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vibe' .si 2 xv f"'1,"E :,,L,..g'f+"" i f E 1- ' fwxffvgjq LIBBI f ,if X ggi ,J'3"" S9 Hbnfima p bllSh d fhg S n ENOLA HIGH SCI-IOOL la .E U Q 2 IOY' Cb-xss Eno Dehhsylvahla .6 4, ii-fig A S ,s lti':L. ui. tv, ' I.. 'O ? E 4 f .4- L .xgfma Wafer Lnola High I love you Your halls are dear to me Your colors ever Hoat on high Where all the world may see Here loye mcl fnenclslnp rally lo make your mme more hright. Here loyal sons your banners raise And fling them to the light. Here loyal sons your banners raise And Hing them to the light. CHORUS So here s hurrah hurrah hurrah' Enola High for me VV1th heart and hand I firmly stand Against the world for thee. Here s to your waving banner Dear Orange and Black, to you. XVith honor, love, and loyalty, I promise to be true. 2:24 0l"QlfU0l" 1111 g1.1c1 ' ' ' 1 1111'v11 HV' 11111111111 1111-X1 111 111 .1111 .1 111111111.11x.111 411- fjlll' 111111111 111 ww: 1111r111Q11 111r' 11.121-N 11? 111111101111 v1111f' L11-c11f'.111r111 11:1Qv' 1M 111 1111111114 1111- 111111 Ac1111i11iN11'.11r1p 111111 111lKl' , . . ., '1 x"' .1' ,i. 1r':1r111'1'- 111111 .111 I11IIllI1.l11I1N .. 1111., 11111 111 1IX1ll 111 111 111111 gf'1111111x, .7 0 ! C0l'lf8I'l ia 111 fl 1 IX1 1011K V111 0 1Jc1c11c'g '1111 15111 1111 k1'I1r1I' C11:1w ff1f1xw2 KH' A1114 S1 ' , .'-1't1x1A111r-111x 3' f4f"' 'VIR IOHN H M-X'NNINf le Wim L the claus of Flftx two proudlw dndlcitc our xcwirbook to Wannln our Nhth tmchar 'md fuvnd c wxsh to thank hlITl fox thc wvaxs hz has put up xuth ue 'md t L unsrlhsh hclp hm gin ln PI'lIJ'1IlI'lU for thv umm Scmor dmmr dfmcc M in Fndusa r hm nrqed m on to qrmtcr 'lfhlfki me nte ind Qurcus xx F-. ' Q . 4- , I Ii -A I X .. H .. X ,, wr , f ,flag , ,gfrf 1,00-' :Q ,jir i t 'Egfr kv A715 h h h f -' 1 ' v v V - - . - . . A . g A I g O O O I I Mr. . ' ff. . . -. - . " . FJ h- . .Alv.' .tim J ' ,K ' I ' 4 ,..'. L 'lf' ' , 2 4 ."'- , ,.. . 1 . m.:zag'v,,, , fr ,, M 5,'L4l if r fy . 5 A Mr. Eugene Wingert Mr. Raymond Forgie Supervising Principal Principal Physics History Shippcnshurg State Tcachcrls College Pennsylvania State College, B.S. M.Ed. :ig 4 'Q 2.1 Mrs. Anna Crunkleton i History Edge Hill Preparatory Q g ' 'WN- School 4' ' X Millersville State Teacher's Collge -.,,..-- 'qu ,K - 1 M Mr. Clyde Hoover Retired Supervising Principal Harrisburg Academy, Dickinson Preparatory School, Dickinson College, A.B. Allegheny College. A.ll. University of Pittsburgh an-5, -1- 1 . I Mrs. Esther Long Biology, Chemistry. French I, II Dickinson College, A.B. University of Wisconsin. M.A. Mrs. Tirzah Smith Mathematics Millersville State Teacher's College Lebanon Valley Co B.S. "-il . .gx llega I- Mrs. Ruth lNClCllg Mrs. Lucille Horst Secretary Nurse .0 "7 S Enola High School Protestant Episcopal 1941 Hospital, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Mrs. Virginia Colestock English Shippenshurg State Teacher's College, B.S. lk 'CTS ,A a: 1 , sr R' 1.. fn-Q 6-i"7' .1 ,' . ,B . ff? Jiri' Q v o r l 5 A ' , 1: lf ,. fwa Mrs. Gladys Gotwalt English Dickinson College. AB. Mrs. Bertha Graham Business Education Beckley College. Shippensburg Teach:-r's College, Elizabethtown College, BS. --P7 ,Q 0 S Mrs. Mary Horning History Shippensburg State Teacher's College, Elizabethtown College, AB. 'M' ,,..w-xiii!" Miss Nellie Lack Business Education Bloomsburg State Teacher's College, Indiana State Teacher's College, Beckley College MIS Mary Gundel Mr John Holzinger Physical Education Manual Arts Health if 3, Millersville State Pennsylvania State Teacher s College B S. College B S Columbia University 'wiv 'H-fur' 0-uuaasl'l"P'h M..-fM"f'!!' ISJT George P. Rote Physical Education Health Temple University Westchester State Teachers College, B.S. Mrs. Lillian Shuttles- worth Music Supervisor Combs Conservatory, West Chester State Teacher's College, Columbia University, B.S. Mrs. Ruth E. Miller History Lebanon Valley College, A.B. Ls gay . writ' 5 -og' Miss Betty Sizer Geography Shippensburg State Miss Mary Skelly Latin, journalism. English Teacher's College. HS. Dickinson College. A.B. .66 Ski Q , -- wr ar. - -if S 34,21 .ex-g 2 ,-1' lf. -'. 1 Mrs. Louise Skramstad N Home Economics "'A ff in Mansfield State Teachefs 3 i ,KR V f College, KS. , U ' if M M -6 5 Mrs. Irene NVQ-nrieh Business Education Bloomsburg State Teacher's Colle e BS. g v Teacher's College. Columbia L'niversity. MA. Mr. Dewey Williamson Band Instructor Peabody Conservatory lx YQ.:-nf QIILOI' Cfaifcf OMCQl'J N 5 "' 9' i?i"-Ml Presldent john Bender Vlce President Wayne Walters Secretary Mary Stambaugh Treasurer Beverly Adams H1stor1an Shxrley Ulsh CLASS COLORS CLASS FLOWER Maroon and Gray Whlte Carnauon CLASS MOTTO Before us hes the umber Let us bulld O U , A V W, Ma f afs, Y" Lf . . . . - 4 , , . A .. r, , f . ,ip f 'sly' ' f x A 0, 7. .