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,'v, x "FEW I"f 1 ir f -.,x 'yu ':. .IQ A.: fl! .wlf r 11. ' v. .. - . .aI I,I .Q . III., 1 -ff ,-MQI, ', 'wg '-'Wu kv" 1,--ag: 'gm .-15 'F I xf.,'. , , JM., x 4' . .1' - z - . Ip ,X .v sf -.:' pY'I , wan . WI-vu-f'ji'. q.- VI, .4 . ' 1.1 'li .. ff" F U.-., Q. a ,, .,- ,I .II:II.I51I .-. xl?- e.f.p,,,I. f L 1 -.'-Iv... IIII A . r. A ,lu , I I I! I .I',.A-. .I ' . A1 'M ', L. , "" y 0, . "JA . I . f I W' H if EF' ,...,I, I , + ' 1 .. , 4. 512'-5 . ' ' 'JR II .II.I,I.z .I, I -- . IIM-II' 'SI '. , 3: 5? 4, I "E 1, wp? ' .-.-sf Q 1.51 '."-A-Tw. 1. .I ' ' .IZ-415 1, 155: '.f 4 ' . A , .M -- . + vi - 1 4 -gg . - ' .4 "i ., - ..x- .:'- , ' 'W ,. - ' :I ' ' ' . . ' ,,1l.',..- 1' .. 'F 5 - .v , , . . ,, vl . , -, I '. L'. '- A f'.'-.', .I ' .'- f .. . - - .ua . gf, L u ' .i'I , ' ' -' ' U .'I' ,II I, . f'- ' ...iw ' -'HV 'f'." .ip ' ',,. I ! I-EI -f. ' . -gs. Zvi "..g .1 ,- ..- 9- - "'-3' 'I .5 g.. . ,I - .1 I . ' 3 f ' -' -L ,. , 1,35 -' -W. - , - -,. . 1 .-1.3 g-A-Q " ' ' .Y , V, -. 3. , . .-. .1 . ff -,.t',1.- , . , .-.' f --1-1" --" 'L fl ., " ff' ' 'l 14" f..rr-7. . 'V 'xc- .. I ,. yy' , . .,.' . . ".-- 511 .. 5-J, .-Q 'S 9.7 ' .7 1 4 " .- ' .i . 51 , lfrI',.,.g- . 4.4 -I , .I-,Q II , g .IMI I., I, I, , , -.-,I-ful'-,av If .H I. I.. -4. -1' JJ'-z Z ' -.'5"'v'-1 'Jun - . ' ' -5 . 1 IX f.'-,QQ I' r,3.u,r- ef-5. 'wifi .I I, , - . -.,--A' .I , . ,. '.I I 'I ..-.II 'II 'I 3,3-. E--'-- -g',- .ng II uI'I I . ,I. I, 5 --5, ...Fi " -A .:'-I"ff1 1-. 1 1 px 2 --,,,,-N. -'I f -g . If 'I,. 'rw f' -. . 1 H ".f'-..1-fs' NM ' -. 1? '1 . ' ' .IV 1. r,.ig5,j,' 'Im g ' I.: ..,' -I ,x v-'LU --- f.'.f3 -5 ...eau ',, ' ...,4." ' -,' ' .-,, .1 H 1. -,'--.-. -.A .. II .I -- . ..g.x.' Q' II. II . InI-a.x-,- - TV ,...',I ff, -fgmg-,' ., .- I It Q: . II S.. gv, , ,I 2, ,....-. ,.I,. , r'-P , ' ,U -',-fy-JH 'Ri L if 1-iw -,g -,L .. J .1 I . r-. -.. K .f.-.- ' ., .f --1-L. . , Iv.If'1-gi., I . 'K - 2" , f". ,fi Qi". ' z."'f-2' ' ."'.l"':'l' P' .. ' . I .1,.-2 .' ., f .J- 13. 1... j,, --ay II ,I . ,II I ,: I 'JL-Q51 ' W '51 X f 1-f' gf ' ' 1 ' U'-"ik VV: ' 'lr' A .V fr .. -.-' ' j ',,r -. 'mn - Vs ' -S f-'gifxi-.L,' f -I - v1 It 1'-. ' ,M -f ws?-. . ,, .. ' -... " " . ' I p....,' 5 ' I 'Na I ,gps xv -. . ,- .1 'L , . Q'-,'. 'yfxl J' " '53 .5'1yr-' .. -1 '- II 'I I.-,I TI . ., I . 5 53 I - I 'f ' 1- ,45-Y-v.: "-If v"".'-'-T 'M 'x' 4 if ' '4.-ik , ' ' 'I',q' .'I .4111 - -4'-f-- . -J' ..-.. .' -qv Y' I II A ',1wY-- I' 4:3 I 4. IIIQ4 JI, , I. I .-AI fix I LIII 1 u ff' 5 . " ' ' ' . - 3 z' I. --I --,,.IA. I 5 1.. 4. -1. M, , .- .- '. .1 I I I , 1 ygg I '.-'WE' .,. .' f' . "rw -- ' M . -, sf -- ' .-. f ,"v. ,, ,I.:,, ' , V, . 4. 1, f ,,.' A, I 4 .I . .f ., , . I fl JZJI . ,III. 'I I " 1 l I , . O , .yI,IIg--I ,K I ' 1, . ' w I. , ,.. 1' - ' ., I + v .Ii 1.9. -1'-Im' . "' . -- , " .I Q , I, -4- ' - - -1 XV, r ' 11 A v N 'yur "" v'-7" ' - . w 'Q :U -I 4 x ,' ,-vw .3 -, -" . w.. .. 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Y f V lv., I. '4.,,'-,-gh. V' V' -.c X ' A 1.5 ,XM -fw --"V f" ...,' ,'.-'.-'A' "L 1 .-YH 3' '91,-.Q , ' '-'VJ 1 1. . , .Ly . 1' . ' Y, 1 1 1 . - ..-. f G5 , g .- WQLQ 'ivy .-, ff.. . ' , J -,.,-,1....v , - ..-,iz-I , , A ?',4.Jf,"ef "1A"' . .',,'.."'-."l"-. 4 , , 'V . .1 1 . . .- , . - 1 . ,M . ,K .. 5 E. .' ' f ' 'L A 'Q' X .rn-I 'bfi' , 'f , , 1 1' --,"-tw Nw- 1 ' 1 If f JI 4 .. .-.,.f' 4. W.. -4-K ,-,x.,',., , V 4 ,',.'- n.- . , ':.- .-', , -, wi . . L. ' ',H..,,,. M'-W, 1. .x,. . .QL .,. "'-"'1 .U , , yrnhl, , .C .,.,! ,Q V . ,, , .f,.,..A ,lj I- , ' f 1 -.',.,p,. .n 5' I. - A, .. ,fn , 4, .3 r V ' I I I 1 J' ,r 4 4 ' v , w" ' - 'J '. '-,, '. BJ ' 1 'x . ' - u- ' wf...,. ', ' ' 1.1. 'll , n vg lr 'a',Jf'g1.' ,.,1- ' ' ' A. .. .14s:,rl ' '."'. , v . ',-. 1' ,s H... . ' 1 1 . ..' , u v' ' ,3 .1 .-' v4 , . - , ,.,.yI ,Ll 1 A 1:-'4-A J 2. ' . -j.x- H ' 1 ' w f , w 5' If .lv Y , A, .lm 1. ' l' v ,P -f . ' .u - .I 7fae Epwl '47 QP ,,. R. as 4 19 -if -:FK Published by the Students of gucficf eenhaf Scfnoof Euclid, Ohio Doris Burgett . . . Editor-in-chief David Orr . . Business Manager Mr E erett Abbey, F st Superintendent. We dedicate this book to the Fiftieth Anniversary of Euclid Central High School. On May 28, 1897, the first graduating class received their diplomas at the hand of Mr. Everett Abbey, who was the first superintendent. The members of the senior class were Olive Callahan, Will Houck, Ella Houck, Libby Pelton, Addison Verbsky, and Loyda Verbsky. We also dedicate this book to the city of Euclid, which is celebrating its Sesqui-centennial this year. The township of Euclid was officially settled in 1797 by eleven families. In one- hundred-fifty years Euclid has grown from a small settlement of eleven families to a population of 38,000. It has ten churches, eight schools, fifty-six types of factories and is still rapidly growing. 4 Music is the key that opens the pages of this lyric number of the Opus. lt is our desire to record within its pages many things that will recall fond memories of the days when your voices played their part in the year-long hymn to knowledge through the halls of Euclid Central. Safofa ' we zffze aqlll' ,N 1947 Upwi Q 14 15' " Awww- " amm- 0 b F x rqfma Maia We sing our praise to thee, our alma-mater, In gratitude for memory's golden store. Of friendships that were made in joy and sorrow, That we shall cherish now and ever more. Friend of our youth, We hail thee, Euclid Central,- To thee we pledge our faith and loyalty. wma - ,yum 4. tw, 14 3 To members of the January and June graduating classes, l947Mmy most cordial greetings. Many of you have had the privilege of attending Euclid Central for six years. Within that time you have had the benefit of stimulating instruction and wise and kindly guidance. It has been a rare privilege for members of the Faculty to see young boys and girls develop into young men and young women. I trust that dur- ing these years you have discovered your responsibility to society. More than this, I hope you have developed a desire to work forthe common good of all. It is my fervent hope that you will ever be loyal to these very noble ideals. NX. ' SU PERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS. G fiflafslefu "Opus '47" marks another milestone in the progress of this school and community. This splendid yearbook is one of the high points in Euclid Central High School's commemoration of Euclid's sesquicentennial 11797-19475 and the Golden Jubilee of our first graduating class C1897-19473. It is my distinct pleasure to have a role in the dedication of this excellent summary of stu- dent and faculty life. Richly deserved congratu- lations are extended to the stat? and sponsor of Opus '47, Euclid Central respects the past and greets eagerly the opportunities in the present and future. Qfifyfftsf x New dean of girls at Euclid Central is Miss Dorothy B. Gill, who was formerly with the faculty at Euclid Shore. Besides handling the difticult dean's position, she teaches Junior High science and heads the Girls' League and the Red Cross. Mr. Cliftord Owens, the dean of boys, is one of the helpful advisors of this school. His job is that of keeping the boys of Euclid Central in good harmony. Under his guidance they are well on their way to becoming good and dependable citizens of the community. A vital man in our school system is Mr. Voorhees. As direc- tor of student personnel he is very busy keeping students in tune. Among his many duties are issuing work permits and straighten- ing out problems of returned veterans. As well as filling the position of school treasurer, where he is called upon to take charge of ticket sales and money for various organizations, Mr. Clemens Blauch carries a regular teaching schedule with classes in English, Government, American History, and Social Problems. 'is f'U'2t Members of the Board of Education who have helped to maintain the American principles of free education in Euclid are Loren J. Bullard, John F. Davis, Anton E. Strohm, Loyal E. Luikart, Russell H. Erwine, Frank Mills, and C. E. Bowman. -0--162 K xv' Left to Right: MR. LEON HEINLEIN--General Science, Math, .lr. Camera Club. MISS DORIS MASON-Math, Science, Jr. Drama Club. MR. RICHARD KEAY-Science, Chemistry, Sr. Camera Club, Athletic Board. MISS ELIZABETH WITHROW-Science, Math, English, Social Studies, Drill Team. I MR. HARRY KOTH-Trigonometry, Algebra, Preflight, Physics, Geometry, Senior Hobby. Second Row: MR. ALBERT MILLER-Math, Science, Jr. Varsity Club, Jr. Football and Baseball Coach. MR. OLIN BAILEY-Biology, Movie Club. MR. LOREN GRAY-Algebra, Mash, Sr. Card Club. fi' 'mg E ' EMAJQL Q . of ' . 10 e In EKU" a af' ani Lo SI vi This year twenty-five percent of the teachers are in the Science Department. The science classes are taught in what is called the "Science Wing" where several rooms contain all the necessary equipment for conducting experiments, the most popular part of the course. The classes have movies, take trips and have other outside activities when conditions are right. The Science Department as well as the rest of the school is proud of the results of the recent examinations given at Kent, Ohio, for Lenore Jerabek, a IOB student, won fourth place in the 4--1.-,,, whole state. Tips the scales at . . Oh sayl can you see? v .-:iz 4 ' fig If 1, T' SOCIAL STUDIES FACULTY Left to Right: MR. ROBERT HOLLOWAY-Psychology, Industrial Arts, Math, Radio Listeners Club. MRS. FRANCES FINNEGAN-World History, English, Social Studies, Business, Junior Hobby Club. MR. BRUCE GRAHAM-American History, English, Social Studies, Boys' Recreation Club. MRS. HELEN STEWART-English, Social Studies, ln- ternational Relations Club. MISS FLORENCE THOMAS-English, Soclal Studies, American History, Girl Reserves. Second Row: MR. HAROLD BLACKBURN-English, World History, 'Echo sponsor, Travel Club. MR. ROBERT BENNETT--English, Social Studies, 'Spe-ech, Senior Card Club. MR. EDWARD HOON-English, Social Studies, Jour- nalism, Droma, Echo sponsor, Book Review Club, Core Group. MR. HAROLD MCBRIDE-English, Social Studies, Busi- ness, Senior Class sponsor, Boys' Recreation Club. MR. CLEMENS BLAUCH-Government, Social Studies, American History, Economics, School Treasurer. The Social Studies Department has begun a new course of study this year in the ninth grade, Inter- American Relations. Another new course is the study of Euclid's history and its place in a metropolitan area. Social studies classes visit the courts in Cleveland throughout the year and this year Mr. Hoon sponsored a trip to Greenwich Village in Michigan. The department has furthered interest in other countries with the International Relations club, spon- sored by Mrs. Stewart. I. n ,he 6901-f of r G4-Q , S, 5 x D0n'l feftre me ln- I'm beginning to see the light. 9 Left to Right: MR. LEON HEINLEIN-General Science, Math, Jr. Camera Club. MISS DORIS MASON-Math, Science, .lr. Drama Club. MISS PAULINE BERG-English, Math, Polka Club, National Honor Society. MISS ELIZABETH WITHROW-Science, Math, English, Social Studies, Drill Team. MR. HARRY KOTH-Math, Trigonometry, Algebra, Preflight, Physics, Geometry, Senior Hobby. Second Row: MR. CLIFFORD OWENS-Algebra, Dean of Boys. MR. ALBERT MILLER-Math, Science, Algebra, Jr. Varsity Club, Jr. Football and Baseball Coach. MR. LOREN GRAY-Algebra, Math, Science, Sr. Card Club. The Math Department under Mr. Koth had two proiects for this year. The first was to standardize the math classes so that in future years the student would have no difficulty when he changed classes. The second project was the cen- tralizing of the math department at one headquarters. An office was set up in which all math tools, supplementary texts, work books, and a file of individual students' math work to show their progress are kept. The teachers may borrow from the oliice at any time. Trigonometry, general math, advanced algebra, and shop math are offered to fill the needs of future college students as well as of those who will immediate- ly begin earning their living after graduation. on eseyf twosey l'll get by as long as I . Left to Right: MR. BRUCE GRAHAM-American History, English, ' Q7 Social Studies, Boys' Recreation Club. MISS EDNA SURRARRER-English, Bookkeeping, Sports and Games Club. MR. HAROLD BLACKBURN-English, World History, Travel Club, Echo sponsor. MISS RUTH VERMILLION-General Language, Latin, Girl Reserve sponsor. MISS PAULINE BERG-English, Math, National Honor Society sponsor, Polka Club. Second Row: MR. ROBERT BENNETT-English, Social Studies, Speech, Sr. Card Club. MR. EDWARD HOON-Drama, English, Social Studies, Journalism, Echo sponsor, Book Review Club. MR. HAROLD MCBRIDE-English, Business, Social Studies, Boys' Recreation Club, June Graduating Class sponsor. MR. MARCEL MARCOTTE-General Language, Span- ish, French, Spanish Club, Opus '47 sponsor. Speak .few Mr. Marcotte has charge of the Foreign Language Department. This year one hundred-forty students are studying either French, Spanish, Latin, or gen- eral language. French had not been taught at Euclid Central for five years and this year it was brought back into the curriculum. The first semester Mr. Marcotte was assisted in this class by Mrs. Degner, a practice teacher from Western Re- serve University. Pictured below is a scene from one of Mr. Marcotte's Spanish classes in which he celebrated "apple for the teacher" day. Miss Surrarrer's weekly vocabulary lists are remembered by many of the alumni. Today her students still inform us that she has not run out of words or definitions. The outstanding activity of the Senior English classes was their trip to the Hanna to see Maurice Evans portray "Hamlet" belle' 8 ' more An apple for the teacher. 