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Two Roads Diverged . . .Fun and friendship is togetherness, laughter, iced tea seventh period, making a phone call, reading the gossip columns of the paper, lunch period, and happiness. 2 The Roads of Funand Friendship, 3The library is the place to go for a research paper. Let's hope this doesn’t explode. The Roads of Physics problems require diagrams and knowledge of numerous formulas.There are many ways through which we can learn--films are used frequently in science and history, many books and reference materials are available in the library, problems which illustrate and prove facts wait to be solved, experiments and laboratory work are used in all science courses, and teachers are always willing to help anyone who asks. However, the best way is for each student to decide that he wants to learn--and work for himself. Now. even in sports, brawn is not enough. Study and brain work are required, also. Films help to explain biological principles. Research and Study, In preparing for the track season, Lee Irvin studies a pamphlet on pole vaulting.Alma Mater We sing of dear old Ensley High, Her colors--Black and Gold In loyal tribute ringing true, Allegiance we will hold. Through passing years as they roll by Our hearts will ne'er grow cold. We carry forth her colors bright. The banner--Black and Gold. HOMECOMING PARA PE The Roads ofLoyalty and Tradition, These traditions standout as a major part of the history of Ensley - the pledge to the flag in every assembly, the presentation of the gavel to the new president of the student body, the alma mater, and the handshake of the captains at the start of every game.John really has spirit even if he js a few games late. The Roads of Spirit The cheering section The fighting, stinging Yellow Jackets for which our team is named and the vigorous, victorious fight song, a familiar sound at football games, can bring a student body to its feet in a demonstration of spirit found onh at Ensley. Pep rallies on Fridays led by the cheerleaders boost the spirit for the games. The big cheering sections led so main times by Bill c raven with Norman Ponder playing the bugle lead our team on to victor). Posters made bs the cheerleaders and the hard-won trophies symbolizing work and victory are proudly displayed in the halls. Every morning of the school year, the ROTC raises the flag in front of the school which symbolizes our freedom. Because of this freedom we have a high school which has the best spirit in tlie world. 8 Ml but thai one are mine." r-t B® 8 96- 12 and Symbolism. 9wtiw IJ 7 Ww m ▼ I Piffiffy ‘tyffffffft ict These Roads . . £ - - ; 3 ■ 'V v • • v • » O '1 X. »■«. rn VJT f 10We Proudly Present . . .Published by rhe Annual Staff ENSLEY HIGH SCHOOL Birmingham. AlabamaDedicated to MRS. KATHERINE S. CARROLL Any student who has had Mrs. Carroll has gained a broader understanding of English language and literature. In Freshman English we were delighted with her definition of a preposition— anything a bird can do to a birdhouse, "go in. go around, go through, etc." Her love of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales and Shakespearean plays brings Senior English to life. She makes it fun and interesting as she glibly quotes verses of the Canterbury Tales to a fascinated audience. But by the end of the year, they can say them too. Not only in the classroom but outside, also, she is a friend to her students and maintains an interest in them. For many years she was the sponsor of the "Yellow Jacket." As thanks for being a great and dedicated teacher and a friend to all of us. wededicate the 1966 Jacket to Mrs. Katherine Carroll. 15The Roads Foreword . . . In the complex life of the twentieth century, the way to success and happiness is as uncertain as the maze of a freeway. Pa tits lead in all directions. The paths are varied. Some are easy, some difficult. Some are conventional, some unusual. Which way will we—the Senior Class of 1966—go? Which road will we take--the road to success, or failure, the road to happiness, or sadness? No one can force us to tread a forbidden path, no one can tell us which to take. We must blaze our own pathway and then have the conviction to travel it. Can wc do it? Will it be the right road? Will we be successful, happy? As of now only God knows. But someday we too will have to find our path as others before us have done. When we decide upon it. though, there will always be that question— "What was the other path like?" We challenge you--the Senior Class--to study, and learn, and then make the decision. Right or wrong--let it be your decision!ISj Learning and Teaching FACULTY Mr. Pennington 20 Staff 21 Teachers 3nd Curriculum 22 Working and Playing ACTIVITIES Student Government 44 National Honor Society 47 Homecoming 48 Band 56 Majorettes 58 Clubs 59 Winning and Losing SPORTS Cheerleaders 80 Football 84 Basketball 100 Track 114 Baseball 118 Tennis 122 Volleyball 124 Golf 125 Leading and Following CLASSES Freshman Favorites 128 Freshmen 130 Sophomore Favorites 144 Sophomores 146 Junior Favorites 170 Juniors 172 Miss Jacket 194 Mr. Jacket 195 Senior Favorites 196 Seniors 198 Buying and Selling ADVERTISEMENTSTeachers ... at their books and in their studies ... of a unique toughness and durability . . . injecting ideas into the minds of the next generation of America's thought and action . . . Classes . . . tough . . . challenging . . . thought provoking . . . preparation for college and business. LEARNING and TEACHING 19MR. PENNINGTONMr. I. Gordon Fritts Guidance Counselor Mrs. Lyda Magnuson Girls' Advisor Mr. Charles McGeehon Boys' Advisor mm2. U Mrs. Rossie Johnston Mrs. Mary Flynn Mrs. Margaret BonnerMiss Ruby Mrs. Katherine Mrs. Vivian Doyle Carroll Cummings Eng LIS ri Department Coping with an incredible amount of knowledge is nothing new to members of the E.H.S. English department. Always there have been more books than could be read, more philosophies than could be examined, and more styles of writing than any individual teacher could ever scan. Judy Cooke and Gail Baker received achievement awards for their placement on an English test including grammar and essays. The National Council of teachers also honored the English department with the 1965 NCTE Achievement award for evidence of excellence in its instructional program, as revealed by its apparent contribution to the high quality of writing and the literary awareness of its students. Miss Kathryn Mrs. Cleo Mrs. Anne Green Hulgan Gibbons Mrs. Barbara Mrs. Azoline Mrs. Lillie Mrs. Katherine Mrs. Mary Kirk W. Large Morris Nelson SmithProjects such as this mosaic enhance the study of literature. Records of the Shakespearean plays and readings of poems broaden the students' understanding of English literature. 23Mr. C. T. Mrs. Pauline McArthur Campbell Mrs. Virginia Curlee Mrs. Amelia G. Duncan Mrs. Blanche Lallas 24 Mrs. Jacqueline Cleveland Miss Mary Sloan Miss Mary TillMath Department Mathematics is an old science, and the so-called "new math" is a new and exciting approach to the concept of numbers and their relationships. It may be said this approach is "new" in our educational system. this concept having been recently accepted. Also "new math" is found to be more diversified and interesting by the students. The thoroughness of Ensley's math department is seen by the prizes its students have won. Julie Norton placed in the Special Science Divisions at the Alabama State Fair and Cathie Mitchell won a course scholarship in computer math to Samford University. The Math 9 class studies limits, in calculus. X r Graph of a trigonometric function 25Mr. Billy G. Mrs. Esther Mrs. Charlotte Mrs. Katheryn Flynn Gilbert McBee W. Ingrum Mr. James S. Dupuy Mrs. Reba Ponder Mrs. Ruby Harden This year at Ensley High School four science courses are offered — general science, biology, chemistry, and physics. This year for the first time general science courses are not required for freshmen. Biology, the terror of all sophomores. began with the inevitable insect collections. Ensley's well-trained teachers aid the students in a new and interesting world of algae, fungi, insects and vertebrates. Two chemistry teachers are in charge of a large number of students wishing to learn about the chemical complexities of this atomic age. Mr. James Dupuy. the instructor of three physics classes, gives each student a thorough education in this advanced science. Mrs. Ponder shows a class how to do a chemistry experiment correctly. 26"Oscar' Science Department Science department assistants handle all the projection equipment. Biology students examine microscopic life.French students enjoy reading French magazines such as the "Paris Match In the German reader, students read stories of Germany's heroes and articles on life in Germany today. 28 Language lab assistants operate the language laboratory and make minor repairs and adjustments on the machines.Language Department The Foreign Language Departments has offerings in French. German. Latin and Spanish. There is a well-equipped language laboratory for the use of the students. Two or more years of work is available in each of the courses and over one-third of the student body is enrolled in the department. Each year Spanish students at Ensley enter the National Contest of the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and the State Spanish Contest at Sam-ford University. Miss Virginia Pace, Spanish teacher at Ensley, was acknowledged as Distinguished Collaborator by the Spanish Government for her contribution in the Columbus Contest. Miss Virginia Miss Dorothy Pace HortenstineHistory Department Mrs. Elizabeth Mrs. Marilyn Mr. A. M. Rogers Seier Cirillo Miss Juanita Mr. Howard Miss Joan Walden Ballew Waters Miss Nell Tamblyn Since the curriculum has been changed, a history course including Alabama history. Civics, and Communism is required in the first and second semesters. World History, a third and fourth semester course is now optional. The department, however uses all possible persuasion to get students to take this course, as it feels that an understanding of our present day world is necessary if we are to meet our problems. In the fifth and sixth semesters, American history is now being taught as a required course. The required course in the seventh and eighth semesters is Government and Economics. Freshmen study the spread of Communism. 30Students use the library for research for A student gives a report in a government history term papers. class. 31Mrs. Irene Reeves Business Education Department 32Mrs. Mildred Black The Business Education Department offers unlimited opportunities to every student in Ensley High School. It is broadening its scope beyond the vocational, strengthening its requirements for terminal education, and striving to meet the demands of today’s automation. The secretarial course prepares students for interesting, well-paying positions. Bookkeeping courses open avenues for accounting and related positions. Personal typewriting gives necessary training for students planning to enter college, students planning to work, and students planning to become homemakers. A year-round placement bureau is maintained for business education students. Commercial arithmetic classes study interest rates, mortgages, and other applications of mathematics in businesses. 33Mr. Warren C. Miss Elizabeth Fields Selman Music Department Music is the only universal language. Anyone who is musically inclined, or has talent in the musical field, has unlimited opportunities to excel. The choir offers the opportunity for a person to learn voice training, sight reading and the essentials of music. Opportunities are also available for soloists, duets, or ensemble work. Girls’ Glee club, and the boys' chorus are open to students of the lower semesters who have had vocal, and the sixteen voice ensemble which goes to the state competition is open to upper semester students by audition. The music department also includes the marching band, the concert band, and the stage band, all under the direction of Mr. Warren Fields. 34Miss Florence P3SS Students take speech for their own improvement as well as preparation for dramatics and debate. Speech Department The speech department has charge of the lighting and stage effects for the assembly programs. r v Thespian Troupe 258 under the auspices of the speech department presents a fall and spring play each year.Jimmy Bennie Bill Taylor Storie Sparks Physical Education The physical education department has three main objectives: to develop many skills in activities; to develop the body; and to provide participation in physical activities that will result in educational experiences. In this department a wide program is set up to widen the student's ability to work with a team and in individual sports. Fred Miss Martha Mrs. Ruth Wheeler Bankston Smith T"] t i . 