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K f 'IV' v acl .X N In 1. . 1 . , . , 4, 5, U ' 'r ., f, ,Ji PM f V u Q .Q ga . V , ,lv- ' ln wx. u ra . J., 'I gc If RN ' X' , - ,Magi iw . ' Y W ' Q I ' I , 1 V- n 1' ' 1' A ' s 'I 1 sq ' "' 1. S. , 4'f 5 .L vt l1'1,,U I , 1 AX 1 " . - nf 4: u X 4, 9 - -15 I W r I' , 4 u v ,V 4 -9 i ,V A V -. N - 1 4 I , -'d I ay, ' .1 N ls. I. 'ff 1. x - I :ii 1 QW lvl x 1 4 1 v 4 ,I 5 v VX . 1 fy.: 'v .6 .W 1 .- ,,s -. 1 mv 'U' W'4n :L K . I - I 'lfvf fvfu H5 ' I 4 '25, , , Fii 'dv-1-.' '-'iff , :,.Wi"A I vsx ' 'VI Pap 'iff ,,, P551 "1 wif- " s? ' ' ' , . P' -, Il 6'-v ' .. '.., r , I - ! Aivi' sf. ,-1, li' 1 r ' :An ' uf' J. A .AJ A lf- -fy A F., . 1 12 21,1 Vai.. ,MM J' 'I NNW fx ' 'Pin , - 1 ,4. -. , 5 li' ' . 4 1 .J ' l nl 4 1 - ,Q-4 . 1. 4 A . r, YH1, 4 E.- - ,.5 I I , A '..r 'P s a L x 1 ,- 1 yr. i ' a r -. -..nfh -.- -...i. iz-1 i Engruringx by Cleveland Engraving Printing by Edward T. Samuel Binding .md Carer by Mueller Plmtugmplvvy by Raimor Studios Il I ll 9-, :- 'll the 1 ll I -un F.. H ui Agni' si ....-,.-- 141- 4,107 ' - -v-'1"" 'ln' '1- vw'T"f'?"T". if-' ' - ' A ' k-'fl 'K 1 Z' 2 1 " I 'M 'F LH Eiflf Ill? if li 5 -I -I 1-"p"f-'yr yu-In-x11--'fl-1 -u-as fu-n ---'A-,- f- -4 I,... ,.. ,... ,,,-,,,, P- F- - T : , D . . 4- ,.- il'-lEj il'l'7-,-fill! , , -l. l'l I .l Q F . A n 1 A 1 A U I Il ll Editor , , ..--14: ' - Presented by THE STUDENTS Associate Editors W S E Business Managers ,,,s ,, ,,,....,Arlene Lokar lAnne Browning Uane Lowell lBruce Presley I Naomi Colbow Euclid Senior High School 711 EAST 222nd STREET EUCLID 23, OHIO ut.-K. , - -- -l!'X .7 Dedication . . . This yearbook is dedicated to a group of students who has shared in the infancy of E.H.S., the EUCLIDIAN, and the traditions of our Alma Mater-the june graduating class of 1952. The class, distinguishing itself by its outstanding deeds and members, will live forever in the annals of Euclid history as a symbol of all the classes that have been and ever are to be. For this class, the lirst of the perpetual stream which will acquire three years of lore, happiness, and maturity in the halls of Euclid, stands on the thres- hold of the future preparing to open the door of destiny. We, the EUCLIDIAN staff of 1952, take pride in dedicating this pictorial and written record of their last year in high school to these graduates. 575315 90 E . .. ,V Tl r imma,-1A5'x.5g?ts 1...:"4' 'EUCHD PUBUC UBRARY Alma Mater Zvafai- szebv AUG l 3 1955 Hail to Thee, O Euclid High School, To thy name all praise we sing. Happy days of youthful pleasure, Learning, living, life so dear Our hearts fill with gratitude For all that is to be- Alma Mater, Euclid High School, All our praise we bring to thee. Where the blue of Erie's waters Casts the sun's bright golden rays, There all Euclid's sons and daughters Sing the joys of student days. If after days be dark and drear And storms of life draw nigh, The memories of our friendships here Will lift our hearts to Euclid High. Lawrence Beck Lester Angene Contents . . . Our Faculty 77v, Page Class of 1952 ..,,.V ..,., Page Class of 1955 .s,ss,,, .........v P age Class of 1954 l,l..ll,, ll..,l.... P age Our Curriculum uuuu., .uuuuuuuuu P age Our Music .,,,,,, ,,sss,,,,s P age Our Publications s...,,,, ..,i,,..,. P age Our Dramatics ,ss..,,s s.,,, 1 ,nPage Our Activities .s,,.... ..,..,,... P age Girls' Athletics usuu,. r,uusrsusu P age Boys' Athletics ussu,,.. ss,vsssusl P age Our Social Life s,s,,, ,,,..,,,.. P age Our Advertisers e,s..,, .s,,s.,,, P age 7- 16 17- 50 51- 64 65- 74 75- 86 87- 94 95-100 101-106 107-128 129-134 155-152 153-162 163-188 im. acuity... "Fasten your ear 011 my adz'i5i11gs." . . -SHAKESPEARE Page 8 RUSSELL H. ERWINE Superintendent This Yearbook closes the undergraduate rec- ord of another splendid class. Yours has been the privilege of being the lirst class to spend three full years in our new high school building. We sincerely hope you have profited not only in the acquisition of knowledge. but in the development of high character and a wholea some attitude toward life. Your graduation comes at a critical time in the history of your country. Not only is it mili- tary. but its moral and spiritual integrity being tested severely. In this hour of crisis I have confidence that you will do your part to bring your country back to a true appreciation of discipline and self-control. This is your oppor- tunity. RUSSELL H. ERWINE, SIlI76I'illfL'lll1t,'lIf Board of Education . . . Ron' 1. luff lu right-Mr. Loyal E. Luikart, Vice-President: Mr. Russell Glass, President Mr Russell Etwine, Superintendent. Mr. John F. Davis. Ron' 2-Mr. Stewart A. Cox, Clerk Treasurer Mr. Frank B. Mills. Business Managerg Mr. C. E. Bowman. Mr. Ray J. Turk. CLIFFORD G, OXVEN5 Priucifml For the Euclidian, Wil-52: It has been said many times and by many people that your school days are your happiest days. l personally hope that you will have many pleasant memories of your school days as the years come and go. This yearbook will help you to relive your school experiences when you are many years removed from them. XX'ithin the pages of this volume, in picture and prose, are the highlights of another enjoyable school year. Congratulations to all who have had a part in the preparation of this excellent production. The realization of .1 job well done is reward for your efforts. CLIFFORD G. OXVENS. Pz'im'ip.1l ! , Q , 'XY'AI,'l'ER SCHXVEGLER l'ice-Priucijml and good health are outstanding assets in building .1 good life. These should be accompanied by strong lrendships that have been built up during your school yeats. Thefe friendships are the most lasting for they have been tested over and over again. This yearbook is .1 record of friendship. ln- ttresting as it is now, it will become increas- ingly more xyzlugble with passing years. May you always be .is proud of your school in the future as you have been during your student days. Euclid Senior High will have reason to b: proud of you who will be num- bered among her many successful graduates. xvAi.T1aR st3HwEQ1 I 'ft-tigPffmfi,,1 Page il vwy-1-1 rs 'V 9-'f"" -0 , T' MRS. HARRIET SHEATS MR. MERYL BAUMER Dean of Girls Dean of Boys 'A ih- A .- A fr 44- ' Q' ,,f tv' V . ab' "2 L ,- 1 -, ff- LX nf . 1 v .., ? T 10 LUCILLE AINGWORTH English B.A. Western Reserve Uni- versity MA. Columbia University PETER BADHAM World History, Business Teachers Certificate, Wey mouth College, England LILLIAN BARROW Commercial MS. Muskingum College MA. University of Pittsburgh LESTER ANGENE Chairman of English De- partment. English, Psy- chology A.B. Heidelberg College M.A. Ohio State University Ohio University OLIN BAILEY ' Biology, Visual Education A.B. Rio Grande College M.S. Ohio State University Western Reserve University PAULINE BERG English B.S. Kent State University M.A. Western Reserve Uni- versity ,.l. x2 gf? -vi vf 9' HAROLD BLACKBURN English A.B. Otterbein College M.A. Wfestern Reserve Uni- versity -IEAN BOXVDITCH School Librarian A.B. W'estern Liberty State Teachers' College B.S. in L.S. XVesrern Reserve University JAMES CALVERT Physical Education. Science B.A. North Central College M.A. Ohio State University XY'estern Reserve University CLEMENS BLAUCH Social Studies BS. Kent State University M.A. Ohio State University University of Al-:ron ADRIAN BUERGER Mathematics BS. University of Dayton EE, Ohio State University PERA CAMPBELL English B.A. Defiance College M.A. Ohio State University University of N"l'isconsin . is E Y 3 6 Z. ef. 5. it ,K,, - " I L - ., 'xg- Lz,-Qff. I , . 11" 3 11 i' 'N 4-. mfs: Six E 5 QL 'ff' B ' .C 4 l N. Sli A X ll . FORD CASE Industrial Arts BS Ohio University MS University of Wisconsin SPARTOCO DiBIASIO Physical Education, Science. Psychology B.A. Oberlin College M.A. Columbia University Vfestern Reserve University A. C. GALICKI Industrial Arts B.S. Ohio University LOUISE DARST Chairman of Commercial Department B,A. Oberlin College MA. New York University CLARENCE ECKERT Industrial Arts B.S. Kent State University M.A. Kent State University JAMES GEBHART Chairman of Science Department BS. Heidelberg College MS. Ohio State University XY'estern Reserve University Vfisconsin University Toledo University .fi SL lvmosqiri 43. fc K 4 -5 ,-3 Q. . Y' an ,J X ik: ? , l X i I '15 .'i ,eff-. Q X ff 2 .P '-4 r ff '76l -ow ., Y' --I Page I1 DOROTHY GILL Chairman of Girls' Physi- cal Education Depart ment B.A. Ohio State University MYRON I. GORDON Journalism. English B..-X. Nvestern Reserve Uni versity JOSEPH GRAM Physical Education, Swimming B,A. Ohio State University y' 3 T AXA' 4 J " W L.-A :ii E Page I2 XVILMA GILLMAN Social Studies. Languages. Business AB. Heidelberg College W'estern Reserve University BRUCE GRAHAM Social Studies B.A. University of Akron M.A. Ohio State University Western Reserve University DALE HARPER Chairman of Music De- partment, Instrumental Music. Music Theory B.S. Cincinnati Conservatory of Music MS, Western Reserve Uni- versi W University of Cincinnati University of Akron LEON HEINLEIN Science. Mathematics BS. Ohio University ME. Ohio University MARION HODDICK Chairman of Home Arts Department M.A. Western Reserve Uni- versity BS. Ohio State University RICHARD KEAY Science A.B. Miami University M.A. Western Reserve Uni- versity Kent State University Ohio University '19 Q' M 'J .iff N 51 5 Lv -at . , x MARGARETTE P. HEINTZ English. Languages. Business BA, Western Reserve Uni versity FRED JOHNS Mathematics BS. Western Reserve Uni versity M.A, Western Reserve Uni versity JANE LAIS Physical Education, Business B.S. Kent State University , if A J Y A 'C-r' A, . J ' s, it " , V -, F: i I V :fff'1ft-75 ':- I-1' .:f., . . , we gf- Eu?" sf .Q v: 9 JUNE PHYPERS Commercial B.A. Denison University M.A. Western Reserve Uni- versity Radcliffe College New York University Middlebury College NICHOLAS PRICE Industrial Arts B.S. Ohio State University LEONARD ROBUCK Speech, English. Dramatics B.A. Western Reserve Uni- versity M.A. Western Reserve Uni- versity . G' 7, EDITH LEMON Home Arts B.S Northwestern Colle e - S M.A. Western Reserve Uni- versity JOSEPH MAYER Science B.S. Baldwin-Wallace College JUNE MUELLER Home Arts B.S. Western Reserve Uni- i it, ,af versity iii Q 2 M is- ii. JOHN POHTO Industrial Arts BIS. Ohio State University M.A. Western Reserve Uni- versity JOHN REEVES Commercial B.S. Kent State University M.A. Western Reserve Uni- versity HARRY SPANGLER Science A.B. Heidelberg College M.A. Western Reserve Uni- versity NEIL MacKEIGAN Chairman of Language Department, Languages, English B,A. Allegheny College M.A. Western Reserve Uni- versity Western Reserve University EDMUND MIZE Commercial BS. Ohio State University NEAL NELSON History B.A. Kent State University l l 1 i Page I3 DELMAR V. SMITH Chairman of Commercial Co-op Department Commercial Ohio Northern Univers- ity MA. Columbis University ROBERT STEELE English BA. Ohio N'i'esley.1n Univers ity I. M. STUBBART Mathematics BA. University of Iowa Cleveland Teathers' College -' w JOHN SPEHAR Automotives BS. Bradley University HELEN STEWART Social Studies BS. Kent State University M.A. XVestern Reserve Uni- versity Ohio State University University of Zurich JOHN SUPANCE Auto Driving BS. Ohio University MAE. Kent State University 1 r . f , 1 3, Q fx' if Pix C l-l 1 ' ,,.J CLARENCE SWACKHAMER Chairman of Boys' Physi cal Education Depart- IIICYII B.S. Ohio University MA. Columbia University Ohio State University JAN TOMPKINS Vocal Music B.M.E. Oherlin College RUTH VERMILLION English, Languages BA, Akron University M.A. Western Reserve Uni versity -'L-of 'KZ' NORMAN THOMPSON Science B.S. Kent State University Western Reserve University ANTHONY V. VACCARIELLO English, Languages B.S. Miami University M.A. Western Reserve Uni- versity FRED VOLLMAN Chairman of Arts and In- dustrial Arts Depart- ment B.S. Cleveland Institute of Art Western Reserve University B.A. Western Reserve Uni- versity Lincoln School of Weldiiig STANLEY WHITESIDE Chairman of Social Studies Department B.A. Ohio State University Wisconsin University MARY WOLVERTON Physical Education, Swimming B.S. Ohio State University M.A. University of Colora MRS M I. RHONEMUS BARBARA VIDUSICH Dsetxcnm Szuttbbumd Open Ito: R DOLORES FONDRAN WINIFRED WILLIS Office Sew'cfmrQ1' Offife S6'L'l'!?fzU'jf DOROTHY IiHfBIfRLE GEORGE BREWSTER .Sflmul Nurse Cllillllffdll DR. M. L. NIARTIZN M lmul I'Xuuwi1i.u1 IJ I6 1 STN- "Partin Y' eninrs g is such su 'Bef -S sorrou'." . HAKESPEARE SFNIOR B OFFICERS Kem Smirh X Arlene lnknr I I.ui5O:bc1'g Gale Emcridm IVLII'-LQLIFCI H.1lc' ALSTON, DONALD Tennis, Anyone? "Don"-Sr. Class Sec'yg Ten- nis 4, Captain 43 Chess Club 5, 4, Pres. 4. BOSCO. JEAN CAROL So Dear To Our Heart: Entered from Bedford in Sophomore Year "jean" - Jr. Class Pres.g Friendship 1. 5: Jr. Play Prod., staffg Movie Club Z, 5g Wood- work for Girls Club 2: Danc- ing Club 2, Singing for Fun Club 33 Charm Club 4, Choir lg Homecoming Attendant l. CHRISTOFF, ANNE Ever True, Ever More Entered from john Adamr in Sophomore Year "Christy"-Soph. Class Treas.3 Friendship 2, 3, 43 G.A.A. 2, 53 Prom Comm. 5g Needle- work Club Zg Canasta Club 35 Sr. Cabinet. D'ARCY, JAMES There Comes 11 Time in Everyonelv Life "jim"-Jr. Sports Club lg Pinochle Club 2: Canasta Club 5: Ping Pong Club -1. EIGHMY, NORMAN Give Me Five Minutes More "Norm"-Stage Crew -lg Chess Club 1, 2, 3, 4. X BIFKLEY, IDA Ida, Sweet AJ Apple Cider "Ida" - Choir lg Modern Dance Club 5: Singing for Fun Club 'Fil Charm Club 43 Sports and Games lg Knitting Club 2. BOZELL, ESTELL Sugar and Spice and Ever So Nice "Boz"-Student Council 53 Soph. Class Pres, Sr. Class Treas.3 Friendship 2, 31 G.A.A. 2, 33 jr. Play Cast1 Prom Comm. 33 Movie Club 3: Needlework Club 23 Canasta Club 23 Charm Club -4. COURTOT, KATHLEEN Surb and So Varied Are the Tastes of W'omer1 "Kathy"-Friendship lg Sur- vey Bus. Staff 4, Bridge Club 21 Canasta Club 5: Whittling Club 41 Prom Comm. 31 Dance for Fun lg Woodwork- ers lg Modern Dance 2. DEELY, CAROL LOUISE W'ber1 I Grow Too Old To Dream "Babe"-Red Cross Club 31 Charm Club -i. ELLIOTT, RONALD Always Leave 'Em Laugh- ing "Ralphie"--Hi-Y 5, 43 Euclid- ian Bus. Staff 43 Football 1, .23 Track 2, 33 Choir 3, -ig Ping Pong Club -1. ,vw MF' ' ws-,.f 'Q ,M- Sei 'Q 'vi gl----us.,., ,fx "Oi 'N-.1 F"'k if 'N af as , Ax f MW 'ul -an-of 'am ,fur .va-1 in 3. wsigsgfy s 'a .ga 1 .,-was s wr wr. ' tv. , S9 , , , 46-n aim fo- X 'N-I ,nar" ? Page 19 i -2? "JBL 'Sl YQ", 427- Q' Q-ov' O fl ,4., 6 Q17 7 '15 0,1 'J fi I t W ith? l P45130 35 . l- V 2 GILMORE. ROBERT W. Oh Mary Mine! "Bob"-Dancing Club 2: Can- asta Club 3: Sr. Cabinet. MURRAY. AUSTIN Turkey in the Slrau' "Austin" - Student Council Bookstore 23 Choir 2. NIMMO. JAMES If I Had My W'ay "Nimmer"-jr. Class Pres.: Football l, 2, 5, 43 Basketball l, 2, 3, 41 Baseball lg Letter- winner 2, 4: Band l, 2, 51 P.A. Club l, 2: Canasta Club 32 Ping Pong Club -4. POJE. BETTY LOUISE Serztimentally Yours "Betty" - Jr. Class Secy.g Friendship l. 5: Choir lg Dancing Club 2: Sing for Fun Club 3: Charm Club -l. PRESTERL, RICHARD EDWIN And So To Sleep Again "Pretzels" - Football l, 2: Nvrestling 1, 2, GREVE, DOUGLAS W. Sam's Song "Dudley"-Football 1, 2, 5. 41 Basketball 1, 23 Track lg Swimming 3: Lettetwinner 3. 4: Letterman's Club 3: Chess Club 3: Ping Pong Club 4. NACHTIGAI., JOHN Sailor Beu'are.' Entered from Collimrood junior Year "Johnny" - Gymnastics Club J. 3: Ping Pong 41 Gem Hunta ers -4. LEVKOVITZ, JUDITH Personality Plus! Entered from N. Hollgtrood. California in junior Year "Judy"-Friendship 5, 43 Sut- vey Ed. Stall 3, 41 Euclidian Bus. Stall 3, lg Publications Club 3, -l, Pres. 3, -3. PREDOVIC, MARCUS Some Day Sbe'll Come Along "Mark"-Ad. Club 5, 43 Base- ball Z9 Dancing Club 31 Can- asta Club 4. PRICE, EARL G. "Price"-less Pal "Earl" -- Sr. Class V. Pres.g Stage Crew 23 Camera Club 23 Gem Hunters 3. 4. Treas. 3. V. Pres. 4, SCHLAUCH. WILLIAM They Call It Vanity "Silly Willy" - jr. Class V. Pres.: Football 11 Baseball 2: Track 43 Prom Comm. 33 j.V. Club lg Dancing Club 53 Ping Pong Club 4. SHIBLEY. BURLEIGH Bongo. Bongo, Bongo, I Dorf! Unarirza Leave the Conga' "Wild Bill-Swim Leaders 31 Ad. Club 3: Football 51 Swim- ming 31 Ping Pong Club 5. SIMMONS. NORMAN LeROY Prince of Good Fellows "Slim"-Football l, 2, 5. 41 Swimming 51 Band l, 2. 3. 4. SKULLY. BLASE Life of the Party "Blazy"-Student Council l. 21 Euclidian Bus. Staff '43 jr. Council on NX'orld Affairs S3 -lr. Play Cast: XY'orlcl Affairs Club 1, 2, 33 Ping Pong Club 41 Class Valclicrorian. H SOD-IA. RICHARD Sam, the Acfordian Man Entered from Coliinu ood in junior Year "Dick"-Student Council 4: jr. Class V. Pres.g Euclidian Bus. Staff 4: Ping Pong Club -A. SCI-IWABE, WALTER Wfe "Bel-be" W'ill Mix: E.H.S. "VVally"-Survey Bus. Staff -4. SILVERBIAN. JERONIE Speeding Along on linings of Song "Jerry"-Sr. Class Pres.: Hi-Y 3, -i, Secy. -ig Football I. l, 51 Nwrestling 2, 3, -lg Track 1, 5, 42 Choir l, 2, 5, -4: Model Builders Club lg Dancing Club 2: Science Club 5: Ping Pong Club -l: Class Saluta- torian. is sivm. MARY ROSE Three Guys Named Mike Enfered from john :lziamf in junior Year "Siv"-Red Cross 53 Charm Club -4. di gs-1 p vs.. 5.2.4 B il 3- Lf TT' SOBE. JAMES A. My Time Done Come al Last "Sober" Sr Pla' Prod. Staff - - 5 -ig Art Club 5,1 SOFIA. VINCENT I'm Nobodyk Baby Entered from Befzediriinc in junior Year "Vince"-Canasta Club 5. -4. v..-f 1' Q--v 1 L ,, 'X p qs'- ie 4' . TL .uf 3. 'f fb? ,LJ AJ '.,: ii V f P' .fx Page ll W K iv! 4? qv" v6""" l it Q p 4' if x ' Qrriff nz' '4- fx fn. Iv, G' . 'M Q4 fy ' . , I 'EE' :L f. ,- eff' STEVENSON. GLADYS Two Tickets to Broadway EIlf6'!'61l' from john Hay in ,llllllllf Year "Glady" - jr. Class Treas.3 Swim Cadettes -ig Euclidian Bus. Staff 43 G.A.A. 33 Prom Comm. 33 Megaphone Club 33 Sewing Club 33 Canasta Club -4. VIXLER, NELSON Solitaire "Vix"-Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Band 1, 2, 3, 41 Orchestra 2, 3. A BBOTT, BRUCE Tberek Slarliglvt in Your Eyex "Brucie"-I-Ii-Y 4, Treas. 43 Miniature Railroad Club 2g Model Airplane Club 33 Crib- bage Club 413 Student Council -4 AITKEN. ANABEI.. Make Mine Music "Ann"7Natl. Forensic League 3, 'll Swim Cadettes 2, 3, ll, Treas, -lg Friendship I, 23 G.A.A. I, 2, 3, llg Jr. Play Prod. Staffg Choir l, 2, 3, 43 Camera Club 2. 31 Secy. 31 Swim Club Al, Treas. -l. ALDRED. JOAN No SlJuflou'.v Yomler "joanic"-Friendship I, 2, 43 Ci.A.A. 1,2333 -ig Girls Hockey l, Z, 5, 43 Prom Comm. 33 Majorctte Club 23 Choir 43 Singing for Fun Club 33 Pinocble Club fl. TOLLMANN, WILLIAM Gone and Back Again "Bill"-Tennis 33 Ping Pong Club 2, 3. WEIR, MARLENE GAIL just My Bill "Marlene"-Friendship 2, 3, 43 Band 2. 3, 43 Math for Fun Club 23 Ballroom Dancing Club 3: Drawing and Paint- ing Club 33 Art Club 4. AHEY, JOYCE "A"-You're Adorable "Brown Cow" - G. L. C. 43 Friendship I, 2, 3, 43 Survey Ed. Stal? 3. 43 G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 43 Girls Hockey I3 jr. Play Prod. StaFf3 Majorette Club 23 Megaphone Club 23 Knitting Club 3. AKOS, WILLIAM The Time lx Never Dreary "Bill"--Football 23 Basketball l, Z3 Pinochle Club 23 Boy's Swim Cadets 3, ll. ANDREUCCI, DOROTHY Slill Ar the Night "Dot"-Friendship I, 2, 43 Prom Comm.3 Maiorette Club 23 Red Cross 33 Dance Club 23 jr. Red Cross 33 Knitting Club fl. P ARCHBOLD, joANN Thine Eyes So Blue and Tender "Archie"-Natl. Honor So- ciety 3, 4, V. Pres. 43 Student Council 1. 3, -ig Survey Ed. Staff -lg G.A.A. 5, -lg Girls Hockey llg Play Prod. Staff: Prom Comm. 51 Band 1, 2, 5, -lg Bridge Club -lx Uke Club 5: Publications Club 52 Knit' ting Club Z: Singing for Fun 13 Swim Cadette 49 Friendship 1, 2, 5, -I. ATWOOD. JAMES L. Dip Boys, Dip the Oar "Buz"-Football 23 Golf 3: Swimming 3: Stage Crew -ig Movie Club 1: Boy's Swim Leaders 5. BARONE. JOHN R. sleep, Sleep, Sleep "jack"-Hi-Y, 2, 5g Chess Club 2: Social Dancing 2, 3. B,-ICS. RUTH ELAINE Constancy "Ruthie"-Friendship 5, -lg jr. Play Prod. Stall: Prom Comm. 51 Red Cross ll: Dance Club Z1 Publications Club 3, BENTLEY, BETTY JOAN After the Ball Is Over "Betty"-Friendship 41 Round Table Club 4: Charm Club 4, ARGENT. WILLIAM Fair. Marlene "Bill"-Choir 11 Glee Club 11 Dancing Club Zg Camera Club 3, V. Pres. 51 Art Club 4. BALINT. SHIRLEY Tbjv Friend "Shirl" - Friendship 1. 1: G.A.A. 2, 51 jr. Play Prod. Staffg Prom Comm. 5: Mega- phone Club Zg P.A. Club 2: Movie Club 51 Knitting Club 4. BASSETT. JOHN Humorerque "johnny"-Hi-Y 1. 5. ei, V. 7 Pres. 43 Survey Bus. Staff 1, -3 Survey Ed. Staff 5. -l, Feature Ed. -lg Diamond Sports Club 2, 5. -3. BEADLE. CORRINE Hail! Hail! the G.fzng'x All Here "Corley"-Swim Cadetres 1, 3, -lg G.A.A. Ig Prom Comm. 5g Charm Club Ml: Ukelele Club 31 Knitting Club 51 Maiorette Club 23 Friendship 2, 5, -1, BERNSTEIN, JOSEPH I'm As Happy Ax Can Be "Foxie"-Student Council 1, 2: Basketball 1: Wrestling 3: Golf 1, Z3 Sports Club lL Pinochle Club 5: Gymnastics Club 2. . , ,, Q-'V .. . . 'N . 3' H nr 'K 'R Q fbi. f: S- cf' Cf 'll' V Ks' 4: ' .1 v-3-' -gr' I Pvndfi '45 53. N 4-,Q T15 xy, ' G' f f xr if Page 25 BESEMER, RICHARD The Flying Dulchman "Dick"-Football I3 Track 13 Choir l, 21 Model Airplanes Club 13 Canasta Club 23 Checkers Club 5: Science Club 4 BOSANKO. DAVID Daddy'5 Little Blue-Eyed Boy "Bo" - Boy's Swim Leaders 2. 3. BRANCELY, FRANK JOSEPH For He's 11 jolly Good Fellau' "Lover Boy"-Jr. Council of World Affairs I, 2, 5, -4, V. Pres. -il Football -ll Track 1, 2, 3, 43 Letterwinner All P.A. Club 3, -L BREEN. PATRICIA I'm just Ilvila' About Harry! Iinterefl from Ear! High in Sophomore Year "Pat"-Red Cross 3. BROWN. MONICA Far A :ray Places "Mom" - Natl. Honor So- ciety 5, -43 Quill and Scroll 3, lg Swim Cadetres -i3 Friend- ship rig Euclidian Ed. Staff 53 Jr. Play Prod. Staff, Modern Dance Club 25 Music for Fun 2: Round Table Club 51 Travel Club -I. BLANC, JOYCE You and Your Beautiful Eyes "Joyce" - Service Club 11 Friendship 2, 4, 43 Survey Bus. Staff 2, Euclid Bus. Staff 5, 'lg G.A.A. 2, 5, A13 Girls Hockey All Jr. Play Prod. Staff, Choir l, 2, 5, -i3 P.A. Club 1, 23 Red Cross I3 Prince of Peace ll Drama Club 13 P.A. Techa nicians 23 Publications Club -l. BOYLE, SHIRLEY Goodnight Sweelie! "Shirl" - Service Club lg Friendship 1, 2: G.A.A. 1, 2, 51 Jr. Play Prod. Stall, Prom Comm. 53 Majorette Club 2, 5, -4, Maiorette 5. -la Mega- phone Club l, Choir 1, 2, 3. BRAZIL, VIRGINIA Brairzjv, Blonde, mm' Beauiiful Elllfffif from Crillinzroml in junior Year "Ginnia"-Friendship 43 Natl. For. League 43 Euclidian Bus. Staff 5, 43 Prince of Peace -13 Charm Club 4. BRESKVAR. RONALD For Ronnie ll"ould Il"altz Unilh a Strawlzerry Blond "Bresky" - Student Council Planning Comm. 23 Football 23 Wrestling I3 Dance Club 23 P.A. Club 5. BROWNING, ANNE Brightest and Best "Annegirl"-Natl. Honor So- ciety R, 43 Student Council l, 2, -i, Secy. -l, Planning Comm. I, 2, Jr. Class V. Pres.3 Swim Cadettes 2, 3, -ig F.T.A. 2, 3, 4, Treas. 2, Pres. 33 Service Club I, Basketball Attendant I3 Friendship I, 2, 43 Jr. Sisters I3 Euclidian Ed. Staff 3, 4, Asst. Editor -13 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, -3, Treas. 3g Girls Hockey 1, 2, 3, 41 Letterwin- ner 33 Jr. Play Prod. Stall, Prom Comm. 33 Majorette Club 2, 3, 4, Maiorette 3, 43 Band 5, Li, Band Board of Dir. 43 Quill and Scroll 4. BRUCK, LOIS I Knou' a Little Bit About 4 Lot of Things "Lois"--Friendship 2, 5,41 jr. Sisters lg G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Majorette Club 2g Choir l, 23 Knitting Club 51 Charm Club 4. BYRNE, GEORGE llurite Me One Sweet Letter "Georgie Boyu - Student Council 1: Golf 2, 53 Letter- winner 2, 51 Pinochle Club 21 Bird Club 5. 4. CARABOTTA. ROSEBIARIE Ten O'Clock Scholar "Ro"-Student Council l, 23 Friendship l, 23 Newcomers Club lg G.A.A. l, lg Major- ette Club 52 Megaphone Club l, 2. 32 Choir Ig Red Cross Z3 Bridge Club 5, 4. CARNEY, JAIWIES Calm. Cool. and Collected i',lim"-Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Stage Crew l, 2. 