Enola High School - Enolian Yearbook (Enola, PA)

 - Class of 1950

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Enola High School - Enolian Yearbook (Enola, PA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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55355-ff' ga 1 "Y, L, "Sv q:,?::., .Av LIBRI 4u..uu -X' I5- -HZ' 5522 Elf? IRUHRIH UI 43' ,mn9V'- T H E E N O L Published by the SENIOR CLASS of the ENOLA PL1 DYLVANIA 1 9 5 O I A O L A H I G H S C H FOREWORD AND FIFTY ENOLIAN, IN PRESENTDIG THIS YEARBOOK HOPE THAT WHEN YOU LEAF THROUGH IT IT WILL RECALL MANY PLEASANT AND HAPPY EVENTS OF THIS YEAR WE, THE STAFF OF THE NINETEEN HUNDRED D EDICATIUN TO MISS RIEGEL, THAT RARE KIND OF TEACHER, NHOM THE STUDENTS REMEMBER LONG AFTER SCHOOL DAYS ARE OVER, NOT ONLY AS AN EXCELLENT INSTRUCTOR IN HER CHOSEN SUBJECTS, BUT AS A FRIEND. STR T IGN X X' 'WVU Q1 1 4 ll movx Q xx tahou N 7x5 Wx p. 1. 0 x L xx y VL N5 .XL v. Mn gmb .1 1 Xxx x , X Kwy XNN g- L XXX, xd ,Q 50 x N 0-. y NL 2' Lf U N-LN XON x wg l -3- 4' ki K W x 1 A V ., K f , . ' U . js. X Okx g, , X. x nwmca , xCN'!. "x 4 'x'W'f,-, V L M . 'Vwx V' 'K RQ' t.Xu:MX xx oy Xue , ,. , Y My b . A --AXQ'AkX- ?..oXx:, n Xu X w J N Npgs QM ice aw- um You Uk' fyi c. 'MQW OR iwixc-N W7 W , ' - 'Q ' , .3-U-W xucu tux uyyukgxqix X- X, Xu . x A I . , 1 .-. , , ----:. YW 'mm - N- .xr v + H U xv-ff-:S VJ. fax ff ,. A 0. g ,, Supervising Principal Prirclnal Secret ry MR. WINGWET VISS BEATTIE MR BROWN MPS COLESTOCK History Physical Education English Health MRS CRUNKLETON History -is Al MR FORGIE VW FRAHAM MPS GOMWALT History, Science Comercial English .J av- v . 'X 1 i .af !!agFX MISS GUNDEL M , HQLZINGER MRS. HORST Physical Education Manual Arts Nurse Health MISS LODGE Shorthand MR MANNIWG MISS RIEGEL MPS SHUTTLESWORTH Mathematics Biology, Chemistry French I,II Music 1 1 - X "sr1'. ..:' Q 1 4. H . inf'- Z MISS SIZER MISS SKELLY 'RS SKRAMSTAD Geography English,Latin Home Lconomics Journalism MR WILLIAMSON Band Instructor 'lllllll HRS- SMITH MRS. WENRICH MRS. Yomtu Mathematics Commerical Art IQ iv' fa, it ,pf 'Z' ,l 1950 f 'R :wana pf N1'Mxs Nui Sur DORIS LOUISE ANTHONY F uture-To work at the 'Bell' I nterest-A Certain Someone F avorite saying-'You Think S T abbed-'Sue' Y earning-That Convertible HELEN JOANNE BASHORE F uture-lbrk I nterest-That Certain Guy avorite saying 'O Freak" abbed 'Bash' earning To visit Pisgah WAYNE ELKIN BAKER uture Reilroader nterest Sports avorite saying 'What ' abbed 'Lujack' earning New car JOHN ANDREW BOUTSELIS uture Coach nterest Enola High School avorite saying 'lhere's Bill abbed 'Porky' earning Football and lbmen LOIS JEAN HARBOUR uture Office girl nterest Clothes avorite saying 'Oh Man abbed 'Lois Jean' earning To be a poet JOYCE ARLENE BUYER uture Beautician nterest That Certain Guy avorite saying 'You Know ' abbed 'Josie' earning A Beauty Shoppe SENIORS O w mv- 4 i v ,, 1 Y, . 9 Agni 'UU' ,, -.ff WALTER JONES BRASHEAR uture U S N nterest Hunting and skating avorite saying Ult won't hurti' abbed 'Dillie' earning To be a millionaire JENNIE JEAN DIROBERTO uture Medical secretary nterest To be a nurse avorite saying 'My Goodness abbed 'Jennie earning To go in training JANET LION! BRUBAKER uture Photographer's Assistant nterest-That certain guy avorite saying- 'Shrevdn abbed 'Janie' earning-To own a h ge car LOIS BONNER DRUMMOND uture-Nurse nterest-Ma Man avorite saying-'Well Really abbed 'Lassie' earning-That emaciated look M RIAL ARLENE BUSHEY uture Traveling Saleswoman nterest-Navy avorite saying 'Holy Catfish" abbed 'Millie' earning-To travel JEAN MARIE DUYKLL uture Nurse nterest Boy friend avorite saying-'Gee Zooiei' abbed 'Jeannie' earning-To marry a Senator SENIORS GIAC! YIOLL INCL! uturo-!o be a Boautician ntorostnhn aviator avorite saying-'Oh shucks abbod 'Gracie' earning-To travel BARBARA JUNE FOSTER uture Nurse nterest Medicine and Art avorite saying 'Pardonez moi" abbed 'Barb earning Travel around the world WARREN BEIAMIN ENGLE uture Navy nterest Football avorite saying 'Holy Hwm" abbed Bub' earning New Pontiac LEO RODGERS IRYMIBI uturo-Easy ntereqt-Tire fighting avorite saying 'You te1l'om abbed 'Chief Coty' earning-New Pontiac HAZIL MARIE FEARNBAUGH uture-Secretary nterest-That certain guy avorite saying-'Buddio' abbed. 