-5 -, xg P - ' ' ' N Q. 1, . " :. -H" Patsy Jean Bamhart Npatil Red Cross l,2,3,4g Business Club 45 Spectator staff 3,4g Chorus 25 Yearbook 4 Course: General Characteristic : Loves to dance 1' i W Future Plans: To see the world VKTQ, -9" ' V 1-i-NA, 2 vi-t so ,vs 15. L' O 1-Lx? , - :A .ag 1 1 1 4 J N Beverly jean Adams G iYi9l Home Ec 2,3,4 Chorus 2 Course: Commercial Characteristic : Pleasing personality Future Plans: Color Technician in Photography George Melvin Baltozer 6KBaltyl1 Orchestra 3,45 Band l,2,3,4g Chorus 4 j.V. FootbaH, Basket- ball 3 Cours: General Characteristic : Always ready with a wise crack Future Plans: Orchestra leader K QT: John Henry Bender KCtl'Ohnny,, Yearbook 43 Spectator staff 3,45 Play 3,4g A Cappella 2,3,4g Chorus 2: Student Council 4 Course: Commercial Characteristic : Takes part in everything Future Plans: To be a success 5-.400 james Milton Billow CGIzzy,, Class play 4 Course: General Characteristic: That laugh! Future Plans: Undecided 3- ' 5 , x 'W-. Q ' 'L7 H" 57: . f ' Robert Edward Beam "Speed" Stage hand 3 Course: General Characteristic : Good mechanic Future Plans: Airplane mechanic 1 . .P .H 'iq ,fr rx . H 'QQ-I a-'E ,f t w-' Q V- ' -4 la , l L KZ' Frances Marie De Benedetto "Fran" Hostess Club l,2,3,4: Home Ec. 1,2,3 Course: General Characteristic : Pretty black hair Future Plans: To travel ffm 3 ns' .JI 1,? john Henry Cooper "john" Football 1,2,3,4g Track 2: Baseball 3,4g Varsity Club 2,3,4: Class Play 3,4 Course: Academic Characteristic: Tall and lanky Future Plans: Engineering School Robert Myers Davis iCBOb7, Football l,2g Basket- ball 2: Class Play 3: Chorus 2 Course: General Characteristic: lNears a Lemoyne Jacket Future Plans: Auto Mechanic QA, , . 'Q- If Doris Ann Duda "Doris" Band 3,4g Business Club 4 Course: Commercial Characteristic: Friend to all Future Plans: To become a secretary KN? N-'-QV Phyllis Ann Eckerd S6Phyl11 Basketball 2,3: Art Club 2,35 Hostess Club l,2,3,4g Yearbook 4: Student Council l,2,3,-l: Chorus 1 : Class Play 4 Course: General Characteristic: Her way with boys Future Plans: To be an interior decorator xx ' -ks -a-gs' if 'if' sinn- Gayle Audre Deckman CCGay1e,, Basketball 2,3,4: Class play 3g Band 2,3,4g Library 3,4-: Acappella 2,3,4 Course: General Characteristic : That giggle Future Plans: To marry that certain guy it Y?"-e7 35. i 11: Frances Elame Foster Elame GA A l Basketball 1 2 Busmess Club 4 Yearbook 4 Chorus 1 2 3 4 A Cappella 1 2 3 4 Class Play 4 Course General Characterlstlc That soprano VOICC Future Plans To smg and Walt for that guv -Z I Donald Morrxs Fake Don Football 3 Course General Character-1st1c uletness Future Plans New Car Delores Jane Famous Dee Chorus 1 A Cappella 2 3 4 Hostess Club 1 Class Play 3 4 Llbrarv Club 3 4 Busmess Club 4 Course General Characterxstlc Tall and pleasant Future Plans To travel F- sr ails Helen LOUISE Frymlre Helen Hostess Club 1 2 3 4 Chorus 2 Course General Charactensuc Better late than never Future Plans To see the world -'-if 'mlce Marlene Clvler ame Hostess Club l Student Councnl l A Cappella 2 3 4 Course General Characternstlc Qulet and frlendlx Future Plans To travel i' 'Q-v"!f J oyce Marle Foster Honey Busmess Club 4 Art Club l Yearbook 4 A Cappella 2 3 4 Course General Characterxstlc Sweet d1spos1t1on Future Plans To travel and marrv that certam .r N ,vb 35 1' X-4r'lY 'lv 1 3 55 45 Robert Nelson Hart KLBOb9, Course: General Characteristic : Curly hair F uture' Plans: Navy Arlene F ae Greider "Arlene" Art Club 2: Yearbook 4: Spectator staff 2: Class Play 35 G.A.A. 3,4 Course: General Characteristic: What? A driver! Future Plans: To tour U.S. with Rog? if 'fl N Shirley Louise Hamm akm- 1' "Shirley" Library Club 3,45 Business Club 4: Yearbook Staff 45 Chorus 2,3,4 Course: Commercial Characteristic: Those beautiful eye lashes Future Plans: Secretary and that certain guy any A '-'CFA gs. Ng '- 3 I 2 .' Vlvlan Mar La Hummel Barbara Ann Kauffman -'Ui ..- V V ,Q vb' John Irvin Holtry IC-Iohnff Course: General Characteristic: A ready smile Future Plans: Farming 3 "Dolly" Chorus 2,3,4g Class Play 3 Course: General Characteristic: Her questions Future Plans: Nurse "Barb" Library Club 4: Chorus 2 Course: General Characteristic: Cute giggle Future Plans: To work at the Bell 'RC iv -A Wilma Roberta Long "Snoob" G,A.A. 3,45 Yearbook 45 Spectator 25 Red Cross 3,45 Class Play 3, A Cappella 2,3,4g Student Council 1,4 Course: General Characteristic: Oh, those brains! Future Plans: Banker we Glennis Jean Kelly "Glenny" Business Club 4 Course: Commercial Characteristic : Sparkling eyes Future Plans: Secretary -5 Michael Edward Miller GkEd1, Football 3,4 Course: General Characteristic: Quietness Future Plans: Construction work i James Readmond Krecker Siilidrnif Football 2,3,4 Course: General Characteristic : Those comic books Future Plans: Navy 41" w if , I If, 'ff J fx VF rw- . , i Y, K-J ,ff s Joseph David Moloney KiJ'0e,, Football l,2,3,4g Basketball l,2,3,4g Track 1,25 Varsity Club 2,3,4g A Cappella 2,3,4 Course: General Characteristic: Beautiful bass voice Future Plans: Undecided P 92 1' Til is X ' ' Russell Michael McGarvey KSMike,, Football 4 5 Varsity Club 4 Course: General Characteristic: Happy go lucky Future Plans: To judge a beauty contest Ni' s--,,l' ' x 'to . 4 4 N..- ,. 1 Gloria Jean Roddy "Gloria" Cheerleader 1,2,3,4: Art Club 2g Business Club 4: Yearbook 4: Class Play 3,4 Course: Commercial Characteristic: A fast typist Future Plans: Business career 'vlb 1 14 Clinton Allen Orris Donald Eugene R hoads I '.' J ff5""1 , .' f s Q, K, .ff , 'iBud" Oz , "'- " 6 Course: General Class Play 32 Characteristic: Yearbook 4 T, Always clowning Course: General J Future Plans: Characteristic: 'Q Navy Always joking iq' X' P Future Plans: Uncle Sam Q. PLSQ N X X ,ff . he ' ' i A X ' 5 A f iw 5 Carolyn Ann Rodgers . , I, lny. A .V E- F 4 ccRuStyss A Kathy xx 6 -J V i 'Tw W wx Q ' ff 'K' Ronald Dale Rupley CSDalef, Science and Camera Club 1.2: H.Y. 1.2: Yearbook 4 Course: General Characteristic: Never has his homewo done Future Plans: To travel rk aQ1'4W'W Y' v-17" William Edwin Seitz "Bill" Basketball 1.23.41 Football 1,2: Baseball 1,2,3,4: Varsity Club 3.4: Yearbook 4: Class Play 3 Course: Academic Characteristic: That crew hair cut Future Plans: To retire at 18 Yearbook 4g Band 1,2,3,4g Spectator Staff 3,4-g Chorus 2.3.4 Course: General Characteristic: Her way with a baton Future Plans: To become a nurse if 404' , 0.4 N0 Av' y fr ,L Arthur Charles Sgrignoli "Braner" Football 3 Course: General Characteristic: That farrner's walk Future Plans: To be a paper hanger Rosemary Lou Shelley "Shelley" Home Ec. 1,23 Chorus 2 Course: Commercial Characteristic: Shyness Future Plans: 6 t,Z.",fj Roger Henry Shover lCR0g,, Football l,2,3,4g Basketball 1 g Track 1, 2,3,4g Varsity Club 2,3,4 Course: General Characteristic: A good sport Future Plans: The service -are P s 'lg 9i "Sli 'ui W F S t . A . ak? -sf if' ii Robert Jerome Smith 4KBObYY Football l,2,3g Basket- ball l,2,3g Baseball 33 Track 2: Varsity Club 3,4g Red Cross 2 Course: General Characteristic : His way with women Future Plans: Air Force and that certain girl Aviatrix We laik .,,.'M fm 1 A, X f Y'-.. 