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 - Class of 1955

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,..:. -vm ve- N' ,Kal 4 n... .rar- -L.. s L1 ,J 5.341 n 1 fum , :YQ .-3 EIN.. 7 b 'Ln ff' " Q . ,P --1 1 .a.. l ,l l it 1 M111 ni w K? ' :hiv l we ,...,. , 'ia W "-5 , ' L l A. vw : gg? if' N? 1 vii? .4-I 'Tai Q' ' 5.5-7 v if- ' ,HN f 1 MPA' -.viii --- g,g.gnn, ,iw A V W " - " A. , ,, ... , V . VX ,u GEORGE E. SIERER "Class of l9I6" Composer of Alma Mafer ff ' ---,A,-,----, 5lig---- .., .... T 2 fiIT'T?"'SI:iiZi3ZJS'fijifiigfjfiijjifiij'jjjjgim "'jijj'ff"f'C-V jjj-4 - --"-'---- -------- S E- N4-4 ,li I Love You Yu-fr flp4..fm ,ZLL -,,- ,.,ppzvg1g1g. g:xiagp?'gL"gQfgL'1.g.Z2L ' 'QQIA'9ZQ"'LJIZLL"2gg'Q2:'Qg'ggg , Q lijqgfiigidighggijff' f'ef4?112i5g2 faigff4 5iitfi1"??1'f3g222132S -- .'-' nz 4A' f :ug "" E LL ' W- -Qiinzzwp'Jg'm:"72iili ' l , .Q fffffQfffff1f.f,f1Qff,.,ff,ff2..fff,A,?"' J? ---.-. i-...--.- ...... ..' M .iw M -'ff' ---- . - .-.,- .,...,.... .!t4if.E,- is fun. -vumc, neun, Dru. Qnugg Adil F14,,,l 0 W, Zig- "'A 'A' "" "A" 'tit' " i Howl' Lovq Aup Lq4LT,4 - I YKUWHSQ fo 54 Hui CW Q L n 2 x I, Q 4'-,A Ff X 2, 1 ' X- A . -'ff-3 X ' ' if a n I X ZX gm! WS A75 W fm 9 ffff S! J QX S ly' E-VIH-B0 Q4 he qraduak aqe oi We we our emoxfme Be5ore Xaundnmq on our voy X955 wxsh 'vo presenk 'VNS annuaX as a sxfmbo Vms pork Though we sXfxaXX never reium ko EnoNa Hxqh Sdnoo denis we shi-xXX chevxsh We memoues Wai 'vhs ko? sku dio e We capacx y ur mmds exiende brmq 'fo o cxahon xs sexe rw e book WM Our smcere qrahifude and appre aomxnxskrahon and YacuXN Qor Vnexr devoked eiiork and a char? our course for We Qukure years m heXpmq us N-If-Je-f .Q1::?!"' '-'X x.., Z-7 ffif fl ,'! , ' ' , ,X 'mg dass of , ' ' X05 ' M 0 'm ' . ' X'm . . . . . W . . . . . ka C Z o, on W w - f X i xr nz, QB! fx 3 ff -' C gl! ,ZZ 2 du TCS 6 YS f N e Xe 6e u vaxoam een X'Xun6re an6 NN vecxake ok O01 xg ur xen6sX'Nxp e re khan us Vnrou YN our ua rs erixna v We e dass ofx e xcak kxms qearboo counseX u aXso our en ear or our pahence an un6ersXan mg m qu an oo6 Rorkunes We vlxsxn qou uccess n6 'napp ness n husk amua an6 he memorxes xk ec,aXX5 o mm do ev xsxn 'fxms ,XIX f fff f TOM .B XeneG . , 'CX1 Nmek 6 V5 -Y X 9 R NN 6 6' e ' - Y. We app ' rx N o a Wo and , xo R 1 6 e6 ir' ' . W a N3 X R x4 ' 6 6 ' 'x6'mq q X' Xa 6 q . ' s a K a 6 'Mak qos WM ' ' X X ' ' v X ' 6. Amfa Miller xXx Shand ng Ieff glut E e Shaffe K y o Joyce ch Ro a I ea ed leH Io r gh+ Al a o n Shea Shu Carol Thursfon Jerome Waffle Connie Downey Joyce Gingrich Elsie Shaffer John Shearer Ms Gaha 1955 EDITOR ASSOCIATE EDITORS ART EDITORS BOYS SPORTS GIRLS SPORTS ,,7ooooo,o PHOTOGRAPHY L H FACULTY EDITOR L L SENIOR CLASS EDITORS A CLASS I-IISTORIAN .. C.EEELL ELEELLLE E E CLASS PROPI-IECY and WILL CLASS POET LELLCCLELLE L E L C CIRCULATION MANAGER L , ADVERTISING LELL LLLCLCE,,,, ,YY,,. , , Thomas Schrofh Wanda Wolaver Richard Alexander Nancy Calhoun ,, ,, Bonnie Harren ,, ,, Carol Slelly Nancy Erb Janef Greider , Shirley Dinfarnan William Horning Elizabefh Kefrow A Nedra Burris Karey Ensminger Mifchell Lender Larry Fabian Shirley Howansline Lewis Benner 's 'N .l iii - ix ' SRX x X X 5 N S ix S X XX XFX X Cx-X X S X O S SX- X Q Xi- X Ng sv X Xa xx xx --.jxvgx A Ill! IHIIHSIUI 1 to A99 """'1 Sfanding: W. Webb. C. Blaine, L. Jackson. Seafedz H. E. Wingerf, H. Dunn, Eg Kramer, M. Walters J. Hoffman. RUTH D, NEIDIG DURA ROCKEY Secrefery Secrefary As your high school days draw lo a close, you are now prepared +o go oul and meer +he world as socially compefenf individuals. During your high school days, you masfered facls and cerlain skills. Even more impor+an+, you acquired fhe abilify +o live happy, healfhy lives plus +he knowledge and confidence fo do well some porfion of fhe world's work. I am sure +haf fhe memories of your high school days will always remain wifh you and increase in imporlance as lhe years pass by. ll as been a pleasure working wifh you lhrough 'lhe pasf years and I wish you luck. happiness, and success in all fulure endeavors. H. Eugene Wingerf Supervising Principal "0ppor+uni'ry knocks many limes al' fhe door of every man and if offen knocks unrecognized. Opporfunily wears innumerable clisguises, and reserves her richesf rewards for fhose who penefrafe fhem +o find her shining face benea+h." l l'ope your high school fraining has prepared you lo recognize and fo +ake advanlage of fhe beHer opporluni- lies in lhe various phases of life, so fhal' you may enioy a happy and useful life. Wifh sincere besf wishes for your fufure. R. A. Forgie Principal 'Nav' M I 5 MARY SHUMBERGER, AB, Grellysburq Co lege Kufzfown Slate Teaclvers College Hisfory, English lRENE WEfNJRlCl-4, BS., MA Lebancw Valley Cefeqe Bloovfsburg S+a'e Teackers Colege CC.1r"b'a U 'wlv9'S"y Commercial Educafion ' WM 'Mrs' . m,',l' 2 Ll LLIAN SH UTTLESWORTH, BS. Combs Covservalofy WesfCl1esler Slafe Teaclvers College Columbia Unlverslfy fi eq, W, DEWEY VVlLLlAMSON Peabody CO'1serva'5ry Insfrumenfal Music ,ibn YM' au-..0""'f CLARENCE WALTERS, BS. mv 'l L XlCVSVlll5 Sla e leaders College Lebaron Valley College In Al dus+rial Aris, Safeiy EDVVARD YARNELL, AB.. BD. briqhf College Evangelbal Sclool of T'ee'ogy Ari' Y? L.. i in ? 