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gf-ot FIRST WOMAN — Geraldine Ferraro became the first woman to run for the office of Vice President when Walter Mondale selected her as his running mate. i 2ND ARTIFICIAL HEART — William Schroeder became the world ' s second artificial heart recipient. RESIGNATION — Vanessa Williams became the first Miss America to be forced to resign her crown and was replaced by the first runner up, Suzette Charles, Miss New Jersey. B - ¥ WORLD TRAVELER — Pope John Paul II traveled extensively during 1 984, beginning with South Korea, Thailand, the Soloman Islands and Papua, New Guinea, where 200,000 natives turned out to meet him. Bt-OT WHAT A RUSH — The Chicago Bears ' Walter Payton set a new rushing record during a game against the New Orleans Saints. He broke Jim Brown ' s record of 12,312 yards. TINA ' S BACK — Singer Tina Turner, 46, made a comeback with her first solo album, " Private Dancer. " It hit the top of the charts with singles, " What ' s Love Got to Do With It " and " Better Be Good To Me. " f J - i 9 ' 4 y ' . Z ?: T ' W Tj credit: AP WIDE WORLD PHOTOS CURRIiNT lEN E rrS ' i .w . .N. 8 - w i ' ' Ot) J ««■ «■ NO PEACE FOR BEIRUT — Twenty-three were killed when a car bomb hit the U.S. Embassy in Beirut. The tragedy was followed by questions about security measures. B t S TOP MOVIES — Robert Duvall won best actor for his role in " Tender Mercies. " " Terms of Endearment " won three Oscars: best picture, best actress Shirley MacLaine, and best supporting actor Jack Nicholson. OLYMPIC CHAMPIONS — The U.S. won more Olympic medals than any other country in the Summer Olympics at Los Angeles. Two superstars were Carl Lewis, who won four gold medals in track events, and Mary Lou Retton, the first American woman to win an individual gymnastics Olympic medal. PURPLE PRINCE — One of the hottest new musical artists of 1984, Prince rocketed to the top with his nationwide tour and his first movie, " Purple Rain. " 9 f-H WHERE ' S THE BEEF? — Clara Peller, age 80, immortalized the phrase " Where ' s the beef? " with her TV commercials for Wendy ' s. SWEET NEWS— Dr. Daniel Azarnoff proudly displayed a molecular model of the artificial sweetener NutraSweet. New to the market, it quickly replaced saccharine in many low- calorie foods. c:ui?Ri: rr ienients « OF ENSIGN present future ADMINISTRATION MR. TWEDT says, " I am proud to be a part of Ensign! " . Well, Mr. Twedt, we are proud to have you as our principal! In the past six years that he has been at Ensign, he has contributed greatly to our school. Before coming to Ensign, he was a teacher for 17 years. He taught 7th and 8th grade history, reading, 5th and 6th grade, and summer school. He, also coached football, Softball, and basketball. During his leisure time, Mr. Twedt enjoys being outdoors, going on family trips, and snow skiing. His favorite positive expression is " Make it happen! " , and his favorite negative expression is " He who hesitates is lost " . MR. JACOBSEN is the vice principal at Ensign. He has been in administration for eight years. Before that, he taught for 18 years in the areas of P.E., history, and in the elementary grades. He has coached many school sports. Formerly, he served in the Army and, also worked as a lifeguard. In his spare time, he enjoys fishing, reading, skin diving, and occasional travel. Besides going to the beach this sum- mer, he plans to attend his son ' s graduation from the Marine Corp O.C.S. Being a man of few words, his favorite positive expression is " yes " , and, of course, his favorite negative expression is " no " . f - 4 i , « Our counselor teacher, MR. NOREN, has spent 25 of his 27 years in teaching at Ensign. He has coached volleyball, bas- ketball, and this year will coach track. His favorite positive expression is, " Good for you! " ; his favorite negative expression is " You underwhelm me! " . Fishing, reading, golf, and cards are among his hobbies. The yearbook staff would like to recognize his talent in photography and THANK HIM for mak- ing us look good! He helped us by taking pictures of Crazy Day, the dances, Yosemite, and some other candids. " A After 17 years at Lincoln, MS. D. ANDERSON now teaches art, P.E., yearbook and coaches track at Ensign. Her hobbies are design, U.S.N., travel camping. She once worked as a skating gas station attendant. Posi- tive saying: You ' re not allowed to say can ' t. Negative saying: Read my lips. MRS. J. ANDERSON has been a teacher for 30 years. The past four years she has taught English and jour- nalism at Ensign. Her favorite positive expression is, " Hi cute cheeks " ; and " Yuck-a-rooh " is her favorite negative expression. Her hobbies are reading and knit- ting. Twenty one of MR. BRITTINGHAM ' S 25 years in teaching have been here. Hobbies are mountain climb- ing, skydiving and polo. He ' s been an advisor to Mr. Wiessler Sports; to Mr. Weber Finance and Social Di- rector for Mr. Jacobsen. This summer, our history teacher, plans to enter a monastary in Nepal. MR. BRYSON has been teaching