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H Q' I. J . ,Ht lm ,' 4 L , . ,gg .,. H 1- - -' ' ', JI l ,U b, :- .my,, Nl' AJ' , 1 ' 1 ' vo I . ' 1 ' I X . ., I . lvl ' u 'K Q fy Is. .pr u U? A xx ova .rv-1-on ur u-Q1-vqp.o-in-an 4ll'- 1- 1-.a-:nv-f. mrs-1. ' 4. SX f W. , v -:mf 411 -iz3W,m1,w- " :.::sL.z.c,.wx:.e :Vx 1:1 v:- : --rm 1 1 ' ' f X ,, . ,f , rf' f e. J 19" . A -- ' v ,SS 5 .- 'J ' ,il , V V ra N Q.,- :ii '???iH2S5 '!S5H559fuiESi-U.Y1iu mil 'izf fl L: 2311 35 gigi ..-hm "ij V E' - . - .. . A 1 4 V'-Ak' W M 1 , , 1 pN..... V E' , . sf? V s gi 4 .4 Fi? A . fi i ' , Q, -.,.- T.f f W, Y uf if sg 3 All rr" A..f , ' Q . S , 4 I 41 1 s 1 1 4 i Af.. 'Enid f ' ?7,'f X L 1 , P -f3f"'il-'55.351-2i"i?ii'i'12A2T5'Z?72T1?57F' 'Eif?ZT'3C.5if?7'k"7n7f ' 'Y' , 5 Er, R135 J gal' m,1m,fwqg:fm-.. f M vga- V-iw ' x :3?x',:d'53:1i,ep-my . . 4'-,V , . ,. M ,.,., 1, ,.,f.., , K -1, 3,2-ew-,r ' - ' ,-jf. ,Q -'-1-3, rsQ1:a,24-44, .A :B,.fp.'a:.:' 'www-,-,, 5 fisfrfsl-H'ff-445 ' X :m?2'Ff,-,:'GZf"':f'-"ig:-1.'uf'-YI'i'd:??:f5':C"'H Qwffkwe rv- if wtmm.-1.11.-.:Awf:,:f:. :gifmgg-:.:1.f K , 8 J ,, . ,ggi Q M .423 wwf in ,Wmg23Wq,r?x3A,lQ',23g Q 3 , , SWA :N K f 9 Ng +6 if . . 3 ,S -- --,mx-,,,, ,. - f V, f.ffV.W,7E.w-W-V . H, Y eww, New .f,.ug,..,g M - . W W .X - 3 imwg Jr, -3 J,-,Lf ffm Y.-aeerf efhl ff- Aw - G f . Jif-4-:Km v.U.H:, m1,s,,Z:sg: 2+m,v:s:"5TM1-3523? YL f iw Q , ..vN.f"-4 3' Z 5 125' ' " ' ' ' . if ' an 'QF 41 'H H P -ff l? -3 V n. A v ,A f, Q, Lair X, 5, .. 4 f' Y ii'-1 " :f V eff' .5 5 Qgslkfiu .,,1A,Q1' gf, -- -2 1, -. ' 'A - - . N , -raw- 'f'v fl we Af iv--'us-X eaqwfwzf-if 1 up 1 A Q ' . . J M A f Fi4ni'.i:,,K,nJn ,-2 - J, .rw , rrrifmf' 4- xp--2''11'h-Liwff.1gfi?f'::1n,- aff, - , . A 1 - . M-wif?s3SnM:'lf1fa-1--M-wi. - "'., Q f52iA:f7ii5we-fi:-1 "" 2 - f 1 f PM '.. if 'QQ-f-Eb jig-ww -.,, .. he , . , N -. I , M A -ni' ',-gifvfftwg-M e Cicerone ,Rf .V- .-ff' ffy L -M, Y mxkkxmk X yn A nv ww, 1.1,-4 f 1 f' f! ffm-, ' ff : 'T ,X 'gf '5" f1 f'Qf4a TY? f A 5 1 4 U ' , ' 'N -fu 4 5 11 .. .. J , If-41,5 V- , , , .. -ba va -. , f L gf' . 1l:'?et55f' ' .Thr -q3w "'A' iwbicome To Our New E 1m1 High School 1 ., V V W. ,wwmwlwfly w--afbw-ful' ,,,,...-, - m::4'fw. V V 5.4! 4. , 'X MTI? ,Mr . lvl. in X X A. 'H X' .4 5, v 1 W T' 'r N we f X fi-K. , ' Y K NMA . 4 xv- ' L-4. 5'-'WIS ' ,fx . in A Q, b Y" K+ X , it ,.,. FN '-a f , Q . dx 3 ! NN 159- 1 X X. ,ff ,i X Wx' x A 9 . , M. x Q A i xx X. x X l N ' w i ,Q ..-W,,,..,.....-EE. x,..N-W....,, , Dedication Mr. John Blassingame The Cicerone Staff of 1981-82 wishes to dedicate this annual to the band director, Mr. John Blassingame. His true dedication to the band has been proved year after year by the many hours spent working with them. The Senior Class of '82 would like to take this opportunity to thank him for his patience and understanding that has been the key to the band's great success every year. l 1. 'ug :E T' W' Q as I lf V .y 4. e f ., . -v " . ' f ' ' "1 an A1 g JUS 1 Carol Kinzie-Jr. Sally Batten Sr. Co-Editor fi 9, y AY . ,,,, 1, if r, ffl G' 1 Johna Stacks-Jr. Kathleen Tolleson-Jr. all f 5 'B 4' A , 1.14 1 'If , X' V' I 31- 5 'TQ' if C li iff? Wm 8 1' O I1 9 fu: - , 5 'ffl ll W il I v is , ?2' ' 5' 3 K A I Q1 44,1 X - . , I . as we S ,, ... ' Laura McCorvey-Sr. 4 . Nancy Boon-Sr. Mike Williams-Sr. Business Manager Class Editqr Asst. Business Manager i V Y Q If . - 1' - I -, , ir . q ilk II Vw- i".--ggfli V ' A X n an Ia, i e W.. X n . A-.F ' 19 Y' f " -E"',.faw '- rc ,gn ,..fN. 1 a 4 Dawn Nelson-Sr. Karen Budai-Jr. Joy McCullough-Sponsor 1981-82 Jimmy Johnson-Jr. Lisa Monreal-Sr. Sports Editor Organizations Editor Lori Muirhead Co-Editor J 'Lane Nichols-J r. Faculty Editor fflfx, b X i P W I N 1 Editor's Note On behalf of the Cicerone Staff we hope that our book is filled with memories that can be looked back on year after year. As the 1981-82 school year comes to a close, we remember: Getting to eat off campus Pep Rallies Kolache Sale Jr.-Sr. Prom Getting Sr. Rings 8-2-0 Football Record Two Great Basketball Teams Being the first to graduate from the New EHS. As each Senior begins a new phase in life we leave you with this advice, "Don't Stop Believing" in yourselves or in your dreams. Sally Batten co-editor Lori Muirhead co-editor Lori Muirhead Sally Batten 1 ! 4 I I 1 i ! s 1 5 i 1 A 1 1 . 1 3 1 i TL: 5 1 ,fw- Q ,w ,lf--. .1-,-sf :L J' f' Jw .47 , 1 S L , . ,, -' , , , , mg' -gg ii wm wi Va A ... 4 K, , , .QU V U, - x ,- - 'Q' ' X W., , 0' . Y ' W 'V A .T 1' .Wing f gf: M75-tEK."'1,4 f f is-Q4 ' """"'.-. ,, , V ' 4 , ' -- H " . L, . .f A I 1 Rim: S , ' fx A" Www , ' -'X-, " ' X, ,,,,,-Q., Y . l ' H ' ,M W jig? - ' ' - ' in Q aw . V- ,ff 1 92, k .-. .M , , . . , ,,,.. In A 1 A -A -W .,,,,,, ' aA - - LW xi, ,A L, -' K A A J U F, L -vig... 5 -n 'mg .,4,, AX V ,L'2'w 1 ' , fa v, 'K , AA, , "'. 