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. 1. . , . , ,, X, ,1 1, I 1 J 1 Jill Q X53 m ' . V:Z:lf?',7ff2"?"'7! A - f ' 4 ,Q7ZU:fc,fZ,J - w l , Q WLJQ wwf J 1 W A MQ fQ QDWQU -i 01-'wif -L., .1 I, Lili'-i-Q7 " A ..'46f?..,vN, MIL .IV F' fi X - ig.4,g51' f Q Tiff, ' I A x-,Q-L-.Q-JLNM1 , ,. ,, I L,,KQN' j 17 wiQ.,.lQQ.:iK fab, Wx A1424 V . -A kv I bf Jig 'vf 0VfJ' f WHL " A - ' I 'I " NMA!! M , ,Li ,ul A I I 4 t J ' i Q I ' f , V7 71 ff f PM V Q 4 J... 1' , 5 ' rf ' jj . . A 'f t if 1.- x 4 Q f ,ff , . . - ,xg Va: wily. ,pw V . ,N it ..-4 fum. -. . - r,.jk'! "xl . . 'mu ,T 1 ' ' ' 3: 5 Y 1 Q , v . ' . W Vx 1 . " N ,AQ t SQ I ,L . ,w"f'f" A , ' 1g J, Y ,ig 1 X g , v W X 5 2 ' W t K, , V 1 f 3 qi ' -' Af 5 A 6 ' ,L ff ' 5 31 , ' , ff' V - ' ' ' f' ,ffi , ' -A? ' ' 5 I "' , f A K N ,, QA V. , fa , - K ' 'x Q! 'T' F H .f V Si 'W " - X V H 1 1 1' , T 1 f . 14 ' " f f Z ' 9 ii 1 1 , ,Mi G?" , " 5 .37 , A .K A , ' ' R . . 1 f 1 Shih ' , , 1 Q ,I f f, 4 gh, . I I f ' A fy , 4, !yf.Q,S if g . ali' ff ,jj 5 V M' , N, ' ' up-vi E " If 'iw ' , V Q 2 gi, . g,v , , ' i, .1 I . ,, - i., nv il'-. . ,- "V - , 3 f ww , , 1 t- A I N Qj " ,K E N. ' ' N if 3 f , , ' ' X1 W1 K' U S ' 1 3, . 35 E. . A V, Q 1 gd N lf ,N . f 1 ? ' , A ' 4 , f v if . - , sg ' - , ,.., - 'f . 2 Q , Y: V. ,: f 4 -5 if , I , 'gg j ' , 3 f 1+ rw ,, f L i 4 lk 5 W' f ff, -' 1 J' , W Q f V 1 K, ' E ' I f ' " "ff" 1 " ' Y N ' 'wif 1 . 'X ' V ' ,,,. w, 4,1 , I ik 1.- ,, . . , Q: ' Q58 :w , 4 f ff- 1 Q 2. , lj, li :W if f :ff 13, , 'mf X at fl ' Q-,' X ' V5 ,. l : J I ' 1 1 A f H I ' . 4 1 , 2A -f' 1 , ' ,4 . ',efx , ' ? - Md, 1 - M 1' ,j"' 1 'N 'I A-,sv , Lf .xv A ,ff , df .f - :H H ff- 'W . 1- b, V , 5 U W i A rd. 5 " ' . , J X , V + Vx ,r ..V ,Q V 1 W? I W A 4 V ' . V f 2 + 1 I , A 1 . V fm.,.f.,., 1 kg ' K X . L g - .fa M - , A., 1 ,M A4 V ,J ,mv r sjf - Y ' 4 . fp f -, . 33' ., V, , Ag fm, ,L 1 ",f4 wg- -X - , , 51' ,mf 14 r ff S. , ,- , .Q ,.4!.f'1 fggfg vs Tin: A "1 f""k'.rf'iJ1,,-. V5 we 4, if mghiw' ,f.,...f,j?q,gf - ig I "J29'-, 3"'..q."f!"2! F1-s gf- Q.. -if W f 11,351 JW JY iffy, . W:wEXi1,efM,.,,,fg.1'.f- rv , HU'-?Fi?" 'TL-gi , 5 f' -' if ff:- f aff , .. jf' 'a 'rms' j fi if -:f' fin - ,viii--l"f' iv, ' ' -Ln fi' f , -.-M f "3 " " "W ,, ,.,., ,N - 'A W' .. M, gy " 1 . 1. ,f, is VX, Wifnf ,v ' , 4 kai. Mi' Si . Qj- fy," ,sw , N41-f -, 4 4 OURS ISA TIME TO. .. The new desks add color to our classrooms. With our new lockers, a bottom one is not so bad. The new decorum of our offices is very attractive. Exit signs were new additions to our halls. OPEN NE W DOOR Seniors begin '69-'70 school year as doors are opened to a "new look t x Q-,Q S if 1 I -wsvrmvwakhi ew ' i 1 ! rw L, X ' V, 'Qu pa: ,way K ., , , :' ' "FA ' -'r LP Vg Q K My ' igunf , 5 , in -,L M V- .1 Q,-. -. Vw wa, Wynn wg 4: ,E , "1 , . , . 1 .1 C . 4. M. . f..4r ',1:?'i'Nf A I C , - vAf,.,q P+, N34 I , W vm' 1 yd m 'F :FM Y w A w 'I Wh, 1g 5' 3 . . ' n 4 V 4 1 V v X - Q A 4 4 Q f , ' s W ff? 1 x il' 3 Y, D . 5. ,I' ai' . 'fax' ff. - . f if I A ' X , ggi .X . ' 4 . ' A ' - 5'- . Q . ,v M -ima! ,1 - JK. . .I iv- Z. A .. LQ 3 Q. e 'ww 3. -. , , 5 1. . V , ,.Q:.,, 4 Q gg, ' 535 , ' -If W If 4 , , M m,2 2f2f- . ' QQ ,J 5 3, , fr-w ' 'fi' 249 4 s 'Qu' L a ., L 4 t , . 4 ilu, J A , 'Q 7-fi. ! , N W 1 N I mama Ak 'r i -. fl 1 3 ,E . , W . 1 1 X V H . 2 . . , 3 ,M . f 1 ' X i , .h ,Hn U -M K i , X . KZ. A v Q , , EC H13 A w 1 N Q 1,3 f -92f,5a:EfSl"? il- ,. . - K 'Hn Q 0 F TUD Y J f I H1 IT IS A TIME 0F TRADITION 17 Alma mater me sing uf hear ule Gnsleg Qiigh, Ther rnlurs hlark anh gulil Zin lngafbzihute ringing true, Allegianre me mill hnlh. Glhrnugh passing gears as thug rull hg, 0911! hearts will ne'er gruln rnlil, me rarrg furih her rulnrs hright, Gfhe banner - Blank anti Ugnlil. 5 Seniors show their excitement with smiles . . . "4 .. A 'Pima-". ,, ss-MW s fgiifeayi-' -A ' - ' , A 9 VI" QU- fi ' s.. z. ..- . .0 H png, ' ?5'f'QY5 fliiglgg ,.,MW... :we FS 4 tif- f 11-'f ' 6 ' fig? ,. . Z' 41 ' ' T' .f'.4f - tg? F13 gun, .. -'.. 3 . ' L K5 .P Ji . 1 .1 5 0 - Q. 5-ft. Ao. , if 23 . ,c . s. . , 1. , pq 23 V- K - ' ' 78 Jack presents the Pres1dent's gavel to Ed 3. . ' ' :jeg .fs-wg,-,Qt "And the star spangled banner 1n tnumph doth wave The Ensley ROTC prepares to ralse the flag f N. L, OUR FA VORS US WI T H 'living-1 I A K 'rm Y A ig' 5 5? J 9' , ' WV , ,F L fgwif , ' 1-1 ' TZ , , 'X TNQ 1 442553321 af' V ' 1 tv f 1 f Q' 9 ' . ' ,. 'i F K " ,Z,, YH, , if J asf k I A Q if Q Q., P f W if u 1 L 5 X 1 i ? E Z A ' Our team in " Rocket City. " xg AC "Go Jackets" The school year 1969-1970 was a time ofcrowds, iclenti- ty, athletic whistles, chaotic clamor, slamming lockers, screeching tires, repetitions greetings, cleafening cheers, wilcl laughter, and mind reverberation. It is this TIME we record in the following pages of this the 1970 Ensley High School T N w W f 1 I 1 4 1 1 r W A I2 - - I, V 11 r' ii fl' 1 K P E' Table of Contents Theme 1 ' Dedication 14 tg Administration f 17" Seniors . Juniors 69 Sophomores '93 Freshmen 1 1 3 Activities 125 Organizations ii i 1 71, Athletics 1 Advertisements i 26.3 ff , is +1 1 - M.,',-.Ragga f-FWF?-. f DEDICA T I ON MRS. RUTH SMITH l Mrs. Smith with her 1967-1968 cheerleading squad. There is a smile at Ensley High School through which friendliness, understanding, and concern are reflected. This smile belongs to a person whom most students have come to know and appreciate - Mrs. Ruth Smith. During the past ten years at Ensley Mrs. Smith has ac- tively participated in numerous school events, giving freely of her time as cheerleader sponsor, acting as chairman of the Girls' Athletic Department, sponsoring the Girls' Athletic Association' Club, in addition to teaching a full schedule of girl's gym classes. This year, Mrs. Smithbegan a new phase of her career in the capacity of guidance counselor. Many students have been influenced and inspired by her warm, Christian personality. As an expression of apprecia- tion for her contributions and influencef we respectfully dedicate the 1970 JACKET to Mrs. Ruth Smith. The '66 G,A.A. Club with Mrs. Smith The fael-cet Staff - l970 Editor Sharon Greer Assistant editor Sandra Ciulla Layout and design editor Sharon Andrews Business Martha McDonald David Walker Ed Cater Activities A ,faniee Potts Urganizations Carol Adams fllarietta Pueeio Administration Gail Deaton Phyllis Marino Typist Karen Keith Sports Susan Miller Bill Hand Classes Seniors fan Sherrill funiors faniee Hubbard Sophomores 1 Kitty Hewes Freshmen Lisa Catalina Sponsor Mr. Howard Ballew 1 1 1 1 I 1 i 1 1 I 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I I 1 I 1 1 ff 4 .Z 'DZ sg. sv Q f , ,4 Uma 501' Quinlan 6. . . Advisvrs and loakiug inward the future V Hauuselvrs A A Our three guidance counselors assist students with schedules, courses of study, college and vocational plans, as well as listen to students' personal problems, Mrs, Murlee Beard, who did such a fine job at Ensley last year, and Mrs, Ruth Smith, who is new in the field of counseling at Ensley, are our two academic counselors, This year for the first time we have a vocational counselor, Mr, Ed Prichard, who assists students in choosing a vocation or a college through var- ious interests and ability tests. We salute Mrs, Beard and our two new counselors for the excel- lent job they are doing helping students at Ensley. I9 20 OFFICE STAFF A se.: .fm . . 1 ' FFF . 11 , F 5 s.R ss. '- w " h R- I if ,,.F ,... R X A AN .. . MRS, MARGARET BONNER MRS. ROSSIE JOHNSTON MRS. GAIL SHIRLEY Assistant Registrar Assistant L UN CHR OOM MANA GER MRS. MESCAL MAHAFFEY ff ,' MRS- IEWEL CARTER Manager A ASSiSlZ3.I'l1I LIBRAR Y Unlimited opportunities tor improving understanding and increasing knowl- edge are offered to students at Ensley through the library which normally cir- culates over 15, OOO books, New books received each month add to the many fiction and biographical books already available and are made known to the students through the "Library Bulletin" published each month, The large reference division of the library and the more than seventy -five magazines and periodicals greatly aid students in preparing term papers, various reports, and in keeping abreast of current events. Because it provides such a wealth of information for students, the library is a very essential part of Ensley 's teach- ing progr MISS FRANCES SEAY Head Librarian MISS NAN MILES Assistant.Librarian ,ri ' MR. HOWARD BALLEW HES, Qs , . ff R 'x "L ' " ' ':i.H9i'5 ' i"i2eS.5S"r' " 'W-ff ,. ,:., . fig ' K , A 'gm -3 sw, . gg, gg: K 2 a . ,5 -ks, , s wx S 1 i I F! uf 7 f , Vrsii l "1 1EgQQr2'h5-in I, S, 93 G , 4 5 gnu. .,- 253 5 ' f L ILT- 3f'5"'- 1 rig? mf L fx-.li-QI: "i 'Ui VTE, 4'1'!fi'f'x M22 ag, 'ri U Eu, M .Her 3 1 s ,Yi rg z,s Q ,gstgf , ,ll ga v s: is t ' I , . pegs, 54, Z .. f 1 , n rl 55? s Q X I X - H T3 , r is 1 H 5. ., 1. s . 1 J 1 r , Q K Q Q H' WZ s A Q MISS RUBY DOYLE MRS . MARY FRANKLIN . .st at L s I rr ,U Y! Mx X si, ,.. ssT'i2x! s I, 5 --1 - , Q- ssoxfimiss--, . MRS. BILLIE HOGAN AZOLINE, LARGE .,. 52, V QM, .pi ., 22 42,3 W-2-.. 's , E GLIH English comprises a thorough study of the concepts of grammar, usage, composition, and an analysis of varied forms of literature in the English language. Grammar, a set of language principles followed in communicat ing with others, associates words with meaning, then puts these word together to show how ideas are related. Grammar and EE are closely connected because usage determines the appropriate expres- sions in various grammatical situations. A full understanding of grammar, therefore, requires attention to the usages of "standard" English. Composition comprises the expression of organized thoughts in both writing and speech. A writer is not clearly understood unless he follows the rules of spelling, capitalization, and punctuationg therefore, if full expression is achieved on paper, speaking powers develop accordingly. Literature, a collection of imaginative or critical prose and verse, has helped our language grow by serving as a basis for new thinking, The literature of other countries adds word and phrases to one's own language. Ensley High students are given excellent training in these four phrases of English, as well as being given the opportunity to participa in accelerated classes, designed for exceptional students. Likewise, basic English classes are provided for those students needing special help in the understanding and mastering of the English language. This diverse instruc- tion, offered on various levels, affords all students of Ensley -the opportunity to know and understand all aspects of English. EPAR T ME T MRS. VIVIAN CUMMINGS Chairman MRS. SUSAN LYNN MARY MADDOX MRS. IOAN MEADOWS firwn. x f A A , 4 flfifi ' , fi w gm' E? V A es' Q, :T fig 35:5 -:fi--M xx 'fflzf Q' w MISS LEAH MORRISO N MRS. JOAN ROBERTS English Aide HI TORY All students begin their study of history during X their first year at Ensle with Alabama history, w ich provides students with ipacts about the state they live ing Civics, which explains the privileges, rights, and duties of the modern American citizen: and Communism, which illustrates the governmental sys- tem rnost violently opposed to our own, The second year student may continue his study of past events with World History, which traces the development of man and his civilizations through the a es, g The evolution of our great nation from an 1 MISS MARYLEE REYNOLDS AUGUST CIRILLO Chairman EVERHARDING PRUITT MRS, MARILYN SEIER DEPARTME T mental colony to a world power is the topic thoroughly covered during the third year stud? of historyi K Seniors finalize their study o history by analyzing the structure and function of our nation's government, contrasting it with Communism, and investigating our system of economics. Through these four years of instruction students incorporate the use of bulletin boards, film strips, slides, current events, and outside research projects to enliven and recreate scenes and areas of particular interests. X N 'B fff ,x sz Tiff I r Ifif MRS, SHIRLEY WADDLE OTIS STEELE MISS IOAN WATERS MA THEMA TIC The Math Department offers courses which can lead students into the business world of facts and figures, or guide them through col- lege testing programs into training for jobs to meet the countless demands for persons with the precise skills mathematics requires. Commercial math consists of many types of mathematics used in business, as well as review and further study of basic artihmetic. MRS. AMELIA DUNCAN Chairman R l Miss IODIE BARTON .-Ja" ' K ' 1 I F fn, fan, xii! 1 fain xy 2 'f 2 1 ' Rx X' J' X ,,, ig , MRS. VIRGINIA CURLEE MRS. BLANCHE LALLAS Y I QQ.. EPAR T ME T Math for college hopefuls includes algebra I and II, geometry, trigonometry, and calculus. Available to all math students are the facilities of the well-equiped Math Lab which is staffed by a math aide and serves to offer guidance and a broader know- ledge of math. Overhead projectors, screens, and pro- jects corresponding to the student's past and present work are frequently employed to further augment understanding. C. T. McArthur MISS MARY TILL "Who said trig wasn't fun?" MRS. KAY TIPTON MRS. ELIZABETH SHEETZ Math- aide Each year science plays a more important role in our daily lives. The curriculum of general science, biology, chemistry, and physics helps students to understand and make better use of the increasing advantages offered to us through science. General science offers a fundamental introduction to many branches of scientific studies ranging from geology to meteorology, therefore allowing students to grasp the basic meaning of various sciences employed by us each day. Biology involves the study of all living orga- nisms and their activities, Chemistry is the study of ma- terials found on the earth, to determine their atomic and molecular structure and changes that occur in them, Physics involves matter and energy in the form of mechanics heat, light, sound, electricity and magnetism. These subjects give students an insight into the principles indispensable for life in the seventies, MRS. RUBY HARDEN Chairman MRS . EDNA COBB SCIE C MRS . ESTHER GILBERT DEPAR T MEN T W X MRS , MARSHA MERRELL I LANGUAGE DEPARTME T French, Latin and Spanish are the three foreign languages of- fered to students at Ensley, These languages give a student in- sight into the customs and cultures of countries other than their own, One of the most important learning aids in the Language Department is the fully -equipped language lab, This lab con- tains booths, recorders, and microphones for twenty -seven stu- dents plus many records to he used at the master control. There is a club associated with each language and the Latin Club is affiliated with a national organization, "The Junior Clas- MISS DOROTHY HORTENSTINE sical League, " Chairman MISS ALMA HAYES HOWELL MISS VIRGINIA PACE B U INESS ED UGA T10 MISS MARY TURNER The Business Education Department offers a wide range of topics to Chauman meet the needs of more students in a changing society, The secretarial course gives students a firm foundation for well-paying positions in the business world of the future, Teaching students to communicate with people in the business world is the primary purpose of Business Communi- cations, Bookkeeping prepares a student for future accounting positions, 6, 5 M ig, QV? W y V -1- . . . in 2 For students planning to enter college, Personal Typing gives valuable X K ,Www fs it Hfigliiiisgiirgy . . . - ' . if V training, Students having taken courses in Business Education are well- W 321 Al' Vp it dir prepared to face a growing need for trained workers in the business world of tomorrow. ' Q ff 'f-X255-52,1 ff" ' 'J Q f' Q' 'Ps ' 42 'kip 'ILM T ' R 'B 5 rg.. 11, ' AL' -5 "1 4' 3321351 .git ' -. I 1 4- 5 ' ' Z5?i'?E'ri!'Tiv wwe-:ff A - .,,41asW,,L , . , , . X . plyffwxf MRS, MILDRED BLACK Mai DOROTHY ENGLAND ,,t,,,.,.....w W. MRS. KATHERINE JONES MISS FRANCILLE RAUSIN VOCAL To satisfy the different musical needs and abilities of various students, the Vocal Department is arranged into 4 specialized choral groups - Girls' Vocal, Boys' Vocal, Choir, and the Ensemble, Each group is given instructions in sight reading and the essentials of music and voice training, as well as the technical aspects of musical performance in duets, solos, and ensembles, To sharpen their musical skills, the choir participates in district competitions with other schools throughout the city, Several times during the school year, the entire Vocal Department combines to present concerts and programs for assemblies. USIC MRS. VIRGINIA CARLISLE EPARTME T JAMES SEAGLE 1--1, BAD The Band, composed of three elements - the Marching Band, the Stage Band, and the Concert Band - provides for students, with the ability and desire, an opportunity to play musical instruments. The various divisions of the band provide music for such school ac- tivities as football games, pep rallies, special assemblies, and con- certs for the entire student body, as well as participating in many parades, By teaching students to master a musical instrument through coordination, practice, and teamwork, the Band provides not only entertainment, but an academic atmosphere, f PEECH DEPARTME T One of the absolute necessities of life as we know it is to be able to ex- press ourselves and our ideas clearly to others, The fundamental concepts of the art of communication are instilled by the Speech Department, Special attention is given to overcoming the basic impediments of speaking to a large number of people by instruction in controlling stage fright, choosing subjects, making outlines, and writing speeches, Recordings, plays, readings, group discussions, and debates are employed to improve diction and voice, The needs and potential of each individual is thoroughly explored in an effort to make students more able to transmit their impressions of life and living to each other, In addition to the Speech Department's program of dramatics, speech