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UL STUDENT BODYVke JACKET 19 4 7 Virginia Moiciirtt, Editor Bkvbri.y Tuggu:, Easiness ManagerIn this. our first edition including the January and June seniors, the first |icrson to whom we look as an outstanding figure in helping the students make another forward step in their education is Dr. K. K. Sechriest. In him we feel we can place our utmost confidence to carry the school through all the problems it may encounter as he has done in past years. Me lias graciously given his time and understanding to the staff in its ef tort to edit a better annual. We appreciate his kindness to us and will always rememlier and love him. In years past he has taken a leading part in organizing and placing the student-teacher government as one of ablest governments of its kind. Here he has realized the ideas and interest of youth on its climb to the res|x nsi-bility of an American citizen. 3« FOREWORD Each year the senior class takes great pleasure in publishing its annual year book. This year we of the staff have tried our best. Hut as editors should neither criticize nor praise their work we shall offer no further statement. Whether we have succeeded or failed will lx? left tip to you. Here also we wish to offer our appreciation to the faculty for its graciousness in seeing us through our many stumbling blocks. —THE STAFF3L DEDICATION She helped us out when we were in tough sj ots. she is always a pal with a sweet smile and a kind word for everyone. She teaches law and we would be glad to abide by any she might set down. She has the rare gift of being able to come down on the level with students and still remain dignified. Because she’s genuine and understanding and sincere and Ijecause she’s who she is we take a world of pleasure in dedicating this year book to —MISS DAISY STACYAL SENIOR CLASSES JANUARY, 1347 MOTTO: "I ant the Master of my fate: I aw the Captain of my soul.” COLORS: Red and White FLOWERS: Red and White Roses President ... GE RGE II SS X Tll )UAS Cue-President MARCUS JOHN LYONS, JR. SetfMfy BETTY JO B§ ) VX Class Artist MARI EL () ESTER URAWN’KR Class Musicians PEGGY JOYCE MURRAY NORM A IEA X SPARKS W ALTER SCOTT JACKSON. JR. GEORGE HASSON THOMAS CLASS OF MAY MOTTO: “cthi'ays to do our best with what we have”. COLORS: Green and White FLOWERS: White Camellia President |x l.l) EUGENE DAVIES Pice-President l H Y RALPH WALLIS Secretary EVA EYVONNE LOWE Class Artist VIRGINIA MoUCHETT Class Puealists . .......... MARY GLENN GIBBS EVA EYVOXXE LOWE5L SENIDfl CLASS OFFICERS JANUARY GEORGE HASSON THOMAS President Senior Class; I’resident, Vice-President of S. K.; President of Hand and Orchestra; Ushers Club; Lyric Club; A Cap| ella Choir; 1st Chair OlK ist in State Music Festival hchcstra and Hand ; Youth Symphony ()rchestra. Birmingham; U. of A. Music Orchestra and Hand. BETTY jo BROWN. "Joey" Art Club; Vice-President of Spanish Club; President, Secretary. Head Hanker of S. R. National Honor Society; Secretary of Senior Class; Filing and Shorthand Certificates. MARCUS JOHN LYONS. JR.. "Mark" President of Student Council; President of S. R.: Vice-President of Senior Class; Ushers Club; Track; Varsity Football; Second team All-City '46.TOMMY CACIOPPA. "KauH' Vice President of Band; Orchestra: Talent Show. City Hand Rehearsal. PEGGY KI.OISK AGRA1N. "Hep" President and Secretary o' Art Club: Head Hanker of S. K.: Art Letters; Filing anil Shorthand Certificate : Scenery for I Operetta . FRED ROBERT CHAMBERS Band: N ice President and Head Banker of S. R. BETTY JEAN Al.I.EN. "Knuckle Head" A Ca|i( rlla Choir: Christmas Festival; Candlelight Concert ; Nutrition Certificate. BEX CLIFTON, “Guo " l)i c and Diamond Club; Cadet Offieer in R.O.T.C. NANCY JEAN BAILEY, • 'corn. " Majorette; Shorthand and Filina Certificates; Latin Club; Vice-President and Head Banker of S. K JOHN LEWIS COLE. ‘Chub" Veteran Club. LILIAN BELL BATEY. “Ur French Club; A Cappella Choir; Candlelight Concert; "Pirate of Penzance"; Y Teens; Yellow Jacket Staff; Annual Staff. ROBERT EARL CONRY. "Corny" Head Marshal; President and Secretary of S R.; Thespians; National Honor Society. I'shrrs Club; Cheerleader: Band: Orchestra. JACQUELYN BECK. "Jaekic Secretary of S. It.; Fa»bion Show; Girl' Ila rl all and Ba«ket ball Varsity; Ijitin Club. JACK HERMAN COTTON. "Hue" Vice-President and Head Banker of S. R.; Basketball and Base-Iwll Var»ity; Annual Staff. MAR I EL BRAWN ER. "Ozlrr" President of S. R.; Art Club; French Club: Y-Tecns; Yellow Jacket Staff; Honor S ieiety; Senior Cla Artist, Scenery for • Operetta . ROBERT EUGENE DAY. "Daisy" Marshal; Serecant in R.O.T.C. BETTY NELL BRISTOW, " rllu" Shorthand Certificates; 'Waltz Dream"; Junior and Senior Girls' Glee Club. Candlelight Concert HARRY VON EARLY. JR.. "I'outtcill." Di c and Diamond Club: R.O.T.C. Officer; Vice-President ami Secretary of S. K. ALICE CAROLYN CARRINGTON. "Shorty" HARRY THOMAS EDWARDS. "Tom" MARY CAROL COPELAND President of S. ft.; Yellow Jacket Staff: French Club: Thespians: Orchestra; Staff of "Nine Girls” and "Blithe Spirit”: Ca t of "George Washington Slept Here"; Student Directi.i and cast if "Our Town". GORDON LEE FLYNN. "Flash" Marshal Cabinet; Varsity football: A Ca| |iella Choir; B Train Baseball; Secretary of S K.; Ushers Club: Electrons Club. MARGARET AMP.I.IE CULVER. "Aiarpie" junior and Senior Girl ’ Glee Chib; A Capprlla Choir: Short hand and Piling Certificates. LUTHER EDWARD FRANKLIN. “l.uke" Band; Orchestra; President, Vice-President, and Head Banker of S. R. CHRISTINE DEADWYLER. "Teem" Horne Economic Club; Shorthand Certificate ; Fashion Show. ALTON CLYDE HAND. "Coney" Band: A Cappella Choir; Track Team; "Waltz Dream"; Candle light Concert. MARGARET LUCILLE DOSS. "Hup" Hand Letter; Shoriliaml and Filing Certificate .SENIORS FLOYD HENRY HOLDER. "Tor" BETTY JEAN DICKINSON. -‘Stim" Head Cheerleader; National Honor Society: May Court: Presi-dent of Itijr 7"; President ami Secretary S. R.; President of Si-anith Club: Girl Vanity Volley Ball and Basketball; Y Teen : Shorthand and Piling Certificate . WALTER SCOTT JACKSON. JR.. "AW Lyric Club: U her« Club; A Capprlln Choir; fore"; “Walt Dream"; "Trial by Jury”. PEGGY JANE FLECK. "SttntUtte" A Cappdla Choir; Secretary Student Council; President and Vice-President of S. R.: Y-Tecn»; Latin Club: French Club; Yellow Jacket Staff; “Pirate of Penzance”; Candle-light Concert; President of V-Tten : Inter-Club Council. •II. M. S. Pitta HI CII HALL HENDERSON. “ IfrAM .. . .r Secretary. Vice-President and Head Hanker of S R.; I rack: Basketball. LOUISE FLY. "Movehe" I resident and Secretary of S. R.: French Club: T«ti»: Thespians; National Honor Society: "Blithe Spirit": "George Washington Slept Here"; "Onr T.vm"; "Nine Girl " THOMAS LEE HICKS, "Moon" Itn kctb:ill; Lieutenant in R.O.T.C. JEAN GENTRY ............. Thespian : Shorthand Certificate. Cant of "Our I own ; Pir«-dent of Y Teen ; Yellow Jacket Staff. SAMUEL M JOHN. " eke" Vice-President of Study Body: President. Secretary. Head Banker of S. K.; Dine .ml Diamond Society: Lieutenant in R.O.T.C.; I’«hrr» Club: “Pirate of Pciuance”; Boy Glee Club; Basketball. ERMA PAULINE GILBERT. "Bools' ROBERT JONES. "Corky l annual Rand C.ncert ; Secretary S. R. MARTHA JEAN CILERY. "Uart" . Shorthand and Piling Certificate : Home Economic Club; Fashion Show-: Band and Orchr»tra Concert . GEORGE F. LAMBETH. "Hotkey" Secretary. President and Vice-President of S. R.: Basket Kill: Ui c and Diamond Society. l‘ her Club; EDNA G1LLARD, “Sis D. O. Club: Volleyball Varsity. JIM LESTER. "Big Jim" National Honor Society; President and V ice-President of S». R . I're idcut uf Student Body; Hi Y; Usher Club; Cadet Colonel in R.O.T.C ; Annual Staff; Footfall Manager; ar uy football; Basketball "B" team; 'K" Club. FAIRENE HANKS. "Mickey" ...... , c „ Vice-Prcftidrnt. Pre ident. Xcrrtar . Head Banker of S. K;: Baaelall Varsity: Fa»hion Show; Home Economic Club; Stall of “Blithe Spirit". "Gforgr Washington Slept Here '. ROBERT LOWDKR. "Bmientck" NINA CAROLYN IIASSLER, "Caroler" Yellow Jacket Staff; Candlelight Concert: French Club; Lyric Club; President. Banker, and Vice-President of S. K.; i 'ten ; Annual Staff. tommy McWilliams. "TecMc" President. Secretary. Vice-President of S. K.; National Honor Society; Basketball; "B" Team Letter: Football Manager. JEAN HEATH. "Peroxide" Basket ball. Baseball. Volleyball Vanity: Staff "Anenicand Old law”. “Out of the Frying Pan". "Nine Girl . Mho Say Can't"; May Day Program. WILLIAM R. NIXON. "BUI" President of S. R.; Vice-Chairman of Student Council. NEWELL MAE IIENDON „ , ,v .. Candlelight Concert; Radio Program: Ca t of "Onr rown ; Red Cro Representative. JAMES O'IIEAR. "Jimbo" President, Secretary, Head Banker of S. K. ll-A DEAN HlL!n "Dean" Fashion Show: Orchestra Letter; Home Economic Club. Short-ham! and Filing Certificate ; Band and Orchestra Concert2 B i. JOHN MASON STEELE. Major in K.O.T.C.; IXk ami Diamond Society; F-otliall. I.KNA MARGARET PRIOI.A Shorthand Certificate : Junior and Senior Girl« filer Club: ■‘Walt Dream"; Candlelight Concert. JACK PALMER. "Juke" Assistant Editor'in'Chief Animal; President. Head flanker of K.: Candlrliirlit Concert. "Walt Dream"; "11" Team Foot-l»H; Vellow Jacket Staff. S Sgt. in K.O.T.C MARY I KE HONEYCUTT. ‘•Sa omr" Majorrtle; "Walt Dream”; Typing Certificate ; "Junior Miss" Fashion Slum. U. S l r.VYAKl Football; Basketball; Bascttall; Football Captain 'll. CATHERINE McDl'PFIE. "in Vice-President, Secretary of S. R.; President. Secretary of Orchestra: French Club. BRYAN SIMPSON PEPPER. 7V " President. Vice President. Secretary and Head Banker of S. K.; Annual Stuff; Yellow Jacket Staff; ”K" Club; Captain Base ball: liankcthall: Fontliall; Track: East-Went llavlull (ianie; All County Baseball DOROTHY I.IGIITFOOT, "Dot" Orchestra. Birmingham » l.iitie Sympluaiy Orchestra; American Nutrition Certificate MAX POWKI.I.. JR., "fiarr" F.lretron Club; Track; lomm Citation from War Dc| attmcnt. MARGARET ANN JACKSON.-Fashion Show; Secretary, Vice-President of S. R.; A Cappella Choir; Lyric Club; Candlelight Concert; Music Festival. JOHN SPARKS Pl’RVIS. JR.. "T ottr Vice president of S. R.. Spanish Club; Radio Workshop; Cad " ®PP ' Journey"; Stage Crew "Out of the Frying Pan”. "II M. S. Pinafore": "Arsenic and Old l-acc”. INEZ JANNEY. "Tuclcr Girls’ League; Y-Teena; French Quit; Yellow Jacket Staff; Band. VIGOUR SARASCIIN. Texat" F'rencb Club; Math Club; National Honor Society. EDNA FAY JONES. "Eddie" Piling and Shorilinnd Certificates; Math Club. MARVIN SCARBROUGH. IK. -'Scarf' Hi-V; K.O.T.C.; Legion »f Merit; Marshal. KATHLEEN JONES. A.it" National limn r Society; Vice-President of S. K.; Candlelight Concert; laitm Club; French Club; Lyric Club: Band: A Cappella Choir. RONALD GEORGE SHAFER. “Kiny" "Sliall We Join the Iridic ”; Dramatic Festival; "Arsenic and Old I-ace' ; Thespians; '’George Washington Slept Herr". JACUfELINE ANNE LENDER-MAN. Jackie" Secretary of Student Body; Secretary of Student Council; A Cap|iella Cboir; "Walt? Dream"; "Trial by Jury”; "Pirates of Penxanre"; V’ Teens; French Club; Latin Club; President. Secretary of S. R.; Vice President of National Honor Society; Lyric Club; Annual Staff CHARLES E. SIDES. "Kid" A Cappella Choir; Head Banker of S. R. BETTY I.OGGIXS. "Bet" Fashion Show; Filing Certificate. BILLIE ARCHIE SIMMONS Orchestra. JOY LOVE Xaliona! Honor Society; Secretary of Study Body; R.O.T.C. Sponsor; President. Secretary of S. K.; Head Banker of S. K.; A Cappella Choir; l-atin Club; French Club; Lyric Club; Y-Teens; Candlelight Concert; "Trial by Jury"; "A Walt Dream": "Pirates of Pen ance". KARL SMITH. "«»d K.O.T.C HER NADINE MARINO. Home Keononiics Club; Shorthand; Typing and Filing Certificates.SENIORS SAM IXI. W. STURDIVANT. "Samba” Key m ScholiMlic Competition; - nd pri c State Fair. Car i xini t for Yellow- Jacket Staff. CAROLYN FRANCKS McCAlN, "Shorty" National Honor Society; Y-Teetu; Filing awl Shorthand Certificate . J. ). TANT, "Jot" S Sgt. in R.O.T.C: Marshal: Srcrctai) of S. K dixie McWhorter. "Pio( Srniw Girl ' Clee Club: Representative Girl ’ State: Candle light Concert: Music Festival: Art Club; Lyric Club. JOSEPH CHARLES TRONCAI.K. "Speedy” Hand. PEGGY ANN HOWLAND. Pea WALTER VALENTINE. JR.. "Bo-Bo" F.o-.lxall: Basketball. CHRISTINE MITCHELL. 