'Torn' earning-Convertible JOB HENDERSON GIBSON uture-Hermit nterest-Sports avorite saying 'Oh Thay abbed 'Jac earning- To be a Bachelor SENIORS kid' haf 'N--Q!! Q '? 'T' 1' I 1' gl Q .. Y W 1, - , L I - 4 F ' ' o T , n Y - s F - I - r - . T -n Y 1 .A r , - gn - ku f ld gi?" 'e 1 DORIS IA! GREIDER uture Teaching nterest Home Economics avorite saying 'Holy Cow ebbed Doris earning To go to Texas RICHARD OWEN KNABY uture Bachelor nterest Hunting avorite saying 'You got 1t" abbed 'Dick' earning Snorts WILLIAM BERNARD HALL uture U S lswy nterelt Women evorite saying-'You Bet I' ebbed 'Bill' earning-New Buick KIATHA IRIN! LOUDENSLAGIR uture Private Secretary nterest-Shorthand avorite saying 'Bbw about that' abbed Wleit' earning Victor LLOYD EDWARD JACKSON uture Millionaire nterest Baseball, a blonde svorite saying You know it!' T ebbed-'Jim' Y earning- Same girl, new car. BARRY EUGENE LYTER uture-Navy nterest-Girls avorite saying-'Hubba-Hubbal' abbed-'Chdb' earning-How Cer SENIORS Wu' ill!! A 2 2 3 ' 'VN Q 'L filjf' n tis. Nr 'QM-nv' 'S' DONALD LII MAIGLI uture-Undecided nterest-Jokes, Music amorite saying-'Search Me 1' abbed 'Don' earning- To be a good singer CLARENCE FRANKLIN MCGARVEY uture Auto mechanic nterest Hunting and women avorite saying 'Hi Babe! abbed Buck earning New car JOHN DANIEL HANGLE uture I B I nterest Sports avorite saying 'Is That Righto' abbed 'Monk' earning New Car ROBERT ALLAI MECK uture Retire at 18 nterest Women avorite saying That So abbed Bob earning New car CONSTANCE ROMAINE MATTER uture Hard to tell nterest That Certain Guy avorite saying 'Holy Frea abbed 'Connie' earning Portable Typewriter FAY LUCILLE MILLER uture-Secretary nterest-Bookkeeping avorite saying-'Oh, Brotherl' abbed-'Fay' earning Secretary SENIORS I I I I - Y 'i F - I - E. F - H 4? 1 T -' ' ,qsgwfx V, V. it Y .- F " o e e I - I - . T - Y - ". I .. I - F -'Is ?' T -n n Y - F - I - F - k' .il T - Y - BETTY LOUISE MOODY uture Private Secretary nterest Secretarial work avorite saying 'Abbe gaa! abbed 'Bettie' earning Sit on the Boss's knee JOHN HENRY NEIDIG uture A Buick nterest The Ford avorite saying Hey Acei' abbed 'Zeke' earning To understand cars ROSS SIDNEY MORRIS uture Good Job avorite saying 'Huh?' i" - - - N - - H nterest-Sports ,SAE abbed-'Moose' earning-New Car -' - - in PLIFFORD NARWEN NULL uture Mason or Bricklayer nterest Hunting and Women avorite saying 'That's it' abbed Kip' earning Chevie' convertible LOIS ARLENE MYERS uture Work and save money nterest Pete avorite saying 'Holy Petal' abbed 'Lois' earning Drivate Secretary NANCY WRAHCVS DROCASCO uture To travel nterest The guy in the Ford avorite saying 'You know it" abbed 'Nancy' earning To get married SENIORS KATHRYN JEAN WEICHERT uture Secretary nterest A new Ford avorite saying 'My gosh' abbed Jean' earning To be a Secretary PATRICIA JOY SHANK uture House W1fe nterest Moose abbed 'Pat' earning-Inherit a fortune JOAN PATRICIA REICHERT uture Waves nterest Books avorite saving 'Yee Gads" abbed Joanie' earning Stewardess DONALD RICHARD SHEAFFER uture Uncertain nterest-Sports avorite saying 'What?' abbed 'Duckn earning College NANCY LOUISE SHARK uture Save money for trave11ng nterest-Certain brown eyes evorite saying 'Mercy" ebbed 'Fanny' earning-Beautician FRED HENRY SHAW uture Engineer nterest Home lconomice evorite saying-'Yea mei' ebbed 'Fred' earning To be President SEN IORS F - I - F - ,W T -N Y - avorite saying-'Fha'-hoppgnyv ta N 1 . Y - DONALD EARL SHUEY uture Singer nterest Painting singing avorite saying 'Mama Mea" abbed 'Shuey' earning Become a crooner HARRY DEAN STBALEY uture College nterest-Be a Bum avorite saying 'Drop De " abbed 'Diz' earning- To go to California JOSEPH RICHARD SMITH uture-Farming nterest-Hunting and Women avorite saying-'Amen'W abbed 'Reverend' earning "Ghev1e" Convertible LORNA JEAN WALTERS uture-Office Worker nterest Shorthand avorite saying-'Well fancy that' abbed "Jean" 'J """"" earning-Money SAUNDRA BELL! STALEY utureebperator ntereet-Herb avorite saying-'Oh My Gosh abbed 'Sandy' earning To get A? in Algebra VIVIAN DOROTHY WARD uture A certain guy nterest Dancing and skatin avorite saying Yeh abbed 'Viv' earning Interior decorating All SENIORS our 'CI7' i T37 EUGENE MARLIN WATTS uture Navy nterest Football avori to saying- What? " abbed 'Gene' earning- lov lord RICHARD JOHN WRIGHT utureQA rich bachelor nterest Hunting avorite saying 'Where to?" abbed 'Muck' earning-New Pontiac HOWARD LAMAR WEAVER uture-Truck Driver nterest Eating and Football avorite saylng-"Ain't it awful' abbed 'Penney' earning-To travel CHARLES RICHARD YETTER uture-College nterest-Football avorite saying-'Holy Heke "' abbed 'Dick' earning To make a million RALPH MYERS WHITCOMB uture Brighter nterest Food avorite saying Thee" abbed 'Whitty' earning To become rich SENICDRS if '1B3" 'wav -'FT' ,fllrf Vw '1""'V f-5Q?NX "l'i 1 1 :K I Q ' fr sl, 'ml r ge Sofa, A ,una 1 24" ,X X . M I V .A, ,J I - .F K M ,x 'H xx , . X , 1- , V . I M - A 'Y Ls .912 WJ, . ,. . I B- Saundra Staley Lois Myers Joanne Bashore Saundra Staley Saundra Staley Patricia Shank Joanne Bashore Lorna Walters Vivian Ward , Joanne Bashore Jean Duvall Saundra Staley Lois Barbour Betty Moody Jean Duvall Doris Greider Merial Bushey Patricia Shank Saundra Staley Doris Greider Joan Reichert Saundra Staley Jean Duvall Vigil' wno's wno .Best Looking Beet Athlete Beet Dancer Cutest Most Popular friendliest .... Most Tickle Better Late Than Never Class Flirt Best Dressed Most Talented Nicest Personality Wittiest Moet Concelted , , , Moet Beneficial to School . .. Class Critic Clase Giggler Most to be Admired Best Arguer Most Bashful Most Co operative Most Artistic 49' Yi'4::f' Henry Neldig .Dean Straley Donald Mangle Richard Yetter fred Shaw LaHar Weaver Robert Heck Richard Knaby Robert Heck Henry Neidig Donald Shuey Fred Shay Robert Heck Richard Yetter John Boutsells Dean Straley John Mangle urea Shaw Dean Straley William Hall John Boutselis Donald Shuey af ff- fw fjex,-Q3 G N ,hx I E- 5 5 l I ?1 9 if' 'cal J ' XQ Ndxif dp? F D JSS9 Q , ?gg fW f 3 QwQ,R 1 GM D ... 5. 9 fl xx I , C ray Mi1ler.:::::. ffffnost stun1ous:::::::.. . ::::Dona1d Man810 n I ' W Q 0 aw " an fa s is ,Q ,- "' "" f ef K - - x I -A 1' XX i0 X 1 4 M Q, 4 5 --. L c Q' I 1 X 1 x I r N g sA,, SENIOR HISTORY 1 X .FA Y 9 n ew QQ A Q eras ,.,, I Senior Limousines . Er November blues A4 Y fi f XXX fx 3 -intl Q X 3 Bake Sale f... I-tvs eagy if you know how N 'N 'WX f Fetch the blanket girls W ' fy ll fuk W 'W 'W K Hurrying 1- 6 WWW ' or 'hm Oh, for the love of Christmas' Favori te Sports VWQQ W f fl fv ,UCXVV iffln Mn Gridiron Crushers 1 i - --ii-.I Class Prance 5 AXE V97 Field trip QC X-Q ,asf V ,-f N Q 4? F J e Like Princlnal my tw Like student Our Last Vacation Senior Prom ,ff The End - I 4' mf, . 1- K jx X A A I Q bi-1 L, z 3- , v I Q9 H ! TA - J - ' ' e X 1 I lip ,Ln A h V B 5352, -- I l' h , . s cf" 5 1 . S 4, QQ , - Q - X X 7' C ." 1 l " if , 'V Q. A , I H Jil 'Y . If E1 V -D K, dh 5 Z f La '58 . "'A , M , f L ,165 1 .L 7 f G f y U :ELJ ' AJVEX J o W Xl: -Chl , J J ,X w ' , kia.. fl 'Fil H. 4-xxyk'Q'M'x L ' l'1' f"'HH ' ' ij v Uv: - : ' L-2 07 It -, I ' r x' H Z X 'lux I S ' , . ' k , A V . 2 2 f xy 5 'Q elf S' 3 a ' ,l ' ' . ' X, in A 5 xx V I fit- 4 7"'x, I 5 N'Qo 'v U v - x 5,!, A-N.