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 - Class of 1946

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Euclid High School - Euclidian Yearbook (Euclid, OH) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Cover

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VJ '0. '51 5. K I. E. D was l A Y lu lla . N ,Q 'Y A -9 I P J Y' . 1. ll.- mia 1 9: f' ,fb V1 4 - lf" I C 1 . 4 ,ggh fm-'va ru m 2325 E 6.4, 2522 -' ,f , .-.-if ,4- CN . 1 'V v .u' :eu ' it' "ll 'j1!,'v,!.!' IW K X x . I' x' ' ,,.,....,., n 4 1 Q I Yr' 4' nl 'h J .fm ..u.mAaY.klA.inai.u l P' v n 'D' ' PM OPUS 46 ' 'V' - ww-we' . - 1 an - ' ' - .1:' - i v- -1:29 .. . . --A Q 4 -A:--3, Q19-,.. 'A J I Q- . i":-4:L"'3:1:l:-.- xzs- .1-1 -:sir1r3g111111.f:111?rS1r1,.5.11f1r1r1fs1r1'?''s I ---1?'."ff',"'."' 'T 312 1-1 V 5' 4. 5 f , 3 Q 512 'L-E r?2?2f'5Y:fQ?551fi5E:5-.--1.521-iQ1,,351f5E5fj.-.- x- 1-ag -4- 'ur , Q., -- - .1-14:1 - rf-xx--q.-1 -'-'-rs1r111r15s15111r11s1r1rs1:1r1rs1:s.211' '-.2131-1-.-1-1-15, Q x . 'W -, Y-" . Q, - Ni 7 1 ' 1- -- -zrsxa' -, ' . .-1- .11-, '-1-1-rss-1121211111212112rsssssr 1' , 1 -1 - ,- fmx - - s1x1l1115'a ,s1,1-:-.-.- fsssgx'-'-'15s1gr-51g1g1g11111 s Rfk: ,I 'Ifg-' 1..W1 '1f133I3'x Q" , 'f'f'f2sEi 'iE-522-I iisiiifiriirifi-fff -- '-.31 , al. X . Swv. Q X " 7S52?iEs2e52F51: 'X -, - -'L 4- x ..,: ...QNA mg:-N -. .ss ', .,.s1,.5:-.gvs 55:-151 3,131-1-.515151" '-:-:-:+: : :-:- .. ' ' ' " ..v:el:5Cm5:115:s?Sg7' . l:1:I:2 -,-.?:i:2." '-- :-.5 12112241-:5i:" wr .4-rr-as'-:3-'-sz-c-Qqycqmc-:-:-:c-:+:-Q.:.,.-.-.-.-.-. .... . . N ",,,:- . 4S,.5g:-qp,ggc- Q. -:-:-1-:A :-:-:-13: -e : :' .,:-:g:3-:-g'- ' - . - :s:s:s:a1:1 12:22:11 .g:1:1:s:..,. W 4I'I'I4'- - ' -:+C-1-1-' "'-in'-' I-I-..Z-I-'+I-. -'-I-.E '".-I'-C'Z-I-I-.1-I'I'I-I-InI'I-I-'-'- ' . Is -. -' .' '. '. PI-I'I'I'I I+I'I'i-I ' V. , '.-Z'1-I-l'Z-I- :5:1:, -1 -Eikiizzhram-223Er-3231:-?QqSS1vrs1Nr1r1Er1rss1r51r111r1a:1:11s11 'k:1:3: ': i::E7:5:3' w.' 1r121r1'-'-' 1 '1f1f1 Q1.-111r.-.-3r1:1:1:g.'1r1f ' ,QA1 -. . 15s1gg:3:515:5:5s:5:r51Q:5:5sB55:5g,35152:5133515113515151ggzgzgsssss ss: , 515151 -51511 1..-1I12151315:515:5151,15:5151y-- ..-.3.5:i:5. '2?'5:-:5:3:3:3:5"'- -. .,......... - . oj.,s.,- ., -1-rs -1:1-15131 151-,,, 11E2E1E1Er-IEIEIEIEINQFEisHIEr3rE1E2ErErE1frErSErE1E"-E111ErEr52irEri1E1'' s5'11E'51E'1' -'ss -'-' E1-2-f-E'-2E'1f'i321', V , Q 1 ..,.jrE3E5E5E-.-.5'1'EIEriIE12152553335E52535555555255:E1s:5:rs-"QErE1ErE1ErE ' "'E1EfE 'riigigigii 5555555235fg.5g'j:5S1-2E5'jiff1 55?15'i'-1f251?:?5?2' :-2555555553519 ' iii' 1:5 555 - 5:':':':':':"""""""'51525535552"RK- " mi 5l5i'5l5E5E5E5iiEE E21jE?35E5EQiQE5E'- "-'R' '-1-11-i-E21:'r1-- 1'E. s ..1.rr -5"-'., , .,.- W e .. N Qss aesfiffl 1.11111 rss- ififiiifie 2- is-.-:3:-:-:-:-:::,. .'-gi-: .-cg-:-:-Nc-155, 'f-1-:-: X -. 4::1:m .1,Z.3:-:-15:-.-.-:-:-:g-:l!5:4:3:5::g:g:5 311:-:-:g :-2 53:5 .2-,,g,' -5-:-3+'-rg'-f-',.-'5r::f:c-1 A-rr.-.1-.-.-.1-' Sze-2: :-. .X-'lk-:-: +L- :Ita-:- :-:-:-:-:-:-.-.-.- - -. ,- FIRE-Eirirififirirs. 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'QI :1:1E-5 3 -DE 'SIE -ESI' - 'f i'i i -- "fi f'2' " ..I.: ,:gs:sf:::s.1:f-ss 1:1:1?r-2:-...s.,:,.1 . ..1:1.. - 1:12, -5? -ss:5.s-113 1--5: .. .1-s:s:s-1-. , 1.s:esis:s:s:f.. 4125: . '1'2:-:1:?32-.-.-.-4.- - 111'1r'1'.r1- 5' :1r.'1r-1181231211111 -:,r1f11r1- 1.31 11:11:1 1 .1 151 ' es1af:'as12:Hire11211121r111Sig5:r1r1f1r1r1-1r3:- -- .-1-1u1:9gs1zr1r:f1r :-:.-r:-:-:-:-:-:-.-' '. -:- ' " .-: 1: 1-:-1-:-:: '. -' '--: : , - -1- . . "" .- '-:-''-:-:-':-:-:4-:-r:-:-:-:-:-'N'-'-.4,-:-'-:-:-'-:-:-t-:--. -.-.-:-:-:-:w-'-:-:-:-:-:- '-:-:-:-:-:- --5"sE3ErE5E5EE5Ef,- . 1ir ' -,-1-111-E51-E25 .'I-E11rErE1E22fS15f --112522255515-5222, .ririri-E2'rfi5ZS21E1E -22552121251335111:1sErErEErErE1Er?1?2?2E2EgEgEgE5, ,g1,qq15.r' - fi11r1r r r - ,-5:,i2-rf- f255151,-1'5E?:,i5:15E5E51r:51rE'ErEjE5I--'-rf'-5521525f1:.gI51r17'1r"1i51'EI2'1'1" " " 1 . . . s21':rr'1f- -1:1,s,w . ms- ' -153111131121Sizgi-E25355535355531Ef3s:213E5E1i5Er1r1' ' , 4..:1:3:7.':f5:i3:7:'S:3.f: 115-11 1 .:.:r:1-I 11 . -4 .LI. 1' ' - .-.if5iN:'41:?:2'4:?:1:I3:i' ' ""' -.-.-,-f,.-A5,-:cmerrac-:-:5-.N-'-Qx-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:S-:-:-:-r:cc-:-:Q-1-:-:-:-:r:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-.4-.---.-.---.x.,., . . "'x""" ""' ' ""'K'f M--'-32-1-:-R-:4-:ed -111111ss:-.21rs1111121212111211111:11I:1121112121111111r1r1r1rs1ar1r1:m:x:qgszA- sss-1-211121F2121ff12113111512s1+121212--1-12f-I121Q--22113111-s:I12-21zr1r1111111f1r1fs1sr11s1111111111111rs111111111212121112x1212:233sfr3R-r121111121Er35Nsfirm:-rs:-1-1-sssxs.. .- . - ,- 1- -- 51513:g1513155f51g5131g1g:3151515:g13151515:5:3135:51535151gg31g1g15151g5g5a 2 Pr, 'M "ggegQQRQQ5121gigsss1521rs:gifs:rs1112s1513151112:1131515s15131311s11121131211111Iss1Q1g51g?1215513sz2s5MQ?95551535:r1r1Qgrs1gs141x21rfq.-x., - - .-.-. x -.-,-, , - .-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-,-.-, -.--- --,- 1 - -,,.,-.-,-,-.:...- -. . , . -1-gs.,-.,,.,.,.y.,g1,A-z-1,---5?111,--.5.-,-1-Q1-Q1--1-.,--gm,-.-sw,-x1-qs, .-.-.- -.-1,13-1,s.-.-.11-1-1-1--:Qs-.A-- - zz.-P " -. , W . "'r-1-4l-11-- 2f3E2:15Sii2X" :-vzirffs 7:ff1flE1:5:fIE1:S QM -:im ":' ' .'.6l'b:-M 44514-'l. . :-:- - 2-2 :-:5:3:5:5:5:-:-:-:-:':-:-:-: :2: :-17:-:-GE . 1 :-:-Sz-:lc-:IE:lfiix-:-'3:2-zlfifiizifil5575575555155lfifffffifffif55353E1E2:5f5:I:5:5:5:5'- ' I'12f1f3' xsbs.-,: .-1-.2293-.-sss52552:-1-ss:-1-:-,-ssiirtiirEr?f1zrEfssE131:fsEfsEls?52222IEIE121225222E1E1E1ErEIEIESE2512ri15151525122E2E2525252121F15IE152E252ESEIEIEISEIEriIE221512252E1E222E215F15251525251E1511252321222IEE152215221Eriiilslrfrisi1525252515151525252Er522232551222rErErEF1121? 1 -'"s+1-1-'-Pf-I-I-2111119:rs-2--11111112121212121i11111r1:1r:r1'1r1r12Er-?s1r1r1'1r-'1r1.1r1 1-ss-2+'::1:ErE2-1sE-1:12:11-111,21r1r1r111111Er1r1:E51515s15'gEj1555115513-1151:1g1155531315252gi515151555151515555255235555151515E5151gE5EgE35355555315551515152515121353E5E5E5E5155I5E53535525555151gs:5:5:55155315E3E553:2E555E5E5Q5?52gE5E5E5E3E5:5:3sE31515:55ggg Published By The Senior Classes of i946 of Euclid Central High School Dedication . . Administration Seniors ....... Underclassmen Activities . . . Sports . . Music . . . Calendar . . l l l r l l CONTENTS FoREWoRp As nations prepare for peace, high school stu- dents ofQhe United States are preparing for the duties thattthey, as the future men and women of America, wilt undertake. They no longer have the 'loomy prospect ot war ahead, but rather the peace hat follows, and having lived through a period of sorrow and tenseness, they are determined that in- nocent people will sutter no longer at the expense ot a mad dictator's ambition tor conquering the world. To this younger generation will go the,j,ob ot keeping the world one ot a united nations! ,fa ,auf-Y--X 1 -.-"'l'T' , 1 x , ,f""" fl X I X X ff! .. 3 .. 5 ...ll ...26 ...34 ...45 ...53 ...58 Two in-ec... ill WE DEDICATE THIS BCDOK To Miss Agnes M. Burgess, beloved member of the faculty for twenty-eight years, who passed away suddenly November l9, l945, we dedicate Opus '46, Miss Burgess symbolized the spirit of Euclid Central. She gave of herself in order that Euclid Central might have the utmost. Her tireless efforts in working with students in her classes will be remembered. She founded the Student Council and the Euclid Central Chapter of the National Honor Society. But most of all, her svveet, quiet smile, and kind, sincere greeting will be missed in the halls of the school and in every lane she trav- eled in life. Th rec WULQ 1H1UN'Lw1mE,1w AND PQMVYJLVMMQ13 VALUANT MEN ZMNTD W2OlF'U1EN Qi? EUCLID QlEN1VLRAlL LHIHQHQ SCCHQQL SERVED CTUR CQUNTRY HN YNQDR LD W5AgR MH if leS95v7lQ3i1 QUE QFEHQQMQQ DEAD lE1RiQ 1Aii15QE, 531i'iQ ! 11cQmQL n3 QQstg.m5 W GEQRGE Quinn qN RQEERTEQELEY' Kh iQBEur HEETL1 rmAmm1vQmuJs 1mQBEinri1QcLL 'rLrunR'rmEBnsu5 DEIDHCATELQ' 1-BY SJ'EU'.DENTS QF LUCILKD CENTRAL HJICJIFE SCLHJQQPLL APRML 1946 I ff 4 , I KC Eg X 4 Q 9 5 'N - A-F ff WQQS 55' ,XZ ' M f .X 11 Cf - X 4 , : fl qi I A ,STRATICN A ...1 qs.. T h e staff of OPUS '46 and its faculty sponsors, Miss Mary K. l-lausheer and Mr. l-larold Blackburn, are to be heartily con- gratulated for their splendid achievement in producing this year book. lt is of interest that this first post-war year brings not only a renewed hope for the future on the part of our young people but also the production of this fine school doc- ument which represents a record of the achievements and growth of the students of Euclid Central. This volume will be cherished by the class of '46 and surely serve as a stimulus to the classes which are to follow. Dr. Lee R. Gilbert Principal 'ur I am sure that the revival of the Euclid Central annual is entirely worthy of the highest commendation. Not only is it a record of the achievement and effort of the members of a splendid graduating class. In a way it represents, all that is offered to every pupil, regardless of his yearly class assignment. May l not urge upon the graduates of l946 to cherish this volume and preserve it carefully. As the years come and go it will become priceless as a clear record of friends and events when our line of mem- ories tend to fade and blur. My highest congratulations to the june, l946, class. Yours is a magnificent record. RUSSELL H. ERWINE Superintendent of Schools i HISTORY DEPARTMENT Left to Right: MR. CLEMENS BLAUCH-American History, Business. Social Studies, American Cov- ernment, School Treasurer MR. BRUCE GRAHAM--American History, So- cial Problems, English, Social Studies, Air- plane Club MR. EDWARD HOON-World History, jour- nalism. Remedial Speech, lr. Hi. Boosters Club, Echo Sponsor MISS CLARA CHIARA-Social Studies, World History. lr. Cirl Reserves C I u b, Student Council Sponsor MISS RUTH VERMILLION-History, L a t i n, English MRS. HELEN STEWART-Social Studies, Busi- ness, English, Music Appreciation Club ART DEPARTMENT Left to Right: MR. WALTER EDWARDS-Mechanical Draw- ing MR. FREDRICK VOLLMANQ Industrial Arts, Commercial Arts, Arts and Crafts Club MISS MARION HODDICK-Home Economics, Sr. Card Club MISS MARY HAUSHEER-Home Economics, lr. Girl Reserves Club, Opus '46 Co-spon- sor, Cheerleader and june graduating class sponsor MR. NICOLAS PRICE-Industrial Arts, lr. Hi. Recreation COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT Left to Right: MISS MARY KESSINCER-Typing, Shorthand, Book-keeping, Amigo Club MR. DELMAR SMITH - Shorthand, O f f i c e Practice, Athletic Association, jr. C a r d Club MRS. LOUISE WINTERS-School Secretary FAC U LTY '544 'fp , M ,, Q.. ,,, , l t,3d1,,,.4,g Q, -A ., 14,4 , . ..