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100H09 HbiHDedication Miss Ruth Poff The Annual Staff proudly dedicates the 1983-84 Cicerone to Miss Ruth Poff She is one who has given many years of service to E.H.S. She is also faithful and diligent in her job as librarian. Not only is she dedicated to her work, but she is an inspiration to the faculty and to the student body. 2In Memory . . . Jerry Thomas Venable E.H.S. Class of 1959 Nature’s first green is gold, Her hardest hue to hold. Her early leafs a flower; But only so an hour. Then leaf subsides to leaf. So Eden sank to grief, So dawn goes down to day. Nothing gold can stay. - Robert FrostTffif ir itf ffff s ntcurufE SWKTS 3 5 . ,,, i ujifv nus IffICITIS F Mil.ff r.r ru tnm(, FfESEflEU Cc s mimtu Si D5 JUEI1S S rURKIKfi 11 H 1)5 llXSfftlt- Cicerone Staff Seated - Antonia Haynes, Lori Johnson; Standing - Paige McCann, Karen Butler, Danny Stewart - Editor, Joy McCullough - Sponsor, Mandy Wright, Joyce Trojacek, Leigh Ann WamplerRisky Business Just a Word . . . We hope the 1983-84 Cicerone will be something new and something old. Today is a time for moving on and we hope the format in this years annual will set it apart from any other annual in the past-this is the something new. We hope to capture the moments and memories that will be special in the years to come, as these are the days of our lives at E.H.S. - this is the something old. We will have achieved our task if this Cicerone presents to each a special meaning. Student Life....................Paige McCann, Lori Johnson The Staff. . . Editor................... Danny Stewart 6 Sports Mandy Wright Organizations and Ads Joyce Trojacek Faculty Classes Antonia Haynes Sponsor Joy McCullough|F lit Maroon and White Ennis, ole Ennis, we’ll stand by thee, J y Faithful and loyal we will ever True to thy colors that staj i for right. Loyal sons and daughters of Maroon and White. We will always face the conquest with spirits bold Laurels for ole Ennis High will be our goal. Arranged by Bob Banner I a Composed by Thomas Granger Class Class Colors: Lavender and Pink Class Flower: Orchid 1 8of 1984 Class Motto: “Yesterday was good; today is great; but the best is yet to come.” Song: “The Best Was Yet to Come”ared Well in Dual Meet Waxahachie ry Baker led the Lioiw -putters while RodnejHjvicGraw nk, Wood, Farm, nd James Owens m the fieldal A Commercial, vents. Mike French, David and Protection. Jasaire Wilbom ranmates 875 9521. Well. P The JV team did well and4 ' vere led by Rodney!™ L™CH Jamie Childers erson had the be F” v in the discus. Guv—penu ;y and Larry HowanQByrd, cleared 10 ft. in the pole well. MH Lipscomb were the f thfir ents. Ronnie ng long jumpers an nd jQ Moore led in Jon Payne did well uj Jield ®tfnU Rodney Winn Sstailation. land ugh jump. (6'2”) ‘ jAyr Adams. Mikeaintenance. Com- e Lion runners were lrifnTi i luSftHi . Bubba Uy,V ntk)L Free 800 (2.08) The Lion Sibley, Cris Hitchcock, an edalot of potential in alQJeff Faulkenbach led th hman runners k Roofing Leaks Repaired. Commercial A Residential 25 years experience. Call IS, 875-6390 tic CLARK’S REPAIR SHOP 701 S. McKinney 875-6459 Lawn garden equip.repair tfc Upholstery rdwell 5391 'O tfc r5-9521. 1 i Ed CQ § o £ k 1 « j= 5. 2 P s Qt QC 4; .s ? % a E c % S i ® 5 2 cs J o c o • S ■» 113 J c o O ■'’te f IOTORS rebuilt. All laranteed. Free ervice major jobs. • » c 0} 5 £ X c ° 6 jO C « 00 £ £ w C OH -3 = I o ■E 5 . g | s | 3 M CO £ 1 3 S to 5- 3 O C co 3 iri £ c r - "M "I "£ "3 " ' «ppiy your •-i tfrorMpJl to wall with npSt eveiSI brand of carpet and vinyl-expert installation. First in vinyls, woods, wall coverings, draperies Call anytime -Mrs. Orbie Lamb, 875-3526 First Floors. Bob Dodson -owner If you don’t know carpet, know your dealer m here to serve your every First Floors late Lane, Dallas, lexa i ALL BRIGHT A BEAUTIFUL All Breed Grooming Phone for appointment 875-8966 J.R. AUTO R 3 miles east! TTie Auction on Hwy. 34E 1982 OLDSMOBILE 98 REGNECY MAM AUTO SALES Experi 1978 Chevrolet Bonanza pick- ed up 350 V-8, autar air, nice operat truck. $3,750. 1977 Chevrolet Sd jdale «Co pick-up 350 -8, J»utot Bir. tfc TRADE-INS NEEDED. IF rrs USABLE, WE’LL BUY JT. • POLLAN’S FUmAtURE 210 N. Dalla s f 5-2831 tfc AAV. Get this ir every m M VV - Tex¥CWo f » .V MARY KAY CONSONANT Dorothy Pierce. 875-8300. Free facial or delivery on reorder. tfc Crushed rock for sale. Road gravel, sand, dirt, main-tainer work. 875-5172J obert NTRACTING r spring special th on new roofs, fing and Home Repair lalist with 25 year writ-guarantee on new roofs. Also roof repairs. Deckings, gutters, fencing, wood screens, remodeling, custom interior-exterior painting, open brick and mortar joints repaired, foundation repairs, house levelings, with reinforcement and many other home repairs.No job too small. Senior Citizen i i «i i «tit 1 r f S | I'll hi i li M «MI)V “■SuoS L APWV SN 1 i r I... X lii 1 1 y{ fsil 5 1 1 I i I iii Suijt qo : : IM pu IBS MiliHJ : : i i mi • i i t ► : « i « : i i i i • III Ills i i : : : i i : t i 1 1 $ ill I -8 . "(I in sill 1.1 lii If THE WAY WE WERE By looking at the student body of E.H.S., one could tell that a pair of blue jeans was the most basic necessity in one’s wardrobe. Lucky for us, jeans came in such a large variety of styles and brands that we did not seem cloned. Fashion below the knee grew in importance. Styles of shoes ranged from pumps to penny loafers and topsiders to tennis shoes. Boots were still popular whether the “kikkers” or the “Peter Pan" look. New Wave music made a big splash at EHS. It just this year became an influence on the dress of EHS students. Wavers caught themselves dressed in causal clothes hairstyles that made them unique. Spiked hair and bi-levels became more “normal” as the year went by. They went for the lighter side of the “punk” dress. Their accessories also set Keith and Janet - apart bandanas, leg warmers, lots of belts, big bright earrings. THE PADRE BLUES! Ocean Pacific shirts, shorts, shoes, and swimsuits were favorites of many. The long-sleeved T-shirts were common because of style and comfort. Above - Kelly, Jackie, and Danny model their surfer look. Look Muffy, Preppies! The neat look of preppies abounded. Always demonstrating the impeccable preppie look are: DannyJ.,JelTM., Misty ML, Dino M.. and Mandy W.Mini-Skirts to the Max! Many daring girls (and some boys) wore mini-skirts to the dismay of some, but the delight of male students. These skirts ranged from Polka dots to stripes and leather to denim. First time model, Jackie Davidson, (stand-in for Bo Derek.) The Chachi Club shows their stuff of “Bandanas and Blue jeans" 1 to r Corey Baker, Suzann Macalik, Jackie Davidson. Lori Johnson. Paige McCann. Mark Griffith, and Kelly Navarro. Ennis High Blues and Army Greens! The effects of the Lebanon War could be seen at E.H.S. Here a few refugees took time off from their warduties to model theircamouflage look! I tor: Angie P„ Joey M., Paige M.. and Mark G. m Move over Calamity Jane! Here comes Monica! True Grits and Urban Cowboys! Wearing their Western duds are: Heath Deagan, Ronald Oliver, and Erik Coker. “Kikker” Greg Fullington heads home for the farm.Keith Kimberlin’s “Jammin’ Jeep.” An example of what loud music will do to you. Coming at you is the sleek, effecient, ’65 Oldsmobile. For more information call Joyce at Br-549. Looks can be deceiving! Kelly Hitchcock’s version of “Big Foot.” “Did someone say classy?” Kim Adams poses by her new Firebird.Guy Sibley’s “Love Machine” 1 to r: Keith Kimberlin, Guy Sibley, and David Svehlak. “Here in my car I feel safest of all I lock all my doors It’s the only way to live In cars.” The Cars Cars are often considered a necessity for E.H.S. students. Not only are they needed for school, but they are also required for Ennis weekend entertainment. Everyone either has one or wants one. Here at E.H.S., there is a wide variety of cars. Whether you’ve got a bomb or a sporty number, remember: any wheels are better than none! “Another one rides the bus!” 1 to r: Lori Johnson, Joyce Trojacek, Antonia Haynes, Danny Stewart, Mandy Wright, and Leigh Ann Wampler. David Svehlak poses for the camera beside his “Truck.”chardon PARIS Calvin Klein (li 18 SEC. ROW SEAT GAME 2 PITTSBURGH STEELERS MIDLAND ODESSA SOUTHWEST MIDLAND ODESSA SOUTHWEST G :FNADh CFNADr GFNERAL ADMIT. 9? 1 ? FAPTJFS FCRTA KAFM NFU OUN'D hyWtSEfncy L AR IT 5 c5S Jk AC BARONY I 1 WINTERNAT IOMALS U.S. NATHOT RC TRUCK t TRACTOR PL -• CHAfiPIWiPS •« UlJ- AREN SEC102 ca “Tax i eel:' t T A ?5JAN4 ashington I M M tt DALLAS COWBOYS fEXAS STADIUM SEAT 12. 00 PRICE 2-12998 CRTSIDE RESERVED $20.00 WED.. JAN. 25. REUNIO COTTON BCP G-kuJ.ic Disneyland •D FOR ONE ADMISSION NEYLAND AND UNLIMITEI September 30. 1983 " Rnr‘ ™(iTc.etP-ETc. Etc. ete. etc. (iTc.etp.ETc. Etc. ete. etc. HOW TO BEAT THE HIGH J COSTS OF LIVING Minimum wage - $3.35 SAT-$11.50 ACT - $9.50 Cliffs Notes - $1.95 - 2.35 Graduation Announcements - $40.00 - 100.00 Cap Gowns - $15.75 Senior Parties - $16.00 Senior Rings - $100.00 - 350.00 Senior Portraits - $100.00 - 250.00 Movies - $1.00 - 5.00 Rodeo- $4.00- 8.00 Cowboys- $18.00 Rangers - $7.50 - 13.00 Concerts - $12.00 - 30.00 Bowling - $.75 - 2.00 EHS Football - $1.50 EHS Basketball - $1.00 Dallas Mavericks - $15.00 « 4 4 4H « « Jeans - $20.00 - 45.00 Shirts - $22.00 - 36.00 Tennis Shoes - $25.00 - 50.00 Jelly Shoes - $5.00 - 20.00 Parachute Pants - $20.00 - 40.00 Boots - $25.00 - 350.00 Dresses - $30.00 - 80.00 Belts - $5.00 - 40.00 Hamburger - $1.00 - 5.00 French Fries - $.50 - $2.00 Coke - $.50 - 1.00 Tacos - $1.75 - 3.00 Steak - $5.00 - 25.00 Salad - $1.00 - 4.00 Pizza - $2.00 - 15.00 Chicken Sandwich - $1.70 - 2.00 Klobase - $2.00 - 15.00 Burrito - $1.50 - 2.50 Nachos - $1.50 - 3.00 Kolaches - $3.50 - 5.00 Fish - $2.00 - 8.00 Candy Bar - $.35 - .55 Ice Cream - $.60 - 1.00 Chips - $.35 - 2.00 Spaghetti - $3.00 - 6.00 Submarine Sandwich - $2.50 - 5.00 Gum - $.03 - .55 Records - $1.50 - 12.00 Cassette - $6.00 - 15.00 Gasoline - $1.00 - 1.20 Perfume - $6.00 - 45.00 Cologne - $5.00 - 25.00 Jewelry - $5.00 - 100.00 u 4-1 CD ej in •g B u 4- CD fcj in £ B CTc.etp.ETc. ete. etc. CTc.etp.ETc. stc. ete. 17The Good Times Only When I Laugh! Where did you get those shoes? Thom McAn, Tom McAn. a mE Stay in! Alive Uh Oh! Don’t turn around, Uh Oh, Der Ker Kommenzars in town. D-Q Dude to the rescue. 18 .The good times at EHS stand out most in our memories of the past year. They were times when the real side of us came through. Whether wild, relaxed, or just plain silly, we always managed to have good times. Just when you thought it was safe to be on the Annual Staff Misty and Karen obviously plan to be plastic surgeons! The Bad Times Things Are T S w Look! Grace burned my tongue with the curling iron! “Troy, I’m a lover, not a fighter!”We could not have good times without having some bad. Sometimes things were just “tough all over.” Bad times were evident in some sports as well as in some of the expressions on people’s faces. Teachers also had their times of embarrassment, exhaustion, and anger. Most often, however, the bad times left as quickly as they came. Della Rios sums up the students’ feelings towards school | portraits. Where s the ball? Get back! You don t mess with the best ’cause the best don’t mess. You don’t fool with cool cause the cool don’t fool. Say it again!In-Between Times HARDLY WORKING Did someone say “party?” Research paper? We finished that days ago. Move over Brooke Shields! Look out, Tootsie, Here comes Rodney! Send in the clowns. 748-1414. Get results like you’ve never seen before?!Hardly working is right! Between the good and the bad times there were always times peoplejust stood around, slept, or talked. Here are a few examples of how EHS students spent their valuable “in-between” times. Mandy, did anyone ever tell you that you have lovely feet? Would someone please call the Bo-back meeting to order! Go ahead, make our day! Hear no evil, See no evil, Speak no evil, Have no fun! Chuck, Jamie, Anna, and Scott. Hey, man, Whats in the Tea! 23School Spirit at E.H.S.: High AnxietyINDIAN COUNTRY ■I uSomewhere In TownThe casual atmosphere of these local businesses made the perfect places for hang-outs. Whether they were fast-food joints, gas stations, or the famous “turn-around spot”, all of these locations were our favorites for after games and anytime on weekends.Give Take The time has come for us to go And here, this book, we have to show. All the good times with our friends. For us to look back at and think of again. Now we arc looking for what lies ahead. For the future is tough. from what is said. But remembering the past while memories we’re making With all of our friends. Giving and Taking. Colleen LaScalaAnnual Polka Fest A Little Bit of Czechoslovakia The Annual Polka Fest brings about fun, food, and friends. The Parade is only one of the many exciting events that occur. There are bands, cars, horses, floats, motorcycles, and even clowns. After the opening ceremony the streets are full of Polka dancing. The polka-fest is an exciting event that brings hundreds of people to Ennis. Each town has it’s own traditions, and for Ennis one of the traditions is the merriment of the Polka Fest.The Final Chapter A chapter in our lives is over, that is true. But it is certainly not the final one. Underclassmen will come back to do it all over again next year. They will look forward to another year of pep rallies, report cards, messed up schedules, and, of course, research papers. Seniors, however, will advance to another chapter in their lives. Decisions will be made between college and work, marriage and bachelorhood, and many other life choices. No longer will they have “special privileges” or closed campus lunches. Graduation will cure the senioritis. Of course many different paths will be taken by the graduating class of '84, but each will always remember the closing of a very special chapter in their lives.JACKIE DAVIDSON-QB RUM” Mil LER AWARD MARK NOVY-FB ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT AWARD KELLY HITCHCOCK-G HON. MENTION DEF. JACK LUMMUS AWARD JAMIE BOZEK-T GREG PAYNE-E 2nd TEAM OFF. HON. MENTION DEF. DEFENSIVE BACK AWARD 34HENRY BETIK-C HON. MENTION OFF. OFF. LINEMAN AWARD COREY BAKER-FB HON. MENTION DEF DEF. LINEMAN AWARD MANUEL BIRDOW-FB SAMMY McBRIETY MEMORIAL PAT VENABLE-G COACHES AWARD 35JAMES OWENS - SOPH - G DARREN LEWIS -JR -G ISAIH YOUNG - JR T TROY PATAK - JR - TVarsity Football 1983-84 First Row - Ronnie Owens - Mgr., David Vaca. Rodney Jackson, Janet Martinek. Letitia Hughes. Laura Doherty. Jenny Harrison, Antonia Hay nes. Kcmelia Ricks. Jackie Davidson. Brian Ware, Mark Woody - Mgr. Second Row - Mike Harbour - Mgr.. Patrick Grimes. Byron Burr. Everett Gilmore. Mark Novy. Sam Walker. Brian Fincher. Kelly Navarro. Corey Baker. Mike Collins. Larry Howard - Mgr. Third Row - Kelly Hitchcock, Henry Betik. John Paul Slovak. James Owens, Darren Lewis. Mike Pustejovsky, Pat Venable, Jamie Bozek. Isiah Young. Rodney Dickerson. Fourth Row - Troy Patak. Donald Watson. Tony Wilhoite, Greg Payne, Manuel Birdow, Sheldon Payne. Shawn Payne. Keith Kimberlin. Justin Lee. Danny Howard. Fifth Row - Richard Tucker. Allen Morris. Sam Scott. Steve Braddock. Ricky Witt. Bill Cox. Rod Dauphin.Junior Varsity Football 1983-84 First Row - Coach Cox. Louis Sallie. Jarrinc Wilbom. Kelvin Smith. Harold Robinson. Mike French. Troy Jones. Jeff Nichols. Mark Woody - Mgr. Second Row -Curtis Sheffield - Mgr.. Coach R. Witt. Rodney Goodwin, Kevin Echols. Jamie Childers, Ronald Watson. Justin Lee. Donald Watson. Daryl Spence. Coach Morris. Third Row - Dawson Slack, Kenny Baker. Romeo Saenz. Rodney Dickerson, Guy Sibley. Eric Lucas. Rel Lipscomb, Lonnie Honea. Mike Harbour - Mgr. Ninth Grade Football 1983-84 First Row - Rusty Tobias - Mgr.. Steven Vaca. Jerry Jordan. Sean Mahonc, Bud Benner, Clint Shaw. Kyle Lott. Britt Holley. Bryant Henry. Sam Sibley. Chris Macon Mgr. Second Row - Daryl Hughes. Harold Hughes. Dino Manry. John Moore. Tony Stevens. Derrick Perry . Cedric Jackson. Jason Venable. Mark Eaton, Ronnie Henley. Third Row - Bart Price. David Brown, Rodney Winn. David Dickerson. Byron Adams. Weldon Caldwell. Kenin Rodgers, JcITFalkenbach. Jamie Starcher. 