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+515 fi 45, , x. L x UT -'1mrff..F . :rg 4, 1, as - . pg 5352 '1' E Q. fell- J , wr . J .F Q92 swf-, 325' QE ,yi 55,,4::', ,,., 5 s . A . I . :ml , ', ' A Fi? mf ' A? at 52 YQ P F. -A H 'a M an A1 w 5 :1 ' 3.55 L' 43, ,, , ag , ,QA '. , N fe -- 5 , n 3, . 7 . s , . w 1 N Q iff: ,. .3 Q , rpm.. , ., 5 . vw: ' -. ' . 41:4 . Q: v I Q 5 5 EX LIBRIS The Enola High School l ,,, Y 'Tis the Star Spangled Banner Oh, long may it wave O'er the land ofthe free And the home of thc brave! IZ! Alma Mater Enola High l love you, Your halls are dear to me, Your colors ever float on high Where all the world may see. Here love and friendship rally- To make your name more bright Here loyal sons your banners raise And fling them to the light. Here loyal sons your banners raise And fling them to the light. CHORUS- So here's hurrah, hurrah, hurrahl Enola High for me. With heart and hand l firmly stand Against the World for thee. Here's to your waving banner, Dear orange and black, to you, With honor, love and loyalty, l promise to be true. l3l The 1945 ENOLIAN published by the SENIOR CLASS of the ENOLA HIGH SCHOOL ENGLA PENNSYLVANIA CONTENTS ALMA MATER FOREWORD DEDICATION ADMINISTRATION FACULTY CLASSES SPORTS ACTIVITIES FEATURE SECTION ADVERTISEMENTS l5I PURE ORD We, the staff of the 1943 ENOLIAN, earnestly hope we can encourage your interest in the succeeding pages by showing you what you did on important occasions during your school year. VVe, as Seniors, realize the full value of the amusement afforded by former yearbooks, so you underclassmen, after and if you graduate, will enjoy seeing how you looked as inexperienced students filled with the innocence of youth. Let this he a memory album for every one of you. l6l 1. ,W B, 1 'Q' gl 57 'la il. Q Nw f' X Q- I , 4 XLQFFK if ff f X 1 DEDICATIO To "Our Boys ancl Girls" who are risking and giving their lives lrom the bitter, trenehant winds ol the northlancl to the steaming heat ol' the tropics, so that we of this com- munity, and, in fact, the whole world, might forever live in peace, freedom and democracy, we, the Seniors of the nineteen hundred 4' ,di m lil '35 -Q4 o O and forty-three graduating class, clecliezlte this, our yearbook, THE ENOLIAN, to these valiant boys :incl A girls who typify "America," VQL o v UD Vlll VX U gc V .luqul""b1Innlj 1'.'JJ.'." 2 4-4 uuuuquuq --- a az 2 ir! 15. 1 Us 91 1 ' I 5 , I 945 5 5 if haf 55 qty 9 lik 3 ,f x xggi ADMINISTRATION C. W. HOOVER Supervising Principal Harrisbnrg Academy Dickinson Preparatory School Dickinson College, A.B. RAYMOND A. FORGIE Principal Allegheny College, A.B. University of Pitts- burgh M. S. in Education ISI RUTH DARR Secretary Enola High School,194-1 ki Q - X.: 4 G ix I fl Mm FACULTY Top Row, Ld! lo Riglil: MILDRED HARRIS Dickinson Colle-go, A. B. Ancienl Hixlopr, Cilixensbip l1Tlll2l. lf. GARMAN Bcuvcr College, B. S. Healllv, Cirlx' Physical Ed., Girls' lfuslcvllmfl HENRY STIZINER l.f.-lxlnon Valli-y Collcgc Conscrvzx- tory ol' Music, B. S. in Public School Music. Hand Direcior GLADYS IIORNING Dickinson Collcgc, A. B. lfnglixlr EUGENE WINGFRT Sllippcnslmurg Stzltc Tn-:xclicrs Col- lvgcg Pm-nn Stzllc, B. S. .'l1ullwcnzalic.v, l'luAsii'x Bollom Row, Lqfl io Riglrl: TIRZAII BITNER Bloomliclcl Acuclcmy: Millcrsvillc State Teachers College, l.1-bainon Vill- lcy College, B. S. in licl. .walhemulicx IZSTIIER RIEGEI, Dickinson College, A. B.: University ol' lllisconsin, M. A. Cl76l7li.9lKlA, Biology, Ifrcncb DOROTI IY WINGERT lllcst Clicstcr State Tczlclicrs Collcgv, B. S. in Public School Music. .lluxic Supervisor MARY Slilll.l.Y Sliippcnsbilrg St:1tcTcziL'licrsCollcgcg Dickinson Collcgc, A. B. English, Latin MARY BliATTlli Sliippcnslmurg Stutc Tcuclicrs Col' lcgl-3 lilizulpctlilown Collcgc, B. A. i'1 Ecl. History, Librarian Top Row, Left Io Right: PAULINE BLOSER Dickinson College, A. B. English I.Ul,A S. YODER School ol' Industrial Arts Art Supervisor IRENE B. WENRICII Bloomsburg State Teachers College, B. S. in Ed. Commercial M. LUCILLE IIANIBURGER, R. N Protestant Episcopal llospital School Nurse SARA LODGE Elizabethtown College, B. S. Typing, Shorthand Bottom Row, Left lo Right: MILDRED BROWN Shippensburg State Teachers Col- lege, B. S. Ceographv GLADYS RABY Bloomsburg State Teachers College, B. S. in Business Ed. Office Practice, Business Lauj, Bookkeeping ll, Geography, Tivpzng MAXINE MCCALEB Indiana State Teachers College , B. S. in llomc Economics Home Economics Supervisor GRAY FUREY Slippery Rock State Teachers Col- lege, B. S. Boys' Phvsical Education, Health, Science, Football, Boys' Basketball ANNA CRUNKLETON Edgehill Preparatory School, Millers- ville State Teachers College. History FACULTY INSIDE I FOR Arlo NAME GLADYS HORNING MARY SKELLY EF-THER RIEGEL ETHEL GARMAN MARY BEATTIE PAULINE BLOSER MILDRED BROWN ANNA CRUNKLETON MAXINE MCCALEB MILDRED HARRIS SARA LODGE GLADYS RABY LUCILLE HAMBERGER TIRZAI-I BITNER DOROTHY WINGERT LULA S. YODER RUTH DARR IRENE B. WENRICH EUGENE WINGERT HENRY STEINER GRAY FUREY C. W. HoovER RAYMOND A. FORGIE FAVORITE A good Radio Quiz Program Flowers Books, apples, radio Swimming Traveling Cheerful workers Unbreakable pencil points Good music Bette Davis A class with an assign- ment well prepared The typewriter Good music Nursing Gardening A good orchestra Art Movies Bookkeeping classes 10-A Algebra Fred Waring and his Pennsylvanians Young fried chicken My wife Nature's wide-open spaces AMBITION To have a short story accepted by 'a well- known magazine To travel Go to Alaska To travel A life of leisure To write a novel To be a mind-reader To buy unrationed food To travel To be patient To have some of her stu- dentswintypingprizes To "can" talkers Army nurse To travel To travel To travel Success in the business world To travel To teach the Juniors at least one thing In Geometry History teacher Have undefeated foot- ball season To be a good American To fly around the world l121 ANNOYANCE Loud talking among girls Disorder Pupils who make no effort Noisy classrooms Rainy days Snowballs Pupils who forget to bring their books "You just missed the bus" Sassy Seniors The clock in the morn- ing Bad manners Noisy Study Halls Bad manners Gossiping 9B Pupils coming to school without any ambi- tion Last-minute duplicat- ing jobs "Persistent talkers" Study Halls Playing instruments between numbers Street shoes on the gym floor Vulgarity Excuses WQQQQ SENIOR OFFICERS Prcsidenl ....,............... GLORIA BLESSING Vice-Prcsidenl . . . . N1ERYIN ALLEN Secrelarji' . . 4 NI.-XRGARET RICE Treasurer ..., LOIS BOOK Historian , . . , . . . ROBERT HEPFORD CLASS FLOW'ER7RCd Rose CLASS COLORS'-RQL'0I Blue and Silver CLASS MOTTO--Not at the top, but climbing. U41 Tnp mu, lrll lo rigbl: MHRVIN J. ALLEN, JR. "Mmu"' ACADEMIC April zz, 11126 Eninys v playing haskvthall Happy wllilc Hin Mt. Zion Said In ln- vv1'rylmLly's pal DORIS M, BARTLEY "Rl-.u" c1ENERAl. Srplenxln-r 22, 1025 Eniuys partim-s Happy whilc- at a lD:lSkt'lll:lH ganu' said to hm- wlnafl fn-:nlnlrvd GFORGIZ RICHARD BEAM "Dirk" CIOMMIERFI.