- L H I X V S , if O r -1 I - 1 ' cv ' . -4 I . F . f x Q ! - . - a - 'Q 56. 3 n "' Q' ' M W ffl Uizipfi fy. ty 'Q i 1' ,4- Z f I ge g ,.,-- "' 'rf R, M., A ga ff "'. ,ff - Z 1 I l x ' ' 3 1 i 4 1 s 'fx , . , m fix, ',X " 'iff ,J X ,..,,,,A,1-,gal-M 'V Q ,I I gp-I WX J,--.- A berts R0 C. Burke, estle, S Br J. I-0118 O J Combs Mc P Null L etter rst Ke I Myers RIGHT-N TO T Campbell C. R. Rudy J. Wheler Books E Mentzer E. Nsuss J. SVS? Cr C art rnh Be W-J. RO SECOND debaugh, Ra E OVBT Sh P ler Kel R ie Forg J Bickle D rtnsr Bo W Elsee R llick Ki 'Ho OW R D IR Fairbanks NJ UI .--5 Rosenberger N HVSI' We KD D Smei Rickard E Hoffman S Peck I Rock P Rockey SECOND ROW- L Knisley C EI' Sh R Rupley O Brewbaker H Roth F R. Garbrlck tt Pu - H OW D R A9 U3 JUNIOR CLASS PLAY FIRST ROW LFPT TO RIGHT N Myers, L Null, J Kerstetter, Rock, J Long, C Roberts SEHTED LEFT T0 RIGHT N Rosenberger, J Peck, P McCombs, J Brestle, S Burke, L Rockey STANDING- R Keller, J Wheeler, C Knisley, R Elsea, W Bomgardner 0 ' s Q I 4 of VJX. Q: ,X f , . ' e n - 0 - Pe SECOND ROW- E. Mentzer, J. Nauss, E. Redabaugh, D. Bickel, E. Books. x ph . M4 A p I A g - 0 0 0 0 QV, ornomnnns as Q ef ltr M X vMu!lNKX.hSl 6 , ,X . ' 4,27 ' 1 K 1. xg 's 'Q fMY'F7 Lear J Deckmnn G Barnhart P Shaw F Grieder Long A W Seitz FIRST Row,Lm'r To RIGHT- w Leonard R gers PTGTCB W Yost L Coover T Bender J Waltors W Maloney Vendling J C Baltozer SECOND ROW- G Staley G Krecker J Beam R Fake D Smith T Miller E Rhonda D Hall THIRD ROW- G 29 -13- - nr- "lsn ,l Wrlghtstone S MOTION J D. Famous Warner D Schreiber M Sourbeer D Adams TO RIGHT- B FIRST Row, Ward H Duda D Frymire H Llnsenbach C Zeigler N Kurtz A Roddy B. Kauffman, G aker H S Shelly R Stambaugh F. DeBeuedetto M S Ulsh Eckard P. SI' eel Wh M. ler, iv G J ROW- ND SECO Foster ster, E Fo J. Hall G Holtry J Matter F Wilson C Smlth nbaugh P J Sites, ers, L. MY W- J. R0 D IR TH 'Q' O ..i"" if ,.-5 ,A-if f?1,f 1, ,A "Q-1 'UQ' .44 M K 11 '7 Wx Bitner, J. verty, La t B nigh Es O Flurie L rton S th N A 1ck Coh B ley 19 in A T- RIF TO LEWT QW IRST Brewbaker V Ditmer M Holland S zzard Ha J Krouse R uffman R Ka ITIEII ff L lo Beam S grlch in A G rst Wu C lhoun Ca - J 'C FOxP Or' gl.. Kauffman D Boward J Gstes R R. Graden Herzog R Black S H Kruger Ballew F Forgle RON- R TFIWD K x . 1 5 1 . Y. ' 'X r I ' o 1 , f ' K 1 0" l Q tl X ' X -' . Vg , gp . - , 1 ' F X 'A N QQ: Y 3 x X. X xl 1 s , X h ...M-1 I ' Q .- ,, g .. 1 I B if-Q vw f--ff X r , , 1, X ig ' r A. V NINE - A P VH Tv ' . - , r .x-., 'A 1,1 . 1 , , , J, , , , . , . . , 1 . , L,, , 4 TY V hv . w J , ,L , . ,J . , . 1 , . , , , , I , . , . , ' Cixi ' . l C ' ' ' i ' 9 ' 1 ' 9 0 p , n 1 , . . 1-5 l Q., if ...Q--" vu., 2" 5-Y,-A -pl 'S lng,3 -J 'Wh -Q? NINE - B Hoaker D Maiden P Sheilds C Roddy, D Lear J F Whittaker Stambaugh SEATED-LEFT TO RIGHT-S Zies R Wolaver G Plantz M St L Manbeck E Long J Moore R Oyler E Stoltzfus E Wolfley SECOND ROW-H Smeigh C Walters R Sgrignoli H Smith H Spence J Sheaffer E R Quigley Shumaker THIRD ROW-C Plantz U M u M-4,04 -2-7--f 5 as Cs no Forg Gingric J. Bangs K. rdner ga Deimler, G. N. Burris H Kauf S M. Gates J. Gerbrick J Dnller L Keller SECOND ROW- G. King G Baddorf Cullen, D. R W. Beers R Kauffman R. Bryner COX J. Cassatt A Beam R. Laurence THIRD ROW- S Ol .1- -.4 56 - B EIGHT M Welsh J Wllkineon E Wike S Zimmerman E Shaffer B LVFT To FIGHT- G 'ruckey FRO T ROW J. Priar Wrightstone M Wlthlngton R Troutmen Yo D Miller A Walters L. Hockey D W Mut7Pbaugh er Wei H Morrett SECOND ROW- S Vogel P Matter S Rilend C J Loudenqleger Wevodeu L C D Whitaker Shuler R OOT9 D Miller M Manning J POW- RD I TH U U O 91 SEVEN - A yer, M. Brown, B0 er, M. tm E. Di der, J. X811 le A M ock Blumanst L lhoun Ga -N GET RI TO T TED- SEA L. Benner Farling G. Brown M Erb Dintaman, S. Beers, J. Brewbaker, V. Brewbaker, T. der R. Ale 0. Brewbaker Billow SECOND ROW-F V Anderson Foltz R Hartman E Beck