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, , . ' wc- who ' '7 ' ww gf,--. ' mm ,, ,..,f,, fo 1 we .4 ' , 1. , 4,2 K " i f ff "f . ' if - VI if . 130 ., Il V, , ,, 5 1 viz , f .z :HV "' Q 0. . , . f ly? 1 V 4 1 I Q f , Wwwm rf' 1-, ,,..-r sf ,J ly- my X , ,, "ia I lr f ,,, MWMQWM, WW' 'WH SCHUQL W -T V 'X ff? i -Sim 6 ,,, 1 , ..-QT. rv' 1 X FTM 1. L QQ- , 4. . r, .A mv,-xi., 4 . 325171, sy MH , if .gf-1 .Lf 5- 'f a I , . fm' Lia. ' " -frJ:.m'v. - f, 3 1 ,aw .. M Q ': ..4, I1 ' -9? w ......1.,.1,awA, ,M L 'H' fi. " 45 55 , J , li, Q 1 1 ,.--Uv Q., Q, gg Q. , M.. .F 1-4 ,ff K., 5'-, lk, P. , ,-1 . -.M 1 .fa . -1 , .5 .J -ff!-?f,' T !:4L"fG,-lw- ' nr, 57 A. If x..f . ,F 5, ix, .iv ms fi"Km4 Enola High, I love you, Your halls are dear to me, Your colors ever float on high Where all the world may see. Here love and friendship rally To make your name more bright, Here loyal sons your banners raise And fling them to the light, Here loyal sons your banners raise And fling them to the light. chorus So here's hurrah, hurrah, hurrah! Enola High for me. With heart and hand I firmly stand Against the world for thee. Here's to your waving banner, Dear Orange and Black, to you, With honor, love and loyalty, I promise to be true. 81410 fidbpziyflvfratfbo Scvyzbrs Qyderclassfbeo 11 06151218 kfgorts OS To Mr. Richard Creasey It is with sincere gratitude and respect that we, the Class of Nine- teen Hundred and Fifty-seven, dedicate this -yearbook. Only through your guidance, patience, and friendship could this edition of the "Enolian', become a reality. We sincerely hope that through the years you will cherish this annual, and the memories it recalls to mind maybe happy and lasting 01165. To Mr. Frank Sauter We, the Class of Nineteen Hundred and Fifty-seven, humbly dedi- cate this yearbook. We are thankful for the tolerance you displayed during our early days of high school. Your understanding ways and endeared friendship will be a lasting memento of you throughout our lives. We wish you success and happiness and hope that you will recall many of the wonderful moments we have shared together. 7oz WZPKOZQ af 644-ww 70614464 III His time with us was only lent I To us, it seemed so short. He spread his cheer where eier he went. He was our friend, a happy, jolly sort. Some gain fortune, honor, and fame, Some are too soon called away. So it was with Skip, yet all the same The memory of him is with us always. Yes, he was our friend-a friend whom we Could share He's just gone on ahead to meet our Friend up there. f X .W WW 19 , .,.,A.A,,,, A, ff f K l' il! W 541155011 7707 ff f f,f, , af f . ,,.,,L,, m,,L,, za N MR. H. EUGENE WINGERT B.S., M.Ed. I Shippensburg State Teachers College Lebanon Valley College Penn State University Supervising Principal I have enjoyed working with you and your parents throughout the past twelve years and I am sure that we learned many valuable lessons together. In our life today, time is an outstanding factor. Use it wisely and proportionately. Take time to worship . . . It is the highest way to reverence. Take time to think . . . It is the source of power. Take time to work . . . It is the price of success. Take time to play . . . It is the secret of per- petual youth. Take time to read . . . It is the fountain of wisdom. Take time to be friendly . . . It is the road to happiness. Take time to help others . . . It is too short MRS. RUTH Ei NEIDIG - Office Secretary a day to be selfish. 7' E Eoolo High School . ,vi X4 MR. RAYMOND FORGIE, A.B., M.Ed. Allegheny College University of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania State University High School Principal l MRS. DURA L. YOST Office Secretary Enola High School Each person is capable of reaching greater heights than he imagines. Your education should be a challenge and a constant stimulus to bring out your best. I hope that you will pre- pare diligently and work confidently and de- terminedly to make some worthwhile achieve- ment and contribution to society and to escape becoming a mere robot. Wfeae- Standing: Mr. Jenkins, M, Wingert, Mr. Walters, Mr. Dunn. Sitting: Mrs. Downey, Mr Jackson, Mr. Kramer, Mr. Hoffman, Mr. Forgie. gawwiofg We, the Class of Nineteen Hundred and Fifty-seven, wish to express to our administrators, advisors, and faculty, our gratefulness for their knowledge, instruction, and per- sonal guidance during our high school years at Enola. Their examples of good citizenship have inspired us and shall guide us through the many years ahead. MR. PAUL ACRI, B.S. West Chester State Teachers College Health and Physical Education MR. HARRY H. BARNES, B.S. Waynesburg College Pennsylvania State University History MR. RICHARD CREASEY, B.S. Shippensburg State Teachers College Pennsylvania State University Business Education MR. M. NELSON DURAND, B.S Pennsylvania State University Millersville State Teachers College Science MRS. MARTHA FELLMAN, B.S. Shippensburg State Teachers College Geography, English MR. G. EMORY FREET, B.S. Shippensburg State Teachers College Mathematics, Science MRS. GLADYS GOTWALT, A.B. Dickinson College English MRS. BERTHA GRAHAM, B.Sl Beckley College Elizabethtown College Pennsylvania State University Shippensburg State Teachers College Business Education .,M.Ed. MR. JOHN H. GROSS, B.S., M.Ed. Shippensburg State Teachers College Western Maryland ilollege History 9 YQ, -fm, 'W l W Q' 1 . X . aff p l 4.5.1 i I MRS. MARY B. HORNING, B.S., A.B. Shippensburg State Teachers College Elizabethtown College Clarion State Teachers College History MR. ADAM K. KANASKIE, A.B., M.A. Pennsylvania State University Bucknell University Mathematics MR. WILLIAM E. LETTERMAN, M.Ed Bloomsburg State Teachers College Pennsylvania State University Bucknell University Mathematics, English MRS. ESTHER R. LONG, A.B., M.A. Dickinson College University of Wisconsin Languages 'a MRS. ALICE S. MALONE, B.S. Shippensburg State Teachers College Science, Mathematics MISS DOROTHY PEELE, A.B. East Carolina College Physical Education, Health MR. RICHARD PIFER, B.S. Lock Haven State Teachers College Mathematics MR. C. FRANK SAUTER, B.S., M.Ed. Shippensburg State Teachers College Pennsylvania State University Business Education B MRS. MARYA JANE SHUMBERGER, A.B. Gettysburg College Kutztown State Teachers College History, English MISS BETTY SIZER, B.S. Shippensburg State Teachers College History, Geography MISS MARY JANE SKELLY, A.B Dickinson College Languages MRS. LOUISE SKRAMSTAD, B.S. Mansfield State Teachers College Home Economics MRS. JANE M. SMITH, B.S. West Chester State Teachers College Lebanon Valley College Music MR. CLARENCE G. WALTERS, JR., B.S. Millersville State Teachers College Lebanon Valley College Industrial Arts, Driver Training MRS. IRENE B. WENRICH, B.S., M.A. Lebanon Valley College Bloomsburg State Teachers College Columbia University Business MR. W. DEWEY WILLIAMSON Peabody Conservatory of Baltimore Instrumental, Band MR. KARL E. WRIGHT, B.A. Juniata College Millersville State Teachers College History MRS. M. LUCILLE HORST, R.N Protestant Episcopal Hospital Pennsylvania State University Shippensburg State Teachers College School Nurse we 'Q'- 132 First row: Ruth Manbeck, Ralph Heim, Fred Dimmick, Gregory Berbert, Niles Drexler, Marlene Benner. Second row: Louise Mongan, Sandra Hurst, Emily Clark, Peggy Hare, Barbara Hilbish, Marilyn Wehler, Malvina Famous, Patricia I-Iumer, Garnet Declcman, Kitty I-Iamelehle, Wilma Quigley, Betsy Bowers, Judy Graham, Norma Shuey, Kathy Wisegarver, Faye Kinter. embed Staff 7 ?5 7 ,f '4 . :ff MR. CREASEY CAROL KRAMER VIRGINIA FRY I h Edna, Cla!! Ad1f'Y50" Buyznerr Manager ' f,,f- 1 f"4""f f! ,I ' A 6 ff f.,, JZ 1 f 1 7 f 4 KI A ff f f ,-4 W .H i .4 ,f ps 5 f my ,f ' C if ff! ,, Mk fm! g . ' f 4 fff f f X v ' J 'VQIXQX fa '4 4 ii Q4 Wa, 1-. 9 if T-ff f ,af , 12 ' 1 5 ff! 'Ma f fig? A97 f ff W QL f fy 2 f f mf f -fy If fe ff ,y 5, I , '. 2 'Q f ' P H' M X VA A, I V J . ,, , f ,, K A ,.,.,,y..Q, -. 45, A ' Q, I f wfr . .M ,Q , .V4. , f 'M-. V I W' 5" BRENDA BASQM FRED DIMMICK VIRGINIA FRY Www Zo!! BONITA FURMAN JUDITH GRAHAM V KATHERINE HAMELEHLE RALPH HEIM PATRICIA HUMER FAYE KINTER CAROL KRAMER I ' A A AIRI 2 A L, IVZA , ,, A ' ,C f 'lifiii 44, 1 ' ,Zi f X , 5' BARBARA MORGAN VICKI PETRE KATHLEEN WISEGARVER V! 2 Z 'E 2 gfezefw Prefident GREGORY BERBERT Vife Prexident Secretary RICHARD BOYER EMILY CLARK ' Treafuref Hiftorian Advifor CARL STAMBAUGH KATHLEEN WISEGARVER RICHARD CREASEY COLORS MOTTO FLOWER Powder Blue Today's thoughts make Chrysanthemum NHVY Blue tomorrow's actions. 