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Dedication Jack and Margaret Cooper Jack and Margaret Cooper obviously enjoy their work in education. They are dedicated in academics and in extra curricular activities to the students of Ennis High School. They strive to achieve the highest level of learning possible in their classroom with respect and understanding of students while maintaining a firm sense of direction. 2in Honor Of . Harlin J. Dauphin r- The 1987 Cicerone Staff is honoring a very special person who has given unselfishly of his time and energy to the EISD for the past 24 years. Through his endless efforts he was instrumental in making our school system one of the best in the state of Texas. For the role he played in making possible this new high school, for the years he served as Ennis High School Principal, and for the many hours spent striving to build and improve our educational system, we, the Cicerone Staff, students and faculty wish to take this last opportunity to say thank you. and you certainly will be missed. 3Maroon And White Ennis, ole Ennis, we'll stand by thee. Faithful and loyal we will ever be, True to thy colors that stand for right. Loyal sons and daughters of Maroon and White. We will always face the conquest with spirits bold Laurels for ole Ennis High will be our goal. Arranged by Bob Banner Composed by Thomas B. Granger1ME B£H«MESMIIF Front Row: Editor-Missy Little, Liesl McGilvray, Karan Keilers. 2nd Row: McCamey. Rodney Winn. Byron Adams. Natalie Brandon. Patience Verna Keys, Tricia Forbes. Angela Fullington. 3rd Row: Kim Fuller, Rosemark. (Not Pictured: Misty McCann) Sponsor-Joy McCullough. Kathy Haba, Pam Marak. 4th Row: Kendall 5In Memory Of In The Future, If God Takes Me First, When You Need Me, Look Into The Sky. The Brightest Star That Is Shining It’s Me. My Brightness Will Never Die. by Mike Prestidge ■ 8 85 Glenn Gerron Marvin McCord Jane Dixon8Of 1987 9Vocational Employer Appreciation DinnerHomecoming Queen 1986 Ethel Rochelle Lockhart The highlight of the 29th annual Homecoming game was the crowning of Ethel Rochelle Lockhart as the Homecoming Queen. On this Halloween night against the orange and black of the Lancaster Tigers the halftime ceremony was presented to the tune of "The Way We Were" played by the Ennis High School Band. Miss Jamie Erisman. sponsor. Cadie Cathey. Tambra Draper. Ira Hughes, Trina Hollingworth. Tim Forbes, Patti Shaw. Craig Dlabaj. Harold Hughes. Queen Ethel Rochelle Lockhart. Laura Lipsey. Micheal Honza. Cathey Griffith. Jason Mahone. Kerry Davis. Lane Grayson. Brandon Bell. Leah Harrison. 12Principal Mr. Bill Chapman and Queen Ethel Rochelle Lockhart. 13 L. to R. Sean Mahone. Kim Fuller. Tim Dlabaj. Karan Keilers. Harold Hughes. Ethel Lockhart. Chris Austin. Kelly Harrison.SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Weldon Caldwell • President Tricia Forbes ■ Secretary Tony Stevens ■ Vice-President Kim Fuller ■ ReporterMost Handsome And Most Attractive Mr. And Mbs E.H.S. Tony Stevens Kely Heiisony ADAMS, BYRON KEITH Football 1-4 Golf 1-4 Track 1-3 F.C.A 1-3 M.L.C. 1-2 NIKE 4 Homecoming Court 1 Annual Staff 4 fs "Never Say Goodbye" fg George Strait fa Hunting ANDERSON, RHONDA N. NIKE 1-2 FHA 3 OEA 4 fs "For Those About To Rock" fg AC DC fa Dating Fred ff Italian AUSTIN, CHRISTOPHER MICHEAL Ag. 1-4 Homecoming Court 4 NIKE 4 fs fg Jimmy Buffet fa Hunting tf Chicken Fried Steak BANKS, CHRIS Band 1-3 I.C.T. 3-4 Modern Language Club fs "A Day In The Life" fg Metallica fa Partying ff Hamburgers 1 BARKER, DENISE JANE PAC 2 FHA 1 fs "Stand By Me" fg 11 Top fa Cruising town ff Mexican BAKER, LAURA KAYE 1 Band 1-4 Region Solo Ensemble 3 State Solo Ensemble 3 All-District 4 Who's Who Among American High School Students 3-4 N.H.S. 3-4 Region Science Fair 2 P.A.C. 3-4 (Treas. 3) Modern Language 2 fs "Darkside" fg Genesis fa Being with friends, ff Chinese BATES, KEITH D. Agriculture 1-2 Ag. Coop 3-4 Poultry Judge 3-4 FFA Vice-President 4 fs "Livin On A Prayer" fg AC DC fa Country Cruzin ff Pizza BELEW, DAHNA RUTH Class President 1 Modern Language Club fs "Magic Power" fg Triumph fa Exercising ff 18BELEW, DAVID ALLEN Who's Who 3-4 University of Texas Science Symposium 3-4 NHS 3-4 PAC 2-4 {president 3 4) Tennis 1-4 Class Personality 1 Student Council 1 Boy's State 3 EHS United Way Presentation 3-4 fs "True Colors" fg Bon Jovi fa Gymnastics ff Chinese BENNER, MARY BETH PAC 1 FHA 1 4 fs "Give Me Wings" fg George Strait fa Cruising town ff Lasagne BIGHAM, TIMOTHY MICHAEL BILLINGS, JAMES LEE Auto Mech. 1-4 V.I.C.A 3 Ag. I fs "Wanted Dead Or Alive' fg Bon Jovi fa Country Cruisin ff Fried Duck BROWN, DAVID GERALD Football 1-4 Track 1-4 FCA 3 MLC 3 fs "Man On The Corner" fg Genesis fa Lifting Weights ff Homemade Chili BROWN, WILLIE, JR. Deca 3-4 Track 4 FHA 3 fs "Paul Revere" fg Beastie Boys fa Going places with C.J. and R.B. ff Mother's Fried Chicken BRANDON, NATALIE RENEE Student Council 1-3 Class Reporter 1-3 Class Personality 1 KEY Club 4 Modern Language Club 2 3 PAC 2 3 Senior Play Crew 4 Dandee Lion Staff 4 fs "Drowning Man" fg U2 fa Going out of town with friends ff Tacos BRUNK, ROBERT CHRISTOPHER FFA 1-4 Ag. Mech. 3-4 Band 1-4 State UIL Solo and Ensemble 1 UIL Solo and Ensemble 3-4 All-District 4 Farm Radio 4 Gatesville Solo 2 UIL Marching Contest 1-4 fs "Glory Of Love" fg Beetles fa Dating Dolores ff BROWN, GREGORY RENARD Deca 3 4 FHA 4 Homemaking 1-2 fs "Stand By Me" fg Kool the Gang fa Dating ff Chef Salad 19CARRILLO, ANDREW A. Baseball 1 FCA 1 Deca 3 fs "Diary Of A Madman" fg Ozzy fa Pocket Billiards ff Shrimp BURNS, JEFFREY SCOTT Band 1 2 Stage Band 1 fs “Paul Revere" fg ZZ Top fa Cruzin ff Seasfood BUSH, SANDY MICHELLE Who's Who 4 OEA 4 United States Achievement Academy 2 fs "Wanted Dead Or Alive" fg Bon Jovi fa Partying ff Shrimp Scallops CAPEHART, ALAN TODD Golf 1-3 DE 4 Modern Language Club 4 fs "Looking For Love" fg RATT fa Spending time with Laura ff Shrimp Lobster CARRILLO, ARTHUR R. Baseball 1 DE 3 Modern Language Club 3 ICT 4 fs “Ten Seconds To Love" fg Cinderella fa Spending time with Debbie ff Steak VS CASTILLO, RICHARD NATHAN Baseball 1 DE 4 fs "Never Say Goodbye" fg Bon Jovi fa Being with Emma ff Mexican CHADWELL, CYNTHIA G Band 1-2 FHA HERO 4 NIKE 3 Who's Who 3 fs "Never Say Goodbye" fg Bon Jovi fa Spending time with Dary ff Reese's CANNADAY, OJIMER E. Band 1 2 Deca 3 4 fs "Cold Shower" fg RATT fa Cruisin ff Grilled Cheese Sandwich CARTER, ANTRONETTE ROCHELL CAMP, TIMOTHY ALLEN 20■ CHERRY, ANGIE DAWN FFA 3 4 FHA 1 KEY Club 1 Rodeo Team 1 fs "We're Ready" fg Boston fa Spending time with Chris ft Mexican Food CINEK, MONICA NIKE 1-2 FTA 1 MLC 1-2 Deca 1 (reporter) fs "Nobody Knows" fg Triumph fa Being with friends ff Mexican COKER, JEFFREY WARNER Band 2-4 All District. All Region Band 3.4 All Area Band 3 UIL State Solo and Ensemble Contest 2.4 Drum Major 4 NHS 3.4 JETS 3.4 (V-P 4) PAC 2-4 fs "The Baby Elephant Walk" fg Beatles fa Wasting time ff Bacon Cheeseburgers DAVIS, RHONDA ANNE Band 1 NIKE 1-3 FFA 1 OEA 4 Modern Language Club 2 3 PAC 2 Who's Who fs "Never Say Goodbye" fg Bon Jovi fa Slummin with M.B. ff Chicken Enchiladas “I CLAXTON, LENA HECE 4 fs "Touch Me Now" fg AC DC fa Working at High School ff Chicken Nuggets DAVIS, VICTORIA ANNDILLARD, BRANDI JO Band 1 2 Modern Language 1 2 NIKE 2 4 Key 2 4 French Academic Award 1 2 fs "The Chair” fg George Strait fa Spending time with Tim ff Steak Baked Potatoe DENISON, MISSY Band 1-3 T wirier 1-3 Miss Waxahachie-4 U.I.L. Literary O.E.A.