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W? v My fw I' N5 A "--f--.. if 0 We the yearbook staff of 1983 wish to dedicate Volume 32 of the Echo to Mr. Buswell our principal coach advisor and friend. ln the three years he has been here Mr. Buswell has worked very hard to keep things running smoothly. As principal he worked hard to get every- one organized into the new part of the building. As the girls soccer coach he brought them to the semi-finals. As Year- book advisor he worked many, long, hard hours to make sure we made our dead- lines. Being our friend, he always listened to us and supported our decisions. Thank you for all you've done to help us, Mr. Buswell, we really appreciate your sin- cere support. I BALLU1' Faculty 3- 7 Seniors 8-31 Classes 32-41 Sports 42-53 Yearbook 54-57 Clubs 58-65 Government 66-67 Assemblies 68-71 Candids 8 Advertising 72-96 197 1865 EQHNIQ Standing: Forest Farnum, Superintendent, Ray McNulty, Assistant, Stanley Wright, 4 it ftifriifi-31"-.rig-ting ' ii Y 1 v 1 c 4 5 ww a Mr. Martel Athletic Director JN V ffmwm Mr. Schuler, Voc. Director Mr. Jackson, Coop Coordinator if 1 Q . I to it N35 JOSEPH ADAMS Springfield College BS. Med: 35 and his ist year here' likes bicycling running skiing mountain climbing guitar and his pet is QPupil Evaluation Teamj. Two experiences: A 900' fall off Mt. Hood and a bike trip from N.H, to Oregon . , .. "Wisdom comes not so much with age as with the conscious experiencing of time-passing: cascading into the mainstream of time . . .' FRANK MARTEL Johnson State B. ed: 34 and here for 3' likes trout fishing and basketball. His Georgia trip and a close call while driving will be remembered . . , 'lt is better to have tried and failed than to never have tried at all.' ANDREW BUSWELL, Keene State, B. ed., Univ. of Maine, , ed., An old 36 and,3 years here, enjoys ice fishing, reading, soccer and "Boots tdogj and Socks" lcatj. Winning a New England Soccer Championship in 1973 by beating the Vermont Champion was memorable . . . "Human history becomes more and more a race between education and catastrophe" CHC. Wellsj PAUL DICRISTOFARO, Castleton, Bed., UVM, M.ed, 33 and 10 years here, likes X-C skiing, his wood pile and dogs. College graduation was memorable . . . "When God made man, SHE meant it as a joke." EDWARD SCHULER, Wagner College,.lN.Y.1, B.S. 36 and here for 2, likes skiing, water skiing, car racing, and football. His winning race was memorable . . , "Hi, this is JAKE." RICHARD JACKSON, New Hampshire Technical, B.S., 51, with 13 here, likes reading, TV and his cat. Memories include birth of oldest son, Bradley . . . "That's the way it is." Seated: Sharon Larose, Madeline Manahan 1ChairmanJ Peter Gervais, Azro Stanley 03 LARRY HENIKOFF, Illinois State University BA, MA, 37 and first year here, likes writing, photography, filmmaking, cats, dogs, and horses. Lincoln Gap backwards will be remembered , , ."Innocence involves an unseeing acceptance of things at face value, an ignorance of the area below the surface. In that humiliating moment I looked beyond myself and into the depths of another person. This was the beginning of compassion, and one cannot have both compassion and innocence , . , and I too have planted marigoldsf' DEBORAH LOWE, UVM, BA, MA, 27 and here for 43 bikes, music, drama, x-c skiing, cooking, reading and Charles Dickens la huge catj. Graduations at EFHS are memorable . . ."Aaaaagggh!" tCharlie Browni wi 'X1"':r RICHARD TRELA, UVM, BA, 33 with 10 years at EFHS, Enjoys fishing, hunting, chess, sports, and German Shepards. Rates watching daughters being born as most memorable . . , "I would rather be right than President." fHenry Clayi RICHARD HAZEN, Central Conn. State, Bed, 32 with IO in Enosburgg likes gardening and many sports. Playing football in high school and college will be remembered . . . "And...for your homework." MARTHA DONOGHUE, Univ. of Conn., BS + MA., 40 with 6 years hereg many interests including movies, plays, restaurants, dancing and Oliver. fdogj Was once locked in an elevator in Romania . . ."Be your own best friend." PATRICIA WOODWARD, Univ. of Bristol, BA, St Michaels College, MA, Too old to remember and 2 here, Enjoys teaching and a fondly remembered pet I Benjamin Franklin Buchanan. Montreal was memorable . , . "To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield" 1TennysonJ "2 , f 155 Mg, fr 'Q g rr I 'T77?'rF 7 ' L '1::Yfisig f , 'lg , . 'Q' "" K f' 5, ov LINDA SLAWSBY. Tufts Univ., BA. 25 and here for I year, Enjoys skiing, dancing, reading, cooking, foreign films, and cats. France in 1973 was remembered . , , "Ce qui est essentiel est invisible aux yeux. WILLIAM BROOKS, Northeastern Univ., BA, 31 and here for 3Vzg likes to sing, play guitar, x-c ski, hike, and caring for an Irish Setter. The Europe trip was a pleasant memory . . . "lf you're talking, you're staying." TONY JONES, West Georgia State, BS., 34 and in his 2nd year, likes skiing and cutting wood plus USPARKY FARK WARK" Under the green chair was memorable . . . "A word to the wise." MAURICE SALMINEN, Massachusetts State, B.S., M.S., 55 with 8 in Enosburg, likes X-C skiing, woodworking and his "stupid dog. Claims the move into the new labs was memorable. "Guess again . . , kid!" GREG TEFFT, Ashland College QOhioJ, B.S., ?fage but here for 3 years, enjoys nordic and alpine skiing and a black lab. The birth of son, Christopher is the most memorable experience " " MALINDA SINAIKO, Univ. of Denver, B.S.,M.L.S. 31 l"shshshsh!!"J and in her 7th year at E.F.H.S.g enjoys X-C skiing, jogging, dogs?? and the current book she is reading Getting lost in the Colorado Rockies was an experience . . . "A friend is a present you give to yourself" 0 I 'Name MARTHA TILLOTSON, UVM, B.S., M.ed., 59 with 30 years here, likes knitting, sewing, reading, golf, her dog . . . remembers being pulled from a pool by a lifeguard while trying to show others the "Deadman's Float." ' 4 HANK DOYLE, Rhode Island College, B.ed., 39 with 4 years at EFHS, enjoys fishing, singing, and dogs. Claims a short memory! 