'f 14" g 'x 'i, ,-i'.n 'E ' sv W-N ' J Q I 4 K 1 5 1 l 2 A -- , 9 LU. Presenting the Dandee Lion Christmas Special! Paige, get over here and twirl!" "But Kim . . ." P ,mr 'Q' Another exciting day on the Annual Staff. Say "Cheese Now we take our time So nonchalant And spend the nights As we did always We dress our days In silk and rose The money comes The money goes We know it's all . . No. 1 Band Whimps!! Wanted Dead or Alive! f Q .. rff WW. 1-'af'+'f7s T 6 1 I l e: ,A fl 1' , fn' - ' f lkfbmz . is f in 4542 23, , ls A KV '-,, .xv f K ls we I of T l T, s . 'f ' i , saga, o ..,,"i ,,. "'f' ' X ff A ' . l 1 , 4 ,iv-,.', , The corner of 5th and Main. Well, maybe l had H little help- 11 I "Get away with that camera." 'ASi-a-lent, night" I know pizza gives me heart burn." A little blush goes a long way. "Pass my Ca-Coca-Cola." "Yes Darling?" 1 l i 1 sqg 1. E f I 5 5 i f ,,,1f1z:.,5i' J . 1 i f - .. 'B 1 W Q,-nf ahi if Q fl! 1 "I said No!" w "Be quiet, Jill!" 2. , 1 i N n r w 1 l 2 s sf f x 5 Party Time! i PONDS 1 For beautiful women? l i 3 A passing phase But I've loved these days We light our lamps And work and cheer We hang our hopes On chandeliers We're having fun We are gaining weight We're setting goals And making dates It's not time to change our ways But I've loved these days So before we end . . . Giche Giche Goo!! L Q 'I p Sleepy Seniors! i , nn, A rooster and his chicks? The EHS VIPs "1 ,W KM , Tw .Z Annual Staff at work-now THATS INCREDIBLE!! Sweet and innocent We said we didn't do it! Hey! Wait for me. And then begin We drink a toast To how it's been A few more hours to be complete A few more problems to defeat A few more times that I can say Ilve loved these days. The phantom diner Get it Wade! Mighty Mouse? 4 i w 1 1 3 , J fig .. E., 'H ' .X V 1 -X :V A x gif ' R fs 15.1411 , ' 1 , ' ',, f' " 6 -, Q b A 3' .x L vs ' 5 . I 1 gn' yn.. . . 5.-' 1 gf:-fy -.a -, , - . ' . V -. :V .Q JM, .5 V 05 . . .. . Q f ' iifrgl " ' ' ' - . ' .5 - if 5-Qg:1:veQ. ,, , L , -,,, . f ix : iff jifalaij , fe. , , .- an - ' . 1' 'wi S' 2. , J A V , 1 flu- A Stihl ' M: Yai fiiffs -1 1 igifg ff-51 , 2 ' V ,mix 'j JN 2 gg 4 I X X S555 f ' A .mg-2 E i 4 E 4 n 1 -f Qzju, . .,, is ,A 1 fn, il A x 4 Q Q5 Class of '82 X519 lg' 9 M33 of, DDF I QS? A256112 wwf OS, Jw fx. ' ki J Mfg El Q53 cj66MfffQLQf'f O3 W NVQ XX bxpf 28 74 Q 09 R50 I QQQ it Q, QUT , . Qjomg , Y 2 W QC ig XDWLKKUXQ 5 50 off 6 QW MQ, Q 2 355' QU ff5mmN f2 WW dy JWL . V2 f 4" 5.11 ,bp QQ X fm NXFSXL M .V -Q J vw ' S 3' PM fig QD gag X my AW WH ,N ,XJ Y X fry? 4 'MJ 5 by M0025 W. KQV Lkj?uQCAulC.6'V1 u g WW d Q 6 Q!! f'N gimhibcnw Jgkw mum kEb0'lCia,,, S ' Senior Class Officers few C7 Lisa Wilhoite-Secretary Dee-Dee Gryder-President Hope Hughes-Vice-President J ina Henning-Treasurer 18 IW rx A .fs Anthony Alan Adams Golf 2-49 Ag. 1-45 Football 1-2 f.p. Mimi Gardner f.sfa. You're My Kind Of Lover Anthony R. Alvarez Football 1-23 Baseball 1-23 Student Council 15 Track 15 ICT 3-4 f.sfa. Back in Black Foreigner AC DC f.f. seafood f.f. Enchiladas f.a. Golf f.a. Partying Stephen R. Alexander C - - , ' ynthla Denise Anderson Dasketball1,Footba1l1,HECE 1,DE HECE 1: FHAXHERO 1 f G d f. d f.sfa. Fire 8: Desire fgja git Kflgzlns Rick James Sz Teena Marie f.f. seafood Xa pizza ff' seafocfd f.a. basketball 8: partying James M. Allen Football 35 DECA 43 Transferred Jr. year from f.s!a. Feels So Right Alabama f.f. shrimp Sz hush puppies f.a. Having a good time Arturo Almanza f.a. partying Tina Wynee Anderson Basketball 1, Track 1-29 FHAIHERO COfficerl 13 HECE 1-2 f.p. Myself f.sfa. Sparkle Cameo f.f. seafood f.a. Dancing Sz partying Melinda Lea Bain PAC lg Basketball 8i track Manager 1-45 Volleyball Manager 4g FHAIHERO CTreasurerl 45 Project Glad 2-39 NIKE 2-45 FBLA 33 UIL Typing 3 f.p. Scott Shaw f.s!a. Feels So Right Alabama f.f. Mexican food f.a. Being with Scott 8a my special friends LaJuana Banks HECE 1 f.p. Quincy Lamar Banks f.s!a. Fire 8a Desire Rick JamesfTeena Marie f.f. chicken f.a. Partying Susie Ann Banks Track 1 f.p. Myself f.s!a. Its Got To Be Real Time f.f. Seafood f.a. running track Alexander Monte Barnett VICA 3-4, f.p. The Angel f.sfa. Angel in the Centerfold f.f. Klobase f.a. Driving Sarah Anne Batten Student Council 1, NIKE 1, 2, 4, FTA 1-3 CVice Pres. 31, OEA 4, Who's Who 3-4, NHS 3-4 iSec. 41,Jets 2-3, Annual Staff 3-4 CAssist. Ed. 3, Editor 41 Senior Play, Health Sz PE Awd., Geo. Awd., Eng. Academic Awd. f.p. Greg f.s!a. Feels So Right Alabama f.f. Steak and Shrimp f.a. Going to Dallas to eat :Sz see a show with Greg Kelli Jill Bennett PAC 1, Girls Ath. 1-2, NIKE 1-2, FHA Hero 4 f.p. David Spaniel f,s!a. Feels So Right Alabama f.f. Steak Gr Potatoes f.a. Being with David and good friends John Warren Betik Student Council 3-4 fPres. 41 FCA 2-4 fPres. 