-Xl Auguxz lr, 1025 Eniuysf-rlinmbing mnnnlains Happy whilm' --fishing Saul tu bc 'glltlil-IlllIllfK'LI Bl2'l"l'Y R, BECIITEI, "'l'FsSu-." CfmMERrilA1 .lull X, 1025 Eninys 'singing Happy whilv 'IUS'-Ullklll' Saul lu he -quita' lrlcmlly IOR Hmmm row, ld! lo rigbl: JEAN BICKEI. "BEv" fi0MMliRClAl, I'A1'l1vuury' 4, 11126 Enjuysfwriting-lvltcrs Happy whilm -VYY -lpking Said tu bv fa ilxrt DONALD BLESSING "BI.ACK1Ar:K" GENERAL Augusl go, 11125 Enjoys-bowling Happy whale fplaymg football Said ln In-Y -a "p:amlzlcr" at lradn' GLORIA G. BLESSING "G.B." CUMMERLLIAL June 0, 1025 Eniuys-fca1npin1,: . Happy VVhlll"l'1lYlHLf ghucolatv cakc said to hm---very studluus LOIS BOOK "Inns" Julv 23, 1024 Eninys-fswimminpg Happy while -with hcr lwothur said to bm- -a guml baskclball playcr GISNERAL 'A s if .5 E DONALD Bl ESSINC' Top row, lvfl Io riglrl: DORIS BROUSE "D01uxY" f:UMMliRfilAl. June gn, 1024 Eniuys -1-11111112 V Hzlppy wlulc rvnrllmg gum! hooks Saul in ln' plvzlszunt DONALD D. BROWNIIILL "B1mWN112" .lulv 2, 1029 Enjoys gmnl slzllwl' music' Hqppy wlnlc lxcnt1m,: tlml drum Snnl tu ln- fu truck fun Gl'1NEl!AI. ALWII DA A. CALDWELL "'-N11.1.11a" c:0MMlZRCIAL July 12,1025 Eniuys -clrzlwing h A Hqppy wlulr -pluvmg in-nxus Saul to ln' ffquwl MARGARET R. COMFORT 'lMAIif2Ili" Junuurv 10, 1026 Enioys--those Nlundny nights Hqppy whllv--plnyipg lmsl-u-xlmll Saud to bc'-luis uf lun f:0MMERCIAl. Bnllom row, lcfl lu fir-lvl: SHIRLEY R. COONS "ZW" C11- Seplember 20, 1025' Enjoys mluncm- music Hzxppy wluilr - howling Suicl In ln' '11 "Mrs, Vivo bv l"ix'v" PHOIEHE R, DALLMIZYIIR "P11m31auS" COMM O1-lvlncr 11, 11124 Enioys'--lmzxskvtlmzlll Happy Wlllll"'1l! Lori Mmxrrw Saul tu bc !"lwtts'r lull' than nvur Nl-RAI. LRLIAL ELEANOR JAN li DOWN EY "Pl-QE-wEE" C1 No1'4'ml1vr 11, 1025 Eniuys -rqting 1 Happy wlwllcfff1'ullu'l111g pure!-curils Sznd to bv fu future Lady l.l'JllllCI'lN't'k LEWIS E. EARLY "Luau" C Seplembev 211, 1023 Enioys --plzlving football Happy whilu -lvu5ing said lu ln'-4-11110 ul Ihusv "palms" IORS 1161 ZNIQRAI. IZNERAI SE Tap mug lvfl to riglvl: EARI, .I. EIIPLEY HEMI.. IHan'lr IS, 1026 Enjoys flrark Happy uInIv fplnylngr cards Sand In In- Ixandsunxc JOSIZPI I I N Il Ii. ESI .I NG ER "Jo" CIUMMIZRCIAI. UL-lnhvr ,-0, ru:-7 Eninys drawing - Happy wIuIv :ll a ImnIwaII galm' SanI In In' nlIurn'slvcI ln Ins' "IlllcIu'y" RUISIQRI IZARI. FAKE "Ii.'I'." CUMMIQHCIA1. August lu, 11124 Enjoys sp-vrlx Happy uluilv playing Ixasrlmll Said In Iw small Inu pmu'rI'uI VIRGINIA IV, CU'I'SIIAI.L "GlNNx"' cIOMMl-IRVIAI. .lummry N, 14120 Enjoys dancing Happy xxhilv talking - said In Ixc "mm sun-II gn'I" CEENIZRAL IORS Bottom row, left lo right: JAMES A. IIALLMAN "Ran" G1zNrinAL May 24, 1024 Eninys fvacaliuns Happy wInIvf+sw1n1lmng Saul ln In- -a sknnp.: Ian ROBIZRT C. IIIQPIIORD "lima" f:liNIiRAI Nux'z-mlrcr 23, me: Eninys -lIl1'lnxulllIaIlls Happy VVIIIIK' flushing Sand in In' -nppnsn-:I to spm-clu-5 RUBY I.. IIOUSER "Sll0lu'Y" c:UMMI-ZRCIAI Duz'crnIu'r 1, 11125 Eninys ' lnuvivs Happy wInIc zuviskainng SalzI In Imc -L'Iu'm'l'IllI I.liSI .I Ii Ii. KAU IFITMAN "I ns" C l"cbruar,x lo, 1924, Eniuyx fIInnII1aII Happy WIIIII' Imnlmg Said lu In' cnlvring IIN' Navy snnn i1zN1fnA1 Il7I Top vnu' "HI-15" Enjoys , fvfl In riubr: l3li'l"l'Y M. kl'.K,kI,laR CUMNII-WIA! S4-jzlvmhl r zl, mg 5 Immxling Happy whsle' out ni scluml said In "SARAH Enjoys Happy Saixl in A4Kll'l'Il Enjnys Happy Saul tn "Bl-.lu Enjoys Happy Saul In lu- fum! nf' zu sailnr SARAH M, KIZRWIN .. C April f, ml.: fhjL'yn'liI1j,1 - whllr fypxng lu' cpm-I ANNE M, KIPP lk.. 4 Urlnlwr 12, H125 Immlsmwxurlf. while' rating luv'-11 basvlxall fan Blf.'I"I'Y J. KI INIZ IrmxlrRc'lAI Iowm-RslA1, " c:0Kl'X1IKi,IAl S1'1rlA'111fr1'r 1. H124 hawkrllsall whilc sh-rpnlgz, lu- fri:-nzlly SE Ummm-RMA: Hnllom mug lufl In Tijllllf MARCUl2Rl'ljlf V. KLINC "PEGGY" Svplwnlwr lf, 102: Enjoys --typing Happy whilv with "Sum-5" Said In lu' '11 jgmmgl spurt FRANCIQS G. KRISHR "l"RAN" CY Dcwnzlrcr 28, 1024 Enjnys f-gmul lmnks wlljlv lcaslng Happy Saul In hu ffvvry num' PllYl,l.lS J. l,FNHAR'l "PusSuA." .Vmmlz gh, 1025 Enjoys A sh-1-ping Happy nlujlc mlanving Said hu hc a fulurr hair-xtvljxl RICHARD Ii. IOWIQ "GlMl'Y" Auuuxl zu, H12? Enjoys p1avjnj,zAlhm-trurnprl Happy xxlnlv with "K'largn"' Sand in lu-f always 'round IORS H81 lXI'K1l4RljlAI KQIEYIERAI C21-M-nu SE Top mug lvl! 111 riglfl: RUSSICLI, If, l,Y'l'liR "Russ" C S1'p11'111ln1'r Jo, lug: Eninys -f1m1l111ll Happlx' whilo 111111 his will- Said in lu- 1111111111 spurt RUTH lf, NIARZOI. HI511-1" .xllll ru, IUJJ, Eniuys Happ-x' uI11l1' 121111114 l1:11'1l p1'1'tz1'ls 5:1111 In lu- :1 l'11l111'1- 1:1il1'1u11l1'1' those s11l1l11'1' buys GLORIA l. X11-CANN "KH 11" l'1'b11u111 :, 111:11 Elliuys sxxl111111i11g Happy xxlnlv slax111g'1'111 Saul 111 I11' xrly pupulal' lili l"I'Y J, NllZl.l,llIK "Br 1' 1 v" S1'pl1'n1fwr 111, 1112.4 Ellinys Happy Saul 111 hr I11lkal1x'1' sL:11111g, whilm' xx1Il1"NYall" 21111 111 1a1:171 Al G1N14.1zA1 G1-N1a11A1. G1-LM-111A1. IORS Hollmn m11', Inf! 10 riulzl: HELEN lf. MICNTZIQR "ll1-11,1-.N" 1.1 Jufx' lv, 111211 Enjoys -music' - Happy whils- sLa11111,:k A 5:1111 In ln' 1'11I1':1111l f1'11'111llv Vl0l.l2'l' li. MIZNTZER "V11m1 14.1" N01'v111lu'r 3', 11124 Enjoys Happy wh1l1' 'playmg Ialrlr lrnnlw Said 111 ln- WY1-ry, v1'rv nivv r1'a1li11g 11111111 hunks liS'I'l!liR R. MIl.l1liR "lfnln"' V1 April zo, 11110 Eujuys' 1la1l1'111g Happy wlulv -1l1rI1115: Saul to lx1-flund ul 1l11'ar111y JAMES MURO "J1M" C1 A'l1ll'l'l7 go, 1020 Enjoys f-spurts Q I Happy whilc-11-Illng 1111.05 Said In ln' quitv a has1'l1:1lI player DMMl:RClAl 111-'NIERAI DMMLRCKI Nl lMMliIU'lAl .Lan IW! Top row, lcfl lv riglrl: IiV IELYN V. MURRAY "M l'l"l'l-.NSU .lfmuurv 212, 11124 GIZNERAI CoMMunr:1A1. Enioys cIioc'oIats' nn! Su-mIac-s Happy wI1iIc roIIs'r-Skating A said lo In' 'c1ipL1lg01I to a soIcI1s'r IQSTIIIZR Ii. MUSSIZR "I2ss11-1" Enioys l"cI1ru11ry 12 1112 5 val ing Happy wliilc f-lm-Iling poin1Is'ss iokcs Said In In- -always in 11 hurry ROBERT I.. NOAKER "SUM" iawmmi. February 23, l02f Enioyq syniphony music' Happy wIiiIc f1or11wnIing sonu-om' said lo Inv -a future photographvr WII.I,IAM I.. PEIITON "I'm.'roN" Gi-:NERAL Defcmbcr 31, 1025 Enioys izrzzmusirsi Happy WIlIIi" 'playing Ixasn-Imall Said lo In' fa "woII" SE Bottom row, left lo right: NORMA I. PROCASCO "No1xMA" CIUMMIERCIAI. lfelrruarv 2-7, 1025 Enioys -skating Happy wI11IL' callin: rIiocol.1lc caI-as' Saul lo In' f1n11.'r1'sI4'1I in lravvlmg V IZRA M. PRYOR "I.onNA" in-:Ni-,1m1. June ll, 1112: Enjoys -Ssyirnlniligl Happy wIi1I1: -playing IIN' piano Said Io Inv '11 Iuiurs' nurw CARTER E, OUIGLIQY "I'x1.i.s" ACADEMIC January 14, 1026 Enioys ffIxasIu'lIxaII Happy wI1iIs' - with a rvrlaili SopI1omorL' Said lo Inch- ilitvrcsivll in zlirplalws CATIIERINE If. RAYMOND "KATE" COMM Seplvmlwr 111, 1023 Enioysf- fI1orsvIxacIc riding Happy wI'1iIs'-A"Gvorgia's on Iicr n1incI" Said to In-W a Iiard worker IORS IZ! IERCIAI Top raw, left In riubl: IXIARY JANE REARDON HM. J." CIIENERAI. Urlulrcr h, 1024: Eninys Imicyclm' riding K Happy xxlnlv "playing pusl-UIIICC sand In Iw Iund ul "wnIx'm's" VIRGINIA A. RIZIDIZIBACII "Siloam" ' ' CI'.NI4,liAl, .I furrlr 1 1 Q2 -7 Eniuys suilnlning Happy wInIn- at IIN- Ifaml I'alr Sand In In' Ionzl UI nlalc Imrulwls MARGARIYI4 Ii. RICE "IH-.4:c:x"' fIllMMlaRCIAI Auguxl gl, 14129 Eniuys singing -I - Happy xxluln' xxl'll1n1,:Iua ruusnn UI said In In' -very sxvcvi AI.IIIiN LI. ROI IRBAUCII "JAM-," GIQNIQRAI. .Huy 29, 1015 Enluys Inulball Happy whllc III gym claws Saud In In' a Iulnrc Iarnwr IORS Bollom row, lvfl lo rigbl: MARION A. ROTII uIx1lLl.IliU COMMERUAL Oclolwr IR, may Enjoys-f-val ingk irc L-rca nl Happy VVIllIl'iIII Study IIaII Sand to In- -il1tvrs's!c1I in a sallur JOIIN A, SAUHRS "INIUsr:uas" fIliNliRAL Junc1',n12g Enioys- -Iualing al the "Club Savoy" Happy whilu parlivipaling in sports Said tu IM' 'illlill' INISIIIIIII IIIIfI'ON II. SCIIICK "Bun" ACADEMIC April 12, 1024 Enjoys I'QnlIJaII A A Happy wInIr with a gurl In a Irlarkuul SAAIII lu In' '11 future' uwncr UI' a Sturm' BERNICIQ I.. SIIEAIJFIZR uBI.0NDll-Qu Comm:-incur. Norcmlrur 211, luzg Enjoys dancing Happy wInIv f-In-"IxuImIvrI:m'n" Saud In In' Ilaslnn' a rung soon I 2 Twp row, lvl! In riulvl: MARY lil .l .EN Sl IRUM USIIRUMMIIQU Consul-,lu Lu .lulv 111, 11124 Enjoys luiknmg Happy while- playing tha- piann Said In luv' -likrcl by all LUIS .IIQAN SMl'l'll "SMI I"ll-,RSM C-1-.Nr 14.41 lylfzrflr 111, 1112: Eninys - swimming Happy whilv "will: a cvrlaln sallor Said lu ln: 'anxious fur ill 0 war in cnll JAMES 