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v, .I W . ..' . 11 tv- .vi , N-f.-. L -- , . .. ,J ' I ' ' 1- ,"1fKi Q -.1 mf fs' sl -. ' Q, ., 1' , ' 2 T I 1' x,,'.vv-xt S-i 1 iwltlxf fb Ku .,. - .. "NI S . . 1.251 I I ., 1S33l!Xr, b1 3ff.y"-'f:'1fr?'+ , 'Il 4 ' Luc, , D "1 "1'!fwlv,v'gf , , a ' 1 :."j,'HF'a': ' .mf ' ' Q7 I ,tru a'l'?jf 5' . !.jr , 4 Yugi L: LA A , If. z Q XV, ' ' -'. ', K '.x".-- 4' 'Ji' s .r"!', -f,' , ,Ju ' 0 .,. "vx,f '. ."r' " 7' Y' '- J 'I -.5 x A-.V U ,. ' . Q .1'g,.e , It .V ' 9. w .1 -f. .I .-, e, . , 'J ' H ' ' ', " ,Jute 1 ,J1' " JI--,Q Q' Uq .' ,H.i':'n!5' It I w. -Yvfxj A '. JI ps'T.kfe4wf4" 1 K I .--1'P-N'-.fits K . X lg- H, ' s'- -5 A .J:'g.,k-if 1 .- ,,- a- f1,,i',!'1":f ' "A 1 4 is 6 Y 4 , , .--+L, H f ..A, ,.!.n'-'- g-, L' 3 r 4, it rs ,w 'Pill x ' , ' 1 gvf ' 'u 5 t "" fr ,., . H' 1 e , f , v ",:'D,." g v i - I Q. I ,- .I ' a-. 5 . x I 3 , . 1, rg f' 1 fx' .. 'KNIT "gl ' fLQ40 .1 . "ZF " 'S f 'xlib xr! 11" IQ : ':uf', A ,!."x ., j la' Trib NA-I 'N.,.','-11,17I.'k.j3ytl'rL it in ,iX."s'1.lff , -. ,x , xx. .. I-'ss ' '1'4"N-'Ya r 1 " . ' 'v..1". . ll Jn W3 Elf!! I eiy ,., - 1 ,1 An 1151 f. 4,. , Lf .1153 I :M 1' 1 ,',:'17' . fe"-'.' W" ff, ,151 ' ' k . g. "FQ I-.4 1' a ..-4-4.-'fl .F , Q-J l ' Au' 'J N .. A , , . kr , N-' 5 ' 4, x , . ' - 1 1 1 In 4 la- , ' . '.' ' , l n LH 'n . 't ifrfj, ."' sf., J. app 'zl . - I ,Q -.6 af--, .K 1' L I " L+' 'N I ,' aija, L if' 211' 'J gg -' ' ' Ah' - A ,- .HH T A- ' A . w t.6vIJ':f.gp7" P' 'ff Mfr"-'F A1 -v , . . I" . -u Jhbjii p if qv:-Q f ","'.- 2 ' 1-.111 x-31511: 'fig ,K . . ' .,.,y,'-Q'--'e,'1 ,gf - -- f .V I.. ,. .,.Lp,..-ibgsq 5-1 vu? .fi-,', wi GL., ,4 .. f- 'I ,f . '4 ,ffm-,.. - M A -ixfnff--.g,,4,, P V- "Q .'i'. P'. . if- --,.- gf Lazy i "1 4'-CQ, '-ggfffv ,'.ua"" K A 4' ,N ,.v.9wf,g,.,,-,' ' Vi' 'ff ' ' lf- 'f 1: -' , -f , vb - f - M 't'..'i.f:I' ', 7"? .. 7 J' . .4. rr' 12 T ilk,-., f V .I .3 .. It-,ji ,433 ,QX-dt.:-V iq--f -. ' '.',,R":7-V5 Y ' ' U' Fit." '5biHIgj.'L .fl 'ij ': zisrlg' V-V! "' "J L'.1Q'.- 4 ' 11" ".' iihg 5' -'V 1, J I pff , nf, 1.A . L, .- if :Q-4 fy Y Vw, .'f- ,. ge-5' ie1f': :If law '.si',--:x- , ,- .4 ' ns' 3 " 4 I' :r.g,g-- ,' QA e , I.. sy 14: 'Q 'F z.-rg , 61" f 391 if" 'L .alt V'-f" YQ? nn- -,V A "" f , ' "' 'I' E"-g'g?'j fi' 41. ' 75. '-"P" 'fwi1"'.'.!T- X M ' "Ag,-2 it 3, .Lee v ,f. Q 4+ fer uf ' Hg? - . w, ' - f. . - 4- ,I , Qi, l, ,A ,V-4 ir I., ru , -,V?,. t -Q 'f'-js.. if 'Q A 'AF' ' -1 2 '.' 'si-. '15-,'s'f'.7'4' 4. H?" ' -7' ' 'S f 1"f1,Va,'s,'. i4,f,kv',"?!'Q 751, ls"' ffl' , : " imc'-.2":f5g fi Eff i. "sei "ff '. ' 1' '-qv. -' 1 'a , 'R wr CY' HIP!-." :N "H E" B' x 1i,'H.3ifa,i-47 ,JF-' 'ff " V 'U.:'.1", ,AA,"A Z Tl' x af' f Q " i 'H ',.'..i Ln! '- V fl? tal .-3' -H.. ' 4 ', lr 'fl' ,.,, ."' 3 'M 1' a ' .M .1 - 'S' .+ 'S hy! ,Q -.-- , fe J K. v ' .' . I.. 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"'1.',f.nA.f.',f "" gf. lg 1 x f, X' A' fi fi' A., X-Tftitfgx -1 f ' f ' ?f"fx 3 1' .1091 N it "'H:.v5 4 LTR. nf ' TN 1. -1, 3- .. . . ', '-",. , ., W: ,ww',f f fffff W 1 x. J V- , n ' . 'J' .rw f ' 1 v- 'c 61: ,y 5,1 vj' -,X ,gy Hg 1 l I f.. A 9 , , 1 : 1 I 4. .u. .3 , 1 ' A 1 m ' y S X . E .1, V, -4- f. ' , . ' J. H. , I --, I. , -,- S24 . 1.. A Q P, .45 ,.Vga,,, , V, V ll- I ,L gr-Q-'JH,Al fl. V51--,gt ,Q,,4 a V I! -1 h V., 'Q' -, j 'f-'-,- 'sgfxi-f' H,-. L ' r ," 1.4 .,g-,life 'R qx?j.' 'Eh' + z -1 Q 1',,N N .54 ' xl ' ,V S xvll-k,4!L.M!l4A!e -. -,I -lm.-H.. RQ-,qnrs Y: . ' Q,fl':.+fl'+2?.- U19-'V' ' 24i"' A A q , W F2 .ga-e w X f, f f,5, -2' 1 , A , ,r .wx 'tg ,qui 1' 1 f .es ' .' ".f'.'fj2 gf.-f",..'z7. A . A I, ,- ' 'wfflt , 1' , is .4 Z' LVN -' 'f4"51?51 p , 1- ' ,.. . !.u., - ' - - '1fi-. , P V. f--.- Q,. . bW4.f 4- .1 ' ' ' I '!,-., ',l',1' V' ,3P'.. HI tl' v if fx, . ' - Q A f ,- . - -.:.-.-:, 'W' . ,ff .5!.--'iff-nl . wx!i"ifI,f M 4 "1 V 'H' 1 ,' f x4 gP'.".' 5E:1'Q v-V! .L f , n ',i ",r'T. 'li n','Q'p1 V Q 1 1'3,fgw-4+-' 1' ' ?a' 1.4-WY1 " I , ,,L"v'Nv ll' ,'f"S ' :"- 'fP?.9 221.61 J .I r' fb rl 1'-r 'lux' fi M Hi 7l,x,fQ.,5 fx 1-I!-7 -1lff'L3f'fb f ,S i 1 , ff- "K 14 j ,7 , ,. 4. Q y ,f.,N- .,I 1 ,fl lj, qt '-y -, W7-"1" Q 'fi !v,j . -fy ' I If ". r , 'I "qi 9158 4 1 K If 'uf ' J :Alfa If 1 Y The ff jgzzfzzer FQURTH YEARBQOK NUMBER cfffb, 41 BI! MN. ri g' I X , '31 K Y Published' by the Students Ui? Euclid High SQHIUUH EUCLID VILLAGE, OHIO fr foreword May the happy memories herein mirrored become more precious with the passing of each milestone. The Staff Dedzbaizbn To our teachers, who have opened to us so many gate- ways to a fmer, fuller life we dedicate this, our fourth yearbook. Conienzis The School Activities Athletics Hodge - Podge The School 3 llll' ffm Q3 'ni' aj i f k f' f 3 JN dc' 4 dy! 5 r. fi fl, mm W' '1 'N 1 9 f J Q fo ff 1,45 X, ' 4 4 "-2 I P if Va Q. 4' mf -gg Q7 jig-,J N- 'dfs '1 ' .I f 'W 5 AM, 4374 0 if v 'Q' ' 'AES in y 'X .sa'T' M sf? I if 5 i f 5. ,sg Q3 3 lg W Zi a rf- ' :Mis ." I E I V f V .gf - 'W' ff-ff ' " ' 4- N ......- Q . HV J . - if Il E? Z2 H H if n T V' N - Ah, -1,-. ,I ' ' .. x vm 1 1 -1: nv ' A- . U nm rv- --..,, 5 F , ,. -35 ,-A W, M X 575 -: W K W Q , 1 . , 5. rg- --. .A ,L - -- 4. S, U Q Pf!iIP:z1::f.- Ill IH M M ff M 53 L' "Eff ...W - - A - W ' 'fill' rf V-Kkagfrzg ggp-4 I f f, .:zL4:sf'p:Wrkf'3e-1:54 5 .pg A -,mfr IQ yah vv - ,fmt has ' V" " "1.. -15' 'W .A 5 ff?" A ' A. , I MEMRI R. fi ' , ...N V ,.,.w.,,-f' 'f ' Q ' ' ' A EUCLID HIGH SCHOOL Board wil? Education L. L. MARSHALL President N. J. BREWER Vice President j. LEONARD EVANS W. P. NEWTON GERTRUDE WITMER Clerk C11 WILBERT A. FRANKS, LB., A.B., MA. Superintendent of Schools The Faculty SEZ Cl! ROY B. SHARROCK, A.B., MA Principal of the High School THE BUZZER 1929 E-- 5. if--,,, of--.,, 7771, XM 4, 1 Xi. 1 - AGNES M. BURGESS, A.B. French-Latin RICHARD R. KEAY, A.B. Science GEORGE S. WOLFF, B.S. Science DOROTHY L. SIEGLING, A.B., M.A. English EVELVIA M. MEYER, A.B., M.A. Mathematics WELLINGTON G. FORDYGE, A.B. Social Science HELEN H. KING, B.S. Commercial Q -.-.,i-.+4.c.- eight If-A-M-M-THE BUZZER1929-hi--W I DAVID H. SUTTON, B.S. Biology-Social Science GERTRUDE M. CONE, A.B. Language-English H. BELLE HILL, B. Ped., D.S Domestic Arts ALFRED W. RADER Athletic Coach-Manual Arts CLARENCE SWACK HAMER, B.S. Physical Education MARY H. WALKER, A.B. Physical Education EDITH B. HORROCKS, A.B. English-Library IIIIZL in Ed. ig Q, if, inn., THE BUZZER 1929 --Q-M 19. ,4,,"f'4S ' up .Mf- MAUDE F. LAWS, A.B. Music CARL LEO Music BARBARA REHBURG Music GRACE E. HENRY Art EULALIA C. TAYLOR Nurse ALICE M. RESSLER Secretary to the Superintendent HESTER E. SPRAGUE Secretary to the Principal -E+ ten If -tail--14 THE BUZZER 1929 -il-I I, .... The Glass toll: 1929 WILLIAM FREDERICK HALL "Little Billl' Class President 4, Treasurer lg Student Council 4g Honor Societyg "Bab"g "Three Live Ghostsf' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4g Track 2, 3, 4g Operetta l, 2, 3g Football 3, 4g Basket- ball 4g Cheer Leader l, 2g Valedictorian 4. . , .,.., lax' flczfevi, JOHN F. WIDMER "Wid' Class Vice President 43 Athletic Association Treasurer 3g journalism 2. 33 Buzzer Cir- culation Manager 33 Salutatorian 4. 1 THE BUZZER 1929 t,3+-- We 'iffy iii" Win.- X-if 4 ,Qs 'Q I,,,- 'lf 'R' THOMAS j. CAITO "Ton1,' Patrick Henry 1, Baseball 1, 2, 3. VICTOR R. CIE CHANSKI "View Football 4. ROBERT L. CLEVELAND "Bob" Fostoria High 1, Orrville High 2. ARCHIBALD H. DANIELS "Archie" Glee Club I, 2, 3, Operetta l, 2, 3, Basketball Manager 2, Senior Quar- tet. GERTRUDE A. DUBER "Tudie" Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4, Operetta 2, 3, Journalism 2, 3, 4, Buzzer Feature Editor 3, Art Editor 4, Annual Art Editor 4, Leaders' Club 3, 4, Music Appreciation 2. CLAIR C. EMINGER "Sausagel' Football 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 4. HARRY L. GILES "Windy" Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, "Three Live Ghostsf' WILLIAM FOWLER HALL "Floahburn" Cleveland Heights High 1, Winter Park 1, 2, Student Council Secre- tary 4, "Bah," Glee Club 4, Oper- etta 4, journalism 4, Annual Snap- shot Editor 4, Assistant Football Manager 4, Basketball 4, Cheer Leader 3, 4, Senior Quartet. twelve THE BUZZER 1929 DOROTHY L. HATTENDORF "Dar" Student Council President 4, Honor Solciety, Athletic Association Secre- tary 3, 4, Class Secretary 2, Presi- dent 3, 'KBab," "Three Live Ghosts," C-lee Club 1, 3, journal- ism 3, 4, Buzzer Business Manager 4, Annual Business Manager 4, Basketball 3, 4, Captain 4, Leaders, Club 3, 4, Vice President 3. DOROTHY E. JAQUAYS "Dot" journalism 4, Annual Feature Edi- tor 4, Leaders' Club 3, 4, Vice President 4. ORMUSTON S. KLINE "Spec" Football 1, 2, 3, Manager 4, Bas- ketball 2, 3, 4, Student Council 4, Athletic Association President 4, Glee Club 3, 4, Librarian 4, Oper- etta 3, 4. RICHARD F. Koss "Dick" Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 4, Foot- ball 4. HELEN T. LAKE "Lake" Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Leader 4, Op- eretta l, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 4, Class Vice President 1, "Bah," Basketball 3, Leaders' Club 3. DOROTHY E. MACK EY f'Dotl' Collinwood 1, 2, Glee Club 3, 4, Operetta 3, Journalism 4, Annual Literary Editor 4, Leaders' Club 3, 4, President 4. FRANCES X. MURPHY "Fran,' Mayfield Central High 1, Student Council 4, "Bah," "Three Live Ghostsf' Glee Club 3, 4, Treasurer 4, Operetta 3, 4, Property Manager 4, Journalism 2, 3, 4, Buzzer News Editor 3, Editor-in-Chief 4, Annual Editor-in-Chief 4, Leaders' Club 3, 4, Secretary and Treasurer 4. Louis E. PETTI "Louie" Football 2, 3, 4, Baseball 3, Glee Club 4, journalism 4. f,l1'l'fL'L'lI '-an-' Aim-v 1-ng. x 'N ' :sv -'vw 1 Q V Y 3 i' 'sz w. .sg 'N if THE BUZZER 1929 LEONARD X. SADOSKY "Len'i Football 2, 3, 43 Basketball 2, 3, 43 Baseball l, 2, 3, 43 Track 1, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Leader 43 Op- eretta l, 2, 3, 43 Student Council 43 Athletic Association Secretary 43 Class Vice President l, Secretary 23 Senior Quartetg "Three Live Ghosts." ,IosEPi-1 G. SINTIC "Sal" Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 43 Base- ball l, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 2, 33 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Operetta 2, 3, 43 Senior Quartet. LILLIAN M. SOMNITZ "Lil" Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Operetta l, 2, 33 journalism 2, 3, 43 Circulation Manager 3, Feature Editor 43 Leaders' Club 33 Art 2, 4. ELMER E. SPRINGER "Omar" General Stage Manager l, 2, 3, 43 Class Secretary 33 Glee Club 43 journalism 2, 43 Buzzer Sport Edi- tor 43 Annual Sport Editor 43 Foot- ball 2, 3, 4. STEVE J. TREEEC "Prof" President, Rooters' Club 33 Glee Club 1. CHARLES E. WANSTALL "Chuck,' Class President 23 Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Operetta 3, 43 journalism 43 Baseball 23 "Three Live Ghosts." BINGHAM W. ZELLMER "Bing-gum" West High l, 23 "Bah," "Three Live Ghosts3" Football 4. l XVARREN C. ZELLMER "Coach" West High I, 23 Football 43 Track i 3, 43 General Stage Manager 4. l fuurtvvn T HE B U Z Z 15 R 1 9 2 9 -Aa A e Seirniicoir Qllatss lHIiisitforrfy fe F ING FOR A DAY! I-low true that is of the Senior. As we look back it U31 I doesn't seem possible that so many thrilling events and happy times could ii be crowded into four short years. Only three members of this year's graduating class started their education in dear old Euclid Central. They are Clair Eminger, joseph Sintic and Spence Kline. The rest of the twenty-six members joined enroute. We may be victorious but by no means is all the credit due to us. lt took the loving care of three hundred and ninety-three teachers to pilot us through twelve years of schooling. Without accounting for the many hours of detention or making allowances for the time out along the way, we estimate a grand total of 54,600 hours spent in the pursuit of learning. We expect to hear a great deal in the future of our fellow classmates of nineteen hundred and twenty-nine, for the splendid careers which some have chosen are highly commendable. Nursing, business teaching, and physical education all make their appeal to our class. Great has been the athletic prowess of this group for its members have formed the backbone of nearly all teams representing the school for the last four years. The girls have shone in basketball and the boys have been outstanding in all four sports. Five captains of teams have been chosen from the class during this time. In this field Coach Rader has endeared himself to everyone. In dramatics we have also been leaders. Each year we have given programs in Assembly which were indeed worthy of notice. Nlr. Bay directed them in our Freshman, Sophomore and junior years, while Mr. Keay took charge in our Senior year. Last year the junior Play, entitled "Bah", climaxed along the line of drama. Mrs. Siegling was the producer in that instance, and we are sure that the Senior Play, 'Three Live Ghosts", which she is directing this year will be a huge success. ln our Sophomore year our class was well represented both in the leads and choruses of the Operetta, "The Spring Maid". Last year, our junior year. we dominated the Operetta, entitled "Sweethearts", practically all the leads being juniors. This year for the first time in the history of the school, a modern musical show was given. As usual the Seniors held practically full sway. Four delightful parties and one glorious Prom have been given and we have proved ourselves to be entertaining hosts and hostesses. Our class as a whole has been very versatile, entering into all things with the vigor and enthusiasm of which Euclid Central has been so proud. lt grieves us greatly to leave this sheltering place of learning and the only thing that atones at all for our sorrow is the fact that we are young, have started on the right road. and have all of life opening out before us. flfft't'I1 r1e -aaa THE BUZZER 1929 gmiiiga- The Class of 11930 INCE the beginning of the school year in September, we have been enjoy- AIA jf ing, along with the Seniors, the title of upper classmen. It seems hard '7'?iH to believe that in one more year we will be through with high school forever. With the change from lower classmen to upper classmen came a change in our subjects also. Before we knew it, many of us were typing, taking down short- hand. and speaking French. We fully did our share as juniors in contributing athletes to our high school teams. Several boys made the football and basketball teams, and half the members of the girls' basketball team were juniors. Our class did not show up well in the cast for the operetta this year but our contribution to the orchestra and band made up for what our voices may lack. Our class has been guided through this important year of our high school life by Ernest Kovarik, our president: Rosalind Fouts, vice presidentg Willard Billhimer, secretaryg and Wayne IVlcCandless, treasurer. Nlr. Sutton, our new sponsor, deserves much credit and thanks for the interest he has taken concerning our studies and social life. The big event of the year to which we had looked forward since we were Freshmen, was the junior play, "Kempy," given by the llA's and the llB's. This was so well liked that we are already dreaming of greater dramatic laurels next year. itil ' i mir Si.t'ft'C - eii--E- T H E B U Z z E it 19 2 9 fa The Glass off 19311 E SOPHOMORE classe of ye year of Grace one thousand nine hundred wi., , X and twenty-nine with all or nearly all of its former members and some of rgwciil ye new ones meets again in ye olde meeting place, Euclide Highe Schoole. These delvers into ye Englishe Grammer and students of ye writtings of Euclide and Caesare be much haughty and arrogant tword ye greene freshmen and e'en do not deign to follow ye ancient and honorable custom of putting ye impertinent freshmen in their owne proper places. But these Scholars be possessed of much originality, which is shown in ye classe party. Many of ye fierce looking buccaneers and swashbucklers doth abound on the scene of ye great festival, and great enjoyment prevaileth among all ye merrie revelers. An abundance of effort beeth expended in basketball contests and in football jousts, and ye actors display good ability in "Ye Eligible Nlr. Bangs." Lady Ruth Walton is ye gracious Queen of the meetings and beeth ably assisted by Sir Stewart Bohn. Mistress jane Gibbs keepeth an intent eye on all doings and Sir john Shea taketh in keeping all moneys needed to carry on ye classe business. Then, with much suddenness, ye Euclid High beeth confronted with ye glaring red sweaters of ye Sophomores of the year of Grace, 1931. Thereupon ye horizon remaineth very red for many a long day. i SC"l'L'lIfL'L'Il P-ei-rg THE BUZZER1929 ?lig+.- Tlhe QTQISS of 19352 N THE morning of September 10, 1928, the "Freshies" marched up the H north stairs in a body for the hrst time in their young and sheltered lives. 'Eli One by one they tiptoed timidly through the doorway of Room 17, and, walking up to Miss Burgess, the babes announced themselves. They were assigned hard wooden seats, which seemed to them to be places of torture with their books, the grinning demons who daily twisted the whipcord tighter about their tender heads. After more than a month of this horrible ordeal, the infants were judged sane enough to vote for class officers. june Bradley was elected President, while Lyman Pennington carried off the position of Vice President. Eugene Amorosi was appointed official pencil-pusher, and upon Charles Musgrave was bestowed the honor of guarding the royal treasure. An assembly play, "Station YYYY", by Booth Tarkington, given by the Fresh- men on February 17 under the direction of Miss Meyer, the class sponsor, marked the debut of the future dramatic stars of the high school. The Freshman Party was held on March 16. Refreshments, which consisted of green lemonade, sandwiches, and cake, were served, and, as they say in the movies, "a good time was had by all". Thus did the lowly Frosh break into society life at "dear old Euclid". L'TflllfL'CIl Activities F- fffsw WW ,X QM N M S I I Anna I g'g i Q. X T -'-'f X 1 'P x AEM' xx NN '-rsZ,1 ,IN - H S U 'R .. V. wxx N Z' 123 X U- , 1 u .1 iii- THE BUZZER1929 Nantitoimatll Htoimtoir Sfoiciieity - wuunaua-ni Y L 5 1 Q ,,"S ' fe-Q 6 Established in 1924 5. HE National Honor Society was organized for the purpose of developing 5 the four qualities of leadership, character, scholarship, and service. Lead- ership means the ability to take the lead in all measures tending toward the betterment of conditions in and out of school. Character is the general all around moral development necessary to a real man or woman. Scholarship is just what its name signifies. Service means the cheerful and wholehearted giving of support in those different fields constituting school activities such as athletics, dramatics, and the like. The society in taking charge of Assembly programs endeavors to keep them at an interesting, intelligent level. Another purpose of the organization is to develop a better and more cooperative relation between the student body and the faculty. Thus, in combination with the school, it endeavors to turn out better types of young men and women. 1924 William Hetrick 1925 Grace Pinney 1926 Cleotha Cook Paul Kurtz 1927 Alberta Laufer 1928 Ruth Davis Helen Gibbs Neil Schroeder 1929 William Frederick Hall Ernest Kovarik Carl Schroeder Concetta Ranellucci Theodora Deringer Easter Sanger Henry Koll Henry Powers Dorothy Hattendorf Faculty Sponsor ..,...........,.r....... Miss Burgess 'H------THE BUzzEn19z9 -,., Ty.a ,.- Student Qotunnciill -J E. HE Student Council of Euclid Central was formed at the beginning of the school year 1928-29. It is made up from representatives from each room with Miss Burgess and Mr. Sharrock as sponsors. Its officers are Dorothy Hattendorf, Presidentg Ernest Kovarik, Vice Presidentg Wm. Fowler Hall, Secretary. The main accomplishment of the year has been the compiling of a hand-book, the first ever attempted at Euclid. During the first semester a committee from the council assisted with assembly programs. Next year should bring a larger Held of activity for this organization. STUDENT COUNCIL MEMBERS W. Frederick Hall Spence Kline Helen Lake Frances Murphy Lenard Sadosky Ruth Walton S' tm Ruth Phypers june Bradley Marjorie Scott Lois Hawk Carl Weston Sybil Scott ix... . ii .x Q if . w i fturllfy-0110 Wi ...,.,, S . M vi ,V.g,.,.