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Text from Pages 1 - 32 of the 1945 volume:

Superintendent Prirldpal RUSSELL H. ERWINE W- G- FORDYCE FACULTY N X S H.. Y - 3.9 . Dean of Boys Dean of Girls LEE R. GILBERT SPONSOR - Bruce Graham MARIE V. HOWES H Q P-e. '1 ,- -io 'ff li ' I 11 1i1 liiik E,'aiE',,,,"' rv? '-5. ' -1' 1, 1- X ., Q A A-at .fy A1 ' Lillian Lee Bolivia: Entered from Shaw in February, 1944. Friendship Club, Intramurals, Hobby Show, War Recreation Club, and Echo Staff. Pet Affinity: Ability to keep cer- tain boys. Pet Peeve: Boys wearing bow ties. Ambition: To become a nurse. Lillian Lee Bolivia hereby wills three mysteriously stolen locks, when found, to Mr. Gilbert. Her quiet way will sooth their pain. 1 5493 - . 2. f Q? -G A , -'.a.,,,':j, A RSX f '33 ,fl Ronald DiCenzo: Entered from Collinwood in the 7A. Hi Y, "Arsenic and Old Lace", Hall Guard, Intramurals, Wrestling, Foot- ball, Stage Crew, Gymnastics Club, Band and Orchestra, Echo Staff, Shop Superintendent, Varsity Club. Pet Affinity: Dancing. Pet Peeve: Big Deals, with no re- sults. Ambition: To join the Navy and see the world, and then live in South America. Ronald DiCenzo wills to Mr. Gra- ham his royal blue pants in hopes he might wear them. Heave ho! To the Navy he'll go. ' ' '. 'Zh'?f,', Tillie Bolek : Entered from St Christine's in 9B. Handicraft Club 2 years, Polka Club, Echo Staff, Junior High Recreation Club, Friendship Club, Dramatics "Too Many Marys", Hobby Show. Her hobby is reading and writing letters. Pet Affinity: Don. Pet Peeve: Conceited boys. Ambition: To travel: and to pilot a plane. Tillie Bolek bequeaths her seat in Mr. D. V. Smith's class to anyone who wants it next year. ' The world she will travel, Its mysteries unravel. Constance Delgado: Drama, Choir, Chess and Checkers Club, Intramurals, Handicraft Club. Pet Affinity: Tall Ensigns. Pet Peeve: Catty girls, egotistical fellows. Ambition: Travel and be housewife. Constance Delgado wills her affec- tion for Mr. Hoon to anyone who wants it. , fi. fx AN , ...ts 5 "' I xx u , X A, ,I '- i 1 -, ' , . H x .' 'A ,Q .. P, I ' av ' 'l , ""':.,..'2 'I 1 - .- K . 4 , ' ." ellwgb- '- . iq.. ' . , K 4,5 .M 4 A fg v' ,, , In --.ah - ' . 1. gf , ,'1,af"" ,sm 4 , 'K l - . . . ' 3' ' .rv-.0-"P-9 9' 'P' f " " ' . -J' I ' V' ' mb Q .1 . X' . I' 1.115111 ,lv v'-3'2" 'I u' , . . if .k.. .. -f T'1.s..l!t.e+i-n-sl.-6l.laixaZMa', 1...- Charles Eveland: Band - Music Award, Orchestra Manager, Dance Band, Pep Band, Jazz Band, Drum Duet, 1st Place, Gala Nite, Big Nite, Concerts, Reserve Basketball, Intramurals, "Arsenic and Old Lace", Vice President of Class, Echo Staff, Hi Y, Junior Kiwanian, Hall Guard Captain, Book Store, Office Help, Prom Committee. Pet Affinity: Jeanne. Pet Peeve: Cheating. Charles Eveland wills to Bruno Petricig some of his height. It , 'C i.. -. Y IV V. I Betty Gower: "Arsenic and Old Lace," Student Council, Friendship Club, Choir 4 years, Orchestra, Exchange Editor of Echo, Movie Club, S.S.S. Club, Intra- murals, Girls League, Accompanist for Choir. Pet Affinity: Mr. Hoon's jokes in Social Problems class. Pet Peeve: Rainy weather. Ambition: To go to college. Betty Gower wills her 9th grade brother to the senior girls who seem to be hard up. -Q. .4-41' -nf N ...,....-v-4' 41" . ,, ur HPA i ,L . JU, x . l . LL,m,.,,-N5 . 's wif Q' .J , . Q. 11' M igznsqia-..,"eS: 4:59 55 4' Charles Eisler: Intramurals, Wrestling, Football, Varsity Club, Travel Club, Hall Guard, Art Club. Pet Affinity: Motorcycles and pretty girls. Pet Peeve: Fellows who brag about their girls. Ambition: To be a good soldier. Charles Eisler wills his ability to refrain from talking about himself all the time to Richard Orend. He'll make a wonderful G. I., For he's an extra special guy, Keith Fry: Football 2 years, Hi Y, Varsity Club, "Arsenic and Old Lace," Chess and Checkers Club. Pet Affinity: Gas Stamps, Pet Peeve: Fickle people. Ambition: To have a good time all the time. Keith Fry wills his affections for a certain 12B girl to a certain 11B boy. m- he .A n Dorothy Iczak: Leaders' Club Secretary, Choir, Dramatics "Sparkin," Intramurals, Hobby Show, Echo Staff, S.S.S. Club, Friendship Club. Pet Affinity: Dancing to good orchestra. Ambition: To be a beautician and to marry that "certain man." To Mr. Vollman, Dorothy Iczak leaves a frame to make his demerit sheet look more attractive. Her business