1 CHARLES ALBRIGHT BADDORF "Big BOY" ' General A swell guy friendly free handed and swell hearted . . . usually found at Baddorf's. Pet Peeve: School Ambition: Business Partner Favorite Saying: '57, I hope! Football 4g Intramurals 1, 2g Class Play 3, 45 Red Cross lg Varsity Club 4. BRENDA LEE BASOM Brenda" Bnfinerx Shorthand whiz looking forward to college . . . enjoys helping others . . . always has a smile. Pet Peeve: Homework Ambition: Elementary Teacher Favorite Saying: Clever, No? No? President Red Cross 43 Chorus 4g Red Cross 1, 2, 3, 4g Business Club 4. MARLENE MARGARET BENNER "Molly" General Sweet girl . . . likes school . . . usually seen with Eddie . . . Oh! that bookkeeping! Pet Peeve: Late buses Ambition: Beautician Favorite Sayingq I don't know. Intramurals 2g Class Play 4g GAA 33 Librarian 25 Yearbook 4. Greg" I Aradernif GREGORY MARLIN BERBERT Drives a Plymouth loves to dance . .. care- ful and serious worker . . . future architect. Pet Peeve: Women drivers Ambilion: Architect Pavorile Saying: "Holy Cow!" Class President 2, 3, 4g Chorus President 43 Football 4g Basketball 2g Baseball 3, 4, Intra- murals 2g Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4g Class Play 3, 4g Hi-Y 4g Varsity Club 4g Radio Club 3, 4g Photography Club 2, 3, Student Council 33 De- bating Club 2g Yearbook Staff 4, "Dick" BESSIE LORRAINE BOWERS Tall and quiet easy going fast like a turtle . . . independent and mischievous. Pet Peeve: Homework Ambition: Housewife Farforile Saying: Oh! For Pete Sake Librarian 2, 3, 4g Yearbook 4. l RICHARD IOSEPH BOYER General Easy going likes teasing Oh! that cer- tain redheadl . . . future farmer . .. dislikes silly talk. Pe! Peeae: Sweater girls Ambition: Farmer Favorite Saying: Shut Up! Class Vice President 1, 2, 45 Varsity Club Presi- dent 4g Baseball 1, 2, 4, Intramurals 1, 29 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4g Class Play 3, 45 Hi-Y 43 "BUSY" General , ff "QV WF!! Varsity Club 1, 2, 3, 4g Student Council 1, 2. DONALD WAYNE BRASHEAR "Little Waltefn Ggngygl Little but full of pep bashfull.. woman hater .. . lots of fun. Pet Peeve: Females Ambizion: Farmer Favorite Saying: You carry the bag. Intramurals 1, 2g Class Play 3. HELEN LOUISE BRETZ Helen" General Small but mighty noted for her giggle peppy cheerleader . . . carefree and gay. Pet Peeve: Long lockers Arnbizion: Bell Telephone Executive Favorite Saying: Definitely Intramurals 1, 2g Cheerleading 2, 3, 4g Tri- Hi-Y 4g Photography 23 Librarian 1, 2. LORETTA EILEEN CASEY "Loretta" General Newcomer to school neat dresser con- ventional and considerate. Pet Peeve: Getting up in the morning Ambition: Nurse V Favorite Saying: Hain't? Pat" General CAROLINE MARIAN CHRONISTER Caroline" Burinerr Quiet seriousness behind a smile refined and cultivated. Ambition: To do the Lord's will. Favorite Saying: Oh! No! Chorus 23 Intramurals 2. EMILY CLAIRE CLARK "Emily" Burinerr Better late than never enthusiasm with a smile blushes easily everybody's friend. ' Pez Peeve: "Cats" Arnbilion: Private Secretary Favorite Saying: You're crazy Class Secretary 2, 3, 4g Business Club Vice President 4g Tri-Hi-Y Vice President 4g Bas- ketball 1, 2, 3, 4g Intramurals 1, 2, Cheerlead- ing 1, 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, GAA 3, 4g Red Cross 1, 2, 3, Business Club 4g Librarian 2g Yearbook Staff 4. MARY PATRICIA COOPER A loyal Summerdalian . .. likes to draw sel- dom seen without Sonny . . . friendly. Pet Peeve: Work Ambition: Private Secretary Favorite Saying: Pip Pip Cheerio and that rot. Intramurals 2, Band 2, 3, 45 Chorus 4, Class Play 3g Business Club 4, Yearbook staff 4. H? -N.,--' GARNET MAE DECKMAN Germs General Always laughing or kidding a quick smile and peppy manner really rips up likes cars and boys. Pez Peeve: Bermuda Shorts Anzbition: Housewife Favorite Saying: How's your liver? Band front 2, 3, 4, Class Play 3, Business Club 43 Yearbook Staff 4. FRED WILSON DIMMICK Stretch" Amdemir Drexel bound found where there is food those sport shirts girls? serious at times . . . friendly. Pet Peezfez Frail girls Ambilion: Electronic Engineer H Class treasurer 2, Hi-Y Secretary 4, Debating Club 23 Hi-Y 3, 4, Class Play 33 Yearbook Staff 4. NILES CARLTON DREXLER "Skip" General Always a smile . . . usually found in hot "Chevy" . . . sharp dresser . . . Oh! those French assignments. Pet Peeve: Slow drivers Anzbizion: Electrical Engineer Fuzfofile Saying: Don't sweat it. V Varsity Club Vice President 4g Football 1, 2, 3, ,L Basketball 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 1, Band 1, 23 iff, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Play 35 Hi-Y 1, 2, 4, - Varsity Club 2, 3, 4, Red Cross 2, 39 Year- book Staff 4. Al" General ALBERT LEE EVINGER Better late than never . . , transfer from the fair metropolis of West Fairview . . . that hair . . . found where there's food . . . talented in English. Pe! Peeve: Mud flaps MALVINA ELIZABETH FAMOUS "Sis" General Enjoys writing letters . . . waits for that certain night . . . music lover . . . good dancer. Pet Peeve: "Tests,' Ambition: Bell Executive Favorite Jaying: You better believe it! Intramurals 1, 2g Chorus 1, 2, 5, 4, Librarian 1, 2, 4g Yearbook Staff 4, Debating Club 2. VIRGINIA ELLEN FRY Gin" Academic Willing worker . I . pleasant personality . . . star basketball guard . . . no brakes on that Buick. Pet Peeve: Stop Signs Arnbilionx Teacher Favorite Jaying: Who, me? Red Cross Officer 23 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 1, 23 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Class Plays ,M 3, 4g Red Cross 1, 2, 33 Photography Ig De- bating Club Zg Yearbook Editor 4. GARY ALLEN GATES Mates General Salesmanship whiz oh, that Plymouth Pet Peeoe Speed limits Ambition: Mechanic Favorite Saying: Huh! 'Arif -k..,M' I BONITA GAIL FURMAN Academic An attractive girl usually found in Harris- burg with Pat . . . Oh, that Algebra II, 61 Smart talking boys Favorite Saying: What's wrong? Ambition: Fashion Merchandizing Secretary Red Cross 4g Student Council 1g In- tramurals 1g Chorus 1, 23 Class Play 3, 4, Red Cross 2, 3, 41 Radio Club 2, 3, 4, Debating Club 2, Yearbook Staff 4. JUDITH ALTHEA GRAHAM udy Burinerr Musically inclined veteran sax and piano player college bound oh, that short- hand. Faaofite Saying: You said it Ambition: Librarian Pet Peeoe: Over-crowded classrooms Intramurals 1, 23 'Band 1, 2, 3, 4g Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Play 3g Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 33 Debating Club 23 Yearbook Staff 4. KATHERINE LOUISE HAMELEHLE Kitty" Arademir Friendly smile . .. noted for her scholastic abil- ity usually found at home loves horses . . . loyal color guard. Pet Peeve: People without school spirit Ambizion: Chemist Faiforile Saying: "I hate to tell you, but . . Tri-Hi-Y Chaplain 43 Intramurals 1, 23 Band front 43 Class Plays 3, 4g Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Yearbook Staff 43 Basketball 4. PEGGY ANN H ARE 4. .ii "ww RALPH ALLEN HEIM "Ralph" Academic Likes football a good debater excellent speaker . . . college bound. Pei Peeve: English class? Ambition: Doctor Faiforile Saying: "What did I do now?" Class Vice President 33 Hi-Y Vice President 33 Hi-Y President 43 Footbal'l 2, 3, 43 Base- ball 2, 3, 43 Intramurals 23 Class Plays 3, 43 Hi- Y 2, 3, 43 Varsity Club 23 Yearbook Staff 4. Seldom seen without Greg . . . cheerful smile . . . enjoys French class . . . future nurse. "Peg" Academic 1 Pez Peeve: People who are always late Ambition: Nurse Faiforile Saying: "Ye gads and little fishes !" Hockey 1, 2, 33 Intramurals 1, 23 Band front 43 'Chss Plays 3, 43 Tri-Hi-Y 43 Librarian 1, 23 Concessionaire 33 Literary 1, 23 Yearbook Staff 4 V - . 3 ' 23 ff Waaft 3 Pat" General BARBARA NANCY HILBISH uBafbH General Fascinating laughter buzzes about in her Studebaker fits in with the gang fancy strutter. Pez Peeve: Bermuda shorts Ambition: Marry that guy Fazrorize Saying: Don't know, do you? Intramurals 1, 2, Band Front 3, 4, Chorus 49 Class Play 3, 4g GAA 3, 4, Photography 1, 2g Business Club 3, 4, Yearbook Staff 4. PATRICIA SONIA HUMER Usually seen in Harrisburg smooth dancer . . . studious . . . good artist. Per Peeoe: Being kept from chewing gum Arrzbilion: Model Favorite Saying: "I could squeeze him in half." Business Club Secretary 4g Red Cross Vice Presi- dent 4, Intramurals 1, 2, Basketball 1, 2g Band 2, 3, 4g Red Cross 1, 2, 3, 4, Photography 13 Business Club 45 Yearbook 4. SANDRA LORRAINE HURST "Slug" General Ever vibrant adds humor to classroom sharp dresser . . . sports minded. Pet Peeoe: Tests Ambition: Physical Education Teacher Favorite Saying: "You better believe it." A Basketball 1, 2, 3, Intramurals 1, 2g Red Cross 4. "Joan" . Genera! DOROTHY EVELYNE JONES Dorff' General Drives a Studebaker usually seen with Ronnie always with a smile whiz at shorthand. Ambition: Veterinarian Pet Peezfe: Grouchy people Favorite Saying: "Well, I'll be" Chorus 1, 2, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Council lg Class Play 33 Business Club 43 Yearbook staff 4. GROVER LESTER KAUFFMAN "Red Man" General Secretly wishes to be a skin-diver . . . likes hunt- ing, swimming, and travel . . . hates arguments. Pet Peezfe: Hotrodders Ambition: Cattle rancher Favorite Saying: Great clay in the morning Football 4g Chorus 1. JOAN CAROL KAUFFMAN Full of fun loves spaghetti and singing detests people with a bad sense of humor. Pet Peeifex Smart boys Ambition: Show Business Favorite Saying: Oh, brother Intramurals 1, 2, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 GAA 3, 4g Yearbook staff 4. X' LARRY LEE KAUFFMAN "Laffy" General Friendly ready with a joke profound authority on automobiles future' mechanic. Pet Peeve: Women Drivers Ambition: Diesel mechanic Fmforile Saying: That's nice. Football 25 Intramurals 1, 23 Chorus 4. FAYE ARLENE KINTER "Faye" Burinen Small girl with a mind of her own diligent worker very seldom seen without joan. Favorile Saying: "Oh! my word!" Ambizion: Medical Secretary Pez Peeve: A poor sense of humor Class Play 3g Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, chorus 1, 2, A 3, 4, Business Club 43 Librarian 2, Conces- sionaires 2, 3g yearbook Staff 4. , 9 . CAROL LORRAINE KRAMER "Carol" Bufinerf Plenty of drive . .. conscientious .. . admired by classmates . . . an athletic asset. Favorite Saying: I'1l say! Pet Peeve: Hats Ambilion: Private Secretary Basketball 2, 3, 4g Intramurals 1, 23 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Red Cross 1, 2g Business Club 4, Yearbook Staff 4. Jake" General ADRIAN CLAIR KROH Tall and shy no time for girls serious has nice smile neat loves airplanes. V... Pet Peezfe: Certain cops Ambiziwz: Airplane Mechanic Fiworile Saying: Get a Ford Chorus 1. JOHN ANTHONY LEO "Giminy" General Big words stun him study hall expert baseball enthusiast . . . English is not his favorite subject. Pez Peezfe: School Ambition: Baseball professional 'Favorite Saying: Better late than never Intramurals 1, 2g Baseball 5, 43 Class Play 33 Varsity Club 3, 4. MT, v ,A .l .