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“This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end; Rather, it is the end of The beginning. ” Winston ChurchillThe beginning of a new school year encompasses a myriad of activities. 74The spirit and competition of sports comprise a vital element of Ensley’s school and community life. 5Meeting the challenge of academic achievement stimulates the aspirations of every student.78Memories of high school friends and occurrences will be fondly cherished for years to come. 9For Seniors, May marks not only the conclusion of high school, but the initiation of a new life. 10nTable of Contents Theme 1 Dedication 14 Administration 17 Activities 24 Seniors 74 Juniors 100 Sophomores 116 Freshmen 132 Organizations 144 Athletics 164 219 AdvertisementsDEDICA TION HOWARD BALLEWWe of the JA CKET staff would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to someone who has been so vital to the yearly functions of Ensley High School Since his arrival he has served as Schedule Committee Chairman, Head of the English Department, Assistant Principal during Summer School and JACKET staff sponsor, because of his devotion to Ensley and its student body we would like to dedicate the 1972 JACKET to Mr. Howard Ballew.CO-EDITORS Denise Gardner Linda Young BUSINESS Charlotte Horne Warren Herring ACTIVITIES Linda Vanstrum Linda Gilbert ORGANIZA TIONS ADMINISTRA TION Cindy Brock Gail Chance SPORTS Libby Taylor Steve Rauch CLASSES Patti Rawlinson Melissa Thies Mary Lucia PHOTO EDITOR PHOTOGRAPHER Mary Ann McCullough Jay Southerland SPONSOR Mr. Howard Ballew JACKET 1972A D M I N I S T R A T I O NRobert L. Lott, PrincipalBill Clemons Boys’ Advisor A Mrs. Margaret Bonner Assistant fegistrar Mrs. Mescal Mahaffey Lunchroom Manager Mrs. Rossi e Johnston Registrar Mrs. Betty Tucker Assistant Registrar H. V. Hamilton t9 Custodian 'J Mrs. Mur lee Beard Counselor Mrs. Brenda Grant Counselor Miss Nan Miles Assistant Librarian Mrs. Jewel Carter Assistant Lunchroom Manager IB Mrs. Pauline Campbell Girls’ Advises: Mrs. Ruth Smith Counselor Sv I Mrs. Mildred Black Business Education Mrs. Jacqueline Brown Science History Mrs. Ann Dognibene Clothing Thomas Eaton Mathematics 71 mr. Dorothy England Business Education Mr. Frances Foster Physical Education Mr. Louise Foster Physical Education Howard Ballew English I Mr. Gwendolyn Brooks English Miss Hcarlcan Crawford History Mr. Ester Gilbert Science Mrs. Costella Re. Physical Educat Grover Brown History Mr. Virginia Cur Mathematics Mr. Lottie Elei ScienceIfred N. Green History Wilsonia Haygood History or William James R. O. T. C. Madeline Landrum English 1 T. McArthur Machine Shop Richard Grimes Woodwork Miss Dorothy Hortens tine Languages James C. Johnson English Mrs. Dorothy McClain Mathematics Mrs. Rosa Hanks History PHOTO Nat Available Miss Alma Hayes Howell Languages Miss Shirley Long Business Education Mrs. Katiiryn Jones Business Education Mrs. Neata McDonald Sergeant Major Eiqjenc Mellon Art R.O.T.C. Mrs. Ruby Harden Science Mis. Dorothy Jackson English Mrs. Blanche La 11 as Mathematics Mis. Betty Mayes English Mrs. Catherine Mitchell MathematicsMrs. Mary f’arro Math-Aid Mrs. Bcttie Stone Science DeForest Satisficld Science Evcrharding Pruitt English Mrs. Sue Rushing English 27Coach Jimmy Tucker Physical Educaticai h Ronnie Syphurs rsical Education Mrs. Juanita Todd English Mrs. Lorene Terry Mathematics Ki Miss Mary Turner Business Education Miss Mary Till Mathematics Mrs. Gladys Varner Tony Vizzina Englisli Distributive Education 232425Black and Gold Night March 5, 1971 Connie Owens relinquishes her crown. SHARON MITCHELL Miss Touchdown 1971 The Score — Black 19 Gold 0 Carl Lytle intercepts. Sam Alfano eludes a tackle. Ronnie Mitchell prepares to make a tackle. Dwight Horton reaches for the catch.Student Body Officers President David Patton Vice-President Cindy Brock Secretary Linda Vanstrum Student CouncilSenior Class Officers SEATED: PRESIDENT - Eddie Olvey, TREASURER - Nancy Plant. STANDING: CHAPLAIN - Kay Ray, VICE-PRESIDENT - Carl Lytic, SECRETARY - Linda Young, Cabinet SEATED: Debbie Powell. Jean McAnally, Susan Ronilo, Cindy Brock. STANDING: Libby Taylor, David Patton, Mike O’Berry, John Watkins, Derrol Dawkins, Linda Vanstnini.Thespians Behind the Scenes of ((Star-Spangled Girl” CAST Norman....................................... Ted Cleveland Sophie - ---------------------------------------Cindy Brock Andy---------------------------------- Billy Joe Timmons STUDENT DIRECTOR Becky Cobern Hard-working staff of "Star-Spangled Girl" ftc-performance activities reach a climax with a pep talk by Mrs. Myers, Director. 29Thespians Proudly Present 30 How can a girl be engaged to one man and “attracted” to another?“The Star-Spangled Girl” Only Sophie knows for sure!1971 National Honor Society 1972 32 Character Scholarship Leadership ServiceFALL OFFICERS SPRING OFFICERS Resident - Linda Vanstrum Vice-President - Denise lindbergh Secretary - Linda Young Treasurer - Billy Joe Whitfield Resident - Jerry Davis Vice-President - Billy Joe Whitfield Secretary - Melissa Tides Treasurer - Kip IrvinHomecoming Parade Fills the Afternoon With Festivity. Clubs participate in parade by building floats with Art Club winning first-place prize. 34November 4, 1971 Patti Rawlinson begins her reign as Homecoming Queen with first-alternate Wanda Williams and second-alternate Sherry Cunningham.First Alternate Wanda Williams Second Alternate Sherry Cunningham1971-1972 Homecoming Court ROW 1: Wanda Williams, Gwen Rushing, Patti Rawlinson. Jan Sims, Lisa Bragan, Lynn Moon. ROW 2: Sherry Cunningham, Donna ttiskill, Linda Varetrum, Gail Caldwell. Jean McAnally, Ginny Jones. Debbie Powell. ROW 3: libby Taylor Kathy Smith. 7 37MOST BEAUTIFUL - MOST HANDSOME Kathy Smith and David Brannon MOST POPULAR Patti Rawlins on and Ed Roberts MOST OUTSTANDING Cindy Brock and Eddie Olvey MOST VERSATILE Virginia McCrary and Willie Peterson MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED 38 Linda Vanstrum and Billy Joe Whitfield FRIENDLIEST Lisa Bragan and Jerry PocopanniI MOST TALENTED Marina Hall and Steve Hicks MOST DEPENDABLE Denise Gardner and David Patton W h o ’ s MOST READY SMILE Sliiiley Long and Doug Hill MOST BASHFUL Melissa Thics and Andy GraffcoCUTEST COUPLE Donna Driskill and Gene Mitchelltmnman ruvorim Mike Bramlett Elise Cunningham David Burks Joe Comer Vickie Snider Jason DavisSharon Erickson Richard ParksJunior Favorites Sam Alfano i 11 Pam Flo owers Wayne Clark Marla Rawlins on Barry Huff Kathy Ray Denis Plan Sally Scott «Senior David Brannon Patti Rawlinson Favorites Sherry Cunningham Buz NelsonSenior 46 Jerry Pocopanni Ginny JonesFavorites Jan Sims David Patton 47 Miss Jacket . . . Lisa BraganMr. Jacket . . . Ed Roberts 4950 NATIONAL CHEERLEADER Patti Rawlinson BETTY CROCKER HOMEMAKER OF TOMORROW Debbie Rhodes BOYS'STATE REPRESENTATIVES Ed Roberts David Patton GIRLS'STATE REPRESENTATIVE Cindy BrocI Ens ley StudentsProminent c ■ fj in Honors CHRISTMAS SEAL PRINCESS lisa Bragan NATIONAL MERIT FINALIST LA SERTOMA YOUTH SERVICE AWARD Linda Vanstrum FREEDOM FORUM Rebecca Hargett Patsy Hicks Kip Irvin Jerry Davis Linda Gaines Billy Joe Whitfield 51Throughout the City MISS MARCH OF DIMES "VOICE OF DEMOCRACY” WINNER Cindy Brock Y-TEEN ICC OFFICERS Charlotte Home, Judy Junkins, Karen Kennedy MISS Y-TEEN - Sally Scott 52 NMSQT COMMENDED STUDENTS Jolin Watkins and Billy Joe Whitfield BIRMINGHAM'S MISS FIRE PREVENTION Patti RawlinsonCheerleaders 1971-1972 PATTI RAWLINSON - SENIOR Head Cheerleader LISA BRAGAN - SENIOR SHARON ERICKSON - SOPHOMORE PAM FLOWERS - JUNIORSquad Wins First JAN HENDRIX - SOPHOMORE GINNY JONES - SENIOR PATTI JAYNE - JUNIOR JENNY LEE - SOPHOMOREPlace at Clinic KATHY RAY - JUNIOR GWEN RUSHING - SENIORJAN SIMS - SENIOR DONNA VANN - JUNIOR Cheerleaders proudly display awards won at Ole Miss. These awards include the coveted Coca- MRS. PUGH Cola Award, the Spirit Stick, and five blue ribbons. SponsorThe 1971-1972 CheerleadersDONNA DRISKILL - SENIOR Head Highstepper JOYCE FLEMING - JUNIOR Highsteppers SANDY CRAIN - JUNIOR JEAN McANALLY - SENIOR 581971-1972 PEGGY O'NEAL - JUNIOR DEBBIE POWELL - SENIOR MARLA RAWLINSON - JUNIOR DEBBIE RHODES - SENIORCONNIE SHAW - SOPHOMORE KATHY SMITH - SENIOR LEIGH SMITH - JUNIORHard work pays off as Highsicppcrs learn precision routines. Highsteppers provide entertainment during halftime shows. Second place trophy was awarded to Highsteppers during summer camp at Samford University. 6)GAIL CALDWELL - SENIOR Head Majorette BETTY FARRIS - JUNIOR 62 Majorettes RENEE DeRAMUS - SENIOR CONNIE GARDNER - JUNIOR1971-1972 LYNN MOON - SENIOR VICKI RAY - JUNIORTalent and style make majorettes a valuable asset to Ensley's band. Majorettes add sparkling flair to band performances. Head majorette. Gail Caldwell, holds first place trophy won at Jacksonville State University. 64Colorguards 1971-1972 CANDY LATHAM - JUNIOR Head Colorguard JAN DICKERSON - SENIOR DONNA DREW - SOPHOMORE MARGIE FRYE - SOPHOMORE DENISE LEE - JUNIOR DIANE VEAZEY - SENIOR tfiSLEY HiGy MARCHING BANDThe Ensley High School i niinniIP The Band is under the direction of Mr. Alan Hess. Drum SectionMarching Band Clarinets Low BrassPractice Sessions During and After School. . . Provide for Excellent Halftime Performances. TAFF - (First Row) George Brady, angfard Tippett, Jack Brawley. Second Row) Frederick Tippett, SUPPLY OFFICER, Mike Sims, at work. Major James and Sergeant Major Melton are ROTC INSTRUCTORS. 69 R. O. T. C. Stresses Traits Leadership and THE 1971-72 ROTC SPONSORS - (First Row) Becky Cobern. Karen Chadick, Gail Chance. (Second Row) Regina Thompson, Linda Gilbert - Head, and Vanessa Brand. COMPANY A COMMANDER - Danny Rary COMPANY B COMMANDER - David Salvo BATTALION COMMANDER -George Brady ResponsibilityYellow Jacket Staff SEATED: Lisa McCutchcn. Robin Smith, Jan Muir. STANDING: Chris George, David Dunn, Mark McCutcheon. Connie Gardner, Buster Timmons, Thomas Barnett, Randy West, and Miss Varner. 70Annual Staff 1971-1972 ROW 1: Melissa Thies. Denise Gardner, Patti Rawlinson. Libby Taylor. ROW 2: Mary Ann McCullough. Linda Young. Charlotte Horne. Mary Elizabeth Lucia, Gail Chance. ROW 3: Steve Rauch. Cindy Brock, Linda Vanstrum, Linda Gilbert, Warren Herring. Co-editors. Linda Young and Denise Gardner, give advice. Annual Staff sponsor, Mr. Ballcw, glances Steve Rauch illustrates a point, through annual with staff members.■ Js 75Jan Bagwell Buster Baggett Keith Bailey Anita Baker 76Debra Baker Alanna Barnes Guy Barnes Linda Bassett Wayne Bates Ramona Berry Glen Be vis Sarah Billups Cindy Black Diana Blake Bill Bowden Bruce Bowman Nancy Bowser George Brady Lisa Braga n Vanessa Brand 77David Brannon Ben Braswell J3ck Brawley Neil Brawley Carol Braxton Rodney Bridges Cindy Brock Rodney Brogden Debi Brown Delores Brown Donna Brown Jud Brown Ricky Brown Chuck Burton Susan Butler Bobby Cagle 78Linda Young and Denise Gardner Co-Editors of the 1972 Jacket Betsy Cain Gail Caldwell Gene Carden Jimmy Carlisle Greg Can Jerry Carr Mike Carter Karen Chadick 79Don Cornutt ' Bobby Crawford Cindy Crumpton Rocky Chaffin Donald Chance Diane Chandler Pam Clay Bill Cleveland Becky Co Bern Steve Connell 1 'ytoi i.i i on liiv Sherry Cunningham Josie Daniels Mike Daniels Deborah DavisJerry Davis Mar)' Ann Davis Ram Davis Derrol Dawkins Cathie Deason Marilyn Deitz ffcnee DeRamus Jan Dickerson Senior MajorettesSue Dickerson Shirley Dillard Donna Driskill Tim Dunston Janice Edwards Charlotte Egger Billy Em finger Bruce Enloc Riyllis Estock Maunettc Etliridge John Falls Ray Farris Beverly Fields Mike Flynn Artie Fortner Suzanne Franklin 82Joe Franks Renee Frederick Janya Freeman Gatheryn Fuller Linda Gaines John Gallagher Rita Gammill Denise Gardner inda Vanstrum AR Good Citizenship GirlBetty Jo Garrett David Garzarek Herbert George Danny Gibbs Linda Gilbert Russell Gilbert Danny Glaze Pam Glover Andy Graffeo Joe Graffeo Ellen Graves Ricky Greene Jon Greenlee Patricia Gregory Cindy Grinstead Marina Hall 84Senior Cheerleaders Steph3nie Hargett Debbie Harris Rose Harris Brenda Hayden Victoria Haynes Jo Lane Headley Joyce Hendking Martha Hester 85Patsy Hicks Steve Hicks Douglas Hill Victoria Hill Johnny Hollis Larry Hopkins Charlotte Horne Dwight Horton Slwila Horton Jannette Howell Patricia Howell Rhonda Hunt Eddie Hunts Ken Irvin Theresa Jarmon Pam Johns 86Debbie Johnson Larry Johnson Randy Johnson Cathy Jones Ginny Jones Jennifer Jones Lee Kelley Sam Kurtts Patty Land Karen Landers Toni LaRussa Robert La vet t Don Lay Danny Lee Rudolph Lee Carol Lenoir 87Hiil Leon Diane Lewis Eddie Lewis Denise Lindbergh Annie fcarl Lloyd Earl Logan Shirley Long Mary Lori no Paul Lori no Vince Lovetto Kathy Lumpkin Sharon Lynch Billy Lytle Carl Lytle Charles Main Douglas Malloch 88Patti Rawlinson and Billy Joe Whitfield 1969 Best FreshmenDiane McMeeki Don Me N abb Teni Me'!'a,war Vivian Meadow? Horace Miller Paul Miller Gene Mitchell Lynn Moon Paul Moore John Musgrovc Tyrone Myrick Richard Nelson Jane Norton Mike O'Berry Mike O’Byrnc Don Olvey 90Senior Highsteppers Eddie Olvey Anna O'Neal Larry O’Neal Carolyn Ozlcy Jerry Parker Patty Patterson David Patton Jeannette Perry 91Debbie Powell Robbie Powell Brenda Preston Deborah Ransum IX’bbie RJiodes i re no.; Ideb.