- A .,.. M Q, 5 mv vs ' f 'Y . V r -ma. as. A -'t+ x THE BUzzER19z9 ml1ga.- Giiirllsg Glee Club HREE specialty dancers were included this year in the personnel of the Girls' Glee Club which has been under the leadership of Helen Lake, aided by Gertrude Duber as secretary, Frances Murphy as treasurer, Lillian Somnitz as librarian, and Ova Latshaw as accompanist. The first appearance of the year was in November when dance numbers, a group of songs-"The Rosary", "O Sole Mio" and "My Evaline"-and selections from "Babes in Toyland" made up the program. At Christmas time "Adestes Fideles," l'Bring A Torch," "The First Noel" and "Holy Night" were sung at the candle-light carol service, which has become an annual tradition in our school. The grand finale of the year has been the musical comedy, "Going Up," our first attempt to stage a modern musical show. It is with regret that the Girls' Glee Club faces the coming year without the presence of Mrs. Maude F. Laws who for many years has been the director. For her we wish good luck and all happiness. f I 1 ft?-944 T H 13 B U 2 Z E it i 9 2 9 -if - Boys? Gllteie Clliuilb NDER the direction of Nliss Barbara Rehberg, fourpart music received Q emphasis this year in the Boys' Glee Club. The club as a whole made its gh appearance in October, singing the "Tinker Song" and "Theres Music in the Air." During rehearsals, several songs were worked upon, one of them being the "Heidelberg Stein Song." The quartet picked by IVliss Rehberg for the athletic banquet proved so success- ful that it has since made appearance upon several occasions: at the banquet, at an assembly program given later in the season by the Senior Class, and twice for the Community Club, once at Christmas and again in April. Because the members of the quartet are Seniors, it has been given the title of "The Senior Quartet." The members are Leonard Sadosky, first tenor, joe Sintic, second tenor: Archie Daniels, baritone, and William Fowler Hall, bass. "Going Up" the musical comedy of the year, offered splendid opportunity to the leading voices of the club, and the boys have received much praise for their work. The business of the club has been under the management of Leonard Sadosky, leader, Spence Kline, librarian: Vincent Caito, treasurer, and Edward Coltrin, secretary. I vrlilhx'-tlii'i'i' M-she!-4+ THE BUZZER 1929 -l,ja-- 'l6Goiiin1g Upgg A MUSICAL COMEDY Presented by the Musical Clubs of Euclid High School April 12, 1929 MALIDIZ FAETKENHEUER LAWS ........ .,...,.. G eneral Director ERWIN KING cc........,,,,,.,....,...,.s ....... M usical Director CAST OF CHARACTERS Miss Zonne, A Telephone Girl ..,,,,.....,,s,,ss c,ccc,,c, V iolet Ressler john Gordon, Manager of "Gordon Inn ",.,,ccc ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, j oe Sintic F. H. Douglas, A Chronic Bettor ...o.,,.... .....,.c E dward Scheuring Mrs. Douglas, His Wife ........,.,.......,.......s,......,.,,........,............ ........... R uth Walton jules Gaillard, an Aviator, Their Prospective Son-in-law ,cccccc ,,ccc,,,, L enard Sadosky Grace Douglass, His Fiancee cccc.,......cccc.......,,ccc.,.....,.......... Madeline Manners, Her Chum ccc...... Hopkinson Brown, Her Fiance ...,.,..,,ssss. Robert Street, Author of "Goin uv gUp cc.,... james Brooks, His Publisher ,.,,,,,,c,cc,, Sam Robinson, A Mechanician ,...,.., Bell Boys ccccc ...,,,,..Helen Lake .,........Ruth Phypers ...........Charles Wanstall William Fowler Hall ,..............james Stinson .................Spence Kline Chandler Humphrey Carl Laufer Anton Sintic joe Korencic C l Louis French, Mechanician ..,.,,cS...,.....,,........s....,c,.....,c,,. cc,.,,cccceccc H oward Clasen Chorus Boys: E. Coltrin, W. McCandless, K. Green. Chorus Girls: Misses Shotsinger, Murphy, Latshaw, Harmon, Scott, Brewer, Masters, Simmons, Scott, Daus, Rogers, Twiss, johns, Knuth, Gibbs, Caito. Maude Dance Chorus: Annie Lebar, Rosalind Fouts, Betty Wedler, Marjorie Loop, Wilma Dickson, Betty Clulee, jean Kupfer. Betty Lebar. Orchestra: Piano, Miss Rehbergg Violins, L. Collins, C. Bantelg Cornets, R. Miller, H. Gilesg Clarinets, E. Kovarik, A. Pray, Tuba, Paul McCormickg Drums, Mr. Leo. lrwlily-fiiilr' fgnlu-Q THE BUZZER 1929 Agg Wia- OTCMCSTTQ g O WEDNESDAY assembly period would be complete without the orchestra, with its peppy entrance marches and the gay exit music whose strains ,, linger long in Auditorium and hallway. Under Mr. Leo, the conductor, sight reading has been developed to a high degree. This, of course, makes possible a larger repertory than formerly. The violin group is not very large. Nlr. Leo is pleased, however, with the way in which it keeps up its standard with Walter Nlassakatto and joseph Gombach playing first violins and Rudolph Nlassakatto, second violin. The clarinet and cornet groups are a little larger. The clarinets are headed by Ernest Kovarik, who also is the assistant conductor, Alfred Pray and Thomas Kline. The cornet group is composed of Harry Giles, james Stinson and Carl Laufer. The playing of the cornet group is excellent. The saxophone group is the largest, composed of Edward Coltrin, Edward Scheuring, Kenneth Green, and Herbert Bunnard. Mary Alice johns takes care of all the drums. Betty Wedler, pianist, has been a great help as has also Miss Cone, who has been assistant sponsor and pianist. ttwzilybfizw -ft?- THE BUZZER1929 The Band THE beginning of the year, band officers consisting of a leader, secretary- treasurer, and librarian were elected. They were james Stinson, Kenneth Green, and Edward Coltrin, respectively. Ruth Walton was appointed the first Drum-Major. During this year. advanced military marching regulations were introduced. The band made its first appearance of the year at the dedication of the new football field. lt played at all home games thereafter, helping immensely in the singing. In combination with Shore's band it helped to dedicate their new field at the Euclid-Shore football game. ln concluding an eventful season, it made a splendid showing at the Decoration Day exercises. The personnel consisted of: Mr. Carl Leo, directorg james Stinson, Harry Giles, jr., Carl Laufer, and Wayne IVlcCandless, comets, Alfred Pray, Thomas Kline, Anton Kovacic, and Ernest Kovarik, clarirzetsg Edward Scheuring, Kenneth Green, Edward Coltrin, and Richard Kline, E flat alto saxophonesg Miss Houston, tromboneg june Bradley and Ethel Simmons, alto horns: Herbert Bunnard, bassg and Mary Alice johns and Prescott Fouts, drums. . af V Qi .'-.' i an Y X , A G I g A::- v H C3 ' LA , 'i W fl!" V C' Q " V, - 1611 B-. A 3 5 A ' gt, Q X , Y v. X 4 rl s - 5 it l' WI. , lag X5 A is 'ri Ii A ,L twenty-six Ruth Bence ,, ,,. "Dad" Bence ., . "Ma" Bence Jane Wade ...... THE BUZZER 1929 ee 66lKfeImpiy'9 By J. C. AND ELLIOTT NLIGENT JUNIOR PLAY February 9, 1929 Directed by David H. Sutton Lewandoski .....LNorman Bradley t,,,,.Elizabeth Scott ..............Ruth Walton Ben Wade .,,, L ttt. Walter Nlassakatto Katherine Bence t.tttt ...,t.t R osalind Fouts "Kempy" James .....,t,.tttt B ruce Allen "Duke" Merrill .....,..Edward Scheuring Three Live Ghosts By FREDERICK S. ISHAM AND MAX IVlARcIN SENIOR PLAY May 17, 1929 Directed by Dorothy L. Seiglirzg Mrs. Gubbins, known as "Old Sweetheart" ,,tt,,,,,,,tt..,,.tt, .L.,,.Frances Murphy Peggy Woofers .I................................................... ............,, J ean Kupfer Bolton, of the American Detective Agency ..,..... ........, C harles Wanstall Jimmie Gubbins ................................................. . ........ Lenard Sadosky William Foster alias "William Jones" ..... Spoofy .................................................. . Rose Gordon Et.,.........,,....tLtt.. , Briggs, of Scotland Yards .,..,,,.. ..... Benson ....................,.............. .... ..L.,Kenneth Green L...,,.Ernest Kovarik .,......D0ris Simmons Frederick Hall .Bingham Zellmer Lady Leicester ..L.,... ................. D orothy Hattendorf Policemen ............. ...... H arry Giles, Wilfred Jaffray -1-W1-1 THE BUZZER 1929 lbeattllersg Clliuilb -ll-IIS year the Leaders' Club has accomplished more than any year before socially, musically, tdon't you remember our orchestra?'l and financially. The social side of the club included a get-together party, a weiner roast, and, as a climax, a party given in honor of the Shore Leaders' Club. A clever little "Kitchen Kabinet K'Orchestra" in full uniform presented a selection of popular songs woven into story, and, has been talked about ever since. Since this is the first year Euclid has had two gym periods a week for the girls, Leaders' Club has found its field of activity greatly enlarged, and the officers, Dorothy Mackey, Dorothy jaquays, and Frances Murphy have found their duties correspondingly increased. Tlbite lliiiuizzreir THE MAGAZINE For seven years the mimeographed magazine, published once each six weeks, has been the means of recording the events of Euclid school life. Art covers, a larger magazine, and the point system of credits have been the distinguishing characteristics of the present year's work. Aided by a reporting staff of twenty, the following students have been responsible for the publication of the magazine: Editor-in-Chief-Frances Murphy Feature Editor-Lillian Somnitz Literary EditorvElizabeth Scott Assistant Feature-Bruce Allen News Editor-Norman Bradley Circulation-Charles Wanstall Sports EditoreElmer Springer Bus. Manager-Dorothy Hattendorf THE YEARBOOK The Yearbook is four years old. The present edition contains several features, namely a larger book, a faculty picture section, a greatly enlarged sports section and an alumni list. The book has been compiled through the efforts of the Senior members of the journalism class, although other members of the Senior class assisted in the sports section. The business staff was made up of juniors, with a Senior as manager. The Staff was as follows: EditoreeFrances Murphy Snapshot Editor5W. Fowler Hall Literary Eclitorelborothy Mackey Bus. Manager5Dorothy Hattendorf Sports Editorelilmer Springer Solicitors5Betty Wedler, Betty Le- Art Editor-Gertrude Duber bar, Ruth Walton, Wanda Lewan- Artist-Bruce Allen doski, Elizabeth Scott Calendar-Dorothy jaquays ' I r ity-my it Athletics Q "" - XE - --Q ' f 1 Jw A W 3 J. rn., .Xu N x I P .:n : i:3If ' ' Q B? THE BUZZER 1929 Football EUCLID CENTRAL 31-WEST COMMERCE O. Euclid Central opened the football season with a I A bang by defeating a strong West Commerce aggrega- tion in Central's first game of the season at Washington Field in a G.C.C. feature. After a slow start the Lions gained momentum and swept down the field time after time to amass a total of five touchdowns. Commerce's strong line was battered to pieces by Central's Herce attack. EUCLID CENTRAL 36-BRUSH 0. With the final score standing at 36 to 0, Euclid Central successfully overcame the second barrier in their march to a third G.C.C. cup by defeating Brush High. Throughout the game Brush kept up a strong passing attack which at one time put them within scoring distance but their line plunges were ineffective and they failed to score. Four of the Lion's tallies were the result of line plunges and short end runs while the other two were a pass and a return of a kick. I EUCLID CENTRAL 56-SI-IORE 0. Repeating the feat of the pas-t several years Euclid Central again did the land- slide act over Shore High, her neighbor on the north, and effectively silenced any doubts as to the Centralites' ability to play football. During the game Capt. Sintic indulged in a scoring spree running up a total of five touchdowns. Credit should also go to the Central second string who took an active part in the orgy. Q , 2 Q t ilu!! 5 - ' 'ref - , 1' I ' ,if , . , . ' I 1 -t ' K ly' i, l 1 1 iitln. X- I I lfnrly -afl?+-1 THE BUZZER 1929 4-4 j EUCLID CENTRAL 32 SHAKER 0 I t Euclid Central hung another E, scalp on her belt by defeating her old rival Shaker in the Lions' fourth conference game of the season. Straight foot- ball, line plunges and end runs were the Centralites' mainstay during the game, Shaker put up a spirited resistance but was unable to stop Euclid's powerful scoring machine. EUCLID CENTRAL 0-JOHN MARSHALL 7 Euclid Central's gridders received a telling blow when they met defeat at the hands of john Marshall-the first defeat against the team in more than three years. A trick formation fooled the Lions and a pass batted into I-Iolliday's hands resulted in a score for Marshall. In an attempt to score Sintic received a pass over the goal line but the play was called illegal and the score did not change, A heavy rain and several inches of mud on the field slowed down the game. EUCLID CENTRAL SSYLONGWGOD O Staging a comeback from the defeat of the week before Central's inspired team walloped a strong team from Longwood to the tune of 38 to 0. Longwood stood practically no chance at all and presented a battered appearance when the Hnal whistle blew. This game marked the finish of the G. C. C. season and left Euclid Central tied with West Commerce for first place. so ' EUCLID CENTRAL ssweisoronp o i A plucky team was downed when Bedford, a member of the Trolley League, was defeated in an independent tilt. Central held the whip hand from the start of the game and scored repeatedly through Bedford's line. The gameness and the good sportsmanship of the South Siders was distinctly noticeable during the game. - EUCLID CENTRAL I9 LINCOLN O Although outweighed ten pounds per man the Central grid aggregation once more demonstrated its supremacy by downing Lincoln, a member of the Senate, in the final game of the season. The outstand- ing feature of the game v. as the defensive work of the Lions' line. Upon one occa- sion the Lincoln ball carriers were thrown for better than twenty yards in losses, in four attempts to advance the ball. tlrirfy-mit' 'I-1lTm THE BUZZER19Z9 -1-Mlm-ye- ! W1 HONOR ROLL Euclid placed the usual number of men on the myth- ical elevens. At the begin- ning of the season, every boy went out to do his best, and as everyone cannot make the honor roll, the city newspapers and coaches have chosen the men that have shown up best on the gridiron. The boys from our school picked for one of these honor positions are: joe Sintic, jack Shea. Lenard Sadosky, Elmer Springer, Wm. Fred. Hall, Louis Petti. THE TEAMS VARSITY Posmow Petti .............. r..... L . End s.... Springer ..........,. ...,ss. L . Tackle .. B. Zellmer .....,,. ,,,.... L . Guard ,.,,.. Hall ............., ..,,s, C enter ,L,. Koss .L..,.....,....,.. .,..... R . Guard ...... Caito .....,.................. ,.,,,.. R . Tackle ....,. V. Cie Chanski ...... ..L...... R . End ........... Sadosky ............... ,..,. Q aarterback Shea ..................... ,,,,,,.. Eminger ....,.,.................,,,,,..,..,, j. Sintic, Captain .L,.......,,..,,,,,,,,.. R. Halfback L. Halfback Fullback ...... ALRED W. RADER tOh1o UNIV., ....................... C. SWACKHAMER tOhio Univ. J .................. SPENCE KLINE, WM. F. HALL ........ i SECOND TEAM L. Cie Chanski Cole W. Zellmer A. Sintic Scheuring Kovarik Wadsworth Korencic Bunnard ....................Clasen Kinstler Coach .........Assistant Coach .......Studerzt Managers 1 R. R. KEAY fM1amiJ ................... ......... F aculty Manager . ' is , l lf L R l ' A ' X l ,ff 0. . A L . QL L. I '. Llc. C A tl11'rty-Iwo "ii-H? THE BUZZER1929 e-F-----J-lab Baislketballll i F if 1 INCENT CAITO, who was captain during the iv season of 1928-1929, led the red and white in scor- ing. He played both a good defensive and offensive game, and always was a threat to the opponents. Eminger, Sadosky, Shea, Kovarik, Wm. Fowler Hall, Wm. Frederick Hall, and L. Wadsworth also aided him during the year, these boys forming a strong combination. Euclid, after losing its first three non-conference games to Bedford Q32-169, Lincoln Q57-341, and the Alumni, broke into the winning column by defeating its bitter rival, Shore, by a 24-20 score. As the score indicates the game was a close fight until the end, Euclid winning out at the last whistle. The following week Euclid was defeated by Brush 35-30 in an interesting game, but came back and defeated a strong Spencerian team and continued by crushing Marshall 34-18. On February 8, Euclid again played Shore. This game proved to be the thriller of the season, Shore winning 20-17 in the last minutes of play. Coach Rader, started his second string boys, who played nearly the entire game because the varsity was scheduled to play a postponed game with Longwood the following evening. Euclid finished its season by losing three straight conference games to Long- wood, Q34-17J, Shaker Heights, Q24-185, and to Commerce, winners of the G. C. C. title by a 33-25 score. Euclid Central scored 256 points to the opponents' 318 for ll games, and ended up with a percent of .272 for the season. L ,,. . . Q1 ML- tli irfy-il:1't'v THE BUZZER 1929 i iga.- THE SECOND TEAM Euclid Centra1's second team, led by Captain Eminger, who starred in every game, had a successful season losing only three games. Bedford, Brush, and Shaker were their only stumbling blocks, the other opponents being defeat- ed by large scores. Hanslik, Carter, Korencic, Zellmer, Cie Chanski, and Kulwinskas, helped Eminger to make it a successful season. THE TOURNAMENT In the Northeastern Ohio Class B Tournament at Brush High, March 1 and 2, Euclid Central did not fare so well. Euclid drew Avon High for the afternoon but Avon forfeited the game. Mayfield, the winner of the Columbia-Mayfield game, defeated Euclid Central in the evening, but in turn lost to Rocky River Class B winners. INTRA-MURAL GAMES lntra-mural Basketball was inaugurated at Euclid Central during 1928-1929. These games always drew a large body of followers and were hotly contested. A gold trophy was presented to the team winning the championship. The Senior team, captained by Speck Kline, a former varsity man and consisting of joe Sintic, Springer, Wanstall, Trebec, Cleveland, and Daniels, won the title. The juniors were runners up to the Seniors for the trophy. Wrtestling . UCLID is apparently the home of champions. Mr. Swackhamer made champion wrestlers of joe Sintic and "Dick" Koss. Dick threw his first man from West High in 3 min., 25 sec. His elbow was injured in this match but the next day he played to a draw and two periods of overtime with a West Tech man. He won third place. joe threw his men from West High and West Tech in 2 min., 5 sec. and 1 min., 15 sec.. thus winning the city championship in the 160 lbs. class. The other , fellows on the team, jack Za- A gorc-140 lbs., Charles Kulwin -130 lbs., Walter Massakatto -120 lbs., joseph Gumbachu 110 lbs., and William Petti- IOO lbs., are all scrappin' youngsters who will bring I more cups to Euclid's case ,J next year. t1r1'r'ty-four 11+-4-i THE Buzzua 1929 a?Y t5fm Batscebatllll Q, UCLID, in the spring of 1928, proved as successful in Baseball as in Foot- ball, and won the Cuyahoga County League Championship. Bedford, the team which won the championship the year before, proved to be the toughest foe. At the end of the scheduled number of games Euclid and Bedford were tied for the championship, each team having lost one game to the other. ln order to decide the championship a play off was necessary. The game was played at University School, a neutral field, because the teams had met on their own fields in the two games they had already played. Euclid won this closely contested game, 6 to 5. The cup which we received was the Hrst. But we are hoping for many more in the future. Only two regulars will not be available for the 1929 lineup: Russell Hanslik, the captain of the championship teamg and William Martens, catcher. The other teams in the league are Euclid, Shore and Brush. Euclid and Bedford played seven games while the other two teams played six. THE SCHEDULE Euclid ,....... ......e 5 Bedford ..... ,o,. 3 Euclid c...... 14 Shore cccc,cc ccccc 5 Euclid ......,c occcl,, 9 Brush, to c,.. u S Euclid ......., ,,o,... 