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1980 Echo Enosburg Falls High School Enosburg Falls. Vermonl Volume Q9 Table of Conienls Curriculum 4 Sports 24 Organizations 42 Classes 60 Seniors 72 Ads 90 Index 102 Closing 104 THE END OB THE BEGINNING ls this the end or the beginning of our dreams? Happiness it seems, finds us in between. There comes a time when we remember through the years - All the joys and tears when we were young. I can't help but wonder - where we go from here. Will we be together or alone? I can hearthe thunder, ringing in my ear. Can I face the storm clouds on my own? HAVE I GBOWN? lt's not the end but the beginning of our time. Know we're gonna find -love and peace of mind. lf we have learned from all the many rights and wrongs. There's a lot of songs still to be sung. And there will be no sorrow When I look back and sigh, Before we face tomorrow you and l. Take my hand, together, we'll watch the rising sun, And know that new beginning has begun. A lt's not the end but the beginning of our dreams. -song lyrics by Bob Williams School Personnel Mainlain Nealness. Order .424 i Left column, Miss Sinaiko - librarian, Mrs. Vanslerte - Secretary, Mrs. Soule - Secretary, Mrs. Patch - Nurse. Middle column, Chief LaMay - Head Custodian, Mr. Larivee - Custodian, Mrs. Tatro -- School Matron, Mrs. Lamoureaux, Mrs. Marcy, Mrs. Fortin, Mrs. Kennison - School Cooks. Right column, Mr. Lang - Principal, Mr. Floss - Guidance Counselor. Bc:- "W:-.. 'N-.1 Q ,gyli if I 4 5 we I 980 Faculig Mr. Trela Mr. Daigle Mr. Pesce Mr. Duff :ia :zz ag: :iz :gf :gg sy sk 15: vi sf ak Mr. Brooks Mrs. Donoghue Miss Lowe Miss Brigham Mrs. Tillotson Miss Borgstrum Mrs. Twing Mrs. Gamble Mr. Muller l 'x 'I i fr . ' KM' I N., ,sf Martha Ingraham Paul DiCristofaro Ron Marcotte L x"q-rw Above, Susan Carr concentrates on her French assignment. Above right, Miss Lowe's 11 Honors class prepares for a test. Students are, Karen Marshia, Danny Viens, Kim Colburn, Mike Kupfer, Terri Messier, Ed Brouillette, Claudia Woodward, Stacey Duco- Ion, and Kathleen Larose. Flight, Tony Ovitt and Mary Pudvah tune in on Miss Ingraham during a class discussion. Qehool Newspaper Produced bg English Classes Each of Miss Lowe's English classes produced an edi- tion of a newspaper called the "Talk About." This assign- ment helped her students with their writing skills as well as being an informative and entertaining source of read- ing for students and faculty alike. Miss Lowe took her col- lege prep seniors to the UVM library where they were exposed to the research materials. Most English classes were tested on the Basic Compe- tencies, and of course, term papers were assigned. 'ii- X si French Students Use Knowledge in Evergdag Situations French students got a taste of what it was really like to use the French language in an everyday sort of way. After learning the necessary basics in the classroom Mrs. Wasuck put her students to the test by having them perform skits and doing other various projects. In May she took her French students to Montreal so they could be exposed to a place where a large number of the people speak the French language. 7' KLM 'te Above, Mrs. Wasuck's eighth grade French class takes advantage of a sunny day by playing Red Light!Green Light in French. Students are, Robins Peters, Sharyn Wright, Nancy McFarland, Michelle Vaillancourt, Nicole Parent, Cathy Vorse, Daren Plouff, Cheryl Sears, and Kevin Depatie. Left, Peter Stebbins, Shauna Ducolon, and Patty Car- penter perform a restaurant skit. wif 4, Nur V: fy Math Department Rearranges Courses. Geometrg Precedes Algebra II This year students began to take Geometry before attempting Algebra ll. In the past, stu- dents were enrolled in Algebra II directly after Algebra I. The change in the course sequence was brought about so we would have the same procedures as other high schools in Vermont. Rightg Flon Larose is caught trying to steal an answer from Kelly Burns during their eighth grade math course with Mr. Duff. Science Department Awards Given for Class. Fair Projects The Science Department carried on its annual Science Fair. As always it was a great success. It was completed under the guidance of Nlr. Salmenin, Mr. Duff, and Mr. Marcotte. Awards were given at the Awards Assembly in several categories for both class work and work done on the Science Fair proiects. Belowg Susan Hayes and Lewis Brown concentrate on one of their many Chemistry experiments. Bottomg George Hayes sets up the display of his Physics project for the fair which was held on Parents Night in April. SCIENCE FAIR AWARDS CLASS AWARDS Physics ........ .... J anice Domina Chemistry ..... ........ B ill Leach .Tammie Larivee .Lisa Vaillancourt Physics .............. Janice Domina .Aaron Blouin Chemistry . . . .... Terri Messier . .Debbie Perley .Mike Kupfer Freshman Geographg Students Displag Political Cartoons Miss Brigham's Geography classes pooled their artistic talent and political knowledge to design political cartoons which were displayed outside the library. IVlr. Brooks is a new member of the Social Studies department this year. He replaces Mr. Griffith. lVlr. Trela, for the second year, took students to Washington D.C. through the Close-Up program. lt was designed so that students all over the country could visit the nation's capitol to learn more about the various aspects of our govern- ment. ,L . Top rightg Mr. Brooks, the newest addi tion to the Social Studies department. Aboveg Sherry Lamott and Patty Carpen ter display their cartoons. Rightg Partici pants in the 1980 Close-Up Program were Sandy Donna and Danny Viens. Business Skills Taught for Use in Wide Varieig of Occupations Students at EFHS have the advantage of having an excellent Business depart- ment. The development of their skills and knowledge in this department gives them a greater advantage to continue their education or go directly into the job market. These skills are taught by Mrs. Twing, Mr. DiCristofaro, and Mr. Pesce. Top leftg Mr. Pesce, our new accounting teacher, with his wife and daughter on graduation night. Leftg Typing I students, Ed Brouillette, Sara Tibbits, Mike Brouillette, and Terri Messier, check their scores on a timed writing. Bottom leftg Carrie Page uses a calculator to sum up her debits and credits on her accounting worksheet. Student Teacher Added to Home Ec A student teacher from UVM, Miss Lynch, joined Mrs. Grandshaw and Miss Tatro as a Home Economics teacher during the third marking period. Miss Lynch took over some of Mrs. Grandshaw's classes during this time. Food's class Munchie and Ice Cream sales, Eighth Grader's Mending Clinic, papering a house in town, and Friday Preschool classes were among this year's Home Ec. projects. .ii 1 I ,nf " " 'wm--" Top right, Student teacher, Miss Lynch, looks at the drawings made by preschool students. Middle right, Jon Larose and Mark Breault hand out diplomas to the preschool graduates. Bottom right, Allyson Jutras, Carla Brier, and Lori Carpenter model clothes made by Ally- son and Lori during Clothing fthe intimate apparel modeled by Carla were made by Allyson for a gentleman friendj, Top left, Wendy Lamott searches through a pile of carpet samples during Housing class. Above lettg Lisa Goss and a preschool student oversee the cooking during their spring picnic, New Teacher Heads Ind uslrial Arts Mr. Doyle is the new instructor of the Industrial Arts courses. He received his B.A. in Industrial Arts Education from Rhode Island College. Mr. Doyle enjoys teaching here though he admits the instable environment of the school makes it difficult for fac- ulty and students alike. He gets along well with the students and is very interested in teaching them the various trades in Industrial Arts. Courses of study offered include, Power Mechan- ics - study of small engines and repair, Nlechani' cal Drawing - introduction of tools and essentials, design and development of model cars, Architec- tural Drawing - building of model homes, lndus- trial Arts Elective - electricity and woodworking. .X .. fb 5' Above, Mr. Doyle assists Karen Marshia with her Mechanical Drawing project. Left, Steve Reed works independently on his diagram. Ag. Forestrg Skills Used to Bel-ler School NAV! Above: Mr. Daigle, Roger Godin, and Dana Howard take some measurements for rebuilding a farm trailer. Right: Judy Larose participates in Green-Up Day, which was sponsored by the Ag.!Fores- try class. Far right: Jeff Kane does some clean-up after finishing work in the shop. The Agriculture and Forestry classes are taught by Mr. Daigle. Besides daily classroom and workshop hours, the stu- dents also spent time participating in competitions with the FFA. The Ag.!For- estry students also took part in Green-Up Day. Rightg Timmy Stanhope watches the woodsplitter during a clean-up job of an old tree on the school grounds. 