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HIGH SCHOOL 0lRMiN6HAM, ?LAeAMA DIANE INGRAM E di+or JO LYSTER Assistant- Editor MRS-EUZ.ABETH ROGERSForeword As we turn through the pages of this yearbook, it will bring to mind the memories of youthful years gone by -- never to be relived. It will remind us of the clubs we joined, the teams we cheered, the friends we made, and of the knowledge we gained. This book closes one part of our lives but opens to pages not yet unfolded to us. This book has only a small fraction of the pages In our lives to be fulfilled. In these pages of our future let us set our goals high, grasp opportunity, give service, and face life with hearts filled with courage and hope.Dedicated To The Memory Of Miss Lucile Grissom We, the senior class of 1958, dedicate this yearbook, The Jacket in memory of Miss Lucile Grissom who won for herself a place of high respect, deep admiration and warm affection among both the student body and the faculty. J?t sM 'fn- fo y in. 0 i — ToCaJZo wd Jo yj± J yCriM ? ■ a d -JT uJfr J) n VL ?tlu asu Jty f - W '‘ q i ££- f u + 4 To a — c i ' T facsy+t- pU L 0 sC L4 n u€ , J? i ws Thad 2C ybaf ST c b sh K j sfa- ' 4 J ya £izJ y$-CsLC„ site s bAdvisers And Office Staff MISS MABEL ROWLEY CLAUDE MC LAIN RHODES ga MRS- fcOSStE 10 10S. N«S- BO ‘ MlSSDIANE INGRAM Editor JO LYSTER Assistant Editor Annual Staff SHIRLEY MCCRARY Circulation Manager JANE HALEY Assistant Circulation Manager CHRISTINE BARNES Business Manager JOHNNY FERGUSON Advertising Manager MARY FONTILLE Assistant Business Manager "THE STAFF" FIRST ROW: Gail George, Bettye Sue Carter, Johnny Ferguson, Jo Lyster, Virginia Gray. SECOND ROW: Barbara Howard, Sandra Bishop, Jane Haley, Charlotte Nelson. THIRD ROW: Christine Barnes, Sue Pittman, Diane Ingram, Judy Hooper, Clair Warren.January Sen iors CARMELO ALLANO JR. AUGUSTINE ANGRISANO Vice-President Session Room; Hi-Y Club; Choir; Varsity Football Letters (2); B-Team Basketball; Who’s Who. NELSON LEE BARBER CHRISTINE BARNES National Honor Society; Scholastic Merit Scholarship Test; Vice-President Session Room; Vice-President Latin, Secretary of Future Teachers, Treasurer of Promoters Club; Electron Club; Choir; 5th District Contest; Candlelight Concert; Choir Show; State Contest; Business Manager “The Jacket”. PATSY BARRETT Vice-President Library Club; Library Assistant; Red Cross Representative; Senior Y-Teens; 60-80 Word Shorthand Certificates. CHARLES SAMUEL BENSON SALLY ELOISE BENSON President Session Room; The “Yellow Jacket” Staff; January Favorite; Homecoming Court; Secretary. Senior Y-Teens; Tri Hi-Y: Choir; Glee Club; Fifth District Contest; Music Festival; Candlelight Concerts (4); State Choir Contest; Choir Show; Cast “Oklahoma”. FRANK ANGELO BIANCHI President Session Room; Hi-Y; Lyric Clubs; Candlelight Concert; Music FestivaL WILLIAM EARNEST BICE ROBERT A. BISHOP Varsity Football 1955.GEORGE BLOMELEY National Honor Society; Vice-President Session Room; Educational TV: Latin, Promoters Clubs; Secretary, Ushers Club; "The Yellow Jacket Staff; Orchestra (8); Christmas Festival (4); First Prize Mechanical Drawing, Alabama State Fair. ALBERT EARL BONDS JR. Hi-Y; Lyric Club; Cast "Trial by Jury", Choir Show; Music Festival; Candlelight Concert (3); Fifth District Choir Contest; State Contest. SHELBY JEANNE BRAKEFIELD Secretary Session Room; Junior Red Cross Representative. JOSEPH ALLEN BRATTON Lyric Club; Choir Show; Candlelight Concert (3); Fifth District Contest; Music Festival (3); Cast "Trial by Jury". DAVID NELSON BROWN JAMES WILLIAM BROWN V ice - P res ident Session Room; Of fice r ROTC; Rifle Team; Junior Electron; Senior Electron; Ushers Clubs; First Prize Math Project; Alabama State Fair. GLORIA BYARS President (3), Vice-President, Secretary (2) Session Room; Social Chairman Student Body; Secretary Senior Class; Y-Teens; Red Cross Representative; Homecoming Court; Candlelight Concert. LOTTIE MARIE CAMPBELL National Honor Society; Math, Tri-Hi-Y, Promoters Clubs; Secretary Audubon Club; Choir Show; State Choir Contest; Fifth District Choir Contest; Candlelight Concert; Music FestivaL BETTYE SUE CARTER Secretary National Honor Society; President (2) Session Room; Chairman Clubs; Secretary Birmingham Hi-Y Council; Assistant Advertising Manager "The Jacket"; Scholastic Scholarship Merit Test; Homecoming Court; President Junior Audubon Club; Secretary Latin Club; Tri-Hi-Y Club; Choir; Candlelight Concert (4); Fifth District Concert. BOBBY CARTER National Honor Society; President (2), Vice-President, Seeretary(2)SessionRoom; President Latin, Vice-President Ushers, Senior Electron Clubs; Choir; Favorite.VIRGINIA BERNADETTE COLAFRANCESCO DO Club; Y-Teens; Thespians; Secretary Art Club; Art Letter; Five Art Keys; Six Scholastic Art Awards. JERRY COLEMAN Class Day Soloist; President (1) Lyric Club (6); Choir (8); Senior Ensemble (2); Boys’ Ensemble; District (4), State Contests; Candlelight Concerts (4); Music Festivals (4); Lead “Trial by Jury”; Cast “Johnny American”; Second Place with “Stardusters” in “Big 8" Contest; Cast “Our Town, “Bcrnar-dine”. JUDITH ALBERTA COOK Vice-President, Secretary Session Room; Secretary, Treasurer Senior Y-Teens; Treasurer Art Club; Art Letter; Three Gold Art Keys; Scholastic Art Awards. JOHN RONALD COUNCIL Photographer for “The Yellow Jacket” (1). MARY JANE COURSON Cheerleader; Sportsmanship Chairman; Who's Who; Vice-President, Secretary Session Room; Chaplain, Treasurer Senior Y-Teens; Promoters Club; May Day Court; Candlelight Concert; Music Festival; Basketball; Baseball Sponsor; 60-80 Word Shorthand Certificates. JERRY CRUMLY RAY DALE Secretary Session Room; DO Club. JOHN EUGENE DANN Choir; Lyric Club; Fifth District Contest (2); Candlelight Concert; Operettas (2); State Competition, Cast “Trial by Jury”; Assistant Science Department. LOUISE DAVIS Art Club; Choir; Candlelight Concert. LINDA DOUGLAS Vice-President, Secretary (2) Session Room; Head Cheerleader; Council Representative; First Alternate Homecoming Queen; Red Cross Representative (3): Promoters Club (3); Vice-President Spanish Club; Secretary Math Club; Senior Y-Teens (2); ROTC Sponsor; Disc and Diamond (2); Glee Club; Music Festival; Who’s Who.TOMMY DOWNEY Vice-President Session Room; Spanish, Audubon, Hi-Y Clubs; Candlelight Concert; Music Festival; Baseball (3). CHARLES JERROLD ELLIS JOHNNY FERGUSON President (2), Vice-President Session Room; Annual Staff; Hi-Y Club; MC Freshman Talent Show; B-Team Football; Track; Homecoming Committee; Choir; Candlelight Concert; Christmas Music FestivaL TERRELL EUGENE FRANKLIN President, Vice-President Session Room; Science Department Assistant. CHARLES FREEMAN President IX) Club. CHRIS FRINGS Vice-President Audubon Club; Band Show (4); MC May Day (2); State Thespian Convention; Senior Play; Who's Who. JANE HALEY National Honor Society; Secretary Student Body; Student Council Representative; President, Vice-President Session Room (2); Representative Youth Legislature; Assistant Circulation Manager "The Jacket"; Scholarship Test; Choir; Latin, Promoters Clubs; Treasurer Tri-Hi-Y. ANN HARBOUR National Honor Society; Promoters, Writers Clubs; President, Treasurer (2) Future Teachers Club; Orchestra (6). MARY HARGRAVE National Honor Society (3); Secretary Session Room; "The Yellow Jacket" Staff; Vice-President Writers Club; Promoters, Latin Clubs; President Tri-Hi-Y; Representative Tri-Hi-Y; Hi-Y City Council; Delegate to Tri-Hi-Y; Hi-Y Convention (Montgomery); Fifth District Choir Contest; Music Festival (4); Candlelight Concert (3); Choir Show. WADE HARPER Vice-President Session Room; An Cluh.HARRIET JANE HARRISON Vice-President 3, Secretary 3, S R; “Miss Jacket of January"; Cheerleader; Homecoming Court; Trl-HI-Y, Promoters Clubs. President, Vice-President, Treasurer Senior Y-Tejns; Glee Club. Choir. ELEANOR HENDERSON National Honor Society; Officer Inter-Hi Promoters, Chaplain Writers Club. Junior Red Cross Representative; Lyric Club, Student Director Orchestra. Choir Shows. "Trial by Jury". Music Festival, Fifth District Contest. ELIZABETH HOLDEN Junior and Senior Y-Teens; Glee Club; 60-80 Word Shorthand Certificates. KITTY HOPPING Head Cheerleader; Homecoming CXieen; January Favorite; President. Vice-President. Secretary S R; Red Cross Representative; Senior Y-Teens. Tri-Hi-Y; Candlelight Concert; Sportsmanship Committee 57; Captain Basketball 2. Tennis Varsity, Volleyball Varsity 2, Baseball Varsity; 60-80 Word Shorthand Certificates; Wlio’s Who. DON IRVIN President Honor Society; President Senior Class; President 5. Vice-President 2, SR; Secretary Student Council; Promoters, Ushers. Spanish Clubs, Treasurer Senior Electrons; State and Fifth District Choir Contests, Candlelight Concert; Co-Captain Football Team; Lettered in Football 3, Baseball Track. Basketball; Class Favorite, Who's Who, Kiwanis Cup. CAROL JACKSON Writers Club, Junior-Senior Y-Teens; MC Fashion Show; Staff Spring Play; 60-80 Word Shorthand Certificates. ROSEMARIE JONES National Honor Society; President, Vice-President, Secretary SR; Latin, Writers, Promoters Clubs. Vice-President Tri-Hi-Y; Staff Senior Play; Fashion Show; Best Secretary Award. 