40Varsity Basketball 83-84 Standing - JefT Collins, Louis Jones. James Watkins, Tim Jackson. Danny Howard. Wilbert Williams. Wally Ward. Shawn Payne. Billy Gillespie. James Douglas. Billy Edwards. Kneeling - John Stacks - Mgr.. Rodney Jackson. Darrell Heine. Ronald Lane - Mgr.RODNEY JACKSON - JR -G JAMES WATKINS - JR - F DARRELL HEINE - JR - G JAMES DOUGLAS - JR - F WALLY WARD - JR - C BILLY EDWARDS - JR - F PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE SHAWN PAYNE JR - C BILLY GILLESPIE - JR - G TIM JACKSON - JR - C 42Junior Varsity Basketball 83-84 Standing - David Byrd. Tim Barnes. JcfT McClendon. Patrick Batten. Patrick Spellman. JefT Freeman. Wayne Chance. Romeo Saenz. Jeff Macon. Brian Fincher. Kneeling - Shawn Petty, Louis Sallic. Todd Smithson. % Freshman Basketball 83-84 Standing - Gan W ilson Harold Hughes. Bart Price. Shawn Mahone. Darrell Hughes. Eric Toth. Gerald Love. David Dickerson. Robert Cantu. Kevin Rogers. Kyle Goss. Sam Sibley. Coach Smith. Kneeling - Cedric Jackson. Gerald Neely. Marcus Hcrford.Varsity Baseball 1984 Standing - Ricky Witt (Coach). Tony Wilhoitc. Pat Venable, Kenny Baker. Guy Sibley. Darren Lewis. Romeo Saenz. JefTCollins. Kelly Navarro, Bill Cox (Coach). Kneeling - Brian Ware. Richard Shoemaker. Mark Novy, Gabriel Martinez. Kelly Hitchcock. Darrell Heine. James Choate. Danny Jordan. JEFF COLLINS - SR - P - OF 2nd Team All District - P Most Valuable OF PAT VENABLE - SR - First Honorable Mention All District Most Valuable OF MARK NOW - SR - SS 2nd TEAM All District 44GUY SIBLEY - JR - SECOND 1st Team All District TONY WILHOITE - SR - THIRD Honorable Mention All District KENNY BAKER- JR - CF BRIAN WARE - SR - OF 2nd Team all District JAMES CHOATE - SR - P - OF KELLY NAVARRO - SR - C Honorable Mention -All District DARREN LEWIS-JR -CRICHARD SHOEMAKER - JR -SECOND Junior Varsity Baseball 1984 Kneeling - Oscar Guajardo. Kenny Monreal. Darrell Hienc. John Hellner. Jamie Childers. Mike French. Standing - Rodney Goodwin, Dawson Slack. James Owens. Rodney McGraw. Tim Barnes. Brian Fincher, Kelvin Smith. Freshman Baseball 1984 46 Kneeling - Andrew Carrillo. Arthur Carrillo. Clint Shaw, Kyle Lott. Ronnie Henley, Mark Eaton. Standing - John Moore. Dino Manry, Bart Price. Tony Stevens, Jason Venable.Varsity Cheerleaders Antonia Haynes Janet Martinek - Sr. 77 Kcmclia Ricks Laura Doherty. Jenny Harrison Antonia Haynes. Janet Martinek. Lctitia Hughes Letitia Hughes Jr. Laura Doherty - Jr. 47J.V. Cheerleaders 1983-84 Kari Fullerton Leslie Brewer Kim Bennett Shannon Keeney Freshman Cheerleaders Kim Fuller Shari Weaver Ethel Lockhart Kelly Harrison Lisa Raney Kristi Stevens 48Lady Lion Varsity Basketball Team 1983-84 (12 Wins - 2 Losses In Zone Play Back■ Kristy Mvcrs, Rochelle Lockhart, Pennv Johnson. Letitia Hughes. Lynda Allen, and Sharron Guinyard. Front: Coach Linda Freeman. Captains Tondra Roberts. Shannon Boyd. Glenda Myers. Managers for JV and Varsity Cathy Adams. Ruby Hudgens, Cassandra Hughes, Lynda Hoinert. and Lisa Raney Coach Linda Freeman 49Varsity Players 1983-84 Senior Capt. Shannon Boyd Senior Capt. Glenda Myers Senior Capt. Tondra Roberts 50 Junior Letitia Hughes Junior Penny Johnson Junior Kristy MyersVarsity Players 1983-84 Sophomore Lynda Allen Freshman Sharron Guinyard Freshman Rochelle Lockhart All-District Players Senior Tondra Roberts - Second Team 6-4A and Jr. Penny Johnson - First Team 6-4A All Honorable Mention All District Region Jr. Kristy Myers, Jr. Letitia Hughes, and Sr. Glenda Myers i Penny Johnson 51Lady Lion Cross Country Team 1983 Hack: Sharron Guinyard, Letitia Hughes, Tracy Littleton, Shannon Boyd, Patience Rosemark, Lisa Raney, Cynthia Edwards, Coach Nina Saint. Front: Clarice Edwards, Irma Raindle, Shavonne Dixon, Shari Weaver, Cassandra Hughes, Kim Fuller. Spring Sports Banquet Awards 1984 “Juanita Blakeley Award" - Glenda Myers “Lady Lion Honor Roll” - Tondra Roberts, Glenda Myers, Shannon Boyd.Spring Sports Banquet Awards 1984 “Offensive Players of the Year” - Tondra Roberts and “Defensive Players of the Year” -Letitia Hughes and Penny Johnson Glenda Myers Outstanding Track Athlete” - Letitia Hughes “Leadership Award” - Glenda Myers, Shannon Boyd. 53Lady Lion Jr. Varsity Basketball Team 1983-84 Back: Coach Sanoma Shofiit, Clairene Calhoun, Leola Shannon. Patience Rosemark. Tracy Littleton, Dorothy Elkins. Front: Kim Fuller, Shari Weaver, Terri Jordan. Clarice Edwards, Shavonne Dixon, Lynda Holbut Lady Lion Jr. Varsity Track Team 1983-84 Back: Coach Nina Saint, Dorothy Elkins, Clairene Calhoun, Leola Shannon. Patience Rosemark. Rebecca Slovacek. Tracy Littleton. Middle: Irma Raindle, Kim Fuller. Rhonda Manuel. Lynda Allen. Lisa Raney. Lisa Edwards, Clarice Edwards, Shari Weaver. Front: Rochelle Lockhart. Lisa Sims, Shavonne Dixon. Ruby Hudgens, Terri Jordan.Lady Lion Varsity Track Team 1984 Guinyard, Letitia Hughes, Cynthia Edwards, Penny Johnson. Cassandra Hughes. Regional Qualifiers State Qualifier High Jump Senior Tondra Roberts 7th - State Meet 5’2” Jump Kristy Myers (1600 Relay) Letitia Hughes (1600 Relay. High Jump, 800 Run.’ Long Jump) Tondra Roberts (1600 Relay, High Jump) Glenda Myers, (1600 Relay. Triple Jump) Cynthia Edwards (1600 Relay Alternate). 55Spring Spoils Banquet Award, 1984 “Spirit Award" - Letitia Hughes. Kristy Myers. State Track Meet in Austin! Tondra Roberts as a competitor in the High Jump with her coach Sanoma ShotTit and teammate Glenda Myers at the close of a great season and an even greater career! See you next season! «i rr woNV 3 « VftRft» T V sttov nr v i o i [ LADY Thank you for your support Mrs. Johnson. Ms. Huff. Mrs. Rogers andGirls’ Golf Cathey Jones, Stacey Baker, Kim Adams, Jackie Franz, Kim Muirhead Boys’ Golf Mark LaFollett, Byron Adams, Corey Baker, Donald Smith, Bill McCray 57Girls’ Tennis 1983-84 Annette Kubala (Coach), Misty McCann, Ann Margaret Kinzie, Colleen LaScala, Deborah Weldon, Kneeling - Monica Woodard, Cindy Griffith, Jessica Glaspy Boys’ Tennis 1983-84 Todd Wesley. David Belcw, Jim Gossett, Malcolm Glaspy, Mark Griffith. Ricky Nutt 59Cindy Griffith District 9 Singles Champion Region II Singles Champion State QualifierVarsity Track 1984 Wesley Jones, Corey Baker, Sheldon Payne Mike Sorenson (Coach) and Wesley Jones 62 Wesley Jones Regional Qualifier 800 meter runPower Lifting Team 1984 Harold Robinson, John Paul Slovak, Byron Burr, Kelly Hitchcock. Harold Robinson - Regional Finalist 3rd, State Qualifier 8th. John Paul Slovak - Regional Qualifier 5th. Byron Burr - Regional Qualifier Kelly Hitchcock - Regional Qualifier.J.V. Track 1983-84 Sitting - Kevin Ecoles. Trent Bates. Trov Jones. Kneeling - Mike Nolan. Tern Vaught. Daryl Spence. Rel Lipscomb. David Byrd. Mike French. Standing - Jarrinc Wilbom. Rodney McGraw. John Paul Slovak. Rodney Dickerson. James Owens. Jamie Childers. Isiah Young Freshman Track 1983-84 64 Kneeling - Sam Sibley. JcfT Falkenbach. Rodney Winn. Michael Prestidge. Second Row - John Moore. David Brown. David Dickerson. Weldon Caldwell. Tony Stevens. Third Row - Chris Hitchcock. Michael Lay. Byron Adams. Jason Venable. Ronnie Henley. Clint Shaw.Any Which Way You Can V w ■ v r Wt V s - v V ✓ y “The Chosen” Academic Awards English: (left to right) Lisa Valdez, Cu Nguyen, Kari Cook, Henry Martinez, J’Layna Jones, David Lambert, Polly Sullivan, Pat Venable Math: (left to right) Teresa Stauch, Tim Dlabaj, Elaine Nevy, Jeff Fisher, Tonya Catero, John Roach, Kay-Kay Naill, Brian Ware 67Foreign Language: (left to right) Virginia Herrea, Clint Mcelroy, Lisa Rejeck, Brian Fincher Social Studies: (left to right) Brenda Mohr-mann, Tommy Tennery, Jenni Peeler, Dean Em-mert, De-De Brown, Jim Gossett Science: (left to right) Sherri Dixon, David Belew, Sandra Henry. Scott Russell, Amy Simpson, Tommy Agilaur, Connie Shackelford, Steve MosleyN.H.S. 1st row - Angie Patak, Kay Weathers - Sponsor. (Henry Betik Pres. Not Pictured.) David Vaca V-Pres.. Polly Sullivan. Sec.. Grace Batten. Trea.. Kemelia Ricks. 2nd row - Lori Johnson, Kim Ranton. Michelle Worley. Glenda Myers. Kim Krajca, Holly Harper, Karen Butler. Deanna Novy, Kav Kay Naill. Jamie Mahone; 3rd row - Paige McCann. Suzanne Macalik. Mark Novy, Wayne Robinson. Jeff Pouzar, Dc De Brown. Judy Yandcll, Shelly Potts. Connie Shackelford: 4th row - Jim Gossett, Steve Mosley, Greg Payne. Danny Stewart, Brian Ware. 1st row - Debbie Hudspeth. J’Layna Jones. Kristy Myers. Antonio Haynes. Kim Crow. Tonya Catero, 2nd row - Kim Muirhead. Jenny Carter, Jenny Peeler, Suzanne Dodson. Deanna Tarabc. Darlene Smith. Carol C hapman, Amy Simpson. Cindy Griffith; 3rd row - Kay Weathers Sponsor. Rel Lipscomb. Robert Novak. John Roach. Dean Emmcrt. David Lambert, (Tommy Aguilar - Not Pictured) 69Student Council 1st row - Glenda Myers, Shelly Potts, Lori Johnson, David Vaca. Mark Griffith, Ruth Poff Sponsor, Laurence Kuccra Sponsor, 2nd row - Ginger Peebles. Angie Patak. Shclli Johnson. Lacey Payne, Monica Woodard. Kim Crow. Debra Frazier. Kim Krajca, Holly Harper. Chery l Cathey. Stephanie Hunter. 3rd row - Polly Sullivan. Lisa Valdez.'Wendy Hobbs. Jamie Mahonc, Janet Martinck. Kim Ranton, Cindy Griffith. Kemelia Ricks, Lctitia Hughes. 4th row - Stephen Vaca. Corey Baker, Jim Gossett. Brian W'are. Jamie Childers, Ann Kinzie. Darlene Smith, Kara Sullivan. Mandv Parks. Tricia Forbes. Natalie Brandon 70F.T.A. 1st row - Holly Harper Pres.. J’Layna Jones 1st V. Pres., Antonia Haynes 2nd V. Pres., Elaine Novy 3rd V. Pres.. Cathy Cervantes Sec.. Shelly Pcrcivai Rep.. Connie Shackelford His.. Regina Vinson Parliamentarian, Cherly Cathey St. Council Rep.. Rita Lincoln sponsor. 2nd row- Lisa Jones. Jacqui Hon a. Badair Lockhart. LaSandra Morris. Tobarka Thompson. Carla Struggs, Jennifer Cathey, Stephanie Hunter, Onclli Gaudajro. Letitia Hughes. Juana Myers. Roland Alvarez, Lisa Sutton, Stephanie Walker. Aundrel Haynes. David Norman, Randy Jones. NIKE 1st row - Booher Sponsor, Naill Pres., McC ann V-Pres.. Ranton Sgt.-al-Arm. Baker Beau. Macalik Trea. Wesley Pari., MahoneSec.. 2nd row - Johnson. Payne. Atchley. Dozier. Munn. Martinck. Martinek, Allard. Martinez. Novy. Ferguson. Emmcrt. 3rd row - Miller. Haynes. Myers. Hughes, Macalik. Rejeck.Trojacck,Cathey.Tammy. Roach. Monreal. Easley. Monreal.4th row-Johnson. Doherty. Dcagon. Rhodes. Roach. Davis, Fullington, McCann] Griffith. Chapman. Taraba, Smith, Shackelford. Baker. Manriquez. 5th row - Crow. Sibley, McCorvey, Tucker. Ingariola. Skroh. Ebcrlc, Adams, Trojacek. Muirhcad. Lockhart. Thompson. 6th row - Parks. Batten. Sullivan. Jones. Gurccky. Dyess. Nelson. Blackcrby, Alvarez. Nunn. Stewart. Cathey. 7th row - Mosley, Jones. Green. Crow. Franz, Woodard, Tignor. Austin, Sutton, Cox, Novy. 71J.E.T.S. 1st row - Jack Cooper Sponsor. Anna Dyess, Jell Pouzar Pres., Jell I rojacejc v-rrcs isoianu wai« • rrca Blaine Seaboalt St-Council Rep.. Danny Stewart Rep., 2nd row - Steve Mosley, Tim Grant Suzanne Dodson. Michelle Woriev IXanna Taraba. Kim Crow. Dale Gurccky. Jacqui Honza, Jamie Mahone Scott Russell. Leisa Hutchinson. Tonya ratero David Rice. 3rd row - Steve Boon. Carol Chapman. Art Yandell. Jenny Carter. Jenny Peeler. Brad Bcakley. Judy Yandcil. David Lambert. J’Layna Jones. Steven Potts. Lisa Jones: 4th row - Dean Emmcrt. Chuck Preccs, Jim Hernandez, lames Novy, Samuel Johnson, Scott Probst. Robert Novak. I F.B.L.A. 1st row - Not Pictured. Brenda Bell Sponsor. Dcbby English Pres., Jacqui Honza Trca. Connie Shackelford Rep His.. 2nd row - Kim Ranton, Steve Mosley. Mark Novy. Dawn Hackney, Aundrel Haynes. Francine McGowan, 3rd row - John Roach. Lisa Jones. David Rice. Katnna Haynes. Brian Reel. Not Pictured - V-Prcs Samuel Johnson, Sec. De-De Brown.Key Club 1st row - Henry Betik, Mike Puslcjovskv. Deanna Taraba. Polly Sullivan. Darlene Smith. Jamie. 2nd row - Letitia Hughes. Antonia Haynes. Jim Gossett. JcfTTrojacek. Kevin Collard, Carol Chapman. Jimmy Pustcjovsky. J’Layna Jones. Joyce Trojacck. 3rd row - Lacey Payne, Shelli Johnson. Kim Crow. John Roach. Dena Martinez, Kara Sullivan. Mandy Parks. Tonya Catcro. Dawn Hackney. Holly Harper. Kim Adams, Cathy Cervantes, Kim Muirhcad, Stacey Baker. Kay Spaniel. Cindy Griffith. Kim Ranton. Kay-Kay Naill, Kim Krajca. Modem Language Club 1 st row - Karen Johnson Sponsor, Kcmelia Ricks Pres.. Laura Doherty V-Prcs., Letma Hughes Sec.. Monica Woodard Trca.. Shelli Johnson St. Cou-Rep.. Isaboll Guerra - Sponsor, 2nd row - Lacey Payne, Angie Patak. Kim Crow, Amy Macalik. Christi Rogala. Cindy Smith. Janet Jones. Penny Yandcll. Eva Manrituez, Amanda Monreal. Rhonda Deagen. Jenny Harrison; 3rd row -Teresa Dodson. JennifcrCathey. Stephanie Hunter. Antonio Haynes, Glenda Myers. Lisa Rcjek. Laney Ervin. Laura Green. Tracy Whiginton. Judy Yandcll. Kristie Myers. C'arma Bums, Tonya Catcro; 4th row - Jacqui Honza, Cathy Cervantes. Juana Myers, Lezlic Brewer. Monica Tucker. Kelly Haba. Patricia Reyes, Irene Amador, David Rice. Lori Marusak, Philip William, Kay Kay Naill. Darlene Smith. Kim Adams. 