R BCI' D Daller, cempbe11, 11. gle, S. En W. 8121 Ad N sh A C ton 81' Ath R shear Bra R ck, sto le Co ROW-D IRD Gatos J inger tai 'SX !,h XHQQA, 'Q SEJEN - B fman, f Bu L K B K Miller A etine, an OW S H Harren B etrow K E IGHT- TO R LFFT ROW IRST F Gingrlc J Miller E Gouqe K Morrow S Mentzer, J Messimer B Jolly, D Greider J Matter F Liddick S Hazzard SECOND ROW- D Manni W Hawk R Morgan G Luther J Hinkle, S. ssimer, K Me ert eck E H ner, GT M L Kirk C Gutshall K rning W Ho 60 L R ROW- IRD TH MOTTOW F ffer Gou U 4 1 40-10- Nv- -it I 'W We Sanderson F Myers B Rlngland J Troxell P D. Quigley Shaffer FIRST ROW LEFT TO RIGHT- E Wolaver W Walters L F Thomneon Steffy C Orris N Spence J Whittle Weaver B Shelley E Willioms D Warden R atts Scott T Wolf SECOND ROW- P Schreiber J Stambaugh R Smert L R Whittle Pierce R Steele W Roath J Weaver R Steele THIRD ROW- E Strohecker K Sm1th J Smart Eg T f 4!.9N 'r' K 4 'K Walters L ond L Dr I Duvall Foster B L Myers Staley IGHT-S Miss E Riegel Greider D G Gotwalt Shaw H Fernbaugh Mrs F Boutselis I D Hangle Shuey TANDING-D 'C' Yi 1' -..., Musk., ,N W 5 SPECTATOR ST Lear J. Long W. C. Rodgers I. Peck Sourbeer TO RIGHT-D. IRST ROW- N. Myers J. Brestle Roberts C Bitner J. S. Holland ROWHS. Burke H. Weiss Hurst, C OURTH ROW-0. Estright Skelly M158 M C Smith A. Knisley lurie nerd . Leo OWSR IFTH R IP P-' STUDENT COUNCIL SEATING, LFFT TO RIGHT R Alexander, R Stambeugh, J Ednigtiqn J Mentzer, S Morrett, J Lear, P Eckard, L Walters STANDING- R Herzog, J Spence, B Rupley, J Wheeler, J Mangle D Mangle, Mr E Wingert Sm g 9 T 'Wu1'5r'j-If WY RED CROSS FIRST ROW, IEFT TO RIGHT J Breetle, J Hostetler, E Ketrow, C Steffy M Brown M Wheeler, S Holland S Stambaugh, E Pickard, P Barnhart SECOND ROW Mrs Smith B Weever, J Gates, G King, R Sm1th, J Gibson, E Mentzer, D Grieder, N Sh nk, S Burke, Miss Sizer THIDD VOW H Shuler, R Quigley, C Vandling R Lender, H Brew baker, J Boutselis, J Suence, C Smelgh r,,,,.. ART CLUB SEATED LEFT T0 RIGHT-S Wrightstone, G Roddy, ll Stambau A Greider, P Eckerd STANDING-J' Brestle, N llyers, Hrs Yoder, .T Duvall 0 PATROL BOYS LEFT 'ID RIGHT I Rhoads, R Shuler, R Leo, D Rhonda, T saith R Whittle, E Heckert, llr Iingert "iq TQ A W 4 mm-uw....,,,,.,,. 'fm .Mx gap' 4'4"- -+1.--I mr Knaby Pat HI' Huber JANITO: Y 44 - 55, LIBRARY CLUB FIRST ROW LEFT TO RIGHT P Shank, V Kauffnan, I Brubaker, S Staley, L Myers SECOND ROW W Rosenberger, J Peck, L Rockey, K Loudenslager THIRD ROW Miss M Beattie, D Greider, P Rock, E Rickard BUSINESS CLUB SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT-K. Loudenslager, L Walters H Ferrnbeugh, F. Miller, J. Dilioberto STANDING-L. Barbour, C. Matter, V. Ward J Bashore L Myers B. Moody Seitz W Vandllng C Hoffman S Long I Foster I L Null Foster B Foster LEFT TO RIGHT-E R Smith Mrs Shuttleswort R Wright J Maloney ter R et Shaw F Meck R D Sheaffer Leonard R J Lear N Rosenburger Ward P. McCombs OND ROW-S Ulsh V Walters W. ckoy D Yost L R Whitcomb Books E Bushey Kerstetter M I P Sh J Bashore Peck I Staley IRD ROW-S Neid H D. Shuey ire K Brubaker J Boutsells Roberts C Brestle I Rock P Boyer I. rbour J Mangle gle FIRST ROW' - o , o 9 H 9 0 9 ' 9 ' D ' 7 ' 9 b . Y , . , . , . , . h Sm 0 , o , , o , s , Q , o , c , u , . 'ru , TH o , 0 , o , 0 9 9 , 0 , 0 , 0 , a , L. Frym , , . ig ROW'Lo ond, Lo Ba , , o , Q , o 9 0 ' g 0 9 . , . , D. , . Gr Coop I Ck80n Ja L G. Deckman Rodgers C Brubaker J J. Givler C. Roberts Adams B Brestle TO RIGHT-J. FIRST ROW- Foste J FBMOUS D Ward V. L Barbour Staley Y. Kauffman S 8 8 D. Lautsabaugh H. Feernbaugh N. Sha F s er Burke S ROCK P. J Long B Gouse B. Reitz G. Heck Miller F Hoffman S Weaver SECOND ROW-B Jackson L C. Vendling ire L. D Shuey Leonard R. Boyer J. B. Moody oudensleger ith N. Procasco B. Kauffman Narner D W. Long H. Frymire M. Wheeler H. Shriber IRD ROW-P Barnhart J Bernhar H. Killick R. Wright C. Null R. Heck L Rockey H Putt rd ka E c McCombs P Null L J. Beshore L. Myers S. Hammaker R Shelly Young S. FOURTH ROW-J. DiRoberto 9Y Garv MC C B00kS E omb ite Wh R eaffer Sh D itz Se W VST Wee L SY Bush Shank N Rosenberger P J. Kerstetter B. Foster L. Drummond J. Peck Lear J sh S Sh -F ROW FTH FI W. Walter J Maloney D. Mangle F. Shaw J. Mangle urbeer S0 Cl L. Yost R. Davis Bender I ckey D Tu GI En 1 I 0 . 