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CHE JACKET Pnedented by VUe Gladded 4 948 ENSLEY HIGH SCHOOL ENSLEY, ALABAMAGentle Reader, this is your Jacket. Read it, enjoy it, and lay it away sacredly with your treasures. It will mean much to you in later years when Time has erased from your memory the names and faces of your present schoolmates. We have striven and toiled many months to make this the very best edition ever. Between its covers you will find a complete record of all the activities of dear old Ensley High during the current year—our hopes, our joys, and our disappointments. We hope you will like it. -THE STAFF FIRMON HARDENBERCH. Editor-in-chief JONES MOORE, Assistant Editor-in-chiefFoh his accomplishments and unselfish efforts in behalf of Ensley High School, we, the graduating Classes of 1948, affectionately dedicate this Annual to the school’s Head Baseball, Head Basketball, and Assistant Football Coach, and History Teacher, whose high ideals have been implanted in our hearts. COACH CLAUDE E. McLAINOwi Puuai ial DR. EARL E. SECHRIESTPrincipal Dr. E. E. Skchiukst Art Commercial English . History Home Economics Languages . Manual Training Mathematics . Science Speech DEPARTMENT HEADS ...................... . Caroline Dick ..............................Daisy Stacey ...........................Kathryn Green ..............................Frankie Enzor ...........................Jerome Kennedy ...........................Florence Bates ..............................Vinet Smith .........................John R. Slaughter .........................Kathryn Boehm er . . . Florence Pass ADVISERS Girls'.............................................................Grace Jones Boys’............................................................E. M. Carnes INSTRUCTORS COMMERCIAL Lulie May Lockard, Mary Frances Turner, Elizabeth W. Bendell, Irene S. Reeve, Myrtle Wise, Lueile Grissom, Flora W. Gunter. ENGLISH Albertu Norwood, Zola W. Thompson, Katherine Sprigg, Ruth Chiles, Azoline Large, Mabel Rowley, Flora R. Guy, Grace Jones, Paul R. W«x d, Agnes Oliver, Blanche Lallus, Lillie A. Morris, Lueile H. Close, Cloriu Gilmore. HISTORY Nell Tamblyn, Claude E. McLain, Juanita Walden, Margaret G x, Cladys Barry, Mary Colyer, Amelia Duncan, Mildred Snow, Ralph Williams, Nell Miller. LANGUAGES Virginia Puce, Felicia Metcalfe, Hazel Coke, Ruth Lee Long, Betty Cown. MATHEMATICS Rosa W. Blackwell, Garland K. Ethridge, Katherine Randolph, Mnrgaret Culp, T. N. Driskill, Winifred Farr, Marie 1 laden, Mary Till. SCIENCE Elma Robbins, A. D. Staples, Virginia Nun-carrow, Lillian L«x ncy, Louise Beach, Mary Harris, Agnes Hunt, Reba Ponder, Ruby Harden, Ellis Walker. HOME ECONOMICS Helen Mohns, Kate Whitfield. MANUAL TRAINING E. M. Carnes, A. D. Staples, Thomas Mauley, Erskiue Vandegrift. MUSIC Elizabeth McNutt, Edith Pearson, Hugh Hunter, R. J. McCluin. PHYSICAL EDUCATION Kathryn Smith, Charles Duncan, Burke Du-pey, Claude E. McLain. R. O. T. C. Sergeant Male. LIBRARIAN Fanny Seay; Nan Elizabeth Miles, assistant. REGISTRAR Ruth F. Riley. SUPPLY TEACHERS Elizabeth Rogers, John Persell, James Walker." QarJpjot" Mrs. Elizabeth K x:khs, through her unfailing interest, loyalty and untiring efforts to help in preparing our 1948 Annual for publication, has endeared herself to the members of the editorial staff. We will always remember Mrs. Rogers with gratitude and affection. Editor-in-chief Vkhnon Patrick Business Manager Assistant Editor Jack Durant Aval Business ManagerCIRCULATIO Billie Ruth Tyus SPORTS EDITOR Jimmy Hancock S N A P S II O T N'oicma Smith MANAGERS Eddie Ihwin ASS1S Billy Fleck MANAGERS JlMMYE PATTEItSON TYPI Mrra Odom ANT SPORTS EDI Haiiold Phoctoh ART ASSISTANT » I I Dot Wiggins rrs Conon Swann ORS Johnny Howeli. AD MANAGER Danny Samek ASSISTANT ADVERTISING MANAGERS Jody Spkaouk Billie Lou Estes Joan Cosaiit Euse Bkkthon Roy Campbell Pnedentintj, . . .CLASS OF JANUARY 1948 Fred Bailey........................................................ President Dan Ireland..............................................• • Vice President Edna Earl Anthony.................................................. Secretary Anita Lumpkin, Willie Jean De Yampert..............................Artists Class Colors: Blue and White Flower: White Rose Motto: “True worth is in being, not seeming. IDEAL BOY Hair like . . . Harold Watkins Eyes like . , . Harold Proctor Clothes like . . Ronald Allbricht Physique like . James Ivy Line like . . . Don Edce Personality like . Fred Bailey IDEAL GIRL Hair like . . • Billie Lou Estes Eyes like . . . Frankie Wesley Clothes like . . Doris Kladden Figure like . . Joyce York Line like . . . Barbara King Personality like . Sudds Wilson WHO’S WHO Prettiest Girl . Handsomest Boy Cutest Couple Wittiest Boy Wittiest Girl . Teachers Pest Most Popular Boy Most Popular Girl Most Athletic Boy Most Athletic Girl Best Actor Best Actress . Frankie Wesley Johnny Mack Driskill j Richard Ray and Joyce Lenderman Harold Proctor . Dawn Padgett Charles Mitchell . Fred Bailey Sudie Wilson James Ivy Pecgy Brodie . Bernard Waldrup Mary Nell WiluamsARTHUR FREDERICK BAILEY, "Uncle Sam . . . President Honors: President of Senior Class; Chairman of Sportsmanship; President of Ses-sion Room; National Thespians; Ushers Club; Neither tardy nor absent for four years; "The Moon Makes Three"; "The Enchanted Cottage"; “Our Town." DENNIS LANIER IRELAND, "Dan" .... Vice President "To be a success in my life." Honors: President, Vice President, Secretary and Head Banker of Session Room; Vice President of Senior Class; The Thespians; Ushers' Club; No demerits; Candlelight Concert ’44, '45; "George Washington Slept Here"; "Red Velvet Goat"; radio play. EDNA EARL ANTHONY, MTony"..........................................Secretary "Sometimes B sharp, always B natural, but never B Hat." Honors: Secretary of Session Room two semesters. President of Session Room two semesters, Vice President of Session Room, Basketball and Volleyball varsities four years; Baseball varsity one year; Captain Volleyball varsity ’45, '46; National Honor Society in sixth semester; Math Club; Latin Club; President of National Thespian Troupe; Sportsmanship Committee; Cast and stall "Our Town,” “Enchanted Cottage,” "The Moon Makes Three"; Vice President of National Honor Society; Secretary of Senior Class.SEN I 0 R S ETHEL GRACE ALEXANDER Honors: Marshal, President ol Session Room; French Club; Girls' League. RONALD ALBRIGHT "To lx a successful lawyer.” Honors: Fro.. Ses. Room; Sec. Ses. Room; Vice Fro A Cuppelln Choir; Pres. Lyrji Chib; Ushers Club, Hi-Y Club; ‘‘Pirate ol Penzance"; ‘‘Trial by Jury”; Cundlehckf Concert 44, '45. '46. '47; Sunrise Service '44, '45, '46, '47; A Capcllu Choir '44, '45. 46, 47; All City Music Festival '45. 46. 47. ELLEN ASH. "Little Hit" “To always In happy.” Honors: Girls’ league; Sec. Ses. Room; Marshal; Chairman on Home Ec Program, Asst. In Home Ec Dept.; D. O. Club; Sec. D. O. Club; Head Bunker Ses. Room, Acrobat '48; Received School Letter ‘47. MARTHA BRASFIELD. 'Dimples" "To have as much fun in my working career a I ve had in high school." Honors: Head Banker Session Room; Filing Certificate. HAMLIN A. CALDWELL. "Jnkc" Honors: Editor oi Ykllow Jacket; Vice Pres. Student Body; Ushers Club, Dcbutr. PEGGY BRODIE, "Peg" "To love and be loved.” Honors: Pres., Vice Pres., and Sec. Sen. Room; Pres. Gym Class; Girls' Basketball V.mnty '45. '46, ’47; Girls' Volleyball Varsity '45. '46, '47; Girls Baseball Varsity ‘44. ‘45, 46. '47{ Captain Basketball Varsity; Tennis Doubles Champion; 80- and 100-word Certificate in Shorthand; Filing Certificate. MARION CALDWELL JOHN CAMERON. "Johnny" "To succeed.' Honors: Member French Club; Officer R.O.T.C. Unit; Officer Disc ami Diamond Society. BETTIE CLARK. "H. C." "To continue to have fun.” Honors; Girls (.vague; Marshal; Asst, to Girls' Adviser; Staff. "Nine Girls''. '•Arsenic and Old Lace", "Blithe Spirit"; Gust of "The Moon Makes Three"; Nation..! Thespians. MARY FRANCES CLIFFORD "Where there's a will, there's a way.” ROY CAMPBELL Honors; Head Banker '44. '45; Electron Club '46, ‘47. 2ud Lt. R.O.T.C.; Officer Disc and Diamond; Marshal Captain. JOAN COZART. "Cozy" “To he a good friend to everyone." Honors: National Honor Society; Pres Sc . Room; Rcc. Sec. Thespians; Latin Gluts; Staff of plays lor '45, '46, '47; Cast of “The Moon Makes Three"; Annual Staff, Student Council. FRANCES LEE CRAIN. "Frankie" "To have NS much fun in the future as I have had in the past." Honors: See. Home Ec Club. 80-word Shorthand Certificate; Filing Certificate. Girls’ League. DUDLEY CHANDLER BETTY CROCKER "To In the kind of person our motto calls lor." Honors: National Honor Society; National Thespians; Pres. Ses. Room; Sec. So. Homo; French Club; Cast of "Our Town" and "Red Velvet Goat"; Staff of "Nine Girls", "Blythe Spirit", "Our Town", "Enchanted Cottage” and "The Moon Makes Three ; Fashion Show '44, Marshal. WILLIE JEAN deYAMPERT "To be successful." Honors: Girls League; Red Cross; Math Club; Electrons; Art Club; Art Letter, One of Co-Senior Class Artists; Art Exhibits; Marshal; National Honor Society; Sec. Sc . Room; Head Banker; Dcfetne Selling for National Honor Society. BOBBY CROSS "To lie successful in anything 1 undertake." Honors: Vice Pres. Art Club; Trcas. Art Club; Art Club 8 Semesters; Boys' and Girls' League: Victory Corps; Art Letter. Art Pageant ’43, '44; Exhibition in State Fair, Perfect Attendance Certificate '44. VIRGINIA ANN DOROUCH. "Cinder" "To B natural, to B sharp, and never B flat." Honors: Girls' and Boys' League; Math Club; Latin Club; Electrons Club; Taleul Search Test. DOROTHY JEAN DUNCAN. "Dot" "To be a successful secretary." Honors: Spanish Club, Sec. Spanish Club; Home Economic Chib; National Honor Society; Head Banker Ses. Room; Vice Pres. Ses. Room; Filing Certificate; Shorthand Certificate. JOHNNY MACK DRISK1LL, "Mac" "To go to college. leam something and live happily ever after." Honor : Pres. Ses. Room; Head Banker Ses. Room; Vice Chairman Student Council; A Cappclla Choir. Candlelight Concert '47; Sunrise Service '47; Ushers Club; Marshal Cabinet; Sec. French Club; Baseball “B" Letter in '46; Baseball Vanity Letter in '47. BILLIE LOU ESTES. "Bill" "To always be what I should lie." Honors: Pres. Ses. Room; Vice Pres. Latin Club; Sec. Thespians; National Honor Society. Cast uf "Enchanted Cottage", "The Moon Makes Three ; Captain Girb' Basketball Vanity. DELORES ETHRIDGE. "Lakey" “To be happy." Honors: Basketball Vanity 46, 47; Volleyball Vanity 46. 