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 PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS OF ENSLEY 2HIGH SCHOOL Birmingham, Alabama 3Editor Charlotte Tate Assistant Editor Colleen Latham Sponsors Mrs. Elizabeth R. Rogers Mrs. Zola W. Thompson THE 19 Associate Editors PcKgy Herring. Walter Bryant 4 Business Managers Paula Campbell. Madison GayClub Editors Norma McCrary and Elinor Motley STAFF 60 Circulation Managers Don Stagg, Martha Jo Barnes Marilyn Rickman Ad Managers Ronald Elly and Jim Bradford Photographers John Womack and Sanford Enslen Typists Jimmie Ruth Carter Martha Jo Barnes 5loREWORD The class of 1960, having reached fulfillment in a harvest of study, play and participation, presents this annual as a record of its achievements begun in 1956. But the Ensley High School cycle does not end here. It continues with each class, reaching a new harvest every graduation. The four classes represented within the pages of this book are offering their contribution to the rich heritage of a school that marks this year its fiftieth anniversary--its first GOLDEN HARVEST. CONTENTS Administration Seniors Underclassmen Favorites Activities Athletics Advertisements Associate Editor Colleen Latham Editor Charlotte Tate Business Manager Paula Campbell 6DEDICATION We, the Senior Class of I960, wish to dedicate this our Golden Anniversary Annual to Mrs. Elizabeth R. Rogers for her skilled guidance and faithful devotion in the production of "The Jacket" for the last twelve years. 7-- OUR STAFF----------------------WHEN 1. Jim Bradford, 2. Martha Jo Barnes, 3. Coach Pepper and Charlotte Tate, 4. Jimmi Ruth Carter, 5. Walter Bryant, 6. Paula Campbell, 7 Don Stagg, 8. Larry Phillips, 9. Peggy Herring, 10. Elinor Motley, 11. Marilyn Rickman, 12. Janice McMahon, 13. Colleen Latham, 14. Madison Gay, 15. Ronald Elly, 16. Norma McCrary.OLD BUSH SCHOOL OUR FIRST HOME The year 1960 marks the fiftieth anniversary of Ensley High School's admission into the Birmingham School System. It was established in 1901 as a three year high school on the top floor of old Bush School, with Mr. A A. Lyons as principal and a faculty of three teachers. The first class consisting of two girls graduated in 1909. In 1910 when it became a part of the Birmingham School System, Mr. R. E. Tidwell was principal, and there was an enrollment of 164 pupils. A new building costing $150,000 for 600 capacity was completed at the present site in 1912. Mr. R L. Dimmitt served as principal from 1912 until 1916 when he was succeeded by Dr. L. Frazer Banks, who served a year before going into Military Service. During Mr. E. E. Smith's principalship, from 1917 until 1931, the building was remodeled to accommodate 2,050 students. Dr. E. E. Sechrist was appointed principal in September, 1931. During his administration new art, athletic, and band rooms were added to the building The lunch room was remodeled. New tables, floors, tile walls, counters, electric ovens, and two drinking fountains made considerable improvement in convenience and appearance. Ensley's present principal, Mr. Claude E McLain, succeeded Dr. Sechrist in September, 1958. In the fall of 1959 a new library was added to the rear of the old building. The old library was converted into two class rooms and another class room, adjoining the lunch room, was equipped for a teacher's dining room. In the year 1960 Ensley High, which started in the Birmingham system with 164 pupils, has an enrollment of 1,658 students and a faculty of 80 teachers. It is estimated that over 10,000 students have graduated from Ensley High School 9• —M, DCPARTUCm rORMER PRINCIPALS r»i iDDirl II IIM ENSLEV HIGH SCHOOL Fifty Years Servinc The Cohmunity 1. Ensley High 1909-1959 2. Cabinet made in 1915 with borrowed tools in woodwork department 3. The Bloomer Girls 4. Band practice in the coal bin was conducted by Mr. J. D. WilliamsENSLEY CELEBRITIES Dr. Theodore R. Wright Superintendent of Birmingham Schools Mr. O. A. Farr Superintendent in charge of Elementary Schools Dr. L. Frazer Banks Retiring Superintendent of Birmingham Schools Dr. E. E. Sechriest Superintendent in charge of Personnel ALL OF 0 Our nADMINISTRATION • 2 ----vw--....,,,.,,, . ,MN WM J, F I it eg 2 ,R My :gk 1 N fx, 1 v , , N CUR PRINCIPAL CLAUDE E. MQLAIN, M.A MR. McLAIN PRESIDES AT DEDICATION OF NEW LIBRARY NOVEMBER 22, 1959 tfkM — 15BOYS' ADVISER Mr. Wm. Harris MARSHAL ADVISER Mr. Howard Ballow STUDENT GOV'T ADVISER Mr. Walter AlsmillerTHE OFFICE STAFF Mrs. Rossie Johnston, Miss oandra Langdon, Mrs. Margaret Bonner Miss Langdon mimeographs the bulletin Mrs. Johnston checks our receipts 17 Mrs. Bonner keeps our recordsFACULTY MR. C. E. McLAIN Principal MRS. ROSSIE R. JOHNSTON Registrar MRS. MARGARET V. BONNER Registrar MISS SANDRA JEAN LANG DON Asst. Registrar MISS MARY F. TURNER Commercial MRS. ELIZABETH BENDELL Commercial MRS. MILDRED BLACK Commercial MR. A. G. CANZONERI Comm. - Athletics MRS. DOROTHY D. ENGLAND Commercial MISS LULIE MAY LOCKARD Commercial MRS. IRENE S. REEVE Commercial MR. J. H. TURNER History MRS. ANNE C. ARMSTRONG English MR. HOWARD W. BALLEW English MRS. MARY T. CASTLEBERRY English 18FACULTY MISS LUCY ROBERTSON Latin MISS MARGARET Y. HAMILTON Spanish MISS DOROTHY B. HORTENSTINE Latin MISS ALMA HAYS HOWELL F rench MISS VIRGINIA PACE Spanish MRS. ROSA W. BLACKWELL Math MRS. PAULINE L. CAMPBELL Math MRS. CAROLYN F. HOLLIS Math MRS. LYDA M. MAGNUSON Math MR. HENRY I. TERRY Math MISS HELEN BASS Art MISS KATHRYN BOEHMER Science MRS. RUBY H. HARDEN Science MRS. LOUISE A. KING Science MR. RICHARD L. McBRIDE ScienceFACULTY Mr. Robert L. Pennington Science Mrs. Reba Pond- -Science Mr. A. D. Staples Science Mrs. Ellis Woods Walker Science Mr. Walter G. Alsmiller History Miss Gladys Barry History Mr. Leonard B. Murphy History-German Mr. Gordon C. Nicholas History Miss Florence Nell Tamblyn History Miss Juanita Walden History Miss Ruth Chiles English Miss Ruby Dean Doyle English Mrs. Lillie Ard Morris English Mrs. Lillian C. Reid English Miss Betty Jean Wamp English 20FACULTY Mrs. Azoline W. Large English Mrs. Zola W. Thompson English Mrs. Blanche T. Lallas English Mrs. Elizabeth R. K.gers Reading Mr. Erskine Vandigrift, Sr. Industrial Arts Miss Elizabeth McNutt Music Mr. Warren C. Fields Music Miss Agnes Hunt Biology Mr. Louis F. Ebersole, Jr. Vocational Coordinator, D. E. Miss Frances Seay Librarian Miss Nan Elizabeth Miles Asst. Librarian Mr. Morris W. Turner Vocational Coordinator, D. O. Mrs. Neville Tucker Child Health Miss Kate Whitfield Home Economics Miss Mary Till Math Mrs. Cleo S. Hulgan English 21FALL OFFICERS Doris Weinstein . . . Head Marshal Paul Dawling .... President Lee Costi .......... Vice President Mary Sue Crow . . . Secretary MARSHAL CAPTAINS Front Row: Mary Helen Weaver, Pat Vann, Betty Scoggins, Doris Weinstein. Back Row: Sharon Gunter, Jack Deaver, Mary Nell Roe, Nan Segars. STUDENTS The Head Marshal Gives InstructionsSTUDENT COUNCIL First Row: Nancy Allen, Dona Guffee.Sylba Tankersley, Susan Wilson, Nancy Dollar, Diane Hitt, Robin Walker, Tommy Ponder, Linda Hill, Gail Dennis, Eloise George, Patricia Hanna, Mary Sue Crow, Sharon Holmes, Sally Craven. Second Row: Margaret Toomer, Fredrica Geiger, Martha Ingle, Stella Blakely, Vickie Hill, Norma McCrary, Doris Ann Weinstein, Lynn Taylor, Lynne Adams, Carol Wallace, Joyce Hudspeth, Paula Campbell, Charlotte Tate, Ann Hackworth, Betty Denton, Helen Smith, Wandra Parker, Patty Marshall. Third Row: Neil DiPiano, Tom Rogers, Willie Parker, Bob Black, Paul Dowling, Larry Dempsey, Jimmy Wright, Larry Freeman, Lee Coston, Allyn Spence, Jimmy Hill, Jack Deaver, Larry Weaver, Ronald Elly. GOVERNMENT SPRING OFFICERS Marcia Cannon Head Marshal Ollie Littlejohn Secretary Larry Phillips President Sherrie Middleton Vice-President 23SENIORSSeniors Receiving Caps and Gowns.JANUARYFAVORITESMAYFAVORITES jack 2 e a u e r BoL Black JinJat Jt.tck e rMOST FRIENDLY Douglas Cash - Nan Sogars BEST DRESSED Mildred Wilson - Jimmy Bentley BEST ALL-ROUND Tom Rogers - Martha Ingle BEST PERSONALITY Mildred Wilson - Larry Dempsey SENIOR For MOST TALENTED David Messer - Mary WooleyMOST COURTEOUS Sue Cook - Ronald Elly NOTABLES January MOST TALKATIVE Madison Gay - Diane Frings MOST POPULAR Martha Ingle - Tom Rogers MOST ATHLETIC Judy Otwell - Larry DempseyMOST ATHLETIC Larry Phillips - Pat Vann BEST ALL-ROUND Larry Phillips - Charlotte Tate SENIOR For BEST PERSONALITY Paul Dowling - Jane Townsend MOST POPULAR Ollie Littlejohn - Larry Phillips MOST TALKATIVE Bill Oglesby - Doris WeinsteinMOST TALENTED Ray Phillips - Jere Chisenhall MOST FRIENDLY Ollie Littlejohn - Lee Coston MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Michael Jean Gainey - Jack DeaverSENIORS 36Tom makes a sale Martha ready for dress parade JANUARY OFFICERS Larry calls for order Vice-President..................Tom Rogers Secretary.......................Martha Ingle President......................Larry Dempsey Bobby - Basketball Hero Pat - Gives Out the Morning Bulletins MAY OFFICERS Jimmy - Slide Rule Expert Vice-President.................Timmy Howard Secretary......................... Pat Vann President.....................Bobby McKenzieCAN YOU IMAGINE? Martha Jo Barnes Betty Bates . . . Douglas Cash . . Sue Cook .... Ronald Elly ... Terry Cosper . . Richard Hughes . Jimmy Lowery . Colleen Latham . Sandra Billings . . Norma McCrary . . Jane DeLoach . . . Beverly Olvey . . . Madison Gay . . . Walter Bryant . . . Sanford Enslen . . Judie Otwell . . . Martha Ingle . . . Billy Gannaway . . James McCutcheon Bobby Freeman . . Paul Lorino . . . Levert Randolph Jimmy Bentley . . Nan Segars . . . . Johnny Henry . . . Jack Neil....... Barbara Howard . . Lynne Adams . . ...............in a hurry ............without a book . . . .not teasing someone ..........raising her voice ........... not getting ads ............... with a girl ............as a preacher ............... with a halo ..........with nothing to do staying home Sunday nights . . without her homework ..........with a lot to say ............as an old maid .........quiet all the time ........as a prize fighter . always in the right place ............... not in love . . . not on the honor roll . . with perfect attendance . . as Speaker of the House . . . . doing the Cha-Cha ............singing a solo . . . not looking for a girl .not immaculately dressed ...........without a smile ..........with black hair ............sure of a date ...................worrying ............without a car «0JANUARY SENIORS ALISON LYNNE ADAMS Cabinet (2); Pres., Vice-Pres. (2), Sec. (2) S.R.; Homecoming Court; Art, Thespians, Y-Teens, Sec. Biology, Vice-Pres. (2) Promoters Clubs; Cast 5 Plays; Student Director 1 Play; "Yellow Jacket" Staff. BARBARA AUGUST Pres. S.R.{Council; Sr. Y-Teens;Chap. Jr. Y-Teens; Gym Letter; Baseball Capt.; Basketball Varsity. MARTHA JO BARNES Vice-Pres. S.R. (2); Promoters, Future Nurses' Clubs; Y-Teens (7); Orchestra (6); Fashion Show (2); Asst. Circulation Mgr. "Jacket". BETTY BATES Future Nurses1 Club. JIMMY BENTLEY Pres. S.R.; Red Cross Rep.; Cast 1 Play; Bank Teller; Who's Who; Aud. Planning Comm. SANDRA SHERRIAN BILLINGS Vice-Pres., Sec. (3); Red Cross Rep. (2); Pres., Vice-Pres., Sec., Treas. Sr. Y-Teens; Vice-Pres., Sec., Treas., Rep. Jr. Y-Teens; Promoters Club; Gym Officer (2); Basketball, Baseball Varsities; May Court; Favorite; 2nd Alternate Homecoming Court. WILLIAM BOYD Disc and Diamond Club; R.O.T .C. Officer; Chem. Lab. Asst: LILLIAN BRACKNELL National Honor Society; Vice-Pres. S.R.; Pres. Sr. Y-Teens; Treas. Jr. Y-Teens; Promoters Club; Fashion Show; German Club. JUDI BRANCH Vice-Pres. S.R.; Chap. Tri-Hi-Y; Jr. Y-Teens; Glee Club; Choir. MARGARET BROWN National Honor Society; Promoters, French, Lyric Clubs; Choir; Varsity Basketball. 