1 Miss Helen Bass Art Department Creativity is the goal of the art department. Studying works of famous artists is important, and through the use of "Junior Artists", the art students learn to understand and appreciate abstract and contemporary art. There are weekly figure drawings and occasional class discussions and constructive criticism. The Christmas project for one class was paper-mache figures and paper star mobiles for another class. After the Christmas projects were finished, work on prints was started. The types and materials varied everything to paint from linoleum and wood to inner tubes glued on wood. The process of printing was important to learn. Because of limited equipment, all the printing was hand-done. Such tools as a tablespoon and hand-rubbing were used--in times past even an old washing machine wringer was used. Some of the prints were exhibited in the hall case. Others will be selected for the Spring Show at the library for the Scholastic Exhibit in March and for the Sidewalk Show. Terry Winston, an outstanding art student, used her prints and other paintings in the Junior Miss competition. RTS • TOOLS EQUIPMENT ROTC The ROTC program provides basic military training to young men to aid them in their future military obligations. This includes training in the fields of marching, leadership, military customs. weapons, and marksmanship. Its main objective is to instill in the cadets respect for constituted authority, citizenship, and habits of discipline. The ROTC cadets' activities are an annual military ball and picnic, marching competitions, rifle matches, and parades. The ROTC rifle and drill teams take trips to Tampa, Florida, Chattanooga. Tennessee, and various cities throughout Alabama, and to many army posts. STAFF SGT. Raymond Spivey PARTS • TOOL EQUIPMENT 38Miss Frances Seay Miss Nan Elizabeth Miles Our library provides a varied source of information and offers unlimited opportunities for improving our understanding and increasing our knowledge. Library and Industrial Arts The Industrial Arts Department offers instructional shop work of a non-vocational type which provides general educational experiences centered around the industrial and technical aspects of life today. It also offers orientation in the areas of appreciation, consumption, and recreation through actual experiences with materials and goods. It also serves as an exploratory experience which is helpful in making occupational choices. Mr. Richard GrimesMr. Morris Miss Eleanor W. Turner Henderson The Distributive Education Department offers two programs for training in distribution and marketing. The cooperative program, for juniors and seniors, is designed primarily for students who are concerned with beginning their business training while still in high school, but is also serves as an exploratory experience for those who are still undecided about their future occupations. Students get the opportunity to apply classroom instruction in retailing principles, advertising, and business procedures to actual on-the-job experiences, under the supervision of the employer and the coordinator. The non-cooperative program, open to sophomores, prepares students for the business world through attention to the development of desirable attitudes and personal qualities for workers. D.E. and D.O. D.O., Diversified Occupation, means many or varied assortments of occupational training, under the Trade and Industrial Education Department of our city and State Department of Education. D.O. is a cooperative training aggreement made between business, industry, the school, the student and the parents, for the D.O. student to receive on-the-job part time training in their selected occupation. The school furnishes the student a class room, study guides, and reference books. The student's part is that they want the training, need the training, and profit from the training. Consent, counsel, and advice is needed from the parents. The D.O. Coordinator 40 is the students' contact between business, industry, school, and home.Home Economics Department The home economics department offers a two year course in foods, a three year course in clothing, and a one year course in everyday living. In addition it holds an open house for the faculty, students and parents, a fashion show for the P.T. A., and sponsors the Betty Crocker homemaking test, and the home economics club.The Roads ofThese are the activities bom of healthy exuberance and ambition with utmost pleasure by all who participate ... the club meetings where projects are planned and carried out . . . the election campaigns where desire to serve and where qualifications are searched out by voters . . . the parades where patriotism and loyalty are stirred ... the ideas of the people of Ensley High School culminate in its activities and become a part of its tradition. WORKING and PLA YING 43Stuaeru Body Officers President: Jimmy Woods Vice President: Bill Craven Secretary': Peggy Helton Head Marshal: Virginia LeCroy Student Government acts as a co-ordinator of many school activities such as: Homecoming, clubs, the point system, assemblies, and most student elections. This year along with the cheerleaders the Student Government put out a Student Directory. Student Government Cabinet Susan Scott, Lost and Pound: Charlotte Fausett, Publications; Phil Puccio, Athletics: John Cooke, Sportsmanship: Roger Williams, Scholarship; Jan Pickens, Clubs; Babs Crooks, Social. 44Student Council FIRST ROW: Tricia Willis, Lynne Former, Catherine Patterson, Rita Trotman, Janet Crow, Terry Smith, Carol Olander, Jan Pickens, Shirley Wright, Mary Jean Jeely, Diana White, Sue Griffin, Lucy Lee, Jacqueline Gallagher. Diane Martin, Babs Crooks, Dillie Ray. SECOND ROW: David Hand, Lee Burger, Sharon Clay, Patti Wade, Judy Mayfield, Susan Scott, Charlotte Fausett, Virginia LeCroy, Peggy Helton, Bill Morgan, Emerson Wiles, Steve Storey, Phil Peterson, Padgette Cope. THIRD ROW: Terry Lee, Blake Ot-well, John Cooke, Herschel Hamner, Don Dickerson, Charlie Hopkins, Herbert Bobo, Bill Craven, Jimmy Woods, Roger Williams, Tim Hunter, Marzette Fisher, David DeVore, Ricky Kimsey, Danny Atkins, Stanley Ridder. Marshal Captains FIRST ROW: Tricia Willis, Ann Elliot, Andrea Austin, Alice Harrison, Jan Pickens. SECOND ROW; Cathy Mitchell, Pam Meagher, Virginia LeCroy, Martha Owens, Mr. Flynn, Sponsor. 45Music department presents Christmas concert The Christmas concert consisted of numbers by the freshman choir, the boys' vocal classes, the girls' glee club, the ensemble, and the senior choirs. Some selections were "O Come All Ye Faithful", "A Christmas Carol", "Behold the Star", and the "Hallelujah Chorus". Soloists were Virginia LeCroy, Judith DeVore, Judy Cooke, Debbie Ward, Nancy Englebert, Charles White, and Donna Bridges. John Cooke solos with the ensemble. Girls' Glee ClubOfficers for Fall '65 Officers for Spring ’66 1 Susan Scott Secretary Martha Owens Secretary National Honor Society Judy Cooke Vice President Roger Williams President Cathy Mitchell Vice President FIRST ROW: Peggy Murphy, Emily Johnson. Julie Norton. Bonnie Morie. Martha Owens. Jean Butt. SECOND ROW: Susan Scott, Donna Wilson, Alice Harrison, Jane Black. Judy Cooke, Barbara Blount. THIRD ROW; Diane Murphree, Cathy Mitchell, Virginia Le Croy, Betty Montgomery. Charlotte Fau-sett, Margaret Lagman. FOURTH ROW; Paul Cater, Roger Williams, Duncan Hoehn, Joe Gerick, Thomas Hendricks 47The Future Nurses’ Club float--”An Ensley Star is Born"--won first prize.■=uo» THE 1965 HOMECOMING COURT AND ESCORTS Bill Craven. Jan Pickens. Marzette Fisher, Dillie Ray. John Cooke. Virginia I.eCroy, Lee Irvin. Bahs Crooks, Jimm) Woods. Sandra Norton (Homecoming Queen). Roger Williams. Quitalaulk, Mike Davenport. Yonna Williams (1st Alternate). Bill Morgan, Melody Pickett. Jim Kelly. Peggy Helton (2nd Alternate). Homecoming — 1965Love and Marriage First and foremost I remember Mama Thespians present I Remember Mama Checking the family funds We’ll all remember Uncle ChrisA judge from Tennessee completes a debate ballot. Jesse Bates does a dramatic interpretation. A debate in progress. Debate Tournament An extemporaneous speaker discusses Symbols of a job well-done. India's foreign policy.He gave the students at Ensley a chance to help by assigning them a division of the "BIG RED 1". Viet Nam hero visits Ensley Sergeant Major Wooldridge is welcomed by members of the Ensley ROTC. He spoke to the entire student body on the position of the U.S. in Viet Nam and the hardships the men must overcome.The Yello w Jacket ” Staff FRONT ROW; Martha Johnson, Linda Davis, Quita Faulk, Maggee Stokes, Sylvia Hardage. Hannah Murphy. SECOND ROW; Linda Reid, Joe Calloway. Da Vene Arbo, Diane Brown, Terry Winston "The Yellow Yackei” is the school newspaper published by the Journalism class four times each semester. In it is recorded all major school and sports events, and any other activity that concerns the student body or any major portion thereof. By working on the staff of "The Yellow Jacket", students obtain practical writing and reporting experience and insight into the mechanics of newspaper work.Peggy Helton, Head Typist and Margaret Keller. Faculty Editor BACK ROW; Margaret Keller. Jan Adams. Charlotte Fausett, Cindy Macmurdo. FRONT ROW; Carol Huffman. Ellen Smithey, Peggy Helton. Diane Hochholzer Staff of the I VmmbV rt .... |hb iaa ii b 11 CJJIHIMIH1 Annual Salesmen FIRST ROW; Laura Harbin. Charlotte Lagman, Brenda Alexander. Rita Trotman. Marilyn Turner, Debbie Stubblefield, Alice Harrison. Eutanaha Jones. Charleen Harris. Sara Barclift. Carol Huffman. SECOND: Linda Wright. Margaret Marty, Diane Hcathcrly. Cathy Hamby. Patty DePiano. Lila Satterwhite. Diane Hochholzer. Charlotte Fausett. Laura Krieger, Debbie Adams. Jeri Sumners. THIRD: Dorayne Plant. David Wallace. Steve Erickson. Dale LeCroy. Steve Storey. James Vaughn, Margaret Keller. Jan Adams, Linda 54 Fairley.Charlotte Fausett, Editor Mrs. Rogers. Sponsor Diane Hochholzer, Faculty and Carol Huffman. Circulation Manager 966 Jacket Mrs. McBee, SponsorThe band had a bad beginning this year, for during the summer the band room was broken into and $2500 worth of damage was done to the instruments. The Bands from Woodlawn and Banks helped raise money for replacing the instruments. The band, directed by Mr. Warren Fields, is under the leadership of Drum Major, Fdward Burke. This year there are seven majorettes in addition to fifty nine band members. The band performs at the half time ceremonies of each game, plays at pep rallies, marches in the Veteran's Day Parade, and the Florida State University Homecoming parade. Marchi Ensley "spirit" is raised as Band plays "The Fight Song"A boy’s sixteen member stage band played several times on assemblies, at the fall debate tournament and at other functions to raise money to replace the damaged instruments. A brass ensemble was "all-state" last year at the state competition and will try out again this year. ng Band Drum Major and Majorettes lead the Band.Linda Adkins Janet Boyer Ensley Majorettes Myra Jo Ellis Carolyn Freeman 58Sponsor Mr. Fields President Ricky Mahoney Vice President Jimmy Vakakes Secretary' Carolyn Freeman Treasurer Charles Wallace Instrumentalists Club FRONT ROW; Ricky Mahoney, Carolyn Freeman, Warren Overton. SECOND ROW: Charles Wallace, John Blackmon, Ronnie Gambrell, Jimmy Vakakes. Ensemble FIRST ROW; C. Kimbell, J. Kirkpatrick, J. DeVore, V. Martin, V. Over-ton, G. Loveless, P. Taylor, J. Collier, A. Harrison, N. Barnett, 0. Faulk, J. Pickens, S. Scott, J. Cooke, G. Baker. SECOND ROW: B. Otwell, L. Ricks, M. Many, R. Campbell, G. Miller, V. LeCroy, P. Helton, H. Gilbert, C. Fowler, S. Black, P. Dozier, J. Bun, B. Killian. THIRD ROW: K. Moore, C. White, J. Cooke, B. Gardner, J. Ashcraft, J. Daniel, B. J. Crawford, J. Shewmake, M. Johnson, T. Waldrop, T. Hendricks, S. Street, M. Walker, B. Hardin, T. Brooks, P. Murphy, D. Huckeba, J. Whiddon.The Combined Choirs Fourth Period Choir FIRST ROW: N. Erwin, G. Teat, N. Patterson, K. Jones, D. Wilson, C. Hinkle, M. Atkinson, L. Mitchell, A. Elliott, B. McCrary, G. Charles, J. Baggett, C. Clay, M. Oechsle, S. Moore, J. Collier, G. Loveless, A. Harrison, V. Martin, M. Marty, L. Ricks. SECOND ROW: H. Reach, P. Wade, S. Orton, B. Kirkland, D. Campbell, Y. Williams, L. Abernathy, A. Austin, E. Barnes, L. Pagel, M. Malloch, S. Clay, N. Englebert, P. Dozier. THIRD ROW: B. Rolen, T. Maddox, K. Moore, J. Money, M. Hanlin, D. Findlay, J. Hawke, P. Patterson, B. Morgan, E. Wiles, B. Gardner, M. Johnson, D. Smith, B. Custred, R. Atkins, B, Killian, K. Branch, J. Daniel, D. Huckeba. FOURTH ROW: D. Houston, T. Guthrie, J. Murdock, W. Colbert, T. Fox, J. Abernathy, J. Council, N. Lowery, D. LeCroy, J. Cooke, J. Shewmake, B. Hardin, T. Newton, C. Hawkins, L. Ford, T. Carroll, B. Merrill, V. Cobb, J. Bowen, K. Crow.— Sponsor Miss Selman President Clay Peveler Vice President Gail Miller Secretary Georjane Loveless Treasurer Tony Brooks T'. - Lyric Club FIRST ROW: R. Matthews, J. Hendricks, N. Patterson, J. DeVore, V. Martin, D. Rorie, N. Taylor, G. Loveless, H. Gilbert, D. Ward, C. Mercer, J. Whiddon, C. Peveler, D. Huckeba. SECOND ROW: D. Cates, D. Morrison, G. Miller, C. White, J. Ashcraft, B. Ekey, T. Hendricks, S. Street, M. Walker, W. Overton. THIRD ROW: B. Riddle, D. Hand, J. Williams, T. Holcomb, C. Davis, G. Miller, J. Shewmake, T. Waldrop, T. Brooks, B. Hawkins, E. Burke. First Period Choir FIRST ROW: J. Cooke, C. Kimbell, M. Patterson, M. Bowman, J. Kirkpatrick, C. Olander, Q. Faulk, P. Bevis, P. Taylor, M. A. Johnson, B. Scott, S. Scott, J. Pickens, G. Baker, C. Mitchell, J. DeVore. SECOND ROW: G. Holcomb, B. Moore, L. Krieger, M. Baker, P. Helton, G. Miller, V'. Overton, V. LeCroy, P. Eubanks, D. Bridges, C. Fowler, S. Black, H. Gilbert, S. Dunnie, D. Cash. THIRD ROW: D. Looney, B. Campbell, M. Arnold, J. Bun, B. Ekey, B. J. Crawford, C. White, J. Ashcraft, J. Mount, R. Maxwell, E. Coleman, J. Whiddon, B. Thrasher, C. Peveler. FOURTH ROW: B. Fleet, R. Cowan, T. Waldrop, G. Miller, C. Davis, J. Woods, J. Shad-rick, T. Holcomb, T. Hendricks, T. Brooks, S. Street, M. Walker, R. Morrow, P. Murphy, C. Mercer. 