIRRVITY EDITORS SURVEY ADVISORS I.I2IiT TO RIGHT-Mr. Mize, Mr. Kiortlon, P, Krtygng SI 'RVEY PAC IF EDITORS Meeting the deadline. selecting capable writers. writing Z1 column. and selecting stories are just a few of the problems confronting the experienced .ind talented page editors of the Survey. Sl IRVIZY ADVISORS XY'ith their familiarity with the problems in- xolxed in such ii task. Mr. Gordon and Mr. Mile directed the Survey in its most successful year to , . l1i'L BOTTOM ROW'-A. Vendeland, -I, Myers, A. Baker, R. Arran, Mr. Gordon. SECOND ROW!-T. Walklet, B. Fortner, D. Bouse, K, Kreinheder, M. Hallack, K. Ingraham, S. Spangler. THIRD ROW!-B. Boldin, P. Miller, M. Fischer, NI. Lacey, I O'Connor. DI. Hanson, DI. Hutldlestone, M. Libby. FOURTH ROXViM. Christopher, S, Kichler, T. Baker, R. Anderson, M. Dirk, G. Snyder, Page I50 SURVEY EDITORIAL STAFF Being on the lookout for news is the prime qualifications of a member of the editorial stall of the Survey. They .ire also expected to be capable and de- pendable. Their adeptness at writing is the prin- cipal reason for national acclaim. Survey Business Staff BOTTOM ROXV-I. Dulskis. -I. Kotnik. K. Kreinhetler, B. Iiortner, M, Mtiilure. DI. Dinwootlie, D. Bouse. Mr. Mize. SECOND ROW'-Kay Kreinheder, F. Nulick, V. Pierce, FI. Myers, Ii. Ill!!f.1ll.l1D, A. Illant, M. Routh, fi. Sltodlar. R. Atran, DI, Long, T. Nwalklet. THIRD ROXV7,I. Clarl-t, B. Gates, FI. Latey. P. Goriup, A. Brown, N. I..iI7orte. S. Wettrick, VI. Parry, P. Mcliibben, I, Cramer. Soliciting advertising, sending out -Q bills, selling subscriptions. selling bas- ketball and football programs, and working on publications movies, are all major duties of the Survey business staff They are the real people behind the success of the Survey, because a paper cannot run without the proper funds. They have put the Survey into the credit column for the second straight year. SURVEY BUSINESS OFFICERS Nothing new to the live otficers of die Surliell BUITWSS Eifi'-If ls l5ll6'fCOITT' ACTION SHOT IN SURVEY BUSINESS HEADS Rex an Klum? edlnan Mig Us O 1-SUS' SURVEY ROOM Left tu right-B. Iiortner. I Din mg enoug un S to hnance a high Left to right7R. Sun. S. Spangler. no-vtlie. K. Kreinhetler, M. McClure school UCWSPKIPCY- D. Bouse, C. Bates, P. Krome. -I. Iiotnil-4, VI. Dulslqis, Page 131 iq Quill and Scroll BOTTOM ROW'-,l. Kotnilt, F. Elrick, j. Dinwoodie, W. Fortner, M. McClure, C. Bates, ,l. Lacey. SECOND ROW'-C. Cutler, R. Arran, E. Lolsar, E. Lebok, il. Hansen, D. Bouse, K. Kreinheder. THIRD ROW'fS. liollar, C. Vifagner, M. -lerkic, M. Hallaclt, bl. Myers, S. Spangler, G. Schmitz. FOURTH ROW'-A. Vendeland, B. Presley, R. Qloranko, R. Lacceo, A. Baker. j. Dulskis. THE INTERNATIONAL QUILI. AND SCROLL lt is the aim of every aspiring high school journalist to become a member of the Inter- national Quill and Scroll. lt offers to all those who have a valid interest in writing, the chance to be recognized, Nothing in ones high school career can be as rewarding to a person than to be accepted into an organization so widely known, and so widely accepted. No real duties are connected with the organization since it is purely honorary. The pin is a quill under which is a scroll. On it is printed the words Quill and Scroll and the initials IHSHSJ, the initials meaning lnternatonal Honor Society for High School jour- nalists. To belong to this organization, a person must have made a significant contribu- tion to one of his high school publications and have a high scholastic averageg he must also be recommended by his advisor and the national secretary. Quill and Scroll is to a high school journalist what a degree is to a college senior-a memorable and signilicant achievement. Page l :SZ UCIH Wfby should we break up our snug and pleasant party? -John B. Buckstone The only way to have a