4i WALTER SNOW BRYANT Asst. Ed. "Jacket"; Outstanding Cadet '57; N.C .O.-R.O.T. C.; Bank Teller; Bank Director; Band; Spanish, Ushers Clubs. HARVEY BURCH Pres. S.R.; Council; Vice-Pres.; Sec. Sr. Electrons; Ushers Club; Red Cross Rep. STEWART CALLAWAY Pres. Jr. Electrons; Pres., Vice-Pres. Sr. Electrons; Ushers (4), Disc and Diamond, Latin (2) Clubs; Choir; Band; R.O.T.C. Officer; U.D.C. Award; Sci. Dept. Asst. (7), Supervisor (3); Aud. Comm. CHARLAS DOUGLAS CASH Vice-Pres. S. R.; Pres. Promoters; Varsity Football, Track; B-Team Football; Who's Who.; "Jacket" Staff. BETTY CLEMENTS Pres., Vice-Pres., Sec. S.R.; Council; Latin, Promoters Clubs; Choir; Staff (2) Plays. CHARLES COLEMAN Disc and Diamond Club; N.C .O.-R.O.T .C . FLORENCE COLEY National Honor Society, Writers, Library Clubs; Lib. Asst. (4); Red Cross Rep.; Choir; 60-80 Word Shorthand Certificate. SHARON COLLIER JOHN THOMAS COMBS Varsity Football (2), Basketball, Baseball; B-Team Football, Basketball, Baseball; Sci. Dept. Asst. SUE COOK Vice-Pres. (2), Sec. S.R.; Future Nurses' (6), Y-Teens (2),Tri-Hi-Y Clubs; Fashion Show (2); Staff 2 Plays; January Favorite; Who's Who; Homecoming Court.JIMMY DUNN CLAUDE ELLEDGE TERRY COSPER National Honor Society; Vice-Pres. S.R.; Latin Club; Band (5)- Chem. Lab. Asst.; 56 A.E.A. MARY SUE CROW National Honor Society; Sec. Student Body; Homecoming Court; Vice-Pres., Sec. (4) S.R.; Big 9Comm.; Vice-Pres., Sec., Treas. Y-Teens; Future Nurses Club; Choir. JANE DeLOACH Pres., Sec. (2) S.R.; Jr. Y-Teens, Latin (2), Audubon, Promoters (2) Clubs; Homecoming Court. LARRY DEMPSEY Pres. Sr. Class; Jan. Favorite; Who's Who; Pres. (2), Vice-Pres. S.R.; Co-Capt. Varisty Football Team; B-Team, Varsity (2) Baseball, Basketball, Football. RONALD DUNCAN ELLY Chairman of Publicity; Who's Who; Sec. S.R. (2); Rea Cross Rep.; Ushers (4), Jr. Electrons (2), Jr. Audubon Clubs; Ad. Mgr. "Jacket"; Chem. Lab. Asst. SANFORD ENSLEN Pres., Vice-Pres. S.R.; Vice-Pres. Thespians (5), Ushers (4), Disc and Diamond Clubs; Band; Choir; R.O.T.C. Officer; Cast 4 Plays; Varsity Track; Aud. Comm. JANICE MARIE FELTMAN Y-Teens, Biology Clubs. CECILIA LORETTA FERGUSON Pres., Vice-Pres. S.R.; Sec., Vice-Pres. Biology Club; Fashion Show; 60-80-100 Word Shorthand Certificate.BETTY FIKES Sec. D. O. Club; Lyric Club; 80-100 Word Shorthand Certificate. JOHN RUFUS FLEET, JR. A8st. Instructor R.O.T.C. JO RUTH FRANKLIN ELIZABETH FRAZIER DIANE FRINGS Pres. Biology Club, Thespians, Science Asst., Cast 2 Plays, Staff 4 Plays. BOBBY FREFMAiS B-Team Football Letter; Varsity 1 Letters (2); Art Letter; Thespians, Art Clubs; Cast 4 Plays; Staff 2 Plays. i'm- • 75 BILLY GANNA WAY MADISON WALLER GAY Sec. Nat'l Honor Society, Pres., Vice-Pres. S. R.; Council; Jan. Favorite; Who's Who; Best Freshman Award; Ushers (4), Spanish Clubs; Band (5), Letter; Orchestra (3); N.C. O.-R.O.T.C.; Asst. Bus. Mgr. "Jacket"; "Yellow Jacket" Staff. MARGARET GILMORE Y-Tecn, Tri-Hi- , Promoters; 60-80 Word Shorthand Certificate; Fasnion Show (2). ESTHER GROENENDYKE Sec. S.R.; Vice-Pres. Latin Club, Thespians, Audubon Writers, Y-Teens, Promoters Clubs; "Yellow Jacket' staff; Cast (2) Plays, Staff (3) Plays; 2nd Place Chemistry Science Fair.IRENE HARBUCK Writers Club; Red Cross Rep.; Staff 4 Plays. JAMES MEACHAM HARRELL Vice-Pres. S.R.; Red Cross Rep.; Youth Forum; Oritorical Contest; Writers Club. JOHNNY MACK HENRY Staff 1 Play. PATRICIA GAIL HILL Pres., Treas. Y-Teens; Tri-Hi-Y; Red Cross Word Shorthand Certificate; Cheerleader. ELIZABETH HARRIS Sec. S.R.; Promoters Club; Library Asst.; Shorthand Certificate. JAMES LARRY HAYES Spanish, Chess Clubs; Math Contest Winner Rep.; 60- HEYWARD HOLLAND Red Cross Representative. JUDITH HOLLOCK Vice-Pres., Sec. S.R.; Red Cross Rep.; Y-Teens; 60-80 Word Shorthand Certificate. DALE RALPH HOLMES R.O.T.C. Officer. BARBARA HOWARD Jr., Sr. Y-Teens; French, Promoters Clubs; Choir; 60-Word Shorthand Certificate; Library Assistant.MARTHA JEAN INGLE Nat'l Honor Society; Sec. Stu. Council; Pres. (4), Sec. (2) S.R.; Cheerleader; Sec. Sr. Class; Best Freshman Award; Homecoming Queen; Debate Team; R.O.T.C. Sponsor; Chm. Lost and Found; Art, Promoters, Thespians; Y-Teens; Tri-Hi-Y Clubs; Staff 1 Play; Cast 2 Plays; Scholastic Art Awards. SONDRA JONES Treas. Jr. Y-Teens; F.T.A. Club; Choir; Library Asst. COLLEEN LATHAM Pres. Nat'l Honor Society; Vice-Pres. (2), Sec. (3) S.K.; Cabinet; Assoc. Ed. "Jacket"; Pari. Inter-Hi Promoters; Promoters (2); Pres., Vice-Pres., Sec. Latin Club; Latin Award; Vice-Pres., Treas. Thespians; Miss Fire Prevention; Jan. Who's Who; Choir (4); Ensemble (2); Cast, Staff 2 Plays; Varsity Debator; Jr. Classical League; Ala. Forensics Tournament. MARILYN JUNE LEWIS Sec. S.R.; Y-Teens; Home Ec Club; Majorette. MARIE ELENA LINDER National Honor Society; Art Club; Letter, Scholastic A-ward; 80-100 Word Shorthand Certificate; Hist. Asst. JAMES CLARK LITTLE Spanish Club; R.O.T.C. Officer; Freshman Talent Show. DONNA LEE LIVINGSTON Pres. (4), Sec. (2) S.R.; Sec. Y-Teens; Promoters Club; Choir, Letter; 60-Wood Shorthand Certificate; Library Asst. PAUL LORINO, JR. Pres. S.R.; Red Cross Rep.; B-Team Football, Varsity (3), Letter, Captain (2); B-Team Baseball, Varsity (2), '.etter; Varsity Basketball (4), Letter, Captain (2). REUEL L. HUFFMAN, III Vice-Pres. Disc and Diamond Club; R.O.T.C. Officer (5); Band (4). RICHARD HUGHESJAMES McC.TJTCHEON PATRICIA ANN McENTEE Jr. Y-Tcens; 60-Wood Shorthand Certificate. JIMMY LOWERY JENNA RUTH LYNN 60-80-100 Word Shorthand Certificate; Jr., Sr. Y-Teens. HOWARD MeBRAYER R.O.T.C. Officer, Asst. Instructor; Rifle Team; Treas. Disc and Diamond Club. NORMA McCRARY Nat'l Honor Society; Club Ed. "Jacket"; Red Cross Rep (2); Promoters (4); Sec. Y-Teens, Inter-Hi Promoters: Fashion Show (2); Spanish Medal; Sec. S.RAsst. Cashier E.H.S. Bank; Ensemble; Choir: Club Chm.; Council. DAVID JAMES MESSER Vice-Pres. S.R.; Sec. Jr. Audubon, Sec. (2) Art, Vice-Pres. Record Club; Thespians; Cast 1, Staff 2 Plays; Freshman Talent Show; Art Awards: Scholastic (2), Local (3), State (l); Essay Contest Winner; Ens. Rep. Sidewalk Art Show, NANCY GLASGOW MILLER Pres., Vice-Pres. S.R.; Vice-Pres., Sec. Writers Club; Y-Teens, Promoters, ArtClubs; Scholastic ArtCertificate (4); State Fair Art Award (3); International Red Cross Art Exhibition; Art Letter; Staff 1 Play; Red Cross Rep.; "Yellow Jacket" Staff; Council. eddie mckenzie Vice-Pres. (2) S.R.; Varsity Basketball. JANICE McMAHON Vice-Pres. S.R.; French, F.T.A., Promoters Clubs; Sec. Tri-Hi-Y; Staff 2 Plays; Freshman Talent Show; American Oritorical Contest; Asst. Ed. "Jacket".PHYLLIS MONTGOMERY National Honor Society; Pres. (2), Vice-Pres., Sec., Treas Biology Club; Art Club, Letter; Scholastic Art Key, Certificate . HERMAN H. MURDOCK, III Thespians, Biology, Lyric Clubs; Red Cross Rep.:Concert Master; Orchestra, Student Director; Choir. SANDRA KAY NEUGENT Pres., Sec. (2) S.R.; Vice-Pres. Y-Teens. BEVERLY ANN OLVEY Sec. S.R.; Y-Teens; Homecoming Court; Freshman Talent Show; Cast 1 Play. JUDY MYERS Red Cross Representative. JOHN DAVID NEILL Pres., Vice-Pres., Sec. (2) A.R.; Vice-Pres., Sec. (2) Ushers Club; Tennis Team. JUDIE KAY OTWELL Head Cheerleader; Who's Who; Sec. (2), Vice-Pres. S.R.; Y-Teens; Varsity BasketbaU (2), Baseball (2); Captain Tennis; Gym Letter (2); Red Cross Rep. PAT PATTERSON Future Nurses Club; Y-Teens. MARY ANN PITTS GAY PRATHER Pres., Vice-Pres. S.R.; French, Spanish, Writers Clubs; 60-80 Word Shorthand Certificate; Fashion Show; Science Fair. 48ANNA RUTH RAGLAND National Honor Society; Biology, Promoters, Jr. Y-Teens Clubs; 60-80-100 Word Shorthand Certificate. LEVERT RANDOLPH Latin Club. JAMES WILLIAM RHODES Cast 1 Play. PEGGY SUE ROBERTS National Honor Society; Vice-Pres. (2), Sec. S.R.; Pres., Chap. D. O., Jr. Y-Teens Clubs; Bank Director. THOMAS HUNTER ROGERS Council; Pres., Vice-Pres., Red Cross Rep. S.R.; Sr. Electrons; Choir; Annual Staff; B-Team Football; Tennis Letter; Vice-Pres. Sr. Class; January Favorite; Who's Who. NANCY CAROLE SEGARS Pres., Sec., Red Cross Rep. S.R.; Vice-Pres., Treas., Chap. Biology, Home Ec. Clubs; January Who's Who. EDWARD FLOYD SCHRIMSHER Pres. S.R.; Jr. Electrons; B-Team Football. JOAN ELIZABETH SHANNON Pres. (2), Sec. S.R.; Pres., Vice-Pres., Chap. Y-Teens, Promoters, F .T .A. Clubs; Staff 1 Play: 60-80 Word Shorthand Certificate. SYLVIA JUNE SIMPSON 60-80-100 Word Shorthand Certificate; Biology, Jr. Y-Teens Clubs; Sec. Jr. Red Cross; Art Certificate. BARBARA ANN SMITH Vice-Pres ., Sec. S.R.; Red Cross Rep.; Sec . Y-Teens; Jr., Sr. Y-Teens; Latin Club. 49JUDITH KAY SMITH Sec. S.R. (2); Y-Teens; Latin, Promoters Clubs; R.O.T.C. Sponsor; Disc and Diamond Club; Bank Teller (2); Science Asst.; Jr. Classical League. PROVIDENCE MARIE SPINA 60-80 Word Shorthand Certificate, Jr. Red Cross Rep.; Home Ec, Spanish, Y-Teens Clubs; Fashion Show. ROBERT LLOYD STAGG Band, Orchestra, Choir, Vice-Prcs. Jr. Electrons, Sr. Electrons, Ushers Clubs. DELLA CATHERINE STEWART Nat'l Honor Society; Pres (3), Vice-Pres. (2), Sec. S.R.; Council; Aud. Program Plan. Comm. Fashion Show; Sec. (2), Chap. Home Ec Club, Sec, Treas. Jr. Y-Teens, Promoters. Tri-Hi-Y, Sr. Y-Teens Clubs; Red Cross Rep. MARY JIM STEWART Jr. Y-Teens, Red Cross, Library Clubs; Band Lettei (2); Varsity Baseball, 60-80 Word Shorthand Certificate. CAROLYN STRICKLIN Y-Teens; Band; 60-80-100 Word Shorthand Certificate. MARY SULLIVAN Pres ., Trees. Biology, Latin Clubs; Band; Orchestra; 60-80-100 Word Shorthand Certificate. PHYLLIS LEE TAYLOR Sec. S.R.; Treas. Tri-H -Y: J» Y-Teens, Home Ec . Club; Fashion Show; Perfect Attenaance Certificate; 60-80 Word Shorthand Certificate. JANE THOMAS Perfect Attendance Certificate. PEGGY ANN THOMPSON Vice-Pres. S.R.; Red Cross Rep. Glee Club; 60 Word Shorthand Certificate. 