'lf F-'l'Iil'HllNS "'I'11Ann1-,us" Clam-RM April ', 11124 Eninys-f-swnnming, Happy wllilv' plowing Said In lub- soml lmnyin' that farm A. STINIQR THOMPSON 1-Sl'INl-,Yu CENl-RAI. January lv, Eniuys - allmlrtin-H Happy wlnlv playing has IQZZ lu-llmall Said In lw- Small lull noisy SE Hmmm row, lvfl In rilulrl: DONALD E, XVAGNER "DUN" C1-Nl-wxu. flrlolwr 12, 1112: Enjoys -funtlmall Happy wlnlc 'sllrrullllclml by girls Said to lar a Sunlwurv xxsnnr lX1ll,DRliD l. WAGNITR ul,l'4iGXll Vp NlJl'C'WllIl'T 23, 11124 Eninys f rnllcr-skalilmg Happy whilm-if nm tal-,ing clivlalimm Said to lx' f1nlL'rL'stc1l in 11 "gulf 1 MMPKK IAI CLARENCE C. WALTIERS, JR. "Bucky" V Ax April ", 11124 Enjnysffumball Happy while - nn Skusquvllanna Avcnur Said lo lu' --foml nl thc trnlnlmnc M ADIYI ,YN V. VVALTIZRS ADl:Mlf. "C111r1xLN" A1'Am1M1f July 211, 11125 Enioys-f sw11n1n1n1,: Happy whllvs -141'-skzltlml r , Sand lu ln' 'an :xL'r:n1npl1sl1s'cl planlsl IORS i221 SE IOR Top row, left In right: BETTY J. WARFEL KKKELLYU COMMERCIAL May 15, 1926 Enjoys-drawing Happy while--shuotin' baskcts Suid Lo be-an all-'round girl VIVIAN L. WENTZ HPEEPYU COMLIERCIAL September 22, 1926 Enjoys-choculznc milkshnkcs Happy while-with nJlllll0n Said to be-an "Alun Ladd" admirer DORIS J. WOODWARD iiDORRY,' COMMERCIAL November 5, 1024 Enjoys-basketball Happy while-writing to her soldier Saximl to be-in love LEO JOSEPH WRIGHT UPETEU GENERAL January 13, 1026 Enjoys-hunting . Hzippy while--carrying All gun Said to hc-:I future aviator I HG'S WHO JOHN SAUERS . EARL EPPLEY . . MERVIN ALLEN . MERVIN ALLEN . LEWIS EARLY . . DONALD WAGNER MERVIN ALLEN . RICHARD BEAM . HILTON SGI-IIGK . ROBERT HEPFORD ROBERT HEPFORD MERVIN ALLEN . MERVIN ALLEN . MERVIN ALLEN . RICHARD BEAM . LEWIS EARLY . EARL FAKE . . HILTON SGI-IICK . RUSSELL LYTER . LESLIE KAUFFMAN JAMES MURO . . ROBERT NOAKER . JAMES MURO . . ROBERT HEPFORD LEWIS EARLY . . Best Looking . Best Dressed . Most Popular . . Cutest ..... Best All Around . Best Dancer . . . . BERNICE SHEAFFER . . EVELYN MURRAY . . PEGGY RIcE . . PEGGY KLING . . GLORIA BLESSING . . . PHYLLIS LENHART Most Pleasing Personality . . PEGGY RICE Most Dignified . . .ALWILDA CALDWELL Class Pest ....... DORIS BARTLEY Most Beneficial to School . GLORIA BLESSING Most Artistic . . Most Dramatic . Most Talented . . Most Musical . Most Studious . . Best School Spirit Most Bashful . . Most Talkative . Best Athlete . . . . . . . .BETTY WARFEL MARY JANE REARDON . MADELYN WALTERS . MADELYN WALTERS . . GLORIA BLESSING . . . .GLORIA BLESSING . . . RUBY HOUSER PI-IOEBE DALLMEYER . . . . .BETTY WAREEL Better Late Than Never PHOEBE DALLMEYER Class Critic ........ JANE DOWNEY Class Sheik and Flirt . . . GLORIA MGCANN Wittiest ...... MARY JANE REARDON Most Likely to Succeed . . GLORIA BLESSING Most to be Admired . . . PEGGY RICE LET'S GET I QUISITIVE NAME MERvIN ALLEN DORIS BARTLEY RICHARD BEAM BETTY BEEI-ITEL JEAN BIcIcEL DONALD BLESSING GLORIA BLESSING Lois Book Doms BRousE DONALD BRowNI-IILL ALWILDA CALDWELL MARGARET COMFORT SHIRLEY CooNs PI-IoEnE DALLMEYER JANE DOWNEY LEWIS EARLY EARL EPPLEY JOSEPHINE ESLINGER EARL FAKE VIRGINIA GUTSHALL JAMES HALLMAN ROBERT HEPFoRo RUBY HousER LESLIE KAUFFMAN BETTY KECKLER SARAI-I KERWIN ANNE KIPP BETTY KLINE MARGUERITE KLING FRANCES KRISER PHYLLIS LENHART RICHARD LowE RUSSELL LYTER ELEANOR MARZOLF CLDRIA MCCANN BETTY MELLICK HELEN MENTZER VIOLET MENTzER ESTHER MILLER JAMES MuRo EVELYN MURRAY EsTI-IER MussER ROBERT NoAKER WILLIAM PELTON NoRMA PRocAsco VERA PRYoR CARTER QUIGLEY CATHERINE RAYMOND MARY JANE REARDON VIRGINIA REIDELBACH MARGARET RICE ALLEN Roi-IREAUGH MARIAN ROTH JOHN SAUERS HILTON Scmcx BERNICE SHEAFFER MARY ELLEN SI-IRuM Lois SMITH JAMES STEPHENS STINER THOMPSON DONALD WAGNER MILDRED WAGNER CLARENCE WALTERS MAUELYN WALTERS BETTY WARFEL VIVIAN WENTz DORIS WOODWARD LEo WRIGHT IDENTIFIED BY Pleasing personality Red hair Dignified manner Her friendliness Those red lips His weight Scholastic ability Pleasant smile Her giggle Pleasing appearance Her quietness Sociable disposition Avoirdupois Chewing gum Those brown eyes Navy uniform Tall and blond Her baton His bashfulness Q72 Her vitality His red hair His plaid shirts Shortncss That sleepy look Black hair Her walk Her laugh Make-up Those long letters Modesty Her hair Lankiness Brown eyes Eating hard pretzels Her attractiveness Her laugh Her pretty eyes Friendliness Her giggle His corny jokes Her dimples Eating "hot dogs" That nickname "Slim" His talkativeness Her giggle "Lorna" "Hi Dearie" Pleasantness Ability to make faces Ability to heckle That cute little-girl look His white shirts Short and cute Tall, dark and handsome His shape C?l Pretty blonde hair Tall and pleasant Her diamond His railroad hat His sea legs The flock ofgirls around him Blonde and cute His wavy hair Her legs Oh! those blue, blue eyes Her wonderful disposition Her long hair Good sportsmanship I25 RECREATION Basketball Basketball Fishing Writing letters Hiking Playing cards Camping Basketball Roller-skating Dance music Tennis Basketball Bowling Dancing Eating Football Track Hobbies Sports Dancing Vacations Climbing mountains Movies Swimming Bowling Bicycling Baseball Basketball Basketball Roller-skating Swimming Eating Football Acting simple Swimming Skating Roller-skating Reading Basketball Sports Roller-skating Bicycling Photographer Baseball Skating Swimming Basketball Horseback riding Bicycle riding Swimming Basketball Football Basketball Sports Football Baseball Hiking Swimming Track Basketball Football Rollersskating Football Swimming Basketball Swimming Basketball Hunting l AMBITION Navy Air Corps To gain weight To succeed Secretary To secure a position A agob.. Commercial position Lady Leatherneck Stenographer Radio technician Private secretary Commercial position Registered nurse Lady Leatherneck Lady Leatherneck An admiral Manager of Caplan's Private secretary Professional baseball player Somebody's sweetheart A general Marine private Secretary Navy radio operator Secretary Typist Housewife Secretary Typist Airplane mechanic Hair stylist Farmer Army Railroader - Newspaper reporter Stenographer Commercial position Dress shop manager , Secretary Professional baseball player Housewife Private secretary Aviation mechanic Jap exterminator To go to Texas Nurse Army Air Corps Private secretary To help win the war Army nurse Typist Farmer Private secretary Loafer at "Club Savoy" To own a store Housewife laboratory technician Nurse To own a farm To retire from the Navy Aviator Typist Aviator To go to college To be a boy Private secretary Housewife Naval Air Corps SE IOR CLASS PLAY FIRST I,'AS'l' Suzlml l.cIl In Rxulil: Donald Blvssiiig, Phvllis l.m'uh:1rt, .Iuimw Nhnu, Hilton S.