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published by the Students of ENSLEV HIGH SCHOOL BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMAFOREWORD In the following pages you will find a record of the various activities carried on by the 1955-1956 seniors and their schoolmates. As you look through this book I hope you will recall the many pleasant days we have spent together at Ensley High School. IN MEMORIAM Mr. Jesse E. Arnold April 1, 1956 PAGE 2DEDICATION To you. Dr. Earl E. Sechriest, we the seniors of 1955-1956 dedicate this annual. It is a symbol of our deep appreciation for your careful guidance of the affairs of this school for the past twenty-five years. We could not leave without expressing in some small way our gratitude to you for the many things you have done to see that we get the best possible start in life. Mr Vandegrift pmcnti faculty gift to Dr. Sechriest. PAGE 3THE PRINCIPAL Dr. Earl E. Sechriest, recipient of a B.A. degree at Elon College, a M.A. degree at Columbia University, and a Ph.D. degree at Pittsburgh University, is well suited for the job of guiding the affairs of Ensley High School. His twenty-five years of experience in this position have made him the understanding leader that we need. DR. EARt E. SECHRIEST PAGE 4GIRLS' ADVISOR: MISS MABEL HOMEY BOYS' ADVISOR MR CLAUDE E. MclAIN FACULTY ENGLISH DEPARTMENT 0 MUs Kathryn Green, Head Miss Mabel Rowley, Mis Alberta Norwood, Mm. Zola W. Thompson, Miss Ruth Chiles, Miss Katherine R Sprigg, Mrs. Flora R. Guy, Miss Annie Kath erine Looney, Mrs. Mary T. Castleberry. Mrs. Lucie Allen Curl. Mrs 8!anche T. Leilas, Mrs. Azoline W. large, Mrs. Lillie Ard Morris, Mrs. luc.'lo H Graze, Mrs Elizaboth R. Rogers (Special Reading), Miss Florence Pass (Speech). MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT Mr. T. N, Driskill. Miss Winifred Farr. Mrs. Rosa W Blackwell, Miss Mary Till, Miss Marie Haden, Mrs. Betty O. Gresham, Mrs Katherine P Randolph SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Miss Kathryn Boehmer, Head Mrs Louise A. Beach, Mr. A. D. Staples (Mc;h. Drawing), Miss Mary H. Harris, Miss Virginia Nancarrow, Mrs. Elma 8. Robbins, Mr. David R Maddox, Mrs. Ruby H. Harden, Miss Julia Agnes Hunt, Mrs. Reba C. Ponder. Mrs. Ellis Woods Walker HISTORY DEPARTMENT Miss Frankie Enzor, Head Mr Walter G. Alsmiller. Jr., Mr. Hugh W. Smith, Mr. Aloert G. Canzoncri, Miss Gladys Barry, Miss Juanita Walden. Miss Nell Tamblyn. Miss Velma Patton, Mis Amelia G Duncan. FOREIGN LANGUAGES DEPARTMENT Miss Florence Bates, Head Latin: Miss Ruth Lee long, Miss Hazel Coke. Spanish: Miss Virginia Pacz, Miss Mar- goret Y. Hamilton French: Miss Floronce Bates. COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT Miss Daisy Stacey, Head Mrs Irene 5. Reeve, Miss Myrtle Wise, Miss Mary Frances Turner, Miss Lucila Grissom, Miss lulic May Lockard, Mrs Flora W Gunter, Mrs Elizabeth W 8 ended. MUSIC DEPARTMENT Mr. R. J. McLain (Band), Miss Elizabeth McNutt, Miss Elizabeth Selman, Miss Edith Pearson (O.chestra). ART DEPARTMENT M ss Care line Dick. HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT Miss Kale Whitfield, Miss Helen Mohns. Mss Jerome Kennedy. INDUSTRIAL ARTS DEPARTMENT Mr Erskine Vandegrift. Head Mr Richard Grimos, Mr. C. T. McArthur (Machine Shop). PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Gills; Miss Kathryn Smith. Boys: Mr Burke Dupuy. Head Coach. Asst Football Coaches: Mr. Albort Canzoncri, Mr. Hugh Smith (B-Team Basketball). Mr David R. Maddox. Basketball; Mr. Walter B Barnes. 8-Tcam Football. LIBRARIANS Miss Frances Seay. Miss Elizabeth Miles Assistant). REGISTRARS Mrs. Rossie R. Johnston, Hoad Mrs. Peggy B. Mangum (Asst.), Miss Janice Mosteller (Asst.) PAGE 5Rochelle Morriss Assistant Editor Pat Martin Editor Patsy Dupuy Assistant Business Manager Pat Posey Business Manager YOUR JACKET STAFF First row: Carlos White, Asst. Business Mgr.; Jennie Clyde Poison, Salesman; Nina Sue Kirkland, Salesman; Pat Etheridge, Salesman; Nina Mayhall, Circulation Mgr. Second row: Nancy Weir, Salesman; Pat Posey, Business Mgr.; Rochelle Morriss, Asst. Editor; Thomas Marlow, Photographer; Mrs. Elizabeth R. Rogers, Adviser. Third row: Juanita Maxwell, Salesman; Pat Martin, Editor; Don Busby, Salesman.JANUARY 1956 SENIOR CLASS TOMMY COST President BREEZIE REEVES Secretary JOHN BAGGETT Vice-President OFFICERS MAY DAVID GLENN President NANCY DONNELLY Secretary FRANK PLAN Vice-President PAGE 8the SE JOYCE AQUIUNO National Honor Society; Pro ., See. S. R.j Sec. Writer Club; Jr. Electron Club; Red Cros Rep-esenta- tive. NANCY BENNETT Math Club; Sec. Trt-Hi-Y; Yellow Jacket Staff; Candlelight Concert RONALD BLOUNT Candlelight Concort; Fifth district conteit; All-city mu ic festival. DOLORES BURLESON Home Economic Club; Fashion Show. CHARLES 8YERS Vice Pre ., Sec S. R.; Red Cro» Repreienfative; Pre . Writer Club; Math Club; Lettered in Vartlty Baseball ANNIE MAE CALMA Treasurer Homo Economic Club; Fashion Show; 60-80 word short-hand certificate . J A N U A NIORS JOHN BAGGETT National Honor Society; Vice-Pre . Senior Class; Vi:o-Pre . Sutdent Council; Vice-Pre . Jr. Electron Club. JIMMY BENOWSKI Math Club; S.R Officer; Varsity Baseball. "3" Team Baseball. MARGUERITE BOSWELL Library Assistant, Library Club; 60 80 100 word shorthand certificates. RALPH BURNS Red Cress Representative; Fifth district contest. FRANK CALDWELL Vice-Pre . S.R.; "E" Club; Lettered in Varsity Football and Baseball. B-Tcam Baseball, Basketball, Football. MORGAN CAMPBELL Ushers; Jr. Electron and Spanith Clubs. Pres., Sec., Trca . Math Club; Red Cross Representative; S. R. Officer. Y 1956 PAGE 9the CAROLYN ANN CLEMENTS Notional Honor Society; Vice-Pros . Sec S.R.; Pres Writers' Club; Sec Moth Club; Jr. Electron and Lyric Clubs. JOHN COBB JERRY CONNER Notional Honor Society; Sec. S.R.; Ushers'. Math and Stamp Clubs; Latin Club, Sec. Math Club; Var- R.O.T.C. Officer, sity and "B" Team Baseball. JUDITH MARIE COOK JAMES COOPER Honor Society; Vice-Pres Promot- National Honor Society; Pres. Elec-ers Club, Tri-Hi-Y, library. Writers »ron Club; Spanish Club; Science Clubs; library Letter; Winner Writ- Department Assistant, ing Contest. JIM CORBIN Winner City-Wide talent contest; Band Festival TOMMY COST Pres Senior Class; Pres., Vice-Pres S.R.; Spanish Club; Varsity Football, Baseball. "B" Team Football, Baseball. PATRICIA CULP SANDRA CURRIER Perfect attendance certificates; 60 SR ; Lyr,c Club' Choir; Rod 80 100 word shorthand certificates. Cro” R Prewn'a,lveJ 6000-10. word shorthond certificates.SENIOR CLASS PATSY DUPUY Hon© Society; Pres. Homo Ec. Club; Sec. Writers Club; S.R. Officer; Red Cross Rep.; Math, Promoters Clubs; Sports Committee JAMES EASTER PHIL ENGLISH Vice-Pros Honor Society; Pros Student Council; Best all-round fresh •man award; Pres., Vice-Pres. S.R.; Varsity Baseball. GEIEAN FAITH Red Cross Representative; Spanish Club; 60-80-100 word shorthand certificates. HUBERT FROST All-city music festival; Fifth district contest; Choir. AGNES GLEN Sec. S.R.; Trl-HI-Y; Sr. Y-Teens; Fifth district contest; Candlelight concert; May Day program. 