61Sponsor Miss Frances Seay President Diana Howse Vice-President Rosemary Lovetto Sec re tar)' Linda Ceravalo Library Club FRONT ROW: Tiliah Roper, Marie Fuller, Jean Farris, Linda Ceravolo, Karen Nance, Rosemary Lovetto. BACK ROW: Frances Shepherd, Judy Drake, Margaret Webb, David McCutcheon, Diana Howse, Jean Jinks, Brenda Alexander, Miss Frances Seay, Sponsor. Library Assistants FIRST ROW: Frances Shepherd, Tiliah Roper, Marie Fuller, Jean Farris, Debbie O'Berry, Karen Nance, Janice Newman, Rosemary Lovetto. SECOND ROW: Edna Waites, Judy Drake, Margaret Webb, David McCutcheon, Diana Howse, Jean Jinks, Brenda Alexander. THIRD ROW; Miss Frances Seay, Sponsor, Linda Ceravolo, Charlotte Tombrello, Rebecca Haynes, Delores Beecham, Harriet Gilbert.Language Department Assistants "1RST ROW: Marilyn Malloch, Joyce Collier, Alice Harrison, Virginia Overton, larriet Gilbert, Rosemary Shorn, Susan Scott, Judy Stuart. SECOND ROW: Elizabeth Barnes, Bill Tharpe, John Burns, John Daniel, Lu Ann DeHaney. THIRD vOW: David Huey, Billy Myers, Robert Gardner, Norman Ponder, Thomas Hen-iricks, Henry Nix, Phillip Moman. Science Department Assistants FIRST ROW: Delores Lawrence, Susan Swindle, Judy Cooke, Joyce Collier, Virginia Griffis, Juanita Jarvis, Belinda Coggins, Cathy Bonds, Debbie Adams, Sandra Norton, Diane Hochholzer. SECOND ROW: Blake Otwell, Richard Norton, Paul Franklin, David Woodall, Chris Fleischmann, David Henderson, Ray Hardy, Terr)' Lee. THIRD ROW: Ray Atkins, James Barnes, Skip Moudry, Rusty McCann, Jimmy Moon, Charles Swindle, James Stivender, Bob Ferguson, Danny Atkins.Sponsor Raymond L. Spivey S SGT Captain John Little Rifle Team FRONT ROW: James Caldwell, Cindy MacMurdo, John Little, Ronnie Whitley. BACK ROW: Arnold Walker, Mike Rauch, Duke Woodson, Ed Ingram, Raymon L. Spivey S SGT. Disc and Diamond Club Sponsor Raymon L. Spivey S SGT President James Barnes Vice-President John Hewes Secretary James Snow 64 FIRST ROW: Cindy MacMurdo, Melody Pickett, Cathy Bonds, Dillic Ray, Mary Jean Jecly, Mary Jean Cook, Debbie Adams, Babs Crooks. SECOND ROW: James Crumly, David Davenport, Ray Parker, Dave Allison, James Puckett, Johnny Hewes, David Kytle. THIRD ROW: Raymon L. Spivey S SGT, Billy Joe Crawford, Robert Allison, James Barnes, Dalton llankins, James Snow, Walter Morrison.Sponsor Raymond L. Spivey S SGT Commander Dalton Hankins Assistant Commander Bud Cunningham Squad Leaders James Snow Jim Puckett Drill Team FIRST ROW; Debbie Adams, Dalton Hankins. SECOND ROW; James Crumly, James Snow, David Kytle, Ricky Snow, Harr)’ Griffin, Pete Clowdus, James Beasley. THIRD ROW: Jim Puckett, David Davenport, Terr)’ Rice, Barry Worrell, David Otts, Danny White. FOURTH ROW: Walter Morrison, Paul Strong, Lloyd Beard, James Rogers, Ray Parker, Raymon L. Spivey S SGT. ROTC Officers and Sponsors FIRST ROW; Dillie Ray, Mary Jean Cook, Mary Jean Jeely, Babs Crooks, James Barnes, Debbie Adams, Cathy Bonds Melody Pickett, Cindy MacMurdo. SECOND ROW; Walter Morrison, David Davenport, Jim Puckett, Preston Edwards, Barry Worrell, David Kytle, Johnny Hewes, Dalton Hankins. THIRD ROW: James Crumly, James Snow, Lloyd Beard, Robert Allison, Ray Parker, Robert Vaughn, Raymon L. Spivey S SGT 65Sponsor Mr. B. G. Flynn President Charlie White Vice-President Robert Satterwhite Secretary Gene Mize Ushers Club FRONT ROW: Charles White, Thomas Hendricks, Gene Mize, Emerson Wiles, Mr. Billy Gene Flynn, Sponsor. BACK ROW: Jack Ashcraft, Robert Satterwhite, Bill Craven, Jimmy Woods. Girls'Athletic Association FRONT ROW: Kay Jones, Robbie Potts, Jerrie Summers, Candy Gulley, Linda Jones, Jo Ann Smith, Charlotte Boyd, Pam Darabaris, Sharon Ames. BACK ROW: Sandra Norton, Betty Plan, Linda Chambers, Judy McGriff, Mrs. Ruth Smith, Sponsor, Mary Giovinco, Delores Lawrence, Diane Valentine, Debbie Watson, Jeannie Weldon. Sponsor Mrs. Ruth Smith President Sandra Norton Vice-President Kay Jones Secretary Candy Gulley Treasurer Betty PlanSponsor Mrs. Gibbons President Amelia Sherman Vice-President Carol Newsome Secretary Maggie Stokes National Forensic League FRONT ROW; Amelia Sherman, Mary Jane Betts, Maggie Stokes, Rebecca Elliott, Sylvia Hardage, Charlotte Fausett, Carol Newsom. BACK ROW: lesse Bates, Tommy Ellis, Herschel Hamner, Lee Irvin, Hal Poe. National Thespian Troupe 258 Sponsor Miss Pass President Eutanaha Jones Vice-President Jesse Bates Secretaries Virginia LeCroy Judy Stuart FIRST ROW: Susan Swindle, Libby Bell, Diane Hochholzer, Amelia Sherman, Pam Meagher, Charlotte Tucker, Carol Newsom, Cynthia Watson, Susan Scott, Quita Faulk, Emily Miller. SECOND ROW: Cindy Cox, Sylvia Hardage, Virginia LeCroy, Jennifer Wiley, Donna Higdon, Eutanaha Jones, Margaret Lagman, Marga Yarbrough, Judy Stuart, Nancy Englebert, Melissa Marsh. THIRD ROW: Jesse Bates, Stan Leo, Herschel Hamner, Tommy Ellis, Johnny Mount, Bill Morgan, Norman Ponder, Hal Poe, Duncan Hoehn, James V aughn.■ 'v-k jayjLrf,.., Spanish Club FRONT ROW: Joan Hopping, Elizabeth Byrum, Brenda Levens, Wanda Wise, Martha Patton, Bella Velotas, Jane Postell, Sheila Wiggins, Sandy Rushing, Janice Reid. BACK ROW: Marvin McConahy, Henry Nix, Marvin Cobern, Richard Wood, Tommy Surtees, Mike Proffitt, Robert Hollingsworth, Dudley Graves, David Mewbourne, Miss Virginia Pace, Sponsor. Sponsor Miss Pace President Jane Postell Vice President David Mewbourne Secretary Joan Hopping 68 French Club Sponsor Miss Howell President Christie Houghton Vice President Janet Driskill Secretary Charlotte Boyd Treasurer Frances Hayley FIRST ROW: Judy Dolbeare Billie Hester. Kay Barron, Cheryl Adair. Janet Driskill. Myra Ellis. Carol Huffman, Charlotte Hinkle. Charlotte Boyd. SEC OND ROW: Sally Sorrell, Frances Hayley, Christie Houghton, Dorayne Plant, Carmen Collier, Brenda Felts, Charlotte Davis, Debbie Ward, Barbara Gould. THIRD ROW; Bobby Horton, Wesley Teague, Rick Kinsey, Mike Ivey, Danny Stephens, Ray Hardy.Sponsor Miss Hortenstine President Harriet Gilbert Vice President Carol Whitehead Secretary Becky Roper Treasurer Chuck Sanders High School Red Cross Council FIRST ROW: M. Moore, K. Greenlee, A. Fuller, M. Bauer, E. Moss, S. Bates, J. Jinks, B. Ratliff. SECOND ROW: D. Wailes, R. Waid, L. Ricks, C. Knaffl, B. Roper, H. Gilbert, D. Beecham, L. Chambers. THIRD ROW': C. Scoggins, R. Gibson, C. Pruitt, S. Sims, J. McGee, J. Moon. Latin Club FIRST ROW: E. Smith, A. Beasley, G. Wyatt, K. Quinn, F. Smith, L. Chambers, R. Matthews, M. Poole, J. Jarvis, J. Marshall, T. Clark, T. Willis, R. Trotman, L. Etheredge, E. Jones, J. Antonio, M. Marsh, N. Bobo, B. J. Burch, L. A. DeHaney, S. Wells. SECOND ROW: R. Elliott, N. Yeager, L. Pagel, J. Whitmer, D. Morrison, V. Martin, L. Martin, D. Lawrence, J. Mayfield, P. Patton, L. Abernathy, M. Lagman, M. Yarbrough, J. Stuart, V. Overton, J. Pickens, S. Scott, G. Baker, D. Wrilson, S. Proctor. THIRD ROW: B. Worrell, T. Merkle, P. Chadboume, J. Petelos, G. Waters, C. Olander, H. Bobo, R. McAlphin, N. Bonder, W. Morrison, B. Tharpe, J. Daniel, E. Jackson, T. Blair, J. Vakakes, D. Hoehn, J. Vaughn, D. Henderson. Sponsor Miss Robertson Vice President Tricia Willis Secretary Judy Stuart Treasurer Judy Mayfield 69Sponsor Mrs. Seier President Diane Cash Clerk Paula Taylor Chaplain Judy Baggett Promoters FIRST ROW: C. Kimbell, C. Callaway, B. Plan, K. Smith, P. Bevis, R. Thompson, J. Collier, K. Jones, B. Burson, M. J. Jeely, T. Smith, J. A. Smith, J. Livingston, C. dander. SECOND ROW: B. Moore, S. McKnight, J Baggett, D. Campbell, A. Harrison, K. Moore, J. Cooke, N. Wilson, B. Kirk, M. Johnson, S. Revis, S. Proctor, P. Taylor, THIRD ROW: P. Wade, P. Day, P. Helton, G. Teat, N. Erwin, M. Owens, P. Murphree, S. Barclift, B. Hall, V. LeCroy, D. Cash, G. Fikes. Tri-Hi- Y FIRST ROW: D. Ray, B. Crooks, L. Krieger, T. Willis, F. Smith, C. Mac-Murdo, L. Lee, C. dander, P. Taylor, R. Trotman, L. Etheredge, B. Moore, J. Antonio, C. Crowell, M. J. Jeely, J. Livingston. SECOND ROW: B. Moore, J. Christopher, B. Elam, M. McClanahan, K. Smith, J. Bagge.t, C. Slater, N. Barnett, N. Wilson, L. Barnes, C. Bonds, P. Wade, S. Dunning, B. Scott, D. Cash, S. Barclift, M. Johnson, Mrs. Virginia Curlee, Sponsor. THIRD ROW: P. Murphree, J. Houghton, V. Overton, S. McKnight, P. Helton, N. Tovich, B. Roper, R. Campbell, P. Eubank, B. Velotas, M. Malloch, L. Fairley, D. Dunston, J. Adams, D. Adams, L. Abernathy, C. Whitehead. Sponsor Mrs. Curlee President Dillie Ray Vice President Becky Moore Secretary Nancy Wilson Treasurer Mary Jean JeelySponsor Mrs. Ponder President Julie Norton Vice President Dick W.ailes Sec re tar ' Jean Bun Treasurer Bob Ferguson Electron Club FRONT ROW: Julia Norton, Jean Butt. Sylvia Hardage, Diane Hochholzer. BACK ROW: Dick Wailes, John Blackmon, Stanley Bailey, John Minderhout. Math Club Sponsor Mr. Dupuy President Blakely Fleet Vice President Charlotte Fausett Secretary Emily Johnson Treasurer Martha Owens FRONT ROW; Linda Wells, Jane Kirkpatrick, Joyce Collier, Diane Murphree, Martha Owens, Julia Norton, Cathie Mitchell, Jane Black. BACK ROW: Emily Johnson, Jean Butt, Blake Otwell, Blakely Fleet, Roger Williams, Charlotte Fausett, Judy Cooke.Future Teachers Club Sponsor Mrs. Smith President Janet Houghton Vice President Nancy Yeager Secretary Lizabeth Barnes Treasurer DaVeene Arbo FRONT ROW: Elizabeth Barnes, Jean Hendricks, Peggy Bratton, Gay Benson. BACK ROW: Nancy Yeager, Marilyn Malloch, Janet Houghton, DaVeene Arbo, Mrs. Smith, Sponsor. Sponsor Miss Barganier President Alice Adkins Vice President Virginia Griffin Secretary Paulette Dillrod Treasurer Sue Adkins 72 Home Economics Club FRONT ROW: Paulette Dillard, Gayle Powell, Monte Barksdale, Rosa Prince, Charlotte Tombrello, Sue Griffin, Pat Flowers, Anna Focopanni. BACK ROW; Virginia Griffin, Susan Atkinson, Carol Smith, Diane Brown, Ethelaura Jack-son, Gloria Ballard, Gloria Clowdus, Alice Akins, Miss Bargainer, Sponsor.Sponsor Mrs. Reeve President Joan Hopping Vice President Cindy MacMurdo Cashier Susan Boswell Assistant Cashier Karon Hudson 1 I Bank Board of Directors FRONT ROW: Joan Hopping, Cindy MacMurdo, Judy Stuart, Donna Higdon, Karen Hudson, Molly Maclanahan, Vicky Fayet, Tricia Willis. BACK ROW: Bill Farris, Mike Profitt, Herschel Hamner, Dan Dunn, Victor Bragan. Bankers FIRST ROW: M. Daniels, M. Parker, B. Hester, L. Lee, J. Stuart, K. Jones, A. Bell, J. Smith, M. J. Cook, M. A. Oechsle, C. Watson, J. Mayfield. SECOND ROW: D. Turnipseed, J. Whinner, L. Krieger, S. Douglas, V. LeCroy, L. Reid, C. Houghton, G. Wallace, R. Bridges, P. Day, B. Alexander, M. Conley. THIRD ROW: M. Sparks, T. Surtees, M. Profitt, M. Hanlin, W. Teague, T. Ellis, H. Poe, J. Vaughn, L. Irwin, N. Ponder, B. Stegall, G. Plylar. 73Sponsor Miss Waters President Melissa Beauchamp Vice President Billie Hester Secretary Carmen Collier Treasurer Debbie Campbell Y-Teens FRONT ROW: Sandra Chojnowski, Billie Hester, Linda Chapman, Kay Barron, Kathy Quinn, Janeil Morrison, Virginia Rape. BACK ROW: Brenda Felts, Carmen Collar, Tommie Godsey, Marian Pasceri, Debbie Campbell, Donna Collins, Melijsa Beauchamp, Debbie Quinn. Senior Y-Teens FIRST ROW; Paulette Dillard, Renee Robertson, Carolyn Calloway, Jane Munn, Joan Aderholt, Glenda Hester, Ruby Walker, Betty Ratliff. SECOND ROW: Cecilia Morris, Stephanie Douglas, Cathy Goodwin, Sue Atkinson, Judy Jones, Amelia Tillery, Sheila Pender, Joyce Roddy. THIRD ROW: Mary Jo Bone, Mar)' Ann Shadix, Ann Newton, Sherry Parker, Alice Akins, Gloria Ballard, Ethelaura Jackson. Sponsor Miss Doyle President Stephanie Douglas Vice President Carolyn Calloway Secretary Paulette Dillard Chaplain Gloria BallardSponsor Mrs. Nelson President Barbara Gould Vice President Joy Ray Secretary Patsy Arnold Treasurer Dana Adams Junior Y-Teens FRONT ROW: Gayle Powell, Barbara Gould, Patsy Arnold, Gayle Gilland, Cathy Franklin, Nancy Graham, Martha Yeager, Dianne Zantlios. BACK ROW: Mrs. Katherine Nelson, Sponsor, Brenda Honea, Elizabeth Brown, Dana Adams, Catherine Patterson, Carolyn Massey, Joy Gilliam. Sponsor Mrs. Cummings President Diana White Vice President Peggy McMahon Secretary Nancy Wasley Treasurer Debby Moore Junior Y-Teens FIRST ROW: M. Parker, M. Golden, K. Greenlee, L. Fortner, J. McCoy, D. Branch, D. O'Berry, P. Burkhalter, C. Harrison, M. Hendricks, D. Moore, P. Calvert, J. Atkins, N. Wasley, P. McMann, D. White. SECOND ROW; P. Aycock, 1. Moore, P. Boisscl, M. Turner, R. Martin, S. Mills, B. Martin, J. Greene, D. Wells, M. Reinhart, J. Goodson, N. Parker, S. Sharbutt, D. Heatherly, B. Flynn, R. Lovetto, M. Moore. THIRD ROW: B. Queen, C. Mordecai, M. Cottingham, N. Hammock, J. McClanahan, J. Tucker, S. Case, G. Kelly, K. Hamby, L. Satterwhite, N. Englebert, Mrs. Cummings, Sponsor, C. Bounds. M. Morris.CLUBS OF AMERICA ENSLEY HIGH SCHOOL Sponsor Miss Henderson President Mickey Taylor Vice President Dixie Lucas Secretary Jean Thomasson Treasurer Charlene Thomasson FIRST ROW: Miss Henderson, Sponsor, Linda Harper, Jean Thomasson, Charlene Thomasson, Pat Canant, Peggy Day. SECOND ROW: Salvador Pardi, Warren Anderson. THIRD ROW: Bryon Thrasher, Bob Cooley, Joey McQueen, George Mosley, Frank Roberta, Mickey Taylor, David DeVore, Paul Thrasher. Deca Club Sponsor Mr. Turner Diversified Occupations Club FRONT ROW: Cindy Kimbell, Jackie Hoskin, Elva Ray, Bridget Kirk, Sandra Boshcll, Polly Metcalf, Sherryl Burch, Sara Revis, Beverly Coleman, Mary Sue McCleery, Diane Benjamin. BACK ROW: James Pitts, Sammy Canta-vespre, J. L. Brock, Paul Allen, Leo Hicks, Jerry Schmidtke, Steve Sims, Mr. Turner, Sponsor. President Bridget Kirk Vice President James Pitts Secretary Cynthia Kimbell Chaplain Sara RevisSponsor Mrs. Large President Sheila Black Vice President Sara Roberts Secretary Ruby Walker Future Nurses Club FRONT ROW: D. Markham, L. Bell, B. Severance, P. Amos, T. McEachern, L. Eastes, P. Walker, R. Walker, J. McGriff, C. Cole, J. Burch, J. Munn. BACK ROW: C. Goodwin, J. Forsythe, S. Ridley, M. Parks, R. Haynes, B. Alexander, D. Cleveland, S. Black, S. Sellers, S. Pender, B. Reinhart, J. Roddy, S. Dunning Art Club FRONT ROW; Miss Bass, Sponsor, M. Custred, P. Rutledge, A. Rutledge, T. Winston, S. Langdon, C. Crowell, G. Shoemaker, J. Akers, D. Perkins. SECOND ROW: K. Miller, D. Smitherman, S. Meadows, S. Douglas, K. Hudson, L. Wells, L. Mitchell, L. Adkins, J. Purvis, J. Pellegra. THIRD ROW; J. Gilland, E. Johnson, D. Ellis, B. Cooley, R. McCann, L. Smalley, D. Quinn, E. Ray. Sponsor Miss Bass President Chris Crowell Vice Presidents Karon Hudson Julie Gilland Secretary Susan Langdon Treasurer Ginger Wallace 77The yell of ihe crowds . . . cheerleaders encouraging the team by cheers ... the thrill of victory . . . being number one in basketball . . . beanies . . . breaking records in track . . . bonfires at the hollow ... the pep squad . . . posters . . . pep rallies . . . the new golf team . . . girls intramurals . . . the plaque presented to Coach Storie ... all these project the spirit of the students at Ensley . . . the spirit of the Yellow Jacket. WINNING and LOSING 79 • PEGGY BURKHALTER TRICIA WILLIS JANET DRISKELL LAURA KRJEGER JOAN HOPPINGEnsley spoils West End's homecoming We’re NUMBER 1" Cheerleaders boost school spirit 82 ENSLEY HIGH CHEERLEADERS FIRST ROW; Peggy Burkhalter. Betty Plan, Dillie Ray. Tricia Willis. Joan Hopping; SECOND ROW: Sandra Norton. Babs Crooks, Laura Krieger, Becky Moore, Janet Driskell. Cheerleaders lead the team onto the field. 83Varsity Football TeamThe long hot days of preparation - - . 