7' 47-. 1 x gf Doris jean Sourbeer "Doris" Basketball l,2,3,4: Art Club l : Spectator Staff 2: Red Cross l : Chorus l g Class Play 4 Course: General Characteristic: Y Short and talkative Future Plans: To travel ii LeRoy William Sites "Triple Threat" Track 1,2,3g Football 2,3,4g Basketball 2,3 Course: General Characteristic: His way with women Future Plans: Travel - . .gt ,""'i W . A- :GQ 1 Athi 5,1 Q" ' fd' sf! I Patsy Ann Stewart Clpatii Tri-Hi-Y 1,23 Library 1,2g Yearbook 4g Cheerleader 1,23 Class Play 2,4 Course: General Characteristic : Small but mighty Future Plans: Be a bookkeeper or a housewife Nr Gary Bert Staley Klstumpil Class Play 3 Course: General Characteristic: The Green Hornet Future Plans: Service rq . I """'Qf V J "Y . t .. E -x T 5 Shirley Yvonne Ulsh "Shirley" Basketball 1,2,3,4g Cheerleader 2,3,4g G.A.A. 1,2,3,4g Business Club 4: Yearbook 45 Spectator staff 2,3,4: Class Play 3,4: Chorus 2,3,4 Course: General Characteristic : Athletic build Future Plans: Business career Mary Elizabeth Stambaugh ClMary,, Basketball l,2,3.4: Cheerleader l,2,3,4g Art Club 2g Business Club 45 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4 Yearbook 4 3 Spectator, staff l,2,3,4g Class Play 3,4 Course: General Characteristic: Her athletic ability Future Plans: Run an orphan's home 'L' 0 A tv- l"'Wli"'i"fi 7 5 ,, R 5 : S' , , Bit . , 5' s 'ATV 2. , 1 1 . Nissley Carl Vandling llcarllf Class Play 3,4g Red Cross 1,2,3,4: Orchestra 2: Band 1,2,3,4g Yearbook 41 Chorus 1 Course: General Characteristic: Short and talkative Future Plans: To travel CP KJ Denver Lee Tuckey "Tucker" Chorus l,2,3,4 Football 2,4g - Class Play 3 Course : General Characteristic : Working ability Future Plans: To retire at 21 f 1' f . at g, : li g M 4 3' gall ibm va' Q-. "k", Madge Alta Wheeler Toots Hostess Club l 2 4 Red Cross 2 Yearbook 4 Chorus 2 Course General Characteristic Nice and friendly Future Plans Get Married ugawxt mi. f we-H? 1 3 ,W wi David Delano Wagner "Big Dave" Football l,2,3,4g Varsity Club 3,4 Course: General Characteristic: Friend to all Future Plans: Judge a beauty contest 'Q 0-3 4-"'7 Charles Allen Wilson Charlie Basketball 'S Baseball 3 4 Football 2 '5 Red Cross 2 '3 4 Course General Characteristic Beautiful blond hair Future Plans To own a new eep Station YN a on Wayne Richard Walters Glwaynefi Football 1,2,3,4g Baseball 3,4: Track 1,23 Chorus 2,3,4: Yearbook 4g Varsity Club 3,45 Class Play 3,4 Course: General Characteristic: That grin Future Plans: To own a new ford Victoria la ixnf Sondra Elaine Wriqhtstone Sondra Home Ec 2 '3 4 Business Club 4 Course Commercial Characteristic ulet and studlous Future Plans W orking at the Bell ,.. sw- .-,V .1 . I, 'cf' .. 'L 1 521 - 71 A s Edna Mae Williams Edna Trl H1 Y l 2 Chorus l 2 Course General Characteristic Runs competition with a phono raph Future Plans To marry a rich man 'INQ- 4,1 S4 W ,. 917455 NP Viuqi - 'Y' O 1 Thelma Catherine Yocum "Doe Doe" Home Ec. l,2,3 Course: General Characteristic: That giggle Future Plans: To be a success Lester Salter Yost "Buck" Basketball 1,4g Chorus 2,3,4: Class Play 3,4 Course: General Characteristic: Trouble with his women Future Plans: To own a new custom Ford Convertible UI' QOH! -FK' 'vi .4-X C aaa Maier? In September of 1949 we set our feet hrmls on the ground and pledged ourselves to our studles and our soclal act1w1t1es determmed to see our last years m school complete and successful By September 1930 our class was greatlx reduced Thlrtv two puplls d1d not return leavmg only forty n1ne to respond to roll call But thanlss to the three new students from West Falrvxew we now have Hfty two happy students On the soclal calendar was a Thanksgxvmg dance vwen on November 21 as a ucory dance for a swell football team Class ofhcers were elected As a result YN ayne Walters presxded at the meetlngs Mary Stambaugh took the notes and Pat Barnhart struggled w1th our Hnances ohn Bender was named h1stor1an and Mr 'Nflannmg suflered through our class meetmffs as class advxsor Our class rxngs were selected at our next elass meetmg after some dxflicultv m choos rn from so many attractxve styles Two successful dances were gtwen one at Thanlesgxwmff the other at Easter But me h1ghl1ght of thc year was the umor Semor dmner dance held at Hershes Commu mtv Inn Sklp Marlnos orchestra furmshed the IIIUSIC after a wonderful banquet of tur ex wlth all the trlrnmmgs Papa Says lNo a comedy ln three acts was presented on Aprxl l4 and 11 under duectlon of Mrs Long After careful C0ZlCl11HfT and prorxptmg It was a Great dra ruttxc and Hnanelal success Flectlon of oflicers was first on the agendx of the new wear We selected as gu1des Shlrlex L Ish h1stor1an The dramatle show of the year the Sunflower Nfhnstrels was presented Novern ber '79 'md '50 under the capable dxrectlon of Nils KN enrlch and Nfhss Gundel It was re xllx 1 Howlmg Success as the attendan e and partxclpatxon were much better than usual ln anuarx seniors were busv arrfmqrnff for the takmff of final pzctures 1nter uewmg teachers and tal-:mg snapshots of fellow students for our ever popular Enoltan The annual Maw Dav was scheduled wxth Mary Stambaugh as queen and Niadge XX heeler mald of honor In the court were Shnrlex Ulsh xxllmd Long Arlene Gxeld er Dons Sourheer md Cftrolxn Rodgers We were honored bw the un1or class wxth 1 dmner dance on Max 9 at the Her hex C,40IIlIYll1I11tN Inn Tlm NN rlghts orchestra furnlshed the rnusxc Our sears at EHS hate been xerx happx ones and we would hlee to thank all our teachers We are slncerelx grateful for the patxence and guxdance shown tn our be ha Submltted bx Shlrlex Llsh and Joxce Foster f ' . K K K K . - . . K ' ' 4 e D T X ' 'l K K K K , . . KK K' ' 9 4 ' A e. 