-hi lX1:uli-Iyn VV:illrrw, Rirlmrml l,mu', :und Cl:irvm'c XY:ulu-iw. Slumlinu: Shirlvy Comix, lfurl Iipplvy. Jam- Dimmu-x' lfnrl lfukr, Pu-Hx H--1 hui Xl:1r3Lin'lQoiul'orl, Rnixvrl llvpliiwlxl, Lois Bunk, filuiliai 5ig'C.ul1i1, SIt'lfOND f.'AS'l' Smluzl, IMI lo Riylvl: Dunzllrl lilcssim: lfxclyn Murraiy, 'Wrrxil1Alln-n HiIlnnSs'i1i IH-gpv Rim-, Dun:n'4l l'n'uwnl1ill, Rulwcrl Nuukrr. Slumflnu: Virginia fitlllhililii, lfurl lfpplcy, Dmis Baxivliw, lwlim- K.xuHniun, .ln in Hin-klr, Ruhcrt llvpliuril, lfslhrr Muwvr, Mary .lzuw Vwziuimi, Ulm-rin Blm-Mlm, Ilfml 3 , 3 g Q 4 SENIOR HISTORY It was a sunny morning in September, 1939, when we entered the Ninth Grade, but suddenly it became cloudy. I wonder why? As our Class Colors, we selected blue and silver, which in a few years would have to be khaki and blue. Those who were lucky became Sophomores, and we were soon studying the old favorites, readin', 'ritin', and 'rithmetic. We selected the red rose as our Class Flower, it was a good choice-a rose among all those thorns! Having enjoyed our eventful trip to Washington, D. C., we wanted to re- peat it the following year, but a certain paperhanger seems to have stopped usg we'll soon stop him! Soon we became happy-go-lucky Juniors, the Senior's little brothers and sisters, always where we shouldn't be. We selected our ring, and as our contribution to the theatrical world, we produced a comedy. This year we built up our treasury only to tear it down by giving the Seniors a banquet. Everyone enjoyed it, even the waiters. As our last frolic and get-together as Juniors, we held a class outing. Then it happened-we became Seniors but we still haven't found out the reason why we are. This is the year we either "Take lt or Leave It." That good old friend, the Draft Board, has been on our trail, and so far he has taken three men for his Navy. These three sailors are Lewis Early, Stiner Thompson, and Hilton Schickg however, this is just the start, and when school is over the Class of '43 will be well represented in the armed forces. This year we produced another play, a mystery thriller. Soon our school "daze" will be over, and we'll be coming in late for someone else. At the end of the school year we will hold a class outing and enjoy ourselves together for the last time as "pupils." l27l JU IOR CLASS 5 . l ' , 4- Q 5 C l Firxl Row, Left lo Right: Betty llershcy, Opal Wfonclergem, Elizabeth Sheafler, Doris Kiner, Doris lleekert, Albert Sehink, Mary Jane Bostdorf, Donald Kllllllilllllll, Shir- ley Seitz, Marie Bushey, VVilIner Shealler. Second Row: Elinor Argernbright, Helen Burd, Jean Foltz, Catherine Sourbeer, Naomi Gingrich, Helen Marzolf, Betty Crecenzi, Vivian Gibney, Pauline Feister, Dawn Ritter, Margaret Priest, Doris Derick. Third Row: Mrs. Garman, Fay Bohn, Alice Duvall, Shirley Morris, Evelyn Shumaker, Ruth Maulfair, Mary McCreary, Eleanor Miller, Lilly Mae Thompson, Dorothy Miller, Dorothy Bookwalter, Phillis Beinhauer, Tbeon Gohn, Miss Skelly. Fourlb Row: Donald Ulsh, George Cckovic, Russell Barr, Gilbert Snyder, Charles Swing- ler, Robert Banks, Robert Egan, Nelson Hoachlandcr, DeWitt Smith, William VVright, Harry Rinehart, Harold Sierer, David Early, Robert Moyer. OFFICERS President . . . ........ . .ALBERT SCRINR Vice-President . ..... DORIS KINEIQ Secretarv . . . . ELIZABETH SHEAFFER Treasurer . . . . DORIS HECKEXKT Historian . . . . NIARY JANE BOSTDORF Class Advisers . . . ..... MRS. GARMAN MISS SKELLY CLASS FLOVVER CLASS COLORS American Beauty Rose Nam' Blue and Gold CLASS Morro We live to build, no! boast l23l JU 1011 PLAY FIRST CAST Sculul, l.rII in Riulrl: Shirlvv Sn-itz Russcll 9 xunslnr Du " K' - , , . I ' , rm lm-r, Brlly llrl'slu'y. Slumlinu: l7:1x'icl lfzlrllv, Nulsnn llunclllaxmlcr, Bcity Cfl'ruvl17i, Doris H4-rkcrl, Allxrrl Svllink, Rulzvrl Banks, lflwlnur Milli-r, :xml Paul Acri. SECOND CAST Smlcfl, 1.4'lt In Riulzl: M:ll'g:lrcI Pricst, Marv Jzmn- Bnslzlurf, Russm-ll Burr, Lilly Mm 'lklmlnpsmn Srumlillku: Drwill Smill ' ' ' ' ' ' ' 1, Nxlsun llu.1nhl.lmhr, lwnyc Bohn, Dunn Riltcr, Dulmh Kzlullknmn, H:11'l'y Rilwllurl, Dorothy Buul.u:nllvl',:1l1d Rulu-rl Moyer. IZQI SOPHO ORES l n Cl , First Row, Left to Right: Marion Brashear, Elridge Reynolds, VVilliam Swartz, Josephine S rignoli, Lucille Manbeek, Violet Martin, Sarah Graham, Nlax Nlefloinbs, Fay H Moore, Natalie Gutshall, Betty Stambaugh, Mary Sgrignoh, Louise Procasco, Betty Vllaggoner. Second Row: Betty Beam, Erma Deibler, Rosanna Kauffman, Blanche Blust, Goldie lxauffman, Norma Magaro, Frances Rudy, Elizabeth NVelsh, Dorothy Brubaker, Margaret Rowe, Pauline Laverty, Minnie Spence, Albert Thompson. Third Row: Shirley Frymyre, Arlene Gibson, Gloria Stefly, Marcia NlcGann, Joanne Kendig, Ethel Baddorf, Delores Black, Bertha Lautsabaugh, Margaret XYhiteomb, Ellen Smith, Pauline Shultz, Mary Smee, Harry Rudy, Henry McCann, James Egan, Dale Hildebrandt, Benjamin Bard, Fred Lee, Carol Hepford, Gilbert Givler, Ben- jamin Keckler, Jack Priest, Agustus Ditmer, VValter Boyer. Fifth Row: Gerald Watts, Everard Funt, Donald Adams, Earl Walters, Van Priest, Ira Maxwell, LeRoy VVentz, Gale Plantz, John Forney, Grant Lee. President . . Vice-President Secretary . . Treasurer . . Class Advisers Dean . OFFICERS l30l FAYE lNlOORE . lxli-XX MCCOMBS VIOLET Al.-XRTIN . SARAH GRAHAM . Al,-XRY BEATTIE lhlAKINE lhlCCALEB , . MR. XVINGERT Well, what do you know! Here we are in High School. We showed those upperelassmen that we have some wonderful material for lloothall and lbasltetlball teams, didn't we though? VN'e're pretty good, il' we must say so ourselves, hut, oh my, those lessons! Hope they aren't so dillieult next year. Ifronl Row, left lo Right: lmogene lfunt, Emma Brashear, Roinaine Wolaver, Katheryn Yolle, Doris Behrens, Charles hlangle, Betty Single, Shirley YYaltman, Betty Putt, Kathryn llare, Mildred llouser, Ethel Foltz, Freda ulevodau, Viola Riee. Sz-vom! Roux' Ada linsenhaeh, llazel Seitz, Ruth Poll, llelen XYrightstone, Blanel1eTwigg, Nlary Hentz, Dorothy liling, XYinil'red Franklin, Elaine Argenlmright, Nlarion lfarly, Jeanette NleDonald, Grace Ditiner, Kathryn Bloser, Jeanette llervog, Patri'ia , - . L Xlaloney. Tliird Row: William Bostdorf, XYalter l lolliman, Carl Fetterman, David Sgrignoli, lfvelyn llamelehle, Betty linsenhaeh, Frances Quigley, Janice VVL-hler, Daniel Peters, Leon Deveney, James lleek, Richard Anthony, Neale Kroh. lfourlli Role: .lohn Brown, Marlin Boyer, Robert Swartz, Richard lloaehlander, llarold lYalters, Nlelvin Dunn, Vl'ray Beinhauer, Kenneth Bueltwalter, Phillip Conklin, Marion Hutchinson, l.lovd Noaker Charles Zimmerman Donald Kntl D A , . . , . 1 my, ean Llarli. FRESHME l31l EIGHTH GRADE Firxl Row, Lqfz to Right: Jean Gibson, Jessie Anders, Niles Meyers, Paul Nellinger, Lois Kerstetter, Lillian Taylor, Jean Bohn, Thelma Dallmeyer, Arlene Gates, Kenneth Dean, Benjamin VVilt, Madelyn Brown, Adalaide Galxel, Franees Neidig. Seemtcl Rout Naomi Fnsor, Shirley Fordncy, Shirley Cooper, Betty Baltozer, Roselma Zeigler, Violet Thumma, Yvonne Barnhart, Mary Beam, Jean YYagner, Verna Pierce, Grover Miller, George Young, Richard Stambaugh, Fred McCann, Charles Sweger, Galen Brouse. TbirdRo1e: Eileen Derielc, Janet Bloser, Bernice lloachlander, Nlildred Nlentzer, Loretta Kramer, Laverna Troutman, Betty Brown, Anna Wright, Jane Yocum, Luella Linn, Janet Shover, Alice Caldwell, Valeria Burlcholder, Bernice Nliller, lfnnna Jean Potteiger. Fourlb Row: Rachael Swartz, Janet llare, Georgianna Rock, Elizabeth Killick, Florence Bruaw, Joyce Bookwalter, Gayle Bicliel, Fllen Mae Baddorf, Betty Nlarzolf, Mildred Bostdorf, Lois Boldosser, Lois Cox, Dorothy Golm, Jean Pryor, Betty Kreiser. Fifth Row: Thomas Prior, James Baddorf, Charles Gouse, Ray Smeigh, Carl Eichelherger, Percy Billow, Allen Saussaman, Kenneth Mandis, Vernon Prior, Lester Brewbaker, David Sgrignoli, John Yohe, Jack NVithington. Sixfli Row: Richard Myers, Raymond Noalcer, George llummer, Richard Fasick, Thom- as McCreary, Richard Vllisegarver, Albert Troutman, Robert XYilliams, Thomas Miller, John Anthony, W'illiam Sultzaberger. Thank goodness, we made it-some of us. Wle were really laughed at last vear lbeeausc of our awkwardness, but welre fettinf on to it now. . in Watch us go next year! Those Seniors have nothing over us. l32l "Oopsl pardon us for getting into the wrong room." Certainly we'll pardon them lor it is only the Seventh Graders trying to become accustomed to their new surroundinffs. Oh, well, thej'll l z ' l 1 .' l' ,, y etrn in t IL next ew years. l"ir.vl Row, Left In Riglzl: Charles Dallmeyer, Robert Campbell, Leita Vllalters, Dorothy Sflllllbllllgll, Nlelvina Roddy, lra Mellinger, Barbara Ann Long, Phyllis Elsea, Nancy Seitz, Nancy Stuart, Eugene Jackson, Lois Beam, Evadna Berger, Phyllis Campbell, Nlorris Plantz, Marlin Foster, David llcck. Second Row: George NYaltman,. Shirley Yetter, Matilda llepliord, Elcanora Bro ' E w n, va l aka, Marie lxellcr, John Gibncy, Russell Zlcs, Eugene Brctz, Donald Conklin, Patsy Swartz, Nancy Shovcr, Maxine Sultzahergcr, Clara Brown, Catherine Gingrich, Jo Ann llstright. Third Row: Ronald Barr, Velma Wood, Jo Ann Bryson, Riley Eldridge, James Sgrignoli, Inez Brestle, Shirley Black, Rita Saley, Dorothy Ready, Robert Conklin, Robert G:t-:l- ' - ' 1 is, ,1 roy Boya r, John Rutz, XX ilson Troutman, Donald lxroh, Guy Berger. Ifourlli Roux' XYilliam Spahr, Clyde Spence, I.averna Strausser, Naomi Brewbaker Arlene Briwlnlur J l G l , - - 4 '- , om raue, Calvin Troutman, William Stimellng, Kenneth Yocum, John Roddy, Carl Boyer, Robert Zies. SEVENTH GRADE ,L ' xl-fr, as l33l CALE DAR 8 The favorite tune on Enola's hit parade today seems to be, "Oh, for the Good Old Summertime." Today ushered in another year of fun and entertainment given by the teachers from Seventh to Twelfth grade inclusive. 