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Students «V Ensley lligli Sohoiil UNDER THE DIRECTION OF MARTHA A N A CHRISTIAN, Editor-in-Cliief JERE WILLIAMS, itastStonl EditorDR. EARL E. SECHRIEST Dr. Earl E. Sechricst, appointed Principal of Ensley High in 1931. recipient of a B.A. Degree at Eton College, an M.A. Degree at Columbia University, and a Ph. D. Degree at Pittsburgh University, has proved indispensable to Ensley students. The seniors deem him a kind and respected leader, and above all — an understanding friend.Dedication r MISS GRACE JONES To Miss Grace Jones, who has listened with patience, laughed with true enjoyment, disciplined with kindness, and smiled with understanding, we dedicate our annual.MRS. ELIZABETH ROGERS The faithful assistance of Mrs. Rogers has been helpful throughout. Without the untiring help of Mrs. Rogers we feel that thjs annual would not have been possible. The staff will always remember her as faithful, kind, and loyal. EDITOR-IN-CHIEF MARTHA ANN CHRISTIAN ASSISTANT EDITOR JERE WILLIAMSI he Jacket Stall DAVID MIDDLETON MARIANNE CAMPANOTTAAll S, ISOMS Prove I .njoijcihle The 1951 Jacket presents "The Three Seasons” — autumn, winter, spring. We mark the turning of the calendar through stormy weather and fair, bringing changing activities, sports and features. The calendar reveals the passing of the seniors, the student government, and changes in the faculty. With thanks and appreciation to advisers, teachers, typists, photographers, financial assistants and publishers, we turn the pages of our annual —STUDENT BODY OFFICERS Martha Ann Christian, Head Marshal Roy Cotton, Vice-President Jane English, Secretary Spurgeon Keith, President SPORTSMANSHIP COMMITTEE Patricia Sprague Phil Christian Betty Zoe Barnhart, ChairmanCabinet First Row: Ethridge, Smith, Christian, Barnhart, Snow, Docherty. Second Row: Keith, Cotton, English, Reagor, Cook, Andrews.JIMMY NORRELL JACK REAGAN EDDIE REAGOR JACK RAINS CO-CAPTAINS HOPPY” MIDDLETON VARSITYBILLY PARKS JERRY RAINES CHARLES WILLIAMS “OSCAR” ELLIS lial Ensley 6 Grady 13 Enslcy 6 Fairfield 7 Ensley 6 Phillips 34 Ensley 0 Woodlawn 32 Ensley 0 Ramsay 38 Ensley 7 Talladega 32 Ensley 0 West End 27 Ensley 7 Bessemer 34 'B” TEAM.ancjuages FRENCH CLUB First Row: Propst, Glaze, I.urton, Lockhart, Winslett, Eppes, Ballow, Driskill, Thompson, Elmore, Brown. Second Row: Sands, Wray, Zannis, Johnston, Gibbs, Cnmpnnottn, Shields, Bates, Glenn, Garrett. Third Row: Clifton, Odom, Martindale, Moon, Snow, Barnhart, Wilson, Heath, Reed, Sleeter, Buckner, Buckner. ■ %+ LATIN CLUB First Row: Seaborne, Hall, Huey, Smith, Christian, Mathews, McCloy, Patrick. Second Row: Hollis, Prichett, Sprague, McLaughlin, Barrett, Cost, Fannin, Hendon. Third Row: Sills, Adair, McLain, Waggoner, Haley, Randolph, Bennett, Burch. SPANISH CLUB First Row: Pitzing, Hassler, Seaborn, Junes, Reeve, Casha, Ireland, Burch, Turner, Kay, Salter, Bennett, Collins. Second Row: Bush, Harrison, McGee, Bryant, Clark, Trucks, Williams, Carlin, Stringer, Rogers, Gray, Foster, Carter. Third Row: Schou, Cervaso, Brandon, Bates, Dunn, Lammert, Kramer, Aldridge, Hayes, Rushing, Furlong, Lyle, Surtees, Zimmerman, English.usic ORCHESTRA First Row: Crook, Phillips, Ellis, Marlowe, Graves, Harden, Keenon. Second Row: Shoemaker, Stewart, Hubbard, Reed, Guilian, Gunn, Odom, Hubbard. Third Row: Randolph, Fulmer, Brock, Stuckey, Ellis, Shannon. LYRIC CLUB First Row: Lyons, Stewart, Lurton, Dnnsby, Bumpus, Black. Second Row: Colafranccsco, Dunn, Martin, Hawkins, Lindsay, Kelly Third Row; Glenn, Petree, Norman, Tid-more, Roberts, Ingram, Pollock. Fourth Row: Preston, Thornton, Gunn, Warren, Elliott, Brown, Reed, Williams, Edgar, McCrary. A C APPEL LA CHOIR First Row: McCrary, Nelcms, Ray, Cross, York, Woodall. Second Row: Williams, Bftllow, Smith, Lynn, Eppes, Franklin, Russell, Watson, Muir, Driskill, Huhbs, Purvis, Docherty, Murphy. Third Row: Hayes, Sprague, Prichctt, Lance, Me Waters, Ingram, Dunbar, Merrill, Brasficld, Rutledge, Hammett, Piilitteri, Smith. Fourth Row: Foster, Fyfe, Huey, Waggoner, Brown, Holeman, Tully, Preston, Christian, Ogletree, Kelly, Godwin, Hubbard, Rowell, Williams, Anderson. Fifth Row: Miranda, Gagliano, Thorn, Brakefield, Shou, Lee, Phillips, Petree, Spain, Williams, Sloan, Andrews, Padgett, Edgar.oTOMMY YORK, alternate captain, and HOPPY MIDDLETON, captain, lead the Enslcy basketball squad on to another extremely successful and exciting season. Right: Coach McLain’s 1951 varsity squad caught in a "cutup” mood Just before game time. Hi Below: Coach Mac puts Hoppy Middleton, Bruce Andrews, Beechie Anderson, Tommy York, Dan Thompson, and Joe Sparks through a practice session. JOE CHARLES SPARKS: One of our graduating guards. BRUCE ANDREWS: Stellar forward always on his toes.s Mfe' A IlHPI SlUfl bumio m hd|auio|diuo Senior Class Off icers Donald Cook, President; Mildred Hudson, Secretary; James Ellis, Vice-President. e i Girl Hair like ................... Sylvia Quintero Clothes like .................. Jane English Figure like .................. Jerry Stansell Line like ................... Ann McLaughlin Personality like ............ Mary Jacq Snow Ideal Boij Hair like ................. Bennie Lockett Clothes like ................. Jack Veasey Physique like ............... Jerry Raines Line like ................. Bruce Andrews Personality like .......... Spurgeon Keith Who’s Wl 10 Prettiest Girl ........... Handsomest Boy ........... Cutest Couple ............ Wittiest Girl ............ Teachers’ Pest ........... Most Popular Girl ........ Most Popular Boy ......... Most Athletic Girl ......... Most Talented Boy ........ Cutest Girl .............. Cutest Boy ............... Girl Most Likely to Succeed Boy Most Likely to Succeed Most Likeable Girl ....... Most Likenble Boy ........ Best Actor ............... Best Actress ............. Class Artist ............. ............... Betty Jean Sills ............... Bruce Andrews Sidney Stewart and James Ellis .............. Frances Brasfield ................ Vance Braswell ................. Susan Darden ................... Jefry Rains .................Sidney Stewart ................... Ronnie Odom ................... Betty Kay ................... Billy Parks ............... Betty Jean Sills ................... Donald Cook ................. Susan Darden ................. Jimmy Norrell ................... Sam Chalker ............... Ann McLaughlin .................. Jean WinslettMiss Jacket A lovely girl and Miss Jacket of Fall, 1950, is Martha Ruth Wilson. Her dependability, service, friendliness, scholarship, sparkling personality won our special admiration. ;AROLE GAV ADAMS: Aft Club; Basketball and volleyball var- sities; Junior Red Cross; slight and brownette, always laughing about something . . . BRUCE ANDREWS: Student Council; National Thespians; Ushers Club; Big Seven Dance Committee; Bnsket-ball varsity; outstanding on the hardwood; a capturing boyish grin belies his suavity and savoir; tall and dark, with an honest interest in people . . . VIRGINIA ANGRISANO: 80-word shorthand certificate; neat in well-chosen clothes; a little reserved, but considerate and thoughtful . . . JAMES ELLIOT ARNOLD: Marshal; slim and handsome; shy; talks in high pitched feminine .voice . . . EVA JO ATCHISON: Library Club; Home Economics Club; Marshal; Secretary of session room; a love for good books; enjoys her library work; tall and blonde; a progressive mind . . . CLARA LOUISE BARBER: D.O. Club; Home Economics Club; .Art Club; already established in the business world and well on her way to a promising career; competent and decisive . . . NELLIE MAXINE BEARD: "Yellow Jacket”; 80-word shorthand certificate; filing certificate; never gets excited, just does her part with a smile; her castles in the air all look like rose-covered cottages . . . BILLY BEARDEN: Fancies things electrical and mechanical; sometimes quiet — sometimes talkative; straightforward and friendly; always in a hurry . . . JOE BENOSKI: Student Council; Secretary of session room; a dignified bearing; eager to be of help; a real experience to know him. EVA JO ATCHISON CLARA BARBER MAXINE BEARD BILLY BEARDEN JOE BENOSKI BARBARA BEST FRANCES BRASFIELD VANCE BRASWELL GAYLE BROWN KATE BROWN JACK BROWN BARBARA ANN BEST: National Honor Society; Electrons; Latin., Club; Lyric Club; Math Club; A Cappella Choir; "Best” is apro-" pos for her name; "honey-bear” coloring; a sweet disposition, warm smile, and smart as a whip . . . MARGARET FRANCES BRASFIELD: Session room officer; A Cappella Choir; Y-teens; Marshal; Short-hand certificate; keeps her classes in stitches; mischievous brown eyes, freckles and red hair . . . VANCE BRASWELL: Electrons; Ushers Club; Hi-Y; President of session room; Football; really puts that Ford through the paces; bombastic and blustery at times, it’s just his way, and we like it . . . GAYLE BROWN: Lyric Club; that innocent smile covers his imp-like deeds — but all in all he’s fun and really likeable . . .KATE BROWN: Student Council; Basketball and volleyball varsities; Marshal; can make and take a joke; quick to help a friend; ready with a word of greeting . . . JACK BROWN: Vice-President of session room; A Cappella Choir; just plain likeable; lighthearted-and carefree; a winning smile you can’t resist; a satisfaction to know one so genuine . . . JAMES GENTRY BURCH: Hi-Y; Latin Club; Tri-R Club; "Yellow Jacket”; Handbook staff; Marshal; a born