social studies for 26 years, 23 of those at Ensign. He was also a Baptist minister in Spokane. His hobbies are classical music and travel. His favorite expressions are " don ' t sweat it " and " don ' t promulgate an outrage " . Our veteran teacher, MR. BURWICK, has been at En- sign for 29 years of his 31 years in education. He has taught most subjects and currently is our Librarian. He has also coached and enjoys watching football, bicycling and yard work. " Atta ' boy, girl " is a favorite saying. MR. BUSHONG has taught science, P.E., shop, art and math in his 23 year career — 4 at Ensign. His favorite expressions are: You can do it and Forget it, stupid. He likes to golf, ski, camp, fish and play Softball; he coached for 12 years. Painting houses is a sideline (since he was in 8th grade). This is MR. CARLSON ' S 4th year at Ensign in math and drama. Positive saying: Have a nice day. Negative saying: You ' re late and get rid of that gum. His hob- bies are family and coaching his sons ' B.B. He also paints houses in the summer and plans a trip to Poke- gama Lake in Minnesota. MRS. CHARLES, a 15 year teacher of English at En- sign, also likes to travel and boat. Her favorite expres- sion is: " When all else fails-THINK or Follow Direc- tions " . Summer will find her at a Hawaiian wedding (one of 3 sons), and then on to a charter sail in Tonga. MR. COX has been teaching for 24 years, 5 at Ensign, in the areas of art and photography. His favorite posi- tive expression is, " Learn to see, and know what you are learning " . " Don ' t throw crayons " , is a negative one. Hobbies are painting and carpentry and he ' s a " maybe " for Europe this summer. MR. CUNEO, at Ensign for 21 years, has taught alge- bra, math and computers. His favorite expression is " All right " . His favorite negative expression, " Are you intellectually incapable of assimilating this info? " Hobbies are old cars, travel and camping, and he ' s going to Indiana this summer. MRS. EVERHART has been teaching 21 years, 3 at Ensign. She has taught math, English, reading and has coached. She enjoys board games, live theater, and collects elephants. Positive expression: Go for it - Neg- ative expression: Put a cork in it! Interesting jobs; salmon fishing bookkeeping. MR. FERRELL has been at Ensign for 4 of his 15 year teaching career, teaching and coaching in many areas. He is currently in Spec. Ed. His favorite expressions are, " Fudge Knuckles " and " See ya later-good Lord willin ' and river don ' t rise. " Summer: Drivin ' his 5th wheel into the sunrise. L SClENTtFi The latest in Seabee fashion wear Petty Officer D. Anderson. t5 ► ' J5 MISS KAREN HOOPER has been teaching for 15 years, 10 at Ensign, with an emphasis on EngUsh. Positive expression is " Very good! " Negative is " Oh no, not again! " . Miss Hooper likes to read and swim, and plans to go to Hawaii this summer. She has taught piano, and written for publications. MR. KESSLER has been teaching P.E. for 25 years, 20 at Ensign, and coaches everything. His favorite posi- tive saying is, " Good Job " ; negative one is " Take the run. " In the summer he plans to work on his house and sidelines in the field of office and industrial mov- ing. MR. KOCH has been teaching Woodshop for 14 years, 12 years at Ensign. Favorite expression is, " Get to work. " Hobbies are running, motorcycles, reading and camping. He is planning a trip to the East Coast this summer; works extra in general home construction. MR. KORSHAVN, a 27 year veteran of the teaching profession, is in his first year here as a shop teacher. He has taught shop in the past, as well as crafts, P.E., and has done a lot of coaching. His favorite positive expression is, " Super Job " . Hobbies include crafts, jewelry making, fishing rock hunting. MRS. KRAMER is a teacher of 27 years, 3 at Ensign, and she has taught everything. Teaching has been her only job, as nothing else could be as interesting. Her hobbies include sewing, camping, gardening, and re- laxing. Her favorite expressions are " that ' s terrific " and " get out! " . ■yTT " ' ' MR. LINDFORS has been teaching Music Math for 31 years, 11 of those at Ensign and his hobby is model railroads. Favorite expressions are: " Do it " (positive) and " Shut up your face " (negative). He once worked on the Minute Man Missle at Aerojet and plans to go to Europe this summer. MRS. LOVETT has been teaching for 17 years, 6 at Ensign. She teaches foods and has also taught P.E. and coached various sports. Her favorite saying is, " Bon Appetit " . Her hobbies are gardening, knitting and reading. In the summer, she plans to enjoy her cabin in the mountains. MR. LYND has been teaching for 26 years, all at Ensign. He teaches English, general music, and vocal music. He plans to sit around the pool and " get fat " in the summer while solving crossword puzzles. His fa- vorite expressions are " alright! " and " so, what else is new? " . Our computer whiz, MS. MALONE, is new to Ensign, but has a 15 year background in math and computers. Her hobbies are skiing, computers, reading