19 5 6 TERRY EAST Pros,, Vice-Pros., Sec. Session Room; Red Cross Representative; "£" Club; Candlelight concert. ANN ELLIOTT Vice-Pres. S.R.; Red Cross Representative; 60-80 word shorthand certificate. CHARLES ESTES Orchestra; Ushers' Club and D. O. Club. HAROLD FREEMAN D. O. Club. MARTHA ANN FROST Cheerleader; Pres. Sr. Y-Teent; Pres. S.R.; Candlelight concert and all-city music festival. LINDA GRAVES Sec. Student Council; Pres., Sec.. S. R.; Sec. Home Economics Club; Junior Electron Club, lyric Club. Senior Y-Teens. PAGE IIJEAN HARPST SUE HANKINS E chango editor "Yell aw Jacket”; lyric Club; Candlelight concert; band letter. CARL HOEHN Va-sity football; B team baseball and football; Rod Cro»» Representative. JOYCE HORTON Vlce-Prc . S.R.; Red Cross Representative; Assistant feature editor "Yellow Jacket"; Debate team; Home Economics Cluh SEGAIl IRWIN Art and Promiters Clubs. Thespians; Red Cross Rspresantative; Sr. class plays. th Secretary S.R.; Tri-Hi-Y; Sr Y-Teens; 60 80 word shorthand cvtifica'rs NANCY HOLMES Pres., V.'ce-Prcs.. Tri-Hi-Y; Red Cross Representative; 60 and 80 word shorthand certificates. JOHNNY HUEY Varsity football, basketball; B-team basketball; Pres., Vicc-Pres. S.R.; "E" Club; Candlelight concert. Choir. LEONARD ISBELL D O Club. WILBUR JAMES CHR,S JEBElES N.C.O. in R.O.TC.; All city youth B team football; Battalion Com band mander in R.O.T.C. BETTY KEITH JACK KELLER Tri-Hi-Y Club; "Yellow Jacket" D. O. Club, staff; Red Cross Representative. JANUARY PAGE 12SENIOR CLASS KENYON KIRKLAND ALIEN LOVE Math Club, Ushers Club; Quarter National Honor Society; Chairman hour radio play . Club ; Sportsmanship Committee; Soc. S.R.; Jr Electron Club; Thes-pian . BESSIE MAE MARTIN DOUGLAS McCAWLEY F T A. Club and Home Economic All city Music Festival; Fifth district Club. contest; Candlolight concert. DON McLEAN PATRICIA MILAM Sgt. m the R.O.T.C. Writer ' Club; Red Cro » Represen- tative; Staff of Moy Day play, "Spring Daze." IRA MILLS D. O. Club. EDDIE MORELAND Member of Band, BETTY JO NEEDHAM Member of Band. 1 9 5 6 MARILYN MITCHELL Honor Society; Vice-Pre». Student Body; Pres.. VicePrc .. Sec. S.R . Moy Doy Queen; Cheerleader; Red Cron Representative. ROCHELLE MORRISS Honor Society; Citizenship Tour; Ass't Editor Annual; Cabinet; Pres.. Sec. S.R.; Pres. Promoters Club; Trees. Electrons.NANNETTE DEL NETTLEMAN Honor Society; R.O.T.C Sponsor; V.c--Pre». S.R.; Sec. Inter-State Y Teen Council; Mil Fire Prevention; Cheerleader; Latin Club. MARIANNE ODOM National Honor Society; Pre . F ench Club; Vice-Prc . S.R.; Red Cr'% Reprcientativc. DOT PARKEl Sec. Honor Society; Vice-Pres. F. T A.. Pro . Latin Club; Sec. Promoter Club; Chairman Sportiman- h;p; Student Cond. Orche»tra. BILLY ROWE PHILLIPS Prosden:. Trea urer Math Club; V.cc-Pre , Se»»ion Room; Band. BREEZIE REEVES Cheerleader; Secretary Senior Clats; Prc . V crPre ., Secretary S.R.. Council Rep.; Secretary Sr. Y Teen ; fpaniih Club. SHELBY REID PAGE 14 the NORMA JO NETUEMAN Honor Society; R.O.T.C. Sponsor; Pre . Sec. S.R.; Pro . Inter-State Y-Teen Council; Sec. Student Body; Cheerleader; Latin Club. JIMMIE LU OGGS Cheerleader; Sec. Tri-Hi-Y; Pre .. Sec S.R.; Jan. Favorite; Red Cro » Rep.; May Court. JEAN PARKER Honor Society; Spanuh and Omi cron Della Award ; Charter member of National Forcnt'c league. JENNIE CLYDE POISON Vice Pro Jr Electron Club; Writer , Tri-HI Y, Math, Promoter Club ; lead in "Meet Arixona"; Choru "Johnny Stranger". ALIEN REID Vanity Football, B-Team Football; Band; Junior Electron Club. JERRY REYNOLDS Red Cro » Representative JANUARYSENIOR CLASS CHARLES SELF DONNA SHUMATE Secretary SR.; Tri-Hi-Y Club; Allcity Music Festival. BARBARA SMITH GEORGE SMITH library Club; 80 100 word short- R?d Cross Representative; lyric hand certificates. Club; All-city Music Festival; Cost "Meat Ariiona". PEGGY STORY GRANT TANKERSLEY Red Cress Representative,- Baseball, President Student Body; Hi-Y Club; Basketball varsities; Minor High Band Show; Pres. Jr. Electron Club; Sports Club. Choir. GEORGE TAYLOR RICHARD TAYLOR President Stamp Club; Ushers’ Band; Spanish and Math Clubs. Club. GERALDINE THOMPSON library Assistant; library Club; Home Economics Club. FRANK TORTORICI Notnrol Forensic league; Pros R‘d Cress; Sec. Hi-Y; Stamp and Jr. Elrctron Clubs; B-Team Football; Producer of May Day.the SENIOR CLASS PATSY WAIKER library Assistant; Library Club. WENDY WAIKER National Honor Society; Pro ., Vice-Pro . S. R.; Sr. Y-Teen , Tri-Hi-Y, and Writer ' Club ; Cheerleader. CARLOS WHITE DOUG WILLIAMSON Pre ., Vice-Pre . Honor Society; Pre ., Vice-Pre S. R.; Science A -Jacket Staff; Harvard Book Award; sisfanl; Choir. Math, Debate Team ; Chm. Schol-ar hip; Pro . French Club. NANCY WILSON JOAN WISEMAN P o .. Vice-Pre ., Sec. S. R.; Red Cheerleader; May Day M C; Trl- C os Rep.; Fa hion Show; library Hi-Y and Y-Teen Cl b ; Studsnt a-d Home Economic Club . Direc or of Senior C!a t Play WAYNE WOODS CECIIE YOUNG Band and Orchottra. Sec. Student Body; Vice-Pre ., See. S.R.; Sec. Tri-Hi-Y; Red Cross Representative; Y-Teen» and Art Clubs, MACK ZITO CLARENCE HUBB D JANUARY 1956 PAGE 16the SENI GARY ADAMS Electron Club; Pro .. Trees. French Club, Winner French Scholastic Koy; Pre». Band. First chair solo clarinetist; Sr. play. HUGH ALEXANDER Pres.. Vice-Pros. S.R ; Ushers. Math Club . MARY BARNES International School Art Program, Scholastic art certificates; Art and Promoters Clubs; Jr. Y-Teens; Music Festival, Honor Society. ROGER BARRETT Secretary of Session Room. JAMES ALAN BENNETT KENDALL BLACK Honor Society; Sec Ala. Jr. Academy Sci.; Pres. Electron Club; Varsity Basketball. Baseball; Latin and Ushers Clubs; Plays. R CLASS JOAN ADAMS Pres., Vlce-Pres. S.R.; Jr. Y-Teens; Jr. Red Cross; Second prize art contest; 80 word shorthand cer tificate. CHARLES BAKER CHRISTINE BARRETT Vice-Pres., Sec. S.R.; Promoters