3, 43 Camera Club 2. 3: Orchestra l, 2, 5. Al. CARSON. RAYMOND JOHN Are Your Sleeping? "Ray" - Wrestling 3, 41 Science Club I: Gymnastic Club 3, 4. BUSHONG, ROBERT If Silence ll"'ere Gold. He'd Be a Millionaire "Bob" - Student Council lg Hi-Y 5. el, Pres. -lg Band l, 2, 5, -ig Flower Club lg Diamond Sports 2, 3, CAMERON. RICHARD I'm On Nly llnay To Someu'lJere "Dick"-Hi-Y 3, 45 Ad. Club 53 -lr, Play Prod. Staffg Prom Comm. 3: Garden Club Ig Publications Club BQ Senior Cabinet, CARANO. BEVERLY Dark Eyes "Burl"-Natl. For. League 5. 4, Secy. 53 Friendship 2, 5, -ll Megaphone Club 5: Choir l, 1, 5, 4, Pres, el: Red Cross 2. 3, -lg Red Cross Council 4. CARNEY. VAUGHN It'r Howdy Doody 'l'ime.' ''Vaughnn-Nwhittling Club 52 Bird Club 4. CARTXVRIGHT. BARBARA Coming In On 11 lluing and a Prayer 'Smoky Joe"-Natl, Honor Society 42 F,T.A, 5, 4, Secy. 'ig Friendship lg jr. Council of Worltl Affairs 51 G,A.A. 29 Prom Comm. 52 Home Nurs- ing Club 2, Pres. 2: Senior Cabinet. .C "' wg! 'N tie? 'C K-4- Z' 1-w r rar I lf :N .. ...L Lia 4' fbf' ...Y 7 4, 3 1, 'S Qs -rl iff... ' ul'-Y -Q bf CEFARATTI, MICHAEL F. Come, Let's All Be Merry! "Mike"-Boys Leaders 3, 4g Hi-Y 41 Wrestling l, 2, 3, 43 Track I, lg Golf 2, Choir 1, 2, 5, 'ig Pinochle Club 21 Camera Club -i. COLANTONIO, DANIEL MICHAEL Ob! Danny Boy! "Danny"-Student Council Z3 Jr. Class Treas.g Ad. Club 2, 3, -ig Newcomers Club lg Prom Comm. 3: Band 1, 2, Choir 1, 2, 53 Stage Crew 33 Key Club 2, 5, liQ Senior Cabinet. COSKI. JEAN THERESE jeanuie lI"iilJ the Light Brown Hair "Jean"-Natl. Honor Society -ig Student Council 3, 43 G.L.C. 4: F.T.A. 3, 43 Friend- ship 5, -ig G.A.A. 5, 43 Girl's Hockey eil Choir 2, 33 Red Cross Jig Prince of Peace 41 Needlework Club 2, Pres. Z1 Cribbage Club 3g Red Cross Council ei. CRAIG. CHARLES EARL Soldierk Farewell "Chuck"-Hi-Y 43 Choir 3, -lg Dancing Club 5: Senior Cabinet. X cr 1 DANIELS. PAULINE Slaorl But Sweet "Pauline" - Friendship 1 1 ,as gb f Megaphone Club 2, 5. f air? .Mx EN CLAYTON, DORIS KATHRINE Lead On Kindly Light! "Doris" - Friendship l, 23 G.A.A. 5, -ig Choir lg Dancing Club 23 Home Nursing Club 5. COLBOW, NAOMI My Life? Desire "Ni"-Friendship 1, 23 Eu- clidian Bus. Stal? 3, 43 G.A.A. 2. 53 Majorette Club 2, 3, 43 Megaphone Club 2. COVERT, JOHN BURTON Nou' Our Golden Days Are At An End "Johnnie"-Natl. Honor So- ciety -ig Euclidian Bus. Staff 43 jr. Play Cast: Choir 11 World Affairs Club 3, 43 Prince of Peace -4g Dance Club 33 J.V. Club lg Natl. Forensic League li CRAWFORD, CHANDLER H. Patricia, My Darling, Patricia "Chan"-Football 1, 2, 5, 43 Wrestling 2, 3, -li, Track 1, 2, 3, 49 Letterwinner l, 2, 3, 41 choir 1, 2, 5. DCGENOVA, DAVID Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide "Dee"-Survey Bus. Staff 2, 53 Choir 1, 2, 3: Dancing Club 31 Boy's Swim Leaders 35 Mystery Readers Club 4. DELAC, LEONARD I Go! a Date W'ith Rhythm "Lenny"-Band 1, 2. DeVITO. FRANK A. I widilfld Girl "Captain DeVideo" - Student Council 2: Hi-Y 2, 3. 4, Ad. Club 2, 3, Survey Ed, Staff 51 Euclidian Ed. Staff 41 Football 2, 3, Basketball 2, 51 Baseball 2, Choir 4, Pres. 4, Stage Crew 2, 5, P.A. Club 52 Red Cross 2. DILL, ROBERT S.. JR. I'1'e Defided Entered from Norwalk in junior Year "Bob"-Natl. Honor Society 'll F.T.A. -I: Hi-Y l, 2, 3. Chapter Secy. 3: Prince of Peace -ig Publications Club 3: Senior Cabinet. DONDREA, JOAN MARIE Sweet Fifi From Gay Paree "Fin"-Natl. Honor Society 5, -lg Quill and Scroll 3, -ig Stu- dent Council 1, 2, Planning Comm. 2, G.L.C. 2, 5, 4: F.T.A. 5, 43 Basketball Queen 11 Friendship 1, 2, 5. 41 Sur- vey Ed. Staff 5, -3, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, li: jr. Play Prod. Staff, Prom Comm. 3: Maiorette Club 23 Megaphone Club I, 2, 5, 4, Pres. 4, Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain -ig Letter- winner 4g Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Football Attendant 4. DOWIS, MARILYN Pretty-Eyed Baby "Marilyn"--Friendship l, 2, 3, 41 jr. Sisters lg G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 43 Maiorette Club 1, 2, 31 Choir 1, 2, 5, 4. DeLANEY. FRANKLIN Stars in My Eye: "Frank"-Student Council 1, 2, Baseball I, 23 Lerterwinner I, World Affairs Club lg Ping Pong Club 5. DiCENZO. DENIS Temptalion "Dee"-Class Secy. l: Foot- ball lg Basketball 1, Z, 5. 4, Golf 2, 5, 4, Letterwinner 1, 2, 5, Stage Crew 2: Whittl- ing Club 23 Letterman's Club 5, Ping Pong Club -lg Jr. Hi Sports 1. DISANTIS. DOLORES C. I llnixb, I ll"islJ "Dee"-Friendship l, 2, ,311 -lr. Play Prod. Stall: Prom Comm. 51 Megaphone Club 2, 51 Choir lg Pinochle Club 2: Bridge Club 5: Charm Club -A. DOSTAL. RICHARD I Dream Surf: Foolish Dreams "Dick"-Survey Staff 5. -iz Euclidian Ed. Staff -ig jr. Play Prod. Staff, Camera Club 2. 5. Secy. 2, Treas. 3: Travel Club -fl. DOWNING. WILLIS A. Late Las! Nigbl "Willy"-Survey' Ed. Stal? 5. Wrestling 5, jr. Play Prod. Staff, Gymnastics Club 2, 5. we ' :za ..,,y jg. If 'iii , 'NZ YT' "V , , gg -v-N na ...f fx in I A f M it rieir ...- i P .uve Ju' ,,...-r 53'-4-S DUGAN JACK Gentleman lark Is a Ladxer Man DuL Boys Swim Leaders -, 5, li, Secy' -lg Euclidian Ed Staff fig Foot- ball 1 Basketball l, 21 Prom Comm Swimming Club DURK. STANLEY E. On the Sunny Side of the Street Entered from Ear! High in Senior Year "Stan"-Orchestra -i. EMERICH. GALE Style All the ll"l9ile "Gale"-Student Council 5, -1, Sr. Class Secy.g Swim Cadettes 2, 5, -4, Treas. 5, V. Pres. -ig Friendship l, .2 5, -l, Secy. 5, V. Pres. -lg Survey Ed. Stall 4, G.A.A. 2, 5, '41 Girls Hockey -lg jr. Play Prod. Stallg Prom Comm. 51 Cheerleader lg Band l, 2, 5, -i, Band Board of Directors 5, -ig Modern Dance Club 5, Bridge Club -L FERRO, ROSE MARIE I'm in Love Again "Ro"-Student Council 5, -ig Friendship rl, Survey Bus. Staff 51 jr. Play Prod, Staff, Mega- phone Club l, 2, 5, Cheerlead- er l, 2, 53 Choir lg Prince of Peace Z, First Aid Club 21 Publications Club 5: Bridge Club 4. FISHER, JACK Gut a H01 Rod Fora' "-lack" -Track 5, Choir lg Camera Club 2, Checker Club 5. DUGAN, RITA Let tbe Clouds Roll By "Dugie"-Friendship 1, 2, 4, Secy. 11 jr. Sisters lg G.A.A. l, 2, 5, 43 Majorette Club 2, Megaphone Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader 1, Z, 5, 4: Letter- winner -lg Choir 1, 2. EHLERT, CARL Don't Ever Take My Picture Down "Chuck"-Stage Crew lg Gem Hunter's Club 5, Ping Pong Club -1. FERREL, RICHARD FRANK Goin' Firbin' "Muslcy"-Student Council -'lg Hi-Y -ig Baseball 1, 2, 5, -ig Key Club -i: Movie Club l, 5, -i, Pres. -lg World Affairs Club 1, Baseball Club 2, 5, Secy. 2: Senior Cabinet. FINNEGAN, THOMAS The Smiliu' Irishman "Tom" - Boys' Leaders -lg Newcomers Club 1, Basketball 1. 5, -4, Baseball 2, Diamond Sports Club 2, 5, Secy. 5. FLYNN, WILLIAM Nobody Knows the Trou- ble I'1'e Seen "Bill"-Hi-Y 5. 41 Newcom- ers Club lg Basketball 2, 51 Wrestling 21 jr. Play Prod. Staflg Stage Crew 5, fig Pin- ochle Club 5. FRECH, MARY ANN Joy to the W'orld "Frec" - Friendship -ig Red Cross 2, 3, -4. FURTH. GARY I Came to Town the Other Day Entered from Cbirrzgo. Illinoir in Senior Year "Gary"-Nad. Honor Society 3, li: Science Club -L GAROFALO. FRANK PETER Oh, Beauty! "Garf"-Football 1, 2, 3, 41 Wrestling 5, -ig Track lg Let- terwinner -lg Diamond Sports Club 5: Travel Club 4. GEDDES, DIARY E. Bob, Bob, Bobbing Along "Meg"-Swim Cadertes 5, 43 Friendship l, 2, 44, Survey Bus. Stal? lg G.A.A. l, 2, 5, -li Choir 1, 2, 5, -1: P.A. An- nouncers 2, 3, -i. GIETANO, THOMAS In the Blue Canadian Rockies "Tom"--Boy's Leaders 3, 4, Pres. -lg Football Z5 Basketball lg Baseball l, 23 Wrestling 2, 3, -ig Letterwinner 2, 51 Pinochle Club 23 Key Club -i, FREY. GILBERT J. May Gal's a Corker, SlJe's u New Yorker "Gill"-Hi-Y 1, Treas. lg -Ir. Play Prod. Stalfg Choir lg P.A. Club l, 23 Travel Club lg Science Club l, Pres. 1. GARDNER, CAROL Loz'e's the Tune "Corkie"-Friendship l, 21 Megaphone Club 23 Choir -lg Singing for Fun Club 2, 31 Charm Club -4, GATES, ROBERT L. I "Surrey" Ereryllaing of lnteresi "Bob"-Student Council 52 Survey Ed. Staff 5, 4, Sports Ed. -lg Baseball 1, 2, 5, -lg Diamond Sports Club 1, 2, 5, -Q, V. Pres. 51 Choir lg Swim Leader Alg Hi-Y el. GEORGE, CARLTON Until the Reul Thing Comes Along "Chick"-Hi-Y 5, el, Chap. Pres. 43 Football 21 Baseball 1 GLENN, GAYLE Lore I: So Terrific "Patricia"-Friendship 1, 2, -ig Survey Ed. Staff 4, G.A.A. -ig Q 4 Megaphone Club 2, Choir l, 2, 3. -lg P.A. Club 11 Red Cross 23 Publications Club 53 J Dramatics Club 1. GOLLWITZER, WALTER Iurt Abou! Right "XXfalr"-Hi-Y 5, -l3 jr. Play Prod. Stallg Prom Comm. 31 P.A. Club 1, 5, -lg Chess and Checker Club 13 Canasta Club 2, 33 Science Club -l. GOTTSCHLING. JOHN I llnaxtezl a Nickel "Gotch"-Euclidian Ed. Stall ll lr. Play Prod. Castg Drama Club 1, Secy. lg Gem Hunters Club gl Chess Club 33 Poise for Boys Club -li Boys' Swim Leaders 2, 3, GREEN, WILLIAM Gee. But Il'x Great lo Meet Yau, Friend! "Bill"-Hi-Y 23 Swimming -43 P.A. Club 33 Science Club 13 Dance Club 23 Natural Science Club ,111 Swim Club ll Boys' Swim Leaders Al. GUIP. MARY ANN Uh, Mary'x a Lovely Name "Mary"-F.T.A. 43 Friendship 2, A13 G.A.A. -lg Choir 2, 5. Canasta Club 23 Pinochle Club 33 Charm Club ll. HALE, MARGARET MARLENE I Gnlla Lore One Man 'Til I Die "Margie" - Natl. Honor So- ciety lg Sr. Class Treas.3 G.L.C. 3, S, -i, Treas. flg Homecoming Attendant il Friendship l, 2, S, '33 jr. Sisters lg Survey Ed. Stall lg Euclidian Ed. stuff 7 5 l G A A l 7 5 4 Pres. llg Letterwinner 53 -lr. Play Prod. Staffg Prom Comm. IJQ P.A. Club Z3 Senior Cab- inet. GORISEK, RONALD Leaving Paradise aml Heading for lbe "Heights" "Ronnie"-Student Council 23 Hi-Y -lg Sports Club 13 Check- er Club Z3 Diamond Sports Club 53 Travel Club -l. GRAY, JAMES The Breeze and I "jim"-P.A. Club 33 Canasta Club 2. Checker Club 55 Cam- era Club 53 Science Club 4. GROSSMAN. DORIS Lon ing for You Enlerezllz from COIIIIIIPUUII in IIHIIIH' Year "Doris"-Friendship -3. GYGLI, RICHARD Is You Is or Is You Ain? My Baby? "Dick"-Newcomers Club 13 Football 2, 33 jr. Play Prod. Stalifg Diamond Sports Club 1 A 1 .., ,'. HALL, BEVERLY ll"lJen You're Smiling, the W'l9ole ll"0rlzl Smiles ll"itlJ You "Buy"-G.L.C. 5. -'l, Secy. -l3 F.T.A. 43 Ad. Club 2, 5, 43 Friendship l, 2, 5, 43 jr. Sis- ters I3 G.A.A. l, 2. 3, 4, V. Pres. 43 Letterwinner 3: jr. Play Prod. StaH3 Prom Comm. 33 Red Cross 2. HAM, FRED People Are Furmier Tban Anyone "Fred"-Natl. Honor Society 41 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Pres. 43 Eu- clidian Bus, Stat? 43 Track 33 Swimming 23 Band 1, 2, 3, 42 Choir l, 2, 5, 41 Sing for Fun Club 21 Checkers Club Eg Ukelele Club 4. HAMRICH, DONNA ANN Crazy Heart "Dee"-Friendship I, -ig PA. Club 2, 5: Red Cross l. HAZZARD. MARTHA JANE Yuu're u Darling Sutter- brain "Marty"-Friendship l, 2, 4, Pres. lg G.A.A. lg Choir lg Singing for Fun Club lg Knit- ting Club 21 Sports and Games l. HERTEL, JAMES Crew Cn! ".lim"-Wrestling 2, 3. -il Tennis 'll Swim Club 4. HOCEVAR, GERALDINE Pret!y Blond ll"itlJ Lotx on .'lJe Bull "Genie" - Friendship l, 43 G.A.A. 5, 43 Red Cross lg Singing for Fun Club 21 Pinochle Club 51 Charm Club fl. HAMMILL. GORDON WALLACE Someonek Rocking My Dreamboul Efliereil from flllllllifdl Farnzgnl flrailellzli in Senior Yeizr "Red"-Gymnastics Club 4. HARTZELL. CAROLYN HC-uTTV0ll'I't' iz Cutie Full of Charm "Poogie"-Friendship 1, 2, 5, 43 Survey Bus, Staff 5: Survey Ed. Stall 4: G.A.A. l, 2, 3, -ig Letterwinner 41 Prom Comm. Hg Megaphone Club 2, 3, 4, V, Pres. 5, 4. Cheerleader 2. 5, -ig Letterwinner 43 Choir 1, 2, 4g PA. Club 2, 3: Crib- bage Club Eg Jr, Sisters l. HERSHEY, HARRY Muxic Muster "Hersh"-Hi-Y 3, All Prom Comm. SQ Band l, 2, 5, 43 Choir l, 2, 5, 41 Camera Club lg Cards and Games Club 2: Checker Club 3, HEYER. JAMES T. Oh, You Beiiutiful Doll! Emi-reiz' frum Lakezznuil in 11171107 Year "Jim"-Publications Club 4. HOGAN. RICHARD Automobile tu Glory "Dick"-Ad. Club 2. 3, 4: Field and Track Club 3. 4. X -ii? .- ' 'za fs:- 1 uf- V1 sl W N' r J x '1 . in- dgds T' c-'Y rv' 1- 'if' A wr' I Miz. A l x. f3' gl 'f rg V X i we-' 3' Q 3, 'ffm Q-1-" gi 4, ' ' Page 31 Y I 'N-P I Yraeriv - .xllfex 'sl X...-an .X 1,-+ .. , H y: .311 i, px lv - .- .fp 'T"v'7 if s ' U -L cb it N X4 ya--rv' HOLPELDER, MARY Too Many Men in My Life "Mary Lou"-Freshman Class Secy.1 Friendship 3, 41 Jr. Play Cast 31 Megaphone Club 2, 31 Choir 1, 21 Orchestra l, 1, 3, -ig P.A. Club l, 2, 3, -I1 Prince of Peace 41 Singing for Fun 2, HOPES. CORALIE llwhixpering Hope "Hey-you" - Friendship 21 Choir 1, 21 First Aid Club 11 Round Table Club 21 Writing for Fun Club 31 Charm Club Ai. HOVANCSEK, JOHN Little Man "Little John"QJr. Council of World Affairs 2. 3, 41 Track Manager 3, 41 Letterwinner 41 Band 11 Science Club 11 World Affairs Club 2, 3, 41 Choir l. HUSTON, ALICE I. Ship Ahoy! Sailor Boy! "Allieoops" - G.L.C. 41 Friendship 1, 2, 41 Megaphone Club 21 Movie Club 41 Red Cross 11 Canasta Club Z, 3. INTIHAR, STANLEY Mighty, Mighty Man "Captain Stan"-Natl. Honor Society 3, 41 Student Council 2, 41 Boy's Leaders 3, 4, Secy. -i1 Football 2, 3, 4, Captain 41 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 41 Baseball l, Z1 Track 31 Letterwinner 2, 5, fig N.A.S.S. 3, 41 Ping Pong Club 21 Lettermun's Club 3. HOLZMER, DORIS RUTH Year 'Round Favorite "Doris"-G.L.C, -i1 Friendship l, 2, -31 Jr. Sisters lg Newcom- ers Club l1 Survey Bus. Staff -41 G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 41 Letter- winner fig Prom Comm. 31 Choir 1, Z1 Girls Hockey 1, 2, 3, -'ig Red Cross 31 First Aid Club 2. HORN, CARL J., JR. Nou' Go Your W'ay "Carl"-Wrestling 51 Camera Club l, 21 Chess Club 31 Can- asta Club 4. HURLEY, PATRICIA ANNE Hey! Little Girl Entered' from Mentor in Sophomore Year "Pat" - Friendship 1, Z, 41 G.A,A. I, 2, 3, 41 Jr. Play Prod. Staff Prom Comm. 31 Choir Z, 31 Science Club 2, 3, fi1 Red Cross Club 21 Singing for Fun Club 31 Charm Club -I. INFANTOLINO. MILDRED Everyone Is Wfelrome "Mil"-Friendship 2, 41 Ma- jorette Club 2, 31 Choir 21 Red Cross Ai. JACKSON, JAMES Tiger Rag "Jim"-Hi-Y 3. 41 Football l, 2, 3, 41 Wrestling 21 Prom Comm. 31 Band I, Z, 31 Or- chestra l, 21 Varsity Sports Club 11 Pinochle Club 2, 31 Cribbage Club fi. -IANKE, CAROLE Prisoner of Lore "Snooks"-Swim Cadettes 2, 3g Friendship 2, 45 jr. Sisters 13 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Letter- winner 41 Jr. Play Prod. SIZIHI Prom Comm. 33 Maioretre Club 3, 4, Majorette 41 Bridge Club 2. JOHNSON. SUZANNE If You Knew Suzie Like W'e Knou' Suzie "Suzie"-qG.L.C. 3, 4, Pres. 41 G.A.A. 2, 5, 41 Letterwinner 5: Girls Hockey 2. 3, 4, Capt. 4: Choir 1, 2. 3, 4: Movie Club 4. JORANKO, RICHARD Au' Girls, Leave Me Alone! "Rich"-Football 4: Baseball 31 Letterwinner 51 Track and Field Club 4. KALBERER, ELSE In My Hear! All Are Equally Cherished "Else" - G.L.C. 2, 3, 4, Friendship 2, 5, 4g Euclidian Bus. Staff 2, 3, 41 G.A.A. 2, 5, 43 Letterwinner 51 jr. Play Prod. Staff, Prom Comm. 31 Band 1, 2. 3, 4. Secy. 2. 3, 4, Band Board of Directors 3, 43 Choir lg Orchestra 1, 2, 5, 4, Secy. 2, 3, 43 Pinochle Club 2. KAPPELLE, ROBERT Seventy-Nine Years in a Sandtrap "Bob"-Ad. Club 3. 4: Golf 2, 3, Letterwinner 2, 53 P.A. Club 4: Math for Fun Club 23 Letterman's Club 3. JOHNSON, JAN Young Man Wfith a Horn "jan" - Student Council 11 Hi-Y 5, 4, Football 21 Prom Comm. 53 Band 1, 2. 5, 4, Band Board of Directors 2, 5, 43 Orchestra 1, 2, 5. 4, Can- asta Club 4. jONES, ADRIENNE Sweeter Than the Roses "Aden-Student Council 31 Friendship 2, 4: Choir 41 Singing for Fun Club lg Pinochle Club Eg Charm Club -4. JUSTUS. DONALD J. Drink To Me Only lluith Thine Eyes "Joe"-Hi-Y 3, 4, Pres. 41 Jr. Play Prod. Staff Stage Crew 5, 4. KAPLAN, MURRAX' Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrou' "Murray"-Student Council 31 Hi-Y 3, 42 Euclidian Ed, Stal? 3, 41 Science Club lg Math for Fun Club 2: Senior Cabinet. KARUN, BETTY I'z'e Gut a Cottage on a Dreamland Shore Entered from C0lll71Il'00JliI junior Year "Betty"-Friendship 4iQ Prom Comm. 33 Charm Club 4, V. Pres. 4. 3 'K' no : --5 .lf N N 'Sf' fs-gf, v"""V 1-Q i Lf x if-4V s ,.'- jx if W , , , -'- i . "'F::1g 9'5- 15.1 1.---f - 4 14, -an Page 3 3 96 +1-'Z N XJ 41 ,V 1, , Q' - Q. is C5 TT' .J '53 9" 1 QI' 010- uv 4. W A Att' '52 i ' Q 1 . c, -f' "' XJ fs 1'4" 17' KAZAR, CAROL ANN Reflections on the Wfuter "Carol"-Natl. Honor Society -I3 Student Council 43 Swim Cadettes Z, 5, 43 Ad. Club 5: Friendship 2, 43 Euclidian Ed. Staff 43 jr. Play Prod. Staffg Maiorette Club 53 Prince of Peace -lg Singing for Fun Club lg Swim Club 4. KIMES, CHARLES THOMPSON Sweet Sue. ,lust You "Tommy" - Football 1, 2: Basketball lg Baseball I, Z, 3. 43 Swimming 43 Letterwinner 2, 33 Band 2, 5, 43 Orchestra 13 Diamond Sports Club 2. 31 Swim Club 4. KIRK, BETTY L. I'1'e No Reason to Complain "Bettilou"-Quill and Scroll 3, 43 Friendship 1, 2, 43 Sur- vey Bus. Stal? 1, 2, 3, 4, Mgr. 43 G.A.A. 2, 43 Jr. Play Prod. StaFf3 Prom Comm. 31 Choir I, 2, 43 Dancing Club 23 Canasta Club 31 Senior Cab- inet. KLINGER, BLANCHE CAROL She Travels the Higbufuy to Happiness Ez1!erez1'fron1 Brush in junior Year "Blanche"-G.I..C. 43 F.T.A. 43 Friendship 4: G.A.A. -ig Girls Hockey -ig Prom Comm. 53 Megaphone Club 5: Choir 23 Orchestra l, 23 Red Cross S, 4. KOMRAUS, EDMUND Body und Soul "Ed"-Boy's Leaders 43 Hi-Y 5, 43 Survey Bus. Staff 3, 43 Track 33 jr. Play Castg Dance Club 23 Diamond Sports Club 'L . KIDD. RUSSELL Trouble, Trouble. Noth- ing But Trouble "Speedie"-Boy's Swim Lead- ers 2, 31 Wrestling 13 Swim- ming 53 Dance Club 2, 4. KIRCHNER, WILLIAM LEONARD In My Merry Oldsmobile "Bill"-Boy's Swim Leaders 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y 5. 4, Secy. 43 Swimming 5, 43 Band Z, 5, 43 Gymnastics Club 23 Swim Club 4. KLING, DORIS Don? Leave Me joe! "Honey"-Friendship l, 21 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Jr. Play Prod. Staffg Prom Comm. 33 Megaphone Club 23 Movie Club 23 Singing for Fun Club 23 Pinochle Club 53 Charm Club 4, Secy. 4. KNERR, RICHARD Enjoy Yourself "Dick"-Ad. Club 13 Chess and Checkers Club I3 Dia- mond Sports Club 53 Gym- nastics Cluh 4. KOVACH, DORIS MAY Roses W'ill Remember "Dot"-Friendship 1, 2, 3, 43 jr. Sisters 13 G.A.A. 2, 3, 43 P.A. Club 33 Charm Club 4. KROHME, KAROL You Make Us Happy W'bef1 Skies Are Gray "Krohmie"-G,I.,C. 2, 3, -i, Secy. 5, Jr. Sisters lg G.A.A. l, 2, 3, -lg Girls Hockey l, 2, 5, 41 Choir lg First Aid Club 3. ZIGMAN, FRANK If It'r O.K. W'itlJ You, 11's O.K. U"itlJ Ale "jiggs"-Recreation Club lg Canasta Club Zg Checker Club 51 Pinochle Club 4. LANGER, BARBARA Plerzsing You As Long As I Live "Barb"-Student Council lg Swim Cadettes 5, -ig Friend- ship l, 2, -lg jr. Sisters lg G.A.A. l, 2, 5, -ig Maiorette Club 2, 51 Choir lg Ema broidery Club -1. LASH, BARBARA W'laul'.f the Good W'ord, Mister Bluebird? "Barb"-jr. Council of Worltl Affairs 33 Pinochle Club 4. LAUSCHE, RITA I'1'e Got a Right to the Trutlox of Life "Rita"-F,T.A. 3, -lg Choir 1, 2, Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4g Needlework Club 21 Dance Club BQ Travel Club 4. LAMACCHIA, MARY I Hear the W'e:lding Bells Chime "Lamach"-Friendship 1, 2, ,lg jr. Sisters 11 G.A,A. 1, 23 Majorette Club 2, 5, Choir lg Embroidery Club -lg Charm Club -l. ZUPANCIC, NANCY All Time Furorite "Nam"-Natl. Honor Society -lg Class Treas. lg G.L,C. sig Friendship l, 2. 5, -l, Chap- ter Pres. Alg Euclidian Bus. Staff 2, 5, -lg -lr. Council of World Affairs 5, Secy. 51 G.A.A. 3, -lg -Ir. Play Prod, Staffg Prom Comm. 3. LAPINSKAS, ROLAND Musir, Music, Music "Lupe"-Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Band Board of Directors, -ig Pinochle Club 2, 5: Canasta Club 3. LaTOUR, GARY Claercbez Lu Femme! "Gary"--Choir l, 21 Pinochle Club 33 Canasta Club Xl, LAUTER, BRUCE ALAN All the W'orld Is My Playhouse "Bru" - Track 33 Diamond Sports Club ig Track and Field Club 4. Nags ,Et . 'K Ts X X ..,,. "fkL,r' l g,,r1rf.. -W :fir :Sf 'Que iiisif ' ZZ: . Q? ist . ' i X Wife K' , if , 559' 'ligty 'ig' L gf f N- A .. -w:2y1.:s - 3..:,w7.., prof. W-1 s Y,-.,t,, -.wt IM 25653 ,Ab fxvx l"""' 'Oi 1-'T' 54-of 095 vm' 6.4. Q or ia 4, , : ,Q an . ect, fx if ls- Q S Page 55 LAVO. YVONNE Sweet Memories "Yvonne" - Service Club 13 Friendship 1, 2, 43 Megaphone Club 23 Red Cross 1: Singing for Fun Club 2, 33 Embroidery Club 43 Charm Club -l. LINDSAY, ROBERT W'hut Boh Doesn't Knou' Isr1't W'orth Knozving "Bob"-National Honor So- ciety eil Student Council 2, 43 Bookstore Mgr. 43 Choir Z3 Diamond Sports Club 23 Cam- era Club 3: Science Club 4. LINDSTROM, WALTER Ratio and Proportion "Walter" - Worltl Afiairs Club Al. LOWELL, JANE Artistry in Moods "Janie"-Natl. Honor Society 3, 43 Quill and Scroll 3, 43 Natl. Forensic League 2, 3. 43 Swim Cadettes 3, 43 Service Club 13 Friendship 1, 2, 3, 4: Jr. Sisters li Newcomers Club 13 Euclidian Ed. Stair' 43 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3 43 jr. Play Castg Prom Comrr. 33 Cigir 1, 23 Science Clul 1, 33 Prince of Peace 4g Litfury Club 23 Swim Club 42 Glee Club lg Sun ?y Ed. Staff 4. LYNC H, PATRICIA Stylish Struttvr with u Smile Like Sunshine "Pat"-Natl. Honor Society 43 G.L.C. 43 F.T.A. 3, 4, Pres. 43 Friendship I, 2, 43 Echo Ed. Stall 13 Euclidian Bus. Staff 2. 3, Euclidian Ed. Staff 43 G.A.A. 3, 43 Jr. Play Prod. SIHHQ Prom Comm. 33 Major- ette Club Z, 3, Majorette 3, 4. LEKSE, DIANE Sorialibility "Di"-Ad. Club 33 Friendship 1, 2, 43 jr. Sisters 13 G.A.A. 13 Megaphone Club 23 Red Cross 3: Knitting Club 43 Charm Club lil Home Nursing Club 2. LINDSTROM, JANICE MARIE Sophisticated Lady "Jan"-Natl. Honor Society 3, 43 Natl. Forensic League 3, 43 Soph Class Secy.3 jr. Class Secy.3 Swim Cadettes 3, 43 Ad. Club 2, 3, 43 Friendship 1, 23 Euclidian Ed, Staff 43 G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 43 Girls Hockey I3 jr. Play Cast3 Prom Comm. 31 Majorette Club 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4, Majorette 3, 43 Letterwin- ner 43 Choir 13 Football At- tendant 43 Band Board of Directors 4. LOKAR, ARLENE Little Lulu, W'e Love You Lou just the Same! "Lulu"-Natl. Honor Society 3, 4g Quill and Scroll 3, 43 Student Council 3, 43 Plan- ning Comm. I3 Soph Class Treas,3 Sr. Class V. Pres.3 G.L.C. 2, 3, 4: F.T.A. 3, 41 Service Club 13 Friendship 1, 2, 3, 43 jr. Sisters I3 Survey Ed. Staff 3, 43 Survey Bus. Staff 23 Euclidian Ed. Staff 3, 4, Editor 43 G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Secy. 43 Girls Hockey 1, Z, 33 Letterwinner 31 Jr. Play Prod. StaH3 Prom Comm. 33 Choir 13 Majorette Club 23 Prince of Peace 33 Girls State Rep.3 Senior Cabinet. LUIKART, JOAN Ain't She Sweet? "Joanie"-Basketball Attend- ant 13 Friendship l, 2: Jr. Sisters I3 Euclidian Bus. StaH 43 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 43 Maiorette Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Majorette 3.4: Megaphone Club I, 23 Red Cross 1. MacEWEN, JACK They All Like jack "jack"-Hi-Y 43 Track 31 Dance Club 33 Field and Track Club 4. MacZUGA, DOROTHY Roamin' in the Gloamin' "Dottie" - Friendship 2, 43 Euclidian Bus. Staff 4, -Ir. Play Prod. Staff: Prince of Peace 111 Knitting Club 23 Needlework Club 31 Modeling Club 4. MANNION. ROSE MARIE Ilvlaen Irisb Eyes Are Smiling "Rosie"-Student Council lg Planning Comm. lg F.T.A, lg Homecoming Attendant 31 Friendship 1, 2, 41 Jr. Sisters lg Newcomers Club 1: jr. Play Prod. Staffg Maiorette Club l, 2, 3, 4, Maiorette 3, -ig Megaphone Club l, 2, 3, -i, Cheerleader lg Choir l, 2, 3,-l. MAPES, JANET CAROL Trust in Me "jan"-Swim Cadettes 2, 3, 41 Friendship 1, 2, -lg -Ir. Sisters lg G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Girls Hockey 2, 3: Maiorerte Club 2, Choir l, 21 P.A. Club 31 Embroidery Club 2: Charm Club li. MARDORF. SHIRLEY Cutie W'itl:1 an I.Q. "Shirl"-Natl. Honor Society 3, -iz Natl. Forensic League 5, 4. Pres. 4: Student Council l, 2, 3: G.L.C. 3, -l: Ad. Club 3. -l: Service Club lg Survey Ed. Staff All Euclidian Ed. Stall -ig G.A.A. l. 2, 3, -11 -Ir, Play Prod. Staff, Prom Comm. 31 Majorette Club 21 Choir 1: P.A. Club 23 Prince of Peace 3, 4. MAUSER, ALICE Alice Leaves llvonderland "Al"-Natl. Honor Society -ig Student Council 41 G.L.C. 2, 3, 4, Pres. -ig Friendship I, 23 G-AA. 1, 2. 