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X 1' , 'aw MT? Y V, kw ,r, I ,I x ,un .A 'LZ HI' ' 1 '!', g. l. ' I .ij V' 1 I II ,iw ,I L . , I 1 , I, .,, I I I, . , . I. , . - I- Qu, ,jp f:I .U '.-.V ,, ' ,I -T I -I .-I:g!HI.,I,j ,e,,.v-H . 'I I , - - If I -n I I, 5, I I I- I- -S I Vg- 5. .u.. . ,k,.I,. f ,I I .I I , , ., H LI II'-IVV I ,I-f I ' I' I J' ' r,-' -'1"',Q9?gi'1, xg '4' L . 1 ng Ni ' ' ' I" "..I"U"f1 fi .I , , fj I' ' -"H I ref' lx' 'I ' " 12-12-' II 1-FI -11 ', . . 'I -1I , VI , I1 55: gfiidk g Q-If ' ff 255 7 ' .i' - i .- 1 ', -. - ' 1 , I . QI, ,I . , ' I I .. ' I 'I ' I I I ' I. ' an- I -"'vf:wI-'i'1'Pf4Wai1l'g3:J':'i' 1 If 'L' 'rl' ' I L l ,AH - K I I 'X 5 .I W' L W. I1 I, Mfld Sgt'-' L ITU, IT y.':4"57". gx " ' ll.: ,. ' 2 F21 A' ' I I. -fi." I ' ' 'fIQ-+"' 11. gugg' 53, I .. "lj ' .IIQI-. I. J I giilw 4'-gf. ,, I I IIII.,Xr I I-III", II I III IRQ? IL .5-if--.' I III,,I: I , 5- I I Q I II -. .2 - '-I: -- - gf- . ' I If Y, , II I pgiwz' . . ' II f I . -.II . -..Im'f z. : , " e'I I ' ? ' ' , -I5 III wir,-J, III.- DV- ' ' Q., I ,- ' -f. FII.. ' " Ig?" - II ifzfffail " ' 4, 4'5- I- LII: I.15:,9?1wr, I - I ' I ' 5. Q'-,fl:'I 1 fir i'?'I.L r , 1 II,- Aff, - 'fn ga .KI- 1' 1-' -' 'II .f' 'JGINE ' - 5 II 3 ,.I,I IEIIIIYIIII IEQQHIIE. ,I II I I I wI1fII I III? .gIII,, I il!-E5 Ig ,, . "'II.1,I-2..:f.'-I ' ' II I , IL, 2' 7411" .EI-g:Lg,if'I!s4KI-1'i.'' I I - ' .sr I. QI ., I -I I, 1 .-.I..-I-.1 .II.g,I V- I I ,S a 1.3 II:.,,fIauff I, ' 95, 'l1fIFQ-4.?'5I ,,II'f2?f? M? I , I V, I g , I.-n:- -II ,I.-.I II, . I II-I: II 'I.II ,IH '.II.IIr 5,4-,jr-. II, ' . 1 JP' . .,,,I'1,,x,, , 4,1 .. ,- I ' 53' -4135 ,i3.'?.TfJ4'7.a-Ig! II I F3559-f.'5gfIE,j?fiQq I' I , I I iw 15 ' .I 311' '+i5.a'--Z-'-fQ.aaI-- F-5-v,Q.II51w.'4. F- Iii ' . ' . I . I II:iI.',:i,IIE , II, II?I::,IIIg 'fIIIIII,ifiasg5II IIEIII, I I I I. I I I ,,,51I I' 5 'I v. ,,-' L2 , ' - I' .5 , "'2' -' 'II I -' I f e-:'f?- .Q if rw. I ,f?7fIIfIE'fe1 LII , Ig 4 - Inf 415.1-'I -"Lili-fI"'xEi5f1.'1" ir 'II IS,!ifIQI'.-1n!531-fW+'5"'1" -1-I? -.-W. ' I I' -1' 'IsffifgI2'25-We-' ' "fI-If if '- ' .Ia I:fI- 9'.-..f'-I, 1 IIQLIQ.-g ,,I.,g-IF. "4Iji,'4QgfI- '75, -jx. Eff.-F' , In, f '?7f1f,'I IHPIEL.-fg5!':-iigifvi fIII!'I5g,:I5i:i5'ff1'F:1'Efff'j ' , I' .-qw,,'Iirf If 55113 fi"!I1!3.I1I :.J ' TII III I' i " 11-'E 'V' ' 'ef F' PIL- F q'I2.I'. If ,1. X '54-W-4 ,.,Ie.gifaIr?fxIr-.si'-Q.I:1z .Igsv .III I,, ,- ,-I - I- I ,I We- ,, Mgr' '," '!"g+,gI,- I II I-I . . " ' i., 'Q "!f'V'4.'?Ie.4 ff . 1 ' J -J. ,,,I'F5fL-mg A S1-UI52MI,I YI .f15'.I" -fif"'1J'-T3r'f " ffifi- -' 5 I -" "1Jw1.QfJP' 1' WE-"2-I+:3I flfi? l VI " " 5 -'-" I3 I I .nfi Igfuf-5: 'tif' ' '?'Vf?If'I'f'?-'HIV' 'lb-'ifR'W'III', I' if ,I III- ' I . ' -I I .I 'I' 'II-, ,'v'JIIvf,1 1,5-gyI4f-f,,1v-, ' ,, I' II ' 4 I IIwI,I. II,-I:I -,- ,,.. .-,,I.I. ,II -II-I .I I IIII III, . 5 ,.. 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The ,laehet L' ' Published By The Students ei ' Ensley High Seheel 'Z Your days at dear ole E. H. S.? The way the day began and ended at your locker ... the long lines at the bookstore ... the mad rush to session room before the mrdy bell the clamor in the halls between classes ... the hush over assembly as the secretary read Holy Scripture ... the work in classes ... "Coach" Posey ... the inner sanctum of room 103 and the marshal captain table ... the new pay 'plnne "Warden"' and "Commander" the noise in the lunch room ... the quiet QQ of the study halls ... Coach Mac's eighth period class ... the 'way the halls were suddenly empty at 3100 o'clock ... the jostling hordes on the No. 7 and No. 32 ... the excitement of our games ... the gaiety of "extra curricular" activities ... and best of all, the holidays. Yes, these are some of the things we associate with our Alma Nhter. In this edition of our yearbook we have as our theme, "Memories", to help you recall the outstanding scenes, people, and events of the past year. We will bring you memories of Seniors, Features, and Sports. Now as you turn the pages, we sincerely hope that your memories will be pleasant. We? ' ,,., The senior classes of 1952 and the staff of "The jacket" proudly dedicate this edition of our yearbook to Miss Elizabeth R. Selman, our director of choral music for the past four years. Remember how patiertly she worked with us ... how, at times, she could "cut up" with us how she could always find time to help us how she won a special place in all our hearts. Of all the mem- ories of Ensley High School, none are more pleasant than those of Elimbeth Selman. 'K' 'xg -. B J. w ' Us fp' Y - ff k g ijidz Qs 5 - ' N . - I I ig, ii -1... Ympgu- ' .fl '3 'Q GJ. :wif-' r.,.,r'-A . M-1 , 1 , L A44 ' i DR. EARL li. SECHRIEST Our principal since 1931, Dr. Sechriest is by temperament, train- ing and experience well fitted for the responsibility of guiding the affairs of Ensley High School. The seniors will remember him as a capable and earnest leader. Principal........ Art. ............... Commercial ........ English .......... History. ............. . Home Ecommics. ..... Languages ............ Manual Training ....... Mathematics .......... Music .......... Science....... Speech........ Girls' '... Boys'....... COMMERCIAL Mrs. Irene S. Reeve, Myrtle Wise, Mary F. Lucile Grissom, Lulie May Lockard,Garland K. Ethridge, Mrs. Flora W. Gmter, Mrs. Elizabeth Bendell. ENGLISH Mrs. Zola W. Thompson, Ms. Flora R. Guy, Alberta Norwood,Annie K. Looney, Mabel Rowley, Katherine R. Sprigg, Ruth Chiles, Mrs. Lillie Ard Morris, Mrs. Blanche T. Lallas, Mrs. Lucile H. Glaze, Mrs. Azaline W. Large, Mrs. Mary T. Castleberry. HISTORY Juanita Walden, Gladys Barry, Nell Tamblyn, Mrs. Amelia G. Duncan, Velma Patton, Margaret Y- Hamilton, Claude E. McLain, Earnest R. Stanford, Hugh W. Smith, Walter G. Alsmiller. LANGUAGES Ruth Lee Long, Virginia Pace, Felicia Metcalfe, Hazel Coke. MATHEMATICS Mrs. Rosa W. Blackwell, Margaret Culp, T. N. Driskill, Winifred Farr, Marie Haden, Mrs. Kath- erine P. Randolph, Mary Till. SCIENCE Mrs. Louise A. Beach, lvhry A. Harris, Virginia Nancarrow, Ms. Elma B. Robbins, A. D. Staples, Agnes Hurt, Ms. Ruby H. Harden, Mrs. Rebe C. Ponder, Mrs. Ellis Woods Walker, R. Mansfield- jones. onoounonouonnnusuonaman ? DEPARTMENT HEADS anuoo s .... ......Dr. E. E. Sechriest ............................................... ........Caro1ine Dick oooouansoonnsaaouaoua ADVISERS INSTRUCTORS ........Dais ey Stacey ........Kathryn Green .......Frankie Enzor ......Jerome Kermedy ..........Florence Bates ...... Erskine Vandergrift ......John R. Slaughter ......Elizabeth McNutt .......Kathryn Boehmer .......Florence Pass ...........Mabel Rowley acaesooeclaude E0 HOMEAECONOMICS Kate Whitfield, Helen Mohns. MANUAL TRAINING A. D. Staples, Richard Grimes, Burke Dupuy. MUSIC Elizabeth 'McNutt, Elizabeth Selman, R. J. Mc- Clain, Edith Pearson. PHYSICAL EDUCATION ' Kathryn Smith, Burke Dupuy, Hugh W. Smith Earnest R. Stanford, Frank H. Martin. LIBRARIAN Fanny Seay, Nan Elizabeth Miles fAss'tJ READING Mrs. Elizabeth R. Rogers REGISTRARS Mrs. Betty Mathews, Annie K. looney, Edna Lett fAss't.J R. O. T. C. Lielrenant Haygood, Sergeant Reese. SUPPLY TEACHER Vida Mae jones . K if 7 55466 ' W" " B r . ,......-.1-ng I FLM: row, len to right: Mary Barbara Bell, Adsg Mitzi Furlong, Assistant Editor, Patricia Fyfe, Editor-in-Chief, Sue Sims, Head Typist. Second row: Joyce Ellis, Artistg Elizabeth Henry, Photographyg Bettye Huey, Activities, Miller Riviere, Photography, Dolphus Morrison, Sports, Carolyn Patrick, Business Manager. Not pictured: Barbara Swann, Sales Manager. ag-" ASSOCIATE EDITOR STATISTICIAN jo Ann Johnsnon Dale Hall g.: Quill' -'L J. ROBERT JOE ANTHONY JOSEPHINE MARIE ARTALE JAMES HUBERT AVERY BARBARA ANN BRACKNl ROBERT JOE ANTHONY -- "E" Club, quiet disposition hides a sincere liking for all swell all-round fellow. JOSE- PHIN E MARIE ART ALE -- Spani'sh Club, Secretary of Home Economics Club, ,those clothes really make a hit with every- one, ditto that pretty hair and pleasing personality. JAMES HUBERT AVERY -- Lettered "B" Football '48, captain '49, lettered varsity football '50, '51, lettered "B"tgg1 baseball '49, "E" Club, Jimior Red Cross, flashy football hero dis- appointed the girls by getting married. BARBARA ANN BRACKNELL -- 100 word shorthand certificateg always peppy and Nu of fun happy HS 3 lark- MARTHA ANN CARRINGTON -- D. O. Club, cast of "One Foot in Heaven", A. E. A. All- state chorus '49, 60 8: 80 word Shorthand,Certificateg always MARTHA ANN CARRINGTON G. W. CARROLL laughing and joking but sincere behind that teasing manner. G., CARROLL -- Check those broad shoulders and bright ii grin a most welcome addition to E. H. S. CHARLES CLAYTON CASE, Jr. -- Made the most of his being the only it , boy in shorthand tolerated posing with girls for pictures. QQ RUTH ELLEN CASHION-- President of Junior Red cross, A Vice-President of Electron Club, National Honor Society, Delegate to Red Cross Leadership camp, 60 8: 80 word Short- hand Certificate, staff of "The Adorable Spendthriftug ou' favorite secretary a whiz at shorthand a swell gal in everything. ROBERT MAXWELL CASSIDY -- A Cappella Choirg never gives a girl a chance a regular cassanova hot rod known to all. fi' CHARLES CASE RUTH CASHION BOBBY CASSIDY BOB CORBIT GAIL COST JANE CUSTRED ROBERT DANIELL ROBERT MCCLAIN CORBIT - President of National Thespians, Cast of"The Valiant", "The