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lf! K SWWQS wif -XR xxXW! 5 fwff f V RW' , NN 4 X xx Y V H JN XX C ,JIM , f ' ww 7 if M X . 1 f -W Qi,-5 W1 U W milf ff , ff fl N Q xg WM! HJ 5 N X xx 'Mf1f',N!! H ' X N Wi? .32 Cicerone n ' .x. nn I .1 fK!.j vs., H '12-A .- :: f5aEs1A 1,1 1 ' 11 1n17::.I f .gsaaiazfi 1' "- " -u.,-NI u u"l ily? '5:EX:m:!E'ff'555FfE-11 ':,!:-' UA? 19: :ua vLFL'1::s7-'2 ,nw 1 ,cali :Exam 9,-r' 7-'.,1x 'iii H112 :2:f:':'.x gffif ff 'fSliifwisfbfiifgigii ., Y 1 , ., Ennis, Texas Dedication ii Mrs. Maurine Gverall The Annual Staff of 1982-83 proudly dedicates this year's Cicerone to Mrs. Maurine Overall, teacher and friend. Her patience, understanding and cooperation with the students of Ennis High School are traits which make her Work an enjoyable experience for both teacher and student. 2+ Board of Education R.E. 1BobJ Erisman Jr. Larry J. Sullivan Jerry McCarty l President Vice-President Secretary Don Young E.J. Washington Kay Lynn Venable Ivan Goodwin ' V B.A,, NTSU fp Harlin J. Dauphin B.S., Hardin Simmons Uni. . M.Ed., ETSU ,W f Assistant u' -sw - as 'S Superintendent ' - :S Don Walker g f M.E., ETSU Assistant Superintendent ,au-ull Billy Dodson Superintendent a Q Harlin J. Dauphin f1Ei'q:2i3 ' 'ik wi "V . T 'Ei 1.5. wi lf! Q u:,.f Ja. 3 twig? if 5 if 1 -in 1'-1,11 N mm m - ':!::v-'W' 'Q vm 2,2 if 'z,i1:',h?g, . Eg, 3,222 ' ff T :gym L3'q:s'5'3 af-lsif wfs A pf- 1 1 'w,mw M N lisfiiwqv fi? a' "wg Vw -am-2 A 152 , .11 , , 7, ,.,x-a 1m',gE:?g:1,as fx f' ,T5?2 fri' N T1 5 ?5,g? 'if if ,, . .,. ,.-:Lf,1-. M, ' '11 ,-ff.. 1: - , ' . V21 - -- - MEMORIES Memories are all the thoughts That echo from the past To linger in the human heart As long as it may last They are the vision of a day That vanished into night Except for one eternal star Forever clear and bright They are the houses on the street The flowers everywhere And youthful songs of yesteryear Without a single care And memories are diaries Of many moons ago When promises were painted on The whiteness of the snow When everything appeared to have A more enduring name Where now the beauty of it all Is never quite the same. IN LOVING MEMORY OF Jame Belew Mary Nell Belew Virginia Vaca Maroon and White Ennis, ole Ennis, We'll stand by thee, Q P E i Faithful and loyal we will ever be, True to thy colors that stand for right, Loyal sons and daughters of Maroon and White. We Will Laurels .U .M DDD always face the conquest with spirits bold for ole Ennis High will be our goal. Arranged by Bob Banner Composed by Thomas Granger pi .....-59 C WIN y QS Q9 JW X' Glam '+Sl3fSw bww 0 'Ill -Kilt' I QS " 1 it 'A Q Q .xr - h X X ii. . ix .. D GJ I fx xx-. . 1 ' lil G . r 1 'li V6 L n I - Il .l 'tl E 5 1 i in 5. .".. if V A C 4 D I J I an Ii! I : F1 B l -X9 C 6 7 7 1 983 SENIOR MOTTO: "The fate of our future lies in the hands of our present One day you feel quite stable, The next you comin, off the wall. But I think that you should warn me. If you start heading for a fall. I see the problem start, I see the tension grow, I see you keeping it to yourself, And then instead of reaching some conclusions, I see you reaching for something else. 8 SENIOR SONG No One Can Stop Us Now" No one can stop you now, Tonight you're on the loose. No one can tell you howg Tonight you're on the loose. I see no harm or danger in escaping, If the method suits the style We put the mind on idle, and let the others take it for a while. When the pace is too fast, And I think I won't last, ..X Seniors SENIOR COLORS: Teal Blue and Dusty Rose SENIOR FLOWER Red Rose ' Ig 8.5 You know where I'll be standing here beside myself, Getting ready for the final stand. No one can stop me now, Tonight I'm on the loose. No one can tell me how, Tonight I'm on the loose. The time we feel most stable, Is the time we're coming off the wall And there's every indication We may be heading for a fall. SENIOR SONG "No One Can Stop Us Now" So let the problems start, And let the tension grow, We'll be keeping it to ourselves And while they're busy reaching their conclusions, We'll be reaching for something else. No one can stop us now, Tonight we're on the loose. No one can tell us how, Tonight we're on the loose. Principal l Robert E. Taylor Assoc. of Arts Kilgore College B.S. M.Ed. ETSU Assistant Principals Floyd Tolston B.S. Howard Payne, M.S. ETSU Ross Lewis B.S. Prairie View A8zM M.S. ETSU Director of Guidance Counselors Jesse Wood B.S. Sam Houston State M.Ed. ETSU Sue Ann Wilson -Q--v-if M.Ed. B.S. ETSU Doris Gerron B.S. East Texas Baptist College M.Ed. ETSU Fi? Dr. Herschel Lester Vocational Director Rommie Maxey Athletic Director .X 1, 9 Sallie Vavra Jan Braddock Frances Hrlger Lula Washmgton Orlena Griffith Secretary Receptionist Registrar Special Education Parking Officer F I 1 r r V W W 5 w I x N i w Sandra Arciba OEA 4 1 Loretta Lynn Askley l FHA! Hero 4 wiuiam Roland Auen Nofma Jean Amdof FFA 1-4, Ag. Coop 3-4 HECE 4, Stage Band 3-4, Band 1-4 ,... ,oe-0' 3 is 'MBP Christy Annette Bates Nike 1-4, JETS 2-4, Modern Lan- guage Club 3-4, OEA 4 fReporterJ R . B NHS 3-4, Project GLAD 1-2, 'mme ames AcademicAwardAmericanHistory1, World History 3, Who's Who Among American High School Students 4 ll .YC ,Q-4' if --'OW' William Mark Arnold FFA 1-4 CVice-President 3, President 45 JETS 4, NHS 3-4 Rodney Bailey es 1- I Manuel Bernal Thomas Ray Betik PAC 1-2 fHistorian 21 French Club 1, Modern Language Club 3-4 fStudent Council Rep. 31 JETS 2-4 iPresident 41 Key Club 2-4 KPresident 41 FBLA 2-4 iParliamentarian 3 President 41, Project Glad 2, Band 1-4, Freshman Lieutenant, U.I.L, Solo and Ensemble 1-2, FBLA Dedication Award 3 ww, Q 'll 'ZIP' Alfred H. Bennett Football 1-4, Captain 4 All-District 2nd Team Defense 3, Shawn Mathis Award 3, Track 2, FCA 1-4, Dandee Lion 3, Personality 1,3 Tammie Jean Bennett Becky Lynn Boon J.V. Cheerleader 2, Varsity Cheerleader 3-4, NIKE 1, Key Club 1-4, Modern Language Club 4 fStudent Council Representative1 Student Council 1-4, Band 1-2, Class Officer 2, Secretary Greg Bouska Basketball 1-2, DECA 1, FFA 1-4 , a 'C..,.-' I I I J Andrew Bernard Betik Football 1-4, Captain 4, Basketball 3-4, Track 1-2, Key Club 2-4, FCA 1-4 ftreasurer1 Toni Lynn Blassingame fq ,,,, F Q N Moments to Remember f Bobby Ray Brown Football 1-4 iCaptain 41 Track 1, All-District Football 81-82 8a 82-83 Offensive Running Back of the Year Award 81-82 Robbie Elaine Brown ' lib 1. -A Q-i5f'?,4,:., " i 1 ' 1' Dior Bouverla Boyd Anthony Brown Karen Ann Budai Nike 1, DECA 3-4, Key Club 3, Band 1-2 Annual Staff 3-4 V? Claudine Janelle Bulot Tennis 1-4, District Team Champion 2 8: 3 PAC 1-4, Thespians 2-4 CSecretary 41 FTA 3 fHistorian1 NFL 1-4, Nike 1 Sz 3, Key Club 2-4, French CLub 1, Modern Language Club 2 Sz 3, UIL One Act Play 2, Debate 1 Sa 2, Band 1-2, Solo and Ensemble Contest, State Solo and Ensemble Contest. Lisa Diane Brown Nike 1-4 CStudent Council Repre- sentative 3, Vice-President 41 PAC 1-4, Student Council 3-4, lSecretary 41 Key Club 4, Band 9-12, All Region 1, All-District 4, Solo and Ensemble Contest 1, Twirling Contest 1, Twirler 1 RL 4, Homecoming Court 1-4, Homecoming nominee 4, One-Act Play 1, Favorite 1, 2, Sz 4 Class Reporter 2, Miss EHS Kimberly K. Brumley HECE 3-4 12nd Vice Presidentl Nike 2 dz 4, FHA 2 43rd Vice President, 3 4th Vice President1 Ernest Castillo Jr. Football 1-2, DECA 3, ICT 4 Ricky Castillo .ixhir l'F'55-J 'S-i Tracy Lazette Burr Track 1-4, Volleyball 3 fcaptain 41 . Basketball 1-4 fcaptain 41, State Rudolph Carnuo Semi-Finalist, Band 1-4 . Jesse Cervantes Jr. David Edward Cervantes Football 1-3, Track, shot put, disk Melinda B. Castillo Angela Paulette Cate Tennis 2, FBLA 3-4 fVice-President 41 ffirst Econoics District Conference 31 VOE 4, Transfer from Coppell High School - 2 M3 ' l Kimone Rene Clark Volleyball 3-4 icaptain 43 cross country 4. Basketball 1 4 State Semi-Finalist, Track 1-4 captain 3, state Track Meet Carl Fletcher Coleman Football 1-4, Basketball 1 3 Track 1-2, FHA 1 K ak N--'Leif Allen Gordon Crigger Tennis 1-3, Track Award Susan Lynne Cryer Nike 1-3, FBLA 3, OEA 4, KHistorian 41 Band 1-3, Concert Band 2-3 Steven Morris Collins PAC 1-4 isecretary-treasurer 2, vice-president 35, Thespians 2-4 fStudent Council Representative 31 Debate 5th place in State '81, One Act Play, District Winner '81, 3rd place District '81, lst place Regionals 81, 2nd place District 82 Christopher William Divin Dandee Lion 4, Key Club 1-2, Band 1-4, Sophomore Lieutenant, Band Capt., Senior Play Orchestra 1, Stage Band 1-4, All-District 4, Senior Play Cast Jeff Don Coulston Ray Dixon 'E' 33 Darian Cromeans Football 2, Baseball 2-4, lst Team All-District Pitcher 3, Project Glad 2, FCA 2-4, Transfer from Sulpher Springs - 2 Stephen U. Daniel Football 1-2, Track 1, Key Club 2, FCA 1-2 ,ML L...- .H Antonio M. Doblado Michael R. Easley DE 1-2, DECA O Debra Ann Dlabaj Dennis Charles Dlabaj DECA 3, OEA 4 Football 1-4, FCA 1-2 l,,,,.--we x x f ,. ,AL,L Q Charlene Wendy Dozier Modern Language Club 2-3, PAC 1-4 fStudent Council Representative 43 FTA 4, NIKE 4 QP1-esident 41 Dandee Lion 4, Thespians 4, Student Council 4, FHA 1, Drama 2-3, Band 1-4, Solo and Ensemble Contest 1-2, Personality 3, UIL Poetry 3, Senior Play Cast, Vesper's Choir 1-2, Hamlet Cast, Vesper's Usher 3 Rodney Cordell Edwards Football 1, Band 1-4 Duane Ellis Janice Emmert Football 1-2, VAC Modern Language Club 2, Band 1-4, NHS 4 Belinda Escobar Key Club 3, FHA-HERO 4 Laura Ann Faseler Sandra Elaine English Michael Vincent English 1-2 Track, OEA 4, Class Personality 3, Cheerleader 1 fri, Dana Eves Basketball Mgr. 2-3, Track 1-2, Track Mgr 3 Volleyball Mgr. 3 Nike 1, HECE 3, OEA 4 Vespers 82 iserverl Gerald Lydell Feilder Diana Fira Patricia Ann Fira Joe A. Flores Virginia LeAnn Flynt Nike 1, Modern Language Club 2, JETS 4, Band 1-4 Donna Lonette Freeman Basketball 1-4 fCaptain 41 State Semi-Finalists, Volleyball 4 fCaptain 41, Track 1-2, Track Manager 3, Nike 4, Band 1-2, Freshman Class personality, JV Cheerleader 2, Varisty Cheerleader 3, Lady Lion Leadership Award, 3, Represented Ennis as Miss Ennis at State Fair of Texas Jeffery Dale Fullington Basketball Manager 1-2, Modern Language Club 2-4, FTA 3-4, PAC 2-4 fSecretary Treasurer 31 Thespians 3-4, NHS 3-4, Debate: Alternate in District 2, One-Act Play: All-Star cast Zone 8z District 2 A Esther Gaytan Student Council 1, FTA 4, Project Michael Anthony Glaser Glad 1-2, ACTS 1 CPresident 11, FFA 1-3, LEO Club Officer, FFA Jr. Spanish Club 2 8: 4, NHS 3-4, Band Chapter Conducting lst place 1-4, All-Region 1 8: 4, Vespers 3 Robert Dale Fudge Leo Club 4, Band 1-4, Stage Band 1-3 an K, 1 Q' Stephanie Rochelle Gayler Basketball 1, Track 1, Nike 1-2, JETS 2-4 fSecretary 41 Modern Language Club 2-4, NHS 3-4, FBLA 4, Science Award 1, Athletic Award 1, UIL Number Sense 3-4, UIL Calculator 4 it v -. , E 1 4 Charlie Lee Green Track 4, VAC David Neuhoff Griffith Tennis 1-4, First Place in District Doubles, Key Club 4, Nike 3, Student Council 4, President 4, NHS 3-4, Senior Play Cast, Boys State 3, Homecoming Escort 4, Personality 4, Most Likely to Succeed 4 ik, Nancy D. Gomez FHA 1,FBLA 4, HECE Hero 3,DECA DECA 4 4, Band 1-4 Kevin Goodwin 3 ,an- i f Therica Lynn Griffin Basketball 1-4 KJV Captain 3, Varsity Captain 41 State Semi-Finalists, Track 1-3 lCaptain 31, FHA!Hero 3-4 QPre- sident 41 All Tourney Junior Varsity Basketball 3, Regional Qualifier Varsity Track 2 QLD' Cindy Guzman Carl Ray Hackney Football 1-4, Track 1-4 KCaptain 41 Mar ie Guzman FAC 1-2, Key Club 3-4, Project Glad g 1-2, Social Studies Award 1, Senior Personality 4, Most Friendliest, Senior Play Ronze L. Hart Basketball Manager 1-4 QCaptain 45 Kevin Ray Healey Thomas L. Hall FBLA 3-4, fStudent Council Repre- Susan Melissa Hammonds sentative 47 NHS 3-4, Science Award FHA 2, Nike 3, FTA 3-4, Band 1-4, 1, English Award 1, NEDT Award 1, Twirler 1 UIL Number Sense 1-4 g f fa, 5 Sandra Dee Head HerofFHA 3-4 Cynthia Jayne Henderson Patrick Oniel Henry Valentin Hernandez Vickie Lynn Hicks Janet Gayle Hollingsworth Student Council 1-4 ftreasurer 3, secretary 41 Key Club 3-4, Modern Language Club 3-4, Nike 1-4, PAC 4, Class Secretary 3, Class Secretary 4, Homecoming Court, U.S. Student Council Award, Who's Who, Athletic Sweetheart, Annual Staff 4, JV Cheerleader 1, Varsity Cheerleader 4 I E IZeElElEA 4 Silvestre Herrera Wlllxam Lamont Hughes Football 1-4, Track 1-4, Basketball glgltll-a3Lgll7lA I1Il3gll?T 4 1-4, FCA 1-2, Class President 1-2, All ' ' District Football 81-82 and 82-83, Boys State Candidate x Y la! Brian Patrick Holley Football 1-4, Baseball 1-4, Track 1-2, Key Club 4, FCA 1-2 Steve Hudspeth Tennis 1-3 Cassandra Shara Johnson Remona L. Johnson ,f ' and xg--Nm I, Linda Sue Isbell Cheerleader 1, 2, 8: 4 Modern Language Club 4 fSecretaryJ Student Council 1, 3-4, Nike 1, 2, 8z 3, FBLA 3, Key Club 2-4, QAssistant Secretary 41 Who's Who Among American High School Students 4, Class Reporter 4, Band 1 8: 2 E p a Anita Lynn Jurcik DECA 3-4 Nina Jackson 3' ,J 1 Kristine Jurik JETS 2-4 lTreasurer 31 FBLA 4, Modern Language Club 3, Student Council 4, NHS 3-4 fStudent Council Representative 45 Project GLAD 1-2, Band 1-4, Twirler 3-4, State Solo and Ensemble Contest 1 8: 3, Solo and Ensemble Contest 1-4, All-District Band 4, All-Region Band 4, English Academic Award 1, Math Academic Award 3, Recognition in Geometry 2, U.I.L. Spelling and Typing 3, Senior Play 4. EC Jimmy Don Johnson Football 1-2, Basketball 2-3, Key Club 1-2, FCA 1, DECA 4, Annual Staff 2-3 QSports Ed. 41 Tammye Renee Jones iii lol! P af' Carol Jo Kinzie Tennis 1-4, First Place Team Championship at District 3, Key Club 2-4 lOfficer 41 JETS 2, Nike 1 8z 3, NHS 3-4, Cicerone Staff 3, Student Council 2-4 fReporter 4l, Project Glad 1, Band 1-2, Class Vice-President 2-3, Personality 4, Class Favorite 3, Girls State 3, Senior Play Cast Jack David Kirkpatrick Football 1-2, Basketball 1-4, Baseball 1-4, Freshman Class Personality, Freshman Class Officer, Sophomore Personality, Homecoming Escort 2 ,..,.0- VI Karen Anita Knight FHA, PAC, FTA, Nike, Band 1-4 David M. Kubin Football 1-2, Track 1, DECA 3-4 4-'L 03' 1 i,l Vs Sfl 1 5 iii' M0 fda if 41 'Si ' Brian G. Kyser Football 1, FHA ,.