friend is to be one. -Ralph Waldo Emerson Homecoming Queen r - 0,26 " i' an ' '- 11 f , sk, 2 K .1 1 ' 'i "Q 'fx . .' v . A. -X x I . , ,. . "A, , arp, R 'nm :wer l'LILlIfi Hugh! Hfil Annmml Hunwcmning was Pal fm .2 1 . -ulllxqan lin xms Llmncn queen by thc five winter 5purt5 realms. She was wrcscnrcd wirh Huwcrs and an locket as ll remembrance of the occasion. I . . Her reign. rlmugln slmrr. lnglrliglmrcd Euclid's 1952 Qucial season. Page 134 Homecoming Queen's Attendants Connie Bates. the pleasing little editor of the Gloria DeNcower, Euclids popular head major- Euclidian, was chosen one of the Senior Home- ette. was the only mid-year Senior to be chosen as coming Attendants. ,t Homecoming Attendant. if if-'X 10'-X? ' ,mar 53,-s liv- Y7"""'v vu. Carolyn Mosall, one of the most popular juniors Nancy Smith, the cute sophomore. was chosen at Euclid, was chosen as the person in her class to by the winter sports teams to represent her class be a Homecoming Attendant. in the Homecoming Parade as a Homecoming Attendant. x N Homecoming 'Qs As e.rrly its june, Wil, plains were being made for the first gtnnuttl HllOI1'1C'C0IHlIlgn tml' lintlitl Senitwr High. Some snitl it could never be dune. but hnully on October I0 WSI, the hnpem .intl tlrenrm nl many students became Ll reality. The night gut nfl' In tl tremendous start at 7:00 when there was tl huge pnrntle, Ietl bs' the bttntl with the mniurettes. The cars with the queens followed. After them t.tine nine llimts representing the tliflerent school nrgtmizntinns, There was Ll great ul h.rrtl wnrk dune on itll the lltmts and they were truly Ll magnificent sight. XVhen the primtle .trrivt-tl in the stlitmul there was it large bonfire, nt which the cheer- leultrs letl the truwtl in theers .intl songs. Page 156 J , H- -ff mit --t 7 i L - . gl Q I1 Qi, 1 1 Q .Q Q 1 :A Q 1 a xi, ' x . YZ' , ,r , V , ' ' , " v ' ' it ,. ,., Q ., , tux! " c, Q gi., . ..' f f ' L swan' ' me -' A My -' Til., ' ff"' 'mud ua.-srl r A , M-. t N 'Till M.: v i- - -if ec - 5 t x gf, A if ' as HI-Y -FRIENDSHIP FLOAT PA. CLUB FI,UA'i' qQi,n,i,gnim rpm, efforts. the Hpy md irricnkphip "Shell Be Comin' 'Round the Mountain XY'hen She plum built V, mm that was Mcorded by All U, iw tht, Lomesii' Ihe most unique in the piimile wits the mm, ywnmful in ,hc Homewminu plmdcu one built by the PA, C lub, lt depicted .t mounntin still i and .tdded .1 .mv touch to the event. Following the presentation of the queens to 11 capacity crowd. the game with Shaw commenced. During the half the floats paraded .tround the truck while .1 select committee decided on the one thitt would receive the "Best Float Trophy '." For their float which represented 11 big bird cage with the Shaw Citrdinuls imprisoned within the bars, the cheerleaders und the miijorettes were itwitrded the trophy, lfxcellent band demonstrations were provided by both schools. Although the final score of the game favored Shaw, I3-7, the night was it success in the eyes of all Euclidites. A huge dance, sponsored by the Fuclidigtn, furnished the grand finale to un eventful evening which we hope will live long in the rudi- tions of Euclid Senior High School. liUT'I'OM ROW'--B Stevens 5IltoND ROXV7C, Parr, -I. Nutchler. THIRD ROW'-Al. Bauer YI Yarhroucli, P. htuzen, Captain-Aloati Yarhrough. VARSITY CI-IEIERLEADERS Resplendent in new uniforms, that were purchased hy the hard working cheerleeders with the aid of a gift from the Student Council, this years cheerleaders seemed sure to he rated as one of the top squads in our district. RIZSIZRVIZ CQHEIiRI,EADl2RS Following their Alunior Varsity team and cheering them ntl to victory is the duty of our Reserve Cheerleaders. Holly Sreinfurth, the captain, headed the finest squad yet to he introduced to haslcethall enthusiasts. l'at'r l ill Assembly-jim Archer RECREATION ROOM OPENING