-X A ' 4 is RUTH ROSALYN MANBECK Fuff" General Pleasing personality teach . . . witty .. lots of fun in Shorthand class hot rod. Pet Peeve: Phony boys Ambition: Secretary Fnzforize Saying: Is that a fact? Intramurals 1, 2g Chorus lg Class Play 33 Tri- Hi-Y lg Business Club 4g Yearbook Staff 4 Concessionaire 1, 2, 3. T 1'jj"'fT'9 -.av LOUISE ANNA MONGAN Fairness and firmness mischief with a merry heart all around athlete . . . a whiz in math. Favorite Saying: "Quit that" Basketball 2, 3, 43 Intramurals 1, 2, Class Play 33 Yearbook- Staff 4. BARBARA ANN MORGAN Barb" General Merriment and mischief versatile athlete . .. sympathetic and sincere neatness of a pin, Pet Peezfe: Nylons with seams Ambition: Psychiatrist Favorite Saying: "My Word" Business Club President 4, Tri-Hi-Y President 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 1, 2, Cheer- leading 1, 2, 3, 4g Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Play 3, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Business Club 4, Student Council 1, 2, Yearbook Staff 4. ALLEN HENRY MUNDIS IR. Pet Peeve: People without pencils Hi-Y 13 Photography 1. Football 1, 2g Intramurals 1, 2, Class Play 3, uMl15n General Pet Peezfe: Uncooperative students Ambition: Secretary- General Loves hotrods . .. always ready with a joke .. . future Food Fair owner. Ambition: Food Fair Manager Favorite Saying: Got a pencil? ACK MURRAY PAULAS' l acku General Usually seen "hot-rodding around town . . . neat dresser . . . considerate . . . that deep bass voice. Pet Peere: Quiet Cars Ambizion: Auto test driver Favorite Saying: Ye gads and little fishes Basketball 1g Intramurals 23 Chorus 4g Red Cross 1. VICKI RAE PETRE "Vicki" Burinefr Conscientious worker . . . has many friends . . . neat dresser . . . vvitty. Pez Peeve: Insincere people Ambizion: Private Secretary Fuvarile Saying: How does that grab you? Basketball 1g Intramurals 1, 23 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4g Class Play 33 Business 4g Student Council 1, 2g Yearbook Staff 4. JAMES ARTHUR PRIAR "jim" General Small but mighty . . . seldom wears a tie . . happy go lucky . . . allergic to dancing. Pet Peeae: Braggarts Ambition: join the Navy Favorize Saying: I doubt it Football 2, 3, 4g Basketball 1, 2g Varsity Club 4g Class Play 33 Intramurals 1, 2g Yearbook 4g Class officer 1. pawns, WILMA JANE QUIGLEY "Wil'i General Sports enthusiast has great interest in op- posite sex always a good sense of humor . . . helpful and willing. Pet Peeve: Bermuda Shorts Ambition: Be a nurse Faiforile Saying: I'll take two dozen in the morning Intramurals 1, 2, Band front 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Play 3, Red Cross 1, 2, Busi- ness 4, Yearbook Staff 4. NORMA SUZANNE SHUEY Suzie" General Small girl with a big heart always willing to help shy crazy about Bermudas. ' Pet Peeve: Uncooperative people Favorite Saying: Slightly V Ambizion: Bell Telephone Executive Class Treasurer 1, Intramurals 1, 2, Chorus 4, Class Play 3, 4, Yearbook Staff 4. , V LARRY VINCENT SHUMAKER uVif1CC" General Dislikes tired Fords . . . always ready for a good time a member of the Mountaineer gang. Pez Peers: Tail fins on cars Ambition: Owner of custom shop Favorite Saying: For free-take all Chorus 4, ELAINE CURRIE SIMPSON Red" General A little on the quiet side . . . modest . . . red curly hair . . . usually found with that certain SUV- . Pet Peezfe: Two faced people Ambition: Successful wife Farorile Jayiizg: You better believe it. Intramurals 1, 23 Chorus 1, 2g Class Play 5. LOUIS HUGO SORG "Pete" G en eral Homework doesn't bother him-nor does he bother it . . . vocabulary hater . . . dependable . . . hates to get up in the morning . . . likeable. Pet Peezfe: Women drivers Ambition: Mechanic Favorite Jaying: You're alright, jitterbug. Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 1, 2gIntramurals 1, 23 Class Play 3, 43 Varsity Club 1, 2, 3, 4. RONALD CLARENCE SPONSLER 'Henny" G en eral Enjoys life as it comes . . . quick witted . . . fits in with the gang . . . never a dull moment . . . favorite class is study hall. Pet Peeve: Working Ambilion: Own a farm Favorite saying: Want a drag? Baseball 23 Band lg Intramurals 1, 2. CARL NEIL STAMBAUGH ucafln General Backbone of the football team personality plus quick with a smile sport shirt and wranglers . . . loyal to Adams Street. Pet Peezfe: School! Ambition: Trade School Favorite Saying: "Take a lap!" Class Treasurer 3, 4g Football 2, 3, 43 Intra- murals 1, 23 Class Play 3, 43 Varsity Club 43 Red Cross 1. ROBERT WALLACE TROUTMAN Bob" General Interested in girls . . . drives a Mercury . . . hearty laugh . . . future Navy manf. Pet Peeife: Women Drivers Ambition: Race Car Driver Favorite Saying: "What say, hon!" Varsity Club Treasurer 43 Football 2, 3, 43 In- tramurals 1, 23 Chorus 43 Varsity Club 2, 3, 4. MARILYN JEAN 'WEHLER "Marilyn" Bitrinexr Always there when needed witty whiz with a basketball . . . happy-go-lucky. Pet Peeife: A know-it-all Ambition: Medical Secretary. Fazforite Saying: "Dad Gum It!" Basketball 2, 3, 43 Intramurals 1, 2g Chorus 3, 43 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4g GAA 3, 43 Photography Club 13 Business Club 43 Yearbook Staff 4. KATHLEEN YVONNE WISEGARVER Kathy" Academia Unfaltering steps in the stairs of life an eager smile and friendly hand firecracker wit . . . popular and nice to know. Pet Peeve: People who don't cheer at games Ambition: Medical Technologist Favorite Saying: Is that all right? Class Historian 2, 3, 4g Tri-Hi-Y Officer 3, 4, Intramurals 1, 2, Band 2, 3, 4g Cheerleading 23 Chorus 2, 3, 43 Class Play 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Red Cross 2, 3, Yearbook Staff 4. RICHARD I-IARDING WOLFE "Dick" Academic Ardent Yankee fan .. . authority on Science . . . illegible handwriting demon on baseball. Pet Peene: Mantle going O for 5 Ambition: Engineer Favorite Saying: He has class Baseball 2, 3, 4. MELVIN LEROY ZARKER "Mel" General V Mighty mite . . . what? a driver? . . . always .clowning . . . looks forward to lunch. Pet Peeve: Girls Ambition: jet Pilot Favorite Saying: Nurts Football 3, Basketball 2, 33 Baseball 1, 2, 3g Chorus 1, 2, 33 Class Plays 3, 4. 1 9 Bef! Looking Bef! Peryonalizy ELAINE SIMPSON EMILY CLARK NILES DREXLER GREGORY BERBERT Beyl Danrerf BONITA FURMAN GREGORY BERBERT M011 Likely to Succeed KATHY WISEGARVER RALPH HEIM Mart Sludiouf KITTY HAMELEHLE RALPH HEIM 704021 Bm Dfw-'ed Bef: Azbleze MOU Admjmi PAT HUMER LOUISE MONGAN EMILY CLARK JACK PAULUS CARL STAMBAUGH CARL STAMBAUGH Biggeft Argzger PAT COOPER M011 ,Bdfbful Tfzlleft and Sborlefi CAROLINE CHRONISTER FAYE KINTER ADRIAN KROH FRED DIMMICK RALPH HEIM Belief Lnle than Never BRENDA BASOM JOHN LEO f N Clan Clown MARILYN WEHLER ALLEN MUNDIS M051 School Spiril Moy! Talented Mort Digrzifiea' HELEN BRETZ BARBARA MORGAN VICKI PETRE CARL STAMBAUGH RICHARD BOYER GROVER KLYAFFINIAN WI LMA QUIGLEY Charles Baddorf Brenda Basom Marlene Benner Gregory Berbert Betsy Bowers Richard Boyer Donald Brashear Helen Bretz Loretta Casey Caroline Chronister Emily Clark Patricia Cooper Garnet Deckman Fred Dimmick Niles Drexler Albert Evinger Malvina Famous Virginia Fry Bonita Furman Gary Gates Judith Graham Kitty Hamelehle Peggy Hare Ralph Heim Barbara Hilbish Patricia Humer Sandra Hurst Dorothy Jones Grover Kauffman Larry Kauffman Joan Kauffman Faye Kinter Carol Kramer Adrian Kroh John Leo Ruth Manbeck Louise Mongan Barbara Morgan Allen Mundis Jack Paulus Vicki Petre James Priar Wilma Quigley Norma Shuey Larry Shumaker Elaine Simpson Louis Sorg Ronald Sponsler Carl Stambaugh Robert Troutman Marilyn Wehler Kathy Wisegarver Richard Wolfe Melvin Zarker 704:15 We, the class of Nineteen Hundred and Fifty-seven, solemnly dedicate the following items: my 248 pounds my Dad's Mercury my gym suit problems of the Senior Class my "A" in citizenship silence in English Class my pillow smallness blonde streak my Bible driver's license diamond worn majorette boots ice skating ability?? my car ability to do English !? my gym shoes Algebra II problems love of dancing grumpiness my singing ability color guard uniform my little brother! football uniform my love of the band love of Elvis Presley red hair giggles my appreciation of Geometry Class my old text books my comedy debating ability love of basketball my shotgun ability to be late my sweaters basketball ability two strands of blonde hair good times as a Senior my Chevie letter writing shortness appreciation for the football team love of Bermuda shorts shyness my smiling disposition my hot rod Y? good marks? ? ? all the money?? from our dancing abilityf? all my fun in the G.A.A. my part in the Girls' Trio my spikes worn P.O.D. bOOk class treasury Larry Loper Wayne Yost Barbara Johnston William Walls Richard Shull Allen Minich Judith Kauffman Roberta Priest Sandra Myers Judith Beers Carol Ketrow Dorothy Gable Martha Tuckey Daisy Buck Paul Hare Evelyn Swartzell Pat Rhoades John Fry Russell Smith Elmer Blumenstein Ruth Sutton Donald Wilt Judith Lovell Joanne Harm Nancy Blaine Robert Weaver Donald Gipe Lana Weaver John Gates Samuel Long Ruth Heikel Grace Mentzer Jean Beam Rebecca Gerhart Lester Walters Shirley Comp Stevonna Kenes Leon Walters James Kauffman Barry Miller PY WHY John Fetterhoff Janet Stambaugh Sherry Gates Steve Bressler Blair Campbell Richard Kreiger Jack Wevodau Junior Class Treasury Wallace Troutman Beverly Hoffman Carol Walsh Kenneth Bressler John Barge Wckztofuy In the gay year of 1954, our young and spry class entered the halls of Senior High School, looking forward to many new adventures. At the first class meeting, led by our Class Advisor, Mr. Richard G. Creasey, we learned many things about being sophomores and elected the following officers: Gregory Berbert, President, Richard Boyer, Vice President, Emily Clark, Secretary, Fred Dimmick, Treasurer, and Kathy Wisegarver, Historian. Our first chance to succeed or fail was the Halloween Dance on October 30, 