-Na+: .Q A Ci4tfSSl"Je"m "'e-Quiz.. s...,.R,,3,g, , ,.. ww. ', ,,. K, .1 A I mf ,.,' .Q I 2 Nine FAC U LTY T011 ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT Left to Right: MR. DALE THOMPSON-Football and' Track Coach, Math Department MR. HAL LEBOVITZhBasebaII Coach, Science Department MISS BETTY KEYERLEBER - G i r I s' Physical Education Director, G.A.A. Sponsor, Girls' Gym Leaders Club MR, HAROLD MCBRIDE - Freshman Basket- balI,, Ir. Hi. Recreation MR. LOREN GRAY- Freshman Track Coach, Science Department Second Row MR. IAMES CALVERT-Boys' Physical Educa- tion Director, Gymnastics Club, Basketball Coach MR. RICHARD KEAY-Athletic Board, Science Department MUSIC DEPARTMENT Lett to Right: MR. DALE HARPER-Band, Orchestra MR. IOHN BECK-Choir, Madrigals, Boys' Glee Club, Ir. Hi. Choir, Hi-Y Club MR. ALBERT MITCHELL-Ir. Hi. Band LI BRARIANS Lett to Right: MRS. VIRGINIA HENDERSON-Assistant Li- brarian MRS. MARIORIE PERCIVAL-Librarian MISS AVIS LANE-Head of Librarians MISS HELEN SEFCIK-Secretary :iv SENIO RS OFFICERS OF THE SENIGR CLASSES january Ciraduating Class Left to Right: Bill Ivancic, Don Kollmorgen, Charlotte Zeichmann President ....... . . Don Kollmorgen Vice-president. . . .. Bill lvancic Secretary ...... . , .Russ Chaney lNot Picturedl Treasurer. . . . . Charlotte Zeichnnann june Graduating Class Left to Right: AI lasin, Bob Shepard, Frank D'Arcy, Irene I-Iabic President ....... . . .Bob Shepard Vice-president. . . . .Frank D'Arcy Secretary ...... . . .Irene I-Iabic Treasurer. . . . .AI lasin Tll'f'I1'f3 RUDOLPH BERLAN "Roots" Movie Clubg Travel Clubg Hobby Club RUSSELL CHANEY "Russ" Arts and Crafts Clubg Arch- ery Clubg Hall guard captain ALBINA FEMEC "Beans" Friendship Clubg I-I o b b y Showg Intramurals: Choirg Opera Clubg Aeolian Choirg Senior Day committee: Girls' League ADELINE ICZAK HAd!! Class vice-presidentg Intra- muralsg jr. Hi. Recreationg Movie Club secretary-trea- surerg Senior Day chairmang Choirg' Aeolian Choirg Girls' League: Friendship Clubg Co- op Classg Ways and Means committee chairman: Hobby Show MIKE KOCIAN "Bank" Stage Crew: Travel Clubg Hall guardg Echo Staff DELILAS BYERLEY "Dee" lr. Hi. Recreation: Intramu- rals: Social Dancingg Choirg Girls' Leagueg Chess and Checkers Clubg Hall Guardg Friendship Club MATTHEW CHINCHAR KlACe!P Travel Clubg Personel Offi- cers secretary-treasurerg P.A. Clubg Echo Stattg Intramu- ralsg Freshman Football and Trackg Canteen committee DOLORES GRIBBONS "Gibby" Choirg Cheerleaderg Student Councilg Chess and Checkers Clubg Movie Clubg Knitting Clubg Dancing Club: Friend- ship Clubg "Heaven Can Wait"g lntramuralsg Girls' League WILLIAM IVANCIC "Bill" Class secretaryg Hobby Clubg Movie Club DON KOLLMORCEN lfRed!Y Footballg Student Councilg T r a v el Clubg P.A. Clubg "Heaven Can Wait"g "junior Miss"g Bandg Hall Guard Captaing Class presidentg Hi- YQ Opus '46 Staff Tlzirfcvn I' -0 NORMA KOVACH . rmaf' S.S. Clubg Friendship Clubg eolian Choirg Co-op Class X X M RAYMON D MOTISKA llRavy!9 Intramurals: Sr. High Orches- trag Choirg First place violin solo in Greater Clevelandg Second Place Ensemble: Hi- Yg Chess and Checkers Clubg Student Councilg Freshman Football: jr. High and Varsi- ty Trackg Hall Guard cap- taing Gymnastics Clubg Noon plays: Gala Night solo PETER BENES "Pete" Student Council president: National Honor Society: P.A. Clubg Hi-YQ Debate Teamg "junior Miss"g junior Class secretaryg Prom committeeg Opus '46 Assistantg Business Managerg Echo Sports Writ- erg American Legion Essay County Winnerg Senior Playg junior Kiwaniang Track DOROTHY ZELE GKD0t97 Girls' Leagueg Hobby Show: Aeolian Choirg "Opus '46" committeeg Ways and Means committeeg Senior Day com- mittee: Movie Clubg "Heaven Can Wait"g Friendship Clubg War Service and Recreation Clubg S.S.S. Clubg Chess and Checkers Clubg lntramuralsg Bookstore clerkg Co-op Class RAYMOND KRALL "Darling" Chess and Checkers Clubg Travel Clubg Stage Crewg ln- tramuralsg Class treasurer BARBARA NACY "Bains" lntramuralsg Friendship Clubg S.S.S. Clubg Opera Clubg Girls' L e a g u eg Reporters' Club secretaryg A e o I i a n Choirg Chapel Choirg Art Clubg First Aid Clubg Choirg Dramaticsg Echo Staffp W a r Service and Recreation Clubg Hobby Clubg Home Ec Club presidentg Winner of Ameri- can Legion Essay contestg jr. Hi. Recration Club NETTIE WESS llgavbell Echo editorial page editorg Echo business managerg Stu- dent Councilg Book Store clerkg Choirg Aeolian Choirg Senior Playg Opus '46 assis- tant e d i to rg lntramuralsg Class secretaryg P.A. Club secretary and t r e a s u r e rg Nurse's Assistantg G i r I s' Leagueg Prom committee CHARLOTTE ZIECHMANN "Lottie" Secretary of Senior classg S.S.S. Club treasurerg Report- ers' Club presidentg H o b b y Showg Choirg Aeolian Choirg Girls' League: lntramuralsg jr. Hi. Recreation Clubg Echo Staffg Opera Clubg Friendship Clubg Art Clubg War Service and Recreatioon Clubg Red Cross Nursing GEORGE BALINT "George" Trackg Footballg Radio Clubg "junior Miss"g Varsity Club Fourtvcn --L4- 'JY PATRICIA BLAKESLEY WLDRED BLAZEK "Putty" Arts and Crafts Clubg Friend- ship Clubg Echo Staffg Chapel Choirg "Opus '46" a rt edi- torg Hobby Show FRANCES BONES "Fran" Friendship Clubg junior Play program committeeg P r o m committeeg S.S.S. Clubg Ami- ga Clubg lntramuralsg Choir IEAN BREW "Jeannie" Echo editorg Friendship Club: Girls' Leaders secretary a n d treasurerg Choirg lntramuralsg Student Councilg Tax Stamp chairman: S.S.S. Clubg Movie Clubg Girls' League GEORGE COOK rcplldgyrx Stage Crewg Travel Clubg ln- tramuralsg Hall Guard FRANK D'ARCY HG2lTI.C'l8I"' Travel Clubg Freshman Foot- ball' and Basketballg Gym- nastics Clubg Student Coun- cilg lntramuralsg Radio Clubg "junior lVliss"g Choirg Trackg Hi-Yg Hall guard captaing Archery Clubg Senior class presidentg Cross coun- try track meetg District first place and State third place winner in track Fifteen "Shorty" Handcraft Clubg S.S.S. Club vice - presidentg lntramuralsg Student Councilg C h oi rg Friendship Clubg Girls' League MARILYN BRENNAN 4lLy,nl!! Movie Clubg jr. Hi. Recrea- tion Clubg Girls' Leaders Clubg Secretary and treasurer of Friendship Clubg Drum lvlaioretteg Hobby Showg Girls' League: S.S.S. Clubg "Danbury Fair"g Choirg Hall Guardg lst page Echo editorg lntramuralsg jr. Girl Reservesg Anthony Wayne Essay con- test winnerg Activities Ticket committee RICHARD BROWN "Brownie" Travel Clubg Camera Clubg lntramuralsg Hall Guardg Ra- dio programg Hi-YQ Gala Night M. of C.g "junior lVliss"g Stage Crewg "Snafu"g Assistant director of "Snafu" IEAN CUTLER "Jeannie" National Honor Societyg Stu- dent Council secretaryg G.A. A. vice-presidentg Inter-club c o u n c i I representative of Friendshipg Girls' L e a d e r s Clubg lntramuralsg Bandg Or- chestrag Echo Staffg Musical Ensemblesg Girls' L e a g u eg junior Play stage crewg Hall Guardg jr. Hi. Recreationg Class president and secre- taryg Opus '46 staff NANCY DAVIS "Nan" Secretary and president of S.S.S. Clubg Friendship Club social chairmang P.A. Cl u bg "junior l'vliss": Girls' Leaguel Vice-president, secretary, and treasurer of classg Girls' Leaders treasurerg Opus '46 social editorg Echo business managerg Intramurals: Choir: Hall Guardg jr. Hi. Recreation Clubg Prom committee f' -nil. XX 'K Z? IOSEPH EISLER lK'l0eY7 Hobby Club: Travel C l u bg Basketball: Hall guard: Base- ball SHIRLEY CLEETEN "Shirl" Intramurals: S. S. S. Club: Amiga Club: Friendship C I u b: jr. Hi. Recreation Club: "junior IVliss": Choir: Co-op Class LAURALEE GRONDA "Lee" Girls' League: Girls' Leaders: Intramurals: Friendship Club: Band: Orchestra: Band con- test: Ensemble contest: Girl Scouts: lr. Hi. Recreation: "Opus '46" committee: Co- op Class P, 4. MILDRED HABIC "Milly" Arts and Crafts Club: C a r d Club: Friendship Club: Intra- murals: Girls' League: Co-op class: Choir: Reporters' Club: Harvard - Y a I e Basketball Team RICHARD HARDY "Tall, Dnrlf, and Hand- some" Varsity Club president and vice-president: Hi-Y: F o o t- ball: Track: Basketball: Chess and Checkers Club: Travel Club: Choir: Hall guard captain: Card Club: Intramurals: lr. Hi. Varsity Club Sixteen ANTOINETTE GIAMEIO "Toni" Opera Club: Co-op Class: Friendship C l u b: Girls' League HELEN GORDISH "Pvmiy" Archery Club: Recreation and Service C l u b: Friendship Club: Opera Club: S.S.S. Club: Choir IRENE HABIC . III!! Card Club: Movie Club: Echo Staff: Girls' Leaders Club: Friendship Club: Intramurals: Athletic Association v i c e- president: Class secretary: Choir: Girls' League: .Report- ers' Club: "Opus '-46" corn- mittee: Co-op Class EDWARD HANLON "Fat 1" Gymnastics Club: Chess a n d Checkers Club: Choir: Intra- murals DIANA HAWKEY KIDPY Band: Orchestra: Girls' Lead- ers Club: Friendship Club! Clarinet T rio, Quartet, and Solo Ensembles: Snafu: H a l l C-uard: Echo Staff: lntramu- rals: Class secretary: junior class program: National Hon- or Society MARYETTA HEALY EM'-'E HEHR HM er! Il S.S.S. Clubg Amiga C I u b presidentg "junior lv1iss"g ln- tramuralsg Choir secretaryg Friendship Clubg Girls' League ETHEL HEISER "Ethel" lr. Hi. Recreationg jr. Girl Reservesg Friendship C l u b treasurerg Girls' L e a d e r s Clubg lvlovie Clubg Drum Ma- joretteg Echo staffg S. S. S. Clubp Bookstoreg Choirg Hall Guard: Girls' Leagueg Nurse's Aid AL IASIN "Spider" Choirg Travel Clubg Archery Clubg Hi-Yg Trackg Class treasurerg "junior Miss" THOMAS KEAY "Tom" Varsity Club: Card Clubg Camera Clubg Trackg Foot- ballg lntramuralsg Hi-Y ROBERT KLINGER "VVztch" Bandg Hi-Y vice-presidentg Athletic Association presi- dentg Student Council presi- dent and vice-presidentg P.A. Clubg Basketballg Football: Baseballg "Opus '46" busi- ness manager "Susie" President and social chairman of Friendship Clubg C h 0 i rg Aeolian Choirg Intramuralsg Girls' Leaders Clubg Echo Staffg S.S.S. Club treasurerg Amiga Club treasurer IEAN IBELE "Rusty" Arts and Crafts Clubg Friend- ship Clubg lntramuralsg Echo reporterg Reporters' C I u bg Hall Guard IOHN IURATOVAC "Johnny" Varsity Club vice-presidentg Travel Clubg Footballg Trackg Basketballg Hall Guardg ln- tramurals MINNA KEEL "ZVlinna" Orchestrag Band: Girls' Lead- ersg Friendship Club: Girls' Leagueg Echo Feature editorg National Honor S o c i e t yg Troop 65 of Girl Scoutsg In- tramurals! Hall Guardg First rating in Greater Cleveland string bass solo contestg Ac- companist in Greater Cleve- land Solo a n d Ensemble Contestp County and District winner of American Legion Essay Contest DOLORES KN E "Blondie" W h i r I o Clubg Friendship Clubg Girls' Leagueg jr. Hi. Recreationg M o vie Clubg Girls' Leadersg Echo Staff: Girls' Athletic Association presidentg Current E v e n T S Clubg Opus '46 committeeg Choirg lntramuralsg "Dan- bury Fair"g Nurse's Assistant Seventeen Q Hi 3 ELSIE KOVAC "Toots" Chess and Checkers Club: Card Club: Square Dance Club: Friendship Club: Girls' Leaders Club: Co-op Class: Intramurals ROBERT LYMAN ngobn P. A. Club president: Hi-Y president: Hall Guard cap- tain: Athletic Association student manager: Prom com- mittee: Track manager: Wrestling manager: "junior lvliss": "Opus '46" commit- tee: "Danbury Fair": Class pictures committee COLEEN MARTIN "Marty" jr. Hi. Recreation: Jr. G i rl Reserves: Camera C I u b: Girls' Leaders Club: Echo sports editor: Girl Scouts No. 65: Girls' League: Friendship Club: B a n d: Intramurals: Hall Guard: Student Council: "junior l'vliss": Harvard-Yale Basketball Team: Winner in American Legion Essay Con- test and Oration Contest: School winner of Anthony Wayne Essay and News Es- say contests EDWARD McINTEE "Dcm'l Boone" Band: Orchestra: T r a c k: Basketball: P.A. Club: Gym- nastics Club: "Vanity Fair": jr. Kiwanis EMIL PALSA "Fa.rmor" Baseball: Football: T r a v el Club: GymnasticsClub: Archery Club: Hi-Y: H all guard: Intramurals IANE LUZAR "Janie" lr. Hi. Recreation: Sr. C a r d Club: Chess and Checkers Club: Choir: Girls' League: Reporters' Club: First place in Press spelling contest: Friendship Club: Girls' Lead- ers: Co-op Class EDWARD LYNCH KfEd!l Gymnastics Club: Track BERNICE MOELLER "Moe" G i r I s' Leaders: Friendship Club: Girls' League: D r u m lvlajorette: lr. Hi. Recreation: Intramurals: S.S.S. Club: Co- op Class: Card Club STANA MRSNIK "Stash" Aeolian Choir: jr. Hi. Recrea- tion: First Aid Club: Whirlo C l u b: Nurse's Assistant: Friendship Club: Girls' League: Girls' Leaders social chairman and p reside n t: Movie Club vice - president: Athletic Association secre- tary-treasurer: E c h o Staff: Hall Guard captain: Intramu- rals: "Danbury Fair": Girls' Athletic Association: "Opus '46" committee: H o b b y Show participant DOLORES PETRICK KC-Del!! Student Council: Friendship Club service chairman: Movie C l u b secretary - treasurer: Girls' Leaders vice-president: Cheerleader: Intramu- rals: Girls' League: Whirlo Club: S.S.S. Club vice-presi- dent: Nurse's Assistant: jr. Hi. Recreation Club: C I a S S vice-president: Hall Guard: Choir: Prom committee: "Opus '46" editor! ECIW0 Staff: "Danbury Fair": Hobby Show: Easter play: Aeolian Choir: Chapel Choir: Eighteen is fi IOSEPHINE