Estacada High School - Ranger Yearbook (Estacada, OR)

 - Class of 1949

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Estacada High School - Ranger Yearbook (Estacada, OR) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 13 of 72
Page 13 of 72

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Page 13 text:

CLASS HISTORY 1949 Dear Classmates Here we are real genuine and bona fide Semors and the time has come as the Walrus said to talk of many thmgs of shoes and shlps and ceiling wax and cabbages and kings The trme has also come for us the 42 members of the class of 49 to look back over our past four years at old E U H S Remember when we were freshmen and GREEN was not only the school color but one very definitely associated w1th our class? There were 57 of us then and our numbers grew to the large total of 61 by the end of the year After that memorable ll'llllCl10I'l day we elected offlcers Albert Wallaert as president and Charles Lamb Naomi Miller Glenn Duus Carl Ahnert Dean Qualls and Miss Gurney and Mr Petrasso as advisors to help hmm We then began to feel at ease and as if we belonged Our success of the year was the Cupids Caper Valentine dance We also sponsored the freak booth at the carmval and had a class party for freshmen exclusively The class of 49 started young in its activities our freshman year saw Barbara Schenk representmg EUHS in the March of Dimes contest Dean and Dave Qualls as assistant yell kings Carl Ahnert on the Varsity basketball team eight boys winning awards in football and 17 freshmen with shxny lnstruments startmg in the band the flrst at Esta cada for several years Mr Petrasso was director Our class took an acttve part 1n glee club and other school ac llVlll6S including walking the halls bullding the bonflre and other memal tasks handed out by the almlghty seniors The freshman year was fun but we all looked forward to the day when we would be Semors However our next step was the Sophomore year and 54 of us entered EUHS in the fall of 1947 It was fun to watch the green freshxes performing in the halls and on the stage For offlcers this year we chose Elwm Shibley as president with Esther Howrey Mabel McKenzie Bob Russell Helen Rickey and Carolyn Varttz to help him As advisor we agam chose Mr Petrasso The sophomore year found our class very sports conscious wlth boys on the football team varsity basketball lun lor basketball team baseball and several out for track The girls too were active in the field of sports winning the girls interclass track meet Parts in the Student Body play They Gave Hlm a Coed were given to Naomr Miller Molly Dean Harbert and Bob Russell The District Muslc Contest was held at Estacada this year and the Sopho more band members were proud of the l s the band received Also several class members took part in the glee club and solo divisions of the contest As Sophomores we again sponsored a dance to ralse funds for we knew we would need money for our Iunlor Senior Prom Upperclassmen and only two years to go With 51 classmates answermg to the name of I1.n1ors we elected class officers George Collins was chosen for the task of Iunlor Class president and Dean Qualls Betty Rogers Bonnie Turner and Mabel McKenzie to help him with Mr Surmeyer as advisor Four Iumors were elected to Student Body offlcers Elwm Shlbley Vlce Presldent Molly Harbert Manager of Stu dent Body Carolyn Varitz Hycada Manager and Barbara Schenk Song Queen Our mayorettes Ioyce Anders Mabel McKenzre and Barbara Schenk led the band in parades Our class took an active part in the glee club and Qualls placed in the State music contest LeRoy Spangrud represented our class well m the field of speech by wmnmg cups and several certificates in the varrous contests Molly l-Iarbert with class support was chosen queen of the carnival this year Many Iumor boys were enrolled in Future Farmer and other activities in the Agriculture department set up this year and held most of the offices in the Estacada chapter of FFA Three talented Iunxor classmates composed three fourths of an instrumental quartet which went under the names of Rythm Rangers and fouled up Four and provided entertainment on many and various occasions Oh yes we cant forget sports Many of our boys won honors in the frelds of baseball football basketball and track Earl Carter and Charles Lamb proved successful m district and state track meets Also the boys won the mterclass track meet by a large margm cmd Iunior girls on the school volleyball team did their part in winning games As Iumors we had definite responsibilities and among them was presentmg the Iunlor Senior Prom To do this our first objectxve was money So we gave a 3 act comedy Its Never Too Late directed by Mr and Mrs Sur meyer It was a success due to the cooperation of the cast and directors We not only learned something of acting but had a few lessons rn baby sxttmg wrth little Maureen Surmeyer With cash 1n hand we gave the Prom The theme Garden of Dreams was carried out beautrfully with little wish mg wells and moss and flowers on the tables The dance was held in the gym decorated hke a garden with a big WlSl1lHg well m the center We are wondering if our senior year will be any more active than our Iumor year We re Semors' and had to pmch ourselves to believe xt fbut in a drgmfled mannerl Thirty two classmates have stuck by at EUHS smce our Freshman year and ten members Joined us along the way And so we elected Charles Lamb as president wrth Albert Wallaert Renee Ianssens Molly Dean Harbert and Dave Qualls to help and Mr Bryant as advlsor Realizing our Senior year as the last at Estacada High we took advantage of all activities and did our best in each startmg off with a dance which proved very successful Many of the Student Body officers went to seniors while Molly Harbert Ioyce Anders Mabel McKenzie and Barbara Schenk served as peppy cheer leaders Thirteen seniors completed four years as band members and several have been chosen to partlcrpate in special rn strumental contests Also in the held of music many seniors took an active part in glee club activities especially the operetta Pirates of Penzance in wh they held leading parts The Senior forensics proved successful in their efforts and have added several cu therr growing collection We are proud of the part our semor boys played m football baseball track and especially rn the 1948 49 Wxllam ette Valley League basketball season tiemg for hrst place was quite an accomplishment As seniors we also did our part in the remaxnmg school activities and tned to set a good example for incoming classes And now we lay down this the eventful history of our four years at EUHS as a record for future gen erations while we leave to seek our future in the world that offers success to those who will but try I remain, Your Historian CAROLYN VARITZ , . - . I . I , I . - : . . I . - . : I - : ' , 2 , - ' , , band activities. Five Iunior band members took part in Music in May at Forest Grove, and Glenn Duus and Dean I ' ' . I ' I I I I ' I I - - - ' I 1 I '