3, Secy. 31 World Affairs Club 2. MALAGA. DONALD M 5' Extraordinary Gal Enlererl from Collimroozl in Junior Year "Don"-Hi-Y -ig Prom Comm. 3: P.A. Club 33 Key Club 41 Poise for Boys Club 4. MANSPERGER, JOHN ROBERT King of Kings "Bob"-Natl. Honor Society 3, 4, Pres. 4: Hi-Y 3, 4, Chap- lain 4, Ad. Club 2, 3, 4, jr. Council of World Affairs 2, 3, 4, Pres. 3, 43 jr. Play Castg Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4: Buckeye Boys' State. MARCHIONE. MARY EILEEN Rings on Her Fingers "Eileen"-Friendship l, 2, 3, 4: G.A.A, 1, 2, 3, -lg Maiorette Club 2, 33 Megaphone Club Z: Embroidery Club 3: Charm Club 4. MATTHEWS, HELEN ESTELLA I come from Alabama Enfererl from Union Springs. Alalzama in Senior Year "Alabam" - Home Nursing Club -1: Freshman Class Secy.1 Soph. Class Secy.: G.A.A. ll Prom Comm. 33 Red Cross 1, 2, 3. MCCULLEY, ROBERT E. Redhead Tbat's Never Blue I "Mac"-Student Council 1: Boy's Swim Leaders 2, 3, -ig Hi-Y 3, 41 Swimming 3, -ig Choir l, 2, 3, 4, Card Club 23 Dance Club 4, Diamond Sports Club 3. -nr '77-.57 'Q-an-r eg' tl Swv ,K K WISP 1' R , 'T 1:-fy -Eff 'PCA NN' Page 37 McN ELLAN. PATRICIA MARY Hot Rod Throttle Jammer "Pat" - Friendship l, 3, 4, Survey Bus. Staff 1, 4, G.A.A. -ig Majorette Club 5, 43 Choir I, 2, 3, 4, Movie Club 5, 4g Art Club 4. MENILI.. VINCENT J. llnake Up and Dream "Vince"-F.T.A. 5, 4, Treas. -ig Euclidian Bus. Staff 43 Jr. Council of World Affairs l, 2, 33 Basketball Manager 5, -ig Jr. Play Prod. Staff, Prom Comm. 31 Choir I, 4, P.A. Club lg World Affairs Club 5. 'il Senior Cabinet. MIHELICH, DOLORES One Glad Smile of Pleasure "Dee" - Friendship 1, 4, G.A.A. l, 51 Choir I, 2, ' Bridge Club 2. 3, INIILAVEC. MARY JANE Standing by the River of Golden Dreams "Mary"-Choir I1 Knitting Club 23 Pinochle Club 31 Can- asta Club -lg Friendship l. MILLER. RICHARD Men of Feu' Wfords Are the Best Men "Dick"-HIAY 3, 4, Secy. 43 Jr, Council of World Affairs 51 Orchestra l, 2, 3, -lg Travel Club 43 Student Council 4. MELKERSON. ALICE JUNE Angel from the Realm of Glory "Al"-Class Treas. lg Swim Cadettes 3, 4, Secy. 4, Ad. Club 3, 43 Friendship 2, 31 G.A.A. 5, Play Prod. Staffg Majorette Club 2, 31 Mega- phone Club Zg Swim Club 4, Secy. 4. MEYERS, JOYCE I'1'e Got a Lot to Lose "Joy"-Singing for Fun Club 1, 2, 5, Secy. 3, Senior Cab- inet. MIKLUS. PATRICIA CATHERINE ll"lJen You lVere Sweet Sixteen "Pat" F.T.A. 41 Friendship 2, 43 Eucliclian Bus. Staff 2, 52 Jr. Council of World Affairs 23 P.A. Club 31 Girls Travel Club I, Pres. l. MILLER. PATRICIA JEAN Cold, Cold, Heart "Pat"-Friendship 1, 2, 4: G.A.A. 2, 3, Prom Comm. 32 Choir 1, 2: P.A. Club 2: Sports and Games Club I, Pres. lg Knitting Club 21 Canasta Club 33 Charm Club fl, Treas. 4. MILLER, SANDRA Stay Awlaile "Sandy" - Friendship I, 43 G.A.A. 4, Prom Comm. 53 Home Nursing Club 23 Em- broidery Club 4. L .A MISKERICH, MARGARET ANN Bluebird of Happinexs "Marge"-Friendship 1, 2, 3, -ig Euclidian Bus. Staff 43 G.A.A. 1, 2, 33 Jr. Play Prod. Staff, Majorette Club 2, Choir Z, Singing for Fun Club 31 Charm Club -I. MOCNY. JOHN EDWARD Lei'.v Face Ii "jack"-Student Council lg Basketball 1, 21 Choir lg Dia- mond Sports Club 2, 5, Bird Club -1: Stage Crew 2, 3. INIONNETT. ROBERT K, lI"l1ere Did You Get That Hai? "Cowboy"-Survey Bus, Staff -lg Football 2, -31 Wrestling lg Choir 1, 2, 3, -I: Movie Club lg Singing for Fun Club 3. MORTON. JIM Bewitched, Botlwred. and Beu'ila'ered "Big -lim"-Band 1, 2, 3, -lg Letterwinner 31 Camera Club 1, 2. Gem Hunters Club 2g Round Table Club 3. NAGODE. RICHARD WILLIAM Mad About the Girly "Dick"-Boy's Swim Leaders 2, 5, 4, Hi-Y -ig Swimming 5. Field and Track Club -1. MLACK. WILMA Tbere Little Girl "Wilma"-Sports and Games Club lg Singing for Fun Club 3, Rummy Club 4. MOLNAR. FRANK P., If You'1'e Got the Money Honey, I'1'e Go! the Time "Frank"-Hi-Y 3, -l: Football 2, 3, 43 Baseball 23 Track 3, 4: Swimming 33 Whittling Club 2: Diamond Sports Club 52 Field and Track Club -L MORIARTY. DANIEL EDWARD On a Bicycle Built for Tivo ElIl??'?df7'U!I1 ll"illnugl1b,i in ,llminr Year "Dan" MOSCHELL, KAROLE Il Una: Not So To Be "Kay" - Friendship 2, -I: G.A.A. lg Choir l, 2, 5, -ig P.A. Club l, 2, 3, -4, Treas. 5, -IL Red Cross Club l. NAGY, PATRICIA Fancy Free and Iiull of Fun "Pat"-G.L.C. 2, 5, -lg Friend- ship 1, 2, 3, 4, G.A,A, 1, 2. 5, -lg -Ir. Play Prod. Staff: Megaphone Club I, 2: Choir l, 21 Knitting Club lg Canasta Club 2. is-ff 4? 11? W g, .dr ,fur I hui W., JW, 3, ' if , arf' '1 QI. . ifltv. .mica I 3 X sux -Z I my 1-'W Kar ye Page 39 ls v I3 LA ' f ' 4 .X .- vggqi S' Q':'.7 'Fil R i rCLi A - 1 "Q, . A aa' 9 i 2- 1 U' j J I 'Yi -- , ' ,Af W . . i in . ,f I . .v .- '., A 'f .-my ,fx -, A iv 4 - 3 All " ii: I N. .. 0 'e ' N Ax 'Sd ' i -' ' 2 in ,, 'jus AJ .Ei,gfafZ',. ' -, ag- lk Q- X 1 :QA '!.?. Sf.. ' I-..-.4 1555? if .uel"' 'Z -v Pa :tc 40 iv- Ta 2 an-J' .- cyl ,Q 0" ,in fan W1 I fly fi?" vu 1 NELSON. JUDITH "D"-Y0u're a Darling "Judy"-Friendship -ig Prom Comm. 3: Knitting Club 4: Dante Club 3: Senior Cabinet. NOBBE, WILLIAM Doing Il"bat Comes Naturally "Nob"-Student Council 3, , Pres. 43 Boys Leaders 5, -ig Hi-Y 3. -iz Football 1, 2, -ig W'restling 1, 2. 3, -ig Letter- winner 2, 3: Band l, 2, 53 Key Club 2, 14, V. Pres. 3. 4 O'CONNELL. RONALD FRANK I Ilqorzdei' as I Ilvarzder "Ronny" - Choir 2g Gym- nastics Club -I. OFFINEER. NANCY There Are Smiles Tlvat Make Ur Happy EIIIETLHZ' from Villa Angela in ,lIH1lU!' Year "Red"-'Ftiendship 3. -lg Eu- clidian Bus. Staff -1: G.A.A. -lg Ir. Play Castg P.A. Club -ig Singing for Fun Club 3. OHNEMUS. JOHN 'l'l1er-0 Ir Absolutely Notlsiu' Like a Dame "johnny"-Student Council 5: Boys Swim Leaders 2, 31 Foot- ball 5, -li Basketball Mgr. 2, 3, ig Lctterwinner 3, 41 Choir J, 33 Movie Club 21 Prince of Peace -lg Dance Club 33 Bird Club fl. NEVVMAN. RICHARD Il"iue, II"omer1. and Song "Dick"-Boy's Swim Leaders 2. 5. ll: Football Z3 Baseball 3 Basketball 11 Swimming 3. 1 Letterwinner 51 Stage Crew 3' Field and Track Club -3. 1 -i NORSIC, MATTHEW' JAMES Music' Maestro, Please! "Jim"-Baseball 1: Band l, 2, 3, -I: Diamond Sports Club 2 3. li: Pinochle Club -I. O'DONNELL. THOMAS My Days Have Been S0 II'70lI!ll'l'0IlS Free "Tom"-Choir 23 Gymnastics Club -1. OGREEN. DOLORES faithfully Yours "Dolores"-Friendship l: jr. Sisters lg Choir lg Knitting Club 21 Pinochle Club 3: Canasta Club -L O'KICKI. LOUIS JOSEPH Ilnlvy Can? You Bebare? "Louie"-Choir l, 2. Pres. lg Singing for Fun Club 3. OMERZA, EDWARD FRANK Time on My Hands "Slim" - Football 2, Ping Pong Club 2, 4, Pinochle Club 3. ORAHAM, LILLIAN The Sidewalles of New York Entered from New York City in junior Year "Lil"-Canasta Club 51 Senior Cabinet. OSBERG, LOIS Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue "Lois"-Student Council 5, -ig Sr. Class V. Pres., Service Club lg Friendship l. 2, '3. -ll G.A,A, l, 2, 3, 41 Prom Comm. 53 Megaphone Club 2, 51 G.L.C. -i. PASSERALLO, JOHN DAVID O11 -,01JII!Ij'. Ob jobmzy, Hou' You Can Love! "johnny"-Hi-Y 5. -ig Ad. Club 2, 5, -lg Band l, Z1 Choir l, 2, 5. PAYNE, LOIS ANN I'm All llnrapped Up in a Dream "Lois"-Natl. Honor Society 4: Friendship 1. 2, 4: Mega- phone Club 2. 3, 4, Secy. 4, Cheerleader 2, 3, 4: Choir 1, 2, 5, -lg Reading and Writing for Fun Club 21 Cribbage Club 3. OMERZA, LeROY J. Twelve Years of Torture "Omerz"-Hi-Y lg Football l, 2, 5, 41 Baseball lg Letter- winner 1, 3, 41 Choir 2, 31 Letterman'5 Club 33 Ping Pong Club -l, ORLANDO, EUGENE The Voice from Nowhere "Gene"-Natl. Honor Society 4, jr. Play Prod. Staff: P.A. Club 2, 5, 4, V. Pres. 3, Pres. 4. PALMER, SHIRLEY Mickey, Pretty Mickey Erlfered from Coffirlzrood in JIIIZTIH' Year "Mickey"-G.A.A. 5. 'll Pub- lications Club lg Friendship 1, 4. PAUGH, RICHARD I'm Going Back to Dixie Entered from ll"est Virginia in junior Year "Dixie" - Boy's Leaders -42 Basketball 5, -iz Diamond Sports Club 3, 4. PENKALA. JEROME ROBERT Vagabond King "Jerry"-Football lg Baseball lg Golf 2, 3, 4g Letterwinner 2, Choir 41 Stage Crew 2, 3: Letterman's Club 5: Gymnas- tics Club 4. 111' 'Daly as ? Q t ' 5451 : . -7-5 3 ,M 53 1 K ,ff- I i ' la ax t i . 'Q' ak, it lille ,F fb 'T Q .adv '-.f R X i' C5 fr" 1-. ,.' 'va I. if .X ,az gg ,,,. V g f it X' , V Q .' e 1 . 7 Ex, 1 Page ell L- 'kv H959 ung,x Jfsf, 'Sgr ,, ,F '. f . .V Y -- fl ., 1 f w 1 Q' l f .r . r . 'i ziifsjffis, . 1 N E "4 9 I f Page 42 if ,J 0 t"'T" r ,l 4, . V, ..,- L, , RJ M., PERLIONI, JEAN MARIE The Readlveadk Polka Entered from Brooklyn Village in junior Year "Jeanie" - Friendship 3, lil G.A.A. 3, 41 Jr. Play Prod. Staff: Megaphone Club lll Cribbage Club 33 Singing for Fun Club 3, Senior Cabinet. PFRIEM, CARL E. Because of You "Hunum"-Football lg Base- ball 23 Wrestling 2, 31 Vars- ity Sports Club lg Whittling Club 23 World Affairs Club 31 Dance Club 3: Gymnastics Club 4. PLESNICAR. DONALD Old Piano Roll Blues "Don"-Band l, 2, 3, -lg Or- chestra l, 2. 3, -lp Camera Club 2, 3, Rummy Club -L RATTINI. LEONARD Blues. Stay Away from Me Ellfffflll from Collimroozl in junior Year "Rats" - Baseball 3, Senior Cabinet. REPICKY. ELAINE Beautiful, Beauliful, Brown Eyes "Repic" - Natl. For, League 3, -3, Secy. 3, fig G.L.C. 'lg Ad. Club 2, 3, 43 Friendship l, 23 Survey Bus. Stal? 23 G.A,A. l, 2, 3, -1, Girls Hockey 1,23 Jr. Play Castg Prom Comm. 53 Megaphone Club 2, 31 Cheer- leader 2, 3, Choir l, 2, Prince of Peace 2, 3, 43 Round Table Club 23 Literary Club 2, Foot- ball Queen 4. PETTI, PAUL Telephone Call to the Right Girl, lY'0rld's Best Bargain for a Nickel! "P-P"-Student Council 3, 43 Hi-Y l, 43 Football lg Track li, Golf 1. 2, 5, -lg P.A. Club lg Ping Pong Club 2. PHILLIPS, RICHARD LeROY Carefree as a Summer Breeze "Lover"-P.A. Club 4, Chess and Checker Club l, 2, Dance Club 3. POTOCAR, WILLIAM Song of the llnanderer "Willy"'-Ping Pong Club 4. REDDING, RONALD From This Day Foreward "Ron" - Basketball lg First Aid Club 23 Gymnastics Club 3, fl. RICHMAN, JEAN Beyond the Blue Horizon "Jean"-Natl. Honor Society fi, Student Council lg Friend- ship Zg Euclidian Bus. Staff 3, 4, Treas. 3, 4, Jr. Play Prod. Staff, Red Cross Club 2, P. A. Club 5, 4. A 1 ! l l i l l l i RINI, MARILYN ANNE Charm of Your Beautiful Brown Eyes "Renee"-Natl. Honor Society 43 Student Council lg G.L.C. 2, 3, 43 Service Club lg Friend- ship 1, 2, 5, -lg G.A.A. l. 2, 3, 4g Jr, Play Prod. Staff: Prom Comm. 51 Red Cross Club 11 Singing for Fun Club 5. ROLL. HARVEY llnhen Hari' Comes March- ing Home Again, Hur- ray! Hurray! "Haw" RYAN. JOHN E. Never Dreaming of Tomorrow "John"-Chess Club eil Cam- era Club 2. ROLINSON. NANCY Undecided "Nan-Roll"-Student Council 2g Friendship l, 25 jr. Sisters 1: G.A.A. 1, 2, 3: Red Cross Club lg Charm Club 41 Ma- iorerre Club 1, 21 Megaphone Club 1, 2. ROUSE. CAROL Back in the Saddle Again "Carol" - Friendship 3, All Art Club 21 Drawing and Painting Club ll: Singing for Fun Club 2, 3. RYON, STANTON Comin' Thru !fJe Rye "Stan"-Student Council 1: Wforld Affairs Club 1, 2. F gnu' Xp . N... , , ., ye X -fs, ' , F ..-f' X " I i A il' F ., fi I 3-. 1343 '-gf.: ,ig-c 'U mga . .55 is K! TWV .-r SALETTEL, SHIRLEY SBROQCO, CORRINE U swf- X, OID' Gill Sd! By-fgfjf Eygg ' 4 li SPFU' fflflfflf' YHU' ffl "Rocco"-Friendship 1, 2, 3, A, W Beulnnmli Acadenzj qi G,A.AA 3' 41 In Play prod, -' ' avr -'--fi' "Sal" - FfieUd5hiP ll Red Staff: iuegaphohe Club 45 9' 'N 2 ' CYOSS Club 5- 42 Jr. 5i5fCf5 ll Choir 1: Home Nursing Club ' " ,M Newcomers Club 1. 21 Singing for Fun Club 31 ev ' Charm Club -L m - V . .f - SCHMELZER, RONALD VUAYNE Smoke Dreams and Smoke Rings "Bromo"-Boy's Swim Leacl- ers 3, Lil Swimming 3, 'bil Can- asta Club Zg Life Saving Club 3. SCHMITT, PAUL EDWARD Your Life'5 All SunxlJine "Schmirry" WFT , .Again U X A QQ .- 1 .GASEQH -'25, , . 'ffm .4 is-fo, , , , 'lin . '-S5 . Nw-v Qi f.X v 'N 'Q ,. ' M A i 4. :wings gf ' Q 4' we 1-X -5:-f--rf Aix ...U cle. v k'f . 45. in-Q, KY' -sn...f' 8.1 K, Page 43 12' 'KX v.-- by 1, S-"' HN' t, ve: -f xml X... ,f if EXW' wwf' :I l qv' 3,515 4' 1 I 3- il .1 jx- 1 ' , 1 . . le Page 44 SCHMIDT, RITA Evil Tempt Me Not "Schmitty" - Student Council 31 Friendship 51Euclidian Bus. Stall 2, lil G.A.A. 3, 41 Jr. Play Prod. StaH1 Megaphone Club lg Choir 1, 21 P.A. Club 41 Red Cross Club 21 Knitting Club 11 Round Table Club 21 Canasta Club 5: Echo Staff 1. SCHLOPP, HARRY I'm Happy That I'm Living "Harry'-Hi-Y 5, 41 Band l, 2, 5, 41 Orchestra l, Z, 3, 41 Choir 11 Dance Club 21 Poise for Boys Club 4. SCHULTZ, BARBARA JANE Hou' Cute Can You Be! "Boo" - Student Council 21 Friendship 1, 2, 3, 41 jr. Sisters lg G.A.A. l, 2: Major- ette Club 21 Megaphone Club 21 Knitting Club 3, 41 Singing for Fun Club 5. SELEMAN, CHARLES Lucky, Lucky, Lucky Me! Entered from Huhhurd, Ohio. in Senior Year. "Chuck"-Hi-Y 41 Wrestling 41 Track 41 Dance Club 32 in Senior Year Gymnastics Club 4. SHERRILL, ALLAN EDWARD l'm ll"ilh You "Al"-Boy's Leaders 4g Hi-Y 41 Track 5, 41 jr. Play Prod. Staff, Diamond Sports 2, 3, Secy. 51 Key Club 41 jr. Var- sity Club I. SCHNEIDER, JACK But There'.v None Quite Like You Spent junior Year in Coshocton High School "Jack"-Boy's Leaders 41 Hi- Y 3. 41 Survey Bus. Staff 1, 2, 4: Diamond Sports Club 21 Senior Cabinetg Key Club 4. SCHULE, FRED My Young and Foolish Heart "Fred"-Boy's Swim Leaders 5, 43 Hi-Y 41 Ad. Club 31 Track 51 Swimming 3, 41 jr. Play Prod. Staffg Diamond Sports Club 2, 51 Key Club 3, 4. SEAMAN, NANCY An Artistk Life for Me "Nan"-Friendship 1, 3, 41 G.A.A. 41 jr. Play Prod. Staflg Prom Comm. 51 Choir 11 Art Club l, 43 Singing for Fun Club 2, 5. SHEARER, RONALD EUGENE I'm just a W'ayfm-ing Stranger Entered from Collinwoozl in Senior Year "Scissors" - Hi-Y 2, 3, 41 Movie Club lg Science Club 2. SHIRILLA, KATHLEEN W'hose Little Sunshine Are You? "Kathy"-Student Council 41 G.L.C. 5, 41 Friendship 2, 3, 4, Treas. 41 Euclidian Bus. Stah' 2, 5, 41 jr. Play Prod. Staffg Prom Comm. 35 P.A. Club lg Music Appreciation Club 1, Secy. lg G.A.A. 2, 3,4. SILL, RUTH Dance, Ballerina, Dance "Silly"-Friendship 1, 2, 4g Jr. Sisters lg G.A.A. 3, 43 Prom Comm. 33 Choir 1, 33 Home Nursing Club 2, Cam- era Club 3: Music for Fun Club 4. SMITH, FRED Hey! Hey! Good Lookinf' "Freddy"-Baseball Z, Wrestl- ing 2, Key Club 5, 4, Tteas. 3: Gymnastics Club 4. SNYDER, WILLIAM F. Patience and Fortitude "Bill"-Baseball 3, 43 Choir 1. SPAUR, WILLIAM Rum and Coca-Cola "Bill" -- Student Council 13 Boy's Swim Leaders 3, 4, Foot- ball Zg Wrestling lg Swim- ming 3, 4, Ping Pong Club 4. STARK.. CONSTANCE Girls ll"ere Made to Take Care of Boys Entered from Coilirzzrooti in Sophomore Year "Connie"-G.L.C. 2, 5: Sur- vey Bus. Staff 3, lil Euclidian Bus. Staff 2, 3, 43 G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Senior Cabinet, SIMONIC, AUDREE I Wfant a Rich Maris Son "Aud"-G.L,C. 3, 43 F.T.A. 4, Ad. Club 5, 43 Friendship 1, 2, 5, 43 jr. Sisters 1gG.A.A. 1, 2, 5, Jil Girls Hockey l, 2, 3, 4, Majorette Club 3: Mega- phone Club l, Z, 31 Cheer- leader 1, 2, 53 P.A. Club 51 Cribbage Club 4. SMITH, KENT KAYE Riding High "Smitty" - Natl. Honor So- ciety 5, 4, Treas. eil Student Council 2, 3, 4, Planning Comm, lg Class Pres. l, 2, 41 Key Club Z, 5, 4, Secy. 43 Survey Ed. Staff 5: Euclidian Ed. Staff 43 jr. Council of World Affairs 2, 3, 4, Treas. 2, V. Pres. 53 Basketball 1, 23 Track 13 Jr. Play Prod. Staff: Prom Comm. 5: Band 1, 2, 5, 4, Band Board of Directors 5, 4: Worltl Affairs Club 2, 5, V. Pres. Z. 33 Senior Cabinet. SOWDEN, ALYCE JUNE Sing Everyone Sing! "Allie"-Natl. Honor Society 5, -lg Student Council 5, 4, Swim Cadettes 2, 5, 43 F.T.A. 5, 4, Ad. Club 5, 4, V. Pres. 53 Friendship l, 2, 4, Pres. li Euclidian Ed. Staff 43 Survey Ed. Staff -41 jr. Council of World Affairs 2, 51 ,lr. Play Cast, Choir l, 2, 3, 4, Secy. -lg P.A. Club 1: Prince of Peace 2, 3, 43 Round Table Club 23 Senior Cabinet. STAHRE. GLORIA ANN Twinkle, Twinkle Little Stubre! "Glor"-Friendship 3, 43 -lr. Council of World Affairs 33 Prom Comm. 31 Maiorette Club 5. Maiorette 43 Orchestra l, 2, 5, 4: Movie Club 5, 41 Dance Club 2: Senior Cabinet. STEFANCIK, ROBERT Old MdL'D07ldll1 Had tl Farm "Bob" - Football 43 Gym- nastics Club Zg Pinochle Club 53 Cribbage Club 4. 51 if ss. N! C7 ' ' 1 Ef f-fbi wt 'N Q was " tw...-' 5 .,,-,ttf-ei . Q1 ' ' mm?-., 1, .: Q Qdllfl xiii?- of .... .. . .,.-V ,N fel! 5, X , , . sf Qllli Q. A PWA N'-'R , if 1 -iv, Vg . ,J 'UI YJ -asv' ,A rv Iwi' QA,- 'swf' Qui-J' l "Rv" 9--A' Page 45 7' Cl 414 Ti? 'R qu.. ANWQ 'hp' rf-v x if ffm xy! ' v. WU' -f gov rs .r'-- ' N1 'vw -0- . ,,,, U' A K4 I J fx ' , X .Sf ' ' ' I 4' fl i l '-' 'T -. 'fi e.,-vw STONE. MARION LOUISE All' Street Mystery of Life "Bunny" - Friendship 2, 51 Choir l, 2, 5, 43 Movie Club -lg First Aid Club lg Dance Club lg Cun.1st.i Club 53 Knit- ting Club -4. STUZEN. CHARLOTTE I'm llmulleiflg in tbe Sun- .rbine of Pmuzzlise Island ""-Student Council lg G.L.C. -ig Service Club lg Friendship l, 2, -ig -Ir. Sisters lg G.A.A. l, Z, 5, -ig Major- ette Club 33 Megaphone Club l, 2, 14. Cheerleader 1, 2, 33 Prince of Peace 53 Home Nursing Club 2. SWACKHAMER. CAROLYN I Fulfill lhe Round of Pleurure "Berty" - Friendship 1, 23 Newcomers Club lg jr. Play Prod. StafI1 Band lg Choir l, 2, 3, -lg PA. Club S, fl, Secy. S, V. Pres. -ig Prince of Peace -lg Music Appreciation Club 2. TAYLOR. RICHARD GORDON You Call Ererylzozly Darling "Gordon" - Jr. Council of Wt':rltl Affairs 1, 2, 33 -Ir. Play Custg Prom Comm. 53 P.A. Club l, gl Art Club Ai. TIEFENBACH, BARBARA 'l'lJe Mun I Love "Barb" -- Ad. Club 2, gl Friendship l, 2, 55 jr. Sisters lg jr, Play Prod, Stuffg Major- ette Club Z, 211 Knitting Club -1 STRATHERN, JAMES Ou! of Tbir IY'orld "Jim"-Basketball lg Baseball lg Stage Crew 2g First Aid Club lg Ping Pong Club il Pinochle Club -i. SUBSTELNY., IRENE Goodnight Irene, Good- night Irene Ifzlfereil' from Eur! High in ,IIHIIUV Year "Reneestel"-Canasta Club 33 Travel Club -i. SZABO, NANCY The Red Shoes "Nun"-Friendship 1, 2, -lg Jr. Sisters lg G.A.A. 2, 5g Choir l, 2, SQ P.A. Club 35 Home Nursing Club 23 Charm Club -4, TENCH, MICHAEL El'L'I'j'!ldj' I5 Ladies' Duy ll"itlJ Me! "Mac"-Hi-Y S, -ig Ad Club Z, 5, -lg Baseball l, 25 Wrestl- ing 1, Z, ,291 Track lg Letter- winner 2, 53 Band lg Stage Crew Fig Key Club 2, 3, fi, Secy. -4. UHRY, MARGARITE ANNE You'lI Never W'alk Alone "Gretchen"ANutl, Honor So- ciety -lg Swim Cadettes Z. 3, -'lg F.T.A. 2. 5, 43 Friendship 1, 23 Euclidian Bus. Staff 3g Eu- clidian Ed. Staff 45 G,A.A. 1, 2, 5, 43 Girls Hockey 1, 2, 3, fig Letterwinner 55 jr. Play Custg jr. Sisters lg Choir lg Orchestra 3: First Aid Club 2g Knitting Club 3: Swim Club 4. VANEK, CAROL ANN VANEIX 1,015 H Ill! fs? Sff-Jing YW4 The Skuter: WG: tz C3f0l -Ff1CI1dSh,lP 1. 11 Jr- Enlered' from Ear! H1gh nz Play Prod, Shift KnlIIlHg 1101107 Ygqr Clllb 21 lXlFEall6WOl'lK 2, L015 Cgnagfa 51 Charm Club -L Qhorthand for Fun Club 4 VERBSKY. MARTHA ANN I'm Alzwzyr Clmring Rain- bows "Martyn-Friendship lg Choir 1, 21 P.A. Club 2, 31 Movie Club 2, 53 Canasta Club 31 Pinochle Club 4. VORMELKER, HOWARD You just Can? Keep 4 Good Man Down "Howie" - Flower Club 2g Camera Club 21 Natural His- tory Club 5: Bird Club 4. WALENSA. ROBERTA HfglJll'dj'X :ire Happy ll"ayr llvben TlJey're Leading to Suffers "Bobbie"-Natl, Honor So- ciety -43 G.l..C. 5. All F.T.A. 2, 5, -4, V. Pres. 45 Service Club lg Friendship 1, 2, -41 jr. Sisters Ig Survey Bus. Stall 21 Euclidian Ed. Staff -lg G.A.A. 1, 2, 5, 4g Girls Hockey 3, -l, Lerterwinner 51 Dlr. Play Prod. Sratfg Prom Comm. 3: Choir 2, 3, -4: Dance Club Z. WARHOLIC, THOMAS The Great Lover Enlered' from CallJeJra1La!in in Senior Year "Torn" WEISS, LEONARD Opportunity Is Knocking at Your Door "Lenny"-Student Council 43 Ad. Club 31 Football 1, 23 Basketball 13 Wrestling 13 Jr. Play Prod. Staffg Key Club 3, 43 World Affairs Club 4. WILLIAMS, ALFRED Life lr Too Short "Big Al"-Boy's Leaders 43 Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball I: Baseball 1, 23 Letterwin- ner 43 Canasta Club 33 Ping Pong Club 2. WINTER, DONALD P. All Year Long, It'r Il"inter Here "Don"-Boy's Swim Leaders 2. 5, 43 Hi-Y 5. 43 Survey Ed. Staff 43 Basketball 13 Swim- ming 2, 3, 43 P.A. Club 2, 5, 43 Red Cross Club li Pinochle Club 13 Canasta Club 23 Chess Club 33 Swim Club 4. WISKES, CAROL The Redhead and the Lady "Wisk"-Friendship 2, 3, 43 G.A.A. 31 Red Cross Club 7 3 4 I. WOGENSTAHL, WAYNE I Ain't Goin' Honkey Tonkin' Anymore "Wogie" - Football 1, 23 Basketball 1, 23 Baseball 1, 23 Stage Crew 13 Ping Pong Club WELLING, CAROL Always in Our Hearts "Carrie" - Natl. Honor So- ciety 43 Friendship 1, 2, 3, 4, Chapter Secy. 43 Survey Ed. Staff 2, 33 G.A.A. 2, 3, 43 Jr. Play Prod. Staffg Prom Comm. 33 Band 1, 2, 3, 4g Band Board of Directors 3, 43 Publications Club 3g Singing for Fun Club 23 Ukelele Club 53 Charm Club 4. XVILLIAMS, JOHN Let a Smile Be Your Umbrella Entered from Wert High in in Senior Year "Jack"-Gymnastics Club 4. WISEMAN, DELORES ILEAN It'.v Easy to Remember "Dee"--Natl. Honor Society 43 F.T.A. 5, 43 Friendship 2, 43 Prom Comm. 33 Dance Club 23 Music for Fun Club 33 Charm Club 4. WITTLINGER, HAROLD Ace of Radio Technicians "Skip"-jr. Play Prod. Staff P.A. Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 3, 43 Science Club l, Pres. 1. WOHLAND, JEANNE The Sunrhine of Your Smile "Jeanie"-Natl. Honor Society 3, 4, Secy. 43 G.L.C. 2, 3, 43 Service Club 13 Friendship 2, V 5, G.A.A. 1, 2, 5, 43 Letter- winner 3g Girls Hockey 2, 34 jr. Play Prod. Staffg Prom Comm. 35 Majorette Club 23 Choir 13 Movie Club 3, 4. WOLFENBERG, JOAN Hair of Gold, Eyes of Blue "Joanie" - Natl. Honor So- ciety 4g Quill and Scroll 3, 4, G.L.C. 43 Friendship 1, 2, 5, 4, Pres. lg Survey 'Bus. Staff 1, Z, 3. 4, Mgr. 3, 4g G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls Hockey 45 Jr. Play Prod. Staff, Choir lg Camera Club lg Embroidery Club 2, Canasta Club 4. WOODRUFF, JANET E. Be Happy-Go-Lucky and You'll Always Be Happy "Sis"-Natl. Honor Society 4, Swim Cadertes 2, 3, 4, V. Pres. 3, Pres. 4, Ad. Club 31 Friendship l, Z, 5, 4, Jr. Sis- ters lg G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 45 Jr. Play Prod. Staff, Majorette Club 2, 3, 4, Majorette 43 Megaphone Club 23 Choir lg Red Cross Club lg Slide Rule Club l. YOPKO, ROBERT M. It's Been a Long, Long W'ay "Bob"-Jr. Council of World Affairs 5, 4g Band 2, 51 Dance Club lg Camera Club 23 World Affairs Club 3, 4, Secy. 4 WOODFORD, LAWRENCE D. He Has Hair That Is Red - "Woody"-Natl. Honor So- ciety 4g Boy's Leaders 3, 41 Football lg Basketball 1, 53 Baseball 2, Track lg Band l', 2, 3: Movie Club 3, 4, V. Pres. 53 Key Club 5, 4, Pres. 4. YEARY, NANCY MARIE I'd Like to Be Unhappy, But I Dorf! Hare the Time "Nan"-Natl. Honor Society 3, 43 Class Secy. 1: Soph. Class V. Pres.1 Ad. Club 3, 41 Friendship l, 2, 3, 4, Secy. 2. Pres. 4g G.A.A. 2, 5, Jr l'lay Prod. Stalfg PFOIIL Cyl. in. 31 Choir lg P.A. Clu 3: Singing for Fun Club 2. Senior Cuba inet. ZANGHI. JOSEPH S. Turn Back tbe Hands of Time "Giussippi"-Stage Crew 2, 33 Camera Club 21 Stage Club 2g Chess Club 3, 4: Diamond Sports Club 3. '55 -1 'TE U 1,-JV If all-5 . ZANZIG. RONALD , sf H.: I'll Always Remember ' "Ronny"-Hi-Y 4, Band lg - P.A. Club 2, 51 Camera Club , A 2, Checkers Club 31 Round ' ' ' Table Club 4. - X Y -- .,,., g v ,,'i :z f: N 115-I 325907 We, the seniors and graduates, will for- ever cherish memories of all the wonderful friends we have made and the countless good times we have had during our years, as the first class to spend our entire high school career in Euclid Senior High. Page 49 4 Senior Snaps I I Page 50 ,, 3 A WF' 1 Rm 192555 ' ,Vi Eoj -41 if pf Q JNL 0 " +L: ,2'-Lf"-:dai fr . '..- . N- -I -f :'C'w.,., " -f fff' 3.6 E., A V i ..q,,.3iE: ,I 1 -L f , 'v 0.x-,... 5'g"1i'11k1, "'-5 . 'fjflfzy ,, i 1 ,ff 1- ' V yy ' 'RQ 9 Ii. T I 'wx ,- 51 'Qagp 11' Q ' - f', .- -' 1' -T, 2-D. L --avi' -"nil, ' ' . Q' fy ' -.2 na... V 1 1 jf',? -K -., ' 1 ' ' 2 hw. Q11 . Y ,.,,,m . 