5th row - Jamie Childers. Rachel Conners, Elisha Jones. Cheryl Rutherford. Kari Edgell, Kim Davis, Kim Muirhcad. Jackie Franz. John Roach. Jalca Green, Joyce Trojacek. Kay Spaniel, Stacey Baker. Cathy Jones; 6th row - Malcom Glaspy. Mark Woody, Johnny Blassingame. Stephen Vaca. Sharon Ware. John Moore. R. Novak. Jason Venable, LaSandra Morris, Mandy Parks. Kara Sullivan, Grace Batten. Mandy Wright. Dana Bclew. Rodney Johnson. Kenneth Smith, David Norman. Bill McCrary, Byron Adams. Clint Shaw . Tony Stevens, Marty Prachyl, Roland Alvarez, John Knott. Deanna Taraba. JetTToijacck, Carol Chapman, Cu Nguyen. 73V.O.E. 1st row - Patricia Carrillo Pres., Ginger Peebles Vice Pres., Shelly Percival Sec., Bam Brunk Treas.. Lori Johnson Hist.. Julie Rejcck Reporter. Angie Patak St. Council Rep.. Teresa Dodson, Ser. At Arms, Joy Wood Sponsor, Paige McCann; 2nd row - Kim Tickner, Debby English. Amanda Monreal. Lori Easley, Robbi Allard, Kay Kay Naill, Monica Capehart. Susan Nall, Grace Batten, Suzanne Macalik; 3rd row - Tamy Dlabja, Shelia Wallace Myers, Lori Guzman, Stacey Mach. D.E.C.A. 1st row - Becky Andrews Sponsor, Julie Jackson Pres.. Rhonda Blackerby Vice Pres., Patricia Dolezalik Sec. Carmen Caudillo Treas.. Robert Vaughn Reporter, Dessie Guerrero St. Council Rep., Lou Hall Sponsor, 2nd row - Carol Garrett. Aundria Haynes. Christie Kallmcycr, Shells Potts. Kristine Villarreal. Frances Mareno, Sandra Green, Lcola Shannon. Anthony Jeter. 3rd row - Jana Stevens, Pcggv Emmcrt. Janet Gabriel, Lavonna Dobecka. Tracv Henderson. Valda Wilson. Steve Carrillo. Tammy Zmolik. Darryl Love. Gary Collins. Ralston Russell; 4th row - Frederick Watson, Donald Watson, Jeff Dlabja. Oscar Fira, Eddie Martinez. Jimmy Carrillo. Larry Gilbert, Eddie Albert, Cindy Huffman. Monte Rowse. Ronald Watson. Jeff Kubin. Sheldon Pavne, Michael Jeter, Ronald Long. 74P.A.C. 1st row - Suzanne Wilcox Sponsor, Mandy Wright Pres.. Steve Mosley V- Pres., Stacey Baker Sec Rep.. Jamie Mahone Student Cou. Rep.: 2nd row - Rhonda Zainne. Kim Ranton. Polly Sullivan, Leigh Ann Wampler, Debby English. Andriane Johnson. Misty McCann; 3rd row - Greg Fullington. Charallettc Buchanan. Vicki Morris, Laura Green, Rosemary Jones. Julie Baldwin. Missy Little. Jennifer Cathey. Stephanie Hunter. 4th row - Jamie Childers. Rachel Conners. Kim Rcjcck, Elaine Novy, Cheryl Cathey, John Stacks. Jeff McClendon. Mike Harbour. Danny Stewart, Mike McClure; 5th row - Jana Brasher. Sandra Henry, Jill Cox, Kari Cook. Shannon Peebles. Kim Davis, Kari Edgcll. Rodney Smith, Kenneth Smith. Thespians 1st row - Suzanne Wilcox Sponsor. Mandy Wright Pres.. Steve Mosley V-Pres., Stacey Baker Scc Rcp., 2nd row - Greg Fullington. Debby English, Rodney Smith. Stephanie Hunter. 75F.C.A. 1st row - Brian Ware - Pres.. Mark Novy - Vicc-Prcs., Jamie Childers - Secretary. Pat Venable - Treasurer. Mike Pustcjovsky - St. Council Rep.; 2nd row - Byron Adams, Mike French. Romeo Saenz, John Paul Slovak, Rodney Jackson, Darren Lewis. Rodney Goodwin, Bart Price; 3rd row - Gary Wilson, Darrell Spence, Chris Cottongamc. Eric Lucas. Jim Gossett, Henry Betik, Mark Eaton. Bill McCrary. Rusty Tobias; 4th row - Sam Sibley. Jerraine Wilbem, John Moore, Tony Stevens, Jason Venable. Weldon Caldwell. Rodney Winn, Curtis Sheffield. I I F.F.A. 1st row - Arnold - Sponsor. Benner - Pres., Spaniel - Vicc-Pres., Dickerson - Sec.. Skroh - Treas., Allen - Sentinel, Roberts - Sponsor. Schwander -Sponsor, 2nd row - Wagliardo, Slovak, Rankin, Green, Stevens, Davis. Belew, Forbes, Spaniel, Spaniel, Batsio, Dunn; 3rd row - Toth, Lott, Jones. Moore, Mccon, Krajca, Fullington, Allen. Deagon, Kimberlin, Davidson, Hitchcock, Patak. Pustejovsky; 4th row - Bates, Deafon, Myrck, Valek, Pcchal. Benner. Marusak. Stacks. McClendon, Spence, Choate, Spence, Hughes, Brunk; 5th row - Brown. Dlabaj. Chennault, Baker, Redd. Oliver. Coker. Goodman, Habingay. Ortega, Shofner, Rubin, Jones. McDaniels. Sildee. 6th row - Hitchcock, Bigham. Dvorak. Cantu. Jones, Spaniel, Armstrong. Spaniel, Skrivanek, Novak. McManus, Reeve, Pustejovsky, Collard, Loudlan, Billings, Allen; 7th row - Vaca. Austin. Ritchey, Ellison, Valek, Bouska. Valek, Aired, Nelson, Fisher, Rejeck, Vavra, Strickland. Narakas, Goodman, Mecon, Skroh. 76F.H.A. New Horizon 1st row - Jelena Lester. Sponsor, Patience Rosemark - President. Miriam Michcal - 1st Vice-Pres. Not Pictured Catarina Pcreyda - 2nd Vice Pres., Allison Cody - 3rd Vice-Pres., Rhonda Koehn - 5th Vice-Pres. Kim Fuller - 4th Vicc-Pres., DeDe Rcgeon - Secretary, Lisa Gardener - Historian. Dcdra Frazier - Parlim. Mcrrijo Slovak - Sponsor, 2nd row - Glenda Myers, Lisa Sutton, Mary Pcdraza, Erma Cedillo, Deborah Martinez, Denise Barker, Teresa Stauch, Mary Benner F.H.A. HERO 1st row - Oscrall - Sponsor. Me(Iowan. Haynes. Adams. Boyd. Henry. Kelly. Marek. Krajca. Drewery - Sponsor. 2nd row - Santos, Cuevas, Robinson. Jones, English. Kirven, Sandifer, Martin. Harris, Brunner, Gant, Green; 3rd row - Walker. Flynt, Graham, Belew. Worley, Goodman. Hart, Beasley. Myers, Blackshire. Myers, Vinson, Thompson; 4th row - Hammonds, McGlothin, Williams, Watson, Jones, Jackson. Anthony. Atchley, McCoy, Vavra, Bratcher, Amador. 77U.I.L Sherri Dixon - 1st Place Spelling and Plain Writing District Elisha Jones - 3rd Place Spelling and Plain Writing District Michelle Cloutier - 4th Place Spelling and Plain Writing District JefTPouzar 1st Place Calculator, District Steve Mosley 2nd Place Calculator, District 78U.I.L. One Act Play The Glass Menagerie (Standing) Andriane Johnson, Best actress and all star cast district; Troy Hiene, all star cast; John Stacks, lights; Miss Wilcox, director;Mandy Wright, honorable mention all star cast, zone;(Sitting) Greg Fullington; honorable mention all star cast; Kari Cook, spot lights Tanya Williams 2nd Place District Shorthand Henry Betik 1st Place District Number SenseLand and Pasture Judging Team 1st Place Area, 2nd Place State, 1st Place Nationals James Allen; Top Individual, Mark Rejeck, Tony Spaniel, James Novy, Dick RobertsBoard of Education Larry J. Sullivan President R.E. (Bob) Erisman. Jr. Vice-President Kay Lynn Venable Secretary Don Young E.J. Washington Jerry McCarty Billy Dodson Assistant Superintendent Ivan Goodwin B.A.. M.M.E.. NTSU Assistant Superintendent Superintendent Harlin J. Dauphin B.S., Hardin Simmons University M.Ed. ETSU Don Walker M.E. ETSUPrincipal Floyd Tolston B.S. Howard Payne, M.S. ETSU Ross Lewis B.S. Prairie View A M M.S. ETSU Director of Guidance Jesse Wood B.S. Sam Houston State M.Ed. ETSU Sue Ann Wilson B.S.. M.Ed. ETSU Robert E. Taylor Assoc, of Arts Kilgore College B.S.. M.Ed. ETSU Assistant Principals Counselors Doris Gerron B.S. East Texas Baptist College M.Ed. ETSU 83Directors Dr. Herschel Lester Guy Mixon Charles Novy Joy McCullough Vocational Director Curriculum Director Tax Assessor Collector Communications Director Rommie Maxey Lillian Alexander Athletic Director Curriculum Director Jane Walker Special Education Director PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE Kay Weathers Librarian Coordinator Personnel Sallic Vavra Jan Braddock Frances Hilger Lola Hughes Orlcna Griffith Secretary Receptionist Registrar Special Education Parking Officer Aide 84Rcbccca Andrews David Arnold Brenda Bell John Blassingame Eugenia Booher Melinda Boon Steve Braddock Johnny Cathey Kay Cathey Bill Chapman Ronnie Dauphin Dianne Drewery Nancy Dunkerley Sam Easter Linda Freeman P.W. Gentry Judie Goodwin Scott Gray Isabel Guerra Tom Guidry 85 PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE Lou Hall Ron Henderson Janet Huff Fern Hunter Karen Johnson Annette Kuballa Lawrence Kuccra Gelene Lester Rita Lincoln Jeannie Lucky Donna Oliver Maurinc Overall Irene Perkins Ruth PofT Mike Reel AVAILABLEPHOTO NOT AVAILABLE Vicki Sells Sanoma ShoflTu Merrijo Slovak Miles Strunc Ruth StruncFaculty Index Rebecca Andrews Stephen F. Austin, BA Vocational Education David Arnold Navarro College BA. ETSU Agriculture Brenda Bell BS. MS, ETSU Business Education John Blassingame BM. MM, ETSU Band Director Eugenia Booher BS, NTSU Typing Melinda Boon M.Ed., NTSU BA. Marshall University Physical Science, Health Steve Braddock BS, TCU Head Football Coach Johnny Cathey McMurry College Physical Education History Kay Cathey BS, McMurry Business Education Business Communications Bill Chapman BS, Texas Tech MS. ETSU English, Health Tommy Clark Navarro, BS UTA, NTSU Math Jerry Cook BS, Tarleton MS, ETSU Physical Science Biology- Jack Cooper BS, SHSU Physics, Chemistry Phy. Science Margaret Cooper BS, SHSU Algebra I II Bill Cox BS, M.ED., ETSU History, Coach Ronnie Dauphin BS. UNM Basic Biology, Coach Dianne Drewery BS, NTSU. MA. SMU Home Economics Nancy Dunkerly BA University of Dallas English Sam Easter Auto Mechanics Linda Freeman BS, ETSU Drivers Education, Coach, PE Jinker Gentry BBA, ETSU ICT Judie Goodwin BM, NTSU Asst. Band Director Scott Gray Southeastern Oklahoma State University BS, Physical Education Isabel Guerra Angelo State University BS, Spanish Tom Guidry BM. SFASU Asst. Band Director Lou Hall BBA. MBA. NTSU Vocational Education Ron Henderson Mountain View Community College San Jacinto Jr. College Texas A M Welding Metal Trades Janet Huff BS, ETSU English Fern Hunter BA, Prairie View A M English Karen Johnson BA. MA, UTA French. English Annette Kubala BS, MA Stephen F. Austin University English 3 Coach Lawrence Kucera BS, M.Ed., NTSU Government Gelene Lester BAT, SHSU Homemaking Rita Lincoln BS. MS, ETSU Geometry Jeannie Lucky BFA, Texas Tech Art Melinda Ludwig AS,Navarro BS, UTA Science John McClintock BS. M.Ed., Ed., ETSU History Joy McCullough AA Navarro; BBA NTSU Annual, Newspaper Production Debbie McShan BS, Baylor Math Allen Morris BS. NTSU Math Donna Oliver BS, NTSU English Maurine Overall BS, ETSU HECE Irene Perkins BS, ETSU Homemaking Ruth Poff BA, BS, Texas State University MLS ETSU Librarian Mike Reel M.Ed., BA, NTSU Math Dick Roberts BS, Austin College Agriculture Susan Rogers BA. SFA Special Education Nina Saint NTSU, BS Physical Education Paul Schwander Tarleton State U. BM. Agriculture Sam Scott BS, Tarleton State U. FOM I II Vicki Sells Horticulture Sanoma Shoffitt BS. M.Ed.. ETSU P.E., Coach Merrijo Slovak BS. ETSU Home Economics Miles St rune BS, ETSU CVAE, Office Duplicating Ruth Strunc BA, Tarleton W. History, W. Geography Tecumseh Thompson BA. Paul Quinn State M.Ed., ETSU Special Education Richard Tucker BA. UTA BS, NTSU Physical Education, Health, Biology Suzanne W’ilcox BS, Baylor University Drama, Speech. English Bill Witherspoon Vocational Building Trades Ricky Witt BD, UNT MI), WNMU Physical Education Biology Joy Wood BS, ETSU VOE 88Wild Babies90 Adair. Stephen Adams. Byron Aday, Stephanie Alien. Rodney Almanza, Raul Alvarez. Martin Alvarez, Tammy Anderson. Rhonda Arevalo. Marvin Austin. Christopher Bailey, Ellise Bailey. Steven Baker. Laura Banks. Christopher Barker. Denise Barnes. Timothy Bates. Keith Beers. Michael Beers. Myron Belew, Dahna Belcw, David Benner, Bobby Benner. Mary Bernal. Leon Berry . Robert Bigham. Timothy Billings. James Blackshire. Bridgett Blazek. Johnny Brandon. Natalie Brcnton. Theresa Brown. David Brown, Gregoi7 Brown. Willie Brunk, Robert Bums. Jeffery Caldwell. Weldon Cannaday, Ojimcr Cantu. Delfino Cantu. Robert Capchart. Alan Carrillo. Adrian Carrillo. Andrew Carrillo, Arthur Carrillo, Joe Cairillo. Richard Castillo, Melissa Castillo, Richard Cedillo. Erma Ccdillo, Richard Chapman, Sallie Cinck. Monica Claxton, Lana C'laxton, Lena Coleman. Robert Colvin, Eric Cravens, Brenda Crowley, Richard Cuevas. Richard Davis. Rhonda Davis, Victoria Deagen, Curtis Dcagen, Larac Denison. Keri Diaz, Roy Diaz. Liza Dickerson, James Dixon. Leona Dixon, Shavonnc Dixon, Sherri Dlabaj. Timothy Doherty. Julie Donahoo. Michael Dowell. Bobby Duncan. Karen Dunn. Tommy Eaton. Mark Edwards, Clarice Edwards. Cynthia Edwards. Lisa Eitcl, Wcndye Elix, Carolyn Elliott. Amy Elliott, Rena Ellison, Charles Ellison, Tami English. Kisha Ervin. La LenaEubanks, Nanetle Falkcnbach. Jeffery Flyni, Robbie Flynt. Robert Fondren. Candace Forbes, Tricia Fox. Kelly Frazier. Dcdra Frye, Mary Frye. William Fuller, Kim Fullington. Angela Garcia. Joel Gardner. Lisa Gilbert, Mark Gonzales. Joseph Gonzales. Sammy Goodman. Kevin Goss. Kyle Grady, Edward Grady. Sheila Green, Laura Guinyard. Sharron Gutierrez. Rafael Habbinga. iMichael Hackney. Elizabeth Hall, Jerome Hall. Patrick Hamilton. Aretha Harris. Pebbles Harrison. Kelly Henley, Ronnie Henry. Bryant Herford, Marcus Hernandez. Artcmo Hernandez, Consuclo Herrera, Juan Hester. Patricia Hitchcock, Christopher Holley. Britton Horton. Tangra Hubbard. Tonya Huff, Cynthia Hughes. Daryl Hughes. Harold Hughes. Robert Jack, Robert Jackson. Cedric Jeter. Michael Johnson. Charles Jones, Brian Jones Cathy Jones, Jeff Jones, Kathryn Jones. Randall Jones, Rosemary Jordan. Jerry Keilers, Karan Kelly, Bobbie Keys. Verna Kimbcrlin, Ronald King. Ronald King William Kinzic, Ann Knight, Wendy Knott. Ronald Kochn, Rhonda Kuhn. Chris Kyscr. Janet Laudon. Christopher Lay, Michael Little. Mary Little, Melissa Livingston. Richard Lockhart. Badair Lockhart, Ethel Lopez, Dianna Lott. Leslie Love. Gerald Macalik. Kathleen Macon. Christopher Mahone, Jeffery Manry. Dean Marak, Pamela Marshall, Michael Martinez, Deborah Marusak, Dale Marusak. Lori 9192 Mathews. David McCann. Misty McClure. Michael McCrary’. William McDaniel. Brian Mendez. Carmen Michaels. Miriam Miller. Alphonso Mohrmann. Brenda Moore. Carla Moore. Holly Moore. John Moreno. Isidro Moreno. Steven Morin, Pete Morin. Santa Motley, David Moyers. Richard Muniz. Jayme Muniz. Joe Munoz. Ruben Myers. Helen Myrick. Bruce Nealy, Gerald Nelson. Clinton Nguyen, Cu Nightingale. Larry Novak. Robert Nunn, Rhonda Olalde. Christine Olaldc, Johnny Ortega, Thomas Patel, Ramilaben Paul, Sharon Pechacek. Angela Pedraza, Maria Percival. Gena Pereyda, Alphonso Pereyda, Catarina Perez. Sophia Perry. Derrick Perry, Stacy Prachyl. Lonnie Parachyl. Martin Prcstidge. Michael Price. Barton Raindle. Erma Raney, Lisa Rankin. Daniel Reel. Brian Regeon, December Riffle. Pamela Rios. Rodney Ritchey, James Roach, Diana Robbins. Debra Roberts, Tracy Robinson. David Rogala, Christi Rogers. Kevin Roscmark. Patience Rust. Gavin Rutherford. Billy Olaldc. Gilbert Salas. Norma Salik, Jeffery Santos. Matthew Shaw, Clinton Shofncr. Mark Sibley. Sam Sims. Cynthia Skroh. David Smith. Austin Smith, Cynthia Smith, Leigh Sosa. Mary Sosa, Thomas Spaniel. Glynn Spaniel. Lynn Starcher. James Starr. Bobby Stauch. Teresa Stevens, Kristi Stevens. Tony Struggs. Carla Struggs, Gina Sugamcli, Sunday Summers, Marian ABSENT PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE PHOTO NOT AVAILABLETapia, Steven Tcnncr . Jimmy Terry, Suzan Thompson. Ramona Tobias, Russell Toth. Erie Turner, John Vaca, Stephen Valdez, John Valdez. Lisa Valdez, Marcus Valck, Kimberly Vargas. Norma Vasquez. Rebecca Vavra, Daniel Venable, Jason Vetor, Deborah Vinklcr, Steven