Youngest", Staff of"Gree1 Valley", Producer of "ShowBoat Review"g gifted in all phases of show business speech department would be lost without him. BARBARA GAIL CET - French Clubg pleasant disposition makes her a welcome friend. JANE ELIZA- BETH CUSTRED - 60 8: 80 word shorthand certificate, A. E. A. all-state chorus '49, cast of "One Foot In Heaven", D. O. Club, cute gal liked by everyone plans eagerly for a secretarial career. ROBERT DOUGLAS DANIELL - National Thespians, Cast of "The Valiant", "Green Valley"g surprised everyone by being so delightfully absurd kept his talents hidden. AMELIA AGNES DIETZ - Lettered in girls' basketball, volleyball and baseball '49g as sweet a girl as can be found a swell pal. ROBERT LOUIS DILL - A Cappella Choir, Lettered in track '47, Lyric Club, always joking ... really sincere behind that kidding though. JANE DUNBAR - Lyric Club, A Cappella Choir, Cast of "Rio Rico", Yellow Jacket staffg a favorite with everyone in a sweet, quiet way. FRANCES CRANE EPPES - A Cappella Choir, Lyric Club, office of French Club, Promoters Club, Y-Teers, Cast of "Rio Rico"g a loyal Auburnite always in a dither about something check Crane's southern accent. JAMES ROBERT EVANS - Lettered in "B" team basketball '50, Yellow Jacket Staffg Big wheel in the science department ... twinkling eyes display a laughing nature. AMELIA DIETZ ROBERT DILL JANE DUNBAR FRANCES EPPES BOBBY EVANS A. LIBBY I-'OSTER BARBARA ANN FRANKLIN GEORGE FULMER MARY AGNES FURMANSKI GOLDA ELIZABETH FOSTER - Officer of Y-Teens, Math Club, junior Electrons, Spanish Club, Cast of "Rio Rico", A Cappella Choir, a sparkling personality, smart clothes and honey-colored hair are Libby's trademarks. BARBARA ANN FRANKLIN -- VicePresident of Y-Teens, Math Club, National Honor Society,A Cappella Choir,cast of "Rio Rico", R. O. T. C. sponsor, secretary of Councilg good proof that the best things come in small packages and what big, beautiful eyes. GEORGE OWENS FULMER, jr. -- A Cappella Choir, cast of "Meet Arizona", "Rio Rico", beautiful eyes and red cheeks wow the girls a hot trombone player. MARY AGNES FURMANSKI - lst prize in Foods entry at State Fairg a darling girl always has the best-looking dates. GERALDINE GLOBETTI - Y-Teensg reserved exterior hides a friendly GERALDINE GLOBE'l'I'l DON GRANT .419 4 L Il .-W, 5.191 'A 1 'NT and sincere disposition. DONALD ALAN GRANT - R. O. T. C. officer, quiet and reserved as cute as can be. FRANCES DALE HALL - National Honor Society, National Thespians, Vice-President of Promoters Club, Yellow jacket staff, Latin Club, jacket staff, cast of spring and fall plays '50, '51, cast of "parted on ller Wedding Mom", 100 word shorthand certificate, Ensley's southem yankee a person who enjoys life very much a true friend. ROBERT GLENN HALL - Hi-Y Club, junior Red Ckossg lovable pest makes his own concoctions in lunchroom Ensley's favorite clown. SUE FRANCES HARDY -- Secretary of Student Body, National Honor Society, Secretary of Math Club, Treasurer of Home Economics Club, Promoters Club, Chairman of Clubs, A Clip- pella Gioirg Ensley would be lost without li'l ol' Sue behind the bars in the bookstore. DALE HALL BOBBY HALL SUE HARDY NANCY HAWKINS GEORGE HOLMES MARIAN HOWARD GEORGE HUF FMAN NANCY SUE HAWKINS - Cast of "One Foot In Heaven", Lyric Club, D. O. Club, 60 8: HJ word shorthand certificate, Known by her bright colored glasses ... honestly interested in people. GEORGE BRUCE HOLMES - Spanish Club, R. O. T. C. officer, a swell all-round fellow agreeable and likable he and that Studebaker. MARIANKATHERINE HOWARD - blond hair and a ready smile are characteristics of this little gal. GEORGE FREDERICK HUF FMAN -- Officer in R. O. T. C., happy smile portrays his likable disposition. MARTHA ALMA INGRAM - President of Student Body, Y-Teens A Cappella Gxoir, offices in Lyric Club, "Wheel" really knows her stuff one wonderful gal ... check that hair cut. MYRA GAIL IRELAND - Lyric Club, Promoters Club, Sec- retary of Spanish Club, A Cappella Choir, National Honor Society, a friendly smile for everyone ... quiet and reserved at times. JO ANNE JOHNSTON - Officer in National Thes- pians, National Honor Society, French Club, staff of "Green Valley", Jacket staff, Promoters Club, check those glasses ... a wonderful girl ... liked by everyone she works with. CHAR- LES LACY JONES - R. O. T. C. office, Head Cheerleader, Drum Major, Gm, how the girls love to dance with Charlie ... talented in everything ... knows his photography. NANCY LEIGH KELLY - A Cappella Choir, R. O. T. C. sponsor, Lyric Clubg tall, stately, pretty blond socialite describes this gal. GAIL IRELAND CHARLES JONES NANCY KEL LY MARTHA INGRAM JO ANN JOHNSTON ,nun ELSIE KING DORIS KINNEY PAT LAMBERT PAT LANCE ELSIE FAY KING - National Honor Society, Art honors in state and national exhibits, pretty eyes and a soft noned voice tall and sweet. DORIS VIRGINIA KINNEY - 80 word shorthand certificate, wild about big broad shoulders makes everyone feel at home. PATRICIA JANE LAMBERT - Tri-R Club, Library Club, National Thespians, Home Economics Club, Marshal captain, staff of five senior class plays, Yellow Jacket staff, good reason for a short haircut likable and friendly. MARGARET PATRICIA LANCE - Cheerleader '50, Head Cheerleader 'S 1, A Cappella Choir, Big Seven Dance Representative football sponsor, president of Y-Teens, R. O. T. C. sponsor, cast of "Rio Rico", 60 81 80 word I ' shorthand certificateg really sheiks those boys gorgeous FRANK La RUSA EDNA I hair. FRANK PAUL LARUSSA - 15: prize for jelly at stare Fair, "Lash" always looks like a page from Esquire but, "How do you light a stove, Miss Mohns?" EDNA WARREN LETT - Spanish Club, officer in Home Economics Club, 60 8: 80 word shorthand certificate, cute brunette with a sweet smile. JILL ELIZABETH LEWIS -- quiet and always ready to help you a real friend. DORIS ETHEL LINDSEY - cast of "One Foot in Heaven", Lyric Club, A. E. A. chorus, smart clothes her love really shows them off to their advantage. LOIS LOVE - 60, 80 8: 100 word shorthand certificareg friendly, dependable and likable are Lois' characteristics. JILL LEWIS moms LINIBEY LOIS LOVE JAMES LYONS M ATTEO MARINO HUGH MCCRARY JEAN MCWATERS JAMES AARON LYONS, Jr. - Ushers Club, Vice-President of National Honor Society, cast of "The Youngest" and "Green Valley", National Thespians, Math Club, Junior Electrons, science department letterg never knew he was such a good wrestler, but he lost that fight personality assures his sure-fire success. MATTEO JAKE MARINO - really fought those lessons never succeeded in keeping our of trouble. HUGH FRANKLIN MCCRARY - Officer in R. O. T. C., A Cappella Choir, cast of "Rio Rico", Lyric Club, our favorite paper boy and can he croon! VELMA JEAN MCWATERS -- National Thespians, officer in Junior Electrons, Spanish Club, A Cappella Choir, cast of "Rio -Rico", Spring plays '50, '51, fall plays '51, "Parted on Her Wedding Mom", winner of talent show '50, Yellow Jacket staff, two radio plays: future Bernhard: ... swell dancer too ... love to hear her croon. MARGARET DEAN MERRILL - Y-Teens, A Cappella Choir, MARGARET MERRILL HANNAH MILLER 60, 80 8: 100 word shorthand certificate, cast of "Rio Rico", dreamy hair and eyes ... already has her M.R.S. degree. HANNAH CRAWFORD MILLER - Secretary ot Senior Class, Y-Teens, Home Economics Club, 80 word shorthanfcerrifi- cate, just a speedy on the typewriter ... keeps everyone on her marshal post laughing. CHRISTINE SIMPSON MOORE - Home Economics Club, lettered in girls' basketball, baseball and volleyball, made everyone happy when she returned to Ensley ... at war with Spanish. ROBERT GRAHAM MORRIS - A Cappella Choir, Junior Red Crossg Ensley's BarBell King ... voice gives Mario Lanza the worries. FRED ALVIN MYERS - Math Club, Ushers Club, science department letter, track letteg flaming red hair visible for miles is his trademark. CHRISTINE MOORE BOB MORRIS ALVIN MYERS PEGGY ODOM ANN PADBURG MAY PHILLIPS NORMA GAIL PURVIS PEGGY BROWNE ODOM - Council representative, French Club, 60 8: 80 word shorthand certificate, Envied by everyone for that honey-colored, naturally curly hair. ANNE ELIZABETH PADBURG -- Short and sweet describes her a wonder- ful girl. FRANCES MAY PHILLIPS - Math Club, offices in Art Club, Secretary of National Honor Society, Orchestra, kept the city up on Ensley news through her column in the News .. PURVIS - A Cappella Omit, lettered in girls' baksetball an hand certificate, cue grin and winning ways make her welco ball '49, '51, baseball '49, '50, '51, basketball '49, '50, '51g a JAMES PYBURN GEORGE RANDOLPH A talented artist and cellois: smart too. NORMA GAIL d baseball, cast of "Rio Rico", 60, 80 8: 100 word short- me anywhere. JAMES EDWARD PYBURN - Lettered in foot- whiz in all sports and in the kitchen, too ... grin cabtivates girls despite devilish ways. GEORGE F RIELEY RANDOLPH Lettered in "B" team football, "Bergin" is one swell guy ... can remedy all your troubles in double quick time. MARY HELEN RICHARDS - D. O. Club, junior Red Cross? IOVC those curls piled on top of her head ... a sweet smile and a sweet girl. JOHN ALEXANDER RCXSERS - Lettered in "B" team football '47, varsity '48, '49, "B" team track '47, Vaf' sity '50g Quiet and reserved manners intrigue all his class- mates, WALTER STIMPSON SECHRIEST, jr. - President of National Honor Society, chairman of