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Seasons Roll . and with each day come the knowledge and dreams which will guide our lives in the future years. Every season, every time issues its own particular emotions, activities, characteristics. We grow as we learn. Memories of these seasons are etched on our hearts to bring in years to come warm surges of emotions as we think of the years gone by. In an effort to capture the moods of these seasons, the Senior Class . . .Presents the Nineteen Hundred and Sixty-two JA CKET ENSLEY HIGH SCHOOL Birmingham, A labama Editor: Grace Pritchett Business Manager: Nick SantoroThe Ebb and LifeatEnsley. . . a carousel of varied moods. The times of joy. . . hope. . . excitement. . . anxiety. The companionship, the solitude, the spirit. The ups and downs of the revolving seasons. September issues forththe friendly hi’s and gay hello’s of students as they fill the halls to overflowing. Busy teachers with too much to do and too little time. . . the strained expressions on registration day. Jubilant shouts when schedules work. . . frowns and almost tears when classes and teachers are all wrong. The tired boys drag home from the park after a hard workout by the coaches. New freshmen buy ’’elevator tickets to the fourth floor.” New subjects, new classmates, new teachers. . . and old friendships burning with a stronger, brighter flame. The first wisps of fall’s chilling breezes and drenching rains bring forth bright shades of oranges, greens, and browns to lighten the dull halls. Cheering crowds lead the Jackets to vie-low of changing moods tory in three consecutive games ... not even ebbing at a 6-0 defeat by the powerful Tigers. At last the supposedly indestructible "Woodlawn Jinx" is broken and a funeral held to commemorate the remains. September fades into October with whirling, twirling dancing of multi-colored leaves. As November nears, skirts and sweaters appear and the anxious anticipation of the long awaited hayride with that Special someone. Goblins and ghosts of the younger set only distantly affect our routine but still call forth long forgotten memories. The tension mounts with each passing day as the Thanksgiving Holiday and that most important game creep near ... the turkey, the pie, the gaiety, the laughter, and plenty of Alka-Seltzers for the morning after. Old Jack Frost is here to stay . . . bulky coats leave little room for books in all ready overcrowded lockers . . . boys with new sweaters begin to hold their own in the parade of fashion . . . Christmas shopping for that one and only poses problems and excitement . . . parties, parties, parties . . . the two weeks pass with a-mazing swiftness. New Year’s resolutions are made only to be broken in the next moment. Students reluctantly re-enter the halls of Ensley to prepare for the semester exams. The new semester is much like the old, except basketball takes the spotlight . . . the speech department rehearses the spring play . . . the band concentrates on concerts and shows instead of marching and precision drills. Students remember last year’s "Big Freeze" and wish for another as a diversion from the tedious routine of everyday school work . . . Plans to complete. Dreams to fulfill. Hope mingles with frustration, chaos, : despair, restlessness. And the pulse beat of activity moves steadily. Spring . . . unbelievably sudden. The sun- j drenched school-yard beckons . . . windows are ij thrown open . . . spirits escape. There is so little L time ... so many things to do. Loyalties stand L divided . . . What to choose? Quick backward I glances to patterns that were but are no more . . . J1 long, measured glances to patterns that lie ahead, p Then June. Terminus. Seniors say their last [' good-byes . . . underclassmen move forward . . . joy and sadness blur together. The last of the multishifting scenes falls into place. Patterns have blended, shifted, changed . . . but are not lost. They are captured forever in our hearts and minds.the joy ... the excitement. . . JOY: happiness that bubbles over ... the coveted invitation to pledge a club . . . the breath-held moment at Honor Society assembly, then the tap on the shoulder ... a day when warm winds bring summer thoughts ... the thrill of a job well done . . . lighthearted freedom of a Friday afternoon. . . GAIETY: joy that is voiced in a happy exchange of insults and wise-cracks . . . lunch time jokes and carefree laughter . . . parties . . . that enchanted moment of a dance. . . EXCITEMENT: the suspenseful silence before a successful field goal against Ramsey on homecoming night . . . a cheering response as the team charges onto the field . . . day-bright floodlights . . .the worn turf . . . the smell of victory. . .endless waiting for a holiday . . . opening of a fall play . . . backstage jitters, stagefright, then the thrill of audience response ... the tense expectancy of elections . . .the gaiety . . . the anxiety . . . the hope ANXIETY: atied up score ... "Come on, Jackets!” . . . exams to pass . . . physics that won't work . . . apprehensions ... the dreadful momen t before report cards . . . the half-fearful, half-hopeful waiting for scholarship announcements . . . themes that refuse to come . . .deadline time . . . HOPE: dreams to be fulfilled . . . nominations . . . "Will it be me?" . . . papers returned . . . "Did I pass?" . . . trips to other schools . . . "Maybe I'll be next." ... the anticipation of sophomores who will be juniors . . . the juniors who will be seniors ... the freshmen who will have "rats" below them . . . and for the seniors, fulfillment of dreams . . . attainment . . .the companionship . . . the solitude . . . COMPANIONSHIP: the crowd . . . the exuberant feeling of belonging ... a walk between classes . . . a good-natured shove . . . good-natured banter .. . a smile . . . the friendly hi's . . . working together . . . playing together ... a promise . . . "See you at the game!” . . . shared moments cf joy and sadness . . . jostling crowds in the halls . . . the Frostop after games ... a pizza to top a perfect date . . .the spirit. . . SOLITUDE: the late-afternoon loneliness of silent classrooms and empty halls . . . deep shadows playing across the park ... a moment of quiet, strange yet friendly ... a time to reflect . . . SPIRIT: black and gold shakeroo's . . . 8:00 a.m. pep rallies. . . hoarse cheers . . . "La-de-da, those Jackets are the best!" . . . Sportsmanship Day . . . fight songs . . . baby Jackets fighting hard to maintain a similar record of their big brothers . . . new cheers . . . cowbells . . . basketball players working to perfect their aim . . . the "goofy show" by the band . . . homecoming parade ... the beautiful new queen . . . proud seniors with new class rings loving the envying looks of underclassmen . . . but more, too . . . love for the school . . . service . . . respect for others . . . honor . . .The warm satisfaction of a job well done . . . the close relationship of students and teacher working togather . . . rich overtones of the band inspire deep thoughts . . . unusual silence pre-vades the halls after the 3:00 bell . . . Mr. Posey carefully locks our doors as the evening draws toa close . . . the responsibility of helping publish the newspaper or annual . . . theinnerglow from making someone else happy . . . the beauty of our stately walls, especially during the fail and spring . . . these and so many more moods . . . this is Ensley. enchants the heartsof Ensley High through the seasons.Dedication It has been said that a man's wealth is measured not in the abundance of things which he possessed, but by the unselfish good he does for his fellow man. If this is true, then one such man, Colwell Posey, must have a treasure of gold. No one man has done more for Ensley and its students down through the years than has Mr. Posey. In his own humble and quiet way, he has held out his hand to help young people. Ensley and its individual students have probably never had a better friend. And so to you, Coach Posey, Ensley's most loyal friend, we dedicate these pages.Table of Academics..............................14 Administration.....................16 Senior Class.......................22 Junior Class.......................55 Sophomore Class....................64 Freshman Class.....................76 Activities.............................88 Homecoming.........................90 Favorites..........................92 Student Government.................98 •'Jacket" Staff...................100 Service to Departments.............102 Band...............................104 Cheerleaders.......................107 Clubs..............................108 Contents Athletics...............................130 Football............................132 Basketball..........................138 Track...............................141 Baseball............................142 Advertisements..........................144 TO OUR SPONSOR, MRS. ELIZABETH ROGERS: He re we caught you unawa re. One rare moment when you had nothing to do. It's a blessing for us that you were endowed with patience or the staff would have been massacred the first week. You put up with our noisy antics, our hard-headed whims, our moments of disgust, and our con-tinous mistakes. You said it was our book and that you we re here to advise not to dictate; but we found that we needed more advice than we liked to admit. Thanks for being an understanding. warm-hearted friend. The StaffACADEMICS Respect for learning . . appreciation for the past. . . anticipation for the future . . . new vistas of understanding.MR. ROBERT L. PENNINGTON Adviser to Boys MRS. AMELIA G. DUNCAN Guidance Counselor MISS DOROTHY B. HORTENSTINE Student Government-Latin MR. ALBERT G. CANZONERI Marshal8-Athletics-History MRS. ROSS IE R. JOHNSTON Registrar MRS. MARGARET V.BONNER Assistant Registrar MISS CAROL J. WALLACE Assistant Registrar MRS. KATHERINE S. CARROLL Journallsm-English For us, the future leaders. 16MR. CLAUDE E. McLAIN Principal MISS KATHRYN GREEN English MRS. ROSA WARREN BLACKWELL Mathematics MISS JUANITA WALDEN History MISS MARY FRANCES TURNER Commercial MR. ERSKINE VANDEGRIFT Industrial Arts MISS ELIZABETH McNUTT Music Appreciation MISS KATE WHITFIELD Home Economics MISS FRANCES SEAY Librarian MR. SIMPSON PEPPER Athletics MISS FLORENCE PASS Speech MR. C. E. McLAIN they persisted in their purpose . . . Green Blackwell Walden Turner Vandegrift McNutt Whitfield Seay Pepper PassMRS. MARY F. CASTLEBERRY English MISS VIVIEN B. CUMMINGS English MISS RUBY D. DOYLE English MRS. BARBARA L. KIRK English-French MRS. AZOLINE W. LARGE English MRS. PAULINE H. LEWIS English MRS. LILLIE ARD MORRIS English MRS. LILLIAN C. REID English-Latin MRS. PAULINE L. CAMPBELL Math MRS. VIRGINIA G. CURL EE Math MR. C. PHILIP ENGLISH Math-Science-Athletics MISS MARY H. HARRIS Math to teach us to study . . . Magnuson Terry Till Sloan Wesson Barry Rogers Tamblyn Trachey Whiting Black Gunter Mansfield-Jones McArhtur Thomas Bolton Turner IvyTo acquaint us with Knowledge . . . Lewis Harris Castleberry Cummings Doyle Kirk Large Morris Reid Campbell Curlee English Gibbons Nicholas England Reeve Selman Holman MRS. LYDA M. MAGNUSON Math MR. HENRY I. TERRY Math MISS MARY TILL Math MISS MARY E. SLOAN Math MRS. CAROLE K. WESSON Math MISS GLADYS BARRY History MISS MARY A. GIBBONS History-Speech MR. GORDON C. NICHOLAS History MRS. ELIZABETH R. ROGERS History-THE JACKET MRS. NELL TAMBLYN History MRS. PATRICIA A. TRACHEY History MR. HUBERT L. WHITING History MRS. MILDRED BLACK Commercial MRS. LORA W. GUNTER Commercial MRS. DOROTHY D. ENGLAND Commercial MRS. IRENE S. REEVE Commerc ial MRS. LUDIE MANS FIELD-JONES Commercial MR.C.T. McARTHUR Machine Shop-Math MR. GEORGE THOMAS Mechanical Drawing MRS. JADE H. BOLTON Diversified Education MR. MORRIS W. TURNER Diversified Occupation MR. HOMER R. IVY Band MISS ELIZABETH SELMAN Music MRS. SANDRA S. HOLMAN Home Economics 19Miles Gilbert Hanes Hardin Flynn Reed Smith Bass Dupuy Hunt McBee Ponder MISS NAN ELIZABETH MILES MISS JULIA A. HUNT Assistant Librarian Science Scott Staples Hamilton Pace Miss Mabel Rowley, Girls' Advisor is always busy at work. MR. HERBERT B. HANES Athletics -History-Law MRS. RUTH I. SMITH Girls' Physical Education MISS HELEN BASS Art MR. JAMES S. DUPUY Junior Science MR. BELLY G. FLYNN Science MRS. ESTHER J. GILBERT Science MRS. RUBY H. HARDIN Science MRS.CHARLOTTE M. McBEE Science MRS. RE BA C. PONDER Science MISS RUTH L. REED Science MR. JOSEPH L. SCOTT Sc ience -Language MR. A. D. STAPLES Science MISS MARGARET Y. HAMILTON Spanish MISS VIRGINIA PACE SpanishClasses Many happy hours are spent at Ensley High School. Some are spent studying and working, but some are passed talking with friends. We learn through study, work, and application. Lunch-time provides an opportunity for talking over the morning’s events and planning later activities with friends. Each year new friendships are made, and each year old friendships fade into the background. Some classmates move out of town, and some leave to go to college or to work at jobs. Two classes must leave dear Ensley each year, but the students depart with happy memories and many treasured friendships. Truly high school years are times to be cherished! John Gable, George Stewart, Gary Cook, John Atkins, and Raymond Rhinehart are announced by Coach Mac as Merit Scholarship semifinalists. Jim Otto, Claudia Shook, and Jane Keeiger serve as president, vice-president, and secretary of the January Class. They’re here at last! II Seniors are gone. 21January Seniors ALFRED WAYNE ALEXANDER JOYCE ANNE ALEXANDER EARL HARVEY ARCHER III NANCY LEE BARRETT Most Likely to Succeed, Nancy Barrett, Byron Best JACK DAVID BROWN SYLVIA JANE BISHOP LARRY VANKLEY CHANDLER BRUCE DAVID BYRD WILMA JEAN BRACKIN' JOY ANN CALLAWAY KENNETH EARL BUMPERS ANDREW JACKSON CHASTEEN JR.CAROL JOYCE BERTHON DAVID REGIS BESSIERE BYRON GLADUS BEST LINDA JOYCE BEYL have collection of good characteristics. KENT NYLES BURCHFIELD AUDREY JANE CLARK Byron, if you shoot me from that tree, I'll swing up to knock you down 23WILLIAM BORDEN DAY LARRY MICHAEL DOUGLAS CHARLES ROBERT DOWNING | JAMES HARRIS DUDLEY Jackie Elrod and David Bessiere Now David, we can't both fit in that boat! JERRY ELIJAH GARNER JOHN EROL HALE 2«NANCY SUE DUKE JACKIE CAROL ELROD MYRA RUTH FERGUSON DONALD EUGENE FRANKLIN share Friendliest smiles with all. DAVID EDISON GEORGE ALICE IRENE HAMMELL ANTOINETTE CAMILLE GRAFFEO BARBARA ANN HEATON SAMUEL THOMAS GIBBONS JEFFREY ARNOLD HARRISON HUBERT WILSON GREEN JR. JAMES RAYMOND HENSLEY 25Best Dressed, Joyce A lexander, Lloyd Setlifj GWENDOLYN JOYCE LANDERS BOBBY ANN LANGLEY PAULINE DIANE LINDSEY JOSEPH ANTHONY LORINO NORMA