'll Left to Right: MR. NlCOl.AS PRICE-lndustrial Arts, Stage Crew, Chess and Checkers Club. MISS MARY HAUSHEER-Home Economics, Home Economics Club, Cheerleader and Friendship Club sponsor. MR. FREDERICK VOLLMAN-Industrial Arts, Ccmmercial Arts, Arts and Crafts Club. MISS MARION HODDlCK-Home Economics, Club Co-ordinator. MR. WALTER EDWARDS-Mechanical Drawing, Industrial Arts, Lettering Club. 6 rounai Q0 cl nt 'Dun ,NG ow. We ' A i ,Aff ,- K ',..f' V, The Art Classes aim to create interest and un- derstanding in art and train those people who are going to specialize in art after graduation. Entries were made in poster contests and the National Scholastic Art Contest this year. The boys' industrial art classes work with metal, wood, and printing and study the tools used in this work, while the girls' home economics classes have proiects in sewing, and textile painting, and they have full charge of the re- freshments at all faculty teas. The cooking classes put on six luncheons to which they in- vited other students, faculty members, and parents. The girls visited the Health Museum and several clothing factories. , 'sf , Y an 'TO Q Q . on the long vwme Q. 59 fe! ' It's foolish, but it's fun. Q Obtainable in the Commercial Depart- ment are courses in typing, shorthand, and book-keeping. Also offered is the Commercial Co-operative course, where the students are in school in the morning and obtain work experience in the after- noon. This comes under the philosophy of "Learning to do by doing." In most cases the students at graduation remain with the company for whom they worked as a co-operative student. These stu- dents have made an enviable record by their success in the ofTices of Euclid. This good relationship has been a boost for all graduates of Euclid Central who seek employment. Together. Left to Right: MISS MARY KESSINGER-Typing Shorthand Handicraft Club. MR. DELMAR SMITH-Shorthand Office Proc tice, Athletic Association, Jr Card Club MRS. LOUISE WINTERS-School Secretary Anvil Chgrus. Y Ours sin ce 'ein Left to Right: MlSS PAULA HOUSEHOLDER--Assistant Librarian MISS AVIS LANE-Head of Librarians MRS. DOROTHY McBRlDE-Assistant Librarian Za! The Euclid Central Library is used for reference work by students, faculty, and people of the community and also as a source of recreation by reading. Students may come into the library in any of their free periods to study reference books and they may borrow books at any time free of charge. The library contains read- ing material for the child and the adult. lt is con- tinually adding the latest books to its shelves and a great many magazines are subscribed to. New mem- bers af the staff this year are Mrs. McBride and Mr. Hilb. Smam 0 59 1 6 i W I President ...... Larry Stark Cinsertl Vice-president ,,,,,,, .,,, Elsie Zele Secretary ...... . ..... Joan Kittleman As an orchestra needs a director, so a graduating class needs an advisor. This position was capably filled for the January class by Mr. Loren Gray. y l Swim Glwu Gfficwfi Treasurer ..........., Glenn Sanders M06 President .................... David Orr Vice-president .,,,.... ...Joe Likosar Secretary ,s,.s. .,., Clift Boyce Treasurer ..,, Charlotte Kominsky Under the guidance of Mr. Harold McBride, Miss Mary Kessinger and M James Calvert the members of the June graduating class were kept in united rhythm. DONALD L. BLACK llD0nn Band, Orchestra, Jr. Kiwanian, Gala Nite, Big Nite, Patrons Concerts, Hi Y, secretary, Stu- dent Council, president, Solo and Ensemble Contest, Hall Guard, captain, "Ramshakle lnn." PAUL T. BOYD "Tim" Band, Football, Baseball, Basket- ball, Travel Club, Varsity Club, Echo Hi Y, Intramurals, Ensemble Contest. RAY A. CALEN "Curly" Football, Hi Y, Varsity Club, Jr. Kiwanian, Movie Club. ELEANOR FRANICH "Skeezix" Arts and Crafts Club, Dancing Club, Handicraft, Friendship Club, Intramurals. MARY F. GORSE UMM!! Friendship Club, Amiga Club, S. S. S. Club, G. A. A., Spanish IVOR L. BORK "Eager-Beafveru Football, Track, captain, Hall Guard, Basketball, Intramurals, Varsity Club, Gymnastics Club, Travel Club, Cross-Country Track Team. JOHN F. BROOS "Long John" Football, Travel Club, Hi Y, Varsity Club, Hall Guard, Intra- murals. EDMUND A. DI CENZO "Dee" Gymnastics Club, president, Hi Y, Football, Baseball, Freshman Class, president, Hall Guard, Echo, Intramurals. VINCE J. GLOBOKAR "Dink" Hi Y, Travel Club, Jr. Class trea- surer, Choir, Gala Nite, Big Nite, Intramurals. Club, vice-president, Girls' BEITE R, HAYDU League, Freshman Class, treasur- er, Co-op class. "Bet" G.A.A., Friendship Club, Girls' League, 5.5.5. Club, Amiga Club, secretary, Choir, Chess and Checkers Club, Co-op class. f, was Q,s."' 3. QC! I all Big 'Q if wg ' 7 I iififf f ..,- 41212-Z2'sf:'iS:5' 'I .:::?f' :: -5- 1 f t V, '.1.:. ... - .51 , f,-f 1' '- T ff? THOMAS A. JACKSON "Tom" Football: Hi Y: Travel Club: Var- sity Club: Hobby Show: Hall Guard, captain: Intramurals. JOAN M. KITTLEMAN "Ca.rry" S.S.S. Club: Intramurals: Dancing Club: Arts and Crafts Club: Opera Club: Girls' All Star Team: Girls' league: G.A.A. RICHARD C. MAHAR "Bud" Hi Y: Travel Club: Track: Foot- ball: Intramurals. lll.llAN I.. MODIC "Lil" Friendship Club: Chess and Checkers Club: Jr. Girl Reserves: Choir: Band: Ensemble Contest: Band Letter Award: Debate Team, chairman: Girls' League: Intramurals: Echo staff: G.A A.: Hall Guard: Se.nior Commence- ment Committee: Opus '47, co- editor: Amiga Club, president, vice-president. WILLIAM OSTENDORF "Herman" Hall Guard: Travel Club: Student Council. 'Ti' 9 dn? CHARLES V. KASE "Chuck" Hi Y, president: Movie Club, vice-president: Choir: Baseball: Football: Basketball: Madrigals: Boys' Quartette: Master of Cere- monies at Big Nite: Gala Nite: Hobby Club: Travel Club: Echo: Chess and Checkers Club. GUS KAUTROUPAS "Gus" Veteran of U. S. Navy: Movie Club: Gymnastics Club. l.UCllE M. McNEAl "Lou" Choir: 5.5.5. Club: Amiga-Club: Chess and Checkers Club: P.A. Club: Student Announcer: Hall Guard: G.A.A.: Friendship Club. JOHN P. MRSNIK "Dot" Choir: Hi Y: Stage Crew: Travel Club: Intramurals: .lunior Class, vice-president. DONALD .l. PIETRO "Donn Hi Y: Travel Club: Jr. Class, president: Intramurals: Opus '47 staff: Hall Guard, captain. CORLISS E. ROACH "Corky" Travel Club, Debate Club, Ath- letic Association, Gymnastics Club, Radio Club, "Ramshakle Inn." JACK B. SOLON "Red" Band, Hi Y, Intramurals, Travel Club, Chess and Checkers Club, Rhythmasters, Hall Guard, Senior Committee, Jr. Varsity Club, Jr. Recreation Club. MARY J. SVRGA "Mary" Student Council, Spanish Club, treasurer, 5.5.5. Club, Amiga Club, Girls' League, G.A.A., Friendship Club, Co-op class. ELSIE J. ZELE HEI!! Girls' Leaders, Girls' League, Se n i o r Class, vice-president, Sophomore Class, vice-president, Hall Guard, Friendship Club, Choir, P.A. Club, Arts and Crafts Club, Chess and Checkers Club, Opus '47 staff, Amiga Club, Senior Day Chairman. JOHN W. BARTOI. "Barny" Stage Crew, Hall Guard, Air- plane Club, Travel Club, Intra- murals. 1 I f 6 ,f ,Z, '41 'i f r Y I c f- 52 is fa J Y? , f E ,C M. -.L l 4, GLENN A. SANDERS "Gas" Hall G'-ldfdi Senior Class, trea- surer, Travel Club, Intramurals, Debate Club, Football, "Ram. shakle lnn." JOHN L. STARK rrllarryn Senior Class, president, Hi Y, Football, Baseball, Movie Club, Varsity Club, Travel Club, Hall Guard, Choir, Cheerleader, ln- tramurals. SELMA W. WEINSTOCK "Sal" Echo, co-editor, Friendship Club, vice-president, American Legion Oration Contest, Debate Team, Amiga Club, S-S.S. Club, Chess and Checkers Club, P.A. Club, Girls' League, Opus '47 staff, Senior Commencement Commit- tee, G.A.A., Intramurals, Stu- dent announcer. ROBERT F. ANDERSON IlAndyll Hall Guard, Movie Club, lntra- murals, Arts and Crafts Club, Sr. Card Club, Gymnastics Club, Jr. High Recreation Club. ALLEN H. BASSETT NAP! Student manager, Hi Y, P.A. Club, "Snafu", Hobby Club, Sr. Card Club, Hall Guard. 'l9 "Qn - ,ff 40' 'Jr Cos, 1" ,af 46?- mins RICHARD M. BLACK "Dick" Gymnastics Club, Volleyball In- tramurals. CLIFFORD T. BOYCE "Cruz-yleg.f" Madrigals, Choir, Boys quartet, Football, Track, captain, Intra- murals, Hi Y, treasurer, Varsity C I u b , secretary-treasurer, P.A. Club, president, Class president, secretory, Hall Guard. CHARLES W. CESNIK nclllllfkl' Athletic Association- representa- tive, Choir, Intramurals, Hall Guard, Travel Club. MARY C. DOWD "Mar" S.S.S. Club, Amiga Club, Girls' League, Hobby Show, Typing Til- lies Club, Handicraft Club, Jr. Girl Reserves, Hall Guard, Car- nival, G.A.A., Deans' assistant, Co-op class. 5 4 J, 4 J, 1 'w i A L A 3 . V MARGARET 1. ssmlol IlPeggyD Friendship Club, service chair- man, Jr. Girl Reserves, Girls' Leaders, P.A. Club, National Honor Society, Student Council, vice-president, president, E c I1 o editor, Opus '46 staff, "Snafu", makeup, All Star basketball team, Hall Guard, Girls' Trio, Choir, Madrigals, Aeolian Choir, Elementary Recreation Program, Sr. Card Club, Polka Club, "Seven Little Rebels", Junior Class vice-president. NANCY M. BOWES "Fiend" Echo staff, "Snafu", Choir, Arts and Crafts Club, Amiga Club, Chess and Checkers Club, Friend- ship Club, Debate Club, Girls' League, birthday board, Senior Play Committee. DORIS L. BURGETT . "Daria" Friendship Club, Band, Orchestra, Echo staff, Girls' Leaders, Jr. Girl Reserves, Arts and Crafts Club, Hall Guard, Hobby Show winner, Opus '47, editor-in-chief, G.A.A., Carnival, Intramurals, Jr. Red Cross Representative, Senior Play Committee. National Honor Society WILLA D. DINWOODIE "Willie" Student Council, National Honor Society, Opus '47, departmental editor, Friendship Club, Girls' Leaders, treasurer, Choir, Orches- tra, Madrigals, G.A.A., vice-pres- ident, Ensemble and Madrigal contest, Girls' Trio, "Snafu", "Seven Little Rebels", American Legion essay contest winner, An- thony Wayne contest, Carnival, Chapel Choir, Jr. Girl Reserves, Concert-in-Swing soloist, Girls' League, welfare board, vice- president. CHARLES H. EGENSPERGER -'Biff' Hi Y, Hall Guard, Stage Crew, Sr. Card Club, Athletic Associa- tion. PEGGY M. FENWICK Il-Ppgn "Snafu": S.S.S. Club, Choir, Typ- ing Tillies Club, Memo Pad Club, Amiga Club, Girls' league, social and welfare boards, Co-op class. DONALD S. FRAZIER "Flash" Track: Basketball Intramurals, Chess and Checkers Club: Band, letter. ' FRANK J. GABRIEL "Gabbyi' Band: lntramurals: Chess and Checkers Club: Stage Crew: Travel Club: Camera Club: Gym- nastics Club: Jr. High Band. CONSTANCE V. GERNHARD "Connie" Opus '47, publicity manager: G.A.A.: Debate team: Intramur- als: Amiga Club: Radio Listeners' Club: Friendship Club. LAWRENCE P. HATTENDORF "Fat" P.A. Club: Movie Club: Prom Committee: Activity Ticket Com- mittee: Sr. Card Club: Hi Y: Band: "Snafu": Hobby Club. RALPH HIRSCH "Ebay" Veteran of U.S. Navy: Travel Club: Baseball: Basketball: lntra- murals. U 7 I, . l I , RAY D. FRY llRayU Football: Track: Echo staff: Ath- letlc Association representative: Intramurals: Varsity Club. National Honor Society PRISCILLA GAROFALO "Prix" Friendship Club: Choir: Hall Guard: Hook and Needle Club: Candlelight procession: Sr. Card Club: Arts and Crafts Club: Polka Club: G.A.A.: Hobby show, Co- op class. KATHERINE A. GOLINAR HKU!! Girls' League: Friendship Club: Jr. Girl Reserves: S.S.S. Club: Knitting Club: Polka Club: Chess and Checkers Club: Amigo Club: "Snafu": Gala Nite: Big Nite: Hall Guard: Intramurals: Drama Club: G.A.A.: Echo stafli: Co-op class. DORIS W. HEDTKY "Hatch" Girls' league: Friendship Club, treasurer: Girls' Leaders: lntra- murals: Jr. High Recreation: Hall Guard: Choir: Echo staff: Aeolian Choir: Jr. Girl Reserves: Sr. Card Club: G.A.A.: Co-op class: Vol- leyball All-Star Team. EDWARD L. HODAKIEVIC K'EdU Gymnastics Club: Football: Track: Chess and Checkers Club: Intra- murals. GQ' 'Q MARIAN P. JAMES "Peroxide" Hall Guard: Friendship Club, secretary: All-star manager: Echo staff: Typing Tillies Club: Choir: Chapel Choir: Girls' Leaders: Carnival: Hobby Club: Senior Play Committee. DONALD F. JOHNSON "Dusty" Hi Y: Travel Club: Jr. High Band: Stage Crew: Hall Guard: Volleybail and Basketball ln- tramurals: Reserve Basketball: Airplane Club. KENNETH E. JOHNSON "Kenny" Hall Guard: Stage Crew: Var- sity Club: Hobby Show, Intra- murals: Basketball: Baseball. RUTH V. .IURCAK "Ruthie" Choir: Movie Club: Aeolian Choir: Chapel Choir: Girls' Lead- ers: Friendship Club: Chess and Checkers Club: ,Arts and Crafts Club: Sr. Card Club: "Snafu", makeup: Jr. Girl Reserves: Echo, business manager. ROBERT S. KEYERLEBER "Bob" Junior' High Recreation Club: Hall Guard: Hi Y: Football: Movie Club, president: Varsity Club? Choir: -Stage Crew. ALLEN R. JOHNSON MAIN Stage Crew: Travel Club: lntra murals: Camera Club. HALE W. JOHNSON "Hale" Band: Orchestra: Solo and En- semble contests. MARILYN L. JONES "Lynn" G.A.A.: Girls' Leaders: Friend- ship Club: .lr. Girl Reserves: Choir: Co-op class: Arts and Crafts Club: Intramurals. ERNEST G. KEHN "Ernie" Gymnastics Club, secretary: Bas- ketball: Gala Nite: Hall Guard: Intramurals. WILLIAM R. KERSLAKE "Toe" Football: Band: Track: Opus '47, sports editor: Hi Y: Student Council: Basketball, Volleyball Intramurals: Chess and Checkers Club: National Honor Society: Hall Guard, captain: Solo and Ensemble Contest. suv I 6 msg? . Y ,NQQQM 5 1 1... V JOAN O. KING "Queenie" G.A.A.: Friendship Club: Hall Guard: Jr. Girl Reserves: Movie Club: Arts and Crafts Club: Echo statT: Choir: Co-op class. ROBERT W. KLAUS "Sfwabbie" Veteran of U. S. Navy: Opus '47 staff: Art Club. JOSEPH H. KOCHEVAR "Joe" V a r s i t y Club, vice-president: Band: Football: Baskeball: Base- ball: Hall Guard: Stage Crew: Intramurals. PATSY R. KREYSSIG "Pat" Echo, editor: P.A. Club: Girls' Leaders: Friendship Club, inter- club counselor: Jr. Girl Reserves, president: Madrigals: C h o i r: American Legion Essay contest winner: Intramurals: Aeolian C h o i r: Elementary Recreation Program: Sr. Card Club: Arts and Crafts Club: Hall Guard: Chapel Choir: Anthony Wayne contest. AGNES M. KUHAR "Aggie" Choir: Friendship Club: Intra- murals: Echo staff. RICHARD D. KOSTIC "Dirk" Hi Y, secretary: Varsity Club: Band: Student Council: Jr. High Recreation: Jr. Varsity Club: Freshman Track: Stage Crew: "Snafu": Basketball Intramurals: Echo, sports editor: Hobby Show: Carnival: Anthony Wayne :on- test. THOMAS R. KLISURIC "Tommy" U Travel Club: Hi Y: Hall Guard: Stage Crew, president: Chess and Checkers Club. CHARLOTTE L. KOMINSKY "Char" Student Council, secretary: Ele- mentary Recreation Program: Senior Class, treasurer: Band: Orchestra: Solo and Ensemble contest: Aeolian Choir: Friend- ship Club: Girls' Leaders: Jr. High Recreation: Echo: G.A.A., manager: Intramurals: Jr. Girl Reserves, secretary: Hall Guard: Press Spelling Contest: Anthony Wayne contest. National Honor Society EARL B. KROCKER "Slam" Football: Travel Club: Basketball and volleyball Intramurals: Gym- nastics Cub: Hall Guard. RALPH O. LAUBLER ':R.11p1," Hall' Guard: Hi Y: Movie Club: Stage Crew: Jr. High Band: Cam- era Club: Basketball, Volleyball Intramurals: Chess and Check- ers Club: Archery Club: Football, manager: Jr. High Recreation. ROBERT H. LEHNER nldfgjn Football, Basketball, Baseball, Junior Class president, Volley ball Intramurals, Hall Guard, P.A. Club: Hi Y. ANGIE LOMBARDO llAngn Choir, Chapel Choir, Jr. High Recreation, Jr. Girl Reserves, ln- tramurals, Friendship Club, social chairman, Girls' Leaders, social chairman, Opus '47, assistant business m a n a g e r, "Snafu", Square Dance Club, pianist, Girls' League, Debate Team, Madrigals, Hall Guard, G.A.A., Typing Til- lies Club, Elementary Recrea- tion Program, Opera Club, Car- nival, Aeolian Choir. STAN P. LUCAS "Luke" Choir, Madrigals, Bays' Chorus, Hall Guard, Varsity Club, Hi Y, Football, manager, Track, man- ager, .lr. Track Team, Travel Club, Gala Nite, Big Nite, Bas- ketball and Volleyball Intra- murals, Sr. Card Club. ALICE M. MACZUGA "Honey" Choir, Arts and Crafts Club, .lr. Girl Reserves, Friendship Club, Music Appreciation Club, Sewing Club. FRANK S. MAHNE "Mal1n5ter" Track, Football, Student Council, Chess and Checkers Club, Bas- ketball, Intramurals, News Jour- nal Reporter. ,Eff I -fzffgife ' '. 'jlffy 4 ', ' 415 ' is ," .5434 -av 'W' qi is i . f 3 Q , 3 ,Q-'MQ ' , 16 ill. 2 7, Y 04, A i 24 2M'g5.1fm.s A ""'l?7 !L" A A te: vi 3 , 2 W . M,-my X mr . , - , ., 4-.?'f Q vq ,aft :LB l J .I OSEPH LIKOSAR, JR. "Joe" Freshman Football and Basket- ball, Hall Guard, Senior Class vice-president, Gymnastics Club, Varsity Club, Varsity Football and Basketball, Baseball. OSEPH LOVSIN, JR. . "Joe" Football, Baseball, Hall Guarcl, Varsity Club, Travel Club, Intra- murals. ALBERT E. LYNCH 11411111 Hall Guard, Travel Club, Gym- nastics 'Club, Football, Intra- murals. DOLORES J. MAHANY L "Irish" Jr. High Choir, Jr. Girl Reserves, G.A.A., Girls' League, Friendship Club, Archery Club, Volleyball Intramurals, Polka Club, Co-op Class. ILLIAN V. MAKRANSKY "MdlJ' Jr. Girl Reserves, Jr. Hi Recrea- tion Club, Typing Tillies Club, Prom Committee, Carnival, Echo, advertising staff, Elementary Rec- reation Program, Girls' Leaders, Friendship Club, Student Coun- cil, Choir, Chapel Choir, G.A.A. secretary, Athletic Boosters' As'- s ciation, secretary-treasurer e-president, Girls' League wel- are and social board. r I tional Honor Society BETTY H. McCARTHY "Mac" Friendship Club: Book Review Club: Debate Team: Chess and Checkers Club: Hall Guard. LOUIS J. MIKOLICH "Manner" Band: Orchestra: Baseball: Intra- murals: Hall Guard: Rhythmas- ters: Gala Nite. TILLIE MILAVEC "Til" Friendship Club: Jr. Girl Re- serves: Girls' League: S.S.S. Club: Opera Club: Polka Club: Intramurals: D r u m Maiorette: Amiga Club. DAVID E. ORR "Jockey" Hi Y, president: Sr. Class presi- dent: Student Council, treasurer: Opus '47, business manager: Car- nival: Assemblies: Chess and Checkers Club: "Snafu": Muster of Ceremonies for Big Nite: Sr. Card Club. LILLIAN A. PEKLAY "Pick" Hall Guard: Office Assistant: Jr. Hi Recreation: Sr. Card Club: Typing Tillies Club: Handicraft Club: Intramurals: Carnival. ge ow 4 N ., .av ,Q 5. l 1 Ligliaffs. .1 t A ' 2 ni I -.3' .J,.. t -- . 3, lg .5Q:mr:+:z:-' ev--f f -W -ss' s -Ji -4.7, 35' gf t 1' 3 G 13 PIERCE D. METZGER "Buddy" Baseball: Hall Guard: Movie Club: Sr. Band: Sr. Orchestra: Assemblies: Gymnastics: Sr. Card Club: Gala Nite: Big Nite. EDWARD R. MIKOVIC "M oe" Freshman Football: Varsity Foot- ball: Basketball: Baseball: Hi Y: Echo staff: Sr. Card Club: Chess and Checkers Club. ARLENE M. NEAL "FreckleJ" Jr. Girl Reserves: Friendship Club: Handicraft Club: Prom Commit- tee: Sr. Card Club: Intramurals: Choir: Carnival: Gala Nite: Big Nite: Girls' League: Typing Tillies Club: Hall Guard: Movie Club: Junior Red Cross. RUTH L. PABALIS "Ruthie" Jr. Girl Reserves: Friendship Club: Radio Listeners' Club: Amiga Club: Prom Committee: 5.5.5. Club: Junior Red Cross: Choir: Intramurals: Carnival: Gala Nite: Big Nite: Debate Club: G.A.A.: Girls' League. RONALD L. PETERSON "Pete" Choir: Hall Guard: Travel Club: Basketball: Intramurals. 25 if . . MARGARET M. PIRCHNER "Gret" All Star Basketball, manager: G.A.A., manager: Student Coun- cil: Opera Club: Hall Guard: Junior Class treasurer: Activi- ties Ticket Cammittee: National Honor Society: Choir: Jr. Girl Re- serves: Girls' League, social board: Haniiicraft Club: Friend- ship Club, program chairman: Jr. Red Cross: Intramurals: S.S.S. Club: Girls' Leaders, president, vice-president, secretary. RONALD P. POLLACK "Ron" Hi Y: Chess and Checkers Club: Camera Club: Carnival: P.A. Club: Track: Intramurals. 'N ARTHUR W. P0l'lL "Archie" Basketball, Baseball: Intramurals: Carnival: Travel C l u b: H all Guard: Airplane Club. ' l ROBERT S. POTTER "Ra.sput'in" Choir: Gymnastics: Intramurals: Stage Crew: Hall Guard: "Snafu". CAROLINE A. RADAKER NADINE R- RIEBE "Rusty" G.A.A.: Hall Guard: Choir: Jr. Girl Reserves: Friendship Club: Girls' League: Arts and Crafts Club: Movie Ciub: Co-op class. DONNA J. SANNERS "Katie June" H o b b y Club, vice-president: Choir: Movie Club: Art Club: Friendship Club. CARROLL J. SCHAFFER "Goof" G.A.A.: Friendship Club: Girls' League, welfare board: Co-op class: Gala Nite: Typing Tillies Club: Handicraft Club: Sr. Card Club: Carnival. "Dean" Aealian Choir: Hall Guard: Jr. Girl Reserves: Intramurals: Car- nival: Sr. Card Club: Girls All Star basketbail team: All Star Volleyball team: Girls' Leaders: G.A.A.: Co-op class: Gi-rls' League, etiquette board: Jr. Hi Recreation. National Honor Society BETTY A. SAWHILL "Bets" Girls' Leaders: Friendship Club: Echo: Hall Guard: Camera Club, secretary-treasurer: Sr. Card Club: Opus '47, senior editor: ln- tramurals: Girls' All Star Cheer- leader: Jr. Girl Reserves, presi- dent: F r e s h m a n Cheerleader: Choir: "Seven Little Rebels": Aeolian Choir: Chapel Choir: Elementary Recreation Program: Typing Tillies Club: Carnival: Hobby Show: All Star Basketball photographer. HOWARD A. SHEARER "Howie" Intramurals: Varsity Club: Travel Club: Stage Crew: Vocational Guidance program. MYRTLE R. SIMMONS "Myrt" VIRGINIA STENBERG Friendship Club, president, social chairman: Girls' Leaders, vice- president, social chairman: Jr. Hi Recreation: Jr. Girl Reserves: Girls' League: "Snafu", makeup: National Honor Society: Stud- ent Council: G.A.A.: Opera Club: Sr. Card Club: Aeolian Choir: Intramurals: Hall Guard: Elemen- tary Recreation Program: Typing Tillies Club. RICHARD C. SPAETH "Bud" Football: "Snafu": Choir: Bas - ball: Intramurals: Chess d Checkers Club: Echo: apel Choir: Hall Guo d- ernationa Wy FRANK J. SVIGEI. flswfi Choir: Hall Guard: Travel Club: Football: Intramurals. DAVID A. TESKE "Dave" Chess and Checkers Club: Car- nival: Sr. Card Club. CHARLES J. TIRABASSO lllleftyfl Baseball: Chess and Checkers Club: Travel Club: Basketball Intramurals. "Ginny" Girls' Leaders: Friendship Club, secretary: Jr. Girl Reserves: Choir: Chapel Choir: Band: Solo and Ensemble contests: Opus '47, music editor: Arts and Crafts Club: Typing Tillies Club: Activ- ity Ticket committee: Internation- al Relations Club: Knitting Club: Elementary Recreation Program. DOROTHY J. STROYER "Dot" Girls' Leaders: Movie Club: Jr. Girl Reserves: Friendship Club: Hall Guard: Intramurals: Girls' League welfare and birthday boards: Choir: Opera Club: Typ- ing Tillies Club: Handicraft Club: Hobby Show: Carnival: American Legion essay contest winner: Jr. Red Cross: All Star basketball committee. National Honor Society BOB L. TERRILL lfB0bl, P.A. Club: Stage Crew: Movie Club, president: Hi Y: "Snafu": Sr. Card Club: Hall Guard. SONJA G. THORNBLADH "Sonny" Friendship Club: Knitting Club: G.A.A.: Girls' League: Junior Red Cross. JANE M. TOMSIC "Janie" Friendship Club: Jr. Girl Re- serves: Hall Guard: Chess and Checkers Club: Dramatics Club: Polka Club: Handicraft Club: Girls' League, welcome board: Intramurals: "Snafu": Dean's as- sintant. TERESA M. WALTERS "Tess" Jr. Girl Reserves: Friendship Club: Hall Guard: "Snafu": G.A. A.: Girls' league: Polka Club: Chess and Checkers Club: Knitting Club: Dramatics Club: Amiga Club: Intramurals: Gala Nite. HILDRED R. WILLIS "Hide" Movie Club: "Snafu": Friendship Club: Jr. Girl Reserves: Hall Guard: Choir: Hobby Show: Jr. Red Cross: Arts and Crafts Club: Carnival: Co-op class. MARIAN R. ZAKOVSEK "Mar" Amiga Club: S.S.S. Club: Handi- craft Club: G.A.A.: Girls' League: Carnival: Hall Guard: Co-op class. DONALD R. ZNIDARSIC "Don" Athletic Association: R e s e r v e Basketball: Travel Club: Stage Crew: Hall Guard: Gala Nite: RUTH A. WELTER "Stuf" Girls' Leaders, secretary: Friend- ship Club: G.A.A.: Student Coun- cil: Choir: Girls' Trio: Madrigals: Chapel Choir: Aeolian Choir: Jr. Red Cross representative: Knit- ting Club: Sr. Card Club: Opus '47, advertising manager: Girls' league, welfare board. National Honor Society l.OIS M. YEAGER KILUJI Typing Tillies Club: Jr. Girl Re- serves: Hobby Show: Hall Guard: G.A.A.: Girls' league: Office as- sistant: Carnival: Arts and Crafts Club: Friendship Club: Band: Ac- tivity Ticket Committee: Aeolian Choir. MARY ANN ZELE "Mazy" Friendship Club, treasurer: Jr. Girl Reserves: Typing Tillies Club: Hobby Show: Student Council: Junior Class secretary: Gala Nite: Big Nite: "Snafu": Girls' League: Intramurals: G.A. A., president, manager: Hobby C I u b , president: Cheerleader: Echo staff: Sr. Card Club: Hall Guard: Carnival: Athletic Asso- ciation: Girls' League, welfare board: AU Star Cheerleader: Of- fice assistant: Co-op class. Ing,-qmu,-als, EDWARD l. ZUPANCIC NE-dx, Choir: Card Club: Travel Club: Polka Club: Stage Crew: Boys' Chorus: Gala Nite: Big Nite: ln- tramurals. 01444 Wi!!--j , 1947 We, the members of the January graduating class of January 1947, being of sound minds C?????l and bodies, do bequeath, donate or force our sterling qualities upon those undeserving but fortunate undergraduates. Don Black wills to Ralph Laubler the chance to play with' the Rythmasters so that he can get off his knees and stop begging. Ivor Bork wills his ability to get along with the 200 street fellows to Mr. Harold Blackburn. John Broos leaves to Mr. Harold Blackburn a key chain to help hold his glasses up. Ray Calen wills Mr. Clemens Blauch his long side burns. Edmund DiCenso wills his ability to stay out of trouble to Joe Likosar. Eleanor Franich wills Euclid Central High School another model homerom like the January class of 1947. Vince Globokar wills his influence to any student who needs it to get through school. Bette Haydu auctions off her seat in the co-op room to the highest bidder. Charles Kase wills a pair of new tennis shoes and six months supply of epsom salts to Mr. James-Jog-a-Long-Soak-it-in-Epsom-Salts Cal- vert Thomas Jackson wills his football uniform and his seat on the bench, which he held down for three years, to Mr. Dale Thompson. Joan Kittleman wills her ability to stay away from demerits to Kenny Moon, who just can't. Lucile McNeal wills Glen Crawford a pillow so that he will wake up on the right side of the bed in the morning. Richard Maher wills his ability to smile to Mr. Walter Edwards. Lilian Modic wills lvan Weinstock a big beauti- ful doll to take her place in looking after him, and to keep him Out of trouble. John Mrsnik wills Ed Zupancic his ability to stay awoke in automotives. William Ostendorf wills all his demerits to the classes yet have Mr. Fred Vollman. Don Pietro wills his kid brother to all the women he's leaving behind. Corliss Roach wills Mr. Fred Vollman 200 of his 300 demerits. Glenn Sanders wills his beautiful blond hair to his buddy Mr. Hoon. Jack Solo'n wills his ability to get through school to his brother, Dick. Larry Stark wills Mr. Gray to any other future president of a senior class. Mary Svrga wills King Carl Zele her seat on the late bus. Selma Weinstock wills her 24W-inch waist line to Riley Westmoreland to go with his broad- broad shoulders. Also, a tape measure to keep the measurements correct. Elsie Zele wills Chuck Cesnik a pair of dice that aren't loaded. Paul Boyd wills Ralph Hirsh his ability to attract attention from the females. Mary Gorse wills her ability to dance to any one who is trying awfully hard to learn. The gratitude of those graduating is left to Dr. Lee R. Gilbert, Mr. L. Gray, the deans and teach- ers, for the many years they have put up with us, watched over us, guided us in our darkest hours. However, we are sure that although they all loved us dearly, fha-hal they will not breathe freely until the last graduating pupil receives his diploma. 