therapy, oration, and discussion, it also sponsors Thespian Troupe 285, The Thespians, with the assistance of other interested members of the student body produce a spring and fall play each year, MISS CYNTHIA DEASON ART DEPARTME T Art students at Ensley apply their talent and determination to the graphic arts, ceramics, painting, drawing, sculpture, and various other crafts designed to please their assorted interests. Each year they prepare exhibits in the school and design and construct scenery for the school plays, Their efforts result in the development and expansion of their creativity, the occasional discovery of potential talent, the sharpening of their perception of beauty, light, form, and color, and in a deeper enjoyment of all forms of the arts. 0 A Us A x Lil ,l x 34 MISS EMILY JOHNSON HOME ECO OMIC Ensley is proud of her Home Economics Department which offers a wide variety of courses including foods, clothing, and Everyday Living. In the foods course, a girl learns various methods of preparing and serving food and the requirements for a balanced menu, In clothing, a student learns to sew a number of garments as she works with many different cloth textures. "Everyday Living" helps a girl to improve herself as well as teaches her the proper management of her future home, Each year the Home Economics Department sponsors a "Simplicity Fashion Show" where members of the clothing classes model the latest fashions in the Simplicity pattern line. This department also sponsors the "Betty Crocker Homemaking Contest" which offers the title of "Miss Homemaker of Tomorrow" and an award pin to the girl attaining the highest score on the test, Any girl can profit from having taken any one of the courses offered in our Home Economics Department. my ,fiikta wg Q I MRS. LINDA WATSON I DUSTRIAL ART The Industrial Arts Department offers instructional shopwork of a non- vocational type to boys interested in this field. The courses offered in this department provide general educational experiences centered around the industrial and technical aspects of life today, In woodwork a boy learns the basic skills of carpentry , while machine shop offers him experience in work- ing with metals and various industrial machinery, To boys who have not yet made up their minds as to a vocation, this course serves as an exploratory ex- perience which may prove helpful to them in making vocational choices, 1 4? RICHARD GRIMES -...A--auf' SERGEANT JOHN ROBBIRDS R.0.T.C. Membership in the Army R.O.T. C, is open to all high school boys. The Reserve Officers Training Corps teaches military tacticsi rifle handling, military commands, marching, defensive practices, and gives information on specific weapon systems. By earning merit points a boy can advance from "Private" to the highest rank of "Lieutenant Colonel. " Respect for constituted authority, citizenship, and habits of discipline are instilled in cadets through R.O, T. C, SGM EUGENE P. MELTON w a DRIVER ED CA T10 To help reduce the number of traffic accidents and to give teenagers an understanding of traffic regulations, the Birmingham Board of Education offers a Driver Education course in each high school, Thirty hours of classroom instruction and six hours of actual driving D experience are required of each student. Not only do students learn traffic regulations, M' they also learn the causes and preventions of automobile accidents. On successful com- pletion of the course, the student receives a certificate stating that he has successfully completed the driving and study requirements, This certificate may then be used to reduce . the cost of a student's auto insurance when he begins driving on his own. MRS. KATHLEEN BURFORD e TT -- "1 , i 1+ y T 5 ,D DISTRIB TIVE ED CATIO Distributive Education is offered to students interested in learning general business principles while working in a real- job- situation. D.E. I, a new preparatory course for Sophomores who do not work, teaches a student the fundamentals of business and their application, plus grooming and efficiency in business, Coofrative D,E, I fCDE D is a course for Juniors and Seniors qsixteen years and olderj who wish to receive on-the-job training in fields such as food distribution and general merchandising. Students who have taken CDE I may continue their work and study in CDE II, Benefits to students taking D,E, include training and supervision while working in a real-job-situation, confidence in developing one's abilities, earning-while-learning, and references for future employment. of , 1 5: lf MIKE BAILEY TONY VIZZINA BILL SPARKS Head Coach PHY ICAL The boys' physical education department strives to promote physical, mental, and social fitness, With the guidance and assistance of the coaches, the boys engage in such varied activities as, Weihtlifting, gymnastics, basket- ball, football, volleyball, soccer, and track, Also included this year is a special second -period pilot class of grading based on the point system, With such a broad and varied program each individual's needs, interests, skills, and capacities are met and fulfilled, .TE RRY RY AN 'Le' RONALD SY PHURS 38 JIMMY TUCKER I X Q V ,a 1 iii-4 Notice the smiles of contentment as these boys leave gym, Physical Education for girls attempts to help girls achieve and maintain a high degree of fitness adapted to the maturity and capability of the individual, Opportunities for the skilled are offered in after school intramurals, while spe- cial attention is given to those who are physically under -developed, The program includes exercisesg team and individual sports such as base- ball, basketball, volleyball, track and soccerg physical fitness testing, and tumbling. F MISS MART HA BANKS TON Chairman f A l' 1 ,' . I -Q 1 -1 E gg fr"-i MRS, DALE FRANKLIN MRS, PAMELA GOODWIN MRS, BRENDA STRICKLIN we WOGJ Qooogye The road I took was named Goodbye The path looked strange, I wondered why It left familiar things behind. A hand caught mine , , , I paid no mind, The stranger never once did say Just what had brought him on my way. On we went, and some afraid I wished I hadn't come, but stayed, All the friends that I once knew Took a road named Goodbye too. There were no two roads just the same 'Though all were called Goodbye by name. The road went on: we went on too, And I was sad, for then I knew That 'never could I be the same Having walked down Goodbye Lane, And though I cou1dn't understand We walked together hand in hand, We said no words, but just walked on, I thought of things now past and gone, I thought of games I'dflost and won, I thought of all the things I'd done, I thought of those I loved and cared , Of times we'd had, of things we'd shared, I thought of those I'd come to know, just knowing them - they 'd helped -mc so, I thought of things, of tears I'd shed . . . Those same things now brought smiles instead The tasks I'd done, those left to do, I wondered how I'd make it through When something inside seems to say, "The best you can from day to day, " 'I'he way was roughg I knew the score, It never ends . . . the're's always more, But now I know that all in all Each thing in its own place will fall, I thought of all the happy days, The sad ones now just seemed a haze, And in a flash I came to see I-Iow much the past had meant to me, We walked along - I wondered where The future led and what was there, The past still echoed from behind I was its, and it was mine. But in my heart was still a fear, And in my eye a shining tearg Yet on my face there was a smile, And we walked forward all the while. I walked along the road Goodbye, I looked back once . . . I heaved a sigh. Then I remembered at my side - My silent, but my constant guide, The stranger's hand I felt in mine, I looked into his face this time. I asked his name - he turned just so, He smiled and said, "I'm called Hello," -.N m Seniors Denise and Mitchell - 196 7 Best Freshmen RICHARD BOUSACK EDDIE BOWDEN DORIS BOWMAN J GORDON BRADLEY J STEVE BRADLEY DONNA BRADY PATTY BRELAND RUFUS BROWN I I STEVE BURKS JOE BUSH KEN CAPPS LINDA CARROLL JACK CARTER LISA CATALINA ED CATER JOAN CHABERT 2 2 f Q new f,. .5 . ig? 17' nf 33' M . 53 ' ,s.',, '- ,ke ,ff ul- W ' ' -,, gif ma ig .fije i H .f. fl, 'KGHHW 'HK 'U GLENN COX ROY CRAWFORD MARCELLA CREEL MARGARET CROCKER, L FLOYD CROOKS RODNEY CRUMP LINDA CUNNINGHAM SUE CUNNINGHAM DEBBIE DAVENPORT RICHARD DAVIES STEVE DAVIS RODNEY DELLINGER SUZANNE DOWNEY JIM DOWNIN G PHY LLIS DUPRIEST .TERRY EASON Q. xo X iv O , 3 n , ilf1e fgx A his V ' b . 4 v, 7 i I . -'Z' X if ms ' X 4. x .f,Q,3m. .. ,X , ww. ,px 5, ...U - gm TERRY FARMER DOT F ARRELL TOM FERGUSON TOMMY FERGUSON BRIDGETTE FIKES KEN FIKES METTA FAYE FISHER CONNIE FIX RANDY FLYNN BECKY FORD DANA F ORTNER DALE FOSI-IEE VALERIE FULLER JOHN GALLANT PAULETTE GARRETT DENISE GEORGE 4 ig:-iiifik IT 3251: 'wf'is3f'xf E? i N. if Q li! M N1 x Q29 51 Q5 kg x 2 , K4 X Six P: Q. 1 A R if at 6 X , 5,6 M. ., L,., , M , f Aga ' -ei - mf 4, 1 - ENS ' , Q. 1 R f Kwwfw A ..k. W -1 3. f fs .. .ws gi t :QA ,xiwti , 22.3 v 15? is ' GX , 1 4' A 1 Q. QQ: :gg . fm f 'wr ' - Q w ikis A X w x 5 5' ' Q r K EDDIE HENDRICKS FLOYD HENDRIX JANET HQENSON WOODY HERRING CARL I-IESTER KEN HESTER JAMIE HILL CARLA HOEHN owe!! Simmons Drum Major r i 5 57 -vp.--n -. fn ww 1 we duh 5, if 719 D i d ww- my 12 ,W ' +1 R1 9 . K , Hifi 2 1 ,Q Qjigff 0 i ,,,,4,f4g 5 . ff l rf Nnfgyg, , ' ' M irfz V, f-M XL 7 , Y 'W , N kit QQ -Q, , ,f ,W sg ff W, V uf 2 y f : tg 1 -, , A ' 1 ' , i zz 1 ' 5 ,J f fab' ff 1' f 7, ,, ,W ,H , f N cya, X fi ' Y Wi A' Y - ,YH a L v i L f Q4 , ' 2 :Q :Tp 1 SL if 'V mf , I Q F4 if 5' wf f ,I I x H, . f , 5 1 ,f Eli? 1--ff g f- f- ,1-.ze fm I' T 5? 1f2?1f'V , .x.-- -' -,ga ' V Ak- : Xia, M ,Mun '92- A ,r N, W wi f , by fs? .. ww-A ' 7 ' 'L W fl Ni' :P 52W Cindy, Pam, Linda, and Lisa 1969-70 Senior Cheerleaders W RALPH PARKS LYNN PARROTT JAMIE PARTAIN PAM PATTERSON PANDA PA TTON STEVE PENNINGTON CURTIS PERKINS , SYLVIA PERRY Lisa Catalina national Cheerleader BILLY PETELOS EDDIE PHARRIS KATHY PINKERTON EDNA PISSANOS MIKE PLAN PAUL POCOPANNI MITCHELL POER KATHY PORTER IANICE POTTS LINDA POWELL LINDA PRATT RAYMOND PRESTON DENISE PRICE EDDIE PROFFITT ANNE PROPST RICKY PRUITT Kathy Porter fCenterj Senior Ensley Majorette, Juan Corbin fLej?j and Sofia Lafakis fRightj Are Senior Colorguards LINDA SMITH ROBERT SMITH ROYCE SMITH SUSAN SMITH CHARLES SPANOS BARBERA STACK VICKIE STANTON CHARLES STEPHEN bl SANDRA STEWART CLYDENE STOKES PAM STOREY TERRY TEMPLIN DEBRA TERRY KATHY THAXTON CONNIE THOMAS TOMMY THRASHER WILSON TIDWELL JAMES TINKER FRANK TOMBRELLO .TO ANN TOMBRELLO TIM TORTORICE JOE TORTORICI LOUIS TRAPOLJNO TOMMY TRAPP fn 5 an W 5 'QQ X. A iw. I in W 51. ,i fl V. i. I x Q ,,,1.u f WQWWF 52351343- k 'txt Ima' aawagggfzg, , Wigw , f wwww U 'fif' YWQ WN 5 .wma-2 ag ' QW ,Lf 4 f si, ,Qwizff 4 sy K L ,WWW fwqfwwww f E5TZl? l, W trngik lixllx 14111, glllllg all ,Hill ,IIIIIQ lilly' ,444.,. ,Nqgd MWWW, Wy f W-W , v W A, 4L,.f, ff . -,mg 1. 1, fab, fm? w Ms ww., Nh , X Xu uw -1 5 A .. 2,61 K., wmwgww ?vXQw fWH'Qgh yyqy , Q Qs 1 w :QF gn we' fi: , wg, MZ, W A-if W i D 51 .. at .. ' x X L. .S v A 9 V 1 1 at x ,gg J , Q Wq ' 2- - - iz? z:-Q3 k HQ'-1' 3-Ski " 51 WE za? gf Ks, E- ,M an A sf . -- Mgw QQ. 1 gg k L A4 H ' g. 4 3 'W ff I s ff v Q Q , 1 ,j2,,,.M ,, Af " . ' J Vi .,.fV'?'W'gA 5 ., . 5 I ' ,I ' W' ,Aw '1?5feIm'22 xg., arm. X f figu--',f " W '.v1iw'Pm f- 1 ,. 1595 . f , Q' ' 1 .,,g , y ' V-4.413 1. LM, " nw- rv' 1 " " 4 Si Q ' , 2, wa" f ' x ,,N.,.:-ff ' M. 1, 1 ,gc , 4 . ,., ,W ....,., . . Q g Q.. . - , VA.? 5 , If fgwgf F Mxifflfik f 1 1 , , ,,,,,,W few J 1 4 W ,W ,fl x 544 R Q 1. VJ A Q -4 -X ' fi W '70 Senior . . . But When? T Ride along with Mitch. "Standing on the corner . . . " '- .s 1. f.,- A-.fr.V,L Q-I A-v Woww! This is D onna? 58 1 Aff Hail! Hail! The gang's all here. All dressed up and no band to lead. Witty Jean Hickock . h ' Any- a body seen l yitt Marietta? Goose with a football? Ohhh, Diane! Are you ready, Linda? "Big, bad Flynn? Juniors - .mt -',.' x 5-sit-.gf ag V' " L :- " if :wail S'- A..- L 5 l 6 3 If 72' .,' --.X L1 .1124 Q Q ? 1- I 1 1 E . X 1 H . l 1 2 ? F ' 9 . 5 3 I J 5 2 P I - . a '1 2 5' 6 "i J' .' . il . fd V ' Xxx .:' 'W- M "wx f," - -: lv A. - '-.kk .-J' 1 N'-. la" J" v 1, V xl Jv, -..., I li r' - K T - N i,if"":Q!' :. 1 , . E. - ' - ' , v 1:,?Mt+.:., . V ' M " ,iw -5.-'fisiawzv - " ,vzzx ' A mn. "H L J: ' A f , Q-vii "ffiL3'?-fli ,Qi f ,. . , ,fu . .25 1 :af 4 'if ' -' ., x. .- , ,. - 'bf Q" .-xii 1 ' up 'F pf'-' W4-f" , K-.53 'gi 1 - C.-A-' 175.12-'21, -'Q ,ff -'Qi ig 12 . ,, ,ff-' ' , . 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W ' . : f .ZH-QS3'gjY7fn-', ' " g 3: all' 1 -.mg W Vaapg' 'A . 53: 4 5 E :BQ 1 'fx' wi . 5 ff 1 2 :QS 1 ,' ' f' Ig- . f' . .1-- f , m ' ' ' ' in ' 3' ' f ' Fr- T F-2' 24' 115225, 7 ' ' 1 L 'ESQ ' I 5 : 7, , I 41' 5'. 'fggfij -g 45.512, :L-,saga , , 4' , WWW' I .Nw Q ,-ff' N 'L osx. 'JA .N f ,. ,.:ff... .1 .1 ,fn J ff.. EK 1 115354 . "S-QR: , 7,i.1,.., 'LL' D ,Q - V 4 'W Ve' L. .., ,AQ ', .rf- lfgj-:vz N?,g...:,x .. , - ., , L 4: '. . .V if X if .. max J! ww' 4 gspnrw, a 5115351-" 4136 3,5 2, Ritalin: duff' Nancy Adams Eric Adcock Beth Aderholt William Agee Dianne Aldrich Arlene Alexander Sherry Alverson Vicki Anderson Sharon Andrews Joe Antonio arietta, Faye, Debra, Henriett ,1"" Mike Arbo Denise Atkins Vicki Atkins Joe Bains Debra Baker Marilyn Baldwin Allen Bates Marie Beard J oy Bearden Debra Bell Cindy Blakeney Billy Bottomley Bill Bowlin Regina Boykin Donna Bradley lected C eerleaders Teresa Bradley Diane Brewer Kate Brown Larry Brown Richard Brown Russell Bryant Stanley Buchanan Jackie Burch Kenny Burks Frank Burton Johnny Butera Marlene Caldwell Johnny Canant Jim Cannon Marilyn Caraway ,,., - ...J i' or Six Junior Linda Carper Diane Cates Susan Chabert Wayne Chalmers Ozell Cheatham Debra Clark Ricky Clay David Coan Debra Cobb Eddie Goldsmith Betty Cole Steve Cooley Jean Coward Mike Crapet Peggy Crauswell Debra Creel Dennis Crin Robert Crocker Tommy Crooks Bobby Crosley Peggi Cross Clarence Crump Dennis Crumpton Ronald Crumpton Ray Culver hosen H1 hsteppers Debra Cumbie Larry Davenport Bill Davis Don Davis Jedcli Davis Sandra Davis Willie Dawson Janice Day Gail Deaton Carlos DeCubas Gerald Dejohn Mike Dempsey Rita DiGiorgio Candy Duck Randall Dunn Glenda Earwood Betty Edgil Janice Edwards Mark Elliott Peggy Elliott Bruce Enloe Rita Erazmus Pam Erickson Karen Erwin Bruce Evans F ive Juniors e ected t Suzy Evers Cheryl Fairley Jimmy Falls John Farrell Bobby F ayet Marilyn Ferry Marilyn Fields Renae Fisher Faye Freeman Kaye Freeman Doris Fuller Gary Garner Tricia George Tim Gierke Rhonda Gilbert e Bank Board Mal Giles Linda Glass Vicki Glenn Nella Globetti Debbie Goolsby Mike Greenlee Monica Gribbon Linda Guetschoff Susan Hall David Hamilton Sandra Hammond Bill Hand Gary Harp Sandra Harper Connie Harris Mark Hart Linda Harvell Mike Hassell Billy Harley David Henderson 1 Kitty Hawes Deborah Hill Donna Hill Samuetta Hill Frankie Hilyer Debra, Glenda, and Suzy ar Richard Hindman Brenda Hobbs Lee Hollingsworth Johnny Hollis Paul Hooker Bruce Home Nancy Hudgins Tommy Huey Karen Hulslander Faith Hunt John Imhof Jimmie Ippolito Sherry Irvin Brenda Jackson Joe Jackson OTC Sponsors Cindy James Eddie J eely Chuck Johnson James Johnson Philip Johnson Walker Johnson Ben Jones Patty Jones Susan Jones Linda Kassaw Steve Kelly Kathy Kendricks Jacki Kerins Lew Kirk Patti Kirk nv' Juniors contribute ideas an Sheryl Kirk Laurantine Kirkland Margaret Kneisley Joan Knight Twila Knowles Marilyn Kopp Earl Kreider Judi Kreidler Carl Kreps Rhonda Kulp Paul Lawson Ricky Lawson David Lawrence Ann Lee Cathie Lee Gary Lee Philip Leon Donna Lewis Jimmy Lewis Shirley Lewis Ronald Loggins Tim Lovelady Rodger Lowry Kyle Lusk Doug MacMurdo fforts to THE YELLOW JACKET KAREN ERWIN-Marshall Captain Linda Malone Phyllis Marino Jimmy Martin JoAnn Martin Rickey Martin Vilinda Maxwell There are fiv Randy Mayfield Cheryl Mays Mike McArd1e Linda McClain Donna McC1endon Rita McCorstin Becky McCrary Dennis McCrary Larry McCravy Paula McCu1ley Bill McDonald Tommy McIntosh Diane McKinney Linda McMahon Marion McNee1 Clem McWhorter David Merkl Gwen Mewbourne Danny Miles James Miller Janet Miller Arthur Mitchell Linda Mitchell Sharon Mitchell Jane Mize unior Majorettes Marietta is chosen Junior Favorite Linda Mize Stephanie Moore Tom Moore Juniors contribute idea Johnny Mooney Leon Moore Richard Morgan Beverly Morgan David Moss Donna Muir Samuel Mullins Van Neff Kathy Nelms Susan Newsome , Sharon Newton Linda Nobles Mike O'Brien Bill O'De11 Mary Jane Olander AJ nun SRSMVY I , Qtnsai Mslaw 82 Yolanda Oliver Parn Overton Butch Owens Connie Owens Wanda Owens Doris Parker Tina Parr Nina Parrott LaVince Pati11o Carl Peacock nd efforts to The Jacket Mark Hart experiences the "joy" of Ushers Club Initiation, Debra Pender Linda Penick Cheryl Perkins Junior Y-Teens participat V Ef,,fff+':gsza3aw ' " if' 57" "5 'W .L ,. ri. Si ' rr H4 3 gf 'P . .. ., F N , W ,fi . in ,- ,..f-wrt. uf-' 'w5.,.:::t!