and travel; the latter, she plans to do this summer with her 2 sons. She has taught all subjects and enjoys sharing her computer knowledge with other teachers. MS. MARSH has been teaching for 15 years (starting somewhere B. C), in social studies and creative writ- ing. Her favorite positive expression is, " Be creative, use your imagination " . Negatively she says, " No, Mesopotamia is not a disease " . Hei " hobbies are travel and people; her former job — " go-go dancer " . (See Fantasy Section) MRS. LAW50N, our math teacher, has been in teach- ing 22 years-3 years at Ensign. Her favorite expres- sions are " good answer " and " turkey " . Playing bridge, spending money and needlepoint are her hobbies. She ' s on Board of Directors of Boys Club and our favorite yearbook supporter. (Thanks!) After 3 years in the Army, MR. McGUIRE has spent 16 years teaching social studies, with 4 years at Ensign. He has coached all sports, to include basketball at high school and college level. His hobbies are fishing and hunting, and he plans to travel this summer with his family, to pursue those interests. The yearbook staff, in an effort to bring you the news, presents this section to show that teachers are real people too . . . They shared Embarrassing or Slightly Crazy Experiences in their teaching careers: Mr. Van O ' : Once took over the girls ' chorus at Kaiser. He listened to them sing and stated that all the girls were flat. Eyes focused on a well-endowed member. Mr. Van O left the room with a red face amid gales of laughter. Ms. D. Anderson: During the mini-skirt era, she was waiting in the teachers ' lounge for Back-to-School Night. A colleague told her that her nylons were wrinkled at the knees, and she wasn ' t wearing any! Ms. Marsh: During a spelling test on a cold coastal morning, she was leaning against the heater. A student yelled that he smelled rubber burning. Upon closer inspection she found that she had melted her girdle! Mrs. Prichard: Admittedly poor in spelling, she once ordered a film for a Foods class substitute on desserts. When she returned, she found that her class had viewed a film on the desert, as in Death Valley. Mr. Bushong: Once a girl named Kelly decided to brush her teeth at a side sink in the middle of a science lecture. Mrs. Lawson: Her first year of teaching was in fifth grade, and a student told her that she would look like a teen if she weren ' t so fat. Mrs. Pastrick: She once sat on a freshly painted bookshelf and had to spend all day like that! Mrs. Kramer: Once she forgot a boy was staying after school and went home. Mr. Carlson: He stood in front of a class with a large hole in his pants. Mr. Lindfors: He started to conduct the band and nothing happened . . . they just sat there. Mr. Weber: His colleagues, Mr. Wiessler, Jacobsen, and Brittingham have led him astray. They ruined what was once a very nice young man. Mr. Lynd: Every year gets crazier!! MRS. PASTRICK has been teaching special ed. for 20 years, the last 15 at Ensign. Her hobbies are gardening and knitting. She plans to relax and enjoy her summer no matter where she is! Her favorite expressions are " You ' re terrific! " and " I don ' t want to hear it! " MR. PETTEY ' S 24 year teaching career in P.E. has led him to Ensign for the past 3 years. He has coached for 18 years. Another interesting job of his is keeping Mr. Brittingham out of trouble. His favorite expressions are " good job boys " and " knock it off " . MRS. PRICHARD teaches clothing and social studies. She has been teaching forever, the last 15 years at Ensign. Her summer plans are to go to the beach everyday (also her hobby). Favorite expressions are: " Sure, you can do it " and " Tough Nookies " . This year, she burned the mortgage! MRS. SIMKINS has been teaching for the past 28 years, 24 of those years have been at Ensign. The subject that she teaches at Ensign is reading. Her hob- by is reading and her plan for the summer is to go sailing. She " crows about ' her grandchildren, and re- sents looking up 8 " to talk to Bucci. In her 24 years of teaching, MRS. STEPHEN, has taught many subjects and has coached most sports. Her favorite expressions are, " You can do it " and " No way! " Her hobbies are swimming and camping and this summer she plans to teach algebra. Our current P.E. teacher, has worked in cosmetics and at Disney- land. In his 24 yr. career, MR VAN O ' hss taught S.S. and reading, in addition to coaching B.B. V.B. Favorite positive expression is, " You can do it " . He ' s not aware of a negative one. His hobby is work: he ' s a reserve deputy sheriff and works at the BIG A for the Rams and the Angels. MRS. WALTERS has been teaching for 25 years, 2 at Ensign. She has taught English, Spanish, art and math. She likes to travel, cook and plans to camp in Europe this summer. Favorite positive sayings are: Super, Ter- rific, Superior Negative: That ' s Garbage! Welcome Back! MR. WEBER has been teaching for 15 years, 10 at Ensign, in the areas of History, Math, Health and Coaching. He likes to