47; Baseball Vanity 47; Vice Pre». Gym Class; Winner of Tennis Doubles, 80- and 100-word Shorthand Certificate, Filing Certificate. DON EDCE RUBE EUBANK. "Sleepy" "To always be happy.' Honors: Vice Pres., Sec., and Trea . Ses. Room. Spanish Club; French Club. Homc Ec. Club; Fashion Show 44, '45, '46; Munhal; Cast o» "Our Tuwn"; Staff ol "Trial by Jury".SENIORS BETTY JANE FINCH "To make the best of everything in life." Honor»• Nation ! Honor Society; Latin Club; Girls' League; Vice Pres. Sr . Room; See Sr Room; Yellow Jacket Staff; 60- 80- and 100-word Shorthand Certificate, Filing Certificate. ERNEST CRECORIOU "To lie successful in business." JANET FINDLAY. "Net" ’To he happy." Htmors: Junior Red Cross; Cirl»‘ league; Sec. to Dept. Head; Mar hal; 80-word Sliorthaml Certificate; Filing Certificate. MARY FRANCIS FISCHBACH. "Ducky “To succeed in whatever I undertake to do." Honors: French Club; 80-word Shorthand Certificate; Filing Certificate, FRED CLOBETTI ‘To be a success in life." JOYCE GANN "To live a very happy life." Honors: Vice Pres. Ses. Room; Sec. Ses. Room; National Honor Society; Spanish Chib; Girl ' League; Red Cross; 80- and 100-word Shorthand Certificate; Secretary to Principal. TOMMYE RUTH CANNAWAY. "Thomas" "To be happy." Honors: Pres. Se». Room; Sec. Ses. Room; Marshal; Y-Tccn; 80-word Shortliaud Certificate, 20-pcnod Filing Certificate. HAROLD CRAY Honors: Pres. Ses. Room; Head Banker; Science Dept. Letter; Ushers Club; No demerits. VIRGINIA RUTH GIBB Honors: Girls League; Library Assistant; Miss Jones Office. FAY CLOVER "To lead a happy and successful life." Honors: D. O. Club; Girls’ Iarague. BENNIE FRED HARRIS "To make life a success." Honors: National Honor Society; Boys’ and Girls' League; Vice Pres. Boys' and Girls' League; Pres. Ses. Room; Vice Pres. Ses. Room; Banker Ses. Room. MARGARET ALENE GOODRICH, "Lou" "To succeed." Honors: Basketball, Volleyball, Baseball Varsities; Vice Pres. Ses. Boom: Banker Ses. Room; Member Girls’ League; Pres. Gym Class, 80- and 100 word Certificate lu Shorthand. JOANN CUAHINO. "Jo" Honors: Pres. Ses. Room; Home Economics Club; Vice Pres. Home Economics Club. RALPH HENDERSON “To lie it success at the T. C. I. Steel plant." MARTHA HARRISON NETTIE MAE HAYES Honors: Certificate of Merit; Gold Achievement Key; Art Exhibitions at LovcinuuV and Carnegie Institute; Clothing Exhibitions at Fashion Show and Fair, First Prize at Fair. DAVID AUSTIN HIGGINBOTHAM “To become a great minister." Honors: A Cappclla Choir; "Pirates of Penzance"; Candlelight Concert 19-16-17. MARY ALICE HEAPS , "To lie successful throughout life." Honors; Girls' League; Sec. Ses. Hoorn; Basketball Varsity; Baseball Varsity. Volleyball Varsity; Marshal. BETTY HOLDER. "Bet" "To be a success.” Honors: Sec. Sc . Room; Yellow Jacket Staff; Yellow Jacket Head Typist; Dr. Sechriest' Office; 80- and 100-word Shorthand Certificate; Filing Certificate. WILLIAM E. HINTON Honors: Member of Band. BETTY JOYCE HURT. "Red" "To always be happy." Honors: Basketball, Volleyball, Baseball Varsities; Perfect Attendance; Staff ol "Arsenic and Old Lace"; 100-word Shorthand Certificate; Filing Certificate; Ykllow Jacket Stuff. JOAN IRWIN "To finish college." Honors; Girls' League; Home Economics Club; Marshal; Officer Gyui Class. AL HOLL1NCSHEAD MIRIAM JACKSON. "AHint" Honors; Art Club; Fust Prize at Fair; Victory Corps; Acrobatic Cheerleader 1948.SENIORS BILLIE HHEA JANNKTT “To write « book." Honor : Latin Club; Electron Club; CmI of “The Moon Makes Three": Sec. So Hikiiii; Banker Sr . Room; Varsity Basketball. Volleyball and Baseball; Captain B.urbaB ami V olleyball. JOHNNY HOWELL “To live to »ee Billy Karrli get out of school." Honor : Football; Basketball; All City Basketball Team; Pres. A Cappella Choii VIOLET LOUISE KEITH. "Dinky" "To he happy always." Honor : Pre . Gym Class; Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball Letter, Captain Voile)-ball; Shorthand and Filing Certificate. BARBARA KING. "R. Kinu" "To let the good times roll." Honor : Y-Teeil Club; Marshal. JAMES IVY. "Jazz" Honor : Basketball; Football; Co-Captam Football Team; All City, All State, All Southern Football Teams; Outstanding Lineman of Jefferson County CAROLYN KING Honor : Basketball Vanity; Pres. Ses. Room; Pm. Speech Club; Cast of "Cho Town”. DORIS KLADDEN. "Slug" "Love many, hate none. Live long, have fun.” Honor : National Honor Society; Member of Y-Teern; Pres. Y-Teens; Girls" League. Victory’ Corp; Member Spanish Club: Vice Pres. Sc . Room; Sec. Ses. Room; Marshal. Stuff of "Arsenic and Old Lace", "Nine Girls", and "Blithe Spirit"; 60- 80-, 100-vrorti Shorthand Certificate; Filing Certificate; Yillow Jacket Staff. JAMES TONES JOHNSTON, "Poke" "To be an Aubum graduutc." Honors: Band; No Demerits, JOHNNIE MAE KRATZ, "Jonnfr" "To be head of Wylam Library. ’ Honor ; Lyric Club; Girls" League; Sec. Girls' League; Library Asst.; Girls’ Junior and Senior Glee Clubs; A Cappella Choir; Spring Concert; Candlelight Concert. JUANITA LE FLORE. "Bessie" "To become owner of Sears-Rocbuck." MILTON KING JOYCE LENDERMAN "Finish college and have lots of fun doing it." — Honor : National Honor Society; Y-Teens; Marshal; Senior Girls" Glee Club; Latin Club; Pre». Latin Club; Sec. A Cappella Choir; Fro . Ses. Room; Banker Ses. Room. ANITA LUMPKIN. "Lighten" "To be Head Interior Displayer of any store.” Honors: Senior Class Artist; Exhibitions at library, Fair and Scliolastic; Award in Scholastic. WILLIAM MILTON KHK.MER, "Copperhead" "To be the man my dnd is. Honors: Track Team; Captain Track Team; State Broudjump Record; Pres. Mutli Club; Ushers Club; Boys Glee Club; A Cappella Choir. BARBARA McCROHIK Honors: 80-word Shorthand Certificate; Filing Certificate; Sec. in School Office. billie jo McDaniel "To succeed in everything I undertake." Honors: Y-Teens; Sec. Ses. Room; 60- and 80-word Shorthand Certificate; Filing Certificate. LAWRENCE LANCASTER BETTY M MEEKIN. "Little Bit" "To make others happy.” Honors: Banker of Se . Room; Marshal; Spanish Club; Miss Jones" Office. MARTHA ELLEN MILES. "Muck" " To make others happy." Honors: D. O. Club. DONALD LEE. "Doug" ""To be a success.” MARIAN MILLER "Just to lie happy.” Honor : Girls' and Boys' League; Art Club; Filing Certificate; 60- and 80-word Shorthand Certificates. ANN MIMS Honor : Pres. Se . Hoorn; 80- and 100-word Certificate; Filing Certificate; Nutrition Certificate; Bed Cross Home Nursing Certificate; No Demerits. BERT LINDBERGH Honors: President of Session Room; President of Spanish Club. Hi-Y. BETTY LEE ODOM Honors: National Honor Society; National Thespians; Staff of "Our Town". "Blithe Spirit ", "Enchanted Cottage". “The Moon Makes Three"; Director of "Pot Luck”; Cast ot "Red Velvet Coat "; French Club; Spanish Club; Cirb" and Boys" League; 120-word Shorthand Certificate; Typist lor Ykj.low Jacket.SENIORS DAWN PADGETT. "Rutter Ball" Honan. Marshal; Varsity Volleyball ’40; Varsity Basketball ’40. ’47; Pres., Vice Prrv. Set-. Session Room; Glw Club. DONALD LONERCAN MARTHA JANE PRICE Honan: National Honor Society; Stock Room Assistant; Girls’ la-agoe; Spanish Club; Marshal. ELIZABETH PUTNEY llcmon: Mwilat D. O. Club; Member isf the Cirl ’ League. JIMMY McRAE. "Aiachead" "To be a bum and loaf all I can.” CAROLYN HANSON Honon: National Honor Society: Pres., Head Banker, Vice Pres. Ses. Room; Marshal; Filing Certificate; 80-100 Won! Shorthand Certificate; No Dements; Perfect Attendance Certificate Two Years; Fashion Show ’47; Nutrition Certificate; Red Cross Home Nursinx Certificate. JUNE REECE Honor»: Vice President of Session Room; Member of D. O. Club. ANTHONY MIRANDA. ’’Putney” Honan: Lyric Chib; A Cappella Choir; Candlelight Concert; "Pirates of Penzance”. LUCY RUTI.EDGE, "Siceel" "To Scrub the floors in Harold's hospital." i onors; Math Club; Home Ec. Club; Spanish Club; Thespians; Session Room Officer: Cast of Senior Play "The Moon Makes Three"; Stall of "Blithe Spirit". "George Washington Slept Here", "Our Town". PEGGY SAULSBURY. "Junior" "To be a nurse." Honon: Pres. Ses. Room; Basketball and Volleyball Vanities; Baseball Vanity. CHARLES MITCHELL "To be the best I can in the shortest length of time." Honon: Band; Orchestra; Junior Electron; President of Session Room; Stock Room Assistant; Marshal. VIRGIL SCOCIN ANA JEAN SCOKEL "To be a dietitian.” Honon: Secretary of Home Ec Club; Manhul Captain; Staff of "F’int Dress Suit", "Enchanted Cottage”; Mrnila-r of Cirls and Boys la ugiir; Fashion Show ’45. 47. JONES MOORE. "Marbles” HonofM: Vrt-t. Ses. Room; Latin Club: Nutional Honor Society; Ushen Club; Band Letter; Science Dept, letter; Associate Editor of the Annual; Electrons. “ AVA JACOUILINE SCOKEL. "Jackie" "To be a dietitian." Ilonon: Electron Club; Marshal; Home Ec Club; Fashion Show; Sponsor, Junior Electron Club; Vice President of Gym Class; Baseball Varsity. BETTY JEAN SELLERS Honon: Staff of "George Washington Slept Here”, "Nine Girls’ , "Our Town"; Cast of ‘•The Enchanted Cottage": Student Director of "The Moon Makes Three"; Cast of Rudio Play "Dishful Dunking"; Latin Club; Vice President of National 'Iliespiuns; Omicron Delta. HERBERT ORR Honon. President of Ushers Club; A Cappela Choir, Track Teum of 47. MARIE SNIDER. "Cricket" “To become successful doing the least amount of work with the most pay. ’ Honon: Vice President of D. O. Club; No Demerits. MARJORIE ALYCE SNOW. "Margie" f onors; Member of Latin Club; Lync Club; A Cappella Choir; Senior Girls' Glee Club; Candlelight Concert; Music Festival; Banker of Session Room; President of Session Room; Letter for A Cappella Choir; Talent Show ’47; Library Assistant. JOHN ORR. "Jitterbug" Honon: Sessions Room Secretary; Ushen Club; Latin Club; Science Department 1-etter; Yellow J AC ltd Photographer JULIA JOYCE SPRAGUE. "Judy" Honon: Vice Prrs. and Bunker Ses. Room; Pres. Latin Club; Pres. Y-Tecns: Sec. Math Club; Member National Honor Society: Member Masque and Gavel; Basketball and Vollryhall Varsities; Basket ball Captain '40. '47; Volleyball Captain '47. '48; Senior (.iris' Glee Club; Candlelight Concert; Music Festival. Staff of "Our Town. "The Moon Makes Three”; Member of Sportsmanship Committee. BETTY STRAITON, "Betty Imu" "To become a nurse. ' Honon: Vice Pres, and Banker Ses. Room; Latin Chib; Math CIl ,. National Honor Society; Pres. Math Club; Member Band; No Dements; Marshal; Member Student Cabinet. HAROLD PROCTOR. "Arena” "To learn how to live before time to die." Honurt: Baseball “B" letter in 40; Baseball Varsity Ia ttrr ’47; Ushers Club; Sportsmanship Committee '47. VIRCINIA ELIZABETH TAKENCE. "Ginger" "To always make the best of things." Honon: Office Assistant; Filing Certificate.SENIORS BETTY JUNE THOMPSON. "Blondie” 'To be happy." Honora: Filing Certificate. W. C. PARKER ROSEMARY TORTOR1CI. ”Ro" "To love and lx- loved." Honor : No Demerits; 80-word Shorthund Certificate. VELODA WALLACE ‘To be an interior decorator and make lots of money." Honors: Assistant Librarian; Head Banker Session Room; Girls' and Boys' League; 80-word Shorthand Certificate. RICHARD RAY. "Dick” Honor : National Honor Society; Src. Ushers Club; Sec. Latin Club; Math Club; Varsity Football ’46. '47; Track Varsity '45. ’46. '47; Chairman Athletics; Band, Sec. Se». Room; Marshal Cabinet; Member of "E” Club. BETTY WEED. "Blondic” "To hear some day. 