Club, Jr. orvd Sr. Y-Teens; 60 80-100 word shorthand certificates. MARY BARRON JOE BERRYHILL Varsity Basketball and Varsity Baseball, B-Team Basketball and Baseball, “E" Club MARY HOLLAND BLACK Red Cross Representative; Secretary Band; Orchestra; Future Teachers of America. PAGE 17 MAY 1956the EVA BOITON FRANCES BONDS Editor "Yellow Jacket"; Chm Publication ; Thespian . Jr Y-Tcens, Promoter , Spanish Club ; Varsity debater,- Cast play . TERRY BRAND BARBARA BRANDT Choir; All-city Music Festival, Cast A sociato editor. Ad manager, Co- two operettas. Candlelight Con- editor of "Yellow Jacket"; Pro- cert. motor and Math Clubs. LINDA BRANNON CHARLES BRATTON Vice-Pres. S.R.; D.O. Club. Senior Favorite; Tri-Hi-Y; 60 80 word thorthand certificate . CAROL BROGAN RAY BROWN Vice-Pres. S.R; Lettered in Basket- Vice Pres S.R; NCO ROTC; Trea»- ball. Baseball, Volleyball, Tennis. uro' Spanish Club; Ushers Club. 60-80 word shorthand certificate ; Writers Club. BYNUM BRUMBELOE °°N BUS8Y Pres. Student 8ody; Vice-Pre . S.R.; Pres. Thespians; Ushers Club; ROTC officer; Baseball Varsity; May Day M.C.; Plays BILLIE RUTH CAGLE lyric Club, D. O. Club. SAMUEL CAMPS President S.R.; Math Club, Ushers Club. MAY PAGE 18CHARLES CARLIN President S.R.; "E” Club; C«pt«m Varsity and B-Team Football, B Team Baseball. CAROLYN CASE Candloligh: concert; 60-80 word shorthand certificates. BETTIE CHANDLER Home Economics, D. O., Glee Clubs; Junior Y-Teon»; Choir. SYDNEY ANN CLARK National Honor Society; Pres., See. S.R.; Y-Toens; D O. Club. FRANCES CARLIN Cheerleader; Sec. S.R.; Jr. and Sr. Y-Tecns; Varsity Basketball, Volleyball. Softball. J. V. CERASO Varsity Football. ANN CLARK Cheerleader; Vice-Pres. S. R ; Pres. Jr. Y-Teons; Senior Y-Tccns; Choir. SUE CLEMENTS Vice-Pres. S.R.; Jr Red Cross; Promoters Club; Vice-Pres lyric Club; Choir,- Cast three operettas. MARIE CAROL COBERN WILLIAM COLEMAN Secretary S. R.; Y-Teons,- Home Economics Club; 60-80 word shorthand certificates. JOHN COLLINS JOYCE COWART Honor Society; American and Civl- Choir; All-city Music Festival fan Contests; Sec. S.R.; Thespians; Omicron Delta; Debate Team; Promoters; Sci. letter. 1 9 5 6 PAGE 19. the JOHNNY CRAWFORD FlOYD CURTIS President Session Room; Art Club; Session Room Officer; Hi-Y Club; D.O. Club. Football; B-Team Basketball; Cast "Meet Arizona". SANDRA DAVIS JUDY DAWSON Home Economics Club. Vice-Pres. Home Eonomics CluN; D.O. Club; Volleyball and Tonn.s Varsities. NANCY DONNEllY GAIL DOUGLAS Head Marshal; "Miss Jacket"; Pres., Sec. Art Club. Art letter,- Sec Session Room; Publ city Com- Y Tcen conference representative; mittee; Lyic Club, Choir; Junior shorthand certificates. Y-Teer ; Sec. Sr. Class. NED DOWNING JERE DUMAS ROTC NCO; Vice-Pres S.R.; Pres.. President, Vice Pres den! Session Vice-Pres. Hi-Y; "E" Club. Spanish Room. Vice-President Ushvs Club; Club; "Yellow Jacket" staff; Baa ROTC-NCO ketball (2). Track (41. JERRIE DUTY JULIAN ECHOLS Promoters, Mo'h, Latin, Junior Electron Clubs; Jr. Y-Teens; Choir, Band Letter. MARY ANN EDGE Spanish Club. Jr. Red Cross, Jr. Y-Teens. CECIL EDMONDSON Pres., Vice-Pres. S.R.; Sec. Ushers H b. Hi-Y Club; ROTC NCO; Track Team. MAY PAGE 20SENIOR CLASS MAURICE ElllS ALICE ENGLAND D. O. Club. "Yellcw Jacket" Staff. AMALIA EPPES CHARLES ETHERIDGE Choir; Sr. Y-Tcens; Home Economics Club. PAT ETHERIDGE LUCILLE FIEVET Sec. Student body; Pres., Sec. S.R.j Sec. Session Room; Vicc-P.es.denr Pres. B'ham Council Hi-Y; Sec Rad Tri-Hl-Y and Junior Y-Teens. Cross Council; Sen., Clerk of House at Youth Legislature. GAIL FINCH National Honor Scocty; President. Home Economics Club; Tri-Hi-Y; VicoPrcsiden., Secretary Junior Electron Club. JEAN FINDLAY fccrotety Session Room; President, Chipla.n Trt-Hi-Y Club; P.ornate. Club. JIMMY RAY FLOYD DICK FOWLER Varsity Basketball. Pre . SR (2); lyric. Ushers. Eloc iron Clubs; Casts “Meet Arixana", "Johnny Sti anger". Choir; Educo tional TV. ALBERT GAULDEN JIMMY GEORGE Honor Society; Pres., Vice Pres.. Junior Electron and D.O. Clubs. Sec Jr. Red Cross; Board Member Jefferson Co. Jr. Red Cross ad visory com., Sommer rep 19 5 6 PAGE 21ROSARIA GIATINNA Promoter and Home Economic Club (2); First prize at »tato fair; 60 word shorthand certificate. PEGGY GLASGOW President S.R.; 60-80 word ihort-hand certificates. BARBARA GORE Promoter , Math, Latin Club ; Choir; 60-80 word ihorthond certif.cates; Basebell, Basketball, Tenni Varsities. the FRANCES GILMORE "Yellow Jacket" Staff DAVIO GLENN Pre . Honor Society; Prc . (2), Vicc-Pres. (3i, Sec. S.R.j Vice-Pre ., Jr., Sr. Electron Club ; Rep. Ala. Jr. Academy Sci.,- Choir,- Pre Sr. Clast- PEGGY GRI2ZAR0 Senior Y-Teen»j Jr Red Cross,- Soft-ball and Basketball Varsities. MARTHA GROENENDYKE Honor Society; Pres., Sec. S.R.; Pres French Club; Vice-Pre ., Sec. Thespians; Y-Tccn ; Oratorical contest (3); Play leads; Librarian LINDA HAMMOND Honor Society; Sec Electrons, Pre . Span sh. Promoters; Merit Scholarship competition; Third place No. Ala. Regional Sci. Fair. ELEANOR HARDIN Spanish and Y-Teen Clubs; Choir; Tennis and Softball Vars.tiet; 60 80 word lhorthand certificate ; National Honor Society. CHARLES HAGlER Member of Thespian ; Cast of plays. DOROTHY HARDEN Home Economic Club (4); D. O. Club (2). ALICE HATHAWAY Jr. Red Cross Representative at Enslcy. Pres. S« sion Room,- Glee Club; chairman recreation in another school. MAY PAGE 22SENIOR CLASS CLAY HEAIHERLY NANCY HENDRICKS Vico-Prc . S.R.; Home Ec. Club. ALICE HICKS OONALD HICKS Honor Society; Rep. Boys' State; Pres., V co Pros. S.R ; Electron, Jr Electron, Ushers and Latin Clubs; O.chcstra. CHARLES HIGHTOWER JERALD HILL Session Room officer; Choir activi ties. HAL HUDSPETH DAVID HUEY Pres., Vice-Prcs. (4), Sec. S.R.; Varsity Basketball; Pres. Jr. Electrons; Sec. Ushers; Electrons. Latin Clubs; Choir; Chm. of Socials. CHARLES INGRAM EUGENE IRWIN library Assistant. lunchroom Assistant. CHARLES ISRAEL JEAN JACKSON Ushers, 'E" Clubs; Varsity Football. Scholastic Art Award; Candlelight B Tcam Football; Baseball Manager Concor:. 