1966 is a year EMERSON WILES - Quarterback JOHN MATTHEWS - Guard 86• 7 7 • A tense momem 31 the Jones Valley game of rebuildingHead Coach Benny Storie came to Ensley from a coaching career at Woodlawn and four years of standard tackle playing at Howard College. He handled the line and most of the Yellow Jacket winged T offense. Bill Sparks, who was the only returning coach, had charge of the backfield and defense. Jimmy Taylor, also basketball coach, had the ends, conditioning, and pass patterns-, Fred Wheeler, the "B" team and varsity punters. Yellow Jackets haveA moment of decision new coaching staffEnsley’s tough goal line defense led by Harbour (73), Matthews (64), and Dunn (30), hold Brownies to no gain. Only eight lettermen n ED BOWMAN - Tackle CORKY GEORGE - Fullback ■ 90Jackets’ defense led by Danny Hudson (89) and Harbour (73) closes in. urn from previous year CHARLES HOPKINS - Guard VIC BRAGAN - CenterDan Dunn (30) intercepts a Lions' pass. Juniors are the bim PHILLIP MOM AN - Halfback RUSSELL THOMPSON - Quarterback Dickerson hands off to Phillip Moman (27) JOE WHELESS - End DON DONALDSON - Halfback iope of next seasonPuccio grinds for extra yardage against a tough Colonel defense. Puccio and SatterwhiteSatterwhite (69) clears the way. nake All-City team 95 MALCOMBE MASSEY - Center PHIL PETERSON - HalfbackDickerson on the run Ens ley has big nig hiTOUCHDOWN.. .ENSLEY!!! lefeating Phillips 21-0 PAUL KRIEDER - Halfback fs. JOHN HAWKE - End 97' v . Dickerson looks for running room Dickerson and Cros, BOBBY SHILL - Halfback STUART SIMS - Fullback 98Andy Cross eyes the goal line. have bright futuresVarsity Basketball Charles White. Russell Thompson. Bill Rorie. Jim Kelly. Alan House. Roger Williams. Roger Webb, Skip Moudry. Ken Dempsey. Emerson Wiles MANAGERS: Dwight Turnipseed Hal Poe Jimmy Cope COACH TAYLOR 101JIM KELLY RUSSELL THOMPSON 103104 ALAN HOUSE BIT.I RORIE106 KEN DEMPSEY ROr.PP vv'EBB"A little bitty hand put me down. Do the freddie!" The light side of the courtEnsley sets up. Ensley places second in 108 Form is the word. Kelly pumps in two.Thompson blocks shot Jefferson County Classic For the sixth time, the Yellow Jackets earned the right to play in the Chamber of Commerce sponsored annual Jefferson County Classic at Phillips High School. Ensley beat Woodlawn High School to become first in the city but the Jackets lost to the Hewitt -Truss -ville Huskies. Rocky overcomes guard. 109House out jumps a colonel. Ensley Ties for First Webb foul shot. 110 Kelly and Williams go for rebound.Williams shoots against the Huskies. Place in the City Is Kelly fixing to f Get that hall»Jackets and Huskies wait for rebound. Jimmy Taylor, rBig 8” coach of the year.Webb's on the scoring end. ed Jackets to best record in fifteen years Williams battles for the ball. Hutch fights against Hueytown.Track . . . iPHIL PUCCIO MARK WALKER LEE IRVIN RUSTY McCANN MALCOMB MASSEY JOE WHELESS CHRIS PRUITT BOBBY SHIELDS 115 MIKE JONESJOHN COOKE L. C. RAPE Track - 1965 Ensley had many outstanding track members. John Cooke placed first in the city in discus throwing with 136 feet, a new Ensley High record. Roy Zachry placed in low and 'high hurdling in nearly every duo and triangle meet. Charles Crocker and Rusty McCann were outstanding in the 880 yard run. Lee Irvin. Ensley’s strong boy in the mile run, is upcoming in pole vaulting. Mike Kimbrell is very fast in the 100 and 200 yard dashes and is an excellent broad jumper. Mike Jones also excels in running and in the high jump. L. C. Rape runs hurdles, dashes, and often in the relay teams. ROY ZACHRY PAUL CATER CHARLES HARBOURJohn Cooke placed first in the city in discus throwing and broke the school record. A stop watch is important in track meets.Dickerson stretches for big out against Valley Wiles runs to beat out a ground ball. Ensley loses argument to umpire. BILL RORIE JOEL FOSHEE JIM KELLYEMERSON WILES ANDY HARBIN BILL MULLINS Ensley's baseball team won 11 games last season. If the pitching comes through. Ensley will be a major contender for the City Championship game. Ten lettermen returned--Jim Kelly, Don Dickerson, Skip Moudry. Emerson Wiles. Bill Rorie, Kenneth Dempsey. Andy Harbin, and Larry DePiano. Also outstanding underclassmen who are prospects for this year are Mike Proffet, Alan House, Danny Atkins. Marvin Tucker, and Mike Kimbrell. RICKY RUCKER DON DONALDSON SKIP MOUDRY1965 Baseball Team FIRST ROW: Andy Harbin. Joel Foshee, Bill Mullins, Scott Ketchie, Kenneth Dempsey, Danny Covington. Don Donaldson, Emerson Wiles, Coach Sparks. BACK ROW: Managers--Hall Poe. Bill Ragland; John Jackson. Ricky Rucker, Wayne Driski 11. Tommy Price. Jim Kelly, Bill Rorie, Don Dickerson. Wayne Dickerson, Skip Moudry, Mike Kimbrell. DON DICKERSON MIKE KIMBRELL KENNETH DEMPSEY STEVE ERICKSON CHARLIE WHITE TIM HUNTER Although Ensley was building a Tennis giant last year, the tennis team chalked up major victories against Ramsay. West End. Phillips, Banks, and Wood lawn. Returning lettermen this year will be senior Charlie White, sophomores Steve Erickson and Tim Hunter. 1965 Tennis Team FIRST ROW; Steve Erickson, Charlie White. Tim Hunter. SECOND ROW: Tommy Sims, Steve Classen. Steve Sisson, George Hayes. 123 Junior-Senior Volleyball Team FRONT ROW; Mary Tamburello, Jerry Sue Nichols, Maty Parks. BACK ROW: Linda Argo, Mary Giovinco, Linda Valentine. Girls' volleyball teams from all the city schools held a meet at Jones Valley high school in the fall. The main emphasis was not on competition but in offering a chance for all the girls to meet together for fun. However, Ensley walked off with many honors. The Freshman and the Junior-Senior teams won first place in their divisions and the Sophomore team won third place. Sophomore Volleyball Team FRONT ROW: Sally Proctor, Virginia Griffin, Linda Crowson, BACK ROW: Betty Jo Burch, Teresa Stano, Margaret Webb, Laura Harbin.Freshman Volleyball Team The Ensley Golf Team won iheir first victory against Banks at the Highland Park and Roebuck Golf Courses. Ensley, Banks, and Shades Valley are the only High Schools in the city that have golf teams; but golf is an up and coming high school sport, which is winning great enthusiasm from many students. Golf Team Tommy Carter, Charlie White, Tony Brooks, Charles Evans 125The roads ofThe cycle of roads from the lost feeling of a freshman as he enters the wrong class . . . through the growing confidence of a sophomore . . . a junior looking forward to his senior year ... to the lost feeling that the senior once again feels as he faces an uncertain world. LEADING and FOLLOWING 127Oscar Adams James Aldridge Brenda Alexander Sheila Alexander Pat Amos Steve Atkins Sam Atkinson Tom Atkinson Brenda Bailey Kelly Bakane Cheryl Bates Connie Bates Ruth Bates Tanya Bates Jim Beasley Totsy Bell Carol Benson Larry Black Mark Blair Bill Bolin Jacqueline Bonner Vickie Boutwell James Bowen Cindy Bowman David Bowman William Bowmanhmen Steve Boyd Jane Bracknell Dale Bragden Donna Branch Belinda Brinkley Christine Britton Sammy Brooks Donna Brown Wayne Bryars Stanley Buchanan Jerry Ann Burch Jim Burch Lynda Burfitt Warren Burson John Caldwell Sharon Calvert Sherrie Capps Brenda Carden Norma Jean Carruba Rosalind Carruba Terry Carter Susan Case Elizabeth Cash Cathy Cashia Deborah Cates Donna CeravoloCharlotte Chambers Larry Chambers Linda Chapman Deborah Cleveland William Cleveland Dennis Coble Caroline Cole Mar)' Lou Coley Mike Conley Eugene Cook Donnie Cooley Jimmy Cope Angela Cornutt David Cox Greg Cox Terry Crain Andy Cross Bobby Cross Linda Crowe Jimmy Dalby Dennis Dalton Carol Defibaugh David Denson Patty DePiano Angela DeSantis Nancy Dilibertohmen Judy Drake Jeanne Driskill Celia Dudley Bruce Dunston Bob Duvall Betty Jean East Barry Echols Arthur Elliott Janet Forsythe Lynne Fortner Freddie Foster Exie Fowler Kathy Franklin Sue Freeman Fred Fulgham Marie Fuller Joe Estes Judy Evans Robert Farmer Linda Faulk Diane Ferguson Kathy Findlay Connie Fix Mary Fleming Mike Flowers Belinda FlynnJacqueline Gallagher Kenneth Gallman Eddy Gardner Brenda Garmon Basil George Roddy George Gayle GiHard Bracky Goggans Fres Mary Jane Golden Joyce Good son Don Goolsby Wayne Goswick Nancy Graham Jane Green Harry Griffin Sue Griffin Joy Gwillim Gary Hadder Marion Hagerty Ray Hall Kathy Hamby David Hand Allen Hankins Kenneth Harbor Jean Harper Charles Harrishmen Charline Harrison Bonita Hatcher Janet Henderson James Hicks Stanley Hill Clifton Hinkle Judy Hitchcock Truzie Hitt Larry Hobbs Judy Holliday George Hopper Dianne Horn Brenda Houston Susan Huff David Hyde Sharon Hyght Ed Ingrain James Isbell Mike Jacob Danny Johnson Randy Johnson Barry Jones Larry Jones Keith Jones Randy Jones Susie JonesMike Kallaher Clifton Kanady Gail Kelly Lamar Kelly Melwyn Kelly Kathy Kirkpatrick Cissy Knaffl Maletta Knight Thomas Kreps Charlotte Lagman Mike Lavett Deborah Lawrence Fred Lee Karen Lee Walter Lee Teresa Leslie David lewis Diane Lewis James Little Lynn Logan A1 Lovoy Becky Lowery John Lynch Brenda Maddox Ray Marlow Becky Martinmen Diane Martin Walter Martin Carolyn Massey Marcella Matthews Margie Mays Mike McBride Jenny McClanahan Jan McCoy Christine McCrary Jimmy McCrary David McCutchen Kathy Me David Bob McDonald John McGee John McNutt Linda Medford Nancy Medlin Sharon Mills Connie Mordecai Dorothy Moore Charles Morello Bill Morgan Bonnie Morris Sharon Morrison Kenneth Mory Paul MosesAllen Norris Debbie O'Berry Jim Olvey Carol Lee Ott David Oits Audrey Parker Marlene Parker Nelda Parker Terry Parker Prank Parrish N Alan Mosley Sherry Mosley Klise Moss Belinda Mulkey Barbara Myers Carol Myers Diane Myrick Janice Newman Anne Parsons Marian Passeri Connie Pare Donna Pale Barbara Patterson Bobby Patterson Catherine Patterson David Pattersonhmen Barry Patton Larry Pennington Sandra Perkins A1 Pettinata Glenda Phillips Tommy Pickett Nicky Pissanos James Poe Gail Powell Kathie Powell Steven Powell Patricia Price Nancy Prickett Rosemary Pruitt Kenny Quattlebaum Beverly Rape Virginia Rape Carl Rasberry Earl Ratliff Mike Rauch Joy Ray Wayne Redden Robert Redus Steve Rhodes Donald Pickard Bobby RiddleBobby Riddle Stan Ritter Dick Rogers Ricky Romano Tiliah Roper Deborah Rorie Alan Ross Leo Russo Robert Ryder Donna Salter Charles Sanders Lawrence Sanders Lila Satterwhite Mike Scherer Cecelia Schillaci Wayne Seale Anthony Serio Lawrence Serio Donna Shadix Sue Sharbutt Frances Shepherd Eugene Sheppard Grady Shook Gwendolyn Simmons Bonnie Sims Anita Skinnerhmen Ruth Ann Smart Lynn Smith Mike Sparks Douglas Springfield Jean Stallings Bob Stegall Gayle Stewart Danny Stidham Steve Storey Denise Streetman Susan Strevel Debbie Stubblefield Vincent Tamburello Nancy Taylor Barbara Thomas Patricia Thomas Ronnie Thorn Clarence Thorpe Dale Tidwell Diane Tillery Madelyn Tinney Joseph Tortorici Ben Troncalli Dennis Turnipseed Douglas Turnipseed Dwight TurnipseedBilly Varner James Varnon Susan Varnon Jeannine Vernon Kathy Vines Howard Von Hagel Laurie Waine Edna Waites Fres Arnold Walker Pat Walker Wayne Walker Ricky Warnick Annette Washington Kenneth Waters David Watson Patricia Watts Mar ' Weaver Dennis Wells John Wells Danny White Lynn White Raymond Whitfield Richard Whitfield Judy Whitley Jimmy Whitt Jim Williams ■hmen Ray Williams Sheila Williams Deborah Woodall Duke Woodson George Wright Peggy Yager Terry Yarbrough Martha Yeager Robert Yeager Tommy York Dianne Zanthos Freshman Session Room Presidents FIRST ROW; Jacqueline Gallagher, Mary Weaver, Lynne Fortner, Catherine Patterson. SECOND ROW: Sue Griffin, Diane Martin, Joy Ray. THIRD ROW: Steve Story, Stan Ritter, David Hand. 143SOPHOMORE Peggy Bark halter Phil Peterson Diana WhiteJohnny Adams Lynn Adams Sandra Adams Wanda Adams Pam Adcock Willard Addison Janet Adkins Mary Jo Alexander David Allison Robert Allison Sophomore Y-Teens participate 146in Homecoming Steve A Iverson Mike Anderson Rosemary A r do vino Wayne Arnett Patricia Arnold Byron Askin Danny Atkins Linda Aycock Cliff Bagby Mike Bakane Bill Baker Jack Bankston Steve Barnette Sue Barnett Tommy Barnett Margaret Bauer Sandra Bean Claude Beck Hazel Beckham Delores Bcecham Robin Beehee Nancy Belcher Ann Bell Jimmy Bell Gay Benson Walter Lee Bergher Stephen Bishop 147Tommy Blair Ralph Blakeley Billy Blanks Wanda Blanks Charles Blomeley Mary Ann Blythe Nancy Bobo Paula Boissel Glen Boling Carol Bounds Two Sophomores 11 vzmmr are Majorettes Phyllis Bowen Randy Bowes Joe Bracknell Teressa Bradley Mary Brannon Peggy Bratton Tommy Britton J. L. Brock Elizabeth Brown Gregg Brown Jimmy Brown Betty Jo Burch Jerry Sue Burch Gordon Burdette Eugene Burke Marion Burkhalter Peggy Burkhalter John Burns Jerry Butera Eugene Cagle Tom Calton Phyllis Calvert Mary Sue Campbell Cnarlotte Cannon Kathy Carlin Anthony Carpri 149Wayne Can Debbie Carter Linda Ceravalo Philip Chadbourne Wanda Chadbourne Rob Chancey Larry Chandler Richard Chasteen Mike Childress Sandra Chojnowski Sophomores studyWorld History Linda Christain Bobby Clark Dennis Clark Danny Clements Pete Clowdus Walter Clowdus Bobby Coan Marvin Cobern Belinda Coggins Carmen Collier Donna Collins Ray Hardy Larry Cook Karen Coop Padgett Cope Marion Cottingham A1 Cox Sherrie Crane Judy Creel Peggy Criddle Tommy Crocker Donald Crossley Janet Crowe Nancy Crowley Linda Crowson Ted Crumly Mike Cunningham 151152 Lawrence Curd Ricky Curl Mary Carolyn Custred John Daniel Karen Davis Debra Daviston Robert Day LuAnne De Haney Donald Deitz Kenneth Dempsey Many students are Sciencelab assistants Don Dickerson Frances Dickerson Jimmy Dickerson Ronald Dillard Janet Driskill Jon Duck Phillip Duggan Raymond Pastes Anna Pads Bob Elliott Linda Elliott Danny Ellis Ronnie Elmore Eddie English Eric Erickson Steve Erickson Michael Etliridge Danny Evans Melanie Evans Henry Fayet Brenda Felts Charles Ferguson Jimmy Files Bill Findlay Bobby Han iken Glenda Flemming Eddie ibster 153Pat Francis Paul Franklin Ted Freeman Keith Fricke Olen Gaines Charlene Gant Henry George Danny Geronimo Kenneth Gilbert Barbara Godsey Sophomore, Peggy Burkhalterwas in 1965 May Court Tommie Godsey Brenda Goggans Jack Goggins Dudley Graves Donald Green Karen Greenlee Tommie Greenlee Virginia Griffis Gerald Gunter Milton Gwin Linda Hall Nita Hammock Steve Haralson Laura Harbin Ray Hardy Karen Harp Jan Harris Larry Harris Joan Hawkins Frances Haley Rebecca Haynes Larry Head Diane Heatherly Sherrie Hendon Bernard Hendricks Jean Hendricks Mary Hendrix 155Rick Herd Billie Hester Roger Hester Donna Higdon Patsy Hill Alan Hixon Robert Hollingsworth Tracy Hollingsworth Raymond Holmes Brenda Honea Biology field trips in springare a welcome break Bobby Horton Robert Horton Christie Houghton Alan House Wayne Houston Edward Hudgins Wayne Hudgins Judy Hudspeth Ronnie Hull Tim Hunter Mike Hyche Maty Sue Ingle Norman Ippolito Mike Ivey Flora Jett Jean Jinks John Johnson Mac Johnson Pat Johnston Carrol Jones Jane Jones Johnny Jones Mike Jones Tim Jones John Kelly Susan Kelso Mike Kennedy 157Linda Kicker Mike Kimbrell Larry King Debie Kinney Rick Kinsey Randy Lackey Hank Lagman Dale LeCroy Darlean Lee Jo Ann Lee Reasoning and logic