'Well done, thou good and faithful servant'." Honor : Pres. Ses. Room; Sec. Ses. Room; Member Thespians; Honor Society; Latin Club; Masque and Gavel; Cast of "Our Town"; "Many Moons"; Staff of "George Washington Slept Here”; "Blithe Spirit"; "Nine Girls": Winner of Civitan Contest lor Birmingham; Third Place Winner for the State; Filing Certificate. Shorthand Certificate. FRANKIE WESLEY. "Birdieg “ "To see 'Killer' Karrh graduate." Honor : Majorette '43; Head Majorette '44; Drum Major '45; Society Editor of Yellow Jacket; Y-Teens; Cheerleader '46; Head Cheerleader. PAUL SHAW MARGARET CLIFFERLENE WHEELER. "Cliff” ‘To be successful." Honor : 80-word Shorthand Certificate. MARY ANNE WHITFIELD. "Anne" 'To be happy.” Honor : Home Ec Club; 80-word Shorthand Certificate; Filing Certificate HOWARD SIGMON Honors: Marshal; French Club; Secretary French Club; Electron Club; Cheer- leader; Typing Letter. MARY NELL WILLIAMS ELAINE WILLS. "Cookie" "To eat, sleep, and be happy.” “ Honors: National Honor Society; Art Club; Spanish Club; Marshal; Girls' League. RAMON SIGMON CAROLYN WILSON. "SJHnnie" "To always be ambitious.” Honor : Art Club; Marshal. EVELYN WILSON. ”Eve" ‘To have a happy nnd successful married life." Honor : President D. O. Club; Office Assistant; No Demerits. DOUGLAS AMOS TOWLES. "Deerslayrr” 'To live a successful Christian life. Honors: Cost of "Arsenic and Old Lace": “Our Town"; "George Washington Slept Here"; 'The Moon Makes Three"; Staff ol "Enchanted Cottage"; Cast of Radio Plays, Candlelight Concert, Music Festival. SUDIE WILSON. "Squirrel" Honors: Pres.. Vice Pres., Sec. and Head Banker Session Room; Pres., Sec. and Treusurer Art Club; National Honor Society; National Thespians; Mosque and Gavel; Y-Teern; Marshal; Vice Chairmun of Student Council: Cast ot Radio Plays; "The Moon Makes Three": 'The Enchanted Cottage”; "Blithe Spirit"; "Big 7” Dance Representative. MARY ALICE WORRELL "To bring real happiness to the most people possible." Honors: Spanish Club; National Honor Society; Pres, and Banker Ses. Room; Pres and Sec. Junior Red Cross Council. WILLIAM FERDINAND TROTMAN. "Kudombic" Honors: Cost of "The Face", "Red Velvet Goat"; Staff of "The Enchanted Cottage"; Tennis Letter; No Demerits. BETTY JOYCE YORK. "Three Feet” "To make a mountain out of a mole hill." Honors: French Club; Vice Pres. Ses. Room; 60- nnd 80-word Shorthand Certificate: Filing Certificate; Marshal; No Demerits; “Nine Girls"; "George Washington Slept Here'5. BERNARD WALDHUP. “Barnyard” "To stick everybody I know with pins of happiness." Honor : National Thespians; "Our Town"; "Arsenic und Old Lace”; "George Washington Slept Here";'"Waltz Dream"; "First Dress Suit"; Candlelight Concert '44. Radio Programs; “Nine Girls"; "Out of the Frying Pan"; "Enchunted Cottage". JEAN ZICARELLI. "Kitty" Honors: Pres., Vice Pres. Gym Class; Girls' and Boys' League; Baseball and Basketball Varsity; Gym I etter . , THOMAS WAMBLEJOHN HAROLD WATKINS. U" "To hr tucce» in anything I may nKmipt." Honor : Vunlly Football -18. '47; I'rr . Diic and Diamond; Cant.n K.O.T.C.; Pr.-v S R ; Ca»dlrliKht Concrrt '47 SENIORS WHOSE PICTURES ARE NOT SHOWN PECCY JEANE SMITH GEORGE GARNER AYERITT OSCAR EUGENE BASS KOBKH'l CAM LION MATES THOMAS NEWTON BOLES ROBERT HAROLD BRADY OLIVER CALDWELL DARDEN GEORGE HOUSTON GRAHAM LUTHER RU 0 HORTON NORMAN ANDREW LUSK WILLIAM CLARK MUIR II JACK LEE ODELL GEORGE MADISON OGLE HARRY FARRINGTON REACH DONALD WOODFORD SHIRLEY BRANTLEY OBED SMITH. JH DONALD DAVID STEPHENS WILLIAM FREDERICK STOREY HOBART HOFFERD VANN. JH JACK W'll.LIAHD WHIDDON CARL SCOTT MILLER EARL STANFORD WHITE HERBERT CYLDK WILKINSON SENIORS OF JULY. 1947 LURA GRACE BATSON LEONA ERIN COLLINS ELLEN ELIZABETH GRADY BETTY JEAN HUFHAM CLARA NELL ROTHE SARAH MAXINE STEMBRIDCE ANNETTE WATSON DOLORES WILLIAMSON PEGGY JUNE WOOD CHARLES EDWARD AYERITT BOBBY JOE DARHAII JAMES ISRAEL. JR. CECIL MrCLUHE AARON PAUL MANN ROBERT LEE NORTON BIHDIE LEONARD ODEN JAMES SOUTHERLAND. JH MARIO JOSEPH TOMBRELLO JOHN CALVIN UPCHURCH JESSE GEORCE WHITFIELD Jit jHcRtoriam ARTHUR FREDERICK BAILEY JULIA JOYCE SPRAGUE HESTER JO YORKGIgm l May, 199% OFFICERS Firmon Hardenbekch.................................President Conon Swann...................................Vice President June Mizell........................................Secretary Colors: Blue and White Flower: Red Rose IDEAL BOY Hair like . . . Reese Kennedy Eyes like . . . Dane Harris Clothes like . . Vincent Scalici Physique like . . Frank Bonds Line like . . . Howard Reeves Personality . . Billy Shepherd IDEAL GIRL Hair like . . . Nancy Salvo Eyes like . . . Carolyn Eurton Clothes like . . Mildred Deaver Figure like . . . Ann Stewart Line like . . . Joyce Best Personality . . Billie Ruth Tyus WHO’S WHO Prettiest Girl . Handsomest Boy Cutest Couple Wittiest Boy . Wittiest Girl Teacher’s Pest . Most Popular Boy Most Popular Girl Most Athletic Boy Most Athletic Girl Best Actor . Best Actress . Billie Ruth Tyus . . Dane Harris {Reese Kennedy Joan Lewis . Billy Shepherd . . Norma Smith . . Walter Jones Firmon Hardenberch Billie Ruth Tyus . Vincent Scalici . Betty Harrison Weldon Gibson Ann MoonFIRMON E. HAHDENBKRGII “To write something us pretty as Frankie Carle’s ’Sunrise SereanadeV Motion: National Honor Society; President and Vice Fresident of Session Room; Vice Chairman of Student Count'd; President of Electrons; President of Alabama Junior Academy of Science; President and Vice President of French Club; Usher Club; Piano Soloist in Candlelight Concert. '-15; Winner of Silver .Medal at Birmingham Conservators' of Music; Editor of Annual; Cheerleader’ 47; Background Music in "Enchanted Cottage", "The Moon Makes Three” and "Many Moons”; Orchestra; President of Senior Class; String Orchestra for Southern Music Teachers’ Conference, ‘47. "Moon Court" of 1948; No Demerits. CONON DOYLE SWANN, JR. “No ambition whatsoever.” Motion: National Honor Society; Usher Club; Math Club; Latin Club; Vice President of Session Room ’47; President of Session Room. 1947; Science Department Letter; N’o Dement . JUNE MIZELL, “Blucboy" "To be as beautiful as Joyce McLean.” Motion: Junior Girls’ Glee Club; Senior Girls’ Glee Club; A Capped- Choir. ’47. ’48; Lyric Club; Girls’ Longue; Junior Red Cross; Candlelight Concert. ’45, ‘46. '47; Easter Sunrise Service, '45. '46. ’47; Marshal; City Music Festival, ’45, ’46, '47; Spring Revue. '47.SENIORS DOLORES ADAMS "To ithve, to nock, to find, and nut to yield." Honor : President Session Room; All State Music Festival Band; All City Bawl, First Chair Clarinet. CONRAD ELBERT ADAIR. "Connie" "To live up to what I should be." Honora: President Session Room; Vice President Latin Club; Vice President Session Room; Tennis Squad. MARY CHI.OE ADKINS. "Chloc" Honors: Pres. Ses. Room; Vice Prr . Ses. Room; Sec. Se». Room; Lyric Club, Y-Teens; A Cappelln Choir; Band; Candlelight Concert; Spring Music Festival; Christina Festival; Marshal; Easter Sunrise Service; Vocal Letter, Band Letter; Junior awl Senior Girls Glee Club; Yellow Jacket StaH. JOHNNY ALIANO PETRINA ALFANO. "Pal" ’To mukc my own home." Honor .- Boys and Girls' League; 80-word Certificate; Filing Certificate. REUBEN JOY BARNES, "Roby" Honor ; D. O. Club. VIRGINIA ARMSTRONG FRANK BONDS, "htnnkit" "To eat her biscuits. Honor : Football. Basketball, Basketball Captain. PEGGIE BAGGETT "Get married" Honoa: Red Cross; Girls League; Y-Teen . BILL ECHOLS Honoa; Usher Club; President of Usher Club. NELLIE RUTH BAILEY. "Willie" 'To succeed in all my undertaking ." Honor : Girl ' League; 80-word Shorthand Certificate; Secretory to Department Head; No Demerit . JOHN WILLIAM BUMPUS. "Rump” "To get out of Mr. Staple’s Physic 7 Class as well ft I did hi Physic 8 Class." Honor : Band; "B” Team Football Letter. nancy baker GERALD WINSTON BURT. “Tiny" "To l e a success in the Air Force.” Honor : Baud; All State Music Festival; All City Bond; Marshal. ANN BARKER. "Bong” "Not to die single. Honor : Marshal; Girl ’ Volleyball Varsity. CEORGE CAMPBELL NAN BARKER. "Nnnnic” "To go to college." Honors: Glib Volleyball Vanity; Marshal. DENNIS CARLIN. JR. Honor : President Session Room: Secretary Session Room; Math Club; Vice President Spanish Club; National Honor Society; Due and Diamond Society. JACKIE BARNES CARL CATHY MONTERtE CLARICE BARNES "Montic" Honor : Volleyball Vanity; Vice Pres. Vanity Gym Class; Vice Pres. Gym Class; Y-Teens; Head Ranker Ses. Room; Sec. Ses. Room; Vice Pres. Ses. Room; Four Year Perfect Attendance. STROUD C ATT LETT ACNESS JOYCE BARR, ‘ Bug" "To be a success in life." Honor : Secretary of Session Room; Secretary of D. O. Club. JOSEPH LEE CHAMBLESS. "Joe" "To travel and be successful. ’ Honor : Vice Pres. Ses. Room; Stamp and Coin Club; First Lieut. R.O.T.C.SENIORS Ilonort: HETTY DEAN BEASLEY. "Smart Girl" "To be a secretary to a good-looking boss.' Shorthand Certificate. YcHou Jacket Stuff. HUGH BOYD CKAIG 11 anon: Vice Pfw. Usher Club; Pro. Lyric Club; Vice Pro.; Football 46. ANNE BEDINCFIELD Honors: National Honor Society; Latin Club. See. Latin Club; Electron Chib; Pro. S. H.; Sec. S. H.; Head Banker S. H. DREW DE SHAZO. "U htnln " "To get a date with Jane Carter." Honor . Football; Latin Club; Pre . S. R.; Chairman Student Council. YVONNE HELL. "Von 4 "To go to college and nuikr a business woman.” Ilonort; Vice Pre . S. R.; Junior Citin' Glee Club; Senior Girls’ Glee Club A Cappella Choir; Candlelight Concert; Luster Sunrise Service. City Music Festival Girls' league; Junior Reel Cross; Y-Teens; Marshal. Captain Track Team; Spring Review Campaign. JIMMY DUNBAR ELISE BERTHON "To succeed in all I undertake." Hobby: Collecting picture post card and stumps. Honor .- Head Marsnal; National Honor Society; A Cappella Choir; Chairman Lott and Found; Marshal Captain; Scbolarsnip Committee; Senior Girls' Glee Club; Junior Girls’ Glee Club; Annual Staff; Yellow Jacket Staff. Vice Pres. S. R.; Sec. S. R.; , Banker S. R.; Girl ’ and Boys' League; Music Festival; Candlelight Concert; ” API Radio Program; Lyric Club; "A Spring Revue"; 80-. 80-. 100-ward Shorthand (•ertiiicntc; Perfect Attendance Certificate; Stute Music Festival. JACK DAVIS DURANT "Io gain friends and influence people without the help of Dale Carnegie” ... Honors: National Honor Society; Usncn Club; A Cappella Choir; S. R. Officer; Electron Officer; Candlelight Concert; Latin Club; Lyric Club; American Heritage; Stall of ‘Trial by Jury’ Cast of "Pirates of Pinxunce”; Annual Staff; Spring Festival. JOYCE CORDELIA BEST. "Candrlia” 'Have happiness, love and success. With whom? That shouldn't be hard to guess.” Honors.- Pres. S. R., Vice Pres. S. R.; Junior Hed Cross; Junior Girts Glee Club; Senior Girl ' Glee Club; A Cappella Choir; Girls' League; Candlelight Service. Y-Tcen»; Home Economics Club; Easter sunrise Service; Marshal Campaigns; Cheerleader; Talent Show Spring Review; City Music Festival. RONALD PETER ECKMANN. "Egbert" "To gel what I go after.” Ilonort: Track Team; A Cappoia Choir. JOYCE BISHOP. "Slide" "Accomplished." Honan: Cirls' League; Y-Teens; Yellow Jacket Staff. ALBERT MARION ELLISON, "Tony" "To live to a ripe old age." Ilonort: Latin Club; Elrctmn Club; Track Letters; Cross-Country Letters. Football Letter. MARY FRANCES BLACK, "Stwokltf" Ilonort: Y-Tecus. Ctrls' League, S'ice Pres. S. It. ROBERT C. ELLITHOHPE. "Bob" ‘To be an einbassary. ’ Ilonort: Football; Track; Tennis; French Club; Stamp Chib; Mask and Gavel; Sec. Mus.