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betiggl opens its dooj oce new experiences,The CHALLENGE of Ensley High School lies in the countless opportunities for each individual to explore himself as an active member of the school society. 2Challenge Serving the student body Reaching new heights Finding a marshall who checks okehs Winning a big game Beating the tardy bell Finding a seat in the lunchroom Packing 36 hours into one day All “A's” Traffic at 3:05 Getting through another year 3Actually, the years one spends at Ensley are only a brief encounter with a special phase of life. Each day is composed of a series of BRIEF ENCOUNTERS. Brief Encounters Speed tests in typing Pausing on the stairs I saw him again today! Team captains shaking hands Crowded halls See you later — I’m late again! A visit with Mr. Moran Moments of victory Those four short yearsIt is often through our encounters at school that we become fully aware of our own PRIVATE MOODS, as well as those of others. 6Private Moods Monday morning “blahs" Sheer boredom I’m scared. My friends are the greatest! Will she ever notice me? We won! That “before test" feeling Wow! What a day! It's too good to be tru$! Friday finally came. 7Our awareness of ourselves and others is put to the test in MOMENTS OF DECISION which confront us at every turn. tMoments of Decision Which college will you attend? Should we try that play? Which stairs are “down”? Whom can I invite? Which candidate is best? How much will the annual cost? Can I make it to the water fountain? Which topic for a term paper? 9As each individual is unique, so the MEMORIES retained by each person will be unique. We of the Jacket staff can only attempt to record the outstanding events which have made 1971 a year worth remembering. Memories Freshman orientation Did you see that play? Special friends and quiet moments That goofy-looking “Jacket" Three minutes to dress in gym A warm crowd on a cold night The band marching on the field “That's the Senior battle cry!" A deserted hall Graduation 1011ITable of Contents 13One school year at Ensley encompasses a myriad of activities, experiences, and personalities. A spirit of unity of purpose may grow if and only if the student body itself is willing to put forth effort to create this spirit. Each person decides for himself what part he will play in the attempt to create an atmosphere of sincere interest in his fellow students and in academic achievement. The concerted efforts of the Ensley student body, student organizations, and administration are responsible for the success of a particular school year. We, therefore, dedicate the 1971 Jacket to those who have worked to make this year worthwhile and have made the spirit of unity at Ensley burn more brightly.Editor: Sharon Andrews Assistant Editor: Bill Hand Business: Gail Deaton Bruce Horne Sports: Kitty Hewes Walker Johnson Activities: Phyllis Marino Anne Wailes Marilyn Fields Administration: Classes: Marietta Puccio Susan Plunkett Cheryl Perkins Patti Rawlinson Organizations: Denise Saulters Linda Vanstrum Denise GardnerActivities I |mu c.« «r Black and An End for Some . . . Patti gives up her crown. End of spring training! 18Gold Night A Beginning for Others Happy together for the next year The 70-71 Jackets in action Trophies Miss Touchdown CONNIE OWENS 19Student Body Officers Vice President - RANDY MAYFIELD President - BILL HAND Secretary - ANNE WAILES Head Marshall - REBECCA McCRARY 20Cabinet TOP ROW: Mark Hart, Donna Muir, Rebecca McCrary. Karen Erwin. Bill Hand. Randy Mayfield. BOTTOM ROW: Jimmy Ippolito, Linda Gucschoff, Tommy McIntosh. Anne Wailes. Paul Hooker. Marshall Captains Carol Vaugn, Sli3ron Weeks, Peggy Elliot. Pam Glover, Rebecca McCrary, Libby Taylor, Patti Rawlinson. Phyllis Marino, Karen Erwin. 21National Honor Society Isi ROW (TOP): Mark Hart, Ronald Wallace. 2nd ROW: Walker Johnson. Bill Hand. Mike O'Brien. 3rd ROW: Ridley Smart. 4 4th ROW: Micheal Wray. Danny Miles. Jimmy Lewis, Paul Hooker. 5th ROW: Cheryl Mays, Glenda Earwood, Sharon Andrews, Connie Owens. 6th ROW: Nella Globetti, Karen Whitfield. Susan Smith. 7th ROW: Mrs. Tipton (Sponsor). Phyllis Marino, Linda Malone. 8th ROW: Susan Newsom. Pam Overton, Donna Muir. Suzy Evers. Patsy Riley. Sharon Smith. Janice Day. Becky McCrary. FALL OFFICERS -Mark Hart - President Susan Newsome - Vice-President Patsy Riley - Secretary Sharon Andrews - Treasurer SPRING OFFICERS -Becky McCrary - President Walker Johnson - Vice-President Connie Owens - Secretary Danny Miles - Treasurer 2223 M155 ■ TM0, i CONNIE OWENS - the Reigning Miss Touchdown. Homecoming and The Jackets First Place Float Winner - G.A.A. Club Ushers provide 'spirit."Sportsmanship Week Stage a Parade Doyle's Y-Teen "Wipe Out Woodlawn!” Latin Club "Warrior- Math Club mystery jacket? 25Climax of the Week — The 1970 Homecoming Court and Escorts. Waiting! Almost ready? Miss Martha Bankston admires the roses presented to her by the Colorguards and Majorettes. 26The Exciting Half-Time Ceremonies 1969 Queen Lisa Catilina crowns Marietta. The court awaits the big decision. Marietta Puccio is announced as the 1970 Homecoming Queen. 2nd alternate, Debra Creel, Homecoming Queen Marietta Puccio. 1st alternate Diane Ward3s w K i • i r »« t' i r t i: ' ' y - ; N.» TOP ROW fLEFT TO RIGHT): Rena Redus, Paula Smith. Mary Jo Williams. Anne Wailcs, Debra Pender. P3m Overton. Sharon Andrews. Marilyn Fields. BOTTOM ROW: Marietta Puccio, Diane Ward. Debra Creel. 2829Ensley High School Marching Band 30■ rKATHY NELMS DEBRA COBB LINDA MCMAHON 1970-1971 Colorguards CINDY BLACK JANICE WESTON CANDY LATHAM1970-1971 Majorettes Being a Majorette is ... A Pep Rally! Freezing at a football game Dropping your baton in front of everyone Parades Being a school leader Going to camp at Jacksonville Winning 1st place in competition Learning new routines Practicing with the band Marching in the rain Frostbitten fingers A sequined uniform Butterflies! RITA DiGlORGIO -Head Majorette 34LYNN MOON MARY JO WILLIAMS donna McClendon RENEE DcRAMUS BETTY FARRIS GAIL CALDWaL361970-77 Highsteppers KAYE FREEMAN PAULA SMITH JOY BEARDEN BETTY COLE DONNA DRISKILL PAM GREENE LINDA HARVELL SHERRY IRVIN 38DONNA MUIR DEBBIE POWELL LIBBY TAYLOR PAM OVERTON JUDI POER LEIGH SMITH SHARON SMITH CECILIA WOODS 39“We have that spirit!” 404]DEBRA PENDER FAYE FREEMAN MARIETTA PUCCIO Head Cheerleader 1970-71 Cheerleaders PATTI RAWLINSON HENRIETTA WHITE 42USA BRAGAN MARILYN FIELDSCheerleading Is . . . Laughs Tired feet Cold ears Thrist Contentment Smiles Chapped lips Prayers Ole Miss competition Spirit! Homeward bound with 1st place 45Pep Rallies — An Important Contribution to Jacket Spirit V - I - C - T - O - R- Y!" "Here comes the team!CUTEST COUPLE Marilyn Fields and Johnny Canant MOST TALENTED Tommy Thomason and Paula Smith MOST ATHLETIC Bruce Evans and Margaret Kneisley BEST ALL AROUND MOST DEPENDABLE Senior Who’s Who Rena Redus and Randy Mayfield Bruce Horne and Donna Muir 47MOST OUTSTANDING Becky McCrary and Ridley Smart BODY BEAUTIFUL Kenny Burks and Kaye Freeman MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Bill Hand and Sharon Andrews CLASS CUT-UPS Michael Glenn and Rosiland Thomas PERSONALITY PLUS Debra Creel and Paul Hooker 48MOST FASHIONABLE Gwen Mewbome and Tim Lovelady MOST VERSATILE Jim McKinney and Linda Guetschoff MOST OUTGOING Jimmy Ippolito and Anne Walles MOST BEAUTIFUL - MOST HANDSOME Marilyn Fields and Mike Dempsey MOST POPULAR Marietta Puccio and Tommy McIntosh CUTEST Susan Plunkett and Jimmy Lewis 49Dramatic Productions Enliven the School Year The Happiest Millionaire ” Cast Emma------------- John Lawless----- Livingston------- Joe.............. Tony .. ......... Cordelia--------- Charlie---------- Anthony J. Biddle Mrs. Biddle------ Aunt Mary-------- Lucy............. Angier---------- O’Malley......... Mrs. Duke-------- Footman---------- Alligator----- Director--------- -----Tiajuana Conwell ------------Steve Burks --------Rob by Godwin ------------David Coan ------------David Snow --------Cheryl Fairley ----------Steve Porter ----------Ozzie Ingram -------Becky McCrary ---------Linda Malone --------Marcia Millsap -----------Jerry Eason --------------Rod Moss ---- Sharon Mitchell -----------John Killian -------Norman Stokes Mrs. Cynthia Sfakianos BECKY ROBBINS - Student Director May 8-9, 1970 "You did WHAT?!" "Will somebody warn them they might get shipped for this!" "Relax - he just had snack of "Gator Aide.” 50"Are you sure this is tea?" "Don't break her!" Curtain call! Happily ever after? A successful cast and crew. 51“Sorry Wrong Number” Cast Mrs. Stevenson.........Becky McCrary 1st Man..................John Barden John " - — — - -- -- -- Tim Gierke Operators - -- -- -- - Linda McClain Debbie Musgrove Sharon Mitchell Carol Vaughan Policeman - -- -- -- - Norman Stokes Boy----------------------Joe Camper "What happened to your diet?" October 28-29, 1970 Eeeeek!" “Antic Spring” November 20, 1970 Cast Ginger---------------- - Glenda Earwood Gwendolyn-------------Sharon Mitchell Robert ---------------------Randy West Sam---------------------- - Jonh Barden Blossom - — ---------Linda Guetschoff Elbert - ---------------- Norman Stokes "O Sam, you’re too much." No backseat driving." "Ants!" "As I was saying "Isn’t this just fun?” 52Jircehmatt Jialmriti's .fan petercon anil fiirharb parks Bobbie Neumann anb Siirk AUbrittnn Him Ann plan anb ©m Hlitchell Bobbie Bempse T anb Babib potaell S3Suplumuire IFcUnirites Hlarla Sato line on anb ®arru ISuff Sall i Stott anb Pat •Dompseii 54Junior jFalwrites Ui®a Braijan anb (f)reg Slater® 3an Sim® anb (Him 3Bun®tan JJatti llatalinson anb (£b ?lobert® Sherry (funningham anb Bus Kelson 55Menhir i Tciriljin Jfii'ltis anti ®im ]EuUelati r Hlarictta |3urdn anti Bruce (fbans 56jfalmriti? paula anti (Inmmu Blc3)ntnsh Mon Burks 57At Ensley the honors and NMSQT COMMENDED STUDENTS - Becky McCrary. Phyllis Marino. Danny Miles, and Russell Bryant. WINNER OF THE “VOICE OF DEMOCRACY" COMPETITION - Cindy Brock NMSQT SEMI-FINALISTS - Paul Hooker. Bill Hand. Lou Kirk. Donna Muir, Sharon Andrews, Suzy Evers, Patricia Woodall (not pictured). BETTY CROCKER HOMEMAKER OF OF TOMORROW - Suzy Evers BOYS’ STATE REPRESENTATIVES Mark Hart and Bill Hand 60activities never end! Y-TEEN ICC OFFICERS - Phyllis Marino. Sharon Andrews, and Charlotte Horne. EXCHANGE STUDENTS AND THEIR SPONSORS ALABAMA JUNIOR MISS SEMIFINALIST - Paula Smith. Marilyn Fields. Sharon Mitchell, and Pam Overton MARCH OF DIMES CO-CHAIRMAN - Carol Vaughn; CHAIRMAN -Sharon Andrews 61 GIRLS STATE REPRESENTATIVE Sharon AndrewsLEFT TO RIGHT. SEATED: Robin Smith, Doris Fuller, Miss Martha Bankston (sponsor), Donna Lewis, Gail Chance. LEFT TO RIGHT, STANDING: Terri McTaggart, Mary Elizabeth Lucia. Jane Davis, Susan Sheppard, Bruce Mill-sap. Rebecca Teat, Frances Duvall, Charles Blythe, Jan Muir, Linda Guetschoff, Randy West, Kathy Early. 62The Annual Staff MR. HOWARD BALLEW Sponsor SHARON ANDREWS - Editor BILL HAND - Assistant Editor Bill Hand, Bruce Horne, Phyllis Marino. Kitty Hewes, Patti Rawlinson, Denise Gardner, Linda Van-strum, Gall Deaton, Marietta Puccio, Sharon Andrews, Cheryl Perkins. Susan Plunkett. Denise Saulters, Anne Wailes, Walker Johnson, Marilyn Fields. 63Sights and sounds of Room 159 —6th Period Exccdrin Headache No. 159 Creativity? "Which 'Dummy'?" "Kitty, is that you humming?" "OPPS! I cropped the wrong picture." "Perkins, will you please type this?" Desperation "Marino, quit socializing with Hand and get to work ..." "Sharon—HELP 11" THE deadline "But I am working Mr. Ballcw— I'm waiting for my pictures to come in! "What happened in ‘Peanuts' today, Walker?" "Now class, let’s think this thing through ..."Sports 67Ensley 14 Lanier 6 Ensley 14 Butler 20 Ensley 33 Carver 2 Ensley 7 West End 13 Ensley 22 Banks 15 Ensley 29 Hueytown 7 Ensley 17 Jones Valley 14 Ensley 26 Phillips 7 Ensley 27 Woodlawn 28 Ensley 22 Ramsay 31 CO-CAPTAINS: Bruce Evans and Johnny Mooney 69Jess Lanier 14-6 Ensley defeated the Jess Lanier Tigers of Bessemer thanks to an 80-yard touchdown drive that made the final score 14-6. Both teams scored in the second quarter and Ensley again in the fourth. The first Jacket points came on a 14-yard Mike Dempsey pass to Rickey Martin in the end zone. The point after attempt was successful. The Lanier Tigers scored once midway in the second quarter. After eight minutes and twenty plays the Jackets scored again. Bruce Evans converted, closing out the scoring for the night. Steve Evans. Johnny Canant. and David Downs were the defensive leaders. Butler 14-20 The Jackets, try as they might, did not seem to be able to stop the Butler Rebels of Huntsville. The game got off to a bad start when Butler scored twice in the first half on two Ensley fumbles. This put Ensley at a disadvantage which in the long run proved to be disastrous. After Butler's second score Ensley came back and drove 60 yards in six plays to score to show they hadn't given up the fight. The running of Bruce Evans and Kenny Burks helped to move the ball within scoring range. Bill Agee made the score with a one-yard plunge. Evans kicked the point after to make the score 7-14 at the half. Although Butler scored just after the third quarter began. Ensley still fought on. Ensley scored after Jim McKinney intercepted a Butler pass in the fourth quarter. Evans kicked the extra point with 2:32 minutes left in the game which made the final score 14-20. JESS LANIER First downs----------------------------- --10 Passing yards - - 13 Rushing yards---------------------------- 146 Total yards--------------------------------109 Punts------------------------------------ 6 Fumbles lost------------------------------- 2 Penalties---------------------------------- 3 BUTLER First downs - ---------------------------- 11 Passing yards ------------------------------82 Rushing yards------------------------------256 Total yards---------------------------- 284 Punts------------------------------------ 3 Fumbles lost--------------------------- 2 Penalties---------------------------- 5 7071CARVER First downs -- - 13 Passing yards----------------------------------- 94 Rushing yards --- - 233 Total yards --- ------------------------------- 259 Punts - ----------------------------------------- 3 Fumbles lost ------------------------------------ 1 Penalties --- - 2 WEST END First downs -Passing yards Rusliing yards Total yards ■ Punts----------- Fumbles lost Penalties - - 10 112 195 279 6 - 0 2 72Carver 33-2 In the Ensley-Carver game Ensley's first half W3s nothing spectacular because they didn't even score. In the third quarter, however, the team seemed influenced by the pep talk they received at the half (or could it be they feared the wrath of Coach Turner and his blackboard?) Carver turned the. ball over to Enslcy six times straight with a blocked punt, two fumbles and three interceptions. Ensley quickly made use of these opportunities, scoring four times. The first of these touchdowns came when Kenny Burks ran in from the seven and Bruce Evans kicked the extra point. The second came when Bill Agee intercepted a Carver pass and returned it to the Carver five. Burks took the ball in for the score and Evans' kick made the score 14-0. Carver made their only score on a safety when Burks was tackled in the Ensley end-zone, making the score 14-2. The third score came when Doug MacMurdo intercepted another Carver pass. Evans scored from the 34 and the kick was no good. The score was then 20-2. The fourth score of the night came when Jim McKinney intercepted still another Carver pass at the 35 yard-line. Mike O'Berry then threw to David Hamilton in the end-zone. Don Lay scored Ensley's final touchdown on a 13-yard run. making the final score 33-2. West End 7-13 Even though the Jackets tried their hardest they could not surpass the strong defense of the West End Lions. The win for the Lions was not an easy one. however. The Jackets put the first score on the board in the fourth play with a 58-yard Bruce Evans touchdown run. Although West End overcame Ensley's lead, the Jackets still put up a good fight. Quarterbacks Mike Dempsey and Mike O’Berry made a fine showing as did Jim McKinney with his receiving. Ensley was then two and two. 7 3Banks 22-15 In the Ensley-Banks game the lead was shifted back and fordi several times throughout the game, but in the end Ensley came out on top. The first Ensley touchdown was made in the second quarter by Bruce Evans with a 22-yard run. A second was made by Kenny Burks in the third period with a 28-yard run. On one play Evans ran 92 yards to the Banks end-zone. Jim McKinney then passed to Burks for two points to take on the lead. This win made Ensley 3-2 for the year. Hueytown 29-7 The Yellow Jackets rolled on to victory at Legion Field with a 29 point win over the Hueytown Gophers. Without actually gaining any points himself, twice Jim McKinney ran the ball within several yards of the goal line to allow Ensley to score in the next few plays. Kenny Burks and Bruce Evans accounted for three scores and Mike O’Berry a fourth. The Jackets drove the ball 80 yards in five plays with the help of Don Lay. Lay gained 30 yards in three carries. McKinney then moved the ball 49 yards to the Hueytown one. O’Berry completed the play gaining six points. Evans kicked the point after to tie the game at halftime. 