areimportant in geometry proofs Larry Lee Brenda Levens David Lewis Debbie Lewis Donnie Lewis John Little Roddy Loveu Rosemary Lovetio Anita Lovoy Wayne Lowe Randall Malone Jack Marino Dorothy Markham Melissa Marsh Ann Martin Leigh Martin Lynn Martin Rachel Marlin Terry Martin Gayle Massey Rachel Mathews Nelda May Wayne May Janice Mayfield Margaret Mays Larry McClendon Glenda McCluskey 159Marvin McConaghy Jim McCorstin Theresa McEachern Sandra McMahan Peggy McMahon Margie McMillan Juanita McNear Glenda McSpadden Robert Mercer Billy Merrill Sophomores takethe A ED T tests Emily Miller Glenn Miller Rodney Minor Deborah Moore Irene Moore Kenny Moore Martha Ann Moore Tommy Moore Micki Morris Debra Morrison Janeil Morrison Martha Morrow Bob Neff Paula Nelms Danny Newman Phillip Newton Tim Newton Henry Nix Victor Norman Susan Northcutt Marie Norwood David Parker Donald Parker Johnnie Parker Margie Parker Wayne Parker Russell Pate 161Paula Patterson Karen Sue Pender Sheila Pender Donna Perkins Johnny Petelos Fhillip Peterson Marilyn Pike Jimmy Pissanos Alan Pitts Petrina Pitts Phil Peterson attended the 162Freedom Forum at Harding College Dorayne Plant Glenn Plylar Hank Pocopanni Carol Poer Margaret Pool Virginia Prestridge Sally Proctor Mike Proffitt Rebecca Queen Debbie Quinn Kathy Quinn Betty Ratliff Nancy Ray Judy Raynor James Reach Phillip Redden Janice Reed Bobby Reeder Marcus Reid Margie Reid Nathaniel Reid Marie Reinhart Terry Rice Ricky Ricks Joyce Roddy Teresa Roden James Rogers 163Charlotte Rowell Sandra Rushing Stanley Savincki Walter Scoggins Linda Scott Sandra Sellers Benny Severance Jane Shafer Jerry Shewmake Douglas Sides Ricky Curl's Rosco 2” wins best of show,Science achievement division, state fair Stuart Sims Steve Singleton Sally Sorrell Carol Smith Donna Smith Ray Smith Ronnie Smith Steve Smith Billy Smitherman Diana Smitherman Ricky Snow Steve Stano Teresa Stano Danny Stephens Margaret Stephens Allen Stewart Kathy Stewart Wayne Stocks Lane Stricklin Lynn Stricklin Kenneth Strong Rebecca Summers Thomas Surtees Ray Tate LoRetta Taylor Tommy Taylor WiIlian Tharpe 165Peggy Burkhalter and Janet Patricia Thomas Kenneth Thompson Randall Tice Amelia Tillery Jackie Tillery Peggy Todd Carl Toinbrello Charlotte Tombrello Stan Tombrello Mary Barbara TamburelloDriskill are Sophomore Cheerleaders. Larry Trammell Dewey Tucker Jeff Tucker Jerry Ann Tucker Marilyn Turner Diane Valentine Rhonda Waid Barbara Waites John Waits Debbie Ward Nancy Wasley Gary Waters Cynthia Watson Kenneth Weaks Margaret Webb Pauline Webb Joseph Weed Diane Wells Johnny Wheless Danny While Diana White Ronnie Whitley Jackie Whitmer Shelia Wiggins Deborah Wigginton Kenneth Wilkins Deborah WilliamsCharles Williams Johnny Williams Shirlee Williams Carol Wilson Lloyd Wint Wanda Wise Kathy Wooten Shirley Wright Linda Wunderlich Sophomore Session Room Presidents FIRST ROW; Janet Crowe, Danny Cope, Alan House. SECOND ROW: Teresa Stano, Ricky Kinsey. THIRD ROW: Tim Hunter, Danny Atkinson. 168Sophomore clothing classes learn clothing construction and design. Sophomores look forward to their junior and senior years. Skeeter makes an out on Wayne in a practice game. 169FA VORITES Herschel Harnner Joan Hopping Russell ThompsonJudy Stuart and Susan Swindle 172 Patsy Aloia Judy Alvis Warrene Ainerine Karen Anderson Da Veene Arbo Bill Askew Basil Aspinwall Leslie Aspinwall Robert Atkins Steve Atkins Danny Ausbun Andrea Austin Stanley Bailey Mike Baker Jack Barbour Lizabeth Barnes Ruth Bates Lloyd Beard Anna Beasley Bill Beckwith Elizabeth Bell Mary Jane Betts Charles Binney John Blackerby John Blackmon Herbert Bobo Cathy BondsJimmy Abernathy Lynn Abernathy Cheryl Adair Larry Adair Dana Adams Debbie Adams Jan Adams Linda Adkins Joyce Akers Sharon Alexander attended the Freedom ForumAmerican History is 174 Diane Brown Elsie Brown Jan Brown Linda Brown Ronnie Brown Stephen Brown Terry Brown Sherryl Burch Edward Burke Elizabeth Byrum Joe Callaway Ronnie Calvert Dwight Capley Rose Marie Carbonie Linda Carden Dennis Carpenter Tommy Carrell Frank Carruba Linda Chambers Gail Charles Judy Christopher Terrell Clark Connie Clay Sharon Clay Gloria Clowdus Vic Cobb Miles ColemanJohnny Bore 11a Susan Boswell Ray Bowen Richard Bowie Charlotte Boyd Janet Boyer Victor Bragan Reed Brassell Renee Bridges David Britton made a Junior subjectSusan Swindle was president :th 176 Bill Custred Mitzi Daniels David Davenport Charlotte Davis Linda Davis Mike Davis Judy Dolbeare Janice Domiano Don Donaldson Bobby Douglas Frances Drew Allen Dunn Dan Dunn Doris Dunn John Dunning Diane Dunston James Dunston Preston Edwards Ann Elliot Rebecca Elliot Walter Elliott Myra Jo Ellis Tommy Ellis Nancy Englebert Henry Erwin Lynn Etheredge Charles EvansThomas Coley Donna Cope Cindy Cox Dick Craig Janet Crane Charles Crocker Donna Culpepper Irene Cunningham Nancy Cunningham Olin Cunningham of the staff of the fall playCarol Newsom was a member of the first 178 Robert Ferguson David Findlay Sheila Fins Kris Fleischmann Larry Ford Brenda Fortner Jimmy Foshee Tom Fox Carolyn Freeman Frances Fuller Charlotte Fyock Chris Gakias Patricia Gallon Paula Gentry Norman George Maria Giardina Mary Gibbons Billy Gilmer Marguerite Giovinco Cathy Goodwin Jimmy Gordy Barbara Gould Pat Greene Terry Guthrie John Haley Richard Curtis Paulette HamiltonLarry Evans Linda Fairley Richard Falls Jimmy Fancher Judy Farrar Bill Farris Jean Farris Vicky Fayet William Feltman Elaine Ferguson place affirmative debate team in AlabamaJuniors attend college day 180 Pauline Hatcher John Hawke David Henderson Glenda Hester Joyce Hester Charlotte Hinkle Diane Hochholzer Judy Holcombe Ronald Holmes Charles Hopkins Anita Hopper Joan Hopping Jackie Hoskin Janet Houghton Stan Houlditch David Houston Earl Houston Shirley Howell Diana Howse David Huckeba Karon Hudson David Huey Jamie Huff Carol Huffman Jane Hunt Eddie Ingram Juanita JarvisPhyllis Ham me 11 Herschel Hamner Wanda Hand Mike Hanlin Sylvia Hardage Bobby Hardin Becky Hardy Eddy Harris Herman Harris Pat Hassell with Seniors this year182 Dorothy Lauderdale Delores Lawrence Lucy Lee Terry Lee Wilbur Lee Stan Leo Sherry Lester Jim LeVaughn Georjane Loveless Janice Loveless David Lowery Milan Lowery Cindy MacMurdo Tommy Maddox Marilyn Malloch Johnny Manley David Marsh Judy Marshall Virginia Martin Margaret Marty Linda Mason Malcomb Massey Carolyn May Judy Mayfield Judy McAnnally Sandra McClain Mary Sue McCleery Barry Worrell's company winsCarol Johnson Judy Jones Linda Jones Margaret Keller Jennifer Kelly Barbara Kirkland Paul Kreider Laura Krieger Susan Langdon Jerry LaRussa second place in Veterans Parade 183184 Polly Metcalf David Mewborne Kay Miller Dale Milwee Jerry Mims Charles Minderhout Sammy Mitchell ftiillip Moman Jim Money Jimmy Moon Sandra Moore Walter Morrison Sam Moudry Bill Mullins Jane Munn Karen Nance Susan Narro Carol Newsom Jerry Sue Nickols Richard Norton Carl Olander Warren Overton Leslie Pagel Salvadore Pardi Charles Parker Carol Parsons Linda Patterson Tricia Willis, Laura Krieger, andAnn McCrorie Doug McCullough Dale McDonald Judy McGriff Donna McKeand Kathy McLeod Joey McQueen Sandra Meadows Pam Meagher Tim Merkle Joan Hopping are CheerleadersMacMurdo, Bonds, and Adams 186 Jiin Puckett Judy Purvis Victor Purvis Cynthia Rape Elva Ray Billie Reach Harriett Reach Diane Reid Linda Reid Brenda Reinhart Nora Rice Tom Richardson Linda Ricks Tommy Riddle Sharon Ridley Sara Roberts Becky Roper Ricky Rucker Bobby Rushing Billy Russell Ann Rutledge John Santoro Robert Satterwhite Steve Sawyer Bernard Scalisi Linda Schillaci Wayne ScogginsPat Patterson John Patton Martha Patton Patsy Patton Steve Pennington Jane Postell Robbie Potts Mike Powell Johnny Preston Chris Pruitt are Junior ROTC sponsorsEsther Smith Frances Smith James Snow Michael Spanos Jimmy Sparks Sherry Sparks Bonnie Stamps Janet Stanton Donnie Stueckler Jimmy Stivender Stephen Stolk Joe Strength Mary Ann Stritikus Judy Stuart Susan Swindle Louis Tate Bob Taylor Harold Taylor Ronald Taylor Wesley Teague Richard Theros Charlene Thomasson Jean Thomasson Luther Thompson Russell Thompson Craig Thornton Larry Thrasher Three Juniors were in 188Carl Scogin Barbara Severance Nelda Shaw Bobby Shill Rosemary Short Glenda Shropshire Phyllis Sides Steve Sitns Cynthia Skilling Ericka Smith the 1965 May CourtJuniors participate on 190 Dick Wailes John Waiding Gene Waldrop Mary Frances Waldrep Ruby Walker Charles Wallace David Wallace Ginger Wallace Mary Ann Wallace Mory Warren Richard Waikins Debbie Watson Roger Webb Jeannie Weldon Linda West Joe Wheless Carol Whitehead Jimmy Whitehead Sharon Whitlock Lynn Wigginton Jennifer Wiley Tricia Willis Mitchell Wilson Pat Wilson Dianne Winslett Terry Winston Brenda WoodJames Tillery Ginny Towry John Trapolina Rita Trotman Charlotte Tucker Gayle Tuttle Jimmy Vakakes Wayne Vandiver James Vaughn Maria Velotas Know Your News ' T.V. programs Richard Wood David Woodall Barry Worrell Bobby Wright Lynda Wright Jennie Wyatt Leena Wyatt Bobby Wynne Marga Yarbrough Nancy Yeager Andy Young Angie Zito Junior Session Room Presidents FIRST ROW: Jennifer Wiley, Diane Winslett, Judy Mayfield. Tricia Willis. SECOND ROW: Herbert Bobo, Norman George. Bill Farris, Charlie Hopkins, THIRD ROW: Terr)' Lee 192Juniors are already planning for college. Many Juniors were outstanding football players. Head majorettes Myra Ellis, and Carolyn Freeman are Juniors.MISS JACKET 194 YONNA WILLIAMSMR. JACKET JIM KELLY 195SENIORA VORITES John Cooke Oil lie Ray Phil Puccio JANE ANITA ADAMS PAMELA JANE ADERHOLD CLATIS RAY ADKINS JR . ALICE FAY ADKINS ANGELA ALIANO PAUL WAYNE ALLEN SHARON LEE AMES WARREN LAWRENCE ANDERSON PATRICIA JEAN ANTONIO TERRY LEE ARGO Roger Williams heads the National MYRA CAROLYN ARNOLD JACK LANIER ASHCRAFT MARY LEE ATKINS MERILYNNE JUNE ATKINSON JUDY DALE BAGGETT GAIL JEANNINE BAKER SANDRA JOYCE BAKER MARTHA FAYE BAKER GLORIA FAYE BALLARD SARA FRANCES BARCLIFT JAMES EARL BARNES NANCY LON BARNETT JESSE MARTIN BATES PEGGY LYNETTE BEARDEN 198Honor Society for the fall semesterDIANE MAE BENJAMIN PAMELA ANN BEVIS PATSY JANE BLACK SHEILA MARIE BLACK RONALD LEE BLEVINS BARBARA EARLE BLOUNT LINDA JOSEPHINE BLYTHE MARY JOSEPHONE BONE GEORGE DANNY BONNER SANDRA RUTH BOS HELL MAARAH JENELL BOWEN RAYMOND EDWARD BOWMAN LARRY RUSSELL BOYD KENNETH EDGAR BRANCH DONNA GAYLE BRIDGES BURTON WA1TEMAN BROOKS WILLIAM JOE BROWN WADE BERESFORD BROWN MARY RUTH BURNETT BETHANNA BURSON JEAN CHRISTINE BUTT CAROLYN BETH CALLAWAY DONNA JEAN CAMPBELL REBECCA LORENE CAMPBELL 200 Virginia LeCroy is E ns ley'sMiss Fire PreventionCOSMO CAMPISI PATRICIA GENE CANANT SAMMY CHARLES CANTAVESPRE DAVID WARREN CARTER THOMAS LAMAR CARTER JANE RITA CASH SHARON DIANE CASH ROBERT PAUL CATER JOSEPHINE ELIZABETH CERAVOLO MARY CERNIGLIA Sandra Norton is Girls' State MARY ELAINE CERUZZI JANET CLEMENTS ROBERT REID COATS WENDELL HAYES COLBERT EARL LAWRENCE COLEMAN JOYCE ELAINE COLLIER MARY JEAN COOK JOHN CLAYTON COOK JUDY DIANE COOKE RONALD HOYT COWAN CONNIE SUE COWARD WILLIAM RILEY CRAVEN BILLY JOE CRAWFORD CHARLES EVERETT CROCKER 202Representative and Head Cheerleader 203BARBARA GAYLE CROOKS WILLIAM ALLEN CROOKS KENNETH CHARLES CROW CHRISTINA ANDERS CROWELL JAMES EARL CRUMLY PAM DARABARIS RICHARD MICHAEL DAVENPORT CHARLES CLIFTON DAVIS PEGGY ANN DAY LARRY JOE DE PIANO John Cooke placed first in DAVID ROBERT DE VORE JUDITH ANDREA DE VORE JULIA PAULETTE DILLARD RAYMOND KEITH DOLLAR STEPHANIE KAYE DOUGLAS PATRICIA LUCYLLE DOZIER RONALD JAMES DRISKILL SUSAN CATHERINE DUNNIE LINDA EASTES WILLIAM ALLEN EKEY BETTY RAE ELAM SHARON LOU ELLIOTT LINDA SUE ELLIS JAMES EDMOND EMFINGER 204the city in discus throwing 205NANCY JOAN ERWIN NANCY PAULETTE EUBANKS QUIT A ANN FAULK CHARLOTTE ANNE FAUSETT GLENDA FAYE FIKES MARZETTE FISHER BLAKELY JORDAN FLEET PATRICIA ANN FLOWERS RONALD GUY FOLDS JOEL DOUGLAS FOSHEE Eutanaha Jones represented JANICE CAROL FOWLER MARTHA CAROL FULLER LINDA ANN GALLUPS ROBERT WILLIAM GARDNER JOSEPH ABERCROMBIE GERICK BETTY GRACE GIAMBRONE LE ANN GIBSON RICHARD LYNN GIBSON HARRIET CLAIRE GILBERT JULIA ELIZABETH GILLAND JOHN HARRISON GILMORE MARY FRANCES GIOVINCO JANET LOUISE GLAZE WILLIAM MICHAEL GRAHAM 206Ensley on the citizenship tour 207NORMA CANDACE GULLEY BRENDA JOYCE HAGOOD BARBARA MERLE HALL MAMIE JO HAMMOCK DALTON THOMAS HANKINS ELBERT WILTON HARBIN CHARLES DOUGLAS HARBOUR LINDA JOYCE HARPER ALICE ANN HARRISON SANDRA ANN HART Amelia Sherman placed first in the LINDA GAYLE HASSLER RONALD NORRIS HAMES CHARLES EDWIN HAWKINS III RACHEL ANNA HAYES PEGGY ALENE HELTON THOMAS WYATT HENDRICKS EVELYN HESTER JOHNS FRANKLIN HE WES LEO FRANK HICKS DUCAN MARRON HOEHN DARREL HOLCOMBE GARY NATHAN HOLCOMB THOMAS CHARLES HOLCOMBE EDWARD PAUL HOMAR 208state in girls' extemporaneous speaking 209BEN WILLIAM HOOKS PATRICIA ELIZABETH HOUTS KENNETH MICHAEL HUBBERT CLAUDE NORMAN HUNTER RALPH LEE IRWIN EUGENE FRASER JACKSON MARY JEAN JEELY STEVE LARRY JETT 2ELMA RUTH JETT EMILY SUE JOHNSON Jesse Bates won the MARTHA ANN JOHNSON MARY ANN JOHNSON EUTANAHA JONES SHERRY KAY JONES GEORGE KENNITH JONES LAWRENCE WALTER JONES MICHAEL DENIS JONES MARY ANN KASSAW JAMES ERNEST KELLY WILLIAM ROBERT KILLIAN CYNTHIA JO KDvlBELL BRIDGET MARIE KIRK JANE MARGUERITE KIRKPATRICK PETER THEODORE LAFAKIS 210Harvard book award 211Senior Class Officers Paul Cater, President Jim Kelly, Vice President Yonna Williams, Secretary MARGARET BROWN LAGMAN VIRGINIA BRADFORD LeCROY SANDRA JANE LITTLETON LAURENCE NEAL LIVELY JOYCE MARIE LIVINGSTON MARILYN JANE LONG JAMES DOUGLAS LOONEY FRANCES JOYCE LOVOY DIXIE LUCAS BOBBIE JOE LYNN Cater, Kelly, and Williams TIMOTHY PRESTON MADDUX RICHARD FRANCIS MAHONEY RONALD LYNN MAHONEY ANTHONY CHARLES MARINO ROBERT D. MARLIN BECKY KAYE MARTIN JOHN DURWARD MATTHEWS JAMES RONALD MAXWELL PATRICIA LEE MAYS MARLON RONALD McALPIN NOEL BELFORD McCANN MOLLY MARIE McCLANAHAN BETTIE MOORE McCRARY JAMES RICHARD McCUTCHEN 212head the Senior Class 213Ensley’s D. A. R. Good CLARENCE EUGENE MIZE BETTY LOU MONTGOMERY CHARLENE MOORE MARY KATHERINE MOORE REBECCA JANE MOORE JAMES JOSEPH MORELLO WILLIAM BAILEY MORGAN CELIA JAN MORRIS JAMES RONALD MORROW BONNIE MARIE MORY GEORGE KELSEY MOSLEY JOHN PERKINS MOUNT DIANE MARIE MURPHREE PAMELA JANE MURPHREE GLENN ALLEN McGRIFF STEPHEN HARTER McKEAND SHERRYL BETHANY McKNIGHT GEORGE WESLEY McQUEEN JR CHARLES LEE MERCER GLORIA JEAN MILLER GREGORY EUBANK MILLER LOLA GAIL MILLER CAHTERINE IRENE MITCHELL