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Remember . . . that Wonderful yearAnother year recoils faces, People . . . who are closer than the crowd . . . you and the things you enjoy . . . that special friend . . . with a sense of responsibility . . . happy, hopeful, intent . . . growing up :events, and activities A crowd . . . big . . . exciting . . . the crushofapep assembly . . . the exasperation of finding a parking space . . . the rush to get to your next class . . . the mad stampede out of the lunchroom when the doors are opened 3And so in an effort Personality . . . distinctive . . . notable . . . encouraging . . . known by all. . .you have your own private reflections and dreams for happiness . . . sometimes with others . . . sometimes alone . . . you never know how far your influence reaches 4to record these Creativity ... in the classroom ... the learning experience ... a product of the imagination ... an eye opening sensation . . . more than the three R's, . . . doing it for yourself ... a practical application of knowledge. 5We proudly present Excitement . . . spontaneous . . . carefree . . . among friends ... the elated expression of students when Ensley is winning . . . the joy received from a job well done . . . the extra spark needed to win in an effortless energy known only to youth. 6Tradition . . . solid . . . that which has been and always will be ... a part of our school. . . returning every year . . . symbols of our feelings . . . rules that must be obeyed . . . something we'll constantly cherish. 7mm mu UJEDICATED TO ALEX D. STAPLES The years of service Mr. Staples has given Ensley High School have insured him a lasting place in our hearts. As a teacher, he combines a profound knowledge of the course with the ability to communicate effectively with his students. His years of practical experience make him an invaluable asset to the science department. Mr. Staples’ contributions to Ensley are not limited to the school's academic life. Often he has performed the menial tasks behind the scenes that make possible the success of our social activities. At our basketball games his old blue hat and mischievous smile are a welcome and familiar sight. By his own example Mr. Staples has imparted a keen desire to achieve and a realization of the responsibilities and rewards of life. It is with heartfelt thanks and admiration that we dedicate "The 1965 Jacket" to him. MALMA MATER WE SING OF DEAR OLD ENSELY HIGH, HER COLORS-BLACK AND GOLD IN LOYAL TRIBUTE RINGING TRUE, ALLEGIANCE WE WILL HOLD. THROUGH PASSING YEARS AS THEY ROLL BY, OUR HEARTS WILL NE’ER GROW COLD, WE CARRY FORTH HER COLORS BRIGHT, THE BANNER-BLACK AND GOLD. 12We will all remember the spirit of Ensley, The spirit of the Yellow Jacket ... the spirit of the students ... laughing, pushing . . . thoughtful, quiet ... the mass, the individual . . . cheering ... a football game . . . excitement ... the strains of the Alma Mater at graduation . . . some loneliness, some sadness . . . balanced by comradeship, happiness . . . hoping for, yet dreading graduation ... the feeling of security, of belonging . . . pride in a name and what it stands for . . . understanding, yet not understanding . . . breathing forth a vital life of its own, through its mass of students, its individual students ... a spirit, with a soul, a collective heart . . . This we call the spirit of Ensley, the Yellow Jacket . . . the love and pride of a student for his school. 13"The Yellow Jacket" staff rushes to meet a deadline. „ t . from tho University of Alabama Hootenannies pep up boy's vocal classes.its rewards At long last, a paint job. A tense moment in basketball.Sports play a big part ■WHH» Sports add the spark to a school. Interscholastic sports create rivalry among schools, giving both participants and fans a chance to test their sportsmanship. Athletics often distinguish one school from another. The spirit of Ensley is apparent at all of our games.boosting school spirit in I I J .V'v’ j ‘ » V • • nSomething special, that once lost Dan Meeks and Robert Jacobs hard at work in Student Government. One of the projects of the special biology class was to dicsect a possum. Hcrschel Hamner in "The Mouse That Roared.' Football players’ fashion show during Black and Golc Week 1964. can never be regained Waiting for the three o'clock bell. Visitors from Outer Space performed on assembly program. Miss Sclman directs the Boy's Vocal class.is the story of our year at ITS PERSONALITIES 22 Faculty 24 Seniors 44 Juniors 104 Sophomores 124 Freshmen 150 ITS ORGANIZATIONS 168 ITS ATHLETICS 192 Cheerleaders 194 Football 198 Basketball 214 Baseball 226 Track 230 Tennis 234 ITS ACTIVITIES 236 Miss Jackets 238 Favorites 240 Student Government 244 Homecoming 246 Annual Stall 248 Band 250 ITS PATRONS 252Human . . . laughing . . . serious . . . studious . . . sometimes getting into trouble, somehow getting out . . . maturing . . . thinking and wondering . . . asking questions . . . being curious, industrious, optimistic, lazy . . . being ourselves . . . the soul of the school - the heart of tomorrow . . . confident seniors . . . juniors feeling very much like upper classmen... sophomores caught between sure and unsure . . . excited freshmen, embarking on a new adventure . . . sometimes patient and sometimes not . . . classmates helping each other to grow'. Its PersonalitiesTEACHERS ARE HUMAN' TOO Hard working and devoted . . . active in extracurricular doings ... sometimes criticized, sometimes lauded . . . just . . . representing the authority to the wayward, the key to the answers to the inquisitive . . . policy makers . . . enforcers of rules . . . counseling the trouble makers . . . friends, educators . . . busy, but never too busy to help a student.MR. PENNINGTON Mr. Pennington as principal at Ensley is well qualified through his educational experiences and understanding of youth to fill this position. He lias worked without ceasing for our educational improvement; encouraged and guided us in all our undertakings; taught us willingly, faithfully, and with the fullest capacity.Mrs. Margaret Bonner deals with student records, attendance reports and accrediting reports on Ensley. Mrs. Rossie Johnston the head registrar handles the money and bookkeeping. Mrs. Margaret Brown does the typing, mimeoand ditto machine work, the morning bulletins, and certain reports for the Board of Education. Mr. I. Gordon Fritts, the guidance counselor helps students with problems concerning studies, choosing a college, choosing a vocation, planning courses and special testing programs. STAFF Mr. Charles McGheeon. the boys advisor, helps boys with their problems. He tries to prevent trouble and keep boys out of trouble rather than have to punish them. The duty of Mrs. Lyda Magnuson, the girls' advisor, is to enforce the rules and regulations of the Board of Education. She advises girls on all school problems, including curriculum and scheduling. 26Miss Lucy Robertson Miss Dorothy Hortenstlne MLss Elizabeth Miss Virginia Pace Miss Margaret McNutt Hamilton LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT Four languages are taught at Ensley by teachers who have their masters degree and are qualified to teach three or four years of a language. Ensley has the only fully equipped language laboratory in the City. It has recorders, records, microphones, and booths for twenty-eight students plus a master control. There is a club associated with each language and the Latin club is affiliated with a national organization — the Junior Classical League.Miss Kathryn Green Mrs. Anne Bates Gibbons Mrs. Barbara Kirk Mrs. Katherine Carroll Mrs. Evelyn Rubin The English Department owns a replica of the Globe theater to use in connection with the study of Shakespeare. Miss Katherine Yeager Mrs. Vivian Cummings Mrs. Mary Smith Miss Ruby Doyle Mrs. Cleo HulganENGLISH DEPARTMENT Ensley's English Department has thirteen full-time teachers and one part-time teacher under Miss Kathryn Green, the Department Head. We have two accelerated classes. Many graduates have been placed in advanced English classes their first year in college. Our English Department has been recognized as being outstanding by the National Council of Teachers of English. The Council selected one-hundred schools for a special study of high school English programs. From Alabama, Ensley was one of four selected for this study. From 1959 to 1963, Ensley has had winners in the contest sponsored by the council. This year at the state fair, Ensley students won twelve first and second prizes for their literary articles, themes, term papers, poems, essays, and short stories. Mrs. Azoline Large Mrs. Zola Thompson Mrs. Lillie Morris 29During the Presidential campaign of 1964, government and history classes studied the candidates. They evaluated their stands on vital issues and made speeches on the candidates. Attention, although less diversified, was also given to the local and state elections. HISTORY DEPARTMENT The History Department hopes to send students away from Ensley with a beginning awareness of what has been, what is, and what might be. Here it hopes to see that each student finds with pride the country we have and dedicates himself to keeping our country great. We use current events, some films, film strips, records, and special reports along with our adopted texts. Politically minded men, representing both Democrats and Republicans spoke persuasively to classes on the issues of the campaign. 30Mr. Bill Carothers Miss Joan Waters Mr. August Cirillo Miss Nell Tamblyn Mr. Howard Ballew A freshman Alabama history class watches Alabama Educational Television three days a week. 3tA helpful Audio-Visual aid in the Math Department is the overhead projection machine. While seated at her desk, the teacher can write on projection transparencies and the image appears on the wall or blackboard.MATH DEPARTMENT To many students, high school is mainly a preparation for college. Ensley's math department has tried to arrange its curriculum in such a way that students will be prepared for the college testing programs and college itself. A recent example of this is the math scores on this years ACT tests. The average standard math score for all high school seniors taking the test was slightly below 15. Based on Alabama State Norms the average was 19. The math students at Ensley had an average score of 20.75, placing the students as a whole in the 77 percentile nationally. A fifth year of math was offered at Ensley this year which included topics in theory of equations, analytic geometry, functions, the conic sections, an introduction to probability, and an introduction to calculus. Mrs. Jacqueline Mr. James Dupuy Cleveland Mrs. Pauline Campbell Mrs. Blanche LallasVaried subjects in scientific curricula are taught in general science, biology, chemistry, and physics. General science, an introduction to the next three years of science, covers various topics including astronomy, light, the body, the weather, and electricity. Physics is the most practical of the sciences because of the topics that are so pertinent in our mechanized world. The brains in the school, who continue in this field as scientists, doctors, engineers, and nuclear physicists are found in the physics classes. Science Equipment Compares Favorably The chemistry classes provide a firm foundation for further study of chemistry in college. Our laboratories are as well-equipped as any college laboratory. 3«Mr. Billy G. Flynn Miss Agnes Hunt Mrs. Katheryn Ingrum Mrs. Reba C. Ponder Mrs. Charlotte McBee Mr. A. D. Staples Mrs. Ruby Harden Mrs. Esther Golbert with any College Laboratory Ensley is one of the few schools in the state with a BSCS class — a new approach to biology. The class meets one and one-half periods so that more time can be devoted to individual experimentation. The fish pond in the court yard is a source of fish, algae, plant life, and stagnant water for all the biology classes. 35Mr. Morris Turner Mrs. Irene Reeve Mrs. Dorothy England Miss Judith Hallas Mrs. Ann Byers Mrs. Mansfield-Jones Mrs. Mildred Black Mr. Herbert Hanes Mrs. Marilyn Rowell BUSINESS EDUCATION The Business Education Department is helpful to students taking college preparatory courses or business education courses. The subjects such as shorthand and typing are helpful in college as well as providing a firm foundation for a secretarial job. Comptology or business machines,business English and bookkeeping are also taught.37The Industrial Arts Department offers instructional shopwork of a non-voca-tional type which provides general educational experiences centered around the industrial and technical aspects of life today. It also offers orientation in the areas of appreciation, consumption, and recreation through actual experiences with materials and goods. It also serves as an exploratory experience which is helpful in making occupational choices. VOCATIONAL AND INDUSTRIAL ARTSPHYSICAL EDUCATION The purpose of the boys' physical education department is to develop the individual boy physically, mentally, and spiritually. It tries to have a varied program that includes many activities that would appeal to the boys. Some of the activities are weight lifting, gymnastics, basketball, football, wTestling, volleyball, soccer, track, and rope jumping. The boys take pride in their bodies and work to develop them. Mental discipline is stressed continually in exercises and class illustrations. Films are shown at various intervals on different sports. Mr. Billy Mitchell Mrs. Ruth Smith Physical education for girls attempts to help girls achieve and maintain a high degree of fitness adapted to the maturity and capability of the individual. Special attention is given to those who are physically underdeveloped; and opportunities for the skilled are offered in intramurals after school. The program includes exercises, team and individual sports, physical fitness testing, rhythms and tumbling. The conduct of the classes recognizes that physical fitness also includes moral, mental, social, and spiritual fitness. HOME ECONOMICS The Home Economics Department of Ensley High School points with pride to the extensive variety of subjects offered to the high school girl. They are able to choose from a range of subjects which include minor foods and clothing, major foods and clothing, and family living. The girls learn to improve themselves as well as to care for and run their homes of the future. Three teachers with degrees in Home Economics share the teaching responsibility and sponsor the Home Economics Club and the Future Nurses Club. Mrs. Carolyn Hopkins Miss Becky Barganier Mrs. Christine Hixon aaaaasra SSZdJJSC fills 1ZM"Don't listen to a poor speaker; he could learn to speak better" is sound advice. The speech department believes that anyone can learn to speak if he is willing to work, and take criticism and praise. In the first year of basic speech students study controlling stage fright, choosing subjects, making outlines, and writing speeches. To improve voice and diction they work at recordings, Plays, readings, group discussions, debate, impromptu, extemp, and story telling are studied and presented for evaluation by class members and the teacher. At the end of the first year, students can choose between contest debating and speech III. Older students may take major speech or dramatics. Students with speech problems are encouraged to come to the speech therapy class. However, none of these activities exists for itself alone: the center of attention is always the needs and potential of the individual student. Miss Elizabeth McNutt Miss Elizabeth Sclman SPEECH AND MUSIC The first year of vocal prepares students for choir by teaching sight reading, harmony, and music appreciation. Girls progress to the girls glee club and then to the one hundred fifty voice choir. Exceptional members of the choir compose a sixteen voice ensemble. The music department presents an annual Christmas concert and participates in music festivals both city and state-wide.ART, ROTC and the LIBRARY Membership in the Army ROTC is open to all high school boys. The Reserve Off ice rs Training Corp teaches military tactics, rifle handling, military commands, information on specific weapons systems and defensive practices. By earning merits boys can advance from a private to the highest rank which is lieutenant colonel. In the Art Department each pupil is not considered a potential artist, but in our society there is a need for creative, expressive people in all occupations. A personal awareness that he has creative ability and the development and expression of this potential through art is a major goal. This year twenty students joined the Junior Art Association of the Art Museum. They had entries in the spring and fall showing at Eastwood Mall. Each year they have a booth at the sidewalk art show. With added activities of museum visits, attendance at lectures, and participation in competitive exhibitions all of which entitles an art club member to an art letter, the creative ability is definitely fostered. i Ensley’s rather new library seats one-hundred students and also has a large conference room which can be divided into two smaller ones. Over 14,000 books are circulated and there is a large reference division. The library subscribes to seventy magazines, the back issues of which are indexed in the Reader’s Guide to Periodical Literature. The library also has a record player and earphones, which enables Business Education students to use shorthand records. 