-'.r oi Bill Ricks Cindy Roberts Vicky Rjtcrson Edna Pettus Nancy Plant Jerry Pocopanni Patti Rawlinson Kay Ray Joella Reach Debbie ReederEd Roberts Steve Hicks Drum Major Susan Ronilo Gwen Rusliing Zandc Sellers Jim Settle Jan Sims Mike Sims Kathy Smith 93Libby Stevens Charlotte Stewart Denise Stirling Gary Stockman Sharon Stribling Lou Ann Sue 11 Libby Taylor Robbi Terrell Willie Terrell Melissa Ttiies (•i i.i Tl:o,nps Terry Smith Freda Sneed Pam Snow Gerald StepliensWily Joe Timmons Tommy Joe Tort of ice Joe Troncale Darnell Turnip seed Denise Gardner, Derrol Dawkins, Martha Hester, Keith Bailey, Jerry Focopanrtf, Phil Leon, Gail Caldwell, Gene Mitchell, Billy Joe Whitfield. Session Room Presidents Ricky Tyler Linda Vanstrum Donna Vauyhn Diane VcazyLeon Veirano David Vines Susan Voytanov Barry Walker Brenda Walker Paul Walker Mike Wallace Greg Waters John Watkins Debra Watts Brenda Weaver Sharon Weeks Melanie Utils Diane Wesson Randy West Janice Utston 6Tony Wheeler Paul Whiddon Randy Mite Billy Joe Whitfield Larry Wilemon Brenda Williams Sue Williams Wanda Williams 9798J u N I O R S 99Patsy Atkins Eugene Ausman Susie Baker Randy Ballard Jodie Beckers Hazel Anderson Clark Andrews Vanessa Baker Frances Arnold Brenda Berry Luther Bertram Nicki Bettinger Bill Blackburn Pete Blackman Rocky Blakeney Cathy Bohannon Brenetta Bonner Kathy Bonner 100Jo Ann Bracknell Diane Bradley Linda Braun Jim Brodic Ira Dale Brown Jerry Brown Joyce Brown Scott Brown Tommy Burch 101Dwight Churchill John Churchill Geri Ciulla Frcdric Clark Sandra Clark Wayne Clark James Cobcrn Debra Cr3ig Carol Creel Laurette Creel 102 Seven Juniors are on the Bank Board. Carol Delta James Dobynes Jr. Eteborah Dolbeare Jackie Driver Loretta Duke Linda Dumas Eddie Dunn Carol Duvall Frances Duvall David EarnestJunior Cheerleaders Patti Jayne, Kathy Ftoer, Pam Flowers, Donna Vann, Kathy Ray. Susie Mae Edinburgh David Elliott Steve Ellis Linda Ellison Tint Enloe Mike E stock Gwen Evans Judy Evans Mary Farley Betty Farris Debbie Fix Jan Fleet Joyce Fleming Pam Flowers Ann Forman Lynn Forman Michelle Gamble Connie Gardner Joni Garmon Rodney Gates 103Greg George Terry Gibson Frank Gibson Laura Gilliam Joel Glaze Sally Scon - Miss Y-teen Joel Hatcher Sandy Ha non Yolanda Hawkins Ben Hayley Michael Hendking Warren Herring Patricia Hicks Sandra Higgins Phyllis HillBetty Hodge D3vid Holden Lorenzo Hollis Jeff Hood Raymond Howard Clifford Hubbard Barry Huff Iiz Hunter Charles Hurliman Gail Chance - Junior ROTC Sponsor Barbara Ingram Robert Ingram Dorothy Imhof Bruce Jenkins Cindy Jerrell Kenneth Johnson Linda Johnson Debbie Jones Greg Jones Jerry Jones Pam Jones Dian Jordan Joe Juliano Judy Junkins Jim Kalla herHiyllis Kelly Elaine Kendrick David Kenexley Karen Kennedy James Kent Doug Key John Killian N3n King Yvonne Kirk Brenda Kirkland Ronald Kirkpatrick Cecil Knight Robert Kurtts Candy Ladiam Four Juniors serve on the JACKET Staff. David Lee ECbra Lee Denise Lee Joyce Lee Ftan Leon Chris Little Leigh Logan 106 Linda Logan Sherry Lokey Peggy Long Gwyne Lord Mary Elizabeth LuciaJunior Highsteppers Claire Morgan, 1 ' ,05,cc Fleming, Sandy Crain. SECOND HOW: Marla Rawlinson, Leigh Smith, Mary Janet Ludolf Andrea Lusk Velma Maddix Cecelia Marcus Janet Marino Judy Marlin Scon Marlow Steve Marlow Julie McBride Robbie McBride Lisa McCutchon Mark McCutchcon Jim McNamee Vicki Medlock Dana Merchant Bruce Mil Isap Kitty Mooney Michael Moore Mary Claire Morgan Jan MuirRusty Oliver Baggy O'Neal Jan Owens Richard Neumann Joe Nixon Walter Norton Veronica Okurley Deborah Musgrove Donna Musgrove Slierry Myrce Carolyn Nelems David Nelms 108 Rhonda Patton William Patton Loretta Ftenick Steve Poer Bonnie Rape Steve Barter Jerome Porti Janice RaseyJunior Majorettes Vicki Ray, Betty Farris, Connie Gardner Greg Prestage Jimmy fteston A1 ftuitt Marilyn Quinn James Randolph Steve Rauch Marla Rawlinson Donna Ray Kathy Ray Vicki Ray Eddy Raymond Cathy Read Sue Ann Reynolds Clarence Rice 109Shelia Rice Jo Beth Riddle Ralph Robinson David Rogers Gary Rotlie ffeggy Russell Riillip Russell Jennye Russom Fay Sales Michael Sanders Rosie Sanders Johnny Sandford Michael Saulters Vicki Sawls Betsy Sawyer Danny Schultz Steve Rauch back from his trip to Europe Lee Scoggins Ricky Scott Sally Scott Addie Sellers Jim Settle Andy Sheppard Brenda Simpson Gil da Singleton Brenda Smith Deborah SmithJunior Session Room Presidents teigh l gan, Pat Dempsey, Andy Sheppard, Scott Marlow, Greg Jones, Anthony Zito, Denis Plan, Pete Blackman, Geri Ciulla. James Smith Leigh Smith Linda Smith Mary Anna Smith Robin Smith Steven Smith Coleman Spidell Donna Stack James Stack William Stanton Carolyn Stepliens Mike Stewart Jan Strickland Paula Swindle Gregory Tarrant Courtney Tatum Paula Taylor Sandy Thompson Charlotte Thorn Jean Thrasher HI Joe Tidwell John Tiller)' Fredrick Tippett Joanne Tortorici Joe Tortorici villiam West Keith White Trcvae White linda Von Hagel Beth Walker David Wall Tina Webb Debra Wells Diane Whitfield Karen Wideman Tommy Wiles Deborah Williams 112 Diana Williams Kelley Williams Patricia Williams Annette Wilson Robert WilsonA Time of Thought Cathy Woods Ricky Woods Terrie Woods Smiling Faces Johnny Woolen Johnny Woolen Steve Wtay Lee Wren Theresa York Antoinette Young Kevin Young Ronnie Young Sharon Zales Anthony ZIto114Everett Bagby Stephen Bains Debra Baldwin Gail Ballard Roger Ballard Howard Barnes Thomas Barnett Jamie Barret Rebecca Batton Steve Bensko Lawrence Anderson Jeanette Archie Ricky Argo Mike Armstead Judson Armstrong David Adams Rosalind Agee Ben a Alesce Rick Allbritton Willie Allen Ted Allison Gregorio The Biologist Belinda Berry Helen Berry Kathy Berry Dusty Bethea 116 Kathie Birmingham Teresa Birmingham Cheryl Blackman Bridgette Blanks Charles Blythe Russell Bonner Linda Boris Lisa Boswell Richard Bottsford Barry Bowen Nancy BowlinDermis Brooks Jeff Brooks William Brooks Ray Brown Jim Bryant Bobby Brady Philip Braswell Dennis Brawlcy Pamela Breckcnridge Ray Brodie Terri Brodie Carolyn Bullard Geri Burnett Willie Bumett Jo Ann Burton Ronald Cain Jean Campbell Malcolm Campbell Deadeye Brenda Carter Joanie Carter Terry Carter Annette Champion Cheri Champion Gary Charles Pamela Clark Ricky Clark Susan Classen Ray Clement Penny Clements 117John Dcfnall Debbie Dempsey James Coleman Mike Collett Hugh Comer Eddie Cooper Kenneth Cooper Grady Covin Sharon Cummings Guy Davis Janice Davis Patricia Davis Teresa Davis Gerry Dawkins Julia Deaton Jorge de Cubas Ted Cleveland Sharon Coe Debra Cole Eddie Cole Harold Cole Rusty Cole Debbie Cowan John Cox Roger Crossley Joyce Crowder Paul Crowe Terri Culver What's for lunch? Hill Dickey Cindy Dietzc s H 0 E p E H R Sharon Erickson 0 L Jan Hendrix M E Jenny Lee O A Debbie Neumann R D E E R S Paula Dismukes Sarah Donaghc David Drew Htonna Drew Kathy Dudley Richard Dudley David Dunn Gaye Dunning Barbara Early Carl Eastis Don Edge Mark Elwell Sharon Erickson Ann Etheredge Lee Etheredge Mary Alice Evans Susan Evans Julie Evesque Steven Febres Cordero Josh Wayne Fikes James Fisher Mike Fitzhugh Donnie Flynn Jennifer Ford 119Nancy Fouche lames Frazier jody Frederick Margie Frye Elliot Gamble Regina Garrett Nancy Garrison Chris George James George James Gerardo Patsy Gilbreath Steve Glass Tim Glaze Walton Glenwood Mike Globetti Karen Goforth Andrew Green Barbara Green Sophomores contribute to Varsity Team. 120 Noel Griffis Linda Griffith Bradley Grinstead Vera Hamilton Michael Hammock Allen Hand Laurie Harbour Vickie Hardin Rebecca Hargett Shelia Harland Kathryn Harris Terry HatcherPatricia Hawk Calvin Heard Jan Hendrix Barbara Herron James Hicks Brenda Hill Mike Hill Mike Hindi Donald Hodge Leigh Hollingshead Pamela Hollinhead Yolanda Hollis Sophomores have Spirit! Deborah Holloway Susanne Hooker James Hopkins Andy Horton Martha Horton Janice Houston Kay Houston Danny Howard Millie Howard Jeanette Hubbard Yolanda Hubbard Sandra Hudson Greg Hull Kathy Hychc Jack Ivy Jacqueline Jackson Lois Denise Jackson Bill Jamion 121Wilamina Jenkins Cathy Johnson Patricia Johnson Crenesia Jones David Jones Kenny Jones Patricia Jones Kathy Joyce Patricia Kendrick Beth Kennedy Leslie Kerins Patsy Kerins Diana Key Doug Kicker John Kirk Harvey Kirkland Oneshia Kirkland Joyce Gail Lambert Roger La Pierre Raymond League Barbara Lee Jenny Lee Tommy Lemley Stephen Lenoir Donna Levels Anthony Lewis Roy Lewis Clay Love Sandra Lowe Danny Lowery Ver-r-r-y Interesting. 1225 o p H O M O R E H I G H S T E P P E R S Robert Lumpkin Gina Mack Rhonda Macklin Davy Maddox Mike Mahaffcy Virginia Mahoney Ruth Main Joey Majors Mellonie Mangum Gena Manzella Sandy Marino Jancll Martin Paula Dismukes, Connie Shaw. Walt Mathews Craig Maxson Nancy McCool Danny McCrary George McCrary Wanda McCullough Jo Ann McDaniel Bernadine McEachern Deborah McGhee David McKinney Lonnie McLeod Tracy McMahonRenya McMiiler Carol McWhorter Richard Mercer Greg Metcalf Becky Miller Juanita Mincy Richard Mitchell Ronnie Mitchell Sidney Mitchell Tim Mitchell Randy Mize Bob Mobley Bob Money Ruth Anne Monks Randy Moore Randy Moore Virgil Moore Linda Morgan Oh no. I studied the wrong chapter. " 124 Danny Morrow Anthony Muse Nancy Myrick Debbie Neumann Keith Newton Wanda Nobles Danny O'Brien Linda O'Byme Fred Olive Belinda Oliver Stephen Oliver Sharon O'NealCharles Orman Richard Parks Barry Parker Mary Ann Parker Connie Parkin Ronald Parsons Karen Pate Martha Patterson Pam Patterson Steve Patterson Charlotte Patton Jayquwee Paulding Zandra Payton Melvin Pendleton Ken Pennington Denise Penny Cathie Perkins Jan Peterson Laurel Phillips Terry Phillips William Phillips Richard Pilgreen Lou Ann Plan Sharon Poole David Powell Andrea Prestridge Denice Price Sherri Price Chip Prickett Randy PrinceCecelia Pullom Leslie Pullom Douglas Ragland William Randall Cindy Ransum Peggy Reach Demarlse Reed William Reed Dana Reid Karen Reid Susan Reid Stanley Reynolds Ricky Riley Susan Ripp Larry Rivers Linda Roberson Lynn Roberts Sandra Roberts Ken Salter Randy Sawyer Robert Sawyer Paul Scalisi Terry Scalisi Donna Serio Theresa Serio Rhett Sexton Nicky Sfakianos Connie Shaw David Shaw Clenda Shepherd •'Well, you see. Miss Varner."Sophomore Session Room Presidents Lynn Roberts, Dinah Veazey, Cheryl Stokes, Tim Mitchell, Ann Ethridge, Sharon Woemer, Richard Parks. Laurie Harbour. David Powell, Jacqueline Jackson, Robert Lumpkin. Dennis Brooks. Susan Classen. Mike Armstead. Linda Sherrill Gloria Shrum Keith Sides Susie Simmons Donna Skinner Ruth Sloinan Gregory Sloughter Anthony Smith Dollcne Smith Evelyn Smith Gustavious Smith James Smith Jerry Smith Theda Ann Smith William Smith Dianna Sneed Paula Snow David South Jay Southerland Glenn Spence Leigh Stack Gary Starnes Bobby Statum Bill Stephens 127Hopeful Class Of’74 Martha Stephens Stanley Stevenson Teresa Stevenson Debra Stewart Derrick Stewart Lester Stinson David Stocks Cheryl Stokes Carol Stover Jan Street Susan Strickland La Juana Summers Dean Sutherland James Sutt Cburtney Tarver Anthony Taylor Willie Taylor Preston Teer Rodney Teer Russell Teer Douglas Terrell Jeanette Terrell Judy Thach Charles Thomas Lydia Thomas Mary Thomas Melvin Thomas Glen Thompson Joseph Thompson Doris Tiffery Richard Timmons David Tinker Jewell Todd Clark Toodle Toliver Trammell Jerry Troncale 128Charles Turberville Terri Turman