60-80 Word Shorthand Certificates. ANN KELLEY National Honor Society; Latin, French, Promoters, Vice-President Writers Clubs, Chaplain Tri-Hi-Y; Youth Legislature 2; Fashion Show; Annual Staff; Winner in National Merit Scholarship Test. BETTY KELLY Secretary SR: Thespian Conference. Audubon Clubs; Cast, Staff Players; First Prize Home Economics. Alabama State Fair; May Day Program; 60-80 Word Shorthand Certificates. CAROL KENNEDY Secretary Latin. French Clubs; Promoters. Tri-Hi-Y Council Representative; Candlelight Concert; May Day program.ROBERTA JANE KEY Treasurer Writers. President. Treasurer Art Clubs; Keys 2, Certificates 3, Scholastic Art Awards. ROBERT KING Chairman Student Council; Cabinet; President 2. Vice-President SR; Math, Lyric, Promoters. Vice-President Spanish Clubs; Cast "Trial by Jury”, Choir Show. Fifth District Contest, Music Festival, January Who’s Who. SALLY LEWIS National Honor Society; President 2, Vice-President SR; Promoters, Lyric, Y-Teens Clubs; Red Cross Representative; Choir, Candlelight Concert 2, Fifth District. State Contests. Choir Show. MARGUERITE LORINO Red Cross Representative; Sr.Y-Tcens, DO Clubs: Baseball, Volleyball Varsities. JO LYSTER National Honor Society; Secretary SR 2; Scholastic Merit Scholarship Test;Chairman Lost and Found; Associate Editor "The Jacket", Assistant Advertising Manager "The Yellow Jacket"; Choir; Writers, Latin. Ushers Clubs; Secretary Audubon Club 2. EMMA LOU MAIN Vice-President, Secretary SR; Senior Y-Teens; Red Cross Representative; Fashion Show; 60-80 Word Shorthand Certificates. .EDITH MALONE National Honor Society; President, Vice-President, Secretary SR; Jr., Sr. Electron, President 2 Promoters, Writers Clubs; Recording Secretary Inter-Hi Promoters; First Place AJAS; Girls' State Representative; Freshman Award; Staff Plays 2; Choir; Bausch and Lomb Award. JAMES MC MILL AN National Honor Society; President Jr. Electron, President, Treasurer Sr. Electron, Ushers Clubs; Scholastic Merit Scholarship Test. Program Planning Committee; Science Assistant, Spanish Award. INEZ MIRANDA 60-80 Word Shorthand Certificates. ELIZABETH MOORE President, Secretary 2 SR; Cheerleader; Homecoming Queen Alternate; Senior Y-Teens, Tri-Hi-Y, Red Cross Representative.KATHERINE ANN MOORE President 2, Secretary SR; Tri-Hi-Y. Red Cross Representative; Staff Spring Play. FRANK MORRISS President National Honor Society; Vice-President Senior Class; Vice-President SR; Chairman Scholarship, Sportsmanship; President Spanish. President, Vice-President Ushers Clubs; Sports Editor “The Yellow Jacket”; Best Freshman Award; Spanish Award; Vice-President Jefferson Co 57 Citizenship Tour. Citizenship Award Alabama Boys’ State 56; Junior - Senior Electron Clubs; Delegate AJAS 2; Science Assistant 3; Merit Scholarship Test; Harvard Book Award, Who s Who. Exchange Cup. SANDRA MOSLEY Secretary SR; Red Cross Representative; Writers, Art Clubs. Senior Y-Teens, Thespians. May Day 2; Freshman Talent Show; 60-80 Word Shorthand Certificates, Who's Who. WINSTON MULLINS “E” Club; B-Team Baseball. Football; Varsity Baseball; Choir. Candlelight Concert. Fifth District Choir Competition. SHIRLEY NEMETH Senior Y-Teens; Spanish Club; Fifth District Contest; Candlelight Concert, Music Festival. CAROL NORTON President, Vice-President 2. Secretary SR; January Favorite; Tri-Hi-Y, Promoters Clubs, Vice-President Senior Y-Teens; Homecoming Court; Glee Club. Choir, Fifth District Contest. Music Festival, Candlelight Concert; Cast “Trial by Jury", “The Student Prince”, Class Favorite. Who’s Who. BEVERLY OWENS Y-Teens. DO Club; Choir. Glee Club, Fifth District Contest, Candlelight Concert, Cast, “Trial by Jury”, “The Student Prince”. MARY JO PADGETT President. Vice-President SR; Officer Senior Y-Teens. Promoters Club; Choir, Fifth District Choir Contest. Music Festival, Candlelight Concerts, Cast “Oklahoma”. LINDA PARNELL Student Publicity Chairman; Writers, Promoters Cluhs; Choir Show; Fifth District Contest Candlelight Concerts; Music Festivals. CHARLES POWELL President SR; Vice-President Hi-Y; Spanish Club. Delegate Youth Legislature; Officer. NCO R.O.T.C.; “Big 9“ Dance Council 2; Band 2; Choir 2, Music Festival. Festival Fifth District Choir Contest, Choir Show; Who's Who.JACK RODGERS JERRY ROSE Vice-President National Honor Society; President, Vice-President Session Room; R.O.T.C. Officer. Disc and Diamond. Bausch and Lomb Award. VICTORIA SCHIFANO Red Cross Representative. WAYNE SELF President Session Room; Spanish Club, Vice-President Hi-Y; Chemistry Stock Room Assistant; Music Festival, State Choir Competition, Candlelight Concert. GRACE ANN SMITH Vice-President. Secretary Session Room; Red Cross Representative; Senior Y-Teens; “The Yellow Jacket” Staff; 60-80 Word Shorthand Certificates; Gym Letter, Basketball. Baseball Varsities. Captain Basketball Team. MARY SUIT JOHNNY THOMPSON Vice-President Student Body; Vice-President Session Room 3; Science Department Assistant; Choir, Candlelight Concert. Music Festival; B-Team Basketball. JO ANN TOMBRELLO President, Vice-President, Secretary Session Room; Chairman Clubs; Homecoming Court; Senior Y-Teens; Volleyball Varsity. JACK TOWNSEND President Session Room 2; Red Cross Representative, Audubon Club; B-Team Baseball. Track Team. LARRY TUBBSMURREY VEDEL President Session Room; Red Cross Representative; DO Club. SANDRA WAINE Junior Y-Teens; Glee Club; Choir; Candlelight Concert (3); Music Festivals. JUDY WAITS Senior Y-Teens; 60-80 Word Shorthand Certificates. SHIRLEY WALKER Junior Audubon; Art Clubs; Choir; Candlelight Concert. BILL WALLACE President Student Body; Spanish; Junior and Senior Electron; Ushers Clubs; Science Laboratory Assistant (2); Band (2); Band Show; B-Team FootbalL LOIS WEST Junior Audubon Club; Red Cross Representative; Candlelight Concert; 60-80 Word Shorthand Certificates; Annual Staff. JIMMY WHITTEN Vice-President. Secretary Session Room; Spanish Club; President Junior AudubonClub; Science Laboratory Assistant. PHILLIP WILLIAMS President, Vice-President Session Room; Ushers Club; Science Department Assistant; Varsity Basketball LOUISE WOODWARD Vice-President, Secretary Session Room; President, Vice-President, Chaplain Junior Red Cross; Vice-President Junior Y-Teens; Choir Letter; Candlelight Concert (3); Music Festival (2); Fifth District Contest; Glee Club; Band Show; 80 Word Shorthand Certificate; May Day Program.JOHN MILTON ANDREWS President, Vice-President, Secretary Session Room; President Lyric Club; “E” Club; Choir (3); Music Festivals; Operettas; Lettered in Basketball (1); Track (2); B-Team Football; May Favorite. TOLLEY ARNOLD Red Cross Representative; Promoters Club; Choir Letter; State Choir Competition; Fifth District Contest; Candlelight Concert; Ensemble; May Concert; Staff Senior Play. CARROLL ANN BARRETT National Honor Society; Editor, Associate Editor “The Yellow Jacket”; Chm Publications; President (2), Vice-President Secretary Session Room; Officer Inter-High Promoters; Treasurer FTA; Junior Electron; Promoters, Math, Lyric Clubs; Band, Orchestra, Choir Letters; Music Festival (4); Candlelight Concert HOWARD BEARDEN Vice-President, Treasurer