42» CLASSESCAROLYN JANE AKINS MITCHELL WAYNE ALDRIDGE JOYCE GERALDINE AMMONS WARREN LAWRENCE ANDERSON DALE BRUCE ASTON HOWARD COLEMAN BARKSDALE JR. WILLIAM LESLIE BEECHAM THOMAS EUGENE BLAIKIE The doss of January 1965 JAMES ROBERT BYRD ROSS THOMAS CALLAWAY CHARLES ANTHONY CARPRI NORMAN ROSS CARRUBA 44TERRY ANN ARNETT PATRICIA ANN BROOKS many outstanding members RONALD LEE DONNA CAVELLE CERAVALO CONAWAY MARIA KAY SANDRA LEA COOLEY CORK 45ANGELA COSTANZA JIMMY HOWELL EASON Kay Cooley, an ROTC sponsor JAMES PERRY ENGLISH JOHN ROBERT FOX SHARON GAIL FRANCIS BARBARA JOAN FREEMANWANDA ALICE JAN E CROWSON DAVIS CAROLYN SUE JANE ELIZABETH DICKERSON DIXON SHEILA JEAN EDW'ARDS CHESTER ELLIS JR. CAROL JANISE ELROD ROBERT DENNIS ENGLAND was a member of the Homecoming Court BRENDA DIANE GALLUPS VANN GANNAWAY JOE DONALD GARNER MICHAEL E. GARRIGAN 47JAMES THOMAS GREENE JACK EDWIN GRIFFIS CHARLES LESLIE HALL LINDA DAVETTE HASKEW WILLIAM RUSSELL HENDON SALLY LEE HERRING WILLIAM TAMAR HOPPER III FORNEY EUGENE HOWARD John Fox was elected President DO RISE JANET KELLY JOHN CHARLES KIMBRELL MYRON WILLIAM LANGDON BERNARD SAMUEL LORINOEUGENE CLARK HAYES JUDY ANN JEFFERSON of the National Honor Society MIKE HENRY ROBERT THOMAS lynn McClendon GLORIA DALE MAGERS DAVID CARLTON MAYS r?v‘BOBBY JEAN MILLER CAROLYN SUE MORELAND Tommy Blaikie and Forney Howard BOBBY PARDUE MARION GAYLE PATTERSON EMILY LORETTA FRANKLIN PERRY PAYNE PENNEY 50CHARLES MILLER DONALD RICHARD MORRIS WANDA SUE MIMS RONALD GILBERT MUIR THOMAS DEASON MOON WILLIAM FOSTER O’BRIEN each served as student body veep DAVID NEIL MORELAND SHERMAN OVERTON MICHAEL KENNETH DANIEL JOSEPHINE MARINE WILLIAM JOHN PISSANOS PITTMAN PITTS PORTEOUS JR. 5»GARY GARLTON MARSHAL DAVIS JULIA ANN JAMES DENNIS QUATTLEBAUM QUEEN REINHART REYNOLDS JUDY KATE ROBERTS CHARLOTTE GAIL ROGERS THOMAS WALTER RUSSELL JOHN DENNY SALTER Jack Griffis was the only January CHARLENE DEE SMITH JAMES FRANKLIN SMITH DAVID GEORGE STOVES JERRY EDWARD TINGLE 52senior to become a cheerleader REBECCA SUE RICKS DIAN SHIRLEY RICHARD TURNER WADE JAMES EDWARD TOPAZI DENNIS TREMELLING JAMES MORRIS TROTMAN IIIEDGAR GENE WAGGONER JR. DIANNE EVELYN WILLIAMS Five eight semesters were SAMMY CERAVOLO SUMMER SCHOOL GRADUATES DONNA JEAN BANKS VESTER WAYNE CAUSEY WILLIAM LAW'SON SAWLS JR. NELLIE MAE SELLERSCAROL CHRISTINE WALDING JANICE MARIE WAMBLE LINDA CAROL WARREN HAZEL EILEEN WATKINS IVA LOYE WOOD JUDY ANN WRIGHT MARVIN LEE WRIGHT ANGELA MARIE ZITO elected to the student councilBILLIE JO ABNER MARY PROVIDENCE ALFANO DOROTHY ELAINE ADAMS JANELL EILEEN ALLEN ROGER DANNY ADAMS ELIZABETH ANN ALPHIN MICHAEL ERNEST ALEXANDER JOHN WESLEY ANDERSON Lani Welch reigned both as Miss LUCILLE CATHERINE AQUILINO VINCENT CLAUDE AQUILINO MARGARET ANN ATKINSON JUDY GAIL AUTRY 56ROBERT RAY ALEXANDER WARREN LAWRENCE ANDERSON Fire Prevention and Homecoming Queen PAUL CLINTON BAILEY LYNDAL MARIE BALENTINE RONALD ORAL BANKS JACQUELYN BARCLAY 57GEORGE FLOYD BARNHART JOHN FRANKLIN BERTRAM Melinda Horton represented LOIS ANNETTE BLACK MICKEY ANN BLEVINS BARBARA EARLE BLOUNT FRANCES ELIZABETH BLOUNT 5 JWILLIAM BENFORD BEAN JR. JAMES LARRY BEARDEN LINDA MARIE BENNETT SHERRY EILEEN BENSON MARY JOYCE BICKERSTAFF BARRY LEE BICKNELL JOHN Me LIN BLAKELY MARILYN JEAN BISHOP Ensley at Girls’ State ALETHA ADKINS BONDS CAROLYN ANN BORELLO SANTH1A AGNES BOWES SANDRA GERTRUDE BOWMAN 59MARSHA LEE BRACKNELL MARY DIANE BRODIE HOYT GLENN BRADEN ROBERT EARL BRODIE GLORIA JEAN BRANTON MARVIN LEE BROOME JAMES LARRY BRASHER BONNIE RUTH BROWN David Harris and David LINDA ANNE BRYANT REBECCA SUZANNE BURKHALTER JAMES MELVIN BURNS JAMES WESLEY BUTLER 60LARRY EUGENE BRITTON CHARLES RICHARD BROWN Wilborn attended Boys’ State JACK BAILEY PATRICIA ARLETTE GLEEN JUDSON BYRD CACIOPPI CALFEE MARY MARGARET CALM A 61WANDA FAY CALVERT CAROL SUE CARRUBA Trudy McGhee and Kelvin Hitchcock JACOB CHARLES CERAVOLO PEGGY LEE CERAVOLO VICKI SUE CHANEY OWEN HOWARD CHERRY 62DONNA GAY CANANT PHYLLIS DIANE CASHION STEVE CAPPS III KENNETH YOUNG CATER TAMALA SHARON CAPPS ANNIE LAURIE CATER were best Freshmen in 1961 BARBARA JOYCE CAREY EVELYN JUANITA CAUSEY JANICE MARIE CHARLES RODNEY STEPHEN MAXWELL CLARK CLARK CLASSEN LINDA ANN CLEVELAND 63ROBERT REID COATS JANICE IRENE COLBURN WANDA JEAN CHARLENE ESTHER COLEMAN COOK SYBIL ELAINE COOK NANCY MARIE COOLEY DONALD ALLEN COPELAND RONNIE CORLIS Barbara Miller and John Hampton FRED DA INWOOD COVINGTON MABLE JANICE CRAFTON LAURA SUSAN CROCKER BARBARA JEAN CROSS 64LINDA LEE COOK JENNY SUE COTTINGHAM edited “The Yellow Jacket.’’ KATHRYN LYNWOOD CROSS SANDRA ELLEN CROSS SANDRA JEAN CROTZER MARY LINDA CROUCHLinda Scogln, Head Marshal; Robert Jacobs, President; Aletha Bonds, Secretary. PATRICIA ANN CROWLEY RONALD MELTON DANIEL Three of the fall semester student DONNA SUE JERRI ANN LINDA ANN JEWEL ELIZABETH DAVIES DAVIS DAVIS DE GROAT 66NORMAN DWIGHT CURL JOY LEQU1NA CURTIS JAMES WALLIS DAILY LINDA KAY DALLY MICHAEL DAVID DANIELS FREDDIE LEE DAVENPORT MICHAEL RICHARD DAVENPORT JAMES ROBERT DAVIDSON body officers were May seniors FRANCES MARLENE DEFIBAUGH CAROLE ANN de MIEGE RACHEL SUE DE SHAZO WARREN JOHN DEITZ 67DOUGLAS WAYNE DICKERSON LEONORA RUTH DIXON RAYMOND KEITH DOLLAR JANICE SUE DONALDSON HAROLD ALAN DOWNEY ROBERT WAYNE DRISKILL ROBERT DUKE DUNKEN LARRY LEE DUNN Most of the girls in the SHIRLEY ANNETTE DUNN DONNA SHERYL DUPUY CLARENCE EUGENE EASTER PAUL ALLEN ELENBURG 68MITCHELL DOUGH AS JR. MARGIE LOU DUNN Homecoming court were May seniors LINDA SUE ELLIS ROBERT AUTREY ESCO BEVERLY FAYE BURTON EUGENE EVANS 69PAULA FAYE FANCHER PATRICIA MARY FERGUSON Wayne Dickerson, outstanding quarterback RONALD GENE PEGGY SUE WILLIAM THOMAS JACK AUSTIN FLYNN FRANKS FRASER FREEMAN ’0SUSAN LYNN WILLIAM MILTON FANNING FARMER DORA ANN FARRELL DOlUS ANN FIELDS CYNTHIA LEE FILES KATHERINE ANN FLEMING was co-captain of the football team MARGARET ANN FERGUSON HENRYETTA FLYNN SANDRA FAYE FREEMAN CHARLOTTE LORENE FRITTS FRANK EARNEST FULGHAN JESSE MAE FULLER 71GRANT RICHARD FOSSELL LINDA FAYE GABLE SUSAN LOUISE GAINEY LARRY NEIL GARMON LINDA CAROL GEORGE MARIAN GEORGE JOE GERSCH PAUL GIARDINA May seniors were NANCY LYNN GIVENS PATRICIA ANN GODSEY ANNIE LAURIE GOGGINS SHARON LYNNE GOLDSMITH 72REBECCA SUZANNE GENRY SANDRA JEAN GIARDINA chosen as cheerleaders MARY ANN ROBERT GOODWIN GRAVES SHERRY ELLEN GRAVES CLIFTON NELSON GRAY JR 73JOHN CAMERON GUY BARBARA JEAN HANNA A big moment for seniors was DAVID CLIVE HARRIS STEPHEN THOMAS HARRIS CARL E. HARRISON JR. RICHARD EUGENE HARVELL 74KATHYE ANN GW1N JANIS MARIE HAGER JOHN WILLIAM HALL VIRGINIA DIANNE HARDEN CHERYL ELAINE HARMON JULIA EDWARDS HARRELL at last getting our senior rings JOHN CECIL HAMPTON DANNY WAYNE HARRIS DON EDWIN HATCHER CLYDE FREEMAN HAWKINS GEORGE MARLAND HAYES JOHN LARKIN HAYNES 75GLORIA ELAINE HEATHERLY JAMES WALTON HENSON JR. FLOY GENEVA HESTER KATHY ANNE HESTER WALLACE KELVIN HITCHCOCK BEVERLY JEAN HOBBS GARY HOLCOMBE JANE RUTHERFORD HOLLEY Six outstanding May seniors rated TERRY WAYNE HOLLINGSWORTH JOHN JOSEPH HOLLOCK AMELIA SUE HOMAR BEN WILLIAM HOOKS JR.RAM HICKS WILLIAM DAVID HOLLIMAN Merit Scholarship semi-finalist KERMIT BLAIR ROBERT ELLIS GEORGE LAWRENCE JOHN ROLAND HOOKS HOOPER HOPE HORTON 7?L1TA MELINDA HORTON BARBARA GENEVA HULL Undo Hyde was awarded REBACCA JEAN ISBELL EARL WYNN JACKSON JOHN CARLTON ROBERT WILLIAM JACKSON JACOBSTHOMAS RICHARD HOWARD DANNY WAYNE HOWELL HANNAH LENETTE HOWTEN HELEN VIRGINIA HUBBERT ELIZABETH DIANE HUMPHREY LINDA ELAINE HYDE LINDA FRANCES INGRAM MYRNA EILEEN IRVIN as Best Typist SANDRA ANN JONES BENNY JONES ROBERT WILLIAM PERRY JONES JONES ?9FRED RUSSELL JOHNSON SUE ANN JOHNSON PAUL KEITH RITA FAY JUNKINS KASSAW SCOTT DOUGLAS KETCHIE DENNIS MICHAEL KEY JAMES HOWARD KING MARGARET ANN KING Six May seniors were PATRICIA ANN KIRKLAND SHARON SUE KIRKPATRICK WILLIAM REED KNAFFL JR. JOHN MICHAEL KOPP 80Berverly Eurton, Lani Welch, Joy Mattinson, Kathy Gwin, Aletha Bonds, and Vicki Lowe. CHERYL LYNN KENNEDY MARYLYN EARLE KIRKLAND elected ROTC sponsors MARILYN RUTH DEWIGHT JOSEPH JUDITH KAY WILLIAM RAYMOND KRIEGER KUSHNER LACKEY LAND 81JAMES WATSON LANGDON CARLIS FREDERICK LEE James Shoemaker won the Harvard TERRY WAYNE LOGGINS JUDITH ANN LOKEY TIMOTHY FRANCIS LOMORO GWENDOLYN KAY LOUDEN 82BOB LANIER EILEEN LAWSON ELBERT LEON LEAKE JR. BETTY ROSE LEE KAREN DARCY LEMP ELIZABETH GENE LEWIS JANICE KAY LEWIS CHARLES GLENN LOONEY book award his Junior year SHIRLEY JEAN LOVE JAMES MICHAEL LOVELADY HENRY LOUIS LOVOY IGNATIUS LOVOY 83VICKI LYNNE LOWE CATHERINE GAYLE McANNALLY VERNON EUGENE LOWERY JULIA FAYE McCLEERY WILLIAM LOWERY WILLIAM MARVIN McClellan BOBBY JOE LYNN RICHARD MURRAY McCUTCHEON Outstanding seniors are the JANET GERTRUDE McGEE GLENN ALLEN McGRIFF SANDRA GEORGE WESLEY McMILLAN McQUEEN JR 8-»Mickey Blevins questions Wanda Wells about a debate point MELINDA JAN McAllister LINDA FAY McDonald backbone of the debate squad MARY LINDA MADDOX JANICE CAROL MAGRO DAVID MADISON MANN CLAUDIA FAYE MARCUM 85ANTHONY CHARLES MARINO DAVID FRANKLIN MELTON James Daily headed Honor LILLAIN KAY MIDDLEBROOKS BARBARA MURIEL MILLER RIGNEY JACK MILLER CYNTHIA ANN MILLSAP 86JANYCE NAN MATTINSON JOHN FRANKLIN MERCHANT JOYCE ANN MATTINSON TERRY IRENE MERKL JO NELL MAYS MARY NELL MESSINA LOYCE DANNY MEEKS JANICE RUTH MICHAEL Society in spring 1 965 STEVEN H. MINOR JOHANNA MARIE MIRANDA SHERRY CAMELLIA MONK JOHN WAYNE MOONDan Meeks, President; Jan McAllister, Secretary; Kathy Gwin, Head Marshal; Scott Kethie, Vice President. MILLARD EARL MOON PATRICIA ANN NEUMANN All the officers for springEDWARD EARLMUNN WILLIAM RALPH NICHOLS HUBERT EDWARD NEAL JR. WILLIAM JOSEPH NOBLES JOY DELL NELSON NANCY FRANCES ODOM LUCRESIA IRENE NELSON MICHAEL O'DELL 1965 were May seniors PATSY ANN PARKER RICHARD ALLEN PARKER ELAINE PARKIN MARY ELIZABETH PATTERSON 89NANCY JO PATTERSON MARY JO PERRY PATRICIA NELL PEARCE JO ANN PHILLIPS CHARLES FRANK LIN PERICOTTI JOHN EDWARD PHILLIPS PHYLLIS DIANE PERKINS TERRY EARL PHILLIPS Woyne Dickerson was elected PHYLLIS GAYLE PICKETT ANNA POCAPANNI ROXIE DIANE POE HAROLDDOUGLAS POLK 90BOBBISUE PERKINS LINDA GAIL PICKENS captain of the baseball team MARY CATHERINE PORTEOUS JO ANN POWELL THOMAS DWIGHT PRICE RICHARD EARL PROFITT 91Bank officers are Jimmy Sfakianos, Vice President; Susan Crocker, Cashier; and Melinda Horton, President. Not pictured is the secretary, Jackie Barclay. JOSEPH MITCHELL PRUDE JR. CHARLESJEFFREY RAY Four capable seniors are in JOHN CROWELL REESE CATHY ANN REEVE ROY SANDERS REYNOLDS GARRY RICKARD 92JIMMIE NELL PURVIS WILLIAM ERNEST RAGLAND MARY JO RANELLI CARL EDWARD RAY JR. NANCY LENA RAY GLENDA LOU RAWLINSON CHARLES REED EUGENE DOUGLAS REID charge of the school bank HOWARDMICHAEL HOWARD EARL RICHARDSON FRANK JOSEPH ROBERTA BILLY ROBERTS RICHARDS 93RONALD A. ROBINETTE LINDA GAIL SCOGIN- ALVIN GENE ROTHE JR. JOHN CLINTON SEXTON LEE EDMUNDS RUSSELL JIMMY N. SFAKIANOS DONN BARTON RUTLEDGE BEVERLY FAYE SHAFFER Many seniors scored high VIRGINIA KAY SHAW JACK LAWRENCE SHEWMAKE JOHN LOGAN SHILL JAMES DONALD SHOEMAKER 94JOE JOSEPH SANTORO HERBERT RAYMOND SHAW on the ACT and SAT Outstanding scorers were Steve Sisston, Melvin Burns, Betsy Blount, and David Harris. STEPHEN RILEY SISSON JOHN EDWIN SKINNER TOMMY HULON SIMS LINDA ANN SHOEMAKERPENELOPE LOUISE STOLE ALVIN LEON STRAITON BONNIE SUE STREET ROSELYN ANN STRICKLIN Kelvin Hitchcock received the REBECCA SMALLEY JAMES BURRELL STAGGJERRY WAYNE SMITH GENEVE VO EUGENIA STANO CLAUDE MARTIN SMITH EDWIN LAWRENCE STEPHENSON THOMAS CLARK SMITH SANDRA JANE STEWART ROBERT SPEAKMAN SHARON LEE STEWART Latin Award his sophomore year JOY PATRICIA REGINA JOSEPH MICHAEL ROBERT MICHAEL SULLIVAN TATE TAYLOR TERRY 97BETTY JEAN THOMPSON CAROLYN DIANE TOMBRELLO NANCY ANN TRAPOLINO Marilyn Kirkland was elected TED TRIMBLE SHARON ANN TUCKER DONALD GRADY TURNER LARRY WAYNE TINDALL FRANK JOSEPH TRAFFICA FRANCES TIDWELL SHARON WILLENE TOWLES CHARLES ANDREW TOMBRELLO ARCHER HE IDT THORPEPETER ANDREW TOLLEY SHIRLEY FRANCES TRAMMELL D.A.R. Good Citizenship Girl BELEITA ACYENITH DOROTHY HARVEY L. LINDA FAYE VINSON WAITS WAGNER WALKER 9 5GEORGIA DIAN WALL JOLDEN GAITHER WEBB Dickerson, Covington, and Kreiger WAYNE REID WHATLEY CHERYL KATHLEEN WHIDBY JOHN W. WHIDDON JOYCE ELAINE WHITFIELD 100JANICE MARIE WALTERS SANDRA JEAN WEBB EDITH SUE WARD LANI MARSHA WELCH LARRY WAYNE WATTS AARON LINDSEY WELLS JR. head class of May 7 965 MILDRED WYNELLE DAVID HOWELL WILBORN CARLA FRANCES WILDER WHITLEY 101 JOHN THOMAS WEAVER WANDA WILSON WELLS ANNA RUTH WILLIAMSCAROL ANNETTE WILLIAMS MARCIA ELAINE WILSON JACK RANDALL WILLIAMS TED EUGENE WOLFE MARY JACK WILLIAMS DAVID RICHARD WOOD SHERRY ANN WILLIAMS BARBARA ANN YEAGER John Fox receives Exchange Club trophy John Fox, President of the Honor Society, received the Exchange Club Trophy on Senior Awards Day, January 1965. 102Senior Awards The Kiwanis Club Service Cup for the outstanding Senior girl was presented to Kay Cooley. Kay is a member of the Honor Society, ROTC Sponsor, lias held various offices in her Session Room and is a member of many of Ensley's clubs. Emily Payne received the award from the Business Education Department for the Senior girl who excelled in this field. The recipient of the Kiwanis Service Cup for the outstanding Senior boy was Tommy Blaikle. Tommy lias been Captain of the football team, January Favorite, Vice-president of the Student Body, President of the January '65 Senior Class, member of the Honor Society. Gayle Patterson and Jack Griffis received Perfect Attendance Awards. 103The class of 1966 Mary Lee Atkins Merilynne Atkinson Judy Baggett Martha Baker Gail Baker Joyce Baker Larry Baldwin Gloria Ballard Sarah Bar cliff Bill Barden James Barnes Jay Barrett Nancy Barnett Monte Barksdale Jesse Bates Paggy Bearden Suzanne Beatty Claude Beck Diane Benjamin Pam Bevis Sandra Birdwell Jane Black Sheila Black Ronnie Blevinshas 400 members Jane Adams Joan Aderhold Ray Adkins Joyce Akers Alice Akins Michele Alexander Angela Aliano Paul Allen Sharon Ames Jean Antonio Terry Argo Linda Argo Myra Arnold Jack AshcraftThree Juniors run for Ruth Burnett Beth Burson Peggy Burton Jean Butt Carolyn Callwav Donna Campbell Rebecca Campbell Pat Canant Tommy Carr ell David Carter Tommy Carter Diane Cash Jane Cash Paul Cater Josephine Ceravolo Mary Cerniglia Elaine Ceruzzi Bobby Clark Carole Clark Janet Clements Vic Cobb Carol Cochran Earl Coleman Joyce CollierLinda Blythe Sandra Boshell Marah Bowen Eddie Bowman Jimmy Bowser Connie Brakefield Kenneth Branch Donna Bridges Tony Brooks Bill Brown Diane Brown Ronnie Brown Larry Bumpers Marion Burkhalter student body offices.James Crumly is James Crumly Pam Darabaris Charles Davis Linda Davis Peggy Day Larry De Piano David De Vore Judith De Vore Paulette Dillard Debbie Douglas Stephanie Douglas Pat Dozier Frances Drew Ronnie Driskill Doris Dunn Susan Dunning Billy Ekey Sharon Elliot James Emfingers Diane England Nancy Erwin Paulette Eubank Quita Faulk Charlotte Fausett John Cook Judy Cook Mary Jean Cook Jack Council Ronny Cowan Connie Coward Linda Crane i lieutenant colonel Bill Craven Billy Joe Crawford Charles Crocker Allen Crooks Babs Crooks Kenneth Crow Christina CrowellBabs Crooks and Mary Jean Jeely John Gilmore Mary Giovinca Janet Glaze BUI Graham Candy Gulley Brenda Hagood Barbara Hall Paulette Hamilton Mike Hammock Wanda Hand Dalton Hankins Andy Harbin Barbara Harbin Charles Harbour Bobby Hardin Judy Harris Alice Harrison Sandra Hart Linda Hassler Charles Hawkins Freeman Hawkins Rachel Hayes Peggy HeltonGlenda Fikes Marzette Fisher Blakely Fleet Pat Flowers Ronnie Folds Joel Foshee Janice Fowler Linda Gallups Bobby Gardner Joe Gerick Joe Gersh Lee Ann Gibson Richard Gibson Julie Gilland are chosen as ROTC sponsorsKen Hubbert Danny Hudson Ed Ingram Lee Irwin Ethelaura Jackson Mary Jean Jeely Steve Jett Zelma Jett Emily Johnson Martha Johnson Mary Ann Johnson Eutanaha Jones Kay Jones Kennith Jones Larry Jones Mike Jones Pat Kallaher Mary Ann Kassaw Jimmy Kelly Billy Killian Cindy Kimbell Bridget Kirk Jane Kirkpatrick Pete LafakisThomas Hendricks Evelyn Hester Johnny Hewes Leo Hicks Duncan Hoehn Darrel Holcombe Judy Holcombe Editor of “The Jacket’’ Thomas Holcomb Ed Hoiuar Carol Honea Den Hooks Anita Hopper David Houston Pat HoutsSeven Juniors ore Jim McCutchen Sherry 1 McKnight Steve McQueen Douglas Maddox Tim Maddux Richard Mahoney Ronny Mahoney Beck r Martin John Matthews Ronnie Maxwell Patsy Mays Charles Mercer Gail Miller Gloria Miller Greg Miller Murray Milwee John Minderhout Cathy Mitchell Linda Mitchell Wayne Mitchell Eugene Mize Betty Lou Montgomery Bennie Montebano Charlene MooreMargaret Lagmon Virginia Le Croy Sherry Lenoir Sandra Littleton Larry Lively Marilyn Long Douglas Looney Joyce Lovoy Ronald McAlpin Lynda McBrayer Noel McCann Molly McClanahan Mary Sue McCleery Bettie McCrary on the debate squad.Virginia Le Croy Ann Newton Julie Norton Sandra Norton Mary Ann Oechsle Carol Olander Sylvia Orton Blake Otwell Virginia Overton Martha Owens Sherry Parker Lee Parkins Mary Parks Mike Patterson Nancy Patterson Patricia Perkert Jo Ann Pellegra Sue Perkins Martha Petelos Cheryl Peterson Clay Peveler Linda Phillips Jan Pickens Tommy Pilgreen Jimmy Pittssolos on assembly Kathy Moore Rebecca Moore Jim Moreilo Bill Morgan Cecilia Morris George Moseley Johnny Mount Diane Murphree Pam Murphree Bill Murphy Peggy Murphy Patricia Musulman Bill Myers Barbara NesmithPhil Puccio shines on L. C. Rape Dillie Ray-Nancy Ray Linda Raymond Larry Renfro Sara Revis Ross Reynolds Larry Rice Freddie Riddle Gary Roden Johnny Rodriguez Bobby Rolen Bill Rorie Marcella Rublno Ann Rutledge Pat Rutledge Dennis Sandlin Steve Savage Barbara Scott Susan Scott Allan Seabury Johnny Serio Mary Serio Suellyn Sextonthe football field Betty Plan Anna Pocopanni Antonctte Pocopanni Hal Poe Norman Ponder Hank Powell Anna Prince Rosa Prince Susan Proctor Phil Puccio Ronnie Quinn Freddie Rancont Eileen Ransom Cynthia RapeMargaret Stokes is Managing Shirlee Smith Sterling Smith Terry Smith Jennie Sorrell Bob Sparks Linda Stave Sue Stephens Gary Stewart Jerry Stewart Bobby Stokes Margaret Stokes Steve Street Larry Stuart Jerrie Summers Paula Taylor Ginger Teat Eddie Thompson Luther Thompson Rebecca Thompson Ruth Thompson Byron Thrasher Paul Thrasher Lyndal Thrasher Patricia TolleyMary Ann Shadix John Shadrlck Amelia Sherman Clint Sims Steve Sims Joe Skilling Terry Skinner Cathy Slater Larry Smalley Dewey Smith Dinah Smith Jo Ann Smith Karen Smith Linda Smith Editor of “The Yellow Jacket’’.Once measured for their rings Shirley Wells Linda West Perry Whatley Charles White John W. Whlddon Barney Wilborn Emerson Wiles Sue Wilkes Deborah Williams Roger Williams Yonna Williams Don Wilson Donna Wilson Jimmy Woods Nancy Wilson Roy Zachry Libby ZanthosPatti Topazi Nancy Tovich Larry Tuech Dennis Tucker Carolyn Turner Carolyn Turpin Bella Velotas Patti Wade Richard Waldrop Tommy Waldrop Linda Walker Mark Walker Lydia Wallace Sheila Ward Juniors look toward Senior yearJimmy Lynn Cheryl Larry Dana Abernathy Abernathy Adair Adair Adams Debbie Gail Jan Sandra Willard Adams Adams Adams Adams Addison Soph omores are main participants Linda Ruth Sharon David Judi Adkins Alexander Alexander Alexander Allison Patsy Steve Judy Warrene Karen Aloia Alverson Alvls Amerene AndersonDa Veene Arbo Tommy Armstrong Basil Asp inwall Leslie Aspinwall Steve Atkins Susan Danny Atkinson Ausban Andrea Stanley Austin Bailey Bill Baker in gymnastics program. Billy Jack Elizabeth Johnny Ricky Baker Bankston Barnes Bates Bates Ruth Sandra Anna Jerry Bill Bates Bean Beasley Beck BeckwithElizabeth Charles Mary Jane Steven Billy Bell Benny Betts Bishop Blackerbj John Billy Wanda Charles Herbert Blackman Blanks Blanks Blomeley Bobo Margaret Marty and Hershel Hamner Cathy Johnny Susan Ray Bonds Borello Boswell Bowen Randy Bowie Charlotte Boyd Steve Boyd Janet Victor Eddy Boyer Bragan BrakeflelcReed Renee Brassell Bridges David Britton Tommy Britton Brenda Brock Elsie Greg Brown Brown Jimmy Brown Linda Brown Million Brown were chosen Best Freshmen Terry Dave Sheryl Gordon Edward Brown Buchanan Burch Burdette Burke Jerry Wayne Elizabeth Joe Ronnie Butera Bryars By rum Callaway CalvertCharlotte Cannon Dwight Capely Rose Marie Carbonie Linda Carden Dennis Carpenter Larry Cera void Linda Chambers Larry Chandler Gail Charles Nancy Childress Outstanding Soph omore debaters are Judy Christopher Dennis Clark Louise Clark Mary Terrell Clark Clark Connie Clay Sharon Clay Gloria Clowders Pete Bobby Clowdus CoanLester Cobb Wendell Colbert Geraldine Cole Jimmy Contouroupis Miles Copeland Richard Charlotte Cornelius Cox Cindy Cox Dick Crain Janet Crane Sylvia Hardage and Carol Newsom. Anthony Chandler Charles Nancy Ted Crapet Crawford Crocker Crowley Crumley Donna Irene Nancy Bill Mary Carolyn Culpepper Cunningham Cunningham Custred