7-7. In the third quarter McKinney intercepted a Gopher pass and carried it to the Hueytown eleven. Two plays later. Evans broke through for the touchdown and the PAT was successful. Burks carried the ball 92 yards for the Jackets' final score. The scoring was closed out by Burks catching a two point conversion. BANKS First downs -Passing yards Rushing yards Total yards - Punts-------- Fumbles lost Penalties - - -14 • 43 308 347 - 2 - 1 - 1 HUEYTOWN First downs- -Passing yards Rushing yards Total yards - Punts-------- Fumbles lost Penalties - - -.11 16 311 296 6 0 - 4 7475JONES VALLEY First downs---------------------------------- 13 Passing yards------------------------------- 141 Rushing yards---------------------------------132 Total yards------------------------------ ---271 Punts--------------------------------------- 2 Fumbles lost---------------------------------- 0 Penalties---------------------------------------6 PHILLIPS First downs -- - — 15 Passing yards--------------------------------- H8 Rushing yards-------------------------------- 191 Total yards ---------------------------------- 307 Punts-------------------------------------------- 3 Fumbles lost---------------------------------- 3 Penalties-------------------------------------- 3 76"Number, please." Evans plans football strategy. (?) Jones Valley 17-14 An exciting game, the Jones Valley game switched leads twice in the final minute and a half with Ensley coming out on top. Thanks to four Mike O'Berry passes Ensley surpassed the 14-9 score in one minute and 27 seconds to win the game with a 17-14 final score. Kenny Burks and Johnny Mooney aided Ensley's cause with their efforts to subdue Jones Valley. Jones Valley scored in the last two seconds of the first half to lead with a score of 7-6. Joe Cotton ran 64 yards with the second half kickoff and gave Ensley a head start in the game. Evans kicked a 21-yard field goal to make the score 9-7. The Brownies scored again midway in the fourth quarter. The point after made the score 14-9 with one minute and 27 seconds left. The game appeared to be over but the Jackets prevailed when Thompson took a pass to the end zone and Jim McKinney ran for two points. The final score was 17-14, Phillips 26-7 The Yellow Jackets made quite a show with a 26-7 win over Phillips Red Raiders. The Jackets' score soared with a 26 point lead in the first half. Two of the Jackets scores were set up by recovered Raider fumbles and a third by a blocked punt. Owing to a 27 yard pass to McKinney the Jackets gained 69 yards in 6 plays to up their 12-7 lead to 18-7. A two-pointer caught by Rickey Martin gave Ensley a lead of 20-7. With 28 seconds left in the half, Mike O'Berry threw a perfect pass to Bruce Evans for the score. The Raiders then gained 52 yards, but were slowed down considerably when Johnny Mooney recovered Raider fumble. Ensley came back with a 79 yard drive that ended at the Raiders eight. 77Woodlawn 27-28 Ensley’s Homecoming was not a terribly joyful occasion as the Jackets lost the game by one point. The Colonels zoomed ahead, but the Jackets advanced to make the score 7-7. Moments later Robert Lavett recovered a Woodlawn fumble and Mike O’Berry lilt Jim McKinney on a 37-yard scoring pass. Bruce Evans kicked the PAT to give Enslcy Its only lead of the night which was 14-7. In the second quarter Woodlawn scored twice in less than a minute. McKinney intercepted at the Woodlawn 33 and 0 Bcrry passed 12 yards to Rickey Martin for six points, kicked the extra point to make the score 21-21 at the half. In the third quarter Woodlawn scored seven points with a 46-yard touchdown pass and the PAT. Evans scored after Randy Mayfield recovered a Woodlawn fumble on Ensley's 33. Seven plays later O'Berry passed 12 yards to Rickey Martin for six points. Ensley tried for two and a win, but ended with no points and a loss by one point. Ramsay 22-31 In the annual Crippled Children’s Clinic Game Ensley led the Ramsay Rams with a 7-6 lead until the half. Ramsay shot ahead and won the game in the last four minutes. Mike O’Berry’s passes to Jim McKinney were the Jackets main offense. O'Berry's seven completed passes made a total of 201 yards, five of which were to McKinney who ran for two touchdowns. Ensley put the first points on the board in the first quarter with a 5-yard O’Berry run and Bruce Evans kicked the point. The Rams surged ahead with a 7-14 lead. Ensley brought the game to a tie a few moments later with a 51-yard pass from O'Berry to McKinney and Evans kick. Ramsay again surged forward in die fourth to make the score 23-14. O’Berry passed to McKinney who ran the ball 79 yards. Then O'Berry passed to Kenny Burks for two points. Ramsay ended the game at 31-22. The 22 points scored by Ensley were the most points ever scored by the losing team in die Clinic Game. Plan catches a touchdown pass. 78 McKinney scores!WOODLAWN First downs---------------------------------- 14 Passing yards---------------------------- - 145 Rushing yards---------------------------- - -183 Total yards------------------------------- 294 Punts - - --.---3 Fumbles lost------------------------------- 0 Penalties----------------------------------------1 RAMSAY First downs - - ---9 Passing yards - -------------------------- 201 Rushing yards----------------------------------145 Total yards---------------------------- -308 Punts-------------------------------------- 4 Fumbles lost----------------------------------1 Penalties--------------------------------- -----9 79An Important Part of Football 80The Ensley High School Managers! 81BRUCE EVANS (Co-Captain) BEN JONES Seniors MARK HART KENNY BURKS ROGER LOWERY JOHNNY PLAN JOHNNY CANANT DENNIS CRUMPTON r OISLEY STEVE WILLIAMS 82DOUG MacMURDO DAN ROWELL RICKEY MARTIN RIDLEY SMART LINDSEY THOMPSON DAVID HAMILTON RANDY MAYFIELD SNS’jEY JOHNNY MOONEY (Co-Captain) STEVE EVANS 83TIM LOVELADY STEVE GARZAREK Seniors CLARENCE CRUMP MIKE DEMPSEY DONALD TINKER GARY WEBBER MIKE O'BRIEN WILLIAM AGEE WNSLEY 84 JOE COTTONEnsley’s football season comes to an end . . . and a collection of exciting memories. with a record of 6 wins, 4 losses . . . 85This was Coach Tucker's first year as Head Basketball Coach. Thanks to previous experience in coaching B-Tcam basketball, Coach Tucker was able to do a very fine job. Numerous times he helped the Jacket cagcrs come from behind to win. Overall, the basketball team had a very productive season. Coach Tucker and colleagues 1970-1971 VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAMBASKETBALL 1971 8990 ALBERT KELLEYDON REEVE JOHNNY CANANT BRUCE EVANS KIP IRVINDAN ROWELL The boys take a break to reorganize. jim mckinney KENNY BURKS96 Plan eludes the General.McKinney pops from outside. Reeve Jumps for two. McKinney looks for the goal. 97E NS LEY HIGH SCHOOL Basketball Schedule Support the Yellow Jackets O'Berry gels two under heavy pressure. Be vis takes a jump shot. DATE OPPONENT PLACE Dec. 1 Huffman Away Dec. 4 West End Home Dec. 8 Banks Away Dec. 11 Jones Valley Home Dec. 15 Ramsay Home Dec. 18 Carver Fair Park Dec. 26 SHADES VALLEY INVITATIONAL Jan. 5 Lanier Homo Jan. 8 Huffman Home Jan. 12 Ramsay Fair Park Jan. 15 Wood lawn Home Jan. 19 Jones Valley Fair Park Jan. 26 Shades Valley Home Jan. 29 Wesi End Away Jan. 30 Berry Away Feb. 2 Banks Home Feb. 5 Wood lawn There Feb. 9 Phillips There Feb. 13 Robert E. Lee Home Feb.16 Carver Fair Park Feb. 19 Tuscaloosa There Feb. 22-27 REGION 5 TOURNAMENT Mar. 4-5-6 STATE TOURNAMENT 98BASEBALL VOShaw prepares for ihc windup.Our Record 17 Wins — 6 Losses Ensley - ---------- 10 Ensley-------------- 4 Ensley - ----------- 5 Ensley-----------10 Enslcy-------------- 3 Enslcy---------- - - 4 Ensley ------ 5 Ensley ------ 1 Ensley-------------- 5 Ensley------------- 10 Ensley ----------- - 3 Ensley — - - - - 1 Ensley -------------16 Enslcy----------- 7 Enslcy - 4 Ensley ------ 4 Ensley------------ - 7 Ensley----------- 2 Ensley ------ 4 Ensley ------ 3 Ensley - - ----------1 Ensley ------ 0 Ensley-------------- 1 West End -- - -----3 Huffman------------0 Erwin - -----------4 Fairfield..........6 Fairfield..........2 Gardendalc------------ 1 Mountain Brook--------2 Florida High - ----3 Mountain Brook----- 0 Carver - -- -- -- - 0 West End-----------1 Ramsay------------- 2 Robert E. Lee - ---4 Lanier - — ---------- 1 Huffman --- ------- 1 Jones Valley ----- 1 Gadsden — --------- 1 Parker------------- 3 Phillips...........2 Banks -- - --- ----1 Western Olin -------- 3 Wood lawn ------ 1 Ullman ----------- 2 Pocopanni and Russell, Mgr. Burks strikes! 104COUNTY TOURNAMENT Ensley--------------- 5 Ensley ------ 5 Ensley ------ 4 Ensley--------------- 4 Ensley............... 2 Ensley - --------- 1 Wenonah ------ 1 Hewitt------------ - - 3 Erwin - -- -- -- - 2 Minor ---- ----------- 2 Phillips----------------3 Phillips................2 Ensley's 69- 70 baseball team had a highly favorable season, the highlight being a trip, during A.E.A. holidays, to Fort Pierce, Florida, where they played and won all four games. The '70-'71 team is planning to return to Fort Pierce for a repeat performance. This year’s team plans to make even a better showing than the 69- 70 team which placed third in the county. FIRST ROW: Coach Sparks, Michael Wray, Greg Watets, Ricky Hendrix, Paul Lawson, Mike Plan, Frank McCrary, Jerry Hayes, Ronald Rowell, Bill Scott. SECOND ROW: Bruce Evans, Joe Cotton, Mike Dempsey, Mike O’Berry, Johnny Plan, Jerry Shaw, Dan Rowell, Jim McKinney, Ricky Benson, Paul Pocopanni - Mgr. THIRD ROW: Kenny Burks, Tim Tortorice, Randy May-field, William Agee, Mitchell Poer, Randy Flynn, Eddie Profltt, Johnny Mooney, Don McNabb, Roger Russell - Mgr. 105FRONT ROW: Anthony Jones, John Miller, Robby Godwin, Bill Lytle, Chuck Johnson, Lew Kirk, Melford Wright, SECOND ROW: Buz Nelson, David Beckham, Lynn Hammock, Johnny Canant, Larry Johnson, Barry Walker, Carl Lytle, James Candis, Robert Presley. BACK ROW: Coach Ryan, Homer Coke, Tony Petelos, Mike Wilson, Bobby Zales, Gene Mitchell, Greg George, Steve Rauch, Robert Lavett. 106CARL LYTLE LYNN HAMMOCK 107 ROBBY GODWIN THE MILE RELAY TEAM DAVID BECKHAM JAMES CANDISBILL LYTLE ROBERT LAVETT 108 LARRY JOHNSON SPRINT MEDLEY RELAY TEAM LEW KIRK ROBERT PRESLEYANTHONY JONES GENE MITCHELL MELFORD WRIGHT TONY PETELOS 440 RELAY TEAM BARRY WALKER 109TENNIS ’70 LEFT TO RIGHT: Coach Syphurs, Mike Greenlee, John Marty, Walker Johnson, Ken Smith, Richard Morgan, Glen Bevis, Woody Herring, Ed Roberts, Jimmy Ippolito, Ricky Trotman, Ken Trotman, Tom Ferguson. The 1970 tennis team was fortunate to have such able players to fill the spaces made available by graduation. The team started slowly but made a comeback to become city champs. ABOVE: Mike and Johnny Plan drop back to receive a high lob. LEFT: Ricky Trotman stretches to make a return. no111 MIKE GREENLEE RICHARD MORGANGIRLS’ TENNIS The EHS girls tennis team proudly displayed Jacket spirit throughout this year. The team's record was three wins and three losses. Mrs. Stricklin, their coach, said of the team, "They are outstanding and have a lot of spirit. They are good competitors.” The team hoped to complete their schedule by mid-January. PEGGY ELLIOTT MARGARET KNEISLEY JOELLA REACH 113■ LINDA MALONE PAM GLOVER COACH STRICKLIN ANN ETHRIDGE GLENDA EARWOOD 113MARK SLY E DENNB GRIM LEFT TO RIGHT: Joe Bains. Dennis Grim. George Post ell, Coach Bankston, David Rodgers. Mark Slye. 114DAVID RODGERS ABOVE: Coach Bankston gives Joe some pointers. GEORGE POSTELL JOE BAINS 115Doyle’s Y-Teens President: Carol Vaughan Vice-President: Twila Knowles Secretary: Phyllis Marino Treasurer: Kitty Hewes Chaplain: Karen Erwin Sponsor: Miss Doyle ROW 1: C. Vaughn, T. Knowles, P. Marino. K. Hewes, K. Erwin. S. Stephens. ROW 2: D. Saulters, D. Powell, L Taylor. E. Graves. B. Cain. C. Horne. S. Andrews, R. Erasmus. ROW 3: B. Cobern. L. Guetschoff, S. Chabert, N. Globbetti, P. Land, C. Roberts. L. Young, J. Dickerson, M. Horton. ROW 4: R. White, S. Evers, S. Newsom, P. Overton, A. Ray. S. Weeks. M. Hester, P. Saylord, L. Vanstrum. Sharon, Charlotte, and J one s’Y-Teens President: Jan Gardner Vice-President: Sandy Thompson Secretary r-arolynn-Stephem-Treasurer: Debbie Fix Sponsor: Mrs. Jones ROW 1: R. McBride, J. Martin, C. Carden, V. Hammond, J. Gardner. S. Thompson, C. Ste-phens. B. Bousack, K. Kennedy, D. Fix. ROW 2: L. Duke. K. Williams. L. Morgan, C. Dietz, B. Walker. V. Medlock, M. Lucia, P. Jones, D. Lee. S. Pate. ROW 3: P. Hicks. J. Junkins. C. Dietz, P. Patterson, B. Gray, B. Kennedy, N. McCool, H. Berry. S. Cummings, C. Marcus. 118Large’s Y-Teens President: Donna Ray Vice-President: Leigh Smith Secretary: Larae Dawson Chaplain: Jo Beth Riddle Sponsor: Mrs. Large ROW 1; D. Ray. L. Smith. L. Dawson. B. Sawyer. J. Riddle. G. Barnes. ROW 2: S. Lokey. R. Hichc. S. Scott, M. Morgan, T. York. J. Thrasher. J. Pervis, K. Mooney. ROW 3: S. Classen, K. Hichc. P. Tulass, P. Swindle, V. Saw Is, L. Logan. G. Lord. L. Borris. D. Vann. ROW 4: 5. Stricklin. J. Lee, T. Culver. S. Lowe, L. Stack. J. Gamer. P. Clements. Phyllis are ICC officers Varner’s Y-Teens President: Donna Lewis Vice-President: Debbie Johnson Secretary: Linda Penlck Treasurer: Samuetta Hill Sponsor: Miss Varner ROW 1: D. Lewis, D. Johnson, L. Penick, S. Hill. R. Boykin, D. Hill, D. Bell. D. Fuller. D. Brown. ROW 2: S. Racklcy. N. Parrot. V. Peterson, C. Wells, S. Moore, D. Ward, L. Kirkland, B. Rice, B. Serio. ROW 3: S. Plunkett. Y. Oliver. R. Harris, B. Garrett, C. Williams, D. Brown, J. Hendking. 19Herd’s Y-Teens President: Debra Cates Vice President: Kathy Moss Secretary: Debra Chappell Sponsor: Miss Herd ROW 1: D. Cates, D. Chappell, T. Vandcvcr, P. Talyor, L. Pcnite, L. Glover. ROW 2: W. Mincy, F. Maculinc, L. Johnson, A. White. ROW 3: C. Patton, T. McMalion, D. Jeffrey, D. Smith, C. Dudley. Service offers Parrott’s Y-Teens President: Kathy Ray Vice President: Jan Muir Secretary: Debbie Wasley Treasurer: Joyce Fleming Sponsor: Mrs. Parrott ROW 1 K. R. . J. M . D. W., J. F . P. F.. L. D., D. S.. A. L. ROW 2: V. R. , F. L., L. L., S. B.. R. S G. B.. M. P.. G. C.. E. K. ROW 3: C. R. , L. M.. S. R. . A. E., D. D. M. S. L. S. , M. B.. S. E. P. S. ROW 4 S. M. . J. B. , L. H., T. S. . P. R.. W. N. C. S. L. R. , J. D. ROW 5 K. P.. M. 0. S. C. P. J. K. W., J. H. . L. P.. C. S.. L. H.. M. F. ROW 6: D. N . S. E., L. O. . K. P.. M. R. . D. J.. J. P.. C. G.. P. A. . L. V.. N. F. 120Red Cross President: Diane Ward Vice President: Laurantinc Kirkland Secretary: Catherine Thomas Treasurer: Edna Pettus Sponsor: Mrs. Watkins ROW 1: C. Thomas, D. Ward, J. Hendking, L. Kirkland, C. Crawford, E. Pettus, V. Hanes. D. Bell. ROW 2: C. Cray, R. Boykins, S. Billups. R. Carr, B. Garrett, R. Harris, P. McClay. F. Penick. ROW 3: J. Carlisle, D. Weaver. W. Terrell, J. Hollis, R. Thomas, B. Mathews, L. Penick, D. Baker, R. Fisher. ROW 4: T. Peters. H. Miller, S. Davis, Y. Oliver, D. Brown, J. Cadence, D. Cates. R. Garrett, P. Pritchett. challenges Library Assistants ROW I: S. Classen. S. Cummings. D. Sneed, S. Newsom, D. Brown, M. Fitzhugh, D. Williams, S. Higgins, Miss Seay. ROW 2: M. Poe, C. Pope, K. Dudley, J. Amos, F. Arnold, P. Crauswell, N. Stokes, R. Argo, M. Kane. K. Grogan, C. Creel, P. Hawk, L. Greer. S. Hudson, L. Phillips, Miss Mites, Mrs. O'Berry. 