Disc and Diamond; ROTC Officer (3); NCO ROTC (2); Choir. RONALD BECKMAN ANNE BELCHER Cheerleader; Alternate E-Day Queen; May Court; President, Vice-President, Secretary Session Room; Secretary Thespians; Promoters Club; Senior Y-Teens; Miss Fire Prevention; Debate Team; Cast “You Can’t Take It With You”, “Bernardine”; Choir; Candlelight Concert, Fifth District; State Contests. BARBARA BELL Transferred from Oxnard High; Senior Tri-Hi-Y; Vice-President, Treasurer Dareiles Service Club; Girls Chorus. BILLIE JEAN BERRY Red Cross Representative; Writers Club; Library Assistant; Orchestra. SANDRA ANNETTE BISHOP President, Vice-President, Secretary Session Room; Annual Staff; Secretary French Club (2); Choir Letter; Lyric Club; Candlelight Concert (4); Music Festival (2); Choir Show (2); State Choir Contest; 60-80 Word Shorthand Certificates. FRED ELIE BOUCHET Writers, Photography Clubs; Editor, Assistant Feature Editor "The Yellow Jacket"; NCO-ROTC. r WILLIAM LEON BOWMAN Photography Club; Cast "The Sisters McIntosh”; Junior Class Production, (Decatur High). JERRY ANN BROWN Secretary Session Room; Red Cross Representative. LARRY BROWN SUE BROWN Library Assistant (4). JUDY GAIL BRYAN Secretary Session Room; Treasurer, Chaplain Senior Y-Teen; Red Cross Representative; Choir Letter; Candlelight Concert (4); State Choir Competition; Music Festival (2); Choir Show (2). JERRY BUCKALEW ELLEN RUTH BURCH President, Vice-President Session Room; Secretary Home Economics, Latin Clubs; Student Council Representative; Varsity Bas-ketbalL ARTIE BURNETT Band (7).JAMES EDWARD CASALE Music Festival; Candlelight Concert; Lyric Club; Hi-Y. JOHNNY JASPER CASE Art Club; Scholastic Art Award; Football (4)r B-Team Basketball and Foot ball; Football Letter. CAROL CERAVALO BILL CHADBOURNE Session Room Officer; Writers, Promoters, Senior Electron, Disc and Diamond Clubs; ROTC Officer; Candlelight Concert; Choir Show; Ensemble; B-Team Football; Tennis Letter. MARTHA ANN CHAFIN National Honor Society; Vice-President Session Room; Junior, Senior Y-Teens; French Club; Secretary Lyric Club; Choir; “The Yellow Jacket" Staff. SYLVIA JANE CHAPMAN Red Cross Representative; Gym Officer; 60-80-100 Word Shorthartf Certificates. JAMES EDWARD CICERO Vice-President Session Room; B-Team Football. Track. BARBARA CONLEY President National Honor Society; Vice-President Session Room; Chairman Publications; Red Cross Representative; Secretary Promoters Club; Recording Secretary Inter-High Promoters Club; Writers Club; Editor, Associate Editor “The Yellow Jacket' ; School Reporter “The Birmingham Post-Herald". BILL COOCH An Club; An Letter; Candlelight Concert. ELEANOR COOKELLEN COOK Math and Latin Clubs; National Honor Society Winner in National Scholarship Merit Test. BARBARA COWART Red Cross Representative; Choir Show;Candlelight Concert (2); Christmas Festival (2). LARRY CULVER President (3), Vice-President (2 , Secretary Session Room; President, Vice-President Photography Club; Vice-President Junior Electrons; Latin Club; Disc and Diamond; ROTC Officer; Boys State Representative; "The Yellow Jacket" Staff Photographer; Candlelight Concert (2). MARY ELLEN DANIELL Home Economics Club. MIMI DE ARMAN Spanish, Tri-Hi-Y, Thespian Clubs; Red Cross Representative; Staff "Pride and Prejudice"; 60-80 Word Shorthand Certificates. JERRY DEATON Vice-President Session Room; Candlelight Concert. JOHN DIAL JIMMY DIXON Secretary Session Room; NCO of ROTC: Red Cross Representative; Senior, Junior Electron Clubs. CELESTE DONNELLY Miss Jacket of May; Cheerleader; President, Vice-President, Secretary Session Room; Junior Audubon, Tri-Hi-Y, Y-Teens Clubs; Society Editor "The Yellow Jacket" Staff. DONALD DOWNS Officer Session Room; "E" Club; Co-Captain Varsity Football; Varsity Basketball; B-Team Football; Basketball; Baseball.PEGGY DRIVER President 2. Secretary SR; May Favorite; Senior Y-Teens; “The Yellow Jacket” Staff; Choir. Choir Show, Candlelight Concert 2. Christmas Festival 2. MARY ROSELLEN DUKE Art Club; Choir. Candlelight Concert 3. Christmas Festival. JEANETTE EDWARDS Red Cross Representative; French Club. RALPH FLOURNOY Non-Commissioned Officer R.O.T.C.; Science Department Assistant. REBECCA FOGG Cheerleader; May Favorite; Secretary SR; Treasurer 2, Junior Y-Teens, Senior Y-Teens. MARY FONTILLE National Honor Society; Secretary SR; Vice-President Spanish Club; Y-Teens. Promoters, Math, Ushers Clubs; Assistant Business Manager "The Jacket"; Band Review; Scholarship Art Award; Scholastic Merit Scholarship Test; Freshman Talent Show. RALPH FGSHEE PATSY FRAZIER Secretary SR: Senior Y-Teens. President Junior Y-Teens. Secretary Writers Club. Red Cross Representative. EDITH FREDRICK Promoters Club. LIONEL FREEMAN President 2. Vice-President Session Room; Treasurer Math Club; French Club.WAYNE FREEMAN Math Club; ROTC Rifle Team; Red Cross Representative; Science Assistant. LUTHER FULLER President, Vice-President Junior Electrons. DELORIS GALLAGHER GAIL GEORGE National Honor Society; Vice-President Session Room; President, Vice-President, Treasurer French Club; Lyric Club; Choir; Candlelight Concert (3); Choir Show (2); Music Festival (2); State Choir Competition; Annual Staff; 60-80 Word Shorthand Certificates. GRADY GIBBONS Junior Red Cross Representative. DALE GILBERT Junior Red Cross Representative; B-Team Football and Baseball; Lettered in Track. ANN GRANT Secretary Session Room (2); Junior Y-Teens. VIRGINIA GRAY Vice-President Session Room; Math, Promoters, Tri-Hi-Y Clubs; Chaplain Junior Y-Teens, Treasurer Spanish Club; Annual Staff; Choir; Music Festival; Candlelight Concerts (4); Spring Concert. JERRY GREEN Varsity and B-Team FootbalL JACQUELINE GREER President (2), Secretary Session Room; Senior Y-Teens; Vice-President Junior Y-Teens; Writers, Promoters, French Clubs; Choir; Candlelight Concert (3); Fifth District Contest; State Choir Competition.OLEAN GUILIAN Treasurer Junior Y-Teens; Red Cross Re-resentative; Candlelight Concert. CAROLYN GUNN Y-Teens; DO Club; Baseball; Basketball Varsities; 60 Word Shorthand Certificate. CORDELL HANCOCK Vice-President Student Body; President Session Room (2); Best Freshman Award; Manager Football and Track Teams; Art; "E" Clubs; Candlelight Concert. BILLY RAY HAND ROTC Officer; Disc and Diamond; Rifle Team. WINNIE RUTH HARBIN Promoters, Spanish, DO, Glee Clubs; Candlelight Concert. BRENDA HARDEN Promoters Club; Junior, Senior Y-Teens; Basketball; Baseball Varsities. MARY ANNE HARPER Promoters Club. CAROLYN HARRIS Choir; Candlelight Concert; Music Festival; Fifth District Choir Competition; 60 Word Shorthand Certificate. LIBBY ANN HARRIS Vice-President, Secretary Session Room; Secretary Lyric Club; President, Vice-President, Secretary Y-Teens; “The Yellow Jacket” Staff; Staff Two Plays; Choir; Candlelight Concert; Music Festival; Fifth District Choir Competition. GLORIA HART National Honor Society; President Session Room; Scholastic Merit Scholarship Test; Treasurer Writers, Secretary, Vice-President Art Clubs; Math, Tri-Hi-Y Clubs. Red Cross Representative; Scholastic Art Award, Alabama State Fair Prizes (5); 60-80 Word Shorthand Certificates.JANE HARTLEY Secretary Session Room; President, Vice-President Gym Class; Tennis Manager; Basketball, Volleyball Varsity. FAYE HASSLER Secretary Junior Electron; Y-Teen; Home Economics Clubs; Fashion Show; Candlelight Concert (3); 60 Word Shorthand Certificate. BOBBY HAYES President Session Room; Varsity Football (2); Varsity Baseball. BOB HEADLEY Vice-President Session Room; May Favorite; Sports Editor "The Yellow Jacket"; Vice-President Audubon Club; "E"Club; Ushers Club; Thespian Critic;'Cast "Girl Crazy"; "Bernardlne"; Math First Prize, Alabama State Fair; Lettered In Track (3). CORBETT HIGGINBOTHAM Varsity Football; Track; B-Team Football; B-Team Basketball. GIBSON HIGGINS Science Department Assistant. GENE HOLLY Varsity Baseball. MARY RUTH HOLLEY Promoters Club; 60 Word Shorthand Certificate. JOAN HOLLIS Writers Club; Choir; Candlelight Concert; Christmas Festival; Fifth District Choir Contest; 60-80 Word Shorthand Certificates. LAIRD HOLT President, Secretary Session Room; Vice-President Y-Tee