50WILLIAM LENWOOD VINCENT JR. Disc and Diamond Club; N.C.O. - R.O.T.C.; R.O.T.C Rifleteam. PATRICIA GAIL WEAVER Pres., Vice-Prea., Sec (2) S.R.; Red Cross Rep., Chap. Audubon Club; Jr. Y-Teen Rep., Fashion Show; 60-80 Word Shorthand Certificate. JOEL TIMOTHY WEST Discand Diamond Club; R.O.T.C. Officer (2); N.C.O. - R O.T.C. CAROL LEE WIGGINS Vicc-Pres. S.R.; Red Cross Rep. (2), Glee Club, Choir; 60-100 Word Shorthand Certificate. LINDA DIANE WILBORN Vice-Pres. S.R.; Freshman Talent Show; Staff 4 Plays, Cast I Play; Sec. Latin Club, Thespian, Promoters Clubs; Jr. Classical Leasue; Bank Teller. MILDRED ANN WILSON Nat'l Honor Society; Pres. (3), Vice-Pres. (1;, Sec. (1) S. R.; Y-Teens; Pres., Treas; Tri-Hi-Y; Disc and Diamond; R.O.T.C. Sponsor; Head Cheerleader; Miss Jacket; Who's Who, Jan.; 60-80-100 Word Shorthand Certificate, 1st Ait. Homecoming Queen. HAROLD RUSSELL WOODARD R.O.T.C. - N.C.O. (3), Disc and Diamond Club; Staff, Cast 1 Play; R.O.T.C. Officer. MARY DORA WORRELL Who’s Who; Band; Pres. Vice-Pres. Orchestra; Glee Club; 60-80 Word Shorthand Certificate; Freshman Talent Show. JAMES ARTHUR WRIGHT Pres., Sec. S.R.; Choir; Varsity Baseball (2) DALE WYATT Sec. S.R.; Varsity Football (1); B-Team Football (2),Baseball (1), Track (1). ANN YORK Lib. Asst.; Red Cross Rep.; Y-Teens; Freshman Talent Show; Sec. Treas. Thespians; Cast (4), Staff (3) Plays; Interstate Thespian Conv. (3), Omicron Delta Award; 60-Word Shorthand Cer.MAY SENIORS LOUISE ALLEN Y-Teens (7); Bank Teller; Fashion Show (2). FRANCES ANTONIO Fashion Show; 8U-100 Word Shorthand Certificate. MARION AQUILINO Vice-Pres. Session Room; Red Crot-s Representative; Spanish Club (2). MARSHA LYN ARBO Y-Teens; Choir; Office Assistant. LOVENTRICE ARNOLD Promoters, Latin Clubs; Choir. TOMMY ASTON SANDRA AUTRY Pine Hill High Honors: F.H.A. (4), Reporter (2); Song Leader, District Representative (2); "Most Well-Mannered of Class 1957-1958". FAYE BARBER Glee Club. KAY BARCLAY Secretary Student Council; President, Secretary Session Room; Y-Teens; Certificate of Merit (2); Scholastic Art Award, Scholastic Key. DAVIS BARNHILL Hueytown Honors: Red Cross Representative; B-Team Football; 4-H Club. Ensley Honors: Choir.ROBERT ELMER BICKNELL Ushers (4), Lyric (4) Clubs; Choir (4); Band (8); President (2), Student Director Choir Christmas Program 1959; Medal All State Bank 1957, 1959; Composer Half-Time Show 1957; 2nd Place Math Prize, Ala.State Fair. BOB BLACK Pres. Session Room; Latin, Promoters Clubs; Choir; Asst. ED. "Yellow Jacket"; Cabinet; B-Team Football (2); Baseball mgr.; Tennis Team (2); May Favorite; Who's Who; Best Freshman Award, National Honor Society. BOB BENNETT Sec Session Room; Ensemble; Lettered (2) Varsity Football, Basketball, B-Tcam Basketball; B-Team Baseball (2), Captain. BILLY BENSON Sec.Session Room; Choir (7); Choir Letter; Pianist All-City High School Orchestra; Senior Ensemble. PETE BESSIERE Pres. Session Room; Track Letter; Science Assistant (6). CAROLYN BICE Y-Teens; 60- Word Shorthand Certificate. HOPE BOBO Vicc-Pres. SessionRoom; BankTeller (2); 60-Word Shorthand Certificate. BILL BORLAND Pres. Session Room; Council; Spanish Club; Varsity Track. JOYCE BOWEN Choir; Glee Club; Band; Fair Exhibit JEAN BRACKIN Sr. Y-Teens f2); Home Economics Club (3). S3JAMES SCOTT BRADFORD Vice-Pres. Session Room; Red Cross Rep.; Freshman Talent Show; May Day Prog.; Bank Director, Cashier, Teller; Promoters Club (3), Treas.; Pres. Lyric Club, Choir Letter; Sr. Ensemble; Ad Mgr. "Jacket"; E.T.V. CAROLYN JUNE BRAKEFIELD 60-Word Shorthand Certificate. CAROLYN ANNE BRINSON Shades Valley Honors: Canargo, Y-Teens; Sec . S.R.; Lib. Rep. Ensley Honors: Sec. S.R.; Vice-Pres. F.T.A.; Promoters; Y-Teens; Writers (2); Thespians; Staff 3 Plays; May Who's Who. PATRICIA BROADHF.AD Choir; Ensemble. RONNY BRODIE Junior Red Cross Representative. SANDRA BRODIE BARBARA BROWN Pres., Vice-Pres. Session Room; Pres., Vice-Pres., Sec. Sr. Y-Teens; Red Cross Rep.; Choir; Annual Staff. FRED BROWN D. O. Club JIMMY BROWN KENNETH BROWN Red Cross Representative; Science Dept. Letter; Jr. Electrons; Art Key. 54GAYLON BROWNLOW Varsity Football. CURTIS BURDETTE Pres., Vice-Pres. S.R.; Ushers Club; Treas. Math Club; Bank Teller, Ger. Club. JUDI BURLESON Y-Teens (4); Chaplain Sr. Y-Teens; Red Cross Representative . ANNA CALMA Promoters; Shorthand Certificate; Perfect Attendance Certificate. PAULA CAMPBELL Chilton High Honors: Beta Club; Vice-Pres. Sr. Sci.; Sec. Music Club;Stu. Council; Band Sponsor; F.T.A.; Jr. Glee Club; Sr. High Chorus; Band. Ensley Honors: Nat'l Honor Society; PresSec. S.R.; Bus . Mgr. "Jacket"; Pres., Sec. F.T.A.; Math, Promoters (2) Clubs; Choir; Sci. Asst.; Perfect Attendance Certificate. DORIS ANN CAMPS Orchestra (3); Fashion Show (2); Choir. CONNIE ANITA CARPENTER Promoters, Y-Teens, Future Nurses' Cluos; Freshman Talent Show; 60 Word Shorthand Certificate. RICHARD CARR JIMMIE RUTH CARTER Vice-Pres., Sec. (2) S.R.; Red Cross Rep.; Jr. (4), Sr. (4) Y-Teens; Y-Teen Rep. (3); Spanish, Promoters (4) Clubs; Glee Club; Choir; Cast 3 Plays; Staff 4 Plays; M.C. Miss Bernardine Contest; Freshman Talent Show; "Jacket" Typist; Bank Director (4), Vice-Pres. (1); 1st Prize Music Notebook, Ala. State Fair. SHARON CASE Jr., Sr. Y-Tcens; Freshman Talent Show.KAY CHAMBERLAIN Transferred from Wungburg, Germany. Ensley Honors: Thespians; Nat'l Honor Society, Wungburg, Baker High, Ga., Ensley. JERE GAIL CHISENHALL Pres., Vice-Pres., S. R.; Red Cross Rep.; Choir; Writers; Treas. Future Nurses Club; M.C. Fashion Show; Promoters; Who's Who; Jr. Sr. Y-Teens; Council. ah SHELBY JEAN CHRISTIAN Red Cross Representative. WILLIAM GREER CHRISTIAN Nat'l Honor Society; Pres. S.R.; Treas. Jr. Electrons; Red Cross Rep.; Stu.Council; Freshman Talent Show; Plays (2); Thespians. THOMAS CODY MARTHA CONVILLE D. O. Club. ROBERT CLARK KITTY CLEVELAND Pres., Sec. S.R.; Red Cross Rep.; Vice-Pres., Pres. Y-Teens; Choir Letter; Jr., Sr. Ensemble; Bank Teller; Cheerleader; Cast 3 Plays; Council.DONNA KAY COOPER Y-Teens; Tri-Hi-Y; Promoters Club; Freshman Talent Show; 60-Word Certificate. MARY LOUISE COOPER Promoters; Library Club; Lib. Asst.; 60-Word Shorthand Certificate. EDWINA COPELAND Sec. Perlan Lit. Club; Softball: Volleyball; BasketballCapt. OSCAR LEE COSTON, JR. Vlce-Pres. Student Body; Pres. Ushers; Spanish Club (4); Boy’s State Rep. 59: B-Team Football, Baseball (2); Varsity Basketball; May Who's Who; Mgr. Bookstore (3); Student Rotarion; M.C. Homecoming. REBECCA COX Chairman Lost and Found; Council; Sec. Promoters; Thespians. Latin Clubs; Cast 3 Plays; Staff 2 Plays; Choir; Freshman Talent Show. SANDRA FAYE COUNTS Promoters. CLYDE CROWE B-Team Basketball, Baseball; D.O. Club. TIM CULBERSON Math, German Clubs; Pres., Vice-Pres. (2) S.R.; Council; Baseball Mgr., Letter. Ibo Busy JEANNIE DANIEL Red Cross Rep.; Spanish, Promoters Clubs; Jr., Sr. Y-Teens; "Yellow Jacket" Staff; Vice-Pres. S.R.; 60-80 Word Typing Certificate; Y-Teen Representative. JACK DEAVER Pres., Vice-Pres. Honor Soc.; Ed "Yellow Jacket"; Sr. Favorite; Who's Who; Cabinet Council; Pres., Vice-Pres. Thespians; Pres. Writers Club; Pres., Vice-Pres. Sec. S.R.; Harvard Book Award;Cast 6 Plays; Direc. May Day; Omicron Delta; B'ham, Civitan Oratoricals; Promoters; Jr. Electrons; Nat'l Teenage Press Conf.; Nat'l Freedom Forum.RUTHANNE DeSHAZO Vice-Pres., Sec. S.R.; Choir Letter; Jr., Sr. Ensemble; Jr. Y-Teens; Tri-Hi-Y; Fashion Show; 60-80 Word Shorthand Certificate. DELORES DeVORE Sec.S.R.; Promoters, Math, Y-Teens Clubs; 3rd Place '59 Math Contest; 1 st Place Math Project; Choir; Assembly Prog. Committee; German Club. EUGENE DICKEY PAUL LEE DOWLING Pres. Student Body; Vice-Pres. S.R.; Who’s Who; Thespians; Promoters; Choir; Jr. Civic Opera Board; Pres., Vice-Pres Treas. Disc and Diamond; R.O.T.C. Officer; Capt. Rifle Team, Letter (2); Drill Team, Medal; Science Asst.(4); Track; Cast 1 Play. PAT DUDLEY Vice-Pres., Rep. Y-Teens; Tri-Hi-Y; Promoters; Cheerleader; May Court, Homecoming Court; May Favorite; Glee Club; Choir Letter; 60-80 Word Shorthand Certificate. RONNIE ECHOLS PATSY ELLIS Pres. (2), Vice-Pres. S.R.; Pres., Chap (2) Y-Teens; Promoters; Choir; 60-80 Word Shorthand Certificate. RUTH ANN ELLIS Lyric (6), Y-Teens, Glee Club; Choir Letter; Band (2). LINDA ETHEREDGE Transferred from Vashti High. Ensley Honors: Promoters, Thespians. MARGARET EURTON Pres., Sec. S.R.; Jr., Sr. Y-Teens; Spanish Club; Pres., Treas. Home Ec Club; Staff 5 plays; Bank Teller, Bank Director.EMMETT FANNING D. O. Club. JERRY FITZGERALD Vice-Pres., Sec. Session Room. LINDAL FLETCHER Pres., Vice-Pres. S.R.; Chap. Spanish Club; Y-Teens; Sec . Thespians; Promoters; Cast 6 Plays; 60-Word Shorthand Certificate; May Favorite; May Day Program; Fashion Show. JOHN SHIRLEY FOWLER Band; Orchestra; Choir; Track; Basketball Mgr.; Jr. E-lectrons; Cast 1 Play. LARRY FREEMAN Pres. S.R.; Red Cross Rep.; Council. ELIZABETH FRYE Nat’l Honor Soc.;Sec. S.R.; Jr. Electrons; Latin Club (4); Vice-Pres. Math Club; Fashion Show; "Advertising" Essay. MICHAEL JEAN GAINEY Nat'l Honor Soc.; Vice-Pres. Y-Tecns; Thespian, Promoters, Audubon, Record Clubs; Asst. Editor "Yellow Jacket"; Jeff. Co. Citizenship Tour; D.A.R. Good Citizenship Girl; Jr Winner B'ham News Oratorical Contest. CAROL GARDNER Fairfield Honors: Y-Teens; Music Club (2); F .T .A.;Comm. Club; Art Club; Hi-Life Staff. BARBARA GASKIN Choir Letter; Glee Club; D.O. Club; 1st Prize in Foods, Ala. State Fair. FREDRICA GAY GEIGER Pres., Vice-Pres., Sec. S.R.; Cabinet; Treas. Spanish, Vice-Pres. Record Club; Treas. Thespians; Disc and Diamond Club; Cheerleader; R.O.T.C. Sponsor; May Court; Staff 5 Plays; Choir Letter; Perfect Attendance Certificate.JOHANNAH G1ARDINA Vice-Pres. Art Club, Scholastic Art Awards (2), Art Key, 2nd Prize Ala. State Fair; Vice-Pres., Sec ., Rep. Y-Teens; Promoters; Fashion Show; 60-80 Word Shorthand Certificate; Glee Club; Choir; Staff 4 Plays; Cast 1 Play: "Jacket" Staff. BARBARA GILBERT Latin, Promoters, Latin Clubs; Vice-Pres. Library Club; Library Asst.; Choir Letter; Band Show; Jr., Sr. Ensemble; Bank Teller; "Yellow Jacket" Staff. BENA ANN GIOVINCO Pres. S.R.; Home Ec Club; Fashion Show; Bromberg's Table Setting Contest; 60-80 Word Shorthand Certificate. ROBERT GLAZE Choir Letter; Band Show, B-Team Football, Baseball; Sec. S.R.; Sr Ensemble; Freshman Talent Show. JIM GRAHAM Vice-Pres. S.R.; Red Cross Rep.; B-Team, Varsity Football. JOHNNY GREEN Sec.S.R.; Freshman Talent Show; Treas. Spanish Club; Ushers Club (2);Hi-Y (2); Bank Director (2); State Track Meet (2); Track Letter. ANNE GREENE Vice-Pres., Sec. S.R.; Y-Teens (6); Promoters (4); Band (2); Staff 5 Plays. DIANNE GULLEY Vice-Pres. S.R.; Red Cross Rep.; Latin (4), Y-Teens (2) Clubs; Plays; 60-80 Word Shorthand Certificate. 60SHARON GUNTER Sec . S.R.; Chap. Sr. Y-Teens; Tri-Hi-Y; Thespians, Promoters Clubs; "Jacket” Staff; "Yellow Jacket" Staff (4); 60-Word Shorthand Certificate; Staff 1 Play. MARY GUTHRIE Vice-Pres. S.R.; Red Cross Rep. (4); Jr. Y-Teens; Promoters, Tri-Hi-Y Clubs; Choir; Jr., Sr. Ensemble; Band (2); Fashion Show (2). PATSY HEARN 60-80 Word Shorthand Certificate. SANDRA HEATHERLY Red Cross Representative. FRANCES HALE Future Nurses’ Club; 60 Word Shorthand Certificate. SHIRLEY HAMES Vice-Pres., Sec. S.R.; Red Cross Rep.; Tri-Hi-Y. Choir; Shorthand Certificate. DENNIS HIGGINBOTHAM Pres., Vice-Pres. S.R.: Bank Teller (4); B-Team Football, Basketball: Varsity Football, Track (3); May, Homecoming Courts. IVY HILL TAMARA HILL Clearwater, Fla. Honors: Office Asst. Ensley HonorsiD. O. Club; Vice-Pres. Math Club. PAT HITT Pres., Vice-Pres. (2), Sec. Session Room; Red Cross Representative; Choir: 80-Word Shorthand Certificate. t iJAN HOLT National Honor Society; Sec. S.R.; Jr. Electrons; Y-Teens; Latin Club. JACK HOPPING Pres. S.R.; Red Cross Representative; Sci. Asst. JIMMY HUBERT HOWARD Vice-Pres. Stu. Council; Pres. (3), Vice-Pres. S.R.; Red Cross Rep.; Varsity Football; Choir; Ensemble. THOMAS HYDE Vice-Pres. S.R. (2); Jr. Electron, German Clubs. JEAN INGLES Jr., Sr. Electrons; Y-Teens, Latin, Math. Promoters Clubs; Fashion Show. CLAUDE IVIE President Session Room.MAURICE JONES Writers Club; Red Cross Rep.; B-Tcam Football; Ensemble. ELIZABETH KELLEY Sec. S.R.; Vice-Pres. Tri-Hi-Y; Chap. French Club; Y-Teens; Art Club; Fashion Show; Art Scholarship Key; Band. LINDA KELLEY Sec. S.R.; Home Ec Club Fashion Show; 60 Word Shorthand Certiiicate. DaHTHY knighten Band; Band Show; Home Ec Club. EUGENE LARKIN Choir; Ensemble; R.O.T.C. Officer; Disc and Diamond (5) Club; May Court. SUE LAWSON Tri-Hi-Y; Y-Teens; Bromberg's Table Setting Contest. BETTYE LEAKE Vice-Pres. S.R.; Pres. Latin Club; Jr. Electrons; Band (4); Thespians; Cast 1 Play; Staff 3 Plays; Annual Staff. CARL LeCROY National Honor Society; Promoters, Thespians, Jr. Electrons, Latin Clubs; Cast 1 Play; Staff 1 Play; Sci. Prize, Ala. State Fair; 2 Third Places, North Ala. Sci. Fair. OTHALENE LINDSEY Home Ec, Spanish Clubs; Fashion Show; 60 Word Shorthand Certificate. OLLIE LITTLEJOHN Pres. (2), Sec. S.R.; Red Cross Rep.; Sec. Y-Teens; Historian Promoters; Lib. Asst.; Library Club; Sec. Stu. Council; Cheerleader; May Court; Who's Who. 63STEVE LOVOY Red Cross Representative. PATTI MARSHALL Transferred from Foley High. Ensley Honors: Promoters; Pres. S.R.; Gym Officer; Varsity Basketball. OLAN BRANDON MARTIN N.C.O.