|ue and Gavel; National Thespians; Marshal Captain; P. ’I. A. Debate; Jr. Town Meeting; Staff "Our Town’, "Blitne Spirit"; Ca t “me Voliunt”, "George Washington Slept Here", "The Moon Makes Three' , "Enchanted Cottage"; Oratory Contests, Christ-nia Pageant; Omicrun Delta. HELEN GOODALL BLAIR. "Honey" "To make Jimmy happy,” Ilonort: Jr. and Sr. Girls' Glee Club; Girls’ League; Pres. S. R.; Candlelight Concert. WILLIAM ALBERT EVESQUB, "Bull" “To become a successful business man." Ilonort: Band; No Demerits; Perfect Attendance Certificate. ROMESE BLANKENSHIP Honors: 60-. 80-wnrd Certificate; Y-Teens; Girls' league. WILLIAM JOHN FAKHAH, •.Snuffy" ‘To become a very successful labor relations agent.” Ilonort: Pres. S. K.; Perfect Attendance Certificate. BETTY BRITTAIN, "floop" "Love many, hate none, live long, have fun." Ilonort: 80-, 80-word Certificate; Girls and Boys' league; National Thespians; Spanish Club; Cast "Many Sfoons", "Happy Journey"; Staff "Enchanted Cottage . WILLIAM EDWARD FLECK, "Jeu " 'To go to Auburn." Ilonort: Sec. S. H.; Annual Staff; "B” Toum Basketball; Varsity Basketball Squad. RUTH CATHRYN BUCKNER "To be happy and to make others happy." Ilonort: Orchestra; City. State Musical Festival; Vice Pres., Head Banker. Sec. S. R.; Spanish Club; 60-word Shorthand Certificate. JAMES LAMAR FREEMAN. "Frcedie" Honors. Electron Club; Cross Country; Cast "Our Town". Staff "Enchanted Cottage", Radio Programs; Musical Review; Boys' League. DORIS JEAN CAMPBELL. "Dottle Hean" "To have success and happiness in nil I do." Honors: Art Club; Marshal; Yellow Jacket Staff; Office Worker. ALVIN HUBERT GIBBS. "Wootie" “To trisect an angle.” Ilonon: Pres. National Honor Society; Lt. of Disc and Diumond; Vice Pro. Math Club; Sec., Banker S. R.. Marshal Captain; Marshal Cabinet; Perfect Attendance; Student Cabinet; Student Council; Chairman Scholarship. Honors; D.O. Club. LOUISE CARR, ”Tommie' WELDON’ THOMAS GIBSON. ■'Pidueun" "To be .1 success In radio.” Honors; Start "Arsenic and Old Lace”. "Nine Girls". "Blithe Spirit", “Our Town' "Enchanted Cottage”. Cast. Staff "George Washington Slept Here , Cast "The Moot! Makes Three"; Radio Programs: Cheerleader; Pres. Thespians; School Radio Announce! MARY ANN CLEVELAND. "Mac" "To like many, to hate none, to love and be loved by one." Honors: Girls' League; An Club; Red Cross Representative. ROBERT FRANKLIN GRIMES, JR.. "Carry" "To be a jam up good lawyer.” Honors; Pro., Vice Pres. S. R.; Marshal; Non-Commissioned Officer R.O.T.C.; Candlelight Concert; Parade; Stamp and Coin Club; Auctioneer Stamp and Coin Club. RUBY JOYCE CLOWER "Always be a happy as I was in high school." Honors: Spanish Club; Math Club; Sec.. Vice Pres. S. R.; Sr Girls' Glee Club. Candlelight Concert; Easter Sunrise Service; Spring Festival; Christinas Festival Marshal; Perfect Attendance Certificate. J. C. GROGAN CARRIE SUE COBB "To make a success of my life und to lie happy," Honors; Pn s. S. H.; 60-, 80-word Certificates in Stenography; D. O. Club. JIMMY HAFNER SARAH NELL COLBURN. "Sadit" Honors: Mask and Gavel; National Thespians; Girls' and Bovs' League; Vice Pm, Sec-. Speech Classes; Staff "The Moon Makes Three”, "George Washington Slept Here". "Enchanted Cottage", "Our Town.” JAMES PAUL HANCOCK, "Crcampuff" "Out-live my nickname." Honors; Freshman, Cross Country Track; "B” Team, Vanity Football; Science Department Letter; No Demerits. ROSE ANN DAWKINS "To always be happy." Honors: Prrj., Sec. S. R.; A Cappella Choir; Lyric Club; Staff “Our Town", “Enchanted Cottage"; Candlelight Concerts; Spring Festival; Girls’ and Bovs’ League, Marshal; Christmas Festival; Radio Play. HOWARD DANE HARRIS "To figure girls out." Honors: Vanity Track Letter; Officer R.O.T.C.; Capt. Disc and Diamond; Marshal; No Demerits. ELEANOR MILDRED DEAVER "To leam to fry bacon." Honors: Orchestra; Candlelight Concert; All-City Orchestra; University State Contention; Southeastern Conference; Vice Pres.. Head Banker S. R.; Girls League. Latin Club; Spanish Club; Art Club; Y-Teens. DONALD CORBIN HARRIS, "Cannon Ball" "To own and operate a Negro nitc club.” Honor.,: Track Letter; Band; Orchestra; 1st Chair All State Band; All City Orchestra. ALLESE DOSS "To lie a success.” Honors: Pres. S. R.; Sec. Home Ec Club; Fashion Show; 80-word Stenography Certificate. ROBERT WILLIAM HARRISON. JR.. "Bobwilly" "To he as handsome as Hugh Craig." Honors: Baseball Manager; Perfect Attendance Certificate; No Demerits. JUNE CAROL DUNN, "Bug" "To be happy always and make others happy.” Honors: Pres., See. S. R.; Fashion Show: Marshal. Jr. and Sr. Glee Club; Candlelight Concert; City Music Festival; Spring Festival; Easter Sunrise Service; Y-Teem; D. O. Club; 60-, 80-, 100-word Shorthand Certificates; National Honor Society; Yellou I ticket Stall. JOHN ROBERT HOLSTEN. "Pluto" "To be a medical doctor." Honors: Sec. National Honor Society; Varsity Football; Varsity Truck Letter. CAROLYN EURTON "To find something to get ambitious about." Honors: W.A.P.I. Program; Y-Teens; Vice Pres. Y-Teem; Oratorical Judge at Minor. HUBERT DAVID HONEYCUTT. "Popeye" "To live to be 99 years old." Honors: "B" Team Football; Varsity Football. LUELLA DELORES FOX. "Foxic" “ To live in the Smoky Mountains." Honors: Sec., Vice Prc . Art Club; National recognition in Art; Scholastic Art Key; Art Letter; Art Portfolio entered in Scholastic; Sec. S. R. WILLIAM L. HOWARD, "Billy" Honors: Freshman Track; Disc and Diamond Officer. . JOY ANN FURCRON. "Jaded" "To successfully finish four yeArs of college." Honors: Math Club; Latin Club; Y-Teens; Girls’ and Boys Leage; Sec., Pres. S. R-; R.O.T.C. Sponsor; Marshal Captain; City Editor of Yellow Jacket. EDWARD EUGENE IRWIN, "Eddie" "To be a successful lawyer." Honors: Pres. Student Body; Pres. S. R.; Pres. National Honor Society; Trea», Thespians; Math Club; Mosque and Gave!; Good Citizenship Boy; Ushers Club-SENIORS PAULA JEAN GILLEAN "To be (hr world grrute»t typist." Honor»: 80-, 100-word Shorthund Certificate; Latin Club; Boy - and Girl ’ League; Y-Teen»; Pro. Gym Glut ; Basketball, Ba»rbull Vunity. WALTER JONES. "Yo-Yo" "To like and be liked.” Honor : Victory Corps; Girl - and Boy - League; Vice Pro. Latin Club; Head Banker S. H.; Manual; ) clnni Jacket Start; “George Washington Slept Here.- BARBARA ANN GOODWIN. "Bobby" "To travel." Honor : Vice Pres. S. R.; Pre ., Vice Pre .. Sec. Art Club; Scholastic Art Key . Certificate ot Merit; lit Prize in Pottery. 2nd Prize on Poster Desist" a( Fair. Art Letter. Textile Selected for Ralph Pearson- Lecture ; Lunch Room Snack Hur; Art Exhibition st Public Library. RICHARD M. JOURNEY. JR "To lie an automobile mechanic.” JACKIE HARDIN "To be like Joyce Kearney." Honor : Chri tma Festival; Candlelight Concert; Jr. and Sr. Glee Clubs; Lyric Chib; A Cuppella Choir. CHARLES REESE KENNEDY. JR.. "Digger" "To lie the last one to let my triend down." PHYLLIS LOUISE HARDIN. "Phil" "To always have a good time.” f citior ; D. O. Club; No Demerits; Basketball, Volleyball Vanity; SO-, 100-word Shorthund Certificate. ANDREW G. KROMIS. "Andy' BETTY JEAN HARRISON. "Sporl" "To have as much fun in college as I have had in high school." Honor : Girls' and Boys' League; D. O. Club; Pres. Gym Class; Capt. Volleyball Vanity; Softball, Basketball Vanity. RUSSELL LAMBERT EMMA JANE HARRISON, "h'lath" "Live a king time and remain iingle." Ilvnor : Vice Pres. S. H.; Girl - Glee Club; Reporter Yellow Jacket. JAMES LAWLEY PEGGY JOYCE HASSLER. "Peg" "To lie a good looking a Frank Bond . Honor : Pres., Sec. S. R.; Y-Teens; Reporter Yellow Jacket. HARVEL LAWSON CLAIRE HIGHT. "Clatahclle" "To own a cat farm." Honor : Vice Pres., Six-.. Head Banker S. R.; French Club; Y-Teens; Yellow Jacket Stag; Mantial. STEWART LEACH SARAH GRACE HOLDSAMBECK. Sam" "To always be happy." Honor : Sec., Head Banker S. R.; Trvu . Hume Ec Club; Mascot. Pre . Gym Class: Bateball, Basketball Vanity; Capt. Volleyball Vanity. CHARLES LONG KATHERINE INGHAM BOB LUMPKIN “Doctor ” Honor : Football, Alternate Capt. Basketball Team. ANN DELL JACKSON. "Gertmde" "To enfoy college « much » 1 have high school.'" Honor : A Cuppella Choir; R.O.T.C. Sponsor; Disc and Diamond Club; Vice Pre . S. H.; Candlelight Concert; Spring Review. CHARLES McCLUNG. "CW "To play fint string basketball." Honor : Basketball Team. EDITH JOSEPHINE KAY. "Joe" Honor : D. O. Club; Art Club; Art Exhibit at Public Library; No Demerits. GEORGE ROY MERRITT “To be a success." Honor : Spanish Club.SENIORS JOYCE KEARNEY ’To hr a stupid a Jackie Harden.” Honors. I'm., Sec. S. K.; D. O. Chib; Volleyball Vanity. VERCII. LEONARD METTS, III. “Sonny” "To be an Eimtien or a Bob Hope.” Honors: No dr merit ; Latin Club; Science Store Room; Trea . S. R. 01X1A JOANN LEWIS "To ulway be happy.” Honors: Pm., Sec. S. R.; D. O. Club; Acrobatic Cheerleader; Vice Pre . Gym Clou 60-, B0-. 100-word Shorthand Certificate ; No Demerit . DONALD BARTON MORRIS. "Pudycy" "Cartoonist.” Honors: Spanish Cluh; Vice Pre . Art Club: Certificate of Merit in Art Aw n) , Scenery in "Tnal l y Jury”, “Pirate of Pcnxance'; No Demerits. LUCILLE ELOISE MASON, "Red" ’To be successful.” Honors: Cub' League; Work in Mi»» Stacey’s office. RUSSELL MOSS. "Woody’' “To wow the women.” Honors: "B” Team, Vanity Football, Baseball, Basketball; Vice Pro. Student Both Vice Pres., Sec., Head Banker S. R.; Pre . Hi-Y Club. MARY ELIZABETH MAXWELL, "Betty" Honors: Art Cluh; Spanish Cluh; Art Exhibition at Fair. LOUIS JOSEPH MUCLACH. JR. "Co to college." BETTE JANE McCRARY, "Bette Mac” "To he like Mother, and find a man like Daddy.” Honors: Pre ., Sec. Spanish Club; Marshal; No Demerit ; Jacket Staff; GO-, 80-100-word Shorthand Certificates, Basketball Varsity; Pres., Vice Pro., Sec. S. H. BILLY HARRELL NEIGHBORS, "Ben” "Enter into engineering." Honors: Track, Cross Country Letters; Co-alternate Capt. Track team; Capt. Crou Country team. JANICE MARY McKINNEY To be a success in life.” Honors: President of D. O. Chib. HENRY NELEMS Honors: Footliall Letter '46. JOYCE McLEAN "To be a good looking a June Mizell. and to become a psychologist.” Honors: Head Typist Yellow Jacket; Manhall. ROBERT NEWMAN. Monk- Honors: Band. BARBARA MAE MENDENHALL, "Mendla” "To remain a ’steady’ a I am." Honors: Pre .. Vice Pre ., Sec. S. R.; Boys’ and Girl ’ League; Marshal; Jr. and Sf Cirl ’ Glee Club; Pre . Y-Teens. EARL NOE. "Ace NochalU" GRACE ANN MOON. "MoonU" "To be a happy always a I am now." Honors: Christina Festival; Glee Club; A Canpella Choir; Thespian ; Lyric Club. Staff "Our Town ’, "George Washington Slept Here", "Enchanted Cottage , "Moot Make Three”; Candlelight Concert; Spring Review. JAMES WESLEY PATE. "Pater" "Not to be a ditch digger.” Honors: Vice Pre . S. R.; "B” Team, Varsity Basketball; Baseball. FRANCES MAUREEN MYERS. "Frankie" "To be a dress designer." Honors: Basketball, Vollevball. Baseball Varsity. JOHN VERNON PATRICK. Jg., "Pot" Honors: Pres. Student' Body; Annual Staff; Pres. Masque and Gavel Society; Pm. Stamp and Coin Club; National Thespian ; A Cappella Choir; Usher ' Club; Omicn Delta; Honor Society; Marshal Captain; "Our Town. LUCILLE ELIZABETH NEMETH, "Dimples" "To always lx- happy.” Honcrrs: Honor Society; Head Banker S. R.; Spanish Club; D. O. Club; Marshal: Chairman of Cluh ; Yellow Jacket Staff; Fashion Show; 60-. 