conversation-starter; he’s the incurable cut-up; always racing the clock and having rounds with "Aunt Hazel” . . . JIMMY BURTON: Student Council; Marshal Captain; a shy smile and unruffled manner; cracker barrel philosophy his specialty; "Jasper” is always a friend indeed . . . JOY LYNNE CASALE: D.O. Club; friendly and full of life; her wide eyes arc the envy of all the girls; never a dull moment with Joy.SAMFORD CHALKER: Junior Red Cross; Ushers Club; National Thespians; Vice-President of session room; puts life into the party; pretty smooth on the dance floor, impressive Anglo-Saxon coloring; drama his first love; plans a radio major in college . . . ELAINE CLIFFE: French Club; Marshal; soft-spoken and unas- suming; her designs are on a happy home and family life . . . HAROLD COLEMAN: "Bobo's” a quiet chap till you get him going; gives admiring girls a hard time — always with a bunch of the fellows . . . MARY CATHERINE COMER: Junior Red Cross; Vice-President of session room; Pep squad; Gym officer; Softball and basketball varsities; Marshal; helps Arthur Murray teach, has a yen for dancing — and can she! a cheery word for everybody . . . DONALD COOK: Student Council; National Thespians; Ushers Club; Chairman of Sportsmanship; National Honor Society; possibly the model student; ability to lead; loves all kinds of music; good at dancing to it, too . . . GEORGE ROY CORCORAN: Track manager; as dependable as his green Packard; a reserved exterior, underneath is a capacity for friendship . . . BILLY MARTIN CREEL: Can be businesslike if necessary, but you’ll usually find this scatterbrain making someone laugh; his quick grin is almost a legend around E.H.S. . . . JOAN ELIZABETH CURL: Spanish Club; "Yellow Jacket"; Softball and basketball varsities; Secretary and Vice-President of session room; Gym officer, Marshal; "Becky’s” genuine sincerity is gratifying; an ear for music, she’s talented that way . . . WILMA SUSAN DARDEN: Student Council; Vice-President and Secretary of session room; Basketball, volleyball, softball and tennis varsities; Marshal Captain; Cheerleader; honorary regimental colonel, R.O.T.C.; frank and well-liked; possesses one of the few remaining southern accents; "Come on y'all - yell!" ors BILLY MARTIN CREEL JOAN CURL SUSAN DARDEN DONALD COOK ROY CORCORANCOR INN E DAVIS BOBBYE DOCHERTY RUBY ANN DUKE BETTY DUNNIE WILLIAM EAST MARY ALICE EARLY HELEN CORINNE DAVIS: "Yellow Jacket"; Junior Red Cross; Marshal; Vice-President and Secretary of session room; quite an actress — brought tears to our eyes in "The Vulinnt"; forthright and direct, no minced words; an understanding of people . . . BOBBYE SHANNON DOCHERTY: Secretary of session room; Chairman of Lost and Found; Marshal captain; 80-word shorthand certificate; Glee Club; A Cappclla Choir; cute as a button and about the size of one; a communicable giggle and laughing eyes . . . RUBY ANN DUKE: Home Economics Club; D.O. Club; Gym letter; knows how to go about homemaking nnd puts her knowledge to good use; thoughtful and nice . . . BETTY JOYCE DUNNIE: Home Economics Club; Home Nursing Certificate; a quiet disposition; handy with a needle — makes her own clothes . . . WILLIAM JESSE EAST: A throaty quip and a pair of dreamy blue eyes are characteristics of this lad; livens up any class . . . MARY ALICE EARLY: Home Economics Club; Marshal; Orchestra; soft brunette tresses accentuate her creamy olive complexion; every word from the heart . . . JAMES WESLEY' ELLIS: Student Council; Vice- President senior class; Co-Captain football; alias "Oscar"; a morale booster as well as a grid ace; surprises us with sudder witticisms; "Seen Ardy?" . . . RUTH MURIEL ELLIS: Be careful, don't step on "Shorty"; Just moseys along and takes life easy . . . JANE ENGLISH: Secretary student body; National Honor Society; Student Council; Spanish Club; Electrons; An Club; Math Club; "Yellow Jacket"; An letter; Marshal; National Scholastic art award; beautiful but not dumb; an artistic flair, good-looking clothes; those baby blue eyes and long eyelashes! JAMES ELLIS RUTH ELLIS JANE ENGLISHROY GALLUPS CHARLES FOSTER BARBARA GAMBILL CHARLES EARNEST FOSTER: Varsity track; an endless supply of chewing gum it seems; friendlier than most; quick to make a new friend belong . . . ROY EUGENE GALLUPS: Manager varsity football team; "Teacher, 'Ears' is asleep” — don’t let that sleepy look fool you — he’s wide awake; a bang-up manager for the team and lots of fun . . . BARBARA ELLEN GAMBILL: Orchestra; National Thespians; a real friend when you get to know her; keeps a straight face usually, but has a cute grin and winning ways . . . CECELIA ANNE GIBBS: Y-Teens; Math Club; Latin Club; French Club; Secretary session room; "Yellow Jacket” Society Editor; a booming personality for such a "petite femme”; coy and chic; seen at all the socials . . . JOHN RICHARD GILBERT: "Dick” -a pal to all; easy manner; slightly on the shy side; ambitious in the electronic field . . . LELAND GRAVES: Orchestra; "Yellow Jacket’’; Student Council; industrious and willing to lend a hand; appreciative of good music; a shutterbug if there ever was one . . . DONALD GUII.IAN: Bank; Orchestra; Latin Club; Math Club; Ushers’ Club; Electrons; Vice-President of session room; sincere at heart, he enjoys life's lighter side; talkative and fun to be with . . . MIRIAM HALL: Art Club President; Math Club; Vice- President session room; Junior Red Cross; Art letter; Nntional Scholastic art award; a true redhead but no visible temper; "Will this shade of paint do, Miss Dick? . . . MARY FRANCES HAMMOND: Intrigues her classmates; frank; fondness for cooking; nice blue eyes. JOHN GILBERT LELAND GRAVES DONALD GL'ILIAN MIRIAM HALL MARY HAMMONDSUE HAVRON CARLOS HEAPS ALVIN HEATH MICKEY HEATH GENE HITCHCOCK PEGGY HOLDEN SUE INEZ HAVRON: Basketball and volleyball varsities; 60- word shorthand certificate; Marshal; Office assistant; full of pep and everybody's pal; What would Miss Jones have done without her? . . . CARLOS HEAPS: "Yellow Jacket"; an incurable optimist; seldom takes life seriously; we like his good nature and casual aplomb . . . ALVIN DIXON HEATH: Long and lanky, but always a smile above those towerinu shoulders; agreeable, reassuring — just downright amiable . . . MICKEY HEATH: Latin Club; French Club; Math Club Vice-President; "Yellow Jacket"; Marshal; pixie-like grin and rippling laugh; always talking but saying little; smart clothes and friendly ways . . . GENE RAYMOND HITCHCOCK: Secretary of session room; Marshal; B team football; Rifle team Captain; R.O.T.C. Colonel, Regimental Commander over Big Five High Schools; tall and dark-haired, a perfect military type; enjoys bringing up debauble points in class . . . PEGGY ANN HOLDEN: Baseball and basketball varsities; Li- brary Club; Junior Red Cross; Library Assistant; reserved; independent; "Peg’s" motto for living is: "Where there’s a will, there's a way" . . . PEGGY HUBBS: Majorette; A Cnppclla Choir; Electrons; Math Club; Junior Red Cross; Library Club, President; Marshal; Library assistant; Bausch and Lorob science award; not only looks good in her majorette uniform, but twirls a baton like nobody’s business; appealing ways and a gentle voice plus brains equal Wow! . . . MILDRED HUDSON: Y-Tcens; Home Economics Club; Glee Club; Secretary of Senior Class; 60 and 80-word shorthand certificates; Marshal; famous for caustic remarks; appreciates good talk and humor, which makes her a popular companion; a mind of her own — congenial "Millie" is one of our best beloved . . . BETTY KAY: Spanish Club; Junior Red Cross; basketball, baseball, tennis and volleyball varsities; Student Council; we love that cute June Allyson lisp; a stalwart in athletics; completely natural — she’s welcome always.JERRY KEEL SPURGEON KEITH BETTY KELLEY DONALD KENDRICK JERRY LEE KEEL: Captain, R.O.T.C.; Honor Company; can always be counted on for a blush when dates are mentioned — but came through in grand style with his sponsor at R.O.T.C. Ball . . . SPURGEON CARTER KEITH, JR.: Math Club; Junior Electron; "Yellow Jacket"; Battalion Commander, R.O.T.C.; Student Council; President of student body; can be counted on to cheer you up with that banter and a slap on the back; sincere and capable, he's sure to go far as an engineer . . . BETTY KELLEY: A model in the making; really gets around on those dainty feet; austere . . . DONALD KENDRICK: Football varsity; "Duck" makes up for his short stature with tall tales; always has a friendly smile and ready joke — but a demon on the gridiron . . . JANET KRAFT: Marshal; Glee Club; 80-word shorthand certificate; an enhancing manner of dignity and reservedness; she’s soft-spoken and very much a friend to everyone . . . WILLIAM FRED LAMAR: Band; Latin Club; Math Club; Elections; National Thespiuns; Ushers Club; corn belt humor—he’ll do anything for a good guffaw; long and tall, he favors the dramatic . . . BETTY SUE LEE: Basketball and volleyball varsities; "Sweetpea" is well-liked and some athlete!; short brown bob . . . GEORGE LILLICH: "Lil" is one of that vanishing race, the natural blonds; goes along for the laughs; nice to know-all he wants is to settle down ... BENNIE GEORGE LOCKETT: Secretary of session room; science laboratory assistant; his aside remarks are often hilarious; though on the quiet side, he makes known his presence; unusually likeable. JANET KRAFT FRED LAMAR iors BETTY SUE LEE GEORGE LILLICH BENNIE LOCKETTSYLVIA LOVE PEGGY LOWERY JERRY