1954, which, luckily, was a success. The following month, our Class Advisor left for the Armed Forces. Mr. C. Frank Sauter graciously led us through our next year and a half, until Mr. Creasey returned. We held a dance on March 26, 1955, and also had a project of selling felt letters for on jackets and sweaters which lasted six weeks during April and May. Both were profitable. Our Roller Skating Party at the Lemoyne Rink on April 27, 1955, really rocked the treasury. We cleared about 30 cents. Our junior Year presented new problems and gave new hopes for success. Our junior Class Officers were as follows: Gregory Berbert, President, Ralph Heim, Vice President, Emily Clark, Secretary, and Carl Stambaugh, Treasurer. The biggest project of the year was the sale of light bulbs which lasted through part of our Senior Year. With the help of the entire class, the Junior Class Play, held on March seventh, eighth, and ninth, was a hit. Our junior-Senior Banquet was held on May 12, 1956, at the Holiday Motor Court. The speakers were Mrs. Esther Long and Coach john Gross. The following week, the junior- Senior Prom was held on Saturday night, the nineteenth of May, at the beautiful Hershey Hotel in Hershey, Pennsylvania. The music was presented by The Red McCarthy Orchestra. Our junior Year's activities ended on june 7, 1956, with the school picnic held at Fuller Lake, Pine Grove State Park. The following day was our last day as juniors. Three months later we again entered the halls of E. H. S. only this time a step higher-Seniors. Our Senior Class Officers were: Gregory Berbert, Presi- dent, Richard Boyer, Vice President, Emily Clark, Secretary, Carl Stambaugh, Treasurer. The first try at boosting the treasury was on September 21, 1956, when we held a,skating party at the Rainbow Roller Rink. This time the profit was considerably higher. At our first Senior Class meeting, we decided on the project of selling doughnuts. This was continued until late january. We also ordered our Class jackets and hats in the class colors. They were received on November 5, 1956, just in time for the chilly weather. The big Christmas project was selling ribbon candy. This project did not go over very well, but those who worked really had fun. The class spon- sored a dance on December 21, 1956, for the junior High and the following evening a dance for the Senior High. The Hi-Fi records were accepted quite readily, and everyone had an enjoyable time. Later, on February 2, 1957, the class held an annual Sadie Hawkins dance which was very popular with the irls. g As a whole, the class is looking forward, sometimes with sorrow, other times with gladness, to our Prom to be held May 10, 1957, at the Scottish Rite Temple in Harrisburg, to our last days and to graduation. As we receive our diplomas, some of us will be looking ahead to future college days, others to jobs or homes. No matter who we may be, anytime, anyplace, we will always remember with pride, "The best days of our livesf' Kathleen Wisgarver Class Historian " 4e704de7 " A Three Act Comedy Presented by The junior Class 1956 QW Qvle Qx5XQkQeXX QQYSOOWYOK ww- qwsgotcva Sp? bv? 9- S goo? QM? 946 S069 ie, YXQQI- . 65, W QQ Q0 Qxwlilgew evo efkglvye . Q03 2126 gd SOQ1 ' QOCXC - QCYJ K 90 od' in C5 QXOOXQWJ X09 Segfl 6300628461- QU X Q09 1- Ugjsgetl -9 QW 'troll 'vvtoeil w, . ws xiii X951 Xiiioeii' Did- 916 A60 SAQSOOQQXZQQE qi QQKYe'. KQV Q63 X 'QQ QY eases o , , . wp! Xe Wwe X t Qfgkif , ,7 " . . "': 4 s MR. SAUTER Direrzor Norma Shuey and Niles Drexler, who are visiting in their sweet- hearts' home. listen as mother Vicki Petre explains the childrens plot to make them jealous. Aunt Br1z'h411u Morgan. who is posing as the I1'IL1iLl. looks On. Al ' ' ' ' ' '-' - I f::+ara 4' -n f Q JM", M, 'f -mf 6? v f f f y Q IXWM fff 4 fa 7 W , i A rf l 4 4, ff 5 f , A f -a. a - . ..llg .5 r..l. l A ffl.. f, -, R 'VUM if sl? an , in HW.. Mrs. Wingert, Mr, Wingert, Mrs. Gross, Mr. Forgie, Rev. Yarnell, Ralph Heim, Gregory Berbert, james Hileman, Mr. Sauter, Mrs. Sauter, Mrs. Barnes. . . 2 May 12, 1956 Holiday Motor Hotel 09" -.4J A--rw ' Q W.. Eaa?mtbPl2 342 f an 'NH 01' L 1 M1535 16363 J Y Qmembif was ubi dw t2zirz9 4417 1 411 we Won Hem uivi ,ig g pw' 4- f Kerry LQOTG aaiamtimx Queen ,,,,,,.,,,3" Our QyQ5id3H .41 i,j,L.1aL,s.f-1 'fi , v ' .355 .lv .MLM a -mf wQy LJYI 3 c Z 2 3 5' ff f adm! SEPTEMBER 4-Finally-after three long months, the awaited day has arrived. 5-What's this? Everyone tired of school already?? 18-For 17 school days beginning today, our student body will be knocking on doors and asking cheerfully, "Would you care for a magazine?" 21-The first skating party of the school year was held at the Rainbow Rink, sponsored by the Seniors, and surprisingly enough-no broken bones! 24-No need to smile, girls, just breathe deeply for these pictures. Our annual T.B. X-rays were taken today. OCTOBER 4-5-How nice! Institute falls on a Thursday and Friday. 24-So many frowns today, it must be the first report period that did it. Right? 27-We now have a girls' institution. The boys went hunting. Did you get anything, GIN? 29-31-Hey! Which way are you boys going? Oh, we see, initiation for the Varsity Clubis new members who had to dress backwards. NOVEMBER 5-Yipee! The commotion is being caused by the Seniors who received their class jackets and hats today. 6-Well, 12-A, how did you like yourselves on TV? Different, huh? Thanks to WTPA Cand Mr. Barnesj for allowing you to visit the studio. 7-We have girl mechanics here now! Our "Ladies" section Q12-BJ went to visit the L. B. Smith Plant in Lemoyne. 12-How about that! Another day off so soon?? It must be Veterans' Day. 22-What a shame We lost our Thanksgiving game to Camp Hill 31-0. DECEMBER 3-Peace once more, girls. The boys went hunting again. What a relief! 6-Tell the bus to wait, Grover's missing. It's Mr. Barnes' P.O.D. classes on their way to Philadelphia for a day at the Federal Reserve Bank. Bon Voyage! 7-Oh, no! Here they come again. Report cards, we mean. 16-Is that music we hear? Of course, it's the annual Christmas Program presented by the choir at the Lutheran Church and directed by Mrs. Jane Smith. 17-More noise?! Oh, we get it, the juniors received their rings today. 21-At last, another long awaited day. No more school for two whole weeks. The Seniors sponsored a dance for the junior High tonight. 22-A Senior High dance sponsored by the Seniors with Hi-Fi records. Like it? JANUARY 2-It's back to school we go after a wonderful vacation. 7-Well, what do you know! Another day off-for the Farm Show. 12-All this warm weather doesn't help our ice skaters any, does it? 22-Basketball is now in full swing-we won this one-Enola 50, Highspire 38. 31-Only one person on the "AU-plus honor roll? What's the matter with you? FEBRUARY 1-Sadie Hawkins Day-the day all you girls grab your man for the dance tomorrow. 9-Crowned "Queen of Hearts" at this year's annual Red Cross dance was an out- standing Senior, Dorothy jones. 22-Thanks to George QWashington, that isj, we have another day off school. MARCH 15-Is your report card any better this time? Keep trying. APRIL 5--Alright, Pete, put that silverware back! It's the All-Sports Banquet at the Eire Hall in Summerdale. 1 I 6-Tonight the Seniors are crowning their yearbook "Springtime, Queen, Ethel Walters, and her attendant, Rose Grunden, at the April Showers Dance. 27-Here comes the Easter Bunny to the annual dance sponsored by the Juniors. 30-Yes, it's those report cards once more. MAY 4-May Day dance sponsored by the Seniors with Emily Clark reigning as Queen. 10-The big night! Junior-Senior Prom at the Scottish Rite Cathedral in Harrisburg. just wait, junior High, you'll get your chance! G g 17-Therels that music again. This time the Spring Concert held in the High School with the Band and Choir presenting the program. 26--Baccalaureate Services held tonight at the Lutheran Church, Enola. 28--We made it all the way. Commencement exercises held at the Lutheran Church. What's this we see? Tears? JUNE 7-Now, underclassmen, it's your turn. Last day of school. Did you pass? JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS First row: Mr. Adam Kanaskie, Martha Tuckey, Roberta Priest, Ruth Sutton, Beverly Hoffman, Joanne Harm, Evelyn Swartzell, Judith Lovell, Norma Schrieber. Second row: Judith Beers, Don- ald Gipe, Steve Bressler, Richard Kreiger, Paul Hare, Wayne Yost, Sandra Myers. Third row: John Gates, Kenneth Bressler, Donald Wilt, Leon Walters. 1 Pfefidefzf William Walls Vive Prefident Robert Weaver Secretary Carol Walsh Treafurer Leon Walters Hiftorian Judith Beers Advifor Mr. Kanaskie N -1' -aa, .-.or Uk 5 .J V W ,gr-T., 3 yvxbifsix bah , ,,,-9 .A --.4 , v -4 .5 fm-'-11: fr, , ,A x ' ' 'N j '. F , 'u , f- 1 . f., A I 4, ' , + T1 ' . ,Qfqxh ir' A. wi. Q 2,4 5 A 31. ,uf L , ful? It v 6' K ' vw: . - ' A r 2 , . - , r '. , 1 X Wg R Jef- 'f - .f,'5.' 1 'g.,A 'll e 'Q CN. 1--sus., . " 1 4 ' '5-I, 114 V , ul, XL f -:gil 'IL off x o o 4 .535 'P Q "- lhofazo'--' x 3 , f X 1 I P. it .n '2 u 2 9 I l, '44 'A- Mfrirsf gg .' 'T Triifat 25? .ag T L pf A A, af wh '-if . ,,mG 1 , ""' , Iv , ef f , Y f, far, My of -C. as V 3K, 4 , ,, V, ,QM Q f My fa, 3.9 ,K he W A Y V 5.1M-4 , , Int, 2' --.1 Y-Bidi if s is bfi, ,ff 'Q 4 VAV' .l First row: Lana Weaver, Nancy Hazzard, Daisy Buck, Pauline Wild, Shirley Comp, jean Beam, Carol Ketrow, Judy Kauffman, Dorothy Gabel, Mrs. Graham. Second row: Nancy Blaine, Martha Adams, Carol Walsh, janet Stambaugh, Sherry Gates, Lois Chronister, Stevie Kenes, Grace Ment- zer, Barbara Johnston. Third row: Allen Koch, john Barge, james Kauffman, Russell Smith, Allen Minich. First row: David Comp, Marlene Wrightstone, Frank Peffer, Anna Mae Turner, Betty Handz, Ruth I-Ieikel, Mrs. Wenrich. Second row: Barry Storm, Thomas Casey, Wallace Troutman, Lynn Thomp- son, Jay Way, Richard Shull. Third row: Charles Bolton, Gerald Kauffman, Robert Weaver, Lester Walters, Robert Scott, Edward McPherson, Larry Loper. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS First row: Carol Shoenfelt, Sarah Wolfold, Dorothy Peffer, jean Fultz, Delores Bowers, Elsie Hale, Adair Wagner, Warren Deveney, Lee Zeigler, Lester Witmer, Ronald Martin. Second row: Harriet Platt, Ethel Walters, Sally Wolf, Emilie Pontius, Judy Erb, Judy Duvall, William Weiden- hof, David Southern, Edward Staley, Barry Krout. Third row: Mrs. Gotwalt, George Brummett, Larry Albert, Dennis Liddick, Edward Weiss, Thomas Sebolt, Ralph Mundis, Wayne Hartzell. Fourth row: Sam Singer, James Appleby, Bill Morgan, Steve McBride, Marshall Messimer, Ralph Sheetz, Donald Gibson. Prefidefzl Emory Mundis Vire Preiidefzf Ralph Sheetz Sef1'e!m'y Ethel Walters Treafzzfer Steve McBride H irlorifm Rose Metz Advitor Mrs. Gotwalt ' , r Ili' 'T2.x .mI3uL mx.' -tiri.v1 .. 1... 1 1 First row: Miss Skelly, Rose Metz, Beverly Benner, Connie Stoner, Shirley Jacobs, Margaret Flick- inger, Glenda Sultzaberger, Patricia Gardner, Anna Fegley, Mary Sampson. Second row: Joan Fortney, Elaine Cohick, Donna Drexler, Bessie Adams, Michelle Lee, Carolyn Whitaker, Linda Potteiger, Florence Potteiger. Third row: Emory Mundis, Edward McLoughlin, Edward Sebolt, 7enf4 First row: Mr. Durand, Nancy Miller, Lona Jolly, Betty Ellmalcer, Judy Scott, Pauline Sampson. Second row: Kenneth Nichols, Pat Rhods, Winnie Riland, Sandra Wilbert, Loretta Kisler, Sandra Quigley, Sandra Dean. Third row: George Brewbaker, Kenneth Estright, Charles Hale, Robert Nichols, Tolbert Guistwhite, Joe Jefferies. Fourth row: David Gingrich, Lester Hilbish, William Brougher, Allen Wetzler, Freddy Oppel. Donald Morgan. 9001 f"f,"+ ff y fy TJ 'W MW' ,1 YQ an .-SH' 1 fi ,M -va 1 ? S X' Q pn, hwmbx.. H ,an-"" N 1 . E.,,... ,.-. 2 , Y-. -V-1 Q-as f U . np... . np- , 1.--n r -.-"'2"- 'fi ' , -.-1 . g llllll mm l Q?-v-J-iqnsx efwkq' First row: jack Billet, Sandra Colson, Irene Wilkinson, Shirley Romberger, Sandra Heilner, Bev- erly Jacobs, Marlene Dean, Diana Dibert, Linda Beam, Donald Brant. Second row: Peggy Sloop, Gayle Beane, Nancy Carrol, Vivian Lebo, Patricia Hoy, Karen Musser, Donna Brown, janet jones, Betty Troutman, Donna Shenk, Mar Lee Barret, Carole Wagner. Third row: Richard Pifer, Richard Beers, Walter Kramer, Dennis Seiler, james Bowers, George Cairns, Thomas Whalen, jack Buck. Q Z : First row: Brenda Benner, Donna Brown, Gloria Erb, Cheri Gates, Andrea Keckler, Gloria Good- man, janet Potteiger, Donna Brewbaker, Susanne Zeigler, Edgar McBride. Second row: Frank Sauter, Charles Siders, Donna Miller, Marcy Kroh, Linda Foster, Donna Gohn, Grace Schreiber, Shirley Auxt, Brenda Kauffman, Patricia Harshbarger, john Rhoades. Third row: Charles Ream, Kenneth Rogers, Wade Hartzell, Ronald Loper, Larry Ross, Robert Welker, Robert Redfern, George Hock, Jeffery Smith, Richard Diffenderfer. '1" '- "P-"sn .r'f"f:2s::'r ,f"1"'WW a:aNmwf.,f' au!:"'..f f- ' Q, . . . -9, , K ' M n Esterline Margie Brewbaker Susan Krecker reggy Ger- First row: Virgie Chronister, aryan , , , hart, Shirley Seiders, Nancy Bechtel, Mary Hamaker, Betty Heck, Samuel Shoemaker, Michael Gingrich. Second row: Marilyn Wertz, Elizabeth Walls, Nancy Gates, Margie Miller, Barbara Straining, Allean Hale, Peggy Hammaker, Cathrine Hinkle, Edward Thomas, Samuel Stone, George Erford. Third row: Merlin Reed, Richard Gipe, William Fry, James Fealtman, Richard ' ' d' k. Fisher, Elwood Bowman, Richard Strohecker, Brandt Bell, Earl Radle, Donald Lid ic First row: Joseph Judy, Kenneth Cook, Robert May, Nioma Dively, Pamela G111, num woou, Jeanette Winn, Bonnie Erb, Joyce Miller, Jerome Gutshall, Boyd Rudy, Floyd Dively. Second row: Patricia Smith, Joann Rittle, Virginia Timothy, Patricia Rogers, Marian Stone, Jane Kauff- man, Susan Koch, Bonnie Potter, Virginia Berstine, Ethel Holtry. Third row: Mr. Freet, Kenneth Kerlin, Wayne Hoffman, Samuel Ditmer, Michael Handley, Donald Edminston, James Kepner, Paul Sampson, Darryl Kroh, Donald Plantz. I F' t 1 Norman Manbeck, Edward Cassell, Anna Mae Bankes, Mary McPherson, Faith Camp rrs row bell, Shirley Estright, Thomas Comp, Robert Fegley. Second row: Mr. Walters, Patrick Marsh Dnmlfl Page, Paul Pickel, Earl Yocum, Harvey Rhinehart, Richard Alexander, Colin Bender. im l i mW ' -fl f-vlf : 'lgmiggnam , First row: Mrs. Shumberger, Felicia Gaskin, Patricia Bixler, Mary Lou File, Sandra Metz, Donna Hepforcl, Judith Mohn, Joanne Dietz, Gail Purdue, Lindsay DePew. Second row: Carol Kuntzle- man, Peggy Adams, Mary Rydesky, Barbara Myers, Beverly Langenberg, Jean Bodenheimer, Gloria Blumenstein, James Leonard. Third row: William Radle, Joseph Stoner, Allen Neifert, David Karstetter, Everett Arnold, David Liddick, William LaRue, Jack Rothaar, Harvey Smith, Arthur Still, Thomas Thurston. 69414 First row: Earl Heilner, Shirley Miller, Judy Scott, Rose Grundon, Jean Ross, Pat Nichols, Susan Gussler, Russel Ritenbach. Second row: Mary March, Brenda Wisegarver, Kay Orris, Carole Opple, Juanieta Stravuser, Joyce Siders, Carole Potteiger, Bonnie Olley, Mr. Letterman, Third row: Park Barrier, Daniel Hazzard, Micheal Seiler, Robert Gouse, William Hefty, Larry Myers, Ronald Riland, Carl Hutchison. Fourth row: Micheal Frymyer, Jack Trout, Robert Santo, Earl Hostetler, Frederick Walters, Paul Motter, Richard Witherow. lwgf -1-1 , tr ,I , ,?2 li lf i 1 i ix' 5 'fl le? few X Q a, in First row: Kathryn Wrenn, Joyce Swartzell, Nancy Gouse, Mary 'I-Iammaker, Nancy Shenk, Kay Myers Nedra Conklin Robert Cassell Chester Yeager, Second row: William Conklin, Gary Comp, Susan Rudy, Carol Strausser, Alice Shnmaker, Rhoda Banks, Nancy Hammaker, Ken Miller, Charles Easton, john Seiger. Third row: Donald Estright, John Knaby, joshua Sigman, Kenneth Deibler, Edgar Branyan, Paul Rider, Robert Paul, Andy Knouse, Eric Ready, Harold Hostler. First row' Virginia Smith, Shirley Hazzard, Judith Litzenberger, Peggy Lupold, Nancy Quigley, Sh ll Thomas Mor an, Shirley Kauffman, Shirley Messimer. Second row: Randal Leiley, Palmer e y, g Robert Manning, Ronald Benner, Edward Bushey, Larry Shumaker. Third row: Mr. Wright, John Morrow, Harold Bolton, William Bowles, Edward Black, Donald Yohe, james Heikel. 'i - ---mcmfa - Yi, , 1i i l fly.- ,, , A ,A ll af? 'V ' l fir s..J g P f fzeazfrws K 'W f, ,- , Q . , . 'ff 1 ' , ':- . ' "1 .rf 'Q f 1 if Mfg, It 41,1 A A l, I if ",,il,4f5,'- 'mffy ' 5' N'-f ., raft 5 w' First row: Mrs. Malone, Rebecca Hanawalt, Cheryl Lynes, Connie Egan, Judy Timothy, Diane Hoy, Pat Keim, Donna Hoy, Diame Gingrich, Nina Goudy. Second row: Donna Mentzer, Karl Mundis, Oscar Shoemaker, john Clelan, Darrel Olewine, Norman Shuey, Tom Stegar, Steve Ream, Christine Snell. Third row: Donald Hostetler, Ronald Hodge, Larry McDonnell, Charles Flurie, Robert Sigler, Dick Morrett, Barry Graham, Steve Rydesky. First row: Mrs. Skramstad, Linda Krecker, Sharon Radle, Suzanne Carmony, Barbara Conner, Susan Adams, Sharon Hartzel, Paula Gamber, Clizabeth File, Gayle Kroh, Thomas Gingrich.' Second row: Linda Cooper, Margaret Weiss, Linda Adams, Donna Hudson, Christine Krom, Sharon Bowers, Brenda Hurst, Susann Helfrich, Robert Coleman. Third row: Donald Wolfley, Michael Schulkins, John Nusbaum, Thomas Coleman, Peter Lee, Galen Brewbaker, Howard Moore, Dell Gouse, john La Rue, Thomas Boughter. b ,,. .". 1 ' ' ' ' Y 'Q .- .Mavis v . nm yr.-as as-1'-xv., A '. -S m yy, ,.-Y. A.-,v-,--. - 1 I J 1 I s I I a F 9 A 4 l 0 'I First row: Renee Shoenfelt, Sharon Seiger, Wanda Stambaugh, Helen Lex, Vicky Scott, Susan Wisegarver, Joann Ross, Carole Ebersole, janet Klippel, Diana Kemberling, Mrs. J. M. Smith. Second row: James Morrow, Eugene Filson, Donald Neidig, Clayton Miller, Terry Storm, Paul Ross, Robert Winters, john Shoenfelt, Earl Frey. Third row: David Noaker, Richard Pickel, Clarence Stephenson, Richard Liddick, Kermit Warner, Ross Blosser. First row: Chester Eppley, David Tuckey, Linda Dively, Virginia Kauffman, Joyce Zarker, Carol Shelley, Catherine Goodman, Chester Cohick, Frank Chronister, Mrs. Fetrow. Second row: Charles Miller, Charles Benner, Robert Burleson, Donald Singer, Robert Wrenn, Ronald Bell, Larry Wood, John Kauffman, John Crouse, David Long. Third row: Robert Fisher, Charles Bankes, Earl Bankes, Richard Brubaker, Paul Foster, Leroy Luther, Clair Bowersox, Donald Zarker. V ' tai Pb' -B url qi 1 "-'J 1 fl,'.'4-,ae:Mx"vmx1'.a4:i4aL:f V, J, My ,, ,M ,1,1,,2M ,,., , nw, ' ' 11440, ff ' 'WW 9? ff f 1 0 5, P, 4 4 W'ifv?f! ?1 Kneeling: Linda Potteiger, Peggy Hare, Joan Fortney, Patricia Rhoads, Wilma Quigley, Glenda Sultzaberger, Barbara Hilbish, Garnet Deckman, Winnie Riland, Florence Potteier, Kitty Hamelehle, First row: Helen Bretz, Barry Graham, Everett Arnold, Gary Rowe, James Leonard, Thomas Steger, Harold Harshberger, Steven Ream, Charles Ream, Wallace Troutman, Chester Cohick, Carol Ketrow, Mrs. Smith. Second row: Sandra Myers, Donald Brandt, Larry Welker, Warren Deveney, Dennis Seiler, Stevonna Kenes, Dorothy Gabel, Anna Mae Fegley, Judy Duvall, Pat Rogers, Fred Hostetler, Emily Clark. Third row: Judy Erb, Elaine Cohick, Dotty Jones, Janet Jones, Carol Kuntzelman, Joanne Harm, Judy Graham, Barbara Johnston, Kathy Wisegarver, Lynn Thomp- son, Joanne Foster. Fourth row: Barbara Morgan, Pat Humer, Pat Cooper, Emilie Pontius, Roberta Priest, James Fealtman, Nancy Blaine, Beverly Hoffman, Edgar Branyan, Andy Knouse, Judy Lovell. Zami ' W4-7336i Glenda Sultzaberger, Joan Fortney, Garnet Declfman, PEGGY GERHART Winnie Riland, Patricia Rhoads. . r . If 4 1 - . . 5 Ar-:wg ..-'- 'ff' 'Q ff 1 . -- f. w 1 ' f . . . tml-.. 1 nf, ,vf,ff.. .,:i, ici? P, 'f,:'V, .. f,, 'ff jf.: .1 ZA , f,-eg-13 ' gs . , K , V. wi -,y 4,f.f-V ',,r" V I-,xmi 1. mfr , . uw., a.grf,ri-, .Q V- -vfw, I, A 11' ,.",,f-1 ' NLJ 1, mg - f gf ", gf vflfg, -. I .. . . ..., -, 5 -. ,M if 1 P-.f wtf, q - . 