1 , , , -- Q.. my gil:-ini.-, V Liam, Z . Q , fi.. ,,,, X ". ,4 DEBORAH GRANDSHAW, UVM, B.S. is very young and has been here TO years. tformer gradi likes sewing, reading and cats-Muffin and Termite. Thinks moving to the new addition was memorable. "lsn't that cute." KAYE MEHAFFEY, UVM, BS., 26 and here for 4 yrs Qformer gradj likes sewing, needlecrafts, travelling and a fat cat names Pat. Remembers her trip to Paris as an EFHS student .. . "l'll do it tomorrow" ,, ' x X l .. CHARLENE MESSIER, Trinity College, Bed., 35, Graduated at E,F.H.S., and in her third year, En- joys water sking, skating and her Morgan horse. Organizing the school's BC's with two weeks no' tice was memorable - "We will have 3 minutes of complete silence before you leave the room." Rich and Rich KATHRYN AMMEL, lst year here, Johnson State, B.A., enjoys swimming, racquet ball, cooking, S sewing her wedding gown for this summer. GAIL POWERS, Univ. of Vermont, 23, is in her second year, Enjoys playing the piano, flute, clarinet, sax recorder, guitar, sewing and needlework. Mr. Brooks Mr. Jones Prepares for 8B Approaches New York "Boots" M i r h C DH "G B n S d P O I ' 1 - '16 CHARLES DIGLE, Ll.V.M., 33, eleventh year, Enjoys hunting, sports and hunting dogs, "Two heads are better than one." KATHY TEFT, Salve Regina College, 28, .IVZ years, Enjoys skiing, sewing, and Molly. SARAH DOWNES, Ll.V.M., 31, W2 years, Enjoys hiking, cycling and all animals, Hiking in the Canadian Rockies. ED SCALES, Worcester College, 40, eleventh year, Enjoys hunting, fishing and his pet horse. Florida was memorable. KAREN PAREVOLIOTIS, Salem State College, 27, Second year, Enjoys embroidery and reading. GEORGE DEGEORGE, Llniv. of California, 36, fourth year, Enjoys farming and woodturning, "Thank God I'm a Country Boy" THOMAS PESCE, Merrimacic College, 29, fourth year, Enjoys camping and skiing, "There will be a test Tomorrow." CATHY BAZAN, Trinity College, two years, Enjoys jogging, hiking and skiing, Hiking in Switzerland was memorable. CLIFF MLILLER, Oswego College, 30, fourth year, Enjoys sports and drawing, "You'll never know if you don't try." "LlONEL" DEBRA BERIGOW, New England College, 30, Enjoys reading, music and "Rocky", Moving to Franklin County was memorable. K Wi 4.5 1-.M ., ,Q Vx M time H img f' W, M., E 'N My W Q 'W 'Pr 5551 Lf ff M, xr Xwigiw' My va. S ffwivggfk W, iii? 35:7- ?2 4 gil Q .V . 'NQEYXPY Valentina Armstrong "Teeny Bobber" Billy Barnes "Barney" Ricky Alan Beyor "The Moose" Favorite Song: "Physical" Favorite Person: Jackie Machia Pet Peeve: being told what to do Favorite Saying: "Come on" Memorable Experience: the weekend l spent in Smugglers Notch Activitiesilpward Boun-2,3,4 F.H.A.-4 Song: "Eye of the Tiger" Food: pizza Pet Peeve: girls Quote: "You talking to me?" Experience: getting in trouble fo firecrackers in gym Activities: FFA-l,2,3,4 Song: "Theme from Rocky" Food: all sorts Person: John Wayne Pet Peeve: disco Quote: "The Moose is Loose" Experience: playing sports Activities: Art club, football-1,2 wrestling-1,2 weight lifting-1,2 r lighting track-l ,2 ls the party over? ff' I ,Q c , , 3' ,::, . ' F W, , :, yyyy it ig Hurry up and take this picture Mom, I can't hold this smile forever. Ricky-portrait of a baby moose. Y Oh, oh, Laura has a devilish look in her eyes! OOO Q0 o -,o,e 500- OC 900 o David, what got Jo-Ann so excited? 10 Song: "Mickey" Food: ice cream Person: Gloria Pet Peeve: S.F. and other people with no morals. Saying: "What's the matter, got for brains." Memorable experience: squirt gun ordeal and tenth grade biology Activities: class treasurer 384, yearbook co-manager 4, Dramma 1, cheerleader 4 Song: "Back in Black" Food: Spagetti Person: Shelly Blakeney Pet Peeve: Spinach, school, waking up with a hangover. Saying: "Lets get drunk" Memorable experience: When DS, JW, and l, at 16, hit my first bar, the Tea Com- pany. Song: "Stray Cat Strut" Food: Escargot Person: David Lee Roth Pet Peeve: lgnorant Slobs Saying: "Thinking is the best way to trav- el" Memorable experience: "making out" with a girl for the first time. Laura Lynne Blouin Loba William Britch Billy David Ari Brown "David" Cara Marie Bryce "Bryce" Deborah Lynn Burnor "Debbie" Judith Ann Bushey QLeachj "Judy" Song: "Maneater" Food: pizza E1 baked chicken Person: myself Pet Peeve: people who make mistakes and won't admit they've made one. Quote: "Thrillsville" Experience: The FBLA convention in Stowe. Activities: FBLAA3,4 Historian FBLA-4 Song: "Down Under" Food: pizza Pet Peeve: people who think their better than others Quote: ul suppose" Experience: visiting my Aunt in Bermuda Activities: FBLA-3,4 Song: "Two Less Lonely People in the World" Food: Steak S fried chicken Person: my husband Billy S my daughter Holly Jo Pet Peeve: Having to go to school and not being able to stay home and care for Holly Jo Quote: "Oh Jeesum-l haven't the faintest idea" Experience: my marriage Activities: chorus-l,2 FBLA-3 Cara pretends to study, but we know whats FEB lly in that book! Debbie, what are you looking at that makes you smile so? i i ls that supposed to be a necklace, Judy? A little to much drinking Pat? Michael gets a head start on the lunch. ldog barfb Favorite Song: "Nobody" Favorite Food: Pizza Pet Peeve: Hangovers Favorite Saying: Sounds like a personal problem. Memorable Experience: Getting caught for speeding and having