41 Key 3-4 fSgt. at arms 41, Jets 4, FBLA 4, Football 1-4 flst all Dist. 31, baseball 1-4 Clst all Dist. 3-41, Track 1 f.p. John Wayne f.sfa. Freebird Lynard Skynard f.f. Fried shrimp f.a. Riding around with Mik and all my friends. John F. Birdow Track 1-4, Basketball 3, 4. f.p. Artists and Writers f.s!a! Apache Sugar Hill Gang f.f. Chicken, Hamburger St French Fries f.a. Drawing Rod A. Birdow Kimberly Sue Braddock Band 1-4, Ag. 1-3, OEA 4 fSecretaryD, Wesley Bonser Nike 2, 4- DECE 4, Lion Fan 1-4 f.p. Tony Dunkerly f.p. Myself f.sfa. Love in the First Degree f.s!a. Ventran of the Psychic Wars Alabama f.f. Junk food f.f. No. 2 Hamburger from Dairy f.a. Listening to Music Mart f.a. Having fun with my friends and being with T.D. Nancy Kay Boon Tennis 1-4 fGirls award 31, Band 1-2, Annual Staff 3-4, Student Council 2-4, Key Club 2-4 tTreas. 21, Homecoming Court 1, Class Vice President 1, Class Favorite 2-3 Homecoming Queen Nominee 4, f.p. Charlie Waters f.s!a. Still Lionell Richie Jr. f.f. Pepperoni Pizza f.a. Skiing and Tennis Jeffery Alan Brock Diedrea Shante Boyd Band 1-3, PAC 1-4, MLC 3-4, Della Renee Brown Thespians 3-4, NFL 3-4 Project Glad HECE 1-4, HerofF HA 1-4. 2. f.p. Mr. Greg Howard f.p. J.D.M. f.sfa. Fire and Desire f.s!a. Private Eyes Rick James Sc Teena Marie Hall .Sl Gates f.f. Pizza and Seafood f.f. Seafood f-a- Partying f.a. Going to concerts Andrew E. Bozek FFA 1-4, Football 1-4, Student Harold Lynn Brown Council 1. - - - f.s!a. Them Good Old Boys are ggogglill 1 3' Baseball 2 4' FCA 2 3' Bad ' ' V - Q John Schneider gigiiue Rlbs f.f. T-bone Steak f.a. Partying with all my friends and riding through the country. Tina Rene? Brown OEA 3-4 fVice Pres. 41, FHA 2. f.p. Greg Carter f.s!a. Dancin Days Led Zeppelin f.f. Dairy Mart Chicken f.a. Painting andvlaughing with my friends. Melissa Kathleen Bruzzese PAC 1-4, NFL 3-4, MLC 3-4, JEIS 3, UIL Competitor 2-4, International Thespian Society 4, Who's Who 4, Science Awd. 1, UIL Awd. 3. f.p. My bestest friends and Mike B. f.s!a. White Winged Dove Stevie Nicks f.f. My daddys meatballs and spaghetti f.a. being with friends, dancing, competing at tourn., and J ammin at Joskeis. Djuana Rene Burr Band 1-4, FHAfHero 1-4, Nike 2, Acts 2, Area Officer 4. f.p. Myself f.sfa. Take My Heart Kool 8: Gang f.f. Chicken f.a. talking Cindy Burreson FHA!Hero 1, OEA 3-4. f.p. M.W. f.sfa. Feels So Right Alabama f.f. Tacos f.a. Riding and talking with my friends. Shandra Dale Busby Basketball 1, Track 1, HECE 1 2 f.p. Mr. Booker T. Washington f.sfa. Take My Heart Kool and the Gang f.f. Fried Chicken f.a. Partying James Isaac Byrd Il Football 1-2, Ag. 1-2, Key Club 3 FCA 1-2, DE 4 lVice Pres.J f.p. My Friends f.s!a. Wheel in the Sky Journey f.f. Shrimp f.a. Danding, Partying and Country Cruising. Marian Carrillo FHA!Hero 3, 4. f.sfa. Open Arms Journey f.f. Chicken Fried Steak f.a. Riding around and having a good time. Greg Carter f.p. Renee f.s!a. No Quarter Led Zeppelin f.f. Spaghetti f.a. Hunting Rebecca Lee Chapman Band 3. f.p. Bobby Williams f.s!a. Juke Box Hero Foreigner f.f. 22 oz. steak and crab legs f.a. Riding horses with B.W. Truitt Clark f.s!a. High to Hell ACIDC f.f. Pizza f.a. Drawing Jennifer Ruth Cole PAC 3-4, OEA 3, FHAfHero 4 f.p. M,A. and friends f.sfa. Feels So Right Ricky Lee Jones f.f. Spaghetti and Meatballs fa Rldlng around with the 3 f.a. Country cruising, being with musketeers Mark and friends. Ronnie Paul Coleman Arnold Cervantes Football 1-4, lst team All District 3 Football 2 3 Baseball 1 2 H.M. All District 4, Track 1-4 fsfa Feels So Right f.p. Julie Smith Alabama f.sfa. Jam the Box f a Riding around town and playing Sky FB f.f. Beans and Cornbread f.a. Ladies Leah Elizabeth Cook PAC 1-2, Thespians 2 8a 4 fVice Pres. 43 JETS 4, FBLA 4, Glad 2, Modern Tony R. Collier Language Club 2 8a 4 fVice Pres. 25 Football 1-4, FCA 1-2, Track 1-2 f.p. Me f.f. Barbeque Ribs and Beef f.a. Football Cornelia Faye Collins Nike 2, FHA 1 15th Vice Pres. 2, 3, Parliamentarianl, Student Council 2-3, Spanish Club 3-4, Acts Club 1-2, Glad 2, Basketball 1-4 fHonorable Mention 2, All District 3, Captain 4J, Volleyball 4 fCaptainJ, Track 1-4 fCaptain 31. f.p. Diana Ross 8a Billy Dee Williams f.sfa Fire 8a Desire Rick James 8a Teena Marie f.f. Fish f.a. Talking to S.G. and playing sports. Science Academic Awd. 1 Sz 2. f.p. J.S. f.s!a. Dream On Oak Ridge Boys f.f. Italian f.a. Being with friends and Jeff. Lana G. Cooke Tommy James Collins John Timothy Cox Band 1-4, Stage Band 3, 4, Jets 3, FBLA 4, Nike 4, NHS 3, 4. f.s!a. Love In the First Degree Alabama f.f. Lobster Sz Steak f.a. Being with P.V. and "childish" friends. William Dale Cox Anthon Carl moderah Cook Football 1-4, Varsity Baseball 4, FCA Y FHA!Hero 3, DECE 4. f.p. Angel f.s. Angel is a Centerfold f.f. Spaghetti and Meatballs 1-4, FFA 1-4, Leadership team 1, Farm Radio 4. f.p. Uncle Bill f.sfa. My Kind of Lover B'1l S ' . , . 