LINDA SUE MITCHELL 214girl is Judy Cooke 215WILLIAM WYATT MURPHY DAVID PATRICK MURPHY PEGGY DENISA MURPHY PATRICIA ANN MUSULMAN BILLY HOWARD MYERS ANGELYN JEAN NEWTON CELIA ANN NEWTON JULIA ANN NORTON SANDRA KAY NORTON MICHAEL DOUGLAS O’DELL Jimmy Woods and Charlie White MARY ANN OECHELE CAROL ELIZABETH OLANDER SYLVIA ORTON HUGH BLAKE OTWELL VIRGINIA SUE OVERTON MARTHA EARLE OWENS SHERRY ANN PARKER JOAN MARY PARKS MICHAEL LEE PATTERSON NANCY JEAN PATTERSON CONRAD PELLEGRA JO ANN PELLEGRA MARTHA ANN PETELOS CHERYL TERESA PETERSON 216represented Ensley at Boys State 217JAMES CLAY PEVELER LINDA GAIL PHILLIPS JANET LEE PICKENS MELODY PICKETT THOMAS PILGREEN JAMES STANLEY PITTS BETTY WORTHINGTON PLAN ANNA MARIE POCOPANNI ANTONETTE MARY POCOPANNI HAROLD POE JR. Jean Butt and Duncan Hoehn are Ensley's NORMAN ELLIS PONDER HENRY OLIVER POWELL JR. ANNA LAURA PRINCE ROSA LEE PRINCE SUSAN LEIGH PROCTOR PHILLIP MICHAEL PUCCIO FREDRICK MICHAEL RANCONT MARY JO RANELLI LEONARD CRAWFORD RAPE DILLIE ANN RAY NANCY MAE RAY LYNDA FAYE RAYMOND LARRY WAYNE RENFRO SARA LYNN RE VIS 218nominees for Youth of the Year 219FRONT ROW: Judy Cooke, Charlotte Fausett, Emily Johnson. BACK ROW: Billy Killian, Amelia Sherman, FRED RIDDLE JR. FRANK JOSEPH ROBERTA RENEA LUCILE ROBERTSON GARY MICHAEL RODEN JOHN LEE RODRIGUEZ ROBERT JONES ROLEN WILLIAM RALPH RORIE JR. MARCELLA ANN RUBINO JERRY EUGENE SCHMIDTKE BARBARA HELEN SCOTT and Duncan Hoehn. Seniors are National SUSAN ELIZABETH SCOTT JOHN ALAN SEABURY JOHNNY JOSEPH SERIO MARY NANCY SERIO MARY ANN SHADIX JOHN BERT SHADRICK AMELIA KAY SHERMAN SAMMY ANTHONY S1COLA JOSEPH WESLEY SKILLING TERRY LEE SKINNER CATHERINE SUSAN SLATER WILLIAM LAWRENCE SMALLEY ROBERT DEWEY SMITH JO ANN SMITH 220Merit Semi-FinalistsKAREN RUTH SMITH TERRY ANN SMITH ELLEN LORRAINNE SMITHEY JENNY LYNN SORRELL ROBERT PEARSON SPARKS SUE CAROL STEPHENS JAMES GARY STEWART JERRY WAYNE STEWART ROBERT EDWARD STOKES MARGARET ANN STOKES Four Seniors attended the STEVE WAYNE STREET LAWRENCE TIERNOY STUART JERRIE LYNN SUMMERS CHARLES HUBERT SWINDLE BARBARA ANNE TAYLOR JOSEPH MICHAEL TAYLOR PAULA ANN TAYLOR VIRGINIA PATRICIA TEAT THOMAS EDWARD THOMPSON REBECCA INEZ THOMPSON RUTH KATE THOMPSON BYRON WALLACE THRASHER LINDALL JOYCE THRASHER PATRICIA ANN TOLLEY 222Freedom Forum at Harding College 223PATRICIA ANN TOPAZI NANCY JEAN TOVICH DENNIS HOWARD TUCKER LAWRENCE EUGENE TUECH CAROLYN FRANCES TURPIN PELAGIA BELLA VELOTAS PATTI ELIZABETH WADE TOMMY ARVEL WALDREP STEVEN MARK WALKER LYDIA ANN WALLACE X Margaret Stokes is the LARRY EUGENE WALTON SHEILA ELAINE WARD LINDA JUNE WELLS SHIRLEY LOUISE WELLS PERRY ROSCOE WHATLEY JACK FRANKLIN WHIDDON CHARLES FRANKLIN WHITE BARNEY GENE WILBORN MARVIN EMERSON WILES WANDA SUE WILKS DEBORAH ALICE WILLIAMS JACK RANDALL WILLIAMS BRUCE ROGER WILLIAMS JR. YONNA LEE WILLIAMS 224zditor of the Yellow Jacket 225LOIS PATRICIA RUTLEDGE DONALD EUGENE WILSON DONNA JEAN WILSON NANCY ELIZABETH WILSON JAMES ARNOLD WOODS JAMES ZALES Senior Session Room Presidents ELIZABETH ROSE ZANTHOS FIRST ROW: Dillie Ray, Carol Olander, Tcrrie Smith. SECOND ROW: Patti Wade, Mary Jean Jeely, Zeimajett. THIRD ROW: Emerson Wiles, Blake Otwell, David Devore, Mar-zette FisherSenior Statistics JANE ANITA ADAMS JACK LANIER ASHCRAFT Tri-Hi-Y Club; Fashion Show. Vice-pres. S.R.; Ushers, Lyric Clubs; Choir, Ensemble; NEDT Certificate of PAMELA JANE ADERHOLD Merit. Senior Y-Teens. Speech and Dr3m3tic Clubs; Ala. State Fair Exhibit; Shorthand Award. MARY LEE ATKINS Sec. S.R.; Future Nurses, Latin, Math Clubs; Annual Salesman. CLATIS RAY ADKINS JR. MERILYNNE JUNE ATKINSON Choir, Ensemble; Science Dept. Asst.; Youth for Christ; B-team Intramural Basketball. Glee Club, Choir; State Fair Competition-Major Foods. JUDY DALE BAGGETT ALICE FAY ADKINS Pres., Banker, Annual Salesman, High School Red Cross Rep. S.R.; Latin, Tri- Pres.. Sec.. Home Economics Club, Treas. Sr. Y-Teens. Hi-Y, Chaplain Promoters Clubs; Choir; Shorthand Awards; Magna Cum Laude Latin Certificate. ANGELA ALIANO GAIL JEANNINE BAKER Pres., Sec., Banker., High School Red Cross Rep. S.R.; Library Asst.; Library, Home Economics, Tri-Hi-Y Clubs; Fashion Show; Shorthand Awards. Pres., Sec. S.R.; Latin, Lyric. Writers Clubs; Latin Club Convention Del.; Choir, Ensemble; Asst. Language, English Dcpts. SHARON LEE AMES MARTHA FAYE BAKER Vice-Pres., Banker S.R.; Y-Teens. G.A.A. Clubs; Gym Asst., Gym Letter; Basketball, Softball. Volleyball Intramurals; Shorthand Award. Sec. Session Room; Glee Club, Choir. SANDRA JOYCE BAKER Vice-pres. (1), Sec. (3), Banker (2), High School Red Cross Rep. Session Room; Glee WARREN LAWRENCE ANDERSON Club. Pres. S.R.; Vice-pres. Bank Board of Directors; Choir; Coin. DO Clubs; Track. SARA FRANCES BARCLIFT Vice-pres., Sec. (2). Banker S.R.; Pres., MYRA CAROLYN ARNOLD Chaplain Home Economics Club; Tri-Hi-Y. Promoters Clubs; Home Economics Rep. for Banker S.R. ; Latin Club; Choir, Glee Club. "Miss Touchdown". Asst, to Boys’Advisor. 227JAMES EARL BARNES Pres., Vice-pres. S.R.;Asst., Supervisor Sci. Dept. . Sci. Dept. Letter: Pres. Disc and Diamond, Outstanding First Year Cadet. Outstanding Private ROTC. NANCY LON BARNETT Vice-pres.. Sec (2). Chaplain, H.S. Red Cross Rep. S.T.; Vice-pres. Y-Teens, Tri-Hi-Y Club; Shorthand Award. JESSE MARTIN BATES Pres. (2), Vice-pres. (2), Banker S. R.; Jr. Civitan, Pres. Latin Clubs; Pres., Vice-pres. Treas. Thespians; First Place - Howard College. Third Place - Clarksville, Tenn., Third Place U. of Ala. in Dramatic Interpretation; Natl. Forensic League. Debate Team. First Place Debate - Clarksville, Tenn., Third Place Debate - Samford University; Cast, Staff Plays (5), Best Actor Award (2); Jr. Class League Rep. - Mobile, Ala.; Optimist Club School Award; Harvard Book Award; May Court. DIANE MAE BENJAMIN Library Asst., Library Club, Library Letter; High School Red Cross, Home Economics. DO Clubs. PAMELA ANN BEVIS Vice-pres. S.R.; Lyric. High School Red Cross, Promoters Clubs; Choir. PATSY JANE BLACK National Honor Society; Pres., Sec., Chaplain S.R.; Math, French, Library Clubs. SHEILA MARIE BLACK Banker, High School Red Cross Rep. S.R.; Future Nurses, Youth for Christ Clubs; Ensemble, Choir. BARBARA EARLE BLOUNT National Honor Society; N.M.S.Q.T. Final- ist; Hon. Mention Spanish Contest; RCA Victor Contest Winner; Banker; High School Red Cross Rep. S.R. GEORGE DANNY BONNER Pres., Vice-pres (2). Banker S.R.; NEDT Merit Award; Vice-Pres. French Club; BSCS Biology; B-Team Football. SANDRA RUTH BOSHELL Pres., Vice-pres., Sec., High School Red Cross Rep S.R.; Y-Teens, Promoters, Glee Clubs; Shorthand Awards; "Miss March of Dimes", "Miss Touchdown". N.F.L. Calendar Girl Candidate. RAYMOND EDWARD BOWMAN B-Team, Varsity Football (2); B-Team Track. LARRY RUSSELL BOYD Pres., Vice-pres., Banker, High School Red Cross Rep. S.R. KENNETH EDGAR BRANCH Pres. Vice-pres. S.R.;Sec. High School Red Cross Club; Basketball Manager. DONNA GAYLE BRIDGES Pres. (2), High School Red Cross Rep. S.R.; Student Council; Glee Club; Annual Salesman. BURTON W A ITEM AN BROOKS Electron, Vice-pres. Lyric Clubs; Ensemble, Choir-, Football Manager; Golf Team. WADE BERESFORD BROWN Pres., Vice-pres., Banker, High School Red Cross Rep. S.R. MARY RUTH BURNETT Secretary, Banker Session Room; Shorthand Award. 228BETHANNA BURSON JANE RITA CASH Secretary Session Room; Y-Teens. French Promoters. Tri-Hi-Y Clubs; Shorthand Award. Shorthand Awards. SHARON DIANE CASH JEAN CHRISTINE BUTT Pres., Vice-pres.. Sec., Banker S.R.; Pres. Promoters Club; Vice-pres., Chaplain Home Natl Honor Society (3); Banker S.R.; Math (3). Latin (3), Sec. (1) Electron (3). Clubs; JCL (2). JASA Conventions; Glee Club, Choir, Ensemble; Optimist Club; "Youth of the Year" Nominee for E.H.S. ’65; Civitan Oratorical Contest; NSF Biochemistry Scholarship at Hartford. Conn. '65; Honored by Sigma XI Society ’65; State Fair Educ. Exhibits (2 first. 3 second places); Debate Tournament Timekeeper; Staff Play; Asst, to Girls’ Advisor and Language Dept. Economics Club; Tri-Hi-Y Club; Student Council; Math Dept Asst.; Fashion Show (3). ROBERT PAUL CATER Natl Honor Society; Pres. Senior Class; Pres. (3). Vice-pres., S.R.; Pres., Sgt at Arms Key Club; Pres. Youth for Christ Club; Spanish Club; Senior Favorite; Lettered B-Team, Varsity Football; B-Team, Lettered Varsity Track. CAROLYN BETH CALLAWAY JOSEPHINE ELIZABETH CERAVOLO Vice-pres. S.R.; Promoters (2). Jr. Y-Teens Clubs; Vice-pres. Senior Y-Teens (3); Youth for Christ (4). Library Club; Library Assistant. MARY CERNIGUA DONNA JEAN CAMPBELL Shorthand Award. Vice-pres. (2). Banker (3) S.R.; French, Y-Teens. Promoters. Library Clubs; Choir (4). JANET CLEMENTS Shorthand Award. REBECCA LORENE CAMPBELL ROBERT REID COATS Scv .. High School Red Cross Rep. S.R.; Choir (2). Ensemble, Glee Club; Y-Teens, Tri-Hi-Y, Lyric Clubs. Vice-pres. S.R.; Annual Staff. Annual Salesman ; Band (3); Key. Hi-Y, Junior Civitan Clubs; Choir; B-Team Football; Lettered (4) Varsity Track. SAMMY CHARLES CANTAVESPRE EARL LAWRENCE COLEMAN DO Club. DAVID WARREN CARTER President, Vice-president Session Room; Choir; B-Team Football. French Club; Drill, Rifle Teams, Outstanding NCO; Disc and Diamond Club. JOYCE ELAINE COLLIER Choir (4), Ensemble (4); JCL; Freedom Fo- THOMAS LAMAR CARTER rum Delegate; Lib. Asst.; Lyric (2), Math (4), Latin (2). Promoters (2) Clubs; Sci. Proj- Pres., Vice-pres., Red Cross Rep. S.R.; Student Council; Golf Team (2). ect's Class; Chemistry Lab. (4), Lang. Office (2) Assts; Cast (1) Play. 229JOHN CLAYTON COOKE BILLY JOE CRAWFORD Honors at Ensley High School: Sr. Favorite; Vice-pres. S.R.; Student Council; Cabinet-Chm. Sportsmanship; Homecoming Court Escort 65; Key Club; Choir, Ensemble; Lettered (3) Varsity Track. First Place Discus Throwing ’65; Bookstore Mgr. Honors at Albany, Ga. Jr. High School: B-Team Track. Sportsman Club. JUDY DIANE COOKE Honors from Ensley High School: Vice-pres. Natl Honor Society; E.H.S. Good Citizenship Girl; Pres. (2) S.R.; Y-Teens (2), Math (4). Promoters. Latin Clubs; Choir. Ensem ble; NEDT Certif. of Merit; Natl. Merit Finalist; Natl. Winner in Natl. Fed. of Music Clubs Essay Contest; Del. to State JCL Convention; State Winner in Natl. Council of Teachers of Eng. Contest; Chosen Outstanding Jr. by U. Ala. Alumni Assoc.; NFL Calendar Girl Candidate; Local Winner Elks Youth Leadership Contest; Miss Touchdown Candidate; Youth for Christ Club; Chem. Stock Room Asst. .Honors from Albany, Ga. Jr. High: Vice-pres. (2). Chaplain S.R.; Sec. (2) Debate Club; Albany Sci. Fair Dist. Winner; U.D.C. State Essay Winner; Basketball. Softball, Soccer Intramurals. RONALD HOYT COWAN Choir. CONNIE SUE COWARD Vice-president. Secretary (2). Banker Session Room. WILLIAM RILEY CRAVEN Vice-pres. Student Body; Vice-pres., Sec., Banker S.R. ; Key, Math. Ushers Clubs; Lettered B-Team Football, Asst. Coach B-Team Football, Varsity Football. B-Team Track, Scorekeeper Varsity Basketball; Staff (1) Play; Member May Court. High School Red Cross Rep.; Disc and Diamond Club; Drill Team; Ensemble CHARLES EVERETT CROCKER High School Red Cross Rep, Banker (2) S.R.; High School Red Cross. Math Clubs; B-Team Track, Varsity Track; NEDT Merit Award. BARBARA GAYLE CROOKS Vice-pres., Banker S.R.; Annual Salesman; Treas. Y-Teens; Sec.-Treas., Chaplain Girls Athletic Association; Sec. French Club; Tri-Hi-Y, Disc and Diamond Clubs; Cheerleader; ROTC Sponsor; Homecoming Court; Calendar Girl; Miss March of Dimes Runner-up; Gym Asst.. Girls' Basketball, Baseball, Volleyball Intramurals. WILLIAM ALLEN CROOKS President, Vice-pres. (2), Banker (2) S.R.; Student Council; DECA Club; Lettered (2) B-Team Football, Lettered Baseball. KENNETH CHARLES CROW Choir (3). CHRISTINA ANDERS CROWELL Banker S.R.; Tri-Hi-Y Club; Pres., Vice-pres. Art Club; Art Awards - Sidewalk Art Show (2). Eastwood Mall (2). Museum of Art. Loveman's, Ala. State Fair. JAMES EARL CRUMLY Commander ROTC; Drill Team Commander; ROTC Assistant Instructor; Treasurer (3) Disc and Diamond Club; ROTC Neatest Cadet, Superior Cadet, Military Excellence Awards; Organizer and Chairman of Ensley ROTC Honor Committee. CHARLES CLIFTON DAVIS High School Red Cross Rep. S.R.; Lyric Club, Choir, Ensemble; Gymnastics Team. 230PEGGY ANN DAY BETTY RAE ELAM Pres., Sec. (2), Banker S.R.; Pres., Treas. Y-Teens; Library. DECA, Promoters Clubs; Speech Choir-. NFL Calendar Girl; Miss March of Dimes Contest; Shorthand Awards. LARRY JOE DEPIANO Pres., Vice-pres. (2) S. R.; B-Team Basketball, Lettered Varsity Baseball (2). Cross-Country Track Team. JUDITH ANDREA DE VORE French. Home Economics. Lyric. Glee Clubs; Choir, Ensemble. JULIA PAULETTE DILLARD Library Asst., Library Club, Jr. Y-Teens. Sec. (1) Sr. Y-Teens (2); Sec. (1) Home Economics Club (2). RAYMOND KEITH DOLLAR Choir. STEPHANIE KAYE DOUGLAS Pres.. Banker (2) Session Room; Vice-pres.. Jr. Y-Teens. Pres. Sr. Y-Teens. French, Art Clubs; Asst, to Boys' Advisor. PATRICIA LUCYLLE DOZIER Banker (3)S.R.: Chaplain H.S. Red Chapter, Tri-Hi-Y; Lyric Club. Ensemble, Choir (4); Biology Lab. Asst.; Annual Salesman (2). StJSAN CATHERINE DUNNIE Natl. Honor Society; Vice-pres. S.R.; Tri-Hi-Y. Future Nurses. Jr. Y-Teens Clubs; Glee Club. Choir, Ensemble. WILLIAM ALLEN EKEY Banker Session Room; Choir. Glee Club; Lyric Club. Y-Teens. Spanish (2) Clubs. LINDA SUE ELLIS Vice-pres. S.R.; Bankteller; Choir; Shorthand Award. NANCY JOAN ERWIN Vice-pres., Sec. S.R.; Magna Cum Laude Latin Certif.; Jr. Y-Teens; Choir-. Shorthand Awards. NANCY PAULETTE EUBANKS Y-Teens. Tri-Hi-Y, Lyric Clubs; Choir. Glee Club. QUITA ANN FAULK Pres. S.R.; Student Council; Sec. National Thespian Society; Y-Teens. Lyric Clubs; Choir, Ensemble, Glee Club; Plays Cast (4). Staff (6); May. Homecoming Courts; Stu. Dir. May Day '65; May Day Rep. 63; Managing Ed. "The Yellow Jacket"; NFL Fashion Show; First Place State Fair (2); NEDT Merit Award. CHARLOTTE ANNE FAUSETT Natl. Honor Society; Vice-pres. (2). Sec. (2), Annual Salesman S.R.; Stu. Council. Cabinet - Chm. Publications; Asst. Ed., Ed. "The Jacket"; Latin, Lyric. Glee Clubs; Vice-pres. Math Club, Chaplain Natl. Forensic League. German Club; Jr. Classical League; Magna Cum Laude Classical Certif. ; NEDT Certif.; Natl. Merit Semi-finalist. Finalist; Third Place Essay Award RCA Victor; Degree of Excellence - NFL; Congratulatory Letters to Outstanding Jrs. from Auburn. Ala; Third Place Neg. Debate Team - Howard College '64; In Top Five Debaters -Howard College ‘65; Sec. Place