POSTACCHINI Helo!! Card Club: S.S.S. Clubg Girls' Leagueg lntramuralsg Co-Op Class EDWARD PRIIATEL Klpxrijff Travel Clubg C h e s s and Checkers Club BOB SHEPARD SKSh,ep!! Hi-Y president and v i ce- presidentg Athletic Associa- tion president and vice-presi- dentg Student Councilg Class president for three yearsg Movie Club presidentg Var- sity football and trackg Intra- murals? Hall Guard captaing Choirg Opus '46 committeeg National Honor Societyg Prom committeeg lr. Hi. Recreation DOROTHY SNIDER "D0ffy" Amiga Clubg Choirg "junior Miss" IOHN STEFANAC "Johnny" Basketballg Freshman Foot- ballg jr. High Trackg Sopho- more class presidentg Gym- nastic Club vice-presidentg Freshman Basketball Nim' tern DORIS PRAPROTNIK "Darien Girls' Leaders Clubg Friend- Ship Clubg Card Clubg Chess and Checkers Clubg jr. Hi. Recreation Clubg Choirg ln- tramuralsg Harvard-Yale Bas- ketball Teamg Co-op Classg Prom committeeg Girls' Leagueg Whirlo Club FRANK ROBERTSON "Frank" Arts and Crafts Clubg Camera Clubg Radio Club IOHN SMITH "Jack" Radio Clubg Camera Clubg Chess and Checkers Clubg Footballg Trackg lntramu- ralsg "junior Miss"g "Dan- bury Fair" NANCY SODERSTROM "Sodie" Amiga Club gk "Opus '46" as- sistant art editorg Choir IRENE STEFFEK NIH jr. Hi. Recreation Clubg P.A. Clubg Friendship Clubg Girls' Leaders Clubg Bandg Orches- trag Piano Solos: Girls' League: Sophomore c I a s s presidentg Intramuralsg Hall guard ELEANOR SULLIVAN "Sully" S.S.S. Club: Friendship Club: Wlwirlo Club: Choir: lntra- murals: "junior Miss": Ami- ga Club: Girls' League: lun- ior Play program committeel jr. Hi. Recreation MARY TUCK "Mary" S.S.S. Club: Ope ra Club: Band: Gala Nite trombone quartette: First place winner in ensemble contest: First place in band contest: Co-op class WILLIAM VANNELLI "I'ii1ce"' Gymnastic Club: Whirlo Club: Card Club: Stage Crew: Movie Club: Hi-Y: Hall Guard: Track: Football Manager: lr. High Track Manager: Athletic Associa- tion student manager: "jun- ior lVliss": "Danbury Fair": Choir MARIAN WOLF "IVnlf" Card Club: Friendship Club: Orchestra: "junior lVliss": lr. Girl Reserves: S.S,S. Club: Intramurals fl: WILLIAM YOZIPOVICH "Zhi" Varsity Club president: Freshman and Varsity foot- ball, basketball, and baseball: Basketball captain: Chess and Checkers Club: Hi-Y: jr, Hi, Recreation OLGA ZAKRAISEK ' "Zf11."' Ir. Hi. Recreation Club: Handicraft Club: Star Gazer Club: Opera Club: Hobby Show: Friendship Club: Aeo- Iian C h 0 i r: Choral Club: Madrigal group: Vocal solos at Gala and Big Nights: Duet at Patrons' Concert: Solo at Tapco: Second place winner in vocal contest: Co-op Class -al i ' ILL Tu ewfy ARTHUR SYDOW :AA rtn Band: Orchestra:Second place in cornet solo contest: First place winner in Cornet trio contest: Basketball: Hi-Y secretary: Chess and Check- ers Club: "Danbury Fair" KATHERINE VALIATO c4Kateyyv Opera Club: Co-op Class BARBARA WALTER "Barb" Whirlo Club: Girls' Leaders Club: Friendship Club: Girls' League president: Star Gaz- ers' Club: Choir: C h a p el Choir: jr. Hi. Recreation: lVlovie Club: S.S.S. Club: ln- tramurals: Student Council: Track Queen: Sno-ball Queen CAROL LYNN YACELLO CCCUU Girls' Leaders Club: Friend- ship Club: S.S.S. Club: lr. Girl Reserves: Office Work: Intramurals: Echo S t a f f: "Seven Little Rebels": "jun- ior lvliss": Opus '46 Staff: Senior Play committee l l BARBARA ZUBER H13ClI'bS,, M o v i e Club: lntramura Choir: Friendship Club IEAN Bickley lnot picturedl 'lP00gill771.!L,' Camera Club: Arts and Craft Club: Intramurals IN ABSENTIA Richard Reiff Louis Kalen Ny.. 0 Twenty-one 1. .. 4 Robert Morgan THE CLASS PROPHECY OF JANUARY, I 9 4 6 Students and faculty members, you are about to behold the prophecy of the january graduation class ,of eighteen WHOLLY SANE MEMBERS. The longing to visualize what's awaiting us in the future, is not lacking in any of us, but if we ever do put forth enuogh effort to gain our desired goals, may their realization be as satisfactory and enjoyable as was the time spent in attaining them. RAY MOTISKA, we prophesy, will turn out to be another jascha Heifetz, or at least a violinist comparable to him. RUSSELL CHANEY will leave his jitterbugging days behind him and walk into the do- mestic role of a husband in the near future. DOROTHY ZELE, one ambitious member of 203, after four struggling years at Fenn College, will finally receive her A.B. degree. RAY KRALL and MIKE KOClANg they're in the Army now, on part time shifts-giv- ing orders to Uncle Sam and doing K.P. NORMA KOVACH, the sensible one of our little group, is now manager of Neisner Brothers, Euclid's lunior Department Store. NETTIE WEISS and DOLORES CRIBBONS-Florence Nightingale has nothing over Net- tie Weiss, and Dolores can scarcely refrain from a roaring cheer, recalling high school days every time she emerges from the psychopathic ward. MATTHEW CHINCHAR, the specialist of the spectacular, digging all the spots on Broadway for the latest jive. BARBARA NAGY and CHARLOTTE ZIECHMANN, proprietors of the Heavenly Haven Mortuary, will be known as the Elusive Exclusive Embalmers, Inc. ROSE VEDMAR has signed a year's contract with Eddie Cantor, as Mrs. Mad Russian. DELILAS BYERLEY-a new dental assistant is Delilas Byerley. The Doctor's curly hair fascinated her. BILL IVANCIC is earning his money as chief brick layer on Euclid's W. P. A. RUDY BERLAN has reached a life ambition and is now trucking manager of Addresso- graph-Multigraph. ADELINE ICZAK, the class choice as the person most likely to succeed, is chief adviser of Mrs. Maxwell's love-lorn column. She aids all those who need advice on how to catch a man or how to lose him. And now as we come to the end, we must not forget a certain He-man of 203: DON KOLLMORCEN, the red-haired class president of class '46. 6 B THE CLASS PROPHECY OF JUNE, l946 IEAN BREW, editor of the Euclid Monitor la two-year-old edition of the growing city of Euclid, Ohiol features today, june 6, l956, a review of the Euclid Central graduating class of june 6, l946. Miss Brew has spent much of her time looking up her old classmates. The result is this: THE CONSOLIDATED HIGH SCHOOL rates first place with some faculty announce- ments. There is COACH WILLIE YOZIPOVICH with the job of trying to breach the differ- ences between the fellows from Shore and Euclid, now on one team. BILL VANNELLI is head of the Science Department and teaches Physics most capably. He takes the place of his teacher, Mr. Keay, who has retired. Of most interest to the Science Head is the recent donation of ten thousand dollars by MR. IOHN STEFANAC to install flying classes complete with airplanes. This multi-million- aire is constantly donating large amounts of money to worthy causes. MISS MILDRED BLAZEK, teacher of history and one of the new courses in school, psy- chology, was just recently voted the best-liked faculty member. School nurse STANA MRSNIK managed to keep away from the Euclid Educational Sys- tem only long enough to get her RN. She returned immediately to watch student tempera- tures. MISS IANE LUZAR announced that the kindergarten class of the Elementary School was full to overflowing. Seems she has quite a few duplications. First there were five identical boys escorted by their proud mother, the former MARYETTA HEALY, who has something in common with Mrs. Dionne. The quintuplets are Tom, Dick, Harry, George, and Frank! As if this weren'tA enough to confuse Miss Luzar, the girl once known as ELEANOR SULLIVAN sent her triplet boys to join the class. Other members of the Parent Teachers' Associatioon are the former DORIS PRAPROT- NIK, once an efficient secretary, now married to the boss, who is an ideal housewife and mother: the former IOSEPHINE POSTACCHINI has much the same background, except that she married a traveling salesman who wasn't her boss then but he is now, BONES was her name and FRANNIE still is, but now she 's married with a home and children. All in the line of teaching comes this notice: IEAN BICKLEY just promoted head of the English Department of Woman's College. She said in her statement to the press, "I owe my success to the perseverance of my High School English teacher." The High School and newspaper aren't the only things come to pass in Euclid. No, there's the new court-house for which the electrician's plans were recently completed by ROBERT KLINGER. The people of Euclid are not only considering Mr. Klinger electrically as far as the court-house is concerned, but also politically. Tiuenty-three On the jazz side there is the fact that the Bronze Room of Hotel Cleveland is billing the home-town boy, ART SYDOW, and his stage-screen-radio-and-television famous dance band! In radio there is news, too, for the crisp, clear tones of a familiar radio announcer can be identified as those of PETER BENES describing the value and importance of using Sudso in your laundry. Mr. Benes then goes on to introduce the Sudso Soap Opera-"The Passion- ate Philanthropistf' starring DICK BROWN as Phil and MARIAN WOLF as Odessera, the woman with whom Phil is hopelessly in love. In the field of science, discovery, and achievement is to be noticed the recent release of information by the government concerning the secret work done by EDWARD PRIIATEL and IACK SMITH on the new type of atom control. PRIIATEL worked on methods of controlling the energy of the atom, while SMITH has devised a new chemical combination of U-235. Then there is EDWARD LYNCH who is proposing a flight to the moon. He has just broken all flight records of speed in his jet-propelled plane. IEAN CUTLER has just returned from an expedition into the interior of Korea, where she was searching for a certain type of native with the distinguishing features being slant- eyes and broken noses. The results of her mission are not yet known. The financial world reports at the end of the fiscal year that the Shepard Company was again the most successful. ROBERT SHEPARD, president of the company, is described by his efficient private secretary, MISS BERNICE MOELLER, as the "King Midas of big business." Miss Moeller is leaving the company now, at the finish of a busy season, to marry. Musically there is MARY TUCK with her all-girl orchestra touring the country, steeped in success. Of course, the lilting soprano voice of OLC-A ZAKRAISEK makes their fame spread quickly. When the Summer Symphony Concerts start next week, MINNA KEEL, who holds the coveted seat of first bass viol, will be featured soloist. Also new on the network is IOHN IURATOVAC, who is replacing Mr. Anthony. Mr. Iuratovac is reported the most capable for the position of telling people what to do and why and how. Technically there is FRANK ROBERTSON, who skillfully maneuvers the dials and knobs of his own invention, a new type television radio! Broadway called quite a few. It seems ANTOINETTE CIAMEIO was once the secretary to a Broadway musical producer and was typing a script that called for a dancer that she felt certain she could portray. She got the part with some fast talking, and quickly climbed the heights to stardom with tapping toes. Featured in the same musical was a little blonde girl at the piano. The tickler of the ivories turned out to be IRENE STEFFEK. Emceeing the show was that fast ad-Iibber with the rather red face, IOE EISLER. They say Ioe's slated for Hollywood. Domesticity's voice had a wide range. DOLORES PETRICK this week becomes the bride of an Army man after deciding not to wait for her future husband's discharge, as it is ru- mored the Captain intends to carry on his career in the armed forces. MARILYN BRENNAN'S family eats well, for her years as dietician in one of CIeveland's larger hospitals speaks favorably of her home-making abilities. IEAN IBELE, now happily married to a rancher out west, can be remembered for her fine interior