surf, ski, fish, run, camp and play tennis and will pursue fishing camping this summer. Positive expression: Not too shabby Nega- tive expression: All right, you ding-dongs. MR. WIESSLER has been teaching English for 25 years, 17 of them at Ensign. His favorite expression is " Open your books to page , , , " . His hobbies include sailing and camping, and he plans to travel and camp this summer. NOTE: Once Mr. Wiessler worked in the L.A. breweries. MS. WINGERD, a teacher of 9 years, has been a re- source specialist at Ensign for 2 years. Her favorite expressions are " That ' s really neat " and " That will cost you a point " . Her hobbies include sailing and skiing. This summer she plans to teach summer school and go on mini trips. SPECIAL EDUC. AIDES FACULTY ZODIAC SIGNS 1st Place: Cancer 8 2nd Place: Virgo 4 Gemini 4 Aquarius 4 3rd Place: Pisces 3 Scorpio 3 4th Place: Aries 2V2 Taurus 2V2 Honorable Mention: Capricorn 2 Sagittarius 1 Libra 1 No Leos In keeping with our yearbook theme, we asked our teachers what they had to CROW ABOUT: Mrs. Wahers: My students! They are outstanding! They have matured so much this year. They ' re neat people to know! Ms. D. Anderson: Her daughter ' s acceptance at Brooks College and the yearbook staff! Mrs. Everhart: Her ability to take one day at a time . . . (could she really have said that?) Ms. VVingerd: Ensign is a neat place to work. The students are challenging and enjoyable! Mr. Bryson: How well the kids did on this year ' s geography test and maps. Mr. Burwick: Has had many enjoyable years in teaching and is, believe it or not, looking forward to many more. Mr. Weber: The health program . . . best in the district and one of the best in the county. Mrs. Lawson, Stephen, and Charles: A great student body!! Ms. Marsh: Creative Writing makes her day! Mr. Lindfors: We have the best bands in the district! Mr. Brittingham and Wiessler want to CROW ABOUT CHARLIE! Standing; Sharon Farley-7th Grade Interest Finder, Michelle Edler-8th Grade Interest Finder, Vicki Warmington-Magazine Drive, Sally McCoy-Magazine Drive, Marian Sham-Sunshine, Irmgard Adranian-ETC Rep,, Jan Wood-Student Awards, Debbie Benedict-Honorary Service Award; Seated: Peggy Lucas- Treas., Kris Merickel-Vol. Chairman 8th Grade, Jean Somers-Historian, Linda Boris-Pres., Lu Anne Baker-Membership, Joyce Dunigan-Sunshine, Thias O ' Neil-Hospitality; Not Present: Sally Corngold-Classroom Aides, Marian Robboy-ETC, Beverly Prince-Graduation Dance, Rosalind Williams-Health and Welfare, Jackie Johnson-Hospitality, Eileen O ' Toole-inspiration, Lois Tingler-Newcomers, Vicki Weber-Newsletter, Georgia Boyer-Newspaper, Sandj; Tratar-Questionaires, Judy Franco-School Board Rep,, Donna Wicks-Volunteer Chairman 7th Grade, Judy Carlson-Telephone Committee SUPPORT STAFF Cafeteria Staff: (L to R) Bettelee Davis, Georgena Usus, Marilyn Shaw, Bealuh Hardy, Kathleen Carson, Doris Taylor I B Mrs. Hansen I HB| M Mrs. Pinderskil f HI -m f mmfmrn Speech Therapist PERSONALITIES 1 12 " Go Seabees " Come buy one of my houses when you get out of school - Sequoia Homes Shop ..t LIPSTICK for todays LA. fashion look. a ££ H feWTT i h w B l»! w m K 1 iC , U a. H v E -- cx ■n 1 iiMf It,. : I S ■■ ' ■.-Y : f i ■ ♦ . i M V ■{ i mJ ' v M jEF Kc »2»-r Haicj o petP-jATf lCfj EIGHTH GRADE " m Mya Abbott Tim Abbott Mara Abrams Tracy Adams Jandy Aguilar-Crevo Maziar Ahvari Malia Alani Guy Alexander Traci Alexson Erinn Aley Sean Allen Tony Altobelli Francoise Alvandi Jose Alvarado Sanaz Amirmozafari Kyle Anderson Nicole Anderson Stephan Andranian Jay Armstrong Jeremy Aston Pat Bailey Dawn Baird Jennifer Baldwin Alida Balzano Dominique Balzano Mike Banfill Angel Barna Vince Bartolonc Charles Barton Danielle Behling Tate Belanger Peter Bell Reba Bellet Barbara Ber dezu Hilary Benedict Heather Bierman Rickey Biley Traci Birkey Marie Bishop Zach Blair Rachel Bloomberg Katrina Blotti Lisa Boisselle Jay Boris John Boston Seth Boston Amy Boukather Michelle Bourne Jason Bourg Peter Boyd Casey Bradeson Jason Brahms Katy Brandt Denise Brantley Andrea Brown Debbie Brown Krista Brundage Joe Bryan Jessie Buenrostro Jennie Buratti ; J v- - " i- t - ' -♦ From the BOUKATHER Family Howard Burney Brent Capozzi Javier Cardenas Haven Cargill Jennifer Carkon Kimaleigh Carr Kris Carr Nancy Casey Billy Castanha Grace Chen Katie Chesney Dino Ciano AUyson Clark Steve Clarke Gwen Colfels Deanna Collins Heather Colyear Aaron Connelly Lisa Conway Chris Coombes Barnes Cooper Greg Coppola Scott Corngold Kelly Cowan Stacey Croteau Dylan Crouch Jenne Cundall Lena Dahbour Jason Daum Bill Davenport Tiffany Delaney Dina Diangelo Eric Diehl David Dieleman Barry Dishon April Doherty Coleen Donovan Gahe Dorman Matt Dru David Duhamel Brooke Dulien Julie Dumovich Farrel Duncan Erin Dunigan Trina Dydel Doug Earl Terra Ebel Felicia Edelman Kurt Edler Sean Ellis Aaron Espana Luke Fairborn Richard Farrington David Farris Eric Feller Jason Finch Nigel Fisher Julie Folkedal Pepper Forshier Paul Francis MAGAZINE DRIVE In late October, Ensign students participated in an eleven day