DAVIDSON MARTIN JOAN MARTINDALE BLEDSOE MAY MORRIS McCRARY SYLVIA ANN LOVE: Secretary of session room; .Marshal; 60 and 80-word shorthand certificates; petite is the word for her; "Little-bit" is capable of big things though . . . PEGGY LOWERY: Vice-President of session room; National Honor Society; Marshal; Home Economics Club; 60 and 80-word shorthand certificates; this gal has brains; sophisticated but sweet; a quiet and winning manner . . . JERRY DAVIDSON MARTIN: Home Economics Club; 60 and 80-word shorthand certificates; champion of city tennis couples; "Slim’s" matter-of-factncss impresses everyone; don’t you envy the way she tans?; pretty eyes that sparkle with friendliness . . . JOAN MARIE MARTINDALE: Spanish Club; Junior Red Cross; Student Council; Muth Club; French Club; "Yellow Jacket"; National Honor Society; what wide, dreamy eyes; "Quelle page, mam’selle?"; much like her sister Norma; sweet disposition has won many hearts . . . CLAUDE BLEDSOE MAY: A sense of humor behind that serious expression; olive skin and black hair make for Latin air . . . MORRIS EDWARD McCRARY, JR.: Ushers Club; President and Vice-President of session room; Football varsity; "E" Club; "Mancha’s" a jolly Jack liked by everyone; you'll always find him in a happy mood . . . BOBBIE RUTH McGAUGHY: Baseball, volleyball and basketball varsities; Glee Club; Y-Teens; Marshal; Council representative; swims like a fish; a regular camp girl . . . ANN FRANCES McLAUGHLIN: Cheerleader; Nntional Honor Society; Latin Club; National Thespians; vivacity is her trade-mark; "Ann Mac" really puts her heurt into the yells; she's happy-go-lucky, dynamic, has what some call "box office" appeal . . . PEGGY MILLER: Secretary of session room; National Honor Society; Red Cross; down-to-earth; she’ll probably make somebody a good secretary; what would the "Yellow Jacket" have done without her typing. Sen BOBBIE McGAUGHY ANN McLAUGHLIN PEGGY MILLER MARTHA MORELAND HAROLD MORRISON JACK MUSULMAN MARGARET MYERS MARTHA MORELAND: Vice-President of sessiou , a shorthand "speedy”; How 'bout that red hair, "Iodine”? Aspires to be a billing clerk . . . HAROLD LLOYD MORRISON: All agree, he’s "short and sweet”; seems he wants to be n sailor . . . JACK MUSULMAN: Jack and his pals like music — ask "Jernigans”; a disarming smile and twinkling brown eyes wow the women . . . MARGARET MYERS: Band; Yellow Jacket; don’t you like those dimples? a designer is whnt she wants to be . . . WILLIAM ROBERTSON NETTLES, JR.; Ushers Club; National Thespians; Varsity Baseball; the "Jacket”; Marshal; adept at the drawing board — should make a fine architect; considerate and casual, he puts you at case; Bill brings a friendly atmosphere into any group . . . JIMMY NORRELL: Hi-Y; Vice-President of session room; Football, basketball, and track varsities; "Pig Ears” is as good an all-round athlete as you'll find; often sincere despite that kidding; a wolf in a sheepish smile that no girl can resist . . . ROY RONALD ODOM: National Honor Society; Latin Club; Math Club; National Thespians; Ushers Club; "Yellow Jacket", Orchestra; Omicron Delta; all the prerequisites of a good violinist; sticks to his undertakings; most often of the serious side; he plans n scientific career . . . BILLY RAY PARKS: Hi-Y; Varsity football; E Club; Varsity track; look of studied casualness; "Arty" goes over in a big way; "Seen Oscar?” . . . FRANK WILLIAM PATTON: D.E. Club; "Billy” makes up for his whispering voice with a loud "cut-down" — a contraption he's only seen without in English class; a drug-store cowboy if there ever was one. BILLY NETTLES JIMMY NORRELLLUTHER POWELL JAMES PURVIS PAT QUINN JERRY RAINES ROGER POINTER: Marshal; Junior Red Cross; "Yellow Jacket"; Council Representative; Disc and Diamond; favors the sunny side; good at tennis; ever ready for a good time; a personality in accord with his red hair . . . LUTHER POWELL: D.O. Club; loves a good time; curly locks help to attract the females . . . JAMES DAVID PURVIS: National Honor Society; Ushers Club; Electrons; Math Club; Latin Club; can be depended on always; what would the science department have done without him?; mischief clearly in those snapping eyes . . . JOHN PATRICK QUINN: Student Council; Latin Club; Hi-Y; Ushers Club; A Cappella Choir; can't he do things with that tenor voice?; the ivories really respond for him . . . SYLVIA DIANE QUINTERO: Vice-President and Secretary of session room; Junior Red Cross President; Marshal; ebon-haired and olive-skinned, what more could you want?; hns a flair with a needle, which explains those smart clothes; always ready to help; she’s one of the friendliest gals around . . . JERRY WALKER RAINES: Hi-Y; Vice-President of session room; Varsity football; E Club; the neatest peroxide job we've seen — this lad's some popular; flashy on the grid, he's a prime exponent of that fatal charm . . . JAMES RALPH REID: Lyric Club; Math Club; Junior Red Cross; Stamp Club; quiet and easy-going; handy with a camera; practical, with capability for hard work . . . DOROTHY ANN RITTER: Even tempered; always trying to beat that tardy bell; tall and slender . . . NELLIE MAE RODINS: Glee Club; tail and lanky; a deep voice that commands respect; a flare for bright nail polish. JAMES REID DOROTHY RITTER NELLIE MAE ROBINS .JOHN ROCHESTER TUCKER ROSE PATSY SELF BETTY JEAN SILLS OHN CRAWFORD ROCHESTER: Student Council; Track varsity; li-Y; "Yellow Jacket"; Ushers Club; "Yellow Jacket" Sports •ditor; Junior Electrons; National Honor Society; usually serious •ut enjoys a good time; some socialite — he gets around; plans to study medicine . . . EDWIN ALLEN ROSE: Hi-Yj Band; Orchestra; arsity baseball; "E” Club; "Tucker" is known and liked by all f us; quite the Casanova, he’s always got a joke . . . PATRICIA tUTH SELF: Thespians; Masque and Gavel; Orchestra; her mature ersonality a welcome change; a good voice which she uses effec-:ively in her acting . . . BETTY' JEAN SILLS: Student Council; .atin Club; Thespians; Omicron Delta; Vice-President of student 'ody; National Honor Society; Masque and Gavel; wonderful quality f leadership; hair like spun gold; plays a role with conviction; ’oumalism will claim her talents . . . ANN SMITH: Glee Club; 40-word shorthand certificate; Lunchroom assistant; those red ’specs" express her personality; straight forward and competent, she’s bound to succeed in that business career . . . CHARLOTTE MARIE SMITH: Band; Secretary of session room; everybody likes ’Shorty"; proof that good things come in small packages; she flies a plane like most of us drive a cor . . . MARGARET SMITH: 3.0. Club; another of our commercial wizards; pretty strawberry Monde; dreams of being a dental assistant • • • MARY JACQUELINE SNOW: Student Council; French Club; Nationul Thespians; Masque and Gavel; Omicron Delta; Cheerleader; "Yellow Jacket", Editor; tops on our popularity list, she’s always rushing to beat a deadline; likes people; consequently, they like her; gets a kick out of living and laughs about it — that’s M.J. . . . JERRY Y-VONNE STANSKLL: Y'-Tcens; Secretary of session room; mighty popular gal, she prefers college men; wears smart clothes with that honey hair. ANN SMITH CHARLOTTE SMITH MARGARET SMITH MARY JACQ SNOW JERRY STANSELLSIDNEY STEWART GENE STUART OLIVIA SWANN MARIE TOMBRELLO SIDNEY FAYE STEWART: Math Club; Basketball, baseball and volleyball varsities; she's our own "Gorgeous Gussie" — a two-time doubles tennis champion; another of our "red-headed league”, JOY TRUCKS JACK VEASEY she wants to be a lab technician . . . GENE STUART: R.O.T.C.; Rifle Team; this former Navy lad has a good sense of humor; "Bones” must measure close to seven feet! . . . OLIVIA SWANN: Student Council; Secretary of session room; Junior Red Cross; Marshal captain; 60 and 80-word shorthand certificates; Glee Club; A Cappella Choir; "Liver” sings like an angel; big blue eyes always full of mischief and merriment . . . MARIE TOMBRELLO: Home Economics Club; "Ric” is one of the friendliest girls around; what wit; this kid should be a fashion designer, or at least a model . . . JOY ETHELYN TRUCKS: Spanish Club; President of session room; Baseball and basketball varsities; chose wide blue eyes are certainly an asset; most often quiet and serious; she’s bound to be a success . . . JACK VEASEY: A friendly guy with that casual air; always looks as if he’s just stepped from Esquire’s pages; Commercial law is his line . . . JOANNE WALD: Spanish Club; President of session room; Baseball and basketball varsities; Student Council; "Judy’s” the dry type — "forget it, will ya?" . . . GLENN LAMAR WALKER: Bank; partial to science and math; plans to study engineering; taking things ns they come, he gets along with everyone . . . MARGARET MARIE W'ATTERS: Student Council; Library assistnnt; Marshal; Vice-President and Secretary of session room; you’re not likely to find her without Marie; smiling all the while, this diminutive miss is a capable hand around an office — so she plans on a secretarial future. JOANNE WALD GLENN WALKER MARGARET WATTERSFRANCES WEBBER JEAN williams GERALDINE WHITE FRANCES ANN WEBBER: Glee Club; 100-word shorthand certi- ficate; starts and ends the day with a bubbly giggle; already has her Mrs. degree — lucky girl . . . GERALDINE WHITE: Lyric Club; Junior Red Cross; A Cappella Choir; D.O. Club; easy to get along with; businesslike and quietly efficient, she gets things done; promising future as dental assistant . . . MARGUERITE HARRIETT WHITING: Session room officer three semesters; Marshal; a song in her heart; you can’t provoke her good nature; it's amazing the corsages she wears . . . JEAN MARGARET WILLIAMS: The shy modest type; a gem in any classroom; high moral standards . . . JERE WILLIAMS: Council representative; Hi-Y; Thespians; Math Club; Latin Club; Ushers Club; Honor Society; ’’Yellow Jacket", Associate Editor, wit, brains, and personality galore; can be counted on to "get you out of the rough” . . . VELMA JUNE WILLIAMS: Marshal; Junior Red Cross; A Cappella Choir; 80-word shorthand certificate; peppy and full of life; "Giggles" is constantly giggling; always in a dither about something . . . GEORGE WILSON: President of session room; Ushers Club; "Linzie" to his "Y" friends; an accomplished jitterbug; loves to kid around . . . MARTHA RUTH WILSON: Student Council; Latin Club; French Club; Masque and Gavel; National Thespians; N»” tional Honor Society; a clever sarcasm that never cuts; always late, but gets away with it; ten-to-one she’s with Joanne right now; keenly discerning of people and problems; always leaves them laughing . . . DOROTHY JEAN WINSLETT: Art Club; Mar- shal; loves to eat but still keeps trim; amiable; an excellent art student. JERE WILLIAMS GEORGE WILSON MARTHA RUTH WILSON JEAN WINSLETT JUNE WILLIAMSGERTRUDE WRIGHT MARIE WUNDERLICH GERTRUDE WRIGHT: Marshal; Baseball, basketball and volley- ball varsities; "Yellow Jacket"; 80-word shorthand certificate; dry wit and ready grin are keys to success . . . MARIE WUNDERLICH: Session room officer; Spanish Club; Electrons; Library assistant; eager co-operation; a yen to work with flowers. Graduates C f July, 1950 OSCAR CRUMPTON BETTY PRESCOTT JIMMY WILLIAMSONOffice Staff Mrs. Betty Mathews Mrs. Peggy Mangum Annie Katherine Looney Slu lent Bodij ( Hirers President, Eddie Reagor; Vice-President, Patricia Sprague; Secretary, Sue Hardy; Head Marshal, Joan Harrison.Stamp Club First Row: Ingram, Ogburn, Anderson, Downey, Panridge, Jar-rard, Lyons, Donahue. Second Row: Bryant, Hopping, Kramer, Ogburn, F.llis, McCann, Davis, Griffith. ( Hire Assistants First Row: Howard, Havron, Prescott, Kay. Second Row: Moreland, Brown, Stewart. Junior Lie Irons First Row: Harrison, Lainmert, Donahue, George. Second Row: Rogers, Balch, Pate, McHugh, Hughes, Fraunces. Third Row: Furlong, English, Day, Kimbrough, Nolan, Mansfield-Jones.I uIure Teachers Of A merica First Row: Hardy, Todd, Brown, Waters. Second Row: Randolph, Oliver, Lambert. rons First Row: Wunderlich, Christian, Hubbs, Clower, English, Fannin, Sleetcr, Znnnis. Second Row: Rochester, Lindsey, Oglctrce, Spurrier, Braswell, Guilian. Third Row: Elliot, Hager, Stucki, Cotton, Brock, Purvis, Owen. Matli Club First Row: Thomas, Lyons, Myers, Kyle, Adair, Keathley, Morrison, Newton, Pinson, Hale, Hendon. Second Row: Olson, Tye, Ethridge, Martindale, Heath, Anderson, Barber, Kiddle, Matthews, Wilcutc. Third Row: Moon, Reed, Campbell, Pritchett, Reviere, Sprague, Waggoner, Hardy.eens First Row: Hicks, Stansell, Watson, Smith, Franklin, Gibbs, Russell. Second Row: Kennedy, Lance, East, Merrill, Harrison, McGaughy, Rogers. Third Row: Hudson, Brasficld, Foster, Johnson, Propst, York, Hollis, Driskill. Hi-Y First Row: Mikul, Logan, Raines, Quinn, Keenon. Second Row: Christian, Reagor, Scott, Weinstein, McKaskall. Third Row: Bagley, Reagan, Petree, Barnes, Gray, Hatfield. First Row: Thomas, Thomas, Lambert, Rowell, Gillian, Richards, Graham, Reinn, McLendon. Second Row: Beavers, Martin, Eubanks, Wade, Downs, Youngblood, Jones, Miller, Bagley. Third Row: Duke, Smith, Barber, McCarthy, Brooks, Smith, Powell, Patton, Godwin. D.O. ClubFirst Row: Kay, Shaffer, Curl, Reed, Sleetcr, Olson, Hudson, Phillips. Second Row: Christian, Cofield, Cashion, Snow, Middleton, Bates, Waggoner, Fischbach, Hardy, Mikul, Sprague, Scchriest, York, Smith.lespians First Row: Cumpanotta, Bell, McConnell, Hall, Ballow, Patterson, Long, Sills, Baker, Lambert. Second Row: Johnson, Bennett, Huey, Cook, McW'aters, Andrews, Nettles, Barnhart, Gambill, Nolan. Third Row: McLaughlin, Wilson, Odom. Fourth Row: Cashion, McCullar, Walters, Cox, Patrick, Simmons, Snow, Self, Daniels, Winslett, Smith, Lamar, Williams. hespicins n At I ion J r. Red C ross First Row: McKinnon, Jones, Adams, Brown, Hubbs, Holden, Quintero, Smith. Second Row: Stewart, Cashion, August, DeRamus, Nelson, Stroud, Thompson, Bartholomew.I lome t r ( liil First Row: Reina, Beasley, Re-viere, Long, Tombrello, Martin, Harrison, Hardy, Artnlc. Second Row: Hudson, Wise, Taylor, Velotas, Green, Morrison, Lowery, Stucki, Willis. Third Row: Barber, Tye, Olson, Props', Fitzhugh, Stucki, Uatts, Atchison, Gautney, Harpst. Yellow Jcicket Stiff First Row: Gibbs, Johnson, Rowell, Vinyard, Gray, Snow, Hardy, East, Rogers. Second Row: Reagor, Driskill, York, Lyle, Zannis, Fordham, Richard, Patterson, Smith. 1 hird Row; Keith, Cashion, Cotton, Dcason, Hornsby, Odom, Williams, Burch. First Row: O’Dell, Johnson, Foster, Roy, Watts, Watkins, Second Row: Rochester, Norrell, Weinstein, Parks, Reagor, Cash-ion, Richardson. Third Row: Bowen, Batson, Bryant, Porter, McHugh, Andrews, Bennett.LEDELL HOLLAND RICHARD FISCHBACH Pitcher: TOMMY YORK Part of our winning baseball squad. These boys went on to the semi-finals in the county playoffs of the 1950 season. Pitcher: DON McBRIDESenior icers President, "Hoppy” Middleton; Secretary, Barbara Richard; Vice-President, Richard Fischbach. Hair like ...... Clothes like .... Figure like..... Line like ...... Personality like .. Jackie Rowen .. Joan Harrison .... Jo Ann East . Sylvia Johnson Barbara Richard Hair like ...... Clothes like .... Physique like ... Line like ..... Personality like Tommy Oglctree .... Tommy York ..... Dick Scott Laurancc Cross Billy Weinstein WL’s WI,o Prettiest girl ............ Handsomest boy............. Cutest couple ............. Wittiest girl ............. Teachers’ Pest ............ Most popular girl ......... Most popular boy .......... Most athletic girl ........ Most athletic boy ......... Most talented girl ........ Cutest girl ............... Cutest boy ................ Girl most likely to succeed Boy most likely to succeed Most likeable girl ........ Most likeable boy ......... Best Actor ................ Best Actress .............. .............Jeannette Russell .............. "Hoppy” Middleton Jackie Rowen and Billy Harless ............ Mary Emma Smith ............... James Simmons ................. Augusta York ............... Billy Weinstein ............. Eva Helen Hollis .............. "Hoppy” Middleton ................. Lena Mac Long .......... Martha Ann Christian ............... Ledell Holland ........... Betty Zoe Barnhart ............... Tommy Ogle tree ............. "Richie” Richard ................. Jack Reagan ................. Jack Walters ........... Betty Zoe BarnhartWorthy of our awards, Good Citizenship Girl and Miss Jacket, is Barbara Ethridge. With her creative ability, scholarship, friendly personality, leadership, and unlimited energy she has captured our respect. avorites JACKIE ROWEN V JOAN HARRISONJOAN LA VALLE ALDRIDGE: Spanish Club; Basketball and volleyball varsities; Secretary of Session room; Library assistant; tall and striking; a throaty voice that's quite compelling; wears her clothes well . . . GERALD ALLEN: Scientific mind; anxious and ambitious, headed for big things, check that wavy hair . . . MYRA GA1I. ALLRED: Spanish Club; Marshal; 80-word shorthand certificate; a coy brunette with a particularly contagious giggle; just enough freckles for effect; spontaneous, and surprising at times . . . JOHN PAUL ANDERSON: Varsity Basketball; A Capel-la Choir; with his booming bass voice, his basketball ability, and his pitching arm, he has many possible careers to choose from; red hair, with all it implies . . . DON ANTHONY: Hides his personality by being shy; can't seem to see the real point of study halls . . . CHARLES AWTREY: Favorite pastime pestering history teachers; always ready to have fun; his stature makes us look up to him . . . JAMES BAGLEY: Hi-Y; Stamp Club; Rifle team; Honor Company, R.O.T.C.; Having regularly attended summer school, "Butterfly" will graduate after four years; crazy but lovable; likes girls, but is never seen with one of them . . . MARY ANN BALLOW: Lyric Club; Math Club; French Club; National Thes- pians; A Cappella Choir; sincerity blended with warmth of friendship; a becoming blush and doe eyes; musical, she accomplishes much . . . BETTY ZOE BARNHART: Cheerleader; Thespians; French Club; Latin Club; National Honor Society; Chairman of Sportsmanship; Masque and Gavel; Marshal; Student Council; Omicron Delta; marked for success; "B.Z." is as versatile as they come; a mellow voice; talents — musical and dramatic. JAMES BAGLEY MARY ANN BALLOW BETTY ZOE BARNHART - DON ANTHONY BEECHIE ANDERSON CHARLES AWTREYJUNE BARRENTINE BOBBY BATES PATSY BENNETT CHARLES BROCK BOBBY BROOKS HARRIS BYNUM JUNE BARRENTINE: "Which twin are you?" hasn't time for anything but hurrying; soaking up that shorthand — "but now teach me how to sit on the boss's knee." . . . BOBBY BATES: Spanish Club; Junior Electrons; .Math Club; Electrons; Spanish medal; Don’t let that studious look fool you, he doesn’t break his neck studying; first he was a Boy Scout, and now he is a girl scout . . . PATRICIA BENNETT: National Thespians; Latin Club; Marshal; the "Jacket"; blonde and willowy with a smooth