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A N . ..., , ., ..f 7+ , Y x. , ,W , X, ,t,,,g..q W1 wif... , .. , V QM mf f-cj: 1 .19-Q' t' - Hair- 6 fl, ,933 - 75 1-sr-if 'W 16: QYN Z1-f1'.g.'--W r -H . 643.1 2?-LQ N "fl-liffli' , ' li? J g C A ,.,, V V . ,I V , bf J 'fy' - 'w g' , ,. ,,f,,,. J, , ' x K , , .Nr , ,,, f ',-' Q NW ' P ' ' - li 4 7 eXif.si-1'2'L fifglfil i V J i - . Q f 5, , J. P " r . at , ' K. xx J . ,gg If Q it .ly .V 55,4 k s - ...ki .. p fi . adv!! r 17,5 V H93 , 1215,-tial: , ,4?25'f9X,vf5,'jr,-gfygf ww ls,,,':.ia,,,5T+'qg,ggfi,qt ,Qt5g,,,.ijf Tr '. 'egs:55mfov?-t , t -,ge.gf,q1,5.e,,.,r.,r,GfbQ -N V ,te rs wh-le ' N ' 1. ' wk' T'f"'o -' ' 'J '55 'F V - .7 wx-mls l2Lu5ii:12f'94i1i'?0'i5fKl ' ' XIX Lf'l'M' .- I " swmzffmmf E Peggy Hare, Linda Potteiger, Kitty Hamelehle, Florence Potteiger. 1 I 'Wand Widpzede mm 7701 WILMA QUIGLEY BARBARA HILBISH X x I nmmm f ' ' ' " .xnxx I 1 First row: Faye Kinter, Judy Duvall, Dotty Gabel, Sandra Myers, Judy Graham, Kathy Wisegarver, Wallace Troutman, Robert Troutman, Warren Deveney, Barbara Morgan, Dorothy Jones, Joanne Harm, Bessie Adams, Daisy Buck, Norma Shuey, Pat Gardner, Mrs. Smith. Second row: Carolyn Whitaker, Joanne Foster, Elsie Hale, Dorothy Peffer, Jean Fultz, David Southern, Jack Paulus, Richard Kreiger, Kenneth Bressler, Emilie Pontius, Carol Kramer, Vicki Petre, Marilyn Wehler, Joan Kauffman, Nancy Blaine, Barbara Johnston. Third row: Barbara Hilbish, Linda Potteiger, Roberta Priest, Malvina Famous, Virginia Fry, Larry Kauffman, Niles Drexler, Paul Hare, Larry Loper, Dolores Bowers, Brenda Basom, Pat Cooper, Donna Drexler, Ruth Sutton. Fourth row: Beverly Hoffman, Wilma Quigley, Etta Olewine, Ruth I-Ieikel, Richard Boyer, Larry Shumaker, Emory Mundis, Gregory Berbert, Donald Gibson, Stephen McBride, Donald Wilt, William Walls. 7040 leave First row: Barbara Hilbish, Joanne Foster, Kaye Kinter, Norma Shuey, Dorothy Jones, Barbara Morgan. Second row: Judy Graham, Kathy Wisegarver, Malvina Famous, Marilyn Wehler, Joan Kauffman, Robert Troutman. Third row: Wilma Quigley, Pat Cooper, Brenda Basom, Carol Kramer, Vicki Petre, Virginia Fry. Fourth row: Richard Boyer, Larry Shumaker, Niles Drexler, Jack Paulus, Larry Kauffman, Gregory Berbert. 1 l Qi 1 l . f f 'f :1 r-r is ffl First row: Pat Nichols, Marilyn Wertz, Sandy Metz, Judy Timothy, Felicia Gaskin, Connie Egan, Sandria Dean, Pat Gardner, John LaRue. Second row: Judy Litzenberger, Virginia Timothy, Sandy Hurst, Elsie Hale, Loretta Simpson, Carolyn Whitaker, James Heikel, Lee Zeigler, Jack Paulus. Third row: Barbara Johnston, Judy Lovell, Stevie Kenes, Sally Wolf, Bonnie Furman, Pat I-lumer, Bessie Adams, Joanne Harm, Brenda Basom. Zed 0 Standing: Faye Kinter, Vicki Petre, Emily Clark, Patricia Cooper, Judy Graham, Barbara Hilbish, Garnet Deckman, Wilma Quigley, Dotty Jones, Caroline Chronister, Ruth Manbeck. Sitting: Bar- bara Morgan, Brenda Basom, Mrs. Wenrich, Marilyn Wehler, Carol Kramer. 5159. u X NT First row: Mr. Durand, Paul Hare, Donal Morgan, Lee Zeigler, Ralph Mundis, Barry Krout Morgan, Greg Berbert. Third row: Donald Gibson, Emory Mundis, Edward Staley, Tom Sebolt Wayne Yost, Tolbert Guistwhite, Charles Hale. Fourth row: Richard Boyer, Lester Hilbish, Fred Dimmick, Ralph Heim, Marshall Messimer, Ralph Sheetz, Steve McBride l David Southern. Second row: Donald Wilt, Allen Minich, Steve Bressler, Dennis Liddick, Bill 6- 71 ' Seated: Janet Stambaugh, Malvina Famous, Betsy Bowers, Grace Mentzer, Nancy Blaine. Standing: Judy Kauffman, Carol Walsh, Nancy Hazzard. ,5 ,ly 'Y 17. f fa. J .- 'I-ew-1+ L -Tvzfvrgv rs-'JR ,- ', ,V :-.wg-P? .wdtbg , iff. 3-u,2I:7 gh-, ,vf"ft-A AY Q I M , sg, r 7 V' - . if 'cg QM, . -3. K , leg w 1,12 nj: V ,, .Af'.5 x'.Pei3:-:f u 55, , Q 2, ,:,!,.. .5 'g 1' x 34 .x Q' iw A..-, A Q' ...M 5,-2, ., , ,14, ,af ' 2 ' 4, 1 'I x ' x-hi W ' iii, ,M ,mf 1. ,I ,M 1 Q 1 Ulf, Q- . :wi , 5 -2 I ,, , if Van.. L D LJ Q, Aw' ,iv V' - 7. . in 8 ,Q h wb? ki , .i .Q A'54ff'fw., I . , ' ' 315 '1 ff, . 9 . 5-'V' 4 Q' V: VJ' 'Qw 'v 3'4" 3. " U-1 ' 4.1 A fy' 15 1 aff '-,' " 5' ' ,,-,rf 3Z3?"ff'..ff1g,. isa 5' -1'-j""'. ' 7.'L..v,--- :sul Y 5 1 g Jf i5' ,iff- ' a ,Y , a - -" Wink x 1 ' 1,151 5 ' U 1, , 6 , ' Q W 323 fjgx. , . , -- ., 1 2 ' 7 ,P f A Tl mjf' - K wwf 5 ii K 3? xx- .X , ii, Q ,gf ,,-. H 1 V .M 3 ,,,?.f,,zQ-f ,lk,,,,,,,.w1M-Q-r"""Q" .-samNU"""""F ma'-WW'W""' new f if 32,5 ",1EQE, mrs' K li 5 1 9 1 A, A N MZ, I -Q Z f 1 Y 5 , 1 3 C 1 ,fvi H A V A :bf . ? , , 1 5 gp , 1 ,g 5 1 . ,, , gf, f f ' 5 . , 9 1 S 1 , , x E i f 4 Q 1 5 5 L i 3 fi ffl 'Tig Q I . 4.1 U, , , , A 1 ' , 5 A , ,X 1 V 1 Q 1 2 7 W . 4 2 , if W Mg , , , , AxA ,, 1 g , , , 'ff H1 X ' pf ,SCS , g' , , 1 1 Q -. .E 'z ' 1, "Skill 5 , if A A 4 5 I .. , I ,. , ,A I if 1 Q Q , f , ' , f 1 3 2 a, ' . f Y ' ""'-M 1 L .fu 1 x Y F -., kwh. A ,A v in X RA., I f-12' 1 V V. I , ! U 4 Q t .,..'7:r X .x ' IA . I J . I 5 fi , ,, . ' TN 1 - , 211 .2 fi ' , gm x 1- ek T g X " - fn ' will f V 2 f ' ul 1'1 A Seated: Nancy Blaine, Emily Clark, Barbara Hilbish, Barbara Morgan, joan Kauffman, Marilyn Wehler. Standing: Carol Walsh, janet Stambaugh, Barbara Johnston, Nancy Hazzard, Beverly Hoff- man, Daisy Buck, Judy Kauffman, Martha Adams, Roberta Priest. ' I O I 0 First row: Carl Stambaugh, Richard Krieger, Paul Hare, Larry Loper, Louis Sorg, Richard Boyer Second row: james Priar, David Ginrich, John Leo, Lester Walters, Leon Walters, jay Way Robert Troutman. Third row: Mr. Gross, Emory Mundis, Charles Hale, Donald Wilt, Ralph Heim Gregory Berbert. ef asia, r mse1.1v lniv f'mWgwslm4zwn,.'fMf N fa 2 r yiyr r Q i f, f f . , O Dorothy jones, Kathleen Wisegawer, Barbara Morgan, Wilma Quigley Carol Kramer, Emily Clark, Peggy Hare Queen Helen Bretz, Loretta Casey H660 0660 EMILY CLARK DOROTHY JONES , Off, 4 Xitlx' ,Q P , o ,f,u. A i 6. vdnm, iv N' my. V7 ' .n. . -Q HM an Q I f , . f ,, 4- af ' 1 a , 9 ,f 1 V . 7? ....,?..,- s,...,...... - ' n 1 ' ' J-j','Q 144. rf ,,L,,',?1.,, f V6 ,f ' I mf ' Y fff . , ' Eff, 4xl'Z, I f, gf , ' 4 j. f fr' Q f wx Q :QQ Je, f W1 WHY mmol 'LEASE I - M 1- f 'Pi 5-259 Vf? 1 'H 44- mr ' in E 1 1 -saw if ff Q. 1 L5 511. Y IX. ' ' L ,' I 5 if 'L-L-, 1 fi'f'fv+ AQ" ff-"'??' 1 ? 2 i f' -if N 7 f f ' wwfffw,,,, , , , , WA nf K y fr., V ,,,, C xx ,fww ,' ,:174"f ,W W, Q , 'Wh fin, Ky!!! f WAW .U ,, 13571: -, yfw. ix in lk? 5,35 .44 sg Y Inv If A' iv 14 in-HVPYP IQ? S423 Mhf-f., lZ9ff5'4.v Qriii f m fg ' , V ,D ' '-W4fMZ,!' 'ff "' ,Z 745' ,, ' " -f I-Q -rfdyhffix f , xg' fyfiwl fy ,V ,Z gp ,f , -ffff,Nff,f1,f!,fVJ,'f2g,g,13,, First row: Carl Starnbaugh, Ralph Heim, Gregory Berbert, Louis Sorg, Charles Baddorf, Blair Campbell, Robert Troutman, james Priar. Second row: Paul Hare, Thomas Sebolt, Victor McBride, William Morgan, George Brewbaker, Charles Hale, Richard Kreiger, Tolbert Guistwhite, Edward Weiss, Donald Morgan, Emory Mundis. Third row: Mr. Gross, William Walls, Donald Wilt, Leon Walters jay Way, Lester Walters, Larry Loper, David Gingrich, Kenneth Bressler, Mr. Miller. WW? The 1956 football team, inexperienced and handicapped by many injuries, really worked hard in coming close to winning their games. Although they won only one game While suffering nine defeats, every member of the team played to the best of his ability and learned teamwork and sportsmanship. Best of luck to the Seniors who played their last game for Enola High and to the boys who will be playing on next year's Panther team. MR. MILLER, MR. GROSS, MR. LEVERENTZ n .,-, :.,.',,-W A-.ul 1956 FOOTBALL SEASON Enola ................ 12 Highspire ,,,.,,,,,,,, Enola O Boiling Springs H EI1Ol2. O Lykegs ----A----'v-- Enola ...... O Hummelstown .,., EDCI? ...... 20 Newport ,,,,,.,-.,,. Enola 6 Scotland ,,,,,,,,,,, Enola 0 New Cumberland Enola O Susquenita ,.,,,,, Enola 7 West Shore Enola 0 Camp Hill CHARLES BADDORF GREGORY BERBERT Tackle End JAMES PRIAR LOUIS SORG ROBERT TRQUTMAN Halfback Guard Guard x 915 l !1g,x 1:7-.' , 'M - ,,, 1 , R 5 C0-Captains 1234522 in CARL STAMBAUGH RALPH HUM Halfback Center First row: Charles Ream, Robert Fegley, Tom Casey, Thomas Comp, Charles Siders, Warren Deveney, Wayne Hoffman, Lee Ziegler, Wade I-Iartzell. Second row: Wayne Hartzell, james Kepner, Dennis Liddick, Edward Staley, Dennis Seiler, Mike Hanley, Don Edmiston, Larry Welker. Third row: William Fry, Walter Kramer, Samuel Singer, john Rhodes, Ralph Mundis, Edward Thomas, Richard Gipe, Donald Page,'Mr. Walters. X mam 7444477 74465416 In the scoring column the Panther Cubs had a very unsuccessful season but the knowledge of the sport and the experience gained by each boy was invaluable. We wish the team better luck in the years ahead. MR. WALTERS Enola ...... ....... Enola ...... ..,.... Enola ...... ....... Enola ................ Enola ...... ....... Enola ................ 1956 SCORES Boiling Springs West. Shore ..... Camp Hill ..... Northern joint Susquenita ......... New Cumberland q4',,-.QL-74' . ' - v . sv lf' 43 i, xx A ,, 7 H ', 'ff wf M f . ff XC " 'W ' 4 ' ,Mb va' 7 NYY W ff' 1 4 , ,yy ,,VV I f ,I X Yi 19-M+e'N'1t uf V, f, f f U ffff? f2"4'?2'fff1 ,fv'v" :"7'w, f 1 1 1 M1551 C1y'Qgx,f17- nie' , G 5,1021 ,7 'Q' 'e'v:fffl'lY 84,71 4121, 'ig gn: ,, V, , L, ycfwizgffwffl 'ff-4 If me A 4, -J. gf ,Q "f T-11 ,Ql f. ,V 2 Z 55, , . V nu ., 'uw ,bv W .2 if J I ,,,f 1 ' " ff! ""' f ' , g qs 'MQ' v I Av Q . 'dt Hg h 7 f an Q ,Q -f ,, Q ' 1 I Er y , V, a Jgflff f , , f' 2224" lik f fy gy: 547,52 'vf'f4WMzZ af N J.. zieggggg ,, pf .ff , W , f 4 wwf 544:41 Enola Enola Enola Enola Enola Enola Standing: Judy Duvall, Daisy Buck, Ethel Walters, Nancy Blaine, Martha Adams, Roberta Priest, Emilie Pontius, Sally Wolf, Judy Erb, Judy Kauffman, Nancy Hazzard. Kneeling: Rose Metz, Barbara Johnston, Anna Mae Fegley, Carol Ketrow. Q! mm This year's team won two games while suffering four defeats. Under the leadership of their coach, Miss Dorothy Peele, the girls played long, hard, and proved themselves great sports. All of the girls will return next year, thereby paving the way to a Champion- ship Team. Best of luck to all the girls. MISS PEELE 1956 HOCKEY SEASON Q2 Cumberland Valley ...... 