Vocgeli. Robin Ware. Sharon Warren. Andy Weaver, Frank Weaver, Shari Wesley. Todd Whistler, Wendy Wicinton, Trade Wilbom, Gregory Williams. Rachel Wilson. Gary Wilson, Jennifer Winn. Rodney Wolfe, David Woodard. Jeff Woods. Sonja Woodson, Joe Yandell, Penny Young. Tyra Yrlas. Clara Yrlas. Ernest Zamarripa. Daniel 93Freshman Officers Dahna Belew - President Ann Kinzie - Secretary Rochelle Lockhart - Vice-President Lisa Raney - Reporter Freshman Favorites Kelly Harrison Dino Manry Freshman Personalities Kyle Lett, David Belew, Scott Thomason, Natalie Brandon, Rochelle Lockhart, and Dahna Belew 94Adair, Cathy Adams, Kathy Allen, Lynda Almanza. Guadalupe Amador, Peter Baker. Jennifer Banks. Dwayne Banks. Ronnie Barrera. Sonja Bates, Trent Batten. Patrick Bayarena. Christian Bennett. Kimberly Blackshire. Tandra Blackwell. Donna Blassingamc. John Blazck. Gregory Boyde. Wendy Brasher. Jana Brewer. Lezlie Brown. James Brunner. Patricia Buchanan. Charlotte Byrd. David Calhoun. Clairene Campos. Ismael Cardino. Mark Cass. David Castillo. Freddy Castillo. Monica Cathey. Cheryl Cathey, Jennifer Cervantes, Ronald Chance. Wayne Childers. James Christian. Shannon Cinck, Jason Clark. LeGrant Claxton, David Cloutier, Michelle Coleman. Daniel Coleman. Kirk Collard. Kevin Collins, Vanita Conner. Joseph Conner. Rachel Cook, Karina Coslin. Dcncen Cox. Barry 96Cox, Jill Carvcns, Darrell Davis. Kimberly Davis. Matthew Dodson, Gene Dodson. Willie Dvorak, Timothy h ABSENT PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE Dyess. Anna Easley. Cecil Eaton. Kim Echols. Kevin Edgcll. Karri Escobar. David Escobar. Leticia Fincher. Brian Fira. Oscar Fisher, Jeffrey Frank. Christoffer Freeman. Bobby Freeman. Jeff French. Michael Fullerton, Kari Fullington. Gregory Gant. Darren Gamer. Fredrick Garrett, Carolyn Gaytan. Michael Glaspy. Malcolm Glover, Carlos Gon ales. Cynthia Gonzales, Jamie Green, Sandra Griffin. William Guajardo, Onely Guajardo, Oscar Gurecky. Dale Gutierrez. Susan Haba. Kelly Hall. Tabitha Harbert, Andre Harbour. Michael Harp. Jennifer Harper. James Hatley. David Haynes, Cal Hcllner, John Henderson, Tracy Henry. Sandra Henson, AlvinHernandez, Vicki Herrera, Virginia Hobbs. Wendy Holbcrt, Linda Honca. Lonnie Howard. Larry Hudgens. Johnnie Hudgens, Ruby Hughes. Cassandra Hunter, Stephanie Janes, Kevin Johnson. Adrian Jones. Elisa Jones. Gregory Photograph not available Jones. Troy Jones. Wesley Jordan. Terri Keen. David Kenney. Shannon Kidd. Sylvia King. David Krajea, Camellia Krajea. Darren La Foiled. Mark La Scala. Colleen Lane. Ronald Lewis. Janet Lipscy. Wayne Littleton. Tracy Lloyd. Regina Macalik. Amy Macon. JefT Maldonado. Cindy Maldonado, Teresa Manasco. Teresa Manuel. Rhonda Marshall. Michelle Martinez, Henry Martinez, Sandy Mata. Celia McCarty. Phillip McClendon. Jeffrey McCorvcy, Lana McElroy. Clinton MeGraw. Rodney Mecom, Michael Mcrrcll. Robert Monreal, Kenneth Moore, Jerome « 98Morris. luiSandra Morris, Vicki Mosley. Gina Murphy, Jennifer Murphy. Shirley Neaves, Susan Nelson. Carl Nelson. Curtis Nightingale. Janene Norakas. Mark Norman. David Novy. Elaine Owens. James Parks. Amanda V PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE Ibo guSY PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE Rcjcek. Kimberly Rcjcck. Lisa Riggins. Susan Rivers. Darren Robinson, Dorothy Russell, Wendell Rutherford, Cheryl Poison. Terry Pustejovsky. Jimmy Quintanilla, Abel Ramirez, Amelia Ramsey. Mike Reed. Carolyn Reeve, David Saenz. Romeo Sandifcr, Kevin Shannon. Leola Sharp, Stanley Sibley. David Sims. Debra Sims. Lisa Skrivakek, Ernest Skroh. Lisa Slack, William Slovak, Samuel Smith. Donna Smith. Kelvin Smith, Shelly 99Smithson. Todd Spainhour. Evelyn Spellman. James Spence. Daryl Stacks. John Stewart. Susan Story, Laina Strickland. Bennie Sullivan. Kara Sutton. Lisa Sutton, Teresa Thompson. Frazier Thompson. Tobarkoa Tignor. Pamela Tijerina. Timothy. Jr. Tobar. Hope Tucker. Monica Ueberroth. Joy Uvalle. Marie Valck. Mark Valek. Steven Vaught. Terry Villarreal. Juan Voegeli. Tina Vrana. Belinda Wagliardo, Gordon Walker. Angela Watson. Patricia Weldon. Debra West. Michael Wilbom. Jarrine Williams. Torn Wilson. Carlton Woody, Mark Yeancks. Stephen Yrlas. Esther Zajic. Karen Zajic. Michelle Zambrano. Sandra Zamne Rhonda Zimmerman. Christopher 100Sophomore Class Officers Jamie Childers - President Kari Fullerton - Vice-President Lezlic Brewer - Secretary Shannon Keeney - Reporter Sophomore Favorites Mike French Lana McCorvey Sophomore Personalities Brian Fincher, Amy Macalik, Romero Saenz, Mark Norakas, Shannon Keeney, and Lezlie Brewer 102Adams, Kimberly Aguilar, Tommy Allen, James Allerd, James Amador, Irene Arciba, Eddie Amey, Bill Austin. Jenny Baker, Kenny Baker. Stacy Baldwin. Julie Bcaklcy, Robert Beasley. Kimberly Benner, Cefus Bond, Tonja Bouska, Gilbert Bratcher. Kirsten Brcnton, JefTery Bums. Gregory Burr, Bryon Butler, Rodney Byrd. Neal Camden. Todd Campos, Ricardo Carter, Jennifer Castillo. Vincent Catero. Tonya Cervantes. Catherine Chapman. Carol Chennault. Mike Cody, Allison Collins, Gary Cook, Maria Cottongamc. Charles Crow, Kimberly Crow, Malinda Cuevas, Sally Davis, Leah De Los Santos, Yolanda Deagen, Rhonda Dickerson. Mike Dickerson, Rodney Dlabaj, Jeffery Dodson, Suzanne Doherty, Laura Douglas, James Dowell, Jimmy Dozier, Shirelle Eberle, Rebecca Edwards. Billy Elkins, Dorothy Emmcrt, Dean English, Cleveland English, Debby Falkenbach, Jimmy Franz, Jackie Gabriel, Julie Gillespie, Billy Gilmore, Everett Glaspy, HelenHail. Vincent Hammonds. Brenda Harrison. Jennifer Haynes. Antonia Haynes. Aundrei Heme, Darrell Henderson. Tommy Henry. Bremce Henry. LeAnn Henry. Ossie Hertford. Rodney Hernandez. Jaime Hester. Michael Honza. Jacqui Home. StefEuiy Hudspeth. Debra Huff. William Hughes, LetiuaHurley, Terry Hutchinson. Leisa Ingagiola. Lara Jackson. Rodney Jackson. Timothy Jaramillo. Michael Jeter. Anthony Jeter. Frank Johnson. Penny Johnson. Rodney Johnson. Shelli Jones, Barry J'Layna Lisa Sheila Kelly. Cariette Kelly. Sherry Knight. Rodger Knott John Kubin. Jeffery Lambert David Lee. Justin Le is. Darren Lewis. Leslie Lipscomb. Rel Long. Sharmyn Love. Darry l Lucas. Eric Macalik. Melissa Mach. StaceyMartinek. Vicki Martinez. Eddie McCoy, Rachel Miller, Tricia Mohrmann. Robert Moreno. Joe Moreno. Lori Moreno. Michael Muirhead, Kim Myers. Juana Myers. Kristy Nichols, Jeffery Nolen. Michael Novak, Robert Novy, James Nutt, Richard Ortiz, Domingo Owen, Darrell Pastor, Maria Patak, Troy Payne, Lacey Payne, Shawn Payne, Sheldon Peeler, JenniferReyes. Patricia Rhodes, Carina Rice, David Riffle, Leah Rios, Robert Roach. John Roberts. Mark Robinson, Harold Russell. Ralston Sallie, Louis Sandifer, Sharon Santos, Rebecca Seabolt, Blaine Sharp. Freddy Sheffield, Curtis Shoemaker, Richard Sibley. Guy Simpson, Amy Slovacek, Ronald Slovak, John Slovak, Patrick Smith. Betty Smith. Donald Smith. Rodney Smithson. Daniel Sotelo, Cindy Spainhour, Lora Spaniel. Anthony Spaniel. Kay Stampley. JamesStarcher, Mike Stephens, Bryan Stevens, Jana Tapia. Charlie Taraba, Deanna Tollcson, Julie Toney, John Trojacek, Jeffery Trojacek. Joyce Valek. John Vasqucz, Elaine Vavra, Pamela Villarreal, Kristine Vinson. Regina Wade, Leighe Tims, Clint Waedekin, Jerry Walker, Samuel Walker, Stephanie Wampler, Leigh Ward, Wally Ware, Larry Watson, Donald Watson. Frederick Watson, Ronald Watson, Tamaria Wesley, Gina West, Alice Williams, Kenneth Williams, TanyaWilson. Billy Wilson, Kyle Wilson. Valda Woodard. Monica Young. Isiah Zamarripa. Sarah PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE Zmolik Tambcrly Lampp, Virginia Watkins, James 111Junior Class Officers Rel Lipscomb - President LeAnn Henry - Vice President Junior Favorites Antonia Haynes - Secretary Monica Woodard - Reporter Junior Personalities Rel Lipscomb Lacey Payne John Roach, Guy Sibley, Laura Doherty, Rodney Jackson, Letitia Hughes, and Carlette Kelly 112Virginia D. Robbi Dec Roland Billy Roy C. Tim Adams Allard Alvarez Anthony Arciba Armstrong Larry Wayne Corey Atchley, Jr. Baker Jerry A. Baker Ronnie Barnes Grace Lynn Batten Bobby Ray Benner Henry R. Betik Emmanuell Birdow Rhonda Lee Sharon E. Ann Blackerby Blackshire Steven Mark Boon Glenis E. Boswell Shannon V. Boyd James David Bozek Freddie L. Brim, Jr. Dina E. Borwn Barry Dean Marie Brunk Jr. Brunner 114Karen Jean Butler Kirk A. Campbell Rhonda Christine Campos Monica Leigh Capehart Jimmy David Carrillo Patricia Carrillo Steve Carrillo Carmen James Gregory Erick Kirby Kathy Jean Jeffery Wayne Caudillo Choate Coker Coleman Collins Michael James Carolyn A. Jackie Charles Heath A. Anthony Quinn Tammy Collins Crowley Davidson Jr. Dcagcn Dixon Dlabaj Lavonna Francis Teresa Diane Patricia Marie Tracy Paul Lorie Jean Dobecka Dodson Dolezalik Duren Easley Lisa Roshal Edwards 115Peggy Delanc Emmert Armando Drema K. Escobar, Jr. Farmer Michelle Lynn Teresa G. Donna Wyvonne Ferguson Fielder Fisher Gary Lynn Gant Sherry Ann Gant Steve Flores Jennifer Flynt Kenneth James Frye Janet E. Gabriel Randy Gene Garrett Larry W. Gilbert Carl L. Glenn Bertha Andora James H. James D. Goodman Goodman Gossett Mark Dunkerley Dessie L. Griffith Guerrero, II Laurie Ann Guzman Holly Lyn Harper Angela Ann Harris LaDonna Renee’ Hart 116PAGE MISSINGPAGE MISSINGFrances Moreno Kenneth D. Steven Odell Joe Loyd Glenda Denise Shandrea Nanette Morris Mosley Munn Myers Myers Shela M. Wallace Carol Denise Mark Kelly Myers Naill Navarro Carl Wayne Deanna Marie Mark A. Novak Novy Novy Ronald Thomas Ronnie Lee Angie Marie Gregory Norman Tommy Louis Ginger Sue Oliver Owens Patak Payne Pechal Peebles Shelly Ann Shelly Jean Jeffery Charles Charles Douglas Scott Mitchell Michael Wayne Percival Potts Pouzar Preecs Probst Pustejovsky 119Mary Kimberly Deneen Kcmclia Monique Della Ramirez Ranton Ricks Rios Jeanette Denise John W. Robinson Robinson Monte Paul Rowse Yvonne Marie Gwen Denise Christopher John D. Connie Dolores Saenz Sandifer Santos Schumacher Shackelford Joey Skroh Donald Wayne Kenneth Wayne Carlos John Brian Smith Smith Sosa Spaniel Richard W. Spaniel Kelton Chad Jacqueline Louise Daniel Lynn Polly Ann David A. Cindy Carol Spence Steptoe Stewart Sullivan Svehlak Thomas 120John Tucrk Larry Wayne Waites James Anthony Wilhoite Mandy Wright David Vasquez Deborah Mae Ware Judith Leigh Yandcll Benny Charles Trojacck Tam era Marie Vyers Mark Allen Whiteley Susan Michelle Worley David Vaca Jr. Robert James Williams Jr. Arthur Leon Yandell Randy Waring Kimberley Diane Thomas Tickner Brian Alan Ware Robert G. Vaughn Virginia Gale Washington Jeff Wilson Patrick L. Venable Phillip Watson John Jay Wilsonour See Holly, this is hands. Watch out Steve, here comes Dale! t Shhh, don’t talk to me now, I’ve got to copy this quick before she gets back! -► NOT PICTURED Bclcw, June Michelle Bustamante. Michcal John Jackson. James Earl. Jr. Johnson. Cassandra Shere McGilvray, Todd Michael Nall. Susan Denise Reed, Ted Roberts. Tondra Lcnca Wilson. Michael Lynn Ms. PofTwe don’t need that many books.The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly t Don’t shoot ’til you see the whites of their eyes. 123Senior Class Officers Favorites 1 to r: Angie Patak, Vice-President; Jim Gossett, Class Favorites. Janet Martinek and Joey Munn Reporter; Mark Griffith, President; Janet Martinek, Secretary. Senior Personalities L to r: Denise Kervin, Jackie Davidson, Louis Jones, David Vaca. Seated: Katrina Haynes, Kemila RicksHomecoming 1983 Angie Patak escort Jim Gossett Janet Martinek escort Joey Munn Kemelia RicksHomecoming Court Freshmen: Kelly Harrison, Byron Adams, Rochelle Lockhart, Harold Hughes, Sophomores: Monica Castillo, Terry Vaught, Lana McCovery, Mike French, Juniors: Lacey Payne, Rel Lipscomb, Letitia Hughes, Ronald Watson On the night of Friday, October 21, all were awaiting the crowning of the Ennis High School Homecoming Queen, 1983. As expected, it turned out to be a festive occasion. The Seniors nominees were Angie Patak, her escort Jim Gossett; Ginger Peebles, her escort James Martinek; Kemelia Ricks, her escort Mark Griffith; and Janet Martinek and her escort Joey Munn. Kemelia was selected by popular vote of the student body as Homecoming Queen, 1983. Crowning the queen was Lori Johnson, secretary of student council, and assisting her was Shelly Potts, treasurer of Student Council. Flower girl was Jessica Tolston, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Tolston. Crown bearer was John Strunc, son of Mr. and Mrs. Miles Strunc. Following the game, Incognito provided entertainment for the evening in the Ennis High School Commons. 127 Shelly Potts, Mark Griffith, Kemelia Ricks, Lori Johnson, Jessica Tolston, John StruncMost Likely to Succeed David Vaca Polly Sullivan Friendliest Kemelia Ricks Joey MunnD.A.R.Prom Night Fantasy Island was the theme this year for the Jr.-Sr. Prom. The Prom was held April 14, 1984, at K.J.T. Hall. The occasion marked the closing of another school year. The evening started with the Jr. class’ recognition of seniors. A poem was then read by Antonia Haynes, and Debbie Hudspeth played and sang a song followed by Kemelia Ricks playing and singing a song. A buffet supper followed consisting of various finger-foods. The D.J. then began playing selections, and the rest of the evening was devoted to dancing. All in all this year’s prom was a time for having fun and being with friends - a time for recalling past memories and looking ahead to the future.Kemelia Ricks. Debbie Hudspeth. Antonia Haynes. Monica Woodard. Mark Griffith, Leigh Ann Henry, Rel LipscombKcmclia Ricks sings and plays "Staring through the window at the pane' Debbie Hudspeth sings and plays "Up Where We Belong’Honor Graduates Four-Year Front Karen Butler, Kemelia Ricks, Polly Sullivan, Deanna Novy, Michelle Worley, Lori Johnson, Kim Kvajca, Jamie Mahone. (2) Kim Ranton, Glenda Myers, Holly Harper, Connie Shackleford, Carol Naill, Angie Patak, Shelly Potts, Judy Yandell. (3) Grace Batten, David Vaca, Suzanne Macalik, Mark Novy, Bryan Ware, Danny Stewart, Paige McCann, Henry Betik. (4) Jeff Pouzar, Dina Brown, Pat Venable, Jim Gossett, Wayne Robinson, Greg Payne, Steve Mosley One-Year Monte Rowse, Mandy Wright, Steve Boon, Tammy Vyers, Tracy Duren 134Salutatorian Connie ShackelfordV espersSenior WeekE.H.S. Band Sousa Award 1st Row - Hudspeth Novy. Henry, Cloudtcr, Dodson, Ferguson, Baker, Hunter. Chapman, Harper, Novy. 2nd Row - Smith Guajardo, We don. Peeler, Cathey, Walker. Shackelford, Edgell. Rowse, Simpson, Mahone. Jones. Vyers. Hobbs. Taraba' 3rd Row - Sullivan. Beakley. Cook. Rejcck. Gayton, Guajardo, Saenz, Graham, Russell. Hamson. Honza, Cox Hughes Watson. Bennct, Doz.er, Peebles, Rejcck. 