121Math Club President: Jimmy Lewis Vice-President: Ridley Smart Secretary: Donna Muir Treasurer: Tommy Crooks Sponsor: Mrs. Lallas ROW 1: N. Plant. D. Muir. J. Lewis. D. Driskill. K. Whitfield. C. Mays. P. Rawlinson, S. Smith. S. Franklin, P. Marino. J. Dickerson, M. Hart, S. Kelly. L. Carper. R. Bryant. ROW 3: T. Crooks. E. Adcock. J. Ftocopani. D. Downs. J. Ippolito, D. Miles. M. Wray. ROW 4: W. Johnson. B. O'Dell. J. Watkins. R. Smart. C. De-Cubas, M. O'Brien. C. Waters, B. Whitfield. Students may choose Electron Club President: Paul Hooker Vice-President: Danny Miles Secretary: Karen Whit field Treasurer: Carlos DeCubas Sponsor: Mrs. Ward ROW l: P. Hooker. D. Miles. K. Whitfield. C. DeCubas. ROW 2: C. Harris. M. Kneisley, D. Muir, J. Davis. ROW 3: B. Robbins. D. Reider, C. Mays. N. Plant. P. Riley. ROW 4: T. Spanos, D. Lindbergh. P. Wood3ll, R. Bryant. W. Bates. ROW 5: J. Watkins. A. Wright. N. Brawley. NOT PICTURED: Willy Dawson. 122Science Lab Assistants ROW 1: D. Saulters. P. Lorino. B. Nelson, D. Patton, A Sheppard, L. Dawson, L. Kelly, R. Wallace. ROW 2: R. Oliver. J. Parker. C. Hurl-iman, P. Snow. F. McCrary. B. Millsap. T. Gibson. R. Smart. ROW 3: J. Plan, N. Plant, S. Wheeler, C. DoCubas. W. Dawson, D. Brown. R. Bryant. P. Glover. ROW 4: D. Elliot. L. Mitchell, D. Radford, B. Owens. A. Wright, D. Downs. T. Moore, J. Falls, J. Davis. from a variety of clubs. Usher’s Club President: Tommy McIntosh Vice-President: Walker Johnson Treasurer: Ed Roberts Sergeant-at-arms: Billy Hatley Sponsor: Mr. Bailey ROW 1: B. Nelson, J. Ippolito, T. Mclntoch. B. Jones. A. Graffeo. ROW 2: G. Mitchell, L. Thompson, J. Plan, W. Johnson, 8. Hailey. P. Moore. ROW 3: D. Patton. D. Merkl. M. OBer-ry. J. Pocopanni. T. Dunston, P. Leon. ROW 4: Mr. Bailey. R. Smart, D. Etowns, E. Roberts. B. Lytle, C. Lytle. ROW 5: M. Hart. T. Petelos, G Bevis, B. Hand, G. Waters. 123Future Physicians President: Patsy Riley Vice President: Karen Reid Secretary: Cathy Perkins Treasurer: Dian Whitfield ROW 1: P. Riley, K. Reid, C. Perkins, D. Whitfield. ROW 2: R. Riley, C. Blythe, R. Clark, J. Campbell. Sponsor: Mrs. Terry Club members look Future Homemakers L. Kirkland, L. White, D. Imhof, N. McCool, P. Clark, S. Lokey and B. Williams. 124Future Teachers President: Melissa Thies Vice-President: Virginia Mahoney Secretary: Ruth Main Treasurer: Sharon Wacrner Sponsor: Miss Till LTOR: R. Main. K. Berry. S. Hooker. D. Blake. M. Thies. V. Mahoney. toward the future. Future Nurses President: Pam Purvis Vice-President: Desma Russell Secretary: Janet Coleman Treasurer: Carol Creel Sponsor: Mrs. Elem 25 ROW 1: J. Coleman. D. Russell. P. Purvis, C. Creel. ROW 2: P. Croswell. M. Walker. J. Daniels. G. Brooks. R. TcttcII. C. Williams.Music requires Choir ROW 1: L. Vansttum, N. Adams. J. Junkins. T. McIntosh. C. Perkins. M. Beard. P. Overton. Mrs. Carlisle Director. ROW 2: J. Sims. S. Sheppard. E. Craves. R. Wallace. C. Orman. W. Herring, J. Watkins, M. Hall. H. White, L. Malone. ROW 3: S. Alverson, R. Teat, L. Kassaw. L. Malone. J. Walker, S. Hicks. P. Moore. R. Thompson, D. Goolsby. R. Fisher. F Vizzina. ROW 4: P. Pritchett, K. Huslander, B. Robbins. J. Day. M. Puccio. S. Chabert. L. McCutcheon. T. Tucker. S. Mitchell, T. Price. N. Parrott. L. Gaines. R. DcRamus. ROW 5: D. Harris. G. Mewboumc. T. Spanos, R. McCrary. R. Burke, S. Marlow. J. Mitchell. B. Hand. G. Bcvis. B. Nelson. B. Walker. S. Murphree. D. Davis. J. Bearden. K. Erwin. R. Thomas. M. Fields. 126Girls’ Glee Club ROW 1: G. Chance, N. Parkin, B. Coburn, J. Thrasher, D. Lewis. J. Wright. ROW 2: M. Horton, J. Lndolf, P. Flowers. S. Rackley. P. Hicks. L. Duke. D. Davenport. ROW 3: C. Harris, K. Ivey. S. Butler. G. Singleton. K. Landers, B. Walker, R. McBride. practice and work. . . Ensemble ROW 1: C. Perkins, P. Overton. L. Vanstrum. ROW 2: B. Robbins. D. Coan, S. Mitchell. ROW 3: S. Murphree. J. Watkins, D. Davis. 127Boys’ Vocal ROW 1: L. Hollis, M. Dejohn. F. McCrary. J. Glaze. M. Poe, L. Rivers, L. Kelly. M. O'Byrne ROW 2: L. Ethcredge, D. Gilliam, L. Vetrano, H. Bird, J. Phillips. J. Juliano, M. Hinch. T. Lovelady. B. Turbcrville. ROW 3: M. Tarrant, M. Gillies, T. Thomason. M. Dempsey. G. George. V. Neff, J. Brown. R. Farris, G. Carden ROW 4: B. Cagle, W. Norton, J. DeBcncdctto, R. Mayfield. G. Lucas, R. Martin. J. Franks. J. McKinney. J. Steele, J. Candis. but offers Girls’ Vocal ROW 1: D. Smith. D. Driskill, J. Brachnell, S. Serio. L. Nobles. Y. Witherspoon. ROW 2: J. McBride, J. Marino. K. Ray. V. Ray. E. Woern-er. D. Smith. N King. J. Evesquc. ROW 3: P. Johns. H. Jackson. V. Peterson, D. Jones, R. Hunt, T. Turman. S. Zales. R. Gammill. T. Butera. ROW 4: L. Roberts. M. Wesson. G. Petelos. P. Davis, W. Tracy. G. Lord, V. Mahoney. P. Dismukes, D. Cowan. C. Ozley. 128Lyric Club President: Marilyn Fields Vice-President: Pam Overton Secretary: Paula Smith Treasurer: Rosaline Thomas Program Chairman: Janice Day Sponsor: Mrs. Carlisle ROW 1: L. Vanstrum, N. Adams, C. Perkins. M. Beard. R. Fisher. G. Chance. ROW 2: H. White, S. Alverson, S. Chabcrt, J. Day. R. Thomas, T. Price, M. Horton. P. Overton. ROW 3: S. Butler, B. Pearson, B. Thompson, M. Williams. S. Classen. C. George. P. Borland, B. Walker. ROW 4: D. Lewis. P. Pritchett. K. Landers. M. Poe. L. Hollis. M. Tarrant. B. Hand. K. Erwin. M. Fields, M. Puccio. accomplishment and fun Instrumentalist Club President: Ronald Wallace Vice-President: Neil Brawley Secretary: Maunerte Ethridge Treasurer: Debbie Harris Chaplain: Lee Hollingsworth Sponsor: Miss Bankston ROW 1: D. Blake, P. Hooker. R. Wallace. C. James. ROW 2: M. Ethridge, D. Harris. Miss Bankston, L. Hollingsworth, L. Gaines. 129Latin Club President: Billy Joe Whitfield Vice-President: David Henderson Secretary: Mar)' Ann McCullough Treasurer: Lisa MoCutchcon Chaplain: Glenda Earwood Sponsor: Miss Hortenstine ROW 1: G. Chance, M. McCullough, C. Braxton, P. O'Neal, B. Ingram. ROW 2: S. Plunkett, J. Bagwell, K. Lumpkin, G. Earwood, L. McCutch-eon. C. Brock, G. Singleton. ROW 3: R. Wallace. G. Gamer. J. Butcra. J. Davis. R. McCrary. J. McNamee, R. Kirkpatrick. B. Whitfield. Students learn Spanish Club President: Kathy Earley Vice-President: Libby Taylor Secretary: Denise Lindbergh Treasurer: Deborah Dolbeare Sponsor: Miss Pace ROW 1: Miss Pace. D, Dolbeare. ROW 2: C. Hurleman, D. Ray, E. Pcttus. ROW 3: J. Arnold. K. Earley, B. Sawyer. ROW 4: D. Lindbergh. M. Slye, L. Taylor. ROW 5: A. Pruitt. J. Candis. J. Kallaher. noFrench Club President: Kip Irvin Vice-President: Cindy Black Secretary: Connie Gardner Treasurer: Beth Kennedy Chaplain: Mark McCutcheon Sponsor: Miss Howell ROW 1: R. Scott, K. Perkins. N. Garrison. M. Fitzhugh. ROW 2: J. Crowder. P. Hawk, B. Kennedy, H. Cole, B. Money. ROW 3: M. Gamble. B. Kojis. K. Irvin. M. McCutcheon. S. Patterson. S. Smith. about foreign cultures Language Lab Assistants 131 ROW 1: D. Henderson, B. Whitfield. M. Stewart. ROW 2: E. Olvcy. N. Brawlcy. B. Owens. J. Davis.Disc and Diamond President: Johnny Swanson Vice-President: George Brady Secretary: Suzy Evers Treasurer: Bill Bowlin Sergeant-at-Arms: Arthur Ray Chaplain: Ozell Cheatham Sponsor: Major James ROW 1: L. Guetschoff, S. Evers, B. Cobem. ROW 2: T. Spanos. G. Earwood, L. Gilbert. ROW 3: H. Bird. G. Brady, A. Mitchell ROW 4: A. Bates, F. Antonio. B. Bowlin. ROW 5: M. Sims, R. Hall. J. Brawlcy. ROW 6: M. Carter. A. Ray. D. Rary. ROW 7: R. Rary. W. Bates. ROTC instills Rifle Team ROW 1: T. Spanos. H. Bird, S. Evers, G. Brady. L. Guetschoff. ROW 2: A. Bates. D. Rary. W. Bates, A. Mitchell, R. Rary. 132Officers and Sponsors ROW 1: L. Guexschoff, G. Brady. L. Gilbcn. ROW 2: H. Bird. T. Spanos. B. Bowlin. ROW 3: S. Evers. A. Mitchell. B. Co-bern. ROW 4: A. Bates, G. Earwood. A. Ray. routine and discipline Drill Team ROW 1: B. Cobern. L. Gilbert. G. Earwood. ROW 2: J. Dobynes. R. Yerby. R. Sexton, G. Brady. R. Oliver. B. Cleveland. R. Brazzell. ROW 3: R. Tecr. L. Tippett, J. Brawley. R. Negron, D. Salvo. R. Tcer. M. Antonio. A. Scoggins. ROW 4: D. Turnipseed. E. Hood. D. Brooks, G. Hall. E. Gamble. B. Bowlin. F. Antonio, G. Slaughter. 133Student Council ROW 1: P. George. K. Davis. J. McAnally. S. Andrews, J. Day. F. Vlzzinia. ROW 2: J. Ippo-lito, A. Zito. C. Brock. M. Rawlinson, S. Baker, G. Jones, L. Guetschoff, A. Ray. D. Muir. D. Veazy. A. Wailes. ROW 3: D. Elliot, K. Erwin. B. Whitfield, T. Crooks. T. McIntosh. R. May-field. B. O'Dell, M. Slye, T. Dunston, R. McCrary. Miss Bankston. ROW 4: J. Mitchell. R. Kurtis, A. Graffeo, W. Harbin. D. Burton. T. Lovelady. G. George. B. Jones. P. Hooker. B. Huff. W. Clark, M. Hart. B. Hand. Student Council sponsors Art Club President: Peggy Elliot Vice-President: Rita Digiorgio Secretary: Janice Edwards Treasurer: Mark toe Sponsor: Mrs. Boles ROW 1: S. Wheeler. J. Edwards. R. Digior gio, P. Elliot. J. Kerins. J. Zanthos. ROW 2: S. Cummings. W. Brooks. S. Higgens. L. Kelley, K. Davis, V. Hammond. C. Roberts. ROW 3: R. Brodic, C. Stewart. S. Kirk, R. Miller. P. Johns. T. Gibson. M. Poe. D. Smith, S. Ronilo. 134Teens for Christ President: Norman Stokes Vice-President: Warren Herring Secretary: Karen Erwin ROW 1: Morman Stokes. N. Stokes, K. Erwin. W. Herring. ROW 2: B. Robbins, J. Junkins. P. Flowers, R. Smith. D. Lewis. L. Mitchell. N. Bowlin. S. Woerner. ROW 3: D. Musgrove, L. Guetschoff, K. Williams, D. Dolberc, D. Musgrove. A. Ray. P. Overton, C. Vaughan. ROW 4: J. Brown, M. Poe. P. Harris, J. Killan. S. toner. M. Hinch. S. Cooley. J. Davis. M. Williams. ROW 5: D. Creel, P. Rawlinson. D. Pender. R. Redus, M. Puccio, L. Bragan, M. Fields, H. White. S. Plunkett. Toys for Tots National Honor Society President: Mark Hart Vice-President: Susan Newsome Secretary: Patsy Riley Sponsor: Mrs. Tipton ROW 1: P. Marino. B. McCrary. D. Muir. S. Newsome, P. Overton. S. Evers, C. Owens. P. Riley. K. Whitfield. S. Andrews, G. Earwood. W Johnson. ROW 2: M. Wray. R. Wallace. M. Han. J. Lewis. P. Hooker. J. Day. D. Miles. M. O’Brien. R. Smart. S. Smith, C. Mays. L. Malone. B. Hand, S. Smith. N. Globetti. Mrs. Tipton. I3S Pep Club President: Jimmy Ippolito Vice-President: Becky McCrary Secretary: Sharon Mitchell Treasurer.- Ginny Jones ROW 1: F. Freeman. R. Rcdus, D. Pender. L. Brag-an. M. Puccio, M. Fields. P. Rawlinson, D. Creel. H. White. S. Plunkett. ROW 2: J. Ippolito. B. McCrary. S. Mitchell. G. Jones, ROW 3: K. Ray. D. Veazy, M. Aldridge. J. Sims. J. McAnally. D. Powell. C. Woods. A. Wailes, L. Harvell. P. Smith. I. . Taylor. J. Bcardon, J. Weston. ROW 4: B. Weaver. M. Deitz, C. Black, M. Lorino. P. Flowers. R. Smith. G. Singleton. D. Lewis, D. Johnson, B. Farris, C. Latham. P. Overton. K. Erwin. ROW 5: L. Gilbert. S. Jones. M. McNeel, A. Ethridge. R. Hap-get, W. Harkrider, M. Beard. S. Rackley, S. Plunkett. C. Marcus, N. Staggs, J. Poer. S. Ronilo. ROW 6: F. Vizzinia, L. Moon. D. Musgrove. R. McBride, P. Hicks, L. Duke. V. Medlock, B. Walker, J. Davis, D. Dolbere, K. Williams. B. Milsap. R. Bryant. ROW 7: T. Tucker. L. Guetschoff. G. Caldwell. L. Mitchell. M. Theis. D. Neumann. C. George. J. Hendricks. J. Ludolph. H. Blankanship. J. Beckers. N. Stokes. M. Hart. R. Johnson. D. Hobbs. Pep Club boosts Promoters President: Debra Creel Vice-President: Betty Cole Treasurer: Debra Ray Chaplain: Linda Harvell ROW 1: B. McCrary. G. Petelos, B. Cole, D. Goolsby. S. Shappard, L. Harvell, D. Creel. D. Ray. A. Wailes. ROW 2: B. Morgan, V. Atkins, F. Freeman. P. Smith. S. Plunkett. M. Puccio. D. Lewis. R. Kulp, V. Anderson. C. Woods, C. Perkins, N. Adams. ROW 3: M. Fields, C. Fairley, S. Smith, S. Hill, D. Hill. N. Staggs. L. McClain. S. Irvin. S. Smith. J. Day. G. Deaton, D. Fuller. ROW 4: J. Martin, R. Redus, D. Pender, P. Ericson, S. Jones, B. Wells, S. Mitchell. J. Poer. M. Olander, D. Bradley. 11. White, R. Jayne. J. Roten. 136Jacket Staff ROW 1: B. Hand. D. SauIters, G. Deaton, S. Andrews. K. Hewes. M. Puccio. P Marino. ROW 2: S. Plunkett, M. Fields, W. Johnson. P. Raw-linson. A. Wailes, D. Gardner, L. Vanstrum. C. Perkins. B. Horne. the spirit Yellow Jacket Staff ROW 1: L. Guetschoff, D. Fuller, G. Chance. H. Blankenship. ROW 2: J. Muir. K. Harley. D. Lewis, Miss Bankston. J. Davis, R. Smith. B. Millsap. F. Duvall, M. Lucia. 137D.E. Prep ? ROW 1: B. Pope, L. Nobles, P. Swindle. B. Walker. L. Mize. L. Ellison. G. Evens. B. Farris. E. Raymond. ROW 2: R. Hum. B. Alesce. C. Creel. S. Haddox, D. Smith, K. Mooney. C. Grinstead. P. Hicks, G. Jones. K. Hulslander. L. Moore, T. Pridmore, K. Trucks. ROW 3: S. Brown. J. Po-copanni, W. Harbin. O. Cheatem. B. Haddox, J. Tillery. J. Brown. D. Elliot, J. Randolph. S. Wray. J. Carr. R. Blakney. B. Dooley. R. Lokey. Bank Board aims DECA President: Bill Davis Vice-President: Richard Smith Secretary: Marilyn Kopp Treasurer: Ray Culver Chairman: Mike Hassel Sponsor: Mr. Vizzina ROW 1: W. Peterson. J. Falls. P. Hall. ROW 2: M. Kopp. C. Blakney. T. Wheeler. B. Braswell. ROW 3: B. Davis. M. Hassel. T. Smith, E. Logan, R. Crumpton. R. Culver. M. McArdle. R. Tyler, R. Amos. D. Olvey. 138Bank Board President: Bruce Evans Vice-President: Bill Hand Secretary: Becky McCrary Sponsor: Miss Turner ROW 1: Miss Turner. B. Evans. Mrs. Haley. ROW 2: S. Stephens, R. McCrary. B. Haley. ROW 3: S. Andrews. D. Creel. ROW 4: B. Morgan. S. Alverson, J. Rotcn, H. White, S. Chabert. for more dollars Annual Salesmen ROW 1: D. Saulters, D. Gardner, D. Yarbourgh, D. Driskell, T. Brodie, C. George. R. Kulp, P. Atkins. B. Batton. ROW 2: L Stinson. J Jack-son. K. Hewes. C. Horne. P. Woodall, L Stack. S. Donahue. W. Nobles. P. Tullas. D. Veazy. ROW 3: J. Sanford. V. Maxwell. D. Bradley, J. Roten. M. McCullough. S. Weeks, M. Lucia. B. Ingram. J. McBride. G. Jones. B. Bowden. ROW 4: T. Gibson. L. McCloud. R. Morgan. W. Herring. D. Patton. B. Ricks. S. Pocx. M. Dejohn. R. Young. D. Lowery. 