scholarship, Cheer- leader, A Cappella Choir, Yellowjacket staff, Cast of "Green Valley", Electrons, Ushers, National Thespiansg Talents are many worries disappear when Walter arrives a friend in need. HELEN RICHARDS LEX ROGERS WALTER SECHRIEST BILL SPAIN MARION SPINA PATRICIA SPRAGUE JOHN THOMAS BILLIE WAYNE SPAIN - A Cappella Choir, Hi-Y, cast of "Rio Rico", Lyric Club, can really croon "Blue Moon" ... good looks are just one part of this boy's characteristics. MARION PAUL SPINA - Jellow Jacket staff, Electrons, council rep- resentativeg a cute little boy whose theme song is "Always Late." ELINOR PATRICIA SPRAGUE -- Vice-President of Student Body, Secretary of Council, Cheerleader, National Honor Society, Latin Club, Y-Teens, Promoters Club, President of Math Club, A Cappella Choir, Chairman of Lost and Found, Band sponsor, Cast of "Rio Rico"g what would Ensley do without our Trisha? ... is there anything that disturbs this likable girl? JOHN RAMSDEN THOMAS, Jr. - Regimental Commander of City R. O. T. C., Math Club, Ushers Club, Spanish Club, Cast of "Green Valley"g one swell guy liked by even his R. 0. T. C. boys ... "Please don't throw my Gosley, I won't be rough on you!" JAMES EDWARD TURNER - Lyric Club, Varsity football, '48, '49, '50, one of Ensley's few natural blonds, we think ... avoids lessons whenever possible. ALONZO WALTON VARNON, Jr. - "Jack" really keeps the line moving in lunchroom ... a good worker and loyal. MAR- JIM TURNER JACK VARNON GARET ELIZABETH VAUGHAN -- The perfect model ... the envy of all short girls and the prize of the tall. ANN PAGE - i WAGGONER -- Secretary of the Student Body, Offices in ' Latin Club, Math Club, Promoters Club, National Honor Soc- iety, Marshal captain, A Cappella Choir, Cast of "Rio Rico"g "Duck" really goes out for sports ... always helps one out ... no fair-weather friend. F AY WATTS -- Council representative, Library Club, Treasurer of Home Economics Clubg a dream walking ... a girl you're proud to know. I t MARGARET VAUGHAN ANN WAGGONER adv F AYE WATTS JOYCE WELLS JOHN WHITESIDE LILLIAN WILLIS JACQUELYN WOO I' EN JOYCE NADINE WELLS - Talent show finalist, A Cappella Choir, Yellow Jacket staff, French Club, Junior lied Cross, Cast of "Rio Rico", golden toned voice makes up for her quiet ways. JOHN WHITESIDE -- Big sheik with a merry smile for everyone love that crew cut. LILLIAN ANN WILLIS - President of the Home Economics Club, cute little blond makes being called to the Adviser's office a treat for all boys. JACQUE- LYN LEIIDRA WOOTEN -- 60, 80 8: 100 word shorthand certificate, as cute as pie and just as sweet. BILL TOBE YORK - Staff of spring plays '50, '51, Cast of Fall play '51, a hard worker not easily discouraged pleasing personality. MARIE ANNETTE ZANNIS - Offices in French Club, President of Lyric Club, Editor of Yellow Jacket, A Cappella Choir, chairman of publications, doubles tennis championship, dry wit keeps everyone rolling in aisles keeps the Yellow Jacket presses rolling "she's the best!" MARY ALICE ZUBER - Band, Treasurer of Home Economics Club, fancy roller skating her pet can't beat a gal like her. BILL YORK MARIE ZANNIS MARY ALICE ZUBER x"i:":- . -, 1" Pkgjyai-! I' 1 Qzadacztea of 7257 A mm 66444 Uggaww af Q W M52 Hannah Miller, Secretaryg Walter Seichriest, Presidentg George Fulmer, Vice-President. Hair Like ..... Clothes Like ...... liyes Like ....... Physique Like .. Line Like ........ Personality Like IDEAL BOY IDEAL GIRL .....George Fulmer ......joe Miranda .....George Fulmer ..Gerald Globetti George Randolph .Frank La Russa Hair Like Clothes Like . .... ...Put Lance Josephine Artale Eyes Like .......Ma.rgaret Merrill Figure Like Line Like .. ....... Barbara Franklin ........Pa.t Lance Personality Like ...... . ...... H annah Miller PHILLIP ADAIR BARBARA ALEXANDER DOROTHY ANDERSON MARY ANDRESS PHILLIP LAWERENCE ADAIR- Ushers' Club, Lettered in Tennis, All-City orchestra, Latin Club, Math Club, Secretary of Promoters' Club, Love that innocent stare ... one swell guy ... brings a friendly atmosphere into any group. BARBARA ALICE ALEXANDER -- Library Assistant, Chaplain Library Club, D. O. Clubg 'lhose beautiful eyes handy around the library. DOROTHY LOUISE ANDERSON - Secretary of Math Club, Spanish Club, Promoters' Club, Y-Teens, National Honor Society, Oleerleaderg Never seen anyone so vivacious ... where does she get all that energy ... really rates. MARY LOUISE ANDRESS - Y-Teens, Home Economics Club, Quiet and unassuming ... a firm "no" to the short haircut a reserved exterior but underneath a capacity for friendship. JAMES MARSHALL: BAGLEY -- Offices in D. O. Club, junior Electron Club, Loads of fun Wylam can't do without him ... has one of the cutest Adam's apples we've ever seen. DELLA MARIE BAKER -- lhespians, Promoters' Club, Cast of "Seventeenth Summer" and "Green Valley", Petite and precious ... loves her speech work ... winning ways. BERTIE FRANCES BARBER - 80 word shorthand certificate, Math Club, D. O. Club, National Honor Society, Always can count on her ... loved by everyone. WALTER GRINELL BARNES - Hi-Y Club, Lettered in Basketball for 4 years, Lettered in Baseball for 2 years, Lettered Track for 2 years, Cheerleader, Cross Country, Chairman of Sportsmanship, Alternate Captain of Basketball '52, A modern Apollo ... a hero on the basket- ball court "Beaky" seems to like 103 and the marshal captain table. DAE ANN BARRENTINE - just about "knee- high" striking Anglo Saxon coloring ... dainty and timid. ZZcwaaf77ia BERT113 BARBER i of WALTER BARNES LADY BARRENTINE JAMES BAGLEY bf.-'I ,, 1 .Jw 'W WATT! 4' , 9 y A 1 ..,, - , .ny i . .Nm i -'T :inf M DELLA BAKER f? if -,I xl. J ANN BLACK SYLVIA BEAVERS MARY BARBARA BELL JANICE BENNETT SYLVIA BEAVERS - Lettced in Gym, D. O. Clubg As light hearted and as happy as a lark ... usually keeps a straight face, but has a cute grin... the fragile type. MARY BARBARA BELL - Secretary of Electron Club, Promoters' Club, A Cappella Choir, "jacket" staff, Marshal Captain, Shining black hair and pleasing personality make her a favorite of every- one her every word is straight from the heart. JANICE FAYE BENNETT - Treasurer of Spanish Club, Vice-President of Stamp Club, Secretary of Promoters' Club, 60, 80 Sr 100 word shorthand certificate, Marshal Captain, Stamp Club Rep- resentative in May Day, Cute as a button and oodles of fun ... twinkling eyes betray all the merriment behind them. CAROL FRANCES BOS-l ELL JOHN BOUSACH ANN BLACK - President of Spanish Club, Offices in Lyric Club, Promoters' Club, A Cappella Choir, 60 gg 80 word short- hand certificate, Marshal Captain, May Court Representative, Neat and sweet ... one of the truest friends we know ... those long eyelashes are the envy of all the girls. FRANCES DEAN BOSHELL - Commercial Club, Marshal, We'l1 all miss her smiling face ... how athletic can you get ... takes life easy. JOHN BOUSACK - Broad smile ... ever ready for a hearty laugh manages to stay happy. BRUCE BRAKE- FIELD -- Baseball '48, '49, Football '49, A Cappella Choir, "Rio Rico", Operetta leadg Can he sing! Remember "Blue- berry Hill" and "Bluelight Boogie". GARVIN PLATO BRIT- TON .. R. O. T. C. Officer, Track '51, "Green Valley" staff, Football '48, Radio Play '51, "Buster" keeps everyone laughing ... makes that uke talk You've heard of Dry Wit. ELIZABETH ANN BROWN - A Cappella Choir, Shorthand Certificate, F. T. A.g Quiet, but oh, what a softball player ... unusually likable. , .aa ,K 69 A BRUCE BRAKEFIELD GARVIN BRITTON ANN BROWN JOHNNIE MAE BROWN ANITA BUCKNER CLAIRE BUCKNER ROBERT BUMPUS JOHNNIE MAE BROWN -- Promoters' Club, French Club, 80 word Shorthand Certificate, A sweet little girl who is liked by everyone a real friend always laughing about something. ANIT A CAROLYN BUCIQXIER -- Art Club, D. O. Club, Short- hand Certificate,Sweet - in the superlative friendly to all .."Nita" is one of that vanishing race, natural blonds. CLAIRE LOUISE BUCKNER -- Offices of French Club, Home Economics Club, Associate Editor of Yellow jacket, Special Service to Girls' Advisor, Annual Staff, 60 and 80 word Certificate in Shorthand, Oodles of beautiful clothes makes the most of them tall and slender large, doe-like eyes. ROBERT FRANKLIN BUMPUS -- Session Room Offices, Letter in Baseball '48, Letter in Football '48, '49, '50, '51-"B" Team captain in '49, Varsity Captain in '51, Strong, silent type Definitely Athletic won't give the girls a chance. JOYCE MARIE BURCH - Member of Spanish Club, 60 word Shorthand Certificate, Marshal, Smart as a whip her friendship is genuine appealing ways and a gentle voice. ROBERT BUTTERWOMH -- check that sporty tie JOYCE BURG1 ROBERT BUTTERWORTH more or less a sheik all the girls envy him that simply snazzy wavy hair. PATRICIA ANNE CAMPBELL -- Secre- tary Promoters Club, Secretary Latin Club, Secretary Math Club, R. O. T. C. Sponsor, Head Marshal, Honor Society, Love those clothes always seen sporting orchids has the cutest little baby talk. ROSIE DENE CANNON -- Art Club, D. O. Club, Scholastic Keys, Art Letter, Always wanted to know "W'hy?" in the art room that blank stare couldn't conceal her impish ways. BERTIE LOUISE CANTER -- Annual Staff, Marshal, We'll all remember her sparkling eyes quiet and nice to know. ii A I '39 PATSY cAMPBELL jg, '-69? RCBIE DENE CANNON I B ERTIE LOU CANTER MILTON CERASO JANET CHANDLER DOROTHY CLIF 'PON PATSY COOCH MILTON