-, , 4 Y,x..,., W Matthew Lynn LaFollett Football 1-2, Golf 1-4 iCaptain 45, Key Club 4, FCA 1-2, Student Council 4, Personality 1 8: 4, Class President 3-4, Class Favorite 3, Homecoming Court 2-4 Ronnie Knotts Daryl Kvapil Leo Club 4, Math Award, Physical Education Award Robert Louis Lillie Football 1-4, Basketball 4 lmanagerl Track 1-4, HECE 3 Kimberly Kay Lucas Nike 3-4 fHistorian 4D PAC 4, FBLA 4, Choir 2, Vesper's Choir 2 9 CTransfer from Bald Eagle Area High School Wingate, Pennsylvaniaj Tammy Elizabeth LaSca1a James Randall Lee Tennis 2-4, FHA 1-4 fSecretary 1, Football 1-2, Track 1-2, FCA 1-2, Vice President 2-3, President 45 Nike VICA 3-4, Key Club 1-2, Class 1-2 Personality 2 Kenneth Macalik Boyce G. Markham Football 1-2, Basketball 1, Tennis 4, Baseball 1-4 First Team All-District 3, PAC 1-4, Thespians 1-4, Key Club 3, NIKE 4, FCA 1, Senior Class Vice President, Annual Staff 4, Homecoming Escort 1, 3 8: 4, Class Personality 3, Mr. EHS 4, Most Handsome 4, UIL One Act Play 1, 3-4, All-Star Cast 3, Annual Staff Beau, UIL Spelling Senior Play Cast, PAC and Thespians Vice-President 4, NIKE Beau 4 PAC Play 1, 3, 4, U.I.L. One Act Play All Star Cast, District One Act Best Actor 4 , ik Jodas Ray Lindley Michale Dale Lumpkm DECA 4 .153 Rebecca Diane Martinez OEA 3-4 fParliamentarian 3, Pre- Jennifer Ann Martindale sident 41 Student Council 3, Key Club 1-3, Nike 1, Band 1-2, Senior Play Cast .AL Jeffery Lynn Marusak FFA 1-3, ICT Tina Lynn McKenzie Cheerleader 1, 3-4 Student Council 1, FFA 1-lSecretary 31 Zi f' ,i Jacquelme Rochell Mitchell Elva Monreal Luna Jerry Edward Marusak FFA 2, Modern Language Club 3, JETS 3-4 Nice-President 41 Key Club 4, FBLA 4, Transfer Ferris High School 2 Gloria Anne Miller Class Personality 2, English Academic Award 2, America's Outstanding Names and Faces 1-3, Third Place UIL Poetry Interpretation, All-Star Cast and Best Actress UIL One Act Plays, Senior Play Cast fleading role1 PAC 1-4, fsecretaryftreasurer 1, president 41 Thespians 1-4, 1President 41 Nike 1 8: 3, French Club 1, Modern Language Club 2-3, Key Club 2-3 fPublic Relations 41 JETS 2-3 fReporter 31 Student Council 1 8: 3, Dandee Lion Staff 3-4 fassistant editor 3, co-editor 41 FBLA 3, NHS 3-4 iVice-president 41 Band 1-2, All-District Band, Solo and Ensemble Contest, One-Act Play 4, Best Actress Zone, All-Star Cast District xi Basketball 1, Track 1, VAC Band 1-3 ...elo- Connie Lee Newman Nike 1-2, FFA 1-4, H.E.C.E. 4, I-I.E.R.O., FHA 4 J 'Lane Annette Nichols Band 1-2, FTA 2 fStudent Council Rep.J, JETS 3 fStudent Council Rep.J, Nike 3, Key Club 3-4, FHAIHERO 4, NHS 3-4, Annual Staff 3-4 fEditor 41. Rosa Cecilia Monreal OEA 4 CSecretaryJ, Key Club 3, . Modern Language Club 4, Band 1-2 Kevm Brent Nealy Guy S. Nutt . Track 1-4, Football 1, Sophomore of Sfdnfgaoxdez-3 Mode the Year 2, Student Council 1-2, Lan ua e Club 154 NHS'3-4 JE,f,g Student Advisory Committee 1 fVice 3 4 g g ' ' Presidentl, Class Personality 1 ' Johnny Dee Newman Football 1-4, FFA 1-4, Ennis FFA Outstanding Pre-Lab Student Steven Fred Novy P t . . L Ol. Paige Michelle Parks '?"c'a Yfm We' '1'ennis1-4, Nike1,ProjectGLAD 1-2, Nlke l'2' Key Club 1-4 lstudem' PAC4 Modern Language 2- Band Slcfuncll R'eZfeiZn3at1veL4:l OEA f 1, Texas Girls' State, National Honor reasurer 0 em a guage ' Society 3-4, Senior Play Cast and Set Band 1-2 Crew Phyllis Leigh Parma Key Club 2 Ku 4, Nike 4, Modern Language 4, Band 1-2, NHS 4 Robert Partida Sheila Gayle Patak Nike 2-3, JETS 2-4, Modern Language Club 3, FBLA 4, NHS 3-4 CTreasurer 41, Vespers Choir 3, Band 1-4, Solo and Ensemble 1-4, State Solo and Ensemble 1 8: 4. Joy B. Patel ,f-.23 Transfer from Eastern India Drum Majorette 4, Junior Band Officer 3, All-District, All Region, and Area Band 4, Typing I and Recordkeeping Award 3, UIL Typing Chrlstopher V. Payne . . Basketball 1-4 Janis Leigh Peden -3' Ricky Pineda Deborah Lynn Pustejovsky JETS 2-4, Modern Language Club 2-3, Nike 1-4, NHS 3-4 , FBLA 4 CReport.er 41, OEA 4 lSgt. At Arms 41, Thespians 3-4 lStudent Council Representative 41, Band 1-4, Solo and Ensemble 3, Student Council 4, National Forensic League, UIL One-Act Play 2-3, UIL Prose 3, Vespers Choir 2-3, Senior Play Cast and Crew, Who's Who Among American High School Students Mark Lewis Peebles 3:53:13 qrqgg iuy 1 3 . J Lawrence fChipJ Reeve Ronald Wayne Rawlings FFA 1-4, FBLA 3, Ag Co-op 4, Band 1-4 Steven Wayne Price Manu Ramirez .- w l f I .9 1' -'Y Lisa Lavon Robinson Basketball, Track 1, VAC Steven Mark Salik Modern Language Club 2, NHS 3-4 KPresident 41 JETS 4, Key Club 4, Whiz Quiz 3-4 fCaptain 41, Physical Science Award 1, Biology Award 2, World History Award 3, Senior Play Cast .-..,...-v"' James Henry Rejeck FFA 1-3, FBLA 4 fParliamentarian 41, Band 1-4, Stage Band 1-4, All-District and All Region Band 4, Solo and Ensemble 1-4, State Solo Contest 3 Daniel Santos Kevin W. Roberts FFA 1-4, FFA Chapter Conducting 3, Range and Pasture Judging 1-3, Land Judging 4, International Range-and Pasture Judging 3, 3rd High Individual State Range and Pasture Judging fd 1" 1? Darian Laprent Searcy Football 1-4, lst Team All-District, 2nd Team All-District, Honorable Mention, Shawn Mathis Award, Basketball 1-2, Track 1, FCA 2, FHA 4, KPar1iamentarian 41 All- tournament 1 HECE 4, District Champ 1 10 meter hurdles 1, 2nd Place 11th Grade Freethrow Contest 'fi' Patricia Elaine Sage Nike 1-4, FHAfNew Horizons 2-3 15th Vice-president 2, Secretary 31 FHAII-lero 3-4 15th Vice President 3, lst Vice President 41 Vincent O. Sallie Michael David Sibley Football 1-2 dz 4, Baseball 1-4, Project GLAD 1-2, FCA 2-4 CStudent Council Representative 4D JETS 3-4, Nike 3, Key Club 3-4, NHS 3-4, Student Council 4 American History Award 1, Algebra II Award 3, Class Favorite 4, Senior Play Julie Ann Smith f fa' "M- Hn f .I ff . 1 5'-I3-7 Ky Lynn Sibley Betty Lou Sharp Nike 3-4 CParliarnentarian 41 Key Volleyball manager 3, FFA 1, 2 8a 4, Club 3-4 CJunior Vice President 3, FHA 3-4 14th Vice-President 3 1st Reporter 41 OEA 4, fParliarnentarian Vice President 41 FFA Quiz Team ii Theresa Lynn Smith FHA!New Horizon 1-4 fHistorian 3, 5th Vice-President 41 FHAlHero 4 13rd Vice-Presidentl 45 Student Council 4 if wwf' ,J ff' Robert Martin Charles Spainhour Nita Marie Skirvanek Nike 1-3, OEA 4, Band 1-3, Shorthand Award 3, UIL Shorthand 3, US Achievement Academy Award CBusiness Education? 3 Senior Play Crew Sharron Kay Smith DECA 3, HECE 4, Nike 2, FHA 1, FHAfHero 4, Band 1-2 .4"nf 1 1 1 A. J Q ,4 1 i 1 Sheryl Ann Spann JETS 2, NIKE 4, OEA 4, Band 1-2 Johna Re Stacks Cheerleader 1-2, Nike 1 Sz 3, Key Club 3, Student Council 1-4 KVice-President 3-43 Annual Staff 3, Band 1-2, Class Personality 1-3, Senior Play Cast ..,,,,,gf' ' A x - x K: X Caryn Beth Spaniel Band 1-4, VOE 4 J effer Paul Svehlak Karleen Marie Spaniel Nike 1-2, FTA 3 ISecretaryJ Band 1-4 Stage Band I 1-4, All District Band 2-3 Solo and Ensemble 1-3, State Solo and Ensemble 2, Drum Majorette 4, NHS 3-4 y 1-:ECE 3-4 14th Vice-President ay f,j2f1fa2ff,"5f,?BrffX'fnt Transfer from St. John's Sherrie S. Spillers W FFA 1-4, Meats Team 1-4, Range and Pasture 2-3 CNationalsJ, Land 4, Chapter Conducting 3-4, Senteniel 3, Reporter 4, DECA 4 fPresidentJ Senior Play Crew Melissa D. Stacy FTA 2, Modern Language Club 2, FHA 4 4 iSecretary 41 l Lydia Trojacek FHA 3, DECA 3-4 Lance Uberroth Football 1-2, FFA 1-4, ICT 3-4 ..f-1 nw. ml. Q. Jerry J. Toth Jr. VICA 3-4 Jo Ann Trojacek JETS 2-4 fVice-President 3, Reporter 41 Project Glad 2, NHS 3-4. Modern Language Club 3, FBLA 4, Band 1-4, Stage Band I 1-4, SFA All-Star 3, Solo and Ensemble Contest 1-4, State Solo and Ensemble 2-3, All-District and All-Region Band 3-4, Algebra I Award 1, Geometry Award 2, Chemistry Award 3, Who's Who Among American High School Students 3, UIL Spelling and Plainwriting 3, Senior Play Cast Ku . Aki' -...,,,..a,- Loretta Valek Paul Kenneth Vavra ICT I Ka II fSecretaryJ Senior Play ' 'T Royce F. Trojacek DECA 3-4, FFA 1-4 Francisco D. Uresti ,......Ah? .D f 2 Kenneth R. Watson Football 1, Track 1, VAC Chad M. Weldon 4? T 41.454 S tt V V r Ronnie Wampler co y ance ye s Football 1-4 qcapf,ain4J,Baseba11 1-4 Modeff' Language Club 2- PAC 1'4- fsecond Team All-District 3, Thespxans 3-4, Band 1-2, Navarro Student Council 4 NHS 4 PAC 4 ' Challenge Bowl 4' Allstaf Cast UIL One-Act Play 3, Senior Play Cast Renee Wiginton Jacqueline Annette Wilborn -W Barbra Ann Webb OEA 4 Michael W. Whalen VICA, ICT Award I Lisa Lavette Williams Basketball 1-2 fManager 31 Track 1-2 fManager 31 OEA 4, PAC 4 Volleyball 3 ' Rose Wilson l Track 1, Tennis 2 fManager 21, ICT X 3-4 l 3 ll Karen Elizabeth Wilcox Student Council 1-4, Treasurer 3-4, PAC 1-4, fReporter 41 Nike 1-4, Modern Language Club 3, JETS 2-3, Key Club 2-4, Dandee Lion Staff 3-4 iCo editor 41 Band 1-4, Twirler 1-4 lHead Twirler 41 All-Region Band 1, All-District 4, NHS 3-4, Thespians 2-4, U.S. Student Council Award 3, Amer-ica's Outstanding names 8x Faces 1, Personality 1, Senior Play, Homecoming Court 1, 2, 8a 4 Homecoming Queen 4, Most At- tractive 4 Ricky L. Williams -'wma W! JoLinda Yandell Modern Language Club 2-4, FTA 2-4 12nd Vice-President 3, President 41, NHS 3-4, P.E. Award 21 Talmadge Yolanda Young NHS 3-4 KSecretary 41 PAC 1-4, Thespians 1-4,J ETS 2-4 fSecretary 3, Student Council Representative 41 Student Council 4, Modern Language Club 2-4 KSecretary 21, Nike 2, Project GLAD 1-2, Band 1-4, All-District and All-Region 4, Solo and Ensemble 2-4, State Solo and Ensemble 3, Girls' State 3, Who's Who Among American High School Students 3, Texas Achievement Award 3, Senior Play cast and crew UIL One Act Play 2-3 ""5..-'N-n lv? ,,,,,..1-3' ex! if K , 5 S Randy Willis Kitt Woody Football 1-4, Track 1, FFA 1-5 4-wr.. a ,P . ar ' '- Q! 5' :Il 'W 1 unu- -qazk , ,J Arciba, Roy Armstrong, Tim Atchley, Larry Baker, Jerry Baker, Joe Barnett, Mark Blackerby, Rhonda Blackshire, Sharon Boon, Steven Boswell, Glenis Bozek, Jamie Brim, Freddie gr-ai 411' 1-1-fr .4 rx' 4109 xi Adams, Anna Allard, Robbi Allen, Emily Almanza, Martin Alvarez, Roland Anthony, Billy Batten, Grace Belew, June Benner, Bobby Betik, Henry Birdow, Emanuel Birdow, Lee flv , ,,v ff? .,-f Capehart, Monica Carrillo, Patricia Carrillo, Steve Caudillo, Carmen Caudillo, Theresa Choate, James 42 fl Brown, Dina Brunk, Barry Brunner, Marie Butler, Karen Camden, Todd Campbell, Kirk wr-gr YQ' xl!! Choate, Kevin Coker, Erick Coleman, Kathy Collins, Jeff Collins, Mike Copley, Melinda Dixon, Anthony Dlabaj, Ernest Dlabaj, Tammy Dobecka, LaVonna Dodson, Teresa Dolezalik, Patricia ff 1 Escobar, Armando Falkenbach, James Farmer, Drema Ferguson, Michelle Fisher, Donna Fitzgerald, Cindy 1? X . Crowley, Carolyn Davidson, Jackie Deagen, Heath Delmere, Steve Dickerson, Gary Dickerson, Kara ,' Q fr 2, J x 4' ! I , A f 1 , Duren, Tracy Easley, Lori Edwards, Lisa Elling, Billy Emmert, Peggy English, Tonya ff' Flores, Steven Flynt, Jennifer Gabriel, Janet Gant, Gary Gant, Sherry Garrett, Randy 43 Griffith, Mark Guerrero, Dessie Guzman, Laurie Harper, Holly Harris, Angela Hart, LaDonna Howard, Danny Huffman, Cynthia Hurd, Tim Jackson, Julie Jeter, Anthony Johnson, John Jordan, Danny Kelley, Charlotte Kidd, Vickie Kimberlin, Keith Kirven, Clearie Kirven, Kerry 44 AVAILABLE Gilbert, Larry Glenn, Carl Goff, Gary Goodman, Bertha Goodman, James Gosset, James Haynes, Katrina Hejny, Glenn Herrera, Benny Herrera, Eddie Herrera, Yvonne Hitchcock, Kelly Johnson Lori Johnson Remona Johnson Samuel Jones Bryant Jones Jacquelm Jones, Jenet , A k ,,.,.- Knight, Angela Knight, John Krajca, Kimberly Kvapil, Audry Lindley, Michael Livingston, Ronnie I Manuel, Tammy Martin, Sheila Martinek, James Martinek, Janet Martinez, Gabriel Martinez, Joe Lockhart, Sandra Long, Sheryn Macalik, Suzann Mahone, Jamie Mann, Sarah Manriquez, Eva McManus, Jessica McManus, Kelly McNatt, Henry Minatrea, Christina Monreal, Amanda Monreal, Yolanda TOO BUSY F Wi? r b Pr-coro Nor AVAILABLE w PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE Qt 1 i fXfa Martinez, Michael Martinez, Walter Mata, Martin McCann, Melanie McG1othin, Brian McGown, Andrea Moore, Leroy Moreno, Frances Morris, Kenneth Mosley, Steven Moya, Daniel Munn, Joe 45 X Novak, Carl Novy, DeAnna Novy, Mark Oliver, Ronald Owens, Ronnie Patak, Angie Myers, Glenda Myers, Shandrea Naill, Carol Nall, Susan Navarro, Mark Nolen, Gary fx' , -on Potts, Shelly Pouzar, Jeff Preecs, Charles Probst, Scott Pustejovsky, Mike Radaway, Ronnie X X-J R-A lx X .TE ...J 'we ll Roberts, Tondra Robinson, Jeanette Robinson, Wayne Rowse, Monte Rushin, Wendell Saenz, Yvonne 46 vw 4, 41:1 Payne, Gregory Pechal, Tommy Pedraza, Ruben Peebles, Ginger Percival, Shelly Pineda, Pete Ramirez, Mary Rankin, David Ranton, Kimberly Redd, Ted Ricks, Kelnelia Rios, Della QT? ,J 4' Q any Sandifer, Gwen Santos, Christopher Schumacher, John Shackelford, Connie Skroh, Joseph Slovacek, Tim xJA 'D Spence, Chad Stepboe, Jacquelin Stewart, Danny Struggs, Willie Sullivan, Polly Svehlak, David Vaughn, Robert Venable, Patrick Vrana, Melissa Vyers, Tammy Waites, Larry Wallace, Sheila Smith, Donald Smith, Kenneth Smith, Raymond Sosa, John Spaniel, Brian Spaniel, Richard Thomas, Cindy Thomas, Randy Tims, Clint Trojacek, Benny Vaca, David Vasquez, David Ware, Brian Ware, Courtney Ware, Deborah Washington, Virginia Watson, Phillip Whiteley, Mark 47 Worley, Susan Wright, Mandy Yandell, Arthur Yandell, Judith Zambrano, Johnny Wilhoite, James Williams, Robert Williams, Wilbert Wilson, Jeff Wilson, John Wofford, Rana arf., mv lm l '-LSQ VI f x1,:,yl1- ," wgb R X x pw- Sophomore Class Officer Le Ann - Secretary Kim Crow - Reporter Rel Lipscomb - President Lacey Payne - Vice-President 49 fi X? l lx ,,..,-af x ,1' -...a -.4 34, 'fr-. 11 ABSENT . , . PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE .vw i ibm , A Wi mm. ,,., :Pl ' 14 ,J 1 3 , A . 5 . :rv ll' Adams, Kimberly Aguilar, Tommy Allen, James Allred, James Amador, Irene Anderson, Demetria Andrews, Janet Arciba, Eddie Austin, Jenny Baker, Kenny Baker, Stacy Beakley, Robert Beasley, Kimberly Benner, Cefus Bond, Tonja Bouska, Gilbert Boyd, Shannon Bratcher, Kirsten Brenton, Jeffery Buentello, Armando Burns, Gregory Burr, Byron Butler, Robert Butler, Rodney Byrd, Neal Cardino, Mark Carrillo, Jimmy Carter, Jennifer Castillo, Vincent Catero, Tonya Cervantes, Catherine Chapman, Carol Chennuult, Mike Cody, Allison Collins, Gary Cook, Maria Cottongame, Charles Cox, Charles Cravens, Darrell Crow, Kimberly Crow, Malinda Cuevas, Sally Davis, Leah De Los Santos, Yolanda Deagen, Rhonda Dean, Dannetta Dickerson, Mike Dickerson, Rodney Dlabaj, Jeffery Dodson, Suzanne Doherty, Laura Douglas, James Dowell, Jimmy Dozier, Shirlle Duran, Mary Ann Eberle, Rebecca Edwards, Billy Elkins, Dorothy Emmert, Dean English, Cleveland English, Debby Faseler, John Franz, Jackie Gabriel, Curtis Gabriel, Julie Gant, Darren Gillespie, Bart Gillespie, Billy Gilmore, Everett Glaspy, Helen Glaspy, Jessica Goodwin, Rodney Goss, Derrel Graham, Kimberly Grant, Timothy Green, Jacquelin Green, Jalea Griffith, Cindy Grimes, Patrick Gross, John Guerrero, Jessie Gutierrez, Susan Haggard, Jason Hall, Vincent 1:9 D, . 15' TP Rv X4 f fs Go wfishilrig 51 ...I ..-,, Wx x XL! ,.-4 Hammonds, Brenda Harris, Otis Harrison, Jennifer Haynes, Antonia Haynes, Aundrel Heine, Darrell Henderson, Cassandra Henderson, Tommy Henry, Bernice Henry, LeAnn Henry, Ossie Herford, Rodney Hernandez, Jaime Hester, Michael Honza, Jacquie Horne, Steffany Hudspeth, Debra Huff, William Hughes, Letitia Hurley, Terry Hutchinson, Leisa Ingargiola, Lara Jackson, James Jackson, Rodney Jackson, Timothy Jaramillo, Michael Johnson, Penny Johnson, Rodney Johnson, Shelli Jones, Barry Jones, J'Layna Jones, Lisa Jones, Louis Jones, 'Sheila Kelly, Carlette Kelly, Sherry Knight, Rodger Knott, John Koons, Sherri Kubin, Jeffery Lambert, David Lay, Lesa Lee, Justin Lewis Darren Lewis, Leslie Lipscomb, Rel Lopez, Cynthia Love, Darryl Lucas, Eric Macalik, Melissa Mach, Stacey Marek, Elaine Martinek, Vicki Martinez, Eddie McCoy, Rachel Miller, Tricia Moreno, Joe Moreno, Michael Muirhead, Kim Munia, Salvador Myers, Juana Myers, Kristy Nichols, Jeffery Nolen, Michael Novak, Robert Novy, James Nutt, Richard Orman, Pam Pastor, Maria Patak, Troy Payne, Lacey Payne, Shawn Payne, Sheldon Peeler, Jennifer Pineda, Virginia Potts, Steven Powell, Karen Pruitt, William Raburn, Karen Ramirez, Sylvia Rankin, Randy Rejeck, Mark Reyes, Patricia Rhodes, Carma 3 ,,,, 1 J' 'V7 ,., s.