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. . - . . ,, .. - .41 ?rf'ff'?1- f'32zf?,va:1,yh.-.1- m'a3+:1re:., rw-'-wi, 'fg"'3ffffH:5,frf. Qfxzsvv . 1. in If jsrf..-ai. ,ffj QL-e'.qe+Af5,gDf -Za . - 451-A:"i,'4:T " -. ff!'.-5? 21. ' " fi' . , .Men 'f ' 1 'ua . .,:-, 71 . -I -wwf fy-. , ff... -Z-.f . -- ff .ff-.,1. ' .Q Vw law. an mf . V.. W1 f. dz. . , . ,Hi ,1,. ,,g,, .-. . ,. . ,. ., ,W , , .. , I... ,,,,,,.,,. . ..x Y . wg 4.5 I ,, 1 .4 ....k. 5- E .4 ,,.4,. . M I,,v ,,., Af ,. A 'Jia-A Y, N- h 1 x , ,,,, 4.2 ,,, , -A. V , ,. H . -,M mn,-X . M. - ,aug . ., ,k. , , , N. - . .. ., , ., ,. , . - "" J ff .. " f ., 1 " . , ' "":'."f' 'ff-1 T:.+. 1'f Z fd 1-Q1 2 . .- ' 'Q' F, , ,. ,.-. ,-z.'.'l g5.I.e-:jj -Ei 2 ji,-j . ,ggf1,:ggg.4.'g7-15 5 41, 7 f 1' :Y"- .PK :Wg 2 '-1 . . -my 5 .V i z . 'iii ., rQ7f5fg5S??., xi ,w 'qw E21 Y fl '- f. 1 . 3- '-2 317331 +' ::.-1 14 42. 235,51 5 :13 ww..-V , V -,5'.'M'f1 -,ry-.'.2',f" ,L ,:1i,f.:i1'fgf2.2 'sri-1. ..wigjr.,1Sg?, - .gf-figsaf 17-:az--'.'1i gb.-fA "'-21. . 'J '-2152154531 iff k ' , . gi.?i555"E ' ,Q-12.1 3,'2g.5'53"5f2:?32vff,7ZiF" 'ff 1.53. 11 W, if ' . .1 'g341..g3Qm,i. A-,,' A ' ' 1' 'H Zwfs- " ff - ' 1-if . -.q.1- Sv' v,..A..f4-fAg1.1'!.k-Lf-gif. if nf 'ave L- -J ff " '15, . Tu n .ni f +L' ' ' .rf . 1 - H351 f b ? ?34 " ' -'E"ff-.L1iI - . 5515 --U' .A . '- ,. 411 ,' , " .21-. fi . ' 3 .gif-r.f.g..,ff:.: 352353 ,Ei 7.55-'?iff3?g', . - .. ff. -Y . yn?-Q -,ja :A ? ?P CWS, 3 '1"?2T"1 , I ff' . , 1 - . ' , .. " ' L' " galyii ' A' ' A " "3 ' "Q, g 5754 'I' 'Tv f?4k-'31-1M?q,'-M33 ifkb-.e3i2'g, QF " . . - . rf . :f Q1 3- 5. 3. 1 Zikf ,' 1 1-ju-41,49 65314 T- f-. 1 Q .5-jze-. '.,'.f',-"5.L.E 'wa' .- . . - .ffl . . . . . . . . . . . . . - . . if in a A 'YL 1 .-'1,:'g:f' 'f 3, FL 1g3J" ':- 'wxfuffrxr' .L,5fQli5!Ey,,,,H,5,,J :-:':..5 Xgiygg if '- - ff' --PL 11,2 M' ara'-5ffH2r1?5" 5. :fa fa.- ' fsgfyfga 7 ' " ' ' - - - ' ' .1 -"N -A - ' 4 pw -1 ' -ffl-a:f'ff?ff..V.. :J . " WP' .gww M bf? A fi. T12-f Y f .. fl. S3255 ' Q 1:52 .. U .: 1 k iafff ?4'?gga+3gQ2?.g,f?gg3ij:-.V-wi, 'ZF 3' ' , y , -i..i1z3..- ffzhif-g f f , ., V ' -- .V .V -V.. 3--, are f -1-ff -0 .2 ' , ,P ".'.,,-nf A ,,1f1.'i'.:f . 25, Hg 1' 1, f- S.Q4w:- - .iff V .- -1 v 'wlfxgng ' "" '-v, of 'E W.: . . :K .- :qv f 1 ix-.1941 A:-. 4 . V31 47-SFS? . . - 5 ., iff-nf-' 1 ,-5 1 -25 .V .. 1 1 -. iff 'f' .X .uA:1e'v1-. -Y ' Z... ,- tw ' f' .Lf '-. g.,,p . ,"-.4117-,f'.-gig., -' ' . .. - E - .' ' , -. -- -' T., 4 -.1 QT -GFA .wg-, f'..Qrf" - iv 35.11 'L -3-','. i-.' -'Q.xgua.xw. 1'- ,-,,'.L.... . . --.- bg, '- fp: : ,- xy .. Y ir I. A-lf.. . fs' ii: .' - ng, W, 1 -.f f... 'Jr , ya, J. Q.. irq .K .. 4-, 1 , - 1' re'-f we Lv-, 1 :I , Sm- Y. 'f!f5iia53! ' Tiliifg +1 vig., .. 4 ,af 3, f 'gg ' , ' . .fg-fig 1- . V CV,Lt.:t W , ,fr Y-2 ' , ' :J-5 2. .1...-r',g?1f.f.L .V .113 .. ?1' S52-., . - : me '- , if 4, I ,L . ,f.EQ"'i: ir' 1' , Q 1 ,, 1-N, .N V V V S .si '1 iii! V ,ji if r. . . Qi...-"' ' 2 Q, .'r. JE' - f - 31. .f,. , an . f M QL-lg? ' ,Q .. - 5,5 ifiwilffgii .... wi? THE BUZZER THTRD YIEARBOKOK NUMBER .A T928 4 Publliishedl by the STUDENTS of IETUCCJLTD HTCGH SCHOOL IEIUCCILIID VIULILAGJE9 CUJHTO -To our teachers, who have been very patient with our failings -To our parents, and patrons who have been so interested in all our achievements -To our friends, whom we have loved and who have loved us We dedicate this volume onienis - Faculty t - Classes A- Crganizations - Athletics f- Humor - Advertising -at are ri-IE BUZZER 1928 T?-1, Aggggyw Faculty WILBERT A. FRANKS Superintendent of Schools L.B. Ohio Wesleyan. A.B. Colorado Teachers' College. M.A. Denver University. ROY B. SHARROCK Principal of High School A.B. Wooster. Summer Work, Columbia University. DONALD C. BAY History A.B. Otterbein. Summer Work, Otterbein. CORYDON F. BATTERSHELL History A.B. Western Reserve University. ' B.D. University of Chicago. AGNES M. BURGESS Latin and French A.B. Western Reserve College for Women. Summer Work, Western Reserve. H. BELLE HILL Domestic Arts B.Ped. in D.S. Bethany. Cleveland School of Art. NAOMI IHRIG ' English and Latin A.B. Wittenberg College. Summer Work, Columbia University. RICHARD R. KEAY Science and Athletics Manager A.B. Miami. Special Work, Western Reserve University.. HELEN H. KING Commercial and Librarian B.S. Margaret Morrison Carnegie College DOROTHY LEAMON English, Dramatics, journalism A.B. Hiram. M.A. Ohio State University EVELVIA MAE MEYER Mathematics A.B. Heidelberg. M.A. Columbia University. ALFRED W. RADER Manual Arts and Athletic Coach Ohio University. Ohio State University. GEORGE S. WOLFF Science B.S. Denison University Four THE BUZZER 1928 WRC 7716 Special Instructors MAUDE B. FAETKENHEUER Miusic A.B. Western Reserve College for Women Summer Work, Cleveland School of Education. ' CARL LEO Music American Conservatory of Music, Chicago. Northwestern University. GRACE E. HENRY Art Cleveland School of Art. Summer Work Kent, Case, Berkshire. MARY H. WALKER Physical Education Oberlin College. CLARENCE SWACKHAMER B.S. in Ed. Ohio University, Major in Phys. Ed. EULALIA C. TAYLOR School Nurse Reynolds Memorial Hospital, Glendale West Virginia. Umee ALICE M. RESSLER Secretary to the Superintendent HESTER M. ENSMINGER Secretary to the Principal Custodian HARRY L. FERRELL Five "'W 'l U W THE BUZZER 1928 Wi MI .lwuu E . 11+ Class of 1928 President ..........,.. .. ..,..., M ARIAN PHYPERS Vice-President ..,...,4 ........, H ENRY Kou. Secretary .......... ......... C LARA HAWK Treasurer ,,....... . , ........................,... ....... L EE PINNEY Colors: Scarlet and Grey. Flowers: Red Roses and Lilies of the Valley. Motto: Vouloir c'est pouvoir Sponsor: Miss MEYER ix or THE EUZZER 19287 yt... MAU RICE HENRY BERG XVith such wavy locks we ca11't understand, Maurice. how you can hear 'to wear a hat. Maurice does good work in dramatics and seems to bc perfectly at home on the stage. Anyway we know the girls appreciate his manners and know a polite boy when they see one. junior Play 35 Senior Play 45 Football Z, 3, 45 Track 1, 2, 3, 4. GERTRUDE H. BECK It isn't everyone who can win typing medals. Gertrude has light hair with just a touch of auburn to give it the right flavor. VVe know lots of girls who wouldn't mind possessing that shade. "Gertie". Glee Club 1, 45 Operetta 1, 45 Leaders Club 3, 4. RUTH ETTA DAVIS A happy individual who is always peppy and likes fun is Ruth. She is very dependable and forever giving a helping hand to someone. "VVill- ing and helpfull' is her motto, which probably accounts for the fact that she makes an excellent leader. Honor Society 3, 45 Class Treasurer 3: Glee Club CAccompanistD 1, Z, 3. 45 Orchestra 1, 2, 35 Junior Play 35 Athletic Association Treasurer 35 Leaders Club 3, 45 Basketball 45 Journalism 3, 45 Pub- lishing Editor "Buzzer" 45 Music Appreciation 2. Seven MARGARET LEE CAMM VVc've had Marge with us for a whole ycar but we haven't stopped talking about how pretty she really is. Some people do have all the luck! Her drawings have helped to make thc "Buzzer" attractive throughout the year, and her delightful little giggle has made many laugh with her. Collinwood High School l, Z, 35 Euclid High School 45 Leaders Club 45 Basketball 45 Journal' ism 4. PAUL EDWARD CLASEN No day is so dark, no class so dry but what Paul can find something to tickle his funny bone. Paul is naturally a handsome chap, but his failing for blondes keeps him from being quite perfect in thc eyes of their hrunctte sisters. Glee Club 2, 35 Operetta 2, 35 Track 1, 2, 3, 4. - ELAINE CURTH A dark haired little maiden with laughing brown eyes is Elaine. Her well developed sense of rhythm and love of music make her a graceful dancer. Elaine is one reason we're glad that the maidenly blush has never gone out of style. Fairmount Junior High 15 East High 25 Collin- wood High 35 Euclid High 45 Glee Club 4: Operetta Cast 45 Leaders Club 45 Senior Play 4. not gg THE BUZZER iszsj Jw... JUSTIN FOLDESSY Justin. the younger member of the cheerful duo, claims the honor as an all around source book for the entire student body in spite of the avoirdupois which has been with hiiu since the third grade, more or less. Ulee Club 45 Orchestra 1, 2, 45 Junior Play 35 Hand 45 jazz Orchestra 45 Salutatorian. ARMAND FOLDESSY Armand gloomy? Impossible. I'Ie's one of those fellows who just naturally attract friends, always laughing and always ready to take part in any fun. I'Ie's welcome in every group. Glee Club 1, 45 Operetta 4. RUSSELL WILLIAM I'IANSLIK "In the spring a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of" hasehall. Maybe that is why "Rusty" is always interested in the sport page about this time. Russell is one of the tallest boys in the class and not at all hard on the eyes, is he, girls? Junior Play 35 Basketball 45 Baseball 2, 3, Captain 45 Journalism 2. RICHARD GENT VVhat other hoy in school is at the same time an authority on ancient Grcck Gods and Modern Fords? "Dick" really knows a good deal about them both, too. Another unusual combination in Richard in his extensive vocabulary and his vio- lent interest in radio. Football 3, 4. HELEN GIBBS llelen is our prize student and a. prize in her- self. She sings and plays very well indeed. She's our star actress and literary genius. In spite of all this. she is most delightfully modest about her abilities. President 15 Vice President 35 Glee Club 1, 2. 