1 1 Susquehanna ......... .... 2 0 Camp Hillm ...... ..,. 2 O Mechanicsburg .,..... .... 2 1 Northern Jointi 2 1 Central Dauphin .......... O 1 xv f sw. .,.X.,-..x X . Rage if tt - t Kneeling, front: Carol Kramer, Louise Mongan. Kneeling: Judy Erb, Roberta Priest, Ethel Walters, Carol Walsh, Martha Adams, Emilie Pontius, Virginia Fry, Marilyn Wehler, Kitty Hamelehle, Emily Clark. Standing: Donna Drexler, Carol Ketrow, Ruth Sutton. n ' ,Z Z The team started slowly but finished the season by winning three games in a row. This brought the final record to four wins and six losses. The girls, under the coaching of Miss Dorothy Peele, not only learned to play better basketball but also developed a sense of co-operation, good sportsmanship, and the ability to get along with others. Although these qualities have no monetary value, they will be cherished throughout life. MISS PEELE i . .fuse s X t- ,. gi f ttsts 5 1957 sEAsoN RECORD W in Enola ....... ...... 5 1 West Shore ,,,,,.,. ,.,- , -5 Enola ....... ...... 6 4 Highspire ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,.,, Q Enola ....... ...... 3 5 Central Dauphin E V Enola ....... ...... 4 9 Susquehanna .,,,, , ' " ':': Enola ....... ...... 4 7 West Shore P C it Enola ....... ...... 6 8 Mechanicsburg H - Enola . . -5 Central Dauphin Enola ...... ....... 7 5 Highspire .,,,,,,,,, Enola ....... ...... 5 2 Susquehanna ,,,, Enola ....... ..,... 6 7 Susquenita .,,,, Enola .......,........ 46 Enola ,............... 36 Left to right: Emory Mundis, jay Way, Lester Walters, Leon Walters, Donald Wilt, Bill Walls, Mr. Acri. 2? The 1956-57 season was not too successful, having won three while drop- ping fifteen. However, the team, which is principally made up of juniors and sophomores, displayed fine promise for the oncoming campaign. 1956-57 SEASON RECORD Hummelstown ....,. ....... 4 8 West Shore ......... ....... 6 O Enola .............,.. 39 Susquenita ..... ,...... 5 4 Enola ................ 36 5 7 Enola ..........r..... 26 Northern ............. ....... , Camp .Hill ................. ,...... , MR. Fw 61 73 hx , , Enola ,.,,,,.,....,.,. 38 Cumberland Valley 53 -Q 58 Enola ..........,..... 46 Susquehanna ............. ....... J Enola .,,............. 34 New Cumberland .. 73 Enola ................ 50 Highspire .,...,..... ....... 3 8 Enola ................ 47 Hummelstown ...... ....... 4 3 Enola ..,..,,...,..... 38 West Shore .,....,.. ....... 8 9 y Enola ................ 32 Susquenita ......, ....... 3 6 4 U Enola ................ 56 Northern ................. ,....,, 3 6 Enola ......,......... 27 Camp Hill ,,,,.,,,...........,..c...,. 82 Enola Enola Enola .........i...... 39 Enola ................ Cumberland Valley ......,...,. 39 Susquehanna .......... New Cumberland .. 51 ' ' Highspire ,,......,r,....,. ,,,,,,-. ACRI EMILY CLARK VIRGINIA FRY Forward Guard KITTY I-IAMELEI-ILE MARILYN WEHLER Forward Forward Co-Captains CAROL KRAMER LOUISE MONGAN Guard Forward Q l I I Q0-nk gdlttdfb Wwzcdq Z First row: Loretta Kistler, Donna Brewbaker, Marjorie Miller, Karen Musser, Margaret Sloop, Donna Gohn, Linda Foster, Second row: Lona jolly, Virginia Derstine, Barbara Straining, Carol Walsh, Ethel Walters. Third row: janet Jones, Shirley Romberger, Winnie Riland, Gayle Beane, Ruth Sutton. Eaqdymam Wcvzalzq 2 First row: Warren Deveney, Marlin Wrightstone, Charles Hale, Stephen McBride, Donald Gibson Thomas Sebolt, Second row: Ralph Sheets, Marshall Messimer, William Morgan, Mr. Durand. goqlfaackvz 71' E First row: Edgar Branyan, Donald Estright, Fred Hostetler, Murlin Reed, William Fry, Wayne Hoffman, Walter Kramer, Robert Mays. Second row: Donald Hostetler, Gary Comp, Richard Gipe, Mr. Creasey, Dennis Seiler, Fred Walters, jim Heikel, Karl Mundis. First row: T. Guistwhite, F. Moyer, D. Gibson, R. Heim, C. Hale, E. McBride. Second row: J. Leo, G. Berbert, K. Bressler, V. McBride, R. Wolfe, E. Mundis, D. Gingrich. Third row: R. Fisher, H. Rheinhart, G. Smart, W. Roders, W. Fry, D. Plantz, R. Gipe, W. Kramer, E. Rdle, D. Reed, J. Bowers, Mr. Walters. fs' When Coach Clarence Walters issues the first call for baseball he will be greeted by eight lettermen and a promising group of freshmen. The schedule is more extensive this year and Mr. Walters anticipates a good season. MR. WALTERS 1956 SEASON RECORD Mtg.. krkr Lin 'WV. A , F . - ,rar a..rli , E, 5110121 ----- ------ 0 West 3110fC 7 - 1 E 1 2 C H'll 4 -1 I I 'II' 1 ..e. f ..r, .iai 1 no 21 amp .1 ' 1 5 Enola ..... ...... 0 Mechamcsburg 1 .... f 'R 1.1e. : . . 1 f W1 fa Enola ..... ...... 2 Camp Hill ' -f fi'i"""i" WW' "i' .. "" 0-W-w0f'f44"fA"'v '. 1-"33m "fYE1 ' . 3 Enola ..... ....... 2 Carlisle ....... E 1 o N c b 1 11 1 gg D0 21 ----- ----- - CW Um Cf an - ,-,., ', .f 41555:,34.435'11M:, 1 K ,,... f .ggigz if ststlsris Enola ..... ...... 0 Cumberland Valley ..,.,,,,.,1 g 1 4 ,sis if 15110121 ----- ----1- 1 West Shofe --------- -- -7 "1 ':-, 3.1 " -if 19,211+ - :.f3413f1111fglg5111r12af. ,Fifa Enola ..... ....... 1 Cam Hill ...... 'egifax-21222151 ffl : fl 43.11. , S 565 Enola ..... ...... 3 Mechanicsburg . n 1i??f1'a11st1:' Enola ..... ...... 4 Carlisle ........... ,gg ',-125vgQEv55 Er?-'ffl' -.ra ', lerf fl Igllgifgiilh.-,,.52g1, Enola. .... ....... 1 New Cumberland . 4sf5?11f1s11-fffafqi"a1f11211g123 1 1 Enola ....... ....... 9 Cumberland Valle .X ffglffi? .31.-:ggf':gQifffa,1?f1g5agigrEaim. 1fg,,y.i. .msgsf5.11f'fsl'11-fftflsigiiiigil 1111142 1 " ' -' M ,I-' 99 x ,M 1 ...wif I ,Q e ff? S X X X 'K 5. ,.,...-f-Y... M -F . U ,'9o - " ' V" .1 , ,,4,f-D ff .J "" 1 gf ""W"w"b-'T'u"f':iq'a:'w 'iff ll Q 'esk,f3.1fgf'F'g 'iiffu G5u"ai at 2 fy . . -,.'-.QQ-'M 1 1 nu A D Q' S Yla- I' I :Q PEOPLES BANK OF ENOLA Enola, Pa. THE BANK FOR EVERYBODY ScoH S. Leiby, Presideni-Dr. Joseph H. Rissinger, Vice PresicIen'r George D. Fry, Cashier and Secre+ary R. Lee Bucke, Ass'+. Cashier and Ass'+. Secre+ary MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION wg- J V. Complimen+s of SHULL'S BAKERY Phone: Marysville l72 SOLD COAST TO COAST LIPSCOMB'S HARDWARE Pain+ and Glass Seeds-Ferfilizers Fishing Tackle and Toys I8 SOUTH ENOLA DRIVE ENOLA, PA. Phone PE 2-97II DEAN'S GARAGE Firsf Sfreef SUMMERDALE, PA. Phone PE 2-052l ATLANTIC GAS AND OIL STATE INSPECTION GENERAL REPAIRING TOWING COMPLIMENTS MILLER'S of GREENHOUSE "WESTY" Shiremans+own CompIimenI's of ROSS H. SMILEY R, Aufomoiive Service FIVE AND TEN Marysville, Pennsylvania Enola Rd. Enola. Pa. Phone PErshing 2-OI I I BEST WISHES From AMERICAN LEGION POST NO. 984 Wes+ Fairview, Pa. GUY MARINO'S GARAGE Exper+ Au+o Repairs AII Work Guaranfeed I9I4 NORTH CAMERON ST. Harrisburg, Pa. Phone CEdar 2-9865 Com plimenfs of ENOLA SPORTSMEN ASSOCIATION GARDEN SEAT TEA ROOM We Roufes II and I5 Cafer +o Privafe Parfies Perdix Phone Marysville 454-J-4 CompIimen+s of CompIimenI's of Foon MARKET Groceries, Meafs and Produ I00 NORTH ENOLA DRIVE ENOLA, PA. MINNICH'S E550 The Friendly S+a+ion I 05 Second S+ree'r Wes+ Fairview PHONE: PE 2-99I 3 ATLAS TIRES-BATTERIES ACCESSORIES 59 S Enola Drive SOUTH ENOLA, PA. Phone PE 2-99I2 Pho+ographs of Disrincrion SHAHIAN One Hundred and Two Norfh Second Sfreei' Phone CE 2-8580 HARRISBURG. PENNSYLVANIA WEBB AND WOLFE "Your Spor+ing Goods S'rore" 2l0 N. 2nd S+. HARRISBURG. PENNSYLVANIA "On Hue Sfreei' of Progress" Phone CE 3-4507 CompIimen'Is TQWN CUT RATE BAKER AND PRICE PaI'enI' Medicines d C I' ansodhosgjjalcs I07 Nor+h Second S+ree+ BILL SHULER HARRISBURG, PENNSYLVANIA Prop. ,e..,. 47 Se NR fi 5 RON DANDO ff?-fl Q 'mnhf "N" Plumbing and I'IeaI'ing Sales and Service U. S. BURNERS AMERICAN STANDARD FIXTURES Phone: PE 2-083I 265 Wyoming Ave., EnoIa, Pa. Phone PErshing 2- I 62I BURKEY'S BCDY SHOP Body and Fender Repairing Baked Enamel Aufo PainI'ing S'raI'e and Norfh SIS. Towing Wesf Fairview, Pa. Opp. U. B. Church "SPIDER" DREXLER'S Ra dio-Television-Sou nd Sales-Ins1'aIIai'ion-Service I O0 VALLEY STREET MARYSVILLE, PA. Phone Marysville 298 7 i Super Service SI'l6IIY'S , ' Grocery Sfore A' E PILIS ' Free Delivery BARBER S H 0 P , BADDORF'S j,,,, if cur RATE 1 . 7 I6 Junia+a S+ree+ S ,' Homemade Ice Cream x ll 8.5. ENOLA, PA. ll'1, wtf . 