-4 One Act Play DIXON, LEONA NADINE HECE HERO 4 fs "Living On A Prayer” fg Bon Jovi fa Cruising ff Pizza DICKERSON, JAMES DAVID, JR. Football 1-4 Basketball 1-2 FCA 1-4 PAC 4 Track 1-2 FHA 3 FFA 1-4 Farm Radio 4 Sr. Play 4 fs "You Gotta Fight For Your Right” fg Bon Jovi fa Cruisin town ff Mexican p- DUNN, TOMMY G. Ag. I ll Ag. Coop. IV DE 3 Chapter Cond. 1 4 fs "Silver Wings” fg ZZ Top fa Cruising ff Steak Shrimp DIXON, SHAVONNE ARLINDA Track 1-3 Basketball 1-4 Secretary of FHA 3 HECE 1 NIKE 1 fs "Lean On Me” fg Beastie Boys fa Basketball ff Pizza DOHERTY, JULIE COLLEEN Band 1-4 Art 13-4 fs “Glory Of Love” fg Chicago fa Being with John and friends ff Mexican DLABAJ, TIMOTHY ALAN NHS 3-4 (Treasurer 4) OEA 3-4 (President 4) JETS 4 Key Club 3 Student Council Rep. 3 Who's Who 3 Algebra l ll Awards 1 3 Biology Award 2 fs "Homecoming '6 3” fg Randy Travis fa Being with Kimberly and Malerie ff Spaghetti EATON, MARK A. Football 1-4 Baseball 1-3 FCA 1-4 Modern Language Club 2-4 FBLA 4 fs "Earth Angel” fg George Strait fa Partying ff Mexican EDWARDS, CLARICE ELAINE Basketball 1-4 Track 1-4 fs "Always and Forever” fg Beastie Boys fa Basketball ff T-Bone Steak 22EDWARDS, CYNTHIA DENISE Varsity Basketball 2-4 Varsity Track 1-4 fs fg Five Star fa Going to Waxahachie ft Mexican EDWARDS, LISA RENEE Spanish 1 2 HECE 1 Student Council Rep. FHA fs "Brass Monkey" fg Beastie Boys fa Spending time with that special person ff Ham Cheese ELLIOT, AMY ELIZABETH OEA 3-4 Key Club 1-4 NIKE 1-4 Modern Language 4 Band 1 fs "Shake Me" fg Cinderella fa Being with friends ff Macaroni Cheese with Catsup EITEL, WENDYE JOANN Who's Who NHS 3-4 PAC 1 Honors English 1-4 Academic Award Chemistry H 3 fs "Mornin' Ride" fg ZZ Top fa Dating Chuck ff Mexican FALKENBACH, JEFFREY SCOTT Football 1-4 FCA 2-4 Modern Languages Track 1.2,4 fs "Paul Revere" fg Beastie Boys fa Girls ff Anything EUBANKS, NANETTE fs "Santa Clause. Bring My Baby Home" fg Barbara Mandrell fa Listening to the stereo ff Cabbage FLYNT, ROBBIE WAYNE DECA 3-4 fs "Life In The Fast Lane" fg Journey fa Cruisin ff Steak FIGUEROA, LISA MICHELLE RANEY Class Reporter 1 Cheerleader 1 Athletics 1-2 OEA 4 fs "Angel Of The Morning fg Reba McIntyre fa Spending time with Raymond ff Mexican FORBES, TRICIA ANN Cheerleader 3-4 Class Secretary 3-4 Student Council 1-4 Senior Play Publicity Crew Annual Staff 4 FFA 1 Band 1 Key Club 1-2 Modern Language 3-4 fs Dead or Alive fa Cheerleading ff Stuffed Baked Potatoe FLYNT, ROBERT DECA 3-4 Football 1-2 fa Sleeping ff Steak 23FOX, KELLY R. FHA 4 DECA 4 Band 1-2 fs "Tom Sawyer” fg Police fa Spending time with Micah ft Mexican FRANKLIN, SHEILA ANN Transfer from Brenham High School HECE 4 fs "American Made” fg Oak ridge Boys” fa Listening to the radio ff fish GILLASPY, KAREN D. TJSEHS 4 Debate 1 2 Key Club 4 JETS 4 PAC 4 NHS 4 Basketball 1 2 Tennis 1 2 fs "Control” fg Judds fa Dancing ff Mexican FULLER, KIM MICHELE Cheerleader 1-3 Homecoming Queen Nominee 4 Class Reporter 4 Student Council 3-4 Girls State Annual Staff 4 NIKE 4 FHA V-Pres. 4 Personality 3 fs "Never Say Goodbye' fg Bon Jovi ff Italian FULLINGTON, ANGELA LYNN Annual Staff 4 MLC 1-3 NIKE 1 PAC 2 Senior Play and Prop Crew 4 fs "Never Say Goodbye” fg Cinderella ff Baked Potato GOSS, KYLE RAYNARD Football 1-4 FCA 2-4 Power Lifting 1-4 Basketball 1 Track 1-2 All-District RB fs "Girl” fg The Time fa Dating ff Shrimp GREEN, LAURA LEE Who's Who 3-4 FFA 1-4 FFA Quiz Team 1 Girls Athletics 2-3 PAC 1 Modern Language Club 1 Honors Chemistry fs "If You Only Knew” fg Reba McIntyre fa Cruising ff Mushroom Burger GRACIA, LUIS CARLOS FUDGE, THERESA DECA fs "You Give Love A Bad Name” fg Bon Jovi fa Spending time with my husband ff Mexican GONZALES, SAMMY ROY FHA New Edition 3 Senior Play Costume Crew 4 UIL One Act Play 4 NIKE 2.4 Modern Language Club 1.3 PAC 2 Math Award 2 fs "Borderline" fg Madonna fa Jamming ff Sonic Grilled CheeseHARRISON, KELLY JEAN Cheerleading 1-4 Band 1-4 NHS 3,4 Class Favorite 1-3, Miss Ennis Rep. State Fair Stage Band 1 2 Student Council Secretary 4, Class Pres. 2 3 Girls State Rep. DAR Good Citizen Award fs "Lean On Me" fa Cheerleading ft Potato Salad HACKNEY, ELIZABETH DAWN Band 1-4 Jazz Band 1,2 Sr. Band Lt. 4 NHS 3,4 Cheerleader 2,3 Class Officer 2 PAC 2-4 JETS 3.4 Key Club 1-3 fs "One More Night" fg Journey fa Summer parties ff Shrimp HALL, JEROME L. HECE 4 Track 3 fs "Count Me Out" fg New Edition fa Playing Basketball ff Hamburgers and fries HENLEY, RONNIE D. Track 1-3 BaseBall -1 Football 1-3 Modern Language 3 Auto Mech. 3 fs "Sanitarium" fg Metallica fa Cruising ff Mexican HONZA, SHERRI DIXON NHS 3-4 Band 1-4 Cicerone Staff, Ass't Editor 3 Key Club 2-3. Vice Pres. 3 Performing Arts Club 1-2, Parliamentarian 2 Class Personality 2 UIL Spelling 1.4 Science Award 1 English Award 2-3 fs "Tequila Sunrise" fg The Eagles fa Spending time with Michael and Brooke f n thin Mexica HITCHCOCK, CHRIS LYNN Track 1-4 (Reg. Alt. 2) Cross Country 1-3 FCA 1-3 Auto Mech. 4 Ag. 1-3 DE 2 Power Lifting 1 Senior Play Crew 4 fs "Take Me Home Tonight" fg Bon Jovi fa Being with A.C. ff Seafood HUFF, CYNTHIA MARIE OEA l ll Key Club 4 Band 1 fs "We're Ready" fg Boston fa Partying with friends ff Macaroni with cheese HOLLEY, BRITTON JAMESON Football 1-3 FCA 1-2 fs "Turn The Page" fg Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band fa Listening to music ff Pizza 25 HUGHES, DARYL ERWIN Football 1.3-4 Basketball 1-3 FCA 1 fs "Beautiful Ones” fg Prince The Revolution fa Playing Basketball ff Mexican food HUGHES, HAROLD ERVIN Football 1 Basketball 1-4 FCA 1 fs "Tonight” fg Ready For The World fa Playing basketball ff Chicken Fried Steak JACKSON, CEDRIC DEON JONES, BRIAN WELDON FFA 1-3 Ag. Mechanics 4 Auto Mechanics 3 VICA 3 Greenhand Farm Skills 1 Land Judging Team 4 Student Council Rep. 4 fs "Wanted Dead Or Alive” fg Kansas fa Country Cruisin' ff Seafood KEILERS, KARAN RENE Band 1 T wirier 1 Key Club 1-3 Nike 1-4 OEA Vice Pres. 4 Homecoming Queen Nominee 4 Personality 3 Annual Staff 4 Most Attractive 4 fs "Stairway To Heaven” fg U2 fa Being with Justin ff Shrimp 26KELLY, BOBBIE JEAN HECE 1-2 Secretary HECE 1 fs "Jesus Is Love" fg Whitney Houston fa Going shopping ft Pizza LITTLE, MARY JANE FHA 1 fs "Secret Separation" fg The Fix fa Being with K.N. ff Steak KEYS, VERNA ROBIN Annual Staff Senior Play 4 Who's Who 3-4 Office Aide 4 FBLA 3-4 Nike 1 PAC 1-4 Modern Language Club 3 Band 1 fs "Brass Monkey" fg Beastie Boys fa Acting Crazy ff Crab Cakes KOZLOVSKY, JIMMY LITTLE, MISSY Cicerone Staff 3-4 Editor 4 Key Club 2-4 (Treas. 4) Nike 1-3 Sr. Play 4 PAC 1-2 Modern Language 3 OEA 4 Band 1 fs "Tequila Sunrise" fg Alabama fa Spending time with David ff Steak and Shrimp KNIGHT, SUBRINA JO WILSON KNIGHT, WENDY ARNEZ PAC 1 FBLA 2 Who's Who Senior Play Nike 1 fs "Brass Monkey" fg Beastie Boys fa Football ff Seafood KYSER, JANET LEE DECA 3-4 FHA HERO 1 fs "Livin On A Prayer" fg Bon Jovi fa Having fun with friends ff seafood LAUDON, CHRISTOPHER CASTLIO Ag 1-2 Ag Mech. 2-4 Leadership 1-4 Judging 1-4 Baseball 3-4 Key Club 3 Modern Language 1 fs "Never Say Goodbye" fg Bon Jovi fa Spending time with Tina Bell ff Seafood KINZIE, ANN MARGARET Tennis 1-4 Student Council 1-3 NHS 3-4 PAC 1-4 (Second Officer 2 4) Class Officer (Sec.) 1 Key Club 1-3 Who's Who 3-4 Society of Distinguished High School Students 18u English Honors 1-4 fs "Living On A Prayer" fg Boston fa Shopping ff Lunch at the Magic Pan 27LOCKHART, ETHEL LOCKHART, BADAIR A. Girls Basketball Manager 2-4 Girls Track Manager 2-4 Lions Pride 3 FTA 1-2 PAC 1-2 fs "Distant Lover" fg Ready For The World fa Going riding with friends ff Pizza and fried chicken ROCHELLE Homecoming Queen 4 Student Council Pres. 4 Class Officer Vice-Pres. 1-3 Homecoming Court Rep. 1- Cheerleader 1-4 Modern Language Pres. 4 JETS 4 PAC 4 Athletics 1 2 fs "The Lord Will Make A way" fg The Mighty Clouds Of Joy fa Cheerleading ff Chinese LOVE, GERALD KEEGAN LOTT, LESLIE KYLE Baseball 1-4 Football 1-4 Class Personality Powerlifting 1 DE 1 fs “You Look So Good In Love" fg George Strait fa Spending time with D M ff Steak baked potato MAHONE, JEFFREY SEAN Basketball 1-4 Football 1 Modern Language 1-2 FCA 1-4 fs "Deep River Woman" fg Van Halen fa Basketball ff B.Q. Chicken MACALIK, KATHLEEN RENEE OEA Sgt at Arms 3-4 Student Council Rep. 3-4 Band 1-2 Key Club 1-3 Nike 1-3 Senior Play 4 fs "Livin On A Prayer" fg Boston fa Spending time with Lane, ff Spaghetti MARAK, PAMELA MARIE FHA HERO 4 Key Club 1 2 NIKE 1 2 Band 1 FHA NEW HORIZON 3 fs "We're Ready" fg Boston fa Spending time with John ff Mexican MANRY, DINO FARRELL Baseball 1-4 Class Favorite 1 Class Personality 2 3 Football 1-4 PAC 2 FCA 3 NIKE 3 fs "In My Dreams" fg Beastie Boys fa Playing Baseball ff Pizza MARUSAK, DALE ANDREW Football 2-4 2nd Team All-District Kicker 2nd Team Golden Circle Kicker Academic Achievement Award NHS 3-4 Who's Who MLC 3-4 Key Club 3-4 FCA 2-4 fs "Leader Of The Pack" fg Twisted Sister fa Talkin' to those special people ff Popcorn shrimp MARTINEZ, DEBORAH 28 MICHAELS, MARIE FHA 1 2 Band 1 2 DECA 4 fs "Stand By Me” fg Chicago fa Being with my friends (my Mother) ff Mexican MOORE, HOLLY ANN NHS 3-4 OEA Secretary 4 DECA 3 (Secretary 3) NIKE 2 4 Key Club 2 Modern Language 2-3 Who's Who 3 fs "Keep Your Hands To Yourself” fg Cinderella fa Being with my friends ff Pizza MOORE, JOHN GRIFFIS Football 1-4 Powerlifting 2-4 Track 1-2 Baseball 1 Class Personality 3 Boy's State 3 NHS 3-4 (Vice-Pres. 4) FCA 1-4 (President 4) JETS 4 PAC 4 fs "Soldiers Under Command” fg Stryper fa Messin' around with friends MARUSAK, LORI ANN NHS 3-4 FBLA 4 Student Council Rep. 4 PAC 2-4 JETS 4 Modern Language 1 fs "Spirit In The Sky” fg Alabama fa Dancing ff Lazagna and French bread McCAMEY, KENDALL LLOYD Annual Staff Photographer 4 Journalism 3 Honors English 1-3 NHS 4 Track 3 JETS 4 fs "Shake Me” fg Cinderella fa Heavy Metal Concerts ff Seafood 1 McCLURE, MICHAEL PHILIP State Solo Ensemble