'ChrU Shi riband ami Filina Crrtiiicate ; Fashion Show. JAMES J. WEBSTER. "Jimbo” Art Letter: 1st ami 2nd priir Slate Fair: Secretary and Vice-President of Art Club; Vicr-PrrMdent and Secretary of S. R. PEGGY JOYCE MURRAY A Cappclla Choir; French Club; Lyric Club; Y-Teetia: Candle light Concert; Head Hunker and Vtcc-Prr«idcnt of S. R.: “Pirate of I’eneancr"; “Wallr Dream" JOE WIIELESS. "Wheeit MARGAKKTTE ROSE PIU.ITTKRAL "Bags" Shorthand and Piling Certificate ; Home Economic Club; Simniib Club; Fashion Show. mary six McWilliams. -.sw Sj ani»b Club: Shorthand nod FilitlK Certificate ; Majorette. ROLAND BERNARD WILSON. "Raj ft, I in Cable" Spani h Club; Electron Club; President Klrctrnti Club: Secretary of l'»hcr Club; President, Vicr President, Secretary, Treasurer of S. R. MARIK ANN PIZZITOI.A Home Economic Club; Girls ItaM-hall Var ity: Fashion Show. BETTY JEAN ROBERTSON. ” B,toner" S'ellov Jacket Staff: Y-Tecti : A Cap|»clla Clu-ir; Candlelight Concert; “A Walt Dream”; "Pirate of Petuauee"; Mimic Festival. PA I LA SCOTT. "Pottv" A Cappclla Choir: "Walt Dream”: "Trial by Jury"; "1'iraie of Penan nee”: Y-Teetm; Secretary of Lyric Club: Candlelight Concert: Secretary «.f S. R.: Piling Certificate. HETTY JEAN SIMS Secretary of S. K.: Latin Club: Lyric Club; A Cappclla Choir. "Pirate of Penrance": Candlelight Concert; Shorthand and Filin Certificate . BETTY I.OriSF. SMITH National Honor Society: Thrsii'au: Yellow Jacket Staff: French Club; ••Pirate of Peniumcv : Winner of Alabama Civitan Scholarship; Treatuter of A Capprlla Choir HETTYK LUCILLE SMITH. "Bettv,- Lot, Omicron Delta; President of Thespian ; “Ororjc Washington Sept Here"; "Oui Town"; Spanish Club: Y-Tccn«; Prr tdent, Secretary, Head Hanker of S. R.; Annual Staff. JOYCE VIRGINIA SMITH. "Smitly" Sliortband Certificate; Marshal: Girl ' League CLARA BEATRICE SOUTH. "Bee” NORMA JEAN SPARKS. "Red" National Honor Society: A Capprlla Choir; Vicr President, Sec retary of S. R-: Lyric Club; Si ani»h Club; "Pirate of Pen miicc": Candlelight Concert; Filing and Shorthand Certificate , B.i«krt!«all and Baseball Var»ity.ZL SENIORS M A K V HI. MIN' ST A M M ER. "Tootsie" President of S. R ; President of National Honor Society: Thespians: rt Club: Y-Tcons; "George Washington Slept Here": )ur Town". JOYCE LAVERNF. VALENTINE, "Joy" Shorthand and Filing Certificates: Marshal: National Honor Society. BETTYK JI NK VANDIVER Secretary and Hvsul Banker of S. R.: Filing and Shorthand Certificates. SYLVIA ANNE WALKER. "Syl" Thespians: "Nine Girls": "Arsenic and Old Mice": Program Chairman. "Blithe Spirit"; Senior Girls' Glee Club: Library ssistant: Cast of "George Washington Slept Here"; "Our Town”. PEGGY SUE WRIGHT BETTY MAE YORK. "Shorty" Basel aII; Basketball: Spanish Club: Filing and Shorthand Certificates. MARY ANN BORENSKY "Our Town"; Junior Dramatics play: Nutrition Certificate: "Our American Heritage." MARION MII.AZZO. ” Dolly" Shorthand ami Filing Certificates: Latin Club: Marshal. ideal senior boy Sam John Charles Sides Tommy McWilliams Walter Valentine Walter Valentine Gordon Flynn Jim Lester Jack Palmer Alton Hand Clothes Like Hair Like Smile Like Teeth Like Lyes Like Complexion Like Physique Like Personality Like Line Like Roland Albright Don Davies Robert Camp Don Davies Harold Brown Johnnie Wallis Johnnie Wallis Danny Stewart Danny Stewart IDEAL SENIOR 01RL Jackie l.enderman Norma Jean Sparks Mary Ellen Stammer ¥ Betty Louise Smith Betty Jean Dickinson Peggy Heck Polly Scott Lillian Batcy Polly Scott Clothes Like Hair Like Smile Like Teeth Like Lyes Like Complexion Like Figure Like Personality Like Line Like Peggy Virciglio Faye Bartlett Beverly 'Tuggle Faye Bartlett Helen Ferguson Ann Harper Jackleen O'Dell Beverly Tuggle Virginia MoucheltVL SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS MAY DONALD EUGENE DAVIES. "Don" National Honor Society; Vice-President of Student Body; Chairman and Vice-Chairman of Council; President and Vice-President of Session Room: Football Varsity: All-City 46: Basketball; Basclwll Varsity: A Cappella Choir; President of Senior Class. JOHNNIE RALPH WALLIS, "Hnuo" Varsity Football; Basketball; Baseball; “IV Club; N ice-President Senior Class; A Cappella Choir. EVA KYVO.WK LOWE, "Von” Math; French: Lyric Club; A Capj)dla Choir; Marshal: Secretary and Vice-President of S. R.; Secretary Student Body; Cast of “Pirates of Penzance": Secretary of Senior Class.PAl'I. ABBOT. "Toby" l'»hm Cl«at ; President of S. R.-, Marshal Cabinet. MARY AI.ICK Al.I.GOOD Math Club: French Club; Marshal. RONAI.I) ALBRIGHT ELLEN ASH THOMAS ALLEN. "Sonny" Secretary of S. K.; Vice President of Spanish Club; Annual Staff. JANE ATKIN’S, "Imane Jane' •' ' • "'1 Bov ' league; Stuff of "Nine Girls” anil "George Washington Slept Here." CHARLES ANDERSON. "CAorfir" "II" Foot lull ’ll; I tanker of S R.; Boys' C.lee Club. JOYCE AVERY. "Chink" gW ’ Ba.elull r ity: Basketball Vanity; Head Hanker of S. K.: ice President of Spanish Club; Yellow Jacket Staff; Hand Sponsor; 5 0-80 Word Shorthand Cetnficatc: National IfnoOr Scicty. ROBERT BATES FAYE AUSTIN THOMAS LEON Hl'RCH. »Bmek JERRY LYNN BAGGETT. "Joke" President. Yicr-President and Secretary of S. R.; President of Hi me Economics Club; Marshal; D. O. Club. WILLIAM I . BROCK. JR.. "HYf ic" "B” Football ’ll. ‘44; Manhal. MARY ANN BARKER. "ReH Band: Vice-President of S. R.: Marshal. HAROLD BROWN. "Buster" Varsity Basketball l. . 'Pi. 17; Ca;.t, 17: All City '17; All District 17. Vnruitv Baseball 'li, ’17; Co-Caiu i;. Vm Weal All-Star ’its, ’III. PEGGY BARNES. "Bnteh" Haskrtlull Vanity; Baseball; Vice-Prc»idcnt and President of Gym Class; Girls' and Boys' la-awuc; Sjuni-h Club. JAMES ROBERT BRYAN. "Bobby" t‘«hrr% Club; A Cupprlla Choir; Lyric Club; President of S. R.: Candlelight Concert; City Wide Music Festival WANDA FAYE BARTLETT. • Blots,m President and Seciet.iry of S. R.; Candlelight C-nc.rt; Cafprlla Choir; Manhal. A ALBERT .1U RC1N, ".41" President Ilf Thestiian : Cheerleader- Manhal' Cabinet: Cn»t of "Our Town”. "George Washington Slept Hrre ; I'sher Club; 1 minis Team. BLANCHE St E BATKY. "Slim rhenpian .; Maiorettr; Yellow Jacket Staff; Shorthand Certifi cato no. mi. ion word ; Staff of "Ancnic and Old Lace", “Our Town", "George Washington Slept Here". "Nine Girl ”; Ca»t "f "Who Say Can't”; Annual Staff. ROBERT CECIL CAMP. "Hobby" Fra'itlull Varsity 'IS. '40; ITsbrr Club; All-City Footlull '10; President ami Vice-President of S. R GRACE BATSON CLEVELAND GREY CASE. "Casey" GLORIA PA I LINE BELL. "Polly Chimes" "? ■ word Shorthand Certificate; Filin Cert i Heat ex; A C'tppcUn Choir.ALAN DWIGHT COCHRAN. II. ‘AV Nation ! Himor Society; President of Sunup Clult; I»t l.t. of "I.” in D» c awl Diamond Cluli: Muqur and Gavel; Lieutenant Colonel in R.O.T.C.: Letter in Track; letter for Rifle Team; Ht-Y; Ca»t of “Our Town". JUANITA IIKI.L, Situ" Girl ' Hasrliall and Volleylmll Varsities ‘to. SAM I'El. KDWARl) CONAWAY. JR.. "Sam" Band t.t, '44, '15; Victory Corps; "It" Team Football; Varatty '44. ALICK CllRISTINK BKRG. •'Trumeurt Cant of "llll.be Smrit". “George Washington Slept Here”. "Otir Town": Staff of "Shall We Join the Ladies", "Arsenic and Old I.ace"; Secretary of Thespians. FLETCHER MONROE COOK. JR.. "Cooky" Usher Club; ‘‘Pinito of F’enaance"; Candlelight Cncert; WAP I Radio Program, Easter Sunrise Service; ; Track ’!«, 'IT: City Music Festival. HETTY I.OI BLACKBURN, "KtxT CHARLES COX President of Student Body; Secretary of Student Body; Freni dent. Vice-President of Thespians; Latin Cluh; President of r hrr» Cluh: National Honor Society; President of S. R ; "Our Town", "George Washington Sept Here". "Blithe Spirit”: Oratorical Contest Winner. ANNK BLAYLOCK Secretary of National llimor Society: Vice-President of French Cluh; .'lath Cluh; laitiri Cluh; Secretary of S. R.; Baskethuli Varsity; Thespians; Yellow Jacket Staff; Staff of “Blithe Spirit . CHARLES EARI. CRAMER. “fW National Honor Society; President, Secretary of S. K. MARY ALICE BONDS Thespian ; Cast of “Out Town"; Head Marshal of Student Body: Vice-President of S. R. ROBERT CRAWFORD. "( ■„«.“ DORIS HOCNDS Secretary of S R . Yellow Jacket Staff. r U wrrd Shorthand Certificate. RICHARD CRAWFORD, "Ktd" EMILY BRANYON Girls Volleyball. and Basehall Varsity. OLIVER DARDEN. "Tot' BERNICE ANN COLAPRANCESCO. "Titty" Lyric- Cluh; Candlelight Concert: no. K J, I nil word Shorthand Certificates; Marshal. BOBBY JOE DARRAII. "Ks,1" Electrons Cluh; Banker of S. R.; Foidball lt; Boys' and Girls League. BETTY CLAIRE CAMPBELL. "Btttina" A Cappella Choir; Secretary of S. R.; Music Festivals; Junior and Senior Glee Club ; l.vric Cluh; French Cluh; Marshal; Candlelight Concert; Red Cr Certificate. DONALD EUGENE DAVIES. "Don" National Honor Society; Vice-President of Student Body: Chairman and Vice-Chairman of Student Council; President. Vice-President of S. R.. Footliall Vanity: All-City '!•»; Basketball and Bascliall Varsities; A Cappella Choir; I'rcsldent of Senior Class. HETTY JEAN CAPPS. "Jaunt" Junior and Senior Glee Chibs: A Cap| ella Choir; Lyric Cluh; Candlelight Concert; Cast of “Pirates of Pcmance"; Music Festival; Ka«tcr Sunrise Service CKRO DICIIIARA Football Vuroity 'It, 45, 40. DORIS COFFMAN. "Genie" National Honor Society: Secretary of Electrons; Latin Cluh. Junior and Senior Glee Club : A Cappella Choir; Candlelight Concert; Christmas Festival. CARL FRANKLIN. "Hobbit" R.O.T.C. ERIN COLLINSERNEST GEORGE JEAN DAVIDSON. "Sandy Varsity B»«k(lball: Varsity Volleyball; Secretary .•( S. K ; Girls' l-cagnc; D. O. Club; Victory Corps. ■III.I. GIBBS MARIE DAVIS. "Cap Calf Hume Economics Club; Marshal. JAMES GRAHAM. "Jimmy" Hi-S": Electrons; Debaters. MARTHA FLORENCE DAV. "'Plotsir" National Honor Society: Student Council; Yellow Jacket: A Cappclla Choir: Secretary. Vice-President of S. R-: Vice-President and Secretary of Electrons: French Club. BRUCE JAY (.KEEN HI 1.1.. "Jamor President. Vice-President of S. R.. Editor-in Chief of Yellow Jacket: Student Council; Student Cabinet 't«; Antiuul Staff; Hi Y; Ushers; I atm Club; Band. MARY KATHRINB DKAVER. "Pam-Dmm" National Honor Society: Thespians; Secretary-Treasurer of French Club; Vice-President of Math Club; President of Girls' League: Y-Tecns: Spanish Club: President, Vice President anil Secretary of S. K.; Cast of "Our Town". JOEL B. GREER French Club; Electri n Club; President of S. K.: Disc and Diamond Club. BETTY FANNIN. "Bltuhie" Orchestra: Little Symphony Orchestra: tt« mini Shorthand Certificate. MARION JOSEPH GROGAN, "Joe" HELEN MARION FERGUSON. "Shorty" Secretary of Student Council; President. Vice-President, Banker of S. R.; Secretary of French Club: Secretary of Y-Teens; Lyric Club: A Cappclla Choir: President Junior Glee Club: Marshal Captain, I.ELAND HALL. "Rat Bart" Head Banker: A Cappclla Chile: Cast of "Trial l» Jury" and "Pirate of Pcn atice , Candlelight Concert; Basketball. THELMA INEZ FINNKRON. " V;' no, 0. 