Page 12 text:

Lf J has MM 4 of ROBERT RUSSELL Uiadxant Rascall Footballl 2 3 4 Basketballl 2 3 4 Baseball 2 Track 3 Student Body Presrdent 4 Student Body Play2 Bandl 2 3 4 LettermensClub 3 4 Skt Club 2 Presxdent 3 4 Dance Club 3 4 Sports Clubl 2 Boys Leaguel 2 3 For ensxcs 4 BARBARA SCHENK Hiubblmg Smrlel Student Body Secretary 4 Yell Leader 4 Major ette 2 3 Song Queen 3 Ranger Staff 3 Hycada Staff 3 4 Handbook Staff 3 Iumor Class Play Forenslcs 4 Gxrls League l 2 Vrce Presrdent 3 Presldent 4 G A A 2 3 4 Letterwomen s Club 3 4 Home EC Club l Hobby Club l E talxghtsl Volleyball Team 4 Carmval Queen l ELWIN SHIBLEY fEnhghtened Studentj Baseball l Track 2 3 4 Student Body Vxce Presmdent 3 Class Presxdent 2 Iunror Class Play Forenslcs 4 3rd Poetry Lrntreld 49 F F A Presrdent 3 4 F F A Iudgmg Team 4 F FA Basketball Team 4 Honor Soclety 3 Vtce PIESI dent 4 IESSE SNIVELY Uaunty Sport! Football 2 3 4 Lettermen s Club2 3 4 Sports Club l 2 Hobby Club Treasurer 3 Rrfle Club Vrce Prestdent 4 LeROY SPANGRUD fL1veIy Speakerj Transferred from Roosevelt 2 Student Body Play 3 Glee Club 3 4 Forensrcs 3 4 Frnallst Debate State 48 Frnalrst After Dmner Speak mg State 48 F1nal1stRad1o State 48 Frnalrst Oratory State 48 lst After Drnner Speakrng Drstrxct 48 2nd OratoryD1str1ct 48 lst Debate Drstrrct 48 3rd After Drnner Speaking Lrntxeld 48 3rd Oratory Lmheld 48 lst Iumor Oratory Lmfreld 49 Dance Club4 IACKIE TOOLEY Hoylul Trxckj Transferred from Sandy 2 Yell Leader 4 Ran ger Staff 3 Hycada Staff 3 Band 2 3 4 Glee Club3 4 Grrls League2 3 4 GAA 3 Letterwomen s Club 2 Secretary 3 4 Skr Club 2 3 4 Sextette 3 Volleyball Team 2 4 BONNIE TURNER fBeammg Trrumphj Transferred from Washrngton 3 Ranger Staff Actxvrtxes Manager 4 Hycada Staff 4 Forensxcs 4 Home Ec Club Pres1dent3 4 FHA Vrce Pres1dent3 Pres1dent4 Grrls League3 Treas urer4 GA A 3 4 Honor Socxety4 CAROLYN VARITZ fContmually Versatxlej Class Representatrve 2 Iunror Red Cross l Sec Treas 2 3 4 Ranger Staffl 2 3 4 Hy cada Staff 2 Manager 3 Handbook Staff 2 3 Iunxor Class Play Honor Socrety 3 Treasurer 4 Bandl 2 Sec Treas 3 4 Forensxcs 4 FHA 2 Prestdent 3 Hrstorran 4 Glee Club Publrcrty Manager 4 Gxrls Leaguel 2 3 4 GAA 1 2 3 4 LetterwomensC1ub3 4 Kan garoo Court 2 Lxbranan 4 Operetta 4 Vale drctorran ALBERT WALLAERT fA1ways Wrllmgj Class Presldent 1 Class Secretary 4 Iumor Class Play Iumor Red Cross 1 2 3 President 4 Glee Club3 4 Boys Leaguel 2 3 BARBARA WATKINS fBegu11mg1y Wrttyl Home Ec Club' ,feporter 2 3 4 Gxrls League , 3 4 GA 3 4 Library Club 2, sta lights 1, 2

Page 14 text:

CLASS WILL We the Semor Class ot 1949 ot Estacada Umon Hxgh School be1ng of supposedly sound mmd and body do hereby set torth this last wzll and testament tor the tarr drstrzbutron of our treas ured belongmgs ARTICLE I SECTION I To the faculty we leave our qutet, ambrtxous manner SECTION II To the Class of 50 we leave l Our seats In the audrtorrum 2 F1rst cholce lor Class Advrsor 3 Power to IIHIIGIG Freshmen 4 Our teachers wrth the1r b1g asstgnments SECTION III To the Class of 51 we leave our abIl1ty to get out ol class SECTION IV To the Class of S2 we leave our upsta1rs lockers SECTION V To the 1ncom1ng Freshmen we leave a wtsh that they wIll get as much out hlgh school as We d1d Now we ARTIC do personally bequeath the lollowmg Carl Ahnert wrll my slow shuttle to Rertha Gant Ioyce Anders wrll my posrtxon on the Yell Squad to next year s leaders Robert Bartholomew wlll my borsterous laugh to Vtckre Moore Wggne Carpenter wxll my football jersey to Irmmy rot Earl Carter wxll my hexght to Norma Courtam George Collms leave wrth my ltttle blue Chev Duane Cyrus bequeath my drstnterest ID sports to Montte Nrcholson Glenn Duus leave m abIlIty to play the sousa phone to Maryory orner next years prccolo player Molly Harbert wxll my bad luck ot losxng thxngs to Elsre Prokop Rosemary I-Irlle hereby leave to catch Conrad Renee Ianssens do bequeath my rosy complexron to Stanley Sarver George Kerth leave my boxsterous manner to Tommy Ietferson Iames Kxggrns do bequeath my tescue seed to Ray mond Alexander Charles Lamb wxll my athletrc abrlxty to Dxckle Lxngelbach Leo Lrghtner wrll my deep votce to Pat Herbert Ioy Lmn wrll my quret unassumrng manner to Duane Day Oran McCartney wrll my well kept harr to lack LaGrow Mabel McKenzIe leave my red hatr to Anna Marte Arnold Beverly Morrrll wtll my slxm trgure to Floyd Burke Rxchard Ott leave my abxhty ID F F A speakmg to next year s speaker from thls chapter In the hopes that they wtll keep hrst place Lowell Paulx leave for Eugene where Lona Lee rs Daraleen Phrllrps wxll my typmg abxlrty to Std Houghton LE II thmgs near and dear to our hearts Iohn Poppxno wtll my dxttxculty rn gettmg to school to Beverly Kxtchmg Grace Poyser wtll my costume Jewelry to Margene Chevron Davrd Qualls wrll my mxschtevousness to Gerald Wtederhold Dean Qualls wxll my abxlxty to play the trombone to the French horn players Donald Reed leave my abtltty to get moved In class to Martlyn Underwood Helen Rrckey wIll my lob of gxvmg out Hycada as slgnments to next year s edxtor Bob Russell leave my gavel to next year s Student Body Prestdent Barbara Schenk wtll my abrlxty to get along wtth Elwm Shrbley leave my set ways to next years Soctal Econ class abIl1ty to wrnte poems tor Eng Iesse Sntvely will my lxsh to the Iunxor Class l'I'hey ll need Itll LeRoy Spangrud wlll my abxlxty to wxn trcphtes to next year s orators Iackxe Tooley hereby hope to leave my bad luck behtnd me Bonrne Turner leave my ls to Brll Fox Leone LaGrow leave my lengthy locks to DeLores Zuber Carolyn Varrtz leave my abtltty to get a good de bate case to next year s debators Albert Wallaert w1ll the exghth grade grrls to Ron n1e Ball Barbara Watkrns leave my abrlxty to stay home from school to Drxxe Russell Allen Barney wxll my abrlxty to skxp a year ol school to any lower classman who needs extra credrts Lolrta lBoyerl Carter hereby leave to keep house tor my husband IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we have hereunto subscrrbed our names and altzxed our seals IH the year of our Lord one thousand nme hundred and forty nme 0 CLASS OF 49 Admmzstrators MoI.I.Y Hzmssnr DARALEEN PHILLIPS GEORGE COLLINS I . . . I . - I I, I . . . I' . I- . ' . . . . I. . ' ' ' ' I ' 1, . ' ' ' 1. ' . ' ' ' ' I' I I . . . . ' I, I , ' ' ' . I' ' , I' ' 1 ' ' v I, . ' ' ' I, . 1 . . . . I ' I, ' . ' ' ' A ' I' I . KI . . ' . F , . . . . I If 3 I 1. . , ' ' ' I ' . , . . I - l I the men teachers to next year's ottice girls. I, , ' If ' , ' - ' Il l , . . I, . . ' . . ' . l - I' . I . . . , . . II . l I, ' , ' ' . 1' ' , ' ' . I' . I . . I . I' ' . I. I I ' I, ' , ' ' ' . ' I , , I, ' , ' ' ' . . . ' If f. . . . ' I I' I - . 1 . . I' .I I . ' . I' . . . . . . . . I' . l I

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