139Gym Club President: Margaret Kneisley Vice-President: Susan Newsom Secretary: Marilyn Baldwin Treasurer: Martha Hester Chaplain: Connie Harris Sponsor: Mrs. Stricklin ROW 1: M. Kneisley. S. Newsom. C. Harris. M. Baldwin. M. Hester. ROW 2: H. Blankenship, J Edwards. P. Elliot. ROW 3: J. Beckers. D. Perkins. S. Andrews. ROW 4: R. Powell. Mrs. Stricklin. J. Daniels, D. Reeder. G.A.A. strives Gym Assistants 140 L-R: P. Elliot. J. Edwards, M. Kneisley, D. Perkins. D. Reeder. M. Baldwin. M. Hester, S. Newsome. C. Harris, S. Andrews.Thespians ROW 1: D. Coan, J. Camper, Mrs. Myers, B. Robbins, R. West. S. Mitchell. C. Brock, G. Earwood. ROW 2: E. Graves, C. Vaughn. C. Horne. L. Guetschoff, P. Ericson, C. Owens, P. Purvis. ROW 3: T. Tucker. C. Crumpton, B. Cobern. S. Jones. M. McNeel, K. Porter. N. Staggs, P. Woodall, L. Malone, T. Spanos, B. McCrary. for fitness Fencing Team L-R: C. Blythe B. Bowman R. Rary L. Guetschoff 141E.H.S. clubs have the reputation of being . . . Enticing Nonchalant Energetic 142 Inquisitive VivaciousNancy Adams Eric Adcock William Agee Diane Aldridge Arlene Alexander Sherry A Iverson Ricky Amos Vicki Anderson Sharon Andrews Mike Arbo 144145 Denise Atkins Allen Bates Vickie Atkins Marie Beard Joe Bains Joy Bearden Marilyn Baldwin Debra Ann BellBilly Bottomley Regina Boyken Ronald Boykin Donna Bradley Teresa Bradley James Bridges Kate Brown Russell Bryant Donna Bunch Jackie Burch Richard Burke Kenny Burks Frank Burton John Butcra Johnny Canant James Candis 146jim Cannon Marilyn Caraway Linda Carper Diane Cares Susan Chabert Ozell Cheatham Janice Day Christmas Seal Princess Debra Clark Debra Cobb 147Betty Cole Jean Coward Peggy Crauswell Debra Creel Dennis Crim Robert Crocker Tommy Crooks Peggi Cross Clarence Crump Dennis Crumpton Ronald Crumpton Carlos de Cubas Ray Culver Larry Davenport Bill Davis Donald Davis 148The 1970-71 Senior Cheerleaders Jcddic Davis Sandra Davis Willie Dawson Janice Day Gail Deaton Jerry DeJohn Mike Dempsey Rita DiGeorgio 149Randall Dunn Glenda Ear wood Mark Elliott Peggy Elliott Bruce Enloe Rita Erazumus Pam Erickson Bruce Evans Steve Evans Suzy Evers Karen Erwin Cheryl Fairley James Falls Bobby Fayet Marilyn Fields Ronae Fisher isoBruce and Donna Best Freshmen Faye Freeman Kaye Freeman Doris Fuller Gary Garner Steve Garzarek Patricia George Tim Gierke Rhonda Gilbert 1S1Danny Gilliam Mai Gillies Nella Globetti Eddie Goldsmith Debbie Goolsby Mike Greenlee Linda Guetschoff Rodney Hall David Hamilton Sandra Hammond Bill Hand Gary Harp Sandra Harper Anita Harris Connie Harris Mark Hart 152Donna, Rita, and Mary Jo Senior Majorettes Linda Harvcll Mike Hassell Billy Hatley David Henderson Kitty Hcwcs Deborah Hill Samuetta Hill Brenda Hobbs 153Lee Hollingsworth Paul Hooker Nancy Hudgins Tommy Huey Karen Hulslander Bruce Horne Harriet Hutchins John Imhof Jimmy lppolito Sherry Irvin Brenda Jackson Joe Jackson Cindy James Royce Jayne James Johnson Philip Johnson 154Ronald Wallace 1970-71 Drum Major Walker Johnson Ben Jones Patti Jones Susan Jones Linda Kassaw Steve Kelly Ka thy Kendricks Jacki Kervlns I5SLew Kirk Sheryl Kirk Laurantine Kirkland Margaret Kneisley Joan Knight Twila Knowles Marilyn Kopp Judy Kreidlcr William Kreidcr Carl Krcps Rhonda Kulp David Lawrence Paul Lawson Ann Lee Cathy Lee Philip Leon 156Donna Lewis Jimmy Lewis Robert Lokey Tim Lovelady Roger Lowery George Lucas Ronald Main Linda Malone Phyllis Marino Jo Ann Martin Ricky Martin Betty Jean Mathews Vilinda Maxwell Randy Mayfield Cheryl Mays Sam Mazzara 157Doug Mac Murdo Linda McClain Donna McClendon Rita McCorstin Dennis McCrary Larry McCravy Rebbecca McCrary Paula McCulley Bill McDonald Tommy McIntosh Linda McMahon Marion McNccl Clem McWhorter David Merkl Gwen Melbourne Danny Miles 1S8Seniors win scholarships James Miller Janet Miller Arthur Mitchell Linda Mitchell Sharon Mitchell Jane Mize Linda Mize Johnny Mooney 159 IStephanie Moore Tom Moore Beverly Morgan Richard Morgan David Moss Donna Muir Samuel Mullin Steve Murphrc Van Neff Kathy Nelms Susan Newsom Sharon Newton Linda Nobles Mike O' Brien Bill O'Dell Mary Jane dander i6o :Pam Overton Sharon Andrews Editor of the 1971 Jacket ond Connie Jean Owens Nelson Owens Doris Parker Nina Parrott Linda Pcnick Cheryl Perkins Deborah Perkins DA R Good Citizenship Girl 161Gracie Petclos Tony Petclos Jeff Phillips Johnny Plan Sandra Plunkett Susan Plunkett Mark Poe Judi Poer Carolyn Pope George Postell Tera Price Linda Prince Patricia Protchett Marietta Puccio Pam Purvis Sandra Rachley 162The 1970-71 Senior Highsteppers Donna Radford Angie Ray Arthur Ray Debra Ray Patricia Reach Tommy Reed Donald Reeve Lin Reid 163Rena Red us Danny Reinharot Becky Rice Harry Richardson Patsy Riley Bebecca Robbins Jane Roton Dan Rowell Dcsma Russell Sammy Russo Denise Saultcrs Donna Scatura Brenda Serio Susan Sheppard Mark Slye Ridley Smart 164Ken Smith Paula Smith Richard Smith Sharon Smith Susan Smith Toni Spanos Burks, McKinney, and Evans Win :ootball Scholarships Geraldine Spicer 5 Auburn Nancy StaggsSharon Stephens Norman Stokes Ann Stone Lamont Strong Robert Taylor Rebecca Teat Terry Theros Catherine Thomas Rosaline Thomas Sharon Thomas Tommy Thomason Lindsey Thompson Margaret Tillery Mary Tillery Donald Tinker David Tombrello 166Ricky Trotman Bob Turbcrville Carol Vaughn Frances Vizzinia Anne Wailes Belinda Walker John W3lker Julius Walker Ronald Wallace James Wallis Diane Ward Deborah Weaver Gary Webber Betty Wells Steve Wheeler Rusti WhiteMary Jo Williams Steve Williams Patricia Woodall Cecilia Woods Frank Woolley Carol Yager Gary Young Robert Zales Mary Jo Zito Richard Rary 168Session Room Presidents LEFT to RIGHT: Frances Vizzinia, Mark Slye. Angie Ray, Ben Jones, Bill O'Dell, Tim Lovelady, Janice Day, Tommy Crooks, Tricia George, and Sharon Andrews. Alma Iflater (the banner — iBlark anb (!j)nlb.Bruce Evans Ridley Smart Janice Day Senior Class Officers 170Norris Ad3ir Marilyn Agee Victor Anthony Jeannie Arnold Mary Ann Aldrich Florence Anderson Sue Ann Autry Debbie Averyt Ann Aycock Buster Baggett Jan Bagwell Keith Bailey Anita Baker Guy Barnes Lannie Barnes Lydia Barrett Annie M. Battle Romona Berry Glen Bcvis Sarah Billups Harry Bird Cindy Black Dianna Blake Bill Bowden Bruce Bowman Nancy Bowser George Brady Lisa Bragan Vanessa Brand Ben Braswell Jack Brawley Neil Brawley Carol Braxton Cindy Brock Sam Brodie Glynis Brooks David Brown 172Roselta Carr Mike Carter Karen Chadick Rocky Chaffin Donald Chance Gene Carden Jimmy Carlisle Greg Carr Jimmy Carr Pamela Clay Bill Cleveland Becky Coburn Cynthia Cornelison Dan Cornutt Alfonzo Craig Debra Craig Antoinette Crapet Bobby Crossley Cindy Crumpton Sherry Cunningham 173Josie Daniels Mike Daniels Jerry Davis Mary Ann Davis Pam Davis Derrol Dawkins Cathie Deason Marilyn Dietz Renee DeRamus Jack DiBenditto Jan Dickerson Sue Dickerson Shirley Dillard Bill Dooley Donna Driskell David Downs Tim Dunston Kathy Early Janice Edwards Charlotte Egger Service to school Nita Embry Billy Em finger Phyllis Estock Maunettc Ethridge Judy Evans John Falls Ray Farris Grade Fields Mike Flynn Suzanne Franklin Joe Franks Renee Frederick 174Andy Graffco Ellen Graves Patricia Gregory Cindy Gainstead Ricky Greene Jon Greenlee Artie Fortner Janya Freeman Cathryn Fuller Linda Gaines Rita Gammill Denise Gardner Betty Garrett David Garzarck Danny Gibbs Linda Gilbert Pam Glover Joe Graffco takes many forms Stephanie Hargett Rose Harris David Hawkins Victoria Haynes JoLane Headley Joyce Hendking Martha Hester Patsy Hicks Steve Hicks Douglas Hill Victoria Hill Donald Hobbs 175Juniors positions Larry Hopkins Charlotte Horne Dwight Horton Marjorie Horton Pam Johns Debbie Johnson Randy Johnson Cathy Johnson Shelia Horton Jeannette Howell Patricia Howell Rhonda Hunt Joyce Hudson Ginny Jones Jennifer Jones Theresa J arm am Lee Kelly James Kent Michael Kirkland Becky Kojis Sam Kutts patty Land Karen Landers 1 6Toni LaRussa Donald Lay Robert Lavctt Diane Lewis Eddie Lewis Carol Lenoir Lisa Malone Vicky Manzella Jimmy Martin Susan Martin Jean McAnally F nk McCrary fill of leadership. Shirley Ann Long Mary Lorino Paul Lorino Vince Lovetto Kathy Lumpkin Sharon Lynch Billy Lytle Carl Lytle Velma Maddix Cynthia Maiden °oug Malloch Phillip Leon Denise Lindbergh Earl LoganVirginia McCrary Diane McMeekin Act casual ... Don McNabb Terri McTaggart Vivian Meadows Carl Merchant Paul Miller Gene Mitchell Lynn Moon 178 How about playing what’s written!Anna O'Neal Larry O'Neal Cynthia Paige Jerry Parker Donna Pate Pam Patterson Patty Paterson David Patton Carolyn Ozeley 1 sure hope Hicks knows what he's doing ... William Patton Anthony Paulding Vicki Peterson Willie Peterson Edna Pettus Nancy Plant 179It takes two to sell one pencil? Debbie Reeder Bill Ricks Debbie Rhodes Cindy Roberts Connie Roberts Ed Roberts Susan Ronilo Patricia Salord She's using die "Pistol Pete’" technique. Marilyn Salter John Sanders Zande Sellers James Scale Michael Sims Jan Sims 180Kathy Smith Terry Smith Frada Sneed Pam Snow Gerald Stephens Libby Stevens A typical first period in 145. Denise Sterling Charlotte Stewart Gary Stockman Sharon Stribling Lou Ann Suell Libby Taylor Paula Taylor Robbie Terrell Willie Terrell John Watkins Greg Waters Paul Walker Brenda Walker Barry Walker Juniors learn through experimenting.Melissa Thies Georgia Thompson Juniors work in Advisor's Office. Regina Thompson Billy J. Timmons Tommy Tortorice Joseph Troncale Darnell Tumlpseed Ricky Tyler Linda Vanstrum Donna Vaughn Diane Vcazy Leon Vctrano David Vines Susan Voytanousky John Wood Debra R3nsum helps in the bank. Ben Worley Billy Whitfield Randy White 82Randy West Janice Weston Tony Wheeler Paul Whidden Larry Wilemon Darlene Willard Carolyn Williams Donald Williams Harold Williams Sue Williams Wanda Williams Mike Wilson 183Mae Wesson Anthony White Linda White Teddy Zanthos Pattie Windham Cynesta Crawford Carol Dekz Jamie Zanthos Linda Young Junior Session Room Presidents 04 L-R: M. Hester. J. McAnally. B. Whitfield. G. Jones. T. Dunston, C. Brock. J. Pocopanni, L. Vansirum, A. Graffeo.Bena Alesce Hcrmon Alexander Sam Alfano Jenny Amos Hazel Andeison Clark Andrews Frank Antonio Sophomores Have That . . . Pete Blackman Rocky Blakeney Hope Blankensnip Bridgettc Blanks Charles A. Blythe Charles R. Blythe Cathy Bohannon“SPIRIT”Bienetu Bonner Kathy Bonner Alan Booker Debbie Borella Linda Boris Pam Borland Brenda Bousack Don Bowerman Jo Ann Bracknell Diane Bradley Linda Braun Dennis Brawley Rodney Bridges Jim Brodie Wilburn Brooks Ira Dale Brown Jerry Brown Richard Brown Scott Brown Steve Brown Tommy Burch Keith Burnett Larry Bun David Burton Teresa Butera Vincent Butera Marqucrita Calvert Brenda Campbell Margo Campbell Joe Camper Marshall Canant Bonnie Cantavespre Rita Carr Lconia Carrington Mamie Casey Debra Cates Gail Chance Sam Childers Dwight Churchill John Churchill Betty Farris Our Sophomore Majorette 186Fred Clark Sandra Clark Wayne Clark Frank Cleveland James Cobcm Vicki Collins Janet Coleman Patricia Colvert Sandra Crain Carol Creel Laurettc Creel Mark Crumpton Gcri Cuilla Jane Davis LaRae Dawson John Defnall Mike Dcjohn Pat Dempsey Hill Dickey James Dobynes, Jr. Deborah Dolbcave Leigh Smith Highstepper Alternate Loretta Duke Linda Dumas Donald Dunklin Carol Duvall David Earnest Carl Eastis Susie Edinburgh David Elliott Steve Ellis Linda Ellison Tim Enloe Mike Estock Lee Etheredgc Gwen Evans Betty Farris Jan Fleet Joyce Fleming Pam Flowers Debbie Fix Ann Forman 189Lynn Forman Michelle Gamble Connie Gardner Jan Gardner Joni Garmon Greg George Sophomores learn Terry Gibson Patsy Gilbreath Laura Gilliam Joel Glaze Lillian Glover Billie Jean Gray Cheryl Gray Kenneth Grays Jerry Maddox Sherry Haddox Kathy Hall Mike Hammock Vickey Hammond Wayne Harbin Vicki Hardin 190Gloria Harper Phillip Harris Tommy Harris Krisandra Harrison Joel Hatcher Sandy Hatton Yolanda Hawkins Ben Hayley Mike Head Warren Herring Spanish “poco a poco”! Patricia Hicks Connie Higdon Sandra Higgins Patricia Hightower Shirley Hill Mike Hinch Betty Hodge David Holaen Lorenzo Hollis Vicki Holt Martha Horton Danny Howard Barry Huff Chuck Hurliman Rita Hyche 91Dorothy Imhof Barbara Ingram Robert Ingram Kay Ivey Hilda Jackson Patti Jayne Doris Jeffery Wanda Jews Debbie Jones Greg Jones Sue Johns Kenneth Johnson Linda Johnson Patricia Johnson Dian Jordan Joe Juliano Judy Junkins James Kallahcr Maureen Kane Elaine Kendrick David Kenerley Karen Kennedy Douglas Key John Killian Nan King Yvonne Kirk Ronald Kirkpatrick Cecil Knight Robert Kurts Candy Latham Sophomores Contribute To The Varsity Team 192David Lee Deborah Lee Denise Lee Joyce Lee Fran Leon Donna Levels Chris Little Leigh Logan Sherry Lokey Peggy Long Gwyne Lord Kerry Lord Curtis Lyon Andrea Lusk Janet Ludolf Mary Elizabeth Lucia Gary Mahan Kevin Mahoney Cecilia Marcus Janet Marino Judy Marlin Scott Marlow Steve Marlow Helen Mason Julie McBride Robbie McBride Lisa McCutchcn Mark McCutcheon Jimmy McNamee Vicki Med lock 193Larry Myers Sheny Myree Carolyn Nelms David Nelms Richard Newmann Joe Nixon Walter Norton Buffy Norris Rusty Oliver Peggy O'Neal Jan Owens Lela Paige Dana Merchant Chuck Metcalf Duane Miller Bruce Mlllsap John Mitchell Randy Mize Kitty Mooney Timothy Moore Mary Claire Morgan Danny Morrow Jan Muir Gary Mullins Debra Musgrove Donna Musgrove Nancy Parkin Susan Pate Charles Patterson Rhonda Patton Zandra Payton Loretta Penick Danny Perkins Steve Perkins Cynthia Peterson Terrell Philer Dennis Pike Denis Plan Kathy Poer Steve Poer 94Bonnie Pope Craig Porter Steve Porter Darilyn Portls Dejaris Portis A1 Potts Greg Prestage Jimmy Preston Tommy Pridmore A1 Pruitt Jeanncnc Purvis Marilyn Quinn James Randolph Danny Rary David Rogers Ricky Rogers Carol Rosser Gary Rothe Peggy Russell PhRlip Russell Fay Sales Rosie Lee Sanders Johnny Sandford Michael Saulter Vicki Sawls Betsy Sawyer Randv Sawyer Lee Scoggins 195Linda Smith Mary Smith Robin Smith Steven Smith Thomas Smith Elizabeth Snow Gladys Spicer Donna Stack James Slack Cathy Stallworth G y Starnes “Carolyn Stephens Ricky Scott Sally Scott Danny Schultz Addie Sellers Sammy Scrio Andy Sheppard Linda Simmons Bebe Simonetti Gilda Singleton Gregory Slaughter Deboie Smith James Smith Leigh Smith Jimmy Smith Jan Storey Johnnie Strength Jan Stricklin Alan Stuart Linda Summons Paula Swindle Gregory' Tarrant Anthony Taylor Paula Taylor Rodney Tccr Charles Thomas Sandy Thompson Charlotte Thom Courtney Tatum 196Cindy Thornton Jean Thrasher Joe T idwell John Tillery Fredrick Tippett Harry Tortorici Joanne Tortorici Ken Trotnian Ken Trucks Pat Tulloss Charles Tuberville Donna Vann Theresa Vandiver Linda Von Hagel Diana Williams Donna Williams Kelley Williams Willie Williams Annette Wilson Robert Wilson Yvonne Witherspoon Jan Wix Elaine Woemer Bill Woodall Cathy Woods Ricky Woods Terry Woods Steve Wray David Wall Mike Wall Tommy Watkins Glenwood Watton Debbie Wasley Carolyn Welch Debra Wells Diane Wesson Prevae White Karen Wideman Tommy Wiles Deborah Williams 19  Antoinette Young Debbie Young Kevin Young Ronnie Young Sharon Zales Anthony Zito Session Room Presidents LEFT TO RIGHT: Rob Kirks. Susie Baker. Greg George. Barry Huff, Marla Rawlinson. John Mitchell. David Burton. David Elliot, Donna Vann, Dennis Plan, Wayne Harbin, Wayne Clark, Sally Scott, Anthony Zito. 198Thomas Barnett Jamie Barren Becky Batton Steve Bensko Helen Berry Kathy Berry Dusty Bethea Kathy Birmingham Theresa Birminghai Ted Bishop Cheryl Blackman Russell Bonner Debra Agee Rick Albritton Ted Allison Mike Antonio Ricky Argo Michael Armstead Judson Armstrong Everett Bagby Steve Bains Elese Baker Debra Baldwin Roger Ballard ioyce Barley Bruce Barnes Ricky Bottsford Nancy Bowden Bobby Brady Glenn Brandon Philip Braswell Ray Brodie Terri Brodie Dennis Brooks Jeff Brooks William Brooks Ray Brown Jim Bryant Gcri Burnett Joanne Burton 200Rhonda Byncr Gene Caaden Bertram Cadncy Jean Campbell Malcolm Campbell Chuck Cannon Mary Capps Connie Carden William Carden Diane Carlton Vito Carruba Brenda Carter Joanie Carter Terry Carter Annette Champoin Ensley offers Freshmen Debra Chappell Gary Charles David Chavers Pamela Clark Ricky Clark Susan Classen Penny Clements Ray Clements Ted Cleveland Debra Cole Ed Cole Harold Cole Rusty Cole Kathy Coleman Connie Collett 201Mike Collett Hugh Comer Allen Cook Grady Coven Debbie Cowan John Cox Johnny Crapcr Joyce Crowder Terri Culver Sharon Cummings De laris Curtis Guy Davis Karen Davis Patricia Davis Theresa Davis many opportunities . . . Gerry Dawkins Julia Deaton Jorge de Cubas Deobie Dempsey Cindy Dietz Paula Dismukes Sarah Donaghe David Drew Donna Drew Kathy Dudley Richard Dudley Gaye Dunning Don Edge Sharon Ericson Anne Ethredge 202Donnie Flynn Nancy Fouche Margie Frye Elliott Gamble David Gardner Cynthia Garner Mary Evans Susan Evans Julie Evesque Karen Farrington Mike Fitshugh George Flack Regina Garrett Nancy Garrison This is the girl's advisor's office. Chris George James George James Gerardo Steve Glass Mike Globetti Lillian Glover Karen G a forth Kathy Gooldrup 203Rosa Hester James Hick Brenda Hill Janette Hill Jeannette Hill Mike Hill Donald Hodge Leigh Hollingshead Pamela Holltnhead Yolanda Hollis Jan Hendrix Barbara Herron Andrew Green Lori Green Michelle Greene Linda Griffith Noel Griffis Vera Hamilton Allen Hand Laurie Harbor Rebecca Hargett Sheila Harland Kathryn Harris Terry Hatcher Patricia Hawk Mark Henderson Susanne Hooker Wendy Hookrider Dorotny Horcse Andy Horton Janice Houston Kay Houston Jerry Howard Jeanette Hubbard Yolanda Hubbard Belinda Hudson Sandra Hudson Forrest Humphrey Kathy Hyche 204Jack Ivy Jacqueline Jackson Bill Jarman Wilamina Jenkins Allen Johnson Cathy Johnson Juanita Johnson Crenessa Jones Kenny Jones Patrica Jones Patricia Kendricks Beth Kennedy Patsy Kerins Doug Kicker Janet Kimbler to make new friends, John Kirk Harvey Kirkland Oneshla Kirkland Jerry K reidler Roger La Pierre Raymond League Jenny Lee Tommy Lcmley Anthony Lewis Roy Lewis Kim Logan Clay Love Sandra Lowe Danny Lowery Ruth Ludlow 205Rhonda Macklin Mike Mahaffey Virgina Mahoney Ruth Main Joey Majors Mellonie Manguni Virgina Manzella Sandy Marino Janell Martin Walt Matthews Craig Maxson Danny McCrary George McCrary Nancy McCool Wanda McCullough to gain new knowledge. Bemadine McEachem David McKinney Lonnie McLeod Tracy McMahon Renya McMiller Carol McWhorter Richard Mercer Greg Metcalf Becky Miller Juanita Mincy Richard Mitchell Ronnie Mitchell Sidney Mitchell Tim Mitchell Bob Mobley 206Bob Money Ruth Monks Randy Moore Kathy Morgan Linda Morgan Cathy Moss Lost in a crowd? Linda Muse Kenneth Myers Nancy Myrick Deborah Neumann Keith Newton Wanda Nobles Danny O'Brien Linda O'Byrne Fred Olive Belinda Oliver Stephen Oliver Sharon O'Neal Charles Orman Richard Parks Ronald Parsons Karen Pate 207Sharon Poole Cecelia Pullam Leslie Pullam Dorothy Ragland Douglas Ragland Manila Patterson Pam Patterson Steve Patterson Charlotte Patton Brenda Pearson Ken Pennington Denise Penny Cathie Perkins Jan Peterson Jody Phillips Laurel Phillips Terry Phillips Ricky Pigrcen Lou Ann Plan Dana Reid Karen Reid Susan Reid Earlene Reynolds Stanley Reynolds Otis Ricks Ricky Riley Bill Rinehart Susan Ripp Linda RoDerson Lynn Roberts Sandra Roberts Becky Roddy Milton Rose 208Ken Salters David Salvo Robert Sawyer Paul Scalisi Terry Scalisi Eddie Sellers Donna Serio Sara Serio Theresa Serio Rhett Sexton Connie Shaw Glenda Sheppard Linda Sherrill Betty Shore Keith Sides to participate in new activities. Susie Simmons Jacquelyn Sizemore Ruth Sloman Dallcn Smith Evelyn Smith Gustovious Smith Ludle Smith Diana Sneed Paula Snow Leigh Stack Bobby Statum Rosa Steele Bill Stephens Martha Stephens Stanley Stevenson 209and to plan for the future. David Stocks Cheryl Stokes Jan Street Susan Strickland La Juana Summers Dean Sutherland Jay Sutherland Courtney Tarver Willie Taylor Preston Teer Russell Teer Jeanette Terrell Judy Thack Lydia Thomas Marg Thomas Bcrnette Thompson Glenn Thompson Tyrane Thompson Doris Thrasher Richard Timmons Jewell Todd Wanda Tracy Toliver Trammell Terry Trancole Terri Turman Mark Turner Ray Twiss Carl Valentine Dinah Veascy Tab Vines 210Tercy Wade Wilma Wakefield Barbara Wallace Terry Watkins Leona Watts Steve Webb Study hall is a time for deep thoughts. Larry Welch Jean Wesson Barry Whatley Sharon Wheeler Danny White Edwin White Pam White Dian Whitfield Tim Whitfield Brenda Whitfield i Deborah Wilkerson Bud Williams Debra Williams Gerandine Williams Leconie Williams Mark Williams 211Mickic Williams Regina Williams Sandra Williams Sharon Woemcr Joe Woods Alberta Woolen Johnny Woolen Kathy Wydman Denise Yarbrough Ken Yarbrough Theresa York Johnny Young Session Room Presidents Jamie Barrett. Carol McWhorter. Leslie Pullam, Sandra Lowe, Margie Frye, Richard Parks. Dennis Brooks. Iinda Sherrill, Laurie Harbour. Kathy Hyche. Dinah Veazey. Karen Davis. Ken Yarbrough. 