ns; French, Writers, Math, Promoters Clubs; "The Yellow Jacket"Staff (2); Staff Six Plays. JUDY HOOPER National Honor Society; Secretary Session Room; President, Vice-President Math; President Writers Clubs; Best Freshman Award; Latin Award; Promoters, Y-Teens, Latin Clubs; Fashion Show; National Merit Scholarship Certificate of Merit. BARBARA HOWARD President, Secretary Session Room; Y-Teen Club; “The Yellow Jacket" Staff; “The Jacket" Staff; Assistant to Boys Advisor (6). JIM INGELS Audubon Club. BARBARA INGRAM Choir; Candlelight Concert; Music Festival; Fifth District Choir Contest. BYRON INGRAM ROTC Officer; Disc and Diamond Society; Rifle Team. DIANE INGRAM National Honor Society; Editor “The Jacket"; Vice-President, Secretary (2) Future Teachers, Promoters, Audubon Clubs; Vice-President Band; Orchestra (8); Band (8); Choir; Christmas Festival (4); Candlelight Concert (2); Fifth District Choir Contest; State Choir Competition; Band Show; Cast “Student Prince"; Band, Orchestra Letters. PATRICIA JEFFERSON Gym Class Officer; Red Cross Representative; Tennis Manager. BILLY JENNINGS Vice-President Session Room; Varsity Track (4); AAU Track Meet, Florida Relays. ANN JOHNSON' Secretary Junior Electrons; Senior Electron; Promoters Clubs; Choir. SARA JOHNSON Red Cross Representative; Lyric Club; Choir; Candlelight Concert; Fifth District Choir Contest; Christmas Festival. r-» 1 ft life a ci mam 3 f JEJr ™ W VGAIL JOHNSTON President, Vice-President Session Room; Vice-President Y-Teens; Senior Y-Teens Clubs. C. O. JONES BOBBY KELLEY ROTC Officer; Vice-President Disc and Diamond Society; Cast “Doubled Barrelled Detective Story”. BOBBY KELSO Junior Electron Club; PA System; B-Team. JANICE KENNEDY Vice-President Session Room; Chaplain Tri-Hi-Y; Promoters, Junior Y-Teen Clubs; Red Cross Representative; “The Yellow Jacket” Staff (2); Fashion Show; Prize, Alabama State Fair. TOMMIE KIDD Y-Teen, DO Clubs; 60-80 Word Shorthand Certificates. CLAUD LACEY Ushers Club; Red Cross Representative; B-Team FootbalL JANE LAMM Home Economics Club; “The Yellow Jacket” Staff; 60-80 Word Shorthand Certificates. SANDRA LANEY National Honor Society; Vice-President Y-Teens; Council Representative; Promoters Club (3); “The Yellow Jacket” Staff (3); j Freshman Oratorical Representative ASHPA Convention; Staff Cfcerettas (2); Staff Plays (6). ANDY LA RUSSA President, Vice-President Session Room; “E” Club; B-Team Football; B-Team Basketball; B-Team Baseball; Varsity Football (3); Varsity Basketball (2); Varsity Baseball (2); Track. VINCE LINDER PA System in Auditorium (4). ELIZABETH ANN LINT National Honor Society; President Session Room; Treasurer Tri-Hi-Y; Promoters, Latin, Art Clubs; Art Award; Alabama State Fair. LORA LONG Secretary Session Room (2); Treasurer, Secretary Tri-Hi-Y; Promoters, Senior Y-Teens Clubs; Staff Two Plays; Captain Basketball Varsity (3); Captain Baseball Varsity (3); Tennis Varsity (2); Volleyball Varsity (3). FULTON LOWREY President (3), Vice-President SessionRoom; Choir; ”E” Club; Varsity Basketball (4); Co-Captain Basketball Team (1). JACK MARINO Vice-President Session Room; Secretary Junior Red Cross. JEFFERY MARTIN LU JEAN MASON President, Treasurer Library Club; Library Assistant, Library Letter; Latin, Math Clubs. MIKE MAY President, Secretary Session Room; May Favorite; "E” Club; Varsity Football (2); Varsity Track (4); B-Team FootbalL WILLIAM HENRY MC ANNALLY III Vice-President, Secretary Session Room; Secretary, Treasurer French Club; Hi-Y Club; Red Cross Representative. SHIRLEY MC CRaRY National Honor Society; President Session Room; President, Vice-President Spanish Club; Secretary, Vice-President Math Club; Promoters Club; Spanish Award; Circulation Manager “The Jacket”; Red Cross Representative; Choir; Glee Club; Orchestra (4); Candlelight Concert; Cast "The Student Prince”; Fifth District Choir Competition; Music Festival.HAYDEN MC DANAL Choir. BOBBY MC ENTEE BILL MC MILLAN Chairman Athletics; Hi-Y; "E 'aubs; Co-Captain Varsity Basketball Team (2); Baseball Team (1); Varsity Track (1); Varsity Football (2); Varsity Baseball (3); B-Team Basketball (2); B-Team Football (2). TEDDY MILESKI Music Festival; Candlelight Concert; Choir Show. TOM MILLER JAYNE MILL WEE Vice-President Session Room; President Y-Teens; Vice-President Tri-Hi-Y; Spanish, Promoters. French Clubs; Library Assistant; Staff Two Plays; Captain Basketball Varsity (2); Baseball Varsity (2); Volleyball Varsity (2); Tennis Varsity. HUGH H. MILLS ROTC Officer; Choir; B-Team Football (1); Varsity Football (1); Varsity Track (1). JAMES MOORE DO Club; Manager Varsity Baseball; Varsity Basketball; Varsity Football; Varsity Track Teams; Lettered in Baseball (1); Basketball (1); Football (3); Track (2). ELIZABETH MORGAN DANNY MORRISONJOAN MORRISON Secretary Session Room; Promoters, Writers, Latin Clubs; Head Typist "The Yellow Jacket” Staff; Library Assistant; Fashion Show (2); 80 Word Shorthand Certificate. JOYCE MORROW Promoters, Spanish, Writers Clubs; Band; Candlelight Concert. LINDA MOTLEY President Session Room; Cheerleader; Promoters, Junior Y-Teens, Senior Y-Teens Clubs; Red Cross Representative; Fashion Show; Choir; Candlelight Concert; Christmas Festival; Fifth District Choir Contest; State Choir Competition. WILLARD MOTLEY CHARLOTTE NELSON Future Teachers Club; Red Cross Representative; 60-80 Word Shorthand Certificates; Orchestra (8); Christmas Festival (4); Candlelight Concert; F reshman Talent Show; Prize, Alabama State Fair. JERRY BRANTLEY Math, Latin, Lyric Clubs; Red Cross Representative; Choir; Candlelight Concert (3). JANET O’NEIL President, Chaplain, Home Economics Club; Spanish, Tri-Hi-Y Clubs; Red Cross Representative; Fashion Show (3); Prize, Alabama State Fair. WILLIAM OTTO Hi-Y and Lyric Clubs; “The Yellow Jacket” Staff; B-Team Football; Christmas Festival; Candlelight Concert; Cast ”Trial by Jury”. WAYNE PARKER President Session Room; Varsity Football; B-Team FootbalL JUDY PARNELL Vice-President Session Room; Spanish Club; Baseball, Volleyball, Basketball Varsities; 60-80 Word Shorthand Certificates.JOHN FRANK PATTON President (2), Vice-President Session Room; Math Club; Red Cross Representative; B-Team Football; BasebalL MARIE PETELOS Vice-President Session Room; Spanish Club; Junior Y-Teens; Red Cross Representative; Volleyball, Basketball Varsities. CAROLYN PHILLIPS DO Club; Junior Red Cross Representative; 60-80 Word Shorthand Certificates. PATRICIA PILLITTERI Senior Y-Teens. SUE PITTMAN National Honor Society; President, Vice-President Session Room; President Y-Teens; Secretary, Chaplain, Spanish Club; Tri-Hl-Y MC Fashion Show. DEWAYNE POINTER ROTC Officer; Disc and Diamond Club; Treasurer Junior Electrons; B-Team Football. JOAN PONDER Red Cross Representative; 60-80 Word Shorthand Certificates. CAROL POSEY National Honor Society; Secretary Session Room (3); Secretary Y-Teens; Thespians; DAR Good Citizenship Girl; Cast "Our Town"; Student Director “Bernardine"; Candlelight Concert (2). LELAND TIM PRESTRIDGE Vice-President Session Room; DO Club; Red Cross Representative; B-Team Football; Baseball. JAMES GLENN PRINCE President Session Room; Red Cross Representative; "E” Club; B-Team Football; Basketball; Baseball (3).BRENDA RAMAGE Vice-President Session Room; Secretary Math Club; Latin Club; Y-Teens; Junior Red Cross Representative; Essay Contest Winner; Candlelight Concert (2). CHARLOTTE REED At Phillips: Y-Teens, Tri-Hi-Y Conference Representative, Promoters Club. MARY ALTA REID Junior Red Cross Representative; Senior Y-Teens; Candlelight Concert. NANCY REID Y-Teens; Choir; Lyric Club; Operetta; Music Festival; Candlelight Concert. TERRY REYNOLDS GAIL RICHARDSON Junior Y-Teens at Shawnee Mission, Kansas City, Missouri; Senior Y-Teens at Messick High School, Memphis, Tennessee. DAN RICKS RICHARD ROGERS Band. HELEN SHIRLEY SANDERS President Session Room; Future Nurses Club; Fashion Show. BEVERLY JUNE SANSING President, Secretary Session Room; Candlelight Concert (4); Fifth District Competition; State Contest; Choir Show; Fashion Show; Spanish Club.ANN SEARS Freshman Talent Show; Choir; Candlelight Concert; Music Festival (3); Orchestra (5). RICHARD MAX SHERMAN Choir (4); Candlelight Concerts; State Choir Competition; Fifth District Competition. BEN GORDON SHAPPLEY Transferred from Lane High School, Charlottesville, Virginia. BILLY SHUMATE Christmas Music Festival; NCO of ROTC. LOUISE SKILLING Math, Photography, Future Teachers Clubs; Staff Speech Plays (3). VIVIAN SMITH Red Cross Representative; Library Assistant; DO, Future Nurses Clubs; “The Yellow Jacket” Staff. JOANNE SPARKS Senior Y-Teens; Junior Audubon; Art Clubs; Local and National Art Awards; Fair Exhibits. SUE SPENCE President, Vice-President Session Room; President, Treasurer Y-Teens; President Junior Red Cross; Promoters Club; Corresponding Secretary Thespians; Staff Five Plays; Cast Senior Play; Montevallo Drama Festival; Auditorium Planning Committee. PERRY SPITZER President Session Room; Officer, NCO of ROTC; President, Vice-President, Chaplain Audubon Club; Spanish, Hi-Y, Junior Electron Clubs; Science Assistant, SELETER STALLINGS President, Treasurer, Chaplain Future Nurses Club; Junior Red Cross Representative.HENRY KING STANFORD JR. Honors at Ensley: Orchestra; At Georgia Military Academy: ROTC; Band (2); At Air Force Dependents’ School. School Paper. PEGGY STONE Future Nurses; Y-Teens; Junior Audubon Clubs. JUDY STREVEL Secretary Session Room; Vice-President, Secretary Future Nurses; Senior Y-Teens Clubs; Choir; Music Festival; District and State Contests; 60-80 Word Shorthand Certificates. JUNE SUDDETH Honors at Ensley: Library Club; Library Assistant; At Hueytown: Spanish Club; Junior Honor Society; Future Homemakers of America. MARY ANN TAMBURELLO Vice-President (2), Secretary Session Room; Writers Club; Vice-President Latin Club; Cast "Our Town". PHILIP TEER Choir Shows; Candlelight Concerts; Fifth District Choir Competition. STEPHEN TERRELL Vice-President Session Room; Sportsmanship Committee; Writers, Electron, Promoters Clubs; Red Cross Representative; ROTC Officer; Disc and Diamond. SUZANNE THRASHER JANE TRAVIS HOWARD TURMAN B-Team Football; Treasurer, Vice-President Art Club; Art and Band Letters; Scholastic Art Awards; State Fair and National An Exhibits.CECILLA VEITCH First Prize, Alabama State Fair; Candlelight Concert; 60 Word Shorthand Certificate. ELLEN VOWELL Secretary Session Room; Chaplain Senior Y-Tee ns, Junior Y-Teens, Tri-Hi-Y, Promoters Clubs; Staff 4 Plays; Cast Spring Play; May Day Program. BETTY WALDREP Library Club; Library Assistant (5); Library Letter; Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer Home Economics Club; Second Prizes (2), Alabama State Fair; 60 Word Shorthand Certificate. DIANE WALKER Vice-President Session Room; Secretary French Club; Work in International Art Program. PATSY WALLINDER Vice-President Freshman Class; Pep Club at Belmond High School, Iowa; Scholastic Award (2); Lettered in Music; Secretary Pep Club at Carroll High School, Iowa; Red Cross Representative at Ensley. GENE WALTERS CLAIR WARREN National Honor Society; Vice-President, Secretary Session Room; Y-Teens, Lyric, Latin, Promoters Clubs; Choir, Candlelight Concert (3); Fifth District Choir Contest (2); Choir Show (2); Music Festival Annual Staff; 60-80 Word Shorthand Certificates. ANNE WHATLEY Secretary Session Room; Promoters and Latin Clubs; "The Yellow Jacket" Staff; Staff Plays (2); Choir, Fifth District Choir Contest; Music Festival; Candlelight Concert; Winner "Selling as a Career" Contest. CAROLYN ANN WHELESS Freshman Talent Show; Library and Home Economics Clubs; Library Assistant (4); Fashion Show; Fair Entry. NINA WHITE Cheerleader; Senior Y-Teens; Secretary, Treasurer Junior Y-Teens; Choir.JANET WHITEHEAD President, Vice-President Session Room; Senior Y-Teens; Choir. VELMA WHITFIELD Secretary Session Room; Vice-President Home Economics Club; Library Club; Y-Teens. SYLVIA WHITLEY Red Cross Representative; French Club; Thespians, Staff "You Can’t Take It With You", "Pride and Prejudice", "DoubleBarrelled Detective", Cast "Gail Finds the Answer"; 60-80 Word Shorthand Certificates; Baseball Varsity. HAROLD WILLIAMSON CARL WILSON ROTC Officer; President Disc and Diamond. ROGER WOLCOTT President Session Room; Debate Team, Oratorical Contest; Cast Spring Play. NORMA JEAN WOODS Junior Red Cross Representative; Choir; Candlelight Concert; Music Festival; Fashion Show; Y-Teens. TED YARBROUGH BARBARA YATES Red Cross Representative; Spanish Club; Treasurer Writers Club. WALTER V. ZIMMERMAN IX) Club; Varsity; B-Team FootbalL "Salable BOBBYE KNIGHT Secretary D.O. Club; Y-Teens; Varsity Softball; Varsity Volleyball. Scenes Around EnsleyJanuary Miss JacketFRIENDLIEST MOST POPULAR MOST ATHLETIC Bill Wallace, Kitty Hopping Jane Harrison, Don Irvin Don Irvin, Kitty Hopping January BEST FIGURE-PHYSIQUE BEST DRESSED BEST ACTRESS-ACTOR Jane Coursen, Augie Angrisane Carol Norton, Charles Powell Sandra Mosley. Chris FringsCUTEST MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED BEST PERSONALITY Robert King, Linda Douglas Edith Malone, Frank Morriss Linda Douglas, Bill Wallace Who’s Who BEST ALL-ROUND BEST LOOKING MOST TALENTED Jane Harrison, Frank Morriss Charles Powell, Jane Courson Robert King, Carol NortonMOST CO-OPERATIVE BEST CITIZENS Carol Posey, Bob Headley I Roger Wolcott, Carroll Barrett FRIENDLIEST Judy Bryan, Jerry Oglesby MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Judy Hooper, Bob Headley CUTEST Janet Whitehead, Fulton LowreyMOST ATHLETIC Carol Posey, John AndrewsMAY Mike May, President Roger Wolcott, Secretary Cordell Hancock, Vice-President JANUARY Don Irvin, President Gloria Byars, Secretary Frank Morriss, Vice-President Senior Class Officers :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: mmMARSHAL CAPTAINS PRONT ROW: Mary Hargrave. Bettye Sue Carter. Ann Kelley. BACK ROW: Sue Pittman, Fredrica Geiger, Carol Posey. Student STUDENT COUNCIL FIRST ROW: Billie Blankenship, Vicky Park. Cordell Hancock, Harriet Sims, Jo Lyster, Connie Taylor. Nancy Jordon, Nancy Canterbury. Ellen Burch, Linda Freeman, Penny King, Carol Wallace. SECOND ROW; Robert King. Vallie Dozier, Jo Ann Tombrello, Jane Haley, Bettye Sue Carter. Ann Kelley, Sally Benson, Linda Parnell, Mary Kirksey, Gloria Hart, Regina Bearden, Linda Wilson. THIRD ROW: Perry Spitzer, Tom Rogers, Robert Wolcott, James Bibb, Bob Black, Larry Dempsey, Don Downs. Kenneth Heller, Mildred Wilson, Martha Ingle, Sandra Nugent, Patsy MeAnnally, Judy Gables. FOURTH ROW: Bill McMillan, Bill Wallace, Frank Morriss, Roger Wolcott, Bill Bostick, Jack Deaver, James Scarborough, David Reed. Lionel Freeman, John Lockhart, Jane Townsend, Katheryn Walkley, Rosemary Parkel, Carroll Barrett. FALL OFFICERS Vice-President, Cordell Hancock President, Bill Wallace Secretary, Jane Haley Head Marshal, Ann Kelley SPRING OFFICERS President, Bob Headley Vice-President, Kay Phillips Secretary, Peggy Driver Head Marshal, Linda Motley Government CABINET FRONT ROW: Gloria Byars, Bettye Sue Carter, Jo Lyster, Cordell Hancock, Carroll Barrett, Bill Wallace. BACK ROW: Robert King, Jane Haley, Linda Parnell, Ann Kelley. FrankMorriss, Bill McMillan. Don Irvin.FIRST ROW; Mary Duke. Jane Haley. Bettye Sue Carter. Kay PhUlips, Jane Harrison. SaUy Benson. Carol Norton. Juanita Foster. Joyce Caldwell. Lita Allen. Sharon Brinkley. Shirley Walker. Carolyn Santoro. Virginia Bryan, Claudia Marston, Jo Lyster, Virginia Gray, Lottie Campbell. SECOND ROW; Barbara Hubka, Mary Hargrave. Linda Parnell. Judy Bryan. Linda Motley. Ann Whatley. Barbara Ingram. Jane Anderson. Tolley Arnold. Kay Savage. Marlene Bedsole, Josephine Latino. Carol Parrish, Shirley Stephens, Lawanna Jennies, Annette Fowler. THIRD ROW: Adrienne Ray, Sally Cope. Christine Barnes. Ann Sears, Tom Miller. Jan Thomas, Terry Reynolds. Joe Bratton, Bobby Carter. Robert King. Johnny Nelson. Ronnie Brodie, Martha Chafin. Norma Vaughn. Rochelle Kirkland, Carolyn Jones. FOURTH ROW: Johnny Ferguson, Charles Powell. Jimmy Lynch, Winston Mullins, Jerry Oglesby, John Andrews, Roy Dillon. Tommy Downey, Frank Morriss. Charles Higginbotham. Johnny Dann, Jimmy Hudgins. Tom Rogers, Hugh Mills. Biddle Sprague. Carnis Coggins. Don Sharp. i 7 —1 Fm ♦ 1 r i •■■■■■— 1 1— i r M i n l r 1 w u a f j I L