CustredDon Daniels Luther Daniels Mitzi David Daniels Davenport Charlotte Davis Mike Davis Sandra Davis Carlo Nancy Diliberto Dismukes Judy Dolbearc Sophomore English classes plod through Janice Don Domlano Donaldson Bobby Douglas Jon Duck Allen Dunn David Diane Dunn Dunston Jimmy Dunston John Dunning Charlene EasterPreston Hetty Edwards Elam Ann Arthur Bob Elliott Elliott Elliott Rebecca Walter Elliott Elliott Danny Myra Ellis Ellis Tommy Ellis Julius Caesar and Silas Marner Nancy Darry Englebert English Eric Erickson Steve Erickson Henry Erwin Larry Ted Esco Estes Lynn Charles Ethridge Evans Jimmy FaneherLinda Fairley Richard Falls Judy Farrar Bill Farris Jean Farris Vicky Fayet Billy Billy Feltman Ferguson Bob Ferguson Lane Ferguson Sophomores with dramatic interests were in Bill David Findlay Findlay Sheila Chris Jimmy Fitts Fleishman Foshee Tom Fox Paul Carolyn David Franklin Freeman Fuller Frances FullerCharlotte Chris Fyock Gakias Lou Jean Gaines Charles Gallagher Patricia Gallon Ronnie Paula Gambrell Gentry Norman Danny Glenn George Geronimo Gersch the cast of the fall and spring plays Marie Billy Marguerite Jane Jimmy Glardlna Gilmer Giovino Gonzales Gordy Barbara Terry John Herschel Johnny Gould Guthrie Haley Hamner HammettPhyllis Mike Mike Richard Sylvia Hammell Hankins Hanlin Harbin Hardage Rick Becky Karen Eddy Jan Hardman Hardy Harp Harris Harris Five Sophomores work Pal Martha Ann Ronald Joan John Hassell Hayes Hayes Hawkins Hawkins David Glenda Joyce Charlotte Diane Henderson Hester Hester Hinkle HockholzerRalph Beckie Charles Joan Bobby Holmes Hooks Hopkins Hopping Horton Janet Andy Diana Earl Shirley Houghton Young House Houston Howell the annual staff. David Karen Helen Dave Jamie Huckabec 1 Hudson Hudspeth Huey Huff Carol Ronnie Jane Mary Sue Eddie Huffman Hull Hunt Ingle IngramCharles Johnny Juanita Carol John Jackson Jackson Jarvis Johnson Johnson Johnny Mac Judy Linda Tim Johnson Johnson Jones Jones Jones The Pythagorean Theorem with fifty-two Larry Margaret Jennifer Lana Larry Kay Keller Kelley Keene King Reba Barbara Paul Laura Craig King Kirkland Kreider Krleger KrisDavid Susan Kytle Langdon Delores Lawrence Dorothy Lauderdale Tommy Lawrence Dale Lucy LeCroy Lee Terry Wilbur Lee Lee Stan Leo steps is the highlight of geometry. Sherry Lester Jim Le Vaughn Brenda Levons Fred Levinson Georjane Loveless Janice David Loveless Lowry Neil Cindy Judy Lowry MacMurdo McAnallySandra Mary Sue McClain McCleery Larry McClendon Ann McCrorle Doug McCullough Becky Mike Me Dill McGraw Donna George McKeand McLellan Kathy McLeod The special biology class dissected a Margie Joey Don McMillan McQueen Maddox Tommy Maddox Marilyn Mallock Johnny Manley David Judy Virginia Margaret Marsh Marshall Martin MartyMalcomb Steve Carolyn Judy Jimmy Massey Mauldin May Mayfield Meadows Sandra Pam Tim Polly Venzlne Meadows Meagher Merkl Metcalfe Mllazzo possom, as well as a frog and a worm. Kay Dale Jerry Charles Sammy Miller Millwee Mims Minderhout Mitchell Philip James Jimmy Kenny Sandra Moman Money Moon Moore MooreSam BUI Moudry Mullins Jane Hannah Pat Munn Murphy Murphy Three Sophomores work Karen Susan Nance Narro Bob Neff Steve David Nelson Newburn Carol Celia Newsome Newton Richard Carl Norton Olander Warren OvertonLeslie Charles Pagel Parker Carol David Linda Parsons Parsons Patterson Pat Patterson Johnny Patton Martha Patsy Patton Patton Karen Pender on “The Yellow Jacket. ’’ Sheila Steve Jimmy Doraynn Hank Pender Pennington Pissanos Plant Pocopanni Jane Robbie Mike Johnny Jenny Postell Potts Powell Preston PrestridgeChris Jim Judy Victor James Pruitt Puckett Purvis Purvis Rankin Betty Billie Harriett Janice Dianne Ratliff Reach Reach Reed Reid Tricio Willis, Herbert Bobo, Linda Nathaniel Brenda Nora Reid Reid Reinhart Rice Tom Linda Tommy Sharon Richardson Ricks Riddle Ridley and Larry Jerry Richardson Judy Roberts VSara Joyce Noreen Sharon Becky Roberts Roddy Rodgers Rogers Roper Charlotte Kay Ricky Bobby Billy Rowell Rowell Rucker Rushing Russell Jones attended the Freedom Forum. Lionel Ellen Jerry Johnny Robert Salter Samuel Sanders Santoro Satterwhite Kenny Steve Lynda Walter Carl Savage Sawyer Schillaci Scoggins ScoginWayne Philip Scoggins Seale Bennie Robert Severance Severance Shirley Sharp Jerry Shewmake Bobby Shields Sylvia Gilda Shipman Shoemaker Rosemary Short Students of the Class of 1 967 could Linda Phyllis Shropshire Sides Linda Cynthia David Sims Skilling Smith Erica Esther Smith Smith Fran Ronnie Tommy Smith Smith SmythcBilly Diana Kathryn Michael Sherry Smitherman Smitherman Snider Spanos Sparks Bonnie Bobby Janet Angie Jimmy Stamps Stanford Stanton Zito Stlvender this year try out for cheerleading. Joe Laura Mary Ann Don Judy Strength Stripling Stritikus Stroup Stuart Donnie Stueckler Sherry Suell Charles Swindle Susan Swindle Louis TateBarbara Bob Harold Ronnie Wesley Taylor Taylor Taylor Taylor Teague Richard Bobby Jean Charlene Russell Theros Thomas Thomas son Thompson Thompson Seventeen Sophomores on the Football Craig Larry Amelia Jackie Jimmy Thornton Thrasher Tillery Tillery Tillery Rita John Dal Ginny Teresa Trotman Trapolina Tram mall Towry TombrelloCharlotte Lynda Tucker Tuech Gayle Jimmy Diane Tuttle Vakakes Valentine Wayne James Vandiver Vaughn Maria Bennie Dick Velotas Vetrano Walles Squad are probable stars of '65 and ’66. Barbara Sue Waites Johnny Walden Gene Ruby Waldrop Walker Ginger Wallace Mary Ann Ricky Wallace Watkins Hubert Arvil Webb Webster Jeannie WeldenConnie Wellborn Sheila Wiggins Joe Wheless Jennifer Wiley Carol Whitehead Kenny Wilkins Jimmy Whitehead Jock Williams Len Wiggins Johnny Williams Shirley Williams Diane Winslett Susan Williams Terry Winston Patricia Willis Wanda Wise Mitchell Wilson Judy Wood Patsy Wilson Richard WoodSharon Wood Jenny Wyatt David Woodall Barry Worrell Teena Wyatt Marga Yarbrough Bobby Wright Nancy Yeager Linda Wright Debbie York Sophomore session room Presidents FIRST ROW: Gayle Charles, Angle Zito, Susan Swindle, Lynn Etheridge, Kathy McLeod. SECOND ROW: Jennifer Wiley, Diane Hochholzer, Patty Patton, Judy Allison, Rita Trotman, Judy Stuart. THIRD ROW: Laura Kreiger, Joe Callaway, Robert Satterwhite, Anthony Crapet, Johnny Manley, Charlotte Davis.411 excited Freshmen enter Ensley Hazel Beckham Dolores Beecham Nancy Belcher Ann Bell Gay Benson Debra Berry Mary Ann Blythe Nancy Bobo Paula Boissel Carol Bounds Jerry Bowen Phyllis Bowen Joe Bracknell Teresa Bradley Mary Brannon Peggy Bratton Betty Jo Burch Jenny Sue Burch Eugene Burke Peggy Burkhalter John Burns Donna Butler Phyllis Calvert Debbie CampbellLynn Adams Pamela Adcock David Aders Janet Akins Mary Jo Alexander David Allison Rosemary Androvino August Aquilino Ruby Armstrong Patsy Arnold Danny Atkins Linda Aycock Clift Bagby Hilda Barnes Kaye Barron Tommy Bean Melissa Beauchamp Joel Beck for the first time on September 3 ?Their requirements for graduation are Donna Collins Larry Cook Mike Cooke Karen Coop A1 Cox Alan Craig Sherry Crane Tommy Crocker Donald Crossley Janet Crowe Linda Crowson Mike Cunningham Lawrence Curd Rickey Curl Richard Curtis John Daniels Karen Davis Robert Day Lu Ann DeHaney Kenneth Dempsey Don Dickerson Frances Dickerson Jimmy Dickerson Donald DietzMary Sue Campbell Kathy Carlin Anthony Carpri Wayne Carr Debbie Carter Terry Carter Georgians Carvelli Linda Ceravolo Philip Chadbourne Wanda Chadbourne Mike Childress Linda Christain Sandra Chojnowski Danny Clements Belinda Coggins Mervin Colburn Carmen Collier Kay Collier different from those of the upperclassmenAnd oil Freshmen Pat Francis Ray Freeman Ted Freeman Olen Gaines Charlene Gant Marcia Genry Kenneth Gilbert Gail Gilliam Barbara Godscy Tommie Godsey Brenda Goggins Don Goolsby Dudley Graves Jackie Graydon Donnie Green Karen Greenlee Tommie Greenlee Virginia Griffis Pearce Griffith Milton Gwin Linda Hall Nita Hammock Steve Haralson Laura Harbin » 7 I v ; tiiliiRonald Dillard Janet Driskill Phillip Duggan Anna Eads Linda Elliott Eddie English Darryl England Danny Evans Melanie Evans Jackie Farrell Henry Fayette Brenda Felts Charles Ferguson Jimmy Files Bobby Flaniken Glenda Fleming Belinda Flynn Freddie Foster must take gym.Communism is a required Robert Hollingsworth Tracy Hollingsworth Raymond Holmes Brenda Honea Becky Hopper Diane Horne Bobby Horton Robert Horton Christie Houghton Wayne Houston Edward Hudgens Wayne Hudgens Judy Hudspeth Jimmy Hulslander Jim Hunter Mike Hyche Norman Ippolito Mike Ivey Flora Jett Jean Jinks Pat Johnson Mike Jones Tim Jones Clifton KanadayRay Hardy Herman Harris Larry Harris Rhonda Hatley Frances Hayley Rebecca Haynes Larry Head Diane Heatherly Sherry Hendon Jean Hendricks Mary Hendricks Mike Herring Billie Hester Roger Hester Donna Higdon Alan Hixon Patsy Hill Mike Holliday Freshman subject.Don Dickerson and Mike Kimbrell Anita Lovoy Phillip Lovoy Wayne Lowe Marvin McConahay Jimmy McCorstin Peggy McMahan Sandra McMahan Jimmy McCrary Theresa McCrary Jerry McCullar Linda McSpadden Randall Malone Melissa Marsh Ann Martin Leigh Martin Lynn Martin Rachel Martin Terry Martin Gail Massey Rachel Matthews Nelda May Wayne May Janice Mayfield Marjorie MaysSusan Kelso Mike Kennedy Sandra Kicker Mike Kimbrell Debie Kinney Rickey Kinsey Charles Knali Donna Lawson Hank Lagtnon Darlene Lee Jo Ann Lee David Lewis Donnie Lewis John Little Wayne Long Beverly Lovett Rodney Lovett Rosemary Lovctto follow in their big brothers’ footstepsThey have to get used to Henry Nix Vic Norman Mickey Norris Susan Northcutt David Parker Donald Parker Johnnie Parker Margie Parker Wayne Parker Russell Pate Dwight Patterson Brenda Patton Jerry Patton Sheila Pender Larry Pennington Donna Perkins Johnny Petelos Phil Peterson Tom Pickett Marilyn Pike Alan Pitts Petunia Pitts Glenn Plyler Carol PoerRobert Mercer Marshall Mezell Emily Miller Glenn Miller Sharon Mills Rodney Minor Deborah Moore Irene Moore Martha Moore Tommy Moore Debra Morrison Janiel Morrison Martha Morrow James Murdock Danny Newman George Newman Phillip Newton Tim Newton being the youngest once againThey enjoy participating in the many James Rogers Alan Ross Linda Roswick Sandra Rushing Brenda Salter Stanley Savinski Linda Scott Jane Shafer Douglas Sides Bonnie Sims Stuart Sims Steve Singleton Carol Smith Ray Smith Sally Sorrell Richard Spradling Nancy Stanford Teresa Stano Margaret Stephens Jimmy Stevens Maxine Stewart Wayne Stocks Lane Stricklin Lynn StricklinMargaret Pool Cathy Powell Sally Proctor Mike Proffitt Rebecca Queen Cathy Quinn Debbie Quinn Nancy Ray James Reach Phillip Reddin Bobby Reeder Marcus Reid Margie Reid Marie Reinhart Terry Rice Ricky Ricks Teresa Roden Dick Rogers extra-curricular activities here at E.H.S.They soon love Ensley as Jerry Tucker Marylyn Turner James Vamon Susan Varnon Roselee V Izzinia Rhonda Wade Wayne Walker Judy Walk ins Linda Wanderlich Nancy Wasley Gary Waters Cynthia Watson Dwight Watts Margaret Webb Pauline Webb Kenny Weeks Diane Wells Johnny Wheless Diana White Ronald Whitley Jackie Whltmer Deborah Wigginton Charles Wilks Carol WilsonKenneth Strong Allen Stuart Tommy Surtees Ricky Swindle Walter Ray Tate LoRetta Taylor Pat Taylor Tommy Taylor Bill Tharpe Pat Thomas Kenneth Thompson Peggy Todd Charlotte Tombrello Mary Barbara Tombrello Judy Trantham Larry Trammell Dewey Tucker Jeff fucker much as the older students do.Christie Williams Charles Williams Deborah Williams Lloyd Wint Shirley Wright Glenda Wright Nancy Williams Alan House Frank Wyatt Danny Stephens Freshman session room Presidents FRONT ROW: Sandy Rushing, Donna Higdon, Irene Moore. BACK ROW: Don Dickerson, Billy Baker, Betty Jo Burch, Wayne Lowe.Thespians presented “The Mouse That Roared’’ Susan Scott, Carla Wilder, Robert Duncan, Jimmy Eason, Chet Ellis. Marian George - Glortana Margaret Lagman - Page "The Mouse That Roared," given by the Speech Department under the direction of Miss Florence Pass, was presented in the Ensley High Auditorium as the fall play. A delightful comedy-romance the play concerned a tiny nation which became the most powerful in the world by a fantastic chain of events. David Wilborn starred as Tully Bascom, the dashing, romantic forest ranger.Friendly. . . time consuming. . .worthwhile. . . fun, hard work . . . students getting together to share common interests. . . student leaders . . . planning, organizing . . . serving the school and community . . . providing opportunities for recognition and enjoyment of leisure time. . .selling candy bars, candied apples and doughnuts . . .giving students a chance to try outschemes-serious and silly . . . bringing students and teachers together. . .building memories to be cherished, friendships, and a better school. Its Organizations 169The Lyric Club is the music club of the school. Its membership is made up of outstanding students in vocal, appreciation, harmony, band, and orchestra classes. The purpose of the club is to develop talented students by allowing them to perform before an audience and gain by constructive criticism and suggestions. The club meets on the second and fourth Thursdays. Lyric Club FIRST ROW: Cynthia Kim bell, Jan .Ylcnilister. Cathy Porteous, Harriet Gilbert. Judith DeVore. Paulette Eubanks. SECOND ROW: Jack Whiddon, Jay Barrett. Thomas Hendricks. Charles White, Marvin Broome. THIRD ROW: Mark Walker. Steve Street, Garry Rickard, Charles Davis, Owen Cherry. Ensemble FIRST ROW: Susan Gainey. Cindy Klmbell, Nancy Patterson, Linda George. Alice Harrison. Janice Magro, Shirley Dunn. Cindy Millsap, Mary Ann Good. Lynn Givens. Gwen Loudin, Janice Walters. Peggy Ceravolo, Linda Gable. Pat Sullivan, Carol Carruba, Billie Jo Abner. SECOND ROW: Gail Miller. Quita Faulk. Pam Murphree, Eileen Benson, Jan McAllister. Laurie Cater, Marilyn Bishop, Rani Hicks, Cheryl Dupuy, Charlotte Rogers, Rebecca Campbell. Nancy Odom, Sue Ricks, Pat Dozier, Sheila Black, Virginia Le Croy. THIRD ROW: Michael O'Dell. Robert Satterwhlte, Ronny Robinette, Barry Bicknell, Steve Classen, Tommy Maddox, Jerry Shewmake. Ricky Rickard, Jimmy Woods, Marvin Broome, Charlie White, Cathy Mitchell, Harriet Gilbert. Susan Scott. FOURTH ROW: Mark Walker. George McClellan, Roy Zachry. Thomas Hendricks. John Hampton. Charlie Davis, Neil Lowery. Chandler Harris. Owen Cherry, Steve Street, Pat Murphy. Fred Johnson, Sammy Ceravolo, Sherman Overton, Jack Whiddon. The aim of the Ensemble is to perform music of the masters in this area of choral music, and. in so doing, to achieve highest standards of excellence. It is composed of advanced vocal students who attend class at 7:15 A.M. and receive no credit.The purpose of the Instrumentalist Club Is to promote an interest in music, and to further music appreciation. The club is open to third semester band students after completion of a series of music tests and election by a majority of the membership. Instrumentalists Club FIRST HOW: Barbara Hall. Jo Ann Pellegra. Lyndal Balentlne. Santhia Bowes, Linda Gable. Sheila Edwards. SECOND HOW: Warren Overton. John Hall. Eddie Stephenson. Barry Bicknell, Ricky Mahoney. THIRD ROW: Mr. Fields. Sponsor; Sherman Overton, Johnny Skinner, Jerr Ray, John Blackman. Fourth Period Choir FIRST ROW: Donna Campbell, Rani Hicks, Linda Crouch, Beverly Shaffer, Mary Ann Goodwin, Bettio McCrary, Alice Harrison, Pat Houts, Janice Crafton, Peggy Ceravolo, Terry Arnett, Joyce Ammons, Betsy Blount. Cindy Millsap. Janice Magro. Jan Walker, Betty Leo. SECOND ROW: Gene Lewis. Sheryl Dupuy, Gwen Loudin, Cheryl Kennedy, Judy Lokey. Sandra Stewart, Janice Waiters. Lynn Givens, Laurie Cater, Cindy Files, Rebecca Campbell. Linda Cook, Charlotte Rogers, Ann Jones, Nancy Odom, Sue Ricks, Pat Dozier. Terry Merkl, Lynne Goldsmith. THIRD ROW: Billy Killian. Dale Aston. Sherman Overton. Michael O'Dell, Jerry Shewmake, Johnny Santoro, Tommy Britton, Benny Vetrano, Joel Prude. George McLellan, Tommy Coley, Ronnie Muir, Garry Rickard. David Findlay, Ronnie Brown, David Mercer, Carl Statum, Sammy Ceravolo. FOURTH ROW: Gary Quattlebaum, Myron Langdon. David Moreland, Mike Lynn, Jerry Richardson. Jack Council, Robert Byrd. Neil Lowery, Tommy Maddox, Owen Cherry, RobertSatterwhite. Jimmy Reynolds, Tommy Blalkle, Ronnie Daniel, Roy Reynolds. Larry Bearden, Howard Barksdale, Larry Ford, Bobby Wright, Pat Murphy, Fred Johnson.The purpose of the French Club la to create more active interest In the French Language and greater appreciation of French culture and achievements. Superior students are eligible for membership. French Club FIRST ROW: Cindy Kimbell. Mary Serio, Linda George, Judy Dolbeare. Carol Huffman. Pam Murphy, Vicky Fayett, Patsy Alola, Charlotte Tucker, Betty Plan. Gall Charles, Janice Magro, Sandra Moore, Diane Hocholzer, Linda Gable. SECOND ROW: Babs Crooks. Mirtha Johnson. Jeannie Heldon, Sandra Norton, Charlotte Hinkle, Barbara Gould. Cathy Bonds. Judy Jones. Ann Elliott, Pam Meagher, Erlcka Smith. Linda Patterson, Gwen Loudin. Hannah Murphy. THIRD ROW: David Carter. Jim LeVaughn, Billy Blackerby, Stephanie Douglas, Joyce Hester, Linda Ricks, Cindy Cox. Barbara Kirkland, Susan Proctor. Rachel Hayes, Gene Mize, Jack Whiddon, Danny Bonner. Moth Club FIRST ROW: Linda Wells. Charlotte Fausett, Janice Walters, Lynn Givens, Joyce Whitfield, Jane Kirkpatrick, Kathryn Fleming, Betsy Blount, Jane Black, Cathy Mitchell SECOND ROW: Blake Otwell, Julie Norton, Jean Butt, Trudie McGee, Marilyn Kreiger, Linda Scogln, Martha Owens, Emily Johnson, George Hayes. THIRD ROW: Kelvin Hitchcock, Pete Tolley, Donald Turner, Stove Sisson, Duncan Hoehn. Tommy Moon. John Moon, Steve Harris. The purpose of the Mathematics Club Ls to promote a greater Interest and appreciation of mathematics. The club is open to pupils above the second year who have completed one year of algebra and one year of plane geometry with at least a B average in mathematics; a general avorage of C; no demerits.The Spanish Club was organized to promote better understanding of Spanish life, customs, and language. The main emphasis of the club program is placed upon International good will and solidarity of the Western Hemisphere. Spanish Club FIRST ROW: Virginia Harden. Dianne Winslett. Mary Ann Oechsle, Elsie Brown. Maarah Bowen, Elizabeth Byrum, Pat Flowers, Ruth Thompson. SECOND ROW: Diane Reid. Carol Johnson, Mitzl Daniels, Sara Roberts, Betty Elam. Mary Kassaw. Ginger Teat. THIRD ROW: Pat Patterson. Richard Wood, John Shadrick, Jim Moon, Howard Richardson. Latin Club FIRST ROW: Linda Mitchell. Linda Smith, Virginia Overton, Virginia Martin. Donna Wilson. Susan Scott, Linda Chambers, Carol Newsom. Esther Smith, Judy Mayfield. Trlcla Willis, Patsy Patton. Lynn Etheridge. Jean Antonio. Rita Trotman, Kathryn Fleming. Eutanaha Jones, Barbara No Smith, Ruth Alexander, Juanita Jarrlss. SECOND ROW: Julie Norton. Harriet Gilbert, Mary Atkins. Audrey Austin. Judy Stuart. Margo Yarbrough, Elizabeth Barnes, Leslie Pagel. Nancy Tovlch. DaVeene Arbo, Delores Lawrence. Anna Beasley, Margaret Lagman, Cathy Mitchell, Ginger Wallace, Nancy Yeager. Walter Morrison, James Vaughan, Billy Killian. Douglas McCullough, Jean Butt. THIRD ROW: Rebecca Elliott, Shirley Wells. Blake Otwell, Duncan Hoehn. Gregory Miller. Tim Merkl, Ronnie Tavlor. Herbert Bobo. Thomas Hendricks, John Haley, David