212Through the study of literature, the English student acquires a knowledge of the ideas and modes of expression of others, past and contemporary. This enables him to formulate new ideas, which aid him in the creativity of his written and oral compositions. From these original efforts the teacher is able to help the student Improve his spelling, grammar, style of writing, speaking, and hopefully, his ability to listen, think, act, and communicate more effectively. Mrs. Vivian Cummings Chairman Howard Ballcw Miss Ruby Doyle Mrs. Dorothy Jackson Mrs. Azoline Large Mrs. Brunetta Mitchell Mrs. Juanita Todd Miss Gladys Varner Mrs. Mary Jo Watkins Mrs. Joan Roberts English-aidc Miss Madeline Herd Mrs. Kay Hollins 214Grover Brown Miss Hearlean Crawford Sclion Gilmore Miss Rosa Hanks Everharding Pruitt Miss Marylee Reynolds Mrs. Margaret Starks Alfred N. Green The history department combines the knowledge of past events and the procedure of governmental affairs to instill in all students the foundation of our democratic form of government and the responsibilities placed upon us as individuals. Courses arc offered in Alabama History and Civics, American History. Government and Economics, World History, and Communism. All history classes arc enriched by such assets as film strips, slides, and outside research. August Cirillo Chairman 215MATHEMATICS The Math department offers courses to prepare students for college or a vocational career. Courses of high concentration content follow a four-year, college-bound sequence of algebra, geometry, advanced algebra, trigonometry and analysis. Students having plans which do not lie in the direction of intensive mathematic skills and understandings are offered a flexible choice consisting of Modem Math I and II, Business Arithmetic, or Algebra. Our Math lab offeis individual assistance for students who find the mastering of mathematical techniques difficult. Mrs. Blanche Martin Miss Mary Till Mrs. Mary Parrot Math-aide 216Mrs. Jacqueline Brown Mrs. Dorothy McClain Deforest Satisfield Mrs. Carolyn Ward The Science department provides a curriculum which offers students an in-depth look at the world in which they live. General Science is a survey course covering the fundamentals of scientific development and research. Biology is an introductory course covering botany and zoology. Chemistry relates structure to chemical reactions, and the fundamentals of nucleonics with emphasis on laboratory techniques. Physics involves the practical application of the principles and theories of mechanics, light, heat, electricity, sound, and nuclear energy in a laboratory experience. 217 SCIENCEBUSINESS EDUCATION The Business Education department offers to its students a firm background for well-paying positions in the business world. The curriculum provides a varied range of topics available for these students to select from. The secretarial course provides advanced work in typewriting and office practices, emphasizing the development of good business attitudes, correct grooming, and efficient office procedures. Bookkeeping, offered in the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grades, informs the students of the procedures of journalizing, posting, trial balance, financial statements, and adjusting and closing entries. Other phases of this department offer business communication devices, filing, civil service training, and dramatizations in "how to apply for a position." In addition, a course in personal typing may be taken without shorthand to give basic typing techniques for use at home or in college. This year a new learning aid has been added to the department. This new "dictation station" gives students an opportunity to catch up on make-up work, to obtain extra practice, and to tnove ahead if they 3re capable. A maximum of six individuals at a time may use the earphones attached to a pltonograph in order to take their dictation without teacher supervision. Miss Mary Turner Chairman Mis. Mildred Black Mrs. Dorothy England Mr. Kathryn Jones Mr. Willard Price 218LIBRARY Miss Frances Seay Head Librarian Miss Nan Miles Assistant Librarian Open before and after school, as well as during school, the Library serves as a Resources Center making available books, magazines, newspapers, current event periodicals, and other reference materials which supplement the instruction of the classroom. The "card catalogue" and various indexes facilitate the student’s location of material needed. Instruction in the use of the library is provided fre Julian students to acquaint them with the facilities available. Librarians are on duty to guide students in reading and in reference work. The library is continually receiving new materials throughout the year and informs students of these through the “Library Bulletin." Mrs. Betty O’Bcrry Library Aide Miss Dorothy Hortenstine Chairman Latin Miss Virginia Pace Spanish Miss Alma Hayes Howell French LANGUAGES The Foreign Language department proudly offers students the opportunity to study French, Latin, and Spanish. In addition to teaching the skills in speaking, reading, and understanding these languages, the department also gives students an idea of the customs and cultures of foreign countries. An important learning aid to the language students is the Language Lab. This lab is very fully equipped, containing booths, recorders, and microphones to accommodate up to twenty-seven students. The lab may be used on an individual basis by operating the controls in each booth, or it can be used for entire classes with the teacher controlling all the booths from a master switch. For further advancement in each language, students are given the opportunity to join one of the clubs sponsored by the teachers of the department. 219Mike Bailey Distributive Education is designed and offered to students who wish to learn the general business principles in the fields of marketing, and distribution. The curriculum begins with a preparatory course which teaches the fundamentals of business and leads to an advanced course in which students 3re able to receive supervision in a real-jab situation. Tony Vizzina The Home Economics course encompasses two specific areas of concentration: a study of clothing, with emphasis on color, design, and the use, care, and development of basic skills in clothing construction: and food and nutrition, including management of time and table service techniques. r The speech course teaches students the fundamentals of public speaking; encompassing parliamentary procedure, voice improvement, and dramatics. In addition, students may work with and perform in plays produced by the department. C. T. McArthur Mrs. Sarah Dognibene Mrs. Cynthia Sfakianos The Industrial Arts Department offers courses which provide educational experiences centered around industrial and technical aspects of today's world. The basic skills of carpentry are made available to boys taking the woodwork course, while an experience in working with metals and machinery is presented in the machine shop course. Richard Grimes Two major divisions compose the Music Department - the Vocal classes and the Band. They offer to interested students with ability and desire the opportunity to receive training in developing vocal techniques or in playing a musical instrument. The art program is designed to help the student develop his creative powers, promote growth in perception, appreciation. and knowledge of the visual arts, lie then applies what he has learned to create his own work, whether it be in the form of drawings, paintings, or lettering. Maj. W. L. James Mrs. Virginia Carlisle Mrs. Diane Boles The Reserve Officers Training Corps teaches interested high school boys the military tactics of rifle handling, military commands, marching, and defensive practices. Its program aids young men in realizing their future military obligations and Instills in them 3 true respect for authority, citizenship, and discipline The boys are given the chance for advancement through a merit point system. E. P. Melton 220Bill Sparks Head Coach The aim of the physical education program is the over-all development of the whole individual -physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually - so that he may enjoy a richer and fuller life. This is accompllslicd through a program of wisely selected activities. Including weight lifting, gymnastics, football, basketball, volleyball, and track. James Tucker Wayne Turner Ronnie Syphurs PHYSICAL EDUCATION Mis. Doris Pugh Miss Martha Bankston Mrs. Louise Foster Chairman The curriculum of the Girls’ Physical Education department offers varied activities such as softball, basketball, volleyball, track, tennis, and tumbling. The more skilled girls in a particular sport arc encouraged to participate in after-school intramurals. Still other students have the opportunity to learn the tactics of badminton, skills of bowling, and the strategy of golf. Mrs. Brenda Stricklin 72)ADVISORS Assisting in the over-all operation of the school dealing particularly with matters of discipline, absences, and social adjustments of students are Mr. Larry Moran, boys Advisor, and Mrs. Pauline Campbell, girls Advisor. Students and parents are invited to discuss any problems of their school life with their advisors. Mrs. Pauline Campbell Larry Moran 222COUNSELORS Greatly appreciated by the student body is the guidance and advice given by our three well-known counselors: Mis. Murlee Beard, Mis. Ruth Smith, and Mrs. Brenda Grant. These three ladies arc available to assist students in matters of their course of study, vocational choice, selection of college, or extra-curricular activities. GUIDANCE Mrs. Brenda Grant Mis. Ruth Smith 223Like so many of the •tudeuts at Enslcy H'gh Scluol. Mr. Pennington facet challenge each day as he lead the school and it? activities. Then: challenges .ire met at lie per-tormt the duties which fall to tiirn at principal. Through brief encounters with undents, parents, and teachers, Mr. Pennington re cals Ills character and ideali to many Hr dividual). Yet, in addition to these known indications of our principal's personality, there ate the private mood which every person oi rc-sponiibillty mint experience. It Is during these private moods that he laces many moments of decision. These decisions elicit the mutual respect and admiration of tire »tu-dctits and faculty. Therefore, it is only natural that Mr. Robert I Pennington will have, like many of Endey's irudents. fond memories of chi year 1970-1971. ROBERT L. PENNINGTON Principal 224Senior Statistics NANCY CARL ADAMS Banker, Sec. ofS.R., V. P. ofS. R.; Promoters; Y-Teens; Spanish Club; Tri-Hi-Y; Choir (2); Girls’ Vocal; Annual Salesman; Marshall. ERIC HOWARD ADCOCK Intramurals; Marshall (2); B-Team Track; Pres, and Banker ofS.R.; Math Club; Perfect Attendance; N.E.D.T. Certificate of Merit; Homecoming Escort; Student Council. WILLIAM DELBERT AGEE Marching Band (2), Lettered (2); Concert Band (3), Lettered (2); Football (2), Lettered (2); Baseball (2), Uttered (2); Implementation Team, B-Team Baseball (1). DIANNE CLAIRE ALDRICH Y-Teens (2); Tri-Hi-Y; Bank Worker; Pep Club; Intramurals; Marshall (3); Sci. Lab Assistant. SUE ARLENE ALEXANDER Y-Teens; Red Cross; Banker; D.E.C.A. Club. SHERRY LEE ALVERSON V. P. and Sec. ofS.R.; Y-Teens; Girls’ Vocal; Marshall; Annual Salesman; Spanish Club; Choir (2); Tri-Hi-Y; Youth for Christ; Lyric Club; Pep Club; Nurses Club; Bank Board. VICKI CAROL ANDERSON Y-Teens (2); Lab Assistant; Tri-Hi-Y; Art Club; Promoters; Sec. and Chaplain of S.R.; Art Certificate of Merit. SHARON ANNETTE ANDREWS Marshall (2); Spanish Certificate; Y-Teens (4); V.P., Pres., I.C.C. Pres., Sec.; Miss Y-Teen; Outstanding Y-Teen; N.E.D.T. Certificate of Merit; N.M.S.Q.T. Semi-Finalist; Honor Society-Treasurer; Rep. to Girls' State; Debate Team; Rep. on Volunteer Bureau; Miss Ensley Contest; G. A. A. (3); Gym Assistant-Lettered; Intramurals; S.R. Pres.; Bank Board; Student Council; Jacket Layout and Design Editor, Editor; Homecoming Court; Senior Who’s Who; Most Likely to Succeed; D.A.R. Good Citizenship Girl; March of Dimes Chairman. DENISE ATKINS Intramurals; Y-Teens (2); Tri-Hi-Y; Pep Club; Teens for Christ; Marshall; Future Nurses Club; Banker (2). VICKI LYNN ATKINS Intramurals; Sec. of S. R.; Tri-Hi-Y; Promoters. MARILYN ANN BALDWIN Library Assistant; Library Letter; Gym Club; Gym Assistant; Gym Lettef; Sec. of G.A.A. Future Physicians Club; Red Cross Club; Teens for Christ; Intramurals. RAYMOND ALLEN BATES R.O.T.C. Rifle Team; Company Commander; Most Improved Fireman; Biology Assistant; Projector Operator; Cast of 2 Plays. ROSE MARIE BEARD Library Club; Lyric Club; Y-Teens; Marshall; Pep Club; Intramurals (4); Choir. JOY GAY BEARDEN Intramurals (2); Cast of 2 Plays; Y-Teens (2); Tri-Hi-Y; Marshall; Highstepper (2); Promoters; Banker of S. R.; Girls' Vocal Choir; Pep Club; Assistant Banker of S. R. DEBRA ANN BELL Y-Teens; Red Cross; R.O.T.C. Sponsor; Drill Team Sponsor; Disc and Diamond; Future Physicians; Track Team; intramurals; Marshall. CYNTHIA CAROL BLAKENEY Red Cross; Red Cross Rep.; Art Club; Teens for Christ; Sci. Lab Assistant; Pep Club; Intramurals; Marshall; D.E.C.A. WILLIAM HARRY BOTTOM LEY Latin Club; Math Club; Electron Club; Language Lab Assistant. DONNA JEAN BRADLEY Y-Teens; Tri-Hi-Y; Miss Touchdown Rep.; Promoters; Banker of S. R.; Marshall; Annual Salesman. KATE HUBBARD BROWN Art Club (2); Sec. of S. R.; Annual Salesman; Cast of Camelot: Intramurals. RUSSELL EUGENE BRYANT Band (4); Latin Club (3); Electron Club; Math Club (2); Marshall (2); Language Lab Assistant; N.E.D.T. Commendation; N.M.S.Q.T. Commendation; David Lipscomb Scholarship; Chemistry Stock-room Assistant Banker; Annual Salesman; Cast of Play. DONNA LYNN BUNCH Art Club (2), Annual Salesman; Intramurals; Pep Club; Chaplain of S. R. JACKIE KAY BURCH S. R. Banker; Marshall; Intramurals. RICHARD ALLEN BURKE Freshman Football; Fall Play; Choir Competition. KENNETH RUDOLPH BURKS JR. Pres. (2) and V. P. of S. R.; Football (3), Lettered; Baseball (3), Lettered; Basketball (2), Lettered; B-Team Basketball and Football; Ushers Club; Who's Who -Body Beautiful; Favorite (4). JOHN ANTHONY BUTERA Latin Club; Math Lab Assistant; Teens for Christ. JOHN BERRY CANANT Senior Who’s Who - Cutest Couple; 225Ushers’ Club; Veep, Annual Salesman of S. R.; B-Team Football (1); Varsity-Football (3); B-Team Basketball (2); Varsity Basketball (2); Baseball (1); B-Team Track (1); Varsity Track (2). JESSIE JAMES CANDIS Freshman, B-Te3m Basketball; B-Team, Varsity Track; Red Cross (2); Spanish Club (2); Lettered in Track. JAMES CECIL CANNON S. R. Veep. MARILYN SUE CARAWAY Banker, Asst. Banker of S. R.; Y-Teens. LINDA ANNE CARPER Marshall; Red Cross Club; Chaplain; Teens for Christ; Math Club; Intramurals. SUSAN DENISE CHABERT Y-Tccns (3); Bank Worker; Band; Pep Club; Lyric Club; Bank Board of Directors (2); Choir; Teens for Christ; Sec. of S. R. (3); Art Asst.; Intra-murals. OZELL CHICO CHEATHAM Drill Team Letter (2); American Legion Medal; Spanish Club; Disc and Diamond Club. DEBRA MARIE CLARK Marshall (3 Pep Club; Jfrl-H!