4 i i- M351 Building Trades Class Works on Local House Building Trades students were headed by Mr. Muller in the con- struction work done on a local house. The house is located on Orchard Street. Leftg John Carr removes nails from a board that is no longer needed. The house at a nearly-completed stage is pictured below. :isa Above rightg Danny Burns waits for someone to grab the other end and Mike Royea carries away some rocks as Steve Stimpson passes by. Leftg Mr. Muller instructs Danny Burns and Dana Jackson on how to place the boards. ,... " .... P.A.C.E. Program Al-tracts Mang Students High school students invoived in PACE, People Acting, Caring, Experiencing, learned to work with children by becoming teacher's aide at the elementary school. Each student put in an average of two periods a day to the program. Above, Tammie Colburn organizes her students as they get ready to perform a skit. Right, Nancy Plouff reads over a worksheet with one of her students. af' ? fwwtyr ' H iw P.E. Students Take Part in Presidential Physical Fitness Program Below, Cathy Vorse gets set to bat as Mr. Fischer, Cathy Messier, Alisha Hess, and Linda Green cheer her on. . 0 ,, 1 r The Physical Education students took part in the Presidential Physical Fitness Program, which is part of a national effort to promote better health. Mr. Fischer's classes also par- t ticipated in a wide variety of individual and team sports. Some of those sports included Badminton, volleyball, soft- ball, gymnastics, and floor hockey. On the Awards Day in May Mr. Fischer awarded trophies to those students who showed the most effort and ' enthusiasm for his class. Winners of this award were Crystal Elwood, Gail Domina, and Daren Plouff. .rts i Right, Joanne Vaillancourt sets up the volleyball to be spiked over the net. Left, Mary Breault serves during a Badminton game. ef! Enosburg Falls 5 High School Band Above rightp Sheila joins the band during graduation ceremoniesg 5 Q X 'QKFQ l , if kmuA Nivl' Rightg Randy Messier and horn section. QA nf? S . 95 -YS' ' ' 7" "-L 5 ses Below Ieftg Robert Gleason on snare drump Below rightg Mr. Mehaffey leads full bandg l Enosburg Falls High School Chorus Upper leftg Donna and Clarence harmonizeg Lower leftg Miss Borgstrom helps Shannon and Jeff Above rightg The chorus performs for gradua tion ceremonies. Library . . . Studg Sooialize Snooze The library is enjoyed because it serves a multitude of purposes. You can research a term paper, study for one of those many gruel- ing tests, socialize with friends, play a relaxing game of chess, skim over a copy of your favor- ite magazine, or even take a short snooze, if you can't sleep pick out a novel like Walden Pond by Thoreau or Moby Dick by Melville. These are just a few ways that the students enjoy our library. . n-mm. Top, Leshia Mayo helps by filling out index cards. Above, ' Kathy Larose concentrates on her studies. Above right, David Patterson, Rick LaCross, and Sara Tibbits look for an interest- ing book during the Library's Book Sale. Right, Miss Sinaiko and Mr. Pesce have alittle chat. i is - - . , N .t -r -:,.jN:,.: Q- - . t 3 A . . i i 4 5 , - . . - . J 1 in ,,,,, . .... as .,,,svsrf-tg! . .jf Ai is Q .. 3, ' Q 5: 5 ig Belowg Rick Billado searches the racks for a book. Bot- tom, Tony Ovitt catches up on a reading assignment. Below right, Melissa Craig, another of Miss Sinaiko's helpers, files some index cards. ,.-.ww ,,,,, RAIN l opened my eyes And looked up at the rain, And it dropped in my head And flowed into my brain, And all that I hear as I lie in my bed ls the slishity-slosh of the rain in my head. l step very softly, I walk very slow lcan't do a handstand - I might overflow, So pardon the wild crazy thing I iust said l'm just not the same since there's rain in my head -Shel Silverstein WILD BOAR 'f you tell me the wild boar Has twenty teeth, l'll say, "Why shore." Or say that he has thirty-three, That number's quite all right with me. Or scream that he has ninety-nine, I'll never say you are lyin'. For the number of teeth ln a wild boar's mouth ls a subject l'm glad I know nothing about. -Shel Silverstein 1980 Cheerleaders Kim Colburn Claudia Woodward Mary Parent Terri Messier Sheila Boomhower Erynne Ross Miss Borgstrom Miss Spolar 14 4 si' , l,' g.. , . I I 22-pl y, H' 5 A " 1' 'wig' 'T A ' 4 L- L-' I. nz Jr 1. ta 1 ., , ri 'c. -. , ' J ' "" , - 9 i Q i A1 r' w at xx Above right, Mary, Kim, and Sheila make good use of a time out! Below right, Terri, Kim, and Sheila do their mount cheer. Below, Squad is entertained by Erynne and Torri before the game. Advisors, Miss Borgstrom and Miss Spolar, look on. .-1-""""W 1 Above, Erynne leads the squad in a cheer, X Q MN' 'fi' Junior High School Sports Below, David Couture and Jimmy Larivee receive their awards from Coach Larose y ggi Q W9 N 5 s E.F.l-l.S. sponsors a full sports program for 7th and 8th grade students, ranging from soccer in the fall coached by Mr. Tower to softball in the spring coached by Mr. Fisher and Mrs. Floss. This winter the Jr. High basketball teams, both boys and girls, had a very successful season. The boys entered the finals with a fine record and snatched the first place trophy, a goal they had worked hard to achieve. The girls entered the finals a not so impressive record, but they left the finals with the 3rd place trophy. lt was the first time for an Enosburg Jun- ior High girls team to enter the finals and return winners. Below, Cathy Messier, Michelle Vallancourt, Sharon Wright, Nichole Parent, and Kelly Burns receive their awards from Coach Sheridan. Z 'Ma af 4 ,fw-aw, UZ' Undefeated Co Coached by James Ross, the girl's soccer team was unde- feated in their eight regular sea- son and two post season games. Girl's soccer has been played in Vermont for three years. Some of the Enosburg team members have participated all three years. The game that made the team Upper right, Kathleen Larose steals the ball from a Flichford opponent as teammates Lisa Vaillancourt and Tammie Colburn run to help. Flight, Back row, left to right - Rhonda Gates, manager, Shannon Howrigan, Marie Smith, Kelly Stone, Tammie Colburn, Donna Metcalfe, Judy Larose, Carrie Lumbra, James Ross - coach. Front row, Sally Marshia, Kathleen Larose, Joanne Reed, Sandra Stanhope, Lisa Vaillancourt, Crystal Elwood, Joanne Vaillancourt, Stephanie Colburn, Karla Mercy. Missing - Shelley Reed, Ann Hull - coach. Lower right, Each year, league coaches vote for individuals who they feel show special talent in a particular sport. The members chosen for the all star team this year are, from left to right- Marie Smith, Donna Metcalfe, Crystal Elwood, Kathleen Larose. Missing - Shelley Read. 28 Champions co-champions was played against Sacred Heart. The New- port team became an arch rival last year. This season the two teams were tied at the end of two games they played. Although they would have liked to be sole champions, the team was pleased with its co- championship season. Q35 ,J Q-are' UWM' Regular Season Opponent 1 O O O O O O EFHS 2 Mississquoi 1 North Country 6 Richford 3 Crattsbury O Sacred Heart 6 Ftichford 7 Craftsbury 1 Sacred Heart Playoffs 4 Richford 1 Sacred Heart Regular season record: 7-O-1 Overall record: 8-O-2 O O 1 Upper left, Crystal Elwood fakes with the ball as she attempts to The senior members ofthe team Rhonda Gates, co-captains - Carrie Lumbra, Donna Metcalfe, Tammie Colburn, and Joanne Vaillancourt. Coach James Rose is also pictured. Missing: Shelley Reed, Ann Hull - coach. Far left, Carrie Lumbra prepares to head the ball as team members Donna Metcalfe and Sandra Stanhope look on. Left, Fullback Marie Smith gets ready to clear the ball to the forward line. 29 bypass a Flichford opponent. Left, are from left to right: manager - Right: The Hornets in a huddle before a gameg Below left: Tom Larose takes a corner kickg Below right: Scott Goodhue battles with a BFA opponent for possession of the ballg Seniors Lead In Soccer Squad ,,.