Early in the year, .lim Archer came as a guest and per- One of the highlights of the social year was the opening formed on our stage. His tricks with the bow and arrow of the Student Council Recreation Room. It was one ol were amazing to all. Witlu the use of L1 very nervous stage- the accomplishments of .1 busy year of Student Council work hand, Pat Strewsbury, Mr. Archer revived the story of XXfil- Complete with new furniture, julie box, and coke mai liam Tell, using a few of his own feats. chine, it was .1v.iil.1ble lor lunch period enjoyment of tht- entire student body. Left to right-B, Gates, N. Smith, A. DiCenzo, 'lf Vidmar, H. Sreinturth, H. Hupp. Page IBO JOAN YARBROUGH Lovely Miss joan Yarbrough was chosen by the spring sports' teams to be EucIid's Hrst spring sports' queen. Her reign was another highlight in 1953's whirl of activities. Page 140 JOANNE BAUER XVirh her winning ways and her constant vivacity-charming, likeable Joanne Bauer was chosen by the teams to be a Senior Attendent. ' W-ur - , 1 is sf rv , are if ra, 1 , , ' N ' . , X 'Z' s . ,R WA, ' 4. Af ,V 5, My gr 5. A ,fu .... f L 4 6 JOANNE LACEY The golf, tennis, track, and baseball teams all agreed that friendly and attractive Joanne Lacey should be the junior class' contribution to the royal family of spring sports. Page HI CONNIE CLAMPITT Connie Clampitt also was chosen for this honor. Being very well-liked, she seemed a natural choice to attend the queen or the spring sports. ,. .X rw N ,X I 3 is Q , 3212 , f i 3 Q: " I i .gjglif . A. if 5 gi l 1 , g , .i ' ' gf af, Y :- , wr? .Q .i e-A 4 A W, ,, . Q0 4 :B s A e' I "M ., -2 4 1 MARCIA CHRISTOPHER Marcia Christopher, with her warmth and friendly ways making her a logical choice to be .1 member of Euclids royal family, was given the honor of representing her class at the sprint: sports' dance. We Sincerely Thank . . . All of the perzrony who have giz'en I0 generouxly of their time anrl energy in orcler to make the 1953 EUCLIDIAN a Jzrrven, anal expefially . . . AIR. LESTER ANGENE arzel NIR. GEORGE WILEY . . . Editorial Aelz'i.ror.r . . . zohofe guidance and fomtant good humor have marle our job a pleafure rather than a rhore. MR. ROBERT BENNETT . . Bzrrineyf Aflritor . . . who u'ent'ahou! the job of frlljilllg the neetlezl hutlget with great enthuriamz and no thought of hi.: perxonal intere.rt.r. NIR. TED UVAI-IL anzl AIR. ROY SIETZ . . . The Clerelantl Engraving Company . . . to whom thif hook, itfelf, if a fine tribute for the .rplemlifl work :lone hy there gentlemen. EDIWARD T. SAMUEL . . . Eflwaral T. Samuel, Printer . , , zrho, for the part year, haf rzueleomeal ur not only to hir office hut even to hir home in the ereningr in orfler to gire ur the help we .ro zlefperately neerletl. RAIMOR STUDIOS . . . School Photographerx . . . who tlitl ,ruth a hne joh planning the layoutf for hir photography. It u'af eertafnly a pleaxure working with ,rueh eo-operative people. MR. HECKER . , . Little King Cover Company . . . u'ho never loft hiv patienfe through all our clvuhtf anzl he,ritation,r. The Arlrnininration antl Faeulty of Euelirl Senior High . . . who, though being conrtantly rlirturherl hy la,rt minute reque.rt.s, l'lzl,f.H'007ll announce- Illfflllf, anrl general nuiram'e.r, have renzainea' mlm unrl fo-operative anal thereby matle our jolt rnurh t'llllL'l'. . . . auzl . . . The Stallf , . . ufhn, through their earnertrzen, rliligeure. and unernling lahorf have made thin hook what it ir. Anal, we ,fineerely thanh each and every one of YOU who have rupprrterl ur anal your ,rchool hy huying the 1957: IYUCLIDIAN. Page 142 H. I Best W'isbes Clzsss of '53 DAIM I2 STUIDI 762 East 185th Street CLASS PHOTOGRAPHER Page 1-+5 f q ' a CLEVELAND HDBBING MACHINE coM PANY Compliments of the MAYOR AND COUNCIL of the CITY OF EUCLID KENNETH J. SIMS HARRY J. KNUTH L RALPH-V. HILL ANTHONY J. LANG -L MICHAEL BOICH L HOXV ARD B. CRAWFORD . IIII L Mayor President of Council . eeee ls! Wfard Coznzcilnzarz .. K. V. I .