will be beauty, For she feels it her duty. Dolores J arcs: Member of Choir 2-3 year, Travel gulls, Chess and Checkers, Handicraft u . Pet Affinity: Peronal Opinions. Pet Peeve: Crabby people. Ambition: To make good. Dolores Jaros wills all her long skirts and short skirts to Nellie Podberger. To make good, this was her desire, H We're sure she'lI' set the world Aon rc. Ronald Hutton: Entered in 8B from Willoughby. Football Squad, National Honor Society, Junior Kiwanian, P.A. Club, Chess and Checkers Club, Varsity Club, Student Council, Hall Guard, Intramurals. Pet Affinity: Football. Pet Peeve: Girls. Ambition: To own a farm of his own. Ronnie Hutton wills his ability to et blamed for everything to Charles opsick-"Ask Thompson." .-qu, .Q Edna Mae Jackson: Echo Staff, Choir, Dramatics "Too Many Marys," Basketball, Volleyball, and Baseball, Friendship Club, Whirlo Club, Polka Club, S.S.S. Club, Wel- fare Board, Dancing Club, Hobby Show. Pet Affinity: Donnie. Pet Peeve: Being' called "Fat" l.fAmbition: To live a long and happy 1 e. Edna Mae Jackson wills her pet peeve, being called "Fat," to a cer- tain Domenic Bosco. She'll have a long and happy life, She'lZ be a good and loving wife. 1 Anna Kilim: National Honor Society, Student Council President, Student Council Secretary, Girls' Leaders Club Presi- dent, Program Chairman Friendship Club, Student Store, Manager, Senior Service Scout, Choral Club, Fresh- man Play, Intramurals, Echo Staff, Hall Guard, Girl's League Welfare Board, Junior Class Secretary. Pet Affinity: Football players. Pet Peeves: Conceited football players and Mr. Hoon's jokes. Ambition: To go to college. Anna Kilim wills her seat in front of Art Hill and the privilege of doing his homework to the junior girls who seem to think that Canadians are something "simply out of this world." Shirley Ketchion: Friendship Club Service Chairman, Movie Club, Chairman Girls' League, Gala Nite, Big N ite, Concerts, "Arsenic and Old Lace," Choir, S.S.S. Club, Alumni Service Committee, Year Book Committee, Announce- ments Committee, Dancing Club, Commercial Co-Operative Student. Pet Affinity: People. Pet Peeve: Mr. Smith. Ambition: To have the nice things in life. Shirley Ketchion wills the Memo Pad to anyone who wants to type it. I ,?,g,,. . ' ,.. . .'...,4-' 'i'g.,.f'.' '4 ' Alice Moots: National Honor Society, War Stamp and Bond Chairman, Student Council, Girls' Leaders, Friendship Club, Cafeteria Cashier, "Victory Home," Echo Staff: Bookkeeper, In- tramurals, Archery Club, War Recre- ation Club, Activity Ticket Committee, Hallguard, Alumni Service for Girls' League. Pet Affinity: Jimmey-Mr. Hoon's odd sense of humor. Pet Peeve: Prying teachers. Alice Moots wills her ability "to pin the man down" to Barham Walter. ah-S4 Don Koman: Band 4 years, Orchestra 4 years Basketball 2 years, Baseball 2 years: Football 2 years, Hi Y Treasurer, Male Quartet, Student Court, P. A. Club, Hobby Show, President Senior Class, Varsity Club, Big Nite, Gala Nite, lst Place Winner Greater Cleveland Music Contest Baritone, Horn Solo 1944, Victory Home, Penny Pirates, Hall Guard, Junior Member Euclid Kiwanian. Pet Affinity: Sports. Pet Peeve: Mr. Hoon's jokes. Ambition: To become a musician. Don Koman wills his sports ability to Norman Foret. is 45 Richard N emeth: Games Club, Travel Club, Intra- murals, Shop Foreman, Gym Leader, Track. Pet Affinity: Pretty girls and fast cars. Pet Peeve: "As". Ambition: To become an auto- mobile mechanic. Richard Nemeth wills his ability to get through school to Bruce Steven- son who needs it. --6 ha f"""""" John Rotar: Entered Euclid Central in the 6A. Secretary-Treasurer of Class, Member of the Hi Y, Varsity Club, Vice President, Student Council, Gymnas- tics Club, Earned Letters in Track and Football. Co-captain of Football team this past season, "Arsenic and Old Lace". Pet Affinity: Girls with green eyes and dark hair. Pet Peeve: Faculty jokes. John Rotar wills his nicknames "Crow" to Mike Baldassarre, who might prefer it' to "Pigeon". Ambition: To become a builder. ei- Jeanne Mountford: National Honor Society, Student Council, Manager of Book Store, Girls' Leaders, Vice President and Secretary of Friendship Club, Treas- urer Senior Service Scouts. Editorial Editor of Echo, Activities Ticket Committee, Choir, Hall Guard, P.A. Work, Big Nite, Gala Nite, Concerts, Etiquette Committee of Girls' Lea ue, Publicity Manager of Junior Class Play, Intramurals, Archery Club. Pet Affinity: Chuck. Pet Peeve: Still Chuck. Jeanne Mountford wills her position as bookstore manager to anyone who wants it and will open it promptly at 8 o'clock. 