Henderson. Peggy King, Jan Pickens, Zelma Jett, Not man Ponder, Miles Coleman, Tommy Ellis. John Blackman, Jimmy Woods. The purpose of the Latin Club Is to develop Interest In the political, social and religious customs of the Greeks and Romans. The club celebrates the Day of Saturnalia with a party In December. All Latin students who have maintained a B average the first year are eligible for membership.The purpose of the Home Economics Club is to develop Interest in the various phases of home economics and to give the students a broad view of the many opportunities In this field. Membership in this club is limited to thirty, and only girls who have had two semesters of home ec are admitted. The club sponsors a fashion show every year. Home Economics Club FRONT ROW: Charlotte Tbmbrello, Jan Harris, Rosa Prince. Nancy Patterson, Jane Gonzales, Sherry Sparks. Connie Brakefield, Cathy Cross. SECOND ROW: Patricia Crowley. GenevlvoStano, Jo Ann Powell, Alice Akins. Paulette Dillard, Patty Godsey, Mrs. Hixson, Sponsor. THIRD ROW: Sue Stephens, Sara Barcleft, Jackie Tillery, Gloria Ballard, Diane Brown. Future Nurses Club FIRST ROW: Dorothy Markham. Jackie Whitmer, Jean Hendricks, Pat Taylor, Libby Bell, Teresa Stano, Mildred Whitley. Ruby Walker. Theresa McEachern, Elva Ray. SECOND ROW: Miss Barganler. Adviser; Cathy Goodwin, Nancy Ray, Barbara Miller, Jane Munn. Donna Conaway, Sheila Black. Pat Kirkland, Barbara Severance, Joyce Roddy. THIRD ROW: Brenda Reinhart. Susan Dunnie, Judy Reinhart, Marlene Defibaugh, Mary Park, Linda Pickens. Pat Peikert, Sara Roberts. Carol Poer. The purpose of the Future Nurse’s Club is to develop interest in Nursing as a career. Any girl in any semester who is interested in becoming a nurse may be a member. The programs center around the requirements of the various schools of nursing and the many interesting fields of nursing.National Thespians, a national dramatic honor society lor high school students. Is non-social and non-secret. Thespians endeavor to create a more active and Intelligent Interest In dramatics among the students. Ensley's Thespian Troupe 258 was founded in June. 1934. The Thespians sponsor a three-act play each semester and at Intervals other plays, pageants, and civic programs. To become a member one must meet requirements of character, scholarship, service and speech arts. National Thespian Troupe 258 FIRST ROW’: Suzy De Shazo, Judy Harrell, Mickey Blevins, Sharon Towles, Patricia Aloia, Carol Newsom, Charlotte Tucker, Ann Farrell, Susan Gainey, Pam Meagher. Susan Scott, Diane Hochholzer. SECOND ROW: Marcia Bracknell. Jean Coleman, Cindy Cox. Marga Yarbrough, Judy Stuart. Margaret Lagman.Qulta Faulk, Virginia Le Croy, Marian George. Jennifer Wiley, Susan Swindle, Eutonaha Jones. THIRD ROW: Herschel Hamner, James Vaughan. James Shoemaker, David Wilborn, George Barnhart. Stan Leo. Tommy Ellis, Jimmy Eason, Sylvia Hardaye, Nancy Engleburt. Donna Conway. National Forensic League FRONT ROW: Mickey Blevins, Amelia Sherman, Sharon Towles. Ann Farrell. Carol Newsom. Becky Smalley. BACK ROW: Becky Burkhalter. Wanda Wells, Margaret Stokes, Sylvia Hardage, Charlotte Fausett. Any student who has participated in high school speech activities to the extent of qualifying for the Degree of Merit, and who ranks scholastically In the upper two-thirds of his class. Is eligible to become a member of the National Forensic League. The purpose of this organization Is to promote the interests of Interscholastic debate, oratory, and public speaking by encouraging a spirit of fellowship and by conferring upon the student a badge of distinction.The Drill Team participates in High School competition throughout the city and state. They are judged on their program ol precision drill, which includes marching, manual of arms, and appearances. Drill Team FIRST ROW: Johnny Hewos, Dalton Hankins. James Crumly. Joy Mattlnson. David Parsons. Bob England. Walter Morrison. David Kytle. SECOND ROW: Barry Worrell. Jimmy Huslander, James Rogers, David Davenport, Freddie Davenport, Jim Puckett, Hud Cunningham. THIRD ROW: Thomas Wilkes, Alex Crowson, Paul Strong. Loyd Beard. Frank Sims, Robert Dunkin, Mac Moon. ROTC Officers and Sponsors FIRST ROW: James Crumly, Aletha Bonds. Beverly Eurton. Vickie Lowe. Lani Welch. Babs Crooks, Kathey Gwin, Mary Jean Jeely, Joy Mattinson, David Parsons. SECOND ROW: Jim Puckett, Walter Morrison, David Carter. Dalton Hankins. David Kythe, James Barnes. Frank Sims, Bud Cunningham, Johnny Hewes. THIRD ROW: Freddie Davenport. Archer Thorpe, Vernon Lowery, Ben Hooks, Richard Theros, Robert Dunkin, Mac Moon. Bob England. Membership in the Army ROTC is open to all High School boys. The ROTC teaches military commands, military tactics, rifle handling, information on specific weapons system, and defensive practices. By earning merits they can advance from a Private to the highest rank, which is Lieutenant Colonel.Rifle Team The Rifle Team attends competitions in marksmanship and shoulder-to-shoulder rifle matches throughout the city and state as well as the Southeastern Army Division competition In Tampa. Florida. FRONT ROW: David Parsons. John Little. Mary Jean Jeely, Richard Theros. BACK ROW: James Whitley. Rodger Hester. Alex Crowson. Frank Sims. Disc and Diamond Club FIRST ROW: James Crumly. Joy Mattinson, Mary Jean Jeely, Babs Crooks. Kathye Gwln, Lani Welch, Beverly Eurton, Aletha Bonds. Vicki Lowe. James Barnes. SECOfh) ROW: Barry Worrell, David Fuller. David Parsons. David Davenport. Walter Morrison. David Carter, Dalton Hankins. Bud Cunningham. Bob England. Johnny Hewes. THIRD ROW: Glenn Gersh, Jim Puckett. David Kytle, Billy Crawford, James Vaughn. Richard Theros. Robert Dunkin, Cameron Guy. Millard Moon. Frank Sims. Raynion L. Spivey S SGT. Only an officer or a non-commissioned officer who has a high rating and is outstanding in ROTC can join the Disc and Diamond Club. Its' purpose Is to promote better relations between officers and to Improve the school ROTC program.The Y-Teen Club forms the junior organization of the Young Women's Christian Association. The symbol Is the blue triangle representing the physical, mental, and spiritual side of life. The purpose of this club Is to make Its members well-rounded girls who strive "toflndand give the best." Senior Y-Teens FIRST ROW: Jenny Cottlngham, Pat Cacloppo, Jo Ann Poewll, Susie Dickerson, Connie Brakefield. Janice Clark. Paulette Dillard, Sandra Crotzer. Rani Hicks. SECOND ROW: Floy Hester. Lee Ann Gibson, Janet Kelly, Shirley Trammell, Emily Payne, Diane Poe. Becky Isbell. Linda Haskew. Josephine Pitts. THIRD ROW: Kay Jones, Suzanne Beatty. Diane Brodie, Kay Cooley, Sue Johnson. Ethelaura Jackson, Charlotte Frltts, Charlotte Rogers. Junior FIRST ROW: Carol Huffman. Billie Hester. Kay Barron, Debbie Campbell, Mary Ann Wallace. Lucy Lee, Brenda Brock. Frances Fuller, Dana Adams, Debbie Berry, Carol Bounds, Margaret Pool. Trlcia Willis. Susan Kelso, Peggy Todd, Margie McMilllan. SECOND ROW: Laura Strlplln, Carmen Collier. Sheila Wiggins, Susan Boswell, Jane Munn, Judy McAnnally. Ginger Wallace. Ginny Towry, Sue Barnett. Irene Moore, Janice Mayfield. Linda Fairley, Mary Tombrello, Shirley Wright, Mary Brannon, Virginia Marlin. THIRD ROW: Fran Smith, Charlotte Gant, Dianne Dunstan. Wanda Wise, Janice Loveless. Carol Whitehead, Jan Adams, Margaret Keller, Cindy MacMurdo, DeeDee Armstrong. Lynn Martin. Ann Bell, Belinda Scogins. Debbie Quinn. The Junior Y-Teen Club was organized to meet the needs of the girls who wish to join in the first four semesters of high school. Its purpose Is to help Its members grow physically, spiritually, mentally, and socially.  The Key Club Is a service club for young men sponsored by Kiwanis International. The Ensley Kiwanis sponsor the Ensley High Club. The requirements for membership are that a boy be in at least the third semester and have a total grade average of C during the semester preceding his election. FIRST ROW: Norman Ponder. Paul Cater, George Me Lilian, Clay Pewler. Denny Salter, Larry Tuech, Bobby Gardner. Ronnie Muir. SECOND ROW: Chuch Nichols. Tommy Smith, Bobby Horton. Joel Prude. Rusty McCann. Bill Craven, Eddie Waggoner. Billy Farmer. THIRD ROW: Gregory Miller, John Cooke, Bill Porteous, Jack Griffis, Melvin Burns. Robert Satterwhite. Mike Davenport. Y-Teens FRONT ROW: Pat Thomas, Marie Reinhart, Sharon Mills, Peggy Burkhalter. Rebecca Zueen. Carol Wilson, Janet Bayer. BACK ROW: Elaine Ferguson. Nancy Wasley, Warrene Amerine, Nancy Ingleburt, Terry Winston, Sherrill McNair, Jan McAdams. The club meets on the first and third Thursdays. The programs consist of talks, discussions, and movies emphasizing personal relations, citizenship, health, the arts, and religion.The Junior Red Cross is the largest organization ol youth in the world. The members render service in the school and community Red Cross work and aid in raising and sending supplies in cases of state or national disaster; they also work to promote friendship among children of all nations. Although all students in the school are considered members, the worn is directed by the Junior Red Cross Council. New members are chosen by members of the Red Cross Council from a group that is recommended by the session room teachers. Junior Red Cross Club FIRST ROW: Donna Davies. Linda Jones, Nancy Cunningham, Brenda Gogglns. Judy Harrell, Mary J. Williams. Jimmy Moon. Tim Merkl. Elsie Brown. Lynn Givens. SECOND ROW: Rani Hicks, Ann Williams. Cindy MacCurdo, Sandra Littleton. Jean Miller, Karen Anderson. Mary Narro, Marsha Bracknell. Linda Ingram. THIRD ROW: Barbara Yeager. Margaret Atkinson, Tommy Richardson. Suzanne Beatty, Sheryl McKnight, Tommy Blaikie, Howard Barksdale. Art Club FIRST ROW: Linda Adkins. Judy Woods, Kate Miller. Mary Custred, Sharon Francis. Linda Warren. Mary Nell Messina, Sandra Sellers, Christina Crowell, Judy Gilland. SECOND ROW: Miss Bass, Sponsor; Sandra Measows, Evelyn Hester. Gllda Shoemaker. Ann Rutledge, Susan Langdon, KathyeGwln, Rick Proffitt. THIRD ROW: Charlene Cook, Karen Hudson. Ann McCrory, Linda Reid, Vicki Lowe. Emily Johnson, Chuck Hall, George Hayes. The purpose of the Art Club is to further art interest and art application in Ensley High School, and to prepare the students for membership in art organizations in the future. The members of the club are urged to carry their art beyond the doors of the classroom and to develop and expand their knowledge in art. The order of business is carried on according to Parliamentary Law in order that the student may have an understanding of organization routine. The members also enjoy social gatherings of the club. rTTnThe Library Club Is open to all students who are working or have worked as library assistants; other Interested students may request membership and will be admitted upon the approval of the members. The aim of the club Is to Interest students in books, the library, and llbrarianship as a profession. Library Club FIRST ROW: Melissa Marsh, Emily Miller, Sandra Moore. Carol Borella, Doris Fields. SECOND ROW: Jan Harris. Diana Howse, Becky Roper, Janet Stanton. Miss Seay, Sponsor. Library Assistants The library assistants are the librarians' helping hands. They do many tasks from checking attendance to typing catalog cards, learning more complex duties each semester they work. FIRST ROW: Emily Miller, Melissa Marsh. Libby Bell, Becky Roper, Sandra Moore, Doris Fields, Janet Stanton. SECOND ROW: Danny Ausbun, Debra Morrison, Jan Harris, Barbara Yeager, Diana Howse, Mitzl Daniels. Miss Seay, Sponsor.Individual creativeness and Industriousness In science Is encouraged In the Projects Club. This year at the fair a science project from Ensley won the grand prize. Science Project Class FIRST ROW: Jimmy Eason, Diane Hockholzer. Sylvia Hardage. Johnny Skinner. Norman Ponder. SECOND ROW: Ricky Curl, Tommy Taylor. Allen Craig, Ray Smith. John Min-derhouse, Alex Crowson, Larry Renfro. Chemistry Laboratory Assistants FIRST ROW: Julie Norton, Cindy Kimbell. Juanita Jarvis. Sandra Stewart. SECOND ROW: Blake Otwell, Richard Norton. Jimmy Tillery. David Henderson. People working in the Chemistry Stockroom are responsible for keeping all of the lab equipment clean. They fill the chemical bottles and make hydrochloric and sulfuric acid.The Science Department Assistants keep records of film requests of all science teachers for the semester and set up projectors that are to be used each day. Science Department Assistants FIRST ROW: Ray Atkins, Roy Hardy, Jimmy Stlvender. Charles Jackson. SECOND ROW: David Harris, Johnny Walden, Scott Ketchle, Terry Lee. Language Department Assistants FIRST ROW: Wanda Wells, Nancy Tovich, Virginia Overton. Harriett Gilbert, Sylvia Hardage, Susan Scott. Llzabeth Barnes. Cathy Reeves, Judy Stuart. SECOND ROW: Melvin Burns. Bobby Gardner. Tommy Smith. Dale Aston. Ken Moman, Chuck Harbour. The Language Laboratory Assistants keep the laboratory in working order. They also put tapes on the recorders and help teachers with the machines while classes are in the laboratory.Sponsored by the YMCA, Tri-Ht-Y Isa service club (or girls. Its purpose Is to create, maintain, and extend throughout home, school, and community, high standards of Christian character. Any high school girl who subscribes to the purpose of the club and who lives up to its ideals may become a member. Promoters Tri-Hi-Y FIRST ROW: Cindy Millsap, Joyce Carey, Georgia Wall. Sandra Cross, Gale McAnally, Donna Davies. Terry Merkl, Jackie Barclay, Marylyn Kirkland. Christina Crowell, Mary Nell Messina, Johanna Miranda. Gloria Branton. Joyce Ammons, Barbara Miller, Sharon Kirkpatrick. Pat Ferguson. SECOND ROW: Linda Pickens, Pam Murphree, Becky Burk-halter. Cheryl Kennedy, Sandy Webb, Sue Homar, Beverly Hobbs, Joan Phillips, Susan Crocker. Beverly Eurton, Peggy Helton, Janis Hager, Margaret Ferguson. Judy Autry, Laurie Cater. Mrs. Curlee, Sponsor. THIRD ROW: BeckyGenry, Jane Holley, Judy Lokey, Joy Mattinson, Betty Lee. Melinda Horton, Vicki Lowe. Aletha Bonds. Jan Mattinson. Cathv Reeve, Wanda Wells, Lynne Goldsmith, Pat Pierce, Joy Nelson. FIRST ROW: Virginia Harden. Cheryl Kennedy. Barbara Hanna. Gayle McAnally, Jan McAllister, Joyce Whitfield, Pat Cacipopo, Jackie Barclay, Marylyn Kirkland, Marcia Wilson, Mary Ann Goodwin. Linda Maddox, Sandra Cross, Cindy Millsap, Susan Gainey. Georgia Wall. SECOND ROW: Joy Mattinson, Pat Ferguson. Sandra Stewart, Judy Lokey, Nancy Jo Patterson, Karen Lemp, Sandy Webb, Judy Autry, Cathy Reeve, Laurie Cater, Jan Mattinson, Marilyn Blshlp, Linda Cleveland, Linda Scogin, Henryetta Flynn, Trudy McGee. THIRD ROW: Charlotte Frltts, Becky Genry. Margaret Ferguson, Gene Lewis, Getty Lee, Barbara Cross. Eileen Benson, Susan Crocker. Janis Hager, Lynne Goldsmith, Aletha Bonds. Pat Pierce, Joy Nelson. The Promoters Club endeavors to promote good will and understanding and sponsors UNESCO. Membership is by invitation and offered to students in the fifth semester or above who have at least a C average and who are interested in at least 3 activities.Any girl who Is enrolled in a Physical Education class during the current semester may be a member of the GAA. Programs are based on student interest in Physical Education activities with both students and outside speakers participating. Girls’ Athletic Association FIRST ROW: Sandra Norton. Patti Topazl. Candy Gulley, Brenda Hagood, Lois Black, Sue Ward, Betty Plan, Jerrie Sumners, Beverly Shaffer, Kathy Cross. SECOND ROW: Judy Lackey. Sara Revls. Nancy Jo Patterson. Babs Crooks. Jenny CottIngham, Mary Foshee. Beverly Taylor, Mildred Whitley, Judy Reinhart. Pam Darabaris. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Smith. Sponsor: Mary Jo Bickerstaff, Sharon Ames. Sandra Glardina, Sandra McMillan. Sharon Tucker. Linda Crane. Eileen Irvin, Peggy King. First Period Choir FIRST ROW: Cindy Kimbcll, Eileen Benson, Susan Gainey, Susan Scott, Pam Murphree, Nancy Patterson. Linda George. Cathy Mitchell. Pam Bevls. Jan McAllister, Judy Harrell, Linda Gable, Sandra Cork, Sharon Kirkpatrick. Johanna Miranda, Gloria Branton. Kathryn Fleming. Marcia Wilson. SECOND ROW: Gall Miller. Virginia LcCroy. Linda Davis, Barbara Scott, Qulta Faulk, Peggy Helton, Judith DeVore, Barbara Cross, Shtela Black. Billie Jo Abner. Carol Carruba, Shirley Dunn, Jan Mattinson. THIRD ROW: Sue Johnson, Marilyn Bishop, Charlie White, Larry Ceravolo, Jack Freeman. Marvin Broome. Bill Jones. Jimmy Woods. Jack Ashcraft, Roy Zachry, Jack Whtddon. Kenneth Crowe. Steve Classen, Ronnie Maxwell, Donna Canant. Harriet Gilbert. FOURTH ROW: Gene Mize, Mark Walker, Steve Street. Raymond Dollar. John Hampton, George Hope. Charles Davis. Larry Brasher, Chandler Crawford, Gary Holcombe. Barry Blcknell, Thomas Holcombe, John Anderson, Ronny Robinette, Ed Munn, Thomas Hendricks, Jay Barrett, Bobby Stokes, Charles Hawkins. The choir is made up of students of superior talents who are in their third year of vocal.The membership of the DO Club is composed of upper semester students in the Diversified Occupation classes. Leaders from business and industry are Invited to speak to the club on subjects relative to vocational and part-time training. Socials are scheduled each semester with the "Employer- Employee Banquet," the outstanding function of the year. Diversified Occupations FIRST ROW: Bridget Kirk, Anna Williams. Lucrecia Nelson. Jenny Sorrell. Vicki Chaney. Phyllis Pickett. SECOND ROW: Johnny Phillips. Julia VlcCleery. Diane Benjamin. Betty Thompson, Henryetta Flynn, Mr. Turner, Sponsor. THIRD ROW: Billy Roberts. Billy Land, John Whlddon. Mike Kopp. Glenn Looney. Deca Club FIRST ROW: Miss Higgins. Sponsor: Jerry Schmidtke, Linda Ingram. Lucille Aqulllno, Pat Canat, Larry Dunn. SECOND ROW: Mike Key. Johnny Horton. Paul Thrasher. Joe Montebana, Mickey Taylor, Norman Carruba. THIRD ROW: Dixie Lucas. David Melton. David DeVore, Bert Leake. Eddie Neal. The purpose of the D.E. Club is to develop leadership in the field of Distribution, and a sense of individual responsibility, to provide opportunities for an intelligent career choice, to allow practices in business and to create a natural understanding of our free, competitive enterprise system. A student must be in the Distributive Education program to qualify for membership. CLUBS OF 7 AMERICA r-MSLEY HIGH SCHOOLThe Purpose of the Future Teachers Club is to provide its members with opportunities to identify and develop the qualities and aptitudes basic to successful teaching; to understand the development and purpose of our public schools, and to appreciate the contributions they make to our democratic free society. The Future Teachers Club also provides information on vocational opportunities in education and the special competences required; aids in self-evaluation; offers participation in prevocational activities which are both exploratory and developmental in nature. Future Teachers Club Barbara Yeager, Marilyn Maddox, Elizabeth Barnes, Linda Mac Donald. Phyllis Perkins. Mrs. Smith. Sponsor. The Yellow Jacket Staff FIRST ROW: Marlene Deflbaugh, Barbara Miller, Martha Johnson, Stan Leo. Mary Foshee, Donna Davies. Gayle McAnnally, Terry Winston. SECOND ROW: Genevivo Stano, Donna Cope, Margaret