-'lk 'P Wy ' J fin My Rice, William Rios, Robert Roach, John Roberts, Mark Robinson, Harold Rudd, Jed Russell, Ralston Salas, Elsa Sallie, Louis Sandifer, Sharon Santos, Rebecca Seabolt, Blaine Sharp, Freddy Sheffield, Curtis Sheffield, Wendy Sibley, Guy Simpson, Amy Slovacek, Ronald Slovak, John Slovak, Patricia Smith, Betty Smith, Melissa Smith, Rodney Sotelo, Cindy Spainhour, Lora Spaniel, Anthony Spaniel, Kay Spencer, Lee Stampley, James Stephens, Calvin Stevens, Jana Sullivan, Margaret Taraba, DeAnna Tickner, Kimberly Tolleson, Julie Toney, John Trojacek, Jeffery Trojacek, Joyce Valek, John Vasquez, Elaine Vavra, Pamela Villarreal, Juan Villarreal, Kristine Vinson, Regina Waedekin, Jerry Walker, Samuel Walker, Stephanie Wampler, Leigh Ward, William Ware, Larry Ware, Monique Watkins, James Watson, Donald Watson, Frederick Watson, Ronald Watson, Tamaira Wesley, Gina West, Alice Williams, Kenneth Williams, Tanya Williamson, Jonathan Wilson, Billy Wilson, Kyle Wilson, Valda Wingo, Jerry Wolfe, Kim Woodard, Monica Young, Isiah Yrlas, Esther Zabojnik, Greg Zamarripa, Leonor Zamarripa, Sarah Zmolik, Tamberly vj, ,rw a -'T-u 4' . . 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'57 Freshman Class Officers -era' N Kara Sullivan - Vice President Wendy Hobbs - Secretary Jamie Childers - President Jennifer Cathey - Reporter 57 Adair, Cathy Adams, Kathy Adams, Libby A uilar, Tina Allen, Lynda Almanza, Guadalupe Alvarez, Martin Amador, Peter Banks, Dwayne Banks, Ronnie Barnes, Timothy Barrera, Sonja Barrera, Tony Bates, Trent Batson, Russell Batten, Charles Bennett, Kimberly Bigham, Randy Blackshire, Bridgett Blackshire, Tandra Blackwell, Donna Blassingame, John Blazek, Gregory Boyde, Wendy Brasher, Jana Brazier, Barbera Brenton, Theresa Brewer, Lezlie Brown, James Brunner, Patricia Buchanan, Charlotte Byrd, David Calhoun, Clairene Calhoun, Douglas Carpenter, ita Carrillo, Adrian Carrillo, Richard Cass, David Castillo, Freddy Castillo, Monica Cathey, Cheryl Cathey, Jennifer Cerda, Juan Cervantes, Diana Cervantes, Roland Chance, Wayne Childers, James Christian, Shannon Clark, LeGrant Claxton, David Coleman, Daniel Coleman, Kirk Collard, Kevin Collins, Barbara Collins, Vanita Conner, Joseph Conner, Rachel Cook, Debrah Cook, Karina Correa, Christy Coslin, Carolyn Cox, Barry Cox, Jill Cruz, Charlie Daniell, Taylor Davis, Kimberly Davis, Matthew De La Fuente, Mary De Los Santos, Cynthia Dlabaj, Jon Dvorak, Tomithy Dyess, Anna Easley, Cecil Eaton, Kim Echols, Kevin Edgell, Karri English, Kisha Escobar, David Escobar, Leticia Fincher, Brian Gone Asieivr , 5 fishing mom NCLI' AVAILABLE W' . 7 'abr Vx ABSENI' . , . PHOTO N01 AVAILABLE I rf Fira, George Fisher, Jeffery Floyd, Lisa Frank, Christoffe Frazier, Dedra Freeman, Bobby Freeman, Jeff French, Michael Fullerton, Kari Fullington, Gregory Garrett, Carolyn Gatlin, Jeff Gayton, Michael Glaspy, Malcom Glover, Carlos Goforth, Kelli Gonzales, Cynthia Gonzales, Jamie Gonzales, Joseph Goodman, Kevin Grady, Sheila Green, Sandra Griffen, William Guajardo, Onely Guajardo, Oscar Gurecky, Dale Haba, Kelly Hall, Patrick Hall, Tabitha Hammonds, Bobby Hammons, John Harbert, Andre Harbour, Michael Harp, Jennifer Harper, James Haynes, Cal Heine, Keith Hellner, John Henry, Sandra Hernandez, Estan Hernandez, Vickie Herrera, Richard Herrera, Virginia Hobbs, Wendy Holbert, Linda Honea, Lonnie Howard, Larry Hudgens, Johnnie Hudgens, Ruby Hughes, Cassandra Hughes, Rodney Hunter, Stephanie Janes, Kevin Johnson, Adrian Johnson, Carlton Jones, Elisa Jones, Gregory Jones, Troy Jones, Wesley Jordan, Terri Kenney, Shannon Kidd, Sylvia Kimberlin, Ronald King, Darrell Krajca, Camellia Krajca, Darren Kuhn, Chris Kujawa, Cassie LaFollett, Mark LaScala, Colleen Lane, Ronald Lewis, Billy Lewis, Janet Lipsey, Wayne Littleton, Tracy Lloyd, Regina Lopez, Rose Mary Lusk, James Macalik, Amy Macon, Jeff Maldonado, Cindy Maldonado, Teresa Manuel, Rhonda Marshall, Michael Marshall, Michelle Martinez, Henry Martinez, Rudy Martinez, Sandy Mata, Celia McCarty, Phillip McClendon, Jeffery McElroy, Clinton McGraw, Rodney Mecom, Michael Merrell, Robert Monreal, Kenneth Moore, Jerome Moreno, Lori Morin, Santa Morris, LaSandra Morris, Vickie Mosley, Gina Muniz, Joe Murphy, Jennifer Murphy, Shirley Neaves, Susan Nelson, Carl Norakas, Mark Norman, David Novy, Elaine Olalde, Christine Olalde, Gilbert Olalde, Johnny Ortiz, Johnny Owens, James Parks, Amanda Parrott, Charles Pate, James Patel, Jay Patel, Rekha Pechal, Rodney Pedraza, Dominic Peebles, Shana Petty, Shawn Phillips, William Pineda, Martha Pittman, Earline Polson, Terry Pustejovsky, Jimmy Quintanila, Abel Ramirez, Amalia Ramsey, Mike Reed, Carolyn Reeve, David Rejeck, Kimberly Rejeck, Lisa Riggins, Susan Rivers, Darren Robinson, Dorothy Rodrigues, Cecia Rodriquez, Janie Rudd, Kristen Russell, Wendell Rutherford, Cheryl Saenz, Romeo Sandifer, Kevin Santos, Matthew Schlegel, Allen Shannon, Leola Sharp, Stanley Shar , Timothy Sisley, David Sims, Lisa Skirvanek, Ernest Skroh, Lisa Slack, William Slovak, Samuel Smith, Clarence Smith, Donna Sims, Debbie 4 55 Gone ., fishing " .' G0 ??ff1shliSg ,I bb, X, rf Xf xw 4 X' GORE fsflfishing ,f,..,.f M as Q. 7-.uf . 5.5, ,rub ,mf A Smith, Kelvin Smith, Shelly Sosa, Thomas Spainhour, Evelyn Spellman, James Spence, Daryl Stacks, John Stewart, Susan Strickland, Bennie Sullivan, Kara Sutton, Lisa Sutton, Teresa Terry, Susan Thompson, Frazier Thompson, Michael Thompson, Tobarkoa Tobar, Hope Tobias, Linda Tucker, Monica Uberroth, Joy Valdez, Beatrice Valek, Mark Vandeventer, Malinda Vaught, Terry Vetor, Deborah Vrana, Belinda Waddell, Anthony Wifliardo, Gordon W ker, Angela Ward, Jody Waters, Joseph Watson, Jeff Watson, Patricia Weldon, Debra West, Michael Wikberg, Julie Wilborn, Jarrine Wilhoite, Gregory Williams, Kirk Williams, Torri Wilson, Carlton Woodson, Joe Woody, Mark Young, Tyra Yrlas, Ernest Zajic, Muchelle Zamarripa, Daniel Zamarripa, Paula Zambrano, Sandra Zimmerman, Christopher Valek, Steven Rebecca Andrews Stephen F. Austin, BA Vocational Education David Arnold Navarro College BA ETSU Agriculture Brenda Bell BS, MS,ETSU Business Education John Blassingame BM, MM, ETSU Band Director Eugenia Booher BS, NTSU Typing Melinda Boon M.Ed., NTSU BA, Marshall University Physical Science, Health Steve Braddock BS, TCU Head Football Coach Otto Carroll BS, Prairie View A8zM FOM I and II Bill Chapman BS, Texas Tech MS, ETSU English, Health Johnny Cathey McMurry College Physical Education History Tommy Clark Navarro, BS UTA, NTSU Math Jerry Cook BS, Tarleton MS, ETSU Physical Science Biology Jack Cooper BS, SHSU Physics, Chemistry Phy. Science Margaret Cooper BS, HSU Algebra I Sz II Bill Cox BS, M.Ed., ETSU History, Coach Ronnie Dauphin BS, UNM Basic Biology, Coach Dianne Drewery BS, NTSU, MA SMU Home Economics Nancy Dunkerly BA University of Dallas English Sam Easter Auto Mechanics Dianna Endicott Vocational Horticulture Faculty Index Linda Freeman BS, ETSU Drivers Education, Coach, PE Wayne Gentry BBA, ETSU ICT Judie Goodwin BM, NTSU Asst. Band Director Scott Gray Southeastern Oklahoma State University BS, Physical Education Isabel Guerro Angelo State University BS, Spanish Tom Guidry BM, SFASU Asst. Band Director Lou Hall BBA, MBA, NTSU Vocational Education Robert Hobbs Welding Janet Huff BA, ETSU English Fern Hunter BA, Prairie View A8zM English Karen Johnson BA, MA, UTA French, English Lawrence Kucera BS, M.Ed., NTSU Government Gelene Lester BAT, SHSU Homemaking Diane Lewis BA, MAT, UTA English Rita Lincoln BS, MS, ETSU Geometry Jeannie Lucky BFA, Texas Tech Art Melinda Ludwig AS, Navarro BS, UTA Science John McC1intocck BS, M.Ed., Ed., ETSU History Joy McCullough AA Navarrog BBA NTSU Annual, Newspaper Production Debbie McShan BS, Baylor Math Allen Morris BS, NTSU Math Donna Oliver BA, NTSU English Maurine Overall BS, ETSU HECE Sharon Parent University of Manie Special Education Irene Perkins BS, ETSU Homemaking Mike Reel M.Ed., BA, NTSU Math Ruth Poff BA, BS, Texas State University MLS ETSU Librarian Dick Roberts BS, Austin College Agriculture Susan Rogers BA, SFA Special Education Nina Saint NTSU, BS Physical Education Paul Schwander Tarleton State U. BM, Agriculture Sanoma Shoffitt BS, M.Ed., ETSU P.E., Coach Merrijo Slovak BS, ETSU Home Economics Ruth Strunc BA, Tarleton W. History, W. Geography Tecumseh Thompson BA, Paul Quinn State M.Ed., ETSU Special Education Richard Tucker BA, UTA BS, NTSU Physical Education, Health, Biology Hal Wasson Abilene Christian University Physical Education, English Bill Witherspoon Vocational Building Trades Joy Wood BS, ETSU VOE Suzanne Wilcox BS, Baylor University Drama, Speech, English Ricky Witt BD, UNT MD, WNMU Physical Education Biology T00 Busy x J - xfYSY Z A PHOTO Nor AvAlLAaLs Melinda Boon Steve Braddock Otto Carroll Johnny Cathey Bill Chapman If ,off Ronnie Dauphin Dianne Drewery Nancy Dunkerley Sam Easter Diana Endicott V s fr 49-QM' wif' .wJ 'Q I Rebecca Andrews David Arnold Brenda Bell John Blassingame Eugenia Booher Tommy Clark Jerry Cook Jack Cooper Margaret Cooper Bill Cox PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE Lo 0 0 X R f' -47 , g'5f1 " R If 8 . R If nl' X fn ,, ea f xx I U s L l '53 - xii' E S' Tom Guidry Lou Hall Robert Hobbs Janet Huff Fern Hunterr Linda Freeman Wayne Gentry Judie Goodwin Scott Gray Isabel Guerra I A I If f .H ' -DH. X . I Ruth Poff ' 4 ISEPQK9 E' f' u-3 - Karen Johnson i Lawrence Kucerai Gelene Lester Diane Lewis Rita Lincoln Q Too BUSY l 2 . Z A Pl-uoro Nor AVAILABLE 'Q' , LX x . -K 1 If I ' x .r,: X .,. Jeannie Lucky Melinda Ludwig John McClintock Joy McCullough Debbie McShan fo A J. M55 J 5 A , pf 0 9 7 XLE' Tag? P Q U 5? I P ILE ZX - QQ - L 2 f L1 if il 0 1-N. lr' -1515, .... ,J ., -f ,F- 7 xssf, 1d-1, X fu - X 2 - Q ,. it Vw ff dt' an -X -: ix' " 0 l 64 f- A " iff! QE Mike Reel Dick Roberts Susan Rogers Nina Saint Paul Schwander Allen Morris Donna Oliver Maurine Overall Sharon Parent Irene Perkins if -is 'Y PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE Richard Tucker Hal Wasson Suzanne Wilcox , 'lr If .S X "gtg: by A ,- 4 2.11 3 ff f Sanoma Shoffit Merrijo Slovak Miles Strunc Ruth Strunc Tecumseh Thompson 1? l iD Bill Witherspoon 4 ' f la' .va awk l', ,ff g'- 3.1 e, xi 21.JI,5::'v. 1 RQVQ-i."1if':.'f vlsilfw 1Zf'1f,' jd wa" 5,- nec.. C 'lb ,Qi is Qi effszff e ".:l' I mm 2, X L f if I Rickey Witt ' lf Joy Wood 5' 'P'l'1, if u!1lf,l1. 02 'I l 'qqff I Z ' 11' . f UQ ' I n i 2 9X1 1 'C fi 65 "5 Q91 N If vQ'9n f ,Q 'UXQ5 Q qi , ii., Sypxs M., W...- fmfm. nm.-ii ' ' 'zen 5 X 3 HQ , . . 5 Y, .9 - - .- I -Xzvrxv ' ? 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SB 5 F' co :Q 51' KF 3 UQ T' '-3 v-1 N 0 'C U S -u co P US FP fb 4 fb Z E IE. CD :S Pl S4 U1 ED EC F' 4 D5 : O CD 4 'C fb F1 Y' 5. E I c: UQ :S- CD ff' tv 2. N :S I 9. F 'F '11 o C P1 ff D' FU o E L. su 5. cu U5 o N rn F L. o D' 5 5 Q4 Z 0 2 3 SSS P FU o za. :S CD 14 Q O ar fb "I U1 o P U D5 :S :S '4 I o 2 SSS "1 P- O W 1 CII :SS O Sr 5 fb Z4 CJ 0 V1 Fi. o. 5 fi rn. 0 T' U3 SSS B SS ..- ur fb I' D1 D- E1 W Q nS "1 4 :S :S 04 ea 5" 71 :Q cf o O cz. if S s 0 CD :S PY US D7 E fb 5. s' W 2 P1 5 ci 5. V H :S- q. Q. FU O 5 IP :S ff :S- O :S l4 W "I O 2 :S BS :S Q. "1 fb 2 DJ Cb Sf. jf U tb :S E. KD U BT c- 2. L. o :S- I5 'U :SS x: .- UJ .- c 4 ss 3:- O O P1 Cb S4 CD :S H S4 51 "1 5 W o E BU o :S- cr S4 DJ H o 2 :S UJ D' :SS 5 0 CU fb IJ :S aS FV 5' CJ :SS E. :SS IJ U3 ID :SS V1 O 'F L. no n if eo U :SS S. D- U7 o P PJ o D- 5 fb S4 L. su Q ur U1 o F G SSS 1 Q 9. fb 5 SSS P CD CD O o :S D- 'QU :S 5 W Sl. 'Z' Z :SS 4 :SS "1 "I 9 UU :SS :Sr eo I' E? n PT' CD n In O P io CD isle CD "1 U2 I1lo Cf' Cf' H FA 1...-0 M10 , . , Q it .-4 Carl Coleman - Sr. QB. 'il L'-9-1 fx. qw ."' lm-.fa Bobby Brown - Sr. HB. Kitt Woody - Sr. FB. ' f , A zf K ' . :tm-in f.. we ...Aw 1 A ,V -4 21 i. , . gums. I ff. all offi -1 Darian Searcy - Sr. FB. WB. K in-2 I s- l ,JR . QQ P A fxj by if I Michael English - Sr. Vincent Sallie - Sr. HB. HB. Shane Bennett - Sr. ,. 'ie :Ii-,Q ,W 1 45 bl .et aww 4 ff' g. . M, cr ravi J. ..-I ix , x 5:1 2 4' Eddie Cervantes - Sr. Gerald Fielder - Sr. FB. WB. 69 Q . U4 .fs . ' , V I s, fe! 2 em ' f if-,,,,,,,41 :swf if 4, ff f 1 ,f ,vf ,gy 4, 5 my t Kgii fx, dig P' E if -, v 0 , Ag,,,1. Mm ' T g, Am an V ,lv , U uv V :L xg V 7 Q X WW 47 fi, i ef M ,ia f Q55 'f 1 ' 'gif-f'?x A-2 gg? " " ,qi ', 52, 'W we we E ML "T Wa, A S4 ix' f+ , - 'r w an 'J " I, as 4, R A Gary Dickerson - Jr. Brian Holley - Sr. Steve Novy - Sr. WB G G I-LJ ,Qff V . 1 William Hughes - Sr. WT. J n .J . .45 if K 429' as Anthony Brown - Sr. T. 70 m, W ' My if 'gy - 'I v- fi 157 G jr ,.-99 lf' , ' V orn r ' if V i 1An ,, 5, N 4 k ia 8 "1 G ' ' I ,,, f Dennis Dciabaj - Sr. Andrew getik - Sr. lm' v v pi Leif: -Q Johnny Newman - Sr. Mike Sibley - Sr. E 4 - Q2-5522-W' A 3559 a Ml X Q -fr2i'?e1 it U J I A if Robert Lillie - Sr. Vance Vyers - Sr. E. E. Q.-JJ . k in .-is e egg. , XX . . J F ' Lau ' 'Q' H J e if Jackie Davidson - Jr. Kelly Navarro - Jr. QB. C. LLJ Q i E h b af xl qi, Q . Kelly Hitchcock - Jr. Henry Betik - Jr. G. G. ' uf' V K Carl Hackney - Sr E. ' r"' L es f 'T li ff affix Corey Baker - J Jamie Bozek - J T. J' 4' "Q1,fxi1'gH'g f ' 4 ' J J M 'til L. L'L? J 1 5-lil Q'-g ..., Saw 4 11 . , R. r 5 J, 5 '43 L Ei .Ni Greg Payne - Jr. Danny Howard - Jr. Rodney Jackson - Soph. E. E. QB. xg fla e. I N 9 i J 65 530 Q33 Sam Walker - Soph. John Paul Slovak - Soph. Rodney Dickerson - Soph. 72 HB. G. T. f N4 1982-83 Varsity Football Coaches Bill Cox, Ronnie Dauphin, Steve Braddock - Head Coach, Ricky Witt, Richard Tucker Varsity Football Captains 1 lst Row: Andrew Betik, Vance Vyers. 2nd Row: Bobby Brown, Shane Bennett. K 4' . 3 C 42? '-9,5 I fs. f- U Junior arsity Football 1982 fem-A G., .f .1 f ,,,W,'--we vi ,-Q--Wm-Q f- w..-.m.m,-.,-.- em 3. - on , 1 - - H . ia.: wen -, , ,Ur-wfamnna , ,. ,,. , ev -g Ma H -. ,.f'.:+',a v any f , ' - V ,,., -, .Q ,. ,vi --,.,. w ' P - v fr ' 'f 1 V . , . 