f t UU .TTl V -1 IU 1 l- 1 FIRST ROW: Cordell Hancock. Carol Parrish, Peggy Driver, Janet Whitehead, Gail George. Margaret Smith. Rosemary Parkell, Sally Lewis. Eleanor Henderson, Ann Johnson, Barbara Cowart, Robbie Kay Kneeland. SECOND ROW; Reese Ponder, Sara Lee Stokes. Mary Jo Padgett, Libby Harris. Sandra Bishop. Clair Warren, Anne Belcher, Norma Jean Woods. Judy Haskew. Linda Evans, Charlotte Joiner. Robert King. THIRD ROW: Philip Teer. Bobby Carter. Jim Bradford. Richard Sherman, Hayden McDanal, James Stiff. Frankie Bianchi. Bobby Armstrong. Byron Ingram, Don Irvin. Bob McMurdo. Jerry Coleman, Perry Spitzer, Charles Johnson.FIRST ROW: Sally Lewis, Eleanor Henderson, Sharon Brinkley, Juanita Foster, Gail George, Julia Bice, Virginia Bryant, Ruth Ann Ellis. SECOND ROW; Carol Parrish, Libby Harris, Sandra Bishop, Clair Warren, Martha Chafin, Claudia Marston, Charlotte Joiner, Margaret Brown, Carroll Barren. THIRD ROW; James Casale, Graham Davis, Jan Thomas, Johnny Dann, John Andrews, Jerry Coleman, Frankie Bianchi, Jimmy Lynch. FIRST ROW: Lucille Ridley, Nancy Atkins, Charlotte Tate. Mary Sullivan. Mildred Wilson, Martha Jo Barnes. SECOND ROW: Phil Richardson, Andy Wurtele, Charlotte Nelson, Jo Ann Rich, Ann Sears, Marilyn Chaffin, Sylvia McCutcheon, Brenda Reynolds, Wynelle McConkey, Vallie Dozier, Herman Murdock. THIRD ROW; Charlotte Flynn, Margaret White, Madison Gay, Bobb Stagg, Bill Richardson, Diane Ingram, Carroll Barren, George Blomeley.The Yellow Jacket Staff Miss Katherine Sprigg SPONSOR Carroll Barrett Fall Editor Barbara Conley Spring Editor FIRST ROW; Doris Weinstein, Carolyn Brinson, Juanita Foster, Joy Allgood, Linda Freeman, Barbara Conley, Carroll Barrett, Grace Smith. SECOND ROW; Doris Duke, Michael Jean Gainey, Nancy Miller, Vivian Smith, Janet Armentrout, Linda Taylor, Nancy Allen, Kitty Hopping. THIRD ROW: Joan Morrison, Gail Harris, Annella Junkins, Judy Gable, Dot Douglas. FOURTH ROW; Celeste Donnelly, Katheryn Walkley, Delores Galouye, Jo Ann Taylor, Jane Lamm, Elaine Fuller. FIFTH ROW; Ralph Foster, Bob Black, John Womack, Fred Bouchet, Joe Aloia, Jack Deaver.FIRST ROW: Claud Lacey, Walter Jones, Mary Fontille, Bob Headley, Jo Lyster, Mary Kirksey, John Lockart. SECOND ROW: Chad Jones, Harry Dcffebach. Phillip Williams. George Blomeley, John Berryhill, David Lynn, Bill Wallace, Bobby Carter. THIRD ROW: Randy Jenkins, Michael McCormack, Gilbert McLean. John McCluskey, James Brown, James McMillan. Don Irvin, Frank Morriss. Ushers Club INITIATION RANDY JENKINS MR. WINDSOR OFFICERS GEORGE BLOMELEY Secretary BOBBY CARTER Vice-President FRANK MORRISS PresidentFIRST ROW: Barbara Conley, Bettye Sue Carter, Carroll Barrett, Ann Whatley, Sandra Laney, Jane Haley, Lind3 Parnell, Linda Douglas, Sally Mahaffcy, Anne Belcher, Eleanor Henderson, Ann Johnson, Anna Capri. SECOND ROW: Ann Harbour, Lottie Campbell, Mary Hargrave, Sue Spence, Marsha Malone, Winnie Ruth Harbin. Judy Killian, Annette Fowler, Edith Malone. THIRD ROW: Doris Duke, Marian Bonds, Ann Bankston, Mary Mcllwain, Lora Long, Rosemary Parkel, Dot Douglas. FOURTH ROW: Judy Gables, Ellen Vowell, Joan Morrison, Clair Warren, Diane Ingram. Christine Barnes, Margaret Smith, Virginia Gray, Sharon Brinkley. FIFTH ROW: Joyce Morrow, Brenda Harden, Mary Ruth Holley. Bill Chadbourne, Robert King, Judy Hooper, Mary Ann Harper, Betty Jane Lynn. Promoters FALL OFFICERS SPRING OFFICERS Vice-President, Rosemary Parkel President. Edith Malone Treasurer, Christine Barnes Secretary, Barbara Conley Vice-President, Clair Warren President, Carroll Barrett Treasurer, Dot Dougjas Secretary, Shirley McCraryFIRST ROW: Diane Frings, Diane Wilborn, Esther Groencndyke, Ann York, Lindahl Fletcher, Margaret Smith. Rosemary Parkcl, Judy Killian. SECOND ROW: Sue Spence, Jean Thomas, Carol Posey, Katheryn Walkley, Bill Bostick, Jo Ann Hamilton, Annette Fowler, Janice Devenyns, Margie Drew. THIRD ROW: Sanford Enslen, Jack Deaver, Larry Platt, Bob Headley. Bobby Freeman, Roger Wolcott, Jerry Hammond, Walter Jones. Thespian Troupe 258 .e MAKE-UP ARTISTS Katheryn Walkley, Roger Wolcott, Frederica Geiger, Bob Shafer, Sanford Enslen XyJunior FIRST ROW: Barry Gilliam, Doris Weinstein, Patty Reau, Bill Christian, Bob Stagg, Stewart Calloway. SECOND ROW: Gerald Givens, Kenny McKenncy, Tom Gibbs, Larry Weaver, Paula Warren, E-lizabeth Frye, Jack Esco. THIRD ROW: Carl LeCroy, Larry Money, Jan Holt, Jean Ingles, Bobby ® Lollar. Electrons Senior FRONT ROW: Gilbert McLean, John McCluskey, Jimmy Dixon, Charles Perry, Edith Malone, Jo Lyster, Frank Morriss. BACK ROW: Randy Jenkins, James McMillan, Michael McCormack, Luther Fuller, David Lynn, Bill Chadboume, Don Irvin.FIRST ROW: Elizabeth Lint, Carol Posey, Bettye Sue Carter, Judy Hooper, Jane Haley, Lottie Campbell, Mary Ann Tamburcllo, Gail George, Jo Lyster, Norma Jones. SECOND ROW: Gloria Hart, Sally Lewis, Mary Hargrave, Mary Fontille, Barbara Conley, Myra Gail Street, Diane Ingram, Shirley McCrary, Ellen Cook. THIRD ROW: Clair Warren, Ann Kelley, Christine Bames, Edith Malone, Martha Chafin, Sandra Laney, Carroll Barrett, Eleanor Henderson, Betty Waldrep, Janice Devenyns. FOURTH ROW: Sue Pittman, Gilbert McLean, George Blomcley, Don Irvin, James McMillan, Frank Morriss, Bobby Carter, Jerry Rose, Ann Harbour. National Honor Society FALL OFFICERS Jerry Rose, Vice-President; Don Irvin, President; Bettye Sue Carter, Secretary.French Club FIRST ROW: Jackie Greer, Gail George, Carol Kennedy, Connie Taylor, Alice Davis, Diane Walker, Penny King, Carol Grady. SECOND ROW: Miss Howell, Sponsor: Betty Vines, Janice Devenyns, Sandra Bishop, Margaret Campbell, Adrienne Ray. Dona Guffee, Jeanne Thomas. THIRD ROW: Clyde Cantrell, Lindsey Weems, Bill McAnnally, Lionel Freeman, Laird Holt, Jayne Millwee, Patricia Fowler, Margaret Brown. FIRST ROW: Mary AnnTamburcllo, Barbara Gilbert, Jane DeLoach, Nancy Canterbury, Ellen Burch, Lu Jean Mason, Joan Davis. SECOND ROW: Brenda Ramage, Colleen Latham. Sandra Smith, Wayne Meadows, Jo Ann Hamilton, Larry Phillips, Diane Gulley. THIRD ROW: Betty Clements, Esther Groenendyke, Diane Wilborn, Judy Smith, Bob McMurdo, Stewart Calloway, Sabina Wade, Peggy Skilling. Latin ClubWriters Club FRONT ROW . Linda Myers, Jo Ann Domiano, Linda Taylor, Sharon Conley, Joy Allgood, Doris Weinstein, Jennie Armstror . BACK ROW: Maurice Jones, Donald Drummond, Jack Deaver, Sally Craven, Nancy Miller, Maxine Stallings. FIRST ROW; Sylba Tankersley, Linda Robinson, Othalene Lindsey, Carol Lindsey, Carol Wallace, Provy Spina, Marie Petelos, Winnie Harbin, Wayne Shaddix. SECOND ROW: Patsy Murphy, Jean Howard, Barbara Yates, Mary Kirksey, Vonceil Faulk, Pat Bowman. THIRD ROW: Jimmy Little, Marion Aquilino, Charlotte Tate, Fredrica Geiger, Ann Crooks, Lee Cos ton. FOURTH ROW: Johnny Green, Joe Patterson, Perry Spitzer, Roger Williams, Jerry Thrasher. Spanish Club Disc And Diamond Club FRONT ROW; Bobby Kelly, Lucille Ridley, Mary Kirksey, Carl Wilson, Linda Douglas, Linda Jerles, Jerry Ease. BACK ROW: Gene Larkin, Charles Holcomb, Bill Pearson, Dewayne Pointer, Paul Dowling. ROTC SERGEANT NELSON Officers And Sponsors FRONT ROW: Charles Black. Lucille Ridley, Mary Kirksey. Carl Wilson, Linda Douglas, Linda Jerles, Jerry Rose. BACK ROW: Bobby Kelly, John Fleet, Dewayne Pointer, Perry Spit-zer, Edward Cole, Paul Dowling.Club FIRST ROW: Janet Skilling, Linda Robinson, Lu Jean Mason, Charlene Stroud, Billie Blankenship, Faylenn Davis, Mary A. Adair, Donna Smith, Elsie Steele. SECOND ROW: Jo Ann Coan, Barbara Gilbert, Carolyn Anderson, June Suddeth, Jean Echols, Joan Davis, Martha Anthony, Jackie Crooks, Sabina Wade, Susan Reeves. THIRD ROW: Sandra Reynolds, Lucy Maxwell, Sandra Jackson, Elise Smith, Anita Jo Hayes, Florence Coley, Edna Odom, Ollie Littlejohn, Peggy Skilling. Library Assistants FIRST ROW: Jo Ann Coan, Barbara Gilbert, Linda Robinson, Jean Echols, Joan Davis, Martha Anthony, Jackie Crooks, Sdbina Wade. SECOND ROW: Charlene Stroud, Mary Pat Dahlen, Billie Blankenship, Faylenn Davis, Mary Ann Adair, Hilda Lake, Donna Smith, Elsie Steele. THIRD ROW: MISS MILES, MISS SEAY, Librarians Florence Coley, June Suddeth, Sandra Reynolds, Sandra