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I f nv i"1 4g--fa:-.L 1- ,f-' v ,., r - 1 1 . , A Q 1., I Ria, . ' ' in "fn "H I'-M' "A Ir" - f - f ' ' 'ii 'Y ,-" 1 .AJ " v .- ,.., - , ' M- ., l.. , .1 pus '48 Published by the Students of EUCLID CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL Ellen Hofmann--Editor-in-chief Dick Teske-Business Manager ifirsf semester? David Fielding-Business Manager isecond semester? Administration Seniors ..... Underclassmen Activities . . . Sports . . . Music . . . CONTENTS ..l3 U35 .. H47 H63 N73 FUREWORD As we, the class of "48." go our various ways, we can always wander back to Euclid Central in spirit, by opening this book ot 'AC-olden Memories." Within its pages are recorded the many pleasant activities of the year which is the threshold of a new lite for all of us. May this book recall only happy hours for everyone. Tivo DEDICATION We dedicate this book, Opus '48, to Mr. Richard Keay, one of the pioneer members of the faculty. His quiet dignity, as well as his teaching ability, makes him one of the most respected teachers in Euclid Central. For twenty-five years he has de- voted himself to the science classes of our school, as they have devoted themselves to him. His students will always remember his efforts to help them. He works loyally with our athletic teams. Whether we have winning teams or losing teams. he backs them whole-heartedly, and with heart- warming spirit and interest. His first day at Eu- clid Central was really a lucky one for all its stu- dents and faculty members. Three Faculty Snaps Four TIIIE ADMINISTRATION O ,. L: O I N1 I fi D-do-sf mia -av' --A - V11 -ff'. .g:.-1...,-+,g7 i , K ,,e.s,7,,:.,s.,Q.,gY,,-pg I is ,, This yearbook is more than a pictorial account of a school, its faculty, and its student bodyg it is a real expression of life in a democratic society, in Euclid Central, which we have all learned to love. My personal congratulations to the staff and to the sponsor of this year's "Opus" They can be justly proud of a real accomplishment. Clifford C. Owens Principal 9 ix This yearbook is the interesting rec- ord of an interesting high school class. lt tells the story of happy friendships that have been made through the years. After all is said and done, the years we spent in high school are the happiest of our lives. Young people often do not dis- cover this until the years of mature ex- perience force this view upon them. lt is my hope that your high school has prepared you well for the years ahead. You have learned to work, to play, and to enjoy wholesome recreation. While you have been busy with your studies, you have had an opportunity to develop good attitudes and a broad perspective in life. Furthermore, you have had an opportuni- ty to develop an abiding faith in your country, in your homes and in your fel- low associates. Cherish these above any price, Do not let anyone despise your youth, your vision or your faith in hu- manity. R. l-l, ERWINE Dean of Boys Mr. Robert Holloway became Dean of Boys in September ot l947. Past experiences have equipped him well for this position. During his term ot service to his country, he had a great deal of experience with handling men. This, along with his college edu- cation, has well fitted him tor the job he holds. 4.-an-v-.,,,. b W, fix x Dean of Giirlls ln the fall of l947, Miss Clara Chiara took over the position of Dean ot Cirls. Since Miss Chiara had pre- viously been a member ot the faculty. she was already well acquainted with the school routine, faculty, and many ot the students. Under her guidance. the girls are led along the road to bet- ter citizenship. BOARD OF HZDUCATIUN The school board is a group of citizens elected by popular vote. This board of Euclid citizens has charge of various appropriations tor maintenance 'for additions to the schools. And they al system as a body. The members ot the Board of Education are: john F. Davis, C. E. Bowman, Russell Class, Loren j. Bullard, Anton E. Strohm. so control the actions of the school Seven 93- -ii,,...a, , L 5 W "gif TT" T" OLIN BAILEY Rio Grande College, A. B., Ohio State University, M. S.: BioIogY, Science, Movie Club. LILLIAN BARROW Muskingum College, B. S. in Ed.. University of Pittsburgh, lvl. E.C Typing, Shorthand, Knitting Club. IOHN BECK Lite certificate in public school music, Cincinnati Conservatory and Baldwin-Wallace, Hi-Y, Madri- gals, jr. C1 Sr. Choirs, Male Cho- rus, ROBERT BENNETT Ohio State University B. S. in Ed-. ancl M. A., English, Social Studies, lr. Hi-Y. PAULINE BERG Kent University. B, S. in Ed.. Western Reserve, M. A., Er1glISb. Ir. Math, National Honor Society Sponsor, Polka Club. HAROLD BLACKBURN Otterbein, A. B., Western Reserve, M, A., English, Am. Govt., His- tory, Opus '48 Sponsor, Travel Club, Golf Coach. 3 . 'Y W 19' figs: t Ye .ir JENN- Eight CLEIVIENS BLAUCH Kent State, B. S. in Ed., Ohio State University, lvl. A., Arn. Govt., His- tory, Economics, School Treasurer. MORTON BURGI N Bowling Green, B. S. in Ed., Eng- lish, Drama, Speech, Director ot lr. Class Play Drama Club. lAlVlES CALVERT North Central, B, A., Ohio State, Nl. A. in Physical Education, Bas- ketball Coach, Phys. Ed., Assistant Football Coach, Intramural Direc- tor. ARTHUR CARTWRIGHT Western Reserve, B. S. Certificate in Personal Psychology from Uni- versity ot Pennsylvania, Vocal Mu- sic. WALTER EDWARDS Ohio State University, B. A., M. A., Drawing, Woodwork, Arts and Games. FLORENCE EPAVES Flora Stone Mather of W. R. U., A. B., Latin, English, General Lari- guage, Music Appreciation. ROBERT GRAHAM University of Akron, A. B., Ohio State, M. A., History, 8th Grade Core, Psychology, Echo Business Sponsor, F. T. A. LOREN GRAY Grinnell College, A. B., University of Pittsburgh, M. of Ed.g Math., Science, Sr. Card Club, Athletic Board. DALE HARPER Cincinnati Conservatory of Music and University of Cincinnati, B. S. in P.S.M.g Western Reserve Uni- versity, M.A.g Band, Orchestra. MARY K. HAUSHEER Miami University, B. S., Graduate course at Ohio State, Horne Eco- nomics, Y-Teen Friendship Club Sponsor, Cheerleader Sponsor. LEON HEINLEIN Ohio University, B. S. in Ed.: Sci- ence, Mathematics P. A. Club, Airplane Club. MARIAN HODDICK Ohio State, B. S., Western Re- serve, M. A.g Home Economics, Club Coordinator, Chairman Activ- ity Ticket Committee. .te :git-, sk Q ig. if Nine EDWARD L. HOON Western Reserve, B. S. and M. A., journalism, Echo Sponsor, Chair- man of Core Dept., Sr. Play. RICHARD KEAY Miami University, A. B. Western Reserve, M. A., Industrial Science, Chemistry, Camera Club, Chair- man Athletic Association. HARRY KOTH Baldwin-Wallace, A. B., Ohio State, M. A. in Education and Phys, Ed.: Advanced Math, Phys- ics, Card Club Student Council Sponsor. LEO LATTER Fenn College, B. S., Science, Mathematics, Photography Club. NEIL MacKElGAN Western Reserve, M. A., B. A-I Spanish, French Music Apprecia- tion. HAROLD McBRlDE Bowling Green, B. S. in Ed., Uni- versity of Mich, M. A. in Ed.I 7B English, Remedial English, Bus- iness, Crafts 6 Games Club. MARGARET ROBINSON Kent State University, B. S. in Ed., Mathematics, First Aid Club. DELMAR V. SMITH Ohio Northern, A. B., Columbia University, M. A., Co-op commer- cial, Athletic Booster Club, lr. Card Club. HELEN STEWART Kent State University, B. S. in Ed., Western Reserve, M. A., Social Studies, English, World Affairs. EDNA SURRARRER Baldwin-Wallace, A. B., Western Reserve, M. A., English, Book- keeping, Sport and Games Club. FLORENCE THOMAS University of lll., A. B., University of Penn., M. A.g Social Studies, English, Ir. Y-Teen Club. IANET THOMAS Wooster College B. A., Western Reserve, M. A., World History. Business Information, Girls' Travel Club. Ten FRANK TROGLIA Ohio State University, B. S., Wood Shop, Shop Math, Mechanical Drawing, Craftsman Club. FRED VOLLMAN Cleveland School of Art, B. S. in Ed., Western Reserve M. A. in Art., jr. High ln. Arts, Automotive Ess., Sr. High Art, Arts and Crafts Club. BETTY WEBER Oberlin College B. A., PSySiCal Education, Girls' Leaders, G. A. A., Knitting Club. PAUL WINTERS Northwestern, Illinois State Teach- ers College, B. A., M. A.G lndl-'S' trial Arts, Drivers' Club. ELIZABETH WITHROW Miami University, B. S. in Ed.: Mathematics, Science, lr. Needle work. C. I. SWEET Charity Hospital, Public Health Certificate, Western Reserve Uni- versity, School Nurse. MARGARET SCHWESINGER Cleveland Heights, Dyke Spen- cerian College: School Secretary. WR TF' -Q5 jf nl .,s2..lL I . 3' CAMERA SHYI HUGH STACEY Graduated from Euclid Central in l9Ol. Custodian. DORIS CLARKE Western Reserve School of Educa- tion, B,S.g Mathematics, Science, junior Drama. ALBERT MILLER Ohio University, B.S.g University of Michigan, M.A.g Mathematics lunior Varsity Club. ALBERT MITCHEL Western Reserve University, B.S.g junior Band. NICHOLAS PRICE Ohio State University, B.S. in ln- dustrial Artsg Stage Crew, Chess and Checkers Club. DALE THOMPSON Muskingum College, A.B.g Mathe- matics, Physical Education, Varsity Club, Football Coach. RUTH VERMILLION Akron University, B.A.g Latin, General Language, lunior Y-Teen Club. AVIS LANE Alma College, A.B.g Western Re- serve, B.S. in Library School, Co- lumbia University, M.A.g Super- visor of Libraries. LEONARD VOORHEES Ohio University, B.S. and M.A., Director of Pupil Personnel. HORACE I-IILB Ohio State University, B.A.g West- ern Reserve, B.S. in Library School, Librarian. I-IARRIET SHEATS Graduate School of Western Re- serve, M.A.g School of Applied SO- cial Science, MS, Home Econom- ics. FILM SUPPLY EXHAUSTED CHARLES KOPSICK DONALD OESTERLE "Chuck" "Don" Veteran of U. S. Marines Veteran of U. S. Army FRANK PARZIALE "Frank" Intramurals, Travel Club Els' lieu Senior llfairewellll Poem ln the days that soon will come, Please always keep in mind All the laughs and tears, The friends you'll leave behind Open locker doors filled with Pictures ot the year, Senior plays, basketball games, Shouting and the cheers. Days spent in the chem lab Filling the place with smoke, The way the girls looked after gym, It really was no joke. These memories will never fade, Nor from your minds will dart But, forever, will be laid In a pocket of your heart. Carol Gordon 'I'ii-ellie SIENJIUJRS 060 fha 00 I Ir fx I I 'I"x, r HM A X ' ' u 0 X Mk ' ,rf A ' if 4.w'-5 U .Vra i F,-.fd-, 0 1 . President IACK SAEFKOW Vnce-President ROBERT DROBNICK Secretary DORIS KOLLMORGEN Treasurer MILAN MII-IELICH .,1.f'L . 1, ,. . f A"- T -02? ryf ,W ' 444 " Q 4933 H fl' . ""' ...1 .. .. -ff, I-1.-pr I , .,?f-- .-,,, -, .IIf2"' J It-gi Q 3 Q ww ' I " . , 1 .V -f..5. . ,V .. ...,. , . .. . ,QLL MW . . .. ,. if. Q : if v fir ' " MR. B. GRAHAM IANUARY MR. D. V. SMITH MRS. BETTY WEBER MR. P. WINTERS ? Ag . W.-f.. Pf. f ,fl if ...I .pzfsr I President IAMES PICKMAN CC ass Ififieers A103 Vlce-President ALICE IELCO 'M Secretary MARY KOVACICH Fourfcen IUNE Y5?f.3.'1,v I ' I we .A .Q 1-Q- V, 3... 5, .... . , Q , Q4 A I 6. Treasurer I EAN KAUCN I K WILLIAM . BARTOL I "Barney" Camera Club, Travel Club. ARTHUR D. BOSCO IIA-rt!! Freshman Football and Basket- ball, Reserve Basketball, Intra- murals, Varsity Basketball, Var- sity Baseball, City Champs, Var- Sity Club, Travel Club, Hall Guard. BARBARA A. BREW "Barb" Opus 47, Camera Club, Friend- ship, World Affairs Club, Bas- ketball, Volleyball, Baseball, Badminton, Field Hockey, Intra- murals A I I-S t a r Volleyball Team, Senior Play, Echo Busi- ness Staff, Arts and Crafts, Dis- pensary Duty, Girls' League. ANNE E. CHINCHAR "Annie" Camera Club, Arts and Crafts, Polka Club, Friendship, Echo Business Staff, Co-op, Choir. ALBERT P. DELGADO HALVY Choir, Hi-Y, Varsity Club, Hall Guard, Athletic Association Rep- resentative, Freshman Football and Basketball, Varsity Foot- ball, Letterman 3 years, Reserve Basketball, Varsity Basketball, Letterman 2 years, Varsity Track Team Letterman. ROBERT F. DROBNICK HDTobH Freshman Football and Basket- ball, Varsity Football, Basketball and Track, Hall Guard Captain, President of Athletic Associa- tion, Chess and Checkers Club, Varsity Club. ,als ga? 1- ,T U-if fy? An' 43 A 6 - '..f" 3' iz if 1 4 -rf .um , ...ii "Sf-.. , A . ., Q xg 1 . ,as 1. ,. .. V ,, .,.,,, , .f- f -' ,F-:er t u, '- 'W 3 , ix , ,e r3. ' 'A i -4 -P3 lei Q. '-QP' 292' M..-a ,1 f s V DALE O. GALER .iD0g-, Big Nite, Gala Nite, Choir, Mu- sic Appreciation, Hall Guard, Airplane Club, Hi-Y Chaplain, Office Help. FLORENCE A. GALER "Flo" Manager Girls' Athletic Associa- tion, Camera Club, Opus 7, Friendship, Co-op, Secretary World Affairs Club, Echo Busi- ness Staff, Intramurals, Baseball, Basketball, V o I I e y b a I I and Hockey, Manager of Volleyball Team All-Star Volleyball Game, Second in Foul Shooting Con- test, Office Work, Dispensary Duty. ALVIN R. GOWER "-II" Band, Orchestra, Choir, Solo and Ensemble Contests, Band Con- tests, Music Appreciation Club, Varsity Club, Gymnastics Club, Senior Class Play,Cross Country Big Nite, Gala Nite junior Play, Track, Hi-Y, Basketball and Volleyball, Intramurals, Hi-Y Chaplain, President junior B Class, Track and Cross Country Letter, Band Letter Award. ROBERT G. HERENDEEN "Bob" Card Club, Camera Club, P. A. Club Music Appreciation Club, Solo and Ensemble Contests, Big Nite, Gala Nite, Band, Pa- trons' Concerts, Rhythmasters, Hi-Y. .1 iuANiTA M. i-iustoisi '- I "B0bIzysoclfer" ' -Q' ' Opus, Knitting Club, Girls' Re- -., , serve, Friendship, Typing Tillies, J .f , I Choir, Polka Club, cms' Travel , ": 1 ' - Club. . -"-' I .'... . 5 ' STANLEY A. ivf-xixicic I'S1m1'lS" it Fw Hi-Y, Gym.-asiac Club, V. P. for ,J ..,..,,'. W H I Fifteen six months, Basketball, Intra- murals, junior Hi Track, H all Guard. VALERIA M. KALIN "Val" junior Girl Reserves, Arts and Crafts Club, Camera Club, Choir, Hobby Show, Echo and Opus Staff Polka Club. Hall Guard, Friendship Club, Student Athletic Association, Student Council. DIANA M. KLOPOVIC "Duc" Friendship Club. junior Girl Re- serves, Girls' Athletic Associa- tion, Hall Guard, Opus Staff 47, Carnival. Arts and Crafts, Music Appreciation, Camera Club CO- Op Class. DORIS I. KOLLMORGEN "RHI" P. A. Club, Opus Staff. Camera Club, Music Appreciation. Arts and Crafts, Friendship Club, "What a Life," "Every Family Has One," Choir, Echo Business Staff, Secretary, Teacher'5 As- sistant, Office Assistant. jEAN MARCOMBE "Jenn" Camera Club: Friendship Club: Girls' League. ANTHONY M. MARTUCCI "ilIrirfy" Freshman Football, Track and Baseball, Reserve Football and Basketball, Varsity Football, Track and Baseball, Intramurals Basketball, Card Club, Chess and Checkers Varsity Club, Band, Rhythmasters, Hall Guard Captain. jAMES j. MEGLAN 'lJifn1" Football, 2 Letterman, Basket- ball, Track, 3 Letterman, I-li-Y, Social Committee, Chrm. Dec- orating Committee for Hi-Y- Friendship Formal, Movie Club, Sec.