18 l hate to mention any names, but today that certain female was elected president of the Senior Class. Rah! for our side. 28 Miss Beverly Bickel's backyard was the goal of every Senior that cold September night. Come to think of it, "hot dogs" do taste good even it if is 100 below. ln the future we pay our highest respects to Valley Transportation for coming to our rescue. SEPTEMBER OCTOBER 2 The "Song Birds" of Enola High, together with a few warblers, ave out today in assembly by singing "l'm Dreaming ofa White Christmas." Wei, they can dream can't they? 7 The score is 6-63 the crowd is tenseg only a few more minutes to playg who's going to win? Why New Cumberland, of course. The final score 13-6 favor the Blue and White. 14 Grown-up expressions seemed rather contagious after Captain Donaldson's ad- dress. We envy his friendship with the beloved Edith Cavell. 30 What a month, nothin' happened. NOVEM BER 2 After receiving quite a "peg" talk from Mr. Mueller, The Curtis Publishing Com- pany's representative, we ad many a foot-race and sore toe to see which team was going to reach the goal of 13500 first. Since they had all the big-footed kids on their side, the Bluc's won. 3 We kept the witches working overtime this year, when the not-so-dignified Seniors threw a spook party rn the gym. ' 22 Snazzy derbies those Seniors are sportin'. Okay, you, wipe that grin off your face. 25 Did you hear those harmonious strains coming from round the loop? Merv's radio is really a wow! You knew he won it, d1dn't you? Big day today. Seniors didn't seem so peppy when the news broke forth that it was their last "pep" session. Rah! Rahl Rah! 26 Gee, guys, why couldn't you come across with one more point? Oh, well, we felt better after we lined our tummies with, you know what. Jeepers, ain't it romantic? Our gym really surprises us when lights are low and soft music fills the air. 30 What a line that gal Miller must have had to get all those subscriptions. Wonder igthe name will still he Miller when Uncle Sam comes across with the interest on t at bond. DECEMBER 3 How about a little bet on who's going to buy the most war stamps? COkay, you Senior lads and lassies, don't let us downlj 18 Can you imagine those chorus gals' shame when those "half-pints" up the road gave forth with "Old Saint Nick" while they stood there with their teeth in their mouth. 23 Have Kim ever heard the girls in such good voice, or the stage look so lovely? Hats off to rs. Wingert and Mrs. Yoder--You did a grand job. A beautiful cathedral could not have made us feel more reverent. 23 That rumble you just heard was 12A rushing up to meet the rest of the gang for the annual Christmas feed. l34l Yi I, IH-vkf.n-Iwo. 1. Hn' B4-llrl' Luv C.:mlp:ugn Kmlxllnlltcc. S. lin- Vllul Mun. 4. X r Ulclv I':nIh v 1 ful ifurllvr. 5, Y.lh 'Il-:nu. 0. Czuxght again. 7. Bull: I.:-:urlm-uw. H, Anxiuus mmm-nts. J, Hopi IU. Nirr, mnlxnh-. l35I CALE DAR JANUARY 4 Gee, kids, ain't it tough trying to concentrate after that heavenly vacation? 8 Our dignified President found herself in quite an undignified position when she got her foot caught in a seat and had to take her shoe off to unfasten herself. 18 Sure hope those announcements produce! Oops-maybe l've said the wrong thing. 25 Wasn't it ahlittle bit of seventh heaven to see the first semester come and go with- out crammmg? We says YES! FEBRUARY 8 Uncle Sam was the cause of a gay-well, not too gay-shindig thrown in the gym for our future generals and admirals. 14 Throbbing hearts and moon-eyes were the fad today. Why? Don't be stupid! Saint Valentine's Day, of course. 22-28 Vacation-Yippee!! Maybe our tummies won't agree in a few months. MARCH 8 Who's that good-looking boy over there in the corner? Such blond hair, such blue eyes, such-oops! it's a gal in Li'l Abner disguise. 10 Gangway for a compliment-Mr. Steiner certainly made our Band pull through this year with flying colors Corange and black, of coursej. Thanks again for a super assembly program. 12 There's not a man left. Everyone grabbed what "she" could and went wooin' in a dark corner. Gosh, I wish we had more dances like that! 18 Well "who's who"-shucks! l don't know, you'll have to look on another page in this book. 24 "Wish l had a pair of slacks on," moaned Lois. "Oh heck, if the boys can dood it, we can too." We could really tell you more, but we wouldn't want to embarass our "girls' stage crew." APRIL 1 Gee, what a thrill l got when that "big hunk of Stuff" winked at me, but darn it, it would have to be All Fool's Day. 15-16 Claps and cheers to our guys and gals for the grand success of the ghosty "Ghost Parade." 25 Look at that woman's crowning glory-where do you get the glory? What with priorities on trees where else would a robin build her nest? MAY - 5 Our lovely Peggy Kling, accompanied by her court of beauties, Lois Books. Gloria McCann, Helen Mentzer, Josephine Eslinger, Madelyn Walters, and Phyllis Lenhart, was crowned "Queen of the May." - 1-7 What a week! You could hear drums rolling, voices raised in harmony Cwe hopej, and pictures pasted all over the walls almost for nothing! lfyou haven't as yet grasped the meaning, we are referring to the Band Concert, the Girls' Chorus, and the Art Exhibit. 15 Ouch, will you quit pinching me? Oh, I beg your Kardon, l realize now that it was only a piece of straw that got lodged in my clot es from the hayride the other mg t. 25 Oh, how l wish this week was over. l can't sleep, l can't eat, l can't oh well, what's the use of worryin'? l always planned to take Twelfth Grade over again. 30 Following the tradition, we attended Baccalaureate services at the Lutheran Church. For us Seniors, it was a sad moment. JUNE ' 1 That baby rattle will be nice to keep as a souvenir of Class Day, and it might come in handy some day. The rest of the gang seem well leased with their gifts. Wonder what Jimmie Muro's hiding over there. Oh, shuciksi l can't tell you, it's too personal. . 2 After last-minute instructions ringing in our ears and with tears in our eyes, we Seniors, in our Commencement Exercises, were Seniors for the last time. l36l I. Ikxutnxmw lm ux. 1. 'Hu' llinlwmt. 3, Sllrprisd 3. Thu! mifd gqlumc. 5 Our Inyxw. lv. Spun 4' chzluumg .mln-.ulx 7 T, H1gl1lkv:lllm1Iilllm'l.ulu', ?'4.Cfl1lv. 9, Nut lwx-xllx, :nl1x'xx:1.x. IU, Dllnhux In :lu H71 WE DIGNIFIED Q7 SENIORS E381 E ,AX 4 523.5 431 0 x lx! f N if ,X M X x W 9 Y In-nlfrRmf. Dnxull':1llx,Rulwll X1uxn'r,.l:lnlA'NH:lHm:l1I. Ii: if Mu. -,..1, QQ vn- X ,, fM'l"Mvupw 1096 07' SnmulRm1.' llmmld HIL-Ming, Rl1wvllSpmvxlm'l', Vxml Ami, fm'l1lrr:i.l.1l1'1n'm' W.lltn'u. ImpRum,lvHlnRi-I1r.-All.