'Q I ' D g . . 5. , K- - - 1 -A A V K K s C - ' 3 DK . K tl - K K 1' ' , J -. - , f ' - ' - I y' x- ' l- s , -. x X J . L . . L . . . ' ee 1 va V ' K K K ,, K ' ' , the " K. . ' g t I K ' . g - 2 " . J e ' K 11 K K K s 2 s V Iv K 1 K' . K1 ' K john Bender, president: Mary Stambaugh, secretary: Beverly Adams. treasurer: and K' . , . ' K , e. ,K - ya K . 5 - S e 7 x . I A E.. V , L A .sie . , KK K K, K. 4 ,, M . . . le ,VH 'l V V , K e, U 5 ' 'v ' x A 6 I ' .I -1 H V- 4 L I , A x . 1 ' I - 1: I nk , - - K v . , K K .K . ' 5 'K' K' . K K . . e . x ' . . A KY . 4 Q . vi Y KA C K. '--- 'I ' ' - K 7 L .4 V - I KV K C I I I L Ki ' . . V . ' tlf. C6 GPG, agd WA .QP f . " 'f ---P----1---r-su-331-u:g....-:-.::- 2.........-naaunesaf -...nn -'nal 7: 0 "Papa Says No," a comedy in three acts was presented by the Seniors in their junior year. Wayne lNalters Carolyn Rodgers Gary Staley Shirley Hammaker Dolores Famous Carl Vandling John Bender Bill Seitz Wilma Long Mary Stambaugh Shirley Ulsh Helen Frymire Donald Rhoads Gayle Deekman CAST OF CHARACTERS Alonzo K. Page janet Page Jack Prescott Miss Luella Watts Mrs. Helen Carter Pete Carter Bill Sykes joe, a bellhop Toots, the elevator girl Sallie, a waitress Liz, a waitress Mrs. Hawkins Detective Genevieve Hawkins Lester Yost Arlene Greider Gary Staley Gloria Roddy Dolores Famous Carl Vandling John Cooper Denver Tuckey Wilma Long Mary Stambaugh Shirley Ulsh Helen Frymire Robert Davis Gale Deckman Il is ,sau-Q-e,, ' 13:1 Fin! Row -- left to right: M Whefler -F DeBf-nedetto D Sourbecr M St b . . - 1 V 1 - am Hush, G- Roddy, P. Erkerd. C. Vzmdling. Seronrl Row -- R. Nirflzxrve-y, P. Str-wart, F. Postr-r, Brndcr, Hu111111z1kr'r, L'Ish, D. Fzurlous, flivlrr. Third Rau' f Coupc-r, fx, Sgrignoli, W. Waltz-rs, L. Yost, fvfalonry, Billow, G. Baltozc-r. Q un ULUQI' lfld fe fl ' f f Black faces XVPTE' vxcvptionzllly popular z1111o11Q thc Ulf'II1bf'I'S of thc' 111inStrPl Cast thc XX'fxf'k Of Nr1vc'111bc'1' 26. 'I'hiQ yr'111' thnx 5K'IlillI'N Cust mich' thx' usual t'usto111 of pI't'Nf'IlIiIlQ 11 flasx play and instvgxd fII'l'St'IlU'd to thv Inlllils and trmrhln-Ulilv the- "St111tlr1wcfr XIi11xtrc'ls" IJiI'l'CIiflU tl . .. , IC pro- d11c'ti011 wc'1'c NIH. II't'I'1!' XN'm'11riCh and Kfiu fNIg11'y C:llI1dl'I. I11r'l11df'd 111 1111- proQm111 wvrv i11Qtrx1111e'11t41l mlm. IJUVIIIN. L1 skit and :1 w11111011. F011- turl- rwlvs wmv IllIxt'Il hx' 1111111 Hv11dr'1' i11tr'1'lr1c- ' f ' 1:1111 . 1-11d 111c'11. 4 Q . 11tr11. .md 101111 Cmufmf-r :md f:l'0I'Q'l' Hal- ! N Nr.. WAQ 3 llfljlno lXouldn't it br' swell to bv: .Ns popular as Klnry Staiiiibtiugli. .lohn llvndr-r. zind llob Sinitli, Ur pvrhzips you mould bi' szitidin-cl to hziye- tlivir pcrsontilititw. Xlziybt' youi inzirka would bt' tops if you would bv as Studioux tis lYilin.i Long rind john Bcndvix What wouldn't you giyv to bv: As Cuts as YN'ihna Long and Bill Scitz. How would you like: To bv as rhythmical ri dznicm-r an Patsy llzirnhart and Carl Vzindling. Or in zirtistic' us Arlvm- Crt-iclvii and .Iini Krvfkvr, Wouldn't it bc- thrilling to be' 'lIlNlClK'l'1'd tis bvrivlicizil to thv school or niost likvly to siit'c'm'vcl tix XN'ilnizi Long :ind john llf'Hdf'I', or :ix :nn- bitious tix Carolyn Roclgt-rs :ind John livndt-r. XYoiildn't it bt- rc'Inai'ltabli' if: NM- all could find so niucli to laugh ut as Thvlrnn Yociini :ind Daw- NX'agnffr. Can you iinnginc: Any of us being tix bakhful as Rowniary Shvlly and Arthur Sgriqnoli. or :is liI'Q'lIXlll'Illi1IlX'l' its Klike' Xlc'fl:irv1'y and Friinfvs llc' llt'nt'dt'tto or :ix btwt all ztround :ix Kliiry Stgiiiibziugh :ind John l'wndt'r, XN'ouldn't it bv fun to bv: As big 21 flown as 'lhvlinai Yofuni and Clinton Qrris or t'inb:ii'rziv- ing to bi' LN talliatiyt' :is Carolyn Rodgt-ix :ind Clinton Orris. ilan't you juxt imagine: Any of us Coming through with rc-inzirki quite as witty as 'I'hc'lina YOCuin and Clinton Orris, XN'ouldn't it bt- nice to bv: As inusirzil my Elainc- Pom-r :ind Curl Vzindling or as atlilc-tic' an Nlziry Stziinbziugh :ind .lov Nlzilonvy. llzin you iinziginv bving: As big ti xxolfwx gm Patsy llziriiligii't and :ix big ai wolf as Bob Smith. And lust but not lvast: Our bvttvi' lzitv than rim-wi kidy llm-lvn Fryinircr and john Coopvr. Wt-ll. thzitK all foll-QQ. that juxt Shows you Who ix lfho in our Claw of "52". 2 Q 3 5 . L Q i ' l I ur Uadnfine Queen Xv"""'x mfma Jon, LE- Hotdogs Clowns This is working? . 44: The: Twins: V . Q7 ' i3'-.-.11"'if H 1 R d ' Tarzan 0 0 Look at thc' Fish N an 4! J - as . tg 2 ,, "'7'1lu- ' Q ,, - -. -' e is .4 . 5 ., X Ag' ffkhf. ' ii ' qw.-H . Q 5 Izzy What a Ford Nice' Car , -.. x . , - 5.0, g fN i 2 l 6 x 4-. S- Drvadful Pl'3CtiCl' Look Pretty, Girls Look at us kids Q 'v X 4' Thr Prlncxpal Marrivd Couplr-? vw". . What a gang! K gk X Cute- couplr -rx jfxjg z' ,. qf How pretty! Sad looking -4 - V'- Srn mr Th reesomc- N ',- t .LJ1 'rt' J ,El 4: .Q ga ng 1, Q ffl the hangout R ? "N ' " ' " l'.,,u-NJ. X ' -If y f Look C utr- I 9' . 