EUGENE CERASO - Session Room offices, Spanish Club, Lettered in Football '51, Firm believer in the super- iority ofthe male ... enjoys debating this in class. CELIA JANET CHANDLER - Witty as all get out ... "Drip" is always talking in that deep husky voice, but never says anything. DOROTHY CLIFTON -- A Cappella Choir, French Club, Two shorthand certificates, All the girls envied her naturally blond hair ...crazy as they come, she's always welcome. PATSY RUTH COOCH - Offices in Spanish Club, Red Cross, .A Cappella Choir, 60 8: 80 word shorthand certificates? S0ff'SP0kC1'l and sweet as sugar ... whiz at shorthand ... always has a friendly smile. KENNETH RAY COUCH - Lettered in "B" team KENNETH COUCH ,I Q51 CAROLYN COX football '49, A Cappella Choir, Cute cut-up together he and janet Chandler gave all their teachers grey hairs ... seldom takes life seriously. CAROLYN ANN COX - Spanish Club, Promoters' Club, Home Economics Club, Thespians, National Honor Society, Omicron Delta Society, "Yellow jacket" staff, Cast of "Seventeenth Summer", "The Youngest", "Green Valley", Marshal Captain, President of Staff for Adorable Spend-Thrift, Chatter-box ... always bubbling over ... really gets aronmd on those dainty feet. DOLLIE IRENE CROOK - Letter in Orchestra, Letter in Photography, All-State Orch- estra Festival, Home Economic Club, Keen with a camera ... remember her in her C. A. P. uniform ... her interests are varied. ROBERT LEE CROW -- Secretary of Art Club, State Fair Art winner and winner of two certificates of merit in art exhibit, Art Letter, Poor Miss Dick had zany Robert for four years ... "Buzzard" can be counted on to cheer you up. NELLIE MARIE DARRAH - Secretary of Session Room, Fashion Show, That cute little lisp never shows a great deal of emotion ... an enchanting manner of dignity and re- serve. 'QW T- DOLLIE cnooxs ROBERT cnow MARIE DARRAH BARBARA De RAMUS JOY DODDS JOHN DONNELLY CHARLES DOUGLAS BARBARA LOUISE DeRAMUS -- Red Cross Club, Yellow Jacket Staff, Library Club, 60 and 80 words Slorthand Certifi- catesg Friendly and vivacious ... loves everybody and vice-versa ... you'll always find her in a happy mood. JOY DODDS -- All State Band '50, 60 and 80 words Shorthand Certificates, State typing contest '51g Always cutting up how could she keep her marriage secret for so long ... baby blue eyes. JOHN WILLIAM DONNELLY - State Band Festival '50, This gentleman prefers a brunette dreamy eyes leisurely and pleasant. CHARLES RICHARD DOUGLAS -- Session Room Offices, R. O. T. C., Second Place award on Mechanical Drawing Plate '495 Loads of fun ... typical boy ... a little on the shy side. DELORES DAWN DREYSPRING - China-doll color- ' ing ... even tenpdament. JAMES DRIVER - Like his dark coloring ... always good for a guffaw. RANDY EAST - Shy, I'DOdCSC type. voice nu cute little bug. ANN ELLEDGE - Another girl who has her M.R.S. Degree ... dark hair sets off a perfect complexion wouldn't it be nice if we were all as friendly as she is. UNA JOYCE ELLIS- OEices in Stamp Club, Art Club, Orchestra Letter, Art Letter, State Fair Prize '51g Strictly the artistic type she should go into some field of art ... has a regal bearing. RANDY EAST 3' Jo ANN ELLEDGE JOYCE ELLIS J A ROSALEE FAILLA JO ANN FITZHUGH ELKE FRANK BETTY FREEMAN ROSALFE LUCINDA FAILLA - 60 and 80 word shorthand certificate, Fashion Show, Those darling clothes she whipped up ... can hardly wait to get married a rippling laugh. JEWEL JOANN FITZHUGH -- -- -- Officer in Home Economics Club, 60 and 80 word shorthand Certificate, State Fair winner, Like that ciuiet way she talks ... complexion sans flaw. ELKE ELISE EVA FRANK -- Art Club, Promoters' Club, Won first prize in essay contest, A Cappella Choir, Bubbling ,personality ... flippant and pert ... don't we all wish we knew as much about English as she does ... from what she says She doesn't have to worry about finding a man enjoys debating with her teachers ... fun to know. SUSAN PATRICIA PAWVCM FYFE DWIGHT GAMBIU- EYEE - French prize, A Cappella Choir, Officer of Pro- ' ' "" 1 moters' Club, Offices in Art Club, National Honor Society, Editor of annual, Office of Inter-High Promoters' Club, Cast of "Rio Rico", Scholastic art award, Art letter, Awonderful combination of brains, beauty and personality always blushed the reddest anytime. ORMAN DWIGHT GAMBU-L -- Takes life as it comes though on the quiet side, he makes his presence known deep, man's voice. JERRY GEORGE -- Band, Offices in Session Room, Darling gal with a cute shape ... a firm believer in the use of perozide ... chic and al Honor Society, Junior Electrons, "Troubles" is a socialite and loves to dance ... his witticisms are often hilarious. temerarious before the fairer sex dark features offset by those brunette waves. JERRY GEORGE GORDON GILLEAN JAKE GIOVINOO we'll be seeing her again soon. BETTY JEAN FREEMAN " Ofices in Session Room, Fashion Show, Shorthand certificate, charming. GORDON HIRAM GILLEAN -- Cheerleader, Nation- JAKE GIOVINCO - Has a shy smile that is captivating ... GENEVA GLAZE ANN GLEN IDA MAE GODFREY JO ANN GRGSAN GENEVA GLAZE - French Clubg One of the quieter lassies around the halls of E. H. S. ... faithful and sincere. NELDA ANN GLEN - Session Room Oflicesg How do you get to be as cute as she is ... so easy to get along with ... slightly quiet, but not shy. IDA MAE GODFREY - Shorthand Certificateg Good looking gal always has chewing gum ... one of those Wylamites. JO ANN GRCBAN - Marshalg Big talking eyes ... sunny disposition. MADELYN AMELIA GUILIAN - French Club, first prize State Essay Contest, All State Music Festivalg Retiring at first, but very agreeable when you get to know her ... conscientious and hard working. CARLA F AYE GUNN - Shorthand Cert- ificate, Marshal, Session Room Offices, Lustrous dark hair sets off her ivory complexion ... has a smile for all ... has her eyes on one boy. MAR- THA JANE GUNN - Jr. Red C1'ossiClubg Jr. Electron Club, Lyric Club, Spanish Club, A Cap- pella G'lOlfQ "Anybody want anything from the book store?" that smart page-boy hair style is a trade-mark of hers. RUTH GUNN - Flaming red hair and just enough freckles make an out- standing combination ... lovable little girl. JACKSON HALE - jellow Jacket Staff 48 - 50, Math Club, jr. Electron Club, Gold Keyawardin art, Smart as a whip ... diverse interests ... calm and capable. MARTHA GUNN RUTH GUNN JACK HALE MADELYN GUILIAN F AY GUNN 4 li i BEI I Y JOYCE HARPST EUPLE ANN HARRIS PATSY HART BETTY, HARTWELL BETTY JOYCE HARPST -- Officer in Home Economics Club, Promoters' Club, Prize at Fair '51, Masque and Gavel, junior Red Cross Clubg Already acquired an M.R.S. degree remarkable talent for acquiring orchids. EUPLE ANN HARRIS -- Marshal, junior Red Cross, Must have a weak stomach remember when she fainted in biology? ... twinkling eyes are her identification. PATRICIA ANN HART - Latin Club, Junior Red Cross, 60 and 80 word shorthand certifi- cate, Almond eyes and dark tresses are her characteristics ... never lets anything bother her. BETTY ALBERTA HART- WELL - Library Assistant, Library Club, French Club, Library Letter, 60.and 80 word shorthand certificateg Miss Bates never failed to catch her when she wasn't listening con- siderate and casual, she puts you at ease. CAROLE FAYE CAROL FAYE HASKEW MIRON HENDERSON HASKEW - Offices in Session Room, Marshal, junior Red Cross, Library Assistant, Cute plump face surrounded by blond ringlets ... had fun in Everyday Living check those fingemails. MIRON SUE HENDERSON .. . junior Electrons, Lyric Club, A Cappella Choirg A quality of just being herself that we all like full of pep and a good sport. ALMA ELIZ- Qs ABETH HENRY - junior Red Cross, Y-Teens, Marshal, Band Letter, "Red" is as friendly and cute as you'll find .. peaches J Wal.. X I 'J and cream complexion with a personality to match. DONALD Q HOBBS - Quite a cut-up just can't keep quiet fought more battles with History than he studied about. CLAUDE HUGH HOLEMAN - A Cappella Choir, "B" team football, Varsity Tennis, R. O. T. C. officer, Stamp Club, "Tody" is an ace at Tennis quite an expert at shorthand, too quite an asset to the baritones. E LR A B ETH H ENRY DONALD HOB BS CLAUDE HOLEMAN 6 GAIL HOOD BILL HORNSRY DONALD HOWARD BEI I Y E HUEY GAIL JOYCE HOOD - A Cappella Choir, History Assistantg Clear-as-a-bell voice ... history department couldn't do without her ... dark, wavy hair. WILLIAM McDOWELL HORNSBY -- Jr. Electrons, Electron Club, Library Assistant, Yellow Jacket Staff, "Bill" is a good ole' guy Jack-of-all-trades ... one of those Wylamites. DONALD RAY HOWARD - Scholastic Certificate in art, Session Room office, Staff Artist of Yellow Jacketg His stature makes us look up to him ... how will Miss Dick cb without him ... had to rush to beat those deadlines, ESTHER ELIZABETH HUEY - Secretary of Council, Officer of Thespians, Marshal Captain, Chairman of Publicity, Latin Club, Promoters' Club, National Honor Society, A Cappella Choir, "Jacket" Staff '52, Ensley's representative to Girls' State '51, Good proof that beautiful fand I do mean beautifulj girls can have brains ... complained about her straight hair - course it's only naturally curly. JERWEL- LENE JOHNSON - You'll always find her in a happy mood ... eager to cooperate- ANNE ELIZABETH IONES -- Offices of Red Cross, Spanish Club, Y-Teens, Library Club, Cheer- leader, State Representative