80-. 100-word Shorthand Certificate ; No Demerit . JOHN POINTER. PoinUrdou" "To go to college and get a com mis ion m the Army." Honors: Officer Di c and Diamond; Cadet Officer R.O.T.C.; Rifle Team; No Df merit . LUCY PEARL ODOM. "ImIsUo" Honors: Pre . Spanish Cluh; French Cluh; Honor Society; 100-word Shorthand Certificate; History Dept. Assistant; Marshal. STANLEY POWELL. ”Stinkie" "To become the best paper boy ui the U. S." Honors: Library Worker; Lunch Room Worker; Head Banker.SENIORS MILDRED HELEN ODOM. "MttzT Honor,-. Head Banker. Pre . S. B.; Math Club; Pre . Latin Club. GimlMJttllt Con-irtt 47; Aimii.il Stall; Y-1 mil. ARCHIBALD MAH ION PRESTON. "Apr" "To go steady with Jackie." Honor,: A Cappella Choir; Candlelight Concert, Spring Revue '-17; Sunrise Service. MARY ANN PARKER. Slim" "To marry the man ol my dream ." Homo,. Fashion Slum ‘47, '48; Marshal; Banker S. R.; Miu Jones Aslstanl; Nutrition Certificate; Home Nuning Certificate. DOROTHY JEAN PATTERSON. "Pol" "To In- successful and happy in everything I do. Honor,: Junior Glee Club; Lyric Club; Candlelight Concert 45; Girls' la-ague. Junior Red Cross. CHARLES FLETCHER PRIDMORE. "Bull" Honor,: Choir; "Pirate of PrnTonee”; Candlelight Service '45. '48; Spanish Club. JIMMYE PATTERSON. "Jim" Honor,: Junior Glee Club; Senior Glee Club. A Cappella Choir; Vice Pie . Lyric CWib; French Club; Christinas Festival ; Sunrise Services. Candlelight Concert ; Spring Revue 1947; Marshal; Annual Stall. VIRGINIA RUTH PIERCE. "Jenny" "To lie an ideal secretary . ' Honor,: Nice Fro . Spanish Club; Latin Club; Sec. S. R.; Marshal; 80-word Shorthand Certificate. HOWARD TAFT REEVES. JR., "linger" "To lie a «ucve sful surgeon." Honor,: Prr ., Head Banker S. R.; Sec. Latin Club; Ushers Club; Pres. Bund '47. 48; All City Bund; State Ensemble Contest. Track: Christmas Festnal '48; "Pierrr"; Chairman at Athletic '48; Moon Court ‘48; Prr . Orchestra. MARGARET JEAN TOWELL, "Shorty" "To grow out of my nickname." Honan: Pre .. Sec. S. R.; Girls’ and Boys' League; Math Club; Utm Club; Fashion Show; Marshal; 60-. 80-, 100-word Shnrtbuud Certificate. LOUISE PRIOI.A, "Lon" "To alwny lie happy.” JACK WALTON ROBERTSON. "Sug" Honor,: Vice Pres.. Sec. S. R-. Basketball '46. '47. '48. Baseball '48. KATHERINE LEILA PRITCHETT. "Kat" Honor,: A Cappella Choir; Junior Glee Club; Lyric Club; French Club. Stall "Ar-inilc and Old Lace , Candlelight Concert . City Music Festival; Easter Sunrise Services. MARILYN JOYCE RAMEY “To help Elbe run her Steamship Cnnipuuy on Village Creek." Honor,: A Cappella Choir; Junior and Senior Glee Clubs; Vice Pres. Lyric Club.'” Prr . S. R.; Spanish Club; Sturt "Nine Girls"; City Music Festival; State Music Festival; Candlelight Concert. Girls' Ensemble; Easter Sunrise Service-; Latin Club; No Demerits. EUGENE ROUVEYROL. "Huh,nutria" "To be President of the United States." Honor,: No Demerits. MARTHA BELLE RATLIFF. "Baby" “To Ik- a professional pianist." Honors; Christina Festival '44. '45, ’46. Girl Junior Glee Club; Sec.. Head Ranker, l ie . S. R.; Y-Teens; Lvrk Club; Girls' Leagtir; Junior Red Cross; Student Council; 60- and 80-word Shorthand Certificate ; Candlelight Concert; Girls' Senior Glee Club; Marshal. EVELYN REESE 'To always have a good time." Honor,: Junior Glee Club; Senior Glee Club; A Cappella Choir; French Club; Set Lyric Club; Marshal; "Spring Revue"; Cundlelight Concert. ROGER UMAR RUSSELL llonor.%: Pre . National Honor Society; Pre Spanish Chib; Chairman Student Council; Chairman Scholarship '48; Math Club; Twice Pres. S. R. PEGGY ANN HEVELL "To keep the man I love." Honor,: Y-Teeiu; French Club; Vice Pre . Gym Class. ELIZABETH FAYE RICE. "Pinkev" "To be able to control my temper." Honor,: Sec. S. B. '45;Yr on- Jacket Staff '45, '46, '47; Basketball Varsity '45, '46; Spanish Club; Y-Teens; 60- and 80-word Certificates in Shorthand. DANIEL BENJAMIN SAMEK Honor,; Latin Club; Math Club; Ushers Club; Annual Start; Head Cheerleader '17 RUTH JOY RICHARD. "Prl„" "To develop my vocal cords to a high pitch like Marie Wiseman and Barbara Crum.'' Honors: Junior ami Senior Girls’ Glee Club ; Frmch Club; Y-Teen»; Yrlhm Jacket Start. Marshal Staff; Advertising Mgr. Yellou Jacket, No Demerit . Easter Sunrise Service; Christmas Festival. DORIS RIGCAN. “Speedy" Honor,- A Cappella Choir '46. '47. '48; Sec. I-atin Club; French Club; Lyric Club: Marshal; Vice Prr . S. R-; Candlelight Concert '47. '48. VINCENT SAMUEL SCALICL "Niue" "To Ik- an upcoming understudy to Jimmy Durante." Honor,- Sec. S. R. '48; Varsity Football ’45. ‘46. '47; Officer H.O.T.C.; Campaign Skits '48. '47. BETTY LOUISE RIGGS. "TVijtgrr" "To he an ideal huusewUr.' Hutton; Ait Club; Spanish Club; Marshal.MARY ANN HIGGS JACK EDWARD SCOTT. "Jake" Jlunar»: Disc and Diamond Society; Varsity Football. KATHRYN ERLENE ROBERSON • To be a Inend to everyone." Honors: All "A" Honor Roll 8 Semesters; Chairman Sportsmanship; National Honui Society; Pres., Sec. Math Club; Sec. Spanish Club; Pres.. Sec., Head hanker S. R., No Demerits; 60-. 80-, 100-word Shorthand Certificate ; Spanish Club; Math Club; L . 0. Club; Girls' Junior and Senior Glee Clubs; 1st Prize at State Fan on an English Composition; Perlect Attendance Certificate; Marshal. JO ANN ROSS. "Red" Honors. Band -I years; Hbme Ec Club; Lync Club. BILLY AUSTIN SHEPHERD. "Shcp" " To do well whatever I find to do.' Honort: Pres. Big 7 Recreation Committee; Vanity Football '44. '47; Head Cheerleader 48; A Cappella Choir; Cast "Pirates of Penzance", "Trial by Jury". "Our Town”, "Enchanted Cottage '; Vice Pres. Ushers Club; Starlight Opera; Lyric Chib; Moon King! Participant in Oratorical Contests; Candlelight Concerts 44. '45, '46; Head Banker S. h NANCY SUE SALVO. "Su Su" "To pass math in college." Honort: Cheerleader '47, '48; A Cappella Choir, Moon Court '48; Lyric Club. Candlelight Concert '46. '47, 48; Orchestra '45; "Enchanted Cottage". "Undertones''; Staff "Blithe Spirit”, "Our Town”. PEGGY JOYCE SCIVLEY. "Peg-Honor . Band 4 years; Home Ec Club; Lyric Club. THOMAS LOCKWOOD SHORT. JR. Honort: Officer R.O.T.C. MYRTLE ALICE SCOTT, "Uyrt" Honort: So Demerits; Sec. to Miss Jones; Typist. BETTYE JEAN SEALE. "JeanU■" "To love and be loved by everybody." Honort: Art Letter. Sec.. Vice Pres. Art Club; Math Club; French Club; Spamih Club; No Demerits; Certificate of Merit in Scholastic Competition; 2 Fair Prizes. WILLIAM ROBERT SNELL. "Dink" " To be a medical missionary to Africa.” Honort. Pres. S. K.; Tre.is. Stamp and Coin Club. Electron Club. NORMA SMITH. "Willie" "To be as happy as Jack Smith sound ." Honort: Frc .. Vice Pres., Sec. S. R.; Pres. Latin Club; Lyric Club; French Club; Annual Stuff; Honor Society; Candlelight Concerts; A Cappella Choir; Marshal. DOLORES SPIDLE. "Doric” "To be a stenographer." Honort: Sec. Y-Teem; Sec. Girls Glee Club; Vice Pres., Sec. S. R.; Candlelight Concerts; A Capi ella Choir; Marshal; Lyric Club; Spanish Club. JOHN C. STALLINGS. "Corky" "To get out of high school and through college." JACQUELINE ANNE STEINER. "Jackie" "To see the day when my brother. Rebel, will be an all-American end." Honort: Typist for Yellou; Jacket. JESSIE ANN STEW ART. "Slugger" "To marry 'u prince and live happily ever after." Honort: A Cappella Choir; Junior Girls' Glee Club; Lyric Club; Christmas Musk Festival 44, '45; Cundlclgiht Concert '44. '47; Talent Show; Spanish Club; Pres. Home Ec (Tub; Sec., Bunker S. H., Assistant to Mis Jones; Head Marshal '48; Invitation Committee '48; Treble Clef Club; Certificate in Salesmanship '45. WILLIAM LAWRENCE SULLIVAN. "Billy" "To be in Bob Feller's shoes ($87,1)00)” A Cuppellu Choir; Pres. S. R.; Varsity Baseball '47, '48. French Club; Honort: Lyric Club. JACQULEINE STJSHER BETTY BERYL SUMNER "To be successful in the things I do.” Honort: Art Club; Stuff "The Moon Makes Three": Radio Play; Art Club Officer Art Exhibits. ULAS C. SWINDLE. "Vitlcu" Honors: Band 4 yews; Vice Pres., Sec., Banker S. R. MARGARET TEAL. "Peggy" ' To be a successful secretary." Honors: 60-word and 80-word Shorthand Certificate. VIVIAN WYNELLE TEER f 'To make my dny dreams a reality." Honort: Corresponding Sec. Thespians; Pres., Vice Pres.. Sec., 'frcax. Junior Dra-mntiii Class; Cast ' Our Town", "The Moon MaKe Three”, "Wonder Hat ’, "Balcony Scene"; Stall "George Washington Slept Here". “Our Town", "Enchanted Cottage' ; Director of "Farewell Cruel World"; Judge of '48 Oratorical Contest; Talent Show ‘47- BILL TAYLOR MARTHA ERLENE THOMPSON "To attain a good disposition." Honon: Spanish Club; D- O. Club.SENIORS GI.OHIA FRANCES TROBAUGH "To make nil of my dreams come true." Hinton; A CupprlU Choir; Lyric Club; Speech C!»» of '44; Candlelight Concert. FRED T. TRAMMELL Honor ; Marshal two semesters; No Demerits. BILLIE RUTH TYUS. "Bill" "To bo happy." ffuHOn; Cheerleader, Set. Student Bo ly; Sec. National Honor Society; H.ind Sponsor; "flood Citizenship Girl "Rig V" Representative; Annual Staff; French dub; Vice Pres. Y-Teens; Pm. Senior Girls’ Glee Club; A Cappella Choir; Hrw,, Vice Pres. S. R.; 60-, SO-. 100-word Shorthand Certificates; i rltote jacket Staff; 2 Candlelight Concerts; Prin-tm in Queen Court 1948. CHRISTINE VELOTAS. "Chrli" "To visit South America." Honan: Sec. S. R.; Baseball Vanity '45; Vice Pres. Home Ec Fashion Show '46; Spanish Club. WILLIS RAY VANCE, "Squlhb" "To be a doctor of medicine." Honor : Cadet Captain R.O.T.C.; Electrons. GLORIA SUE WALKER, "doped" “To succeed In whatever I do." Ilunor ; National Thespians; Red Com Council; Vice Pres. Red Cnns; Electron Uub. baseball. Basketball, and Volleyball V unity ‘46 HETTIE RAE WEAR. •fl'WVar" "To become a lalairatory technician." Honor : l.alx'1 in Clothing; (Clothing Exhibit; Volleyball Vanity '46; Marshal; Y-Tceil . Math Club; Vice Pres. Clints; Volleyball Vanity '48; Invitation (arninnttre •8. Senior Dramatics '48. AVERY LEVOY WALLACE. "Buddy" ' f« r • into business lor myself. Honors: Spantdi Club, sice Pres. Hrud Banker S. H. "Inckic" boy happy." JACQUELINE WEIR. 'To make some good looking Honor ; Sec. Student Body; Vice Pres. Y-Teens; Latin Club; 60-. 