71 -f P115 fn f' X in al' wx 5 .4g3 Jllh wzgi' QB -5 xi .1 g,l - C05 MR RlcHARD CREASY 0600 S PLEDGE OE ALLEGIANCE I pledge allegiance 'ro Ilfme flag of THE UNITED STATES OE AMERICA And To lhe Repuloluc for whuclw I+ slanols One Nahon under God nnduvnsuble Wl'rl'1 LIBERTY and JUSTICE for All we 'lllall To lvl s GOI all' e e eso e ass es sceeappecao To yo r able ass sfance 'flu d ecl g of o J o Play They Ga e I-I rn a Co ed eaega+efl+oyofol1eg o o ae daecof a y e e ce a p so aded g eaf g o play a success A a e say Tha ou dd ,-hzwczm 'SX I J fs , I av! T - f. ,iff 2 I I T: ,f ' A v Ora Patna Om Sfdlfdf LLAXJ ' affv- I 1? Z 41 X orb, I 6 U j I I l:,:: aQ.i.i. R , I N I-::::::s.e T .Ti 'Q ' A Q X 1 - 'M I I I X --mv I4 I 2 I 5- - I f .ff - X K 'ui fl V K ' o, 5 T 4 k 5 - I f 5 5 , 1 sr Q W . X. X in mn II I X 1 X ' '-wi ' ' VW .I X I .:...f..1z ' f X . mm- , I X: A gg f I I r . w : 1 May w , II1 mernb r T flu CI of I955, expr s our In r r I H n r u I in e ir In ur uni r ," v I - ." W r r u u r I iving T y ur lime and I I nf. an ' r n idenl' fh I our exp ri n ncl su ervii n I r ly in malcin ' ur . g in w " nl: Y ." W AX K 5 if zninrimw -Z'-If RICHARD ALEXANDER ELSIE SHAFFER Presnden? Vnce Prosudenf I 1.0.5 s','.' nog . Sv ', 0 MRS GRAHAM Advlsor 6' CAROL THURSTON Treasurer sd' 'qv-WI' LUCILLE SOUTHERN SHIRLEY DINTAMAN Secreiery Hnsforlen P I I A if "4 f, ' ' - "af 'a' ."o. 0: ".'... ,'...'0,, ' O.. Luxe ' ,I 9 . , r 5 .1 , oz. ,H :.,I .,u s.a.n' , " ' o o ' .r o ' fo' o ' ' U U 0 K I 7 4,3 I X gi" 5 J Jil' ,.' V 4' If I 9 ' , L 'fwfr '2 , .,, .--9 N Vs.: sf-"'P' 91 fi' SHIRLEY DINTAMAN CONSTANCE DOWNEY NANCY il 47 O49 -rf qi LARRY FABIAN JEAN MENTZER NJ' ' Q Quai ' 'sau- if ELSIE SHAFFER THOMAS SCHROTH ERB ig KS' LUCI LLE SOUTHERN .5 "'?'T A' gy, CAROL STEFFY CAROL THURSTON Wm? r Lug , R Z-4 f .s if A -so JR -.a .ji I si gg. 1 RICHARD LONG ALEXANDER June IO, I936 Gifiedz Sporfs and leadership Remarks: "You befrer believe if" Ambifion: Work af P. P. Br L. Dislikes: Comperifion at Soufh Avenue Spoiled: II Soufh Avenue "Reese Genera Sfudenf Council, Choir, Class Play, Varsify and lnfra-Mural Sporfs, Class Officer, Yearbook, Counry Chorus. ROBERT BANKS July 27, 1937 Giffed: ln French Remarks: "IFS possible" Ambi-lion: Farming Dislikes: Missing 'rhe bus Spoiled: Wes? Fairview Sfudenf Council STANLEY BEAM January I5, I936 Giffled: A pleasing bass voice Remarks: "No skin off my back" Ambition: To gef married Dislikes: Too many girls Spoiled: Af her house? Talenf Show, Senior Choir, Counfy si+y and lnfra-Mural Sporls. LEWIS BENNER February I7, l937 Grilled: Calling square dances Remarks: 'll-leo car girl" Ambirion: Re'2re ar 27 Dislikes: Tall girls Spohed: Ar work Press Club, Class Play- Inrra-Mural "Bob" Academic "'Beamie" General Chorus, Var- "NIck' General Spons, I islgfliffflff L? tflllffyl we? ss? A . 5 .Q J or 1 Q :'. I 1 Fi sr... x-..-.7-gy .ff W W! ROSS WARREN BRASHEAR "Noodle" February 9, l936 Giffed: Wirh a lovial personalily Remarks: "Thal's lough' Ambilion: Navy Dislikes: Poor sporls Spoiled: Principals Office lnlra-Mural Sporls GAYLE ANN BROWN April 2, me Giffecli Abilily in Physics Remarks: "You've never had il so Ambifionz Bell Telephone Dislikes: A Susquenifa cheerleader Spoiled: Walking lhe Slale road General ..Gayle.. General Tri-Hi-Y, Library Club, Class Play, lnlra-Mural Sports, NEDRA THELMA BURRIS March I6, l935 Gifled: With a helping hand Remarks: "All riqhl" Ambifion: Typisf Dislikes: Tesls Spoiled: Al Cunninqhamls Yearbook, Library Club, lnlraAMural Spo NANCY LEE CALHOUN July 2, I937 Gifledz Gerling into lrouble Remarks: "Now isn'f lhaf nice" Ambifion: Nursing Dislikes: Missing a lelfer Spoiled: Baby silfing "Neddie" General rlS. Naricie' General Choir, Press Club, Tri-HLY, Pholoqraphy Club. Library Club, Class Play, lnfra-Mural Sporfs, '45 Y, '3-47 X R ali-P l A 1. T We 3 Jil .L ' ': 1 2"-"' ri '35 uni. ,L mi gg SHVQLEY MAE DINTAMAN "Sl'rTey' July IO, i936 Commercial Grilled: For reporlirxg Remarks: "You don'l mean il" Ambilion: To marry Jack Dislikes: Srnarl boys Spollecl: Willn a crowd Sludenl Council, Yearbook, Class Ollicer, Business Club, Library Club. EVELYN MARIE DITMER "Ellie" Seplember I3, I936 Commercial Gilled: Even disposilion Remarks: "Hey Mae" Ambilion: Clerk or Slenoqraplwer Dislikes: Slang expressions Spolled: Briggs Drive-ln Business Club, Library Club, lnlra-Mural Sporls. CONSTANCE DOWNEY "Connie" Seplernber I4, i937 General Gifled: ln Dramalics Remarks: "We musl have a parly" Ambilion: Dramalic coach Dislikes: Selling up in llwe morning Spolled: Willi a book Clioir, Band, Press Club, Class Plays. Library Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Class Ollicer, lnlra - Mural Sporls, Counly Cliorus, Yearbook. WlLLlAM ROBERT ENGLE "Big Bill' Aprif 9, I937 Academic Gifled: Personalily Remarks: "Winer-e's Louise" Ambilion' Navy College Dislikes Cals Spolled Druqslore Clwoir Varsily Club lnlra Mural and Varsxiy Sporls Q-1 T ff! f S Cs? Y ix 'UQ .f 4 J 3 Sxl' Q ' -X :ON I o KAREY ENSMINGER "Karey" Oclober I, I937 Academic Gilled: lnvenlinq conlraplions Remarks: "Yellow Tomalo Preserves" Ambilion: Eleclronic engineer Dislikes: Too much homework Spolled: ln his workshop Red Cross, Choir, Radio Group, Yearbook, Palrol, Class Play, Hi-Y, lnfra-Mural Sporls, NANCY LEE ERB "Nanci" March l8, I937 Academic Gilled: Forqellulness Remarks: "Anyone have an exlra pencil" Ambilion: Teaching Dislikes: People being lale Spolled: Home Sludenl Council, Choir, Band, Press Club, Year- book, Radio Group, Tri-l-li-Y, Library Club, Class Plays, Sporls Manager, Dislricl and Slale Youlh Council. I J E. LARRY FABIAN "Fabe" V Oclober 5, I937 Academic I6 0 Gifled: Musical abilily B. ,ii , fiffmo ' ' 1, no 9 I ooo O U Remarks: "l-lave you money lor gas" Ambilion: College Dislikes: Old cars Spolled: Camp Hill-'29 Chevy 7 Talenl Show, Sludenl Council, Choir, Band, Press Club, Hi-Y, Radio Group, Counly4Dislricl-All- Slale Chorus, Class Play, Class Officer, Varsily and lnlra-Mural Sporls. JEAN MARIE FRY "Jean" Oclober 6, I937 General Gifled: A lol ol vivacily Remarks: "Sure you do" Ambilion: Secrelarial work Dislikes: Sound of buzzer Spollecl: Skaling rink Business Club, Pholography Club, lnlra-Mural Sporls. ' A ,fly .,.. ,r W 3 WWW 1 . li lx - has 19097 'uf G' L L ' A?n if grfll X CQ 'E 1 3 I N i 5 Q 1 Q 5 li .s ,s JOYCE GlNGRlCl'l "Joyce" December 6, I937 Commercial Giffed: Cheerleading Remarks: "Crusin lor a brusin" Ambition: To marry Par Dislikes: Crowded lunch halls Spoffed: Wrifinq lelfers Choir, Cheerleader, Yearbook, Business Club, Phofoqraphy Club, C'.A.A., lnfra-Mural Sporfs. JANET GREIDER "Jan" July 22, IQ37 General Gifted: Abilify fo fell jokes Remarks: "Well, I don'f care Ambifion: Colleqe Dislikes: Joke slealers Spoiled: A blue '48 Plymoulh? Color Guard, Yearbook, Tri-l-li-Y, G.A.A,, Library Club, Class Plays, Class Ollicer, Cheerleader, Vars'+y and lrrraflvlural Sporis. BONNIE LEE HARREN "Lee" November I5, IQ37 General Giffed: Dalebook Remarks: "No kidding" Ambifion: Office work Dislikes: Boiyerous people Spaffed: With a Mechanicsburg gang Press Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Class Play, Library Club, lnlra-Mural Sporrs. WILLIAM HORNING "BiII' Sepfernber 7, I936 i Academic Giffed: Wilh many arqumenfs Remarks: "HT Caibirdu Ambifionz To swim The Pacific Dislikes: Excessive arrouriis ol work Spoiled: Vivs house doing homework Press Chb, Yearbook Class Play C'ass Ofifer, Vars"y and lava-Mural Sporls. Xilf F , iw sos 4 A , 55 e iz sr' Q, 'E?' l , J-1:6-. - 2' f if T 7 5 . fi-E: 429 " rg au, --- -' we I5 SHIRLEY HOWANSTINE June 4, I937 Gifledz Carefree allifude Remarks: "No kidding" Ambifion: Secrelary Dislikes: People chewing gum Spoiled: In 'SI Olds Yearbook, Business Club, Tri-Hi-Y Varsily and lnfra-Mural Sporls. ELIZABETH ANN KETROW Ocfober 5, I936 Gifledz Prelly black hair Remarks: "To be sure" Ambilion: To marry Joe Dislikes: Murder myslery slories Spoiled: The Bell Telephone "Shirley" General Library Club, " Bels" General Red Cross, Choir, Maiorelles, Yearbook, Tri-l-li-Y, Class Officer, Inlra'Mural Sporls. REINARD LANDEFELD Seplember 26, I937 Gifled: Ouiefness Remarks: "Do you have my card?" Ambilion: Navy Dislikes: The Army SpoHed: On the road MITCHELL LENDER May IS, I936 Gifled: With an A-I physique Remarks: "Can'l' hardly gel Ilia?" Ambition: Navy Dislikes: Grammar Spoiled: Jackie's place Red Cross, Yearbook, Class Play. Varsily and lnfra-Mural Sporls. HJGY.. Academic "Mike" General Varsify Club, X fain. J -Q 'UU , -- ' v ' 1 I X I I mix! I! I-I I I, I 515' N x i iN 159-9- N i K fx Cli ff I QL J Z Jus'r MARRtE0 - xi Q I FLORYCE JUNE MAUER "Flo" November 22, IQ36 General Gilled: An allraclive appearance Remarks: "I'lI clue you" U tg Ambiliorl: Beaulician Dislikes: Crowded scliool buses Spolled: Will: llwe gang Yearbook, Tri-l-li-Y, lnlra-Mural Sporls. ROY McMASTER "Squirrel" May I6, l937 General Gilled: Slcaling abilily Remarks: "Oli, come on" Ambilion: To ioin llie Air Force Dislikes: Sludebaker Spolled: Wesl Fairview drug slore JEAN ELAINE MENTZER "Jean" All April I, I937 Commercial ,Q ', , Gifled: ln slworlliand uf Q la Remarks: "Gads" Ambilion: Secrelarial work l"""':' I: "il Dislikes: Snowballing Spolled: Home Sludenl Council, Clioir, G.A.A., Business Club, Class Ollicer, Class Play, Varsily and Inlra-Mural Sporls, ANlTA LOUISE MlLLER "Pinky" Augusl I6, l937 Commercial Gifled: Willw an appelile Remarks: "l"loneslly" Ambilion: To lravel Dislikes: Cold weallwer Spolled: Howanslines slore Red Cross, Choir, Maiorelle, Yearbook, Business Club, GAA., Pliolograpliy Club, Class Ollicer, lnlra-Mural Spor's. - f' sf? ax 0 fl , ,,,, '- if eff I kv, 2 EVELYN MILLER Augusl' 27, I937 Gified: A glowing complexion Remarks: "Oh! My heavens" Ambilion: Bell Telephone Dislikes: Slang expressions Spoiled: Wifh fhe gang Tri-Hi-Y, lnlra-Mural Sporls. JAMES MONGAN Augusl 24, I937 Gifled: Wifh a Scranlon accenl' Remarks: "Walls' hazim" Ambition: Undecided Dislikes: Uniusl' sporlsmanship Spoiled: Druqslore Varsify Club, Varsify and lnlra-Mural SARAH MAE MORROW December l2, I937 Gifled: ln Hockey Remarks: "Wowl Whal a hunk" Ambilion: Gel married Dislikes: Walking-Werlzville Spoiled: Al' Dolly's house Varsily and lnfra-Mural Sporls. BARBARA ANN MYERS July ii, I937 Gifled: ln skaling Remarks: "Will you sign +his?" Ambifion: Sfar in lce Follies Dislikes: Time schedules Spoiled: Hershey Sporls Arena "Evelyn" General "Jim" Academic Sporls. "Sis" General "Barbie" General ff. Y i 4 N . .YL I5 fl ' , -., 5 .. ry X is W A + i -ill L-i..- 11- ' i . . ,...-v nl M ,1- i 'r rx 5:3 . .4 . 