Mark Turner Carl Valentine Dinah Veazey Tab Vines Terry Wade Wilma Wakefield Barbara Wallace A. G. Watts Leona Watts Steve Webb Jean Wesson Barry Whatley Sharon Wheeler Arlene White Danny White Tim Whitfield Kathy Widernan Mickie Wiggins Deborah Wilkerson Bud Williams Carvin Williams Deborah Williams Gerald Williams Geraldine Williams Leconie Williams Mark Williams Maybcll Williams Sandra Williams Sharon Woerner Douglas Wolch Alberta Woolen Ken Yarbroug Geraldine Yancey Johnny Young 129130F R E S H M E N 131FRESHMEN — Susan Abercrombie Belinda Adams Allen Adcox Joyce Adkins Susan Agee Virgil Alexander Peter Alfano Carmelo Aliano Charlotte Alldredge Rita Ellen Garry Alley Susie Amos Fernanda Anderson Annette Archie Jennifer Aston 132THE CLASS OF Michael Atkinson Cynthia Augusta Brenda Bailey Douglas Bailey Toni Bailey Barbara Baker Belinda Banner Melissa Barnes Lisa Barnett Doug Barrett Roy Bass Mary Batchelor Pam Bean David Bearden Edgar Bearden Lee Bell Diane Bennefield Michael Benson Karen Berry Delores Billings ton Marvell Bivins Donna Blake 133Connie Blythe Randy Bolton Linda Boswell Karen Bowen Yoncenia Bowman Ann Braddock Debbie Bradley Janice Bradley Maureen Bradley Theresa Bradley Mike Bramlett Russell Bridges Mariesha Brown Sheila Brown Randy Bumpers David Burkes Frances Burson Charlotte Burt Jimmy Bun Joyce Burt Michael Butler Mark Byrd Ronald Cabil Diane Cagle Linda Calvert Wayne Carter Tim Chaffin Lynn Chambers Jeff Champion Jerry Chappell Connie Carden Gary Carden Patty Carr Joseph Carriba Larry Chasteen Nita Childress Donna Churchill Cathy Clark Gary Coleman Robett Colvert Diane Camp Susan Campbell Dottie Cannon 134Stan Crumpton Mona Culpepper El he Cunningham Vicki Cunningham Wayne Cunningham Willie Curry James Dancy George Davies Jason Davis Crystaline Deason Kathy DeShazo David Dickerson Cindy Dorrough Phillip Doss Frank Douglas Richard Duggan Sherrie Dumas Douglas Edge Estella Edinburgh Alma Edwards Natalie Elliott Joel Ellis Dana Ellison Ann Regina Embry Jerry Epperson Helen Estock Perry Evans Tommy Evans Stephanie Faucett Cecilia Febres-Codero Pamela Fiker Tommy Finneran Kathy Fisher Debbie Fletcher Shelia Flowers Marc Ford James Fowler Karen Frank Carol Franklin Louis Fredrick Sandy Freeman Saundra Gambrell Suzy Garmon Cooper Gamer Lou Ann Gast Roger Gaston Wayne Gates Ellis George Janet Gilbert Leon GilbertDeborah Glasco Gerry Globctti Greg Globetti Ira V. Goldsmith David Gooden Shelia Gooden Mary Ann Graffeo Audrey Gray David Gray Marlon Gray Debra Grayson Dean Griffin Norma Grimmen Mary Gugliotta Patti Hale Gary Hall Kathy Hall Denver Harris Gerald Harris Mike Harris Andrea Harvcll Martina Hatter Jackie Haynes Steve Headley Gwendlyn Hendiker Barbara Hendking Glenda Hendking Tanya Hester Tommy Hester Sharon Hildreth Audrey Hill Belinda Hill Janice Hill Tina Hill Albert Hipp Brenda Hocutt Doug Holland David Holmes Patricia Holmes Debra Hood Debra Hooper Jerry Howard Judy Howard Kenney Hudson Pamela Hunt Sharon Hurbace John Issis Bobby Jackson Wanaa Jackson Robert Charles Jarman 136Carolyn Jeffery Kevin Johnson June Johnston Deborah Jones Donna Jones Patricia Jones Patricia Jones Soneaqua Jones Adriene Kelley Carolyn Ann Kellt Cris Kelley Melinda Kenerley Annette Kennedy David Kennedy Yvonne Kerzic Jim Key Tim Kimbrell Edwlna Kindred Gregg King Shan Kirk Alycia Kirkland Pam Kizziah Martin Kneisley Bobby Knowles Linda Knowles David Kretzschmar Sheree Kulp Roland La Pierre Robin Lawlcy Dovctta Lawrence Albert Lee Benjamin Lee Gregory Lee Pam Lee Mary Lem ley Rosie Leon Mike Lewis Brian Lindsey Laine Logan Benard Lorino Charlie Lorino Jeffrey Love Denise Lovell Julie Lovctto Chuck Lowe Joe lx we Clyde Malloncy Karen Mann Rhonda Mann Nancy Manzclla 137Cindy Martin Roxane Mason Shirley Matthews Becky Maxwell Donald McCrary Tint McCrary Fred McCray David McCuiiey Dale McCutchen Annette McDevitt Tracy McIX nald William McGee Johnny McLain Paula McLain David Me Lead Marion McNear Billy McRae Robert Meadows Marceylecn Merchant Debbie Metcalf Greg Mewboume John Middleton Christy Milchak Robert Mi Hedge Dialyn Miller Diane Miller Phyllis Mitchell Pamela Diane Moore Ruth Moore Vinie Lyzett Mordccai Lynn Morgan Herbert Moss Hubert Moss Autherinc Mumford Linda Muse Jim Musgrove Pam Negron Wayne Nelson Randy Neville Ricardo Newby Tim Norris Laura Nutt Edward Odom Randy O'Donnell Donna Oglesby Bonnie Osborn Carol Overton Shelia Owens Ricardo PageStarla Prince Etorothy Ragland David Randall Jennie Ratliff Cheryl Read Alvin Reynolds Eric Richardson Charlie Ricks Gary Rivers Alva Roach Gayle Roberts Karen Rodriquez Debra Rogers Gary Rowell Anne Rushing Kendall Russell Veronica Rutledge Susan Sanders Anthony Scalisi Frank Schillaci Mildred Schultz Rhonda Scott Jcffcty Scroggins Eric seaw right Bertha Sellers Eddie Sellers Kim Sellers Jimmy Serio Charles Pardi Loretta Parker Ralph Parker Carolyn Pasceri Cindy Patterson Micheal Patterson Ronald Patterson Joseph Penick Debra Pennington Benny Perkins Barbara Person Cedric Peterson Judy Pharris George Phillips Darlene Poe Karen Poer Lawrence Posey Micheal Pounders Kenny Powell Wesley Powell Ronald Pride Denise Pridmore 139Barbara Sharbutt Jennifer Shelton Evelyn Shepard Sharon Shivers Mellony Shook Regina Shook Christ! 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SITTING: Sherry Dumas, Dale McCutcheon, Pam Vaughn, Melissa Barnes. 1411420 R G A N 1 Z A T I O N S U3Thespians Pep Club President; Lee Kelly Vice-President Marina Hall Secretary; Susan Classen Treasurer: Kim Bean iPromoters Miss Waters Resident: Kay Ray Vice-President: Connie Roberts Secretary: Mary Ann Aldridge Chaplain: Marina Hall Ushers Coach Moss Resident: Gene Mitcliell Vice-President: Bill Lytle Treasurer: Tommy Wiles Serge a nt-at - Arms: Mike O’Berry Chaplain: Carl Lytle 145Electrons Mrs. Harden Resident: Derrol Dawkins Vice-President; Neil Brawley Secretary: Etenisc Lindbergh Treasurer: Jerry Davis Science Lab Assistants 146Math Club Mrs. La Has Resident: Bill Whitfield Vice-President Eddie Olvey Secretary: Patti Rawlins on Treasurer: Nancy Plant Art Club Mrs. Boles Resident; Janice Edwards Vice-President: Sandra Higgins Secretary: Charlotte Edwards Treasurer: Teddy Zanthos Club Reporter: Rusty OliverLatin Club Miss Hortens tine FYcsident Ronnie Young Vice-President Greg Prestage Secretary: Barbara Ingram Treasurer; Jane Davis Chaplain: Dian Jordan French Club Miss Howell Resident Cathy fcrkins Wee-President Nancy Garrison Secretary: Denise Lovell Treasurer: Bob MoneyLanguage Lab Assistants Spanish Club Miss Pace Resident: Vicki Saw Is Vice-President: Jeanie Arnold Secretary: Rat Tuiloss Treasurer: Steven Febres CorderoY-Teens Mrs. Parrott Resident; Jan Hendrix Vice-President: Margie Frye Secretary: Deb Dempsey Treasurer: Martha Stephens Chaplain: Lynn Roberts Sergeant-at-Arms: Sharon Erickson Y -Teens Mrs. Landrum President: Barbara Hendking Vice-President: Jackie Hayes Secretary: Janice Mil Chaplain: Tanya Hester Parliamentarian: Glenda Hendking Critic: Tina Taylor Y-Teens Mrs. Jones President: Sharon Cummings Vice-President: Cindy Dietz Secretary: Beth Kennedy Treasurer: Linda Morgan Chaplain: Helen Berry Parliamentarian: Pam PattersonPresident: Charlotte Horne Vice-President; Linda Young Secretary; Patty Land Treasurer: Martha Hester Chaplain; Becky Cobcrn Y-Tee ns Mrs. Todd President Pam Clay Vice-President; Betty Garrett Secretary: Marilyn Agee Delores Brown Treasurer: Robbie Terrell Cha plain; Debra Baker Critic: Iradell Brown Y-Teens Mrs. RushingMixed Choir Mr. Ryans 152 EnsembleBoys’ Vocal 1 S3Instrumentalist Club Mr. Hess President: Ronald Kirkpatrick Vice-President: Steve Hicks Secretary: Linda Gaines Treasurer; Steven Smith Chaplain: Maunette Ethridge Lyric Club Mr. Ryans President: Gloria Harper Vice-President: Theresa Vandiver Secretary; Charlotte Stewart Treasurer; Brenda Simpson 154Deborah Dolbeare Annual Salesmen Library AssistantsFuture Physicians Mrs. Stone President Ricky Riley Vice-President: Cathy fcrldns Secretary: Dian Will die Id Future Teachers Miss Till Future Nurses Mrs. Elem President: Peggy Russell Vice-Preside nt Debra Wells Secretary: Loretta Ftenick Home Ec Mrs. Dognibene President: Carolyn Welch Vice-President: Diane 1iitfield Secretary: Annette WilsonQuill and Scroll Miss Varner Editor-in-Chief: Randy West Page Editors: Robin Smith, Frances Duvall, Jan Muir, Billy J. Timmons Business Manager: Mark McCutclicon Corresponding Editor: Lisa McCutchon Teens for Christ Mrs. Parrott Resident: Judy Junkins Vice-President: Mike Hench Secretary: Steve Porter w. 157Disc Diamond Major James President: George Brady Vice-Preside nt Michael Sims Secretary: Linda Gilbert Treasurer: Jack Brawley Sergeant-at-Arms: Danny Rary Officers and Sponsors 158Drill Team Rifle Team 159Junior Red Cros Mrs. Mayes Resident: Horace Miller Vice President: Rose Harris Secretary: Joyce Hendking Treasurer: Regina Garrett Critic: Cynthia Maiden Junior Achievement Mr. Satisfield Resident: James Dobynes Vice-President: Bill Jarmin Secretary: Aneshia Kirkland Treasurer; Joe Nixon Representative: Willie Terrell DECA Mr. Bailey Resident: Jack DiBenedetto Vice-President: Nancy Bowser Secretary: Vicky Harden Treasurer: Regina ThompsonG.A.A. Mrs. F. Foster ftcside nu Debbie Reeder Vice-President: Arlene Wliite Secretary: Larae Dawson, Nicki Bettinger Treasurer: Terri Woods Chaplain: Patricia Davis Math Lab AssistantsJacket Staff Yellow Jacket Staff 163164S91Football ’71: A time for 166devotion and recognition During the past four years, the 1971 seniors have seen and greatly contributed to the success of Ensley’s football teams. The records have been: 1969 (7-1-1), 1970 (5-5), 1971 (6-4). The same year the Seniors will see a record of (7-3). The 1971 season was definitely a time for devotion and recognition. The efforts of the YELLOW JACKETS greatly proved that each and every player devoted themselves to the team. Even if the scoreboard showed Ensley behind, the JA CKETS never gave up as in the annual Homecoming game against Wood-lawn. The JA CKETS came back after a 17-7 score at the half and won 28-17. The success of the 1971 football season has been influenced greatly by the senior captains Mike O’Berry and Robert Lavett. Each senior deserves recognition for the leadership he has displayed on and off the field. The many hours of hard work and devotion on the practice field all add up to the success of the 1971 JA CKETS. 167First Downs 17 4 Yds. Rushing 176 60 Yds. Passing 207 15 Passes 8-16 3-14-1 Penalties 95 45 Fumbles 0 1 The Ensley YELLOW JACKETS opened their 1971 season by outclassing the Hayes PACESETTERS with a 34-0 win. Led by Senior quarterback Mike O'Berry, the JACKETS rolled up 414 yards total offense while holding Hayes to only 53. O'Berry hit on eight of 14 passes for 189 yards and three touchdowns. Billy Lytle was on the receiving end of five passes for 105 yards and two touchdowns. It was the JACKETS' hardrock defense that set the stage for the offense. The first unit employed by defensive coach Stan Moss left the scene in the midway of the third period after holding the PACESETTERS to only nine yards total offense. Driving the JACKETS 57 yards in 10 plays, O'Berry hit Bill Lytle with a 13 yard pass putting Ensley in the lead with 3:52 in the first half. Frank McCrary's kick made it 7-0. Two plays after forcing a Hayes punt, O'Berry hit streaking sophomore halfback Mike Armstead with a 63 yard bomb giving the JACKETS their second score. McCrary kicked it to 14-0. Bill Lytic set up the third score two plays later by picking off a Hayes pass at midfield and returning it 37 yards. One play later it was O'Berry to Lytle for the score. McCrary was true again. The JACKETS wasted little time in the tliitd period driving 58 yards in seven plays. Don Lay got the points on a 29 yard touchdown run. The final score came after O'Berry hit Bill Lytle with passes good for 27 and 32 yards. O'Berry got the points on a 10 yard run. The two point conversion failed but the JACKETS had more than enough points for the win. 168 ENSLEY..........34 HAYES............0ENSLEY...........14 PHILLIPS..........6 F irst Downs 10 14 Yds. Passing 159 88 Yds. Rushing 13 187 Passes 7-19 8-15 Punts 4-34 3-19 Penalties 50 55 The Ensley YELLOW JACKETS won their second game against Phillips because of Mike O'Berry's passing arm. The JACKETS dominated the first half, but had to fight for its life to hold off fumble-plagued Phillips. O’Berry fired three completions in moving the JACKETS goalward. The PAT was blocked by the Phillips line and Ensley led 6-0. Early in the second quarter, the JACKETS went 50 yards in two plays to move up 14-0. O’Berry passed 28 yards to Bill Lytle and then found Horton on a swing pass for the touchdown. Horton sidestepped two Phillips tack-lers at the 20 and went in standing from the 22. O'Berry skirted in for the conversion. The RAIDERS took the second half kickoff and roared 54 yards before fumbling on the JACKET 16. Again the RAIDERS drove but fumbled the ball away. The JACKET’S lone fumble gave the RAIDERS their scoring opportunity in the final quarter. The RAIDERS threatened in the final minute but a clipping penalty killed their chance. The JACKETS came out on top 14-6. 