80-, 100-word Shorthand Certificates; Officer S. R., Senior Girls Glee Club; Princess in Queen's Court 48. Girls' league. FRANCES LORRAINE WESTON llonori: Spanish Club; Marshal; Thespians; No Demerits HERBERT LEE WARREN, "Stuhhtt" "To go to college and to lie a success in business." JANF. CAROL WHELESS. "Janie" "To marry a man with money." Honor : Three-Letter Girl in Cym; Boys' and Girls’ I-rague; Vies- Pres. S. R.; Marshal Captain; 80-word Certificate in Shorthand. Latin Club. DOROTHY ANN WIGGINS. "Dot" "To finish whatever I start." Honor : Spanish Club; 1st Vice Pres. Art Club; Honor Society; S. R. Pres.; Girls' League; Sweep Stakes Prize, 5 First and I Second Prize at Fair; 2 Scholastic Gold Key ; 3 Certificates of Menl; Art Editor Yclloic Jacket; Snack Bar, National Art Exhibit. ELBERT LESLIE WATSON. JR.. "Watt" "Ambition accomplished-past history.” Honor : Pres. S. R.; Stamp Club; Track Team; Cross Country '45-'47; CAROLYN MARIE WILLIAMS "To be a concert pianist." Honor : Lyric Club; 60-word Certificate in Shorthand. JEAN WRIGHT. "Cor fo practice what I preach.” Honor . 60 . 80-word Certificates in Shorthand; Vice Pres. G m 46; See. lo Miss Stacey. Marshal. JACK YORK. "Sleepy" "To make "A" in English." CAROLYN MARSHALL HESTER JO YORK Honor : Pres. Home Ec Club; Cast "I'm a Fool.”. PERRY McLENDON CLARKE E. NETTLES. "Speedk" Honor : Vice Pres. S. R.; Rifle Team; Served a» Motor Scrgemil in the Army with VJrd Field Artillery in Korea.u amiatij BILLIE LOU ESTESNANCY SALVO£e uosi tyoMMteA, jjanua uf EDNA EARL ANTHONY FRANKIE WESLEY£e uM aux uteA Mcuf NORMA SMITH DORIS RIGGANBILLIE RUTH TYUSQua "Moon" Primes and PninceM "Prince” Billy Shepherd and "Princess” Sudie Wilson Ptiedentincf...... qua O u m aiumA and ActtiutieANATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY First Row—Willie Jean DcYatnfkrrt, Lueik Nemeth; Eli.M Bertlion, Belt) Crocker. Mary Alice Worrell, Betty Odom, Eddie Irwin, Billie Lou Estes, Alvin Gihbs. Robin Nettles, Doris kladden, Billie Ruth Tyus, Edna Earl Anthony, Sudie Wilson. Second Row—Anne Beddingfield, Erlene Roberson, Lucy Odom, Carolyn Ransom, Joyce Cann, Betty Straiton, Betty Sellers, Sylvia Crumley, Elaine Wills, Joan Cosart, Judy Sprague, Vernon Patrick, Betty Weed. Joyce Lcndcrmun, Norma Smith. Third Rout—Bennie Harris, June Dunn, Dorothy Duncan, Martha Price, Dorothy Wiggins, Firnion Hardenbergh, Betty Finch, Richard Ray, Jack Moisten. LeMar Russell,, Conon Swann, Jack Durant, Billy Shackleford, Molt McDowell. Dennis Carlin.MARSHALS MARSHAL CAPTAINS First Row—Billy Shepherd, Edna Stokes, Elise Berthon, Jean Scokel, Hugh Craig. Second Roto—Dane Harris, Eddie Irwin, Roy Campbell.First How—Yvonne Bell, Gloria Webb, Carolyn Martin. Sue Hicks, Jean Coley, Frances Beasley, Jimmye Patterson, Jackie Harden, Norma Smith. Doris Kiggan, Joyce Lenderman, Dolores Spidle, Mary Chine Adkins, Ann Moon, Joyce Harney, Ann Jackson, Alice Hae House. Second flow—Katherine Pritchett, Marjorie Snow, Gloria Trobaugh, Johnnie Kratz, Evelyn Reese, Mary Ann Higgs, Joyce Scott. Sylvia Crumley, Ann Dawkins, Mary Nell Williams, Constance Lori no, Peggy Hammock. Third flow—Billy Tate, Hugh Craig, June Mizell, Joyce Best. Gertrude Gunn, V'irginia Ferguson, Nell Knight, Ann Knight, EUse Berthon, Peggy Parker, Nancy Salvo, Ann John, Peggy Williams. Billie Ruth Tyus. Fourth flow—Johnny Howell, Herbert Orr, Oscar Crumpton, Martin Prnpst, Jack Durant, Billy Sullivan, Harry Shoe maker. Jack Gibbs, Gerald Best, Bonnie Eckmiui. Billy Kremcr. Johnny Mack Driskill, James Holloway, Ronald Albright, Tony Mims, Donald Bain, James Allen, Joe Snelling, Jack Rooker. First flow—Gloria Trobaugh. Joyce Ramey, Elise Berthon, Norma Smith, Johnnie Mae Kratz, Jean Coley. Second flow-Marjorie Snow, Virginia Ferguson, Katherine Pritchett. Evelyn Wood. Jackie Harden, Sylvia Crumley. Third Row—Norma Franklin. Martin Prnpst, Jack Parks, Hugh Craig. Ronald Albright, Evelyn Reese.IN CONCERT STYLE ORCHESTRA First Row— Martini Guilt, Lena Ruth Jones, Ann Rost . Helen Merrill, Barbara Gamhill, Lillian Reed, Jean Clark, Sam Kevin»n. Jack Walters. Sccoiul Row—Billie Jo Boone, Lorene Daniels, Janice Wilson, Joyce Branyon, Dorothy Franklin, Eugene Roberts, Ralph Dodds, Iceland Graves, Charles Brock, Jerry Nelems. First Row—Joe Perkins, Jerry Engleii. Howard Beeves, George Dodds. Edwin Rose, Ronnie Odum, Neil Edgar, Louis Muglach, Don Harris.YELLOW JACKET STAFF First Row—Spurgeon Keith. Mary Thomas, Betty Kelly, John Orr, Jimmie Prince, Jimmy Harless. John J. Putman, Mary Neal Mouchett, Joy Ann Fnrcron, Frankie Wesley, Jane Riddle, Peggy Hassler, Cecelia Gibbs, Ann Phillips. Second Row—Jo Ann Brown, Bettye McCrary, Joy Richard. Faye Rice, Joyce McKean, Betty Holder, Norma Romine, Claire Height, Doris kladdm, Peggy Williams, Jackie Brodie, Gertrude Wright. Melba Bridges, Mickie Heith, Corine Davis, Alice Rae House, Jean Williams. Third Row—Allene Ramey, Dorothy Hicks, Joan Harrison, Betty Ann Sayers, Faye W he less. La Wanda Taylor, Jan Carlin, Emily Anderson, Dick Harper. Patsy Webb, Mary Jo Wiggins, John Aliano, Virginia Rowell, Benny Lockett, Hubert Ruwson. MATH CLUB First Rom—Jane Nolan, Ann House, Janice Wilson, Janet Bell. Bobbie Walker, Mary Ann Parker, Mary Ann Jackson, Betty Culp, Joyce Jackson, Zoe Williams, Jeannette Thomas. Second Roto—Jimmy Kimbrough, John J. Putman, Jean Barnes, Tommy Sides, Betty Rae Wear, Erlene Roberson, Edna Earl Joiner, Mitzi Odum, Elaine Davis, Betty Seale, Margaret Powell, Jack Gibbs. Third Row—Henry South, Bobby Tate, Alvin Gibbs, Le Mar Russell. Holt McDowell, Steve Powell. Dick Dvason, Henry Worrell, Billy Whitfield, Jerry Faulkner. USHERS CLUB First flou-Eddie Irwin, Carl Miller, Jack Holsten, Hicliard Ray, Billy Sheplwrd, Hugh Craig, Fred Bailey, Herbert On. Secoiul Row—Jackie Gibbs, Conon Swann, Dan Ireland, Ronald Albright, Hamid Gray, Jones Moore, Johnny Mack Driskill. Third How— Danny Samek, Jack Durant, Billy Kremer, Bill Echols, Holt McDowell, Bobby Cox, Bobby Cantrell, Robert Rutledge, Harold Proctor, John Orr. SENIOR ELECTRON CLUB First Row—Carolyn Marshall, Jackie Scokol, Virginia Ann Dorough, Willie Jean dcYampert. Second Row—Firmon Hardenherg, Roy Campbell, Howard Sigmon. Third Row—James Freeman, Billy Snell, Jack Durant. JUNIOR ELECTRON CLUB First Row—Peggy Cox, Troy Scoggins, Sue Israel. Second Row—Jack Walters, Sam Kcenon, John Rochester. Third Row—Joe Maxwell, Spurgeon Keith, Ronnie Odum. 3DIVERSIFIED OCCUPATIONS CLUB Pint Wolf—Jam Dunn, Edith Kay, Lucille Nemeth, Jackie Stisher. Carrie Sue Cohh, Sue McLeod, Krlene Thompson. Agues Barr. Second flute-Phyllis Hardin, Joyce Kearney, Joan Lewis. Krlene Rnlierson, Louise Carr. Bell ye Harrison, Janice McKinney, Fav Glover, Marthu Miles. Ihird Rote—Heulien Barnes, Joe Cooley, Charles Hawkins. Jimmy Nix. Lyle Curry, Clayton Carper, Buford Bunge. Y-TEENS Hnl Row—Francis Beasley, Mary Frances Black, Frankie Wesley, Billie Ruth Tyus, Peggy Parker. Jeanette Hudson, Martha Ratliff, Joy Richard, Mary Jane Abele, Barbara King, Anne John, Carolyn Lurton, Judy Sprague, Evoynne Bell, Anne Vfrciglio, Nancy Jackson. Second toif—Peggy Williams, Joyce Best, Jerry Stansell, Carolyn Upchurch, Doris Kladdcn, Joy Ann rurcron, Delores Spidle, Barbara Menhenhall, Peggy Hauler, Billie J.» McDaniel, Joyce Len-derinan, Doris Higgan, Peggy Revel. Third tom—Jeanette Miller, Greta Berg, Peggy Baggett, Ronusc Blankenship. Paula Gillian. Faye Rice, Monterie Barnes, Joyce Bishop. Jackie Weir. Mildred Deliver, Nell Shoemaker. Claire I light, Tommye Gannuwuy, Nonna Routine, Claryce Leatherwood, Carolyn Pounds.R. O. T. C. OFFICERS First Row—Ann Jackson ami Joy Ann Furvron, sponsors. Sctviul Row— Roy Campbell, Ray Vance, Alvin Gibbs, Harold Watkins, John Cameron, Andrew kromis. Third Row—Tommy Short, Joe Chambliss, Johnny Pointer, James Dunbar, Dane Harris. DISC AND DIAMOND First Row—Ann Jackson, Joy Ann Furcron. Second Rote—Jack Scott. Tommy Short, Roy Campbell, John Pointer, Alvin Gibbs, Dune Harris, John Cameron. Third Rote—Robert Cox, Joseph Bledso, Jimmy Prince, Robert Fair, Jimmy Bigham, Raymond Cates. Fourth Rote-Bobby Rutledge, Billy Howard. Jimmy Harless, Charles Hawkins, Olcn Love, Curtis Jones, John Putnam, Dennis Carlin.2 ART CLUB First Row—Delores Fox, Betty Seals, Bobbie Lee Sims, Miriam Jackson, Sutlie Wilson, Elaine Davis, Arleta Campbell, Carol Gay, Willie Jean deYampert, Second Row— Mildred Deaver, Betty Maxwell, Elaine Wills, Donna Cay Holder, Betty Sumner, Emily Anderson, Anna Nlorino, Dot Wiggins, Annell Wilson, Betty Riggs. Third Roto—Martha Drysdale, Don Morris, Harriet Lampkin, Joan Burton, Barbara Coodwin, June Burton, Lena Cuin, Gus Zannis, Billy Bradley, Charles Long. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB First Row-Joy Ann Furcron, Joyce Heath, Virginia Ferguson, Sarah Holdsambeck, Ann Stewart, Allese Doss, Martha Hicks, Greta Reina, Cliris Velotas, Mary Kathryn Johnson, Doris Ann Harrison. Second Row-Jane Stewart, Helen Mohns, club adviser; Joan Broomall, Helen Carleton, Audrey Maxwell, Marie Ferino, Rosalie Tortamisi, Joyce Best, Jackie Scokel, Joann Guarino. Third Row-Irene Moore, Winona Maddox, Clarinell McKinnon. Janet Miller, Edna Earle Joiner, Joyce Sanderson, Mary Ellen Rdgan, Joan Irwin, Jean Scokel, Doris Batchelor Lenora Drummond, Frankie Crain, Jan Carlin.V' MMiss Green, winner of the $1,000.00 in the Charcoal Chewing Cum Contest, and Mrs. Little, supervisor of our wonderful lunchroom. Mrs. Harden, advisor to our marshals, and Miss Coke, faculty advisor for our grade A student governmentSTUDENT GOVERNMENT OF THE FALL STUDENT BODY OFFICERS STUDENT CABINET Left to Right—Billie Ruth Tyus, secretary: Eddie Irwin, president; Elise Berthon, head marshal: Woody Moss, vice president. bint iua—Neal Mouchettc, Billie Ruth Tyus, Belly Straiton, Elise Berthon. Second Boa—Richard Ray, Woody Moss, Eddie Irwin, Alvin Gibbs. Third Row— LeMar Russell, Firmon Hardcnliergh, Hamlin Caldwell, Fred Bailey. STUDENT COUNCIL First Roto—'Tonuuye Cannaway, Joyce Lenderman, Martha DeLoach, Martha Christian, LeMar Russell, Velma Odom, Martha Smith, Dorothy Maynard, Betty Zoe Barnhart, Gladys Williams, Kathryn James, Mary Ann Pendleton, Ann Dawkins. Second Roto—Betty Kay, Jane English, Janet Bell, Rochelle Snow, Rebecca Novich, Betty Jean Sills, Norma Romine, Trudy Gunn, Patsy Webb, Betty McCrary, Jane Darden, Jack Walters, Sammy Kccnon. Third Row-Bobby Sullivan, Eddie Reagon, Bill Owen, Vance Bruswell, Clark Holliman, John Paul Green, Raymond Cates, Olin Love, Dennis Carlin, Robert Cantrell, Jones Moore, Ronald Albright, Bill Miller, Ed English.STUDENT GOVERNMENT OF THE SPRING STUDENT BODY OFFICERS Vernon Patrick, president; Robert Cantrell, vice president; Aim Stewart, head marshal; Jackie Wier, secretary. STUDENT COUNCIL First Row—Jean Moon, Jane Bryan, Jo Ann Lewis, Jeanett Hudson, Carolyn Upchurch, Mary Ann Jackson, Sue Hardy, Norma Romine. Second Row—Jimmy Campbell, Donald Cook, Nathan Hathaway, Sam Keenun, Don Anthony, John Rochester, David Middleton, Robert Patton. Steve Powell, Billy Snell. Third Rote—Joan Mart indale, Carolyn Lee, Katherine August, Mary June Abele, Eleanor High, Barbara Cooch, Dorothy Wiggins, Pat Lance. Janice Wilson, Ruth Marshall, Frances Walker, Drew DeShazo. Fourth Roto—John Lee, Jerry Englcn, Don Brice, Cerald Duncan, Earl Noe, John Douglas, Conrad Adair, Bobby Rollings. First Rinc—Elise Berthon, Jackie Wier, Patsy Webb, Erlene