7' il et, aw f f Q i 1 First Row: Louis Sallie, Ronald Watson, Sheldon Payne, Shawn Payne, Byron Burr, Donald Watson, Rodney Goodwin, Second Row: Coach Wasson, Mgr. James Brown, Harold Robinson, Rodney Jackson, Everett Gilmore, David Vaca, Mark Novy, Darrell Heine, Frederick Watson, Jeff Nichols, Coach! Morris, Eric Lucas, Justin Lee, Randy Garrett, Darren Lewis, Troy Patak, Patrick Grimes, Jeff Dlabaj, Guy Sibley, Keith Kimberlin, Rodney Williams, Lee Grant Clark, Pat Venable, Greg Payne, Isiah Young, Larry Atchley, James Watkins, Tony Wilhoite, Rodney Johnson, Ronnie Owens, Mike Collins, Mike Pustejovsky, Rel Lipscomb l .W q5,1a3!AEi5se15q, ,.. " -'xg xl fi ' ' 1 Lions x 'ff' X, ,jg . ,,-gy mu h . WM 'Sf' inth Grade Football 1982 i L First Row: Mgr. Mike Harbour, Jerome Moore, Kenneth Monreal, Mark Woody, Mike French, Clyne McCarty, Troy Jones, John Stacks, Larry Kelvin Smith, Mgr. Jeff Fisher, Second Row: Tim Barnes, Tim Sharp, Jamie Childers, Roland Cervantes, David Byrd, Kevin Jay Ronald Lane, Jeff Macon, Daniel Coleman, Benny Strickland, Third Row: Coach Hunt, Jarrine Wilburn, Wesley Jones, Rodney McGraw Daryl Spence, Brian Fincher, Kevin Collard, Dawson Slack, James Owens, Bobby Freeman, Coach Gray 74 Lions' Baseball, 1983 Varsity had .500 Season C10 Wins - 10 lossesj DNS Head Coach - Bill C Ennis Ennis Ennis Ennis Ennis Ennis Ennis Ennis Ennis Ennis Ennis Ennis mms Assistant Coach - Ricky Witt District Play Terrell 0 Rockwall 0 Waxahachie 1 DeSoto 16 Lancaster 8 Corsicana 5 Terrell 2 Rockwall 2 Waxahachie 15 DeSoto 7 Lancaster 1 Corsicana 1 75 Varsity Baseball '83, ' ' W ' ' '5'?135'K'Hi iiaalrlfvfii sifxfrfinsfnmzmmai "'f x YV - 7 1- A f gyngkila. '1 i' if . waasafeafizaaig,rm.gamaQ ,L awzaigfang, y rn--sfsimjrvumw wfgaifw:v1gi,,a 1,gxr!qi1z:9rsi,a,a.m,3,f - 4.-fc irgaapa iagraaamzmarw any .: .Q ' 5 il "fav ws We My f16+!'l.2YL'v'iif,f f' '-HJR. ,.,jEfM,,f L, ?Qe'9f2? HS' 8 E. , K rf K W mzfrxnvwafxi ,. f, W ww i 1 iiwaaiisw ' 3 ' ngflxgi is -if exam as Q I+: ' Jw w . a,,. za ' M31-" ' 'gf .-lr sr f- gp mar: X. A +44 yiflq 3 fmfqfmr-F f' 'afar 'g 'izwfsza asa 2 ' ern, 418219115 '- f w w K 1 ,L , . ' emma are f , l: 149-if Q we .irfff haf: 2? tiff'-ir, iframe if , iff ,WV' ,lf N 1 ,, 'mf ff H al fix. a 'i 3 fy ,isp y 2511 sw, ggi ' ,Lrg 51' 1 Wk 't A 'ff fc I W 'V as f M - was zu 'vm fwwzas- mc ww L ' ' mf' f- uims Lions trims Wig UUN5 UUN5 Umlgf iiii 1 Front Row: L-R Mike Sibley, Brian Ware, Danny Jordan, Gabriel Martinez, Andrew Betik, Jeff Collins, Mark Novy. Back Row: L-R Coach Witt, Guy Sibley, Jack Kirkpatrick, Brian Holley, Darrin Lewis, Vance Vyers, Darrin Cromeans, Kelly Navarro, Coach Cox. J .V. Baseball '83' Front Row: L-R Roland Cervantes, David Vaca, Jamie Childers, Jeff Macon. Second Row: L-R Darryl Spence, Kenny Baker, Shawn Petty, Mike French. Back Row: L-R Tom Henderson, Jay Hellner, Pat Venable, Romeo Saenz, Brian Fincher, James Owens, Tony Wilhoite, Henry Betik. Not Pictured: Coach Tucker. 76 Andrew Betik - Sr. - lst base Darin Cromeans - Sr. - SS Brian Holley - Sr. - R.F. 'ii YQ: Jlg fr S Q " i er O' 3 - Jack Kirkpatrick - Sr. - L.F. Boyce Markham - Sr. - lst base Mike Sibley - Sr. - 2nd, SS Vance Vyers - Sr. - CF Jeff Collins - Jr. - R.F. Danny Jordan - Jr. - C.F. Gabriel Martinez - Jr. - 3rd Mark Novy - Jr. - SS fx Gi. Q9 rx 5' HQ E' -if? In 'S 55.21 Kelly Navarro - Jr. - catcher Brian Ware - Jr. - left field :ff V lflgf .D ii X QC K . Darin Lewis - Soph. - catcher Guy Sibley - Soph. - third Varsity Basketball Y Jeff Collins, Lewis Jones, Gerald Fielder, James Watson, Lee Birdow, Darren Cant, Chris Payne, Ronnie Radway, Dior Boyd, Jack Kirkpatrick, Rounze Hart, and Robert Lillie. inf, YJUJ' Q' Chris Payne - Sr. Dior Boyd - Sr. Gerald Fielder - Sr. Robert Lillie - Sr. Rounze Hart - Sr. RN! Darren Gant - Soph. so dlfw 245 '9 Jack Kirkpatrick - Sr. Ronnie Radway - Sr. Nfy gill IJ' Lewis Jones - Jr. James Watson - Soph Jeff Collins - Jr. Lee Birdow - Jr. C 9 l Junior Varsity Basketball 8 -83 Darryl Hejny, Everett Gilmore, Rodney Jackson, James Watkins, Payne, Wally Ward, Timothey Jackson, Billy Gillespie, Billy Edwards, Lewis Sallie, Coach Gray Freshman Basketball '8 -83' Larry Howard, Wade Daniels, Troy Jones, David Byrd, Wesley Jones, Patrick Spellman, Jeff Freeman, Keith Archibald, Wayne Chance, Brian Fincher, Jeff Macon, Timothy Barnes, Shawn Petty, Coach Hunt 1983 Varsity Track ,Um -354 FIRST ROW: John Knott, Donald Watson, Sam Walker, Harold Robinson, John Paul Slovak, SECOND ROW: Isiah Young, Kelvin Nealy Gerald Fielder, Corey Baker, William Hughes, Ronald Watson, Sheldon Payne. District Qualifiers QNQ - , 9 1 ':,vvfh,1..31w. 1 """"""""' U11 in-an yin. Gerald Fielder - Sr. - Long jumpg Kelvin Nealy - Sr. - Shot put H+ X 'il 'f""tuf' J ' 15 s NNI. Varsity Weight Men William Hughes, Kelvin Nealey, Isiah Young, Corey Baker JV Sprint Relay vi-max, 4Q':l.il'. Harold Robinson, Donald Watson, Ronald Watson, Sam Walker. Standing: Sheldon Payne Freshman Sprint Relay Kevin Echols, Mike French, Jarrine Wilbourn, David Byrd JV - Freshman Track 1 , S - ai . nd 1 X , 1 ' , . V K 1 , ' ,f ,sl g, ,I Q1 fl 1 sf 'mf Y X! 'T .I .I I W ' ' -4 Q V ., . A A 4 I , 1 1 L f I .. I 3 .. , 1 , , fa. , 1, W '- M Kneelingg Larry Howard, Harold Robinson, Terry Vaught, LeGrant Clark. Sitting, Donald Watson, Mike French, Sam Walker, John Knott, Ronald Watson, David Byrd, Ronald Lane. Standingg Kevin Echols, John Slovak, J arrine Wilbourn, Keith Kimberlin, Sheldon Payne Track Coaches 2 1' .3 Wi sg f . in .35 25 ,ii ri 1' M .Ta M' 2 . 5 fx! 1-sd x, -,, .-,.,.,,- ,L wpm,,,unnaquull wgxif-mLr.,1!:Q.4,.,4I.1f?,?'f? ff HM-X 2:15 fc.. 'Jigflif-1:'1t'-r?-77, Coach Hal Wasson, Coach Paul Willingham Ennis Ennis Ennis Ennis Ennis Ennis Ennis Ennis Ennis Ennis Ennis Ennis Ennis Ennis Ennis First Ever To "Final Four" In Austin From Ennis!! 'Sgt FRONT ROW: Sr. Tracy Burr, Jr. Tondra Roberts, Sr. Kimone Clark, Jr. Jeanette Robinson, Sr. Jackie Wilborn, and Jr. LaDonna Hart. BACK ROW: Mgr. Shandrea Myers, Soph. Letitia Hughes, Soph. Penny Johnson, Jr. Glenda Myers, Sr. Donna Freeman, Sr. Therica Griffin, Mgr. Pam Orman LADY LION BASKETBALL, 1982-83 fSeason Record: 27 Wins-6 Losses, Playoff Record: 4-1!l Linda Freeman "COACH OF THE YEAR" Kimball Scrimmage 49-40 Ennis - Carter-Riverside Carter Scrimmage 64-53 Ennis Rockwall Ft. Worth Dunbar 69-64 Ennis Sunset North Dallas 85-44 Ennis Carter North Garland 81-21 Ennis Waxahachie Longview 69-88 Ennis DeSoto Brownsboro 64-49 Ennis Lancaster John Tyler 87-64 Ennis Corsicana Carthage 51-87 Ennis Terrell Kennard 61-57 Ennis Rockwall Kimball 83-68 Ennis Waxahachie North Dallas 91-24 Ennis DeSoto Garland 72-41 Ennis Ennis St. John Dallas Madison 61-44 Ennis Lanacaster Terrell 78-32 Ennis Corsicana District STATE PLAYOFF SCORES Area Ennis 73 - Richfield 71 Bi-District Ennis 71 - Mt. Pleasant 61 Ennis 74 - McKinney 64 Ennis 65 - Carthage 64 Ennis 39 - Levelland 66 Regional Championship State Semi-Finals 73-23 48-46 77-30 66-71 80-55 52-45 73-27 67-60 75-28 54-59 77-46 58-44 2-0 92-31 52-57 85 Kimone Clark, Sr. Captain 0 9 O Tondra Roberts, Offensive Player of the Year. Most Valuable Player, District 6-AAAA Second Team All-State Guard Third Team All-Region, TABC "All-Metro 5" - Dallas Times Herald i l l Donna Freeman, Sr. Captain Second Team All-District 6-AAAA l Tracy Burr, Sr. Captain First Team All-District, 6-AAAA ff- ,gg ,4 , I All-Tourney Team At State 1 , rg . Qi I 1 -.ff We Won!! And Won!! And Won Some More! Thank you Vavra, Mrs. Overall, Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. Weathers, Braddock, Mrs. Hilger, and Mrs, Gerron For Balloon-a-Gram! Tondra Roberts Jr Where The Action Was' ,if ixwiqmgg ,... . L V 5 ! NW A .3 E ws ,1 65? .Q ,,, LADY LION LEADERSHIP AWARD , JUN' Donna Freeman and Glenda Myers were presented this award by Girls Athletic Coordinator Sanoma Shoffit and Coach Linda Freeman. 88 Denny Johnson, Sophomore LaDonna LADY LION SPIRIT AWARD , Q . ffl", . .W r k. gh 2 P Therica Griffin and Letitia Hughes were presented this award by Girls Athletic Coordinator, Sanoma Shoffit and Coach Linda Freeman. Lady Lion Jr. Varsity - Season Record 20-Q! BACK ROW: Coach Sanoma Shoffit, Kristy Myers, Terrie Jordan, Rhonda Manuel, Lynda Allen, Monique Ware, Sheila J ones. FRONT ROW: Cassandra Henderson Leola Shannon, Kim Beasley, LaDonna Hart, Shannon Boyd, Tracy Littleton, Dorothy Elkins. Lady Lions J .V. Volleyball BACK ROW: Therica Griffin, Mgr. Rhonda Manuel, Sheila Jones, Shandrea Myers, Monique Ware, Pam Orman, Penny Johnson, Mgr. FRONT ROW: Kim Beasley, Tracy Littleton, Shannon Boyd, Terrie Jordan, Letitia Hughes. 89 Varsit Volleyball Kristy Myers, Donna Freeman, Jackie Wilborn, Kimone Clark, Tracy Burr, Tondra Roberts, Glenda Myers. Volleyball Action! A 'DN Y i V f . . Coach Nina Saint - Varsity Volleyball, Cross Country JV Lady Lion Track And More Action!! " I Kimone Clark - Jackie Wilborn - Tracy Burr Second Team All-Dist. Honorable Mention All-Dist. 90 5 ' ie- 5 ' 'ffl , " fw0.....,.gf. ,Un ,. , , ..q - f Donna Freeman - Tondra Roberts Honorable Mention All-Dist. Lady L1on J .V. Track 1str1ct Champwns BACK ROW: Shannon Boyd, Tracy Littleton, Lynda Allen, Rhonda Manuel, Leola Shannon, Tondra Roberts, Clariene Calhoun. FRONT ROW: LaDonna Hart, Monique Ware, Cassandra Hughes, Terrie Jordan, Dorothy Elkins, Penny Johnson. Lady Lion Cross Countr Team ,gl wel -46" Glenda Myers - High Point Contestant In District Meet. BACK ROW: Sheila Jones, Pam Orman, Mgr., Shandrea Myers, Linda Holbert, Mgr., MIDDLE ROW: Kristy Myers, Letitia Hughes, Rhonda Manuel, Therica Griffin, FRONT ROW: Kimone Clark, Shannon Boyd, Glenda Myers, Tracy Littleton. 91 OUTSTANDING TRACK ATHLETE LADY LION HONOR ROLL .vw ll" ' A' J ' T 5 , . e 7x T' 5 I . Hg I C " 0 Seniors Tracy Burr, Kimone Clark, Therica Griffin, and Donna Freeman were added to the Graduating Honor Roll. The award was presented by Varsity Track Coach Sanoma Shoffit and Coach Linda Freeman. I , I " ,. Q if f 4. n ,' " .V fr 'aei A I EIS? f iw, no - . ., fii . Presented to Therica Griffin, Sr. by Varsity Track Coach ll ' A K fi Sanoma Shoffit 'Ai' A he 535533. VARSITY TRACK ACTION . , if wx , ' ' 'if , ,ek I , ,,B,7 1 92 ,,. if , ,W F -1 i 1425 35931 ,5 I fl 15,3 'F 11- A , W, fy , ,W-gr if ,-c- ' 1 .I WW . in , w I , I, ., Managers: Linda Holbert, Jo Moya, Pam Orman, Donna Freeman I 1 N I t 'II I 5 L K . A ' Qfgyf Q , 1 I Ig -f 1 Aw " W- me .. 'QM' Q if f R :XJ QQAIM Pu v -. R. .-f--" I we , . ff 'rf , ,i , , 4, ,.1-11.4. , . ,, fp ,,f af . L 1: ,I 4 ef, 4 EEFKW .2 L J' as Zgia 'I A 'lr A r 1, 'K , I AQ' lib ,fi Lady Lion Varsity Track - North Zone District Champs!! X 'fha BACK RCW: Therica Griffin, Sheila Jones, Glenda Myers, Virginia Washington, Shandrea Myers. FRONT ROW: Tracy Burr, Kim Beasley, Kristy Myers, Letitia Hughes, Kimone Clark. 1 'I 1982-83 Tennis . . rx Q n n in mv Carol Kinzie Allen Crigger 5 5 x W Collene LaSca1a Monica Woodard . in Action f. I . f, -M .f3g'.A... K . ., " if 'Q Y 2' '13 5'3f'T'w+, David Griffith Cindy Griffith Gi i. ,W Tammy LaSca1a Illlillilllilnlliin 1 null I Ill ' Iillilllllllllfnlllhlvi122253. -llllIlllllllll:::: lllllIlll 95 1982-1983 Varsity Golf l L to R Back Row: Donald Smith, Danny Howard, Matt LaFollett, Corey Baker. Front Row: Darrel Heine Girls' Advance to Regionals L to R Back Row: Gina Wesly, Jackie Franz, Stacey Baker, Kim Adams. Front Row: Becky Cherry. Janet Hollingsworth Julie Tolleson Tina McKenzie wx:- 'i I ' . 'f' v. ii' T' - -3 . A i . fl X Kemilia Ricks Linda Isbell Varsity Cheerleaders LeAnn Henry Ginger Peebles PA ,.. 1. -1, V. .. AQ -11 , ,Q - , -vis. i..f.,. ar + 'Q in mm,. M, f Qi K 5 -Q NF f 5... V E .f Q in 'gL' - A ' 5 L vas...- Y 3 ? 5f Q1 ,vpn 'mx' I fi Ali.. ,xt L M 11 G- , V Fmt' V t iff: fo, rv AQ M' V 1 ' I Y -,, V F, , xi 8 V -X ,Q vw -v AK , Homecoming Queen Karen Wilcox 'if in 4 .i I Deanna Zabojnik i iw Homecoming Lisa Brown , , ig' lf. W -- .1 "1 V 1: I l 9 i fi-zif i. ,sg - -1 'K fe.. ,f i Sandra English Homecoming Nominees and Escorts fs 1-L V, il U ' y 'mg D , 4 -' 5 n 4,,,w,.1 A , M3194 Rounze Hart, Sandra English, Boyce Markham, Karen Wilcox, Lisa Brown, Matt LaFollett, Deanna Zabojnik, David Griffith Homecoming Court James Watkins, Letitia Hughes, Rel Lipscomb, Lacey Payne, Janet Martinek, David Svehlak, Shannon Keeney Bryan Fincher, Mike French, Joy Ueberroth, Kemelia Ricks, Jim Gossett. Autographs D.A.R. KX? QXX7 K xr , N' N5 fx X 55 Deanna Zabojnik L I 11- 1 " 'ieggm , if ev in 5.555 1 ,QL if gfiixfiz ns: - U V-421 Y , I sz 0 m f F Q, If 42 S. . .'1f1:gL-'W f .f Q mf' N563 M 1' -grfgxrws , 1 sf: Qf'f3g,?g5s3ffL'? ' ' 5 -ii' Y. A 'fi ' ' U ws .pf Y K, Y 0 . -1 I wwf L f x YW 'iw 3 nl '21, JW? ,Q 1-mv if ,Q X aww 52115 52 xi xfigw i Et fx. 5 'ff v 'Y Q, rg 'Mein - 'affix 2 , siffiy . , 1 1L.V -. ---: L' Q QA K ' fA,QiliQfff- -9 , fwQ.J.fYQ,x3xgg 5, . C if TESL '-ggi 3 fl. .. - , exif .X ff E . -51 364 .Ng i S I L 2 l Junior Favorites ii lnijj. 'iff ow... 6' 3 fr 1,1 9 2:9 X rn L95 Janet Martinek Danny Howard Junior Personalities . . I K ' K . ' . , ., wzzvg.. g. ay-Kay Naill, Kathy Coleman, Suzanne Macalik, Samuel Johnson, Jim ossett, Louis Jones 111 U.I.L. One Act Play Zone and District Winner Jeff McClendon, Suzanne Wilcox, Boyce Markham Danny Zapletal, Ronnie Wampler, Mandy Wright, Gre Fullington, Gloria Miller, and Mike Harber. Sophomore Personalities Guy Sibley, Kim Crow, Shelly Johnson, Rel Lipscomb, Letitia Hughes, Ricky Nutt Sophomore Favorites Lisa Payne Rodney Jackson Freshman Favorites Bryan Fincher Shannon Keeney YJ Freshman Personalities Elaine Novy, Mike French, Leslie Brewer, Jeff MeClendon, Jamie Childers, Wendy Hobbs if-A V 1 Y 4,1171 , 4, Qmufl-Flu 5? ,-'-' rf- rw' '-.1 ' V wmv: ww w 1 my - "1-'V 53Iw.v2" P' If V ' !g" '1Q,' 'M ' 4' P' 'X '11 l M 'if' Y -,,I?'--Lv N " .Q . f - "1 V: ' -,4:I:Qg. ' 41. Q ' A - I - ff'd'y' 1' mn . ir X' -"' ,ET X '5fTQ- H, , ., K Y , - , L , .-.if 4, , lm ,V .1 A mv, ,Q . Vg-, - My M N ' Y l gf . 1 ' Y 'fp ,'ff"f7J11, , 3' Li' 'V J ' "-J ' 'li-Tir I "1 ' 1! '. ,K ., ' ' :fag-Q i N Q, Q33 1 ' 1 ' I i'J1?'f' 1 H 12, fx 'g ..-' ' 'sm' 1,1 ' -- 5.34 , di, 1 . b - 2k3f'v:i'-,--ffl - 4 ' f, 15- la, 't..:""- Y.: -' ,Y R11 ,Z AH!! J' -""--n , -, . ,,, . , !r,.:, 1,. N a,.5S1:1123i:iE:::::253my 'I Y- 11325: -kia? , 1 ' l k ' '- . - QQSQI' swf ."'llq. fly lcv' - Q, Fung' '.5r1's.,. ,i . ' m .f-',pfb31llvQ:3Sg:2::::-F ,. hi- Q31 N ' .f Q O O it sq. "lq. :'W5Q'i1. -,-LN inn---ziflitn H -V' '1-1 ' 6 'f,'f,'+'n',t' ,M - gg:::5::5:'.g,,.. ,Q-1 , . 'f':"r'0'f5'q':""l::"":'Fi uL"'1!L?, 143: 5"I:5E5E:F'4'01' 4330" "WF ' ' fn, 0,13 'v'lu.:l'ufn,N. 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'luqu "ll:u.::""lluu..."ILul"fff U ."Iu,""ls."llag:"lll:lnn::::"""l'l llllluvxl' 'fi' 'Lu "Hag"llz..""'lllluu..:""llluiq'uruI"'u '-L' -J:"I:'..'ll...llli:......'llllll:.....".llllI",:' f"'a f'f'u,"ll.,'lu.., .....Ullllllll:......'ll'gllIU-' -fo U21--""la"'lll "'llllllllllllI."""'lvl"" 'f'-' "'?5l"?la'"l!l:.'"'llllllnnuIl:."""'v"'4 K 2n,,31Su:'lllg.""lllulllulln:"""lnf' 1 fw:::g3::a,fu. ..'lllllllllllll """'I"f ,3 ??f"TEF:'Hi H .UUIIIIIIIIIIIIII gg 3:5-isa., ?!::ggg:g---- bg? - .fyfgqxnsex -1. igjn 1 lzeiwaask- ive , juz' . 'I.r .lllf r ' lllllllgll ,f A: lllllllllfllllllg ' Nllulllrlllnlu-nur., -'-3.x '?llllllllllll:l.lllliv- f-marina. gnzuvzsurnryfqn- Kaslliinx fillllr k" 2 -V fsillll. fit ': 'lu 'wlliw 1 gi:':::..:- . ' f',,a5e E3 .N :nw ':'.."' 