'QL E 4? Elna Riekenbrode: Entered from Wilbur Wright Junior High in the 7B., Choir, P.A. Club, Prom Committee, Friendship Club, Dancing Club, Intramurals, Drama- tics, S. .S. Club, Part Club, "Arsenic and Old Lace," Echo Sytaff, Year Book Committee, Announcement Commit- tee, Commercial Co-Operative. Pet Affinity: Mr. Gilbert. Pet Peeve: Sensible People. Ambition: To fly a P-38. Will: My English book to Mr. Smith. Virginia Skerritt: Entered Euclid Central from John Hay in the 12A. Intramurals, Friend- ship Club, Card Club. Pet Affinity: A certain 10B. Pet Peeve: The same 10B. Ambition: To have a happy life. Virginia Skerritt wills to Al Jasin the overalls in "Mrs. Murphy's Chowder". She'll live a. 'very happy life She'll make a. sweet and loving wife. JC' Delores Valduga: Entered in the 10th grade, from Brush High School. Choir, Handi- craft Club, Hobby Show, Dramatics, Home Economics Major. Pet Affinity: Boys with brown eyes and brown hair. Pet Peeve: Girls who wear their skirts too short. Ambition: To get married. Delores Valduga wills to Violet Mihalich her naturally curly hair. Third finger, left hand Just as our "Del" has planned. ' we " Fl . W' , f - N l , , . "'.vfr,1.i' , Q ,517 Q 5' -. 1 'wi ' ,,,gALgji.j -1.',-iv..." f- . nfl' .Zi , , f - .sf f 097133. f.. Q- ff -5'..., . J5yL,a"' 4 ff . 2 M, if' vi . . . tiff Bob Sanders: Entered in the 9B from Sharon Penn. Jr. High. Football 1, 2, 3, 45 TI'2Ck 1, 2, 3: choir 1, 2 3: Male Chorus, Big Nite, Gala Nite, National Honor Society, Buckeye Boys State, Student Council 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y Vice President, President, Varsity Club Secretary-Treasurer, President: P, A. Club Secretary-Treasurer, Chess and Checkers Club, "Seven Little Rebels". Pet Affinity: Football. Pet Peeve: Fickle girls. Ambition: To become a successful surgeon. Bob Sanders wills his ability to make up his mind to Jean Davis. .1 IQN .- ig as 'Q' Isabelle Sundry: Entered from Collinwood School in the 9B. Choir, Dramatics, Friendship Club, Intramurals, Card Club, Polka Club. Her hobby is dancing. Pet Affinity: Dancing. Pet Peeve: Long-haired fellows. Ambition: To travel. Isabelle Sundry wills her dancing ability to Russell Chaney, hoping he'll have many cute partners. At travelogues she will excel For she is our own Isabelle. 'Uh f - . x e nt..-.ry -ET .E ffl... is fl l i' 5 . I . ,Q .. reYLt 5.1 IN ABSENTIA PARKER ORR IN ABSENTIA FRANK WALLAND ...gtk 1rT'x- l 3555. I - f ' f'-f'-i "F" 'nv "'-me Cliff Wyant: Football, Basketball, C o a c h e d Freshman Football and Reserve Bas- ketball, Hall Guard Captain, Chess and Checkers Club, Varsity Club, Card Club. Pet Affinity: A certain red headed cheer leader! Pet Peeve: Shaving. Cliff Wyant wills his ability to grow a beard to Charlie Kopsick. Ambition: To someday own a dude ranch- IN ABSENTIA RAY PERME kv- Football ., 'gig Baseball lun' Basketball Track Ls! l J 'vcd !..l'fl?l1lQf1 la " ' W. I , 1, . Choir PEW' 'Ninn Band Orchestra HOMEROOMS x O F ff, , Q. - M V' . ?iv f"'f'f k 'f ' , 1 A , ' x Y Y ' A . 4, " 3: ,Y :A X- , -, B w ,ggf Tam? Aw . x I , ' -'Us f X, ,, Fai fax B I 1 5 Xlf 6 HZ 11.5 -T.x, xx., ....,,A , NAM , W, vs. w, ,sg ,,,' 'Y .-,.,,,, b ,Q Vw -Y ' , ,. 'hw rw ...-+ '15- ig fg3'w O "5 f'2f iq -A psi? V -3,55 1 Vw ' A 'MA V - ,. f, ' . I , N' 43.15-. i 4' I - 'Fw NEA .. as Q Xin I af ' .1-WZ' , A .' 4.43 'i ' M A-A M-mm fl lh 104 12-B 110 3'B 'CW '1- J- f Q3- lxrx, l.v,. .- , 1 h 1-A A ff 'Q' Q f - Q K - 1 'Ives f fi ' -Q 1 QL 4 , . K , 1' M -My - M., 'x ,ww ' ' 1 v 'Q 1 . - - y 3-4 rx . 4 H95 " 8- K 4. A 45. 4 :Ka Mg: ,I X am .Alix -X xx "'-?ff 9' ' 10 vw. Ka. , fvffa x X96 4 L55 .A , . 5 . 'n . ' bs J ,r 'z if HOMEROOMS 2 11-B O4 . 105 10-A if 102 8-B 103 8-A M S, HOMEROOMS W ""',:-rl- L I -,W 3 i -J -ar? T - , 'T' 't 2 ' A' 2 5 I M L W?'fN" .gLQT N 5 ' Z 1 f . 'if f x ggi- 'M' 05 V A1 . , ww k -S .' , V 5 p f - W, g X . Q , fb A -- - - v 6 - - - . ' h 1 - F -L-Q' ' f . -'eff' Q I ,,, K 'S' "' '-' I 1 , U ' 5 1 N :I nf 9, X 1' f sammy' i Q' -,,, , 2 9-B zoo 'PA lr.: X. 27 3 11-B I 1 0-B 0-B Q I X 1 X- mm Q X L , ,,,, Lf.. J: iff : -wav. i 'MM i',:.gL"fi: 4, ga LW, 'Q as ..,,' , 31 V., Q ' ' 2 . P":,.'g R , f7l Q14 1 K ffm , ,ka 'L fi -' 3-.1 'v X .M .