Contest 2-3 Band 1-4 Stage Band 2 One-Act Play 1-4 FBLA 4 PAC 1 2 OEA 3 fs "Boogie Down” fg Boston fa D.J.'ing Dances ff Most edible substances “ MOHRMANN, BRENDA LOUISE NHS 3-4 OEA 4 (Historian) Modern Language Club 3 PAC 2 Academic Achievement Award 1 fs "Don't Stop Believing” fg Journey fa Being with friends ff Spaghetti McCANN, MISTY LaDAWN Tennis 1-3 Student Council 3-4 NIKE 1-3 Key Club 1-3 PAC 1-3 MLC 2-3 DE 4 Who's Who Sr. Play 4 fs "I Fall To Pieces” fg Patsy Cline fa Dancing in Fountains ff Escargot McGILVRAY, LIESL ANNE PAC 2-4 (Secretary 3) Key Club 2-4 Modern Language Club 2-3 NIKE 2 Senior Play Crew 4 Dandee Lion Staff 4 fg The Beatles fa Bumming at the beach ff Noodles MCCRARY, WILLIAM DENNIS Golf 1-4 FCA 1 Modern Language Club 1-3 OEA 4 fs "Hotel California” fg Ratt fa Golf ff Chicken 29 MOTLEY, DAVID W fs "Stand By Me" fg Journey fa Cross Country ft Chinese MORENO, STEVEN MYERS, HELEN DIANNE HECE l H FHA HERO 3-4 fs "Brass Monkey" fg Beastie Boys fa Sleeping ff Pizza NEWMAN, CHADWICK NELSON, CLINTON DOYLE Rodeo 3 FFA 1-3 ICT 4 fg Jerry Jeff Walker fa Rodeo ff Mexican fs "Stairway To Heaven fg Led Zeppelin fa Cruising ff Pizza OWEN, TRACY ROBERTS DECA 4 fs "Amanda" fg Boston fa Spending time with Darrell ff Mexican PAUL, SHARON RENEE HECE 1 FHA fs "Brass Monkey" fg Beastie Boys fa Riding in the 280zx Z 28 with A.J. J.A. ff Fried Chicken PATEL, RAMILA FHA 3-4 KEY Club 2 fs "All I Need" fg Menudo fa Watching soaps ff Mexican Indian 30PERCIVAL, GENA RENEA FBLA DECA 1 2 Senior Play FHA 3 fs "All Cryed Out" fg Bon Jovi fa Cruising with Sheryl ft Mexican PECHACEK, ANGELA POLK, LARRY LOWELL, JR. PLANTE, TARA MARIE FHA HERO 4 fs "Never Say Goodbye' fg Bon Jovi fa Being with Jimmy ft Reese's PRICE, BARTON HUNTER Football 1-4 Honorable Mention All-District Secondary 3 2nd Team All-District Secondary 4 Basketball 1 3 Baseball 1-4 FCA 1-4 Band 1 2 Modern Language 3 PAC 2 fs “Open Arms" fg Huey Lewis and The News fa Being with friends ff Hamburgers PRACHYL, MARTIN PATRICK RANKIN, DANIEL GLENN DE 3-4 Ag. 1 2 fs "For Whom The Bell Tolls' fg Dokken fa Being with Sherri ff Lazagna RIFFLE, PAMELA JANEL REGEON, DECEMBER BETH FHA Secretary 1 fs "Waisted Years" fg Iron Maiden fa Dating Ronnie ff MexicanRITCHEY, JAMES DAVID Modern Longuarge Club 3 FFA 1 fs "Fantasy" fg Journey fa Spending Money ff Hamburgers ROGERS, KEVIN SCOTT SAUK, JEFFREY A. JETS 3-4 (President 4) FBLA 3-4 (Parliamentarian NHS 3-4 Modern Language Club 3 fs "Purple Haze" fg Van Halen fa Working at G.C. ff Pizza • 4 ROSEMARK, PATIENCE PENELOPE Basketball JV 1 (Varsity 2- 3) Track JV 1 (Varsity 2) FHA 1 3 Modern Language Club 4 Golf 4 fs "Hold On Loosely" fg Bon Jovi ff Vegetables SHAW, CUNT WAYNE Football 1-4 (1st Team All-District) Powerlifting 2-4 (Regional Qualifier) Baseball 1-2 Track 1-2 Who's Who 4 Student Council 4 FCA 1-4 Key Club 2-4 NIKE 2-4 PAC 2-4 fs "Brass Monkey" fg Beastie Boys fa Playing fetch ff Anything ROGALA, CHRISTI LYNN Band 1-4 Twirier 3-4 Lieutenant 3 UIL Solo and Ensemble 1-4 State Solo and Ensemble 3-4 All-District 1-4 All-Region 4 Who's Who 3-4 Honors English 1-4 fs "Addicted To Love" fg Night Ranger fa Band ff Lunch at Bennegin's RUTHERFORD, BILLY E. Track 3 FHA NEW HORIZON 4 UIL Spelling 1-3 Cross Country 3 ICT 3 fs "The Final Countdown" fg Europe fa Dating ff Pizza SHOFNER, MARK ALLEN NHS 3-4 Baseball 3-4 I Key Club 3 I FFA 1-4, Sentinel 4 | Modern Language Club 4 I Ag Mech. 3-4 I fs "Wild Child" I fg W.A.S.P. 1 fa Partying p ff MexicanSKROH, VICTOR DAVID FFA 1-4 FHA 3 4 HECE 1-2 fs "Wanted Dead Or Alive' fg Bon Jovi fa Country Cruising ff Fortune Cookies SIBLEY, SAM CONNER Football 1.3 NIKE 2,3 Track 1-3 fs "DOA" fg Loudness fa Partying with the gang ff Macaroni Cheese SMITH, MARSHUNDRA HECE 3-4 FHA 4 DECA 3-4 FBLA 4 Who'S Who 4 Dandee Lion 4 Basketball Mgr 4 Track 4 fs "Stand By Me" fg Kool The Gang fa Art ff Shrimp SMITH, CYNTHIA LYNN Band 1-4 UIL Solo Ensemble 2 Key Club 1-2 NIKE 2 Modern Language Club 1-3 fs "Hotel California" fg Eagles fa Partying with Good Friendsl ff Italian SPANIEL, GLYNN FFA 1-4 Ag. 1-3 Ag. Coop. 3-4 FFA Student Advisor 3 Hand Judging 1 Chapter Conducting 4 Poultry Judging 2-4 Quiz 1 fs "Wanted Dead Or Alive' fg Alabama fa Country Cruising ff Mexican SOSA, MARY RACHEL FHA 1 4 HECE 3 fs "Nobody's Fool" fg Cinderella fa Spending time with friends ff Mexican STARCHER, JAMES WALTER Football 3-4 DECA 4 fs "Sister Christian" fg Van Halen fa Hunting ff Pecan Pie SPANIEL, LYNN LEE FFA 1-2 Ag. Coop 3-4 Poultry Judging 1-4 Sr Chapter Conducting 4 fs "Wanted Dead Or Alive' fg Bon Jovi fa Country Cruising STEVENS, TONY MARK Football 1-4 (All-District 3 4. Shawn Mathis Memorial 2; Def. Lineman of Year 4) Powerlifting 2-4 (Regional Qualifier 3) Track 1-4. Baseball l.NHS 3-4 Boys State 3,Class V.P. 4. Personality 3 S.Council 4 Who's Who 3 and Honors English 1-4 fs "Nobody's Fool" fg Elvis Presley fa Lifting Weights ff Macrom Cheese STAUCH, TERESA ANN Who's Who 3-4 NHS 3-4 PAC 1 Honors English 2-4 Academic Achievement Award Algebra I 1 fs "Never Say Goodbye" fg Bon Jovi fa Spending time with Richard ff Mexican 33A TURNER, JOHN OUN, JR. STRUGGS, CARLA YVETTE Band 1-2 FT A 1-4 (President 4) PAC 1 fs "There 's Nothing Better Than Love" fg Luther Vandross DeBarge fa Being with my Loved ones ft B.B.Q. TENNERY, JIMMY LEE, JR. Basketball 4 Modern Language Club 3 JETS 3-4 fs "Stairway To Heaven" fg ZZ Top fa Having Fun ff Steak VACA, STEPHEN PAUL Football 13.4 Student Council 1-2 Class Personality 2 FCA 1 FFA 1 Modern Language 1 fs "Nobody's Fool" fg Led Zepplin fa Fishing ff Steak 8c Potatoes VALDEZ, LISA LYNN NHS 3-4 (President 4) Band 1-4 (Captain 4) Student Council 1-4 NIKE President 4 Modern Language Club 3-4 Key Club 3-4 English Academic Award 1 Texas Science Symposium Rep. 4 fs "Living On A Prayer" fg Bon Jovi fa Spending time w friends ff Pizza TAYLOR, WILLIAM LEE VALDEZ, ALEX SUTTON, LISA M. PAC Band 2 fs "No One In The world" fg Run DMC fa Spending time with friends 8c family ff Chinese ■ THOMPSON, RAMONA DENEICE Band 1-4 FTA 28c4 FHA HERO 3-4 (Treasurer) fs "A House Is Not A Home" fg Luther Vandross fa Dating Rodney ff Pizza TOTH, ERIC Basketball 1-2 Modern Language 2-3 FFA Farm Skills 1 fs "Jesus Is The Way" fg Stryper fa Volleyball ff Chicken 8c Rice 34VENABLE, JASON TODD Football 1-4 (2nd Team All-District 3; 2nd Team Golden Circle 3) Track 1-4 Baseball 1-2 FCA 1-4 (Treasurer 2-4) Who's Who 3-4 Modern Language Club 1-2 Key Club 3-4 fs "This Moment” fg Bon Jovi fa Dances ft Chicken Fried Steak WHITE, JENNIFER BETH FHA 2-4 Modern Language 1-4 fs "Time In A Bottle” fg Creedence Clearwater Revival fa Window Shopping ff Chinese WINN, RODNEY MARK Football 1-4 Track 1-4 Class Favorite 2 Who's Who 3 Senior Play Homecoming Court 2 MLC 1-3 (Secretary 2) FCA 1-4 (Secretary 2) fs "Come Monday” fg George Strait fa Hunting ff Steak and Shrimp WILSON, GARY DON Basketball 1-2 Modern Language Club 1-2 DE 1-2 FCA 1-2 Office Helper 1 fs "Colorado Cool-Aid” fg Bon Jovi fa Partying WOODARD, JEFFREY LANCE WILSON, JENNIFER LYNN Band 1-4 T wirier 1.3-4 Solo Ensemble 3 Key Club 2-3 Modern Language Club 1 4 NIKE 2 PAC 1 FHA 1 fs "Keep Your Hands To Yourself” fg Raft fa Being w friends ff All kinds 35■ VALEK, KIM YANDELL, PENNY LOUISE FHA 4 JETS 4 LA 4 Modern Language Club 1 fs "Love In Any Language" fg Chicago fa Going shopping with my mom and sister ft Lobster SIMS, CYNTHIA YRLAS, CLARA Horticulture 3 FHA 1 fs "Take Me Home Tonite" fg Eddie Money fa Shopping ff Burgers and fries CALDWELL, WELDON, JR. Football 1-4 Track 1-4 Powerlifting 2-4 Golf 1.2 4 FCA 1-4 Class Favorite 2-3 Class President 4 PAC 4 Student Council 3-4 fs "At The Sound Of The Tone" fg John Schnider fa Hunting with Dad ff Weight Watcher's Fudge COLEMAN, ROBERT fs fg Beastie Boys fa Driving ff Pizza JONES, WILLIAM Transfer from W. Mesquite Football 1-3 Basketball 1-2 Track 1-2 FCA 1 fs "Knoxville Courthouse" fg Alabama fa Racing Cars ff Pizza HOLY, LYNNETTE ANN FHA 2 FHA HERO 3-4 NIKE 2 fs "Baby Hold On To Me" fg Charlie McClain fa Dating Eddie ff Sopapillas with strawberries and whipped cream KELLY, CARRIE HECE 1 fs "All Cried Out" fg Air Supply fa Being with friends especially Bobby K. ff Pizza JONES, KATHRYN D. fs "Love You Down" fg Klymaxx fa Basketball and Skating ff Fish and French Fries PEREYDA, CATARINA HECE l ll Homemaking I fs "Brass Monkey" fg Beastie Boys fa Swimming ff Pizza WARE, LANARDO FHA HERO HECE 1 fs "Superstar" fg Luther Vandross fa Acting Crazy ff Mexican WEAVER, SHARI WYNETTE Cheerleader 1-2 Athletics 1-2 fs "Paul Revere" fg Beastie Boys" fa Going out to eat with S.P.. T.B. and K.R. ff Pizza 36Ennis Girl Named Miss Waxahachie Missy Denison Sock-Hop Sponsored By E.H.S. Student CouncilD.J. • Joe FolgerJunior • Senior Prom S.P.J.S.T. April 25, 1987 43After The Prom April 25-26,1987Get off my case! I'm not the one in charge. 