61644 Zlfllllu awe, 1947 As we, the June graduating class of 1947, leave the halls of Euclid Central we do willingly give, devise and bequeath the items below to those who follow in our footsteps. Bob Anderson wills his blonde hair to all those who try so hard. John Bartol wills to the Travel Club a pair of dice, a deck of cards, and poker chips. Cliff Boyce wills his basketball ability to Bill Ragborg, so together they may make the fourth string. Doris Burgett wills her chair in art class to her brother Edward, who will soon have use for it. Al Bassett wills his Ford to Jack Saefkow for his dates with Betty. Dick Black wills his ability to graduate to Harold Gabriel. Nancy Bowes wills to Vi Jean Schultz her ability to get through school. Chuck Cesnik wills his ability to be tardy to any- one who would like to serve his detentions. Willa Dinwoodie wills to Mr. Vollman her two younger sisters to take over where she left off. Mary Dowd wills to Lois Kemter an 11th grade history answer book in case she ever gets a test-minded teacher. Chuck Egensperger wills his ability to get to school before 8:25 to his brother, Jim. Peg Esmiol wills her nickname "Bird-Legs" to Danny Morgan. lConMnued on Page 321 -V Ll CQ TV JK" A ' Vwymv 41 "4 Af U Y U AHDGA E ,C Y , J .4'JL?K1. 55 g YQ Sz "' A in In-M., -145' JIIII - a i 'Q ,f ---13 1 my f,,,.2 N . f A il WY , F'?2?imy " K,-mah I y P ,EL 23559 Qin! :Lf ' Q 4 the-L F , 4: 4 'Q " 1 Af' , ' 1 ,K .A-'Ewa f wwf M f X ... I ki "'ff"LB' . A ,1 3 M' mgfawm 'IM ,..,..o- 43 ,Jm,.g.1QQv-f'w- ' M..,..,.,m, N V . wmv., . W1 aiu , -A ll 1 -. A , ,A 25 ,Sung ,I Jay .Vw-w ig x ' ff. Q 2 . g. Q. Y iContinued from Don Frazier wills his trumpet ability to Bill Gent. Ray Fry wills his worries and gripes to Bill Rag- borg. Peggy Fenwick wills Mr. McBride a megaphone, so he doesn't have to shout so loud in home- room. Priscilla Garofalo wills her ability to skip school without getting caught to Bob Keyerleber. Kay Golinar wills to her brother Johnny the abil- ity to pass biology in one easy lesson. Frank Gabriel wills his nickname, "Gabby," to Harold Gabriel, his brother, who needs it. Connie Gernhard wills to Mr. Bennett the eight hours sleep she got during her high school career. Angie Lombardo leaves her Latin carbon copies to the on-coming Latin classes. Louis Mikolich wills his band uniform to someone it will Ht, also his position in the marching band. Betty McCarthy wills to Vi-Jean Shultz her ability to keep out of detention hall. Al Lynch wills his school books to Mr. Blauch to sit on while driving. Stan Lucas wills his "gas guzzler" to anyone own- ing a gas well. Joe Lovsin wills to Mr. Nick Price a big broom to sweep up all of the lunch bags that his buddies in the fourth and fifth period classes leave behind. Ralph Laubler wills his ability to see both sides of a question to all who should. Bill Kerslake leaves his chemistry set and special formula for TNT to anyone who is brave enough. Bob Klaus wills his ability to get what he goes after to anyone who needs it. Tom Klisuric wills to the Travel Club a carton of Camels. Joe Kochevar wills to Mr. Price an order blank for the "Charles Atlas Book." Joan King wills her ability to look tired after a good night's sleep to anyone who wants it. Agnes Kuhar wills her brother Billy Hughes to any girl who wishes to be a sister to him. Dick Kostic wills to Mr. Blackburn his ability to appreciate a good slangy sports story. Ernie Kehn leaves a dollar to Hank Eichhorn to get a haircut. Earl Krocker wills to a certain teacher a pack of Pall Malls for those eight extra puffs. Charlotte Kominsky wills her ability to talk fast to Mr. Bailey. Pat Kreyssig wills her good stand-in in the P. A. room to Jimmy Williamson. Marilyn Jones wills her ability to graduate to her brother Charles. Allen Johnson leaves all the boys and some of the girls at the mercy of Mr. Vollman's de- merits. Don Johnson wills his number 18 que stick and his pool ability to Hank Eichhorn. Ken Johnson wills his slim waistline to Mr. Blauch. Ruth Jurcak wills her iob on the Echo staff to anyone who has the stamina to take it. Marian James wills her silliness to the dignified underclassmen like Janet Marshall. Page 291 Doris Hedtky wills to her sister Lois the ability to catch herself a man before she graduates. Ralph Hirsch wills to Art Bosco his stool at the corner. Larry Hattendorf wills his two-hour and fifteen- minute lunch period to anyone who thinks he can get away with it. Ed Hodakievic wills his gymnastic ability to Al Bradac. Alice Maczuga wills her ability to get along with girls to her brother, Paul. Dolores Mahaney wills her green and white homeroom walls to Shore, because they seem to favor those colors so much. Frank Mahne wills his "last roll of caps" to Norbert Archibald. Lil Makransky wills her ability to get out of study halls to Ruth Recher. Pierce Metzger wills his bad luck in getting a woman to his brother, Jack. Tillie Milavec wills a pair of binoculars to those who sit in the last row at class plays. Arlene Neal wills to those who like to wear themselves out all the stairs in school. V Dave Orr wills half of his potential fortune to Mr. Blackburn so he can write THE great American novel. Ruth Pabalis wills to her sister Diana the ability to get along with teachers as well as class- mates. Ronald Peterson wills his ability to run a man down twice to Milan Mihelic. Lillian Peklay wills her ability to get along with the senior girls to Betty Poie. Margaret Pirchner wills to the football team the ability to beat Shore. Art Pohl bequeaths to Vi Jean Schultz a bottle of peroxide. Ronald Pollack wills his favorite "ialopy" to Mr. Marcotte. Bob Potter wills all of his gymnastic training to Dick Schultz. Caroline Radaker wills her ability to get along with everyone to anyone who needs it. Nadine Riebe wills her natural blonde hair to all those girls who tried to get theirs that way. Caroll Schaffer wills a suit of armor to get through the halls between periods to Joida Turk. Dorothy Stroyer wills the third period guidance to the seventh graders who have six years ahead of them. Betty Sawhill wills her height of 5 ft. to any Junior High student who thinks they can shrink. Dick Spaeth wills his ability to flat in choir to Hubert Johnson. Ginny Stenberg wills her tenor sax to anyone who wants to carry it during football season. Myrtle Simmons wills her ability not to blush when embarrassed to Bob "Red" Scott. Donna Sanners wills her iob at Chardon Corners to anyone who can stand Dominic's singing. Frank Svigel wills his ability to get along with Mr. Owens to Frank Reilly. Howard Shearer wills his ability to get along with Mr. Edwards to oncoming shop classes. Dave Teske wills to Mr. Graham the ability to keep the blackboards clean. lContinuod on Page 341 X 01644 I2 --1 , 1947 Let's pretend the year is now 1957. Ten years since the brightest class of students graduated from Euclid Central High. We predicted in 1947 that every member of this class would succeed. Succeeded they have. Let's look in on their various activities. Coming toward us is that tall and noble form of WILLIAM OSTENDORF. He is a high ranking officer in the food testing kitchen of the Navy. We find many of the members of this class still in Cleveland. Walking into one of the largest law firms of Cleveland, we find BETTE HAYDU, sitting on the knee of her boss, but suddenly a flash of furs and sparkling iewelry comes into the office. Under the furs is none other than the former LILLIAN MODIC, the boss's wife. "l Have A Lady," these famous words said by our good friend IVOR BORK. He's the left balcony assistant for the Doctor I. Q. Program. Still in Cleveland, we visited the office of the local newspaper. As editor we find VINCE GLOBOKAR, and his assistant, PAUL BOYD. The name of their paper is "The Moaner." Featured on the front page is a sketch of JOHN MRSNIK, who has iust been acclaimed the "Champion Moaner of 1957." ' Traveling by rocket plane, we move to Atlantic City, where the annual "Mr. America Contest," is being held. The iudges include two Clevelanders, ELEANOR FRANICH, designer of men's sportswear, and JOAN KITTLEMAN, a buyer for a large Cleveland Department Store, will award this title. The winner is LARRY STARK, another former Euclid Centralite. He will receive 10,000 dollars, which will be used for future activities at the race track. While in New York, we visited the office of the Broadway Travel Bureau, and to our surprise found GUS KAUTROUPAS as the owner and operator. He highly recommended to us the play that is shocking Broadway, starring MISS LUCILE McNEAL. Miss McNeal was recently voted by her public as the top stage star of the year. 81444 P Now as we gaze into our crystal ball, we years have passed, and this is what we find: WILLIAM KERSLAKE, the great scientist, has finished his experiments which prove the Einstein theory of relativity in- correct. STAN LUCAS, however is not quite as fortunate as Bill and is still trying to write a perfect paragraph to please Mr. Blackburn. Then we have DAVE ORR and DICK KOSTIC who find that being veterinarians is a profitable business. Still at work on the new consolidated high school of Euclid are engineers DON ZNIDARSIC, DON FRAZIER, AL BASSETT, and DICK SPAETH. They are working hard to finish the school building so sorely needed since the increase of population. PAT KREYSSIG and BETTY SAWHILL are dividing their time between families and work. Pat is teaching physical educa- tion, while Betty is working in a nursery school. Having had a class of outstanding musical talent, we find band leader LOUIS MIKOLICH rehearsing for his performance at the Palace. His has been iudged the Spotlight Band of 1957. His featured singer is WILLA DINWOODIE who has a pleasing radio voice also. GINNY STENBERG and her saxo- phone have made the Phil Spitalny Orchestra. You perhaps have heard her on Sunday evenings. BOB KLAUS, after having had enough Navy life before re- turning to school, is still trying to find the right girl. JOE KOCHEVAR finds life in the Navy is not so bad, even with ten more years to come. Our four JOHNSONS, none brothers, have all separated. DON, having his college degree in his suitcase is now on a visit to Alaska, but ALLEN finds life in the Navy very interest- ing. KEN is playing with the Cleveland Barons hockey team and HALE, who was the musician of the four, is with the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra, and we might add doing very well. Traveling again, we move to South America, where we find MARY SVRGA being swept off her feet by the South American gentlemen. South America take her away! On our way back to Cleveland, we stopped once again in New York. And greeting us in bright lights is the pretty smile of ELSIE ZELE. She portrays the "Woman of Distinction" for the Four Roses' Advertisement. Back in our home town, we find that MARY GORSE has opened up an exclusive dress shoppe. RAY CALEN, is still trying to persuade GLENN SANDERS, steamship tycoon, to give him two cut-rate tickets to Sweden. One is for a cute blond, better known as Mrs. Calen. Although not in Cleve- land, CHUCK KASE and ED. DICENZO are bringing fame and victory to the Cleveland people, Chuck plays baseball with the Cleveland Indians, now the Pennant winners for three years. Ed. is the star and captain of the Cleveland Brown's Football team. DON PEITRO, Mayor of Euclid, has recently given an address at the high school's Commencement Services. Now we look in on the J 8- B Pretzler Co., where sitting behind a gold trimmed desk is president JOHN BROOS. In his employ is CORLISS ROACH, as chief pretzler bender. The rival company owned by DICK MAHER, has iust completed a new formula for crunchless peanuts. Now it's Saturday night and on the air is the Hit Parade. Star band is directed by DON BLACK. Featured saxophonist is JACK SOLON. The new sponsor of the Hit Parade is wealthy TOM JACKSON, also known as the King of the Midget Auto Races. SELMA WEINSTOCK has taken time off from her two children, to win the National Women's Tennis Champion- ship. She was recently named the ideal mother and sportster. My , 1947 see the June graduates of 1947 after a number of If you have in mind traveling by air, we can guarantee efficient service from the expert pilot ART POHL, and hostesses MARIAN JAMES and PEG ESMIOL. A short trip to New York is a good excuse to stop at JOE LlKOSAR's exclusive night spot. He has been giving much competition to the Stork Club. While you're still there, you may chance to meet MARILYN JONES who is a model at Saks Fifth Avenue, but if you need to have your hair set, be sure to go to DONNA SAN- NER's beauty salon, located on Lexington Avenue in the heart of the city. You can also go to Madison Square Gardens, where you will see NANCY BOWES who has been on the stage now for over a year. On returning home, you may feel like something a little on the exciting side, so you go to the wrestling match. Here you probably see the former MYRTLE SIMMONS and her family, for they also enioy watching this sport. RUTH WELTER, the brilliant woman lawyer is now vacation- ing on her horse ranch in Montana, while SONJA THORN- BLADH who has iust finished her studies as a psychologist is leaving to go to her ranch in Wyoming. When you're shopping at BOB TERRILL's modern grocery store, you undoubtedly will see the former ARLENE NEAL, TILLIE MALAVEC, RUTH PABALIS, JOAN KING, or MARIAN ZAKOVSEK. They buy their family food supplies from him and their drugs from RONALD POLLACK, now a registered pharmacist, who owns the drug store iust around the corner. KAY GOLINAR is dividing her time between family and job as soda jerk, as ALICE MACZUGA is doing with her own beauty salon. They are kept busy doing a good job at two things, which would be enough for anyone. The former PEGGY FENWICK was seen down town, with her beautiful daughter. the other day. LOIS YEAGER, who was in search of a new outfit for her daughter, met HILDRED WILLIS buyer for the Sterling and Welsh Company as she was coming out of the store. In the conversation Hildred said that TERESA