1 iv ff""" ,- .V 74 ' vi' 56199 5' C ' 'fi' i r . a" A vjzf -, fig, ' 1' 'lui' 'o 0...!l NORMA ELAINE ORRlS "Tools" Senlember 22, 1937 General Gifieciz A special giggle Remarks: "Boy, 'rHa+'s nice duff" Ambifion: To work in siore Dislikes: Riding school bus Spoffed: ln Orris' sfore lnlra-Mural sporfs DlXlE LEE QUIGLEY "Dix" Sepfember 24, I937 General Gifiedg Willw quielness Remarks: Hlvlollier Macree' Ambifion: Work ai line Bell Dislikes: Working a+ Murplwys Spoiled: In a 'SO Ford THOMAS K, SCHROTH "Torn" November 29, I937 Academic Giffed: ln allwlefics Remarks: "Do you have any gum" Ambiiionz College Dislikes: Poor sporis Spoffed: Wlwere Were is food Smdenf Council, Yearbook, Hi-Y, Raoio Group, Class Play, Varsily Club, Varsiiy and lnirafMural Sporls, JOHN SHEARER "Corkey" No.-ev-ber PI, IQX7 General Gified: Af' NC'k Remarks: "VVFe'es Di?" Ambiiion: Frm, Dislikes: Ca"o H 's Team Spoffedz W th Dol Yearlzezk, FJ? Cl,b. ,Q ',n-. ,nn s ' x Y 95 Q ' .1 if i 1 ELSIE RHETA SHAFFER "Elsie" July I7, I937 Commercial Giffed: Wirh a baron Remarks: "l-loneslly, my word" Ambiiion: Secrefarial work Dislikes: Lower lockers Spoiled: Wifh Summerdale crowd Talenf Show, Red Cross, Choir, Maiorelle, Year- "1--73 Nui' 'xl' Q- F 1'. C I book, Class Play, Business Club, Class Officer, Plwofography Club, Inlra-Mural Sporfs, JACQUELYN SCOTT July i3, 1937 Giffed: Wifli a coquelfe's eyes Remarks: "Holy fruifu Ambiiion: To qef married Dislikes: Too much homework Spofied: Sl1elley's Drive-In "Jackie" General Maioreffe, Tri-Hi-Y, Library Club, Infra-Mural Sporfs. NELSON E. SINGER July ie, :fm Giffedr A way wifh women Remarks: "Good women" Ambirion: Office work Dislikes: Lousy spaql-ie'1i Spoffed: Camp Hill Food Fair Class Play WAYNE SlNGER May 9, 1936 Giffed: Blue eyes Remarks: "Oli boy, wkaf a qirll' Ambifion: Move fo Florida Dislikes: Living in Carfp Hill, RD I Sporfedz Harrisburg Nelson ' General "Wayne" General an i xr 1 ,aes like u 7 Gs. pI"N W fb 'i 113 Y-Q. V5 HUA' s C525 MURRAY' nR,"S.E', !oT J, ,X M, LUCILLE SOUTHERN "Lucy" Augusl' 30, I937 General Giffedi Abilily of expression Remarks: "My word" Ambilion: Secrelarial work Dislikes: Bermuda slnorls Spoiled: Wilh Wanda Choir, Business Club, Class Plays, Yearbook. RONALD LEE STAMBAUGI-I "Ron" February I6, I937 General Giffed: Score keeping Remarks: "Wl1al?" Ambifion: To conlrol Adam Slreef Dislikes: Monday morning Spoiled: Af flue Blue Pig Red Cross, Yearbook, Class Play, Class Officer, lnfra-Mural Sporls CAROL ANN STEFFY "Carol" Seplember I, I937 Commercial Gifledz Girl Scoul work Remarks: "Oh, for Pe+e's sake" Ambifion: Secrelarial work Dislikes: Windy weaflwer Spoiled: Af home Sludenl Council, Press Club, Yearbook, Business Club, Class Officer. WILLIAM EARL STEWART "Wink" May 28, I937 General Giffed: A comedians approach Remarks: "Pardon, Ma'a'n" Ambifion: Army Dislikes: Make-up assiqnmenfs Spoiled: Af home Foolball W Q.. , ,iw I ff! 2, 1 4 1 Z5 if , , K ' mr, r An Q Q X 1' il I 2 f f fn, S86 ,iii Y Y -aff 9 -4-2 an -. 'fiil' Wx 2 X-,Y KENNETH STROHECKER Seplember 8, I937 Giffed: Wiflw a slow drawl Remarks: "Don'f know, do you?" Ambifionz Undecided Dislike: Too mucln school work Spoffedz Home Hi-Y, Baseball, Track, Class Play. FRANCES THOMPSON June 23, I937 Gif+ed: Wifh neafness Remarks: "lf l flwouqhi' you knew" Ambi+ion: To live in Maine Dislikes: Color cornbinarions Spoiled: Slriulers Drug Sfore "Ken" General "Fran" General Choir, Band, Yearbook, Tri-l-liAY, Baskefball, Infra- Mural Sporls, CAROL TH URSTON "Carol" January I3, 1938 Academic Giffed: Scliolaslic abilify Remarks: "Wlna+ was flwe answer?" Ambifion: Teaclner Dislikes: Long algebra problems Spoffedz Rooseveli Sfreef Sludenf Council, Choir. Press Club, Yearbook, Tri-Hi-Y, Class Play, Class Officer, lnfra-Mural Sporfs. SHIRLEY WAGNER February 3, I936 Giffed: Friendliness Remarks: "Oh, my word' Ambifion: Beaufician Dislikes: Self expressions Spoiiedz Wa fching TV Yearbook, Phofography Club, Tri-l-li'Y. "Shir " General if 9 Zf Y Q 1 J , 5:-:df-2 if -+57 i f I 1' Xx l l 1 SW H ff 5b Q F s ,,-nf l.ORlS JUNE WALTERS Seplernber 30, 1937 Giffed: Wirlw allwlefic abilify Remarks: "Dig us, won"r you?" Ambifion: Beaulician Dislikes: Gerling up in ilwe morning Spoiled: With Sis and Norma "June" General G.A.A., Varsify and Infra-Mural Sporfs. JEROME WHTLE, JR. February I, I937 Giffedz Wifli comedy roles Remarks: "Censored" Ambifion: Armed Forces Dislikes: Parfy Poopers Spoffed: A+ Carol's house "Jerry" General Red Cross, Choir, Press Club, Yearbook, Class 'I W -lil A My Officer, Varsify and Infra-Mural Sporfs. f " HJ 1 rr , f' i I. ff r ,nn "1"-"r 1 Ir, ,, .' .xlf 0" K ,. , fs ' X -x-Ns "- J . xY .-- N - N ,- s x T xx'-- ' - ,.' A H . I -BQ' ' FI AL WANDA MAE WOLAVER "Wanda" February I4, 1937 General Giffedz ln afhlelics Remarks: "Are you in+elliqen+?' Ambilion: Electrolysis Dislikes: Too much aurliorify Spoiled: In Iver '50 Auslin Yearbook, G.A.A., Class Play, Varsiiy and Infra- Mural Sporfs. PAUL WOLF "Pasquallie" Oclcber 26, l935 General Giffed: A lvandy man Remarks: "Holy cow' Ambifion: Army or farming Dislikes: Two-lir-ning girls Spoiled: Home Var5'?y and lnfra-Mural Sporls X M 'U f' LAWRENCE STORM tu- TT 3111 'EZ'-:Let-52- J' -P-vlwnzf' 1 I ig.