45 Catch me now. Security Guard!The Good Doctor Jeff Coker Dino Manry Missy Little David Dickerson Kathy Macalik Penny Vanell Angela Fuiington Tony Stevens 4647 Director Trocey WellsBrandi Dillard, Lisa Valdez, Holly Moore. Laura Baker, Theresa Stauch. Lori Marusak. Kelly Harrison, Brenda Mohrmann. Ann Kinzie. Karan Glaspy, Wendy Eitel. Dawn Hackney, Beth White, Tony Stevens, John Moore. Jeff Coker, Dale Marusak. Mark Shofner, Kendall McCamey, Sherri Honza. Jeff Salik. Timothy Dlabaj, James Ritchey. Patience Rosemark. Ethel Lockhart. Clint Shaw. Michael McClure, Jimmy Tennery, Dino Manry Four-Year Honor Graduates One-Year 49Graduation • VespersSenior Dinner 1987Senior Parties 59Junior Class Officers Kerry Davis ■ President Ted Emmerf ■ Vice-President Krissy Ranton • Secretary Leah Harrison ■ ReporterTed Emmert, Pam Doherty, Dawanah Lockhart, Wayne Leaks, Kerry Davis, Steven Collins. Lane Grayson Kathy Griffith Junior Favorites Junior PersonalitiesAguilar. Lisa Alvarez. Leticia Arteaga. Camerino Asay, Melissa Bailey. Joel Baker, Jason Barto. Larry Bendele. Debbie Bouska. Clinton Bouska. Larry Bryant. Kelly Burgess. Tammy Butler. Melanie Collahan. Lori Compos. Jerry Carter. Nancy Cassedy. Shawn Castillo. Edward Cervantes, Emma Cervantes. Luz Chrynko. Heather Coley. Jon Colins. Steven Conn. Tammy Cook. JuBe Coslin, Darren Cottongame, Nancy 54Cruz. Alfredo Davidson. James Davis. Denice Davis. Kerry Dawson. Cynthia Docteur. Michael Dodson. David Doherty. Pamela Donahoo. Michael Duran. Joe Dyess, Emilie Echols. Erik Edgell. Kellie Elmore. Patricia Emmert. Ted Engelhardt. Carla Escobar. Cilia Ferguson. James Figueroa. Roy Fuller. Donald Garbien, Bianca Garrett. Janiece Gauna. James Gerron, Jeffrey Goodman. Stacey Goodwim. Danna Graff. Perry 65Grayson, Leslie Green. Michael Greer. Deatric Griffith. Kathy Guerrero. Thonda Gutierrez. Rafael Haba. Cathy Hackney. Sharon Hall. Felisa Hall. Michael Hamilton, Yolanda Harbour. Laura Harrison. Amy Harrison. Danessa Horrison, Leah Haynes. Kevin Haynes. LaDonna Henderson. Sandra Hendrix. John Henry. Bryant Henry, Tracy Herrera. Joel Holland. Carolyn Holt. Robin Hopkins. Nicole Hughes. Willie Hughey. Anne 66Hunter, Scott Jackson. Jennifer Janes. Angie Jimmerson. Tami Johnson. Christopher Johnson. Retina Jones. Monica Jones. Sandra Jurica. Scott Kirby. Michael Knott. Ronald Kozlovsky. Alisa Kriska, Lori Leaks. Carlin Lockhart. Dawanah Lopez. Meiida Ludwig, Wiliam Mach. David Mach. Sidney Mack. Russell Mahone. Jason Monriquez. David Martinek. Anna Me Common. John McCarty. Melissa McClain. Terri McCord. Deana 67McDade. Sheila McDaniel, Sheila McLemore. John McNeil. Steve Minor. Larry Moore. Carla Morse. Wendy Moseley. Mark Mraz, Mark Muirhead. John Muirhead. Michael Munn. Dustin Murphy. Dana Nelson. Ricky Newcomb. Deborah Northcutt. Jerry Norton, Shan Novy, Dianna Nunn. Michael Obrien. Shea Oglesby. Sharon Ortega. Thomas Pace. Kevin Porkinson, Desiree Patterson. Kenneth Pechal. Christopher Pekrul. Steven 68Perry, Tasha Poarch, Andrew Quintanilla. Debbie Ramirez. William Rankin. Leah Ranton, Krissy Rejcek. Kathleen Rejcek. Melissa Robbins. Denita Rendon. Alex Russell. Todd Sanders. Sean Santos. Edward Santos. Gilbert Seaboalt. Kimberely Searcy. Derrick Shackelford, David Shaw. Dana Shirley. Brett Slovak, David Slovak. Joseph Slovak. Louise Smith. Dolores Smith. Shannon Spaniel. Keith Spaniel. Pamela Spellman. Jennifer 69Stapleton. Katrina Steptoe, Derrick Suarez. Cynthia Sullivan. John Svehlak. Lisa Taylor. Kevin Thomas. KeHy Vaughn. James Vella. Tracey Vessels. David Villarreal. Doris Vinkler. Steven Walker. Deanna Walker. Martin Walker. Renia Walker. Terrie Wartsbaugh. George Watson. Angelia Watts. Nellie Weldon. Rebecca West. Randall Whitt. Cary Williams. Jomey Williams. Kevin Wilson. Keri Winterrowd. Jetfery Wolfe, Kelly 70Zabojnik. Lance Zambrano. David Zapata. Anselmo Not Pictured Alvarez. Tammy Barnes. Tim Bates. Jimmy Carter, Regina Diaz. Liza Garcia. Joel Garner, Annette Gibbons. Roman Humphrey. Stacey Jones. Douglas Jones. Pruitt Sandy Lott. Christie Messa. Rachel Miller. Alphonso Nealy. Gerald Newman. Kimberly Parrish. Bryan Reno, Stacie Robbins. Patricia Robinson. David Roybal, Tommy Smith. Eula Theall. Brian Thompson. Regina Tobias. Russell Valek. Daniel Vargas. Norma Woods. Sonja Yrlas. Clara Mr. Cooper look-alike Look out Dolly, here comes Kim Cruising, in BlackieAre we having fun yet? Every girls crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man No snacking between meals, Dale. America, America Today is our last day of V.O.E. Yeah!! Friends forever!!!Sophomore Class Officers Rusty Grayson ■ President Debra Holt ■ Secretary Patty Shaw • Vice Presidnet Christi Vavra • ReporterSophomore Favorites Rusty Grayson Amy Reese Sophomore Personalities Lisa Leguin, Alvin Haynes, Christi Vavra, Charlotte Watson, Arthur Edwards, Peter Byrd.Agreda Eva Aguilar. Michael Alexander. Amie Allen. David Alvarez. Alfredo Anderson. Andrew Armstrong. April Ashley. Cynthia Bailey. Tonya Barton. Bradley Bates. Rebecca Bendele. Donna Benner. Billy Betik. Damon Bigham. Melinda Blake. Charles Blakely. Christi Bland. David Bohanon, Kevin Boring, Jeff Bouldin. Diona Bratcher. Angie Brightman. Gregory Brightman. Richard Brossett. Ken Brown, Dana Bryont. Wade Buchanan. Larendoa Buchanan. Mary Burgamy. Jason Butler, Josette Byrd, Peter Cabrera. Stephanie Caldwell Russell Campos, Crispin Cannaday. Rebecca Carter, Amy Carter, Doris Cass. FredrickChamberland, Evan Chandler. Timothy Chavez. Martin Christopher. David Clark, David Coleman. Marcia Collard. John Collins. Bradley Collins. Pamela Compton. Johnny Coulston. William Dickerson. Matthew Dixon, Harvey Dixon. James Dlabaj. Craig Dlabaj. Sherry Dlabaj. William Dlabaj, Macalik Kimberly Dobbs. Timothy Doblado. Marie Doherty. Mollie Donahoo. Wilhom Douglas. Camille Dunham. Michele Duran. Cosme Easley. Jeffrey Eaton. Brian Edwards. Arthur Edwards. Wayne English. Cindy English. Corey Evans. Christi Fira. Richard Florence. Shoianda Forbes. Tori Freeman. Kurt Freeman. Michael Galban. Maria Garrett. ChrisGiddings. Barbara Gifford. Elaine Glaspy. Mary Glenn. Darren Goss. Lavetra Green, Richard Gnesenbeck. Sherri Griffin. Terrie Gross. Robin Guajardo. Olga Habbinga. Dickie Hackney. Amy Haden. Jennifer Hagler. Charlotte Hall. Corey Hall. Kenneth Harmon. Christie Harper. Jason Harrison. Clark Hartle. Stacey Haynes. Alvin Hefner. James Hejny. Joni Herford. Angela Hernandez. Joe Hollingsworth. Jason Hollingsworth, Ronnie Honza. Billy Honza, Michael Honza, Harold Honza. Jodie Housewright. Michael Hudgens. Johnnie Huggins, La Donna Hughes. Tabitha Jackson. Paxton Jimmerson. Richard Johnson. Cedric Jones. CarolJones. Hardy Jones. Renard Jones. Stacie Jones. Terri Justus. Brandi Keilers. Carol Keith. Doug Kelly. Lerandali Kirkpatrick. Sabrina Knight. Lance Knight. Vance Kyser. Richard Land. Eddie Laudon. Matthew LeGuin. Lisa Lewis. Alex Lipsey. Edwin Lipsey. Laura Lopez. Julia Lopez, Norma Loudermdk. Marnlynn Loudermilk, Roma Love. Willie Lusk. Revera Lynch. Brenda Mahaley. Greg Marak. Renee Morcelmo. Flores Marks. Charles Martinez. Amelta Martinez. Jesse Martinez. Michael Martinez. MicheHe Maya. Jeremy McClain. Christopher McDaniel. Beth McElroy. Angela McElroy. Lewis Me Grow. PetraMcGayer. Angela Mendiola. Manuel Moa. Jose Morris. Christopher Morton. Michelle Moseley, Melanie Mullins. Monica Murphy. Christine Murphy. Kelly Newsom. Matthew Nguyen. Diem Morakas, Dawn Norried. Christopher Norton. Kimberly Olmedo. Andrea Olmedo. Jonathan Osterheld, Julie Patel. Tima Patterson. Regina Payne, Danna Pedraza. Phillip Peeler. James Pelzel, Michael Percival. Corey Pereyda. Nancy Perry, Dana Phillips. Ronald Prokop. David Raney. Jason Ray. Gregory Reese. Amy Rejcek, Janet Reynolds. Shawn Rippey. Kendra Robbins. Lois Ross. Keithan Roybal. Steve Saenz. Randy Sanders. Travis r'Seale, Greg Shilen. Searcy. Shenell Shultz. Serrano, Romelia Sibley. Jenifer Simons. Kelly Freda Sims. Bryan Keith Sims. Ronald Skrivanek. Bob Smith. Terena Sotelo. Ricky Spaniel. Joyce Steptoe. Barbara Struggs, Regina Thomason, Julie Tool. Christi Trojacek. John Vaca. Regina Valdez. Veronica Vance. Kimberly Vargas. Noe Wachsmann. Christopher Watson. Charlotte Watson. Teresa Whatley. Jerusha Whistler. Adam Wilburn. Tina Wilcox. John Williams. Cassie Williams. Kimberly WiHis, La Shan Wilson. Julie Wilson. Sharon Wimberley. Renetta Wisdom. John Wolfe. Aaron Woody. Nancy Young. BradleyTambra Draper ■ President Nisa Neil ■ Secretary Kris Kelley • Vice-President Trina Hollingsworth - Reporter Freshmen Class OfficersFreshmen