-Treas. Student Council, Varsity Club, Chess and Check- ers. .,, A f M ,, , ffl '? f , , 2 ., ff W Q :ZR w ie Ai ,f f 4 ar., 4 g ' 3' ' 1 ai. ., 04 X,-.f A' ,,.. , V Q, glan s' ' i "v-, ie 74... Al A ,,,, I- W QW J, abil' if ft 1 P 1 fvf NVQ ,yy ,:. , 1 f f . M 1 2, A' 4 . I ff ' Z' S y X L ' 7.1.- , W A 'i 3 xifiig S i yi- 'S ,gf j r n ,. 'Q A I ' 9' : 1i 1? is.. I iw are e f Sl.t'fCl'fIL - -4 f s ' .zz MILAN L. MIHELICH ..My,, Freshman Football and Basket- ball, Reserves Basketball, Varsi- TY Football and Track, Intra- murals Basketball and Volley- ball, Captain Hall Guards, Class Treasurer, Varsity Club and Travel Club, SHIRLEY L. MILLER "Shift" Prexy Girls' Reserves, Arts and Crafts Club, V, P. and Treas. Girls' Athletic Association, Stu- dent Council, Service and Pro- gram Chrm. Frindship Club, Echo, Opus, Music Appreciation, Prexy, Future Teachers of America, Choir, Chrm. Hall Guard Comm., National Honor Society, Track Queen. WILLIAM H. RAGBORG "Rags" Freshman Football and Basket- ball, Reserves Football and Bas- ketball, Varsity Football, Track and Basketball Madrigals, Boys' Quartett, Male Chorus, junior Choir, Gala Nite, Big Nite, N. H. S., Am. Leg. Essay Award. Echo Staff, Capt, Hall Guards, Repr. and Prexy Student Coun- cil, Prexy and Treas. Hi-Y. Treas. junior Prom Science Club. Movie Club, Chess and Checkers, Varsity Club. jACK H. SAEFKOW "Sass" Class President, Football, Bas- ketball, Track, Prom. Comm. Hall Guard, Ref. for Morning Intramurals. Varsity Club, Sec. I-li-Y, P. A. Club Chess and Checkers, Basketball Intramu- rals. junior High Football and Basketball. VI jEAN SCHULTZ iilryu Choir Arts and Crafts, Opera Club, Opus 47 Staff, Echo Staff, Choir Secretary, S. S. S. Club. RICHARD TESKE iADilfkY7 Opus Bus. Mgr., Hi-Y, P. A. Club, Student Council Sec'y, Choir, Madrigals, Boys' Chorus, Senior Chess and CheckerS Camera Club, International Re- lations Club, Gymnastics Club. Gala Nite, Big Nite, Soph0rT10f6 Class President. LOUIS THEODOSION "Nick ' Band, Gymnastics Club, Hi-Y. Gala Nite, Big Nite. WILLIAM TOMAZIC "Tony" Track, Football, Student Coun- cil Basketball Intramurals, Var- sity Club, Gymnastics Club, Opus 47 co-Editor, Opus '48 Advertising Mgr., P. A. Club. Orchestra, Final District State Scholarship Tests '46-'47, jANE ADAMS "Janie" Friendship Club, Polka Club HAROLD E. ANDERSON "Bugs" Hi-Y, Travel Club, Archery Club, junior High Recreation, Choir. NORBERT L. ARCHBOLD "Archie" Student Council, High Y Vice- President, President, Track Let- ter, Football, Hall Guard Cap- tain, National Honor Society, Basketball Intramurals, Activity Ticket Committee, "Rooting fOr Rl-Ifh": Gymnastics Club Vice- President, Choir, Movie Club, Boys' State Alternate. I 0 . , 6 ? R if -W9 , -. in hw' Ga x TQ3 v ggi. la i-1i MHC 0-1 Win.. f . , , lf .9 'il X 1 6 H ...v 'Ki' j O ,...., , ,.,. 'M K await Sezwiitiicfii ALFRED WALZ "Ace" Band, Orchestra. C-ala Nite. Model Airplane, Chess and Checker. ANDREW WILLIAMSON Band, Orchestra, Hi-Y. junior Band, "What a Lite," "Every Family Has One" Band Contest. Instrumental Contest, H a I I Guard, Opus '-I7 Faculty Editor. Opus '48 Business Staff. CARROLL j. BARBER "Cui'i'nIl" Opus '47 Art Editor, Co-op: Hobby Show, Friendship Club, Arts and Crafts Club, jr, High Recreation, Intramurals, Bas- ketball Foul Shooting Contest, Dean's Assistant, Carnival, Gala Night, Echo Staff, jr. Girl Re- serves. GEORGENE E. BLACK "Gf0i'gie" Hobby Show: Welfare Board, junior Girl Reserves, Vice-Presb dent, Intramurals, Hall Guard: N u rse Assistant: Orchestra, Band, Choir Secretary, Gala Nite, Big Nite, Ensemble Con- test, Friendship, Orchestra Con- test MARjORlE j. BELL "Margie" "What a Life", All-Star Basket- ball Team, Intramurals, Girls' Leaders, junior Girl Reserves, Friendship Club, Opus '48 As- sistant Editor, Girls' State Rep- resentative, Community Chest Speaker, Office Assistanti "Rooting for Ruth", National Honor Society, Cheerleaders, Echo, Gala Nite, Big Nite, Solo and Ensemble Contests, C., A A, Letter, "Berkeley Square." Soph, Badminton Champ, Chai?- el Choir, All-Star Skill ODEV-3 Club, Card Club, Welcome Board, Hobby Show. ALBERT BELPULSI KKAVY Band: Orchestra: Solo and En- semble Contest First Place: Gala Nite: Big Nite! Rhythmasters: Intramurals: Track. IOHN R. BLAKESLEY "Johnny" Track: Cross Country: Cho i rg Madrigals: Boys' Chorus: Chess and Checkers Club: Varsity Club: American Legion Essay and Oratory Contest Winner: Echo. DAVID C. BLAUCH "Dave" Opus '-48: Band: Hi-Y: lunior Band: Orchestra: junior Recrea- tion Club: Hobby Show: Carni- val: Solo and Ensemble Contest: Big Nite: Gala Nite: Intramu- rals: Golf: Band Music Li- brarian: National Honor Socie- fy. IACKIE A. BOYD "Boyd" lr. High Recreation: lr. Girl Re- serves: Girls' League: Friendship Club: Polka Club President: Knitting Club: Card Club: Teacher's Assistant: Intramu- rals: Girls' Glee Club: Gala Nite: Co-op: Office Assistant. VILET M. BRATEL avi., Band: Orchestra: Friendship Club: Opus '48: Movie Club: ln- tramurals: Girl Reserves: G. A. A.: Solo and Ensemble Contest! Big Nite: Gala Nite: Bookstore Clerk: National Honor Society. ROBERT C. BRODNIK UBFQ Bet", Athletic Association: T r a v el Club: Varsity Club. . U. . 1 V+ if A tg if 95 J 22 MS, ff' Y N f S " 4? .mf .fn 4 3 13.3 We W 'NH ' .- , -'-' .5 . 'Liar' in M. 6 1 V ,A a V " f fy? 2, Q, u f , ..,,. z f :Q QA ies , ff? 1.9,- ,: 5 . , f if 'W . 1 'r.-we fi...- -. 1 if I ,gn - -M 1 Y I .,7?f2 "' .1 LH: we .. 4 Wt v 1 5 4' . i . if :g.S3f1' -suv? 9 Y 1 tw' A ' , . ,::.,,y., .,. ,,., , F . . si J Eighteen MARY ANN BUDAN "Blondie" Polka Club: Senior Card Club: Friendship Club, EDWIN l. CLARK "Eddie" Football: Basketball: Baseball: Student Council: Hall Guard: Big Nite: Varsity Club: Gym- nastics Club: Intramurals: Hi- Y: Cheerleaders. MARGARET COCHRANE "Greta" Girl Reserves: lr. High Recrea- tion Club: "Celestial Love Af- fair": Freshman Choir: Senior Choir: Friendship Club: "What a Life": Reporters' Club: Bas- ketball and Volleyball Intramu- FBISC Carnivall Camera Club: Drama Club: Girls' League: Hall Guard: Chapel Choir: Echo Staff: Sr. Card Club. IUANITA l. COLE "Nita" Echo Staff: lr. Class Play: Friendship Club: Book Review Club: Arts and Crafts Club: Choir: Knitting Club: Spelling Contest: Girl Reserves: Carnival: Co-op. ROBERT L. COM PTON "Comp" Band: Football: Baseball: Var- sity Club: Hall Guard: Intra- mural Basketball: Stage Crew. ETH EL G. COULSON "Sweedie" Friendship Club: Girl Reserves: Intramurals: lr. Class Play: Echo: Arts and Crafts Club: Knitting Club: Music Apprecia- tion Club: Big Nite: Choir. GLENN B. CRAWFORD UG. B. C." P. A. Club Chief Operator: Or- chestra: Band: Football: Basket- ball Manager: Echo: Hobby Show: Chemistry Lab Assistant: lr. Assistant Scout Master: Stu- dent Council: National Honor Society: Carnival: A m e r i c a n Chemistry Society Contest Sec- ond Prize: Phi Be ta KGDDH Contest Honorable Mention: ln- tramurals: Patron Concerts: Se- nior Class Play: Chemistry Club. BRUCE CUMMING "Bruce" Orchestra: Band: Hi-Y: P. A. Club: Gymnastics: Track: Intra- murals: Rhythmasters: jr. High Card Club: lr. Class Play: Gala Nite: Big Nite. ROSEMARY DIRK "Ros-ie" Friendship Club: Music Appre- ciation Club: Choir. ANN E. DRAGONETTE "Dolly" Friendship Club: Student Coun- cil: Polka Club: lr. Class Playl Sr. Choir. HENRY F. EICHHORN "Hank" Home Room President: lntra- mural Volleyball: Intramural Basketball: Hall Guard: Base- ball: Basketball: lr. and Sr. Card Clubs: Varsity Club. EVELYN E. EVANS uEZ:rx Band: Orchestra: First Place in French Horn Contest: French Horn Quartet: Brass Sextetl Brass Quartet: Woodwind Quin- tet: Friendship Club: Echo Typ- ist: Opus '48 Photography Edi- tor: Big Nite: Gala Nite: Eisen- hower Award: jr. Girl Reserves! jr. Band: Hall Guard: Intramu- rals: G. A. A, Letter: jr. Class Play: Music Letter. 9 . ..-, DAVID W. FlELDlNG "Dave" Orchestra: Choir: Hi-Y: Opus '48 jr. Play: Intramurals: Hall Guard. RUTH 1. FRAZIER "Ruthie" lr. Girl Reserves: Hall Guard: Sr. Choir: Gala Nite: Big Nite: Music Appreciation Club: Girls' League: Friendship Club: Chapel Choir: Opera Club Concerts: Echo: Solo Contests: Girls' Glee Club. lit? THOMAS D. GLASS "Toni" Football: Baseball: P. A. Club: Student Council: Hall Guard: Intramurals: Chess and Checker Club: Choir. :Q- exif' 6, Q I . e RQ b.....-.D.-.. .. .s 'Si Q ARTHUR coooMAN "Ai-vhy" V' Chess Club: World Affairs Club. Q :AROL coiaooisi "Carol" Hall Guard: Polka Club: Sports and Games Club: All-Star Team: Intramurals: Leaders: Friend- ship Club: Majorette: junior High Spelling Champion: Ath- letic Association: Opus "48" NORMA C. GRANDILLO "Norm," Sr. Card Club: Book Review Club: lr. Play: Choir: Prom Committee: Intramurals, Nineteen ROSE MAR I E GRI BBONS HDOYI Friendship Club: Girls' Leaders President: Movie Club: Cheer- leader: Echo: Opus '48: lr. Class Play: Knitting Club: Future Teachers of America: Intramu- rals: Arts and Crafts Club: Dis- pensary H e I p e r: Bookstore Clerk: All-Star Cheerleader, HERMAN L. HAFFNER "Blue Eyes" Football: Varsity Club: Senior Choir: Stage Crew President: Madrigals: lr. Class Play Usher: Sr. Class Play Stage Crew. STEVE I, HAYDU "Slel'r"' Varsity Football Letter: Varsity Baseball Letter: Freshman Bas- ketball: Hall Guard: Hi-Y Sec- retary: Choir: Varsity Club: Boys' Recreation Club: Reserve Football: Freshman Football. THERESA L. HEISER "Tres0" lr. Girl Reserves: Sports and Games: Friendship Club: Arts and Crafts: Echo: Movie Club: Girls' Leaders Treasurer: Stu- dent Council: Manager of Stu- dent Council Bookstore: Drum Major: Maiorette: Hall Guard: Choir: Gala Nite: Big Nite: ln- tramurals: Elementary Program: Sr. Card Club. ELLEN E. HOFMANN ali, Band: Orchestra: Choir Accompanist: Girls' Leaders: lr. Band: Solo and Ensemble Con- test: Big Nite: Gala Nite: Friendship Club Inter-C I u b C o u n c i I Representative and Vice-President: Birthday Boardl Opus '48 E d i to r-in-Chief: Nurse's Assistant: Patrons' Con- certs:: lr. C I a s s Badminton Champ: Echo: "Rooting for Ruth": jr. Class Play: lr. Girl Reserve Treasurer: "Not Such A GOOSQIII Chapel Choir: Intra- murals: G. A. A. Letter: Music Letter: All-Star Skit: Elementary Recreation Program: National Honor Society. MARY IANE ICZAK "Mrzrr"' lunior High Recreation: Girl Re- serves: Friendship Club: Card Club: Polka Club: Girls' League: Teacher's Assistant: Girls' Glee Club: Gala Nite: Office Assis- tant: Co-op: Intramurals. f Nr ' il ,, " my if wr A ijt' ff .. is - ei at "smP'2+f'f 'ex -:fd if 'fs le, . Auce 1. iELco "Alco" Senior C I a s s Vice-President: Opus '48 Art Editor: Camera Club Treasurer and Secretary: G. A, A.: Friendship Club: Girls' Leage Secretary an d Social Board: Card Club: Prom Flower Committee: Hall Guard: Intra- murals: jr, High Recreation: Girl Reserves: lr. Red Cross. IACQUELINE IOHNSON "Jackie" Girls' Leaders: Friendship Club: Opus '48: Movie Club: Athletic Association Secretary and Trea- surer: Future Teachers of America: Knitting Club: Polka Club: lr. Class Play: Hall Guard: Choir: Echo: Intramurals: Car- nival. IOAN A. IOHNSON ".lnrm" Charity Football Queen: Bad- minton Champion '46: Debate Team: Echo Staff: Friendship Club: Nurse's Assistant: All- Star Cheerleader: Freshman Cheerleader: Athletic Associa- tion: Intramurals: Choir: Pa- tron's Concert: Gala Nite: lf' Class Play: Drama Club: Polka Club: All-Star Volleyball Team. .,..,....,.. . . , I .5 AM ---i I BETTY 1. IOHNSTONE . , q ' lr. Girl Reserves: lr. High Knit- .. ,Vw Qf 'Q ting Club: Camera Club: Polka i 3 i-:' 'I ' ,gg 2 " ' Club: Nurses' Aide: Choir: Co- '1:'g:i,. 'AN .,.. Z . , . . s o , ,.. Op ls, 1. .ASW Twenty MARY JANE KANTNER "Midge" Friendship: Intramurals: luniOr Class Play: Echo: Girl Reserves: Arts and Crafts Club: Chess and Checkers Club: Knitting Club: Girls' Glee Club: Gala Night. 'v :EAN KAUCNIK "Blondie" Girls' Leader: Friendship Club: Polka Club: Card Club: Arts 5 Crafts Club: G. A. A. President: Opus: Sports Editor: Intramu- rals: Sr, High Treasurer: Cap- tain of All-Star Game. EDWIN KELLER "Mayor" Card Club: Radio Listeners' Club: Travel Club: Debate Team: P. A. A. Club. ROBERT H. KELLEY "Bob" P. A. Club: Gala Nite: Gymnas- tics Club: Reserve Football: lr. Class Secretary. LILLIAN D, KINKOPF "Legs" Friendship Club: G. A. A.: Polka Club: Senior Card Club: Knitting Club: Girl Reserves: Intramu- rals: President of Girls' League: Choir: Girls' Glee Club: Hall Guard: Captain of Volley Ball: Polka Club Chairman: Co-op: Teachers' Assistant. CECILIA R. KNAPP "Civil" Editor-in-Chief of Echo: junior Play: Friendship: Book Review: Al'Cl1Sfy Club: Knitting Club: Hall Guard: Girls' League Corn- mittee: Intramurals: National Honor Society. DOLORES P, KOENIG "Dee' Friendship: Co-op: Senior Arts Cr Crafts: Archery Club: Polka Club: Teacher's Secretary: Of- fice Help. LILIAN H. KOLMAN "Toots" Friendship: Music Appreciation: Sports CJ' Games: Polka Clubi Square Dance: Treasurer of Pol- ka Club: Teacher's Assistant: Office Assistant: Co-op. ,. 1-2' if 'Q 4' A . 'iii ,C :ay im W ,-gs' . A3 ' ' Y: is .r 45 :U Qi, . sw ib- is 5' G. I, iv 5 -lui' A gas Twmify-one C MARY E. KovAcici-i "Metz" Friendship Club: Polka Club: Knitting Club: Echo: Opus: Stu- dent Council: lntramurals: Girls' League President: Senior Class S6CV9lafy: Choir: All- Sta r Teams: Girls' Leaders: Prom Orchestra Committee: G. A. A.: lr. Girl Reserve: jr. High Rec- reation: lr. Class Play: Hall Guard. LOIS L. KREBS "Lil" Friendship Club: Choir: Orches- tra: Girls' Leaders Club Vice- President: jr. Play: lviadrigals: Hall Guard: National Honor S0- ciety: Student Council: Senior Editor of Opus: Activity Ticket Committee: Gala Night: Big Night: Girls' League: Girls' Trio: Intramurals: Sr. Play: Pa- trons' Concerts: Assemblies: Girl Reserves. ALBERT F. KRIZ "Cho1i"' Freshman Track: Varsity Track: Varsity Club: Intramurals: Gala Night: Hi-Y. ROBERT LAIRD "Roh" PATRICIA LALLY "Mimi" Echo Editor: Polka Club: Knit- ting Club: Student Council: De- bate Team: lunior Play: Hall Guard: Dean's Assistant: Bad- minton and Hockey Intramu- rals: Choir: National Honor So- ciety. IOSEPHINE C. LETTE u In'Y lr. Girl Reserves: G. A. A.: Arts G Crafts: Co-op: Radio Listen- ers' Vice-President: World Af- fairs Club: Opus '47 Typist: Hall Guard: Office Help: Teach- er's Secretary: Carnival. MALCOLM R. Mac KAY "i'lflfzck" Stage Crewg Hall Guardg Hi-Yg Reserve Basketballg jr. Hi Bas- ketball C1 Footballg Sr. Card Club. IANET M. MARSHALL ".1rin" Friendship Clubg jr. Girl Re- servesg l945 Track Queeng Sr. Card Clubg Girls' Leadersg Sec.