3, 4, Secretary 45 Operctta 45 junior Play 35 Senior Play 45 Leaders Flub 3, 4, Vice President 35 Journalism 2, 2, 45 Literary Editor 35 Editor- in-Chief 45 Honor Society 45 Music Memory 1. 25 Iazz Orchestra 45 Valedictorian. NAoivn GREEN Naomi is a restful little miss compared to some of the modern damsels because she seems to enjoy being a good listener. Lovely curly hair and heing well dressed help make one attractive. don't they, "Naom"? Glenville High School 15 Euclid High School 2, 3. 45 Glee Club 45 Operetta 45 Leaders Club 3, 45 Senior Play 4. Eight will PHKHHPPA AgA H T H E B U Z Z E R 1 9 2 8 fi C"W'fj4a+- EVOLYN MAE HUMPHREY Some girls secm to he born with perfect mar- cels in their hair, and Evelyn is one oi those lucky creatures. Her wavy black hair and small tilted nose tit in this generation exactly. Evelyn, how can you do so much laughing and still keep that slender tigure? Collinwood High 1, Z, 35 Euclid High 45 Glee Club Z5 Leaders Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 2, 35 journalism 1, 2. CLARA LOUISE HAWK Clara has tried everything from managing the basketball team to taking minutes of Senior Class meetings. "Sophie's" smile has won her many friends and would gain her a picture in a tooth- paste "ad" if she wanted it. Class Treasurer 25 Class Secretary 45 Glee Club 1, 2, 3. 45 Librarian 35 Cheer Leader 3, 45 Class Play 3. CLARENCE MOELLER Do gentlemen "pret'erl' being "blondes"? Here's one who evidently does. Clarence has a mechani- cal turn of mind and seems to be one of the select few who can really understand what elec- tricity is and how the internal organs of a Ford should be placed together. Junior Play 3. Nine PAULINE JANE JOHNS "Good things come in small packages" we've heard, and we believe it when we see Pauline. "Polly" with blue eyes and long brown tresses has a charm singularly her own, She is also the fortunate possessor of a lovely soprano voice. Class Secretary 25 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Libra- rian 45 Operetta 2, 45 Junior Play 35 Leaders Club 3, 45 Basketball 25 Buzzer Staff 25 Music Appreciation 1, 2. HENRY KOLL In spite of his enviable record in athletics, "Hank" has almost invariably been near the top of the Honor Roll. As a member of the National Honor Society and a participant in many dra- matic productions and Glee Club activities, this young man will be missed by the entire school. Honor Society 45 Vice President 45 Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Librarian Z, Leader 45 Operetta 3, 45 Basketball 3, 45 Junior Play 35 Senior Play 4. HELEN MARION KRACKER An "ash blond" is Helen, and a well dressed little maiden with a real knack of wearing clothes. Helen's humor lends spice to her conversation and she has a novel way of expressing hcreself in the language of this ultra modern age, 4--in-qlf erfiii T H E B U Z Z E R 1 9 2 8 Af,,4,,,,,,,fW,de1"rt"' MARCIA M. PARSONS Marcia's love for clarinet music is her most outstanding weakness but wc can overlook this when wc notice her good points. A jolly disposi- tion- the sign of an optimist-and large dark eyes that smile when her lips do, completely disarm us. Collinwood Junior High 15 Euclid High 2, 45 tilee Club Z, 45 Clicerleadcr 2, 45 Leaders Club 25 Basketball 2, 45 Buzzer Staff 2, 45 journalism 2, 45 Music Appreciation 25 Senior Play 4. EVELYN MAE OWEN llair that curls without being coaxed, and a ligurc that stays slender without reducing, are two good reasons for cnvying livelyn. She has to he quick with her lingers to successfully master the typewriter and to help in her fathcr's busy confectionery. Glue Club 1, 2, 45 Leaders Club 35 Music Appre- ciation 1. BERNARD SADOSKY "Bernie's :nada a touchdown!" "VVhat, another one?" Yes, and he kcpt right on making them through four football seasons. llc was a true football star with four years of glory. Besides knowing how to handle the pigskiu, he is very clever in managing the drumsticks, and is a graceful dancer, ton, when occasion demands. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 .Operetta 3, 45 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 45 Baseball Z5 jazz Orchestra 45 Track 1:, 2, 3, 4. l NlARiAN Lois PHYPERS "N'l'hat's happened? Look at thc big crowd over there." "Uh tliat's just a bunch of hoys trying to get xx dance with Mollie." Popular because of her dancing. her athletic record, and her amiable disposition, Marian always has a good time which she gladly shares with those about her. Laurel 25 Euclid High 1, 3, 45 Class President 45 tiles Club 1, 3, 45 Operetta 35 Junior Play 35 Senior Play 45 Athletic Association Advertising Manager5 Leaders Club 3, 45 Basketball 3, 4, Captain 45 Buzzer Staff Literary Editor 45 Jour- nalism R, 45 Music Appreciation 3. , LEE PINNEY A keen sense of humor and the ability to be a good listener makes folks like Lee. He has the foundation of being either an author or a cartoon- ist. as he is clever with his pen and pencil. VVe rlou't think Lee was horn in Paris but he cer- tainly speaks French fluently, Class Vice President 25 Class Treasurer 45 Glee Club l, 2, 4, Secretary5 Junior Play 35 Senior Play 45 Art Z5 Track 2, 3, 45 journalism 2, 3, 4. HENRY LEWIS POWERS As center of the G. C. C. Champion Football team, Henry's name has grown to be one of renown throughout Cleveland and the thriving metropolises of liucliil and Richmond Heights. Hank's rather cavemanisli antics have causedhim to be an ever welcome ligure with the weaker sex. Honor Society 3, 4, President 45 Class President 25 Glee Club 1, 2. 3, 4, Treasurer 4, Secretary 35 Operetta 3, 45 junior Play 35 Senior Play 45 Football Z, 3, 4, Captain 4: Track 3, 45 Basket- ball 2, 4. Tm ' "" THE BUZZER 1928i EDWARD STEINBRENNER Height, dignity and slenderncss all go together to make up Edward Steinbrenner or "Gum", the pet name for our good natured classmate. As class president, football manager, and as an all- around good fellow, Guzz has given good service to Euclid Central. Class President 33 Glee Club 1, 3, 4, Librarian 45 Junior Play 3, Athletic Association Secretary 33 Football Manager l. ANNABELL STEPHENS "And in a shady dell there grew a modest violet" makes one think of Annabell with her even temper and her soft voice, Annabell, we'd like to know why we can't all have handwriting like yours, that is not only easy to read but a joy to look at. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Leaders Club 45 Operetta 3. HILDA SCI-IEURING Like the goddesses of ancient days she is "divinely tall". Although the advantage of being tall gives you a chance to look down on most folks, this is the farthest thing from Hilda's mind, because she is sympathetic with you and ready to laugh when you are. "Billy" has gained more friends then she realizes. ' Class Secretary 33 Glee Club 1, 2, 43 Leaders Club 35 Buzzer Staff 45 Art 3. E It-van ANTHONY SCXARILLO "Oh, yes, that's Toppo's Ford," someone will tell you when a rattling llivver passes you at the corner, Natural color that comes and goes, and eyes that resemble those of a movie actor make Anthony an attractive chap. Cathedral Latin 1, 2, 35 Euclid Central 4. NEIL SCHROEDER A school boy's complexion, envied by some of the school girls, is possessed by Neil, commonly called "Peggy". A dazzling smile shows you that he has had nothing to fear from a dentist, and hc narrowly escapes being called :1 "six- footer". Honor Society 4g Class Vice President 1, Junior Play 35 Senior Play 4, Buzzer Staff Business Manager 3, 45 Journalism 2, 3 4. ROBERT F. SCHMIDT A social lion with a curly mane-a typical lady's man is "Bohn, Poor girls! Handsomeness will get them every time. Being the leader of two orchestras is proof of Bolfs musical gift. Like many others of this day and age, he is badly afflicted with that "jazz" bug. Collinwood 1, 23 Euclid High School 3, 4: Glee Club 3, 45 Operetta 45 Junior Play 3, Football 45 jazz Orchestra Leader 43 Track 4, Band 4. '-+sbfpAm f -'Wi T H E B U Z Z E R l 9 2 8 k y W y W :P4S1-- Rocco VINCIQUERRA Through this young fcllow's endless toil, one could read every week in the papers about the progress of liuclid athletic teams. A football game was never complete without Rocco hasten- ing along the sidelines and carefully keeping tab of 1-very worthwhile play. Rocco has a good voice, a good head for business, considerable dramatic ability and a likeable personality. NYl1at more could one want? Glue Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Operctta l. 2, 3, 45 Junior Play 3, Football Manager 3, 43 Basketball Man- ager 4: Iluzzcr Staff 2, 45 Journalism Z, 3, 4g Track, l, 3, 45 Plain Dealer Correspondent 3, 4. MARGARET ZELINSKE just imagine one girl who possesses both taffy colored hair and really small feet. and you im- mediately have a picture of Margaret in your mind. She is another one of these honored seniors with a typing medal showing that she is the type that can type. Longwood lg Euclid High School 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 3, 43 Leaders Club 4. JACK WEDLER Under his black hair, jack keeps one of the best brains in school, so the intelligence test showed. lilayhe this accounts for the fact that he couldn't hear to miss a day of school with the result that he has a perfect attendance record. lt's all right Jack, wt-'re just jealous, tliat's all. Class Secretary 13 Journalism 2, 3, 4. Twelve P-Q THE BUZZER 1928 In Hllemnrg nf Eng Simmunz Ullman nf 1929 Burn - Sept. 18, 15113 Binh - iflllarrh 23, 15123 W y THE BUZZER 1928 ks.. Class of 1929 President .,.,.,.... .,,..,,..., .,......,.........., ,A ., D OROTHY HATTENDORF Vice-President ...,... .,....,.., L ENARD SADOSKY Secretary .,.,...... ........... E LMER SPRINGER Treasurer ......... ......... K ENNET1-i SPUHLER Colors: Brown and White. Flowers: Pink Tea Roses. Motto: Excelsior. Sponsor: MR. BAY. Fourteen W T H E B U Z Z E R l 9 2 8 F1f,,-d?-gggm16'f-- Junior Class History Oh, I say! Have you seen the new Freshmen? Makes you think of the days when we were simple too, doesn't it? 'Member when we scampered into the room-? Scared kittens-? Of course the awe-inspiring Seniors soon took the kittenish playfulness out of us, and by the end of the second week we were taking life seriously and wondering how many years it would take to- be Sophomores. And speaking of frivolity, don't you recall that first class-meeting? Amid many hectic jeers and cheers such important matters as class colors, flowers, and mottoes were discussed. These institutions are still existing, you know. Wasn't it on February twenty-seventh we gave that circus party? That was our first party. Oh yes, if you hadn't mentioned it, that assembly program would have slipped my memory. The next part of that year, I remember, is vacation, all during which we went about proclaiming ourselves as Sophomores even though we would not be officially announced as such till September. , September arrived in a galaxy of noise and turmoil in the gym as we registered as Sophomore members of Euclid High School. "Upper Classmen"-remember? How we looked down from our heavenly heights into the abysmal depths of the freshman classes. Yes, I agree with you, our assembly program "Curses, What A Night" and our party which we gave on March fifth were certainly appreciable displays of the genius and hospitality of us juniors. Oh! Of course they both went over big. This year has gone rapidly and it seems we had just put our books away, bought new ones, and gone back to resume our scholarly efforts as juniors, didn't it? And I say, don't you think this year has just sailed along? First came our I-Iallowe'en Party which most everyone seemed to think splendid, and then, my dear Alphonse, you remember those Assembly plays, "Then the Lamp Went Out", and "I-Iave I Taken Poison ?" in which our fellow classmen showed their dramatic ability? I But the climax of the year came with our production of "Bah", our junior play, in which our star actors proved themselves real artists. just now all we can think of is the junior Prom-and then-Oh, Boy! vacation! Fifteen THE BUZZER 1928 W" ' H Class of 11930 President ,,.,Y,vV,, ,,.,,,., W ILLARD B1LL1-IEIMER Vice-President ,,,..,,, ,,,,,..,... G RACE AMOROSI Secretary ......,... ..,,,., R osA1.xND Fou'rs Treasurer .A...,.,,. ,,,AA,e,. E DWARD COLTRIN Colors: Silver and Old Rose. Flowers: Yellow Tea Roses. Motto: Post proelium praemium. Sponsor: Miss IHRIG. THE BUZZER 1928 k eflL+e. . sees. ,, , - -lellffr Sophomore Class History Well, they didn't get to call us "Freshies" this year that hath past. We went through it all ye year before and haveth much sympathy for those green freshies. It pleaseth us to have ye honor of having halfe our class ye first that will ever graduate from Euclid High School in ye month of january or ye middle of ye year. We, liketh all ye other classes, had much trouble as Freshmen in choosing our class colors, flower, and motto. But it came to pass that finally we madeth a decision, not favored by all, of silver and old rose for our colors, yellow tea rose for our flower, and "Post Proelium Praemium" for our motto, which motto some students faileth to understand. It came to pass that our party in March was a great success and enjoyed by all, though ye other classes never knew what a struggle we wente through for the fulfillment of our dues. Like- wise our assembly program, a 4'Maiden Vain of Dress," was a success and went off just fine, with a large part of ye class participating. Ye january graduating class and ye june graduating class, each had their class picktures taken separately. It seemed to be quite a shock to some to see themselves as ye undeceiving camera saw them. Our party this year that hath past was in March likewise. Ye whole gym was decorated in white and gave a fine effect of snow with ye hanging icicles and ye fine igloo. We wisheth to express a hope that ye future years may be as successful for us and for all ye other classes, as ye past have been. venice: THE BUZZER 1928, A ye Class of 1931 President ....,.....,,, ..,., ,,.,,.,....,...........,.....,,,.. ......... R UTH PHYPERS Vice-President ..,.. . ........,.. ,I ANE GIBBS Secretary .......... .N........ B ETTY KNUTH Treasurer YY,,,,,,, e,,,e Y.,,, R U TH WALTON Colors: Blue and Gold. Flowers: Red Roses. Sponsor: MRS. KING. Eight -M7 W ' Nineteen Ai 'Wf THE BUZZER 1928 'WW Freshman Class History A few days after our initial appearance in high school we were settled in Room 12, where we completely filled the room. We were instructed as to what to do and soon we became ac- customed to the term "Upper Classmenf' Our initiation came about a month afterward and we were painted and powdered like Indians on a warpath. The boys, however, either re- ceived a fight or were commanded to walk through the build- ing with only one shoe or with some other article missing. We gave our class play, "The Knave of Hearts" in assem- bly and judging from the laughter and applause our play was greatly liked by all the school.' Our greatest fun came when we gave our first party. The gym was decorated very prettily as an immense sun-room and a large assembly of students and teachers was present. In january, we were joined by a new addition, the 9B's. We are getting to act like veterans now and we are trying to follow good advice like, "When you're in high school, act as the high school students do." -A-rx-afsm, W THE BUZZER 1928 L'-TQHQQQW Girls, Glee Club Election of olficers of the Girls' Glee Club the beginning of the school year disclosed the following result: Leader ,,,,,.,.,s s,..,Ysll M ARION Pl-IYPERS Secretary ssssssss. ,.,.,..s. H ELEN GIBBS Treasurer .sss..... ss.sssssssss.. C LARA HAWK Librarian ..,.....s ...s.s.ssss..,, P AULINE joHNs Director ...,.sssss. sssssssv M iss FAETKENHEUER Accornpanist .,,,.s. ...s,......,.,l.. R UTH DAVIS Two assembly programs were given by the organization the first semester, one taking place in October and the other being a Christmas program. The operetta "Sweethearts" was presented by the combined boys' and girls' glee clubs under the joint leadership of Miss Faetkenheuer and Mr. King, the latter directing the performance the night it was presented. Twerlt y "tri T H E B U Z Z E R 1 9 2 8 QQQiQQf,QQilW' Boys' Gllee Clliullb OFFICERS Leader ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,wAA.............,., ..,......... H E NRY Kou. Secretary ,,,,,A, ..,...A,......,... L EE PINNEY Librarian ,,,.,,,,,,, ..,.,,.,. E D. STEINBRENNER Accomparzist ...,.A.,. .... ,...,.,.., ....,.................. R U T 1-I WALTON The Boys' Glee Club under the direction of Mr. Leo, was organized slowly this year for several reasons: There were but a few old and tried members to form a nucleus, several unsatisfactory members had to be weeded out, and the club had difiiculty in finding a place to meet. Nevertheless, they were well enough organized to make their debut in an assembly program. After this, came the Operetta with its fateful lowering of grades, but all were well repaid by the snappiness with which the Operetta was put across. Twenty-0 e 4rf M?qwW THE BUZZER 1928 ifrgrfrrya- "Sweethearts, A Comic Opera by Victor Herbert April 13th, 1928 General Director .,,.,.,.. .,..., , ......... M iss MAUDE FAETKENHEUER Musical Director .,e,... ..e.,,.A......,,....,....... M R. ERWIN KING CHARACTERS Sylvia, Princess of Zilania ........,.. 2 .......................... ..,.......... H elen Lake Prince Franz, Heir Presumptive to the Throne ....... .,....,. A rchie Daniels Liane, A Milliner of Bruges .......,...........................,.....,.,..V......... Pauline johns Mikel, A Diplomat of Zilania ........,...,.....................,................. Henry Powers Paula, Proprietress of The Laundry of the White Geese ......,..,.. Helen Gibbs Lieut. Karl, Betrothed to Sylvia ......,,,.............,......,.,....,........, Lenrd Sadosky Hon. Percival Slingsby ..................,.... .,,.,.,.......... H enry Koll Petrus van Trump ...,....,., .,.sis.,,..... R obert Schmidt Aristide Caniche ........ ,..,..... R occo Vinciquerra Jeanette N Elaine Curth ' Clairette Ruth Walton Babette Tiller Maids VA ---- Marcia Parsons Lisette H Helen Delaney Toinette Rosalind Fouts Nanette Violet Ressler Laundresses, soldiers, wedding guests, peasants and servants. ACT l Courtyard of the Laundry of the White Geese, Bruges, Belgium. ACT Il The Royal Palace-Zilania. QA year laterj. Jazz Urcihlesrtira After a semester's hard work, the jazz Orchestra made its initial appearance in january. It has since contributed a great deal to the enjoyment of assembly programs. The Orchestra is under the direction of Miss Houston. The members are I Violin Banjo Robert Schmidt Kenneth Spuhler C ornets Saxophones Harry Giles Kenneth Green james Stinson Edward Scheuring Drums Piano Bernard Sadosky Helen Gibbs Twenty-two gmn-M-,ww THE BUZZER 1928 if The Senior High Orchestra Leaders Director-Mr. Leo First Semester, Wanda Lewandowski Second Semester, Robert Schmidt Violins Elaine Curth Justin .Foldessy Wanda Lewandowski Walter Lampe Kenneth Green Robert Schmidt Saxophones Edward Coltrin Edward Scheuring Drums Bernard Sadosky Pianist Betty Wedler Trumpets Harry Giles james Stinson Clarinet Ernest Kovarik The Senior High Orchestra this year is the largest and perhaps the best the school has had. It holds rehearsals twice a week. It plays for assemblies picture shows, class plays and the operetta. Through the cooperation shown by its players it is rapidly developing into an organization of which the school may well be proud Twenty-tl1 ree T H E BUZZER 1928 Band At the start of the basketball season, the combined band of Euclid and Shore was started under the leadership of Mr. Leo, and with the help of Mr. Franks. At the close of the second semester, the school purchased horns for those who wished to play them. After a few weeks' work on the part of the beginners, a local organization was made possible. Several members are from the junior High. Comets Harry Giles james Stinson Carl Laufer Wayne McCandless Arthur Forkner Trombones jack Kline Mr. Franks Miss Houston Alto Horns Betty Wedler justin Foldessy Saxophones Edward Coltrin Edward Scheuring Herbert Bunnard Kenneth Green Dale Dennis Drums Mary Alice johns Bernard Sadosky Howard Rief C larinets Thomas Kline Ernest Kovarik Tuba Robert Schmidt Twenty-four THE BUZZER 1928 rPL.,1 1 M my-five 66Be1lb'9 A Four-Act Comedy by Edward Childs Carpenter Based on the Novel by Mary Roberts Rinehart ,IUNIOR PLAY February llth, 1928 THE PLAYERS Bab .............,...........,.,......................,......... Frances Murphy james Archibald, her father .....,,..... Wm. Frederick Hall Mrs. Archibald, her mother ..........l... Dorothy Hattendorf Leila, her sister ........................ ................... H elen Lake Carter Brooks ...,..., .,...... W m. Fowler Hall Guy Grosvenor ....... ......... E rnest Kovarik jane Raleigh ......,.,. ,,.... Eddie Perkins .............,.......... ...... Clinton Beresford ................. - 1 Hannah, Maid at Archibald s .......,. ...........,.. L ouise Beck William, Butler at Archibald's .......,........ ...Doris Simmons ...Kenneth Green Kenneth Spuhler Bingham fZel1mer 66N0lfihlllIl1g But The ,Ill"EJ11fllll99 A Comedy in Three Acts by james Montgomery SENIOR PLAY may 18th, 1928. CHARACTERS E. M. Ralston .......... ................................... H enry Powers Robert Bennett ......... ......... N eil Schroeder Dick Donnelly .............. ............ L ee Pinney Clarence Van Dusen ........ .... 1 ....... H enry Koll Bishop Doran ........ Mrs. -Ralston ...r............... ........Maurice Berg ........Marcie Parsons Gwendolyn Ralston ........ ........ M arion Phypers Ethel Clark ................. Mable jackson ....... Sable jackson ......... .....,..... N aomi Green ..........Margaret Camm Martha ............... .........Elaine Curth ..........Helen Gibbs THE BUZZER 1928 W'T"TTT'iT T H E B U Z Z E R 1 9 2 8 gg National Honor Society 1924 William Hetrick Carl Schroeder 1926 Theodora Deringer Cleotha Cook Paul Kurtz Established I 924 sf 1928 Ruth Davis Henry Powers Neil Schroeder Helen Gibbs Henry Koll 1925 Concetta Ranellucci Grace Pinney 1927 Alberta Laufer Easter Sanger Faculty Sponsor-Miss Burgess The purpose of the National Honor Society is to develop four qualities. Scholarship, Leadership, Character and Service. Scholarship means a mind equipped for work or leisure and trained in the search of truthg leadership re- quires a personality independent in thought and alert to accept responsibilityg character is the foundation of all right livingg and service is the universal goal of good citizenship. These four qualities make possible for the student a wide and beautiful entrance into the relationship with other men. School assemblies are the especial field in which the Honor Society functions in Euclid High School. This year, assemblies have been noteworthy for their variety, for their high quality, and for the enlistment of the services of such a large number of students. ' - Twenty .revs THE BUZZER 1928 'Cnty W 'TiT+'-'Q'T- Lllii ' M- we-Q ,.. WhgWg gg THE BUZZER 1928 T- Leaders, Club The Leaders' Club is composed of the junior and Senior gymnasium girls. These girls perform little duties that tend to make the Gym classes a joy and help them to run smoothly. ln the month of November a clever little health playlet was presented in an assembly program by the members of this club. The officers are: President .........,,... .....,......... M ARION PHYPERS Vice-President .....p,l.w,p,up ....,.... D oRoTHY HATTENDORF Secretary-Treasurer .up,.,.,. p.p,..,..,.......,.,, C LARA HAWK Euclid Athletic Association Euclid Athletic Association was organized in September, 1923, with Harry Hutchinson as president. 