-Y; Y-Teens; Teens for Christ; Banker, Veep of S. R. DIANNE CATES CLEVELAND Pres, of Spanish Club; Sec. of Thespians; Pres, of Y-Tecns; Basketball, Volleyball Intramurals (3); Marshall (2); Pep Club; Cast of 2 Plays; Pres., Veep of S. R. DEBORAH ANN COBB Y-Tecns (2); Tri-Hi-Y; Banker of S. R. (2); Pep Club; Marshall (4); Colorguard. BETTY GALE COLE Pres. ofS. R.; Y-Teens; Intramurals; Marshall (2); Teens for Christ; Promoters; Highsteppcr; Veep of Promoters; Tri-Hi-Y; Banker (2); Pep Club; B-B Award (4). JOSEPH HOWARD COTTON B-Team Track, Basketball; Football; Cross-Country; Varsity Baseball (1); Football (2); S. R. Sec. JEAN MARIE COWARD Y-Teens (2); Tri-Hi-Y; S. R. Pres.; Pep Club; Marshall; Intramurals. PEGGY ELLEN CRANSWELL Future Nurses'Club (4); Library Asst. (4). DEBRA JEANNE CREEL Pres. (2), Veep, Sec. of S. R.; Bank Board; Y-Tecns (2). Treasurer; Tri-Hi-Y; Promoters, Pres.; Miss Touchdown Rep.; Cheerleader (1); Miss Jacket; Marshall (3); Student Council; Pep Club; Miss Ensley Contest; Hemecoming Court. DENNIS EARL CRIM Golf (3); Math Club; Boys' Vocal; Christmas Concert. ROBERT WAYNE CROCKER B-Team Football (1); Veep of S. R. TOMMY CHESTER CROOKS Pres., Veep of S. R.; Math Club (2), Treasurer; Tennis(1); N.E.D.T. Certificate; Student Council (3). CLARENCE CRUMP Spanish Club; B-Team Football (2); Varsity Football (2); Lettered (1); Intramural; Clinic Game 1970. JAMES DENNIS CRUMPTON S. R. Banker; B-Team Track, Football (2); Varsity Track, Football (2). RONALD ALLEN CRUMPTON Band Club; Fall Concert; D.E.C.A. (2); Lab Asst. BILLY RAY CULVER B-Team Football (1); D.E.C.A. Club, Treasurer. LARRY DAVENPORT S. R. President; University of Alabama Alumni Association Outstanding Junior. BILL DAVIS D.E.C.A. Club - President. DONALD LYNN DAVIS Choir (2); Ensemble; Teens for Christ; Pep Club; Football. JEDDIE DAVIS Math Lab Assistant. SANDRA DAVIS Red Cross Club (Representative); Intra-murals. RAYMOND EARL DAWSON, JR. Red Cross Club; Art Club; Electrons Club; Pep Club; B-Team Football; Stockroom Assistant; Session Room Offices. JANICE FAYE DAY President (3) and Veep (1) of S. R.; Y-Teens (3) - Secretary (2); Lyric Club (2) - Program Chairman; Student Government (Secretary - 1); Secretary of Senior Class; National Honor Society; Christman Seal Princess; Choir (2); Intramurals. SUSAN GAIL DEATON Marshall (2); Bank Worker (1); S. R. Secretary; Annual Salesman; Intramurals; Miss Y-Teen Contestant; Y-Teens (1); Promoters Club; Latin Club; Latin Convention (1); Jacket Staff (2) -Administration Editor, Business Manager. CARLOS de CUBAS Electron Club - Treasurer; Math Club; Tennis Team. MICHAEL WAYNE DEMPSEY Freshman Football; B-Tcam Football; Varsity Football (2); Varsity Baseball (4); Veep, Chaplain, Banker of S. R.; Annual 726Salesman; Senior Who’s Who - Most Handsome; Class Favorite (3); Mr. Jacket. RITA Di GIORGIO Miss Touchdown Representative (2); S. R. Secretary; Trl-W-Y; Majorette (3); Head Majorette (2); Art Club - Veep and Secretary; Veep of S. R. GLENDA FAYE HARWOOD Band (4); Latin Club (3); Thespians (2). Treasurer; Cast of 4 Plays; Honor Society; Tennis Team. Lettered (2); R.O.T.C. Sponsor (2); Outstanding Drill Team; Winner of American Legion Speech Contest, Knights of Pythias Speech Contest; 2nd Place in Voice of Democracy Speech Contest; Banker of S. R.; All-City Band (2); All-State Band (2); Unit Citation Award; N.E.D.T. Certificate of Merit. PEGGY CAROL ELLIOTT An Club (4), Pres., Sec.. Veep; Gym Club (3); Intramurals; Marshall; Marshal Captain; Tennis Team (2); Tennis Letter (2); Gym Asst. (2); Asst. Banker of S. R.; G.A.A. Letter. ROBERT MARK ELLIOT Science Office (2); Cast of 2 Plays. PAMELA JEAN ERICSON Y-Teens(2); Promoters; Marshall; Thespians; Library Asst.; Staff of 2 plays; Sec. of S. R.; Pep Club. KAREN ELIZABETH ERWIN Teens for Christ (4); Sec., Veep of T.F.C.; Y-Teens (2), Chaplain (2); Publications -School Cabinet; Lyric Club; Intramurals; Staff of "One Foot in Heaven;" Marshal Captain (2); Marshall (2); Girls’ Vocal; Choir. GEORGE STEVEN EVANS B-Team Football (1); Varsity Football (2); Senior Who’s Who - Most Scatterbrained. JAMES BRUCE EVANS Football (4); Baseball (4); Basketball (4); Pres, of Bank Board; Pres, of Senior Class; Senior Class Favorite; Senior Who's Who -Most Athletic. SUZANNE EVERS National Honor Society; N.M.S.Q.T. Semi-Finalist; Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow; R.O.T.C. Sponsor (2), Head. Drill Team; Rifle Team; Outstanding Sponsor; Academic Award. Unit Citation; Yellow Jacket Staff. Asst. Editor; Quill and Scroll Honorary Journalism Society; Outstanding Junior -University of Alabama; N.E.D.T. Certificate of Merit; Library Asst.; Annual Salesman (2); Disc and Diamond Society (2); Sec.; Y-Tcens (4); Pep Club (2); Teens for Christ (2); Camelot Staff; Office Marshall (3); Intramurals. CHERYL MARIE FAIRLEY Thespians (2); Y-Tccns (3); Teens for Christ (1); Pep Club (1); Miss Ensley Contest (2); Cast of 3 plays; Choir (2); Promoters; Marshall; Deb Board Representative. JAMES KENT FALLS Tennis Team (2); D. E. C. A. Club. MARILYN DALE FIELDS Cheerleader (1); Highstcppcr (1); Class Favorite (4); Homecoming Court; Senior Who's Who-Cutcst Couple; Most Beautiful; Miss Ensley Contest; Miss Touchdown Representative; Choir (2); Annual Staff; Promoters; Lyric Club-President, Program Chairman; Banner Carrier; Y-Teens (2). Treasurer; Pep Club; Veep of Session Room; 1-Runner-up in Jefferson County Junior Miss. RONAE DENISE FISHER Y-Teens; Lyric Club; Red Cross Club; French Club; Marshall (2); Choir; Intramurals. ALICE FAYE FREEMAN Cheerleader (2); President. Banker of Session Room; Y-Teens; Intramurals; Marshall; Miss Ensley Contest, 3rd Alternate; Tri-Hi-Y; Promoters; Spanish Club, Treasurer. BARBARA KAYE FREEMAN Highstcppcr (3), Co-head (1); Spanish Club; Veep, Y-Tcens (2); Veep, Secretary, Banker of Session Room; Red Cross Representative; Intramurals; Annual Salesman; Tri-Hi-Y; Senior Who’s Who. DORIS ELAINE FULLER Spanish Award; Spanish Club (2); Veep. Yellow Jacket Staff (3); Circulation Editor; Page Editor; Quill and Scroll Award; Y-Teens (1); l.C.C. Representative; Promoters; Intramurals; N.E.D.T. Merit Certificate. GARY LESLIE GARNER Transfer from Fayette High School; Math Club; Spanish Club; Science Club; Band; All-State Band (3); All-American Youth Honor Band 1968; Honors from Ensley; Latin Club; All-State Band. PATRICIA GEOtiGE Intramurals (4); Annual Salesman (2); Veep of S. R.; President of S. R; S. R. Banker; Y-Teens; Tri-Hi-Y; Gym Assistant. TIMOTHY GIERKE B-Team and Varsity Football. RHONDA LURLINE GILBERT Intramurals (4); Marshall. DANNY LYNN GILLIAN Boys’ Vocal. MALCOLM EDWARD GILLIES Boys' Vocal. NELLA GLOBETTI 227Intramurals (4); Marshall (3); T-Teens; S.R. Sec.; National Honor Society. DEBRA GOOLSBY Yellow Jacket Staff; N.E.D.T. Test Award; Promoters; Choir; Intramurals. MICHAEL KENT GREENLEE Sec. of S.R.; Tennis (2); Baseball (1). LINDA SUE GUETSCHOFF Cabinet Club Chairman, Thespians (4); ROTC Sponsor; Y-Teens; F.T.A.; Red Cross; Disc and Diamond; Fencing Team; Miss Touchdown Rep.; President, Veep, and Sec. of S. R.; Teens for Christ; Pep Club; Marshall; Senior Who's Who-Most Versatile; Yellow Jacket Staff; Gym Assistant; Intramurals; Annual Salesman; Student Director "Mad Woman;” Director - Miss Ensley Contest; Cast and Crew of Play Productions (8); Omacron Delta Award. RODNEY HALL Red Cross Club (3); President and Veep of S. R.; Veep of Drafting Club. DAVID GEORGE HAMILTON B-Team Football; Varsity; Lettered (2). SANDRA JEAN HAMMOND Intramurals; Banker (2); Asst. Banker (1); Marshall (2); Library Asst.; Art Club. WILLIAM MARION HAND President of Student Body; Bank Board Veep; Asst. Editor of the Jacket; Ushers' Club, Treas.; Veep and Banker of S.R.; Basketball Announcer; Band Announcer (3); Football Photographer (2J; Photographer for Jacket and Yellow Jacket; Tech. Staff of 3 Plays; Language Lab. Asst.; National Honor Society; Lyric Club (3); Latin Club; Choir (3); Latin N.M.S.O. T. Semifinalist; U. of A. Alumni Association Junior Award; Boys' State Representative; Participant in City of Birmingham Youth Appreciation Week; Optimist Youth Appreciation Week; Board of Education Title 45, Advisory Commitee; Sa in ford Math Tournament; N.S. P.E. Scholarship Competition, National Finalist; Senior Who's Who-Most Likely to Succeed. SANDRA GAYE HARPER Intramurals; Miss Touchdown Representative. ANITA SUE HARRIS Annual Salesman (1); Y-Teens; I. C.C. Officer; S.R. Banker; Intramurals. CONNIE DENISE HARRIS Honors from Edgcwater High School-French Club; Junior Achievement; Intramurals; Ensley-French Club Veep; G. A. A. Chaplain; Gym Asst.; Junior Achievement; Electron Club. JOHN MARK HART Football (4); Baseball (2); National Honor Society Pres.; Math Club; Ushers’ Club; S.R. Banker; Boys' State Rep. Cabinet Member; County Government Representative; Law Day Rep.; U. of A. Outstanding Junior. LINDA ANNETTE HARVELL Highstepper; S.R. Veep; Tri-Hi-Y; Y-Tecns; Promoters; Chaplain; Intramurals; Annual Salesman. JOSEPH MICHAEL HASSELL Coaches Asst.; D.E.C.A. Club; Member of Birmingham D. E. C. A. Council; Delegate to D.E. State Leadership Conference in Montgomery. WILLIAM LARRY HATLEY S.R. Pres.; B-Team Football; Ushers' Club; Annual Salesman. KATHLEEN MULLEN HEWES N. C. D. L. Award; T-Teens Treas.; Tri-Hi-Y; Library Asst.; Jacket Staff- Soph. and Sport-Editor; Marshall; Pep Club; Annual Salesman; Intramurals. DEBORAH DENISE HILL French Club; Red Cross; Y-Teen-Marshall; Promoters; Intramurals. DONNA LOUISE HILL Girls’ Vocal; Y-Teens; Intramurals. SAMUETTA PEARL HILL French Club; Red Cross Club; Marshall (2); Promoters; Intramurals. FRANK ALLEN HILYER S.R. Veep; B-Tcam Football; D.E.C. A. Club. BRENDA KAY HOBBS Y-Teens; Marshall; Intramurals. LEE MARK HOLLINGSWORTH S. R. Pres, and Veep; Band (4); Instrumentalists Club; Pep Band; All-City Band; N.E.D.T. Certificate. PAULA. HOOKER National Honor Society; Pres., Electron Club; Instrumentalists Club; Band; Cabinet Member; Yellow Jacket Staff; N.M.S.O.T. Semi-Finalist; N.E.D.T. Certificate of Merit; All-City Band; Tech. Crew of 2 Plays. NANCY HUDGINS Y-Teens. KAREN HULSLANDER Marshall; Y-Teens; Pep Club; Choir (2); D.E.C. A. Club; Banker and Asst. Banker of S.R.; Vocal. JOHN MICHAEL IMHOF Asst. Banker; S.R. Sec. and Veep JIMMIE ROBERT IPPOUTO Annual Salesman; Cross-Country; Varsity Tennis (3); S.R. Pres.; Ushers' Club-(3); Math Club (2); Pep Club (2); Pep Club President; Cabinet Member-Sportsmanship Chairman; N.E.D.T. 22$Certificate of Merit. SHERRY RUTH IRVIN Highsteppcr; Y-Teens (2); S.R. Bankci (2); Promoters; S.R. Sec. BRfiNDA GAIL JACKSON Y-Teens (1); S.R. Banker (1): Intramurals. JOE NEIL JACKSON Band (4); Marshall. CYNTHIA JAMES Y-Teens (1); Thespians (2); Instrumentalist Club (2); Band (4); Orchestra of 1 Play; Staff of 3 Plays; All-City Band (3); Math Lab. Asst.; District Solo and Ensemble Competition. ROYCE FAYE JAYNE Honors from Alief High School- Medical Careers Club; District Shorthand Competition, 3rd place; Participant in Regional Shorthand Competition. From Enslcy-MarshaU (1); Latin Club (1); S.R. Pres. (1); Y-Teens; Promoters; Bank Board (1). PATRICIA ANN JONES Marshall. SUSAN JONES Marshall (2); Y-Teens; Pep Club; Promoters; Thespians; Intramurals; Cast of 3 Plays. JAMES FLOYD JOHNSON Cross-Country (2); Track (2); Intramural; Basketball. JULIAN WALKER JOHNSON National Honor Society; Math Club; Veep of Ushers' Club; S.R. Pres. (2); Jacket Staff; Sports. PHILLIP RAY JOHNSON Science Lab. Asst.; Fall Play. BEN JONES Ushers’ Club (2); Chaplain; Senior Who's Who-Most Bashful; S.R. President; B-Tcam Football; Varsity (2). LINDA JO KASSAW Marshall; Banker (1); Asst. Banker (2); Annual Salesman; Choir (2). STEVEN DOUGLAS KELLY Spanish Club; Math Club; Banker (1); Annual Salesman (1). KATHERINE LEE KENDRICK S. R. Vice President; Sec. of S. R.; Miss Touchdown Representative; Y-Teen (4); Marshall (3). LEWIS HENRY KIRK B-Tcam Track (1); Varsity; Track (2); Latin Club (2); N.M.S.O.T. Semifinalist. LAURANTINE KIRKLAND Red Cross (4); Pep Club; Vice President of Red Cross; Y-Teens; Intramurals; Trcas. in Junior Achievement. SARAH MARGARET KNEISLEY Latin Club; Electron Club; Pep Club; Math Lab. Asst.; Marshall; Math Department Aide; Banker (2); Sportmanship Essay Winner; G. A. A. (Secretary, President): Gym Asst. (4); P. E. Department Aide (3); Intramurals; School Volleyball; Track, and Tennis Team; Gym Letter; Tennis Letter; Senior Who's Who-Most Athletic. TERESA JOAN KNIGHT S. R. Secretary; Miss Touchdown Representative; Marshall; Y-Teens; Intramurals; Pep Club. TWILA ANN KNOWLES Y-Teens; Vice President of Y-Teens; Marshall (3); Pep Club; Intramurals; Bank Worker. MARILYN KOPP S.R. Secretary; Y-Tccns; D.E.C. A. (Secretary). JUDY FAYE KR1EDLER Miss Touchdown Representative; Pep Club; Tri-Hi-Y; Intramurals; D. E. Club. CARLH. KREPS R.O.T.C. Drill Team; R.O.T.C. N.C. D. (2); Disc and Diamond Club; D.E.C. A. Club. RHONDA MARIE KULP Spanish Club (Secretary); Promoters; Y-Teens; Annual Salesman (2); Miss Touchdown Representative (2); S.R. Vice President; Intramurals (3); Marshall (4); Pep Club; U. A. B. Youth Conference. HARRY PAUL LAWSON Varsity Baseball (3); Lettered (2); Spanish Club; S. R. Vice President. REBECCA ANN LEE Y-Teens (3); Gym Assistant; Intramurals (3). DONNA LEE LEWIS Yellow Jacket Staff (2); Exchange Editor (1) ; Page Editor (1); Future Nurses Club (3); (Treasurer— Chaplain); Y-Teens; (President); Intramurals; Voice of Democracy Contest; Teens for Christ; Pep Club (2) ; Promoters; Staff of 2 Plays; Quill and Scroll Award. JAMES DANIEL LEWIS Honor Society; Spanish Club; S.R. Vice President; Assistant Banker; Math Club (President); Manager (2); Senior Who's Who—Cutest. ROBERT LAKEY Boys' Vocal; D. E. Club. TIMOTHY RUSSELL LOVELADY Freshman Basketball; Freshman Football; B-Team Football; Varsity Football (2); Lettered (2); Varsity Baseball; Varsity Golf; Lettered (1); Favorite (4); Banker and President (3) of S.R.; Boys’ Vocal; Vice President of Student Council; Senior Who’s Who--Most Fashionable. 