- Treas. Athletic Associationg In- tramuralsg Hall Guard: Opus S t a f fg All-Star Cheerleaderg Choirg Student Council V,-Pres. and Pres.g jr. Class Playg Home Room Play "Rooting for Ruth"g Cheerleaderg C a rn e r a Clubg Movie Clubg Chapel Choirg Big Niteg Etiquette Boardg National Honor Society. DOROTHY O. MARTENS "Dottie" Co-opp Teacher's Secretaryg Ra- dio Listeners' Club: Sr. Arts C1 Crafts Clubg Camera Clubg Helper in Mr. Koth's Office? Office Helper. jENNlE L. MARTlNClC "Bunny" M u sic Appreciation C l u bg Friendship Clubg Choirg Drama Club in Pa.g junior Class Play in Pa. SHIRLA M. MATTHEWS Echog Y-Teeng Girl Reserves: President of World A f f a i r 5 Clubg Sec.-Treas. of Spanish Clubg Star-Gazer Clubg Camera Clubg Choirg Girls' Glee Clubg Chapel Choirg Patrons' ConcertSl Gala Nightg Big Nightg jr. Class Playg "Rooting for Ruth"g jun- ior High Nightg lntramuralsg Dispensary Aideg jr. Red Crossi Assembliesg National H o n o r Society. EDWARD C. MEDVES "Nose"' R e s e r v e Football: Reserve Trackg Varsity Footballg Varsity Trackg Archery Clubg Camera Clubg junior High Recreationg Sergeant-at-Arms in Variety Clubg Choir. sl? "6" 'agig ,,.1. 4:2 i X 'H , sr- t ,Q ' win? 1 ' ' . -S .W . , . I ..-, ..,.. X5-NQA5' Quai ti. ' S I .f-af.: Elf . ,. . at j Twenty-Iwo WlLLlAM MlLLS Hgillli Veteran of U. S. Army KENNETH E. MOON "Mooney" Hi-YQ Footballg Trackg Basket- ballg Volleyballg lntramuralsg jr. Class Presidentg Stage Crewg M. C. of junior Assemblyg C h o i rg Arts 5 Crafts Club. WAKEFIELD MORGAN "Wake" Track Team: Va r si ty Clubg Track Captain '48, ROBERT A. MOSES "Moe" Stage Crewg Popular Science Clubg Chess G Checker Club. WILLIAM E. MOWER "Bad Luck Mower" Varsity Club: P. A. Clubg Bas- ketballg Trackg Footballg Hall Guard. DOROTHY B. OLESINSKI HD0tY! Choirg Knitting Clubg Friendship Clubg Arts G' Craftsg Ope ra Clubg Athletic Association. F-211' STEVEN PAPOU RAS "Steve" Polka Club: Hi-Y BEVERLY R. PARKER ugevn Social Chairman of Girls' Lead- ETS: Movie Club: Future Teach- ers: Choir: jr. Play: Polka Club: Y-Teen: Knitting Club: Intra- murals: Echo: Assistant Editor of Opus: Camera Club. CAMIL E. PASCHALI "Frenchy" Travel Club: Football: Athletic Association: Archery Club: jr. High Recreation: Card Club. BRUNO M. PETRICIG Gala Nite: Big Nite: Football: Baseball: Basketball: Intramu- rals: Choir: Hi-Y: Male Chorus: Choir: Hall Guard: Student Council: Varsity Club. IVIARGUERITE M. PETRICK "Marge" Friendship: G.A.A.: Card Club: Knitting Club: Girl Reserves: Art 6' Crafts Club: Girls' Lead- ers: Echo Staff: Student Coun- cil: Intramurals: junior Play: Girls' Glee Club: Hall Guard: Gala Nite: Co-op: Office As- sistant: Choir: Bookstore Clubl Girls' League. jAMES W. PICKMAN "Jim" Freshman Football and Basket- ball: Varsity Football: Reserve Basketball: Varsity Basketball: President of Varsity Club: Pres- ident of Senior Class: Choir! Hall Guard: Card Club. i 5 ' .Eg N .Y .-' i' : J ' 'ff ' ' jeff' ' ' I 43 J . , A.s....:.rj.i 1 1? Wi Q QVC! W S ' Q. 1 :ra at -as fa.: 3, L5 , fa Till! izty-three MARIAN F. POCH D "Pooh" Friendship: G.A.A.: Polka Club: Card Club: Knitting Club: Echo: Hall Guard: Intramurals: junior Play: Choir: Co-op Class: Office Assistant. ONALD POKORNY "Don" Football: Basketball: Baseball: Vice-Pres. Varsity Club: junior High Recreation: Student Coun- cil: Athletic Association: Hall Guard: Intramurals. STANLEY D. POROPAT "Duke" Freshman Football: V a r s i ty Football: Reserve Basketball : Baseball: Varsity Club: Card Club: Recreation: Hall Guard: Gymnastics Club: Intramurals: Varsity Basketball. jACK j, POSCH Student Council President: P.A. C I u b Treasurer: Announcer: Track: Intramurals: C h o i rl Chapel Choir: Hi-Y: Echo Pho- tographer: Camera Club Presi- dent: Polka Club: National Honor Society. jOAN B. RAMIVIEL "J0anie" Cards C7 Games: Gala Nigbfi Girls' Glee Club: junior Girl Re- serves: Camera Club: Sr. C a r d Club: Polka Club: Friendship: Echo: Movie: Intramurals: jun- ior Play. IO-ANN RENTZ alot, Band: Orchestra: Choir: Patrons' Concerts: Big Nite: Gala Nite: Music Award: Opus: Echo. Girls' Leaders: Movie Club: P. T. A: Camera Club: Music Cori- tests: G. A. A.: Hobby Show: Carnival: jr. Class Play lBusi- ness lvlgr. and Castl: Intramu- rals: Scorer for All-Star Game: Hall Guard: jr. Girl Reserves: Friendship: jr. Movie Club Council: Assistant in Gym Class: National Honor Society. RAYMOND l. SHAWKE 4-Rayii Hall Guard Capt.: Travel Club: Football, MARIAN L. SHEBANEK Opus Staff: Movie Club: Intra- murals: Arts C1 Crafts Club: Y- Teen: Girl Reserves: Camera Club: Card Club: Choir: junior Hiht Night. WILLIAM T. SHIRILLA "Hill" lr, High Football: Travel Club: Recreation Club. CHARLES j. SMALTZ "Pin-legs" Choir: Track: Madrigals: Gala Night: Big Night: Boys' Chorus: junior Play: Polka Club Vice- President: Opus Sports Editor: lr, Class Vice-President. lANE N. SOWDEN "Jiiii1'i"' Pres. and Vice-Pres. of junior Girl Reserves: All-Star Basket- ball Team: Social Chairman and Pres. of Y-Teen Friendship: P. A. Club Announcer: Intramu- rals: Welfare Board: Choir: Opus '48 Asst. Sr, Editor: Na- tional Honor Society: Girls' State Alternate: Chapel Choir: jr. Class Play: Girls' Gym Lead- ers: Hall Guard Captain: Stu- dent Council: F. T. A. Knitting! Sec.-Treas, Camera Club: Movie Club: Big Nite: Gala Nite: Con- certs: Assemblies: Sr. Cla ss Play. HELEN lvl. STAMPFEL "He'li'ii" lr. High V.-Pres. Student Coun- cil: Girls' League: W e l f a r e Board: G. A. A.: Girls' Leaders: Movie: Chaplain of Y-Teen: Book Store Clerk: Opus Faculty Editor: Echo: jr. Class Play! Prom Committee: K n i t t i n g Club: Card Club: Intramurals: lr. Girl Reserves: jr. High Rec- reation: Polka Club: Arts and Crafts Club: Athletic Associa- tion Representative. .age ...anyp- , ALBERT F. STRASSHOFER "Sti'ass" Track: Varsity Club: Chess and Checkers C I u b: Intramurals: Recreation Club, jr. High: Big Nite: Sr. Choir: jr. High Bass Cr Tenor Club: Hi-Y. RICHARD F. STUCK "Dick" lr. High Nite: Movie Club: Camera Club: Football: Gala Nite: Big Nite: Choir: Hall Guard: jr. Class Play: "What a Life": Polka Club: Hi-Y: Mad- rigals: Intramurals: Carnival: Boys' Chorus: Hobby Show. NANCY STUMPF "Nance" Sr. Band: Ir. High Recreation: jr, Girl Reserves: Hall Guard: Choir: jr, High Band: Friendship Cll-lb! Sr. Card Club: Movie Club: F. T. A, Club: Opus '48 Staff: jr. Play: Home Room Play "Rooting tor Ruth": Solo G' En- semble Contest: Gala Night: Concerts: Big Night: Assem- blies lBand and Choirl: G. A. A. Skit: Foul Shots at All-Star Game: Camera Club: Carnival Skit: Band Contest: Chapel Choir. ffl, -1: LOUISE D. SVETIN of '-s' ' Q " 'AD0f" "i " Polka Club: Knitting Club: Se- es' nior Card Club: Choir: Girl Re- ttrl Y' serves, ,aiu , - : ELIZABETH A. SZEMENYEI "Lim" Friendship Club. Polka Club: Radio Listeners: Opus: Sr, Choir: Chess Er Checkers Club: Intra- murals: Carnival: Drama Club! Girls' Glee Club: Fashion Show: lr. Class Play "What a Life"1 Freshman Play, "Wienies 'for Wednesdayu: Girl Reserves. if' y DAN i.. TREBisKY .. : ' XQ X "Slim," yqxf Chess G Checkers Club: Chess ,X-F w Team: jr. and Sr. Card Clubs: Travel Club- Tzuenfy-fozir EVELYN L. TUCK nEv,Uu jr. Girl Reserves: Friendship, Girls' L e a d e r s: Polka Club: Amegia Club: Choir: Big Night: Intramurals: Girls' League Vice- President: Prom Flower Com- mittee: Sophomore Class Secre- tary: Co-op Class. ALICE M. VOGRINC "Al" Came from South High in Se- nior Year, Y-Teen. we 'QT' 4- I IAMES M. WARD .lily "C1ieball" V.-Pres. of Hi-Y: "What a Life"g Hall Guard Capt.: Foot- ball Mgr.: Track: Student Council: Pres. Athletic Associa- tion: Gala Nite: Big Nite: Choir: Treas. Varsity Club! Travel Club: lr. Card Club! Boys' Chorus: President Sopho- more Class: Prom Committee! Recreation Club: Intramurals: Madrigals: lBerkeley Squarel3 Singing Trio: "Rooting fOr Ruth." IVAN L. WElNSTOCK "Domey' Echo Sports Editor: P. A. Oper- atorg P. A. Announcer: Camera Club: Choir: jr. Class Play! ln' tramurals: Intramural Referee: National Honor Society. RlLEY WESTMORELAND "Riley" A Senior Play: Hi-Y: Gymnastic Club. '23 r -.1 .-4.5 ,.:-- 3 , 1? ' 9 4 va A . A I " cu fi-8 A fs N. , , .k 'igm J i 3 it gm. . vi 'R Q bg E l 4 'f' lk . M V. 4.7.9, JA 64:27 ' -in 'vi-'ifmee - Tu't'nIy-fire ' , RICHARD L. WIRTH "Dick" Four Years and Letter in Band: Chess C1 Checkers Club: Ass't for jr. High Airplane Club: "Rhythmasters" Dance Band, Dlayed for school dances. MARGERY H. WRIGHT "Kitten" Co-op: Sec. to Mr. Kothg Arts CT Crafts Club: lSr,l Office l'lE'lD9fC Sec. Radio Listeners' Club: Sec. to Teachers. GERALD E. YEARY "Jerr" Track Team: World Affairs Club: Hi-Y: Senior Choir: Stage Crew: Chess Cr Checkers Club: junior Prom Committee: Stu- dent Council: junior Play: Na- tional Honor Society. RUTH V. ZACH "Bridge" Friendship Club: Polka Club: 5DOrts 6 Games: Square Dance: Intramurals. ' IOSEPH L. ZUPANIC "Joe" Football: Track: Travel: Varsity Club: jr. Class T.easurer: Hal: Guard. l I H if flggff. .-...lg 1- Weather T C Post-school Blue Skies News Forecast Issue No. 1 Euclid, Ohio June 32, 1958 Congressman Returns Congresswoman, Florence G a l e r. just returned to Washington, D.C., with two famous hair stylists who are also former classmates. They are Anne Chinchar and Juanita Huston, who have made head line news in Hollywood at the M.G.M. studios. Easy Money Since graduating from high school in 1948, Arthur Bosco, Jack Saef- kow and Bill Tomazic have become noted millionaires through a get- rich-quick investigation, and the re- of them formed ads in various sults were: the three a company putting magazines reading-"if you want to get rich quick send the information!" in a dollar for Then they in turn send back a note saying "get enough suckers to send in dollar bills and you will get rich quick." Oh, well, good luck boys. Flash!! Brew Takes Over Since Howie Lund has been in the hospital with a serious case of per- manent "hoarseness,l' Barbara Brew has taken over his post as disk jockey on station E.C.H.S. Dale Galer, the famous loafer of his gen- eration, has spent much of his time there, counting how many times a record turns while being played. Letter to the Editor This newspaper received a letter a few days ago from Captain Al Del- gado of the U.S. Navy, who wrote that on his way to South America he met four of his former class- mates as passengers of his ship. They were Shirley Miller, Valeria Kalin, Bob Drobnick, and Milan Mihalich, who were completing the last lap of their round-the-world tour. Stars Come to Town "Have you been down at the Palace this week to see that wonderful show?" Things like this are being said all over greater Cleveland since Bob Herendeen and his band have moved itno town. Featured along with him is Vi Jean Schultz straight from Hollywood, after finishing her picture with Van Handsome. They have temporarily set up a first aid station in the lobby for all the men who faint from her radiating beauty as she walks on the stage. Also along with the show is Bill Bartol, who has been touring the U.S. with his "talking accordianf' It has just been announced by Doris Kollmor- gen, the traveling secretary for the band, that all former classmates of Bobs will be admitted free. Businessmen of '58 'Ihe most successful businessmen of 1958 title has been given to Mr, Bill Ragborg, Alvin Gower, and Antho- ny Martucci, who combined their talents and organized a consultant Firm on which they advise the peo- ple on retiring young and living the life of Riley, They were Hooded every day with hundreds of people, including Jim Meglan, and Diana Klopovic, who is so so tired of teaching kindergarten but was told by the school that she would have to wait till she's 65. But now that they advised millions of people, the trio has decided to retire them- selves. Bill has moved to Florida, Anthony to California and Alvin to South America. Bill's house is so big that he has hired Stanley Ivan- cic as chief guide so he won't get lost in the house. A house guest of Mr. Martucci last week was his for- mer classmate Mr. Dick Teske, who has just completed a non-stop high- way from Euclid to California, called the Teske Turnpike. Breaks U. S. Record H. Breaks U. S. Record Champion Hag pole sitter, Harold Anderson, is sitting in his glory on top of the highest flagpole in the World, which is in Euclid. After sitting high for one year, two months, three days and twelve and a half hours, he is very glad to get back to earth. VVhen asked what he saw from his post 1500 feet in the air he said, "One thing I saw was Joan Jonnson, Josephine Lette and Joan Rammel in their helicoptors and they stopped a few times to visit me. Also Tom Glass passed me up when he was thrown from his new invention - a gasless car, which resulted in an explosion. I also saw Jim Pickman, Greta Coch- rane, Ay Kriz and Ronald MacKay Hy by on their air trip around the world. It's a funny thing, but from that pole I could see with the aid of my powerful binoculars, Mary Ann Budan, Lillian Kolman, Bever- ly Parker, Marge Petrick, Pat Lally, and Louise Svetin, walking their bunch of children to school where I think I saw Evelyn Evans and Nancy Stumpf as teachers and Ed Clark as chief custodian." 