1 9 5 6 ----------------------------------------------------------- PAGE 23BARBARA JEFFERSON Gym Officer; Vanity Basketball, Volleyball. Baseball. At Curry H.S. Play lead; Sec. S.R.; Glee Club. TOMMY JENNINGS Vice-Pros. Session Room; Track Team (4). BARBARA KILLIAN Sec. French Club; All-City Orchestra; 60 and 80-word shorthand certificates; Glee and Lyric Clubs; Choir activities. BETTY SUE LANTRIP Vice-Pres. S.R.; 60 word shorthand certificate; Glee Club; Choir activities. CAROLYN LINDSAY Troas. Library Club; library Asst.; Glee Club; 60-word shorthand certificate; Choir activities. TERRY LOGAN Pres. 121, Vice Pres.. Sec 2 Session Room; Varsity Baseball and Basketball. PAGE 24 the PATSY JEFFERSON CLAUDETTE JONES Red Cross Representative. NINA SUE KIRKLAND Pres. S.R.; Varsity Volleyball. Captain Girls' Baseball; Promoters Club. Junior Y-Teens; lOOwerd shorthand certificate. ANNIE LLOYD LESTER Sec, S.R.,- Y-Teens. Soanish, Promoters. Glee Clubs; 80-word shorthand certificate; Choir activities. JOSEPHINE LINDSEY MARY PRATT LOVELL Pres., Vice-Pres.. Treas.. Chap. Future Nurses Club; Pres., Vico-Pres. S.R. MAYSENIOR CLASS BECKY LUCAS PATRICIA MADEWELL See Senior) Room; Fashion Show; 60 wi) word shorthand certificate. LARRY MALONE Varsity Football (2); Track; "E Club; B-Team Football. THOMAS MARLOW Pres., Treas. Writers Club; Vice-Pres. Math Club; Vice-Pres., Sec. S.R.; Red Cross Council; Spanish. P.omotcrs Clubs; Honor Socioty. PATRICIA MARTIN Honor Society; Editor Annual; Pres. 2), Sec. F.T.A Club; Promoters Jr. Electron Clubs; Red Cross Rap.; "Yellow Jacket" Staff. SIDNEY MARTIN Sec. S.R.; Scholastic Art Award; Home Economics. Art Clubs; 60, 80 • word shorthand certificates. Honor Society; Pros. S.R. LESTER MASSEY TOMMY MATTHEWS R.O.T.C. Officer; Enslcy Rifle Team. JUANITA MAXWELL JEAN MAY Thespians, French, Promoters, and Latin Clubs; Staff, Cast Plays; Radio Plays; Annual Staff; Candlelight Concert. NINA MAYHAll BILLIE JEAN McGAUGHY Honor Society; Citizenship Girl for Red Cross Representative; Library City; Pres. S.R.; Pres. Promoters Asst.; Scholastic Art Award. (2); Chairman Publicity; Sec Electrons; Choir; Plays. 19 5 6 PAGE 25the RALPH MILLER RUSSELL MONROF Scioncc A .»tant; Band; Cat: of Radio Play . BARBARA MOORE BENNY MOORE Jr. Y-Teen ; Future Nurse Club; Candid gh; Concert. HELEN MORRIS BETTY JANE MORROW Jr. Y-Tceni; Future Nur e»e Club pres., Vice-Pres., Sec. S.R.; Scholar tic Art Award; Vice-Pre ., Sec Art Club; 80 word shorthand certificate. CLANTON MOSLEY JOE MOSS Honor Society; Pre S.R.; Vice- Vice-Pre ., Sec. S.R.; Sec. Promot- Prc . of Band; Electron, Promoter . erj; Writer , Math Club ; Science Latin Club ; State Mu»ic Fcttival. Asiiitant; R.O.T.C. Rifle Team. JEAN MUNTZ CARROL MYERS Writers Club; Lettered in Bnk'f- Vice-Pre .. Sec. SR.; Vice-Pre . Jr ball and Volleyball; "Yellow Ja:k Y-Teen ; Stamp Club; 60, 80-word et" Staff. shorthand certificate . ELAINE MYERS MARY ANN NIX Pre . S.R.; Promoter , Y-Teen . Y Teen . Home Economic Clubs; French Clubs; 60, 80-word short- 60-word shorthand certificate, hand certificate . MAY PAGE 26BARBARA OGLESBY Honor Society; Pres., Vice-Pro . Jr. Red Cross; Vice-Pres., Sec. S.R.; Sec Jr. Y-Tccni; Promoter . Electron Club ; Choir. HUGH DON PARTAIN D.O. Club. ED OLSON Varsity Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track; Vice-Pre . S.R.; Electron. Ushers and "E" Club FAYE PATTERSON French Club; History Librarian; Vanity Baseball, Basketball. Volleyball; 100-word shorthand certificate. HOWARD PERRY Ushers Club; R.O.T.C. Master Sergeant. At Phillips—Stamp Club; Band,- Rep. to Freshman Committee. JERRY PHILLIPS Vice-Pres. Student Body; Vice-Pre . Usher , Treas. Jr. Electron, Electron Clubs; Pres S.R.; Youth Legislature; Sci. Asst LINDA PATTERSON BEVERLY PENDER Chap, library Club; Jr. Red Cross; Library Asst., Choir activities. TOM PITZING FRANK PLAN Student Cabinet; Pres., Vice-Pres. S.R.; "E" Club; Varsity Football (Capt.), Baseball, Basketball (Co-Cap!.); Vice-Pre . Sr. Class. PAT POSEY Honor Society; Y.J. Ed., Ad. Mgr.; Vice-Pres Thespians, French Clubs; Promoters, Writer Clubs; Bus. Mgr. Annual; Plays RHONDA PUTNAM Honor Society; Pres., Sec. (2) S.R.; Sr. Y-Teen ,- Home Ec. Club; Promoters Club; Office Asst.,- Socioty Editor of Y.J. PAGE 27the WILLIAM RANDOLPH Pres. U»her» Club; M. C. Band Show; Outstanding Speech Student Award; Cast of Plays; Thespian officer. DAISY REYNOLDS Jr. Y-Tcens; Spanish Club; Varsity Baseball (2). Basketball (2). Volley ball (2), Tennis. LYNDA RENOLDS Jr. Y-Teens; Spanish Club; Varsity Baseball; lunchroom Assistant. DON RIGGINS Pres. S.R. (31; Ushe.s. Stamp Clubs; Band. WILLIAM REED Pres., Vice-Pres. S.R.; Varsity Football 12), Basketball (3); Outstanding Freshman Award; Jr. Electron, ' E Clubs; Chon; Honor So.iety. JANICE RENOLDS Pres. Library Club; Sec. S.R. (2); Y.J. Staff; Vice-Pres Photography Club; Red Cross Rep.; Jr. Y-Teens; library Assistant. CATHERINE RIDDIESPERGER Pres., Vice-Pres., Sec S.R.; Pres. Jr. Y-Tecns; Sec. library Club; Treas. Future Nurses Club; Library Assistant. BARBARA ROBERTS Vice Pres., Sec S.R.; Home Ec.. D.O., Y-Teen Clubs. DOLORES RONILO Treas. Home Ec. Club, Jr. Y-Teens; D.O. Club; Choir; 60-word shorthand certificate; Transcribers Certificate. KATHRYN SCOGIN Honor Society; Scholastic Art Award; Jr. Y-Teens. French. Math, Glee Clubs; Choir; 60-word certificate. BILL SALSMAN Varsity Baseball (3). BARBARA SEXTON D.O. Club; Jr. Y-Teens,- Home Ec State Fair Award. MAY PAGE 28SENIOR CLASS JOHN SEYMOUR Vanity Basketball . JANE ANN SIMS Pres., Vice Pres. S.R.; Sr Y-Tcnns Club; 80-word shorthand certificate; Spanish Club; Candlelight Concert. SONJA SHEALY Sec. Thespians; Promoters, French. Jr. Y-Tcen Clubs; S.R. Offices; Cast of Plays; Winner Essay Contest; lib. Asst ROSE SLOVENSKY Honor Society; Sec. S.R.; Varsity Vollayball (2). Basketball 12). Tennis, Baseball (Cap.); Gym Officer; Promoters; Y-Tcent FRANCES SlYE SANDRA SMITH Vice Pres S.R.; Thespians, lyric. Jr. Y-Teen Clubs; Society Ed. Y.J.; Staff of Plays; Choir activit'cs. NELLIE SNIDER BEVERLY SOUTHALL Sr. Y-Teens, Jr. Y-Teens. Glee Clubs; jf. Y-Teens. Tri Hi-Y Clubs; Red Choir activities. Cross Rep.; Lib. Asst.; O.chestra HAROLD SPRADLEY Honor Society; 8eta Club; Winner of Math Tournam-nt; Bond Director; All-American Orchestra; Winner of Essay Contest. DOROTHY STORY 19 5 6 MARY LOUISE STAFFORD Jr. Y-Teens; Sr. Y-Teens; Orchestra.the LINDA STRIPLING PEGGY JO SULLIVAN Pres., See. S.R.; Library, D.O. Clubi; Choir Activities; Band Show, Lunch-Candlelight Concort. room Asst. PEGGY TAYLOR GAIl THOMPSON Pres SR (5); Sec. Council; Vice- Y-Tecni; First Price State Fair for Pres. French Club; Fashion Show; Home Ec.; Candlelight Concert. Candlelight Concert. ORBIN THOMPSON TOMMY THORNBURG BILLY THORNTON GAYNEll TRAYWICK Jr, Y-Teens; Candlelight Concert (2). CAROL ANN TRUITT FAYE VANCE Pres. D.O. Club (3); Sec S.R. (5); y-Teens Club; Fash,on Show. Varsity