100 Shorthand Certificates: II-nor Roll for Five S«-mrster . WILLIAM DANIEL HELTON. "Billy" President and Secretary of Hi Y: A Cappclla Choir: Candlelight Concert; Cast of "Pirates of Pcrirance": Basketball Varsity. MARY FRANCES FISCHBACll JAMES HORTON Band: Orchestra: A Cappclla Choir. PEGGY FISCHBACll. "Tabby" Vice-President ul French Orth; Head Banker of S. R. RUDOLPH F. HUBBARD. "Rudy" Chairman of Student Council: President and Vice -President of S. R.; I-atiri Club; Hi-Y. FRANCES ELIZABETH FREEMAN. "Praa" Girls' I-eaguc: Marshal: Music Festival: Candlelight Concert; "Pirates of Pernrance"; Lyric Club; A Cappclla Choir. JAMES B. ISRAEL. JR.. "Happy Track Team '45. •»«. '«7: Vice-President. Secretary, Banker of S. K.. Candlelight Concert. Head OLA GRACE FREEMAN. •,Olir" National lluior Society; President of French Club; -Teens. Yellow Jacket Staff: S. R. Officer; S| cech Choir. HAROLD JOHNSTON PAULINE GATTIXA. "Polly" Captain of Basketball Team; Spanish Club; ottcyball V amity.SENIORS MIMS JONES. "Memo" Vice President of S. R.S President of Hoy and Girls league; Vicr-Preaidfnt of Jefferson County Red Cross; Rcpre«enUtivc f».r City School at National Red Cyom Convention; Student Council; "Our Town”: "The Man Who Came to Dinner . MARY GI.ENN GIBBS . „ ,, K o.T.C- Sjutnuor; Good Citizenship Girl; President of A Cappclla Choir: Ca-t of "Pirate of Pcnrance": May Court; Pim'rlrtit, Vice President. Secretary and Hunker of S R.; Vice-President "f LyHc Club; French Club: 1-atin Club; "Trial by Jury”: Senior Class VocaHet. RICHARD KAY. "Rick" Ca| tain in K.O.T.C.: Disc and Diamond. .MARY GEORGE Victory Corps; I.yric Club: I). O. Club. W ILLIAM M. KEY. 1R-. "BUT Disc and Diamond Society; R.O.T.C. Captain. IMOGKNK t.lHSON. "Ho" Honor Society; Math Club; Girl ' and Hoys' League; Basketball Varsity: Vollry Hall Varsity: Secretary of S. R. JAMFS KIRKWOOD. Or" 2nd Lieutenant in R.O.T.C.: Footliall Iartier '• . VIRGINIA GOODWIN. "Cfnnjr" Spanish Club; l.atin Club; Marshal LEWIS LEO. “Coldhrick” Ita.kcthall; Vice-President of S. K.: Usltcn Club: A Cappclla Ch ir: "Pirate of Penzance": Candlelight Concert. KI.I AHKTH GRADY JAMES LEO. Bia Boll ' A Capprlla Choir: I'shers Club; Caudlrliuht Concert: Nice-President of S. R.: "Pirate of Penzance' j City-Wide Music Festival; Easter Sunrise Service. BETTY JEAN GRAY I). O. Club; Spanish Club. JOHN ALBERT LESLIE. "Bolide East-West 'Id: A Capprlla Choir: Baseball Varsity; I bci% Club: Candlelight Concert; "Pirates of Penzance”. ALLENE GI NN. "Tooly" Gym l.etlrr; tn», 0. ton Shorthand Certificates. RONALD CARDS LON ERG AN, "Sis" A Capprlla Choir; Candlelight Concert; "Waltz Dream": " I rial by Jury"; "Pira'cs of Penzance'’; Basketball Varsity; Track; President of S. R. HETTY JEAN HARGRAVE A Cappclla Choir; Candlelight Concert: V-'leens. ADRIAN LOVELL. "Shaky- F'» tball and Baseball Varsity; East West l.jmr 'Id. ANN HARPER. "Whistle" Y-Tcens; Vice-President and Secretary of S. R . rlw» Jacket Staff: "Voice of the People"; "Red Velvet Goat"; "The Ode»»y of Runyon Jones". CLAUDE DURANTE LUCAS. JR.. "Locus" Vice-President of Spanish Club; Disc and Diamond Society: Vice-President of S. R.: Marshal Cabinet; Track '« ; Varsity Footliall ’4ft. PEGGY HARRISON, " V, ” CECIL McCLURE HETTY HAYES. "I’udoy" Ijtiu Club; Victory Corps. ANTHONY MIRANDA BOBBIE HILLTHOMAS G I. EN MIZELL. "MilrtnuT nrsity Football '16. '4H; President of S, R. MARTHA Ill'EY Tre9»urcr of Y-Teem; President. Vice President of S. R.; Staff of “Our Town”; Cast of radio play: French Club; l ttin Club; Victory Corps. Cl.CNN II MONTC.0MKKY. "Honktr" Art Club, Electrons Club; I' hers Club: Art Club' Chri»tmat Pageant. HETTY III'FFAM, "Dusty" DICK MORGAN. •'Rod" llaM-liall; All-City 4rt: Ea.t West '!«; National Honor Society: A Cappella Cbmr; Math Club; I .at in Club. LOIS ONES, " .a .«“ Head Hanker of S. R, GEORGE MORROW JOYCE KELLY. "Rtd" Y-Teens; A Capiwlla Choir; Christmas Festival: Candlelight Concert. WILLIAM Mt'IR CAROLYN KAY Spanish Club; Vice-Pres Merit and Secretary of S. R.; National Honor Society; Marshal. JOE BARTLETT MYERS Band: Orchestra; Marshal Cabinet; Music Festival 'in, '47; Hi Y Latin Club; Math Club; Honor Society. HETTY LEATHERWOOD. "Bhndie" Spanish Cluh: l O. Club; President, Secretary of S. H.: National H nor Society; uu. so word Shorthand Certificate : Girls' and Boys' la-axur. ROBERT NORTON ELSIE JEAN LEWIS French Club; ('.iris' anil Boys' League: »•('. SO word Shorthand Certificates; Vellum Jacket Staff. DONALD I). NCNLEY. "Dark" Orchestra: Vice-President and President of Band; Sta'e Hand: City Hand; President of R.: Varsitv Tennis; Co-Opt 'Hi; Scholastic Tennis Champ Medal; Slate Tournament: Math Club; Marshal Cabinet. PEGGY JOYCE LEWIS. 7W Latin Cluh; Secretary of S R. LEONARD ODEN. "liirdtr" 'ml Lieutenant R.O.’I C.: Marslul KYVONNE LOWE. Ton" Math Club: French Cluh; A Cappella Clnir; Marshal; Seetetary and Vice-President of S R.; Secretary f Student Body; Secretary of Senio' Class: Cist of “Pirates of Penrancc”; Lyric Cluh; Senior Class Vocalist. HARRY PARKER. "Gabby" Captain in R.O.T.C.: Disc and Diamond Sorirty. MILDRED MAXWELL. "Mtllit" Electrons Club: llonir Economic Club; Sponsor of Junior Elections; no wrrd Shorthand Certificate; Spring Fashion Show; Victory Corps. W G. PARKER ETOYLE JANE McCAIN. "Slim" Reading Club, HELEN GRANT McCLAIN. "Prissy" TOMMY PAXTON. "Moath" Hrad Hanker, Secretary of S. R.: Football V«r»ity; A Capt-ella Choir.SENIORS BILLY uriN'N. "Biir MARY I.OU McCKARY Srortary. Head Banket of S. R.; Christmas Festival; Horae Economics Club: Spanish Club. JESSE K IDG WAY. W Banker .if S K.; Band Concert; 1». O. Club: Victory BETTI McMKKKIN KOHKHT ROBERTSON. 'Hobby" A Cappella Choir; "Trial by Jury’; "Pirate of PcnMncc : Candlelight Concert: Music Festival: Electron Club ANN MI DIM.ETON. "Naif Furr" ................ Frrnch Club; Junior ami Senior l.lrr Club ; A CapticlU Choir. Musk Festival; Faster Services: Candlelight Concert; Marshal I ESSE GREGG SCOTT. JR.. "Thnmyer" Picsidetit nnil Secretary of S. R.: falter Club: Treasurer Mi'S’; Pootlwll Manager '»! JANE MOORE. "Woe" „ „ „ , .« tun lor ami Senior Girl ' Glee Clubs: A Cappella Choir: Music Festival; Easter Service ; Candlelight Concert: Victory Corps. KENNETH SEAL, "Ken Srrirtary i»n ! Vice-President S. R. V IRGIN1A MOI CHETT. “Frtmekg Piesidrnt of Art Club: Editnr-in-Chef if Annual. Member of Cabinet 'in. 'IT; Yellow Jacket Staff; Y-Teens; Senior Claw Art t; Ait AwaiTls: Band and Orchestra Enter . SAMMY SMITH. -AW' , Footlutll and Basketball Varsity; Vice-President of Candlelight Concert. R.; JEANETTE MIRPIIY. " run" Majorette 'Id. JAMES SOl'THKRI-AND. "Sandy" RITA Mt’RRAY „ , Majorette; Pmidrnt nf S. R.: Spanish Club; «0, 80 word Shorthand Certificate . PETE CONSTANTINE SFAKIANOS. "Pie do" MARY ANN NOE. "An French Club. DANNY STEWART. "Big Head Football and Track Varsity: Secretary and ter President «t S. R . Candlelight Concert ‘til: Marshal; President of l.yric Cluh. ADDIN E NORTON CHARLES E. STREETMAN. JR.. 'tWry A Captwlla Choir: Lyric Chili; Pocithall arsity; Track Alt Capt.: "Trial by Jury": "Pirates of Penzance”; State Chain (lion in one half mile run; Secretary of S. R.: Cendlclifht Concert. JACKLEEN O'DELL. "Jackie" ....................... , President, Secretary. Head Banker of S. R.: A Cappella Choir. JANES BROWNING Sl'TTON. "AW' Varsity Basclull 'tl. 10. ‘17: President of S. R. GERALDENE PLI’NKETT. "Jerry" Girls' League; Band: Latin Cluh; Marshal. JOHN CHARLES THIES. "Johnny" Prcs:dcnt of Session Room; "B" Team Baseball; Hi N : National Honor Society; Knight ol Pythias Oratorical Contest 4th Place. CAROLINE Oril.TER Art Club: no, tin. loo. 120 word Shorthand Certificates; Secretary and Head Banker of S R.WILLIAM STRICKLAND. "Hill" NELLIE MAY ROBERTSON. -State' WILLIAM THOMAS. "Bill SARAH ELIZABETH ROWELL. "Saris Vice Prcuidcnt of S K.: A Capprila Choir; Lyric Cluh: Trchlr Cleft Club; Music Festival; Sunrise Easter Service : Candle-liKht Concert; Marshal; no. 0, loo word Shorthand Certificate ; National Htnior Society. ROBERT JOSEPH TKONCALK. "Mac" Band; Music Festival I'HYLI.IS ANN KI SSO. "Baby" Home Economics; Yellow Jacket Staff; Vice-President of S. K. MARIO TOMBKELLO ELOISE SCOTT. "I-to" •President of S. R ; no. so word Shorthand Certificate. EARL VARNON BETTY SLOAN RICHARD VICKERY, "l ick" Captain in R.O.T.C.: President of Disc anil Diamond. BETTY JEAN SMITH. "Jsannie" Nice-President of National Honor Society: Math Cluh: Latin •Club; Y Tern : President. Secretary and Head Banker of S. R.: Yellow Jacket Staff. WILLIAM CHARLES WALLACE. "Waldo" President of S. K.; President of Marshal Cabinet: Band; Electron Club. PEC.CY SMITH. “Pep" JOHNNY WALLIS. "Memo Pent ball; Basrliall: Baseball Varsity; "E" Club; Vice-President of Senior Class: A Cap| ella Choir; National Honor Society. MAXINE STEMBl DOE CHARLES E- WARD. "Cold.u Tonsils" A Cappcllii Choir; President of Lyric Club; Troubadour : S. R. Banker. PEGGY JEAN SYKES. "Pep" I-it in Club; Home Economic : 00 word Shorthand Certificate; Fashion Show. CLYDE WILKINSON HELEN JOYCE TREVARTIIEN. "Joy" A Cappella Choir; Candlelight Concert: Lyric Club; tori League; Music Festival; Sunrise Hitter Service. THOMAS B. TRAYLOR. JR.. "Tommy" A Capprila Choir; Animal Staff; City-Wide Music Festival; Candlelight Concert. PEGGY TOTTEN, "fallen' Dclutrr Club: mi. so, tun word Shorthand Certificates. I.atin Club; Lyric Club. HENRY LEE STEWART. "Peie President and Secretary of S. K.. Secretary of I’slnr Club; Thesi.ian»; Cheerleader ’U, ‘lii; Yellow Jacket; Staff of "Nm Girl ; Cast of "Out of the Frying Pan"; “Aracnic and Old l- ce"; “George Washington Slept fleer" and the "Odrssy of Runyon Jetiea ; Concert. BEVERLY TI GGLK. "Bn City Editor of Yellow Jacket; Business Manager of Annual; Cheerleader 'I.'., t ' ; President of Spanish Club; Vice-President, Secretary of S. R.SENIORS FRANCES TAYLOR R.O.T.C. SpotMor; National Honor Society; AO. SO, MO, 120 word Shorthand Certificate ; Latin Club; Yellow tucket Staff: VicfPmldml of S. R MARGARET J KAN THOMPSON. - Mom,it' 0 word Shorthand Certificate. MARY TONEY. “Chiclxu" Senior filer Club; Yellow- Jacket. ItBTTY KAN YAI.TON MAYS. "Baby" Ca»t of "Trial by Jury"; Girls' Glee Club: Home Economic- Club; Candlelight Concert. JAMES LAWRENCE CONLEY. JR.. "P fW Itaiiil i;i, 'll, |ft; A Cnpprlla Choir; I’afirr Club; State Rami Festival. HELEN ANNE FARMER, Chn rleiolci I' . Yellow Jacket Staff; Staff of “Our Town" GRACE VAl'GIIN. "Greair" President of S. K PEGGY JO VIRCIGI.IO Cheerleader; line Representative: VtooPretudent of S. R.; Anminl Staff. HI'RV SIDES. "BrvtvH" G rl ‘ Leuyuc. Secretary and Head Ranker ..f S. R.; Ca«t uf "Our Town": Home Economic Club. VOI.EDA VAI.I.ACE WAYNE WILSON FRANCES CRAIN LOIS WHEELER DELORES WILLIAMSON. "Ptr" l . O. Club. MARY ANN TORTOMASf. " .Itfrttm" Secretary of S R.; fit). HM» word Shortltand Certificate ; Treasurer of Home Economic Club. CHARI.KANE l-VERETT. “Char" Y-Tcett ; Mar«bal. ELIZABETH ANN TRAMMELL. " W National Honor Society: « , SO. 100 word Shorthand Certificate ; Latin Club; Fashion Show; Yellow Jacket Staff; 120 word Shorthand Certificate. CLAIRE WILBANKS, “Hobby" Ratul; Girl Re»ersr»; Ait Club; Art Exhibit PEGGY JI NK WOOD Rand: Orchestra ROBBIE JEAN TRAll.KII.L. “Jto D. O. Club. NANCY CAROL TKAINOR. " MV" National Honor Society; Thespians; Staff of "Our Town", "Blithr Spirit"; Vice-President uf Math Club; laitin Club; Cast of "Red Velvet Goat", "Runyon Jones", radio play : Student Cabinet: President, Secretary, Vice-President of S. H ANNETTE WATSONNIDR of anuanj Xaerator$—Sylvia Walker, Louise Fly, Kathleen Jones. 'inn'—The present. Settuiff—An old trunk lia' been brought down from the attic and three K. H. S. seniors are eagerly exploring into its depths. Sylvia—I was rummaging through the attic the other day and I came across this old trunk. I used to stick things it in. little souvenirs that I gathered here and there. Let’s ojk-ii it. what do you sav? Louise- -Well, what in the world is a Boy Scout kerchief doing here? Oh. 1 remember! It belongs to J. O. Taut. Me and Harry Early were honor Scouts. Remember the time they got caught in the wild hull’s pasture? Kathleen—Anti here’s another kerchief. Oh, it’- the iKindantm Ann Jackson wore all through high school. Sylvia—Look, a cluerleader’s letter. I’ll l»ct it belongs to Hetty Jean Dickinson, she was one of the ! est checr-leadtrs we’ve ever had. Here’s a little booklet and 1 bet it’s Mary Carol Copland's pm try. Kathleen—Here’s Boh Conry’s French book. Remeni-lx r how hard he tried to convince Miss Metcalfe that his Kentucky accent prevented him from speaking French fluently? Sylvia—And this is Nancy Bailey’s baton. Those were the good old days when she used to strut down Legion Field with the band. Louise—What kind of drawing is this? Oh, some of Hetty York’ doodlings. She used to do that instead of studying in History class. Look at this pin-up picture. One of V’igdor Sarasolm’s gals. He had quite a few flames in Texas, you know! Kathleen Here’s Simpson Pepper's baseball glove. Why. as far Ivack as I can remember, he's gone out for all sjKirts, especially baseball! Louise—And this is Jackie Beck's chemistry l ook. It’s so beaten up I can hardly tell what it is. Jackie really struggled in Mr. Farr's chemistry das- ! Sylvia—Well. hx k at all these Math papers. Why, here's the homework of nearly all of the Senior Class. And Ix-ncath is an exact copy of each page in Marvin Scarbrough's handwriting. Copying? Of course not!! Quite unlike him were Alice Carrington and Peggy Sue Wright, though. Louise—Who’s sailor cap is this? Oh. of course! It Itclongs to Fred Chambers. He. Joe Wheel is. and Thomas Edwards, our veterans, decided to help the man-power shortage at dear ole E. H. S. out, by coming back to school. Sylvia—What's this little card, say? Hmtntnm! “for expert hair dressing see Monsieur John Purvis.” I told you he’d get the big head if