779ROGER ALAN LOWERY B-Team and Varsity Football; Lettered (1) GEORGE C. LUCAS Art Club; Boys' Vocal; Track; Gym Assistant. DOUGLAS LELAND MaeMURDO B-Team Football; Varsity Football, Lettered (2). RONALD LOUIS MAIN Ensley-Track; Caldwell Parish High-Football; Cross Country; Track; Beaufort High-Football (2); Track (2). LINDA SUSAN MALONE Pep Club; Y-Teens; Teens for Christ; Thespians; Honor Thespian; " Yellow Jacket" mascot; cast of 3 Plays; Staff of 2 Plays; Acting Award; Girls' Vocal (2); Choir (2); National Honor Society; Intramurals (4); P.E. Department Aide; Girls' Tennis Team. Lettered. PHYLLIS FRANCES MARINO Secretary and Vice President of S.R.; Art Club (2); Math Club (2); Y-Teens (3): Secretary; Vice President of I. C. C.; Annual Staff (2); Faculty and Activities Editor; University of Alabama Outstanding Junior Award; National Honor Society; N. M. S. Q. T Commended Student; N. E. D. T. Certificate of Merit; Pep Club; Marshall (2); Marshall Captain; Miss Touchdown Representative; Merit's Who's Who Among American High School Students. JO ANN MARTIN Y-Teens (3); Promoters (1); Marshall (1); Youth for Christ; Simplicity Fashion Show; Vice President and Chaplain of S.R.; Miss Touchdown Representative; Intramurals (1); Pep Club. RICHARD LEIGH MARTIN Varsity Football (2). Lettered (1); Baseball, Lettered (1); B-Team Basketball; Boys' Vocal. VILINDA LEE MAXWELL Y-Teens; Simplicity Fashion Show; Annual Salesman. SAM GERARD MAZZARA Freshman Football; B-Team Football; Treasurer of S. R.; D. E. Club. LINDA FAYE McCLAIN Youth for Christ; Tri-Hi-Y; Secretary of S.R.; Assistant Banker; Banker (1); Majorette (1); Thespians (1); Miss Touchdown Representative: Promoters; Marshall (1); Cast of 2 Plays. DONNA BLANCHE McCLENDON Y-Tcens (2); I.C. C. Representative (1); President of S.R.; Tri-Hi-Y; Miss Touchdown Representative; Color Guard; Promoters; Youth for Christ; Majorette. MILDRED MARGUERITE McCORSTIN Banker of S.R. (1); Y-Teens (2); Intramurals; Bank Worker (3); D. E. Club. LARRY ROBERT McCRAVY Boys’ Vocal (1). LOYD THOMAS McINTOSH Cabinet, Athletic Chairman; Youth for Christ, President; Ushers’Club, President; Favorite (3); Manager of Athletics; Choir (2); Ensemble (1); President (2) and Vice President (1) of S. R.; Student Council (3), President; Who's Who-Most Popular. REBECCA RUTH McCRARY Head Marshall; Student Council; National Honor Society, President; Bank Board (2), Secretary; Thespians (2); Executive Committee; Honor Thespian; Star Thespian; Omicron Delta Award; Promoters; Latin Club (3), President; Y-Teens (2); Future Physicians; Cast of 4 plays; Staff of 2 plays; 4 Acting Awards; Marshall; Bank Worker; Department Aide; Intramurals; Who's Who-Most Outstanding; " Yellow Jacket" mascot; Outstanding Junior-University of Alabama; N.E. D. T. Certificate of Merit; National Merit Commended Student; Latin Cum Laudc and Magna Cum Laude Awards; High School Implementation Team; Pep Club (3)-Vice President; William Randolph Hearn Essay Contest; Choir (2); Merit Who's Who Among American High School Students; Birmingham Exchange Club Student of the month; Debate Team. JAMES EVERETT McKINNEY Freshman Football; Basketball; B-Team Basketball and Football; Varsity Football, Lettered (2); Varsity Baseball (4). Uttered (3); Secretary (2) and Vice President of S.R.; Boys' Vocal; Who's Who-Most Versatile. LINDA KAREN McMAHAN Marshall; Y-Teens (2); I. C.C. Representative; Secretary and Banker of S.R.; Tri-Hi-Y; Majorette (1); Color Guard (1); Business (3); Ed. Assistant; Promoters. MARION CLAIRE McNEEL Staff of 4 Plays; Y-Teens; Thespians (2); Pep Club; Marshall; Staff of 4 Plays. RANDY MAX MAYFIELD President (2), Vice President (1) of S.R.; Vice President of the Student Body; Who’s Who-Best All Round; Varsity Football (2); Lettered (2); B-Tcam Football (2); Basketball (1); Varsity Baseball (3), Lettered (2); Student Council Representative; Award-Top 25 of Juniors 1969, University of Alabama Alumni Association; Boy's Vocal; Freshman Football (1); Cabinet-70-71. CHERYL LYNN MA1S National Honor Society; N. E. D. T. Certificate of Merit; Marshall (3); Elec- 230tron Club; Math Club; Future Nurses Club; Pep Club. DAVID HARRELL MERKL Freshman, B-Team, Varsity Football; Annual Salesman; Ushers’ Club; Perfect Attendance (4). GWEN ELIZABETH MEWBOURNE Y-Teens; Science Lab. Assistant; Choir; Perfect Attendance (4); Who's Who-Most Fashionable; N.E.D.T. Top in Finals; Secretary of S.R. DANNY GENE MILES, JR. National Honor Society; Treasurer; Electron Club-Vice President; Math Club; Latin Club (2); Latin Award; Math and Science Award; N.E.D.T. Certificate of Merit; N.M.S.O.T. Commended Student; Banker of S. R.; Math Lab Assistant; Perfect Attendance. JAMES ROY MILLER D. E. Club (2). JANET CLEMIA MILLER Marshall; Intramurals; Pep Club. ALVIN CURTIS MINCY R.O.T.C. Drill Team; Varsity Football (1); Track. ARTHUR LEE MITCHELL R.O.T.C. Disc and Diamond Club; R. O. T.C. Rifle Team (2). Lettered (1); R. O.T.C. Officer. LINDA GAIL MITCHELL Y-Teens; Science Lab. Assistant (1); Science Office Typist (1); Teens for Christ; Intramurals. SHARON ELOISE MITCHELL Y-Teens (3); Chaplain; Promoters; Sergeant-at-Arms; International Thespian (3)-Secretary; Secretary of S.R.; Choir (3); Treasurer; Ensemble (2); Pep Club (2), Secretary; Teens for Christ (3); Intramural (4). JANE ELIZABETH MIZE Annual Salesman; Intramurals; Pep Club. LINDA MIZE Y-Teens (2); D. E. C. A.; Pep Club; Vocal. JOHNNY GARNETT MOONEY Lettered Varsity Football (3); All-City (1); All-Metro (1); AU-Statc (1); Captain of 1970 Football Team; Most Valuable Lineman; Lettered Varsity Basketball (3); East-West All-Star Game (3). STEPHANIE PATRICIA MOORE French Club; Intramurals; Y-Teens (2): Red Cross Club. TOM MOORE Science Office (3); Staff of 1 Play; Assembly Projectionist; B-Team Football. BEVERLY ANN MORGAN Y-Teens (2); Teens for Christ (2); Tri-Hi- Y; Promoters; Intramurals (2); Bank Board of Directors (3); Banker of S. R.; Marshall. RICHARD EDWARD MORGAN, JR. Tennis Team (2); Language Lab. Assistant; Concession Stand (2); Annual Salesman. DAVID PATRICK MOSS B-Team (2); D.E.C. A. Club (1). DONNA JO MUIR National Honor Society; Highsteppcr (1); President, Secretary, Annual Salesman of S.R.; Student Council Member; Best Freshman 1968; Member of Cabinet-Lost and Found; Who's Who-Most Dependable; Banner Carrier (1); Y-Teens (3); Electron Club; Math Club, Secretary; Marshall; N. E. D. T. Certificate of Merit; N.M.S.O.T. Semi-Finalist. SAMMUEL MULLIN R.O.T.C. Drill Team;R.O. T.C. N.C.O. STEVE MURPHREE Transfer Student Honors-Basketball (3); Football (1); President of S. R. (1); F. C. A.; Track (2); Ensemble; Choir; Science Club; Baseball (1); Honors at Ensley - Choir; Ensemble. KATHY MARIE NELMS Banker of S. R.; Asst. Banker of S. R.; Miss Touchdown Representative; Marshall (3); Simplicity Fashion Show; Colorguard; Y-Teens; Tri-Hi-Y; Pep Club. SUSAN EMILY NEWSON National Honor Society (Veep); N. E. D. T. Certificate of Merit; University of Ala. Scholastic Excellence Award; Banker of S.R. (2); G.A.A. (3) (Treasurer, Veep); Gym Letter, Gym Asst. (2); Y-Teens (4); Perfect Attendance (3); Library Asst. (4); Library Letter; Intramurals; Track; Marshall. SHARON MARIE NEWTON Marshall; Y-Teens (2). JAMES MICHAEL O'BRIEN National Honor Society; Varsity Football (2); Lettered (2); B-Tcam Football (2); N. E. D. T. Certificate of Merit; Magna Cum Laude in Latin(2); Jefferson County Ala. Alumni AssocLition Award; Math Club; B-Tcam Track; Varsity Track (2). JACKSON WILLIS O’DELL Pres, of S. R.; Math Club; N. E. D. T. Certificate of Merit; Spanish Club; Perfect Attcndence; Student Council; Rep. to the Freedom Forum. MARY JANE OLANDER Y-Teens (2); Teens for Christ; Tri-Hi-Y; Promoters; Intramurals (4); Miss Touchdown Rep.; Marshall (4); Sec. of S.R.; 231Banker of S.R. YOLONDE OLIVER Future Nurses; Red Cross; Y-Teens. PAMELA HELEN OVERTON Latin Club (2); Y-Teens (4); Sec.. l.C. C. Rep.; Lyric Club (2), Veep; Choir (3); Ensemble (2); Intramurals; Library Asst.; Pep Club; Highstcpper (2); Veep and Sec. of S.R.; National Honor Society; Homecoming Court; Miss Touchdown Rep.; Marshall. CONNIE JEAN OWENS National Honor Society, Sec.; Marshall; Intramurals; Crew of Camelot; Miss Touchdown; Thespians (2); Sgt.-at-Arms; Asst. Banker of S.R.; Bank Worker. NELSON B. OWENS Lang. Lab.; Science Off.; Football Statistician; Annual Salesman. DEBORAH ANN PENDER Homecoming Court; Cheerleader (2); Favorite (1); Miss Touchdown Rep.; Miss Ensley Contest, 1st Alternate; Y-Tecns (2); Tri-Hi-Y; Pep Club; Promoters; Lyric Club. LINDA FAYE PENICK Intramurals; Y-Teens (2); Sec.; Red Cross (2); Critic of R. C. Club. DEBORAH JEAN PERKINS Gym Asst. (4); G.A.A. (4); Chaplain; Library Asst. (3). MARTHA CHERYL PERKINS Intramurals; Y-Teens (2); Lyric Club (2); Spanish Club; Promoters; Choir (2), Sec.; Ensemble; Annual Staff; Veep, Banker of S.R.; Marshall (2); Pep Club; All-State Chorus. GRACIE PETELOS Marshall (2); Intramurals; Y-Tecns; Tri-Hi-Y; Promoters; Pres., Sec. of S.R. Tennis Team. TONY PETELOS Ushers' Club (2); Track (3); Cross Country (2); Annual Salesman; Banker of S.R. JEFFERY PHILLIPS Marshall; Boys' Vocal. JOHN CHARLES PLAN Freshman Football; B-Team Football, Basketball; Varsity Basketball (2); Football. Lettered (2); Baseball, Lettered (2); Ushers' Club; Marshall; Science Lab. Asst.; Chemistry Lab. Asst.; Tennis, Lettered (3). SUNDRA DENISE PLUNKETT Marshall (2); Y-Tecns; Pep Club; Latin Club (3); Latin Convention. SUSAN DEE PLUNKETT Cheerleader (1); Highstepper (1); Class Favorite (3); Y-Teens (2); Tri-Hi-Y; Promoters; Lyric Club; Miss Ensley Contest, Miss Congeniality; Miss Touchdown Rep.; Banker of S. R.; Annual Staff: Marshall (2); Senior Who's Who-Cutest; Pep Club. JUDI KAYE POER Y-Teens (2); Teens for Christ, Chaplain; Tri-Hi-Y; Promoters; Highstcpper (1); Pep Club; Intramurals; Art Club; Mar shall (2). CAROLYN WORTH POPE Sec. Future Physicians' Club; Y-Teens; (2); Annual Salesman; Intramurals; Library Asst. (2); G. A. A. Club; Marshall. GEORGE WALLACE POSTELL Golf Team (3); Pres, of S.R. TERA JEAN PRICE Fairfield Junior High - Band; Mixed Chorus; Bank Board; Fairfield High School - Band; Girls' Chorus; Girls' Ensemble; French Club, Veep; Ensley High School - Lyric Club; Choir; Band. LINDA JUNE PRINCE Home Ec. Club (3), Sec., Veep; Intramurals. PATRICIA ANN PRITCHITT Red Cross Club; Y-Teens; Lyric Club; Intramurals; Choir. MARIETTA ANN PUCCIO Cheerleader (2); Head Cheerleader; Homecoming Court; Homecoming Queen; Class Favorite (2); Senior Who's Who- Most Popular; S.R. Pres., Veep (2). Sec.; Miss Touchdown Rep.; Miss Ensley Contest; Student Council; Promoters; Tri-Hi-Y; Y-Teens (2); Pep Club; Lyric Club; Intramurals; Marshall (2); Colorguatd; Choir (2); Annual Staff (2); Editor of Organizations, Classes; Teen Board. PAMELA DENISE PURVIS Y-Teens; Intramurals; Future Nurses Club (4), Pres.; Pep Club; Staff of Happiest Millionaire; Thespians; Marshall. SANDRA ANN RACKLEY Y Teens (3); Pep Club (2); Girls' Vocal (2); Glee Club. DONNA KAREN RADFORD Library Assistant; Marshall (2); Annual Salesman (2); Chaplain of S.R. (3); Intramurals; Science Office Assistant. RICHARD THOMAS RARY Rifle Team; Youth for Christ; Fencing Team; Drill Team (2); Disc and Diamond. ANGLA DENESE RAY Library Assistant; Library Club; Library Club Officer; Y-Tcens (4); Intramurals (4); Camelot Staff; Junior Scholastic Award; Pres. ofS.R.; Pep Club (2). DEBRA DIANE RAY Y-Tccns (2); Spanish Club, Sec.; Miss Touchdown Rep.; Tri-Hi-Y, Sec.; Promotors; Treas.; Intramurals; Pep Club; Assistant Banker. 232PATRICIA DENISE REACH Y Teens; Intramurals (4); Library Assistant. THOMAS LEE REED D.E.C.A. MARY RENA REDUS Cheerleader; Majorette; Y-Teens (2); Tri-Hi-Y; Pep Club; Promoters; Lyric; Pres, of S.R.; V. P. of S. R.; Homecoming Court; Senior Who's Who - Best All Around; Miss Touchdown Rep. (2); Marshall; Ultra murals. DONALD ENGLAND REEVE Rep. to "Goals for B'ham."; B-Team Track (2); City High Hurdle Champion; Freshman and B-Team Basketball, Varsity Basketball; Lettered (2). WILLIAM LENWOOD RJED Banker of S.R.; D.E. Club. CAROL PATRICIA RILEY Library Assistant; Latin Assistant; Latin Certificate; Latin book award; Latin Club; S.R. Chaplain; Rep. to State Mythology Contest; Pres, of Future Physicians; Marshall (3); N.E.D.T. Certificate; National Honor Society, Sec.; Rep. to State Citizenship Convention and County Gov't Day; Perfect Attendance; Intramurals. REBECCA VIVIAN ROBBINS Y Teens; Pep Club; Cast and Staff of 4 plays; Student Director of 1 Play; Choir (2); Thespian - Corresponding Sec. (2); Librarian; V.P.; Vocal; Red Cross; Electron; Ensemble; Intramurals (4); Chaplain of S.R.; Speech Assistant (3); English Assistant. KATHY JANE ROTON Y Teens (2); Tri-Hi-Y; Promotors; Chaplain and V.P. of S.R.; Band Board; Intramurals. DANIEL MAURICE ROWELL Banker and V.P. of S.R.; Freshman and Varsity Football; Lettered; Varsity Baseball (4); Lettered (3); Freshman B-Team; Varsity Basketball (2); Lettered. SHARON DENISE SAULTERS Marshall (2); Annual Staff, Organizations and Administration Editor; Y-Teens (2); Science Office; Annual Salesman; Intramurals - Softball, Basketball, Volleyball. DONNA JO SCATURA S.R. Banker; Bank Worker; Volleyball Intramurals (4). BRENDA JOYCE SERIO Marshall (4); Y-Teens (2); Chaplain of Y-Teens (1); Pep Club; Intramurals. SUSAN SHEPPARD Y-Teens (3); I. C. C. Representative (1); Miss Y-Tccn Contestant; Marshall (4); Spanish Club (1); Pep Club (1); Secretary of S.R. (2); Promoters Club; Freedom Forum; Parisian Scholarship Teen Board. MARK ADEN SLYE Baseball Team (1); Band(4); Golf Team (2); Spanish Club (2); President of S.R. RIDLEY RAYMOND SMART Math Club (Vice President); Vice President of Senior Class; Ushers Club (3); Science Lab Assistant; B-Team Football (2); Varsity Football (2); Lettered in Football; S.R. Banker (1); S.R. Vice President (1); Honor Society; Lomb-Baush Science Award; French Award. KElfoETH JAMES SMITH President of S.R. (1); Treasurer of S.R. (1); Tennis Team (4); Homecoming Escort; N. E. D. T. Certificate of Merit. PAULA SUSAN SMITH HIghstcppcr (3); (co-head); Favorite (4); Y-Teens (2); (Vice President); Lyric Club; (Secretary); Art Club; Promoters; Tri-Hi-Y; Homecoming Court; Senior Who's Who - Most Talented; President of Session Room (1); Cast of Oklahoma; Pep Club; Miss Ensley; Intramurals; Junior Miss Contestant. RICHARD EARL SMITH (Transfer from Phillips) Phillips Honors: Freshman Banker; Sophomore Vice-President; Yancy Literature Society; Annual Salesman. Ensley Honors: Vice-President of D. E. C. A. SHARON DIANNE SMITH National Honor Society (2); Highstcppcr (2); Promoters (1); Y-Teens (2); Tri-Hi-Y (1); Math Club (1); Session Room President (1); Banker (1); Assistant Banker (1); N. E. D. T. Certificate of Merit; Intramurals; Math Lab Assistant (1); Marshall (4); Pep Club (1); Teens for Christ; Miss Touchdown Representative; l.C.C. Representative. SUSAN REBECCA SMITH Thespians (3) - Recording Secretary and Chaplain; Latin Club (2); Miss Touchdown Representative; Y-Teens (2); Promoters (1); National Honor Society; Intramurals; N. E. D. T. Certificate of Merit; Cast and Crew of 4 Plays; Representative on Junior Beautification Board; University of Alabama Alumni Association; Outstanding Junior Award. MARTHA NTIONETTE SPANOS Red Cross President (3); Thespians (2); G. A. A.; Electron Club; Disc and Diamond; Cast and Crew of 6 Plays; N. E. D. T. Certificate of Merit; Intramurals; Gym Assistant (2); R.O.T.C. Sponsor (1); Marshall (1); Gym Letter; Choir; Girls' Vocal (1) GERALDINE SPICER Red Cross Club; Intramurals (4). 