1 y quir f-a' gsm? a3Xth"ig-not Concemmg f.f. Chicken Fried Steak, baked EVE S l'1V9 Il potato, broccoli Kr cheese f.a. Being with friends and J.M. eng... Debra Cravens f.p. Ray Senften f.sfa. Everything I Own Rolling Stones f.f. Pizza and cheese-cake f.a. Being with Ray Susan Renee Crow DECA 3, VICA 4. f.p. Joe Sims f.s!a. Open Arms Journey f.f. Mexican Food f.a. Going to School f a Riding around and being with my George Crowley VICA fSecretaryJ 3. f.s!a. Rose colored glasses John Conley Gary Allen Deagen f.f. Barbeque f.a. Riding around and hunting Marilyn K. Darst BAND 1-4, LAll-District 2, 3g All-Region 39 State Solo and Ensemble 21 FBLA 2, 4g Modern Language Club 3, 4 iPresident 41 PAC 1. f.p. Tim f.s!a. Come take care of me f.f. Grilled Steaks and Cavatini f.a. Being with Tim www- Anita Kathleen Dixon N1ke 2 3, FTA 1 3, fSecretary 1 Zl James F. Dunkerley District Secretary 2, FTA'er of the - BAND 1-3, Key Club 3-4, Stage Band year 2, President 3, State Delegate 2, 3 DECA 4, WHO'S WHO 4. f.p. Bryan f.sfa. Open Arms Journey f.f. Pizza f.a. Making Memories Jerry F. Dlabaj Jr. ICT 3, 4 Auto Mechanics 3, VICA 3, 4. f.p. Myself f.sfa. Metal Gods Def Leppard f.f. 2" Steakg Baked Potato f.a. Going to Dallas Kc Parties at Lake Rusty Lynn Doherty FFA 1 3 VICA 4 f p Suzann M fsfa Feels So Right Alabama f f Tacos and Pizza f.a. Getting in trouble playing cards at Liska s Casino 1-3, Senior Play 3-4. f.p. Barley Hops f.s!a. Lets get it up ACDC f.f. Fried Shrimp, Cole Slaw f.a. Drooling Clarence Everette Edwards Football 1-4, Metal Trades 1, DE 1, Track 1-2, TCA 1-2. f.p. A.H. D.B. D.K. S.G, and others f.s!a. Hit and Run Barkays f.f, Seafood, Mexican food, and Soul food. f,a. Football and cruisin a country road. Ralph D Edwards Gary Lynn Douglas Reginald Lynn Edwards FCA 2-4, Athletics 1-4, Track 1-4, Football. f.p. myself f.sfa. Grapevine fRogerJ f.f. Seafood, and Redbeans f.a. playing Football as -was ,,s 'W Ti? '9' Julie Kaye Emsley BAND 1-33 Lt. 2-3, i1!2 of 3rd yr.l Nike 2 8: 4, Pac 1, National Honor Society 4, Jets 3, f.p. Mark Simmons f.s!a. In the Park Journey f.f. Mexican food f.a. Being with M.S. and talking with special friends. Carol B. English Modern Language Club 3-4, iSecretary 31 International Thespian Society 1-4, PAC 1-4, Tennis Team 2-4, Glad 2-3, Basketball 1, Cheerleader 1, FTA 1, Girls State Ccandidate Bl Vespers 3, Track 1, FBLA 2-45 5th vice president 2, Secretary 3g Student Council Rep. 4, District Secretary 35 Dist. President 4, National Voting Delegate in Washington 2. f.p. Non f.s!a. Apache Sugar Hill f.f. Seafood f.a. Traveling with FBLA f.f. Barbeque Chicken f.a. Pole Vaulting Jamie Layne Erisman BAND 1-4, CDrurn Majorette 43 Sr. Play Orchestra 2, PAC 1, 2 Nike 2-4, iHistorian 41 Class Favorite 1, Class Personality 2, 3, Project Glad 2, Who's Who. f.p. Mom and Wilbur f.s!a. Three Times a Lady Commodores f.f. Shrimp and Steak Kelvin Evans Athletics 3, Football 1-3. f.p. Myself f.s!a. Get it up, Time f.f. Seafood f.a. Playing football, and dancing Randy Wayne Farrell Athletics 1, 2 iManagerJ FFA 1, Dandee Lion 3, 4 DECA 4. f.p. My sister Reeda f.s!a. Running With The Devil Van Halen f.f. Tacos f.a. Racing on Saturday nights, Partying with friends and being with that someone special. Suzanne Farris Modern Language Club 3-4, FBLA 4, Nike 4, FHA 4, 3rd Vice President, FHA Hero Chapter. f.p. J.A. f.s!a. Open Arms Journey f.f. Mexican food f.a. Going dancing and being with f.a. Dancing and having private Friends. conversations. Kevin Wayne Fincher Michael Wayne Eubanks Football 1-4, CAllDistrictl Basketball Track 1-4, Football 1, 4 Basketball 1-2, Baseball 1-4 lAll District, 2nd 4. f.p. Myself f.s!a. Good old Boys ain't bad John Schneider f.f. Barbeque Chicken f.a. Polevaulting Teaml 3, Class Personality 2, 3. f.p. Lisa Wilhoite f.s!a, Crazy Train Ozzie Osiborne f.f. Macaroni and cheese f.a. Sports Stuart Fisher Brian Keith Gabriel BAND 1-4. f.p. J.R. Ewing f.s!a. Feels So Right Alabama f.f. Lasagna f.a. Music and being with friends Jimmy Lawrence Flores f.p. Hank Williams Jr. f.s!a. My Favorite Memory Merle Haggard f.a. Rodeo Dorinda Renee Gainus f.s!a. Open arms Sammy Hagar f.f. Italian f.a. water skiing Terri Dell Franz Band 1-3, Cheerleader 1, 2, 4, Vespers 3, Class Officer iSecretary 21 Student Council Rep. 1-4, F.B.L.A. 4, Jets 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Pac 1, Nike 2, Who's Who In America, Senior Play Orchestra 10, United States Student Council Award. f.p. David Lipsey f.s!a. Feels So Right Alabama f.f. Turkey and Dressing f.a. Cheering, Dancing, Hunting, Ice skating, and being with David. Coleta Maxine Frazier Athletic Manager 1-2, PAC 1-3, Thespian 1-4, U.I.L.