Ferguson, Carol Cochran. Nancy Tovich. Margaret Stokes, DaVeene Arbo, Linda Reid. The Yellow Jacket, the school newspaper, is edited by the journalism class and published five times each semester. This publication has a tx ard of directors and composed of one faculty member from each major department, the adviser to the student council, the adviser to the Yellow Jacket staff, the president of the student body, and the president of the senior class. The purpose of the board of directors is to consider any change in policy of the paper.A Junior Achievement savings bank is in operation every Tuesday. The bank is staffed by tellers, cashiers, and bookkeepers from the student body. Bank Tellers FIRST ROW: Sandra Norton, Sara Barcliff, Judy Marshall. Ann Elliot, Shirley Wright, Peggy Todd, Donna McKeand, Mary Narro, Sandra Cork, Belinda Flynn. SECOND ROW: Patti Wade, Brenda Reinhart, Cindy Skilling, Terry Winston, Margo Yarbrough, Ginger Wallace, Joy Nelson. Lane Stricklin. THIRD ROW: Mltzi Daniels. Deborah Williams, Jach Griffis. Vicki Lowe, Joyce Carey, Ronny Robinette, Sherry Graves, Gary Rickard. Bank Board of Directors FIRST ROW: Mrs. Mansfteld-Jones, Sponsor; Susan Boswell, Barbara Harbin, Jackie Barclay, Sue Homar, Janice Clark, Melinda Horton. SECOND ROW: Robert Jacobs, Jimmy Dailey, Joan Phillips, Susan Crocker. Warren Anderson. Rick Proffitt. The student Board of Directors operate the bank and are counseled by an advisor from the Bank for Savings.The Ushers Club is a service club open to boys In the fifth semester or above whose scholastic and citizenship records are well above the average. Ushers serve as needed for high school performances and for community and civic affairs. They also have the opportunity to serve at the major entertainment attractions brought to the city. Ushers Club FIRST ROW: David Wilborn, Ronald Flynn, John Fox. Jimmy Green, Eugene Hayes, Ronnie Muir. SECOND ROW: Scott Ketchle, Tommy Fraser, Pete Tolley, Kelvin Hitchcock. Bill Jones, Mr. Flynn, Sponsor. THIRD ROW: Robert Jacobs. Fred Johnson, Howard King, John Anderson. Jimmy Reynolds. Annual Staff FIRST ROW: Mickl Morris. Diana White. Jo Ann Lee, Linda Bennett, Marcia Genry. Marylyn Kirkland. Sandy Rushing. Tricla WlUls, Lynn Etheridge, Debbie Adams, Jean Antonio, Sandra Cork, Charlene Smith. SECOND ROW: Eutanah Jones, Sharon Towles, Barbara Hanna. Virginia Harden, Patricia Forguson, Becky Genry, Margaret Ferguson, Editor; Charlotte Fausett, Linda Scogln, Jan Adams. Business Manager; Cindy MacMurdo. Marian George. THIRD ROW: Marilyn Krieger, Laura Kriegcr, Nancy Tovich, Connie Wellborn, Linda George, Suzanne Beatty. Eddie Waggoner. Eddie Harris, Renee Bridges, Lynne Goldsmith, Joy Curtis. The editor of the annual, The JACKET, must be a member of the senior class and Is chosen by the sponsor. The assistant editors and other staff members are chosen by the editor In consultation with the sponsor.John Fox President Fall '64 Scott Ketchie Vice-pros. Fall '64 Trudy McGee Secretary Fall '64 National Honor Society Jimmy Dailey President Spring '65 Steve Sisson Vice-pros. Spring '65 Marylyn Kirkland Secretary Spring '65 FIRST ROW: Trudy McGee, Scott Ketchie, Jimmy Dailey, Marylyn Kirkland, Steve Sisson, John Fox. SECOND ROW: Janice Walters, Lynn Givens, Bonnie Sue Street, Tam ala Capps, Jack Griffis, Tommy Blaikte. THIRD ROW: Phyllis Perkins, Becky Smalley, Cathy Reeve, Jan Mattinson, Jane Holley, Sandra Stewart. FOURTH ROW: Wanda Wells, Emily Payne, Jean Miller, Kay Cooley, Kelvin Hitchcock, Betsy Blount. FIFTH ROW: David Harris, Kathryn Ann Fleming, Mrs. Kirk, Sponsor.STUDENT COUNCIL FIRST ROW: Susan Varnon, Kathy McLeod, Marilyn Krieger, Angela Aliano, Molly McClanahan, Terry Mcrkl, Jackie Barclay, Marylyn Kirkland, Mary Jean Jecly, Diane Hochholzer, Lynn Ethridge, Sandy Rushing, Barbara Hull. SECOND ROW: Judy Cooke, Nita Hammock, Gail Charles, Kathye Gwin, Eileen Benson, Alctha Bonds, Judy Stuart, Susan Swindle, Jennifer Wiley, Donna Higdon, Linda Scogtn. THIRD ROW: Eddie Waggoner, Paul Cater, Larry Jones, Don Dickerson, John Fox, Barry Bicknell, Scott Kcthie.Jack Griffis, Robert Jacobs, Robert Satterwhite, Mike Davenport. MARSHAL CAPTAINS FIRST ROW': Tricia Willis, Linda Scogin, Joyce Whitfield, Alice Harrison. BACK ROW': Mr. Flynn, Pam Murphree, Jan McAllister, Martha Owens, Jan Pickens, Eileen Benson. lOl192Tense . . . competitive . . .exhilarating . . . filled with the laughter of students having fun and building firm relationships with teammates . . . whistles blowing . . . balls soaring through the air . . . winning, loosing . . . joyous shouts of elation over victory . . . quiet meditation over a game lost . . . fighting stubbornly for school and team ... a streaking dash down the field or court . . . fellow students absorbed in deep concentration on their efforts . . . coordination . . . coaches-tough, yet appreciated and liked . . . pride in accomplishment and in doing one's best. Its Athletics 193Jackie Barclay. Head Cheerleader jack Griffis Cheerleaders FRONT ROW: Janice Magro. Lanl Welch. Jackie Barclay. Mickey Blevins. Terry Merkl. BACK ROW: Marilyn Krieger. Laurie Cater. Jack Griffis. Beverly Eurton, Judy Autry.Terry Merki Cheerleaders lend much enthusiasm and pep both at games and pep rallies during the school year. Mickey Blevins They give a Varsity Party at the end of the football and basketball seasons in honor of all the varsity players. Giving sportsmanship programs for PTAand teacher's meetings and making signs displayed throughout the school to encourage more student participation are just a few of their services. Beverly Eurton 195The Varsity Cheerleaders have strived to boost and encourage school spirit in Ensley. They represented our school at the University of Mississippi Mid-south Cheerleader Institute Contest, where they were placed in competition daily. Judy Autry Our cheerleaders are to be commended for their loyalty, leadership, and service to Ensley. Janice Magro19 7VARSITY FOOTBALL Ensley ends season second in city Coach Herbie Hanes with Co-captains Wayne Dickerson and Tom Blaikie.Ensley, Phillips battle to 0-0 deadlock Ensley and Phillips battled to a nothing-to-nothingtie in the rain at Legion Field in the first game of the season. The Jacket defense played an important part in checking the Raiders’ charge. Forney Howard, Robert Park, and Tom Blaikie helped keep the Raiders scoreless, while Dan Covington and Drew Tombrello gained hard yardage against the tough Phillips’ defense. Covington fights for extra yardage Tough Ensley's defense prevented Raiders’ scoring. Mike Lovelady; End Jerry Tingle, HalfbackPhil Puccio stops Rams. Enslcy's defense blocks Ramsay's pass. Donn Rutledge, Fullback After a hard fought tie, the Jackets roared back with a 21 to 6 victory over the Ramsay Rams at Legion Field. Wayne Dickerson sparked the offense with two touchdown passes, one to Don Rutledge and the other to Phil Puccio. Big in the Ensley defense were Bob Hooper and Lee Russell. Mike Davenport, EndBrownies bow to Ensley The Jackets romped on the Jones Valley Brownies by defeating them 28 to 6 at Rickwood Field. Ensley's defense spured by Mike Love-lady, Reed Knaffl, and Jim Dailey held the Brownies to 62 yards rushing. The offense continued to pile up the points with John Kimbrell, Drew Tombrello, and Dan Covington grinding out the tough yardage. Tombrello was the top Jacket rusher with 71 yards in 10 carries while Wayne Dickerson had 132 yards total offense. Ensley tackles stop a Brownie drive Covington stops touchdown play. Bobby Hooper, Guard Reed Knaffl, TackleStern defensive play was a bln factor in victory. Drew Tombrello goes for 43 yards. Bessemer Tigers defeated 34-6 The Yellow Jackets challenged the Bessemer Purple Tigers on a wet and soggy Rickwood field on Friday night. The Tigers blocked an early punt attempt by Donn Rutledge and recovered it in the end zone for a touchdown, but Ensley’s Robert Jacobs came right back to block their extra point attempt and hold them to their only 6 points of the game. Ensley pulled themselves together and made it 27-6 by the half. Ensley’s shock troops did a fine job in the second half holding Bessemer and scoring a touchdown with Jerry Tingle and Richard Wade grinding out considerable yardage. Other outstanding Jacket men were Emerson Wiles, Eddie Bowman, Dan Meeks, Conrad Pellegra, Mike Davenport, and Steve Capps. The final score was 34-6. Conrad Pellegra-Guard Jimmy Dailey-GuardJackets defeat Lions 26-7 Ensley's homecoming game was played against the West End Lions at Legion Field. The night started off with a bang when Phil Puccio and Robert Jacobs opened up a hole and John Kimbrell raced 68 yards to score a touchdown on the first play from scrimmage. Wayne Dickerson ran on touchdown and threw a touchdown pass to Dan Covington for two more quick scores in the first half. The Lions came back in the second half ready to roar, but the big Jacket defense led by Tom Blaikie allowed them 7 points. Bobby Hooper, Robert Park, Forney Howard, and Jim Dailey were also strong in the Jacket defense. The final score was 26 to 7. Dan Covington breaks into the clear. Blocking is Phil Puccio. With blocking by Kimbrell and Covington, Tombrello rambles for 21 yards. Robert Parks -- Tackle Dan Covington -- FullbackEnsley stops Shades Valley Led by Tom Blaikie (61), Danny Covington (31) breaks through the center of the line for a short gain. Johnny Kimbrell scampers between Valley defenders. Covington (31) is shown blocking. Richard Wade-Halfback The Ensley Yellow Jackets spoiled the Shades Valley Mounties' Homecoming by shutting them out 27-0. A 30 yard pass interception runback by linebacker Donn Rutledge set up Ensley's first scoring march of 20 yards, Dickerson ending it by scoring from the one. Rutledge started Ensley toward our second score by covering a Valley fumble at the Jacket 14. And with Tombrello and Kimbrell carving out most of the yardage on this 86 yard push, Dickerson rolled to his right and ended it with a 12 yard romp. Dickerson's kick made it 13-0-Ensley at the half. Valley drove to Ensley's 10 in the third quarter but were stopped by the tenacious Jacket defenders led by Lee Russell, Reed Knaffl, Mike Lovelady, and Robert Jacobs. Ensley drove 52 yards in 4 plays for its third score. Tombrello passed to Kimbrell for the score. The Jackets' fourth score came on a Dickerson to Covington pass from the nine. The Mounties never could find the Jacket end zone. Tommy Blaikie-GuardEnsley’s Bear-trap doesn’t work After a week’s layoff from the Victory over Shades Valley, the Jackets traveled to Tuscaloosa to meet the Black Bears. Ensley drove the ball well all night, but could muster only one score, a pass from Dickerson to Kimbrell. Ensley led 6-0 at half-time. The Black Bears with one long sustained drive and two lucky breaks scored three touchdowns to win the game 21-6. The Jackets were not without outstanding players as Drew Tombrello, Danny Covington, Forney Howard, Tom Blaikie, and Bobby Hooper. Johnny Kimbrell slides by. Tombrello opens a path for Dickerson. Lee Russell -- End Steve Capps -- End7 Robert Jacobs -- Tackle Ensley came up against its strongest foe on a Friday night at Legion Field when the Jackets played the Woodlawn Colonels. With Clinic game in their eye the Colonels rolled early to make the score 7-0 at the half. Tombrello reaching for a pass while Jacobs stops a Colonel defender. Ensley loses to Woodlawn "Dabber" on the phone. 206 The Jackets came back in the second half to even it up but could not get into scoring position against the stony Woodlawn defense. Donn Rutledge and Robert Park made some good plays on defense. The final score was 21 to 0. Forney Howard -- CenterJackets stop Jets In order to be in the Clinic Game the Jackets had to win this one. They met Banks at Legion Field with determination in their eye. An early blocked punt by Donn Rutledge, gave Ensley the ball on the Bank's two yard line. Dickerson took it over for the score. Ensley drove 70 yards in the second quarter for its second score with Dickerson taking it again. Ensley's third score came as the horn sounded for half-time, Dickerson tossed to Puccio deep in the end zone for the touchdown. Banks only penetrated the Jacket defense for one score. John Kimbrell ran the Jets ragged with gains all night long. Reed Knaffl, Jim Dailey, and Donn Rutledge had a good night on defense, while Tom Blaikie, Robert Park, and Forney Howard did a good job on offense. The final score was 20-6. Wayne Dickerson -- Quarterback Kimbrell again digs out some hard yards. Phillip Puccio -- EndWayne Dickerson makes another try for a score. Jackets in fifth straight Clinic Game Colonel quarterback stopped. Johnny Klmbrell--Halfback Drew Tombrello--Halfback On Friday night alter Thanksgiving, the Ensley Yellow Jackets met the Woodlawn Colonels in the Clinic Game. It was the fifth year in a row the Jackets have played in this classic. The Jackets, plagued by injuries, saw Johnny Kim-brell out with an ankle injury, Drew Tombrello hampered by an infected leg, and Richard Wade with a broken finger. Wade played defense, however. The Colonels again proved too strong and defeated the Jackets.209 Dan Meeks--Guard Come on boys, You can do it. Harvey Wagner--TackleFootball Awards The following awards were made at the annual football banquet: Most Valuable Player—Donn Rutledge; Most Valuable Lineman--Tom Blaikie; Most Valuable Back—Wayne Dickerson. Next year's captain is Phil Puccio. Managers 210 Charlie Ferguson, Hal Poe, Billy Killian, Bill Ragland.Coaches Ensley owes a lot to the unceasing devotion of our coaching staff. Without them, victory would be impossible. Coach Mitchell, Coach Hanes, Coach Sparks 211Hooper sets up Kimbrell's long touchdown run in the Ramsay game. Covington and Dickerson close in. 2t2 Puccio makes a touchdown.Ensley's rugged defense. Did he catch it ? Ensley blocks a Tuscaloosa kick.BasketballFRONT ROW: Charlie White, Ronny Driskill, Steve Classen, Skip Moudry, Tommy Sims, Russel Thompson. BACK ROW: Roger Williams, Bill Rorie, Jimmy Kelly, Mike Davenport, Ted Wolfe, Tommy Price. VARSITY BASKETBALL Although Ensley placed fourth in the city, they showed their high spots by defeating Ramsay, West End, and Glenn twice. They lost several games by only one to four points. The Jones Valley game lasted for three overtimes, Ensley then losing by only one point. Coach Nail's fiftieth victory since coaching was at Ensley and next year should bring many more for returning players. 2 6 Coach Braxton Nail shows Paul Bailey the proper way to shoot.B-TEAM FRESHMEN TEAM FRONT ROW: A. J. Capri, Lynn Stricklyn, Lane Stricklin, Skipper Tucker, Dudley Graves, Steve Haralson, Billy Baker. BACK ROW: Phil Peterson, Danny Atkins, Wayne Houston, Rick Kenzu, Mike Profitt, Bob Neff, Greg FRONT ROW: Dwight Capley, Malcomb Massey, Mike Kimbrell, Kenneth Dempsey, Mike Childress, Dennis Carpenter, TimMerkl, Billy Narro. BACK ROW: Terry Brown, Don Dickerson, Alan House, Stanley Bailey, Wayne Vandiver, Mitchell Wilson.Ted Wolfe 2«8 Tommy PriceWarm-ups before the game. Wolfe gets ready to shoot in the Banks game. Roger Williams, Forward 2i9 Mike Davenport, CenterWilliams starts drive toward basket. Williams breaks for a pass from Baily. Paul Baily 220 Charlie WhiteWilliams goes high for a basket. Bally shoots as Davenport heads for rebound. Jimmy Kelley 221 Steve Classen As Ramsy looks on Wolfe pumps two points. Williams goes high as Price and Bailey are ready for rebound. Tommy Sims 223 Russel ThompsonThompson makes a basket. Kelly tries for a rebound. Wolfe shoots against Banks.Williams shoots a foul shot against Banks. Davenport shoots a long one. A lot of action in the Ramsay game. 235 Wolfe leaps high to shoot.1965 BASEBALL TEAM FIRST ROW: Danny Covington, Bobby Rolen, Emerson Wiles, Larry Tuech, Bill Rone, Wayne Dickerson, Wayne Drlskill, Vic Bragan, Larry Watts. SECOND ROW: Johnny Jackson, Joel Foshee, Earl Coleman, Mike Powell, Fred Rancant, Larry Di Piano, Tommy Price, Billy Farmer, Jom Zales. THIRD ROW: Jim Kelly. Earl Jackson, Andy Harbin, Bill Murphy, Skip Moudry, Jack Whtddon, Paul Kreider, Don Dickerson, Wayne Bryar. FOURTH ROW: Bobby Rushing, Ricky Rucker, Owen Cherry, Ronnie Daniels, Steve Minor, Corky George, Ken Dempsey, Scott Kethle. FIFTH ROW: Richard Norton, Wayne Vandiver. Ensley baseba 11 team started off the season with a trip to Florida to practice and to see some big league teams in action. The trip has become an annual affair and gets the team ready for the upcoming season. Ensley should do well this season since six letter-men are returning. Coach Spark's first year here at Ensley should show him real baseball. 226 Coach Sparks and Captain Wayne Dickerson1 964 BASEBALL TEAM 1 964 LETTERMEN Danny Covington, Larry Watts, Wayne Driskiil, Bill Rorie, Wayne Dickerson, Tommy Price, Jimmy Kelly. 227Cherry Olin Jimmy Kelly Danny Covington Tommy Price Larry Watts Earl JacksonBillv Farmer Scotl Ketchte Wayne Dickerson I Bill Rorle Steve Minor Ronnie Daniels t L. » Wayne Driskill |mVARSITY TRACK Coach Bill Carotbers with outstanding runner, George Terry.1st relay team: George Terry, Jack Jackson, Johnny Kimbrell, Bernard Lorino. 2nd relay team: Johnny Phillips, Phil Puccio, John Haskell, Rob Coats. Tim Orton Ensley’s Track team Ensley’s track team participates in inter-high school track meets. Members of the team are entered in events which include shot put, discus throws, high and low hurdles, 50 and 100 yard dash, 440 and 880 yard relays, and the two mile run.John Cook excels in competition 2 33 Rob Coats Roy ZachryTennis Team plays in State tournament The Ensley High School Tennis Team is coached by Herbert Hanes. All matches are played at Highland Racket Club, except those with schools out of the city. On the schedule are schools such as Shades Valley, Bessemer, Ramsay and Woodlawn. Each year in May a tournament is held in Sylacauga, Alabama. In the 1964 tournament, Bill Burch went to the quarter finals before being eliminated by the boy who later won the tournament. Denny Salter also played singles. George Hayes and Roy Reynolds played as a team. Members of the 1964 team included Jim Borlin, Bill Burch, Steve Classen, Rhys Harris, George Hayes, Ralph Osley, Roy Reynolds, Denny Salter, David Shoebe, Tommy Sims, and Charlie White. 