-ng:-:lieu Jfiwtr .3 Debbie Perkins Gracie Petelos Tony Petelos Thelma Peters Jeff Phillips Charles Piazzo Janet Pierce Johnny Plan Sundra Plunkett Susan Plunkett Judi Poer Carolyn Pope George Postell Linda Prince Patricia Pritchett Marietta Puccio Pam Purvis Sandra Rackley Donna Radford Angie Ray Arthur Ray Debra Ray Patty Reach Rena Redus Tommy Reed ll Homecomin Parade Sharon Andrews - Y -Teen I, C, C, Officer Don Reeve L1n Re1d Danny Relnhardt ' f"JW"' Karen Rhodes Becky Rice Patsy Riley Becky Robbins Jane Roton Dan Rowell Jim Roycroft Desma Russell Sammy Russo Denise Saulters Juniors contribute their tim Donna McClendor1 is a Color Guard. Steve Savincki Donna Scatura Sherry Schroeder Brenda Serio Susan Sheppard Linda Shoemaker Steve Shook Mark Slye Ridley Smart Ken Smith Marilyn Smith Paula Smith nd efforts to EHS Rebecca McCrary as "Mer1in" in Camelot. Sharon Smith Susan Smith J 'Z .4 Q 5 'SY' im 'S SAS 2 f at Q yt X H aig! QQ - , if WIS, 353 -Q r . fr ff ' W fifgifrgir 1: Juniors show Spirit a Arnella Snow Toni Spanos Randy Spencer Geraldine Spicer Randy Srofe Nancy Staggs Sharon Stephens Norman Stokes Ann Stone Lamont Strong Rebecca Teat Terry Theros Catherine Thomas Rossiline Thomaf Sharon Thomas Lindsey Thompson Margaret Tillery Mary Tillery Donald Tucker David Tornbrello Ricky Trotrnan Tim Tucker Bob Tuberville Joe Varner Carol Vaughn ep Rallies Tommy Mcintosh - Football Manager Frances Vizzinia Ann Wailes Belinda Walker lf"""""?,,,..,.,N,,,W John Walker Gayla Wallace Ronald Wallace Jim Wallis Diane Ward Christine Watts Gary Webber Betty Wells Steve Wheeler Henrietta White Juniors Give Their Tim Sharon, Ronald, and Rebecca - Junior members of Debate team, Ricky White Rusti White Karen Whitfield Mary Jo Williams Steve Williams Darlene Willard Charles Wolfe Brett Wood Patricia Woodall Cecilia Woods Mike Wray Carol Yeager Gary Young 0 Make EHS Even Greater Bobby Zales Mary Jo Zito 19'-., Many Juniors are marshals during their study periods. Juniors gain knowledge through an advanced English class. Junior Session Room Presidents FIRST ROW: Linda Guetschoff, Donna Muir, Debra Creel, SECOND ROW: Marietta Puccio, Henrietta White, Eric Adcock THIRD ROW: Randy Mayfield, Tim Lovelady, Jimmy Ippolito, Walker Johnson. Sophomores - 3, ALI ,ZMZZZ-,, fxifi . ,. - f --'fam .f - 'I' 'K'E'5?!5f'a. ,fwrvw ,N .. . -V ,M -'z-71.-'J . .-f" ' 1-:-my ,f- - H '---wma .' "sf-f' - 1 , ' Q "'-- "'.1w"i 'kgs ,z ,.-' . 'Vvmkm -f' .,..vr,Qy2f.. ., ,fr ., 5 ' iTfM:q?SQ2x: 54" . ','5h?,x 'ff-Q, .f--- . --3-:?3:. ' ,..?wk..-.,,, is-,S .-,,.f9f:,,,k '-21.1131 Nw, if-" , n '.-ww, -"Wm: A . P ' ,ff-f'f+, "SP-G". ' Qfffff - --eff L"f1:f??e, Af ,f ,Q fi-ies-'-L-QW?-img' 'Ai-lr?25-, y ,ff -M9-'vnif-mf" .- - Wrfalffm. - -'mf'-' - . 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Ky, X Q-,Q X-.,,g, 4.-,a ,.'r'3,Qt4-gf' ,4g:gpfgAr.fzf','-P' .-P 49 :fs-45 w'.1Q4,.i.q . , ,,.g-g.- ,w-::..:,:'f-'-' ,.- ,- -'y : f- -,:,.,,, - .- 442' .uzmicvfflf-" fs -fu ',.f1if.5-2:15-,'1f ' 94:4- '- ,Q::i?i5S?f.ff' jf? 5 -xffyi-5 fgguwzfx fy . I ?-5 fef Q- 1: ass' HE, u .QA-1,'rzM 13 up .f" ,1,-,--K-gblwifgffzmF41'---157' hu- ..p.- 5 !,.- . f-:rf :ggi ,.-11g3.,f,c,-.L.gw-- , 2, 'jaw jf-ifF"' ij ig" xii., 'ffci-:'!,-rr::'.-'arg-. , vm- Q. ff' ' .1 '-2 -- ' "f-n-:..- .- ' ' ' 'V ' ... -""'7f'1 ,4 ' ur R93 fhervslrasxs-12:b...-vw .- .v . '- , M-Mi' 35 5 22 S F9 .--' , I 11- ' -." .J , ' Mgziii,-QF' - ,Fx 5 " Q ws- f f, f ,. WE 5 2 . If QE? 1 3 f-f ,' ' 1 , V.-.,--gyu '11, 3 iv: iii" 5 .7-'-ff, if Q 1 1 ff: 1 '- 'f :A-V: - si ,g , 4 :V f 'K 1- RF: : rf -1 f' ' 641- 2 a. , L in mi s 's - .J F- - H-4. a E: ,, ,uw .r Life Q :fy -4 44 11 1-. -W 3-7 .,-"'j.s'!2'5. E-QV!! 55 5- f ,A-:1:-,-'Use EJ Qu 2 :av 52 ,-,W " ' ?mj rEg '5 Qfiljg 1 rf ,J 1' wf 'f1?.. 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Ricky Greene Ion Greenlee Patricia Gregory Cindy Grinstead Jerry Haddox Marina Hall Stephanie Hargett Mike Harbor Ronald Harper Debbie Harris Rose Harris Denise Harig David Hawkins Don Hawsey Jo-Lane Headley Don Heatherly Martha Hester Patsy Hicks Steve Hicks Beverly Hill Nancy Hill Donald Hobbs Patti Hope Larry Hopkins Charlotte Horne Dwight Horton Marjorie Horton Sheila Horton John Hoskin Jannette Howell Patricia Howell Lanese Huckeba gk Harriet Hutchins Kip Irvin Lucette Jackson Terry Jett Debbie Johnson Larry Johnson Randy Johnson Pam Johns Anita Jones Cathy Jones Ginny Jones Jennifer Jones Venitta Jones Lee Kelly James Kent Robert Kinzinger Mike Kirkland Sam Kurtts Party Land Karen Landers Toni LaRussa Don Lay Danny Lee Rudolph Lee Carol Lenoir Diane Lewis Marguerite Lewis Denise Lindbergh Linda Gilbert and Randy West are sophomores on the Yellow Jacket staff. Robert Lovett Vincent Lovetto Kathy Lumpkin Sharon Lynch Billy Lytle Carl Lytle Doug Malloch Lisa Malone Earl Logan Mary Lorino Paul Lorino , You Steve Manley Vicki Manzella Susan Martin Wayne Mashburn Jean McAna11y Alan McCa1eb Raymond McCown keg? Jggfpe fa' was Xia '5 x X FF Af ,-61 is N I o n . Q .,.. .,,.V.,L, ,..- K Q Q 04 Brenda Williams is a sophomore majorette, - U " ' 551353312 M535fafffffizfff' "J " ' wife: v ' 'ffm .i fL,,ism kv , y M Q X Bob McCrary Frank McCrary Mary Ann McCullough Wanda McDaniel Terrye McGinnis Kevin McG1augh1in Dianne McMeekin Don McNabb Terri McTaggart Vivian Meadows Dianna Mims Steve Moon Lynn Moon Meg Mooney Paul Moore Beth Miller Dixie Miller Paul Miller Joseph Miller Julia Miller Gene Mitchell Terry Morrison Rod Moss Gary Mullins john Musgrove Larry Myers Richard Nelson Sam Neugent Johnie Newman Jane Norton Mike O'Berry Mike O'Byrne ' N A . ,, , , . if v,w,f5gfg.s,3,fg ., in aeerfffz -Qffisfgfzfiffyg' . 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W 5iV3F'f?ff'1"e -' H . -4 L I07 Gary Rothe Mike Russell Patricia Salord Danny Roberts Ed Roberts Susan Ronilo Jimmy Roper Sophomores on parade. 1 S is M- diiffwerz vfmskbqiwg, ,gg-V .. 5 , fegQ,grs,M3t:., Ego f 1 X' I ' wr Danny Schultz Kenneth Seales Zande Sellers Jim Settle Andrew Shears Jan Sims Mike Sims Curtis Smith Kathy Smith Terry Smith Frada Sneed Curtis Snow Pam Snow Gerald Stephens Libby Stephens Charlotte Stew art Sharon Stribling Lou Ann Suell Libby Taylor Melissa Thies Georgia Thompson Regina Thompson Bill Timmons Marlena Tinker Tommy Tortorice Joe Troncale Ricky Tyler Linda Vanstrum Donna Vaugrm Diane Veasey Becky Vernon Leon Vetrano ,, , ' ' 7-"?ffj.fe : iff? 4 ' 'fig f J t ' if r . g i , M p, 2af,',r.er,.a.:z,wffm - fe in ,,, ,,.,,.1,. , ..,, . . as rl 1 -aff, ta.'1.f2 f 4 T 23 F 'Ml 45 t 'V ,v Nia? ,ug f v f 14,3 fir it ily 5 1 ,,,g,gma I Q 5 . ffl: 'j fx I if .K 'V r i -4' 4aifw !a ,, 1 H l r we-BBW ,Wiz ,Q VW ff F5 lpn... 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' f ' ' if! 'mfg' 1 45517 f A ,r,,,, , ' s Wayne Casey Debra Cates Gail Chance Cherly Cheatham Sam Childers John Churchill Geri Ciulla Wayne Clark Frank Cleveland Jimmy Colbern Janet Coleman Mike Collett George, Wiles, Booker, Huff lead the Baby Jackets. Tiajuana Conwell Sandy Crain Mike Crawford Carol Creel Lauretta Creel Roger Crossley Mark Crumpton David Cumbie Becky Davis II6 Frances Duvall David Earnest Carl Eastis David Elliot Steve Ellis Tim Enloe Lee Etheredge Gwen Evans Betty Farris Debbie Fix George Flack Jan Fleet Jane Davis Larae Dawson John Defnall Mike Delohn Mike DeLeonardo Craig Dellinger Pat Dempsey Carol Dietz Cathy Dobson Deborah Dolbeare Loretta Duke Linda Dumas Kenneth Grays Julie Green Delores Gribbon Joey Griffin Kay Glazan David Grumm Sherry Haddox Vera Hamilton Michael Hammock Vickey Hammond Wayne Harbin Vickie Harbour Joyce Fleming Pam Flowers Ann Foreman Lynn Forman David Gallagher Michelle Gamble Jan Garener Joni Garmon Greg George Terry Gibson Patsy Gilbreath Laura Gilliam Steve Glass Joel Glaze Jeffrey Goodwin Kathy Gooldrup Billie Gray Cheryl Gray Brenda Harden John Harden Vicki Harden Alan Haggan Phillip Harris Tommy Harris Joel Hatcher Sandy Hatton Clarence Hawsey Ben Hayley Mike Head Warren Herring Patricia Hicks Ronnie Hicks Connie Higdon Sandra Higgins Mike Hinch Debbie Hinkle Betty Hodge Hycentha Hodge David Holden Lorenzo Hollis Vicki Holt Martha Horton Danny Howard Carla Howton Ridgy Hoyle Paul Huckebee Barry Huff Mark Humphrey Kenneth Johnson Debbie Jones Greg Jones Jerry Jones Ricky Jones Pam Jones Roslyn Jones Diane Jordon Joe Juliano Jim Kallaher Elaine Kendrick David Kenerley Elizabeth Hunter Earnie Hunter Chuck Hurliman Rita Hyche Dorothy Imhof Barbara Ingram Robert Ingram Hilda Jackson Bruce Jenkins J an Johnson Candy Latham David Lee Denise Lee Terry Lee Fran Leon Donna Levels Chris Little Leigh Logan Linda Logan Sherry Lokey Annette Kennedy Karen Kennedy Doug Key John Killian Yvonne Kirk Ronald Kirkpatrick Cecil Knight Rob Kurtis Christina LaRussa tx bfvi Freshmen participate in Homecoming Parade Mary E. Lucia Janet Ludolph Andrea Lusk Kevin Mahoney Janet Marino Judy Marlin Scott Marlow Steve Marlow Greg Maze Julie McBride Robbie McBride Dan McCrary Everyone enjoys Pep Rallies. Lisa McCutchen Mark McCutchen Perry McDaniel Jimmy McNarnee Vicki Medlock Chuck Metcalf Duane Miller Bruce Millsap Charles Mitchell Shirley Naro Anna Nash Charece Neighbors Carolyn Nelems David Nelms Richard Neumann Buffy Norris Rusty Oliver Peggy O'Neal Jan Owens Gary Parker Connie Parkin John Mitchell Randy Mize Kitty Mooney Jennice Moore Laquetta Moore Mary Clair Morgan Danny Morrow J an Muir Debra Musgrove Donna Margrove Steve Porter A1 Potts Greg Prestage Jimmy Preston Terry Prison Al Pruitt Jeannene Purvis Marilyn Quinn James Randolph Danny Rary Susan Pate Charlesetta Pattilla Rhonda Patton Zandra Payton Lorretta Penick Joan Pennington Danny Perkins Steve Perkins Sylinda Peterson Terrell Philen Josephine Piazza Robert Pierce Debbie Pike Dennis Pike Dennis Plan Kathy Poer Steve Poer Craig Porter Steve Rauch Marla Rawlinson Donna Ray Kathy Ray Vicki Ray Eddie Raymond David Reach Cathy Reed Sue Ann Reynolds Sheila Rice Jo Beth Riddle David Rogers Ricky Rogers Carol Rosser Catl y Rowe J. B. Rowser Teresa Roycroft Peggy Russell Phillip Russell Ken Salter Johnny Sandford Michael Saulters Vicki Sawls Betsy Sawyer Terry Scalisi Ricky Scott Sally Scott Sara Serio Andy Sheppard Bebe Simonetti David Snow Elizabeth Snow Gladys Spicer Donna Stack James Stack Gary Starnes Carolyn Stephens Karen Stew art Mike Stewart Freddie Stone I an Storey Irisse Stovall Gilda Singleton Brenda Smith Debbie Smith Leigh smith Robbin Smith Steven Smith Thomas Smith Walter Smith William Smith Donna Snider Joe Tidwell John Tillary Jerry Tinker Harry Tortorice Wanda Tracy Ken Trotman Ken Trucks Teresa Tucker Pat Tullass Charles Turberville Johnny Strength Alan Stuart Paula Swindle Charles Thomas Chester Thomas Sandy Thompson Charlotte Thorn Cindy Thorton Jean Thrasher J ,, F ,GRP H ,,gf5,g5, 1 Qi K gf Freshmen display school spirit by decorating bulletin boards. Linda VonHage1 Tim Wadsworth Beth Walker David Walker Renee Walker David Wall Mike Ware Debbie Wasley Terry Watkins Steve Watts Berry Whatley Karen Wideman Ronnie Young Sharon Zales Anthony Zito Walter Norton Tommy Wiles Debra Williams Diane Williams Kelly Williams Sharon Williams Micki Williamson Debra Wilson Robert Wilson I an Wix Bill Woodall Cathy Woods Ricky Woods Terrie Woods Steve Wray Kevin Young FRESHMAN SESSION ROOM PRESIDENTS FIRST ROW: Scott Marlow, Wayne Clark, Ken Trotman. SECOND ROW: Kathy Poer, Debbie Hinkle, Karen Widernan. THIRD ROW: Vicki Harden, Ricky Rogers, Barry Huff A C fl Vines iit, .agp -'-sa. rpg ww my 'wl :ug is . 45, X 1 XX 4 1- Fx' -Ffh"--.A 'A x 'wifi-57 -' 'sim .5 X ,ufgfgxf . iw ff. - H St gf'-gg-gyh 'iq' I X " 1 .Q 4 , -4 U x EEA, 'N Sig. "NW 4 122552 rf gilgf ww.-3. N myp,-' , ,, . '14-L .ff 4- , ,g. xl . rgxg Q, H 1 Q1 " - 5'-Q, X 4-A 5 -95:1-L-4 ,A in , ,r K : - " 1-5' . -' 5991-,. 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H111 R I-Iarrrs ROW3 D Dawkrns A Wrrght L ONea1 V Coleman J Davls President: MARK SLYE Vice-President: DORIS FULLER Secretary: RHONDA KULP Treasurer: CINDY ROBERTS I 78 esidenrg BECCA MCCRARY ice-Presiden ILLY JOE WHITFIELD cretary: N BAGWELL IE3Slll.'CI': 'AROL BRA DY haplain: AV ID HENDERSON 1 l l Language Lab Assistants ROW 1: R. Wallace, J. Davis. ROW 2: N. Brawley, R. Young. ROW 3: E. Olvey, B. Whitfield. ROW 4: B. Owens, D. Henderson. Sponsor: MISS HORTENS TEIN Latin. Club ROW 1: M.A. McCullough, P. Riley, E. Graves, J. Bagwell, D. Miles, R. Bryant, B.J. Whitfield, G. Waters ROW 2: M, Kneisley, K. Lumpkin, S, Falls, D. Henderson, N, Brawley, P. Glover, L. Gaines, D. Bagwell, G. Earwood. ROW 3: S. Weeks, S. Plunkett, D. Goodner, R. Wallace, J. Butera, R. McCrary, D. Williams, D. Downs, J. O'Neal, B. Bottomley, E. Olvey. President: DEBORAH ILLIAM Vice -President KATHLEEN HARRIS Secretary 1 CARLA HOEHN Treasurer: BOBBY NEWTON Math MRZFOK-:ms President: ANNE PROPST Vice -Presid ent: PEGGY ELLIOT Secretary: SUZANNE DOWNE Treasurer: WARREN HENDON Sponsor: MISS JOHNSON President: DAVID RANCOT Vice -Presiden tg SHARON KINNEY Secretary: BONNIE MYERS Treasurer: WOODY HERRING 1 .,., U " if? . . T112 lil' A A Sponsor: MRS, WARD l8I . ,--m.....NM-A-"'-" ROW l: Mrs. Merrell, B. Weeks D Tyler W Owens P Storey P Purvis D Lewis ROW 2: O, Oliver, C, Williams A Jones, J Daniels ROW3 P DAVIS E Goldsmith D Russell S Haddox, S, Pettis, P. Croswell R. Bridges, P, Gilmore, B, Ford, D, Hollifield, E. Pis sanos. President: DEBORAH HOLLIFHSLD Vice -President: PAT RICIA GILM ORE Secretary 1 EDNA PISSANOS Treasurer: MARCELLA CREEL Sponsor: MISS TILL 82 ,.,,.....--F A Red Cross ROW 1: D, Ward, D. Bell, T, Spanos, C, Ward, M. Fisher. ROW 2: S, Gray, Z, Bryant, S, Perry, R. Fisher, President: T ONI SPAN OS Vice -P res ident: DEBRA BELL Secretary: CYNTHIA WARD Treasurer: METTA FAYE F13 HER Chaplain: DIANNE WARD T, Peters, G. Vail, C, Watts, S, Moore, D, Cumbie, B, Pikes, ROW 3: B. Walker, B. Jones, E. Pettus, D. SPOUSOFI 1 MRS, LYNN Weaver, P, Garrett, B, Fields, S, Hill, D, Banker, B, Robbins, C, Blakeney, ROW 4: N, Parkin, V. G enn, P, McCray, B. Matthews, L. Kirkland, R, Boykin, F, Penicle, D, Davis, D. Hill, H. Hodges, Future Homemakers T Mrs. Watson, C. Egger, D, Ransom, P, Wells, S, Neuman, L. Prince, R, Grurnm, President: SANDRA NEUMAN Vice-President: LINDA PRINCE Secretary: PATRICIA WELLS Treasurer: RHODA GRUMM Chaplain: JAYNE SCHRIMSI-IER Sponsor: MRS. WATSON i i ix 2195.-.19 x 331.-ar Q 6 .e W A M. X . 1' 3'3 ff,s1:?fx? ,MQ ,Qi 2 , ., V A 'I' f wx WSE? "' , T "Fe Q, " 2 ., 2 .., if f, ' ' , C Q? S . in . is . N F .W ,L IRHNAMQK .mm -B 1 Sify , friki' -. , 11, , QC QQ 'K "' NWN :Fm www Q 'KX Q ' I h M, at ,fab cv es I H ' Q ki k . 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Romano, C, Tornbrello, J, Argo, M, Hassell, W, Chalmers, R, Crurnpton, I, Tortorice, A, Pardy, J, Lovetto, C, Peacock, J. Lovett, B, Crosley, J, McQueen, C, Krepps, S. Moon, A. Ray, R. Bousack, S, Milazzo, J, Green, Boys 9 Voca RQW 1: VB, Cagle, V, Lovetto, F, Jeeley, B, Andrews, I. Newman. ROW 2: L, Ethridge, B. Whatley, F. Mc- Crary, D, Hawkins, C, Piazza, F, Crooks, ROW 3: R, Lokey, M, Flynn, J, Hoslin, J, Walker, R. Pressley, R, Barnett, ROW 4: R. Rowell, T. Anderson, T. Thomason, D. Malloch, T, Templin, R, Flynn, K, Fikes, M, Tar rant, R. Rogers. Z W4, President: HOWELL SIMMONS Vice -President: PAM GILBREAT H Secret ary: CAROL HAN LIN Treasurer: DONNA WOOD Program Chairman: MARILYN FIELDS L fic Club T verton, C. Adams, C, Perkins, ROW 2: S. Nailen, S, Pennington, R, Smith, H. Simmons, L, Carroll, ROW 3: N. Rogers, S, Miller, C, Binford, S. Burks, C. Duck, P, Gilbreath, D. George, ROW 41 M, Fields, D, Wood, B, Hand, G, Horton, S. Barton, I. Day. G ' Z 9 V l ROW 1: C, Hamlin, P, O N ROW 1: M, Horton, C, Thomas, S, Howard, I Thrasher B Vemon D Mims G Chance J Wri ht . , . , . , . , . g . ROW 2: M, Beard, D, Vaughn, B. Fikes, J, Shropshire, C, Ozley, L, Malone, J, Sims, S, Dickerson, J. McNally, K, Chadick, D. Butts, M. Lewis. ROW 3: A, O'Nea1, B. Miller, K. Landers, R, Thompson, M. Davis, S, Rackley, F. Vizzinia, J. Jones, B. Cobern, C, Goolsby, 'B. Walker, R. Berry, S. Sheppard, T, LaRussa, D. Robbirds. ROW 4: D, Gardner, J, Bearden, N. Parrott, P, Johns, K, Erwin, D, Harris, D, Averyt, L, Harris, C, E er, V. Wils P H 11 Land, S. Butler. gg on, , owe , S, Lynch, M, Tillery, R. McBride, D.. Chandler, P S336 S 0 59,9 my V9 , Q. .S Q! LJ 5 z 18' ,L f 3 N RN , L f , . 5 .. Q-sei ,f Cheerleaders boost spirit at pep rallies, CINDY WAGGONER - Head Cheerleader I NDY GQNY' WAG Head IND A CARROLL A YK M GILBRE-A1 LISA CATALX S Ay N DEBRA PENDE A E FREEM pd? so T1 RAWLIN 6' YK O ENRIETTA W x Co ARIETTA PU X19 I 47 Q' fr 1 w J 1 .mv-W 13, v A , J' ,?mP H st ,jf 35, r 1 1 1 B A 1 R 1 v 'Y Q I , J ..,. mf i , ,M 'WI 1 Q 1 1 Q M4 Y aww -1 1 Q ll 4 ' X paw' E r i r r 1 1 2 S4 W ,,,, , mi mi . fir!! :Aff 54, Tak. 1 fmwwmwiwwwwfww ff-f fav ,W,j.3 - 2 l,1 , 1. J 1' wzaxzawxzg ' ggwwewwwwwn pm . E Cabinet lst ROW C1-rj: Janice Potts, Ed Cater, Ricky Benson, Sandra Ciulla, '2nd ROW: Panda Patton, Billy Petelos, Lisa Catalina, Carol Hanlin, Jay Juliano, Donna Wood, Guy Horton lst ROW fl-rj: Ken Trotman, Barry Huff, Scott Marlowe, Ricky Rogers, Wayne Clark, Sam Alfano, Karen Krider, Kathy Poer, 2nd ROW: Randy Mayfield, Henrietta White, Tim Lovelady, Eric Adcock, Iimmy Ippolita, Linda Guetschoff, Donna Muir, Marietta Puccio, Walker Iohnson. Brd ROW: Jack DiBenedetto, Paul Lorino, Andy Graffeo, David Patton, Glen Bevis, Ed Roberts, Lisa Bragen, Ginny Jones, Sherry Cunningham, Greg Waters, Martha Hester, 4th ROW: Gary Lester, Bobby Newton, Bill Scott, Pam Gilbreath, Nan Hannah, Donna Wood, Jim Downing, Lisa Catalina. Sth ROW: Ricky Benson, Jay Iuliano, Billy Petelos, Sandra Ciulla, fanice Potts, Panda Patton, Carol Hanlin, Ed Cater, 6th ROW: Cindy Waggener, Miss Bankston, Mitchell Poer, Linda Carroll, I49 SILLIEST Donna Brady and Ozzie Ingram BEST ALL AROUND Cindy Waggener and I ay Juhano MOST COURTEOUS Sharon Greer and Donny Lenoir ZQM0 MOST DEPENDABLE Virginia Mitchell and Ed Cater MOST OUTSTANDING Lisa Catalina and Woody Herring FRIENDLIEST Sandy Neuman and Jim Downing MOST TALENTED Carole Binford and Steve Pennington WITTIEST Jean Middleton and Howell Simmons MOST ATHLETIC Fay Farmer and Jack Carter BEST PERSONALITY Sandra Ciulla and Guy Horton COOLEST Janice Potts and Terry Templin CU TEST COUPLE PRETTIEST - MOST HANDSOME Carol Hamlin and Ed Cater Denise Price and Ronald Rowell MOST TALKATIVE Janet Henson and Eddie Proffitt MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED MOST POPULAR Pam Gilbreadm and Mitchell Poer Carla Hoehn and Dennis Williams BEST DRESSED QUIETEST Linda Cal-T011 and Ricky Benson Wanda Samson and Eddie Hendrlcks I 2 X lx X L ,N N -f tr- 24 in 1 it .lf 5 ,- 3 ' 4' Q- Q iii W Q 'W G? fi N 3? 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Matthew Seales, Glenn Cox, and Dennis Williams are NMSQT finalists, 24 girls are represented in the Miss Ensley Contest. Jack Carter and Ed Cater represented Ensley at Boys' State. ,,,,,,.......