- hr31"f . QE? 2,41 . ", f , ug- . lf' ' : ,gg pm MD, df'- 4,45 . ,L 4 V ' . ,3- ff-i, '55 1-my . xg, .1 ,M '1'l,. ' 4-Ei 1vf-:-.- 'e I U , 553, fy '3.f':f .AGM I Q- 1393- . , QQ 9, NM 1'Zg'g, F 1 1 Q v ' 4 ' ik. 1 f.. -'V--w..,x .M 1 I,-- C" F ld., v',,.,, rm if 5: " v ,l v .f xi 4, .5 'mx A ,vi ,, ,. , 15 6 ,S X' " KA vs V 1 1 . : ,5i'CL . li.. U A f 1.5-U. , fe, '2",. 1 f an x ,Ai ' -4, NI.. - F31 . -n I www 1 N-'V ' 1 shrvijw QW" Y F :Y l '..,r. 1- A v 1 ,wwzf Qwvwmm wmv- .YM vpn .--' x U 1 -V, Q ' v 9 sax .v . . n." , ING" ' "M Lf P A' -1, , .W,.9g, by .F asf find' , . wywwv-w .. .' .wr-'Q . -fi" 1"4 ,-.,..- -A-Q-.1-. -.1'.4n'w -MW!" suffix K' ' 'Vi ::':g:fg.s.,m:-? a:4z'z'.l7,Cr: ". 1... .0 25'-'CEA - 1 , 'f V ll ' fa ' , in -N ,4'E.'.' .luv-m ,,. -J 'rv' Ai?-mQ an-tp " I 1 - W'-. 1,' 4191? ,ev -, .N 5 Tlmf' E Tw, 1,7 ' 5? w, ,Q',,,-'91, em 'g uw r' ' f 05+ vw ' WAY' -P ft, .H . ' fi ' MQW' l?fnlfU"" 4 I -1. lr 'v 1 ,gf Tfbv ef- , ,-'.f J N N Tug, Qu 'X' 1 iff" L :LJ 3 1' 'fl 1 11,1 "T,-L.2m'tTf"l K Superintendent Principal RUSSELL H. ERWINE W. G. FORDYCE pg Ia x "- , 'G 1 L - , Dean of Dean of Girls LEE R. GILBERT Elinor Stauffer Fred A. Vollman MARIE V. I-IOWES ,,,.mA? A- . T- ' A fs 112 a ', U 4, X - 1 o I 1 Q , , lv V l ' . ' E FACULTY CLASS OFFICERS n Riedgr . Pfgsidcm LQVCFHC Kcycrlcber - Vice-Prcbident Marion Godec - Sccrcmry Claire Dinwooclie ' Trca - ff "N .L y its-fi , 1 -' 'Y iv J." - 4 - ' - 'A nc 1 --'. K Q- 55- f."A1 Qi'-Q. ... - . i ' .- if - -1i""it5'1' 'i , 5 1-.f -11.-. . ..,..AL2fL.n:1' .10 'L ' ' .72 A-3541 Q6 if 5 M, ,. cl 10 Loretta Baitt - Iunior High Recreation Club: Card Club: War Recrea- tion and Service Club: Polka Club: Friendship Club: Assistant Nurse: Choir: Cheerleader: Hall Guard: Intra- murals: Servicemen's Board. Pet Affinity-That certain sailor boy. Pet Peeve-The Pacific so far away. Ambition-To be a housewife. Loretta Baitt wills her ability to become a cheerleader to Ruth Recher so she can follow in her sister's footsteps. Lillian Bradac Iunior High Recreation Club: Etiquette Board: Library Club: Handicraft Board: Hobby Show: Arts and Crafts Club: Co-op Student. Pet Affinity-People. Pet Peeve-Sloppy people. Ambition-To live a happy life. Lillian Bradac wills her ability to carry books to Robert Bubonic. Nadine Bechemer Dancing Club Hall Guard: Card Club: Girls" Leaders, Intramurals: Friendship Club: Student Council: Echo Staff. Pet Affinity-Boys. Pet Peeve-Talkative girls. Ambition-To be a housewife. Nadine Bechemer wills to her sister, Adele, her ability to keep her temper and good nature. Ray Brewer Movie Club: Hi-Y Secretary: Football: Iunior High Rec- reation Club: Iunior Class Play "Victory Home": Hall Guard: Intramurals. Pet Affinity-Painesville girls. Pet Peeve-Painesville boys. Ambition-To be a successful bachelor. Ray Brewer wills his nickname to Dr. Fordyce. Flo Bork Aeolian Choir: Choir: Hall Guard: Dancing Club: Knit- ting Club: Welfare Board: Card Club: Friendship Club. Pet Affinity-Posts that get in the way at skating rinlcs. Pet Peeve-Waking Ivor in the moming. Ambition-To learn how to drive a car correctly and enjoy life. Flo Bork wills her natural rnake-up to Colleen Moore. Ray Bubsey Band: Orchestra: Track: Big Night: Gala Night. Pet Affinity-Clarinet players. Pet Peeve-Crowded 200th Street busses. Ambition-To be a metallurgist. Ray Bubsey wills his ability to get along with Mr. Harper to Hale lohnson. Patricia Boyd Iunior High Recreation Club: Welfare Board: Library Club: Handicraft Club: Arts and Crafts Club: Co-op Stu- dent. Pet Affinity-A certain SfSgt. in the Army. Pet Peeve-Bus drivers. Ambition-To travel. Patsy Boyd wills her ability to do homework to anyone who wants it. Stanley Cesen Hall Guard: Stage Crew. Pet Affinity-Beautiful women. Pet Peeve-Teachers who can't stand jokes better tharl their own. Ambition-To be a civil engineer. lg R, V Xllcwhlu C l i I' J, fi. 