1 'ff To I ii -sg PhonePE2-0741 , --glli I- SUMMERDALE, PENNA, PAULUS SALES 8: SERVICE U. S. Roufe Il and I5 Overview P. O. Box 4I Summerdale, Pa. LAWNMOWERS LAWN GARDEN SUPPLIES Reo Seeds Tools Homlro Hose Feriilizer Penna. Sweepers Sprays, E-ic. Garden Traciors Chain Saws Sherwin-Williams Painfs C. L. PAULUS PHONE PE 2-I34I HOME PE 2-964l L. G. BALEOUR COMPANY "Known Wherever There Are Schools and Colleges" TIRES-BATTERIES-ACCESSORIES W- G' ROSS Box 26 Enola' Pa. I20 S. Second SI'reeI' Wormleysburg, Pennsylvania Phone PE 2-995I Class of I922 PETE AND KEN'S MOBIL SERVICE Lubricaiion-Tires-Accessories Minor Repairs SUSQUEHANNA AVENUE AND ENOLA ROAD ENOLA, PENNSYLVANIA Phone KI 5-892I A. E. COLLINS Prescriplion Pharmacisl' 37I7 Jonesiown Road Harrisburg, Pa. WOLAVER'S ENTERPRISES Complimenis Wes+ Enola, Pennsylvania of Groceries and Mea'l's WEST FAIRVIEW GARAGE Gasoline-Kerosene-Fuel Oil Wesi Fairview, Pennsylvania Mowlng-Gfadln9-DI99ln9 Coal PHONE PE 2-0505 Lubricafion Washing Tire Service Call and Deliver Service Road Service and Towing Open 6:30 A.M. +o II:00 P.M. SPENCE'S FLYING "A" SERVICE Tydol and Veeclol Producfs Phone PErshing 2-99I4 Enola Road, Enola, Pennsylvania For Higher Than Average Income and UnIimi'red Oppor+uniI'ies, Learn Beaufy Culfure. HARRISBURG SCHOOL OF BEAUTY CULTURE 7A Sou'rh Marlcei' Square Harrisburg, Pennsylvania CEdar 8-6959 Complimenfs of Complimenfs CHARLES HOWANSTINE of 222 Soufh Enola Drive ENOLA, PENNSYLVANIA BRENTON D. BASORE Consfrucrion Equipmenf Ren'IaIs 2754 Agaie S'rree'r-Harrisburg, Pennsylvania PHONE CEdar 8-9329 PEALER'S FLOWER SHOP Specializing in Floral Designs CORSAGES OUR SPECIALTY Phone: RE 7-4507 Camp Hill, Pennsylvania Com plimenls of RlCCl'S HOTEL Wesf Fairview, Pa. MlLLER'S OLDSMOBILE 629 W. Main S+. MECHANICSBURG, PA. Phone: PO 6-4205 RICUPERO'S Men's, Women's and Children's Wear lI3 Soulh Enola Drive ENOLA, PA. Phone: PE 2-09I2 SCHREIBER GROCERY Wesl Enola, Pennsylvania Phone: PE 2-l33l 6. T. WATTS l08 Alloona Avenue Enola, Pennsylvania We manufacfure aluminum sform doors and winclows. We specialize in fiber glass and canvas awnings. "Buy Direch Save Middle Man's Profil" Phone: PE 2-I I I l PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS CompIimenI's of EAST PENNSBORO HIGH P. T. A. Oppor1'uni+ies: Meef Teachers Raise S'I'al'1CIarCIS Meei- Parenig Promofe Cooperafion Make Friends Creafe Enfhusiasm TO BE OF SERVICE P. T. A. Needs Whe+I1er You Are A Resideni' A Pareni' A Teacher MEETS ON THE FIRST MONDAY OF EVERY SCHOOL MONTH S ff gwalcha Mr. and Boosfer C-ourf-Sharon Radle, Rose Grundon, Efhel Walfers, Queen, Joan Kauffman Mrs. Norman Shuey, Jr. Vicfor and Glenn Garver Doris Shumalcer Mr. and Mrs. L. O. McCallisfer Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Grundon, Sr. Mrs. C. A. Shumaker "Pa'r and Bub" Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Greenwalf Mr. and Mrs. A. Wolover Mr. and Mrs. Roberf Lucas Mr. and Mrs. Tony Magaro Mr. and Mrs. Sfeve Kayfor, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. E. Donbach Mr. and Mrs. Ed Donbach Edward Grundon, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Sfeve Kayfor, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Ellis Mr. and Mrs. Joe Shields Mr. and Mrs. H. Baddorf Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Scoff "Judy and Jerry" "Ike-Elvis" Mr. and Mrs. Guy Buclcer, Jr. F. M. Beyer Mefropolifan Represenfafive Mr. and Mrs. Henry Killiclc Mrs. John Emericlc Mrs. Hazel Shoop Nefa Woomer Mrs. Helen Quinfer Many Shapiro Mrs. Ada Williams AI Lebo Cafherine Nauss Thelma Charnabn Verna Runkle Theresa Corbacio Josephine Wrighf Dof Wief Mildred Nail Viola Wiesfling Esfer Sfraining Beffy Wrighfsfone Mr. and Mrs. Charles Arnold Helen E. Bodmer Paul and Shirley Reichenbaugh Mr. and Mrs. John Wolfe Mr. and Mrs. Chesfer Romberger Gracie Siemanslci Roberf Kayln Haffie Miller Opal McCrone Malul Korpa Frances Howard Evelyn Zimmerman Mrs. Dorofhy Reichenbaugh Mr. and Mrs. Berf Long Sara Dorsheimer 20641024 Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Snyder "Complimenfs Aufomofive Supply" G. Buclcer Charles and Helen Radle Sharon and Kafhy Radle Beffy and Max Schullcins Joan Orris Mr. and Mrs. Kiner Chrisfine Nicholl Kafe and Glenn Killer Dorfhy and Walf Kiniferf Dr. and Mrs. S. Curry Sammy Curry George and Mary Dare Mr. Loveioy Kob Dickson Mr. Garman Jeffery Smifh Krisfin and Carolyn Guss Mclinn Bros. Meafs Wahnefa and Jackson Linda Kelly Mildred and David Hoffman Sondra Shiner Joan Sfefler Sam Sfefler Mrs. Mary Esferline France Loolcer Charles Radle Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Myers Mr. Long Beffy and Bud Thomas John H. Pierce Madelyn Baker Dorofhea Sfewarf Rufh Reed Dorofhy and Leo Eppley Arlene Walfers Kafherine Musselman Mr. and Mrs. Charles Zimmerman Charlie Mrs. A. J. Roddy Bob Carol and Don Ora Byler Mrs. Sfed Sfauffer Irvin Greider Barbara Marinko Mr. and Mrs. Moloney Corkey Bender Charles L. Kauffman Mr. and Mrs. Paul Marfz Mary Knaby Charles Linn Eddie Keim Rufh and Maynard Bill and JoAnne Joanne and Ducky Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Wagner Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Walfers Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Walfers John B. Duvall Carrie E. Orris Harold E. Orris Pafricia Sgrignoli Herman Sgrignoli Richard Kreiger Clinfon Orris Warren C. Orris Susan Brefz Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Croyle "Baron" Zwafaw 'gaoetew Mrs. William A. Hoffman "Warren" '59 Zug, Washingfon Nafional lns. Co. II "Joe" Milfon and Winnie Mr. and Mrs. Russell Hawk Mr. and Mrs. Charlis Spearing Elizabefh Sfeigenholer Grace Bohn Beffy Sue Hall Mrs. Hall Mr. and Mrs. Jesse H. Minnich Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Knawby Mr. and Mrs. Roberf Sounders Mr. and Mrs. Pefer J. Sulfrfos MfSgf. and Mrs. Ernesf Domofrio, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Roberf Priar From a Friend Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kimmel Mr. and Mrs. John M.iGingrich, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Clair Gingrich Mr. B. S. Shellenberger Ann and Carl Blosser Mrs. Charles Flurie Mr. and Mrs. Melvin L. Baker and Family Sam Hepford Mr. and Mrs. Emerson Bornman Fran, Murphy, and David Jean Menfzer Violef Menfzer Donna Mae Menfzer Mrs. Elery Men'I'zer Mr. and Mrs. Marlin Walfers Mr. and Mrs. Edward Menfzer Mrs. John L. Snell Hoff and Jeanne Wagner and fhe Boys Diane Gingrich Margaref B. Marzolf Dinah Gingrich Jake and Cafherine Smifh Mrs. George Eslinger Beffy and John Campbell lIBarbll "Cheryl" Mike and Sieve Mary and Wayne Miller Mr. and Mrs. Paul Thomason Mr. and Mrs. Howard M. Oppel Mr. and Mrs. Fred Beck Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Teifrick Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hale Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Blaine Mr. and Mrs. Jack Sfuckey lral Dean Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Shaffer Elsie Shaffer Mary Jane Shumberger Mr. and Mrs. Elfon H. Diefz Emily and Carl Helen and Bill Carol Kunfzelman Mrs. Bohn Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Shover Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Davis Walfer Kunfzelman Joe and Irene Emanuel Larry Myers Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Reicherf Berkheimer's Mr. and Mrs. Guess Who David Shaffer Mr. and Mrs. Clair Hebelig Mr. and Mrs. Colechio Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Helfrich Sue Helfrich Mrs. Richard Wolfe Mrs. William Welsh Mrs. Norman Hohenwarfer Mrs. Frank Fiffipaldi William Webb Richard Oyler Mrs. Bessie P. Ebersole Mrs. Winifred Smifh John L. Leverenfz Jim and Mary McCar+ney Clarence and Arlene Sfephenson Bill and Beffy Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Reicherf Esfher Long William H. Comp Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Lebo Larry Sfoner Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sigman Richard Pifer F Arfhur Wayne Barlup Rebecca E. Hoffman Mr. and Mrs. John L. Gufshall Mr. and Mrs. Palmer Barner "Sfifes" Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Null Bonnie Beam Vivian Lebo Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Kauffman Mr. and Mrs. Howard H. Way ..,....+w.ww... , . .. .,,, N, ,, -,-......,.- .,...-.. ....,ff..-K ...ei - f Znokda 20042284 Mrs. Louise Simpson Mrs. Charles Hunfer Mr. 'and Mrs. Edward J. Weiss Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Ernsf Mrs. Thelma Fealfman Mrs. Jennie Garman Mr. and Mrs. Arfhur Zimmerly Mr. and Mrs. Charles File, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Sepfon Larry Melvin Liddiclc Mr. and Mrs. James O. Long Mr. and Mrs. Filberf Roddy Mr. and Mrs. P. R. Jones Richard Jones Doffy and Ronnie Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Basom Brenda Lee Basom '57 Louis Sorg, Jr. '57 Peg '57 Mike Zeigler Cynfhia Morgan "Brian" "Sunny" Hamelehle Mr. and Mrs. Jim Morrison Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Bard, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Wisegarver Fred Dimmick Mr. and Mrs. N. C. Drexler Mr. and Mrs. N. H. Drexler Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Wolfe Mr. and Mrs. George D. Fry Gin Fry Bob Troufman Larry Shumalcer Ronnie Sponsler Garry Gafes Marlene and Eddie Charles and Helen Grover Kauffman Mrs. Edna Hersh Carolyn and Bill Judy Duvall Mr. and Mrs. F. D. Hamelehle Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Gross Mr. W. Dewey Williamson Barb and Pefe Doffie and Larry Lynn Thompson Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Sponsler Linda David Connie Ronnie Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Baddorf Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Wisegarver Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Wisegarver Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Nissley Vaughn and Gail Nissley Joan Carol Kauffman Kafhy and Brenda Wisegarver f lflbllf The year has passed, and the seniors are leaving E.H.S. for good. With their minds on many things, they pause for a last moment- thinking of good times and friends. Then with a last goodby, they pack up the navy and light blue decorations, and the last white mums left from Commencement. The door closes for the last time, the seniors are gone. As years pass, memories will fade, yet in this book, pictures, ac- counts, and personalities will remain forever. Awwwh AWWHWJ ,.- 1 1 n 5 I' I .msn R PUBLI f ,QQ rf .U 'l,, The B65 X Ear oaks 'Ire 'TAY 3 I 5 LITHOGRAPHED BY i ff TA LO SHING CO. 0 1 f DALLAS o TEXAS 1' f v f b Lon r.1fxLfr ff V ,-Q in Q. , iii- ., Q- , X "Q 0 'fa 7:5 f' ,M H, ., ff- 5252 J YQ W 'A mln- , 1 J iv .. VW, I ,, :1, ' ' ,I . 3.13: :Ex "ff JMCEJZYJW W , ,-., .M ' ' "fb A " ,1:',',' 'f , X -., .4 ,r X., f,, . ,wg r W. mn ,P 1 ' 5 4 X E' 1 x yrs- ' 's r -W, W .L A, .JW 1411,--f f E7 U, ' MSW -q an If w N Q.-.Q 'v W 1 K if-g, iz, , W - 4 ,, 'm5'rM"ZI'z 253599 "wa, Wx' -2 v 4749 Qf..ffp1451:f Mimi ' f' ' ' 'ii' K , W- ' Jw ' ,f . , -' ,gg fix: W F f f xv QZ475 f, I I f:,f, ,. " " ww- f -, K A fl 5 . fa HHN Q - 'E c ,. w 4 . f , , A , , yr' 4 My 11. ,V , f M' Nm fdnf 'M W ..y,,.,.- -- r , Y .NS HIGH SCNQ01 W' N--f-...,,..,,,- """"'-A--...,,,,,,W -S-..,. v, A Af 'r 1 .M ,xr 5 Q J. , X

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