'Ihen Mr. Anderson was rushed to the hospital for a period of recu- peration where he will have Rose Marie Gribbons, Betty Johnson, Janet Marshall, and Jo-Ann Rentz for nurses. New Head The new Euclid Glenville Hospital has just appointed Louis Theodosion as head pharmacist there. Cure Discovered Secretaries Mary Jane Iczak, Mar- ion Poch, and Evelyn Tuck dis- closed today that the noted duet of the medical world, Doctors Norbert Archbold and Glenn Crawford have finally found a cure when called on the case of Bob Compton and Jim Ward, the famous lizard trainers. At first it was thought that the lizards caused the diseaseg however, with the aid of the well-known authors John Blakesley and Gerald Yeary, who have done quite a bit of re- search to help their friends, this idea was dropped. The cure is not al- Interred 1948 TRY OUR LAY-AWAY PLAN ROBERT BRODNIK Undertakers Price Depends upon your casket EDWIN KELLER T-zverzty-six I Fair and warmer c Forecast Post-school News Issue No. 1 Euclid, Ohio June 212, 1958 lowed to be printed at this time, but the public will be notified at a later date. Flash! l Clock Makes Money Engineers David Blauch, David Fielding, Steve Haydu and mechan- ics Hank Eichhorn, Camil Paschai. and Dick Stuck have combined their great talent in making clocks which go slow at night and fast during school time, Accountant Arthur Goodman has figured out that in the six months production this clock has made 514,999,995 profit for this group. Redecorate "White House" Juanita Cole, Ellen Hofmann, Jackie Johnson, and Dolores Koenig. heads of the C.H.J.D. Interior Decorating Company, have recently been asked to redecorate the White House. They have just completed a book which contains decorating hints. The book was illustrated by Carroll Barber, the noted commercial artist. Restaurant Booms Since Herman Haffner. Theresa Hei- ser, Georgene Black, Lois Krebs and Jane Sowden have graduated from college with the highest honors ob- tainable they have had very very good luck in getting jobs. Mr. Heff- ner is the chief bottle washer at the Cleveland Hotel, and Miss Heiser, Miss Black, Miss Krebs, and Miss Sowden have a job as dish wipers there. Also Ethel Coulson, Mary Jane Kantner, Jack Posch, and Helen Stampfel, who have recently been voted the most successful people in 1958 leading a drive promoting the enlargement of Dagwood sand- wiches. Knapp Named Editor Ceil Knapp, who recently was named editor of Euclid's daily newspaper "The Gabby Times," ran a column last week called "Let's Gossip," told us what some of the former graduates from Euclid Cen- tral have done with themselves-or shall we say not done with them- selves?-anyway-Last night the first column appeared and this is what we found. Jean Kaucnik, Lil- lian Kinkopf, and Jennie Martincic have opened a modeling agency in New York which so far has proved very successful. Ken Moon, it seems. is still a bachelor, but all reports state that he is very happy??'?'? Bob Moses, president of the American Pretzel Twisting Company, reports that business is as "doughy" as ever. Joan Rammel, chief stewardess of United Air Lines, stopped off at Nicaragua the other day and saw Alice Vogrine, who is still trying to get the Marines out of there. Her foreign correspondent, Shirla Mat- thews, is keeping the White House up on Alice's work. Dorothy Mar- tens has opened a drive-in-restau- rant down there also. Seems to be a busy place!! Lawyer Makes Good Out of college at last are Chuck Smaltz, Don Pokorny, Marian She- banek. and Al Strasshofer. Chuck's first law case "The State vs. 'Shoul- ders"' proved successful for the great lawyer, and he is now oft' to a flying start. Don Pokorny plans to play pro football with the Browns along with Stan Poropat and Bill Mower. Marian just received her degree as an occupational therepist and Al has received one in the farm- ing Held. LAST MINUTE NEWS Golden Gloves Dan Trebisky has just announced that he will enter the Golden Gloves Contest after last Friday's knock- out over f'Slugger McGoon." Scientist at Work Dick Wirth, noted electronic expert, has been working on a contraction to the Einstein Theory, His promot- er is Bob Kelley, well-known mil- lionaire. Trades Horses Owner of the 'fRide Em Cowboy Ranch," Bill Shirilla, just announced that Bing Crosby is going to trade in his horses for some of this ranch's stallions and try again. Businesswoman '5 8 Jackie Boyd, Ann Dragonette, Mary Kovacich, and Elizabeth Szemenyei have formed a chain of beauty shops in New York, Chicago, Miami, and Hollywood. This group of promi- Tzveiity-seifuiz nent women have just been awarded The Plaque for "The Most Success- ful Business Women of 1958" Music Is Tops The combined bands of Al Belpulsi and Bruce Cumming will be at the Palace July 4 with our own Norma Grandillo and Bruno Petricig as featured soloists. Also Marjorie Bell and Ruth Frazier will be in town with the Metropolitan Opera Corn- pany next spring. Miss Bell has the lead in the opera "Madame Butter- fly" and Miss Frazier in "Lakme." Vilet Bratel made her debut with the Cleveland Orchestra as the oboe soloist last week. where she was very well received. Rosemary Dirk, Dorothy Olesinski and Margery Wright have formed a piano trio which has become n a t i 0 n ally known. This is the first of its kind featuring three girls. Flash! ! Ivan Decides Ivan Weinstock has just decided on what he wants to do with himself!!! Robbery Here Last evening. while the fcrrnef Miss Carol Cordon and her husband were enjoying a neighborhood movie. their house at OOOOOOOO Nothings Ave was robbed down to the last toothpick. Naturally, as everyone does, they called the Get-l-lim De- tective Agency, headed by loe Zu- panic and Charles Kopsick, to solve the case. Immediately they called Captain Ed Medves of the police force who in turn sent out policemen Bob Laird, Ray Shawke, Bill Mills, and Frank Parziale, who are known for their good work in other cases of this type. Riley Westmoreland, known as the second Sherlock Holmes, arrived within five minutes after he was called, and within two minutes he had discovered some invisible toot-prints on the ceiling. He will check them this afternoon and the robber is ex- pected to be found by evening, Ivan Weinstock. owner of the "Never Know What to Expect" insurance company, assured the unfortunate people that they will receive approxi- mately l0,000 dollars in pennies. Pretty good, hey what? This informa- tion was disclosed today by Miss jane Adams and Miss Ruth Zach, secre- taries ot the detective agency. S v NU., -.ff-,gmf -if, mg.,-wfaijf-rg-1-a.,.. Scamifor Snaps 7 fj IH Senior Snaps S x 'Q 1 gay I x.2 'mx 51: 1. s 'im iff' 'Wit Twenty-ni1z,e 9 a Ewx .ru si? : - -.-g., -Q.--..,-,.f--1-rw -wa:-:rv-vnfgsf-K+ Senior Snalps Th iffy LAST WILL AND TLSTAMLNT 'IZ-A Will We, thee undersigned, being of sound mind, do make, publish and de- clare this to be our last will and testament, Bill Bartol wills to Mr. Harold Blackburn a walkie-talkie set so that he can keep in touch with the members of his Travel Club. Art Bosco wills a picture of Al Capone to Andy Bubonic. Barbara Brew wills her seat on the 200th St. bus to anyone who thinks he needs it. Anne Chinchar wills her carrying voice to anyone who sits in the back of Mr. Smith's co-op class. Al Delgado wills a compass to joe Zupanic so that he can find his way around in Canada. Robert Drobnick wills to the 200th street boys three chairs around the ra- diator in Roosevelt's gym. Dale Galer wills his ability to drive slow to Bob Stahre. Florence Galer wills to Mr. Smith the thirty-eight pounds he lost teaching co- op. Don't try so hard, Alvin Gower wills his ability to run a mile in less than six minutes to "Whitey" Carlson, who shouldn't give up so easily. Robert Herendeen wills his ability to play the saxophone to Henry Kapel. luanita Huston wills Mr. Graham to her little blonde sister, Alice, in the Sth grade. Stanley lvancic wills to Bob Baitt the ability to be on time once in a while. Valeria Kalin wills the ability to dodge Mr. Graham's finger of justice,pointed toward the office door at 8:25 V2, to the late arrivals of his next homeroom. Diana Klopovic wills her ability not to have to go to the office every day for an excuse to Frank Bosco, Doris Kollmorgen wills her long-long skirts to any girl who thinks she can stand the glances and remarks. Anthony Martucci wills his speed to Mike Tarasco, so that he can play full- back on next year's football team. larnes Meglan wills all his broad-jumping ability to Ray Selzer. l-le'll need it. Milan Mihelich wills to Frank Rielly the ability to try to last in school. Shirley Miller wills a new pair of shoes to Mr. Graham to take the place of those he wears out during his classes. Bill Ragborg wills Mr. Miller a badge so he will look authentic when he plays policeman with future couples. lack Saefkow wills that handsome, manly Bill Mower a pair of track shoes to get away from joan Bronkall. Vi lean Schultz wills to her shadow Charlotte Gleeten her ability to keep out of trouble, and to Larry Totura a hair ribbon to keep those beautiful tresses forever in place. Richard Teske wills to Chuck Smaltz a pair of bloodhounds to keep watch over his many female admirers. Louis Theodosian wills the name of his car to Bill Gent's model T Ford, Bill Tomazic wills Harold "'l-widdlefingers' Wittlinger to lvan Weinstock. lPlease take good care of him, lvanl. Alfred Walz wills to Mr. Edwards one case of Pepsodent tooth paste. Andrew Williamson wills to his brother the ability to get along with Mr, Keay. Th.i'rty-one Mv-- LAST WILL AND TLSTAMLNT I2-B Will Harold Anderson wills to Mr. Hoon his slender figure, so he won't leave a vacuum when he walks through the halls, Norbert Archbold wills to all Hi'Y boys his ability to get SO cents each month for dues. Carroll Barber wills her ability to draw Varga Girls to Paul Chaney. Marjorie Bell wills her spot in cheerleading to anyone who can practice and still be able to move at the game. Albert Belpulsi wills his trumpet-playing ability to little Harold Gabriel. john Blakesley wills his hurdling ability to anybody with longer legs-for in- stance, Bob Klun. Dave Blauch wills to Marsue Keyerleber the headaches of band librarian. jackie Boyd wills to Eleanor Praprotnick her good sense of humor and all her pep and ambition on Monday mornings. Vilet Bratel wills Mr. Blackburn a pair of ear plugs, so he won't be annoyed by portable radios during classes. Bob Brodnik wills his books. Mary Ann Budan wills Mr. Blauch a pair of stilts so he can see what's going on in the back of the room during 9th period Government Class. Ed Clark wills to Mr, Smith his good humor in the morning or, as far as that goes, all day long. Greta Cochrane leaves her freckles to Mr. Hoon, so he'll have something on the top of his head. juanita Cole leaves to her brother Dale the ability to stay out of detention hall all his school life. Bob Compton being of sound mind and body leaves nothing to nobody. Ethel Coulson wills ability to graduate to her brother, Charles, who will need it. Glenn Crawford wills some more hair curlers to Mr. Heinlein. Bruce Cumming wills to Tony Ferrato his ability to get along without girls. Rosemary Dirk wills her great ability in math to anyone who's struggling through. Ann Dragonette wills more time between classes to all thcse who go steady. Henry Eichhorn wills to Mr. Fred Vollman some of his hair in order for him to have something to comb. Evelyn Evans wills her ability to talk a cop out of giving her a ticket to any- one who needs it. Dave Fielding wills his ability to get along with girls to Dave Hollis. Ruth Frazier wills her ability to reach high notes to Mr. Beck. Tom Glass wills his ability to get out of school to jim Stewart. Art Goodman leaves his brother an A in Latin, the only way he could get one. Norma Grandillo wills her success as a model to Dolores Perat. Rose Marie Gribbons wills her job in the dispensary Znd period to anyone who can bandage a finger so it doesn't look like a broken arm. Herman Haffner wills to the boys who want to be on the stage crew the abil- ity to remember switch number l5, the attic light. Steve Haydu wills Mr. Smith to anyone who wants him and his 8:l5 bell. Theresa Heiser wills her moldy loafers to Mr. Harper for use during the l9-48 marching season. Ellen Hofmann wills her ability to get along with girls to her brother Clark. Mary jane lczak leaves with the teachers the happy thought that she is the last of the lczaks. Alice jelco wills invitation to all party-crashers. jackie johnson wills her deep laugh to Bob Stahre because he likes if so much. Tliirty-two l l l joan johnson wills to Dolly Radio her tight brown skirt which Dolly really thinks is laheml sharp. Betty johnstone wills Mr. Smith the ability to talk without using his hands. Mary jane Kantner wills to her brother joe her height and her ability to get along with Mr. Vollman. jean Kaucnik wills to the 49ers the HIGH STANDARDS of the lately de- parted 48ers Ed Keller wills to Mr. Winters a homeroom as good as the one he had this year. Bob Kelley wills his ability to get along without girls to Lloyd Dunlap. Lillian Kinkopf wills her good humor and laugh on Monday to all dead beats coming to school with hangovers from the previous week-end. Ceil Knapp wills her position as Echo editor to anyone having an Iron Con- stitution. Dolores Koenig wills her ability to get through school to anyone who wants it. Lillian Kollman wills to Eleanor Proprotnik the ability to keep smiling through Mr. Smith's co-op classes. Mary Kovacich wills to her brother Eddie the ability to get along with her girl friends and keep his mind on studying at the same time. Lois Krebs will her chair in orchestra to anyone who wants it, Al Kriz wills his ability to take off days from school to go hunting to Ted Crubbs, Pat Lally wills the 20 pounds she's always losing on her diets to Helen Peter- son who needs them more than she does. josephine Lette wills her sympathy with "Mitzi" Perme who will be in next year's co-op class. Ronald McKay wills his gymnastic ability to -lerry Arko. janet Marshall wills to jim Egensperger a pair of rubber heels for his loafers so he won't sound like the Lone Ranger when he crosses the stage. Dorothy Martens wills her ability to keep her hair the same color day after day to Charlotte Cleeten. jennie Martincic left in such a hurry she forgot to will anyone anything, Shirla Matthews wills a real cigarette to john Wright. Ed Medves wills his ability to play guard position to "Eat" Wilse. Ken Moon wills a big and vicious dog to Indian joe Smith that will chase any- one that comes in late up to the office. Wakefield Morgan wills his ability to get into trouble to Mickey Schneider. Bob Moses wills his ability to leave the school during the day without getting caught to jim Stewart. Bill Mower wills to Mr. Smith an automatic door slammer so he doesn't have to slam it every morning at 8:25. 