decorating jobs. Her home must be ideal. DIANA HAWKEY devotes her time between law offices and home-making. One place she decides whether to prosecute, and in the other her decision is whether to broil or bake! Mothers, like the former DOROTHY SNIDER, turn to AL IASIN, owner and manager of "Kiddies Clothing Store," when in search of outfits for their offspring. He sent to New York to get Dorothy two bell-bottomed navy blue suits, in sizes 5 and 6, for her little sailors! Sports is well represented. ln the Olympic Meet, FRANK D'ARCY ran a four-minute mile which crowned his success on the cinders. ln the air, there is SHIRLEY CLEETEN, a tiny miss but a big pilot. Her stunting brings chills to all who watch. She occasionally takes up a brave friend. Also in the air but in a different way are TED MCINTEE and ETHEL HEISER. When the circus comes to town, everyone goes to watch this team do their daring, three-somersault act on the flying trapeze. Most exciting is the fact that there is no net beneath them. In the water are the two famous blonde bombshells featured in the coming Aquacade. They are LAURA LEE CRONDA and IRENE HABIC. Their water race has unusual style. Not always in the water but always near it is CEORCE BALINT, life-guard. He is still the principal attraction of the beach. He intends going south where his job will take on permanence. Another woman in sports is COLEEN MARTIN, who was today noted the most famous woman athlete. She has, at some time or other, participated in every sport. Heard from Hollywood is this clever quip: that Lana Turner and Rita Hayworth are leaving because of KATHERINE VALjATO'S appearance, which has caused many a male heart at that West Coast beauty center to flutter violently. From the Mid-west comes this: Chicago citizens have gone into hiding since they heard the Flying Hanlon brothers intend to stop over the Windy City in their tour of the country. Evidently they have heard of some of ED HANLON'S escapadesl Other travelers are ELSIE KOVAC and EMLIE HEHR who have again set out for South America. This is the two-some's third trip south of the border. One of their first stops will be to see NANCY DAVIS, now of the diplomatic bureau ac interpreter. MISS MILDRED HABIC just returned from her villa in Florida where she tells of a gay time, and is planning to leave next week to spend the remainder of the summer in California. Miss Habic intends to go on a buying spree first. Naturally there was a slight return to the soil, it occurred in TOM KEAY who has been farming soy beans. He combines his mechanical, chemical, and physics knowledge to find new uses for the plastics he makes at harvest. lContinued on Page 6OI Twenty-four 1 W.. I W .u N.. N,-1 Twenty-five , QWW A 'Q' '1 'WWW AX Im g h? 17- ,H A D 'V ,px l , ' ,- fiv, f "hi 'Klfff A f U' M ,. 2 ,eel Q I K. A 3' u y N N UNDBRCLASSMEIf JUNIOR As JUNIOR B's Twml ty-.Wren First Row: iLeft to Right! I. Kittleman, B. Haydu, E. Zele, C. Roach, D. Pietro,V. Bowes, M. Corse, E. Franich V Second Row: S. Weinstock, M. Sverga, I. Broos, L. Stark, Mr. Cray, E. DiCenzo, T. jackson, L. McNeal, L. Modic Third Row: 1. Solon, D. Maher, P. Boyd, V. Clobokar, I. Bork, 1. Mrsnik, C. Sanders, D. Black, C. Kase, D. Black First row ileft to rightj: R. Jur- cak. V. Stenberg. M. James. vis- itor. V. Jean Shultz. M. Ann Zele. B. Fitzpatrick, D. Hedtky, C. Rad- aker, M. Jones. M. Zocosic, P Fenwick, M. Simmons, D. Maha- ny. W. Dinwoodie, J. King. J Shiemann, P. Garafalo. Lois Tom- son. Miss Kessinger. Second row: K. Golinar, L. Yea- ger. C. Kominsky. L. Makransky T. Milavec. A. Neal, M. Pirchner P. Kreyssig. B. Potter. A. Bassett J. Bartol. D. Frazier. D. Teske. J Karg, P. Metzger. B. Anderson S. Lucas, C. Egensperger, R. Wel- ter, P. Esmiol. D. Stroyer. P Schaffer, C. Schaifer. R. Labalis, J Tomsic, A. Lombardo, Mr McBride. Third row: B. Sawhill. P. Metzger D. Lang. E. Kehn, R. Lauber, H Willis. A. Pohl, R. Pollack, F. Ga- briel, I. Silvestro. C. Alexander D. Bergett. J. Hochevar, T. Klisu- ric, E. Hodakievic. J. Pearson. D Znidarsic. K. Johnson. C. Tira- basso. D. Riebe. T. Walters. Mr Edwards. Fourth row: C. Boyce. R. Calen D. Orr, L. Hattendorf. A. John- son, F. Mahne. B. Kerslake. B Arko. D. Kostic, B. Lehner. H Shearer. B. Terrill. B. Mills, H Johnson. D. Spath. A. Lynch. L Mikolich. B. Keyerleber. R. Fry Front Row: 1Left to Rightl S lvancic, A. Martucci, D. Klopo- vic, 1. Huston, Mr. Bruce Cra- ham, S. Miller, I. Marcombe B. Brew, F. Caler, M. Metro Second Row: V. Kalin, A. Chin- char, L. Downing, D. Caler, W Ragborg, W. Tomazic, D. Pet- ri, N. lo Norton, A. Walz, D Kollmorgen Third Row: A. Gower, R. Drob- nick, B. Marzinski, R. Teske M. Mihelich, A. Delgado, A Williamson, R. Herendeen, 1 Meglan, A. Bosco, j. Saefkow First row lleft to rightlz M. A. Budan. J. Carney. V. Bratel. J Laird. A. Jelco. E. Hofmann. J. A Rentz. R. Frazier. E. Szemenyei L. Kinkoph. M. Kalizewski. D. Olesinski. L. Warsing. Mary Ko- vacich. M. J. Iczak. R. M. Grib- bons M Bell N Stum f. L. Sve- . . . . p tin. D. Martens. Second row: Miss B. Keyerleber M. Mgrublian. B. Parker. D Fielding. D. Cada, E. Coulson. E. Wilcox. J. Lipps. L. Krebs. J. Johnson. D. Blauch. C. Paschali M. Jarchow. J. Blakesley. H Stampfel. J. Sowden. M. Sheban- ek. C. Knapp. J. Marshall. G Cochrane. D. Koenig. E. Evans. J Boyd. J. Lette. B. Johnston. Mr Nicklas Price. Third row: F. Parziale, D. Pokor- ney. G. Crawford. K. Kramp, T. Glass. E. Zupancic. C. Smaltz. T. Papesh. M. J. Kantner. M. Pe- trick. P. Ravencraft. C. Barber. D. Eckert. S. Matthews. J. Kauc- nik. C. Minotes. J. Cole. J. Pick- man. A. Osterle. R. Wirth. R Mackay. B. Moses. B. Kelley. B. Petricig. Mr. D. V. Smith. Back row: J. Ward. E. Clark. H Haffner. S. Poropot. D. Trebisky S. Toture. S. Haydu. A. Strass- hofer. H. Anderson. N. Archbold E. Medves. J. Jarc. H. Eichkorn B. Cumming. I. Weinstock. W Morgan. D. Stuck. J. Posch. A Kriz. SOPHDMORE A's U Tzuflrify-ciglzt SOPHOMORE B's FRESHMEN A's l ill FRESHMEN B's Twenty-nine First Row: lLeft to rightl H. Peterson, E. Tuck, W. Kalber- er, D. Degenova, T. Heiser, E. McCumber, C. Cordon, W. johnson, A. Ferrato, B. Censen, B. Robuck Second Row: W. jaros, P. Cha- ney, L. Dunlap, 1. johnson, D. Beakel, 1. Daniey, D. Cederland, B. Pinkhava, 1. Richards, R. Zak, L. Kolman, S. Kornprobst, Mr. Bailey Third Row: Mr. Lebovitz, A. Morris, M. Pfaff, B. Kompton, A. Belpulsi, C. Wheeler, I. O'- Neil, R. Willing, R, Pietro, 1. Smifh, M. Mauser, C. Brown, l. Saso Fourth Row: V. Hansen, 1. Bann, M. Schnder, B. Cosky, E. Emery, A. Borkstedf, B. Bailey, 1. Miller, 1. Bartol, R. Hazzard, R. Dreiss, D. Perai. First row. ileft to rightj: F. Sajn F. Knsum. B. Lewis. J. Olesinsl ki, A. Sheller, J. Orberg. M. Coe, A. Brach. L. Mastrostefano. Al- berta Sheller, E. Germano. A Schnur. G. Harwood. N. Nimmo: P. McNeil1y. Second row: Miss Hoddick. A Carlson, M. Bush. C. Boyd, D Johnson. R. Campbell, J. Bartone R. Baldassare. A. Just. R. Krivoy B. Bickley. P. Macasoone. G. Con: lon. A. Bubonic, B. Hughes, L. Rider, B. Stahre. G. McCullough B. Gorjup, B. Long. Mr. Keay. Third row: B. Morgan. C. Lin- nigan. C. Zimmerman, K. Roach. B. Sanders, M. Sesen. E. Ranker N. Beck, R. Bennington. R. Miki lus, M. Ohnemus, D. Kochevar B. Westbrook. B. Crabtree. D Radio. B. Jeffers. D. Kiehl. Fourth row: D. Krivoy. J. Stan- ley. B. Gent. J. Shelden. R Stampfel. D. Dallas, B. Korn. T Hopes. F. Reilly. B. Rath. D Hochevar, C. Baber. T. Grubbs A. Babcock. L. Rolly. First rom lleft to ri htl' W ggqomo .,....-rg ' -'za 12 3- 32. 3' air' ,,,Z'F'F11- 'QUJQFV' Q,-.--.,3 mfgifbma We Z2 OQFF' .F in Q' '4' Mmm " :J '51f':-11.'-El" C' Sciiwii- . fn- :'1. "1 e"?f-HS. MFSUQFUU Blatnik. Second row: Mrs. Stewart. Volpe. R. Shultz. Bill Shultz. Widmer. G. Snyder. D. Walker. Jarvis. C. Martens. F. Kocman. Baitt. C. Radaker, H. Johnson. Troha. B. Metro. R. Pirchner, Palsa. Mr. Hoon. Fl ro :S U7 o' ro "1 rn T' 9' 'U FD .-. '1 fo :1 O Bi Pr Qu T h i r d r o w: A. DeFranco. S S . Vollmer. W. Mersnik, J. Jones. M Perme. J. Velkovar. E. Praprot- nik. P. Murphy. P. Beam, J Bronkall. D. Kokos. M. Cherry. P. Maloney. J. Luzor, R. Leonard, J. Williamson. Fourth row: J. Noda. G. Evans R. Warden, T. Skiff, G. Kramer A. Arko. F. Krome. R. Janik. R. Loushin. B. Marvar. A. Bradac F. Golinar. C. Morgan. R. Stone: J. Potts. First Row: lLeft to Rightl L. Bickley, S. Lewis, A. Martucci, H. Murray, C. Karlovic, B. Lou McCarty, B. Burns, D. Moser, C. Waltz, W. Melkerson, D. Walland, B. Whillim Second Row: Mr. Brown, P. Pietro, A. White, L. Kusar, l. Bratel, K. Maloney, M. Zales, W. Bush, W. Marett, D. Ca- laba, R. Westbrook, V. Shupe, R. Smee, P. Wade, Miss Berg Third Row: R. Sulzer, D. Hri- bar, M. Munnings, B. Hall, R. Bryant, H. Pelchin, A. Maxwell, K, Fox, 1. Blazek, B. Klun, E. Kovacich, I, Sharpe, I. Stricklirt. W. Willis FRESHMEN B's ,aa gl EIGHT A's a J J 5 8 l l . . EIGHT B's QC' SEVEN A's Thirty-one First row lleft to rightlz S. Nic- oles. V. Davies, L. Halfelffer, N Johnson, J. Clayton, R. Miller, B Shearrer, R. Recker. L. Hedkey H. Blakesly, B. Jurcak, M. Stomp A. Wagner. R. Garofalo. J. Berlin Second row: Mrs. Keyerleber, D Morgan. B. Hahn, R. Scholp. F Baldasarre. R. Sari. T. Shreves K. Kramp, J. Brennan. T. Rog- ers. M. Miller. K. Bells. R. Mau- ers, M. Miller. K. Ells, R. Mau- Bubonic. R. Berber. S. Szemenyei G. Gribbons. Miss Chiara. Third row: K. Sverga. B. Tiece E. Starkvich, D. Wood. F. Heren- deen. S. Gower, J. Baeckler, A Bennett, A. Frame, N. Custer, N Hansen. P. Healey. S. Danley. S Scott. B. Raveneroft, S. Steed. J Hester. M. Space, J. Lausche. Fourth row: N. Walker, D. Loomis D. Heister, J. Stewart. R. Strohm G. Hauck, G. Hanes, J. Wright, J McNeal, D. Richmond, P. Brem- ser. R. Scott, H. Fuller. D. Cou- sino. B. Butler. First Row: lLeft to Right! R Rossington, 1. Frazier, I. Pavli- na, D. .Paelchen, Miss Vermil- lion, D. Radzajewska, I. Pavli- na, D. MacOgrinc, 1. Metzger Second Row: P. Reilly, C. Tan- ger, P. Luth, N. Meeker, D Boduroff, A. Miller, T. Hawkey, L. Kemter, I. Turk Third Row: E. Cesnik, C. Busch, E. Puchella, R. Behenke, H Whitcomb, N. Boston, C. Krause, R. lernigan, 1. Farkas, P. Vadnal First Row: A. Baldas- sarrc, S. Town, D. Broes, M. Champa, l. lvancic D. French, 1. Pagnoli. M L. Olesinski, Mr. Vollman Second Row: l-l. Cabriel R. Papps. C. Hofmann. C. Sezon, R. Schaefer, L Clayton, H. S l e i Y h. K Redlin, C. Silby, R. Kurfzman Third Row: W. Callo, I Stokes, C. Bush, D. Soe lon, T. Bechemer, B Stone, E. Modic, R. Ba- ker, M. Sfefanchik First row lleft to rightlt P Neubecher. R. Fabian. D Shreve, R. Huston. N. Jes- barger. B. Uhl. P. Trebek. R. Marcombe. D. Kinkopli K. Krause. E. McCarthy. J Sari, V. Karlovic. Second row: Mr. Calvert D. Mills. J. Maxwell. J Thomason C Jones. F. I , . Kehn. G. Ross. R. Martin E. Gerzogg. D. Malme. C Lays. G. Pfaff. P. Ghirla S. Kozlow. Third row: E. Kubic. J Meglan. D. Snyder. D Mahne. B. Pollock. M Marrelt. I. Bickley. A Rath. B. Weiss. E. Faret A. Kovach. H. Krause. L. Richardson. K. Jacobson G. Radcliffe. S. Verbsky C. Perez. Fourth row: K. Stillenger J. Crabtree. F. Myers. B Sebly. S. Perry. E. Hef- fert. C. Justus. A. Capps. C. Kraus R. Cans E Ka . ll . . .- luza. R. Wagner. D. Kellar W. Warsing, A. DeSimone W. Beck. E. Snyder. L Nickols. SEVEN Bs Thifrty-two SEVEN Bs CLASS OFFICERS IUNIOR A'S Larry Stark .... ........ P resident Elsie Zele ...... .... V ice-president Ioan Kittleman . ...... Secretary Glenn Sanders . . ..... Treasurer IUNIOR B'S Bob Lehner .... ..... P resident Peg Esmiol ..... . . Vice-president Mary Ann Zele . ..... Secretary Margaret Pirchner . . . Treasurer SOPHOMORE A'S Alvin Gower . . . ...... President Dick Teske . . .... Vice-president Shirley Miller . . . ..... Secretary Dale Galer . . . . . Treasurer SOPHOMORE B'S jim Ward ...... Don Pokorney .. Marge Petrick .. FRESHMAN A'S Bob Pinkhava . . . . ......... President . . . . . . . . Vice-president Sec reta ry-Treasurer President Edna Mae McGumber .... Vice-president Stephanie Kornprobst ........ Secretary Ioan Vannelli ......... . . . Treasurer FRESHMAN B'S jim Stanley .... Dick Leonard . , Peggy Berger .. Alberta Sheller .. EIGHT A'S Lois Kling ... Ruth Recher Thomas Rogers .. Steve Szemenyei james Stewardt . . Karl Kramp ..... EIGHT B'S Robert Behnke . . . SEVEN A'S Anthony Bechemer William Stone . . , Pat Trebec ...... Margaret Dowd . . SEVEN B'S Morris Sugarman . Norman Simmons Lillian Radio .... Blase Skully ..... Tliirtgf-tl11'cfe . . . President Vice-president . . . Secretary . . . Treasurer . . . President Vice-president . . . Secretary . . . Treasurer . . . . President . . .President Vice-president . . . . . Secretary . . . Treasurer . . . President Vice-president . . . Secretary . . . Treasurer F v w l I I WWW - T' A - 1 A ! fr' 1 ik M 72 'M' 1 xl fy ' T, L ACTIVITIBQ "TIME OUT FOR FUN" We, at Euclid Central, are very proud of our club program. Our aim is to have an extra-curricular activity for every student. Besides those "after-school" clubs which are pictured on the following pages, there are twenty-three clubs which meet the third period on Wednesday. They are varied so as to provide, as nearly as possible, an outlet of interest for every student. Though sponsored by a teacher, each club is run by a student cab- inet chosen by the members themselves. Some are service clubs, while oth- ers are purely social. Some are open just to junior high or senior high, while others are for boys, or for girls, and some are open to the whole stu- dent body. For junior High boys and girls, Mr. Smith has the junior Card and C-ames Club, Miss Surrarrer has the junior Dramatics Club, and Mrs. Keyerleber has the junior Camera Club. For junior High boys, Mr. C-raham has the Airplane Club, Mr. Brown has the Pre-flight Club, Mr. Edwards and Mr. McBride have charge of the junior High Recreation, and Mr. Hoon has the Boosters Club. junior High girls may belong to Miss VermiIlion's Hob- bies Club, junior Cirl Reserves under Miss Chiara and Miss Hausheer or Miss Keyerleber's Square Dance Club. Senior High boys and girls are offered the Drama Club in charge of Mr. Bennett, Mr. Keay's Camera Club. Chess and Checkers Club under Mr. Leb- ovitz, Mr. Price's Archery Club, the Card Club under Mr. C-ray, and Miss Hoddick and Mr. Vollman's Arts and Crafts Club. For Senior High boys, Mr. Calvert has the Gymnastics Club, and Mr. Blackburn has the Travel Club. Miss Kessinger has the Amiga Club, and Miss Berg has the Music Appreciation Club for Sr. High girls. The Spanish Club under Mr. Marcotte, and Mrs. Stewart's International Relations Club are for both junior and Sen- ior High students. Thirty-fivf' NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY A chapter of the National Honor Society was founded at Euclid Central by Miss Ag- nes Burgess. Members are elected to this organization by the faculty in both the first and the second semesters. Students are el- igible for membership in the IIA and IZA classes, and the number of candidates is determined by the enrollment of each class. Scholarship, leadership, character, and ser- vice are the requirements which are con- sidered. Achievement of membership is the highest honor which can be bestowed upon a student. Miss Pauline Berg is the faculty adviser. President, I ea n Brew, Vice-President, Robert Shepard, Secretary- Treasurer, Diana Hawkey. Left to rightl First Row: lean Cutler, Adeline lczak, lean Brew Second Row: Minna Keel, Peter Benes, Miss Berg, Bob Shepard, Diana Hawkey STUDENT COUNCIL The student governing body of Euclid Central is the Student Council founded by the late Miss Agnes M. Burgess. The pres- ent faculty sponsor is Miss Clara Chiara, and present officers are: President, B. Klin- gerg Vice-President, P. Benes, Secretary, Dick Teske, Treasurer, David Orr. First Row: lLeft to Rightl Angeline Martucci, Fred Baldassarre, lean Brew, Charlotte Kominsky, Diana Hawkey, Robert Smee, Walter Kalberer, Minna Keel, Dolores C-ribbons, Frank Kehn, Clark Hoffman Second Row: jean Cutler, Lillian Makransky, Coleen Martin, Margret Pirchner, Nettie Wess, Adeline lczak, Myrtle Simmons, Theresa Heiser, Mary Ann Zele, Willa Dinwoodie, Don johnson, Patsy Luth, Miss Chiara Third Row: Mary Kovacich, Peter Benes, Mary Sver- ga, Bob Klinger, Ray Motiska, David Orr, Norbert Archbold, Dick Teske, Bob Shepard, lim Meglan, Don Black, Ted Mclntee, Dolores Petrick, loanne Hester ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The Athletic Association is one of the outstanding organizations at Eu- clid Central. One of its chief func- tions is the arranging of interschol- astic games for our athletic teams. It also takes care of the upkeep of all athletic equipment and the uniforms for the teams. At present, its officers are Bob Shepard, presidentg Irene Ha- bic, vice-president, and Lillian Ma- kransky, secretary-treasurer. Mr. Del- mar V. Smith, the faculty adviser, has recently taken over for Mr. Richard R. Keay. Left to Right: Bob Shepard, Lillian Makransky, Irene Habic, William Vannelli LEADING ORGANIZATIONS Tllirfy-six SERVICE CLUBS irfy-xl'f'0r1 Cl RLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIAT The Girls' Athletic Association is a new organization at Euclid Central. It was es- tablished this year by Miss Betty Keyer- leber, and its chief function is the organiz- ing of girls' intramural sports. The offi- cers are Dolores Kne, president, lean Cut- ler, vice-presidentg Lillian Makransky, sec- retaryg and Shirley Miller, treasurer. It has established a new system of awarding numerals to girls who have done outstand- ing work in sports. The numerals are awarded on a point basis. First Row: lLeft to Rightl lean Cutler, Dolores Kne, Stana Mrsnik, Diana I-Iawkey, Charlotte Kominsky Second Row: Barbara Walter, Margaret Pirchner, Ruth Welter, Shirley Miller, Miss Keyerleber Third Row: Marge Petrick, Mary Ann Cesen, Marilyn Brennan, Mary Ann Zele, Lillian Makransky MOVIE CLUB Enjoyed by all students of the school are the movies sponsored by the Movie C I u b every last twenty-minutes of all the lunch periods. Besides these current movies are the educational films that can be requested from any department at school. This club, sponsored by Mr. Bailey, has been working toward a new projector, which will be bought by the money received from the two-cent charge on the noon movies. First Row: lLeft to Rightl lean Brew, Barbara Zu- ber, Ruth lurcak, Ethel Heiser, Violet Bowes, Dolores Kne, Stana Mrsnick, Dolores Cribbons Second Row: Carolyn Radaker, Bob Anderson, Dor- othy Zele, Dolores Petrick, Adeline lczak, Marilyn Brennan, Bill Vannelli, loan King, Mr. Bailey Third Row: Larry Stark, Bob Keyerleber, Ray Calen. Rudy Berlan, Bob Terrill, Larry I-lattendorf, Bob Shep- ard, Chuck Kase, Irene I-Iabic P.A. CLUB ..The P.A. Club, organized by Mr. Hoon in I94l, is now Lander Mr. I-lolloway, who took charge of the Public Address system during the second semester. This club broadcasts announcements to the entire school. News broadcasts and other pro- grams may be sent to individual classes at the request of the teacher. An operator is on duty every period in the fully equipped studio. One of the group's important func- tions is making recordings of performances and also individual recordings for class work. The officers are: Robert Lyman, chief operator: Ted Mclntee, assistant chiefgand Nettie Wess, secretary-treasurer First Row' Cliff Boyce, Pat Kreyssig, Nettie Wess, Nancy Davis, Bob Lyman, Peg Esmiol, Irene Steffek, Second Row: Peter Benes, Ted Mclntee, Bob Klinger, Zobert Herendeen, Dick Teske, Dale Caler Mr. Hoon Editor ........ Assistant editor . . . .. Dolores Petrick . . . Nettie Wess Business manager ......... Bob Klinger Assistant business manager . . . Peter Benes Subscription manager .... Don Kollmorgen Assistant Manager ..... Dick Hardy Literary editor ..... ...... B ob Shepard Assistant . . , Social editor .. Sports editor . . . Music editor .. Assistant .. Art editor .. Assistant .. Typists Carol Lynn Yagello . . . . Nancy Davis . . . Coleen Martin . .. Art Sydow .. Ray Motiska . . . . Pat Blakesley Nancy Soderstrom Katherine Valjato, lrene Habic, Laura- lee Cronda, Josephine Postaccini, Olga Zakrajsek, Mary Tuck, Mildred Habic, Doris Praprotnik, Stana Mrsnik Editor-in-chief ... Front page editor . Editorial page editor Sports editor ..... Fourth page editor Iunior High editor . Business manager . lean Brew Marilyn Brennan . . . Pat Kreyssig .. Coleen Martin . . Minna Keel . . Peg Esmiol .. Nancy Davis OPUS '46 STAFF Thirty-clglit ECI-IO STAFF First Row: ILeft to rightl Peter Benes, Don Black, Corliss Roach Tyler Carol Lynn Yagello, Dolores Kne Second Row: Mildred Blazek, Barbara Zuber, Stana Mrsnik, Shirley Gleeten, lane Luzar, Diana Hawkey, Doris Third Row: Glenn Sanders, Dick Brown, Ed Hanlon, Bob Lyman RAMSHACKLE INN The mystery farce "Ram- shackle Inn" was presented by t h e Senior Class on April 4th and April Sth, l946. Ram- shackle Inn was a hide-out for three black-market racketeers. When a flighty new owner took over, she was tolerated because she didn't know enough to cause a n y trouble. However, she, with the help of a woman from the F.B.I., fi- nally succeeded in capturing the racketeers and finding the mysterious person who had committed so many murders throughout the story. She was amply rewarded for her ef- forts. Patton ..... Arbuthnot .... loyce Rogers . . . Mame Phillips .. Constable Small . Belinda Pryde .... Commodore Lucius Gail Russell .... Alice Fisher . . . Dr. Russell . . . Bill Phillips .. Mr. Temple .. Mary Temple . Gilhoohly . . . Fred Porter . Prompters .... Assistant Director Director ....... Stage Crew ..... Tliirty-nine CAST , Ed Hanlon . . . . . George Spelvin .. Carol Lynn Yagello . . . .. Mildred Blazek .... Don Black .....laneLuzar Towser Shirley Gleeten . . . . . Glenn Sanders Doris Tyler .. . Maryetta Healy ..... Dick Brown Pete Benes ..... Bob Lyman . . Diana Hawkey . . Corliss Roach AI lasin .. Stana Mrsnik Dolores Petrick . . .. lean Cutler Mr. Edward Hoon Mr. Fred Vollman Dick Brown Ed Hanlon SNAFU SNAFU CAST The play "Snafu" was pre- sented by the junior class on November l, l9-45. Situation normal all fouled up. Poor Ronald Stevens certainly was "Snafu" when he changed his uniform to "civies." Being fol- lowed by detectives, caught by the police, entangling himself in family problems, and be- coming the major part in a col- lege scandal were only a few of the situations in which he found himself. l-le decided that Army life was peaceful by comparison, and so ran away to re-enlist. F e e I i n g con- science-stricken because he had left his parents without explaining to them, Ronald re- turned. Meanwhile, events had been clarified, and he decided that home, after all, was the best place to stay. Madge Stevens Laura Iessup . josephine ... Ben Stevens .. Kate Hereford Aunt Emily .. Senator Ford .. Ronald Stevens Danny Baker . Mrs. Garrett . .. Diana Hawkey . . . . . Peg Fenwick . . . Angie Lombardo DaveOrr .. Mary Ann Zele . . . . Nancy Bowes . . . . Richard Spaeth . . ....... Allen Bassett Lawrence l-lattendorf . , .... Willa Dinwoodie Martha .... .. Hildred VVillis Mr. Taylor . . . . . Richard Kostic Detective . . . ..... Bob Potter Prompters . . .... Katherine Colinar Theresa Walters Director ..... Mrs. Marie V. l-lowes Assistant Director. . . ....... Richard Brown Stage Crew ..... ...... R ichard Brown 1"u1'ly lean Cutler Mr. Fred Voll- man A FRIENDSHIP CLUB tllth and 12th Grades! First Row: Diana Hawkey. Agnes Kuhar. Ethel Hei- ser. Jean Cutler. Ruth Pablis. Barbara Brew. Tillie Milavic, Fran Bones. Betty Fitzpatrick. Nadine