Baseball (4), Basketball Ml, Volleyball (4), Tennis |4). DONNA VISE MARY VOYTANOVSKY Jr. Y-Teens Club; 60, 80-word Honor Society; Sec. Spanish Club; shorthand certificates. Stamp, Promoters Clubs. PAGE 30 MAYSENIOR CLASS EDNA WADE KENNY WAUIS Member of Y-Teens and D.O. Club . Varsity Football, Basketball, Base ball; S.R Offices; Choir activitics; Chairman of Athletics. ELLEN WAITERS GEORGE WATKINS Sec. Y-Teens; Sec. Jr. Red Cross; Vice-Pres., Sec. S.R. FREO WATSON NANCY WEIR Honor Society; Pres. (3), V c» Pres. S.R.; Pres. Spanish Club; YJ„ Annual Staffs; Vice-Pres Math Club; Promoters; Choir PEGGY WELDON Vice Pres. S.R.; Jr. Red Cross Rep ; Jr. Y-Teens; Latin, Stamp, Promot ers Clubs. JAMES WELLS P.et. (2), Vice-Pres. 5.R.; Council Rep.; Latin Club. IRA WHITE SHIRLEY WHITFIELD Varsity Track; Art. Library Clubs; Y-Teens Club; Staff of Play; Sci. Dept. Asst.; Library Asst. CO. 80 word shorthand certificate. JO ANN WILKES SARA WILLIAMS D.O. Club; Fashion Show; Jr. Y- £«. Y-Teens Club. Teens. GAY YOUNGHANCE ROY WILSON Promoters Club; Vice-Pres. Writers Varsity Football (2). B Team Foot- Club; Vice-Pres., Trees. Spanish ball; "E" Club; Track. Club; Choir.FEATURESMISS JACKET MARILYN MITCHELL . . . JANUARYMAY NANCY DONNELLY MISS JACKET PAGE 35MAY NINA MAYHALL LINDA BRANNON PAGE 38 DAVID GLENNBEST FIGURE PHYSIQUE J.U 0( (,S PHflNK CALDH fLL CUTEST I NOA . TSPRY MOST POPULAR MA L y v AV7CHELL TfiHK£QSL£y BEST ALL-ROUND TOMMY COST XOCHEL Lf MOHWSS FRIENDLIEST } L£U LQi E OOAH W 5EMAM MOST TALENTED O aj COftBIN rn JUDy COOKmost athletic FRANK CALDWELL NANCY BENNETT MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED dot PARKED CARL OS INN EE BEST PERSONALITY TE RRy jr ?sr . c OAN W 5 EM AN BEST LOOKING JOHN SACCKTE t NfNf E LO OCCS BEST DRESSED d MNf E DO OGGS OEORQE J5M TH BEST ACTOR ACTRESS TRANK TORTORICI SEC R L RlN NMOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED ACTOR ACTRESS n a a may hall 7V LL AM RANDOLPH OAV J) C,L£NN fA P 7HA QRO£NEND YNE BEST LOOKING WCXYWSZAPJ W L AM REED CUTEST TLRRy LOG A L NPA BRAMAZON MOST POPULAR FRIENDLIEST A ANCy DONNELLY IN LL AM RANDOLPH W AAIAM PLED JOAN AQAUf MOST TALENTED BEST PERSONALITY iK il MI PA POOL PH SH RL £ y Y FF I ) BEST DRESSED POH A VG MARY JA V fPGf BEST FIGURE AND PHYSIQUE P£GGy QRL £ £ AMD FRANK PL AN MOST ATHLETIC CAROL TRU FF FRANK PLAN JO N CO i £ ' FRANCFS S£ YF BEST ALL-ROUND N NA mV-PA L . W LL AN! R££Dr NINA MAYHALL GOOD CITIZENSHIP GIRL Nina Mayhall, Ensley's D.A.R. Good Citizenship Girl for 1956, was also the representative from Birmingham to the statewide competition. The qualities which the Citizenship Girl must have are dependability, service, leadership and patriotism. Nina won this honor by first being one of the top th ee candidates selected by her classmates. She was then chosen by the teachers from these three. Nina is active in many phases of school life—especially in the fields of sc enca, art, music and international goodwill. As early as her freshman year, her classm ite , realizing her outstandingly good qualities, elected her the best all-round freshman gi. I for that semester. Since that time she has kept on winning honors which culmina ed in this award. PACE 44STUDENT GOVERNMENT FALL TERM OFFICERS NANCY DONNELLY Head Marjhal GRANT TANKERSLEY Pretidenf CECILE YOUNG Secretary JERRY PHILLIPS Vlce-Pre idenf CABINET Front row: Phil Englith, Gram Tankor ley. Allen Love, Carlo White, Frank Plan, Jerry Phillip Back row: France Bond , Nancy Donnelly, Rochelle MorrI , Marilyn Mitchell, Cccile Young, Nina Mayhall, Dot Parkel.STUDENT GOVERNMENT SPRING TERM OFFICERS PAT ETHERIDGE Secretary BILLY BATES Vice-President DON BUSBY President MARGIE ANTHONY Head Marshal COUNCIL MRS. GLAZE, Adviser Fint row laird Holt, Elaine Forsythe, Peggy Lindsey, Anne Spencer. Margaret Smith, Nina Henson, Barbara Smith. Linda Gravos. Second rowi Ph'l English. Grant Tankersley, Shirley McCreary. Carroll Barrett, Kay Ph ilips, Doris Hinds, Gwendolyn Murphy, Mary Ellen Payne, Donna Carroll. Third rowi Samuel Camps, Jerry Phillips, Gordon Vines, Douglas Williamson. Fourth row: Clanton Mcsloy, Donald Irvin, Larry Culver. Bob Busby. Charles Powell, Johnny Fjrguson, Philip Williams, Jimmy Wells. David Glenn. PAGE 46CHEERLEADERS First row: Jimmie Lu Oggs. Jane Hopping, Joan Wiseman. Second row: Martha Frost. Kristin lane, Marilyn Mitchell, Frances Carlin. Third row: Kathleen Blackburn, Ann Clark, Norma Jo Nottlomnn, Nannettc Nottleman, Bree ic Reeves, Wendy Walker. SENIOR GYM GIRLS Daisy Reynolds. Rose Slovensky, Norma Jo Nettleman, Nannettc Nottleman, Barbara Gore.TENNIS VARSITY Kneeling: Jane Cook, Barbara Gore. Standing: Carol Brogan, Rote Sloventky, Annette Saab. Dalty Reynolds. GYM OFFICERS Front row: Daisy Reynold , Rote Slovcntky, Jane Hartley. Jody Parnell, Patty Reid, Linda Dooglat, Elizabeth Moore. Back row: Brenda Harden. Alma Ivie. Sylvia Whilloy. Elaine Bingham, Patricia Jefferson. Sherry Le Flore. THE YELLOW JACKETS FOOTBALL VARSITY COACHES: Burke Dupuy, Head Coach; Hugh Smith, Albert Caruoneri. Assistant Coaches First row: David Spain, Jim Collins, Hugh Mill , Donald Down , Joe Perry. Anthony Thomatino, Joel Bumpus, Andy La Russa, George Bradford. Robert Reed. Second row: Jame Moore , James Franks, Billy Wilson, Ed Olson, Harry Guin, Neil Sc-gars, Conrad Scarborough, Frank Plan, Charles Carlin, Larry Malone, Tommy Cost, Gene Cleveland. Third row: John Andrews, Willie Reed, Richard lee. Bill McMillan, Corbett Higginbotham, Frank Graves, Glann Kimbrough, Don Irvin, Bobby Robinette, John Moreno, Roy Wilson, Augistine Agrisano. Ralph Do Roy, Frank Caldwell, Michael Echols, Sam Harlots SCHEDULE Sept. 14 Ensley v . Fairfield Sept. 23 Ensley vs. Woodlawn Sept 29 Ensley vs. Jones Volley Oct. 13 Ensley vs. Lanier Oct. 21 Ensley vs. Ramsay Nov. 1 Ensley vs Bessemer Nov. 4 Ensley vs. Pensacola Nov. Ensley vs. Phillips Nov. 19 Ensley vs. West End PAGE 50SENIOR LETTERMEN Top row: Roy Wilson, Halfback; Ed Olson, Center; Frank Caldwell, Guard; Charles Carlin, Halfback. Bottom row: Larry Malone. Guard; Tommy Cost, Guard; Frank Plan. End; Willie Rood. End. First row: Neal Craw- ford, Leon Moore, John McKon lc, Alvin Dorset!, Ed Stafford, Troy McClendon. Johnny Case. Larry Andrews, Glenn Gobcr, J. B. A oore, Mike May, Bob Ward. Fred Deason. Socond row Frank Turner. Jimmy Cash, Kennith Tremcl ling, George Cobern, Howard Turman, Frank Patton, James Scott. James Corbitt. Dick Ward, John Mahaffey, Dale Gilbert. Winston