-R.O.T.C.; Disc and Diamond Club. BILL MAZOROL BILLY LONG President Session Room. DONNA LOFTIN Sec. S.R.; Red Cross Rep.; Thespians; Cast 2 Plays. DELLA ANN McCRORY Varsity Tennis, Basketball, Softball; Hist. Dept. Asst.; 60-Word Shorthand Certificate, Pin. SYLVIA McCUTCHEON Promoters, Lyric, Math, Sec. (1) Latin, Jr. Electron Clubs; Orchestra (5); Orchestra Letter; Staff 3 Plays; Nat'l Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist. FREEDA McDILL Transferred from Locust Fork High, Woodlawn High. Ensley Honors: Glee Club. bobby mckenzie Pres. (2), ice-Pres. (3) S.R.; Council; Ushers Club; B-Team Baseball (2), Basketball (2); Varsity Baseball (2), '58 Most Valuable Player; Varsity Basketball (2); All-District Team, '58; May Court; Annual Staff. 6'LINDA McNUTT Vice-Pres. (2), Sec. S.R.; Bank Teller; Sec. Y-Teens; Tri-Hi-Y; May Court; May Favorite; Cheerleader. WAYNE MEADOWS Vice-Pres. (2) S.R.; Latin Club; Vice-Pres., Chap. Math Club; Homecoming Court; B-Team Football, Baseball; Varsity Baseball, Letter (3), Basketball, Letter (2). JIM MILLER N.C.O.-R.O.T.C.. LARRY MILLER DORIS REBECCA MEEK Choir. MARIANNE MI LAZO Art, Future Nurses' Clubs. DIANNE MOATS Vice-Pres. S.R.; Latin, Math (2) Clubs; Pres., Treas. Home Ec Club (2); Fashion Show. LYNN MOODY Nat'l Honor Society; Vice-Pres. Lyric Club; Math, Promoters Clubs; Choir; Choir Letter; Jr., Sr. Ensemble; Freshman Talent Show; Bank Teller; Nat'l Merit Semi-Finalist. CAROLYN ANN MOORE Pres. S.R.; Council; Y-Teens. ELIZABETH ANNE MOORE Transferred from Borger High, Texas. Ensley Honors: Thespians; Sr. Y-Teens; Sec. S.R.; Cast 1 Play; Nat'l Honor Society. 65MARGARET MORRISON GILBERT MUIR B-Feam Football, Baseball, Track; Varsity Baseball (3); Football (3). JOHNNY NELSON Pres., Vice-Pres. S.R.; Choir; Red Cross Rep. (2); B-Team Basketball; Council. JOE NETTLES Choir (4). FRANCES NEWLIN Sr. Y-Teens; "Yellow Jacket" Staff, Ad Manager. BILL OGLESBY Who's Who. JIMMY PARK NANCY PARKS Sec. S.R. (7); Sec. Y-Teens; Choir; Tri-Hi-Y. WILLIAM WAYNE PEARSON B-Team Football; Treas. Disc and Diamond; Capt. Rifle Team; R.O.T.C. Officer. LARRY PHILLIPS Pres. (4), Vice-Pres. S.R.; Choir; B-Team Football, Baseball, Basketball; Varisty Football (2); Latin, Biology Clubs; May Favorite; Who's Who; Annual Staff. 66RAY C. PHILLIPS Vicc-Pres. S.R.; Red Cross Rep.; Choir; Ensemble; Sr. Class Musician; Photographers, Lyric Clubs; Who's Who. VIRGINIA PILATO D. E.Club; Band; BankTeller; Varisty Basketball, Tennis, Volleyball, Softball. PATTY REAU Promoters, Math Clubs; Sec. Jr. Electrons; Chem.Lab. Asst. (6); Varsity Baseball, Basketball; Intramural Athletic Letter; Nat'l Honor Society. CHARLES RICHARDSON PEGGY POSEY Pres. Jr. Red Cross, Rep. (2); Y-Teens (6); Sec. Writers Club. SANDRA QUINN Hist. Asst.; Spanish, Jr. Y-Tcens; Clubs; Chap. Home Ec Club; Orchestra LOU RICHIE Pres., Vice-Pres., Sec. S.R.; Red Cross Rep.; Y-Teens, Rep. MARILYN RICKMAN Circulation Mgr. "Jacket"; Promoters, Tri-Hi-Y (4) Clubs; Jr. Y-Teens (2); Choir Letter; Ensemble. PATRICIA RUTH RICKS Pres. S.R.; Choir; 60 Word Shorthand Certificate; Jr. Ensemble. LOU RODENBERRY 67MARY NELL ROE Pres., Vice-Pres., Sec. S.R.; Red Cross Rep.; Chemistry Lab. Asst. (2). MIKE RONILO Pres. S.R. (2); B-Team Football; Varsity Football; Track Letter (4). JANET RUBINO SANDRA SANSING Sec. S.R. (2); Y-Teens, Spanish Clubs; Choir; Glee Club; 60-Word Shorthand Certificate; Freshman Talent Show. PHILLIP SCHILLACI Art. Club; Treasurer Writers Club. CHARLOTTE SCHULTZ Pres. (2), Vice-Pres. S.R.; Annual Staff; Sr. Y-Teens (2); Spanish Club (2). RALPH SCOGIN BETTY SCOGGINS Vice-Pres., Sec. (5) S.R.; Varsity Basketball; Y-Teens; Tri-Hi-Y Chap.; Red Cross Rep.; 60-Word Shorthand Certificate, Medal; "Yellow Jacket" Staff. GERALD SCOTT Sec. Disc and Diamond Club; Vice-Pres. S.R.; R.O.T.C. Officer. JUDITH ANNE SESSIONS Future Nurses, Lyric, Writers Clubs; Choir; Fashion Show V 68LINDA KAY SMITH 60-Word Shorthand Certificate. VICKIE SNEAD PEGGY SKILLING 3ank Director; Bank Teller; Library Asst. (7); Vice-Pres., Treas. (2) Librarv Club; Latin, Promoters Clubs; Vice-Pres. (2) S.R. DONNA MARIE SMITH Library Letter; 60-Word Shorthand Certificate; Sec. Library Club; Sr. Y-Teens; Library Asst. (7); Fashion Show. RADAH SNEED Y-Teens; Choir (2). JOHN SOUTH B-Team Football, Basketball, Baseball; Varsity Football, Basketball; Vice-Pres. S.R.; Science Club; All-City Football Team. ALLYN SPENCE Pr s., Vice-Pres., Sec., Rea Cross Rep. S R.; Pres. Sr. Electrons; Ushers Club; Bank Director; Boy's State. DON STAGG Circulation Mgr. "Jacket"; Boys Glee Club; N.C.O.-R.O. T.C.; Homecoming Court '59. 69DAVID STEWART Pres. S.R.; Pres. Math Club; Track (3). DELORES STEWART JEANINE STEWART Jr., Sr. Y-Teens; Biology Club; Basketball. CAROLE STONE Library Asst.; Future Nurses', D.O. Clubs; Sr. Y-Teens. MAXINE STALLINGS Writers, Library Clubs; Library Asst.; Choir. LOW REY STANFORD B-Team Football; Varsity Football (2), Tt-onis (2), Track; Math Club; Cast 1 Play; Vice-Pres. S.R. MARIA STANO French Club. HENRY STATUM CAROLE SUE STREET Pres., Vice-Pres., Sec. S.R.; Jr., Sr. Y-Teens. LINDA DARLENE STREVEL Sr. Y-Teens; Promoters, Future®' Clubs; Choir Letter. 70BRENDA SUMNERS Vice-Pres. S.R.; Glee Club; Gym Officer. DOROTHY CAROL SUTHERLAND Red Cross Rep.; Basketball; Sr. Y-Teens; 60-Word Shorthand Certificate; Gym Officer. PATRICIA ANN SWINDLE Sec., Vice-Pres. S.R.; Vice-Pres. Sr. Electrons; Choir Letter; Sci. Asst. BERNARD TAMBORELLA Track. CHARLOTTE TATE Sec. Nat'l Honor Society; Sec. S.R.; Cabinet; Ed. "Jacket"; Pres., Vice-Pres. (2) Spanish Club; Promoters, Home Ec Clubs; Jr. Y-Teens; M.C. Fashion Show; Fashion Show (2); Orchestra (3), Letter; Chem. Lab. Asst. (2); Freshman Talent Show; Who's Who; Officer, Girl's State, Sec. Inter-Hi Promoters JERRY THORN JEAN LOUISE STUBBS Art Club (4); Sr. Y-Teens, Treas. (1). RUBY JEAN SUDDETH Pres. D.O. Club; Sr. Y-Teens; Jr. Y-Teens.JAMES THRASHER Red Cross Rep.; R.O.T.C. (6); N.C .O.-R.O.T.C. (4). DAVID TIDWELL Red Cross Rep.; B-Team Football (2); R.O.T.C. (4). THOMAS TINDALL Varsity Football. MARY JANE TOWNSEND Pres., Sec. S.R .; Spanish, Y-Teens, Promoters, Thespians Clubs; Cast 1 Play; Student Director 1 Play; May Court; Who'8 Who; Cheerleader. CATHERINE TRONCALE Future Nurses Club (4); 60-Word Shorthand Certificate; Fashion Show. MARTHA TYLER PATRICIA VANN Pres., Vice-Pres. (3) S.R.; Red Cross Rep.; Gym Officer; Who's Who; Perfect Attendance, 60-Word Shorthand Certificates; Y-Teens; Tri-Hi-Y; Home Ec Club; Gym Letter; Capt. Basketball (2), Baseball (3), Volleyball; Varsity Tennis, Award. JERRIE VICKERY Transferred From Fairfield. SABINA WADE Chap. S.R.; Pres.,Parliamentarian (2)Library Club; Lib. Asst, (: ), Letter; Latin Club (4), Vice-Pres. (1); F.T.A.; Promoters; Freshman Talent Show; Perfect Attendance Certificate; Sci. Lab. Asst.; German Club. GERALDINE WAINE Pres., Sec. S.R.; Y-Teens.MARY ANNE WALDROP Sec., Vice-Pres. Art Club; Red Cross Art Exhibit. MARSHA WALKINSHAW Vice-Pres. S.R.; Red Cross Rep.; Gym Officer; Future Nurses Club. CAROL JEAN WALLACE Pres. S.R. (3); Jr., Sr. Y-Teens; Vice-Pres. Spanish Club; Freshman Talent Show; Fashion Show; Nat’l Honor Society; 60-80 Word Shorthand Certificate; Annual Staff. PATSY WALLACE Bank Teller (2); 60 Word Shorthand Certificate; Gym Officer; Sec. S.R. PATRICIA WALTERS Sec., Bank Teller S.R.; Home Ec (4), Sec. (1), Math, Sr. Y-Teens (2) Clubs; Choir; Ensemble; Fashion Show (2); Sear's High School Fashion Show; Nat'l Honor Society. LAMAR WARREN Disc and Diamond Club; R.O.T.C. Officer. LARRY WEAVER Pres. (3), Vice-Pres. S.R.; Ensemble; Varsity Track, Letter; Pres. Jr. Electrons; Sec . Ushers Club; Math Club; Cabinet; Chem. Lab. Asst.; Nat'l Honor Society; Ger.Club. MARY HELEN WEAVER Pres. (2),Sec.S.R.; Pres. Jr., Sr. Y-Teens; Sec . Library Club; Lib. Asst.; Fashion Show; 60-Word Shorthand Certificate; Promoters. VIRGINIA WEEMS Home Ec Club; Fashion Show. DORIS ANN WEINSTEIN Nat'l Honor Society; Head Marshal; Pres Writers Club; Jr. Electrons; Promoters; Thespians; Asst. Ed."Yellow Jacket"; Staff 3 Plays; Who's Who; Cabinet; Council.FRANK WHITFIELD CLARK WHITTEN ESTHER WILEY Lib. Asst.; Lib. Club; Promoters; 60-Word Shorthand Certificate; Perfect Attendance Certificate (2); Fashion Show. ROBERT WILKES JOHN WILLIAMS R.O.T.C. Drill Team; Disc and Diamond; N.C.O.-R.O.T.C Thespians; Staff 2 Plays. RAY WILLIAMS SANDRA WILLIAMS Choir; Glee Club; 60-Word Shorthand Certificate. SARAH WILLIAMS Vice-Pres., Red Cross Rep. S.R.; Pres., Vicc-Prcs. Future Nurses' Club; Sec. Lyric Club; Y-Tcens.THOMAS GRAYSON WORTHINGTON Choir; Hi-Y; Sec. S.R.; Sci. Dept. Asst. PHIL WRIGHT N.C.O.-R.O.T.C. HILDA WISE Future Nurses' Club. (6). JOHN WOMACK, JR. R.O.T.C. Officer, Pres. Photographers Club; Biology Club; "Yellow Jacket" Photographer; 1st Prize, Sci. Fair. DAVID WOOD Red Cross Representative. PEGGY JOYCE WOOTEN Pres., Sec. S.R.; Council; Treas. Jr., Sr. Y-Teens; Promoters (2); 60-80 Word Shorthand Certificate; Nat'I Honor Society. MARY LOU ZEALY Thespians, Art, Math, Writers Clubs; Cast 2 Plays. WRAY PEARCE SUMMER SCHOOL 1959 MELBA RATLIFF BRENDA REYNOLDS MARGARET WHITEUNDERCLASSMENJUNIORS Lawrence Adkins Mary Ann Adair Jeannette Adams Dickie Addington Phillip Agricola Denesa Albright Sue Aldridge Kenneth Alexander Wayne Alexander Felix Aliano Nancy Allen Joy Ann Allgood Marilyn Anderson Raymond Anderson Martha Anthony Frances Aquilino Laura Argo Jo Ann Armstrong Anthony Artale Billy Atkins Beverly Bacon Milton Baker Ray Baldwin Billy Barnett David Barrett Judie Barrett Beverly Bates Pete Bennett Terry Bennett Edwin Benny Melvin Benson George Berthon David Bessiere Linda Beyl Jane BishopJUNIORS Stella Blakely Lane Blankenship Lloyd Boggan Russell Bonds Bobby Bootsford John L. Bowlin Pat Bowman Larry Brakefield Gary Branch Richard Bratton Robert Bratton Patricia Broadhead Beth Brown Jack David Brown Johnny Mack Brown Linda Brown Ruth Ann Brown Sarah Helen Brown Robert Bryan Dixie Brush Kenneth Buck Evelyn Kay Burke Wayne Burns Ann Campbell Danza Campbell James Campbell Sue Campbell Steve Candal Marcia Cannon Clyde Cantrell Trudy Carpri Frank Ceravolo Venzinne Cerniglia Peggy Chambers Ronnie ChambersJUNIORS Dorotha Clark Mary Ann Classen Barbara Clements Barbara Clifford Rosemary Cooch Jo Ann Coan Sharon Conley Dick ConviUe George Corn Norman Cosper Wallace Cosper Mary Ann Costanza Sally Craven Jack Crocker Jackie Crooks Bobby Culpepper Judy Culpepper Mary Pat Dahlen Rebecca Daniel Alice Davis Beth Davis Paul Dawson Bill Day Fred Dempsey Bette Denton Barbara Devenyes Bernard Di Giorgio Doris Doddridge Jo Ann Domaino Jan Doyle Vallie Dozier Clyde Duckett James Duckett Charles Dugan Sandra DunnamJUNIORS Judy Dunnie Ann Driver Martha Drummond Winston Each Tommy Eiland Bobbie Elliott Donald Elly Diana Elrod Howard English John English Tommie Estes Dennis Etheridge Frank Fairley Julius Goatin Favr© Pattie Fiker Brenda Finch Charlotte Finley Alexander Frederick Jim Freeman Judy Freeman Linda F reeman Rebecca Freeman Minnie i-ou Friday Pat Fry Rosemary Fuller Elaine Gallon Mike Gammell Dorthy Garner Eddie George Rosalind Giardina Sam Gibbons Tom Gibbs Barry Gilliam Johnny Gillies Angelina GiovinaJUNIORS Jimmy Giovina Gerald Givens Charles Gleaton Marie Golonka Marisha Gordy Larry Graves Virgil Gray Frank Green Jane Green Bill Grizzle