1 1 Shore cccccc ccccl 3 Euclid c,...... ..,.... 3 Bedford ccccccc ccc.c.,. 1 2 Euclid ccc,.csc 3ctsc,, 9 Brush iccc.. r.,, 6 Euclid ccc,.ccc 33ccccc.cc3,ccc.,c,. 6 Bedford .,......i...ccc...,., .... 5 5 5 N M- as I1 ...g5, A P X , 1- 'Zhi X -X35 fl.1'rly,jI7'i' -QTL?-I THE BUZZER 1929 - -liw THE TEAM by Q f Euclid Central had a good I :gg hitter and a fast, clean fielder A-Qrsi imm, 4 in Captain Russell Hanslik, who had played three years on . J i,,, the Euclid nine. Clair Em- f at Eg inger, who played shortstop was lead off man and a .400 hitter. Left field was guarded by a very able player, Vincent Caito. joe Sintic, third baseman and Euclid's best batter, was a constant danger to opposing pitchers. Lenard Sadosky played the keystone sack. Laurence Wadsworth divided his time between pitching and right field. jack Shea, playing his first year, held down the initial bag. Dick Koss, pitching ace, won live games for the champions. The list of batteries was completed by our backstop, William Martens. Floyd Hanslik in right field, Carl Laufer at second base, jack Cole at third, and Anthony Sciarillo, utility infielder, completed the roster of Euclid Central's first championship team. Tlratclk HE track season of 1927 was the busiest Euclid Central has enjoyed. Lead by Capt. Bernard Sadosky, the track team was entered in many dual meets and in a triangular meet, with Euclid Central, Longwood and Brush partici- pating. Euclid Central finished first with a total of 47 1f3, Longwood second with 40 U3 and Brush third with 20 lf3. On May ll, 1928 the G. C. C. track meet was held at Shaker field. Euclid Central finished fifth, B. Sadosky, L. Sadosky, j. Shea and H. Clasen winning honors. I One week later, May 18, ,N Euclid Central entered the dis- trict track meet at Lakewood ,M-' field with B. Sldosky, L. Sa- dosky, and Vincent Caito quali- fying for the state meet at ,J :nk Q Columbus. L. Sadosky won .g , , I - third place iii the low hui-ales. 1 2 1 - ' 'wi A "' tllirfy-Ji. -if-MgMi- THE BUZZER 1929 Giiirllsg Bansllmetbaillll N SPITE of an unsuccessful basketball year the Euclid Girls came through smiling with their captain, Dorothy Hattendorf. The team was young gf-gif ' and inexperienced, which promises good material next year, when the girls are planning for a non-losing season. The first game was a practice game in which Wickliffe won 40-6, but next the Alumni had a hard time getting the game 23-19. The real season started with Shore gaining the 24-10 win, and then Brush surprised us by having a huge center who won their game 28-9. When Mayfield came to visit us, we treated them fine by letting them win 2.3-10. Our motto "Treat 'em nice, and beat 'em nice" didn't quite fill the quota then. Bedford didn't gain an easy victory over the girls, but just barely managed a 15-11 win when a long shot of theirs sank through the basket. Shores team was in its prime and didn't allow Euclid to interfere with their record when they took the game 34-7. Next in line were the Bedford girls again who vxon 18-8. Last but not least was the very close Brush game. This time our girls let their opponents register an 18-16 victory. The positions were as follovisz Forwards: jean Kupfer, 3303 Ruth Walton, '31 3 Ruth Daus, 1313 Ruth Phypers. '31, Guards: Dorothy Hattendorf, '29g Rosalind Fouts, X303 Violet Ressler, '31g Betty Lebar, '3O. Hiii 15'-,r if-+4-1 THE BUzzER1929 -ikigam Nautiitoirnalll Aitlhllfeitiic Sclhfolltatirslhiip So-.ciietty Mg - HE local chapter of the National Athletic Scholarship Society of Secondary Schools was established at Euclid Central High one year ago by an act of the Athletic Association. Eligibility to membership in this society is limited to those boys earning an athletic letter in one of the four major sports or letters in two minor sports, whose average in their school work for three consecutive semesters is equal to or higher than the general average of the school, and who have exemplified the highest type of citizenship and sportsmanship. The following boys have been elected to membership in the society: Vincent Caito Ernest Kovarik William Fowler Hall Lenard Sadosky William Frederick Hall Elmer Springer Richard Koss Bingham Zellmer Warren Zellmer The Atlhlltetic Assocziiautiioinl HE Athletic Association has been a standard organization for six years. Its purpose is to promote vigorous and healthy athletic contests, to create a true school spirit and to uphold high character ideals. As a result of these principles Euclid, as far as athletics are concerned, stands out as one of the finest schools in greater Cleveland. .At the four meetings which the Athletic Association had this year, several important points have been decided under the leadership of Spence Kline, president, and his cabinet, Lenard Sadosky, Edward Coltrin, and Mr. Rader. Spring sports have received more attention this year and a big dance has been planned as a bene- tit for the track and baseball squads. It was decided to give medals and member- ship in the National Athletic Honor Society to all those who had earned a letter in sports and whose grades were above the average. The awarding of all athletic letters still remains the same. ' tliwfv-mrlllt Hodge-Podge 5 J 'fo H fl MXN f u , Q1 XX Vx HI 11 --T ' ' ' T 15' get fg mweugw' fig' VI 51.4. -- --gz, f - 1-+?'4"' LV, , ffm, X ' "' "mu, as X - Q in-W ' 'Vs WC THE BUZZER 929 J: Ei il! 52 ii! Qhbgkm-it gnu. " A 'fri'-' ' , Q 1 . A N ' ff, gi, V E 5 :Q X Nl .PX 'Q I K i -VXI' ., fn 7 41 .Ji 3 'Q fb: cf J ....v.-.P IE! 5s: ' T'5E 'idx ' ' 4 1 wr ------TTHZBUZZER1929-------dk' Callfeinfdlaur "Time is a file that wears and makes no noise." SEPTEMBER -School again. Quite a few new teachers. -Seniors have first class meeting. Elect officers. Robert Vail arrives. Ain't he cute? "Dot" jaquays entertains Senior girls at her cottage. Mrs. Walker chaperones. OCTOBER -Commerce helps us to a successful football season by losing, 31-0. journalism class entertained in assembly. Big hght!! Kid Phypers vs. Battling Fouts. -Played Brush 36-0, in our favor. Nice day for our Dedication Game. -The Glass Blowers. Girls go out Basketball for first time this year. Coach, Miss Cone. -Pretty tough for Shore when we win, 55-0, on their Dedication Day. Sophomores strut proudly forth in their new "193l" sweaters. -Beat Shaker 32-0. Rain, Rain, and more Rain. -N. E. O. T. A. meeting in Cleveland. No school. Wish they had them oftener. -Childhood Days! Girls' Glee Club. NOVEMBER -Marshall springs a surprise. Beat us 7-0. -Sophomores give an elaborate Pirate Party. Plenty of fun and lots of eats is what we crave. -Hoover Beats Smith. That's where my shekels go. -Longwood 0, Euclid 38. just like that. They'll be a HOT time in Euclid tonight. Rah! Rah! Rah! -Bedford bows to us on a slushy Held 38-0. -Athletic Benefit Dance. Swell time. -Senior Rings arrive. They are beauties. DECEMBER -Athletic Banquet. Red and White decorations. Lots of good eats, and songs by the boys' quartet. -Mr. Sutton encourages a moustache. Christmas vacation begins. Who said there wasn't any Santa Claus? -"Dot" Mackey entertains, Leaders' Club at her home. Lets play "Ghost" JANUARY -School again. New teacher, Miss liorrocks. -Everyone has the flu! -Shore wins both basketball games. Girls, 24-103 Boys, 24-20. -Mrs. Walker throws big party for Leaders' Club. They had a wonderful time. Xl 1-QT'--i E THE ls uzzm 192 9 .s l3it llllflll I I I I I I I II llll Illllll Ill lllllll I Illllll I Ill Illlllll I I I I I Illlllllllllllllllllll, C0lll1JlilllOllfS . . of. . EUCLID KIWANIS CL llllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHINIIMI IHIHIIIIIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllll Spencerian has HIT". Every month between two and three hundred flrms ask for "IT", Drop us a line, or telephone for "ITU, or better still, Come In And Get HIT". SPENCERIAN SCHOOL COMMERCE-ACCOUNTS-FINANCE 3201 Euclid Avenue - Prospect 4500 - Cleveland, Ohio IHIHIMIIIIllIIIIIIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllgl j'm'Iy-t l, --.M4 l THE BUZZER 1929 -Q44-+-+-gig l6FLeaders' Club present the Kitchen Klub Korchestra in Assembly. 20-Alberta Laufer '28 and Kenry Koll '28 preside at Honor Society initiation. 23-Seniors present "Evening Dress Indispensable" in Assembly. Male quartet sings two snappy numbers. 30-Freshman Assemble program "Station YYYY", and Y was Eugene Amorosi left out? FEBRUARY 8vShore again walks away with the honors. QL Girls, 34-73 Boys, 20-17. Too Bad! junior play, "Kempy." Where did Posy get the pretty "Posies"? 16-Senior Dance goes off fine. I8-Miss Meyer wears her diamond ring. Ah! lsn't it just adorable? 20-First bitter howls of "Going Up" rise up in mournful ecstacy. 22 l-2 4-5 -Basketball tournament at Brush. River is champ this year. -Wrestling tournament at Marshall. joe Sintic gains state light No school-thanks to George Washington. MARCH heavy-weight championship in 160-pound class. 8HFaculty swamped by Senior Boys in basketball game. 16-Freshmen Party. Freshmen sure know their refreshments. 22-Hot Dog !-Big Surprise!--What is it?-Suspense.-Here 'tisl--Spring Vaca- tion! Only one week. APRIL 5eEverybody hauling old newspapers to school for benefit of Athletic Association. 8-Leaders' Club girls get their pins. Everybody happy. l0iMr. Metts, principal at Shore, "gets ideas out of the air." 13-Musical Comedy "Going Up." It turned out exceptionally well. I9-Athletic Benefit Dance. 'P MAY L-Opera "Aida," Half day of school. 4-Reception at Western Reserve for Senior girls. I0-Gym Exhibition. I7-Senior Play, "Three Live Ghosts." 22iAthletic Letters presented. 28-Commencement. fur! X' fflH'L' :,! ,L , "JT THE BUZZER 1929 v' A , digg m 1 '. M . ,,1.' 1l41.- lx I . 'uw V' ,.., A- T 4" - S felt is' 'iii' I dpf, X' i1 V L ' 'z -f x '42 L ' A J-- Q Q...- fl -w.:- 'NU EW l . aff., 4 , 9. 'j ..,.:ivx -Jpfffcw, . ' ,2 up - ,fdgg - ' '-:A '!:. , "1 .fb .+ 1 41,4 ,az .ff T3 tm, . wg.: 'wLn1"" X kg ,gqgxq S1 , 17 ff- .1 -M ,. - , , V 31-2 fm' 1:25 : 6, A ' ' Jim' 'Q .mf A q ff J 5 J Uh 3' qi Z , - f 7 f V, Hr lr Nags w W EW 4 , -Q - k ' x !x 2' x9'yurg'xx' 1 , . . . ZA.. , Macy' . ,- .Jr ., w L wiv. Qfg. 