Mullins, Robert Golds ton. Jimmy Price. Third row: Kenny Kirkpatrick Frank Walton, Terry Mi-xell, Billy Thomas, Jam«s Pruitt, Dennis Higgin both am, Kenneth Holler, Johnny Lockhart, Bill Braskett, Lindsey Weems, Ronald Tidwoll. George Baker. Jerry Crumly. PAGE 51VARSITY From row: Harry Guin, David Huey, Ed OI»on, Kenny Walli», Jimmy Roy Floyd. Terry Logan, Frank Plan, Robert Reed. Back row: William Reed, Frank Boatner, Glenn Kimbrough, Bill Gill. Kendal Black, Fulton Lcwcry. Bruce Grady, George Bradford. BASKETBALL "B" TEAM Fir»t row: Dale Gilbert, Bill McMillan. Bobby Robinette, John McCro-rie, Harold Williemion. Second row: Gordon Golson, Joel Bumpus. Kenneth Holler, J- hnny Case, Jerry Holatoin. Third row: Andy LaRui-s a. Kennith Kirkpatrick, Wayne Nickor on, Troy McClondon. Tommy Hoi-itein. PAGE 52Front row: Frank Plan, Ed Olson, Frank Caldwell, Buddy Seymour. Phil English, Kenny Wallis. Back row: Charles Byars, Bobby Short, John Cobb, Tom Cost, Jim Pulley. Bruce Grady BASEBALL TRACK Front row: Neal Segars. Jack Oi Georg.o, Tommy Jennings, Bob Headley, AAike May, Billy Jennings. Joel Bumpus. Back row: Joe Palmer. Richard Leo. David Spain, Johnny Marino, Billy Wilson, Bun Barrett, Ned Downing. Bill McMillan. Donald Downs. PAGE 53OFFICERS AND SPONSORS Sponsors: Nannette Net-tlcman, Norma Jo Nct-tlcman, Jackie Nelson. Carol Anthony. Officers: Bobby Busby, Jack Wilder, B.lly R.ley, Hugh Mills, George Hyde. Charles Powell, James Brown. PAGE 54First row: Brenda Haskew, Joy Coleman, Patsy Johnson, Ann Williams, Jackie Nelson, Janyce Pack-nett, Rosemary Joiner, Jorrie Williamson, Janet Hayes. Betty Gibb, Judy Cook, Eleanor Parker, Jo Ann Noe, Patty Highfield, Shelby Hollis, Peggy Roberts. Second row: Jennie Clyde Poison, Marilyn Mitchell, Jane Deason, Glenda Crow, Barbara Oglesby, Jackie Skinncr, Elainc Myers. Nina Mayhall, Barbara Killian, Patsy Wilkins. Emily Surtees, Linda Sigmon, Annie Sue Clements. Third row: Artis Coggins. John Waldrop, Ronnie Wills, Ed Cooper, Bob Headley, Albert Gaulden, Thomas Marlow. Douglas McCawley, Charles Hightower. Ronald Blount, George Smith, Donnie Burns. Fourth row: Jon Bradford, Grant Tankersley, Floyd Curt's, Tommy Holstein, Allen Love, Tommy Adkins, Paul Cashion, Jerry Coleman, Bum Barrett, Johnny Huey, Graham Davis. FOURTH PERIOD CHOIR First row. Louise Woodward, Beverly Owens. Janice Keller, Virginia Gibb, Mary Vickery, Annie Lloyd Lester, Barbara Guthrie, Gay Young-hancc, Judy Kent, Shirley light-foot. Pat Etheridge, Becky Lucas. Frances Slye. Ann Bowles. Norma McClure, Joyce Tubbs. Second row: Imogenc White, Martha Brooks, Polly Estes, Sue Clements, Mary Barnes, Margaret Langley. Nancy Weir, Peggy Weldon, Ann Bates, Doris Hinds, Kathleen Blackburn, Gwendolyn Murphy, Mary Ellen Vaughn, Agnes Glen, Janet Wilder. Third row: Wiley Allen, Phyllis Shumate. Allen Gibson, Haden Mc-Danal. Thomas Honeycutt, Newman Evans. Phillip Welkins, Charles Bowers. Richard Donnelly, Sam Motley, Breezie Reevos, Robert King. Fourth row: Joe Richards, Jerry Oglesby, Jorry Lowery. Bill Chadbourne, Augustine Agrisano. Richard Davis. James Stiff, Larry Martin, Allen Reid, David Glenn, Fletcher Hendon. John Andrews, Jimmy Merino. Doug Williamson. PAGE S6Miss Selman, Sponsor First row: Pat Cook, Judy Cook, Polly Estes, Jerrie Williamson, Joy Coleman, Brenda Allen, Charlene Head. Second row: Glenda Crow, Sue Clements. Patricia Gray, Barbara Killian, Jackie Skinner, Janyc? Packnett, Jerry Coleman. Third row: Grace Alexander. Ann Williams, George Smith, Albert Gaulden, Ed Cooper. Lawrence Whiling, B lly Sparks. LYRIC CLUB ORCHESTRA Miss Pearson, Director First row: Gibson Higgins. Herman Murdock, Billie Jean Berry, Carolyn Thompson, Dons Camps. Charlotte Nelson, Mar-lou Nelson, James Scoggins. Second row: Carroll Barrett, Martha May, Diane Ingram, Lucille Ridley, Ann Harbour, Dot Parkel. Billie Carol little, Nancy Trucks, Mary Black. Third row: Nell McCluskey, Clanton Mosley, Shirley McCreary, George Blomeley, Kay Crumly, Artie Burnett. Gary Adams. PAGE 57Mitt long, Spontor Flrtt row: Carol Kennedy, Judy Hooper, Carolyn Thompson, Beverly Woodt, Kay Crumly, Mary Hargrave. Jo lytter. Second row: Norma Jo Nettleman, Nannetfe Neltleman, Ann Kelly, Jane Haley. Bottle Sue Carter, Christine Barnet, Carolyn Parkinson. Third row: Bobby Carter, Steve Terrell, Dick Donnelly, larry Culver. Paul Spina. George Blomeley. LATIN CLUB FRENCH CLUB Mitt Bates, Sponsor First row: Faye Patterson, Marguerite Campbell. Gail George, Diane Walker, Barbara Killian, Sandra Bishop. Second row: Peggy Taylor, Pal Hogan, Carol Panct, Marianne Odom, Sylvia Whitley, Adrienne Ray. Third row: Martha Chafin, Gordon Vines. Donald Ruff, Lionel Freeman. Gary Adams, Bill McAn-nally. PAGE 58Mil Pace. Sponsor Firsi rowi Gail Crump, Joyce Birdsong, Wary Kirksey, Judy Parnell, Virginia Gray, Linda Douglas, Anna Carpri, Carol Santoro. Second row: Betty la Frange, Anita Armstrong, Kay Phillips. Jayne Millwce, Mary Fontile, Robert King. Third row: Sue Pittman, Shirley Armstrong, Frances Caltagirone, Shirley Crooks, Jackie Warren, Tommy Downey. Fourth row: Joyce Morrow, Norma Jones, Ann Ar-tale, Frank Morriss. Charles Powell, Charles Byrd. Donald Irvin, Jimmy Whitten. SPANISH CLUB WRITERS CLUB Mrs. Thompson, Sponsor First row: Joan Morrison, Jean McCullough, Jacqueline Cater-ouski, Mary Ann Tamburello. Barbara Conley. Jackie Greer. Judy Hooper, Mary Hargrave. Second row: Edith Malone. Joan Hollis, Doris Duke, Billie Jean Berry, Kay Evers, Gloria Hart. Third row: Joyce Morrow. Patsy Frazier. Fred Bouchet, Ann Harbour, Barbara Yates. Bill Chadbourne, Florence Mary Fie-vet. Eleanor Henderson. PAGE 59Miss Till, Sponsor First row: Pat Martin, Joyce Acquilino, Gail Finch, Norma Jo Notfleman, Nannette Nettle-man, Wendy Walker, Marilyn Mitchell, Carolyn Coopor, Barbara Oglesby, Kay Crumly, Jackie Skinner, Linda Hammond, Rochelle Morriss .Second row Dot Parkel, Marilyn Douglas. Rhonda Putnam, Mary Voyfan-ov ky, Katherine Scoggin, Nina Mayhall, Pat Posey, Kay Parkinson, Jody Cook, Carolyn Clements, Patsy Dupuy, Martha Groenendykc, Jane Cook. Third row: Nancy Weir, Rose Sloven-sky, Sydney Ann Clark, Allen love. Lauren Sechriest, Kendal! Black. Marianne Odom, John Collins, Donald Hicks, David Glenn, John Baggett. Fourth row: Phil English. Grant Tank-erslcy, Clanton Mosley, John Cobb. Albert Gauldon, Harold Spradley, Carlos White. James Cooper. HONOR SOCIETY MATH CLUB Miss Harris, Sponsor First row: Nancy Woir, Katherine