ELIZABETH HILL PAULA DELL JONES SHARON ELIZABETH HOLMES PEGGY JOYCE KIRKLAND DOUGLAS LYNN HOLLAND ROBERT LYNN HUBBERT JOHN DAVID KELLY WILLIAM STEPHEN KNIGHTBoy! this girl has big feet!!! JOHN HOUSTON JAMES JR. RAMONA JANE KRIEGER have good taste, good sense in fashions. PAULA JEANETTE LOVELESS PATRICIA ANN LAVOY PATRICIA ARLENE McCANN BILLIE JOYCE McQUEENDo you mean that’s all you do all day? SHIRLEY ANN McRAE FRANCES JOSEPHINE NIX Seniors vote Paula Jones, Eddie George BERNARD ROBERT PUCC-JO JACK ANTHONY RAIA GLEN CLEVELAND ROBERTS JR. KENNETH RILEY SCARBOROUGHJUDY LEE MARONA JUDITH KAY OAKS PATRICIA ANN MEEK JAMES JOSEPH OTTO THOMAS DALE MIZE JANET ELAINE PICKETT JAMES CECIL NAFTEL BRENDA GAYLE PRATER as their choice of Most Courteous. LLOYD SETLIFF GEORGE LEE SMITH LARRY EUGENE CLAUDIA GERTRUDE SHOOK SINGUEFIELDPeggy Kirkland exhibits skill as Senior WILLIAM HAROLD WEEKS CONSTANCE ADEL VOWELL MARGARET ANNE WALDROP JAMES WILLIAM WILSON ERNIE JANE WILLIAMS HELEN MARIE WILLIAMS BEVERLY JANE WHITFIELD SUSAN TRUE WILSON MARY LOUISE STEADHAM ELSIE FAYE STEELE JUDY LYNN STRINGER CELESTE KAY TANNERjerrv Wayne Townsend Lawrence Wayne Tucker Kay Frances Beavers 7 Summer School Diana Sue Campbell Summer School Artist. Graduation is the golden reward.May Seniors JUDY CAROLYN ABBOT JERRY WAYNE ABNER DAVID JOSEPH ADAIR WILLIAM ROBERT ADKINS As leaders, scholars, Elaine Mosley and CAROLYN ANDERSON JOHNNY ELBERTON AUSBUN Charles, you know If we blow up the chemistry lab again Mrs. Ponder will kill us.JUDY MARIE ALEXANDER MARGARET ANN ALLREDGE SANDRA RAYE ALLISON SHIRLEY ANN ALSABROOK Charles Spradling win Most Likely to Succeed. KATHRYN ANNETTE ARNOLD THOMAS MILBURN BAILEY EMILY NEAL ARTHUR NELSON EDDY BALLEW HENRY JERRY ASKEW LARRY DUDLEY BARNETT JOHN KNIGHT ATKINS BARBARA JEANE BATESPAULA JANE BATES LARRY DALE BOWMAN FRED ALLEN BLEVINS MARY FAITH BOBO CAROL JEAN BOTTSFORD THOMAS LAMAR BOWMAN ELIZABETH SALLY BRAGAN JOAN ANN BRASFIELD Poised, charming Jane Bates, Tommy Norton MARION LEE BROWN ELBERT JACKSON RICHARD LYELL BURCH THOMAS ALLEN BURCH ; BUCKELEW JR. ■Don't act as if that's the only break you'll have today. JOHN LESTER BOWLIN SALLY MARION BRASWELL capture title of Best Dressed Seniors. JOHN PALMER BYRD MARY ANN CALLOWAY CHARLES CLIFFORD CAMPBELL KAY CAROL CAMPBELL 35LESTER WAYNE CANTRELL MARY JOYCE CHERRY Chosen Most Courteous by popular vote FREEMAN EARL COOPER WILLIAM NELSON COOPER MARJORIE COUCH LARRY PAUL COX 36is Friendly couple, Janice Tucker and George Stewart. CAMELLIA ANN CARRA LINDA COLLINS JUDY LORRAINE CAPPS JOHN WESLEY CLARK MARY JO DARABARIS MARY HAZEL CARRINGTON ELBERT GARY COOK JR. WALTER HUGH DALLY JAMES EGBERT DANIEL JR. WILLIAM LAMAR DANIEL CHARLES MICHAEL CHANCEY MARTHA LUCINDA COOKDAVID EUGENE DAVIDSON WILLIAM MARSHAL FAYLENN DAVIS DAVIDSON WILLIAM MONROE DAWSON, JR. The easy-going naturalness of Kenneth Smith and NANCY DOLLAR DON W. DRASHEFF LINDA ANN DuLANEY ELIZABETH DIANE EDDY ANGES ELIZABETH FERGUSON FRANCES MELINDA FERGUSON VERA ANN FORTENBERRY RETHA SUE FRANKLIN 38CYNTHIA LOU DEASON NANCY KAY DENSON CECILIA DEFIBAUGH JANET DARLENE DICKERSON Mildred Snead won them the title of Friendliest. MARY LESTER ELLIS RACHAEL ANN FRAZIER Now that we're Friendliest, we'd better act friendly.PATRICIA GAIL FULLER JOHN WESLEY GABLE SHARON ANNE GALLANT JERRELL WAYNE GARRETT Senior Artist, Grace Pritchett, paints for JERILYN ELIZABETH GURGANUS LINDA ANN HARDINANITA LOUISE GOLDSMITH MARY DIANE GRASS TERRY SUE GRAY PATRICIA ANN GUGILOTTA pleasure. Shirley Alsahrook is chosen HELEN MARIE HALL SONNY MORGAN HALL MARY EDNA HARGETT KENNETH MURRAY HARRISON ZADIE ANN HAMBY SARA LEE HASSELL MYRA GAIL HAMMOCK BETTY RUTH HAYES SAMMY SKINNER HEIDE HAL LAMAR HOLSTON WANDA CLOIS HILL TERRY ANN HOOTEN RAYMOND LEE HIGGINGBOTHAM PAULETTE ANN HOOPER SHIRLEY DIANE HITT JAMES FRANKLIN HOUTS Miss Fire Prevention for City of Birmingham. JAMES MILLER INGLE PAUL ALLEN JERLES CAROL JOHNSON DAVID JAMES JOHNSONShirley's pleasing personality and charming ways won her not only the title of Miss Fire Prevention, but also Secretary of the Student body. For her respect for others, love for country, devotion to school Elaine was chosen as D. A. R. Citizenship Girl. DAVID ALAN HOLLOCK MICHAEL ANN HOWELL Elaine Mosley named D. A. R. Citizenship Girl. JERALD ROSS KENT KAY WAYNE KENDRICK SUSAN MARK LANEY PAUL DENTON LANKFORT 43While introducing the fall play, "Seventeenth Summer", Jon and Kenneth put on a stunt for the Student body. JOHN JACK LATHAM JIMMIE PAULETTE LOVETT Jon and Kenneth Smith pose as head NORMA SHERILYN MAIN EUGENE WARD MARTIN TERRY FRANKLIN MARTIN JOHN CHARLES MEADOWSMARILYN GAIL LAUN DAVID MICHAEL McCLAIN DORIS LOUISE LEO SHIRLEY FAYE McGAUGHY ROBERT CLAYTON LIGHTSEY KAREN JEAN McQUILLAN PAMELA BAYNE LOFTIN GLENN RICHARD MAIN Cheerleader and Miss Jacket for 1961-62. NORMAN MESSINA BILLY WAYNE MIZE JOSEPH NERNARD MONZELLA NANCY LEIGH MOORELUTHEREE GILMORE CURTIS EUGENE MORRISON ETHEL ELAIN MOSLEY ROBERT HERRING MUIR, JR. MORENO Senior boys greet Mr. Dupuy on Halloween MARTHA FRANCIS OGLESBY BETTY MARIE PHILLIPS CHESTER LEON PARKER CHARLES SEAY PHILLIPS LOUIS ALLEN PARKER WILLIAM BENSON PHILLIPS WANDRA KAY PARKER MARY FRANCES PRINCECHARLES MULHOLLAND WILLIAM EUGENE MURPHEY PHILIP NARRO THOMAS MARK NORTON with a home-carved bust of himself. KAY CHARLENE PEARCE GRACE HINES PRITCHETT This bust of Mr. Dupuy shows not only his features, but also his university number. 475 i GERALD EUGENE RAWLINGS ROBERT COOPER RAY EUGENIA ANN REAGAN MARCUS HAROLD RUSSELL Kay Pearce and Charles Spradling add to the Uh-oh! Too much rum at the Honor Society banquet. RAYMOND MILLER REINHART JOY MARIE SHAWMELINDA MAMIE REYNOLDS ANTONIO RODRIQUEZ, JR. DONALD LEWIS ROME TERRY WAYNE RUSHING fun and enjoyment of the Honor Society Banquet. NICK JOSEPH SANTORO RONALD CLAY SHEFFIELD SANDRA FAYE SCOTT MARIE SICOLA HILTON DWIGHT SATTERWRIGHT, JR. WILLIAM AMOS SHORT PETER MICHOLAS SFAKIANOS CAROL ANN SIMS 49DONALD TRICE SIMS MILDRED ELAINE SNEAD HARRY DON SMITH CHARLES SORRELL PERRY JON SMITH CAROLYN RAE SPANN KENNETH EDWIN SMITH CHARLES GAITHER SPRADLING, JR. Nick Santoro tells Santa (Charles Spradling) wha NANCY FAYE STEPHENS GEORGE RAY STEWART DORRIS JANET STINSON WAYNE GIFFITH STREET JANE CORTEZ SMITHERMAN Wel1' Sanla» see that cute little girl over there. . . LOUIS JOHN STANO, JR. he wants for Christmas at the Honor Society initiation. SANDRA KAY SUDDETH JANET MARIE TAYLOR RAYMOND EARL THOMAS MARY SUE THOMPSON"I'm sorry I dropped the film!" MARTHA ANN TILLERY MARY ELLEN VAUGHN After hard day of shooting. Gary Cook CHARLES HILTON WALKER MARY SALLY WALKER ROBERT E. WALKER WILLIAM DOBBS WALTONMARY MARGARET TOOMER CHARLES McCAIN TUGGLE JUDY GALE VINES JANE DIANE WAITES JANICE ELAINE TUCKER RICHARD SHELTON VANDIVER LOUISE KAY WAGGONER DOUGLAS RAY WALDING plays with extra film and ponders, “why”? DENNIS WILLIAM WARREN KENDALL MOORE WEAVER SHARON JOYCE WEBB ROBERT EUGENE WEIR JR.CYNTHIA JANE WILCOX WILLIAM THOMAS WILSON JEROME WILLIAMS SHARON MARNELIA WYATT ROBERT LEE WILLIAMS HERMAN COSBY YARBROUGH, .JR. SUSAN GAIL WILSON LINDA JOYCE YATES Look for the lens, not at the lens! Junior RICHARD T. ALOIAJunior Class Juniors experience Stuart Adams Jane Atkins Judy Aldridge Vita Aquillno David Armentrout Anne Armlstead Donald Arnett Jerry Arnett Edith Arthur Caroline Asaro James Atkins Bobby Baker Sherry Baker Edwin Lee Balentine Rebecca Bates Linda Beavers Wayne Blackerly Lorenzo Blankenship Jan Blanks Norma Carol Blevins Alan Blomeley Bill Bole Shirley Bonds Tommy Borland Shirley Bousack Frances Bracknell Myra Bradford Bill Braswell Ronny Britton Jane Burchfield Freddy Burnett Kenneth Bush Elizabeth Cagle Jacquline Campbell James CampsJanet Carey Thomas Carey Bill Carney Jimmy Carr Rosemary Carroll Rosalie Carruba Bobby Chandler Jim Cherry Jimmy Clark Jimmy Coan Vicki Coggins Joan Cole Richard Collier Johnny Cook Charles Cooper Jerry Cooper Randy Cooper Mosteller Cost Ronnie Crowe Betty Culver A1 Cumbie Andrea Curl Katherine Davis Ann Dawson Jimmy Day Dorothy Dempsey Gail Dennis Jerry Denny Neal DePiano Janice De Vore Joyce Dc Vore Don Domiano Joe Domnanovich Lee Doss Gale Duke year of excitement, all-important 56decisions . . . National Merit Exam, Leland Dunn Rhonda Dunn Eddie Early Linda Elledge Charlene Elliot Susan Elliot Del Enslen Eddie Erwin Bill Etheredge Jackie Evans Janice Fanning Matilda Ferino Linda Fikes Mary Fleet Carol Floyd Fred Foster Delores Freeman Roberta Freeman Alfred Frietas Charles Frye Brenda Gaither Ed Gardner Carol Garner Johnny Garrison Linda Garrison Eloise George Luanne Gibson Theresa Gilbreath Richard Gilmer Hugh Gould Cindy Graves Bob Grigsby Richard Groenendyke Gail Guinn James HaleyJohnye Hamby Ginger Hammond Patricia Hancock Raymond Hardin Shirley Harrell James Harris Barbara Harrison Daniel Haynes Linda Hill Vicki Hill Sharon Hobbs Jane Holliman Gloria Hooten Jeffrey Hopping Sue Hopping James House Toni Hubbert Joyce Hudspeth Jimmy Hughes Sharon Hurllman John Hutto Brenda Jetton Billy Johns Carolyn Johnston Lester Jones Karen Kelly Mary Louise Kneisley Gloria Knowles Louise Lackey Bobby Land Dorothy Lankford Sherrill Larimer Martin La Russa Bob Latham Steve Leatherwood first College Board Tests . . . 5dRonnie Merrill wins Science Award. . . Alfonso Leo Joe Lively Joe Lomoro Brenda Long Bobby Love Tom Me Bee Brenda McCain Sherry McConkey Joan McCutcheon Linda McCutcheon Wayne McDanal Danny McDevitt Katie McDill Marie McDonald Linda McFarland Arlin McGriff Marlin McGriff Phillip McKinnon Pete McKenzie Everett McKnight Jimmy McQueen Bunnie McWillie Gale Magers Carl Mann Joyce Marshall Jerry Martin Janine Maxon Lonnie Maxwell Ronnie Merrill Jimmy Metcalf Roy Mewborn Carmen Milazzo Ann Miller Henry Miller Karen MillerAnn Armistead is tapped 60 Ann Prescott James Prince Judy Propst Donna Pruett Sandra Rankin Jane Mitchell Shirley Mitchell Mickey Moman Doug Moore Lynn Morris Floyd Morrison Johnny Morrow Pat Murrah Bobby Naitel Carolyn Neugent Mike Newton Dona Nichols Nolan Nix Maurice Norris Barbara Northlngton Lois O’Brian Paul Oechsle Barbara On-Johnny Osborn Deanna Owen Susan Owens Betty Parker Willie Parker Peggy Pate Gene Pearson Wayne Pender Mike Pilley Kay Pointer Blanche Powell Peggy Powellfor National Honor Society in sixth Kelly Reynolds Gerry Rhenby Joel Roberts Barbara Roberson Helen Robertson Johnny Rogers Authur Rutledge Ernest Rowell Raymond Ruple Maxie Samuel Dorothy Sanford Andrea Sandlin Diane Sansing Larry Scherer Wanda Scherer Anoree Self Wayne Shoemaker Vivian Shook Sue Shumate Jackie Silver Richard Simpson Johnny Smalley Billy Smith Glois Smith Helen Smith Jack Smith James Smith June Smith Lois Smith Sherry Smith Steve Smith Beverly Smitherman Diane Smitherman Ruth Sneed Mary Helen SnyderWesley Sorrell Frances South Carl Sparks Betty Speegle Joe Spota Pat Spradltng Dorothy Stagg Joe Stamba Rhoda Stanford Sharon Strevel George Stritikus James Stuart Houston Suit Eileen Sullivan Sue Sutter Myra Sue Taylor Donna Thomason Cynthia Thompson Lana Tinsley Jimmy Tombrello Jerry Topazi Charles Traffica Judy Trammell Mary Louise Treece Dick Tubb Glenn Turner Sharon Wadsworth Byron Waldrop Jackie Waites Scott Wall Dianne Wallace Vickie Wallace Dian WaLker Leilani Warren Stella Mae Watts semester . . . Juniors look at seniors with 62envy and can hardly believe it's their turn next. Carl Weaks Patricia Weekly Patricia Wellborne Martha White Pam Wilborn Johnny Wilder Martha Williams Clyde Wills Gale Wilson Myrl Wise Micheal Wix Mack Wood Larry Woodall Ronnie Woodard Nancy Worrell Kenneth Wray Ronnie Wright Jenny York Donald Young Richard Zales Wix Teaches Cross Country Team to Run.Sophomore Class Andrea Abernathy Bob Acton Carol Adams Ann Adair Yvonne Akers Alice Aldridge Wayne Aldridge Jan Alexander Doris Allen Janis Allen Elizabeth Alphin Dona Anderson Tommy Anderson Lucille Aquilino Rose Marie Aquilino A t last they begin to feel important Rosemary Aquilino Tommy Armstrong Linda Ashcraft Linda Askew Larry Aycock Robert Aycock Bill Bacon Donna Banks Ronny Banks Curtis Barrett Louise Bates Sharon Beane Bill Beauchamp Richard Beck Jean Bell Joel Benson Brenda Benton Angelan Berry Judy Bice Betty Bishopfor the first time Stan Moss, Peggy Black Johnny Blakely Jerry Blankenship Clifton Blankley Dorothy Blevins Bobby Bole Sharon Bonner Neil Bonnett James Borland Linda Bounds Hazel Bowden Robert Bowden Gary Bowers Joanne Bowlin Peggy Bowman Janice Boyd Judy Boyd Richard Bradshaw James Brake!ieId Ann Braswell Alice Bridges Glenda Brock Janice Brown Richard Brown Lamar Brownlow Bill Burch Sharon Burns Kenny Butler Charles Bush Jack Byrd Mary Colma Diane Campbell Cosmo Campisi Bill Canfield Vera Cantrell Jimmy Carlin Linda Carlisle Dale Carpenter Charles Carpri Celeste CarrollJoyce Carroll Paul Carroll Norman Carruba Linda Cash Phillip Cashion Betty Janice Caudle Wayne Causey Joanne Ceravalo Pat Cernigllo Betty Chapman Richard Childress Frances Cicero Brenda Clark Brenda Cobb Becky Coggins Tommy Collier Tommy Connell Herbert Cook Leonard Corbett Missie Corn Buddy Coston Nancy Couch Virginia Craig Phillip Craven James Crimm Don Crossett Wallace Crutchfield Fred Culp Roy Custred Suzanne Dally Bobby Daniel Bill Darden Bunny Davis Jane Davis Ann Deaton Larry Deaton Donna Deffebash Lowell Detamore Mary Jo Di Chiaro Richard Dillard Doug Sewell shine on the grid iron . . .Jane Dixon Johnny Dollar Linda Drake Patricia Drew Mary Lou Drummond William Dunnam Rebecca Duty Rufus Duvall Carol Easterling Barbara Echols Elaine Edgar Bill Ellis Eugene Ellis Carol Elrod Michael Erhart Dick Richardson experiments with chromatography . . Barbara Erickson Allen Farr Martha Fikes John Findlay Sandra Flenniken Celia Frlcke Milton Fritts Barbara Gardner Clyde Gardner Richard Gardner Sharon Garmon Donald Garner Sandra Garner Harry Gibb Henry Gibb Floyd Gilliland Cliff Gillies Rose Givens Kenneth Gleaton Diane Glenn 67Linda Glover Barbara Goggans Judy Goggans Carol Golden Jerry Goode Bonita Gonzales Terry Graham Wayne Graham Martha Graves Mike Greene Wayne Gunter Carole Gurley Carolyn Gurley Marilyn Gurley Joyce Guthrie Becky Duty assists “Jacket Staff ’ and Cabinet. . . Pat Hall Robert Hall Jimmy Harbuck Charles Hardcastle Donald Hardin Joseph Harding Margie Hargett Ann Hargrave Larry Hargrave Rhys Harris Mary Harrison Sara Hart John Haskill John Haynes Donna Haywood Jerry Hearn Don Hemphill Dudley Hemphill Donnie Herring Sally HerringJulius Caesar becomes a familiar “friend” . Marilyn Hethcoal Peggy Hewes Michael Higgins Kathy Hildreth Ricky Hilley Vicki Hinds Dawn Hogan Wanda Holliday Kerry Hooks Steve House Ann Howard Priscilla Hubbard Geoffrey Huddleston Cherryl Huey Eddie Hughes Barbara Hull Jerry Hullett Carolyn Humphrey Tommie