234Roy Reynolds Tommy Sims Steve Classen George Hayes216 The heart of a school is its activities . . . the honors and the h o n o r e d ... the queen who reigned in splendor ... the favorites . . . Ens-ley scholars who excelled in many fields . . . prize winning artists and debaters ... the leaders, the outstanding students who achieved honors and recognition . . . the excitement of Homecoming ... the extra work that makes Ensley an outstanding school. Its Activities 2 37JANUARY MISS JACKET SHARON FRANCISMAY MISS JACKET MARILYN KREIGERPresident, Robert Jacobs; Vice-president, Forney Howard: Secretary, Aletha Bonds: Head Marshal, Linda Scogin. LEFT: Scott Ketchie, Kathye Gwin, Eileen Benson, Linda Scogin, Forney Howard, Robert Jacobs. RIGHT: Jackie Barclay, Wayne Dickerson, Jack Griffis, John Fox, Aletha Bonds.Student Government Thirty-four years ago Student Government was begun here at Ensley High School. Through the years this association has been a means by which the students may assume personal responsibility for their conduct and that of their fellow students in order to develop the attributes necessary to becoming well orientated citizens in our organized democracy. President, Dan Meeks; Vice-president, Scott Ketchie; Secretary, Jan McAllister; Head Marshal, Kathye Gwin. FRONT ROW: Dan Meeks, Scott Ketchie, Jan McAllister, Kathcy Gwin. SECOND ROW: Laurie Cater, Marilyn Krleger, Alctha Bonds. THIRD ROW: Jimmy Daily, Jackie Barclay, Cindy Millsap, Robert Jacobs. The plans and then the actual work that went into the floats . . . the headaches and the laughter ... the feeling of accomplishment as the parade began to move . . . the show of school colors . . . the corsages . . . the excitement before the big game . . . the tense moment just before the queen was announced and the cheers afterward . . . the elation of victory . . . This we will remember. Mrs. Ponder helps judge the floats.Lani Welch reigns as Homecoming QueenMalcolm Massey - Sports Editor Becky Genry - Typist Marylyn Kirkland - Head Typist Mrs. Elizabeth Rogers - Sponsor Jan Adams - Business Manager Billie Reach-Circulation Manager Cindy MacMurdo - Business ManagerMargaret Ferguson - Editor Pat Ferguson - Typist The Jacket Staff Bill Baker - Sports Editor Jane Holley - Feature Editor Barbara Hanna - Typist Marion George - Artist Virginia HardenMARCHING BAND An outstanding group in Ensley's vast music program is the band who represents Ensley at many community, city, and state functions. Throughout the football season the band spends many hours perfecting intricate formations for half-time shows. At game time the results of their intensive practice is evident in the entertaining performances which they provide. With the close of football season the band prepares for the "concert season". Winning honors at State and District music festivals playing for social functions, as well as playing for personal enjoyment are many of the extra activities which band members enjoy as a result of being in the Ensley High School Band.Students earning and spending . . . buying the many things teenagers think n e c e s s a ry ... clothes, cokes, gas, make-up, jewelry, records, guitars, gum . . . shopping wisely at the best stores . . . the most reputable firms . . . Ensley students supporting the merchants .. . merchants supporting Ensley through their advertisements. Its Patrons 2 S3THE 1965 GRADUATING CLASS from A former Ensley Student CHARLES O. FINLEY OWNER KANSAS CITY ATHLETICSJanuary Statistics CAROLYN JANE AKINS Secretary, Red Cross Rep., Annual Salesman Session Room; Tri-Hi-Y, G.A.A. Clubs; Shorthand Awards. MITCHELL WAYNE ALDRIDGE Library Club (2), Library Assistant. JOYCE GERALDINE AMMONS Banker Session Room; Choir Letter, Treas. Lyric Club; Tri-Hi-Y Club. WARREN LAWRENCE ANDERSON President Session Room TERRY ANN ARNETT Secretary Session Room; Glee Club, Choir; Spanish Club. DALE BRUCE ASTON President, Vice-president, Banker Session Room; Choir: Jr. Civitan, Hi-Y Clubs; Language Lab. Asst., Lettered B-team Football. HOWARD COLEMAN BARKSDALE JR. Secretary (2), Jr. Red Cross Representative (4) Session Room; Choir (2). WILLIAM LESLIE BEECHAM B-team, Varsity Football, B-team Track. THOMAS EUGENE BLAIKIE National Honor Society; Vice-pres. Student Body; May Court; President, Vice-pres. Session Room; Choir; Pres. Hi-Y, Pres. Jr. Civitan Club; Lettered Football (3), Captain, Outstanding Ensley Lineman Football Team, Lettered Track. PATRICIA ANN BROOKS Shorthand Awards. JAMES ROBERT BYRD Secretary, Banker (2) Session Room; Choir; Pres. Coin Club. CHARLES ANTHONY CARPRI Deca Club; B-team Football. NORMAN ROSS CARRUBA Vice-president Session Room. DONNA CAVELLE CONAWAY Pres., Vice-Pres. (2) S.R.; Pres., Vice-Pres. Future Nurses; Sec. (2), Chaplain Thespians; Cast, Staff (5) Student Director Plays; Civitan Oratorical Contest; State, National Thespian Conventions: State Future Nurses Convention; J.A. Top City Salesman: Poetry Festival. SAMMY CERAVOLO Drill Team; Disc and Diamond Club. MARIA KAY COOLEY National Honor Society; ROTC Sponsor Pres., Vice-Pres., Sec., Session Room Sec., Latin; Treas., Sec., Sr. Y-Teens; Jr. Y-Teens; Promoters, Disc and Diamond Clubs; Bank Board of Directors; Annual Salesman; Shorthand awards: Fashion Show: Certificate of Merit NEDT. SANDRA LEA CORK Banker, Annual Salesman, Session Room; Choir; Glee Club; Chaplain, Sr-Y Teens; Promoters; Shorthand Awards. ANGELA COSTANZO Vice-pres., Sec., Banker (4) Session Room; Tri-Hi-Y; Promoters; Y-Teens; Glee Club Shorthand Awards. WANDA CROWSON Girls’ Athletic Association (2). ALICE JANE DAVIS Vice-pres., Library Club; Library Asst. (6); Home Ec. Club; Shorthand Awards. CAROLYN SUE DICKERSON National Honor Society; Vice-pres., Sr. Y-Teens; Gym Club; Shorthand Awards. JANE ELIZABETH DIXON Thespians; Cast (2), Staff (3) plays. JIMMY HOWELL EASON Vice-pres. Session Room; Pres. Electron Club; National Thespian Society; Chemistry Lab Assistant; Cast (3), Staff (3) Plays; Manager Varsity Basketball. SHEILA JEAN EDWARDS Pres., Sec. Session Room; Vice-pres. Latin, G.A.A. Club; Vice-pres. Instrumentalist; Band Brigadoon Staff and Ensemble.MASSEY’S CAFE ENSLEY GRILL 2023 Avenue E Birmingham 8, Alabama 414 19th Ens 785-9288 Phone 785-9282 Ensley, Ala. Private Dining Room NATIONAL DISCOUNT SYSTEMS CONTINENTAL COMMERCIAL COLLEGE Furniture - Appliances 1724 1st Ave. N James Kelly Birmingham, Ala. Phones 786-6332, 785-8651 PHONE: 324-6167 625 19th St., Ensley GRAYMONT DRUGS DRAPE CARPET DECORATORS 210 Graymont Ave. Birmingham, Ala. 1200 Bessmer Rd. Phone: 323-8743 PHONE: 788-3338 S. H. KRESS CO. FW) SAMPLE SHOE CENTER 405 19th Ens. 5 Points West Birmingham, Ala. PHONE: 788-0472 PHONE: 785-0220January Statistics CHESTER ELLIS JR. Sec. (2), Red Cross Rep., Session Room; Thespian, Latin, Instrumentalist Club; Staff, Cast 5 plays; Band. ROBERT DENNIS ENGLAND Red Cross Rep., Session Room; Sec. Disc and Diamond; Writer's Club; Drill Team; Staff Plays (3). JOHN ROBERT FOX Honor Society Pres., Cabinet; Pres., Session Room; Choir; Pres., Vice-pres. Latin Club; Ushers' Club; LabAss't; Certificate of Merit, NEDT. BARBARA JOAN FREEMAN Sec. Bank Teller; Choir; Sec., Lyric Club; Tri-Hi-Y (3); Promoters (1); Shorthand Certificates. SHARON GAIL FRANCIS President, Vice-pres., Sec., Red Cross Rep., Session Room; Sec., Senior Class; Art Club; Tri-Hi-Y Club; Gold Key Award; Certificate of Merit in Art; NEDT Certificate of Merit; Shorthand Awards. BRENDA DIANE GALLUPS Lyric Club (2); Red Cross Rep., Glee Club; Choir Shows; Choir. VANN GANNA WAY Vice-pres., Session Room; Choir; Boys' Glee Club; Certificate of Merit, NEDT. JAMES THOMAS GREENE Bank Teller; Usher's Club; Language Lab Ass't; Letter, Varsity Track. MICHAEL E. GARRIGAN Vice-pres., Sec., Session Room; Jr. Civitan Club; "B" Team, Varsity Track; "B" Team, Varsity Football. JACK EDWIN GRIFFIS National Honor Society; Cabinet; Cheerleader ’64-'65; Pres., Banker (5) SessionRoom; Vice -pres.,Spanish Club; Treas., Key Club; Certificate of Merit, NEDT. CHARLES LESLIE HALL Vice-pres., Parliamentarian, Art Club; Art Letter; Senior Artist; Senior Invitation Com- mittee; Assistant in Art Department; Gold Key Award in Art; Certificate of Merit, Alabama State Fair; Certificate of Merit, Scholastic Magazine; Certificate of Merit, Jr. Art Asso. LINDA DAVETTE HASKEW National Honor Society; Pres., Sr. Y-Teens; Treasurer, Art Club; Shorthand Awards. EUGENE CLARK HAYES Vice-pres., Sec., Session Room; Vice-pres., Treasurer Electrons Club; Ushers Club; Jr. Civitans Science Dept. Ass't. WILLIAM RUSSELL HENDON Secretary, Session Room; B-Team Football. SALLY LEE HERRING Banker, Se ss ion Room; Annual Salesman; Writers, Library Club; Library Ass't; Library Letter; Choir Letter. WILLIAM TAMAR HOPPER III Band: Pres., Disc and Diamond Club; R.O.T. C. Officer; Lab Ass't; Staff of Play (1). FORNEY EUGENE HOWARD Vice-pres., Student Body; Vice-ChairmanStu-dent Council; Pres. (6), Vice-pres. (1) Session Room; Letter, Varsity Football; B-Team, Varsity Football; B-Team, Varsity Track. JUDITH ANN JEFFERSON Sec. (2), Bank Teller (5) Session Room; Bank Board of Directors (3), D.O. Club; G.A.A. Club; Gym Ass't (3), Girls Intramurals Soft-ball, Volleyball, Basketball. DOR1SE JANET KELLY Sr. Y-Teens (4); I.C.C. Representative. CAROL KENNEDY Red Cross Rep., Y-Teens; Shorthand Awards. JOHN CHARLES KIMBRELL Sec., Session Room; Boys Glee Club, Hi Y Club; Lettered, "B" Team (1), Varsity (2) Football; Lettered, ”B" Team, Varsity Track; Alabama State Fair, Math Project-First Prize. BERNARD SAMUEL LORINO Lettered in : "B" Team, Varsity football; ”B” Team, Varsity track; ”B' team basketball.DRINK BARBER’S MILKJanuary Statistics MIKE HENRY LYNN Student Gov't; Choir. GLORIA DALE MAGERS January Favorite; Sec., Banker, Red Cross Rep. Session Room; Choir; Girls Athletic Association. ROBERT THOMAS McCLENDON Pres., Vice-pres. Session Room; Hi-Y Club; Science Department; B-team, Varsity Football; B-team, Varsity Track; NEDT Test Certificate. BOBBY JEAN MILLER National Honor Society; Bank Teller, Red Cross Rep. (4) Session Room; Clerk, Chaplain, Thespians; Cast, Staff (6) Plays; Science Dept. Ass't (5); Shorthand Awards; Second Prize, Bus. Ed. Alabama State Fair. CHARLES MILLER R.O.T.C. Officer. WANDA SUE MIMS Sec., Session Room (2); Sec., Vice-pres., Reporter, D.E.C.A. Club; Glee Club. THOMAS DEASON MOON Vice-pres., Session Room; Treasurer, Coin Club; Treasurer, Spanish Club (3); Jr. Electron Club; Math Club; Drill Team (R.O.T.C.). DAVID MEIL MORELAND Choir. CAROLYN SUE MORELAND Tri-Hi-Y Club. RONALD GILBERT MUIR Pres. (3) Vice-pres. (1) SessionRoom; Choir; Ensemble; Pres., Vice-pres., Key Club; Chaplain, Ushers Club; "B"-Team Football and Track. WILLIAM O'BRIEN Pres., Vice-pres., Sec., Session Room; B-team Football; NEDT Test Certificate. DONALD RICHARD MORRIS Choir (4). TOMMY MIDDLETON Red Cross Representative, Session Room; Choir. MARY NARRO Banker, Jr. Red Cross Representative Session Room; Writers Club, Jr. Y-Teens, GAA, Library Club, Thespians, Library Assistant, Gym Assistant; Girls' Intramurals-Baseball, Volleyball, Basketball Teams. SHERMAN OVERTON President, Vice-president Session Room; Vice-president, Chaplain, Parliamentarian Instrumentalists Club (3); Choir, Ensemble, Band, All-city Band, Band Letter (2), Clarinet Soloist (6), Staff (1) Musical, Orchestra "Brig-adoon". ROBERT CRAWFORD PARDUE Secretary Session Room; NCO-ROTC. MARION GAYLE PATTERSON Vice-president Session Room; Glee Club; NC DT Certificate of Merit. EMILY LORETTA PAYNE National Honor Society; Latin Club (2), Promoters Club (3), Senior Y-Teens; NEDT Certificate of Merit; Shorthand Awards; Staff (2) Plays; First Prize Business English-Alabama State Fair. FRANKLIN PERRY PENNEY Session Room Banker. MICHAEL PISSANOS DO Club (4); B-Team Football, Varsity Track. KENNETH DANIEL PITTMAN Choir; Key Club, Spanish Club. JOSEPHINE MARIE PITTS Secretary, Jr. Red Cross Representative Session Room; Treasurer Senior Y-Teens; GAA, Gym Assistant, Girls Intramurals-Basketball, Baseball, Volleyball. MARY CATHERINE PORTEOUS Secretary Session Room; Senior Class Musician, Future Nurses Club, Lyric Club, Shorthand Award.“GOLDEN FLAKE POTATO CHIPS” The Noisiest Potato Chips In Town GOLDSTEIN COHEN 404-19th Street 788-3391 Ensley’s Leading Department Store ENSLEY HIGH SCHOOL RINGS and JEWELRY 50 $ DOWN 50 t WEEKLY 'Teenage Accounts Welcome” Headquarters For High School Jewelry iee specials in our windows Buschs Own'l 10 t U lilt (Ittealna to MU rout ochooi tin T »7 tit titiUMt mm « HtMk immtrj In iwtr Mbool ralofttnd •lit trm Mlloo! hum t J tittivjlk , 4Mt ruVr •mlr.ttmt Outturn mtO In , mi •pxtfiraUM Cmmu Ml aw rwi WMti« FRANK CHAMBERS ENGRAVING CO. 805 South 26th St. 322-8701 Birmingham, AlabamaWILLIAM JOHN PORTEOUS, JR. President (2), Secretary (2) Session Room; Spanish Club, Key Club. GARY QUATTLEBAUM Honors at Ensley: Choir. Honors at Another School: President, Vice-president Session Room; Apollo Club; Baseball. MARSHALL DAVIS QUEEN Disc and Diamond, Spanish Clubs, Language Lab. Assistant; Officer ROTC; Color Guard, Honor Guard, Rifle Team; NEDT Certificate of Merit. JULIA ANN REINHARDT Vice-president (2), Jr. Red Cross Representative Session Room; President, Vice-president Future Nurses Club; Intramural Letter. JAMES DENNIS REYNOLDS Vice-president (2), Jr. Red Cross Representative, Annual Salesman Session Room; Vice-president Hi-Y Club; Ushers Club; Civitan Jr. Oratorical Winner; Choir, Band Announcer; Cast and Staff of Plays. REBECCA SUE RICKS Banker (3), Session Room; Tri-Hi-Y, Promoters Clubs; Choir Letter, Ensemble, Secretary Lyric Club. JUDY KATE ROBERTS Secretary Session Room; Secretary, Vice-president Library Club; Library Letter; Library Assistant. CHARLOTTE GAIL ROGERS President, Banker Session Room; NEDT Certificate of Merit; Promoters (2), Sr. Y-Teens, Treasurer (1) Library Club (5); Library Letter; Choir (3), Choir Letter, Ensemble. JOHN DENNY SALTER President Session Room;Secretary Key Club; Choir; B-team Track, Tennis Letter. DIANE SHIRLEY Shorthand Awards (2). CHARLINE DEE SMITH Jr. Red Cross Representative, Annual Salesman Session Room; "Miss March of Dimes '64"; Tri-Hi-Y, Promoters Clubs. DAVID GEORGE STOVES President Session Room. JERRY EDWARD TINGLE B-team, Varsity Football. JAMES EDWARD TOPAZI B-team, Varsity Track. MARY GRACE TORTORICE Volleyball. RICHARD TURNER WADE President, Vice-president (1) Session Room; Hi-Y Club; Lettered B-team, Varsity Football. EDGAR GENE WAGGONER, JR. Vice-president Senior Class; President, Vice-president Session Room; Key (2), Spanish (3), Math (2), Electron Clubs; NEDT Certificate of Merit. CAROL CHRISTINE WALDING Secretary (4); Jr. Red Cross Representative; Secretary, Chaplain Home Economics Club; Fashion Show (3), Two First Prizes Ala. State Fair; Shorthand Awards. JANICE MARIE WAMBLE Secretary, Jr. Red Cross Representative Session Room; Jr.-Y-Teens; Fashion Show. LINDA CAROL WARREN Annual Salesman Session Room; Alabama State Fair Art Certificate of Merit, Scholastic Art Certificate of Merit, Parliamentarian Art Club. HAZEL EILEEN WATKINS Secretary, Banker Session Room; President, Chaplain Home Economics Club, First Place Home Economics Alabama State Fair (2), Fashion Show; Shorthand Awards. RITA WATKINS Secretary Session Room. 261ENSLEY BOWLING LANES 2716 Ave. E., Ensley PENNINGTON-HARRIS REALTY CO. Real Estate and Insurance of All Kinds High schoolers always welcome 1918 Avenue E Ensley, Ala. Phones: 785-5176 - 785-5177 Congratulations Seniors RAINES BROTHERS WESTERN SUPER MARKETS West Birmingham Alabama Phone: FA 3-3413 Birmingham's Finest Independent Markets W. 1. MARTIN DRUG CO. HARRIS and BATES REALTORS 1400 3rd Ave., West Birmingham, Alabama Phone: 785-1131 Rentals - Real Estate Insurance - Mortgage Loans 2108 Ave. E., Ensley Birmingham 8, Ala. SMITH FURNITURE CO., INC. 1915 Ave. E 785-8293 Ensley, Ala. LASSETTER CO., INC. School Supplies 1918 4th Ave. North BirminghamDIANNE EVELYN WILLIAMS Junior Red Cross Representative Session Room; Library Assistant, Library Letter; Shorthand Awards, Science Department Assistant. IV A LOYE WOOD Secretary (4), Banker (5) Session Room; Bank Board of Directors; Vice-president, Treasurer GAA. JUDY ANN WRIGHT Junior Red Cross Representative Session Room; Senior Y-Teens; Shorthand Awards. ANGELA MARIE ZITO Junior Red Cross Representative Session Room; Annual Salesman; Y-Teens; Fashion Show. May Statistics BILLIE JOE ABNER Junior Red Cross Representative Session Room; Ensemble '64-'65. DOROTHY ELAINE ADAMS Spanish Club (4); Fashion Show. ROGER DANNY ADAMS Rifle Team, Disc and Diamond Club. MARY PROVIDENCE ALFANO Intramural Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball Teams; Shorthand Awards. JANELL EILEEN ALLEN Vice-president, Bank Teller Session Room; Latin Club; Staff (2) Plays; Glee Club. JOHN WESLEY ANDERSON President, Vice-president, Secretary, Chaplain Session Room; President Ushers club, Latin Club; Choir (4). WARREN LAWRENCE ANDERSON Vice-president, Bank Teller Session Room; Vice-president Bank Boardof Directors; Coin Club; Cross-country Track. LUCILLE CATHERINE AQUILINO Vice-president DECA Club. MARGARET ANN ATKINSON Junior Red Cross Representative Session Room. JUDY GAIL AUTRY Cheerleader; President, Vice-president (2), Secretary Session Room; May Favorite; President GAA; Vice-president Tri-Hi-Y, Secretary, Historian Promoters, Secretary Future Nurses Club; First Alternate "Miss March of Dimes"; Homecoming Court; Shorthand Awards; Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, Softball Teams; Shorthand Awards; Annual Salesman. PAUL CLINTON BAILEY Honors at Montevallo High School: All-county Junior Team Basketball, All-county "B" Team Basketball; Alternate to Summer Science Institute at Livingston State College; Varsity Basketball; Student Council; Junior Science Club, Math Club; Alabama Junior Academy of Science. Honors at Ensley High School: Varsity Basketball (2). LYNDAL MARIE BALENTINE Junior Red Cross Representative, Bank Teller Session Room; Cast (4) Plays; Band Letter; Instrumentalist Club. JACQUELYN BARCLAY Head Cheerleader '64, Cheerleader '63; First Alternate Homecoming Queen; May Favorite; Cabinet (2); President, Vice-president, Secretary, Banker Session Room; Secretary Bank Boardof Directors; President, Vice-president Tri-Hi-Y (4); Critic Promoters (3); May Court, Inter-Hi Promoters; Lost and Found Chairman; Shorthand Awards. WILLIAM BENFORD BEAN Library Club; ROTC NCO, Disc and Diamond Club. 263 AUSTIN MUSIC COMPANY 1922 4th Avenue North 251-6108 STELL-GENE DRESS SHOPPE 905 40th Street 786-0943 ENSLEY AUTO PARTS COMPANY 2123 Avenue E. Ensley 788-3316 HENSLEE HENDERSON PARK AUTO PARTS 2201 Avenue E. Ensley 785-5429 SECURITY DRUG COMPANY 1825 Avenue E. Ensley 787-2962 SPARKS HARDWARE PAINT COMPANY 110 Avenue U. Pratt City 785-7236 THE IGLOO Five Points West ENSLEY APOTHECARY 1925 Avenue E. Ensley 785-3181 FAIRGROUND SHOE REBUILDERS 3211 B Avenue West Ensley 785-2993 THE CAMERA SHOP 3015 Avenue F. 785-3853 HERRING DRUG STORE 1723 Bessemer Road 787-4606 TAMBLYN DRUG 528 19 Street Ensley 785-5126 COFFEE CUP 3231 Avenue West 788-9348 DAISY BEAUTY SHOP 1915 A-Avenue F. Ensley 785-286 ENSLEY TOBACCO COMPANY 1811 Avenue G. Ensley 788-7347 MELLOWN'S BARBER SHOP 1915 Avenue F. Ensley LINDA MARIE BENNETT Annual Salesman; First Prize in Typing Project. SHERRY EILEEN BENSON Cabinet; President, Banker (2) Session Room; Critic, Treasurer Promoters Club, Secretary French Club; Fashion Show; Ensemble, Choir. MARY JO BICKERSTAFF Y-Teen Club; GAA, Gym Letter, Basketball, Volleyball, Softball Intramurals, Gym Assistant; Shorthand Awards. BARRY LEE BICKNELL Pres ident, Vice-president Session Room; All-state Choir, E ns ley Choir, Ensemble, Student Director Christmas Program; Medal Winner- All-state Band, Orchestra, Ensemble; All-city Band; Ensley Band (8); Instrumentalists Club; Cast "Brigadoon". MARILYN JEAN BISHOP Vice-president, Secretary Session Room; Spanish Club (2); Choir (3), Ensemble, Cast (1) Play; Baseball, Volleyball Intramurals. LOIS ANNETTE BLACK French Club; GAA, Gym Assistant, Volleyball, Softball, Basketball