Roberson, Ann Stewart, Lucille Nemeth. Second Row—Vernon Patrick, John Putnam, Howard Reeves, Robert Cantrell, LeM.ir Russell, Drew DeShu o.LIBRARY AND HISTORY ASSISTANTS h'ir.st Row— Margaret Watters, Marie Wunderlich, Dolores White, Nancy Walker, Lucy Odom, Robin Nettles, Lueile Nemeth, Louise Preola, Patricia Jones. Second Row— Miss Frances Seay, Jack Mills, Sue Havron, Katie Brown, Movem Wilkie, Frances Henderson, Barbara Ann Williams, Arletu Campbell, Nona Faye Coleman, Robert Morgan. Third Row-Betty Stewart, Charley Nell Brown, Virginia Driskill, Frances Kinney, Sylvia Crumley, Betty Jean Youngblood, Jean Wilson, Annelle Wilson, Cus Zaun is, Winona Maddox. OFFICE AND DEPARTMENT HEAD ASSISTANTS hirst Row— Betty McMeckin, Alma Ruth Watson, Joyce Cann. John Aliano, Betty Holder, Jean Coley, Gloria Webb, Jean Wright. Second Row—Elaine Wills, Betty Joyce Hurt, Myrtle Scott, Virginia Terrani, Barbara McCrary, Gus Zannis. Third Rote—Martha Guinn, Mary Lou Scott, Drawn Padgett, Ann Stewart, Janet Findlay, Lura Cuin, Robin Nettles, Bill Walker.FRENCH CLUB First How—Howard Sigmon, Joint Putnam. Charlotte McLov. Mavern Wilkie, Martha Bouchctte, Robin Nettles, Peggy Rcvcll, Doris Kiggun, Norma Smith. Second Hou-Hiihy Eubank, Vila Sue Estes. Zoe Williams, Rebecca Novich, Alice Kae Mouse. Dorothy Reagan, Tommy Sides, Joyce York. Claire Might. Third Roa-John Alinno. Betty Crocker, Dee Dec Thomas. Peggy Mammock, Norma Franklin, Betty Odom, Marion Denson, Marguerite Martin, Joy Richard, Evelyn Recce. LATIN CLUB First Boa—Betty Jane Finch. Margaret Powell, Anne Bedingfield. Ann llowse. Joy Caudle, Joan Logan, Virginia Dorough, Velma Odom, Patsy Vaughn, Joan Cosart. Second How—Joyce Lendcrman, Janet Bell, Janice Wilson, Billie Rhea Jeanette, Edna Earl Anthony, Joy Ann Furcron, Betty Ogle tree, Peggy Thompson, Anne Darden, Joyce Jackson, Judy Sprague. Third Rote—Gladys Williams, Betty Sellers, Marjorie Snow, Betty Weed. Conrad Adair. Howard Reeves, Vergil Melts, Walter Jones, Julian Bowen, Sofia Mize, Helen Taylor, Jerry Walker, Margie Stewart.SPANISH CLUB First Row—Annette Schilleci, Dorothy Stafford, Frances Gilmer, Barbara Most-lev, Frances Henderson, Ruby Eubank, Joyce Gann, Ro ell Parker, Mary Rose Lett, Chris Velotas, Ann Phillips, Doris Harrison, Lorraine Weston, Virginia Pierce, Betty Riggs. Second Ron:—Katherine Jones, Mildred Johnston, Martha Griffith, Bobbie Lee Sims. Emily Anderson, Ann Barr, Barbara Loser, Orville Ann Hinslcy, Gloria Young, Carolyn Reynolds, Barbara McClain, Dorothy Batchelor, Lucy Odom, Betty Maxwell. Dot Wiggins. Third Rote-Martha Drysdale. Barbara Johnson, Rosalie Tortomasi, Jane English. Janet Thomason. Gertrude Tortorici, Dorothy Duncan, Charles Pridinore, Levoy Wallace, Curtis Jones, Dennis Carlin. Bill Bouton. Eugene Roberts, Ralph Dodds, Donald Morris. STAMP CLUB I-irst Rote—Ralph Reid, Mary Alice Worrell, Lionel Orange. Second Rote-George Burt, Cecil Simpson, Billy Snell. ROBERT ELLITHORPE National Thespians, Masque and Gitvel, and Omicron Delta.NATIONAL THESPIANS First Row— Aiui Rose, Joan Cos art, Norma Jo Gardner, Edna Earl Anthony, Betty Jean Sellers, Ann Moon, Marinelle Williams, Robin Nettles. Second Row—Betty Crocker, Billy Shepherd, Dan Ireland, Lucy Rutledge, Betty Odom, Vernon Patrick. Robert Ellithorpe. Third Rote—Billie Lou Estes, Betty Clark, Sarah Nell Colburn, Mary Catherine Nelson, Wynelle Teer, Betty Weed, Sudie Wilson, Weldon Gibson. Fourth Row—Amos Towles, Johnny Aliano, Carl Miller, James Allen, Eddie Irwin, Fred Bailey, Bernard Waldmp. OMICRON DELTA To be an Omicron Delta is the highest honor that can be achieved by u speech student in high school. It is a national organization and to become a member, a student must lx outstanding in scholarship, speech arts, character, and personality, have at least 100 hours of work after school, and be recommended by the Faculty Committee. The Faculty Adviser for the Omicron Delta is Miss Florence Pass. The following seniors have attained this honor: Edna Earle Anthony, Fred Bailey, Robert Ellithorpe, Billie Lou Estes. Eddie Irwin, Vernon Patrick, Betty Jean Sellers, Amos Towles, Sudie Wilson. MASQUE AND GAVEL SOCIETY First Row—Sarah Nell Colburn. Vernon Patrick, Sudie Wilson. Second Row—Judy Sprague, Rebecca Novick, Betty Weed, Mary Catherine Nelson. Third Rote—Eddie Irwin, Dick Dcuson, Robert Ellithorpe. GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP AT ENSLEY Coach McLain, Eddie Irwin, Dr. Sechriest TROPHY CASE SPORTSMANSHIP CUP The Erskinv Ramsay Sportsmanship Cup, presented annually to one of the Big Five schools, was awarded Ensley on October 24, 1947, at the Ens-ley-Ramsay game at Legion Field. The presentation Wits for the 1945-40 school term. Dr. Henry M. Edmonds made a brief talk at halftime, then called Ensley representatives on the field to accept the trophy. SPORTSMANSHIP COMMITTEE % Fred Bailey, chairman; Judy Sprague, Edna Earl Anthony.THE BAND Dr. Sechricst. Coach McLain, Coach Duncan, Coach DupeyCHEERLEADERS Front Row—Frankie Wesley, Peggy Williams. Billie Lou Estes. Anne John. Billie Ruth Tyus, Nancy Salvo, Joyce Best, Danny Samek. Buck Roto—Joann Lewis, I'irmon llardenhergh. James Allen, Peggy Parker, Weldon Gibson, James Holloway, Howard Sigmon, Lei a May Long. First Row-Johnny Howell. James Hancock, Vincent Sealiei, Harold Watkins. James Ivy, Ed English, Frank Bonds. Second Row—Billy Shepherd, Buster Allen, Theedie Reach, Russell Lamlrcrt. UNDEFEATED B-TEAMJAMES IVY True t» prediction. . Ivy snared All-State. All-Southern, honors as the best guard aruund. As Co-Captain, he set a good example for the Jackets as their aggressive leader. THE SQUAD BILLY SHEPHERD A personable, Central Park lad. Shepherd turned in a fine performance as right-half and quarterback. Fast on his feet, a good runner. First ftou;—Bill Thorn, Roy Campbell, Wood Moss. Carl Miller. Johnny Howell, Terry Carroll, Lee Hay ley. Oscar Crumpton, Vincent Scalici, Billy Shepherd, Drew DeShazo, Harold Watkins, Donald Lonergan. Second Row—Jade Robertson, Vincent Pizzitola, Lucius De ain-pert, Johnny Cibson, Richard Ray. Ed English, James Hancock, Clifton Reach. Marion Ellison, Lester Rankin. Craham Phillips. Donald Brice. Third Row—James Ivy, Jack Bames, Howard Howell, Tommy Caldwell, Roger Wald, Tony Mims. Eddie Norris, Gentry Ray, Bob Lumpkin, Jack Holsten, Russell Lambert, Donald Wilson, Rip Carter, Frank Bonds. SENIOR VARSITY PLAYERS RUSTY LAMBERT ‘Triple-Threat” Lambert plays left-half. He’s proved himself to be the best back in the city not only with his running, but also his passing talent.FRANK BONDS Dm-ena’s pride and joy, Bonds plays good football as well as having a way with the women. Fencing in hfe end position, he was plenty tough on the opposition. JAMES HANCOCK Well liked, fair haired Hancock played outstanding ball the past season ut his tackle position. He was there when the going got rough and played with a grand aggressive quality. JOHNNY HOWELL A Fair view lad of some distinction is this blocking, pass-snatching Howell. Good on defense and as a blocker, this end proved his worth-certain!y All-City. CLIFTON REACH HAROLD WATKINS “II” playing center was one of the most dependable Jacketeers. Equally good on offense and defense, Watkins played a notable season of ball. “Theedie” is a hustling, plunging fullback. Good on offense, lie's a hard ami fast runner. Reach is “in there” where it counts most. VINCENT SCALIC1 This well-dressed lad proved himself to Ik a dependable Jacket player. An outstanding guard, he anchored the Jueket mulseetion firmly and securely at his position.FOOTBALL SUMMARY OF 1947 SEASON ENSLEY 27 - FAIRFIELD 0 The Yellow Jackets were buzzing that night. Easley made many mistakes, but the line completely stymied Fairfield's running attack. Allen, Lambert, Bonds and Caldwell chalked up the scores with De Yam pert kicking the extra points. ENSLEY 14 — PHILLIPS 16 A last-play, one foot line buck made Phillips the victor. Phillips scored the first seven points. Ensley turned around a ii d went ninety-two yards for a tally. Again Ensley rolled sixty-seven yards for their second touchdown. Phillips kicked a field goal from the twenty. With one and a half minutes left to play, Lambert had a kick blocked on the fifteen. Phillips took the ball on the eleven. After failing with several passes. Phillips bucked the line with not a second to spare. ENSLEY 0 - WOODLAWN 12 As soon as the game started, it was a battle of the two lines. Neither team was able to go through the other's line. Woodlawn's passing attack was too much for the Jacket's backfield. Booker passed for both of Wood-lawn's goals. ENSLEY 12-RAMSAY 6 What a scoring night! Guard Vincent Scalici blocked a kick and Ivy scoo| cd up the ball on the twenty and crossed for the tally. The first play of the half, Lambert went through right tackle for a seventy-one-yard dash to pay dirt. During the hist minute Ramsay passed for their only score. To make the night complete, Ensley won the Sportsmanship Cup. ENSLEY 0 - CENTRAL 0 The dash in the mud. After the first few plays, no one could tell who was who. The two captains. Ivy and Wheat, were ejected after a fight in the mud. The half found Central on E ns ley's one yard line. Wilson's kicking kept Ensley out of the nuts. I don't think anyone who played in this game will ever forget it. ENSLEY 0-WEST END 7 Without the help of Lambert Ensley could only push down to the eighteen. Ensley‘s line wasn't at its best that night in tl e rain. In the third quarter Short, of West End, ran eighty yards for a tally. Reach and Shepherd were the sparks in Ensley $ back-field. ENSLEY 7 - PENSACOLA 7 Rain, rain, rain. For the last three games Ensley has played in the rain. Ensley scored first, marching seventy-seven yards in the second period. Gibson scored, and DeYampert converted. ENSLEY 6 - BESSEMER 13 Another soggy field for Ensley to play on. No excuse for this game; no one seemed to he doing anything right on Ensley s team. One mistake after another caused Ensley to end 8 very hard season of football. Gibson’s pass to Barnes made the only Jacket score. BASKETBALL SUMMARY 1948 The season’s results is as follows; ENSLEY 26 . . WOODLAWN 18 ENSLEY 26 ... . RAMSAY 29 ENSLEY 32 . . . PHILLIPS 29 ENSLEY 34 . . . WEST END 25 ENSLEY 34 ... . PHILLIPS 25 ENSLEY 33 . . . WOODLAWN 26 ENSLEY -30 ... . RAMSAY 24 Ensley High’s stinging Yellow Jackets captured their fourth Big Five Basketball crown during the 19 18 campaign. Coached by Claude McLain, the Jackets had one of their most successful seasons in several years, winning seven games and losing only one in city competition. McLain moulded a greenhorn squad, composed of 14 seniors, two members of this year’s starting lineup moved up from the "B" squad. Ensley’s outstanding victory of the season was over a favorite Ramsay quintet. The score was 30-24 and the triumph assured the Yellow Jackets of at least a tie for the crown. Leading the team were Guards Boh Lumpkin and Frank Bonds, co-captains; Forwards