9 1 1 HOW nice? Og pddlf- Bathxng bcauty, 'Francvsu I 1 I Q. ti5'3' iam, ' K ., - wt 'gig . X -v .49 .Qt Q . i X1 al: 3 . jig 1 41 63 ""t"fL5 ai X ""' Qulc 'X .. -ct ' ' 9? W7 , ull: . U ig, is ,. i. . -1 ,K N., ,i X-fi f-A I l First Razr' -- lc-ft to right: S. Holland. P. Yost, P. Maids-n, j. Lvzir, .-X. Stone-r, E. Hoffman, A. Knislf-y, E. Stoltvfus. Serond Row -- F. Bnllrw, Calhoun, R. Crude-n, R, Forgiv, C. f,Ylf'F, C. Plantz, G. Hall Third Roni' 7 S. Blnvk, R. Czxtvs, Spf'nCf'. R. Herzog, R. Krousv, I. HOH. ab 09 i 6,4 K D5 ... . ,J is . ,at 5. our Q ,. K", s I in - flrlfiiii V' . 'glisbvri' 1 -0-J HI - Hn First Ron - L. Risfhar, O. Estright, C. Hurst, S. Stambaugh, B. Ciohick, A. Gingrich, S. Bs-am, M. Atherton, R. Zia-5, M. Ditmrr. Second Roni' - D. Roddy, F. Whitaker, J. Bitner, M. VVintrr, C. Shields, B. Lavffrty, L. Flurie D. Noaker. Third Ron - C. Shcnffc-r, H. Wofley, H. Krugrr, R. Quigley, C. Smf-igh, J. Long. E, Man- beck, D. Kauffman. 11 Q N- G Iil.IiYEN I. ran .f fy Q' - 'ZX N 1 'np,, r AK-:Cx L.. tini- A ,ix First Row 3 left to right: G. Deimler, J. Garbrick, L. Rickard, D. Rockvy, H. Weiss, W. Mutzabaugh, R. Withington, A. Forgie. Second Row 3 E. Zimmerman, J. Hostetler, G, Bomgardner, J. Cooper, S. Morrett, B. Wisman. J. Edminston. Third Row - R. Shuler, D. Moore, G. Baddorf, D. Whitaker, Martin, J. Boward, R. F Cullen, A. Cassat. 'A fxf- L.. first Row - left to right: J. Gingrich, M. Gates, M. Wrightstone, D. Bomgardner, M. froutman, S. Kauffman, J. Welsh, E. Frey, G. Tuckf-y, T. Walt:-rs. Sefond Row - R. Bryner, L. Krller, D. Yocum, S. Matter. A. Millf-r, P. Vogt-lsong, M. Miller, D. Bowers, J. Rhoads. Third Row - T. Loudc-nslager, J. Manning, D. Barnhart, R. Lawrence. J. Cox, C. We-vodau, G. King, C. Shumakvr, R. Rudy. TEN I First Row - left to right: M. Mundis, B. Myers, E. Spence, B. Harrrn, Greidrr, S. Howan stine, F. Thompson, K. Gousc, N. Orris. J. Cimzrich E Sheaffer smmd Rout -- s. stitch, E. Milli-r, J. waitf-is P., sgndmon, is. Morrow, D. Quigley, s. RVZIEDPF, C. Thurston, C. Ste-fly. J. Wittlf-, VV, Maniiinz. Third Roni' - R. Stambaugh, 'If Sabro R. Leo, K. Strohecker, D. Williams, R. Whrden. th, W. Horning. M. Lender, E. YNhec-ler, P. WVolfc. NINE B ,.4,, . ...-- -..,o. IHGHTH - ' ' -2' ' -- I-""'-5311, swf.-r.-f , - - .. , .. -. 1 b I . , qu. .. 1 - ',-p .'.,, 4- First Row - left to right: D. Muckler, P. Drabenstadt, C. Colt-stock, J. Loper, E. Long C. Kruger, S. Hartzell, Hinds, M. Zeigler. G. Gutshall, D. Gusler, Whitebeard, R. Winter Second Row - J. File, M. Farling, J. Brewbaker, B. Beltzhoover, V. Crouser, S. Kepner G. Rhoads, D. Shumaker, S. Edminston, B. Frey, M. Frey, B. Knight, P. Laverty, M. Grahm P. Mundis. Third Row - J. Fulton, K. Erb, R. Beam, G. Morgan, R. Hawk, R. Eslinger, G. Rider, B. Pon- tius, C. Byler, M. Brown, C. Baker, G. Hostetler, D. Riland, F. Shean, R. Thornpson. Fourth Row - C. Heikel, F. Bodenheimcr, T. Blain, G. Adams. W. Minich, D. Young, A. Mundis, J. Polus, C. Beck, J. Luther, -R. Gates, R. Knawby, D. Trissler, B. Barge. C. Stewart Fifth Row - F. Matter, D. Hazzard, W. Miller, R. Heberlig, Seiler, H. Riechert, D Wheeler, C. Ash, R. Wittle, J. Schriber, E. Steele, W. Steele, D. Warden. Sixth Row - T. Matter, B. Weaver, C. Walls, C. Bard, F. Marrow, R. Duda, E. Klishner, J. Myers, J. Smith. GRADE 7 SEVENTH GRADE Fin! Row - left to right: J. Foster, F. Kinter, R. Manbeck, E. Simpson, B. Stewart. K. Wise- garver, D. Simpson, B. Morgan, N. Walborn, M. Famous, D. Lc-ister, C. Blessing, E. Clark B. Blessing, M. Benner. Second Row - M. Wheler, C. Kramer. W. Quigley, F.. Noaker, C. Coldren, B. Brewbakcr J. Grahm, M. Hall, M. Hoffman, R. Heikel, S. Hurst, V. Fry, B. Furman, V. Petro. Third Row - B. Hilbish, Kauffman, R. Kautz, C. Chronister, A. Brynvr, C. Dively, G Dvckman. D. Jones, G. Holland, R. Humer, G. Kauffman, G. Gates, R. Wolfff. Fourth Row - R. Brashrar, D, Berkheimer, R. Colt-stock, R. Smart, R. Boy:-r, B. Camp- bell, C. Baddorf, C. Stambaugh, G. Brrbert, Prior, H. Clam, R. Shull, R. Kirchoff, C. Ze-iglc-r, H. Canley, Long. Fifth Row L R. Troutman, C. Lex, L. Shumaker, L. Sorg, Sourbivr, Leo, T. VVheelc'r, J. Farling, H. Shaeffrr, A. Kroh, A. Hinds, S. Null, L. Kauffman. J. Ash. Sixth Row - K. Pierce, A. Strouser, C. Hccket, L. Marsh, R. Sponsler, T. Schott, W. Bliller, E. Est:-rline. R. Zeigler, L. Liddick, D. Karge, N. Drexlvr. SX First Row - Left to right: H. Frymire, P. Eckerd, M. Wheeler, S. Hammaker, M. Stam- baugh, S. Ulsh, G. Roddy, C. Rodgers, W. Long, A. Greider, V. Hummel. Second Row - Miss Skelly, advisorg C. Vandling, Bender, G. Baltozer. W. Walters, R. Davis, J. Cooper, W. Seitz. Editor-in-Chief Senior Class Editors Class Editors Faculty E ditor Art Editors Sports Ed itors Photographer Advei tising Manager Assistant Typists Circulatio Treasurer Adviser HOAGH, n Managers SW! EDITORIAL STAFF BUSINESS STAFF john Bender Mary Stambaugh Shirley Ulsh Wilma Long Wayne Walters George Baltozer Madge Wlheeler Arlene Greider Joyce Foster Shirley Ulsh Mary Stamhaugh John Bender Carl Vandling Carolyn Rodgers Gloria Roddy Elaine Foster. Shirley Hammaker. Gloria Roddy. Patsy Barnharti and C. O. P. Class John Cooper XYilliam Seitz Phyllis Eckerd Nfiss Nfary Skelly ,mfafoffzaff Seated - S. Dimaman,N. Calhoun, N. Erh, C. Downx 9 Ulsh M Slxmbiugh S Holland C, Rodgz-rs. Slnnding - Miss Skclly, advisvr, C. Deimler, G, Oylf r Bcndmr L SIDClgh L Flurw yay- I .SQCOI1 .SZWLQJ fel' -,LW 6 l I 'Sl asf'- Y l 'Su " . ' 'lv .5 , . - 'fQipq,"'.Afsb-' '5 swv"" W 1, ' ,L , Fzrsl Rou, left to right S Stzirnhziugh, J. Lear, S. Hartzell, H. Weiss, A. Forgic, M. Gatvs fre-idvr S Dlnta man 'vi Brown. Second Row Miss Smr S Null, W. Long, W. Quigley, E, Puff, B. Fc-rrnzin, K. Thompson K Stirnlnugh K Erh Mrs Smith. lhzrd Rou R Hawk R Bryn:-r, C. Vnndling, R. Shuler, J. Spence-, C. Wilson. R. Quigley, I lrisslzr D Colcstork R Starnhaugh. .Bakr-r, D. jom-s, W. Long, C. Shia-lds, N. Erlu, W. Mutzabziugh is. Eckerd, B. Morgan, C. King, Boyer, R. Gnu-s, S. Black, R. , 4 4-'45 1-3 1'. ' QQ-N. .". 