- wx ,ga ig. Coil V K 1 Laixag M I g . L Top: Aaron Blouin blocks an opponent's kick, Middle: Cl-ry Senior Co-captains: fl-rj Dennis Sheridan, Clarence Wil- liams, John Ovitt, Aaron Blouin, Bottom: CI-rl Front row - Larry Gervais, Cory Lumbra, Dennis Sheridan, Scott Goo- dhue, Floger Berry, Randy Messier, Standing - Shawn La Rose, Scott Bordo, Clarence Williams, John Ovitt, Aaron Blouin, Scott Mercy, Matt Blouin, J.V. Girls Are Successful Again Coach Paul Plouff led the JV Waves to a fine season in which they lost only three games. Right: Tammie Larivee shoots for a basket as a Stowe player waits for the rebound. Back row, left to right - Crystal Elwood, Linda Stebbins, Sue Kane, Johanne Lague, Joanne Read. Center row - Lisa Vaillancourt, Kelly Stone, Tammie Larivee. Front row - Dawn Graves, Lisa Ovitt, Stephanie Colburn, Sally Marshia. - M mf s Q I N JV Bogs Take Championship rebound. EFHS Opponent 41 Mount Mansfield 42 47 MVU 49 22 Colchester 12 38 Milton 40 43 BFA CSt. AJ 34 76 Peoples 45 59 Sacred Heart 43 59 Fairfax 62 46 Flichford 44 Stowe 36 Richford 60 56 Fairfax 49 82 Peoples 50 52 Stowe 22 48 MVU 43 Tournament 61 Richford 66 59 Winooski 53 Tournament Carl Stone tries to shoot as a Stowe opponent blocks and Scott Mercy waits to get the Above, left to right- Larry Gervais, Burton Maynard, Scott Mercy, Carl Stone, Jim Derosia, Randy Messier, Steve Reed, and Glenn Carpenter. l V 4........, Rightg Judy Larose watches the ball, Swoosh! Belowp Shelley Read taps a jump ball to Donna Metcalfe as Rhonda Gates and the opponents look onp Jean Magoon goes for a lay up through some tough defense as Shel- ley Read holds off another opponent. V Mwwwnevf M,,.-f-NMR K ii- : W ,W i V 1 , ,, an , ,,y, 1 M l s. ,yA,,, it lf W L I ' Q K H I f l 'im R l f nv? , y Q , H un.. C' J, V ' ,,,- L , . 3 ff V lly Y ' 5 y sllt f 3' l , ' "". f t 4 . IE We no Q Varsilg Girls Have Another Great Season The Enosburg Falls Varsity Girls Basketball team worked their way to the quarter-final championship game against Thetford Academy. The Waves fought down to the wire, but lost by one point when Thetford scored a basket in the final second. Kneeling, left to right- Carrie Lumbra, Sandra Stanhope, Nancy Plouff, Shannon l-lowrigan, Standing, left to right - Coach Ann l-lull, Judy Larose, Kathleen Larose, Karen Marshia, Jeanne Magoon, Donna Metcalfe, Rhonda Gates, Stacey Ducolon, Shelley Read, Coach Paul Plouff. SJ xx I Varsity Bogs Improve Under the guidance of Mr. Fischer, the boys varsity midseason things began to pick up and they ended the - year with a strong finish. Although this year's team did not have the most impressive record, at 7-9, it was an improvement over Y last years record when they had only one victory. basketball team got off to a slow start this year, but by 'lt s Upper rightg John Ovitt gets the ff' "'m""" upper hand as he and a Fairfax opponent square off on a jump is ball. Above, Standing, left to right - Scott Bordo, Clarence Wil- liams, John Ovitt, Aaron Blouin. Kneeling: Dennis Sheridan, Scott Goodhue, Tim Stanhope. Missing: Andy Kelley. Right, As the oppo- nent attempts to pass the ball to a teammate, Aaron Blouin inter- we cepts. -f. I 'W Zi 1 l g A ,ff E FHS Opponent 44 13 Mount Mansfield 36 Missiquoi 69 63 Vergennes 70 45 Fairfax 66 54 Milton 42 43 Colchester 59 63 Milton 53 59 Sacred Heart 65 64 Fairfax 54 43 Flichford 44 75 Stowe 52 57 Richford 66 53 Sacred Heart 52 55 Fairfax 56 54 Stowe 49 56 Richford 40 4 it U -X xx-9""'-F New BSEJEII :glib mmf Leftg Clarence Williams makes a foul shot as his teammates keep their eye on the ball. Belowg John Ovitt and Aaron Blouin, the co-captains of the basketball team. Ovilrl. Williams Lead Team for Fine Season Eric Messier returned as the coach of this year's squad. It was a successful season which brought the team to the playoffs. They lost the final game in 12 innings. Right, Clarence Williams prepares to make a quick throw to second as a Stowe opponent attempts to steal. Below, back row, Jay Nichols, Russ Fortin, Carl Stone, Scott Mercy, Coach Eric Messier. Middle row, Scott Goodne, Roger Berry, Larry Gervais, Daniel Viens, Burton Maynard. Front row, Tom Larose, Dennis Sheridan, John Ovitt, Clarence Williams, Aaron. l Right, Senior co-captains John Ovitt and Clarence Williams. EFHS 7 Sacred Heart 6 Richford 13 Stowe 3 Lake Region 2 Blue Mt. 4 Blue Mt. 1 BFA 16 Sacred Heart 28 Richford 15 Stowe 1 1 Lake Region 16 MVU 3 BFA 6 Peoples Opponent 9 O 1 12 3 6 4 4 3 9 1 4 . 8 Playoffs Far Ieftg John Ovitt waits on deck for his chance to slug one. Leftg Scott Goodhue takes a breather as the other team brings the ball in. Belowg Dennis Sheridan steps into the bat- ter's box. Bottomg Russ Fortin deliv- ers a pitch as John takes a lead off first base. Varsilg Softball Team for 1980 Takes Division IV State Championship The Enosburg Varsity Softball Team topped off our excellent season with an 18-1 victory over Wilmington High School on June 7, 1980. Sacred Heart 20-1 Away Richford 17-2 Home R ichford 13-4 Away Stowe 14-2 Away BFA St. Albans 6-9 Home Lake Region 12-10 Away Stowe 15-4 Home BFA Fairfax 2-6 Away Blue Mt. 15-4 Away BFA Fairfax 19-6 Home Sacred Heart 6-10 Home Lamoille 4-2 Home . , l A Top, Rhonda poised on first base, Becky on second, Above leftg Car- rie Lumbra, 1980 Captaing Above rightg 1980 Softball Team Coach Sheridan, Sandy Stanhope, Joanne Vallincourt, Sheila Boomhower, Carrie Lumbra, Rhonda Gates, Karla Mercy, Lisa Vallincourt, Sally Marshia, Evelyn Larose, Becky Stebbins, Coach Ross. Patty Carpen- ter, Nancy Plouff, Judy Larose, Donna Metcalfe, Shannon Howrigan, Shelley Read, Kelly Stone, Karen Marshia. Right, Shannon hurls win- ning game. -- i ,gm W 1- 1 Y 'TW ' X A . 1 .t s.sa,,' Qiwiia 40 Let's Go Eno'! Topg Donna Metcalfe slugs a triple Above Ieftg 1980 JV Team Tammy Larivee, Lisa Vallincourt, Val Bedreau, Sally Marshia, Karla Mercyg Lisa Ovitt, Mindy Hall, Ste- phanie Colburn, Patty Carpenter. Above rightg Evelyn watches intentlyg Leftg JV Coach Brooks poses with Co- Captains Tammy Larivee and Sally Marshia. We 5 H 'ibn ,pf W, ,A , 7 z , K Q 5' C51-ug. mf' J wuz " ,Q fp Q' "' W tiff? y ' f'?gi,ev f u M A. , ll . "uMM..M . A A7 ' ' . L J: Muzi A' ' 'Q t Yf ,,il! , 5 Y K Im' XILZJILLQ-C44 1 GN-, , W ' -wgim -' 1 ' L, , 41 7 af 3 1-LffHf3'Ffi ,, ,, ,. f.,,,fQ,f , ., , ,- Ji, fa, f ,, . , W ,, if , , J 'Q ,,,,,. 1, v ,Q ,. mf if . . . X ff W Q - A , ,H ,gf ,.-ff,3,m.-gf' f I ' 4"""uf 3 ' Y I , " " 'H 'V Q 'V 'gf 3' fl M ' X , - 'A7"1?'c ' I "Nr ' f x V ' ' . 'P 1 f Q F' ,-wnf ' . ,-Q AA-A 1 ' ... . J ., , ...figksfak ' ' - -71 ' '.1.a'7C3n:f-yf'4"x,M . f Class A Shaun Hayesifi Dennis Sheridan? Danny Viens Lewis Brown Class B Ed Brouillette Mike Kupter Aaron Bobtoy Duane Coutu reel: Jeff Hayesii Mark Breault Class C Kevin Depatie Peter Fontaineili Andy Hutchison Mellissa Craig Ed Sweet Brian Westcom lst place winners 12nd place winners ifioverall winner Flight, Kevin, Andy, Lewis, and Phillip are engaged in their games of Chess. Chess Has Surge in Popularilg Below left, Mike Kupfer concentrates on his next move. Below right, Jett Hayes watches closely his opponents move. ..... ..... .. , N ss.. I it f .fy .. 7, 1' mc' lla? .Ai .,-,. .tl J y. 7, Future Homemakers of America: Living. Learning. and Growing The Future Homemakers of America had an enjoyable year. They engaged in several activities throughout the year. They attended the district meeting in October and the state convention in May. Return- ing from the state convention our local chapter had two state offi- cers. Pat Ross was elected state parent and Terri Messier was elected state secretary. Aboveg Johanie Lague, Deb Perley and Terri Messier speak to the school on the meaning of F.H.A, E Leftg Johanne Lague, Nancy Larose, and Nancy Gometz attend a meeting, Below Ieftg Advisor Mrs. Grandshaw, Mr. Grandshaw and son Jesse enjoy themselves at the skating party. Belowg Pat Ross, the newly elected state parent. FFA Teams Compete on National Level Above, William Leach delivers his speech on behalf of the FFA for Leadership Day. The Enosburg Falls Chapter of the Future Farmers of America and Mr. Daigle's Agricultural classes were involved in various contests throughout the year. Last year's Milk Judging team of John Ovitt, George Hayes, Anne Gervais, and Val Garrow, won first place in the state contest. This enabled the school to compete on a national level. The Eastern States Contest was held in Springfield, Mass. in October. Our competing teams didn't place very well. The Milk Juding team went to Kansas City, Missouri in November. The team ranked 20th in the nation, an improvement from 27th place acquired by a previous Ver- mont team. The FFA Fruit Sale, a major fund-raiser for the organi- zation, was held during November. The sale made about 5300. The seller of the most fruit, with about 25 boxes, was Bill Barnes. The next set of contests entered was the Barre Farm Show, in January. The three Enosburg