---- Cindy Brock won district award for Freedom 's Challenge Oratorical Contest. I65 '-uf - . l?x1""- Y 7.-1 .ww " 'via 'I i if .MA i f1Mf' ,fx .LL U V-.1 nffzgwggsfi! t-i1E lL,,A .1,,,. L 1 3 , , se 4 x I It I-A ,ksiy 'gwh ' , ,gut K xiii' E M w,,,, ff up It PM El fn ' nb 02" 'r , ,-1 .,. K, ,, 1 M mf. fy! , fi1?gf.5?:fi 1 'QI -.rimf U2 QjiT .il iff .ii U, , 311, M , f'M 06' R I ' S L ' ' D-H! - l x :r., li K Q . ..,L, ki Qgaad Ng 34+ 5 i f A as Q 'vm '?'53?2 . 'Qa- ,Q4 ,mi ,Qi 5,! S5 , K La i mfr.. , 'f ,J. :YW ,. 43 ., -. na' , ,,339g'f,f?i W 'Fw' -M vqqggtv- Q , 10 ti ff DI 1 1 5: 1 I TW A ,,,.,.,,fx fm. Vffmx ..,,,Z,, +V", Q. r 4 'vm-fi.-L' -X N:-Q Q P f i-52 ., .Ally V ' -Y' HI ni'-S 3 ai h ai ,, if sits " ha M , 59 'V NN UAZ and siyiislifflrsfwi les STAFF 5 'Q ' f A f MR. 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Hubbard, 3- Chabeff, B- Morgan. E- Cater. ROW 3: G- HOFIOH. R. McCrary, P. Behee, S. Alverson, J. Carter. I72 sr' President: JANICE HUBBARD Vice President: ED CATER CaShiC1': GUY HORTON Assistant Cashier: JANICE POTTS . A ..:kl President: STEVE COOLEY Vice-President: CINDY WAGGONER Secretary: CAROL VAUGHN Sponsor: MRS . BLACK Teens or Christ ROW 1: H. White, L. Carroll, L. Catalina, D. George, D, Terry, S. Cooley, C. Waggener, C. Vaughn, D. Pender, F, Freeman, Mrs, Black. ROW 2: L, Guetschoff, S. Wilson, V. Fuller, S. Evers, N, Staggs, D. Lewis, S, Miller, D, Price, N, Hill, L, Malone, R. DeRamus, D, Imhol. ROW 3: S, Greer, N. Rogers L, Carpet, L, Gilbert, D, Clark, D, Ferell, S, Steviart, D, Atkins, I, Martin, S, Alverson, I, Potts, ROW 4: M. Poe, O. Ingram, S, Kinney, S, Pennington, B. Newman, L. Agnesia, J, Tornbrello, B, Nichols, N. Hannah, D, Hill, ,B. Cobern, P, Patterson, Future Physicians W. Bates, E. Prisse, I. Barden, S, Cunningham, W, Sanson, P, DuPriest, M, Horton, P, Riley President: PATSY RILEY Vice-President: JOHN BARDEN Secretary: SUE CUNNINGHAM Treasurer: PHYLLIS DUPRIEST Chap1ai.n: WAYNE BATES Sponsor: MR, STEELE Doyle as Y- Teens ROW l: I. Rollins, J. Hubbard, L. Agnesia, J. Middleton, J. Sherrill, J. Ricks. ROW 2: S. Wilson, V. Fuller, M. Mays, S. Giles, N. Rogers, G, Deaton, K. Pinkerton, V. Ball, J. Martin, D. Clark.. D. Cobb ROW 3: B. Fikes, K. Mays, N. Adams, B. Morgan, D. Atkins, J. Ritter, D. Lewis, S. Gregory, R. Grumm, B. Rice, S. Alverson, K. Nelms, P. Pritchett, D. Weaver. ROW 4: S. Hill, G. Vail, J. Stevenson,'D. Hill, D. Schroeder, P. Gilmore, M. Fisher, C. Thomas, S. Sawls, A. Lee. Barton is Y- Teens ROW l: L. Huckeba, L. Bragan, J. Reach, G. Jones, S. Malone, S. Winestein, D. Powell, C. Brock. ROW 2: M.A. Aldridge, P. Salord, R. Thompson, R. Deramus, D. Reeder, C. Crumpton, K. Chadick, M. Hester, N. Plant. ROW 3: D, Driskill, J. Snow, I. Clark, L. Beasley, S. Butler, S. Lynch, B. Preston, M. Williamson, B. Davis, B, Cain. ROW 4: I. Sirris, P. Hicks, V. Meadows, V. Ray, I. Fleming, S. Baker, P. Atkins, S. Crain, K. Wydeman, A. Bekane. ROW 5: K. Poer, J, Muir, E. Kendrick, K, Ray, I. Johnson, R. Patton, D. Jordan, L. VonHagle, M. Askew, P. Flowers, D. Wasley, , , . . f . - . f g. 1. ,E,,,.,,,.1,ki,,,,E,,My . . - , . . . . . , ,-.....,.-5 .mf ...,i,..:., gf? I E5'3TlSr'i?rl3.i1F53R: .?5Ex',i1 I. S 1' 'V' President: JANET ROLLINS Vice -President: J AN SHERRILL Secretary: LINDA AGNESIA Treasurer: JANICE HUBBARD Chaplain: JEAN MIDDLETON ,iortiil ' .. 1 .TIF I ..e.eril ,I ' ..'iJ, f .. SI: in v I W i, it V 1 . ' 1 .I s, ' Sponsor: MISS DOYLE President: LANESE HUCKEBA Vice -President: LISA BRAGAN Secretary: I OELLA REACH Treasurer: LISA MALON E Chaplain: GIN NY JONES 1 I 5 f' X 11 L ' v .-- . 'E' I A .if ' ,V "fr W f ,wg Sponsor: MISS BARTON President: IO ANN TOMBRELLO Vice -Presid ent: SHARON ANDREWS Secretary: IANICE DAY Treasurer: LINDA GRIFFIN Chaplain: KAREN ERWIN Sponsor: MRS, SHEETZ President: CHARLOTTE HORN Vice -President: DIANE GOODNE R Secretary : SUSAN FALLS TIGBSLITCITZ ,BECKY COBERN Chaplain: DENISE HARIG Sponsor: MRS, GOODWIN S heetz Y- Teens ROW 1: J, Tombrello, S, Andrews, L, Griffin, J, Day, P. Overton, S, Stevens, ROW 2: D. Saulters, L, Goodner, S, Mitchell, S, Fairley, S, Smith, D, Muir, S, Evers, K, Hewes, S, Newsom, ROW 3: R. White, C, Woods, K, Erwin, S, Chabert, T, Knowles, A, Ray, C. Vaughn, K, Kendrick, S, Sheppard, L, Guetschoff, P, Marino, N, Staggs, ROW 4: L, Harvell, D, Ellis, P, Christopher, J, Mumpower, D, Bradley, S, Rackley, C, Pope, M, Beard, J, Knight, Goodwin 95 Y- Teens ROW l: J. Freeman, E, Graves, S, Falls, C, Horn, D, Goodner,,B. Cobemy D. Harjlg. ROW 2: C. Black, A, Crapett, T, McGinnis, B, Walker, S, Ronilio, V, Brand, J, McNally, L, Gallon, ROW 3: C, Lenior, V, Peterson, D, Mims, C, Wells, S, Thompson, C, Stevens, L, Gilbert, C, Williams, ROW 4: M. Davis D. Brown, D, Rhodes, D, Musgrove, K, Rowe, K. Kennedy, K, Lumpkin, S, Weeks, T, Woods, l7b Maddox Y- Teens ROW 1: L. Taylor, I, Dickerson, L. Vanstrum, D, Brown, K. Smith, D. Veazey, G, Caldwell, S, Cunning- ham. ROW 2: M. Thies, K. Ray, I. Weston, S. Dickerson, I. Jones, C. Roberts, K. Jones, L. Barrett, R. Frederick, M. Hall. ROW 3: C. Roberts, S. Williams, M. Rawlinson, K. Reid, S. Stribling, T. McTagga.rt, L, Dawson, P, Rawlinson, J, Wyatt, R, Gammill, C. Fuller, D, Ray, D, Smith. ROW 4: J, Headley, J, Purvis K, Mooney, V. Holt, S, Martin, G, Barnes, L. Logan, J, Riddle, S, Scott, L. Stevens, S, Horton, C. Ozley, R. Hyche, P, Howell, Annual Salesrnen President: LIBBY TAYLOR Vice -President: N JAN DICKERSON' Secretary: LINDA VANSTRU Tre asurer: 4 DONNA BROWN h Chaplain: KATHY S MITH S ponsor: MRS. MADDOE ' '2L,,.aI,ff',:1f" r"1g,6R?f,!i?ihn6:EZ':1.1d-www 532 ' 1, K"fz..,fi?V!i'otZ A f r ,,L.If, . FQ,-I ,f,+5xl a,.',6.4cI1 ?fIiiAiH'.i President: JERRY EASON Vice- President: LINDA GUETSCHOFF Secretary: DIANE CATES Treasurer: OZZIE INGRAM Corresponding Secretary: BECKY ROBBINS President: RONALD WALLACE Vice-President: CYNTHIA ELLISON Secretary: KATHY PORTER Treasurer: DIANA BLAKE Chaplain: PAUL HOOKER I nstrumentalist Club ROW 1: Mr. Seagle, N. Brawley, C, Wolfe, R. Preston, R, Wallace, M, Etheridge. ROW 2: C. James, D, Blake, D, Harris, C, Ellison, K, Porter, '77 ROW 11 L. Jackson J Pope C Harms Mrss Howell Sponsor ROW2 Wanda Sansom B Garrett J. Mi11e.r,B. 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President: DEBORAH ILLIAM Vice -President KATHLEEN HARRIS Secret ary : CARLA HOEHN Treasurer: BOBBY NEWTON Math Z U b MRZFOEZTMS President: ANNE PROPST Vice -Ptesid ent: PEGGY ELLIOT Secretary : SUZANNE DW Treasurer: WARREN HENDON Sponsor: MISS JOHNSON President: DAVID RANCOT Vice -President: SHARON KINNEY Secretary: BONNIE MYERS TICBSLIFSI: WOODY HERRING ' f Sponsor: MRS. WARD l8I C' . ...rf-.W-v' ROW 1: Mrs. Merrell, B, Weeks, D. Tyler, W, Owens, P. Storey, P. Purvis, D. Lewis. ROW 2: O. Oliver, C. Williams, A, Jones, J. Daniels. ROW 3: P. Davis, E. Goldsmith, D, Russell, S Haddox, S, Petris, P. Croswell, R. Bridges, P. Gilmore, B. Ford, D. Hollifield, E. Pis- sanos. President: DEBORAH HOLLIFIELD Vice -President: PAT RICIA GILM ORE Secretary: EDNA PISSANOS Treasurer: MARCELLA CREEL Sponsor: MISS TILL I82 Future Teachers Red Cross ROW 1: D, Ward, D, Bell, T, Spanos, C, Ward, M, Fisher, ROW 2: S. Gray, Z. Bryant, S. Perry, R. Fisher, T, Peters, G, Vail, C, Watts, S, Moore, D, Curnbie, B, Fikes, ROW 3: B. Walker, B. Jones, E, Pettus, D. Weaver, P, Garrett, B, Fields, S. Hill, D, Banker, B, Robbins, C, Blakeney, ROW 4: N, Parkin, V, Glenn, P, McCray, B, Matthews, L, Kirkland, R, Boykin, F, Penicle, D, Davis, D. Hill, H, Hodges, President: TONI S PANOS Vice -P resident: DEBRA BELL Secretary: CYNTHIA WARD Treasurer: METTA FAYE FISHER Chaplain: DIANNE WARD Sponsor: MRS, LYNN Future Homemakers Mrs. Watson, C, Egger, D, Ransom, P, Wells, S, Neuman, L, Prince, R, Grumm, President: SANDRA NEUMAN Vice-President: LINDA PRINCE Secretary: PATRICIA WELLS Treasurer: RHODA GRUMM Chaplain: JAYNE SCHRIMSHER Sponsor: MRS, WATSON 1- up i S Q mi, , , W we, . .Q SX TX , , 2 ii i 13. , .5 Q 4 'W wx Y L. M F- 0 Qi W x " 1 2 sk, xv . , . , g K ,Y 1 mm Q . 4 1,2 ff Q wmv G' ' , I A QI 4 - . v '11 'mi 'AV .ex M an 'f i 4, 2, vga V 'RQ f S 05 Qi? .i f I . 2: , A . . o gs ,. 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Newman, ROW 2: L, Ethridge, B, Whatley, F, Mc- Crary, D, Hawkins, C, Piazza, F, Crooks, ROW 3: R, Lokey, M, Flynn, I, Hoslin, J, Walker, R, Pressley, R, Barnett, ROW 4: R, Rowell, T, Anderson, T, Thomason, D. Malloch, T, Templin, R, Flynn, K, Fikes, M, Tar rant, R, Rogers. President: HOWELL SIMMONS Vi ce -Presid ent: PAM GILBREAT H Secret ary: CAROL HANLIN Treasurer: DONNA WOOD Program Chairman: MARILYN FIELDS Lyric Club O ROW 1: C. Hanlin, P. Overton, C, Adams, C. Perkins, ROW 2: S. Nailen, S. Pennington, R, Smith, H, Simmons, L, Carroll, ROW 3: N. Rogers, S. Miller, C. Binford, S. Burks, C, Duck, P, Gilbreath, D. George. ROW 4: M. Fields. D. Wood. B, Hand, G. Horton, S. Barton, I. Day. g irls ' Vocal l l ROW 1: M, Horton, C. Thomas, S, Howard, J, Thrasher, B, Vernon, D. Mims, G, Chance, J. Wright, ROW 2: M, Beard, D, Vaughn, B. Fikes, J, Shropshire, C, Ozley, L. Malone, J, Sims, S. Dickerson, J, McNally, K, Chadick, D, Butts, M. Lewis, ROW 3: A. O'Nea1, B, Miller, K, Landers, R, Thompson, M. Davis, S, Rackley, F. Vizzinia, J. Jones, B, Cobernf C, Goolsby, 'B. Walker, R. Berry, S. Sheppard, T. LaRussa, D, Robbirds, ROW 4: D, Gardner, I, Bearden, N, Parrott, P, Johns, K. Erwin, D. Harris, D, Averyt, L, Harris, C, Egger, V. Wilson, P, Howell, S, Lynch, M. Tillery, R, McBride, D, Chandler, P. Land, S, Butler, 5 as Wa E fa, w Z5 Q - . ss A 5- w 'ab : Q WY 1:45, A 1 -- , V 3. H x vi wi ,, is X, Q A R ,x e 'W' S -if 4 imf ' . , ...wh 2 'E' E ,ft-5,1 2 at --N..,,. Afhlehcs ...M-F o ,n6vpf,Q4g5f., ,113-egg-,A - I G, -is W, H4335 ,x tml .Sq K..-.-f., 'ov qw- ac K 11 A .121 "T1,.GEi"?' wgfsu-S-r fe x X z-V '14-nl' Ln! f S, . i ,W ,ru fu , ,,.-ug, - , .--A 4.1-,'.--11 ,V ' 'wgizf '1iY?1M'fE,' Q,-um ..,,'w,- ,. why., "' 1.1.-, f,. , " I I. . , .-:wtJ'5f1P ---'vagggbzvealf-' ' . " ' '- A -H'1:-'--Sm 57 k e 'lg Z aug, I Wwzbeziaaxvrzf 'N -- ,M 1 .. , ,, 1---' ,. Q -im --r' ,.,,,:-F1- iv 1-15,511 f,-Y -5. -'- 11 Z .Te may is A ge yu-. ef.-. t EK: -:.ff:w:." ,L 43,1 5 , Um- -"-, ' . 42. '1.m'3ySy,15g1z .- fvfiggfg, ., 9 '. u.- . 'ww J ', -r"'?:'2'. E ,,,.. Q 1,1 M 4 'W I f .v - L' Q 1 Q 1 i H up 5, 46 G1 ,, .F r f 'fvff x -.-er' - 'l:,,,. 4,3345 ' 7- fm., Fooiball '69: a iime fo E LE xiii? 1 ABOVE: A bird's eye view of the beginning of one of Ens1ey's 501 plays during t season, by which the Jackets compiled 2506 net total yards, LEFT: JACK CARTER, Captain eierminaiion and siamina. During their high -school years, the 1970 seniors will have seen three Ensley football teams with winning records: 1966 17 -2 and city champsy, 1967 46-2-21, and 1968 Q7-1-17. In their final year at Ensley, these same seniors would know a team with an even record 15-53, To an outsider, this last season might appear to be anticlimactic.On the contrary, only in the seasonal record does such a drop in prominence actually exist, The 1969 season was definitely a time for determination and stamina while faced with apparently superior qualities, In the final game of the season, the mighty Huffman Vikings seemed to have totally overcome Ensley, as all fans pres- ent believed that time was insufficient for acome-back. However, the I ackets on the field were oblivious to this belief, and, gathering touchdowns as needed, late in the game they rose to victory with determination rarely seen in high-school ball, Someone may ask, "1f Ensley had so much 'class, ' why was the record not better?" The answer lies in the fact that at the first of the season, the Ensley team was an almost totally new creation with a new head coach, Bill Sparks. After spring practice, 34 seniors and the previous head coach, Bennie Storie, departed. From this it can be seen that the early games were times for adjustment. Four of the five seasonal losses came during these trying times, In the remainder of the year, only Woodlawn, the city 's best, defeated Ensley. This, then, is a probable answer to the question stated above, but it is not to be seen as an excuse. The '69 season doesn't require excuses, Rather, it is a most solid foundation of experience upon which the '70 team will be built. F Ensley O Bessemer 6 Ensleg I-9 Huegiown ' O Ensley 0 Bufler I4 Ensleg 56 Jonesvalleg 28 Ensley 7 Banks 33 'Ensleg QI Phillips I2 Ensley QI Ramsay 35 I I Ensleg 7 Woodlawn I7 Ensleg I7 WesiEnd I5i Ensleg 39 Huffman The Year in Review: A Coaoh's Look . . . First I would like to thank my coaches for the outstanding job done by them for the Ensley High School football team of 1969, Without people like Coaches Ronnie Syphurs, Jerry Ryan, Jimmy Tucker, and Buddy Sparks we would not be able to have the quality athletic program and winning tradition that Ensley has. I also want to thank our principal, Mr, Robert L, Pennington, the Ensley High School faculty, and the Ensley student body for the fine support that they have given to our football team. Our team this year was one that was hurt by graduation the past year with 34 seniors graduating. The 1969 team started off short on experience, and as a result of this, we think this helped to account for the slow start that we had. We lost the first four games to Bessemer, Butler, Banks, and Ramsay: then won four: West End, Hueytown, Jones Valley, and Phillips. The Woodlawn Colonels then beat us in the fourth quarter 17-7, but we ended the game on their nine yard line. This was one of our best efforts in a losing cause, considering that Woodlawn went on to the semi-finals in the state playoff, Our Huffman game has to rank as the greatest comeback by any team with whom we have ever been associated, With less than four minutes to go in the game, we scored three touchdowns and won the game 39-37. We think that the 1969 team made progress each week of the season, and by the end of the year we were a good football team. Our seniors did an outstanding job in furnishing the leadership which is so vital to having a winning team. Coach Bill Sparks, Head Coach Coach Bill Sparks is married to the former Avis Legrone, and they have two girls, Following graduation from Jones Valley, he graduated from Samford, He received a Master's Degree at Auburn and worked on an "AA" certificate at Alabama. Coach Sparks spent 5 years at Phillips coaching baseball and football before he saw the light and came to Ensley. This year Bill Sparks was raised to the position of head coach: he deserved this after his five years of fine coaching in football and baseball, I96 ssisiani Coaches . . . Coach Jerry Ryan was born May 25, 1940, Happily married to the former Kay Sanders, he has three children, After graduation from Phillips High School, Coach Ryan attended Auburn where he majored in Physical Education and minored in math. This gave him the necessities for teaching and coaching at Alex City, Chavala High, and Dixie Ir, High, His past four years have been spent at Ensley, While at Ensley, Coach Ryan has coached Freshman, B- Team, and Varsity football, B-Team and Varsity basketball, track, and cross-country. Coach Ronald Syphurs is married to the former Miss Jo Ann Dunham, and has two children, He left Jones Valley High School with Auburn University as his destination. After two years at Auburn, he transferred to Samford, He has previously coached at Jones Valley High, and completed five years at Fairfield in football, basketball, and baseball, Since coming to Ensley three years ago, he has coached freshman basketball Q2 yrs,J, football, and tennis fwith several excellent teamsb, Coach James Douglas Tucker is also married fto the former Gail Dennisj, and has two children. Coach Tucker is a fine young Ensley graduate, After high school, he received a B,S. in Physical Educa- tion from Samford, with a minor in history. For two years, Coach Tucker has coached B-Team basketball, In '69 he also accepted positions coaching B-Team track and football, Apart from his coaching, Jimmy Tucker teaches history. Coach Buddy Sparks is not a regular coach at Ensley but is an intem. He attended Banks High where he participated in football and baseball, before he entered Montevallo, where he played base- ball. While he is now finishing work on his certificate at Monte- vallo, he has completed work as coach of Ensley's freshman football and basketball teams. Firsi iwo games Iosi on opponen+'s field 41113, 5.2 Q, .5515 'Lf5ii'Tii, iii ,Lyme mv -"' Q 'li fglff? 'lima ABOVE: As Juliano f20j bloc The team traveled to Huntsville in comfort, and left in depression. The Jackets stepped into the Bessemer "Tiger Trap" untried, but prepared, and yet left with a slightly bitter taste within. They fought hard, but found themselves beaten 6-0 at the end of the game. This score came on an around -end run of 57 yards by the Bessemer quarterback in the third quarter, The PAT was missed, Ensley's offense managed only 5 first downs, but, for many players, this game was valuable experience, As a whole, the team showed good preparation, but especially good was the preparation of Coach Syphurs with the line, De fensive standouts were Rick Pruitt, Jim Downing, and Tim Tortorici, The second game was especially tough . . .Again, the team was on the road to play, this time traveling to Huntsville to meet Butler, a highly -ranked team on the state level, Action began with a bruising defensive game, one similar to the Bessemer competition, Even though Butler had tallied 100 yards more than Ensley on the ground the half closed with a 0-O deadlock, ln the third quarter, all-state fullback Bo Matthews con- tinued his bone-crushing rushing, giving Butler two touch- downs. However, credit for one of these went to Larry Town send, who, after Matthews had been forced to fumble, re- covered the ball in the end zone, The PAT'S were good, making the final score 14-0 in Butler's favor. Our Trainers are always prepared. Roger Russell and P3111 Pocopanni work on lim Downing. V Ensley First downs - - - - - - 5 Passing ---- - 2-4-0 Passing yards - - - - - 9 Rushing yards ---- - - 97 Total offensive plays - - - - 37 Net yards ------- - -106 Pums -------- - - 7-so Fumbles lost - - - - 2-2 Penalties - - - - - 3-25 Ensley Firstdowns-- ---- 2 Passing ---- - - 5-10-0 Passing yards - - - - - - -27 Rushing yards - -- - - - 38 Total offensive plays - - - - 23 Net yards - - --as Punts ----- - - 7-49 Fumbles lost - - - - 0-0 Penalties - - - - - 4-43 BELOW Ensley s offensive line battles Butler, Bessemer 11 1 -7 -2 18 180 49 198 4-32 2 -2 1 -5 Butler 15 4-14-1 37 225 58 262 3 -33 1 X3 0 -O 4-53 UKaZV5WifS1VWr3ha'M -. Banks and Ramsag Add to Ensle 41:86, Webber puts a freeze on 'I'ruck's 133, Ramsayj freedom. Downing is ready, if needed, RIGHT: The ball is snapped to Benson, and the team snaps into action. 