you let him roll your hair in English class. Kathleen. Kathleen—This must he a moccasin Sam John and George Lambeth made at camp. They spent their sum- mers at camp, making the little boys behave. Louise—My, what a pretty tie—It's one of Karl Smiths. Now there’s a guy with gixxl looking clothes. Sylvia—1 know that none of us will ever forget how useful this little rat handbook was to us. Dixie McWhorter really had a time, hut when those big brown eyes looked so longingly up into a male upper classman's face, few refused to show her to her class. Louise—That reminds me of Betty Robertson, even in the first semester, could lx- seen engrossed in deep conversation with almost any member of the stronger sex. Kathleen—Speaking of the stronger sex reminds me of Scott Jackson and Robert Jones. I can see them now, fitting on the edge of their seats waiting for the lunch bell to ring. They wanted to prove their strength by getting out the door first. Sylvia—Here’s a hair barrette. I Ixit it’s Jean Heath's. Didn't she have the prettiest blonde hair? And here are two blue ribbons awarded to Jack Cotton and Thomas Hicks for their excellent service at the Grandstand. Both boys showed more pretty young ladies to their scats than any of the other ushers. Sylvia—That’s all in the trunk except this old scrap-Itook. Here are some newspaper clippings. Kathleen—Why this one is about Norma Jean Spark ' Some talent scout from Hollywood heard Norma Jean's lovely voice on one of our assembly programs, and it's rumored that she will be offeree! a screen test. Louise—This next clipping is about Betty Lou Smith Here are several clippings proclaiming her ability as an actress. We are very proud of her. Kathleen—Here are a few pictures. One of Marie Pizzatola. This must have Ixen made Itcfore her accident in the gym. she doesn't have that pretty "shiner" in this picture. Louise—Betty Moffatt looks cute in this one. It was snapped of her in her acrobatic costume at the football game. Kathleen—And this i% Peggy Fleck, in one of her calm moments. She used to dash madly into session room shouting, "Here I am. you lucky people!" Sylvia—Here's Joyce Valentine. She once wondered how she'd ever learn shorthand? Now she's a secretary. And here’s a picture of Roland Wilson. Roland was a little late joining us at Ensley, hut he wasn't long catching up. This is Peggy Howland, she was first in debating but always la t into session room in the morning. Kathleen—But the last picture is Martha Gilkvy. Site had the prettiest naturally curly hair. Ml the girls envied her in rainy weather. Sylvia—Well, that’s about all. Just when 1 was having such a swell time reminiscing, too! Seems Irani to believe those good old clays are so nearly over. But there'll he lot' of good “new” days ahead Won't there, gang f ? :'CLASS HISTORY ChiS of Way ’47 I um ilk- spirit of Knsley High School I have seen Knsley grow and expand. 1 have seen her grow old hnt always remain young in spirit anil activity. Hundreds U|k»ii hundreds of students have opened my doors many thousands of times. The roster of American citizens has added many good Knslcy names. Yes. I am the spirit of lvnsley. My hair is gray hut my purpose i% always fresh. In the last four years 1 have been very lutsy. I prompted one of the greatest football teams in Knslcy's history to victory. Kverv student felt me sitting beside him in the stands as he yelled his lungs out. It was my unseen hand that put that lump in the throats of Kmlcy’s students a- names from our Honor Roll were read. I have been with Knsley's students as they roamed the dark halls and peered out the dusty windows. For years the lower lockers have been a symbol of my freshmen and the proud, self-confident look a mark of the Seniors. I opened the door for the first time on September 2. l‘ 43 with Killy Quinn and found my way to the hand room with Robert Troncale. Mary Ann Marker was actually pleased with the first schedule I ever gave her. Joyce Avery looked at my dark halls in wonder that first day. while Ann Blaylock and Katherine Heaver sneaked around to 206 for their first look and a long stay. Bernice Calafraucesco really enjoyed her stay in my atmosphere for four years, but was glad to leave she says. Mr. Carnes found an able assistant when Frances Freeman became a freshman. My Honor Society had a careful eye on Itnogcnc Gibson. Klizabcth Trammell. ami Don Davies from the very first semester. Carolyn Kay and Iter beautiful red hair loved my damp halls on rainy days. Betty hoggins has really rushed to leave my old classrooms hut now -die wants to hang around a little longer. Mildred Maxwell spent most of her early days in my l.atin Class. Rita Murray did a wonderful job leading my hand as Robert Camp and Johnnie Wallis led an lvnsley team to victory u|k»ii victory. Jane Moore, Faye Bartlett, and JackJeen I'Dell could be seen anytime roaming my halls as a trio. Frances Taylor was very proud of her rank in my R. O. T. C. Peggy Tutten Ixxainc quite a writer in her stay under mv root. Joe Myers. Dick Morgan, and Clarence Brodie nearly drove Mr. Slaughter mad when they finally got into one of my Trig classes. Billy Key and Robert Crawford could be seen every morning marching with the R. O. 'I'. C. outside my sacred walls, lvnsley took a step ahead with the Marshal Cabinet with Paul Abbott and William Wallace as marshals. cry often from my hand room came the sound of Jimmy Conley and James Horton warming up. Hamlet provided much entertainment in my Knglish class for Helen 1 rev-arthrn, Ktovlc McCain, ami Grace Vaughn. Bruce Green-hill and Thomas Traylor proved quite the journalist on my school paper and annual. Kveryonc loved my lunchroom especially when James l.co became part owner. A smell we will long r: member is that raised by Tommy Paxton and I.ois Jones in chemistry. Down on the first floor Phyllis Russo and Peggy FischhaCk were thrilling the French teachers about the same time. We were fortunate to have a Woodlnwn pupil come into our midst. Site was Betty Jean Gray. Joseph Grogan. Has-sel Crawford, and Jesse Ridgeway found ample time for leisure going even so far as learning to sleep in class. Kenneth Seale. Charles Anderson and Ivarl Varnon have been quite the lady killers in the past forty-eight months. Ann Farmer, however, was loved by everyone. Glenn Yarbrough waited until the eighth semester to have that wreck on his motor scooter trying to get here before my late Ik-11 rang. Hihn McCain ami Nellie Mae Rc.!»crt-son really worked hard to acquire their black robes but they were well awarded. Shaking of hard work Anthony I.omhardo and Wayne Wilson carried home Stacks of books at night and not just to impress their mothers Juanita Bell will lx- remembered around my halls tor her very friendly smile. And no one will ever forget how Frenchy Mouchett really got ahead in art and journalism. These are just a few people that we will long rememljcr. hut we will never forget these past four years. —Charles Cox3. SENIOR CLu of Ji anuary 1. Betty Allen, will my ability to get chunked out of school ti» my little brother “Goon". I, Ben Clifton, will the mop handle at the Ernlcy f to “Wild-Bill” Mart. I. Jackie Beck, will my sparking white teeth to Bob Hope. We, Jack Cotton and Bobby Day, will our hurlin' arms to all the lads on the baseball team. I, Betty Nell Bristow, will my speckled complexion to Nancy Jackson. I, Alice Carrington, will my height to Nell Shoemaker. We, (Jordon Flynn and Tommy McWilliams, will our mathematical knowledge to Gus Kamp and Jimmie McRae. I. Margaret Culver, will my quiet nature to Barbara King. We, Alton Hand ami Scott Jackson, will our masculine voices to Billy Shephard ami Hugh Craig. I. Margaret Doss, will my dark hair to all the “Peroxide Kids". I. I.oui-e Fly. will my ability to “hook" a man to all prospective “old-maids". I. Robert l.owdcr, will my nick-name, “Bottleneck" to Dick Tracy. We, Carolyn Hassler and Paula Scott, will our lasting friendship to the Barker Twins. I. Newell Hendon, will my chair, in an otherwise all hoy Physics class, to Jane Riddle. I, John Steele, will the “Frog" in my throat to Edmund Lambeth. Wc, Lena Priola, Carolyn McCain, Betty Robertson, and Sue McWilliams, will our respective “Swaggers" to all the girls in the Freshman Class. I, John D. Stewart, will my cigaret lighter to the 3rd Floor boys lav. I. Catherine McDuffie, will my curly hair to all the pin-up cuties. We, Jack Palmer. Max Powell, and Walter Valentine, will our love of the “weeds" to Mr. Carnes. I. J. 0. Taut, will my house on the hill to the folks of lower Enslcy. I, Jackie I.cndcrman, will my petiteness to my sister Joyce. I. Marvin Scarbough, will my ability to grow flowers t« Miss Till's Biology Class. I. Karl Smith, will my R. O. T. C. Stripes to Forrest Seale. I, Betty Loggias. will my lady like hands to all tl»c Home-lie. Girls. I, Dixie McWhorter, will my Wylam Accent to Mary l.ou Williamson. 1. Joe Troncale, will my ability as a druggist to Alvin Gibbs. I, Bena Marino, will my pretty clothes to all the girls. I. Roland Wilson, will my ability to have 3 sisters and still keep my hair to all the Itcn-peckcd lads of K. II. S. I, Peggy Murray, will my place in the choir to anyone who wants it. We. Margaret Pillitari. Betty Sims. Joyce Smith. Joyce Valentine. Betty June Vandiver, and Mary Ann Bo-reasky. will our place in old Iv. H. S. to the "Rats" who arc coming in next semester.CLASS WILL CL'4 7 I. Uland Hall, will my top locker to Don Edge. I. Ililly llrlton, will my friendship with my two henchmen. Danny and Jimmy, to anyimr »h" can put up with them. I. Jimr. Sutton, will my ability to win something from "Ace" Uvrll. • Monk" Miller, ami "Flash" Friselnun. to Jack "Radio Turner. We. Adrian Lovell ami Harry Parker, will onr hm . flowing, lovely, curly lork t i Mr. Came.. I. Hobby llryan. will my session room veal in the hall to anyone who i on good term with Mia Colyer. I. Monroe Cook, will my ability to get along with "all" the teacher to Hilly Karrh. I. Gera Mine Plunkett, will my ahility to i« Irtokkeeping to ‘'.Viitty" Norton I. Clrvelaml Ca e. will my Great Friendship with Mr. Came. M Jack McCann. I. Ronald l.oneiunn. will my ahility to aludy after scIk-oI to my brother. Donahl Lwnergan. I. Fred Mixed, will my ahility to keep all the girls happy to Prank Hoads. I. Cl amir l.uca . will my ability to »tmly l iwrcti classes to Hilly Kremrr. hoping he will benefit more than I have. I. Buster Brown. will my ability to evade feminine charm. to Hill Hearn. I. Grew Scott, will my Baker Tech Utter to the up and coming freshman, Richard "Right Hook" Ray. I. Sammy Smith, will my Mr nose to Vincent Scalaci to he will have the biggi- in the world. I. James Kirkwood, will my .cat nu the football Unrh to Terry Carrol. I, James "Happy” Israel, will my Rood looks and muscles to Tommy Trcnor. I. Hetty Sloan, leave to Jane W he less my ability to »rct a ring. I. Charles Stteetmeu. will my seat in the lei section of the A Cappclla Choir to Hilly Tate. I. Doris Bounds, will my place first in line at lunch to anyone who can run a» fast as I can. I, Ann Middleton, will my standing up t«cr on the bus every afternoon to Willier McDuffie, who always manatees to knock someone out of his seat. I. Kyvoone lame, will my hi brown eye to all the girls in Mr. Staples’ srience classes. u Out thev will niakt “H‘s" Instead of "CV. 1. Charles Ward, will my place in thr Troubadour to anyone who is craxy enough to .iiib with Hilly Sheturd ami Wendell McKwen. I, Hetty Claire Campbell, will my long hair to "Sandy" Souther land, hoping his grows lonxer than a half inch I. Grace Vaughn. will my ability to he engaRcd to all the unlucky Kiris in Knslcy (and hope they do as well as I). I. PcRRy Tiittrn. will my Job a« cashier of the hoys line in the lunchroom to anybody who think, they can take it. I. Delores Williamson, will my record of no demerit, to my brother. Jimmy. I. Sarah Rowell, will my ability make !rai ht "A s" in Mis. Tamhlyn's history clays to any of her future student. I. Hetty Fannin, will my llomlrt complete with answer to Mildred Woodall who w II ...on l e in misery. I. Mary Ann Noe. will my bottom locker to my little niece. Marie Wunderliek. I. Inr Finneran. will my shorthand hook, complete with tests, to Mary Frances Fischluich; she’ll nerd it 1. Elsie Jean Uwis. will my seal in shorthand to any. nr who i. smart enou«h to take it for three semesters. I. Betty Uatherwood. will my ability to cross Village Creek twice a day for four years without the aid o' clothe pins to Peggy llassler. I. Joyce Kellv. do hereby will my top hrkcr without a hok to any succeeding senior who doesn’t care bow her coat look.. I. Florence Day. wdl my place as a helper in the science department to anyone w ho has lost his sense of smell I. Jessie Ruth DurlitiR. will my la t namr to any Rtrl who can put it t» a Utter advantaRc than I. I. Char’eane Everett, will all my bol.hy.piii to Nancy Calc. I, Mary Bonds, will my little ole brother Frank to all the Rirl who chase him. We. Mary Ixki McCrary and Hetty Walton, w II our ability to U pat with Mis Tamhlyn to everybody in her history classes I. Mary Ann Tortamasi. will my ability to xet an eiiRaRemcnt rim; from a. sweet a hoy as I did to my s stcr. Baby. I, Elois. Scnit, do will all my nickname to anyone el»c who can stand the embarrassment. I. Peggy Uwis, will my poaitiott a a Denial Assistant to Roniice Blankenship and Joyce Bishop, I. Mary GenfRC. will my ability !