teams that com- peted areg Milk Judging, Forestry and Conservation, and Farm Management. The Milk Judging team ranked fourth in the state, with Larry Gervais sixth highest individual. The Forestry and Conservation team tied for fifth in the state, with Louis Russell the fifth highest individual. The Farm Management team placed second in the state with Jeff Kane third highest and Bill Leach eighth highest indi- viduals. Patti Bates competed for Vermont's FFA Queen. The FFA officers are, Val Garrow -- President, William Leach - Vice President, Anne Gervais - Secretary, Doris Doane - Treasurer, Patti Bates - Reporter, George Elwood - Sentinel. FFA Invites Historg Classes lo Pitch in. Green Up Another ofthe Future Farmers of America's annual events is Green Up Day. lt is held to help Chief LaMay do some spring cleaning around the school. All of Nlr. Daigle's classes were excused from regular classes to clean up. This year Nlr. Tre- Ia's History classes were asked to pitch in. Aboveg Sheila Boomhower, Carlton Ward, Judy Larose, Anne Ger vais, and Marcel Parent help green up the school grounds. Left Dean Laplant looks on as Carlton Ward throws in some trash. Future Business Leaders of America This year, under the direction of advisor, Mrs. Joyce Twing, FBLA was one of the most active and well organized groups in the school. The FBLA reopened the school bookstore, offer- ing a wide variety of candy, snacks and school sup- plies. FBLA made a good profit, even though they had to help the store account from the previous year out of debt at the same time. ln October, the New England Regional Conven- tion was held in Burlington. Several Enosburg Chap- ter members attended this meeting where they par- ticipated in workshops and seminars. The members also raised funds by selling Tom Wat and Abigail Martin Kits in November and December. They made S500 for their efforts. FBLA also sponsored a Type-A'Thon and door-to- door candy sales to raise money for their convention expenses. Work Hard to Reach Goals OFFICERS President- Lori Carpenter Vice President- Jeff Hayes Treasurer - Flay Carpenter Secretary - Becky Stebbins Below, Shaun Hayes uses his favorite pitch to sell Janice Domlna a candy bar at the school bookstore. The Enosburg Chapter of the FBLA will attend the National Convention in Washington, D.C. in July, 1980. The group will compete in many of the same events that were sponsored at the State Convention earlier this year. Efforts Pag OH' at State Convention The hard work of the FBLA paid off when mem- bers attended the State Convention in Burlington in March. Enosburg competed in many events, but the real excitement was due to Jeff Hayes and Flay Car- penter who ran for state offices. Jeff was elected Northern Regional Vice-President and Flay was elected State Treasurerg both were chosen by wide margins. The convention wound up with a banquet and installation of the new officers. Also, the various awards from competitions were announced. Enos- burg won the greatest number of awards of any high school in the state competing, and the Enosburg table was by far the rowdiest. ' STATE FBLA AWARDS FOR 1980 8 First Place Awards Winner 3, Typing 1 Judy Barnes gf c Business Communications Becky Stebbins 1, YI sfstt Extemporaneous f Speaking Lewis Brown v r Business Law Shaun Hayes Economics Shaun Hayes Second Place Awards Extemporaneous Speaking Jeff Hayes lVlr. FBLA Jeff Hayes Business Math Lewis Brown Third Place Awards Typing I Geoff Jackson Public Speaking Carl Bryce Miss FBLA Mary Parent Spelling Bee. Above, Lori Carpenter speaks to school assembly about FBLA. The entire chapter, led by Becky Stebbins, won third place in the Lori Carpenter was recognized as Who's Who in the local chapter li . f" J .J Above, Mrs. Floss is assisted by Jan Gillis in getting ready for a sports banquet. Athletic Association Sponsors Fund Raisers Bugs Softball Pants Athletic Association Officers Donna Metcalfe .,,. . ,.,, .....,. P resident Dennis Sheridan ..., . ,... Vice President Shannon Howrigan . Secretary Mr. Fischer .,..,, .Treasurer .....Advisor 2 X X f r awtifw -X The AA put on a variety of fundraisers in order to buy new softball pants for the girls' team. AA mem- bers sold refreshments at the basketball games as well as the American Legion Convention which was held at the high school. They sold shirts, which read "Enosburg Falls Athletic Association," in their fun- draising efforts. As in the past, they sponsored the awards banquets for the fall, winter, and spring sports. For the basketball banquet there were many trophies which were purchased by the AA. Qludenl Council Revitalized This year the Student Council has been more productive than in the recent years passed. One of the first orders of business was to elect new officers. The officers are Carrie Lumbra - President, Mike Kupfer - Vice President, Mary Parent - Secretary, and Carl Bryce - Treasurer. In November on two successive weekends there were bake sales. A total of S80 was earned through this effort. There was also a slave auction which earned S99 and helped raise the morale of the students. As is traditionally done, the Student Council sponsored and organized the Christmas Party. After desserts were served, there was a talent which was won by Donna Metcalfe, Randy Messier, and Kathy Derby. An obstacle course was also arranged. On March 25th Mr. Salmenin formally resigned as advisor of the Student Council. Mr. Ross volunteered to replace him. One of the year's most important protects was about the school's reputation. There was a meeting called for all students and faculty interested in finding some solutions to this problem. We also had a publicity blitz to make the townspeople aware of the vote on the bond issue in May. Q Above, Karen Marshia and Lori Carpenter T auction off Shaun Hayes' services while oth- g ' ers wait to be sold in the Student Council 5 Slave Auction. Left, Tina tells of the Student Council's accomplishments during an assembly recognizing National Leadership Day. Honor Sooielg Has Prod uolive Year Above, top: Mr. Messier addresses the students as guest speaker for National Student Leadership Day. Aboveg Jackie Britch and Patty Bates participate in Costume Day as Hsightless rodents" Above, right: Janice Domina shows her school spirit by disguising herself as a nun for Custume Day. Rightg Shelly Flobtoy, Aaron Blouin, and Nancy Blouin were inducted into the Honor Society at the Fall Induction of Seniors. Officers: President: Carl Bryce Vice-President: Carrie Lurnbra Treasurer: George Hayes Secretary: Shelley Read Focus on School Spirit The Honor Society was very busy this year. ln spirit, students participated in Hat Day and October, members sponsored a Walk-A-Thon, Costume Day. The Society observed National raising S500 to help the Yearbook. The Honor Student Leadership Day with an assembly. Guest Society then hosted the 1979 Christmas Dance, speaker was Nlr. Messier, principal ofthe attended by many students. elementary school. Representatives from school In the spring, the Honor Society sponsored Spirit organizations spoke about their accomplishments Week, now an annual event. With a lot of school this year. Left, Tina Hale shows her devilish side on Costume Day during SpiritWeek. Below, Tina Hale and Janice Domina check the price of a book at the Book Fairt Below left, The Christmas Dance featured Boogie Beast. 'IJ B: Right: Tina Hale works diligently on pages forthe year' book. Below: Susan Domina, Judy Bushey, and Danny Viens view and select pictures that have arrived for the pages ofthe Echo. Yearbook: Gefling If Togelher g .. 