-Extemp 2, PAC-Historian 1, Project GLAD 3, Modern Language Club 3-4, FBLA 4, Honorary Thespian. f.sfa. Our God He is Alive. f.f. boiled Shrimp f.a. Making Memories with all my friends. Donald Ray Garrett Asenath Gaytan ACTS 1, 2 Modern Language 3, 4 f.p. My parents f.sfa. Praise the Lord Imperials f.f. Potatoes and Mexican Food f.a. swimming, and playing the drums. James L. Gilbert Shevera Mozell Jozell Gilmore Niling 1, Basketball 1-4, Track 1-3, lManager D, New Horizan FHA 1-3, Spanish club 1-2. f.p. C.C. f.s!a. Hit and Run Barkays f.f. Anything that taste good f.a. Basketball, and Track William Roy Glaspy Basketball 3-4, Nike 4, National Honor Society 3-4, Student Council 4. f.p. Coach Hoover f.sfa. "Just once" Eagles f.f. Shrimp f.a. Basketball Joey Green Football 1-2, Track 1, Ag 1 Sz 2, Ag Co-op 3 and 4. Skills team and Judging team. f.p. My Granny f.sfa. I Love my Truck John Conley f.f. Steak f.a. Rodeo, Billy Teds, the Stable, going Mudding, Hunting, work- ing at the Sale Barn and hanging around with the guys. Kirby Ray Green FCA 2, 3, Sa 4, Track 1-3, Football 1-4. f.p. Myself f.s!a. Don't Stop believing f.f. Mexican Food f.a. Playing Cards Raymond Charles Green Gregory Llewellyn Griffith Tennis 1-4, Nike 4, Track 4, FUN 1-4, Sr. play 4. f.p. John McEnroe f.s!a. Physical Paul Simon f.f. Lobster and Lasagna f.a. Playing Tennis Deanna Carol Gryder , BAND 1-3, Key Club 4, Nike 2, Student Council 2, 4, Class President 4, Who's Who, Class Personality 2. f.p. Casper and my mom f.s!a. Love in the lst Degree Alabama f.f. Fried Chicken with Honey f.a. Talking with friends, and playing with small children Jana Deniece Haggard BAND 1-4, Nike 1-2, Key 3, FBLA 2, 3 Dandie Lion 4, fEditorJ, Drum Majorette 4, Project Glad 2. f.p. Jeff Prachyl f.s!a. Smokey Mountain Rain Ronnie Milsap f.f. Spaghetti f.a. Spending time with Jeff Prachyl John Paul Hajek DECA 3-4. f.s!a. Don't Stop Believn' Journey f.f. Spaghetti f.a. Being with friends and watching Sports Thomas Lester Hammond VICA 1-4, FHA 1. f.p. J.R. Ewing f.s!a. I Just Need You for Tonight Billie Crash Craddick f.f. Spaghetti f.a. Bicycling Dee Harp f.p. Joey Svehlak f.sfa. Feels So Right Alabama f,f. Mexican Food f.a. Being with J.S. Debbie Kay Hart Homecoming Court 1, Personality 1. f.s!a. Open Arms Journey f.f. Lasagna Dwayne Hart DECA 4. f.p. Me f.sfa. C.O.D. ACfDC f.f. Seafood f.a. Riding around Town, Hunting and Fishing Tammy Lavonne Hart Basketball 1-4, Track 2-3, Volleyball Mgr. 4, Cheerleader 1-4, Class Favorite 1, Personality 3, Band 1-3, Homecoming Court 1, S.A.C. 1, Foreign Language Club 4. f.p. Reginald Mosby f.sfa. Let's Groove Tonight Earth Wind 8: Fire f.f. Shrimp f.a. Basketball Jeromy John Hejny VICA 1-4. f.p. Janet Wilkerson f.s!a. Why Lady Why Alabama f.f. Klobase Sz Kolaches , A , -is S 'hifi Alvie Martin Hollingsworth Jina Leigh Henning F F A 1-4 A C i 3 4 glass. React? 1,4 if' 1331 126550235 sweet Ettls Cczlllllllifg girl ommee ' ' ' ey . f.sfa. You're My Favorite Memory Pres, 41 Student Council 1-4, VOE 4, Merle Haggard Armstmn f.f. Chicken fried steak fp! , C . il f.a, Deer hunting, fishing, mudding, 'S a' . 0 S. rymg ow in V.W., running around with the f.f. Prime Rib Jon Pat Henry FFA 1-4, AGG-Co-op 3 8a 4 f.p.K.S. f.s!a. Them Good Old Boys are Bad John Schneider f.f. Steaks, thick gravy, and Hot Bread f.a. Riding around through the country, Going Hunting, Fishing, and being with friends. Josephine Herrera Robert Gregory Hicks Ag. 1, Athletics 1-2, Who's Who 4, Art 1-4 f.p. Friends f.sfa. Sign of the Southern Cross Black Sabbath f.f. Pizza f.a. Drawing and being with friends crowd. Gloria Rodriquez Holy Dhanald Dheene Horne Mikel Weldon Hubacek F.F.A. 1-4, I.C.T. 4. f.p. S.L. f.sfa. Party On The Patio ZZ Top f.f. Klobase f.a. Chasing S.J. girls. -rifle Hope Elaine Hughes Band 1-4, Twirler 3-4, All-Dist. and All Region Band 1-4, U.I.L. Solo and Ensemble 1, 2, 4, State Solo and Ensemble 2, Class Reporter 1, Cheerleader 1, P.A.C. 1, 2, Nike 4, Project Glad 2, 3, N.H.S. 3, 4, Girls State 3, Mod. Lang. Club 2-4, Who's Who 3, 4, Class Vice Pres. 4, Eng. Academic Award 3. f.p. Prince f.sfa. Don't Stop Believing Journey f.f. Seafood Gina Marie Ingargiola Band 1-3, Twirler 1-3, Key Club 3, 0.E.A. 4. f.p. Duane Holy f.s!a. Feels So Right Alabama f.f. Pizza f.a. Spending all my time with Duane. J'Lane Elois Jackson DECA 4 f.p. K.A.K. f.s!a. Fire and Desire Rick James 8: Tina Marie f.f. Steak, malibu chicken, fried shrimp Ramona Renee Jackson HECE 2. f.p. David Snell f.s!a. For the Love in You f.f. Hot Dogs f.a. Sewing. Jeffery Denard Johnson Football 2, Baseball lMgr.J 3, Mod. Lang. Club 3, P.A.C. 4. f.p. Frankie Johnson f.s!a. Get It Up The Time f.f. French fries f.a. Partying with friends. Adark L. Jones Football 1-4, Track 1-4. f.p. Adark Jones f.f. Shrimp or seafood Gretchen Elisa Jones Basketball, Track, H.E.C.E. f.p. Alton Roy Moore f.s!a. Fire gl Desire Rick James gl Teena Marie f.f. Turkey Kr Dressing, Red Beans Ez Cornbread. f.a. Being with Alton Moore Kevin Jones Golf 1, 2, Student Council 1, ICT 1 f.p. John Wayne f.sfa. Dirty Movies Van Halen f.f. Seafood f.a. Water skiing. .X ,my ,1 ',1 .