to pay a 526.00 fine. Activities: F.H.A,l,2,3,4, JV Softball i Var- sity Softball,2,3,4. Favorite Song: "Devil Went Down to Geor- gia" Favorite Food: Sunkist Soda Favorite Person: Burt Reynolds Pet Peeve: Roses Favorite Saying: Happy New Year Memorable Experience: JV game at Rich- ford Activities: JV Basketball 1,2 Soccer Mgr. 4 AA 2,3,4 Favorite Song: "Your Just What l Needed" Favorite Food: Spagetti Pet Peeve: Mondays and School Patricia Lynn Carpenter Patty Michael Shaun Cassidy Mike l just can't keep these women away! Favorite Saying: Shut LIP and Drink Your Beer!! Memorable Experience: English with Ms. Lowe Activities: School Service Award 3 James P. Cofelice Wap Song: "Should l Stay Or Should I Go" Food: Ham Sub Stephanie Lynn Colburn Steph Person: Gloria Pet Peeve: Getting caught . . . Saying: "l'm not tellin Memorable Experience: Summer of i982 Activities: JV Softball l, JV Basketball l, Soccer l,3, FBLA 3,4,Drama 2 Song: "Jack and Diane" Food: Potato Chips Person: Aaron Robtoy Saying: "get out of here" Memorable Experience: 1982 Prom Activities: FBLA 2,3 My J Don't we make a cute couple? Hg it : s Marguente Lynn Collins Maggie 8 Aaronon cloud nine. Maggie Raymond Keith Conner Jr. Junior Song: "TNT" Food. Steak 6 French Fries Pet Peeve: School Food, vodka, hangovers Saying: "The New York Echo" Memorable Experience: Day I got my .357 Magnum Activities: Library aid 4 So what's been happening lately in the NRA? ls this the smile you flash Jim' my? Michelle flashes us a look at her new shirt. af f:., ft f xt 1 ' Y, "ii iiiii : Song: "Jack and Diane" Food: Spaghetti Person: Jimmy Patterson Pet Peeve: People who always say, Who! Who! if they didn't hear the whole story. Favorite Saying: "Let's go out and have a cigarette! Memorable Experience: Going to my first prom and not coming home till 5:00AM Activities: Yearbok l Song: "Keep on Loving You" Food: Pizza Person: Wayne Sylvester Pet Peeve: People who tag along behind me: teachers: people who won't let me have my way. Saying: "l'll rip your lips" Experience: One night in December when we went off the road with the wrecker and got stuck. Activities: Secretary of class l,3,4 FBLA 3,4 Yearbook 2,4 Freshman Reception Committee 2 Prom Committee 3 Song: "Back ln Black" Food: Hot Fudge Sundae Chef Salads Person: Scott Kelley Pet Peeve: Being accused of something I didn't do. Saying: "Oh my god!" Memorable Experience: Playing on the lit' tle league team in St. Albans. Activities: FHA l Upward Bound 1,2,3,4 Softball 3,4 FBLA 3,4 Drama 2 Mikell Ann Cousineau Cousy Michelle Theresa Couture "Mitch" its Did some tall, dark, handsome guy just Melissa Ann Craig walk by Melissa? Weasel was Brenda Jean Dash "Springer" Song: "You've Never Been To Me" Food: pizza S french fries Person: Wayne Stanley Pet Peeve: teachers showing favoritism to some students Saying: "Get this" Experience: first date with Wayne Activities: FBLA-2,3,4 JUIDI-4fVice Pres.J Newspaper-4 Song: Lucky Ones, S When it's Over Food: Chef's Salad S Spaghetti Person: Mom, Dad, and Aunt Elaine Pet Peeve: Stuck up people, Being told what to do. Experience: 17th birthday, getting lit S eat' ing V1 gallon of ice cream with Melissa Craig. Activities: Drama 284 Just think, only 15 more years till l graduate! Deborah Darlene Dezotelle Waiting patiently "Debbie" Song: The Rose Food: chicken Person. Henry Moses Ryea Pet Peeve: Ray Conner always trying to come along when Henry brings me home. Saying: That's what you think" Experience. When Henry finally asked me out after 2 years. Activities: Yearbook-l FBLA-2 JLllDl-4 SUSE!! J0y Domina What Mom? l have to go in already? -isueu 2 4.,,,.L L , 0 Food: Shrimp Pet Peeve: Riding with David Brown Saying: Well Burns, "We did it again!" Memorable Experience: Getting stranded overnight with Peter in Colchester, after visiting Holly Brigham. Activities: Cheerleading 1,3 Chorus 1,3 : FBLA 2,3,4 .1 V Q . ,.,. . , " 'X Toothless but precious! l see my doll, but l can't quite reac h it! Song: l think lm in Love Food: Pizza Person. Gloria Pet Peeve: Certain People who think they are big just because they re big. Saying: Let's go to Steph's! Memorable Experience. Getting stopped on Rt. 105 by the police in an uninspect- ed vehicle. Song: "Dirty Laundry" Person: Alan Wheelock Pet Peeve: Discrimination Saying: Uh, l guess so. Memorable Experience: When l moved away from home. Activities: Newspaper 4 Office Aide 4 -We Shauna Dee Ducolon No Tell Nina Timothy Allen Dudley Tidly Deborah Lynn Eldred Debbie Rose Elwood Rebekah Eppley "Becky"-"C-1uincey" Sheila Ann Foote Peila Song: "Dirty Laundry" Food: pizza Person: Missey Corey Pet Peeve: snakes Saying: "you know" Experience: being a teacher's aide Activities: Library Aide-4 Song: i'Hide in Your Shell" Food: Alaskan King Crab Person: Gloria Pet Peeve: Double periods of physics E1 being confined in closed places Saying: "Tammy, this if"CQ Algebra prob- lem doesn't check.!" Experience: Getting lost in Montreal after the "Police" concert-summer of '82 Activities: Art Club-1 FBLA-3 Soccer-3,4 Yearbook-4 Song: "Love Hurts" Food: Steak 6 potatoes Pet Peeve: People who start stories that aren't true Saying: "No problem" Experience: spending 6 months with Scott Activities: Student Council'3 FBLA'4 L .,,: . X. "But Mom, l wasn'nt going to take any thing off the tree" Like WOW man, can you dig the groovy style?? l 'ss 1 Mm: 4' I Mm?M , 5-E A : I W' H, wwf. Here comes Kevin, Dawn. Now you have something to keep your hands busy. You don't need a horse Kelley, you can just have Roger pull your sled. Is that love Mindy, or are you just reaching for his hairy chest? I8 Song: "Dirty Laundry" Food: ice cream Person: Kevin Camisa Pet Peeve: girls that are with