Riebe. Ruth Jur- cak. Theresa Walter Second Row: Angie Lom- bardo. Stana Mrsnik. Di- ana Klopovic. Ginny Stenberg. Mary Ann Zele. Jean Ibele. Violet Bowes. Joan King. Jane Schieman. Carol Schaf- fer. Emlie Hehr, Dolores Mahany. Eleanor Fran- ich, Willa Dinwoodie. Lillian Makransky. Mar- ian James. Diana Klopo- vic. Mildred Blazek Third Row: Helen Gordish. Charlotte K o m i n s k y. Ruth W e l t e r. Selma Weinstock. Dolores Pe- trick. Lillian Modic. Bar- bara Walter. Adele Bech- emer. Doris B u r g e t t. Nancy Jo Norton. Elea- ncr Sullivan. Irene Ha- -bic. Peg Schaffer. Shirley Miller. Peg M e t z g e r. Barbara Zuber. Kather- ine Golinar. Betty Saw- hill Fourth Row: Doris Hedt- ky. Marilyn B re nn a n. Nancy Davis. Dolores Kne. Elsie Zele. Dorothy Stroyer. Peg Esmiol. Pat Kreyssig. Margaret Pir- chner. Myrtle Simmons. Doris Kollmorgen. Mary Etta Healey. Carol Lynn Yagello FRIENDSHIP CLUB 110th Gradel First Row: Ellen Hoffman. Alice Jelco. Nancy Stumpf. Marjorie Bell. Violet Bratel, Rose Ma- rie Gribbons. T h e r e s a Postacchini Second Row: Jo A n n Rentz.. Dorothy Olesins- ki. Mary Kovacich. Jean Lipps, J a c k i e Boyd. Elizabeth S z e m e n y e i. R u t h Frazier. Beverly Parker. Third Row: Shirla Mat- thews. Jean K a u c n i k. Charlotte Minotas. Patsy Ravencraft. Evadine Eck- ert. Carroll B a r b e r. Marge Petrick. Mary Jane Kantner, Fourth Row: Ethel Coul- son. G r e t a Cochrane. M a r y Ann Shebanek. Jackie. J 0 h n s o n. Lois Krebs. Jane S o w d e n. Helen Stampfel. Evelyn Evans. Janet Marshall l'10l'f!j-Ulll HI-Y First row: Stanly lvancic. Bruno Petrlcig. Allan Bassett. Chuck Egensbcrger. Pete Benes. Ed Mikovich, Ed DiCenzo Pietro. Tom Glass. William Vannclli. St-cond row: Don Black. Ronald Pollack. Jackson. Frank Laubler. Emil Palsa. Third row: Frank D'Arcy. Bob Shephard, Kcav. Vinco Globakar. Dick Maher. Al Delgago. Bob Terrill. John Mrsnik. A1 Jasin. Bob Lehner. Dick Brown Art Sydow, John Broasl. Ed Clark Fourth row: Bob Keyerleber. Chuck Kase, Jack Saefkow. Dick Teske. Cliff Boyce. Paul Boyd. David Orr. Ray Calan, crt He-rcndcvn. Jim Meglan. Bill Williamson. Jack Solon. Dick Hardy. Larry Stark. Al Gower. Bob Klinger. Bob Lyman. Dale Galer. Bill Ragborn. Don Tom Tom Rob- First row: Manvil Mgrublian. Don Pokorney. Tom Jackson. Mr. Thompson, Stan.Lukas, Bruno Petricig. Al Ostetrle. Sr,-cond row: Art Tliiicl row: Dick Bosco. Herman Haflner. Wakefield Morgan. Ken Johnson. Al Kriz, Sam Toture. Stan Poropat, Jim Pickman Hardy. Milan Mihelich, Al Delgado, Al Strasshofer. Bob Lehner. John Juratovac, Howard Shearer. Bob Ksenich. Fmirth row: Joe Kochcvar. Bill Ragborg. Jack Saefkow. Steve Haydu. Paul Boyd. Joe Lovsin. Jim Meglan. Ray Fry, Bob Druhnick W VARSITY CLASS WI LL-l ZA We, the graduating class of january, l946, about to leave this famed school of learning, being of sound mind and body, do bequeath the follow- ing to those who shall succeed us: Don Kollmorgen leaves his beautiful orange shirt to jack Solon. Dolores Gribbons wills her dancing ability to Irene Steffec. Mike Koian-Dr. l. Q. gives not a box of Snickers to Mr. l-loon, but a can of polish to keep his head forever shining. Rudy Berlan leaves his weight and muscles to Mr. Paul Brown. Adeline Iczak bequeaths the first row of assembly seats to anyone who can stand the blare of the trumpets and Mr. I-larper's eagle spread. Ray Motiska just leaves with the blessing of Shirley Cleeten and Doris Tyler. Bill Ivancic leaves his high grades to his brother Stanley, so he can get on N.l-l.S. Matt Chinchar wills to his traveling buddy, Dick l-lardy, who has made so many trips with him, a bicycle for transportation. Russel Chaney does not leave that petite little blonde whose initials are l. S. to anyone. Nettie Wess bequeaths the ninth-period P.A.-room to Nancy Davis and Bob Lyman. ' Rose Vedmar leaves all her hubba-hubbas and bwangs to the little sev- enth-graders. They think "23, skiddo" is getting a little old. Ray Krall leaves to Bernice Moeller a police dog to keep the wolves away. Albina Femec leaves her neat ways to Kenny Moon. Dee Byerley wills the cords on the switch-board to anyone who can fig- ure them out, and good luck! Norma Kovach bequeaths her clerical work-book to anyone who can work it, not referring to anyone in particular, of course. Dot Zele wills Mary Svrga a shorthand book equipped with all the an- swers, so that she won't have any difficulty whatsoever in com- pleting the course! ' Charlotte Ziechmann leaves her height to Bill Vannelli and lean Brew, and her blonde hair to Pat Murphy. Barbara Nagy bestows her medical excuse from gym to Doris Tyler who tries so hard, and her mufflers to the senior A's, so their con- versation in assemblies won't be heard by anyone. CLASS W LL-l ZB The graduating class of june, l946, also have many things to bequeath upon those whom they leave behind. May these things be used to the best of advantage. Ted Mclntee wills his back flips to Edmund D'iCenzo. Ed Lynch wills to his brother, Al, the ability to keep his car running- at least most of the time. George Cook wills his knowledge of automotives to Mr. Vollman. lohn luratovac leaves to Milan Mihelich all the demerits he has re- ceived from Mr. Vollman this year. lean Cutler wills Doris Tyler her ability to graduate. Emlie Hehr wills her chemistry worries to anyone who wants them. lean Brew wills her 4 ft. lOlf4 inches in height to all those little 7B's. Hope they reach that height some day. Al lasin wills to Mr. Blackburn his ability to laugh at a good joke. Emil Palsa wills to his brother Steve his ability to dance the polka. Bob Shepard leaves the movie booth to the mice and Larry Stark. Elsie Kovac leaves her sympathy with Doris Hedtky who will be in next year's Co-op Class. F'oi'ty-tlilrcc Mary Tuck leaves her snug-fitting band trousers to Ceorgene Black. Barbara Zuber wills Eddie Kovacich two cents to get into noon movies with. Doris Praprotnik wills her sister Eleanor a police dog to keep away the wolves at Chardon Corners. josephine Postacchini wills her sister Theresa the ability to smile and be happy. Patricia Blakesley leaves the teachers to the mercy of her brother and sister. Bernice Moeller wills to Nancy Soderstrom and Ray Calen the ability to hold hands in the halls without the teachers noticing them. Lauralee Gronda wills her ability to have natural blonde hair to all those who have to use peroxide. Helen Cordish wills her height to Ann Rose Chinchar. Mildred Blazek wills her abundance of hair to the many members of the faculty who need it. Ed Prijatel wills Miss l-lausheer a copy of "How to Win Friends and ln- fluence People." Marian Wolf wills her popular last name to Marilyn jones. jean lbele wills her ability to receive a few demerits from Mr. Fred Vollman to joan Kittleman. Ethel Heiser wills her position with the marching band to anyone who cares to plough through the muddy football field. Willie Yozipovich wills to Mr. Blackburn an address book to use as a grade book. Dick Hardy wills to Mr. Vollman a roll of friction tape to use for that excited artery in his forehead during his fits of rage. Marilyn Brennan wills her ability to control her temper to Miss Hau- sheer. jack Smith wills his patience to all future physics students. They'll need it. Frank Robertson leaves his ability to get through school to Richard Black, Tom Keay wills his good-naturedness, athletic ability, brains, and good looks to jim Stanley who, he's sure, doesn't need them. Con- ceited. Huh? Dolores Petrick leaves a dictionary to "Red" Rielly for his use in in- structing Milan Mihelich on the pronunciation of "aluminum" Nancy Soderstrom wills her piggy-bank to a certain junior who needs it desperately. Dolores Kne leaves Brill Kerslake the right to guard Chuck Kase from any on-coming girls. Stana Mrsnik wills her ability to be on time to Ed DiCenzo. Bill Vannelli wills his car to anyone owning an oil-well. Fran Bones wills her congenial disposition to Tillie Milavec, because her's is so lacking. Eleanor Sullivan wills her ability to tell the truth at all times to Ruth Pabalis who needs it badly. Antoinette Giameio wills her ability to get along with Mr. Brown to Dolores Mahany. Dorothy Snider happily bequeaths to Mr. Hoon one slightly battered journalism book, hoping next year someone won't be as unfortu- nate as she has been. Richard Brown wills his height to little Eddie Brown. ll-le can use it.l. Ed Hanlon bequeaths his famous laugh to anyone who thinks he can use it. Carol Lynn Yagello wills her ability to get along with Mr. Vollman to Mr. Vollman in case he finds it hard living with himself. Barbara Walter wills her three eighth-grade boy-friends, jack Bratel, Hugh Scott, and Donald Moser, to anyone who will have them. Frank D'Arcy wills his track ability to Danny Morgan, Steve Szemen- yei, and Gilbert Cribbons. john Stefanac wills his drapes and Louie's Pool Room to Norbert Arch- bold. lContinued on Page 6Ol Foi'iy-four 'W Q ' CZ' -.-? g x 4- L xxx C 5 L K Q ' Q X F 1' f X : K ' x uv: Q K X NN W W ff x X X , lil I X' x f ATHLETICS .1- Bob Shepard Chuck Kase Larry Stark Dick Hardy Bob Lehner Captain Ed Mikovich FOOTBALL Frwfy-sid' The year i945 was a fair season for the Lion football team. Out of nine games the boys finished with four games to their cred- it and one tie. Students were thrilled at games in all kinds of weather, sometimes being soaked to the skin before the end of the game. Good leadership was found in the co- c a p t a i n s Ed "Moe" Mickovic and Don Kollmorgen. Ed was a contender for the conference scoring championship and Dick Hardy made the All-Conference Team. One of the fastest men in the conference was Cliff Boyce, an eleventh-grader. As usual, the biggest game of the season was Euclid Central vs. Euclid Shore. lt was held on the Euclid Central field. Shore de- feated us but not without a great deal of fight. l .V 531, ' 0 310 uk. s Q rf of 0 fill 9, -1. -.dvi -:J 545, '51 A NT T"gt9P-1 S e fx First Row: lLeft to rightl Edmund DiCenzo, Willie Yozipovich, Ed Nlikovich, joe Kochevar Second Row: Glenn Crawford lmanagerl, Chuck Kase, john juratovac, Beb Lehner, joe Eis- Ier, Mr. james Calvert lcoachl B A S K E T B A L L Captain Willie Yozipovich Basketball Schedule, 1945-46 West Tech Shaker Willoughby South High Kirtland East High Alumni Brush Bedford Kirtland Shore Garfield University Mayfield Maple Heights Orange We 32 27 27 29 39 29 36 32 47 52 24 39 35 46 48 78 They 59 42 22 30 5l 47 34 33 48 49 38 45 47 29 40 34 V Y l ...,, Captain Bob Drobnik This year's team could have been termed a "hot and cold" ball club, coming through with a record of six wins out of six- teen. Despite the number of losses, the games were full of fun and excitement. Some of the outstanding games were those with South High, Brush and Bedford, all of which we lost by one point. The team had an excellent captain in Willie Yozipovich. His tireless playing and quick thinking helped out in many tight spots. Willie was also high-point man for the squad and close contender for the conference individual scoring championship. The Reserve Cagers made an outstanding showing. The boys, captained by Bob Drobnick, certainly foretold a good sea- son for the coming year. First Row: lLeft to rightl lack Saefkow, Stan Poropot, Bob Drobnick, Al Del- gado, Art Bosco Second Row: Glenn Crawford lrnanagerl, Anthony Martucci, Bill Ragborg Milan lvlihelich, Henry Eichkorn, lirn Meglan, Don Pokorney, Mr. james Cal- vert lcoachl E R V E l S TRACK First Row: lLeft to Rightl Harold Anderson, john luratovac, Tom Keay, Ted Mclntee, Bob Shepard, Al lasin, Don Mackey, Coach Thompson, Ed Kriz, Cliff Boyce, Erwin Emery, Albert Belpulsi, lvor Bork, Frank D'Arcy. Second Row: Al Strasshoffner, Don Rieder, Dick Hardy, Ray Motiska, Ed DiCenzo, Peter Benes, George