Jack Turner and Lucius deYumpert, and Center Earl "Ace" Noe, leading scorer. Other members of the club were Jack Robertson. George Massey. Bill "Goon" Allen. Stanley Smith, Lee Hayley. Earl Blomlcy, Bill Thom. James Pate, Russell "Woody” Moss, LcMur Russell, Bobby Cox, Cnarley "Hawk Lovoy, and Gerald Duncan.hirst How-Billy Fleck, William Rogers. Lucias de Yam pert, Let Hayley, Kus.se 11 Muss, Jack Robertson, Bill Tlmrn, Bobby Canter. Gerald Duncan. Second Rom—Carl Blomely, Henry Worrell, Charles Levoy, LeMar Russell Bill Allen. George Massey. Buster Allen, James Hallo-way, Frank Bonds. Third Ron;—Coach McLain, Ray Razor, Jimmy Harless, Ralph Dodds, Robert G x, James Bate, Jimmy Donnelly, Earl Noe, Charles McClung, Jack Turner, Bob Lumpkin. FRANK BONDS Captain this year. Bonds is a good, consistent player. Shouts from way out and has a fair percentage of two pointers. BOB LUMPKIN Alternate Captain Bob played “B” team basketball last season. Good floor man. he is definitely an asset to the team. He likes those long passes. EARL NOE Best center in the city, Noe played good varsity ball, missing very tew of those free shots. As for playing the board, Earl always manages to come up on top with the ball.WOODY MOSS "Woody” to his friends, lie's one ol the guyjj behind t h v Jacket sting. Likes tlie overhand hook shot. Varsitv letter in '18. JACK ROBERTSON Jack is a small package of T.N.T. Every time you see the ball Jack is around it. Jack likes those long set shots. COACH McLAIN Co Captains Bob Lumpkin and Frank Bonds LeMAR RUSSELL LeMar is an excellent guard. Very few goals are made by the opponent when he guards them. JAMES PATE On the ball at all times. Just ask him. James is a bourd man, but likes to gold briek too much. CHARLES McCLUNC Charles is one of those boys that can bring 'em of! the lx».ud. He likes the set stmt close to the board.BASEBALL GROUP First Row—Hubert McLellan, Billy Sullivan, Bill Gibbs, llabbit Smith, Joe Coker. Clyde Suming, Bobby Rutledge, Jimmy Bigham. Sea nd Rate—James Tubbs. Willis Wheeler, Howard Marshall, Bill Smalley, John Gibson, Clifton Reach, Bill Hart, Bill Thorn, Jack Barnes. Third Rou?—Jimmy Harless, Cannis King, William Rogers, Henry Worrell, Earl Blomely, Jimmy Danley, Ray Rozar, James Fate, Buster Allen. Jack Robertson, Jack Turner, Gerald Duncan, Coach McLain. BASEBALL - 1 947-1 948 In the field of baseball Ensley High has put out some very good teams. Last season, under tlic fine coaching of Coach McLain, Ensley came out second in the Big Five and went to the semi-finals in the county playoff. In 1947 there were a lot of outstanding players on the team. They were Clifton Reach, a g x d hitter, Johnny Wallis, who did a fine job of catching and playing the infield. There was Don Davies, one of the most consistent hitters on the team. Buster Brown and James Sutton were also outstanding in their positions. Pitchers were Billy Sullivan, Dick Morgan, Johnny Gibson, and Clifton Reach. Although Ensley lost a great number of lettermen in baseball, 1948 may prove to be a good season. Back to play the outfield are James Pate, Woody Moss, and many other promising new players. In the infield there will be Jack Turner, Earl Blomely, Jack Robertson, and Bill Thorn. In the pitcher slot will be Billy Sullivan, Johnny Gibson, and Stanley Smith. At catching—V'incent Scalici and Gibbs. In Baseball you can always look to Ensley for Perfection!TRACK GROUP hirst Hutv—Jake William . Billy Neighbors, James Hancock, Morion Ellison, James Freeman. Second Row—Howard Goodwin, Russell Moss, Dane Harris, Don Wilson. Billy Kroner. Third Row—James Johnson, Sterling Bean, Richard Ray, Herbert Orr, Bill Allen. TRACK SUMMARY The 1947 Ensley Track Team came out as a small team of hard working boys. With the uid of Couch Ethridge they worked together to win a second place in the University of Alabama meet. The same boys who ran at the University, ran in the State Meet. In both Meets the team was sparked by Bill (Red) Kremcr. 100- and 220-yard dash, brood jump and member of the relay team. Bill broke the state record broad jump by jumping 21 feet 1 lfi Inches. Other seniors of the team that represented Ensley were Marion Ellison, 440-yard dash; James Hancock, 880-yard dash and shot put; Bill Neighbors, one mile, and Don Harris, 880-vard dash. The rest of the team, some of whom have already graduated, were outstanding. They were Don Wilson, one mile; Russell Lambert, shot put and discus, and member of relay team; John Lee, 100-yard dash and member of relay team; Billy Tate, hurdles; Cecil McClure. 880-yurd dash; Stearling Bean and Richard Ray, manager. Red English, shot put and discus. The 1947 Ensley Cross Country Team won a second place in the city this year. In the group of 100, the Ensley lads did well considering that none has had proper training before the race. Showing some good running were Don Wilson, Bill Neighbors, James Hancock, and James Freeman. Others who won points for Ensley were Powell Cibbs and Marion Ellison.r BASKETBALL AND VOLLEYBALL VARSITY First Row—Captains: Helen Carleton, Billie Lou Estes, Joy Caudle, Janet Carlin, Peggy Brawley, Jimmie Jackson, Billie Rhea Jeanette, Judy Sprague. Second Row— Bettie Rae Wear. Sidney Stewart, Barbara Stringer, Evelyn Domiano, Ruth Marshall, Kathryn August, Charlotte McClay, Thelma Barron, Lois Fix, Zola Mae Janes, Shirley Gillian, Paula Gillian, Edna Hammond, Kathryn Ingram. Third Row— Barbara Gann, Ann Carleton, Gertrude Wright, Carolyn Bryan, Nan Barker, Edna Earl Anthony, Sue Havron, Sue Darden, Peggy Saulsbury, Dorothy Reagan, Evelyn Bailey, Rillu Hyde, Bobbie Lou McClain, Betty Kay, Virginia Nicholson, Joann Cooper, Sarah Holdsambeck. Fourth Rote—Violet Keith, Peggy Brodie, Dolores Ethridge, Bernice Hyde. Faye Gamer, Carol Gay Adams. Mary Dickinson, Sammie Faye Harris, Alberta Hopewell, Eva Helen Hollis. Mary Alice Heaps, Bennie Lois Parker, Virginia Mullen, Jean Miller, Kathryn Ingle, Delhi Merle Tidwell, Betty Bradford, Norma Rominc, Joann Pilliterri. GYM GIRL OFFICERS First Row—Ann Phillips, June Ameriue, Peggy Saulsbury, Sammie Fay Harris, Joan Irwin, Joy Caudle, Norma Romine, Lois Fix. Second Row—Carolyn Thomas, Sylvia Johnson, Marguerite Whiting, Edna Earl Anthony, Carolyn Bryan, Violet Keith, Judy Sprague, Della Merle Tidwell, Virginia Mullen. Third Row—Billie Rhea Jeanette, Betty Weldon, Jackie Brodie, Jackie Scokel, Carol Gay Adams, Mary Dickinson, Peggy Brodie, Dawn Padgett, Faye Garnet, Mary Alice Heaps.PEP SQUAD Hr i Mine—Sanunie Kayo Harris. Betty Weldon, Faye Corner, Joy Candle, Billie Rhea Jeanette. Second Row-Barbara VVillmon, Martha Harless, Jnlia Cole, Bertie Jo Moore. Barbara Bracknell, Shirley Gillian, Bi tty Jo Wilson, Helen Vaughn, Kathryn James, Janet Carlin. Third flint;—Mickie Snead, Barbara Nell James, Sue Huvron. Lavolla Brown, Lucy Nalen. Bobbie McDonald. Carolyn Chandler, Bernice Hyde, Ann Barker, Nan Barker. Fourth Aote—Barbara Billiard, Joann East, Melba Bridges, Bcttie Grace Clark, Joan Aldridge, Palsy Bell, Ann Carleton, Alberta Hopewell. Elizabeth Koss, Jean Moon. Frances Donaldson. SPECIAL GYM CLASS First How— Norma Romine, Kathryn Ingram, All erta Ho|x well. June Amerine, Joanne l’illiterri, Clara Ray. Second How—Violet Keith, Della Merle Tidwell, Sarah Holdsambeck, Betty Bradford, Kathryn August, Peggy Saubbury, Paula Citlian, Marjorie Holland. Sammie Faye Harris.Get GRADUATION GIFTS at SurtbbS [kf AMONDsZfc ft WAICH£S 1 FIELDS AND GOODWIN DRUG CO. Only the Best X YPVl s 504 - 19th Street — ENSLEY 19th Street - Avenue E Rhone 6-3171 Ensley, Ala. ENSLEY AUTO PARTS DORTCH'S Pies and Cakes COMPANY have uhat it takes Automotive Parts and Equipment DORTCH BAKING CO. 2123 Avenue E E ns ley Station •115 1st Ave., North Birmingham, Ala BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Phones 8-3316 — 8-3317 Phone 4-0474 Compliments of Compliments of BYRUM HARDWARE JOHNNIE HARRISON COMPANY • AUTO SERVICE 1816 Avenue E Ensley, Ala. 2122 Avenue E Ensley. Ala. PHONE 6-4187 PHONE 8-2424 BEST WISHES from For FINE FLOWERS .... WHEELER SEE BUSINESS COLLEGE % ELLIS FLOWER SHOPPE 1911 1st Avenue, No. Birmingham, Alabama 506 10th Street Ensley, Ala. PHONE 4-1661 • PHONE 6-8353To you, who each day Take on anew your tasks Along the lines that speech will go Through city streets or far out Upon some mountainside Where you have blazed a trail And kept it clear; To you there comes from all Who use the wires A tribute for a job well done. For these are not just still And idle strands That stretch across a country Vast and wide But bearers Of life’s friendly words And messages of high import To people everywhere. Not spectacular, your usual day. Nor in the headlines Except they be of fire, or storm, Or flood. Then a grateful nation Knows the full measure of your skill And worth. And the fine spirit of service Which puts truth and purpose In this honored creed— “The message must go through. ’ SOUTHERN BELL TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANY INCORPORATEDMake . . . • 4- CU LU — SILVER’S GOLDEN FLAKE Potato Chips Your Headquarters Peanut Butter Sandwiches 5c, 10c and $1.00 Salted Peanuts Corn Chips 409-11 19th Street • ENSLEY, ALABAMA “BIRMINGHAM'S OWN" CONGATULATIONS SENIORS GOLDSTEIN FOB and CHAIN LINK FENCES COHEN call 404-6 19th Street — Ensley • PAUL HANCOCK For 41 years Phone 4-8636 • 2717 - 31st Avenue, North Birmingham, Alabama Ensley s Leading Dejxirtment StoreCompliments of WILSON-BROWN CO. 2213-2215 Morris Avenue Birmingham 3, Ala. IN ENSLEY IT'S ELLIS For Diamonds and Watches JEWELRY AND OPTICAL COMPANY 1824 Ave. E, Ensley Phone 8-2432 HAMILTON FOODS. Inc. Nvcoa and Best Foods Products 1st Avenue and lltli Street PHONE 3-5241 Birmingham. Alabama For Pictures in this Annual see PRESS PHOTO STUDIO 182-3 Avenue F Ensley, Ala. 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FOX Heating 6c Sheet Metal Works Phone 6-7718 2109 Avenue D ENSLEY. ALABAMA Phone 8-0842 Res. 6-5700 WATERS FLOWERS 643 Tuscaloosa Avenue BIRMINGHAM. ALA. ROOSE J. WATERS Compliments of st WILFRED NAYLOR 1907 Fifth Avenue, North Phone 7-8503 BERTHON CLEANERS and DYERS Established 1918 Phone 6-4183 2213 Avenue E ENSLEY. ALABAMA We Specialize in Dyeing HOLDCROFT GROCERY COMPANY st Phone 8-2125 4200 Gary Ave. St FAIRFIELD. ALA. ANDERSON CLEANERS and DYERS A. M. DOSS, Owner Phone 6-1191 Branch Offices 4306 7th Avenue, WYLAM 801 19th Street. ENSLEYCHURCH STAGG OFFICE SUPPLY CO. Engraving. Cards. School Supplies and Stationery 608 19th Street—Ensley FIVE CHANGES A WEEK Entertainment for All ENSLEY THEATER Phone 6-8709 ENJOY Barber! BEST WISHES FROM 5?, I HI n Alabama’s Largest Store 'The joy of a cheap price is never equal to the misery of a cheap price.” CALL US FOR QUALITY FRUITS and VEGETABLES Pippen Brothers, Inc. 1031 First Avenue. North Phones 2-1217. 3-1218 Roberts 530 South I9ti Street Sp Son Birmingham, ala. . . th, r ait 50 yeati . . . 'Uhis Book Produced by Our Lithograph Process . . .

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