'ffffrb' L7 fnrty-fum x., A-EIQL-T THE BUZZER 1929 f,Q .- v IQJNIHI I I I I I I ll I I I I Il I III I I I1I1I1II I 1II1l1II I 1I1IIl I 1I I II 1I I IIINI II II III1I1IIHII1I1III1I1IlI1I.1I1,II I I1,I,Il,II1IIIl,,Ifi' ULU DRUG STORE Toilet Articles Sick Room Supplies Stationery Candies Cigars Fountain Specialties 21051 Euclid Avenue at Chardon Road SANCHOR IFIENCIES SCHOOLS - COLLEGES - PLAYGROUNDS - ATHLETIC FIELDS PARKS - INSTITUTIONS - CHURCHES - CEMETERIES .+.g:..Q5..4-. ANCHOR POST FENCE CCOMIEANY MU1IIlfUC'fZlI'C'I'S and Erc'c'f0rs of Fvlzccfs for all Pzzrlbosvs GENIEIKAI. SALES Ol'I4'ICEZ Eastern Avenue and 35th St., B.IltimoI'c, Md. E LOCAL OFFICE: 21500 ST. CLAIR AVENUE, EUCLID, OHIO lg-lIl1II1I11l1IlVI1l I1IIIll I1l1I1I1I1Il1I II1I I1I I I l1lll1l1I I I I I I I I'l'I l'I'l"l I I'l'I I'I'I I I I I I Ill' fm-fy-,rm I l'EF X al ,Al-1 Y- THE BUZZER 1929 WET fe. IEIIIIMIMILI I I I I I I I I I I IIHIIII I I I I I I I I I I I I I I IIIIIII - Compliments of 67:9 3 . . - Euchd Crane if Holst Co. EUCLID. OHIO -1+-4+ NItl11Ilft1l'fIll't'I'S of ELECTRIC CRANES -1- ELECTRIC HOISTS TRQLLEYS and MONORAIL EQUIPMENT AUTOMATIC WHEEL SCRAPERS, ROTARY SCRAPERS and TRACK-WHEEL DUMP WAGONS EIHIIIIHIII I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I IIIIIIIIIIIIE EIIIIIIIIIIII I IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Compliments of THE AUSTIN C ENGINEERS, ARCHITECTS AND BUILDERS I I I I I I I IHIIIIIIILX IIIIII fu-In-A E six- Qii-1 THE BUZZER 192 9 Al?g gTgfa- Tlhie Disctoirnitfeinitfefdl Cow People who live upon Chardon Road love to tell a story about a cow who once lived there. This cow was a pessimist. And a grouch. She thought the whole world was down on her. She swore at her luck for having been born in such a hot climate. She hated Chardon Road and everything along it with a hatred so violent that all the other cows in the neighborhood were afraid of her. She was such a grouch, in fact, and such a pessimist, that her owner, a kindly farmer put her off in a field by herself, for fear she might spoil the disposition of all the other cows in the neighborhood. Then one day a REAL hot spell came. It got so hot that the grass began to wither up and blow away. lt got so hot that the rail fence surrounding this pessi- mistic cow began to smoke. lt got so hot that all the butter melted and ran out of the buttercups. Now in the Held next to that in which our pessimistic cow was moored, a lot of corn was growing. Finally it got so hot that the corn in this Held began to pop, and snowy popcorn rained down all over that part of the country. Did our pessimistic cow raise her eyes and give thanks for this bountiful feast of popcorn? No. She thought it was snow, and Hnally she lay down and froze to death. The point of this touching story, which all Chardon-Roaders swear is abso- lutely true, is that if you spend all your time looking for the unhappy side of things. you're bound to find plenty of unhappiness. ANoN. 9 9 Wfoulfdl Yoiui Bielliievie llit. 'Twas just fifteen years ago, the fourteenth of May, that the school board closed negotiations for Hicks cow pasture and began to pray for endowments for the school building. After numerous delays and arguments the present building was started and has continued to be added to ever since: in fact plans are even now being contemplated for the erecting of future buildings. Upon interviewing the school board we were astounded at the plans which are being made for the future. A bathing pool will be erected south of the tennis courts. Running water will be directed into it from Euclid Creek, thus keeping the pool clear and cool. A large stadium will be built along the back side of the football field and the track will be paved with asphalt. Ballet dancing and automobile repairing courses will be given as a regular feature and the best motion pictures will be shown for those students who have nothing to do in study halls. We were assured that these improvements will take place in the near future. and that candy sales and quilt raftles are even now being held to raise the neces- sary funds. flirty-xt':'t'l1 -:Ti----- THE BUZZER1929 " i1l.lIiIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINZINEINIIE H':.IIlEl.lIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII I Iiliillililcllil Iihll E 6'3GOssiip99 j The doctor asked Betty how she got to the hospital-to which she 2 meekly replied-"Flu," g "lt's time to settle down to work," said the raisin as it was dumped into S 2 the cider. Violet R.: "Why do you go riding so much?" Ruth P.: "Oh, l've just got a habit." Helen Lake says she's the world's most unlucky student. Yesterday she 5 got zero on an examination and then had tive points taken off for writing in E L pencil. - Miss Meyer: "Prove that the square of the hypothenuse is equal to the 2 2 sum of the square of the two sides of this triangle." W. Fowler Hall: "I don't have to prove it. l admit it. Lillian S.: "I gave that maiiiiifty cents for saving my life." Frances Nl.: "What did he do ?" Lillian S.: "He gave me back twenty cents." If IIIIIIIIIIIII'I'III'IIIIIIIlllII'lllIll!ll!1ll.lIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIX1 gl I ll ll ll ll Il ll ll Il ll ll li li it li lglllllllllllllllIIllllllllIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllIIll I lllll llllllllllllg IEVIHIVIHI I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Il I Ig : - It 9s Fresher 2 at C'07l1!71jIlIC'IIfS of Ajax Mfg. CO.. TOM MOORE, Mgr. EIIVIHIHIVIIlIIVIIVIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllII1I'llllIilIllllll I I I u Nl X4':i1 1 1 1 1 1 1 u 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1,i1,Q gli'IlllllllllllIllIillllllilllllllHIllIllIllIliIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllg giVIMIlllillltlllllillllillllllllllllllllIllIlllllllllilIllllllilllllllllllllllllql HENRY HERMLE Theo. Yalhuraiuis I "' - BARBER SHOP Goodyear Balloon and 2 High Pressure Tires I 4 and Tubes 21109 Euclid Avenue : E 20890 Euclid Ave. 2 E Q IE un IZIIIIIIIllIllIllIIlIllIlillllllllIIllllllilllllllllllllllill I I I Illlllllllllgl lgllllllll II Illlllll llllllllIllilllllIllIIllIlIIllIlIIlIllllllllllllllllllllllll forty-t'1'g'l11f .ag-d .TT T H E B U z z 13 R 1 9 2 9 - - A-A------My IQIHIHIIIIH l,IllI.,I I IIVIIIIHII I.lII.I.lIIIIl'I' lull Il Ii.l Il I LEARN GUM CHEWING BY MAIL R Special Courses For Stenographers Taught by V. Ressler Custodian of the gum, Miss Meyer Honor Graduate, C. Eminger, says, "I Highly Recommend this School, JGIN THE TAXI DRIVERS UNION Charter Members C. Wanstall H. Clasen S. Bohn A. Pray Lowest rates in Euclid 2c a bump Our motto-Save the Pieces IEIKIIIIIIIIIIIllllllllllll I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I llllllllll n ......lFlLOWVlElRS... WH' Spin infill' in IVc'Jiling nm! Fzzfmml Flozvwx Corsugvs of All Kinds Moniriurruf PRICED H wilfully of Nnflxjiiul CTlIXI'01IIl'l'X 4,l.'lI R.'l'rn'if TE VA N S FLOWERS Q g 14136 Euclid Avg. IiDtIy S933 mlllllIIlIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllllllllllll I I I llllllllllll IIIIIIIIVIXQ forty-1 1 I cfiuvd Ente rtainment .CQ Jaffe T hecztre 2 E. 185th and Kildeer Ave. S11 pcfrb Trzlkifzg Pirfu rcs Q PROFESSGR N. C. BRADLEY C.O.D. Lessons in public speaking tDictionary furnishedj Assistant, Stewart Bohn Also Lessons in motorcycling Ollice Hours-6 p.m. to 6 p.m. GREAT BARGAIN! Slightly used pipe for sale Fits-any-brand-tobacco Inquire of jack Cole IKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIHIIIIIIIIII I I I I I I I I Illl I M wifi,-T THE BUZZER 1929 1-as-pb ADS Will Trade5Will consider 1928 Chrysler or Auburn in trade for my Dort.-Chuck Wanstall. Wanted-A steady boy friend before I leave school.-Ethel Geren. Wanted-Small light draft rowboat for use when Mechanical Drawing room floods- X-21. Announcement-Beginning june 21st, I shall open a studio for voice culture. All interested in becoming another Marion Talley or a Caruso will please com- municate with me.HA. W. Rader. Agents-Earn big money selling soundless bubble gum. Everyone buys bubble gum, and by our special silencer which is fastened to each stick one can now blow great bubbles in class without fear of detection. Send for our illustrated pamphlet showing different models-Silent Bubble Gum Co. gflllllllllllll I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I lllllllllllfgjil Qlllllllll I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Illlllllllg - Compliments of - - Compliments Of A. C. HATTENDORF T1-IE S CONSTRUCTION 2 COMPANY GLASCUTE COMPANY 00 E Kiaiimfift- 2444i 24406 iiutiiti Aw. 3 E 5 gilllllllllllll llllllllll I IllIllIllIll llllllllllllllllllllig Ellllllllll I I I I I I I I I I I I Illllllllg fifty --ifi THE BUZZER 1929 L---lam QlLl1cClFlifCS l. lf one ton weighs 2,000 pounds, how many pounds does Walton weigh? 2. If each person has ten toes, how many toes has Vincent CaitoP 3. If each horse has one stall, how many horses has Charles WanstallP 4. lf all the senior girls have pleasing ways, what kind of ways has Dorothy jaquaysP 5. If your dust isn't worth much, how much is Lenard Sadosky worth? 6. If each house has as many keys as there are doors, how many keys has Dorothy Mackey's house? 7. If every boy is a son how many sons is james Stinson? 8. If the ownership of land is the sign of wealth, how wealthy is Robert ClevelandP 9. If Pocohontas coal is good coal, how good is jack C0169 10. lf Euclid is a little burg, what kind of a burg is Margaret HelburgP NOTTINGHAM Conzplinzerzis of The "SHOES and FURNISHINGS ARMINGTON for ENTIRE FAMILY' 18511-13 St. Clair Avo. C CLEVELAND, OHIO ompany +l'+'5L Klfnmorc 0585 +P"+-4+ service Qualify- lgillllllllll I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I IlIIIIIlIIlIl!lm QIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII I I I I I I I I llllllll IIIIIIII:IzII:II'IIII Hfty-one Elllllllllllll I I I I I Ill I I I IIIII I llllll I Illllllllllllgi Igllllllllllll I I I I Illlllllllllll I I I I I I I I I Illlilldlg u li f-l-H+ THE BUZZER 1929 ETTE lglrllillllllll I I I I I I I I I I I I I lllllllllllgl Lgllllllllll IlllllllllllIIlIllIIlIllI Illlllllll I I I I I I ININIHIE 3 2 Bvforv you fry ibv rvsf . . . Z 5 Try The BEST Cf""f'ff"'f'ffS of 2 Eucnn CENTRAL GROCERY E JOHXI SAEFKTXV - GEO GE CO JI.. E. Selhnroelk 5 t L ,,,,,,l,,.,,,,,,..R WON 2 21069 Euclid Ave. Klfnmorc 3781 E W E D E L 1 V E R Ewllllllllwlll I I I I I I I I ' I'Illg? lillllllllll IlIIlIllIllIllIllIllIl?IllIllIllIllIllIllIllIIlIllIIlI I lIIlIllI El Recent Books "ls Love? lf so, Why?"