Jackson, Lucy Maxwell, Elise Smith, Anita Jo Hayes, Edna Odom, Peggy Skilling.Junior Y-Teens MRS. HU LG AN, SPONSOR FRONT ROW: Joy Ann Allgood, Di -ane Elrod, Linda Taylor, Connie Taylor, Rcaalind Giardina, Syl-ba Tankersley. BACK ROW: Elinor Motley, Sue Streetman, Evelyn Burke, Dixie Brush, Marilyn Andersen, Suzanne Sherman, Melba Williams, Margaret Estes. Senior Y-Teens MRS. MORRIS, SPONSOR FIRST ROW: Linda Motley, Jackie Greer, Linda Douglas, Carol Nor-ton, Elizabeth Moore, Rebecca Fogg, Kitty Hopping, Anne Belcher. SECOND ROW: Jane Harrison, Lila Allen, Sally Benson, Mary Jo Padgett, Grace Smith, Judy Waites. THIRD ROW: Patsy Frazier, Marguerite Lorino, Patsy McAnnally, Lora Long, Marion Boyd, Kay Phillips, Peggy Driver. FOURTH ROW: Emma Lou Main, Patsy Barrett, Judy Cook. Gloria Byars, Celeste Donnelly, Jo Ann Tombrello. Junior Y-Teens MISS DOYLE, SPONSOR FIRST ROW: Sandra Billings. Marsha Arbo, Francile Rauscn, Carol Grady, Billie Jo Harless, Carol Wallace, Lillian Bracknell, Barbara Howard, Joan Shannon, Virginia Bryan. Lou Richie. SECOND ROW: Pat Weaver, Linda Lind. Martha Ingles, Anna Ruth Ragland, Sandra Jones, Brenda Reynolds, Betty Scoggins, Barbara Smith, Sarah Brown, Louise Allen, Melba Ratliff, Barbara August. THIRD ROW: Margaret Gilmore, Mildred Wilson, Regina Bearden, Lynn Southall, Jan Holt, Minnie Lou Friday, Della Stewart, Donna Livingston, Martha Jo Barnes, Norma McCrary, Sandra Robertson, Margie Drew, Linda Evans. —Junior Y-Teens MRS. GUY. SPONSOR FRONT ROW: Gall Johnston, Shirley Hooper, Elizabeth Frye, Linda Freeman, Brenda Whitfield, Joan Miller, Lawanna Jennings, Rochelle Kirkland. BACK ROW; Mary Kirk-sey, Sonya Bynum, Sydney Faye Osborn, Nelda McCauley, Martha Chafin, Libby Harris, Carol Parrish. Lucile Ridley. Tri-Hi-Y MRS. WRIGHT, SPONSOR FIRST ROW: Lottie Campbell, Jane Haley, Bettye Sue Carter, Judy Trapp, Ellen Vo we 11, Virginia Gray, Carol Kennedy, Janice McMahan, Elizabeth Lint. SECOND ROW: Janice Kennedy, Mary Hargrave, Ann Kelley, Sharon Gunter, Linda McNutt, Mildred Wilson, Elizabeth Beard, Mrs. Wright, Sponsor. THIRD ROW: Rosemarie Jones, Patricia Hill, Martha Ingles, Marcia Cannon, Ruth Ann Brown, Jayne Millwee, Sue Pittman, Janet O'Neil, Elizabeth Kelley. Junior Y-Teens MRS. LARGE. SPONSOR FIRST ROW: Connie Carpenter, Marlyn Rickman, Patsy Wallace, Nancy Jordan. Mary Helen Weaver, Pat Vann. SECOND ROW: Janice Barnes, Joan Waine, Geraldine Waine, Sue Lawson. Janice Watkins. THIRD ROW: Ann Hackworth, Jeannine Stewart, Ann Green, Michael Jean Gainey. Ruby Jean Suddcth, Jane Townsend, Annette Ceravalo, Johannah Giardina, Sharon Case.Home Economics Club FIRST ROW: Linda Kelley, Dorothy Moore, Pat Pearce, Carolyn Whe-less, Thelma Ledbetter, Louise Lynn, Linda Kytle. Anita Jo Hayes, Elizabeth Beard. SECOND ROW; Sandra Quinn, Della Stewart, Sue McGee, Charlotte Tate, Margaret Eurton, Shirley Stephens, Virginia Weems. THIRD ROW: Miss Mohns, Sponsor; Sherillene Gamer, Mary E. Daniell, Betty Waldrep, Janet O’Neil, Jane Lamm, Phyllis Taylor, Velma Whitfield, Faye Hassler. FIRST ROW: Ann Mlddlebrooks, Brenda Harris, Betty Lee, JereChisen-halL Hilda Wise, Mildred Marshier. Dot Bridges. SECOND ROW; Pat Patterson, June Webber, Laura Lee Hineh, Connie Carpenter, Myra Gall Street, Helen Sanders. THIRD ROW; Linda Williams, Peggy Vann, Catherine Troncale, Jennie Lee Kirk, Judith Sessions. Linda Myers, Betty Ann Bates, Seleter Stallings. Future Nurses Club  FRONT ROW: Mr. DeCourccy, Sponsor; Jack Crocker, Bill McAnnally, Cecil Yates, GlennGober, Charles Powell. BACK ROW: Earl Bonds. Johnny Ferguson, Tommy Downey, Gordon Golson, Kenneth Holler, Frank Bianchi, Mr. Lim-baugh, Sponsor. FIRST ROW: John McCrorie, Sue Carol Brown, Carolyn Phillips, Beverly Owens, Virginia Colafrancesco, Provy Colafrancesco. SECOND ROW: Peggy Stone, Carolyn Gunter, Elizabeth Morgan, Tommie Sue Kidd, Marguerite Lorino. THIRD ROW: James Moore, Vivian Smith, Mary Ellen Daniell, Murrey Vedel, Johnny Thompson, Tommy Adkins, Graham Davis. D.O. ClubMath Club FRONT ROW; Joe Hill, Linsey Weems, Doris Duke, Ellen Cook, Judy Hooper. Lucille Ridley, Louise Skilling. BACK ROW: Gordon Gerrick, Mewboume Tucker, Brenda Ramage, Lionel Freeman, Carnis Coggins. FIRST ROW: Frances Pausic, Nancy Canterbury, Lynne Adams, Pat Weaver, Sandy Vines, Cecilia Ferguson, Diane Frings. SECOND ROW; Perry Spitzer, Colleen Latham, JaneDeLoach. Pat Fowler, Phyllis Montgomery. Brenda Harris. THIRD ROW; Linda Williams, John Womack, Herman Murdock, Elaine Hack-worth, Nan Segars. Carolyn Santoro. Junior Audubon ClubPhotography Club FRONT ROW: Larry Culver, Patsy Me Annally, Ann Crooks. Kenneth Kirkpatrick, Joe Aloia. BACK ROW: John Womack, Henry Stanford, Fred Bouchet, Gordon Gerrick, Charles Mcllwain. FIRST ROW: Sherry LeFlore, Kay Phillips, Lynn Hart, Mary Nell Hudspeth, Margie Drew, Pat Vann, Mary Jo Freeman, George Stritikus. SECOND ROW; Patsy Wallinder, Judy Bryan, Martha Sanders, Margaret Estes, Nan Scgars, Gail Calvert, Barbara Yates. THIRD ROW; Jimmy Dixon, Norma McCrary, Carolyn LaRussa, Barbara Hubka. Perry Spitzer, Frank Skinner, Olean Guil-ian, Mary Tom Guthrie. FOURTH ROW: Charles Vizzina, Bill Christian. Lee Hurley, Ronnie Brodie, Jack Marino, Billy Barnett. Junior Red CrossLaboratory Assistants Margaret Smith. Randy Jenkins. Melvin Mcllwain, Michael McCormack. FIRST ROW: Gilbert McLean, Bill Womack, Clark Maxson, John McCluskey, Stewart Calloway, Jimmy Johnson. SECOND ROW: Sandy Orton, Russell Bonds, Chad Jones, Randy Jenkins, Kenneth Holler, Kenneth Brown, Gibson Higgins. THIRD ROW: Tommy Walker, Jack Deaver, Bill Christian, Michael McCormack. Harry Deffebach, James McMillan. Science ProjectionistsFIRST ROW: Cordell Hancock, Marie Golonka, Mary Ann Waldrop, Virginia Colafrancesco, Gloria Hart, Emalyl Mize, Sharon Collier. SECOND ROW; Miss Bass, Advisor; Jean Stubbs, Lynn Adams, Sylvia Smith, Patricia Walker, Marrenc Marlowe. THIRD ROW: Loretta Lindahl, Roberta Key, Judy Cook, Marie Lendon, Phyllis Montgomery, Shirley E. Walker. FOURTH ROW: Margaret White, Mary Lou Zealy, Louise Davis, Shirley Walker, Sandra Mosley, Johnny Zannis. FIFTH ROW: Jo Anne Armstrong, Bobby Freeman, Howard Turman, Johnny Case, Lane Strong. Bill Cooch, Wade Harper.Contribute to March of Dimes Presides at Meetings Good Citizenship Girl Carol Posey Enters State Competition at Montgomery Reads Her BibleBlackDavid Spain Augustine Angrisano Jimmy Prince Football Bill McMillan Hugh Mills Johnny McKenzie Jimmy Prince Jefferson County Classic Winners1 31 v s y 2 1 Coact pepP FRONT ROW: Don Downs. Jimmy Prince, Andy La - Russa, Johnny McKenzie. Paxil ’‘Peanut ’ Lorino, Bill McMillan. Henry Statum. BACK ROW; Kenneth Holler, Kenneth Kirkpatrick. Troy McClendon, Fulton Lowrey, John Andrews. Bob McMurdo. Don Irvin. Ronnie Grill. ist'L' "Ssr n ? VI a - k r ,v V V waw-. cb tcBiaox, atieWi, 'OsnVA t oTOV o v, fsWmv Y cY.«tt. .«s., Vta'jw UmAow. OV4 . CV Ae. C-TO i % SCVTVTV'J Yj a.c.V. V400A U ox Yv. Tou«t Cotv xBus ley gnsley Ensley Ensley Ensley Enslcy Ensley Ensley Ensley FIRST ROW: Billy Muir, Manager; Joel Bumpus, Jimmy Prince, Bob Ward, Gilbert Muir, Elbert Jennings, Paul "Peanuts’ Lorino, Dick Ward, Gary Clements. Jesse Corbett, Bill McMillan, Mike May, Larry Dempsey, Bernard Tombrello. SECOND ROW: Bobby Rider, Manager; Johnny McKenzie, Anthony "Nino" Pillitteri, Jerry Green, John "Tiger" Brodie, Andy LaRussa, Paul Garrett, Gordon Golson, Jimmy "Doodle" Scott, Richard Lee, Wayne Parker. THIRD ROW: Mike Scarborough, David Spain, Bobby Hayes, Terry Mizell, Augustine "Augie" AngrUano, Troy "Footsie" McClendon, Johnny Case, Neal Crawford. Leon Moore, Don Irvin, John Lockhart, Donald Downs. J. B. Moore, Hugh Mills.. y 31 Oxford 0 6 Lee 20 27 Jones Valley 0 27 West End 0 46 Shades Valley 7 7 Ramsay 7 28 Bessemer 14 6 Wood lawn 13 20 PhUlips 14 198 75B-Team Football MBS Captain Reese Ponder leads the interference.T rack Coach FAGAN CANZONERI Winner Of Florida Relays - Shades Valley Slate Cross Country Meet - Troy State Invitational Meet. Billy Jennings Gets Set Is Off Crosses the Line 440 Relay Team Discus Mike May, Jack DiGiorgio, Richard Lee, Elbert Roberts John BrodieBASKETBALL GIRLS FIRST ROW: Judy Freeman, Toni Lambert, Edwina Copeland, Diane Raines, Della Ann McCrorie, Beth Davis, D'walah Walker, Barbara Hayes, Ruth Hollis, Pat Welch, Janet Smith, Mildred Young. SECOND ROW: Jan Holt. Betty Scoggins, Virginia Pilate, Lora Long, Beverly Sansing, Patty Reau, Judy Otwell, Martha Sykes, Sandra Billings, Hope Bobo, Patty Marshall. THIRD ROW: Helen Godsey, Harriet Sims, Elizabeth Frazier, Margaret Estes, Patsy Kilpatrick, Doris Doddridge, Jean Davis, Mary Gunn. Patricia Vann, Elaine Wallace, Ann Tucker. SENIORS Olean Guilian, Ellen Ruth Burch, Jeanette Edwards, Lora Long, Kilty Hopping, Grace Smith. OFFICERS FRONT ROW: Joan Davis, Sandra Billing, Wilma Martin, Patsy Lynn, Sandra Brodie, Patty Marshall. BACK ROW: Helen Godsey, Melba Ratliff, Betty Scoggins, Lora Long. Pat Welch, Dorothy Southerland, Judy Otwell.HEAD CHEERLEADERS Linda Douglas Kitty Hopping Cheerleaders KNEELING: Linda Douglas, Kitty Hopping. STANDING: Linda Motley, Elizabeth Moore, Rebecca Fogg, Nina White, Marion Boyd, Joan Hopping, Mascot; Celeste Donnelly, Anne Belcher, Jane Harrison, Kay Phillips, JaneCourson.FIRST ROW: Elaine Wilkins, Joy Hardin, Joyce Morrow, Linda Gable. Jackie Neighbors, Pam Ringfield. SECOND ROW: Annette Phillips. Linda McKnight, Danza Campbell. Judy Gable, Anita Carnathan. Carol McKnight. Janice Watkins. Delores Adkins. THIRD ROW; Gerald Givens, Mary Sullivan. Betty Higginbothan, Martha Suddeth, Leslie Weaver. Carol Borland, Mary Guthrie. Jo Ann Domaino, Jo Ann Ritch, Ronnie Burroughs. FOURTH ROW: Bobby Payne. Kenneth McKinney, Bob Trammell, Rebecca Rasberry. Peggy Martin. Barry Gilliam, Bill Richardson. Diane Ingram, Carolyn Strickland. Virginia Pilato, Hewitt Chambers, Mr. R. J, McClain, Director. FIFTH ROW: Mary Jim Sjewart. Sharon Hooper, Wayne Alexander. Mike Rosato, Vera Fortenberry, Terry Cosper, Bettye Leake, Margaret White, Madison Gay. Walter Bryant. Bob Stagg. Joe Hill. SIXTH ROW: Charles Giambrone. Artie Burnett. Harry Cook. Bob Bicknell, Charlotte Flynn. Andy Wurtele. Robert Glasgow. Mike Santoro. Terry Williams. Donald Drummond, Fred Hoskins. Charles Barrett. BandAlma Mater gr jnj V Je Ck't lear o A £v )- C- j Wuj f uA-ovi 6 ai k. awi G oLL Iirv fly- al 4nku1e Vvvxg- iy C| Vvue.. (M-W- iabvjLe. ik- vjOvW VuAi, TWoj U "Hmaj roll kj, Our uivW ruJe w ( roui ctAdj e. GCur-v WaT Lol-o fi» 'ocu - r tbW J(.aj l ii.• • and won t it be your photograph that you and your grandchildren look for first? That’s a lot of looking ahead, but it illustrates the permanence... the interest... of a fine photograph. Fine photographs of you are our concern ...a photograph you will proudly give as a personal present...a photograph you will look back on happily years from now. We hope that when you want a fine photograph taken again, you entrust it to us—your official school photographer. PHOTO REFLEX STUDIO ...FLOORCONGRATULATIONS AND GOOD LUCK, SENIORS BARNES HARDWARE COMPANY GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES 819 First Street Pratt City, Alabama Phone ST 5-5492CONTINENTAL VAN LINES, INC. Packing - Storage - Crating Household Goods - Office Equipment Local and Long Distance Moving L. P. DONNELLY, President Dial FA 2-1621 GOLDSTEIN Compliments of J. M. MARSHALL AND FURNITURE COHEN COMPANY 404 19th Street INC. OSBORN ENSLEY'S HARDWARE AND LEADING ROOFING DEPARTMENT 4424 7th Ave. STORE Wylam ST 6-0812 Toys, Hardware and Gifts ST 5-2148 Furniture Repairing Compliments EVANS of FURNITURE CO. New and Used Furniture We buy, sell and trade 100 Avenue T WYLAM PHARMACY Pratt City, Ala. Compliments of JAX TURNER DRUG COMPANY 205 Avenue U Seed Hardware Phone ST 8-2426 2019 Avenue E Ensley Pratt City 8 Alabama ST 5-4664 ! fH MU rW. I. MARTIN DRUG CO. 1400 3rd Ave. West Birmingham Alabama Phone ST 5-1133 HENDERSON HENSLEE MOTOR PARTS 2201 Avenue E Ensley, Ala. Auto Machine Service Motors Rebuilt Auto Parts ST 5-4129 ST 5-4120 MASSEY'S CAFE 2023 Avenue E Birmingham 8 Alabama Phone ST 5-9282 Private Dining Room Everything Best in Paint and Varnish BALDWIN HARDWARE CO. 1815 Avenue E Ensley, Alabama Office ST 8-3377 Home TR 1-4089 HOBB'S SERVICE STATION "Home of Better Service" A. J. Hobbs Manager Gas - Oil Grease Road Service Standard Products Phone ST 8-9182 CITY PAPER COMPANY "Birmingham's Oldest Paper Company 3700 First Avenue North Established 1897 Phone FA 4-6555 A GOOD PLACE ... TO WORK ... TO SHOP ... TO SAVE Your Friendly A P'. SOUTH HARRISON Auto Repairs 2100 Avenue D Ensley Birmingham 8 Alabama Wheel Alignment Motor Tune-up General Repairs Wheel Balancing JOHN M. FOX CO. Heating and Sheet Metal Work 2109 Avenue D Ensley Station Birmingham 8 Alabama BARNES APPLIANCE COMPANY YOUR GENERAL ELECTRIC DEALER IN WEST END 1050 Tuscaloosa Avenue Birmingham Alabama Eat.... GOLDEN FLAKES Potato Chips Korn Kurls■ W.A. BELCHER LUMBER COMPANY Birmingham, Alabama Phone ST 5-2196 Band Sawn Pine and Hardwoods Framing, Decking and Small Timbers Siding, Ceiling, Finish, Flooring, Moulding Hardwood Pallets All Manufactured in and Shipped From One of the South's Most Modem Plants KEITH'S Hardware Paint Ensley ST 5-0691 Wylam ST 5-2292 311 19th Street Ensley 4312 7th Avenue Wylam GRIFFIN FURNITURE CO. and GRIFFIN RECORD SHOP 21 19th Street Ensley, Alabama Phone ST 6-5267 For A Taste Treat Try DORTCH'S Pies and Buddy Bars MARTINS SERVICE STATION 2304 Ensley Avenue Tune Up and Brake Service School Books School Supplies HAWKINS BOOK STORE 2123 3rd Ave. North Phone FA 4-2646 Compliments Of COMMUNITY BLOOD AND PLASMA SERVICE, INC. 1618 Third Avenue North Birmingham 3, Alabama FRANK CHAMBERS FANCHER-LOONEY DRUG CO. 2812 30th St. ENGRAVING COMPANY West 2104 Fifth Avenue North Birmingham 8 Alabama Birmingham Alabama Phone ST 5-1124 Wedding Invitations Letterheads Class Rings Commencement Ann oun c emen t s Diplomas Cup Medals Trophies Congratulations • Seniors RAINES BROTHERS 501 Third Avenue West Birmingham 4 Alabama Phone FA 3-3413 -THE IGLOO HAMBURGERS..........18 C MILK SHAKES.........18 C FIVE POINTS WEST HERRING'S DRUG STORE 1723 Bessemer Road ST 7-4604 Prescription Specialists Best of Luck To All Seniors FAIRGROUND SHOE REBUILDERS Five Points West Carlo P. Tunello LASSETTER AND COMPANY School Supplies 1918 4th Ave. N. Birmingham Alabama ST 5-9152 CHARLIE JONES' SERVICE STATION Tires - Tubes Batteries Accessories 2824 Bessemer Road Birmingham, Alabama MIRACLE CLEANERS One Hour Cleaning Four Hour Shirt Service 3200 Warrior Road Birmingham Alabama ST 7-4216 BOWEN'S REXALL DRUGS 1701 Bessemer Road Prescription Specialists Auto Delivery from 9 a.m. til 7 p.m. Daily Closed Sundays Established 1922 ST 7-1419FULLER' S APOTHECARY FIVE POINTS WEST PRESCRIPTION SPECIALIST Phone ST 5-2063 Night ST 5-5288 THAXTON FLOWER SHOP Flowers for Every Occasion 801 First Street Birmingham 8 Alabama DARDEN FURNITURE CO. New and Second Hand Furniture 809-11 1st St. Pratt City Birmingham 8 Alabama DENTON BARBER SHOP 815 First Street Pratt City Alabama WHITE S PHARMACY "If You Get It From White It Must Be Right ST 5-5775 Pratt City Birmingham Alabama RIVIERE'S SUPER STORE "One Stop for Your Grocery Needs" 4500 7th Avenue Wylam ST 5-3602 De Soto Plymouth HENRY MALPAS INC. Sales and Service Phone ST 6-3468 SMITH-NORTON REALTY CO. 1912 Ave. E. Ensley Phone ST 5-3178 TRUCK'S POULTRY STORE 2005 Avenue E Ensley Phone ST 8-7241 CONSTANTINE In Ensley-It's Ellis for Diamonds and Watches DRIVE IN 2800 Lomb Avenue ENSLEY FURNITURE COMPANY 1924 Avenue E Ensley, Alabama GILMER DRUG COMPANY, INC. M. A. Boynton President Phone ST 7-4671 418 19th Street Ensley, Alabama — Records FIVE POINTS WEST RECORD SHOP Records Record Players Hi-Fi Accessories Phone ST 5-4311 Birmingham JEWELRY OPTICAL CO. »82 avenue Tinsley 8 ALABathers Best at Y°Ur Grocers' Barber’s best on your table too. The fine quality, pure good taste of Barber’s Milk and other dairy products is your assurance of high food values and good health. The most complete line of quality dairy products bear the name Barber! Barberb See If You Don't Like Barber’s Best !INTER-COLLEGIATE PRESS Pablitbm lam Monatodaitn • look Imdtri (AdOlT • HOME OFFICE Kansas City (•■•MTCO IN U. • A.

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