1 , P? 1 " 1 , 1 U' Q' 1 l W. 1 1 1 I I 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 I I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I ,1 E uniurs Ob. that I were a 1mz11."' -SHAKESPEARE T, -I UNIOR B O Pu lllfc uf lncfpnmfulf , Spun f.II"l' 'ttllllfa V Juniors 'r FFICERS Ronald ,Inmnkn Vifillium Schneider Marilyn Muehl Judy Dimvomlie JUNIOR A OFFICERS Premfwzf , , ,- Ronald Son l'irc-Pre ',1' Maur , ,Ronald Luccheo Suw'u1l11'y , Marlene Milmelich 'I'1'u.1v1nw' , Janet Dyke Patty Arnold Stephen Baltus -lack Barone Richard Broz Thomas Carney Donald Carroll Joan Clayton Ann Corlette john Craig Bruce Davidson Gloria DeNeower Janet Dyke Robert Dyke Ronald Fifolt Xvilliam Fischer -lack Kelley Russell Klawon Shirley Kollar Robert Krause Alice Kusar Ronald Laccheo Louis Laddis Marlene Mihelich Donald Miller Ronald Muhic Wfallace Nido Sue Parrill Richard Nunnally Margaret Pierce Bruce Presley Phillip Richards Michael Santon Geraldine Snyder Ronald Son Edward Speed .v-5 3','.N i Q 7 73 75 it 4-fy -D . v -.3 Q 5 M A ' 1. -J ' I A . +2 X f 4 i . . A I -fs! 7' T' 8 A ov 75' ,, 32 'ng' 41 . F 14, " 2' .A 5 .s 'K 'f EF E .,- .-... 1 , 1' J 1 1 f' " Q' F- ,,.-1, 'At V' .A ,F 2 A A X 5 7 V V fr ix A -X 1 'I 1 N ,,,, 75 , ,fr - ' 3 .bf L 'gn fr , n' fi v QC R is I i l l k D , A " .A i A ' "' r P' --T' .. r IL A l I .I frr 'Z inf ,fe 'vs cw 8 k-S '25 FZ' ,a V -' Q' ,P 1: .S - :ny Nl if., v 'Q ij1l.i i if I -1: ef R " ' ,. - x Q. 1-9 HQ, I . .V V f fr- -1 f Page 55 A er'-5' F- A rf 1-. f-:ff .. :as " 3"',f 5 .21 B J .7 .33 T? 'Rise' lit YQ-57 . 1 Q. . . 'V T Xl' n ' ii . 1 A X 7.553 Vi "iw in yn cw ta 6 - 12: 7 K f x...- ' ,Q ii WX .1911 ' Km Kg 13 5 ' e. h 7,55 .. R. 5, I N . ii l D L 67 'A W D72 J., ,Q Yup! 5 . 1 -V lg-i,' ' 'if ll it fl ' liffi f ' e 1. x A - ,A , . A , A ,.. 43 M, A-. B ' ' ' ' -. X l I D f"x Z l A 1: 4 p, ' ' ff M-Q. vu 1 "' ' ' 2' f , 1- A ' l AVA' n 7: 77 L'-,T 3 ' It : lui, -:9 n'-3 " .t.. - j N vw' "v i Nfl. i rim f X L fly, 5 ., f""'z4-55' " 'ri A, T A7 3 y 'J li' lr A ,IV A 1 ' If C7 ' , V-4 -. 7,4 Mx 4 J f 4 ' I 1 X ,' joseph Starmiin joseph Sullivan Joseph Steed Gerald Turner Ruse Marie Valencic Carol Wrigrier Richard Wiislibtirn Mildred Wtmrley Burlmra Zales Louis Zupanic Ronald Alwlmtt Fred Adanmwicz Rinlmrd Allur ,Iimn Andcen Kenneth Anzells Rita Atrun Mary Lee Bdlwniuk Lucille Bailey Alun Baker Evelyn Buldassurre Joyce Belles Arlene Balint Carole Ball Michael Bann Willia ,lean Barney ,Iudy Barnhardt Donna Barrett Robert Barrett Robert Bartlett Willigiril Bartlett Connie Bates -Ioanne Bauer jiunes Baverz Bruce Beaudry Richard Bear Carol Beck Robert Behnkc Shirley Beldin Elaine Beltz james Bentley Edward Bemsler Jackie Bernier Thomas Beveridge Don Biller Arline Blasius Charles Boldin Glen Bomhach Phil Borovic Dawn Bouse james Bozell Marianne Bmdner Richard Brennan Juanita Brew Karl Brotkman Mark Brose Arline Brown Donald Browalie Barbara Buck Philip Buhner -lean Burns Shirley Butclxe Roger Carnilly Vincent Capello Josephine Carlozzi Pat Carlson Sally Carroll Shirley Caruso Bruce Case joseph Castmvince Nancy Chuha .5 P , f, 0 ,, W i 4 855 N f ' 'VH NJ . . 3, I. 4 Vs. 1 "' . ,I . .. QA' lt 1 is ,sf -gh , .f i. lm, Q if bbw 'Q 'L W' AA :Q 'N 'in' l 4? Viv' Jigs? , . . yf fd' l -' li . ' iff! 1' Q", cg ' . Ii! ' g 3 14,-3, ! , X' Q ,, gi fi' H' n .3 . sq, 3 l ix 'ff " 5' 1 I ,,,,.,.-f y. a ,-,ze fr .1 .5 "" if V ff l S31 in 'Q :neil G 47-iw V V -2: at t 'A - l vs' Q i , r' , I x 1 fi l If :fe eh 3 4' V, C V. -4 X tx f : ,fa W , N A y'Qr .,3 as ,. ,K 4 ""'!s W 'I ' Q, rx X, C , 1 1: f ug. fx - -A '27 ,f 'N 1 A SN 3 ' 25 f V A ft, b , A-it rl l ' 1 Q 9 9,52 f: :A 77 x S G r ri . 11 ,, ' . Xl 5 4, F 'Fil Q56 1 , t . ,bg ff o A .A 1-5 U V 1 " A . i ,A 'ix i 12 -is n Page 5 5 , ,x .Sq .5 ti' I . I v e ,,. is -lima " i"ii 'Z .ffl din 'qv -A 5. X A M- 2. -is Q N vw t 1 B 1 fi' af Q y . li W we 'Y 1 'ff :J yl ' f fi i -3 'haf-C' .: ,za --1 , ' -1 I W gi .. S h 'J' fl ' xv 33 X i - l ..- 1'- 41 l Q!" ' is v 1 R 1: , I' ii ' D if' .ft ' -S .EFX 9 W' A 'M C3 ,XJ IA If jx ,f J f'X 1 , 'BTV B D i ' fi 1 I At "wx .f f V' fl if 'Q' . I , -1 i A ' 1 I x i -7 .5 1 a PHSC - ' F? ge' I l 'I A 'Ii' Constance Clampitt Mary Clarke Carol Clasen Eleanor Collins Marsha Colwill Virginia Connell Patricia Considine Donald Contenza Myron Cooper Shirley Cormiea Bernadine Corron Michael Costello Rita Couk jack Courtot Harold Crane Eugene Crego Thomas Cummings Carol Cutler Richard Cvetic Arnold Dauer Bonnie Davitl Norman Delaney Dorothy Delost Marvin DeLuga Luana Demeter Rohert DeShieltls hlutlith Dinwoodie Ronald Dobler Jeanne Douttiel Arthur Draz joan Dulskis Rohert Dulskis Otlctte Duvall Carolyn Dynes Williani Ebel Joan Eells Robert Ehas Vivian Eisler Florence Elrick Cherie Evans Tom Evans -ludith Ewell Judith Eynon joyce Farry Mary Ann Fazzan Arthur Fee Dennis Fielding Mary Fellows Donald Fink Robert Fitzgerald julia Mae Flynn Nina Ford Wfilliam Fortner Rhetta Francisco Larry Frecker Rubyann Friedel Sylvia Friedman Phylis Fridley Deborah Gabowitz Stewart Gardner W'illiam Gargiulo ,lames Gaylor john Gaylor Betty Guiffre David Glaser Mariorie Goers Carl Golinar Michael Gorden Patricia Gorjup jack Gorka 93' mtv, .. y A wa- fs '81 ' as pn. s, y em. K A c 9011! tar - A 3 ' X-es' 2 li 2 lk Q A ii,-is I Y l . 'rf fr: A , :a fr fm ' " H' , wr-:Y .' Z, ' .a X ,, -F ' "'T". --f - '-" -QA., X 1 ' 1' K 'N 3 4 'Qi' 7' nfl: 1 --I oe vm' 'li l qi i Q rd ' f f ' if ' -7 ,.,,, . ' ' i E A ."? Q Q ggalu. .- i 1 54,lf I X -Q ,f F I fl sl lf. . l ' 0 CS '-. " ' , i N'-1 ,FLY .Ia ' 5 i' ,- " - -5 ,ili My -f ry. - -. it F F i ZA gf y , N y ..,. . . .. I "A I ,, .VT A ,A " , -s f- . - F ..5 .:. 1 gf , . I f "M ' F I 1 4 ..V', V' V ' , xl ' r i X 1 . ' -"'+"""' ' ' Wil, ' l X 5 N lfgal- ' . CT' ,wg rhgt, f-3 Y' X ' 14" Page 5 I Q apo ' . 'J K", :Q 1. f .' A ' ,. 1 .A 4' 'C7 , -f 1-' Q ' , K I - hr f FR A F I . l . A . - -A YW. ., ,i .ti NVQ ii 1' r 1 x ,af ,E rr Q HE, Yfixlg., , ,Lx cf at W "Six, ' .L X1-K X b Tj -, pk ,Q I sg? if ' A 'H' "4" -i f .J V U' "Y, Q "' ga Qt' i l as ' 3,1 kiwi. x f ,Ar , f.. , Xvf, 5 ,f--B... Rb? ,W ' NA :E ,Ll ,1 ' ca- -41 , me r Q . 4 L jig' , fl A ,J , La. I MJ! f , s 2 rg I 4, xi' u A f,, gif 4 ,Q gy V-, 1 ... 1 'A V. J , 5 Rt' " ,Q W w,,,,h',e J' X .V . , l J ' V 5' ':,.- ' : 2 A " - " " -is 1 K' .g. --5 A V ' -- V7 ' 'rv ' my I r I 14,4 K1 V . , W 557 ' , f ff a ,' ' . . , I 7' it cz sf:-'V 97. , .. ,, Pl nv 5 ' , E . , , .gif I I f -rl .'sf'Y, Pat Gross Frank Guarino Willianm Hagy William Hall Mary Ann Hallack Williarum Hammill James Hanna -lan Hanna Joanna Hanson Clytle Hart Mary Hassink Barhara Hazen Esther Heinrich Ernest Henkel Roberta Herman Sonya Hcroltl Marleen Hoilart Barbara Howartl Leslie Howard -loan Hutltllestone Glen Hughes Doreen Hutton Kathleen lngraham Sally Irons Dale blames Carolyn hlanke Myra .lerkic Elizabeth jevnikar Frank jirovec Bernice jokela Davitl -lohnson Rnnaltl 'loranko Betty Justus -lamcs Kalin Robert Kane joseph Kantner Richard Karlinger Joseph Kaurich Joyce Kellam Anne Kelso Gail Kibhy Marilyn Kline Ray Knapp Louis Knezevich George Koepplinger Frank Kokos -loan Kostelnik Genevieve Kotnik Gerald Kotnik Larry Krauter Max Krecic Karen Kreinheder Patricia Krome Marcia Kuchara Thomas Kunkel Tony Kure Ronald Laseak Carl Lasinski Kenneth Lasko Mary Edith Lebok Patricia Letferts Arlene Lengel Margaret Libby Joyce Long Glen Long Marilyn Lovett William Lux ,lean Lyman ,loann MacDowell Donald MacKay ...nv y L-N rv 1 rv is A R f--s dr" -Lee ia l fo '- ...J 19 nfl'- .J 4 : ,Nggfa 'A ' U .Ji X X '7v 41: if .,, 5 fl fl ' W is ,gi Y rg 4 'x I-9 .lv Ay 2 4 pt 5: w .J ' 1 A .3 sry ,--Q 4? aaa ..a :T .V .i :i 3 U 1 'file Lf- 3: 'TP FS' al N,.x " i 1 Q " el r ei f I . , fa I h " lv- I F a? fs. :D -J ll ' A D -U ,i . 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YD yn -, L ' I, Tay , ,,, .4 I I 1, l A 1 1' I' k Charles Reier Wfilliam Rice Lenore Richards john Richmond Gary Risley Robert Roach Paul Rogers Shirley Rojecli Eunice Rose Howard Rose Steve Rosic Dan Ross Donald Runo Thomas Sabbath Marleen Sahec Laura Jean Samsa Robert Sanders Edward Sanron Robert Schaertl Carol Scheerer Geraldine Schmitz Willialn Schneider john Seleman Edith Sherrill Kenneth Sims Patricia Shrewsbury Constance Sieker Marily Skiff Gertrude Skrobot Sharon Sladek David Smith Roland Smith julie Smith jack Soll Sue Spangler Rosalie Squires Marcia Stark Clyde Stapp Beverly Stevens Thomas Stevenson David Stinson Ray Stills Donald Streck Patricia Sullivan Donald Sustar Eleanor Sutherland Sally Telisman Otto Thomas Theadore Thomas Donna Thompson Robert Thornicroft Rithard Todd Frank Toplak William Trout Geraldine Turk joseph Turkall Allan Vendeland Dale Vencl Carol Verhsky Donald Vicic john Von Hof Thomas Walklet Emily Wallace Gerald Walsh james Waters Rosella Waterwash Mary Louise Weir William Weiss Edward Welling Willard Wertenburg Cl' 01' in P 'lg , 'i IS 5 YQ QJ .sg 1' Sm J 0 A 'X T f 76' 7' sa ' " K f if" '-v' fig' if' '17 r DQ T' x ix A.f,u,A ' f' . 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Spring Green . . . beating Heights in basketball . . . Hi-Y-Friendship Formal . . . Student Council elections. l'1qf fo Susan Wettrich Donald Whiteside Kenneth Whitloyv Barbara Whitlow Richard Whitney Donald Wiech Ruth Wilk Edward Willianis Josephine Williams Shirley Willianms Bridson Wills Richard Wohlegemuth Kenneth Wuchte Betty Yanchar joan Yarbrough Mary Louise Zahler Gary Zanzig Richard Zgonc Iohn Bezasky! .. M x AUM im.. , . N u af E X .f N . l I b ' ophnmnres "Even so it was with me when I was young -SHAKESPEARE CLASS SPONSORS Srzzmr Mr. Bruce Graham fmzifn' Mrs. MLlfg.1fCIfC Hcintz Sffplmmwr Mr. Amlmny Vuccnriello P f6 Class Officers SOPHOMORE OFFICERS Prerirlezzf S ,H , W, ,George Opalich Vive PI'L'.ffIZ7L'llf 7 , 7 ,M Wjoarrne Lacey Sc'U'c'l4lI"'l' ,, 7 , 7, ,Barbara Janke 7'l'L'rl,l'lH'C'7' , Ray Leber Yr f -- , . ,.,,,4.,,.,pifj, -1 Dennis Adams Wanda Allison Carl Andeen Gordon Anderson Richard Anderson Rose Marie Arthur Harvey Austin Fred Bailey Thomas Baker jeane Baldassarre Donald Balogh Mary Bambakakis Sandra Barish Benham Bates William Battenlield Carol Bayer Shirley Beale Lois Becht Janise Beifuss Dale Benrhimer Phyllis Berardenelli John Bernacki Arthur Berndt Joan Bernhardt Celia Berns Shirley Bicliley Robert Binder Audrey Blanc Robert Blansett Geraldine Blazek Deena Bohn Marcia Boldin Marjorie Boldin Irene Boyce Barbara Boytim Judy Bradley Bernadine Bradner joseph Brawner Phyllis Bremser Marilyn Breslcvar Richard Bronkall Barbara Brown William Brown Richard Browning Louis Brozina Howard Brubaker Mary Louise Bubonics Florence Budan Marvin Burkholder Maureen Burns Doris Burr Joseph Burval Paul Busch Lee Bush Maureen Callahan Shirley Cameron Joan Campbell William Carlton Al Carlson Carol Carlson Richard Carney Barbara Carpenter Paul Carr s lk, 1 J F i., fha in I ' . , -, - " r-- W V" ' -if 2 'f 'i W' ' N ' r X' ' 'y ' - , .ssivlji Xie, 1 4 1 'ks j ,F , -IH' 'I 2 L' All if-A A E i s iw 'ffii rt: gr' 'xr a N rr 1 fr A A - - , vs 'J' , T 'rf ' na ' 5' 'S nx- V 1 ha, 1 "' -' M A 4 hs To .fc A M x uf f " I N 5 f ' 1 ,- L. if. ,iff 5103. lf, ,wi a- fi-I' 1. 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A V lf' ' ff "ag 4 I", I 'Z' -.L ,S H ' 1 5 t X -I ,wr-Q - - , 1 F ' , D ' . if-"' I' fmwli " eelifsoo uouoo C15 ,,, 1 Thomas Carroll Bruce Cartwright Anthony Caruso Betty Cefaratti Gerald Champa Roger Chapman Carol Chlopeli Anilee Christie Dolores Cipriano james Coffman Eileen Considine Joanne Corrao -loyce Cramer Vincent Criado Audrey Crooks ylames D'Amiuo Patricia Dansizen .lean Daus David Davis james Dawson Angela DeCapua Peggy' Delaney blames Deleese Dorothy Dennis janet Dickerson Robert Dietz Angela Diliranco Forest Dixon Lenore D'Onofrio Barbara Dorn David Douglas Lawrence Downing Michael Dragas Audrey Dranse Andrew Drotlelil Barbara Early janet Eiher blames Eiehenherger -laniee Eldred ,lack Elliott Marilyn Ely Eugene Emler Madeline Esposito Warren Falwian James Fairthild Donald Falk Christine Fasio Charles Fensch Noreen Ferris Donna Fifolt Marlene Fischer Marge FitzPatrick Regina Flack Robert Fleming Sam Fleming Kenneth Flitkenger Stephen Floeke Russell Florentine Ronald Florjantit Audrey Foerste Thomas Fouser Richard Frech Ramona Fridley 5 4-s-A,--,, --.,C ,, , ,,A --M J Richard Gale Robert Gallagher Richard Gallier XVallace Gallier Donna Galloway Charles Gent ,lames Geram David Gerland Dolores Germano Charles Gertz Rebecca Gibbons Carol Gielink Robert Gilchrist Gale Gleitz Harry Gole Curtis Gordon Shirley Greaves Delores Gregorek Lois Gruhn Robert Gulic Richard Hadley Joanne Haight Donald Hale Coleen Hall Gail Hamilton Nancy Hansen Neva Hansen Ronald Hanslilx Carol Harper Donna Hartzell ,lohn Hauser Sandra Haw Ronald Hazlett Myrna Headington Dennis Heeter Patricia Hegedus Robert Hencie XY'illiam Hensley Myron Hill ,lohn Hocevar Charles Hoetle Arthur Holdren Patricia Holler Helene Holsltein XY'ilberta Holub XVilliam Horton Agnes Horvath Arthur Hrovat Robert Hulvat Chris Hummell Frank Hurka ,lackie Hurless Frank Iafelice Josephine lafelice W'illomany Inman Robertann Intorcio Mike losue Geraldine ,lacksa Gerald Jacobs Barbara .lanke Mary Ann ,Telco Barbara jenne Howard Jerabek . ..n 1 ' .-. 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J? 5 J' p .- 7 L, -5 , Qgmw, ' 1: .. 3'-' ,JSR " Q' 3. M I F- 5 is-J it Q W ' X ' , -fe' ,. 2 'lin I i , ' Q 5 W ,V ,,, h A V N. .IL .,j F' 5" 3 .lim U" fl g 5 a 1,1 Q ' is 'L 1, fl . - Yi i 'X 1 ,X ,X A , lv y' ' L , '4 , ' 'i ':,- 1, h X , taffgujf I 1 ' 4 n' l. ' ? .six " 0' " .' ii' . U' i 4 jf' 49,10 ..-fr' 'K P N.-0,2 ,J L "' 2 1 .J , i A , . -:fl D Q, R i lr m, ,ii f 1 , ,Q 1' ,. HEL 1,-f " 4 ' ji Z t ...J gr .Ev i y ' X f A! ,., . , ,, is :if a ,.i CA' Q, -M . N f W, ' Z-if "" ,' X y " .ll V A .11 1 I f ' ' .. i 'CQ' ,173 5 .-1 ' Z3 I I J, W! D ,fr A Q ' k' , ' 1 i L L - if i""- lx '-Y 1 f 4 if Q i-if , , 0. v-P fa, 15. 1 i X A .ik ix-7 1 in ri ' EJ: , Q i ' Q - ' J. W 1 , 'ik Julia -lerabek Merle Johnson Gloria jones Vera Kalasky Dennis Kehn Dolores Kekac james Kellam Kay Kelley jack Kern Marilyn King Joan Kingsford Carol Kliendienst Barbara Klima Lucy Anne Kline Par Klosky Sylvia Klug Nancy Knaus Sandra Knerr Douglas Kollar Richard Kornblum Martin Kosteinshek Janet Kovach Kenneth Kozel Bernard Krotine Lawrence Kuehn Robert Kula Donald Kump Arlene Kunchik Donald Kurti Margie Kusar Joanne Lacey Betty LaMacchia John Langdon Tony Lanza Phyllis Lapinskas Ronald Lapinskas Carl Laubler ,lack Laubler Ray Leber Marilyn Leutbecher Edwin Libby ,lean Lindner David Lindsay Marilyn Lloyd Patricia Lockwood Hal Lohse Elaine Lokar Donna Long Williani Long Rosemarie Lorenz Edwin Ludvili Henry Luetkemeyer Donna Lyon june Marchione james Marcus Doris Maria Carol Marolt Ronald Marvar Donna Mason Carol Mathias Patsy Mayhew Patricia McCarthy Donna McCumber L LJ Robert McDermott Paul McDowell Thomas McFadden Charles McGuigan Thomas McKibbin Harold Meier jerry Mercurio Margaret Meymann Cherie Roe Miller Kaylene Miller Kenneth Miller Patricia Miller Ruth Miller Doris Miskoe james Moffat Nancy Mohler Mary Kathleen Morgan Donald Morlock Nancy Morrow Carolyn Mosall .lean Mutchler Ronald Ernest Myers David Nelligan Lynn Nesbitt -lanet Newman Robert Newman Lawrence Oberdank ,lean O'Connor Aloan Ogilvie Raymond Omerza .loan O'Neill George Opalich .lack Orcutt Annette Orlando joan Osborn Sally Palazzo Janice Panty Martin Papes Michael Papouras Franklin Paratore Ronald Park Richard Parker Constance Parr .lack Paskins Mike Patete Peggy Patrick -lacqulyn Peck Gerald Pederson Mary Pemberton Nannette Pennoyer Kenneth Perovich Gerald Peters Arthea Peterson Evelyn Petrofes Mildred Phillips Arthur Picciotti Janice Pleitchwait Robert Porter Carol Potocar Mary Ellen Powell Ronald Queen Robert Ragborg Thomas Rahz so P '- Q3 1 I lf- e-N l A IN A ,s i X 1- if T' Ot' "bb" A 'z 5: H ii D . - - ., . . M h J - ,N , ' V 4 I , A .1 n, 3,1 if Adi-J I lg I w . et c it . t 4-if R.-Q R , ff 'Qt ,1 TN " Us Q " is n lv. J -X -ts 3, swag Q' is 1 . P . -6 I A v .1 ul' t 1, QT fr , y be . 'f f Hifi QR, S 4' lr V' 4 , 3 5' so if A 'XS am: in 'Er ' asf? ' P? ,L fa " 'ff 1 W P ' :fy . km 1 X W ' I' X - 1- ,N ' ,, 4 N' -.Pa ',, , P " 'C i.- W- in ., fi an F I ,x , .: -, V ! - 'ia C Nj, 'lj' GTI' , , 1 i ,I Y-7 . 1 Q - It ' f 7 .ma I V l .i vi i fabux' hun-mt i R af is "6 Q A-'1 F V I ASF. 7 - V f W 'D L T N T' ,E ' W 'I ,Q I K. in N-aw, 2 5. P V'-5 ': ' 's .r I 4 A . fl A A NU A jr:"p' I' x VN' - if ees we N ' ' at A ' fe :L i ,g r f - -' i A ' ' K' rf! 7 ' ji' ,- l f ' X ' ,f A L. I Wa X 1 xl V I g - fl.. I eu if 'Z ,ttf :lg gl, 5, fl x-QR 'V gr 5 A .44 Q! -K ge ei K it ' .u J " " jr F ff' - P tm Q cgi' . . P4 lv g f- YN ' 'f' - 'ff 11- 7- 1 ,.' .. ' 1- X in R, 010 Q e' F f M 1 fe ' -Ji W-. -, ,QQ all 21 J .,4w'fp, t ' My , R A ' ' -..M W fi, K, Yi-,Ik ,,z, i ri Page 71 ,Q 'Vx ae. A 5 'T L K P c K fy, ff " ' X gr 'il' 2.32 i r 4 J I - 'iv Y N l L als' Biggs ,- V' y - - ,x - .X lt is , .,' 'F' ' y " ' I ., ' J, ,Ji JN Q I Xi' 'Cl ri f -A i A J if S fi! K if ef xi f i , I' '1' 1 -..T fb fy, 'bvfs : 4: -i ,Q T ff? '- ' , 5. ltlf i ,S J 1 ' . -val, li. j,Q N ' ' Q I gg: 1 ft 'vs 5 ,, . ,j X J is j , 1 f i , I - . 1' L'.v.i 1' -'R 'fri l S , fc. . if 'lx ' A ' JI :fin , V.,. .Y f in 5.5 ' ,Q . N ,-l -5 It .- A 0 .gmt Ks Qwv- Mx k sh Q ' 1 Y ea- f' s N r 5' . 'fl lfw QF" K" ' a., . ll. """ 7 v.. Y 'Si is ' -3 if "5 T A f. A4 -, if iii ...,f Q 2 "M F F' -S v . , ex fi 'R gi -3 Cl S A-fi ,AT -, 'IQ' V K. N ,v-3" I Q i':, s-SQ -- ,,. ---. , i I , , 2, . 1 :lk Q. l Q xi rv .Fa . Eg I in ' if ' U ya nl' is T 1'-3.573 Z . ,nl . 'V ' 'fr 5 - i ,'."A in . . 5 ' '-e " Q.. I --i l K I 1 ,K Y 0 if 'xx -ALE. .L i 4 2 is . S JS , Marilyn Rauth Kayann Reeves Leonard Reiter Leo Rice Ruth Rice Nevin Riley Charles Rittenherg David Roberts ,loan Rufener Robert Sandman Doris Sanger Willianl Scharlau ,lanet Schlauch Marilyn Schmalz Paul Schmidt Grace Schuler Richard Schultz Robert Schwartz Sue Schweizer Edward Seaman Richard Secondo Richard Shahovsky John Shannon Russell Shawke Al Sheppert Harold Shirk George Sirn Gayle Skerritt john Skinner Christine Skodlar Donald Skranc Robert Slonalcer Ronald Sluga Robert Smalley Marcia Smaltz Barbara Smith Bonnie Lou Smith Bradley Smith Janis Smith Ralph Smith Rohert Smith blames Snider Beulah Snyder Patricia Sodja james Sperl .lean Spice john Stanley Carol Staples jack Steele Adam Stegh Thomas Stokes Edith Stone .lack Such Richard Swetel james Teegardin Anthony Tekancic Patricia Teklinski Willianl Tentler Graham Teschke Dolores Tewell Ted Thomas Chauncey Thompson Frank Thompson Thomas Thompson Nancy Todd Thomas Tomc Louis Tortoric JoAnne Tumbry Susan Tweed Robert Ullmann Frances Urankar ,lay Valentine Carol VanScoder Joann Ventra Vincent Ventra Ray Vespe Nadja Vidmar Dolores Walensa Richard Waid Mercer Walklet Charles Walter Alan Walton William Warholic Mary Watkins Kenneth Watson Marian Watts Geneva Webb Gary Weir Carol Weisert james Welsh Willis Weyandt Gloria Wheeler Wayne White Lloyd Wilk Carole Williams jane Williams Beverly Wilson Robert Wiltshire Donald Worthington lrene Yakos Gerald Yarcusko LeRoy Yeary Patricia Yoger Mary jane Yopko Victor Zaletel Anastasia Zayatz Charles Ziegenfus Leonard Ziegler Mary Lou Zulic NS' 'S v. , AS , 1 I , . 5. P' T' ..:: ' .A x 1? K 551 ,Q W 515 .A .1 W- , U .FV G ,A Fl ju L .N 5" . N 6 . .. IDA 4 e cv t' " ai . 1 Y igzx .f - ' ' A af . riff - ' . Gif'-, .. -.ov . ea sy ,fl I , Q ,., ,A ae V F 53" .., .Q 5. .A 4 W ... ,,.SK ,.--- f jk? QF .1- ':',l I 72"-Ch, .if J,- fzif' M ' 75 4 " " 'f 'F if if is 'fi 51 ' L L Qu- " 1' qi. 'D 1- f- 5 J -rl iii.-K .f .K -' F' ' . 1 ' 1 :its 7' ,fx if: " f' 27 l 1.2 7 Y' AV' , ,TS I if A Z A T? 'lg rg, e yf V ef' ik, fd I. V Y Yv,,f . il .. 4 A X5 'fi t 15" if 2 E 1' . s 'S l tat J i, x iw ia l ,. 'T fn AM- ,M fbi A g' V ij- ' eff! 'l 'b -6'if,x Q ix . '7'r I:- We, the sophomores of 1952, will al- ways remember . . . looking forward to being juniors . . . getting used to E.H.S. . . . the class party that wasn't . . . the basketball and wrestling tournaments . . . cramming for final exams . . . Johnny Rae . . . report cards. Page 73 Underclassmen 1,3 '1 11 I1 1 1 1 I 1 1 I 1. 1. i 1 1 1 1 ,I 11 11 31 11 1 I 11 11 11 I X1 11 11 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1! 1 1 1 1 1 I -1L...f,n...-,.,,.,,, .hn- H8868 "Ill lllIfl1l'6"S iufiuile book of secrecy A little I can read." SHAKESPEARE M n. 'ev Witli our present-day speed in transporta- tion and communication we can, and many of us will, set foot on foreign soil after only several hours of travel. People everywhere are now our neighbors, and to understand them and to help them understand us is an urgent matter, for world events have put America in a position of leadership among nations. Graduates are reporting that their foreign language study has, in some cases, so in- creased their capacity to serve their employ- ers that they have received promotions and wage increases as a result. Likewise, military personnel stationed on foreign soil have a distinct advantage through the knowledge of languages, and, with a large number of young people destined to serve in the armed forces, language study has become highly practical in this new way. A variety of activities, such as songs, games, short plays, and occasional motion pictures, help to prevent monotony and in- spire interest. Letters are frequently ex- changed with foreign "pen pal." Some stu- dents have continued to correspond with foreign boys and girls long after graduation. A few have exchanged gifts back and forth across the oceans. In this time of world crisis, when the United States so urgently needs the genuine friendship of other na- tions, no better channel of good will exists than that of the reciprocal friendships of American youth and the youth of foreign lands. This is the best type of diplomacy. Foreign languages among which French, Spanish, Latin and German are taught at E.H.S., can be used to personal pleasure and profit, and to the greater service of the nation. The Social Studies department of E.H.S. has many specific objectives in addition to merely having students learn facts from a book. The study of the various phases of the social study curriculum helps a student to acquire certain attitudes and habits of schol- arship, both for his own sake, and for the sake of practical utility. He learns the use and application of certain tools such as the adequate organization and composition of written materials that are useful in school and after the period of formal schooling is over. Through the study of such famous thinkers as Socrates and Thales he develops original thought through appreciation. and by becoming acquainted with the principles of government, religion, and social conduct which furnish the origin of those under which we now live they understand better our modern day problems. To encourage the highest type of citizen- ship in problems dealing with government, economics. religion, and race whose solutions depend entirely upon an intelligent and un- derstanding attitude of all future active par- ticipants in American democracy, and try to develop those qualities which will make for a most intelligent citizenship is not these least of the goals toward which the social studies teacher strives. The encour- agement of a cooperative spirit or an atti- tude of tolerance and the appreciation of culture are two added incentives added to the list of advantages. An appreciation for culture means respect for music, art and literature and the part they have played in our civilization, not that every person taking social studies need be an artist, musician or sculptor, The last and, perhaps, the most imoortant benefit derived from the social studies curriculum is the training in research and interpretation the student receives while studying source materials for the purpose of interpretation and evaluation. This then is the strong basic platform upon which the social studies department begins to mold Euclid's young citizens. 