Teams. MICKEY ANN BLEVINS Cheerleader (2); President (2), Secretary Session Room; President Y-Teens, Vice-president National Forensic League, Chaplain, Clerk Thespians, Varsity Debate Team; Staff (3) Plays; Society Editor f,The Yellow Jacket". FRANCES ELIZABETH BLOUNT National Honor Society; Math, Spanish Clubs; Choir; Spanish Medal, First Place in Spanish Contest at Howard College. ALETHA ADKINS BONDS President (3), Vice-president (2), Banker Session Room; Secretary Student Body; Choir, Glee Club; Tri-Hi-Y, Jr. Y-Teen, French, Vice-president, Treasurer Promoters, Disc and Diamond, Clubs; ROTC Sponsor (4), Drill Team Sponsor; Chairman Clubs; Fair Home Economics Exhibit. CAROLYN ANN BORELLA Vice-president Session Room; Secretary, Parliamentarian Library Club, Library Assistant; Glee Club; Y-Teens; Shorthand Award. SANTHIA AGNES BOWES Banker Session Room (4); Red Cross Club (2); Orchestra; All-city Band, Officer (2), Librarian (6) Band (8), Band Letter; Majorette(6), Feature Twirler (2); Officer (2) Instrumentalist Club (4). SANDRA GERTRUDE BOWMAN Secretary, Chaplain Writers Club. MARSHA LEE BRACKNELL Secretary Session Room; President Red Cross Club, President Y-Teens; President Staff May Day '63; Thespians, Representative at National Thespian Convention, Staff Several Plays. HOYT GLENN BRADEN Honors at Minor High School: Biology Club; Football Team. GLORIA JEAN BRANTON President (2), Secretary (2), Banker (2) Session Room; Y-Teen, Tri-Hi-Y Clubs; Choir (4), Shorthand Awards. JAMES LARRY BRASHER Choir (3). LARRY EUGENE BRITTON President, Vice-president, Secretary (2) Session Room; ROTC, Disc and Diamond Club; Varsity Football Team. MARY DIANE BRODIE Vice-president Session Room; Vice-president, Secretary Y-Teens; Staff (6) Plays. ROBERT EARL BRODIE Vice-president, Treasu re r Writers Club; Shorthand Award. MARVIN LEE BROOME Banker Session Room; Ensemble, Choir (4), Choir Letter, President Lyric Club; Language Laboratory Assistant; Annual Assistant. CHARLES RICHARD BROWN President Session Room. 265WHAT’S NEXT? Congratulations on your graduation. You might find a job with a future waiting for you at Southern Bell. Why not give us a call? V SOUTHERN BELL TELEPHONE TELEGRAPH CO.WADE BROWN "B" Team Football, Basketball. LINDA ANNE BRYANT Secretary (3), Session Room; Secretary (2) Future Nurses Club (4), DO, Glee, Disc and Diamond Clubs; ROTC Sponsor. BECKY SUZANNE BURKHALTER President, Vice-president, Banker Session Room; Homecoming Court 64; Vice-president National Forensic League, President Y-Teens, Latin Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Debate Champion '64; NEDT Merit Award; Scholarships to (4) Different Colleges. PATRICIA ARLETTE CACIOPPO Secretary Session Room; Junior Y-Teens, Secretary Senior Y-Teens, Promoters Club; Basketball Intramurals; Shorthand Awards. GLENN JUDSON CALFEE Glee Club, Choir (2); Vice-president, Secretary, Treasurer Coin Club; "B" Team Football (2). MARY MARGARET CALMA Banker, Junior Red Cross Representative, Chaplain Session Room. WANDA FAY CALVERT Band (4). DONNA GAY CANANT Secretary Session Room; Bank Assistant GAA; Glee Club. TAMALA SHARON CAPPS National Honor Society; Secretary Session Room; Bank Assistant; Junior Y-Teens, Latin Club. BARBARA JOYCE CAREY Secretary, Banker Session Room; Tri-Hi-Y; Volleyball, Baseball, Basketball Intramurals. RONNIE CARLIN DO Club. CAROL SUE CARRUBA Secretary Session Room; Latin Club; Choir, Ensemble; Shorthand Awards. PHYLLIS DIANE CASHION Glee Club. ANNIE LAURIE CATER President, Vice-president Session Room; Annual Salesman; Cheerleader (2); Treasurer Y-Teens, Chaplain Hi-Y; President, Chaplain Promoters; Choir, Ensemble; Chairman Sportsmanship. EVELYN JUANITA CAUSEY President, Vice-president, Secretary, Junior Red Cross Representative Ses s ion Room; Senior Y-Teens, Secretary, Treasurer DECA Club. PEGGY LEE CERAVOLO Secretary, Junior Red Cross Representative (2) Session Room; Treasurer Library Club (2), Library Assistant; Library Letter; Spanish Club; Choir Letter, Music Award. OWEN HOWARD CHERRY Banker (3) Session Room; President Lyric Club (3), Ensemble; Coin Club (3), "B" Team, Varsity Basketball. CHARLES RODNEY CLARK Banker Session Room; Coin, Math, Electron Clubs; Staff (5) Plays. JANICE MARIE CLARK Vice-president Session Room; Bank Board of Directors; Y-Teens; Shorthand Award. STEPHEN MAXWELL CLASSEN Spanish, Coin Clubs; Choir, Ensemble; "BM Team, Varsity Basketball, Tennis Team. LINDA ANN CLEVELAND Banke r, Junior Red Cross Representative Session Room; Y-Teen, Tri-Hi-Y, Promoters Clubs; Intramural Sports. ROBERT REID COATS Vice-president Session Room; Annual Salesman, Annual Staff; Band (5); Key, Hi-Y, Junior Civitan Clubs; "BM Team Football, Lettered Varsity Track (4). WANDA JEAN COLEMAN Library Club, Library Assistant; Thespian, Attended State Thespian Convention (2), Cast (10), Staff (5) Plays. 2 67 KEITH CLOTHING BILL WHITEN RAMBLER "Alabama’s Most Complete Western Stock” 2112 Avenue E 786-4351 301-19th St. 788-5154 New and Used Cars HENDERSON MOTOR PARTS 2201 - Avenue E Ensley, Alabama 785-4129 or 785-4120 IB KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN PEYTON A. EUBANK REALTY CO. SIDNEY BRASWELL FURNITURE CO. 2017-C Ave. F. 785-4178 601-19th St. 788-4137 ENSLEY CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH GILMER DRUG CO., INC. 2107-Avenue E Ensley, Alabama 781-2611 or 822-5069 J§o et£ £i e ident 418-19th Street Ensley, Alabama LINDA LEE COOK Y-Teen Club; Choir. NANCY MARIE COOLEY Band; Basketball, Volleyball Teams; Shorthand Awards. DONALD ALLEN COPELAND DO Club. JENNY SUE COTTINGHAM President Session Room; Shorthand Awards. FRED DAINWOOD COVINGTON, JR. Vice-president May class '65; President (2), Secretary Session Room; Key, Junior Civitan Clubs; Lettered "B" Team, Varsity Football (2), Honorable All-city Football Team '64, "B" Team Basketball, Lettered (4) Baseball. LAURA SUSAN CROCKER Bank Board of Directors, Bank Cashier; Tri-Hi-Y Promoters Clubs; GAA. BARBARA JEAN CROSS President, Vice-president, Secretary Session Room; Latin, Promoters Clubs; Treasurer GAA, Girls’ Intramurals; NEDT Merit Award. KATHY LYNNWOOD CROSS Junior Red Cross Representative, Chaplain Session Room; Commentator (1), Fashion Shows (2); Y-Teen, Home Economics Clubs (4); President, Vice-president GAA, Gym Assistant, Gym Letter, Softball, Volleyball, Basketball Intramurals. SANDRA ELLEN CROSS President, Secretary, Banker Session Room; Y-Teen, Tri-Hi-Y, Promoters Clubs; Staff (1) Play. SANDRA JEAN CROTZER Junior Red Cross Representative Session Room; Secretary Junior Achievement; Y-Teen Club; Choir. MARY LINDA CROUCH Glee Club; Home Economics Exhibit at Fair; Choir (2); Annual Salesman. PATRICIA ANN CROWLEY Secretary Session Room; Library Club, Library Assistant, Secretary Home Economics Club, Fashion Show. PATRICIA ANN CRUMP President (3), Secretary, Junior Red Cross Representative Session Room; Cheerleader '63-'64; Secretary DO Club. JOY LEQUINA CURTIS Secretary Session Room; Writers, Art Clubs, Library Assistant. CHARLENE ESTHER COOK Junior Y-Teen Club; Vice-president, Treasurer Art Club; Art Exhibitions. JAMES WALLIS DAILEY President National Honor Society; President, Vice-President, Secretary, Banker of Session Room; President Math Club; Bank Board Directors; Scholarship Chairman; Varsity Football; Football letter. LINDA KAY DALLY Vice-president, Secretary Session Room. RONALD MELTON DANIEL Vice-president Session Room; Usher’s Club; Choir. MICHAEL DAVID DANIELS Writers, Electron Clubs; Journalism Staff; ROTC. FREDDIE LEE DAVENPORT ROTC Officer; Drill Team Letter. DONNA SUE DAVIES Secretary, Red Cross Representative Session Room; Tri-Hi-Y Club; "The Yellow Jacket" Staff; Fashion Show. LINDA ANN DAVIS Choir; Band. MARLENE DEFIBAUGH Vice-president, Banker Session Room; French Club (2), Tri-Hi-Y, Vice-president (2), Secretary Future Nurses Club, "The Yellow Jacket" Staff. 269JEWEL ELIZABETH DEGROAT Vice-president, Secretary, Junior Red Cross Representative Session Room; Typing Award--Fair '64. CAROLE ANN DEMIEGE Banker (2), Junior Red Cross Representative (2) Session Room; Shorthand Awards; Pep Club. RACHEL SUE DESHAZO President Session Room; Vice-president Y-Teens (3); Secretary Thespians (2); Staff, Cast of plays; Attended the Freedom Forum in Arkansas representing Ensley Civitan Club. DOUGLAS WAYNE DICKERSON President May Class '65; May Favorite; Cabinet; President (2), Vice-president Session Room; Vice-president, Treasurer Hi-Y; Junior C i v itan s ; Co-Captain '64 Football Team; All-city Football Team '64; Varsity Letter (3); "B" Team Football; Lettered (2) ”B" Team Basketball; Captain '65 Baseball Team; Lettered (4) Baseball; East-West All-Star Game; NEDT Certificate of Merit. RAYMOND KEITH DOLLAR, JR. Choir (2). HAROLD PLAN DOWNEY President of Session Room; "B" Team Football. ROBERT WAYNE DRISKILL "B" Team Basketball; Lettered Varsity Basketball; Lettered (4) Varsity Baseball. MARGIE LOU DUNN Y-Teens; Softball, Basketball, Volleyball Intramurals. SHIRLEY ANNETTE DUNN Secretary Session Room; Choir; Ensemble; Promoters; Shorthand Awards. ROBERT DUKE DUNKIN President (2), Vice-president (2), Session Room; President, Treasurer Writers Club; Vice-president Disc and Diamond Club; Officer ROTC; Drill Team; Cast (3), Staff (4) Plays; Civitan Oratorical Contest. DONNA SHERYL DUPUY Secretary, Banker Session Room; President Spanish Club; Y-Teens; Ensemble, Choir, Glee Club; Basketball, Baseball, Volleyball Intramurals; Typing Awards in Fair ’64. CLARENCE EUGENE EASTER Banker, Junior Red Cross Representative Session Room; Cast play. LINDA SUE ELLIS Banker Session Room; Choir. BEVERLY FAYE EURTON Vice-president, Secretary (2)Session Room; Cheerleader 64-’65; ROTC Sponsor; Secretary, Chaplain Tri-Hi-Y; Secretary, Treasurer Junior Y-Teen, Disc and Diamond Clubs; Intramural Basketball, Softball Teams; Fashion Show; Staff (1) Play. PAULA FAYE FANCHER Library Club, Library Assistant; Gym Letter, Basketball, Softball, Volleyball Intramurals. SUSAN LYNN FANNING Vice-president, Secretary Session Room; Treasurer Y-Teens; Tri-Hi-Y Club. DORA ANN FARRELL National Thespian Society, Degree of Honor; National Forensic League, Debate, Junior Y-Teens, Eastwood Mall Art Show, Red Cross Art Award, Birmingham Art Award; Staff (1), Cast (3) Plays; NEDT Merit Award. MARGARET ANN FERGUSON Junior Red Cross Representative, Annual Salesman (2) Session Room; Editor, Business Manager "The Jacket"; Copy Editor, Advertising Manager, Bus iness Manager "The Yellow Jacket"; Treasurer Promoters, Tri-Hi-Y (2), Red Cross Club, Y-Teens (4); NEDT Certificate of Merit (2); Howard College Communications Workshop Scholarship. 270PATRICIA MARY FERGUSON Vice-president, PTA Representative Session Room; Spanish Club, Y-Teens, Future Nurses, Promoters, Tri-Hi-Y; Annual Typist; Journalism Convention '64; Fashion Show; Shorthand Awards. CYNTHIA LEE FILES Banker (2), Session Room; Y-Teens (4); Softball, Basketball, Volleyball Intramurals; Choir. DORIS ANN FIELDS Vice-president, Secretary, Treasurer Library Club; Library Assistant (6). KATHRYN ANN FLEMING National Honor Society; President, Secretary Session Room; Latin Club (6), Magna Cum Laude Latin Award; Secretary, Chaplain Math Club (4); Glee Club (3), Choir (3); Annual Salesman. HENRYETTA FLYNN President, Vice-president, Banker Session Room; Y-Teens, Promoters, DO Clubs; May Court, Volleyball, Basketball, Softball Intramurals. RONALD GENE FLYNN Ushers Club; "B" Team Football. PEGGY SUE FRANKS Honors at West End High School: Vice-president, Chaplain Session Room; Future Teachers Club, Honors at Ensley High School: Tri-Hi-Y. WILLIAM THOMAS FRASER Banker Session Room; Ushers Club. JACK AUSTIN FREEMAN Vice-president Session Room; Choir (2); MB" Team Football (2). SANDRA FAYE FREEMAN Pres id ent, Vice-president Writers Club, Future Teachers Club. CHARLOTTE LORENE FRITTS Vice-president Session Room; Y-Teens, Promoters. JESSIE MAE FULLER Banker Session Room; Red Cross Club. LINDA FAYE GABLE President Session Room; PTA Representative; Choir; Band-First Chair Percussionist Ensley Band (7), Librarian (3); All-city Band-First Chair Percussionist; Majorette '64-’65; French, Library, Vice-president Instrumentalist Club. SUSAN LOUISE GAINEY Vice-president Session Room; Vice-president Junior and Senior Y-Teens, Promoters, Choir, Glee Club, Lyric Club; Staff (4) Plays, Cast May Day '64; Poetry Contest; Fashion Show. REBECCA SUZANNE GENRY Vice-president (2), Banker (2), Junior Red Cross Representative (2), Annual Salesman Session Room; Tri-Hi-Y, Promoters; Pep Club, Y-Teens, Fashion Show; Volleyball, Softball, Basketball Intramurals; Shorthand Awards, PTA Representative. LINDA CAROL GEORGE Vice-president Session Room; French Club (7); Shorthand Award; Choir; Ensemble; Band; Annual Salesman. MARIAN GEORGE Vice-president (2) Session Room; Writers Club, Treasurer Art Club; Thespian Critic; Oratorical Contest; Yearbook Artist; Cast (2), Staff (3) Plays. NANCY LYNN GIVENS National Honor Society; President, Banker, Junior Red Cross Representative Session Room; French, Math, Lyric, Promoters Clubs; Chaplain Junior Y-Teens, President Red Cross Club; Choir, Ensemble; Winner FVW Freedom Essay Contest and Trip to New York. PATRICIA ANN GODSEY Home Ec. Club, Fashion Show. ANNIE LAURA GOGGINS Red Cross Representative Session Room. 27 ISHARON LYNNE GOLDSMITH President (2), Secretary Session Room; French, Tri-Hi-Y, Secreta ry Promoters Clubs; Choir. SHERRY ELLEN GRAVES President (2), V i ce - p r e s ident, Banker, Junior Red Cross Representative Session Room; Ensiey Representative Queen of East-West Shrine Baseball Game; President French Club; Choir; Annual Salesman. JOHN CAMERON GUY ROTC Drill, Rifle Team; Disc and Diamond Club. KATHYE ANN GWIN Head Marshal Student Body; Vice-president, Secretary (3) Session Room; Vice-president Junior Y-Teens, Vice-president, Secretary Art Club; NEDT Certificate of Merit; ROTC Sponsor; Club Chairman. JANIS MARIE HAGER President (2), Vice-president (4), Banker (2) Session Room; Tri-Hi-Y, Promoters Clubs, Vice-president Home Economics Club, Fashion Show (2). JOHN WILLIAM HALL Vice-president Session Room; Instrumentalist Club, Band (6); Drill Team. JOHN CECIL HAMPTON Banker Session Room; Choir (3); Ensemble (2); Co-Editor "The Yellow Jacket"; Electron, Spanish Clubs. BARBARA JEAN HANNA Secretary Session Room; Promoters, Glee Club, Tri-Hi-Y; Annual Staff; Band (2); NEDT Certificate of Merit. CHERYL ELAINE HARMON Honors at Phillips High School: Pierian Literary Club Best Freshman Award; Annual Salesman; Treasurer Session Room; Basketball, Captain Volleyball Intramurals. Honors at Ensiey HighSchool: Basketball, Volleyball, Softball Intramurals. JULIA EDWARDS HARRELL Junior Red Cross Representative Session Room; C ha pla i n Red Cross Club; Choir; Junior Y-Teens, Glee Club, Thespians; Cast (1), Staff (1) play; Thespian State Convention. DANNY WAYNE HARRIS Math Club. DAVID CLIVE HARRIS National Honor Society; Science Department Assistant; Math, Latin Clubs; Annual Salesman; Band. STEPHEN THOMAS HARRIS Coin, Latin, Sec retar y Math Club; First Place-Mechanical Drawing Alabama State Fair. GEORGE MARLAND HAYES Vice-president, Banker Session Room; Founder, President, Vice-president, Treasurer Coin Club; Math Club, First Prize State Fair ’62 for Solid Geometry Math Project; Art Club (4), Art Exhibited at Howard College, State Fair (3), Eastwood Mall (2), Junior Art Association; Block Print Chosen for Cover Design of Alabama Art Association’s Bulletin ’64; Varsity Tennis Letter. JAMES WALTON HENSON Math Club. FLOY GENEVA HESTER Senior Y-Teen Club; Art Certificate of Merit; Shorthand Awards. KATHY ANNE HESTER President Y-Teens; ICC Representative French Club. WALLACE KELVIN HITCHCOCK National Honor Society; Best Freshman Award; President, Vice-president, Banker, Chaplain, Session Room; President Latin Club; Latin Award; Math, Ushers Clubs; National Merit Semi-finalist; Representative to Harding College Freedom Forum; Honorary Scholarship to Belhaven; Optimist Club Scholarship Trophy; Recognition by Phi Zeta Honorary Fraternity, Howard Club; University of Alabama, Auburn University. 27 2BEVERLY JEAN HOBBS Pres ident, Secretary (3) Session Room; Tri-Hi-Y, French Clubs; Volleyball, Basket-bail, Softball Intramurals. JANE RUTHERFORD HOLLEY National Honor Society; President, Session Room; Chaplain German Club; Tri-Hi-Y, Promoters Clubs; Glee Club; Staff "The Yellow Jacket". JOHN JOSEPH HOLLOCK Banker Session Room; DO Club (2). AMELIA SUE HOMAR Vice-president, Banker Session Room; Bank Board of Directors (2); Junior Y-Teens (4), Tri-Hi-Y, Pep Club. KERMIT BLAIR HOOKS Industrial Arts Club. GEORGE LAWRENCE HOPE, JR. President Session Room; Chaplain German Club; Key, Library Clubs; Choir; ROTC Officer. LITA MELINDA HORTON President, Banker Session Room; Girls’ State Representative; President Bank Board of Directors; Tri-Hi-Y;Junior Achievement Representative; Pep Club; Shorthand Awards. CAROLYN HOUSTON Honors from Western-Olin; President, Secretary Class 1A; Secretary Girl Scout Club, Patrol Leader Girl Scout Troop; Honorary Member Future Nurses Club; Representative of Ensley District to Partlowe to distribute Christmas Gifts. THOMAS RICHARD HOWARD Band DANNY WAYNE HOWELL Vice-president Session Room; Key Club, Disc and Diamond Club (4); ROTC Officer Honor Guard, Color Guard; Rifle Team. HANNAH LENETTE HOWTON Home Economics Exhibit; Basketball, Soft-ball, Volleyball Intramurals. BARBARA GENEVA HULL Y-Teen Club; Choir; Shorthand Award. DIANE ELIZABETH HUMPHREY Pep Club; Shorthand Award; Fashion Show. LINDA ELAINE HYDE Latin Club (2), Library Assistant; Shorthand Awards; Typing Award. LINDA FRANCES INGRAM Vice-president, Secretary, Jr. Red Cross Representative (2) Session Room; Reporter Red Cross Club (3); Junior Y-Teens; Tri-Hi-Y Club, President, Reporter DECA Club, DECA Sweetheart. MYRNA EILEEN IRVIN Secretary (2), Banker (2), Jr. Red Cross Representative Session Room; Bank Assistant; Softball, Volleyball, Basketball Intramurals, GAA, Pep Club; Shorthand Awards. REBECCA JOAN ISBELL Junior Red Cross Representative Session Room; Junior, Senior Y-Teens; Basketball Intramurals. JOHN CARLTON JACKSON Secretary Session Room; Choir; Baseball (3). ROBERT WILLIAM JACOBS President Student Body; Cabinet; May Favorite; President (2), Banker (2) Session Room; Bank Board of Directors; President French Club; Ushers Club; Lettered (2) Varsity, (1) "B"Team Football, Varsity, "B"Team Track. FRED RUSSELL JOHNSON President, Vice-president, Banker, Jr. Red Cross Representative Session Room; Vice-president Ushers Club; Choir, Ensemble; "B" Team Football. SUE ANN JOHNSON Vice-president (2), Secretary (2), Junior Red Cross Representative Session Room; Glee, Latin, Senior Y-Teen Clubs; Choir, (4); Staff (1) Play. 71WILLIAM PERRY JONES Vice-president Session Room; Vice-president Ushers Club; Choir. SANDRA ANN JONES Glee Club (2), Choir (4), Choir Letter. CHERYL LYNN KENNEDY Tri-Hi-Y, Promoters, German Clubs; Choir (4). SCOTT DOUGLAS KETCHIE Vice-president National Honor Society; Vice-president Student Body; Jefferson County Citizenship Tour; Sportsmanship Chairman; President, Vice-president, Banker Session Room; Homecoming Court ’64; May Court '64; Latin Club, Certificate of Excellence in Latin; Science Department Letter. JAMES HOWARD KING President, Secretary Ushers Club; Chaplain French Club; Projectionist; "B" Team Football. MARGARET ANN KING Banker session Room; Latin Club (4); GAA, Basketball, Volleyball, Softball Intramurals (4); Shorthand Awards. MARYLYN EARLE KIRKLAND Secretary National Honor Society; DAR Citizenship Girl; President (3), Secretary (2), Annual Salesman Session Room; Secretary, Treasurer Latin Club, Junior Classical League, Promoters, Tri-Hi-Y, Head Typist Annual Staff; Gym Assistant; Basketball, Volleyball, Softball Intramurals; Magna Cum Laude Latin Award; NEDT Certificate of Merit; Recognition Auburn University And University of Alabama as an Outstanding Student. PATRICIA ANN KIRKLAND Treasurer (7) Future Nurses Club. SHARON SUE KIRKPATRICK Vice-president Session Room; Vice-president Spanish Club; Tri-Hi-Y Club; Glee Club, Choir; Shorthand Award. MARILYN RUTH KRIEGER Secretary Senior Class May '65; "Miss Jacket" May '65; Homecoming Court; President, Vice-president, Junior Red Cross Representative, Annual Salesman (2) Session Room;Secretary, Treasurer Red Cross Club, Math (2), Spanish (2) Chaplain Promoters (2) Clubs; Cabinet, President Student Council; May Court '63, 64; Cheerleader ’64, ’65; Glee Club, Choir; Invitation to Auburn for "Outstanding Senior Students' " Day. JUDY KAY LACKEY Y-Teens, GAA, Pep Club; Annual Salesman; Basketball, Volleyball, Softball Intramurals. BOB LANIER ROTC NCO, ROTC Officer, Drill Team (6), Drill Team Letter; Spa n i s h and Disc and Diamond Clubs. ELBERT LEON LEAKE, JR. Electron Club, DECA Club. BETTY ROSE LEE Bank Assistant; Glee (2); Lyric Clubs, Choir; Promoters, Tri-Hi-Y, Pep Clubs; Shorthand Awards. KAREN DARCY LEMP Treasurer Latin Club, Promoters Club; Staff (1) Play. ELIZABETH GENE LEWIS French, Promoters Clubs; Glee Club, Choir; Third Place in Mathematics Science Division Alabama State Fair. JUDITH ANN LOKEY Vice-president, Secretary (2) Session Room; President, Treasurer, Chaplain Future Nurses Club, Chaplain Promoters, Spanish, Tri-Hi-Y Clubs; Glee Club, Choir; Fashion Show; Shorthand Awards. GWENDOLYN KAY LOUDIN Soloist, Accompanist Girls'Glee Club, Choir, Ensemble, Lyric Club; Thespians, French Club; Cast (2) Plays; City-wide High School Pianist '61. SHIRLEY JEAN LOVE Spanish Club; Shorthand Award. 