'Dorothy Olesinski wills her ability to get along with people to her sister Mary ou. Beverly Parker wills her ability to take gym and like it to Marilyn Courtot and Helen Petersen. Frank Parziale wills to Mr. Blackburn's Travel Club a portable dice table. Camil Paschali wills his curly hair to Mr. Hoon. Bruno Petricig wills to Mr. Smith some polish to keep his head always shin- ing. Marge Petrick wills Andy Bubonic a race track so he can speed without hav- ing the cops chase him. jim Pickman wills his ability of coming late to school to anyone who can keep up the tradition. Marian Poch wills to "Butts" Bubonic and "Slim" Kovacich her glasses SO they can see the stop signs while driving. Don Pokorny wills to Mr. Thompson all of Paul Brown's football plays. Stan Poropat wills his athletic ability to Don Mahne. T11 iffy-three lack Posch wills the work, headaches, and fun of the Student Council to the new officers. loan Rammel wills all the bubble gum she can get to Andy "Bubbles-Butts" Bubonic. lo-Ann Rentz wills candy hearts to the girls who lost theirs when Mr, Troglia came here. Ray Shawke wills his patent on the ability to laugh to Bob Baitt. Marian Shebanek wills her naturally straight hair to anyone who wants it. Bill Shirilla wills to Mr. Holloway more detention slips tor the people who come on the late bus. Charles Smaltz wills to Frank Reilly his ability to disagree with Mr. Burgin. lame Sowden wills a pair of roller skates to anyone who is always late to class. Helen Stamptel wills Lois Hedtky a course in Biology so that she can find the answer to why there are never just two rabbits, Albert Strasshoter wills Mr. Edwards a whip to keep his classes in order. Dick Stuck wills Mr. Blackburn a piece ot paper and pencil to write his great American novel with. Nancy Stumpf wills her place in marching band to any lr. High Band member who wants it. Louise Svetin wills Mr. Blackburn a pair ot suspenders. Elizabeth Szemenyei leaves all the girls at the mercy ot her brother, Steve "Muscles" Szemenyei. Dan Trebisky wills his ability to graduate to George Snider. Evelyn Tuck wills Lois Hedtky her ability to catch on to a good joke, espe- cially about rabbits. Alice Vogrinc wills "My Father's Mustache" to Florence Cole. lim Ward wills his 200th Street accent to Mr. Burgin who doesn't seem to appreciate it. lvan Weinstock wills the Echo typewriter to anyone with a hammer and a strong right arm. Riley Westmoreland leaves Mr. Vollman his ability to draw a complete pic- ture without all the facilities. Richard Wirth wills his ability to stay out ot detention to the detention hall gang. Margery Wright wills Mr, Koth a secretary who isn't so strict and who won't bother him with math problems, Gerald Yeary wills a Ford to anyone who can keep it running longer than he. and the rest ot the Yearys to the teachers. Ruth Zach wills to Wilma johnson additional strength to help her through the last semester. g loe Zupanic wills Mr. Miller a new comb and a bottle of Wildroot Hair Tonic. ln testimony whereof we have set our hands and seal this twenty-eighth day ot May in the year of our Lord nineteen hundred and forty-eight. Witness Lois Krebs lane Sowden Thirty-four UNDIERCLASSMIEN QW M N. S f KZ!- I NNN!" ,.wv Thirty-fue f 1.-4 r . Class Ulflfieors IUNIOR A'S President-Anthony Ferrato Vice-President-Virginia Hansen Sec'y-Treasurer-Virginia Kornprobsf SOPHOMORE A'S President-Rodger Yeary Viceepresident-Lois Kusar Secretary-Gertrude Walz Treasurer-Loretta Svarpa FRESHMEN President-Charles Lays Vice-President-Marilyn Campbell Secretary-Mary jane l-lillier Treasurer-Kenneth Redlin SEVEN A'S President-Barbara Zales Vice-President-Alice Kusar Sec'y-Treasurer-Thomas lvlaper IUNIOR B'S President-john Bartone Vice-President-Dan Volpe Secretary-Alberta Sheller Treasurer-Wilma lvlersnik SOPHOMORE B'S President-Norene Kallman Vice-President-Fred Baldassarre Secretary-Rhoda Miller Treasurer-Nancy johnson EIGHTH GRADE President-Alice Sowden Vice-President-Chandler Crawford Secretary-Patsy Miklus Treasurer-Carol Welling SEVEN B'S President-Bill Bartlette Vice-President-Forrest Dixon Secretary-Bob Bober Treasurer-Bob Bartlefte Thirfy-si.1' Junior AAS 77'?9W'3i' C' "F'HF"" " Junior 'S 17'.lll-St'I'f'Il First row lleft to rightl: V Hansen, j. Saso, M. Pfatf, M Mavsar, j. Smith, W. john- son, C. Black, M. Stefanchlk B. L. Rohrback, C. Brown. S Kornprobst j. Danley. Second row: Mr, Bennett, A Toth, A. Morse, W. jaros, l Richard, R. DeCeneva, C. Fa- rona, D. Perat, Mr. Edwards Third row: Ci. Snider, W. Kal- berer. R. Genzen, A. Oester- le j. Conahan, C. Zele, S Totura, M. Mlachak, R. Pin' kava, L, Dunlap, F. Bosco, R Coski. Fourth row: R. Cederlund, R. Welling, M. Schneider, R Hazzard, j. O'Neill, D. Mil- ler, E. Emery, R. Bailey, R Dreis, j. Stewart, j. Bann. First row lleft to rightl: Mrs Stewart, P. Beam, M. Pernne D. Kokos, K. Roach E. Pro- potnik, R. Miklus, C. Malrn j. jones. Second row: D. Volpe, A. Carl- son, W. Long, M. Ohnemus R, Bennington W. Willis, N Beck, Blatnlk, jarvis, S Palsa. Third row: C. Martens, j, Lu- zar, A. Bubonic, D, Payne, j Colinar, R. Schultz, D. john- son, F. Brodmck, F. Sain. Fourth row: N. Lewis j. Bar' tone, j. Egensperger, B S t a h r e, C. Vollmer, B Schultz, L. Troha, R. Bal- dassarre, P. Maczuga. . i Qlliuiimiioir BFS ellllllmllcfilllo BFS Tliirfy-cf'l'ghf First row lleft to rightl: P. McNeilly. C. Cleeten, H, Sni- der, N. Cerjevic, A. Sheller M. Bain, M. Courtof, A. Schnur. Second row: B. Zupanic, P. Kli- suric, A. Brack, L. lerabek, E. Kessler, M. Coe, C. Zimmer- man, B. Lewis P. Berger. Third row: 1. Olesinski, P. Flet- cher, F. C-ole, M. Sarlo, D. Radio, D. Hochevar, L. Yan- char, M. Cherry, R. Fletcher, E. Cermano. Fourth row: W. Mersnik, B. Crabtree C. Verbsky, I. Wil- son, D. Gockel, M. Snyder, P. Nichols, I. Cirye, W. Armour, B, Westbrook. First row llett to rightlz Ray Stone, N, Misheck, C. Boyd W. Hughes, R. Campbell, H. Scott, C-. Conlon, M. Tarasco, R. Clouser, 1. Callahan, Second row: B, Morgan, l. Wil- liamson, 1. Noda, L. Reiter, A. just B. Ferguson, R. Kri- voy, D. Walker, R. Stampfel, Third row: l. Petrenchik, T. Hopes, B. Gent, R. Loushin, B. Rath. C. Bobar. B. Mar- var, R, Hochevar, T. Grubbs. Fourth row: D. Hollis, T. Skiff R. lanik, D. Dallas, D, Keel R. Koren, F. Tomaric, 1. Potts, A. Bradac. . .....-...... ..- 5.1 1--,,., Sophomore Sopllnomore TlllI'f1j-P11719 Furst row llett to rightl: A Martuccl, A, Clunta, l., Buck- ley. C. Walz, R. Westbrook, B Long, E. Smrth, D. Walland. Second row: Mlss Berg, P Wade V. Shupe, M. Zales, L Svarpa, W. Melkerson, B. Cran- Bge. D. Moser. l.. Kusar, A White. Thlrd row: B. Bautt, R. Yeary E. Brown, W, Marett, 1. Struck- lln, B, Llptak, B. Willem, E Laird. Fourth row: P. Maloney, R Hrlbar, R. Sulzer, 1. Sharpe, H Paelchen, 1, Bratel, 1. Blazek B. Klurn. First row llett to rlghtl: 1 Harwood, N, 1ohnson, A. Wag- ner, B. 1urcak, 1. Pornplos. 1 Chapman, 1. l-lutton, 1. Rleder D. Morgan R. Wrlllams, V. Da- wes, 1. Berlln. Second row: Mr. Barley, M, Ko- zar, L. Yeager, P, Causlay, W Knapp, 1. Gallagher, 1. Hester M. Stomp, M. Podbergar, W Hahn R. Caratolo, 1. Clayton M. Callahan, 1. Cronda, E Creighton, Mr. Burgln. Thlrd row: H. Blakesley, S Szemeyeu, L. l-loltelder, C Mower, B. Ravencratt, 1, PaolO 1. Kunkopf T. Luzar, R. San W. Slade, S. Steed, l. Molllson R. Recher, C. Crlbbons, H. Cor- FTWISIB. Fourth row: R. Scholpp, 1. Cos- kr, B. Bubonlc, 1. Lausche, N Kallman, B. Shearer. P. Healy S. Scott R. Muller, D. Levar, F Herendeen, W. Fielding, 1. Ce- celrc. F. Baldassarre. Sfoplhlomforo r S Freshmen APS Furfy First row lleft to rightl: M Spencer, A. Baldassarre, 1. Fink A. Thomas, D. Wagner, E Yurfz, B. Frecker, D. Pabalis I. lvancic, F. Cole, C. Simmons Second row: Mrs. 1. Thomas, P Rodgers, 1. Sutherland M. Ra- cecic, L. Thomas, C. Hofmann W. Biefuss, A. Goodman, R Cunningham, Miss Withrow. Third row: G, Pfaff, D. Cole, C jones, R. Sterle, 1. Maxwell B Messersmith, W. Heefer, M Sugarman, K. Aplis. Fourth row: F. Meyers, R Cross, F, Kehn, L. Mills, I D'Arcy, R. Schafer, W. Uhl D Mahne, L. Clayton, C. Sezow. First row lleft to rightl: L Kemter, P. Luth, D. Boduroff 1. Pavlina, Miss Vermillion, D Ogrinc, R. Rossington, l. Metz- ger. Second row: C. Busch, B. Kva- ternik, D. Razayeski, P. Rielly M. Mumford, D. Paelchen, I Pavlina. Third row: 1. Farzier, A. Fens- ky, E. Cesnik, P. Rielly, I. Far- kas, I. Turk A. Miller. Fourth row: N. Boston E. Lon- go, K. Krause, l. Baumann, C Tanger, P. Vadnal. Freshmen lB5's Freshmen Els Fnrfy-mir Flrst row lleft to rlghtl: M Spencer, A. Baldassarre, l Fxnk, A. Thomas, D. Wagner. E. Yurfz, B. Frecker, D. Paballs 1. lvancuc, F. Cole, C. SummOnS. Second row: Mrs. Thomas, P. Rodgers, I. Sutherland, M. Ra- cecuc, L. Thomas, C. Hofmann W. Buefuss, A. Goodman R Cunningham, Miss Withrow. Third row: Cl. Pfaff, D. COl9.C jones, R. Sterle, l. Maxwell, B Messersmith, W. Heeter, M Sugarman, K. Aplls. Fourth row: F. Meyers, R Cross F. Kehn, L. Mills, l D'Arcy, R, Schafer, W. Uhl, D Mahne. L. Clayton, C. Sezon. Furst row lleft to rught': T Porter, B. Sleby D, Mulls, M Campbell, M. Krecuc, C. Malm I. Stokes, M. Doshock, W Tacketf. Second row: Mlss Surrarrer. A Kovach, E. Perar, R, Salvadore B, Stone, R. Mclvlann, D, Stone D. Kuharnlq B. Weust. Thlrd row: A. Dnsimone, R Weist, W. Beck, K. McCullogh D. Sater, E. Hoffert, D. Solon S. Perry. Fourth row: C, Schultz, I Culp, K. Shllinger, D. Kollar W. C.bby T. Bechemer, B Stone, H. Kornprobsf, R. Capps Freshmen Els Freshmen Bla Fm-fy-fzvo First row lleft to arightl: P. Neubecker, R. Fabian, 1. Sari, l. Cimoerrnan, B. Hale, C. Pe- rez, V. Palsa E. Creighton, 1. Capperta, M. Stetanchik, H Gabriel. Second row: M. Sakecs. D. Gress, R, Blinn, M. Malackek, C-. Laddis, l. Sullivan, N. les- berger, C. Radcliffe, C. Sele- man. Third row: Miss M. Hausheer E. McCarthy, M. Champa, V Puska, S. Verbsky, H. Sleith, E. Kubik, C, Luzar, M. Dowd, C. Milosevich, Mr. N. MacKeigan. Fourth row: C. Schroer, C. Crouse P. Maher, S. Town, P. Davis, P. Trebec, M. Olesinski C. Levis, D. Broos, L. A. Rich- ardson. First row lleft to rightl: D Snyder, R. Marcombe, D Mahne, 1. Allison. l. l-lopp, M Marett, 1. Pegnoli, B. Pollack K. Krause, l. Stinson. Second row: Mrs, Clarke M jones, A. Rath, B. Shroke, M I. Hillier, C. Nuniveller, S. Ri- ley, R. Schelgunov, R. Huston F. Martencic, M. 1. Replogle. Third row: A. M. McAlyrmG M. Watkins, S. Kozlow C Ross, N. Hadder, E, Zogg, R Papp, R, Barnhart, B. Dortt, l M. Derrnott. Fourth row: R. Morway, W Wheaton, R. Strah, E. Snyder R. Weber E. l-larrison, K. Red- lin, C. Lays, B, Gallo. , Eight ls tight Bls Forty-fhrffe Frrst row lleft to rightl: L. Radlo, l. Buckley, 1. Richmond, M. Crowther, Mr. Hoon, B. Pole, M. Mullosevnch, R. Elliott. Second row: V. Langdon, B. Beyer G. Cermano, 1. Bosco, A. Murray, B. Davis, B, Skully Thurd row: C, McCord, M. Predovuc, j. Austrn, F. Balzel, R. Behrens, l. Butler 1. Fnnke. Fourth row: 1. Dells, I. Silver- man, H. Klsthardt, N. Simmons 1. Nrrnmo, W. Schlauch, C Kelly, D. Alston. First row lleft to rrghtl: B Abbott, R. Vldmar, B. McCul- ley. C. Stape 1. Morton, N COllDOw, L. Payne, R Akers, B Beldln. D. Bosanko, P. McNel- lan, D. Knerr. Second row: B. Punkava, C Glenn. A. Mouser V, Carney T. Hughes F. Crarofolo, l. Lew- is, R. Van Castel, S. Balmt, H Parts, M. Geddes, 1. Brunstead Mr. Troglia. Thurd row: C-. Starhe, D, Lurna- due, B. Snyder, R, Besemer, S Ryon, K. Wrnght K, Shirulla A. Sowden, P. Ryder, D. Hem- rich, N. Yeary, M. Stone, B Cane. Fourth row: D. Crenova, l Richmond, j. Dabrantrc, B Vrgh. C. Pfrnem, L. Woodford R. Olned, B. Wand, E. Wrlliams D. Mnller, Y. Lavo, V. Manill. lfhigllvl BPS Eight Bfs Forfy-fozir FirSt row lleft to rightl: F Delaney, B. Bushlong, W. Coll- witzer, D. Winters, P. Petti H Meyers, P. Smith. R. Carson W. Downing, T. O'Donnell. Second row: l. Covert, l. Kelley R. Lapinskas, R. Verrni, D. Di- cenzo, j, Bassett, R. Mansper- ger, l. Penkala, H. Hershy, C Coulson, B. Linsay, Miss Epaves Third row: B. Lauter, M. Skow- ronski, M. McGuire, S. Dadlow M. Holfelder, C. Hope P Lynch, D. Disantis, R. Phillips L. Omerza. Fourth row: N. Seaman, D Higgins, P, Nagy, D. Kirkendall E. Kalberer, N. Zupancic, C Leitch, L. Lenarsic F. Parziale D. Kling. First row lleft to rightl: P. Miller, B. L. Kirk, j. Wolfen- burg, l. Schafer. j. Blaine, A. Penko, D. Ford, S. johnson, K. Moshell, C. Kazar, 1. jackson. Second row: Mr. Calvert, A. Atkins, C. Welling, P. Miklus, R. Taylor, l. Stead, R. Miller, 1. Buntley, D. Beldin, j. Archbold, B. 1. Kirchoff, Mr. Miller. Third row: A. Huston F. Bransly, W. Myers, B. Stoddard, H. Scholpp, R. Hill, C. Harnil, I. Cioushivin, W, Nickles, L. Zupanic, M. Hazzard. Fourth row: D. Bookwater. C- Gardner C. Crawford, 1. Harris, F. Clevenger, j, Schnider, D. Hormell, H. Wittlinger, D, Fef- rell, R. Peck. .,. ,-,. .7 . A Seven Ak Seven BFS Forly-jir'C Flrgt row lleft to rlghth R Son, M. Mrhellch, M. Worley D. Carroll, N. Stelnbrenner. A Westbrook A. Kusar, R. Va- lenclc, B. Zales. Second row: C. Wagner. C- Snyder, L. Laddls, R. Queen, B Beaudry, R. Broz, C.. Latour. P Richard, Mr. C-ray. Thlrd row: N. Wlcklzer, l. Sul- luyan R. Munlc, l. Clayton. M Costello, 1, johnson. C. Emer- 'fh, R, Laccheo. Fourth row: R. Egenspergef. L Totura. P. Arnold, R. Bechemer R. Celst, S. Kollar. R, Lausche R. Fnfolt l. Starrnan. Flrst row lleft to rlghtl: C Centinl, V. Mrlosevlch, R. Her- rnan, P. Flnney, l. Hanna, M lerklc, C. Carlson. N. Budden C. Budden. S. Telxsman, R. Bo- ber, L. Margo, S. Sladek, M Fellows. Second row: Mr. McBnde, C Verbesky. B. Cluefere, C. Peru- sek, C. Mclienzle, R. Coulc, P Carlson, C, Beck. V Flsler B Campbell. P. Rady, 1, Kellarn. l Farry, I, Eells. Third row: A. Torturrcr, D. Bar- rett, R. Messersrnlth. O. Whit- son, C. Marshall, l. Kutz l jones, C. Certz, R. Frech. D. Runo, C. l-larback. 