voice; impish eyes; specialist in the lifted eyebrow; tongue in cheek . . . CHARLES BROCK: Student Council; Electrons; Spanish Club; Ushers Club; Orchestra; Lieutenant, R.O.T.C.; a quality of dependability that’s assuring; agrcssive; alert; has a good ear for music . . . BOBBY BROOKS: "Patience and fortitude" is his motto, popular with his friends; we can’t figure out why he is so glad to be getting out of school; an artist behind the soda fountain . . . HARRIS BYNUM: Math Club; Vice-President of session room; approach him with care, girls, if he sees you first, he might run; well liked by everyone; has a wonderful way with old cars; peddles papers as a sideline; honest amiability . . . BETTY ANN CALDWELL: Volleyball and baseball varsities; jolly laughter makes her a pleasant friend; plots eagerly for her secretarial career . . . MARIANNE CECILS CAMPANOTTA: French Club; Thespians; Secretary of session room; Marshal; Artistic and musical; genuine interest in her friends; can lift anybody's spirits anytime; very, very likeable; high moral standards . . . MARY CAMPBELL: Dark gypsy-like eyes, never injures the feelings of others, reserved and dignified. Si'll BETTY CALDWELL MARIANNE CAMPANOTTA MARY CAMPBELLROY CASH ION MARTHA ANN CHRISTIAN EDGAR CLOVER JO ANN COE ROY CASHION: National Thespians; The "Yellow Jacket”; Track; the "Jacket”; no one knows how he is able to come with a different hot-rod every week; the bad thing is that none of them run exactly right; an original slant on shutter-clicking . . . MARTHA ANN CHRISTIAN: Head Marshal; Editor-in-Chief of Jacket; Vice-President of session room; Council representative; Latin Club; Electrons; Math Club; Lyric Club; A Cappella Choir; Honor Society; a grin as sweet as her personality; happy as a lark; a kitten on the keys . . . EDGAR CLOWER: Ushers Club; Spanish Club; Electrons; Stamp Club; Student Council; Band; here is a case of a small package containing a lot of push and knowhow; he also wields a wicked racket on the tennis court; takes a fancy to rare stamps ... JO ANN COE: Art Club; a will to work, art is her pet hobby and her fine teacher helped to make it so, just a bit shy . . . BILL COFIELD: Student Council; Hi-Y; A Cappella Choir; Cheerleader; Music, maestro, please — we love to hear him play the piano; Valentino had nothing on him, ns sheiks go . . . JOSEPHINE COLAFRANCESCO: Hardly ever serious, cute giggle, talking is her favorite hobby, her wavy hair — an eye catcher . . . JULIA MAE COLE: Polly works hard on that commercial schedule, even her timidness may be overcome in secretarial work, a value as a friend . . . BOB CORBIT: National Thespians; A regular johnny-on-the spot in the speech, he has been everything from sound effects man to leading man in plays; the mature personality in action; original in his dress . . . ROY COTTON: Vice-President of student body; Junior Electrons; Marshal; Ushers Club; Electrons; "Yellow Jacket"; Vice-President and Secretary of session room; his service as our student government veep was very notable; gentlemen prefer blondes; he’s frank and outspoken. iors BILL COFIELD JOSEPHINE COLAFRANCESCO JULIA MAE COLE BOB CORBIT ROY COTTONJO ANN CRIBBS LARRY CRISP LAURANCE CROSS WALLACE DAY BILLY DEASON NORMA DELOACH JO ANN CRIBBS: Placid and serious, Always has her wits about her; get-things done ability; genuine sincerity . . . ALDEN LAWRENCE CRISP JR.: President of the Stamp Club; Sgt. 1st. Class R.O.T.C.; hopes to make his millions ns an industrial engineer; short, but a mighty officer in R.O.T.C. . . . LAURANCE CROSS: A Cappella Choir; Glee Club; Marshal; every crowd needs one like him; an excellent swimmer, not bad at jitterbug either . . . WALLACE DAY: Vice-President of session room; Baseball; B-team; Basketball, B-tenm; Varsity football; Band; remains a blond most of the time; Quiet, except in those wilder moments; capable man on the grid . . . BILLY IOE DEASON: Vice-President of session room; Editor of "Yellow Jacket”; Chairman of Publications; a will to work; sheds n mighty friendly smile down on us; made sure Dear 'Ole E.H.S. got in print . . . NORMA JEAN DELOACH: Council Representative; always in the know; witty conversationalist; talks to hide her sweetness; fashionable clothes reflect her sewing skill. . .ROBERT DILL: A sense of humor usually associated with Fred Allen; always has the right slant; enjoys school on vacation days . . . VIRGINIA INEZ DRISKILL: Officer of session room; French Club; Y-teens; A Cappella Choir; "Yellow Jacket”; Marshal; Lyric Club; Lively and winsome; good-natured; spreads rays of sunshine on everyone; a sincere friend ... JO ANN EAST: Spanish Club; Y-teens; Council Representative; Volleyball, Baseball, Basketball Varsities; Head Cheerleader; "Yellow Jacket”; came to school at all costs; pink cheeks — forever blushing; dazzled by a big physique. ROBERT DILL VIRGINIA DRISKILL JO ANN EAST -DENNY ELLIOTT JOAN ELMORE BARBARA ETHRIDGE BARBARA EUBANK DENNIS ELLIOTT: Bland and knightly, master of the ivory keys, kind and considerate in his disposition . . . EMMA JOAN ELMORE: Secretary of session room; French Club; "Yellow Jacket"; Marshal; flair for the unusual; just a little bit of something powerful; that fast nor-r-rther-r-rn accent!! . . . BARBARA ANN ETHRIDGE: Council Representative; Jr. Electrons; Latin Club; Math Club; National Honor Society; Chairman of Clubs; Cheerleader; May Court; always on the run; gullible; sincere und innocent; likes those basketball games . . . BARBARA ANN EUBANK: Art Club; D.O. Club; Spanish Club; Marshal; reserved quiet type but shines among friends; specializes in the field of art . . . GILBER DALE FANNIN: Council Representative, National Honor Society; Latin Club; Math Club; Electrons; frank and sincere; dependable and creative; high goals and aspirations; ask her about any state - she’s been there . . . RICHARD THOMAS FISCHBACH: Vice-President of Council; Vice-President of session room; Ushers Club; Vice-President of senior class; the strong and silent type; fascinates the females; impish grin; "Buster's” a hero in football and basketball . . . BILLY FURLONG: Lettered in football; "E" Club; gets rattled easily, but hangs in there; a bashful grin under hair as red os his blush . . . JOSEPH SALVADOR GAGL1-ANO: A Cnppclla Choir; hearty laugh; an excellent chef; with malice toward none; jovial companion . . . MARK GALLUPS: Dark features offset by those brunette waves, con always be found at the nearest basketball game — he’s quite a fan; a delightful personality concealed from many. DALE FANNIN RICHARD FISCHBACHCAROLYN GARRETT SARANEL GARRETT MARVIN GILBERT DAISY GLENN PATRICIA GRAHAM ALICE GRAY EDNA CAROLYN GARRETT: National Honor Society; Council representative; Vice-President of session room; Lyric Club; Jr. Electrons; French Club; Marshal; “Yellow Jacket” and Jacket staff; never makes a poor job of anything; a happy combination of fun and good sense; slim and chick . . . SARANEL GARRETT: Vice-President of session room; petite little blond; coy and bashful; just a mighty sweet little lady . . . MARVIN GILBERT: Mania for bowties; a natural zest for life, nonchalant; tall, dark,, and suave; never a dead beat . . . DAISY GLENN: Really stuck with that senior math; Tuscaloosa High lost something in our gain, slightly quiet, but not shy . . . PATRICIA ANN GRAHAM: Officer of session room; Jr. Red Cross; D.O. Club; seems right neighborly, keeps a pen in hand, has a genuine interest in her classmates . . . ALICE ELIZABETH GRAY: Art Club; Spanish Club; Marshal; "Yellow Jacket”; Secretary of session room; shy, but well-liked; faithful and sincere; big talking eyes . . . MARY LOUISA GRISSOM: Friendly conversation reveals her successes at Waynesborr High School — session room officer, cheerleader, basketball; unobtrusive but certainly not unnoticed; a smile as appealing as her personality . . . JOHN WILLIAM HAGER JR.: Vice-President of session room; French Club, Math Club; Ushers' Club; Electron Club; a real southern gentleman; talks with his eyes; sincere interest in his studies, but time to help the other fellow . . . EDNA RUTH HAMMETT: Earnest and diligent worker -- prognostic of her future, pristine, happy with things done for her. Sen MARY GRISSOM JACK HAGER EDNA RUTH HAMMETTEDNA HAMMOND NORMA JEAN HARDY BILLY HARLESS JOAN HARRISON EDNA MAE HAMMOND: Basketball, volleyball, baseball varsi- ties; lustrous brown hair; a quiet magnetism and a friendly funster . . . NORMA JEAN HARDY: French Club; Office assistant; capable and earnest; a perfected product of the commercial department; very thoughtful of others . . . BILLY GLENN HARLESS: Vice-President of session room; Hi-Y Club; Lettered in "B” team basketball and baseball; always harmlessly '’checking” at us; a sho’ nuff good crooner; quite the athletic hero in his "early days” . . . JO ANN HARRISON: Head-Marshal; Council representative, Y-tcens; Home-Economics Club; Marshal; "Yellow Jacket”; Spanish Club; Basketball, volleyball, baseball varsities; our only strawberry blonde; delicate coloring; fast-moving schedule, taste runs to sharp clothes . . . OUIDA JANE HAYES: A Cappella Choir; 60-word shorthand certificate; Lyric Club; a day dreamer at heart; leisurely and pleasant expert talker; first, last, and always . . . DOROTHY ANN HAZEL: Marshal; Lunchroom assistant; 60-word shorthand certificate; Majorette; innocent looking hazel eyes; peppy as they come; has fun on the field . . . VIRGINIA ELOISE HEAD: Easy