Fourman Team U. Ala. Extension Center '64; Asst. Lang. Dept; Staff (2) Plays; NFL Calendar Girl Nominee. GLENDA FAYE FIKES Library. Promoters, Glee Clubs; Lib. Asst.; Fashion Shows (2). few 231MARZETTE FISHER Pres., Vice-pres. (2). Sec. S.R.;Math, Spanish Clubs; Homecoming Court; Basketball Mgr.; Natl Scholastic Art Exhibit; Mech. Drawing Awards State Fair. BLAKELY JORDAN FLEET Pres.. Banker (3) S.R.; Latin. Pres. Math Clubs; Annual Salesman; Harding College Forum Rep. '63; B-Team Track; Choir. PATRICIA ANN FLOWERS Pres. S.R.; Spanish, Home Economics Clubs; Fashion Show; Choir’. RONALD GUY FOLDS Vice-pres. Session Room; Choir. JOEL DOUGLAS FOSHEE Pres.. Vice-pres. S.R.;Stu. Council: Frencn Club (3); B-Team Basketball; Lettered B-Team Football; Lettered (2) Varsity Baseball (2). JANICE CAROL FOWLER Choir. Ensemble, Glee Club; Tri-Hi-Y Club. MARTHA CAROL FULLER Y-Teens; Secretary Hawjaco - Junior Achievement. LINDA ANN GALLUPS Glee Club, Choir; Miss March of Dimes Representative. ROBERT WILLIAM GARDNER Sec., Banker S.R.; Vice-pres. Key Club; Lang. Asst.; Choir, Ensemble; B-Team Track; B-Team Football; Varsity Basketball Mgr. JOSEPH ABERCROMBIE GERICK Natl Honor Society; Latin. Math. Electron, Ushers Clubs; Cast (1) Play (1); Sci. Dept. Asst. BETTY GRACE GIAMBRONE Home Economics Club; Shorthand, Typing Awards LEE ANN GIBSON Senior - Y-Teens; Pep, Home Economics Clubs; Volleyball, Basketball Intramurals. HARRIET CLAIRE GILBERT Annual Salesman (2), H.S. Red Cross Rep. (3), S.R.; Pres., Vice-pres. (2) H.S. Red Cross Club; Youth for Christ, Latin, Vice-pres. Lyric Clubs; Choir, Ensemble; Language Asst.; Library Asst, of Month Oct. 65; Cast (1) Play; Red Cross Training Centers (3); NFL Calendar Girl Nominee; NEDT Merit Award. JULIA ELIZABETH GILLAND Sec., Asst. Banker S.R.; Math, Sec., Second Vice-pres. Art Clubs. MARY FRANCES GIOVINCO Vice-pres. S.R.; Lettered GAA; Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball Intramurals; Shorthand Award; Blue Ribbon Minor Foods Ala. State Fair. NORMA CANDACE GULLEY Vice-pres., Banker. S.R.; Latin. Sec. GAA; Basketball, Volleyball. Baseball Intramurals; Shorthand Award. BRENDA JOYCE HAGOOD Vice-pres., Sec. S.R.; GAA, Tri-Hi-Y, High School Red Cross. Library Clubs; Shorthand Award. BARBARA MERLE HALL Pres., Vice-pres., Banker S. R.; Tri-Hi-Y. Promoters, Sec. Instumenialists Clubs; Majorette; Marching, Concert Bands; Short- 232hand Awards. THOMAS WYATT HENDRICKS MAMIE JO HAMMOCK Natl. Honor Society; Vice-pres., Banker S.R.; Latin. Lyric, Chaplain Ushers Clubs; Vice-pres., Sec., Banker. Chaplain. H.S. Red Cross Rep. S.R.-, Y-Teens. French, Tri-Hi-Y Clubs. Choir Letter, Ensemble; Lang. Lab. Asst.; NEDT Merit Award. EVELYN HESTER DALTON THOMAS HANKINS Second Vice-pres. (2). Sec. Art Club; Art Banker S.R.; NEDT Certif.; ROTC-NCO Officer; Scholastic Award of Excellence; Drill Team Commander; Black and Gold Guard; Honor Guard. Club, Art Letter; Scholastic Gold Art Key Award; Art Certif. of Merit - Ala. State Fair; First Place Art Letter Contest; Jr. Art Assoc.; Spanish Club. ELBERT WILTON HARBIN JOHN FRANKLIN HEWES High School Red Cross Representative; Varsity Baseball; Intramural Basketball. Vice-pres. (2) Disc and Diamond Club; Lettered (2) Drill Team; Outstanding Member Drill Team 64; NCO-ROTC. CHARLES DOUGLAS HARBOUR LEO FRANK HICKS Natl Thespian Society; Staff. Cast Plays; Lang. Lab. Asst; Lettered B-Team, Varsity Track. DO Club. DUNCAN MARRON HOEHN SANDRA ANN HART Natl. Honor Society; Vice-pres. (1), Sec. Vice-pres. (2). Banker (2). High School Red Cross Rep. S.R.; Y-Teens. (2) S.R.: Math (2). Latin (5). German Clubs; Parliamentarian Thespians (2); Magna Cum Laude Latin Award; Delegate (2)JCL Conventions: Rep. (2) State Thespian Conven- CHARLES EDWIN HAWKINS III tions; Cast (4). Staff (3) Plays; Cast (2). Staff May Day; Char. Acting Award; Language Office Asst.; Optimist Club Scholar- Science Lab. Asst.; Choir. Letter; Lyric Club. ship Trophy; NEDT Certif. of Merit; NMSQT Semi-finalist, Finalist; Civitan Oratorical Contest; Invitation from Auburn "Outstand- RACHEL ANNA HAYES ing Senior Students" Day. High School Red Cross Rep.; French Club; Shorthand Awards. GARY NATHAN HOLCOMB PEGGY ALENE HELTON Choir, Glee Club; Lyric, DO Clubs-. B-Team Track, Basketball. Sec. Stu. Body; Pres., Vice-pres., Banker. Annual Salesman S.R.; Lyric, Tri-Hi-Y, Youth for Christ Club, Promoters. Vice-pres. French Clubs; Choir. Ensemble. Glee Club; Cast (1), Staff (1) Play; Senior Favorite; Typist Annual Staff; Shorthand Awards-, Sec. Alt. Homecoming Queen; Candidate Miss Touchdown; Calendar Girl, Fashion Show NFL. THOMAS CHAR1.ES HOLCOMBE Vice-pres. S.R.; Choir, Ensemble; Lyric Club; Library Asst., Library Club; Track. EDWARD PAUL HOMAR Banker Session Room-, Spanish, Glee Clubs; B-Team Basketball.KENNETH MICHAEL HUBBERT EUTANAHA JONES Choir. RALPH LEE IRWIN Pres., Banker (4) S.R., Sports Ed. "The Yellow Jacket" (2); Key Club (2); NFL (4); Debate Team (4), First Place Negative Team - Clarksville Novice Debate Tournament, Debate Finals - Miami Beach; In Top Ten Speakers - Howard College (2); Homecoming Court Escort; Lettered Varsity Track (2). MARY JEAN JEELY Pres. (6). Vice-pres. S.R.;Chm. Stu. Council; Sophomore Rep. to Freshman Stu. Council; Jr. Y-Teens (2), Treas. (l)Tri-Hi-Y (4), Promoters (2), Disc and Diamond (4) Clubs; ROTC Sponsor (4); Homecoming Court; Fashion Show; Glee Club. STEVE LARRY JETT Sec. (2). Banker Session Room. ZELMA RUTH JETT Pres. (2). Vice-pres., Sec. S.R.; Student Council; Y-Teens, Tri-Hi-Y, Latin Clubs; Shorthand Awards. EMILY SUE JOHNSON Natl Honor Society; Sec.. Banker S.R.; Sec. Spanish. Sec. Math. Art Clubs; '64 Spanish Club Miss Touchdown Candidate; NEDT Certif. of Merit, NMSQT Semi-finalist. Finalist; Ensley Rep. in 64 Howard College Spanish Contest. MARTHA ANN JOHNSON Sec. (3) S.R.; French, Tri-Hi-Y, Promoters Clubs; Managing Editor. Editor "The Yellow Jacket"; Shorthand Awards. MARY ANN JOHNSON Y-Teens, Tri-Hi-Y Clubs; Choir, Glee, Lyric Clubs; Shorthand Awards. School Rep. Jefferson Co. Citizenship Tour; H.S. Red Cross Rep. (2)S.R., German, Latin (5) Clubs; Pres., Vice-pres. (2), Cor. Sec. Thespian Troupe; Staff, Cast (5) Plays; Annual Salesman (3). SHERRY KAY JONES Vice-pres. (2), Banker (3) S.R.; Chaplain Y-Teens, Tri-Hi-Y, Promoters Clubs; Choir; Bank Worker; Vice-pres. GAA, Gym Asst., Girls' Intramurals; Annual Salesman. GEORGE KENNITH JONES Pres., H.S. Red Cross Rep. S.R.; Student Council Rep.; B-Team, Varsity Football, B-Team, Varsity Track. LAWRENCE WALTER JONES President Session Room; Math Club; Youth for Christ; Student Council. MICHAEL DENIS JONES Choir, Ensemble. Stage Band. Band (2), Instrumentalists Club. MARY ANN KASSAW Vice-pres., Sec. Session Room; Spanish Club. JAMES ERNEST KELLY Vice-pres. Senior Class; Pres., Vice-pres. S.R.; Lettered B-Team Football, B-Team Basketball, Lettered (2) Varsity Basketball, Lettered (3) Varsity Baseball (4). WILLIAM ROBERT KILLIAN H.S. Red Cross Rep. S.R.; Natl. Merit Semi-finalist, NEDT Certif. of Merit, Certif. of Merit Time Current Affairs Test. Civitan Trip to Harding College Freedom Forum; Recognized Outstanding Student by U. Ala, Southwestern, Auburn; Math, Ushers, Latin, Lyric Clubs; Choir, Ensemble. 234CYNTHIA JO KIMBELL Pres., Vice-pres. (2). Sec. (3). Banker S.R.; Promoters Club, Vice-pres.. Sec. Lyric Club, Sec. French Club, Sec. DO Club, Glee Club; Lettered Choir. Ensemble; Bio. Lab. Asst.; Cast (1) Play; Annual Salesman (3). BRIDGET MARIE KIRK Promoters. French, Lyric. Pres. DO Clubs; Bio. Stockroom Asst. JANE MARGUERITE KIRKPATRICK Pres.. Vice-pres. S.R.; Student Council; Math. Glee. Lyric Clubs; Choir. PETER THEODORE LAFAKIS High School Red Cross Rep. Session Room; Lettered B-Team, Varsity Football; B-Team, Varsity Track. MARGARET BROWN LAGMAN Natl. Honor Society; Magnum Cum Laude Latin Certif.; Latin Club; Library Asst. (2). Library Club; Jr. Civitan Award; Alternate School Sr. Civitan; NEDT Certif.; Natl. Thespian Society. Cast (4). Staff (4) Plays, Best Actress(l), Best Character Actress (1); Letters of Congratulations as an Outstanding Jr. from Auburn and Alabama. VIRGINIA BRADFORD LECROY Natl. Honor Society; Pres., Banker S.R.; Head Marshal; Miss Fire Prevention; NFL Calendar Girl; Sr. Favorite; Miss Touchdown Candidate; NEDT Certif.; Choir. Ensemble; Sec. Lyric Club; Promoters. French Clubs; Sec., Clerk Thespians. Staff (1), Cast (3) Plays; Homecoming Court; May Court; NFL Fashion Show; Know Your News ETV. SANDRA JANE LITTLETON High School Red Cross Club (2). JOYCE MARIE LIVINGSTON Pres., Vice-pres. (2), Sec., H.S. Red Cross Rep. S.R.; French, Y-Teens, Tri-Hi-Y, Promoters Clubs; Lettered Gym, Baseball. Basketball. Volleyball Intramurals; Shorthand Award. JAMES DOUGLAS LOONEY Choir; Glee. Lyric Clubs; B-Team Football. FRANCES JOYCE LOVOY Pres., Sec., High School Red Cross Rep., Banker S.R.; Spanish; Bio. Lab. Asst; Fashion Show; Shorthand Award. MARLON RONALD McALPIN President Session Room; Latin. Math Clubs. NOEL BELFORD McCANN Pres., Vice-pres. S.R.; Key, Art Clubs; Treas. High School Red Cross Chapter; Voice of Democracy Contestant; Lang. Lab. Asst., Sci. Projectionist; B-Team Football, Lettered Varsity Football. Track. BETTIE MOORE McCRARY Pres., Sec. (2), Banker. Annual Salesman S.R.; Tri-Hi-Y. Treas. Y-Teens; Choir; Shorthand Awards. STEPHEN HARTER McKEAND B-Team Football. SHERRYL BETHANY McKNIGHT High School Red Cross Rep. S.R.; Y-Teens, Promoters. Tri-Hi-Y, Glee Clubs; Choir. RICHARD FRANCIS MAHONEY Vice-pres. Session Room; Writer’s Club; Pres. Instrumentalists Club; Band Trumpet Soloist; Ala. All-State Band. 235RONALD LYNN MAHONEY LINDA SUE MITCHELL NEDT Certificate; Electronics, Debate Clubs; B-Team Track, Tennis Teams. BECKY KAYE MARTIN Sec. Session Room; Shorthand Award. JOHN DURWARD MATTHEWS Lettered B-Team Football, Lettered Varsity Football. JAMES RONALD MAXWELL Choir; Hi-Y Club; Basketball. PATRICIA LEE MAYS Banker Session Room; Y-Teens. GAA Clubs; Lettered Gym; Shorthand Award. CHARLES LEE MERCER High School Red Cross Representative Session Room; Choir, Lyric Club. LOLA GAIL MILLER H.S. Red Cross Representative S.R.; Y-Teens; Glee Club; Vice-pres. Lyric Club; Choir. Ensemble; NFL Calendar Girl Nominee. GLORIA JEAN MILLER Fashion Show; Shorthand Award. GREGORY EUBANK MILLER Vice-pres (2) Session Room; Latin. Jr. Civitan, Key, Lyric Clubs; Choir. CATHERINE IRENE MITCHELL Vice-pres. Natl. Honor Society; Banker S.R.; Vice-pres., Treas. FT A (2), Latin, Math Clubs; NEDT Merit Award; First Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow Contest; Ensley's Rep. in Annual Invitational Math Tournament - Howard College - Placed in Top Twenty Juniors; Choir. Ensemble; First, Second Prizes Ala. State Fair; Marshal Captain; Scholarship - Howard College. Latin (3), FT A, Art, Math, Clubs; Art Exhibits; Choir. CLARENCE EUGENE MIZE NEDT Certif. of Merit; NMSQT Commended Student; French, Math, Sec. Ushers Clubs. BETTY LOU MONTGOMERY Natl. Honor Society; Banker S.R.; Tri-Hi-Y; Fashion Show; Shorthand Awards; Asst, to Girls’ Advisor. Honors at Woodland High School: Student Council Rep.; Cheerleader; Music. Pep, Home Economics Clubs; Pres., Vice-pres., Sec. 4H Club, 4H Awards; Jr. Degree in Home Economics; 4H Club Winner Dairy Foods Contest - Trip to Auburn; Staff School Paper. CHARLENE MOORE Girls’ Athletic Association (3). Gym Assistant (2). MARY KATHERINE MOORE Jr., Sr. Y-Teens, Promoters Clubs; Staff (1) Play. REBECCA JANE MOORE Pres., Vice-pres. (2). Sec. S.R.; Treas. (1) French Club (2), Promoters. Vice-pres. Tri-Hi-Y; NFL Calendar Girl; Cheerleader; Glee Club, Choir. WILLIAM BAILEY MORGAN Pres., Vice-pres. S.R.; Student Council; Latin, French, Thespian Clubs; Homecoming Escort. CELIA JAN MORRIS Sec. (2) S.R.; Sr. Y-Teens, Home Economics Clubs; Shorthand Awards. JAMES RONALD MORROW Choir. Lyric Club; B-Team Football GEORGE KELSEY MOSELEY 236DO. DECA Clubs. JULIA ANN NORTON JOHN PERKINS MOUNT Pres. (2), Vice-pres. (3) S.R.; Thespian Troupe. Sec. Key Club; Cast (4) Plays, Emmy Award; B-Team Track. DIANE MARIE KIURPHREE Nail. Honor Society (2); Banker. H.S. Red Cross Rep. (2)S.R. ; Writers, French, Math Clubs; Fashion Show (2); Harding College Freedom Forum '62. PAMELA JANE MURPHREE Sec.. H.S. Red Cross Rep. S. R.; Tri-Hi-Y. Promoters, Math. Treas. Latin Clubs; Glee Club, Choir Ensemble; Marshal Captain (4). WILLIAM WYATT MURPHY High School Red Cross Rep.. Banker S.R.; Choir. Glee Club. DAVID PATRICK MURPHY Choir. Ensemble. PEGGY DENIS A MURPHY Natl. Honor Society; Pres., Sec. Session Room; Pres. French, Tri-Hi-Y (4), Promoters Clubs; Shorthand Awards; Fashion Show. PATRICIA ANN MUSULMAN Shorthand Award; Blue Ribbon - Foods Entry Ala. State Fair. BILLY HOWARD MYERS Sec., H.S. Red Cross Rep., Banker Session Room; Language Lab. Asst. ANGELYN JEAN NEWTON Vice-pres., Secretary Session Room; Y-Teens. CELIA ANN NEWTON DO Club; Art Merit Awards (2). Natl. Honor Society (3); Banker (2); NEDT Certif. of Merit; U. Ala. Outstanding Jr.; Natl. Sci. Foundation Math and Science Scholarships; Latin Magna Cum Laude; English. Math Awards; Commentator (1) Fashion Shows (2); Vice-pres. Latin Club, Pres. Sci. Club, Math Club; Chemistry Lab. Asst. Asst. Girls' Advisor; Staff (1) Play. MICHAEL DOUGLAS O'DELL Coin Club; Choir; ROTC-NCO. MARY ANN OECHELE Pres., Sec. (2). Banker S.R.; Student Council; Pres. Spanish Club. Sec. Y-Teens. Tri-Hi-Y; Staff "The Yellow Jacket”; Staff (1) Play; Choir. CAROL ELIZABETH OLANDER Pres. (2) S.R.; Student Council; Y-Teens, Promoters, Tri-Hi-Y Clubs; Glee Club, Choir. Ensemble; Fashion Show; Shorthand Award. SYLVL4 ORTON Library Assistant; Library. Lyric Clubs; Choir. HUGH BLAKE OTWELL Pres. (2), Vice-pres. S.R.; Student Council; jCL; Key (2), Latin (2), Math Clubs; Asst. Biology Stock Room. Chemistry Stock Room; Choir. Ensemble; Varsity Football Mgr. VIRGINIA SUE OVERTON Bankers (2)S.R. ; Vice-pres. (4), Sec. (3) Latin Club; German, Tri-Hi-Y, Jr. Y-Teens Clubs; Choir, Ensemble, Glee Club; Del. JCL Convention; Staff (1) Play; Lettered Gym; Basketball; Softball, Volleyball Intra-murals. MARTHA EARLE OWENS Sec. Natl. Honor Society; Pres., Banker S.R.; Stu. Council; Vice-pres. Latin, Treas. Math Clubs; Y-Teens. Promoters; Fashion Show; Asst, to Girls' Advisor; Marshal Captain (4). 