1 Tlllll ww 4? ,,:u:f:7:ulli.. -"'f' ""-xf'?"niQfFf"'- llrf' 1 ,- Tlmv. .,f A Jr. High All District Front Row: Elaine Novy, Stephanie Hunter, Kari Cook, Back Row: Cheryl Cathey, Kara Sullivan, Anna Dyess, Mike Marshall, Johnny Blassingame, LaSandra M Lisa Skroh, Sandra Henry, Karri Edgell, Michael Gaytan Solo and Ensemble Stephanie Hunter First Division Solo Sz Ensemble Freshman: Johnny Blassingame 1 18 W All Star Jazz: Vickie Hicks, David Lambert, Toni Blassingame All-State Orchestra John Philip Sousa Area Qualification Toni Blassingame Sheila Patak Freshman Twirlers Elaine Novy, Angela Walker, Sandra Henry, Stephanie Hunter 1 19 Sheila Patak - Sr. Drum Majorette R. ' Karleen Spaniel - Sr. Drum Majorette Twirlers Toni Blassingame - Sr. Karen Wilcox - Sr. Kristine Jurik - Sr. Paige McCann - Jr. Debbie Hudspeth - Soph. Lisa Brown - Sr. Holly Harper - Jr. J ,Layna Jones - Soph. Shelly Potts - Jr. Laura Ingargiola - Soph. 121 Stage Band I ffront Rowl Karleen Spaniel, Polly Sullivan, Toni Blassingame, Esther Gaytan, Kim Grahamg CSecond Rowj Debbie Hudsbeth, Chris Divin, Rodney Edwards Scott Probst, John Blassingameg lThird Rowb Vicki Hicks, David Lambert, Danny Zapletal, James Rejeck, Jo Ann Trojacek, John Schumacher tage Band II lFront Rowl Michael Gaytan, Kari Cook, Stacy Baker, Brad Beakley, Yvonne Saenz. CSecond Rowj Amy Simpson, J'Layna Jones, Wendell Rushin, Mike Chennault, Lisa Skroh, Karri Edgell 122 All Region First row: Talmadge Young, Ester Gayton, Jenny Harrison, Jackie Honza, Amy Simpson, Jamie Mahone, Danny Zapeta, Toni Blassingame, David Lambert, Debbie Hudspeth, Jo Ann Trojacek, Back Row: Carol Chapman, Kristine Jurik, Deanna Novy, John Schumacher, Vicki Hicks, Sheila Patak, James Rejek, J'Lana Jones, Danny Zapletal, Toni Blassingame, Wendel Rushin All District Row: Karen Wilcox, Grace Batten, Polly Sullivan, Holly Harper, Suzanne Dodson, Kim Younge, Esther Gaytan, Jenny Harrison, Jackie Honza, Amy Simpson, Jamie Mahone, Debbie Hudspeth, Jo Ann Trojacek, Missy Smith, Back Row: Lisa Brown, Vicki Cindy Jacob, Scott Probst, Sheila Patak, Chuck Preecs, John Schumacher, Novy Chris Divin Solo 8: Ensemble Row: Esther Gaytan, Jenny Harrison, Jackie Honza, Amy Simpson, Samie Mahone, Danny Zapletal, Toni Debbie Hudspeth, Jo Ann Trojacek, Missy Smith. Second Row: Lisa Brown, Vicki Hicks, Carol Novy, Cindy Jacob, Scott Probst, Sheila Patak, Chuck Preecs, John Schumacher, James Rejek, James Pouzar Ennis High School Band Debbie Karen Jamie Amy Simpson, Steven Potts Zapletal, James Preecs Row: Dean Freshman Band Front Row: Sandra Henry, Elaine Novy, Debra Weldon, Angela Walker, Cheryl Cathey, Onely Guajardo. Second Row: Wendy Hobbs, Shana Peebles, , ' , ' , ' , , ' , ' , ' , ' g hird Row: Kim Re' n Watson Stephanie Hunter Monica Tucker Karri Edgel Anna Dyess Lisa Skroh Chris Frank Tabitha Hall Jill Cox T Frazier, Lana McCorvey, William Phillips, LaSandra Morris, Dorothy Robinson, Jimmy Pustejovsky, Jennifer Cathey, Kelly Billy Bob Griffin, Michael Gaytan, Chris Banks, Adrian Johnson, Oscar Guajardo, Kari Cookq Fourth Row: Scott Russell, Kara Sullivan, Clint Mike Marshall, David Norman, David Reeve, Glenn Skrivanek 124 jcek, Teresa Bre ba To rkoa National Honor Society Kmzie Vickie Hicks Stephanie Gaylor TOD1Bl8SSlDg3m8 Jolinda Yandell Karleen Spaniel Kristine Jurik Karen Wilcox fback l to rl Paige Parks, J 'Lane Nichols l to rl Esther Gayton, Sandy Dlalde, Steven Salik, Gloria Miller, Talmadge Young, Shelia Patak, Christi Bates, Deanna Zabojnik fMiddle l to rl Joann Trojacek 1 Griffith, Mark Amina, Tom Hall, Jeff Fuiiingmn, MikeYSibley, Debbie iustejovsky ' ' A Q Q l nt l to rl Jamie Mahone, Kemelia Ricks, Phyllis Parma, Kim Ranton, Shelly Potts, Grace Batten, Kim Krajca, Polly Sullivan, Yvette Coker fmiddle l to rl Connie ckleford, Paige McCann, Kay Kay Naill, Suzanne Macalik, Angie Patak, Glenda Meyers, Janice Emmert, Deanna Novy, Judy Yandell, Holly Harper, iback l to rj rk Novy, Bryan Ware, David Vaca, Wayne Robinson, Vance Vyers, Dede Brown, Jim Gossett, Jeff Pouzar, Danny Stewart, Steve Mosley, Henry Betik 125 U.I.L. Zone inners One-Act Play "The Browning Version" ,f f iz, rf, r B Q Q 1 K A nwlx H Standing: Mandy Wright, Suzanne Wilcox - Director, Danny Zapletal - Asst. Dir., Jeff McClendon, Mike Harbour, Sitting: Greg Fullington, Gloria Miller Boyce Markham, Ronnie Wampler wi-mx Mandy Wright - Alternate All Star Cast, Boyce Markham A All Star Cast, Gloria Miller - Best Actress District U.l.L. Winner Greg Fullington - Alternate All Star Cast, Boyce Markham - Best Actor, Gloria Miller - All Star Cast, Ronnie Wampler - All Star Cast , Ronnie Rawlings - 3rd Place Persuasive Speaking, Vickie Hicks - lst Typing, Gloria Miller 3rd Place Poetry I FTA lst Row: Holly Harper - 1st Vice-President, Teresa Dodson - 2nd Vice, Elaine Novy - Rec. Sec., Kim Muirhead - Financial Sec., Cathy Cervantes - Parliamentarian, Judy Yandell - Historian, Debbie English - Student Council Rep., Rita Lincoln - Sponsor 2nd Row: Regina Vinson, Kim Adams, Antonia Haynes, Charlene Dozier, Stephanie Walker, Aundrel Haynes, Juana Myers, Karen Knight, 3rd Row: Deanna Novy, Sandra Henry, Leah Davis, Peggy Emmert, Michelle Ferguson, Susan Hammonds, Shelly Percival, Deborah Ware, Esther Gaytan, Debbie Hudspeth 4th Row: Roland Alvarez, Lara Ingargiola, Carma Rhodes, Rhonda Deagan, Lisa Jones, Jaquie Honza, Yvonne Saenz, J'Layna Jones, Connie Shackelford, Tobarka Thompson, Not Pictured: Jolinda Yandell - Pres. IKE Charlene Dozier - President, Lisa Brown Vice-Pres, Kay Kay Nail - Secretary, Paige McCann - Sgt. at Arms, treasurer, Boyce Markham - Beau, Kim Lucas - Historian, Ky Sibley - Parliamentarian, Eugenia Booher - Sponsor, 2nd Row: Missy Smith, Shirelle Dozier, Kim Ranton, Karen Wilcox, Kim Crow, Missy Macakik, Vickie Martinek, Monica Tucker, Amy Macalik, Kim Rejcek, Amanda Monreal, Lori Easley, Yolanda Monreal 3rd Row: Maria Pastore, Tonya Bond, Lynn Ferguson, Peggy Emmert, Debby Ware, Deanna Novy, Sandra Henry, Elaine Novy, Stephanie Hunter, Debbie Pustejovsky, Leisa Hutchinson, J enet Jones, Melinda Crow, Sam Walker, 4th Row: Phyllis Parma, Patricia Sage, Christy Bates, Tricia Miller, Stephanie Walker, Cassandra Morris, Tobarka Thompson, Tabatha Hall, Janet Martinek, Grace Batten, Mandy Wright, June Belew, Yvette Coker, 5th Row: Drema Farmer, Kim Brumley, Adrian Johnson, Cathy Cervantes, Joyce Trojacek, Laura Doherty, Jackie Franz, Suzanne Macalik, Kemelia Ricks, Jamie Mahone, Greg Payne, David Vaca, Danny Howard, 6th Row: Gina Wesley, Sherry Koonze, Stacy Baker, Carol Chapman, Deanna Taraba, Kay Spaniel, Cindy Griffith, Jennifer Harrison, Shannon Keeney, Lisa Skroh, James Martinek LEO we , 1 A I p, Y . ' . r f' i n 'f we ' .Q-, M A ,- . f lr ,ii O4 Q A lg ' ' , ,, 1, if A ,359 ge: lllllllll Front Row: Walter Martinez, Daryl Kvapil, Dale Fudge, Ken Frye, Back Row: Sam Laster, Michael Glaser, Robert Partida, Mike Bustamante, Greg Zabojnik, Salvador Muniz F.F.A. L to R: Row 1 - Paul Schwander, David Arnold, Carl Novak, Mike Pustejovsky, Mike Collins, Sherrie Spillers, Brenda Hammonds, Dick Roberts, Lisa Jones, Row 2 - Kevin Goodman, Wesley Jones, Kevin Jones, Jana Stevens, Rodney Dickerson, Ted Redd, Kitt Woody, Tim Armstrong, Steve Price, Lance Ueberroth, Eric Coker, Tina McKinzieg Row 3 - Wayne Lipsey, Kevin Collard, James Owens, Billy Allen, Royce Trojacek, Chip Reeve, Ronald Oliver, Johnny Newman, Kevin Roberts, Chad Weldon, Lara Chamberlain, Leah David, Malinda Vrana, Row 4 - Kelly McManus, Greg Bouska, Mike Mecom, Ronnie Owens, James Martinek, Jackie Davidson, Keith Kimberlin, James Allen, Betty Sharp, C.P. Benner, James Novy, Jimmy Hernandez, Ronnie Slovacek, Row 5 - Robbie Wilson, Jeff Marusak, Linda Allen, Mark Valek, Billy Gillespie, Rowdy Pruitt, Kyle Wilson, Mark Rejcek, Greg Burns, James Allred, Joey Skroh, James Goodman, Greg Wilhoite, Randy Rankin, Tim Dvorak, Row 6 - Glenn Skrivanek, David Reeve, Jimmy Pustejovsky, Eric Lucas, John Stacks, Frazier Thompson, Shannon Christian, Lisa Sktoh, Mark Noracus, Wade Daniels, Darin Krajca, David Sibley, Rodney Pechal, Rodney Hughes, Row 7 - Donald Smith, Kelly Hitchcock, Corey Baker, Jeff McLendon, Jeff Kubin, Barry Jones, Patrick Slovak, Troy Patak, Calvin Stevens, Chad Spence, Neil Wagliardo, Jeff Fisher, Terry Polsen, Mike West, Row 8 - Gilbert Bouska, Steve Valek, Tony Spaniel, Brian Spaniel, Mike Ramsey, Jerome Wilborn, Terry Hurley, Billy Wilson, Randy Rankin, Sammy Slovak, Richard Spaniel, Heath Deagan, Stanley Sharp. "Linda, Sleeping Beauty" Are we heavy Linda?" 4 "Figured it out yet Mark?" 5 rm ii if S "Shower to Shower each day . . . " 131 FCA w ,L lst Row: Henry Betik - President, Brian Ware - Vice President, Mike Dickerson - secretary, Mark Novy - Treasurer, Mike Lucas, Mike Sibley - Student Council Rep. 2nd Row: Bill Cox - Sponsor, Mike Pustejvasky, Jamie Childress, Andrew Betik, Pat Venable Guy Sibley 3rd Row: Mike French, Corey Baker, Kevin Collard, Darin Cromeans, Jim Gossett, 4th Row: Jeff Dlabaj, Romeo Saenz,yJ.P. Slovak, Darren Lewis, Danny Howard, Justin Lee JET 1st Row: Jack Cooper - Sponsor, Thomas Betik - President, Jerry Marusak - Vice President, De-De Brown - Treasurer, Jo Ann Trojacek - Secretary, 2nd Row: Christy Bates, Blaine Seaboalt, Jeff Trojacek, Jeff Pouzar, Steve Mosley, Steve Salik, 3rd Row: Debby Pustejovsky Mike Sibley, Danny Stewart, Ginger Flynt, Talmadge Young, 4th Row: Roland Alvarez, Steve Boon, Wendle Rushin, Kristine Jurik: Sheila Patak, Sandy Olalde DECA First row: Sherry Spillers, Julie Jackson, Patricia Dozalic, Theresa Caudillo, Sponsor: Lou Hall. Second row: Kevin Goodwin, Kelly McManus, Anita Juri, Lydia Trojacek, Margie Guzman, Sheryn Long, Carmen Caudillo, Wayne Robinson, Third row: Clint Tims, David Kubin, Greg Bouska, Royce Trojecek, Rhonda Blackerby, Cherly Hester, Mike Lumpkin, Lisa Laye, Robbie Allard, June Belew, Fourth row: Monica Capart, Christy Minatree, Jimmy Johmson, Karen Budai, John Vaughn, Auralia Herrera, Dessi Guerro, Andres McGown, Nancy Gomez, Kirk Campbell, Charlie Tapia, Steve Carrillo. DEA President - Becky Martinez, Vice - President - Deanna Zabojnik, Sec. - Rosie Monreal, Treasurer - Lynn Oliver, Reporter - Christy Bates, Historian - Susan Cryer, Sarg. at Arms - Debbie Pustejousky, Parliamentarian - Ky Sibley., Sponsor - Joy Woods. Second Row: Lavonna Dobecka, Mark Peebles, Ronnie Rawlings, Debbie Dlabj, Anita Skivienk, Sandra Arciba, Joy Patel, Third Row: Sandra English, Caryn Spaniel, Patricia Carrillo, Barbra Webb, Angela Cate, Lisa Williams, Melissa Vrana, Sheryl Spann. Modern Language Ms. Guerra - Sponsor, Polly Sullivan - President, Kemelia Ricks - Vice President, Linda Isbell - Secretary, Angie Patak - Treasurer, Becky Boon - Student Council Rep., Ms. Johnson - Sponsor. 2nd Row: Yolanda Monreal, Lori Easley, Tammy Zmolik, Phyllis Parma, Charlene Dozier, Jenny Harrison, Kim Crow, Jenny Austin, Patty Fira, Janet Hollingsworth, Mandy Wright, Missy Smith, Kay Spaniel, 3rd Row: Amanda Monreal, Lara Ingargiola, Monica Tucker, Kelly Haba, Talmadge Young, Jackie Honza, Carma Rhodes, Katie Glaspy, Lisa Rejcek, Amy Macalik, David Rice, Lisa Hutchinson, Margaret Sullivan, Jennifer Peeler, Esther Gayton. 4th Row: Cathy Cervantes, Joyce Trojacek, Art Yandell, John Stacks, Jeff Macon, Tanya Williams, Rhonda Deagen, LaSandra Morris, Steve Potts, Robert Novak, Michelle Worley, Rachel Conner, Kim Adams. 5th Row: Yvette Coker, Roland Alvarez, Lynn Ferguson, Debbie Ware, Lisa Sutton, Abel Quintanilla, Tim Grant, Jon Williamson, Sam Johnson, Steve Boon, Wendell Rushin, Jim Gossett, Kara Sullivan, Carl Naill. 6th Row: Tammy Vyers, Karen Butler, Judy Yandell, Elisa Jones, Deneen Coslin, Joe Flores, Cindy Huffman, Jon Wilson, Dee-Dee Brown, Jackie Franz, Jessica Glaspy, Shelly Johnson, Laura Doherty, John Roach, Jeff Trojacek, Kim Murhead, JIS Key Club 1st Row: Thomas Betik - President, Tommy Pechal - Vice President, Ginger Peebles - Secretary, Deanna Zabajnik - Treasurer, Ky Sibley - Parlimentarian, Linda Isbell - Asst. Secretary, Lynn Oliver - Student Council Rep., Carl Hackney, Carol Kinzie, Gloria Miller, Deanna Taraba, Andrew Betik. 2nd Row: Steven Salik, Jamie Bozek, David Griffith, J 'Lane Nichols, Mike Sibley, Becky Boon, Karen Wilcox, Danny Zapletal, Lisa Brown, Matt LaFollett. 3rd Row: Cathy Cervantes, Phyllis Parma, Claudine Bulot, Jenny Harrison, Carol Chapman, Jerry Marusak, Gina Wesley, Jessica Glaspy, Kay Kay Naill, Suzanne Macalik, Sheryl Rutherford, J inker Genry - Sponsor. 4th Row: Ruben Pedraza, David Vaca, Greg Payne, Kara Sullivan, Jim Gossett, Bryan Holley, Leigh Ann Wampler, Eva Manriguez, Lacey Payne. 5th Row: Mike Pustejovsky, Henry Betik, Jeff Trojecek, Joyce Trojecek, Polly Sullivan, Kim Krajca, Roland Alverez, Kay Spaniel, Maria Pasteau , FHA New Horizons First Row: Tammy LaScala - President, Betty Sharp - 1st Vice Pres. Deneen Coslin - 2nd Vice Pres. Eva Maniguez - 3rd Vice Pres. Karen Knight - 4th Vice Pres. Terisa Smith - 5th Vice Pres. Melissa Stacy - Secretary, Shana Peebles - Historian, Dedra Frazier - Parliamentarian. Second Row: Mrs. Lester - Sponsor, Tobarka Thompson, Terry Polson, Kim Davis, Miss Perkins - Sponsor 135 FHA! HERO First Row: Mrs. Overall, Patricia Sage, Kim Brumley, Therisa Smith, Kathy Coleman, Kim Krajca, Rene Coleman, Denise Kirven, Darran Searcy, Mrs. Drewery. Second Row: LeRoy Moore, J 'Lane Nichols, Loretta Ashley, Connie Newman, Kay Smith, Lorretta Vlek, Deanne Adams, Norma Almador, Brian Kyser, Jeff Goulston, Robert Williams. Third Row: Kenny Macalik, Sandra Head, Belinda Escobar, Robbie Brown, Sherry Gant, Gewn Sandifer, Cossandra Johnson, Cindy Thomas, Jeff Svehlak, Mary Rameriz, Carl Coleman Final Four in the State . . . The Best EVER Ennis Basketball Team! First Row: Tracy Burr, Tondra Roberts, Kimone Clark, Jeanette Robinson, Jackie Wilborn, Ladonna Hart, Back Row: Shandra Myers, Leticia Hughes, Penny Johnson, Glenda Myers, Donna Freeman, Therica Griffin, Pam Orman. Student Council Ist Row: Lawrence Kucera - Sponsor, David Griffith - President, Johna Stacks - Vice President, Lisa Brown - Secretary, Karen Wilcox - Treasurer, Carol Kinzie - Reporter, Ruth Poff - Sponsor. 2nd Row: Vance Vyers, Janet Hollingsworth, Becky Boon, Deanna Zabajnik, Mike Sibley, Paige Parks, Toni Blassingame, Jenny Harrison, Charlene Dozier, Ginger Peebles. 3rd Row: Corey Baker, Chris Divin, Matt LaFollette, Ky Sibley, Debbie English, Debbie Pustejovsky, Kristine Jurik, Talmadge Young, Tom Hall, Linda Isbell, 4th Row: Henry Betik, Mark Novy, Jamie Childress, Sheryl Cathey, Stephanie Hunter, Anglea Walker, Paige McCann, Shannon Keeney, Dedra Frazier, Shelli Johnson, Lacey Payne FBL lst Row: Brenda Bell - Sponsor, Thomas Betik, Angie Cate, Connie Shackleford, Dena Brown, Debbie Pustejovsky, James Rejcek, Sally Vavra - Sponsor, 2nd Row: Mark Novy, Henry Betik, Holly Harper, Debby English, Sandra Tarrant, Yvonne Saenz, Sam Johnson. 3rd Row: Jim Gosset, Yvonne Herrera, Kim Ranton, Kim Lucas, Jerry Marusak, Auralia Herrera, Nancy Gomez. 4th Row: Phillip Watson, Art Yandell, Torn Hall, Shelia Patak, Kristin Jurcik, JoAnn Trojacek. 