1322 : , , ' if 'Es s Ee " an Right: Nancy Plouff works on the sports pagesg Below Ieftg Aaron Blouin stops for lunch during the yearbook ,M ' walk-aathong Below right: Janice Domina enlightens the .. X school about what goes into a yearbook. if we n, Q Y K- t E X. :ff 1 Athletic Female Athlete of the Year - Judy Larose Male Athlete of the Year - John Ovitt Best Female Physical Education Students - Gail Domina Crystal Elwood Best Male Physical Education Student - Daren Plouff Business Accounting I - Gold - Carol Sturgeon Silver - Donald Cutting Bronze - Lisa Kennett Accounting ll - Becky Stebbins Typing I Speed - Joanne Reed Shelley Head Gail Domina Typing I Excellent Production - Judy Barnes Geoffrey Jackson Sandra Donna Terri Messier Gail Domina Stacey Ducolon Heather Ganson Nancy Plouff Typing ll Speed - Jeffrey Hayes Becky Stebbins Typing Il Excellent Production - Carol Sturgeon Lisa Kennett Carrie Page Val Garrow Jackie Britch Kathy Larose Shorthand - Tracie Marshia Becky Stebbins Lisa Kennett Carol Sturgeon Business Law - Shaun Hayes Math Eighth Grade - Cathy Vorse Danny Stimpson Business Math - Sandra Donna Larry Gervais Gail Domina Outstanding Achievement After Two Years in College Prep. - Nancy Larose Johanne Lague Three Years - Bill Leach Claudia Woodward Lewis Brown Four Years - Janice Domina Five Years - Harold Eppley State Math Award - Harold Eppley French Eighth Grade - Flon Larose French l - Susan Carr French ll - Johanne Lague Nancy Larose Tammie Larivee Joanne Reed Cmost conscienciousj French III - Shannon Howrigan French IV - Mary Parent Karen Marshia Cmost conscienciousj French V - Harold Eppley English Eighth Grade - Nicole Parent Cathy Messier Robin Peters Ninth Grade - Annette Page Tammie Larivee Tenth Grade - Randy Messier Joanne Reed Donald Cutting Eleventh Grade - Lisa Kennett Terri Messier Twelfth Grade - Harold Eppley Aaron Blouin Tammie Colburn Chorus All-State Participants - Shiela Boomhower Donna Metcalfe Randy Messier Becky Stebbins Jeff Hayes Geoffrey Jackson Most Improved - Randy Messier Most Outstanding - Becky Stebbins Band John Phillip Sousa Band Award - Shiela Boomhower Donna Metcalfe Most Improved - Andy Hutchison Most Spirited - Individual - Shawn Larose Most Spirited Section - CTrumpetsJ Shawn Larose Scott Mercy Donna Metcalfe Cathy Vorse Nicole Parent Randy Messier Most Valuable - Donna Metcalfe Science Physics - Janice Domina Chemistry - Bill Leach IPS - Tammie Larivee Lisa Vaillancourt Physics Science Fair Project- Aaron Blouin Janice Domina Chemistry Science Fair Project- Mike Kupfer Terri Messier Debbie Perley Principal's Award -- Eighth Grade -- Daren Plouff Ninth Grade - Tammie Larivee Tenth Grade - Larry Gervais Eleventh Grade - Mary Parent Twelfth Grade - Aaron Blouin ,Vi lvr it A I if 'Q 212213, W ""-,mmm ' ' " LKKLL' W"51Q,-wgr'Wff' qv., .Jffl-2:"f'7 3557 ': WZ -- ' :is- T ,,., ,,,Z A ,, , V ,,, . "VV ' , ,,,, i ,,,, M "f"" ' ,,,,, 2 M' ' "" g11gg5g::.T,,7 Eighth Grade. New Advisor Mr. Doyle, the new mechanical drawing teacher, was selected as the 8th grade advisor last year. Officers: President- Alisha Ross, Vice President - Danny Stimpson, Secretary - Kelly Burns, Trea- surer - Cathy Messier, Student Council Represent- atives - Jim Sanders, Sharyn Wright Garth Atherton Rocky Berry Kelly Burns David Couture Kevin Depatie Susan Fletcher Peter Fontaine Tammy Gilman Steve Gleason Pierre Godin Linda Green Julie Judd Barbara Lapiant James Larivee Ronald Larose 24" W g 1 - 1 Ll 'li Lew Q tn Danny Stimpson and Jim Sanders relax in the library over a game of chess. Nancy McFarland Cathy Messier Penny Miles Dean Myott Nicole Parent Stephen Perley Robin Peters Mark Phillips Daren Plouff Alisha Ross Jamie Rushford James Sanders Cheryl Sears Daniel Stimpson Wendy Tibbits ilk i Michelle Vaillancourt Cathy Vorse Sharyn Wright Missing: Philip Robtoy, Burton Wedge 'vb 4. N., Valentina Armstrong Jeff Baranik William Barnes Laura Blouin Noreen Blouin Mary Breault Billy Britch David Brown Cara Bryce Deborah Burnor Brad Burns Susan Carr Michael Cassidy James Cofelice Stephanie Colburn Marguerite Collins Mikelle Cousineau Michelle Couture Brenda Dash Christopher Dash Freshmen Elecl Officers President - Suzanne LaBelle Vice President- Michael Cassidy Secretary - Sherry Lamott Treasurer - Tammy Larivee Above: Judy Bushey and Susan Domina interview senior, Carrie Lumbra, for their French project. The Class of 83 spon- sored several events to raise money. The money will be used to put on a good reception for the class of 84. Some fund raisers were a Valen- tine's Day Dance, and two Bake Sales. Right: Enthusiastic freshmen, Kim West- com, Debbie Burnor, and Debbie Eldred, enjoy an assembly. Freshmen Organize Fund Raisers 'ls Debbie Dezotelle Penny Domina Susan Domina Shauna Ducolon Timmy Dudley Debbie Eldred Ricky Elwood Rose Elwood Becky Eppley Sheila Foote Dawn Graves Kelley Hale Mindy Hall Suzanne LaBeIIe Joseph Ladue Sherry Lamott Tammy Larivee Kim Larose Cindy Levick Cory Lumbra Jackie Machia Sally Marshia 11 , f Karla Mercy Candy Neveau Scott Nichols Darren Ovitt Lisa Ovitt Annette Page Kathy Paquette Paul Paradis Jo-Anne Parent Dale Powers Steven Reed Henry Flyea f f . f MI 4 X 4 we 1 ,.-N t Nfl. 'ij' , 9' ,I Class of '83' King. Queen Selected Ellen St. Marie Norman St. Pierre Peter Stebbins Kelly Stone Allen Sturgeon David Sweet Edward Sweet Lisa Vaillancourt Kim Westcom At the annual Freshman Reception, held this fall, a king and queen of the class of 1983 was voted on by the sophomores. Lett: King and Queen, Willie Maynard and Tammy Larivee are shown with run- ners-up, James Cofelice and Sherry Lamott. Freshmen not pictured: Kevin Domina Ray Domina Mary Ann Gaffney Anita Hoburn Frank Johnson Sandra Lamphear Willie Maynard Robin Morris ew Breaks in Qophomores' Busg Schedules Above: Darlene Stetson, Jackie LaCross, Lisa Couture, and Heather Ganson talk quietly in the cold lunch room during their free time. Roger Berry Tammy Billado Matthew Blouin Michael Boucher Michael Brouillette Glenn Carpenter John Chaplin Lisa Couture ' 1 Kathy Derby Doris Doane Bonnie Domina Francis Domina W Gail Domina Steven Domina Crystal Elwood David Gauvin Lawrence Gervais Nancy Gometz Timothy Goss Andrew Hutchison tr' Sophomore Officers Joanne Kane Pam Kane Susan Kane Andrew Kelley Tawnya Kelley Jackie LaCross Joey LaCross Johanne Lague Wendy Lamott Beverly Laplant Evelyn Larose Nancy Larose Shawn Larose Lee Lawyer Sandy Machia David Marcy Burton Maynard Scott Mercy Randy Messier Jay Nichols Advisor - Miss lngraham President - Matthew Blouin Vice President- Roger Berry Secretary - Doreen Kennison Treasurer - Linda Stebbins '-W:??Ts,.W" ' ' M, S L Qs, ""' Left: On Green-up Day, Larry Gervais, Hazen Stone, and David Westcom help clean around the school. 65 Sophomores Class Rings Freshman Reception . . . Term Papers Biology Tests World History. . . Driver's Ed . . . Right Gail Domlna and Sara Tibbits look for a book to buy during the library Book Fair. Anna Paquette David Patterson Patty Patterson Robert Peters Alan Plouft Mary Pudvah Joanne Reed Aaron Robtoy Valerie Sears Linda Stebbins Darlene Stetson Carl Stone Hazen Stone Mary Tibbits Sara Tibbits Carleton Ward David Westcom Melinda Wetherby Teresa White Joanne Williams fm, ff JV 'N I' . I , Missing: Valerie Boudreau, David Chalifoux, James Derosia, Heather Ganson, Michael Greenwood, Doreen Kennison, Rick LaCross, and Ronnie Machia. 3' as , n r Juniors Choose Prom Theme if i J ,o,, Q yyrr - I x. - 'C "5" ' 7 A U we ' , , 333 . nav' A 1 eo , 1 1. 'Fr' avi J J . if ,hx J This One's for You The 1980 Junior-Senior Prom was held May 17th at the Armory. The performing band was "Midnight Cruiser." The Armory was dec- orated with blue and yellow streamers and a special cake reading "Class of 80" and each senior's first name was written on the icing, fthanks Mrs. Rossj. King and Queen were Jon Larose and Shelley Readg runners-up were Aaron Blouin and Carrie Lumbra. 5 .vga 5,144 'Wy Q g Scott Bordo Mark Breault Jackie Britch Ed Brouillette Lewis Brown Roy Carpenter Kim Colburn Tammy Collins Terri Cosgrove Duane Couture Donald Cutting Sandy Donna Stacey Ducolon Lorinda Dudley George Elwood Valerie Garrow Upper left: Jeff Hayes, part-time profes- sional crepe paperhanger, checks his work. Left: Ray Carpenter is assisted by Mary Par- ent as he decorates for the Prom. John Barwin Patti Bates Rick Billado Heather Goss Jeffrey Hayes Shannon Howrigan Lisa Kennett Juniors Show School Spirit Michael Kupfer Michelle LaBelle Rick Lacross Dean Laplant Judy Larose Kathy Larose Tom Larose William Leach Juniors not pictured John Carr Russell Fortin Anne Gervais Susan Hayes Danny Kennison Kathleen Larose Dwight Flobtoy Sandra Stanhope Steven Stimpson Jean Magoon Karen Marshia Terri Messier Mark Miller Right: Danny Viens participates in "Spirit Week" which was sponsored by Honor Society. Above: Susan Hayes catches a glimpse of costumed Junior. Daniel Gauvin Robert Gleason Scott Goodhue 4 AT, f w -0 A fi X 52? sf' tuylill' Tony Ovitt Carrie Page Brenda Paquette Marcel Parent Mary Parent Allen Patterson Deborah Perley Lori Peters Nancy Plouff Suzanne LaBeIle Louis Russell Marie Smith Timmy Stanhope Carol Sturgeon Tammy Sweet Daniel Viens Jay Wallace Claudia Woodward QM sf 1 -K -11 2 ' 27. wfsf. -L we -'ww ...Tv . QI?