Magazine Drive. The theme was " Catch the Ensign Spirit " . Vicki Warmington was the PTA representative for the drive. Stu- dents sold magazine subscriptions, tapes, and re- cords. Prizes ranged from a " weeple " to a full stereo system. The top school seller was M Pfister, who sold 28 subscriptions. Mrs. Ste- phen ' s first period class sold the most subscrip- tions per person. All together Ensign students raised 8,000 dollars . . . WAY TO GO ENSIGN " " Robbv Harris Ty Harris Reeve Hartman Deonna Hawley Heather Hawthorne Laura Haxel David Haxton Dennis Haynes Wally Hcinrich Tiffany Henderson Dave Henley Colette Hcnninger Jenny Higgins Shawn Holland Danny Houck Kelly Howe Liz Hubbard A Mary Hubbard Chris Hubbs Brian Hudson Carla Huffman Philip Huntsman Irma Ibanez Zayda lllescas Amie Ingold Erin inkpen Amy Irvine Christina Jakin Jim Jennings Julian Jeppc Jeff Johnson Julie Johnson an Jones Erik Jones David Jordan Brig Jorgensen Allison Kaastra Todd Kasler Joe Kelso Angie Kendall Suzanne Kengla Katie Kerrigan Sandra Kim Steve Knauer Suzie Kramp Krista Krumins BASKETBALL GM5 MOVED TO imo T SCOLIOSIS SCREENING KlJ Uli ' w. .- ' " ., • JL ' MBl KK r L kiA w, :yr Chris Lee Kenny Leverich Amy Leyerly Amy Little Kia Litz Michelle L ' don Laura La Frano David Lamb Todd Earner Angel Lawrence Grant Leathers Carrie Maze Chris Mc Clung Krista Mc Cormick Molly Mc Cray Scott Mc Donough Michelle Mc Intosh Lesley Mc Leod Susan Mc Wethy Alissa Meads Jennifer Melara Keith Menne Matt Merickel Tony Mertz Jimmy Messick Michelle Meyer Gretchen Mickey Amy Mihalko Renee Miles Mike Murphy Trenna Nabuda Josh Nedelman EUzabeth Neil Tim Newberry Pat Newcomb April Newman n Ngo Chris Nix Peter Norgard Sean Norton Shawna Norton Katie Nutt Michael O ' Brien Molly O ' Neil Thomas OToole Jennifer Opincar Ryan Orlin Andrea Osimo Nicole Otis Renee Ouellette Christine Paik Stacy Parrdo Jennifer Parker Jami Paltison Paul Peloquin Peter Peloquin Cynthia Pelston Claudia Perez Jason Perrin n .glLm. Carlos Quiroz Chris Rabbitt Dominic Ralph Hector Ramirez Maria Ramos Jeff Randall w u ' f Bryan Rasmus en Robbie Recio Jill Rcdington Scott Rcdington Daniel Rice Rachel Robboy Wendy Roberts Lillian Rome Rosie Rome Allison Root Jeff Rothwell Jeff Royer Shannon Roys Sandra Ruffini Tuyet Ruoff Rian Rupert Mark Russell Vince Russell Kelly Russo Jenn Ryan Ileana Salazar Sandra Salazar Bryan Saltus Bret Sanders FAVORITE PASTIMES 1. Going to the beach 2. Surfing 3. Shopping 4. Calling friends 5. Playing sports CAMPUS CRAZES POPULAR T.V. SHOWS 1. Spencer 2. The Cosby Show 3. Three ' s Company 4. Double Trouble 5. M.T.V. and Family Ties FAVORITE MOVIES 1. Sixteen Candles 2. Outsiders and Purple Rain 3. Beverly Hills Cop 4. Ghostbusters 5. Karate Kid FAVORITE GROUPS 1. Billy Idol 2. Duran Duran 3. U2 4. Wham 5. Madonna and The Cure POPULAR SONGS 1. Wild Boys 2. Like A Virgin 3. Erotic City 4. Tenderness 5. Careless Whisper ■ 3 O- Suzanne Sangster Chris Sanita Leticia Santa Cruz Katrina Sarwas Tyson Sawyer Stefen Saylor Heidi Sayre Pete Scharnell Justin Schreiner Becky Selby Jenny Sham Leslie Shaw Amanda Shea Darcie Sheldon Bill Shriner Elise Sims Randy Singer Star Smalley ll % ' ' ' Jennifer Smith Kim Smith Tiffani Smith Victoria Sneathen Rosa Soto Gwyn Stanley Jim Stanley Steve Stewart Tim Stickler Christine Streck Katy Sturm Paula Swanson Erika Szabo Sheila Tan Peter Thrasher Am Thunstrom Cammie Tingler Lucky Tochikubo Danielle Tomasick Brandy Tratar Jason Travis Mike Trimble Celeste Tuttle Brian Umetsu Lorena Valdivia Janette Valenzuela Monica Vallejo David Vanvoorhis Fernando Velasquez Alex Vellandi Tracy Ventura Vivian Vigil Shawn Villalpando Heidi Vincent Arnulfo Viramontes Craig Wright Vikki Wylie Christa Yates William Yode Kim Zor Ray Vogelman Khanh Vu Tina Walters Chace Warmington Jim Warmington Kathy Warrington Jennifer Webster Chad Wheatley Monica White Pam Whitney Crystal Whitworth Kim Willcut J.P. Williams Robert Williams Matt Wineke John Windsor Alisha Wonder Jill Wood OLYMPIC CHAMPIONS-1988 THE IMPORTANT THING IN THE OLYMPIC GAMES IS NOT TO WIN BUT TO TAKE PART; THE IMPOR- TANT THING IN LIFE IS NOT THE ' TRIUMPH ' BUT THE STRUBBLE ' . Baron De Coubertin I 2 Charlie dreams of replacing Sam, the Olympic Eagle. 1989-Mara Abrams and Malisa Miller take the places of lead singer, Belinda Carlisle and bassist, Kathy Valentine, in the singing group, " THE GO-GO ' S " . Upon retirement, Ms. Marsh, fulfills her fanta- sy of being a Co-Go Dancer in Vegas. 