137 PAC Ist Row: Gloria Miller - President, Boyce Markham - Vice President, Karen Wilcox - Student Council Rep., Debby Pustejovsky - Student Council Rep., Charlene Dozier - Student Council Rep., Suzanne Wilcox - Sponsorg 2nd Row: Lisa Brown, Carol Kinzie, Kim Ranton, Kim Lucas, Paige Parks, Steve Collins, Ronnie Rawlins, Steve Mosley, Janet Hollingsworth, 3rd Row: Ronnie Wampler, Kim Crow, Debby English, Tricia Miller, Talmadge Young, Debby Hudspeth, Stephanie Hunter, Sandra Henry, Mandy Wrightg 4th Row: Stacy Baker, Gina Wesley, Adrian Johnson, Kenneth Smith, Jenny Peeler, Amy Simpson, Samuel Johnson, Blaine Seaboalt, Lisa Skroh The pian lst Row: Gloria Miller - President, Boyce Markham - Vice President, Karen Wilcox - Reporter, Debby Pustejovsky - Student Council Rep., Charlene Dozier - Student Council Rep., Suzanne Wilcox - Sponsor. 2nd Row: Talmadge Young, Ronnie Wampler, Debbie English, Steve Collins, and Ronnie Rawlings. w fw- N-.effa ,.,,,,..a.an-1l"""" W K , L X353 f I1 AU' 4 fi, 'EQ' J I 4 K 5 , 3 YA , M 1 S I I 4 . ,.. 5 ll 5- YLLS L-usa V v 1 , A ff. ' . 75 . I .f.. S xii' -A Senior Play Ladies of the Jur February 17, 18 8z 19, 1983 THE CAST Mrs. Crane ........ .............. G loria Millel Lily Pratt .......... .................. S usan Cryel Cynthia Tate ...... Debbie Pustejovskg Mrs. Dace .......... ................... L isa Browr Mrs. Maguire ...... ........ G inger Flyn' Mayme Mixter ...... ...... K aren Wilcox Mrs. Gordon ....... ...... C aryn Spanie Susanne ............ ...... K ristine Juril Evelyn Snow ....... ........... C arol Kinzie Nurse James .......... ....... T almadge Young Court Reporter ............ ..... C harlene Dozie: Clerk of the Court ...... ......... T homas Betil Jay J. Pressley .......... ........ B oyce Markhan Spencer B. Dazey ........ ....... R onnie Wamplel Alonzo Beal ..........,....... ....... J eff Fullingtoix Tony Theodophulus ...... ..... D avid Griffitl Steve Browmm ............ ...... C arl Hackney Andrew MacKaig ........ ....... C hris Divii Judge Fish ................. .............. S teve Salil Halsey Van Stye ...... ....... R onnie Rawling Rutherford Dale ....... .......................... S teve Collin Officer Art Dobbs ....... ................................ B rian Hollej ' ........ Johna Stacks, Paige Park Danny Zapletal, Mike Siblej Court Observers ....... ....... J o Ann Trojacek, Christy Bates, Becky Martine Ky Sibley, Matt LaFollett, Paul Vavr Walters ................... Crew STUDENT DIRECTORS: Danny Zapletal, Karleen Spaniel 1 RULES COMMITTEE: Becky Boon, Donna Freeman, Lynn Oliver, Rosie Monreal, Steve Novy, Brian Holley, Carl Hackney, Danny Zapletal ' SET CREW: Stephanie Gayler, Sheila Patak, Sandy Olalde, Sherrie Spillers, Thomas Betik. Paige Parks, Sheryl Spann, Nita Skrivanek, Chad Weldon, Jerry Marusab Jeff Marusak, Linda Isbell, Becky Martinez, Paul Vavra, Becky Boon, Danny Zapletal, Andrew Betik, Deanna Zobojnik, Lynn Oliver, Matt LaFollett, Billy Alle J ohna Stacks, David Griffith, Kim Lucas, Mike Sibley, James Rejcek, Guy Nutt, Janet Hollingsworth, Rodney Edwards, Steve Hudspeth, Angie Cate, J 'Lane Nichol Brian Kyser 1 SOUND CREW: Jerry Marusak, Jeff Marusak, James Rejek, Danny Zapletal, Jimmy Don Johnson LIGHTS CREW: Thomas Betik, Chip Reeve, Danny Zapletal, Jeff Svehlak, Tina McKenzie , Sandra Head, Dennis Dlabaj, Rodney Edwards, Steve Hudspeth, Johnn Newman, Kitt Woody, Steve Novy, Andrew Betik, Janet Hollingsworth, J'Lane Nichols, Jerry Marusak, Mark Arnold y COSTUME CREW: JoAnn Trojacek, Kristine Jurik, Patty Fira, Connie Newman, Kay Smith, Kim Lucas, Lisa Robinson, Remona Johnson. MAKE-UP: Christy Bates, Talmadge Young, Rosie Monreal, Tammy LaScala, Lynn Oliver, Linda Isbell, Patty Fira, Kim Brumley, Becky Boon, Belinda Escobat Becky Martinez, Patricia Sage. PROGRAM COMMITTE: Sheila Patak, Talmadge Young, Betty Sharp, JoLinda Yandell, Debbie Pustejovsky, Laura Chamberland, Ginger Flynt, Kristine Juri JoAnn Trojacek, Melissa Stacy, Nancy Gomez, Tammy LaScala, Esther Gaytan, Kim Lucas. HOUSE AND PUBLICITY CREW: David Kubin, Sammy Cervantes, William Hughes, Therica Griffin, Donna Freeman, Shane Bennett, Guy Nutt, Vance Vye Betty Sharp, Linda Isbell, Stephanie Gayler, Sheila Patak, Esther Gaytan, Yvette Coker, Debbie Pustejovsky, Allen Crigger, Mark Peebles, Kimone Clark, Trail Burr, Jackie Wilborn, Nancy Gomez, Bobby Brown, JoLinda Yandell, Deanna Zobojnik, Janet Hollingsworth, Kevin Healey, Karen Budai. I 142 753- QMUW H N Q 9 Jif ad" """' 522 Q as NF,-P' ,ov 0 E NO W 5 I W QQ" Q if Q 'Q My 4 Q4 E CD59 eg mx .,..,.,. ,fR"""- m06f .9200 g LE Il kia' I 3 H 21 111001 Qg44'4' S1211 8 i U56 1 ' 4 5 'og Q? lx E X gi XS as-2 1 W volkswagen I . , W QQQQQA QT sw Sherwin-Williams Tabernacle Baptist Church 1200 Country Club Rd. 87 5-3861 Courtesy Williams Company 214-875-3801 United Publishing Co. Ennis Daily News UPCO Print Shop Gifts-Printing Office Supplies 213-15 N. Dallas I I KNOX FUEL STUP Palmer, TX. Publishers of: Ennis Daily News Ennis Local Palmer Rustler Now with expanded convenience store! 7 O uovrr nun our, Air, Water, Oil, 11 ' Gas, Diesel, and Q Restrooms X993 X X T Interstate 45 XD Q , " , Congratulations Seniors '83 HESSER DRUG fm, M- 1 , , W 'M 1' 'KM' W . S 3 3? 516 all-'- Jerry L. Smith Jim Templin 9 TM C. R. N T H O N Y C O. U Good Luck Seniors Name brand clothing for less. 101 S. Dallas Ennis, Texa THE ULTIMATE DREAM Let Us Build It For You , q , 'x .. - , R . PGEOMBEVNBMNW V Riff! v .1 A. .lm aw., W-.,nnMv,,., A may Shauna' 1-I French Bond 8: Medina lnv. 1 B Al 875-9937 875-8483 227-6833 SANDERS FUNERAL HOME 206 N. Kaufman Ennis, Texas 75119 NNIS AUTOMOTIVE . of 'si th-img! rf. ' fvvclf' Ar. , A-T-ii I - " ,H ,.9vff1?gw3MQ , .fa , ,g,'q ,.M H, VM :i,l'-,-xr - -A fTf'fif3l",.i? - H 1 "fi iam -fl 'W' I 2400 N. Preston Ennis, TX. Growing With Ennis Congratulations Seniors ENNIS TIRE 8: APPLIANCE Congratulations Seniors Compliments of Budai's Drive Inn at Bardwell Albert and Ruby Budai Phoneg 646-5310 owners BUDAI OIL CCMPANY Steve Budai Owner Congratulations to all the 1983 Seniors and especially my little sister Karen. Phone: 875-3412 1005 S. Kaufman or 875-7819 X Y0 U R ndependenl lliillfdlifg fAGEN I HSERVES YOU FZQRSTH SLAYTON INSURANCE AGENCY BILL SMITH Office 875-2281 109 W. Knox Street or 875-4072 P.O. Box 178 Home 875-6837 Ennis, Texas 75119 ED'S GARAGE l A I X ki I, ng, ? x ,Lg 1. X J ,QQ s GAIMGF 24 HR, WRECKER SER! ENIIIS. TEXAS 305 E. Ennis Ave Ennis, Texas 4 I f , Don Johnson Brokerage 8z Leasing, Inc Kx -wait ,A-vs ,331 Q, 4' M.. xi Q. x.. 5 ' Q 24 Hours 875-3888 5 AMELIA ANN FLoR1sTs Flowers for all Occasions Complete Wedding Service CIECHRCIE1Q h4AJiChAPUET'SIEADIH3L Owners 307 NORTH CLAY Ennis, Texas 751 19 STEWART INSURANCE AGENCY All Types of Insurance Coverage for Personal and Business Purposes Suite 506 Dallas Texas 75208 351 VV.JeHbrson 948 7601 TABERNACLE BAPTIST CHURCH 1200 West Gilmer let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith, 'IABERNACLE YOUTH--P LYNCHJQLYNCH Nursery - Landscaping - Fences DYESSFARMf CENTER 303 N K f U f I 1 Box 109 Bardwell, Texas . auman Q." jg - - Ennis, TX 75119 .L?..g, 214 646 5411 875-9521 " gs Q. ' FREE ESTIMATES TW- 5 ' ffl ' lg Fertilizer Chemicals Seed Chain Link Larger Boulders Trees Custom Application Cedar Landscape Rock Shrubs 214-646-5457 BARDWELL GRAIN Feed - Seed Sz Fertilizer Bardwell, Texas 75101 Maurice Buchholz, YW 9' Q yaffyggyx No Appointment Necessary Open 6 days a week Martha Vick - Stylist Lydia Lopez - Stylist Judy Turney - Owner 8a Stylist 301 C N. Kaufman Ennis, Texas Mgr- 214f875-6091 Southwest Cgusimess Sgstevns Truck Permitting Agents General Computer Services Jim 85 Jane Mecom P.O. Drawer 1176 205 E. Brown Ennis, Tx. 75119 C2145 875-3824 Congratulations Seniors Gibson's Pharmacy Hiway 287 West 875-2677 Ennis, Texas 75119 Congratulations Seniors! LONE STAR PIPE INC. Hwy 75 South 875-651 4 The Van Converter P.O. Box 40 Telephone Bardwell, Texas 75101 214!646-5243 153 FJ 51 J ' - Trunk- Sa 1.1-1. - HAIR 406 W. Ennis A Ennis, T 875 9231 PRECISION HAIRCUTTING GUYS 81 GALS No Appointment Necessary STUDENT DISCOUNT Owner - Mary Lee Dodson 1601 "AH W. Ennis Av - Nancy Emmett - 875-8811 Stylist - Shari Wilcoxson Barber Stylist - Randy Woodard . . , '32 5 -6-sq as f MANE PLACE ress ' ' Hiirxzilinifyufzzltery V. ' 1, or en amen . . ' ', -."'f F' Quick Print G Copy Shop i X U 1001 W' Ennis Ave, Texas 115 W. Ennis Ave, 875-9021 All types of printing available. 875-9111 Remember . . . Quality Printing At Affordable Prices Alpha Eta Mu DRUG TOWNE PHARMACY r -.., ill.-, - Drive-in window Beta Sigma Phi fr 5 -si , - t-High Quality Pho 5 ,VA. :dessmg 'lm at Super Lo 7 ff 4- -I i H B 2 ' ' ACROSS FROM THE HOSPITAL A Social and Service 718 35555521 Club for women ampasas ENNIS PHARMACY Lone Star Gas Co. 204 West Knox St. Ennis, Texas Ph. 875-3876 Scissor Wllardry 1 s MAoicAL AND ITSSNEAR MAGICIU Hal' D'llgn Helen Wills SHE4 fs INCOME TAX SERVICE wfmvsmmv V200-5100 cuuoms nucnn AFTER 5 P.M. WEEKDAYS OWNEIIMASYEISYVLIST 9 A.M. - 5 P.M. SATURDAY VMINYS K' Alwlv C 1 4NW.lNNI5 AVENUE ENN15,'lXA5 7511, 2 D75 5 D ENNIS. 'rx KOLD ics co. JOSH GiBSPy Joan Glaspy A Broker gency Home 875-3649 E. HWY. 34 81 INT. 45 ENNIS, TEXAS 75119 0 Phone 875-9451 RAY GLYNN DAVIS DAVID PATAK JERRY WESTER MANAGER 713 W. Ennis Ave 1' Ennis, Texas 75119 ' 1210875-3864 ,.,. FT' Foreign Domestic OK Garage Robert Jurica, Owner 700 N. Kaufman Phone 875-2961 Ennis, Texas 75119 Night 875-5792 CUSTOM FRAMING UNUSUAL GIF-TS STOCK FFIAMES IN WOOD gg iam YQ ffm - L 4 , , The I-'como Ig Gnd 51 It Woodcraft Shop '-:iii -3-afvzrav-f fl BILL HUFFSTETLER A CARL SJOBERG 305 S.W. MAIN ENNIS, TEXAS 75119 214-875-9169 The Koral Compan A Division of Christopher-Lindsey Industries, Inc. 1504 South Highway 75 Ennis, Texas 75119 Manufacturers of Quality Bathing Units McCLANE,S BARBER SHOP 106 West Brown Ennis, Texas Hair Cut To Please You 155 Congratulations Seniors of "83" N. W. KRIEGER, JR. Registered Public Surveyor 2409 Park St. Ennis, Texas 75119 214f875-7013 9161 2 8 E Q0Z Q?ZbC0.g66 TUXEDO RENTALS 3 S Compliments of HAMIL 8z HARRISON MECH. INC. SEARS Where America Shops For Value 303 W. Ennis Avenue Rich Hamil 805 W. Highway 34 E . T C2145 875-5747 Ennis, TX 75119 ms, em Compliments of Dr. Allen I. Ye Qlde Inn G allllp and Round Table Practice Limited to Orthodontics 218 W. 2nd Avenue 410 W. Marvin P,O, BQX 791 Corsicana, Texas 75110 Waxahachie, Texas 75165 Ennis, Texas C2141 872-3981 12141 937-6511 Ennis 12141 875-9878 P2hfjf1QnfZ3ig3ff5 Dallas-Ft. Worth O 9 Curtis Mathes Tommy s Air Conditioning-Heating and HoME ENTERTAINMENT CENTER Applialwe Service Virgil B. Gibson Owner 108 S. Dallas 375-3362 Ennis, TX 75119 214-875-7350 210 W- Belknap Enms 156 Compliments of: Dr. E. D. Behne 107 W. Ennis Ave. MY FAVORITE THINGS Jr. and Missy Apparrel Shoe Department 115 S. Dallas Ennis, Texas 875-3251 LAKEVIEW GROCERY Grocery Supplies SONOMA SUPERETTE Mary 8: Bobby Watson - Owner 1983 Hamburgers, BBQ Sandwiches H I45Sat 34Y Gas, Meats, Beer eee UJGLIVB Ou Mr. and Mrs. Ray Heine - Owners Ha11li,ll11iJgieri7Be7eSl41Ei4eat COMPLIMENTS OF: TRANSPORTATION CU' ENNIS POLICE INTERSTATE 45 NORTH DEPARTMENT 875-5801 McClain's S 1. dB 1, M Sz Food Store Deeeeeeeeee Lion' School 301 W. Brown Open 7 . Ennis, Texas Dye W1Qjff,,fZTmng 875-2311 Week eee-eeee Compliments of: Avenue Drive In 407 W. Ennis Avenue 875-8521 Compliments of: Divin Plumbing 207 S. Kaufman remodeling-repair-new construction- small boring 875-2165 SCHLEGEL JEWELERS Diamond Bridal Sets Seiko Quartz watches Watch and Jewelery Repair 113 W. Ennis Ave. Ennis, Texas J UNEAU WHERE Groceries-Meats-Produce Custom Smoking of Meats LEON ZAJIC H301 S. Dallas St. Ennis, Texas Farmers Grocery and Market Bardwell, Texas SOUTHERN AUTO STORES, INC 213-15 West Ennis Ave. 646-5466 Ennis, Texas 75119 Curtis and 875-3871 Shirley Farmer - Owners Compliments of ODD FELLOW AND HOME FOR THE AGED Oak Grove Rd. Compliments of TOM'S FOOD MARKET 600 W. Gilmer 875-5742 Anderson 8z Compliments of: Jourgens en Truck Line Inc. H E B P.C. Box 6 0 0 v Ennis, Texas 8: Congratulations Seniors' Hannlbal' MISSGUII Lone Star Ribbon DQRQTHYQS Co' Children shop 109 S.W. Maine Ennis, Texas Salute the Girls-Infant-14 and Preteens - B -I f t-7 Senlor S of ,83 Only the begyfn Clildrens Clothes PAT9S "People Who Care About People' POODLE PARLOR CLAYSTGNE "All Pets Welcome" Supplies-Bathing ,, , 4 Grooming-De-Fleaing 1107 S. Clay nnis ve. " E . ' T 75119 logzlnlisi 'limi 751ix9 mn T345 5588411 875-2876 YEm'EJ.f2TJ?E? Compliments of: 214-646-5457 AMERITEX INC. 1 'Feed-Seed-8a Fertilizer Bardwell, Texas 75101 Congratulations Seniors Maunce Bucholz, Mgr- 159 Compliments of: Congratulations Seniors RAMONA 8z NANCY S . BEAUTY Able Enterprise, Inc SHOP 1500 S-W. Blvd- 1401 Creechville Rd Ennis, Texas 875-8051 BOB WALKER INS. 119 S.W. Main St. 875-2321 Ennis, Texas 75119 Gormarfs Holiday 117 South Dallas Phone: 875-3271 Ennis, Texas 75119 BLUEBONNET ANTIQUES Vi FRANCKES C,uRRY 8 E E O E SS 302 E. Crockett St. 8: Hwy 75 S Ennis, Texas 75119 Custom Made Stained Windows Congratulations Seniors YAMAHA OF ENNIS Interstate 45 Ennis, Texas 875-8313 160 2 858 "GET THE BEST DEAL" J B R Fine Cars WHOLESALE 8 RETAIL 2 8 3 PIGGLY WIGGLY JACK POFF'S MENS nnis, exas FO0I?I0i'gl'ORE WEAR 703 W. Ennis Ave. 87231 116 W. Knox st. ' 8353221 P.O. Box 579 Vlfifi' SAFEWAY H8zI-I Q 5 HARDWARE E T you want 210 W. Ennis Av Ennis, Texas 875-279 Compliments of SHOP ESTATE HOUSE St by Ennis E T BLAZEK BUILDING SUPPLY INC. 1400 N Kaufman E T 8 5 53 3 ENNIS MARKET Sz SAUSAGE FACTORY Home of Quality Meats Stanley J. Liska-Owner 113 W. Knox 875-7676 W.R. Storey SALLY'S BEAUTY . SHOP Manufacturing We Use and Recommend Redken Products . "The Scientific Approach Congratulations to Hair Cares Sgnigrs '83 708 W. Ennis Ave. 875-6441 B8zC EXXON Service Station Minor Auto Sz Trucks Repairs Tune-Ups DEISEL TRUCK WORK There's A Gas Station on Every Corner But A Service Station Is Hard Universal Tank and Iron Works of Texas, Inc. Post Office Box 711 To Find EI1I1lS, Texas 875-5982 209 S. Kaufman 75119 Carols Printing Inc. FelCman9S Finest in quality printing and C 1, ,I t ' t Quiglloaijd iiisezillijellmllsive Menas 85 Cleaners 908 W. E ' A Ennis, Tlelilcfs 757236 111 W- KHOX f214D 875-6518 875-7341 9 I - - Valek S C RCLE H BAR B Q Gara e g 113 S. Dallas St. Ennis S. Hwy. 75 Compliments of 875-6382 Maggie 8: Syl Holy 875-7893 Congratulations Seniors C U S T O M TOOL CO. Repair Work-All Types Production Compliments of: McCrary Agency Work P.O. Box 487 Ennis, Texas Ennis 208 W. Knox 875-3171 C2145 875-2661 Ennis, Texas Dallas C2141 299--524 ELLIS COUNTY Real Estate Inc. Planters Co-op Ginning , S 0 100 E. Ennis Avenue Ennis, Texas 75119 214-875-2622 Metro - 227-4149 gon:ildMM6Coy5 8351-9535 , E ,C Bardwell, Texas 532,165 Q1z,??a?.E52Eg479 ro er RZ:E:e31itiall1"'elEarm Sz Ranch 3' Commercial Leo Venable, Mgr. A QQTAQQ UNITED 1 gg 15 JOHTJNIY gOBII:lSON 1 INC' TRANSPORTATION Assn. of America Marketing Co-op E P.O. Box 692 Soni? IIl':?al:ill5I7f9 2148932134 Ennis, Texas 75119 R.E. CBOBJ ERISMAN, JR. Pack SERVICE AGENT E Xp If e S S Ellis County Farm Bureau Ennis, Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Company 1511 N' Kaufman AGENT FOR ' .., ii- -4 ' f G Life, Auto, Fire, Liability, Disability W' iq' r.. -Th 1 0 W' 163 Best Wishes Seniors Compliments of CHARLIE'S GROCERY BILLY'S DRIVE-IN, INC. Sz MARKET 55533-2155 875-7971 Picnic Supplies REDKEN COFFEE BREAK J EANETTE'S BEAUTY SALON DONUT SHOP 219 W. Ennis Avenue Ennis, Texas Jeanette Stewart 8757810 OWI181' Donuts 88 Hamburger 717 W. Lampasas 875-2231 400 Tania p m Bgzc PARTS AND Compliments of SUPPLIES A. Gunthard Co., Automotive and Truck Supplies N. Hwy 75 Jamegi-,Sgggg Bass E Cartfilrmlg Ennis, Texas 75119 ' nn1SQ75?ZZ36 875-2638 Modern Beauty Shop o - DANCED DRAINAGESYS E S C 4 YQ I lx X 116 N. Dallas 875-2251 7 Lynch Custom Homes, Inc. U Emggmg 305 East Knox P. O. Box 1025 I Q 5.5. ,E Ennis, Texas 75119 Nletro - 227-5266 I 375.3933 Owner - F.W. Lynch Cody Com pcmy,I nc. P.O. BOX 1320 ENNIS, TEXAS 75119-1320 Ennis Volunteer Fire Department Ennis Flower Shop FTD and Teleflora Service 875-3858 101 N. Main Ennis, Texas 75119 6 I' Congratulations to Seniors '83 Ennis Community Hospital 41'N"2f- U Z. 2 'emcf a un1t of Baylor Un1vers1ty M8d1CHl Center Be a part of Bayloris future The multi-hospital system. COMPLIMENTS OF Davis Sz Westers Drive In Ave. Fuel District Hwy. 34 8a IH 45 407 W. Ennis Ave. Avenue Drive In Davis Sz Wester Kaufman 407 W. Ennis Ave. Carwash 200 S. Kaufman CONGRATULATIONS TO GAYLE Sz KAREN I- 4. Aw. dmv' ' FIPA ,fl- 1 l 5 QA 23? , --xbqz . I, . 