Dona Guffee Ann Hack worth Betty Hall Charles Hamilton Paul Hamilton James Hardin Joy Hardin Ray Hargrave Patricia Harris Pat Harris Lynn Hart Barbara Heaton James Hensley Peggy Ann Herring Annette Hicks Betty Lou Higginbotham Charles Higginbotham Jeannette Hill Jimmy Hill Sherry Hornsby Joan Howard Jerry Howell Billy Hubbard Kenny Hubbard Marilyn HubbardJUNIORS Joyce Hudspeth Don Huey Joe Bob Hughes Chat Ives Virginia Jackson Johnny James Kitty Jetton Barbara Johnsey Carolyn Anne Jones Ralph Jones Nancy Jordan Wayne Jordan Don Keith David Kelly Kay Kendrick Mary Lou Kevorkian Bill Kimbell Mary Louise King Penny King Steve King Gail Kirkland Travis Kirkpatrick Virginia Lankford Carolyn LaRussa Priscilla LaRussa Benny Latino Jo Ann Layton Nick Leo Carolyn Lindsey Robert Lollar Julia Looney Kay Lovett Jack Lyster Douglas Mackey Marrene Marlow JUNIORS Billy Martin Jayne Matthews Clark Maxson Ida Maxwell Lucy Maxwell Carol May Gordon Mayfield Vickie Mays Linda McCann Claude McCauley Minette McConaghy Wynne Nell McConkey Carolyn McDanal Kay McDanal Connie McDonald Linda McDonald Charles Mcllwain Jim McKeever Kenneth McKinney Elaine McLeod Judith McLeod Wayne McLeod John McMahon Hershel McNabb Patty Me Willie Linda Meadows Jean Meagher Jo Ann Medlin Nancy Melton Thomas Melton Ann Middlebrooks Sherri Middleton Elizabeth Mills Nancy Miranda Thomas Mize JUNIORS Larry Money Newton Moon III Connie Mooney Agnes Moreland Jean Moreland Betty Morris Kenneth Morrison David Mosko Elinor Motley Bill Muir John Mullen Kenneth Mullinax Murry Mullins Jane Murdock Billy Murphy Kathie Myers Cecil Naftel Philip Naro Jackie Neighbors Mike Neville Wanda Nixon John Norman Judy Oakes Danny O'Daniel Susan O'Hear Sandy Orton David Padgett Mary Panos Martha Park Bob Pass James Patterson Doris Jean Payne Kerry Pennington Sherrill Pilgreen Anthony J. Pitts I JUNIORS Tommy Ponder Bill Pope Ann Postell Patricia Powell Patricia Powell Peggy Prince Ralph Pruitt Tommy Puckett Richard Queen Linda Quinn Howell Raines Jimmy Ransom Francille Rausin Allen Rawscn Paul Ray Sandra Reese Susan Reeves Connie Reid Johnny Reid Jenny Sue Renfro Sandra Reynolds Jerry Rhodes Paula Richardson Pam Ringfield Jo Ann Ritch Rosemary Roberta Jim Roberts Linda Robinson Roseanne Robison Vicki Robison Sandra Rollings Danny Rooks Mike Rosato Lewis Rushing Mickey Saltert IUNIORS Janet Salvagio Ann Sanders Michael Santoro James Scarbrough Gregg Schulsted Jeannette Scoggins Sandra Seabury Barbara Serio Wayne Shaddix Allen Shaffei Bob Shaffer Robert Shaffer Douglas Sharbut Mike Sherman Suzanne Sherman Harriet Sims Jim Sims Frank Skinner Don Smith Mary Ann Smith Mary Elise Smith Polly Smith Richard Smith Sylvia Smith Kenneth South Lynne Southall Jerry Stafford Paula Stapp Ronnie Stapp Mary Stewart Terry Stewart Tommy Stoves Randall Stricklin Charlene Stroud Frank StubbsJUNIORS Martha Suddeth Baker Sumner Martha Sykes Sylba Tankersley Buddy Eugene Taylor Connie Taylor Lynn Taylor Wayne Taylor Pamela Terry Susan Thomas David Thompson Donald Thompson Helen Thompson Sarah Thompson Jerry Thrasher Betty Jo Tombrello Gretta Tombrello Jimmy Tortorici Nina Tortorici Rosanne Tortorici Bobby Trammell Cecelia Trevarthan Jimmy Tucker Wayne Tucker Jimmy Tulloss Larry Tyler Martha Tyler Lois Vandegrift Dale Vann David Vincent Betty Vines Connie Vowell Bill Waggoner Joan Waine Charles WaitesJUNIORS David Waites Margaret Waldrop Walton Wall Carmclitta Walker Joan Walker Patricia Walker Rosemary Walker Shirley Walker Tommy Walker Carol Wallace Ann Wfalters Dorothy Waters Leslie Weaver Billy Weeks Johnny Weldon Margaret Ann West Marshall West Iris Whitehead Janice Whitley Johnny Whitlock, Jr Elaine Wilkins Glenda Williams Jerry Williams Melba Williams Roger Williams Sandra Williamson Linda Wrilson Thera Wilson Jimmy Wolfe Bill Womack Jimmy Woodruff Carol Wooley Harold Wooley Julia Wright Andy Wurtele Mildred Young Mary Frances ZitoJudy Abbott Jerry Abner David Adair Bobby Adkins Judy Aldridge Ted Allen Aldridge Joyce Alexander Judy Alexander Margaret Alldredge Shirley Alsabrook Earl Archer Emily Archer Kathy Arnold Jerry Askew John Atkins John Ausban Joann Bailey Tommy Bailey SOPHOMORE Dudley Barnett Dickie Barrett Nancy Barrett Barbara Bates Jane Bates Kay Beavers Lester Beck Carol Berthon Byron Best Lorenzo Blankenship Fred Blevins Clara Bobo Faith Bobo Lonnie Booth Lamar Bowman Larry Bowman Sally Bragan Mary Ann Brand Joan Brasfield Sally Braswell Harold Britton Ronnie BrittonMarian Brown Nancy Brown Patsy Bryant Elbert Buchelew Richard Burch Tommy Burch Linda Burdette Linda Burford David Byrd Jackie Byrd John Byrd Joy Callaway Charles Campbell Kay Campbell James Camps L. Wayne Cantrell Mary Carrington Jimmy Carr CLASS Jane Clark Jimmy Clark John Clark Vicki Coggins Linda Collins Janice Colvert Gary Cook Martha Cook Charles Cooper Earl Cooper Nelson Cooper Mostcllar Cost Margie Couch Larry Cox Wanda Jo Craig Patsy Creel Bonnie Crowe Mary Jo Darabaris Larry Chandler Judy Chapman Andrew Chasteen Sylvia ChasteenHugh Dally David Davidson William Davidson Faylenn Davis William Dawson Jimmy Day Deason Dorothy Dempsey Janice DeVort Janet Dickerson Danny Dobbs Nancy Dollar Don Domiano Larry Douglas Charles Downing James Dudley Nancy Duke Linda Dulaney SOPHOMORE Mary Lester Ellis Janice Carol Elrod John Failla Agnes Ferguson Linda Ferguson Myra Ferguson Helen Fievet Mary Fleet Vera Fortenberry Andrew Fox Don F ranklin Sue Franklin Rachel Frazier Geneva Freeman Alfred Frietas Emory Fryer John Gable Roy GainesCLASS Troy Gaines Sharon Gallant James Gann Lloyd Gant IV Jerry Garner Jerrell Garrett Sally Glaze Anita Goldsmith Antoinette Graffeo Larry Grant Mary Diane Grass Hubert Green Joe Gugliotta Pat Gugliotta Gail Guinn Jeri Gurganis John Hale Beverly Hall Alice Hammel Gail Hammock Ginger Hammond Patricia Hanna Linda Hardin Raymond Hardin Margaret Hargett Billie Jo Harkncss John W. Harper Jeffrey Harrison Kenneth Harrison Betty Hayes Sam Heide Roy Higginbotham Norma Hill Wanda Hill Carmen Hitchcock Diann HittDouglas Holland Sharon Holmes Hal Holston Paulette Hooper Terry Ann Hooten Sharon Hosey James House James Houts Michael Ann Howell Lanny Hubbert Lee Hurley John Hutto Jim Ingle Paul Jerrells Charles Johnson David Johnson Glenda Johnson Bruce Jones SOPHOMORE Arthur Killough Sherry Lee Kimble Jimmy King Peggy Kirkland Bill Knight Jane Krieger Hilda Lake Barbara Lambert Joyce Landers Susan Laney Denton Lankford Jack Latham Jess Lee Mary Lee Patricia Lee Louise Leo Bob Lightsey Pat LightseyDiane Lindsay Julia Lisenbee Larry Littrell Pamela Loftin Brenda Long foe Anthony Lorino Paula Loveless Paulette Lovett Nat Lovoy Patricia Lovoy Barbara Lowery James Lowery Ronald Lowery Dick Main Sherilyn Main Robert Marlin Judy Marana Gene Martin CLASS Margaret McCain Pat McCann Michael McClain Danny McDevitt Shirley McGaughey Betty McQueen Jimmy McQueen Karen McQuillen Shirley McRae Charles Meadows John Meadows Michael Meadows Patti Meek Norman Messina Linda Minassi Sonja Mitchum Bill Mize J. B. MonzellaBlanton Moore Nancy Moore Layne Morris Curtis Morrison Billy Morrow Elaine Mosley Robert Muir Charles Mulholland Pat Mur rah Alberta Newberry Dennie Neuman Frances Nix Nolan Nix Shirley Norman Maurice Norris Barbara Northington Tommy Norton Paul Oechsle SOPHOMORE Martha Oglesby Joni Oliver Dot O'Shields Jim Otto Deanna Owens Chester Parker Jacqueline Parker Louis Parker Wandra Parker Kay Pearce Jimmy Pessanos Bettie Phillips Billy Phillips Charles Phillips Janet Pickett Cecilia Plassman Joseph Poole Blanche Powell Patsy Preston Mary Frances Prince Bernard Puccio Ray PutnamCLASS Glen Roberts Tony Rodriguez Donald Rome Mark Russel Mike Ryan Nick Santoro Jackie Raia Jerry Rowlings Cooper Ray Eugenia Reagen Raymond Reinhart Melinda Reynolds Kenneth Scarbrough Sandra Scott Lloyd Setliff Vargie Sexton Pete Sfakianos Joy Shaw Carol Sims Don Sims Patsy Sims Larry Sinquefield Jack Skilling Don Smith George Smith John Smith Jon Smith Kenneth Smith Martha June Smith Stephen Smith Jane Smitherman Mildred Snead Charles Sorrell Carol Spann Charles Spradling Louis StancMary Steadham Elsie Steele Nancy Stephens Gary Stephens George Stewart Janet Stinson Wayne Street Judy Stringer George Stritikus Lynn Stroud Sandra Suddeth Jim Sutt Kay' Tanner Billy Taylor Janet Taylor Pat Taylor Ray Thomas Mary Sue Thompson SOPHOMORE Ronald Thompson Nick Thornton Robert Tidwell Ann Tillery Margaret Toomer Frances Tortorice Wayne Townsend Bettye Tubbs Janice Tucker Charlie Tuggle Shelton Vandiver Mary Ellen Vaughn Judy Vines Kay Waggoner Dianne Waites Douglas Walding Charles Walker Mary Walker William Walton Dennis Warren Leilani Warren Patricia WarrenStella May Watts Kendal Weaver Sharon Webb Barbara Weldon Robert Weir Beverly Whitfield Johnny Wilder Jimmy Wilson Susan Wilson Thomas Wilson Ronnie Woodard Kenneth Wray Ronnie Wright Sharon Wyatt Herman Yarbrough Linda Yates Donald Young Richard Zalcs CLASS A SOPHOMORE BIOLOGY CLASSFRESHMEN Stuart L. Adams Jane Adkins Sue C. Akins Alice Aldridge Andrew Alfano Doris Allen Jo Ann Allen Sandra Allison Richard T. Aloia Verna Anderson Norman Antonio Vita Aquilino David P. Armentrout Anne Armistead Tommy Armstrong Donald E. Arnett Jerry Arnett Kamin Arnold Carolyn Asaro Jimmy F. Ash James S. Atkins Robert Aycock Robert D. Baker Edwin Lee Balentine Carl Barnes Tommy L. Barr Curtis Barrett Louise Bates Rebecca Bates Wayne Blacker by Jan Blanks Barbara Blanton Carol N. Blevins Alan Wayne Blomely Bill Bole Bobby Bole Loyce Bolin Shirley Grace Bonds Tommy Borland Carol Bottsford Shirley Bousack Robert Bowden Tim Bowman Francis Bracknell Margaret Bradford Myra Bradford James Brakefield Bill Braswell Glenda Brock Nelda Brown Lamar Brownlow Johnny Bryan Jane Burchfield Fred Burnett Kenny Butler Anne Cadenhead Elizabeth Cagle Mary Ann Calloway Phyllis Candal Judy Capps Rose Mary Carroll Rosalie Carruba Howell T. CareyFRESHMEN Charles Chalmers Bobby Chandler Jim Cherry Marsha Claburn Janice Clements Jimmy Coan Joan Cole Richard Collier George Coop Jerry Cooper PhiLl Craven Mack Cribbs James Crim Ronnie Crowe Bettye Culver Al Cumbie Andrea Curl Bobby Daniel William Davis Ann Dawson Donna Deffebach Gail Dennis Jerry Denny Nancy Denson Neal DiPiano Joyce DeVore Joseph Domnanovich Joe Drew Gale Duke Leland Dunn Rhonda Dunn Rufus Duvall Linda Ellcdgc Susan Elliott Joan Elrod Del Garrett Enslen Eddie Erwin William Etheredge Jacqueline Evans Janice Fanning Matilda Ferino Linda Fikes Carol Floyd Gladys FOrel Frederick Foster Delores Freeman Norma R. Freeman Charles Frye Brenda Gaither Clyde Gardner Edward Gardner Carol Garner Johnny Garrison Linda Garrison Eloise George Luanne Gibson Floyd Gilliland Richard Gilmer Jackie Glenn Rita Godfrey Rae Goodson Hugh Gould Byron GrantFRESHMEN Cynthia Graves Edward Greene William Greene Mary Lee Griffin Bob Grigsby Richard Groenendyke James Hacker Johync Hamby Patricia Hancock Judy Haney Joseph Harding Margie Hargett Shirley Harrell James Harris Barbara Harrison Sara Hassell Billy Gene Hatley Jimiloyd Hawkins Daniei Haynes Donna Haywood Linda Hill Vicki Hill Sharon Hobbs Jimmy Hollifield David Hollock Gloria Hooten Hoyt Hooten Jeffrey Hopping Sue Hopping Toni Hubbert Joyce Hudspeth Jimmy Hughes Jerry Hullett Sharon Hurliman John Irwin Carolyn Jackson Harry Jackson Jimmy Jackson Troy Jackson Bobby James John Jett Kitty Jetton Billy Johns Joyce Johns James Johnson Carolyn Johnston Lester Jones Seretha Jones Norman Juliano Karen Kelly John Kemp Mary Louise Kneisley Gloria Knowles Louise Lackey Bobby Land Dorothv Lankford Sherrill Larimer Jimmy LaRussa