at Red Cross convention in Detroit, Beautiful blond hair ... warmth and charm ... ,can't wait to get those letters ... has what some call "box office" appeal. SAMUEL MILO KEATHLEY -- National Honor Society, Offices in Math Club, Ushers' Club, Promoters' Club, Science Dept., Baseball '52, "B" football '49, Has beautiful blue eyes and a smile that makes the girls swoon ... a pleasing combinat.ion of good looks and brains ... Miss Boehmer's understudy. MARYELIZABETH KIRKWOOD -Cast of "Green Valley", Staff of "Seventeenth Summer", "The Youngsetn and "Green Valley", Thespians, Library Assistant, Library JERWELLENE JOHNSON ANNE JONES Club, "Betsy" aims to be an actress or a scientist ... check " that accent ... she'd argue with a lamppost. JIM PETE KRITSIDEMCE - Staff of "Seventeenth Summer", Marshalg Deals his teachers misery ... really held down that marshal post ... amiable. MILO KEATHLEY A BETSY KIRKWOOD . JIM KRITSIDEMCB rt, iii' N 'SL gf? BESSIE LAKE JOYCE LAMBERT MARGARET LAMBERT BARBARA I-ANIER BESSLE LOU LAKE -- French Club, Fashion Show, Sweet and lovely sincere at heart, she enjoys the lighter sideof life. MARY jOYCE LAMBERT -- Ten-to-one she's with Bessie right now ... has a way with a needle... slightly on the shy side. MARGARET LAMBERT - Offices in Session Room., Library Assistant, A whiz in her gym class ... smiling eyes and friendly laugh are her keys to success. BARBARA ANN LANIER - junior Red Cross, Electron Club, Library Club, Library Assistantg She and Hazel -- they had fun in every class ... like the hearty way she laughs . anunderstand- ing of people. PAUL WILLIAM LINIBEY, jr. - Spanish Club, "Bur-rhead" does well in everything he tries ..you're V f PAUL LINIEEY RAY LONG .A ." f . I 1- .f-' . 'ff , -g p f: iiffzf , f , fi ,. fwfr -'L gi- : , Y li, ,, 5f:1ig,i'jdi ' 'J 1, m5Cw"'x, y W .fe F . , . h'N"'3yp- 1 ' f , ,ff,aw.ifTf -nur,-. - . ? Q' 1 I ,.-, . . I , ,'...1,,g L: X "' wi ' v .115 , tt, 91 iY47'i..k-1-H - V Tifgiliai ., 'ifiiiifiliift ,rf l if C e . ,f T .. ,nf-' ,d- -' ni:-ff? ', - . f . ,.-' 9155.1 -IJ, - .4 v mg W 5. . sp , ., ,- ,... , ,,...i , V il .-,tt C ,f::,: -1-fw'f:fff, .qu-A--... ' time f-iii, 'M '1-. . -9.1.55if..-,'.'.....1"e , I - ., - gi - 1-,, 1.3. J.: ,-.,.,,-, r 1 , ,,r- - tr l. feb- , . ' I I. , .grg:-:,:-:- w V - 1 xnzififiil' 1-iii-TBM ::::f: -'Ii A f f'-- 2:15-EPZ It - Z" ' -1:::2+-1' 4 :SS . ' ' 215: ,IX ,g , . .a-.nb .'f'e,'.'.'-.'.'- s-.1 s. ... - ' ai I never bored when he's around. RAY LONG - Check that wavy hair how we love his crazy, impish little grin ... does anything ever rattle him? SUE CAROLYN LOWE - Y-Teens, Home Economics Club, Darling clothes on a darling figure ... soft eyes tell of her sweet personality ... altogether charming. ALLEINE HARRIS LURTON - National Honor Society, Offices in French Club, Prize at Fair in Music, Math Club, Lyric Club, French Prize, A Cappella Choir, Soloia with Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, Letter in Orchestra, lvhrshal Captain, Pefect at everything ... light complexion contrasts sharply with dark hair should be a concert pianist. DON- ALD EUGENE MACE - Varsity Football 'S 1, Varsity Track '50, '51, A good looking hunk of man ... what afootball player! gives his teacher fits. SUE LOWE ALLEINE LURTON DON MACE DOROTHY MANKIN JOHNNY MARSHALL MARIE MASON ELLA SUE MATTHEWS DOROTHY BETTS MANKIN - Officer of Session Room, Really can play tennis ... little but loud ... be ca.reful, don't step on "Sho1ty". JOHN TYLER MARSHALL, jr. - A Cappella Choir, How we love to hear him sing! ... tall, dark and good-looking ,.. check that car of his. FRANCES MARIE MASON --Marshal, Jmmior Red Cross, Fashion Show, Never a dull moment with Marie ... ready and willing to help whenever she can. ELLA SUE MATTHEWS -Math Club, Latin Club, junior Electron Clubg One of Ensley's slickest chicks ... has the gift of gab. FAY MAULDIN -- Marshal, junior Electrons, Junior Red CrossgForthright and direct .. .. keeps a straight face usually liglrheartea and carefree. VERNA LEE MCCANN - 60 81 80 word short- hand cerrificaresg Majorertes like her come very seldom can toe dance like an expert ... can't count all the talent shows she's been on. SHIRLEY ANN MCCULLOUGH -- A Cappella Choir, Spanish Club, An addition to Ensley's Halls ... no minced words ... suffered with "Hamlet". BARBARA JEAN MCJUNKIN - Jun- ior Red Cross, Marshal, D. O. Club, Offices in Session Room, She'll make somebody a good secretary unassuming and willing to lend a hand fun to know. LUVERNE MCKINNON - President of Red Cross, Lyric Club, Y-Teens, A Cappella Choir, Spanish Club, 60 8: 80 word shorthand ccrtificatesg More fun than a Darrel of monkeys very dependable she may be serious-minded, but you'd never know it. SHIRLEY ANN MCCULLOUGH JEAN MCJUNKIN LWERNE MCKINNON FAY MAULDIN VERNA MCCANN f'- . . Q . if-.4 391: A' ' "1 xwenAff,e:'fAf Nri' ,af , in CLAUDE MCLAIN ARTHUR MILLER BEVERLY MILLS LARRY MOBBS CLAUDE EVERETT McI..AlN, jr, - Manager Baseball, Manager Football, "B" Basketball, Varsity Basketball, Lati Club, Math Club, Ushers' Club, National Honor Society, Science Assistant, How 'bout the way he drives "joonah" is really like his pa one of the friendliest boys around. ARTHUR SAMUEL MILLER -- Reddest hair we've ever seen .. can anybody count all those freckles? has made many true friends during his high school years. BEVERLY ANN MILLS - Offices in Art Club, Another gal who's got her guy ... keen with an art brush ... one of the Art Club standby: WILLIAM LARRY MOBBS - junior Electrons, Editor of "Yellow jacket", Chairman of Publications in Cabinet, Swell guj BARBARA MONTGOMERY BILL MOORE ... mighty good editor ... can't be beat. BARBARA DEAD MONTGOMERY - l-las a flair for bright nail polish ... sof brunette tresses accentuate her creamy olive complexion JAMES WILLIAM MOORE - "Red" is mighty cute ... a true redhead but no visible temper cute grin and winning ways ROBERT DIXON MOORE -- One of En sley's most considerate pals works hard on everything he undertakes ... steady and dependable. DOLPHUS COMPTON MORRISON -- Base ball Varsity, Basketball Varsity, President of Student Council Math Club, Promoters' Clubg "Cotton" goes over in a big way how did he manage to always have his way witl teachers ... sincere, frank, capable. JOYCE MORRISON - Offices in Home Economics Club, Band Sponsnrg Ready smile and a "Hi" for everyone make her a popular companior ... you can't provoke her good nature her future plan: include marriage. Q 'a BOBBY MOORE DOLPHUS MORRISON JOYCE MORRISON ARTHUR MURPHREE BILLY MURRAY DONALD MYERS JOYCE MYERS ARTHUR WILLIAM MURPHREE -- Vice-President of Student Body,Vice-President of Thespians, National Honor Societyg lnspires us all finest spirit Ensley's seen in a long time dependable. WILLIAM GEORGE MURRAY, Jr. -"Yellow Jacket" staff, "B" team baseball, Thespians, Manager Varsity Baseball, Makes even his teachers laugh can't get a word in edge - wise when he's around morale booster. DONALD MYERS -- Offices in Session Room, Lettered in Varsity Tennis, "Atlanta" sports a different car everytime you see him takes life easy even if he does have wrecks now and then. JOYCE MAE MYERS -- Peppy and friendly as can be an athlete for sure. BOBBY HAMILTON NEILL - What could ole' Ensley "Y" do without him? has plenty to say with the boys, but is shy around the weaker sex. WILLIAM MONTE OWEN, Jr. -- A Cappella Choir, Latin Club, Electron Club CPresidentJ, Ushers' Club, Promoters' Club, Sportsmanship Committee, Varsity Tennis, National Honor Society, Bill makes any party tall, dark and Cyou :an see for yourselfl handsome funny as hang. SHIRLEY ' ANN PACE -- 60 8: 80 word shorthand certificate, Beautiful :lond hair how does she get to wear two class rings quiet but fun to know. SARA CAROLYN PATRICK -- Of- fices in Thespians, Staff of "Jacket", Latin Club, French Club, "Yellow Jacket" staff, Promoters' Club, Staff of "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay", "The Adorable Spend- i1rift", "Seventeenth Summer", "The Youngest", and "Green Valley", Cast of "Woman of Judgement", Following Jig brothers footsteps glossy, strictly black hair likes Jernon's Harvard friends. BARBARA JANE PATTERSN -- Advertising Manager of "Yellow Jacket", Staff of "Our ilearts Were Young and Gay", "The Adorable Spenclthriftn, "Seventeenth Summer", "The Youngest", "Rio Rico", Dresident of Staff of "Green Valley", Offices in Thespians, Stamp Club, Masque and Gavel, Junior Red Cross, Pro- noters' Club, What would these four years have been without Barbara casual and crazy goes all out for a friend. SHIRLEY PACE CAROLYN PATRICK BARBARA PATTERSON BOBBY NEIL BILL OWEN .4.