going and coming; sets high goals and aims earnestly for them, self-contained . . . HARVEY RAY HENDON: Latin Club; has the sweetest blush; chased by the feminine sex; considerate of fellow students and teachers . . . VIRGINIA LUCILLE HENRY: Vice-President of session room; Spanish Club; Jr. Red Cross; Marshal; Girls' gym varsities; a valuable and sincere friend; happy with her work and makes others that way; beautiful natural blond curls are her "crowning glory”. JANE HAYES ELOISE HEAD HARVEY HENDON VIRGINIA HENRY DOT HAZELDOROTHY HICKS ELEANOR HIGH ETHEL HOLLAN LEDELL HOLLAND DOROTHY LEE HICKS: Secretary of session room; Y-teens; Lyric Club; "Yellow Staff”; cute little brunette; full of pep; happy-go-lucky . . . ELEANOR MAY HIGH: "Yellow Jacket”; Council Representative; Session room officer, Marshal; lover of the great outdoors; especially riding and swimming; a teacher’s delight, so easy to get along with . . . ETHEL HOLLAN: A true female — always talking or cackling us males call it, never seen in a sad state, will make somebody a grand stenographer . . . DANSEL LEDELL HOLLAND: Secretary and Vice-President of session room; Lettered in baseball; B-team; Varsity; the ladies’ man; bashful; can knock a baseball as far as next year . . . EVA HELEN HOLLIS: Secretary of session room; Math Club; Y-teens; Latin Club; must love school — comes every day; as natural as if molded by Mother Nature herself; temperamental; versatile — sings, plays trumpet, history genius, nthlcte . . . ROBBIE HORTON: Sure 'nuff real blond hair, nose is a perfect feature, oh that yankie tongue -we like the accent though . . . SYLVIA SIDNEY JOHNSON: Y- teens; First prize on home economics fair exhibit; "Yellow Jacket Staff”; never quite outgrew her nickname, "Birdlegs”; never a fairer lass stumbled through our halls; made everyone feci welcomed in her presence . . . BARBARA NELL JONES: D.O. Club; Marshal; conscientious and faithful, priceless amiability, nice to have around . . . PAUL RAY JOURNEY: Secretary of session room; Lettered in "B” tenm baseball and track; Um-um those shiny black curls; beliefs are always contrary to those of teachers; temerarious before the fairer sex. SYLVIA JOHNSON BARBARA NELL JONES PAUL RAY JOURNEYSAM KEENON ELEANOR KENNEDY SAM WATKINS KEENON: Council representative; Ushers Club; Hi-Y; Jr. Electrons; Stamp Club; distinguished senior — not many seniors have chicken pox; crew cut usually tops a rosy blush; eyelashes and eyebrows curly as a pig tail . . . ELEANOR RUTH KENNEDY: Y-tcens; President of gym class; adds the lighter moments to life; everybody’s sweetheart; happy all the time . . . FRANCES KINNEY: Secretary of session room; Library assistant; French Club; Girls’ Basketball Varsity; beautiful curly blond hair, beaucoups of good-looking clothes; can't keep her from behind that wheel . . . JAMES DEWEY KYLE: President of session room; Latin Club; Math Club; Ushers’ Club; silent type: solid geometry genius; most intriguing . . . ANNIE LOU LEE: Basketball, soft-ball, volleyball varsities; quiet charm; a pleasing voice and personality holds everyone’s attention . . . FRANCES SUE LEE: Marshal; known by her high-pitched musical voice; check that hair — naturally blond; jolly and fun-loving . . . CHARLES LINDSEY: Electron Club; French Club; Hi-Y Club; Vice-President of session room; Einstein in the making; reserved; just about “knee high” . . . THOMAS ALLEN LOGAN: Hi-Y; Football manager; Secretary of session room; Basketball B-team; the "Jacket”; the well-organized but indifferent approach; sandy-haired and casual and dressed in taste, he can be amicable . . . LENA MAE LONG: Cheerleader; "Yellow Jacket”; Marshal; Thespians; Home Economics Club; vivacious and versatile; bends over backwards with friendliness; writes words and music hillbilly style. CHARLES LINDSEY TOMMY LOGAN LENA MAY LONGVIRGINIA MAENZA LILLIAN MAULDIN DON McBRIDE SARAH NELL MCCARTHY VIRGINIA MAENZA: Baseball and Basketball varsity; officers of session room; Marshal; fun-loving chatterbox; grin from car to ear . . . LILLIAN MAULDIN: An individualist with definite ideas dora McDaniel MARTHA McGEE about everything; wears a dreamy aura; likely to succeed in almost anything . . . DON McB RIDE: Band; varsity baseball; good-looking but quiet; love those curly locks; boy, does he make good biscuits? . . . SARAH NELL MCCARTHY: D.O. Club; industrious; nicknamed Sadie Lou among her friends; short and blonde . . . DORA McDANIEL: Junior Red Cross; Library Club; Volleyball varsity; Latin Club; Math Club; D.O. Club; soft-spoken; unassuming; always does her part; an abundance of blond curls . . . MARTHA McGEE: Spanish Club; Secretary of session room; twinkling eyes; happy disposition; likes those New York trips . . . JAMES McHUGH: Red Cross Club; Band; happy-go-lucky; always ready for a. good laugh; avoids lessons when possible . . . DAVID MIDDLETON: Hi-Y; Ushers Club; ”E” Club; Student Council; Varsity football; Co-Captain; Varsity basketball. Captain; Big-Five Dance Representative; the “Yellow Jacket”; big and blond; a happy combination of brawn and brains; our most outstanding athlete; always that captivating grin . . . ALLEN ROBERT MIKUL: Council representative; Hi-Y Club; French Club; Ushers Club; National Honor Society; that rustic southern accent; has deep blue eyes, curly sandy hair, luscious tan, big dimples, and oodles of good-looking clothes; intellectually superior to many; may someday draw plans for your home. JAMES McHUGH HOPPY MIDDLETON ALLEN MIKUL CARL MILLER RUBY MIMS BILLY GENE MISKELLEY CARL MILLER: D.O. Club; hits a homer with all undertakings; straightforward and honest always . . . RUBY MIMS: Faithful and always on an even keel; capacity for good times makes her a favorite . . . BILLY GENE MISKELLEY: Hi-Y Club; Non-Com- missioned officer R.O.T.C.; Red Cross; never so happy as when strumming that guitar; attracts friends with quiet geniality . . . GEORGE MICHAEL MITCHELL: Ambition is to pay back the borrowed money he’s living on; takes pride in his paper route; comical; talented in the kitchen . . . JEAN MOON: President of session room; Math Club; Latin Club; French Club; Marshal; her head in the clouds — likes to fly (planes, you know); remarkable initiative; alwuys does more than her share of duty . . . RICHARD MOORE: Perfect attendance for two years; a real, sure 'nuff good boy; active interest in church work; always ready to be your friend; tall, dark, handsome, and very neat . . . ROBERT MORGAN: Staff of spring and fall plays; Marshal; bright red crop atop a freckled face; modest, but manly; an asset to the debnte class . . . ALICE JANE LAMBERT MUIR: Secretary of session room; Marshal Captain; Choir; Spanish Club; Latin Club; Chairman of Lost and Found; coy little maiden; squinted, but friendly eyes; a ready help to all; quite the Latin scholar! . . . BETTYE JO MURPHY: A Cappclla Choir; Glee Club; asset to the altos in operettas and musicals; slender and sleek; unperturbed. JEAN MOON GEORGE MITCHELL RICHARD MOOREJIMMY NEWTON TOMMY OGLETREE MARY FAYE OLSON CLARA PARROTT ROLAND PATRICK RALPH PRINCE JIMMY NEWTON: Ushers Club; Math Club; Latin Club; Band; soft spoken, but always listened to; straightforward and faithful . . . TOMMY OGLETREE: Ushers Club; Math Club; Cheerleader; A Cappeila Choir; Electrons; National Honor Society; the "Yellow Jacket"; Assistant Business Manager; amazing self-possession and social know-how; intelligent, understanding; goes out of his way to be friendly . . . MARY FAYE OLSON: National Honor Society; Jr. Electrons; Math Club; French Club; Home Economics Club; a model form wisely dressed; dependable; a whiz with a needle; envied dark complexion . . . CLARA JEAN PARROTT: Red hair and quick temper; a good sport; the opinion that gladness drives away sadness . . . ROLAND DEE PATRICK: Agreeable and likeable; avid history lover; accomplishes without effort . . . RALPH EDWARD PRINCE: Vice-President and Treasurer of Art Club; several an prizes; fought more battles with history than he studied in it; lives and breathes art; truly talented . . . NORMA JEAN PROPST: Vice-President of session room; Y-Tecns; Home Economics Club; Red Cross; quite a connoisseur of fine cooking — excellent in the field herself; nose to the grindstone in history; good taste in clothes . . . SARAH ANN PUCCIO: D.O. Club; fancies good- looking men; dark natural curly hair sets off that dreamy complexion; has a yearning to go to business college. . . J ERR YE QUINTERO: National Thespian Society; Debate Squad; the "Yellow Jacket"; Same striking coloring as big sister; a firm "NO" to the short hair-cut; young in heart. JEAN PROPST SARAH PUCCIO J ERR YE QUINTEROJACK RAINES GEORGE RANDOLPH CHARLES RAYE JACK REAGAN FREDERICK JACKSON RAINES: "B" team football and basketball; lettered in varsity football; makes friends easily; casual and carefree; our touchdown man — "Rah, rah, rah, Jack!"; Kitty hit the jackpot . . . GEORGE RANDOLPH: Really friendly; George smiles and the world smiles with him; love that bow tic ... CHARLES RAYE: Varsity track; A Cappella Choir; "Cassanova"; steady conversationalist; even talks in his sleep . . . JACK EARL REAGAN: Lettered in varsity football and track; Hi-Y club; French Club; a genuineness many of us lack; known as "Chick"; cheered as an athlete; forever teasing . . . HARRY EDWARD REA-GOR: Student Council, chairman; National Honor Society; Ushers Club; Hi-Y; Varsity football; President of student body; unusual