•• |uss English to Sue Nix. I, Peggy Barnes, will my place a Miss M-bins’ favorite problem chihl to Jean Padfierg I. Jerry Baggett. will my ahility to do things without getting caught to Peggy Baggett ami Joyce Bishop. I. Blanche Hatey, will my ahility to have everyone look up to inr, to RoUtt Vandiver hoping hr may gn « above i ft. 2 in. I. Alice Berg, will my bonk "How To Win Friend ", meaninti Johnnie NVallia, to Nancy l.ce Akin . —Ulauchc Hatcy3« SENIOR °i J‘ annum Hello! Mary Carol, imagine seeing you in Birmingham hut then absolutely everybody that's anybody at all has been in Birmingliam during the last six months to sec the World's Fair. I've heard that quite a few jieoplc went to Paris in 1950 when it was there, but those who thought they had ten more years of life saved their mopey to come to Birmingham in 1960. Why Mr. Ronald Shafer, of the Shafer Hotel over the second Avenue Cigar Store, owned and operated by John Cole, said they have to rent rooms for 8 hours at a time; a man had to sleep 8 hours, run around 8 hours, and stand in front of the BintitHyliaw watching the girls come out—a quite satisfactory arrangement. Why I’ve seen everything from lipstick to a rocket ship (James O'Hcar patented the rocket ship) on exhibit at the Fair. The most outstanding feature of the sltow was the prize winning, three act comedy “Blow up the Blimp" written by Betty I.ouisc Smith and put on by Mark Lyons. Darryl F. Zanuck's deadliest rival these days. Mary Fllcn Stammer is still the rage in the comeback of "Our Town", only it's not as easy for her to climb the ladder now a » it was in the old days. The blue ribl on went to Luther Franklin, who perfected a "Whachamogoogum", a little instrument that makes it possible for a husband to go out with the boys and still tell his wife everything the lecturer said. This should prove to Ik- a good device for Bill Nixon. And speaking of inventions, Peggy Agrain has invented a perfectly marvelous toe dance. She is lieing featured at the Auditorium this week with her chorus of dancing girls—Dorothy Lightfoot. Sylvia Walker, and Faircnc Hanks. How my mind wanders!! We were talking about the World’s l air. You know, if there’s anything more alluring than cosmetics it's more cosmetics. The first thing I came to was I la Dean Hill's exhibition oi her new face powder which glows in the dark (attention all boys.) Did you know that Billy Simmons is a dancing instructor? I didn’t either until I saw him demonstrating his ability the other clay. Miss Ivina Gilland is his partner. After showing people how to dance without danger of falling backwards or spraining one’s ankle doing curves. Miss Gilland made a plea for the innocent, old-fashioned “Jitterbug” and condemned the now | opular "Soomha". Jean Gentry married some man and they went as missionaries to Korea. Were you at the Fair the other day when Hugh Henderson was doing his stunt act. Why he nearly scared me to death when he hung by his teeth from an airplane. He gets his picture in Movie Tone News all the time. Really I'm afraid he is going to be a vain as Miss Kathleen Jones (now Mrs. Harry Early) who has long been famous as a diver. I was among those present at a lecture she gave the other day, "How to Remain Attractive Thn' Married". Did you know that they now have lady tarkers. As I was passing a big tent featuring Catherine McDuffie, trick pianist who plays five pianos as once, there was Christine Deadwyler yelling through a megaphone (as if she needed it), "Step right up ladies and gentlemen; don't miss this exciting attraction, only one thin half-dollar." When 1 entered the tent who should I see but Sam Sturdivant demonstrating his marvelous abilities. He was signing autographs for the throngs around him by drawing a caricature of himself. He informed me tltat he and my old friend, Jim Webster, were in business together as traveling artists. After I got home from the Fair, it was good to sit down with my daily copy of the Knsley Journal, edited by Floyd Holder, whose very callable assistant is Lillian Batey. And two of the Journal’s reporters, Marion Milaxzo ami Christine Mitchell have done an excellent job of building up the jw|kt until it has become one of the leading journals in the country. Yes. I was reading the others and saw the headline that the famous orchestra leader. Tommy Cacioppo. Had stopped in Birmingham, while on a tour. When I turned to the societ) page I came across the picture of a very lovely lady. Joy I ove. who had just returned from Paris where she plans to establish her own radio program, LTicure de Joic Amour. Traveling with Joy was a future comedienne, Inez Janney. Irma Gilbert (now Mrs. Don Blankenship) who lives next door to me told me that Lena Priola has finally settled down ami is living in Central Park Gardens. Well, I seem to have wandered off the subject again, but anyway I must be going. I have tickets to see the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra tonight. Ami you know, the orchestra is conducted by George Thomas. I really must be going. I have been promising to write Charles Sides a letter, you know he is minister to Borneo now. Well. Bettyc, it's been nice seeing you. Yes. it's really l een nice finding out about all our old friends. I'll see you soon. Bye—Bye—. Mary Carol Copeland Bettyc Lou SmithCLASS PROPHECY GLi of Way '47 Time: 1077 Homecoming for graduating clas. rtf 'll. Place: Legion Field Character Virginia Moor bn I aw! Johnny "alii . You know. Johnnie. ihi» place sure ha. changed rince Erne ! I)r Hardrlrlieti and Joel Greet have added M0.OOO .eat to it. Yeah, and I heard that the famuli, bandleader. Sam Conway, and the very toccciaful lawyer. K rl Cramer. backed up the building with a little of their many million . Johnnie, would you believe it when I tell you that John Thri« and Robert Robertson both ha r Miti« on the fouthall team of dear ole K. II S.? No! Oh. Jet’ cut aero the (raw. I id you ay we can’t walk on the |n ». Mr. Policeman? Why, if it isn’t Hill Brock. I bet you weigh SW1 j«mnd . Hill. We have Jinn hern talking about all our old time am! how many old friend wre hope to see. You tay you ju.t uw Rudy llulibard wiling peanut ? Well, that ju t gr.es to .h..w that an education doe n'l mean everything. C«imc on. Johnnie, we’ll miss the kick off Why. look there’ Ann Harper She look mighty happy. I bet dir and "Penhead” have had a happy marriage. Well. »bc alway wu« u cute little trick. Where are our seats. Johnnie? Right up «hi way. Here. boy. I’ll take two ol thoac cushions. Why, Albert Htitgin! What? Your ton' a cheerleader? I.ike father like sou Here they come now. Aren’t they energetic little chick ? Why, I Iwt that’ Bev Tuggle’ little kid and that hnrt one over thrre mini lie Peggy Virciglio ami Pete Stewart’ little lirat. IVi you remember their wedding1 It wa really sweet. Oh. you’re a!way. getting wiiti mental. I.i ten to that bud. T hear txnn llurch is now the director ot it. They kicked Don Nunley out became be didn't know enough about it. Wow! Look at thoae majorette coniine out with that I. i. 3 kick routine They’ve really made progress »mre tln-y 4t r miw directed by Jean nett Murphy. Here air our rat Who' that over there? Why. if it isn’t Virginia Goodwin. Did I ever tell you that »be. I ori Campbell, and Margaret Thompson opened up a filling station for motor cuotcr» only? I al o hear they are doing a thriving Irasineia. Yeah. I kttOW what you niran George Morrow and Pete Spakia.no dropped by the otlicr day and they were knitting »weater for Richard Kay. Allen Cochran and 0 car Arnold They are big wheel in the Army now. They're going t.. play the Star Singled Rannrt, and that’. Mary 7Iron Gild.. tcpping up to ring. I hear »hc married Honker Montgomery. I bet he ha a hard time keeping up with her. She always was a | opular girl in cbau|. Yeah. amJ so wa-that little gat he ran around with • - er • • er ■ -Oh, you mean Helen Pergu»on, It wa a pity he and John D. had to move to Florida. There are Mary Alice Allgod. Gloria Hell, and Hetty Black burn with thrir liiidiond . Gi»»l heaven ! I.ook ut that army follow inr them. That’ no army. That’ their kid. They’ve got ten apiece. There’ Thoma Allen: we u ed to rail him Sonny, ta .k at that log cigar Hanging tint of hi mouth lie' a big shot now. Not only that, but hr has a »taff of stenographer a mile long Claire Wilbaoks. Mary Tony. Jean Capps, Emily Hranyon. and many other . There come hi wife now leading her price pooch. You mean HoW»y Ihvrrah? No. that cute little Prkinc e. Oh. it’ game time. Here come the team —Don’t those referee look familiar? Why. yes, they are Tommy Mi ell ami Dutiny Stewart I . mk at Tommy, he i a good Inokine a ever, but look at Danny. You know. I never thought Danny would get that middle age spread. Look. the captain are owning to the center of thr field to In the c in. Speaking of coin . I've one of those new half dollar with Charle Cog' picture on it I turcly am glad he t president. The country wan about in go to rack and ruin. Yea it wa -Enaley won the towtl That’ a cute little red headed captain they have. Sure, tlv.it'» Jimmy Graham’ and Nancy Trainur’ non. Yeah, they’re rolling it hi now. «incc I .countd Oden and llolifcy Thrail-kill went into the movie business with them They won the Oscar last year with Ruby Siilc . Faye Austin, and Jr» e Whitfield .tarring in "The Return of Frankenstein''. Speaking of Holly wood, here it eumc now in dark glasses. Oh, that' the b-g star of all the western thriller . John Leslie. He played professional baselvill, Hollywood spotted hint and gave him a long term contract. llr became o famous he had to have a secretary. Marie Davi«, and n business manager, James Smith and Peggy Harrison, to answer hi fun mail Remember when we were in Nashville lu t week? I went out for a coke and met Addin Notion with a stack of letter a big at he was all addressed to thr great Leslie. Those hot dug sorely «ln look good. Call him over and we'll buy a couple. May we have two Wtiy if it isn’t Hetty Hayes! How are yon getting ukmg, Betty? Oh. you’re selling hot dog for Hetty Jean Smith. Yon mean she and Hetty Hargrave have a hot dew stand oti wheel ? That’s a clever idea. I liet they really clean up. Well, so long. Hetty. Enaley i about to make a touchdown. laxJc at that crafty woman down thrre heating thr other one. I bet she doesn’t even know hc’» doing it. They’re old schoolmate of our . Pauline Gattina about to brat Hetty Huffman to death. 