Ann Hutto Alice Jackson Harry Jackson Jack Jackson Jackie Jackson Raymond James Robert James Johnny Jenkins Cecil Johns Joyce Johns Judith Johnson Linda Johnston Barbara Jones Karen Sue Jones Phil Jones Enda Junkins Jack Kelly John Kemp Carol Kennedy Wayne Kennedy Janice Kim be 11 Bill KingSandra King Vernon Kreider Ed Lancaster Vicki Lanier Robert Lankiort Barbara Lauen Darlene Lawrence Betty Lawson Eva Neil Lawson Fred Lee Janice Lewis Nancy Lewis George Lindahl Cynthia Little Larry Little Joyce Long Bernard Lorlno Butch Lovoy Billy Lowery Terry Lowery David McBrayer Janice McBride Danny McCaskill Susan McClanahan Mike McClendon Mickey McCormick Bill McCrary Paulette McDaniel Johnny McDevttt Judy McUwain Denise McLellan Shelia McKnight Marsha McQuillan Tim MacMurdo Gloria Magers Bill Main Charlotte Mann James Marks Martha Marks Linda Martin Karen Jones, Ann Walkley exhibit outstandingPhillip Martin Wayne Martin Sandra Matthews Alice May Barbara Mays Gail Mewbourne Linda Kay Michael Peggy Middlebrooks .Jones Miller Marilyn Miller Mary Miller Sharon Money Charlotte Montgomery Barbara Moore Brenda Moore ability while working on the annual staff. . . Linda Moore Lynda Moore Tommie Moore Kathy Moreno Ronnie Morrison Winston Morrlss Nonny Morrow Joyce Mosley Stan Moss Marilyn Murphee Mary Jo Musulman Anita Myers Bettie Sue Myers Louise Nally Mary Narro Carol Nemeth Murry Newlin Mike Newson Mike Nichols Bill Odom 71Bill Omstead Ronnie Orso Richard Orton Tim Orton Betty Owen Pat Owen Sandra Owen Ralph Ozley Ernest Parker Judy Parker Shirley Parker Leigh Parrish Jerry Patterson Charles Pearce Mario Pilliteri Triangles and perpendicular lines deal Sophomores Jerry Porter Collins Powell Gerry Prater Jackie Prater Billy Price Audrey Ann Prude Alice Pruitt William Ragland Johnny Rasberry Lucy Ray Mike Ray Noel Ray Pat Ray Charlotte Reach Ray Reece Richard Reed Bobby Reid Conrad Renfro Jimmy Reynolds Donna Rhodesfits . . . Biology students look at itsy-bitsy- Jimmy Rhodes Lamar Rice Dick Richardson John Ridley Jeanelle Riggins Mary Ann Rinaldi Judy Riser James Roberts Kay Roberts Sandra Robinson Jimmy Rolen Ronnie Romano Pam Rot he Lynda Roy Lowell Rushing Joe Russell Robert Russell Rickey Rutledge Pat Salter Dlan Sargent Russell Scarvey Bethany Scott Bill Screws Nellie Sellers Carolyn Setliff Sue Shaddlx Cathy Shaffer Jerry Sheffield Jimmy Shepard Gloria Sheperd David Sherman Diane Shirley Wayne Shirley David Shobe Cleta Shook Nancy Shumate Frank Sims Carol Slsslon David Smith Reuben SmithLloyd South Mary Sparks Mildred Sparks Wayne Sparks Marlene Stabile Susan Stacey Edward Stallings Don Stanford Genevieve Stano Marie Stano Charlotte Stewart Jimmy Stewart Quentin Stillwagon Jean Storey Toula Stritikus Marvin Stringfellow Ronnie Stroud Jamie Stuart Linda Suddeth Doug Suell Roy Swatzell Pat Taylor Eddie Terch Linda Terch George Terry Dauid Thomas Dennis Thomas Mary Jane Thomas Diane Thomason James Thompson Suzanne Thompson Pat Thorn Elizabeth Tidwell Mike Tingle Linda Tinny Mary Tortorice Robert Towry Dennis Tremelling Ted Tremble Joyce Tucker teeny-weeny-yellow-poka-dot amoebas.Lynn Tucker Ricky Turk Gary Tyler Antonio Vetrano Wayne Vincent Ollie Vowell Johnny Voytanosky Eugene Waits Anne Walker Donna Walker Linda Walker Vivian Wralker Wade Walker Ann Walkley Barbara Wall Linda Walsh Patsy Walton Johnny Warnick Hampton Warren Suzanne Wasley Wynelle Weaver Janis Webb Dari Welch Ruth Wesson Elaine Wheeler James Wheeler John Whiddon Diane White Louise White Sharon Whiting Carol Williams Gail Williams Glenda Williams Jody Williams Tommy Willis Charles Wilson Kay Winslett Eric Wint Wanda Wood Jeanie Woods Sherrill Worthington Becky Yother Angela ZitoFreda Abbot Billy Jo Abner Dorothy Adams Roger Adams Carolyn Akins Mike Alexander Robert Alexander Mary A If a no Warren Anderson Jeanelle Allen John Allen Paul Allen Tim Alley Joyce Ammons Glenn Anderson Larry Anderson John Anderson Vincent Aquilino Terry Arnett Jack Ashcraft Diane Asro Dale Aston Judy Autry Frank Aycock Barabara Bailey Janice Bailey Joyce Bilker Lynda 1 Balentine Rebecca Ballew Jackie Barclay Bill Barden Kenneth Barker Howard Barksdale Johnny Barnes George Barnhart Freshmen gain new knowledge, experience, maturity; Jimmy Barr Tommy Barr Jane Bates Jimmy Bates Craig Battles Bill Bean Larry Bearden Leslie Be a chan Linda Bennett Betty Beason Eileen Benson Jane Berry Mary Blckerstaff Barry Bickncll Marilyn Bishop Lois Black Tommy Blakie Mickie Blevins Sandra Bobo Tommy Bole Aletha Bonds Carolyn Bonello Marilyn Bononia Santhta Bowes Sandra Bowman Marcia Bracknell Gloria Branton Larry Bracher Elaine Braswell Larry BrittonBobby Brodie Diane Brodie Marvin Broome Bonnie Brown Linda Bryant Danny Bryers Bill Buffington James Butler Larry Bumpers Patricia Burch Joe Burgess Becky Burkhalter Melvin Burns John Burt ram Robert Byrd Glenn Calfee Sherry Callahan Tommy Callaway Wanda Calvert Eddie Campbell Jon Campbell Brenda Camps Donna Canant Tamala Capps Joyce Carey Ronnie Carlin Josephine Carruba Margaret Cash Rita Jane Cash Phyllis Cashion Kenneth Cater Laurie Cater Juanita Causy J. C. Ceravalo Josephine Ceravalo studies, extra-curricular activities round first year at E. H. S. Peggy Ceravalo Sammy Ceravalo Myra Chambers Vicki Chaney Barbara Chapman Owen Cherry Janice Clark Juanita Clark Rodney Clark Steve Classen Janet Clements Linda Cleveland Martha Cline Rob Coats Janice Colburn Jean Coleman David Collier Donna Connaway Judy Conley Donald Copeland Ronald Copeland Charlene Cook Linda Cook Sybil Cook Floyd Cooley Kay Cooley Nancy Cooley Robert Cooley Sandra Cork Richard CorneliusAngela Costansa Danny Covington Charlotte Cox Patricia Cox Janice Crafton Chandler Crawford Susan Crocker Allen Crooks Barbara Cross Kathy Cross Sandra Cross Sandra Crotzer Linda Crouch Kenneth Crow Jimmy Crow Patricia Crowley Patricia Crump Elizabeth Cunningham Joy Curtis James Dailey Linda Dally Kathryn Daniel Ronnie Daniel Michael Daniels Fredie Lee Davenport Bobby Davidson Alice Davis Jerry Ann Davis Pat Davis Linda Davis Sue Davis Rick Day Warren Deitz Marlene Definbaugh Elizabeth De Groat Bill McCrary, Judy Riser chosen Best Freshmen Carole Ann De Miege Robert Dene hie Rodney Dennis Pat Denton Pat De Santis Rachel Sue De Shuzo David De Vore Carolyn Dickerson Wayne Dickerson Patsy Dillashaw Vlvan Dimon Nancy Dismuke Bill Dockery Billy Dollar Raymond Dollar Weyman Dorsett Susan Dottley Mitchell Douglas Alan Downey Jeannie Diasheff Wayne Drlskill Barbara Duckett Robert Dunkin Larry Dunn Margie Dunn Shirley Dunn Sheryl Dupuy Jimmy Eason Clarence Easter Sheila EdwardsJanice Elam Gaines Elenburg Paul Elenburg Allen Elliot Charlene Ellis Chester Ellis Elaine Ellis Linda Ellis Robert England Arnold English Donald English Jimmy English Ronald English Robert Esco Beverly Eurton Eugene Evans Paula Fancher Susan Fanning Billy Farmer Dora Ann Farrell Johnnie Fayet Linda Fenn Margaret Ferguson Patricia Ferguson Ann Fields Glenda Fikes Cynthia Files Kathryn Fleming Henrietta Flynn Ronald Flynn Mary Foshie John Robert Fox Sharon Francis Tommy Fraser Jack Freeman for May 1961 . . . Freshmen enrollment largest ever . . . Joan Freeman Sandy Freeman William Frlcke Charlotte Fritts Charlotte Frost Frank Fulghan Grant Fussell Linda Gable Lou Jean Gaines Susan Gainey Diane Gallups Kenneth Gannaway Vann Gannaway Diane Gant Larry Garner Michael Ganntgan Becky Genry Linda George ■i Marian George Paul Glardina Sandra Giardlna Richard Gibson Mike Gilliam Harry Gilmore Lynn Givens Gary Glaze Crockett Godbey Patty Godsey Annie Laurie Goggins Lynn GoldsmithJohnny Gonzales Barbara Gooden Jane Goodwin Mary Ann Goodwin Billy Graham Robert Graves Sherry Graves Clifton Gray Jimmy Green Sandra Greene Jack Griffis Elaine Gulas Bill Gulley Cameron Guy Kathy Gw in Janis Hager Mitch Haiger Charles Hall Eloise Hall John Hall Ronnie Hames John Hamilton Maude Hamilton Virginia Hamilton Shirley Hammett Jo Helen Hammock Wanda Hand Mike Hardin Roy Hankins Barbara Hanna Don Hardin Linda Hardin Linda Harper Judy Harrell Danny Harris They spend the first year finding their way around. . David Harris Lunette Harris Steve Harris Carl Harrison Mary Harrison Ricky Harvell Linda Haskew Don Hatcher Eugene Hayes George Hayes Louise Hayes Gloria Heatherly Peggy Hendon Russell Hendon Jimmy Hendricks Jim Henson Joyce Henson Floy Hester Kathie Hester Margo Hester Leo Hicks Rainie Hicks Julia Hill Barbara Hitchcock Kelvin Hitchcock Beverly Hobbs Garry Holcombe David Holland Terry Hollingsworth John HollockSue Homar Carolyn Honea Ben Hooks Bobby Hooper George Hope Billy Hopper Jackie Hornsby Johnny Horton Ricky Horton Earl Houston Bill Howard Forney Howard Sarah Howard Thomas Howard Danny Howell Lanette Howton Dian Humphrey Linda Hyde Linda Ingram Elaine Ireland Eileen Irvin Becky Isbell Earl Jackson James Jackson Johnny Jackson Stanley Jackson Robert Jacobs Jimmy Jarrard Judy Jefferson Larry Jefferson Jesalyn Jendrusiak David Johnson Frank Johnson Fred Johnson Mac Johnson getting used to being the youngest Mariellen Johnson Philip Johnson Sue Johnson Ann Jones Benny Jones Frank Juliano Paul Junkins Rita Kassaw Janet Kelly Cheryl Kennedy Michael Kennedy Scott Ketchle Mike Key Johnny Kimbrel Clara King Howard King James King Peggy King Reba King Marylyn Kirkland Patricia Kirkland Sharon Kirkpatrick Mike Kopp Marilyn Kreiger Anthony Kushner Joe Kushner Judy Lackey Judy Lakey Billy Lambert Billy LandJimmy Langdon Myron Langdon Bob Lanier Barbara Lasseter Alec Lawson Eileen Lawson Bert Leako Betty Rose Lee Carlis Lee De Wayne Lee Karen Lemp Stan Leo Gene Lewis James Littlejohn Larry Lively Tim Lomoro Charles Long Glenn Looney Gwen Loudin Shirley Love Mike Lovelady Henry Lovoy Ignatius Lovoy Jimmy Lovoy Vickie Lowe Vernon Lowery Dixie Lucas Judy Lynch Bobby Lynn Diane Lynn Emma Jean Lynn Mike Lynn Gayle McAnally Jan McAllister Julia McClerry again . . . being a part of the “Jackets ” . . . Tommy McClendon Jeff McCool Richard McCutcheon Lane McDanal Linda McDonald Trudy McGee Glenn McGriff Loraine McKinley Sandra McMillan George McQueen Joe McQueen Dian McWharter Linda Maddox Jessie Mae Janis Magro Mane Magro David Mann Claudia Marcrum Bobby Marlin Janice Marlin Anthony Marino Rose Ann Marino Larry Mason Jan Mattinson Joy Mattinson Ronnie Maxwell Jo Nell Mays Janice Meadows Danny Meeks David MeltonJohnny Merchant Terry Merkie Mary Nell Messina Janice Michael Kay Middlebrook Barbara Miller Donald Miller Jean Miller Ricky Miller Ronald Miller Cindy Millsaps Opal Mims Thomas Mims Wanda Mims Stephen Minor Linda Mmnossi Patricia Mitchell Kenny Moman John Wayne Moon John Whitfield Moon Millard Moon Tommy Moon Charlene Moore Kathie Moore Sandra Moore Johana Moranda David Morland Sue Morland Ronnie Muir Steve Muir Eddie Munn Maxine Murphy Johnny Myers Olcn Myers Eddie Neal making new friends . studying “As You Like It”.. . Joy Nelson Lucricia Nelson Chuck Nickols Billy Joe Nobles William O’Brien Michael O’Dell Steve Odum Linda O'Rouke Nancy Orr Sherman Overton Ronald Owens Tommy Palmer Bobby Pardue Camilla Parker Patsy Parker Elaine Parker Ann Parsons Leon Pate Gail Patterson Mary Patterson Nancy Patterson Nancy Jo Patterson Emily Payne Jimmy Payne Pat Pearce Conrade Pellegro Frankie Penny Sue Perkins Charles Pericotti Joe Perry n n p 5 oGary Phillips Joan Phillips John Phillips Terry Phillips Linda Pickens Johnny Pickett Phyllis Pickett Mike Pissanos Kenny Pittman Josephine Pitts Diane Poe Gail Poole Cathy Porteous William Porteous Jo Ann Powell Danny Prestridge Tommy Price Rosa Prince Ricky Proffitt Joel Prude Joseph Puccio Jimmie Neil Purvis Davis Queen Rena Quinn Brenda Ramey Mary Jo Ranelli Eilane Ransom Glenda Rawlinson Alice Ray Carl Ray Jeffery Ray Nancy Ray Charles Reed John Reese Cathy Reeve getting through those tough exams, fDC 1J JJi lit Jfil f £ p r r iii.i Pi Eugene Reid Gary Reid Julia Reinhart Ross Reynolds Roy Reynolds Gary Richard Mike Richards Howard Richardson Jerry Richardson Sue Ricks Frank Roberta Billy Roberts Doris Roberts Judy Roberts Rohny Robinette Gary Roden Charlotte Rogers Pat Rogers Alvin Rothe Lee Russell Tommy Russell Ann Rutledge Denny Salter Ronald Salter Provy Salvagio Linda Sandlin Joe Santoro Mike Sartain Jerry Schmidtke Linda Scogginswondering if we passed . . . Look ing forward Bill Seaborn Jimmy Sfakianos Beverly Shaffer Glenda Sharp Herbert Shaw Kay Shaw Jack Shewmake John Shill Peggy Shipman Gilda Shoemaker Linda Shoemaker Linda Shook Sandy Shook Sherry Sides Frank Sims Larry Sims Tommy Sims Steve Sisson Joe Skilling Terry Skinner Raenell Sloan Becky Smalley Dinah L. Smith Dinah M. Smith Frankie Smith Freda Smith Jerry Smith Johnny Smith Martin Smith Shirley Smith Sterling Smith Tommy Smith Jennie Sorrell Bob Sparks Larry Sprayberry Jim Stagg Danny Stearns Rose Stegall Shirley Stephens Eddie Stephenson Sandra Stewart Sharon Stewart Joe Stohmer Bobby Stokes Penny Stokes David Stoves Alvin Straitor Bonny Sue Street Roseiyn Strickland Vivian Strickland Jimmy Stritikus Pat Sullivan Terry Summerville Johnny Sutter David Swindell Beverly Taylor Mary Taylor Mike Taylor Mike Terry Ricky Theros Jean Thomason Betty Thompson Don Thompson Archie Thorpe Frances Tidwell a r P o n Ail nr a o cLarry Tindall Jerry Tingle Johnny Tinker James Todd Peter Tolly Carolyn Tombrello Drew Tombrello Jimmy Topaz! Sharon Towles Frank Traffica Shirley Trammell Nancy Trapolino Jimmy Trot man Martha Jean Tucker Sharon Tucker Donald Turner Margaret Turner Pat Vining Acyenlth Vinson Richard Wade Larry Wadsworth Eddie Waggoner Harvey Wagner Clara Wahn Dorothy Waites Dorothy Waits Christine Walding Richard Walden Jan Walker Linda Walker Georgia Wall Janice Walters Larry Walton Janice Wamble Sue Ward to future years we’re finally here. Linda Warren Eileen Watkins Rita Watkins Jimmy Watts Larry Watts Sharon Watts John Weaver Olden Webb Lani Welch Aaron Wells Wanda Wells Wayne Whately Terrie White Joyce Whitfield Mildred Whitley Steve Widmar Evelyn Wiggins David Wilborn Carla Wilder Maxine Wilkins Sara Wilkins Ann Williams Carol Williams Carolyn Williams Diane Williams George Williams Jack R. Williams Mary Jack Williams Sherry Williams Charlotte WilsonJerry Wilson Marcia Wilson Ted Wolfe David Wood Iva Loye Wood Ralph Wood Betty Woodall June Woodard Gary Wright Judy Wright Marvin Wright Patsy Wright Barbara Yeager Faye Young Jimmy Ziles Picture of the Picture-takersA CTIVITIES Perpetual motion . . . club meetings . . . Student Council. . . symbol of unity . . . working together. Deadline panic . . . “ Why don't they send the pictures!” Curtain time... clammy hands... “Break a leg!”