200 First downs Passing Passing yards Rushing yards Total offensive Net yards Punts Fumbles lost Penalties First downs Passing Passing yards Rushing yards plays Total offensive plays Net yards Punts Fumbles lost Penalties As Iuliano 1201 makes contact Bank's Rutledge 1205, Mooney to assist, Ensley 11 7-20-4 121 67 44 188 5-40 0 4-19 Ensley 9 8-16-3 120 56 57 186 5-39 1 1-15 Banks 13 15-22-0 190 106 53 296 4-38 1 4-50 Ramsay 9 11-15-0 190 135 51 325 6-27 O 5-45 roubles On September 25, the Yellow Jackets were to play Banks at Legion field, Surely, many of the Ensley squad would approach the game differently if time could be rolled back, for this game ended with Ensley on bottom of a 33-7 game score. During the first half, the Jets put a powerful pass-run combination attack which left the Jackets 14 points under at the close of the half. After the half, Benson and company returned with pass completions totaling 120 yards, but with rushing plays amounting to a net - 5 yards, The only score came by Bruce Evans, when he pulled in a pass and ran in home-free, None- theless, Banks continued scoring with 19 points in the second half, which made a downhearted group of the Jackets. Ramsay came to Legion field on October 2nd, expecting to meet a fully prepared Yellow Jacket squad. They knew how tough Ensley's defense could be, for they had seen the Bessemer and Butler game films, Also, they knew that they could expect a fired-up offense that was eager to score after being held back to seven points in .three games. The Jacket offense did score three times, but the Rams put five TD's on the scoreboard, This game showed that Ensley had really matured as a team. The defense was sharp, but the offense made too many mistakes in the first half, and the Rams were able to cross the goal three times and to get two PAT's. In the second quarter, however, the Jacket offense pushed two successful drives topped off with short touchdovm runs by Benson and Burks, The score at the half was 20-14, In the second half, Ramsay scored first on a forty-six yard run, Ensley countered with McKinney pulling in an aerial for a TD. Even with their new experience and maturity, the Jackets cou1dn't score again, Ramsay's Rams continued scoring by acquiring another TD. The final score was 35-21, Ensley's record was now 0-4, and several tough teams still awaited in the future. Pruitt C73 EJ pounds Prewett Q44 RJ after a short stride through the line. tempt for extra yards, First downs Passing Passing yards Rushing yards Total offensive Net yards Punts Fumbles lost Penalties First downs Passing Passing yards Rushing yards Total offensive plays Net yards Fumbles lost Penalties Wesi End Huegiown Th Ensley 17 4-4-O 49 307 59 356 2-28 2 5-64 Ensley 17 4-11-0 0 5 2 31 O 234 156 60 44 265 156 3-41 2 36 8-'70 1 15 A' 35553i2L?fQi7im.,1! llfw 12221: . fit ,Li ' MacMurdo of Ensley helps Ensley's momentum later in fourth quarter. Hueytovm managed to gain 156 yards on the ground, but couldn't SCOPE, val of Victorious Times Before the West End game, the Jackets had lost 4 games and had won none. Nevertheless, at every game they had learned new experience, and it seemed that they had that certain something that was manifest in the form of strong blocking and sure running. Bruce Evans had 168 yards on the ground and Ken Burks had 88. Because of this extra something, Ensley achieved their first victory of the season with a 17-15 victory over West End. An excellent West End team met an indestructable force with the first kickoff. In the first half , Ensley displayed a dazzling offensive show, but managed to score only one touchdown, which came on a Benson to McKinney hook-up in the second quarter. West End shortly followed suit, and at half-time there was a '7-'7 deadlock, Ensley returned in the second half with evenfmore powerful running. Bruce Evans scored his second TD of the year in the third quarter, and Jerry Hayes booted a 27 -yard field goal in the fourth quarter to put the score at 17-7. Late in the fourth, the Lions scored a second TD, quickly followed by a two-point conversion, The clock ran out with Ensley on top 17-15. The Jackets next traveled to the Gopher Hole to meet Hueytown. Hope and momentum were both high, as the Jackets had won a big one the week before, Ens- ley's offense again came on strong, this time with 265 total yards offense. The Gophers also had momentum , but the Jacket defense was too much, holding Hueytown scoreless with only 140 yards offense. From the first, the Golden Gophers felt the full power of the Ensley rushing. Burks scored first on a two- yard run in the second quarter. He scored again in the third on a hand-off right up the center of the line. Hueytown tried with all their might, but this Ensley defense wouldn't permit a score. Hayes missed the extra points and the half closed with Ensley ahead 12-0. In the third, Evans showed his strength by running directly through the Hueytown line for the third and final score. Hayes'makes good his third PAT attempt of the night, and Ensley was then ahead 19-0, With this lead, the great majority on the sidelines saw ac- tion. The Jackets defense continued to hold and at the expiration of playingtime, it was clear that the Jackets had totally shut out a team. Ensley Found Time io Joi l When the Yellow Jackets entered Fair Park on October 24th, they carried with them momentum from two straight wins and a de- sire to win an important game, After the game, it could be seen that the Jackets had matched Jones Valley 2 to 1 in touchdowns, winning by a score of 56 to 28. Ensley's first play from scrimmage was a 67-yard run by Ken Burks. This wasn't Ken's only show, however, for in his three quarters of play he amassed a total of 300 net yards. Ensley con- tinued the attack, and by the end of the half, the Jackets had scored Petelos 1881 carried this aerial in for a score. First downs Passing Passing yards Rushing yards Total offensive plays Net yards Punts Fumbles lost Penalites Ensley 19 7-15-1 118 335 53 453 2-26.5 0 7-55 35 points. Jones Valley only scored 16. Both teams continued scor- Jones Valley ing in the second half with Ensley and Jones Valley scoring 21 and 22 18'41'2 12 more points, respectively. Scoring for the Yellow Jackets were 177 128 Burks, Evans, McKinney, Petelos, and Martin with touchdowns, and 58 Hayes with his kicks, This game ended with the Jackets victorious 305 1-35 for their third time in eight tries. 2 s 3-35 204 Rico 1125 crossed the line twice against Phillips. he High Scorers Ken Burks 1329 follows a Benson block in one of his seasdn's 138 carries by which he totaled 943 net yards. Homecoming always brings high spirits to the Jackets. Upon Homecoming '69, it also brought another victory, Phillips had schedul.ed Homecoming also, but lost 21-12, Ensley's first score came on the heels of Mike Dempsey late in the first quarter. Hayes made the conversion, and Ensley was out '7-0. Ensley scored another seven with Benson crossing the line. Phillips passed for a score also, and the teams left the field with Ensley 'leading 14-6, The second half was lacking in the action of the first, but Benson scored again plus a successful PAT. The Red Raiders were still fight- ing for Homecoming happiness, but only scored once more, Another game ended with the Jackets on top, this time 21-12. This game put the Jackets on an even keel with a 4-4 record. The season appeared to be salvaged, as time would show true, First downs Passing Passing yards Rushing yards Total offensive plays Net yards PLII113 Fumbles lost Penalties Ensley 13 3-7-1 26 48 55 243 6-39 0 3-30 Phillips 11 10-27-2 156 33 60 228 6-26 1 4-35 205 Woodlawn was great buf ihe Burks ran for 51 yards during the game against Woodlawn's first rate defense. The season was gradually becoming more joyous for the Jackets, Even during the earlier disasters, student body spirit was overflowing, but now that the Jackets were winning it had reached a peak. The student body expected greatness from the Jackets. However, Woodlawn promised to be the toughest opponent yet, since later on they were ranked third in the state play-offs. The Ensley defense held strong until the fourth quarter, when Woodlawn scored twice. This decisive Woodlawn victory kept the Colonels highly ranked and forcefully clipped the Ensley winning streak, There were several injuries going into the game, and several more coming out. Benson was sidelined the entire game, as were several others, and during the course of the game, there were many injured, including middle- linebacker, Mike O'Brien, who couldn't return to the field again this year, In the first half, the ball changed hands six times, Both the Jackets and the Colonels generated good drives, but the only score either could achieve was a field goal by Woodlawn late in the second quarter, After a scoreless first half, the teams returned for a scoreless third quarter, Nonetheless, Ensley scored early in the fourth, Burks charged in for a TD after a Dempsey to Evans aerial' had set the Jackets near the goal. This score plus the PAT put Woodlawn behind 7-39 this was the first time Woodlawn had been trailing in a game, It appeared that Ensley might make it all the way. On the contrary, the Colonels had a goal to make, and with a drive and spirit not yet seen in the game, Woodlawn scored twice against the weary Jacket defenders, Ensley was pushed for one more loss, and the Jackets had to prepare for one final game. Woodlawn was tough, but Burks was able to break the goal-line defense for a TD. LEFT: Johnny Mooney watches with anxiety as Coach Sparks barks orders! ad ihe ir hands full. foo. i McKinney beat out 31 net yards on 5 carries and one pass against the Colonels. Ensley Woodlawn First: downs - - - -12 1'7 Passing ---- 5-'7-1 5-9-1 Passing yards - - - - -84 62 Rushing yards ---- - 110 247 Total offensive plays - -49 62 Net yards ------- - - - 194 309 Punts --------- - 7-34 4-45 Fumbles lost - - - - - 0 2 Penalties - - - - - 1-5 9-'75 Ensley 's defense performed well all during the game, Wood1awn's greatest gains SeVefa1 Players were injured before the were in the fourth quarter after the Jackets had been wom down a little, 82-me, 35 Was Peel' C011 Cfufehesif but there were several more injured during the game including O'Brien 4625. 207 Huffman . . . A Time of Exulfafion The Senior Jackets march out for the coin toss of the last game of their high school career. The Jackets in the stands, both seniors and underclassmen, backed them one-hundred per cent. Huffman had a mighty, keyed-up offense against Ensley, but when the chips were down in the fourth quarter, the defense held, Nine games had passed. Ensley's standing record was 4-5. The stage was set for the finale, If Ensley won this big one, the record would be even, instead of a losing season if they lost. Huffman was also fighting for its record, A Viking win would offer not only the pleasure of beating Ensley, but would provide a record equal to Ensley's. Both teams were fired-up for a big game that would after- wards be remembered as the greatest comeback ever made by an Ensley team, The first half was a merry time for Ensley's pessimists, a troubled time for the objective students, and a long wait for the optimists, Neither team scored in the first quarter, but in the second quarter Huffman rammed four touchdowns down the Jackets' throats, while the Jackets scored but once, Both teams missed PAT's except that Huffman made one of their four. The half closed with Ensley behind 25-6, The second half started slowly, with both teams trying, but neither could attain more than one score each during the third quarter, However, Ensley's TD was followed by a critical PAT, while Huffman's was not, At the end of the third, the score was 31- 13. Before the end of the fourth, the pessimists had left, the objectives were preparing to leave, and the optimists waited until satisfied. And satisfied they were, too. The Jackets took up the spirit that Woodlawn had shown against them. When needed most, the Jacket defense was at its best, permitting only one more TD qagain without PATJ amid a quarter of frenzied offensive display, On the other hand, the Ensley offense took the reins, and, in the last half of the fourth quarter, the Jackets pushed four touchdowns and two PAT 's at the mighty Vikings, 'I'he last Jacket touchdown came after the scoreboard clock had hit zero, A penalty had called the play back, and, with only one chance to score, the Jackets concocted a 28-yard Benson to McKinney pass that brought the final score, The concluding game ended with Ensley on top 39-37, First Downs - - - - - Passing - - - Passing yards Rushing yards Total offensive Net yards - - Punts -- - - - Fumbles lost Penalties - - remember Ensley - - 19 9-20 -1 - -203 - 247 - -. 55 - 450 - 3-35 -- ---1 - 7-65 Huffman 18 16-29-5 210 117 54 324 2 -30 0 7-65 Y . B-Team g W FIRST ROW: Buz Nelson, Ronald Jones, Don Lay, Paul Lorino, Vince Lovetto, Gene Mitchell, Greg Waters, Bill Ricks, David Patton, Mike O'Byme. SECOND ROW: Keith Bailey, Paul Walker, Tim Dunston, Mike Nelson, Bokie Settles, Billy Lytle, Bill Bowden, Don Olvey, Mike O'Berry, Carl Lytle, Frank McCrary, THIRD ROW: Coach Tucker, Buster Baggett, Jerry Pocopanni, Joe Franks, Tom Tortorici, John Hoskin, Eddie Olvey, Johnny Hatkins, Mike Flynn, Sarn Kurtts, David Garsarek, Manager Paul Pocopanni, FOURTH ROW: Ed Roberts, Rocky Chaffin, Don McNair, Randy Johnson, David Downs, Kip Irvin, Mike Harbour, Jack DiBenedetto, Sam Brodie, Rod Moss. Freshmen g FIRST ROW: David Holden, Terry Prisor, Wayne Clark, Scott Marlow, Luther Bertram, Joe Juliano, Alan Booker, Daryl Brown, Terry McDaniel, Paul Huckeba, Mike Delohn. SECOND ROW: Manager Jerry Tinker, Ricky Burch, Sam Alfano, Wayne Harbin Mark McCutchen, David Wall, Steve Ellis, Al Potts, Jim Brodie, Robby Kurtts, Steve Watts, Robert Ingram, Terrell Philen, THIRD ROW: Coach Tucker, Joe Tidwell, Ricky Jones, Tommy Wiles, Mike Held, Anthony Bolling, Vincent Butera, Rocky Blakeney, Barry Huff, Marshall Canant, Randy Ballard, Bill Blackburn, Greg George, 1 These. then. are the team from +h The 1969 Ensley Yellow Jackets fLeft to Righty Outstanding Back of the Year: Bruce Evans Permanent team Co-Captain: Jim Downing Permanent team Captain: Jack Carter Outstanding Lineman of the Year: Ricky Pruitt ., . imre of '69 Qemor Leiiermen .. ,l Q l. X' , ,,, , -f, L. FRONT ROW: Jerry Hayes, Paul Pocopanni, Billy Petelos, Jay Juliano, Glen Landrum, Ricky Benson, Richard Davies. SECOND ROW: Roger Russell, Anthony Jones, Louis Trapolino. BACK ROW: Guy Horton, Terry Templin, James Tucker, Jim Downing, Jack Carter, Ricky Pruitt, Randy Flynn, John Gallant, Junior and Sophomore LeHermen ,.,, S Z ,A J W gg L Q ., L! FRONT ROW: Tom McIntosh, SECOND ROW: Mike O'Brien, Gary Webber, Monty Strong, Andy Graffeo, Bruce Evans, Mike Dempsey, Tim Lovelady, Joe Cotton, BACK ROW: Joe Miller, Doug MacMurdo, Johnny Plan, Johnny Mooney, Randy Mayfield, Ken Burks, Bill Agee, Lindsey Thompson, Johnny Canant, Jim McKinney. Managers di plag dedicaiion I , .fl L Monty Strong offers the towel to a dis- tressed Juliano, The managers as they appeared in Huntsville before the Butler game, QL to RJ Andy Graffeo, Paul Pocopanni, Tom McIntosh, Ens1ey's managers are a source of spirit and pride Monty Strong, Roger Russell, for the athletic department, Their time is freely given for the betterment of the teams in all sports, Our two seniors, Paul Pocopanni and Roger Russell, took summer courses in training, and are official stu- dent trainers, The two juniors, Torn McIntosh and Monty Strong, and the sophomore, Andy Graffeo, are still learning the tricks of the trade, In any case, all five of them always seem to manage. fr On the afternoon before a game, while the team rests, the man- agers have a brief period of recreation on the practice field. Soon afterward, they return to their duties. Roger Russell aids Carter, 16454, with an injury during the West End game, The consummation of the gear - -l'he End-of-the-Season Banquet Coach Sparks introduced the speaker at the banquet, which was sponsore by the West Hills Lions, d l The main speaker, Coach Simpson Pe er, related man ast ex erie e PP Y P P nc S ... and Benson of his years at Ensley, 1 k ' , OO on mtendy Coaches Sparks QRJ and Pepper QLJ wrap up the speeches. The coaches presented worthy players with letters, And so . . . Exit Football '69, as the team presented the coaches and athletic director plaques in appreciation of their guidance, QL to RJ Bill Sparks, Jerry Ryan, Robert L, Pennington, Ronnie 2I5 Syphurs. . 1+ 1- W I W :J-Qi, . M"h:"'U u.rr.n.rJ.,-Q ,, , M .,,... V W ,,,, , W, X K A , V , ' 'SG , A S, M Wy qg, - . .xv up 7?-ara md il . , 4 ' w i I Q. fo "ij QA I 2 I 'H 5 90 nw. 1+ My if , Q Q 1 ' 12 531 if .pk 5MFD5kX3HEL3ZiM , if 'ff N A 51- ,,-' 'W ki , . 7 I 1 A r V ,.,.:e:,v. h -A W' 5 F fe ff- 9 u Q 51 ' . 35 , ? K+ .4 , Ax' u, ' I 'V V iff ., . 2-2-, .1 , . . k 'ff X ,. H 1 H Z,g1,gi.gA A pm 3 , , fvrmf' I . 