Scoggin, Jennie Clyde Poison, Carolyn Clements, Carolyn Cooper, Kay Crumly. Second row: Paul Spina. Samuel Camps, Joe Moss. Dick Donnelly, Mike Boyd. Kenyon Kirkland, Morgan Campbell. Third row: Bill Barber, Jimmy Bcnoski. John Cobb, Billy Rowe Phillips, Bob Busby, Jimmy Davis, Bob Powell PAGE 60Miss Mohns, Sponsor First row; Gail Finch, Jody Dawson, Linda Graves. Dolorot Ronilo, Edith Evans, Bessie Mae Martin, Ellon Ruth Burch, Clara Sfakianos, Annie Mac Calma. Second row: Nancy Hendricks, M ss Mohns, Dolores Burleson, Dane Kornegiy, Sandra Davis Thi d row: Dorothy Harden. Velma Whitfield, Mary Ann Nix, Betty WaHrep, Anne I ndscy, Peggy Lindsey, Barbara Gunn, Fourth row: Carol Fisher. Bar bara Roberts. Joy Sellers, Marie Cobern, Sidnoy Martin, Amalia Eppcs, Janet O'Neil. Margie Anthony. Miss Tamblyn. Sponsor First row: Mary Voytanovsky, Peggy Jo Atchley. Nancy Weir, Sonja Shealy, Rose Slovensky, Pit Etheridge, Nina Kirkland. Gay Younghance. Jerrie Duly, J?nnie Clyde Poison, Barbara Oglesby. Second row: Jean Fmdl sy, Judy Cook, Grace Bell, Joe Mess. John Collins, Sogeil Irwin, Carolyn Cooper, Annie Lloyd Lester. Thomas Marlow, Barbara Gore, Pat Posey, Mar tha Groenendyke, Christine Barrett. Third row: Dot Parkel, Jane Cook, Juanita Maxwell. Sue Clemen's. Linda Hammond, Nina Mayhall, Rochelle Morriss. Frances Bonds. Patricia Martin, Peggy Weldon, Mary Barnes, Rhonda Putnam, Barbara Brandt, Elaine Myers PAGE 61Miss Boehmer, Spomor Front row: David Huey. Joe McCain, Carolyn Thompson. Lin-da Hammond, Nina Mayhall, Rochelle Morris . Gary Adams. Back row: Clanton Mosley, James Cooper, Jerry Phillips, David Glenn, Kendall Black, Donald Hicks. Jerry Duvall. JUNIOR ELECTRON CLUB Mr . Walker, Sponsor Front row: Donald Irwin. Bill Wallace, Carroll Barrett, Rosemary Parkel, Faye Hassler, Kay Phillips, Ann Johnson. Edith Malone. Back row: Jack Lamar, Dewayne Pointer. Frank Morris , Reggie leCren, Jimmy Brown, Larry Culver, James McMillan, Charles Bowman. PAGE 62Miss Nancarrow, Sponsor First row: Jo Lyster, Betti Sue Carter, Lottie Campbell, Chris Frings, Diane Ingram, Marg a ret Smith, Jimmy Whitley. Second row: Jim Ingles, Frances Paus'c. Hewitt Chambers. Tommy Downey, Bob Headley, Jack Townsend. Third row: Carolyn Santoro, Jerry Buckalew, Joanne Sparks, Tommy Atkinson, Sue Spitzer, Peggy Stone. AUDUBON CLUB PHOTOGRAPHERS' CLUB Mrs. Ponder, Sponsor Front row: Jackie Nelson, Nancy Porter. Sydan Meharg. Linda McAnnelly, Carol Anthony, Kathy Sanders, Janice Reynolds. Back rowi Beverly Southall, Ronny Council, Jimmy Wooten. Robert Priest, Gary Aderhold, Joe McCain. PAGE 63Mrs Castleberry, Sponsor Front row: Ann Harbour, Walter Beck, Margaret Smith, Diane Ingram, Linda Evans. Marjorie Drew, Louise Skilling, Mrs. Cas fleberry Back row: Carolyn Harbour, Christine Barnes, Adrienne Ray. Carroll Barrett, Bessie Mac Martin, Pat Hogan, Dot Pa.kol. Rosemary Parkel. Pat Martin. FUTURE TEACHERS' CLUB FUTURE NURSES' CLUB Miss Whitfield, Sponsor First row: Helen Morris, Betty Smith, Peggy Jean Vann, Myrz Gail Street. Martha Collier, Linda O'Dell .Catherine Riddles-perger. Second row: Dorothy Burney, June Webber, Mary Pratt Lovell, Judy Strevel, Parnell Rankin. Carolyn Chalmers. Suzanne Thrasher. Third row: Anne Abercrombie. Sue Spitzer, Peggy Stone, Barbara Moore, Barbara Hubka, Sally Cope, Glenda Adkins. PAGE 64First row: Doug Williamson, John Collins. Gary Adams, Joe Alola, Jorry Phillips. Se:ond row. John Baggett, Billy Bates, James Cooper, James McMillan, Donald Hicks, Edward Cole. Third row: Gordon Vines. James Easter, Phillip Williams. Norman Sims. Jimmy Davis, Kendall Black. Gibson Higgins. SCIENCE ASSISTANTS LIBRARY ASSISTANTS Misses Seay and Miles, Sponsors First row: Walter Beck, Sot Brown, Judy Killian, Jackie Co terouski, Juanita Fostei. Eleanor Brodie, Joan Morrison. Second row: Charles Ingram. Janice Devcnyns, Carolyn Whvloss. Norma Jean Jones, Nina Jo Freeman, Joan Kay Davis, Marie Cantrell, Elizabeth Tidwell, Judy Gable. Third row: Sara lee Stokes, lu Jean Mason, Viv ian Smith, Betty Waldrep, Joyc • Shirley. Jean Johnson PAGE 65Coach Dupuy, Sponsor Front row: Neil Segars, Frank Plan. Ed Olson. Frank Caldwell, Roy Wilson, Bill Wilson, Bo Barrett, Charles Israel, Torry East, Kenny Wallis, Kemp Schnotzlcr. Second rows William Reed. Joe Perry, Conrad Scarborough, Allen Reid. Murray Mullinax, Ned Downing. Johnny Huey, Charles Carlin James Franks, Bruce Grady. " E " CLUB USHERS' CLUB Mr. Staples, Sponsor First row: John Hankins, Nina Mayhall, Rochelle Morris . Billie Carroll Little. Margie Anthony, Thomas Marlow, Pat Etheridge, Glenda Crow. Mary Kirksey, Tommy Thornburgh, Phil English. Second rows Sam ucl Camps, Carlos While, Bob Busby. Jere Dumas. Don Busby. Third row: George Taylor, Charles Estes, Charles Israel, Don aid Riggins. Cecil Edmondson. Bobby Doming. Morgan Camp-boll, Dan Cartlcdge. Kenyon Kirkland. Fourth rows George Nemeth. Ray Brown, Jimmy Pulley John Mahaffey, Donald Hicks, Jerry Phillips. David Glenn, David Huey, Kendoll Black. William Randolph. PAGE 66Mil Dick, Sponsor First row: Sandra Devcnyns, Jo-onne Sparks, Kay Pattorson, Elizabeth Anne Lint. AAary Duko, Emalyl Mize. Cordell Hancock. Second row: Jody Cook, Sandra Mosley. Gad Douglas. Roberta Key, Billie Jean McGaughy, Carol Swann, Beverly Soil. Third row: Johnny Case, Bobby Freeman, Noel McGrilf, George Watkins, Kenneth Street. ART CLUB THESPIANS Miss Pass, Sponsor First row: Eleanor Brodio. John Collins, Eddie Carter, Charles Hagler. Grace Bell. Carol Posey, Julia Hagler. Second row: Allen love. Earl Jones Segall Irwin, Juanita Maxwell, Caroline Corbit. Ann Belcher. Pat Posey. Third row: Martha Groenendyke. Artis Coggins. Ann Bowles. Frances Bonds. Frances Slye, Sonja Sh«aly, Judy Kent. Fourth row: William Randolph, Don Busby, Robert Freeman. PAGE 67Mi Sprigg. Sponsor First row: Do! Douglas, 8arbar« Conley. Grace Bell. Linda Me-Annally, Carol Anthony, Sydna Meherg, Jackie Skinner. Mary Hargrave, France Slyc, Franc Bond . Second row: Janico Kennedy, Kathy Walklcy, Florence Mary Ficvet, Barbara Howard. Elaine Forsythe, Sandra Lenny, Martha Ann Jones, Alice Ann Hathaway. Third row: Conrad Scarborough, Betty la Frange. Anita Armstrong. Rosemary Par-kel, Kay Phillip , Pat Bryant. Carol Pano . Nancy Woir, Pat Posoy, Libby Harri . Fourth row: Ned Downing, William Otto, Neil Scgars, Clanton Mosley, Kathy Sanders, Rochelle Morris . Ronny Council. Peggy Driver, laird Holt, Carroll Barrett, Julia Haglcr. THE YELLOW JACKET STAFF