-Nlr. Sutton. "The Manly Art of Self Defense"-Mr. Wolff. "Typing with that Gum Chewing Rhythm"--Mrs. King. "How to Win Everyday Arguments"-Miss Cone "How to Crochet Tea Towels"-Nlr. Rader. "Cleopatra's Tenth Divorce"-Mr. Fordyce. "The Eternal Triangle"-Nliss Meyer. fgllllllllllll I I Illlllllllllllllll I I I I I I I I I lllllllllllgl Elllllllll I I I I I I I I I I I I I E Kinmore 0742-J. E 2 Compliments STEVE TREEEC of at sons E THE coNTRAcToRs GRADING HAULING ' I I I I I Illllllll TRENCHER MOVING and TRUCKING ' '45l" 0 Q 0 S 567 E. zoom sr. EUCLID, oH1o 5 2 . fillIllIllIllIIllIllIllIlIIlIIlIIllI IlIllIIlIHIIlIlVIIllllllllllllllllllllllgl lxlllllllrllll I I I I I I I I I I I I I Illlllllllllll Nuff 'gaizet THE BUZZER19 2 9 ee?-1--5+ 3x'lIllI IlllllllllllllIllIllIIlIllllilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllm Lfgllllllllil I I I IlIllIlllllllllllllllllliillll I I I I I IHIHIMIQ Euclid-Chardon Shoe Store EUCLID and Shoe Repairing PLUMBING HEATING +P SEWERING 5 TURI BROTHERS 1564 Chardon Road Elllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Elllllllllllllll I IIllIllllllllllllllllllllllll Illl lllll I lilllll lg Nliisfdliiirfectiefdl Entergy Trying to keep a package of theme paper for yourself. Trying to hurry the lunch line. To get to your next class on time after gym. Trying to explain to Miss Cone why you didn't get your lesson. Assigning lessons over vacation. Trying to study in the library. Studying lunch period, Sunday nights, or any other time. Lffilllllllll I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I'I I I I I IE! '31 'B I "'ll'lllIlllll ll lllllllllliilllll X Floyd B. tem, Inc. 1 2 CONTRACTORS Of 5 Q0 Bo Steam and Doiileslic Coal ' -4 of All 18.111618 ' ' YARD AND OFFICE Babbitt Rd. amlNickvl Plate 3 R. R. - E Q EUCLID. OHIO KENMORE oos9 I Eillllllllllllllll I I I I I I I I I I I I I I llllllllilvii-gi E15-igilsil I I1 I g l l l I I I I I I I I I I I . fifty-Ili ITU -AI--41iT THE BUZZER I929 Ige- xxIlWIII'IITIIII"'I1l""I"I"I"I"'lWW'WWIIN"I"I""'I"I""'I'Q ESII'If""'f"I"I"""""""'""I"H'W'"I""'I""II"""""""" CANFIELD GAS-TIRES VCELERY425 WIVLPENNOIL Fresh Every Day - E. C. POWERS Richmond Road SOUTH EUCLID, OHIO 5 IEIIIIIIIII 'IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII I IJIIIIE EI!IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEI ETHE CITY AWNING AND GIECO. M. IBUEIRG Hill View Fruit Farm SO. EUCLID, OHIO 2 Cor. lqIClIIIIOllll and XYIlS0ll Mills Rd lgIIIl!IIIIIIIIIII IIIIII I IIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII E - I TH LI H AL L AWNINGS TENTS : PTCSICISIII ...,..,,..,....,.,,,..,,,, Miss H. Lake TOURISTS SUPPLIES - , , . WATER PROOF COVERS - Vlce Presxdent ,..., ,,., II., H e len Lake CANVAS SPECIALISTS - E FACTORY AND OFFICE: E Secretary """""' """ H ' Lake 2 4908-12 SUPERIOR AVE. 5 Treasurer -,AA-------------------------- Miss Lake Q RANDOLPH 5395'6'7 1 Motto-Aim High. E REPRESENTATIVE E 5 C. H. STEVENSON 5 EIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII I IIIIIIIIIIIIIQZ, EIIIIIIIIII I I I I I I I I I I I I I I IIIIIIIIIIE EIIIIIIIIIIII I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I IIIIIII E Compliments Of I. R. Holcomb asf CO. uServz'ng You Since 725, IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII l5l3 St. Clair Avenue, N. E. CLEVELAND, OHIO lVIAin 3732 BJIIIIIIIII I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I IIIIIIIIIIIIEI EIIIIIIIIII THE HILLWCOD MANUFACTURING COMPANY 1 iffy-f I I I I I I I I I I I I IIIIIIIIIIIIIII El -r Nuts ...,.,. .. Radiator ., , Bumpers eeeeeddd Gas s..,...,..,,. . Spare Tire s...... Brake ..4s..,s,....rsr,.. Rear Seat Driver ....,. THE BUZZER 1929 --'--?-,---- Senior Ford ,. ...........r..., Warren Zellmer, "Big Bill" Hall ....,...,.e....Helen Lake ddeeI.Bingham Zellmer, joe Sintic ...o,e.."Little Bill" Hall ..,......Spence Kline D....Lilliam Somnitz ......r.d,Archie Daniels Steering Wheel .... ee.e..,,,, D orothy Hattendorf Headlights ,...eer.,.,. ...,..,. T wo "Dots"-jaquays and Mackey Top .eee,,.,eeeei ..eDe,........,.ee....eeee......., C huck Wanstall Body .e..eee ,.....,e G ertrude Duber Horn eee.eed ,ddee,,,e..... C lair Eminger Driver ,..,,,, ..e,eeee Nl r. Richard R. Keay Qllllllllllll I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Illlllllllgj fglllllllllllll I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I f 7 if gf i If Compliments Of HU TER'S A Friend Meat Market Euclid Avenue and Dillc Road 4 Plionc-lilfiiinurc 2625 lglllllllllll I I I I I I I I I I I I Illllllllgl Egllllllllllll I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Jiffy-fiw --91-i-1? THE BUZZER 1929 +l ya 52'11II1'I11l11Ii1Il1II1I11I11I1!I1II1,I11I11lI1I'1I1II11I1I1I1I11l1IlI11Il1I11IN X I E I I I I III 1I I 'I I1l'l I l1I I I1 III I I I I I X EUCLID PARK MARKET Q E I.. 14111-issli, Iww. 17305 Euclid AVC- 5 .... QUALITY .... 2 2 FRESH, SMOKED, SALT MEATS 3 2 Oysters and Fish in Season 5 3 .1 . , 'I E fI1'11ci1d !1li111'11c 11011111111 3111111 5 E I 171111 IQIIQIIII A1-1-1. E All Branches of Beauly Culture Z Q GRACE OLIN P: 1:gI11II1I11II1I11I11I11I1lI11I11I11I11If1I11I11I11I11I11I11II1I11I11I11I1'I11I1II1 1m11lI1II1I11I11I11I1lI11I11II1II1I11I11I11I1II11I11I11I.1I11I11I1il11I11I1ZI11I11IEl EUCLID PARK GROCERY 2 FRESH FRUITS and VEGETABLES 5 E 2940 5 E Call Kffnnnyrcl 178115 lfL1Llll1 AVI- E 5 1 2941 U. HIIISHNIAN, Prop. 2 Euclid Park Barber Shop E : 4 : I: E CHRISTY DI PETTA E KgI11I11I11I I11I11I11I11I1II11I11I11I11I11l1I1II1lI11l11II1I11I11I I I1iI11I1'E1 F I I I I I I I11l1I11I1,l11II1I11I1I1.I11IIIIIIII I I I I1I11I1l'M Com plinzenls of E Clemx Ilannnnel Meats, Poultry, Fish - 18711 St. Clair Ave. E 2 cI.I1vIf1,AND OHIO 'xJl1I11I11I11I11IIRI1.I1II1II11I11I11Il1I11Ii1I11I11I11I1II11I1.I1II1II11I11I11II1 u -I 'f KENMORE 1750 Q .l. V. DUNCAN PLUMBING A COMPANY Plumbing Contractors QQ 17807 EUCLID AVE. CLEVELAND, O. XIIIIII1I,1I11I:III1I1Iz :I I1II.n I I I11I11I I IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII 31 Linlnniul Evightz iiharnnnrg ll-2411 Ifuclid Ave.-Eddy 6273 2 Drugs . . Candies . . Ice Cream E WE NOW MAKIZ OUR OXVN ICE CREAM 5 THE COST IS NO MORE THE QUALITY TASTES BETTER TRY IT S H. RISPLOGLE EI?I11I11I I I I I' I11Il1I11Il1I11I11I1II1lI1lI1lI1lIl1I11I'1I I I I11l1I 12911111 Knight Coal 4 Food 4 Flour Q Coke n T Ii11111'1111'111"'111 1'11 11111'1111111111"111111!111111!11111'1111 111111111111111111111111'?11111'l1111i111111111111I1111I11111Z11111111111 2 URBAN s SCHAFER IQIQIIIIWI 11111 EUCLID, OHIO 129 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I X XIIIIIIIIII I I I I I I I I I I IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII-I1'I11I11I11I11l N1 1 -111l11l11lI1I11lI1l'1l11 11 1 11 11 11 11,7 511I1I11Il1I11I1II1II1II11I11II1ll1I11I11l11l11I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I III1II1II11I11II1II1II1II1II1II1II1I11Il1I11Il1IU E IiENMORIi 0983 WE DELIVER Euclid- hardon Hardware Co. You Buy the Paint-H We Loan the Ladders Euclid at Chardon Road E 21099 Euclid Avenue lglxlI1Il1II1I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I11I11I11l1ll1Il1II1II11I11l11l11I11I11l11I11II1I11l11l I I I I I I I I I I I I I IIl1II1II1II1II1IlE fiffy- "g--- T H E B U z Z E R 1 9 2 9 --------A-------lie A- Aitmmosplheiriice Static -and you haven't seen him, why girlie- -if she thinks I'm gonna wait all night- -and Mr. Sutton made the most killing- -sure she's a wow, but she won't look at me- -and he's failed twice in French, and dumb- -well he's all wet and if you want my opinion- -why she never studies and the grades she gets-- -heyl Get off the steps if you wanna gab- -three minutes left and I must get that Latin- -the big stiff copied my stuff and the teacher says- -this permit system. But us students will- -and she kept us half an hour, but believe me- SCENE IN FIFTH PERIOD OF GYM CLASS Come on you fellows, get a move on. Is this your birthday? Attention! Number off! One-two-you were absent yesterday. Twenty-five times around the track. I can't watch your gym suits. Get out the mats! Who fell down? What do you expect? Hurry up-a back flip-now again. Get a move on, the period's almost over. Skinned your knee? I'll put some iodine on it. That's a nice one. Do it again. There's the bell. Get your suits off and take a shower. Who9s Who john Widmer is the kind of guy That rouses up our ire Whenever the car hits a bump He asks "Can't it bounce higher?" A girl we admire is Miss Helen Lake She raises her voice till the chandeliers shake. Chuck, he had a good old Dort It ran, though not so proper: The wind it rose up strong one day And took off Dorty's topper. A real he-man is woman-hating Clair, When girls beg for dates he just gives them the air. 19fry-sure: EJHIHIIII lgln ll THE BUZZER 1929 gge llllllllllllllllllll Conzjllinzvlzfs of E U C L I D RADIO SHOP 20483 Euclid Avenue llllllllllfg Ed! E Lunches Drug Sundries - Qrlando said to Bertram: "Did you F 5 fill your date last night?" I - Said Bert: "I'll tell the world, for E - she ate everything in siglitfl ll-lliillllgs Quality Store -mse- - H0 , man 's Ice Cream Servzce ff -Hsin- More ffaalz Tzvcfnfy Years af I Z Euclid and Chardon Road E KEnmore 3616 E : 3 IIMIVII I IllIllI lIl lllll IllIllIlIIlIIllIllIllIllIl I llllllll Illllllllg illllllllll Il ll I llll I I ll I ll Il I I Ill lllll Il Illlllllllllllllllglz lllllllllllllll I lllllllllllll I I I I I I Ill I I I I IlIlIllIlIlIllIlIIlI I I I I I I I lllllll I I I III I I I I Illlllllllllllgl Compliments ill's CLOTHHIER Illlllllllllllllllllll llllllllllll Illllllllllllllllllllll I I I I I I Ill I I I I Illllllllllllllj jqfty-vfgllrf llllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllgl 0,615-Li? T H 13 B U Z z E 11 1 9 2 9 k e-'e4ee-em-iw -- Q11wIwII1:IuIIwIIwI1lIuIlwInmlIw.I11IlwIulsalulmlxzlrmlnIulsllulmmzlulm The BROOKS COAL j af SUPPLY CO. 5 E. zoom sf. and sr. Clair Ave. Thru Subway KEnmore 1030-1051-1052 E T. G. BROOKS, President :E HARRY U. SIMMERMACHER, S6C'y lffl ,lllllllIlIIlIIIllllillllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllHlllllllllllllllllwlgl xl .lllil-lI.lIl3Il.lilI1lIlillllilll,IlII.lIllIliIllIllll IllllilllIlllI2lIl'Il,l.lK!Rj Masino's Coffee Shop Soda and Grill M 5 C 9 9 EATS ex SNVEETS E Nlwf flu' Gang Hvrv EI 5 Illlllllll IlllilllllllIllIllIlllllIllIllllllllllllllllllllll Illl llllllllllllwlgl EIJIHIHIHI I I I I I I Illllllllllllll I I ll II I I ll I llllllllfiil - ., Compliments of E The N0ttillgll3lll Drug Co. 3 " MAT HAS IT " mllllllllll I I I I I I Ill I I I lllllll I I I I I Illlilllllllm Iglllllllllllllllllllll I I I I Ill ll lllllllll I I I I ll Iunwllurlgl coma 1 SUPPLYOO. O 2 Coal and Builflers' Supplies E 5 20300 S't. Clair Avenue I S Kenmore 2933 E gllllllllll ll lllll IllIllIlllllllllllIlllllIllIllIlllllIl Illll I Illlllllllllg flffyflllllli XIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN Cofnplimemfs uf g OHASQ RC. my T UIIIII I IIJIIIIIIIIIIIIII XI lgglllllllllIllllllIllllllllllllllllllx hu u -Alme- Cwmmplliilmlefmmts lllfolbferft Topping - www- L Elllillll Illlllll I II I I ll I Illlllllllllllll ll I lll I I I lllllllllg fyfllllllllll Ill I lllllllllll Illlllllll I Ill lI.IilIl,l I I Ilwlllllllg Cornplinzenls of 5 lpllqilllmllwi A. Tllmmmxaus 21 Ili! fdl A Assfoleieutles E Civil EllgillCCl'S 81 Surveyors 2 EUCLID, OHIO lglilllllllllllll Illllllllllllllllllllllllfllllllllll'I I I I I I I I xi Eglillllwi Il IIIIICII II iIII I! - Conzplinzerzts of Rl. O leluelmmrz 5 iilllllllll IIIIIIIIIIII IIII --eff-i-bi THE BUZZER 1929 The Piicinliic The students and faculty of Euclid High School having decided to go on a picnic started out one sunny morning in a big farm wagon. They rode pleasantly along over Hill and Vail. ln a muddy strip of road the driver said he was afraid that the wheels of the wagon would get stuck in the Meyer. When someone said, "l hope this wagon doesn't act like the One Hoss Shea," it started everybody to laughing. The only other difficulty in the journey was a steep in Kline of which they easily be came Masters. Soon they arrived at their destination, a sparkling Lake surrounded by Green hills. Being about fourteen miles from Cleveland it was a pleasant spot. While the boys built a fire, the girls were discussing the birds. "lsn't that a pair of Martens over there?" asked one. "lt looks like a Hawk to me," said another. "You're both wrong," chimed in a third, "Thats a King-Fisher." One of the boys who could not put enough wood on the fire to keep it burning, said he wished he had some Cole. Severay students were drinking water from the lake out of their hands. "Don't do that," someone shouted at them, "What do you think I brought this Kupfer?" When everyone was ready for dinner, several persons tried to Hall the baked potatoes out of the fire and found them charred Black. This was only a Petti offense since a great deal more food had been brought along. This was eaten speedily until only a Bohn or two remained. After that many students went walking in the woods. They could not pick the flowers because that was against the Laws. To add excitement someone thought he saw a Wolff but it turned out to be john's dog. A girl who thought she was not a very good Walker wished she had stayed at home and listened to Allen Pete. On the way home they passed a hot dog stand. They wished they could Rader but they finally ended up by each buying a Cone. After squandering their money, they returned home happy, but with neither a Buckner a cent. IEIHIHIHI I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Illlllllllllllllgl liflllllllllllll I I I I I I I I IllllllIllllIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllg EREAL ESTATE? gieueiinoirtsilopg - wma SC, ' T 21065 Euclid Ave. E For a Home or I-lomesite 4 See Me Z 2 16411 EUCLID AVENUE E ART GOODS - STATIONERY 2 3024 NOVELTIES lgllllllllll I I I I I I I I I I I Illl I I I I I I lllllllllllllg lgllllllllllll I ll I I I I I I Ill I I Ill I I I I UIHIYIIHE .tty -.L--TTHE BUZZER 1929 1 1: ij lIHIIVIHIPWIHIHIHIINIHIHIINIHIHIINIHII Q1 Compliments THE GOFF-KIRBSY CQAL 5 CCIMPANY T351 Z'37Je K. F. Spieth Company k21F"1f'mw22 H IU D S 0 N IE S S IE X f"NswQJk:2D9VW 14461 Euclid Ave. EDdy 2522 IITIHIWllHIlWllNIHIWllllIINllNIHIIVIINIININIIHIINIINIHI HlQ,l1IHl,1I'I"l I I I I I I -. A-l, ' t 1913 Grace Nolan Ruth Priday Lyman Priday Florence Snyder George Stevenson Esther Stray 191-1 Carl Beckler Douglass Clark Florence Fertig Anna Martens Neva Oldt Marian Pelton Arthur Schwartz Ardis Smith Pearl Smith Martha Swigart Raymond Zeman 1915 Olive Frissel Ruth Harms Gladys Smith Eva Snyder Gertrude Stevens Nelson Bliss 1916 Hortense Canning Lucien Coman, Jr. Kate Priday Marcellus Schrock Jessie Smith Mary White Henrietta Zeman 1917 Leo Goodman Beatrice Graves Joe Page Thelma Smith Henry Verbsky Doris Waters 1918 Elinore Hamilton Raymond Schrock Iva Sulzer 1919 Irene Daus 1920 Harold Ashcraft Russell Glass Anton Strohm TI-IE BUZZER1929 Alliuunrnimii 1921 A. Horton Bassett May Brown Ralph Daus Aline Flynn Olive Harmon Bernice Johns La Rue Lewis Gizella Miszaros 1922 Celia Camine Wilhelmina Daus Helen MacNeil Gladys Wadsworth Mabel Hutchinson George Matchett Edward Ferguson Harry Knuth Ralph Knuth William Sulzer Lawrence Trebisky Harold Daniels Evans Lewis Donald Rogers 1923 Lydia Kubik Pauline Kracker Eleanor Harmon Louise Recher Lena Meier Lena Meier Elizabeth Matchett Dorothy Eminger Helen Cook William Lake Hanford Smith Eldon Snyder George Glass Irwin Wagner Gladys Coney Paul Rogers 1924 William Hetrick Carl Schroeder Mildred Coney Agnes Kracker Marian Frost Annette MacNeil Julia Mizaros Nicholas Ranellucc Anna Velvick Grace Kuttler Alice Cook i Harry Hutchinson Hugh Eminger Herschel James John Stevenson Fordham Phypers Robert Gent Robert Ehrbar Melvin Steinbrenner Elizabeth Ferguson Josephine Stewart Raymond Hanslik Helen Bassett Ross Page 1925 Mary Balash Einar Ericson Margaret Frost Mary Gaisser Walter Grubb Russell James Frederick Keyerleber Ona Lefker Frederick Lindeman Mildred Lung Grace Pinney Concetta Ranellucci Jane Scott Edna Scheuring Mary Stinson Verta Strople 1926 Cleotha Cook Theodora Deringer Elizabeth Kracker Esther Martens Paul Kurtz Alberta Lyons Elizabeth Bliss Gorham Hester Alice Strople Robert Smith Edith Wadsworth Gerald Glover Grace Chapman Dorothy Edwards Gertrude Fouts Helen Irwin Merle Noles Alice Kline Dorothy Hess Jennie Petkovsek Edith Eschbaugh John Hattendorf Ethel Drackett 1,.T,t,.t.- 1927 Margaret Fancourt Easter Sanger Alberta Laufer Slava Kubic Hester Ensminger John Korencic Florence Lindeman Catherine Moeller Nellie Point William Rogers Carl Wedler Ethel Harris Catherine Hall Bernard Telling Marvin Saefkow Orin Wadsworth Virgil Camm Thurlow Phypers 1928 Gertrude Beck Maurice Berg Margaret Camm Paul Clasen Ruth Davis Armand Foldessy Justin Foldessy Richard Gent Helen Gibbs Naomi Green Russell Hanslik Clara Hawk Pauline Johns Henry Koll Helen Kracker Clarence Moeller Evelyn Owen Marcia Parsons Lee Pinney Marian Phypers Henry Powers Bernard Sadosky Anthony Sciarillo Hilda Scheuring Neil Schroeder Robert Schmidt Edward Steinbrenner Annabelle Stephen Rocco Vinciquerra Jack Wedler Evelyn Humphrey Elaine Curth Margaret Zelinske sixty-ttuo THE BUZZER 1929 S-el?-LV .,-' I s x-N X ,,-nfl ...nv-""' IXX ,--.,, X l A lW,Xwu1.v.xxq0vK5gxxm.ufxxxi-77'W..g 15:35 + V?'f7 -W WX vf 'W L? W Q7 3 :- 1 ."' D. .1 I LQ 11 f K' ff! 3 apa1ae,aue zm,z,y, frsomsz, xfiffi 5 1 1 ' ' 'X 7533. 1 5:-:raise aw! rfa1wa !Den!EmJ S 1 IQ ' 'Q A :mae oulfijbr pON'f .C gs Q large jlzflowizg Miiwig Qlffwula y A fl' ,4l " 1 1 45 Aga, :mow grab a,a,afwmz,e 5 ffm 'ue'sfzgg fasfuingffza bw! if: ffiif, ,?jg?'ggfT5zpfegiWTB21gfsfu Q earn, ,L1Ie4'ffo!ypLfg1, QQ I geseifzfiffle iyilyllfgles ,fifffiiil I 'i 'Nw .xcrwm sa eciau IA l .33 Q10 My ii Dfw.-gferg Segvlce, 512151 f51+zqmfU2 me fizis Milf' 59031, 511322, his Smlmgl IUZZCQIILA if !Z1iz'i,!2.5' Url'-nm' s'i"'Tr-Wfvws 41 W' 1 m1-Sz '.'1n'v5'Sa 'q'gfs21.fi1ff5 .A . 1 ' ,, ff 6 1 4 e " T'l"T-T"I1"7:TT?X1'l 'mnnnvm Q?'75YX'z'Qij .m... 5 i.rt3,'-fl: ru' INI f 'YY' V f9'Qf'f'W5f"f"" 33' ',f'."-- 3- f xx, A- U?"f"ffA'u' f . W N 2" 2 -f1'f'ff X1 1 , a ' u - 4 E if WI' i'5 'f'Q4f31 x iff' I I 1 A if ' E I'-Ihqi f . f' fr, 9 QT 7-334 if 5 19,-' ff 7, , , ,.. 4,..g, ,gc J., wLfr'4x.' xt " ZH E., un. 6 bs: Hag. -,-,. 1 , ,. .4 . .WN , J.. Ev YV, .. -'LL' '.v vtifgf ,jx 5 I w f f J" S ' 1' I 1.+,','! ,,"'7'f J'J' 'I VV L V, A A V 4 5" " W -." K'J -' L f '4 r 'v ''s I-,, . 14 iff?" Qfgx vf' K' 'f'f.'-KU, :'0U.,!51 I j '54, j' .l , 5 fsf . ,I , :f,'." 1' .-p.':"' '.4:-1 -If Q' 'I ,.. , Q . . , I. ,- , 1.f,' ' .,. 'I '.-N. . . K . wxz D. fl .-. W, s in s 5 i , 1 Nff fffgxz-',1,' iii, . K4 3-ll 4 , ig Y'1'.',,w !'! 'STAY-' V' f ' . qmlf 4 sv 1' " ' f x A'-Hn ,fi v' , fA,Q5,,Q. , 1 J." ,' . '. 1 I 1 -4 fx Hffqx Yi! if , -,Y El: :I ' G V 'l X ir' 53.5. In 'I 2 I HN xl -. Tiff! 'EE'Xtf5x,fiIH6g4t,!' 'AI I, y, , i ., Mn. 'I V' fy, 4', "- f. -f, ' ,' 7 2 -'1,-5-"'5xfl'lf yt li mf.--J Q ,. r uf- -f,lf '1zf:1'vf , '. Ny- A E w.. 1 , '- ' , m, Y . 1 n ,. ,mfg-1, .' ' . ' ' "' A "1 I. ,, Q u i. ," 1 1-3 ,,.,v.. ',4'L.',k!,. '. gg Jl,X!Lll .4 ' 'YI 1 0 1'.,,"u '.?,a IH, , - n, 1 .L 4 N, l v ,I ,X w . ' 3 E wx li, Q an 1? Q?-?, !. '.5 f.-l, a R- s , , V if M bv 1 .' .S Q55 KAN? 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Suggestions in the Euclid High School - Euclidian Yearbook (Euclid, OH) collection:

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Euclid High School - Euclidian Yearbook (Euclid, OH) online yearbook collection, 1927 Edition, Page 1


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Euclid High School - Euclidian Yearbook (Euclid, OH) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


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