Balint, Arthur Hill, lack Smith, Anthony Martucci, Ronald Pollack, lack Posch, lohn Blakesley, Don Frazier, William Tomazic. Third Row: Ed Lynch, lim Meglan, Milan Mihelich, Bill Ragborg, Alvin C-ower, Tom jackson, Ray Bubsey, Albert Kriz, Ed Medves, Frank Mahne, Wakefield Morgan. This year the team tracksters came out to get the conference cham- pionship which they lost last season by lf3 of a point. The schedule is quite heavy and great things are expected of the team at the time our year- book went out. The class of '46 boasts of having in its midst Frank D'Arcy, who took the mile run at the Scholastic Meet at the Public Hall. Frank also partici- pated in the K. of C. Meet and the cross-country meet. Also outstanding on the team was Ivor Bork, who piled up points in the high hurdle, high jump, and the quarter-mile run. TRACK SCHEDULE FOR 1946 Shore Here W.R. Academy There Bedford Here Shore-Brush There Orange Here W. T.Relays There Mayfield Here R. R. Relays There Maple Heights Here District Meet There Conference Meet Here State Meet There Fi f ty BASEBALL First Row: lLeft to rightl joe Lovsin, Willie Yozipovich, Ed Mikovich, Chuck Kase, Art Bos- co, Bruno Petricig, Don Pokorney, joe Likosar Second Row: Bob Klinger, Louis Mikolich, Ted Crubbs, Bob Koren, Steve Haydu, Ed Clark, Ed DiCenzo, joe Eisler, jim Pickman Third Row: Dick Cederland, joe Kochevar, Dick Kostic, Art Carlson, Larry Stark, Stan Por- opot, Coach Hal Lebovitz This year about 35 boys turned out for the practice called by Coach Hal Lebovitz in March. The Senior boys trying out for positions were Bob Klinger, Ed D'Cenzo, Larry Stark, besides the Senior lettermen who are Wil- lie Yozipovich, joe Eisler, and Chuck Kase. The team was also bolstered by Ed Mikovich, joe Likosar, joe Kochevar, Bob Lehner, and joe Lovsin, letter- men from the junior class. - BASEBALL SCH EDU LE April ll john Hay April 15 Cleveland Heights April I7 ' Cleveland Heights April l9 Shaw April 24 I Brush April 25 Collinwood April 26 Mayfield April 30 Bedford May 3 Garfield Heights May 7 Euclid Shore May lO Brush May l4 University May 2l Mayfield May 24 Bedford May 28 Garfield Heights May 3l Euclid Shore Fifty-one Fifty-two GI RLS' LEADERS CLUB The Girls' Leaders is an outstanding club tor Euclid Central girls. It is a selected group - the girls being voted on by teach- ers and also by the members of the club. They must have athletic ability, character, a capability tor taking on responsibility. sportsmanship. Those obtaining high rank and having these qualifications are ac- cepted. I Girls' Leaders plan and direct intramu- rals as well as take on the responsibility ot taking care ot gym classes and aiding with the elementary recreation program. First Row: Lett to Rightl Betty Sawhill, Angie Lom- bardo, Bernice Moeller, Stana Mrsnik, Laura Lee Gronda, Ruth lurcak, Diana I-Iawkey, Minna Keel, Irene Steffek, Charlotte Kominsky, lean Brew Second Row: lean Cutler, lane Luzar, Elsie Kovac, Emlie I-lehr, Coleen Martin, Willa Dinvvoodie, Nancy Davis, Dolores Kne, Lillian Macransky, Ethel I-leiser, Virginia Stenberg, Miss Keyerleber Third Row: Doris I-ledtky, Marilyn Brennan, Margaret Pirchner, Dolores Petrick, Barbara Walter, Doris Pra- protnilc, Irene I-Iabic, Pat Kreyssig, Pag Esmiol, Elsie Zele, Myrtle Simmons, Carol Lynn Yagello CHEERLEADERS Chug Loco Chug chug chug chug Whistle .......... Ssssss E - U - C - L - I - D E - U - C - L - I - D E - U - C - L - I - D Yea Euclid First Row: Lillian Makransky, Dolores Petrick Second Row: Ed Clark, Larry Stark, Ed Kovacich, Do- lores Gribbons lnot picturedl DRUM MAIORETTES Pep Alma Mater Euclid Central, Euclid Central, I-Iear our praises ring. Faith and loyalty forever ls the pledge we sing. Now we hail thee, Never tail thee, Wherever we may be. Hail to our Alma Mater, Euclid I-Iigh. First Row: Geraldine Waltz, Bernice Moeller, Eldine Ceasar Second Row: Marilyn Brennan, Theresa I-leiser, Pat Murphy, Ethel I-Ieiser 'J 'WP MUSIC'-J -1 MUSIC HATH CHARM BAN D A firstaplace rating for tive years has been held by the Euclid Central band under the direction ot Dale Harper. Illustrative of the type of work done by the band is the fact that Euclid Central was invited to play at the National Educators' Convention. This team of sixty-tive musicians has per- formed in numerous concerts for the school and civil enjoyment each year. Mr. Albert Mitchell has charge of the junior High Band. ORCHESTRA The orchestra, directed by Mr. Dale Harper, has about forty members. This organization has to prepare music for two class plays, two concerts, and a few special assemblies. The orchestra practices on Monday and Wednes- day, third period. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, first period, Mr. Harper works with the string section. - CHOIR Over one hundred harmonizing voices, which constitute the Euclid Central choir, have transcribed records tor use on the city networks. Mr. john Beck is justly proud of the results of his efforts. Fifty-fom' . . A . ' 5, .0 .,. 3 n , , 7 an ', H-., V uf ,v N bf -3- a -'Lia 4 1 N. Af 5 ff" I .4 rf !A x gg 5 My " i I X 4' ir . - i Y? X. 1' 1 A rv '22 4 e cial' . v- 3' 1 2 4 4' s ' , ,. ' , ..v. -..---'W ' N 1, , , ff----,,,..x-M-".:,,.,.A 1, 17 Qfi Wvnmnwmgv 'Z VX -f -y' , J W1 wf -. 1 1 L. ' 17,4 Vail mm ' -bfi"- -ai U ' 5 s , 1 N F5 B' ":ai:2f nm A 31 1--snr L . ' I ,W E I W, Aw 'ni N0 25 X yi it al f v. Inn., September September Zl CALENDAR OF EVENTS 5-The first day of the school year, and with it, the beginning September 28 of an eventful year. lvlr. Gilbert reigns in his position as principal: Peter Benes, as Student Council president. -Sponsoring the first dance of the year is the Hi-Y, under the direction of president Bob Lyman. l-le and the boys made possible a good time for everyone. -The cheerleaders need new outfits this year, and as a result, a dance was given to raise funds for them. The squad now consists of three boys and three girls. They are Dolores Oribbons and Dolores Petrick, co-head cheerleaders, Lillian Makransky, Edward Clark, Edward Kovacich, and Bryan jones. October 5-The first football game of the year with our very promising team in new uniforms. October l9-Little jean Brew has taken upon herself the job of editing the Echo. Her page editors are: Nettie Wess, Pat Kreyssig, Coleen Martin, Minna Keel, and Nancy Davis, business man- ager. lVlr. l-loon and lvlr. Lebovitz are facultv advisers. October 26-No school today because of N.E.O.T.A. S November l-"Snafu," the junior Class play, is a big success with Allen November November November November November December December December December December December january 3- Bassett in the title role. Euclid Central is the first Cleveland school to present this play. 2-A rally for the Shore-Central game sported a big bonfire and snake-dance for the first time in many years. The bonfire was started by co-captains Moe Mikovich and Don Kollmor- gen. 3-The big game of the year with victory for Shore. Willie Yo- l6 zipovich, a letterman of many years, has seen his hopes of beating Shore fail again. Maybe next year, "Zip" -Cala Nite-which means the last public performance at school for the jascha Heifetz of Euclid Central, Ray Motiska. l7-The All-conference team this year includes Dick Hardy, first 22 team, and Bob Shepard, second team. Nice going, fellows. We're proud of you. -Thanksgiving vacation-and just when school was becom- ing bearable. Nevertheless, students enjoyed it, and came back to school well-stuffed with turkey. l-The Senior class just decided to undertake the publishing of a yearbook. This is the first annual being put out on a large scale. 7-A new theme in the wav of dances has been started with the Echo's Snowball Dance. Bob Lyman and Barbara Walter were elected King and Queen. Chosen as the best couple dancing, were Anida Miller and Sam Perry. l7-An all-girls' Christmas party was planned for tonight, but weather conditions did not permit it to be held. President of the Girls' League is Barbara Walter. l8--The first Patron's Concert of the year was held tonight. making this the busiest week in a long time. Both the band and choir participated in this affair. l9-Before leaving school until next year, a dance was held in the new gym, with music by the P.A. system. The P.A. Club seems to have gotten some "nifty" records lately, Ted Mcln- tee helping things along by his expert skill at the controls. 20-At lastl the long awaited for Christmas vacation, and with it many delicious plans in the making. The girls, especially. will be happy, what with all the servicemen coming home on furlough. And so, back to school - but what a vacation. New outfits are being sported by many, and jean Cutler seems to have added to her collection of Indian bracelets. Fifty-efiglit january l9-The Friendship Formal, a regular thing at Euclid Central, was held in the gym, with decorations following an out-door scene. Lamp-posts with kerosene lanterns, firemen to watch out for fires, snowmen, live Christmas trees, and park benches were some of the decorations used to lend atmos- phere to the gym. january 24-We say farewell to the january graduating class, who will be missed by all. Adeline lczak and Norma Kovach took high honors as Valedictorian and Salutatorian of their class. january 25-The Shore-Central game was played tonight with very high ex- pectations on our part, but again they have managed to beat us. With the cheerleading squad now is Larry Stark, who has replaced Bryan jones since the beginning of the basket- ball season. january 26-A dance at Recher Hall was held by the Euclid Central vet- erans, of which Ed Stock is president. They have organized a basketball team that will compete not only with our Varsi- ty, but with other organizations, too. january 28-A new semester, and with it new resolutions to better this half of the school year. There has been talk of a three-min- ute class change which will permit students to leave school at three o'clock. Bob Klinger will now receive the gavel, which is symbolical of presidency of Student Council, from Peter Benes. February 9-It looks as if the Veterans of this school aren't any better than the Varsity in conquering Shore. The Shore veterans won the game, which was the first one played between the vet- erans of the schools. February l2-The second Patron's Concert of the year, with the band and orchestra sharing the billing. February 26--The all-star girls' game between the Army and the Navy, cap- tained respectively by Dolores Petrick and ,lean Brew. The Army won. Although no boys were invited, it has been ru- mored that some did see the game. How about that, Ed Di- Cenzo, Rocco Baldassarre, Larry Hattondorf, and Allen Bas- sett? February 28-We came in third in our track meet with Cathedral Latin and Rhodes. Frank D'Arcy, our protege, who came in first in the district meet and third in the state meet earlier this year, has started his firsts in the mile. Ivor Bork, high-point man last year, is in his same form this year. lvlarch l5-The band is out for new uniforms-so, a concert in swingtime. All music played is popular. lvlarch 30-Once again a carnival is being held at Euclid Central. All cash profits will be turned over to the different organizations of the school, that will be of benefit to the school. April lO-Shore vs. Euclid at Central track field. April I2-Big Nite, and once again we say good-bye to people who won't be seen on the stage any more. Art Sydon, whose band has been playing for dances at school lately, is destined to be- come another Harry james. April I5 -l9-Vocational Conference week. . April 22-The start of spring vacation, and we have all earned a rest. April 29- May 3- Sadie iviay lO-The Back to school again, and since everybody is rested up, school can go back to