WALTERS was also doing buying, but for the Halle Company. CHARLOTTE KOMINSKY has lots of interesting things to tell her friends about her world tour, while DORIS BURGETT can carry on the conversation throughout the United States. She has now seen all 48 of them on vacations from her art studio. NADINE RIEBE, who is champ in many sports, has been named "World Famous Woman Champion." Not a champ herself, but having a championship team, MARGARET PIRCHNER now owns the Cleveland Indians baseball team. It took many years of endeavor, but she finally reached the top. On the team we find RALPH HIRSCH, lst baseman, ED MIKOVIC, outfielder, and JOE LOVSIN, pitcher. Pro basketball has found a place for BOB LEHNER after he graduated from college. His height helps him make baskets easily. Hunting and fishing seems to attract people to Canada, which means a visit to AL LYNCH's lodge, which is open the year round. In the automobile business we find CHUCK EGENSPERGER. He is selling all the latest models and may even give Special prices. He has DOLORES MAHANY as his secretary and knee breaker. LILLIAN MAKRANSKY has completed her training and is now working on the biggest advertising contract of the century. ANGIE LOMBARDO has her own column in the newspaper. She is another Dr. Anthony answering all kinds of questions that are put before her. Still playing cowboy but on their partnership ranch, we find BOB ANDERSON and PIERCE METZGER. They at last have reached their hearts' delight. CLIFF BOYCE, with his ability to be funny, has followed in the footsteps of Bob Hope. He has appeared in movies, on stage and over the radio. DICK BLACK, hardworking radio technician, has found his place in television. FRANK MAHNE has a college degree, has seen the world, and has now settled down to his iob and his family. LARRY HATTENDORF naw manages his father's partnership business for the Hattendorf and Bliss Co. Sitting on his knee, when no one is looking, is his elticient secretary MARY ANN ZELE, w'ho helped Larry work his way up. East 200' Street is finally being repaired after all these years under the direction of JOHN BARTOL, who is now Chief Foreman on the W. P. A. Prominent among all the mechanics of the class, BOB POTTER now owns and operates his own garage. Dressmaker and designer.JANE TOMSIC has a iob with Metro-Goldwyn Mayer. CONNIE GERNHARD is another seam- stress and dress designer who has become quite a professional. LILLIAN PEKLAY and DORIS HEDTKY after holding their co-op jobs for four years, saved enough money to buy a car in which they are still traveling throughout the United States and Mexico. Driving new cars from coast to coast in the United States is ED HODAKIEVIC. Histone desire was to travel and now he is and getting paid for it. This is iust a temporary iob, however, for soon he is going to become a car dealer himself. ERNIE KEHN has worked his way up to Chief Janitor at Euclid Central. As a pastime interest he plays basketball. Working for the Cleveland Automobile Association is FRANK GABRIEL. He is now teaching, or trying to teach, MARY DOWD the safeties of driving. Also working for the Auto- mobile Association, but in the office, is PRICILLA GAROFALO and BETTY McCARTHY. After trying to become an expert driver for so many years and still ending in court, CAROL SCHAFFER is engaged to marry the judge. She learned the hard way! White Motors now has HOWARD SHEARER on their payroll working as a pattern maker. They also employ RUTH JURCAK as a nurse. The former CAROLINE RADAKER, with her pleas- ing personality, makes the ideal mother. She now has four youngsters tagging behind her. Seeing all the movie stars is FRANK SVIGEL. He owns a swank cocktail lounge .in California, which has become the rendezvous of many stars. Opening the most modern restau- rant in Cleveland is CHARLES CESNIK. It is to be the best in the city. EARL KROCKER and RONALD PETERSON are now co-owners of a cafe, which has proved to be quite a gold mine. The author of the best novel of the year is norp other than DOROTHY STROYER, and RAY FRY has been acclaimed outstanding writer of short stories. CHARLES TIRABASSO and his brother Dan now own and operate their own radio station. Working for them is control engineer and announcer TOMMY KLISURIC. Now teaching his students phrases and clauses is BOB KEYERLEBER who is the best known teacher in the city. Mak- ing blueprints for Bob's steps in sentence diagramirtg is ED ZUPANCIC. Together they make a good team. Now as we pass on into the world before us, we would like to leave a word of appreciation to Mr. Russell H. Erwine, Dr. Lee R. Gilbert, our advisors Mr. Harold McBride, Miss Mary Kessinger, Mr. James Calvert, the deans, and teachers for their guidance and patience during our school career. We realize that our presence in the office each day will be missed, but others are yet to come and till our vacant places. lContinued from Page 321 Charles Tirabasso wills his mathematical ability to Bob Baitt. Sonia Thornbladh wills her natural blonde hair to Charlotte Gleeten. Bob Terrill wills his three semesters of American history to anyone who can take it. Jane Tomsic wills her love for polkas to all the non-grinders of Euclid Central. Ruth Welter leaves a pack of typing paper to Dale Walker. Hildred Willis wills her height to Joey Blatnik, so he can play basketball better. Teresa Walters wills to Mr. V. D. Smith a pen to write those three per cent deductions for fu- ture co-op students. Lois Yeager wills a package of grass seed to future marching bands so they won't be troubled with dusty and muddy shoes. Marian Zakovsek wills her patience with teach- ers to anyone who needs some. Don Znidarsic wills table three at Louie's Pool Room to the Naumann Avenue boys. Hale Johnson leaves his ability to play the trom- bone to Bob Bailey. Joe Likosar bequeaths to Mr. Blackburn his purple drapes plus a pair of suspenders to hold them up. Ed Mikovic wills his baseball ability to Ed Clark. Mary Ann Zele wills to all the future "Hi-Y girls" the ability to keep their minds on their studies! ! ! Bob Lehner wills his homeroom teacher, Mr. McBride, to all those fortunate enough to have him. Ed Zupancic wills his hair to Mr. Fred Vollman so he can get a wife and live happily ever after. Bob Keyerleber wills his 20-20 vision to any one taking Mr. Blackburn's Senior English course. f 24" f and-a5-"A"' First row Cleft to rightls F. Galer, J Huston, V. Schultz, B. Brew, S Ivancic. Second row: Mr. R. Graham, J. Mar combe, V. Kalen. D. Kollmorgen, A Chincliar, S. Miller, A. Martucci. Third row: B. Tomazic, B. Keyerleber B. Drobnik, J. Saefkow, M. Mihelich B. Ragborg, A. Walz. Fourth row: B. Herendeen, J. Meglan A. Williamson. A. Delgado, A. Gower D. Galer, A. Bosco. First row Cleft to rightbc B. Johnson. L. Svetin, A. Dragonette, M. Bell, D. Hanley, R. Frazier, D. Olesinski, G. Bergman, N. Stumpf, E. Szemenyei, M. Budan. Second row: Mr. D. V. Smith, J. Boyd, M. Wright, B. Parker, J. Mar- shall, H. Stampfel, J, Johnson, J. Lette, E. Hofmann, M. Kovacich, Miss B. Keyerleber. Third row: P. Lally, D. Koenig, M. Posch, C. Knapp. G. Cochrane, T. Papesh, S. Matthews, L. Krebs, M Petrick, M. Shebanic, J. Sowden, A. Jelco. Fourth row: L. Kinkof, J. Yeary, J Blakesley, M. Mgrublian, R. Shawke, C. Paschali, D. Fielding, D. Blauch R. Son, R. Fox, J. Rammel. 36 First row Cleft to rightb: J. Posch, Pickman, S. Poropat, R. McKay, Goodman, R. Kelly, G. Crawford, Parziale, D. Pokorny, B. Petrieig, Oesterle. Second row: Mr. N. Price, D. Wirth T. Glass, J. Cole. W. Bartol, A. Strass hofer, M. Kantner, H. Halfner, R Westmoreland, E. Coulson, B. Moses Third row: E. Clark, D. Trebisky, J Kaucnik, C. Smaltz, J. Ward, R Stuck, W. Morgan, H. Anderson, W Mower, D. Walker. Fourth row: A. Kriz, I. Weinstock, P Ravencraft, K. Mopn, N. Archbold, B Ksenich, J. Zupanic, E. Medves, B Cummings, C. Barber, S. Haydu. PTIJPQ- First row Cleft to rightjr J. Johnson, C. Brown, W. Jaros, M. Mavsar, T. Heiser, G. Black, A. Ferrato, C. Gordon, B. Rohrbach, A. Morse, M. Pfaff, J. Sasso, J. Smith. Second row: Mr. Bennett, R. Comp- ton, R. Genzen, A. Belpulsi, L. Dun- lap, A. Harke, J. Richards, C. Farona, R. DeGenova, W. Kalberer, Mr. W. Edwards. Third row: M. Mlachek, S. Korn- probst, D. Beakel, J. Danley, V. Han- sen, B. Pinkava, A. Toth, D. Perat, R. Zack, E. Tuck, G. Snider. Fourth row: R. Welling, R. Hazzard, R. Dries, J. Stewart, J. Miller, E. Emery, R. Bailey, R. Coski, M. Schneider, J. Bann, J. O'Neil. 37 First row fleft to rightb: A. Carlson B. Long, P. McNeilly, M. Baitt, B Zupancxc, P. Berger, A. Sheller, P Klisuric. M. Coe, L. Mastrostefano A. Sheller, E. Germano, J. Olesinski H. Snider, A. Schnur, D. Schultz, S Palsa. Second row: Miss Hoddick, B. Sand- ers, D. Hochcvar, B. JeFfers, B. Keller J. Joans, B. Crabtree, C. Zimmerman: K. Roach, W. Armour, A. Brack, D Radio, B. Westbrook, J. Bronkall, M. Anderson, E. Ranker, Mr. Holloway. Third row: D. Volpe, P. Beam, M. Perme, W. Mersnik, F. Gole, N. Beck, E. Ceasar, D. Johnson, J. Callahan, R. Buente, B. Shultz, M. Snyder, R. Miklus, L. Baxt, M. Cherry, W. O'Neil, F. Brodnic. Fourth row: J. Blatnik, D. Payne, C. Martins, C. Boyd, J. Bartone, A. Bu- bonic, N. Lewis, R. Koren, R. Hoche- var, R. Baldassarre, B. Hughes, J. Go- linar, J. Jarvis, H. Johnson, F. Sajn. First row fleft to rightlz E. Proprot- nik, R. Bennington, J. Luzar, F. Kuc- man, S. Novak, J. Trohl, R. Clousar, N. Micheck, J. Williamson, A. De- Franco, P. Maczuga, J. Egensperger, D. Walker, L. Reiter, N. Gerjevic. Second row: B. Bickley, R. Campbell, A. Just, J. Petrenchic, A. Bradick, G. Cramer, R. Stone, G. Evans, G. Voll- mer, T. Grubbs, J. Potts, R. Krivar, B. Madar, G. Conlon, C. Morgan, Mr. Keay. Third row: R. Loushin, B. Ferguson, T. Skiff, T. Hopes, D. Dallas, D. Kiehl, R. Janick, F. Reilly, A. Arko, C. Bober, F. Tomaric, A. Babeack, J Casterline, L. Hodge, J. Noda. Fourth row: G. Verbsky, D. Kokas, J Grzc, J. Burick, M. Stefanchik, E. Kessler, M. Ohnemus, B. Morgan, G. Shelden, R. Rath, W. Gent, R. Stamp- fel, B. Stahre, C. Malm, L. Jerabek, J. Wilson, C. Gleeton. 38 First row Cleft to rightjz A. Martucci, D. Walland, G. Walz, C. Karlovic, W. Milkerson, A. White, L. Bickley, L. Rozanc, A. Guinta, D. Moser. Second row: B. Thomas, P. Pietro, R. Baitt, V. Shupe, R. Westbrook, L. Kusar, K. Maloney, B. Cranage, Miss Berg. Third row: M. Zales, B. William, J. Picicci, R. Smee, J. Sharpe, J. Bratel, W. Marett, W. Willis, E. Brown. Fourth row: J. Stricklin, R. Hribar, H. Paelchen, P. Maloney. D. Erich, Jim Blazek, R. Sulzer, B. Klun, H. Scott. First row Cleft to rightbz B. Slade, S Scott, J. Clayton, G. McCumber, L Yeager. H. Blakesley, J. Doner, J. Brennan, E. Hocevar, B. Ravencraft, S. Steed, J. Lausche, N. Johnson, C Vidic. Second row: R. Garafalo, M. Guiffre, A. Frame, J. Paolo, R. Maurer, C. Starman, E. Starkvic, R. Fox, J. Hes- ter, D. Richmond, K. Ells, R. Sari, C Krane, Mrs. Finnegan. Third row: G. NeB', P. Healy, J Baekler, D. Cousino, D. Heister, P Bremser, H. Fuller, E. Shirby, B Butler, S. Danley, L. Kling, L. Hedt ky, B. Shearer. Fourth row: H. Kapel, J. Stewart, D Loomis, D. Kalman, N. Hansen, J Lindsey, G. Hauck, J. Wright, N Custer, A. Bennett. R. Strohm, B Scott, J. McNeal, T. Srpan. 39 First row fleft to rightjz P. Gausby, T. Luzar, D. Morgan, G. Gribbons. P. Conahan. A. Dragonetti, M. Callahan F. Baldassarre, M, Racecic, H. Cor- miea, J. Wright, J. Chapman, S. Sze- men ei . Waid L. Wilson y . J . . Second row: Mr. Heinlein, M, Pod- berger, V. Arko, W. Fielding. R. Bu- bonic, R. Scholpp, B. Jurcak, D. Cole R. Williams, J. Gallagher, B. Hahn C. Deiner, J. Hutton. J. Berlin, Al Racecie, Mr. Bailey. Third row: J. Harwood, V, Davies. M Kozar, L. Holfelder, R. Recher, W Knapp, J. Kinkopf, J. Cecelic, R Miner, B. Tice, A. wagner, H. Murl ray, E. Creighton, J. Cosl-ci. Fourth row: D. Norton, J. Okieki. M Keyerleber, E. Potokar, M. D'Arcy E. Uttum, L. Braund, G. Kostelec. Ri Cross. T. Rogers, A. DeBolt, J. Arko, D. Wood, D. Levar. First row lleft to rightlz R. Rossing- ton, J. Pavlina, D. Razayeski, D. Ogrinc, J. Metzger. Second row: J. Pavlina, P. Reilly, A. Miller, J. Turk, D. Paelchen. Third row: P. Luth, G. Busch, E. Cesnik, J. Farkas. J. Frazier, L. Kempter. Fourth Row: N. Meeker, C. Tanger, B. Behnke, N. Boston, K. Krause, P. Reilly, P. Vadnal. 40 4 B 5.741143 ' Bi ' Bi First row Qleft to rightlz S. Kozlow D. Cole, R. Stcrle, H. Sleith, A. Rath J. Stokes, K. McCullough, D. Kuharik R. Henry, B. Silby, P. Ghirla, E. Sny der, J. Maxwell. G. Ross, R. Salvador R. Scoder, D. Mahne, R. Hall, B Gallo. Second row: Mr. Marcotte, M. Marett J. lvancic, M. Racecic. C. Shroer, E Yurtz, E. Zogg, R. Drake, A. Good- man, A. MacThomas, C. Maher, G Simmons, E. Kubik, H. Krause. J Meglan, L. A. Richardson, Miss With- row. Third row: R. Shirk, R. Strah. D Mills, R. Stone, D. Pabalis, R. Stone B. Weist, E. Perat, A. Kovach, D Knaus. E. Gavitz, M. J. Leonardi. R. McMahan, F. Myers, C. Lays, D. Ver- becky, J, Peterson. Fourth row: A. DeSimone, S. Perry W. Beck, J. Delis, C. Justus, D. Sater: K. McCullough, T. Bechemer, J. Guip C. Kraus, R. Capps, A. Capps, E. Hof: fert, B. Libby, D. Kollar, B. Stone Crabtree. First row Cleft to rightl: M. Stefan- chik, R. Papp, J. Sullivan, K. Aplis J. Soughterland, E. Creighton, J. Sari E. McCarthy, R. Fabian, N. Jes- berger, J. Veola, P. Davis, J. Cimper- man, V. Karlovic, L. Carlson, R. Cole- man, H. Gabriel, F. Podnar. Second row: D. Shreve, C. Sezon, G Radcliffe, L. Mills, A. Baldassarre, D Snyder, M. David, L. Clayton, R Barnhart, M. Champa, B. Hale, N Fairchild, R. Messersmith, L. Thomas R. Schelgunov,.B. Uhl. Third row: B. Bliun, C. Selernon, C Hofmann, S. Town, J. Pegnoli. B. Pol lack, C. Jones, W. Wheaton, G. Pfaff B. Shrake, E. Modic, R. Schafer, K Krause, C. Louis, P. Trebic, D. Mahne R. Huston. D. Gress. Fourth row: J. Happ, M. Replogle M. Olesinski, B. Darff, D. Kinkoph M. Hillier, M. Saunders, R. Marcombc D. Kihelick, M. Waktins, C. Nunivil- ler, P. Harnish, S. Verbsky, S. Riley J. Allison, M. Doyle, D. Broz, C Crouse, M. Mathers, C. Brec. 41 R. Wagner, K. Stillinger, D. Solon, J' First row qleft to rightl: B. Pojc, M Crowther, I. Bickley. J. Butler, j Nimmo. R. Elliott. Second row: J. Bosco. L. Radio, B Davis, R. Hale. B. Skully, G. Ger mano. A. Murray. Mr. E. Hoon. Third row. G. McCord, j. Finke. F O'Neil, V. Langdon, B. Beyer. R. DuFf. D. Austen. M. Sugarman. Fourth row: C. Kelly. N. Simmons, M Predovic. J. Austen, H. Kisthardt. J Silverman, R. Behrens, F. Bajzel, W Schlauch. First row fleft to righth: F. Garafalo, T. Hughes. W. Downing, S. Ryan. F. Delaney. j. Lewis, L. Woodford. C. Wagner. 