4 ' The purpose of this organization is to promote healthy and vigorous athletic contests and to create a true school spirit and a sportsmanlike character. As a result of these principles Euclid, as far as athletics are concerned, stands out as one of the finest schools in greater Cleveland. The most important achievement of the present year has been the establishment 'of standard letters for athletics. At present' the officers are as follows: " President ............................................... .................... H ENRY Kou. J Advertising Manager ....... ..........,.,.,.,.... M ARIAN Pi-IYPERS Secretary .,,,,.,........,.., ..,..,,,, DoRoT1-:Y HATTENDORF Treasurer ...,..... ................... j ol-IN WIDMER Twenty-nine THE BUZZER 1928 Native-on-'T THE BUZZER 1928 --Mamiya Football Teams Fmsr TEAM SECOND TEAM L. Petti '29 ........., .... L eft End ......... ......... V . Cie Chanski '30 E. Springer '29 ........ ...Left Tackle ....,.,... ,.,.....,........... R . Koss '29 W. Hall '29 ...................... ,..... L eft Guard ...... A....... H . Musser '30 H. Powers QC! '28 .,... Center ,... ....... ,I . Foldlessy '28 H. Koll '28 ...,............,..,. ....... R ight Guard . ............. R. Gent '28 S. Kline '29 ....... .....,. R ight Tackle ....... ....... E . Scheurinig 30 M. Berg '28 .......... ...... R ight End ....... J. Wedlake '30 B. Sadosky '28 ....... ...,,... Q uarterback ......., ......... H . Clasen '30 V. Caito '30 ................ ...... L eft Halfback ...... ................. J . Shea '31 C. Eminger '29 .......... ...,. R ight Halfback ...... ............. H . Bunnard '31 J. Sintic '29 ............. ..,.,... F allback ,,...... ...... Q CJ J. Korenciff '31 L. Sadosky '29 ....... Right Halfback ...... ..,..... C . Kulwinskas '30 ' 9 R. schmiat '28 ........ Left Guard .. ...... 5 Af' ,gg Head Coach ,,,,.....,. ........ A LFRED W. RADER tOhio Universityj Assistant Coach ......., ....... C . SWACKHAMER fOhio Universityj Student Managers ........ ...............,. R . VINCIQUERRA, E. CoLTR1N Faculty Manager ,,...,... ........... R . R. KEAY fMiamiJ Honour Roll This year more Euclid Central football men were honored by the Cleveland newspapers than in any previous year. All football players have an ambition when they get 'on the team and that is to make the mythical football teams which are chosen from among the best players in the Greater Cleveland Conference by news- paper writers and coaches of the different schools. The following were placed on the 1927 Mythical Elevens: Press All-Scholastic Second Team Bernard Sadosky, Quarterback. The Cleveland Plain Dealer First Team ' Henry Powers, Centerg Bernard Sadosky, Quarterbackg joe Sintic, Fullback. , The Cleveland Plain Dealer Second Team Louis Petti, Left Endg Vincent Caito, Right End. The Cleveland Plain Dealer Honor Roll Henry Koll, Left Guardg Elmer Springer, Right Tackle. ' The Cleveland News All-Conference 'First Team Louis Petti, Left Endg Bernard Sadosky, Quarterbackg Joe Sintic, Fullback. The Cleveland News Second Team Henry Powers, Centerg Henry Koll, Left Guard. Thirty-one ,- -M-A as-g-EW THE BUZZER 1928 fwfgv, f Football September 15, the first day of school, saw thirty-five dusty and perspiring young boys working very hard with footballs in their hands. This was in a preliminary football practice, which eventually was to lead to another football championship, for teams are not made without practice. The june class of l927 had graduated five members of the Championship team but these gaps were soon filled out, for there was a large squad out for positions and plenty of material on hand so the old veterans were not missed so much. e This year Euclid Central duplicated its feat of the preceding year by not losing any games, but had to be content with two tie games along with their wins. Euclid Central's line of defense was conceded the strongest in the Conference. They showed it in the Rocky River game and again in the Shaker Heights game, when they held their opponents on the one-foot line. The line also did marvelous work on the offense, opening a hole for the ball carriers whenever asked, although they were always outweighed by their opponents. The backfield deserves plenty of credit for it was these four athletes who threw themselves fearlessly in front of their opponents to gain a possible inch after being tackled. The backfield not only did good work on the offense but on the defense as well. No team ever made more than ten yards on line plays in one down through- out the season. The backfield this year was composed of one man who specialized in end runs, one a great line plunger, and two interference runners. Euclid Central was one of the two schools in Greater Cleveland which was not defeated this year, all of the other schools sustaining defeats at one time or another. Good sportsmanship prevailed among the players both toward Mrg Rader and toward their opponents. This is one .of the things for which the Euclid Central athletes have been noted. They were never penalized for any serious infraction of rules and seldom did they question an official's decision. SCORES 1927 Euclid Central ....... ...d.... 2 0 Brush ............... Euclid Central ....... ........ I 2 Rocky River ...... .,.,.. Euclid Central ....,.. ........ 5 I h Euclid Shore .....,. .,.,,, Euclid Central ....... ........ I 2 Shaker Heights Euclid Central ....... ........ 0 j. Marshall ........ .,.,., Euclid Central ....... ........ 6 Longwood ..r.,,,,,. Euclid Central ....... ........ l 2 W. Commerce Euclid Central ................ 113 Opponents ,,..,, Thirty-tw: ...Mr g g THE BUZZEB 1928 C Boys, Basketball THE TEAM Left Forward ...,..,., ...A.....,..,.........,.....,... L ENARD SADosRY 29 Right Forward .,..... ............,.... H ENRY KOLL 28 Center ................. ,.........,.,..... S PENCE KLINE 29 Left Guard ..,..,, ...... E.,EEA ...... B E R NARD SADOSKY 28 QCB Right Guard ....................,...,.....................,,.,.,...... VINCENT CAITO 30 Substitutes: CLAIR EMINGER '29, HENRY POWERS 28 RUSSELL HANSLIK '28 Coach .......,.....,.....,.,.......E.......,...,....,.,,.,..,..o..,....,,,,. .,..,, A W RADER Faculty Manager ,,.,..,. ...,......,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,EE, ,,,,,,, R R KEAY Student Manager .,,..,,,,,,..,.,,..,,,,,.,.,,,,,,,,, E ,,,,,,, .,,,,, B ALLEN 30 THE SEASON High tide of the basketball season came with the first River game when Caito tied River's star, Gandrup, in caging 15 points. Low ebb was reached at West Commerce. The remarkable number of closely played games which charac terized the season, show that the team, though not championship material was a worthy foe for every opponent. i Euclid Euclid Euclid Euclid Euclid V Euclid Euclid Euclid Euclid Euclid Euclid Euclid Euclid Euclid Euclid T11 ir-ty-tlwce Central .............,............ 17 Mentor ....... .... 'Central ,,,...................,... 13 Fairport ..... Central ..,.,,. 29 Alumni ....... Central .,,,.... ......, 1 4 . Shore .............. Central ....... 27 Rocky River ...... Central ....... 19 Brush ........,....... Central ........ .,..... 1 7 John Marshall .. Central ........ l0 Shaker Heights Central ,.,.... 9 West Commerce Central ........ ........ 2 3 . Shore ................ Central ....... 34 CLongwood .......... Central ........ ........ 3 8 Maple Heights .. Central ........ ........ 2 6 'Rocky River ,,l,,, Central ,...... 25 Mayfield ........ Central Total Points Opponents .... .........30l ...,,,,i THE BUZZER 1928 LQ, 'CW Second Team Basketball THE TEAM Left Forward ,.,..e,... ee..ev................. ........ j 0 E SINTIC '29 CCD Right Forward ..,ee,e. ,............ E RNEST KOVARIK '30 Center ,,,.,,,,.,,.,,.e,,. ,,,,,,,,,...,,,, W M. FOWLER HALL '29 Left Guard ...,.,..dd.dd,.......,..,dd,4,.a,.a,,,........ LAWRENCE WADSWORTH '31 Right Guard ....,................,.,,......,,........,...... WM. FREDERICK HALL '29 Substitutes: Louis PETTI '29, RICHARD Koss '29, JOHN S1-IEA '3l. THE SEASON The second team showed this year an aggressiveness which looks well for next year's varsity. Four victories out of six games is a record of which to be proud. Euclid Euclid Central Euclid Central Euclid Central Euclid Central Euclid Central Total Points Central ,,.l,C,.,,CC,....l 19 Shaker'rHeights ..C,,,vV.t...... 18 -..,.22 Fairport .....C..l8 West Commerce Longwood .,......l6 .,.,,,.l6 Rocky River ........l9 john Marshall .....,...l23 Total Points ,.....ll3 Thirty-ft .ttqg A A. THE BUZZER 1928 ggwggggiii in Me Baseball 1927 THE TEAM Orin Wadsworth-Pitcher and Captain Vincent Caito-Left Field, Shortstop William Martens-Catcher Tom Caito-Right Field Richard Koss-First Base Lenard Sadosky-Left Field john Korencic-Second Base Russell Hanslik-Center Field joe Sintic-Third Base T Clair Eminger-Shortstop Euclid played its spring sport with the Lake Erie League, made up schools in the eastern metropolitan district. Bedford proved a difficult foe, final game with Brush was an unexpected narrow escape. Euclid Central Euclid Central Euclid Central ........ ....... 1 2 Euclid Central ........ ....... l Euclid Central ' Euclid Central THE SCHEDULE Euclid Shore Euclid Shore 8 Brush 9 Brush Bedford ..,.......... ...... I 5 Bedford ............. ...... of four and the Track 1927 Six men qualified for the G. C. C. track meet last spring. Bernard Sadosky proved Euclid's star by breaking the pole vault record. In the Lakewood meet three men qualified: Henry Powers in the low hurdlesg Bemard Sadosky in the 100-yard dash and the pole vaultg and john Korencic in the 100-yard dash and the shot put. At Columbus Sadosky placed third in the dash and Powers fifth in the low hurdles. As over one hundred schools sent representatives to Columbus, Euclid feels proud of her showing. Thirty-Eve A'-ertli THE BUZZER 19287 to T ya-- Giiirllsg Basketball THE TEAM Forwards-Marion Phypers '28 QCaptain 19281, Helen Lake '29, Margaret Camm '28. Center-Clara Hawk '28. Guards-Marcia Parsons '28, Rosalind Fouts '30, Ruth Davis '28, Dorothy Hattendorf '29 tCaptain 19299, Grace Amorosi '30. The Euclid Girls had their first taste of equal rights this year when they were given new suits to play in. But in spite of their new suits luck was a little hard against them and they had a hard time in getting started properly. They tasted a few bitter doses of defeat during the first part of the season although some of their opponents had to swallow the same medicine later in the season. As an example of their improve- ment note the results of the two Euclid-Shore contests. , The Girls were piloted this year by the versatile forward, Marion Phypers, who scored more than three-fourths of the total points. Dorothy Hattendorf has been elected captain for the coming season and we are sure that she will help win many games for Euclid next year. THE SEASON Euclid ....... 18 Bedford Veeew., ve,,,,, Euclid .,,,., .,,.,,, 1 O River ,,4,,4,, Euclid ....... 10 Brush ,...,,w. Euclid ..,,.., 32 Bedford ,,.,,.. .,...., Euclid .,.... 9 Shore ........ Euclid .,..., 19 Shore ........ Euclid ...... 20 Brush ....,,.. Euclid ...... I2 River .....,i, Euclid ......,. 130 Opponents ...... .....,.. 1 80 Thirty-six THE BUZZER 1928 W WWW Calendar SEPTEMBER 12-Back on the old job, for better or worse. 2l-Freshmen forced to don war paint. 26-IVlargaret'Camm arrives-Oh Boy! ' 30-Euclid defeats old rival Brush, 20-6. The feed! Who spilled the tomato soup? Nine for the girls! OCTOBER 3-Distant sounds of instruments being played in the auditorium make studying more enjoyable-"With a squeak, squeak here, and a squack, squack there." 7-Euclid Central smothers Rocky River! Not luck, just plain hard work. Team Rah! Team Rah! Rah! Rah! Team! 12-journalism class entertains in assembly. The ballet kicked in perfect GJ unison. 14-just 51-O! Too bad, Shore. Our third victory. I8-Mr. Keay preserves Monie's eyesight from dangerous acid! 21-Shaker's hopes shattered, 12-8. 24-Blue Monday-girls look quite limp after the "Raggedy Ann Dance" in gym. 28--john Marshall and Euclid battle in scoreless game. Picture show-Lon Chaney in "Tell It To The Marines." 29-junior Masque Ball! NOVEMBER T 2-Boys' Glee Club present assembly program, "Funiculi, Funicula-" 3-Longwood surprises Euclid by holding a tie score! No dancing at noons-against the rules. 4-N. E. O. T. A.-No Euclid Ohio Teachers At School. 17-Senior class rings arrive-"Does yours fit 19-Euclid vs. West Commerce, 12-0. Euclid Central again entitled to Conference Football Toga! Red White, Nuff Sed! 21-joe "Sal" Sintic elected football captain for '28. Leave it to "Sal!" 22-Try-outs begin for operetta "Sweethearts," Suspense! Expectation! 24-Thanksgiving and Vacation. gn DECEMBER ' 3-Athletic Association Banquet! A bower of red balloons, eats, dancing, and a jolly good time! I3-Operetta cast chosen-The long lost princess-Our Helen! I4-Senior assembly program-t'But Genevieve, I saw you do it." 17-Senior Party! Santa has something for all of you. 20-Snowdrifts! All Richmond Heights students late to school. 21-Christmas Carols in assembly, "O Come All Ye Faithful." 23-Varsity loses to Alumni! 44-29. Xmas Vacation! How will Santa get down the chimney? I-. Thirty-rmfen THE BUZZER l928 JANUARY 2-Everybody starts the New Year right, with well prepared lessonsf?J 6-Euclid Central vs. Shore! Good for the boys, but not for the girls. I2-Senior pictures, "Chins up-a little to the rightg now watch the birdie." I3-Friday the thirteenth! Any wonder Rocky River beat us? , I8-juniors entertain in assembly. 25-Helen and Henry in "Sparkin' Peggy jane"-"Oh could you, Oh would you!" FEBRUARY 3-Euclid vs. Shaker, 14-O! 10-Longwood downs Euclid. ll-junior play, "Bab." "Kerchoo, l've got the measles." 15-Honor Society elects new members. I7-Euclid Central vs. West Commerce 26-9 tlt was just an off night.l. 27-Basketball captains chosen for '29, Nine rahs for "Dorothy" and "Itchy!" MARCH 2-Basketball Tournament at Brush. 14-Faculty stage play 4'Fourteen" for Community Club. fThe society matron, and the impeccable butler.J French play in assembly. 17-Freshman Party "Be You Irish ?" APRIL . 7-Sophomore Party. 13-Operetta "Sweethearts.'f "Sweethearts make love their very own." I4-Operetta at Shore. Another success. 20-Bedford at Euclid. Team Rah, Team Rah, Rah, Rah, Team!! 25-Report cards out. "just six more weeks to go! Don't give up the ship." 27-Baseball, Euclid at Shore, 14-5. MAY 2-Opera Singers in Assembly. Gym Exhibit! 4-Another opera day. Excused from school to go to opera. 7-Seniors look in on the Peace Conference, the jail, the morgue, the courts, and -most thrilling of all-the movie, "Wings" 8-Relay teams take second place in Lakewood meet. 18--Senior play, "Nothing But The Truth." "I've been swindled, l WANT my money!" 25-junior-Senior Prom! "When shall we meet again, after this? Au Revoir." JUNE l-Commencement! Thirty-aight at-I THE BUZZER 1928 gn g H 144+- I. II. III. IV. V. VI. VII. VIII IX. Cho. The Musical Football fSung by the Girls' Glee Club at the Athletic Banquetj Oh we have a little high school here in Euclid, Ohio, And we try our hands at everything and seem to make a "go',g And of athletes big and brave and bold we seem to have the cream, For the other schools do find it hard to beat our football team. Say, you surely know our captain, the cheerful Henry Powers, He's center man upon the team, and we're glad to say 'he's ours. He keeps his head in every scrap, he snaps the ball with care, The fellows play their level best, because their captain's there. S-adosky is the speedy chap, who helps pile up the score, He'll run and whirl and dodge his man, and then heill run The goal posts do attract him, for he's always going there, And he'll slip and plunge around the line, you never know just where SOYTIB ITIOYE And Joe's our smiling full-back who plunges through the line. His face can always keep a gring you never hear him whine. The foe may kick their hardest, but he's always there to block. For when "Stal" is on the football field, he's steady as a rock. When Euclid picks her tackles out, she knows just whom to choose. For with "Spec" and Springer on the team, we cannot lose. When these fellows lo-ok upon the foe and say "They shall not pass." They do exactly as they say and hold the plunging mass. Now the guards do really know their stuff, with Bill and Hank and Bob, 'Cause when the foe can lay them low, it surely has a job. Say, when these fellows start to go you cannot make them stop For they'll never quit their plugging till 'our team comes out on top. There are several other fellows who help make up the team, And although they never strive for praise they surely work up steam. There is Maurice and the Petti chap, who does not fit his name, And Lennie X. Sadosky, who will play a pretty game. We have several other huskies who will help advance the ball, There's Eminger, who fights so hard the foe just h-as