1992-Doug Earl replaces Christopher Reeve in the filming of SUPERMAN X. I jf Vi iM. Nick Bimbo Jennifer Bloomfield Amy Booth Melanie Beyer Melanie Bradshaw Jesse Brant Mike Breithaupt Kim Brody Robin Bronsky Todd Bryson Justin Bucci Julie Burns i The Computer Department is rel- atively new to Ensign. Last year, the program was only three weeks long and the time came out of P.E. classes. This year, seventh grade classes are one quarter each, and eighth grade electives are for a se- Ms. Malone teaches seventh, and has been extremely helpful in building the computer program here. Through her efforts. Ensign has received a $12,000 State Grant, and a 25 " Color Monitor from the N-M Schools Foundation. The monitor will be for use in the lab and classrooms, along with four Apple lie systems. Currently, there are 15 Apple II computer systems available. Mr. Cuneo teaches eighth, and the main ob- jective for these advanced classes is to learn keyboard skills, word processing and top down design in Basic Programming. As a mentor teacher, Ms. Malone, will be offering teacher in-ser- vices and parent workshops to fa- miliarize us with the expanding computer program. Wynn Davie Channing Dawson Henry Dela Rosa Mike Deltzler Bo Dempsey Mary Deneher Linda Denney Elizabeth Dickens Patty Dickens Lane Dittoe Kristin Donaldson Tina Douangmala Steve Double John Downer Jean-Paul Duquette Tom Eastmond Ian Elliott Stacey Ellis Kela England Raquel Espana Petra Estrada Todd Farley Jaysen Farr Amy Ferron Toni Feste Jaymon Finch Mike Finfrock Jennifer Flower Ken Fondren leanie Foreman Michelle Foreman Shelly Forshier Jon Francis Wayne Eraser David Fulkerson Jenny Fuller James Fulton Marc Fusaro Mike Gajeski Anjanette Can Dustin Gardner Margi Gazsi Susie Gellman Alyson Gerry Ted Gielovv Stacey Giem Raul Gil Erin Gillespie David Glatfelter Wendy Goddard Michael Goggin Bethany Goldstein Amy Gomez Alexei Gonzalez Teddy Gonzalez Jenni Grahl Jennifer Green Rachel Gregory Natalie Griepp David Griggs Teresa Gunst Rita Gupta David Habecker Dee Haid Tim Haid Jennifer Hansen Billy Hanson Jason Hanson Tom Hardy Michelle Hartwigsen Micah Harvey Danny Hayes Jeremy Hazlett Jasson Herbert Maria Hernandez Melissa Hickman Seabee Traditi — The Gazsi Family Jennifer Hicks Jennifer Higbee Janie Hill Doug Hoffner Jason Holden Lawrence Holmes Michelle Hoos Lisa Hoskins Celia Hughes Aaron Hurblet Nathan Hutchinson Fidel Ibarra Laurel Imhoff Nick Infantino Susie Jacobson Dietrich Jewell Barry Johnson Brooke Johnson Jill Johnson Ian Juberg Lars Kaine Sean Kaine Christina Kalionzes Everett Kaplan Tom Gazsi - 1975 John Gazsi - 1977 Mike Gazsi - 1978 Margi Gazsi - 1986 Carrie Lir dsay Marni Lockhart Ian Long Armando Lopez David Lynch Jennifer MacBain Megan MacDonald Shawn Maclachlan Suzanne Madigan Mike Mamelli Christy Martin Juan Martinez Shannone Morgan Tiffany MuUin Dana Mune-on David Murphy Sean Murphy Jung Na k k A Chad Napier Mariana Nelson Jenni Newell Jim Nicholas Bryn Noblett Ellen Novey Alex Opoulos Amalio Ornelas Michael Ortwein Ken Osako Aaron Overton Tracy Pangborn Brian Parker David Parker Hoby Parks John Parrish Joel Patterson Luke Patterson David Pattison Jeff Payne Anthony Perusse Marilee Pfister Richard Pittman James Popcheff Sheila Poteet Matt Prince Timberly Prindle Adriana Quesada Shannon Quinn Anthony Quiroz Bottom Row: J J Bosley, Jennifer Barnes, Shannon Anderson, Jim Martind. le, Mark Thomassen, Adam Vernoy, John Kose. Middle Row: Katy Shull, India Rosales, Keith Woilbert, Leon Graham, and Zach Mellon. Top Row: Jeannette Bradley, Sandra Matthews, Anabel Nevarro, MaryAnne Rosello, Steve Flenye, Shahrooz Shahrestane, and Bobby Sliker. Tara Rautus Kenton Read ennifer Reedy Thomas Reimer Kim Robinson Mike Robinson Wm Bottom Row: Shannon Quinn, Holly Jaeger, Natalie Cronk, Bruce Pattison, Dylan Crouch, Chad Larkjn, Tnnon Cirella. Top Row: Amy Bashe, Wendy Gentry, Jan Littiken, Jeni Fiebiger, Trevor Duncan, Matt Wineke, Melody Valentine, Jeff Chappell. Hot Dog 70(t Burrito 75 Chips 254 ' Punch 25(t Cake 25 Corn Dog 65(t Ice Cream 25ii Pretzel 25 Milk 30(t Cookie IO4 SCHOOL COMBO: GROUP I (Choosy One) Hot or Cold Sandwich Burrito Corn Dog Special Ent GROUP II (Choose 1 or 2) Fruit Vegetable GROUP III (Choose One) MILK ' Low Fat-Whole-Chocol, hhbh BK hb ?5S Steffen Spizzirri Scott Stanley John Stary Trent Stemper Jennifer Stephens Andrew Stewart Whitney Stone Colby Stroud Matt Stuart Andy Sulc Kyle Sullivan Todd Summers Leslie Swarberg Allison Taylor Michelle Taylor Bill Thibault Dennise Thomas Julie Thomas Tyler Thorsen Amy TrosI Chris Valentine Melody Valentine Michael Vasquez Amy Veioz STUDENT GOVERNMENT ' -An i . •4. n i ' Ll First Semester Student Body Representatives Second Semester Student Body Representatives -Mi YOSEMITE Yosemitc was a very exciting ex- perience for the 66 students that went this year. Mr. Noren, Mr. Weber, Miss Wingerd, Mrs. Pinderski, Mr. Van O, and the instructors up at Yosemite Insti- tute helped the students learn about the park. The students got the chance to snow shoe and cross country ski in Yosemite Valley. At the end of the week every student turned in a journal with an account of their exper- iences and an essay that they were required to write. All and all it was an excellent trip, and everyone enjoyed theniselves. This year ' s Washington, D.C. trip was very successful. Thirty-two 7th and 8th grade students took part in this educational tour. The itiner- ary included several historical sites, such as: Philadelphia, Valley Forge, Gettysburg and Washington, D.C. The main highlights of the trip were the National Cathedral, Smith- sonian Complex, Bureau of