-n Rnlnlmmglw, Ruxu-II I.x1vr, 11-uk l' nh Hvl' vu N In k :llum lxuu:l4wll1'K.ul1lu1.ux, 'Xllwxl Svhillk, Rirhzlul I :nu-, llmnllnl k,ulIYm nu 4,1-1 ff 'G vs Xyyf ,-- A r fi i t L! ,V ,f -A Xia ' t ' lfirxl Row, I.efI ru Rigbl: James llallinan, llilton Schick. Allen Rohrbaugh, Leslie Kuulliman, Russell Lyter, Lewis Early, Donald lillllililllilll, Robert lwioyer, Albert Schink, David Early, Clarence Walters. Semin! Row: Richard Martin, James Sourbeer, Richard Lowe, VVray Bienhaeur Donald Wagner, llarold VValters, Van Priest, lfreil Lee, Benjamin Keekler, Grant Lee. Tliir41Rou': Stiner Thoinpson, William Bosttlorf, Waller llolliman, Dale llilclebrant, Marion llulehinson, Donald Knobby, Benianiin Bard, Robert Swartz. lilridge Reynolds. Kenneth Dean, Coach lfurey. FOOTB LL The mighty Panthers started the season like a house alire and ended like a match in a thunderstorm. Overcoming all opposition in the lirst four games, they sent all these teams home scoreless. ln the last live minutes ofthe game, the New Cumber- land Tigers, using a powerful drive, scored on the Panthers and practically broke their hearts. On our squad were nine Seniors-Lyter, an end who played the best season in his careerg Big Luke Early, now playing under the big coach "Uncle Stung" "Barrel" Schick whose holding the line for Uncle Sam will help to keep it unbrokeng sleepy Les Kauffman, one of the fellows you seldom hear about ofl the lielcl but really made the opposition wish he weren't thereg burley "Buckey" Walters who made the opposition look like a sieve and who became high scorer of the seasong "Jake" Rohrbaugh, a one-hundred-thirty pounder who fought all season for a po- sition on the varsity and made it in the hfth gameg "Gimp" Lowe, a long, lanky fel- low who wanted action and really got it at the end of the seasong the midget of the squad, "Red" llallman, who became the speed king who could not be caught by the oppositiong and "YYaddle" Blessing, a hard charging guard who caught the opposi- tion behind the line. Last, but not least, is Coach Furey who really made our team a good one this year, and in the opinion ofthe writer it is not his fault we did not have a champion- ship team. Vile hope the experienced Juniors will really come through and make a championship team for him next year. l4ll i 1 s---,,,v 1 I I 0 ' 1 'gvfm'-'ul BA LL wa, lfirxl lfulumnf Carts-r Quiglrv, M4-rvin Allvn, B1-n Bard, Ifrul l.4lr. llx I mn Allin Rohrlrulgh .I'uncQ Mum Duunlnl Ulsh.C1r:m! lcv. Srwnn ,o u : ' . , . . 1 Iiollum Row: .lxuuvs Hnlluuln, lnzumgvrg Russrll Spunslrr, Duviml Fnrlw. Cmnclu lu H31 BOYS' BASKETBALL Coach Furey took charge of a hapless boys' basketball team this season. The boys, after dropping their first game by a close score, decided to break the monotony of losing by defeating the alumni team. To the surprise of many people, the boys then proceeded to win their next two contests. In this winning streak the boys an- nexed their lirst League game from Lemoyne, the League winner last year. As the season moved along, the boys sweated and struggled to win, and on several occasions they did bring home victories. The Harrisburg Academy was beaten twice with comparative ease, while, later, Middletown and Biglerville were taken by one-point margins. This brought the total up to seven wins and ten losses. However, this does not show how the boys fought their hearts out to win. For every team that they met, they let them know they had to battle to win. Many underclassmen took part in the games this season and received valuable experience. The varsity members of underclassmen were Russell Sponsler, Donald Ulsh, David Early, Grant Lee, Fred Lee, and Benjamin Bard who will make up the team for the next few years. The up-and-coming Freshman team also should do great things in the next few yearsg they worked well together and received much ex- perience in varsity and "javee" games. From this year's squad will be lost by gradu- ation Mervin Allen, Carter Quigley, Allen Rohrbaugh, and James Muro. All in all, this season was an improvement over last year, and in the future the improvement should be much greater. GIRLS' BA KETBALL Most people enjoy traveling but it had a bad effect on our girls' basketball team, for they lost every League game they played on foreign floors. The result was that we lost almost as many games as we won, but we still tied for second place in the West Shore League. Through graduation this year we lose Betty Warfel, the only girl who has played four years' varsity basketball and for two years was high scorer in the Twin County Leagueg Lois Book, the only girl that had the height to play forwardg Margie Com- fort, who really did a good job of playing guardg Madelyn Walters, who played var- sity the Hrst year she came outg and Phoebe Dallmeyer, who cooperated and filled in wherever it was necessary. For two years in succession we have won second-place cup and we hope the girls come through next year with a Hrst place for the glory of good old E. H. S. E431 q,P'SKE7s As S .,.-"X X-,z""'S I GA LL Fin! fnfu 1, . , nm: Bvlly VV:lrl'rl, Margin' Cvnufurt, Elizzlhvih Sfu':lH'vr, Hvlcn Xicmza-r, Iflzxinv Argm'nlxriy.:I1l, Suvurld Cufumn: lVl:uls'lV11 Wnltcrs, Lois Bunk, Plwcln- D:lllmL'yL'r, lN1:xrriuM4G:u1n, VA ' mix! Mvmzvr, lllilllllgef Hal CLI AN i I A K. lfmul Row,1.cflInR14ubl:Viulc1 Mvntzvr, Mies l burning, Mary F.ll1-n Siiruin, lX1:uh-Ivn W ziltvrx, N ix mn W mz, Mrrvin Allvn, Mary Jam' Rcurmlmm, Bvliy Klinu, Miss Ricgvi, Miss Ruby. Bark Rum: Cutiirriiin' Rziynmmi, Bvrniu- Slim-aillcr, Margin- Cmnfurt, P4-ggi' Riu-, ll:-tix' XVurfrl, Crxrirr Quiglm-y, Pliyllix l.m-nlmrt, .lowphixiv lixlingvr, fii:nrcii1.'n' NV:ills-rs, Dunn ' i ' Shirlvy Connie, Dunnlil Iilrxsing, Ruixrrl Ili-plurcl, .lnuv Dim-in-y, D4-ris I Izllitnf-in-Clif-cQf, . A.Y.9IPt'lI111'l1if11lllI'X . Cluxs Ifrlilm' . . .- . . Axxixlcml Class lfclilurx Spnrlx lfililnr Clulr lfclimr ..... Axxixlunl Club Ifflimi' , l'i1N'llI1-1'llillilfll' . . .' . Assistant I'Ul'llIlAIA lfrlzlm Ar! lfrlilors ..... Srbzml CTIIICIHIUI' Uvrilcrx lfflilorirzf Slujli Aririscr . lillXi7ll'.N'S.Xlll7lf1A!JL'7' . Axsixlunix . . . . Buxincxx Slunfli Adz'i.wr , IQDITORIAI. STAFF BUSINESS STAFF I-101 ld Brfmiilull, lxstlicr Millrr, lnrrlvv, l'l1uclw l7:iilnu-yvr. Vin-xv Wi xii Piimgx R111-' xi.'XlJlil x N XXiAl'IkI1liS Nl.-im .l,xxi4. Riivxiumx Biticxlr iv Sui-1,-xi-I-I-ZR Nlvxm' Fi.: ix Slllil xi CZATHERIYE R,'xYxioxD Bi-i1"rx' Ki iwii CSARII-.R Ql1c.1.l.x i7UNfXll7 B1 rsxixu Ummm lixiziii-x .lixxl-1 Duwwi-Qi Yum Vi' XIFNTII R i"i'l'lIl-li Xiu I I-la Iii-'1"1'x NX,xuivi.l, .lim-1-iiixl, l-.ai ixui-.iz XFXIRIDII-Q ciflNH'URl4 Pm'I,i,1s 1.1 xiiixm' Nllss CII,-XIH s liuuwixr Nliilzvlw Ai mx Roni Rl' ill-iw-mm Dovxin lilzowwiili l. PIlOlillI". DM mu-ix ICR C1 ,-xiu-Qwcii XXV.-Kl.'l'lIRS Smmiv Comms Nliss Gi uns Run' STUDE T COUNCIL Front Run, l,4'lIlnR1ulvl.'-X111 lfm'giv, Rnlwrl Banks, Gloria Blm-sexing, Mcrx-in Alla-n, Y'lx'i:lllW'n'll11, Putxiuu KIA! lmlmw , Bri t x fxlrlarr. Hunk Huw: Shixlm Yvllrl, .lrqm BnllI1,Ch:ll'lrs N1:l11glr,Cf.ll'ul llvpI'm'nl, l":lvm'N1mmr1', Manx Mr1fmnl1s, Clymlm Spun-v, lm-1 ll: vlr, Shu lrx l"1ml1u'y. - luxllwu,lu!r11.lhQM.- RlrhxnnlAlullmllx I3 C N I 4 R11 mllhum lun ' ' run!Slmlll,D.lln'llllslclwlnl1l,l.InxdNo:1lu'l, .lnnn-Q Mm I isun, r 11 '. , A N l'..u1x', lh.x.I1xl,vnh41rl, M:llp1,u'CIulv11lwl'I, Rx1NwlSpm1sh'l', Uvlurrs Black, A 1 r Sglugzn-Il.lluInl1c K:ulllm:1n,U1mI NYmuIvlg4'u11, Al1u'lJux':zl, Krnlwlh Ym-urn, Allvn S:u1ss:1nml1. S1-mml limp- Xliw lil:-wx, Alum YYris:,l1l, .Iran W':lg,:lu'r :lc-:ln flnlmun, l,m'n'lI:l Krzum-r, Tlihlrcd Nlvnlzvr . : -- - , , - - - lt' ymxw, ill-urm R1-mb-alll, ,lzlnvl lllusvr, Yrlnm Vklaml, Iivrnica llmu-hl.nmln-1, lrxvlnn lmulmnn, l lll1:1Il'l:l,xlm', Slnrlry l'rl:u'k, MIN. U11m'l'. 