to meet a fellow so liked by everyone; a masculine quality of gentle persuasiveness; you notice first his ability to lead . . . LILLIAN REED: Junior Electrons; Math Club; French Club; Junior Red Cross; National Honor Society; Orchestra; Marshal; her first rule: be natural; forever exasperated and snowed under with activities; a charm and grace quite definitely southern . . . MARY FRANCES REINA: Home Economics Club; D.O. Club; neac’n1 sweet; should always wear red; dark eyes shine from a dainty-featured face; effervescent . . . BARBARA ELLEN RICHARDS: Student Council; Y-Tecns; Inter-club council, President; Marshal; girls’ gym varsities; "Yellow Jacket"; what would these four years have been without that "Wonderful" Richie? A born mixer; just naturally has a way with people; the gift of good talk . . . JUANITA ROBERSON: Session room officer; Red Cross; Marshal; D.O. Club; Spanish Club; Library ClCib; Hi-Cub Reporter; "Yellow Jacket", Club Editor; 60-word shorthand certificate; her heart lies in T- nncssee; keeps news of E.H.S. in the Spotlight; ready and willing always. EDDIE REAGOR LILLIAN REEDFAYE ROBBINS BETTY ROGERS JANET ROSS VIRGINIA ROWELL FAYE ROBBINS: Alertness and humor are underneath a serious exterior; masters difficult problems in her own clever way . . . ELIZABETH THELMA ROGERS: Y-Teen Inter-Club Council; Spanish Club; jr. Electrons; Softball and Volleyball Varsities; National Honor Society; "Yellow Jacket" Staff, Assistant Photographer; Marshal; Chairman of Clubs; Latin Club; her pert pug nose pointing high as do her standards; puts her mental talents to use helping her friends; hard worker; deserving, sincere, dependable . . . JANET ROSS: Transferred her Phillips personality for an Ensley one and gained many friends; loves skiing and New Hampshire vacations . . . VIRGINIA IRENE ROWELL: Spanish Club; Lyric Club; D.O. Club; Glee Club; "Yellow Jacket", exchange editor; 80-word shorthand certificate; addicted to jitterbug, but really poetic at heart; just going on her merry way — but going somewhere we’ll wager . . . JACQUELINE JOSEPHINE ROWEN: R.O.T.C. Sponsor; Marshal; Secretary and Vice-President of session room; beautiful brunette hair; that accent —; short and cute; gullible . . . JOSEPH DALLAS RUSH: Glee Club; "B" Team Football; Marshal; a tall blond of the Nordic sort; a quiet determination that hints of success . . . JEANETTE RUSSELL: A Cappclia Choir; Y-Tecns; Lyric Club; Cheerleader; pretty shiny black hair; "peaches and cream" complexion; coquette; independent . . . MARY JO RUTLEDGE: A Cappella Choir; Marshal; a culinary genius and a choir participant makes her way for "singing in the kitchen"; can be serious if she has to, but prefers a gay time . . . DON COPELAND SANDERSON: Sgt., R.O.T.C.; big, wide smile, note those brown curls fringing his moonlike face; headed for a military career. JACKIE ROWEN JOE RUSH JEANETTE RUSSELL MARY JO RUTLEDGE DON SANDERSONDICK SCOTT ROYCE SCOTT SYBIL SHAFFER ELRUTH SHELNUT RICHARD BYRON SCOTT: "B" Team Football; Varsity Football; Hi-Y Club; Council Representative; Secretary of session room; quite the sly one; has tiny feet — good for all that dancing; strong and husky, has that tough look . . . ROYCE SCOTT: A very regal carriage; serene and unperturbed; thoughtful and tries to help; ideal friend and a fine person . . . SYBIL JOYCE SHAFFER: National Honor Society; Latin Club; Council Representative; Secretary of session room; high goals and very likely to attain them; modest and placid; sweet face that just lights up with her radiant smile; all this and brains, too . . . ELRUTH SHELNUT: Home Econo- mics Club; a height all short girls would love to have; models her clothes as well as makes them . . . CHARLES CLYDE SHIRLEY: Band; Hi-Y; R.O.T.C. Officer; a hillbilly troubadour; those teachers give him a hard time; confirmed comic . . . JAMES ALBERT SIMMONS: French Club; National Thespians; Scholastic Art Award; goes under the apt label of "Gizmo '; dead pan humorist and rather likeable; a rebel in our midst . . . MORINE ISABEL SLEETER: Junior Electron Club; Electron Club; Latin Club; French Club; Math Club; National Honor Society; soft, velvety voice; "mucho" brains; Beethoven in the making . . . GLENN SLYE: Hi-Y; Seeming the quiet type at first, very agreeable when you get to know him; loyal and dependable; a good worker . . . MARTHA ANN SMITH: National Honor Society; Student Council; Latin Club; Chairman of Publicity; "Jncket”, Business Manager; Hi-Cub Reporter; "Yellow Jacket '; Lyric Club; Y-Teens; Electrons; A Cappella Choir; a perky auburn-hnired girl with enthusiasm, verve; conscientious and hard-working. lors MORINE SLEETER GLENN SLYE MARTHA ANN SMITH CHARLES SHIRLEY JAMES SIMMONSMARY EMMA SMITH GAY SNIDER JOE CHARLES SPARKS DON SPURRIER anna STUCKI , W 4 MARY EMMA SMITH: Spanish Club; Glee Club; Bond; A Cappella Choir; full of fun and fancy free; pretty, liquid brown eyes and explosive personality; "Butch” wants to be a nurse . . . CLEO GAY SNIDER: 60-word Shorthand Certificate; a whiz at the typewriter; belies her name by quiet nature; abundance of generosity . . . JOE CHARLES SPARKS: Sports is his specialty, a basketball and baseball star; full of wit; a "Hi" for everyone . . . DONALD NELSON SPURRIER: Student Council; Spanish Club; Math Club; Electrons; Vice-President of session room; wrapped up in the black art of magic, good at it, too; a brevity of wit, dead pan style, make him fun to know . . . JUSTICE O’NEAL STROUD: Junior Red Cross; Student Council; Varsity Track; Junior Masque and Gavel; soft spoken, easy-going; "Jut” docs all right on the cinders . . . ANNA STUCKI: Spanish Club; Home Economics Club; that "peaches and cream” complexion with a personality to match; sincere and takes life easy and slow . . . BILLIE JO SUD-DUTH: Secretary of session room; Library Assistant; Gym Offi- cer; Marshal; untroubled by too many studies, she’s enjoyed high school; full of pep and a good sport . . . TOM SWINDLE: Varsity Football; loves to wisecrack; a quality of just being himself that we like . . . CORNELIUS KINSLO THOMPSON, JR.: Vice-President of session room; Varsity Football; how we love his crazy, impish little grin; Phillips High lost him - a prize to Dear Ole Ensley; took those sciences in even two at the time. Sei BILLIE JOSUDDUTH TOM STINDLE NEIL THOMPSONGERALD THOMPSON JEAN TINNEY LANE TOLBERT GLENDA TRAMMELL GERALD LESLIE THOMPSON: Latin Club; Math Club; Junior Red Cross; Vice-President of session room; National Honor Society; clear-thinking; active in debating; interesting nnd helpful to others; his hopes lie in chemical engineering . . . MELLIA JEAN TINNEY: Spanish Club; Baseball, Volleyball, and Basketball Varsities; athletic, energetic — a whiz on the basketball court . . . LANE KELLY TOLBERT: Baseball and Basketball Varsi- sities; outstanding on the diamond; usually carefree and nonsensical — surprisingly enough, he’s working toward a doctorate . . . GLENDA TRAMMELL: Gay and cheerful; intriguing individual with an agreeable way; practical imagination . . . MARIE CECILIA TRONCALE: Fashion Show; bubbles over laughing at the slight- est provocation; jet hair and dark eyes; friendly ways . . . ANN AUGUSTA TURMAN: Chairman of Publicity, speech; 60 and 80- word Shorthand Certificates; style in her manner and dress; a blue-eyed blond with winning ways . • . JOAN KATHRYN TYE: Student Council; Latin Club; Home Economics Club; Math Club; Marshal; "Yellow Jacket"; Vice-President and Secretary of session room; slim and lithe with a soft-toned voice; sincere nnd tactful — altogether charming . . . DESPINA VELOTAS: Home Economics Club; Vice-President and Secretary of session room; "Yellow Jacket”; Marshal; complexion sans flaw; remarkable ability for acquiring orchids; husky voice and flashing eyes definitely impressive . . . CHARLES VILDIBILL: A side smile that makes his face all dimples; ever ready for a hearty laugh or rather "heated" discussion; manages to stay happy. m JOAN TYE DESPINA VELOTAS CHARLES VILDIBILL MARIE TRONCALE ANN TURMANJANET VINES ELAINE VINYARD LUCILLE WADE NANCY WALKER JACK WALTERS MARY ELIZABETH WARDEN JANET VINES: French Club; flaxen-haired, an absolute blond personality; pleasant disposition; adaptable to new situations; . . . JOYCE ELAINE VIN YARD: Band; "Yellow Jacket”, ad- vertising manager; Junior Red Cross; Latin Club; Session Room Officer; Marshal; National Thespians; I.eadoucs are right down her alley; loves to dance; quiet at times, almost shy; pretty durk hair and eyes . . . RUBY LUCILLE WADE: D. O. Club; Marshal; flippant and pert; aims to be a friend and makes them . . . NANCY LUCRETIA WALKER: Lyric Club; Marshal; Glee Club; Office Assistant; Secretary and Head Banker of Session Room; you've heard of My Friend Irma; oblivious to studies and worries of that sort, she's coy, teasing; the golden hair is natural . . . JACK WALTERS: National Thespians; Student Council; ever the actor, more often the comedian; those shirts must be custom made; noted for mimicry; entertaining; longs to see his name in lights . . . MARY ELIZABETH WARDEN: Lyric Club; Spanish Club, Glee Club; has that virtue, modesty; "Sorry, can’t go, just gotta' study"; mischievous blue eyes . . . RUTH MADYLYN WARE: Fashion Show; calm, capable skilled in the domestic arts; finds French verbs a bore, but tackles them with characteristic determination . . . ALMA RUTH WATSON: Y-Teens; Lyric Club; Junior Red Cross; Marshal; Glee Club; A Cappella