. .. the show is on. Enthusiasm . . . work that is love made visible.Homecoming Miss Patti McWlllie, 1960 Homecoming Queen gets permanent chili bumps riding in homecoming parade. The day dawned cold and clear. Finishing touches were put on the floats and cars before the judges came by. Excitement ran through the halls of Ensley as three o’clock neared. Under Coach Canzoneri's direction the cars and floats were lined up for the parade. The Homecoming court froze as they rode through downtown Ensley. Who would reign in Patti’s place as the 1961 Homecoming Queen? Why the dunce cap. Mrs. Ponder? Did you blow up the chemistry lab?ENSLEY'S band and R.O.T.C. form "E", saluting their Alma Mater. Miss Patti Meek, 1961 Homecoming Queen The big night was now upon us. Ten semi-finalists nervously a wait ed that final moment at half-time. Grads from all over returned to their alma mater for this special night. Thanks to the break down in the stadium stands at Legion Field, both Ensley and Ramsey fans sat on the same side of the field. Fireworks showered down from the upper decks as the opposing fans tried to out cheer each other. Steaming cups of coffee and hot chocolate circulated through the stands. A loud cheer rose as the "Rams” took to the field . . . still louder cheer echoed from the empty stands as the ’’Jackets" tore onto the grid-iron. The "Jackets” possessed extremely high spirits, scoring three touchdowns and one field goal to the "Rams" one touchdown. During half-time the band and ROTC formed a magnificent ”E", preparing for the entrance of the court. Second alternate, Kay Waggoner.. .first alternate, Shirley Alsabrook. . .the tension rose as Coach Mac hesitated. Miss Patti Meek, 196 1 Homecoming Queen. The climax of the evening had come; the Jackets carried it to completion by preventing the Rams from scoring again. This concluded an eventful week.January Miss Jacket Patti MeekSally Bragan May Miss Jacket 93January Claudia Shook Jane KreigerFavorites Judy Marona Don Franklin Wayne TownsendDian Hitt May John A tkins Gary CookFavorites Shirley A Isobrook Sharon GallantKenneth Smith Vice-President • « Student Robert Muir President Fall Semester Patti Meek Secretary STUDENT COUNCIL FIRST ROW: Shirley Alsabrook, Louise White, Mary Miller, Louise Leo, Claudia Shook, Patti Meek, Anne Armistead, Sharon Wyatt, Grace Pritchett, Wandra Parker, Joyce Alexander, Judy Autry, Nancy Patterson, Sharon Francis, Mildred Sparks. SECOND ROW: Richard Colleir, Robert Muir, Kenneth Smith, Larry Cox, Linda Bounds, Barbara Jones, Suzanne Dally, Elaine Edgar, Linda McCutcheon, Linda Ashcraft, Kay Cooley, Kathy Moreno, Carolyn Tombrello, Lucy Ray, Dixie Lucas. THIRD ROW: Charles Phillips, Eddie Huges, Wayne Vincent, Johnny Jenkins, Daved Swindell, Sharon Gallant, Vicki Hill, Gary Cook, Pete McKensie, Jones Miller, Earl Cooper, Dudley Barnett. Sharon Wyatt Head Marshal CABINET FRONT ROW: Shirley Alsabrook, Sharon Wyatt, Grace Pritchett, Patti Meek, Martha White. BACK ROW: Larry Cox, Robert Muir, Gary Cook, Kenneth Smith.Government Kenneth Smith - President Elizabeth Cagle Vice-President Spring Semester Shirley Alsabrook Secretary MARSHAL CAPTAINS FRONT ROW: Faith Bobo, Margaret Toomer, Sharon Wyatt, Rebecca Duty, Nancy Dollar. BACK ROW: Jane Kreiger, Judy Marona, Jon Smith, Janet Dickerson. FIRST ROW: Grace Pritchett, Elizabeth Cagle, Shirley Alsabrook. SECOND ROW: Louise White, Nancy Denson, Nancy Dollar, Diane Eddy, Mary Sue Thompson. THIRD ROW: Charles Spradling, Kenneth Smith, Jon Smith, Don Smith. Nancy Dollar Head MarshalThe Jacket Mrs. Elizabeth Rogers Sponsor Grace Pritchett Editor Nancy Barrett Associate Editor Nick Santoro Business Manager 100 Sharon Gallant Assistant EditorMary Louise Kneisley Feature Editor TYPISTS Ann Walkley And Margaret Toomer Club Editors Janice Tucker Margaret Alldredge Pat Weekley Patti MeekLanguage Laboratory Assistants FRONT ROW: Mike McClandon, Raymond James, Henry Miller, Johnny Blakely, Sam Nash, Frank Sims. BACK ROW: Collins Powell, David Shobe, Gene Ellis, Donald Arnett, Noel Ray, Wade Walker. FIRST ROW: Mary Jack Williams, Peggie Ceravalo, Alice Davis, Eddie Stallings, Brenda Clark, Charlotte Rogers, Jo Nell Mays, Joyce Carey, Janet Carey, Janice Clements, Shirley Trammell, Diane Williams. SECOND ROW: Linda McDonald, Bill Nobles, Eva Nell Lawson, Jo Ann Ceravalo, Nancy Ray, Ann Ferguson, Sally Herring, Janice Michael, Carolyn Borella, Linda Gable, Margaret McCain, Michael Ann Howell, Eileen Ransom. THIRD ROW; Joe Perry, Michael Kennedy, James King, Ha .el Bowdon, Judy Roberts, Sandy Freeman, Rose Stegall, Jan Alexander, Janice Boyd, Pat Salter, Virginia Craig, Kathy Gwin, Linda Dulaney. Library Assistants Science Laboratory Assistants FRONT ROW: Dari Welch, Donna Pruett, Joan Cole, Marilyn McClure, Judy Johnson, SusanOwens, Ann Armistead. BACK ROW: Richard Groenendyke, Mickey Moman, Mike Niehols, Richard Collier, Lamar Brownlow, Dick Aloia, Gene Pearson, Terry Graham. FIRST ROW: Henry Gibbs, Scott Wall, Allen Farr, Rhys Harris, Sam Nash, Rickey Marvell, Harry Gibbs, SECOND ROW: Ronnie Growe, Glenn Turner, John Atkins, Johnny Jenkins, Bill Bacon, Phil Jones. THIRD ROW: Roy Swatzell, Tommy Connell, Ernest Rowell, Nick Santoro, Bill Dawson, Larry Aycock, Don Crossett. ProjectionistsEnsley High School Band Officers H. R. Ivy - Director Bobby Chandler - Drum Major Dwight Satterwhite - Student Director Charles Spradling - Captain Eddie Earley - First Lieutenant Nancy Lewis - Second Lieutenant Helen Hall - Librarian Janice Maxson - LibrarianMarching Band All City Band Members FRONT ROW: Sherman Overton, John Ridley, Myra Taylor, Wayne Alexander, Tommy Collier, David Sherman. BACK ROW: Bobby Chandler, Dwight Satterwhite, Charles Spradling, Eddie Earley, Helen Hall, Marlene Stabile.Captain - Charles Spradling Student Director - Dwight Satterwhite Seventeenth Summer THERE'S going to be a big dance in August "That old Red-headed boy!" 'Martin, Darling "Kitty, you're bike is lovely. ..+ m Cheerleaders Elizabeth Cagle, Sharon Holmes, Tom Hubbert Alternates - Louise White, Sandra Allison, Carol Blevms Jeri Gurganus, Karen McQuillen. Gale Magers Sally Bragan, Karen Kelly, Mary Nell McBeePresident Helen Hall Vice-President Bobby Chandler Secretary Janine Maxson Treasurer Ronnie Merrell Instrumentalists Club FRONT ROW: Donnie Herring, Mickey McCormick, Janine Maxson, Helen Wall, Myra Sue Taylor, Marleen Stabile, Tommy Collier. BACK ROW: Mike Newsom, Ronnie Merrell, Wayne Alexander, Mickey Mom an, Bobby Chandler, Dwight Satterwhite, John Ridley. First Period Choir FIRST ROW: Margie Hargett, PamLoftin, Janet Stinson, Janice Tucker. Terry Ann Hooten, Martha Oglesby, Lonnie Maxwell, JeriGurganus, Henry Miller, Karen McQuillen, Sharon Holmes, Richard Main, Shirley Mitchell, Lana Tinsley, Judy Capps, Eugenia Reagen, Peggy Powell, Eloise George, Myra Sue Taylor, Joyce Johns, SECOND ROW: Freddy Burnette, Doris Allen, Alfonso Leo, Jimmy Tombrello, Louise Nalley, Marsha Claburn, Susan Laney, Ann Miller, Myra Bradford, Sliaron Gallant, Joyce Marshall, Linda Yates, Pat Weekley, Pat Spradling, Vicki Coggins, Carolyn Spann, Carolyn Johnston, THIRD ROW: Jack Skilling, Jimmy Hughes, David Shobe, Bobby Reid, Kelly Reynolds, Dick Collier, Robert Weir, Johnny Wilder, Bill Bacon, John Lyons, Steve Smith. FOURTH ROW: Hampton Warren, Andrew Chasteen. Bill Walton. Jimmy Cherry. Charles Walker, Cooper Ray, Ray Higginbotham, Ronnie Sheffield, Dick Tubbs, Tommy Burt, Gary Bowers, Robert Esco, Norman Antonio, Bill Main.President Shelton Vandiver Lyric Club Vice-president Nancy Worrell Secretary Lloyd Set lift Sponsor Miss Elizabeth Selman FRONT ROW: Shelton Vandiver, Linda Beyl, Nancy Worrell, Delores Freeman, LloydSetlilf. BACK ROW: Richard Collier, Johnny James, Dick Tubbs, Hubert Green. Fourth Period Choir FIRST ROW: Nancy Worrell, Jackie Campbell, Joyce DeVore, Betty Culver, Patti Meek, Diane Eddy, Sharon Wyatt, Linda Beyl, Paulette Hooper, Del Enslen, Joy Shaw, Dian Hitt, Shirley Also-brook, Jane Adkins, Melinda Reynolds, Janice DeVore, Betty Parker, Nancy Duke. SECOND ROW: Rachel Frazier, Kay Waggoner, Susan Wilson, Judy Marona, Sharon Hurliman, Anita Goldsmith, Jane Wilcox, Tommy Norton, Dwight Satterwhite, Richard Dillard, Bob Acton, James Harbuck, Deanna Owen, Janet Taylor, Sharon St revel, Sam Nash. THIRD ROW; Carl Weeks, Robert Muir, Looyd Setlilf, David Bessiere, Lamar Rice, Tommy Connell, Johnny James, Hubert Greene, Cecil Naftel, Gary Cook, Jack Raia, Tommy Burch, Bobby Adkins, Layne Morris, Steven Leatherwood, Billy Smith.President Stan Moss Vice-president Gale Magers Secretary Richard Dillard Treasurer Dianne Wallace Sponsor Miss Virginia Pace Spanish Club FIRST ROW: Marilyn McClure, Martha Graves, Judy Boyd, Ann Braswell, Terry Arnett, Gale Magers, Dorothy Blevins, Jackie Jackson, Lana Tinsley, Nancy Shumate, Dianne Wallace. SECOND ROW: Donald Harbin, Johnny Dollar, Mike Alexander, Kenny Pittman, Linda Walker, Cynthia Little, Barbara Echols, Sheila Me Knight, Ginger Hammond, Janice Caudle, THIRD ROW: Ronnie Morrison, Danny McCaskill, Tommy Willis, Mike McClandon, Stan Moss, Davis Queen, Eugene Waites, Richard Dillard, Bob Latham, Everett McKnight, Tommy Borland. Latin Club FIRST ROW: Sue Hopping, Barbara Ericson, Rosemary Carroll, Sandra Stegall, Denise McLellan, Celia Frlcke, Sandra Allison, Mary Ann Rinaldi, Barbara Harrison, Audrey Ann Prude, Joyce Moseley. SECOND ROW: Jean Bell, Lynn Morris, Judy Riser, Ann Walkley, Carole Gurley, Wanda Holliday, Cynthia Thompson, Linda Ashcraft, Carolyn Humphrey, Linda Martin, Ann Hargrave, Miss Hortenstine. THIRD ROW: Philip Martin, Jones Miller, David Smith, Michael Erhart, Charles Frye, Rhys Harris, Ronnie Stroud, Sam Nash, Robert Towry, Collins Powell, Jim Borland, Mike Nichols, Ronnie Orso, George Llndhal, Bill McCrary. President Jones Miller Vice-president Wada Holliday Secretary Lynn Morris Treasurer Philip Martin Sponsor Miss Dorothy HortenstinePresident Sharon Holmes Vice-president Louise White Secretary Judy Alexander Treasurer Ann Walker Sponsor Miss Alma H. Howell French Club FIRST ROW: Mary Louise Kneisley, Carol Easterling, Judy Mcllwain, Donna Walker, Dawn Hogan, Suzan McClanahan, Marsha McQuillen, Linda Walsh, Rebecca Duty, Louise White, Sharon Holmes, Nancy Denson, Brenda Clark. SECOND ROW: Gail Williams, Barbara Jones, Cherryl Huey, Anne Walker, Andrea Curl, Suzanne Dally, Gail Mew bourne, Eloise George, Gloria Hooten, Pat Drew, Janice Boyd, Elaine Edgar, Miss Howell. THIRD ROW: Pat Hall, Karen Kelly, Hazel Bowden, Anita Goldsmith, Judy Alexander, Phil Jones, Bob Acton, Kenneth Smith, Dick Aloia, Marvin Stringfellow, Mickey Moman, Charles Spradling. German Club President Ray Reinhart Vice-president Tommy Norton Secretary Lucy Ray Treasurer Tommy Collier Sponsor Mr. Joseph Scott FIRST ROW: Mickey McCormick,Tommy Collier, George Hope, Charles Pearce, Helen Hall, Jan-ine Maxson, Terry Merkl, Cheryl Kennedy, Lucy Ray, James Prince, Gary Roden, Jeannie Thomason, Cynthia Deason. SECOND ROW: Larry Cox, Suzanne Wasley, Jan Alexander, Louise Lackey, Elizabeth Cunningham, Patricia Fuller, lva Loye Wood, Lynn Tucker, Marilyn Murphree, Becky Ballew, Dorothy Sanford, Mr. Scott. THIRD ROW: Tommy Connell, Tommy Norton, Ray Reinhart, Bill Davidson, George Terry, William Coston, Richard Collier, Terry Phillips, Eddie Early, Robert Graves, Larry Chandler, Donald Arnett, Randy Vanderburg.President Becky Bates Vice-president Anne Armistead Secretary Paulette Hooper Treasurer Carol Bottsford Sponsor Miss Florence Pass Thespians FIRST ROW: Katie McDill, Emily Arthur, Cynthia Deason, Barbara Erickson, Anne Armistead, Rosemary Carroll, Carol Blevins, Margaret Toomer, Suzanne Wasley, Carol Adams, Mary Naro, Janice Boyd, Del Enslen. SECOND ROW: Joan McCutcheon, Linda Askew, Becky Bates, Eloise George, Michael Ann Howell, Dona Nichols, Martha White, Pat Salter, Paulette Hooper, Pam Wil-born, Joan Cole, Vickie Lanier, Susan Owens. THIRD ROW: Willie Parker, Ronnie Britton, Jody Williams. David Armentrout, Larry Chandler. Promoters FIRST ROW: Ann Prescott, Betty Culver, Sandra Rankin, Ann Dawson, Anne Armistead, Patti Meek, Karen McQuillen, Dian Hitt, Martha Oglesby, Jeri Gurganus, Elizabeth Cagle, Shirley Alsabrook, Joy Shaw, Shirley Mitchell, Janet Stinson, Sharon Wyatt, Wandra Parker, Donna Pruett. SECOND ROW: Susan Wilson, Brenda Jetton, Sharon Strcval, Joan Cole, Jane Wilcox, Pat Gugliotta, Joyce Hudspeth, Sara Hassell, Margaret Toomer, Susan Laney, Barbara Bates, Martha White, Pam Wil-born, Carol Blevins, Sharon Holliman, Sally Bragan, Kay Waggoner, Faith Bobo. THIRD ROW: Mikdred Snead, Jane Bates, Sandra Scott, Diane Waits, Mary Walker, Sharon Gallant, Vicki Hill, Judy Marona, Carolyn Johnston, Gail Wilson, Donna Thompson, Sherilyn Main, Susan Owens, Carolyn Spann, Nancy Barrett, Diane Walker, Pat Spradling, Michael Ann Howell. President Janet Stinson Vice-president Kay Waggoner Secretary Mildred Snead Treasurer Vicki Hill Sponsor Mr. NichalosYellow Jacket Staff FIRST ROW: Martha White, Kay Tanner, Rosemary Carroll, Suzanne Thompson, Margaret Toomer, Anita Myers, Joyce Moseley, Susan Gainey, Anne Armistead, Mickey Blevins, Donna Pruitt, SECOND ROW: David Smith, Judy Alexander, Judy Riser, Susan Owens, Bill Walton, Bill Screws, Gloria Hooton, Myra Ferguson, Eddie Hughes, Joan Cole, Noel Ray, Mike Nichols. Tri-Hi-Y FIRST ROW: Dari Welch, Jane Kreiger, Mary Walker, Wandra Parker, Patti Meek, Joyce Alexander, Susan Laney, Sally Bragan, Martha Oglesby, Karen McQuillen, Sharon Holmes, Elizabeth Cagle, Jeri Gurganus, Shirley Alsabrook, Melinda Reynolds, Sally Braswell, Janet Taylor, Shirley Mitchell, Mrs. Curlee. SECOND ROW: Jane Birchfield, Sharon Wyatt, Janet Stinson, Barbara Orr, Gloria Knowles, Sharon Hurliman, Bunny McWillie, Peggy Powell, Sara Hassell, Joyce Hudspeth, Nancy Denson, Mary Ann Callaway, Pat Gugliotta, Betty Culver, Judy Trammell, Mary Jo Darabaris, Sherrilyn Main. THIRD ROW: Myra Bradford, Mildred Snead, Lynn Morris, Judy Propst, Edith Arthur, Judy Marona, Sherry Baker, Patricia Weekley, Diane Walker, Carolyn Spann, Nancy Barrett, Jane Bates, Faith Bobo. Sharon Gallant, Vicki Hill, Paula Loveless, Jane Holliman. President Patti Meek Vice-president Wandra Parker Secretary Mary Walker Treasurer Janet StinsonFRONT ROW: Jerry Don Martin, Joe Lorino, Marie Sicola, Faylenn Davis, Bernard Puccio, Charles Trafflca. BACK ROW: Mrs. Bolton, Don Sims, Roy Martin, Bill Carney, Wayne Street, Lamar Bowman, Lee Doss. Distributive Education Club Art Club FIRST ROW: Lou Ann Gibson, Linda Minossi, Judy Trammell, Grace Pritchett, Sharon Frances, Martha Cook, Cecelia Defibaugh, Linda Haskew, Janice McBride. SECOND ROW: Miss Bass, Carolyn Setiiff, Judy Propst, Anita Myers, Beverly Smitherman, Lutheree Moreno, Elaine Wheeler. THIRD ROW: Bob Lightsey, Mike Higgins, Fred Blevins, Bobby Bole, Gloria Knowles, Sally Braswell. President