about ten different guys in one weekend. Saying: "I'm on a diet" Experience: Coming back from a BFA dance when Mindy hit the cop. Activities: FBLA-2,3,4 Cheerleading' 2,3,4QCaptain-33 CheerIeadingQMVP-35 Basketball-l Softball-3 Song: "lf" Food: Bar-B-Q. Spareribs Person: Roger Godin Pet Peeve: arguments Saying: "Well Jeesum" Experience: Mr. Salminens remark in Chemistry class. Activities: FBLA-2,3fExecutive Council-33 YearbookAl,2 Chorus-l,2,3 Band-l,2 Song: "Looking Through the Eyes of Love" Food: tacos 8 scallops Person: "Gordie" Pet Peeve: being told what to do Saying: "Catch this" Experience: Going to Europe when l was a freshman. Activities: FBLA-2,3,4fState Historian 3,State President Al Softball-1,3 Cheer- leading-2 Yearbook-4fCo-editorj Honor Society-3,4 AA'l,2 Student Council l,2,3 Dawn Marie Graves "Mazel" Kelley Sue Hale "Kid" at V -1 . iz ,A , :gy W9 1' 'F 21" A 1 A fig! 1 - 1. tv nt if f y R hmm M, ,y I ,, , Mindy Lee Hall "Blanche" Song: "l Like to Rock" :US- .1 ,xx MN Food. Prime Rib Person: Dwight Evans Pet Peeve: Philadelphia 76'ers Memorable Experience: Smashing up our Subaru Activities: Soccer 2,3,4 MVP 4 Varsity Bas- ketball Manager-3 Frank Carl Johnson rank and his woman! Peggy Lynn Kinney "Gertie" Suzanne Marie LaBelle Suzy Song: "You've Never Been to Me" Food: Lazagna Person: Marlene Tringle Saying: "l forgot" Memorable Experience: My Car Accident Activities: Art 3 Song: "Walking On The Moon" Food: Anything 8 Everything Person: Willie Pet Peeve: People in this school who don't have any morals or self respect, Saying: "Mikell, Let's go out in the smok- ing area" Memorable Experience: The summer of '82 when some friends and l went to the Police concert in Montreal and got lost after the concert until 4:3OA.M. Activities: Majorette 1,2 Yearbook 2,4 FBLA Parliamentarian 3 Student Coun- cil Parliamentarian Historian 3 Student Council Alternate 4 1 N. l tw!! Must have been a really nice Christmas! Song: Dirty Laundry Food: Taco's Person' Larry Bird Reggie Jackson Pet Peeve. Staying home Saying: "Ain't nothing else to do." Activities' FFA-l Basketball- 234 Soccer- 2,3,4, AA 2,3,4, FBLA 3 Come on Joe, the food isn't THAT bad. l Song: Stairway to Heaven Food: Homemade French Fries Person: Steven Gleason Pet Peeve: Waking and then getting out of bed in the morning. Saying: "Mary had a little lamb ... boy was she suprised." Memorable Experience: Plane ride to New York with Becky: "The night the girls hit St. Albans" Activities: Softball-l-4, Soccer-2-4, Basketball- l-4, Yearbook-3,4, Drama-i, FBLA-2,3, AA-l- 4, Student Advisor-3, Student Council-2,4 tVice Presiden-45 NHS 3-4tPresident 43 Girls State-3 No fair Tammy, you're bigger than him. 'T' Joseph Ladue "Joe" Tamara Susan Larivee Tammy: "Stringbean" Song: Dirty Laundry Food: Strawberry Shortcake Person: Nikki Parent Pet Peeve: Homework after 6 hours of school Saying: "Was that necessary?" Memorable Experience: Staying over-night at Smugglers Notch Activities: AA-l,2,3,4, FBLA-3, Yearbook-4, Soccer-l,2,3,4,tCaptain-45, Basketball-Scor- er-4 l ex Q Cory 8 Nikki, Prom l982! Cory L. Lumbra "Lumbra" Song: "Llp Where We Belong" Food: lobster, fried clams Person: Myself Pet Peeve: People who are jealous of what others do on the weekend, Saying: "Bother's ya' don't it?" Experience: Summer"82", FBLA convention at Stowe. Activities: FBLA-3,4 Yearbook-3 JUIDI-4 ,, , I qc, ' , ff., f 'x fx E1 f ' v 3 fa W5 f 44- ft Jatfqueling D. Machia Have you had a couple lately Stella? "Stella " Sally Ann Marshia "Muffy" Song: "Two Tickets to Paradise" Food: Sirloin steak Person: A MVLI hockey player Pet Peeve: People chewing in my ear. Saying: "l'm so pressed!" Experience: Going to a MVLI hockey game and watching --8--- playing, Activities: Basketball-JV l,2 Varsity 2,3,4 CMVP 25 Softball-JV l Varsity l-4 QMIPZJ Soc- cer-l-4 FHA-l FBLA-2 Student Council-1-4 LSecretary 3, President 43 NHS-3,4CTreasurer 43 yearbook 4 AA-l-4 Song: "Dirty Laundry" Food: Pizza I An interesting assemble- Sally recites the Gettysburg Address. Willis A. Maynard "Willie" Person: Suzanne Pet Peeve: going to school Experience: The night l smashed my car. Activities: FFA-2,3,4 fell asleep and Maybe you'd better let your dog drive Wil lie! New wave Bubba? lt's totally awesome to the max! 22 Song: "Mickey" Food: skeddie Person: Sylvester Stallone Pet Peeve: losing a soccer game Saying: "Close, but no banana" Experience: watching a van crash through a garage wall, and having Mr, Salminen throw a chair at us in Biology Activities: soccer l-4 tbest defensive-25 softball l-4 fmost improved-33 Art Club- l, yearbook-3,4 co-ed, -4 class treasurere 2 Girls State-3 Karla Anne Mercy "Bubba" Hi Candy. How's life, are you hap- PY? Little cowboy, where are your holsters? Song: "Up Where We Belong" Food: Japanese Saying: "ls School Called off?" Activities: Drama l,2,4, FBLA-3 Song: "Back in Black S Stairway to Heav- en" Food: barbeque spare ribs Person: Moses Malone Pet Peeve: Boston Celtics CLarry Birdy Saying: " . .. start shooting!" Experience: tenth grade Biology Candace Ann Neveau ncandyn Scott Alan Nichols "Scottie Alan" Darren Dale Ovitt "Romeo" , '27, of Lisa Ann Ovitt "Rupert" Paul Armand Paradis "Shorty" Song: "Take This Job and Shove lt" Food: pizza Person: Tina Couture Pet Peeve: getting up in the morning and going to school Saying: "Where am l ?" Experience: when Willie, Norman, Paul and l skipped school and Willie blew his transmission Activities: FFA-3,4 School Service Award- 3 Song: "Hurts so good" 6 "Partytown" Food: spaghetti Person: Ronnie Larose Pet Peeve: fighting with my boyfriend and being broke all the time Saying: "Oh he bugs me Don't be dumb." Experience: being chosen for Girls All State soccer then being chosen for the Lions Cup soccer team. The night us girls went to St. Albans, Activities: FBLA'2,3,4 A.A.