1.0 . Finley •core again. TYPICAL. T PICALI Well now that we have seen everybody we knew in high school we can it down and watch the game. Steadiest C,tuple. Jack Palmer ami Carolyn Hasslcr . . . Prettiest Girl. Joy U vc . . . Most Handsome Hoy. Sam John . . . Host Likely to Succeed, George Thomas . . . Most Athletic Girl. Jean Heath . . . Most Athletic Hoy. Mark Lyons . . . Leader. Jim Lester . . . Hesl Scholar. Betty Jo Brown . . . Most Talented. Norma Jean Sparks . . Most Popular Girl, Betty Jean Dickinson . . . Most Popular Hoy. Jim Lester . . . Teacher's Pest. Scott Jackson . . . Most Dramatic Girl. Betty Lou Smith . . . Most Dramatic Hoy. Bob Conry.WH D Steadiest Couple. Joyce Avery ami Sammy Smith . . . Most Dramatic Ctrl. Katherine Deaver . . . Most Likely la Succeed. lies I Leader, Scholar and Most Dramatic Boy, Claries Cox . . . Best Jitterbug Ctrl, Virginia Muuciictt . .liesI Jitterhui Bov, Robert Norton . . Most .It hie tie Boy. Johnny Wallis . . ..Most Athletic Girl. Anne Blaylock . . .Most Handsome Boy. Don Davies .. . Most Talented Girl. Kyvonne Lowe . . . Most Popular Girl. Mary Glenn Gibbs . . . Most Popular Boy. Johnny Wallis . . . Prettiest Girl, Faye BartlettOke ORGANIZATIONS FRONT RONV: Betty McCrary Rrehustge Editor. Joyce A very, Heaa Typist; Carolyn Hasslcr, Advertisinti Munatier. Anne Farmer. Society Editor. Virginia Mouchett, Associate Editor; Hamlin (Wiggle Caldwell, Storti Editor. Hubert R« nm, C'ofy Hoy; llruce (ireenhill, Ed’lortu• Chief; Beverly tunic. City Editor; Inc Jattney. Cfnt Editor; Hetty lanti»e Smith. Assistant Edit.r; I.il Han Hatey, Circulation Mmatter, Florence Hay. Feature Editor; .Mary Neal Mruchett. SECOND ROW: Emily Attder mm, l.a Wanda Tavlor, Alcte Hiiwv, France Taylor. Elizabeth Trammel. Potty Webb. Olie Freeman. Business Munafffr Peggy Fleck, Head Proof Header; llettv Rnliertviti. Head Re p rier; Hlum be Hatey, Nnrttiu Ro mine. Hetty Tltomnn. Coojrcr Horton. THIRD ROW Johnny Aliano, Inhn Orr, Sum Sturdivant, Frankie Weslev. Society Editor: Ann Hamer. Jack Palmer. R.dietl Vandiver. Jean Gentry, Wilma Ro hell. Jane Riddle, Joy Ann Furcron. Pat y Vatmbii. Hetty l.nrille Smith Chariot Cox Mary Ellen Stammer FRONT ROW deft to ri.jht): Walter Wnt, Jovee Scott. Glndyu William . Marlorie Stewart, Clark John Km. I.ee It. mhoff. HACK ROW Heft to riftht): For-e«’ Seale. Hilly Joe Ttmtnon , Vernon Patriek, Roliett Ellithi r|ie, Alan Cochran.YELLOW JACKET STAFF Editor-in-CIticf. Bruce Greenhill; City Editor, Beverly Tuggle; Associate Editor, Virginia Mouchett: Assistant Editor. Anne Parmer; Sports Editor. Hamlin Caldwell; Sponsor. Miss Felicia Metcalfe. It is the aim and goal of the staff to create a friendh spirit among students and to present authentic news about the happenings and life around Iinslcy. □MICRON DELTA Omicron Delta was established for the purpose of promoting a higher standard of acting in Knsley High School. Membership is oj en to any Thespian who has excelled in all round dramatic achievements. Qualifications are exceedingly high and only the outstanding gain admittance. STAMP AND COIN CLUB President. Vernon Patrick; Vice-President, Billy Joe Timmons; Secretary. Billy Snell; Treasurer. Patsy Hornsby; Librarian. Lee Baumhoff; Auctioneer. Frank Grimer; Sponsor. Mrs. Rosa Blackwell. • The purpose i to promote interest in stamps and collecting: to instruct it members in the history of our own and other nations through their stamps and coins; to increase the collections of members through exchange and auction; and to promote good fellowship among its members.ORGANIZATIONS FIRST ROW left to rtykt): S SrI. Karl N. Murium, Alvin Gibl», Hilly Key, Denim Carlin, John Cameron, Roy Campbell. Sam Joint, John Pointer, Jamcv (.rater, Tommy Short, George Lambert. SECOND ROW {left to rioht): Jack Scott. Rickard Kay, Marry Karly, Hen Clifton, Joel Greer. Alan Cochran, Rickard Vickery. Harold Watkitift, Claude Luca . John Steel. FRONT ROW: Mr. Slaughter, Ariviftor; Carl Miller. Joe -Myer», Ku«»ell Mow, Bruce Greenhill. SECOND ROW: ludtoo RUhop, Jimmy Atkina, Alan Cochran. Gregg Scott. FIRST ROW: Nancy Tramor, ImoRcnc Gibbon. Mi til Odom. Mar Karet Powell, Joyce Clower, Willie Jean DeYampert, Virginia Du Trough, Jndy SpraRiie, Ann Blaylock, Krlene Roberson. SECOND ROW: Conan Swann. Dennis Carlin. Vigdor Saraaohn. Oon Nunley. Billy Kramer, Alvin Giltb . Joe Myers.DISC AND DIAMDND CLDH The Disc and Diamond Club was organized for the puqx sc of forming an Honorary Military Society for tile advancement of Honor, Loyalty. Valor. Leadership, and Fellowship among its members and among all students with whom its memlters shall come in contact. HI-Y The student sponsor for the Hi-Y Club is Mr. Slaughter. President, Russell Moss; I irc-Prcsi-drtif. Bruce C.reenhill; Secretary. Joe Myers. The club is sponsored by the Birmingham YMCA and its purposes is to help boys to live a cleaner and more Christian life through high school. MATH CLDB President. Betty Straiton; ‘ice-President. Alvin (iibbs; Secretary, Margaret Powell; Sponsor, Mr. Driskill; Colors. Black and Blue. The purj ose of the Math Club is to promote further interest in Mathematics and to give a better and clearer understanding of mathematical needs. The Math Club also tries to show the relation of mathematics to other fields and to emphasize its tremendous imiwrtancc in the world today.FIRST ROW: Mr.. Ponder, Gloria Walker, Mildred Mux well. Jeatt Sealed, Millie Rhen Jeanette, Florence l)« , Dnrix Coffman, William Wallace. Howard Sinmon, Roy Cain|ibell. SECOND ROW: Glenn Montitom-cry. Per moil Hardmlx-tv, Hilly Snell. Roland Wilson. Joel Greer, Robert Rderta n, Marion Ellison, James Freeman. FIRST ROW f left t.y rip),I): Cliarlc Ward. Bobby Bryan. Scott lack-ion. Martin Propat. Wendell McKwen, Ronald Albright. SECOND ROW Ur ft to riahl): Ann Moon. Gloria TwIioiikIi. Nancy Salvo, K,;w Rerih- n. Helen Tre vnrthen, Betty Camplx-Il. HACK ROW (Hi to rioht): Evelyn Wood, Norma Jo Gardner, Ruth Armstrong. Jean Coley, and Evelyn Reese. FIRST ROW Virginia Mouchctt Sue Mcla.-od. Harriet l.anmkin, Elaine Will . Sndic WiUon. Bobbie l-ee S'in . Ret tv Beryl Summer, Hetty Jean Seal . Penny Agrato. Penny Jean Smith. WiMie Jean dc-Ynmpcrt. Edith Kay. Hetty I.ouiite Rings, Donald Morn SECOND ROW: Rav Green. William Shackleford, Inne Burton, loan Horton, Jane Rutledse, Elaine Davi . I.urn Gain. Bettv Maxwell. Dorothy Ann Wiggins. DoIoim Pox. Mary Jo Araeine. THIRD ROW Guc Zannfo. Claln Wdlcmk . Marie! Hrawner, Barbara Goodwin, Bobbie Cron . Clark John »toti, Jim Webster, Billy Bodie.ELECTRONS President. Robert Robertson; Pice-President, Joel Greer; Secretary, Florence Day; Sponsor, Mrs. Harden. The purpose of the Electrons is to promote interest among young j cop!c in the scientific field. The Electrons also sponsor the Junior Electrons which consists of underclass men who are not admitted to the club, but will Ik in future semesters. 'I heir officers are: President. Hobby Hrislin; Pice-President, Godfrey Hottomley; Secretary, Audrey Maxwell. President. Danny Stewart; Pice-President, Charles Streetman: Secretary, Evelyn King; Treasurer, Hilly Sullivan. The sponsors arc Miss Elizabeth McNutt and Mr. Vernon Skoog. The purpose of the l.vric Club is: to promote an interest in the great music through | crfonn-ancc and listening; to give actual experience to student soloists by constructive criticism; to provide a social outlet for the vocal students, members of the orchestra and band. "Painters and Potters' Club" President. Virginia Mouchett: Pice-President. Hobby Cross; Second Pice-President. Dorothy Wiggins; Secretary, Marion Caldwell; Treasurer, Peggy Smith: Sponsor, Miss Caroline Dick. The purpose of the. Art Club is to give it members a liberal education of the arts and thereby enrich each of their lives. CLUBZJL ORGANIZATIONS FIRST ROW llrrs. Cihs.n. Walker, Nettles, Slammer. IS»i y« Smith, Fly, Copeland, Betty Smith. SECOND ROW: Patrick. Ireland. Kstes, Rutlcdjtr. Haley, CoUttirn. Cosari. Weed, Shafer. THIRD ROW: Aliano. Burgin, Klithorpe, Cox, William . Anthony, Waldrup. FIRST ROW Davie . Thomas Jackson, Wilson, Ray, Conry, Sc oil SECOND ROW: Flynn. John. 1-iml.cth. Lester. Conaway. Stewart. Cox. THIRD ROW: Shrnhrr.l. Wall!., Atibot. Htirjjin, AH»r»y{t»l. Rolx'ilson, Lyons. FIRST ROW Brown. Hoey. Freeman, Blankeu hi| . Murray, Scott, Tutrsle. Bisbon, Love, Mmj-chctt, Williams, Kladden, Parker. SECOND ROW: Riiocan, C.rtih . Fleck. Jackie I.cndcrinan. Ferguson. Dickenson. Gwuway, McCain. Gen try. Beasley. Bands. Harper. THIRD ROW Tyu.. Jones. Joyce I.endertnan. Black. Itaxxlcr, Wilson. Smith. Kelly, McDaniel. Koliertsou. Ilntey, Dcaver. Janney, John.NATIGNAL THESPIANS TROUPE 258 President. Albert Kurkin; 'ice-President. Charles Cox; Recording Secretary, Millie l.oti Kstes; Correspondiiuj Secretary, Hetty Jean Sellers; I sher, Amos Towles; Sponsor, Miss Florence Pass; Colors. Blue and Cold. It is the aim and goal of the National Thespians to promote and advance dramatics in Ensley High School. The standards set by our group are of the highest calila-r and in some senses unable to be attained. We mean by this that we will ever Ik- striving to bring to our school the finest in dramatic entertainment. USHERS CLUB President, Charles Cox; Pice-President. John Leslie; Secretary-Treasurer, Pete Stewart; Sponsor, Mr. C. Vernon Skoog 1 he Ushers Club is made up of students who arc known to I»e of highest esteem. ()nlv Jx ys who can be depended upon are chosen to become members for the purpose of the club is to render its services to the public at the Municipal Auditorium, the Temple Theatre and for special activities in the school. Y-TEENS President, Doris Kladden; Pier-President, Billie Ruth Tyus: Secretary, Helen Ferguson; treasurer, Martha Huey; Sponsors, Miss Pace and Miss Hunt. I he Cirl Reserves changed their name in 1946. They are now called Y-Teens. Their purpose, the same as that of the Y. Y C. A. is as follows: “!o build a fellowship of women and girls devoted to the task of realizing in our common life those ideals of | ersonal and social living to which we are committeed by our faith as Christians. In this endeavor we seek to understand Jesus, to share his love for all people and to grow in the knowledge and love of God.”D,I ORGANIZATIONS FIRST ROW Kathleen Jonc-Mary Glenn Gibb , Martha Bouchet, Barbara William , Helm Fergusun. Ixiuise Fly, Fertnon Hardcnbcrg, Betty Crocker, Peggy Hammock. Martha Hick . Florence ! ay. SECOND ROW: Betty Jean Thomas. Ola Grace Freeman, l.ucy Odum, Mary Bund . Kmma Jane Harrison, Betty Campbell, Betty lantise Smith, Lillian Batey, Peggy Fleck. THIRD ROW: June Dunn. June Rawlin on. Katherine Pritchett. Robin Nettle . Ann Middleton, Inex Janney, Bobby Eglrthorpc. Anne Blaylock. Eyvonne lame. Vlgdor Santoliii, Kathryn Heaver. FIRST ROW: Martha Mile . Bobby Atchison. Hassell Crawford. W. G. Parker. Billy Key. Jc e Ridgeway, Evelyn Wilson, Kliraheth Putney. SECOND ROW: June Riece. Jean Davidson, Ellen Ash, Betty Leather, wood. Jerry Baggett, Bobbie Thrail-kill, Margaret Dciu. Anita I.nmn kin. Juanita LcFlore. Peggy Fisch bach. THIRD ROW: Clyde Wilkinson. Betty Cray, Edna Gilliam!, Erin Col lm«. Mary George, Marie Snider. Delores Williamson. Ernest George FIRST ROW: Virginia Goodwin. Imogene Gibson. Betty Jane Finch, loan Cosart, Edna Karl Anthony. Betty Seller . Betty Straitun. .'litxi Odom, Margaret Powell, Joyce Len-dertnati. Joy Richard. Ilanny Semak. SECOND ROW: Billie Rhea Jeanette, Marjorie Snow. Dan Ireland. Howard Reeve . Conan Swam, Dick Morgan. Walter June .FRENCH CLUB President, Ola Grace Freeman; I'iee-President. Anne Blaylock; Secretary-Treasurer, Katherine Deaver; Sponsor, Miss Florence Bates. Last semester the French Club made a study of French Literature, Sports, Art and Artists. The French Club promoted a discussion of Current French Conditions in one of their recent meetings. The club strives to promote a better understanding of France. DIVISIONAL OCCUPATIONS CLUB President. Evelyn Wilson; I iee-President. Marie Snider: Secretory, Erin Collins; Treasurer. Margaret Dietz: Colors. Blue and Gold; Motto, Learning to live and earn; Sponsor. Miss Vandiver. The purpose of this club shall lx to develop an appreciation for. understanding of. and good will among part time cooperative students, to develop civic and vocational intelligence and leadership and Jo assist in promotion of vocational education. LATIN CLUB President, Joyce Lenderman; 1'iee-President. Walter Jones; Secretory. Doris Reagan; Reporter. Patricia Vaughn; Advisor. Miss Long. It is the purpose of this club to "Learn the customs and ways of the ancients and see how we can profit or improve on their ways."ORGANIZATIONS FRONT ROW (left to right): Betty Jron Dickinson, Nancy Trainer. Imu gene Gibbon, Katherine Denver, Eliau lieth Trammell, France Taylor, Smite Wilson, Betty l.catherwood. Joyce Valentine. Carolyn Kay. Jean Sj«»rks. Betty Jo Brown. Kathleen Jonr», Florence l)ay. Doris Coffman, Betty Louise Smith. SECOND ROW: Iami»e Fly. Muriel Brainier, Betty Jean Smith. Ola Grace Freeman. Mary Alice Worrell. Betty-Weed, Anne Blaylock. Judy Sprague, Joan Coxart. Jacqueline l.rndcrman. Mary Ellen