- '..2nd Wfard COIl7ICil7Iltlll 5111 Wfard Cozuzcilmarz 4th II"ard Councilman COUNCIL-AT-LARGE HUGO H. LUX JAMES A. BAILEY JOHN H. RITTER FRANK A. WELLING Page 145 Compliments of Wim, KMA? 8 Dm mm ARCHITECTS 6 Compliments of EUCLID CITY CHAPTER, ORDER OF DEMOLAY EUCLID, OHIO Best Il"i5be.v TO THE CLASS OF "l955" Compliments of BOULEVARD BEVERAGE HENRY E. ROHDE BEST IVISHES GRADUATES li-gi 2 THE OLIVER CORPORATION Cleveland, Ohio Compliments of TAUCHER'S MEATS 491 East 260th Street STANDARD FOOD MARKET 854 East 185th Street lvcmhoe P5686 Redwood 1-9566 W A L T E R F . NI E Y E R JE W' If L E R I2509 St. Clair Avenue Q Cleveland 8, OIWIO Pl1one:GLenville I-4700 Page 147 B051 Ilvisbes from THE GEOMETRIC STAMPING COMPANY QA Subsidiary otBc1rium Steel Corp.j IIII Eost 200th Street EUCLID, OHIO CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATES OF I953 THOMPSON PRODUCTS, INC. T A P c 0 P L A N T 23555 Euclid Avenue EUCLID, OHIO Pg, 148 HATTENDORF-BLISS, INC PIPELINE CONTRACTORS 25080 Lakeland Blvd. EUCLID 23, OHIO 'FQ- Typitying toclay's miracles ot engineering are the mechanical giants that move hillsides, build dams and lay turnpikes at unbelievable speeds. Oil hydraulic systems provide the muscles tor lifting and controlling these massive loads. HYDRECO supplies the pumps, valves and cylinders for these hydraulic control systems. EQYEDESE O A DIVISION OF THE NEW YORK AIR BRAKE COMPANY 1100 EAST 222nd STREET ' CLEVELAND 17, OHIO oiJJAIUvlAifrL0317fosoTCt'JL - g i C May all your plans bc realized and wha: you plan your home be sure to plan on baring it PLASTERED By KIAFFRAY G. DOUGLAS JAFFRAY PLASTERING COMPANY Sends Felicitatiorls to lbe Class of 1953 HELEN AND DOUG JAFFRAY Classes of '37 and '39 Euclid Control Page 149 L- Wifh Best Wishes From THE EUCLID CRANE AND HOIST COMPANY Complimenls of CLYDE WASHBURN 1'IIaf1ufafturers' Rej7re.ve11tati1'c' METAL FABRICATION and NVAREHOUSE STEEL I672 Union Commerce BuiIding THE SINGER SEWING MACHINE CO. 548 Eos? I85Ih Street CLEVELAND, OHIO Con1f1limer1fs of COLLINWOOD PUBLISHING COMPANY I ISO Compliment: of KERR-LAKESIDE INDUSTRIES, INC. Manufacturers 0 f SCREW MACHINE PRODUCTS CAP SCREWS AND SET SCREWS 21850 St. Clair Avenue Euclid 17, Ohio KEnmore 1-8380 Follow the Crowd to GLENN'S LAKESHORE RESTAURANT 28901 Lake Shore Blvd Willowick, Ohio "CONGRATUl,ATIONS. GRADUATES" EUCLID VETERANS CLUB 1361 East 260th Street "Your Civic, Social. Ilqelfare OI'gdfIiZdfi0fl'l Composed of Wforld War ll Veterans OFFICERS-1953 William J. Tomko A George Krcnicic Peter J. Kotorac Jock Abrami I Frank Takacs , President Vice-President ,Treasurer ,Y 7 ,Secretory Sergeant-at-Arms TRUSTEES Stanley Minotas John Himpelmon Louis Noda Fred Mocnic Arthur Nevar Edward Balash Jack Reinhardt Edward Debenick lhxgc 151 LAKE R TA T THE DILLE ROAD SHO E S Y SHOP For Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner or After Theater Snack DELICIOUS SANDWICHES AT ALL TIMES 420 Dille Road 22350 Lakeshore Blvd. KEnmore 1-0592 REdwood 1-1800 THERE IS A MATERIAL DEFERENCEH 1I7'e Feature Duncan H ines Ice C ream At Our Soda Bar BEST WISHES FOR CONTINUED SUCCESS THE EUCLID ROAD MACHINERY CO. 1361 Chardon Road Page 152 REAL HARDWARE COMPANY LINOLEUM - PAINTS - SPORTING GOODS GLASS AND BUILDERS' HARDWARE LOCKSMITH - KEYS MADE IVclnhoe I-9634 IVanhoe I-'I316 727 EAST 185th STREET Compliments of SIGMA CLUB Mary Ann Fazzan Judy Barnharf Bernadine Corron Gerrie Snyder Denna Bohn Pat Miller Pat Dansizen Mary Lou Zahler Phyllis Bremser Janice Biffuss JanIce Pleifchwait Jean Baldassarre Delores Disantis Gerrie Hocevar HONORARY MEMBERS Cathy Bernardini Nina Ford Compliments of ARROWHEAD DRUG 744 East 200th Sireet KEnmore 'I-7006 