9 A ,XX -ff . Auf Ng' E... Ad , ...X 1-.---b v- Page77 l . t " f ,. li l'1nlalxmt.,,,i 47 A ri, . ,, ,, 7 .If ..,. .gay ls-3' vb J ..-. , ' R L ,arf A knowledge of the various sciences is extremely useful as well as being rewarding. In almost every profession there arises a need for a knowledge of scientific principles. At Euclid High the program of scientific study which is offered to all students is a varied one. Physics, the science which deals with mat- ter and its ability to perform work, includes the study of mechanics, heat, light and elec- tricity. It has many ramifications into other sciences such as astronomy, geology, chem- istry, biology and medicine. It is not so much a science dealing with matter of en- ergy alone, but one that involves a study of the underlying principles which operate in this universe in which we have our being. Horticulture is the art of growing vegeta- bles, fruits and flowers. In its most exten- sive signification, it includes the cultivation of esculent vegetables, and ornamental shrubs, a knowledge of which aids the home owner throughout life. Biology is the study and knowledge of living beings and organized matter as dis- tinguished from inanimate things or inor- ganic matter. The course includes the oriin, structure, development, functions, reproduc- tion and distribution of plants and animals. Chemistry is that natural science which treats of the composition of matter, the changes produced in it when subjected to peculiar conditions such as heat, pressure or light. It deals more particularly with mat- ter and includes the determination of char- acteristics which serve to distinguish one substance from another. This in brief is Euclid's science curricu- lum. It is serving to give students a brief glimpse into all phases of scientific study, and is preparing them for professions and life. We all enjoy being challenged. Mathe- matics fulfills that desire. Our department offers: Shop Mathematics, Algebra. Geom- etry, Trigonometry. Shop Math will enable a student to pro- ceed in any kind of shop work, or any other skilled work involving tools, for that matter. Many shop problems involving algebra, geometry, and trigonometry are solved. Algebra is the foundation of all math courses following it. Witliotit algebra there would be no calculus. lt requires on the part of every student extreme care and exactness. Geometry is a study of the more common shapes and forms in a plane and also in a space such as polygons, prisms, spheres. The principal aim of geometry is to train stu- dents to think clearly and logically and to give them experience in expressing them- selves orally. Trigonometry is mainly a utilitarian sub- ject but is absolutely necessary for those who contemplate advancement in science or engi- neering fields. The students get acquainted with mathematical tables and the solution of right and oblique triangles, All of the courses in mathematics except shop math are a necessity for the student entering a career of engineering or science, The need of mathematics in tool and die work, tool designing. and machine shop is beyond questioning. Advancement is rapid if the individual is skilled in mathematics. The courses of math are sufficient for all the skilled trades in and out of industry. As well as for a foundation for further mathematics in higher education. F 'UL'l'!I'l'll x- Page 79 Physical Education The physical education program for boys and girls is perhaps one of the most im- portant in the Euclid High curriculum. Its purpose is to develop and maintain physical etliciency, establish desirable health attitudes, develop permanent interest in recreational activities, sportsmanship and a sense of fair play, self-control, poise, grace, ease and self- assurance. The various seasonal activities are to help students learn rules of the games, to play skillfully, to become a more intelligent spec- tator and promote fine attitudes of sports- manship and teamwork in addition to devel- oping a respectful attitude toward the deci- sions of officials. The program includes held hockey, archery, and basketball for the girls and tumbling, relays, softball, and track for the boys. All students may participate in the swim- ming program at least once a week. Groups are divided according to proficiency and the beginners learn the fundamental principles while those who are more advanced study diving and work toward a degree in life- saving. Water polo and other games are enjoyed during the recreation periods. One class period per week is devoted to education in the care of the body and the way it functions. Fundamental instruction in first aid is included in this course and all students are required to keep a workbook of the various subjects studied. A definite part of the physical education program is the intramural games. Both boys and girls participate in the inter-class bas- ketball, volleyball, and baseball tournaments. ome Economics The Home Arts Course offers the high school girl the greatest success and satisfac- tion both now and after she is married. At present our courses are limited to the foods laboratory and the clothing laboratory and to a single period, one semester course called Home and Family Relations. In the foods laboratory the girl learns to be a clever hostess, or a perfect guest when she is invited out. Girls place and arrange details for a party, for the least amount of money. While learning to place and prepare foods well, she learns to eat wisely, to im- prove her health, ligure, and complexion. ln this way she improves her appearance and pep. Here is a course boys could well advise their girl friends to take. Not all persons have time to make all the garments they wear, so girls are taught what to look for in buying a dress and how to get the best value for what she pays. ln the sewing laboratory girls learn how to look their best through a good choice of color and design. They learn to care for and repair clothing. Many of them make a childs gar- ment. ln this way they get a well rounded experience to prepare them for buying or making clothing when they work or marry. Girls and boys taking the course called Home and Family Relations may use this credit for Home Arts or Social Studies. Here they learn how to get along with their families and how to meet the problems of married life. The Home Arts Department ollers courses which prepare a girl for the greatest career of her life-marriage. lt might be well to elect such a course in the senior year in the College course. Girls who are unhappy in their present course should talk over their problem with the dean and plan to take such courses as they will use daily when they marry. 'inf . M Q if X V .mv ' ' ' lla g4 Pagebl A Pa ge F usic The music department offers a wealth of opportunity for the student talented in either vocal or instrumental music to express him- self in this vein. There is an opportunity for all, and both popular and classical fields are touched. It is possible to be a member of one of the large groups such as Choir, Band or Orchestra. It is also possible to be a member of one of the many small ensembles sponsored by the department. Even more important than the music which is learned is the sense of social re- sponsibility developed. The fact that he is a member of a group and that others depend upon him is stressed to the members of a musical organization. Thus he meets a situ- ation which will be constantly with him in later life. Opportunity is presented for the youth of our school to appear before the public and develop a sense of stage presence and poise. This too will be valuable to him in later life in other Helds than just music. Naturally a desire to play or sing is stim- ulared, and it is hoped an understanding and appreciation of the finer type of music is developed. But, far more important to the minds of the faculty of the music depart- ment is the development of the individual boy or girl, into a good citizen of the future. Commercial The students enrolled in Euclid's com- mercial department have been given many privileges and advantages through the ap- plication of the old adage-"students learn to do by doing." These pupils have obtained much valuable experience which will be useful to them in their lifes work. The commercial department at Euclid High School. which enrolls a large percentage of the student body, consists of two divisions -the regular commercial and co-operative commercial. The regular commercial course offers an opportunity to learn within the school, while the co-operative commercial combines this with actual working experi- ence for compensation outside the school. Our commercial department prepares stu- dents in three different ways: 1. For their life work. 2. As an aid to those entering other occupations. 3. As an aid to those students who will enter college. Students attending college find their busi- ness training useful in taking notes during lecture periods, typing term papers. essays, etc.. and for obtainlng part time jobs. Boys entering the United States Armed Services have been finding their business training ex- ceptionally helpful. The offerings of the commercial depart- ment include Business Information, Type- writing, Bookkeeping, Shorthand, Business English. Business Math, Business Law, Cleri- cal Practice and Business Practice. 'N",...f. S- 4:-q ,ig 1 1 Page X S AL- -I Indu trial Art Generally speaking, the Art and Industrial Arts courses are designed as nearly as pos- sible to provide instruction and experience basic to the vocations and avocations repre- sented in our school, shops, and craft rooms. The industrial arts subjects as set up are not intended to prepare anyone for a specific job such as running a drill press or becoming a specialist in repairing automobile carbur- etors of a certain make. The instructors try to give a broad background in the subject, to develop basic skills peculiar to the field, and to teach cooperation within the group. The general art course is given with the idea of providing as many different experi- ences and types of work as possible. This in- cludes all kinds of painting and drawing, craftwork and ceramics, lettering and design. The craft course gives more specific instruc- tions in ceramics, enameling, silver work and plastics. There is also a course in lettering, poster and window display work. The printing course gives the beginner a chance to learn to set type, run presses and design layouts. Advanced students set up and print the school paper and large pro- grams. The general metals course gives ex- periences in bench metal, sheet metal, art metal, forging, arc and gas welding, and foundry. The machine shop instruction in- cludes work on metal lathes, milling ma- chine, shaper, drill press, grinder and the use of precision measuring instruments. Automotives gives the theory and practice of the automobile with a chance to work on the important parts of the vehicle. Auto driving is the standard A A.A. course which prepares a beginner for his operator's license. Mechanical drawing is valuable and neces- sary to a future engineer or industrial work- er. Our course teaches the handling of draft- ing tools the understanding of drawing sym- bols used in the machine trades and archi- tecture. The proper work habits are stressed and advanced students go deeply into archi- tectural or machine drawing. The wood- working course is valuable to anyone who would like to use wood for constructing furniture, models, or craft projects. The use of hand and machine tools is taught, along with the preparation and finishing of wood surfaces. Stagecraft is a specialized wood- working course, with the emphasis on scen- ery construction, stage lighting and proper- ties construction. ngli h Used in thinking and communicating ideas, a skillful use of language is necessary for every intellectual endeavor and most social relationships. Through many experi- ences each six-weeks period, Euclid students continually improve their reading, writing, speaking, and listening, helping to make better citizens, to become successful in their life work, and to live happy, well adjusted personal lives. ln English. students develop their ability to read varied materials, to interpret ideas, to judge the worth of what they read. Reading American literature and that of other coun- tries contributing to our culture helps stu- dents to interpret their glorious heritage. to develop sound attitudes toward various phases of life, and affords sympathetic under- standing of other places. people, and times. Such reading fosters self-understanding. The need to understand human nature and to improve human relationships has never been greater than it is now. All English courses include frequent op- portunities to speak and write. Through these experiences students develop the power and desire to express themselves effectively, to use appropriate diction, and select and arrange materials for presentation to others. Besides increasing ability to think and ex- press thoughts students learn to listen sym- pathetically and critically and thereby be- come more intelligent viewers of plays, tele- vision, listeners of the radio, and readers of books, magazines, and newspapers. In addition to courses which all students take. many elect more specialized courses in speech, radio, dramatics. and journalism. Euclid students engage in interscholastic speech and writing contests, speak in weekly assemblies, and write for the school publica- tions, the Survey and the Euclidian. fr Page 85 A ...I h ,X X, .Nui v Q I . 1 A well-rounded high school curriculum offers an outlet for each students varied in- terests. Such is the program offered at E.H.S. ln addition to every possible advantage in the fields of the arts and sciences, courses which flavor the schedule as Well as provide lcnowl- edge that is not easily obtained from a text- book are such things as crafts, where projects in plastic and metal are created, and the auto driving course in which students learn traffic laws and the correct way to handle an auto- mobile. Even the finest curriculum is weak unless the student is afforded study time and sources of information. Our efficiently-operated library with its wealth of new and varied pamphlets. books and magazines is conveni- ently located on the second f'loor and accessi- ble to everyone in search of facts. ln addi- tion to the library during study periods, an honor study hall or one that is faculty super- vised, offers each student a quiet place in which to complete assignments or catch up on his reading. Jvn. USIB L11ll'd u'illJ mznzd of sweetest 111cloa'y." -SHAKESPEARE -1- 1 Concert Band ... - i.- , d-V . K w WL.. . .- ,. - 2 tl! v .- I 1 YI Liriilstroiri. I, XY'ellin,u, Cr. limerith, li. K.1lbcrer. ljrm.uriin,u. Run J--K. Smith, R, Lupinslcds, P Richards, bl. johnson, D, Morse. An outstanding group of musicians with ii varied program of activities aptly describes the Euclid High School Concert Band. Under the direction of Mr. Dale Harper, the band helped to give General MacArthur a musical welcome on his visits to Tapco and Graphite Bronze on September 9th, The Concert In Swing held on january l5th featured the Top Ten Tunes as chosen by Euclid students. Band members staged an excellent per- formance with their clever dramatizutions of the latest popular songs. ln addition to several concerts tit local fac- tories. the XY'inter Concert held on March ZS. the Spring Concert held on May lo, and the Dis- trict and State Band Contests were maior projects of the band, The social calendar of a Concert Band member included several roller skating parties and the gals. Military Ball held at Cleveland Heights High on November lOth. Since the majority of band members are line musicians in their own right. it was no surprise that many of them ranked high in the solo and ensemble contests held on May 9 and IO. w.xxXx ... --- --. ,vw--ra-r . Mr. Mitchell, Mr. Teeters, Mr. Harper. Mr, Clark. Page S9 u A S Capella Choir Rffz. T--H. Heril1e'y'. il. Drtndrea. li, li. Mosthell, R. Todd, B. lXlcCulley, V. Menill, xl. Sullivan, S. W'ettricl1, P lfridley. D Bouse, Nl. Doiittiel. Kun Q4,l. Myers, V. Connell, li. Beltz, A. Brown, R. Pae, D. Miller. B. Monnett, B. Dyke. L. l..1dd1s. M Nluehl. .-X. Kelso, M. Kutlmra. Run 5-P. Carlson, M. Geddes, R. Xwalensa, A. Bal-zer, T. lfvans. D. Carroll, C, XX'.1flilDN, M. Givers, bl. Blanc, S. Carroll. B. Stevens, Rim 4-D. Barrett, S. Tclisman, S. Butlie, Ql. liellam. F. Hienrich, S. Gardner, lf. Ham, R. Laecheo. A. Sowden, S. Spangler, M. Dowis. Ron' 5-P. Palm, M. Stone. C.. Melienzie. -l. Silverman, R. Geist, XV. Nidu, Q. Dynes, S, -lohnson, C. McNellan, G. Glenn, Miss Tompkins. Rr ri It-yl. Bren. K. lngrahant. B Kirk, M. Martin, D. Richards. D. Streck, yl. Alirovec, M. Zahler, L. Payne, C. Hartzell. Rt-:. '-CL. liihhy. M. 5ls1rl,C. SNX.llflxll.llDL'l', hl. Aldred, N. Vlerlxit, A. Aitken, D. Thompson, B. Cotran, L. Margo, C. Gardner, R. Arran. Une of the must .ietxye lll'3llt'lIllZ.lIllJIlS in the BOARD OF DIRECTORS rntisie department in 1951 was the A Capella Choir. ln addition to singing .tt Baccalaureate and fommeneement. the ehoir traveled to Tapco on Deeember Zllth to du six shows for the Titpco employees. As .i rexx.ird. they were served it turkey dinner. The same night they xxent to the Terminal Tower for .1 half-hotir shim. They participated in the Lake lfrie l,C.lA!LlC liestixpil whieh was held at l.or.iin in Mareh. and the Spring Concert in whieh rhey featured xpiriutis folk songs. Perhaps the most zmpressne progrim xms the .tnntml Cihristmas Proerdrn in xxhieh the thoir presented many ldlllllldf edrols .is well .is .i pageant .incl sacred zrusie Rua' I-B. Kirk. W. Nido, A. Aitkin, B. Carano, A. Sowden P. MeNellan. J. Dondrea. Rau' 2-J. Bentley, M. Geddes C.. Swaekhamer, B. Corran, D. Todd, S. Spangler, B. Dyke Miss Tompkins. l 1 1 The orchestra rehearses for the mid-year Commencement exercises. The familiar sounds of instruments being tuned issued forth from the Band Room three days a week as the Orchestra tuned up for its seventh period practice session. An indispensable part of the success of those days, Baccalaureate and Commencement, which are significant to every senior, they played the tra- ditional "Pomp and Circumstancen as the graduates filed into and left the auditorium. The practices were also in preparation for the annual Christmas Concert which was held Decem- ber lSth, the Lake Erie League Orchestra Festival held at Euclid on February 9. and the Orcthestra contests in which Euclid participated in May. .JI it W ' ft .. .A , . fs, . sf, . wg 4. .,. . -M ' Q. Run' I-D. Miller, -I. Douttiel, B. Mansperger, H. Scholpp, E. Kalberer. A. Dransc. Rott' QA- T. Baker, N. Hansen, P. McDermott, S. Knerr, D. Allar. J. Carney. D. Plesnicar. D. Mansperger. E. Libby, A. Carlson. Rott 3-R. Knapp, S. Dirk, M. Holfelder, C. Chlopek. D, Morse, D. McKay. J. johnson, P. Richards. J. Dawson, Mr. Harper, R. Francisco, A. Shepard. 7 fm x l .igc Pl Q arching Band 'R XY'hich will it be? Turkey or Beans. This was the question asked by members of the Martliing hand during football season. Divided into two sections. the band was graded .is to the wav they had performed in practice. The scores would be tallied and the winners xvere to have .1 turkey dinner given for them by the Exchange Club while the losers .ite beans, Each week Mr. Dale Harper, Mr. Albert Mitchell, Mr. Robert Clark, and Mr. ,laines Teeters taught them new routines and good marching habits in preparation for football ganies. the NVQ-sterii Reserve Homecoming Parade and the Memorial Day l'.ir.ide, Routines included formations with lights, and the majorettes added their bit bv performing a new dance every week. At the end of the football season it was decided that every member ol the band deserved a reward for hard work so everyone had turkey. ixed Chorus Rfizi' I-M. Lloyd, D. Harrzell, VI. Pliechvniir, M., D. Glizer, K. Kelley, F. DeVito, VI. Lacey, K. Wlatson, B. Boytim. Roz: Qfff. Kleinkleinst, VI. Miiuliler, VI. Selineller, R. Arthur, H. Vlerelwek. B. Horton, VI. Skinner, H. Shirk. M. Petite, M. Esposito, Miss Tumpkins. Rffzi ifhl. Burns. VI. lhiix, C. Baer. C. Carlson, D. Lindsdy, VI. Paskins, VI., F. l.1t.ilice, L, Moull, C. Staples. Run -I M. Puwell, VI. Schneller, N. Knaus, XV. Hululw, E. Lwnsiiline, F. Smith, VI. Peters, R., VI. Burns, M. Zulic, P. Miller. R011 5fVI. Braelley. P. Brenner, VI. Marlhionc. 5. Bc.ile. R. Snyder, R. Lupe, D. Davis, VI. Beifuss, N. M.1rrim', A. Petersun. Run HAM. Breskxxir. CQ. NX'.iV:ncr, S., VI. Dyke, VI. Eickenberger. B. Tentler. VI. Sperl, K. Morggn, I. fiiyue, 5. Tweed. Rim' I-C. Paola, I. Ruffner, L. Bailey, L. Baht, M. VIohnsun, B. I-Imxurll, M. B.ilwniu, Miss Tomp- kins. Run' 2-R. Fridley, C. Harper, L. Kline, E. Lelmk, S. Mggniissiin, VI. Dinxwmllie, A. Innes. 'Girls Ensemble Girls G ee lub C7 i i 3.53 I Ron' I-Ioan Myers, VI. Burns, M. Skirl, VI. Duuniel, A. lielw. RHI: 2-f L. Margin R. lirifnlvl, E. Belrz, S. 'IICll'iITlJ.I1. l-'Juv 03 musicians uf me l ,,. I 'N' HHH .' 'll ll Il au, I kallu rm 1, A. Suwdun, R. Lapilukn, rnluy, 1 .uurx jnhnsuu. li Ninllspmlgu.-r, U. Plcsuinal' tru.. uhlicatinns "I cannot speak so well, nothing so well." -SHAKESPEARE Euclidian Staff Art Editor hnicc Lindstrom puts thc linishing touthes on gi section page design as Sznior Class Editor Margie I-I.1lc looks on, klunior Class Editor Connie ,. QQ Bates tonfers with Sopho- Editor Arlcnc: Lolmr more C1355 Editor Sue ,ind hcr .-Xssotisircs Anne Broun- Spdngglfr about paw: lay- I ing .ind Im: Lowell look over mm M. I, orhcr ycdrlwooks for diflcrcnt .md timisudl idcds. fx, EDITORIAL STAFF Ishii I I I5.u1,'s, Ci. llhry, -I. Lindstrom, A. Browninlu, A. Lolaur, VI. Lowell, M. Hulc,.A, Sownlcn A, Kelso lmzz J I'. Lyiitli, I. Myers, C, S. Spangler, R. Wulcnsd, S. Murdorl, C. Cutler I3. I.oIf:ur, 5 Pringle. Run' 'I -JSI., li. DeVito, K. Smith, AI. Dugan, -I. Gottschling, R. IVILl.Iif'I1LiIl ,IC 'I"IIII1V. I -f 'J' ve' BUSINESS STAFF Ruiz I-VI. Luil-4.irt, R, Dyke. N. Cullum, .l. Cuvert. vl. Riclimunil, B. Prexley. li. Flrinlx. Ruiz If R. Suhmirlt, M. Stark, -I. Hanna, D. Pennuycr, bl. Levlmxitz, G. Stcvemuri, bl. Bauer, Vl. Eilwer. Rim' H- . Dyke, S. Kullar, C. XY'.1jll'!CI', bl. Lacey, B. Buytim, P. Goryup, E. Kallwcrer, N. Zupamic. Ruiz -4- '. Menill. R. Klmwqn. R, Son, R. Lrurhco, D. Carmll, li. Sima, D. M.iLzug.i, V. Hr.i2il. Ruiz 5- D. Sorlia, M. Mhkerich, C. Stark, C. Staples, G. DeNuewcr, K. Shirilla, hl. Bling. ,l X xr A 5'-smog PFGEPRBU IIULLIDIAN mlvigurs. Mr, Lester An- 'T gene .md Mr. Rulwerr Steele rlisuusx rhc il The Publimriiim farm, 'tm Wfb"'Pk budge'- rll. scene of .ill the Survey .mil Eueliilian Jutivity. X . P 4 A Q fi t 3' Eunlidian Business Manag- ' ' ers. Bruce Presley and Nau- X V mi Colbow make L1 list of advertisers. 1 4, - - 4 ll 11 l Euclidian Staff I Page 0 ' 1 - L l.--,. Survey Staff EDITORIAL STAFF Row 1-B. Former, A. VcmIcl.1mI, J. Bassett, B. Ggtcs, F. DeVito, A. Lukar, Nr. Gordfm. Run' 2- M. Skid. I.. Illync. bl. Dumlrm, K.. Hartzcll, S. INlnrdorI, Al, Lcvknvitz, AI. Ardxlmlll, CQ. Staples. Run' -M. Hale, If. Rcpicky, If. Lelwk, C. Wfelling, A. Sowdcn, G. Emeriulm, -I. Myers, I I'I.1I1SOfl, G Nhmirv, P. Krumc. BUSINESS STAFF rv- Yu S' E "mil a '1' I T D545 1. An' mira? lun I Mr. C.r.Ih.uu, ul. llirm-Mllc, M. Md lure, Ii. Kirk, bl. Wvwlfermlwcrg, B. Former, -I. Kotqink, PN IN5'L'IIlIll.'11C'Y Nun ..' ,,IJ,Hf1Ifun , , cr. N, I'I'IH4LCIL', Ii. I.okur, B. Munnctt, If. Komrnus, I5. Luxe, IJ NI.nrl-,yvruur. lwm 1- I.. Smplfgs, li. lnlwlmns, B. Iinyrim, -I. Lucy, C. Mosall, N. Pcnnuycsr, S. J J 'l'.A,L-gy. A. ,IHIlL'N, l., 15.131-r. ICU11 A R. funk, D. IIYUSSIIIQIII, I. M1.Nellam, S. Bchlin, -I. Ierliuni, ,I Lung, V. 51.1114-r. VI. Iurry, K. lnumh,1m. IJHN- U --S. Knllur, f.. Wfuluncr, R. flhnpmun, CI. Thump- am, K NIn.1Inuk-,I.u',',Ix.Nll I'.A Lug ll -. na, I.N.llnc1.lvr,l. X I-.xry Baskefbau 1, ' W Q ' Painesville rss.: he SUR VEY 1-mw T NU '. I'IL'I'l,IlP SICNIHI-Z HIGH NOVEMBER 30, 1951 T fd'-L Thid G N:-"YF "" QFN ' 2 t Yeor -' 6,0- QN' vocexaow a X G9 MU' ,W QXSOYS NX.X. thx- 50 TN' M. 