-l,2,3, Student Advisory-2,3,4, Soccer-3,4 Basketball- l,2,3, Softball-l,2,3,4, CheerleadingA4 Yearbook-4, Class secretary-2 FBLA sec.-3,4 Song: "Hell's Bells" Food: steak Person: Debbie Powers Pet Peeve: History class Saying: "ls that right?" Experience: the day we got drunk and blew the transmission Activities: FFA-l,3,4 7 04 7: 5 5? 496' 4 1 to , :' f wr Wu ' 1 Q , If A , F22 f , , , ' M Hey Romeo, where's Juliet? et' A 5 le s Ready for the street corner girls? Don't be blue Paul, Normans on his way. 23 Jo-Ann S Laura New administrators? Song: "What's On Your Mind" Food: Sam Hub with extra mayo Person: Gloria Pet Peeve: unflushed toilets Saying: "A body of persons abiding in a domicle of silica combined with metallic oxides should not carelessly project small geological specimens." Memorable Experiences: SF, CB, LB, TD, SC, PS, and DB Activities: JV softball 3, FBLA 4, Yearbook 4 Song: "Dirty Laundry" Food: Pizza Pet Peeve: homework Saying: "Anyone have a pen or pencil I can use?" Memorable Experience: When the ice fell on my head and l had to have 4 stiches. Activities: JV Basketball 1, FFA 2,3,4. re- Jo-Ann M. Parent Jo, Joba Kelly doesn't quite fall for your story, Ste- ven. porter 3, treasurer 4. Song: "Dirty Laundry" Food: Pizza Person: Sue Domina 33 I Steven Raymond Reed Steve -- : : 1 4. X N . . Pet Peeve: Smoking Saying: "Think about it" Memorable Experience: Driving to school in my car every day. Activities: JUIDI 4 x Henry M. Ryea Heny .YS Ellen Lee Ste. Marie "Stretch" Song: "Whip lt" Food: T.V. dinners, junk food, pizza Person: Rick Longley Pet Peeve: People saying things about oth- N '- fx er people that aren't nice. K Saying: "Hey man! and Where's the par- E Ax ty! 5, Experience: being a freshman and being in the pie eating contest! Activities: FBLA-3 JLIIDI-4 f t. s -st mi v Ellen, a wee bit shorter in those days. Song: ACSDC Food: Chicken Mcitluggets Person: Jack Daniels Pet Peeve: coming to school with a hang- over Saying: "get drunk" Experience: 4-Wheeling Weren't you wearing that outfit yesterday, Nor 'J Norman John St. Pierre man. "Normey" Peter John Stebbins Song: "Heaven's Just A Sin Away" Food: Scampi Alfredo Person: Deborah Lowe Pet Peeve: riding in Burlington with David Brown, and driving with Shauna and Da- vid Saying: "We play with paste" Experience: getting stranded overnight with Shauna in Colchester after visiting Holly Brigham Activities: Chorus-i,2,3 Drama l,2,4 FBLA 2,3,4 Reporter -2, State VP-3, Local Pres- 3 State Pres to ilf82 NewspaperA4 French club President-4 Peter attempts to impress the girls, Why are they laughing? 25 Song: "Dirty Laundry" Food: Big Mac S Chicken McNugget's Person: Steven Reed Pet Peeve: losing a big soccer game in sudden death Saying: i'You're so stupid!!" Experience: being in the front seat when Mindy hit the cop car Activities: JV Basketball-l Soccer-l,2,3,4 Softball-l,2,3,4 fM.l.P.-43 Cheerleading- 3,4 FBLA-2,3,4 A.A.-l l What are you hiding Kelly? Kelly Ann St0l'le "Stoner" Food: ice cream Pet Peeve: coming back to school after summer vacation Saying: "lf you can't beat them join them." Experience: going off the road the very first time. Activities: FFA-3,4 JUIDI-4 peeka boo Allen! Allen Joseph Sturgeon "Big Al" Song: 'Dirty Laundry" Food: pizza Person. me Pet Peeve: red necks, report cards, "school" Saying. No Biggy Experience: the day I hit a tree with my motor cycle and sprung the front end. Activities: FFA-3,4 -aid' if ' V Did you say you wore the same bow tie in your David Wiiyfle Sweet senior pictures? uchesteru Q- Q L.. Song: "Hard to Say l'm Sorry" Food: Shrimp Eggrolls Person: Jim N. Pet Peeve: Getting early and cold weather. Saying: "Bull She!" and "lf at first you don't succeed, so much for skydiving." Experience: Watching that soccer ball go over my head at the semi-finals, and New Year's '83 f Activities: Soccerel-4 fAll-State soccer 43, . CMVP 43, Basketball-1,4 mn-star 33, Soft- WW V ball-l-4, AA-1-4, Class viceepresident 2,3, h...f3??' FBLA-3, Girls' State 3, Honor Society 3,4 Nice-president 43 Perkins flexes her muscles. Lisa Vaillancourt "Perkins" Song: "Don't Pay the Fairy Man" Food: Bar-b-que spare ribs Person: Miss Lowe Pet Peeve: People who think they are bet- ter than you or others. Saying: "Where's the party?" N Activities: FFA-l,2,3,4 F2 will M is 1 41' 'S wt., Brian Jay westcom Who are you whistling at now Brian? Brianski Westcomski" Song: "Through the Years"-Kenny Rogers Food: Scalloped potatoes and ham. Person' Duane Couture Pet Peeve. Being Bugged Saying: "Ya' woman" Experience: Getting engaged to Duane Couture Activities: Cheerleading-2,3,4, FBLA-3,4 Kimberley Jo Westcom Next time you have a picture taken you'll uKimmyvv be wearing white. ' ft? My : 25 x I . XL fi' Mary Marie Breault Munchkins Song: lts Raining Again Food: Grinders and Chocolate Person: Dale Powers and Jeremy Pet Peeve: People who think they know everything when they don't, Saying: l can't wait until friday when Dale calls. Experience: Cruising in the Cadilac Activities: Majorettes lS2, yearbook 3, FBLA 4 Penny Sue Domina Penolope Song: Nobody Food: Chocolate Bars Person: Dennis Tatro Pet Peeve: The tramps around the school. Saying: Cut it Out!! Experience: When Mary stalled my uncle's bomber about 10 times when her, Sue, and l were trying to cut class. Activities: FBLA 3, Art 1, FHA 4 Annette Marie Page Annettetra Song: Hand to Hold Food: Pizza Person: Andy Wagner Pet Peeve: Fighting Saying: Gosh Darn Experience: Going to the Casino with Andy. Activities: Drama 182 Dennis P. Paradis Denis Food: French Fries Pet Peeve: Going to School Experience: The day l bought my first car. l wonder what was said The bench watches intently during an exciting soccer game. to make Shauna smile so. Sally looks hopeful! "What, l'm not in step with Becky? Two seniors just foolin' around! 