Favorites Peter Byrd Tambra Draper Freshmen Personalities Mike Yakubovsky, Shawna Hagan, Julie Jones, Nickie Travis, Tim Forbes, Jade Andrews.Abshire. Lisa Adair. Jeff Adair. Jerry Adams. Jose Alvarez. Judyfh Andrews. Jad© Andrews. John Anfhony. David Armstrong. Solanda Armstrong, Yolanda Baiey. Denise Bailey. Kelty Bailey. Susan Bailey, Jeffry Barber, Charles Benitez. Sandra Bigham, Shannon Bishop, Carole Blassingame. Laura Bonser, Kevin Boswell. Amanda Boyett, Tammy Breaux, James Brewer. Deborah Brooks. Kwajaleint Brown. Clifton Burns. Johnnie Bush. Nita Byrd, Adam Campos. Sandra Cannaday. Julie Corpenter. Tonya Casper. Phillip Castillo. Arthur Castillo. Mark Cervantes. Maria 90Chapman. Angela Cherry. Cristina Childress. Amie Chisolm. Candy Claycomb. Anthony Collier. Jerrod Conner. Mary Cryer. Loyd Davila. Lisa Davis. Monica Davis. Yquem Dlabaj. Rodney Doyle. John Draper. Tambra Dubose. Carl Dvorak. Danny Eastman. Vickie Echols. Jeffery Edwards, Norman Eggert. Vanessa Elkins. Michael Elkins. Reba Emerson. Emmett Escobar. Elisa Eves. Cindy Farmer. Susan Fielder. Cedric Fisher. Brian Forbes. John Franklin. Robert Frazier. Delbert Garcia. Sergio Garrett. Christina Garrison. Angela Garza. Luis Gilmore. Christopher 91Gonzales. Cathy Gonzales. Ricky Green. Tera Griffin. Eric Griffin. William Grimes Alicia Guajardo. Ofelia Guthrie. Robert Hagan, Shawna Hall. Phyllis Hammonds. Ronald Harrington. Candice Hejny. Scott Henderson. Regno Henley. Etta Hernandez. Ruth Hoffman, Gregory Holden. Tammy Hollmsworth. Trina Hope. Dawn Hopkins, David Hughes. Ira Hull. Randell Jackson, Joe Jackson. Recienda Jackson. Teri Jackson, Tonya Johnson. Kristine Johnson. Kylynn Johnson, Valerie Johnston, Tammie Jones. Eric Jones. Jacquefcn Jones. Julieanne Jones. Tonia KeMey. Andrew 92Kelly. Jolena Knight. Jeff Krajca. Angela Kubala. Melissa Kubin. Pamela Lane. Edward Longer, Cathy Langham. Nancy LaScaka, Frank Lassetter. Michael Lay. Tammy Laznovsky. Lisa Lee. Benjamin Liming. Margo Lockhart. Shanta Lopez. David Lopez. Tammy Luska. Leslie Macalfc. George Markley. Matthew Marshall. James Marshall. Virginia Martinez. Felix Marusak. Ann Marusak. Frank Maya. Renee McCammon. Charla McConnel. Shawn McBee. Tanya McCann. Tad McCain, Judi McDode. Billy McGee. Shannon McNeil. John Medellin. Edilia Merritt. Tracy 93Middteton. Tammy Miller. La vail Minix. Gory Minor. Clairisa Minor. Pamela Mitchell. James Mitschke. Scott Mitschke. Steven Moore, Robert Morales. Cheryl Moreno. Martin Motley. Karen Moya. Belinda Neil. Dannisa O'brien. David Ontiveros, Hilda Partain. Deairdra Pedraza. Michelle Phillips. Richard Philips. Tina Poison. Robin Pruitt. Misty Raney. Mitchell Rankin, Stephen Ray. Michael Ray. Sandie Reel. Virginia Richardson, Tina Riddles. Jerry Riggins. Pamela Rios, Barbara Robbins. Kenneth Robinson. Kerina Rodriquez. Mario Rose. Dona Rose. Jeremy 94Roybal. Melissa Santos. Louie Sauceda. Sylvia Schumacher. Shannon Searcy. Jack Shackelford. Selena Shirley. Kedra Siovacek. Gerald Smith, Craig Smith. Reginald Sosa. Roman Sotelo. Rudy Stanford. Russell Steed. Raleigh Stephens. Sally Steptoe. Paul Stewart. Jennifer Suarez. Rosanna Swindell. James Tagle. Rene Taylor. Cherie Thomas. Claristhe Thompson. Rayshon Tovar. Lin Yang Travis, Carol Travis. Mary Valdez. Patricio Venable. Raymie Walker. Teddi Whatley. Brandy Whitt. Cynthia Whittington. Raquel Williams. Delores Wilson. Candence Yakubovsky. Michael Zaidle. Danny 95Board Of Education (Left to Right) Chris Cook Kaylyn Venable Secretary J. Larry Sullivan President Ivan Goodwin Dick Roberts Harlin J. Dauphin Superintendent Walter D. Alexander Don Young Vice-President Assistant Superintendent Bob Taylor M.Ed., ETSU Assistant Superintendent Don Walker M.Ed.. ETSU Superintendent Harlin J. Dauphin B.S., Hardin Simmons University M.Ed.. ETSUGuy Mixon Community Education Director Kay Weathers Library Coordinator Rachel Harbour Nurse Directors Lillian Alexander Elementary Curriculum Director i? Tommie Maxey Athletic Director Jane Walker Special Education Director Layne Wilhoite Secondary Curriculum Coordinator Bonelle Bohall Nurse Nancy Morris Tax Collector 99Faculty PICTURE AVAILABLE Melinda Andrews David Arnold Belinda Bailey Vance Barton Brenda Bell Melinda Boon Steve Braddock Kay Cathey Tommy Clark Jerry Cook Jack Cooper Margaret Cooper Bill Cox Dianne Drewery Jamie Erisman Linda Freeman P.W Gentry Beth Goodwin Judie Goodwin Scott Gray Isabel Guerra Tom Guidry Lori Hall Pete Hampel Jane Hicks Garry Horner Janet Juft Glenn Hyde Karen Johnson Annette Kubala Lawrence Kucera Gelene Lester Jeanme Lucky Melinda Ludwig John McClintock Joy McCullough Debbie McShan Kenneth Moore Allen Morris Donna Oliver Marcus Phillips Sanoma Shoffitt 101Kathy Sims Cindi Skalicky Marcus Smith Miles Strunc Ruth Strunc Danny Taylor Joann Tubbs Richard Tucker Kellye Vaughn Larry Ward Jana Wastoskie Kay Weathers Personnel Sally Vavra Secretary Donna Dickerson Special Education Aide Brenda Collier Attendance Clerk Aden Pouzar Life Skills Aide Melinda Shaw Computer Coordinator 1021 T | | 1 I 1' I | 1 | i | | 1 | 1 | | 1 | 1 | | 1 | 1 | | 1 | 1 I I 1 I I | | 1 I I | 1 1 I 1 I I L | JL T T T "T T I T I I I T T I 1 1 I I 1 1 I I | | | | | 1 I 1 | 1 I 1 | 1 | | I | | I | 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I I 1 | 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I | 1 1 I | | | | | 1 I 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I I I 1 1 1 I I | I 1 | 1 I I | I I 1 I I | I | I 1 • 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 | 1 I I | 1 I I I I | | 1 | 1 | I | | I | 1 I I I 1 | | I I 1 1 1 | 1 I 1 1 | | 1 | | | | 1 1 I I | | | | I L L L L L L Varsity Football First Row: Leah Harrison. Krissy Ronton. Donny Fuller, Dino Manry. Steve Collins. Steve Baily. Byron Adams. Dale Marusak, Jimbo Vaughn. Bart Price, Damon Betic, Billy Joe Honza. Tricia Forbes, Ethel Lockhart. Second Row: Kerrie Davis. Jerry Jordon, Detric Greer, Kyle Goss. Kevin Pace. Martin Walker. Willie Hughs, Wayne Leaks. John Moore, Clint Shaw. Kelly Harrison, Third Row: David Belew. Tony Stevens. David Mach, Jason Venable. Bud Benner. Ricky Nelson, Jeramy Maya. Rusty Grayson. Mark Eaton, David Brown, Clint Bouska. Micheal Green, Jeff Falkenbach, Sharon Olgelsby, Four Row: Wayne Patterson, David Dickerson, Weldon Caldwell, Jamie Starcher. Matt Laudon. Rodney Winn. Chopper Davison, Kyle Lott. Steven Vaca, Kevin Rogers. 106First Row: Richard Tucker, Steve Braddock, Jim Yakubovsky, Paul Willingham, Second Row: Bill Cox. Dan Taylor, Pete Hampel, Gary Horner, John Petr, Third Row: Tim Collins. Vance Barton. James Deaton, Mike Sorenson, Marcus Smith. Steve Collins Jr. 1st Team Al Dist. 107 Dino Manry Sr. Steve Bailey Sr. Byron Adams Sr.Dal© Marusak. Sr. 2nd Team All District Defense Jimbo Vaughn. Jr. Bart Price. Sr. 2nd Team Al District Defense Damon Betik, Jr. Jerry Jordan. Sr. Kyle Goss. Sr Detrick Greer. Jr. Martin Walker, Jr. Honorable Mention 1st Team Al District Offense Offense VARSITY 1986 Sept. 5 Everman Here 12 Athens There 19 Hillcrest there Oct. 3 •Ceder Hill Here 10 •Midlothian There 17 ‘Waxahachie Here 24 •Wilmer-Hutchins There 31 •Lancaster (H.C.) Here Nov. 7 •Corsicana There 14 •Red Oak Here District Games 108Hughes. Willie Jr. 2nd Team All District Defense Leaks. Wayne Jr. Moore. John Sr. 1st Team All District Defense Shaw. Clint Sr. 1st Team All District Center Stevens. Tony Sr. Venable. Jason Sr. Benner. Bud Sr. Maya. Jeremy Soph. 1st Team District Defense 109Grayson. Rusty. Soph Eaton, Mark. Sr. Brown, David. Sr. Green. Michael. Jr. 2nd Team All District Defense Caldwell. Weldon. Sr Jalkenbach. Jeff, Sr. Patterson. Wayne. Jr. Dickerson. David. Sr. Honorable Mention Tackle 110 + ■ c Kyle Lott. Sr Rodney Winn. Sr. Jamie Starcher. Sr. 2nd Team Al District James Davidson. Jr. Tight End Steven Vaca. Sr. Kevin Rogers. Sr. Donny Fuller. Jr Manager Trainer BiHy Joe Honza. Soph. Manager T rainer 111Junior Varsity Football Bottom row: Alex Rendon, Brent Clark, Russell Caldwell, Derrick Searcy, Peter Byrd. Craig Dlabaj, Wayne Edwards, Kevin Pace, Michael Honza, Billy Benner, Ricky Cass, Middle row: Bill Cox, Todd Kyser, Sean Sanders, Phillip Pedraza, Gilbert Santos. Ricky Nelson, Lewis McElroy. Lance Knight, Edwin Lipsey, Brian Eaton. Jason Hollingsworth. Mike Sorenson, Back row: John Paul Wisdom. Aaron Wolfe. Willie Love, Arthur Edwards, Kevin Haynes, Shannon Smith. Charlie Wartsbaugh, Vance Knight. Dickie Habbinga. 