4th Row - Batten. Ranton, Rice, Jones, Thompson, Blassmgamc.Chennauli Dress' Probst, Pouzar. Norman. Rob.nson, Puslcjovsky. Moms. Skroh, Cathey, Phillips, Emmcrt. Skroh. Powell Wees' Schumacher. 5th Row - Carter. Herrera, Lambert. Novy, Spellman. McElroy, Reeve Skrivanck Sullivan Polly Sullivan Drum Majorettes Grace Batter Jacqui Honza Varsity Twirlers left to right - Angela Walker, J’Layna Jones, Lynn Ferguson, Debbie Hudspeth, Elaine Novy, Holly Harper, Sandra Henry, Stephanie Hunter. 145Jr. High All District Freshman First Division UIL Romona Thompson, Christi Rogala Cris Banks, Marty Prachyl, Bobby Brunk, Randy Jones Drum Majorettes Grace Batten Jacqui Honza All Area J’Layna Jones, Jamie Mahone 1461 to r: Elaine Novy; Sophomore; Angela Walker, Sophomore; J’Lana Jones, Junior Twirlers 1 to r: Lynn Ferguson; Senior, Holly Harper; Senior. 1 to n Stephanie Hunter, Sophomore; Sandra Henry, Sophomore; Debbie Hudspeth, Junior 147Freshman Band 1st Row - S. Dixon, M. Dennison, C. Smith, C. Huff, C. Struggs, C. Macalik, J. Wilson, L. Baker: 2nd Row - A. Kinzie, S. Ware, T. Forbes, K. Harrison, R. Williams, H. Moore, K. Keilers, J. Doherty, A. Elliott; 3rd Row - P. Marak, K. Fox, J. Bums, C. Nguyen, J. Cannaday, C. Moore, M. Michaels, S. Aday, C. Rogala; 4th Row - M. McClure, L. Sutton, L. Valdez, D. Vavra, B. Price, M. Prachyl, R. Thompson, D. Hackney; 5th Row - R. Jones, B. Brunk, C. Banks, L. Deagen, R. Davis Freshman Twirlers Band Officers Band Captain - Polly Sullivan, Sr. Lt. - Deanna Novy, Jr. Lt. - Brad Beakley, Soph. Lt. - Anna Dyess, Fresh. Lt. - Kelly Harrison 148 Karen Keilers, Jennifer Wilson, Missy DennisonStage Band I All-Star Stage Band I to n Seated - Debbie Hudspeth, J’Lana Jones. Brad Beakly, Kerri Cook, Polly Sullivan. Micheal Gayton, Yvonne Sane . I to n 2nd row - David Lambert. Mike Shanault, Johnny Blassingamc, Anna Dyess Scott Probst. 1 to r Standing - Lisa Skroh, Chuck Preece. John Shocmacher and Dean Emmcrt. Stage Band II Johnny Blassingame 1 to r. Seated - Larca Deagan. Kelly Harrison, Stacy Baker. Holly Morre. Dawn Hackney. I to n Seated - Randy Jones. Marty Prachyl, Lisa Valdez, Danny Vavra. I to n Standing Cu Nquyen, Jeff Bums. Pam Marak. Kelly Fox. All-District Band Front Row - S. Hunter, P. Sullivan. K. Cook, S. Henry. E. Novy, M. Cloudier. A. Simpson. M. Rowse, D. Novy. Back Row - Y. Saenz, B. Beakly. M. Gayton, J. Schumacher. C. Prcecs. J. Pouzar, Probst. J. Blassingame. J. Jones. J. Mahone. J. Hon a, K. Ranton. G. Batten. 149Arsenic and Old Lace Cast in order of appearance Abby Brewster The Rev. Dr. Harper Teddy Brewster Jackie Davidson Mike Pustejovsky Martha Brewster Mandv Wright Elaine Harper Grace Batten Mortimer Brewster Steve Moslev Mr. Gibbs Kelly Navarro Troy Heine Dr. Einstein Jamie Mahone Officer O'Hara Keith Kimberlin Mark Griffith Mr. Witherspoon Jim Gossett Assistant Director Synopsis of Play ACT I Time: Late afternoon, October 1941 Place: Living room of the old Brewster home, Brooklyn, New York INTERMISSION - 5 minutes ACT II Time: At night, the same date INTERMISSION - 5 minutes ACT III Scene One Time: Even later that same night Scene Two Time: Early the next morning Crews RULES - Kim Ranton (crew head), Pat Venable. Henry Betik. Steve Mosley, Mike Pustejovsky. Roland .Alvarez LIGHTS - Mike Collins. LaVonna Dobecka. Lorie Easley. Yolanda Monreal. Amanda Monreal. Lam- Atchley, Yvonne Saenz. Robbi Allard MAKE-UP - Lori Johnson (crew head), Christi Kallmeyer (crew head). Shelly Percival. Monica Capehart. Amanda Monreal. Lori Easley. Yolanda Monreal. Suzanne Macalik. Paige McCann. Eva Manriquez PUBLICITY PROGRAM - Karen Butler (crew head). Teresa Dodson (crew head). Kim Krajca. Katrina Haynes. Fran cine McGowan. Judy Yandell. Connie Shackelford. Angie Patak. Glenda Myers. Kathy Coleman. Ginger Peebles. Patricia Dolezalik. Julie Jackson. Susan Nall HOUSE COMMITTEE - Robbie Allard. De-De Brown. Karen Butler. Katy Coleman. Teresa Dodson. Patricia Dolezalik. Katrina Haynes. Kim Krajca. Francine McGowan. Glenda Mvers. Kay Kay Naill. Deanna Novy. .Angie Patak. Ginger Peebles. Shelly Potts. Kemelia Ricks. Connie Shackelford. Judy Yandell. Roland Alvarez, Tim .Armstrong. Corey Baker. Mark Novy. Ronald Oliver. Brian Ware. .Art Yandell PROPS - Janet Martinek (crew head). Kim Ranton (crew head), Tony Wilhoite, Dena Martinez, Joey Munn, Brian Ware, Mark Novy. Danny Stewart. Art Yandell. Kathy Coleman. Robbie Allard. Patricia Dolezalik. Roland Alvarez COSTUMES - Judy Yandell (crew head), Karen Butler, Janet Martinek. Eva Manriquez. Robbie Allard, Yvonne Saenz, Lynn Ferguson. Deanna Novy, Tammy Vyers SOUND - Scott Probst (crew head). Art Yandell. Dena Martinez. Mark Novy, Steve Boon SET - Henry Betik (crew head). Kim Krajca. James Martinek. Lori Johnson. Tommy Pechal. Mike Pustejovsky. Lorie Easley-. Amanda Monreal, Yolanda Monreal. Tony Wilhoite, Corey Baker. Joey Munn. Janet Martinek. Mike Collins, LaVonna Dobecka. Jackie Davidson. Elaine Marek. Suzanne Macalik. .Angie Patak. Teresa Dodson. Connie Shackelford, Steve Mosley. Paige McCann. Steve Boon. Keith Kimberlin. Kelly Navarro. Danny Howard 150Arsenic 152MORTUARY INC. Member s NATIONAL SELECTED morticians SERVICE SINCE 1918 • INSURANCE for the entire family • PRE-ARRANGED funeral trust DAY OR NIGHT 875-3891 SAM A. KEEVER 875-7673 DAVID E. KEEVER 875-6025 155 408 N. DALLAS STREET • P.O. BOX 248 • ENNIS, TEXAS 75119Hog Heaven Compliments of: Hal and Mary PettigrewTIME iu YOUR UP RS 157 Compliments of a FriendYou can help. — -l.- Jouve heard a lot- about rhe need - Ito cjonserveeAectridty and all forms j of energy, Not onLy does conservation r help save our notions predous © energy resources . it helps you and ■- your family save money since. Ine. cost of energy is a big i chunk. out of most families budgets. You can help your family by doing your part....make Sure ■ close w: you close doors and windows hen the healing or air Conditioning unit is on-, dont ‘graxe when you raid the refrigerator - know what you • it make sure,the television or Stereo w. is off when you're through with ff. Work with your family to save energy now... you'll help make sure there will be enough for everyone when you . short a family of your own. m TEXAS POWER LIGHT COMPANY A tax-paying, investor-owned electric utility 158Congratulations Seniors ’83 ELK CORPORATION Ennis, Texas Sponsored By Virgil and Mary Jane Pettigrew 160LEGGETT PLATT INCORPORATED 107 East Waco St. 214-875-2691 Ennis, Texas 75119 Three locations in Ennis Plants and Warehouses from Coast to CoastInterFirst Bank Ennis, N.A. 875-2631 (Dallas) 227-2128 Member F.D.I.C.SANDERS FUNERAL HOME 206 N. Kaufman Ennis, Texas 75119“For All Your Real Estate Needs In Ellis County” HOMES LAND COMMERCIAL 875-3864 B -------NIGHTS CALL-------- JOAN JOE GLASPY - 875-3649 NONA ARUS BROCK - 937-2718 713 W. ENNIS AVE.ENNIS TIRE APPLIANCE CO. QUALITY INN 67 Luxury Rooms All Queen King Beds Private Club - Large Pool 1-45 at Hwy 34 Next to Wagon Wheel Restaurant 875-9641FERGUSON ELECTRIC COMPANY AND AIR CONDITIONING SERVICE Ennis Owner Dallas 875-8130 James B. Ferguson 227-6344 WAGON WHEEL STEAK HOUSE Steaks Seafood Joe M. Slovak 875-6851 Ennis, Texas Rudy Ozymy, Jr. Congratulations Seniors ’84Our Job Is To Save You Time And Money E3E1E9 □□□□ That’s The Wal-Mart Way! Lions Congratulations! Barry, Keith, Lori, Teresa An Old-Fashioned Ice Cream Parlor Specialties From Our Kitchen: Soda Fountain Specialties: Deli Sandwiches Submarines Quiche Soup Salads Home-Baked Pies Cones Malts, Shakes Sundaes Brownie Supreme Old Fashioned Banana Split Hand Packed Pts. Qts. Featuring Blue Bell Ice Cream 116 N. Dallas St. Hours: (Across From Tara Theatre) Mon-Thurs. 8:30 a.m.-7:30 p.m. Ennis, Tx. 875-8881 Fri.-Sat. 8:30 a.m.-10:30 p.m. 24 Hours 875-3888 AMELIA ANN FLORIST Flowers for all occasions Complete Wedding Service George Marget Spaniel Owners 168TUCKER GROCERY FEED Acco Feeds Garret 875-2101 Mon. - Sat. 6:30 - 8:00 Sunday 9:00 - 8:00 BEN TUCKER SON Soil Contractors Land Clearing and ExacavationStewart Insurance Agency Complete Insurance Coverage for Personal and Business Purposes. 351 W. Jefferson Dallas, Texas Suite 506 75208 948-7601 ED’S GARAGE 305 E. Ennis Ave. Ennis, Texas LYNN’S MACHINE SHOP 2414 N. Preston P.O. Box 1232 Ennis, TX. 75119 214) 875-4030 Shop Lynn Sibley (214) 875-5556 Home Shirley Nixon Business 452-8885 James Nixon NIXON TROPHY Rt. 2 Box 590 Scurry, Texas 75158 “We Strive to Please” 'rophies Ribbons Plaques Medals Certificates 171UNITED PUBLISHING CO. Ennis Daily News UPCO Print Shop Gifts-Printing Office Supplies 213-15 N. Dallas 214-875-3801 Publishers of: Ennis Daily News Ennis Local Palmer Ruster C. I. Williams, D. D.S., INC. Stephen C. Durbin, D.D.S. 400 W. Ennis Ave. 875-9031 Emergency Number -817 429-5242-161 172E N N I s AUTOMOTIVE,INC. .400 N Preston Ennis, Texas Good Luck Lions 173BAYLOR BAPTIST CHURCH Del Medlin Mary Lou Parker -Pastor- -Secretary- Congratulations Seniors ’83 HESSER DRUG Jerry L. Smith Jim TemplinBIG AUTO PARTS VINEYARD AUTO SUPPLY, INC. CUSTOM TOOL COMPANY Repair Work All Types Production Work P.O. Box 487 Ennis, Texas Ennis 875-2661 Dallas 299-0524 H H HARDWARE GIFTS ELLIS COUNTY SAYINGS ASSOCIATION 106 S.E. Main St. Ennis, Tex. 75119 Jack Vineyard Store 875-3827 Home 875-5327 210 W. Ennis Ave. Ennis, Texas 875-2791 105 S. Preston Ennis, Texas 875-8434 175BENCHMARK FURNITURE INDUSTRIES ENNIS. TEXAS Compliments of AVENUE FUEL DISTRIBUTING 401 W. Ennis Ave. DAVIS WESTERS DRIVE IN Hwy. 34 IH 45 AVENUE DRIVE IN DAVIS WESTER KAUFMAN Car Wash 407 W. Ennis Ave. 200 S. Kaufman KOLD ICE Hwy. 34 and IH 45 nc- Congratulations Seniors LONE STAR PIPE INC. Johnny Robinson Plant Manager South Highway 75 Ennis, Texas 75119 Ph. 214-875-6514 Metro 299-5431 176 JACK-IN-THE-BOX 1102 Ennis Ave. 875-8021Finest in Home Furnishings 210 N. Dallas 875-2831 Member: Retail Furniture Assoc. Of Southwest Featuring Famous Brands and Selective Custom Ordering POLLAN FURNITURE CO., INC. Two Locations to Serve You New Used Bargains 211 N. Main 875-2831 Ennis, Texas 75119 TEKELL PRODUCE 301 South Dallas Ennis, Texas 75119 214 875-9490 olor TV D Phone ‘Luxury for Less and Your Comfort is our Business" Swimming Pool Air Conditioned WHITE SANDS MOTEL RESTAURANT uckcr’s Paradise istaurant 24 Hours Interstate 45 U.S. 75 South Ennis, Texas Exit FM 85 36 miles to Dallas 214 875-5837 875-5838 t XHF. GOOo X. G O O A - -S' jj, 4 Ellison Plumbing Supply COMPLETE PLUMBING SUPPLIES 1-45 GARRETT EXIT MILE MARKER 255 214-875-9605 RT. 3. BOX 289 ENNIS. TEXAS 75119 177ANIMAL HOSPITAL Dr. S.C. Weaver Complete veterinary care for large and small animals. Boarding Kennels 2001 N. Kaufman Ennis, Texas 875-8545 ALL BRIGHT BEAUTIFUL All Breed Grooming Pet Supplies Transport Service Available 2001 N. Kaufman Ennis, Texas 875-8900 Compliments of P. O. BOX 907 FAIRFIELD. TEXAS 75840 LIONBACKER DRIVE-IN Groceries, Beer, Picnic Supplies, Hot Foods Hwy. 34 875-2151 Four Seasons Nursing CenterMEET l M .f f y vc, RAILROAD CONSULTING CONSTRUCTION ENGINEERING MAINTENANCE Congratulations Seniors ’84 Office 214-875-2647 3101 N. Kaufman Ennis, Texas 75119 BAIN-CHANCELLOR VETERINARY CLINIC Dickson Bain. D.V.M. David N. Chancellor, D.V.M. All Creatures Great and Small Please call for an appointment Emergency No. 214-875-2725 HEJNY’S AUTO GLASS VINYL TOPS Specializing In Auto Glass Protective Side Moldings For All Cars And Auto Pin Striping 1005 W. Ennis Ave. - P.O. Box 445 Ennis, Texas 75119 Phone (214) 875-8532 B. J. HART PLUMBING AIR CONDITIONING “Be Smart and Call Hart” 711 W. Knox - Phone 875-7520 Ennis, Texas 75119 179RAYS DISCOUNT Serving Ennis and Ellis County for 45 years. “The store your friends and neighbors told you about Offering Mastercharge - Visa - Layaway 118 W. Brown - Across From Ennis City Hall SOUTHERN PACIFIC TRANSPORTATION COMPANY Ennis, Tx 75119 T. M. Ryan Office (214) 875-7091 Trainmaster S lagtnn Insurance Agency 3nc. P.O. Box 178 109 W. Knox Ennis, Texas 75119 (214) 875-2281 (214) 875-4072 LIFE HEALTH FIRE AUTO HOME BOAT BUSINESS FARM THEFT LIABILITY William T. Smith President BONDS Michael T. Brown Vice President Moduline Industries (Texas), Inc. P.O. BOX 4000 4101 SOUTH INTERSTATE HWY. 45 ENNIS, TEXAS 75119 PHONE (214) 875-8621 Mobile Home Manufacturer. Call us today for the name of our dealer in your area. 18024 hour service the Oasis P.0. Box 391 • Ennis, Texas 75119 • (214) 875-8541 EXXON self-serve Deli open 24 hours ¥o«J, 0 CINTOfe JHAIIIR, PLUS Uu Claudine-Mark-Phyllis-Randy Men Women 305 G SW Main Ennis, TX 875-4005 m ELLIS COUNTY REAL ESTATE INC. 100 E. Ennis Avenue Ennis, Texas 75119 214-875-2622 Metro - 227-4149 Residential Farm Ranch Commercial Frances Fuller Ronald McCoy Chuck Dlabaj ATLAS SOUND Plant 2 1601 Jack McKay Blvd. Ennis, Texas 75119 atlas sound Comjxmy.Inc. P O BOX 1320 ENNIS. TEXAS 75119 1320BARTON’S Tire Service Center Ph. 875-5111 200 E. Ennis Ave. or 875-5112 Ennis, Texas Zip 75119 Co Soft A T CVS , 8 75-844(0 KELLY’S DRIVE-IN Pit cooked barbecue Hot food - Sandwiches - Ice Picnic Supplies - Self-Serv Gas Live Bait - Fishing Supplies Sun.-Fri. 7 a.m.