Stammer, Joyce la-inlerman, Billie Ian Estc . Carolyn McCain, Joy l.o ve. THIRD ROW: Karl Cramer. John Thics, Don Davie , Richard Morgan. Bol» Cotiry, llrucc ('.rcctihill. Edwanl Erwin. Tommy Me William . George Thomas, Alan Cochran. VfgrW Sarasohn. Charles Cox, Jim l.e»tcr. FIRST ROW ,- » nI rgiht): Mis Helen Mohtis, Cluh Sponsor; Rosalie Campixi. Rena Marino, Jackie Scokel. Sara Grace HohLatnlM-ck. Peggy Sykes. Jean Scokel. Jerry Baggett, Fairene Hanks, Christine Dcadwylcr, Chrisic Velotas. Angelina Camptai, Frankie Crain. SECOND ROW {Iffl to right : Tom mir Sue Side . Jean Padlierg. Rosalie Tcrtamoni, Marie Piaxitola, Margaret Fillrttcri. Mildred Maxwell. Marie Da vis. I'hylli Rn«o, Mary lam Me Crnry, Betty Walton. FIRST ROW: Claude I.uca . Ch:ir]r Fridmnrc, Lamar Russel. Charles Williams, Billy Shackleford. Jimmy Sparks. Bobby Brislin. Gerald Best, Tommy Allen. Eugene Rolicrts. SECOND ROW Brtty Trninor, Bar-l ara McT-ane. Ilorothy Ann Wiggins, lottcphine Zeto. Rosalie Gixetti, Jo Ann Pillitris, Doris Batchlor. Stir McWilliams. Joyce Avery. Barbara Johnson. THIRD ROW: Betty McCrary. Ann lame. Dorothy Dunbar, Joyce Gann. Ruby Eulsanks, Ann Stuart. Lena Toto riiii. Jeannette Thomas. Catherine Jamr . Betty McMeekin. Left !t Right: Eyvonne I .owe. seerc tary: Charles Cox, president: Hamlin Caldwell, vice-president: Mary Bond , head marshal.THE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY President, Eddie Erwin; Vice-President. Betty Jean Smith; Secretory, nne Blaylock: Sponsor, Miss Coke. The National Honor Society was Itegun to stimulate interest in its principles. Character, Scholarship. Leadership, and Service throughout the secondary schools of the nation. This is the aim of the Ensley High Schr.Mil Chapter, and the goal for which it strives. SPANISH CLUB President, Betty McCrary: I "tce-Prcsident, Tommy Allen; Secretary and Treasurer. Katherine James; Sponsor. Miss Cown. The purpose of this dub is to promote an interest in Spanish customs. It is hojwd that the arrangements of its programs will bring about a better understanding between people sjK-aking different languages. HOME ELDNOMICS CLUB President. Jo York; Vice-President. Chris Yclotas; Secretary. Crank Crain; Treasurer. Mary Ann Tortomasi: Sponsor. Miss Mohns. The purpose of the club is: 1. To enjoy fellowship with girls interested in different fields of Home Economics. 2. To develop jMiisc, initiative and a pleasing personality. 3. To keep up with what's new in Home Economics. STUDENT BODY OFFICERS President. Charles Cox; Vice-President. Hamlin Caldwell: Secretary. Eyvonne I.owe; Head Marshal. Mary Bonds; Advisor, Miss Mary Harris. The purpose of the student ImmIv officers is to lead the students in self-government and to promote a school spirit of loyalty and sportsmanship to the best of their abilities.D,L ORGANIZATIONS FIRST ROW (I,-ft to riiihtI Mary Alicr Worrell, Nancy Fox, Ann Phillifs. Mary Ellen Regan. Carol (Jay Ailanw. KUic Higgins, Janet Ruhino. Norm;. Konmic, Fay Riggins. Kathryn Ingram, Joe Perkins, Doris Moore. Arlcta Camp I tell, flounic Ra.Min SECOND ROW. Ann Dawkins, Eve lyn King, Martha I'etrec. June Horton. Helen Mcrrell, Janice Mount. France Gilmer. Ruth Armstrong. Annette Wat Min, la i« Gage. Jane Stewart, HoM.y Walker, Joycr Heath. THIRD RU V: Walter West, Hobby Rrislin, Roger Pointer, Minis Jones’, Moyil Masters, Jerry Nrletns, Hobby Herbingcr, Charles Warnidt, Sam Tucker, Mona Jean Parson , John Putnam, Hetty Elite rosn. FIRST ROW: Stammer. Wilson. I.ernlcrman, (Srecnhill, Fleck, l ove. SECOND ROW: Wallis, Davies. U». ter. I.yous, John. Corny. FIRST ROW I .ester, John. Hicks. Early. SECOND ROW: Strelr. Uqtlwth. Kay. Cochrane. Clifton to Riiiht: Mary Glenn Gibb . Joy l vc, Frances Taylor.c Ceacjuc AMERICAN JUNIOR RED CROSS President, Roger Pointer; I'ice-Presidcnt. Mims Jones; Secretary, Mary Alice Worrell; Social Chairman, Norma Komiiic; Advisor, Miss Grace Jones. The purjx se of the club is to help each hoy and girl appreciate the great above the trivial, that his work may Ik the most thorough, his play the most joyous, and his service the most unselfish. )nly thus may he realize his ideal sell. STUDENT CABINET Knsley High School is run by a student-teacher cooperative government. At the head is the student cabinet composed of the school officers appointed by the president. The cabinet acts as the guiding influence for the council and directs the government of the school. CADET OFFICERS The purpose of the R.O.T.C. is to develop into those cadets who voluntarily enroll a better understanding of the responsibilities of good citizenship and to give to them that basic training which would Ik. of value to them in the event their careers turn to the military. TIM- o I F 1 C K R S O F R.O.T. C. Company :. Captain Richard Vickery 1st l.t. Harold Watkins 2nd l.t. Leonard Men Company •'. Captain Billy Key 1st l.t. Joel Greer 2nd l.t..I.eon Burch Regimental Staff l.t. Colonel Allan 1). Cochrane (Executive Officer) Battalion Staff Captain Harry Parker (Adjutant) PURPOSE OF SPONSORS To hold and promote that high level of spirit and morale now held by the R.O.T.C.DL JACKET STAFF Virginia Mouchctt Jack Palmer Beverly 'Tuggle Jim Lester Tommy Traylor Simpson Pepper Fred Mi cll Betlye I.ou Smith Johnny Wallis Jackie Lendcrman Lillian Batcv Blanche liatcv Bmcc Oreenhill Carolyn Uasslcr Peggy Virciglio Editor Assistant liditor B n si in ss Ma nager Sports Editors . lssistouts C 'imitation Managers Snapshots Typists-------------- Assistants Ad Editor Assistants Advisor VIRGINIA MOUCJIETT JACK PALM ER BEVERLY TUGGLE JIM ULSTER. TOMMY TRAYLOR SIMPSON PEPPER. ERKP MIZELL HETTYIC LOU SMITH. JOHNNY WALLIS JACKIE LENUERMAN LILLIAN BATEY. PLANCHE BATEY DORIS KLADDEN. MARY L. McCRARY BRUCE OREENHILL CAROLYN IIASSLER. PEC.OY VIRCICLIO, THOMAS ALLEN INEZ HUNTJL CRIPPLED CHILDREN CLINIC GAME ( 1) Lamlwrt’s ] ass t j Dannv Stewart complete on Knsley 35 as Wallis (.43) and Howell (54) draw Ram lcfen.se lownficld. Protection is given the passer |,y Ivy (42) Scalici (61) Tommy Mizell 50 and Lyons (kneeling). (2) Co-Capt. Johnny W allis skirts left end for 15 yards. Interference is afforded by Davies (44) Fred Mizell (51 ) Lester (35) Camp (66) and Ihchiara (46) while Sammy Smith stops King Salem. T h E 1 IMG Seas U 11 Knslev 34 Fair field 0 Knsley 50 leffco 0 Knsley 19 Phillips 0 h.nslcv 13 W'oodlawn 6 Knsley 0 Raima v 6 Knsley 6 Chattanooga 13 Knslev 6 West Knd 0 Knslev 18 Pensacola 0 Knsley 6 Ramsay 14 Totals 152 393, SENIOR MARK LYONS—This 200 pounder upheld for two seasons his important left tackle |KJsition. Past and rugged, Marcus was a vicious tackier anti fine blocker. DON DAVIICS—No doubt about this lad's being the best quarterback in the city. Highly underrated as a runner and jtfisser. Don could do both well. Afforded excellent blocking for his "Twin" on the AVallis reverse." SAMMY SMITH- Probably the most underrated guard in the city. Mean on defense and smart always. "The Nose" was tops in the line. JAM ICS IVY—Guard. As Co-Capt. elect. Jim follows in brother Bob’s footsteps as a Jacket loader. Smart and aggressive. Ivy will stand an excellent chance of snaring All-State honors next fall. JOHN D. STEW ART-Back. -A recurring injury suffered while in China slowed G. I. Johnny down all season. His blaze of glory in '42 and ’43 satisfy him though. CO-CAPT KI.ECT RUSSELL LAMBERT—Left Half. "Rusty" is considered the most improved hack around by his coach. With a 6.4 average gain per try in ’46. big things arc expected of this triplethreat "Pratt" boy also.V A R SITY PLAYERS TOMMY MIZF.I.L—Center. Perhaps one of the best line hackers in the city, Tommy was equally a» good on offense. CH A R LKS STR KETMA N—As state half-mile champ. Gur lie’s speed was an asset to him both at end and center, both of which he ably played with case. CO-CAPT. JOHNNIE WALIJS —Right Half. High scoring “Hc-mo" was triple-threat. Back crafty runner, both fast and elusive. Wallis was one of the few halfbacks that could ever hack up a line like a “Blanchard". CO-CAPT. CIRO DICHIARA— Fullback. Hard plunging Giro was also a deadly blocker and tackier. All of Enslcy’s opposition was justly afraid of his "bull-like" charges. GORDON FLYNN—Tackle. The 190 pound "Flash” could easily have occupied a first team berth on any other team in the city. Both rough and pretty for a tackle. JIM 1.ESTKR)—End. Definitely no pass catcher. "Big Jim" may KCt the (). K. otherwise. V a l x ) pounder, he often filled in for the regulars at tackle.SENIOR VARSITY PLAYERS ROBERT CAMP—The lighter Camp, rated by Coach Duncan a "The high school tackle I’ve coached." Proof enough of his wares—truly All-City. SIMPSON PEPPER’S one year on the varsity at cn l was a giMKl one. Surely here's an example of dynamite in a small package. DA N X Y ST EW A K T — The fulltack that was g xxl enough to do anything he said he could do. Could punt and pass as well as a halfback. Very fast. OL SQUAD FRONT ROW (left to right) : Jimmy Neal McRae, Tommy Caldwell. John Upchurch, Don Davies. Johnny Wallis, Robert Camp. Jim Lester. Vincent Scilaci, Danny Stewart. John I). Stewart. Fred Globctti, Jack Scott. Jack Holsten. James Ivy. SECOND ROW (left to rij ltI) : Richard Ray, lk l Lumpkin, Carl Miller. Charles Streetman. Tommy Mizcll, Henry Xclem. Drew DeShazo. Sammy Smith, Tommy Paxton. Giro Dichiara. Raymond Kuykendall. I HIRD ROW (left to ritilil) : Hill I homas, Fred Mizeit, Wuodv Moss, F’rauk Bonds, James Kirkwot»d, Harold Watkins, Mario Tombrcllu, Mark Lyons. Johnny Howell. James Hancock. Hugh Craig. Donald Long-cran. t. Iifton Reach. Jack Patton.J RESUME oftL SEASON The Knsley Yellow Jackets prepared to defend the Championship with great vigor. September found over 100 hopeful lads donning the togs of the gridiron. Three new coaches—Charles Duncan. Claude Melvin, and Burke Dupuy were to be the tutors for the year. Though all were experienced men. they had never worked together before. But as the time grew near for the first Jacket test, these fine men were beginning to shape up a good team. Perhaps the win-loss record wasn't the best the Knsley team has ever made, but the clean, hard playing of these fine athletes would he hard to l»eat anywhere. Knsley trounced Fairfield .14-0 to open the season. The Johnnies—Wallis and Stewart—operating hchind a fast line, led tl»c onslaughtcr. Wallis piled up a total of 22 |K ints for the night while Stewart ran one and passed once for T. I) . I.ambcrt scored the other T. I), on a neat 1.1 yard tackle. The Jacket steamroller gained momentum as Jeffco fell by the lopsided score of 50-0. Co-Capt. Wallis again was in the thick of things, personally scoring 14 points, and passing to Johnny Mowell for a third T. I). Other scorers were "Bulldog'’ Craig. Thcddic Reach, little Kay Kuykendall, Frank Bonds and Fred Mizell. Don Davies. Vincent Scalict, and Sammy Smith were "Demons" on defense. The first "Big 5" test—Phillips—found Charles Street-man. kickoff specialist, the only injured player. “Rusty" I-ambcrt. tailback, stole the show as he ran and passed Knsley to a 19-0 victory. Co-Capt. Ciro Dichiara began to get his stride as he plunged 8 yards for a score while Fred Mizell was on the receiving end of Lambert's payoff toss. Wallis proved his versatility by intercepting 4 Crimson passes. Lyons, Camp, and Ivy were outstanding up front. October 14th. 194b—Knsley squeezed by Woodlawn 1.1-6, something it hadn’t done in 8 years. Capt. Dichiara gained 65 of Knsley’s 126 yards on the ground to lead the way. Again the scoring kid—Wallis—rati wild, scoring all 1.1 (mints. .12.000 people witnessed the contest that found the Mizell brothers—Fred and Tommy—the outstanding Jacket linemen. The season's first snag—Ramsay 6, Knsley 0. It was a tough «me to lose, as the Jacket-. walked off with everything hut the score. I.atnhrrt led the attack that found Knsley gaining 4 times as much yardage as the "Rams" and we mustn't forget Wallis' neat 5.1 yard run. one of the best. Danny Steward. Jacket l«ack. was the game's outstanding runner, while Bobby Camp took the honors in the forcwall. A riddled Jacket team, minus five regulars, fell before the powerful Central High of Chattanooga, 13-6. John 1‘pchurch, Cordon Flynn. Raymond Kuykendall, and Don Davies played out tanding in defeat, with Russell l.anilart chalking up Knsley s only score. Still handicapped somewhat by injuries, the