112 Freshman Football Front row Rayshun Thompson. Ricky Phillips, Michael Yakubovsky. Tim Forbes, Tyrone Dixon, Mark Castillo. Mario Rodriquez. Patrick Valdez, Keith Walker. Arthur Castillo. Delbert Frazier, Middle row Coach Peter. Coach Horner. Billy McDade. John Andrews. Craig Smith. Cedric Fielder, Gerald Slovacek. David Obrien, Eric Jones. Chris Gilmore. Ira Hughes. Phillip Casper, Coach Smith. Back row. Frank Lascala, Danny Zaidle. Joe Zaine, Adam Byrd. Jack Searcy, Jade Andrews. John Doyle. James Breaux. Tad McCann. Matt Markley113 State Qualifiers Detrik Greer, Tony Stevens. Micheal Green. John Moore Powerlifting top: Rusty Grayson. Micheal Green. Weldon Caldwell. Willie Love, middle: Mike Yakubovsky. Todd Kyser, Tony Stevens. John Moore, Jimbo Vaughn. Wayne Edwards, bottom: Michael Aguilar, Ketrik Greer, Damon Betik. Marcus Mitchell. Ricky Nelson. Michael Hall Regional Qualifiers Top: Rusty Grayson. Michael Green, Weldon Caldwell. Williams, Damon Betik. Tony Stevens. John Moore. Jimbo Vaughn, Detrik Greer. Micheal Aguilar, Marcus Mitchell. Micheal Hall 115Varsity Basketball 86-87 Back: Greg Brightman, Keith Spaniel. John Trojek, Jimmy Tennery, Gerald Love. Steve Collins. Front: Timmy Camp. Keithen Ross. Co. Scott Gray. Brent Clark. Willie Hughes Greg Brightman Jr. Hon. Men. All District Steve Collins Jr Hon. Men. All District Keithen Ross Soph Timmy Camp Sr. Brent Clark Soph. Willie Hughes Jr. Gerald Love Sr. 1st Team All Dist. Keith Spaniel Jr.J.V. Basketball 86-87 Bottom Row: Alvin Haynes. Chris Garrett. Coach Smith. Russell Caldwell. Kenneth Robbins. Top Row: Paxton Jackson. Shane Morris. Michael Housewright. Arthur Edwards. Wayne Leaks. John Wilcox. Not Pictured Peter Byrd. Jason Hollingsworth Freshmen Basketball 86-87 118 MGR Dooney Frazier. Gerald Slovocek. Cedric Fielder. Matt Mark ley. Jode Andrews. B y McDode. Tod McCann, bottom Ira Hughes. Jeraldo Rev era. Yakubovsky. John McNei. Chris GimoreCoach Vance Barton Varsity Baseball First Row L to R: Jason Hollingsworh. Alex Rendon. Ricky Cass, Second Row L to R: Donny Fuller, Russell Caldwell, Coach Vance Barton, Craig Dlabaj, Damon Betik. McCann. Gerald Slovacek, Coach Smith. James Breaux. Billy McDade RayShon Thompson.Bart Price Cas Laudon Marty Prachyl Jerry Jordan 4 Ricky Cass Jason Baker Chopper Davidson Jason Hollingsworth Russell Caldwell Billy Honza Michael Honza Varsity Baseball Team 87 121  ■ O Q Varsity Shot And Discus Relay State ContenderLong Jump ■ High Vault126 Freshmen - T. McBee, K. Johnson, T. Draper, S. Junior Varsity - D. Payne, P. Shaw, M. Mullins, T. Schumacher, S. Hagan, L. Abshire. Bailey, S. Searcy, D. Holt.n 7 A Fnrhoc W Tricia Forbes Ethel Lockhart Kelly Harrison Kerry Davis Leah Harrison Krissy Ranton Lady Lion Varsity Basketball, 1986-87 Sharon Hackney. Jr. Sandy Jones, Jr. Dawanah Lockhart, Jr.Lady Lion Varsity Basketball, 1986-87 Tonya Bailey, Soph. Terri Jones. Soph Shenell Searcy. Soph. ENNIS Kerina Robinson. Fresh. Angie Krajca, Fresh. Michelle Williams. Fresh. 129Lady Lion Track 1987 v T r Itom-anato .xor .cr 3a e Senes Jones "cc Cynttio EdwaPdfc Snawn ©urJiwJt Shorcsr ore ’erve Scries Ccocf' Scrcr-c 5 o ' Cerce Ecfc aras A-ne e Smith V ci v3p r?. Sox wffldHhsr FTV "■eeHneH “srr flvalif ScrXittr Ail -ATE 3ne' el Sexr . State "DjnnsT 3rd r .ltx ns r Hid ‘Simr First To The Hand Off-Cynthia To Record Time 400 Meter Relay Hack Record Long Jump Hop-Step-Jump Terri Jones Tonya Baylor 132There She Goes 6’0” High Jump! Shenell Searcy 4th In Texas 28th In The Nation First In Ennis Since 1985 High Point Athlete In Six Meets Qualified To Region In 5 Events First In 100 Meter Record Triple Jump Regional Meet 1331987 Ennis Golf Team Boys’ Varsity Coach Glenn Hyde, Chris Coley, Bill McCrary, Weldon Caldwell, Byron Adams, Shane Morris, Ted Emmert Boys’ J.V. Chris Coley, John Muirhead, Coach Glenn Hyde, Michael Muirhead, Jason Mahone Girls’ Varsity Patience Rosemark, Donna Boulden, Monca Mullins, Tawnya Moore, Dawn Norakas, Christi Johnson, Kim Fuller, Coach Glenn Hyde Regional Qualifiers 134Tennis Front: Lisa LeGuin. Amanda Boswell. Middle: Jana Wastoskie, Ann Kinzie. Kathy Griffith. Patty Shaw. Mary Glaspy. Laura Caldwell. Cristi Evans. Back: Steve Mitschke. David Belew. Brad Barton. 135Cruisin’ The Chicken walk just ain't the chicken walk without my Bronco! 9 Tony Stevens's "Starion" — so long "Green Maching!" 136One-Act Play The Diary Of Adam And Eve Adam-Jeff Coker Eve-Kerry Davis Dodo Bird-Sharon Ogiesby Snake-Tonja Bailey Tiger-Julie Cook Lamb-Kelly Thomas Laura Blassingame-Alternate Amanda Boswell-Alternate Sammy Gonzales-Alterate Rochelle Lockhard-Sound David Motley-Lights 138Wendy Morse 3rd Place Math And Computers U.S. Navy Awards Julia Cook First Place Physics And Engineering Jets Award — Nets Award Dawn Hackney Greater Dallas Electrical League Award Anna Martinek Third Place Chemistry And Biochemistr First Place American Cancer 139 SocietyBoys’ And Girls’ State 140 Tami Jimmerson Kerri Davis Katrina Stapleton Krissy Ranton David Shackleford Steve Collins Willie Hughes Todd RussellM. Shofner, S. Honza, L. Marusak, H. Moore, B. Mohrmann, T. Stauch, L, Baker, A. Kenzie, D. Marusak, J. Salik, T. Stevens, D. Belew, K. Harrison, J. Moore, L. Valdez, T. Dlabaj, D. Hackney, W. Eitel, J. Coker. L. Harbour, K. Stapleton, K. Thomas, A. Martinek, K. Gillaspy, T. Jimmerson, B. White, J. Cook, S. McDaniel, J. Spellman, D. Novy, R. Holt, T. Burgess, N. Cottongame, B. Dillard, T. Russell, J. Northcutt, C. Haba, J. Richie, W. Leaks, S. Smith, D. Dodson, T. Emmert, D. Shackelford, K. McCamey, B. Bailey, A. Watson, L. Harrison. N H S a o o t n c i o i ore n t a y N.H.S. Officers - K. Harrison, J. Moore, L. Valdez, T. Dlabaj, D. Hackney. I NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY 141AwardsSponsor: Jim Vakabasky Dick Moody. Steve Huff. Todd Kyser. Rusty Grayson. Sean Mahone, Bart Price. Coach Yakabasky. Jeff Falkenback. 1 i 1 i -‘-r-1 1 1 -i 1 i 1 i 1 i ‘t1 1 1 I iJ Hi 1 1-!.11 L ! i ! i 1 Ll 1 I 1 l'1 i 3=P==F 1;1;1;1;1 p EEBBg i 1 i i 1 i 1 i 1 I 1r- K Gilespy. S. McDaniel. J. Spellman. S. Hagan. L. Abshire. Mrs. Wells. R. Banable. S. Lockhart, A. Carter. L. Sutton. J. Suart. R. Jones. D. Hackney. K. Davis, L. Baker. L. Marusak.Sponsor: Isabel Guerra and Officers P. Valdez, C. Vavra, B. Bates, C. Williams. J. Andrews, J. Collier. F. Marusak. C Struggs, L. Goss. A. Martinek, E. Dyess. A. Rendon, T. McBee, J. McClain, B. Swindell, L. Abshire. S. Hagan. K. Simon. K. Norton, D. Bendele. E. Castillo, T. Capehart. C. Murphy, R. Poison, M. Doherty. B. Lynch. J. Osterheld. C. Tool. Modem Language Club 146Dianne Dfewery Patel. A. Pechacek, C. Chadwell. L. Edwards, M. Smith, B. Kelly. Dianne Drewery Sponsor). G. Love. H. Myers. FHA HERO 1 t —r J . -LI—L i i i r i fill E= c 5 S3 i i a ii.i W. Eitel. T. Stauch. T. Dlabaj, H. Moore. M. Little. K. Keilers. M. Denison. K. Macalik. E A P. Roffte. L. Figueroa. D. Regeon. S. Weaver, S. Bush, R. Davis. R. Anderson, B. Mohrmann.Officers L Harrison. Treasurer; K. Harrison. Secretary. K. Davis. Vice-President; E. Lockhart. President. M. Cinek (guest). J. Jones. T Bailey. T. Draper. J. Spellman. N. Cottongame. K. Harrison. E. Lockhart. S. Searcy, K Ranton, T Forbes. S. Oglesby. A. Hackney. C. Watson. K. Stapleton. L. Marusak. T. Stevens. K. Fuller. J. Andrews. S Schumacher, S. Collins. K. Rejcek (guest). K. Davis, T. Emmert, D. Shackelford. L. Harrison. r : i • i r r i--1" i ‘ i • i ' i i-r i ; i : i • i r i • i • t i i nr j ! l ! i In ft i r r -i i y - r r nr i rzzzEzzizri L 1 T 7 i i i r i.t:ic o rzzt a i i.-i.-in □ rr .zrz i : r. it i izzmi Dandelion Staff James Swindell. Shawna Hagan. Sponsor Joan Tubbs. Penny Yandel. Bret Shirley, Liesle McGilvray. Micheal Docture, Natalie Brandon. 