-v . I , n W 'ro .. i Neg T T 'REEF' ROBERT LEO RICHARD WARDEN GX! i in jgz... ii '17 w -.' .9 -1- fn t if 45, 'f T' F' 'Ql- .nl xx f HI V , Ng. KENNETH GUTSHALL GENE WEIST .f G ! T H ENQEK ELOWER YELLOW TEA ROSE COLORS BLUE and WHITE CLASS POEM Rlng oul On glad commencernenf bells Ring oul IU loyous Tune Lei' all llwy clwlrnes llme Tale 'lorelell We gradualfe ln June Four year of sweel compansonslmp Wlllmn llnese rnasslve lwalls Have made us lruends lorevermore And bound us one and all e worked and olayed and drearned and slrayed Eaclw beal upon llwe common 'raslc An won and losl and paid llme cosl Bul reaclwed our goal ar lasl e eparale lns sadly lrue Many lo meel no more u nnennory slwall always lwold Tlwese golden years ln slore Grneve nor Tor clwances pa sed away Weeo nof lor lnours now on llwe wane A+ sunruse every soul lS born agam Slng oul' Q loyous les al clwo r Bur ng some sweel remember ng lraln Pour all llwy ou ln 'llws oear our Wlnclm eclwoes lnrouglw llle s golden lraan By Elrzaberh Kelrow OUR MOTTO NOT AT Tl-lE TOP BUT CLIMBWO . , - S . . W I X , d , . ' , W s , ' ' - B l . S I All records of flue day belore are blurred: ' , l l I , sf I s ' . r f l ' f ' ll . , N . . . SENIOR WILL We. Ihe Seniors of Ihe year I955, being of sound mind, do hereby bequeafh 'rhe foIIowing ifems ITEM I To all Teachers and Underclassmenz Sincere appreciafion for 'rhe Thai has been given Io us. ITEM II To Ihe FacuI'ry: Mr. Acri ZOO-Ib. IooIbaII players Mr. Creasey Besi of IucIc in Ihe Army I Mrs. Wenrich An inieresiing companion Mrs. I'Iors'r Gian? economyvsize boI'rIe of Anacin Mrs. Neidig Be'r+er bus service if Mr. Wingeri WeII-siocked 'rroui sireams Miss Rockey A suIos'ranIiaI raise Mr. Forgie Squeaky shoes Air Mrs. Shumberger An aIarm cIocIc ' Miss Sizer New Model if ' Rev. YarneII A cIass wI g Mrs. Colesiock Pair of curb IeeIers . Mr. Barnes Auiomaiic sIeeve roIIers Iii Mrl Durand A child Ihai' appreciaies Mrs. Feirow Pair of s+iIIs Mrs. Goiwalf A cIass 'Ihai undersiands Mrs. Graham Sincere appreciafionjor Miss Gundel Bermuda shorts., Mrs. Horning Ear pIugs for Mr. I'-Iowiand A shiIIeIagh Mr. Kanaskie A group of Mrs. Long Dissecfing fools Mr. Pifer A year's Mrs. Shu'rIIesworIh Album of Miss SIceIIy Auiomaiic Mrs. SIcrannsIad Spacious desk Mr. WaIys Nerve pill for Mr. Williamson Band me bers Mr. Saufer ITEM III 5 WTO Ihe Individtis Riqbiard AIexancIer Robed' Banks S+anIey Beam Lewis worIc grades aI3iIiI'y BII uma Joyce Gingrich Jane? Greider l-larren Howansline Landeleld Lender Floryce Maller Roy McMas+er Jean Menlrzer Anira Miller Evelyn Mille? James Mongan 'Sarah Morrow L Norma Orris Dixie Quiglgy Tom Schrolh Johiiii Shearer Nelson Singer Lucy Soufhern Wayne Singer Ronnie Sfambaugh Cdiffi Sfefiyk 'aw Bill Siewaziiic Ken Srrohe er Frances Thogxpson Carol Thursfon 1 Erb F n V ' f l H X Fr 1 Ai'li , , V Abilily lo undersiand iolces ,Chevy iclcleness Cheerleading uniform Old baslcelball shoes Sweafers Driver's license Troubles wilh consecul Bainbridge lroubles Foolball abilily Boblclceeping i . eye es Y GP uielness Thefspider Webb Shorl hair Boyfygroubles Cafiiousness Wgganiglroubles l-loclcey abilily Arlislic abiwhanwi 5 Money bags Dispuling abilily My brolher A boy from Adams S Sludiousness Qld gym Car Musical Shorlness Friendliness ive freer 5'rh Gere Fullon Franlc Bodenheimer Joan Hinds Sandra Harlzell Margarel Morgan Doris Shumalcer Marsha Graham Barbara Fry Russel Hawlc James l-lileman Belly Lesh Fern Sanderson June Loper Sheila Kepner Fred Maller Joel Srnilh Joan Ballew Grace Rhodes Joan File Donald Shoemalcer Carol Kruger Donald Tirissler David Colesloclc Connie Colesloclc To a Junior David Young led Maller Elsie Long Charles Vilalls Alice Wood Frances Shean Shirley W June W Blond hair Jolces and Mischievousness Odd nickname Tight slcirfs sfockings Ronald Beam gel' ouf of classes fo fhe Juniors. lPlease use Rodger Sgrignoli Edalh done wifh a Bill Horning CLASS PROPHECY ATTENTlQN A' hands lay up lorward lo C l C Com bal lnlormaluon Cerler Today lel us vuew lhe newly developed radar sel by whuch we can delermune lhe slalus ol lhe Class ol 1955 lwenly years hence You wull observe lhal many dullucullues have been sur mounleo however al lursl glance ul seems lhal all have reached al leasl lo some degree a saluslaclory goal n The lursl puclure guves a closeup of lwo genllemen larmers Roberl Banlcs and Paul Woll who are conversung wulh Chuel Foresl Ranger Ross Brashear and hus lr end Slanley Beam ln lhe schools reporl we learn lhal Nancy Erb worlqung on a program lor May Day wulh her second grade sludenls Janel Greuder coaches a gurls champuonshup baslcelball leam and Carol Thurslon has uusl been elecled lo leach lvlalhemalucs un lhe Enola l-lugh School Connue Downey wull conducl a Dramalucs Course lor leenagers John Shearer lhe class arlusl has duslunguushed humsell al a recenl exhubuluon ol classucal paunlungs Wulluam l-lornung lhe world lamous conslrucluon enguneer us worlf ung on plans lor modernuzung lhe Grand Canyon and Thomas Schrolh has become a consullanl lor lhe Insurance Companues ol Ameruca The raulroad unduslry has claumed lwo ol our members Ronald Slambaugh and Ruchard Alexander who have gauned recognuluon lor ellucuenl operaluons They have a capable olluce personnel namely Nedra Burrus Shurley l-lowanslune Floryce Maller Anlla Muller Elsue Shaller Carol Slelly and Jean Menlzer ln lhe Tume lceeplng Deparlmenl lhe compelenl operalors ol lhe IBM ma churues are Shurley Dunlaman Evelyn Dulmer and Jean Fry Nelson Sunger us lhe consullanl lor lhus Duvusuon Shall we lurn lo lne Governmenlal Reporl7 We