to fall. And at times it's 'fItchy" Caito or that fearless Wedlake chap, Who will cross the foeman's goal-line and put Euclid on the map. And in the line of scrimmage are the boys without a fear And although they're seldom on the line they never shed a tear For these fellows work their hardest, though their praise is very small. So let's give a nine for all the boys, and cheer them one and all. ' Three cheers for Euclid, the red and the white, Three cheers for a team that knows how to fight, Oh, you've got the winning spirit and we hope you keep it up, And place up in our trophy case another silver cup. Thirty-nine THE BUZZER 1928 Cwmpliments mf THE EUCLID COMMUNITY CLUB A--apgfiyd W W v T H E B U Z Z E R l 9 2 8 A i4WW Mv14a--- Q i ! Q ' H if ' I C ' 2 O IIIHHS CB 1'62.IIl... i i ' 'll' 1' Q g H1 s Qua lty Store 5 "There is a difference" i E 5 DRUG SUNDRIES LUNCHES i i i CONFECTIONERY BAKED GOODS Q ! ! ! ! i B more than EUCLID AVE. Q Q - 20 years at CHARDON RD. j Q ! Senior Tastes Ambitious .A...,.......,,Y Rocco Vinciquerra Natty ,....... ..,.... R Obert Schmidt Brunet .,.,.. Evelyn Humphrey Obliging ,..... ,,,i.i, A nthony Sciarillo Cherubic ..,.., ..i,,,. A rmand Foldessy Plump ,.u.., i,.... M arcia Parsons Demure ,.............,,,. Annabelle Stephen Quiet ,.,...,,... .,..,..... E velyn Owen Enthusiastic Marian Phypers Requisite , Bernard Sadosky Friendly ...., 7 .,..,.,. Hilda Scheuring Stylish ..... ..... P auline johns Graceful .t..e, ...... N aomi Green Teasing ....... ,..,.,.. H elen Kracker Happy, Yv.V,ee, E laine Curth Unyielding ...... Richard Gent Indocile ...,.... ,V,.,,,....,.. H enry Koll Variable ...,.,. ,...,.... G ertrude Beck jovial .,...... Margaret Zelinske Witty ..e..... ..r.,r.. H enry Powers Kind ...... ...........,e,,ee,e C lara Hawk Exclusive ......,. .....,. C larence Moeller Lanky .....e.,...,....., Edward Steinbrenner Youthful .,.,, ...... j ustin Foldessy Mischievous ....V,..,,............ Paul Clasen Zealous ........ ........, H elen Gibbs Forty-o wifi" h THE BUZZER 1928 ini nioiuisriuiuinioi in "Mack Has It H NOTTINGHAM mp. vcd, DRUG COMPANY i KENMORE 0066 KENMORE 1079 Expert Prescription Service EAST 1B7TH AND ST. CLAIR is 1 2 1 air Z 2 in in in 101011020 lain: 1 2 ni ri 311024110101 fxf , FEE Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. R. C.. Fielitz X 'X 2 Q 0.0 10141 1 ini in 1 3 102010102 02010101 KEn 014134131riuioininiui ka more 0983 We Deliver EUCLID-CHARDON HARDWARE CO. You Buy the Paint We Loan the Ladders EUCLID at CHARDON RD. v 59501111 1 1 1 1131311 1 201024 ozsrxuiui 1:1 1 14111 1 1:24 The Compliments Of DILLE ROAD L U M B E R Co. O 'Jn 1011 11 101 111 2 1:11 11114: F ty-t 0101 3 :Q 3014 - 1 my THE BUZZER 1928 kwin mmyi 0:0101 1 1 1 1 11111 1 3 1:14 i Our Dictionary g Class-Indirect cause of sleep. 2 Compliments Clock-The same. f e 0 Diploma-The paternal receipt. II Flunk-WTO displease an instructor. H Games-Those you win and those you lose. Momentary horror-When one gets his re- Q ,,.,.t.,.,..,, Q E U C L I D Hazard-One who takes a test. ! Worth talking about-How you fooled the 2 teachers. Q joke-Uncollected homework. Charity workerHOne who passes his i The Best in Cinema home work around. i A t Semesters-The period between vacations. i r Vacation-A slip excusing you from home- Q work. . kfbuilili 11 1111111101 1 10 vo ESOLO DR G TOR E - I E TOILET ARTICLES SICK ROOM SUPPLIES E STATIONERY 2 CANDIES CICARS i E FOUNTAIN SPECIALTIES 2 I 21051 EUCLID AVENUE at CHARDON ROAD 02910301 ix: 1 1 112,111 1 111 11 1 1 11112111 1 211101 Forty-tlirec 0511111 1 21141 1 init: 3 ini :mini ini 111 1 2 1:1 :ri 110 '---as-iWiI Vif Wh A THE BUZZER 1928 ego I Q ! I u , I I I ! ! I ! ' f 0 x10i01o:o11r:1r11rio14v1c1j4::1r1o1ar1o1o14r:1:14 .zo gl? Q Q 3 y g E g Q 4 3 ' i : 5 rn 9, .rl :rm 'L rn nw Q -oi s .M 5- - Qa.ww-Swami-2.2 ,U SD -'Z' i -I .., 0 ,.l 3 -,CD 3 -1 3 O - -f ra--f n -'Q I -4 5' om "" o ra. HI? -.5 in O ..l O 'J' Q. U: -. : '11 mb I 'U Q, P51 Q 0:34, :NW I :' 0 W fn-+ 2.01 rs E. ' Q O Z m C-.EEG 5 Ill-1: Q 3 -- I3 O . -4 w D. -1 Q i : CQ' :vw-4 wrong mm ' so ,.,, -1 ... I 0 :J 'C og. :SE 9' -- -1 o an I O ra O O gg""'1 af:'f'.2Pwe1aZ',23 if-ogg -fdil-U :P nfmm-'r?mO3': --a'f":fRm I almgfo 9I'1?E S 5 UI Q .... '1 :ra 5:2-I mo O 0 'D rn Z na - : i 'bw '-:"o"D 5-10, W w5'-- I I rv 9' 5 EP, O If '5' -+ I 22 'S' "'a-- 3951 32,2 'o:S, "I 2 2. " I 'U 5 sw cn rn F oo L11 '-12 5 'o E.""q, fb-cm I 5' " so 9, 5 T' " I-df on O n. - ra g: -1 as B Z I Ha 5 Z! -1 -- fp F" ,., L- i 2' va ag' 2. ---oo nn! ' :B 0-I I 7:5 -2. 5 5- O 9, 5 5 fDs:.... , 0 -1 as . :r i In-159'-5 90-'NESS-:M i img-12 IQ 5 27 F3 - O' Q' mn 2: 'Choo Q50 Ph - 'P n 3' I W ' UQ Q i Q x 333 wi 25+-E main H P+ i Q 0 E 0 E: E - S: ,U "',.., m :Lan A . : - no i S35 ffxgf 'if i Sw-f:l'l'13., 535 Qu' 55 Sign I1 U fE'Q': z- gi - SSOQ S2 rv: va' 05' DOG fb rv P' sf' f 2 " I O'-O 5 ,," mg D' -'Jai I F 'D 2 i mgZ,S 3 OE sg 52 Q33 i 5' 2 - U1 O '45 ' I 'J'-' - 0,021-1 Q Q., 503 I-u - 2 E E E S 3 3 E E m g ?or:oio1n:o:o1o1o14 1u1uzu:v:o:o:o14 10101014 , :U 0 -. :Jn gg-1q3,0YJ,,l Os! - ' 3, " -nim fn-4 - C !Z:4F",,U 6? mfg ffwgggi J,..5" 5' I I O imma, 5 22. U, Ma new um I g 0- ' ' ng Q 59 2330! 880 N Q : i -. P O ,U Z ' 3'-2. 5- aff 55555 5.52 5' Q ' W m O I CQ.. : ERD :xv-+333 mga 'WD I I L11 ,.1 i 2 fu 2 M: gnu Q rs O i n Q E? CE Q 3 53:5 2 52 M5552 -1551 Q 5 Q 5 FU 3, s 1,1-+5 52 swgawzqgw ,.. S! ao Cm., Q 1 I 3: : Q Sm 'wa ag-H I I ' H 'Q 0 N- N' un N ag N EOC :yugo ' m Pa 5 94 9, O -cn ..,, Q2 ggpon. n .4 I I V-Q fu 0 fb ' :sn U, -vile fD"" U' N D-1 3 0 M: O -1- Ig H. -P P-I N - -' O E5',p,ez','-.g:,2:, I I Q M A29 : :- :s 'P ' cn ' 'Om :F Syn 'Yong I i O OP :,.. ::'m.... ... -,Q Z U O2 an EDS E, :ig ' gm .-.D-m - 28 - ' O O fn' :H 5- I Q so .1-v :FD U 5 I-11 : Q.- .9 Oi. 0.1P.KulmiC1PC1D1mP-YflmlmP-IC!!-l.ll-IDQIQI lDOQ0l0QC Forty-fm H ig g f THE BUZZER 1928 T"'144f--- 'llllhne Love Dream of A .llalzzfll-lloiuiilild "Ramona" dear, 'lWhere In The World" have you been? I so seldom see you around "My Ohio Home" since "Henry's Made A Lady Out of Lizzy" that I'm writing only "Because I Know I'm Losing You." As I sit within these "Four Walls" "So Tired" of waiting until we shall sit "Together, "Side By Side" on the bank of "Deep River" under "A Shady Tree", my thoughts cannot help but go "Skyward" to that day of "Sunshine" when we shall be able to romp once more with "Lila". Now remember I'm "just Wondering Where You Arei' at this very moment and "I'm Riding to Glory" already in expectation of that "One Night of Love", but until then, "Ramona" dear, I shall have to be content to "Dream Kissesf' gonzo: 1m1o r1u11o1i 1g1g 111,341-apgg1:p1ig4 1o1i1 mimic Q e e Q - g HUDsoN ESSEX g i 2 . 2 l 2 2 Sales and Service 2 ! ' K F SPIETH Q I gf 0 0 2 I E Company 2 Authorized Dealers DILLE ROAD and EUCLID AVENUE g The Fastest Selling Light Six In America 9:0 0101 ri xi si vi rl ri vi 10111 rinioifsioioinioioi rioioioiui xioioiwze l'l0I'fj'-fl'C'z" 4 -w' THE BUZZER 1928 Huw Would They 101014vie10101014niu14r1o:u14u:1v1u1o:uj01r.o. Nl in 5 2-5555555555 - .- 3. w 5' O I EfDf2QE?:QE'ooE-325 O ' Smg?-n-0:5 Q22 B Q'-7xruf2.2mVgg7sT2 . CD2f3E2'rpCDwE:f- lla P.. 4 EFPim6f'Qf?"gQQ -' . 2 5.ife,af-wf2a F :B ' :iF ?:fgs g 0 Sli5 9 i-.5 I U 2 35,:4E'vm 5?' 'Q ' 52omE3::-amiz' U U lifrlfbxflrmf-EQ... 9' 0 I 5-.m :TEE5'g9 gli 5 N n mivmmoiigi ' "HI:-in '-va F, ' E.F11g.3,?55g'?n5'g 52 l 2azx25'QUQU3Q:,' C: U ' .,,.X,.0.0.1,.x,.U.1,.X, .Uv a-an-1 m i F2 U UH H in - - U-'1 .. U I 553' :Mus 2 Q 25 sg as gs :ss ,, 2:11- gg wx U so-4 I-. gag-1 U ,-xA,,N U, F.. U i' Q 5512 555-, mm . ! -li T575 "'ESU,l-rj QQ' !! 5'-' PEP. 9'-irq 112220 . . ,.,o mm: n ... "Q O-4 0 ' '4 215' P " lf' 5 EZ 2-S 55 if if sm: ! 0 'i i F "4 0:01014 jg-4.4 0:0101 iniuiuiuininrioini 3 PHONE KENMORE 0721 ini QtlQ0i Fa rty vin lar S Arr THE BUZZER 1928 -i"f?r3-:aw Q0i010Qi,Qll, i - Qing? l g sswild Animals ll HUNTEIVS i Hewe Knownw MEAT MARIQET 1. Fish ,,,,, . A rchie Daniels ! 2. Bear 7,A,,A.A. joe Sintic g 3. Fox ,.,.,,7,,, ,,,,,,,,,,. B ill Hall '25 4. Hyena ,,,...... ,,,.., T ony Sciarillo ! 