-pq., Y. any DEWEY ANN PATTERSON PATSY PATTON ROBERT PATTON JERRY PEARSON DEWEY ANN PATTERSON - History Department Assistant, 60 and 80 word shorthand certificateg Quiet except in those wilder moments .. refuses a short hair cut ... sheds a mighty friendly smile on us all. PATSY JEAN PATTON -- Annual staff, Library Club, 60 and 80 word shorthand certificate, Always bustling about ... petite and pixie-like. ROBERT CON- RAD PATTON -- Offices in Session Room, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Football, Varsity Track, State high-jump championg Really can pour it on on the basketball court ... doesn't say much, except when he wants to ... whatever happened to Pat's shot-rod. JERRY ARTHUR PEARSON - All-City Orchestra, Civic Symphony Training Orchestra, First chair in All State Band Soloistg This boy is loaded with musical talent ... he can truly blow that hom ... he and Bill really make a goofy RAY PEMBERTON ll-MMY PENNY pair. RAY PEMBERTON -- Senior Class Playg Everyone - -H - ' --A-----W ' looks up to him - they have to, to see him big Sheik ... crazy as they come. JAMES ARTHUR PENNY - Offices in Session Room, Tall and slender ... check that haircut ... non- chalant ... a natural zes for life. GAY PETTIFORD -- Dark curls are her crowning glory ... valuable and sincere friend ... - everybody's sweetheart. ERAH GAY PHILLIPS -- 60 word shorthand certificate, Junior Red Crossg Priceless amiability ... quiet charm ... an addition to Ensley from Docena. RCBA LEE PILLITTERI - A Cappella Choir, A real asset to the altos in operettas and music festivals that cute cleft chin taste runs to sharp clothes. E Aft A GAY PETTIFORD W ERAH GAY PHILLIPS E ROSA LEE PILLJTERR1 CHARLES PINSON KAY POLK PAT POLLOCK TERRY PONDER IHARLES LEE PINSON - Offices in Session Room, Spanish Club, Math Club, Bandg Glased by les femmes ... you're :ure of a good time when Charles is around ... couldn't look more like his papa. KAY LORRAINE POLK - Betty's constant :ompanion ... another of the pygmy race at Ensley ... happy as a lark. HELEN PAT POLLOCK - Lyric Club, A Cappella fhoir, History Assistant, Science Assistant, Check that southern drawl ... Big sheik: ... prefers those college men ... :eeps us up to date on everything. TERRY EUGENE PONDER - "B" baseball, Varsity Baseball, "Poondog" had a grand time at baseball camp really gets around gin whisper. CAROL PRESCOTT - Speaks to one and all ... flies a :lane like most of us drive a car what'll Miss Rowley do without her. DONALD EARL PRESTON - Operetta '49, -ead in "Rio Rico" '50, "Johnny Stranger", A Cappella Choir, Listen to the sighs as Don sings ... has as much as any- xne the choir ... he enjoys people and vice-versa. FRAN- l IES' ROBERTA PRITCHETT - National Honor Society, A Iappella Choir, French Club, Promoters' Club, Offices in -atin Club, Offices in Math Club, A stand-by in the music CAROL PRBCOTT IIIIALD PRESTON lepartment certainly can "parler francais". EVELYN ?ROCTOR - Thespians, Masque and Gavel, Marshal: Friendly md likeable large, dreamy eyes pert nose. JOSEPH vlARVlN RANDOLPH National Honor Society, A Cappella Ihoir, Band, Orchestra, Latin Club, Offices in Ushers' Club, ?romoters' Club, President of Future Teachers of America, viusic editor of "The jacket", joe can really play that piano .. can always be counted on for a blush when dates are nentioned ... really takes his studying seriously. 11 r y 5 'Um FRANCES Pmrcmzrr W.,-2 EVELYN PRocToR JOE RANDOLPH ' an tie flzfi' Q--AEE ' WE? . J ,wi ,iff- .5 . 4 , X ff -is rf " -Y J A Hmmm mrtirzf Jo ANN RAY JANE naive HAZEL RIDDLE ELBERT CLARENCE RATLIFF, Jr. - Offices in Session Room, "B" baseball, Varsity Baseball, Varsity Basketball Really keeps the girls guessing ... ca.n't find a cuter lil' feller ... seems to like sports. JO ANN RAY -Not very tal ative, unless you know he ... wide-eyed innocent stare. GLORIA JANE REEVE - Spanish Club, "Yellow jacket" sta Goes out for things in a big way ... coquettc ... dark hair and dark eyes. MARY HAZEL RIDDLE -- Spanish Club, M Club, Uses a stage whisper in class ... can always find something to giggle about ... tall and slender. MILLER RlVIEl -- Math Club, President of Iunior Electrons, Senior Class Play, Cheerleader: 'Bout big as a minute a shutterbug there ever was one ... loads of fun. BETTY JEAN ROBER' - Home Economics Club, Lithe and slender ... the sl' modest type ... smiles all the while. PAUL EARL ROGERS MILLER RIVIERE BE-I-I-Y JEAN ROBERTS Ushers' Club,. Vice-President of junior Electrons, Office Promoters' Club, Electrons, All the poor girls with straig hair look at him with envy rather quiet but he gets alol with everyone. LAWANA ROUSE - Loves that peroxi bottle ... who'll believe she isn't "Bootsie's" twin ... f' for all with her around. BARBARA RUSSELL - A Cappel Choir, D. O. Club Secretary, Her whole face smiles ... lov ff: to show off her wedding pictures. PAUL ROGERS fu. LAWANA ROUSE N ? BARBARA RUSSELL SARAH SANDS HENRY SAWLS MARIE SCARPULLA LOUIS SCHOLL SARAH ALYCE SANDS- French Club, 60, 80 81 100 word shorthand certificate, Library Assistant, kept the rest of her typing class jumping to keep up with her most often quiet and serious. HENRY SAWLS -R. O. T. C. officer, "Candy" truly believes in a crew cut no peace when Henry's near can't be heard over ten miles away ... teacher's pet? MARIE ANN SCARPULLA - 60 8a 80 word shorthand certificate, filing certificate, neat lassie will probably find success as a secretary ... twinkling dark eyes. LOUIS WILLIAM SCHOLL -- Varsity Football, Varsity Track, what a guy! takes life as it comes don't know anybody that doesn't think he's swell. BILLIE SUE SIMS - Cheerleader, Big Seven Dance Rep- resentative, Y-Teens, Marshal Captain, 60 8: 80 word shorthand certificate, Head Typist on the "jacket", One ofthe cutest little tricks ever to trot the halls of our Alma Mater can be serious when she wants, but prefers a gay time piquant and charming. BEITYE ANN SMITH -- Red Cross Club, Art Club, Scholastic Art Exhibits, 60 word shorthand certificate, State Fair Exhibits in Art: An artist behind the soda-fountain SUE SIMS BETTY ANN SMITH and in the art room never hurts anyone high moral standards, CLARENCE HOWARD ERSKINE SMITH - Offices in Thespians, Cheerleader, R. O. T. C. officer, Masque and Gavel, Promoters' Club, Varsity Debater, Cast of four Senior Class Plays, A Charter member of the "junior Birdmen" ... a teal leader tall as tall. MAXINE SMITH - Officer in Y-Teens, Home Economics Club, First Prize of Fair Entry, A beautiful gal already possessing her M.R.S. degree has the cutest clothes has the qualification to give lessons in friendliness. BEVERLY HARRIS STAMPS - National Honor Society, Cheerleader, President of Masque and Gavel, Thes- pians, Promoters' Club, May Court Representative, Cast of "Green Valley", "Gig" is tops on our personality list need one like her in every group not really crazy, just acts like that. fr'-P :aw ERSKJNE SMITH Q MAXINE SMITH 6 BEVERLY STAMPS 'S DORIS STEWART JO ANN STUART MARLENE STRINGER ELZABETH STUCKI DORIS JOYCE STEWART -- Vice-President of Red Cross Council, Electrons, Spanish Club, carrot-top gets a kick out of living and laughs about it. JO ANN STUART - Office Assistant, Another of Ensley's red heads smart clothes are an asset for he quite trim. MARLENE STRINGER - Spanish Club, D. O. Club, 60 84 80 word shorthand certificate, 60 word shorthand ping likes those boys from Minor a mind of her own always wears a smile. ELIZABETH STUCKI - National Honor Society, Electrons, Home Economics Club, One of the few natural blonds at Ensley a genuine friend good worker ... modest and placid. ALTO NEISON STUCK EY, jr. -- Offices in Stamp Club, junior Electrons, Senior Electrons, National Honor Society, Alabama All-State Band, NELSON STUCKEY BARBARA SWANN All-City High School Orchestra, Red hair and all that it im- plies good natured ... that wavy hair helps attract the females. BARBARA JOAN SWANN - junior Red Cross, Art Club, French Club, "jacket" staff, Pert, turned-up nose ... dark shiny hair peaches and cream complexion. MARIE ANN TAMBURELLO - junior Red Cross, 60 word shorthand certificate, Ebon-haired and olive-skinned, what more could you want? ... mischief clearly in those snapping eyes. ALTON FINO THOMPSON, Jr. - D. O. Club, Officer in R. O. T. C., Sometimes quiet - sometimes talkative a real ex- perience to know him. ROBERT DANIEL THOMPSON, Jr. - Basketball captain '52, Baseball Varsity, Chairman of Ath- letics, Basketball varsity, Won't give the girls a chance and with those good looks he's broken many a heart that con- vertible always seems bursting with boys on sports trips as Miss Hunt's errand boy, he got plenty of exercise. sa c MARIE TAMBURELLO "::' ' 1 ALTON THOMPSON , y DAN THOMPSON A ., it x 4 Aw, 7, A f J X 4, l f at to O O 'A A I 'Qui 'mul' MARCELLIA THOMPSON ROZENE TORTORICI DONALD TYLS STANLEY VIRCIGLIO MARCELLIA ANN THOMPSON - A Cappella Choir, French Club, Think of her in pink ... considered a Sheik, she is a member of the red-head contingent ... progressive ideas. ROZENE FRANCES TORTORICI -How 'bout that giggle of hers straightforward and friendly. DONALD TYUS - Latin Club, junior Electrons, Electronsg Must like school - he's never absent a silly little grin that deceives his personality not a worry in the world. STANLEY VIRCIGLIO - Soft spoken, easy going full of wit .. count on a good time with him. JOYCE ANN WALLACE - French Club, Thespians, Offices in Library Club, Radio Play "Lost Halo", Cast of "Green Valley", Jefferson County Student Library Assistants Organimtionsg A whiz at the typewriter ... abundance of generosity un- troubled by foo many Studies- WAYNE PICK- JOYCE ANN WALLACE WAYNE WALTON ETT WALTON - Math Club, Officer in R. O. T. C.g A quiet determination that hints of success -thoughtful and tries to help. BARBARA BERNICE WATSON -- 60 word shorthand certi- ficate, Office Assistant, hhrshalg Beautiful bninette hair loyal and dependable modest MN and placid. GRANT DOUGLAS WHEELER - just going on his merry way - but going some- where we 'll wager masters difficult problems in his own clever