'nl . ini ri ' ,., . 'Q' Jr. .w.'5'f. L 'JPi'l"f .gjfuclenf Counci 'fdmq Oggfafg lQ'.?','t. 4' -f.- ., 7g Y, -.. , 1 . ' . -1 uh- ,X V if 'Ogg I . i- . fl K, si vt E 1 .S !H" J? Qi X ,...,g 'I y r 1 fn qu." r 2 g-' , h im , ' :C-L - . 4 , ' 3 sf V 5. 11 ,. If: l Q l scnool su-rrv mmm PLEASE STUP QD0lTllClD0ffwasans I. .mf , i 1 1, 6 , iss ,sq in . f-', K R' ., if I ,VV .xml ' V, A f V . 7' . J .I ad 1 1 H . . ' I H . 5. i .AJR X I 1' 4 . X :'i"'l4-- X 0 ,-ff", ' ,A 1 4 if 32.-I fl -4. Y 1 1 . ' V 1'-T! 44 'Q A ,Q , Wil f tw wx 'ff '14, - Ei , ., ..,.....,,. a ,,. . Y... La .fl i fl SJ? E 1 Caffe! Cl 6401115 4 rf v iF, tx 'C E First Row -- S. Kauffman, E. Foster, G. Deckman, J. Foster, G. Deimler, R. Bryner, H. Wolfley, R. Smith, R Graden, C. Shumaker, G. Baltozer, C. Vandling, S. Holland, A. Forgi Second Row -- Mrs. Shuttlesworth, Bitner, W. Mutzabaugh, V. H .nmel, J. Givler, G. Plantz, G. Oyler, R Quigley, F. Ballew, R. Forgie, A. Cassat, S. Hammaker, Edminston, R. Withington. Third Row - E. Frey, M. Atherton, W. Long. C. Rodgers, A. Stoner, B. Cohick, M. Miller, R. Barnhart, H Kruger, W. Walters, L. Sites, D. Tuckey, H. Weiss, J. Lear, S. Morett. J. Cooper. Fourth Row - M. Gates, C. Shields, D. Famous, J. Bender, G. King, L. Yost, J. Cooper, R. Gates, S. Black J. Spence, J. Maloney, P. Yost, S. Ulsh, J. Hostetler, E. Hoffman. !, '-e'- ' ' - - ,. -1 3727 my """i" wirdm np' 4' . P -Akin WW: . 'J-s.: ,.' '. --T - f- M ,f---. . f. . . 0' , -Q , v""r - V-J f ffm '85, ' ' gf-4A"w4'1 - -Ia: '334foc54'f"'p"'l". "" .u ' 'f .fwxfv 'XV' '1E"'.'Y '+1A'.-'f 'W'-13"" ' 'fzf'-'Q YI' . , . ., . '-N, f-4. Msg .io ., qs,-,,q-. V-JPG v- ,L xy'-31' ,-, NJ ', ydrwzl 1 292'-qwi . .:.,., ,,x..' w 1-'. i 4' -., 5,-5 fri. -f':f3- Av i 'QA' "g-0.--wi:-1 ' ' Vg. fv- J ,N ' fag' , i if-f'f,-jfi:ff:,'-QQ-?3:QE"3 'Z ' 'lg' 'fd Hi -MN? v.-. f Q 1 no , I J "ZH - fa-.Z'.""""f.I i' A' fwffh- l'iik.lQi."i " Standing 4 G. Deckman, head twirler. Kneeling g A. Forgie, P. Mundis, E. Zimmerman, J. Gingrich, J. Hostetler, S. Morrett, B. Ketrow. Mascots 7 S. Kuntzelman, P. Gerhart. Fin! Row - left to right: Troutman, B. Epplcy, J. Epplry, B. Hare, J. Seiler, R. Walters, D. Young, P. Arnold, L. Thompson. Second Row w- C. Walls, G. Oylcr, D. Bressler. C. Kruger. M. Gates, M. Troutmnn, D. Barlup, N. Blain. Third Row - E. Noaker, C. Byler, R. Krouse, B. Hoffman, M. Brown, C. Beck, F. Thompson, C. Vandling. Fourth Row - D. Duda. P. Maiden, H. Wolfley, C. Sheafler, R, Grade-n, B. Wisman, B. Pontius, H. Kruger, D. Roddy, J. Cooper. I Z?a,.J Q Q -.', f.. -" ' ' J' ...I 13" 12 iw' -" '-- - ,Wm -'..- 1 -3--. rv -. ,a . . .s .. . . 4 , r V '-7- '- wg r ,fk ,r L. 1' . f a,,,, I -' H,-N - h Q , . - . . - . 1 . - Af. Q-,. ' ' Fin! Row - left to right: R. Duda, J. Cooper, G, Baddorf, L. Sites, J. Maloney. W, Walters, D. Wagner, R. Herzog. Second Row 1 S, Campbell, D. Whitaker, J. Krecker, G. Plantz, A. Cassat, D. Moore, M. Lender, D. Barnhart, R. Hawk. Third Row s R. Alexander, C. Bard. R. Shuler, R. MeCarvey, Coach Rote, R, Wittle, R. Graden, R. Kirchoff, R. Quigley. RESUME MILLERSBURG - Enola opened its l95l season with a 32-0 loss at the hands of Mil- lersburg. NEW' CUMBERLAND ----- The Panthers fought a hard battle but were downed 21-6 hy New Cumberland. BOILING SPRINGS - A mighty Bubhler aggregation defeated the Panthers by a score of 40-7. SWATARA --- The Panthers were trampled to defeat by the Swatara Eagles on the op- ponent's held. The final score WHS 46-0. SUSQUEHANNA f The Panthers came out on the losing end of a I2-6 score. HUMMELSTOWN - The Enola eleven won its hrst game of the season hy crushing the Bulldogg of Hummf-lstown hy a score of 46-20. This game showed good team play. LOWER PAXTON - Although Enola led in first downs and excelled in playing, the Panthers were defeated bv a 27-0 score. ELIZABETHTOWN - The Panthers stepped out of Conference play to meet the Bears of E-town. The result was a 32-7 loss. LEMOYNE S Enola dropped a heart-breaker when they were edged 7-6 hy Lemoyne. CAMP HILL - The Panthers won their annual turkey-day classic by defeating -the Camp Hill Lions 7-0. The game showed excellent team work and was the outstanding game of the season. Uardify joofdaff .Sjqua FI. ,-4 :iii - 1 L :vs yy, gf 'P' ,lf 3 ' H ' W ER itfg 2? Kei ,Q f I, ,YV WY ,f - . Vflfk , A i l I fdgm . .A!":'f?i? - .. W.+ .1 .X H' + '4!3YW.f"-x.'sS-fffi' ..-.,.:.-iff-N-V- r- ,, . r , I , , NW-W WM I Ni In 1 A, lb .. ' .-v-q ,r ' .. - , - - ' 4. . . , A L 1 , ii..- 'wf.,.,, N N . '. ,- N. v -ff' ,' ' gf A ' , M ' ' U 5 -N-.-. . .9 ..f4CfL0l'l f' --54. N '1J?,'r',.'1-5, 47" .r PL ,,. w. A x .v 'ml ii Mg' my 1,5 ,, " 0 , ! wh W I . I 1' ' . I Xi' ' 1, ' W. ' , F fy , x C. V M J . - 1 ' , , f I ' -' -.,,,,.,-..,, nm ' ' " 4"v-- .-0.5. - , ' ' . I , I ,h , ,X K. I U, -N . . , , ' . V W ,. ' , . I I 1- -. , .-.4 . . - - N - ' . . ' ,, ' ..,,, .,. ' ' ' , ' f- 'if' - s - ' ' . ' 5' 1 ' ii". A A - ff"-s,, ' ," "r, .L .. . 1-. if .w..::'gf-A ,fd ',-.-1 Q, -' Q , ' ,W "if 'I4'.:w:,-Q' L . - A, A , .2 1 ' . .ff..f1 V f - V- ', u i 'gfvrfrw-. fag ff Q- -.wh , -. , A., fx . . ' , - , - - , f ,-, ' - sf- Q- - -.f f an 'ff J' -w 'f A 4 v ,A ,.. I , , -N vw 5 .