are unleresled lo see Reunard Landelelo wearung lhe unsugnua ola Caplan and Mul hell Lender a Commandurug Oflucer bolh ol lhe Navy Two ol lhe gurls Jacguelyn Scoll and Sarah Morrow have chosen a career wulh lhe Waves and Nancy Calhoun has uouned lhe Army Nur e Cores Serv ung un lhe Aur Force us Lueulenanl Roy lvlclvlasler and Sergeanl Wulluam Slewarl us wulh lhe Unuled Slale Army Jerome Wullle has been appounled Secrelary ol Delense ano Larry Fabuan has been accepled as an n slruclor al Wesl Pounl The Bell Telephone Company us proud ol a number ol our gurls who have become supervusors and are respon suble lor cross counlry accuracy un calls They are Gayle Brown Eluzabelh Kelrow Evelyn Muller and Frances Thompson ll us evudenl lhal Bonnue l-larren us deler muned lo have her employer Wayne Sunger sugn lhe documenls lhal Norma Orrus needs lo complele her reporl Turnung lo anolher pounl on lhe dual lhe Raduo Cor poraluon ol Ameruca has lusl publushed a reporl complu menlung Wulluam Engle James Mongan and Slanley Beam lor a new palenl lhal wull umprove lhus unduslry Karey Ensmunger chuel enguneer sends hus congralulaluons ln a news llash lhe Assocualuon ol Beaulucuans have awarded cerlulucales ol merul lo Shurley Wagner June Wallers Luculle Soulhern and Wanda Wolaver owners ol lheur own beauly shops Now a word lrom our sponsor The besl ol lood and servuce un lhe exclusuve reslauranl owned by Lewus Benner ln closung we see Joyce Gungruch and Duxue Quugley sellled comlorlably un lheur new homes bus ly enloyung lheur lamulues Our sel us blank bul lhus llash card reads l-lave lhe Courage lo Challenge lhe Evul and Faulh lo Accepl lhe Rughl Respecllully submulled Wulluam lmlornung : l. . .. .l - '. . 'cu , u , 'u " . . . . u ' ' s I . - I3 W 1 1 - . I 1 E- I I J . . g I lile. - . . ' is .. . I I: V 'I I 1 - I 1 1 P I V 1? , v Yi Mn ' 4 s : fx 1 Q . ff' 4 11" 15 h A Y X -72 f,,' 6 ' , xg 4 Z -f-, L . Nu X L? V7 V. ts 30,5 0 X A ,QM ,gr V ,G ' -561. , S31 1-K' QQ i N fi kv X- M qs 9 , pf . K ' - - A Z- 2 M4 ' 551,59 o xnf.. ,xi -1 9, 3-32 ,., KT 1 Q 1 1 fiiqfzu'-' W .5 W- ,K Q '., , ,i ' Q .f 35'-. 4 aff-A Tf-'rf MR-li 4v""v. x .0 Nw Q Sfandung Ronald Sfarnbaagn, Jean Menfzer WNIINBW1 Hornwnfx Michel! Lender Jeronne Wwe an ey Beam Larry Faba' Carol Tlnursfon, N Iso ea ed L wus e f ,I Ca Loan Jam? Gramer C r' anze Zefvney, LuciINe Sow? rr at r Nancy "THEY GAVE HIM A CO ED A Comedy of Cofieqe Lufe and Youfn f-'L 4 by We Cass N3 ,- 6, unf- , J L . 1 C " V Dfa C aries Brafi ey e-reifed. In oops fm: , .1nrn7ndML of .e 'fav and breezy es be qfmo of SM- q'."g Dean an ada e:fe'a',, Vffnen vne if "sac" 13 be G a Vanlfn a foneiy Q an Btwn a farm boy f nzef' Gan BLaIne, a 'V' creme V! We' Dale r n JJ f Cai: Slanxey Beam: ' f f Dru Cafra Raines 4 'R J .--, NW Bonnie oss Nanc Carol -'X . s Jean Shurley Nelson Dime Nancle ,aq.93acfi.7 Jerry Jack e Thursfon Gayle Slmrley F056 Frances ' ' 'if 5- Wagner Neem Comme Befs Evelyn O Om V534 We June S9 OY Reese Jan L I Q, A Sv ' ff N ,' A al ' , I I , H ww, ' , . k A A457 E R T B b A A ' N S- 14 ' MQ, , ' .fo W n 1 n 5 . . . . E, . K .Qs 'A J V 1 5 R f ji 4 ' W Bill I 1 ,, 'K ,, 'S J f . ,R . L XM f 5 2 ll , n A i u I' 5waW'f'f 5 1 I n ,, I 5 I , 5 ' I Q f si, , , K , 3 . . V Q . ws I wr, 3 ,,.,,,,,,. l nf A .-5-1. 1: G++ E si! K 2 4 A f 4 E 3 1 ? - 5 3 1... We 'Q if i ., 9 l In r .- T7 . I9 M i . mf,-A Z. ,av '2W.l'i' i A I 41 I o 5. J I S ,ffm M I , Y.4:::: ,' - 54:8 m ' ' magnum' . 4 a Meng, ww.. E li , w Lf, V fe W ' 9 Q . Wa Q ' 'Q I ,J ' 'K' I M, it v :I ,::,, V EX ,IW " I MA' K' Q A 4" ravi! 3.6! V ' I I , sv ' IQ' ' 1 , ul ,1 I V lj, 1, . ,Q H A , W ,, l X ff f 3, W .W ' ,V ' I r . FN y V' ', . A , ' 1 f- ,, m 3, f , . . , ,, ' .Y X ' wp 1 u QQ K Q v Q Y 1 f , 4 . s , , , f ' Q , . , If 3 Q Q, 5 5 , , H 'L ,.v ' W 1 ., ' . 1 W 6 1 ' 2 I Q 1 P E gf kr .. ' 2 . U' g ,X of ffifpx 5 5 i I ,? Q 3 5 E N A f 41 I V 4' , .....,.,, 4, WN., , W ,..,N:.i LW- ,ug ky r. 1 I " A-V " ' ,' ' ' :r:'w .., , .... -, ff 'W 'i,.,, f'f 51 55' 1s 1w Ecol as-o"S'f-1" ...ilffiz 2 -- , , Gm M WWW, 4 7 I 1 'W--4-5 f-....-..-..:., -,-, , ,, ,, ......--......, ., -.i....-.1-.-f-.--9 -Y .... .. w..v.-.5 -E - :zz Q. I. -L-A E jm 1 :Q g1f Efefh 2 'K . SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS 5 s 4? au., Sfanding: Fred Dirwvlck Mr. Creasy, KaHwy Wiseqarver Seafed: Dick Boyer, Gregory Berberf, Em!-,f Clark. C. FRANK SPNUTEQ Advisor X-I As We Were Concer+ Cuke Tom 8 Anchor Clanker hs 'Q We Won' Plnlcy Smdes Comm s Par The Winner 'sa WHO7 Double d p Learn Anyfnunq Sfafely Sensors Field Trap The Ponfuac Lunch fume Z2 umur 5 . itll 'N Q5 5 Q '4?3Vw'A!' 5 :Zvi ty L :JI 1 -4 Q 4 P1 A' ,v 2 ' . p 7 4 Qu - , M M 8 ' , f . Q f 41 rw- n I nouns 5 Q I W - -W 'V V .--,. X. 2 -0 , J ii.. 12. QW wk , fn.. f :b f-Aw Awy, 7 MM! ,.WM.,.g.. ,, A" "' "' 1' 'N N-'H ii '-'---' P U 1' 4 ' Mu- - Aa-:avr dau 1- .aus 'W --assi l a f ,,,,,,., N'---Q---f-' W um + , . 9 V . f 1 . .. I I "A . 5 ' " 1 , H5 if ' I E: - N A M It - , 3, . .. , ..,n. , J. ,,,..., 4, ,WW . A T 1 'P "Vi-' K l M b ,ilw JA ft- X L ' -1- ' I--3 . au- I r , 1 ,. ., , ' Q, 11. x Nil fi 124 ' 'f "" -. --va,-,,.gyp1 W- I .,.....