Compliments of COY SHOPPE 564 East 200th Street Broadloom - Carpets - Rugs Asphalt Tile - Linoleum Plastic Wall Tile - Venetian Blinds Window Shades THE JUDD CO. 22048 Lake Shore Boulevard REdwood I-7575 Page 153 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF "53" EUCLID TAVERN 595 EAST issfh STREET Compliments of PLAY-MOR LANES 686 East 140th Street Euclid's Sporting Goods Headquarters GRDINA HARDWARE 22336 Lake Shore Boulevard REdwood 1-0403 You Can Get It At Grzlim1'y SALES AND RENTALS Bulldozers, Trenching Machines, Air Compressors, Cranes and Shovels - Pneumatic Tools AIR COMPRESSOR RENTAL CO. 19615 Nottingham Road Compliments of EPICURE BARBEQUE Italian Pizza THE V. DEMSHAR HOME APPLIANCE CO. Em'lid',v Only Magna1'ox's T.V. Dealer 22034 Lake Shore Boulevard REdwood 1-4740 Euclid 23, Ohio Vince Demshar Inxurerl C olrl Fur Storage EUCLID FUR 8. APPAREL SHOP Furs - Suits and Coats - Accessories 22578 Lake Shore Blvd. Euclid 23, Ohio KEnmore 1-8000 Cleveland 10, Ohio REdwood 1-7113 , 1 f , ' Clevelnndk Finest Flower Shop T' "" T "" ' !? ?5? 2 5-!E55.?5 - ' 3 4 ,J aw L svANs Fiowsns, mc. 1 M, 2 .f 4, 5, . . ..... . - Q F, -3' ,1 ...,' .: f.,'...?.l.f : i v,-53151-E- i?i - 14130 EUCLID AVENUE Page I5-t L are I MILLER-STONE EUCLID'S OLDEST JEWELERS Between the Theaters REdwood 1-0155 22570 Lakeshore Blvd. Euclid, Ohio CONGRATULATIONS. GRADUATES BETTYRUTH BEAUTY SHOP 375 East 200th Street KEnmore I-1692 Compliments of EAST 200th STREET BEER GARDEN 381 East 200th Street DOAN APPLIANCE CO. 8713 Superior Avenue KEnmore I-9784 Euclid, Ohio RAndolph 1-9339 Cleveland, Oh io SPITZER'S POULTRY 13017 Superior Avenue 552 East 152nd Street MUIberry I-8068 GLenville 1-1545 Our Premium Poultry Pleases PARTICULAR PEOPLE Compliments of CLEVELAND CHEMICAL CO. To Euclid High's 1953 GRADUATING SENIORS W. F. HAHN 8. SONS CO. Heating - Plumbing Since 1907 Bryant Air-Conditioning KITCHEN and BATH MODERNIZATION 15533 Euclid Avenue East Cleveland, Ohio MUIberry 1-4200 Free Estimates GOLLER BODY, INC. Re-Finixbing Station 24180 Lakeland Boulevard Euclid 23, Ohio REdwood 1-3299 WM. SNELLER'S MUSIC STUDIO Lessons on Accordion and Piano New and Used Accordions for Sale 291 East 218th Street REdwood 1-1179 Page 155 To all the members of the Graduating Class of EUCLID SENIOR HIGH SCHOOI. CONGRATULATIONS! And Our Heartfelt Good Wishes for Every Possible Success in Your Future Careers and Private Lives As Well Compliments of ADDRESSOGRAPH-MULTIGRAPH CORPORATION ED WANK Television Service Co. INSTALLATION AND REPAIRS Prompt Efficient Service on All Makes EUCLID'S LARGEST T.V. SHOP KEnmore I-T222 378 East 200th Street THE WHITEWAY STAMPING COMPANY 1160 East 222nd Street Euclid 17, Ohio KEnmore 'I-5900 Complimenls of AJAX MANUFACTURING COMPANY JOE'S EUCLID HI-SPEED SERVICE STATION BATTERIES ACCESSORIES CAR WASH REPAIRS - TUNE-UP TIRES, TUBES 21812 Lake Shore Boulevard REdwood I-9849 joe Helinski, Prop. Compliments of ST. CLAIR BUILDERS SUPPLY CO. 20020 St. Clair Avenue KEnmore I-6000 LOngacre I-141 0 WILDWOOD FLORAL AND GIFT SHOPPE 20020 Lake Shore Boulevard IVanhoe I-3215 "Flowers, Gifts and Cards for All Occasions" Compliments of EUCLID MOVING AND STORAGE, BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF ' GORNICK'S stone FORMEN Dress Suit Rental OPEN Mondays, Fridays and Saturday Evenings REdwood I-0200 BRUNSWICK For Flowers Flowers for All Occasions 22082 Lake Shore Blvd. L 8. M TOBACCO 8. CANDY WHOLESALE JOBBERS Experienced Mover - Loads Insured 784 Eos' I85Ih Sweel KEnmore 'I-1544 110 East 208th Street KEnmore I-8777 Page 15 7 BEST 1l"ISHES FROM T H E F O R E L L Z Betty Lou Donna Lee Lois Loe Esther Lyn CLIFFELS TAVERN 22030 Loke Shore Boulevard KEnmore1-4747 Compliments of KNUTH GREENHOUSES 21601 Euclid Avenue Eurlirllv Only Dodge-Plymouth Sales and Serfvife CLANCY MOTORS, INC. 22480 Lake