148S. Wilson. K. Wilson. K. Fox, W. Taylor, T. Capehart, W. Jones. I I 1 1 1 1 1 i i i i 1 1 r i i r i i I ,111 III ii i iii II i t i r , i I i i I i i .r i i 1 1 I I I I I T I L i i i i ill i L I 1 i r 1 i i i i i l i J J i 149Kelly Harrison D.A.R. And Football Sweetheart151E. H. S. B Row 1 K stopteton. K Thomos. A McGuyer. D Bendeie B Weldon. J Wfcon. C Smith. A Carter, j McOan. A Bratcher (Row 2) J OsterheW L Baker. T McBee. N Travis. j Stewart. K Brooks. M Kutxjk). R Suarez. S Benitez. C Herrington. S Bighorn. D Farmer. C Jones. P Kubn (Row 3) J W son. C Toe . J Rejcek j Doherty. O Guajardo. C Hobo N Cottongame. A Reese. S Schumacher. G Reel. R Whittngton. T Wafcer. S Hogan. R Frankm. O. Guajardo. C Vavra. A Zak e. K Harnson J Coker (Row 4) C Hogier. G Struggs. C B»akeiy. A Chapman. L Abstwe. Y Dove. S Lockhart. C Eves, I Laznosky. D Hope. K Simmons. S Beakley. D Dodson. E Cost«o. J Cook. D Blond. C Brown. G Hoffmon. B Marshal. D Anthony. K Johnson. N Longhorn. D McCord. A Alexander. C. Evans, C Rogoia. (Row 5) L Zambrom. R Hernandez. N Neel. J Garc»a. J Pooler. S Shockeitord. J Whatley. Scott Herv. R Fira. L Grayson. E Dyess. J Chrynko. M Benitez. J Honza. E Chambertand. D Alien M McCkre. M Prochyl. j Baker. D Srrtth. L Cryer C Baker. M Doherty. C Poison, j Cceer. R Poison, l Valdez. J Jones. L Harbour (Row 6) $. Boty. F. Martinez. M Davis. D Mum, j Gerron, K Glenn. B Brink D ShackeMord G Mahaley. B Whatley. R Venable. D Hockney. R Thompson. C Holand. C Wlson Officers Lisa Valdez. Capt . Dawn Hackney. Sr. Lt.. Julie Cook. Jr. Lt; Julie Osterheld. Freshman Lt AH Region Orchestra Julie Cook DMS Quarter Masters Jeff Baker. Scott Henjy. David Shackelford. Dusty Munn. Bobby Brunk. Michael McClure. David Dodson. Marty Prachyl. Greg Hoffman. Steven Beakley. Cliff Brown. David Anthony 152DRUM MAJOR-MAJORETTE Jeff Coker, Carrie Holland ALL REGION BAND L Harbour. J Cook. J. Coker. D Allen. M McClure. C Rogala. K Thomas. K. Stapelton. ALL DISTRICT BAND Row 1 K. Thomas. K Stapelton. J. McClain. D Bendele. P Kubin. A McGuyer. D. Farmer. L Baker. J Rejcek. (ROW 2 ) C Rogala. S. Schumacher. G Rell. R Whittington. E Dyess. S. Hejhy. R. Fira. M Travis. J.Stewart, C. Poison. J Coker. (ROW 3) L. Harbour. J. Jones. R. Poison. D. Allen. M McClure. J Baker, J. Cook. D Dodson. C. Brown. G. Hoffman. D Bland. K Simmons. D Munn, B. Brunk.O' CO O r O'CON VARSITY TWIRLERS Jennifer Wison Chhsti RogataFADS FASHIONS 159 MOVIES 161WORKING F A LIVING 4 IN THE NEWS 158 MUNCHIES 16 157In The News Nov. lO The Boss’s new album hits stores and sets record sales pace. Sept. 6 Terrorists lock the doors of an Istanbul synagogue and gun down 22 worshipers. Sept. 17 William Rehnquist is sworn in as the 16th Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. May 25 Five million Americans join hands to raise money for the nation's hungry. July 23 Sarah Ferguson is royally bussed after wedding Britain's Prince Andrew. July 4 Spectators crown around at the Statue of Liberty's 100th birthday celebration. Wav. 4 The Democrats, with (from left) Fowler. Graham. Sanford and Mikulski. win the Senate. April 26 A nuclear reactor at Chernobyl explodes. Its 31 victims to date are buried in this cemetery outside Moscow. Oct. 27 To the dismay of Red Sox slugger Wade Boggs, the Mets win the World Series. Sept. 5 Hijackers open fire on passengers in a Pan Am jet on the ground in Karachi, killing 21. Nov. 6 A bill that would help curb illegal alien traffic is signed. Nov. 19 After a speech to the nation. Reagan answers the press on sending arms to Iran. Oct. 11-12 Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev meet in Iceland for arms talks. 158 DEAD OR ALIVE DOL’S NEVER LEARN KJOVIN YOU” n Music “Plays’ Big Part In Student LifeRockin’ At The Hard Rock Tails Legs Legs Legs The End Movies nRABBETLSsTO 1 When the Campus Man took his Blind Date to the movies it turned out to be a Nightmare on Elm Street. She was a Burglar with a Lethal Weapon. In this position, he had to call the Police Academy, and they had to can in the Platoon. When the situation was under control, the Campus Man decided that The Secret to his success would be not to take any more Blind Dates to the movies. THE SECRET WORD IS WACKO!” —Joel Siegel, GOOD MORNING AMERICA comedy beyond belief. MBLE EXCEPT ILMVI u-13]«k . mm The funniest movie you may see this year or next.” Bill Harris, AT THE MOVIES. SHOWTME Res Reed. AT THE HOVIES “FREDDY AT HIS BEST.” —Christopher Tricarico, L A. HERALD EXAMINER “...TOPS THE ORIGINAL’.’ BASINGER BRUCE WILLIS WMlQtS ' Fnwn mt NEW LINE CINEMA “NON-STOP, NO HOLDS BARRED THRILLER.” SISKEL EBERT THE MOVIES Roger Ebert LETHAL WEAPON IWr:;r f Take off with the orisinal cast... “Whoopi makes off with your funnyb — GANNETT NEWS SERVICE. William Woll MICHAEL J. FOX Brantley Foster took two weeks. THE SECRET OF MY There’s no such thing as an overnight success. Not Suit.Mavericks ,e .c, ,o , o 0 %0 „ b°. c„ e,s SS' ' - c - S st' s . s - :s0c -Ss c- - S •'- "s +f $ t‘- 5? V‘'° A 0 3 S , • £?£ •» r a . ' £?0 Ky sfroZ° ae e S s - °es . ' ?s u-°0 ,e°y 'y - $% n S n- °0 'O i.' $ $S r ‘-°0 -'°° C°V 00 V; 'S-°0 »,.0'Sf ' G e " 4 ' V' V G» 's °,; fr °° H 11 |fffflfp |= 105111 size ?» mrarana168169J 214 875-9091 1 Curtis Mathes HOME ENTERTAINMENT CENTER Larry A. Jinks, M.D. Internal Medicine Virgil B. Gibson Owner 601 South Clay St - Suite 105 Ennis, Texas 75119 108 S Dallas Ennis. Tx 75119 214-875-73S0 Congratulations Seniors Of 1987 RIBBON CO. The Van Converter 2600 North Kaufman Telephone Ennis, Texas 75119 214 875-4785 202 Metro Park Blvd. P. O. Box 488 Ennis, Texas 75119 US 1-800-527-6734 214 875-5873 TX 1-800-442-6356 Compliments Of Telephone 214 875-3844 Timothy T. O’Shea, M.D. INTERNAL MEDICINE OFFICE HOURS: 601 S. CLAY, SUITE 1 03 BY APPOINTMENT ENNIS, TEXAS 75119 Janette, i HBzauty c Jeanette Stewart-Owner Dianna Kopec-Tammy Zhanel Mary Caldwell , Donna Fincher - Receptionist , 717 W. Lampasas Area Code 214 Ennis, Texas 875-4721 Open for Appointments Tuesday-Saturday Expert Hair Care For The Entire Family florak Home Hamil a Harrison Mech. Inc. Custom Homes — Plans Available Office 875-8019 1206-AS. Clay Home 646-5404 Ennis, Texas 3 Kim HAMIL 805 W. HIGHWAY 34 H7.V5747 ENNIS. TX 75110-Specializing in Barbeque Woods -Mesquite - Hickory - Oak - Alder - Other Woods Waodl IflcwMA, 3vie. A t.lUrtCf COMPANY GEORGE WARTSBAUGH Vice President 1701 Oak Grove Rd. Ennis. Texas 75119 Phone: 214 875-8391 3H Sc M (Sifts Bridal Registry Accessories Gifts China BENNY EVELYN ZMOLIK 210 West Ennis Ave. 875-2791 HABBINGA CONSTRUCTION CO. Ceco Buildings Division C«oCo p A C«o Co • STEEL BUILDING ERECTION • NEW HOME CONSTRUCTION • REMODELING ADD-ONS 'We're Building A Reputation Not Resting On One!" 875-2247 207-B S. MAIN - ENNIS HOME OF QUALITY MEATS SPECIALIZING IN BEEF. PORK. SMOKED SAUSAGE HOME CURED BACON, HICKORY SMOKED BBQ Jmms cat arket Sc jSauaage factory 113 WEST KNOX ST. ENNIS. TEXAS 75119 STANLEY J. LISKA OWNER PHONE: 214-875-7671 RES: 214-875-6295 173 New Monthly Releases Free Membership MDEO lu 3 Audio Video Accessories Spanish Movies PLUS 811 C.E. Ennis Avenue Ennis, Texas 75119 (214) 875-9530 w .... . . Let Us Serve Your Video Needs S.P. BUSH LUMBER CO.Congratulations Seniors Compliments Of PRICE DISTRIBUTING COMPANY 1212 S. Clay “3 875-2697 ‘ 'A Special Boutique' ’ I IS S. Dallas Street Ennis, Texas 75119 Phone (214) 875-3251 J 175John John Garage 106 East Brown St. Ennis, Texas 75119 "State Inspection Station" Leonard Dlabaj Owner 214-875-3341 MACHINE SHOP 2414 N. Preston • P. O. Box 1232 Ennis, TX. 75119 (214) 875-4030 Shop (214) 875-5556 LYNN SIBLEY Home ANGLIN TIRE AUTO SERVICE 801 W. ENNIS AVENUE ENNIS, TEXAS 75119 214-875-9021 R. B. ANGLIN, GOQDjTvEABl Home 0wner INDEPENDENT DEALER 214-875-2583 176Congratulations Seniors Of ’87 ENNIS STATE BANKDEBBIE RAY Agent 716 W. Ennis Ave. P.O. Box 1434 Ennis, TX 75119 0« : (214) 875-4791 STATt (AIM (®1 STATE FARM INSURANCE COMPANIES HOME OFFICES BLOOMINGTON. ILLINOIS "Like a Good Neighbor. State Farm is There" Ennis Hardware, Inc. 1203 West Ennis Ave. j-mt ft Ennis, Texas 75119 JnU aXlUi (214)875-9058 Home Owned and Operated (trutest) v---- ANGLIN PHILLIPS “66” 401 S. KAUFMAN ENNIS, TEXAS 75119 (214) 875-8233 RICHARD ANGLIN SHILEN RIFLES INC. P.O. BOX 1300 205 METRO PARK BLVD. ENNIS, TEXAS 75119 214-875-5318LARGE. SMALL AND EXOTIC ANIMAL MEDICINE SURGERY GROOMING BOARDING VET. SUPPLIES (jlalftropj Eiprlrir y SPECIALIZING IN NEW COMMERCIAL - RESIDENTIAL INDUSTRIAL CONTRACTING. SINCE 1975 RICKY WALDROP - OWNER COMPLETE ELECTRICAL AIR CONDITIONING SALES - SERVICE - INSTALLATION 875-6836 Oulbrop Electric Sc Air (£on5itioning 3nc. P 0 Box 613 1206 S Clay Ennis. Texas 75119 Bain-Chancellor Veterinary Clinic 3101 N. Kaufman Ennis, TX 75119 Hours 8- Mon.-Fri., Sat:-8-+2 PLEASE CALL FOR APPOINTMENT DAVID N. CHANCELLOR. DVM MACK J. BOYD, DVM Office • 875-2647 Emergency - 875-2725 i on I 117 N. Dallas St. Ennis, Texas (214) 875-2161 Rosalind Holloway Patsy Cass GLENN SMITH INSTALLATIONS 1611 W. Ennis Ave. Ennis, Texas 75119 (214) 875-8852 Paint • Carpet • Vinyl • Wallpaper Tile • Stain • Oriental Rugs Flavored Popcorn Balloon Bouquets Compliments Of WOODARD'S GARAGE 1410 S. Kaufman Ennis, Texas Decorative Containers Candies Gifts For All Occasions We Mad Anywhere 500 A. East Ennis Avenue Ennis, Texas 75119 (214) 875-8212 Mon.