Roy Martin Vice-president Joe Lorino Secretary-Treasurer Bernard Puccio Sponsor Mrs. J. H. Boulton President Grace Prichett Vice-president Bob Lightsey Secretary Judy Propst Treasurer Sally Braswell Sponsor Miss Helen BassPresident Robin Walker Vice-president Carolyn Neugcnt Secretary-Treasurer Judy Abbot Sponsor Mr. Morris Turner Diversified Occupations Club FRONT ROW: Mary Sue Thompson, Jane Bishop, Joan Braslield, Susan Wilson, Yvonne Silvers, Alice Pruitt. BACK ROW: Robin Walker, Jerrell Garrett, Carol Floyd, Judy Abbot, Jackie Silvers, Mr. Morris Turner. Library Club FIRST ROW: Peggie Ceravalo, Alice Davis, Edward Stallings, Brenda Clark, Charlotte Rogers, Jo Nell Mays, Joyce Carey, Janice Carey, Janice Clements, Shirley Trammell. SECOND ROW: Mary Jack Williams, Bill Nobles, Eva Nell Lawson, Jo Ann Ceravalo, Nancy Ray, Eileen Ransom, Margaret Ferguson, Sally Herring, Janice Michael, Carolyn Borella, Linda Gable, THIRD ROW: Michael Kennedy, James King, Hazel Bowdon, Judy Roberts, Sandy Freeman, Rose Stegall, Jan Alexander. President Eva Nell Lawson Vice-president Brenda Clark Secretary Janet Carey Treasurer James King Sponsor Miss Frances SeayIndustrial Arts Club President Paul Jerles Vice-president David Adair Secretary-Treasurer James Dudley Sponsor Mr. C. T. McArthur FRONT ROW: Paul Jerles, James Houts, Charles Cooper, Jerry Abner, Terry Graham, Carl Cooper, James Prince, Robert Williams. BACK ROW: Curtis Barrett, Randy Vanderburg, Doug Walding, Larry Bowman, Jerry Arnett, James Dudley, Tommy Burt. Math Club President Kay Pearce Vice-president Elaine Mosley Secretary Carole Johnson Treasurer Nelson Cooper Sponsor Mrs. Carol Wesson FIRST ROW: Carolyn Johnson, Kay Pearce, Grace Pritchett, Elaine Mosley, Cynthia Thompson, Larry Cox. SECOND ROW: Jim Stewart, Norman P. Antiono, Dick Aloia, Gene Pearson, James Smith, Nelson Cooper. THIRD ROW: Ray Reinhart, Terry Martin, Wayne Blackerby, Gary Cook, Nick Santoro, Ed Gardner. rfPresident Ronnie Merrell Vice-president Terry Martin Secretary Ed Gardner Treasurer Jimmy Hughes Sponsor Mrs. Ruby Harden Electron Club FRONT ROW: Jim Stuart, Geoffrey Huddleston, Bobby Chandler, Gene Pearson, Ronnie Merell, Dennis Thomas, Noel Ray. BACK ROW: Kenneth Harrison, Charles Walker. Jimmy Hughes, Dick Richardson, Ed Gardner, Frank Fulghan, Terry Martin, Joe Domnanovich. Key Club FIRST ROW: Phillip Martin, Kenneth Smith, David Shobe, I idley Barnett, Joel Roberts, Carl Sparks, Johnny Finley, Freddie Burnett. SECOND ROW: Don Smith, Tommy Burch, Bobby Baker, William Coston, Richard Groenendyke, Robert Muir, Jerry Garner, Joel Benson. THIRD ROW: Charles Frye, Bill Walton, Eugene Ellis, David Davidson, Willie Parker, Wesley Sorrell, Alan Blomely. President Kenneth Smith Vice-president Joel Roberts Secretary Willie Parker Treasurer Don Smith Sponsor Mr. H. L. WhitingPresident Barbara Heaton Vice-president Kiltie Me Dill Secretary Paula Jones Treasurer Wanda Hill Sponsor Mrs. Azoline Large Senior Y-Teens FIRST ROW: Carol Johnson, Cindy Graves, Norma Hill, Sherrie Smith, Sherrill Larimer, Barbara Heaten, Delores Freeman. SECOND ROW: Paula Jones, Joyce Landers, Jan Blanks, Linda Beavers, Sherry McDonkey, Marion Brown, Katy Me Dill, Elaine Mosley. FIRST ROW: Kathy Hester, Sandra Crot .er, Sandra Cross, Carol Kennedy, Carol Easterling, Judy Harrell, Mary Jane Thomas, Suzan McClahahan, Sue DeShazo, Carolyn Asaro, Mary Biekerstaff, Kathy Moreno, Rebecca Duty, Linda Carlisle. SECOND ROW: Linda Shook, Marilyn Bonoma, Kay Shaw, Diana Asaro, Lynn Givens, Sandra Cross, Beverly Eurton, Ann Farrell, Kathy Cross, Wanda Wood, Sharon Garmon, Dinah Smith, Anna Laura Crater, Charlene Ellis. THIRD ROW: Patsy Dill-ashaw, Linda McDonald, Rani Hicks, Ann Deaton, Denise McLellan, Mary Lou Drummond, Janice Cowart, Betty Benson, Reba King, Johnnie Tinker, Louise White, Pat Vining, Sheryl Dupuy, Beckv Coggins. Junior Y-Teens President Denise McLelland Vice-president Kathy Moreno Sec retary -T reasu rer Susan McClanahan Sponsor Miss Alberta NorwoodPresident Nancy Dollar Vice-president Carolyn Johnston Secretary Rachel Frazier Treasurer Gail Dennis Sponsor Miss Ruby Doyle Senior Y-Teens FRONT ROW: Rhonda Dunn, Rachael Frazier, Linda Hardin, Dian Eddy, Eugenia Reagan, Judy Capps, Anoree Sell, Gail Dennis, Sandra Suddeth, Janice Tucker, Ann Prescott, Nancy Dollar. BACK ROW: Carolyn Johnston, Donna Pruett, Linda Ferguson, Janice Fanning, Gloria Hooten, Carol Sims, Deanna Owen, Mary Ellen Vaughen, Joy Calloway, Vivian Shook, Janet Dickerson, Anita Goldsmith. FIRST ROW; Joyce Tucker, Linda Fenn, Jane Berry, Sue Homar, Frances Cicero, Brenda Cobb, Myra Chambers, Mary Miller, Bethany Scott, Betty Owens. SECOND ROW: Sharon Tucker, Judy Lackey, Barbara Wall, Mary Narro, Charlotte Montgomery, Margaret Ferguson, Lee Parrish, Linda Torch, Angela Costanzo, Jackie Jackson, Eileen Lawson. THIRD ROW: Jenny Sheffield, Janice Wamble, Rosa Stegall, Kay Cooley, Sherry Williams, Judy Bice, Nancy Couch, Aletha Bonds, Marsha Bracknell, Patsy Wright, Charlene Cook, Charlotte Cox, Jane Davis. Junior Y-Teens President Bethany Scott Vice-president Brenda Cobb Secretary Jenny Sheffield Treasurer Dianne Campbell Sponsor Mrs. Evelyn RubinOfficers and Sponsors FRONT ROW: Louise Leo, Karen Kelly, George Stritikus, Janies Wheeler, Thomas Carey, Vicki Hill, Janet Stinson. BACK ROW: Daniel Haynes, Jimmy Hollifield, Morgan Hall, James Thompson, Mike Nichols, Bill Davis. Ensley HighDisc and Diamond Club FIRST ROW: Louise Leo, Karen Kelly, George Stntikus, James Wheeler, Thomas Carey, Jerry Cooper, Vicki Hill, Janet Stinson. SECOND ROW: Clifton Vlankley, Noel Ray, Jimmy Hollifield, Ricky Turk, Jimmy Shepherd, Morgan Hall, James Thompson, John Atkins, Jimmy Stntikus, Bobby Bole, Bill Davis. THIRD ROW: Robert Russell, Daniel Haynes, Ray Higginbotham, Mike Nichols, Alan Blomeley. School ROTCPresident John Atkins Vice-president Byron Best Secretary John Meadows Sponsors Mr. B. G. Flynn Mr. A. D. Staples Bank Board of Directors FRONT ROW: Antionette Graffo, Kay Tanner, Patti Meek, Karen McQuillian, Elizabeth Cagle, Nancy Dollar, Janet Dickerson, Mary Jo Darabaris. BACK ROW: Jim Otto, Joel Roberts, Beverly Whitfield, Nancy Barrett, Judy Marona, Stan Moss. FIRST ROW: Eileen Watkins, Sharon Tucker, Jan McAllister, Becky Burkhalter, Jackie Barclay, Susan McClanahan, Janice Boyd, Leigh Parrish, Glois Smith, Gale Magers. SECOND ROW: Kathryn Davis, Frances Bracknell, Janice Brown, Anita Meyers, Kay Tanner, Lutheree Moreno, Carolyn Humphry, Alice Hamm ell, Myra Sue Taylor, Sandra Green, Eileen Ransom, Mary Walker. THIRD ROW: Jane Clark, Linda Walker, Carolyn Setliff, Sharon Gallant, Pat Drew, Nick Santoro, Cecil Naftel, Jimmy Harbuck, Sherry McConkey. Bank TellersHi Y Club FRONT ROW: Tommy Burch, Lonnie Maxwell, Dick Main, Dudley Barnett, Kendall Weaver. BACK ROW: Ronnie Sheffield, Joe Lively, Robert Weir, Jimmy Wilson, Pete McKenzie, BUI Walton. Ushers Club FRONT ROW: Glenn Turner, Ernest Rowell, John Atkins, Roy Swatzoll, Bobby Baker, Richard Groenendykc, Cooper Ray, Robert Muir. BACK ROW: Mr. B. G. Flynn, Lloyd Setliff, Bryon Best, Gary Cook, Larry Douglas, John Meadows, Raymond Thomas, Mr. A. D. Staples. President Robert Weir Vice-president Tommy Wilson Secretary Dudley Bax-nett Treasurer Tommy Burch Sponsor Mr. James DupuyPresident Barbara Gardner Vice-president Bob England Secretary Pam Rothe Secretary Betty Woodall Chaplain Judy Johnson Sponsor Mrs. Zola Thompson Writers Club FRONT ROW; Dennis Warren, Joy Curtis, Rose Givens, Marian George, Judy Johnson, Sandra Bowman, Robert Dunkin. BACK ROW: Ann Miller, Barbara Gardner, Betty Woodall. FIRST ROW: Genevieve Stano, Toulah Stritikus, Shirley Bousack, Joyce DeVore, Ann Braswell, Dorothy Lankford, June Smith, Stella Watts, Anoree Self, Vita Aquilino. BACK ROW: Sandra Fay Moore, Barbara Orr, Faylenn Davis, Bobby Ann Langley, Terry Sue Gray, Myrl Wise, Mary Fleet, Rhonda Dunn, Dona Nichols, Joy Calloway, Janet Dickerson. Home Economics Club President Joy Calloway Vice-president Helen Robertson Secretary Janet Dickerson Treasurer Vivian Shook Sponsor Miss Helen MohnsPresident Linda McCutcheon Vice-president Sharon Webb Secretary Shirley Bonds Treasurer Joy Shaw Future Teachers Club FIRST ROW: Jane Wilcox, Andrea Curl, Joy Shaw, Marilyn Murphree, Rhoda Stanford. SECOND ROW: Sharon Webb, Carol Berthon, Shirley Bonds, Mrs. Campbell. THIRD ROW: Linda DuLaney, Linda McCutcheon, Sharon Hobbs. FRONT ROW: Janice Lewis, Carol Bottsford, Blanche Powell, Marilyn McClure, Janice Tucker, Joan Brasfield, Donna Connaway, Gail Hammock, Judy Vines. BACK ROW: Antoinette Graffeo, Kathy Porteous, Zadie Hamby, Carol Sims, Linda Yates, Margaret McCain, Barbara Northington, Judy Conley, Mary JoDarabaris. Future Nurses Club President Joan Brasfield Vice-president Janice Tucker Secretary Gall Hammock Treasurer Judy ConleyPresident Cooper Ray Vice-president Roy Swatzell Treasurer Winston Morriss Secretary Glenn Turner Sponsor Mr. Howard Ballew Junior Civitan Club FRONT ROW: Mr. Cahoon, John Lyons, Winston Morriss, Marvin Stringfellow Mike Earheart Jimmy Hargrave, Steve Leatherwood, Scott Wall. BACK ROW: Tommy Norton, Jones Miller Cooper Ray, Roy Swatzell, Bobby Morrow, Bobby Reid, Charles Phillips, Glenn Turner, Ronnie' Crowe Johnny Voytanovsky. ’ ’ FIRST ROW: Patricia Fuller, Lyndia Roy, Ann Parsons, Lynda Moore, Marilyn Hcthcoat, Sherill Larimer, Toni Hubbert, Sandra Allison, Mary Miller, Dian Gant, Iva Loye Wood, Suzanne Dally, Leilanl Warren, Freida Abbott, Mildred Sparks, Kathy Hildreth, Linda McFarland. SECOND ROW: Jackie Evans, Terry Porter, Mary Jo Musulman, Judy Reinhart, Roberta Freeman, Johnnye Hamby, Barbara Harrison, Judy Goggins, Barbara Gogglns, Brenda McCain, Alice May. THIRD ROW: Glois Smith, Lois Smith, Linda Moore, Mrs. Smith, Enda Junkins, Barbara Bates, Janice Brown, Glenda Brock, Barbara Wall, Rose Ann Marino, Anita Myers, Marion Brown, Frances Cicero, Rosalie Carruba, Josephine Pitts. FOURTH ROW: Rosalie Monzella, Dorothy Waites, Carolyn Williams, Frieda Smith, Linda Nesmith, Gale Quinn, Judy Jefferson, Jenny York, Carolyn Akins, Brenda Moore, Judy Conley, Matilda Ferlno, Barbara Jones, Gloria Magers, Sheila Edwards. President Toni Hubbert Vice-president Jenny York Secretary Sandra Allison Treasurer Johnnye Hamby Girls’ Athletic AssociationPresident Nancy Duke Vice-president John Gable Secretary-Treasurer Philip Craven Sponsor Miss Virginia Nancarrow Biology Club FRONT ROW: Judith Jones, Nancy Duke. Myra Ferguson. BACK ROW: John Gable, Billy Price, Lamar Brownlow, Philip Craven. FIRST ROW: Mrs. Black, Margie Couch, Rosemary Aquilino, Mary Nell Messina, Suzanne Thompson, Nancy Ray, Lois O'Brien, Shirley Hammett, Brenda Jetton, Jenny York, Rebecca Duty, Jane Bates. SECOND ROW: Charlotte Mann, Donna Pruett, Dinah Smith, Mary Jane Thomas, Judy Parker, Mary Sue Thompson, Paula Loveless, Diane McWhorter, Beverly Whitfield, Virginia Craig, Rhoda Stanford, Margaret Alldredge. THIRD ROW: Donald Harwin, Tim Alley, Kent Burchfield, Tommy Ellis, J. B. Monzella, Wayne Blackerby, Linda Ingram, Barbara Echols, Sharon White. Junior Red Cross President Carol Neugent Vice-president Lois O'Brien Secretary Mary Sue Thompson Treasurer Hal Holston Sponsor Mrs. Mildred BlackPresident BUI Taylor Vice-president George Hayes Secretary Jim Stagg Treasurer Glen Calfee Sponsor Mr. McArthur Coin Club FRONT ROW: Roy Reynolds, George Hayes, Steve Harris, BUI Taylor, David Mann. Kenneth Barclay, Mitch Haigler, Jimmy Jarrord, Jim Stagg, Glenn Calfee. BACK ROW Ensemble FIRST ROW; Anita Goldsmith, Jackie Campbell, Rachael Frazier, Patti Meek, Linda Beyl, Martha Oglesby, Susan Wilson, Diane Eddy, Shirley Alsabrook, Eugenia Reagen, Jane Wilcox, Susan Laney. SECOND ROW: Judy Marona, Paulette Hooper, Richard Collier, Johnny James, Tommy Norton, Dwight Satterwhite, Patsy Spradlmg. Carolyn Spann, Janet Taylor, Deana Owen. THIRD ROW: Lloyd Setliff, CecU Naftel, Shelton Vandiver, Dick Tubbs, Hubert Greene, Ray Higginbotham, Cooper Ray, Gary Cook, Robert Muir, David Bessiere, Andrew Chasteen.National Honor Society President Gary Cook Vice-president Sharon Gallant Secretary Shirley Alsabrook Sponsors - Miss Mary Till, Mrs. Dorothy England President Charles Spradling Judy Alexander, Anne Armtstead. John Atkins, Nancy Barrett P iP Vice-president Kay Pearce Spring Officers Carol Berthon, Larry Cox, Nancy Denson, Jerry Garner Jeri Gurganus, Paula Jones, Karen McQuillen. Patti Meek Secretary Margaret ToomerTeamwork. . .Sportsmanship The hushed quiet of the locker room before a game. . .the roar of packed stands. . .words of encouragement. . .the race against time. . .the overflowing trophy case. Jackets proud in victory, undaunted in defeatBirmingham Post-Herald' I 3UMNbi£- T.CAPl-E I Bill BRASWELL- E I MARk WOOD — E JlM WILSON — E I WVWETtM ENO E r PANPT COOPtzR -T PONNlE 4EFFIE10-T MIKE TINCrLE — T I POUOLAS zuell-T FEN HARRISON - T KEN XMBOROUOH'G TOM WiLZOH--- PHILUP NJERIHNONG RONNIE CROWE - 5-i Richard groenewc PHILUP AAAR-nN-O TERRY CHAMEY-G CHESTER PARKER-C MURRAY NEWLIN-C Bill olm teao BILL BEAUCHAMP BILL RAOLANO m -A1ANAGEES- Mighty “Jackets” roll over eight opponents First The Toss-up As school opened and the concentrated summer football practice drew to a close, sportswriters throughout the state predicted that Ensley would finish low in the state ranking because of inexperience. Three months later the JACKETS had proved the predictions wrong. They were number one in the final state ratings, having been defeated by only Bessemer. This excellent showing surprised even the coaching staff. For the first time in about twenty years the JACKETS defeated Wood-lawn, twice in one season. This history making team went undefeated in the city and won the Clinic game. A championship team, both in city and in state. Then the long sustained drive . . . A Moment of Decision . . . Randy Cooper Ronnie Sheffield Bill Braswell Tommy Wilson Ken Scarborough Chester Parker Tackle Tackle End Guard Guard Centerclaim both City and State Championships And we have to wash our own uniforms. Quickly adapting to the responsibility, the stubborn JACKET line functioned as w e 11 as a highly perfected and efficient machine. Led by co-captain Jim Ingle and guard Ken Scarborough, the line consistently denied the opponents y a r d a g e and stopped powerful Tuscaloosa, Ramsey, and Wood lawn at close victories. Other consistent performers Billy Phillips Fullback Kenneth Harrison Tackle Buddy Costain Halfback Jeff Hopping Halfback Stan Moss Quarterback Mark Wood End Jimmy Wilson End Murray Newlin Center Phillip McKinnon Guard Richard Groenendyke Guard James Tingle Tackle Touchdown!!! Richard Gilmore Fullback Tommy Me Bee Quarterback Doug Suell Tackle Joel Roberts