- ,- YA? fw- Mark A. Jones Donna J. Jordan G.L.A.D. 3, Mod. Lang. Club 3, 4, V.0.E. 4 f.p. Tracy Gillespie f.s!a. Let's Take the Long Way Around the World Journey f.f. Seafood f.a. Being with Tracy and having fun with friends. LeAnn Jurik Band 1-3, Key Club 3-4, Treasurer 4, V.0.E. 4, O.E,A. 4 f.p. Ronnie Knott f.sfa. Freebird Reo Speed Wagon f.f. Pizza with mushrooms f.a. Being with Ronnie and my close friends. Robert Lee Kallmeyer Football 1-3, Baseball 1-4, Track 1, F.C.A. 1, 2, 0.E.A. 4, F.F.A. 1, Student Council 1, Class Treasurer 1, 81' Homecoming Escort, Who's Who, Congressional Interview. f.p. Victoria Principal f.s!a. Open Arms Journey f.f. Seafood f.a. Partying and having a good time with friends. Kimberly Jayne Keilers Band 1-4, Twirler 2-4, Key Club 3-4, Secretary 4, Student Council 2-4, Class Secretary 3, Homecoming Nominee 2-4, Homecoming Queen 4. f.p. Doug Reinke f.s!a. Freebird Reo Speed Wagon f.f. Pizza with mushrooms f.a. spending time with Doug and being around friends. Midge Lee Kingman D.E.C.A. 4 f.s!a. My Home's in Alabama Alabama f.f. Chicken fried steak f.a. Horse back riding. Deidre M. Knight Band 1-4, F.H.A. 1-2, F.B.L.A. 1, 3, Nike 1, Acts Club 1, Mod. Lang. Club 1, Cheerleading 4, PAC 4 f.p. J.V.D. f.s!a. Sweeter As The Days Go By Shalamar f.f. Spanish food f.a. Cheerleading. Terry Lynn Knight Football 1-4, Honorable Mention All-District, Track 1-2, Modern Language Club 3, 4, F.F.A. 1, F.C.A. 2 f.p. Paige Parks f.s!a. My Favorite Memory Merle Haggard f.f. Catfish Sk sl William Todd Kubin Suzanne Irene Laza Football 1-3, Baseball 1-4, F.C.A. 2, Nike 1 4 Band 1-4 FBLA 4 Key Club 3, F.F.A. 1-3. f.p. Christi McLelland f.s!a. Start Me Up f.p. My brother f.sfa. Open Arms . Journey f f L0bs15g1g'?3E3Z1eS f.f. Tacos Ku macaroni 8: cheese ' ' . li . f.a. Reading scary stories and being f.a. Hunting, Partying, and being with my friends with Christi. Douglas Lambeth Football 3 Manager, Baseball 2, 3 f.p. Clint Eastwood f.sfa. Cocaine Eric Clapton f.f. Fried chicken f.a. Watching T.V, fcartoonsj, Laura Marie Lamkin Band 1-4, Nike 1, 4, PAC 1-4, NHS 3, 4, Jets 3 f.p. T.S. and S.P. f.sfa. Feeling That Way Journey f.f. Pistachio-almond ice cream f.a. Dances and being with friends. Emily Blazek Langer Band 1-3, All-Region 1-3, Sweep- stakes 1-3, Solo-Ensemble Contest 1-3,0EA4,Nike3,4,FBLA3,4,NHS 3, 4 f.p. Rick f.sfa. Let's Take The Long Way Around The World Ronnie Milsap f.f. Pizza f.a. Spending time with special people. Bruce Wayne Lewis Basketball 1-4, Senior Play 4, Algebra II Award f.p. Bo Derek f.sfa. Cocaine Erik Clapton f.f. Steak and shrimp f.a. Playing basketball. David Dwayne Lipsey Football 1-43 Baseball 1-4, Ag. 1 f.p. Terri Franz f.sfa. Love Is Like A Rock Led Zeppelin f.f. Shrimp f.a. partying cruising, hunting, sports Ka being with Terri Gregory Allen Liska Football 1-35 Golf 2-4, KEY Club 3-4 CPresident 4j FCA 2-3, Homecoming Escort 4 f.p. Everyone f.s!a. Dazed and Confused Led Zeppelin f.f. Papricash f.a. playing golf, cruising, and going out of town, and playing cards at the casino T? Mary Anne Little . FTA 3-4 KParliamentaria.n 415 PAC 'hmmy Ray Mcclendon 3-45 Qnismrian 41 NFL 4, DECA 4 ?aS12ftbalfA1E'4? TEE 4 f.p. Steven Michael Samuels f'pj gs N owe Oover f.sfa. Just Once 'S a' C O d f.f. pizZaQuincy Jones f.f. Nachozmmo ores f.a. Being with steve fa- basketball Sylvia Diane Ludwig Symphonic Band 1-45 JHS 3-45 JETS Laura Lynn McCorvey 3-45 FBLA 45 NIKE 15 Student Annual Staff3-45Band 1-25NIKE 1-35 Council 3-45 Thespians 2-45 Who's FBLA 1-35 OEA 4 fHistorian 415 Whog Modern Language 45 PAC 1-4 Kiwanettes 25 KEY Club 35 Sr. Play f.p. Star 4 f.sfa, Up On the Roof f.s!a. Open Arms James Taylor Journey f.f. guacomole 8: Hoffbrau Steak f.f. Cheese enchiladas f.a. dancing, eating 8a sailing f.a. spending money gist?-I1GIcAdams McIntosh f.s!a. Juke Box Hero f's!a' Open Arms EILIOI U Journey A f.f. Tacos f.f. Dairy Mart Chicken f.a. playing video games f.a. giffljcalsg, dances 6 being wlth Dorcas Jane McBurnett Tee McIntosh Band 1 3 NIKE 1 OEA4 fTreasurer Band 1 4 NIKE 2 4 VOE 4 41 KEY Club 4 fHlSt0Tl8D 41 f p Magnum fp Nelson Nutt f sfa Still They Ride f.s!a. Freebird Journey Lawrence Welk f.f. Dairy Mart Burrito f.f. seafood f.a. Being with my friends Sz having a f.a. partying good time Michael Gilbert Manry Football 1 2 DECA officer 3 ICT Timothy Daniel Macaw' Pres 4 Office Aide 4 science Aide 2 FFA l-35 VICA 3-4 Sr. Play 4 f.p. Kim M. f Dad f.s!a. Silver Wings fgja Still Awa f.f. Klobase 8: kolache ' ' Robie Blu tie f.a. going out, being with friends . P f.f. P1228 f.a. Being with Connie. H. Edward Mach Billy Ray Martmek I FCA 2-35 FFA 1-2g Track 1-29 Football i:'32' Auto Mechamcs 3' DECA 4' 1-4. f p Sam f.p. Bo Derek l f'sja Delft Stop Believing f.s!a. Love In The First Degree I l Journey Alllbama f f Mexican f.f. Bohemian food. 1 fa Pla in cards f.a. Being out with friends and ' ' y g having a good time. Lue Rachelle Manning HECE lg FHAIHERO f.p. Myself f.s!a. Private Eye f.f. Hamburger f.a. basketball Leslie Gay Manry Band Lieutenant 1, Band 2-4, UIL Solo Ensemble 1 f.p. 'tBucky" Dent f.s!a. Endless Love Commadores f.f. Pizza f.a. Being with friends. 1-3, Nike Anita Martinez HECE 1 f.p. Myself f.s!a. Hurricane Neil Young f.f. Shrimp f.a. Country cruisin Xa partying. Crissie A. Monreal Martinez DECA 3, 4 f.p. Vince Martinez f.sfa. Open Arms Journey f.f. Pizza f.a. Being with Vince. 