1, Mapoaos I. Barnhardt. Fourth row: S. Welsert, D. Cla- Ser. D. Kotz, C. Schmrtz R Friedel, C. Dynas, I. Haunes. W. l-lauck, S. Selta, M. McClure. D. Delost. N. Petrlch, E. l-lln- kle. Seven iB's Seven BFS Forty-six First row ileft to righti: I. Corka, D. Fielding 1. Macurio, R. Calka, N. Saint Amour, C. Long, H. Burrington, D. Morse, F. Diyon, B. Hail, T. Waiket, D. Mansperger, N. Carlson. Second row: Miss Robinson, T. Beveridge 1. Bales, K. Lasko, G. Koepplinger, I. Langdon, N. Delaney, 1. Evens, B. Ciarquiio, I. Harwood, S. Friedman, I Andeen, 1. Marombe, Mr. Lat- ter. Third row: A. Saxton, A. Baker R. Rapaszhy B. Hagy, 1. Mc- Dermott, l.Outten, B. Mauser A, Stalkey, D. Heeter, M. Cor- don, D. Smith, Fourth row: C. Towsey, A. Mii- ier, A. Balent S. Beidin, S Starn, P. Shrewsbury, S. Caruso N. Ford, M. Coers, B. Hender- First row ilett to rightiz. B Yancher, M. Hasink, 1. Din- woodie, S. Wettrick B. Ha- nel. R. Abbott, 1, Kantner P, Kubic, R. Bencen, I. Me- gra, M. Libby. K. Paola. Second row: Mr, Cartwright M. Bann, F. Elreck, E. Sou- therland, P. Maritt, C. Coe. C. Shear, B. jolcaia, M. Skiff I. Brew, Ci. Mayers, P. Crom, D. Hutton. Third row: R. Cashin, I. Burns C. Thompson. F. Nimmo, B. Rice, C. Laubler, E. Rose P Bruner, C. Coatsworth, I Welsh, C. Sieker, I. Bern- stien. ' Fourth row: E. Verh, A. Dower B. Bartlett. I. Benntly, S Winters, I. Selemen S. Sum- mervill, G, Parfitt. T. Miller 1. Waters. i ACTIVITIES 3 F ftj -- .-1-- F--Y v, - Nautiiointalll Honor Society The National Honor Society is sponsored by Miss Pauline Berg, who has made our chapter active. The activity is in the form of monthly meetings which are both social and inspirational. The offi- cers at present are: President, Nor- bert Archboldg Vice-President, jane Sovvdeng Secretary, Lois Krebs. Twice a year members are elected by the faculty according to scholar- ship, leadership, character, and ser- vice. Students become eligible for membership in their llA and l2A years. This is the highest honor a student may obtain. First row ileft to right! : Lois Krebs, jane Sowden, Norbert Archbold, Miss Berg. Second row: Florence Galer, Shirley Miller, Arthur Morse Bob Bailey, Bill Ragborg. Glenn Crawford, Dick Teske, Theresa Heiser, Marjorie Bell. HONOR CLUBS The Student Council is the stu- dent governing body of Euclid Cen- tral. The faculty adviser is Mr. Harry Koth, who has the assistance of the President, janet Marshallg Vice-President jack Poschg Secre- tary Dolores Radio: Treasurer Wal- ter Kalberer. SlfILIlLCllC1I'J1E Council First row ileft to right! : Mary jane Hillier, john Chapman, Carol Schroer, Marjorie Bell, jack Posch, janet Marshall, Dolores Radio, Walter Kalberer, Mf- Koth, Ann Dragonette Angela Martucci, Tom Walker. Second row: Barbara Westbrook. jim Wright, Wesley Wheaton, Anthony Ferrato, lOE Brancely, Theresa Heiser, joan Grze, Pat Lally, Wilma Mersnik, Arthur Morse, Clark Hofmann janet Schaefer. john Kaallman, Virginia Hansen, Stephine Kornprobst, Valeria Kalen. Shirley Miller. Marge Petrick, Lois Krebs, Frances Bajzel, Dorothy Ko- kos, jack Richard, jane Sowden Steve Kozlo, Peggy Berger. Fourth rowi Norbert Archbold, Bob Bailey, Ray Loushin, Bill Tornazic, Bill Ragborg. jim Ward. Don Pokorny, Gerald Yeary, Glenn Crawford, Chan Craw- ford Charles Boyd. Third row: Forty-aight' Giiirlls' llsoaclloirs The Girls' Leaders are a selected group of girls chosen for their character, lead- ership, sportsmanship, and dependability, as well as their athletic ability. The "Leaders" have charge of intramural games, referee and assist in gym classes. Mrs. Weber is the sponsor of this fine , club of girls. First row lleft to rightl: Mary Kovacich, Theresa Heiser, Lois Krebs, Rose Marie Gribbons, Mrs. Weber, Beverly Parker, Polly Klisuric Marjorie Bell. Second row: Ruth Recher, Mary Cherry, Lenore jerebek, Helen Stampfel, jo Ann Rentz, Alberta Sheller, Albina Sheller, Third row: Evelyn Tuck, janet Marshall, Mary Lou Stefanchik Ellen Hofmann, Dor- othy Levar, Dolores Radio, Lois l-ledtky. Fourth row: jean Kaucnik, Shirley Danley, Marge Petrick, Marsue Keyerleber, Nancy Beck, Carol Gordon, jackie johnson, jane Sowden. Hia y The Hi-Y is a branch of the . Young Men's Christian Association. It is sponsored by john Beck. This club is open to boys from grades nine through twelve, who may apply for membership by writing a letter to the sponsor, stating the reasons for wanting to join. A limited num- ber are taken in each semester. The present officers are: President, Bill Ragborgg Vice - President, Norbert Archbojdl SeCl'ej'3l'Y, Steve Haydu: john Stricklin, Walter Kalberer, john Bartone, Gene Vollmer, BOL Treasurer, ROgel' Yeafy. Stahre, jim Egensperger, Gerald Yeary. Hugh Scott jack Sharpe. lBCK Richard, Bob Baitt, Second row: Steve Palsa, Tom Glass, Bruno Petricig, David Fielding, Alvin Gower. Norman Misheck, Dale Walker, jack Bratel Dick Stuck, Charles Smaltz. Herald Anderson, Al Kriz, jim Williamson, jerry Noda, Richard Clousef. Bill Schultz, Rodger Yeary, Art Morse, Mr. Beck. Third row: Louis Theodosian, Bill Ragborg Chuck Boyd, jim Ward, john Bann, Ron- ald Mackay, Ken Moon, Bill Ferguson, Dick Teske. Dick Coski, Bob Her- endeen, Steve l-laydu, Carl Zele, Ray Stampfel, Ray Stone, Dale Galer jack Posch, Lloyd Dunlap. Fourth row: jim Meglan, Ed Clark, john Petrenchik, Ted Grubbs, Ray Loushin. Bill Gent Bruce Cumming, Al Strasshofer, Norbert Archbold, Andy William- son, jim Potts, Charles Bober, Steve Papouras, Bob Marvar, jack Saef- kow, Herman Haftner. First row lleft to rightl: Bob Kelley, David Blauch, Dick De Genova, Gil Kostelec. Forty-nine 1e'1i2xmfs'42'zr rf iz' -ff-H if-V' ri A A - - First row ileft to righti: Corinne Brown, Marian Poch, Alice Brack, Wilma Mersnik, Ellen Hofmann, jane Sowden, Mary Cherry, Mary Kovacich, Beverly Parker, Second row: C-reta Verbsky, joan Cirze, Ruth Ann Fletcher, Rose Marie Fletcher Evelyn Evans, Alice Vogrinc, Lillian Yanchar, Flor- ence Cole, Esther Kessler, Lenore jerebek, Cornelia Zimmerman, Dorothy Olesinski, jo Ann Rentz. Third row: Carroll Barber, Pat Lally, jackie Boyd Evelyn Tuck, joan Bronkall, Beverly Lewis, Rosemary Dirk, Ceil Knapp, C-reta Cochrane, Carol Malm, Barbara Sanders, Cieorgene Black, Winifred Willis, jane Wil- son, Miss Hausheer. Fourth row: jackie johnson, Valeria Kalin, Stephanie Kornprobst Theresa Heiser, jean jones, Barbara Keller, Katheryn Roach, Marie Sarlo, Mary Kantner, Ethel Coulson, Carol Cordon, Marian Shebanek, Barbara Westbrook, janet Marshall. Fitth row: jean Kaucnik, Marge Petrick, Eleanor Proprotnik Lil Kinkopt, joan john- son, Ruth Bennington, jennie Martencic, Rosemary Miklus, Dorothy Kokos, Mary Stetanchik, Lois Krebs, Shirla Matthews. Friendship Qlliuilbs First row lleft to rightl: Reita Williams. Barbara Long, Bernice jurcak, Shirley Miller, Helen Stamptel Alberta Sheller, Dolly Ra- dio, Polly Klisuric, Carolyn Karlovic, Lois Kuzar. Second rowi june Render, joan Hutton, Mil- dred Kozar, Mildred Podberger, jackie C-roncla, Edna Creighton, Nancy johnson, jonna Harwood, Ava Wagner Valerie Davis, Pat Wade Gertrude Walz, Marilyn Zales, Virginia Shupe, Third row: Nancy Sturnpt, Alice jelco, Mary jane lczak, Nancy Cierjevic, Marie Baitt. Helen Snider, Eileen Schneer, Betty Saso Mary Pfatt, Edna Smith, Ruth Frazier, Ann Dragonette, Dorothy Levar, Lois Hedtky, jo Clayton, joanne Hester, lrene Mollison, Pat Blakesley, Ruth Caratalo Angela Martucci, Fourth row: Audrey Frame, Betty Rohrbach. Vilet Bratel, Rose Gribbons, Eleanor Cer- mano, joan Olesinski, Mary Mavsar, Norma C-randillo, Helen Peterson, joan Rammel, Moynan Coe, Marge Bell Peggy Nichols, Peggy Berger. Albina Sheller, Alma Eppick. Frances l-lerendeen, joan Lausche, Charlotte Mower. Fifth row: jucly Lindsay, Norma Custer, Eunice Shirbv, Shirley Danley, Nancy Han- sen, Adrienne Bennett joan Baeckler, Pat Healey, Marsue Keyerleber, Barbara Shearer. Sue Scott, Ruth Recher, Rhoda Miller, NO- rene Kollman, Marian Cuitfre, Marilyn Courtot. Fifty Opus The Opus '48 staff hopes to make the third year book of E.C,l-l.S. a big success and in future years to bring back happy memories to the departing seniors. The present sponsor is Mr. l-larold Blackburn, who was also one of the sponsors of the Opus '46, our first year book. Editor-in-Chief .............. Ellen Hofmann Assistant Editors . ,. .. . Marjorie Bell Carol Gordon i Beverly Parker j Art Editor ..... ..... A lice jelco Senior Editor .... Lois Kfel-US Girls' Sports Editor . . .... jean Kaucnik ' Boys' Sports Editor . Charles Smaltz Photographer , . . , . , . Evelyn Evans Music Editor . . . .. jo Ann Rentz j Faculty Editor . . , . . Helen Stampfel ,, Club Editor ....... ,.4.. j anet Marshall j Business Manager ............,,. Dick Teske j David Fielding 3 Assistant Business Manager. .Elizabeth Szemenyei l Publicity ...,.,........,,.,.. Dolores Radio Advertising ,.. ., Bill Tomazic ' First row lleft to rightl: Nancy Stumpf Marjorie Bell, Ellen l-lofmann, Mr. Black- , burn, Dick Teske, Rose Marie Gribbons, Alice jelco. 1 Second row: janet Marshall, jean Brew, Mary Stefanchik,Helen Stampfel, Beverly Par- ker, Mary Kovacich, jo Ann Rentz, Vilet Bratel. Third row: jane Sowden, jackie johnson Shirley Miller, Dolores Radio, Carol Gordon. 1 Marian Shebanek, Evelyn Evans. Fourth row: Andy Williamson, Bill Tomazic, Tom Glass, Bruce Cumming, David Fielding, David Blauch, jean Kaucnik, Lois Krebs. Echo The Echo, our school paper, is one of which we can be proud. In previous years it has taken high i scholastic ratings. lt is also ex- changed with other neighboring schools. The faculty advisers are i Mr. Edward Hoon and Mr. Bruce Graham, who have the assistance of the staff headed by Ceil Knapp. First row lleft to rightl: Morris Sugarman, Ruth Marcombe, Ray Krause. BernICe jurcak, Ceil Knapp Ivan Weinstock, Esther Kessler, Mr. l-loon, Mr. Graham, Reita Williams, Sue Town, janet Pegnoli, Ronald Vidmar. Second row: Carroll Barber, joan Rammel, Lenore jerabek, Movnan Coe, Barbara Brew, Ruth Frazier, Florence Galer Alberta Sheller, Albina Sheller, Peg- gy Berger, Pat Lallv, Vi jean Schultz. Third row: joan johnson, Doris Kollmorgen, Marge Petrick, Shirla Matthews, Greta Cochrane, Barbara Westbrook, Dorothy Levar, Charlotte Mower Marie Sarlo, Theresa l-leiser, Cornelia Zimmerman, Lou Ann Richardson, Pat Trebec. Fourth row: Tom Skiff, Douglas Miller, Dick Clouser, Gene Vollmer. juanita Cole Mary jane Kantner, Ethel Coulson, Anne Chinchar. john Bartone, jaCls Sharpe, john Blakesley, Angelo Dragonette, Don johnson. Fifty-One l ' V .' Varsity Officers For the betterment of athletics and to buy uniforms are the duties of the Var- sity Club. This club meets on Wednes- days, while the officers meet on Mon- days to plan the meetings. This club does a fine job and is a great service to ath- letics. jim Pickman, Presidentg Don PO- korny, Vice-Presidentg Chuck Boyd, Sec- retaryg these boys are the leaders of the club. 'Left to rightl: Ed Medves, Stan Poropat, jim Pickman Don Pokorny, Bill Ragborg. The ourocse of the Athletic Boosters is to promote interest in sports among the students, so the teams will have backing. Some of its functions are sell! ing tickets for the games, making post- ers, soonsoring dances after the games and other helbful things. The officers are: President, Bob Drobnickg Vice- President, jim Ward: Secretary, jackie johnsong P u bl ic it y Chairman, Paul Chaney. tlhllletiic Associiautgiifoim First row lleft to rightl : Ronnie Son jim Ward, Paul Chaney, Bob Drobnick, jackie johnson, Paul Kubic. Second row: Dorothy Olesinski, Chuck Cesen, Bob Carlson, Bob Blynn, Elise Kalberer, Pat Carlson. Peg Rielly Norman Simmons, Ed Zogg, Dennis Di Cenzo, Ruth Recher, Carol Cordon Vifalter Melkerson. Fourth row: Bob Bober, l-larry Kornprobst, john Ciuip, Dolly Perat, Matt D'Arcy, Va- leria Kalin. Third row: Fifty-tivo fi Giirllsf Aclhillecic ssociiauttiion Everyone who goes to the noon movies is familiar with the Movie Club. This year we have been en- joying the new projector which was bought with the profits made on the noon movies that cost two cents a day. lvlr. Bailey is the club sponsor and has been since l94O when the club received its charter. The offi- cers are: President, Ted Cirubbsg Vice- President, jim Egenspergerl Sec'y and Treas,, jim Meglan, L-ul .r .Y ft-' 1 ' ' The Girls' Athletic Association operates under a constitution deal- ing with sports activities. lt pro- motes skill and enioyment for girls while they are acquiring good sportsmanship. Points are giv- en to each girl for participating in sports. When lOO of these points are obtained, a C.A.A, emblem is awarded. Outside activities count toward the emblem also. The asso- ciation is sponsored by lvlrs. Weber. The officers are: President, lean Kaucnikg Vice-President, N a n c y Beck, and Secretary-Treasurer, Lois l-ledtky. First row lleft to rightl 1 Lois l-ledtky, Nan- cy Beck, lean Kaucnik, Mrs, Weber. Second rowi Geraldine Neff, Audrey Frame. Norma Custer, Shirley Danley Nancy Han- sen, Rhoda Miller, Marion Ciuffre. Miovie Clltuilb First row lleft to rightl: Nancy Stumpf, Vilet Bratel, jim Meglan, jim Egenspergef, Ted Crubbs, Mr. Bailey, Polly Klisuric, Rose Marie C-ribbons. Second row: Marian Shebanek, Theresa Heiser, Helen Stampfel Wilma Mersnik. Beverly Parker, jo Ann Rentz, loan Rammel, Third row: Norbert Archbold, Dick Stuck, Bill Ragborg, lane Sowden, jackie john- son, Katherine Roach, Nancy Beck, janet Marshall. Fifty-Ilzrcc -1--uwucr 4- . . Cllmullb Fnrst row llett to rlghtlt john Oklcki, john Chapman, Mr. l-lelnlenn, Morris Sugarman, Peggy Berger, Don Moser, Whitey Carlson. Second row: lvan Welnstock, lack Saetkow, Bull Tomaznc l-lugh Scott, Bob Stahre, Glenn Crawford, lane Sowden, Rodger Yeary. Third rowi Bruce Cummung, Ralph Strohm. Bull Mower, Harold Whntlnnger, jam Wright, Tom Glass, Bob Kelley. Fifty-four 1L:n.i5, SOCIAL QLUBS SUQIIAIL QILUIBSS SOQIAIL CLUBS SOCIAL CLUBS JR, Clls SS PLAY On November Zl, 22, l947, the junior Class presented "The Whole Town's Talking," which is a hilarious comedy about a wealthy manufacturer who wants to "marry off" his daughter to a junior partner. ln order TO make his partner seem more exciting and romantic to his daughter, he in- vents a fantastic love affair involving the junior partner and a famous movie actress. Letting the story slip out, it soon becomes the talk of the town, but matters really become complicated when the actress and her fiance arrive in town. The play, under the direction of Mr, Burgin, was double cast with twenty-six juniors taking parts. Annie ..... . , Mrs. Simmons .. Taxi Driver .... Henry Simmons . . Ethel Simmons . , . Roger Shields . . , Chester Binney . . . Sally Otis ...,...... Lila Wilson ...,...,. Mrs, jackson and Girls .. Donald Swift .... Letty Lythe . , Sadie Bloom . . Prompters . , Director ....... Assistant Directors Stage ......... . . .Phylis McNeilly, Stephanie Kornprobst Fifty-iiivze ,. Wilma Mersnik Delores Perat .. Carl Farona, Lawrence Reiter Walter Kalberer, Don Dallas , Peggy Berger, Mary Stefanchlk ....,, Bill Cent, jack Richards 4 . . . . Arthur Morse, Ted Cirubbs . .. Carol Malm, Lenore jerabek Cornelia Zimmerman, Mary Pfaff ........,, Barbara Westbrook Nancy Nimmo Esther Kessler . . . . . , . Dick Coski, Bob Stahre Margaret Nichols, joan johnson .. Wilma johnson, joan Bronkall Dolores Radio Mary Cherry janet Danly jeannette Danley Polly Klisuric Mr. Burgin . . .. Mary Ann Mavsar Catherine Roach .. Mr. Vollman, Mr. Price z i'iZ'.,f7 T 5 mt iii V I - V- V- --1 -.