Choir; Office Assistant; candid and wholly without pretense; always a song coming on; sleepy eyes and a brand of humor all her own . . . GERALD WILLIAM WATTS: Varsity Track; Lunchroom Assistant; affable, agreeable; an expressive face; diverse interests; intends to get his diplomu from Auburn. MADYLYN WARE ALMA RUTH WATSON GERALD WATTSBILLY WEINSTEIN JOAN WHEELER KYLE WILCUTT CHARLES WILLIAMS BILLY WEINSTEIN: Student Council; Vice-President of session room; Band, President; Varsity Track; Hi-Y; "Melody Kings" couldn't have done without him; "Mousie" is no mean percussionist — hopes to make a name band . . . JOHNNIE CLARICE WHEELER: Secretary of D.O. Club; Marshal; Joan likes people and we all know it; a fine member of the D.O. Club; efficient in her tasks . . . KYLE WILCUTT: Tennis "B" Team, Tennis Varsity; should have won a Purple Heart for his struggle through solid; straightforward; has the deepest dimples . . . CHARLES D. WILLIAMS: Oh — his voice sends us — 'specially in the quartet’s rendition of "Blueberry Hill"; a silly little grin that deceives his personality; not a worry in the world . . . CHARLES RICHARD WILLIAMS: Varsity Footbnll, "B" Team Football, A Cappella Choir; Council Representative; terror on the turf; a card from the top of the deck; wild about red hair . . . BETTY JOSEPHINE WILSON: Council Representative; lettered in girls' athletics; Home Economics Club; easy to please; just eats up sports; sweet little dimpled chin . . . EDITH MAUDE WISE: Library Club, Library Letter; Home Economics Club; Marshal; fun to have around; say now, is it Edith or Lucile; Slow but sure . . . JACQUELYNN WRIGHT: Marshal; 60-word Shorthand Certificate; Staff of fall play; skating holds main interest; reserved for many, but liked by them all; little, but growing ... JO ANN WRIGHT: Secretary of session room; Marshal; short and sweet; disagrees with Mr. Webster on the uses of "exhaust" and "exalt". iors EDITH WISE JACKIE WRIGHT JO ANN WRIGHT BETTY JO WILSONAUGUSTA YORK TOMMY YORK BETTY JEAN YOUNGBLOOD MARY AUGUSTA YORK: Session Room Officer; Y-Teens; "Yellow Jacket"; Chairman of Publicity; Cheerleader; R.O.T.C. Sponsor; Jr. Electrons; Marshal; Hi-Cub Reporter; Disc and Diamond. Everybody loves her; makes a piano talk; excels in most everything she attempts; sheiks 'em all; warmth and charm . . . TOMMY YORK: President and Vice-President of session room; Alternate Captain, basketball team; Lettered in basketball and baseball; Manager of football team. Dresses like he reads "Vogue”; cuts a mean rug; thrills gals with a smile on that freckled face under those cute red curls . . . BETTY JEAN YOUNGBLOOD: Majorette; Basketball, Volleyball, Softball teams; Marshal; Council Representative; Jr. Electrons Club; D.O. Club. Energetic and happy-go-lucky. THERON PATTERSON ANCEL WALLACE TOMMY PROPSTC-irls Gijm VARSITY CAPTALNS OF 1951 F irst Row, left to right: Williams, East, Moran, Kay. Second Row: Land, Ryan, Sprague, Waggoner. OFFICERS OF GIRLS’ GYM First Row; East, Rouss, Moran, Maen-za, Giardina, Dempsey, Kay, Comer. Second Row: Hollis, Jones, Myers, Black, Giattina, Garner, Henderson. Third Row: Sprague, Darden, Nalley, Moon, McCloy, Hopping, McNabb, Carlson, Reina, Norton, Dailey, Rushing. INTRAMURAL VARSITIES FOR 1951 First Row, left to right: Land, East, Moran, Ryan, Williams, Sprague, Waggoner. Second Row: Rogers, Dempsey, Lambert, Hollis, McNabb, Williams, Matthews, Mankin, Eppes. Third Row: Deason, Rushing, August, Moore, McCloy, Jones, Roberts, Gann, Giattina, Crawford, Brown, Myers, Rouss, Perkins, Scott, Phillips, Comer, Philley. Fourth Row: O’Rourke, Hudson, Hopping, Odom, Stewart, Pointer, Hargett, Watson, Maenza, Shouse, Powell, McGee.Principal Dr. E.E. Sechriest Art............ Commercial . . . . English......... History........ Home Economics Languages . . . . Manual Training Mathematics . . . Science......... Speech ........ Girls’ Adviser . Boys’ Adviser . . DEPARTMENT HEADS .............................Caroline Dick ...............................Daisy Stacey ............................Kathryn Green .............................Frankie Enzor ...........................Jerome Kennedy ...........................Florence Bates .........................Erskine Vandergrift ...........................John R. Slaughter ..........................Kathryn Boehmer .............................Florence Pass ...............................Grace Jones .............................Claude McLain INSTRUCTORS COMMERCIAL Mrs. Irene S. Reeve, Myrtle Wise, Mary Frances Turner, Lucile Grissom, Mrs. Flora W. Gunter, Mrs. Elizabeth W. Bendell, Garland K. Ethridge (Math), Lulie May Lockard. ENGLISH Mrs. Zola W. Thompson, Alberta Norwood, Mabel Rowley, Katherine Sprigg, Ruth Chiles, Mrs. Flora B. Guy, Marjorie C. Sparks, Mrs. Blanche T. Lallas, Mrs. Lillie Ard Morris, Annie K. Looney, Mrs. Lucile H. Glaze, Mrs Azoline W. Large, Mrs. Nancy S. Colee. LANGUAGES Ruth Lee Long, Felicia Metcalfe, Hazel Coke, Betty Cown. MATHEMATICS Mrs. Rosa W. Blackwell, Margaret Culp, T.N. Driskill, Winifred Farr, Marie Haden, Mrs. Katherine P. Randolph, Mary Till. HISTORY Mrs. Amelia G. Duncan, Mildred E. Snow, Margaret E. Cox, Juanita Walden, Gladys Barry, Nell Tamblyn, Mrs. Nell C. Miller, Velma Patton, Joe Hicks, Claude McLain. MANUAL TRAINING A.V. Jannett, Richard Grimes, Burke Dupuy. MUSIC R.J. McClain, Elizabeth McNutt, Elizabeth Selman, Edith Pearson. PHYSICAL EDUCATION Kathryn Smith, Charles L. Duncan, Burke Dupuy, Claude B. McLain, Joe Hicks, Garland K. Ethridge. HOME ECONOMICS Kate Whitfield, Jerome Kennedy, Helen Mohns. LIBRARIAN Frances Seay, Nan Elizabeth Miles (Ass’t.) REGISTRARS Mrs. Betty Q. Mathews, Annie K. Looney, Mrs. Peggy Mangum. READING Mrs. Elizabeth R. Rogers. UNASSIGNED Virginia Pace, Margcret Y. Hamilton. SCIENCE Mrs. Louise A. Beach, Mary H. Harris, Virginia Nancarrow, Mrs. Elma B. Robbins, A.D. Staples, Agnes Hunt, Mrs. Ruby H. Harden, Mrs. Reba C. Ponder, Mrs. Ellis Woods Walker, Richard D. Mansfield-Jones.It Doesn't Take a Crystal Ball to See YOUR FUTURE IN TELEPHONE WORK If you choose a Telephone career you may be sure of: • Good pay from the start • Friendly co-workers • Frequent scheduled raises • Helpful supervisors • Interesting, important work • Plenty of opportunity for advancement • One of the best sickness-benefit pension plans in all industry One visit to our employment supervisor will show you definitely how the advantages of telephone work can add up to a real future for YOU. SOUTHERN BELL TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANYGOOD LUCK GRADUATES H W COTTON'S Get GRADUATION GIFTS at SurtbbS ENSLEY' BEST STORE 504 . 19th Street — ENSLEY GILMER DRUG CO. , INC. PHONE 6—0642 RES. 6—5700 M. A. BOYNTON. President • PHONE 6-M4] 4|6 I9TH STREET WATERS FLOWERS • 643 Tuscaloosa Avenue ENSLEY. ALABAMA Birmingham, Ala. Roose J Waters PHONE 6-4164 COLD STORAGE Compliment! of BERTHON'S CLEANERS,DYERS AND FURRIERS PUR0 ICE CREAM PARLOR Z2I3 AVENUE E ENSLEY. ALA. 2201 7TH AVE. SOUTH b'hAM, ALABAMA ESTABLISHED 1916 WE SPECIALIZE IN DYEING COKES - SANDWICHES SODAS ENSLEY BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Compliments of COMPLI MENTS OF « ENSLEY AUTO PARTS WILFRED NAYLOR COMPANY 1907 Fifth Avenue, North Phone 7-8503 2123 AVENUE E ENSLEY STATION BIRMINGHAM 8. ALABAMAJlWUKTANDOPTlCAl COM PAN V Reliable Jewelers and Opticians Ensley. Alabama COMPANY SCHOOL SUPPLIES BIK MINCH AM. ALA HAMA J 4 K Jr i t M Barber6 UV invite YOU To VISIT OUR STORE J. C. PENNEY COMPANY Incorjnratcd ENSLEY, ALABAMA THE FAMILY STOREFor FINE FLOWERS . . . SEE ELLIS FLOWER SHOP ☆ 506 19th Street Eiulcy, Ala. ☆ Phone 6-8353 Frank Chambers Engraving Company 2104 Fifth Avenue. North Birmingham. Alabama WEDDING INVITATIONS LETTERHEADS CLASS RINGS COMMENCEMENT ANNOUNCEMENTS DIPLOMAS - CUP MEDALS - TROPHIES  CITY PAPER COMPANY KENDRICK'S FLOWERS "the oldest paper company IN THE city" 509 NINETEENTH STREET 3700 FIRST AVE. NO. ENSLEY. ALABAMA PHONE 3-6111 WATCH AND JEWELRY REPAIRING COMPLI MENTS or DIAMONDS - WATCHES - OPTICIANS FRIEDMAN'S JEWELERS UNION SUPPLY CO. "home magnolia diamonds" 125 NORTH NINETEENTH ST. 210 NINETEENTH STREET PHONE 4-5618 ENSLEY. ALA. Everything for Every Sport QUARTERBACK DRIVE WIMBERLY THOMAS INN HARDWARE CO.. Inc. 2011 First Avenue ACROSS FROM LEGION FIELD Birmingham. Ala. Cnniirfinu-nts of Ensley Furniture Co. Johnnie Harrison Co FURNITURE ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES ENSLEY - PI»«mo 8-2424 BIRMINGHAM - dune 7-7747 1914 avc. c. Emlcy. Ala. — — COMPLIMENTS OF JAX SEED HARDWARE 8-2426 1916 AVENUE E. ENSLEY GOLDSTEIN and COHEN HM-fl Itttli STMEET ENSLEY St K FOR 46 YEARS u I! i: SLKVS LEADING DKPARTMEYl STOLE •A GOOD DEAL DEPENDS ON WHERE YOU BUY IT" ALABAMA PRODUCE COMPANY COMPLIMENTS OF WOOD FRUITTCHER GROCERY COMPANY INC. WHOLESALE GROCERIES BIRMINGHAM. ALA.remember You'll never forget your school days, and we hope you'll always remember PhotoReflcx, your Official Photographer. We'll always remember the fun we had tabing your pictures., and we hope you will not forget us in the years to come when there arc other occasions you'll want to remember with fi ne portraits. Photo Reflex... a unique method of tailing pictures from coast to coast PHOTOREFLEX STUDIO 4TH FLOOR UMIYEPSITY SUPPLY EQUIPMEMT CO. liqli School and College Annuals 1200-1204 A, jers Street fort Worth 5, I exas PUBLISHERS OF THIS ANNUAL

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