normal again, Hawkins Dance, a little late this year due to conditions be- yond the C-irls' Leaders' control, is being taken advantage of by girls after dates to the Prom. More couples at school start that way. The Leaders' Club has had as its president all year, Stana lvlrsnik, who has worked hard on all activities. third and last music concert. Seniors to be missed in these programs will be: jean Cutler, Diana Hawkey, Bob Klinger. Lauralee C-ronda, Irene Steffek, Minna Keel, Mary Tuck, and Art,Sydow. We wonder what the band will be like without them. Fifty-11 in 0 May I6-I7-The Senior class play, "RamshackIe Inn," under the direction of Mr. Hoon, is a wonderful success and a tribute to the sen- ior class. May 25-And now that event of all eventsl The junior-Senior Prom. This is the night Mom and Dad will overlook a few hours late on the curfew that has had to be kept. This evening will be the one to be remembered through later life. May 29-Senior Day. May 30-Memorial Day. The band marched and played in the customary manner. june I-The Senior Class banquet. june 2-Baccalaureate Service at Euclid Central. - june 6-Commencement-and a good-bye to school life for the seniors. june 7-Last day of school. CLASS PROPHECY lContinued from Page 241 There is also a well-worked plot of ground up in Richmond Heights, and one can often see, clothed in faded blue dungerees, EMIL PALSA, the owner! There are several pictures in the "Monitor," one is of a serious-looking young woman, and the caption reads "authoress." Now along with Anatole France's, "The Red Lilly", Emil Zola's, "CamiIle"g and Kathleen Winsor's, "Forever Amber," a copy of PATRICIA BLAKES- LEY'S self-illustrated "Chastean and Charles" now rests. Another picture is a glamorous pose of a photogenic young girl and it reads beneath the picture-BARBARA WALTER has again been made cover girl of the magazine "Exis- tence." She is the only model to be four times on the cover of "Existence" The comics are clever in drawing and in story. The cartoons are ably draw by NANCY SODERSTROM, whose clever pencil creates both lovable and sinister characters. The stories are written by CAROL LYNN YAGELLO who takes the characters upon their life's path. ln the advertisements are seen bit: of interest such as these - "Is life becoming drab and dull for you? Do you long for a night of gayety? Well, be sure to go to GEORGE COOK'S Coca Cabana, sophisticated song-dance-dine-and-winel" Or "Intending an airplane trip? Try American Air Lines. We have congenial hostesses! Meet DOLORES KNE, lpicturel air stewardess. You'Il enjoy your trip more with a helpful hostess along!" Lyman's Animal Hospital. Dogs and Cats treated at reasonable prices. Dr. Robert Ly- man on call at all times. Or "A Modern Beauty Salon has opened on Main Street at Elm. Be sure to stop in to consult beauticians HELEN GORDISH or BARBARA ZUBER about vour beauty treatment." And then there's the one that reads "RICHARD HARDY'S Charm School now offers special Wednesday afternoon classes for your convenience. Of course, there will still be car- ried on the regular evening classes. The enrollment is high, so hurry and get your name in." So by reading a copy of the Euclid Monitor of june 6, l956, it is easily seen that the class of june 6, l946, did very well for itself and will undoubtedly carry on even better in the future. FINIS CLASS WILL lContinued from Page 44l Minna Keel wills her naturally curly hair to those girls who spend at least an hour every night in putting up theirs. George Balint wills his motorcycle to anyone not wishing to get places fast. Shirley Gleeten wills her ability to get through school to her sister Charlotte. loe Eisler leaves his ability to blush to some of the I lth grade girls who don't even know the meaning of the word. Bob Lyman leaves his mid-year inheritance of the 9th period P.A. room to Pat E5 Cliff. Mildred Habic wills her athletic ability to Vinco Globokar, hoping that he'll participate in a few sports next year. Nancy Davis wills to Glen Crawford a bottle of TNT to blow himself up. Olga Zakrajsek wills to her cousin, Wilma Mersnik, her seat in choir. lane Luzar wills her ability to laugh forcibly at Mr. Smith's odd sense of humor to all on-coming co-ops. Irene Habic wills to the next co-op class her ability to get along with- out Mr. Smith's so-called "good book." Katherine Valjato wills her powder puff to Mr. Smith's shining head of Skin. 'Coleen Martin wills a box of first-grade wooden forks to Mr. Graham to go with the wooden spoons he got at Hillside Dairy. Mary Etta Healey wills her broad-mindedness to Corine Brown. Sixty 91 rl .-"lf" "U" '1 -1,-w.. V ' IJI5, ,, M.: v- rlug ' '5 c 1 9 -Win 2 ' 1 nv, j , 13' in 1' 4 1 M' A' ,, V , W -5 li x fr lk- AS5' my ' "W -' , y 2 U X, il s 'y,.,2,mh . . .uh W. , H Qhdg ' 4. ' 'Q...,, Y id if M2 'g,,,.ma xx ,J ' f - T75"'a f P2 19", X A , ' The OPUS ,46 STAFF thanks the fol lowing for financial assistance: THE THE THE THE THE Compliments of The Euclid Crane Sz Hoist Co. THE JUNE CLASS OF 1946 JANUARY,CLASS OF 1946 TRAVEL CLUB AMIGA CLUB JANUARY CLASS OF 1948 THE ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION MUSIC DEPARTMENT AN ANONYMOUS FRIEND 1365 Chardon Road THE EUCLID, OHIO MOVIE CLUB The staff thanks the following men for patiently helping us make the OPUS 546: MR. VAN ALMEN, Cleveland Engraving Co. and MR. FORSTER, Central Publishing House Compliments of THE CLASS OF JANUARY, 1947 LOREN T. GRAY, Sponsor Violet Bowes Eleanor Franich Mary Gorse Bette Haydu Joan Kittleman Lucile McNeal Lillian Modic Mary Svrga Doris Tyler Selma Weinstock Paul Boyd Edmund DiCenzo Vincent Globokar Thomas Jackson Charles Kase Richard Maher John Mrsnik William Ostendorf Don Pietro Corliss Roach Elsie Zele Glen Sanders Don Black Jack Solon Ivor Bork Larry Stark O F F I C E R S Larry Stark . . .... President Elsie Zele .... . Vice-president Joan Kittleman . . . . . Secretary Glenn Sanders . . . . Treasurer Sixty-two Compliments of The Lake Shore Machine Co. Compliments of 1340 E. 222 Street EUCLID, OHIO HYDRAULIC EQUIPMENT CO. 1100 E. 222 St. . . I EUCLID, OHIO Complzments of AUSTIN DRY CLEANERS 21131 Euclid Avenue EUCLID, OHIO I Compliments Of Compliments of The Continental Products Co. GEOMETRIC STAMPING CO Paint Manufacturers 1111 East 200 Street EUCLID, OHIO EUCLID, OI-Ilo I Sirufy-flwee IF COMMENCEMENT MEANS YOU WILL ENTER BUSINESS- CONSIDER the advantages of joining a local business organization with world-wide sales and manufacturing connections. l CONSIDER the advantages of joining a company which offers the opportunity to learn most any type of work -manufacturing, engineering, mechanical servicing, selling, secretarial or clerical. CONSIDER the advantages of talking with people in a personnel department which is interested in Euclid and Euclid people . . . The Personnel Department of Addressograpla-Multigrapla Corporation 1200 Babbitt Road Euclid, bib O Complimemfs of THE CLEVELAND HOBBING MACHINE CO. 1311 Chardon Road EUCLID, OHIO S1a't1l-ffncr , Euclid's Own Commercial Photographer ED J. MORGAN Compliments of The EUCLID ROAD MACHINERY Q COMPANY ki ' . . 1361 Chardon Road f Z 75 Activities Photos, Band, etc., were EUCLID' OHIO made by Mr. Morgan IV. 1087 970 E. 218th St. Compliments of PRESSURE CASTINGS 21500 St. Clair Avenue EUCLID, ol-no With my Compliments S. A. HARRINGTON REALTOR KE-3595 V Top of Chardon Hill 2051 East 221 EUCLID, OHIO l Six ty-five 243 , A ,., , .A.,... I 5,Wf,iff-gffgsgzgra,3525252555553riiiigigigaggsgffz. 7'511f'f'3'f": 'N' ' 7.1:f:f:2:?:?:T:1:?:lE1f3f5fIiiElfElf1f:f:Qzf:1:'.1'3".' :- ., V, : : fr:55I5:1:Q:f:f:f:f:i:f:Q:fQf:5:f. , ,,.,,..... -- s I .W Moon H f " 1VIwwwnheigggigggsgsggsgzgsgs,,, igzgzgs .'.a.::,1:gs::1g1g, ii: '2:s?fas:1:,'f:f:z:22f' Va..-"If ' N ' '- gfsks I- 'a',5E5E555f55555355f35E5E5EfE5f5E3E5E5E ff1 - ,.. 5 f 1f13 .,1+. If "-' 1' f . ' ' fhudspiiuy hjlllilili A 'Ymuvmw Wwva' NJ? 441 ' ..,.,2'1f'I'F 1"f 1' 'ii' " ,... f.':7:4:1:3. 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THE OLIVER CORPORATION 193 00 Euclid Avenue "Come to See Us for Summer or Part Time Jobs" Sixfy-six Q E7 T AEUIRIDC 0 Compliments of HARRY A. FULTON, Architect 6014 Euclid Avenue CLEVELAND, OHIO'c1 Compliments of John Lyman Painting 85 Decorating Company 23204 Chardon Road EUCLID Compliments of THE FRIENDSHIP CLUB EUCLID CENTRAL HIGH sci-1ooL Compliments of CLEVELAND WIRE WORKS LAMP DEPARTMENT Ul'1Nl'1R.XL 1'1L1'lC'1'RIC CUINIPANY 1331 Chardon Road Euclid 17, Ohio Compliments of Le Iardin Beauty Shoppe 21059 Euclid Avenue EUCLID OHIO JAMESON 8: MOELLER R E A L T o R s "Keepers of the Keys" 21272 Lake Shore 18950 Lake Shore Sixty-eight Compliments of KEnmore 0 0 8 9 THE AJAX MFG, CO, , FLOYD B. STEIN, Inc. 1441 Cha.-don Road OUR COAL MAKES WARM FRIENDS EUCLID Babbitt Rd. at Nickel Plate EUCLID ' Compliments of THE VARSITY CLUB BEST WISHES DALE THOMPSON, Sponsor from the P.T.A. I Compliments of BISI-IOP'S SUNOCO SERVICE 16601 Euclid Avenue CLEVELAND, OHIO Sixty-nine KATHERINE J. WELTER REAL ESTATE Best Wishes for the Future "List Your Property with Us" Jlvrnlwr of the Clevelmzd Real Estate Board 26500 Lake Shore Blvd. RE-8184 - - - RE-8041 Compliments of C0mPlimenf3 Of Samuel R. Johnson THE Maintenance and Sanitation ' CHANDLER PRODUCTS Engineer Chafdon Road FA-7788 3207 Meadowbrook Blvd. EUCLID Cleveland Heights, Ohio Seventy ' Compliments of Paul H. Torbet, Wm. A. Abbott Henry R. Clark Harry J. Knuth Walter Hehr Vernon A. Welch Michael Boich Howard B. Crawford William F. Burns Ralph V. Hill Hugo H. Lux George F. Schafer Harry Stoneman Alexander Apple Harry Koppich Wm. A. McMaster M. A. Spino Clyde Woodmansee Frank Thomas Wm. Bente Ronald Baehr Thomas Hanley Kenneth J. Sims Mayor Solicitor Auditor Treasurer President of Council Council - First Ward Council - Second Ward Council - Third Ward Council - Fourth Ward Council-at-large Council-at-large Council-at-large Constable Constable Justice of the Peace Justice of the Peace Safety Director Service Director Building Inspector Engineer Deputy Auditor Chief of Police Chief of Fire Department Seventy-one Compliments 0 f HATTENDORF-BLISS, INC 1566 Chardon Road Euclid, Ohio Compliments 0 f SOLON DRUG STORES 21051 Euclid at Chardon Road and 21860 Lake Shore Blvd. Euclid, Ohio Q tyt M" gg' l N fr' it . , ' 14 ,!,f, ' ., v ' D, v 1 GQ .Vu . 'l x -If I ,A,'4x'.? ling, ' b I v5 " ,sf .ff3Yu W' I-..! 4 .EN UMUQI r VMS! ' i , . Yl,',.f.-h N N V A ur I ' U - P' 'ul' ' 4 . ' .' nh" " 'n ' ' ,4 x I J ' W r"' 11 , I Y r', X A 4 , w ' Q- .VJU ,NWA 'WL N, , . u f A sv'.A, ' . an ' f ' "' o ' R. U ,U ff , 1, 4, .5 ' 1- -,-',. ef - A" i - , ," q".'.i'-rll ' . 1' -6. Q 1 A my M 4 ..,' 1 v ul' A 4 1 W' 1.4 K .xi A . X , f A o X . Xi X X'X ' REF q ' 2 N 373.73 E xx N X X X 'X X XX XX X fx f Xxx XX, X' ff xt 1 N 3 1 x x 1 V A I L K ' NX . Pg 1 N - , , ! xx .if F N D I'- U Lg M CX fd - rf rg CT Fi f I3 f' HUQOJ NX LF: 1 " v-4 ai N ' -U 53 1,1 ' 56 - x ., X rx! fi I m ? f A A FV v r 2 E " .JJ X I K D fx Z ' I . Z 4 L z X

Suggestions in the Euclid High School - Euclidian Yearbook (Euclid, OH) collection:

Euclid High School - Euclidian Yearbook (Euclid, OH) online yearbook collection, 1930 Edition, Page 1


Euclid High School - Euclidian Yearbook (Euclid, OH) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


Euclid High School - Euclidian Yearbook (Euclid, OH) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


Euclid High School - Euclidian Yearbook (Euclid, OH) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


Euclid High School - Euclidian Yearbook (Euclid, OH) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Euclid High School - Euclidian Yearbook (Euclid, OH) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


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