D. O. CLUB Mr. Ebcrsolc. Sponsor First row: Jo Ann Wilke, Barbara Robert , Dorothy Stripling. Edna Wade. Vera Doubloman, Judy Dawson, Dolores Ronllo. Second row: Billie Ruth Cagle. Emily Love, Dorothy Moore, Barbara Sexton, Jeanette Burger. J V Ce'a»o. Third row: Dorothy Hardin, Faya Vance, Carol Ann Truit . Cha'le E»te», Vincent Albano. James Allen Bennett. Fourth row: Shorman McLeod, Robert Wales. Hugh Don Pertain, Ira Mil . Chri Jebeles. Charles Baker. PAGE 68Mist Haden. Sponsor First row: Elizabeth Lint, Pat Etheridge, Carol Panos. Nancy Holmes, Ann Moore. Kitty Hopping, Elizabeth Moore, Pat B y-ani. Jane Harrison, Sydna Me harg, Linda McAnnally. Socond row Glenda llghtsey, Margie Anthony, Ann Kelley, Betty Keith. Third row: Linda Light-sey, Lucille Fievet, Margaret Stewart, Elizabeth Nelson, Jano Malay, Dru Bryant, Donna Situ mate. Betty Waldrop, Linda Brannon, Beverly Southall. Fcurth row: Gail F.nch, Jean Findlay, Zoe Ann Brannon, Ann Lindsey. Cel’ste Donnelly, Peggy Lindsey, Anne Spencer, Jan-ot Riggins Glenda Teal, Jane Cook. Barbara Smith. TRI-HI-Y JUNIOR RED CROSS Miss Grissom, Sponsor First row: Lillian Wallas, Barbara Crim, Elaine Hackworth. Charlotte Nelson, Sue Spence. Ellen Wallers, Marilyn Brown. Patsy Frazier, Johnalyn Brady, Jo Ann Noe. Second row: Herman Murdock, Sylvia Chapman, Lucille Ridley, Norma Woods. Edith Malone, Pat Milam. Gail Crump. Linda Douglas, Betty Keith, Glenda Teal. Tolly Arnold. Third row: Larry An- drews, Carolyn Finch. John Turner, Frank Tortorici. Sam Motley, Albert Gaulden, Gloria Hart, Ann Bates. Lucille Fievet PAGE 69MISS GREEN'S Y-TEEN First row: Martha Frost, Patty Highfield, Carol Norton, Carol Anthony, Norma Jo Netlleman. Nannotfc Nettlcman, Marilyn Trice. Frances Carlin, Jo Ann Noe. Marilyn Mitchell. Second row: Joan Harpst, Undo Grave. Floy Custred. Jimmy lu Oggs. Mary Louise Stafford, Shirley Lightfoor, Mary Reid, Kristin Lane. Bree ie Reeves. Joan Wiseman. Third row: Amalia Epps, Nancy Porter, Christine Barrott, Jane Ann Sims, Kathleen Blackburn, Wendy Walker, Agnes Glen, Billie Carroll Lit-tlo, Cocile Young. Nellie Snider. Fourth row.- Sallie Benson, Norma McClure, Rhonda Putnam, Joyce Tubbs. Sara Williams. Gay Morris, Ann Clark, Ann Bares, Carolyn Parkinson. S MRS. LALLAS' Y-TEENS First row: Tommie Do Chapman, Rebecca Estes, Mary Ellen Dea-son, Annie Sue Clements. Annette Hanna, Mary Catherine Greene, Margaret Green, Carol Fisher. Second row: Rhenda Drummond. Judy Cook. Norma Jean Harris, Kay Hollifield, Gloria Eurton, Barbara Gibbs. Gwendolyn Murphy, Nancy Giles. Third row: Billie Jean Berry, Barbara Goodman, Jerrie Johnson, Frances Wilkerson, Judy Strevel, Billie Jean Mc-Gaughy, Carol Hulletf, Janet South, Bstty Gibbs. PAGE 70Fir t row: Margaret Beck, Jc Ann Artale, Myrna Adkins, Joan Traywick, Beverly Gunter, Joan King, Brenda Ha»kew, Pal Bryant, Joy Coleman, Dru Bryant. Second row: Grace Elexander, Elaine Sumner, Carolyn Corbit, Eleanor Brodie. Ann Bowie , Pat Fergu»on, Martha Edward , Guthrie, linda Brown. Third row: Jackie Skinner. Glenda Crow, Jerrie William»on, Peggy lowery. Peggy Richmond, Elizabeth Stringer, France Taylor, Gayle Rhode . Peggy Robert . Charlotte Ray, Marilyn Douglas, Mary Vickery. MRS. LARGE'S Y-TEENS First row: Mr . Guy, »pon or. Barbara Howard. Elaine For »ythe. Maria Petelo , Judy Bryan. Virginia Gray, Janice Kennedy, Kay Ever , laird Holt, Sandra laney. Mary Fontille. Second row: Barbara Hubka, Jane Mil-wee. S" an Anthony, Carol Posey, linda Motley, Jackie Greer. Son-a Bynum, Julia Hagler. Rebecca Fogg. Peggy Driver. Third row: Genevieve Owen, Olean Guilian. Alva Ivy. Brenda Harden, Sue Spence. Fourth row Kathy Sanders, Elizabeth Hold en, Patsy Frazier, Nina White. Sue Pittman, Carolyn Gunn, Libby Harri , Petty Jaggers, Martha Chafin, Ann Belcher, Patty Fordham. PAGE 71 MRS. GUY'S Y-TEENSFirst row: Brenda Whitfield. Joan Miller. Juanita Fo»ter, Myra Gall Street, Janet Skilling. Mary Roberta. Barbara Crim. Nancy Sanibury, Bet ty Jones, Sandra Morrit, Janice Dunlap, Judy Lambert, Mary Ellen Payne, Linda McKnighr. Second row: Jo Ann Marsden, Judy Stewart, Jean Ware, Sandra Smith, Jane Trammell, Annette Phillip . Ruth Stagg. Brenda Yother, Kathy Evans, Joan Kay Davis, Ruby Jo Davl , Claire Warren, Mildred Marahall, Elaine Fuller, Gayle McLeod, Sara lee Stoke . Third row: Helen God-aey. Mary Ruth Holley. June Fulmer, Mildred Cockrell. Sandra Langdon, Jo Ann Hamilton, Mary Kirkaey, Imogene Burnett, Kathy Wakely. Jean Thomaa, Patay Pierce, Valma Whitfield. Judy Burleaon Judy Stovall, Marion Bond . Kay Savage. Fourth row: Joyce Shirley. Dot Douglas, Patricia Ellia, Loit Campbell, Betty Sue Wolfe, Sarah Sadberry, Judy Wilkcraon, Patay Reid. Barbara Simonton, Norma Jean Jones, Mary Jo Freeman, Patay Murphy, Lucille Ridley, Judy Killian, Donna Carroll. Judy Ha -kcw, Sara Faye Robertson. Junr Webber. Sandra Welker. MRS. CURL'S Y-TEENS MARSHAL CAPTAINS Front row: Martha Frost. Betty Jo Needham, Pat Posey. Carolyn Clements, Joyce Acquillno. Mary Hargrave. Back row: Frank Tortorlci. Jane Deason, Rhonda Putnam, Albert Gaulden. PAGE 72SPORT SNAPSBe»t All-Around Frejhman (Fall) ROSEMARY PARKEl and GILBERT MelAINSPORTSMANSHIP IN PLANNING COMMITTEE THE AUDITORIUM THE LIBRARY THE HALL THE CLASSROOM THE LUNCHROOMMil NTSPhotoReflex, your Official Photographer. We'll always remember the fun we had taking your pictures . . . and we hope you will not forget us in the years to come when there are other occasions you'll want to remember with fine portraits. PhotoReflex ... a unique method of taking pictures from coast to coastBar herb MILK Enjoy PURETEST Milk Barber’s ke CreamON YOUR G RADUAT ION SOUTHERN BELL TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANY 7 r EN FLAKES Korn Kurls eanut Butter Crackers Salted Peanuts "BIRMINGHAM'S OWN"Troy Laundry Co 1911 Avenue F Phone 6-3184 CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS SMITH DIAMONDS WATCHES JEWfLERS | 5 POIHTS 1 ST SHOPPING CEWIER 0m 6-2634 Redmont Appliance Sales Co. 2024 Bessemer Road Birmingham, Alabama Phone 6-5179GOLDSTEIN and COHEN 4046 19th Street For 51 Years ENSLEY'S LEADING DEPARTMENT STORE You Can Depend On A P For Fine Fruits and Vegetables, All Temptingly Priced! tlttCI III Compliments of GROCERY COMPANY, INC. WOOD FRUITTICHER WHOLESALE GROCERIES Birmingham, Ala. "A GOOD DEAL DEPENDS ON WHERE YOU BUY IT" ALABAMA PRODUCE COMPANYPAGE MISSINGPAGE MISSINGPAGE MISSINGPAGE MISSING

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