169First Downs 15 16 Yds. Rushing 59 221 Yds. Passing 206 105 Passing 17-30-2 6-11 Punts 6-34 3-36 Fumbles Lost 1 1 Return Yds. 0 74 Penalties 53 50 The Easley YELLOW JACKETS fell victim to three late scores against West End. Number 1 JACKET rival. Although West End led 14-12 at halftime, the JACKETS came alive in the second half, but could not control the LIONS. Ensley stayed close behind until the fourth quarter, when West End rallied and scored three touchdowns. Ensley fans came alive when Mike O'Berry and his teammates started their three touchdown drives. O'Berry scored from one yard out, and passed to Mike Armstead twice, once of 32 yards, and the other for 20. Although the JACKETS never gave up, the LIONS won 49-18. ENSLEY..........18 WEST END ......49 170t Downs 8 13 . Passing 187 81 • . Rushing -4 161 scs 11-29-3 4-8-0 ts 6-35.3 6-27.2 alties 3-25 2—30 rhc Ensley YELLOW JACKETS traveled to semer only to have the trip end in disap-ntnient. Lanier beat Ensley 17-14. With 10:44 left in the second period, a bad p went over the head of the Ensley punter rolled out of the end zone for a safety, is started all the scoring for Jess Lanier that k place in the second quarter. It contin-) as the TIGERS struck on a 42 yard touch-s'n and a two point conversion that put Lan-ahead 10-0. Three minutes later, the TIGERS scored on eight yard run and the extra point was id. This was the last score the TIGERS put the scoreboard. JACKET quarterback Mike O'Berry threw chdown passes of eight and sixteen yards. Jerry passed to Steve Bains for two points, only 2:41 was left for the JACKETS to get three points to tie up the game. Tile TIGERS tried to eat up the clock as ch as possible in four downs, but finally 1 to punt to Ensley with 1:02 to play. A rty yard pass put Ensley in good field posi-n at the fifty. but three plays later a pass s intercepted to put down the final try for JACKETS. The final score was Lanier 17 I the YELLOW JACKETS 14. ENSLEY..........14 JESS LANIER.....17 171ENSLEY.........14 BANKS .........33 First Downs 12 Yds. Rushing 92 Yds. Passing 124 Passes 9-22-2 Return Yds. 0 Fumbles Lost 0 Penalties 26 Punts 5-31 The Ensley YELLOW JACKETS met the tough Bank's JETS and went down 33-14. Ensley was right in the ball game only six points behind until the fourth quarter. The JACKETS used the passing of Mike O’Berry f much of its offense. O’Berry went to the air 22 times and com pleted nine of them for 124 yards, but was ii tercepted twice. Ensley made it 7-7 in the second quarter after a 15-yard Banks punt carried only to th 33 yard line. Three plays later Mike Armstead went in from the 14 and Frank McCran kicked the point. Banks then took over after the JACKET kickoff and went to the Ensley 14. Four play later Banks raised the score to a 14-7 halftime lead. Banks made it 20-7 on the final play of t tltird period. The extra point attempt was n good. The JACKETS came back and scored agaj But the Jets held tliem scoreless for the rest c the night, while scoring two more touchdowist Downs 16 12 s. Rushing 262 56 s. Passing 187 81 sing 3-6-0 11-23-0 its 3-38.7 3-40 laities 5-55 2-22 Coach Spark’s JACKET bunch, now 3-3 for : year, went to Hueytown to play some foot- I. Enslcy showed a good running offense ssing 270 yards in 56 running plays, beating eytown 34-14. Mike Armstead was the iding ground gainer by rushing for 112 yards. Armstead began his ground attack on Huey- n the first time Enslcy got the ball, run- ig 12 times as die JACKETS moved from :ir own 12 to the GOPHER goal in 14 plays, plunged through die middle the final three rds for the touchdown. Senior Frank :Crary booted the extra point to make it 0. Hueytown couldn’t move the ball, and instead was briefly injured on the JACKETS’ :ond offensive play of dieir next possession, t substitute Charles Main carried the ball II. setting the stage for the next Ensley ire. which Armstead pushed in from the one. e extra point was good and the score nped to 14-0. Armstead's third touchdown was set up en Bobby Brady recovered a GOPHER fumble their 28. and die JACKETS rolled in for the ). McCrary’s kick was blocked and the CKETS’ had a 20-0 lead. Ensley opened the third quarter with a ichdown. this one coming on a great Don y run for 27 yards, on which I.ay broke sev-ll tackles in reaching the goal. McCrary's :k was good and the JACKETS led 27-0. The JACKETS' last six-pointer came when kc Globetti recovered a GOPHER fumble in : endzone. The PAT was good and the CKETS were in a comfortable lead 34-0. Hueytown came back to score 14 points in ; closing minutes, but that wasn’t enough ainst a strong Ensley bunch. 173 ENSLEY .... HUEYTOWNEnsley........................18 Jones Valley...................6 First Downs 16 11 Yds. Rushing 266 154 Yds. Passing 25 51 Passes 3-7-0 1-6-0 Punts 2-37 2-48 Penalties 40 11 The YELLOW JACKETS put on a strong running show, and the defense held Jones Valley’s potent offense In check except far one second quarter touchdown, Mike Armstead was the big man in die Ensley attack, picking up 156 yards in 25 carries. A Jones Valley fumble set Ensley in shape for its scaring match. The fumble came on the second play of the game, and eight plays later Armstead stepped in from the three, McCrary kicked, and Ensley led 7-0. The Jones Valley attack got going late in die first quarter. Seven plays later the BROWNIES went in for die score, but die snap was bad and Ensley still led. Ensley took the kickoff and In tiirce plays went 63 yards for the score. Ensley carried a 13-6 lead at die half. McCrary added dircc more to the Ensley total on the first play of the fourth quarter. Ensley's final points came when Dcrrol Dawkins tackled a BROWNIE defender in die end zone for a safety widi 2:29 left in die game. The final score: Ensley 18, Jones Valley 6.Ensley....... Shades Valley First Downs 14 12 Yds. Rushing 26-118 56-233 Yds. Passing 204 27 Passes 9-16 1-11-4 Punts 3-37 2-49 Penalties 15 11 It doesn t pay to pester YELLOW JACKETS, especially those from Ensley's football team. Twice, in die early going. Valley jumped ahead of Ensley. But die MOUNT 1ES yielded 28 points in die second quarter and 19 more in die fourth as die visiting YELLOW JACKETS rolled to dicir fifth victory. This was the night for quarterback Mike O Terry and Ids Ensley mates to enjoy. JACKET standouts included two who scored twice - Richard Parks on pass interceptions and Bill Lytle with a pair of TD tosses. Valley scored first, before rite game was two minutes old. Ensley then fumbled on dicir six and Valley took it in for die score. But riien came die second period, all Ensley. O Terry got Ids passing arm cranked-up for die first of four drives, hitting two key dirows in a 70 yard march. Armstead ran up die middle for die score. McCrary kicked die 14th point. Valley then took the ball fumbling twice and seeing the JACKETS cash in on bodi. McKinney picked off a pass at his 43 later In die period, and moved home in 10 plays. OTerry passed to Horton for the TD, leaving diings 35-14 at die half. Valley shutout die Ensley charge In die third quarter and scored once. O Terry found Lytle on a 70-yard scoring play to start Ensley off in die final quarter and later Parks ran back his second interception. With reserves in, Ensley got one more TD, Alfano leading the way. The JACKETS ended their power show with a score of 54-21. 175First Downs 16 11 Yds. Rushing 253 74 Yds. Passing 45 187 Passes 4-12-3 9-12-3 Fumbles 2 1 Yds. Penalized 45 35 It was Ensley’s homecoming and a perfect night far football. Although the YELLOW JACKETS were behind 17-7 at halftime, they came back die second half and did some convincing. Woodlawn opened the scoring, but Don Lay took die COLONEL kickoff and raced 78 yards to give the JACKETS a 6-3 lead. Frank McCrary kicked die extra point. Woodlawn came back to go ahead 10-7, dicn 41 seconds before die half Woodlawn scored making it 17-7. With 5:22 left in the game, Lay charged around the end and dashed 59 yards for the go ahead points. The final points came two plays later, when Co-Captain Robert Lavctt intercepted a pass and rambled 19 yards untouched for die score. The final score: 28-17. 176 Ensley....................28 Woodlawn..................17Ensley....................29 Ramsay.....................8 First Downs 18 5 Yds. Rushing 389 -25 Yds. Passing 0 69 Passes 0-6-2 2-18-1 Fumbles Lost 1 1 Punts 0-0 4-33.8 Penalties 70 30 The JACKETS depended almost completely on its running game against Ramsay which gave them a 29-8 season-ending victory. Ensley struck first, with Don Lay taking the ball 62 yards to die Ramsay sis on die second play. Two plays later, Lay scored from the tliree and Frank McCrary made it 7-0. Early in die second quarter, on a fourth down play, Ramsay's punter could not control the ball and it sailed into die end zone to make the score 9-0. After intercepting a pass near midfield, die JACKETS made it 16-0 at die half. The next Ensley TD came early in die tiiird quarter when quarterback Mike O’Berry tiirew 22 yards to Bill Lytle and die final JACKET tally was die opening play of die fourth quarter when Greg Waters went from the one into the end zone. McCrary's kick was no good and die score was 29-0. Ramsay drove 69 yards in die final quarter for dieir only score. The tough JACKET defense held die RAMS and Ensley came out on top for the win. 177THE 1971 Mike O’Berry — QB Co-Captain Tommy Tortorice — Tackle Mike Flynn — Guard Ed Roberts — En 178SENIORS Robert Lavett — Tackle Co-Captain Don Lay — Back 179David Garzerek — Guard Gene Mitchell — Gua Frank McCrary — Kicker SCORED A Dwight Horton — End 180 Charlie Main — Back The Seniors7-3 RECORD Eddie Olvey — Tackle Mike Wilson — Back 7 7 Lytle — End Kip Irvin — Center Derrol Dawkins — Guard 181The 1971 Football Banquet sponsored by the West Hills Lions Club, was the highlight of football season. player was presented with a football trophy. Robert Lavett - Most Valuable Lineman. Don Lay - Most Valuable Player. 183184 Varsity Foothall186Basketball 1971 Pete Blackman Don Bower man 188Albert Kelley Billy Lytle 189Carl Lytle Mike Moore Denis Plan Mike O’Berry 190Varsity Basketball Team 1-72 Basketball Schedule DATE OPPONENT PLA CE Nov. 30 Dec. 3 Dec. 7 Dec. 10 Dec. 14 DecTlTTI Huffman West End ades Valley Tenets EaLleft-nks Home Away A way, Away Horn PHILLIPS IP ?$■ DES VALLEY INVITATIONAL Vestavia ° — r-- ' Walker Co, r, nay. Jan. 17-71 Jones Vail Woodlawm TTA Sam ford Home A Jan. 25 Jan. 28 Jan. 29 Feb. 1 Feb. 4 Feb. 8 Feb. 10 Feb. 11 Feb. 15 Feb. 18 Huffman Jess Lanier Berry Banks Jess Lanier Phillips a Hayes West End Ramsay Wood awn Away Home Home Away Away Home Fair Park Home Away HomeThese are but a few of the many exciting moments experienced throughout the 1971-1972 basketball season.B-Team KNEELING, L. to R.: J. Majors, B. Statum, Coach Moss, R. Mitchell, and S. Bains. STANDING, L. toR.: D. Bailey, K. Newton, K. Logan, P. Anderson, D. McKinney, D. White, R. Albritton, T. Phillips, W. Taylor, M. Vanstrum, and T. Tutton. Freshmen KNEELING, L. to R.: E. Bearden, A. Adcox, Coach Deaton, C. Lorino, J. Davis. STANDING, L. to R.: M. Vanstrum, G. Globetti, R. Williams, J. Scroggins, G. Phillips, D. Smith, O. Lewis, W. Gates, G. Rowell, G. Globctti, D. Burks, D. Bailey, and T. Tutton. 