733NANCY CLYDE STAGGS Y-Teens (3); Latin Club; Pep Club; ln-tramurals; Teens for Christ, Latin Convention; Cast and Crew of 3 Plays; Thespian (3); N. E. D. T. Certificate of Merit; Promoters; Marshall; Office Marshall (3); Math Lab Assistant (2); l.C.C. Representative. JOAN ELAINE STEVENSON Track Team; Intramurals (4). NORMAN ANTHONY STOKES Teens for Christ (4); President (1); Marshall (1); Librarian Assistant; D. E.C. A. Club; District Winner of Civitan Oratorical Contest; Thespian Cast of Plays; Chaplain of S.R. (2). LAMONT CRAIG STRONG Football Manager (4); Basketball Manager (4); Baseball Manager (1). JOHNNY SWANSON R. O. T.C. Awards: Outstanding First Year Cadet Medal; Outstanding First Year Ribbon; Superior Junior Cadet Medal; General Military Excellence Medal; Neatest Cadet; Unit Citation - 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Award; Good Conduct; Drill Team Ribbon; Best Drill Squad. Platton, and Company Ribbons; Rifle Team (2); Drill Team (3); D.E.C.A. Club (2); Disc and Diamond - Treasurer (1), President (1). REBECCA GOODRUM TEAT Y-Teens (2); S.R. Vice President (1); Annual Salesman (1); Choir (2); Yellow Jacket Staff; Pep Club; I.C.C. Representative (1), CATHERINE LOUISE THOMAS Intramurals; Drama Club; Red Cross Club (Secretary); Y-Teens (Chaplain). SHARON ANN THOMAS S.R. President; Tri-Hi-Y; Intramurals; Pep Club. HENRY LINDSEY THOMPSON Spanish Club; Ushers Club; B-Team Football (2); Varsity Football (2); Lettered (2). MARGARET JEAN TILLERY Girls’ Vocal (3); Teens for Christ (3). MARY AGNES TILLERY Girls’ Vocal (1); Teens for Christ (3); Y-Tecns. DONALD McRAE TINKER Varsity Football (2); Uttered (1); Art Club. DAVID JOSEPH TOMBRELLO S.R. Banker (2); B-Team Track; S.R. Vice President. RICHARD HODGE TROTMAN Uttered in Tennis (3); Bank Worker; S.R. Vice President. TIM LYNN TUCKER Thespians (2); Staff of 4 Plays; Boys' Vocal; Choir; Pep Club. ROBERT MURRAY TURBERVILLE B-Team Football; Art Club; Science Lab Assistant. CAROL EL1SE VAUGHAN Future Teacher's of America; Y-Teens (3), Pres. (1); Thespians (2); Staff (1); Crew of 7 Plays; Marshall Captain (1); Marshall (3); Sec. Teens for Christ; Pep Club; Bank Assistant; Volleyball and Basketball Intramurals. FRANCES V1ZZ1NIA Miss Touchdown Representative; Y-Teens (2); Pres.; Veep and Banker of S. R.; Pep Club; Choir; Intramurals (4). ANNE CEC1LE WAILES Sec. Student Body; Pres., Veep, S. R.; Highstepper; Senior Who’s Who; Student Council; Homecoming Court; Yellow Jacket Staff; Jacket Staff; Y-Teens (2); Marshall (2); Miss Enslcy Contestant; Tri-Hi-Y; Art Club; Pep Club; Promoters; Sec. Y-Teens (1); Bank Board; Intramurals. BELINDA JOHNNIE WALKER Annual Salesman: Assistant Banker; Bank Board; Red Cross Club (3), Sec. (1); Tri-Hi-Y; D.E. Club; Intramurals. JOHN LEWIS WALKER Veep and Banker S.R.; Freshman, B-Team, Varsity (1) Basketball; B-Team Track; Varsity Cross-Country. JULIUS WESLEY WALKER, Jr. Track (1); Spring Football (1); Cadet Band (1); Concert Band (3); Marching 234Band (2); Boys' Vocal Choir. RONALD STEPHEN WALLACE National Honor Society; Band (4), Drum Major, Lettered (3); First Choir (2); Instrumentalist Club (2); Pres. (2); Stage Band (1); Pep Band (1); All-City Band (2) ; Samford Honor Band (1); Latin Club (3) , Sergeant-at-Arms (1); Delegate to State Latin Convention (2); Language Lab Assistant (3), Head (2); Pep Club (2); Choir (2); Staff of 6 Plays; Head of Sound and Light Crew (2); Debate Team (1); Participant in the Berry and Samford Invitational Debate Tournaments; Perfect Attendcncc (3); Science Lab Assistant (1). JAMES MARVIN WALLIS Art Club; Intramural Basketball; Science Lab Assistant. DIANE WARD Spanish Club (2); Red Cross Club (3), Pres. (1), Chaplain (2); Y-Teens; Homecoming Court, 1st Alternate; Marshall; Pep Club; Intramur3ls (3). DEBORAH JOYCE WEAVER Red Cross Club (2); Y- Teens - D. E. C. A.; Freshman Track; Intramurals (4). GARY ARTHUR WEBBER B-Team Football; Varsity Football. Lettered (2); Veep S. R. BETTY JEAN WELLS Home Ec. Club; Tri-Hi-Y; Promoters; Staff Fall Play; Marshall; Intramurals. WILLIAM STEVEN WHEELER Rifle Team (4). HENRIETTA ROSE WHITE Cheerleader (2); Class Favorite (2); Pres., See., S.R.; Y-Teens, Pres. (1); Youth for Christ (4); Miss Touchdown Rep.; Pep Club (4); Marshall (4); Choir (2); Td-Hi-Y; Promoters; Lyric Club; Bank Board; Banker, S.R.; Senior Who's Who; Most Ready Smile. RUSTI WHITE Honors at John Carroll: Pres. S.R.; Intramurals (2); See. Sophomore Class. Honors at Easley: Pep Club; Y-Teens (2); Tri-Hi-Y; Veep, Pres. S.R.; I.C.C. Representative; Intramurals. KAREN ANN WHITFIELD National Honor Society; Math Club (2); Sec. Electron Club; Banker S.R.; Marshall; Math Lab Asst.; Senior Who's Who; Most Bashful; N. E. D. T. Certificate of Merit; Intramurals. MARY JO WILLIAMS Majorette (2); Homecoming Court; Veep S.R. (2); Y-Teens (2), Veep; Miss Y-Teen Rep. I.C.C.. Chaplain; Tri-Hi-Y; Promoters, Sec.; Miss Touchdown Rep. (1). STEVEN EUGENE WILLIAMS Football (2) Lettered (1); Band (2); Instrumentalist Club (3). PATRICIA ANN WOODALL Future Teachers of America; Spanish Club; Thespians; Electron Club; Staff of 6 Plays; Outstanding Freshman Spanish Student; N. E. D. T. Certificate of Merit; Annual Salesman; Office Marshall (3) National Honor Society; National Merit Sclrolarship Semi-Finalist. CECELIA FAY WuODS Highstepper; Pep Club; Tri-Hi-Y; Y-Teens (2); Marshall; Miss Touchdown 2nd Runner Up; Assistant Banker; Intramurals. RUSTY WOOLLEY B-Team Football MICHAEL WAYNE WRAY National Honor Society (2); Varsity Baseball (4); Math Club (1); Annual Salesman, Banker S.R.; Math Lab Assistant. CAROL JEAN YAGER Banker S.R.; Y-Teens; Intramurals. GARY YOUNG Veep, Banker S.R.; Pres. Spanish Club. ROBERT FRANKLIN ZALES II Annual Salesman, Sec. S.R.; B-Team Track (2); Lettered in Track. MARY JO ZITO See.. Treasurer S. R.; Marshall (1); Miss Touchdown Rep.; Y-Teens; Intramurals. 235Acknowledgements We would like to express our thanks to the following for their assist ance in the preparation of the 1971 Jacket: Mr. Howard Ballew Japanese Gardens Dobb’s House Luau Roger Lowery Western Hills Mall MRS. BETTY TUCKER Office Staff MRS. ROSS IE JOHNSTON MRS. MARGARET BONNER Custodian MR. H. V. HAMILTON Lunchroom Managers MRS. JEWEL CARTER MRS. MESCALL MAHAFFEY 236Compliments of SESSION ROOM 307 SESSION ROOM 245 Compliments of Compliments of SESSION ROOM 207 Compliments of SESSION ROOM 249Compliment of SESSION ROOM 227 Compliments of SESSION ROOM 145 Compliments of SESSION ROOM 319PLUNKETT FABRICATING COMPANY Plate, Misc. and Structural Steel Fabrication 4009 Bessemer Super Highway Bessemer, Alabama 35220 Phone 205-425-2912 ENSLEY HIGHLANDS UNITED METHODIST CHURCH 2700 Avenue S. , Ensley Birmingham, Alabama WALDROP’S STUDIO AND CAMERA CENTER Service to the schools of America is our long standing policy. This policy has helped to make our phenomenal growth possible and to create the pleasant associations with many find school people. Of course, fine school pictures are our primary aim, but when we say SERVE YOU . . . we mean serve you in any way that we can. Our representatives get around quite a lot in school circles, talk to a lot of school people, and are familiar with many of the problems of today's schools. So whether it's related to school pictures, or not, please call on us when you think we can be of service in any way . . . for this SERVICE is one reason we've become America's largest and most complete school photographic service. BERTHON'S CLEANERS, INC. 2213 Avenue E., Ensley Phone 785-4184 VINESVILLE BIG SAVER 921 Vinesville Road GILMER DRUG CO., INC. Your Cliff's Notes Headquarters 418 19th St. , Ensley Phone 787-467 1 ELLIS JEWELRY CO., INC. 514 19th St. Ensley, Alabama 35208 Phone 787-5331Compliments of smither's McGregor auto SERVICE 5101 Valley Road Fairfield, Alabama HARRIS BATES REALTORS Rentals Insurance Real Estate Sales Mortgage Loans 2017-E Ave. F, Ensley CECIL CULVER STANDARD SERVICE STATION 1381 Bessemer Road Phone 785-9471 Birmingham, Alabama L STANDARD U Compliments of BILL WHITEN APPLIANCE 5100 Gary Avenue Fairfield, Alabama ROY SMITH AGENCY, INC KENNETH E. SMITH, Agent Representing Some of the Finest Names in Insurance in America Business - Home - Auto - Life 1634 Bessemer Road Birmingham 786-6321 Compliments of A FRIEND CENTRAL PARK ENCO 1948 Bessemer Road Phone 788-9301 Owner: Phillip Flowers Enco TOWN COUNTRY FURNITURE COMPANY, INC. 1319 Bessemer Super Highway "Distinctive Furniture" CENTRAL PARK BAPTIST CHURCH Welcomes YOUth You're money Ahead! YOUR TROUBLES VANISH BILL RICKS FLOORING COMPANY 2814 30th Street West Phone 788-1886 DON LENOIR PAINT BODY SERVICE 2317 Avenue D., Ensley Birmingham, Alabama 24|. 5 Points West . Vestavia . Eastwood Mall . Decatur TAYLOR SPEED SPORT 1565 Bessemer Road Phone 787-1521 2029 Unit C 5 Points Warrior Road West Birmingham, Alabama Office Center BEACHCOMER RESTAURANT LOUNGE Phone 968-9015 E. FOX HENDERSON, Owner FINDLAY HOME FURNITURE "Quality Furniture for the Home" Phone 780-0330 316 18th Street Fairfield, Alabama Phone 788-4152 Phone 781-9287 FAIR PARK AMOCO Any Kind of Auto Repairs 24 Hour Service Wrecker Service 2735 Bessemer Birmingham, Alabama LADY-B-LOVELY BEAUTY SALON 510 19th Street, Ensley 242 Birmingham, Alabama 35218 ENSLEY APOTHECARY 1925 Ave. E. Ensley, Alabama Phone 785-3181 BERNEY'S PHARMACY Corner F. and 21st Street Ensley, Alabama Phone 785-4171BALDONE TAILORING CO. JACK CALLOWAY JAX REALTY COMPANY FRANK J. BALDONE 2017 C. Avenue F. , Ensley Tux Rentals Day or Night Phone 786-6209 2301 2nd Avenue North on the Corner Phone 251-0844 CHARLES"BUTCH" BALDONE FELIX BARBER SHOP 2216 31st St. 5 Points West Phone 787-2000 Manicure - Hair Styling - Coloring Straightening - Shoe Shine - Razor Cut Open Tuesday Through Saturday 8:00-6:00 City Wide Delivery Established 1925 H. GRADY REEVES, JR., Owner 324-8521 24 Hour Answering Service Radio Dispatched Trucks Weekdays 8 A. M. - 5 P. M. Sunday 'til 10:30 Gifts . . . Flowers . . . Fruit Baskets . . . Flora-Mir Candies . . . Permanent Plant and Floral Arrangements For Office and Home . . . Sony T.V.'s and Radios A Complete Floral Service Bill tyffailen i mbler -Datsun "Home of the Good Ole Ensley Boys" 2112 Avenue E., Ensley Birmingham, Alabama 35218 243Mr. D’s Seafoods Hamburgers Open Daily 11 A. M. to 10 P. M. Telephone Ahead for Fast Take-Out Service 1133 3rd Ave................ 780- 1395 Western Hill Mall............788-6473 Eastwood Mall.............. 595-4503 Compliments of COLLEGE ZEKE’S HAMBURGERS Go Big Jackets ! HILLS PHARMACY JONE'S GROCERY COMPANY 721 25th Street, Ensley Phone 785-7623 I Deliver 737 8th Avenue W. Prescriptions Cosmetics Revlon Clairol Yardley Compliments of Compliments of DOUBLE LL BAR-B-Q FRITO LAY, INC. Phone: 322-6556 Lays Potato Chips and Frito Corn Chips Compliments of 3009 Lomb Avenue Phone 786-3000 Compliments of SARBARU BIRMINGHAM, INC. See WAYNE CLARK for a New 1971 Sarbaru THE COFFEE CUP RESTAURANT 1200 3rd Avenue West 5 Points West Phone 785-1191 Phone 788-4646 Compliments of TROY LAUNDRY 1911 Avenue F., Ensley Phone 786-5361 ACE BEAUTY SUPPLY CO. - Retail Wholesale - Everything for the Professional Beautician Wigs Helene Curtis Roux Clairol 2210 3 1st Street (Behind Crumbley's Bar-B-Q) 5 Points WestCompliments of CHARLES O. FINLEY AND COMPANY, INC. 310 South Michigan Avenue Chicago, Illinois 60604 245SPANO HAT SHOE SHOP 310 19th Street, Ensiey Phone 787-4942 J. W. BARNHILL We Guarantee All of Our Work CENTRAL PARK BEAUTY SALON 1919 Bessemer Road 5 Points West Phone 787-0669 MAGNOLIA DIAMONDS Phone 788-1742 Birmingham, Alabama 35208 The Perfect Diamond for The Perfect Bride CLOVER LEAF DRIVE-IN 3517 Avenue E. Ensiey, Alabama HERRING DRUG STORE Prescription Specialist 1321 Bessemer Road W. Birmingham, Alabama WCRT AM-FM STEREO "The Good Music Stations" 1260 KC 96. 5 MC ARCADE BEAUTY SALON 3213 Avenue W. 5 Points West Owner: MRS. FLORENCE ALLISON «uv — b ANGWIN MORTUARY CENTER Corner of Avenue I and 3 5th Street Phone 781-3631 JOHN F. ANGWIN 246 Vice PresidentLook into South Central Bell for a rewarding future. An Equal Opportunity Employer pi ---------------------------------------------------------------------- J WILLIAM'S RADIO AND T.V. BELVIEW REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE COMPANY 1570 Bessemer Road Phone 786-5223 Headquarters for RCA Victor T.V. 's 1818 Avenue E. , Ensley Phone 785-3776 EVELYN'S BEAUTY SHOP 5620 Avenue J. , Vinesville Owner: Evelyn Hughes CHURCH’S FRIED CHICKEN "There's no chicken like Church's" 2501 Avenue E. 247OPEN MONDAY THRU SATURDAY ! - Styling • Shaping Wig Service Hair Coloring A Complete Beauty Service 788-9795 Early or Late Appointments 2212 31st, ENSLEY 5 POINTS WEST LOCATED AT 3H». ENSLEY. REAR OF CRUMLEY'S BAR B O Compliments of La COLE FLORAL CO. "Flowers with a Personality Phone 787-0617 THE CLOTHES CLOSET "For the Lady" 24 Midfield Park Place Phone 787-8648 Midfield, Alabama SIDNEY BRASWELL FURNITURE CO. 601 19th Street "On the Corner" Ensley, Alabama Compliments of 248 ? yi GOOD FOOD ENSLEY GRILL 414 19th Street, Ensley Phone 781-1491CENTRAL MOTORS, INC. ©MM Li® © PIUlHfiMlITGI Y W A 1,0 ABUT ® ©DM© I A A © -» »- ® 1B3 Ofl (LIT CENTRAL MOTORS, INCORPORATED -Your Trustworthy Dealer Chrysler Plymouth °r" Renault R-IO and R-16 Where You Always Save: $50.00 to $300.00 on a Brand New or Used Car. 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"Everything for the Home" 1924 Avenue E. , Ensley 35218 Robert Zivitz Phone 788-5631 MASSEY’S CAFE 2023 Avenue E., Ensley Phone 785-9282 MARTIN REXALL DRUGS Free Delivery THE PANTS STORE 623 3rd Ave. West Phone: 323-2711 RELIABLE 1400 3rd Ave. , West Phone 785-1131 PRESCRIPTIONS 250 5 V ENSLEY SHOE HOSPITAL 111 19th Street Ensley, Alabama 35218AdventuRe is the synonym for Ensley Baptist Church. Too long, churches have been identified with graveyards. Dead Seas, and stuffy museums. Ensley dares to breathe the fresh air of creative ministries that throb with excitement. Christianity is a pilgrimage into the world of spiritual discoveries. New worlds wait beyond the horizon. New life huddles waiting to burst forth when the springtime of warm love emerges in the hearts of Christ’s followers. Churches blinked their eyes and strained their ears to the sights and sounds emerging from the Ensley Church. Some say it sounds like the new song the angels will sing — others say it is the old, old song of “Peace on Earth, Good will toward Men.” However it sounds, thousands cram the auditorium to listen to original musical dramas. Many return to worship and serve. Others say the sound from this church is that of the rush of a mighty wind. This is the sound we listen for. The church today needs the breath of the Holy Spirit to breathe new life again. Many people are coming to Ensley for they say, ’ This is where the winds of the Spirit are blowing." We are trying to proclaim the truth of the Bible, the power of the Spirit, and the Lordship of Jesus Christ. As one of our songs says, "Follow Him for the greatest adventure of all." BOB CURLEE. Pastor £sns e f (Zkurcl Compliments of Compliments of YELLOW LABEL SYRUP PUCCIO GROCERY 10 14th Street, South Of- ring PERKINS JEWELERS 3004 27th St. North Phone: 251-5676Compliments of BOOKLETS UUSINCSS OHMS c iY • irtvn r«a SESSION ROOM 357 ACTION PRINTING COMPANY Which Says, Custom Printing "Ensley Yellow Jackets Are TOPS" p o noxson AOAMfjVILLL . ALABAMA 3 OOC PHONE 798-6925 LAWRENCE E. BROOKS Res. Phone 780-4817 LIBERTY NATIONAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY Avenue I. Phone 787-0624 Ensley's Representatives for Liberty National PAUL R. ANDERSON Res. Phone 781-1996 Compliments of Compliments of SESSION ROOM 257 Go Jackets ! GRANT’S BEAUTY SALON 2233 Bessemer Road Birmingham, Alabama Phone 786-2480 Compliments of EL CHARRO MEXICAN FOODS 1118 3rd Avenue West Birmingham, Alabama Phone 785-9337J teket Boosted The JACKET staff would like to express its appreciation to our BOOSTERS who, through their contributions, helped to make this annual possible. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde E. Pate Dr. and Mrs. John T. Hcwes Mr. and Mrs. V. T. Gardner Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Tucker Mrs. James A. Rice Miss Peggy Hewes Bill Hand Bruce Horne Ronald Wallace Paul K. Hooker John Imhof James Lowery Steve Kelly Miss Jan Dickerson Miss Beverly Deaton Miss Carla Elledge Miss Charlotte Home Miss Sharon Andrews Weddings — Portraits — Commercial Photographs With a Persona! Touch Richard's Studio 2811 Bessemer Road Birmingham, Alabama 35208 Phone 785-1221 17th St. and 4th Ct. West HUNTER STREET BAPTIST CHURCH "A community church with a city-wide concern" REV. J. C. MITCHELL, Pastor Sunday School 9:30 AM Morning Worship 10:55 AM Church Training 6:15 PM Evening Worship 7:30 PM If you can't attend . . . tune in -EBMG TV, Channel 42 Every Sunday at 1 1:00 A. M.To g To v purposes of (Teens for (Christ orify God, and lift up Jesus Christ in souls to the Saviour by showing them that JLvation ia ".by grace thu2jugjhJLaiJLh i)ind that not of themseilves, it is a works lest any should boast." To promote Chr stian activi ies in the school; To encourage student partic Tc make khis school (Ensley) a schobl where hrist s in t le center of re in center of His Will. gift of God. Not of pation in the school; our actions, and we Che iituuans Hlap to Ujeahen Romans 3:10 - "As it is written there is none righteous, no not one. " Romans 3:23 - "For all have glory of God. " Romans 6:23 - "The wages c God is eternal life." Romans 5:8 - "But God comm that while we were yet sin Romans 10:9, 10 - "That if mouth the Lord Jesus, ai that .Gad.hath..raised Him sinned and come short of the f sin is death, but the gift of endeth His love toward us in ners, Christ died for us." tjhou shalt confess with thy shalt believe in thine heart from the dead, thou shalt be 255 - (Terns fur (ChristENSLEY LIKES BARBER'S BEST BETTER 2S6

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