HalfbackLarry Sinquefield HALFBACK were Murray Newlin, Bill Braswell, Tommy Wilson, Mark Wood, Chester Parker, Ronnie Sheffield, and Randy Cooper. Doug Suell, Phillip McKinnon, Mike Tingle, proved to be valuable fill-ins. Stand outs in the defensive backfield were Larry Sinquefield and Richard Gilmer. Offensively Sinquefield and Roberts anchored the running attack. Other outstanding backfield men were Jeff Hopping, Stan Moss, and Tommy McBee. Co-captain Jim Ingle was voted Most Valuable Lineman, to the All-State and All-City teams, and was chosen All-American by SCHOLASTIC Magazine. Larry Sinquefield, also co-captain, was voted Most Valuable Back, to the All-State and All-City teams. Outstanding co-captain Jim Ingle Also voted to the All-City team wrere Chester Parker, Tommy Wilson, Richard Gilmer, Ken Scarborough, and Bill Braswell. After the close of the season when the helmets, pads, and uniforms had been stored away, Coach Fagin Canzoneri summed up the season in the one word, "Wonderful!!!" Then he added, "Let's do it again next year!" Practice Makes Perfect. VARSITY TEAM FIRST ROW: Joel Roberts, Richard Gilmer, Bill Braswell, Ronnie Sheffield, Tommy Wilson, Chester Parker, Ken Scarborough, Randy Cooper, Jim Ingle, Tommy McBee, Larry Sinquefield. SECOND ROW: Buddy Coston, Billy Phillips, Mark Wood, Doug Sell, Richard Groenendyke, Murray Newlin, Phillip McKinnon, James Tingle, Jimmy Wilson, Stan Moss, Jeff Hopping. THIRD ROW: Bobby Morrow, Ernest Rowell, Bill Odom, John Whiddon, Tery Chaney, James Roberts, Phillip Martin, Ken Garrison, Ricky Childress, Butch Turner. FOURTH ROW: Coach Hanes, Coach Pepper, Bill Beacham, Bill Ragland, Larry Crotzer, Johnny Voytanovsky, Roy Mewbourne, Wayne Townsend, Ronnie Crowe, Marvin Stringfellow. Joe Lomoro. Bill Olmstead, Coach Canzoneri. Hris named All-American COACHES Richard Gilmer carries (or yardage. Herbert Hanes Head Football Coach B-Team Basketball Coach of the Year Phil English Football Baseball Fagin Canzoneri Football Track Sim son Pepper Football Basketball Robert Muir, Student Body President, accepts for Ensleythe Sportsmanship Trophy from Superinten-dant Theo. Wright. Sinqucfield trapps Lion's pass.And they were larks that night The victory that counted Commissioner Waggoner officiates. Women are everywhere ' 50-All Stars win over 40-All StarsFormal Opening February 22, 1962Pete McKenzie Guard Bill Odom Forward Jim Ingle Kendal Weaver Guard Guard Burch sinks one In the basket. Led by Ingle and Morrison; '61 Jacket varsity Veteran Coach Simpson Pepper produced another basketball team of championship caliber. After a shaky start the Jackets roared to victory after victory. The starting quintet consisted of Ingle, Morrison, Braswell, McKenzie and Sin-quefield. Morrison noted for his tight defensive play, hit consistently from the corners. Braswell combined tre- Weaver attempts goal against Bessemer. Marvin Stringfellow Guard Bill Braswell Center » Captains Ingle and MorrisonWesley Sorrell Jimmy Roland Fred Burnett Richard Burch Forward Guard Guard Forward hardwood quintet humbles Tuscaloosa County, Tarrant grabs early district lead. mendous spring and quick hands to score frequent tip-in's. McKenzie provided stubborn scoring punch under the boards. Ingle and Sinque-field set up and ran all patterns smoothly. Although the loss of high scorer Sinquefield weakened the team, Coach Pepper frequently mixed the starting lineup with reserves. Kendall Weaver, owner of a dangerous soft jump shot, Freddy Burnett, ball hustler, Richard Burch, jump shot expert, and Gary Cook, rebounder were frequently called into action. Phillip Martin, Bill Odom, Marvin Stringfellow, Richard Groenendyke, Jimmy Roland and Wesley Sorrell rounded out the bench. Coach Pepper and his boys eye a tense moment in the game. Phillip Martin Forward Gary Cook Forward Curtis Morrison Forward Richard Groenendyke Forwardr PKCSEKTZOIY ' CLASS OF I9601 VARSITY BASKETBALL B I! Rraswell» Curtis Morrison, Jim Ingle, Pete McKenzie, Richard Burch. olujnu how: Fred Burnett, Phillip Martin, Richard Groenendyke, Gary Cook, Jimmy Roland. Kendall Weaver. THIRD ROW: Wesley Sorrell, Bill Odom, Marvin Stringfellow. B-TEAM BASKETBALL FIRST ROW: Bobby Hooper, Wayne Vincent, Tim Orton, Tommy Blaikie, George Terry, Ted Wolf. SECOND ROW: Bernard Loreno, Ricky Hilley, Doug Suell, Bill McCrary, Drew Tombrello. THIRD ROW: Coach Hanes, Bill Burch, Rickey Childress, Stan Moss, Wayne Dickerson, Buddy Coston. B-TEAM completes perfect season and end as City-Champions. min. IB BBSEC- r« VISITORS 0 HOME Final Score in Bessemer game, night of the dedication - 63-40.Track ’ Kenneth Smith Itiw j Ronnie Crow Cross Country .Joel Roberts Randy Cooper Bill Odom Bill Braswell FIRST ROW: Jerry Topazi, David Shobe, Johnny Phillips, Byron Waldrop. SECOND ROW: Kenneth Smith, John Lyons. Pete Sfakianos, Daved Smith, Don Drashefl, Wesley Sorrell, Eddie Hughes, Dick Aloia, Mickey Moman. Don Drashefl Dick Aloia Wesley Sorrell Varsity Baseball FRONT ROW: Raymond Ruple, Ernest Rowell, Earl Sumerall, Kendal Weaver, Ronnie Orso Don Keith. BACK ROW: Ricky Childress, Philip Martin, Gary Wilson, Bobby Daniel, Pete McKenzie. Paul Jerles, James Crim, Richard Gilmer, Stan Moss, Larry Sinquefield, Johnny Osborn. Pete McKenzie First Base Most Valuable Player Stan Moss Outfield Leading Hitter 142 Bobby Daniel PitcherCity Champions 1961 The 1961 JACKETS with a 11-2 record in the city snatched the city-championship from on coming rivals Banks and Phillips. The success of the Baseball team is often overlooked as it is forced to compete with the football team for attendance and popularity. But the record, a result of hard work and determined team effort, remains to speak for itself. Helped by such sluggers as Pete McKenzie, Stan Moss, Paul Jerles and the fine pitching performances of Bobby Daniel and Don Keith, the Jacket team soared to the county play-offs where they were defeated 2-0 by Hewitt. With the end of this season dawns a bright tomorrow. Bring your hot dogs, potato chips, cokes, and boyfriends to cheer the ’62 JACKETS on to even greater heights. Larry Sinquefleld Third Base Captain James Crim Center Field Paul Jerles Second Base Ernest Rowell Outfield Ricky Childress Catcher Richard Gilmer Shortstop • ■ 3A D VER TISEMENTS£or a wonderful future! Southern BellJanuary Statistics ALFRED WAYNE ALEXANDER Music Scholarship to Miss. Southern, Band (8), Band Letter (4), Orchestra, Instrumentalist Club, Thespians Chess Club. JOYCE ANNE ALEXANDER Pres. Session Room; Jr. Red Cross (2); Library Asst., Library Letter; Latin, Tri-Hi-Y Clubs; Shorthand Awards. NANCY LEE BARRETT Nat'1 Honor Society; Exchange Cup Winner; Pres. (3), Vice-pres. (2), Bank Teller Session Room; Who's Who; Latin Award; Choir (2); Bank Board of Directors (3); Treas. (1) Tri-Hi-Y (8), Promoters (2); Annual Staff; Shorthand Awards. CAROL JOYCE BERTHON National Honor Society; Sec., Banker Session Room; Chaplain Future Teachers (2), Promoters (2), Latin Clubs. DAVID REGIS BESSIERE Choir (4), Choir Letter, Senior Ensemble. BYRON G LA DUS BEST Vice-pres. Session Room; Winner Civitan Oratorical Contest, Winner American Legion Oratorical Contest; Vice-pres. Ushers Club; Science Dep't Assistant. LINDA JOYCE BEYL Senior Y-Teens (3); Choir (5), Choir Letter and Stripe, Senior Ensemble (3); Jr. Achievement; Shorthand Awards. SYLVIA JANE BISHOP Secretary Session Room (4); DO Club. WILMA JEAN BRACKIN Home Economics, Senior Y-Teens Clubs. KENNETH EARL BUMPERS Junior Red Cross Representative. KENT NYLES BURCHFIELD Junior Red Cross Representative. BRICE DAVID BYRD NCO, ROTC. Disc and Diamond, Drill Team; Industrial Arts Club. JOY ANN CALLAWAY KiwanisCup Winner; Pres., Vice-pres. (3), Sec. Session Room; Sec. (2) Y-Teens, Thespians (2), Pres.,Sec. Home Economics Club; Bank Teller. VINZENE CERNIGLIA Vice-pres. Session Room; Jr. Red Cross. LARRY WAYNE CHANDLER Sec. Session Room; Debate Team; German Thespian Clubs; NCO-ROTC; Staff (3), Cast (2), Plays. ANDREW JACKSON CHASTEEN JR. Bank Teller Session Room; Ensemble, Sr. Ensemble, Choir Letter; NCO-ROTC. AUDREY JANE CLARK Jr. Red Cross; Bank Teller; "Jacket Staff". LARRY MICHAEL DOUGLAS Ushers Club. CHARLES ROBERT DOWNING Bank Teller; Biology. Industrial Arts Club. JAMES HARRIS DUDLEY Pres., Vice-pres. Session Room; Sec.-Treas. Industrial Arts Club; Jr. Red Cross; Bank Teller. NANCY SUE DUKE Pres., Sec. (3) Session Room; Pres., Vice-pres., Treas. Biology Club; Jr. Red Cross; Choir; Annual Staff. JACKIE CAROL ELROD Pres., Vice-pres. (2) Session Room; Jr. Red Cross; Fair, Library Exhibits; Gym Letter; Art Club. MYRA RUTH FERGUSON "The Yellow Jacket" Staff; Jr. Red Cross; Jr. Achievement; Choir; Spanish Club; Shorthand Awards. DONALD EUGENE FRANKLIN Pres., Vice-pres., Bank Teller Session Room; Junior Red Cross Representative. JERRY ELIJAH GARNER National Honor Society; Vice-pres. (2), Bank Teller Session Room; Key Club. DAVID EDISON GEORGE Hi-Y Club. SAMUEL THOMAS GIBBONS Vice-pres. Session Room; Jr. Red Cross (2), Industrial Arts Club. ANTOINETTE CAMILLE GRAFFEO Jr. Achievement; Pres., Vice-pres. Bank Board of Directors; Future Teachers Club. HUBERT WILSON GREENE JR. Electron, Lyric Clubs; Choir, Ensemble. JOHN EROL HALE NCO-ROTC. ALICE IRENE HAMMELL Vice-pres., Bank Teller Session Room; Jr. Red Cross; Choir; Shorthand Awards. JEFFERY ARNOLD HARRISON DO Club. BARBARA ANNE HEATON Pres., Vice-pres., Sec. Session Room; Shorthand Award; Jr. Y-Teens, Pres. Sr. Y-Teens, Pres. Sr. Y-Teens; G.A.A. Clubs; Gym Assistant. NORMA ELIZABETH HILL Y-Teens; Jr. Red Cross; Shorthand Award. DOUGLAS LYNN HOLLAND Pres. Session Room; Council; Junior Red Cross; Choir. SHARON ELIZABETH HOLMES Vice-pres.Student Body; Pres., Vice-pres. Sec. Session Room; Pres. French, Tri-Hi-Y Clubs; Jr. Red Cross; Choir; Cheerleader. ROBERT LYNN HUBBERT Pres. Session Room, Council; Art Award; Junior Red Cross; Ushers Club. JOHN HOUSTON JAMES JR. Pres. Record, Spanish, Lyric Clubs; Ensemble, Choir Letter; Annual Staff; Junior Achievement. PAULA DELL JONES National Honor Society; Sec. Session Room; Glee Club; Sec. Senior Y-Teens; Shorthand Awards. JOHN DAVID KELLY Vice-pres. Session Room; Jr. Red Cross.Subscribe To Compliment of The®Press SOKOL’S . is all you (f 1 flfl pay for a | m J J one full year subscription Downtown Five Points West An Independent Weekly Newspaper Devoted Entirely To the Western Section We've Served three generations in this district. 1823 Ave. F-Ensley,B’ham 8, Ala. BOGG’S ELECTRIC THE CAMERA SHOP Fred L. Williams, Mgr. 806-19th St., Ensley Kodaks - Cameras - Supplies Radios - Television - Record Players Hi- Fi - Stereophonic - Records Tape Recorders ST 7-2638 3215 Avenue W. Five Points West Phone ST 5-3253 ENSLEY FURNITURE COMPANY 1924 Avenue E Ensley, Alabama Compliments of THE COFFEE CUP WOOD LUMBER CO. Compliments 560 - Ave. G. Pratt City B'ham 14, Ala. St 5-1101 DICK SPRUIEL STANDARD SERVICE Lumber and Building Materials 2201 Bessemer RoadPEGGY JOYCE KIRKLAND Pres. Session Room; Council; Jr. Red Cross; Art Club, Art Letter; Fair Awards; Record Club; Language Lab. Assistant. RAMONA JANE KRIEGER Sec. Sr. Class; Pres.. Vice-pres., Bank Teller Session Room; Treas. Tri-Hi- Y, Y-Teens Clubs; Glee Club; Jan. Favorite; Homecoming Court; Cabinet. WILLIAM STEPHEN KNIGHT Vice-president Session Room. GWENDOLYN JOYCE LANDERS Pres. Sec. Session Room; Chaplain, Treas. Future Nurses Club. Y-Teens; Bank Worker. BOBBIE ANNE LANGLEY Ensley: Home Economics Club. Shades Valley: Art Club. PAULINE DIANE LINDSEY Sec. (2), Session Room; Spanish Club. JOSEPH ANTHONY LORINO Vice-pres. DO. DE. Writers. Lyric Clubs; Choir. PATRICIA ANN LOVOY Bank Teller; Library Asst.; Shorthand Award. PAULA JEANETTE LOVELESS Jr. Red Cross; Library Asst.; Library, Span., Tri-Hi-Y, Y-Teens Club; Annual Staff. PATRICIA ARLENE McCANN Vice-pres. Session Room; Vice-pres., Treas. Chaplain Biology Club (5). BILLIE JOYCE McQUEEN Vice-pres. (3), Banker (2) Session Room; Bank Board of Directors; Shorthand Awards. SHIRLEY ANN McRAE Jr. Red Cross; Jr. Y-Teens; Shorthand Awards. JUDY LEE M A RON A Pres., Vice-pres., Banker Session Room; Cabinet; BankBoard of Directors; January Favorite; Choir (3); Ensemble; Y-Teens, Tri-Hi-Y, Promoters Clubs. PATRICIA ANN MEEK Nat'l Honor Society; Sec. Student Body; Miss Jacket; Homecoming Queen; Scholarship Letter; Vice-pres., Sec. (4) Session Room; Pres., Sec. Tri-Hi-Y, Promoters Clubs; Choir, Ensemble; Cashier Bank Board of Directors; Annual Staff; Shorthand Awards. HUBERT LAYNE MORRIS Choir (5). FRANCES JOSEPHINE NIX Vice-pres.,Sec. (3), Bank Teller Session Room; Shorthand Awards. JAMES JOSEPH OTTO Pres. Sr. Class; Pres. (2), Vice-pres. (2), Session Room; Jr. Red Cross; Bank Board of Directors. JUDITH KAY OAKES Senior Y-Teens Representative; Jr. Y-Teens, Promoters, Tri-Hi-Y Clubs; Choir. JANET ELAINE PICKETT Library Assistant, Library Club; Junior Red Cross; Shorthand Awards. BRENDA GAYLE PRATER Y-Teens. Music, Future Nurses Clubs. BERNARD ROBERT PUCCIO Writers, Lyric, DO. Sec. DE Clubs; Choir (2). JACK ANTHONY RAIA Pres. (2), Vice-pres., Sec. Session Room; Choir. GLEN CLEVELAND ROBERTS JR. Choir (4); Lyric, Disc and Diamond Clubs. KENNETH RILEY SCARBOROUGH B-Team Football, Varsity Football (3). LECIL LLOYD SETLIFF JR. Choir (6), Ensemble, Sec. Lyric, Ushers Club. CLAUDIA GERTRUDE SHOOK Nat'l Honor Society; Best Freshman; Jan-Favorite; Pres., Vice-pres.. Sec., Bank Teller Session Room; Jr. Red Cross: Council; Jr.. Sr. Y-Teens; Shorthand Awards. LARRY EUGENE SINQUEFIELD Pres., Vice-pres. Session Room; Winner Fred Sington Trophy; May King; Choir; Varsity Baseball (3), Cap't Varsity Basketball (4), Cap't Varsity Football (4), Varsity Track. MARY LOUISE STEADHAM Majorette Letter (2); Band Letter (4); Sec., Publicity Manager Band; Y-Teens. ELSIE FAYE STEELE Library Assistant, Library Club; Shorthand Award; Intramurals. JUDY LYNN STRINGER Junior Red Cross; Banker; Spanish Club. CELESTE KAY TANNER BankBoardof Directors, Bank Teller; Y-Teens, Speech, Library Clubs; Lib. Asst. JERRY WAYNE TOWNSEND Pres.. Vice-pres. Session Room; Varsity Football. CONSTANCE ODEL VOWELL Jr. Red Cross; Bank Board of Directors; Choir Glee Club; Annual Staff; Tri-Hi-Y, Y-Teens. WILLIAM HAROLD WEEKS ROTC Rifle Team; Disc and Diamond Club. BEVERLY JANE WHITFIELD Sec. (3), Bank Teller Session Room; Sec.. Treas. Jr. Red Cross; Sec. Bank Board of Directors; Shorthand Awards: Junior Achievement. HELEN MARIE WILLIAMS DE, Home Economics Clubs. JAMES WILLIAM WILSON Pres., Vice-pres., Sec. Session Room; Chaplain Hi-Y; B-Team Football; Varsity Tennis. Varsity Football. SUSAN TRUE WILSON Pres. (5), Vice-pres. Session Room; First Alternate Miss Touchdown; Choir, Ensemble; Promoters, Y-Teens, Tri-Hi-Y Clubs. KAY FRANCES