2 I ,, . , R . , ,, r, , E. 0 t , , , nk ' I ' l ' 1 g 3 0 , c , , 9 , K. L , , , , . , , , . , R. Sm m 9 , ' , , , . T ' , , . f ' I S I D Q , , 0 t 9 9 ' D Q Q , l e M. , . , , , , , ' ' aw, . U1 , . , , , , , , t , , ' ' 9 9 1 Q 0 , 8 , R I ' Se Q 0 l K. B , , , ' ' ' ' ' SOD Gib hn Jo itz rl ith Sm T is Boutsel J GP Gntl M RON-E. SIXTH R. Yetter H. Neidig Cooper J. rewbeker P' 'J 'WP' Rodgers C Pottieger N Moody B Brubaker J Rock P Staley, D. Warner TO RIGHT- S. Es, MAJOR rt arha Ge P I SCO't an, Ma ckm De G. G Baltozer R Krouse Colestock D J Whittle Boyer, G. Morgan J. Bashore, I. OW R ST IR , F B Ward V. Barbour L Young D 17011 ler, J. Ful .E-03' art nh D. r Moore D S Hoffman Beck G E Noaker Gates . J on H Kruger R Ballew Walter R Byler C tes Ge M tius, , R. Graden, B. Pon gie ROW- R. For L, oh m D C. Vandling Ryder G ngle onard, D. Ma Le ley, R. lf W- H. Wo RO URTH FO MAY QUEEN Sammdra Staley sg li-in ,Awww ,QW 'Ms ,fv- QUQEN ATTE1DANTS AY Joanne Bashore Lo1s myers Janen nruoaker Lois Drummond Greider Doris Moody ty - Bet FT RIG? TO LTFT UI O THLETIC sh 45 i 74 --1' 4149 N ' Y Ar, V VARSITY FOOTBALL Cooper Black J S Fairbanks F Maloney Seitz, J W Null C Gprbrick FIRST ROW,LFFT TO RIGHT- R Seitz L 808. E1 R lters Wa W Kneby R. Weaver L Shaw F Baker W SECOND ROW- J. Forgie Coach J Eckert E Yetter R Neidig H G1bson J Engle W Sheaffer o1tz1nger Ketrow J Books E Boutselie J. Bomgardner W Shover R Radabaugh E Coach J. Manning ROW- THIRD A Bro Coach R Mentzer E1 eeler D 'fin-Q HQQ5 IOR VARSITY FOOTBALL 111 1611 ST H. S BOD Wil C OW Ketr e J. irb . Fa F zog Her R SY lon Ma - J RIGHT TO FT LE OW R -NT FIR MOOYB D Cooper J Smith, Walter, T. W. Smith R Seitz L Garbrick R Seitz W Black S Cassett, SVCOND ROW- A Holtzinger Coach J Plantz G Stoltzfas. E Wolfely H D Tuckey Gates R Baltozer G D Fake Kracker THIRD POW- J .Av X. 'Q . WN' no 17 2,5-n-ind? 1 ki Hwwwf' gygayggwf VARREN ENGLE VND Didn't dron 'em all JOHN AANGLE QUATERBACK unfortunate quater back .HUC JOHN GIBSON JM Swiaki of Enola high H NPY NEIDIG HALFBACK M Some glue would heln W W-W ti? those fumbles PICHARD KIABY man of few words M TW FRED ShAW HALFBACK ouldn't afford belt, Coac Qghy ff .1 ES' igw yur ig,- DONALD SHEAFFRR HALFBACK NNice pass Lefty' LAMAR WEAVER GUARD nTe11 those refs who's boss DEAN STRALEY CENTER Team's be t player Caotain RALPH WHITCOMB TACKLE CWNTER Are you ready Ra1nh?n 'Ev EUGENE WATTS GUARD Plugged those holes RICHARD YETTER HALFBACK Gained a few yards fwith blocking? 3,3 ssgrw- T ,iw-1 J 4-1' E wm1" BALL BOYS VARSITY BAS 0'v68VeI' L Sheaffer D Neidlg H J. Mangle Straley D R Knaby Boutselis LEFT TO PWSHT- J FIRST ROW R. Bro Mr Shover Radabaugh P Forgie J baker Brew K kle ic D B Books E ROV- ND SECO U1 JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL KNEELING, LEFT TO RIFDT E Foster, P Eckard, E Hoffman, G Deckmen, S Stambeugh STANDING- J Beshore, S Holland, P Maiden, D Roddy, F Whittaker, L Rockey, Miss M Gundel Herzog, R Forgie QTANDING A Cassatt, P Arouae, r Wolfley, G Plentz, D Moore, Mr J olzinger KNEELING, mn T0 RIGHT- J. cooper, R. Elsee, R. Smith, J. Nauss, R. man. GIRL'S ATHLETIC ASQOCIATTOY FIRST ROW, LFFT TO RIGHT B Weaver L Rocbey, L Full P NcCombs, N Rosenberger F Foster, E Rickard, B Foster L Myers SVCOND ROW M Stambeugh S Ulsh J Brestle J Kerstctter S St ley F Shaw, P Rock J Peck S Burke Miss M Gundel 4 43 I Nb! ...S lgpg FM VARSITY CLUB FIRST BOW, LEFT TO RIGHT R Mack, D Sheaffer J Gibson, W Engle, Jackson J Mengle, D Streley, R Yetter, H Neidig SECOND ROW Assistant Coach J Holtzinger, W Baker, W Bomgardner Neuse R Knaby, D Bickle R Morris Coach R Brown THIFD ROW C lull, R Elsea, E Mentzer E Books, R Shuler E Radabaugh P Shover . Qi, f Q' ' R Wx 4 X X, X CS' JJ X X W Q g X KNEELING-LEFT TO RICHIT H Stambaugh .T Kerstetter S Ulsh N Rosenberger STANDING-G Roddy P llcCombs L Null. Panther, B Foster W .bl fz-?XRX Y' xml? Algiffo-27 K A I X f N! r L Y..