-11-1-E 5:11, Q- :K-:':L '11i.3Qs.'1lI1:lei FA P 41 M. , 19 REMEMBER .. Ti X ' 'T' ft? 1,5 ""'-f-N Dear Diary T . 6 x september 3, 1947 , ', -' 9 .CQ i . 9: Well, school s started again and is more crowded than ever. There ' certainly are a lot of new students. 1 I S: 14. September 5, l947 GF- glifgnt to the Round Robin at Shaw Field and saw our team beat Garfield ,J , 1, gap, September l9, l947 43 ' Ji. The Girls' Leaders sponsored the first dance of the year. It was kk a Sadie Hawkins Dance and was really super. 'l X September 26, l947 A X 4 The Quiz program in assembly was a riot. The student team won, of course, over the faculty team. October 3, l947 Went to Bedford to see the football game and added my voice to the cheering section for our victorious team. October lO, I947 Today's annual Shore-Central football clash dashed my hopes to the ground. We lost. Oh, well. Next year-- October l7, l947 The faculty took over the assembly today and really put on a show. lt must have taken Mr. Harper a long time to learn to play the violin three different ways. October 24, l9-47 Tried to get out of locked trunk today like Earl Lockman, escape artist. October Sl, l947 - Happy days are here again! N. E. O. T. A. had their meeting today and 1 we had no school. November l l, l9-47 Went to Cala Night with you-know-who and had loads of fun. C-erry Yeary was swell as Masternof Ceremonies and all the acts were good. 63 ' Q 0 I I still can't straighten up. I4 2 - , I I November l4, l947 Our assemblies are getting better and better. Mr. Latter's 7B's are talented and their program went over big with everyone. November 2l, l947 Q Saw the junior Class Play, "The Whole Town's Talking," tonight and n iq nearly split my sides laughing. Art Morse looked so funny in that chan- -,, Q' delier. " November 27, l947 1, Turkey and all the trimmings! Mmmm- I'm 50 full I can hardly move. No school even adds to the enjoyment of Thanksgiving, T December 5, l947 ,,, ,,, What a dayl Everyone's busy. A band concert assembly, the Wick- liff basketball game and the Opus "Scarecrow Dance" all in one day. Whewl December lO, l947 The band had a benefit concert to raise more money for their new uni- forms. Hope they have enough now. December l9, l947 Finallylll We actually beat Shaw in the basketball game tonight. What a wonderful feeling! Everyone's still cheeringlll ocizgvl .1 W' ' i-,""'i-,.- XXV 'i' 'A-if Sixty December 22, 1947 Two whole weeks of vacation! Better start getting out the Christmas lights for the tree. january 6, 1948 Had my picture taken three times today, for the Opus, of course. january 10, 1948 Went to the Snowball Dance and saw Shirley Miller and Bob Drobnick crowned Snow Princess and Snow Prince. Was really nice! january 16, 1948 What will those Seniors think of nextl HUGE, red cellophane bows and pants at half mast! iHaven't lost a basketball game yet.l a j8l'1Ll3I'y 22, tl. 2,23 Saw the Senior Commencement program tonight. How serious they , -81 Q all looked, as if they missed us already. ' ,l at February 6, 1948 l'll be hoarse for a week after that thrilling game between Shore and if-T our Lions. We were victorious for the second time. f-r - Went to that Foreign Affairs Card Party and had a wonderful time and - '-,L for a good cause too. February 28, 1948 My aching feetl l'll have to sleep for a couple of days to get back to L f.,,1.-51, normal after the exciting Friendship Formal. Didn't get in 'til the wee ' small hours but had such funl March 8, 1948 February 20, 1948 X rr f All-Star basketball game again. Didn't know whether to root for Army or Navy. I had girlfriends on both teams. Those skits certainly N J,- showed imagination. migiljg March 18. 1948 -f, Q The Senior Class Play was very good and showed some fine acting abil- XL 'L gl! ity. ' SK ,- March 30, 1948 6' X Big Night brought out some more talent who put on a very enjoyable program. Cieel Wish l could sing - or something! ni? April 16, 1948 X The Concert in Swing sounded wonderful and everyone was sorry when Q the curtain closed. I 'A April 20, 1948 1 i Something new has been added. A Speech and Drama Nightl Shows 7 j some people really lean something in class. .,,.4. ' April 21, 1948 Opposed Western Reserve Academy in a track meet today. These boys sure can run. 1 April 30, 1948 Not all the talent is in the Senior High. Today was junior High Night. X Y ' Drew a big crowd. Enjoyed every minute of the program. 0 lyiay 7, 1948 Another Patron's Concert. More wonderful music. An orchid to Mr. Q Harper and the band. May 15, 1948 452 ac' How do those boys do it? l get out of breath running for the bus, but NQ to them a mile is nothing. The District track meet brought more S H prizes to our home ground. May 23, 1948 J Went to the Baccalaureate Service today and listened to the choir and heard a very good talk. May 29, 1948 My favorite dance! The Proml Had scrumptious time dancing to ,, wonderful music. l'm sayin m coura e. ia. N1 june 1, 1948 g Y g Commencement again. There were quite a few graduating this time. Everyone looked so proud. -' june 4, 1948 a ff The term certainly went by fastl School's out again and another three Lt f months of vacation has arrived. just think! No more home- worklll Sixty-one 11221 W.f.'J1:r.4g- "L 1 ..... E:7::.L.-i.'.vsr'.:'.::. G xv. -s........fs.a.t1a:, , ! Wi' ?'!'-YWWQL wzw1sr:L SR, GLASS PLAY The Senior Class play "Berkeley Square" was presented on March l8 and l9, l948. This is a love story of a present-day American, who is un- ceremoniously thrust into the bewigged and powdered lite of Eighteenth Century London, and an English girl, who has been dead more than a hun- dred years before his birth. This year the Seniors discussed many play possibilities before the VOTE was taken. jo-Ann Rentz was chosen student director because ot her 'fine job as manager last year. The set was under the direction of Walter lerros. due to the illness ot Mr. Vollman, and Mr. Edward Hoon was faculty director. C A S T Maid ......... ........ . . . Dorothy Olesinski Tom Pettigrew .......,, . . . Glenn Crawford Kate Pettigrew .......... . . . janet Marshall The Lady Anne Pettigrew . . . . . . Shirla Matthews Mr. Throstle ........... . . . David Fielding Helen Pettigrew .,... . , . Marjorie Bell The Ambassador . . . . . Dick Stuck Mrs. Barwick . .. . . . Lois Krebs Peter Standish .. ......., jim Ward Marjorie Frant . . ..... Greta Cochrane Major Clinton ........... . . . Riley Westmoreland Miss Barrymore ........... ....... I ane Sowden The Duchess of Devonshire . . . ...... Marion Poch Lord Stanley .............. .... D avid Blauch The Duke of Cumberland . . . . . Ivan Weinstock Sirrty-two SPORTS pm 9, R 7 ,ag 'Kiki S1"52ni'nTQ6T' " "' -ia - .K l-..v' L-- '1Ig-,4,, . E,.4..,.au,,',4,,g.,,4 ,. , A First row lle Second Row: Third row: tt to right' 1 Bob Campbell lAss't Managerl, Frank Sain lAss't Managerl, Myron Mlachak, Roland Hazzard, Bruno Petricig, Bob Compton, Tom Srpan, Sam Totura, Ed Clark, lim Ward lManager, Tonv Delgado lLine Coachl, Bill Ragborg, Ralph Strohm Stan Poropat, Don Pokorny, lack Saetkow, Rocco Baldassarre, Tony Martucci, Andy Bubonic, Ray Sulzer, Mike Tarasco, Ray Dries, Ray Laushin, Coach Thompson. Glenn Crawford, Bob Ksenich, Bill Mower, Ted Cirubbs Steve l-laydu, loe Zupanic. Bob Drobnick lCaptainl, Ken Moon, AI Delgado, Bob Rath, Ed Me-dyes. lim Meg- lan, Ray Stampfel, Norbert Archbold, lim Pickman. FUOTTBS TLlL First row Ile Second row: Third dow: ft to rightl : Carl Zele, Tome Rogers, Fred Baldassarre, Don Loomis, Dick Cousnio. Norton Boston, Bob Scott, Ray Stone, Chuck Boyd, lerry Noda Bill Clund, DICK DeCeneva, john Colinar. Bob Baitt, George Evans, Richard Riebar, lim Blazek, Dick Clouser, Gene Vollmer. Dick Welling, john Bann, Tom Skitf, jim Stewart, Lyle Braund, lack Bratel Don Richmond, Matt D'Arcv. Bill Liptak, Bill Thomas, Coach Calvert, Bob Sanders lAss't Coachl, Angelo Dragonette lManagerl, Bob Bailey, Clinton Vidic, lim Callahan, lim Wright, lack Sharpe, Rodger Yeary Bill Hughes, Well Marett, lohn Batol, Carl Farona, Bob Cranage, joe Blatnik, Ed Potokar Steve Szemenyei, Blase Willem. Si.l'fy-fum' Fomtbadlll Snaps "' I"IJ'.1.,..'L,-s1""'-+,""":.v v x 52' ' -.LX ' -L zzffiqfgzlj 1 f Q' 5 1 f .. . 4, -- :WWA 'QLQ - ' fv Lf 'iff ' vs 'A - - ' -fy 335 . '. f X . . ""' 'f " 4' -' K -, 1,3 - as t fir , ' b ' , .. , , .-f5Q'l.i'w'Q-'P' f,. K .,, .h ,, 2 X2 'sin 45 Q Q-A Q 'Q lv xg, 3,325 Q ips' S V!! y 5 ,, ,B ZMQ Baie ww, 4 2 5 :J 4 8 'Ji +1 ,ff x, , X , N J 3 4 VM XY M 'Q K . , , , 1 546-W ,Y.,.m 7 -, '- - , ' ' R , -if:-If .. "- . v es, X' v. fs '-gflfvl U1 -fa ,j'Z"E, ,J-, 251 .1 A '.,w2m,3q"+xyWf1 Hilgf, 4ws:Q5'g'qu GIA fmt-f '75 K5 , xj?ili?Z'?X 'H f T V- fi . If 1.35, , Q2 .. , ,, .... ,.,. .. M5532 2 t - ,, ' 3 gxwjil , fa 3 :M ,Q--3 5 "" K ' Ruf f- . ,. . 3 ,..., fl, mr 0 S1'.cty-five ..-.-..... 1,--.-..,.v , 1 .1 umm.: ms. nsum:,...f my -'.-,z:u.'r' '.w:f-'-:wa ua.w.aA.1,1.+.:.?7AD?.Gaim ,--M H-xr 'W' T" iv'Wf'Y5 Again the Opus has the pleasure of writing the story of a championship First row lleft to rightl: Bill Mower, Bob Bailey, Al Delgado, Stan Poropat lCaptainl, Bob Drobnik., Art Bosco, Hank Eichhorn. Second row: lim Blazek lManagerl, Richard Riebar lAss't Managerl, Ronald Mackay Frank Reilly, lim Pickman, Don Pokorny, Andy Bubonic, Coach Calvert. BASKETBALL team. Not only the teams of the Eastern Conference, but the teami of greater Cleveland and townships east of here felt the sting of defeat as the Euclid Central five rolled through its schedule defeated only by the Alumni. The highlight of the season was when these boys defeated our rivals, Euclid Shore, twice in the same year. ln the rallys before and after the games, the school showed its appreciation to Coach Calvert for his hard work in devei- oping this fine team. We hope he does just as well next year. Captain and high-point man this year was Stan Poropat, who counted l4l points during the regular schedule. In the tournaments the team got as far as the quar- ter-finals by defeating an aggressive Shaker Heights team. They then lost to a very powerful Lakewood team, a team which incidentally went all the way to the finals. Congratulations to Stan, Coach Calvert, and the boys on a very successful season. Congratulations are due to yet another group of Mr. Calvert's boys, the reserves. Although they did not win a championship, these boys lost only two games, and missed a tie for top honors, when Shore defeated its last op- ponent by one point. Nice going, Reservesl S C H E D U L E Euclid Central 63 Fairport Harbor 55 " " 48 Wickliffe 36 " " 38 Bedford 33 44 Shore 39 37 Alumni 40 45 Garfield 40 70 Maple Heights 35 30 Brush 20 50 University 34 3l Bedford 27 46 Shore 44 54 Garfield 44 70 Maple Heights 3l 56 Fairport Harbor 42 Brush 55 Sixty-si.t' Basketball Snaps, Sixfy-sf Wu ii... .- Y-, Y. . 11-Aiiv,-urn an Lv - J. First row ileft to rightl 3 Coach Miller Ken johnson, Art Bosco, joe Kochevar, joe Lovsin, joe Likosar, Tony Martucci, Ed Mikovic. Second row: Ray Stampfel, jim Pickman, Bruno Petricig, Ed Clark, Steve l-laydu, Ted Crubbs, Andy Bubonic, Tom Srpan, Leo Troha. Third row: joe Blatnik, Dick Clouser Bob Cenzen, jim Potts, Ronnie Queen, Don johnson, Frank Sain, Bob Compton, Don Richmond. BASEBALL The l947 baseball team really did a great job. Much to the pleasure of the faculty and students, this team came through to beat Shore twice and win the Eastern Conference title. This was a particularly good job inasmuch as this was Coach lVliller's first year at Euclid Central. l-le worked hard and so did the boys to develop a team that went through the schedule unde- feated. One of the "sparkplugs" on the roster was joe Lovsin who did a superb job on the mound. The boys got as far as the play-off and were de- feated then by some bad breaks. l-lere's a salute to Coach Millerg may he do as well this year, Schedule E. C. 5 Painesville 4 E.C, l Shore O " i wiiioughby 5 " ii Brush 3 " 3 Shore l " 7 Maple l-lts. O 3 Brush l ' l 3 Bedford O 4 Bedford l ' 3 Garfield Z l Garfield O ' l East Tech 2 S1'.1'fy-eight 5 r 5 u Baseball Snaps F sw- -'TW' l8S'm'lF",r' IFf'M" AQ ,. . zu' y-fzme 'T' "' "TJ: i' -"" T Front row ileft to rightl: Norbert Archbold, jim Meglan, Roland l-lazzard, Cliff Boyce lCap- tainl, Cierald Yeary, jack Saefkow Richard l-lochevar, Al Strasshofer, Bob Ksen- ich, Ed Hodikevic, Bill Mower, Bob Drobnick. Second row: H. McBride lAss't Coachl, Bill Carlson, Mickey Schneider, Chuck Smaltz, Al Kriz, Bob Benke, Matt D'Arcy Ray Sulzer, jack Posch, Bill Ragborg, Rodger Yearyg Rocco Baldassarre, john Blakesley, Dick Degenova, Wakefield Morgan. Coach Thompson. Third row: Bill Kerslake, Bruce Cumming, joe Zupanic, Ed Medves, Al Delgado, Ervin Emery Al Gower, Bob Pinkava, Ray Fry, Tom Skiff, Norman Misheck, Bob Scott, Ray Sharpe Ralph Campbell. TR K The l947 Track Team enjoyed a very successful season last year by winning all their dual and triangular meets, and making an impressive show- ing at all relays and conference runnings. The thrill of the season was when they became Eastern Greater Cleveland Champions in Class C. They sustained another record by winning all their dual meets. lt leaves them unbeaten in dual competition in over two years. Although all the meets are away, the "Opus" will be in back of them wishing them a very successful season. "C-ood Luckl" Schedule of 1948 APRIL 2 Indoor ..... . ... A ' 9 Mentor .... .. A " l3 Willoughby ..... , A ' l7 Mansfield Relays ........ .. A ' Zi Brush ................... .. A ' Z4 Western Reserve Academy. . . . . A " 27 john Adams ............. . . A MAY l Salem Relays ..,... .. A " 8 Rocky River Relays .. .. A " l5 District ......... .. A Zl-22 State ...... . . A 25-29 Conference . . . . . A ' A-Away Seventy Reaching its heights at Euclid Cen- tral High School are the ever-popular girls' sports under the direction ot Mrs. Betty Weber, girls' physical edu- cation instructor. Basketball, base- ball and volleyball are still gaining in popularity. Having a lot to do with these sports are the Girls' Athletic team, and one to each ot the winning teams in the other sports which took place during the year. Emblems are also given to girls with seventy-tive points or more that were obtained by participating in sports in and out ot school. "r-vw:-Y.. -1 . .1-T Tfx1sTIEfi.WfQ',-""x.f4sizwr'zRf'5S7a?iti-i,.-4'.f2'F GIRLS' SPURTS Association and the Girls Leaders the former being the sponsor ot the All-Star Basketball Came which takes place in March. The girls of the two well-known teams, Army and Navy. are picked tor their sportsmanship and their ability. After the game is played, a plaque is awarded to the winning QHlElElRa LEADERS The cheerleading squad this year is composed of five varsity girls, and tive reserves. The girls have worked hard to develop bet- ter cheers and more successful pep rallies. There is also a Freshman squad of girls. They are: Rosemary Va- lencic, Cale Emerich, Esther Ku- bic, Nancy Steinbrenner, Alice Kusar. The Varsity squad this year consists of Rose Marie Cribbons, janet Marshall, Mary Cherry, Marge Bell, Nancy Beck. The Reserves are: Shirley Dan- ley, Rhoda Miller, Ruth Recher. Bernice lurcak, Reita Williams. Sewmzfy-fz4'n EMUSIC ff? 5'7" ,ff I 4f7 ON- f 'Y ' Cf ,SPV lI7'I'C :1il1nz 3mw ' .1An1T'wmJ 'nvfmn I, A'.,.-..'.f',,'3.-k.. Ti-.QQWEJD ' 1 " -' 'ff' lEUClLlllD Cll2NTlRAlL HIGH SCHOOEL BAND Wearing smart new uniforms of blue and gold, the Euclid Central Band has continued to uphold its fine reputation not only in the school but throughout C-reater Cleveland. The band and its director, lVlr, Dale Harper, have proved themselves versatile, being equally adept at martial, classical, Or popular music, and this undoubtedly accounts for the success of their many public appearances. During the football season the band played at every game at home or away with a snappy new routine each week. As a concert band, they were seen at Cala Night, the traditional Patrons' Concerts, the Concert in Swing, Big Night, and a special Benefit Concert to raise funds lOf the uniforms. During the year the band also plays concerts at local indus- tries, and visits each of the Euclid grade schools to acquaint the pupils with the instruments and types of music. Since l942 the band has maintained its standing in the first division of the state contest, and has consistently placed a high number of winners in the Crreater Cleveland Solo and Ensemble Contest. The hard work of each member and of the director have given Euclid Central a band to be proud of. Severity-fozcr CHOIR Whether singing an old Christmas carol, the Negro spiritual, "Dry Bones," or a popular tune like "Winter Wonderland," the sixty-eight Senior Choir members do equally well. The selections they present are represen- tative of the spirit of American music. And although they often appear at assemblies and concerts, the most beautiful and memorable time is the fra- ditional Christmas Service. To this inspiring program was added this year the use of an organ on which Mr, john Beck, choir director, gave recitals. From the Choir sixteen members are chosen for the lvladrigal group, which sings tor local clubs, churches, and industries, in addition to the programs at school. Swventy-five 3 lUZt31zm'.:ss ':::Jaimm:x:vr 'Y 11, vrrr-. 1 V "Jr 1 ' EUCLID CENTRAL ORCHESTRA No commencement without the orchestra playing "Pomp and Circum- stancef' or no class play without the orchestra in the pit would be complete, for this group of titty-three musicians till a special spot in Euclid Central's lite that no other organization can take. Although the orchestra usually is as- sisting rather than taking the spotlight, it is very impressive when it appears at a concert with girls in formals and boys in dress suits. Also it has dis- tinguished itselt several times by taking first place in the Greater Cleveland Orchestra Contest of the Class A group. The Orchestra is an important part of the musical activity of Euclid Central. Svzimzfy-si,u TIHUE JUNIOR BAND ln l942, Albert Mitchel organized the junior High Band at Euclid Cen- tral with an enrollment of thirty-tive. Since then it has almost doubled in size and has distinguished itself in many ways. Members ot the band have placed high in the Greater Cleveland Solo and Ensemble Contests, and it has taken first place in the junior Band Contests. Since its first concert in l945. the band has given at least one concert a semester. This year it appeared on junior High Night and at the Benefit Concert. Besides the entertainment and enjoyment it provides, the junior Band gives experience to the members that is valuable for a place in the Senior Band. Seventy-seven s 2-2 -P' - ' ,4' ...ig..:g..i .:--- -- i law, ,, MUSIC ACIIVIIIIES fe-ff PS With sparkling white uniforms and twirling batons, our four drum ma- jorettes strutted across the field at every football game this year. Head- majorette, Theresa l-leiserg faculty adviser is Dale l-larper, and featured acro- bat is Certrude Walz. A glance in the auditorium any morning first period would reveal the thirty-four girls of the Freshman Choir grouped around the grand piano with their director, Arthur Cartwright. Sweet music and swaying dancers is the setting for the Rhythmasters. Euclid's popular dance band headed by Al Belpulsi. Nothing is more appealing than a group of boys' voices raised in an Old familiar tune, and this is especially true of Euclid Central's Male Chorus, di' rected and accompanied by john Beck. The booming drums and blaring horns of the Pep Band sound the Way for victory at the rallies or basketball games, Severity-ciglzf Undcrdassmen Snaps ' .... 1 .. ' V E Seuvzzly-nine -innvnsuv-awsuuunnx-u: s1m-xc.1n-,aaa-unu.'.n-.uivauwm.-:r-.:::Q1zn.- uvurn.1ww.m:4anmr4:nms:ar.s-.-1-' . an L-n.1,x:: : .-V ,-"Ma-1213!-W ,,,.. -,Ai-:,,1,'!v:g -. , ., ....,.,.u' f .L 2 v 1 1-4.1,-,u,,-j4,x11.1z'. feifw muff' ,gawk-13.0 3, cf. QW, ' P' A'A i 4 5,5-gf f mwaf' . ...- ,-,X Undlcrcllalssmcn Smal S Siplfm K nw Eighty izxax 1' Undlerclalssmcn Snaps Eighty-one ADVEIQTISINCI CIT Wm. A. Abbott Harry J. Knuth Walter Hehr Michael J. Boich Ralph V. Hill y Officiols Mayor Kenneth J. Sims Glenna H. Clark Howard B. Crawford Carl Vlfinkler Win. F. Burns Hugo H. Lux Paul H. Torbet Comp! imcn fs of SOLON DRUG STORES 21051 Euclid atCl'1ardon Road and 21860 Lake Shore Blvd. Euclid, Ohio Eighfy-Hwve 771- - --Q-.L1w.-.f.4.-.. S ..........- -, V ...-. X ....,..-.. . . -- ff., . .. If commencement means you will enter Business . . . CONSIDER the advantages of joining a local business organization with world-wide sales and manufacturing connections. CONSIDER the advantages of joining a company which offers the opportun- ity to learn most any type of work - manufacturing, engineering, mechanical servicing, selling, secretarial or clerical. CONSIDER the advantages of talking with people in a personnel department which is interested in Euclid and Euclid people .... The Personnel Depart- ment of ADDRESSOCRAPH-MULTICRAPH CORPORATION 1200 Babbit Road Euclid, Ohio ClH1I1Jll'IiZfC'lifS of l-lottendort cmd Bliss, Inc. 25080 Lakeland Boulevard Euclid, Ohio Eighty-fulif' ,,,,, , -,.. .,,-.. -i -- GoodLuck Euclid Road Machinery Good Lum-If and Success to the Class of '48 Thompson Products, Inc. TAPCO PLANT Eflfhjfie a.-N, , 4... ,-,, fn.. .. ,, - ---v-,:,: ,-..-Q:-4-aan, . ...uquw-1, .er-,.. ua. Best wz'sl1es to the Class of '48 from THE OLIVER CORPORATION .1 ' ClBfl'ltA YKKXXXSQ IIIII lllllllll SKK! XXSSXSXXXI Illl "' llllllllll NNN!! 9 'Q' , xxxxxxxxxs . - I " V IIIIIIIIII :Ixus A - x xxx R l g,ll ww ' V .- 4 v xxx xx XS ""' 111211 n su ss xx xsxxu I IIQQIIIIII W Q ....?.l. 2- , 3 - -1-u :lllll DVC Kun 32 1' ' " , Tm J ,, , xsxxxxxs I 1 f ' assess? R .Eff -' -4gg:N ' xisqxxug s x II ,Q - Q, V H N-NnQ4Q9Lg,,..-,,,-:-.-- ll lllll ag, gRx5S72'T'!,. i I ' '11." . ,-1 Sgirga.-Q 'R f my QQ f?"r:3-.W :X .ff 5 xl. V- Sgr - Q ? Cofnzplimcnts of The Cleveland I-Iobbing Machine Co 1311 Chardon Road Euclid, ohio Eiylz ty-sin' ' R-":g,. . ,..:q55:":..1p 71443 .'AT'Q'Zf rum Now ff' Buy THE ACTIVITIES TICKET lt's your ticket ot admission to all the important school events! Comp! 1.771011 is Of PURO CHEMICAL, INC. A GIRL CA BE PROUD And she should be proud when she takes her place as a wage-earner. "Telephone Girl" is a proud title in business . . . Whether itis operator, sten- ographer or clerk. The telephone girl does interesting, useful work which is important to everybody. She can take pride in her paycheck which grows steadily, adding six raises the first 18 months. She can be proud of her business home and the friendly girls with whom she works. Thorough training gives her confidence and good performance earns her promotion. You, foo, can be pl ense fl and pi-and wffb H fezepbone job. APPLY: WOMEN'S EMPLOYMENT OFFICE 700 Prospect Avenue - Room 901 THE OHIO BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY '14 Qoacf place in 7Uofzk" Eigh fy-seven Cfnlzplivmnis nf I Cleveland Wire Works 1331 Chardon Road Euclid 17, Ohio 1 1 Compliments of l Best 'wishes from 1 21500 St. Clair Avenue 222 Sheet and Euclid, Ohio Lake Shore Blvd. Eiglz fy-riglzf f Y ..Y,. ,e1 ,: .:,1n:.:.-U 'ik Join the ' b EUCLID c1+1N'1'RA1. Beg' W as ALUBINI ASSUCIATIUN of l l l EUCLID VETERANS' CLUB LEO BONAZZA, President World War II Veterans MR. HAROLD BLACKBURN, Faculty Sponsor ik l WICKLIFFE LUMBER CO Good Luck to The Best Selection of the Class of '48 GOOD CLEAN BRIGHT LUMBER Q Y i Building Specialists EUCLID COAL AND SUPPLY l PM "" "'S"'a'i"" i Maintenance Supplies and Tools 1400 Chardon Road REDWOOD 1200 1309 Lloyd Road, Wickliffe Eighty-'nine , Compliments of E Good Luck to the Class of '48 Paint Manufacturers 1150 East 222 St, 19691 Euclid Ave. Euclid, Ohio As zz fast-growing Eurlizl industrial organization, we take pride in SERVING OUR CUSTOMERS l Best Wishes of by producing better hydraulic devices PUMPS THE CYUNDERS GEOMETRIC STAMPING co VALVES Compliments of 1111 East 200 st' HYDRAULIC EQUIPMENT CO. l 1100 East 222 St. l ...-.-,- more than just a place to work i i I Vinety ' ff -2 - . ,Q ., 1vam.a1.-.. , KRAUSS GARAGE -if 1570 Dille Road A l Ajax Mfg. Co. Euclid, Ohio A 1441 Chardon Road i Euclid Congratulations to The Graduating Class of 19.48 A aff i l l N i Best Wishes from A Compliments of BLACK sonmc INDUSTRY A THE i CHANDLER PRODUCTS CORP 1400 Em 222 1491 chardon Road Euclid, Ohio Euclid, Ohio N inety-01 --L-- r- fin W ff' -- "W---'--If-1 fvesnflfnw A wmjqxlilmma Complzfments of Compliments of V R V EUCLID CRANE AND l'lOlST l'lEALEY'S SOl'llO SERVICE l365 Chardon Road Lakeland and Babbitt Euclid, Ohio Euclid, Ohio I l Compliments of Compliments Of DILLE ROAD LUMBER A AIR COMPRESSOR RENTAL l420 Dille Road i P 19615 Nottingham Road Euclid, Ohio Cleveland, Ohio i l I N fy! Best Wishes of E. J. Morgon PHoToGRAPHER 970 E. 218th St. IV IO87 ff? U. -I X I: f? Leaf K- . xg . . f Z 423-X C. DOUDA BUILDING CO. Engineers and Builders 1408-10 E. 222nd Sf. Euclid 17, Ohio Compliments of THE KLINE SPRING CO 19100 Firwood Avenue EUCLID, OHIO " T E H T C O " EUCLID HEAT TREATINC CO. I408 East 222nd SH. Cleveland I7, Ohio KEnmore 2896 Compliments of THE IOHN P. COCHRAN CC PAINT MANUFACTURERS I9000 Cochran Ave. BEACHLAND BAKERY Compliments of Proprietor Fred Schinko THE CENT MACHINE CO. 626 E. 185 sf. I 445 Gwen Rd. IV 3903 I I I Nin et VCC SHORE THEATER 22500 Lakeshore Blvd. RE 2662 Compliments of CHARDON CORN ERS with best wishes for i the future Floyd B. Stein, Inc. KEnmore 0089 Our coal makes warm friends Babbitt Road at Nickel Plate Euclid, Ohio Compliments of Fen Machine Co. 1350 Babbitt Road Euclid, Ohio Compliments of Cl BSON REALTY Good Luck to the Class of '45 C. B. Knuth 2209' Eudid AW' 21601 Euelad Ave. KE 3530 KE l449 Best fvishes Compliments of The Class Of 'JH l DRENIK BEVERAGE LAKELAND TAVERN DISTRIBUTING CO. 23931 Lakeland Blvd. 23776 Lakeland Blvd. RE Euclid, Ninety-fo? lT Compliments of Euclid Eogles BLISS COAL 8: SUPPLY CO. 22290 Lakeland Blvd. KE 0808 Light-weight Concrete Blocks Compliments to the l Class of '48 l l l LOU'S BILLARD PARLOR ' 783 E. 222 St. l Euclid, Ohio Compliments of EUCLID CAB Co. KEnmore l 5100 l . Dependable 24-Hour I Serving Euclid over 15 Years Compliments of CLEVELAND CARBIDE TOOL 1261 Chardon Road The Best Wishes of PETRICI-I'S TAVERN AND DELICATESSEN 23511 Lakeland Blvd. Good Luck from WELCOME TAVERN 937 E. 222 St. WATKINS FURNITURE STORE 22015 Lakeshore Blvd. Compliments of ABBOT REFRIGERATION 23811 Lakeland Blvd. l Authorized G. E. Commerrial Refrigeration and Air Conditioning I l l l Best Wish es from 1 JAY DEE DRY CLEANERS l 924 E. zzz sr. l Canterbury Flowers We have every blooming thing l Compliments of l Lorettds Dress Shoppe Ninety-fire ug 0:0 BEST WISHES from the l Best Wishes to Class of '48 ' ' ' l-lorry A. Fulton of EUCLID l ARCHITECT CENTRAL 4:01 ee l With my compliments S. A. l-lorrington oUR THANKS TO REALTOR . KE 2595 Student Councll Top of Chardon Hill 205l East 22l Euclid, Ohio The Athletic Board 2 2 2 2 , Cliffel Bokery l 22030 Lakeshore Blvd. Compliments of O Owens Occasion Cakes our specialty l Ninefy-six ' W x 1 I ' 1 x I L X X Y . 'x I 9. ,-.V , .+'-- -- A r . 'IF ' ,'- f, Yu .gefevxff-"'.'i f, link" V . '. . ,. - Q. I - LU: 1 1 +5 A -H513 lv 1 x - -'M 5 .- K A '- A 1 B' I vip 44 '? ,r -"3 . , E wth I 'F H . I I I 1 ' A 1 f F 4' f 5 ,' n I h , in Q 0 r J if I- -Q I 'F H . I I I 1 ' A 1 f F 4' f 5 ,' n I h , in Q 0 r J if I- -Q

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