Shore Boulevard REdwood 1-7300 Compliments of LAKE SHORE TAVERN 21939 Loke Shore Boulevard USE CONTINENTAL PAINT The Continental Products Company Paint Manufacturers since 1916 1500 East 222nd Street EUCLID 17, OHIC WHEEL ALIGNMENT and BALANCE BRAKE RELINE TUNE-UP FRED KRAUSS GARAGE GENERAL AND SPECIALIZED SERVICE 1570 Dille Rodd at Euclid KEnmore I-3874 STAR BLOCK AND BUILDERS SUPPLY CO. Complete Line of BUILDING MATERIALS WESTINGHOUSE APPLIANCES 301 so Lakeland Blvd., Wickliffe, Ohio HAROLD FURNITURE COMPANY 708 East I85tI1 Street EAGLE STAMPS BUDGET TERMS WI. 3-2112 WI. 3-2113 Compliments of SON CLEANERS AND DYERS 526 East 200th Street Pfge 159 I l , 3. B4 BONNIE LYNN DONUTS 514 East 185th Street Clovoland 19, Ohio KEnmore 'I-7368 We Deliver of the BIG BOUQUET Flower and Gift Shoppe 480 East 200th Street, Corner of Pasnow E U C L I D R O T A R Y lVonhoe 1-1544 Euclid 19, Ohio Specializing in Corsages COMPLIMENTS of the "DlLCUES" Compliments of PETER PAN SHOPS, INC. 705 East 185th Street Compliments of Phillip Christopher Delicatessen 21443 Ball Avenue STANLEY H. JOHNSON FUNERAL HOME Compliments of VIHTELIC HARDWARE 807 East 222nd Street Best Wishes From STERN'S MEN'S WEAR 715 East 185th Street KEnmor6 1-2640 ln l A Mocauley Avenue Complete Line of White Tuxedo KEnmoro I-3600 Coats for Rent Page 160 Compliments of CHANDLER PRODUCTS CORPORATION Compliments of BILL'S CLOTHES THREESTORES 15119 St. Clair Avenue 618 East 185th Street 22810 Lake Shore Boulevard GLAVIC KAISER-FRAZER 536 East 185th Street KEnmore 1-3375 "Automotive Center of Euclid" Compliments of THE ARCADE TAVERN Eva MiIler's Restaurant 742 East 185th Street Wanhoe 1-8424 Cleveland 19, Ohio FOY DRUG STORE Prescription Druggist 638 East 185th Street KEnmore 1-0988 Cleveland, Ohio REdwood 1-5440 WE DELIVER SHORE BEVERAGE "Euclid's Finest and Most Complete BEVERAGE STORE Open Evenings 21950 Lake Shore Boulevard KOEPPLINGER'S BAKERY Bakers of Famous Health Bread Genuine Pumpernickel - Raisin Bread Home-Made White 19400 Nottingham Road KEnmore 1-1646 Page 161 PAULICH SPECIALTY COMPANY GIFTS THAT ADVERTISE CLASS RINGS AND PINS 1851 Haldane Avenue Cleveland 12, Ohio REPRESENTED IN EUCLID By STAN MINOTAS REdwood 1-2671 IVanhoe 1-6300 1I"'itlJ Ike Comblimentx and Best W'i:l1es of THE HILLWOOD MANUFACTURING CO. EUCLID. OHIO Authorized Keepsake Diamond Rings FRIEDMAN'S JEWELERS Esfablished 1914 22312 Lake Shore Blvd. REdwood 1-0800 12322 Superior Ave. POtomac 1-6686 Headqmzrters for Sterling Silver Compliments of BARKER AND STAMPFEL HOME APPLIANCE, INC. 22066 Lake Shore Boulevard Rugs - Appliances - Furniture - Carpeting Compliments of THE EVANS ENVELOPE AND TAG COMPANY HEnderson 1-5919 Page 16.2 IN EUCLID IT'S SMITH'S Delicious Food, served in a relaxing atmos- phere . . . tasty tempting entrees . . . crisp, refreshing salads . . . desserts that melt in your mouth . . . that's what you always find REdwood on our menu. A. R. SYRACUSE 8. SON Landscape Contractors WHEN YOU LOOK BACK TO YOUR YEAR BOOK REMEMBER SMITH'S RESTAURANT Corner East 222nd and Lake Shore Boulevard REdwood I-2787 Evergreens -Shrubs - Tcpsoil Grading - Dlscing . Flowing COMPLETE LANDSCAPING SERVICE Free Estimates 711 East 250th Street l-8762 Euclid 2 Ohio LAKELAND ICE CREAM MFG. CO. 23421 Lakeland Boulevard Euclid I9, Ohio REdwood I-9861 Compliments of MR. NELSON'S HOMEROOM 'II8 The Class of "53" Page 163 Fine Model Railroad Equipment Ffa ,A Lv- W? '-vvvEa'7+3-'v- LH-ul j, . 