-Sat. 10-6 We Deliver 179r— ENNIS PHARMAC BUMPER TO BUMPER KIS 1-Hour Photo Processing If we can't help you, nobody can. B C Parts and Supplies Automotive and Truck Supplies James (Sam) Bass Rex Carter 201 S. Kaufman Ennis, Texas 75119 875-8255 875-8476 107 S. Dallas 875-3854 HAIR UNLIMITED DAVIS AND WEBSTER DRIVE-IN Hair Care And Tanning Salon AVENUE DRIVE-IN 304A E. Ennis Ave 875-8600 AVENUE BEVERAGE BARN 1 Norma Wilson Linda Mach Elizabeth Zabojnik AVENUE FUEL DISTRIBUTION 1 WA m Congratulations Seniors FIRST UNITED METHODIST CHURCH 300 North Sherman • P.O. Box 249 Ennis, Texas 75119 Charles McClure, Pastor MAVERICK STEEL CORPORATION 1804 Jack McKay Blvd. (214) 875-6586 P.O. Box 1414 Ennis, Texas 75119 Earl Fisher You can help. ] ' l±o conserve eAectricity, and all forms -----Jxf energy. JNlot. only do es conservation . help Save our rurfions-.pre.dous ; energy resources . it helps you and Vour-family sayeropney since. - -live cost-ci energy is a. big i chunlfL out of.most families budget's. You can help your family hr doinci yaur part....make Sure r—fM lose doors and windows »r n the heating or air Conditioning unit is on-, doht ’graze.'1 when you raid the refrigerator- Know what you want before you open the door-, ir takes energy -Ltry a shorten shower; Jf apd make sure-the television or 5tereo jrt - off when you're through V with if. Work with your . family Jo save energy now... -p . you'U help make sure there will be —... . enough for everyone when you -Start a family of your own. TEXAS POWER LIGHT COMPANY A tax-paying, investor-owned electric utility 182LEGGETT PLATT INCORPORATED 107 East Waco St. 214-875-2691 Ennis, Texas 75119 Three Locations In Ennis Plants And Warehouses From Coast To CoastCODY COMPANY, INC. 1-45 NORTH ENNIS, TEXAS 75119 Congratulations Seniors '87Congratulations Seniors 1987 HESSER DRUG Jerry L. Smith Jim Templien ENNIS AUTOMOTIVE S-KKKKlRKK gl J 'In A ENNIS 1 AUTOMOTIVE,INC. V 7li iv;r Aiv r 7 A A A AA.AA Art 2400 N. Preston Ennis, TexasBIG AUTO PARTS VINEYARD AUTO SUPPLY, INC. 106 S.E. Main St. Ennis, Texas 75119 Jack Vineyard JURIES USED CARS 108 S. Kaufman Ennis, Texas 875-4712 Owner: Wm. J. Jurik FELCMAN'S Men’s Shop And Cleaners 111 W. Knox 875-7341 SALLY'S BEAUTY SHOP We Use And Recommend Redkin Products “The Scientific Approach To Hair Care” 708 W. Ennis Ave 875-6441 DRUG TOWNE PHARMACY Medicaid And Nursing Home ■AthSk Prescription r " jL Welcomed jv-VP Family Insurance Tax Records ' Maintained JTt? Drive ln Window U • Home Health Care Supplies | • Fast, High Quality Photo Processing • Fine Fragances Across From The Hospital 875-6521 718 W. Lampasas 875-9581 186Congratulations Seniors ’87 ELK CORPORATION Ennis, TexasCongratulations Byron, Misty, And Liesl COMMERCIAL • PLEASURE • GROUP • INCENTIVE LION TRAVEL, INC. “SERVICE IS OUR HALLMARK” 120 N. DALLAS STREET ENNIS, TEXAS 75119 214-875-9608 Woman to Woman meRLG noRmon 102 W. E nnis Ave. Ennis, Texas 75119 875-3804 Steavy M. Jakubik Owner Beauty Adv. If you're not becoming to hir you should be coming to us. 214-875-2291 ersonal (Qolor (A na MARY ANN KINZIE 214-875-3804 214-875-8781 Store 214-875-5377 Home TUXEDO RENTALS Mary F. Adams 103 N.W. Main Street Ennis, Texas 75119 MlCHEUN©. me oatGJNAi. kaoal STEEL COMO T1EB DUNLOP BARTON'S TIRE MUFFLER SHOP 200 E. ENNIS AVE. ENNIS, TEXAS Pn 875-5111 or 5112 ZJniuuESTune WAL-MART WHEN YOU CARE ENOUGH tQ send the very best 109 N MAIN. ENNIS. TEXAS 75119 12141 875 8401 OWNERS CONNIE CHARLIE BYRNE MARY JANE DON LYNCH RES: (2141 875-8185 RES: (2141 875 2774 189 WILLIAMS DURBIN, D.D.S., P.C. Family Dentistry Dr. Stephen C. Durbin, D.D.S. Dr. C.l. Williams, D.D.S. 400 W. Ennis Ave. 875-9031 Even Tough Ennis Lions Wear Braces! ENNIS INN On The Service Road - 1-45 Ennis, Texas (214) 875-9655 THE BEST (Western MOTELS 7Z ELLIS COUNTY EQUIPMENT CORPORATION CHARLIE'S EXXON AND GROCERY 501 E. Ennis Ave. 875-7971 PIGGLY WIGGLY NO. 26 Home Owned And Operated 701 W. Ennis Ave. 875-5221 ARDEN INSURANCE AGENCY OUR PIGGLV WIG6LV IS READY TO PLEASE YOU WITH OUR FRIENDLY SERVICE, CLEAN STORE, CARRY OUT SERVICE, USDA CHOICE BEEF, GRADE A POULTRY, FARM FRESH PRODUCE AND CONVENIENT CHECK CASHING. Your Independent Agent Since 1903 Jodi Vytopil - Owner Betty Honza • Agent Serving All Your Insurance Needs 115 W. Knox 875-7261 BUDAI'S CONVENIENCE STORE 1005 S. Kaufman Ennis, Texas 875-3412 Compliments Of SOUTHERN AUTO STORES, INC. 213-16 W. Ennis Ave. Ennis, Texas 75119 875 3871 Wesley Knize, Pres. 191Aueuue iEmporium Ennis' New and Unique Shopping Facility On The Mezzanine The Tea Room %d 'fyoun, 7Tvitcf, eJcefowA The Good Ship Lollipop lEmporium Antiques $c Uniques the BOOKSHELF 0Tjmj)oriunu SHrt (jaffery 204 W. Ennis Ave 10:00-6:30 Mon.-Sat. Jf= KC. - VC. P.O. Box 550 Ennis, Texas 75119 Phone (214) 875-6565 Metro (214) 299-5307 RAILROAD: w o c G N E GOLDEN CORRAL, Family Steak House 905 E. Ennis Ave. 875-7551 CONGRATULATIONS AND GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF '87 Compliments Of WOODARD'S GARAGE 1410 South Kaufman 875-2403 192J£Iiecver MORTUARY INC. Member SI NATIONAL SELECTED MORTICIANS SERVICE SINCE 1918 • INSURANCE FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY • PRE ARRANGED FUNERAL TRUST DAY OR NIGHT 875-3891 SAM A KEEVER 875-7673 OAVID E. KEEVER 875-6025 J 193 403 N. DALLAS STREET • P.O. BOX 249 • ENNIS, TEXAS 75119JOE FULTON'S AUTO SUPPLY 211 N. Main Ennis, TX. 75119 Phone: 875-4763 Open 7 Days A Week Full Line Of Auto Parts Mon.-Fri.: 8:00-7:00 All High Performance Sat.-Sun.: 8:00-6:00 Owner: Joe Fulton(214) 875-5029 305 E. Ennis Ave. Ed And JoYce Plasek Interest Bearing Mortgage Loans Checking Accounts IRA Accounts Savings And Certiticates Sate Deposit Boxes ENNIS REGIONAL CENTER 605 W. Ennis Ave. Ennis, Texas 75119 (214) 875-4711 Metro 227-4812 FSLjC Corsicana 872-2415 Cedar Creek 432-2221 Kaufman 932-2109 195JIM SHAW, CPA RANDY WILLIS, CPA GARY WITHERSPOON, CPA 214-875-2611 ENNIS ASPHALT, INC. 203 CEDAR ROAD ENNIS, TEXAS 75119 (214) 875-8672 ,fCthal bfth'e ; j. A ' J i Quality - ' fc ' I X 4 1 Furniture ' [Industries ENNIS. TEXAS 75110 203 METRO PARK BLVD. 214-875-8676 Adolph F. Novy, Service Printing Equipment Services ADOLPH F. NOVY RT =5 BOX 80 ENNIS. TEXAS 75119 BUS. 214 651 8608 RES 214 875 5951 i hr. cleaners 503 E. Ennis Ave Ennis, Texas 875-4712 One Day Service On Dry-Cleaning And Laundry Compliments Of HENRY OIL GAS CO. Ennis, Texas 875-5871 ] FARMERS , - J| INSURANCE FARMERS INSURANCE GROUP OF COMPANIES Helen Wills Insurance Agency 106 South Preston Ennis, Texes 75119 Bus. (214) 875-4292 Res. (214) 875-3566 For your insurance needs.Launching A New Era In Chevy Truck History The New 1988 Full-Size Pickup BRUCE BROWN Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, And Pontiacr---------------------- CONGRATULATIONS WELDON CALDWELL I Compliments Of: BILLY'S DRIVE-IN Barbecue • Picnic Supplies North, 1-45 Ennis, Texas 875-5141FRANK’S TOWNE 113 N. Main Phone: 875-7345 r n c77i (Dafisiecli n; TEAM OUTFITTING • FOOTWEAR • ATHLETIC SUPPLIES MORE JACK MELBA MAXEY • MANAGERS ROMMIE MAXEY • OWNER 218 W ENNIS AVE • 875-9311 1 POLLAN FURNITURE CO., INC. Two Locations to Serve You Finest in Home Furnishings 210 N. Dallas 875-2831 Member Retail Furniture Assoc. Of Southwest Featuring Famous Brands and Selective Custom Ordering New Used Bargains 211 N. Main 875-2831 Ennis, Texas 75119 LIONBACKER DRIVE-IN Groceries, Picnic Supplies, Hot Foods Hwy. 34 875-2151 DOROTHY’S CHILDRENS SHOP 109 S.W. Main Str. Ennis, Texas 875-5581 I H C TM« (MIlRI f ADMlV f HOUR OMNI O • .' 0»« AH0 101 SOUTH MAIN STREET ENNIS, TEXAS 75119 Phone 875-3671 J 201 N. Hwy. 75 Business Rt. 2501 N. Kaufman Ennis, Texas (214) 875-2658 Best Wishes To The Class Of 87 REALTY WORLD - Ennis The Results People 002 Ennis Ave. (Box 188) Ennis, TX 75119 Bus: (214) 875-2622 Res: (214) 875-9535 Metro: 227-4149 REALTY WORLD- Each Office Independently Owned And Operated 202ON THE AVENUE BEAUTY SALON 400 W. Ennis Ave. Ennis, Texas 875-9333 Hair Care For The Whole Family T8 FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF ENNIS "Your Hometown Bank" 207 South Clay Street 875-8461 Member FDIC Hours Of Operation: Lobby Drive-ln Monday-Fnday(exceptTuesday) 900am -300pm Monday-Friday 830am-Tuesday 9:00 a m. - 6 00 p m 600 p m Saturday Closed Satixdoy 8 30 a m - 1200 Fabric Special Orders Pagents And Weddings j Notions Viking Sewing Machines SEWN THINGS 305E S.W. Main Ennis, Texas 75119 (214) 875-7280 Una Mahaley Sharon Toiar W.R. STOREY MANUFACTURING Bill Storey, Owner Congratulations Seniors ’87 A L CITY PLUMBING 409 E. Ennis Ave. Ennis, Texas 875-4551 Or 875-8991 Congratulations Seniors! J 203ItjU 4 FURNITURE CUSTOM DRAPERIES CARPETING ANTIQUES ACCESSORIES LAMPS BRIDAL REGISTRY FLOWER SHOP Residential and Commercial Design (214) 875 • 3651 875 • 6868 JUDY GLASPY BETTY ROBINSON 211 W. Knox Ennis, TX 75119 ----- i 204(214) 875-5982 209 S. 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ENNIS, TEXAS 75119 (214) 875-2649Autographs WQf « M »' • J3 £ — « i 5 . ; | f r. r-‘ j: w pi a t ■» «' • ' r V I ' ":y ; ., •' •-'» » • »! R i A i • - ». i. i i '» ■ ' • ■ ' V»»v % —. • j- , • ■ »•. • ,., yJ - • Z + ! m A . £ • xttS 0 " ■ •jT ' ' .' 'V -• 2 « t • % li v45v ' 'X. ' h , !X . —-r ■ “W f | I-

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