'nom' I nip N' ,. IJ, un 3, 4 A 1 t, A N, pw Q2 1 Q A limxgy , P. ,, Y 'L ff. , ,.,.,a.u.w-K x. Xxxuivvww H- 1 w 1 -,.!.-f N. M e wx M 12- 'I Su.-XXX-mm r, NI , , W, 1- H w 1 -' ww' W4, MH A I A ""' 'W -.1 ww. eks More lmerest, '- h,,w,+,, ' 1 ' Ri.'1. ,wx s 'tudent Body s Cooperation . . . wx ram lm... ' 'ww S1 ..w. ,X , , , X, ,X ,. ' uxy- N.ww"'v' 1. w W" " nw 1,., ls v Emmons-John amen, Bob W4 ' ' "T "1 U" M W" N W :N My Guies, Allan Vendelund. 4 fhj 4'Mufv ,I ' V 1 1- rin-1 v.,r,1 W1 1 rlvlmrn " blk ala -1- -- -1 , .1 iff ffm ' I" I gs, X V5 513 'mu' V Eiwsf? uw .g Nite lx ' H"l'Kk"" '1 xg Q is . .v. N 'x I ,rf if ' fl if ,fxfxf X . Q ', 'H-3 '- . -M-Jr?-'-'. V A A J , 2522111 , 'A fi QQ- 3+ gf-Q 'f A ' '41-' 1.-W 3 , , X y Hi Q , "x,.4 r w Thv -'mf fu w. 1 W -' Democracy Speaks . '. Lmrm. '- .N ' P 1' V- -"H ' M ufiwnf ww ' ' " ' 'J' ,,,x ,, 4., , Announce Winners A ,l,y1,1lN X- , W.1"fn xemmn--, .,I5 NA.: ny., wr, ,V -+ . 1 w -X - lm- uulwivx ,,,g,.,11 ,, ,V , -N Y ' N1 X ' 1 w Hmmm-:ul mmf Wim in hwy, yi,,. , ,, , "IC rw .xml lmI1I"1IlQLuxvt .iw +I' ,N VU lmvmm-, My flu K W IM! M H HIV my 'fnlvvvr wlms mn .nn M. X QU IVV X U--xx xwllx .1 xwuz UI' Ilww, 1' J! Lx .fxpmu'Inv. Um' Mt. lm ' N59 wo' I..-fa Mr mx: gym. Mm Mt N255 VAN-I wh nun -,wx'el1tf-mu mu., 60:9 xg'-5 be1Q' lwulll ln- :Alvlv Ir HHN! ' B261 oxfgen yt. gmuwh thai i, '45 H-4 :M XN mul I " " :nf uw - im- L.-nmrwm' 1 -1-'P W- vu .- 11.u.-I1 xml! pmluxhly M- rid S C en rrlf 4' PM .I,.f.v ww 1 Y 1 ,Nt ,.v 1.1. X, ' we 1-' x, vu Mel. 'num "ull M Q .. 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Q :lm :,m.H,,1 ,H ml, , - n N W Y' 'v .Mun Vznulfiv.-lvl maui :U fflllj, S113 1,4-r 1i1X.w! -:ml :hw h1,xu-vlxig iggugx UI' Th'- WILUH NJN I,,, Smxwy, Nw 1-rlimrw ami asiviww I-, M,,,,1,I:m,w WM N I ,M , Imfl .A hun! nun- vllwm.'min'g wha: .luhn lyI1n.,,,.1, 41,4 ,IVA A HH, . . 1'-will xuym' mlmily unrl xutll, Fiml' mMIU,,n NU YM, 1k', U,,'V,!mIIH ,,k- I - , my rf-Imixlw mul 1'.n1ml:l4- wfilvm Our chapter of Quill and Scroll at Euclid High is only one link in a chain which extends throughout the United States, Canada, Alaska, England and China. It was organized with the purpose of rewarding individual achievement in the field of high school journalism and allied fields. Fifteen new members. who met the qualifications of scholarship, being recommended by their staff sponsor and having their work approved by the Executive Secretary of the national headquarters in addition to doing outstanding work in their respective fields, were initiated during a formal assembly held on February l5th at which Stan Anderson, noted columnist for The Cleveland Press was the guest speaker. The initiates were called to the platform to receive their membership cards and pins-gold scrolls embossed with a gold quill and bearing the letters l.H.S.H.S.j. which stand for Inter- national Honor Sociery for High School journalists. Medals for outstanding work on school publications were awarded Bob Gates and Naomi Colbow who were not eligible to receive memberships to Quill and Scroll. q-v ,.. 3 .c-7 ,f Pave 100 Rau' I-C. Bates, B. Fortner, B. Kirk, 1. Winlfenluerlu, A. Lokar, A. Browning. Run' JAM. Hale, nl, Lowell, Lintlsttom, tl. Kornik, K. Kreinhctlcr, M. lVlcClure. Run' ifA, Vcntleland, Bassett, B. Gates, Dinwoodic. Us iiw- QQQ uf? mr., L' :fm- , . '- .1.,.'-5. Qtr'-.laid .. . , l'.'U...fggf'-.Aa ,I H A V A f Q-.31 V kc.. fc, ' I A .gal ' f ffl' Lf A ?,1pp -.a ' wif? ' ,ff HQ - ',:'-'1-, M' A +A --'- new . E, - vsuu , . E 'filam- . I .Q . ., W. jg ..,. ' , ,Q 15113 ramatics "All tlae u'orld's ll stage, And all the men and women merely players." -SHAKESPEARE Junior Pla OPENING NIGHT CAST Directed by Mr. Lester Angene Nina Cassell - --. . Mrs. Rumble ,H Scootie Cassell . Mr. Putnam -- Tony Cassell ,, Pinkie Ames ..,. Dunk Doyle . - Bing Hotchkiss W, Genevieve jones . -. Major Todd T. Newton Todd Eula Hotchkiss Dr. Luther Blodgett Officer Ryan , ,. ,.. Billy , . , , , Rubyann Friedel nc, Myra jerkic -,,Connie Bates -H Bruce Case H.. Edith Lebok , -. W. Sue Spangler , . Williiim Fortner N Frank Jirovec Dawn Delight Bouse .. . Gary Risley .Duane Mansperger .. . . Jan Hanna . .Gerald Watlsli . Michael Costello . Richard Makman Rau I-K. Batt-s, R. Iiriedel, G. Risely, E. Lchok, D. Manspcrgc-r. Run' 241. Hanna, J. Walsi XV, lfortner. D. Bouse, S. Spangler, M. Costello. Rua' ,S-B. Case, il. Ewell, M. vlerkic, D. Barrett lf. Vlimxct, R. Makman. ' 1, .U Run' I-B. Hazen. S. Cormiea. B. How.1rtI, F. Mannion, WI. Dinmmtiie. P. Slmrewshury. M. SMH, D. Barrett, M. Iiuchara. R. Makman, B. -Ievnikar. Rim 2-B. Stevens, V, Fisler, VI, Lung. M. Bdhnit, R. Arran, S. Magnusson. M. Hoffert, M. Stark, Ii. Kreinheder. K. Brmgkmgri. Run I-I. Myers, F. Elrirk, M. Libby. S. Pringle. M. MtClure, N. Clurk, M. Saber, L. Margu, S. Frietiman, I.. Knezevith. Ron' 47R. Cnuk, A. Brown, G. Kibhy, -I. Bales, A. B.1Iint, KI. Andeen, Cf Idnkc, M. H.1II.1tI4, I. Hansen, M. Hassink, A. Reed. Run' 5-UI. Burns, A. Kelsu, A. Cnrlett, B. M.ity.izit. Ii. Hcinrirh, M. Goers, I. Iiirry, B. -Inkel.i, C. Dynes, Cf. XV.1.uner, B. Zules. PRODUCTION STAFF CHAIRMFN House Manager . Richrlrd Makmnn PubIiCity ,. .H , Miirily Shift Wfardrtdbe . Put Shrewsbury Properties . -. . - Barbara Howarti Stage Furnishings , , . . -Iudy Dinwoodie Bookholders Donna Barret and Judy Ewell Reservations , , , W Betty Ievnikiir CURTAIN CALL Spring Green Senior Pla N 1 Nl E. 3 x Run' I-D. Nwawrzyniak, -I, Clayton, C. Sruzen, C. I-larrzell, L. Woodford. Row 2-R, Valencia, C. Kdzar, D. Dosml, DI. Blanc. J. Xvolfenberg. Hou' Sili. Smith, L. Weiss, B. Kappelle, NI. Wfilliams J. Covert. Hrifx Your liu1i'lrc1l.ilnl -ycxcntyvt large lm FATI-IIER OF THE BRlDE 1ffl'uc'Ic'zf by Mr. Meryl Baumer Mr. Banks . 7 Mrs. Banks ,. Katy Banks ,B Ben Banks . Tommy Banks .. Buzz Taylor , . Buckley Dunstiin Peggy Swift . ,ns Delilah , , Miss Bellamy . Mr. Massoula . joe ,s.,,,,.... .. Mrs. Pulitzki . Red ,. ,, Pete ., Tim's Man ,B 7 Bob Mansperger Charlotte Stuzen , ,Ioan Clayton Larry Woodford ,. ,Lenny Weiss , ,B Kent Smith Dan Wawrzynink ,Carolyn Hartzell ,. Rosie Valencic Carol Ann Kazar . ,,s. . .. ,john Covert 7. , , Bob Kappelle , , ,Joyce Blanc A .,Dick Dostal ,. ,john Williams .. .John Bassett PRODUCTION STAFF CHAIRMEN General Manager . . . Publicity . .. . Costumes . .-. Tickets . - . .-, Reservations . - . .- . AlyCe Sowden Gail Emerich JoAnn Archbold Betty Lou Kirk Jeanne Wcililantl Properties . -- .Nancy Yeary Furniture . . . ,- . Arlene Lolcar Sound Effects Harold Wittlinger Prompter . Elaine Repicky Maybe you tlon't tliinlx youre in my way! Ron' I-N. Yeary, J. Archbolcl, G. Emerich, A. Sowden, j. VC'ohland. E. Repitky, B. Kirk, A. Lolaar, H. Wittlinger. Rau' 2-C. Welling, P. Lynch, rl. Blanc, W. Mlack, G. Stahre, D. Grossman. V, Brazil, B. Cartwright, R. Walensa. Ron' 3-G. Orlando. R. Lausthe, l. Suhstelny, L. Oraham, N. Seaman, C. Rouse, C. Wagner, S. Kollar, P. Arnold, R. Lindsay. Ron 'JAD Dostal, bl. Coslti, K. Moschell, j. Richman, C. Swaclthamer, J. Nelson, C. janke. D. Malaga, D. Phillips, XV. Gollwitzer, Rau' 5-E. Komraus, B. Nobbe, J. Perlioni, E. Kalherer, P. McNellan, C, Sli-rocco, N. Zupancit -I. Williams, B. Dill, D. Cameron, D. Winter. PASO lllj During 1092. the second year of its existence. the Euclid High speech department. coached by Mr. Leonard Robuck. excelled its impressive lirst year record in every aspect. Plunging into the years activities with refreshing enthusiasm. the many promising sophomore speech prospects pre- sented strong competition to their upperclass rivals in the annual Prince of Peace Contest which was held in November. Experience proved an invalu- able asset to winning as N.E,l., president and State Oratorical Declamation Champion Shirley Mardorf made her way up the ladder to place third in the state tinals. An experienced but talented lf.H.S. debate team gained valuable experience at the Wfarm-Up De- bate Tournament in Ravenna. and the excellent showing of Euclid entrants in the lndividual Events Contests at Canton McKinley. Cathedral Latin .ind Xlfadswortli turned the eyes of Ohio speech circles toward Euclid High. On February 9th. Euclid High, for the first time in the city's history, was host to four hundred seventy Ohio speech students at the Euclid Individ- ual Events Contest. ln breathtakingly close compe- tition. illustrated by the fact that sophomore Joanne Lacy won two first places and did not qualify for a medal, Massillon Wzisliington was victorious in the battle for the Sweepstakes Trophy. For the hrst time Euclid. placing second, became runners-up for a speech trophy. Immediately following the Euclid contest, the speakers began practicing for the District Contests. Monica Brown, Tom Baker, Robert Dill, Carol Kazar. and Janice Lindstrom won places in theses contests, thus qualifying in the race for state and national speech honors. From all indications, instead of being runners-up next year Euclid High speakers should rank in the top position. -s 1 vi . .if Run lil. Ijalzer, H. I-ortner. R, Pac, S. Mardort, E. Repicky, j, Lowell, M. Kuchara, E. Sherrill. Ruiz 2-A. Vendeland, R, Makman, AI. Coski, A. Blanc, j. Lacey, j. Osburn, V. Brazil, D. Maczuga. Run 4-Mr. Rohuck, bl. Richman, C bwackhamer, A. Brown, E. Lebok, K. Kazar, J. Wohland, Ml, Lindsrmm. D Buuse. Ron 4-J. Covert, J, Blanc, M. Holfelder, B. Carano, A. Aitken, P. Lefferts. M. jerl-zic, R, Arran, B. Dill. W L A l L L .1 K V s W 4 41?f??'TT" ' SX'b VXX5 CUVWBS "Be .vpriglotly for you fall 'llI0lIg5ffl'iEI1d5.U -SHAKESPEARE Page I The most important functioning student organ- ization at EHS. is the Student Council. Consisting of elected homeroom representatives and guided by Miss Pera Campbell. sponsor, the council regu- lates school activities and solves school problems in addition to aiding Euclid High by the pur- chase of auditorium door draperies, a school banner and the maintenance of n record library. These school leaders deserve and command the respect of their teachers and classmates. , .1 BlLl. NUHBK IW. -,mfr nr DAN XX'AXYRXYNl.'Xli l':.i Im i.'.itf.': Council ANNE BROXVNING SE1L'7'0fu'l'-1' LOUIE KNEZEVICI-I Trea,r1n'er I-'oil J VL., Bates, B. lorrncr. A. Browning, L. Knezevich, B. Nobbe, D, Xxfawrzyniak, M. Mihelich, K Nhirilld, Miss larriplwell, Rim JfL. Osberg, R. Ferro, B. Boytim, P. Shrewsbury. B. Gibbons, l Huiulit. I' Lioriup, V. Pierce. ,l. Archbold, L. Weiss. Ron' 3-A. Mauser, J. Coski, K. Kazar, Vl Ufmnncr, K1 limerith, P. Lapinskis, L, Kline, j. Farry, A. Lokar, V. Criado. Ron' 4-M. McClure, I W'ohland, S. Tvsc-cd. ll liiber. L. Skodlar, L. Demeter, S. Rusic, R. Omerza, S. lntihar. Row 5- 7 Baker. R. Sodia, M Michael, D. Whiteside. j. Kalin, R. joranku, R. Ferrel, R. Miller, K. Isrfrkman Ron 6- P, Perri, R Lindsay, xl. Dyke, G. Sim, A. Walton. CONCESSIONS An important project of the Student Council is the operation of food concessions at athletic events. A great deal of credit goes to Carol Ann Kazar and her hard-working staff of volun- teers who kept our guests supplied with re- freshments at the well managed concessions from September to March. HALL GUARD CAPTAINS The Supply Store under the direction of Bob Lindsay was of great value to those of us who forgot to buy notebook paper or needed a book cover in a hurry. Open every period of the day, the Bookstore or Supply Store was operated entirely by student volunteers. i SECRETARIES Our Hall Guard system under the direction of JoAnn Archbold insured visitors of a cour- teous welcome to and guidance in any part of the building. The period captains made certain every post was occupied by a competent person and the hall guards aided the deans by deliver- ing attendance slips to the oflice. BOOK STORE Ann Browning assigned two students to the Student Council Room each period of the day to act as secretaries and perform such duties as delivering messages, guiding visitors, and taking charge of the Lost and Found. These volunteers helped to give Euclid the reputuation of a friendly, efficiently operated school. Ron I-C. Bates, B. Former. G. Uhry, M. Brown, B. Mansperger, bl. Archbold, -I. Wohlantl, K Smith. D. NY'isernan, B. Cartwright, Mr. Whiteside. Rau' 2-N. Yeary, P. Lynch, M. Rini, E. Lebok, K. Kazar. A. Browning, bl. Coski, B. jevnikar, bl. Richman, A. Mauser, J. Dondrea. Rau' S- .-K. Soxxden, VI, Dinwoodie, M. McClure, M. Hale, C. Welling, N. Zupancic, S. Mardorf, -I. Lowell, Al. Lindstrom, .l, NY'oltenherg, M. Skid. Run' -AWG. Orlando, -I. Covert, D. Morse, R. Makman, If Ham. D. Mansperger. A. Baker, B. Dill, B. Lindsay, S. Spangler, M. blerkic. Run' 5-S. lntihar, Cl. lfurth, L. XY'oodtord. H. Xwitrlinger, R. Wfalensa, -I. XVoodruH, P. Letferts, S. Pringle, M. Muehl wl. Berniet, -I. Kotnik, A, Lokar. t t' I One of the most coveted honors a high school is able to bestow upon a I 6 student is membership in the National Honor Society. The 1952 installation took place on january 10 at the traditional formal assembly. The members. chosen from the Senior Class and the Junior A Class by Mr. Stanley Whitesicle, r sponsor. the faculty and N.H.S. members, must have a scholastic average of eighty-five or better and possess the qualities of scholarship, leadership, char- acter. and service. This year for the first time, parents of the initiates received letters informing them of their son's or daughters membership and inviting them to the initiation assembly. Parents were instructed to keep the news a secret so that the pros- pective members did not know they had been thus honored until their name was read before the student body. Also, for the first time, an informal tea was given in the cafeteria immediately following the initiation ceremony for the new members and their parents by the old members and the faculty. I t I r F.T. . Run I-A. Browning, M. Guip, V. Mcnill, B. Carturiglmt, P. Lymh. R. XY'.1Ism.1. Lf. Bcltz, M155 Aingworth, Run' Q-AI, Dondrea, B. Klinlucr, lf. Shvrrill, C. Vhnkc, G, Uhry, UI, M51-ri, R. Dlll. R011 3-VI. Cmki, B. hlevnilmr, M. H.1ll,1Ll-,, P. Alllxlllx, A. Sirnmmn, B. HAH, M. SMH, C.. 5Lmll.1r. Run 4-A. Lokar, D. Buuw, VI. Ifxu-ll. H. -Iukclg, VI. lilrry, A. Dnmsc, A. Dcl.1pu.1, M. Ruth, D. Buren. RAd K W 0 ? W I 1 a W . X 4 i 1 i 1 I P Club , . . . . . . , . Run I-Mr. Xagcarxcllo. la. Repxuky, L. Butei, B. HJII, 5, Mudurf, A. Nnuicn. -I. Izwcll, -I. Lind- 7 7 srmm. Run' -4A. Reed, A. Melkcrsun, N. Ycnry. S. vCf'illl..lI'l'lH, G. Turk, X. Picmc, P. Lcflcrrx M. Hussink. Run 9-I.. Murgu. B. N41ty.1zaiL, D. Tlmmpwn. A. Millnr, U, Mislmc, R. Hugqn R. Kapclle. Run' -4715. .lukcl.1, B. UURHW, R. Rl.lllN1WIff.!LL'l', D. Culmmmxxiu, bl. P.uwr.1llu, If. Guurinu F. Miller. -, ------f--- - Y - YFY1 Hi-Y l Qu! Rsgaf'-Lir.xl1.1n1 Testliltc, Dxtk XY'.l5lllWLll'l'l, Fred ' 4 .irlton Lieor:e.Don.1ld hltnstus. To create, extend, and maintain throughout the home, school, and the community the high standards of Christian character-this is the purpose of the Hi-Y organization. The open- ing of Hi-Y to all boys resulted in 11 much larger club which necessitated the formation of chapters. Each chapter elects its own officers and aid in the selection of the Inter-Club offi- cers und council. Club activities in 1952, under the direction of Mr. john P. Kuhfahl, head advisor, included community projects, the nn- nuul l-li-Y Banquet and the Stardust Ball, annual Hi-Y Friendship Formal. Ron 1'-Ci Tcsthe, ff Cieorlue, li Ham, D. Justus, R. Washlwurn, B. Kirchner. Rau' JAG. Frey, lx licsslcr, A. Rec-l. D. Nitcum, A. Sherrill, D. Wgixx'rzy'niak. Run' 34D McK.iy, G. Long, D,, li f.irm-ron. f . Whilrcrs, li. liushonxu. The Cavaliers under the leadership of President Fred Ham, Vice-President Dave Glazer, Secretary Bill Trout and Treasurer Bruce Case promoted attendance at basketball games by selling tickets and sponsoring a student-faculty basketball game. Euclid students who enjoyed the dancing and en- tertainment at the Casbah the second Saturday of every month should direct their thanks toward the Knights led by President Joe Justus, Vice-President John Bassett, Secretary Jerry Silverman and Treasurer Gil Frey, "You vote, we tote." This was the slogan of the Counts who acted as chautfeurs and baby sitters in order to enable voters to go to the polls on election day. Chapter otficers are President Skip XY'ertenberg- er, Vice-President-Treasurer Fred Miller and Secre- tary Bill Kirchner. The Lords chapter of the Hi-Y. aided by President Dan Vifawrzyniak, Vice-President Duane Mansperger, Secretary jack Dugan, and Treasurer Bruce Abbott. went to Tapco and distributed cards to the workers who had donated blood to the Red Cross. The proper manners and correct attire at school affairs were demonstrated by the Squires in an all- school assembly with the help of President Carlton George, Vice-President Ed Speed, Secretary Dick Miller, and Treasurer Ed Bessler. Y-Teen The Y-Teen or Friendship Club, teen-nge brunch of the Y.W.C.A., has three chapters at Ii.H.S. Miss June Mueller heads the sophomore chapter, Miss Mary Wolverttmn the junior chap- ter, and Mrs. Beulah Wilstmn the senior chapter, and Miss Ruth Vermillion is the director of all chapters. Vlhile attending chapter meetings and joint club meetings, girls gain experience in working with and for others. The Cabinet, con- sisting of the chapter officers. plains the meet- ings und arranges committees for such events as the Stardust Bull und the unnuul Hi-Y Friend- ship Formul which wus held February 9. Rust lfN. Xup.inc1t, C.. XY'elling,AL3. limerith, N. Yeury, P. hhrews- lu li Nl w rx, . . t1r1ll.1. Ivtu QfR. lrietlel, M. Nltl lure, P. Sullivan, hl, lllonner, li. Gibbons, H. lfibcr. :Av ' in 1 I lt it I -Al. l.uil1.rrt. R,, M. l.aMntchi.i, -I. Mapes, K. Shirillu, N. Zupuncic, C. Wfelling, l lmcrltli N XVLAIX Nl limp R111 l V 'l F W 1 I. Dontlreu, B. lxhnger, R. Dugan, Ly. htuhre, P. McNellun. if Cflc-uri. K. M.innion, M.XV1.-ir,A lot1es,ilwI. Mihelich. Run' SWL, Osberg, G. lJeNoewer, L. PRIYIIC, l r t Huff cll, D, Koxpitlu, Ci, Hott-v.rr, M. Brown, P. Hurley, M. Rini, R. Haus. Rau' 4-K. Cour o, I f 4.1, f Rouse, I , K.11.rr, lxn.c.l1flNUbll, R. Ferro, N. Ufiineer, Cf, Sbrocco, -I. Pcrlioni, N. Seaman. 1 lvfin J V-I5 Iunucr, lf. Murtliiorne, M. Holfeltler, P. Miklus, D, Hamrich, M. Geddes, A. Huston, lin- i X l5r.if1I, IJ M.it1uL'.r, H, l' Run I-C. Bates, M. Kuthar.1,.l. Bales, A. Miller, R. Friedel, P. Sullivan, M. McClure, C. Balinr, E. Collins, S. Magnusson, M. Mitch. Run 2-bl. Andeen, V. Cunnell, C. -Ianke, E. Ruse, E. Sherrill, M. Weir, VI, Myers, S. Friedman, M. Colwill, P. Shrewshury. Ram' 5-E. Moser. S. Willianis, G. Turk, K. Peck, S. Caruso, B. Stevens, S. XYf'ettritk, C. Cutler, R. Couk. -I. Burns, R. Atran. Ruiz -4-M. Hallack, J. Hansen, B. jevnikar, M. Klein, G. Kihhy, M. Zahler, B. McGowen, M. Stark, -I. Hanna, D. Pennnver. S. Ewell. Run 5-V. Mayer. P. Goriup, E. Manniun. B. Howard, S. Telisman, N. Chuha. L. Richards. C. Clasen, M. Lnvett, -I. Dulskis. Ron' I-J. Kotnik, B. Xlifhitlow, M. Bahnic, -I. Long, B. Buck, R. Wilk, P. Raney. P. Rady, -I. Bauer, M. Salwet, K. Kreinheder. Run Jw-J. Yarbrough, M. Bradner, M. Hassink, F. Elrick, S. Spangler, M. Muehl, J. Burney, L. Demeter. DI. Dinwoudie, A. Kelso, S. Carroll. Ruiz' 3-M. Clark, M, I-lolrlart, G. Skrobot, E. Sutherland, G. Myers, S. lrnns, E. Wallace, S. Sladek, M. Libby, L. Margo, B. Matyazic. Ruiz' -J-C. Scheerer, M. Skill, D. Barrett, DI. Smith, C. Clama pitt, E. Beltz, J. Powell, j. Percio, B. Guitlre, C. Dynes, J. Bernier. Run' 5wP. Fridley. B. -lokela, j. Furry, P. Consitline, D. Brouse, -I. Ells, L. Bailey, C. Verhsky, B. Corron, A. Lengel, D. Thompson. Run' 6-S. Pringle, B. Yanthar, S. Gardner, C. McKenzie, P. Palm, K. lngtaham, J. Huddlestune, B. Stevens, 1. McDowell, J. Lyman. Juniors Page ll5 L. Sophomore Y-Teen Q .0 .f .. l.?-..1,lvk2: Roz: I-M. Zulic. li. Petrotes, M. Blllitlfllfi, A, DeC.1pu.i, 5. Beale, C. Bayer, C. M.irolt, D. Wdl6HSll, K. Miller, -l Kouth. P. Miller. Ron J-vl, Ugilvie, L. Betht, rl. Mutch'er, vl. Smith, C. Staples, C. Parr, il, Sthneller, G. ,lone-s M. Ulohnson, M. Powell, rl. Giniplwell. Roz: we-D. G.illow.1y. M. Phillips, l. Yukos, K. Morgnn, P. Mgiyliew, H. Holl stein, M. XY'.1tts, P. Pittriclt, D. Ciprmno. ,l. l.ifeht'e. Run -4-S. Berisk, R, Miller. M. Boltlin, P. Yoger, M. Boltlin D. Mason, -l. Sehliuth, B. Dorn, P. Duntizcn, bl. c.l'.lI'llCl', -l. llltlrctl. Run if-l. Panty. A. l"lUI'V.1Il1, D. Mcliumber N. Yielnur, K. Kelly. N. Morrow, B. Alanna, gl, lfrcth, lf. Loknr, G. Skcrrett, Kf111'GfA, Dmnsc. D. lfifolt, W. Allison C. Kleintliemt, ul. Sim. M. lclito. P. Deliney, 1.. Kline. P. Meryiimn, L. Nesbitt. N. Yopko. Run' '-A. Blanc, G. Blazek D. Lyon. P. Sotlla. P. 1..1pinsk.1S. R. Holuln, P. 'l'eklinsl4i, L. Dllnotrio, P. Holl.1r, E. Smith. '1' Ivan 1 All ff, wiflvl f--P. Mt! .trthy, B. Cnirpcntcr, li. Petrolus, nl. liihcr, B. Gihhons, nl. U'Connor, C. liizio, K. Reeves M l'cml'err-in, M. Snmltv Run Q--A. Birtlmlx, lf., rl, Oshorn, B. Boytim, D. Bochn. rl. Bgiltlusgirrc, 5. Plum A fhrixtiu, ll. Burr, D lxl.ll'I.l. Run wg- M. Fisher, S, GrcveS, M. lily, R. M. Arthur, G. Hamilton, L. Grohn, N ,Nl-iehler, f f..irlson, IJ. lit-unix, K, P.irr, nl. Mutahlcr. Ron' will Miller, A, Dillrginto, if. lNflutl1iuH, A. Orllintlo, D ficrrintrio. ul Sthncllcr, P P.itriel:, ,l. lumlircy. M. 5Ll1I111llZ,l5. Miskoc, M. lfitzputritk. Run' 5-M. lfsposito, B. Early P .Nl.iyht-v., I NXQ-isurr, P. lmlgxxoo-l, Al. Munliionc, ,l. lnitcy. C. Mostill, M. Ruuth, ,l. D.ius. Run' 6fN. Pennoycr M XYl'.ivl.11w., l l5.irnh.irr, f . Slgofllnr, ll. Wilsiiri, D. lcwcll, N, Totltl, 5. 'l'wct'tl, P. BL-mrtlinclli, li. Consitlinc, Movie Club 3 Aw Rffu lil.. XVsvudfwrJ, D. Glazur, R. Furrcl, -I. M.nwr1i, Mr Halley, Run ffl? MLNell.m. G. Smhrc. .-X. Mlllcr, F. Shcrnll, If. Ruse. 5 -I-whnwn. Run 4-5. Bcldin. C. Bula, M. Hmxink. M. Srunc. A. Huston. J. XY'ulml.1n.l. Rm 4-W. Himmfl. T. Tlwm.15, M. Krcuc, 'lf Stokea, B. Carlton. Stage Crew Rffu I-N. Eixuhmy, B. Flynn, D. Justus, C. George. A. Tapassi, P. Snhmitr, -T. Atwood. Run 2- F. Iafelne, G. Hummill, A. Smmlxcr, T. O'Durmell, C. McGui,:.m. D. Lupo, Mr. Case. Page ll a j 0 rettes fl TTI ' I I I Y- " 5 ,. , , 4 Ill! In rflqlwf--I.111iLc Limlstrom. Ioan Luilxart, Par Lynch, Anne Browning, AI.met Wfooklruff, Icam BAYIICY, M.1rg.xrcr Lilvlwy. Conniu Clnmpitr. Gloria DcNocwcr, Gloria Smllre, Rosie: Mannion. ajorette Club lfflu I I l,lllI'..ll'l, if, IJQN4-cxxcr, A. HIVIXVHIIIVLQ, R, Mannion, II. Limlstrom, I Wfooglrull, C, .Igmlcc I I' ljllfll, I ltnrrncy, Mass l..4is. Rfm -- I. Fra-ch, YI. Lldyron, M. LilvIwy,.C,, Clampitt, I. Amlccrlz f ll.mfc-ll. I lxosvclumllu M, lmlmcr, f.. Staples. Ruff I K, Muller, FI. 'lumlwry, AI. lNlf1rLI1lonc, L. 'w1.nln.r,, I S4lllll'llL'T, 41, Ioncx, l', Cioryup, lf. M.umion, li, Hunan, R011 rr-F, Lokur, 5. Twccnl, I Ii AIIAYI, I.fJu1Ivx1g,l. Arr1ol1l,h. Kollllr, lx. licltz, L. D'Unolrio,4I.U'f,ol1nur. C eerleaders II fl ff, LJ! lu rfglvff-Iu.1n Clayton, Lois P.1yne, Carolyn Hartzcll, Rita Dugan. Rmic Vulcmn, 'hun Dundrm. egaphone Club Run' I-R. Dugan, R. Valencic. J. Dondrea, C. Hartzcll, L. Payne, B. David. Run 141. Nutchler. C. Parr. C. Stuzcn, xl. Cl..1ymn, R. Miller, D. Germano. Rau 3451, Zuln. QI. Oxlwurn, Nr. Puhnw, E. Petmfes, D. Dennis. Page H9 ey Club Rm I-B. lfwrrner, B. Bates. B. Que, R. vlorariku, L. Wfinimrlfcnril, K. Smith, A. Sherrill, XV. Nolwlwe Rffzz H . J-R. lferrel, A. Kurs, M. XV.1lkler, C. Gent, Nl. Perrofes, G. Sirn, L. Weiss, R. Browning.: Rive. Kffzr ifbl. Sehneirler, li. Sehule, D., D. W'i1wrzynir1k, D. hlgilaga, D. Wfhitesirle M. Mirlmel. L. Ye.iry. Swim lub "pf in lil' l.'