way. JAMES BOBBY WHITE- HEAD - Quite the sly one ... energetic and happy-go-lucky ... a card from the top of the deck. 5 A A it .haw fc- lf! BARBARA WATSON DOUGLAS WHEELER A' BOBBY WHITEHEAD , fx. fa Q if-wi' ' -'- 'F 'Ra '- P' -X 1-:nv f GAIL WILLIAMS ANNETTE WINSLETI' BILLY WOOD ELIZABETH WOODALL LINDA GAIL WILLIAINS - Spanish Club, Fashion Show, This gal really kept the gym jumping with all her sports . flashing eyes that are definitely impressive ... always ready to be your friend. ANNETTE WINSLETT- Promoter's Club, Thespians, French Club, Varsity debates, Staff of "Seventeenth Summer" and "Green Valley", Quarter Hour Plays ... has a dainty way of speaking ... pristine ... sets high goals and aims eamestly for them. HENRY W. WOOD - Stamp Club, a real Southern gentleman ... always has time to help the other fellow ... popular with his friends. MARY ELIZA BETH WOODALL - 60 word shorthand certificate, Fashion Showg Flair for a needle another grand product of the com- mercial department ... genuine interest in her friends. PHY LLIS WOODALL - Specialist in the lifted eyebrow ... frank anc outspoken. JOYCE FAYE WRAY - Offices of the Frencl PHYLLIS WOCIDALL JOYCE WRAY Club, National Honor Society, Girls' basketball and softbal varsitiesg Sincerity blended with the warmth of friendship .. marked for success. NORMA RAY YAWN - Valley lost her .. a prize to dear ol' E.H.S. ... a smile as radiant as her per sonality ... wavy aubum hair adds to her appearance. SUE ANN YOUIXK5 - Choir - 4 semeaers, Cast of "Rio Rico" Junior Red Crossg Blue, laughing eyes ... always ready ta JP A have fun. PAY ZJMMERMAN - Offices of Library Club, sec A retary of Spanish Club, Marshal Captain, Annual staff, What z cute figure! ... a fine example of the gorgeous gals fron Ensley ... those beautiful gypsy'-like eyes hold lots of merri UICUC. ,,. .M .. A I NORMA YAWN 5 J, ,3 y SUE YOUNG FAY ZIMMERMAN ' Uffdma Wing M52 Q-,Q Walter Barnes, Vice-Presidentg Dan Thompson? Pre sidenrg Sue Sims, Secretary. IDEAL BOY Hair Like ..... ...... ........... Paul Earl Rogers Clothes Like ...... ..... Stanley Virciglio Eyes Like ....... ...... Milo Keathley Physique Like ...... .... Robert Bumpus Line Like .... .... .. ....... Charles Pinson Personality Like ...... .... Gordon Gillean IDEAL GIRL Hair Like ..... .... .... Bettye Huey Clothes Like ...... ...... Patsy Campbell Eyes Like ....... ......... Ann Glen Figure Like ..... ......... Anne jones Line Like .. ....... Beverly Stamps Personality Like ...... ...... Dot Anderson jwfx ,,,,,,..--uv BUSY FINGERS LEARNING HOW Being a senior involved many hours of hard work, but there were also many hours of pleasure. SENIOR TEA , -v s' - ., . L 'K xx "Z- if X N' ' s 1 -.- Q.. he-K N ' F ' ,ENN f'A -,- -W - ncignuk 43 VM, Aw. We-139 i 0-- ,. M... W W w"'M"'wg.,,......, , -we ,M L-aw, Jn... , , , . A --mr' N may 'hacks 'if 'Q y f 2 f.: jx-Q. if . ,ii ' , XJ! ff? , Q- L wwf? , ,, 7, I K- . I f Q 1. ' QQ i v Q K .ig ., ff A sw W L A, , "L e J' 771644 gasket af Qcwcmw 7952 Wim fddhfaf my 7952 BARBARA' FRANKLIN 4 HANNAH MILLER gg .Q 565-. JL Qhnw WW? 0 ANNE JONES PATSY CAMPBELL ? S gang! 666656444194 HI-Y First row, left to right' Boclie, Seale, D. Fowler, C. Fowler, Gray, Hurst. Second rvw: Turner, Penree, Shan- non, Slye, Brown, Hatfield, Pierce. Third row: Bennett,Baldwin,5loan, Crowder, Barnes, McCaskill, E. Stan- ford. USHERS CLUB First row, left to righ t: B ates, R an- dolph, Keathley, Adair, Thomas, Vamon Serond rou: Fulmer, Sechriest, York, Ellison, Deason. Third rouf: McLain, Echridge, Owen Lyons, Hayley, Barnes, Rogers, Nau- I1'l3.X'll'l. ELECTRONS Fzrst row, left to right: Stuart, Srucki, Cashion, Bryant, Bell, Moore. Second row: Barson, Porter, Suck- ey, Bates, Hopping, Baker, Zannis. Third F0115 Naumann,Hayley,Allen, Hornsby, Tyus, Owen, Y -TEENS First row, left to right: Smith, Straiton, Street, Franklin, Lance, Foster, McWhorter, Eppes. Second row: Anderson, Sande- fur, Ingram, Yawn, jones, Branch, Sprague, Mocte, Espy. Third row: Propst, Carter, Rogers, Lowe, Henry, McKinnon, Mitchum, Montgomery, Globetti. SPANISH CLUB First row, left to right' Shubdt, Fulmer, Surtees, Aliano, Caldwell, Brasfield, Denson, Bailey. Second row: Carlin, Blackburn, Smith, Higginbotham, Foster, Os- bom, Fisher. Third row: Dann, Waldrop, Boyd, Cooper, Schilleci, Allen, Stewart, Miss Pace. F Ollftfl. row: Lammert, O'Del1, Crawford,Stanford, Stewart, Stucki, Harrison, Hendon, Sarasohn. ART CLUB First row, left to right: Smith, Phillips, Neeley, Lightfoot, Park- inson, Snider, Whitfield, Schilleci. Second row: Hassler, Crow, Ellis,Rouse,Sandefur, Smith, Wood- all, Raines, Morgan. Third row: McBee, Barnes, Can- non, Mills, Fyfe, Frank, McComb, Pennington, Vaughan. WRITERS' CLUB First row, left to right! Cooper, Kuhlo, Lightfoot, Seal, Walton, Phil- lips, Headley. Second row: Pate, Coleman, Os- born, Carlin, Lambert, DeLoach, Gray, Webster. Third row: Baker, Cope, Aber- crombie, Carey, Crawford, Teer, Latham. PRGMOTERS' CLUB First row, lek to right! Eppes, Black, Bennett, Anderson, Stamps, Sprague, Fyfe, Cox, Baker, Murphree. Second row.' Smith, Bell, Sechriest, Thomas, Randolph, Keathley, Morrison, Waggoner, Winslett, Ireland, Hardy. Thzra' row: Rogers, Patterson, Campell, Bates, Owen, Adair, Hall, Patrick, Johnston, Harpst. LIBRARY CLUB First row, left Lo right! Martin, Holdcroft, Winfield, Keplingex, Perkins, Watson, Collins, Seay. Second row: McCarty, Hartwell, jones, Daniel, Mullins, Harbin, Allen, Porter. Third row: Casewell, Maxwell, De Arman, McGregor, Miller, Wright, Hilton. D. O. CLUB First nm-, fe'-fl In r1'gf1I.' Hawkins, Barber, Stringer, Thompson, Russell, Black, Carrington, Cuscred. Second mu: .-lycox, Beavers, Al- exander, Cannon, Bagley, Bowen, Car- lin, Gilley. HONOR SOCIETY First 7010, left to riglzf: Phillips, Luxton, Hall, Cox, Waggoner, Hardy, Murphree. Second row: King, Cashion, Wray, Huey, Fyfe, Sprague. Third row: Hendon, Gillean, Stuck- ey, Lyons, Sechriest, Randolph. LATIN CLUB First row, lefk to right: August, Hudson, Jarrarcl, Dansby, Gober, Mc- Hugh, S. Bal-cer, Hall, Hopping. Seeond mu: Phillips, Xlaggoner, Huey,Sprague,Seaborn, Barretgllilkie Mocre. Thzid rou: Kimbrough, Chafin, Campbell, Huddleston, Hendon, Lp church, Davis. Fourth mu: Stisher, Hubbard, KX ar ren, Milam, L. Warren, Lee, Latham HOME ECONOMICS CLUB First row, left to right: Harpst, Morrison, C. Watts, Gautney, Smith, Miller, Hardy, Stuart, B. East, Lett, Buckner. Second row: johnson, Taylor, Mel- ton, Riviere, Mohns, Weems, Elledge, Fly, Lowe. Third row: Cox, Stucki, F itzhugh, Crooks,Zuber, Willis, F. Watts,Armlc, Turner. FRENCH CLUB First row, left to right: Eppes, Zannis, Roberts, Williamson, jones, Hartwell, Ray, Lockard, Wallace, Lur- ton, Hollingshead. Second row: johnson, Lake, Wells, Winslett, Thompson, Danaldson, Mos- teller, Patrick,johnson, Wray, Yeager. Third row: Phillips, Mikul, 1. Buckner, Odum, C. Buckner, Pritchett, Scott, Weldon, Mitchum, Propst, Donze, Shaw. MATH CLUB First row, left to right: Lurton, Smborn, Phillips, Pritchett, Gober, Matthews, Dansby, Jarrard, Waggoner, Clark, Campbell, Hardy. Second row: Vamon, Riviere, Pin- son,Campbell, Walton, Thomas, Keath- ley, Hubbard, Wilkie, Thornburgh, Kramer. Third row: McLaih, Adair, Myers, Thompson, Lee, Griffith, Ellison, Trotter, Glover, Shepherd, Updmurch. gm., 'v 1. '. .nu .- f ' - . N-...V I , - . , .. F ., 7 Q W .-my - . I A ...Q v, Us -2- , x 4, . I 5 , 1...-1 . H, f HU 3 iw 3"" P ' 1" if X , Ex - V ik 'F I .1 4, . -T N v Yin , 3 U ' I i L., , --S1 - ' 1- . . m A3-Lf 4 Vx 1 , Av-5. '..f'- , 3" ,si K. , , .-.:-.t . -'Ui -1, 4-5 ' 'dum , an 'Y 'lf. .l , 'fl mmm! 'Q mi I . ll sl ff' T ' ' Q . 8 -P ! ! ,ar - A -,, 4 ggfifz H ,JJ ' 4 . -rr' I., , ,'-M ' A, iafflgg V 5 tb. " 7 ,. T' "rr X' -umfwglf-gg. 5 'F . SQ'-x N THESPIANS First row, lefi to right! Bell, Stamps, Murphree, Baker, Borella. Second row: Johnston, Patterson, Duffy, Hall, Smith, Pettiford, Cox, Mc- Xlaters, English, Nolan, Wallace. Third row! Shepherd, Winslett, Jliver, Kirkwood, Osborne, Patrick, York, johnson. F ourllz row: Brown, Bell, Turner, Carlton, Daniels,Moore, Deason, Sech- 'iest, Lyons. LYRIC CLUB First row, ieh to right! McConaghy, Cost, Henderson, Nelson, Black, Free- man, Pope, Colofrancesca, Kelley. Second row: Neely, Pollock, Gunn, Warren, Thornton, Tidmore, Lawrence. Third row: Shaw, Petree, Woodall, Preston, McCrary, Lively. NEW MEMBERS HONOR SOCIETY First row, left to right Franklin, Ireland, Johnston, Anderson, Furlong Second row: Campbell, Stamps, Pritchett, Stucki, Garner, Seabom. Third row: Thomas, Keathley, Mc Lain, Owen, Bates, Hayley. My .V . 1 W- V -M .-N......,M, Z ' :?J4,. Qr-,. ,Y . ,Y .ig STUDENT BTY OFFICERS AND CABINET OF FALL TERM First row, left to right Murphree, Vice-President, Hardy, Clubs, Zannis, Publicarionsg Ingram, Preeidentg Sprague, Los: 34 Found, Huey, Publicity. Second row: Seichriest, Scholarship, Waggoner, Secretary, Thompson, Athletics, Barnes, Sportsmanship, Campbell, Head-Marshalg Morrison, President of Council. SPEAKERS ON SPORTSMANSHIP PRKSRAM STUDENT COUNCIL Dr. Going, Dr. Stuart, Dr. Seichriest. STLDENT BODY OFFICERS AND CABINET OF SPRING TERM First mw, left Lo right: Smmps, Sportsmanshipg Sims, Lost 8: F oundg jones, Secretary, Anderson, Head-Marshal. Second row! Mobbs, Publications, Morrison, Presidmtg F yfe, Scholar- ship, McWhorter, Vice-President. Thbd row: Thompson, Athletics, Donnelly, President of Council, McLain, Clubs. SPORTSMANSHIP COMMITTEE MARSHAI5 Barnes, Chairmang Owen, Bryant. I 'W' MCBT ATHLETIC MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Martha Ingram, James Pybum CUT EST COUPLE HANDS-OMEST 8: PRETFIFST Bm Spain, Libby Foster Walter Seichriest, Patricia Sprague Win Z U WITTIEST Marie Zannis, Frank La Russa MOST LIKABLE 4 Patricia Sprague. Jim Lyons CUTEST . H ' Walter Seichnest, J :l?,:hpMgig:' jean McWaters Y BEST ACTOR 8: ACTRESS W Q. MOST TALENTED TEACHERS' PEST MOST POPULAR walt..