237SHERRY ANN PARKER Vice-pres. S.R.; Glee Club; Sr. Y-Teens. JOAN MARY PARKS Ensemble. Inter-high Volleyball Tournament; Home Ec. Club; Future Nurses Club. NANCY JEAN PATTERSON Ensemble; Choir; Glee Club; Sr. Y-Teens; Home Ec., Lyric Clubs. JO ANN PELLEGRA Pres., Banker S.R.; Sec. Band; Sec. Instrumentalists Club; Art Club; Tri-Hi-Y; All City Band; Band Letter. MARTHA ANNA PETELOS Banker S.R.; Jr. Y-Tccns; Sr. Y-Teens CHERYL TERESA PETERSON Red Cross Rep. S.R.; Choir; Girls Glee Club; Tri-Hi-Y; Jr. Y-Teens; Asst, in Girls' and Boys' Advisors Office; Cast (1). Staff (3) Plays. JAMES CLAY PEVELER Pres. Lyric Club; Key Club; Choir. LINDA GAIL PHILLIPS Vice-pres. S.R.; Shorthand Awards. JANET LEE PICKENS Sec. (3), Annual Salesman S.R.; Pres. Y-Tecns; Sec. Latin Club; Marshal Captain (4); Homecoming Court; Cabinet-Clubs Chairman; Student Council; Glee Club; Ensemble; Choir; Choir Accompanist; Y-Teens; Student Council Rep. for Miss Touchdown. MELODY PICKETT Arapahoe High School. Littleton. Colo.: Pres. S.R.; Student Council; Student Sec.; Chaplain, Tri-Hi-Y; Pep Club; Cast All-School Show. BETTY WORTHINGTON PLAN Cheerleader; Treas. G.A.A.; French, Y-Teens Promoters Clubs; Gym Letter; Gym Asst.; Intramurals. ANNA MARIE POCOPANNI Annual Salesman S.R.; Shorthand Awards; Home Ec. Club; Fashion Show; 2nd Prize Home Ec. Fair Exhibit. ANTONETTE MARY POCOPANNI Glee Club. HAROLD POE JR. Vice-pres., Sec. (2). Banker, Asst. Banker S.R.; Coin Club; Thespians; Natl Froensic League; Football, Baseball, Basketball, Tennis Manager; Cast( 1) Play; Staff (4) Plays. NORMAN ELLIS PONDER Sec. (2). Banker. Vice-pres. S.R.; Pres., Chaplain Latin Club; Delegate to State J.C.L. Convention; Junior Classical League; Treas.. Sec. Electron Club; Ushers. Instrumentalists. Key Clubs; Thespians; Band; All-City Band; Band Letter; Choir; NEDT Certificate; Lang. Lab Asst.; Recognition As Outstanding Student by U. of A.; Cast (2) Plays; Staff (4) Plays; Staff and Cast of May Day. HENRY OLIVER POWELL JR. B-Team Track. ANNA LAURA PRINCE Shorthand Awards; First Prize Foods Division. Fair. ROSA LEE PRINCE Sec. S.R.; Disc and Diamond Club; Home- Treas. Home Ec. Club; Fashion Show; First coming Court; ROTC Sponsor; Girls' Advisors Prize in Home Ec. Fair Exhibit; Shorthand Office Asst.; Shorthand Award; Honors at Awards. 238SUSAN LEIGH PROCTOR V.P., Sec. S.R.;Sec. French Club; Promoters: Choir. PHILLIP MICHAEL PUCCIO Pres. (6) S.R.; Chairman (2) Student Council; Rep. (6) Student Council; Sr. Class Favorite; Captain Varsity Football Team; Varsity Football Letter (3) B-Team Football Letter; Track Letter; All City Football Team (2); Second Team All State Football Team. FREDRICK MICHAEL RANCONT Varsity Football; Lettered (2); Lettered Varsity- Baseball; Lettered B-Team Football; B-Team Track LEONARD CRAWFORD RAPE Vice-pres. S.R.; Lettered Varsity Football; Lettered B-Team Football; Lettered Varsity-Track; B-Team Track. DILLIE ANN RAY Pres (4). Vice-pres.. Sec. (3)S.R.; Vice-pres. Student Council; Cheerleader; Senior Favorite; Homecoming Court; N.F.L. Calendar Girl; ROTC Sponsor; Representative Miss Touchdown (2); Pres. Tri-Hi-Y; Sec. Jr. Y-Teens; Disc and Diamond Club; Shorthand Award. NANCY MAE RAY Lib. Asst.; Library. Future Nurses Clubs; Jr. Red Cross Club. LINDA FAYE RAYMOND Sec. S.R.; Tri-Hi-Y. LARRY WAYNE RENFRO Pres., Banker S.R.; Vice-pres. Electron Club; All City Band; Band (8); Stage Band; Projects Class SARA LYNN RE VIS Vice-pres.. Sec. (3), S.R.;Sec. Y-Teens; Sec. Spanish Club; Chaplain, D.O. Club; G.A.A., Promoters Clubs; Shorthand Award RENEA LUCILLE ROBERTSON Pres., Vice-pres. S.R.; Sr. Y-Teens; Home Ec. Club. GARY MICHAEL RODEN German. Industrial Arts Clubs; Public Address System and Lighting Manager JOHN LEE RODRIGUEZ Bank Staff (2) ROBERT JONES ROUEN Pres., Vice-pres.. Sec. S.R.; Key Club; B-Team, Varsity Track (2); Choir WILLIAM RALPH RORIE JR Pres., Vice-pres. S.R.; Varsity Basketball (2); Varsity Baseball (3); B-Team Football. PAT RUTLEDGE Art, Red Cross Club. BARBARA HELEN SCOTT Vice-pres. S.R. Chaplain Y-Teens; Tri-Hi-Y; Choir JERRY EUGENE SCHMIDTKE Vice-pres. S.R.; DECA, D.O. Clubs; Bank Staff; Basketball Manager SUSAN ELIZABETH SCOTT Sec. N'tl. Honor Society; Cabinet-Chairman Lost and Found; Student Council; Pres. S.R.; Pres., Chaplain Jr. Classical League; Delegate State Jr. Classical League Convention; Magna Cum Laude Latin Award; Freedom Forum; Page. Librarian Thespians; Delegate State Drama Festival; Cast (2), Staff (4) Plays; May Day (2); Jr. Y-Teens. Lyric Clubs; Choir, Ensemble. Glee Club, NEDT Certificate Merit; Intramural Basketball; Accompanist Choir. 239JOHN ALAN SEABURY JO ANN SMITH Pres. S.R.; Student Council; Spanish Club. Pres., Sec., Banker S.R., Chaplain G. A. A.; Promoters; Jr. Y-Teens; Volleyball Intra- JOHNNY JOSEPH SERIO murals; Miss Touchdown Contest. Red Cross Rep. S.R. ; Basketball. KAREN RUTH SMITH MARY NANCY SERIO Sec., Banker, March of Dimes Rep. S.R.; Bank Worker; Y-Teens, Promoters. Chap- Pres., Vice-pres.. Sec. S.R.; Banker; French Club. lain Tri-Hi-Y; Choir; Ensemble; Girls Glee Club. MARY ANNE SHADLX TERRY ANN SMITH Banker. Annl Salesman. Red Cross Rep. S.R.; Y-Teens, Home Ec. Clubs. Pres. Vice-pres (2), Sec. (2) S.R.; Student Council; Jr. Y-Teens; D.O. Club; Promoters. JOHN BERT SHADRICK ELLEN LORRAINNE SMITHEY Pres. S.R.; Choir; Spanish Club. Business Manager of The Jacket; Tri-Hi-Y; Youth For Christ Club; Honors from Gadsden AMELIA KAY SHERMAN High School: Spanish National Honor Society; Student Council; Future Teachers of America-, Tri-Hi-Y Club; Girls' Glee Club; Triads; Banker. Jr. Red Cross Rep. S.R.; Natl Merit Semilinalist and Finalist; Pres. N.F.L.; Degree of Distinction. N.F.L.; Thespians; Cast, Staff Plays; Annual Staff; Third Place Extemp - Springhill, Clarksville, Tenn., State of Alabama; First Place Extemp-Ensley, Nashville; Fourth Place Extemp - Tenn. NFL District; Fifth Place Extemp - Miami Beach; Third Place Impromptu - Howard; Third Place Debate - Howard (2). Class Talent Show (2); Float Committee (2) MARGARET ANN STOKES Editor. Managing Ed. The Yellow Jacket; Staff (8); Sec., Nat’l Forensic League; Vice-pres. Writers Club; Miss Touchdown Rep.; First Place Debate (novice) Clarksville, Tenn.; First Place Debate Sylacauga; Fifth Place Debate Miami Beach. TERRY LEE SKINNER STEVE WAYNE STREET Band Letter; Band (6). Vice-pres. S.R.; Lyric Club; Choir-, Ensemble; Football Manager. CATHERINE SUSAN SLATER JERRIE LYNN SUMNERS Vice-pres.. Sec. S.R.; Y-Teens; Spanish Club; Tri-Hi-Y; Girls’ Advisors Office Asst.; Boys' Advisors Office Asst. Pres., Vice-pres., Annual Salesman S.R.; Miss March of Dines Rep.; Student Council; Y-Teens; Vice-pres, Treas, G.A.A. Club; Athletic Jamboree and Follies; Volleyball, WILLIAM LAWRENCE SMALLEY Basketball, Softball Intramurals; Gym Assistant; Second Alternate Miss Touchdown May Pres. S.R. ; Student Council; Art Club. Court. ROBERT DEWEY SMITH CHARLES HUBERT SWINDLE Pres.. Vice-pres., Sec. S.R.; Choir. Drill Team.PAULA ANN TAYLOR Sec.. Treas. Promoters; Jr. Red Cross Club; Tri-Hi-Y; Choir; Ensemble; Glee Club; Shorthand Awards. VIRGINIA PATRICIA TEAT Pres. (2). Vice-pres. S.R.; Treas. Spanish Club; Treas. Jr. Y-Teens; Promoters Red Cross Clubs; Choir; Ensemble; Girls’ Glee Club; Choir Accompanist. REBECCA INEZ THOMPSON Tri-Hi-Y, Fashion Show, Shorthand Awards. RUTH KATE THOMPSON Pres., Banker (2). Red Cross Representative S.R.; Spanish. Tri-Hi-Y. Promoters Clubs. BYRON WALLACE THRASHER Choir; DECA Club. LINDALL JOYCE THARSHER Vice-pres. Banker (3). S. R.; Y-Teens. PATRICIA ANN TOLLEY Band. Shorthand Award. PATRICIA ANN TOPAZI G.A.A. Club; Fashion Show; Gym Letter; Shorthand Award. NANCY JEAN TOVICH Sec. (2). Annual Salesman S.R.; Yellow Jacket Staff; Tri-H;-Yf Latin Clubs; Language Dept. Asst.; Shorthand Awards. PELAGIA BELLA VELOTAS Sec. S.R.; Fashion Show; Spanish Club; Shorthand Award. PATTI ELIZABETH WADE Pres. (2). Sec. (2). Banker (2). S.R.; Stu- dent Council; Lyric, Promoters. Tri-Hi-Y, Jr. Y-Teens Clubs; May Day Cast; Staff (1) Play; Shorthand Award; Miss March of Dimes Contest. TOMMY ARVEL WALDREP Choir; Lyric Club; B Team Track (2), Basketball. STEVEN MARK WALKER Vice-pres., Banker S.R.; Lyric Club; Choir; Ensemble; Track; ROTC Drill Team. SHEILA ELAINE WARD Shorthand Award. LINDA JUNE WELLS Parliamentarian. Art Club; Math Club; Art Exhibits. Awards; Fashion Show. JACK FRANKLIN WHIDDON Pres. Vice-pres. S.R. ; Pres. Lyric Club; French Club; Choir; Ensemble; May Day Cast CHARLES FRANKLIN WHITE Pres. Vice-pres.. Sec., Annual Salesman S.R.; Student Council; Pres. Ushers Club; Chaplain Key Club; Youth For Christ Club; Lyric Club; Boys’ State Representative. Distinguished Students of America; Choir; Ensemble; Lettered (2) Varsity Tennis; Varsity Basketball; B Team Football; Golf Team; Cast (1) Play; Bio. Stock Room. BARNEY GENE WILBORN Banker S.R.; Math. Ushers Clubs; Chemistry Science Dept. Asst. MARVIN EMERSON WILES Pres. S.R.; Pres. Student Council; Treas. Ushers Club; Choir; Lettered in B-Team Football (1), Varsity Football (2). Varsity Basketball (1). Varsity Baseball (2); B-Team Basketball. 241WANDA SUE WILKS Library Typist; Shorthand Awards. DEBORAH ALICE WILLIAMS Annual Salesman S.R.; D.O.; G. A. A. Clubs; Gym Letter; Miss March of Dimes Contest; Gym Asst.; Volleyball. Basketball, Baseball Intramurals BRUCE ROGER WILLIAMS JR Pres. Natl Honor Society; Pres. (1). Vice-pres. (2) S.R.; Scholarship Chairman - Cabinet; Student Council ; Treas. N.F.L.; Degree of Distinction; Math Club; Latin Award; 1st Place for Latin Composition. State Fair; 1st Place Oratory - Howard; 1st in State in Oratory - Optimist Club Contest; 2nd in State - Oratory. Knights of Pythias Contest; 2nd Place County - B’ham. News Oratory Contest; 3rd Place in Southeastern Optimist Oratorical Contest; 2nd Place Debate (Negative) in State; B-Team; Varsity Basketball; B-Team; Varsity Track; Alternate All-City Basketball Team. YONNA LEE WILLIAMS Pres. S.R.; Student Council; Sec. Senior Class; "Miss Jacket"; 1966 N.F.L. Calendar Girl; 1st Alternate Homecoming Queen; Girls Glee Club; Choir . Shorthand Awards. DONNA JEAN WILSON Natl. Honor Society; Pres. (2), Vice-pres. (2). Sec. S.R.; Latin Club; Choir; Shorthand Awards. NANCY ELIZABETH WILSON Pres. (2), Vice-pres. (2), Sec., Banker, Annual Salesman S.R.; Treas., Sec., Vice-pres. , Tri-Hi-Y; Promoters . Glee Club; May Day Cast; Fashion Show. JAMES ARNOLD WOODS Pres. Student Body; Pres., Vice-pres., Banker, Annual Salesman S.R.; Student Council; Boys' State; Freedom Forum; Magna Cum Laude Latin Award; Nominated to Distinguished High School Students of America; Choir; Ensemble; Ushers, Math, Latin, Lyric Clubs; Science Projectionists JAMES ZALES Sec., Red Cross Rep. S.R.; B-Team Football. 242 SENIOR ROTC SPONSORSJudy Cook, John Cook, and Charlie White Enjoy BILL WHITEN RAMBLER 2112 Ave. E - 786-4351 New and Used Cars ENSLEY BOWLING LANES 2716 Ave E. , Ensley High Schoolers Always Welcome GILMER DRUG CO., INC. 418 - 19th Street Ensley, Alabama STELL-GENE DRESS SHOPPE RICKWOOD MOTORS 905 40th Street 1200 3rd Ave. West 786-0943 Volkswagen and Datsun Center SOKOL'S ENSLEY GRILL Downtown Central Park 414 19th Ens 1818- 1 st Ave. N. 1360 Bessemer Rd. 785-9288DELOACH TIRE SERVICE PEYTON A. EUBANK CO. Recaps - Repairs Realtor - Insurer 788-5122 2017-C Avenue F, Ensley Avenue F and 18th Street Ensley, Alabama 785-4178 Birmingham 8, Alabama SMITH FURNITURE CO., INC. KEITH CLOTHING 1915 Avenue E 785-8293 "Alabama's Most Complete Western Stock" Ensley, Alabama 301-19th St. 788-5154 ENSLEY LASSETTER CO., CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH INC. School Supplies 2109 Avenue E. 781-2611 or 822-5069 1918 4th Ave. North Ensley, Alabama Birmingham, Alabama WESTERN SUPER MARKETS MASSEY’S CAFE Birmingham's Finest Independent Markets 2023 Avenue E 785-9282 Ensley, AlabamaBeautiful Stereos on Display Are Admired By Ensley Students at WILLIAMS RADIO AND TELEVISION ENSLEYAPOTHECARY 1925 Avenue E. Ensley 785-3181 THE IGLOO Five Points West SIDNEY BRASWELL FURNITURE Corner - 19th St. and Ave. F. Ensley FIVE POINTS WEST BARBER SHOP 1026 S. 20th St. 252-9781 THE SHERWIN-WILLIAMS CO. 1814 Avenue E. Ensley 788-2464 FAMOUS SHOE BAR Five Points West Compliments of MELLOWN'S BARBER 1915 Avenue F. Ens. KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN 1720 3rd Ave. West 787-5233 PURO ICE CREAM CO. 2011 Avenue E. Ensley 788-2041 BELL TAYLORING CO. 305-307 - 19th St. Ensley, Alabama SECURITY DRUG CO. 1825 Avenue E. Ensley 787-2962 FROM A FRIEND SMITH NORTON REALTY INS. CO. 611 19th Street 785-3178 Compliments of DON DRENNEN MOTOR CO. INC. Where you buy with pleasure and ride with satisfaction Ensley, Alabama 2220 Avenue E. Ensley, Alabama NATIONAL DISCOUNT SYSTEMS Susan Scott and Peggy Helton admire the furniture of GRAYMONT DRUGS 210 Graymont Ave. Birmingham, Ala. Phone: 323-8743 £ucee begin at... Continental Commercial Colleges, Inc. • PHONE 324-1563 • 1724 1st AVENUE N. BIRMINGHAM, ALA. WHEELER COLLEGE 1736 First Avenue North Birmingham, Alabama Telephone 322-1661 ONE YEAR AND TWO YEAR ADVANCED EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION SECRETARIAL SCIENCE Accounting Marketing Management Economics Business Law Finance Commercial Art Junior Secretarial Executive Legal Medical Statistical Clerical I. B. M. ARTS AND SCIENCE English Spanish Art Psychology Sociology History GRADUATE INSTRUCTORS Free Job Placement Journalism Speech and Drama Mathematics MONTHLY TUITIONWHAT’S NEXT? Congratulations on your graduation. You might find a job with a future waiting for you at Southern Bell. Why not give us a call? SOUTHERN BELL TELEPHONE TELEGRAPH CO.BEST WISHES AND GOOD LUCK TO tWlOl-D, THE 1966 GRADUATING CLASS FROM A FORMER ENSLEY STUDENT CHARLES O. FINLEY Owner Kansas City AthleticsDiane Hochholzer and Peggy Helton receive courteous service in TAMBLYN DRUGSTORE HENDERSON MOTOR PARTS 2201 Ave. E Ensley, Alabama 785-4129 or 785-4120 GOLDSTEIN COHEN 404 19th Street 788-3391 Ensley1 s Leading Department Store FRANK CHAMBERS ENGRAVING CO. 805 South 26th Street 322-8701 Birmingham, AlabamaBest Wishes HARRIS AND BATES BROWNELL PONTIAC 2900 Ave. E REALTORS Rentals - Real Estate Insurance - Mortgage Loans Ensley 2108 Ave. E, Ensley 781-2671 785-3161 “GOLDEN FLAKE POTATO CHIPS” The Noisiest Potato Chips in Town , At the N. F. L Fashion Show Peggy Helton models as Virginia LeCroy commentates.TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY Th« World's Best Yearbooks A re Taylor-made'{V.' ' • ‘ ; ■$.$ '• V =»r ' r - • •• • •• - ■ - VK - » -„ -■ V : • -

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