-12 p.m.. Sat. til 1 a.m. 710 W. Hwy 34 875-8140 DAIRY MART 309 S. Kaufman 875-5851 Specializing In: Hamburgers, Broiled Burgers Broasted Chicken. Charcoal Broilers Shakes Congratulations Seniors 182ENNIS FLOWER SHOP FTD and Teleflora Service [ 875-3858 101 N. Main Ennis, Texas 75119 [TEXflco] TEXACO-FOOD MART ESI A WALT OIL CO. 1-45 Hwy. 34 Ennis, Texas 875-8390 875-4698 TEXACO] Open 24 hrs. 7 days a week Ronnie Greer manager ANGLIN EXXON E PN 1-45 at Hwy. 34 Ennis, Texas 85119 875-8233 s. LONE STAR LAUNDRY 705 E. Ennis Ave. 875-3884  214-875-7450 AGENT FOR jd EDWIN C. TROJACEK PLUMBING HEATING “Since 1958" Edwin C. Trojacek Owner 907 S. Paris Ennis, Texas 75119 TEX PACK EXPRESS 1511 N. Kaufman 214-646-5457 BARDWELL GRAIN Feed-Seed Fertilizer H H ELECTRIC OF ENNIS Bardwell, Texas 75101 Maurice Buchholz, Mgr. 1511 N. Kaufman 875-5181 J. J. HUGHES 1108 N. Kaufman 875-8832 Carpeting. Wallpaper, Paint, Vinyl Floor Covering, Custom Made Drapes, Woven Wood Blinds, Wood Floors, Eureka Vacuums, Self Stick Tile. Ennis, Texas Owner: Jesse Hughes GLENN SMITH INSTALLATIONS 818 W. Ennis Ave. 875-8852 MY FAVORITE THINGS GRIMES RAPER SHOES Jr. and Missy Apparel Shoe Department 115 S. Dallas Ennis, Texas 875-3251 101 South Main Street Ennis, Texas 75119 Phone 875-3671 184  Wedding Gowns Prom Dresses Bridesmaids Tuxedo Rentals Lingerie (214) 875-4280 GIFT BOUTIQUE BRIDAL BOUTIQUE Specializing In Gifts And Flower Arrangements For All Occasions Wedding Cakes 212 W. Knox md Catering l (214) 875-9851 Antique furniture, Porcelain dolls 111 N. Dallas St. Kay Childers Ennis, Texas 75119 Carol Rejeck Compliments of HARRY’S REPAIR SHOP ODD FELLOW AND HOME FOR THE AGED Oak Grove Rd. General Repair Welding-Small Engines-Lawnmowers Harry Smith Owner 214 646-5292 Bardwell, Texas Compliments of HAMIL HARRISON MECH. INC. 214-875-9161 214-875-5377 store home THE BLACK TIE SHOP Tuxedo Rentals Rich Hamil (214) 875-5747 805 W. Highway 34 Ennis, Tx 75119 Mary F. Adams 103 N. W. Main St. Ennis, Texas 75119 (214) 875-9039 Compliments of GLEN D. WILSON Bookkeeping Tax Service 911 South Clay St. P.O. Box 732 Ennis, Texas 75119 ESTATE HOUSE by EnnisRANDALL WILLIAMS APPLIANCE T.V. Randall and Elaine - Owners 107 1 2 E. Brown Phone 875-2518 Ron Gillespie Service Agent ELLIS COUNTY FARM BUREAU Ennis, Texas FARM BUREAU INSURANCE CO.’S Ennis, Texas 75119 Magic Chef Emmerson Air Cond. Crosley Shelvador Appl. Gas Electric Ranges RCA T.V. Life Auto Fire Liability Disability S. P. BUSH LUMBER CO. Office Phone 875-6506 Home Phone 875-8505 875-8467 SHIRLEY MARTINEZ BROKER Congratulations LUMBER 875-3878 208 E. Ennis Ave. (Caatlr [g Sntltnra Seniors 811 W. Ennis Ave. RESTAURANT Compliments of HENRY OIL GAS CO. Ennis, Texas Ennis, TX Compliments of Congratulations Seniors! POLYGUARD PRODUCTS INC. CITY PLUMBING 409 E Ennis Ave. Ennis, Texas 875-8991 186 Compliments of FIRST UNITED METHODIST CHURCH WASCO PRODUCTS, INC. Makers of 300 North Sherman P.O. Box 249 Ennis, Texas Charles McClure, Pastor Church 214-875-7491 214-875-6846 fXI WASCO I 1 Thermalized • ■ Skgiondur clearly worth the difference Compliments of Carol Honza REAL ESTATE CENTER Office (214) 875-6545 Home (214) 875-5510 106 North Interstate Hwy. 45 P.O. Box 1147 Ennis, Texas 75119 Carol Honza - Broker BUDAI GROCERY Congratulations Seniors J ENNIS MARKET SAUSAGE FACTORY SAFEWAY z x Ennis, Texas (fv Home of Quality Meats Stanley J. Liska - Owner 113 W. Knox 875-7676 vf Everything you want from a store . . . and a little bit more. THE KORAL COMPANY FELCMAN’S A Division of Christopher-Lindsey Industries, Inc. 1504 South Highway 75 Ennis. Texas 75119 Manufacturer of Quality Bathing Units Men’s Shop Cleaners 111 W. Knox 875-7341 187 The Fashion Shop 117 N. Dallas St. Ennis, Texas Rosaland Holloway Patsy Cass Jsk ?■ Sgp’ i JH Congratulations Seniors Compliments of H.E.B. 305 W. Ennis Ave. 875-6536 Billy’s Drive-in, Inc. North I. 45 Barbecue Picnic Supplies Roach Diesel Service All Types of Trucks and Cars Gas and Diesel Repair 24 Hr. Road Wrecker Service 2101 N. Kaufman Day 875-9883 Ennis, Texas 75119 Night 875-7045 Bob Walker Ins. 119 S.W. Main St. 875-2321 Ennis, Texas 75119 Compliments of: Ennis Truck Stop Wrecker Service 875-6616 188 Congratulations Seniors Compliments of: McCrary Insurance Agency 208 W. Knox Ennis, Texas 875-3171J. A. (Jim) Hodge A1 Sanchez Sales Representative The Reliable Life Ins. Co. Office Address P.O. Box 246 Ennis, Texas 75119 Phone: 214-875-9181 Compliments FINE LINE RIBBON CO. INC. 2405 N. Preston Ennis, Texas MERLE NORMAN COSMETIC STUDIO Steavy M. Jakubik Owner Beauty Advisor Helen Slovak Mary Ann Kinize 102 W. Ennis Ave. Ennis, Texas 75119 875-3800 McCLANE’S BARBER SHOP 106 W. Brown Ennis, Texas Haircuts to please you McClains FOOD STORE 301 W. Brown Ennis, Texas 875-2311 Smoked Barbecue Delicatessen Open 6 Days a Week Cakes, Cookies Breads. Kolachcs Strudels BETTY’S BAKERY u 875-6830 ftKs Betty Macalik 212 W. Brown Ennis, Texas MORNING GLORY “Clothes You Love” 212 West Knox Ennis, Texas 75119 214-875-9097 Jean Eisenwine Proprietor Foreign Domestic OK GARAGE Robert Jurica. Owner 700 N. Kaufman Phone 875-2961 Ennis, Texas 75119 Night 875-5792 189Compliments of Compliments of BLUEBONNET ART GALLERY ENNIS CABINET 302 E. Crockett 875-9929 Best Wishes Seniors Compliments of LYNCH CUSTOMS HOMES, INC. 305 East Knox P.O. Box 1025 Ennis, Texas 75119 Metro-227-5266 875-8938 CHARLIE’S GROCERY MARKET Owner - F. W. Lynch 501 W. Ennis Ave. Ennis, Texas 875-7971 SCHLEGEL JEWELERS Diamond Bridal Sets Seiko Quartz watches Watch and Jewelry Repair 113 W. Ennis Ave. Ennis, Texas Advertisement ClownsSALLY’S BEAUTY SHOP We Use and Recommend Redken Products “The Scientific Approach to Hair Care” 708 W. Ennis Ave. 875-6441 HAIR UNLIMITED 304 E. Ennis Ave 875-8600 Norma Wilson Elizabeth Zobjonik Linda Mach TRAILWAYS Go Big Red! 301 N. Kaufman 875-3581 Ennis, Texas Charters and Tickets PATAK’S GARAGE 118 E. Ennis Ave. Ennis, Texas Owner Frank J. Patak Shop Home 875-4390 875-3483 B C EXXON Service Station Minor Auto Truck Repairs Tune-Ups Diesel Truck Work There’s A Gas Station on Every Comer But A Service Station Is Hard To Find 875-5982 209 S. Kaufman A. H. EVARTS INSURANCE AGENCY Auto Casualty Tire Business Home ♦Life -Notary-Vera Evarts - Owner 875-2577 110 S. Dallas W. R. STOREY MANUFACTURING Congratulations Seniors ’84 fa Vi Ky ENNISWSt Bryan and Penny Atwood 404 N. Int. 45 - Box 797 Hours: Ennis, Texas 75119 Tues.-Fri. 10:00 - 5:30 214 875-8313 Sat. 10:00 - 3:00 191N. W. KRIEGER, JR. Registered Public Surveyor Member: 2409 Park St. T.S.A. Ennis, Texas 75119 A.C.S.M. 214 875-7013 MURPHY BEAUTY SHOPPE 309 E. Brown Ennis, Texas 875-7171 Your Beauty Is Our Business SOUTHERN AUTO STORES, INC. 213-15 W. Ennis Ave. Ennis, Texas 75119 875-3871 JACK POFF’S MENS WEAR 116 W. Knox St. phone 875-7521 P.O. Box 579 Compliments of ENNIS POLICE DEPARTMENT GORMAN’S HOLIDAY 117 South Dallas Phone: 875-3271 Ennis, Texas 75n9 CURTIS MATHES HOME ENTERTAINMENT CENTER Virgil B. Gibson Owner 108 S. Dallas INTERIOR IDEAS Furniture Draperies Wallcoverings Carpeting Antiques Accessories Lamps Ennis. Tx 75119 Gifts Judy Gtaspy 211 W. Kno 214-875-7350 192 Betty Robinson 214-87S-365I • 875-6868 Ennis. Texas 75119 Chemicals and Solvents for the Printing Industry Ron Wampler Southern Regional Manager VARN PRODUCTS Phone: 875-9201 Mon. - Fri.: 9:00 - 7:00 Open 7 Days A Week Sat. Sun.: 9:00 - 6:00 JOE FULTONS AUTO SUPPLY COMPANY, INC. .. ' "" 4606 Brass Way, Dallas. Texas 75236 (214) 339-8321 XJLA 211 N. Main Ennis. TX 75119 Owner: Joe Fulton Manager: Joe David Fulton All High Performance 4-WD, Van R.V. Parts Compliments of Junior and Ladies Sportswear JP 1 Frances Curry y Vy (owner) WOODARD’S GARAGE Telephone 112 W. Ennis Ave. 214 875-5241 Ennis. Texas 75119 Specializing In Complete Service For Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Congratulations Seniors! Custom Building Antique Painting Restoration OTASCO Slew Used Parts Engine Building Buy - Sell - Trade All Or Part 201 S. Main Ennis, Texas 875-8171 Congratulations Seniors Congratulations Seniors! Compliments of: GIBSON’S PHARMACY Hwy 287 West Ennis, Texas 875-2677 ( N I w 305 b.W. Main Building E 875-7280 We look forward to seeing you. 193Compliments of TOM’S FOOD MARKET 600 W. Gilmer 875-5742 V.J. GRAPHICS r.O. OX 35377 6413 CEDAR SWhNGS DAUAJ. TX 75235 (AREA CCX € 214)350-4092 OUTf 3. NO«TH GARRETT ROAD ENNfS TEXAS 75119 (AREA COOE 214)875 66 6 WEB OFFSET PRINTERS catalogs, brochures, newspaper inserts An Equal Opportunity Employer 107 N. Sherman Phone (214)875-3811 Sherwin-Williams Paint, Varnish, Stains, Carpets, Wallcoverings Decorating Service Available 105 South Main St. 875-2401 FgOC LANDMARK SAVINGS ASSOCIATION A DIVISION OF SOUTHWEST SAVINGS ASSOCIATION 605 W. ENNIS AVE. • P.O. BOX 190 • ENNIS, TEXAS 75119 ‘Interest bearing checking accounts ‘Savings and certificates ‘Mortage loans ‘Commercial loans ‘Safe deposit boxes Ennis • Lancaster • Cedar Creek Lake-Seven Points • Kaufman mPAT’S POODLE PARLOR “All Pets Welcome” Supplies - Bathing Grooming De-Fleaing 1007 1 2 W. Ennis, Ave. Ennis, Texas 75119 875-2876 LONE STAR GAS CO. 204 West Knox St. Ennis, Texas Ph. 875-3876 DOROTHY’S CHILDREN SHOP 109 S.W. Maine Ennis, Texas Girls - Infant - 14 and Preteens Boys - Infant - 7 Only the best in Childrens Clothes BILL’S GROCERY 1504 N. E. Main 875-4090 The Watsons SMITH’S CRUMLEY HARDWARE, INC. 112 W. Brown “Biggest Little Hardware Store in Ennis” 875-2721 THE COFFEE BREAK DONUT SHOP 219 W. Ennis Ave. 875-7810 “Our Donuts are made fresh everyday” All Kinds of Signs ALENCO SIGNS Sales Maintenance Installation Crane Service dlen Jones 214-875-7430 )wner 410 N. I. 45 UNITED AGRICULTURAL TRANSPORTATION Assn, of America Marketing Co-op P.O. Box 692 Ennis, Texas 75119 195Able Compliments of: Enterprise, Inc. 1600 S.W. Blvd. Ennis, Texas “Precision Hair Cutting’’ Valek’s Best Li’l Hair Place N Texas Garage S. Hwy. 75 875-6328 111 N.W. Main Place 875-8921 Hair Coloring, Perming, Frosting, Etc. Manicures. Sculptured Nails, Nail Tips, Pedicures, Eyebrow Arching Waxing, Lip Waxing No Appointment Necessary Hope Martinez Joy Monreal Shari Wilcoxson Linda Campbell Darlene Varner Congratulations Seniors! 196 A Western Auto Watson’s Insulation Company Inc David D. Watson, Owner Strom Windows Vinyl Steel Siding Insulations 214 W. Ennis Ave. Weatherstripping Locally Owned Operated 875-2681 Home Owned by Lloyd Barker 218 W. Ennis Ave. Ennis, Texas 875-9121 “Gone are the good ole days. Thank Goodness.” RESTA URANT AND CL UB Ellison Concrete, Inc. Turn of the Century Dining Experience For Reservations and Information 1-214-875-8210 110 West Ennis A venue Ennis, Texas 75119 Septic Tanks - Blocks - Culverts Rt. 3, Box 289 Ennis, Texas 75119 1-45 Garrett Exit Mile Marker 255 214-875-9605Congratulations Seniors ’84 ENNIS COMMUNITY HOSPITAL Be a part of Baylor’s Future The multi-hospital system.Congratulations Seniors of ’84 ENNIS STATE BANKCongratulations Seniors ’84 ELLIS COUNTY EQUIPMENT CORP In Dedication of Margaret Hollingsworth Compliments of Master VendMcDonalds St you Congratulations Seniors of’84 ENNIS PHARMACY 107 S. Dallas Ennis, Tx. Ph. 875-3854 Flatt Stationers, Inc. General Sales 217 E. Commerce St. Mexia, Texas 76667 Industrial A Institutional Sales I P. O. Box 1013 Mexia, Texas 76667 Office Machines Office Furniture Office Supplies School Supplies Commercial Printing Ennis Right To Live P.O. Box 1079 Judy 875-8509 Margaret 875-2060 Patsy 875-2939 PHOTOGRAPHY BY JACK Jack and Dixie Odiorne 108 W. Ennis Ave. Ennis, Texas 75119 (214) 875-5401 900 Vince Lane DeSoto, Texas 75115 (214) 223-7447 200TABERNACLE BAPTIST CHURCH 1200 Country Club Rd. 983-1984 Ennis, Texas 75119 875-3861 Compliments of CATHY’S STUDIOBreakfast Served 6:30 A.M. to 10:30 A.M. Monday - Saturday 7:30 A.M. to 11:00 A.M. Sunday Other Menu Items Served 6:30 A.M. to 3:00 A.M. Dining Room Open Drive-Thru Open 6:30 A.M. to 2:30 A.M. 6:30 A.M. to 3:00 A.M. Coffee 5 cents 11 cents Call In Orders 875-9560 105 N. Interstate 45 Ennis, Texas 75119Compliments of Ennis Real Estate - Robbie Rudd Dr. E.J. Gossett Raymond Knize Exxon - Raymond Knize Shilen Rifles Inc. Ronald R. Yen D.D.S, MSDKiss Me GoodbyeSenior Index f.f. - favorite food f.s. - favorite song f.a. - favorite artist f.p. - favorite pastime I'm. - favorite movie VIRGINIA D ANNA ADAMS HECE 2, 4; FHA HERO 2. 4. (vice President 4) f.f. - Sea Food f.s. - 99 red Balloons f.p. - John Polster f.m. - An Officer and a Gentleman ROBBI ALLARD VOE 4: DEC A 3: Dandelion Staff 3; Vespers (usher) 3: NIKE 3. 4: Senior Play Crew (sets, lights, costume) f.f. - Pizza f.a. - Journey f.p. - spending time with Kyle f.m. - Porky's ROLAND ALVAREZ Modern Language Club 2. 4; FTA 3. 4. Jets 3. 4 (Secretary 4); Key Club 3; FBLA 4. NIKE 4. f.f. - Shrimp f.a. - Journey f.p. - riding around in DeSoto f.m. - The Exorcist BILLY ANTHONY Auto Mechanics 3; HECE I 4. f.f. - Steak f.s. - Don't Look Back f.a. - Boston f.p. - Cruising town and partying f.m. - 48 Hrs. ROY ARC IBA f.f. - Mexican Food f.s. - Bark at the Moon f.a. - Ozzy f.p. - Playing football TIMOTHY C HRISTOPHER ARMSTRONG Football I, 2; FFA 1-4: Co-op 3. 4: Ag 1. 2. f.f. - Frog Legs f.s. - Amarillo By Morning f.p. - Deep sea diving f.m. - The Great Escape LARRY ATCHLEY JR Football 1-3; HECE 4; NIKE 4. Modem Language Club 3; FHA Hcro 4. f.f. - Mexican f.s. - Shout at the Devil f.a. - Motley Crue f.p. - Fishing and hunting f.m. - Rooster Cogburn COREY BAKER Football 1-4; Golf 1-4; Basketball I; Track 3. 4: Student C ouncil 1-4; NIKE Beau 4; Class Favorite 2: FFA 3. 4; FCA 3. 4. f.f. - Lasagna f.s. - Swingin' f.a. - John Anderson f.p. - Being with Suzann f.m. - All John Wayne movies JERRY BAKER Work Adjustment 3. 4; Welding 3: Building Trade 1, 2; Speech and Drama I. f.f. - Steak f.s. - Taxi f.a. - J. Blackfoot f.p. - Sitting around with my friends f.m. - Pirate Movie RONNIE BARNES Basketball 1-3: HECE 3; ICT 4. f.f. - Mexican Food f.s. - Up Against the Wall f.m. - Eddie Murphy GRACE BATTEN Band 1-4 (Drum Majorette 4) OEA 4: NIKE 2, 4; Modern Language Club 2, 4; NHS 3.4, (treasurer 4) Who’s Who 4. All District Band 3. 4; All Region Band 4; Senior Play Cast. f.f. - Chocolate Ice Cream f.s. - New York. New York f.a. - Eagles f.p. - Laughing and eating f.m. - Singing in the Rain BOBBY RAY BENNER f.f. - Fish f.s. - Feels So Right f.a. - Alabama f.p. - Riding around and partying f.m. - Sudden Impact HENRY BETIK NHS (president 4) Class President 3; FCA 1-4 (President 3. Secretary 2); Key Club 2-4 (President 4) FBLA 2-4 (District VP 3, Parliamentarian 4) Student Council 3: Football 1-4 (All District 3. 4) Baseball 1-3: Track 1; UIL Number Sense 3.4; UIL Science 4; UIL One Act Play 2. f.f. - Steak and Potatoes f.s. - Love Me Tomorrow f.s. - Alabama f.p. - Partying and being with Holly f.m. - Apocalypse Now MANUEL BIRDOW Football 1-4; Basketball 1. f.f. - Barbecued Ribs f.s. - Irresistible B. f.a. - Prince f.p. - Going to the Stage on Weekends f.m. - Up Town Saturday Night RHONDA LEE ANN BLACKERBY DECA 3. 4 (Vice President 4) f.f. - Steak and Lobster f.s. - Faithfully f.a. - Journey f.p. - Being with John W. and friends f.m. - E.T. SHARON EVETTE BLAC'KSHIRE FHA I; Choir I f.f. - Hamburgers f.s. - Don’t Go f.p. - Being with Friends f.m. - Risky Business STEVEN MARK BOON Football 1. 2: Jets 3.4; Key Club 3, 4; Whiz Quiz 3, 4. (Captain 4); World History Award f.f. - Mexican f.s. - Freebird f.a. - Lynard Skynard f.p. - Partying f.m. - Godfather 1 II GLENIS BOSWELL DE 3; VOE 4; Transfer from Copperas Cove High School. C opperas C ove. TX f.f. - Stuffed Shrimp f.s. - Stairway to Heaven f.a. - Led Zcpplin f.m. - all Steve McQueen movies JAMIE BOZEK Football 1-3; Key Club 1-3: FCA 1-3: Band I f.f. - Steak and fries f.s. - My Home's in Alabama f.p. - Playing with guns f.m. - True Gritt FREDDIE BRIM Ag 1 II; Welding I; Auto Mechanics f.f. - Dad’s T-Bone Steak f.s. - Stairway to Heaven f.a. - Led Zcpplin f.p. - Riding Motorcycles f.m. - El Dorado DINA ELIZABETH BROWN NHS 3. 4: JETS 2-4 (Treasurer 3. 4): FBLA 2-4 (Treasurer 3, District X Treasurer 4) PAC 4; Sam Rayburn Scholar 3; Recognition for English 2, Recog. for Trigonometry and Physics 3, Trig Award 3; Whiz Quiz. 3, 4; 1st place Math at Navarro Challenge Bowl; UIL Science 2. 