1 9' ...Q-uf I I 4 Julia Martinez f.p. Me f.s!a, Hurricane Neil Young f.f. Tuna f.a. Partying Robert Martinez Football 1, 2, DECA 3, 4 f.p. P.B. f.sfa. Juke Box Hero Vanessa Kaye Maxey Transfered from Athens f.p. Karen Shelton f.sfa. Open Arms Journey f.f. Chinese food f.a. going to visit my old friends in Athens Christopher Paul Mikel HECE 45 FHAIHERO 45 Football 1-3 FCA 1-35 Key Club 4 f.sfa. Freebird Foreigner Lynrd Skynrd Sz f.f. Pizza Highway Song f.a. Riding with my friends and Blackfoot having a good time. Sophia Ann Martinez Band 1-3, FHA KHeroJ 4, HECE 3, 4 f.s!a. Open Arms Journey f.f. Chicken fried steak f.a. Partying and being with friends Tommy Joe Marusak D.E. 1-25 FFA Vo. Ag. 15 Pre Lab, Ag. 4 f.p. Carma D. f.s!a. Wouldn't Have Missed It for the World Ronnie Milsap f.f. Klobase 8: Bar-B-Que la. Going out with C.D.R. Kc riding around f .f. Klobase Sandwiches Mary Elizabeth Mintz FFA 1-25 OEA 3-45 Nike 1 f.p. Ronald Flatt f.s. Feels So Right f.f. Shrimp f.a. Being with Ronald 8z going to Ted's with K.G. Lisa Ann Monreal Band 1-25 OEA 3-45 OEA reporter 3 OEA President 45 Annual Staff 4 f.p. Raphael Septien f.sfa. Commodores Still f.f. Tacos f.a. Spending Money fe-N-...pf Lynn Cullen Moore Athletics 1-45 FBLA 3-45 PAC 2-45 NFL 2-4, FCA 2-35 Student Council 1-45 JETS 35 Boys State 35 Debate Team 25 NHS 3-45 GLAD 3 f.p, Billy Joe 8: Lyn f.s!a. All Out of Love Air Supply f.f. Wild Game f.a. Being with friends Russel Glenn Moore Football 1-4 f.p. Rodney Dangerfield f.s!a. Slowride Foghat f,f. Steak f.a. Annoying people Lori Ann Muirhead NIKE 1 -35 FTA 2-45 KEY Club 35 PAC 1-25 Band 1-25 OEA 45 Class Personality 15 Annual Staff 3-45 Asst. Co-Editor 35 Co-Editor 4 f.p. David Novy f.s!a. Spirits in the Material World Police f.f. Fried Shrimp f.a. Bike riding K: being with D.N. Sherry Reachel Myers Choir 35 New Horizons FHA 1-45 FHA Hero 4 f.p. Mr. Harrell Burr 8: friends f,s. For The Lover In You f,f. Red beans, cornbread, chicken, potatoes 8: rolls f.a. Basketball 8: football Teresa Marie Navarro Band 1-45 Symphonic band 2-45 FBLA 2-4, lst V-Pres. 3, V-Pres. 45 NIKE 3-4, V-Pres. 45 NHS 3-45 Who's Who 4 f.p. R.O. J.D. 8: M.A. f.sfa. We've Got Tonight Alabama f,f. Mexican food f.a, Riding around with my friends, in my van, partying, 8: going to dances 8: concerts Dawn Lee Nelson Cheerleader 25 FHA 2-45 FBLA 3-45 D.E. 4 f.p. Willie Nelson f.sfa. Reasons Earth, Wind Sa Fire f.f. Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream 8: Dairy Mart Burritos f.a. Being with B.D.H. 8: having fun like the old times Charles Todd Newman Football 1-45 Baseball 35 FFA 1-4 f.p. V.M. f.sfa. Mrs. Emily's Picture Alabama f.f. Steak f.a. Roping Karla Jo Newsome NHS 3-4, Pres. 45 JETS 1-45 NIKE 1-25 FBLA 2-45 Student Council 45 Girls State 35 PAC 15 Athletic Trainer 45 UIL Spelling 8: Plain Writing 1-45 UIL Typing 35 Who's Who5 GLAD 2-3. f.p. Vince Todd f.sfa. Feels So Right Alabama f.f. Chocolate Chip Cookies f.af Being wild 8: crazy with friends fill 5 2 t tt ,, -My I - J ina Errolyn Nichols Karen Annette Orm n FTA 35 HERO-FHA 3-45 HECE 3-4 a f.p. Hubby-Lanny f. . M k Th , - figfa, 1:2615 SSIISIZET f.s!a. YcK1nrAirReaB1ggest Part of Me ff Chicfgbma f.f. Fried fish fig' Being with Mark gl DN- gl f.a. Camping, crocheting, talking to B.H. friends Nancy June Norman Band 1-25 FBLA 1-25 NIKE 15 OEA 3-45Sgt.AtArms 45Dandee Lion Staff 4 f.p. Jeff H. f.sfa. Open Arms Journey f.f. Pizza Sz Seafood f.a. Spending money Bryan Alan Novy Football 1-45 FFA 15 VICA 3-4 f.p. Kathy Dixon f.sfa. Stoned in Love Journey f.f. Pizza f.a. Making memories Sharla Diane Nutt Pre-DE 15 HECE I 1 f.p. D.W. 0 f.s!a. Feels So Right Alabama f.f. Chicken 8z Dumplings f.a. Horse riding Christopher Cardon Osterheld Band 1-45 FBLA 3-45 JETS 3-45 President 45 GLAD 1-25 Boys State 35 NHS 3-4, Student Council 4 f.p. John Wayne f.f. Steak f.a. Reading 8x drawing Stephen Todd Parks FBLA 1-35 JETS 2-45 NIKE 45 Football 1-45 1st All District5 Honorable Mention All District5 Sophomore of the Yearg Offensive Player of the Yearg lst All Districtg Track 1-35 Basketball 15 NHS 3-45 Boys State 35 Student Council 4 f.p. Randy White f.s!a. Freebird Lynard Skynard f.f. T-Bone Steak Sz Baked Potatoes f.a. Lifting weights John Fitzpatrick Payne Tennis 35 Personality 35 Homecoming Escort 3-4. f.p. Monica G. Woodard f.Sfa. Madam Blue Styx f.f. Steak :Sz seafood f.a. snow skiing Larry Gene Pechal Metal Trades 25 ICT President 35 Office Aid 4 f.p. Cindy Duke f.sfa. Hair of the Dog Nazareth f.f. Seafood f.a. partying at Concerts Gloria Evette Perry PAC 1-45 V-President 35 Thespians 1-45 President 45 Drama 1-45 Senior Play5 Singing in Vespers 1-45 Varsity Basketball 1-45 Varsity Basketball Captain 45 Girls Track 2-35 S.A.C. 1-2 f.p. Michael Vincent English f.s!a. Just Once Q. Jones5 Fire Sz Desire R. James Bt Teena Marie f.f. Pizza f.a. Being in plays, drama tournaments, 8a playing basketball 8: being with