BEAVERS Pres. (2). Sec. (2), Bank Teller Session Room; Treas. Home Economics Class.ENSLEY BOWLING LANES 2716 Avenue E., Ensley ST 1-4149 High Schoolers ALWAYS Welcome For the Best in BowlingMay Statistics JUDY CAROLYN ABBOTT Secretary Session Room; Secretary, Treasurer DO Club. JERRY WAYNE ABNER P.A. System; Staff Play (3); Industrial Arts, Junior Electron Clubs. DAVID JOSEPH ADAIR Vice-pres., Banker Session Room, Jr. Red Cross Representative; Hi-Y, Vice-pres. Industrial Arts Clubs. WILLIAM ROBERT ADKINS Choir (4). JUDY MARIE ALEXANDER Nat'l. Honor Society; Cabinet; Headline Ed., Co-Editor "Yellow Jacket"; Treas. Jr. Red Cross; Sec. French Club; Staff Play; Choir (3); Shorthand Award. MARGARET ANN ALDREDGE Red Cross Rep.; French, Library Clubs; Library Assistant; "Jacket" Staff; Shorthand Award. SANDRA RAYE ALLISON Red Cross Rep.; Gym Asst.; Sec., Vice-pres. Girls Athletic Assn.; Alternate Cheerleader; Y-Teen, Latin Clubs. SHIRLEY ANN ALSABROOK Sec. Nat'l Honor Society; Sec. Student Body; Best Freshman Award; Cabinet; Pres., Banker Session Room; Council; Jr. Red Cross; Miss Fire Prevention; First Alt. Homecoming Queen; Choir; Chaplain Writers Club, Jr. Y-Teens; Chaplain Sr. Y-Teens; Promoters, Tri-Hl-Y Clubs. CAROLYN ANDERSON Tri-Hi-Y, Future Teachers, Library, Y-Teens, D.O. Clubs; Winner Table Setting Contest. KATHRYN ANNETTE ARNOLD D. O., Latin Clubs EMILY NEAL ARTHUR Chaplain Thespians; Staff Play (3), Cast Play (4); Rep. to National Convention, Bloomington, Indiana, State Convention. HENRY JERRY ASKEW Pres., Vice-pres., Sec., Banker Session Room; Hi-Y, Photography Clubs; Varsity Track; Boys Vocal. JOHN KNIGHT ATKINS JR. Nat'l Honor Society; Nat'l Merit Scholarship Semifinalist; Harvard Book Award; Vice-pres., Sec. Session Room; Vice-pres. (2) Disc and Diamond, Pres. Jr. Electrons, Pres. Usher Clubs; BattlegroupComdr., Outstanding Military Cadet; Science Dept. Assistant; Band. JOHNNY ELBERTON AUSBUN Hi-Y Club; Cross Country Track. THOMAS MILBURN BAILEY Sec. (3) Session Room; Jr. Electron Club (3); Stock Room Asst.; Debate Team. LARRY DUDLEY BARNETT Pres., Vice-pres., Sec. Session Room; Treas. French, Sec. Hi-Y, Key Clubs. PAULA JANE BATES Vice-pres. Session Room; Who's Who; Promoter, Tri-Hi-Y Clubs. FRED ALLEN BLEVINS Vice-pres. Session Room; Art Club; Project Committee. MARY FAITH BOBO Pres. (3), Bank Teller Session Room; Council, Cabinet; Tri-Hi-Y, Promoters, Treas. Spanish Clubs. CAROL JEAN BOTTSFORD Bank Teller Session Room; Chaplain Thespians, Future Nurses Clubs; Gym Asst.; Staff Play (6); Staff May Day (2). JOHN LESTER BOWLIN Stage Lighting Operator; Staff Play (4); Projectionist (3); Biology Lab. Asst. LARRY DALE BOWMAN Industrial Arts Club. THOMAS LAMAR BOWMAN Spanish Club. ELIZABETH SALLY BRAGAN Cheerleader; HomecomingCt.; Pres., Sec., Bank Teller Session Room; Vice-pres. Fr., Sec. Sr. Y-Teens. Promoters, Tri-Hi-Y Clubs; Shorthand Awards. JOAN ANN BRASFIELD Pres., Vice-pres., Bank Teller Session Room; Council; Jr. Red Cross; Pres., Chap. Future Nurses, DO Clubs; Band; Pres., Vice-pres. Orchestra (5); Orchestra Letter. SALLY MARION BRASWELL Sec. Session Room; Pres. Jr. Y-Teens, Treas., Vice-pres. Art, Sr. Y-Teens, Tri-Hi-Y Clubs; Big Nine Dance Comm.; Library Asst. MARION LEE BROWN Sec., Library Band (8); Staff Play; G.A.A. (5), Sr. Y-Teens (2) Clubs; Gym Asst. ELBERT JACKSON BUCKELEW JR. Vice-pres., Sec. Session Room; Hi-Y (5), Jr. Electron Clubs; Jr. Red Cross (2). RICHARD LYELL BURCH Pres. Session Room; B-Team Basketball; Varsity Basketball; Varsity Tennis; Hi-Y Club; Choir; Science Dept. Assistant. THOMAS ALLEN BURCH Pres., Vice-pres. Session Room; Key. Hi-Y Clubs; Choir. MARY ANN CALLAWAY Pres., Sec. Session Room; Tri-Hi-Y, Jr. Y-Teens, French Clubs. JUDY LORRAINE CAPPS Jr. Y-Teens, Sr. Y-Teens, Spanish Clubs; Jr. Red Cross; Choir, Ensemble; Shorthand Award.Barbers Best at y0Ut Grocers Barber’s best on your table too. The fine quality, pure good taste of Barber’s Milk and other dairy products is your assurance of high food values and good health. The most complete line of quality dairy products bear the name Barbed Barbed See If You Don’t Like Barber’s Best!MARY HAZEL CARRINGTON President Session Room; Treasurer Writers Club, Latin, Y-Teens Clubs; Cast Play. JOHN WESLEY CLARK Bank Teller Session Room. LINDA KAY COLLINS Secretary Senior Class; Vice-President, Secretary, Junior Red Cross Representative Session Room; President, Vice-President, Chaplain Junior Y-Teens, Secretary Senior Y-Teens; ’’Yellow Jacket”. • ELBERT GARY COOK, JR President National Honor Society; National Merit Scholarship Semi-finalist; President, Vice-President Session Room; Council (2); Best Freshman; Cabinet; Boys' State Representative; May Court; Jefferson County Citizenship Tour; Vice-President Math (5), Ushers (4), German Clubs; Track, B-Team Basketball Letter, Varsity Tennis Letter (2), Varsity Basketball Letter (2); Choir, Ensemble. MARTHA LUCINDA COOK President, Secretary Session Room; Junior Y-Teens, Senior Y-Teens, Tri-Hi-Y, President Art Clubs; Scholastic Art Award (3); State Fair Art Awards. FREEMAN EARL COOPER President Session Room; Industrial Arts, Hi-Y (5) Clubs. WILLIAM NELSON COOPER Vice-President, Secretary Session Room; Treasurer Math (4), Hi-Y (4), Junior Electrons Clubs. MARJORIE ANNE COUCH Vice-President, Junior Red Cross Representative Session Room; Future Teachers, Junior Y-Teens Clubs; Band. LARRY PAUL COX National Honor Society; Nominated for DuPont Regional Scholarship; Winner Math Contest; Cabinet; President Math, Vice-President Junior Electron, Vice-President, Chaplain German, Chess Clubs. JAMES EGBERT DANIEL Marion Institute Science Club; Marion Institute Cadet Choir. Honors from Ensley: Bank Teller Session Room; Disc and Diamond, Hi-Y Clubs; Bank Worker. MARY JO DARABARIS Y-Teens, G.A. A., Vice-President Future Nurses Clubs; Vice-President Bank Board of Directors; Gym Assistant, Gym Letter. DAVID EUGENE DAVIDSON Key, Chess Clubs. WILLIAM MARSHAL DAVIDSON German, Chess, Junior Electrons Clubs; Freedom Forum. FAYLENN DAVIS Art, Library, Home Economics, Deca Clubs; Library Assistant, Library Letter; Annual Staff. WILLIAM MONROE DAWSON Vice- President Session Room; Junior Red Cross; Latin Club; Tennis Team CYNTHIA LOU DEASON President, Vice-President Session Room; Chaplain Red Cross; Vice-President, Chaplain Future Teachers, President, Secretary German, Thespians Clubs; Play Staff (2), Play Cast (3); Representative to National Thespian Convention. NANCY KAY DENSON National Honor Society; President (2), Vice-President, Secretary, Bank Teller Session Room; Student Council (2), Cabinet; President French, Treasurer Tri-Hi-Y, Junior Y-Teen Clubs; Homecoming Court; Gym Assistant, Captain Girls’ Intra-murals; Shorthand Award. JANET DARLENE DICKERSON President, Vice-President, Secretary Session Room; Council; President, Chaplain Y-Teens (8); Secretary Home Economics Clubs; Bank Board of Directors (2), Cashier; "Jacket” Staff; Shorthand Award. NANCY RAY DOLLAR Head Marshal; President, Vice-President, Red Cross Representative Session Room; President, Vice-President, Treasurer Y-Teens (8); Secretary Bank Board of Directors; Council; Shorthand Award. LINDA ANN DULANEY Secretary Chess, Library, Future Teachers Clubs; Annual Staff; Library Assistant; Library Letter. ELIZABETH DIANE EDDY President, Vice-President Session Room; Cabinet; Council; Biology, Y-Teens Clubs; Choir (3), Ensemble. Lima Senior High School Honors: Secretary Sophomore Class; Sophomore May Attendant; Junior Student Council. AGNES ELIZABETH FERGUSON Secretary Session Room; Secretary Major Food Class; First Prize Winner Major Foods al Fair. FRANCES MELINDA FERGUSON Secretary Session Room; Junior, Senior Y-Teens; Gold Key, Scholastic Art Awards. RACHAEL ANN FRAZIER Banker (2) Session Room; Secretary Senior Y-Teens; Vice-President, Treasurer Writers Clubs; Choir (2), Ensemble. PATRICIA GAIL FULLER Bank Teller, Bank Board of Directors, Bank Staff; Gym Letter, Assistant, Photographer Gym Club (4); Vice-President, Photographer German Club (4). JOHN GABLE President, Vice-President Biology Club. SHARON ANNE GALLANT Vice-President National Honor Society (3); President, Vice-President, Secretary, Bank Teller (3) Session Room; Secretary Latin, Vice-President, Tri-Hi-Y, Secretary Junior Y-Teens, Library, Promotors Clubs; Library Assistant; Student Council, Cabinet; Homecoming Court; Yellow Jacket Staff; Choir; Scholarship Letter; Assistant Editor "The Jacket”; Latin Award. 153Compliments Flowers For All Occasions E NS LEY GRILL Ensley, Alabama WILES FLORIST 4317-Seventh Avenue Wylam St 6-8591 Watches Electronically Timed on Watch-master Timing Machine JIMMIE'S WATCH SHOP 600-A 19th St. Ensley Jimmie Panos All Work Guaranteed Closed All Day Wednesday HEAD'S SERVICE STATION 901-41st St., Wylam TEXACO ST 5-9316 PITTS GROCERY 4101-7th Avenue Wylam, Alabama UNIQUE CLEANERS 814-19th St., Ensley Groceries Meats Birmingham, Alabama SULLIVAN TELEVISION SERVICE We Repair All Makes of Radios AndT.V.'s Compliments of JAX SEED HARDWARE CO. 822 Erie St., Wylam, Alabama Bus. Phone- ST6- 6421 Res. Phone ST7-1271 Quality Merchandise Moderately Priced 2019 Ave E., Ensley, Ala. EAT. . . GOLDEN FLAKES Potato Chips Korn Kurls Peanut Butter Crackers Salted Peanuts "Birmingham's Own" You Can Get Them In The LunchroomJERRELL WAYNE GARRETT President Session Room; Hi-Y Club; DO Club. ANITA LOUISE GOLDSMITH Bank Teller Session Room; Chaplain Junior Y-Teens, Senior Y-Teens, French Club; Yellow Jacket Staff; Choir, Senior Ensemble; Scholastic Art Award, Art Certificates. MARY DIANE GRASS Vice-President Session Room; Library Club, Library Assistant; Junior Achievement (2). PATRICIA ANN GUGLIOTTA Vice-President, Secretary Session Room; Junior (2), Senior (2) Y-Teens, Writers, Promoters, Tri-Hi-Y Clubs; Library Assistant; Shorthand Award; Choir. JERILYN ELIZABETH GURGANUS National Honor Society; Vice-President Session Room; Cheerleader; Secretary Spanish Club; Junior, Senior, Y-Teens, Tri-Hi-Y, Promoters; Citizenship Tour; Secretary Inter-High Promoters; Choir. HELEN MARIE HALL John Phillip Sousa Band Award; Banker (2), Bank Worker (3); Secretary, Chaplain German (4), Instrumentalists' Clubs; President (2), Treasurer, Parliamentarian Band (6), Band Letter, Orchestra Letter, Orchestra Officer; 5th Place Alabama State Fair Science Division 1960; Staff Play; All-City Band; Choir. ZADIE ANN HAMBY Junior Red Cross Representative (2); President Future Nurses Club; Staff Plays (2). MYRA GAIL HAMMOCK Secretary Future Nurses Club; Y-Teens; Shorthand Award; Bank Worker. LINDA ANN HARDIN Vice- President, Secretary Session Room; Junior, Senior Y-Teens; Shorthand Award. MARY EDNA HARGETT Secretary Session Room; Choir Letter. KENNETH MURRAY HARRISON Vice-President Session Room; B-Team Football, Varsity Football. SARA LEE HASSELL President, Vice-President Sess ion Room; Y-Teens, Latin, Promoters, Tri-Hi-Y Clubs; Library Assistant; Council; Choir. RAYMOND LEE HIGGINBOTHAM Choir (5), Choir Letter, Ensemble (4); Disc and Diamond Club; ROTC Officer, NCO-ROTC. WANDA CLOIS HILL President (2), Vice-President (2), Secretary Session Room; Junior Red Cross; Chaplain, Parliamentarian, Historian Future Teachers; Gym Assistant (3), Girls' Intra-murals; Girls' State Representative 1961. SHIRLEY DIAN HITT Head Cheerleader; President (2), Vice-President, Secretary (2), Bank Teller, Red Cross Representative Session Room; Chaplain French Club; Junior Y-Teens, Tri-Hi-Y, Promoters Clubs; Council; Homecoming Court; Choir Citizenship Tour. HAL LOMER HOLSTON President, Red Cross Representative Session Room; Treasurer Red Cross; B-Team Football. PAUL DENTON LANKFORD Vice- President Session Room; Coin Club; Science Department Assistant; NCO-ROTC. LOUISE DORIS LEO President (2), Vice-President, Secretary Session Room; Y-Teens, Library, Disc and Diamond Clubs; Library Assistant; Head ROTC Sponsor; Miss Classie Lassie; Glee Club. PAMELA BAYNE LOFTIN’ Vice- President, Secretary Session Room; Treasurer Spanish Club; Choir Letter. SHIRLEY FAYE McGAUGHY Junior Red Cross Representative; Girls' Athletic Association. KAREN JEAN McQUILLEN National Honor Society; President (2), Secretary (2), Banker Session Room; Runner-up in English Nation-wide Contest; Council; Choir; Cheerleader; Junior Y-Teens, Promoters, Chaplain Tri-Hi-Y Clubs; Bank Board of Directors; Citizenship Tour; Homecoming Court. TERENCE FRANKLIN MARTIN Vice-President, Sec ret ary Electrons, Math, Chess Clubs; N.C.O.-ROTC.' GLENN RICHARD MANN Secretary Session Room; Junior Red Cross; Secretary Hi-Y Club; Choir. NORMA SHERILYN MAIN Vice-President (2), Secretary (2) Session Room; President, Council Representative Y-Teens (2); Chaplain French, Tri-Hi-Y Clubs; Shorthand Award. JOHN CHARLES MEADOWS Vice-President, Secretary Session Room; Secretary Ushers (3), Spanish (2) Clubs. NORMAN MESSINA President, Vice-President Sess ion Room; B-Team Football; Junior Red Cross Representative; Art Certificate of Merit. JOSEPH BERNARD MONZELLA Vice-President, Banker Session Room; B-Team Football; Choir Letter; Junior, Senior Electrons Clubs; Junior Red Cross. LUTHEREE GILMORE MORENO Secretary (2), Banker (2) Session Room; Vice-President, Secretary Art Club; Certificate of Merit (2). ETHEL ELAINE MOSLEY National Honor Society; Eta Sigma Phi Latin Award; Vice-President Session Room: President, Vice-President Math (3), Chaplain Latin, Chaplain Y-Teens (6) Clubs; D.A.R. Good Citizen Girl; May "Who's Who". ROBERT HERRON MUIR, JR. President Student Body; President (2), Vice-President Session Room; Chairman Student Council; Vice-President Key, Ushers, Hi-Y, Chaplain German Clubs; May Court; Ensemble, Choir; Baseball. «S5 W. 1. MARTIN DRUG CO. 1400 3rd Ave., West 1 i ■lien shoppe ■ Birmingham, Alabama 1811 AVE F. ENSLEY ST 5-10S1 ■ Phone ST 5-1133 COOPER BUILDING SUPPLY Compliments 900 1st St. Pratt City ALEXANDER BARBER SHOP B'ham 14, Ala. Owner 1915 Avenue F Wood Cooper Phone ST 1-2461 Ensley, Alabama COSTELLO GROCERY 632-3rd Way Pratt City, Alabama Phone ST 8-6362 M J f|-rr rr rr rr r- t,j? rr p rr 1911 Ave. F. Ensley, Ala. Phone ST 6-5361 FRANK CHAMBERS ENGRAVING CO. favorite 805 South 26th Street DOUGHNUT Birmingham, Alabama 18 VARIETIES Wedding Made Fresh Continuously Invitations Letterheads Class Rings Open 7 Days A Week Commencement Announcements Till Midnight Diplomas Cup Medals 5 Points West Shopping City Trophies 8601 First Ave., North CHARLES THOMAS MULHOLLAND NCO-ROTC, Officer (3), Assistant Instructor (1); Disc and Diamond Club (4); Play Cast (2), Staff; Chemistry Stock Room Assistant. THOMAS MARK NORTON Vice-President Session Room; President, Vice-President German, Junior Electron Clubs; Choir Letter; Secretary Civitans; May Who’s Who. MARTHA FRANCES OGLESBY