5. Butterfly ....lllll l..l4. V iolet Ressler g 6. Mosquito ,,,l .... G race Amorosi . i 1. Elephant llll..... llllllll.. C lam Hawk Euclld Ave. and Dllle Rd. 8. Ant Eater Henry KOH : 9, M k ...... ..,... ' W dl k Phone Kenmore 2625 on ey hmm? e a e Q 10. Kangaroo ......eee,,.e. Mome Phypers ! bml1lQQlj1QlulQmQQlQ-QQQ!Qliali0a'.i? Q THE EUCLID CENTRAL HIGH GRADUATE A Q wishing to prepare for a business position quickly or desiring a complete business 5 course of college grade may obtain it at l DYKE SCHOOL 0F BUSINESS Q 1001 HURON ROAD CLEVELAND i SUperior 0180 SUperior 0181 Member National Association of Accredited Commercial Schools l 10101 1 iris: iriri 1 1111 ini 1 2 1 11:2 1 fy li 1 1 xioiotmozo -.i,q'-"jQjT f A THE BUZZER 1928 ya-- llfuclliidis Alphabet Agony-The result of unpreparedness. Bluff-A fad of many Freshmen. Courage-That which many lack. Devilment-When teacher's away. End-Which means june first. Fish Stories-Result of opening base- ball game. Gymnasium!-Favorite roam for all. Heart-Sometimes considered a minus quality of the faculty. Interest-Which many do not have. justice-Which we say we don't get. Knowledge-Something we all can't have. , Laughter-Something enjoyed by all. Mischief-Pastime of many boys. Notes-Common occurrence in every Study Hall. Obedience-Which few seem to have. Posing-Habit of many girls. Quietness-Which is enforced in the halls. Right-When it isn't wrong. Sickness-The general excuse. Try-aUsed a great deal before eligi- bility. University-Which many would like to enter. Variety-In journalism. Wise-The Seniors think they are. X-The unknown career which we shall follow. You-Who are leaving us. Zero-Which every one fears. bzoioioioioiojoioiod Electric Overhead Traveling Cranes Electric Monorail Hoists 110101 0 The EUCLID CRANE Sl HOIST Co. Euclid, Ohio Forty-viglzt ...wi o .g.-.,-..-.,- - ,- -.- - -,- -. O QOOPQC THE BUZZER 1928 ff iooo T ya... 0.414111 1 1:1111 1 1111111 Compliments Of EUCLID CASH MARKETS EUCLID, OHIO ni 151110111 1 1:1111 1 COMPLIMENTS OF The AJAX MFG Co. 11111020 The Euclid News Stand Buzzer .,.......OO,OO,O..,.,....O,O,OO, Clara Hawk Review of Reviews Night before the test Youth's Companion ..,..wi, Neil Schroeder College Humor ..,.wee, Charles Wanstall The Observer ...eee.,.,,... Mr. R. Sharrock Popular Mechanics e,lee,.,,, Richard Gent Vanity Fair ....eeee..,.,....,,.,ee, Helen Lake Country Gentleman ........ Maurice Berg Physical Culture ,tt,,. Bernard Sadosky 'Q 020111211 1: 1 1 1 1 1 11 ax wxosozo I COMPLIMENTS g OF ! Q The Q Q ARMINGTON Q ENGINEERING Company ! ! ! ! u ! 0 9 '49po3o10i- 1 1032222 3 1 1 2021020 'fbui it SDL iliniuiniribi 102409 Forty-1 :uint 20:1 ,tg TH The Goff -Kirby Coal Co. E BUZZER 1928 qttqq, Builder Supplies and Coal CHARDON ROAD and NICKEL PLATE R. R. 90303 uit10102021120102010 1014 ozozuzuxuzuxnz tg txttxttzttgttxttztfqy. O g F. B. TRACY, jr. EARL H. SMITH l i EUCLID-CHARDON I 2...GA1tAGE...2 GENERAL REPAIRING ! Complete Line of ! . . ! Fxrestone TIICS Q and Tubes l - I 21201 EUCLID AVENUE '11txttittit1101011yznguzuxuqq, nznzugux txuznxuznznztrg 13 I1 txoq flowers SPECIALISTS IN SNAPPY AND ARTISTIC ARRANGEMENTS ALWAYS SOMETHING NEW AT O EDDY :visit t MBERS FLORISTS' TELEGRAPH DELIVERY ASSOCIATION IE V A N S PILUWEPIS 8983 14136 EUCLID A VE. 041031131111 iuioiuioitrxni 11 zo: tittxt11II1tt1u1u1u1o1u1n1to:o I 2 Q KE.nmore I 03 I I I I 0:0 ozvpuguxt ioxozuzoiuituxugtI1 wxuztozo v use Q I , SAND 3 E Q i SLAG l 5 CINDERS g Q Q : OHIO g Q COAL and SUPPLY Q 2 COMPANY i Babbitt Rd. and Q 2 Nickel Plate R. R. Q KEnmore 0528 t I , Q SEWER PIPE Q I STONE 2 CEMENT S Fifty Q 10.0 THE BUZZER 1928 7' at K ' i 'i' ! ! l l . 5 Be P h0'5081' fllihed Q C. B. KNUTH - l . 3 5155555551: LF 5:::.Qi25s1 2 of 5 ! You will treasure them in ! Bliddillg Pl3l1tS g g years to come. . 5 6 Z l ! ! 2 hf'f10f08f0Dl1S5fiU?f?ff1fQ Wholesale Geraniums a Specialty i THE Q l I 4 - 5 FRANK R. BILL 5 5 : : 1 U " 5 S T U D I Q Stop 10 A Eucl1d Ave. - . . - KEnmore 0444W 2 I 604 The Hanna Blllldlllg Q Q l l ! ALL BUSINESS BRANCHES TAUGHT g 5 Day 3515.00 2 i INDIVIDUAL INSTRUCTION . . . ELECTIVE COURSE 5 MOHIMY EAST CLEVELAND i C OOL O U SS 1 H F B 1 E . 5 Monthly EUCLID AVENUE AT IVANHOE ROAD g i ,... 2ND FLOOR, IVANHOE BLDG. EDDY 6225 3 UQQYQUQUQHQUQUQUQUQ al Q mini ,Ui SEQIQDQUQUQIVDUQUQUQUQUQU-0QU2UQ'?. Q COMPLIMENTS OF COLONIAL HEIGHTS g l l PHARMACY c Q Go EQ Bufkhardt HARRY v. REPLOGLE, Prop. I l 16420 EUCLID AVE. CLEVELAND ' . 3 g DRY 553555 g Reliable Drug Service , AND . ' i In Our Sth Year c E E Thanks, Folks. We appreciate your 5 EUCLID AVE' AND CHARDON RD' . 5 business and try to merit the same. 2 'ibm:LIrierioioxozoxoiozoioirriarifozo 9251111171111rioioxoioioioioiotfoxo Fifly-wir' 2 I I I I I I I ' E I ' LTI I no l CI N I N rn so 2 I0 I ...MT R---I 1 I1 I1 I1 1: 1 1 1 I1 I1 I1 111111445 2 I i Compliments of i 2 g an , ' EUCLID LUNCH d B KERY f I i I 'nz-1--n 1 ll l Qlillllllll QOQil10l0l -Illlll lil lli ll Q Q Qililfg osovxoiuioioxoxm-14Ixoiuzuxoiniudlozo gui: 1:1 1 1 I1 11: 1 1 1 nina? ' . ' I 2 HENRY HERMLE g i Dealer in 5 l g E Gogdyear Bgllggn g TEACHER OF oRcI-IEsTRAL i and High Pressure 5 'NSTR:I:"S':'I:ieE'ANo' : j Tires and Tubes i Q ! - I EUCLID VILLAGE, OHIO ! 20390 EUCLID AVENUE I i 2 3:0303 1'3'3"1"i"3"3"3 3 ""'1"'vi0 ieriuioioioiuioirmi 1 1 111101030 , I E Complzments I 2 Ygur Llfe.. E of ! i sI'xouIfI be insured Q i ! i Lowest rates when you are young ! EJ E SCHROCIQ T Q I O - - - I 2 g I SCOTT R HALL, INC. g E . E Real Eslalc and Insurance ! i 2 2I055 Euclid Avenue V ,f'10i0i l IQ! Q! Q! Q Q Q Q Q QUQICZC C2011lQilQUQ0-0QOQOQOQOQ Q Qi Qlhilze I B LA G K K N I G H T I ' I I T If ' i BLACK KNIGHT IS one coAL ON THE EUC ld G11 It I MARKET THAT IS REALLY HIGH-GRADE I - Q EXCEPTIONALLY HIGH IN HEAT I I 21065 EUCLID AVENUE Low IN AsH 1 I I 2 l ART Goons . . . STATIONERY URBAN and SCHAEFER I 1 Q I I l KENMORE 0838 EUCLID, ,OHIO I i Q O.. DIlgIPQlIQIYQ!DIYQUDUDUQOQUQUQUQIQEQ AIUDI Q li lQOQUQOQ0.4lQ YQUQUQQXQQEQ Fifty-two THE BUZZER l928g, V Moments We Would Not: Liike To Live Uveir I. The embarrassing moment when Mr. Franks steps into the class-room and you are asked to answer the one question whose answer you do not know. II. When in a full study-hall your name is called out and you are asked to throw away your gum. III. When that unpardonable ink bottle falls to the floor with a crash, and the miserable contents flow along the floor. IV. The time when you missed your mark throwing an eraser, and hit the teacher on the back. V. When you can't think, for the life of you, what are the last two lines of the poem you are giving, and you stand there before everyone with not a word to say. 0:01113 1 1 3 2 343 init 'Gfe EUCLID ELECTRIC g AND MANUFACTURING Company' E2 CHARDON RD. EUCLID VILLAGE KEnmore 0647 Dui 1 Zoioiiliuiuioioi 1 301 020110111 2 11 inioiuiuiozoioitritsitriisiuininioinzui 11113 1 :ni Q 2 FLOYD B. STEIN, Inc. g Paving and Sidewalk Contractors Steam and Domestic Coal of All Kinds -1 Yard and Office 5 Babbitt Road and Nickel Plate R. R. i Euclid, Ohio Kenmore 0089 0:0111 111x1rr1n1o:o1o1n1ui 2 ini is11131riozoioioiuilmitxiui11101 ozovxt:itit:gttguguxuxozttznzuz inure, 91,3 3 3 1 1 1 3 1 3 QLETIIJTIIYT if IK IE 9 s Q RESTAURANT i 1456 CHARDON RD. NEAR NK. P. R.R. Theo. Yatihnratuls i """"I""""""""""'""""""' B AR B E R S H O P U Euclid-Chardon Shoe Store i s'rAR BAND si-toss 21109 Eucun AvENuE i AND si-los REPAIRING j TURI BROS. , i . 420:011cm114txuxoxoxoxurw-anne: 1014010 024154110111 -111 1 as an cm cm asf 10 Fifty-1111 ev like it ini 1 1411 THE BUZZER 1928 ya.. 10 SClll19 ClCl,lO1fl O G SQV1JlCC 1170! 701 VVVZOC! zs 1 ze ony usimg 1060111 eww o 111 uslru anion 6wg1fcz11111g ana! CS ecirolvpc anion, o ro uccrs o ine cfDV1Q?'ll1f'1lIQS m fins woo The above illustration is the Mclfinlqv Memorial erecled at Canton, Ni neteen hundred six. x im- wf X4ggWgn,Dwf rf2'i,-'im 'i!T1T!Qfii!7nN!71'X!0I!T1T!Y1' '1 Qwlwi Fifty-four 'eff Fifty-five THE BUZZER 1928l THE YEARBOOK Editor-in-Chief Helen Gibbs Business Manager Neil Schroeder Faculty jack Wedler Classes Marion Phypers Helen Gibbs Organizations Lee Pinney Athletics Rocco Vinciquerra Calendar Hildal Scheuring Humor Marcia Parsons Buzzer S1f81lFlFS . THE MAGAZINE E ditor-in-Chief Helen Gibbs Business Manager Neil Schroeder Publication Manager Ruth Davis Literary Editor Marion Phypers News Editor Frances Murphy Feature Editor Gertrude Duber Sports Editor Rocco Vinciquerra X 0 ' ag, 1, lfL4Lov.z,C, 12 X E E 5 L1 'F , 51 E 3, L. F, H3 FQ 3 'E 'H 5 5 L. 95 2 5 E Q4 'f S E .x 'Bl 5 E5 52 S E 5 E S i

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