197BA SEBA LL 1971 While everyone was enjoying themselves during the week of AEA, Ensley’s baseball team was at Ft. Pierce. Florida, working hard for the 1971 season. Ensley proved they worked hard by being runner-up for the county championship. Ensley’s team consisted of nine seniors, four juniors, and ten sophomores. Of these, there were eight senior starters and one junior starter. Several seniors were picked to represent the West in the East-West All Star game. They were Dan Rowell, Johnny Plan, and Bruce Evans The Ensley baseball team and Coach Bill Sparks deserve recognition for their hard work and fine job during the 1971 season. COUNTY TOURNAMENT Ensley - - - - 1 Shades Valley - - - 0 Ensley - - - - 5 Wenonah--------- 1 Ensley - - - - 6 Berry - -- -- -- 4 Ensley - - - - 3 West End.......6 Ensley - - - - 3 Berry------------6 The 1971 Managers - Andy Graffeo, Tommy McIntosh, Monty Strong. Ken Pennington. 198 COACH BILL SPARKSROW 1: Dan Rowell. Jim McKinney. Mike Wray. Randy Mayfield, Bruce Evans. Ken Burks, Johnny Mooney, Johnny Plan. Mike Dempsey. ROW 2: Mike O'Berry. Frank McCrary. Greg Waters. Denis Plan. Don McNabb. David McKinney. Tommy Wiles. David Kallaher, Ronnie Mitchell. ROW 3: Andy Graffee. Monty Strong, Ken Pennington, Tommy McIntosh. Randy Moore. Steve Patterson. Steve Wray. Keith Newton. Mark Humphrey, Coach Sparks. Ensley - - - - - 10 Huffman - - -1 Ensley 9 West End - - 0 Ensley 4 West End 1 Ensley - - - 5 Lee ------- 2 Ensley - - - 10 Gardendale - - • - - - 4 Ensley 6 Lanier 0 Ensley - - - 4 Lee - - - 6 Ensley - - - 12 Western - - - - 5 Ensley - - - 4 West End — - • . - - 5 Ensley 1 Lee - 7 Ensley 3 Lee ------- ■ - - 9 Ensley - - 12 Parker 2 Ensley 8 Owensboro - - - 7 Ensley - - - - -1 Jones Valley - - 6 Ensley - 6 Banks 2 Ensley -12 Carver - 2 Ensley - - - - -7 Bowling Green - 2 Ensley - 12 Talladega 9 Ensley- - - - -5 Wood lawn - - - 0 Ensley - -5 Phillips 2 Ensley- - - - -1 West End 4 Ensley - - - - -5 Jones Valley - - 3 Ensley - -7 Ramsay - 2 Ensley - -3 Western 2 Ensley - -1 Parker - 0 199BRUCE EVANS MIKE O'BERRY JOHNNY MOONEY Slide. Kallahcr, Slide! 4 JIM McKINNEY RANDY MAYFIELD KENNY BURKS 200DAN ROWELL MIKE DEMPSEY Is he going to hit it? JOHNNY PLAN MIKE WRAY JIM KALLAHER GREG WATERSEnsley’s games always have spectators. FRANK McCRARY TOMMY WILES STEVE WRAY 202RANDY MOORE DON MeNABB Dan throws to first. Bruce blasts one. MARK HUMPREY e 'Jf Hey Mike, you are supposed to slide. STEVE PATTERSON 203Johnny Canant and Robert Lavett exhibit great strength. ROW 1: Manager. Ricky Riley. Larry Johnson, James Coburn, Charlie Main, Don Lay. Manager, Tim Enloe. ROW 2: Mike Wilson. Joe Cotton, Ronnie Main, Victor Anthony, Mike Armstead, Steve Rauch. ROW 3: Carl Lytle, Bill Jarman, Johnny Canant. Robert Lavett, Barry Walker, Billy Lytle, Coach Turner. 204Juniors compose over half the track team. 205 Sophomores - Steve Rauch. Jimmy Cobum. Freshmen - Bill Jarman. Mike Armstead.1971-72 CITY TENNIS CHA MPS Ed Roberts returns for Ensley. LEFT TO RIGHT: Ken Trotman, Ricky Trotman, Richard Morgan, Butch Owens, Mike Greenlee, Ken Smith, Carlos de Cubas, Ed Roberts. Coach Syphurs. 206MIKE GREENLEE ED ROBERTS KEN TROTMAN KEN SMITH CARLOS DE CUBAS BUTCH OWENS RICHARD MORGAN RICKY TROTMAN 207Senior Statistics STEPHEN G. ADAMS DECA Club; Freshman Football and Track. MARILYN ANN AGEE Y-Teens, Secretary. MARY ANN ALDRIDGE Y-'Teens (2); Pep Club (3); Miss Touchdown Representative; Session Room Veep (2), and Secretary; Marshal; Senior Actitivies Committee; Promoters; Treasurer. FLORENCE MOZELLA ANDERSON Thespians; Red Cross (2); Y-Tcens; Marshal. JEANNE MARIE ARNOLD National Honor Society; Office Marshal; Spanish Club, Veep; Pep Club; Session Room Banker. BEVERLY JAN BAGWELL Latin Club, Secretary (1); Math Lab Asst. KEITH DWIGHT BAILEY B-Team Football; Varsity Football (Letter); Session Room Secretary, President (2); Annual Salesman; Football Manager. DEBRA ANN BAKER Red Cross Club (3); Choir; Y-Teens; Intramurals. ALANNA RUTH BARNES Intramurals; Office Marshal. LINDA ANN BASSETT Pep Club (2); Marshal (2); Spanish Club (2). RONALD WAYNE BATES Electron Club (2); Future Physician Club, Chaplain (2); Science Lab Asst. (2), Letter; Disc and Diamond Club (2); Drill Team (2), Letter; Rifle Team (3), Letter; Expen Marksman Award; ROTC Officer. SARAH PEARL BILLUPS Red Cross; Marshal; Girls Choir. CYNTHIA JEAN BLACK Marching and Concert Band (4); Color-guard (1); Pep Club (2); French Club, Veep; Marshal; (2); Y-Tcens (3). DIANNA MARIE BLAKE Band (3); Instrumentalist Club (3); Treasurer and Secretary; All-City Band (2); All-District Band Medal Winner; Marshal (2); Marshal Captain. GEORGE ROBERT BRADY Electron Club (2); Disc and Diamond Club (3), President, Veep.; Drill Team (3), Commander; Rifle Team (2); Outstanding First Year Cadet; Junior Superior Cadet (3); General Military Excellence; Battalion Commander. LISA SUZANNE BRAGAN Cheerleader (2); Miss Jacket; Homecoming Court; Class Favorite (3); Senior Who's Who; Friendliest; Christmas Seal Princess; Session Room President, Veep., and Banker; Intramurals; Miss Touchdown Representative; Winner for Junior Class; Miss Enslcy Contest; Student Council; Promoters; Y-Tecns (2) Veep; Pep Club (4); Marshal; Office Marshal (3); Perfect Attendance (2); Youth Rar CJirist; Pizitz Teen Board Representative. CHARLIE DAVID BRANNON Varsity Football (2); Letter; Senior Who's Who-Most Handsome; Senior Favorite. NEIL LINTON BRAWLEY National Honor Society; Latin Club; Math Club; Instrumentalist Club; Electron Club, Veep.; Band; Language Lab Assistant. PATRICIA CAROL BRAXTON Honors From West End; Band; All-City Band; Head Drummer (2); Science Clul Music Club; Honors From Ensley: Mar shal; Latin Merit Award; Latin Club (2; GAA; Session Room Veep. WILLIAM EARL BOWDEN Freshman Football; B-Team Football; Annual Salesman. VANESSA GAIL BRAND Session Room Secretary and Banker (2) Asst. Banker (1); ROTC Sponsor; Y-Te (2); Miss Touchdown Representative: Disc and Diamond Club; Rifle Team; Pep Club. RODNEY EUGENE BRIDGES Future Teachers (3), Secretary; Mad; Lab Asst. (1); Fall Play; Pep Club; Tec For Christ, President. CYNTHIA GERTRUDE BROCK Vice-President of die Student Body; National Honor Society (2); Session Room President; Annual Salesman; Lac Club (3); Mixed Choir; NEDT Certifies of Merit; Student Council (2); Pep Clul Y-Teens (2); Representative to Girls' State; Annual Staff; Thespians (3), Coi responding Secretary; Omicron Delta Award; Honor Thespian; Thespian Executive Committee; Department Aide; Outstanding Junior - University of Alabama Alumni Association; Latin Summ Cum Laudc Award; Best 2nd Year Latin Student; Debate Team; Representative to Count)’ Government Day; Cast and Crew of 7 plays; VFW Voice of Dernoc racy Oratorical Contest, School, District, and State Competition; Who's Who-Most Outstanding; Miss March of Dimes. 208SAMUEL EDWARD BRODIE Team Football and Baseball; DECA ib. DEBRA FAYE BROWN id (2); Colorguard; Library Assistant ; Science and Math Lab Assistant; okcr; Marshal (2); French Club Secrc-y; Y-Tcens (4); Future Teachers Club; iff of 2 plays: National Honor Society; oir. DELORES BROWN Teens; Red Cross. DONNA JEAN BROWN sion Room Veep and Secretary; Y-ens (2), Treasurer; Youth For Clirist ; Pep dub; Intramurals; Promoters. JUDSON WARUCK BROWN ushal; Science Office; Madi Club. RICHARD ALLEN BROWN itball and Basketball; Marshall; Cast J Crew of 2 Plays. CHARLES BENJAMIN BURTON ys Vocal. SUSAN JEAN BUTLER Teens (2); Session Room Secretary (2); rfc Club; Intramural Sports; Marshal, ; Pep Club; Choir; Girls' Glee Club. BETTYE FRANCES CAIN Teens (3); Session Room - Secretary J Banker; Latin Club; Marshall; Pep ob; Intramural Sports. GAIL ANN CALDWELL id Majorette; Majorette; Colorguard; liecoming Court; Promoters; Session m - President; Secretary, and Banker; lent Council Representative; Y-Tcens Pep Club; Band Letter; Gym Letter: amural Sports. SAMUEL CONEALOUS CANDIS Boy's Vocal; Red Cross Club. JIMMY LEE CARLISLE Annual Salesman; Student Council Representative; Red Cross Club; Junior Achievement Club. JERRY CARR B-Team Football; Deca Club (2); Dee a State Convention Representative. PAUL MICHAEL CART El Drill Team; Honor Guard; ROTC Officer; Disc and Diamond Club - Chaplain. KAREN ANN CHADICK National Honor Society; Y-Tcens (2); Session Room Banker; Office Marshall (3): Girl's Glee Club; City and State Competition; ROTC Sponsor; Math Club; Intramural Sports. ROCKY STEVEN CHAFFIN B-Team Football and Basketball; Session Room Veep and Banker; Boy's Vocal. PAMELA MICHELE CLAY Honors from Franklin K. Lane High School; Dramatics Club; Modem Dance Club; Girl's Dean Assistant. Enslcy: Red Cross dub; Y-Teens - President; Marshall. WILLIAM BRANTLY CLEVELAND ID Honors from Fairfield High School: Track Team; Cross Country. Enslcy: Track Team. REBECCA ICIE BELL COBERN Annual Salesman; ROTC Sponsor (2); Y-Teens (4); Chaplain; Treasurer; Thespians (2); Chaplain; Crew of (7) Plays; Student Director of "Star-Spangled Girl"; Teens for Christ (2); Pep dub; Choir; Glee dub. CYNTHIA DENISE CORNELISON Honor from West End High School - An dub. ALFONZO CRAIG Honors from Western Olin High School -Business dub; Art dub: Track Team. CYNESTA ELAIN CRAWFORD Honor from Western Olin High School -Y-Tcens; Enslcy - Y-Tcens (2); Red Cross dub; Marshall. DEBBIE INEZ CRENSHAW Honors from Western Olin High School -Library dub; Choir; Session Room Program Chairman; Future Business Leaders of America dub; Secretary. Easley -Band (2); Red Cross; Y-Tcens. CYNTHIA ANN CRUMPTON Thespians (2); Y-Teens (3); Glee Club; Crew of (1) Play; Intramural Sports. SHERRY LYNN CUNNINGHAM Favorite (3); Homecoming Court, Second Alternate; Higlisteppcr; Miss Enslcy Contestant; Annual Salesman; Y-Teens (2); Choir; Session Room Veep and Secretary. CATHY ALLISON DANIELS Marshall (2). JOSES DIANE DANIELS Red Cross; Y-Teens; Future Nurses (2); Marshall; Marshall Captain; Gym Assistant; GAA dub; Intramural Sports. DEBORAH DAVIS Red Cross dub; Y-Teens (2); Intramural Sports; Choir. JERRY LEE DAVIS National Honor Society; Pres. NEDT dtation of Merit; Marshall; Language Lab Assistant; Science Lab Assistant; Football and Basketball Manager; Electron dub (2); Treasurer, Math dub. 209MARY ANN DAVIS IAN IRIS DICKERSON CHARLOTTE DEAN EGGER Y-Teens; Girins Vocal; Glee Club; Choir; Intramural Sports; Crew of (1) Play. PAMELA ANN DAVIS Future Nurses dub. DERROL DAWKINS National Honor Society; French dub (2); President; Marcliing Band; Concert Band (3) B-Team Track; Marshall; Electron dub; President; Varsity Football (2); Lettered (1); Representative to County Government Day; Representative on Birmingham Junior Beautification Board; President's Cabinet - Sportmanship Chairman; NSS-FNS Candidate; Math Lab Assistant (2); Science Lab Assistant; Representative to Drug Abuse Workshop; Assistant Bank Teller; Math dub; National Achievement Scholarsliip Competition; Student Council Representative; Board of Education Title 45 Advisory Committee; Senior Who Is Who-Best All Around; U of A Outstanding Junior Award; Perfect Attendance (3); Junior Achievement; Breakfast Exchange dub Student of die Month. CATHERINE ANN DEASON Honors from El Capltan High School -Marching Band (2); Concert Band; Outstanding Sophomore Girl; Band Letter. Ensley - Marching Band (2); Concert Band (2); Instrumentalist Club (2). MARILYN ELAINE DEITZ Intramural Sports; Pep Club; Session Room Veep and Assistant Banker; Marshall. JUANITA RENEE DERAMUS Y-Tcens; Youth for Christ (2); Choir (3); City and State Competition; Ensemble (2); Session Room Secretary and Banker; Majorette (2); Promoters; Pep dub; Intramural Sports. JACK EUGENE DIBENEDETTO Football (3); Session Room President (2); Track; Annual Salesman; Boy's Vocal; Choir. Marshall (3): Y-Teens (2); Veep; Spanish dub; Session Room Veep, Secretary (2), Assistant Banker; Miss Touchdown Representative; Pep dub; Math dub; Promoters; Colorguard; Miss Y-Tcen Contest Representative. MARIAN SUE DICKERSON Session Room Banker (3); Bank Worker (2); Y-Tccns (2); Girl's Vocal; Intramural Sports. SHIRLEY ANN DILLARD Honors from Western Olin High School -Drill Team; Booster dub; Science dub; Ensley - Marshall. JOHN WILLIAM DOOLEY Session Room Chaplain: Dec a dub; Teens for Christ. DONNA SUE DRISKILL National Honor Society; Head Hlgh-stepper; Highstepper (3); Homecoming Court; Senior Who's Who - Cutest Couple; Session Room Veep; Annual Salesman; Promoters dub; Y-Teens; Pep Club; French dub; Veep; Math dub; Bank Worker; Freshman Volleyball Team Captain; Intramural Sports; Girl’s Vocal; Choir; Ensemble. DEBORAH RANSUM DUGGAN Library Assistant (2); Bank Teller (3); Assistant (2); Home EC. dub; Marshall; Library Letter. TIMOTHY CLAY DUNSTON Ficsliman Track Team; B-Team Football; Varsity Football; Ushers dub; Favorite (3); Session Room President. JANICE CAROL EDWARDS GAA dub (3); Gym Letter; Art dub (3); President, Secretary; Miss Touchdown Representative; Intramural Sports; Mar-sliall; Gym Assistant (2). Annual Salesman (2); Office Marshall (2); Marshall (2); Session Room Veep; Intramural Sports; Home Ec. dub; Girl Choir; Miss Touchdown Representative. PHYLLIS JEAN ESTOCK Honors from Fairfield High School - Pep dub; Del Arte; Chi-Y; Science dub. GLENDA MAUNETTE ETHRIDGE Instrumentalist dub (3); Secretary, Cha lain; Choir; Ensemble; All-City Chorus; Band (4). JOHN LEWIS FALLS Science Office Assistant; Harding Collet Freedom Forum; Choir. BEVERLY JEAN FIELDS Red Cross Club; Marcliing and Concert Band; Thespians; Y-Teens; Pep Club. MICHAEL AUSTIN FLYNN Freshman Football and Basketball; B-Team Football and Basketball; Varsity Football Lettered; Session Room Veep; Boy's Vocal; Senior Who’s Who - Best Dressed. SUZANNE ELLEN FRANKLIN National Honor Society; Math Club; Electron Club; Secretary; Office Marsha] Marshal. JOE NEAL FRANKS Freshman Football; B-Team Football; Varsity Football; Lettered; Boy’s Vocal; Choir. ZAIDA RENEE FREDERICK Y-Teens. NELL JANYA FREEMAN Y-Teens (3); Annual Salesman; Pep dub; Future Nurses dub; Session Room Secretary and Banker. 