.,., ' I XU,r,H,,t. l I,-ii.-411. C. l'lirx, M Krerii, K. Kelly, C., K.1z.1r, W. Green, W. Kirchner, l' lrif.-:rl w Nwiiulf-r Iwi, ll XY'imer, N Ixldpiiuwm, A. Melliersrin, R. Ablmtr, B. Newman. N f.irr-ill f Lif.:1-iilii.. I lliirlvllewrfim-, rl lprmliilil, A, Aitken, f. butler. hl. Heftel, R. Waslmlwurn. l l'f4gf, U i Red Cross Council ir-' rj. I 4' Ifhl. Clmki. XY. lfnrincr. S. Girilncr. Mlm Lemon. Kula' Q-S. 'l'xwLwl, B. Diwrn, QI. XVilli.1ms, F, -limvci. Senior Cabinet Run' I-A. Christotl, L. Omberg. G. Emeriuh, li. Smith, M. Hale. A. Kim 236. Smhrc, B. Cartwright. N. Yeary, Al. Nelson, B. Kirk, A. Sowiicn, B. Gilmore. Rim 471, Umlmin. C. Stark. V. Meriill, l. Perlioni, B. Alwlwutt. L. Rattini. Run 4-M. Kapldn, D. Ferrsl, D. C,1incmn, Al. Schneider, Craig. l Piuc' I I I . :K .. z,....-,. V - Y Mi? f"""" ' ' P. . nnouncers Q i? Q X41 Y so if Run .'-bl. Brxlcs, D, Kil-rdk. A. Brown, G. Urlamlo, C, Swackl1.1n1cr, E. Sherrill. Run I-Mr olwurk. S. Q.wrmci.1, B. XY hirlrm, B. Boytim, M. Geddes, J. Ri-,hm.1n. Run ?-M. Holfclller, If lc-lwok, P. ldrlsmx. Al. Dyke. C. NY'.xgncr. ,l. Murchlcr, ,l. Douttiel. Rum 4-li. Krienlncrler, M Dul.1ncy, M. l5clu,:.x. R. Phillipx, H. XY'l1ittlin4uer. R. Kappelle. P. . echnicians -v'v, ' -"f-fwv -,-,lf-A TO 0 .nl - n lm, J K Rlfmlmll. I. 'I'flpl.ll., H. XVlnirl1n,ucr. A. IDFAZ, li, Luc. B. lfitzlucrulrl. Run' 2-Cf. l -'..l-lll.1rm'r, I l5unrlc1,. ll fhrldmlfl, ly VI. Gaylur. Run l!B. VUL-iss, B. Slmclull, G l lf.-ll.l1, ll Y'Q'1rw,-r,XlC' Cmllxurfcr. Nun A4--.l.W!.llNl1, N, Pctrik, D. Primm, G. Zrnmilu, lf. liramcly TRAVEL CLUB . . . The members of Mr. Peter Badham's club are fortunate, indeed, to be given an oppor- tunity to discuss foreign cities and countries with one who has traveled as extensively as our English exchange teacher. WORLD AFFAIRS . . . With the affairs of the world as critical as they are today, the discussion of international problems, under the direction of Mrs. Helen Stewart, is of ever-increasing interest and im- portance. Each March the club participates in a mock U.N. meeting at Western Reserve Uni- versity. DRAW AND PAINT . . . Mr. Fred Vollman's club affords budding artists an opportunity to improve their ability and experiment with new techniques in addi- tion to working in various mediums such as water colors and oils. ROUND TABLE . . . Under Mr. Stanley Whitesides supervision. the members of the Round Table club discuss current events and local, national, and inter- national policies. POISE FOR BOYS . . . Not wanting to be outdone by the girls. a group of boys with Sparky DiBiasio as their instructor organized a poise club to learn and improve upon manners, good -grooming, and other social assets. Iubsi DANCING . . . For the novice dancer, this club sponsored by Mr. Nelson and Miss Mueller is a great asset. Each Wednesday two representatives from the Fred Astaire Dance Studios give profes- sional instruction in all types of ballroom danc- ing. PINOCHLE . . . Matching wits and card skill, Dr. D. V. Smith's eleventh and twelfth grade pinochle enthusiasts have had many amusing experiences while attempting to improve their games. BIRD CLUB . . . Witli Mr. Clarence Eckert's assistance, stu- dents in the Bird Club learn interesting facts about the lives and habits of various birds. RED CROSS . . . The Red Cross club, under the direction of Miss Edith Lemon, sponsors many worthwhile service projects and has become a permanent part of the club program here at Euclid. BIOLOGY . . . Sophomores interested in biology have found in Mr. joseph Mayer's club a wealth of inter- esting scientific knowledge which they could not obtain in the time allowed for the general biology course which is offered to tenth graders. I l l l U . tl l ll I l l I l . CHESS . . . The interesting and challenging game of chess is taught in Mr. Nicholas Price's club, thus giving aspiring check-mate champions an op- portunity to practice their skill in a sociable atmosphere. KNITTING . . . Knit two, pearl two, slip one are common directions which the members of Mrs. Lillian Barrow's club attempt to follow as their balls of yarn grow smaller and sweaters, argyles and other knitted articles near completion. BRIDGE . . . Hearts or spades, bid or pass, are familiar questions asked by the members of the bridge club which is sponsored and coached by Mr. Norman Thompson. CHESS AND CHECKERS . . . According to the members of Mr. Fred johns' club, there will always be a need for practice in chess and checkers, two games which require much skill and intense concentration. PINOCHLE . . . It is with great enthusiasm that the members of Mr. Anthony Vaccariello's sophomore card club participate in their foursome and twosome pinochle games each week. Ki EMBROIDERY . . . Discovering that beautifully embroidered linens are invaluable to every homemaker, the members of Miss Lucille Aingworth's club are seriously plying their needles to hope chest additions. HOME NURSING . . . Miss Bieberle teaches the members of her club the proper way to care for those who are bedridden thus helping members gain practical knowledge which will be of value throughout their lives. GEM HUNTERS . . . Under Mr. Ira Stubbart's guidance. the mem- bers of the Gem Hunters Club are rapidly learning and putting into practice facts about the art of cutting and polishing various gems. PING PONG . . . The sixteen boys who practice improving their ping-pong game in Mr. Al Galicki's third period club seem to find these hours of relaxa- tion spent away from the girls most enjoyable ones. PINOCHLE . . . Mr. john Reeves offers interesting new point- ers in the fascinating game of pinochle to the eleventh and twelfth graders who belong to his club. MUSIC FOR FUN . . . Strains of popular music issuing from the choir room each Wednesday' indicate that Miss jan Tompkins club is in session. Everyone who enjoys group singing is welcome to join al- though the club was first organized for those who were not able to include music in their regular schedules. CRIBBAGE . . . Wliile attempting to improve their cribbage abilities, the members of Mr. M. I. Gordon's club obtain expert advice and instruction from their sponsor. FUN WITH SHORTHAND . . . Mr, Edmund Mize's club proves that school courses can be fun if approached with correct attitude. The student members have spent many enjoyable hours improving their commercial abllities. SCIENCE . . . Mr. Leon I-Ieinlein's club opens a new door to scientific study and research for students, some of who enter contests with projects that they have begun here under the supervision of their sponsor. CHARM . . . The club sponsored by Miss Wilma Gillman for the benefit of senior girls offers numerous lectures on personal appearance and include such topics as clothes and posture. 1 1 i N Q -14 ' h ilu . .P- ,f if-fl fag V fb 5.3. S Q PUBLICATIONS . . . Under Mr. Lester Angene's guidance, the members of the Publications club successfully planned and edited Euclid Highs first literary magazine. They also discuss compositions and select entries for various literary contests. MYSTERY READING . . . An entirely new type of club was introduced by Mr. Robert Steele this year. In addition to reading mysteries, the members have planned several interesting field trips. DIAMOND SPORTS . . . Early conditioning and expert tips on base- ball tricks are offered to prospective stars of sandlot and major league ball diamonds by Mr. john Pohto. Most members of this club are members of the varsity baseball team. FIELD AND TRACK . . . To boys who are interested in improving their prowess on the cinder track, Mr. Ford Case offers pointers for speed and mileage plus an opportunity for extra conditioning in prep- aration for team try-ours. CANASTA . . . The ever-popular game of canasta occupies the members of Miss Louise Darst's club. Every Wednesdtiy students from all grade levels at- tempt to draw one or two red treys or succeed in getting a natural so that they are on the winning team. k!'6-f' N u ETQEYJ 'W""'1" ' , irls' ports "Da11glJiers of the game." -Slaakexfreare Girl eaclers Girls with no lipstick, straight h.1ir. .tn-.l unmatched ftmtw e.1r me.m ills! one thing-"the white suit .intl whistle hrig.itle" is imtisting new members into its ranks. Ath- letic.tlly mclinetl iunior .intl senior girls who h.1x'e met the requirements for membership which inclutle scholarship. le.itlership. tlepemlability .intl ch.1r.1cter .ire initiated each spring. A rigurnus lI'lfUI'Ill.1l initi.ttitin precedes .tn impres- sixe inst.1ll.ition. Helping nw fuster better relations between the l.LlliL' lfrie l.e.tgt1e Scliiwtals, the Girls l.e.1tlers were hostesses at it lntlsc lzrie l.e.tgt1e Pl.iytl.1i' on S.iturcl.ty. Niwember l9th. Gl..Cf. club .ictixitzes .tlsta inclutletl it g.ili1 Christmas party .mtl .1 Ruller Slmting Pnrty. A whistle hlimwing referee in ti white suit is .1 familiar slgllt on the gym tlimr nr pr.tctice heltl .rs the Girls lenders .ntl Miss llurtwtliy Gill ,intl Miss .l.l1lC l.i1is in gym classes or Ill YClL'I'CClIlg IllC lllFf.lllllll'tll SPUFIS Pl'UgI'.llll. S Q . 'Q 9 - ,'il visa: 0 , ir. f bag ldfftf H lt!! In milf! K Nhitill.t, IS. lilinluer, li. H.ill, benreturyg A. Mauser, Prcsiclentg M. Hale 'lrtqisiiret N .liilms-in, Vine Presitlent, P. Shrcwslvury, I., Osherg, Miss Gill. Rim' 2713. Lynch I Iliifl., l Iiepitly, A Nimnnit, P. Nrcy, D. Htilzmer, R, Wulensu, M. Rini, 5. Marilorf. Rau' cu ll liiitise, li. VI-il.el.i, Al Ahey, A lltistiin. vl. lJimtlie.i, ul. Wcxllenhuriu, J, Clayton, C. Stuzen, N Xiiiiiriiii ICM 1- M Mtiehl, 1. Uynes, l. llernier, A, l.i1kur, S, Pringle, hl. Kutnik, Cuslii l litlliic-ti-r I Vi'i.lil.iiiil. I l8.itnex'. l i I I I I I I I l I I I I I I I Nl . A. " .lf wg-H: V K -,l so 3 ll 2 A '-275-'Zif-I-r Nim 4'-'t.'-' 'J V - .A gr' ' -F0 -4- F " -2: J l - 'Z.. '. f H. tr-Jigga A V ii gl! A : -e f . - - ' '1v-f T i 4, v 1' gg ff ' is ,4-e-'Z f., 1- I. '-W- 0 '-if Run' I. left to rigbl-P. Palm, nl. Huddlestone, P. Lellerts, M. Libby, gl. Dickerson, S. Greves, S. Carroll, R. liriedel, S. Wettrich, -I. Wfoodrurf, -I. Frech, AI. Bennett, gl. Bauer, P. Sullivan, M. Bradner, vl. Bradley. Run' Qfhl. Kline, B. Langer, M. Brown, M. Nilielich, G. Stevenson, bl. Lindstrom. Ruiz' 3-C, Beadle, A. Sowden, G. Emerich, C. liazar, S, Spangler, -l. Archbold, gl. Lowell, G. Uhry, A. Melkerson, -I. Dinwoodie, A. Kelso, S. Magnusson, M, McClure, A. Aitken, M. Geddes. C.. Cutler, A. Browing, P. Arnold, Miss NX'olverton. How would you lil-te to "swim" around the gym during a pep assembly wearing water wings and a bathing cap? For the 1952 prospective Swim Cadettes, this was only .1 part of an informal initiation into one of Euclid Highs most important service organizations. ln addition to being co-operative and maintaining a scholastic average of C or better, these girls who aid Miss Mary XX!olverton in further- ing the aquatic abilities of all feminine swimmers must pass a difficult skill test in the pool. Because most of their class time is spent either guarding or teaching and they have very little time in which to improve upon their own skills, the cadettes have an opportunity to shed their familiar blue jackets third period every Monday and enjoy the water while participating in the required Life Saving Course. The Euclid High Swim Club, Polu Ame Kual Au Kalapu, was organized this year and served as a source of recreation for Cadettes and Boys Swim Leaders who combined their talents and created water ballet routines which were demon- strated in the Writer Show held here April 25th and lo. :ZF ' Cadettes Pa UC G. A. A. 'II1L- 11I11111.11c g11.11 111 .1 111c111Iw1 111 iq 1111- L111I5 A1I1Ic11c A55111'1.111o11 19 111 ' 1111551-55 11111 g11w11-LI 1:1151 'If' 111 g11I'5 51111115 XNIIICII .1 g11'I 11.15 c.1111c1I 1I11cc I111111I1c1I 111111115 by p.111i11p.1111111 111 5L1L'I1 11111.1111111.1I .11.'11x'111cs .15 b.15kc1b.1II .1111I xoIIc1'I11II g.1111c5 .1111I 1111I1x11I11.1I 51111115 I1I4c Imxx'Ii11g .1111I mllcr 5k.11i11g 5I1L' 15 cI1g1IWIc 111 1'cL'cINc I1c1 Ic11c1. ITIIL' LQ..-X..-X. .'X1Ix'15111y I511.111I. xx'I111I1 1111151515 uf 1I1c 1.'I11b'5 111I1uc15 .1111I 1I1c ruspculkc Ic.11Ic15 of 1411111115 5p11115. .11c 1c5p111151bIc 1111 pI.11111111g 1I1c 11111.1- 111111.1I p111g1.1111 .1111I 1c11111I111g 1I1c .11I1Iu111 pm 1 Q A K1111 I. III! 111 11ql1lfA. I-oIx.11, C. ,I1111kc. A. Simnnin, R, XYIJIEDSJ, 5. -I11I11151111. M. Hula, M. BIISIQCTILII. Run' 2-C. Dyncs, P. Rudy, I.. D1-111r1cr. M. M11cI1l. S. SIXIIIILXICF. UI. H111I1IIc5111ne, U. Duval. !111.'11111, 1111111 X111 111 1111111 I I.IIlI..lI'I, R, f.11'.1I11111.1, I. D11111I1c11, R, DL14l.lU, A. Lokur, M. Halle, J 7 ., 1..11. 11 INIIIIIUCVI, A1 111111. 1 I.y111I1, 11. 141.,111.111Q, 111111 -411 1x11NQ111n, 14. 511111111 I. 11 I11.r,,11 l1Ic1111,.-'1 I-11195.11 II1111-1.11, P. II111I1-y, M. R1111, I Mupcs, D. Hulzmur,N.Z11p11111ic. I- I1 I..1111'1.-1, N I11I'11151111, K Iir11I1111L-, C1. III11'y, YI. i.115k1, N. 5c11111.1n, B. Kirk, DI. W11If'enIwcrg, .. ..111 .II, M 411-1I111-5, N X'1Q'11111I111tI IC1111 1- M, ID11wi5, C. H.1r1zclI Ii. Rcpidxy, C, Stuzcn, N. I 11111111-1-1 I I'1-1I111111,l 5I1r1.1111, YI ,-X11I1I-11I1I, L1 Iz111cr11I1, I. I.11wcII, AI. I.1n1I51r11m, C.. ,I1111kc. Run' 5 I' 5 I1111111, I Nl,lfI,, N I'.1I11111, I. I'1r111I-., S. INI.11'1I111'I, VI. XY!11I1I11111I, R. WLIICIINLI, AI. AI1I1'c1I, I I1 .1111 If N1II,I Ix.1II11111' Rm: I. ld! fu rigb!-D. Hutton, S. XY'illi.1n1x, G. Turk. A. Lulmlr, sl. Bcrrncr, M H.1lc. B. Hall, A. Mlllcr, vl. Bales M. Zahlcr. B, Stevens. P. Fridlcy. R011 QYA. Btxlrnt. ,l. Antlccn, Ck ltnlxc. R, Yfxlcnut. M. Mihclith, N. lfnrtl. B Cotton. M. Fazzan. bl. B.1rnh.1rt. E, Lelmlt. M. Clwlxx-ill. D, Fmnxc Rffz. M-P Sllruxulwury. P Kluwer. l. Myers, M Hallack, B. Howartl, P. Gnrjup, E. Mannion. B. Hazen. R M.1uur, 5, C.urrnu.1. M Hdvnnk. P. Mtlillwlwcn. Run -4- M. Kline, G. Kiblwy, P. Sullivan, P. R.1ncy, P, Ratly, sl. Bauer, S. Spdngzlcr. M. Muchl, M Ntlwctlx, M Huthrt. rl Barney. L. Demeter. Run 5-M. Clark. M. Stark. vl. H.1nn.1. D. Punnwgcr. bl. Dlrmxxtmmllc. 5 Prxnglc, M. Llblw. A Kelso, R. Frictlel, sl. Dulslx1S, S. Frietlmtln, B. xlulxcld. Run fri-I. Burns. M. Gwcrw. C. Cutler, R. Luuk, li. XY'l11tlmx vl. Kotnlk. .l. Long. V. Eislcr. S. lrnnx S. l-lc-rnltl. L, Dynux, ,l lltrry. M. bltrnk B. Glllflftj Run N-,l. Sflllfll, G Slxrobot. K. Pculc, S. Slatlek. C. Sthecrur. G. Pcrtin. P. C-lmnllrmc, B Y.1nth.1r. A, Lcngal. K. Kftlllxllltulllf. Ql Hutltlel stone, K. Ingram, Nl. Ewell. Run S-P. Arnmmltl, C. Wltgrmcr, .l. Dyku, S. Kull.1r, lf. lilrltlx, B. Al.ify.iLlL, D llwrnpwn L. Margu. Run I-K. Reeves. M. Pcn1bermn, B. Carpenter, A. DcC.tpu.1. A. lfwrute. A. Cllmrisriu. VI. I-irmxtlm, B. Lhlwlwm, C Mufall. Vl. Dilaerson. VP. Miller. P.VP.1tritl4. ,l. Eilwcr. bl. l7lC.urmcr. Rfln 2151. Zulit, Ql. Uxlmrn. B. Yl.1nl4c. Pr B--yum C. btaples, J. Lacey. L. Parr. ,l. Hanght. G. Vltmcs. il. Mutthlcr. R. Rue, S. kxnucron, M. lib lmm, N. Tntltl. RMU 1- P D. Maria. M. Fisher. ,l. Smith. l. Yalwi. R. Miller. ,l. Bradley. I.. Bctht. nl. Bcrnlmtt. A, Blrtlmlt. D. XY'.1lcm.1. D Miskoe, B. XY'ilson, P. Lapinskas. ,l. Cramer. Run 44C Mnnr-mu, A. Hl,.fK.iIll. D. Krkat, B. Klim.1. B. ulcnnc, M Breskvar, A. Hollstein, il. Marchione. D, Cipnanu, -I. lahalite, P. Sntlla, B. Grcavm, E Lwlmr. I.. Nesbitt. Rau 5- XV. Allison, L. Kline, N. Pennoyer, A. Dranse, M. Phrllips. M. Rguth, Q. Skutllar. B. Dwrn. D. Tcwcll, D. V.1nSwtlf:r M. Burns. J, Frech. J. Kingsfortl, R. Pritlley. O 9 O Letter i nners XJ' .S-QM, Run I-G. Uhry, M. I-Lulu, A. Bmwing, C. Harrzcll, A. Lokar. Rau' 2-B. Hall, C. -lankfs, D. ll-wlzmcr, R. XV.1lcns.1, S. M.mlurf. Run 9-tl. Bl.1m, G. limcrinlm, nl. Xvuhlaml, A, Aitken. 6 6 C-3 . I ll: lki L' ff '- vs. ,I Ulm' Lf L'l1r3, N lulurmm, D. Hulzmcr, B. Hall, A. Simuniu. K. Krohmc. ff lmffllll l'.'f,rf I l-.wrml,, IT liuusc, N Npdnglcr, bl. Dinwumlic, S. Sladelc, C. Scheerer, A. ' "1 uf Nl ff.l'.1.1ll IWW --f. Lullcr. A. lmcratc, R. lfrnllcy. U. Duval. M. Sklff, J. Alclrenl, H lj',.f:.:r.. fxll.. Lnll. l 1 Girls ockey X-fx-QV ' 'fl 'X ' -- :Qgv ,t N H , x ' , ' J . . nys' parts Huvilidillg up days with foil. And nights with xleefvf' SHAKESPEARL Gym Leaders R014 I. fd! In wlqlvl-bl. Casrrovincc, L, Xwomlforkl, A. Willizlnms, K. Wfhitlow, L. Laddis, -I. Kalin T. Kurs, 'lf Gcimnn. Rfm 2-C. Bolllen, A, Sherrill, M. Paz, V. Cape-llo, E. Hinkel, D. Paugh D. Cionrcrxm. M. CQcf.1r.1rri. Run 54D. Boar, B. Nolwlw, S lntihur. B. Vigh, D. Cvcric, T. Finnc mn. l.. XY'.1lxh, P. Bnruvil, -I. Suhncillcr. Swim Leaders fl x an-L lwlu I-VH. l.curl.crncyur, j. Alkf.dIlLllC5b, B. Kirghncr, B. McCulley, C. Zia-genfus, F. Kidd, R. fxlrlrlm, H. Kmru. 161114 J- lg. bpccll, ,l. ltlirdrllll, D. Washburn, D. Winter, B. Bates, B. Spaur H Al-,nw lwu 1 I Muller, VI. V.mHwl, M. Krcup, B. Newman, T. Edmounds, F. Schule, AI. Heftel Is Cm.-on lbw 4 Mr, Cfrdnm. D. XVhntc5illc, R. Killll, bl. Dugan, D. Fresh, D. Newman. J. Peters l 'lnrncr G l 1 s n ...V ....s. T l - Q A .. A u I I. Petrofes, K. Brockman, R. joranko, B. Bartlett, B. Bartlett, L. Laddis, li Garololo, B. Nohbe, D Cxctit astrovince, wl. Nimmo. Run' 2-T. Wfalklett, S. lntihar, F. Brantely, Al. Vonl-lofl, B. Vigh, N. Cooper, N, Simmons Dyke K. Anzells, D. Vicic, E. Emter. Ruiz' 3-K. Wfatson, J. Ohnemus, L. Omerza. XV. Nido, F. Munir acl-.son R. Stefancik, W. Schneider, D. Brennan, D. XVhiteside. Ruiz 1fL. XValsh, L. linezevich, D. Xentl i Michael D. Glazer, D. Bear, A. Williizms, D. Greve, C. Crawford. Opening their first season in the Lake Erie League, the liuclid Panthers posted a commendable season record of live wins and four losses. The season, while not overly successful. earned the Panthers the title of "upsetters" and served notice of what to expect in future seasons. Facing a highly touted. speedy Elyria team on an unfamiliar field in the first game of the season proved too large a task for our Panthers as they dropped their hrst opening game in two years. Criticism from the newspapers and the coaches brought a decided change of spirit to the team as they trounced Shaker Heights Bl to l-i. Continuing their winning ways at Shaw, the Euclidites capitalized on one of the nineteen fumbles in the game with Don Vicic carrying the ball the last nineteen yards for the games only touchdown. Canton Lehman, one of the better teams in the state. presented a problem for the Panthers as we invaded Fawcett Stadium. Trailing at halftime lf! to 7. the Panthers bounced back to subdue the Polar Bears. A sensational catch in the end zone by Captain Stan Intihar in the final minute of play. and Don Vicics blast for the extra point, gave Euclid its fourth straight victory at the expense of Cuyahoga Falls. .lim Nimmo provided two of the three touchdowns. Traveling west to Parma for the only daytime tilt of the schedule brought defeat to our high-Hying warriors of the gridiron. and made a perfect background for the approaching game with undefeated Cleveland Heights. The underdog Panthers, trailing at intermission 25 to o. stormed back to score four times while holding the opposition to one score. and gained the upset special of the Lake Erie League. One week later our brightened prospects were dashed as the team went down to defeat in a storm of snow at Lakewood. The Panthers bowed out of football for 1951 in a driving rain that helped Lorain gain victory. and dropped Euclid to a fourth place tie with Lakewood. each having three wins and three losses. Bl HB B-XR I LFI I' BILL BARLI TT IxEN WATSON LEO WALSH DON VICIC D L C RENI IXIN ANZLLLS BILL SCHNEIDER BILL NOBBE JIM NIMMO Directly responsible for the Panthers three football wins was big Stan Intihar, Chosen captain by a unanimous vote, Stan combined his six feet live inches with his natural adeptability at ball handling to advantage as illustrated by his repeatedly brilliant per- formance at left end. Among the list of honors bestowed upon him by coaches and sportswriters at the close of the season was being voted to the All Lake Erie League Team, All-Scholastic Team, All-North Team, All-Ohio Second Team, and chosen the most valuable player in the Lalce Erie League. Eu- clid High shared in Captain Stan's well- deserved glory. Three new coaches appeared on the foot- ball held this season. Strengthening the vars- ity staff which includes head coach Sparky D Biasio and line coach Clarence Eckert is Neal Nelson. backfield coach and former quarterback for Euclid Shore. Neal ably filled the vacancy created when Bob Lewis left the school and jim Calvert retired to devote all his energies to basketball. Working with the junior varsity are joe Mayer and Al Galicki, who are building players for Euclids future, , ,, , B 0, 9 I U " v x -I l 1 Lnatlies Mayer. Nelson, D1Bi.tsio, Gtilicki, Eckert. E is x. 1, gh?- Qs J N 1' . ,Y DON WHITESIDE FRANK GAROFALO LFROY OMFRZA NORM SIMMONS JOHN Ol-INEMLN AL VVILLIAMS CHAN CRAVUFORD FRANK BRANCFLY BOB STFFANCIK FRANK MOLNAR Football 1 P 1 age 159 7 - 94. ...A-E 1 - 1 line They 0 Lorain .. , . . . . .20 0 Shaker Heights ..-e . l9 2 Shaw. W . . la 6 Elyria .W . 18 15 Nwilloughby . H. 7 O Cleveland Heights ,Y 26 ll Lakewood ., 27 This years "jayvee" football team appeared willing but green. They improved as the season progressed, showed a good spirit, and many will find their way to varsity berths in the future. Their new Coaches, Mr. Galiclci and Mr. Mayer, helped greatly in the teaching of fundamentals as well as keeping the spirit of the team at a high level. Run' I-A. Berndt, D. Kurti, D. Lindsay, T. Thompson, T. Lanza, nl. Hauser, D. Davis, A. Rovat. Rau' 2-C. Walters, -I. Brawner, j. Kurti, B. Brown, R. Lapinskas, 1. Orcutt, A. Droutleti, R. Leher, G. Opalich. Rau' 3-Coach Galicki, D. Adams, T. Mcl'atlden, P. Kolosky, D. Anderson, D. Bronlull, B. Long, B. Tentler, Coach Mayer. Page 1,41 fi U C-'57 'CPU M H23 I XJ in l Ag- mia," ' Qiseeevs f , '-+:if'l Q. N' '. Ron' I-A. Walton, D. Kurti. D. Skranc, H, Shirk, Coach DiBiasio. Row 2-H. Meier, G. Opalich, D, Carroll. M. Wfalklet. J. Orcutt, G. Sirn. Rott' 5-C. Finch, R. Elliott, R. Douglas, D. Davis, R. Kosteinshek. R. Parker. With much show of stamina and drive throughout the season, the "jayvee" basketball team compiled a season record of four wins and thirteen losses. Several of these losses were close games where one play or one shot could have changed the final outcome. Although this record is not outstanding, the season served to develop players for pros- pective varsity berths next year. SEASON RECORD Uwe They S7 Painesville Harvey . 50 SH Cleveland Heights 63 Sl Elyria 28 as ,jr - -1' , .3 34 Lorain 68 5l Shaw . . 49 35 Lakewood . .., - , 45 58 Shaker Heights 44 50 Canton Lehman 55 35 Cleveland Heights 42 We They 41 Elyria ,e.. , - ---45 51 Shaker Heights , , A- -47 29 Ashtabula ..,. W ---50 55 Lorain .. .. ,,..47 42 Shaw ..... V M54 56 Lakewood W- A-. 