Engraving and Printing and the National Zoo. Mrs. Ste- phen and Mr. Van O ' helped to make the trip more enjoy- able by arranging two dances with other touring students. All in all, it was a terrific, educational, fun-filled exper- 3- Honorable Mention- Small Group ' ... by Celeste Tuttle 5- Ml. Van O ' at the Smithsonian 6- First Prize- ' Scenic Shot ' of Christ Church ... by Sara Lu- 1- First Prize- ' Undmark Shot ' of Opitol BIdg by Nicole Otis 2- Honordblc Mention- ' L,indm.irk Shot ' of Jef- ferson Memorial . Carrie Maze 3- First Prize- Small Croup ' . by Tuyet Ruoff 4- JFK Memorial by Carrie Maze 5- Honorable Mention- Scenic Shot ' of Mt. Vernon , . . by Cynthia Pelston o- Gettysburg . . by Monica Vallcjo Not Pictured: Honorable Mention ' Croup Shot ' ... by Annie Brown r your cooperation. FOOTBALL Ensign ' s A football team had a short but successful season. They played 3 games against our three rival schools. After winning the first two, they were let down when they lost a very close game. Billy Castanha, Kurt Edier, and Peter Thrasher were among the best players on the team. Ensign ' s B football team also had a short season, but they gave it their all. Their win-loss record was 1-2. Although some talented players didn ' t try out for the team, those that did played very well. Two of the best players were Kenny Muscareila and Gabe Dorman. THE A TEAM: Bottom Row — Jeff Payne, Juan Martinez, Bill Wilson. Kuii Edict. D.mny ijly O than.1, .ind Doug Earl, Middle Row — Steve Stewart, Craig Colding. John [ul Framis, Rick Baily, and Peter Tlirasher, Top Row — J. P. Williams, Henry Lopez, dison. Justin Bueci, EriL Diehl. Jay Armstrong, and Pat Baily. Clock Sales and Service- " Good Luck to the A ' team " -Brian Bradcson Volleyball is one of the more difficult sports to play. It involves a lot of practice, dedication and, most of all, team effort. This fall, over 30 girls devoted a good deal of time and effort to Ensign ' s girls ' volley- ball teams, making this year very successful and outstanding. For one month, these girls had to be at school by 6:30 in the morning to train so that they might have a great season. All this training paid off when the C and B teams became interscholastic champs and the A team, doing very vk ell, came in second place. There was also an annual Orange County Volleyball Tournament, where our Varsity team came in first place with a very well deserved triumph. MRS. STEPHAN THE B TEAM: Front - " " " • ' ■ ' - ■ ■ Middle — Kim Crook, 1 Wood, Back — Danielle Tomasick, and Heather Webb mrmimmlmMSSmmm IPIONS . . . JOYCE AND PAT DUNIGAN : A TEAM: Front — Krista Brundage, Amy Irvine, Redington, Suzie Kramp, Jody Miller, and Sara ;, Back — Kimaleigh Carr, Gwen Colfels, Caria tman, Michelle Mcintosh, Taryn Goemer, and y Pando. M ' EAM: Front — Anjanette Gan, Jen Ryan, Julie ■ jlie Gendron, and Sandra Ruffini, Back — Leslie Julie Dumovich, Annie Brown, Jenny Galloway, te Valenzuela. ,Tf " This year wasn ' t such a good year for Ensign team. Their win-loss record was 1-7. They i their first game against Tustin. The coach, . Noren, feels the team was very hard working and was " coming on " towards the end of the season. There are many good 7th grade prospects for next year. V ■ r ;AM: Front Row-To .. J Je-,sc Brandt, Midd » McDonough, Back Row-Joe F ic C TEAM: Front Row-Mike CiOggin, David Lynch, Trent Stcmper, Steve Dou vc Shock, and Eric Slutzky Middle Row-Scan Norton, David Pattison, Eric Fd Hmie Aston, Kenton Read, arid VVilUam Mattlock, Back Row-Mr. Ferrell, t " in Messcneer, Bill Hanson, and Biian Parker. TRACK AND FIELD n f A ' - ' . o A p. h r, rs f n: j . 33 P« S MffiS TS 3 ANCHORS AWEIGH f KR. J.O Jfcxs From The Musical " Cats " Memory — ' SA) with Pinno. F.Iectric ( " .tii; ! Prri-iission ficn vague, distant and lidhily haiintinR so shontd ihf Mylc •aiiiifiil niflodv. Ilir ptc-irniT nf an " ebb and now " :pii . ' t ■ Icli. 1 his rcrlitifs ' s cicaicd Hctwcm ihc miisicat fxiirfisi ' iii. ' ■ ' -- ■■■-•-% througliniil Vr r- ♦ii " -!-! f— ! • aijpyHDiiaays f CHORUS This page sponsored by Darrell ' s Tux Shops DANCES MR.PARrV J M TO THE YEARBOOK STAFF: Can ' t help but turn out a " best ever " product with such a top r otch staff to work with. It ' s been a learning experience for all of us ... deadline tension, blank film panic, 1st pho- tos, misspelled copy — sprinkled with friendships, fun, humor, snack attacks and Hagen Dazs. The staff excelled in motivation, dedication and talent. I feel an enormous pride as I stamp FINAL COPY on this, our last page mailed out. Congratulations and a WELL DONE! You are ' Something to Crow About ' . FRONT ROW: Randy Singer-Art Editor, Jennifer Carlson-Business Manager, Carla Huffman-Editor, Katie Nutt-Asst. Editor, Angel Barna-Artist Typist, Carrie Maze-Activities Editor. BACK ROW: Sandra Ruffini-Sports Editor, Annie Brown-Faculty Editor, Ms. D. Anderson-Advisor, Erin Dunigan-Student Life Editor, Krista Krumins-Promotions Editor. $2,675-03. Those who participat a pizza party. The overall top - - was Pari lee Pfister. Harilee