210LINDA ANN GILBERT PATRICIA ANNE GREGORY ARTHUR COWAN FORTNER ;ca Club. CATHRYN ANNE FULLER ssion Room Banker and Assistant Bank-: Y-Tcens; Pep Club; Intramural Sports. LINDA AILEEN GAINES ssion Room Secretary; Band (4); Perfect [tendance; Choir (2); Ensemble; All-ity Chorus; Marshall; Latin Club (2); brary Assistant. JOHN WILLIAM GALLAGHER irsity Football. RITA DIANE GAM MILL ssion Room Veep and Banker; Pep lub; Y-Teens; Girl’s Vocal; Accompa-$t; Intramural Sports. KAREN DENISE GARDNER o-Editor of the JACKET; JACKET Staff Organizations and Administration; ssion Room President; Student Council :prcsentativc; Senior Who's Who -ost Dependable; Promoters Club; nnual Salesman (2); Marshall Captain; ipresentadve to die Jefferson County sociation of Mental Hcaldi Workshop; ffice Marshall (2); Marshall; Girl's lioir; Perfect Attendance; Intramural orts. BETTY JO GARRETT cnch Club; Red Cross Club; Senior ho’s Who; Annual Salesman; Y-Tecns; cep. HERBERT WAYNE GEORGE :ta Club; Football; Session Room Present; Student Council Representative; iiaplain; Teens for Christ. DANNY WAYNE GIBBS tffect Attendance (3); Sunday School redit (4); Art Club; State and Local iencc Fair. ROTC Sponsor; (2) Head; Disc and Diamond Club (2) Secretary'; ROTC Awards; Outstanding Sponsor; Academic Award, Unit Citation; JACKET Staff; YELLOW JACKET Staff; Pep Club; Y-Tecns; Teens For Christ; Marshall; Sportman-ship Essay Contest Winner; Rifle Teem Sponsor; Drill Team Sponsor. RUSSELL THOMAS GILBERT DECA Club. PAMELA JEAN GLOVER Annual Salesman; Intramural Sports; Marsahll; Marshall Captain; Science Lab Assistant; Girl's Tennis Team; Lettered; Latin Club; Girl's Choir. ANDREW LOUIS GRAFFEO Session Room President (2); Student Council Representative; Freshman Football and Basketball; B-Team Basketball; Varsity Manager - Football (3); Basketball; Baseball (2); Senior Activities Committee; Senior Who's Who - Most Bashful; Ushers Club. JOSEPH JOHN GRAFFEO Freshman and B-Team Football and Basketball; Boy's Vocal; Gym Assistant; Freshman Baseball. NANCY ELLEN GRAVES Y-Teens (3); Latin Club (2); Thespians; Promoters; Teens For Christ; (3); U of A Alumni Award; Miss Touchdown Representative; Session Room Banker; Senior Activities Committee; Intramural Sports; Ensemble; Choir; Crew of (1) Play. RICHARD HOWELL GREENE Freshman and B-Team Football; Deca Club; Art Club; Track; Boy's Choir. JON JAMES GREENLEE Bank Worker; Session Room Banker; Boy's Vocal. French Club; Treasurer; Annual Salesman; Madi Club; National Honor Society; U of A Scholastic Excellence Award; Science Lab Assistant. MARINA HALL Y-Tcens (2); Choir (2); Ensemble; Session Room Veep and Secretary; Bank Teller; Miss Touchdown Representative; Senior Who's Who - Most Talented; Promoters; Chaplain; Marshall. STEPHANIE WREN HARGETT Honor from Perry Christian High School -Newspaper Staff. Ensley - Exhibited Art Work. DEBBIE HARRIS Band (4); Choir (2); Girl's Vocal; Instrumentalist Club (3); Treasurer; Thespian; Session Room Banker; Crew of Several Plays. ROSE MARY HARRIS French Club (2); Intramural Sports; Y-Teens (2); ICC Representative; Red Cross Club; Veep (2). BRENDA VERNICE HAYDEN Home Ec. Club; (2); Business Club (2); Music Club; Teachers Assistant. JOYCE ANN HENDKING Honors from Western Olin High School -Teen-age Club; Y-Teens; Secretary. Ensley - Red Cross Club; Secretary; Y-Tecns (2): Intramural Sports. MARTHA NELLE HESTER Session Room President (3); Student Council Representative; GAA Club; Treasurer; Gym Assistant; Y-Tcens (3) Treasurer; Office Marshall (2); Intramural Sports; Thespians; Crew of (1) Play. PATRICIA JANE HICKS Annual Salesman (3); Session Room Secretary; Y-Teens; Intramural Sports; Marshall (3); Freedom Forum. 211STEVE LOUIS HICKS PATRICIA EDITH HOWELL JUANITA JENNIFER JONES Freshman Football; Tennis Team; Session Room Banker; Marching Band (3); Cadet Band; All-City and All-District Band; Drum Corps (3); Pep Club; Drum Major: Choir (3) Ensemble; Boy's Vocal; Senior Who's who - Most Talented; Instrumentalist Club; Veep; Jacksonville State Hhnor Band; All-City Chorus; Birmingham Civic Chorus, Accompanist. DOUGLAS HILL Baseball Team; An Club; Red Cross Club; Session Room Veep; Chaplain; Marshall. DONALD PAUL HOBBS, JR. French Club; Honor Award; Youth For Christ; Teens for Christ; Pep Club; Library Assistant. JOHNNY WARREN HOLLIS Red Cross Club; Boy’s Vocal. CHARLES LARRY HOPKINS Track (2); Cross Country (2). CHARLOTTE LEE HORNE JACKET Staff; Business Editor; Session Room Secretary; Annual Salesman; Y-Tccns (4) President (2) ICC Representative; Chaplain; Recording Secretary; Thespians (3); Crew of (3) Plays; Intramural Sports. DWIGHT WAYNE HORTON Freshman Basketball; Track (2); Cross Country (2); Varsity Football (2) Lettered (2). EDWIN HOUTS Honors from Glenn High School - Elec ironies; Amateur Ham Radio Club -Veep; Session Room President; Student Council Reprcscntativc. MARY JENNETTE HOWELL Y-Teens; Pep Club; Girl's Vocal; Intramural Sports. RHONDA FAYE HUNT Red Cross Club; Dec a Club; Y-Tcens; Art Club (2); Girl's Vocal; Lyric Club; Intramural Sports. KENNETH LESLIE IRVIN Freshman and B-Team Football and Basketball; Varsity Football (2); Lettered (2); Phillip Puccio Inspirational Award; Varsity Basketball (2) Lettered (2); Varsity Baseball; National Honor Society; Treasurer; French Club - President; Session Room Veep and Chaplain; U of A Outstanding Junior Award; Freedom Forum; Math Lab Assistant. THERESA DAWN JARMAN Honors from Phillips High School - Art Club; Session Room Veep; Intramural Sports. Honors from West Jefferson High School - Pep Club; Y-Tecns: Chaplain. Em ley - Intramural Sports. MARY PAMELA JOHNS Girl's Vocal; Girl's Choir; Art Club; Chaplain; Teens Few Christ; Marshall. JAMES RANDALL JOHNSON Freshman Football; B-Team Track; Session Room President: Annual Salesman; B-Team Football; Assistant Banker; Ushers Club; U of A Alumni Award; Varsity Football (2); Lettered (2); Boy's Vocal. LARRY MILTON JOHNSON B-Tcam Track; B-Team Cross Country; Varsity Track; Lettered (3); Vanity Cross Country; Lettered (3); Boy's Vocal. CATHY DENISE JONES Session Room Banker; Y-Teens (2); Annual Salesman. Intramural Sports; Annual Salesman; Y Teens; Bank Worker; Session Room Ban er; Girl's Vocal. VIRGINIA NELL JONES Cheerleader; Favorite; Homecoming Court; Miss Touchdown Representative; Session Room President (2) Chaplain; Y Teens (2) Chaplain; Senior Who's Who Best Personality; Promoters; Pep Club; Student Council Representative; Deca Club. LEE ARTHUR KELLY ID Science Office Assistant (2); Pep Club (3); President; Choir; Senior Who’s Who Most Talkative; Boy’s Vocal; Art Club; Session Room Officer. SAMUEL JOSEPH KURTTS Session Room President; Student Counci Representative; B-Team Football. MARY PATRICIA LAND Girl's Vocal (2); Y-Tecns (3); Sec re tar) Session Room Assistant Banker: Pep Clut EMILY KAREN LANDERS Miss Touchdown Representative (2); Session Room Secretary (2); Bank Worke Lyric Club; Girl's Vocal; Girl's Glee Cl Choir. ANTIONETTE HOPE LA RUSS A Session Room Chaplain; Girl's Vocal. ROBERT WESLEY LA VEIT Freshman and B-Team Football; B-Tear Track; Varsity Track; Uttered; Varsity Football (2); Lettered (2); Co-Captain o Football Team; All City Football Team Honorable Mention - All Metro and All State; THE BIRMINGHAM POST HERA LI Player of the Week; Most Valuable Line man; Boy's Vocal. Pep Club; Intramural Sports.DONALD HERBERT LAY PAUL GERALD LORI NO VICTORIA MARIA MANZELLA Lor Who's Who - Most Athletic; Boy's al; Varsity Football (3); Lettered (2); »ity Track (2); Lettered (2) B-Tcam tball and Track; Most Outstanding k 1971; Most Valuable Player 1971; and Team All-City Football; State ils - Track and Field 1971. RUDOLPH VONTES LEE 11 Team; Rifle Team; Drama Club. CAROL ANN LENOIR sion Room Veep (2) and Banker; Girl's c Club. PHILLIP LAWRENCE LEON iors from Fairfield High School -shman and B-Team Football; Boy's •al. Enslcy - Ushers Club (2); Session m President; Student Council Rcpre-tativc. EDDIE LEWIS nish Club (2); Red Cross Club; rshall. NANCY DIANE LEWIS sion Room Assistant Banker; Lyric Club; e Club; Choir; Marshall; Intramural rts. ANNIE PEARL LLOYD are Nurses; Red Cross Club. WILLIAM EARL LOGAN a Club. SHIRLEY ANN LONG Cross Club; Marshall. MARY ELIZABETH LORINO Club (2); Marshall (3); Gym Letter; ion Room Chaplain and Banker; noters; Intramural Sports. Freshman and B-Team Football and Basketball; Session Room President; Student Council Representative; Varsity Manager; Ushers Club; Boy’s Vocal; Track. VINCENT CHARLES LOVETTO JR. Freshman Football; Freshman Track; B-Tcam Football; B-Tcam Track; Boy's Vocal. KATHY JO LUMPKIN Marshall (2); Latin Club (3); Y-Teens; Outstanding Junior Award; Cum Laudc Latin Award; Intramural Sports; Pep Club. SHARON SUE LYNCH Girl's Vocal; Marshall (2); Y-Teens (2); Pep Club. CARL MELVILLE LYTLE Vice-President of the Senior Class; Session Room Veep and Secretary; Choir; Ensemble; Ushers Club; Chaplain; Freshman and B-Tcam - Football, Basketball and Track; Varsity Football; Lettered; Varsity Basketball; Lettered (3); Varsity Track; Lettered (3). WILLIAM JAMES LYTLE Session Room Veep; Ushers Club; Choir; Ensemble; Freshman and B-Team Football, Basketball and Track; Varsity Football; Lettered; All-City; Varsity Basketball; Lettered; Varsity Track; Lettered (3). CYNTHIA GAIL MAIDEN Session Room Secretary; Perfect Attendance; Red Cross Club; Y-Tcens; Girl’s Choir. CHARLES RAY MAIN Football (4); Track (4); Baseball. LISA MALONE Y-Tcens (2); Intramural Sports; Girl’s Vocal; Choir (2); National Honor Society: Office Marshall; U of A Scholastic Excellence Award. Marshall; Intramural Sports. SUSAN MARIE MARTIN Future Nurses Club; Y-Teens; Intramural Sports. MYRA JEAN Me ANALLY Highstcpper: Red Cross Club; Y-Tcens; Girl's Vocal; Intramural Sports; Pep dt.b; Session Room President; Student Council Representative; Miss Touchdown Representative; President's Cabinet - Clubs; Homecoming Court; Promoters Club. FRANK HATCHER McCRARY Freshman and B-Tcam Football; Varsity Football (2); Lettered (1); l cp Club; Boy’s Vocal; Session Room Banker; Science Lab Assistant. VIRGINIA McCRAY Future Nurses dub; Spanish dub; Senior Who's Who - Most Versatile; Intramural Sports. MARY ANN McCULLOUGH Marshall (2); Latin dub (3); Intramural Sports; Y-Teens; JACKET Staff - Photo Editor; Cum Laudc Latin Award; NEDT Award; U of A Outstanding Junior Award; Annual Salesman; Latin Convention (2). DONALD ELLARD McNABB JR. Freshman and B-Team Football; Varsity Football (2); Lettered; Varsity Baseball (3); Lettered (3); Pep dub; Session Room Veep. THERESA ANN McTAGGART Y-Teens; Pep dub; YELLOW JACKET Staff; U of A Outstanding Junior Awards; Senior Who's Who - Most Talkative; Crew of (2) plays. VIVIAN