5 f ' My Brother s Place 'il sos s. Clay sf. 907 N. Kaufman sf. eNN1s,TexAs , -- -' if ' GLN- I AN GLIN EXXON I-45 at Hwy. 34 Ennis, Texas 752119 875-8233 Compliments of KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS Council N 0. 1353 Ennis, Texas FIRST UNITED METHODIST 1 Y 21 IQ ufwsa., ,. ,'fs5?fm.1 "Pointing the Way to Christ" 300 N. Sherman 87 QUALIFIED Congratulations Seniors STAFF SHIRLEY MARTINPZ annum RF2'gm12lQilflAL 811 E. Ennis Ave. 'ACREACE Q H xlq: ,AWlI'lf'- . In 21? P Q is j g . g , 4, Y 9 ,f EB illvnlinm , LONE STAR LAUNDRY 705 E. Ennis Ave. 875-3884 CRUMLEY HARDWARE, INC. 112 W. Brown 'Biggest Little Hardware Store in Ennis 875-2721 LIONBACKER DRIVE-IN Xx ff I Alu X79 Groceries Beer Hwy 34 , 4 l 875 2151 ,, Sx 'l, 1 i4' 5' 7 l1Wf?2?L ' , 772. Q - - - g ffgy, ' 'QQ Picnic Supplies, Hot Foods 7,1 5:4961 2-X gif: 'fki ysn , "'7 .:ia5"' QW' l' ui' 14 y I 4 E-nnisq BUSINESS FORMS , INC Congratulations! Ronnie, Gloria, Boyce, Lisa, and Karen Four Seasons Nursing Center V.J. GRAPH S P.O. IOX 353271503 CEDAR SPIINGSIDALLAS. TX. 15235 KAIEA CODE H0350-IW? IOUTE 3, NORTH GARIETT IOADXENNIS. TEXAS TSII9 IAREA CODE ZIIIU5-H06 WEB OFFSET PRINTERS catalogs, brochures, newspaper insergs An Equal Opportunity Employer 107 N. Sherman Phone f214J875-3811 FOXY PEYTON AUTo-LIFE-HEALTH-HOME AND BUSINESS 105 W. Ennls Ave. if P.0. Box No.639 Ennis, Texas 75119 Phone: Office C2145 875-9261 FARM BUREAU INSURANCE CO'S 875-6506 Ron Gillespie Peggy Helms Doug Meier Service Agent Secretary Service Agent LIFE, AUTO, FIRE, LIABILITY, DISABILITY, RETIREMENT BARTON'S 5-451539 Eg Tire 85 Service Center sg Ph. 875-5111 200 E. Ennis Ave. Zip 75119 or 875-5112 Ennis, Texas gym DAIRY QUEEN 'A Owners: Tammy Sz Paul Davis "' 875-5859 Steak Finger Baskets, Dudes, Chicken Strips, Chicken Fried Steak 85 Onion Rings dipped in our special batter. Congratulations Seniors! Congratulations Seniors! WE S TE RN OTASCO AUT0 X335 214 W. Ennis Ave. 875-2861 875-8171 Home Owned by Lloyd Barker X ,MC '-WORK, JIVCQ P.O. Box 550 Phone 214-875-6565 505 N.W. Main Dallas, Metroplex 214-299-5307 Ennis, Texas 75119 Home Phone 214-875-5983 Houston,Texas Little Rock, Arkansas Tulsa, Oklahoma Beaumont, Texas Thibodaux, Louisiana ATLAS SOUND PLANT 2 1601 Jack McKay Blvd. Ennis, Texas 75119 BIG Automotive Parts, Supplies 8: AUTO PARTS Complete Automotive Machine Shop I Equipment 106 S.E. Main St. Ennis, Tex. 75119 Jack Vineyard Store 875-3827 Home 875-5327 Congratulations Seniors! Compliments of: BAIN VETERINARY CLINIC J. Dickson Bain, DVM 1010 N.E. Main 875-5400 172 Congratulations Seniors of'83 THE WILLIAMS CUMPANY, INC. CGNCRETE CUNTRACTORS DALLAS, TEXAS 4 ou can help N..-.....-.......,.......v.,...,A, W. L. -S. I-N. '-N X 0-N. :, .. M, .,, - x '-N-.--.M Y e.ne.e.cL. :QQ X.. , W e.c1xtic.i13L1mcL Qllfprnjs ol: , T.:iAtlyy.QQe5.QQnservaTmon V.. hf.lp.5qye,gu11,,, . CP-C-19-USM ,"j,l'.."s 5 f ' - - 5 l'Z9.EmQ5.LII.E.5..K s, you and iw.. lumix' - A fnm11y5n:Le.rnQne.x1,Nsxnc.e jj--M 1- . f,e.ne.n9y-xLs pgbg aff- -U.- formhei tN,, , A1,, bqdgels. 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A , Ennis, Texas BRUCE BROWN Chevrolet Sz Oldsmobile, New Cars - Used Cars Leasing Service Dept. Expert Body Work CHEVROLET ULUSMUBILE sauce anown ' GM QIALITY GENERAL MOTORS PARIS DIVISION x S Xe af? gf gil :if 1, if ,jr '- H W h, 5 KEEP THAT GREAT GM FEELING WITH GENUINE GM PARTS. 875-2666 Interstate 45 at State Hwy. 34 InterFirst InterFirst Bank Ennis, N.A. su VN' fn n"n -n A I W I 12:31 875-2631 CDa1lasJ 227-2128 JE' eevel' MORTUARY INC. Member A SERVICE SINCE 1918 N ' INSURANCE FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY ""'0""L ' PRE-ARRANGED FUNERAL TRUST 3255555525 ' S: ,tx ' ' ' ,'lQ-ff, 3' , . I fhsxulg' WS' I 'U . , 'A -, , x II l2,4I51lf+IIEI4fg25j' IIIIIII sm A. xeevsn 875-7673 8752F848H81 DAVID E. KEEVER 875-6025 408 N DALLAS STREET P O. BOX 248 ' ENNIS, TEXAS 75119 179 Photography By Jack Jack and Dixie Odiorne M 108 W. Ennis Ave. yyy V A ,ii iiii lr ,f XX Ennis, Texas 75119 yi., 1 -',' 5 I TX f214J 875-5401 yjl k xlwf' gk FRANK'S TOWNE Phone: 875-7345 Congratulations Seniors M3221 Qififibutof HENRY QIL 1238325 Q G Office 875-5871 I - ENNIS, TEXAS N. Hwy 75 POLLAN FURNITURE CO., INC. Two Locations to Serve You Finest in Home Furnishings Member: Retail Furniture Assoc. of Southwest New 3b Used Bargains 210 N. Dallas Featuring Famous Brands and 211 N. Main 875-2831 Selective Custom Ordering 875-2831 Ennis, Texas-75119 gyf qv- - lf' 0 6231 WW QW 5 i W num! CERTEFIEU H38 1 ACCOUNTANTS YYY BS vm nu me US gm' :ul PM fzkik Jia? iii, ,?QM.W.... 3 2 ill? MW QEWWER i,i.9?P'ii45?.Ei'p?L7iZ17.7PPPP,7?"2A ' esldentlal Prone-rtleQ oN0m,-y 5, rvne urmn 81 llunmhen ,Market Analysis 'I ommerual Properties .Renting 'Investment Properties 'Property Management 'Lund. SulelLeuae -:la .,,l :gl '4.' 5 -- ' ---- 8 - ' . .. r 'H .. f TR AX sv if 3 .: VW P Y Am .- 1 I 9' 'F 1 FERGUSON ELECTRIC COMPANY AND AIR CONDITIONING SERVICE Ennis Owner Dallas 87 5-8130 James B. Ferguson 227-6344 WA L- MART Interstate 45 Ennis, Texas Congratulations Senior '83 Corner of Avenue 8z Clay LEGGETT 8z PLATT INCORPORATED 107 East Waco St. 214-875-2691 Ennis, Texas 75119 C- A-"' ' . A an , ' at 'ff Ff a, 1 1 , f . M , , A H ' ' ,. - ie? ' . f ' Y ' 1 N ' , 'Ewa ,D . .sg asssa ,ff - , .V , . . X.. v - , . W, ' Cx' I - Q .F A ' .f 5. . 5- ,15 A "f ' N . , .v v 'W an s...d . E 1 ,pf 9 ,Q ' l'1- x Q 'as 4 --" Liu . ' ,A QQ- 5 ' L Xu N '- - B1 Sm . . X 'Q Q 7 ' ss . 'T' n"'f, C assa ' E' , ' of 1 ge , K ' ' J 'ff X ' ' I .1 ' -.4 ,I I I We W Q-9' K ,,f A fm VVVV C v ' ,' i ,4 i I 4 ' T hy' xi I. " 3 f ' " . 51 2' ,5fM'Q,vi!ffQ . Yi f'L5'??',si - S 5 , I i h 'K -lbw-Jfz, 'K 4. .f .i ss gggags 7 Q A' A . I ' x - W 717' 69' Q, 4 Q , A.A ,, 'f ly' N 39 -.., " Q . 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Blvd. Ennis, Texas 1,.11 . f 11umm'w,f,mw..n--- - 1 f 41.- -1-.f BILLY ALLEN f.f. - Barbecue 8: french fries f.s. - "Swingin' " f.a. - John Anderson f.p. - Cindy Huffman f.pt. - Mudding, partying, hunting and tishin NORMA XMADOR f.f. - Pizza f.s. - "Hooked on a Feeling" f.p. - Mom and Dad f.pt. - Being with friends SANDRA ARCIBA f.f. - Mexican food f.s. - "After the Fall" f.a. - Journey f.p. - Rodney Alvarez f.pt. - Being with R.A. and friends ANDREA ARTEGA f.f. - Pizza and hamburgers f.s. - "Separate Ways" f.a. - Steve Perr f.p. - Mom and Dad f.pt. - Being with friends LORE'I'I'A ASHLEY f.f. - Coke floats f.s. - "Whiskey Bent 8: Hell Bound" f.a. - Hank Williams, Jr. f.p. - Mom, Dad, Bud and all my friends f.pt. - Bein with Bud RODNEY BAILEY f.f. - Red beans and cornbread f.s. - "Atomic Dog" f.p. - Myself f.pt. - Cruising the Avenue C RISTY BATES f.f. - Steak 8: Lobster f.s. - "Truly" f.a. - Lionel Richie f.p. - My parents f.pL - Going shopping in Dallas and spending money SHANE BENNETT f.f. - Pizza f.s. - "A-U-T-Omatic" f.a. - Prince f.p. - Casper Hit. - Goofing off ANUEL B RNAL f.f. - Tgcos b S .s. - " te Y WP" f.a. - Eddiie Rabbit .pt.- a in sot a ip' A iiiim fb ll DREW BETiK f.f. - Seafood f.s. - "Twilight" f.a. - Golden Earring f.p. - Not one person . . . all ople f.pt. - Being with everyone anciiliaving a good time THOMAS BETIK f.f. - Seafood f.s. - "I'd have to Be Crazy" f.a. - Willie Nelson f,p. - Mike Betik f.pt. - Being with Darlene S. 8: bulling with buddies TONI BLASSINGAME f.f. - Stuffed Crab f.s. - "El Shadi" f.a. - Keith Green f.p. - Dad . L - ' ' BECKY '33'813'L'B'C f.f. - Ice cream R: French fries f.s. - "Silver Wings" f.a. - Lionel Richie f.p, - My sisters f.pt.6L?i3ering E: being able to talk to R.M, ANTHONY BROWN f.f. - Whatever mamma cooks f.s. - "Raid" f.a. - Lakeside f.p. - Mel Who else! f.pt. - Sports BOBBY BROWN f.f. - Seafood f.s. - PYT f.a. - Michael Jackson f.p. - Glenda f.pt. - Cruising :ESA BROWN . . - pizza, po corn, 8: shrimp f.s. - "What Albout Me" f.a. - Billy Banks fp A bgy Mother d . t. - ettin ai IGM BRUMLEY f.f. - Chocolate f.s. - "Separate Ways" f.a. - Journey f.p. - My Nanny f.pt. - Dancing KAREN BUDAI f.f. - Meatballs and Spaghetti f,s. - "World of Fantasy" f.a. - ally Squire .p. - ax f. t. - Partying and bein with m friends CLAUDINE BULOT g y f.f. f French 8: Mexican f.s. - "Change" f.a. - Lgd Zeipplin . t. - en in money GREG BOUSIEA f.f. - Spaghetti f.s. - " nely is the Night" f.a. - Billy Squire f.pt. - Huntin ROBBIE BROWN f.f. - Chicken f,a. - Ozone f.p. - John Alexander 8: Rene Coleman 186 f.pt. - Corsicana ANGIE CATE f.f, - D's M K: M cookies 8: Homemade chili f.s. - "Ali3eady Gone" .a. - Eag es f.p. - J, hiteley f.pt, - Going tochili cook-offs 8: camping with good folks RUDOLPH CARILLO f.f. - Meatloaf 8: Mashed potatoes f.s. - "Never Surrender" f.a. - Triumph f.pt. - Goirzg to the lake with friends E NEST ASTILLO f.f. - Chicken fried steak f.s. - "After the Fall" f.a. - Journey f.p. - Karen f,pt. - Being with Karen DAVID CERVANTES f,f. - Beans f. "Rock of A es" s. - g f.a. - Def Leppard f.p. - Nobody f. t. - Cruisin' in the country JESSE CERVANTES f.f. - Hamburgers f.s. - "Get Lucky" f.a. - Loverboy f.p. - Carol Torres f.pt. - Ridin around SAMMY CERVANTES f.f. - Day old pizza 8: apple pie f.s. - "Amarillo by Morning" f.a. - Sammy Hagar f.p. - John Wayne f.pt. - Cruising 8: having a good time LAURA CHAMBERLAND f.f. - Steak iPorterhousei f.s. - "Only Hell My Momma Ever Raised" f.p. - J.C. f.pt. - "Never" getting into trouble KIMONE CLARK f.f. - Mexican food f.s. - "D.M.S.R." f,a. - Prince f. t. - Bein with my friends YglE'I'l'E COKER f.f. - Barbecue brisket f.s. - "On the Wings of Love f.a. - Prism f.p. - My mother f.pt, - Being with my friends 8: Kenneth CARL COLEMAN f.f. - Mexian food 8: Ice cold tes f.a. - Isles' Brothers f.p. - An res Francine McGowan f.pt. - Being with my favorite lady KL laughing S: talkin RENE COLEMAN f.f. - Seafood f.s. - "Have it Your Way" f.a. - S.O.S. Band f.p. - Michael Smith 8: Robbie Brown f.pt. - "Waxahachie" with friends JOHN COLLINS f.f. - Red beans 8: cornbread f.s. - "Since I Lost My Baby" LE: A Tondra Roberts 8: John Collins S EVE COLLINS f.f. - Brownies f.s. - "Eve body Wants You" f.a. - BillyrSquire fi - Sheila Wyan A LEN CRIGGER f.f. - Po orn f.s. - "Blick Box" f.a. - Samm Hagar f.p. - Road Warrior f.pt. - Playing tennis DARIN CROMEANS f.f. - Lobster 8: crab legs f.s. - "Don't Turn Around" f.a. - Def Le ard lf.p. v Canach Witg Q I b b . t. - oin to an a in ase all SDSAN CRFYER ry P y g f.f. - Fried shrimp f.s. - "Faithfully" f.a. - Journey f.p. - Tom Selleck f.pt. - Cruisin', partying, 8: searching town for that "certain person" DENNIS DLABAJ f.f, - Chicken fried steak f.s. - "When I'm Away From You" f.a. - Merle Haggard f.pt. - Stayirig out of trouble STEVE DA IEL f.f. - Fried shrimp 8: day old pizza f.s. - "Baby's on Fire" f,a. - Def Leppard f.p. - Myself f. t. - Just being me 8: having a good time CPIRIS DIVIN f.f, - Whatever is on the plate f.s. - "Goin' Where the Lonely Go" f.a. - Merle Haggard f.p. - Bill 8: Frances f. t. - Doing what I shouldn't be doing CEIARLENE DOZIER f.f. - Lasagne 8: pizza f.s. - "Candy Girl" f.a. - New Edition f.p. - Darian Searcy 8: my parents f.pt. - Swimming dz being with my family 8: friends DEBBIE DLABAJ f.f. - Mexican food f.s. - "Lights" f.a. - Journey f.p. - Jgnior Escgbjar . t. - eing wit r. INBCHAEL EASLEY f.f. - Peppered beef f.s. - "Fight the Good Fight" f.a. - Trium h f.p. - Jean Bnarduu f.pt. - Going to Corsicana 8: having a good lau h DUANE ELLIS f.f. - Pizza f.s. - "Step by Step" f.a. - Eddie Rabbit f.p. - Susan Rogers f.pt. - Football JANICE EMMERT f.f. - Pizza f.s. - "You Don't Love Me Anymore" f.a. - Eddie Rabbit f.p. - Jim Brock f. t. - Being with m friends lWlCHAEL ENGLISH f.f. - Bacon Cheeseburger Supreme, fries, Kc chocolate shake f.a. - Isley Brothers f.p. - Myself f.pt. - Riding around K: roller skating SANDRA ENGLISH f.f. - Pina f.s. - "International Lover" f.a. - Prince f.p. - Mary English - my mother f.pt. - Reading magazines 8: riding with friends BELINDA ESCOBAR f.f. - pizza f.s. - "Py'romania" f.a. - Def Leppard f.p. - Me f.pt. - Cruising town with my friends 8: partying GERALD FIELDER f.f. - Chicken fried steak f.s. - "Is This the Future" f.p. - Mother, father K: Sheena S. f.pt. v Borrowing from Coach Cathey 5 paying back 3 months later DIANA FIRA f.f. - Barbecue brisket 8: pan pizza f.s. - "Photograph" f.a. - Sammy Hagar f.p. - CF. f.pt, - Being with C.F. and riding around with my friends PA'I'I'Y FIRA f.f. - Shrimp 8: hush puppies f.s. - "Always on My Mind" f.a. - Journey f.p. - Diane L., my puppy 8: David Lee f.8t. - Being with my friends J E FLORES f.f. - Mexian food f.s. - "Straight from the Heart" f.a. - Brian Adams f.p. - J.W. E M,B. f.pt. - Going to Dallas GINGER FLYNT f.f. - Pizza f.a. - "Amarillo by Morning" f.a. A Alabama f.p. - T.L.H. f.pt. V Singin DONNA FREEMAN f.f. - Greens 8: cornbread f.s. - "One on One" f.a. - Hall K: Oates f.p. - Everyone with a few exceptions f.pt, - Being around all the Lady Lions 8: grgingjto the State Tournament DAL F DGE f.f. - Whatever gets in front of my face f.s. - "Fight the Good Fight" f.a. - Triumph f.p. - Whoever f.Et.'