20 the County Courier Thursday, October 14, 1982 High School Soccer Enosburg Girls Spoil Richford'as Perfect Record A second childhood already girls? Lfxix. Wh My C fin, , Wmnn ,ff , X 'W f 1 , , , qw 5 J wif f yi ,f 1, sw N W ,.,, i ,Y ,gi r 3? V F.. X +7 i Q42 I ia , 'WM A Blackmarks or gum? B Did you make that shirt? C Class of '64 D Joining the "Hell's An E Down on the farm. F Mr. Trela 6 friends. G Class of '39 H Long Day, Mr. Pesce? I Class of '74 J l'll trade you even up, K Ruby's Mom gels G Mrs. Cummings- Secretary Mrs. Soule-Guidance Office Secretary Mrs. Riggs-Tutor Mrs. Plouff and Mrs. Kinney-Art tutor and Study hall monitor Mrs. Peters-Voc. Center Secretary Mrs, Burns and Mrs. Hurtubise-Aides Mrs. Reighley-Adulb Ed MW' ,Qian ,fwrfww fl N ' S ,. Q, ff' ,Q J LA iam Mrs. Marcy-Cook Mrs. Fortin-Cook Mrs. Kennison-Cook Chief Lamay and David Lari vee-Custodians Miss. Wilson-Library Aide Mr. Irish-Bus Driver and Custo dian Mrs. Patch-School Nurse Dave Larivee and Mrs. LaBeIle Cook GZ mm .AA . Mmm H .1 ww f Q-Wm an n V. , WV Vw UWSWW' 252222 12 'WW 'W ""'Z"Z K V"' W : aa:: ::2:-. -I .1 :2.2.'IE:2,!:E:E:E"22'.5'E2 Q 5 as Q S a--asa..-ax: QM J , , V , A .,5,-HMM wmwiw . .. ,. si .. -- -- W' mf g:35vZ:5:,:5'Z'f':Zm' M5351 M5816-S f n'HfSg,w -1 was Q J :j:5-:5- :5.,.'::-295: -'5: IE-.- -5 W , CWM... ' aww. 0 '4 9 3 Wg? gg? A vig Z,?A?g5'i'1Z"lf'377'Lif'2A wbL."5yiilQ Mgwgffwwwf Vi'-2A3J,hjS?2 ,,f"',i'gg, Q "2'Sai1.-if A5135 -Xibogfh' mms xwqgs F Qzqgpwvqyfqngyzxl 6.05 25514 Q. L wavy ,ggfzlwl M, 5, D V 7, W Q Q U' J 9 f W w we Q ,ghgm 6: Q Q mmm- f ' ' wi Q EMM! 33 35? ,Q A5515 8? 'K Fifggxig '41 M wwfifw sf? 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NNW' --.k'., K K -A gn. -x P w K ' 6,5 .. K Q Fi 5 .X --N. Q2 2 Ii . - W .K ,iw Qu... Ya Us x - bmw. sn X Si iw - fig. fa- N : W, X - .. .N S55 Q .. M M 5 - ? K MiR9:ilff. ,X we X . 1 Qui W 'lk ., 5- S- . f X X K S MN. X ggi . . --f' X,-...Q , . .1 Q1E1.ff-. 5"9H?3 ,gi ,N Y My VJ fa' w my 55 W w 1 l!""w Coaches Andy Buswell, and Ann Hull ob- serve the Hornets in action. H ' A. Tammy Larivee preparing for take-off. Go for it Robin QPoohj Peters. l wouldn't get in front of Ovitt's shot if l were you They should know better than to get Kelly mad. on Daren Plouff drlbbllng by two opponents to feed the ball upheld That's the way to fly up there Joe QBird Manl Ladue. Way to beat them to the ball Joel Mercy. Bob Tower taking in the action dur- ing the Hornets game. Frank Johnson getting to clear the ball out of the penalty area. Jimmy Sanders-Most lmproved Frank Johnson-Most Valuable Steven Gleason-Coaches Award n A ' Lisa Ovitt-Coaches Award Kelly Stone-Most lmproved Lisa Vaillancourt-Most Valuable L Gary Bushey-Most Improved Kevin Machia-Most Valuable Top Row From Left to Right: Coach Bob Tower, Steven Gleason, Chris Anderson, Jim Sanders, Frank Johnson, Stephen Perley, Gary Geddes Daren Plouff, Steve Anderson, Joel Mercy, Tim Gervais. Bottom Row: Rocky Berry, Tim N. Kane, George Thorsen, Ron Larose, Joe Ladue Mark Chuchill, Joey Clark, and Cory Lumbra. BOYS E O 4 1 Canaan 4 O Richford 2 l Lamoille 2 2 BFA Fairfax QOTJ 2 5 Peoples 3 1 Stowe O 2 Sacred Heart 4 i Richford 2 1 Canaan 3 O Stowe 1 3 Sacred Heart O 5 BFA Fairfax 4 2 Peoples QOTJ 1 3 Lamoille Tourney 1 2 Proctor Quarterfinals MVLI North Country Vergennes Lamoille Peoples Richford Bishop BFA Fairfax Richford Peoples Bishop Lamoille Northfield St. J. Academy Williamstown Quarterfinals Northfield Semifinals JV. BOYS Stowe Fairfax Fairfax Lamoille Stowe Lamoille Top Row From Left to Right: Coach Andy Buswell, Terri Boucher, Theresa Gervais, Susan Gervais, Beverly Still, Ann Edwards, Brenda Gates Robin Peters, Carmen Viens, Michelle Vaillancourt, Nikki Parent, Lori Bushey. Bottom Row: Ann Bachman, Sally Marshia, Tammy Larlvee Kelly Stone, Lisa Vaillancourt, Lisa Ovitt, Karla Mercy, Becky Epply, and Nancy McFarland. BOYS' A D GIRLS' BASKETBALL S"-'-f--K Hi Perley gets his feet off the ground. Perley gets more of the action Ili we ...,A. .. .- .Q Timmy jumps in for the rebound, Coach Plouff gives the girls a ration. HAVE WINNING SEASONS! .- f ' A Jump it up, Dingy, Lay it on the glass, Bonehead. -1" Hu .--" Joe stretches for the ball. Kelly fights for possession of the ball. "'l"1 -fffwsw Varsity Cheerleaders QL-Rl Dawn Graves, Nikki Parent, Lisa Ovitt, Kelly Stone, Tonia Cosgrove, Molly Howrigan, Angie Page, Laura Blouin, Kim Westcom. The Varsity cheerleaders mount to perfection. QQ: M I 1, F5 JV Cheerleaders' Erica Bryce, Tammy Allen, Tammy Miller, Kelly Larose, Brenda Maynard, Lori Gervais. fi' Q XX-w.,., ,, if The cheerleaders display their talents during a cheerleading competition. l The cheerleaders get psyched while waiting their turn on the bench. gi ' 9 it Ms. Lowe helps with some last minute adjust ments, during the competition. BOYS VARSITY BASKETBALL Left to Right. Coach Martell, Ron Larose-Guard, Joe Ladue-Forward, Daren Plouff-Forward, Timmy Gervais-Center, Stephen Perley Center Jimmy Larivee-Forward, Gary Geddes-Guard, Danny Lague-Guard, and Steven Gleason-Forward. pf Milton NCCS Vergennes Lamoille M. Vanier Richard Stowe Milton Missisquoi Fairfax Northfield Richford Vergennes Sacred Heart Peoples Hazen Sacred Heart Northfield Fairfax Peoples Stowe M, Vanier Williamstown GIRLS VARSITY BASKETBALL I V Girls Left to right, Jeannette Larose-guard, Kelly Burns-forward, Sharun Wright-forward, Paul Plouff-Coach, Tammy Larivee-Center, Lisa Vaillancourt-power forward, Sally Marshia-guard, Cathy messier-guard. Missing Michelle Vaillancourt-guard. E O 22 66-BFA St. Albans 46 55-Vergennes 57 50-FBFA Fairfax 52 44 Winooski 70 39-Lake Region 85 38 Lake Region 43 51-Lamoille 48 42-Hazen 46 41-BFA St. Albans 58 32-Hazen 61 41-Richford 4l 33-Stowe 87 32- Pioples 63 18-Sacred Heart 42 43-Fairfax 43 49 Larnoille 87 35-Sacred Heart 84 28-Peoples 46 47 Richford 52 37-Stowe 28 30-West Rutland S 54 ll ll 1, .J.V. Boys Richard Trela-coach, Troy Paradis, Shawn Montague, Joel Mercy, Albert Burnor, Tom Barry, Dean Wright, Alton Bryce, Dean Graves and Todd Paradee. 