3: UIL Calculator 3.4 f.f. - slurpees f.s. - Waiting for a Girl Like You f.a. - Loverboy f.p. - Going to Concerts f.m. - The World According to CJarp BARRY BRUNK JR. Band 1-3; Ag 1-3; VOE 4 (Treasurer 4) Cross Country Track f.f. - Home-made Chili f.a. - Huey Lewis and the News f.p. - Partying f.m. - The Right Stuff MARIE BERNADETTE BRUNNER FHA HERO 4 f.f. - Long John Silver's Fish f.s. - Straight From the Heart f.a. - Bryan Adams f.p. - Being with Friends MICHEAL BUSTAMANTE Shop Building Trades 1. 2; Homemaking 3; Vocational Auto Mechanics 2. 3 f.f. - Enchiladas f.s. - You got another Thing comin f.a. - Judas Priest f.m. - Angel f.p. - Having a good time KAREN BUTLER PAC I. 2: Modem Language Club 3; NIKE I. 2; nnual Staff 4; NHS 4 f.f. - Spagctti f.s. - Open Arms f.a. - Journey f.p. - Being with close friends Pat f.m. - Risky Business RHONDACAMPO Transfer student from Coral Springs High School Coral Springs. FLA. f.f. - Mexican f.s. - Good News f.a. - Anne Murray f.p. - Being with Martin Sanchez f.m. - To Be or Not To Be JIMMY CARRILLO DE I f.f. - Steaks f.s. - Rock' n Roll f.a. - Led Zepplin f.p. - Party ing f.m. - Long RidersPATRICIA CARRILLO Chccrlcading I; VOE 3. 4; Track I f.f. - Steak and Pizza f.s. - Just You and I f.a. - Eddie Rabbit and Crystal Gale f.m. - All My Children CARMEN CAUDILLO DECA 3. 4, (Treasurer 4); Modern Language Club I. 2 f.f. - Shrimp f.s. - Looks That Kill r.a. - Motley Crue f.p. - Cruising with friends f.m. - E.T. JAMES CHOATE Transfer student from Athens High School: Athens. TX. FFA Chapter Conducting; Varsity Baseball 4 f.f. - Steak f.s. - My Home's In Alabama fa. - Alabama f.p. - Water Skiing f.m. - Caddyshack KATHY COLEMAN HECE 1,2,(4th Vice President): Athletics 1.2;Class Personality 1-4 f.f. - Steak Potatoes f.s. - Hard times fa. - Prince f.p. - Partying Dancing f.m. - Webster MIKE COLLINS Football 1-4; Track 1, 4; Ag 1-3; FCA I. 2 f.f - Shrimp and Oysters f.s. - Jamie’s Crying f.a. - Van Halen f.p. - Hunting Fishing f.m. - Caddyshack CAROLYN CROWLEY Ag 1.2 f.f. - Pizza f.s. - Jump f.a. - Van Halen f.p. - Partying and going to Dallas f.m. - Porky’s JACKIE DAVIDSON Mr. EHS: Most Handsome; Personality 4: Football 1-4; Track I. 2. 4; Basketball I; FFA 1-4; Farm Radio Team 3. 4; Ag Mech. Team. Farm Skills Team. Dairy Production Team. Senior Play Cast f.f. - Mexican f.s. - Mental Health f.a. - Quiet Riot f.p. - Water Skiing Girls f.m. - Raiders of the Lost Ark HEATH DEAGEN FFA I -4: Ag Co-op 4 f.f. - Steak, red beans Potatoes f.s. - You Look So Good In Love f.a. - George Strait f.p. - Water Skiing, hunting Rodeos f.m. - Outlaw Jose Wells ANTHONY DIXON f.f. - Soul Food f.p. - playing basketball f.m. - How the West Was Won TAMMY DLABAJ OEA 4 f.f. - Mexican Food f.s. - Lady f.a. - Kenny Rogers f.p. - Sports Cruising town LAVONNA DOBECKA Transfer from North Garland and St. John; VOE 3; DEC A 4; Sr. Play Light Set Crew f.f. - Pizza f.s. - Tender is the Night f.a. - Jackson Brown f.p. - Cruising around with friends f.m. - Risky Business TERESA DIANE DODSON Band 1: FTA 2. 3 (3rd Vice president); Modern Language Club 4: OEA 4 (St. at Arms) f.f. - Mexican f.s. - Holding Her and Lov ing You f.a. - Journey f.p. - Being with my friends f.m. - E.T. PATRICIA DOLEZALIK DE 3. 4, (Secretary 3. 4) f.f. - Pizza f.s. - Lady Down On Love f.a. - Alabama f.p. - Being with special friends f.m. - Hot Dog LOR IE EASLEY Band 1. 2, (Solo and Ensemble); NIKE 1, 3. 4; HERO FHA 4 (1st VP) Modem Language Club 3, 4; OEA 4 f.f. - Steak Baked Potato f.a. - Journey f.p. - Being with Keith, friends f.m. - Porky’s LISA EDW ARDS DECA; Class OfTiccr. Reporter 3; Basketball Manager 1 f.f. - Sea Food f.s. - Thriller f.a. - Michael Jackson f.p. - Meeting new friends f.m. - Imitation of Life PEGGY EMMERT Band 1-3; NIKE 3. 4; FTA 2, 3; DECA 4 f.f. - Shrimp f.s. - Island in the Stream f.a. - Kenny Rogers Dolly Parton f.p. - Being with Robbie Zabojnik f.m. - Officer and a Gentleman TONYA YVETTE ENGLISH Basketball 1-3; Track 1-3: HECE 1 f.f. - Tacos f.s. - Don’t Go f.a. - Michael Jackson f.p. - Partying and Dancing f.m. - Webster ARMANDO ESCOBAR JR. ICT 4 f.f. - Chinese f.s. - Lights f.a. - Judas Priest f.p. - Being with Debbie f.m. - Porky’s DREMA FARMER NIKE 3. 4; VOE I 4: Transfer student from Henry County High School. Paris, Tennessee. f.f. - Pizza f.s. - Foolin’ f.a. - Dcf Leppard f.p. - Being with Todd and my friends f.m. - Porky’s MICHELLE LYNN FERGUSON Band 1-4; Twirler4; NIKE 1-4; Modem Language Club 1-3; Solo Ensemble 2. 4 f.f. - Italian f.s. - Joanna f.a. - Cool the Gang f.p. - Being with Donny Spencer f.m. - An Officer and a Gentleman TERESA FIELDER f.f. - seafood f.s. - Taxi f.a. - Jay Blackfoot f.p. - Being with Darrell and Shabronda f.m. - Angel DONNA FISHER OEA 4 f.f. - Pizza f.s. - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun f.a. - Joan Jett f.p. - being with good friends f.m. - Two of a Kind STEVEN FLORES Metal Trades 3 f.f. - anything Mom cooks f.s. - Rock-n-Roll-Rcbel f.a. - Ozzy Osbourne f.p. - Partying having fun with B.W. f.m. - First Blood KENNETH FRYE Transfer from Carson City High School LEO 3 f.f. - Hamburgers f.s. - 18 wheeler f.a. - Alabama f.p. - Hunting f.m. - High Plane Drifter JANET GABRIEL Band 1-3; Modem Language Club 1; NIKE 1. 2; DECA 4 f.f. - Pizza f.s. - Total Eclipse of the Heart f.a. - Quiet Riot f.p. - Being with Robert f.m. - An Officer and a Gentleman GARY GANT Basketball I; HECE 4 f.f. - Soul Food f.s. - Jesus is Lord f.a. - Lionel Richie f.p. - Sleep f.m. - Porky’s TROY HEINE Transfer Student from Brownwood High School. Brownwood. TX; Acting 4 f.f. - Apple pie f.s. - One Voice f.a. - Michael Cope f.p. - Reading and Computer Pro. f.m. - Star Trak II 207GLENN CHARLES HEJNY f.f. - Dad's Klobase Barbecue f.s. - More Than A Feeling f.a. - Boston f.p. - Motorcycle racing Waterskiing f.m. - Porky's BERNAVE HERRERA JR. Band 1 4: Stage Band: Welding I: ICT f.f. - Shrimp T-Bone Steak f.s. - Don't Look Back fa. - Boston f.p. - Playing my drums friends f.m. - Valley Girl EDDIE HERRERA f.f. - Oysters Shrimp f.s. - Good Times Bad Times fa. - Led Zcpplin f.p. - Having a good time f.m. - Chcech Chong KELLY HITCHCOCK Football 1-4. Baseball 4: Track 1, 2; AG 1. 2; Ag Chemicals f.f. - Seafood f.a. - Ozzy Osbourne f.p. - Being with Kim f.m. - First Blood CINDY HUFFMAN Transfer from Coppell High School MDE 4 f.f. - Italian f.s. - Oh Girl f.a. - Con Hunley f.p. - Horseback riding f.m. - Two of a Kind JULIE JACKSON Transfer from Aubrcv High School. Aubrev, TX; DE 3. 4 f.f. - Mexican Food f.s. - Ballot of Hank Williams f.a. - Hank W illiams Jr. f.m. - Porky’s I II CASSANDRA SHFRE JOHNSON f.f - Chicken Strips f.s. - Don't Go f.a. - Dream Boys f.p. - Rufus Lewis Gant Shamclia Gant LORI JOHNSON Band I -3: Student Council 2-4 (See. 4) NHS; NIKE 1-4 (Treasurer 2-4); OEA 4: PAC 3; Modern Language Club 1. 2: Key Club 1. 2: Who’s Who 4: C icerone Staff f.f. - Lasagna f.s. - Hello f.a. - Lionel Richie f.p. - Talking, eating spending money f.m. - Brian’s Song SAMUEL BERNARD JOHNSON Transfer from Waxahachie: Football 3, 4: NIKE 3, 20 8 4: FBLA 3. 4 (VP Local District) Jets 4: Modem Language Club 3, 4: Key Club 4: Personality 3 f.f. - Japanese f.s. - Foolin’ f.a. - Def Leopard f.p. - Doing anything pleasurable f.m. - Scarfacc JACKYE JONES Band 1. 2 f.f. - Mexican Food f.s. - Little Red Corvette f.a. - Prince f.p. - Dallas. TX f.m. - 48 Hrs. LINDA JENET JONES NIKE 3. 4: Drama 4: French 4: Modern Language Club 4: Child Development 4: Speech 4 f.f. - Steak and Shrimp f.s. - Gimme All Your Lovin f.a. - ZZ TOP f.p. - Being with J.T. Friends f.m. - D.C. Cabb CHRISTY KALLMEYER Transfer from Palmer: DECA 3.4: Senior Play Crew (Make-up) f.f. - Mexican Food f.s. - Two Less Lonely People In the World f.a. - Air Supply f.p. - Spending time with Robert f.m. - E.T. KEITH ALLEN KIMBERLIN Football 1-4: Track 3: FFA 1-4 f.f. - Spagctti Steak f.s. - The Best Is Yet To Come f.a. - Bryan Adams f.p. - Being with Loric friends f.m. - First Blood SHERRY GANT Basketball 1; Track I: Homcmaking I; Homcmak- ing II: HECE 3. 4 f.f. - Sea Food f.s. - Time Will Reveal f.a. - Debargc f.p. - Parties f.m. - Stripes RANDY GARRETT DECA 3. 4 f.f. - Mexican f.s. - Ballad for the Fallen Soldier f.a. - Islcy Brothers f.p. - Partying f.m. - 48 Hrs. CARL L. GLENN Football 1-3: Track 1 f.f. - Shrimp Chicken f.s. - Hard Times f.a. - Run DMC f.p. - Listening to music f.m. - 48 Hrs. ANNIE GOODMAN Transferred to EHS from Palmer PAC 3; HECE 4: FHA HERO 4 f.f. - Hot Dogs Green M M’s f.s. - Sweet Life f.a. - Rod Stewart f.p. - Being with friends Jack Skoda f.m. - On Golden Pond JAMES GOSSETT Tennis 1-4: NHS 3. 4. Class OlTicer 4; Student Council 4: Senior Play Cast; FBLA 3. 4; FCA 2. 4; Key Club 3. 4; Class Personality 3 f.f. - Steak f.s. - Free Bird f.a. - Alabama f.p. - Hunting f.m. - First Blood MARK GRIFFITH Student Council Vice President 4; Class President 4: NIKE Club 3; Tennis 1-4; Senior Play Cast f.f. - Lobster f.a. - Sammy Hagar f.p. - Gettin’ haircuts f.m. - First Blood DESS1E L. GUERRERO II Prc DE 2; DE I 3; DECA 4; Class OfTicer Student Representative DE II f.f. - Hamburger's and Fries f.s. - Break-It-Up f.a. - Foreigner f.p. - Being with M.N. f.m. - Poltergeist LAURIE GUZMAN Transfered from Palo Duro High School; DE 3; VOE 4 f.f. - Mexican Food f.a. - George Strait f.p. - Spending time with Robert f.m. - Porky's HOLLY HARPER Band 1-4 (All District 3. 4; Solo Ensemble Contest I. 3.4)Twirlcr 1-4. NHS 3.4; FBLA 3,4. (Treasurer 4): FTA 2. 3. 4 (1st VP. Pres. 3. Pres 4. District VP 4): NIKE I. 2; Modern Language Club 1. 2; Key Club 4; Student Council 4 f.f. - Tacos f.s. - Love Me Tomorrow f.a. - Air Supply f.p. - Being With Henry f.m. - Vacation ANGIE HARRIS HECE 3. 4 f.f. - Mexican food f.s. - Separate Ways f.a. - Journey f.p. - Cruising town LA DONNA HART Basketball 1-3: HECE f.f. - Shrimp f.s. - Thriller f.a. - Michael Jackson f.p. - Talking on the phone to Edward f.m. - Trading Places KATRINA ELICIA HAYNES HECE 1, 2 (2nd VP) Class Personality 2. 4; Basketball 2; Track 1. 2; FBLA 4; FHA New Horizon I f.f. - Seafood Steak f.s. - Beat It f.a. - Michael Jacksonf.p. - Being with Lakendra. Ruby Family fm. - Bustin Loose CLEARIE DENISE KIRVEN HECE 3, 4 (Treasurer); FT A 3 (2nd VP) Class Personality 1, 2 f.f. - Fish Fries f.a. - Islcy Brothers f.p. - Being with Mr. Timothy Brown f.m. - Stir Crazy KERRY DWAYNE KIRVEN f.f. - Shrimp Lobster f.s. - Thriller f.a. - Michael Jackson fp. - Hunting Fishing f.m. - The Howling ANGELA KNIGHT Band 1-4; NIKE 3; PAC I. 3 f.f. - Spanish f.s. - Hard Times f.a. - Michael Jackson f.p. - Going to Dallas Shopping f.m. - 48 Hrs. JOHN P. KNIGHT Football I. 2; Track I, 2; ICT 3. 4 f.f. - Sea Legs f.s. - You Look So Good In Love f.a. - George Strait f.p. - Being with Kelly Amanda f.m. - The Good The Bad The Ugly KIM KRAJCA Band 1. 2; HECE 3. 4; Modern Language Club I. 2; Nl KE 1,2; Key Club 4; Project GLAD I; Stage Band 2 f.f. - Shrimp Steak f.s. - Fm in the MOOD f.a. - Robert Plant f.p. - Being with Friends f.m. - Best Friends LESA LAY f.f - Cheeseburgers French Fries f.s. - Open Arms f.a. - ZZ TOP f.p. - Being with Friends C.S. f.m. - Cheech Chong MELANIE PAIGE MCCANN Band 1-3; Twirler 1-3; NIKE 1-4 (St. Council Rep 3. Vice Pres. 4) Kev Club 2; Project Glad 1; NHS 3. 4; Who’s Who 4; VOE 4; Class V-Pres. 2; Class Personality I ; PAC 1; Student Council 3; Dandelion Staff 3; Cicerone Staff4; Modem Language Club I, 4 f.f. - Anything with Ketchup f.s. - Please Come To Boston f.a. - Lionel Richie f.p. - Talking. Sleeping Spending Money f.m. - Arthur BRIAN MCGLOTHIN Football 1; HECE 1; FFA I f.f - Bar-B-Q f.s. - Looks That Kill fa. - Motley Cruc fp. - Hunting Fishing f.m. - Enter the Dragon ANDREA FRANCINE MCGOWAN Basketball 1. 2; Track I. 2; DECA I I; HECE 1 (President); FBLA 1 f.f. - Seafood f.s. - Hard times f.a. - Rum DMC f.p. - Spending Money f.m. - An Officer and a Gentleman KELLY MCMANUS FFA 1-4; Football 1; DECA 3; ICT 4 f.f. - T-Bone Steak Baked Potatoes f.s. - Amarillo By Morning f.a. - George Strait f.p. - Going to the races partying f.m. - Sudden Impact SUZANN MACALIK Class Favorite 2; Personality 3; NIKE 1-4 (Treasurer 4); Modem Language Club I -3; Key Club 2-3; NHS 3. 4; W'ho’s Who 4; Senior Plav Crews 4; VOE 4 f.f. - Shrimp Dr. Pepper f.s. - Feels So Right f.a. - Alabama f.p. - Being with Corey JAMIE MAHONE Band 1-4; All-District Band 3. 4; All-Region 3. 4; Area Band 4; Solo And Ensemble 1-4; State Solo and Ensemble 3.4; NI KE I -4 (Sec. 4) N HS 3.4; PAC I, 2. 4 (St. Council Rep. 2. 4) Student Council I. 2. 4; Jets 4 f.f. - Kraft Cheese Macaroni f.s. - Girls Just W'anna Have Fun f.p. - Swimming f.m. - Christine EVA MANRIQUEZ FH A I -3 (2nd V-Prcs. 3; 3rd V-Prcs. 3) Key Club 3; Modern Language Club 1. 2. 4; NIKE 2. 4; Senior Play Crew f.f. - Barbecue Ribs f.s. - You and I f.a. - Dcf Leppard f.p. - Spending Money Being With Friends f.m. - E.T. ELAINE MAREK HECE 4 (Historian) f.f. - Mom’s Home Cooking Seafood f.s. - I Hear The Secrets f.a. - Pink Floyd f.p. - Being with R.N. friends f.m. - Sudden Impact SHEILA FAYE MARTIN New Horizons FHA 1; Librarv Aide 3; HERO FHA 4; HECE I 4 f.f. - Steak Potatoes f.s. - Kids f.a. - The Oakridge Boys f.p. - Being with B.R. f.m. - Thriller Video JAMES MART1NEK FFA 1-3; NIKE 3, 4; Class Favorite 1; Senior Play Crew; Homecoming Court 4 f.f. - Shrimp Pecan Pie f.a. - Merle Haggard f.p. - Being with B.V. Friends f.m. - First Blood JANET MARTINEK Cheerleader 1.4; Class Secretary 3.4; Homecoming Court 3; Homecoming Nominee 4; Class Favorite 3; Lion Mascot 3; Student Council 4; NIKE 3. 4; W;ho’s Who Vespers; Senior Play Crew; Most Attractive; Senior Favorite f.f. - Choclatc Chip Ice Cream f.s. - Lyin’ Eyes f.a. - Eagles f.p. - Waterskiing Being with Friends f.m. - First Blood CAROL DENISE MARTINEZ Transfer from Frankfurt American High School. Frankfurt. Germany; NIKE 4; Key Club 4 f.f. - Steak Baked Potatoes f.s. - Come On Feel the Noise f.a. - Quiet Riot f.p. - Being with Greg B. f.m. - The Champ GABRIEL MARTINEZ Baseball 1-4; Football I; Track 1; ICT 4 f.f. - Pizza f.s. - Looks That Kill f.a. - OZZY f.p. - Being with Lisa Sims Friends f.m. - First Blood PAUL MARTINEZ ICT 3. 4 f.f. - Pizza f.s. - Stairway To Heaven f.a. - Led Zcpplin f.p. - Partying f.m. - Cheech Chong “Next Movie” MARTIN MATA Football I, 2; Track I; ICT 3. 4 f.f. - Mexican Food f.s. - Analog Kid f.a. - Rush f.p. - Spending time with Yolie f.m. - First Blood AMANDA MONREAL Band 1. 2 (Solo Ensemble 2); NIKE 1. 3. 4; Modem Language Club 1. 3. 4; HERO HECE 4; OF.A 4; Vespers (server) 3 f.f. - Pizza f.a. - Journey f.p. - Being with Friends and Having fun f.m. - Risky Business YOLANDA MONREAL Band I. 2; Modem Language Club 1. 3. 4; NIKE I. 3.4 f.f. - Pizza f.s. - Faithfully f.a. - Journey f.p. - Being with Martin f.m. - E.T. FRANCES MORENO DE I f.f. - Dairy Mart Chicken f.a. - Ray Parker Jr. f.p. - Spending time w ith Dion f.m. - Savannah SmilesKENNETH MORRIS Transfer from F.D. Roosevelt High School Dallas. TX: ICT 3. 