- Cruisingld: camping in Ennis J FF FULLI GTON f.f. - Mexican food f.s. - "Truly" f.a. - Lionel Richie f,p. - Suzanne f.pt. - Slee ing S EPHANJIE GAYLER f.f. - Mexican 8: Italian f.s. - "Feels So Right" f.a. - Alabama f.p. - Magnum f.pt. - Cruising town 8: being with friends ESTHER GAYTAN f.f. - Shrimp f.s. - "My Father's Eyes" f.a. - Amy Grant f.p. - My parents with friends f.f. - Pepperoni pizza f.s. - "Creatures ofthe Night" f.a. - Kiss f.p. - Wes Isnt, - Having fun ANCY GOMEZ f.f. - Mexican food f.s. - "No One Can Stop Us Now" f.p. - Anthony Rameriz f.pt. - Being with friends 8: Anthony KEVIN GOODWIN f.f. - Mexican food f.s. - "Saturday Night" f.s. - Def Le ard CHARLIE GJREEN f.f. - Pizza f.a. - Isley Brothers f.p. - My mother f.pt. - Basketball DAVID GRIFFITH f.f. - Lobster 8: crab legs f.s. - "While you See A Chance" f.a. - Bob Se er f.p. - Yet to Eze found fig.. - Campin' 8: cruisin' at the lake ERICA GRIFFIN f.f. - Pork Chops 8: mashed potatoes f,a. - Isley Brothers f.p. - All athletic ladies G coaches f.pt. - Being with the Lady Lions C NDY GUZMAN f.s. - "Feels So Right" f.a. - Alabama f.p. - Arnold Cervantes fort. - Spendin time with A.C. ARGIE GUZgMAN f,f. - Pepperoni Pizza f.s. - "Pyromsnia" f.a. - Def Leppard f.p. - Myself f.pt. - Spending time with my friends CARL HACKNEY f.f. - Italian f.s. - "Lovin', Touchin', 8: Squeezin' ' f.a. - Journey f.p. - Wayrie, Betty. 8: Karla Ward f.pt. - Being with my campout 8: cruisin buddies TOM HALL f.f. - Chicken Cordon Bleu f.s. - "Never Surrender" f.a. - Triumph f.p. - Officer Cook fat. - Going out and having a laugh S SAN HAMMONDS f.f. - Mexican food f.s. - "Feels So Right" f.s. - Alabama f.p. - Mark Peebles f.pt. - Being with Mark SANDRA HEAD f.f. - Steak dz Shrimp f.s. - "Photograph" f.s. - Loverboy f.p. - Burt Reynolds f.pt. - Acting crazy with my friends AURALIA HERRERA f.f. - Mexican food f.s. - "You 8: I" f.p. - Mark Whiteley f.pt. - Bein with Mark VICKI HIGKS f.f. - Shrimp 8: potato skins f.s. - "Arms of Love" f.a. - Amy Grant f.p. - Mom and Dad f.pt. - Playing the pianod: gossiping with T.B. 8: D,H. BRIAN HOLLEY f,f. - Cheese f.s. - "Coat from the Cold" f.a. - Willie Nelson f.p. - Jalea Green f.pt. - Bein with "Baby" JANET HGLLINGSWORTH f.f. - Seafood K: Mexican food f.s. - "Truly" f.a. - Ronnie Milsap f.p. - David Patak 8: my Mom f.pt. - Being with David K: friends 8: making fun of B.M,'s mark STEVE HUDSPETH f.f. - Chicken fried steak f.s. - "Remember the Heros" 'f.a. - Jogrney .pt. - " am in Out" DEBRA HUCIPES f.f. - Pizza f.s. - "Photograph" f.a. - Def Leppard f.p. - David Walker f.pt. - Riding around with friends WILLIAM HUGHES f.f. - Shrimp f.s. - "A-U-T-Omatic" f.a. - Prince f.p. - Big Willie 8: Little Lura f.pt. - Coolin' out with the 45's L NDA ISBELL f.f. - Steak 8: Shrimp f.s. - "Burning Heart" f.a. - Journey f.p. - Cow f.pt. - Being with David 8: my friends 8: eatin CASSANDRA JOHNSON f.f. - Fish X: Fries f.s. - "Bottoms Up" f.a. - Ozone f.p. - Rufus Gant f.Ft. - Dallas with friends J MMY JOHNSON f.f. - Fried shrim 8: hush u ies f.s. - "Three Loci: Box" P pp f.a. - Sammy Hagar f.p. - L.L.L., Lil' Sis. J.B. Bonham f.pt. - Jammin' 3: being around REMONA JOHNSON f.f. - Seafood f.s. - Eltglaybe We Can Try Again" .a. v ampa ne f.p. - Vincent5Gant f.pt. - Being with Scoop ANITA JURCIK f.f. - Klobase 8: Kolache f.s. - lW1:,n't Hold You Back" .a. - a ama f.p. - "Chaca" lklgiggilligtrggtlgiends Q riding around f.f. - Sonic corny dog f.s. - "Sw1ngin' " f.a. - Alabama f.p. - My Mom 8: Dad A with my friends f.f. v Chinese food f.s. - "She's a Beauty" f.a, - Ronnie Milsap f.p, - Paul Newman itpt. - Playing tennis AREN KN GHT f.f. - S anish 8: Seafood f.s. - "Beat It" f.a. - Michael Jackson f.p. V F.L.T. 8: J.K. f,pt. - Goin to a family reunion in Calvert DAVID KLPBIN f.f. - Shrim 8: barbecue f.s. - "Bloodstone" f.a. - Sammy Hagar f.p. - Everybody f.pt. - Cruising 8: having a good time DARYL KVAPIL f.f. - Steak 8: tatoes f.s. - "FarewelicParty" f.pt. - Hunting 8: fishing 8: running creeks f.p. - Nobody with M.L. BRIAN KYSER f.f. - Seafood f.s. - "Rock of Ages" f.a. - Def Leppard f.p. v Gina Ozmy f.pt. - Riding around MA'I'I' LaFOLLE'I'I' f.f. - Shrimp f.s. - "Jane" f.a. - Def Leppard f.p. - Dad f.pt. - Goind to the lake 8: listening to music TAMMY LaSCALA f.f. - Mexican food f.s. - "Hard to Say I'm Sorry" f.a. - Journey f.p. - Charlie Waters f.pt. - Playing tennis 8: talking with friends JAY LEE f.f. - Frozen pizza f.s. - "The Sign of the Southern Cross" f.a. - Black Sabbath f.pt. - Throwin horseshoes ROBERT LILEIE f.f. - Pan Pizza f.s. - "A-U-T-Omatic' f.a. - Prince f.p. - Kerry 8: Krissy Rpt. - Cruising on Saturday 8: Sunday IM LUCAS f.f, - T-Bone Steak 8: choclate ice cream f.s. - "Hard to Say I'm Sorry" f.a. - Journey f.p. - Steve Brock f.pt. - Being with my friends, being in Penns lvania, 8: being with Steve. MIKE LUIVIPKIN f.f. - Beans. Potatoes 8: steak f.s. - "Country Boys Can Survive" f.a, - Hank Williams, Jr. f.p, - Audrey Kvapil f. t. - Walking in the woods with D.K. EZVA LUNA f.f. - Seafood f.s. - "Faithfully" f.s. - Journey f.p. - Johnny f, t. - Being with my friends ICENNETH MACALIK f.f. - Steak f,s, - "Running With The Devil" f.a. - Van Halen f.p. - Jana f.pt. - Rock concerts BOYCE MARKHAM f,f. - Peanut butter 8: chicken fried steak f.s. - "Secret Journey" f.a. - Michael McDonald, The Police, 8: The Stones f.p. - The Elder f.pt. - Playing games, watching the mannekin, 8: being an idiot JENNIFER MARTINDALE f.f. - Seafood E Mexican food f.s. - "Straight from the Heart" f.a. - Sammy Hagar f.p. - Arthur f. t. - Being with A.M. and friends BECKY MARTINEZ f.f. - Steak fketchupl, baked potato f.s. - "FaithfulIy" f.s. - Pink Floyd f.p. - Steve Medina f.pt. - Cruisin' with Rene B. and being with Steve JEFFERY MARUSAK f.f. - Barbecue f.s. - "Goin' Where the Lonely Go" f.a. - Merle Ha gard f.p. - Lynda Alien f. t. - Havin fun JERRY MARUSAK f.f. - Barbecue 8: kolaches f,s. - "Peace of Mind" f.a. - Boston f.p. - M parents f.pt. - geing with Friends 8: riding around town TINA McKENZIE f.f. - S hetti 8: Meatballs f.s. - "Rik of Ages" f.a. - Van Halen f.p, - Jon Dent f.pt. - Cheerleading, partying, being with Jon GLORIA MILLER f.f. - Salt f.s. - "Little Red Corvette" f.a. - Michael McDonald 8: The Police f.p. - Jim Morrison 8: the Sun f.pt. - Being Jlastic 8: Bretending JACCLUELI E MITC ELL f.f. - amburgers 8: fries Ls, - "You Are" f.a. - Lionel Richie f.p. - Clarence Snail f.pt. - Beirg with Clarence Snail ROSIE M NHEAL f.f. - Pizza 8: chocolate cake f.s. - "It's Over" f.a. - Kenny Rogers f.p. - Dennis Dlabaj f.pt. - Ridin around with B.B. CONNIE NEWMAN f.f. - Pizza f.s. - "Steal Away" f.a. - Robbie Dupree f.p. - Michael Manry f.8t.. - Bein with the one I love J HNNY IEIEWMAN f,f. - Mexican food f.s. - "Silver Wings" f.a. - Alabama f.p. - Chip 8: Royce f.pt. - Going Dancing J'LANE NICHOLS f.f. - Broccoli f.s. - "Two Less Lonely People In the .a. - ir u p y f.p. - Gary Igwingj . t. - atc in ynasty STEVE NOVW f.f. - Mamma's meatloaf f.a. - "Never Surrender" f.s. - Sammy Hagar f.p. - Laura Doherty f.pt. v Water skiing GUY NU'I"I' f.f. - Seafood 8: Steak f.s. - "Rock of Ages" f.a. - Det' Leppard f.p. - Don't have one f.pt. - Slalom skiing, being with friends 8: listening to music SANDY OLALDE f.f. - Seafood f.s. - "Change of Heart" f.a. - Pat Benetar f.p. ' Bgrrn Borg f.pt. - eing with my C. family 8: creating sounds LYNN OLIVER f.f. - Roast, potatoes, carrots 8: gravy f.s. - "Who's Cheatin' Who" f.a, - Loverboy f.p. - Robert Toth f.pt. - Bein with my friends 8: R.T. PAIGE PARKS f.f. - Pizza f.s. - "The Rose" f.a. - Loverboy f.p. - Dgk Stringfelltilw . t. - " avin " tep en's memory PRYLLIS PXRMA f.f. - Steak 8: Fried Zuchini f.s, - "Smokin' " f.s. - Boston f.p. - Jamey Curry f.pt. - Being with Jamey 8: with my friends ROBERT ARTIDA f.f. - Mexican food f.s. - "No One Like You" f.a. - Scorpions f.p, - Tricia Carrillo f.pt. - Being with T.C. S EILA PATAK f.f. - Shrimp f.s. - "Swingin' " f.a. - Alabama f.p. - My Mom 8: Dad f.pt. - Spending money, being with Tim Q friends JOY PATEL f.f. - Pizza f.p. - Mom f. t. - Partyin CPIRIS PAYI'iE f.f. - Hamburger 8: fries f.s. - "Urgent" f.a. - Forei ner f.p. - Myseif f.pt. - Cruising 8: fishing JANIS PEDEN f.f. - Pizza f.s. - "Twighli ht Zone" f.a. - Golden Earring f.p. - Terry Weekly f.pt. - Riding around with friends 8: t . Mnfii' IXEEBLES f.f. - Seafood f.s. - "Overkill" f.a. - Men at Work f.p. - Susan H. DARRYL PERRY f.f. - Red beans 8: cornbread f.s. - "Atomic Dog" f.a. ' George Clinton f.p. - Tracy Littleton f.pt. - Cruising the Monte Carlo S EVE PRICE f.s. - "Rodeo Clown" f.a. - Moe Bandy f.p. - Tanya Williams f.pt.l- slodeo 8: cowboying 8: being with my oaskiiz Pusmiovsxv f.f. . s aghetti f.s. - 'Swingin' " f.a. - Alabama f.p. - My Mom 8: Dad f.pt. - Spending money 8: being with friends DAVID RANKIN f.f. - Chicken fried steak, creamed potatoes, 8: hot. rolls f.s. - "Swingin' " f.a. - John Conally f.p. - Stephanie Dunnahue 33119 H3385 " ming f.f. - Mexican food f.s. - "Dixieland Delight" f.pt. - Beirgjwith Joyce T. JAMES R ECK f.f. - Czech food f.s. - "Beautiful You" f.a. - Oak Ridge Boys f.p. - My Mom.8: Dad lift. - P symg in our Polka Band EVIN ROBERTS M' ' Fiifhla sz Bl f.s. - " i ue" f.a. - John Anderson f.p. - Julie Gabriel f.pt. - Working on truck . . - eans corn rea hSAR'2f3'EIN OE 1. .1 f.s. - "Candy Girl" f.p. - Jimmy Langley 8: DeLandrea is'AWi:l'6fI12'iGs ij' ' Finial b Y .a. - " t ust e ou" f.a. - John Cougar f.p. - Edgar Horrell f.pt. - Being with Edgar 8: dancing VINQENEOSALLIE f.f. - eaf f.s. - "Marrin' Gaye" f.p. - Lily mother . t. - istenin to music STEVE SALIIE f.f. - Chinese food f.s. - g'I:?eograpI5" f.a. - e ppar f.p. - Jacqui Honza f.pt.. - Being with Jacqui 5 working on my cars tD!ARgANkSgARCY . . - tea pizza f.s. - "Try Again" f.a. - Champagne f.p. - Charlene Dozier f.pt. - Listgningtomusic 8: riding around with frien s BETTY SHARP f.f. - Ngexican food .s. - " wingin' " f.a. - Alabama f.p. - The Von Erichs f.pt. - Being with "The Gang", going to the Srortatorium KY S BLEY f.f. - H8sotgsslOrange flavored cupcakes .s. - " zi a" ga, - lgobertwPlant .p. - van . f.pt. napping, acting crazy 6 being with rien s MIKE SIBLEY f.f. - Mexican and Japanese food I-.s. - Lzliezgairf. Song" .a. - in f.p. - Keith Igibhards 8: Deanna Zabojnik f.pt, - Going to concerts, the lake, bowling, campouts, trying to figure out Iife's N1r""5'ilii'z'V'i5'iii'2'he'B' A A f.f. - Mexican food f.s. - "Life in the Fast Lane" f.a. - Men At Work f.p. - A.M.P. f. t. - Makin bets KFAY SMITI-8 f.f. - Mexican food f.s. - "Sweet Baby" f.a. - Ronnie Milsap f.p. - Freddy Jakubik I f. t, - Being with Freddy 8: going to B.T.'s TBRESA SMITH f.f. - Mexican food f.s. - "Dixieland Delight" f.a. - A a ma f.p. - All of my friends f.pt, - Talking with friends CARYN SPANIEL f.f. - Langostinos 8: Shrimllp f.s. - "Lost in a World of antasy" .f.a. - 'llsiumph .p. - om f. t. - Skiing, cruising, 8: going dancing ICARLEEN SPANIEL f.f. - Seafood 8: Mrs. Baird's cherryyplies f.s. A "Theme from 'Gone With the ind' " f.p. - Jon Pat 8: T.G. f. t. - Beirg outdoors SEIERYL PANN f.f. - Pizza f.s. - "Rock of Ages" f.a. - Def Leppard f. t. - Being at the lake 8: going to dances SIZIERRIE SPILLERS f.f. - Seafood 8: Steak f.s. - "You 8: I" f.a. - Crystal Ga le f.p. - Chad Weldlon f. t. - Being with Chad JOHNA STACKS f,f. - Mexican food k Baked potatoes f.s. - "Photograph" f.a. - R,E.O. ip' ' fglthydlie A aoodl . t. - n in money ing EELSQSFOQTACY f,s. - "Lost in Love" f,a. - Air Supply f.p. - Kirk Campbell f. t. - Bein with Kirk 8: all my friends JEFF SVEEILAK f.f. - Seafood f.s. - "Screaming for Vengance" f.a. - Judas Pries f.p. - Victoria Principal SANDRA TARRANT f.f. - Seafood f,s. - "International Loving" f.a. - Prince f.p. - My Mother f.Et. - Playin softball 8: swimming J RRY TO'IsH f.f, - S hetti f.s. - "gig is Just a Fantasy" f.a. - Aldo Nova f.p. - Kim 8: Monty f.pt. - Being with Kim, working on cars 8: ridin around JO ANN ETROJACEK f.a. - Alabama f.p. - My Mom Lv. - Being with friends L DIA TROJACEK f.f. - Klobsse 8: Kolche f.s. - "Won't Hold You Back" f.a. - Alabama f.p. V P.H. f.pt. - Coloring 8: riding around with friends ROYCE TROJACEK f.f. - Barbecue f.s. - Dixieland Delight f.a. - Alabama f.p. - Victoria Principal f.pt. - Partyin with C.R. 8: J.N. LANCE UBERROTH f.f. - Chicken fried steak 8: gravy f.s, - "Amarillo by Morning" f.a. - George Straight f.p. - John Wayne f.pt. - Bull riding, Rodeo PAUL VAVRA f.f. - Frog legs 8: fish, steak f.s. - "Lay it on the Line" f.a. - Triumph f.p. - My mother 8: B.M. f.pt. - Going with B.N. 8: partying with my friends 8: concerts VANCE VYERS f.f. - Mexican food f.s. - "Juke Box Hero" f.a. - Loverboy f.p. v Angela Walker f.pt. - Baseball, cruising, G being with A.W. RONNIE WAMPLER f.f. - Italian f.s. - "Little Red Corvette" f.a. - Berling 8: Culture Club f.p. - Sharon Wampler gent. - Sgendgnf money 8: going to Dallas ENN TH ATSON f.f. - Fish 8: Fries f.p, - Juana Myers f.pt. - After work music BARBRA WEBB f.f. - Pizza f.s. - "You and I" f.a. - Eddie Rabbit 8: Crystal Gayle f,p. - Mark Richardson f.pt. - Being with M.R. 8: good friends C AD WELDON f.f. - Pizza 8: shrimp f.s. - "Rambling fever" f.a. - Merle Haggard f.p. - Sherrie Spillers f.pt. - Traveling KAREN WILCOX f.f. - Mexican food f.s. - "Photograph" f.a. - Kenny L gins f.p. - Cherie Wliicox f. t. - Swimming 8: skiing LISA WILLIAMS f.f. - Fried porkcho s f.s. - "Walking the Line" f.a. - Michael Jackson f.p. - Johnny Roberson f.pt. - Snowball stand RICKY WILLIAMS f.f. - Down home Texas cooking f.s. - "No One Can Stop Us Now" f.a. - Saga f.p. - Trisha Hall 8: m friends f.pt. - Being with Trislia 8: outdoors ROBERT WILLIAMS f.f. - Pizza 8: Seafood f.s. - "Billie Jean" f.a. - Michael Jackson f.p. - Karen Wilcox f.pt. - Riding around with friends RANDY WILLIS f.f. - Hamburgers 5 Fries f.s. - "Dog Chase Cat" f.a. - Ga Gant f.p. - Bairhra Waitts TALMADGE YOUNG f.f. - Pizza f.s. - "Outstanding" f.a. - The Gap Band f.p. - My Mother fat. - Actin? crazy with all my friends D ANNA ABOJNIK f.f. - Pizza f.s. - "FaithfuIIy" f.a. - Journey f.p. - My Parents 8: Ricky V. f.pt. - Spending time with Ricky 8: friends f.f. - favorite food f.s, - favorite song f.a. - favorite artist f.p. - favorite person or people f.pt. - favorite pastime ' 187 GABRIEL'S Hair Cutery For Men 85 Women 115 W. Knox 214-875-8838 Ennis, Texas S P Southern Pacific Transportation Company 1 T. M. Ryan BOX Trainmaster 1 Ennis, TX 75119 office 42141 875-70914 I . ,--' f wats MACHINE SHOP , 2414 N. Preston, P.0. Box 1282 42149 875-4080 EHIUS, TX. 75119 42149 875-5556 Shop Home Lynn Sibley K. Crow Inc. S 305 S. W. Main 875 9003 1 EnnB,Tbxas IlO.Box1209 . .1 12 V 44 ' CONC, 7314175144171-4:7115 A"9q,'2 All-INQ 441. Q 577-PFF Fo ' Vkf. E LL., D . - . vu.-.. .X -vi 1. X, ,N 1 'w,k...,,f 1 X S x..v,.XlXx,.E 1 5 N 3 . - M ' ' W, Q' IYIXQ .QUQM xi., Nw Night way , +5-X -.v f Q, X Q31 'ug fa J r.!Sr. Prom f 'in Ag, J M ..--ff' gi 1 W 2? . " wa! 534 4,3 g Z.l.M .... .U ww xxx A4 W P but s 3 W p X'W'Mb, , M ,, V E Q 'V '9' 'Vg Xe ff 1 M-es, ff? 1, 1Y1b,,,MaM..s if,-ff .1 fi Q :- -' , M ' Af' 'gg 9' 3 iw? Q 4 xl: 45 f K vi, , 5 V 1 ,.A1 ps- P 'nv .uv P If 1 x W egg E? iL! H of MMM Salutatorian Sheila Patak Valedictorian J 0 Ann Trojacek Wx IAM M glfVX I g y 'W IT L X , if , 3 , K f 15,1 Ur ffl 19 ' mg!!! 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