-'S-u-. The class of 1980 consisted of seventy-three graduates. They joyfully and tearfully marched up to receive their diplomas on Wednesday, June fourth. After hearing the invocation from Rev. Cheney. The Valedictorian and Salutatorian addressed the peo- ple, C. Nicholas Christy was the guest speaker. Following his speech, awards and diplomas were handed out by Mr. Lang, Mr. Stanley, and Mr. Farnum. Fr. Duquette then gave the Bene- diction afterwhich the graduates marched out. Right: Harold Eppley gives his Valedictorian address, a conver- sation between an old man and a young fool. Far right: Mr. Christy delivers his speech as our guest speaker. ' ' 1. .-,, A 'I 'I , -V if ' w Above: Mr. Stanley and Mr. Farnum pres- ent Roger Godin with his diploma. Above right: Our class marshalls, Nancy Plouff and Marcel Parent. Right: Miss Lowe helps Brett Garrow with some last-min- ute preparations. Far right: John Ovitt exclaims "I told you l'd get out of this place!" . . or the Beginning Far left: Becky Stebbins presents Mr. DiCristofaro with a gift for all the help he gave us as our advisor this year. Left: The Salutatorian address is given by Becky Stebbins. Middle left: Babette LaBeIIe and Dennis Sheridan take their last steps before partytime. K ' f A 'ir' Above: Merriman Dash and Tammie Ward march during the recessional. Above left: Aaron Blouin relaxes during the graduation ceremony. Left: Whew! Geoff Jackson, Lori Carpenter, and George Hayes are a few graduates that are glad it's over. ANNA ARMSTRONG . . my friends and all the good times I had par- tying with them." JUDY BARNES . .graduation and the senior banquet." RICHARD BARWIN .. all those hazy days walking the halls aim- Iessly in total bliss." DAN NY BILLADO . . how to get even with the teachers." Right: Teacher-student rela- tionship at EFHS? Mrs. Grand- shaw and Lori Carpenter express their opinions. AARON BLOUIN i . . the close relationship I with a very special person." NANCY BLOUIN .. all the fun I had fooling around my senior year." SHIELA BOOMHOWER .. Donna Metcalfe, Marcel Parent, and the interior of Mr. Ross' office." 74 I II Never Forget CARLA BRIER . . all the good times I had my senior year." CARL BRYCE ". . . struggling with my math for Mrs. Tillotson and the Honor Society." DANIEL BURNS ". . .friends." .T .Q. - E 2 ff- Left: Jack Goss soaks up a little spring sun during a study hall. M, at t '52, 'Sit ,A wi JAMES BUSHEY ". . .Sleezy D." LORI CARPENTER had between third and fourth period." ". . . my friends and all the fun we TAMMIE COLBURN . . psychology class and soccer." ROBERT COUSINEAU . . not ever going in the lunch room." 75 MERRIMAN DASH . . friends." JANICE DEANE ". .. getting kicked out of class by Miss Brown." JANICE DOMINA . . the close relationship between teachers and stu- dents." Below: Robert Dudley and his date enjoy the Christmas dance. Seniors Enjog Leisure Time . -Q s. 5 . f 76 ROBERT DUDLEY . . absolutely nothing." MARK DUSO . . all myfriends." HAROLD EPPLEY . . my friends." COLLENE ERNO ". . . all my friends." . . . and Work Time ii ii ii DEBBIE FONTAINE hanging around with my friends." LAURIE FORTIN the bomb threats and my friends." BRETT GARROW new teachers." RHONDA GATES H the bomb threats." Below: George Hayes teaches Geometry during Senior Control Da JAN GILLIS my friends." TED GILMAN ii just about nothing." ROGER GODIN ii Mr. Pecse's Business Law classes my senior year." 77 JACK GOSS meeting different people." LISA GOSS '. . . my friends and the look on Mr. Lang's face when I told him I went to the clinic." Right: Lori Fleed works as a secretary on Senior Control Day. TINA HALE ". .. our fourth period rap sessions in the library my senior year and all the good people I've met here." GEORGE HAYES . . my friends and the good times we had fourth period." SHAUN HAYES .. all the good times with my friends." 78 TAWNYA GREGOIRE ". . .friends." GLENN HALE . . senior skip day." Seniors Take Charge .ffl Mxnmammm VWQP DANA HOWARD .. playing chess in the library and good friends." DANA JACKSON ". .. the Building Trades classes." GEOFFREY JACKSON .. the FBLA conven- tions." practicing for graduation." the look on Mr Lang s face when I told 79 Seniors Qing BABETTE LABELLE . . the look on Mr. Lang's face when I told him I went to the clinic." ELIZABETH LAMORE .. friends, some of the teachers." BETSEY LAROSE .. all my friends and all the good times we had." Above: Shiela Boomhower, Donna Metcalfe, and Lori Carpen- ter entertain the seniors during their banquet. JON LAROSE . .friends and partying." LOFIRAINE LAFIOSE . . Mr. D." CARRIE LUMBRA . .the friends I met all during high school." TFIACIE MARSHIA . . a very special, life-long relationship with a very special person." 80 . , , vt, I f fox. , JI fy , - Q .g1, ,ik.,s,r',?'3 ' 5 .I S.-'ws' 1 we ' , Ei' I A assi? ,..- it ,X -9 Q I ,- , Seniors Snooze ROBERT MARTELL . .as little as possible. LESHIA MAYO iv ". . . how friendly everyone is and the way teachers helped the students." MICHAEL MESSIER ". . .the different experiences l went through from grade to grade." DONNA METCALFE . .friends, teachers, music, sports, Rick Greene." 1 . 6 Q l to fx O, int., ,s Z. . O , .-'QQ A Below: Marc expresses his enthusiasm for Physics. V lg. ff RUSSELL MONETTE . . early mornings." LISA MORGAN . . senior skip day and boring classes." JOHN OVITT . . howto make out in the hall and not get caught." 81 GREGG RAMSDELL . . alitheiuniorgirlsf' SHELLEY READ ". . . sports and Jeff Kane." LORI REED ". . .boring classes." SHELLY ROBTOY . . my friends and the fun we had." "This One's for You," Queen - Shelley Read King - Jon Larose runners-up Queen - Carrie Lumbra King - Aaron Blouin MICHAEL ROYEA . . friends, teachers, and senior skip day." HERBERT RUSHFORD ". . . my friends, senior parties." DENNIS SHERIDAN . . senior skip day, senior picture party." f Times We Dressed Up y ...ai 2. N 2 iff ii -QW Times We Dressed Down H H AA REBECCA STEBBINS not muchp just my friends." EDWARD STURGEON friends." JOANNE VAILLANCOURT all myf riends. ll H H Left: Carl Bryce shows his school spirit and more as a flasher during Costume Day. TAMMIE WARD friends and picking on a very special friend." STANLEY WESTCOM friends and parties." CLARENCE WILLIAMS all the friends l've made." Seniors not pictured are: James Coe, Darlene Domina, Linda Peters, and Daniel Randall. You Musi Have Been a Beaufiful Babg X i 'gn wg, e Q w " s-1 is Y. at .t s yyit ff xx' .- , - P 1 ' ,," ' ,cj 42 as gm-. . L ff M we f ms. 1 -WMW7' 9 Top to bottom: Bat those baby blues, Tracie. Hot, I guess it's hot, Joanne. Our class clown, John Ovitt, was reading dif- ferent books then. ' mV. , ,am- Q.. ,A ' J y i yy y A y y i F5 e i X at ..... Qs Top to bottom: Ride 'em cowboy Geoff. PIayboy's newest centerfold, Lori Car- penter. Is that Tuna and Fred?? Way to cool down Rhonda. . K- L 1 v . 'S Q 3 K. ' X N. .QQ - 7' Q. as i ia, ,..av" Top to bottom: "Is that Jeff I see?" asks Shelley. Braided hair was in then too, huh, Sheila? Did you get that done at Unisex, Janice? . . . xL,. W - as A -'Lk . Q-its ff! as assss to . M . if-X Top to bottom: "Let's boogie!" Lori Fleed. Bartender, another Mellow Yellow for Brett. Yank those shorts back up, Tammie, you're belly button is showing. If lop to bottom: Peek-a-boo, Clarence. Just itching to get out of that chair aren't ya', George. Excuse me, Miss Domina, but your diaper is showing. Just back from a senior party, Dana? f ' 1 1 W' fi: ...... V V' Attt ff... , ,Vi A xg VV , ,,..,.., A Q Top to bottom: You're all ready for the big leagues, Aaron. Smile pretty, Betsey, mommy is taking your picture. Flub-a- dub-dub two LaBelles in a tub. "We're not having spinach again are we?" asks Nancy. Cherish Yesterdags . . . li. yg ,if Top to bottom: Wave to the folks, Bob Martell. Don't be camera-shy, Debbie. Do they still call you jelly belly, Carl? ' 7 li .. S 1 2 4 A 'wi ' :try ' gg g142:sQije1gaf"giz .V ' Y' 515 fer ..,, , ,f-f,, y V, l ,'l-f' J -,X twirl? I -. . V r ' Nf"s,N : ff 'as .. :N ., 4, M I .jj at i - Aft-'s. ""?1T7.sNL3: . I , ..,. s s.: at ' X 1 -,',,:..u Top to bottom: Cover up, Carla, or you will catch a cold. Kickin' up a storm, huh, Rob- ert. lt's Smilin' Jack Goss. ' Top to bottom: Donna Metcalfe flashes her pearlie whites. Watch that first step, Shelly, it's a big one. Tawnya wants out! Class of 1980 Senior Poll Geoffrey Jackson Harold Eppley Harold Eppley Ed Sturgeon Jeff Kane Richard Barwin Richard Barwin Richard Barwin Harold Eppley Clarence Williams Clarence Williams John Ovitt Clarence Williams Greg Ramsdell Robert Dudley Aaron Blouin Dennis Sheridan Dennis Sheridan Danny Burns Stanley Westcom Best Dressed Smartest Most Likely To Succeed Shyest Class Sweethearts Class Heartthrob Class Flirt Prettiest Eyes Teacher's Pet Best Athlete Most Popular Class Clown Easiest To Get Along With Biggest Feet Smallest Feet Tallest Shortest Class Gossip Biggest Mouth Most Fun To Be With University of Vermont Scholarship. . . Valedictorian Award ............. Salutatorian Award ................ Vermont Asbestos Group Scholarship . . . Principal's Award ................ G D.A.R. Good Citizenship Award .... Balfour Key ................ Ambulence Service Award . . Enosburg Faculty Award . . . John T. Gray Award ........ Sterling Trust Award ............... American Legion Scholarship .......... Enosburg Falls High School Scholarships . . Tina Hale Tina Hale Tina Hale Janice Domina Shelley Read Shelley Read Lisa Morgan Joanne Vaillancourt Leshia Mayo Donna Metcalfe Shelley Read Judy Barnes Shelly Robtoy Donna Metcalfe, Tammy Ward Donna Metcalfe Babette LaBelle Babette LaBelle Babette LaBelle Shelly Robtoy Rhonda Gates . . . . .Harold Eppley . . . . . . .Harold Eppley . . . .Rebecca Stebbins .......TinaHale . . . . . .Carl Bryce . ...Aaron Blouin .........TinaHale . . . . . . .Shaun Hayes ... .Joanne Vaillancourt . . . . . .Greg Ramsdell . . . . . .Greg Ramsdell . . . .Geoffrey Jackson . . . .Rebecca Stebbins . . . .Geoffrey Jackson . . . . . .Janice Domina . . . .Tammie Colburn . . . . . .Janice Deane . . . . . .Shelley Read ... . .Carrie Lumbra 87 Senior Directorg ANNA ARMSTRONG FBLA 31 PACE 3. JUDY BARNES Basketball 1, 25 FBLA 3, 45 Upward Bound 2-4. RICHARD BARWIN Soccer 2, 35 Basketball 2-45 Baseball 2, 45 Band 2-4. DANNY BILLADO Archery 1, 25 Co-op 4. AARON BLOUIN Soccer 1-45 Basketball 1-45 AA 1-45 PACE 15 Golf 2, 35 Class Secretary 25 Boys' State Alternate 35 Baseball 45 Honor Society 45 Yearbook 45 Class President 4. NANCY BLOUIN Drama 1, 25 AA 35 Honor Society 4. SHIELA BOOMHOWER Band 1-45 Chorus 1-4. CARL BRYCE Student Council 1-4, Treasurer 45 Boys' State 35 Honor Society 2-4, President 45 Yearbook 45 FBLA 4. DANIEL BURNS FFA 1. JAMES BUSHEY Drama 15 Basketball 15 AA 1, 25 Soccer 2. LORI CARPENTER Basketball 1, 25 Chorus 1-45 AA 1, 25 Honor Society 3, 45 Student Council 45 FBLA 3, 4. TAMMIE COLBURN Softball 1, 25 Basketball 1-35 AA 1-45 Soccer 2-45 Drama 15 Yearbook 45 PACE 4. ROBERT COUSINEAU FFA 15 Honor Society 2-45 Boxing 25 Arch- ery 2. MERRIMAN DASH FFA 2-4. JANICE DEANE Field Hockey 15 Drama 35 Softball 1, 2. JANICE DOMINA Drama 15 Yearbook 2-4, Business Manager 45 Honor Society 2-45 Girls' State Alternate 35 Student Council 35 Chorus 4. ROBERT DUDLEY Drama 15 Boxing 1-45 Co-op 45 Honor Soci- ety 2-4. MARK DUSO Band 1-45 FBLA 3, 4. HAROLD EPPLEY Soccer 15 Chess Club 1-35 Yearbook 3, 45 Honor Society 3, 45 Boys' State 35 Valedic- torian 4. COLLENE ERNO Chorus 1-45 Band 15 FHA 2. LAURIE FORTIN FBLA 3. BRETT GARROW Band 25 Newspaper 35 Boxing 2. RHONDA GATES Basketball 1-45 Softball 1-45 AA 3, 45 Soccer 4. . JAN GILLIS Band 1, Chorus 2, 45 Drama 35 FBLA 3, 45 Honor Society 3, 4. TED GILMAN FFA 1-4. ROGER GODIN FFA 1-3. JACK GOSS FFA 1. LISA GOSS Student Council 1-35 AA 15 FBLA 2-45 PACE 4. TAWNYA GREGOIRE Upward Bound 2-45 FBLA 3, 4. TINA HALE Yearbook 2-4, Business Manager 3, Editor 45 Honor Society 2-45 Girls' State Alternate 35 Chorus 45 Student Council 45 Class Sec- reta ry-Treasurer 4. GEORGE HAYES Soccer 15 FFA 1, 3, 45 Baseball 25 Honor Society 2-4, Treasurer 45 Yearbook 45 Class Vice-President 25 Class Treasurer 15 Golf 3. SHAUN HAYES Soccer 15 Band 1-35 Honor Society 2-4, President 35 FBLA 3, 45 Chess Club 2-45 Golf 3. GEOFFREY JACKSON Drama 1-35 Band 1-45 Honor Society 2-45 Chess Club 25 Student Council 35 Chorus 3, 45 FBLA 3, 4. MARC KANE FFA 1-45 Basketball 15 Student Council 25 Chorus 4. SHEILA KITTELL Basketball 1, 2. BABETTE LABELLE Basketball Manager 1-35 Student Council 15 FBLA 3, 45 PACE 3, 45 Class President 2, 3. ELIZABETH LAMORE Basketball 15 AA 2-4. JON LAROSE Soccer 1-45 Basketball 1-45 Baseball 15 Class Marshal 3. CARRIE LUMBRA Basketball 1-45 Softball 1-45 Soccer 2-45 AA 1-45 Band 15 Honor Society 2-45 Student Council 2-4, President 45 Girls' State 35 Yearbook 3, 45 Class Marshal 3. TRACIE MARSHIA FHA 15 FBLA 3, 4. ROBERT MARTELL Band 2-45 AA 25 Boxing 2. LESHIA MAYO Drama 1-45 Cheerleader 1, 25 AA 1, 25 Honor Society 3, 4. MICHAEL MESSIER Chess 1, 25 Chorus 2-45 FBLA 35 Newspa- per 1. DONNA METCALFE Band 1-45 AA 1-45 Yearbook 1, 25 Basket- ball 1-45 Softball 1-45 Soccer 2-45 Chorus 1- 45 Drama 3, 45 Newspaper 15 Class Vice President3. JOHN OVITT Basketball 1-45 Soccer 1-45 Baseball 1-45 AA 1, 25 Student Council 1, 25 Band 15 Boys' State Alternate 35 FFA 3, 4. GREG RAMSDELL Soccer 15 FFA 2, 3. DANIEL RANDALL FFA 1-3. SHELLEY READ Basketball 1-45 Soccer 2-45 Softball 1-45 FFA 2-45 AA 1-45 Honor Society 2-45 FBLA 45 Student Council 1, 25 Girls' State 35 Class Vice President 4. LORI REED FBLA 3, 4. SHELLY ROBTOY Student Council 15 FBLA 3. MICHAEL ROYEA Band 1. DENNIS SHERIDAN Soccer 1-45 Basketball 1-45 Baseball 1, 2, 45 AA 3, 4. REBECCA STEBBINS Band 1-45 Softball 1-45 Basketball 25 Drama 15 Chorus 1-45 AA 25 FFA 25 Honor Society 2-45 Girls' State 35 FBLA 45 Class Secretary !Treasurer 3. EDWARD STURGEON Student Council 2. JOANNE VAILLANCOURT FFA 45 Soccer 45 Softball 4. TAMMIE WARD FHA 1. CLARENCE WILLIAMS Soccer 1-45 Basketball 1-45 Baseball 1-45 Chorus 3, 4. ig W, 2 f s 112 K yu 5- -9- l L, .B r. ' Am 7 im? X my F ag, v A-. f ' f 1' .A m VM B aha- 1 WETHER L wifi 1225 433' S kg 1 m .. i ,P Qi ,QR 'f-.. Qaliii -wx Ska! si A 5. 95 MICKEY'S BARBER SHOP KITTELL'S GARAGE General Repairs Depol Sfreel 88 Main Sfreef Enosburg Falls, Enosburg Falls, Ve-rmon+ Vermon+ 05450 Tel. 93312170 BUTTONS 'N BOWS Complimenrs Nursery School of and Day Care "We Laugh a Lo'r, and Learn a Lo+." I I I Pleasanf Sfreef, Enosburg VALLEY AUTO SUPPLY Don'I lei' if rain on your parade. Save now 'For a sunny 'fufure a'r THE STERLING TRUST CO., YOUR FULL SERVICE BANK +I1a+ C6I'9S ENOSBURG LOCKERS "We Freeze 'ro Please" MONTGOMERY WARDS Enosburg Falls, Vermonl Enosburg Falls, 05450 Y9I'm0f1+ Tel. 933483 I I Tel. 933-44I9 FASHION BOUTIQUE Fashions for Teens and Women Main S'rree+ Enosburg Falls, Vermonf Bou-Mafic Dari-Kool Millrers Tanks G8rM FARM SUPPLY PRUDENTIAL Life ' Healih ' Au+o ' Home Yes. A Pruden+ial agen+ can provide homeowners, renfers and aufo insurance as well as life and heallh. Gel' 'rhe same dependable planning and service +ha+ millions already enioy wi'rh 'rheir Pruden'rial Life and heal+h insurance pro'rec+ion. Four ou+ of five au+o and homeowner claims are handled by phone. There's a special number you can call any hour of 'rhe day or nighf. , :,, Barney Tillo+son Pleasanl Sfreel I , I7 Elm Sh-ee-I Enosburg Falls, VT 05450 ' I f 9 Enosburg Falls, Sales and Service Tel. 933-2552 syy , Q Vermon+ Jamesway Power Madison Silos . F A Tel' 933-255 Chorinq Equipmenf Homelile Chainsaws 'I -1 : DU LUDE'S BODY SHOP 24 Hour Wrecker Service 933-2560 Enosburg Falls, Vermoni "Wi+h Fender Loving Care" MISSISSOUOI A. SAXON INDUSTRIES CO. Sheldon Springs, Vermonf 05485 mNN3 SpeciaIis+s in Senior Por+rai+ure. Also: ' Weddings, Families, Cl V children 87 Main S+ree'r O 0 Newporf, VT. Tel. 334-7355 Tom and Juna Emrich, owners KEVIN'S KORNER MARKET 30 Soulli Main Slreel Enosburg Falls, VT 05450 Tel. 933-4545 ia PEPSI -uv MUINW5 IIORNER M ARK ET Congralulalions Class of I980 from THE ENOSBURG OPERA HOUSE ASSOCIATION Paul E. Plouff Sleven D. Plouff PLOUFF'S MONUMENT CO., INC. Complele Monumenl' Service No. Main SI. - SI. Albans R+. I05 - Enosburg Falls 524-5I45 933-4346 fx "lust a Ilttlo out of tho way" f , X 'lirzwiwc thg Iyhg .+'o'o1f". ' PUB 81 RESTAURANT Fine almosplwere ancl exquisile cuisine wi+l'1 a 'Irained slaff +o help you plan parlies and ban- quet- I.B.A. Roule IOS, Sheldon, Vermonl 802-933-4747 LAROSE'S TEXACO Gas General Repairs Oil Enosburg Falls, yermonl Merrill A. Jeffords Velerinary Producls Agricullural Supplies Enosburg Falls, VT 05450 Tel. I802I 933-2 I 92 FRUITLAND DEPAWE5 Footwear forthe Family Fruits - Groceries - Meats Men's Wear - Boy's Wear Enosburg Falls, . 