'f 515 RlEDEL'S RAILROADIANA 1040 Babbitt Road and NYC REdwood 1-0240 Les Riedel-Class of 1930 MARTIN'S POULTRY MARKET LIVE AND DRESSED POULTRY Free Delivery 685 East 185th Street Euclid, Ohio Residence: FAirmount 1-6129 lVanhoe 1-5620 IVanhoe 1-5621 Edward Meister THE EUCLIDIAN BUSINESS STAFF Wishes to thank all of its advertisers Compliments of A. J. GROSSMAN AND SONS General Contractors lVanhoe 1-7484 18609 St. Clair Avenue EXpress 1-8668 DEPENDABLE TOOL AND MFG. CO. Tools, Jigs, Fixtures and Special Machining General Machining H. J. NULICK 7111 Quincy Avenue Cleveland 4, Ohio R O I. L E R D R O M E 22480 Shore Center Skating Every Evening 7:00 to 10:30 P.M. Matinee on Saturday and Sunday 2:00 to 5:00 P.M. Midnite Skating Every Saturday 11:00 to 1:30 P.M. Special Prices to Parties and Groups Your Packard Dealer LAKELAND MOTORS, INC 18781 Lake Shore Boulevard Euclid 19, Ohio Charles F. lpavec lVanhoe 1 3988 Page 164 EAST 200th HARDWARE You can t crystal gaze 685 87 East 200th Street IVanhoe1 8448 Euclid 19 Ohlo G1 ts of Utzlzta Hardu are Plttsburgh Palnt Products TRACY TAVERN 434 East 200th Street IVanhoe1 9510 Complzments o BELLE BEAUTY SALON 21059 Euclid Avenue at Chardon Corners KEnmore1 4410 Harley Gordon Prop YOUR FUTURE Nobody can But one thmg you can do IS start laymg a secure foundatlon for your future today by saving at Socxety Its the frxendly bank on Pubhc Square where over 200000 people save more belong nwztg fm' auxngb' v E L A Founded 1849 D 8. D CLOTHING Made to Order Suits Pants and Topcoats Ready Made Sportlackets Suits and Topcoats M Ornstein M 1 0116 762 East 152nd Street Cleveland 10, Ohio Home Phone FAlrmount 1 3475 COMPLIMENTS of a FRIEND Page 165 1 than 3,200,000,000-the bank where YOU . f . 5 . Q IN ru: CITY or CLE ND . ' U. - NOTTINGHAM DEPARTMENT "Shoes and Fm'nislJings for tbe Entire Family" Leonard Mandel. Prop. l8607 St. Clair Avenue KEnmore 'I-0585 Cleveland IO, Ohio H I L D A ' S Children Apparel Shop An Exclusive Childrens Apparel Store 22378 Lake Shore Boulevard REdwood I-0440 Euclid 23, Ohio JOSE REALTY Jocob Sfrekal COMPLETE REAL ESTATE SERVICE 405 Eos! 20001 Sires! lVanhoe I-II00 EUCLID LAUNDROMAT 482 Eau 20001 Sine! IVanI1oe I-4600 Compliments of EUCLID-RACE DAIRY 503 East 200th Street IVanhoe I-4700 EUCLID, OHIO FOX'S TOWN AND COUNTRY SPORTSWEAR SKIRTS - SWEATERS - BLOUSES AND DRESSES 22822 Lake Shore Boulevard REdwood 2-9299 DAVIS BAKERY 25891 Eurlid Avenue REdwood I-1205 5884 Mayfield Road Hlllcren 2-3410 I904 So. Taylor Road YEIlowa9ons 2-7600 STOP AT KATZ'S for a hot corned beef Outstanding Executive, Commercial, Technical and Sales Positions for MEN AND WOMEN EUCLID EMPLOYMENT SERVICE 21930 Lake Shore Boulevard REdwood I-7444 Marie M. Anderson - Richard E. Anderson Page 166 DIAMONDS - WATCHES - GIFTWARE ALVlN'S JEWELERS Budget Accounts Invited Never Any Carrying Charges or Interest TWO STORES 690 East 185th Street 5633 Broadway Avenue THE GENERAL FURNITURE AND APPLIANCE CO. 569 East 185th Street lVat1h0e I-4433 "Always First Wfitb the Finest" Compliments 0 SOLON DRUG STORE 21051 Euclid at Chardon Road 21860 Lake Shore Blvd Euclid, Ohio THE EUCLID NEWS JOURNAL Northeast Appliance and Furniture Co 22530 Lake Shore Boulevard Next to Shore Theatre REdwood 1-2302 For Complete Home Furnilhingl and Leading App ia PARTS AND SERVICE Royal Typowri Terms: One Dollar par Wea Open Evening Until 9:30 Every Do BEST WISHES GRADUATES from BUTLER BROTHERS Department and Variety Store Lake Shore Blvd., at 222nd Street Page 167 I ncel Such os Frigidaires, Hooves, Etc. ters k Y Compliments of a FRIEND COAIPLIMENTS of CLEVELAND WIRE WORKS of General Electric Company 1331 Chardon Road Euclid 17, Ohio LAKE SHORE MARKET GROCERIES FRESH FRUITS and VEGETABLES IVanhoe 1-4411 WE DELIVER J. A. WEISS 8. ASSOCIATES "Your Friendly Ir1suram'e Counselors" 150 Eas1233rd Street Euclid 23, Ohio REdwood 1-3787 Bonds - Casually - Surety Fi - Auio - Life PURO CHEMICALS, INC. I Industrial Metal Cleaners and Strippers Grease Solvents and Cleaning Compounds 1643 St. Clair Avenue PRospect 1-0600 Cleveland, Ohio FORD 8. PAE NASH, INC NASH AIRFLYTE AMBASSADOR STATESMAN RAMBLER 6816 Superior Avenue USED CAR LOT 1070 EAST 1-soih smear Page 168 TAUCHER'S