MEADOWS Session Room Secretary; Y-Tcens; As sistant Banker (2); Promoters dub. 213WILLIAM EUGENE MITCHELL MICHAEL THOMAS O’BYRNE EDNA JOYCE PETTUS Freshman and B-Team Football; Varsity Football (2); Lettered (2); B-Team Track; Annual Salesman; Session Room President; Student Council Representative; Ushers Club; Basketball Announcer; Pep Club; Senior Who's Who - Cutest Couple. LINDA MIZE Y-Teens (3); Girl’s Vocal (2); Choir; Deca Club (2); Pep Club; Intramural Sports. VIRGINIA LYNN MOON Majorette (2); Colorguard; Marshall; Promoters; Homecoming Court; Miss Touchdown Representative (2); Second Alternate; Session Room Veep, Secretary and Banker. PAUL LEE MOORE Choir: Veep; Band; Ushers Club. RICHARD ALLEN NELSON Session Room President (2); Student Council Representative (2); Freshman Football and Track; B-Team - Football; Basketball and Track; Varsity Football and Track: Ushers Club; Science Lab Assistant; Favorite (4); Choir (3). JANE ELLEN NORTON Teacher Aid. PRESTON MICHAEL O'BERRY Co-Captain of Football Team; Freshman and B-Team Football; Basketball and Baseball; Varsity Football (2); Lettered (2); All-City; All-Metro; All-State Honorable Mention; Varsity Basketball; Lettered (2); All-Tournament; All-City; All-County Team; Varsity Baseball; Lettered (3); Cabinet - Sports; Ushers Club, Sergeant at Anns; Session Room Veep (2); Assistant Banker; Student Council Representative; Pep Club; Boy’s Vocal; Science Office Assistant. B-Team Football; Boy’s Vocal; Science Lab Assistant; Pep Club; Annual Salesman; Spanish Club. LEONARD EDWARD OLVEY Freshman and B-Team Football Varsity Football (2); Lettered (2); Golf Team; Latin Club; Session Room Veep and Banker; Language Lab Assistant (3); National Honor Society; Electron Club; Sum-ma Cum Laude Latin Award; Senior Class President; Representative to the Jefferson County Association of Mental Health Workshop: Senior Who's Who - Most Outstanding; Math Club; Veep. LARRY O’NEAL Red Cross Club; French Club; Drill Team. CAROLYN ELIZABETH OZLEY Y-Teens; Girl's Vocal (2); Choir. PATRICIA DIANE PATTERSON Intramural Sports. DAVID WAYNE PATTON President of the Student Body; Session Room President (2); Student Council Representative (2); Senior Who's Who -Most Dependable; Favorite (1); Freshman Basketball and Football; B-Team Football; Ushers dub; (3); Annual Salesman (2); Science Lab Assistant; Homecoming Esc cat. MARILYN JEANETTE PERRY Band (4) Honor from Emma Sansome High School - FBLA. VICKY LOUISE PETERSON Y-Teens; Girl's Vocal. WILLIE PETERSON ROTC Awards (2); Senior Who's Who -Most Versatile; ROTC - Battalion Adjutant. Red Cross Club (3); Treasurer; Spanish dub; Y-Teens (2) ICC Representative. NANCY CORINNE PLANT Y-Teens (2): Intramurals Sports; Science Lab Assistant (3); Math Lab Assistant; Session Room Secretary (2); Electrons dub; Treasurer; Treasurer of die Senior dass; Miss Touchdown Representative. MARK EDWARD POE Teens for Christ (3); Marshall; An dub, Treasurer; Lyric dub; Library Assistant. DEBORAH JO POWELL High stepper (2); Cabinet - Social; Heme coming Court; Miss Touchdown Representative; Promoters; Y-Teens (3); Pep dub; Marshall; Student Council Representative. ROBBIE CHARLENE POWELL Session Room Assistant Banker; Gym Let ter; Gym dub; Intramural Sports. LINDER RAGLAND, JR. Honors from Western Olin High: French dub. Honors from Enslcy High: DECA dub. PATTI GAY RAWLINSON National Honor Society, (2); Chccrleadc (3); Head Cheerleader (1); National Cheerleader; Homcco’ ling Court; Home coming Queen; dass Favorite (4); Scnio Who's Who - Most Popular: Miss Touchdown 1969; Best Freshman Award 1969; Birmingham's Miss lire Prevention; Outstanding Junior Award, University of Alabama Alumni Association; Bank Boon of Directors; The JACKET Staff (2), Editor of Classes; Office Marshal (4); Marshal Captain (2); Session Room President; Student Council Representative; Math Club (2), Secretary; Spanish dub (1); Y-Teens (2); Pep dub (4); Teens For Christ (3); Miss Enslcy Contestant -2nd and 4di Runners Up (2); Lovcman's Teen Board Representative (2); Intramurals. 214CELIA KAY RAY SUSAN JO RONILO CHARLOTTE SHIREE STEWART Teens (2); Session Room Veep: Intra-jals; Promoters, President; Chaplain Senior Class. JOELLA REACH Teens (2); Class Favorite; Class Offi-r; Student Council Representative; nnis Team; Intramurals; Promoters. DEBORAH ANNE REEDER ssion Room President; Y-Tccns (2); VA's (3), President; Marshal (2); Elec-in Club (2); Science Lab Asst.: Intra-urals (3); Gym Assistant (2); Letter; ;nior Who’s Who - Most Athletic. DEBBIE DIANE RHODES ighstepper; Outstanding Junior Award. niversity of Alabama; Electron Club; EDT Certificate of Merit; Pep Club; -Teens; Marshal; Red Cross Club; Li-ary Assistant; Intramurals; Reprcscnta-ve to Citzcnsltip Council; Betty Crock-Homemakcr of Tomorrow. BRENDA JOYCE RICHARDSON mure Teachers Club; Session Room eep and Secretary. CONNIE ROBERTS -Teens (3): Marshal; Math Lab Assistant; :p Club; Session Room Veep (3); Miss -Teen Contestant; Intramurals; Promot-s; Veep. CYNTHIA ANN ROBERTS igiisteppcr; Pep Club; Y-Teens; Procters; Session Room Bank ; Marshal; panish Club; Art Club. EUGENE EDWARD ROBERTS ootball (4); Utter (2); Tennis (4); Let-ir (3); Basketball (2); Class Favorite (3); lr. Jacket; Ushers Club, Treasurer; Sci-nee Office; Bank Board; Book Store; epresentative to Boys’ State: Appoint-tent to United States Naval Academy; ession Room President (2); Student :ouncil Representative. Highstepper; Cabinet - Lost and Found; Student Council Representative; Session Room Secretary; Y-Teens (2); Marshal (2); An Club; Pep Club (3); Promoters; Intramurals (2); Staff of Fall Play; Voice of Democracy Contest - 3rd place. GWENDOLYN RUSHING Honors from Fairfield: Freshman Beauty; Chi-Y: President; B-Team and Varsity Cheerleader; Sophomore March of Dimes; Favorite; Science Club; Choir (2), Veep; Sophomore Sweetheart of Fairfield Contest; Honors from Enslcy: Cheerleader; Homecoming Court; Pep Club; Bank Board of Directors; Promoters. OLEN ZANDE SELLERS Drill Team; Honor Guard; Math Club; Tennis Team (2). JAN ELLEN SIMS Cheerleader; Class Favorite (4); Promoters; Homecoming Court; Senior Who's Who - Wittiest; Choir (2); Ensemble; Pep Club (4); Session Room Secretary and Banker; Miss Ensley Contest; Miss Touchdown Representative; Girls' Vocal; Marshal; Intramurals. MICHAEL T HERON SIMS Disc and Diamond Club (2); Veep; Marshal (1); ROTC Officer. KATHRYN LEIGH SMITH Homecoming Court; Senior Who's Who -Most Beautiful; Highstepper; Y-Teens (2); Session Room Banker (2); Miss Touchdown Representative; eep Club; Miss Ensley Contest. FREDA SNEED Quill and Scroll Club; Intramural Sports. ADA ELIZABETH STEPHENS Y-Tccns; Office Marshal. DIANE LYVON STEVENSON Spanish Club; Mrrshal; Future Teachers; Red Cross; Reader’s Club. Library Assistant; Marshal; (2); Art Club (2), Secretary; Crew of 2 Plays. DENISE ANNETTE STIRLING Honors from Fairfield High: Drama Club (2); Pep Club (2); Y-Teens. Honors from Ensley: Y-Teens; Intramurals. SHEILA HORTON STRICKLAND Y-Teens (2): Intramural Sports (3); Marshal (2); Office Marshal (1); National Honor Society. LOU ANN SUELL Choir: Ensemble; Annual Salesman; Assistant Banker; Marshal: Intramural Sports. PAULA ELIZABETH TAYLOR Highstepper (2); Homecoming Court; Cabinet - Publications; Session Room Veep; JACKET Staff, Sports Editor; Marshal Captain (2); Bank Board of Directors: Y-Tccns (3). President; Spanish Club; (2), Veep; Student Council Representative: Promoters; Pep Club; Marshal (2); Voice of Democracy Contest; Intramurals (2); Penny’s Teen Board; Student of the Month Candidate. ROBBIE VENICE TERRELL Future Nurses Club; Girls Vocal; Y-Teens; Treasurer; Marshal; Home Economics Club. JAMES WILLIE TERRELL Honors from Western 01in; French Club; French Award; Poetry Contest Winner Honors from Ensley: Red Cross Club; Junior Achievement Club; Whols Who -Most Courteous; Homecoming Court Escort. MELISSA ANN THIES National Honor Society Secretary; JACKET Staff - Freshman; Marshal Captain; Marshal (4); Senior Who’s Who -Most Bashful; Future Teachers Club, President; Y-Teens (3); Pep Club; Intramurals (2). 215REGINA ANN THOMPSON JOHN ALBERT WATKINS National Honor Society; Bank Board of Directors; President; Bank Teller and Worker; ROTC Sponsor; Teens For Christ; Y-Tcens; Session Room Secretary; DECA Club, Treasurer. BILLY JOE TIMMONS YELLOW JACKET Staff, Page Editor; Session Room President; Student Council Representative; Cast of Fall Play; Thespians; French Club (2). LANGFORD TIPPETT Disc and Diamond Club; Honors from Western Olin: Drill Team "A" and "B". THOMAS JOSEPH TORTORICE B-Team Football (2); Varsity Football (2); Session Room Veep. JOSEPH CHARLES TRONCALE Math Club; Tennis Team; Band. LINDA NELL V A NS T RUM Secretary of Student Body; National Honor Society (2); President; DAR Good Citizenship Girl; Homecoming Court; Senior Who's Who - Most Likely to Succeed; National Merit Semifinalist; Bank Board of Directors, Veep.; JACKET Staff (2), Organization, Administration, and Activities Editor; Choir and Ensemble Accompanist (2); Candidate for La Sertoma Youth Service Award; Senior Activities Committee; Promoters; Electron Club; Session Room President; Student Council Representative (2); Teens For Cl iris t; University of Alabama Alumni Association Junior Award; Representative to County Government Day; Y-Tecns (3), Secretary; Miss Touchdown Representative; Lyric Club; Spanish Club; Spanish Award; NEDT Certificate of Merit; Annual Salesman; Pep Club (3); Marshal; Student of die Month Candidate. La Sertoma Youtii Service Award. DONNA KAY VAUGHN Library Assistant (2); Intramural Sports. MILDRED DIANE VEAZEY Y-Tceas (2); ICC Representative (2); Marshal (2); Pep Club (3); Session Room I’resident and Banker; Student Council Representative; Promoters; Choir; Color-guard. SUSAN VOYTANOVSKY National Honor Society: Office Marshal (3); Intramural Sports. BARRY ALAN WALKER Session Room Secretary; Annual Salesman; Choir; Ensemble; Homecoming Escort; All-City Choir; Freedom Forum; B-Team and Varsity Football Manager; Lettered (1); B-Team and Varsity Track (3); Lettered (3); Varsity Crass Country (3), Lettered (3). BRENDA SUE WALKER Miss Touchdown Representative (2); Red Cross Club; Lyric Club; Thespians; Session Room Secretary (2); Girls' Glee Club; Girls' Choir; Marshal; Crew of 3 Plays. PAUL WILSON WALKER Freshman, B-Team, Varsity, Football; Lettered (1). MICHAEL LEE WALLACE Freshman Baseball; Crafts Award. GREGORY NEAL WATERS Math Club (2); Latin Club (2); Ushers Club (3); Science Lab Assistant ; 1971 Law Day Representative; Session Room President (2); Class Favorite (3); Baseball (3); Football (4); Lettered (2). National Honor Society; University of Alabama Outstanding Junior Award; Spanish Tournament (2); Samford Univei sity 1973 Summer Scholarsliip; Invitatioi al Math Tournament; Mixed Choir (2); All-City Chorus (2); Ensemble; Marchinj and Concert Band (2); Drum Corps, Heat Electron Club (2); Instrumentalist Club; Thespians: Cast of 1 Play; NEDT Certificate of Merit; NMSQT Commended Student; Heart Foundation Youth Senate Competition; Voice of Democracy Spec Contest; County Government Day; Cabinet - Scholarsliip; Calculus and Computer Programming; Math Lab Assistant; Marshal; Session Room Banker; Freshman and B-Team Football. CHRISTINE WATTS Red Cross (4); Intramural Sports. BRENDA SUE WEAVER Pep Club; Intramural Sports; Library Assistant. SHARON FRANCES WEEKS Lattin Club (2); Y-Tccns (3); Math Club Office Marshal (3); Marshal Captain; Session Room Secretary ; Cum Laudc Award. MELANIE BETH WELLS Pep Club; Thespians; Ecology Club. RANDY EARL WEST Editor of die YELLOW JACKET; Band Announcer; Quill and Scroll; Thespians, President. JANICE MARIE WESTON Y-Tecns; Session Room Secretary Color-Guard; Majorette; Promoters; Pep Club. MARK ANTHONY WHEELER DECA dub (2); A FI (2); NCO in ROTC; Drill Team, Letter.PAUL GEORGE WHIDDON LARRY RAY WILE MON JAMEE CASSANDRA ZANTHOS shin an Track; Session Room Banker Assistant Banker. DAPHYNNE LINDA WHITE sion Room Secretary and Veep; Future rses (3); Assistant Secretary; Senior 0's Who - Most Courteous; Pep Club; ik Teller. RUSTI WHITE ;iors from John Carroll: Student uncil Representative (2); CSMO Reprc-tative (2); CYO Secretary; Secretary the Sopliomorc Class; Queen of Hearts n didate; Intramurals; Honors from ley; Session Room Veep; Tri-Hi-Y; Teens; Intranturals. WILLIAM JOSEPH WHITFIELD idonal Honor Society; Veep and Trearer; Latin Club (3). President and Veep; itJi Club (2), President; Electron Club; ssion Room President (2); Senior Who's no - Most Likely to Succeed; Language b Assistant (3); Math Lab Assistant; mma Cum Laudc Latin Award; Best tin Student; 1969 Best Freshman Award; •IDT Certificate of Merit; NMSQT unmended Student; B-Team Track; itin Convention Delegate; Freedom •ium; Math Page; University of Ala-ima Scholastic Excellence Award; Pcr-ct Attendance. Freshman Basketball; Crew of "Star Spangled Girl." WANDA WILLIAMS National Honor Society; Band (4); Y-Teens; French Award; Homecoming Court; 1st' Alternate; Spanish Club; Teen Board Representative; Red Cross Club; French Club, Secretary. JOHN CLEVELAND WOOD Bank Board of Directors; Band Worker; Marshal. ANTHONY QUINN WRIGHT National Honor Society; Frcsliman Football: French Club (2); Science Lab Assistant; Electron Club (2); Math Club. LINDA ANN YOUNG Secretary of the Senior Class; Co-Editor of the JACKET; National Honor Society (2), Secretary, Session Room Veep; Y-Teens (4), Veep.; Bank Board of Directors; Rensselaer Mathematics and Science Award; Outstanding Junior Award; Pep Club; Intramural Sports; Marshal; Annual Salesman; Banker; Math Lab Assistant; Perfect Attendance. National Honor Society; Pep Club; Art Club (2); University of Alabama Outstanding Junior Award; Intramural Sports; NEDT Certificate of Merit; Exhibited Art Work. THEODORA FRANCES ZANTHOS Honors from John Carroll: Bank Teller; CSMO (2); Art Club; Cavalier Representative; Honors from Enslcy: Y-Teens (2); Art Club (2); Treasurer; Bank Teller; Intramural Sports. 