'S' Theresa Cichon Band: Card Club: Co-op Student. Pet Affinity-Tall blondes. Pet Peeve-Conceited people. Ambition-To be o dancer. Theresa Cichon wills her bottle of peroxide to anyone who wants it. Elizabeth Dranse "Seven Little Rebels": Captain Hall Guards: Intramurals: Welfare Board: Dancing Club: President of the Friend- ship Club: Girls Leaders: National Honor Society: Student Council: "Victory Home": Hook and Needle Club: Vice President of Leaders: Assistant in "Junior Miss": P, A. Club: Hobby Show: Prom Committee: "Too Many Marys." Pet Affinity-Blondes. Pet Peeve-Euclid school busses. Ambition-To be successful after graduation. Elizabeth Dranse wills her ability to get along with Miss Stauffer to Edna Mae McCumber. She can use it! lean Davis Friendship Club: Dancing Club: Hall Guard: Hook and Needle Club: Service for the Hobby Show: Servicemarfs Board: Camera Club: Intramurals. Pet Affinity-A blond sailor. Pet Peeve-A certain basketball player. Ambition-To be able to make up my mind. Ianet Glass Friendship Club: Hall Guard: "Seven Little Flebelshg Junior High Recreation Club' Girls League: Intramurals: Dancing Club: Knitting Club: Welcome Board: Cheer- leader: Movie Club: Senior Scouts: Choir: "Victory I-lome": Dramatics: Hobby Show. Pet Affinity-Motorcycles. Pet Peeve-Obstinate mothers. ' Ambition-To cut classes without getting caught. Janet Glass wills the eleventh grade boys back to the eleventh grade girls. Dorothy Dinse Card Club: Friendship Club: Arts and Crafts Club. Pet Affinity-A certain sailor. Pet Peeve-Trying to lose weight. Ambition-To travel through life happily. Dorothy Dinse wills her ability to crack gum to Mr. D. V. Smith. Marion Godec Dancing Club: Choir: Intramurals: Hall Guard: Friend- ship Club: Knitting Club: Card Club: Co-op Student. Pet Affinity-Zoot suits. Pet Peeve-Big Deals. Ambition-To be a private secretary. Marion Godec wills her most soothing laugh to Minna Keel. Claire Dinwoodie Treasurer of Senior Class Orchestra 4 years: Music Medal: Entertainment Committee Chairman of Orchestra: String Quartet: Debate Team: Dancing Club: First Aid Club: Friendship Club: Big Night: Hook and Needle Club: Choir: Intramurals: Welfare Committee of Girl's League: Hall Guard. Pet Affinity-Soda Ierks. Pet Peeve-The draft bill. Ambition-To be a successful writer. Claire Dinwoodie wills her millions of freckles to Carolyn Yagello. Ian Hand Friendship Club: Head Cheer Leader: Card Club: Hall Guard. Pet Affinity-A certain handsome track captain. Pet Peeve-Loose-tongued people. Ambition-To be a successful dude ranchwoman. Ian Hand wills Dolores Petrick her position as Head Cheer Leader. ...Q f .L 2. - Arthur Hill Track: Hall Guard: Vice President ot Sophomore Class: Hi-Y: lunior Class Play: Choir, Pet Affinity-A certain dark-haired cheer leader and dark rooms. Pet Peeve-Being beaten in ping-pong, Ambition-To become a lawyer, Arthur Hill wills his ability to choose color schemes to Mr. Blackburn. La Verne Keyerleber Friendship Club: Hall Guard: Welcome Board: Iunior High Recreation Club: Dancing Club: Vice President of Sophomore Class: Student Council: Vice President in Movie Club: First Prize tor Senior Sewing in Hobby Show: Second Prize tor Academics in Hobby Show: Vice Presi- dent ot Iunior Class: Iunior Class Play "'Victory Home": Vice President of Senior Class: Prom Committee: Co-op Student. Pet Affinity-Convertibles and airplanes. Pet Peeve-Ditticult people. Ambition-To live an interesting life. La Veme Keyerleber wills her ability to stay out of Detention Hall to her little f?l brother. Ray Hlznay Hall Guard: Chess and Checker Club "Champion": Checker Champion in Hobby Show: Hall Guard Captain. Pet Ailinity-Brunette with blue eyes. Pet PeevtIfBlondes and people who borrow. Ambition-Metallurgical engineer. Ray Hiznay wills his chess and checkers ability to Willie Yozipovich. Lillian Korver Senior Band five years: Senior Orchestra six years: Contest Accompanist: Friendship Club: Big Night: Gala Night: Secretary of Band and Orchestra: Co-op Student. Pet Affinity-Blondes. Pet Peeve-A certain co-op teacher. Ambition-To get along well with people. Lillian Korver regretfully leaves that piccolo in the care ot Mr. Dale Harper. Shirley Iatlray Intramurals: Aeoliari Choir: Dancing Club: Birthday Board: Choir: Knitting Club: Friendship Club: Card Club. Pet Affinity-Boys, Pet Peeve-The Army. Ambition-To be successiul. Shirley wills her "Moe" haircuts to Colleen Moore. Bill Kovach Bird Club: Stage Crew: Hall Guard: Wrestinq: Hobby . Show: Football: Dramatics: Intramurals. Pet Affinity-Chevrolets. Pet Peeve-Infantry. Ambition-To own a Cadillac and get enough gas to go to Mexico. Bill Kovach wills Mike Baldasarre his car so Mike won't have to walk lrom 200th to 219th street every night. Louise Iuratovac Secretary of Girls' Leaders: lntramurals: Polka Club: Dancing Club: Hook and Needle Club: Service in Hobby Show: Third Prize tor Poetry Book: Shut-In Board: Girls' League: Prom Committee: Whirlo Club: Birthday Board. Pet Affinity-A certain private in the U. S. Army. Pet Peevt?Moaners. Ambition-To be a success in lite. Louise Iuratovac wills the drooling name "Frankie" to anyone who can use it. Mary Kramer "Seven Little Rebels": Intramurals: Dancing Club: Leaders: Reporters Club: Hall Guard: Friendship Club: Arts and Crafts Club: Hobby Show: Camera Club: Gala Nite. Pet Attinity-That man again. Pet Peeve-Mr. D. V. Smith. Ambition-To travel. Mary Kramer wills her ability to see over people and tor people to see around her to Barbara Zuber. Girls' Fern Kreger Sylvia Krasovec Echo Stall: Friendship Club: Handicraft Club: Movie Club. Pet Affinity-Skating. Pet Peeve-Conceited boys and sensible people. Ambition-To live happily ever alter. Sylvia Krasovec wills her locker to the next generation oi students hoping that they will use the books in them Harriet Laubler Intramurals: Ir. High Recreation Club: Friendship Club: Girls' Leaders: Dancing Club: Welcome Board: "Victory Home": Hall Guard: Hook and Needle Club: Choir: Camera Club: Assistant Director oi "Junior Miss": Hobby Show. Pet Ailinity-Red Hair. Pet Peeve-Hal Lebovitz: ties: operations. Ambition-To become a Navy Nurse and travel. Harriet Laubler leaves to Dolores Petrick the problem ol getting blind dates for Marilyn lones. F 'Q' Iunior High Recreation Club: First Aid Club: Handicraft Club: Echo Staff: Arts and Crafts Club. Pet Affinity-Roller skating. Pet Peeve-People who crack their gum. Ambition-To be a success. Fem Kreger leaves her ability to hand her typing bud- gets in on time to lean Ibele. Grayson MacAndrew Debate Team: Band: Orchestra: Freshma n and Reserve Basketball: Members of the School Dance Band: Gala Night: Big Night: Student Council, Pet Affinity--Iazz. Pet Peeve-Teachers. Ambition-To have to pay as much income tax as Harry Iarnes. EdKriz Student Council: Track: Intramurals: Stage Crew: Dra- matics: Big Night: Gala Night: Hobby Show, Hall Guard: Echo Staff: Junior High Recreation Club: Treasurer of the Sophomore Class: Chess and Checkers Club. Pet aiiinity-Hunting, fishing, playing music, eating, and last but not least nice girls and Navy. Pet Peeve-Demerits and lousy cars. Ambition-To have my own orchestra and to be a radar technician in the navy. Ed Kriz wills his ability to play Greiner polkas to Dr. Fordyce. Richard Mackey Stage Crew: Intramurals: Hall Guard: Choir: Hobby Show' Track Pet Aiixnity Cars IV8 sl. Pet Peeve-Boys and girls existing on vacuum. Ambition-Automotive engineer. Richard Mackey wills his name "Shadow" to anyone who can live up to it. Iarnes Krocker Intramural basketball: Stage Crew: Art Club: Craft Club. Pet Affinity-Electricity. Pet Peeve-Ford V8's. Ambition-To join the Navy. Diana Mersnik Aeolian Choir: Iunior High Recreation Club? Intra- murals: Archery Club: Choir: Hall Guard: National Honor Society: Secretary ol Junior Class: President and Vice- President of Girls' Leaders Club: Vice-President oi the Friendship Club: Treasurer of Student Council: Editor of Echo: Cheer Leader: P. A. Club: Girls' League: Vice- President ol Hook and Needle Club: Choral Club: Hobby Show: Prom Committee: "Sparkin": Book Store Manager. Pet Affinity-Brown eyes. Pet Peeve-People who take a lot lor granted. Ambition--To travel. Diana Mersnik wills a simple hairdo to Coleen Moore. 5, 'R' . , Ji Violet Mlhalich Hall Guard: Whirlo Club: Knitting Club: Hobby Show: Friendship Club: Echo Staff: Choral Club: Dancing Club: Arts and Craft. Pet Affinity-Writing cheerful letters to lonely G. l.'s. 'especially a certain gunner. Pet Peeve-Loud mouths and cranky people. Ambition-To live a cheerful life and be a success in office work. Violet Mihalich wills her height to Rose Lusnak who is forever moaning. and her ability to make good to Ramona Iohnston. 