President, Vice-President, Bank Teller Session Room; Secretary, Vice-President Y-Teens, Secretary Tri-Hi-Y, Promoters; Choir Shorthand Award. CHESTER LEON PARKER President, Vice-President, Bank Teller Session Room; Kiwanis Athletic Trophy; Hi-Y; B-Team Football (2), B-Team Basketball (2); Varsity Football (2); Biology Stockroom; History Department. LOUIS ALLEN PARKER Bank Teller, Red Cross Representative (2) Session Room; Track, Football, Basketball Manager; Industrial Arts Club. WANDRA KAY PARKER President (2), Vice-President (2), Secretary, Chaplain Session Room; Vice-President Latin, President Y-Teens, Promoters, Vice-President Tri-Hi-Y Clubs; National Honor Society; Council; Cabinet. BETTIE MARIE PHILLIPS Secretary Session Room; Y-Teens; Shorthand Award. CHARLES SEAY PHILLIPS President (2), Sec re tar y (2), Session Room; Junior Electron Club (2), Junior Civitans (3), Disc and Diamond (2); NCO-ROTC; Rifle Team. WILLIAM DENSON PHILLIPS President, Vice-President, Secretary Session Room; B-Team Football, Varsity Football, Varsity Baseball. KAY CHARLENE PEARCE President (2), Vice-President (2), Bank Teller Session Room; Promoters, Y-Teens, President Math Club; Secretary Math Department. MARY FRANCES PRINCE National Honor Society; Secretary Session Room; Y-Teens. GRACE HINES PRITCHETT National Honor Society (3); Alternate Optimist Club Scholarship; Latin Award; Bank Teller (2); Cabinet (2); Council (2); Gym, Math (2), Tri-Hi-Y, Promoters; President, Treasurer Art (3) Clubs; Editor, Assistant Editor "The Jacket"; "Yellow Jacket" Staff; Stockroom Assistant; Honors from Sheffield Chess, Latin, International Relations Clubs; Glee Club, Ensemble; Freshman, Sophomore Editor "The Demitasse". GERALD EUGENE RAWLINGS DO Club; Third Place Winner DO Club State Oratorical Contest. ROBERT COOPER RAY President Junior Civitan Club; French, Ushers, Chess Clubs; Ensemble, Choir. EUGENIA ANN REAGAN Latin Club (3); Junior, Senior Y-Teens (4), Promoters; Choir, Ensemble; Junior Red Cross Representative. RAYMOND MILLER REINHART National Merit Scholarship Semifinalist; Latin Award; Junior Electrons, President German, Chaplain, Treasurer Math, Latin Clubs; NCO-ROTC; Science Department Assi stant; Vice-President, Treasurer Junior Achievement. MELINDA MAMIE REYNOLDS Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer Session Room; Junior Red Cross Representative, Chaplain Y-Teens, Tri-Hi-Y Promoters Clubs; Choir. TONY RODRIGUEZ, JR Secretary Session Room; Spanish Club; Science Laboratory Assistant. MARCUS HAROLD RUSSELL B-Team Football, B-Team Track; Science Department Assistant. From Barene High School: Varsity Football, B-Team Basketball; Photog-raphv Editor the Annual. NICK JOSEPH SANTORO National Honor Society; President Senior Class; President, Banker Session Room; Council; Business Manager Annual; Math, Spanish, Chess Clubs; Choir; Assistant Supervisor Science Department. HILTON DWIGHT SATTERWHITE Vice-President Junior Electrons, Instrumentalists Club; Choir, Ensemble, Band, Student Director All-city Band. SANDRA FAYE SCOTT Spanish, Promoters Y-Teens Clubs. PETER NIC KOLAS SFAKIANOS President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer Electrons; Library Assistant; Track Letter, B-Team Track, Varsity Football. JOY MARIE SHAW Secretary (2) Session Room; Junior Y-Teens (2), Secretary Latin Club (3); Promoters (3); Vice-President (2) Secretary, Treasurer Future Teachers (8); Choir, Ensemble; Science Assistant; Representative F.T.A. RONALD CLAY SHEFFIELD Vice-President, Red Cross Representative Session Room; B-Team Football Letter, Varsity Football Letter (2), B-Team Track, Choir, Ensemble, Hi-Y. WILLIAM AMOS SHORT Marching, Concert Bands: Oak Grove Honors: Honor Society; Vice-President Student Body; Band, Orchestra, Council; F.T.A., President 4-H Clubs; Dance Orchestra. MARIE SICOLA Deca Club. CAROL ANN SIMS Chaplain Session Room; First Prize Winner Essay Contest; C hap la i n Y-Teens, Secretary Future Nurses Clubs; Choir. DONALD TRICE SIMS DE Club.New Sherman Holland Used Cars Frank Sims Trucks Sales Managers Phone ST 6-6332 ! II Furniture S ellu Appliances 625 19th Street Ensley, Alabama Compliments ENSLEY POST 35 AMERICAN LEGION PEYTON A. EUBANK COMPANY Realtor-Insuror 2105 Avenue E, Ensley Phone ST5-4178 Birmingham 8, Alabama Individual Styling Air Conditioned ENSLEY BEAUTY SHOP 1821 Ave. E. Ensley, Ala. Next to United Security Bldg. Ruth C. McDonald Owner STate 6-3143 GILMER DRUG COMPANY, INC. M. A. BOYNTON, President 418 Nineteenth Street Ensley 8, Alabama MASSEY’S CAFE 2023 Avenue E Birmingham 8, Alabama Phone ST 5-9282 Private Dining Room HENDERSON HENSLEE 2201 Ave.E, Ensley. Alabama Motor Parts Auto Machine Service Motors Rebuilt Auto Parts ST5-4129 ST5-4129HARRY DON SMITH President, Vice-President Session Room; Vice-President French (3), Junior Director, Treasurer Key Clubs. KENNETH EDWIN SMITH President, Vice-President Student Body; President, Banker Session Room; President Key, President French Clubs; B-Team Track, Varsity Track, Letter Track (2); Who's Who; Choir. PERRY JON SMITH President (2) Session Room; Cabinet, Council; French (2), Hi-Y (7); Bovs’ Vocal. JANE CORTEZ SMITHERMAN Secretary Session Room (2); Spanish, Promoters, Y-Teens Clubs. MILDRED ELAINE SNEAD Vice-President, Chaplain Session Room; Junior Y-Teens (2), Math, Secretary Promoters (4), Tri-Hi-Y (3), Treasurer Inter-High Promoters. CAROLYN RAE SPANN National Honor Society (2); President, Vice-President, Secretary; Library (6), Secretary, Chaplain, Y-Teens (2), Promoters (4), Tri-Hi-Y (2) Clubs; Choir (4). Ensemble; Science Assistant. CHARLES GAITHER SPRADLING, JR President National Honor Society; 1961 N.S.F. Summer Science Training Program Mississippi State University; Vice-President (2), Chaplain Session Room; 1st Place Biology Division; 1960 AJAS; 1st Place Zoology Division, 1960 Alabama State Fair; Honorable Mention 1961 F.S.A.; 1960 E.T.V. Program; Cabinet. Council; President, Drill-marshal, Property Manager Band, Band Letter; Vice-President, Treasurer French, Chess Clubs; Who’s Who. LOUIS JOHN FRANCIS STANO, JR. President Session Room; Electron Club; Math Club; ROTC Officer; ROTC Rifle Team; NCO. ELSIE STEELE Volleyball, Basketball Varsities; Library Club; Shorthand Award. NANCY FAYE STEPHENS Y-Teens (2); Red Cross Representative; Annual Salesman. GEORGE RAY STEWART President, Vice-President, Secretary Session Room; Semifinalist National Merit Scholarship Test; Secretary Electrons; Who’s Who; Vice-President Senior Class. DORIS JANET STINSON President. Vice-President, Secretary Session Room; Junior Red Cross Representative (2); Usherette; Choir Letter, Ensemble; President Promoters; Chaplain Y-Teens, Tri-Hi-Y; ROTC Sponsor. WAYNE GRIFFITH STREET DECA Club. SANDRA KAY SUDDETH Senior Y-Teens (2). JANET MARIE TAYLOR Secretary, Banker Session Room; President, Vice-President Spanish, Vice-President Art, Tri-Hi-Y Clubs; Scholastic Art Keys (2), Art Letter, State Fair Award; Choir Letter. WILLIAM CARL TAYLOR Secretary Session Room; Art, Vice-President Coin, Secretary, Chaplain Spanish Clubs; Choir; Art Letter; Spanish Medal; Sergeant ROTC. RAYMOND EARL THOMAS Band (2), Writers, Ushers, Instrumentalists Clubs. From Sandusky: Baseball, Council. MARTHA ANN TILLERY President Session Room; Junior Red Cross Representative. MARY MARGARET TOOMER Secretary National Honor Society; President, Vice- President Banker Session Room; President, Secretary Writers, Y-Teens, Promoters, Secretary Thespians Clubs; Council; Staff "The Yellow Jacket", "The Jacket"; Vice-President Inter-High Promoters; Cast, Staff, Student Director, President Staff Plays. JANICE ELAINE TUCKER Secretary, Banker (5) Session Room; May Who’s Who; Choir (2); Glee Club; Secretary, Chaplain (2) Y-Teens (5); Vice-President, Treasurer Future Nurses, Tri-Hi-Y, Promoters; "The Jacket" Staff (2); Usherette. CHARLEY McCAIN TUGGLE President, Vice-President Session Room; Chaplain Junior Civitan, Hi-Y Clubs; Choir Letter. RICHARD SHELTON VANDIVER Vice-President (2) Session Room; President Lyric Club, Ensemble (2), Choir (4); Varsity Baseball. MARY ELLEN VAUGHN Junior (3), Senior (2) Y-Teens; Library Club; Library Assistant. JUDY GALE VINES Future Nurses (6), Library Clubs; Library Assistant; Junior Red Cross Representative. LOUISE KAY WAGGONER National Honor Society; President (2), Secretary, Banker Session Room; Cheerleader; U.N. Tour; Freedom Forum; Secretary Junior Red Cross; Vice-President Promoters; Chaplain Junior Y-Teens Tri-Hi-Y: Council; Choir. DOUGLAS RAY WALKER Industrial Arts Club; B-Team, Varsity Track; Science Department Assistant. MARY SALLY WALKER Banker Session Room; President, Chaplain; Writers, Secretary Tri-Hi-Y, Promoters, Y-Teens Library Clubs; U.N. Tour; Glee Club. CHARLES HILTON WALKER Choir; Electrons Club; Stockroom Assistant. ROBERT EMMETT WALKER President (2), Vice-President, Banker (3), Junior Red Cross Representative Session Room; Vice-President, Secretary, Chaplain Hi-Y (8), President DO (2), Spanish (2) Clubs; Track (2), Tennis (2), Basketball. Football Manager, Council, Thespians.VANDERBURG REALTY COMPANY 2103 Avenue E Ensley, Alabama Representing Hartford Fire Insurance Company ENSLEY APOTHECARY Phone ST 5-3181 1925 Avenue E Ensley, Ala. Prescription Drugs Open all day Every Sunday WESTERN SUPER MARKETS Birmingham's Finest Independent Markets SMITH-NORTON REALTY COMPANY, INC. Real Estate and Insurance 611- 19 th St. Ensley, Alabama -Our Service Doesn't Cost-It Pays- SPEEDY'S PURE OIL STATION 2200 Bessemer Road ST 1-9289 5 Pts West. Shop At COTTON'S "Your FASHION Store in Ensley" FROSTOP DRIVE-IN In Five Points West 2916 Bessemer RoadWILLIAM EDWARD DOBBS WALTON Vice-President (2), Red Cross Representative Session Room; Council; Editor, Assistant Editor "The Yellow Jacket"; Hi-Y, Key Clubs; Choir; B-Team Football, Track; Varsity Track. DENNIS WILLIAM WARREN Writers Club; Vice-President Junior Achievement; Cross-country Track. KENDAL MOORE WEAVER President (3), Vice-President Session Room; Vice-President Hi-Y, Latin, W r ite rs, Chess Clubs; Varsity Basketball (2); Varsity Baseball (2) Track, B-Team Basketball, B-Team Track; Choir; Ensemble. SHARON JOYCE WEBB Spanish, Promoters, Chaplain Y-Teens, Secretary, Vice-President Future Teachers of America. ROBERT EUGENE WEIR President, Vice-President Session Room; Council; President Hi-Y Club; Choir; Varsity Football, Baseball, Basketball, B-Team Basketball. CYNTHIA JANE WILCOX Honors from John Muir High: Choir; G.A.A. Honors from Ensley High: Secretary (2) Session Room; Junior Y-Teens, Vice-President (2), Secretary, Historian F.T.A., Promoters Clubs; Choir Letter, Ensemble; Junior Red Cross; "The Yellow Jacket" Staff. ROBERT CLAYTON LIGHTSEY Sec., Banker (3) Session Room; Vice-Pres. Art Club, Vice-Pres. Spanish Club, Cast Plays (2); NCO-ROTC. In Memoriam William Clifford Each 4-17-44 — 11-10-61 •61 SPARK’S HARDWARE and PAINT CO. 108-10-12 Avenue U Pratt City Phone ST 5-7236 BARNES HARDWARE CO. Appliances 819-1st St. Pratt City, Alabama ST 5- 5492 EVANS FURNITURE COMPANY We Buy, Sell, And Trade New And Used Furniture "Best For Less" 100 Ave T (Pratt City) ST 5-2148 WHITE’S PHARMACY Pratt City HOBBS SERVICE STATION 904-2 5th Street Ensley, Birmingham,Ala. Yours For Service Gasoline-Oils-Grease trij.i Phone ST 8-9182 127 A.J.(Jane) GINN DRUG CO. 911-40th St. Ensley ST 6-8312 Prescriptions Our Speciality JONES GROCERY 721-25th St., Ensley STELL-GENE DRESS SHOP Fashionable Women's Apparel ST 5-7623 We Deliver 905-40th Street Ensley, Alabama ST 6-0943 Compliments ENSLEY CURB MARKET ENSLEY AUTO PARTS COMPANY Wholesale Automotive Parts and Equipment 2123 Ave. E., Ensley Station Birmingham 8, Alabama ENSLEY PAINT And BODY SERVICE Compliments D W HARDWARE CO. 2012 Ave. E., Ensley ST 5-0464 1920 Avenue E Ensley, Alabama Refrigerators All Makes And Models Washers Air Conditioners Dryers And Stoves HALL APPLIANCE SERVICE 914- 25th Street Ensley 8, Ala. Charles Hall Chuck Hall ST 7-0626 ST 8-9182 Compliments IDEAL FURNITURE COMPANY 700-2-4-6-8 19th Street Ensley, Alabama ST 5-6485 Compliments ROCHESTER DRUG CO. 528-19th St., Ensley Phone ST 5-1178 Prompt Prescriptions and Delivery Service KEITH'S HARDWARE Sporting Goods Headquarters Keith's Marine Mercury Motors Lone Star Boats Ensley, Alabama MILLER’S BEAUTY SALON 4631 Avenue V Birmingham 8, Alabama Phone ST 8-7571 143-3-2-62 Micky! Please!! At Last the Perfect Woman. GREETINGS, CLASS of '62. From: Ruby Baird McLaughlin (Mrs. J. S.) Grad. ’20 Grad. Elyton-Ensley High to SULLINS COLLEGE, BRISTOL, VA. Graduate 1923 Los Angeles County General Hospital School of Nursing Graduate '34 Attainment of livelihod, LAUGHTER AND THE LOVE OF FRIENDS, with respect for PERFORMANCE OF DUTIES.............. requires TRAINING ! TRUE EDUCATION is that which excites exploration and daily study long after graduation. THE U.S. NEEDS NEW LEADERS WHO KNOW AND LOVE OUR NATIONAL HISTORY AND OUR FOUNDING IDEALS. I RECOMMEND THE ABOVE. May each of you realize your potential. Sincerely, RBMc 645 Leavenworth S. F. Cal. Now why did the schedule committee put this that period?Another season has passed . . . there is an element of sadness at knowing we can never go back, yet a relief at having some of the responsibilities lifted. One dream ended . . . another to fill its place . . . forever moving forward . . . This has been a good season . . . filled with challenges to be conquered . . . tedious jobs to be finished . . . laughter . . . parties . . . lunch in 143 .. . we have grown . . , we have conquered ... we have finished only to begin new things . . . Mrs. Rogers, you have been most considerate in putting up with our antics, our schoolgirl jokes, and in working hand-in-hand with us. Our photographers, Roy Sanders and Fred Baber, certainly made our layouts easier. Many were the laughs we enjoyed with you. Roy, you suffered with us through the school pictures. Fred, you had the responsibility of taking our action, basketball, and other needed shots. In times of crisis you came to our rescue. Our thanks go to both of you who have made our book possible. Coach Mac, we would have been lost without your co-operation and sincere interest without which we would have been strangled with redtape. Others too numerous to name have given us their assistance. Teachers and students, thank you for your co-operation in the picture making. And for your hard work, afternoons after school and concentrated effort we extend our sincere thanks to the Staff. We pass on as do the seasons ... we have the memories good and bad ... we leave you, the '63 staff, the dreams yet to be fulfilled . . . within your grasp is a job to be well done. SHARON, GRACE, KAREN 164

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