'l'lrir.I Run .' Rulwll ifnnxupln-ll, Sllillry lfmxpvlg Yvmnu'B:1l'nh:u'l,D1u1:1l4IHvzuln,Runulmll3:u'r,.ln'wNin'Azul:-rs Iirtlx' Xlnwull, lin-lu liulmlnswr, .Ivan Bohn, .luhn Ynvhv, Sluirlvy lfmvnllmc-v, l"r:1m'is Nrirlig, Nancy filwxu, Xlurlix l'l.mIl, ilvul'gc ufxllnlslll. RED CROSS inrv nn... umm.. lllnmhn 'lmkk lm N cn ' ' ' LIBRARY CLUB lfirxl Row, Left lo Rigbl: lfleunor Xlnrzoll, Nluclelyn Xllulters, Donulcl Brownhill, lfsther Miller, Doris Vtooclwurcl, Betty Bechtel, Doris liiner, Xlnry lfllen Shrum, Shirley Coons, June Downey, Nlervin Allen, lfsther Nlusser, Peggy Xtugner. Second Role: Betty llershey, liuthryn Sourheer, .leun Foltz, Xliss Beattie, Cfurolyn Boyer, Violu UeRolmer1u, Dorothy Nliller, l.ois Smith, Dawn Ritter, Gloriu Blessing, Nlury Forney, llilton Schick, Nlurguret Priest, llelen Nlurxolf, llelen Burcl, Phoebe Dull- meyer, Doris Bartley, Normu Proeuseo, Klux Nlefiomlms, Naomi Gingrieh, Betty Ntuggoner, Betty Creseenzi. Adviser , . Xliss Bu,x'I'1'1t1 The Lihrury Club, uncler the clireetion ol' Kliss Beattie, has lzeen largely responsible lor the nppeurunee ol' our sehool's lilmrury. It is through the Student Lilmrznriztns that the hooks are properly eheekecl in or out :incl ure returned to their proper plztees on the shelves. These students ure also re- sponsible lor repairing worn hooks. Among our ziclclition ol' I7-l new hooks to the lilnrury this year were uclclitionul eopies of hooks zllreztcly popular in the lilnrziry us well us others unknown to the pupils. These new books were eutziloguecl :incl plueecl on the shelves hy the Stuclent Lilbrztriuns. ln Deeemher the Lilmrurizlns of our sehool entertuinecl the Lilmrziriun Leufue of the West Shore with at Christmas Pztrtv. Thex' also huve zi lw . . monthly meeting in the eonlerenee-room ol our sehool. H81 Adviser . . . . lXlRS.GARMAN The partial success of the football team was not alone due to the efforts ofthe boys, for ereclit must be given to the peppy squad of Cheerleaders who proviclccl inspiration lor both the team ancl the spectators. As it is impossible lor a person to do more than one thing at a time, it was necessary to reorganize the squad since some ofthe girls were promising members ol' the basketball team. Many new yells which were introclueecl at "pep" sessions aclclecl spirit to this year's games. Frrml Row, Left lo Rigln: Phoebe Dallmeyer, Jane Downey, Betty Cresccnzi, Lois Book, Naomi Gingrich, Gloria Blessing, Maclelyn Wlalters. Hack Row: llelen Mi-ntzcr, Shirley Coons, Betty Bechtel, Virginia Guttshall. CHEERLE DER . F, I ef' Q ff F wi -. . . W., lfirsl lzfllf, Lefl lo Rigbl: Josephine Eslinger, Albert Thompson, list her Nliller, Clarence XYalters, Roller! Noaker, .lean Jones, l.eon Deveny, and Nlr. Stiner. Scmml Role: l.ewis Downs, lfiClVVZlI'Cl XYoll'e, Norman Ream, .lames Smith, Richard l,owe, Robert Banks, Robert Moyer, Charles Swinglcr, Carl l7ettermen. Tlrirrl Row: .lohn hlangle, Frances Neidig, Gale Plantl, Coleen lihhart, Nlax xlCc:0l1llJS, Shirley Seitz, lilizalxeth Sheallier, Doris lleelaert, and Donald liaulliman. lfnurllm Row: lfvelyn Murray, Glenn Vogelsong, James llalhnan, XYihner Sliealler, Donald Brownhill, Gloria Blessing, llenry McCann, and Grant l.ee. Director . , NIR. S'I'F.lNl-IR Cymbals elashing, horns tooting, seales mounting or falling, hits of popular musie, drums rollingw in a school? Ol' eourse, it's Mr. Steiner, our new direetor, rehearsing that group in the new orange and black uniforms. During the year the Band, in spite of having new uniforms "to show oll'," has not appeared as frequently as in past years, hut when we had the op- portunity to hear it, whether in assemhly or at the eoneert, it was always enioyahle. isul 1J1!'1'1'lI'1'.N'.Y . . Nllcs. XYINGI-Rl 1111' U1'1'111's11':1, 1'1111s1s111111 111 1'IQ1l11'1'Il 1111'111111'1's, IS 1111111-1' 1111' C11l'l'L'11lJl1 111 . 1 Xlrs. XX111g1'1't, 111111 11 11111115 1'x'1'1'x' W 1'111111S11'1,x' 111111'11111g 1111' p1':11't11'1'. 151'1':111s1- U1.L'X1S111lQ1 11111111 1'1111111111111s, lllilllj 11111111 1111-1111m111's 11:11 111 1111 MTH .. . 1 1' 1 111111111 1-11 11111-1' S1-1111111, 111111 t111s l1l'l1x1'N 11 1111p11w11111' 1111' 1111' O1'1'111'wt1"1 t11 IJ'll' 11111111111 111 :11'11x11111s il11CI' s1'1111111 1111111's 111111111 1-r, 11 11:15 p1'11s1'11l1'11 111:111x 11111w:11111's1-11-1-111111s 111 2lSS0llI1J1X IJITPQITII 1111' 11111111411 C,111'1sI111:1s PIIIX 111 1111' U1'1'111'wt1"1 x1'1s 1111111 '11 1111- 11111111' 111 1 . 1 1 . 1 Xlrs. XX111-1-111-1 XX1l1'l'l' 111 1'1'x' llll 11111111 111111 .111 0111111 '111111 1111111 r- . '1l1'1, 'g.:.. 'x-1 1 . l N11 1 l1fl!11lx1 111 111111111 1 1 11115, 1.11111 1'1.111111111, X1.11.x 1.11lll51lllllII, 1'.v1-1':1r11 I-1111, 11111111 11-1, 1'1'1'11 1.1'1-, .1IlSl'l71I1llk' 1fs1111g1-1', lf:11'1 1'vl'11l'I'lIlIlll, 1Q1L'1lIIl'11 111111-, Max X1K'f1l1l1I1N fX1'll'1'Il1'1' NX 'l11t'lN, 1'1S11l1'I' X11111-1',A11 "1 111114 11111 117111111121 I 1115 1K1-1'sI1'1I1-r, Nlrs. XX 111 11 rs KI JHIIDN . 1 11, 171lIIJl1l1 lgl'HXX 1111111 l'lIlll'N 11'111111'111 ORCHE TRA 1511 1 5 SENIOR GIRL RESERVES uw .--, , ., 1- Q gs EXW' , 2. 1,4 4 -t , l 1 ' XX :1 f fulwr, llclcn XlL'llllL'l' Nl'1clL'lx'nWxnllt-rs, Inns fWI1llll1 lfirxl Row, ltjfl In Rzglrl: Betty Lg., , , , . . , Xlury .l:1m- Ruurtlun, Virginia Rt-iclt-Ilmt-Im, l't-ggy XY1lQI,IlL'l'. St'1'll7Hl1eflIl'Il'll1'ZlI1Ul'xllllt'l', livltm-s l'zl:1t'lx, litlu-I lgililllllfli, Miss Rim-gt-l, Sluirlvlx ltx mirt NYinil'rt-cl l"r:nnklin, l'1l'1lllL'l'S Rucly. Alll'lSl'I' . , . , . Nllss Ru-ml ' ' tl's gulcling lmnrl, lms tukt-n part Ill mzmx Ylilll' Clulm, unclcr Miss Rlcg' t'l1z1rlt:1lJlc zlctlvltlcs tlns st-nsun. A svrzlplmoult lor tltc U. S. O., cltllls tlrt-ss ln' lrmcl 'Incl clotlws clcmutccl lm' pour, lorclgn clulclrcn arc :n lt-xx ul tht- II 4 , 1 portant :1ctlx'itics. 4 1 lu n'clvlJr'ltc tltc lN'llUI'l1UlICl1lX'SZlI1 zlppruprlzltc party was lu-lcl. Om- c gum tn tht- parties was :1 Cnvcrccl-Dislm Sm-iul, tht- proccccls ulkvlmit-lm wcr' ' ' - tht- XYL'll'1ll'l' Cumnmunity Cltcst. 4 Yllllk'l'lStlJlltllCZlCtlX'lllCSlIlClllCl0Cl11SWlllll11lI1g.fID!lFt.X' intlmt-"Y"pm-Izx 1 t-ttmbim-cl picnic :incl ltilsc. l:'ll ul 9 Aclrisvr . . Nl Iss l-,u'1iiz'1'x la-ll lla- .lnnior Cnrl RL-scrvcs liavc lmccn qnitc active clnring tlic past YCIII Jing otlicr pcoplc ancl planning partics lor tlicnisclvcs. livery lioliclay incl tln ulilmrition ol tlm ' lllll X " ' 4 0 X .XY.C.A. s lilitictli lnirtlirlay ollicrccl an oppor- itlx' to plan a party. Marclfs lioliclay, Saint Patriclfs Day, was colc- lmratccl by a clancc liclcl in tllc Y.NY.C.A. lnnilcling. l'l1c girls liavc also liclpccl otlicr pcoplc lay making an llliglllllll, donating a snin ol inonclx' toward rcclncinfr tlic Y W CA 's lmnilclin clcln ' ,., . . . . gg t, ancl ln inalxinf.: a scraplmook wliicli was sont to an Army camp. l lic girls, nnclcr tllc clircction ol Miss Clacl Y to ys Lavcrtv, arc planning prcscnt in tllc ncar lnturc an opcrctta in tllc Nlctlioclist Clinrcli. liul Roux, Inj!! lo Right: Slnrlvy C,oopvr, l7ram'cs Ni-iclig, .loan Jonus, l.ois Kcrstvttvr lm in Bolin limi Blos ' ITU! 'Q , .1 ' Sur, ltllzzllwill liilliclx, Sliirlvy lforilnvy. l nl Izflllf Nlclvina Roclcly, Bcttv Brown, Tliclma Dallim-vcr, Ja-ssiv Anclvrs, lilla Mac lfaclclorli, liiity Bloscr, Bvtty Crouse, .lanicc XYln-clvi' gli: l.1lccn licrriclx, .loannc Dixon. .IU IOR GIRL RESERVES l55l GIRLS' CHORUS lfirxl Row, Iqfl lo Right: fllurt-rice XY:lltt-rs, Xluclclyn Xlriltcrs. Scrum! Roux' lbtllllllil lirownhill, llilton St-Iiick, l.t-wis lfzirly. 