1. Richmond. D, Miller, G. Hale. K. Snyder. G. Starr, C. Coulson, H. Hershey. R. Besemer, V. Carney, R. Vidrriar. K. Shirilla. Second row: V. Menillo, W. Vigh, Penkala. j. Steed. R. Mansperger, OWU ol-fn 31:0 1912 ping H . 'UU NTU .T'5'r' mf"'4 5 Z we 1-.CW 'm 3"U 005' om 425 9415 ?:SDo- Wright. A. Mill-rerson. Miss Hausheer. Third row: A. Pinko. F. Pariziale, E. Kalberer, A. Sowden. M. Holfelder. J. jackson. R. Vermilion. R. Bdsse, F. Branchly, j, Kelley. D, DiCenzo. R. Taylor, L. Lenarsic, R. Lapinsl-tas. M. Picicci, D. Disantis. Fourth row: C. Lynch, E. Williams, P. Nagy, A. Huston. j. Archbold, W. Myers. G. Hammill, R. Geist, C. Craw- ford. j. Ohnemus, H. Whitlinger, R. Conrad. E. Burgctt, H. Scholpp, C. Welling, N, Zupaneic, P. Miller, P. Miklus, S. Dadlow, C. Fisher. 42 JUNIOR A's Jack Saetkow ..... Bob Drobnick ....... Milan Mihelich ....,.. JUNIOR B's Kenneth Moon ...... Charles Smultz ...... Bob Kelley ............ Joe Zupanic ..... SOPHOMORE A's Anthony Ferratto Virginia Hansen Evelyn Tuck ..........e...e..,, Stephanie Kornprobst ....., SOPHOMORE B's Ted Grubbs ........ Dorothy Kokos ....,. ......,..,,,., 61444 Uffiwn ,--,-------------.ePresident -,---,--------Vice-President Secreta ry-Treasurer ,ee--,------e.-,President --------Vice-President -----------eSecreta ry -----.Treasurer ---------------President ---,---Vice-President ---------,..Secretory ,-,------Treasurer ------,------.,President -Vice-President Albina Sheller ..... ...... , Secretary-Treasurer FRESHMAN A's Ray Sultzer FRESHMAN B's Ralph Strohm -I e,e, ,I ..,.., ,,,-, , Angeline Martucci Ruth Recher .....,,,.e Fred Baldasarre -- EIGHT B's Janet Pegnoli .,.. Dick Solon William Gallo ....... ...,ee Charles Jones Ann Rath ....... Frank Kehn Mallie Marett ..... Forrest Myers SEVEN B's David DeGenova .,..,. Carol Leitch A,..e,,,... e,ee,, Frank Garafalo ..,.. Mary Holdfelder ....... ----.-,President ,,.,,e,.President Vice-President -------.-,-Secretary ,-,weTreasurer -----,--President Vice-President --------Secreta ry ------,-Treasurer ,,mmPresident Vice-President -------.Secreta ry ----,--,Treosurer 413' r '11 9" Sv I .X 4 we if by rw V in f 114 K , "' 1- 'lag ' gy?-'Irv v M Www 5 345' gn. iffy 4 91.5 + gwfff LSESQ -' l 5 ti ,M ff. xx . me Ndzana! Jlanaa To be elected into the National Honor Societ a nation-wide organization, is the highest hono a student can obtain. Its purpose is to create an enthusiasm fo scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render serv ice, to promote leadership, and to develop char acter in the students. Members are selected from the upper third o the Junior and Senior classes in both the firs and second semesters. Thetaculty advisor l, Miss Pauline Berg. President, Margaret Pircht ner, Vice-President, Peg Esmiolp Secretary, Willc Dinwoodie, Treasurer, Myrtle Simmons. A . 1 l in I I, l lt il l it First row fleft to rightiz Margaret Pirchner, Peg Esmiol, Myrtlt simmons, Shirley Miller. I Second row: Willa Dinwoodie, Don Black, Bill Kerslake, Bil Ragborg, Miss Berg. 4 The Student Council is an organization whicl gives the entire student body an opportunity tc practice democracy. , It is under the direction of capable student faculty advisor is Mr. Harry Kath, President, Dor' leaders, one chosen from each homeroom. The l l l l l l 5. Black, Vice-President, Peg Esmiol, Secretary Charlotte Kominsky, Treasurer, Walter Kalberer First row Cleft to rightjz Loretta Holfelder, Theresa Heiser, Mary Kovacich, Walter Kalberer, Charlotte Kominsky, Peg Esmiol Don Black, Willa Dinwoodie, Lillian Malrransky, Myrtle Simmons. Second row: Don Pokorny, Wesley Wheaton, Joan Grze, Mary Leonard, Margaret Pirchner, Marge Petrick, Winifred Willisl Ruth Welter, Shirley Miller, Bob Compton, William Ostendorf' Mr. Koth. Third row: Sam Perry, Virginia Hansen, Sue Town, Bob Hale Angelo Dragonetti, James Wright, William Myers, Robert Man! sperger, Clark Hoffman, Ronald Vidmar, Patsy Luth, Anthony Ferrato. ' Fourth row: Jim Meglan, Jim Ward, Frank Mahne, Norbert Archbold, Bill Kerslake, Ted Grubbs, Ray Loushin, Denni Kiehl, Jack Pasch. Nddedc 14 The purpose of the Athletic Association is te promote an interest in sports among the student: so that they will want to attend all ofthe athletic events during the school year. Some of its func tions are arranging interscholastic games fo our athletic teams, taking care of posters, P. A announcements and selling tickets for dances after the games. The present faculty advisor is Mr. Delmar V. Smith. The oFficers are President, Bill Ragborg, Vice-President, Lillian Makransky Secretary-Treasurer, Janet Marshall, Publicity Allan Bassett. First row Cleft to rightl: Allen Bassett, Janet Marshall, Mr Smith, Lillian Makransky, Bill Ragborg. Second row: Lucy Mastrostefano, Robert Fox, Richard Hochevar Kenneth Eells, Joan Johnson, Jeanette Danley, Eldine Ceasa Third row: Lawrence Woodford, Richard Bosse, Lee Mills, Edga Zo99. Norman Simmons, Richard Stone, Allen DeBolt, Dar Volpe. Fourth row: Don Pokorney, Corliss Roach, Ray Stampfel, Do Znidarsic, Albert Kriz, Bob Behnke, Albert Delgado, Gordo- Hammill. i iqm',4z.f,1sz.s ta fiihe Girls' Athletic Association CG.A.A.J helps -as ltmote skill and enioyment for the girls while .Hy acquire new ideas on good health and - l '1 'S1tt'l'SI'T1CnSl'1Ip The association operates under ' onstitutlon dealing with sport activities. Points he given to each girl for the sports in which e participates. These points are totaled and 3.A.A. emblem is awarded when a total of a hundred points are obtained. Credit is also 'en for outside activities such as skating, wling and horseback riding. The association sponsored by Miss Betty Keyerleber. President, iry Ann Zelep vice-president, Shirley Miller, retary-treasurer, Nancy Beck. t row ileft to rightjz Shirley Miller, Mary Ann Zele, Nancy k, Miss Keyerleber. ond row: Florence Galer, Nadine Riebe, Marian James, ,gr , L .l l ull I ' L Ay ii fl!!! T: ii if Lette, Myrtle Simmons. ii row: Ruth Welter, Margaret Pirchner, Doris Burgett, l' l: if li 'l ,-I '1 ii rl 1 I 'l ill r. nie Gernhard, Rose Mary Miklus. lffaaie 01446 The students who have been enjoying the on movies every day are familiar with the vie Club. This organization has charge of e use and upkeep of the proiectors used in the ,ual education and noon hour movie pro- ams. The latest proiect completed by the club as the purchase of a new proiector, made pos- Jle by the two-cent admission to the noon ovies. Mr. Bailey has been their sponsor since '40, when they received their official club char- OFiicers are: president, Bob Keyerleber, ce-president, Chuck Kose, secretary-treasurer, ickie Johnson. rst row Cleft to rightl: Jackie Johnson, Donna Sanner, Ruth Ircak, Theresa Heiser, Beverly Parker, Nancy Stumpf, Mary fm Shebanek. -cond row: Mr. Bailey, Helen Stampfel, Arlene Neal, Ralph ubler, Bob Anderson, Pierce Metzger, Dorothy Stroyer. :rd row: Gus Koutroupas, Chuck Kase, Bob Keyerleber, Bob rrill, Larry Hattendorf, Ray Calen, Larry Stark. Qhfd' .feacfwu lThe Girls' Leaders club is a limited group hosen for their athletic ability, character, lead- yrship, sportsmanship and dependability. 'The "Leaders" learn to referee and have the :sponsibility of seeing that the intramural games .in smoothly as well as being assistants in gym gasses. Miss Betty Keyerleber, the sponsor of ite club, is iustly proud of the fine work done y the girls. rst row Cleft to rightl: Charlotte Kominsky, Willa Dinwoodie, uth Welter, Margaret Pirchner, Myrtle Simmons, Angie Lom- urdo, Betty Sawhill. econd row: Mariorie Bell, Ruth Jurcak, Polly Klisuric, Theresa ieiser, Virginia Stenberg, Nadine Riebe, Marian James, Miss eyerleber. hird row: Dolores Radio, Jackie Johnson, Beverly Parker, Jane owden, Doris Hedtky, Ellen Hofman, Janet Marshall, Lillian lakransky. aurth row: Carol Gordon, Evelyn Tuck, Helen Stampfel, Porothy Stroyer, Doris Burgett, Lois Krebs, Marge Patrick, Peg smiol, Pat Kreyssig. 5 .da it MQW Yemwwiy 3 '49 Zpmrw gy' 15 MMAW A' fivegffix 46 -in Qi qv ii 'I 'EV Q91 SWA 9? if ,fi J ! if E5 5 '? 'Qs X, Jfxgggxrg In-ww ,Y Al' X- wiv wa- if First row Cleft to rightj: Stanley Ivancic, Allen Bas- sett, Tom Glass, jack Posch, Jim Ward, Dick Stuck, Stan Lucas, Ed Mikovic, Ed DiCenzo, Bruno Petricig, Bob Bates. Second row: Tom Kliseric, Jack Solon, John Broos, Don Pietro, Tom jackson, Ed Clark, Cliff Boyce, Don Johnson, Ronald Pollack, Ralph Laubler, Charles Smaltz. Third row: Don Black, Al- vin Gower, Dale Galer, Jack Saefkow, Charles Kase, Larry Hattendorf, Bob Keyerleber, Ray Ca- len, Bill Ragborg, Jim Meglan, Bob Herendeen. Fourth row: David Orr, Paul Boyd, Albert Delga- do, Vince Globokar, An- drew Williamson, Dick Kostic, Frank Riley, Bob Lehner, B i 1 l Kerslake, John Mrsnik, Bob Terrill, Dick Maher. Gaew First row Cleft to rightjz Walter Jaros, Jack Picicci, Tom Klisuric, Bob Potter, Richard Maurer. Second row: Ronald Mac- Kay, John Bartol, Kenneth Johnson, Herman Haffner, Bob Moses, Mr. Price. Third row: Anthony Arko, Allen Johnson, John Mrs- nik, Howard Shearer, Frank Tomaric. ni 1 l- i A vig, ,W 159' 1: ,jkm , ...rf 35, P. A GLM The P.A. Club, under the sponsorship of Mr. Holloway, has done outstanding services for the school this year. This club broadcasts the morning announcements to the entire school and plays records for school dances. Another func- tion of the club is making recordings of per- formances and also individual recordings for class work. An operator is on duty every period in the fully equipped studio. Officers are: presi- dent, Cliff Boyce: vice-president, Dick Teskep secretary, Lucille McNeal, treasurer, Jack Poschp chief engineer, Glen Crawford. First row ileft to rightjz Allen Carlson, Elsie Zele, Jack Posch, Cliff Boyce, Lucile McNeal, Glen Crawford, Tom Glass, Selma Weinstoclc. Second row: Don Dallas, John Petrenchic, Ivan Weinstock, Charles Bober, .lerry Sheldon, Ronald Pollack, Ralph Strohm, Mr. Holloway. Third row: Allen Bassett, Bob Klause, Bob Kelly, Gene Vollmer, James Williamson, Bob Stahre, Doris Kollmorgan, Peg Esmiol. 0,1444 The Yearbook staff of i947 has endeavored to make this second Opus of Euclid Central one that will bring back many pleasant memories to those who will cherish this volume through the years to come. Editor-in-Chief , ..,,, , Assistant Editors ....... Business Manager .....,... .. Assistant Business Manager Publicity , ., , Advertising ., Senior Editor ,, ,, Departmental Editor Music Editor , Art Editor , , ,,,,, ,, Girls' Sports Editor Boys' Sports Editor Club Editor ,, , , , Faculty Editor , Social Chronicler , .......Doris Burgett .....,,.....Lillian Modic Bill Tomazic Elizabeth Szemenyei David Orr Angie Lombardo ...Connie Gernhard ,. , ,. Ruth Welter Betty Sawhill Willa Dinwoodie ,, Virginia Stenberg Carroll Barber ,, Elsie Zele . H, Bill Kerslalme . Doris Kollmorgan Andy Williamson Ruth Westbrook Edu: Last year the Echo received a first-class rating from the National Scholastic Press Association. An All-American rating is hoped for this year. This is the highest rating given to any high school paper. The Echo is exchanged with other high school papers throughout Cleveland and other neigh- boring communities. Front Page Editor , ,.,, ,,,,,,,, P at Kreyssig Second Page Editor ,,,,,,, Mary Ohnemus Third Page Editor ,,,, ,,,,,, C eil Knapp Sport Page Editor ......... Dick Kostic Business Manager , ...... Ruth .lurcalt 50 Q --Wahzua, -' ,, FF? 'ff ' QW' W Q L ,VS I 2 Y x 'ir 1. , ' I' f I pf V I - Q' 4 q 1, 'S , U w 'bm 9? xx ' n"""'-I I'-' is-H Jfafiff Nm 5 '53 A MX My 'K '1 Xe 'K E.. f 'F i 4 3 C ix s 'Ai I. ya? v"'-fw S f V 4 f 1.4. ' w, W X l www 6 fwfr Cn November 15, 16, 1946, the Junior Class presented "What A Life." The play concerns the difficulties in the life of Henry Aldrich on a typical day in North High School. An examination in Roman History, his failure to get homework done, some stolen band instruments, a second hand tuxedo and his rivalry with George Bigelow for the affections of Barbara Pearson all figure prominently in the plot. The play, under the direction of Mr. Edward Hoon, was double cast so that more than thirty iuniors had an opportunity to appear during the two night performance. Gal this ae..- W. AQ ks , 4 Miss Shea ., ........ ,..... B everly Parker: Joan Rammel Mr. Patterson ..,,.., s....,,,,,,,,..,,,,,,,,,.... B ruce Cummings Miss Pike .. .... ,.,.,...,, , ..Juanita Cole, Shirla Mathews Mr. Nelson ..,.. ,,,,,....,,,,,..., . .,,,,,......,.,....,,..,.....,.,, J im Ward Bill ..................... .,,,... . David Fielding, Andrew Williamson Miss Eggleston ..... ...,.,.,,,,. J anet Marshall, Helen Stampfol Miss Johnson ..... .......... R osemary Gribbonsp Evelyn Evans Miss Vecchitto ...,. ....,,. E lizabeth Szemenyeip Marge Petricln Henry Aldrich ..,,... .......,...,.,,..........,..........,,. . Charles Smaltz Barbara .... ,,,. . . .,......,ss..s... Ann Dragonettep Marge Bell Gertie s..,,.,,,,,,,... ...., Norma Grandillo, Diana Karlovic Miss Wheeler ....... ...,, D oris Kollmorgen, Jo-Ann Rentz Mr. Bradley .,,,,, .s,.,. ....,..,,...........,...,.....,......,.. . D ick Stuck George Bigelowe .....,. .........,,..,,....,...,..., A lvin Gower Mrs. Aldrich .,,,, ,,..,- ,.,,,,,, P a t Lallyg Jane Sowden Miss Crane ............ ,.,,, L ois Krebsp Nancy Stumpf Mr. Ferguson .... ,,..s.,,.,.,.,.,.,.....,,s, I van Weinstoclr Students .,,. ,,,,., Members of the Junior Class Prompters ......,....,.............s Greta Cochrane ' Director .,.... ..-. ......... ,...,. . .. Assistant Directors ...,. ...... Stage Crew ....... ...... Lois Krebs Ellen Hoffman Nancy Stumpf Mr. Edward Hoon Lois Krebs Greta Cochrane Mr. Fred Vollman Bob Potter Allen Johnson Walter. Jaros fix .fK ,.:- :X if ' , i fl 1.3. ll llifivllm IN' , X-...f . ,,,, gy! s.,'- se.. ., 20 his O 1 s Wi l-Wifi A-m., 4 13 23 27 27 11 17 24 25 1 2 15-16 20 27 28 6 6 13 17 20 6 9 C' September The 8:20 bell rings to say, Another fall term begins today. The Lions' battle with Rocky River was fought, Our score was good, theirs came to naught. 4 For the Friendship Rally a bonfire was planned, l But the clouds gathered fast and brought rain o'eil the land. ll The Cheerleaders sponsored the first dance this falli A wonderful time was had by all. Mr. Starry, in assembly, gave us a thrill His talk on Witchcraft we remember still. October Li'l Abner and Daisy Mae, his girl At the Sadie Hawkins dance did whirl. At morning assembly the Hill-Billy Band Brought us a program that was really grand. The conquering heroes went to Brush, Beat them 58 to 0 in a rush. The faculty gave us a holiday, While they attended the N.E.O.T.A. November Gala Night brought out a crowd, The program was great, applause was loud. Our football season was a grand success, But a loss to Shore, we must confess. The Junior play - "What a Life" Told of Henry Aldrich's trouble and strife. A varsity dance was given this fall, Marian Zakovsik, crowned queen of them all. Basketball season was ushered in, Our game with Shaker was a win. Turkey and dressing - Thanksgiving's here, School closed two days, all gave a cheer. December OPUS vs. Echo - A battle of wits, Some of those questions really gave them the fits. Senior High Dance sure was smooth, Rhythmasters were in the groove. We lost to East, we lost to Shore, But we'll be ready when they come for more. Christmas Concert- girls ,in file, Candlelight procession down the aisle. The game with Garfield was all right. Winning by four points was worth the fight. January This Christmas vacation was really swell, But back to school? - Oh well! Watch the birdie, hold it please, p OPUS pictures, now don't sneeze. 2931 ll l l 1. lt E1 1 ll 16 ll .1 17 2 21 Q 24 31 l f 1 1 11 1 21 25 24-27 27-28 28 i2 'l4 'l8-'I9 9 'l3 24 30 1 3 6 C' The Senior Banquet, you must confess At the Smorgasboard, was a great success. Gymnastic Assembly was enioyed by all, 1. ,,,,...--vw if .,.-f Mr. Calvert had boys trained to tumble and fall. ' . g I Black and white robes on Commencement night, Well earned diplomas are rewards, all right. The first semester comes to an end, New classes, new teachers, perhaps a new friend. To the "March of Dimes" we gladly gave, Hoping someone's life to save. Lost to Shore - Won from University, That's the "up's and down's" of our varsity. February After the Friendship and Hi-Y Formal, School days finally got back to normal. The first Patrons Concert of the year, Brought us music we like to hear. In assembly - "The Taming of the Shrew," By a quick change artist, was brought to you. Tonight is the Girls All-Star basketball game, Some skits at the half, add to their fame. March "Concert in Swing" by Euclid's Band Music like that, the best in the land. Now it's Vocational Guidance Week, A key to the future we all seek. The Senior production "Every Family Has One," You'll all agree, was really well done. The birds are singing, we're all in a daze, Spring vacation is here, our School Board we praise. April A dance was sponsored by the Band, To help them get uniforms, we all gave a hand. To our assembly a glass blower came, My Goodness! The things he could do with a flame. Now it's Carnival time once more, Popcorn, peanuts, and fun galore. May Band, Orchestra, and Choir unite, Patrons Concert, for our delight. Friendship gal's songs and laughter At their Pot Luck Supper, reached the rafters. The Junior-Senior Prom was in full sway, Sweet music, soft lights, and formals gay. Gags and pranks on Senior Day, For once they have their own sweet way. June Baccalaureate Service on Sunday evening, A message to the class that's leaving. Ca s and gowns of black and white P ,l Marched down the aisle on Commencement night. 5 1 School's out! It's about time That we should come to the end of our rhyme. l I 1 If v 3 ,KJ we 4-up v 1 me 3.2, Q U ' L' Qanuly J .-.F , it 41 2 I 6 ll , Jw .-Q I I W xx f 9-29" 1' I -- , ,H W i s X. J 7 1 ff 'ff Z lfaiji i.gNgIQQLWi- 2, , ,..:' my yin " . 755 F H ,Ffa --14 The play "Every Family Has One," was presented by the Senior Class on March 27, 28, 1947. The Reardons are a typical American family whose eccentricities, if hilarious, are only normal. Laura, the mother, is a social climber who tells of her glorious ancestry. She is deliriously happy because she has engineered a match between her daughter, Marcia, and wealthy Sher- win Parker. The youngest Reardon, Penelope, is a demon with a slingshot and the piano. Warry, the only son, is positive he is the coming Eugene O'Neill. Reginald, the father, would rather tinker with the automobile than with the ticker tape, and Nana, the wise-cracking grand- mother, is only concerned with getting rid of the Parkers. Nana succeeds in doing this with the help of Cousin Lily, an adorable liar from down home with stage aspirations. Lily, arriving unex- pectedly, agrees to impersonate the other Cousin Lily if Nana will help her get an acting iob. Her performance as the skeleton in the Reardon closet is so convincing and the lurid facts she reveals so hilariously shocking that the mighty Parkers take to their heels in a hurry and Marcia is reunited with the boy she really loves. Nana returns to her wise cracks with the satisfaction of cz job well-done and Warry decides that even though his distant relative is a bit on the daft side, she's the only girl for him. Nana .... .................................... . Angie lombardai laura ........ ....... M argaret Pirchner, Myrtle Simmoni Reginald ...... ..........,. . Richard Spaeth, Ralph Laubleil Warry ....... ............s.,......... A llen Bassett, Stan Lucav lily ............ ....... . Lillian Makransky, Mary Ann Zelr Penelope ...... ......... C harlotte Kominsky, Betty Sawhill Essie ....v......... ......................................... P eg Fenwicli Mrs. Parker ..... ......... V irginia Stenberg, Doris Kollmorgen, Mr. Parker ............. ,Bob Terrill, Andrew Williamson Shefwift .--- ....................... R ay Fry, Frank Mahne M0YCiG ------. ..... .. ...Hildred Willis, Willa Dinwoadiq T0dd -----.- ' .........e...... David Orr, Alvin Gowenll Director ..-.--... ....................... M r. D. V. Smith, Stage Crew N lpmvl - .. wf' l 7 lui- Prompters ............ Marian James! Nadine Riebe Senior Assistants ...... ,. ,..,, ,.... ,,,.,, , ,,,.,,, W ,,,,..,,,,,, Peg Egmiqlx Sonia Thornbladhli Doris Burgotf --.......-...Mr. Fred Vollmani Tom Klisuri Walter Jarosl John Bortalr T- n x Mic K jf! W X 4-3- hiewpmegw The Symphonic Concert Band of Euclid Central has become one of the out- standing groups of the school due to the reputation it has gained throughout Greater Cleveland. Since 1942, it has maintained its standing as a first division band in the state contest. lt was also selected as the clinic band for the Music Educators National Convention in 1946. Consistently placing a high number of winners in the solo and ensemble contest keeps each player constantly at work. During this season the Band will give four classical concerts and as only they can do, will entertain with a "Concert in Swing." The Football season found the band at every game, at home or away, with a snappy new routine each week. The band also played concerts at local industries during lunch hour and at each of the grade schools. An average of 85 public appearances each year keeps band members reporting to school each day at 7:45 CA. MJ. Euclid Central is really proud of this group and its director, Mr. Dale Harper. Nagel Waica For fifty years there has been a choir at Euclid Central. Many have been outstanding and this year was no exception, for the selections presented were truly an embodiment of the fine tradition of American music. Under the capable direction of Mr. John Beck, the choral group with its one hundred harmonizing voices was continuously busy preparing for its many appearances through the school year. Especially inspiring was the Christmas Concert with the candle-light procession in the darkened auditorium. From the choir sixteen members are chosen for the Madrigals and others are selected for the Chapel Choir, an impressive group of sixty voices. A new member of the music faculty this year was Mr. Willard Chapman, the director of the Junior Choir. olic!a4f4aa The Orchestra at Euclid Central assumes a position that no other group can fill. Its activities are chiefly centered in the cultural side of school life. While the orchestra usually assists, rather than taking the spotlight. Without this group many activities would be less pleasant. Who would want to graduate without the orchestra helping them down the aisle with "Pomp andlCircum- stance?" What would a class play be like without the orchestra in the pit? Smaller than the band, but more reserved the Orchestra is an important part of the musical activity of Euclid Central. Make Mine Muze The Junior High Band of Euclid Central was organized in 1942 under the direction of Mr. Albert Mitchel with an enrollment of thirty-five members. The band gave its first concert in the Spring of 1943. Since then it has given at least one concert a semester. Junior solists and ensembles have entered the Greater Cleveland contest for the last five years. This year the Junior Band plans to enter the Greater Cleveland Band contest. The enrollment for 1946-47 is fifty-five members lacking only a few instruments of being a symphonic band. O I lil ull xl! l f if XII 9171141 Q 13' M v- ,Q I x .- 4.-'-if , 1 ' bf J' ' ' 5 ? A A mt! Av' 'I .E I ' W4 f ' - all M...- - -' A fs 'H --H--'-" -11-1---41 , 1 . ,N Nikleizu VM 'NUM Am X,Vl11fv2gL42fEmL 14 Z -1, mv, Q First row lleft to rightiz Stan Lucas CManageri, Ray Fry, Stan Poropat, Joe Likosar, Ed DiCenzo, Anthony Martucci, Tom Jack- son, Danny Bubonic, Don Pokorny, Rocco Baldassarre, Bob Keyerleber, Jim Meglan, Ray Loushin, Roland Hazzard lManageri. Second row: Joe Kochevar lManagerJ, Earl Krocker, Bob Drobnick, Ed Mikovic, Joe Lovsin, Jim Pickman, Chuck Kase, Larry Stark, Steve Haydu, Ed Medves, Bill Ragborg, Cliff Boyce, Dick Maher, Jack Saefkow, Ray Calen, Joe Zupanic, Ted Grubb, Jim Ward lManagerJ. Third row: Coach Thompson, Jerry Noda, Bill Mower, Bob Compton, Ken Moon, Al Osterle, Glenn Crawford, Allan Johnson, Ivor Bork, Bob Lehner, Bill Kerslake, Al Delgado, Bob Ksenich, Manvil Mgrublian, Frank Mahne, Bill Tomazic, Chuck Boyd, Herman Haetfner, Ray Stampfel, Ed Clark, Tam Glass, Coach Calvert. 1fhe4ielcZ ln the fall of 1946, Coach Thompson had a nucleus of many fine lettermen, besides good re- serve material to work with. Practice started F'0'l""l Schedule' 1945 in August and after weeks of hard work, our R . opp' , , , I I ocky River 0 gridders were ready for their first instruction in 13 5p,i,,g,qegd 12 actual league play. 12 Wickliffe o Rocky River invaded the home gridiron, for 0 Shofld 27 our first conference game of the year and were Heights 2 crushed 27 to O. We then went forth to win at 58 5,u,h 0 Springfield and Wickliffe. The team was now 26 Bedford 6 ready for the supreme test, Euclid Shore unde- feated as yet was to be host in a battle that probably would decide the conference champion- ship. The game was marked by rugged line play but poor offensive on the part of the boys from Euclid Central. The Lions succumbed to a last half aerial barrage and went down to what proved to be their only defeat of the year. Joe Lovsin's toe was a constant threat at all times and his quick kick became a potent weapon. Captain was Ed Mickovic, the kickoff and conversion assignments were ably handled by Bill Kerslake and Jim Meglan. While passing chores were divided between Don Pokorny and Rocco Baldassarre. Bob Drobnick called signals and Coach Thompson and Jim Calvert di- rected strategy from the bench. lvor Bork and Ed DiCenzo made the All-Conference Team. Our Lions concluded a most successful season with their triumph over the Bedford Bearcats, having held their opponents to a total of 51 points while they crossed the goal line for 'l6l markers. A new idea designed to help out the Athletic lniury Fund for the Conference was sponsored by our coach. This was a round robin played at Shaw Field on September 6, which added ma- terially to the fund and it is hoped that it will become permanent. .Bmw F v A - vARsnTv L ooTaALL QUEEN? Rw f V pr . my "Q v X , v,g,5+ , ,nf ,A :-- !,frg2fw,,-:5"f'f,--Q51 fl, Y ' 'fgi , ' -313' . 5 "QW ff , 1 5'?lf"' ' up J ,, " 1 f, ' 5 4 r pix? fn 3 aff ,V 1. 5, " A 4. ' QM. M wM.v was-ls' A L .f V Xl, . ., .N ..-- -'ff' "ff 4.f..' f"""" ' . ' ' - x Q .:1 .-L:-f 5" - 5 M -- X -X . Y 4 . W' -:Wk - ..A' , Q - , ' . 1 x f 'Ak Q ,WL 1 wa ,N Wnfgfw - - .ff -1 49 -, w uf .. M '- f ft"'7"?'3'L QYH7' sg. -QQ x-.594 W 'x 1A"'1'v1v- .. 'i L ' -,Q -- amvf-hxg' Q.. .- A Lgiw f-E Mlf b ww aj! 1.2, f"",f.:,'l.X1wff5'Isi..,L -5. .A U1 ' g,'K."', Hsu-f.,'5?'-213?:fBfg,4"?9"f wa :Q wr-'TZ -. .,f"Zf' M 'MQ'-a,,,... .,,.J. , K wh ,. Q.: QA .Q ,Av W ' '.