31 43 Mentor cc.e... . ,W45 33 Maple Heights . .,- M755 With only two varsity letterwinners returning for this years campaign and a highly commendable junior varsity team from last year to fill in vacancies. our varsity basketball squad posted a 13-5 season record, their best to date. After suffering a defeat in their first home game with Painesville Harvey, the Pan- thers moved to Cleveland Heights where they were outclassed and outplayed. Returning to the home court our cagers trimmed defenseless Elyria and the Alumni with ease. Next came two hard-fought victories over Lorain and Shaw, only to be followed by bitter defeat to Lakewood on the latter's court. Revengeful from their loss to Lakewood, the Panthers outfought and outplayed Shaker Heights and Canton Lehman to bring up the memorable game with Cleveland Heights. The Panther squad then presented jim Nimmo a fine graduation gift by handing the Heights Tigers their hrst defeat in twelve games. But the victory streak was short-lived as Elyria upset the Panther Varsity at Elyria due to a morale let-down. With the return of Center Stan lntihar to the Blue and Gold lineup, our sharp-shoot- ing quintet tripped Shaker Heights, Ashtabula, Lorain, and Shaw to strengthen our hold on second place and keep alive hopes of winning the Lake Erie League basketball title. An upset defeat by Lakewood soon dashed these hopes as the Rangers -Ion McGruder scored a record-breaking 30 points. Bouncing back again we crushed Mentor, as all members of the team saw action. To add to our ever-increasing prestige in basketball circles, the Panthers ended the 1952 season by upsetting previously undefeated Maple Heights on the latter's court in the hnal game. Row 1-P. Borovic, D. Vicic, M. Cooper, J. Nimmo, S. Intihar, F. Nimmo, K. Anzells. Ruiz' 2- V. Capello, J. Pascal, B. Dulskis, B. Ebel, K. Sims, D. Paugh, D. DiCenzo. Ron' 3-Coath Calvert, K. Btockman, T. Walker, T. Kunkel, V. Menill, J. Ohnemus, D. Glazer. L ll kg.m.wx , ., v -,.,, 5, ,. .NH W. 'wa lun. .,. . J: ax , 1-. ' J A Page Basketball bm Varsity Basketlull C'o.1th ,lames Calvert thetks over the starting lineup with Managers Yinte Menill, Dave Glazer, .intl john 1 lhnemu fianli Calxnrr L se uit 'A vu As i li his iuhilant varsity squatl in the locker rwini .itrw the llrintlit-rs tlcreateil Champs, Cleveland Heights. I iw 55 47 is is sz 43 45 W .K 43 55 49 38 46 59 il 56 07 38 61 54 42 SEASON RECORD Painesville Harvey W Cleveland Heights , Elyria , , Alumni Lorain Shaw Lakewood , Shaker Heights 7 Canton Lehman , Cleveland Heights Elyria 7 7 Shaker Heights , Ashtabula , Lorain Shaw Lakewood Mentor Maple Heights TOURNAMENT Geneva C . , East High Cleveland Heights We They 37 69 53 44 O 47 . 36 , 49 O 29 58 47 50 27 39 40 56 57 46 56 40 42 50 wx f KN s 24 fb in 3 g .-' :V . , rf. ff' H +5 1 -1.5 , . li' 'S Ll 5:2-5. I I aw 6 N if swf X - it xsf' ,f i" X .13 to .nf - - i , fg 4+-L-:SQ f 1 ., 'ff faqs!-P ' 1-qs-.W ,.. . In - . 2 ff ' 1-ai. Ifwku 1, , , X Y, A 0' WW? EZJENV mg A - p, . yw ' 2 .fir asf -Ks: f .Q U f ' , ' ,.-S .... 'Nw V 5 N ,.., . X. V f' N M- This year. the wrestling squad brought the first state championship to Euclid High. With one state cham- pion. Manuel Paz. and three runners-up, Euclid far out- distanced all competitors. Opening the season against West Highs defending champions. our grapplers lost a heartbreaker 18-22. Bouncing back in typical Euclid fashion, the groaners easily defeated Lakewood 26-15. University School 30-6. john Marshall 23-11, Benedictine 32-6, and Thomas Edison 26-S. Continuing their winning ways against a tough XV est Tech team 23-16, as well as John Adams 22-10 and john Hay 26-1-4, our boys began to show the championship form needed to defeat first place Shaker Heights. This last meet was probably the most exciting and thrilling in Euclid history. as our wrestlers trailing throughout the meet rallied to upset the highly touted Raiders 18-1-1 and clinch a tie for first place in the Greater Cleveland Wrestling Conference. Both teams finished with a league record of six victories and one defeat. At the State Wrestling Tournament held at Euclid High, our grapplers with a fine show of sportsmanship out-fought all teams to win the state wrestling champion- ship as a grand climax to a truly fine season. oe- .--, '-P -'-- CAPTAIN BILL VIGH fi 0 Simi' if i rv Zig 9' .ra - 's . 4' rel X I: nl , 1 xXx"-Z .. 3 'Qld ,li :ima , 'l I 'Q Run I-VI. Heftel, D. Contenza. l. Such, M. Paz. Rau' 2-C, Crawford, M. Cefaratti, B. Vigh, T. Evans, B. Nobbe, D. Brennan, R. Phillips, Rau' 3-C. Reiet. . Kalin, B. Ehas, J. Bernstein, R. Lapinskas, j. Hauser, B. Long, D. Adams. Rau' -i-Coach Mayer, M. Papouras, G. Weir, R. Larson, G. Jacobs, F. Thompson, P. Carr, Coach Eckert. Nlnlxe Cefaratu Chan Crawford -lim Heftel Tum Evans Bill Nobhe The mcumd team works out ln the wrestling morn. Don Cumenzu Manuel Paz Dick Brennan Ron Phillips Chuck Reier 'lim Kalin ,lack Such Bill Long 'N.. 1 Page 14 Rua I-P. Perri, ll. Bernstein, D. DiCenzo. L. Zupanic, G. Byrne, R. Kappelle. Rau 2-B. Fitz- gerald. B. Gargula. B. DeShields. F. Phillips, B. Spaur, B. Trout, j. Atwood, DI. Hanna. Hail to Euclids first Lake Erie League Cham- pionsf The team of Captain l.ouis Zupanic. George Byrne. Robert Kappelle. and Edgar Zogg displayed line balance and spirit as they won the Lake Erie Qiolf Tournament by one stroke on May I1 .it Bltlllll-Cll-Cl CountryQlt1b in XY'illougliby. Ohio. After losing the first three matches of the season. our buys came back strongly to win six of the sex en matches In be played before the Lake Erie 'l'otzrn.tment, XY'inning the tournament tended to relax the team somewhat. as they lost three and tied one of the remaining live matches. Under f.o.icl1 Harold Bl.ickburn's leadership the team finished the season with a medal for each boy and .i :rophy for the school. George Byrne was voted 'lie Golfer of the Year and his name is engraved on .1 special trophy. Golf Pane l 4' . f 4-1 Mr. Owens accepts Euclids first athletic championship trophy in the name of the school from Golf Captain Lou Zupanic and Coach Harold Blackburn. -iw-, CAPTAIN BILL KIRCHNER , i 1 W 5 2 QI. Euclids 1952 swim team was not ti title winner. but the thrills it provided and the determination that was exhibited nt all meets was certainly in the championship class. Although they were de- feated by Cleveland Heights 65-12 in the first meet of the setison. their team spirit and individual skills showed steady improvement. As the season progressed. the vvinless Panther "t1qu.1men" con- tinued to shutter Euclid pool records. Constantly dependable in their respective events were back- strolte artist Don XY'inter. brenstrolters Tim Brovvn- ing .ind Don XY'hiteside. Graham Teschlte and MAX Krecis. 1935 capmin-elect. in the freestyle, .ind WY C.1PIL1lIl Bill Kirchner in diving. An entire season of losses f.iiled to d.1mpen the's spirit .ind with .1 "never-s.1v-die" attitude they mantiged to bent Wk-stern Reserve :Xcgdemv in the of .tn eleven xllltll meet season to c.ipture Euclids hrst vvin in swimming, Bv performance they proved th.1t Coach 'hlotlvn Gram was rght in mving "this is one of the tinest groups of bovs l have ever worked with." .M I . - , , 1' . M. I i x. ' a -- -. .,. ..- 5. 2 1 xf' . Y, 3 ci gf. 4 T 1 V f r . v ' x t . -X 4 1 A if -l 2 5 V, ' i 8 4 5 3 -Y ' ' , i A 9 .v ' A V ' Q , , . . 2 I 14 ' T 1 . . 'ff' N 3 if H tri- r . .1 q Q ,i-,1,,i,5+ ff ' if . ' . . ,' ' 2' l , Rim I--I. Dugan, D. Xvinter. B. Green. R. Schmelzer. F. Schuhle. B. Kirchner. Roz: Q-Coich Gram, B. Barrett, M. Krecic. D. XY'hitesitle, D. Freth. D. Streck. B. Trout, bl. McC.1ntlless. Run 9- C. Rittenhetg. B. New man. bl. Verlul, E. Sedman. T. Broxv ning, G. Teschlxe, B. Bites. D. Morloclt Page l N,4-- - 1 fe'-2 . J-...,.4....--..-4. . -.... ,,'.. -- 0150 Poor weather caused Euclids track team to have a bad start, an occurance which need not be repeated now that E.H.S. has its own indoor track for use all year around. XY'ith only twenty-one boys out for the team. and the first dual meet with Cleveland Heights. prospects looked grave indeed. As the season progressed, the team improved, but not as much as their competition. XVhen the Lake Erie League Track Meet was held at Euclid on May 12. the cindermen. behind the high-scoring Moe Sugarman. finished last, only one-half point behind Shaker Heights. Moe scored Euclids only lirst place, doing so in the broad jump. Other scorers were Phil Clark. Tony Bechemer. Stan lntihar. Karl Brockman. and Al DeSimone. Faring little better in the rest of their attempts. the team failed to win a single dual meet during the remainder of the season. Due to the line training and experience they have gained. future teams are certain to begin the climb to the top of the L.E.I.. ladder. T..-01, -Q -"'-Te i 'I l ' ff J . 1 K L A2 nt - - all .--v. 7 i , it . rx 5 ,-4, .1 l 1 ' lv l ta.. . X ! .mix m " 2 F 3 va 2 Q . J -pc 1' - 1 .-'Q 'lf ' 19 l ' 9 1'-me 4 - Q . 4 N A r ff . .s f - . --. .4-0 . I Yi J ' ' f . -If ' get rtsaf X O g Q 'll -1 . lf A r l ' 1 '5 'is A X 1 ' f ' li 1 .fill K' .4 'V' -am. I :- -: - ,,.- K. .. ..... .,. fn K ,Q 19- 7 1 ig 46 Q i ""' , V, , -X ' , y 'A 3' 3- 1 'N 414 5 ,. 5 ,Q 7' I O , N xr in 'F ' P I I 4, A .3 H .fi I 1 J ' - . , 'V -ff f. f E 1 "J- a 1 l X -lt L Ak! Ron IAQ. Lays. M. Suluarman. D. Brennan, A. Sherrill, H. Crane, B. Lauter. Rau' 2-C. Crawford. lj llotner. lf. Molnar. K. Brotltman, D. Glazer, -I. Bentley. Run 4-R. Elliott, J. MacEwen, E. Komraus. -I. bump, D. Vitit. rl. Silverman. Run 4-T. Bechemer. F. Branceley, A. DeSimone, B. Xxiidlil, 5. lfllllhlf, J . l I Cl . 1 . .3 .ls -1 Q. ' ti 4 f-x - -, ., i ' W , . 5 . .V --qv .52 I :E -co. " 7' - X '22 f l -"' K Lv 1 I5 A S - T 'GW , lljk- -W 1 fri I I X 1 R gg. ' l -' I I d f I 1 l h 1 Era - e .l. 1 Q' ' ,Af 'I .-, ' "1 'T 5 , 1, ,- K 4? e-a vw 'S - Q T 'TP f ss - x s - - ' .5 - . 5 t K L ' 9 I -la -- fX f lk. f.i fl I I 0+ 1 l. - .. - P TN pu ' pw, I, iff' 2 KN-wt " Q D -Iv 331- l ffm A 3 l v: n ig- A ,.. in-3 l I ll X fa P -X Ron' I-D. Ferrel, B. Gates, B. Vigh, R. -Ioranko, B. Snyder. K. Anzells. Rau QAT. Kimes, L. Rattini, F. Podnar. B. Bartlett, B. Bartlett, L. Laddis. Ron 9-E, Henkel, P. Borovic, B, Schneider, F, Adamowicz, A. Baker, B. Burkholder. Euclid High "hardballers" took to the diamond sixteen times during the '51 season to compile an impressive 12-4 record. Sophomore Bill Bartlett led the pitching stall with a total of five wins to one loss. Victorious in their first seasonal tilt, the Panthers trounced Painesville Harvey S-2 on the city hall diamond. Relaxing somewhat after their gain, the Euclidites suffered three defeats in a row at the hands of Lakewood 0-4. Lorain 0-1, and Cleveland Heights 1-2. Staggered by this unexpected blow the team rallied to put two more games in the win column by defeating Vlfilloughby 6-1 and Elyria 5-1. The Heights Tigers played host to Euclid on the hilltop diamond and handed the Panthers a 2-1 defeat. Rallying their forces, Coach john Pohto's boys were triumphant in the last nine games of seasonal play. The victorious streak included victories over Shaker Heights 9-8. Shaw 5-5. University School 10-5, Collinwood 5-4, Painesville Harvey 2-0, Shaker 6-5. a double-header victory over Vfilloughby 7-5, 1-0, and Garfield 3-0. The last game scheduled with Shaw was cancelled because of inclement weather. The Shaker game helped Euclid High establish a precedent by partici- pating in the first high school night baseball game ever played in the State of Ohio. Witli experienced replacements for the loss of third baseman Frank Podnar, the only senior, a seasoned varsity squad will take the field during the next few seasons to make Euclid High a serious threat to all L.E.L. title contenders. 2 1' ' f T? Page 151 l 1 ' The newest sport to be added to the athletic schedule at Euclid was tennis, a sport that is played both in the spring and fall. Witli the close of the 1951 fall season. the Euclid tennis team found themselves in fourth place with a record of nine wins and sixteen losses. Six teams participated in the round-robin Lake Erie League Tournament including Shaker. Shaw. Lakewood. Euclid. Lorain and Elyria. During the course of the regular season the "netters" gained their lirst L.E.L. team victory by defeating Elyria four to one. The two doubles teams. composed of three sophomores and one junior furnished most of the victories and provide bright prospects for the next few tennis seasons. The tennis squad of 1951. ably coached by Mr. Frank Troglia, showed a great deal of improve- ment ovat last year and will continue to turn out the championship players who will be greatly needed to carry Euclid's hopes for a title in the Greater Cleveland League. In the words of Don Alston, captain during the 1951 season, "Tennis is new in Euclid and it will take .1 long time to develop a strong. confident team-but still, we are representing Euclid High School to the best of our ability. ' VL 7' - Q E 3 ' Rau I-T. Carrol. D, Alston, R. Makman, W". Lux, li. Miller, -I. Valentine. Rolf' 2-D. johnson M. Vfallcletr, D. Niccum, R, Heftel, H. Meyers, D. Strancs, bl. Skinner, Coach Troglia. 1 I I 1 I w 1 Y I N K1-u..i..,..-...fl - 'W Jvn. uclal :fe I 11111 glad to see you in this merry z'ei11.'M -SHAKESPEARE Page 153 ELAINE REPICKY Q , V ' xL Ls E ' J x "J r ,-. , A ' V I Qs f - r H MU z , 1' 7, - -...T..33'T..'1-"" '2a1!M " "Q H ,, sg K JOYCE AHEY kfv. 5 h v.uL2'n :xx-xg 5- 2 . 1-f I3 'V Q H4 I ...I ,A xi, . , .Q-55334, if Q P 1 i l i l l FOOTBALL COURT-Frank Garofalo. joan Donilrea, Elaine Repicky. Leo W'alsh, Janice Lindstrom, john Ohnemus. The Queen and her attendants were crowned at the Student Council Football Dance hc-ld on Saturday, December Sth. if f is N ff LINDSTROM JOAN DONDREA l'iH'll flllullifillll Semml rlllunfhnll X is -.,,,,g, . N as 1 M0 ,,.,. my , 1 X. ' , N Q Q wt -c ,, W AR is S I' ik X ,Q JOAN CLAYTON GALE EMERICH Firx! Altemfufll Stfitllltll Alle utlrml Her Majesty, the attendants, and their escorts started the traditional Queen's Dance at the Student Council Basketball Dance on Friday, March ll. Myron Cooper, Gale Emerich, Joyce Ahey, Denis DiCenzo, -Ioan Clayton, Vince Capello. Page 157 TLYYIHQIJTJETTSIETQ in- .-lu.- ---. ,Eff ' ' 7 .T..:'f , lm.- - - Sit 1 W2 3 ,. ---A Hi-Y Friendship Formal 1 'Z ' , 1. SS:-Q K 'Q x iv ti sang K its.-2. 'ff v ,SY at it 'lk tra. t e , Y Fug: - 'h , .K ,- .-' 1 . -if P t. 1 .stir-b Football gamels meant the appearance of the Marching Band at halftime with their varied and sparkling routines. When they weren't performing, the band mem- bers joined the crowds in the grandstand to cheer their team on to victory. When the tantalizing aroma of popcorn permeated the halls, Euclid students knew that they would be able to purchase a bag of fresh popcorn for an after-noon snack. Members of the Student Council operated the machine after school and at all athletic CVC'l'1l'S. The doors of E.H.S. opened for the third time on September 5, 1951, to admit a new class of eager sophomores who were trying to acquaint themselves with the school, juniors who were glad that they were no longer the lowest of under- classmen, and seniors who were starting the last year in their Alma Mater. With the beginning of the football sea- son, the athletic year was officially started. Students and parents from all the Lake Erie League Schools passed through the new stadium gates to see the Panthers in action on the Euclid gridiron. 1.-1.-a....aL-1--L 1 . - - - -V ln addition to the twelve dancing majorettes, Mr. Dale Harper added .1 new innovation to the halftime program: Clad in a costume similar io the baton twirlers. .Ioan Clayton. .icrobatic maiorette. appeared each halftime with a rou- tine of graceful tlips .intl cartwheels. Throughout the year we had many interest- ing assemblies, among which was the Trampolin Assembly. Two experts on the trampolin, a contraption resembling .1 bed spring, performed feats of muscular co-ordination and agility. Highlighting the program were the trampolin debuts of Miss .lane l..iis and Nr, Jody Gram. 1 if il is xi v X ft Ki K' -17 td "1 i i E Highlighting the Christmas social sea- son at E.H.S. was the Homecoming Dance. On December 28, the alumni of liuclid High congregated in the cafeteria to renew schoolday acquaintances. Wfelcom- ing the grads were the members of the Senior Class, As a memento of the oc- casion a review of all graduates and their present activities was distributetl to Cvfffylllle. Coriched by the members of the Varsity squad and sponsored by Mr. john Pohto, the .I.V. cheerleaders were on hand to lead the cheering section :it all j.V. foot- ball and basketball games. They also took their turn exhibiting their commendable cheering prowess at some of the pep assemblies. 32.3 pil il lb D4 ll Q Isa iftfi 'final 1 an ......,....... Immediately following the Football Dance, came the opening of the basketball season with its many exciting moments as well as its disappointments. Unforgettable was the hy- steria accompanying the thrilling one point defeat of Cleveland Heights, L.E.L. champs, by the underdog Panthers. Those who witnessed this game and the ones that followed will not soon forget the l952 season. Wfhether they won or lost the team had many loyal supporters in the stands ready to cheer them on. From the hrst game right through the District Basketball Tournament, Panther rooters stuck by their team. Decorating the press box at every home game was the huge blue banner with EUCLID in gold letters, purchased for the school by the Student Council. Wi . A once-in-a-lifetime treat was offered all Euclidites on September 9th with the visit of General Douglas MacArthur. Many students were able to catch a glimpse of this famous public figure during his inspection tour of local factories and the impressive parade held in his honor. The Euclid High Band took part in the welcoming ceremonies at Tapco and Graphite Bronze. x Throughout the year, dances dominated the social calendar. The cheerleaders Sweater Hop, the Get-Acquainted Dance and the Football and Basketball Dances were a few of the all-evening affairs. The ever-popular after-game dance provided students an op- portunity to discuss the evenings athletic event before congregating at Smiths. Glenn's or The Willo for a late-evening snack. , - , V ,W er, ,,-A-, ,. People from Euclid and surrounding areas jammed our gymnasium every night for two weeks during the District Basketball Tour- nament. XY'ith a cry of 'irevengeu the Cleve- land Heights Tigers knocked Euclid out of the finals and a try for regional and state honors. On the nnal night. second place was awarded our cheerleaders in the race for the Tournament Cheerleading Trophy while juniors Myron Cooper and Frank Nimmo took places on the All-Tourney Team. State Champions - our wrestling squad. Displaying winning form to the visitors at the State Invitational XVrestling Tournament held here February 29 and March l. Coach Clarence Eckerts boys tallied twenty-six points to win the nrst place trophy. Manuel "T" Paz was crowned Euclids only State Champ. Bill Vigh. Ron Phillips, and Tom Geitano rated second places while junior Dick Brennan took .1 third in competition. ,Z-!l C f .L gigs? 'D 3 tif- PJ If-t it bl 6 3 EUCLIU if will a f Xara' f T The arrival of mid-year exams brought Bac- calaureate and Commencement. Headed by Valedictorian Blase Skully and Salutatorian jer- ome Silverman. the mid-January class received their diplomas on Tuesday night, January 22. from Mr. Russell Glass, President of the School Board. The Reverend Howard Brown was the principal speaker at this impressive cere- mony. For some. the sounding of the three-twenty bell in june meant the end of another school yearg for others it meant the end of all the joyous days at Euclid High As we boarded buses or walked toward our homes our minds were crowded with memories of the past year, The teachers. athletic events. fads, classes, every- thing that was a symbol of our high school. Our vision was blurred as we took one last look at our Alma Mater-Euclid High School. v i 5 1 I Q' W + M x I 3 1 I ! 1 i 1 I U u F 1 l im.. dvertisers "Friends, Romans Co trymeu, lend me 5 :1-yi , - 1 --SH KE' EA h ,,A,,, ,., COMPLIMENTS OF L 8x M Tobacco and Candy Company 784 EAST 'I85fl1 STREET Local Wholesale Distributors of: PLANTERS PEANUTS O'HENRY CLARK HERSHEY MILKY WAY POWERHOUSE CHUCKLES LIFE SAVERS TOOTSIE ROLLS MOUNDS ALMOND IOY HEATH Iohn E. Lokar NECCO CANDIES REESE CANDIES DERAN CANDIES BLUMENTHAL CANDIES BUNTI CANDIES WELSH'S CANDIES DAIRYMAID CANDIES BRACH BARS BEECHNUT GUM SHELBY GUM WRIGLEY'S GUM SCHOOL SUPPLIES Emest Mramor COMPLIMENTS OF Fulton, Krinsky and i Dela Motte v I . I I . p ,n AIDCHITECTS 5' F 1 1nxvmm1-.. -- aaa-1-ns.-sr, fvgsmcw-ur-:LQ .,-.Lv u ... ' .L ..- , , - 60Il1lJAIllQllfJ of CLEVELAND H 0 B BIN G MACHINE Cowlwwv THE DHLEROAD LUMBER CO. 'I420 Dille Road KEnmore 1-0592 - KEnmore 1-0593 There Is a Material Deterence S010 N DRUG STORE 21051 Euclid at Chardon Road 21860 Lakeshore Blvd. Euclid, Ohio Compliments of MR. I ONES JONES JEWELRY 702 East 185th Street Opposite Cleveland Trust Bank Next to Neisner's 5c 6: 10c Store I CLIFFEL BAKERY 2 zzoao Lakeshore Blvd. HEdwood 1-4747 "It's Better At Clifte1s" Compliments of EUCLID STUDIO COMPLIMENTS or KNUTH GREEN HOUSE EVANS9 6 7 ' ,lf 4 A-c4l?ff ' 4, sd .. ft 1 . ' .ffl - ees? S' -EL - p -1, I Q -+ -J.,,f,,. : 1 . 'f - 1 'af , , f r - . M-f W ' I . 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INTIHAR Complete Insurance Service 630 East 222nd Street REdwood 1-6888 Euclid 23. Ohio MOSS POINT CLEANERS 21946 Lakeshore Blvd. 550 East 200th Street "In Euclid Since 1930" L 8. K SALES SERVICE Parts 792 East 200th Street KEnmore 1-2200 or KEnmore 1-9775 ROAD SERVICE THE General Furniture 8. Appliance Co. 569 East 185th Street IVanhoe 1-4433 Compliments of UDOVICH'S CAFE Compliments of ARROWHEAD DRUG 774 East 200th Street KEnmore l-7066 FOY DRUG STORE PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS 638 East 185th Street Cleveland, Ohio KEnmore 1-0988 Compliments ot ARCADE TAVERN Compliments of BILL'S CLOTHES TWO STORES 618 East 185th St. 15119 St. Clair GIBSON REALTY Smaller Realtors BEST WISI-IES GRADUATES F R O M B U T L E R B R O S . 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A good instrument will make your musical progress easier and faster. Why not pay us an early visit and let us show you the advantages of owning a new KING--the world's finest in band instruments. KINGS are made by The H. N. White Co. 5225 Superior Avenue Cleveland 3, Ohio Glavic Kaiser - Frazer Best XYislu's Graduates HYDRAULIC 536 East 185th Street KEnmore 1-3375 Near Lake Shore Blvd. A-XL"l'OXlO'1'IYli CENTER OF EUCLID EQUIPMENT COMPANY BONNIE LYNN DONUTS 514 East 185th Street KEnmore 1-7368 Special Rates for Parties - NYG Deliver EUCLID, OHIO L81 K SALES Service zmfl Parts - Road Service 792 East 200th Street KEnmore 1-2200 or KEnmore 1-9775 L' 7 7- Walter D. Ebert C0 I836 EUCLID AVENUE CLEVELAND I5, OHIO PERMATET WATER SOFTENERS I AND WATER CONDITIONING EQUIPMENT BEST WISHES GRADUATES THE OLIVER CORPORATION CLEVELAND, ol-no ..-,-1-v...-..F..I-,-..-.-,..,-. ... ,......-..- ..... - .H-. , . TO ALL THE MEMBERS OF THE GRADUATING CLASS OF EUCLID SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL CONGRATULATIONS! AND OUR HEARTFELT GOOD WISHES FOR EVERY POSSIBLE SUCCESS IN YOUR FUTURE CAREERS AND PRIVATE LIVES AS WELL. COMPLIMENTS or ADDRESSOGRAPH-MULTIGRAPH CORPORATION COMPLIMENTS OF KING COLE DRIVE-IN Old King Cole 17901 Lakeshore Blvd. Old King Cole's Ranch House 17585 Lakeshore Blvd. King Cole's Famous Bar-B-Q 17121 Euclid Avenue SERVING "FOOD AT ITS BEST" DAILY UNTIL 2 A.M. THE HOUSE THAT SERVICE BUILT FORD 8. PAE NASH.INC. 6816 Superior Avenue COMPLIMENTS OF CHANDLER PRODUCTS CORPORATION COMPLIMENTS OF M A X I M ' S DELICATESSEN coMPL11v1'ENTs OF E U C L I D ROTARY CLUB THE EIICLIDIAN BUSINESS STAFF Wishes to thank all of its advertisers. We are pleased to serve you, and we appreciate your willingness to allow us to include you among these pages. Y-no YYY 4 COMPLIMENTS OF I ? i I 'ff I2 f - ff ' -' K' the worId's i , K J ,I ' m your oyster E E m a telephom J, M35 y L K GOOD pw 1 l .ob H -.x:.:54 xxx W Wg" 2 I hjifi XL ' THE OHIO BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY I I , The Evans F Envelope and Tag Co. L Hinderson I-5919 3 , OF EUCLID CITY OFFICIALS CONGRATULATION TO THE SENIORS EUCLID VETERANS CLUB PA U L I C H SPECIALTY COMPANY ADVERTISING GIFTS OF ALL KINDS CLASS RINGS AND PINS 1851 Haldane Avenue Cleveland 12, Ohio Rep nted ' E I'd By Stan Minotas 5 5

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Euclid High School - Euclidian Yearbook (Euclid, OH) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


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