'fliizrl Row: Nzitztlit' Guttshull, Pvggy Ricv, Nlnrgic Comfort, Virginia Cuttshull, litlit-I l'il'Fl1ll1lllf.flI, Blztncht- l3lus', Golcht' Kllllll-lllllll, Russvl lytvr, .l:1nit's llullniun, Dztvicl lfzlrly, Rosanna: Kuulliinsui, Clritlicrim- Rnynioncl, Virginiu lla-itlt'llm:wli, Doris XYoocl- wurcl, P1-ggy liling, llclvn Nlcntzcr, Nlrs. NYing1t'rt. I-'nurllv Row: Mary lfllvn Shruin, l,ois Smith, .lt-:ln Bickle, lfrsincis Krvisvr, Nlxury .lxinc Rt-nrclon, Ba-tty Bt-t-Im-I, lill'IlI1llI' Nlurzoll, Bt-i'tli:1 l.1llllSlJ1lll2I,ll, xvlVl1lllXx'l'Ill7, l't'g1gLy xyilf.fl1l'l', Bt-tty Wztrlcl, Pxlnlinc l,ilYK'Y'ly, l5t'i'iilt'v Sllt'2lll't'l', Phyllis l,t'nhatrt. Un Slugc: XYilim'r Slll'1llli1'T, Stincr Thompson, llurolrl Xvziltcrs, .loscphinv lfslingt-r, ffxirol llt-pliortl, livwitt Smith, Richxtrcl Bn-zini. Ilircdrcsx , . . , Nlizs. Wixuiiiri' The girls hztvc prcscntccl many ztsscmhly programs :incl cntcrtuinccl thc stuclt-nts ol'Sunnnit Strcct Building with at program olsongs, hut tht-ir most inspiring.: :tml most mcmorzihlc program wus the Christmas Czlntzitzn. 'lihc stuclcnts portraying thc Biblical cliztrzictcrs :iclclccl at rcztlistic touch to thc progrztm :incl cnhztncccl its cllcctivcm-ss :incl hcziuty. As :ln :iclclccl attraction to this symbolic program, at lcw hoys, incniht-rs ol' the former Boys' Chorus, prcscntccl some selections which inspire-cl us with tht- II'lICC:l1I'lSfI11!lS spirit. l54I 'SANUZHNITAN 4 fa M wgwgf u6SS Wh' 415, -P A g3272! QQ +P i1 ff ry f y sg Q, . 7 30. 4 W qi. . 5, , ' YB, L Q 99 f fi f 'U 0 gg.. 'T 54.11 3. ------1-- I "' x 4 M 4.-gr. in ... LT- s'7- ' ' I f ' ,. " . .15 ' f :-5' - . ,- f:'f..,-. lv ' lb ," 9.74"-' , X. Q. . uf 1 -4' T71 V4 x J - 70 ,, . iq img? i X x 7 W- ' if - V .4 f es, Clin if 0 5 iQ PW 37 QQF. "5 I 2 : -- 1 , Mwnvx S 0 ' rf Q, ,gg 3 2 'Co ' Kd, u K 61. bi'-'N 33 'H W W wad I X Q W H Q y av s I I Z wk X N14 ,bf A .-.-,- . vi f ,M 6 4? ' .I ' Year , I ,fa P 40' f at Nu 4" bf fry A W I' E460 sz I ink X Whig Y Q' 16 4 . , Q .9 4.89 U 9" I Q, A -' ffm-W 44' .I l . , fl-Sq gm f-X wizkfrf " fx 5 il SK Q '17, -J PJ 4 F l58l .L if MW 5368 ii Q F 99 PJ?-K'-Q-...S 2' . ll? ""'f" ge . Q M27 2- 'N ' J ei 'fl' U AQ H Emi I, W W1 f l' ,ff-Q6 :W X 47 , Y N ,lf ffl x gp -: 11 2-JD " 3 ' 4 af ,,, Gfiffi WS QQEEQ5' Q I A " J 7 I t mu 1 L9 jk - H I X K 1 gb A' il f f V X77 i 347' llfr 0 , dig K M ,I Wa Q S 5 ff M y f x , . WX' 1 ' ,Q J. Cf ' S W Q ffm' ' 'l A gr I , .' Q , 1 992:27 "1 A J, lqern K7 p l5Ql W 0' 74' fm 9 'WZ' gf ? ii A ff W 1 ' M' ,192 1 X y 4' Q2--.Lx N u A 5 f 4 sq I y A ' 4 0 W Q" as ef QE' J , 5 17- J X , In f 6.7 ' 4 x I El I Q X7 if ,mn M ' fa" Q NS: !' Lyfqi? l I A 1 4 11 ' 5 M 50 r 1 Nix x S' Lk LL X ur- W' 58' 'IN' 1.2. neil 'Q 7 'f Q' Q 2 'v 'I jp bx8M3 ff? ya. . dgiw i aqabgu A xx C7 mr 5 if 4 83. 1 B2 3 N Q GN F034 WH ' W x I l 1 D. BROUSE GUESS WHO ANSWERS M. ALLEN R. BEAM D. BLESSING D. BROWNHILL L. EARLY E. EPPLEY E. FAKE E. FOSTER J. HALLMAN R. HEPFORD L. KAUFFMAN R. LOWE R. LYTER J. MURO R. NOAKER W. PELTON C. QUIGLEY A. ROHRBAUOH J. SAUERS H. SCHICK J. STEPHENS S. THOMPSON D. WAGNER C. WALTERS L. WRIGHT D. BARTLEY B. BECHTEL J. BICKEL G. BLESSING L. BOOK A. CALDWELL M. COMFORT S. COONS P. DALLMEYER J. DOWNEY J. ESLINGER V. GUTSHALL R. HOUSER B. KECKLER S. KERWIN A. KIPP B. KLINE M. KLING F. KRISER P. LENHART I62 E. MARZOLF G. MCCANN B. MELLICK V. MENTzER H. MENTZER E. MILLER E. MUSSER N. PROCASCO V. PRYOR C. RAYMOND M. REARDON V. REIDELBACR M. RICE A. ROTH B. SHEAFFER M. SHRUM L. SMITH M. WACNER B. WARFEL M. WALTERS V. WENTZ D. WO0DW'ARD MRS. HARRIS MR. WINCERT MRS. WINCERT MRS. BITNER MISS HORNING MISS BEATTIE MISS RIEGEL MISS BLOSER MISS BROVVN COACH GARMAN MISS RABY MISS LODGE MISS DARR MR. FORGIE MR. HOOVERI MRS. CRUNKELTON MISS MCCALEB COACH FUREY MRS. WENRICli MRS. YODER MRS. ADAMS MR. STINER MISS SKELLY MR. Booz E. MURRAY THE 1943 EN OLIAN was printed by J. HORACE MCFARLAND COMPANY mount Elzasant Brass HARRISBURG, PENNSYLVANIA Telephone: 4-62 3 5 1 X ss' llmWX 'ip fj 6' - WL Our representatives will he delighted to discuss the 1944 edition of your annual with you and your adviser: Write or telephone us for an appointment i631 Your Services Are Needed in the War Effort Prepare for Your job at CENTRAL PENNA. BUSINESS COLLEGE 325 Market Street HARRISBURG -:- PENNSYLVANIA Career and Emergency Courses PEOPLES BANK OF ENOLA SCHICK'S FOOD ENOLA, PENNA. MARKET . Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation ENOLA, PENNA. B L03 E R3 SHENK E99 TITTLE "Everything for Sport" 313, Market Street, Harrisburg, Perma. E641 JQHN G. HEPFORD witlIl3Il,S Atlantic Station and Restaurant Printer Home Cooking , Bar-B-Q's Atlantic Products Summerdale, Penna. Ph 3-9606 ENOLA, PA. For the Fihoff in Photography ENSMINGERS Second and Walnut Streets HARRISBURG, PENNSYLVANIA J. W. REIGEL YETTER'S Barber Borher Shop 16 JUNWA STREET FIRE AND AUTOMOBILE ENOLA, PENNA. INSURANCE F651 Storee, like men, are known by the company they keep MICHAELS- STERN CLOTHES MANHATTAN SHIRTS INTERWOVEN SOC KS FLORSHEIM SHOES STETSON HATS "DOC" REIFF - Fayloionr for Men N1-:W CUMBERLAND WM. M. SHAFFER MIDGE'S INN SOUTH AVENUE - SOUTH ENOLA WINES - BEERS LIQUORS Modern and Square Dancing Wednesday - Friday - Saturday Phone: 3-9297 Hardware PHONE: 3-2006 LEMOYNE D O U T RI C H S "Alway.r Reliable " Guaranteed Merchandise CLOTHING - HATS - SHOES FURNISHINGS The Largest and Best-Known Clothing Store in Central Pennsylvania Compliments of Dora Konn E99 Daughter 103 South Enola Drive SOUTH ENOLA, PENNA. The Kozy Shoppe Fountain Service THOMPSON'S GARAGE SOUTH EN OLA li-IEIDHH LEMKE BROS. Qreenlaonsef O LOWEST PRICES VEGETABLE PLANTS O Phone .' 2-7424 LEMOYNE E661 KENNETH H. LANTZ Merchandise GOODS DELIVERED Phone : 4'OO3O WEST FAIRVIEW fPhyllis Beauty Salon 428 South Enola Drive Phone: 4-6084 When Tou'1e Downtown Stop at the ' SUNSET 0 RESTAURANT FOR YOUR LUNCH 26 N. Second St., Harrisburg, Pa. L. G. BALFQUR CU. ATTLEBORO, MASS. Manufacturing jeweler for the SENIOR AND JUNIOR CLASSES OF E. H. S. Represented by BILL ROSS, Class of 1922 B. H. S. no South Second Street WORMLEYSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA F I N E Diamonds, Watches, jewelry PARK ,S 'Q' SERVICE LIPPMAN'S STATION jewelers Since 1889 311 Market St., HARRISBURG, PA. J. W. CAMPBELL Genera! Mercfzandzlre "WE DELIVER" Phone: 2-5312 E67 SOUTH ENOLA YO UR Gzfaaaafmcg Photograph A last remembrance of the pleasures and happiness of your high school days Coacgzfatalatiom Seaiom Let our studio supply your needs for photography Whatever the occasion may be ' FASNACHT STUDIO l ESTABLISHED 1890 409 Market Street HARRISBURG, PENNA. fOfhcial Class Photographerj l63l Compliments of BUTTORFF E? CO. Home Furnishings M. F' ROCKEY Warebousex NEW CUMBERLAND 5, Q, ERFQRD CARPENTERS MILK EEWIIIEFS DAIRY PRODUCTS ir 40 North Third Street SOUTH ENOLA HARRISBURG, PENNA. CHARLES K. BOAS ,gzmzkr 28 North Second Street, HARRISBURG, PA. ' ' G E O R G IA' ' MI SHUI ARBEGAST 226 Altoona Ave., ENOLA, PA. PAW, 3.8886 For Furniture FRED BLUMENSTEIN " Plasterer N EW CUMBERLAND 29 SOUTH ENOLA DRIVE Phone: 2-0610 H191 For . . . 1891 194-3 SEA FOODS - CRAB CAKES E. G. OYSTERS Szmzlzr and Siluzramith Stop at MACK'S ir M . L. M C C 0 M B s , 25 North Third Street ENOLA HARRISBURG, PENNA. DUTCH BADDORF Arrange Now! To Eat Your F Next Sunday Dinner GARAGE AT U N G E R , S F O R D SALES AND SERVICE I L. B. SMITH MOTOR CO. 5eZ1'1:Z:!"' Twelfth and Market Streets phone.. All Make Cars LEMOYNE, PA. 4-7077 l70l EBUDLA BOWLING CENTER ABC Approved Alleys Open Daibf 12 to 12 3 PHONE: 3-9968 FOR RESERVATIONS KIPP NULL, Prop. E HING IN Music SINCE 1881 ,, Patronige J. H. TROUP Ado? musit iauust 1lH'fZJ'67'J' 15 S. Market Square, Harrisburg, Pa. F O R V I C TO R Y BUY UNITED STATES WAR SAVINGS BONDS AND STAMPS I 1 AUTOGRAPHS l72l -gi , my A J, , i gp. V i l- gui ' f ,7,,x,,, A, u ' f f 4 rl-ew, .-- K ":q,1- '- Q .f fa V. . , 7 1, ig, I '- 4- ,yr-A. 1 ,ww 35' 1' '.11.x 4 mis- g.. ' , f.:g,5'-:f 4 ' 3 L Q 1 " . ' 1' f .nz 1 -Q4'f.,gf1::: 1 -RYTTW tt 3, fzmg g- E 1 . . , V 1 ' 2 my .Y 1, wb., 1 I A ,gawk 1 .4 X .r ,.., , 5, 7,,. Lekfl, , Qf F ' . . 1-5 ty, , -3,53 fv . "?i?i - . ' 551 . 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