-'rf-,A-5,9 1' W' Q ,, ,,- . ' - 'H . A ,vw 1. val,-f fp -1 ff 1: -'ff-3 - Y fv J. --M -. " I z . .- '-M'-f . "fb: '.' iii ..'v-2, .v-11" 'G , 2-wi: f , uw ,bw .1 "f w"T4fo - ' THOSE WHO LEAVE Mxke McGarvey Center Good player Always got that ball back m a pmch Out standmg m Lemoyne game ohn Cooper End Hard player Caught those qulckle passes Outstandmg 1n Lower Paxton game Jlm Krecker Tackle Good blocker Out standmg m Mlllersburg game 'W5?'mf oe Malone Half J Y back Co Captam Fast runner Good yard gainer. Outstanding in the Hummelstown game. Rog Shover - Guard. Always played his best. Never left his man through. Outstanding in Lower Paxton game Wayne Walters Full back Co Captam Hard runner Good yard gamer Was named Player of the VN eek by the Harrrsburg Lxons Club Outstandmg ln the Hummelstown game THOSF WHO LFAVF LeRoy Sltes Half back Speedy runner Constant yard gamer Outstandmg rn Mxllersburg game Dave Wagner Tackle Hard plaver Alu ays got hrs man Excellent punter Outstandmg 1n Camp Hlll game Ed Mrller End Conscrentlous player Was hampered by an xnjury Outstandlng m Lower Paxton game Denver Tuckev End Good defenslve player Broke up mterference Outstandmg rn Hummelstown game Ph Nf':f63 ll ,ww Q1 In xr r I - VW' X t , . an ,Q " r Q -- .-X'i 44, '-7' e X11 F S4 :A 1 . t ,1 'BREW' A-of 1 5ir.rIliRolz: - left to right: R. Quigley, J. Moloney, R. Herzog, J. Cooper, R. Forgie, W. Se-itz, . HW . Second Row 4 A. Cassell, C. Sheaffer, G. Baltozer, L, Yost, R. Shuler. D. Moore, Coach Rote. BASKETBALL SUMMARY Lemoyne 57 Enola 39 Bliddletown 42 " 19 Swatara 22 " 30 Camp Hill 62 38 Susquehanna 61 41 New Cumberland 65 37 Highspire 49 41 Hummelstown 54 30 Hummelstown 36 41 Lower Paxton 49 39 Lemoyne 67 65 Swatara 54 33 Nfiddletown 81 34 Camp Hill 57 28 Susquehanna 67 37 New Cumberland 64 40 Highspire 61 41 Lower Paxton 48 61 ogri , arfiifg Zzwlfefgaf -0 -.":1F" 1,4 Q, x X X N X X X. 5 1 I Q, .K -slifkil -if" sv mf ,Q fg Q' 1 John Cooper -- Ge Co-Captain. Good under the basket. Good on lav-ups. rp- it S5 1 THOSE XVHO LEAVE George Baltozer - Forward. Good ball worker. Good on long shots. Jo Maloney - Guard. Play maker for the team. Good on set shots. 'W J9'1'3"' W J HIP , ,,. ,vwnq Bill Seitz --ff Guard. ' Good floor worker. 4 Good on drive in shots. as i Lester Yost -- Forward. Good ball handler. Good on pushups. F. oga unior amifg Z?a5LefAa! -. A I N- ww -u fwfr 'f .r.g 11-1 'W Fin! Ron' -- lrft to right: G. Fulton, UFZIHI, P. W'olf0, R. Ale-xandf'r, R. Shulvr, W. Horning, 'If Srhmth, Rl1CllldS, L, Bc-nnvr. Srfrmzri IJUIL - lvft to right: Cicmrh Holyings-r, fl. Kms. Cox, S. Campbvll, M. L1-ndvr. K. fiulshzxll, D. Moore-, .X. Cnssvtt. Qrzi Junior arfiifg gcwlvfgaf U55 fi' 7JPS1" XL! 1" 1 X ' I wav . K 1 ra First Rau' -- lf-ft to right: A. Furziv, H. Wf-iss, D. Rockvy, Mr-ntlvr. Second Rom loft to right: Cfunrh, Gund:-1, CI, Shivlds, E. Zimmerman, GFf'idFf, S Morrc-lt, F, Thompson, F. Whitakc-r. .1- T vo 9 in on QIYX S L'lsl1, Clo- Silling - lvft to right: D. Roddy. D. Sourlwz-r, M, Stzmllxxugh, Co-Captain, Captain, P. Nlaidvn, Bitnvr. Slanding -- C. Shivlds, W. Nfllllllljilillgll, M. Lonz, Miss Cundrl, E, Hoffman, S. Holla F. Whitaker. BASKETBALL SUM MARY l.1-Inoym' Su :xml ll SllSC1lll'llllIlIlii Camp Hill HlQllNIJlf1' llllIIlIIli'lNIOXN ll HllIIlIlll'lNfIDXK'!l Lmwr Pzxxlmm Swatara IA'IIl0f'Ill' John Hnrrix Hiqhxpirr- Inxwr Paxton irzi , arfiifg Z?a5LefLa! Enola 11 as nd, 23 49 '38 31 33 H6 46 20 5l 41 43 38 44 THOSE WHO LEAVE Mary Stambaugh Enjoys fooling her opponent. Beautiful passer. High percentage on the foul line. Co-Captain. Doris Sourbeer Most improved player Has a nice underhand lay-up shot that's hard to guard. Shirley Ulsh Controls the bank board. Cuts nicely to receive the ball for her favorite hook shot. Co-Captain. ZAQQPAG JQFJ 3: .INK naw., an sg", ll 1 'ffl Skis: , 0 P M ADS, Rig-Q 'I EW? 5 Vw Fzrsf Row G Rodds S Llsh Captam W Niutzabaugh Serond ROLL NI Stambaugh J Lear S Kauffman S Holland if ,Q f?k'1- L . ' as , E 4 . 71' 'I' 1 i ff, ' 1 " . jf! ' Lib " ,, . - 4 ' 3 . I ' Q , ,P 4 N 5' 0 - ,.. 1 A ca 4-3 I . .L .ard . L f . , I . , 9 N .. ,,."'s' . 'in ,J 'Q , .,J,7' 2" I L,:1,l ,Ah -211.1- 1' X ' A -V - 1 A ,. x. AA K ,xl Q. n.- ,nr ,V 13.11 ' . 1 "-3 '... lv , 1' ' 'nl .1 ' 'I .fl ,'f.,z 1.1.2 Ifkgypv. I "-'fb ' i . A ' K, v .' . ' '. 4 - if' qx.T',x TJ fi 1 P' ' -X 4 .-,L-!f".iz , ' -A - I 1 ' '. ,, ,:.- - ',r' TA "x - " la, ' s - . P .4 .fy...zf-z1,,.A - N. ' .."' , Qi' 3. ad-' 1577? '. ll,-'A:'f,.. , ' - - ,T f WW. l.4,: xg -r..--- 1 . .,, . -J-..,--. -V"-' 'Q' '.- PQ' ' -fx -rf . , 131 ' " :".s' - n . . -' ' ' 1, . U ' Qs ' 'v .' , 1 -' -.4-S.. 46,2 -'. . -frjf ,-: fhgf lr' A , lv, - ,,f- 3, 17, v - -ff V. ,,, ' 'Y ln ' fy ' a 1 Q A . Y' A - , - , . . . , Wil' T U i I '1 'NCL ,iloclmy 0 9 ' " " - , ' . fz,-A K V' A I ,tl . f T L Ti.- X ,dvi-, .5 1 I A . 1' , 1 Ksn. ?"s First Row - left to right: E. Foster, A. Greider, D. Sourbeer, S. Wrightstone, D. Duda D. Famous, S. lflsh, M. Stambaugh. M. Wheeler. Left to Right - M. Wheeler, S. Wrightstone, V. Hummel, D. Famous, G. Roddy, P. Eckerd, E. Foster. N f' ' X . 1 'T ,. l 5 I X 4 J Zgflfiefgaf f I . O ma, QW, War? 3famAau9A Olflff 'k 2' I Q., Sfllffd Nfadzv Wheeler Xfud ot H01 wr Vzndzn Xrlcnc- Grexdvr Cirolxn Rodin Sh flex Llih Wxlmi Ionz Dons iourbfer QI' 5 I a 3 V ' ' 1 5' ' I ' 1 ' L I ' , . 