-' v 'hunk ' 1 .H .,, K , K .Mi "W ,L LZAM R . .,.. . U K., Y Kr "iw f- 'W . ln ."" 1 1 4 , V , fi vw- 4"-M Zim: A 9 'V li g:r,Jh M x -.. . , Q- . . , .4 " 33- xr 'Vg . N . .v 'Y-sw x ' 3. M - zu .fx ,M . F A A 11 A,-.. , "Q ," Qqqnnv fy-' "4 'Q' 'fx !""'Kal "4 n3i'T'Qn ,XA .., f .f'- ., 'K . "3ky'A 'VF' x A 0. . , W, ' , ' -fiZ'S:2?,'x2i'ssafA- L - ww-.1412-. :Qt .QQ-g,,f,, Wwfrg wg, 1 W 1 va CLIFF BCYCE ED DICENZO JOE LOVSIN ED MIKOVICH CHUCK KASE AL DELGADO LARRY STARK JACK SAEFKOW -IP' BOB DROBNIK BILL KERSLAKE BUD MAHER COACH THOMPSON 84464 First row lleft to right: Albert De- Simone, Kenneth McCullough, Jack Sharpe, Fred Baldassarree, Dan Heister, Don Loomis, Bob Baitt, Tom Srpan, Ray Sulzer, Richard Hribar, Jim Blazek, Richard Cou- sino, Jack Bratel, Karl Krause, Jim Stewart, Tom Rogers. Second row: Coach Miller, Richard Besemer, George Pfaff, Ray Sair, Phil Bremser, Ed HoHert, Don Richmond, Bob Behnke, Wesley Wheaton, Henry Kapel, Wells Marett, Bertell Butler, Sam Perry, Ted Shreve, James Jackson, Bob Scott. Third row: Ed Zogg, Carl Tanger, Clinton Vidic, Dick Solon, Gordon Hale, Blaze Willem, Norman Sim- mons, Jim Wright, larry Wilson, Chuck Sezon, I 1 W A it W' fi -1, ,ri Q pg xy x ,Jr ' H S , 4. , 3- w N . ,KX -,f ' -' 1 ,B 5' ki 1 5 ,J A , 1 r 'iii ' H N ' in ' ' ' 1 I Mx, DW f .WI-' , H X -, I 53'-. 4 Ne .. Q ,V E. C 22 49 39 28 28 40 28 42 27 32 41 37 28 29 56 35 ls' fl First Row: lleft to Right? Jim Pickman, Don Pokorny, Bob Bailey, Frank Reilly, Andy Bubonic, Bill Mower. Second Row: Glenn Crawford lmanagerj, John Bann, Ed Clark, Bob Karen, Ted Grubbs, Ronald MacKay, Ervin Emery, Mr. James Calvert icoachl. Basketball Schedule, 1946-47 Opp. Shaker Heights 28 Wicklilfe 11 East 51 Shore 31 Garfield 26 Alumni 30 Willoughby 30 Maple Heights 27 Brush 33 Bedford 41 University 33 Shore 43 Garfield 24 Maple Heights 41 Brush 27 Bedford 48 First Row: Cleft to Rightj Chuck Kase, Ed Mikovic, Bob Drobnick, Ernie Kehn, Joe Likosar, Bob Lehner. Second Row: Glenn Crawford lmanagerl, Stan Poropat, Jack Saefkow, Joe Kochevar, Al Delgado, Henry Eichhorn, Art Bosco, Mr. James Calvert icoacltl. Coach Calvert had enough material this year to make up two first class teams, which he frequently interchanged on the playing court. Although the teams' sparkling defense and fast breaking offense was commendable its scoring power was fairly weak, however outstanding team play and evenly distributed scoring ability enabled our varsity to be better than a "five- hundred" ball club. Bob Lehner and Hank Eichorn, the tall boys, played center on their respective teams. Bob, who was the more frequent starter of the two, is not only the leading scorer of the team, but also one of the top five in the Eastern Conference. Al Delgado's height aided him in moving up to the starting team as a forward and playing in partnership with spirited Joe Kochevar. While on the other team the boys up front were Stan Poropat and Jack Saefkow. As for the backbone of the team's defense, the guards, we had Art Bosco, Ed Mikovic, Joe Likosar, and Chuck Kose who left with his diploma at mid-year. One of the co-captains, Ernie Kehn and Bob Drobnick, was always on the hardwood. The Reserves have had a very successful season. Led by captain Frank "Red" Rielly they fought and scored their way to tie for first place honors. Coach Harold McBricle's freshmen have also had a good year and promise a bright future for Euclid Central High in Basketball. First row tleft to righti: R. Stone, P. Bremser, D. Loomis, R. Sulxor, Boston, R. Strohm, B. Scott. Second row: T. Srpan, W. Marett, M. D'Arcy, J. McNeil, J. Blazek, Hoffert, R. Cousino, Mr, McBride. Third row: J. Metzger, G. Hale, F. Baldassar, K. Ells, B. Willem, R. Stoi W. Wheaton. Fourth row: C. Seson, J. Chapman, C. Tanger, R. Sari, .l. Wright, Modic, S. Perry. if - , ,Jw LA,, f L 5 39? :yu lguf ff Yr if 1:3 fi , FW Q: ffl bl I 5mzm!fl ""!""CU M 5- ' 'k',1Qr,y v . ., 5 4 i ,ul Q . n s u .5 .Q E 0 an . , 5 ffl , ' - A ,Q ' I ' ' ' V ri ! I 4,,'f,, if, ' ' 'X'-K5 H N V ,, ff i I Q 'wg I A L , N ,uvw. 1 ,h ', k , f"'q . "fn ' , '. : X . ' ' , f Y .,f.,, . - 4 . N ' t ' I A aff ' , F ' ' '-,iff 'X " V f .A , . 1, fl - ,f I - .' 1 - Q f i i x s 1 wi 23' xf' ya A -E . term 5 Ii at 1 xv gas Z9 52 First Row: Cleft to Rightl George Balint, John Blakesley, Chuck Smaltz, Al Kriz, Anthony Martucci, Jack Saefkow. Second Row: Frank D'Arcy, Dick Hardy, Ervin Emery, Dick Maher, Tom Keay, Jim Meglan, Cliff Boyce, Ivor Bork, Bob Shepard, Bob Drobnick, John Juratovac. Third Row: Coach McBride, Stan Lucas lmanagerl, Jim Ward, John Stefanac, Jack Smith, Bill Ragborg, Carl Farono, Ray Fry, Dick DeGenova, Bob Pinkava, Al Belpulsi, Don Frazier, Jack Posch, Coach Thompson. Fourth Row: Kenneth Moon, Roland Hazzard, Bill Kerslake, Bob Ksenich, Vince DeCapite, Al Delgado, Dick Teske, Al Strasshofer, Jack Vrhe, Ted Mclntee, Mickey Schneider, Wakefield Morgan, Joe Zupanic, Frank Mohne, Al Gower. Ghampi Last year Euclid Central had the strongest track team since the school joined the Eastern Conference in 1920. Setting new records in all Track Schedule, 1947 March 21 lndoor 1 events, except the 100-yard dash, the team was :gm Ig xlrxlwiuoughby undefeated in Conference competition and won April 19 Western Reserve Academy the first Eastern Conference championship in the April 23 Brush history of the school. They also placed second QPU' 3? :John A,d"':' in the City indoor meet, ninth in the West Tech M21 7 umm relays, third in the Rocky River relays, sixth in May 10 Rocky River Relays the District, and seventh in the State meets. NNQUY Sepia' 113191115 This year we hope to repeat our victory in M3 23-24 s:3:cMee':' the Conference meet, being at almost full strength with the exception of Frank D'Arcy and Ivor Bork, last year's two highest point winners. We already have a good start, being the first cross-country team to enter in the District meet. Moy 27-29 Conference 4 Meet Arena Here Here There Here Here There There There Here There There There x Q 1 9 ,M 1 Q1 Q 'ifgix K In my ff Lf n ,W . .4 rffwvw V A 1. ., - 5 X : il Q X 5 . ,, , .wb T' 3 '. I Q - , ' V W ' 3 X, Q f fx wwf - 1 . M Q5 f M, '5 QW: 1: x s 171' ,,l..--.. '-4. T 0,5 X X X f if vm, , NB . - 5 A SJ Jr If Q- I-' .. f ' 9 xc'- y 9915 m 5y'E7?3i Ii xxvrf is , S1?'i"5I li X Pf wil l 1946 Team. First Row: lleft to Rightl Joe Lovsin, Willie Yozipovich, Ed Mikovic, Chuck Kase, Art Bosco, Bruno Petricig, Joe Likosar. Second Row: Bob Klinger, Louis Mikolich, Ted Grubbs, Bob Koren, Steve Haydu, Ed Clark, Ed DiCenzo, .lim Pickman. Third Row: Dick Cedarlund, Joe Kochevar, Dick Kosfic, Art Carlson, Larry Stark, Stan Poropat, Coach Hal Lebovitz. 7akel1'feU zazzwgazzq ln the spring of "46" Euclid Central had an outstanding baseball team, with Mr. Hal Lebo- vitz as coach. The team earned second place in the conference, winning 7 out of a 15-game schedule. Turning out for practice this year, under the direction of Coach Albert Miller, were seniors Ed Mikovic, Joe Lovsin, Joe Kochevar, Bob Lehner, Joe Likosar, Lou Mikolich, Art Bosco, and Ralph Hirsch. Juniors also out for practice were Ed Clark, Don Pokorny, Bruno Petricig, Jim Pickman, Ted Grubbs, Steve Haydu, Bob Koren, Stan Poropat, Anthony Martucci, and Dick Cederlund. lk April 8 April II Willoughby There Z f April 'I5 Shore Here April 18 Brush Here April 22 Maple Heights There , April 25 Bedford Here April 29 Garfield There May 2 Shore There May 6 Brush There May 9 Maple Heights Here May 13 Bedford There May I6 Garfield Here May 23 Regional Tournament May 30 State Tournament X 5. 'fx--r if r,,,t, age I .E we n..v tn. Her. I 2 y y Q g D . Ti H r , -Q 92 y Q 5.33 33? X552 W A,,,m,. , -v- ' '. , -M, , J . M-wg., -, - .x A JF' ' N x 334' u X .N , 5 ' , 71 , . Gigi E Nag 'YEA 1 , '-' -L-. ' 5 11555 wily Compliments of Kenneth J. Sims Mayor Paul H. Torbet, Wm. A. Abbott Henry R. Clark Harry J. Knuth Walter Hehr Vernon A. Welch Michael Boich Howard B. Crawford William F. Burns Ralph V. Hill Hugo H. Lux George F. Schafer Frank Welling Alexander Apple Harry Koppich Wm. A. McMaster M. A. Spino Clyde Woodmansee Frank Thomas Wm. Bente Ronald Baehr Thomas Hanley Solicitor Auditor Treasurer President of Council Council - First Ward Council- Second Ward Council - Third Ward Council - Fourth Ward Council-at-large Council-at-large Council-at-large Constable Constable Justice of the Peace Justice of the Peace Safety Director Service Director Building Inspector Engineer Deputy Auditor Chief of Police Chief of Fire Department Compliments of 4 SOLON DRUG STORES K 21051 Euclid at Chardon Road and 21860 Lake Shore Blvd. Euclid, Ohio IF COMMENCEMENT MEANS YOU WILL ENTER BUSINESS- CONSIDER the advantages of joining a local business organization with world-wide sales and manufacturing connections. CONSIDER the advantages of joining a company which offers the opportunity to learn most any type of work -manufacturing, engineering, mechanical servicing, selling, secretarial or clerical. CONSIDER the advantages of talking with people in a personnel department which is interested in Euclid and Euclid people . . . The Personnel Department of Addressograpb-Multigraph Corporatzon 1200 Babbitt Road Euclid, Obzo G af CHARDON COR N ERS i' mf, gm WM W 7fze eww 'A' G of R EAL HAR DWAR E 'A' GWWWM af www, .Jlwlq Lakeland and Babbitt Noble, Ohio G of Qaaciffnokla 8 S485 5,6 5 5, The Class of "47" ance 1335 Chardon Road Euclid, Oh eww and ancf ..s'.,,,,,z,, ea 1400 CHARDON ROAD EUCLID ' OHIO I Compliments of The Lake Shore Machine Co. 1340 E. 222 Street Eucuo, ol-no Qamfzfiwzeffph of TRACYS GARAGE Gampldmewh of Nottlnglmam Hardware Co. 8708 St. Clair Ave, Cleveland 10, O io IVanhoe 0665 Q of WOLKOV JEWELRY UWWWM af CLIEEEL BAKERY 22030 LAKE SHORE BOULEVARD if Uccafizcm 612601 OWL Speciafffq Qafnplzmewkt of PINTAR BROTHERS MEAT MARKET mm ew: Www W The Class of "4'l" 6 of ELWITT JEWELRY CC. 690 East 185th Street Euclid, Ohio l.OWERY'S MARKET and Kietln Weigle Motors 6 of NOTTINGHAM FEED 8: SEED CO. 18617 Nottingham Road Cleveland, Ohi KEnmore 1256 COCHRAN PAINT and VARNISI-I THE JOHN P. CCCHRAN CO 19000 COCHEAN AVE. CLEVELAND, 01-110 QWWWM of CHESSHIRE STUDIOS Compliments 0 f THE CLEVELAND HOBBING MACHINE C0 1311 Charclon Road EUCLID, OHIO Q 0f 1. LOMBARDO , Cement, As bali Smlths Restaurant , P , ,2 19501 Locherne Ave. Euclld, Ohlo 2 IVanhoe 4526 1 DIL 222 STREET 61 LAKE SHORE BLVD. eampldmeffpfd of LE ROAD LUMBER CO. 1420 Dille Road Euclid, Chio 6 of FRED KRAUSS GARAGE 1570 Dille Road With my Compliments Euclid, Ohio S. A. HARRINGTON REALTOR KE-3 595 rap of Cbardon Hill 6 af 2051 Em 221 EUCLID, ol-no ST. CLAIR COAL AND SUPPLY Wfifclazoacl Qlaad 20020 Lake Shore Blvd. Hgddwlwd- Who! WMA Gan flfeam Seq" Corsages, Cut Flowers, Potted Plants, Funeral Designs, Wedding Arrangements We Deliver - IV. 3215 Open Evenings and Sundays MARV COHEN Gwfflfmfffi af 'Me Ylilkqe Redauaanl Comer of Euclid Avenue and Dille Road. . KEnmore 0089 af wwf 3- SW' fm- gown saw ,fm ,uw Ou' CMI' Makes 'Yam Fnmds 715 East 185th sf. 6217 sf. Clair Ave. Babbitt Rodd at Nickel Plate KEnmore 2640 HEnderson 2395 Euclid, Ohio "We rent Dress Suits For All Formal Occasions" TUXEDOS - FULL DRESS - CUTAWAYS 9 af -71.6 gaze amz., sau. 21059 Euclid Avenue G of AUSTIN CLEAN ERS 9 of 5W'f'4 064693 21201 Euclid Avenue 6 of Belfql gecafq SADF Compuments of Compliments of THE PRESSURE CASTINGS CHANDLER PRODUCTS CO. 1491 Chardon Road 21500 St. Clair Avenue EUCLID, OHIO EUCLID KATHERINE J. WELTER 6 ef REAL ESTATE , "List Your Property with Us" The Conhnental Products Co. Paint Manufacturers Member of the Cleveland Real Estate Board 1150 East 222nd Street 26500 Lake Slwfe Blvd- Euchd' Ohio RE-8184 - - - mu-so41 't af Compliments of The Kline Springs Co- The Euclid crm at Hoist Co 19100 FIREWOOD AVENUE 1365 Chardon Road EUCLID, OHIO EUCLID, ol-no 4 Compliments of Compliments of HYDRAULIC EQUIPMENT CO. THE AJAX MFG- C0- l44l Chardon Road 1100 E. 222 St. . EUCLID EUCLID, OHIO JAMESON 8: MOELLER R E A L T O R s "Keepers of the Keys" 21272 Lake Shore BEST WISHES 18950 Lake Shore from the QM! af jack ham P.T.A. The Alumni Club Nottingham Dry Cleaning Cleaning and Pressing 18127 St. Clair Avenue IVanhoe 0595 WE OWN AND OPERATE OUR OWN PLANT QM M4 to the Class of 1947 THOMPSON PRODUCTS, INC 23555 EUCLID AVENUE EUCLID 17, OHIO HATTENIJIIRF and BLISS, Inc 2580 LAKELAND BLVD. EUCLID, OHIO M W MI. QMIII I Wm TI --A XXII PW.. I CHERRY J 1-3069-A foLI PRINTERSAN TI A31 cm'-Ton BLD3. TJ n:i.r:v:l.A"D 15. L Lx, Umffffw af THE WRIGHT STORE 696 EAST 185th STREET PERMANENTS 56.50 UP Includes: 1. Shaping: 2. Shampoo: 3. Style: 4. Test Curls. HELENE CURTIS Cold Waves S10.00 up No Appointments Necessary All Permanente Given By MR. JOHN Sa7zocq'4 Beaufff Salon 778 East 211th Street Near Arrowhead EUCLID-GREEN SIINUIIU N ick Farinacci Prop. GAS - OILS - TIRES - GREASE 18515 EUCLID AVENUE KEnmore 9776 Congratulation and Success in the future to the graduating class. ALPINE VILLAGE Clevelands Theatre Restaurant Play House Square, Cleveland, 0I1io 6 wa You may be interested in investigating time possibilities of factory or office employment offered by an expand- ing Euclid manufacturer. THE EUCLID RUAII MACHINERY CU. E I , VZQIQL fl ' T X A 4 Y x , W xv if, 4 , X - N. x J Nw J , f 88 N ,M f. 1 ' Q .,-wg, J L. r A 1- v .f L 'WW 1' gn, 4 SJ I , 51,3 UI pw' 'un ,' .4,.. ,5I , ,.,. Jew: N.. lin- .91 .. 'v.,I .ru-, l U YT, qxu .. 'lv .:,.' ,,. 1 f',N 1 1 A '..L,.g L.-M, , rw' ., -V, .. nv 'A ,fn ffl: ? 1 A M xi,-af F' v -.2 v. .-45,-, 1 ,Maul .1-f1k1t.,,.,,-. V ' If-1' gl gg.-ww., -.J -, .. .,.1- bg- Q'-H-',:,'Lff4f7'1' 1-' Q Av1'A.:-f ,',Q.q--, -wiv: ,,A,-.--3,11 , -- H Mx.. '-?'. ' 54. 1 .'1' 1 hfd.. ,N . .' r M H . t , - 1 uhm n "F '- v-,M " ., 4 N, 1 .- ml 3 -' , '-. - 413 ' . rg ax,-f ,.,. 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