'gm Q ,A . ' ? . . , .u,.f!Si1KlA5"58. u f...d...J.J.u, TEAM: Mike Plan, Kenny Burks, Dan Rowell, Lynn Hammock, Don Reeves, John Walken G1611 Bevis, D6HHiS Wi11ia1T1S, Mitchell Poer, Jim McKinney, Johnny Plan, Johnny Canant, Bruce Evans. FRONT ROW: Managers Tom Mclntosh, Roger Russell, Coach Jerry Ryan, Managers Paul Pocopanni, Monty Strong. The '69-'70 basketball effort has been uphill all year. None- theless, the Jackets adjusted well throughout the year. At mid- season the record did not appear to be too good, but, in many of the games that were lost, the Jackets trailed by only a few points. By the end of the year,. the Jacket cagers had shown tremendous im- prowment. To be specific, the squad had gained experience, and, at the end of the season, had reversed the trend of losing. There were only four seniors on this year's squad. The remain- ing eight juniors and one sophomore are expected to start off next season with the same winning spirit instituted at the close of this season. eww CAN ANT sau CE FN KEN BU RKS ANS S OHNNY NH 'W -MOCK JIM MCKINNEY 5 IOHNN Y A4-'Irs Q4 MITCH nf"-H-, QLPO FR ER WALK JOHN AN ROWELL DON REEVES xr, Wx, 996 NA 91 faekets Start Off the Year with a Fresh Young Team. "The Goose Shotu The Jacket Spirit is GREAT win or lose. I . Plan jumps for possession. Canant breaks to the outside A F gg K filming 171 1 M wp, 1: N ' I eil' . if 2 if mam Xi 1 Q I J, 'lbw 'Hin J 3 x EQ if ' 5 he K ' fy, KRXQ ' I ff? ' ' ff ' yu v N X f 4, 1. .MH ,,.,........,. V N1 x N K hu.. 1:9339 if .AC 'Q U I K Qlhb we ' ,Q 3 -- 1' 1 k ' X ff 'W 5 mf , g - ri 3,1 E501 l ggi .yi 5 213 ' A fri K f lg wg 3 3651 A b I, H '2i3uQ 1 in ,A V jf . wlixi' 'ILE L if 54 'Q ff: 5' Q 9 X. . W. . 1 my ,, E K 'Filly 2: Ex 4 E ,Q f NM , -Q ,QQ - 1 iz WN, . wi? ' 2:13 V y . , Q, ig W K- . K ig Q TI 3 '.k, .H 2 g 1 I A 'Q 3 . ii, 3 23 X 411- x , b,gi 9 ' 21. 12,251 - ,1 Q A - QQEEQQ 2 I 1 1 1 ' , wil ff s, Nw- 'Ne 5535 V the Cityps F inest. Ed Roberts, in circle above, and Kip Irvin, in the air at right, provided the board strength for T the B-team. Freshman Basketball LEFT TO RIGHT: Wayne Harbin, Pete Blachman, Marshall Canant, Steve Poer, Ricky Rogers, Bill Woodall Anthony Bolling, Tony Butera, Al Potts, Steve Watts. Jim Kallaher, Sam Alfano, Rock Blackeny, Scot Marlow. 3 S9 ba II . . . During the holiday week of AEA, when most students are enjoying themselves, Ensley 's baseball team was at Fort Lauderdale, training for their upcoming season. The team had four sophomore starters, four junior starters, and one senior starter, Dennis Whitehead, the senior starter who played catcher, was awarded a scholarship to the University of South Alabama, The record for the season was seventeen games won, fifteen games lost, In the County Tournament the team won three games and lost two, They beat John Carroll, Western, and Erwin, Other than city teams, they played Leeg Emma Samson, Lanier, and a team from Columbus, Georgia, Ensley was the champion for their division, Coach Sparks coached the West in the East-West All Star games. Representatives from our team were Dennis Whitehead, Johnny Mooney, Jerry Shaw, and Ricky Benson, Commenting on last year's team, Coach Sparks said, "l thought we played as well as we could play with the exception of a very few games, " This year the state play -offs will be revised, Sixteen teams from the entire state will be in the play -offs, State play -offs are a big part of any sport, and Coach Sparks says, "We think it is a great thing for baseball to get more recognition by having a state play-off once more, " Commenting on the 1970 team Coach Sparks says, "We have the potential this year for the best ball club ever, " ,limuhi-'!Y'7f 1' f , ' Ensley Ensley Ensley Ensley Ensley Ensley Ensley Ensley Ensley Ensley Ensley Ensley Ensley Ensley Ensley Ensley Ensley Ensley Ensley Ensley Ensley Ensley Ensley Ensley Ensley Ensley Ensley Ensley Ensley Ensley Ensley Ensley Ensley Ensley Ensley There's Nofhing Base Aboui Thi Ball Team Game Scores Mountain Brook Mountain Brook McAdory McAdory Erwin Columbia Columbia West End Phillips Jones Valley West End Emma Sansom Phillips I ones Valley Huffman West End Phillips Jones Valley Lanier Lanier Gadsden West End Phillips Etowah Etowah I ones Valley Huffman Gadsden Gadsden Counig Tournameni Hayes John Carroll Western Erwin Erwin Erwin RIGHT: Mike Kal- laher pitches to one of the many opponents the Jackets faced last year. LEFT: Proffitt 4273 knocks the ball over second base, MIKE KALLAHER DENNIS WHITEHEAD EDDIE PROFF ITT Ensle Couni r - "CN: " I "I'g:3'M kg, ff' x -.Q '- ,. ga f R, .lf Wx , 7 fl la 1 Y N ff N N ff Rs RICKY HENDRIX RANDY FLYNN RONALD ROWELL 1 , f r: .f 6'- 1' 5'5"-.L -v mx .51 It - 'H 1 M' ur-, ,f M55 , A --M, 12 fm , -41' L - E .I .I Jak 17 ' JERRY HAYES QL ,:N:513?gy.g1 ?u ,inf x' , q?3x5:tY2'.-Qffl s Q05 " ' " ' ,-1 . 2ff,.12,, w gisis- ' as unner-Llp er, I ABE? ' 452' gig MIKE TARRANT TIM TORTCRICI If .- -55 .H -1 il'ff r7 . 1 Ip: V t . I tap? MITCHELL POER RICKY BENSON JIM OLVEY MIKE PLAN JOHNNY MOONEY :Yiwu w bf, DAN ROWELL MARK HART MIKE DEM PSEY . ,W A if" ,, V RANDY MAYFIELD ABOVE: Proffitt 1273 puts a little lead on the ball for a base- hit. KENNY BURKS E BRUCE EVANS 230 MARK SLYE HM MCKINNEY Ensle xpeecis Bxcealleni Jea DAN DARDEN FRANK MCCRARY MIKE O'BERRY PAUL LAWSON JERRY SHAW ABOVE: Mooney f39J S-ttt-rretches for an "Out" on first, MIKE WRAY WILLIAM AGEE GREG WATERS ABOVE A human pyramid? The Jackets mini fun with work. RIGHT: ROW 1: Kenny Burks, Jerry Hayes, Dan Darden, Ronald Rowell, Mike Dempsey, Bruce Evans, Ricky Hendricks. ROW 2: Ricky Benson, Dan Rowell, Mark Slye, Mike Plan, Dennis Whitehead Johnny Mooney, Eddie Proffitt, Jim McKinney, Tim Tortorici, ROW 3: Randy Flynn, Mike Kallaher, Mitchell Poer, Jim Olvey, Randy Mayfield, Jerry Shaw, Mike Wray. MANAGERS: Paul Pocapanni, Roger Russell. Coach Bill Sparks, Baseball '69 a time io plag . . a iime io work . . a iime io win W l .gg u i zx in it wgkwkw f , -N Qw - Track . . . Ensley 's track team last year was one of the best ever! We sent eight boys to the State Track Meet. Lee Berger received two points in the triple jump and was awarded third place. Those also competing in the State Meet were: David Lewis, Basil George, and Howard Von Hagel. The relay team consisted of Chuck I ohnson, Bob Duvall, David Watson, and Melford Wright. Ensley played many invitational meets during the year. In the Woodlawn Invitational, Rick Romano was voted most outstanding field performer. In both the Woodlawn and City Invitationals, he won first place in the shot put and discus throws. Many Ensley records were broken last year. Lee Berger broke his own school record in the triple jump. The new record - 44 feet '7 inches., David Lewis set a new Ensley High record in the high hurdles - Time 14. 8. The old record by Mike May - Time 15. 1 - was set in 1959. Basil George set a new time in the mile run - Time 4:32.41 ABOVE: 880 Relay Team - Melford Wright, David Hand, Andy Cross, Robby Godwin. :BQ I-HGH IUMP TEAM: Lee Berger, Howard Von Hagel, Tim Watts. S A ' I..,i'fig -?a K' c" A I f a I A I 5 Qs vikgt new ,fi 'L . 2' l? 91" BELOW: 440 RELAY TEAM: Mike Wilson, Don Lay, Lew Kirk Chuck Johnson. "Legs" Berger jumps high! - , Jaokeis sei new school records Billy Petelos shows perfect form over the hurdles, SHOT PUT TEAM: LEFT TO RIGHT: Robert Lavett, Mike O'Brien, Johnny Canant, Eddie Jeely, Joe Cotton takes a broad jump, LEFT: MILE RELAY TEAM LR: David Lewis, Lee Burger, Lynn Hammock, Basil George. Lynn the Leader! Cross-Country This year Ens1ey's Cross-Country team has earned some very high honors. They won first place in the City Flight Meet and second place in the City Cross Country Meet. The climax of the year was to obtain sixth place in the State. Coach Ryan had this to say about the team , "The Cross-Country team this year is a young team and should be even better next year," There are only two seniors leaving. RIGHT: Scenic View? LEFT: It's a tough course. TENNIS CKET '69 The 1969 team started slowly, but came back to finish second in the city, No team in the city beat them in both rounds, Ensley was the only team to defeat Banks, who won the city title, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mike Anderson, Tom Ferguson, Tommy Crooks, Johnny Plan, Walker Johnson, Ken Smith, Woody Herring, Jim Burch, Jim O'Neil, Ed Roberts, Ricky Trotman, John Marty, John McNutt, David Rancont, Jimmy Ippolito, Coach Syphurs, RICKY TROTMAN JOHNNY PLAN JIM O'NEIL 'SPIE TOM FERGUSON aah, fs. . 23137. "R , 926 Ti -, "Qs-S ' -'fE6 ':jv '-5223 Mil: -w-1-1 -r. ,533 , -"'v.Y ?i.' :ef:.' JOHN MAR MIKE ANDERSON DAVID RANCONT JOHN MCNUTT WOODY HERRING I IM BU RCH ' Team Captain for their first year. Ensley from them in the next J V' ' ctfgtgcoceicii cg Q Chg ice L LQZCLLO cgi. L65 C2917 lv ggsbfcv The Ensley High School Coy' Team is a relatively new endeavor in the athletic department. Therefore, it has a great deal of' growing to do. Their schedule consists of'l5 to 20 matches, and the State Competition. Highland GOU' Course is the team 's home course. They usually play 4 to 6 players for 12 holes each match. Points are made for the teams who win the most holes individually and as a team. Ensley's record last year was 6 wins and 9 losses. Tim Lovelady led the team as the number one We player during the season. In the state try-outs he ranked sixteenth in our district from a field of' around 60 entries. Seniors, Duke Woodson and Ken Waters were good leaders for the season also. There were several new players from the sopho- more class who did well is expecting many wins couple of' years. , BACK ROW, left to right: Joe Wilkes, George Postell, Richard Chaste Robert Yeager, Joe Bains. FRONT ROW, left to right: Dennis Crim, G. .fx "Ku, r 135' .. m 355' gh 1 ,Q LQ 5' J We lg' . :Ki 1 N1 . 'x P .Vp-.-.. ff! aw" 357 EL do 71 .K J- W 4?-z xx? .i' ' ...iv t X 'Q-mlffann., b:.L,,,qgQ,J ,A - - -f-..,.,,-..,..,,....Z.-. ' 41-Vx Y H-1-3svf3N2iE.7E,ff,:1?:""-gv-.vJ-..-.,g-1!-.b9,55-- TJ , ' ' --px... ,. , """'-'va -A V:"f ' .asv g,w?DR?Qx M,5 . 'J ,.-.NW. ,, ""'-'---M2-riff" "'ifeefvf5IfQ-'M'-Ni" 4' f --H1-D-Af2.:.:wa:-21-w..,. ....- f ,Wwe-x-.-,.--W . f' - I 'A AL, .1 du K I 1, 9 -iam... X -X- 'Q ei I 1 L ,J . ,,........,. V , V 'hx-wrzuvmrgnee rf- -Mw.m-.....-mwf 4 RIGHT, Woodson, a team leader, takes time on a short one. GEORGE POS TELL ABOVE: MCCutcheon opens the round for Ensley DENNIS CRIM And Time and Seasons Expire . At the last tick of a scoreboard, The time for a game hard-fought is gone. I 1 Whether a victory . . . or a loss , , , it must be left behind, 15 The time comes to practice and renew spirit Q..2sf. . , . in all sports W"'x 5 ,,,, , E IOR CAROL REA ADAMS National Honor Society: Highstepper 137: Pres. , Veep and Sec. of S.R.: Student Council: Miss Touchdown Representative 127: The JACKET Staff, Organizations Editor: Lyric Club: Pep Club: Pro- moters: Tri-Hi-Y: French Club: Y- Teens, Sec.: Choir: Ensemble: Chorus of Camelot: Basketball, Softball and Volleyball Intramurals: Freshman Track, LINDA SUE AGNESIA Y-Teens 147, Sec, , Treas, , and Chaplain: Youth for Christ: Basketball, Softball and Volleyball Intramurals 147, CLAUDIA MAE AKINS Bank Teller: Y-Teens: Basketball and Volleyball Intramurals. JAMES EUGENE AKINS Disc and Diamond Club: Red Cross Club: Assistant Banker of S,R. THOMAS ANDERSON Banker of S.R. : Art Club: Boy's Vocal, DAVID BRUCE ANDREWS Banker of S. R. : Track: Boy's Vocal. .TERRY WAYNE ARGO Baseball: Science Office Assistant 137: D,E. C.A, Club. DENISE GAU. BAGBY Sec. and Banker of S.R.: R,O.T.C. Sponsor: Y-Teens: Future Teachers Club: Track Team: Bas- ketball and Volleyball Intramurals, DONNA LYNN BAGWELL TATI TIC National Honor Society 127: Latin Club 137, Chap- lain: Latin Award 127: Math Club 127: Pep Club 127. VICKIE LYNN E BALL Honors from W. A. Berry: W-Day Candidate: Red Cross Representative: Drama Club: Art Club: Fresh- man Track Team: Marshall. Honors from Ensleyg Miss Touchdown Representative: Y-Teens: Promoters Pep Club: Miss Fire Prevention Candidate: Basket- ball and Volleyball Intramurals. BARBARA DEAN BARDEN Y- Teens: Art Club, Veep: Youth for Christ, Veep: Basketball and Volleyball Intramurals. WILLIAM STEVEN BARTON Veep and Banker of S,R.: Band 147, Veep: Choir 127: Lyric Club. PATRICIA BATCHELOR Sec. of S,R.: D,E.C,A, Club, Veep: Y-Teens: Red Cross Club: Future Teachers Club, TERRYE IO BEAN Highstepper 137: Pres, 127 and Sec. of S.R,: Student Council: Miss Touchdown Representative: First Alternate Miss Touchdown Contest: Miss March of Dimes Candidate: East-West Baseball Queen: Pro- moters: Tri-Hi-Y 127, Pres.: Pep Club: Annual Salesman: A-B Honor Roll: Math Lab Assistant: Marshall 127: Intramurals 127: Tumbling Clinic, JAMES RANDALL BECKERS Banker of S,R.: Choir: Lyric Club: Electron Club: Language Lab Assistant: A-B Honor Roll: N,E, D. T, Certificate of Merit. PAULA LINDA BEHEE Class Favorite 127: Cheerleader: Highstepper: Veep and Banker of S. R.: Y-Teens 127, Pres.: Promoters: Bank Board of Directors. RICHARD WAYNE BENSON Class Favorite 145: Vice-Pres, of Student Body: Sr, Who's Who - Best Dressed: Varsity Baseball 145: East-West Game: Basketball 135: B-Team Football 125: Varsity Football 125: Veep of S.R,: Sec, of S,R, MARCIA LYNNE BERRY Veep and Banker of S,R.: Yellow Jacket Staff: French Club: G.A,A. Club, CAROLLE JUNE BINFORD Sr, Who's Who - Most Talented: Choir 125: Lyric Club: Spring Play, Camelot. GEORGE WI.LLIAM BLANKS , IR, Ushers Club: Latin Club 125: Science Office As- sistant 135, WILLIAM EDWARD BOTTSFORD Civitan Oratorical Contest. HERMAN EDWARD BOWDEN R,O,T,C, Officer: Drill Team: Rifle Team: Disc and Diamond Club, Sergeant-at-Arms, DORIS ANN BOWMAN National Honor Society: Math Club 125: Latin Club 125: Y-Teens: Youth for Christ: Basketball, Softball and Volleyball Intramurals: Marshall. STEVE WILLIAM BRADLEY Electron Club: Youth for Christ: R,O, T.C.: Drill Team. DONNA CAROL BRADY Miss March of Dimes Representative: Sr. Who's Who- Silliest: Miss Touchdown Representative: Bank Tel- ler: Y-Teens.: Youth for Christ: Pep Club: A-B Honor Roll: Basketball, Softball and Volleyball Intramurals Volleyball Tournament: Marshall. I PATRICIA ANNETTE BRELAND Y- Teens: Tri-i-Ii-Y: Intramurals, JAMES DALE BROGDEN Veep of S.R.: D,E, Club. RUFUS BROWN Science Club: Band: Choir 135: Lyric Club. STEPHEN WALTON BURKS Thespians: Fall and Spring Plays: Choir: Lyric Club, IOE REID BUSH Electron Club 125: Chemistry Stockroom Assistant: Lab Assistant: N, E,D, T, Certificate of Merit. KENNETH LANE CAPPS Assistant Banker of S. R.: Spanish Club: D,E,C,A, Club: Art Club. LINDA KAY CARROLL Class Favorite 115: Cheerleader: Homecoming Court: Sr. Who's Who - Best Dressed: Student Council, Sec.: Miss Ensley Contest: Miss Touchdown Repre- sentative: Pres, 125 and Veep 115 of S.R,: Y-Teens 125, Chaplain: Miss Y-Teens Contest: Tri-Hi-Y: Promoters: Choir: Lyric Club: Pep Club: Youth for Christ: Outstanding I unior, University of Alabama: Marshall 145. JACK BALLARD CARTER, IR, Class Favorite 125: Sr. Who's Who - Most Athletic: Captain of 1969 Football Team: Varsity Football 125, Lettered 125: B-Team Football 125: Varsity Track: B-Team Track: Veep of S.R. : Boys' State Representative: Ushers Club, Sergeant-at-Arms: Choir: Ensemble: Bank Board of Directors. LISA KAREN CATALJNA National Honor Society: Class Favorite 145: Cheer- leader 125: National Cheerleader: Homecoming Queen: Cabinet-Scholarship Chairman: Sr, Who's Who - Most Outstanding: Sec. 125 and Chaplain 115 of S.R.: Y-Teens, Pres.: Miss Y-Teens Contest: Miss Ensley Contest: Promoters: Math Club: Spanish Club: Spanish Award: Tri-Hi-Y: Pep Club: Youth for Christ: The JACKET staff, Freshman Class Editor: Annual Salesman: Marshall 145, Capt. 125: Outstanding Junior, University of Alabama: Intra- murals. EDWIN RAY CATER Pres. of Student Body: Class Favorite 115: Sr. W'ho's Who - Most Dependable: Pres. and Sec, of S.R.: Boys' State Representative: Bank Board of Directors, Veep: B-Team Football: Varsity Football: Math Club 125: Ushers Club 135: The JACKET Staff: Pep Club. JOAN MARIE CHABERT Miss Touchdown Representative: Sec. of S, R, : Annual Salesman: French Club 125: Math Club 125: Electron Club 125: Youth for Christ: Pep Club: Band 135: Instrumentalists Club, LAWRENCE CHAMBERS D. E. C.A. Club. ROBERT CI-IANCEY D. E, C. A, Club, Pres. PEGGIE LYNN CHRISTOPHER Miss Touchdown Representative: Y-Teens 135: Marshall. SANDRA MARIE CIULLA National Honor Society: Sec. of Student Body: Class Favorite 115: Homecoming Court: Sr, Who's Who - Best Personality: Miss Fire Prevention: The JACKET Staff 135, Assistant Editor, Business Editor, and Fresh- man Class Editor: Miss Ensley Contest: Miss March of Dimes Candidate: Miss Touchdomm Representative 145: Pres, 125 and Banker 115 of S.R.: Student Coun- cil: Annual Salesman: Latin Club: Math Club: Pro- moters: Junior Council Representative for Festival of Arts: Intramurals, JAMES ALFRED CLEMENT Physics Stockroom Assistant. HOMER CRAWFORD COKE Junior Achievement Representative 135: French Club 125: Spanish Club: Drill Team 125, Letter: Rifle Team: Track Team 125: Cross-Country Team. IANICE ELAINE COLEMAN Sec. of S.R. : Banker of S.R. : Annual Salesman: Y-Teens: Pep Club, JAMES DANIEL CONNELL D,O, Club: D.E, Club. ROSA JUAN CORBIN Colorguard: Choir 125: Future Teachers Club, Sec.: Art Club: G,A.A. Club: Gym Letter: Gym Assistant: Youth for Christ: Pep Club: Cast of Camelot: Intra- murals. GLENN WILLIAM COX Who's Who Among American High School Students: National Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist: N. E,D, T, Cer1ificate of Merit: Outstanding Junior, University of Alabama: Electron Club: Chemistry Stockroom Assistant: Band 145: Assistant Banker of S.R. ROY POWERS CRAWFORD National Honor Society: Disc and Diamond Club, Pres. and Chaplain: Battalion Commander of R.O, T. C.: Captain of Rifle Team 133: Drill Team 123: R.O. T.C, Medals: Electron Club 123: Spanish Club: Spanish Award: Youth for Christ: Annual Sales- 1'I'13Il, MARCELLA CREEL Future Teachers Club 143, Treas. MARGARET THOMPSON CROCKER Y-Teens: Tri-Hi-Y: Volleyball Intramurals, RODNEY BARTON CRUMP Freshman Football: B-Team Football: Future Physi- cians Club 123, ERICKA LINDA CU NNINGHAM Y-Teens: German Club: Math Club: Basketball, Softball and Volleyball Intramurals, LINDA SUE CUNNINGHAM Y-Teens 123, Sec.: Future Nurses Club 123: Future Physicians Club 123, Sec.: Youth for Christ: Pro- moters: Girls Vocal: Basketball, Softball and Volley- ball Intramurals: Track. DEBORAH DAVENPORT Y-Teens 123: Basketball 133: Softball 113 and Volley- ball 143 Intramurals: Track: Annual Salesman. RICHARD WATTS DAVIES B-Team Football 123: Varsity Football 123, Lettered 113: Art Club, STEVEN RAY DAVIS B-Team Track: B-Team Cross Country: Varsity Cross Country: D.E. Club: Spanish Club, RODNEY DOUGLAS DELLINGER Spanish crub 123. JANIS SUZANNE DOWNEY Art Club 123, Sec. : Library Club: Library Assistant 123: Y-Teens: Pep Club: Marshall, JAMES HOWARD DOWNING Sr, Who's Who - Friendliest: B-Team Football: Varsity Football 123, Lettered 123: Co-Capt. of 1969 Football Team: All-City Football, 1969: B-Team Track 123: Varsity Track, Lettered: Pres, of S.R. PHYLLIS ANNELL DU PRIEST Choir 123: Girls Vocal: Future Physicians: Basketball and Volleyball Intramurals. JERRY WAYNE EASON Thespians, Parliamentarian, Treas. , Chaplain, and Pres.: Cast of 6 plays: Best Actor Award 123: Best Minor Actor Award 123: Choir: Ensemble: Band 143, Librarian: Assistant Drum Major: All-City Band: Art Club: Library Assistant. DENISE ELIZABETH ELLIS Y-Teens: Future Nurses Club: Marshall. CYNTHIA LYNN ELLISON Veep of S,R. : Sec. of S,R,: Pres. of Band: All- City Band: lnstrumentalists Club, Veep and Sec. CHARLOTTE EVESQUE Girls Vocal: Intramurals: Marshall, F AY FARMER Veep of S,R. : Miss Touchdovm Representative: Y-Teens: Pep Club: Basketball, Softball and Volley- ball Intramurals: Marshall, TERRY FRANKLIN FARMER B- Team Football. DOROTHY LOUISE FARRELL National Honor Society: Sec. and Banker of S.R. : Y-Teens: French Club, Sec.: Youth for Christ, Sec.: Electron Club: Pep Club: G.A.A, Club: Gym Assistant, Letter: Basketball and Volleyball Intra- murals: Marshall: Math Lab Assistant. TOM D. FERGUSON Tennis Team f2J, Lettered f2J: Representative to Freedom Forum at Harding College: Staff of 3 Plays: Art Club: Youth for Christ: Annual Salesman. THOMAS EDWIN FERGUSON Veep of S.R,: Ushers Club, Pres.: Homecoming Escort: N.E.D, T, Certificate of Merit: Youth for Christ: Pep Club: Physics Lab Assistant. BRIDGETTE F IKES Y-Teens: Red Cross Club: Band 123: Girls Vocal: Intramurals, KENNETH WAYNE FIKES B-Team Football: B-Team Track: D.E.C.A. Club, METTA FAYE FISHER Red Cross Club, Treas.: Y-Teens: Track: Basketball and Volleyball Intramurals, CONNIE FIX Pres. of S.R.: Choir: Girls Vocal: Tri-Hi-Y: Y-Teens 625. RANDY LEE FLYNN Honors from Jones Valley: Class Favorite fly: Pres, of S.R.: Baseball f2j: B-Team Basketball: B-Team Football: Varsity Football 125: V-Club. Honors from Ensley: Baseball: Varsity Football. REBECCA JANE FORD Tri-Hi-Y 125: Spanish Club: Future Teachers Club: A-B Honor Roll: Marshall 421. DANA CAROLE FORTNER Highstepper: Miss Touchdown Representative: Pres, , Sec. and Banker of S.R,: Student Council: Y-Teens Promoters: Pep Club: Annual Salesman: A-B Honor Roll: Marshall: Intramurals. VALERIE IEARN FULLER Y-Teens: Library Club, Assistant: Youth for Christ: A-B Honor Roll: Marshall 433: Basketball and Volley ball Intramurals, JOHN GALLANT Football q4J. DONALD WARE GAMBRELL Latin Club, PAULETTE GARRETT Spanish Club: Red Cross Club: Miss Touchdown Representative: Marshall. SUSAN DENISE GEORGE Veep and Sec. of S.R.: Y-Teens: Lyric Club f2y: Pep Club: Youth for Christ: Bank Teller: Yellow Jacket Staff, Feature Writer: Quill and Scroll: International Honor Society: Voice of Democrary Broadcast Scriptwriting Program: National Survey Contest of Handicapped Veterans: Outstanding Junior, University of Alabama: University of Ala- bama Journalism Clinic: Choir: Intramurals. FRANCES CAROLYN GILBERT Yellow Jacket Staff 123, Editor and Assistant Editor: Quill and Scroll, Journalism Award: Banker of S.R,: Y-Teens 143: Future Teachers Club: Youth for Christ: Pep Club: A-B Honor Roll: Softball Intramurals. PAM GILBREATH Miss ACKET: Class Favorite 123: Homecoming Court: Second Alternate, Homecoming Queen: Cheerleader: Highstepper 123: Sr. Who's Who - Most Popular: Miss Touchdown Representative: Pres. 133 and Veep of S.R.: Choir 123, Veep: Lyric Club 123, Veep: Promoters: Pep Club: Intramurals: Marshall, SARAH GILES Y- Teens 123. PATRICIA GILMORE Y-Teens 123: Future Teachers Club 123, Veep: Red Cross Club: Library Club 123, Sec, , Assistant 123: Bank Teller: Annual Salesman 133: Intramurals: Gym Letter. ROBERT CHRISTOPHER GODWEL B-Team Football 123: B-Team Track 123: Varsity Track 123, Lettered 123: Thespians: Fall and Spring Plays: Art Club: Art Honors, LINDA GAJL GOODNER Yellow Jacket Staff: Y-Teens 123: Promoters: Busi- ness Education Department Assistant: Assistant Banker: Annual Salesman: Basketball, Softball and Volleyball Intramurals, SHARON REED GREER National Honor Society, Treas.: The JACKET Staff, Editor and Sophomore Class Editor: Sr, Who's Who - Most Courteous: Veep and Sec. of S,R,: Miss Touch down Representadve 133: Miss Ensley Contest: Y-Teens, I,C,C, Representative: Promoters: Tri- Tri-Hi-Y: French Club, Veep: Youth for Christ: Pep Club: Outstanding Junior, University of Alabama: Marshall 133, Capt.: Basketball and Volleyball In- tramurals. SHARON LEIGH GREGORY French Club, Pres.: Y-Teens 133: Volleyball Intra- murals. LORETTA EILLEN GRIBBON French Club 123: Assistant Banker of S.R, 123: Pep Club: Basketball and Volleyball Intramurals, LINDA GRIFFIN Y-Teens 133, Treas.: Miss Y-Teen: Veep of S,R,: Annual Salesman: Cast of Spring Play: Marshall, RHODA PATRICIA GRUMM Miss Touchdown Representative: Y-Teens 123: Future Teachers Club 123, Pres, : Future Homemakers of Tomorrow Club, Treas,: Future Nurses Club: Mar- shall 143, LYNN ELTON HAMMOCK B-Team Basketball: Varsity Basketball 123: B-Team Track: Varsity Track: Varsity Cross-Country: Ushers Club: Homecoming Escort, CAROL SUE HANLIN First Alternate Highstepper: Cabinet Member: Sr, Who's Who: Miss Touchdown Representative 133: Y-Teens 123: Prompters, Pres.: Lyric Club 123, Sec.: Choir 123: Ensemble 123: Pres, of S.R.: Basketball Intramurals, JOYCE NANETTE HANNAH Pres. of S,R, : Assistant Banker of S.R. : Student Council: Y-Teens: Youth for Christ: Choir: Ensemble Intramurals 133. DAVID A. HARLAND Latin Club: Banker of S,R, KATHLEEN ELIZABETH HARRIS National Honor Society, Sec. and Veep: Veep and Sec, of S,R,: Math Club 425, Veep: Latin Club 425, Treas.: Y-Teens 425: Promoters: Marshall, Intramurals, EVELON LARIE HASKELL Y-Teens: Volleyball Intramurals. SAMMY HAWKINS VGGP Of S.R.: D.E.C,A, Club, Sec.: Boys Vocal. JERRY PORTER HAYES Freshman Football: B-Team Football: Varsity Foot- ball 425, Lettered 425: Freshman Basketball: B-Team Basketball: Baseball 425: Pres, of S.R, WARREN JACK HENDON Pres. of S,R,: Art Club, Treas.: Annual Salesman. EDWARD HENDRICKS Sr. Who's Who - Quietest: N.E.D.T. Certificate of Merit: S.R, Officer, FLOYD HENDRIX Varsity Baseball 435, Lettered 415: Spanish Club 425, JANET ELIZABETH HENSON Highstepper 425: Sr. Who's Who - Most Talkative: Pres. of S.R.: Y-Teens 425: Tri-Hi-Y: Promoters: Pep Club: Choir. WOODSON LESLIE HERRING National Honor Society, Pres. : Sr. Who's Who - Most Outstanding: Electron Club, Treas,: Latin Club: Math Club: Veep of S.R.: Tennis Team: B-Team Football: Representative to State Citizen-- ship Conven1:ion: Representative to "Goals for Birmingham" Program: N.E.D.T. Certificate of Merit: Perfect Attendance, CARL SUMMERS HESTER D.E. Club, Pres.: Track Team: Cross Counuy, KENNETH DANIEL HESTER Pres. ofS.R,: B-Team Track. CARLA SUZANNE HOEHN National Honor Society, Veep: Sec. of Sr. Class: D,A,R, Good Citizenship Girl: Homecoming Court: Sr, Who's Who - Most Likely to Succeed: Miss Touchdown Contest - Junior Class Winner: Optimist Club Representative: Representative to Citizenship Conference: Representative to Business and Profes- sional Women's Conference: Latin Club 425: Cum Laude and Magna Cum Laude La1:in Award: Latin Convention: Y-Teens, Pres.: Math Club 425, Sec.: Math Lab Assistant: Electron Club: Pep Club: Banker of S, R.: Annual Salesman: Outstanding Junior, University of Alabama: Gym Assistant, Letter: In- tramurals: Marshall. MARY JANE HOLDEN Veep of S.R, : Latin Club 425, Veep: Yellow Jacket Staff 425: Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow: Y-Teens: Math Club 425: Promoters: Assistant Banker of S. R.: Annual Salesman: Library Assistant 425: Basketball and Volleyball Intramurals. DEBRA HOLLIFIELD National Honor Society: R.O. T.C. Sponsor 425, Head Sponsor, Lieutenant Colonel: R. O. T. C. Awards - Unit Citation, Outstanding Sponsor: Disc and Diamond Club: Yellow Jacket Staff 425, Page Editor: Quill and Scroll, Honorary Journalism Society: Tri-Hi-Y: Y-Teens: Youth for Christ: Pep Club: Future Teachers Club 425, Pres.: Basketball and Volleyball Intramurals: Marshall. LYNN MARIE HOLLINGSHEAD Pres, and Veep 425 of S.R,: Y-Teens 425, Sec.: Tri-Hi-Y: Bank Teller: Bank Board of Directors: Pep Club: Marshall 445: Basketball and Volleyball Intramurals. GERRY EDWIN HOLMES Sec. of S.R.: Annual Salesman: Math Club: Elec- tron Club: Fall Play. DEBORAH DIANE HOLT Highstepper 135: Miss Touchdown Representative: Promoters, Sec.: Tri-Hi-Y: Y-Teens 125: Pep Club: Choir: Marshall: Basketball and Volleyball Intra- murals. GUY HORTON Veep of S.R.: Sr, Who's Who - Best Personality: Cabinet Member: Bank Board of Directors 135 , Treas.: B-Team Basketball: Varsity Football: Ushers Club, Veep: Choir: Lyric Club 125: Youth for Christ 125: Cast of Camelot: Marshall. THERON NATHAN HOULDITCH D. E, Club: Assistant Banker of S.R. SANDRA DELL HOWARD Girls Vocal 135, IANICE FAYE HUBBARD National Honor Society: Bank Board of Directors 135, Sec. and Pres.: Bank Teller 145: Sec, of S.R.: Banker of S.R. 125: -The JACKET Staff , Junior Class Editor: Y-Teens 125, Treas.: Spanish Club: Marshall: Basketball, Softball and Volleyball Intramurals 145, DOROTHY LYNN HU DGINS Y-Teens 125: Math Club 125: Latin Club 125: Marshall: Intramurals. OSMOND CARRAWAY INGRAM, IR. Mr. School Spirit: Sr. Who's Who - Silliest: Veep and Banker of S.R.: Annual Salesman: Thespians 135, Pres. and Treas.: Thespians State Executive Council:,Cast of 5 Plays: staff of 8 Plays: Optimist Oratorical Contest: A,E,A, Dramatic Reading: Civitan Oratorical Contest: Bank Teller: Choir 125: Ensemble 125: Red Cross Council 125: Pep Club: Marshall. ANTHONY IONES Varsity Football 125, Lettered 115: Track Team: Drill Team 125, Lettered: Rifle Team, Expert Rifleman Award: Disc and Diamond Club, Veep, JASPER PAUL .TULIANO Sr. Who's Who - Best All-Around: Cabinet Member - Athletics: Freshman Track: Freshman Basketball: B-Team Football: Varsity Football, KAREN LEE KEITH The JACKET Staff: Math Club 125: Spanish Club :- Future Nurses Club: Marshall 125, Capt, : Volleyball Intramurals. MELWYN ANN KELLY Choir: Future Nurses Club 125: Marshall. VIRGIL RAY KICKER Chaplain of S.R. 135: Youth for Christ: Art Club: Pep Club: Staff of Play. ELIZABETH SHARON KINNEY School Chairman for March of Dimes: French Club 125: Math Club: Electron Club 125, Veep: Lyric Club: Choir 135, Treas.: Ensemble 135: Best Choir Member and Best Soprano Awards: Marshall 1359. G,A.A. Club: Basketball and Volleyball Intramurals 145: Volleyball Tournament: Chorus of Camelot. SOFIA THEODORE LAFAKIS Colorguard: Promoters: Y-Teens: Bank Assistant: Basketball, Softball and Volleyball Intramurals 135, GLENN ELLISE LANDRUM Freshman Basketball: B-Team .Football 125: Varsity 253 Football 125, Letter-ed 125. CURTIS STEELE LAWSON Electron Club5 Math Club: Annual Salesmang Physics Lab Assistantg Language Lab Assistant5 Marshall. PATRICIA GAIL LEAGUE Intramurals 145, DONNY LENOIR Sr, Who's Who - Most Courteousg Banker of S,R, GARY CHARLES LESTER S,R, Pres, 1255 Student Council 1255 Ushers Club. SANDRA LOUISE LEWIS National Honor Societyg Math Club 1255 French Club 1255 Y-Teens1255 Promotersg Bank Teller 1255 Mar- shall 1355 Basketball and Volleyball Intramurals. DEBORAH GAIL LINDBERGH Math Club 1255 Annual Salesmang Marshall 1155 Basketball and Volleyball 145 Intramurals. JOE PHILIP LOVETTO D,E,C,A, Club, ZANE EDWARD LOWERY D, E, C, A, Club, KENNETH LANCE MADDOX Band 145, Letter5 First French Horn 1355 Band Student Director. JOHN G. MARTY B-Team Footballg B-Team Track: Tennis Team 125, Lettered 1255 French Club 1255 Math Club 1255 Marshall. GEORGE WILLIAM MATTINSON Freshman Basketball, KATHERINE GAE MAYS Banker of S.R,5 Y- Teens5 Girls Vocalg Pep Club5 Intramurals, MICKIE RAE MAYS Y-Teens 1255 Annual Salesman5 Pep Clubg Girls Vocalg Basketball, Softball and Volleyball Intra- murals 145. JOYCE ANN MCCRARY Sec, of S.R,5 Annual Salesman: Bank Tellerg Y-Teensg Pep Club5 Basketball 135 and Volleyball 115 Intramurals5 Marshall, PATRICIA ANN MCCRAY Red Cross Club: A-B Honor Rollg Basketball, Soft- ball and Volleyball Intramurals 145, JOSEPH DURICK McDEVITT Science Lab Assistant, MARTHA GRACE MCDONALD National Honor Societyg Pres. , Veep and Banker of S.R.5 Miss Touchdown Representative 1255 French Club 1255 Y-Teens5 Latin Club: Promoters Pep Club5 The JACKET Staff, Business Manager5 Gym As- sistant 125g G.A,A. Club 125, Pres,5 Basketball, Softball and Volleyball lntramuralsg Marshall: Outstanding Junior, University of Alabama. JOHN THOMAS MCGRAW D,E,C.A, Club, JERRY WAYNE MCQUEEN Freshman Football: Track Team: D.E.C,A, Club. I EAN MARGARET MIDDLETON Sr, Who's Who - Wittiest: Miss March of Dimes Candidate: The JACKET Staff: A-B Honor Roll: Y-Teens 143, Chaplain: Promoters: Choir: Ensem- ble: Intramurals. CATHY SUE MILES Y-Teens: Sec. of Speech Class: Home Ec. Club, SUSAN VETTLER MILLER Highstepper 133, Head: Homecoming Court: Christ- mas Seal Princess: Miss Ensley Contest: Sec, and Banker of S. R.: The JACIGIT Staff, Sports Editor: Y-Teens123, Veep: Promoters: Tri-Hi-Y: Spanish Award: Choir: Ensemble: Lyric Club: Pep Club: Cast of Camelot: Best Freshman Athlete: Basketball and Softball Inuramurals: Track. MARCIA LEE MILLSAP Thespians: Cast of 4 Plays: Student Director of 1 Play: Pep Club, Pres.: Y-Teens 123: Math Club: French Club 123: Promoters: Marshall. MARY VIRGINIA MITCHELL National Honor Society: Sr. Who's Who - Most Dependable: Latin Club: Sum Laude and Sum Lauda Latin Awards: Y-Teens 123: Math Club: Electron Club: Youth for Christ: Marshall Capt, PAT'I'l SUE MOBLEY Y-Teens: Staff of 2 Plays: Marshall, MARGARET ANNE MORELAND National Honor Society: Latin Club 123: Magna Cum Lauda Latin Award: A, A-B Honor Roll: Elec- tron Club: G.A,A, Club 123, Veep: Gym Assistant, Letter: Basketball, Softball and Volleyball Intra- murals: Y-Teens 123, LINDA ARDENIA MORRIS Y-Teens 123: Marshall: Intramurals, DIANE MOUDRY Sec, of S,R.: Youth for Christ 133, Veep: Red Cross Club 123, Sec.: Promoters: Y-Teens: Math Lab Assistant: Science Office Assistant: Marshall Capt. JUNE ELIZABETH MUMPOWER National Honor Society: Youth for Christ 133, Veep: 1969 Birmingham Youth for Christ Sweet- heart: Miss Touchdown Representative: Sec, of S,R.: Banker of S,R,: Latin Club 123, Sec.: Math Club: Y-Teens 133: Marshall 123, BONNIE JEAN MYERS Pres. and Veep 123 of S,R.: Yellow Jacket Staff 123, Sports Editor: International High School Journalism Honor Society: Y-Teens 123, Veep and l.C,C, Rep- resentative: Electron Club 123, Sec.: Pep Club: G,A,A, Club, Treas.: Gym Assistant 123: Volley- ball Intramurals. SUSAN ELIZABETH NAILEN Promoters: Y-Teens: Pep Club: Choir: Lyric Club Basketball, Softball and Volleyball Intramurals, SANDRA WILENE NEUMANN First Alternate Homecoming Queen: Miss Fire Pre- vention Candidate: Miss Ensley Contest: Sr. Who's Who - Friendliest: Colorguard: Sec. of S,R,: Math Club 123: German Club: A Honor Roll: Home Ec. Club, Pres.: Future Teachers Club, Veep: Intra- murals: Marshall. REBECCA ELAINE NEWMAN Yellow Jacket Staff 123: Page Editor: Quill and Scroll Journalism Award: R,O,T. C. Sponsor: Rifle Team Sponsor: Disc and Diamond Club: Future Nurses Club 133, Veep and Chaplain: Y-Teens: Promoters: Youth for Christ 123: Choir: Basketball and Volleyball In- tramurals: Marshall. ROBERT EARL NEWTON Pres. of S, R. : Student Council: Delegate to State Latin Convention 123: Math Club 123, Treas. : Latin Club 123: Electron Club: Baseball: Chemistry Stockroom Assistant, ' BRENDA KAY NICHOLS Sec. and Veep of S. R. : Y-Teens 133: Promoters: Volleyball Intramurals, JAMES PATRICK O'NEAL Pres, , Veep and Sec. of S.R, : Student Council: Birmingham Southern Summer Honor Scholarship: Homecoming Escort: Latin Club 133, Pres.: DSIC' 1 gate to State Latin Convention 123: Tennis Team 133, Lettered 123: Physics Lab Assistant. ANTHONY JOE PARDI D,E, Club, BARBARA LYNN P! RROTT Student Council: Beta Club 15 : Junior Mid Century 123: Future Teachers 133: Ban' 143, Most Outstanding Band Student: Future Homen Lkers of America Club 133: Future Nurses Club. JAMIE LYNN PARTAIN D.E. Club: Volleyball Intramurals. PAMELA IO PATTERSON Volleyball, Softball and Basketball Intramurals. PANDORA PATTON Class Favorite 133: Highstepper 133: S,R, Offices: Y-Teens 123, I, C,C. Representative: Promoters: Math Club: Youth for Christ: Junior Council Rep- resentative for Festival of Arts. DWIGHT STEPHEN PENNINGTON National Honor Society: Harvard Book Award: Sr. Who's Who - Most Talented: Representative to Op- timist Club Scholarship Competition: 'I'he JACKET Staff: Football and Basketball Statistician 133: Youth for Christ: Accompanist for Choir 143 and Ensemble 123: Rehearsal Accompanist for Oklahoma and Camelot: Head of Make-up Committee for Camelot and One Foot in Heaven: Lyric Club 133. CURTIS NEAL PERKINS Third Place American Legion Oratorical Contest: Disc and Diamond Club: Battalion Executive Officer Rifle Team, Lettered 123: The High School Firer123: Drill Team: D,E.C,A. Club: Cast of Oklahoma. SYLVIA PERRY Student Council: Glee Club: Catherine Spalding Club: Spanish Club: Red Cross Club: Dramatics, BILLY NICK PETELOS Freshman Football: B-Team Football: Varsity Foot- ball 123, Lettered 123: Pres. of S.R. 133: Cabinet - Sportsmanship: Ushers Club: Track: Marshall, EDWIN ELLIS PHARRIS B-Team Football: Thespians: Cast and Staff of Plays: D,E,C,A. Club. KATHY LOIS PINKERTON Miss Touchdown Contest, Club Winner 1969: Home- coming Court: Sec, of S,R,: Jr, R.O.T.C. Sponsor: Disc and Diamond Club: Promoters: Y-Teens 143: Youth for Christ: Pep Club: Day in Court Repre- sentative: Girls Vocal: Intramurals: Marshall. EDNA PISSANOS Future Teachers Club, Sec. and Treas,: Art Club: Volleyball Intramurals, MICHAEL PIERRE PLAN Varsity Basketball 123, Lettered 123: Varsity Baseball 123, Lettered 123: Cross Country 123, Lettered 123: Tennis Team 123, Lettered 123: Ushers Club: Spanish Club: Science Office Assistant 133: Homecoming Escort. PAUL POCO PANNI Manager of Baseball, Basketball and Football Teams 143: Manager of Track and Tennis Teams 113: Art Club: Youth for Christ. MITCHELL LEE POER Mr, JACKET: Class Favorite 143: Sr, Who's Who - Most Popular: Chairman of Student Council: Pres, of S.R. 123: Banker of S.R.: Best Freshman 1967: B-Team Football 123: Varsity Football 123, Lettered 123: Freshman Basketball: B-Team Basketball: Var- sity Basketball, Lettered 113: Varsity Baseball 143, Lettered 143, MARY KATHLEEN PORTER Majorette: Band 123, Sec.: Instrumentalists Club, Sec.: French Club 123, Chaplain: All-City Band: Band Ensemble: Art Club: Choir: Girls Vocal: Staff of One Foot in Heaven. IANICE ELAINE POTTS Head Marshall of Student Body: Cabinet: Alternate Highstepper: Sr, Who's Who - Coolest: Miss Ensley Contest: Pres. , Veep and Banker of S.R. : Annual Salesman: Student Council: Bank Board- of Directors, Veep and Sec, : Bank Teller 133: The JACKET Staff, Activities Editor: Y-Teens123: Tri-Hi-Y: Promoters: Youth for Christ: Pep Club: Junior Council Represent- ative for Festival of Arts: Marshall Capt. : Intramu- rals. LYNDA ANN POWELL Highstepper: Second Altemate Miss Ensley Contest: Miss Touchdown Representative: Veep of S,R, 133: Y-Teens, Veep: Promoters: Pep Club: Volleyball Intramurals: Marshall 143: Miss Ensley. LINDA PRATT Future Nurses Club: Pep Club: Basketball and Volley- ball lntramurals 143: Marshall 123, RAYMOND BENTON PRESTON IR. Band 133: Stage Band: Instrumentalists Club 133, Chaplain: Choir: Youth for Christ: Pep Club: Electron Club: Science Lab Assistant: Outstanding Junior, University of Alabama: A-B Honor Roll, TERRI DENISE PRICE Jefferson County Junior Miss: Second Altemate Alabama Junior Miss: Class Favorite 123: High- suepper: Homecoming Court: Sr. Who's Who - Prettiest: Best Freshman 1967: May Court: Miss Ensley High School: Miss Touchdown Representative French Club: Y-Teens, Pres.: Thespians 143: Math Club: Promoters: Youth for Christ 143: Pep Club 123, Sec.: Pres, of S.R,: Veep of S. R.: La Sertoma Award: First Alternate State Civitan Oratorical Contest: First Alternate Birmingham News Citizen- ship Contest: Representative to Birmingham News Citizenship Tour: Representative to Girls' State: Freedom Forum: Marshall. MILTON EDWARD PROFFITT Class Favorite 123: Sr, Who's Who - Most Talkative: Pres. , Veep and Sec, of S.-R. : Varsity Baseball 133, Lettered 133: B-Team Football 123: Golf Team: Spanish Club, ANNE PROPST Y-Teens 123: Art Club 123, Pres. RICHARD ALEXANDER PRU ITT Freshman Football: B-Team Football: Varsity Foot- ball 123: Lettered 123: Most Valuable Lineman: Freshman Basketball: B-Team Basketball: Veep 123 and Banker of S.R. DAVID ROLAND RANCONT Tennis Team 133, Lettered 123: Electron Club 133, Pres.: Bank Teller: Representative to Annual Re- cruiting Congress at Annapolis. VIRGINIA RAPE Y-Teens: Softball and Volleyball Intramurals, ROBERT EARL REACH Varsity Football: B-Team Football: Freshman Track JANET RICKS Y-Teens, I. C,C. Representative: Promoters: Bas- ketball and Volleyball Intramurals, JANET CLARE RITTER Pres, and Sec, of S.R,: Y-Teens 433, Treas.: Out- standing Junior, University of Alabama: Youth for Christ: Basketball, Softball and Volleyball Intra- murals 443: Marshall 433, DEBRA ROBERTS Basketball and Softball Intramurals: Marshall, NANCY ELLEN ROGERS Yellow Jacket Staff, Circulation Manager: Quill and Scroll Award: Choir: Lyric Club: Youth for Christ: Y-Teens: Latin Club: Banker of S.R, 433: N.E. D. T. Certificate of Merit: Basketball, Softball and Vol- leyball Intramurals: Library Assistant. JANET KAYE ROLLINS Y-Teens, Pres.: Banker of S.R.: Choir: Ensemble: Girls Vocal: Youth for Christ: Spanish Club: Out- standing Jr. University of Ala.: Intramurals, RONALD ROWELL Sr. Who's Who - Most Handsome: Baseball 433: Banker of S,R, : Boys Vocal, ROGER RUSSELL Baseball, Basketball and Football Manager 443: Science Assistant 423, WANDA SU ZETTE SANSOM n National Honor Society: Sr. Who's Who - Quietest Y-Teens 423: French Club 433: Future Physicians. SHARON MARIE SAWLS Y-Teens 423: Pep Club: Language Office Assistant. JAYNE MARIE SCHRIMSHER Home Ec. Club, Chaplain: Y-Teens. DONNA SCHROEDER Veep of S.R.: Y-Teens. WILLIAM SCOTT Pres, of S.R, 423: D.O, Club, Chaplain. MATTHEW SEALS National Merit Scholarship Finalist: French Club: French Award: Band. PATRICIA IEANNE SELLERS Y-Teens 423: Choir: Basketball and Volleyball In- tramurals: Marshall, MARY SERIO Pres. , Veep 423 and Sec. of S.R. : Basketball and Volleyball Intramurals 423: Marshall. TINA MARIE SF AKIANOS Yellow Jacket Staff, Third Page Editor: Quill and Scroll Journalism Award: Miss Touchdown Repre- sentative: Bank Teller 443: Annual Salesman: Elec- tron Club 423: Y-Teens: Pep Club: Chemistry Lab Assistant 423: G.A. A. Club '423: Gym ASSiSf2HfC2D1 Basketball, Softball and Volleyball Intramurals. JERRY SHAW Baseball 433. Rl-IONDA IAN SHERRILL National Honor Society, Sec.: The JACKET Staff, Senior Class Editor: Promoters: Y-Teens 445, Veep and I, C, C, Representative: Youth for Christ: Pep Club 435: Miss March of Dimes Candidate: Banker of S.R.: A Honor Roll: N.E.D. T. Certificate of Merit: Outstanding Junior, University of Alabama: Basketball, Softball and Volleyball Intramurals 445: Freshman Volleyball Tournament: Marshall 435, ALLEN HOWELL SIMMONS , IR. Sr. Who's Who - Wittiest: Band 445: Drum Major: Stage Band: Pep Band: Choir 445, Pres.: Ensemble 435: Lyric Club 425, Program Chairman and Pres.: Accompanist for Boys Vocal: All-State Chorus: Cast and staff of Oklahoma: Youth for Christ: Veep and Banker of S. R. ROBERT FINDLAY SMITH B-Team and Varsity Track: B-Team Cross Country: Freshman and B-Team Basketball: N.E, D. T , Certi- ficate of Merit: A-B Honor Roll: German Club: Electron Club. ROYCE BOYD SMITH, IR, Track: Lyric Club: Boys Vocal: Choir: D,E. Club. SUSAN CAROL SMITH Sec, of S.R. : French Club 425: French Award: Y- Teens 425: Math Club 425: Pep Club: Basketball, Softball and Volleyball Intramurals. CHARLES SPANOS Electron Club: Science Lab Assistant 425: Staff of 2 Plays. VICKIE STANTON Sec. of S.R. : Annual Salesman 425: Thespians 425: Y-Teens 425: Tri-Hi-Y: Basketball and Volleyball Intramurals 425: Marshall 435, CHARLES STEPHENS Lab Assistant. SANDRA STEWART National Honor Society: Perfect Attendance 445: Chaplain of S. R.: Math Club: Youth for Christ: Basketball and Volleyball Intramurals: Marshall. CLYDENE ANNETTE STOKES Highsnepper: Miss Touchdown Representative: Sec. of S.R.: Chaplain of S.R.: Y-Teens 425: Youth for Christ 425: Home Ec, Club 425, Pres.: Pep Club: Cast of Camelot: staff of One Foot in Heaven: A-B Honor Roll: Basketball and Volleyball Intramurals 425: Track. PAM STOREY Y-Teens 445: Future Nurses Club 435, Sec.: Girls Vocal 425: Basketball and Volleyball Intramurals. TERRY TEMPLIN Class Favorite 425: Sr. Who's Who 4 Coolest: B-Team Basketball: B-Team Football 425: Varsity Football 425, Lettered 425: Pres. , Veep and Banker of S.R. DEBRA TERRY National Honor Society: Alternate Highstepper: Veep, Sec. and Banker 425 of S.R.: Bank Board of Directors: French Club, Pres.: Y-Teens: Tri-Hi-Y: Promoters: Pep Club: Basketball, Softball and Volleyball Intramurals: Marshall, KATHY THAXTON Youth for Christ: Pep Club: Future Teachers of America: Basketball, Softball and Volleyball Intra- murals. CONNIE ANN THOMAS Y-Teens 435: Latin Club 435: Basketball, Softball and Volleyball Intramurals: Marshall 425. TOMMY THRASHER Boys Vocal 425, JAMES TINKER Banker of S. R.: B-Team Football: Varsity Football: Spanish Club 123: Pep Club 123: Science Stockroom Assistant. FRANK DAVID TOMBRELLO B-Team Football: D,E, Club: Boys Vocal. JO ANN TOMBRELLO Y-Teen Inter-Club Council-Pres. : Y-Teen Inter- Club Council Chaplain: Y-Teens 143, Pres. : Miss Touchdown Representative: Pres. of S.R, : Youth for Christ, Veep: G.A.A. Club: Gym Assistant: Girls Vocal: Intramurals 143: Marshall. TIMOTHY MIKE TORTORICE B-Team Football 123: Varsity Football 123, Lettered 123: Honorable Mention 123, All-Metro Football: Honorable Mention 113, All-City Football: Baseball 143, Lettered 133: Freshman B-Team and Varsity Basketball: Pres. of S.R. 123: Chaplain of S.R, JOE GERARD TORTORICI D.E, Club, Treas.: Boys Vocal. LOUIS TRAPOLINO B-Team Football 123: Varsity Football 123, Lettered C23- REBECCA TREMELLING Band 133: Future Nurses Club: Basketball Intramurals: Marshall. TERRI LYNN TUBBS Banker of S,R, : Y-Teens: Promoters: Lyric Club: Choir: Girls Vocal. JAMES TUCKER B-Team Football: Varsity Football 123: Art Club. CYNTHIA DIANNE TYLER Choir: Girls Vocal: Y-Teens: Future Nurses Club 123, Veep and Chaplain: Basketball and Volleyball Intramurals. GLORIA VAIL Yellow Jacket Staff: Promoters: Y-Teens: French Club: Red Cross Club: Basketball and Volleyball Intramurals: Library Assistant. DAVID VARNER Annual Salesman: Pep Club: Disc and Diamond Club: Science Lab Assistant 133, Letter. JAMES RICHARD VERNON Science Lab Assistant. PAT VOYTANOVSKY B-Team and Varsity Football. CYNTHIA SUE WAGGONER National Honor Society: Class Favorite 123: Cheer- leader 123, Head: Miss School Spirit: Homecoming Court: Sr, Who's Who - Best All Around: Miss Ensley Contest: Student Council, Veep: Pres. of S,R, 133: Veep of S.R.: Y- Teens 123, I,C.C. Representative: Math Club: Pep Club: Promoters: Youth for Christ: Math Lab Assistant: Basketball and Volleyball In- tramurals: Marshall, Capt.: Outstanding Junior, University of Alabama. BONITA WALKER Library Assistant 123: Basketball and Volleyball In- tramurals 143: Marshall 123. MARY JACQUELINE WATSON Yellow Jacket Staff: University of Alabama, Jour- nalism Clinic: Voice of Democracy Contestant: Miss Touchdown Representative: Promoters: Y-Teens Math Club: Youth for Christ: Art Club 133, Pres. and Chaplain: Birmingham "Paint-ln": Cast of Play: Set of Play: N.E.D.T. Certificate of Merit: Basketball, Softball and Volleyball Intramurals: Marshall. REBECCA DEE WEEKS Y-Teens: Tri-Hi-Y: Latin Club: Future Nurses Club, Pres. : Annual Salesman: Staff of Play: Basketball, Softball and Volleyball Intramurals: Marshall, Capt 623. DEBORAH WEAVER Y-Teens: Red Cross Club: Basketball and Volleyball Intramurals. PATRICIA WELLS Sec, of S.R. : Annual Salesman: Home Ec. Club, Veep and Sec.: Basketball, Softball and Volleyball Intramurals 133. ROBERT WHATLEY Boys Vocal, JOE WILKS Disc and Diamond Club, DENNIS CLIFTON WILLIAMS National Honor Society, Pres, and Treas,: Pres. of Sr, Class: B-Team Basketball: Varsity Basketball 123: Varsity Track 123: Varsity Cross Country 123: N.M.S.Q.T. Semifinalist: N.E.D.T. Certificate of Merit: Samford University Math Tournament: BUS Math Tournament: Ouistanding Junior, Uni- versity of Alabama: Pres. of S,R.: Student Council: Latin Club 133: Latin Award: Math Club 123, Pres.: Pep Club: Language Lab Assistant: Math Lab As- sistant: Chemistry Lab Assistant: Marshall. ANN WILSON Choir: French Club: Red Cross Club: Cast of Camelot: Basketball 133, Softball 113 and Volley- ball 123 Intramurals. DIANA RUBY WILSON Pres, of S.R,: Student Council: Promoters: Y-Teens, Veep: Basketball and Volleyball Intramurals: Mar- snan 123, SHEILA WILSON Y-Teens: Girls Vocal: Youth for Christ: Basketball, Softball and Volleyball Intramurals, VONDA GAY WILSON Y-Teens: Art Club: Girls Vocal: Staff of 3 Plays: Softball 113 and Volleyball 123 Intramurals. DONNA FAY WILSON Cabinet: Choir 133, Pres.: Ensemble 123: Girls Vocal Lyric Club 123, Treas,: Promoters: Y-Teens 123, Chaplain: Annual Salesman: Basketball and Volley- ball lntramurals: Marshall 133, REBECCA WOODS Chaplain of S. R. : Miss Touchdown Representative: Tri-Hi-Y: Y-Teens: French Club: Youth for Christ: Pep Club: Basketball and Volleyball Intramurals. MILFORD WRIGHT Track Team: Cross Country Team. JOYCE WYNN Sec, and Banker of S,R.: Promoters: Y-Teens: Youth for Christ: Pep Club: Staff of 2 Plays: Marshall Acknowledgements We Would Like to Express Our Thanks to the Following T for Their Assistance in the Preparation of the T970 Jacket Mr. Howard Ballew Waldrup Studios Eastwood Mall Five Points West Mall Arlington Botanical Gardens Dale's Cellar Dobb's House Luau Pasquales Mf. H. V. Han1ilTUn1 Custodian . . . Municipal Airport Thomas Jefferson Kiddie Land Advertisement ffm: ' J 4 n J' , .EN x ' -M. ek-'?ia.v..,-"' 1 'N 'Mrk' Lf 11' ' 1859 ' :A fx,-,f.-.Q fi f 1 3 f W '14 ,73 I 14 ,, , ., Y . , eyjddn, R QL 1'1" ',1.?:,' 1 aff-we . Q ?E1:ff-' e 2 QR-'a?v-4 ,L 51 'T 'L - 1, - 2 ,pf j' vfvq- zzz . 11 5"4-vJ'1E:1'4-- . V 55351 ,',' w .,,- . Syz.j,..,f-.:v, .- . - ' ,ya 4, 3 1' r ,F vftih-. ' -. - f .,1:wwww:a:- 1, . - -4-12fsw1-fs: - Q 'F 1 w - -f 1 - : ' 5 f - F IM: i I .- ,-5111.5 .:,,'. , E5 A' S55 'Ex ig? 1: ,X . 1 ,x-,, " 44 A ,,'n,-. -, . 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Buick - Chevrolet Cadillac - Opel Phone 785-3101 GOLDSTEIN 8: COHEN 404 19th Ensley 788-3391 COLLEGE HILLS C LEANERS 729 8th Avenue West Phone: 787-8891 PASQUALE 'S PIZZA 5 Points West Phone 781-1190 SIMONETTE, INC. Wholesale Distributors 1065 Avenue V, Ensley Birmingham, Alabama and ANDY'S CONVENIENT STORES Birmingham , Alabama Uncertain culoouf your fume? 'U Q CQ I H f M South Cenfrol Bell. ENSLEY SHOE HOSPITAL 111 19th St. Ensley TAMBLYN PHARMACY 3041 Ensley Ave. 5 Pts. West MARTIN REXA LL DRUGS 1400 3rd Avenue, West Phone: 785-1131 Free Delivery v PIZZA CARRY OUTS "Focal Fun for fveryonen FRANCHISEIINFORMATION: , wi. PASQUALE S of F0 RESTDALE 4 1 ' FORRESTDALE SHOPPING CENTER u PHONE: 798-9936, 798-4631 PHONE AND YOUR ORDER WILL EE READY IN MINUTES! CENTRAL MOTORS,INC. Your Trustworthy Dealer for Chrysler, Plymouth, and Renault 10 and 16 Where You Save S50 to S300 on a Brand New or Used Car and We Service What We Sell and Sell A s Advertised. CENTRAL MOTORS, INC. 309 3rd Avenue West Phone: 323-4531 W COLLEGE HILLS PHARMACY 737 8th Avenue West Birmingham, Alabama THE ENSLEY GRILL 414 19th Street Ensley Phone: 781-1491 SAM DOC KERY Dockery OK Tires 2412 Bessemer Road Phone: 788-6551 55,1 COLLEGE HILLS BEAUTY SALON ,731 8th Avenue West Phone: 786-3245 SECURITY DRUG COMPANY 1825 Ave. E. Ensley SMITH FURNITURE CO., INC. 1915 Avenue E. Ensley 785-8293 Ens ley , Alabama LaCOLE FLORAL CO. 1496 Warrior Road Phone: 787-0617 Birmingham, Alabama BA TES AUTO SUPPLY 2000 Bessemer Road Phone: 781-4101 C omplim ents of THE ENSLEY GRILL 414 19th Street Ensley Phone 781-1491 COTTONS 400 19th St. Ensley COFFEE CUP RESTAURANT 5 Points West Phone: 788-9348 GRAFFEO BROTHERS GROCERY 1700 Avenue I Ensley Phone: 785-9487 JOHN M. FOX CO. Heating and Sheet Metal Works 2109 Avenue D. Ensley Birmingham, Alabama Compliments of SIDNEY BRASWELL FURNITURE 19th St. and Ave. F. Ensley COLLEGE HILL GROCERY 735 8th Avenue West Phone: 781- 1862 Compliments of SESSION ROOM 353 it o is I ' : QQ , IDT 656.7 R 451 QV 1548 FORESTDALEOHTIIFAMILY HEALTH CENTEZAM, ALA 35714 ARCADE BEAUTY SALON 3213 Avenue W. 5 Points West Phone: 781-1296 .TACK CALLAWAY Jax Realty Co. 2017-C Avenue F. , Ensley Day or Night Phone: 786-6209 CENTRAL PARK BAPTIST CHURCH Welcomes YOUth WESTERN SUPER MARKET Birmingham 's Finest Independent Markets Congratulations Seniors From A FRIEND Compliments of A FRIEND PARIS BEAUTY SALON 3040 Ensley Avenue 785-4372 or 785-2753 Compliments of CENTRAL PARK ENCO 1948 Bessemer Road Phone: 788-9301 Owner: PHILLIP FLOWERS WVOK Voice of Dixie 690 on Your Dial C omplim ents of HICKORY HOUSE BAR-BE-QUE ANGWIN MORTUARY CENTER Cor. Ave. 1 and 35th St. Ensley, Fairfield Boundary Birmingham, Alabama 35218 LaCOLE FLORAL COMPANY "Flowers with a Personality" 1946 Warrior Road Phone: 787-0617 PARISIAN WEST Go Big Jackets! Compliments of SESSION ROOM 258 C omplim ent s of A FRIEND FORESTDALE STANDARD SERVICE 1524 Forest Dale Blvd. Phone: 798-9972 PUCKETT'S FAIRFIELD HARDWARE CO. 4900 Gary Avenue, Phone: 788-1614 Fairfield , Alabama FASHIONS IN BEAUTY SALON 2306-A Warrior Road Phone: 787-3318 Herring Drug Store Prescription Specialist B 8 I' Cow 1321 Bessemer Rd. W. Birmingham, Alabama 1400 Bessemer Phone Road 786-0681 We Donany Type of Home 1 Improvements Compllments of No Job Too Big or Small. Home Owned and Operated by M. E. BROWN Compliments of ALMOST ALL OF sEssLoN ROOM 249 Compliments of Go Big Jackets Compliments of SESSION ROOM 308 Compliments of Y VM, . 274 vu ' 'J m,un-I--www, 13 ,.,Q . W .iw COMPLLIVIENTS OF SESSION ROOM 111 COMPLIMENTS OF SESSION ROOM 311 COMPLIMENTS OF SESSION ROOM 155 COMPLIMENTS OF SESSION ROOM 313 WESTERN WHOLESALE CO. Candie s, Drugs, Tobaccos GRANT' S BEAUTY SHOP 2233 Bessemer Road, Birmingham, Alabama Phone: 7,86-2480 WCRT AM-FM STEREO "The Good Music Station" 1260 KC 96.5 MC Compliments of WYLAM HARDWARE 4407 7th Avenue, Wylam E' Compliments of BENSON' S HARDWARE CO. 4318 7th Avenue, Wylam Compliments oi WYLAM PHARMACY 4528 7th Avenue, Wylam Compliments of PAUL A. POCOPANNI Public Accountant Compliments of PUC CIO GROCERY JACKETS GREAT! COMPLIMENTS OF SESSION ROOM 145 1 f . Hwy 3 Q Hwy' 4111. E32 ' i . ,,....-vw 'ffqiigg ' . . ,V V.. -frm---f - ,- f ef-Qi? Ga!- .. -1:52 ' .f '-"'Lf:g,. ,.f:,- ,ing N F 1 - QR -D3-pu, 'A I -v 'S 1" Fa.-9 . -5 , - car,-Ji-Quia. 'n . N . . ' --.zz :rue-,,..-. ,:., 1 sig '2-515:13 ., -j,- L-'C 'fi-'-3:4 AQ. .Q ..f ggi Azafazxf Q -' ' "' 'ur 5 ".."'L: : 1535'- QX kj jr. .,, ' 'fx -Ti' , ? '5 fl:-ff' -' 5 ,f ph Qs we I "' N 'i -..,. ' Zigi: irqaf 9 . T fr 5. 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