-, - t 1 X my 7, ' Q B at So x Q . -is X 5 2 .. 'A ' " ' 9 ' I ' 1 0 , 0 g 0 , 0 ig- - U 4, fa Q xg Z ' . . 1 f f N 0 M N Q 5 f x u 7 4 I , u N 1 , M - 4-.A.. ..,, I N' wxzcl-:.q'N INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS LEFT TO RIGHT B Weaver, B Gouse, G Heck, B Reitz, E Rickard, C Roberts, L Rockey, S Ybung INTIAJURAL HOCKEY CHAMPIONS STANDING- D r thtstone, A Long, A Greider G Deckmnn, C Rodgers, E Foster KNEELING, LEVT TO RIGHT- J. Lear, S. Ulsh, F. Shaw, M. Stambaugh. + ,W . - ,W M. , xx ,gg 4 1 of Q1 X,,, A1 , + 'ff wmv? ' gsf ' ,hazy , , Ms. f ,f. my A511 , weii f 6 iam ,, , 4 1 3? ,QM ,W , f '32 ,,, x KU-5: .' r yn, ., , F3 K, V, W ' ,ff '4 Ku L K, , " 551 ,, Li???i3"'i2fs'65.: I f 1 'f + ,Q My 4 f 'Am 'i,1Lf2.:H1.gh,f: I ,nf V -if 7 , ,, 'ek 'ei Hai-.Q , , ' ,, . , ,,v,3h H X, ,Eg ,5?',,kf+g,! My ,' S 'K -,J 57:5 WW flmzf ,, v1 Ziw jf ., y ' Hf 1 ,q,',,,Q , A,1, , ff ' V 1 MW' Y f ,fs ,M , V, W 518, A22 73" ff ' W S' if 7 Q U, A ,mn 4 ,, f f MW. , I A M, wf' zE f!:g if'ff ' M, ,W f ' I M Y 7 M ' 7 ,V W , ' ' , ff ' f w 4:1 , , 1' 71525 ,, ' ff V ' W ,, 'L , f' Aff f g 2, , , 3 1 WW, 3 3 Av, s W vf X if -if N' fsrux H ,M WAYNE BAKER JANET BRUBBKEH WH india furweo- in JOHN GIBSON LLOYD JnC ON 'T' inane' WARREN ENGLE tai' PICHARD KNAQBY NI' JOHN 'VIANGLE ROBFFT MIEOK LOIS MYERS 04" '!"""'7' T-EENRY NEIDIG lip, FRED SHAW 40-1 fd sv iff? K CLIFFORD NULL My fs:-' Y-f---Y Hr DLAN STRALEY -Q-al DONALD SHEAFFER 3 wi LAMAR WEAVER uv 5 fl ix Qv-5? EUGENE WATTS RALPH WHITCOPB RICHARD TETTER 64 DVERTISING V, ff' Q'- . fl 3195 X ' N 13 5 + .1 M Xiffk ff ix- M s-:E-'1-,F T' X PORTRAITURE INDUSTRIAL 6Z ldlfl PHOTOGRAPHY Official Yearbook Photographers l950 Ttnrty One North Second Street 2 8580 MOTION PICTURE NATURAL COLOR QSA A' DISTINCTIVE I T Phone: - CLIFFORD D BRYNER POST NO 751 ENOLA PA lfflll ,lbgnf 'Q nf N67 : ,Wim , x . VK? 941: o9 WI 'wiv x X AMERICAN LEGION LADIES AUXILIARY HOME ASSOCIATION ' 9 max' "'f 39 Q Za Q7 12 2 S"v'-..-'WTI' : 'Z 1? Q? Q 7 'll H xfsw F I N E Diamonds Watches ewelry ' A FRIEND LIPPMAN S K' Sc! L aketSt.H R 'Rl . X G HOOVER ewelef mmf Goldmzzth M and E Grocenes 25 ko th Th rd Sr eet CHARLES L MYERS Funeral Home IQO3 Markef Slrre-ef Camp Hull P NILNTHLR fl ORISI TLLI QR-XPII DLLIXIR1 PEALER S FLOWER SHCDP Speczallz nv m Floml Deszcfns CMH um PENNA if 49' Ieuelers me 889 WI 7,11 M r , AR Issu L, PA E. ' Compliments of Y r i r HARRISBURG, PENNA. SUMMERDALE, PA- 4 ' , a. 7 . . 1. . - , ' o o MUTZABAUGH'S MEAT MARKETS HOME DRESSED MEATS Duncannon Phone SIRZ S. Enola Plwone 27245 ENOLA BOWLING CENTER BOWL EOR FUN AND HEALTH Bowling Billiards Soda Pounlain C. S. BITTING, Prop. Com lzmeuls 0 TOWN CUT RATE BILL SHULER Prop I Plu S HAMBERGER Tnnnlng nnbung I-Iealung Plwone 3 33I9 IUNIIIINIFNIS or JOHIN N 1 WEST SHORE AUTOMOBILE COMPANY STUDEBAKER and OLDSMOBILE Sale and Serv ces Weil End ol Marlcel' Slreel B dge LEMOYNE PENNSYLVANIA A HOFF JESSE H STONE HOFF 8m STONE JMR! PLZ XJ4!0lH Q 408 THIRD STREET NEW CUMBERLAND PENNSYLVANIA H EMBICK L e cd A an I R. . I In '.. ' I s I mf T I ' A VI M. . , I f I AIP COND'TIONED WM. . , If ntl' 5522+ I COM PLIMENTS OF C. M. MUSSELMAN, Owner D. L. MUSSELMAN, Manager E.mzbli.fl2ed 1895 Hflllwflmflll lll1KI'Ell UIIIK Phone 2 6923 322 324 HUMMEL AXENIUE IN LEMOYNE PENNSLLXANIK BLOSER S Chino 12 YETTER S BARBER SHOP Wfn The Clock fha? kepf you on fme I XV RIEGEL mom IFNNLX LEBO S t antlc erv1ce