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Albans ASSOUATE Gaze'H'e Leader O'shea Publicafions CIOFFI at MONTCALM 54 Orchard S+. Enosburg Falls, REAL ESTATE mc. TEL. 524 - 2037 524 :33'a3'g2?3gg04375 PEARL'S DEPARTMENT Complimenfs of Befler goods forless money- POST ill 42 CI +h' - Sh - F '+ O mg ces um' ure Enosburg Falls, Vermonl' Enosburg Falls, Vermonf Tel. 933-4402 FRANKLIN COUNTY CHEESE CORP. Makers of BaIrer's Cheese and BaIrer's Creamed Cheese DAN GAFFNEY INC. 47If2 Soufh Main Sfreef Enosburg Falls, Vermon+ 933-4995 Compleie Line of MuI+i-Fuel Furnaces Vermon+!New Hampshire Dis'Iribu'Ior for STADLER MULTI FUEL BOILERS ll-1-an-.11 A. BROWN AUTO 8f HOME STORES Tires - Fron+ End Service Appliances - TV's I58 Main S+., Enosburg Falls, VT Tel. 933-43 I5 GALEN O. HUTCHISON JR. t CONSULTING FORESTER Bakersfield, Vermonf Timber Management Appraisals, Sales, and Improvemen+ "The Priva'Ie La ndowner's Fores+ry Advisor" Tel. 827-3883 ADS 90 AGRICULTURE-FORESTRY 16 Armstrong, Anna 74 Armstrong, Valentina 61 Atherton, Garth 60 ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION 50 AWARDS 56 BAND 20 Baranick, Jeff 6 Barnes Barnes Barwin Barwin I , Judy 70, 74 ,William 61 John 67 Richard 4, 74 BASEBALL 38 BASKETBALL 32 Bates, Patti 52, 64 Berry, Rocky 60 Berry, Roger 38, 64 Billado, Danny 74 Billado, Rick 33, 67 Billado, Tammy 64 Blodgett, Sharon 4 Blouin, Aaron 24, 36, 37, 38, 42, 52, 57, 73, 74, 82, 85 Blouin, Laura 61 Blouin, Matthew 64 Blouin, Nancy 52, 74, 85 Blouin, Noreen 61 BOOGIE BEAST 53 Boomhower, Shiela 26, 47, 74 80 Bordo, Scott 36, 58, 67 Borgstrom, Kirstin 26 Boucher, Michael 64 Breault, Mark 14, 67, 70 Breault, Mary 19, 61 Brier, Carla 14, 75, 86 Britch, Billy 61 Britch, Jackie 52 Brooks, William 12 Brouillette, Edward 8, 13, 58 Brouillette, Michael 13, 64 Brown, David 61 Brown, Lewis 11, 44, 67 Bryce, Ca ra 61 Bryce, Carl 58, 75, 83, 86 Burnor, Deborah 61, 62 Burns, Brad 61 Burns, Daniel 17, 70, 75 Burns, Kelly 10, 27, 60 Bushey, James 2, 75, 79 Bushey, Judith 58, 61 BUILDING TRADES 17 BUSINESS 13 Carpenter, Glenn 33, 64 Carpenter, Lori 14, 49, 51 , 70, 73, 74, 75, 80, 84, 89 Carpenter, Patricia 9, 12 Carpenter, Ray 67 Carr, John 17 Carr, Susan 8, 58, 61 Cassidy, Michael 61 Chaplin, John 64 CHEERLEADERS 26 CHESS 44 CHORUS 21 Christy, Nicholas 72 CLASSES 58 CLOSING 104 Cofelice, James 61 , 63 Colburn, Kim 8, 26, 67 Colburn, Stephanie 28, 61 Colburn, Tammie 18, 28, 29, 75, 85, 89 Collins, Marguerite 61 Collins, Tammy 67 Cosgrove, Terri 67 Cousineau, Mikell 61 Cousineau, Robert 75 Couture, David 27, 60 Couture, Duane 67 Couture, Lisa 64 Couture, Michelle 61 Criag, Melissa 23 CURRICULUM 4 Cutting, Donald 67 Daigle, Charles 16 Dash, Brenda 61 Dash, Chris 61 Dash, Merriman 73, 76 Deane, Janice 76, 84 Depatie, Kevin 9, 44, 60 Derby, Kathy 64 Derosia, James 33 Dezotelle, Debbie 62 DiCristofaro, Paul 56, 73 Doane, Doris 64 Domina, Bonnie 64 Domina, Francis 64 Domina, Gail 64, 66 Domina, Janice 42, 48, 52, 53, 57, 76, 85 Domina, Penny 62 Domina, Steven 64 Domina, Susan 61 , 62 Donaghue, Martha 6 Donna, Sandy 12, 67 Doyle, Hank 15 Ducolon, Shauna 9, 62 Ducolon, Stacey 8, 67 Dudley, Lorinda 67 Dudley, Robert 70, 76, 86 Dudley, Timmy 62 Duff, John 57 Duso, Mark 2, 76, 89 EIGHTH GRADE 60 Eldred, Debbie 62 ELEVENTH GRADE 67 Elwood, Crystal 24, 28, 29, 64 Elwood, George 67 Elwood, Rose 62 Elwood, Ricky 62 Eppley, Becky 62 Eppley, Harold 70, 72, 76 Erno, Collene 76 Farnum, Forest 72 FBLA 48 FFA 47 FHA 45 Fischer, Joe 19, 58 Fletcher, Susan 60 Fontaine, Debbie 77, 86 Fontaine, Peter 60 Foote, Sheila 62 Fortin, Laurie 45, 77 Fortin, Marion 3 Fortin, Russell 38, 39, 67 Ganson, Heather 64 Garrow, Brett 72, 77, 85 Ga rrow, Valerie 4, 67 Gates, Rhonda 28, 29, 77, 84 Gauvin, Daniel 68 Gauvin, David 64 Gervais, Anne 47, 58 Gervais, Lawrence 33, 38, 64, 65 Gillis, Jan 50, 77 Gilman, Tammy 60 Gilman, Ted 77 Gleason, Robert 68 Gleason, Steve 27, 60 Godin, Pierre 60 Godin, Roger 16, 72, 77 Gometz, Nancy 64 Goodhue, Scott 36, 37, 38, 39, 68 Goss, Heather 68 Goss, Jack 75, 78, 86 Goss, Lisa 2, 14, 70, 78 Goss, Timothy 64 GRADUATION 72, 73 Grandshaw, Alan 45 Grandshaw, Debbie 45, 74 Grandshaw, Jessie 45 Graves, Dawn 62 Green, Linda 19, 45, 60 Gregoire, Tawnya 78, 86 Hale, Glenn 78, 84 Hale, Kelley 42, 62 Hale, Tina 42, 51, 53, 78, 84 Hall, Mindy 62 Hayes, George 73, 77, 78, 85 Hayes, Jeffrey 44, 67, 68 Hayes, Shaun 48, 51, 78 Hayes, Susan 11, 68 HOME ECONOMICS 14 HONOR SOCIETY 52 Howard, Dana 16, 79 Howrigan, Shannon 28, 58, 68 69 Hutchison, Andrew 44, 64 INDUSTRIAL ARTS 15 lngraham, Martha 4, 8 Jackson, Dana 17, 70, 79, 85 Jackson, Geoffrey 73, 79, 84 Judd, Julie 45, 60 JR. HIGH SPORTS 27 Jutras, Allyson 14, 79 Kane, Kane, Kane, Kane, Kane, Jeff 16, 79 Joanne 65 Marc 2, 4, 79, 81 Pam 65 Susan 65 Kelley, Andrew 65 Kelley, Tawnya 65 Kennett, Lisa 68 Kennison, Greta 3 Kittell, Sheila 79, 84 Kupfer, La Belle, LaBelle, La Belle, Michael 8, 44, 68 Babette 73, 80, 85 Michelle 68 Suzanne 62, 85 LaCross, Jackie 64, 65 LaCross, Rich 22, 68 Ladue, Joseph 62 Lague, Johanne 45, 65 LaMay, Chief 3 Lamore, Elizabeth 4, 80 La mort, Sherry 12, 62, 63 Lamott, Wendy 14, 65 Lamoureaux, Lillian 3 Lang, William 3 LANGUAGE ARTS 8 Laplant, Barbara 45, 60 Laplant, Beverly 65 Laplant, Dean 47, 58, 68 Larivee, David 3, 58 Larivee, James 27, 58,60 Larivee, Tam mie 62, 63 Larose, Betsy 80, 85 Larose Evelyn 65 Larose, Jon 14, 37, 70, so, 82 Larose, Judy 16, 28, 47, 58, 68, 69 Larose, Kathleen 8, 22, 24, 28 Larose, Kathy 22, 68 Larose, Lorraine 2, 80 Larose, Nancy 65 Larose, Ronald 10, 60 Larose, Shawn 65 Larose, Tom 24, 38, 68 Larose, Victor 27 Lawyer, Lee 65 Metcalfe, Donna 24, 28, 29, 80, 81 , 86 Miles, Penny 60 Miller, Mark 68 Monette, Russell 81 Morgan, Lisa 2, 81 Muller, Mr. 17 Myott, Dean 60 Neveu, Candy 63 Nichols, Jay 38, 63, 65 NINTH GRADE 61 ORGANIZATIONS 42 Ovitt, Darren 63 Ovitt, Lisa 63 Ovitt, John 24, 36, 37, 38, 39, 72, 81, 84 PACE 18 Page, Annette 63 Page, Carrie 13, 69 Paquette, Anna 66 Paquette, Brenda 69 Paquette, Kathy 63 Paradis, Paul 63 Parent, Marcel 47, 69, 72 Parent, Jo-Ann 63 Parent, Mary 26, 67, 69 Parent, Nichole 9, 27, 58, 60 Patch, Helen 3 Patterson, Allen 69 Patterson, David 22, 66 Patterson, Patty 66 Perley, Deborah 45, 69 Perley, Stephen 60 Pesce, Thomas 13, 22 Peters, Lori 69 Peters, Robert 66 Ross Leach, William 46, 68 Levick, Cindy 62 LIBRARY 22 Lowe, Debbie 72 Lumbra, Carrie 28, 29, 42, 58, 70, 80, 82 Lumbra, Cory 2, 62 Lynch, Ellen 14 Machia, Jackie 62 Machia, Sandy 65 Magoon, Jean 68 Marcy, David 65 Marcy, Mrs. 3 Marshia, Karen 8,15, 51, 68 Marshia, Tracie 80, 84 Marshia, Sally 28, 62 Martell, Robert 81, 86 MATH 10 Maynard, Burton 33, 38, 65 Mayo, Leshia 22, 81 McFarland, Nancy 9, 60 Mahaffey, Frank 4 Mercy, Karla 28, 63 Peters, Robin 9, 60 Phillips, Mark 60 PHYSICAL EDUCATION 19 Plouff, Alan 66 Plouff, Daren 9, 60 Plouff, Nancy 18, 24, 69, 72 Powers, Dale 63 Pudvah, Mary 8, 66 Ramsdell, Greg 82 Read, Shelley 24, 82, 84 Reed, Joanne 28, 66 Reed, Lori 78, 82, 85 Reed, Steven 15, 33, 63 Robtoy, Aaron 66 Robtoy, Darrel 95 Robtoy, Philip 44 Robtoy, Shelly 45, 52, 82, 86 Ross, Alisha 19, 45, 60 Ross, Eyrrin 26 Ross James 3, 28, 29 Ross Mrs. 50 Ross Pat 45 Torri 26 Mercy, Scott 33, 38, 58, 65 Messier Messier Messier Messier Messier ,Cathy 19, 27, 45, 60 , Eric 38 , Larry 52 , Michael 81 , Randy 33, 65 Messier, Terri 8, 13, 26, 45, 68 Royea, Michael 17, 79, 82 Rushford, Herbert 82 Rushford, Jamie 60 Rushford, Suzanne 69 Russell, Louis 69 Ryea, Henry 63 St. Marie, Ellen 63 St. Pierre, Norman 63 Salminen, Maurice 4 Salminen, Robert 95 Sanders, James 60 SCHOOL PERSONNEL 3 SCIENCE 11 Sears, Cheryl 9, 60 Sears, Valeri 66 SENIORS 70 Sheridan, Dennis 36, 38, 39, 42 73, 82 Sheridan, John 27 Sinaiko, Melinda 3, 22 Smith, Marie 24, 28, 29,69 SOCCER 28 SOFTBALL 40 Soule, Teresa 3 Spolar, Carol 26 SPORTS 24 SOCIAL STUDIES 12 Stanhope, Sandra 28, 29 Stanhope, Timmy 16, 36, 69 Stanley, Azro 72 Stebbins, Linda 66 Stebbins, Peter 9, 63 Stebbins, Rebecca 73, 83 Stetson, Darlene 64, 66 Stimpson, Daniel 60 Stimpson, Steven 17 Stone, Carl 33, 38, 66 Stone, Hazen 65, 66 Stone, Kelly 28, 63 STUDENT COUNCIL 51 Sturgeon, Allen 63 Sturgeon, Carol 69 Sturgeon, Edward 83 Sweet, David 63 Sweet, Tammy 69 Tatro, Mrs. 3 TEACHERS 6 TENTH GRADE 64 Tibbits, Mary 66 Tibbits, Sarah 13, 22, 66 Tibbits, Wendy 60 Titus, Kathy 90 Vaillancourt, Joanne 19, 28, 29, 83, 84 Vaillancourt, Lisa 28, 63 Vaillancourt, Michelle 9, 27, 60 Vanslette, Judy 3 Viens, Daniel 8, 12, 38, 68, 69 Vorse, Cathy 9, 19, 58, 60 Wallace, Jay 58, 69 Ward, Carleton 47, 66 Ward, Tammie 73, 83 Westcom, Brian 63 Westcom, David 65, 66 Westcom, Stanley 83 Wetherby, Melinda 66 White, Teresa 66 Williams, Clarence 24, 36, 27, 28, 83, 85 Williams, Joanne 66 Woodward, Claudia 8, 26, 69 Wright, Sharyn 9, 27, 60 YEARBOOK 54 Facing Graduation Faces of old and faces of new People we know and people we knew. Growing together then drifting apart, Always an ending and now a new start. At graduation we all grow nearer, And all of our friends seem so much dearer. And as we say our final goodbye, One last embrace and one more cry. A "keep in touch" and a "promise I will" A "remember when" but, better still, A place in my heart you'll always stay, This is what's said as we go our own way. - author unknown

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