274JAMES MICHAEL LOVELADY Vice-president Session Room; Hi-Y Club; "B" Team Football, Basketball; Varsity Football (2). WILLIAM LOWERY President, Vice-president Session Room; "B" Team Basketball. MELINDA JAN McALLISTER Secretary Student Body; President, Vice-president, Secretary, Banker (2), Annual Salesman Session Room; Treasurer, Lyric Club, Historian Promoters, Tri-Hi-Y; Choir, Ensemble; Homecoming Court. CATHERINE GAYLE McANALLY Vice-president Session Room, Vice-president Y-Teens, Pep Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Promoters Clubs; 'The Yellow Jacket"Staff; Intramural Sports; Shorthand Awards. RICHARD MURRAY McCUTCHEON President Sess ion Room; Math Club; Disc and Diamond Club. LANE McDANAL Vice-president, Junior Red Cross Representative Session Room; Industrial Arts Club; "B" Team Football, Track. LINDA FAY McDOWELL Junior Red Cross Representative Session Room; Y-Teens, Chaplain Future Teachers Clubs; Library Assistant; Science Department Assistant; Basketball, Softball Intramurals. JANET GERTRUDE McGEE Secretary National Honor Society; Secretary (3) Session Room; Promoters, French, Math Clubs; Best Freshman Award; Oak Hills Representative at National Freedom Forum at Harding College, Searcy, Arkansas. MARY LINDA MADDOX Secretary Lyric Club; French, Promoters Clubs. CLAUDIA FAYE MARCRUM Secretary, Banker Session Room; Promoters, Tri-Hi-Y, Y-Teen Clubs; Intramural Sports. JANYCE NAN MATTINSON National Honor Society; Vice-president Session Room; Promoters, Tri-Hi-Y Clubs, Chaplain (1) French Club (4), Pep Club. JOYCE ANN MATTINSON Vice-president Session Room; President Promoters (4), Treasurer French Club (3), Disc and Diamond Club, ROTC, Drills Team Sponsor. JO NELL MAYS Library Club, Library Assistant; Chaplain Y-Teens; Softball, Volleyball, Basketball Intramurals; Fashion Show; Shorthand Awards. LOYCE DANNY MEEKS President Student Body; President, Secretary Session Room; Radio Ushers Clubs; "B" Team Football, Track; Varsity Football, Track. TERRY IRENE MERKL Secretary Student Council; President Session Room; Cheerleader;Secretary German Club; Glee Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Chaplain Y-teens; Choir. sandra McMillan Girls Athletic Association (6), Gym Assistant, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball Intramurals. MARY NELL MESSINA Junior Red Cross Representative (3) Session Room; Secretary Red Cross Council; Vice-president Art Club; Tri-Hi-Y, Jr. Y-Teens, Fashion Show; Art Certificate of Merit; Alabama State Fair; First Place Art Award Alabama State Fair; Exhibit in Sidewalk Art Show; Shorthand Awards. JANICE RUTH MICHAEL Vice-president (2) Library Club, Library Assistant (5), Library Letter. LILLIAN KAY MIDDLEBROOKS Vice-president Session Room; Chaplain Y-Teen Club; Girls' Intramurals; Fashion Show. 2»5BARBARA MURIEL MILLER Secretary Spanish Club (2), President (2) Treasurer Future Nurses Club; Tri-Hi-Y; Assistant Advertising Manager, Co-Editor "The Yellow Jacket"; Certificate of Merit NEDT. RIGNEY JACK MILLER Choir (8). CYNTHIA ANN MILLSAP Secretary, Banker Session Room; Choir; Annual Salesman; Tri-Hi-Y, Promoters, Pep Clubs. STEVEN H. MINOR Vice-president, Banker Session Room; Varsity Baseball; Lt. Col. (Batt. Comm.) ROTC. JOHANNA MARIE MIRANDA President (2) Session Room; Choir (4); Tri-Hi-Y Club; Shorthand Award. KENNETH MOMAN Coin Club, Math Club. SHERRY CAMILLE MONK President (2), Vice-president, Banker (2) Session Room; Fashion Show. JOHN WAYNE MOON President, Vice-president, Secretary, Banker Session Room; Coin Club, President Spanish Club, Math Club; NCO ROTC. MILLARD EARL MOON French Club (3); President, Vice-president Disc and Diamond Club; Band ROTC Drill Team (8), Color Guard (2), ROTC Officer, Assistant Instructor, Ensley ROTC Outstanding NCO (4), Best Manual Arms (4), Outstanding ROTC Recruiter. EDWARD EARL MUNN, JR. Bank Teller Session Room; NCO ROTC; Drill Team Letter; Choir. JOY DELL NELSON President, Vice-president, Secretary, Banker Session Room; Tri-Hi-Y, Promoters Clubs; Thespian Convention '62; Represented Ensley at Howard College Forensic Tournament in Poetry Contest; Staff of All Plays. LUCRESIA IRENE NELSON Secretary Session Room; Reporter DO Club; Tri-Hi-Y, Promoters, Y-Teen Clubs; Volleyball, Softball Intramurals, Gym Letter. PATRICIA ANN NEUMANN President, Vice-president, Secretary (3) Session Room. NANCY FRANCES ODOM Choir, Ensemble, Shorthand Awards. BARBARA ANN O'REAR National Junior (3), National Senior (3) Honor Societies; French Club (3), Library Club (3); "The Yellow Jacket" Staff; Library Assistant (2). NANCY RUTH ORR Vice-president, Secretary, Annual Salesman Session Room; Athletic Follies. RICHARD ALLEN PARKER Vice-president, Banker Session Room. ELAINE PARKIN Treasurer Senior Y-Teens; Junior Y-Teen Club. MARY ELIZABETH PATTERSON Vice-president Ses s ion Room; Glee Club, Choir; Fashion Show. NANCY JO PATTERSON President (2), Secretary (3) Session Room; President, Treasurer GAA, Gym Assistant, Gym Letter, Gymnastic Team, Volleyball, BasketbaU, Baseball Intramurals; First Prize in Bookkeeping at State Fair. PATRICIA NELL PEARCE Promoters, Tri-Hi-Y Clubs. PHYLLIS DIANE PERKINS Honors from Cullman High School: Music Appreciation Club, Glee Club. Honors from Ensley High School: National Honor Society; Vice-president, Junior Red Cross Representative Session Room; Spanish, Future Teachers Clubs; Glee Club, Choir; Betty Crocker Homemakers Award. 276PHYLLIS GAYLE PICKETT President DO Club; Y-Teen Club. MARY JO PERRY Shorthand Award; GAA; Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball Intramurals. JO AN PHILLIPS Junior Red Cross Representative, Banker Session Room; Bank Board of Directors; Bank Worker; Pep Club; Basketball, Baseball, Volleyball Intramurals. JOHN EDWARD PHILLIPS Banker Session Room; Lettered Varsity Track, Lettered Varsity Cross-Country; Annual Salesman. TERRY EARL PHILLIPS Glee Club; German Club; Choir. LINDA GAIL PICKENS Junior Red Cross Representative (2) Session Room; Tri-Hi-Y (2), Future Nurses, Spanish Clubs; Library Assistant; Intramural Letters. JO ANN POWELL President Home Economics Club, Junior Y-Teens (4), Senior Y-Teens (4), I.C.C. Representative Senior Y-Teens; Pep Club, Basketball, Baseball, Basketball Intramurals; Shorthand Award. THOMAS DWIGHT PRICE President (2), Vice-president (2) Session Room; Varsity Baseball (3), Letters (2), Varsity Basketball (2), Letters (2). RICHARD EARL PROFFITT President Session Room; Bank Board of Directors; Art, Hi-Y Clubs. JIMMIE NELL PURVIS Secretary (2) Session Room; Fashion Shows; Shorthand Awards. CHARLES JEFFREY RAY Instrumentalist Club; Band Of f icer, Band Letter (3), All-city Band. WILLIAM ERNEST RAGLAND Hi-Y Club; Manager Football Team (4), Baseball Team (3). CHARLES REED President Session Room; Art, Electron, Writers Clubs; Sports Editor, Circulation Manager, Assistant Editor "The Yellow Jacket"; Outstanding Achievement in NEDT Test (2).. JOHN CROWELL REESE Math Club. CATHY ANN REEVE National Honor Society; Award for Excellence in Latin; Promoters (4), Tri-Hi-Y (4), Latin (2) Clubs; Certificate of Merit NEDT; Glee Club, Choir; Language Department Assistant; Annual Salesman (2); Staff (1) Play. ROY SANDERS REYNOLDS President, Vice-president, Banker Session Room; President, Vice-president Coin Club; Math, Ushers Clubs; Ensemble, Choir; Lettered Varsity Tennis. HOWARD MICHAEL RICHARDS Chemistry Laboratory Assistant. GARRY RICKARD P res ident. Vice-president, Banker, Red Cross Representative Session Room; Choir, Ensemble, Secretary Lyric Club; Winner Civitan Oratorical Contest for Western District, Representative in City-wide Civitan Contest; Won Trip to Attend Freedom Forum, Searcy, Arkansas. BILLY ROBERTS DO Club. RONALD A. ROBINETTE Math, Coin Clubs; Bank Assistant (4); Ensemble (4); "B" Team Football, Manager Varsity Basketball. ALVIN GENE ROTHE Secretary, Banker Session Room; Bank Board of Directors; Math Club. JOSEPH SANTORO President (4), Vice-president, Secretary Session Room; Math, Spanish Clubs; Science Assistant. 2 77LINDA GAIL SCOGIN THOMAS CLARK SMITH Head Marshal Student Body; President, Vice-president (2), Banker, Annual Salesman, Junior Red Cross Representative Session Room; ’64 Homecoming Court; Math (2), Promoters (2), Spanish Clubs; Salesman ’’The Yellow Jacket"; Fashion Show; Fair Home Economics Exhibit. JOHN CLINTON SEXTON Vice-president Session Room; Latin Club, Language Laboratory Assistant. JACK LAWRENCE SHEWMAKE Banker (2) Session Room; Spanish Club (6); "B" Team Football. JAMES DONALD SHOEMAKER National Honor Society; President, Critic Thespians; Winner Harvard Book Award; Cast, Staff (5) Plays. LINDA ANN SHOEMAKER President, Vice-president, Secretary, Junior Red Cross Representative S e s s i o n Room; Spanish Club. TOMMY HULON SIMS Banker (3) Session Room; Coin Club; Choir: 'B" Team Basketball, V a r s i ty Basketball Letter, Varsity Tennis Letters (2). STEPHEN RILEY SISSON Vice-president Honor Society ; Vice-president (2), Secretary Session Room; President Math Club. JOHN EDWIN SKINNER Electron (4), President (1) Instrumentalist (4) Clubs; Band (6), Drum Major (2), Cast "Brigadoon". REBECCA SMALLEY National Honor Society; Secretary National Forensic League, Second Place Negative Debate Team at Clarksville, Tennessee; Latin, Biology Clubs; Chemistry Stock Room Assistant; Commentator (1) FashionShow (3). JERRY WAYNE SMITH President, Banker Session Room; President, Secretary Library Club, Secretary Disc and Diamond Club, Math, Coin Clubs. President Session Room; Key, Library, Industrial Arts Clubs; Language Laboratory, Library Assistants. JAMES BURRELL STAGG Vice-president, Junior Red Cross Representative Session Room; Secretary Coin Club (6), Key Club. GENOVEVA STANO Vice-president Home Economics Club (5); Y-Teens; "The Yellow Jacket" Staff. DANNY EARL STEARNS Vice-president, Junior Red Cross Representative, Annual Salesman Session Room; Biology, Junior Electron Clubs; Marching, Concert Bands; Band Letter; ROTC NCO, ROTC Drill, Rifle Teams; "B" Team Football. EDWIN LAWRENCE STEPHENSON, JR. Instrumentalist Club Officer, Band Officer; Biology, Radio Clubs. SANDRA JANE STEWART National Honor Society; Vice-president (2), Annual Salesman (2) Session Room; Vice-president Promoters and French Clubs; Choir; Biology Stock Room. SHARON LEE STEWART Junior Red Cross Representative (2) Session Room; Junior Y-Teen Club. PENELOPE LOUISE STOLK Glee Club, Choir; Band; Future Nurses; Library Clubs, Library Assistant. BONNIE SUE STREET National Honor Society; Vice-president, Secretary, Banker Session Room; Y-Teens; Certificate of Merit NEDT; Shorthand Awards. ROSELYN ANN STRICKLIN National Honor Society; Secretary (2), Junior Red Cross Representative Sess ion Room; President Spanish Club; Library Assistant. JOY PATRICIA SULLIVAN Vice-president Se ss ion Room; Ensemble, Choir; Shorthand Awards.CHARLES ANDREW TOMBRELLO President Session Room, Hi-Y, Lyric Clubs; Choir; "B"Team Football, Track, Basketball; Football, Basketball, Track Letters. ROBERT MICHAEL TERRY German Club; Rifle Team. BETTY JEAN THOMPSON Library, Y-Teen Clubs; Vice-president DO Club; Library Assistant. ARCHER HE IDT THORPE, JR. Disc and Diamond Club; Drill Team. LARRY WAYNE TINDALL Varsity, Cross-country Track Letters; "BM Team Track. PETER ANDREW TOLLY Banker (2) Session Room; Latin (3), Chaplain Ushers (3), Math (2) Clubs; Recognition by Auburn and Alabama; NEDT Certificate of Merit. SHARON WILLENE TOWLES Secretary, Annual Salesman Session Room; Thespian Critic; Treasurer National Forensic League, NFL Degree of Honor; Cast (2), Staff (3) Plays. FRANK JOSEPH TRAFFICA Vice-president (2), Junior Red Cross Representative Sess ion Room; Historian DEC A Club. SHIRLEY FRANCES TRAMMELL Library Club; Library As s i stan t; Sr. Y-Teens; Choir; Shorthand Awards. NANCY ANN TRAPOLINO President, Vice-president, Red Cross Representative, Banker Sess ion Room; Spanish Club, Bank Assistant; Shorthand Awards. DONALD GRADY TURNER Lettered on ROTC Rifle Team; First Place Mechanical Drawing Alabama State Fair; Vice-president Math Club. ACYENITH BELEITA VINSON Banker Session Room; Gym Assistant (4), Gym Letter. HARVEY L. WAGNER Band; Varsity Football. DOROTHY ANN WAITS Vice-president (2), Banker Session Room; Shorthand Awards. JAN WALKER Vice-president Session Room; Y-Teens; Choir; Spanish Club, Promoters; Bank Assistant. GEORGIA DIANE WALL President, Vice-president, Secretary (2), Annual Salesman Session Room; President, Secretary Junior Y-Teens; French, Promoters, Tri-Hi-Y Clubs; Choir; Softball In-tramurals. JANICE MARIE WALTERS National Honor Society; Representative to National Honor Society Convention; Vice-president Session Room; Vice-president French Club, Promoters, Junior and Senior Y-teen Clubs; Lyric Club, Ensemble, Choir Letter. LARRY WAYNE WATTS President, Banker Session Room; Electron Club, Science Project Class (2); Baseball Team (3). JOHN THOMAS WEAVER Vice-president (3) Session Room; Hi-Y Club; "B Team Football. SANDRA JEAN WEBB Vice-president, Secretary Session Room; Promoters, Tri-Hi-Y Clubs. LANI MARCIA WELCH Alternate Cheerleader ’63-64, Cheerleader '64-65; Homecoming Queen; Miss Fire Prevention; May Favorite; President, Vice-president, Secretary, Annual Salesman Session Room; Y-Teen, Promoters. Tri-Hi-Y Clubs; ROTC Sponsor, Disc and Diamond Club; May Court; Home Economics Exhibit. AARON LINDSEY WELLS, JR. Latin Industrial Arts, Radio Clubs. 279WANDA WILSON WELLS National Honor Society; Vice-president, Red Cross Representative Session Room; National Forensic League; Latin, Junior and Senior Y-Teen, Tri-Hi-Y Clubs ; Staff (1) Play; Language Lab. Asst.; Ala. State Champion Debate Team ’64, Debate Scholarships to University of Ala., Howard College, Birmingham-Southern College, George Washington University, Ripon College, Wisconsin. CHERYL KATHLEEN WHIDBY Secretary Session Room; Gym Intramurals. JOHN W. WHIDDON Vice-president Session Room; Choir, DO, Pep Clubs; "B” Team Track, Football. ELAINE JOYCE WHITFIELD Jr. Y-Teen, Latin, Math, Promoters Clubs. MILDRED WYNELLE WHITLEY Banker Session Room; Sec. Future Nurses, Treas. GAA; Softball intramurals. in Poetry-Ensley Tournament, Finalist -Howard College; Ushers Club; Book Store Mgr.; Ala. State Fair Prizes (2); Boys' State Delegate; Recognized as an Outstanding Student by Auburn. FRANCES ANN WILLIAMS Junior Red Cross, Pep Clubs. ANNA WILLIAMS DO Club. JACK RANDALL WILLIAMS Chaplain Math Club; Drill Team (2); Cast (1) Play. MARY JACK WILLIAMS Red Cross Representative Session; Chaplain Red Cross Club, Vice-pres. Future Nurses Club, Vice-pres. of Sales in Jr. Achievement Companies (2), Delegate to Natl. Jr. Achievement Companies (1 of 16 from 1300); Cast (1) Play. DAVID HOWARD WILBORN Vice-pres., Banker Session Room; Chaplain, Treas. Natl. Forensic League; Pres. Vice-pres. Thespians, Best Actor, Best Character Actor, Staff (1), Cast (5) Plays, Asst. Student Director "Brigadoon", Omicron Delta, Cast May Day; B'ham News Oratorical County Finalist, Winner Civitan, Optimist Internatl., American Legion Oratoricals, Third Place TED EUGENE WOLFE "B" Team, Varsity Basketball. BARBARA SUE YEAGER Red Cross Representative (2), Asst. Banker, Annual Salesman Se s s i o n Room; Pres. (1) Future Teachers (2), Writers Clubs, Library Asst. (6), Library Letter; Shorthand Awards. Farewell Party given for Mr. Posey TOP LEFT-The three principals with whom Mr. Posey worked. TOP RIGHT-Mr. Pennington presents gifts from the Faculty and Staff. BOTTOM ROW-Mr. and Mrs. Posey express their appreciation.Braswell Furniture Company 1811-Avenue F. Ensley WESTERN DECORATING COMPANY 785-1051 Jax Seed Hardware Company 922-4th Avenue West 2019-Avenue E Ensley 788-2426 3253738 7855229 DAY NIGHT J.C. Penney Company Five Points West Shopping City 786-5238 Five Points West Barber Shop KIVB ITS. WEST SHOPPING CITY 3215-Avenue W. West BIRMINGHAM. AI.A. 252-9781 Most Students Prefer BROWNELL PONTIAC 2900 - Avenue E MAGIC CLEANERS INC. "Makes Clothes Beautiful" ENSLEY 615-8th Ave. West 781-2671 Phone - 785-4181 For Unconditionally Traditionals DELOACH TIRE SERVICE Shop .... Recaps-Repairs 788-5122 Avenue F 18th Street VARSITY SHOP Ensley, Alabama 400-19th St., EnsleyWHEELER BUSINESS COLLEGE Specialized School For Business Training Accounting Subjects Taught By Certified Public Accountants Diploma Courses In: Junior Secretarial Executive Secretarial Junior Accounting Clerical Automation Business Administration Bookkeeping and Office Machines Graduate Instructors Tuition Payable Monthly Established in 1888 FREE PLACEMENT SERVICE FREE REFRESHER COURSES 1736 FIRST AVENUE NORTH TELEPHONE 322-1661 Girl, learn, fun, friends - all go better refreshed. Coca-Cola, never loo sweet. gives that special zing... refreshes best. things 20 better,. .-with Coke •••• ■IS! if ’ SiiS Siii ! iii: fill if

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