'N ,, ' fx X .l . . X I V I' I J F- X 14 K -f, AXXA-" P X-X' , , , W. N' ' 0 I X, , R l ., 5- .5 -- , V ' , l ,u E ' '4 I 60,0 5 galil' !6Ifl0KCl ENOLA PA The Bank for Everybody Scot! S Lexby Presxdeni GeorgeD Fry Casluer Secretary R L Bucke Asst Ccxsluer Asst Secretary MEMBER of the Federal Deposxt Insurcmce Corporaton L 0 H. R. Wagner - Vice President PORTRAITURE INDUSTRIAL The Name for DISTINCTIVE PHOTOGRAPHY OHICIGI Yearbook Photographers 1952 Thxrty One North Second Street Phone Z 8580 MOTION PICTURE NATURAL COLOR 57 I 161 llCLI'l cw M1 Q25 law mf AMERICAN LEGION LADIES AUXILIARY HOME ASSOCIATION I O . NO. 751 - ENOLA. PA. Hor POINT APPLIANCES RALPH B CULLEN RADIOS YOUNGSTOWN KITCHENS 300 South Front Street Wormleysburg Pa LIPSCOMB S HARDWARE 18 S Enola Dnve Enola Penna Phone 8 2082 Valspar Paxnts Glass And Electnc Servxces SCh1Ck s APPIIQHCGS 51 s Enola Dr Enola Pa Phone 3 9953 3 9242 R C A and G E Televxsxon Amencan Kxtchens General Electnc Apphances Refnqerators Stoves Washers Dryers 0 Congratulations Class of "52" - 1 . Compliments ot C0mP11m9UiS Of M 5: E WEISS RICCI S HOTEL Summerdale WW' FCDTVIGW Concrete Sewers Dnveways IAQ 8171, CL I1 CL 5 0l"Q General Contractors 2754 Agate 6. DIVISION Streets Harnsburq Pennsylvama I'll0I'l 67711 Qin Hlgh School and Fraternlty Iewelry Felt Goods and Commencement Statlonery Palmyra Pennsylvama E S Bashore Salesman , Pa. - ' ' I Phone 6-6131 WEST SHORE AUTOMOBILE COMPANY INC Studebaker Sales cmd Servlce MYERS OLDSMOBILE SALES AND SERVICE INC Lemoyne Pa SUMMERDALE CUT RATE We make our own Ice Cream fresh da11y S B SHOVER The Fnendly Statxon Atlas Tues Battenes Accessones 59 S Enola Dnve South Enola Penna Phone 3 9364 VAN S RESTAURANT 227 Enola Road Enola Pa Fxne Food Fasi Servlce West Sh re s Most Popular Restaurant BARLEY S SUNOCO SERVICE 104 N Front St Wormleysburq Pa Gas O11 Accessones 24 Hour Towmq Sennce u o 1 - n o . 1 . - i 1 1 I , 0 - . 1 . 1 O D. C. Miller Sinclair Service Station 30l South Enola Drive HEISEY MOTORS Your Kaiser - Frazer Dealer 650-622 Enola Road South Enola, Penna. Phone 6-8321 MUTZABAUGH S MEAT MARKETS Home Dressed Meats Duncannon Phone 5lR2 S Enola Phone 2 7245 Compliments of I O H N N Y PIERCE S USED CAR MART We buy sell or exchange Official Inspection Station Phone 2 8927 East Beale Avenue lust off Enola Drive Charles E Yetter 42 N Enola Drive Phone 3 4022 Insurance Agent All Casualty Lines Automobile - Fire - Bonds Elemcrt f but Sound EARLY 'N SCHOOL we learned Poor Rxchards saw that a penny saved a penny ea x ea Tm-e has proved how sound that advxce of Bemcxmm Iranklm xs TODAYS DOLLARS buy less than ever before But the dollars you save wxll help make all your tomorrows secure THE DOLLARS you deposlt m a Savmqs Account here w1ll eam 2 mterest Your account wlll be welcome LEMOYNE TRUST COMPANY Member Federal Deposlt Insurance Corporation Compllments of WEST SHORE DAIRY BLOSER S Class of 12 Compllments of M A X ' S Compllments of R I D G E ' S SERVICE STATION ' ' , ' x CL' - f r . I U 4 A .f .' J., . . . . In fl . . ' 1 . 1 . . . . Q . o 1 ll I ll N WHITEY REAM Sales 6 Servxce DESOTO PLYMOUTH DEALER Recondlhoned Used Cars G E Crosley Apex a:nd Sunbeam Electncal Apphances 149 167 Enola Road Enola Pa Phone 6 1853 or 2 0096 Start Every Day Wxth the Wxll to Wm A Pleasant Stop at BRIGGS DRIVE IN A place that knows no meal tune A COMPLETE ATLANTIC SERVICE CAMPBELL S FOOD MARKET South Enola Pa We Dehver N H DREXLER Radxo 6. Televlsxon Serv1ce Enola Pa Phone 6 0425 FIRESTONE MOTORS 1029 Market Street Lemoyne, Penna. Compllments of PARK'S SPORTS CENTER Sherwin-Williams Paints Enola' Pa' c Compliments of C. M. Musselman, Owner D. L. Musselman, Manager Established 1895 ufide man unera ome Phone 2 6923 322 324 Hummel Avenue 111 Lemoyne Pennsylvarua QCL QPJ J OLUQI' P Phone 7 3474 Camp H111 Penncr 3 gm. I F Penny Proprietor Service Station and Restaurant Hospitality Service Good Food Atlantic Quality Products 24 Hour Service Phones 38444 39859 Camp H111 Pennsylvania Wi K JJ f t C' SAO Specializing in Floral Designs A M A HOFF IFSSE H STONL JJ ff 9 FUNERAL HOME Amr Condxtxoned Wm H Embxck Lxcensed Assxstant RaymondA Wert Presldent C L Henman Supt E M Gutshall Sec and Treas The Beetem Lumber 6. Manufacturlng Company Dealersnn Lumber and M1llWOIk of All Klnds Mcnn Ofhce :S M111 Lemoyne Plant 400 500 East North St 3rd 6 Bosler Ave Carhsle Pa Lemoyne Pa Phone Carlxsle 3 Phone Hbq 4 3286 Comphments of iZ5u!cA 5 Bar and Grill 0 408 Third Street, New Cumberland. Pennsylvania 7 M F ROCKEY STORAGE and TRANSPORTATION COMPANY New Cumberland Penna Your Local and Cross Country Movers Phone Harnsburg 4 0129 I Paul Harklson CHEVROLET Sales G Servxce Lemoyne 5 7268 Paul W Gessner Motors Camp H111 Phone 7 3481 Shenk 6. Tlttle Everythmg For Sport Play More Lxve Longer 313 Market Street Harnsburq Phone 4 3048 4 3047 Fme Dlamonds Watches Iewelry LIPPMAN S Iewelers Smce 1889 Complunents of KRIK M SHEARER Used Cars 6' Amoco Serv1ce Telephone Harnsburg 4 7034 Overvxew Enola I 16th 6. Market Sts. - - I Compllrnent GARDNER S 248 Altoona Avenue Enola Penna L B SMITH Ford D1v1s1on Comphments TOWN CUT RATE B111 Shuler Prop Comphments of I W RIEGEL Iumutcr Street ENOLA PENNSYLVANIA Comphments of HOWANSTINE'S VARIETY STORE Phone 3-9151 SOUTH ENOLA, PENNSYLVANIA Comphments oi SHEI..LEY'S DRIVE Lemoyne, Pennq ' Soi GROCERY STORE - - - Lemoyne, Penncx ' of . 'omphments of s f fam, fvvzr' QVNIC Pc: Ill! X Your Sportmq GoodS Store 10 N zna S1 On he S eet of P Phcwc 2 1055 I V,-.1-,,,,.,-, .,,,g...,-- -, ,vw ,-, r I X V - 1 N-I T 1 f' X III .S ff- 'f i f i i l 1 Php? 1 Nurjs :nk 172 N. C. 'Juiilixmq Pr-:1p1'ie!or 1 1 Q 1 1 f lf!! I X I fi ' f , ' f" 2 II f f ll l' I . A . .r , I'CC"x v I w A5 gm, , Q 54 " A A . r , , il , iqiw 3,1 qi fd? ,L .Q . C if VKX uf ban? ' .M A 2 .QL .K s . K :gf tgyffi- ' "'-- :,, It if Ps. lad' E-4 'T Biff? vi 1

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