-1- -an -Y 41. ffl' 7-C FronfRow-Lef1+o Righfz S. Shoemaker, L. WCW, P. Hafshbafgef, J. Podeiqer, M. Harnaicer, P, Gfil D. Hedricics, M, Sfoop, S. Rorberqer, E. Waiis, M. We"z, D. Dibert Second Row-Leff +o Righ+ D. Yohe, B. Rudy, L. Sharnakef, D. Srnifn, T. Wha en, V. S"A'?, A. F-ide, G. Schreiber, N. Qdigiey M. Sfone. C. Wagfef. Third Row-Lef? fo Right L. Wa'Pe', P. Sampson, L, Ross. D. Seier R. Sfrohecicer, R. Save, P. Sheiiy, J. Srnifh, B. Trodfnfan, D. Gohn, B.Sma11?ng,V,TEmOfFy. 7-D Fronf Row-Lefi fo Righ+: J. Gmshaii K. Cook, F. Dile "L Bechfei, P, Ge'her', S, Zalqief, N Dive'y, R. ROQWS, R. Lupoid, J. Lifzenbdrgef. Second Row-Leff fo Righf: S. Sione. W. Gr'fi'fF G. Eriord, D. Brown, R. Wood, E. Hoifry, B. Pcffer. J. Kapffwan. Third Row-Leif io Righiz W. Hoffman, W. Frey, J. Kepner, C. Vfiiiiams, E. Bowman, D. Pianfz, T. Morgan. ,f 7-E Froni Row-Leff 'lo Right T. Comp, E. CaSsei,H.Bo'+cf1, G. Gocdrfan, S. Cessel, 6, Yohn, S. Win- gavd, S. Messirner. Second Row-Leff fo Right: R, Sfambaogh, C Williams, R. Benner, N. Man, back, M. Bfewbalcer V. Dershne, J, M"e'. Third Row-Lef+ io Right: E. Bushey, S. Di+rner R. Cass-e'i, D. Hecken, R. Fisher, R. F'o'z, H, Fausnaog", D. Barup. Xivx , A 4 9 cv Q 3 Z, Q E W ' 1 SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL CHORUS Froni Row-Leif fo Righf: J. Fosler, L. Soulhern, W. Quigley, J. Menfzer, B. Furman, K. Wisegarver, J. Ballew, G. Rhoades, C. Chronisfer, J. Graham, M. Frey, J. Kauffman, F. Kinler. Second Row- Lefl' 'fo Right N. Erb, C. Downey. S. Fabian, B. Ponfius, J. Jeffries, C. Byler, B. Knighl, G. Rider, J. File, C. Kruger, B. Fry, C. Kramer, S. Kepner, C. Colesfoclc, Mrs. Shulllesworrh. Third Row- Leff fo Right: H. Shaelfer, R. Colesroclc, G. Fulron, G. Berberl, K. Erb, C. l-leilrel, K. Bressler, M. Graham, V. Fry, B. Morgan, E. Noalmer, V. Pelrie, M. Famous, D. Jones, V. Crouse. Fourfh Row- Leff fo Righf: G. Morgan, L. Fabian, S. Beam, W. Miller, J. Seiler, F. Bodenheimer, B. Barge, D. Colesloclc, W. Engle, R. Alexander, L. Liddiclc. J. Wilrle, B. Weaver, T. Trissler, K. Ensiminger, D. Boyer, J, Paulus. The members of lhis group are chosen from rhe renrh. elevenrh, and rwellrh grades. Alrer a series of 'rryours lo clelermine such qualiiicarions as range ol voice, lone qualify, sighr-reading abilily, and a personal desire ro worlc, a complemenl of sixry voices is selecled. Credir 'foward gradualion is granled for lhis specialized lraining. An unusual and oulslanding Chrislmas program under lhe direclion of Mrs. Lillian Shulllesworlh, Supervisor ol Music in lhe Junior-Senior High School, was presenred in lhe Lurheran Church. The choirs of all churches in rhe communiry were inviled ro ioin lhe high school chorus in a combined service for rhis occasion. A guesl' harpisr, Mrs. Marie Mellman Naugle, played and accompanied several of lhe seleclions. ln addilion, 'rhe program in- cluded a seleclion from rhe combined iunior choirs of rhe cornmunily under rhe direclion of Mrs. Marie Ryder. Serving as narrafors for rhis musicale were Rev. Franklin Pafsche, Rev. Edward Yarnell, and Mrs. Mary Shumberger. Mrs. Clara Forgie was rhe organisr. The church, which was filled ro capaciry, provided an impressive selling for rhe Chrislmas message in pageanrry and song. Our sincere rhanlcs ro Mrs. Shurrlesworrh and rhose individuals who made lhis presenlarion possible. Among 'rhe seleclions 'ro be given lor The Easier-Spring Season will be rhe following: "ln Sleadlasl Fairh l S+and" Bach "All In rhe April Evening" Roberron "Ave Verum" . .. . , . Mozarl "Were You There?" . . . . Arr. Burleigh "ll"s a Grand Nighl for Singing" Rodgers "A Violin ls Singing in lhe Sheer" Arr. Kosherz "The Orches'rra" .. , Schuman "The Happy Wanderer". Arr. Ehrel' and Lamonl "My Lord, Whal A Mornin' " , Arr. Burleigh 'Climbin' Up fhe Mounl'ain" Arr. Smilh "Every'rime I Feel lhe Spirir" Arr. Krone "Rock-A My Soul" H.. . . Arr. de Vaux "Jacob's Ladder" .. .... Arr. Van Chrisry "CharloHown". . . .. Arr. Bryan "The Heavens Are Telling" .. . .. Hayden "Alleluia" . . .. . ..... .Thompson S Q' n r 1iIggg ,, if WM M, , ,IR ,sag A 'f:'Ff,.?,',f-Pai Q sbs fig. Q M ' X ' fi. 33 .i-v-- 3 1 1 . ' 4 . ' . -T. . M A . , v, nw x 5 XT gy . Q ' ff vw is 1 -:mf 'H wi - i .' I X 1 if 'ALE ts 1 W X I? T mv i Y " 'Q 1- 5 , .W I ' WGA ' 7 ix it Y il 'NX ff 'T Yah Q ,assi if u,:3 is-' ' fix ft? :-rv u. , ,, .. un.. 4.45 7 u if f-::::::::-g- ix - fiffg---r '.' If Vg. if S.:.g,.?gffff.f,. I 1 . .. nfl!-' - -. 2. '4-5:1 . -- E fr LV.. - . 's 'ii N- ' - In '39, Ui Q "'f-.5 - ,A 1 4. C ' to -IL! M' Q . ,Kr , ,A,. ll :yin K' :T tg ,. I w 54. fy 55, Z! . .4 ,Mfg A, .vp . i, , , E J 2 I ' Z' 5 ' .I 1 Q , . - - f fe an ,H ff I Q rr , ,A l A L L I 4 i I . ,,, , ' :a 1 F - V - V f ,Q M ... , . -. ui . -... A A , 1 1 ug 'ff .. 5 ' , ' X A. , ' , . - 4 'r . -W , Mn: nv: , ' I sw Q - -1, -.,,- 1- .1- . 5 .fg ......' . . ' f '.... .V V... 2- an ,,,1' 4 "'-'..wk"' '- ------ E V ' 2 f 1 ll X V 1 png' f1- ,Q W-kefiw 4 f 3 bmi Yi !, . f' .- ,. . ii a i 1' L w 4 8 , L X Q t i w 5 r I 1 , A, Lfk ' 1 Ah g ' 5 'I 1 5 f 1 --wif fl S n. ELSE' : 1 f X' Sv- I 1 i K h I . , 4, l J g M .. , 12 :ga I ' .3 mg' A , -. X' 4 -,ali JK? , x' ' I ff N x " 1 . A ,K -. a 90 1 -4' C, If , ig.. 5... :9.ff+- an I f V v . . 