4' E' sur we ,lx M! s.,' - Q . .. Na 1 Mfrfwezarwi J.V. Girls Left to Right, Brenda Gates-scorekeeper, Trudy Robtoy, Beth Potter, Liz Longley, Jody Gherke, Dorothy Leach, Molly Draper, Debbie Power, Jeannette Larose, Carmen Viens, Kim Abel-Mgr. J' 4 X4 .L , V 1 nr NIKKI aim QQ Y . , 5 Qs u w ' A my Q A SALLY A 'fx 1 58 .4599 Co-Editors-Mindy Hall and Karla Mercy Sport Editor-Cory Lumbra Business Managers-Kelly Burns, Laura Blouin and Audra Hale Copy Editors and Typists-Sally Marshia, Nikki Par- ent, Tammy Larivee and Robin Peters Advisor-Mr. Buswell This years yearbook staff started out with over twenty members and ended up with ten regular workers. We accomplished a lot, by working for many hours after school, until late hours of the night. We even spent occasional weekends working. The result is one of the better yearbooks. lt is by far the best photography. Without the FEW dedicated members we had, the yearbook would not have been lil. Occasional Helpers'DeDe Morin, Lisa Leonard, Lisa Ovitt, Mi- chelle Couture and Kelly Stone. l 59 igffiiit gig, C ,ff C P at 1' 1 r r 1 Q., I 1, AHF 1-M..,Xj.Q ,NN ,. N Girls State-Karla, Tammy, V' ifffmg Lisa, Boys State-Cory, Pete The "Been: Mrs, Rogow as Beemaster Rwm Awards Lead To Some in WH7' ...vi W 4 Spelling Champs District if 20 Front-Pam T., Karen St. C., Back- Sarah W., Amanda C. I L Jai, 4 we ,,,w-H' Future Success! ERDBIUH UUSURG FALLS YUM!!! GRADE 7' ISN' 573 9 asusurxsv scum 1 S Y f If 5 x 1.7 A ' 1' .ar s ' A vm A 1 - . ,,,.. A S . if EFHS LARGEST ICICLE mls this a threat, Mr. Jones. Front-Edward S., David B., Chris D., Stephanie C., Lisa B., Candy N., Bill B., Vicky M., Scott N., Middle-Lisa V., Laura B., Debbie B., Becky E., Tammy L., Sandra M., Karla M., Suzanne L., Mary B., Back-Sally M., Michael C., Michelle C., Sheila F., Norman St.P., Jo- ann P., Noreen B., Kathy P., Tina A., Mr. Hazen M. if mu, Ns George, are you in the Guidance office harassing Mrs. Soule again? Mr. D. Caught smoking in the boys room , vi ,Wh ,. is M Most likely to succeed Lisa Vaillancourt and Cory Lumbra Best personality Cory Lumbra and Karla Mercy Quietest- Allen Sturgeon and Becky Eppley Best dressed' Cory Lumbra and Mindy Hall Worst luck with cars- Mindy Hall Worst luck with cars- Tim Dud ley Most intelligent- Tammy Lari vee and David Brown Nicest smile-Michelle Couture and Willie Maynard Most popular- Norman St. Pierre and Tammy Larivee Most talented- David Brown and Karla Mercy Class coupleflxlorman St. Pierre and Paul Paradis i l Loudest- Michael Cassidy and Lau' ra Blouin Hardest workers- Cory Lumbra and Mindy Hall Smallest feet' Steph Colburn and Tim Dudley Nicest hair- Dawn Graves and David Sweet Class clowns- Cara Bryce and Jim- my Cofelice Best all around- Cory Lumbra and Karla Mercy Class flirts- Shauna Ducolon and Jimmy Cofelice 2 A Best physique- Sally Marshia and Willie Maynard Nicest eyes- Dawn Graves and Jim- my Cofelice Friendliest- Michelle Couture, Brian Westcom, and Karla Mercy muy- 510' .4daC"" Qu Most Athletic-Joe Ladue Nicest eye lashes-Tammy Larivee Nicest Nails-Kelly Stone Most Athletic-Lisa Vaillancourt i QQ ni I ,V , , f SQ Mr. America, and Little Bo Peep- Peter Stebbins and Shauna Ducolon Miss FBLA-Lisa Ovitt Most Handsome and Prettiest-Willie Maynard and Dawn Graves f"'s that Jo-Ann Jett and her Black Hearts? Kinda Kute Kelly! Melissa, Newest Shogun Member Dawn 6 Mindy caress Mr. D.'s sparce. Dwayne Gretsky, our E.F.H.S. high scorer in Hock- Steph shows her stuff. Eager participants of a pie eating contest! a iii Underclassmen sing during assembly. SFF? li Q - .K . is The hilarious group "pictures" performed at one assembly. Kathy Kittell shows her good humor on slave day. Mark's body gets sold on slave day. Lauri Magnant receives an award at the Pep Rally. it's a close race during the soda chug contest. The seniors reveal their overwhelming spirit. fax Craig Jack son and Robin Burns enjoy an assembly. ,. V , Que' i , Roaming Ray is here to stay! Ms. Sinaiko glances up from her work to keep an eye on her students. , Wk ' . QQ Ei Mary takes a break Trying to escape? BREAKFAST CAFE fRightj The boys make the best cooks - Frank, Scott and Brian fLeftJ With Laura, Frank close at hand and Steve su- pervising 'fri . fgffc af ar Y I, .K ,, ,fir gf. ,GQ 19533.