1 1 Richard Orend Stage Crew: Hobby Show: Intramurals: Travel Club: Hall Guard: Dramatics: Football. Pet Affinity-Navy. Pet Peeve-Army. Ambition-To own a nite club. Richard Orend wills his nick-name "Knob," to Nick Parziale because he needs it. George Miller Card Club: Echo: Whirlo Club: Camera Club: Hall Guard: Hobby Show. Pet Affinity-Good looking girls. Pet Peeve-Getting up in the morning. Ambition-To own a store. George Miller wills his ability to stay out of Deten- tion Hall to Tom Keay. Elaine Perusek Choir: Iunior Recreation Club: Aeolian Choir: Student Council Intramurals' Whirlo Club' Big Night: Card Club: Friendship Club. Pet Affinity-Food. Pet Peeve--Conceited people. Ambition-To be a model. Elaine Perusek wills her left-handed shorthand to anyone who needs it. Richard Neiman Hall Guard: Stage Crew: Intramural Basketball: Echo Staff: Vice President of the Stage Crew: Hobby Show. Petty Affinity-S lfc. Pet Peeve-Privates and apple polishers. Ambition-To beat Mr. Vollman's demerit system. Richard Neiman wills his ability to read other people's letters to Mike Kocian. Ioan Pfaff Friendship Club: Aeolian Choir: S. S. S. Choir: Intra- murals: "Seven Little Rebels": Reporters Club: Hall Guard: Handicraft Club. Pet Affinity-Sailors. Pet Peeve-Meat loaf. Ambition-Enjoy life. Ioan Pfaff reluctantly wills her typing eraser to Cliff Boyce who will make good use of it. Iulius Nicola "Seven Little Rebels": Dancing Club: Band: Football: Hall Guard: Basketball: Student Council: Third Prize in Ceramics at Hobby Show. Pet Affinity-Blondes. Pet Peeve--Red-headed clarinet players. Ambition-To be a high-class hobo. Iulius Nicola wills his ability to play a clarinet to Don Kollmorgan. Nellie Podbergar Iunior High Recreation: Intramurals: Choir: Polka Club: Birthday Board: Handicraft Club: War Recreation and Service Club: Card Club: Friendship Club: Arts and Crafts Club: Co-op Student: Dancing Club. Pet Affinity-A certain sergeant in the U. S. Army. Pet Peeve-People who can't make up their minds. Ambition-To travel around the U. S. A. and make good in the world. Nellie Podbergar wills her job in the office at school to a future co-op student. g Q?-'JV 4 4 Irene Proprotnik Ceemoh Club: Knitting Club: Star Gazing Club: Sewing Club. Pet Affinity-Sewing. Pet Peeve-Catty people and boys. Ambition-To be a success. Irene Proprotnik wills her long skirts to her sister Doris. Iecmne Sawhill National Honor Society: Student Council: Front Page Echo Editor: Debate Team: Cafeteria Cashier: Public Ad- dress Club: Alumni Service: Archery Club: Secretary Hook and Needle Club: President Hobby Show: Aeolian Choir: Hall Guard: Friendship Club: Junior Prom Com- mittee, Girl's League: Intramurals: Dancing Club: "Victory Home": and "Watch Out tor Spooks." Pet Affinity-Euclid Central's Male Alumni. Pet Peeve-Two Years ot Chemistry Il. Ambition-To be a Social Worker. Ieanne Sawhill wills her natural red hair to all those girls who are making H2 O2 scarce. Gilbert Rathbun Student Council President: Football: Basketball: Hall Guard: Junior Class President. Pet Affinity-Bachelorhood. Pet Peeve-Women. Ambition-To do well in everything. Gilbert Hathbun wills his athletic letters to Willie Osten- dori. Harry Schassberger Hall Guard: Football: Bird Club: Baseball: Intramurals: Chess and Checker Club: P. A. Cperator. Pet Affinity-Girls. Pet Peeve-People who don't know what they are talking about. Ambition-To live a happy lite. Harry Schassberger wills his athletic ability to Willy Ostendort. Don Rieder "Seven Little Rebels": Iunior High Recreation Club: Pres- ident ol the Sophomore Class: Stage Crew: Hi-Y: Hall Guard: Wrestling: Track: Assistant in the Hobby Show: Intramural Basketball: Stage Crew President: President ol the Senior Class: Captain of the Track Team. ' Pet Affinity-Country girls. Pet Peeve-People who talk about what they are going to do. and never follow thru. Ambition-To be a success in the theater. Don Rieder leaves his partial plate to "Smiling Joe" Lovsin. Patsy Sheldon National Honor Society: Band: Student Council: Music Award: Stamp and Bond Chairman. Pet Affinity-A iellow with blond, curly hair and brown eyes. , Pet Peeve-Green peas. Ambition-To loaf out West on a ranch. Patsy Sheldon wills her sunny outlook on life to Red Kollmorgan, president oi the moaner's club. Art Roth Camera Club: Hi-Y: Stage Crew: Movie Club: Choir, Pet Affinity-Girls. Pet Peeve-The saying "l hate to tell you." Ambition-To join the Navy. Laverne Smith Iunior High Recreation Club: Reporters Club: Hall Guard: Movie Club: Whirlo Club: Friendship Club: Echo Staff: Intramurals: Shut-in Board: Co-op Class: Echo Dance Committee. Pet Affinity-Traveling. Pet Peeve-Mr. D. V. Smith. Ambition-To be a photographer. Laverne Smith wills a key to the Co-op's English Hand- book to Mr. D, V, Smith. -J N Ioan Steverding