Martin LaRussa Bob Latham Betty Ruth Lawson Steven Leatherwood Alfonso LeoFRESHMEN Pamela Leverett Larry Little Joe Lively Joe Lomoro Charles Long Bobby Long Linda Lucas Tim MacMordo Patricia Maddox Norma Magers Carl Mann Johnny Marino James Mark Toyce Marshall Jerry Martin Marion Martin Janine Maxon i rtnni» Maxwell P te Maxwell David McBrayer Brenda McCain Pete McCarn Sherry McConkey Joan McCutcheon Linda McCutcheon Wayne McDanal Katie McDill Diane McDonald Marie McDonald Linda McFarlan Arlin McGriff Marlin McGriff George McKenzie Phillip McKinnon Everett McKnight Bunnie McWillie Ronnie Merrill Carmen Milazzo Ann Miller Henry Miller Karen Miller Joyce Mims Clyde Mitchell Jane Mitchell Shirley Mitchell Michael Moman Rosalee Monzella Lutherec Moreno Floyd Morrison Johnny Morrow Bobbie Sue Myers Cherry Myhre Bobby Naftel Louise Nalley Linda Nesmith Carolyn Neugent Michael Newton Dona Nichols Lois O'Brien Jerry O'Dell Bill Odom Bill Olmstead Barbara OrrFRESHMEN Richard Orton John Orton Sandra Owens Susan Owens Betty Parker Sandra Parker William Parker Peggy Pate Gene Pearson Raymond Pee pie Wayne Pender Billie Jo Pike Marcy Pintar Kay Pointer Colleen Poole Peggy Powell Ann Prescott James Prince Judy Propst Bernice Pruett Era Pruett Donna Pruett Alice Pruitt Sandra Rankin James Rawlinson Faye Reece Ray Reece Kelly Reynolds James Rhodes Jean Rhodes Lamar Rice Barbara Roberson James Roberts Joel Roberts Helen Robertson Tommy Romano Arthur Routledge Ernest Rowell Lynda Roy Dorothy Rubino Joe Ruggerio Lowell Rushing Richard Rutledge Anne Salvagio Maxie Samuel Charlotte Sanford Dorothy Sanford Diane Sansing Larry Scherer Wanda Scherer Anoree Self Ronnie Sheffield Wayne Shirley Wayne Shoemaker Vivian Shook Sue Shumate Linda Simon Richard Simpson Frank Sims Johnny Smalley Billy Smith Glois Smith Helen SmithFRESHMEN Jack Smith James Smith Lois Smith Sherry Smith Beverly Smitherman Diane Smitherman Ruth Snead Wesley Sorrell Frances South Jerry Spears Betty Spcogle Ronald Spence Dennis Spivey Joe Spota Patricia Spradling Dorothy Stagg Donald Stanford Sandra Stegall Sara Stegall Norman Stewart Joe Stamba Sharon Strevel Sherry Strong James Stuart Jamie Stuart Linda Suddeth Eileen Sullivan Sue Sutter Myra Sue Taylor Pat Taylor Ralph Thomas Donna Thomason Cynthia Thompson Johnny Thompson Barbara Tidmore Elizabeth Tidwell Lana Tinsley Jimmy Tombrello Jerry Topazzi Judy Trammell Mary Treece Tommy Trucks Jack Tructt Richard Tubb Rickey Turk Glenn Turner Robert Turner Patricia Tyler Randy Vanderburg Robert Vann Sharon Wadsworth Jackie Waites Ann Walden Byron Waldrup Diane Walker Robin Walker Scott Wall Dianne Wallace Charles Warden Rita Jean Watson Carl Weeks Patricia Weekley Connie WeemsAllen Woodall Larry Woodall Nancy Worrell Jimmy Yarbrough Jenny York FRESHMEN Dari Welch Shirley Weldon Patricia Wellborn Joann Wells James Wheeler Brenda White Mark White Martha White Pam Wilborn Ruth Wiley Ann Williams Glenda Williams Clyde Wills Gale Wilson Gary Wilson Myron Wilson Eric Wint Eleanor Myrl Wise Michael Wix Margaret Wood Quinton Wood FRESHMAN PRESIDENTS - SPRING 1960 Front Row: Vivian Walker, Rose Marie Aquilino, Enda Junkins. Back Row: Bill Darden, Russell Scarvey.1939 Ensley High Graduates. Ensley High Band in 1944.Ensley High Seniors in Kindergarten in 1947. Do you know them’ 1948 Ensley High cheerleaders. Senior Play, 1956.Beverly Bacon in Chemistry Lab T. V. Class 1960 Marching Band MARCHING BANDACTIVITIES noJUNIOR Y-TEENS Mrs. Armstrong, Sponsor First Row: Sara Hassell, Elizabeth Cagle, Nancy Dollar, Jane Adkins, Shirley Harrell, Jeri Gurganis, Sue Shumate, Mary Frances Prince, Betty Phillips, Joy Callaway. Second Row: Anita Mayhall, Deanna Owen, Louise Leo, Claudia Shook, Janice DcVore, Nancy Denson, Shaton Strevel, Martha Oglesby, Dorothy Dempsey, Linda Ferguson. Third Row: Sandra Scott, Jane Smitherman, Carolyn Spann, Vickie Hill, Mary Ellis, Patricia Weakley, Judy Marona, Millie Snead, Janet Dickerson, Janice Tucker. JUNIOR Y-TEENS Miss Norwood, Sponsor First Row: Bernice Pruitt, Sally Braswell, Karen McQuillen, Eugenia Reagan, Sharon Hosey, Judy Trammell, Mary Carrington, Wanda Jo Craig, Melinda Reynolds, Mary Ann Callaway, Wandra Parker. Second Row: Linda McFarland, Vickie Coggins, Patsy Preston, Gloria Hooten, Kay Waggoner, Susan Laney, Kay Tanner, Margaret Toomer, Donna Nichols, Linda Collins, Kay Pearce, Pat Gugliotta, Shirley Alsabrook. Third Row: Carolyn Sims, Elaine Mosley, Mary Ellen Vaughn, Nancy Moore, Gail Wilson, Carolyn Johnston, Karen Kelly, Sharon Gallant, Martha Cook, Janet Stinson, Paula Stapp, Jackie Parker, Mary Walker.SENIOR Y-TEENS Miss Doyle, Sponsor First Row; Lou Richie, Dorothy Sutherland, Judy Burleson, Kitty Cleveland, Linda McNutt, Pat Dudley, Kay Barclay, Judy Rome, Barbara Brown, Jean Brackin, Peggy Posey, Lillian Bracknell. Second Row: Stella Blakely, Elinor Motley, Jimmie Ruth Carter, Margaret Eurton, Johannah Giardina, Mary Sue Crow, Pat Walters, Sandra Seabury, Jeanie Daniel, Carol Jean Wallace, Peggy Wooten, Barbara Smith. Third Row: Beth Brown, Sharon Case, Carole Lynn Wooley, Beverly Olvey, Lynn Southall, Sandra Billing8, Fran Newlin, Ollie Littlejohn, Sue Campbell, Peggy Chambers, Jackie Crooks. SENIOR Y-TEENS Mrs. Large, Sponsor First Row: Radah Sneed, Charlotte Schultz, Donna Smith, Kay McDanal, Carole Stone, Judy McLeod, Ruby Suddeth, Diane Elrod, Judy Culpepper, Mary Ann Classen, Jackie Smith, Mary Louise King, Rosemary Roberta, Connie Reed. Second Row: Nancy Jordan, Gail Kirkland, Harriet Sims, Jean Stubbs, Sue Street, Linda Beyle, Florence Coley, Mary Helen Weaver, Brenda Finch, Connie Taylor, Ann Driver, Sylba Tankersley, Barbara August. Third Row: Elaine McLeod, Carolyn LaRussa, Betty Morris, Mary Panos, Ruth Ann Brown, Mary Ann Smith, Sandra Rollings, Suzanne Sherman, Kay Kendrick, Minnette McConaghy, Judy Freeman, Jo Ann Layton.HOME ECONOMICS CLUB First Row: Dianne Moats, Agnes Moreland, Rebecca Freeman, Connie McDonald, Pat Walters, Virginia Weems, Jean Brackin, Othalene Lindsey, Sarah Thompson. Second Row: Miss Mohns, Sponsor, Vickie Robinson, Marie Golonka, Nancy Brown, Elizabeth Frazier, Linda McCann, Linda Kelly, Jeanette Adams. Third Row; Dorthy Knighten, Sandra Quinn, Joni Oliver, Nan Segars, Margaret Eurton, Lucy Maxwell, Pat Vann. JUNIOR RED CROSS FirstRow: Linda McFarland, Sherry Smith, Dianne Waits, Cynthia Deason, Malinda Reynolds, Wanda Hill, Judy Trammell, Donna Heywood, Judy Capps, Joyce Alexander, Peggy Posey, Janet Stinson, Donna Loftin, Kay Waggoner. Second Row: Sonja Mitchum, Sharon Conley, Michael Ann Howell, Shelby Christian, Charlene Stroud, Judy Alexander, Joyce Marshall, Brenda Long, Sandra Dunnam, Evelyn Burke, Betty Parker, Ann Tillery, Barbara Howard, Mary Nell Roe, Beverly Whitfield. Third Row: Alan Shafer, Bob Loilar, Pete Bennett, Bruce Jones, Frank Skinner, Charles Higginbotham, Ralph Pruitt, David Wood, Bobby Duvall, Elbert Buchelew, Marion Aquilino, Glenn Turner.D O CLUB First Row: Barbara Clifford, Tamara Hill, Martha Conville, Sandra Williams, Evelyn Burke, Ruby Jean Suddeth, Carole Stone. Second Row: Diane Hodges, Anthony Pitts, Emmett Fanning, Mary Frances Zito, Marilyn Anderson, Peggy Roberts, Tommie Estes. Third Row: Lawrence Adkins, Fred Brown, Mike Rosato, Richard Carr, Claude McCauley, Kenneth South. BANK TELLERS First Row: Marie Golonka, Russell Bonds, Martha Parks, Martha Anthony, Shirley Alsabrook, Ronnie Crowe, Don Franklin, Wynne Nell McConkey, Kitty Cleveland, Suzanne Sherman, Rosemary Fuller, Patsy Wallace, Nancy Denson. Second Row: Wayne Jordon, Janice Tucker, Janet Taylor, Sharon Gallant, Jane Kreiger, Jackie Parker, Lynn Moody, Ann Postell, Dianne Wilborn, Bunnie Sue McWillie, Barbara Gilbert, Peggy Skilling, Vickie Robinson. Third Row: Johnny Garrison, Jerry O'Dell, Walter Bryant, Jimmy Wolfe, Bernard DiGiorgio, Richard Groenendyke, Jimmy Domaino, Linda McCutcheon, Patty Fikes, Donna Thomason, Margaret McCain, Patricia Walters.SENIOR ELECTRON CLUB Front Row; Linda Myers, Jack Esco, Jack Crocker, Tom Gibbs, Mr. Pennington, Sponsor. Back Row: Larry Mooney, Mike Neville, Dennis Etheridge, Allyn Spence, Dick Conville. JUNIOR ELECTRON CLUB First Row: Jack Truett, Gene Pearson, J. B. Monzella, Ralph Thomas, Byron Best, Louis Stano. Second Row: Tommie Bailey, George Stewart, Charles Phillips, Pete Sfakianos, Charles McCarn. Third Row: Hubert Green, Andrew Fox, Charles Walker, George Stritikus, Terry Marlin.SCIENCE LABORATORY ASSISTANTS First Row: Gene Pearson, Susan Reeves, Mary Neil Roe, Delores DeVore, Patty Reau, Linda Robinson, Joy Shaw, Larry Weaver. Second Row: Byron Best, Betty Vines, Jo Ann Medlin, John Wilder, Charles Walker, George Striti-kus, David Hollock. PROJECTIONISTS First Row: Jerry O'Dell, Frank Skinner, Dick Rutledge, Howell Raines, Dick Conviile, Russell Bonds, Ernest J. Rowell, Mike Santoro, Douglas Holland. Second Row: Billy Barneett, Don Keith, Richard Burch, Norman Cosper, Douglas Walding, Bill Dawson, Bill Womack, Winston Each. Third Row: Stewart Callaway, Tommy Walker, Bill Christian, Sandy Orton, Pete Sfakianos, Larry Scherer.BIOLOGY CLUB Front Row: Nancy Duke, Pat McCann, Ann Postell, Helen Fievet, Bobbi Elliott, Linda Brown, Jean Meagher. Back Row: John Gable, John Womack, Marilyn Chaffin, Nan Segars, Margaret West, Phyllis Montgomery, John Wilder, John McGilvray. MATH CLUB First Row: Mrs. Magnuson, Sponsor, Julia Looney, Sylvia McCutcheon, Patty TamburcUo, Helen Thompson, Patty Reau, Rosemary Fuller. Second Row: Elizabeth Frye, Jean Ingles, Wayne Meadows, Tim Culberson, Larry Weaver, Paula Campbell, Delores DeVore. Third Row: Robert Lollar, David Stewart, Diane Moats, Lynn Taylor, Curtis Burdette, Robert Clark.THE JACKET STAFF First Row: Larry Phillips, Margertc Toomer, Sue Cook, Dixie Brush, Peggy Herring, Charlotte Schultz, Sharon Gunter, Barbara Brown, Carol Wallace, Janice McMahon, Bobby McKenzie. Second Row: Elinor Motley, Betty Leake, Colleen Latham, Norma McCrary, Becky Cox, Paula Campbell, Martha Barnes, Charlotte Tate, Marilyn Rickman, Jimmie Ruth Carter, Stella Blakely, Esther Groenendyke, Della Stewart. Third Row; Sanford Enslen, Stewart Callaway, Pete Bessiere, Tom Rogers, Douglas Cash, Walter Bryant, Ronald Elly, Madison Gay, Jim Sims, Don Stagg, Jim Bradford. HI-Y CLUB First Row: Don Franklin, Robert Muir, Jack Crocker, Terry Bennett, Greg Schulsted, Billy Shikle, Charles Cooper, Wray Pearce, Ray Putnam, Bobby Culpepper, Tommy Puckett, Robin Walker, Julius Favre. Second Row: Wayne Taylor, Johnny Mack Brown, Lee Hurley, Eddie George, Frank Skinner, David Johnson, John McGilvray, Mike McClain, Joe Lively, Paul Jerles, Jerry Askew, David Adair, Grayson Worthington, Jack Smith. Third Row. jim Sims, Frank Sims, Mike Neville, Earl Cooper, John Green, Wayne McDanal, Jimmy Day, Charles Tuggle, John Howard Irwin, Troy Jackson, Tommy Burch, Paul Oechsle, Albert Buche-lcw, Howard English.SPANISH CLUB First Row: Pamela Lofton, Linda Robinson, Myra Sue Taylor, Ann Armistead, Judy Capps, Jeri Gurganus, Diane Lindsey, Sylba Tankcrslcy, Jane Smitherman, Sandra Scott, Susan Owens. Second Row: Polly Smith, Joyce Marshall, Sharon Strevel, Barbara Bates, Judy Stringer, Myra Ferguson, Martha Suddeth, Rebecca Freeman, Sharon Webb, Sharon Wyatt, Janet Taylor, Faith Bobo, Charlotte Schultz. Third Row: Eugene Taylor, John Gillies, Clark Maxon, Connie Mooney, Jim Roberts. FRENCH CLUB First Row; Sherry Hornsby, Colleen Poole, Mary Ann Calloway, Gay Prather, Cecilia Trevarthan, Martha Anthony, Barbara Duncan, Rosemary Duncan, Pamela Terry, Laura Argo, Sue Thomas. Second