tat1on BETWEEN PHE BRIDGES WORMLEYSBURG PENINA W ' . . , T W' ' , T ' L 4 L A , A A A ' 1 I 1 . . I I I I , , , .Pl V 7 Y, ffumplzments nj Comphmfms uf - . , , f QIIJNIAIA SYN-H L 7 , 3 , , -. ., , .. . . . . X WEST SHORE DAIRY Awarded Prize for Mllk 1950 STA E FARM SHOW PIERCE'S USED CAR MART We buy sell or exchange Official Inspection Station Phone 2 8927 East Beale Avenue Just off Enola Drlve CRULL'S 153 South Enola Drive freer! South Enola, Penne Dial 9 S219 for Wree Pickup and Delivery open 8 50 to 6 OO PEOPLES' BANK OF ENOLA NThe Bank for Everybody' Scott S Leiby President H R Wagner Vice President G G Shellehemer Secretary George D Fry Cashier R L Bucke Assistant Cashier MEMBER of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation . ' " l 1 at v ENOLA CLEANERS w ' 0 a I ' ' o 0 - " . -' . N' ' O 0 " W SWITTY One RALPH B CULLEN Uotpolnt ADDl18HC6S 1VLEV1SION VOUNG,T mITCHbhv OO pouth Wront Street Jormleysburg, Penne Block Above aluut St Bridge COmUl1W6DtS of HOWANSTINE'S FOOD KL we Eellver South Enola, Pennsylvanla KOZY SHODPE Good things to eat Wrench FFIGS Ice Cream S8HdW1Ch6S O3 South Enola Drive une Q Bell rroo SIMPSON'S For Wine Food and Crisoy O tato PYIDS ltolesele QBuy locell VOGELSONG'S FUT DATE 167 A South nnole DT1V6 Soutk Enola enne Phone 4 2571 Vounteln em ice stent De Summerdele PSDWSYIVWHIS Phone QQJ4 edies 1 0 n . m - - . . ' H W ?'OVN T ' 'CWF A 3. O . W . W M ' 11 0 i i een O YARl'T , Phone - 3-9151 , . ' ' t 1 . ' ' Mrs. A. .. , O A. L V, , - - , X. iQ o4', - fn . v A . A , . . - ' ' , .' S 1 , - 7 . m . . , . 5 N , - 3, fx O to I O O O JOE MORRETT feat Shop R C GARDNER Frozen Foods Veeet bles COmblH8t1OD Berber Shop an Procery Store Save Carfare Buy et DIROBERTO'S CENTPA1 PENNSYLVANIA BDQTVE C COLLEGE 27 Years in the same location 3?3 Market Street Harrisburg, Penne Summer term begins in June Wearlng Anolrel For en lsses omen Boys STARK BROS 206 Helmut Street Farrisburg, Penne CAR ENmTP'S JE'ELFDS For Pine Jewelry 40 North Third Street Harrrsburg, Penne Watches Dlamonds Clocks Pocketbooks MERVYN L GORDON Jeweler 318 Cheetrut Street Harrisburg, Penna VAN'S RESTAURANT est Shore's Most nopuler Restaurant Xlways oven Deliclous Food Enola, Pennsylvenla I I W O 5 - -. 1 Q C1 u. V" . CT 1 -U U-, d I I 9 J x ' 1 n i I . - 0 r ' , 2 1 ' 3 1 4 .,,. .. -. .t ' I M - M - N - A ' O . 1. Q X 'H 1 C - V L , F . - O SULLIVAh'S CPOC RY Fresh ents and GTOL6TlG3 J W CAMPBELL COD A KP we Deliver Thone 2 S3 ? South hnola Diamonds watches Jewelry TELENCIO JEWELERS llO North Second Street Harr4sburg Penne Compliments of The Yard Club GEORGE'S GROCERY and CONFECTIONARY STORE 459 State Street West Felrvlem, Denna ZEIGLER'S CONFECTIONARY P42 Columbia Road fagazlnes and GTOC8Tl9S Congretulaticns to the Class of 1950 from SHUEY'S SQRVICE STATION COmDl1m6HtS of RIDGE'S SPDVICE STXTICW l l I . Y , , T41 xy 1: -rv- 1 .v.. - ,,L Y Y ul. I' i nw ' .v. c 1 I A A' .. ...U 15, I . w , 4. , 0 X V I - IV 1 u . v A , W V. W ,. V - -.:F, f -,f - , Y ' Y f- A i . J . 1 DOUTRICH'S Always Reliable' Clothes for men and boys S B SHOVER 1520 Market sr , Harrisburg Pa The Friendly Station COmpl1meDtS of PARK'S SERVICE STATION ' e call for and deliver' Front and Broad St Harrisburg, Pa Phone 3 9830 N 'WHITEY' REAM Sales and Service Desoto and Plymouth Distributer of all kinds B IGG'S DRIVE IN The place that knows No meal time 2 h 7 d k of traller homes 4 Ours ays Der wee 167 Enola Road Enola Pa Good Abbottvs Phone 6 1853 ood Ice Cream HEISEY MOTORS Your Kaiser Erazer Dealer 650 662 Enola Road South Enola Penna Phone 6 8321 WITTLE'S CORNER A neighborly sociable Place to Dlne Dancing Bar f I , I W 149- - , . , . AUTUGRAPIIS -'11 7-1 A if""'1 FACULTY AUTUG RA I N AUTUGRAPHS S if fs 1 I xr' f X x, 7 QB,-rt 'JE C66 A Y x A U T u an rns ff N I MX if 3 Q 'W 19' Iw- N I fl

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