217A cknowledgements We would like to express our thanks to the following for their assistance in the preparation of the 1972 JACKET: Mr. Howard Ballew Arlington Belmont Studios Bolin Reeves Florist Elmwood Cemetery Eugene’s Beauty Salon Frisco Railroad Station Japanese Gardens Parliament House Pizitz Department Store Kathy Early Kitty HewesCompliments of Compliments of Dan Cohn The Smart C P J Shoes Place To Go . . . For Good Things To Eat! Vfl Dcvilisti Good Dnn for the family Western Hills Mall OPEN MONDAY THRU SATURDAY Styling • Shaping Wig Service Hair Coloring A Complete Beauty Service 788-9795 Early or Late Appointments 2212 31st, ENSLEY 5 POINTS WEST LOCATED AT 31»t. ENSLEY. REAR OF CRUMLEY'S BAR B O Compliments of Congratulations Phone 788-5631 s Walls- E N ROBERT'S FURNITURE CO., INC. Fairground 1 Shoe O R Rebuilders S 1924 Avenue E ! Birmingham (Ensley), Ala. 35218 4223 — B Ave. B Birmingham, Alabama 220 785-4223Compliments of THAN ZIVITZ, Prop. Phone 788-5614 Ideal Furniture Co, "EVERYTHING FOR THE HOME" Graffeo Brothers Grocery 1700 Ave. I Birmingham, Alabama QUALITY FOODS AAA Key Lock Co. furniture — Television — Electric Appliances Birmingham, (Ensley), Alabama 4908 Gary Avenue Birmingham, Alabama 35218 CARL'S BOOTERY Shoes for the Entire Family 1912 Avenue E Ensley, Alabama Phone 781 4421 TED BROOKS GUITAR MUSIC CO. 1911 Cahaba Road Mountain Brook, Alabama 35223 "We teach Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Uke, and Auto Harps." 780-9261 Mandy Plumbing Co. 1909 Ave. G. Ens. A. L. STRAITON, JR. Owner Smith Furniture Company, Inc. 1915 Ave. E. Ensley Phone 785-8293 Birmingham, Alabama Crumley's Hickory Bar-B-Q 3103 Ensley Ave. Birmingham, Alabama 780-9189 "Best Barbecue in Town" Oak Hill Dixie 4000 Ave. L Ensley, Alabama 788-1956ri American Motors Bill Whiten Cars, Inc. AMERICAN MOTORS "Home of the Good Ole Ensley Boys" DATSUN 2109 Ave. E. Ensley, Birmingham Phone 786 4351 ensley baptist church emphasizes both sides of life: the here and the here after. there's another side of life — the spiritual side. oh, we believe both sides, physical and spiritual, are important, football games, records, hamburgers, telephones, dates, clothes, hairdos, are all important — but — we believe a personal commitment to Jesus Christ is the most important side of life. 277 GOLDSTEIN COHEN ENSLEY'S LEADING DEPARTMENT STORE 404-406 Nineteenth Street Ensley, Alabama D S Candy 307 7th Street N. Birmingham, Alabama Phone 252 6004SPIDLE, JR. I 9757 Southland Realty Company of B'ham, Inc. Real Estate — Insurance RAY BUTLER 786-0929 Compliments of Marino's Food Center 2820 Ave. E. Ensley, Alabama 780-9257 Burch Tant Formal Shop WCRT AM — FM Stereo "The Good Music Station" 1260 KC 96.5 MC wntown-Birmingham 3-6319 Over the Mountain 879-4012 STANDARD Tux Rentals CECIL CULVER STANDARD SERVICE STATION 1381 Bessemer Road, Birmingham, Ala. We Appreciate Your Patronage fttarlitt l exall PHONE 785-1131 1400 352-AVE.W • BIRMINGHAM, ALA. Compliments of Double LL Bar-B-Q 3009 Lomb Avenue Birmingham, Alabama 786 3000 Bill Ricks Flooring Company 2814 30th Street West Birmingham, Alabama 35208 Compliments of Compliments of Sidney Braswell Furniture 5 LaCole Floral Co. "Flowers With a Personality' Phone 787-0617 223Wylam Pharmacy Ace Beauty Supply Co. Hardware RETAIL WHOLESALE — 4528 7th Ave. Wylam, Alabama Everything for the Professional Beautician Wigs Helene Curtis Roux Clairol "Try Your Drug Store First" 2201 31st Street — 5 Points West Birmingham, Alabama WBRC-TV College Hills Compliments of Super Market Town Country Furniture 735 8th Avenue, West Birmingham, Alabama 1319 Bessemer Road "Special Cuts of Meat" Birmingham, Alabama 224 TEENS For CHRIST Romans 3:10 — "As it is writ righteous no not one." Romans 3:23 — "For ail have the glory of God." Romans 6:23 — "The wages of God is eternal life." Romans 5:8 — "But God Co that while we were yet sinn Romans 10:9-10 — "That if -I mouth the Lord Jesus, and heart that God hath raised Thou shalt be saved." en there is none sinned and come short of f sin is death but the gift r imendeth His love toward us in rs, Christ died for us." ou shalt confess with thy ;halt believe in thine Him from the dead, JUDY JUNKINS — President MRS. PARROT — Sponsor 225Corner of Avenue I and 35th Street Ensley, Fairfield Boundary Birmingham, Alabama 35218 ngwin Mortuary jfrr ' Telephone 781-3631 Girl, team, fun, friends - all go better refreshed. Coca-Cola, never too sweet, gives that special zing... refreshes best. it’s the real thing Wiles Florist Best Wishes 4110 7th Ave. From an Wylam, Alabama 786-8591 ENSLEY HIGH SCHOOL JOHN JEAN FALLS Graduate TEXACO SERVICE Mechanic on Duty ROAD SERVICE 226 780-9303 JIM ARNOLD Bessemer Road nqham, Alab Herring Drug Company 1321 Bessemer Super Highway Birmingham, Alabama 785-2136 oad Service 780 9069 Fair Park Amoco Any Kind of Auto Repairs 24 Hour Service — Wrecker Service 735 Bessemer Road B'ham, Ala. LAWRENCE FURNITURE COMPANY City Wide Delivery 344 6th Ave., S.W. at Elmwood Cemetery Weekdays 8 A.M. — 5 P.M. Sun. til 10:30 H. GRADY REEVES, JR., Owner 324-8521 III 19th St. North Birmingham, Alabama 328-9140 Flowers Fruit Baskets Permanent Plant and Floral Arrangements For Office and Home Compliments of SUBARU BIRMINGHAM, INC. See Wayne Clark for a new "1972 Subaru1 1200 3rd Avenue West Phone 785-1191 24 Hr. Answering Service Radio Dispatched Trucks GIFTS . . . IMPORTS DECORATIVE WALL DECOR A Complete Floral Service 227Vivian's Florist Southern Gentlemen Furniture Company 606 19th Street 625 19th Street Birmingham, Alabama Ensley, Alabama '' 786-1674 786-6332 Belview Real Estate and Insurance Company 1570 Bessemer Road Birmingham, Alabama Phone 786-5223 Compliments of Benson's Hardware and Furniture 4318 7th Avenue, Wylam Compliments GRIFFIN FURNITURE CO. Across From First National Bank Where the Customer Always Comes First Phone 785-8680 1802 Ave. E "Ensley" Young and Growing Now We're Open at 5 Points West Compliments of 228 EL CHARRO MEXICAN FOODS 1118 3rd Ave. West Birmingham, Alabama ». A Great Store Across Highway I I from Parisian with Jeans and Things for Guys and Girls 780-9262 5 Points Wa + Best Wishes, Seniors 1972 Napko Paint Company 2817 Bessemer Road Birmingham, Alabama Harris Bates Realtors Centals Insurance eal Estate Sales Mortgage Loans 2017-E Ave. F, Ensley 1522 Woodland Ave. Birmingham, Alabama Complete Tax Service Computerized DELTA BOOKKEEPING Bookkeeping TAX SERVICE The South's Finest HOME IMPROVEMENT CENTERS VESTGATE Highway 78 West, 322-0367 M00RE- HANOLEY r BESSEMER 2501 N. 19th Street, 428-9366 Now you can buy where the Professional Builder Buys! Vinesville Big Saver 921 Vinesville Road Birmingham, Alabama Mr. D's Seafoods Hamburgers Open daily I I A.M. to 10 P.M. Telephone Ahead for Fast Take-out Service 1133 3RD AVE..........................780-1395 Western Hills Mall....................788 6473 Eastwood Mall.........................595-4503 WVOK 690 Have a Happy Day 7T)Compliments of JAMES BARNHILL 5 Points West. Phone 787-066 Best Wishes to the Graduating Class of 1972 Birmingham Fabricating Company NORTH 4th Avo., 24th St. Across from Now Pott Offico 323-5621 SOUTH 60 S. 21 it St. In Modicol Center 322 5621 Sam Dockery's Tire Town Armstrong Trot EAST 8501 lit Avo. 833 3421 WEST 2412 Bottomor Rood 788 6551 ENSLEY ORNAMENTAL IRON COMPANY Sorving oil of Jofforton pB County i1 Porch Railings. Hand Rails E | P Stool Railings, Carports Patios. Columns. Foncos Grillt, Stool Fobricotion 788-5682 if no ont. 785 4840 1150 Warrior Rd. at Avo. L 230 Display Opposite Oakland Cemetery JACK CALLAWAY Jax Realty Company 2017-C Avo. F. Enjley Day or Night 786 620 E. E. Forbes and Sons Established 1889 PIANO COMPANY. INC. 1914 4th Avonuo, North Birmingham, Alabamo Compliments of A FRIENDEnsley Likes Barber's Best Better 231Cotton's 400 19th st. Entity, Alabama Action Printing Company Horn of tha Whopper Burger King P.O. 80 308 Ademivrlle, Ala. 7986925 674-3531 3100 Emiay Ava. 8'ham, Ala. Real Estate Sales Rental ROY £. SMITH JR. — Proliant Central Motors, Inc. Chryjiar Plymouth Valiant Duiter Renault Central Motor . Incorporated Your Truitworthy Dealer Chrytler • Plymouth Renault R-10 and R-16 Where You Always Save: $50.00 to $300.00 on a Brand New or Used Car We Service What We Sell and Sell as Advertised 309 3rd Ave. West Phone 323-4531Best Wishes And Good Luck To The 1972 Graduating Class From A Former Ensley Student Charles O. Finley "A Faithful Supporter of the Jacket" 233HAMMOND ORGANS • RODGERS ORGANS • CONN ORGANS Dick Reeses' HAMMOND ORGAN ft PIANO STUDIOS OF BIRMINGHAM. INC. 1918 4th Ave. N. Downtown 328 4134 Western Hidt Moll 787 8644 LESLIE SPEAKERS NEUPERT HARPSICHORDS • STORY ft CLARK PIANOS • MASS ROWE CHIMES SHIP Join The Fun Crowd!! jjie LAUNDRY ft CLEANERS 31« STRICT WIST • PHONI 781 9306 HONDA BIRMINGHAM 3021 3rd Ave. Wait Across from Bill Strango Dodgo Compliments of Michael's Refrigerator Company Commercial Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Servicing Greater Birmingham MICHAEL GEORGE HENERY GEORGE FAIRFIELD Paris Beauty Salon AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION CO. 5122 Valloy Road 3040 Entley Avenue — 5 Points West FAIRFIELD, ALABAMA 35064 Birmingham, Alabama 785 4372 or 785 2753 Phone 787-4136 234 J01 M,CC Rei. 785-3921 '7 Leadership Developed Through ROTC Teaching Methods Map Reading Leadership, Drill and Exercises of Command Marksmanship First Aid Psychology of Leadership 235 The objectives of ROTC are to develop in each cadet good citizenship, leadership and responsiveness to his country as a citizen. This is our ROTC.The Beauty of “Old Glory” 236 Sponsors at Work Cadets Helping a SponsorBattalion Commander - Head Sponsor George Eirady - Linda GilbertRadio 1220khz ...for women only. JEFFERSON PLUMBERS MILL COMPANY Wholesalers and Distributors Since 1909 PLUMBING, HEATING, GAS AND WATER WORKS SUPPLIES PIPE, FITTINGS AND VALVES TEMCO GAS HEATING EQUIPMENT 1531 First Avenue, South Phone 252-8011 Birmingham, Alabama 35223 BILL WHITEN RAMBLER-DATSUN INC. 2109 Avenue E, Ensley Birmingham, Alabama 35218 Phone 786-4351 238Oth Street 786 0521 Dawkins service station Road Service THE SENIORS ARE ALIVE IN 255. Ensley, Alabama Compliments of Session Room 138 Fermon Alexander Sam Alfano Elijah Allen Clark Andrews Eugene Ausman Randy Ballard John Barden Guy Barnes Luther Bertram Bill Blackburn Pete Blackman Don Bowerman 239We have enjoyed being your yearbook photographer Belmont Studios 2m North 18th Street Birmingham, AUSim 35203 Phone 324-5026

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