-If seichfiesr. Bobby Hall wa gsrzmi h May Phillips rge an o p MCBT ATHLETIC MCBT TALENTED MCBT POPULAR Dan Thompson, jerry Pearson, Walter Bames, Gail Williams Alleine Lunon Sue Sims WITTIEST janet Chandler, Charles Pinson MOST LIKABLE Dot Anderson, Dolphus Morrison HANDSOMEST 8: PRETTIEST MXT LIKELY TO SUCCEED BEST ACTOR 81 ACTRESS Maxine Smith, Patricia Fivfe, Carolyn Coy, Dan Thompson joe Rando ph Erskme Srruth CUTFST COUPLE CUTEST TEACHERS' PEST FRY G'-1110, Miller Riviere Barbara Patterso .l0hnnY DOHHCUY Sue Sims 7 n SPORTSMANSHIP TEA FUTURE ARTISTS W "GREEN VALLEY" R. o. T. c. SPONSORS MR. MCCLALN AND ma BAND MASCOTS CamPbeU- Keucyf I-ance, Fffmkun W 1 4 1 1 , 1- -l..v.Lw. 3 .. - . ,.w.-vw-.iw 1, -U-..-...n.T g1,i.1,.Nn-,1,n-1.1. -. ORCHESTRA CHOIR LLOW JACKET STAFF Z'U!, Q nu , ..., Jan gg - W M A " fins 'J 6 1-1 4. x M.- f K. 1 .X J ' H 1 Z 1 ,Fu gif. Alu 7 ! ' f f f . 1- -, Q! I gl" V' Wi: -f' f pg ' .. - 'W 3' ggafx' 1 Q 2'f ,.,R, . R Y ff f wr it v 1, ,Q A 4473" 3 , ,,A, , PE w- - 4 5 ll ll wil :Q 5, s B new -44, Nall Q -'Sk ak. ini. ,V Xiu. A - V ' J 4- 1 ?. 5 '. 'Q A 'Y 59 r U J 3 ' F. 353, 'jf Ax.h. Q ,Y F 1. fnffxlell .5 First row, left to right. Rowell, Mrtchell, Brandon. Second row: Barnes , Porter, F rost, Patton, McBride, Muir. Third row: Thompson, Morrison, Coach Martin, Batson, Parks, Muntz. Walter Barnes Dan Thompson Captain e Alternate Captain As this goes to press, the 1951 - 52 team shows the championship form and spirit so traditional with Ensley basketball teams. Dolphus Morrison Robert Patron James Pybufn x as .ai 1 5 n ' 'T git X ff Q 1 QW Jf-ull' i if L Dan Thompson, Chairman of Athletics, presents District, County and State Runner-up Trophies won by the 1951 Baseball Team to Martha Ingram, President of Student Body. Zemin!! Chosen to play on the West Team of East-West Game were: james Pybum John Paul Anderson Dan Thompson lx cw. -rf., ii iiii v t ii., N Aini My si rx Q' 1, 5 . Va VARSITY BASEBALL First rofw, left to right! Pyburn, Kearhley, Ponder, Morrison, Anthony Second row: Parker, Watkins, Thompson, Rarliff. "B" TEAM BASEBALL First row, left to fight: Rowell, Watkins, Huddleston. Second row: Clark, Noel, Brandon. Third row: Walker, Miller, Hoter, Dobbs, Hatfield. VARSITY FOOTBALL First row, left to right Scholl, Ricketts, Mitchell, Anthony, La Russa, Parker, Mace Second row: Lee, Bumpus, Pybum, Avery, MCE-ride. This team won three and lost six. ,,g'iF pi Jimmie Avery, Louis Scholl, Robert Bumpus, Don Mace, james Pybum Captain 04135455 "B" TEAM FOOTBALL SENIOR GYM GIRLS TENNIS VARSITY Mankin, Ray, Sprague,Gaumey, Zannis Mankin, Nbran, Zannis, Land , 1 SENIOR GYM GIRL -- MARIE ZANNIS PEP SQUAD GYM OFFICERS First row, left to right: Gamer, Pickett, Street, McNair, Ward, Lightsey, Fix, Macon. Second row: Lively, Watson, Bow- en, Eubank, August, McCloy, Mankin. Third row: Sprague, Murphree, Perkins, Giardina, Thompson, Johnson, Com, Zannis. BASKli'I'BA LL VARSITIES First row, left to right! Mankin, Turner, Bailey, Land. Second row: Thomton, Sprague, Murphree, Allen, Lambert, Casha, Chapman, Corn, jones, Odom. Third row: Blackburn, Adams, Simpson, Robinson, Moran, Byers, Pointer, liubank, Bowen, Zannis. Fourth row: McCloy, Deason, Gautney, Nalley, O'Rourke, August, Watson, Perkins, Wright, Giardina, Hobbs, Denson, Hopping. VULLDIDDLL VDIXGII. I First row, left to right: Lambert, Moran, Zannis. Second row: Land, Blackblrn, Mc- Cloy, Thompson, August, Fraunces, Lively, jones, Giardina, Mankin, Robinson. Third row: Thomton, Sprague, Rourke, Camp, Byers, Com, Johnson, Eubank, Bowen. Fourth row: Deason, Edmonson, Turner, Watson, Perkins, Bailey, Den- son, Hopping, Hobbs. BASEBALL VARSITIES First row, left to right: Denson, MCCloy. i Second row: Land, Moran, Thornm n, Thompson, August, Jones, Mankin, Giardina. Third row: Blackburn, Sprague, Lambert, Hobbs, Watson, Bailey, Poin- ICI. Fourth row: Ingram, Edmonson, Allen, Perkins. X Q9 E KGB COM PLIMENTS OF KEY FURNITURE CO. Io1 AVENUE u PRATT CITY PHONE 6-7936 COMPLIMENTS OF' SLYES AUTO SUPPLY CO.. AUTOMOBILE PARTS AND ACCESSORIES 2lI0 AVENUE E. ENSLEY PHONE 5B-I646 FOR FINE FL, WERS COM PLIMENTS OF SEE I WOOD FRUITTICHER ELLIS FLOWER SHOPPE GROCERY COMPANY INC. 506 I9TH STREET ENSLEYI ALA. WHOLESALE GROCERIESI PHONE 6- 8353 - BIRMINGHAM. ALABAMA JUSTICE APPLIANCE 8: REFRIGERATION SERVICE- RELIABLE TRADE GIVEN ON ALL APPLIANCES FAIRGROUNDS SHOPPING CENTER COM PLIMENTS OF SILVERS "GREEN 'S' 409 NINETEENTH STREET ENSLEYg ALABAMA: ELLIS' OFFERS THE VERY FINEST .IN JEWELRY AND APPLIANCES ELLIS APPLIANCES 8t JEWELRY STORES Iazz - 24 AvE, E ENSLEY COMPLINIENTS OF HAWKINS BOOK STORE zI23-3 AvE, N, E 'I-IAM PHONE 3-5506 ' 40T' COMPLIMENTS OF JAX JOHNNIE HARRISON CO. SEED 8t HARDWARE ENSLEY PHONE a-2424 58-2426 BIRMINGHAM PHONE 7-7747 19Is AVENUE Eg ENSLEY. COMPLIMENTS OF PURO ICE CREAM PARLOR OOKES - SANDWICHES ENSLEY FURNITURE CO. FURNITURE ELECTRICAL APPLIIANC ES SODAS ENSLEY BIRMINGHAM' ALABAMA I9z4 AVE, E, ENSLEYp ALA, PHONE'6-4IB4 COLD STORAGE BAKER 'S SERVICE STATION BERTHON 'S CLEANERS. DYERS PHONE SANDWIOHES PURE OIL AND FURRIERS 6- 9439 coI.D DRINKS PRODUCTS 22I3 AVENUE E. ENSLEY. ALA, FORKS OF MULGA-oocENA Ros. z2oI 7TH AVE, SOUTH B'HAM. ALA, RT. I4 - BOX 64 ESTABLISHED BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA I9I8' WE SPECIALIZE IN DYEING COMPLIMENTS DELUXE CLEANERS 2533 BUSH BOULEVARD 'PHONE 6-4aI7 R, F, BUNIPUS' JR, OWNER GOOD LUCK GRADUATES -201401 1'CII161AI1 61' You'll never forget your sclxool clays, and we llopc you'll always rcmemlrer Pl1otoReflex, your Official Pliolo- grapller. We'll always rememlser tlle fun we had talzing your pictures... anvl we liope you will not forget us in tlie years to come wlicn lliere are other occasions you'll I IIIIUR ll Ullllmllrlrlllr IUAVMIPI: want to rememlner' willi fine portraits, l'1x0f0Reflex... n unique mellusd of tnleing pictures from coast to coast Pao-roam-Lax s-rumo roumu noon 401' -7-40' and some of the things they do Telephone girls enjoy interesting and im- portant jobs in a growing industry. Operators using modern equipment pro- vide world-wide communication. -Service Representatives handle customer contacts in our business offices.-Stenogtaphers, Typists and Clerical workers perform important and specialized jobs in all departments. If good pay-friendly associates your own age- -paid vacations-sickness beneiits and frequently scheduled raises appeal to you- why not come in and talk with us about a position with the Telephone Company. . 161' i . G01 '01 v. - 'Q2- Lassetter and Company SCHOOL SUPPLIES l9I8 - 4TH AVE. N BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Goldstein and cohen 404 6 19TH STREET ENSLY FOR 47 YEARS ENSLEY 's LEADING DEPARTMENT STORE ENJOY! J Sli t M , Barbem T Frank Chambers Engraving Company ZIO4 FIFTH AVENUE NORTH BIRMINGHAM: ALA WEDDING INVITATIONS if 1. LET-rERHEAns 1, CLASS RINGS COMMENCEMENT. ANNOUNCEMENTS. DIPOLNIAS - cup MEDALS - TROPHIES- if 4 T 'f6'fQv -Q GOOD LUCK GRADUATES COTTON 'S ENSI.Ev 'S BEST STORE CITY PAPER COMPANY BIRMINGHAM 'S oI.DEST PAPER coMPANY'3 ESTABLISHED 1897 3700 FIRST AVENUE NORTH PHONE 54-6555 COM PLI MENTS OF' UNION SUPPLY CO. 2l0 NINETEENTI-I STREET EI-ISI.EY. ALA, 'WE INVITE YOU T0 VISIT OUR STORE J. C. PENNEY COMPANY INCORPORATED ENSLEY 0 ALABAMA THE FAMILY STORE "A GOOD DEAL DEPENDS ON WHERE YOU BUY IT'I ALABAMA PRGDUCE COMPANY EAT. . . Golden Flakes ii? POTATO CHIPS Sf? PEANUT BUTTER sk coRN CHIPS SANDWICHES ik KORN KuRI.'s Sf? SAL.TED PEANUTS "BIRMINGHAM 'S owN" ef' A QI Seale Lumber Co. - A COMPLETE BUILDING SERVICE - 4 4 I 4 4 4 9 fl FHA AND GI FINANCING 11 I03-34 TH STREET ENSLEY PHONE 6 IISI If ,r r 4 4 U Gilmer Drug Co., Inc. Nl. A. BOYNTONJDRESIDENT :N PHONE s aus ua 191-H STREET 5 ENSL.EYg ALABAMA ' If , ,Hf I mxf' " I . ff LN JI ENJOY 55N 4A.,:,', LAY ls TASTY FOODS N' POTATO cl-ups-cORNE'r-rs-ER11-Os AE 'Kr ' .. if A ' "E" PEANUTS-COOKIES ' 077.0 if , ' ' A -. 1 I, - i -' HTASTY FOODS EOR EVERYBODY EVERYDAY" . l - ' . 'N g :xl 1 L , ' H W La xx' ' '41 "4 I I y A QA 4 9 ji 8: Company, Inc. N 'lf , Q iw-A 'X X 1' X zo: sou'rH 4151- ST, I I PHONE 59-B936 BIRMINGHAM , ALABAMA 41 44 4 L.-. EY,,Y , ,,Y, .... A .YUM YYYYY YYEE V .----, Nw 9-se, . it , I ' 1 1 17.4. 1 f X ' ' L' 1 M 1 , A - - vi ' 'L' z I K, 4 7 1, Y W f - as , , : 1 ,Nfl ' ' ' . - twin JN 9 ! slllllsllllililinlmullusnmmuulllllygll I H 0 , ' SUPPLY HMPEPIUIPMENT , 331'NP3UPP3ii5 Publishers of this Annual Expsriense...not an Experi1ssss!m 5.- 71: " .Zu 'F : 1 -gil j" 5'l11fI ,-Sim I1 .L ,. ' wg,I 41 1 ' vu K .I . . , .av , - Ii. .Um I gift?-1. 'yi- ,,-IVF II. A-1 sig I . JL, M- -4. fn '- A ' , I. 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Suggestions in the Ensley High School - Jacket Yearbook (Birmingham, AL) collection:

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