Dick Stewart I osephine Susnik Clarice Wade I., Nancy Spurrier President of Ceemoh Club' Hall Guard' Friendship Club: Intramurals, Aeolian Choir, President of Reporters Club. Etiquette Board: Knitting Club: Leaders Club: Echo Club: -Arts and Crafts Club: Hobby Show. Pet Affinity-Food. Pet Peeve-Dieting. Ambition-To be a successful secretary. Pat Ternll Camera Club: Stage Crew: President of Movie Club: Treasurer of Hi-Y: Hall Guard: Intramurals. Pet Affinity-A certain Andrews girl named Pat. Pet Peeve-Oil burning Ford's. Ambition To be a successful mechanic Pat Terrill wills his ability in automotives to Mr. Vollman. Choir: Whirlo Club: Friendship Club: Service to the Hobby Show: "Victory Home": "Thank You Doctor": Card Club. Pet Affinity-A certain Shore graduate in the Marines.. Pet Peeve--Trying to tell something to someone who is preoccupied. Ambition-To become a good nurse and go overseas with the Anny Nurse Corps. Ioan Steverding wills her red hair to Nancy Io Norton because she tried so hard. Dan Tirabasso President of Freshman Class: Freshman Football: Iunior Hi h Recreation Club: Intramurals: Hi-Y: P. A. Club: 9 Chief P. A. Operator: Baseball: Basketball Score Keeper: D Echo Sports Editor: Usher. Pet Affinity-Painesville. 'Ei Pet Peeve-Painesville. Ambition-Commercial radio. Dan Tirabasso wills his locker No. 8 in the lower hall. which always smells of perfume. to Bob Lyman. Hall Guard: Iunior High Recreation Club: Track: Danc- ing Club: "Victory Home": Hi-Y: Hobby Show: Card Club: Choir. Pet Affinity-Feather bobs. Pet Peeve-Silver threads among the black. Ambition-To keep on the good side of everybody. Dick Stewart wills "Little Joe" to Dolores Gribbons who can use him to pep her up in sad moments. Carol Verbsky Band: Friendship Club: Dancing Club: Intramurals: Echo Staff: Co-op Student. Pet Aifinity-A certain motorcycle and its owner. Pet Peeve-"Share-the-ride" drivers. Ambition-To be an aviatrix and enjoy life. Carol Verbsky wills her marks in "the little black book" to any unfortunate who does not have any. Pet Affinity-Convertibles. Pet Peeve-Mr. D. V. Smith. Ambition-To be a success. Josephine Susnik wills some of her iather's gasoline to Barbara Zuber who doesn't have enough. Friendship Club: Iunior High Recreation: Senior High Band: Senior High Orchestra: Iunior High Home Economics Club? Hall Guard: "Too Many Marys": Accompanist for soloists:-First Place in Flute Solo Contest: First Place in Flute Trio Contest: Flute Quartet: Flute Duet: Assistant Chairman in Vocational Guidance. Pet Aiiinities-The music oi Mozart and Beethoven and neat dressers.. Pet Peeve-Girls who wear clothes that are extra large in size. Ambition-To teach instrumental music in public schools and to be a flutist in a symphony orchestra. Clarice Wade wills Mr. Harper some peace and quiet at band and orchestra rehearsals. 13- j Ruth Walland Hall Guard: Reporters Club: Dancing Club. S.S.S. Club: Intramurals: Girls' Leaders Club: Friendship Club: Card Club: Knitting Club: Get Well Board. Pet Affinity-Good looking fellows with convertibles. Pet Peeve-Commercial course and its teacher. Ambition-To supervise jobs and enjoy life. Ruth Walland wills her small stature to Carol Barber. . " ,lf-vs. --Q. -.-QC"-L A., -sh .5-i Q 4 .-. ' A 1 . I . . I , Q- is if R 'I ,,. .1 '55, ' ,J ' ',3! fr s2'fTJ" ' fry ' ,vfcfig .4 if .' ' '-z-:slr N: ,Q-it .ff .0 z . ,argl ' f Q if L., fi" " ,ex " 'y 3 l- 3 1 , fi ' ' ' 9 'P' .J 1, 1 1, . - , . '42, ,':7z"' '-1 ..,, :Aus .,.- ' I-3 i 1 Lucille Wutchiett Dancing Club: Polka Club: Intramurals: Friendship Club: Card Club: Hall Guard. Pet Affinity-A bass player. Pet Peeve-To own my own dress shop. Lucille Wutchiett wills Bruno Pertecig to anyone in the Iunior Class who will keep up a conversation with him in his study halls. ' 11453 fp ' .Q""'1 ,' i -T - Q ,f if 5 ,ff New 12-A E ff ff M ' Art Carlson IN ABSENTIA Edward Santry -. - -h -ff:-.55-1 . " -1--it-L21-'--, : 'r-.:-f - Q . A' xii -.: N l it 10 'S ' C in-All -1 Ph ffl- f ling?- 3 SENIOR CASUALS QS' f ff 'N L XML in vs, Choir Track nj? T Football Bar. SH 34 Ai 5 an dA1r"f' 3 IK Q7 'fu' 12 -B Room 203 11,A Room 3 N 11-A Room 204 11-B ROGER HoMERooMs 11-A Room 6 IO-A Room 1 10-A Room 201 SB ' R00m 107 10 B - Room 106 9 A - Room 200 9 B - Room 103 l HUMERUOMS 10-A Room 208 9 A - Room 2 9A-Room? 9 B-Room 101

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