--' . wig.: . N, Q Mrs. Mehaffey ...A -v r Q . O DELAY!! Mary serves the Legislators Mindy and Billy enjoy a quiet breakfast date! Doing Nothing", Nancy? fn!" "Doing Dishes", Cara? THE FCDLK AT , if i M, T' -- ' A - V N Q - ww This will cost you Mindy! What happened this time Tim? Waiting for Spring Who's smarter Henry or the computer? Hard at work in the "Heavy Lab" is THE VDC! ri M Ns. ,""'u ' "Tonia are you stuck again" l T Img " 1 nfs? 15:5 Rh fm Ot! WMI, Now working in the book store isn't that bad? E FFA shows off their display No fighting in the halls girls "lt takes a women to do a man's job! Q3 ,V lx ENOSBURG LOCKERS Compliments Of Tel. 933-4419 Enosburg Fall, VT MYOTT'S Lyme Market INSURANCE CO. I National Grange Mutual Gf0CefyS'Meat'Ff91fS and Allstate Insurance Vegetables-Hardware-Clothing-Footwear Raymond Myott Main Street, East Fairfield west Berkshire Road VT 05448 Tel. 827-3272 Enosbggf ogg 05450 All Your Insurance Needs ff ' -Q via ,k.f1 , QQ an 5 t, I ,, wg ee? A X' is , if 5 f I ,N ,A ff fo 24 Hr Emergency Burner Service Sunday Nights and Holidays Tel 933 4036 C J SHOVER 8 SONS Heating Olls Gulf Gasoline 933 4463 Dont Shlver Call Shover Tom Shover Enosburg Falls VT North Country Cable Vision Main Street Enosburg Falls Vermont COLLINS AUTO PARTS Coin-op Car Wash Enosburg Falls Vermont 05450 Dulude s Body Shop 24 Hour Wrecker Service 933 2560 Enosburg Falls Vermont With Fender Loving Care Agway Inc. Feed Service St. Albans Vermont Mill to Farm Bulk Feed Congratulation to the class of 83 From Enosburg Falls Teachers Assn AFT Local 43335 Congratulat' ns t the class of 83 Pearls Department Store RICHARD R. REED D.D.S. Better Goods Fo Les Money J' PETER SANDE D'D'S' E osbu g Falls 933-4402 9 O S E GO S.VT.0 f just n llttlo out of tho way Y A.. 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Telephone 827-3740 Richford, VT. l 39 X Geraws General i Bakersfield, Vermont 05441 ,' vb " Telephone 827-3738 0 , K :if Gary's Barber Shop L 6 M Grocery Bakersfield VT 05441 WeilEgE:Z'g3g33?g50 Trivia Quiz 4' ' m Urlahnag -Q+eJ.k-nfl, Shop Halma Lngarskc H ghgate Co o s St Alba s Vt 05478 802!527 0765 Cory the soup isn't that hot is it? nc Transport Good Luck! McDermott's I . I've got PAC-MAN FEVER CHAMPLAIN CHEVROLET INC ANNUAL CAR RENTALS Phone 933-4455 PINE CONE SNACK BAR Enosbmg Falls, Vt, E. Berkshire, VT 527-7300 933-4462 Congratulations to the Class of '83! MOBILE HOMES - NEW 8z USED CARS Q A ' T ' QIIBM What d'd he do now Tonia? A :tht 1 SNP 1 K 5 3' .S-5.5.-4 ESX ' 105 5 iff N 1 P. 1 X35 Z QS N XY-L fix N A SPEARS PHARMACY 149 Main Street Enosburg Falls, Vermont 05450 Tel. 933-8300 Russell Stover Candies S and Ambassador Cards .-'Sul 0' ' '. 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BARBER SHOP Depot Street Enosburg Falls Vermont 05450 MlCKEY'S Deuso's Appliance Repair 27 Missisquoi Street S ENGSBURG FALLS, VERMONT 05450 Who's lock of hair is that? 933-2082 933-4473 Phones Carneys Restaurant Norma 8 Bob Gleason Proprietors is i L P+- is i Cl BFI S .1914 ilu S1992 ml, 911 IS Gaslmst LZ 'ON ZZI "l0A IDBI GCIGNHOJ 2 5 5 2 E U Z L11 rn U D I4 li 2 E -Z 5 3 FASHION Come In and See the Latest Fashions Main Street Enosburg Falls VT TEL. 933-4321 Janson s Sport Shop Inc. SportingGoods Specialists REDWOOD PLAZA LAKE STREET ST ALBANS VERMONT 05478 C8021 524-3312 MIKE AND NANCY JANSON SPECIALIZING IN: ALPINE E CROSS-COUNTRY SKIING BICYCLES BASEBALL EQUIPMENT LINIFORMS TENNIS FISHING AND SPORTWEAR. I Ifaurse 18am Qntlqucs BUY8- SELL HENRY 8- MARIE MARSHIA ll MAPLE PARK ENOSBURG FALLS VERMONT PHONE 933-Z304 BOUTIQUE Richford Sears 57 Main Street Richford VT CHTS Whitings Flower Shop John 8 Carolyn Whiting Flowers-Gifts for all occasions Auctioneer S Antiques 103 Main St. Enosburg Falls 933-4403 RAMSDELL PLUMBING S HEATING INC KitchenAid Dishwashers Williamson Furnaces We1lMcLa1n Boilers , . 933-2381 Enosburg Falls, VT mfialncq 3 40N. Main Street St. Albans Vermont 05478 802-524-5661 Office Supplies LigElI'Skl NORMAND GERVAIS Archambault Street ENOSBLIRG FALLS VERMONT 05450 Delaval Sales 8 Servlce Phone 933 4030 I Gifts and Halina and Richard Peoele you, can urn to In Enosburg Falls The Howard Bank Vermont ' GQJQQ l Hllllilllllf Wefherbees' HAR DVVAPE E Ph 933 4600 1uI3HSIv R'I dSt., nosburgFaIIs,Vt. . - 1+ , A sm 3 5 a' ii A. BROWN AUTO S S Alb Compliments of HOME STORES B F GOODRICH THE MONTGOMERY SCHOOLHOUSE E burg Burl' g l M ' 'll N p t M f cturers of Quality Wooden Toys Daniel Woodward, President ont om e. - Farm Home Garden Depot Street Enosburg Falls VT 05450 AGWAY HOBBIT HOLE DELI SUBSE3 PIZZAS Compliments of Q MAVMW MM Uillf mmf A FULL SERVICE BANK 1 1 llflly M11 111 01 1,41 1 ll 0 1111 nn! RlChf0I'd VT 05476 848 7772 I fi? fl af y - f , 1 '56 . ' C ' ffl! . . , e7 . , K , ., , - Each depositor insured to FEDIIAL DEPOSIT INSURANCI COR 933-4103 Mal St Enosburg Falls VT KEVlN'S KORNER MARKET 30 South Main St. Enosburg Falls, VT 05450 Best Wishes From Franklin Lamoille BankfSt Albans Home of EASY AUTOMATIC TELLER MACHINES LEE COLBY REAL ESTATE 92 Main Street Enosburg Falls Vermont 05450 Phone 933 4343 22 Lake St. St. Albans Vermont 05478 Phone 527-7127 Village Sports Shop BEST WISHES to the class of 1983 Dr. and Mrs. George W. Sumner, W -all' bv Q w ' 4 4 K, 1 f M 5 lf" wif! f W, We the graduating class of 1983, wish to recognize Mrs. Tillotson for her thirty years spent teaching at Enosburg Falls High School. Throughout these years Mrs. "T" has been willing to help others with school work and various projects. She was yearbook advisor for a few years, and also National Honor Society Advisor. She was a major influence on the stu- dents, and without her, our high school days would not have been as beneficial. We'lI miss you Mrs. gb M W R . Q SQ ,f Wald 1 2 -f gif-f V 1 , 1 J'f', '92 1' . "f"ft-'?fwf3' ,f 544,

Suggestions in the Enosburg Falls High School - Echo Yearbook (Enosburg Falls, VT) collection:

Enosburg Falls High School - Echo Yearbook (Enosburg Falls, VT) online yearbook collection, 1980 Edition, Page 1


Enosburg Falls High School - Echo Yearbook (Enosburg Falls, VT) online yearbook collection, 1983 Edition, Page 100

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Enosburg Falls High School - Echo Yearbook (Enosburg Falls, VT) online yearbook collection, 1983 Edition, Page 103

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Enosburg Falls High School - Echo Yearbook (Enosburg Falls, VT) online yearbook collection, 1983 Edition, Page 8

1983, pg 8

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