Jackets eked out a 6-0 decision over West Knd’s Lions. "Mr." Wallis by now, tallied the Jacket marker. The powerful Jacket fronts held West Knd ior 4 downs on the tour yard line, never allowing them to reach pay-dirt.. The whole team played well. With only one injured man, the Jackets invaded the sandy beaches of Florida to meet the potent Pensacola eleven. John D. Stewart had recovered from injuries enough t« lead the Jackets’ 18-0 victory. Kuykendall, Wallis and Danny Stewart were hot in the running department with James Ivy and the Mizell . the line mainstays. Thanksgiving Day marked Knsley's third loss. Ramsay copped the City Title from the Jackets to the tunc of 14-6. Again a fine Jacket team out-blocked, out-tackled, and generally outplayed the Rams, only to lose. Knsley’s one drive covered 74 yards with "Flash" Wallis scooting the last 15 in grand style. The '46 edition of Knsley's Yellow Jackets bowed out with the usual fire and fight. Out of .666 season came All-State Johnny Wallis and Robert Camp, and All-City Don Davies. Fred Mizell. Mark Lyons. Ciro Dichiara, James Ivy. and "Rusty" I mbert.DL SENIOR BASEBALL PLAYERS ADRIAN I.OVEl.t. (• a catcher. Hr earned let-lrr» in lt»4«- 47. Adrian hatted a high J7i ami earned a place on tor Ea t-We f leant of IMI . IIOX DAVIES like In play center field but i a good utility man at any field position He can handle a hat ami won letter in llll ’47. JOHNNIE WALLIS i the ea«y going kind and play •ecottd lae. "Hemo" a the boy call him haa a .200 hatting average. Johnnie earned letter in ll |i'W'4I. IIAKKY REACH eametl a letter in l»U. went to the Army, and t hack for thi ea»on. Harry i a first bo eman. a outh paw and ha a better than .200 hatting average. DICK MORGAN i a pitcher who like to play hall anti ha a really good fast hall. Dick played in the East Wot game of 1 4 . “Rod” earned hi letter in IOI -’ 7. JOHN LESLIE i usually found at hi favorite petition, first law. Thi fellow ’•Lefty’ , or "Bull ! g-bat a mean -VM. John won hi first letter in !!» « and another in 1017. HAROLD BROWN ha hatted a neat .203 i» two year of hall. He playH in the East-West game aI 19I5-'4A. •'Bu ter" play center field He earned letter i« 194S-’4«-'4?. JAMES Sl’TTO.N Would like to play Ptufe-tional lu ehall. "Smut” hai played a lot of ball and b» received letter in | 4 ‘4 - 47 Jatnr hat left haoded to thr tune of .210. JL SQUAD MRS! ROW: Blomelv, Allgood, Allen. Thorne. Leslie, I.ovell, Morgan, Burdette. Randolph. Coach McClain. SECOND ROW: Pepper. Smith. Southerland. Sammy Smith. Wallis, Davies Moss. Sutton. Brown.3. 5 o U A I) FIRST ROW: Smith. Helton, Wallis, Brown, Sutton, Davies. Southerland. Ivy, Bonds. Coach McClain. SECOND ROW: Randolph. CaniptxU, Wamble, Lonergan. I.eo. Haley, Howell. Moss. Wald, Morrow. Sammy Smith. Pcpjtcr, StaRK. Blomely. THIRD ROW: Noe. Stewart. Karrh. OL SENIOR BASKETBALL PLAYERS AMES IVV like, one hand shot II, i. depetulnble player at hi unr l poult inn. Janie earned I varsity letter in Unit. 47. ml played "It" team tall in lfi. AMES SOUTHERLAND "Sandy" played "II" team in KM3 and varsity in Be i a consistent player i guard. Janie I ft’ 11 y, -ml he liktu tile set hot. JAMES SUTTON The hoy call him "Smut". Janie in a ft’ 11 " forward, lie like In try hi ‘kill with the aide allot. Jame won hi letter in ‘LVlfl.’17. JOHNNY HOWEt.l. i a o’ 2" forward wlw like the hook shot and was a high .corer liccausc of that shot. Hr earned hi letter in ’40, ami wa» clectetl on the Coache--All-City for 1047. DON DAVIES wn Co-Alternate Captain of the '17 Jacket . He made the varsity in ’4. - 4tJ.’l7. Don like to «hoot a one hand jni»h »hot. ID i« 5' I0 and « a very; good guard, holding some of the city' best to low score . HAROI.D BROWN was the Captain of the IHJ edition of the Yellow Jacket , lettering in '4ft«'4rt-'47. "Buster" wa« an All City and AH District forward. He wa« high point man of the Big ft .coring 88 pwiin in k game . BILLY KARRH i a (I Uy,“ center. Hr play the hall from the Itaek Uwird and like a crip hnt. "Killer” never get excited and « the clown of the team. He re ccivcd In varsity letirr in 10 47. LEWIS LEO "Buddy" made hi vanity letter in 1047. Hr is a guard who like a crip shot. "Buddy" i an even fl' and has had four year of liaikettmll. JOHNNIE WALLIS wn Co Alternate Captain of '47 Jacket , letter in ’-45 to '47. Hr is a guard who like to tack them up front way out in the court. Johnnie staud ft' lo" and is » consistent player. He was chosen on the Coache All-City team. RONALD IX) NERO AN “Si»” i» a ft II" forward. In tt»4«t he earned hi varsity letter. He like a one hand-over hand (hot.COACHES and TRACK 'Che coaches this semester have really outdone themselves in producing some of the finest spirts squads in our city. The football team played in the annual Crippled Children's Clinic Game and the basketball boys were the district champs. C aacleS anJ j rincipa Dr. Sechricst Coaches McClain. Duncan. Dupuy Oi. Oracl Or rum FIRST ROW: Nuboi . »rn- « n. Mi’ . Crumpton, ! «• Yam-pert, McRae, Pepper. SECOND ROW: JohiiH .11. Iirr.il, Norton. Thornr, Ili chiaia. WiUon.5L Batul Band leader, K J. McClain conducted one of the finest and largest bands of the city this past season. As the band went into its formations at each game, it could he understood that hand work is lard, bm fun. So we say thanks to the hand for a wonderful season. DL ( hccrltuuL prS The cheerleaders under the stM r-vision of Miss Kathryn Smith really did wonderful job of cheering the team on to victory At the end of the season Betty Jean Dickerson and lolly Sh«p-herd' were elected head cheerleaders W ith these swell folks to lead the cheering it is understandable that the “Yellow Jackets" were tops in football. Jlcrolntl. An added attraction to the football names which no other school has is the acrobat squad. This year at each game they were seen doing their tricks with the greatest of ease They were aUo sponsored by Miss Kathryn Smith. The orchestra under the very capable leadership of Miss Edith Pearson has always excelled in music ability. I is an added pleasure to a great many oi the auditorium program and one we appreciate greatly. BAN ]}aJ CHEERLEADERSOL A M Springtime is tournament time in the Curls' Gym. The last of March marks the beginning of the tournaments in tennis, hat tennis, and ping pong. Each is divided into the singles and doubles competition. The gym girls first compete for class champion and these, in turn, compete for school champion. These tournaments furnish many exciting days in the gym. SENIORS ••BIG 7" Cl.l'H IN GYM FRONT ROW llrfl to right): Jean Heath, Rtoylc McCain. I'riity Sue Writtht. Jranita licit. SECOND ROW tlr t to right): Pauline Gattina. Itnok'enc Gilnon. Ann Blaylock. OFFICER OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION FRONT ROW (Irfl to right): Willodean Tc Wtt rend, Pejrey Gilbert, Faye Rot he. Pen sty SauUtiunr. Prnry Bfodie. Helen lack ton, lean Zicarelli, .Mona Panvon , Mary Calla . SECOND ROW U,-ft to right): Betty Rarriaon. El nr nice III . Mnnterie Marne , Billie Rhea Jan nett. Alette Goodrich. Carolyn Jackfton, W'ilroa Rothcll. Carolyn StinMM). THIRD ROW (Irfl to right)'. Dorothy Dunbar. Barliarn Gann. Kathleen Martin. Joyce Martin. Sarah flnlaatnlirck, Mary Alice Heap . Drtven Padgett, Judy Sprague. V'iolet Keith. Mary Ann Inman, Jane Riddle. Clara Ray.A Z Q N S Varsity games in the ('.iris’ »vm are a year-round project. In the fall, Miss Smith chooses the basketball and volleyball varsities. She chooses enough girls to make up four teams. These play six games to determine the champions. In the spring, the baseball varsity is chosen. These teams compete against one another also. CAPTAINS OK VOI.I.KYBAI.I. Cl.ASS TKAMS FRONT ROW (U t f right): Joann Jnan i'A Hell, Ilillir l ni Ktjr Carolyn Stimmo, Kdnn lyirl Antlnny, Helen JacK m, SISCONI) ROW il.-ft » itfhl): licit)' llurrixm, Mnnterir llamn. Sarali llolvimtirck. Ann Merle Carlrtuti. Zoc William. . Violet Keith CAPTAINS OF HASH RTHAl.t. Cl.ASS TKAMS FRONT ROW {left to right): Joy Candle. Iran Heath. Jackie Harm . Jean Zicarelli. Jo Ann I'illitlrri. Judy Sprague. , SKCONI) ROW (Ml to right): Anne Stinwin, l ftwn I'ailKett, Hetty Baker, Nor nw Koniiur, Janette Hud-•on. I’euirie Hrnwlry.SNAPSHOTS Posing I mean . . . Step Sitters . . . Having Fun ... I'll Wet you know . . . I'm the tallest ... In the good old days . . . It's cold hut fun ... On top of the Mountains . . . Soooooo Cute . . . Basking in old Sol . . ,My new hat . . . Harmony . . . 4 You guess” . . . “Wee Willie" . . . Home I go .., Select... Cute, eh , .. Harmony . . . Friendship lasts forever . . . “Shadow” . . .SNAPSHOTS So good and refreshing . . . Buddies . . . Beautiful . . . BUT NOT DUMB . . . Nature 1.overs . . . Just Posing . . . Again . . . Brothers and Sisters no doubt . . . Cute tricks . . . You should see them now . . . At it again . . . "Mentone Specials ... I think this is cute . . . I;ree Trimmers . . . T. X. 'P's. . . . Cooperation . . . Must be roses in their hair . . . Farmerettes . . . Cute Bunch . . . Puppy love . . .You go your way . . . The couple . . . Peek a b o . . . Sandy . . . I'm all finished . . . Secrets . . . Uinnunmnuninin . . . Gentleman? . . . The Drummer . . . 1 do not weigh the most . . . Re-Bob . . • Hying High ... I nder Arm . . . Happy Foursome . . . Best there is . . . Mrs. Stewart's little l oy Pete . . . Too bad for the car . . . Guess . . . TV 4MAKE SILVERS YOUR HEADQUARTERS Compliments of J. C. PENNEY CO.. INC. ENSLEY THE FAMILY STORE 5c I Oc $ 1.00 Stores 409-11 19th Street Ensley Five Changes A Week Entertainment For All Ensley Theater FIELDS-GOODWIN DRUG CO. PRESCRIPTIONS COMPOUNDED Exactly As Your Doctor Ordered FREE DELIVERY Ramsay-McCormick Bldg. Ensley. Ala. Phone 6-3171 Phone 6-8353 Member F. T. D. A. tilts Iflnuu'r £ luii ifr 506 Nineteenth Street Res. 6-4417 Ensley, Altbama Phone 6-4745 For Everything In Pictures Ensley Furniture Company Furniture—Electrical Appliances 417 Nineteenth Street Ensley, Alabama Its ALOIA STUDIO Fine Portraits—Kodak Finishing Framing—Enlarging 511 - 19th St. Ensley. Ala.Peyton A. Eubank Co. "Scn icc Since WOO" 1909 Avenue E Phone 6-4178 J. GREGG SCOTT REALTY CO. A CONSCIENTIOUS REALTOR REAL ESTATE. RENTALS GENERAL INSURANCE Insurance—Property Management Ensley, Ala. 1914 Ave. E. Ensley 6-2696 Tel. 641709 CHURCH STAGG OFFICE SUPPLY CO. ENGRAVING, CARDS. SCHOOL SI IM’I.IES AMI STATIONERY 60ft 19th Si.—Entity Coni fAnncnti of Bowen s Pharmacy THE REX Aid. STORE Phone 6-218 S Birmingham 8, Alabama GILMER DRUG COMPANY, INC. M. A. Boynton. President 418 19th Street Phone 6-3443 Ensley, Alabama Try Dortch s PIES AND BUDDY BARS "Growing With Binnhnjham" DORTCH BAKING CO. Best Wishes from Alabama's Largest StoreGoldstein and Cohen 404-6 19th St.. Ensley FOR 40 YEARS ENSLEY’S LEADING DEPARTMENT STORE Complimenti of WILSON-BROWN COMPANY 2213-2215 Morris Avenue Birmingham 3. Alabama EVERYTHING FOR EVERY SPORT WIMBERLY THOMAS HARDWARE CO., INC. 2011 - 1st Ave. Birmingham, Alabama FASHION CLEANERS 707-709 19th Street Phone 8-1311 Ask About Our Drax Service For Water Repellency HAMILTON ROBINSON Established 1915 WHOLESALE PRODUCE Exchange Building First Avenue at Eleventh Street Phone 3-5241 Birmingham. Alabama WOOD-FRUITTICHER 2321 1ST AVENUE. NORTH PHONE 3-2111Frank Chambers Engraving Company 2104 5th Avenue, North Birmingham. Alabama ★ WEDDING INVITATIONS LETTERHEADS CLASS RINCS COMMENCEMENT ANNOUNCEMENTS DIPLOMAS CUPS MEDALS TROPHIES EAT GOLDEN FLAKE Potato Chips Peanut Butter Sandwiches Salted Peanuts Corn Chips “Birmingham's Own" 'The joy of a cheap price is never equal to the misery of a cheap price” Call Us For QUALITY FRUITS AND VEGETABLES P1PPEN BROTHERS, INC. 1031 1st Avenue, North Phones 2-1217, 3-1218 Copies of pictures in this annual can be obtained at this studio. $ ;s: g’tuiiui 1823 Avenue F Ensley Make Your Appointment by Phoning 8-4179 J• 0 ? ' e '-17 ... a position of responsibility tlint's vital to the community s business and social welfare . . . and pays accordingly. 7 o you a Career i?i Communications beckons. SOLTI IERN BELLTELEPF lONK AND TEEEGRAPII COMPANY INCOKl'ORATEDTHE ENGRAVINGS IN THIS BOOK By COLLECE ANNUAL DIVISION ALABAMA ENGRAVING COMPANYTHE EMBLEM OF FINE PRINTING Birmingham Printing Company Birmingham, AlabamaAUTDGRAPHS...

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