Row: Judy Dunnie, Mary Pat Dahlan, Betty Vines, Patty McWiUie, Susan Reeves, Anita Goldsmith, Connie Weems, Ann Campbell, Karen Kelly, Donna Nix, Carmen Hitchcock, Miss Howell, Sponsor. Third Row: Bob Shaffer, Jon Smith, Charles Spradling, Don Smith, Herman Yarbrough, Kenneth Smith, Dudley Barnett.LATIN CLUB First Row: Sharon Gallant, Joyce Ann Alexander, Eugenia Reagan, Joy Shaw, Linda Wilson, Thera Wilson, Helen Thompson, Bettye Leake. Second Row; Miss Robertson, Sponsor, Carol Berthon, Wanda Parker, Elaine Mosley, Mary Stewart, Jan Holt, Elizabeth Frye, Lynn Taylor, Vallic Dozier. Third Row: Raymond Reinhart, Kendal Weaver, Bill Dawson, Kerry Pennington, Mike Santoro, Larry Phillips, Jack Lyster. ART CLUB First Row: Bobby Freeman, Jackie Elrod, Sylvia Smith, Shirley Walker, Jackie Neighbors, Pat Powell, Mary Ann Waldrop, Martha Cook. Second Row: Miss Bass, Sponsor, Lutheree Moreno, Pat Walker, Peggy Kirkland, Jean Moreland, Nancy Miller, Sharon Collier, Sarah Helen Brown. Third Row: Jo Ann Armstrong, Sandra Seabury, Mary Lou Zealy, Marrene Marlow, Janet Taylor, Barbara Shoemaker, Faylenn Davis, Marie Linder.LYRIC CLUB First Row: Nancy Melton, Sarah Williams, Wynne Nell McConkey, Peggy Herring, MarishaGordy, Barbara Gilbert. Second Row: Jim Bradford, Judith Sessions, Margaret Brown, Lynn Moody, Ruth Ann Ellis, Bob Bicknell. FIRST PERIOD CHOIR First Row: Kay Lovett, Barbara Gilbert, Pat Walters, Betty Clements, Joan Walker, Kitty Cleveland, Linda McNutt, Pat Dudley, Ruth Ellis, Jane Murdoc, Paula Stapp, Mary Ann Classen, Connie Vowcll, Judy Burleson, Joyce Bowen, Nancy Parks, Penny King, Sherri Middleton, Wynne Nell McConkey. Second Row: Pat Powell, Helen Myers, Judith Sessions, Kitty Jetton, Pattie McWillie, Carol Jones, Ruth DeShazo, Marilyn Rickman, Lynn Moody, Paula Richards, Nancy Melton, Mary Smith, Margaret Brown, Delores DeVore, Linda Strevel. third Row: Dick Conville, Michael Jean Gainey, Ray Hargrave, David Bessierc, Jack Lyster, Bobby Adkins. Raymond Williams, Bob Stagg, Charlie Tuggle, David Adair, John Wilder, Wayne Jordan. Grayson Worthington, David Thompson, Billy Each. Fourth Row: Sanford Enslcn, Stewart Calloway, Joe Sherrill, Heyward Holland, Jim Bradford, Mike Neville, Pete Bennett, Gene Larkin, Glenn Roberts, Bill Whitlow, Maurice Jones, Jim Scarbrough. Don Hollis, Larry Phillips, Jerry Rhodes, Joe Hughes, Earl Cooper.SENIOR ENSEMBLE First Row: Kitty Cleveland, Mary Guthrie, Jere Gail Chisenhall, Barbara Gilbert. Second Row: Raymond Hargrave, Michael Jean Gainey, Tom Gibbs, Ruthanne DeShazo. Third Row: Larry Weaver, Jerry Rhodes, Maurice Jones, Ray Phillips, Raymond Williams. FOURTH PERIOD CHOIR FirstRow: Barbara Brown, Sylba Tankersley, Mary Sue Crowe, Sandra Williams, Sandra Jones, Dona Guffee, Sharon Conley, Mary Tombrella, Paula Campbell, Patsy Ellis, Joan Shannon, Pat Swindle, Pat Ricks, Sarah Williams, Rosemary Cooch, Jere Gail Chisenhall. Second Row: Sandra Jackson, Melba Williams, Joan Bailey, Loventricc Arnold, Maxine Stallings, Elaine Gallon, Fredrica Geiger, Jimmie Ruth Carter, Pat Hitt, Vallie Dozier, Colleen Latham, Norma McCrary, Ollie Littlejohn, Mary Guthrie, Margaret West, Pat Hill. Third Row: Charles Cooper, Kendall Weaver, Jack Skilling, Julius Favre, Nick Santoro, Norman Cosper, Douglas Cash, Paul Dawson, J. B. Monzella, Tommy Norton, Ray Phillips, Larry Weaver, Davis Barnhill, Dwight Satterwhite, Billy Barnett, Tommy Ponder. Fourth Row: Billy Shikle, Andrew Chasteen, Hubert Greene, Jess Lee, Billy Benson, Lloyd Setliff, Charles Higginbotham, Bob Bicknell, Paul Dowling, Ray Higginbotham, David Padgett, Tom Gibbs, Robert Glaze, John Fowler, Steve King, Bob Bennett.WRITERS CLUB FUTURE NUR Front Row: Shirley Alsobrook, Rachel Frazier, Margaret Toomer, Mary Carrington. Back Row: Mrs. Thompson, Sponsor, Sharon Wyatt, Michael Ann Howard, Mary Walker. First Row: Melba Williams, Sandra Kener-ly, Gerrie Sue Renfro, Hilda Wise, Barbara Devenyns, Mary Whatley, Sue Cook, Dona Guffee. Second Row: Jackie White, Ann Middle- brooks, Linda Strevel, Marsha Walkin- TRI-HI-Y FUTURE TEACHERS Front Row: Cynthia Dcason, Sue Hopping, Marie Go-lonka, Cynthia Thompson. Back Row: Mrs. Campbell, Sponsor, Paulette Hooper, Shirley Bonds, Linda Yates, Linda McCutcheon, Joy S.iaw. Front Row: Ann Walters, Patti Meeks, Sue Cook, Janice McMahon, Penny King, Sherri Middleton, Connie Vowcll, Jere Gail Chisenhall, Lynn Hart, Pamela Terry, Bettyc Scoggins. Second Row: Kay Kendrick, Dixie Brush, Patty McWillie, Betty Morris, Patricia Hill, Elizabeth Kelley, Paula Richardson,SES CLUB CHESS CLUB shaw, Linda Myers, Jerri Vickery, Judith Sessions, Sarah Williams. Third Row: Ann Sanders, Jo Ann Coan, Joyce Landers, Dennis Kay Spivey, Donna Thomason, Margaret McCain, Miss Whitfield, Sponsor. CLUB Nancy Jordan, Pat Vann, Peggy Prince, Sharon Holmes, Suzanne Sherman. Third Row: Mildred Wilson, Margaret Gilmore, Elaine McLeod, Ruth Anne Brown, Sue Lawson, Minnie Lou Friday, Marilyn Rickman, Ruthanne DeShazo, Mary Guthrie, Kay Cooper, Mary Panos, Marcia Cannon. Front Row: Ronnie Woodward, Kendall Weaver, Wayne Alexander, Dick Main. Back Row: Nick Santoro, Charles Sprad-iing, Billy Barnett, Carey Pennington. BANK DIRECTORS Front Row: Peggy Roberts, Norma McCrary, Peggy Skilling, Margaret Eurton, Jimmie Ruth Carter. Back Row” Walter Bryant, Bernard DiGiorgio, Richard Carr, Johnny Green, Allyn Spence.OFFICERS AND SPONSORS First Row: Reuel Huffman, Judy Srhith, Fredrica Geiger, Martha Ingle, Lawrence Adkins. Second Row: Jerry Thrasher, Billy Weeks, Milton Baker, David Mosko, Tykie Sfakainos. Third Row: Newton Moon, Charles Higginbotham, Howard McBrayer, Jim Freeman. R.O.T.C. DISC AND DIAMOND CLUB First Row; Reuel Huffman, Judy Smith, Fredrica Geiger, Martha Ingle, Lawrence Adkins. Second Row: Marshall West, Bill Weeks, Milton Baker, Olan Martin, David Mosko, Tykie Sfakianos. Third Row; Newton Moon, Donald Elly, Russell Woodard, Lonnie Booth, Howard McBrayer.Reporters for "The Yellow Jacket": First Row: Doris Ann Weinstein, Jeanie Daniels, Carolyn Brinson, Saundra Reese, Linda Robinson, Penny King, Sherry Middleton, Ann Walters, Barbara Gilbert. Second Row: Joy Ann Allgood, Jo Ann Domiano, Margaret Toomer, Michael Jean Gainey, Sharon Gunter, Michael Ann Howell, Martha White. Third Row: John Womack, Ronald Elly, Jack Deaver, Sandy Orton, Madison Gay, Bob Black. THE YELLOW JACKET STAFF 127Cutting the Tree Digging the Foundation OUR NEW Pouring the Foundation The Building Completed 128Open House - The Dedication LIBRARY Open House - The Tea 129LIBRARY CLUB Left to Right: Geneva Freeman, Esther Wiley, Peggy Skilling, Donna Smith, Jeannette Hill, Miss Seay, Carolyn Spann, Faylenn Davis, Sabina Wade, Betty Hall, Mary Louise Cooper. LIBRARY ASSISTANTS First Row: Cynthia Graves, Patricia Tyler, Peggy Skilling, Linda McCann, Geneva Freeman, Era Pruett, Sabina Wade, Kay Chamberlain. Second Row: Jeannette Hill, Mary Louise Cooper, Betty Hall, Martha Anthony, Esther Wiley, Frances South, Donna Deffebach. Third Row: Maxine Stallings, Faylenn Davis, Rebecca Bates, Donna Livingston, Kerry Pennington, Donna Smith, Ronnie Woodard, Miss Miles, Donald Elly, Dianne W’allace, Carolyn Spann. Sandra Jackson.Midshipman Octavio Soto |£ jyj ]Sj GL.UB O F F I G E R S PaUl PrcSentS the Gavel 10 Larrv- President . . . Treasurer . . . Secretary . . . Vice-President Chaplain . . . . Tim Culberson . Sabina Wade . . Helen Hall . Carl LeCroy Stephen Smith ALLADIN AND HIS WONDERFUL LAMP Presented by the Freshman Class. Cabinet at Work. Seniors Receive Pictures.OFFICERS THESPIANS IN ACTION Secretary............Lindal Fletcher Vice-President . . . Colleen Latham President..............Jack Deaver Treasurer..............Bettye Vines David Messer, Paul Dowling, Martha Ingle, Lynne Adams, Jack Deaver, John McMahon. THESPIANS First Row: Linda Freeman, Vicki Mays, Joy Ann Calloway, Sharon Conley, Thera Wilson, Linda Wilson, Sandra Reese, Carolyn Brinson, Lynne Adams, Lindal Fletcher, Diane Frings, Sallie Craven, Ann Hackworth, Martha Ingle, Jane Townsend, Carolyn McDanal, Donna Loftin. Second Row: Margaret Toomer, Jo Ann Ritch, Day Chamberlain, Esther Groenendyke, Colleen Latham, Anne Moore, Ann York, Paulette Hooper, Diane Wilborn, Bettye Leake,Vallie Dozier, Beverly Bacon, Doris Ann Weinstein, Sharon Gunter, Carol May, Becky Cox, Atm Middlebrooks, Joy Ann Allgood. Third Row: Sanford Enslen, Bettye Vines, Mary Lou Zealy, Mary Lou Kevorkian, Paul Dowling, Sandra Reynolds, Bobby Bottsford, Bill Christian, Pat Powell, Michael Jean Gainey, Sandy Orton, Jack Deaver, Fredricka Geiger, Pat Bowman, Carl LeCroy, Charles Higginbotham, Bobby F reeman,PROMOTER S PEN PRO.IFCT OFFIC ERS Elinor Motley, Stella Blakely, Paula Campbell, Dixie Brush, Jimmi Ruth C a r t e r , Marilyn Rickman. PROMOTERS Treasurer..................Charlotte Tate President....................Douglas Cash Vice-President .... Lynne Adams Secretary................ Becky Cox First Row: Delores DeVore, Patty Reau, Patty Swindle, Marilyn Shaffer, Ann Hackworth, Beverly Bacon, Sallie Craven, Linda Robinson, Rosemary Fuller, Anna Calma, Mary Cooper, Peggy Skilling, Barbara Gilbert, Diane Frings, Carolyn Brinson, Jeannie Daniel, Alice Davis, Peggy Wooten, Jan Doyle, Janice McMahon, Penny King, Jean Meagher, Ann Postel, Lindal Fletcher, Linda Freeman. Second Row: Sylvia McCutcheon, Mary Lou Kevorkian, Doris Weinstein, Judy Smith, Diane Wilborn, Lillian Bracknell, Joan Shannon, Johannan Giardina, Jimmi RuthCarter, Lynne Admas, Paula Campbell, Elinor Motley, Esther Wiley, Peggy Herring, Sabina Wade, Esther Groenendyke, Bettye Deaton, Joy Ann Allgood, Lynn Hart, Martha Ingle. Third Row: Betty Tamburello, Beverly Bates, Sandra Camps, Colleen Latham, Jane DeLoach, Loventrice Arnold, Ketty Jetton, Becky Cox, Linda Etheridge, Betty Clements, Lynn Moody, Marcia Cannon, Pat Powell, Martha Barnes, Charlotte Tate, Marilyn Rickman, Mary Guthrie, Stella Blakely, Dixie Brush, Jean Ingles, Barbara Howard, Della Stewart. Fourth Row: Patty Marshall, Kay Cooper, Elizabeth Harris,Ollie Littlejohn, Fredricka Geiger, Connie Carpenter, Sandra Billings, Mildred Wilson, Margaret Gilmore, Sharon Gunter, Norma McCrary, Pat Ellis,Margaret Brown, Andy Wurtele,Paul Ray, Jerry Williams, Jim Wolfe, Jack Deaver, Paul Dowling, Bob Black, Jim Bradford, Carl LeCroy, Douglas Cash.Wir|StWR°W: nRaUVJ?r“t0n- rhar« tIClvrJn' Lee Coston» Dick Conville, Allyn Sp.nce. Jimmy Will, Harvy Burch. Madison Gay, Bobby McKenzie. Second Row: Mr. Flynn, Sponsor, Walter Bryant, Tom Gibbs, Howell Raines. Sandy Orton. Bob Bic knell, Robert Stagg, Larry Weaver, Steve King, Norman Cosper, Bill Womack. Third Row: Sanford Bnslen, Stewart Callaway, Ralph Jones, Tommy Walker, Ronald Elly, Jack Neil, James Scarbrough, Lane Blankenship, Billy Barnett. THE USHERS CLUBCharlotte Tate Secretary Spring 1960 Larry Weaver Vice-Pres. Spring 1960 Madison Gay Secretary Fall 1959 ■ Colleen Latham President Fall 1959 O Jack Deaver Pres. Spring 1960, Vice-Pres. Fall 1959 HONOR First Row: Kay Chamberlain, Lillian Bracknell, Carol Wallace, Larry Weaver, Vice Pres. Spring 1960, Madison Gay, Sec. Fail 1959,Colleen Latham, Pres. Fall 1959, Charlotte Tate, Sec. Spring I960, Jack Deaver, Vice Pres.Fall I959and Pres.Spring 1960, Martha Ingle, Patti Reau. Second Row: Marie Linder, Sarah Williams, Anna Ruth Ragland, Mildred Wilson, Mary Sue Crowe, SOCIETY Lynn Hart,Tom Gibbs,Peggy Wooten, Carl Le Croy. Third Row: Michael Jean Gainey, Pat Walters, Florence Coley, Peggy Skilling, Doris Ann Weinstein, Paula Campbell, Phyllis Montgomery, Linda Freeman, Sylvia