sold a tot of 28 stibscrt pt ions. St. sold SIX sub; or more c -e ice crea. " ' CONGRATULATIONS to all who nart ir ir-.ated i . opted tc All in al i narrow . caves but in excel lent trip, weoer, Mr, VanO, Miss iderski, arid especial! y J o u HE HOLIDAY DANCE N hv f.flestP Tult le A fvas held L ---nDer i iir. in .Hf EnsiQA School to 9:00 P.H. I i year ' s thene wa " ; •w ' .r. T«.r r, ' ' .f-T- he gyni was decorat IVi UNTIL NEXT YEAR ffiiipN p HAPPY SUMMER BON VOYAGE From June 29 thru July 14, eight Ensign students will visit Europe on an Art Discovery Program, that Ms. D. Anderson has developed, through the Interna- tional Youth Study and Travel Institute. The group will tour museums and famous sights in the major cities of England, France, Italy, Germany and Holland. Some highlights will include: beach time on the French Riviera, a bicycle ride through the countryside in Amsterdam, a disco party with other tour groups, and an over-night crossing of the English channel. Our lucky European adventurers (below) are: FRONT ROW: Jason Singer, Pam Whitney, Tuyet Ruoff and Karianne Buttrick. BACK ROW: Randy Singer, David Henley, Nicole Anderson, Jennifer Reedy, Mrs. Carolyn Ruoff, and Ms. D. Anderson (not pictured). Last year, several students from Okayaki, our sister city in Japan, visited our school. This summer, Sara Lucas, Carla Huffman, Ms. Win- gerd (advisor), and Chris Rabbit (above) have been selected for a recipro- cal tour to Okayaki, representating Newport Beach. This good will exchange is sponsered by the Newport-Balboa Rotary Club. ;.. - ■-.. »4r :- ' -f T■,■ : PATRONS Gale W. Phelps BEST OF LUCK TO ALL STUDENTS! Gloria E. Bradeson ALL THE HAPPINESS IN THE WORLD! WORK FOR IT! Kathi Patrick Smith Fred . Vicki Barnes Pete Mary Rabbitt EXCEL IN EXCELLENCE! Janette Dudley Johnson GOOD LUCK! Lynn Stemper Johnson GOOD TIMES! Marcia Dave Maze CONGRATULATIONS ON A JOB WELL DONE! Newell Robbie Stickler CONGRATULATIONS! GO FOR IT GRADS! Barbara Bill Thibault Maureen Hazlett Bill Jan Matlock Ken Sue Ashman Catherine Carl McLarand WE ' RE REALLY PROUD OF YOU PETE. Mom Dad Mrs. B. Lawson SPONSERS CONGRATULATIONS, DAVEY. Love Mom, Dad, Diane Elizabeth GOOD LUCK BRANDON! From Dad BLESSINGS LAUREL! Love, Mom GOOD LUCK ACE! Dad MY NAME IS LISA, NOT KIM! PETE WE ARE PROUD OF YOU! Mom Dad John Alyce Golding GOOD LUCK, BARNES! Mom Dad AMY-YOU DID GREAT! Love, Mom ERIN-WE ARE PROUD OF YOU! Love, Mom . Dad GOOD LUCK SHAHRIAR SHAHROOZ! Mom Dad NANTUCKET BENCHLEY LUGGAGE LTD. Fashion Island Thomas Linda Boris Dr. Mrs. Huffman THE BOUKATHER FAMILY 18 TIME CLOCK SALES SERVICE-MR. BRIAN BRADESON 55 THE BROWN FAMILY 15 THE CARLSON FAMILY 50 DARRELL ' S TUX SHOP 79 THE DUNIGAN FAMILY 56 DR. MRS. GAZSI 38-39 HARBOR PEDIATRIC MEDICAL GROUP 14 LIPSTICK FASHIONS 13 MR. BART NEDELMAN 68 NEWPORT EMERGENCY MEDICAL GROUP 67 NEWPORT NATIONAL LITTLE LEAGUE 54 THE NUTT FAMILY 62 SEQUOIA HOMES 12 MR. DOUG JUDY WHITE 45 MR. RAY SANDY WIRTA 71 kattJ — . ENGLAND ' S PRINCE HARRY — Charles and Diana had a second son, Prince Harry, third in line for succession to the British throne. WORLD SERIES FOR THE TIGERS — The Detroit Tigers beat the San Diego Padres four games to one to win the 1984 World Series. -t?3 LIBERTY GETS A FACE LIFT — After 98 years of wear, the Statue of Liberty began receiving badly needed repairs, including new iron supports and a new gold-plated torch. - y SPACE WALK — Mission specialists aboard the Shuttle Challenger used manned maneuvering units to " walk " in space independent of their spacecraft. INNOCENT — Former automaker John DeLorean was acquitted after a long and highly publicized trial. VICTORY — Michael Jackson and his brothers performed 55 concerts on their massive " Victory Tour " throughout the U.S. There had been initial controversy over high ticket prices. ' 7 -Of Si- 02 credit: AP W DE WORLD PHOTOS CURRIENT lENIENTS poCi B A . DUPE k 9- 2 ' V SOVIET FUNERAL — Soviet leader Yuri Andropov died on Feb. 9 and Konstantin Chernenko succeeded him. OLYMPICS, YUGOSLAV STYLE — At the winter Olympics in Sarajevo, the U.S. netted four gold and four silver medals. Scott Hamilton won the men ' s figure skating and Steve Mahre won the Giant Slalom. NOT SO TRIVIAL — Trivial Pursuit was the game of the year. Students at St. Vincent College in Latrobe, PA, even built a giant board for a trivia contest. WHO YA GONNA CALL? — " Ghostbusters " , a comedy horror movie starring Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray and Harold Ramis, was the highest grossing movie of 1984, earning over $200 million by year end. 9 f-tt ELECTION ' 84 — Presidential candidates Ronald Reagan and Walter Mondale took part in two televised debates. The debates were close; the election wasn ' t. Reagan was reelected by a wide margin. et ' fi FAMINE IN ETHIOPIA — Millions suffered in northern Africa from a famine caused by several years of drought. Belatedly aware of the tragedy, leading nations rushed food and money to the scene. :UI?I?I:NT lENIENTS

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