4 f.f. - Chicken Potatoes f.s. - Ama ing Grace fa. - Rev. James Cleveland f.p. - Studying the Word of God spending time with Rubbie Morris JOE LOYD MUNN Football 1. 2; Track 1. 2; FCA I, 2; Friendliest 4; Class Favorites 4 f.f. - Steak f.s. - Lyin’ Eyes fa. - Eagles f.p. - Being with Janet f.m. - First Blood STEVEN O. MOSLEY NHS 3. 4: PAC 2-4. Math Award I: JETS 3. 4; Thespian 4; Engl. Award 2. 3; FBLA I. 2,4; Sr. Play Cast; Modem Language Club I, 2; Project Glad 1; Football I. 2 f.f. - Chicken Fried Steak f.s. - Faithfully fa. - Journey f.p. - Being with D.G. f.m. - Mr. Mom GLENDA MYERS Varsity Girls Basketball 1-4; Varsity Track 1-4; Varsity Volleyball 2-3; Varsity Cross Country 3; Leadership Award 3; Student Council Reporter 3.4; Girls State Basketball 3; B.B. Captain Girls Ath. Student Council Rep.; Sr. Play Crew; Modern Language Club 3.4; NIKE 4; FHA4; FTA 3.4; NHS 3.4 f.f. - Mexican fs. - Heartbrcaker fa. - Michael Jackson f.p. - Being with Friends f.m. - Imitation of Life SHANDREA MYERS Athletics 1-4; Track 1-3; Volleyball I; HECE 1-2 (Secretary I); Cross Country f.f - Big Mac f.s. - Joanna fa. - Kool the Gang f.p. - Being with A.F. f.m. - Young Ms. Chant KAY-KAY CAROL NAILL Class Officer 3 (Reporter); Class Personality 3; NIKE2. 3(Secretary); NHS 3.4;Golf3; Dandelion Staff 2. 3; OEA 4; Key Club 3.4; Modem Language Club 2. 3. 4; Biology Award 2; Chemistry Award 3; Who’s Who; Senior Play House Committee f.f - Seafood f.s. - Salt in My Tears fa. - George Strait f.p. - Being with Randy Benedict f.m. - Smokcy and the Bandit SUSAN DENISE NALL Band I; NIKE 1-3; PAC I. 2; OEA 4 f.f. - Wedding cake f.s. - Just you and I fa. - Eddie Rabbit Crystal Gayle f.p. - Being with Rusty W ills f.m. - Hotdog MARK KELLY NAVARRO Football 1-4; Baseball 1-4; Basketball 1; Track I;Sr. Play Cast Crew f.f. - Spaghetti Whataburger f.s. - In The Mood fa. - Robert Plant f.p. - Cruisin Friends f.m. - All The Right Moves DEANNA MARIE NOVY Band 1-4; Senior Band Lieutenant 4; All-District Band 3. 4; All-Region Band 3. 4; Solo Ensemble 1- 4; State Solo and Ensemble Contest 3. 4; NHS 3, 4; NIKE 1-4; FTA 2, 3 (Secretary 3) Modem language Club 1 f.f. - Steak Potatoes f.s. - Lady Down On Love fa. - Alabama f.p. - Being with J.R. f.m. - An Officer and A Gentleman MARK NOVY Baseball 1-4; Football 1-4; NHS 3. 4; U.S. Achievement Award 3; Accounting Award 3; FCA 2- 4 (Treasurer 3. VP 4) FBLA 3. 4; Project Glad 1; Class Officer 1 (V-Pres.) Spanish Academic Award 2; American History Award 1; Academic Achievement Award 4; Student Council 3 f.f. - Home made Chicken soup f.s. - Rock in America I'.a. - Journey f.p. - Play ing baseball Being with friends f.m. - Porky's RONALD THOMAS OLIVER Ag Co-op 3. 4; Ag I. 2; FFA 1-4; Football 1 f.f. - Red Beans Com bread f.s. - Don't Ya Think This Outlaw Bit Done Got Out of Hand fa. - Waylon Jennings f.p. - Roxanne Blankenship f.m. - The Good. The Bad, The Ugly ANC.IE MARIE PATAK NHS 3. 4; Modern Language Club 1 -4 (trea) OEA 4 (Parliamentarian) Senior Class Officer (V-Pres); Student Council; Homecoming Nominee 4; Dandelion Staff 3 f.f. - Mexican Food f.s. - Turn The Page fa. - Bob Segar f.p. - Being with Terry Smith Friends f.m. - Flashdancc GREG PAYNE Football I-4; Track 1,2; Class President 1; Key Club 3; NIKE 3; FCA 3; NHS 4 f.f. - Steak Potatoes f.s. - Chain Lighlining fa. - 38 Special f.p. - Being with Deanna Z. Friends f.m. - First Blood TOMMY PEC'HAL Band I; Key Club 1-3; FBLA 2 f.f. - Shrimp fa. - Kiss f.p. - Hying f.m. - First Blood GINGER SUE PEEBLES Band 1, 2; OEA 4 (V-Prcsidcnt); Key Club 1-3 (Secretary 3) Class Officer 3 (V-President); Student Council 1-4; Cheerleader I, 3; Homecoming Court I; Homecoming Queen Nominee 4; Who’s Who Dandcc Lion Staff 3 f.f. - Seafood f.s. - Separate Ways fa. - Journey f.p. - Being with Dan Friends f.m. - Knots Landing SHELLY ANN PERCIVAL Girl’s Track 1; FTA 3. 4 (Reporter 4);‘ OEA 4 (Secretary 4) USA A Award 3; Who’s Who 4; USN A Award 4; Sr. Play Crew f.f. - Chicken Fried Steak f.s. - The Best Is Yet To Come fa. - George Strait f.p. - Being with Friends Partying f.m. - Terms of Endearment SHELLY JEAN POTTS Band 1-3; Twirler 1-3; NHS 3. 4; Homecoming Court 2; Student Council Officer 4; NIKE 1.2; Key Club 1. 2; Project Glad 1: Modern Language Club I. 2 f.f. - Fried Shrimp f.s. - Surround Me With Love fa. - George Strait f.p. - Iking with Friends f.m. - Silkwood JEFF POUZAR JETS 3. 4 (President 4); NHS 3. 4; Band 1-4; All-District 3. 4; All-Region 3. 4; Solo Ensemble I; Biologv Award; Chemistrv Award f.f - Jell-O f.s. - Aggie War Hymn fa. - Leonardo De Vincif.m. - Gilligan's Island CHUCK PREECS Rand 1-4; All-Region 3. 4; Stage Band 4 f.f. - Fortune Cookies f.s. - Sign of Fire fa. - The Fixx f.p. - Spending money I don’t have f.m. - War Games SCOTT PROBST Band 1-4; Stage Band 1-4; All-district Band 1-4; Mi-Region Band 2-4; Jets 4 f.f. - Bar-B-Que’d Ribs f.s. - You've Lost That Lovin Feelin’ fa. - Righteous Brothers f.p. - Listenin' to Music f.m. - American Graffiti MIKE PUSTEJOVSKY Football 1-4; FCA 1-4 (St. Council Rep); FFA 1-4; Treasurer 3; Key Club 3. 4 (VP 4) Sr. Play f.f. - Chicken Fried Steak Gravy f.s. - My Home's In Alabama f.a. - Alabama f.p. - 3-wheelin f.m. - First Blood MARY RAMIREZ HECE I; DE I f.f. - Jumbo Jack f.a. - Ray Parker Jr. f.p. - Spending long talks with Sylvia f.m. - Flashdance KIMBERLY DENEEN RANTON Band 1. 2. 4; NHS 3. 4; Girls State Rep 3; NIKE 3. 4 (Sgt. at Arms St. Council Rep.) FBLA 3. 4; Modern Language Club I. 2; Student Council 4; All District Band All Region Band 4; PAC 3. 4; Key Club I. 2, 4; Senior Play Crew; Vespers 3 f.f. - Pizza Scafood f.s. - Still fa. - Commodores f.p. - Running around with Talking to friends f.m. - Raiders of the Lost Ark TED REDD FFA Ag 1-4; Ag Co-op 3. 4; Rodeo Team I, 2. 3 f.f. - Pizza f.a. - Hank Williams Jr. f.p. - Roping KEMELIA MONIQUE RICKS Cheerleading 1-4; Modern Language Club 3-4; NIKE 3; NHS 3. 4; Girls State 3; DAR 4; Homecoming Court 2-4; Homecoming Queen 4; Personality 4; Miss EHS 4; Friendliest 4 f.f - Shrimp Whataburger f.s. - Close Enough To Perfect f.a. - Lionel Richie f.p. - Being with Kelly Navarro f.m. - All the Right Moves DELLA MARIE RIOS f.f. - Spaghetti Meatballs f.s. - Can't Get Over Loving You f.a. - Journey f.p. - Talking to Chris f.m. - Road Warrior TONDRA LENEA ROBERTS Basketball 1-4; Track 1-4; Most Valuable Player 3; "Player of the Week" 3; All "Metro” Player 3; Most Offensive Player 3; All Regional 2nd 3; All State 2nd 3; Regional Qualifier 2 f.f. - Sea Food f.s. - Don't Go f.a. - Micheal Jackson f.p. - Iking with John f.m. - Dynasty JEANETTE DENISE ROBINSON Basketball 1-3: Vollevball 2. 3; Track 1-3; Cross Country' 1; HECE I FHA HERO f.f. - anything edible f.s. - If Only You Knew f.a. - Patty Labelle f.p. - Play ing Basketball f.m. - Porky's WAYNE ROBINSON NHS 3. 4; DECA 3; ICT 4 f.f. - Mexican Food f.s. - Busted f.a. - John Conlee f.p. - Fishing Hunting f.m. - Southern Comfort MONTE ROWSE Band 1-4; All District Band 4; All Region 4; DECA 4; Project CLAD 1; Stage Band 2; UIL Solo Ensemble 1. 2, 4; State Solo Ensemble 3 f.f. - Mexican Food f.s. - Running With The Night f.a. - Ronnie Milsap f.p. - Being with friends and that one special person f.m. - Going In Style YVONNE MARIE SAENZ Band 1 -4; Stage Band 1 -4; All District 3.4; Athletics I; NIKE I; FBLA 3; FTA 3 f.f. - Mexican Food f.s. - Truly f.a. - Journey f.p. - Iking with Michael Jones f.m. - Rocky I II III GWEN SANDIFER HECE 3. 4; FHA HERO f.f. - Spaghetti Meatballs f.s. - Don’t Go f.a. - Dream Boys f.p. - Iking with Randy f.m. - An Officer And A Gentleman CHRISTOPHER SANTOS f.f. - Spanish Food f.s. - Stairway to Heaven f.a. - Led Zepplin f.p. - Always partying f.m. - Cheech Chong Up In Smoke JOHN SCHUMACHER Band 1-4; Stage Band 1-4; All District 1. 3. 4; All Region Band 3. 4; State Solo and Ensemble 3 f.f - Hashbrowns f.s. - Precious Time f.a. - Pat Benatar f.p. - Being with Dawn f.m. - Aloha Bobby and Rose CONNIE SHACKELFORD Band 1-4; NHS 3. 4; FBLA 1-4 (Secretary 3; Rcportcr Historian 4) FTA 3, 4 (Historian 4) American History Academic Award 2; Geometry Academic Award 2; English II Academic Award 3: Modem Language Club 2 f.f. - Italian f.s. - Islands in the Stream f.a. - Air Supply f.p. - Being with friends f.m. - Savannah Smiles JOEY SKROH Band 1-4; Ag 1-4 f.f. - Fried Shrimp f.s. - What If I'd Been the One f.a. - 38 Special f.p. - Being with R.H. Partying f.m. - Cheech Chong Nice Dreams DONALD SMITH Football 1. 2: Golf 1-4; FFA 1-3; ICT 1 f.f. - Steak Lobster f.s. - Shout at the Devil f.a. - Ozzy Osbourne f.p. - Being with Jackie Hunting f.m. - Rocky 111 KENNETH WAYNE SMITH Football 1-2; Basketball 1, 2; Track 1. 2: PAC 3. 4; Modern Language Club 4 f.f. - Mexican Sea Food f.s. - You're Something Special To Me f.p. - Riding around being with friends f.m. - The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia JOHN SOSA Football 1-3; Track I; Art 1-4 f.f. - Spaghetti f.s. - Thug f a. - ZZ TOP f.p. - Partving f.m. - Rocky I II III RICHARD SPANIEL FFA 1-4; Ag Co-op 3. 4 f.f. - Red Beans Combrcad f.s. - You Look So Good In Love f.a. - George Strait f.p. - Coon Hunting f.m. - True Grit JACKIE STEPTOE f.f. - Mexican Food f.s. - Time Will Reveal f.p. - Being with Lee Robinson Rodney Bailey f.m. - Stir Crazy DANNY STEWART Project GLAD I; Modem Language Club I. 2; JETS 2-4 (Reporter 4) Annual StafT 3. 4 (Editor 4); NHS 3. 4. Sr. Play Cast and Crew; Four Year Honor Graduate f.f. - Pizza Chocolate f.s. - Footloose f.a. - Leon Pattilo f.p. - Being with friends and having a good time f.m. - E.T. POLLY SULLIVAN Band 1-4 (Lt. 1-3: Capt. 4). NHS 3. 4 (Secretary 4) Key Club 3.4 (Treasurer 4) Glad I: Student Council 4; Modem Language Club 1-3 (V-Pres. 2: Pres 3); 211PAC 1-4; Girls State Rep. 3; America’s Outstanding Names Faces I; All District Band I. 3. 4; All Region 2. 3; State Solo Ensemble 3; Sr. Play Cast 4; Most Likely To Succeed 4 f.f. - Cauliflower in Cheese Sausc f.s. - Roll On f.a. - Alabama f.p. - Having Tea With The Royalty f.m. - Sudden Impact DAVID SVEHLAK Baseball I. 2. Ag I. 2; ICT 3. 4; Student Council I f.f. - Sea Food f.s. - Ten Seconds for Love f.a. - Ozzy Osbourne f.p. - Riding around partying with friends f.m. - Apocolypse Now RANDY THOMAS Football I; FFA 1-2; VICA 3. 4 f.f. - Mexican Food f.s. - Heart Attack f.a. - Olivia Ncwton-John f.p. - Being with Friends f.m. - Two of a Kind KIM TICKNER Band I . VOE 4 f.f. - Tacos f.s. - Jump f.a. - Van Halen f.p. - Being with friends f.m. - Porky’s BENNY C. TROJACEK AG 1-4; ICT I II f.f. - Klobase f.s. - Lonesome Boy From Dixie f.a. - Charlie Daniels Band f.p. - Fishing Three Wheelin’ f.m. - Stroker Ace DAVID VACA Football 1-4; Track I. 2; Baseball 1-4; Kcv Club 3; NIKE 3; FCA 2, 3; Boy's State; Project GLAD 1; NHS Vice President 3. 4; C lass President 2; Class Secretary' I; Student Council President 4; United Way Student Rep.; Most Likely to Succeed Personality f.f. - Steak Shrimp f.s. - Never Surrender f.a. - Triumph f.p. - Being with Linda and Friends f.m. - First Blood PAT VENABLE FCA 3. 4 (Treasurer 4); Football; 1-4 Baseball 3. 4; U.S. Achievement Award 4 f.f. - Mexican Food f.s. - You Can Still Rock In American f.a. - Journey f.p. - Being with Karen f.m. - The Jerk TAMMY VYERS Band 1-4; NIKE 1,2. 4; Modem Language Club I. 3; Solo Ensemble 2. 4; Sr. Play Crew f.f. - Biscuits and Syrup f.s. - Lady Down On Love f.a. - Alabama f.p. - Being with friends Sleeping f.m. - Savannah Smiles LARRY WAITES Work Adjcction 3. 4 f.f - Steak f.a. - Gap Band fp. - Riding f.m. - Magnum PI BRIAN WARE NHS 3. 4; FCA l-4(V-Prcs 3; Pres. 4) Baseball 1-4; Football 1-4; Track 1; Student Council 4; U.S. Achievement Award 4 f.f. - Mexican Food f.s. - You Can Still Rock In American f.a. - Journey f.p. - Being with J.H. f.m. - Arthur DEBORAH WARE Band 1-4; NIKE 1-4; Modem Language Club I. 3; FT A 2, 3; Solo Ensemble 2 f.f. - French Fries f.s. - What’s Forever For fa. - Michael Murphy f.p. - Being with my friends f.m. - E.T. VIRGINIA WASHINGTON Athletics 1-4; FTA I f.f - Sea Food f.s. - Don’t Go f.a. - Dream Boys f.p. - Riding around f.m. - 48 Hrs. PHILLIP WATSON FBLA I. 2; DECA 3; HECE 4 f.f. - Pizza f.s. - Stay With Me Tonight f.p. - Working on my Car f.m. - An Officer and A Gentleman MARK ALLEN WHITELEY Football f.f. - Anything f.a. - Hank Williams Jr. f.p. - Riding around f.m. - Porky’s JAMES ANTHONY W1LHOITE Football 1-4; Basketball 1. 2; Baseball 2, 3, 4; Golf I; FCA I. 4; Project Glad I f.f. - Spaghetti Meatballs f.s. - Open Arms fa. - Journey fp. - C ruising f.m. - Fast Times At Ridgemont High DAVID VASQUEZ f.f - Anything mom cooks f.s. - Stairway to Heaven f.a. - Led Zepplin f.m. - The Good. The Bad The Ugly ROBERT VAUGHN DEC A 3. 4 Officer 4 f.f. - Lasagna f.s. - Jump f.a. - Van Halen f.p. - Running around with my friends f.m. - Risky Business 212 ROBERT JAMES WILLIAMS HECE 2. 4; Football 1 f.f. - Sea Food fis. - Jump f.a. - Van Halen f.p. - Cruising with a girl f.m. - Hot Dog JEFF WILSON f.f. - Mexican Food f.s. - Houser of the Holy f.a. - Led Zeppelin f.p. - Hunting Fishing f.m. - Animal House JOHN JAY WILSON Transfer Student Richland High School; Richland Hills. Texas; Modern Language Club 2; President of Welding Club 4 f.f. - Italian f.a. - Journey f.p. - Being with friends R.B. f.m. - The Winds of War SUSAN MICHELLE WORLEY Modem Language Club 2. 3; Band I; HECE 4 FHA HERO 4; Jets 4; NHS 4 f.f. - Pizza Chocolate Moose fa. - George Strait f.p. - Going to see George in concert f.m. - An Officer and A Gentleman MANDY WRIGHT Band 1-2; PAC 2-4 Thespians 4; NIKE 2, 3; Senior Play; UIL One-Act Play 3; Honorable Mention All Star Cast; Modem Language Club 2-4; Annual Staff 4; UIL One-Act Play 4; Honorable Mention All Star Cast; Key Club 4 f.f. - Crumpets and Tea f.s. - Ben f.a. - Michael Jackson f.p. - Having tea with the Royal Family f.m. - Paper Moon • RT YANDELL FBLA 3, 4 (St. Council Rep 4) Modern Language Club 1. 4 f.f - Mexican Food f.s. - Foolin' f.a. - Def Leppard f.p. - Fishing Hunting f.m. - Rio Lobo JUDITH L. YANDELL NHS 3, 4; Modem Language Club 1-4; FBLA 4; JETS 4; FTA 1-3 (Historian 3) PE Award 2 f.f. - Crab Legs Lobster f.s. - Burning Love f.a. - Elvis Presley f.p. - Listening to the Radio f.m. - Gone With The Wind JOHNNY ZAMBRANO Football 1; Track 1; Metal Trades 3. ICT 4 f.f. - Steak Baked Potatoes f.s. - Metal Gods f.a. - Judas Priest f.p. - Hunting, drawing being with Stacey M. camping f.m. - First BloodMy Favorite YearLA ♦ » ♦ A4 » »♦ ► ♦♦ MM ♦ r M » ♦♦ MM M M« 11 M IB - , A ' A A A A A A A A T 8 » V V - - A » A A a'A’A'A'A'A A a 4 4 f f f f . A A 4 . x V , — - r V VV . Vi AA 214 V • • • ■

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