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Third and MarIxe'f Lemoyne, P Phone - hone - Cen'I'raI PennsyIvania's F. CO. os onore i Beef and Provisions I ' 334 oui' Second S+reeI' 2O+h an err S'I'reeIs, Harrisburg, Pa. ' ' Phone 4-I I8I - 4-I,-,-I IRWINS DAIRY Yin.. Q il C . .. I I iv , alerlng +0 fhe Families on +he Wesl' Shore l I" Wi+h Ihe Finesl in Dairy Producls MllK'CllEAM 5I5 Soufh 32nd Slreel' g Camp Hill, Pennsylvania Phone: Harrisburg 7-236I Compllmenls of B Q B S T A V E R N S Roberl and Ka+he Eppley LEMOYNE PENNSYLVANIA ENOLA PENNSYLVANIA ORRISGROCERYSTORE SCHREIBER GROCERY ocerles as WEST ENOLA PENNSYLVANIA R D 4 Meehan csbu g Pennsylvania Phone 4 9082 PEALER S FLOWER SHOP P Specializing in Floral Designs Corsages Our Specially Phone Harrisburg 7 3474 Camp Hull Pennsylvania ' z Gr ' - G - Oil . . . , i r, ' - - I Q ' ' Ill III II! "V ""'1""' I IUPUI!!! Mu I 5 ll! Complamenfs of SH U LL'S BAKERY Phone Marysvnlle I72 Sold Coasf Io Coas+ CAPITAL RADIO and TELEVISION COMPANY 7+h and Walnuf S+ree+s Phone CE 3 6736 One Hour TV Service Radio Con+roIIed Trucks LEMOYNE PENNSYLVANIA Hofpomf WhnrIpooI Ironrlfe Youngsfown Appliances ZENITH RCA ADMIRAL Televnslon R B CULLENS SALES SERVICE 307 Bridge Sfreef 300 S. Froni' Sfreei New Cumberland, Pa Wormleysburg, Pa Phone 2 0056 Phone 2 I444 6. HOllINGER INC Lemoyne Penna LUMBER MILL WORK 8 8 ISI Phones or Harrisburg 8 9477 E ROCKEY TRANSPORTATION CO Suxlh S'rree+ and P R R lbs ROCKET STORM ca Llzo VAN LINES MOVING and STORAGE CRATING and SHIPPING Phone Harruslourg 4OI29 PAUIUS SAlES 6. SERVICE U S Roufe II and I5 Overview P O Box 4I Summerclale Penna SALES PARTS Aufhorlzed Servnces Lawnmowers Traclors Saws Saws Sei and Sharpened Knife Grinding l C BAIEOUR COMPANY Known Wherever There Are Schools and Colleges Class Rings and Plns Invrlahons Diplomas Personal Cards Club Inslgma Medals and Trophues W. G. ROSS I20 S. Second Sfreel Wormleysburg, Pennsylvanua M. . OTTO , . l I I BUILDING suPPLlEs NSII 3 llal , ji I Compllmenfs KENEES cur RATE HOWANSTINES FOOD MARKET Candy Tobacco Maga1"'eS Borden s Ice Cream Phone 39I5I Phone "' MARYSVILLE PENNSYLVANIA Soufh Enola Pennsylvania THREE GABLES LIPSCOMB s HARDWARE J F PENNY Proprle'I'or Hardware Pamf and Glass Hospu+aIn+y Service Good Food Seed perhhzers A+Ianhc ualufy Producfs Flshmg Tackle and TOYS I-Qi 24 Hou' Serwce Phone 3 9888 I8 S Enola Drlve Phone 8 2082 Camp Hull Pennsylvanla Enola Pennsylvama 1 Emergency A Full lme gf SUTLIFF CHEVROLET COMPANY Serwce Product and l3+I1 and Paxfon Sireefs AAA Accessorues Harrisburg Penna OWENS GULF SERVICE 38'I'I'1 and Marlzei' Sfreef CAMP HILL PA Phone REgen+ 7 9I63 Aufo Pamhng Experi Hafmbufg A Speclalfy Mefal Work C"mP""'e"'5 HARPER S GULF STATICN Furs? Avenue and Sfafe Road R I D G E S Marysvllle Penna SERVICE STATION Tures Baiferues Accessorues Enola Road Enola Pa phone 9263 of I a Q u . ' T- ll Ii L.. -.X I I of - Sales "' Service f cnmgouzr J. PAUL HARKISON LEMOYNE PENNSYLVANIA D . C . M I L L E R SERVICE STATION Handmade Leafher Goods HC Gas 30l Soufh Enola Drive Enola, Pennsylvania HEMPT BROTHERS Crushed S+one Sand Translf Mixed Concreie CAMP HILL PENNSYLVANIA PHONE HARRISBURG 743II CHARLES E YETTER 42 N Enola Drive Phone 3 4022 INSURANCE AGENT All Casually Lines Aufomobile Bonds ire TH E FRIENDLY STATION H P BAIRS PAINT SHOP s B sHovER Baked Enamel Aulo Palnhng Alllas -l-'res Ballenes Body and Fender Repairing Accessories 59 Soufh Enola Drive CAMP HILL PENNA Soufh Enola Pennsylvania Phone 3 93 54 F. l J THE BEETEM IUMBER 8. MANUFACTURING COMPANY Dealers in LUMBER and MILL WORK of ALL KINDS MAIN OFFICE and MILL LEMOYNE PLANT 400-500 Easf Nor+h Sfreei' Third and Bosler Avenue Carlisle, Pa. Lemoyne, Pa. Phone: Carlisle 3 Phones: Harrisburg 8-676I - 8-6762 PHOTOGRAPHS OF DISTINCTION SHAHIAN One Hundred and Two Norfh Second SI'reeI' Phone 2 8580 HARRISBURG PENNSYLVANIA FARM 81 HOME SUPPLY COMPANY INC PAUL W GESSNER MOTORS 3527 Wed 'HI' Sffeef Sales and Se v ce KL Chesfer Penna N J Ibfh and Markef S+reeIs 7 Camp Hull Pennsyl an a Phone 7 348' Supplying Merchandise 'Io Fra+e nal Orders and School Classes for Fund Raising Purposes COMPLIMENTS L W I T FIRESTONE MOTORS I029 Marlzei' Sfreef Lemoyne Pennsylvama HARRISBURG S FAMOUS STORE FOR MEN FOR BOY' 6' 91 Z2 5 .SGW ALWAYS RELIABLE 320 nnxzr STRZIT uuuussunc N. 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G I T S II u I u I I I3I'l1 WILMONT KELLER Oldmbl COMPLIMENTS y e ff? FRIEND L N FREYSINGER PONTIAC 3 8523 FRKW FIVE 81 TEN MARYSVILLE PENNSYLVANIA FRANCIS FOR FORDS 9 +I. C MUTZABAUGH S HARRISBURG PENNA DUNCANNON ENOLA 2 7245 SUPER SERVICE B A D D O R F S Summerdale, Penna Phone 3 I777 BADDORF S CUT RATE SUMMERDALE PENNA s o ie Mar svill , Pennsylvania of a ZPXKN ,M Eg.: .K ff!! ' - . X farwuna annum '-Z' Fifi' IS37 Bridge S+ree+ Compliment o . . aHs - New Cumberland H sburg Penna. , . ' 'A lb 9 Sou.. ameron Sfreei Home-Dressed Meais R Phone: 226 Phone: - I I M BRENNER 8. SONS INC COMPLIMENTS Wholesalers Ricci s HOTEL CANDY DRUGS WEST FAIRVIEW PENNSYLVANIA Harrisburg Penna CONGRATULATIONS I'oI'I1e SENIORS 5 I - Z - I 1 l OF I 7'rI1 and Division Sfreefs of I 9 5 gy INTER COLLEGIATE PRESS Kansas Cnty cub' harp love' Ma'J'a1'.'e's Boch Bundf FACTOR' -4OME OFFNCE -,-- - .-- -Q, , ., f-.,- Hgh' . " , '- . ,..."" ' sf? 1' -X .vk-31+ -' 4 -. ., , V '- ..'- 2' ,,.'-:- Q Q kg . . " .oy .. 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Suggestions in the Enola High School - Enolian Yearbook (Enola, PA) collection:

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