QUALITY MEATS 20068 lake Shore Boulevard KEnmore I-5757 Best lVi5lJes from NEW YORK BAKERY 25767 Lake Shore Boulevard "The Mark of Better Quality" BUNDY'S HARDWARE G. R. Di Cuccio and Associates The Western and Southern Life Insurance Co. A Mutual Company Family and Retirement Income Insurance Educational Programs - Home Protection Plan Euclid at Gfeen Road Business ond Partnership Insurance l8233 Euclid Avenue KEnmore I-5775 Cleveland I2, Ohio TOWN AND COUNTRY CLEANERS EucIid's Finest Cleaners Pick-Up and Delivery Same Day Service We Operate Our Own Plant Austin Platz Jud Platz K. 8. B. COMPANY HOME IMPROVEMENTS KITCHEN MAID CABINETS KEROK SINK TOPS 22490 Lake Shore Blvd. Euclid 23, Ohio REdwood 'I-2244 Compliments of FRATERNAL ORDER OF EAGLES Euclid Aerie No. 2221 P. Hogue, President M. Tanner, Secretary ADAM'S MARKET QUALITY MEATS and POULTRY 520 East 200th Street IVanhoe 'I-2386 Page 169 RECORDS - APPLIANCES MLAKAR GROCERY 522 East 200th Street EUCLID, OHIO IVanhoe 'I-7020 635 East I85tI'1 Street HERB FITZGERALD TELEVISION and RADIO Established 1953 KEnmore I-1313 For the Finext in Complimems of C on1f'limef1ts of Quality Jewelry WOLKOV .IEWELERS Kramer's Soda Bar JOHNNY LEE'S Keepsake Diamonds and Delicatessen TEXACO All Novimllv Advertised Watches 842 East 222nd Street STATION 707 East 185th Street IVanI'1oe I-4888 Complimenis of THE HAMANN CONSTRUCTION CO. GENERAL CONTRACTORS THE FARNIR BEARING CO. 7016 Euclid Avenue CLEVELAND 23, OHIO ENdicott I-I628 Page I 'U Compliments of Compliments of KING COLE DRIVE-IN RESTAURANTS A. MRAMOR Cement and Asphalt Contractor OLD KING COLE 17901 Lake Shore Blvd. OLD KING COLE'S RANCH HOUSE 17585 Lake Shore Blvd. KING COLE'S FAMOUS BAR-B-Q 18609 St. Clair Avenue KEnmore 1-1644 REdwood 1-5524 17121 Euclid Avenue Serving "Food At Its Best" Daily Until 2:00 a.m. fi 7 Q 1 ,T 1 When you're X I-OMIDGYCIO , thinking oi Realty Q u career... 'i Think of SALES-RENTALS I Ohio BUII-H LEASES - INSURANCE l NOTARY PUBLIC 1 24481 Lakeland Blvd. ' REdwood 1-5010 N1 0 A iob with a future 0 A good salary 0 A friendly place to work THE 0I'IIO BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY Euclid-Ohio Beverages Beer - Wine - Cordials Soft Drinks Tree Delivery Steve Habrle, Prop. 635 East 200th Street Euclid 23, Ohio Page 171 Compliments of COMMERCE MOTORS QFORDQ 13608 St. Clair at Hayden ' TRUE-SHADE d Venetian Blind Co. 2 - Windows Look Well Dressed with True-Shade Blinds 7 :E Ai? A 7 - I X 22812 Nicho as Avenue f I Euclid 23, ohio '?5. . KE ,ge Q 5 ,ffg E 5 5 ' V 'Q' Blinds Made to Order Compliments of HOWARD J. MARXEN 711 Babbitt Road "FOR THAT GOOD GULF GAS" Congratulations to the Graduating Class "53" Compliments of H. KATOVSKY, INC. INSURE WITH MATT F. INTIHAR Complete Insurance Service 630 East 222nd Street Euclid 23, Ohio luidonco-21491 Neumann Avenue Wonhoo Compliments of WATERWASH HARDWARE REdwood 1-6888 335 East 200th Street 1 -0678 Page 172 1 r I. , in Q , V YW' ' i Y .5 Q . ,U 3 if 'X - it 1 E ll Y 1 0 In 1 L , 1 "1 I F L i 1 5 Y ' i ig j 4 125 'IT ' an 'ra 5 A4.A..4-....- , .

Suggestions in the Euclid High School - Euclidian Yearbook (Euclid, OH) collection:

Euclid High School - Euclidian Yearbook (Euclid, OH) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Euclid High School - Euclidian Yearbook (Euclid, OH) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Euclid High School - Euclidian Yearbook (Euclid, OH) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Euclid High School - Euclidian Yearbook (Euclid, OH) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Euclid High School - Euclidian Yearbook (Euclid, OH) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Euclid High School - Euclidian Yearbook (Euclid, OH) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


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