McCutcheon. Fourth Row; Lynne Moody, Della McCrory, Elizabeth Frye, Margaret Browm, Norma McCrary, Della Stewart, Joy Ann Allgood,Bettye Vines, Bill Christian, Bob Black.MISS FIRE PREVENTION Colleen Latham GOOD CITIZENSHIP GIRL Michael Jean Gainey MATHEMATICAL GENIUS Larry Weaver MUSIC MAJOR Jim Bradford SENIORS WHO EXCEL HOME ECONOMICS Della Stewart ART AWARD Nancy Miller 136TWINS POSE PROBLEMS THE SMITHS Lois or Glois? THE DeVORES Joyce or Janice? THE STEGALLS Sandra or Sara? THE McGRIFFS Arlin or Marlin? THE WOOLEYS Harold and Carol?Homecoming Candidates HOME Homecoming ParadeHEAD CHEERLEADERS Judy Otwell Mildred Wilson COMING CHEERLEADERS First Row: Linda McNutt, Joan Hopping, Mascot; Martha Ingle. Second Row: Kitty Cleveland, Judy Otwell, Mildred Wilson, Jane Townsend. Third Row: Patricia Hill, Pat Dudley. Fourth Row: Frcdrica Geiger, Ollie Littlejohn.ATHLETICS 1-40Coach McBride 4 Coach Canzoneri, Coach Hanes, Coach PepperVARSITY tomas ul Lorino Quarterback Larry Dempsey Fullback Paul Daw sol Tackle J Tommy CombsBenard Tamburello End Jim Graham Tackle Stanford Lowry Tackle Halfback Bob Benrn Guard Jimmy Howard CenterVARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM First Row: Larry Dempsey, Paul Lorino, Tommy Combs, Lowry Stanford, Bob Bennett, Charles Waites, Joe Thomas, Bill Oglesby, Jim Scarbrough, Larry Sinquefield, Larry Phillips. Second Row: Mickey Salter, Larry Graves, John South, Paul Dawson, Bruce Jones, Robert Bratton, Dennis Etheridge, Billy Waggoner, Bernard Tamburello, Richard Queen, Sanford Enslen, Ray Thomas. Third Row: John Clark, Terry Stewart, Jim Ingle,Connie Mooney, Jim Graham, Mickey Scarbrough, Travis Kirkpatrick, Fred Dempsey, Bob Shaffer, Dale Vann, Mike Ronilo, Bill Womack, Joel Roberts. Fourth Row: Fred Burnette, David Vincent, Tommy Me Bee, Frank Green, Philip Naro, Jimmy Howard, Bill Braswell, Coach Pepper, Coach Canzoneri, Coach Hanes. B-TEAM FOOTBALL First Row: Pat Murrah, Billy Phillips, Jeff Hopping, Danny Dobbs, Ernest Rowell, Joel Roberts, Norman Messina. Second Row: Joe Gugliotta, Richard Gilmer, Robert Bowden, Bill Walton, J. B. Monzella, Wesley Sorrell, Don Franklin, Mostellar Cost, Jimmy Wilson. Third Row: Mickey Wix, Steven Leather wood, Tommy Wilson, Ronnie Sheffield, Mark Russell, Chester Parker, Lynn Stroud, Tommy McBee, Bill Braswell, Coach McBride.ENSLEY’S ALL-TIME FOOTBALL TEAMS All-time first team All-time second team End - Reble Steiner •44 Jim Pyburn •51 End - Charlie McGonagle '25 Morris Applebaum •35 Tackle - Malcom Crowder •34 Buddy McCollum •28 Tackle - Tom Tingle •36 George Holdcroft •28 Guard - Bill Gandy •35 Burke Dupuy •39 Guard - Frank LaRussa 54 Latta Waldrop •33 Center - Raiford Ellis •31 Bill Harris •41 Back - Country Lowery •25 Erskine (Bub) Walker •25 Back - Charlie Boswell •35 Clyde Fieselmar '43 Back - Dave Brown '38 Bob Marston •24 Back - Charlie Holm '34 Russell Inman •43 All-time third team End - Erskine Russell •43 End - Louie Zeigler •25 Tackle - Luther Busby •43 Tackle - Robert Borden •24 Guard - Marion Fink •28 Guard - Billy Beddow 39 Back - Dick Webb '45 Back - Earl Jackson •24 Back - George Briner •30 Back - Jack Boswell •38 Honorable mention Ends - Lee Hayley '49, J. B. Hayes '34, Ralph Gandy '29, Lois de Yampert '49. Tackles - M. O. Smith '38, Bruce Evans '44, David Barrett '24, A. D. Glover '49, David Blankenhorn '49. Guards - Bill Scott '24, Red Trevarthan '32, John Brown '38, James Ivy '47, Frank Bonds'52, Irvin Sherer '49, Vincent Scalisi '48, Raymond Glovetti '45. Centers - Raymond (Hungry) Hardy '24, Howard Burns '36. Backs - Dave Middleton '50, Billy Smith '24, Clayton Bearden '31, Russell Lambert'48,Jerry McBee '53, Johnny Gibson '50, Cero DiChiara '47, John DeJohn '35. Other outstanding players Billy Wilson '56 - tackle, Bobby Campbell 39 - End, Don Downs '57 - End, Gary Barton'27 -Back, Junior Thomasino '56 - Back, Peahead Walker - Back. nsVARSITY BASKETBALL First Row: Tommy McBee, Wayne Meadows, Larry Slnquefield, Paul Lorino, Bobby McKenzie, Bob Bennett. Second Row: Jimmy Woodruff, Johnny Mack Brown, Robert Weir, Ted Aldridge, Johnny South, Larry Dempsey, Allen Rawson. B-TEAM BASKETBALL First Row: Paul Jerles, Jim Ingle, Bill Braswell, Curtis Morrison, George McKenzie. Second Row: Fred Burnette, Gary Cook, Bobby Daniels, Richard Burch, Ernest Rowell, Richard Groenendyke.VARSITY Larry Dempsey Co-Captain Forward--6' Paul Lorino Co-Captain Guard--5'8" Bobby McKenzie Guard--5’10" Wayne Meadows Forward--5'7" John South Centcr--6'2 Rrhrny Woodruff Forward--5 8"1959 BASKETBALL SCORES 1960 51 Ensley vs. Minor 58 58 Ensley vs. Ramsay 56 60 Ensley vs. B. B. Comer 36 79 Ensley vs. Phillips 38 66 Ensley vs. Hueytown 50 44 Ensley vs. Woodlawn 59 53 Ensley vs. Minor 55 50 Ensley vs. West End 48 52 Ensley vs. Bessemer 44 71 Ensley vs. Banks 65 58 Ensley V5. Jones Valley 46 57 Ensley vs. Ramsay 51 61 Ensley vs. Phillips 65 56 Ensley vs. Bessemer 40 57 Ensley vs. Woodlawn 74 27 Ensley vs: West End 26 71 Ensley vs. B. B. Comer 62 49 Ensley vs. Banks 38 81 Ensley vs. Hueytown 38 64 Ensley vs. Jones Valley 44 FACULTY VS. STUDENTS Fagan Goofs Again Watch Out Referee! Who Won The Tip?Sammy Ellis - Bruce Wamble HIGH JUMP SPECIALISTS TRACK TEAM First Row: Kenny H u b b a r d , Larry Weaver, David Stewart. Second Row: Johnny Lockhart, Dale Vann, Mickey Salter, Douglas Cash. TENNIS TEAM First Row: Jack Neil, Tom Togers, Richard Birch. Second Row: Ted Aldridge, Bob Bennett, Lowry Stanford. i49VARSITYBASEBALL Bobby McKenzie Pitcher-Center Field Layne Blankenship First Base Larry Graves Shortstop Wayne Meadows Shortstop Larry Sinquefield Right Field 151GIRLS BADMINTON Left: Barbara Heaton, Jo Ann Laton. Right: Janice Whitley, Mary Ann Brand. GIRLS' GIRLS VOLLEYBALL Left: Jackie Byrd, Rosalie Carruba, Patsy Preston. Right: Patti Marshal, Alice Davis, Cecelia Plasman, Janice Colvert, Marsha Walkenshaw.GIRLS BASKETBALL Left - Right: Jo Ann Layton, Barbara Heaton, Mary Ann Brand, Janice Colvert, Janice Whitley, Alice Davis. ATHLETICS GIRLS SHUFFLEBOARD Patti Marshall, Cecelia Plasman. Seated: Jackie Byrd, Alice Davis, Patsy Preston, Rosalie Carruba, Nelda Brown, Frances Tortorici, Marsha Wlakenshaw, Janice Colvert.Congratulations CLASS of ’60 SOUTHERN BELL TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANYBarbers Best M at Y M" Grocers! §; J Barber's best on your table too. The fine quality, pure good taste of Barber’s Milk and other dairy products is your assurance of high food values and good health. The most complete line of quality dairy products bear the name Barber's Barber See If You Don’t Like Barber's Best!CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES SENIORS School Books School Supplies HAWKINS BOOK STORE 2123 3rd Ave. North Phone FA 4-2646 THE CAMERA SHOP Kodaks . Cameras . Supplies Use Your Noggin -Trade with Coggin Radios . Television . Record Players Hi-Fi . Stereophonic . Records OLDSMOBILE SALES AND Tape Recorders 3215 Avenue W . Five Points West SERVICE Phone ST 5-3253 "In the heart of 5 Points West" Phone ST 85601 Congratulations Seniors PEERLUX PEERCRAFT PAINTS RAINES BROTHERS Try It - You'll Like It West Birmingham Alabama Phone FA 3-3413 HENDERSON HENSLEE 2201 Ave. E, Ensley, Alabama JAX SEED HARDWARE Motor Parts Phone ST 8-2426 Auto Machine Service Motors Rebuilt Auto Parts 2019 Avenue E, Ensley St 5-4129 St 5-4129 For a Taste Treat Try CENTRAL SEED AND DORTCH'S HARDWARE COMPANY 1812 Avenue E Pies and Ensley Buddy Bars STate 8-1641 SMITH-NORTON REALTY CITY PAPER COMPANY CO., INC. Real Estate and Insurance "Birmingham’s Oldest Paper Company" 1912 Avenue E 3700 First Avenue, North Ensley, Alabama Established 1897 Phone Fa 4-6555 -Our Service Doesn't Cost-It Pays-CHEW FURNITURE STORES, INC. ENSLEY FURNITURE COMPANY 1360 Bessemer Road Birmingham 8, Alabama Phone ST 8-6572 1924 Avenue E ALABAMA’S MOST BEAUTIFUL Ensley, Alabama FURNITURE STORE W. 1. MARTIN DRUG CO. 1400 3rd Ave., West Birmingham, Alabama Phone ST 5-1433 HERRING'S DRUG STORE 1923 Bessemer Road ST 7-4604 Prescription Specialists GILMER DRUG COMPANY, INC. ENSLEY APOTHECARY M. A. Boynton, President 1925 Avenue E Phone ST 7-4671 Phone ST 5-3181 418 19th Street Ensley, Alabama Prescriptions Drugs Prescription Specialists Complete Stock of Drugs, Sickroom Supplies and Baby Needs Free Pick-Up and Delivery "GLORIA" nenpendable Uewberry says rugs Five Points West Shopping City ST 1-3611 CONGRATU LATIONSD W HARDWARE CO. 1920 Avenue E Ensley, Ala. DeLOACH TIRE SERVICE One day recap service. Avenue F 18th Street Ensley ST 5-9333 J. M. MARSHALL FURNITURE CO., INC. Dealers In New Second Hand Furniture Phone ST 5-2751 4315-7th Ave. Wylam, Alabama Phone ST 8-5531 Night ST 7-4477 LaCOLE FLORAL COMP 1946 Warrior Road Five Points West EVANS FURNITURE CO. New and Used Furniture We buy, sell, and trade. 100 Avenue T Pratt City, Ala. Phone St 5-2148 WHITE'S PHARMACY "If you get it from White It must be right" St 5-5775 Pratt City MACKINAW'S SERVICE STATION SAM'S SUPER MARKET 97 Avenue T, Pratt City 427 Dugan Avenue Road Service Phone ST 5-9334 Pratt City GRIFFIN RECORD COMPANY 513-B 19th Street Ensley, Alabama Telephone ST 6-5267 Wm.J. Griffin Louise Griffin ENSLEY HDW. PAINT CO. 2013 Ave. E, Ensley 8, Ala. Hardware, Glass Building Materials DuPont Paints Phone ST 5-5463 MODERN SHOE SHOP Watches Electronically Times 512-19th St. Ensley, Ala. MARINO BROS. on Watchmaster Timing Machine JIMMIE’S WATCH SHOP 600-A 19th St., Ensley U. S. SHOE SHOP Across Street from Wylam Theater Shoe - Repairing Sample Shoes SAVE 30% - 60% STELL-GENE DRESS SHOP Fashionable Women’s Apparel 905-40th Street Ensley, Alabama Phone ST 6-0943 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS Compliments of of i960 KESSLER'SMASSEY'S CAFE FAIRGROUNDS SHOE REBUILDERS Five Points West Shopping City The Best In Shoe Repair Orthopedic Work A Specialty 3211 - B Ave. W West St. 5 - 9293 Birmingham 8, Alabama Phone: ST 5-9282 2023 Avenue E Private Dining Room JOHN M. FOX CO. Heating, Air Conditioning and Sheet Metal 2109 Ave. D, Ensley Phone St 5-7718 Everything in music E. E. FORBES SONS PIANO CO., INC. 1914-4th Ave., N. Phone A1 1-4154 Eat. . . . GOLDEN FLAKES Potato Chips Korn Kurls Peanut Butter Crackers Salted Peanuts "Birmingham's Own"DYER SPORTING GOODS 4629 Avenue V Birmingham 8, Alabama GOLDENSTEIN COHEN 404 19th Street Ensley's Leading Department Store Phone State 6-6361 BAILEY FLOWERS For Beauty . . For Loveliness To Say What Words Cannot Express 4637 Avenue V Five Points West, Shopping City VANDERBURG REALTY CO. 2103 Avenue E ENSLEY, ALABAMA Representing Hartford Fire Insurance CompanyJOHNNIE THE SHOE FIXER FANC HER -LOONEY DRUG CO. 206 Avenue U Pratt Station 2812-30th St., West John Joe Tortomasl Birmingham 8, Alabama Phone ST 5-1124 BERTHON’S MIRACLE CLEANERS Cleaners, Dyers, Furriers One Hour Cleaning 2213 Avenue E Ensley, Alabama 2281 7th Ave., South B'ham, Ala. Four Hour Shirt Service 2300 Warrior Road Five Points West Phone ST 7-4216 THAXTON FLOWER SHOP 801 First Street Phone ST 5-2063 Flowers For Every Occasion Everybody Shops At "Ensley's BEST store" MASSEY COLLEGE Compliments "A Non-Profit, Degree Granting TURNER DRUG CO. Institution" Since 1887, 126,016 students have 205 Ave. U Pratt City, Ala. been educated for business careers. Phone ST 5-4664 FRANK CHAMBERS ENGRAVING COMPANY A GOOD PLACE 805 South 26th Street Birmingham. Alabama Wedding Invitations ... TO WORK Letterheads Class Rings ... TO SHOP Commencement Announcements ... TO SAVE Diplomas Cup Medals Your Friendly A P ! Trophies

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