Michael Ronald King Pollan II Class President 1-35 Football 1-25 Varsity Golf 1-45 Track 1-25 Class favorite 1-2 f.p. Tom Kite f.sfa. Lets Groove Tonight Earth, Wind, 8: Fire f.f. Steak f.a. Golf Laurie Jean Pool Band 1-45 Cheerleader 15 Twirler 3-45 NIKE 2-45 Student Council Rep. 3, Secretary 45 KEY Club 3-4, Public Relations Officer 45 Student Council 3-45 Dandee Lion Staff 45 FBLA 35 FTA 25 PAC 15 Senior Play 4 f.s,'a. Lights Rush f.f. Long John Silver's Chicken Planks f.a. playing Phoenix Keith Anthony Potter Athletics 1-35 Honorable Mention 2nd Team All District 15 Basketball 1-25 Track 1-45 Regional Qualifier5 Personality 1-3 f.p. Sheila 8: Tasha f.s!a. Don't Be So Cool Cameo f.f. Seafood f.a. Running track Elisha Ann Probst FFA 1-4, Reporter 3, President 45 Star Chapter Farmer 25 JETS 35 Modern Language Club 3-45 NIKE 2-45 PAC 2-35 FBLA 45 Band 1-35 NHS 3-45 Who's Who f.p. Charles 8a Kim f.sfa. Open Arms Journey f.f. Francisco's Chicken Fried Steak f.a. cruising town, range 8: pasture contests, 8z parties 8z dances Kathy Lynn Rankin Billy Ross Rios Band 1-45 FFA 1-45 Ag. Mechanics 15 Pre-Lab 15 Ag. Co-Op 1 f.p. f.s!a. Love in the First Degree f.f. Seafood f.a. Going out 8: spending with my MB" Buddies Christopher Robinson Anthony Paul Santos DeLane Marie Rolen FTA 2-4Q Treasurer 3 Sz 49 OEA 49 NHS 344g Treasurer 49 Who's Who 3-49 Algebra I Award 19 American History Award 19 Geometry Award 29 Spanish Il Award 2 f.s!a. Wouldn't Have Missed It for the World Ronnie Milsap f.f. Swiss Steak 8z scalloped potatoes f.a. Kidding around with my friends Jennifer Rosemark FHAfHERO 1-4 f.p. Kitt Woody f.s!a. Feels So Right Alabama f.f. Italian food f.a. Being with K.W. Xu going to the halls Paula Marie Salik. PAC 19 English Award 19 GLAD 2-39 NEDT Award 29 Geometry Award 29 FTA 2-49 FTA'er of the Year 29 FTA Historian 39 FTA President 49 Girls State 39 Who's Who 39 Modern Language Club 3-49 NHS 3-49 Public Relations 49 Vespers Usher 3g Chemistry Award 39 Student Council 4 f.p. Charlie Brown f.s!a. "Oh No" Commodores f.f. Mexican f.a. Talking with Friends Russell G. Schroeder Irron Keith Searcy Football 19 Basketball 19 Track 3-4 f.p. Katrina Elicia Haynes f,s!a. She's Out of My Life Michael Jackson f.f. Chicken Sr Peppers f.a. Playing basketball Sz tripping Christopher Don Shackelford Band 1-4Q FBLA 1-49 Reporter Sz Historian 3-4Q FBLA Par- liamentarian 2 f.p. Carol English f.s!a. Angel of the Morning Juice Newton f.f. Broccoli dz Rice Casserole f.a. FBLA State Leadership Conferences U 3 Tammy Renee Sharp DE 3-4 f.p. Eddie Slovak f.sfa. Feels So Right Philip J. Slovacek Alabama f.f. Fried Shrimp 8: wine f.a. Baseball William Scott Shaw Football 1-4 f.p. Melinda Bain f.s!a. Ligaagieghe Fast Lane Steven J. Slovak f.f. Pizza f.a. Being with Melinda Sn riding around town Joyce Marie Sheffield Basketball 15 HECE 3-4 f.p. Dwight Coleman f.sfa. The Lover in You Shalamar Allan Wade Smith f.f. Neck bones, red beans, greens, Sz strawberry soda f.a. Being with Dwight Lee Coleman Terry Richard Slack Richard Blaine Smith Athletics 1-45 FCA 3-45 ICT 4 Football 95 Track 95 Tennis 2-4 f.p. L.F. Basketball 1-45 NHS 3-45 Nike 4 f.sfa. Running with the Devil f.p. Jerry Van Halen f.sfa. Born to Runn f.f. Bar-B-Que 8: Nachos with Bruce Springsteen peppers f.f. Fried chicken f.a. Riding with friends f,a. Sleeping 8z playing basketball Terry Gene Smith Football 1-25 ICT 3-4 f.p. Adolph Hitler f.sfa. Nobody Knows Billy Squier f.f. Shrimp f.a. Cruising town with my friends and partying George Edward Solis FBLA 45 FCA 1-4, Reporter 3-45 NIKE 45 Modern Language 45 Newspaper Production 2-4, Manag- ing Editor 45 Football 1-35 Baseball 1-4 f.p. George Sr. f.s!a. Long Way Around the World Ronnie Milsap f.f. My grandma's Mexican food Karl Wayne Spaniel Donald Lloyd Spencer Football 1-45 FBLA 45 Moderr Language Club 35 FFA 15 Jr. Chapter Conducting Team 1 f.p. Kim Ranton f.sfa. Celebration Kool Xa the Gang f.f. Macaroni Sz Cheese f.a. Being with Kim Ranton 8 f.a. Being with friends, selling friends "Mescan" Kolaches, dancing Richard Sowers Athletics 1-45 Track 1-45 Basketball Katherine Struggs 1-25 Football 15 HECE 3-4 f.p. My family f.p. K.H. f.s!a. Fire Sz Desire f.s!a. Hurry up This Way Again Rick James gr Teena Marie Stylistics f.f. Turkey 8z dressing f.f. Macaroni 8a Cheese f.a. Going to parties 8a having good f.a. singing songs, listening to music, times with my friends partying - - Janice Denice Tarrant Jeannie Renee Spaniel . 5 GLAD 25 PAC 15 Basketball 1-45 and 1'4f HECE LQ, FHMHER0 Volleyball 45 Track 1-45 NIKE 3-4 f.p. Mr. G.L.G. 8: D.0. f.s!a. Surround Me with Love Charly McClain f.f. Steak Sz Lobster Tail f.p. D.V.P. f.s!a. Apache Sugarhill Gang f.f. Cheeseburgers A f.a. Talking to VP on the phone and f.a. cting crazy going to N.C. with my friends A ,gi A579 l Cynthia Jean Tay Band 1-45 Stage Band 2-35 NIKE 35 FTA 2-35 JETS 35 OEA 45 KEY Club 3 f.s!a. Love in the First Degree Alabama f.f. Steak Sz baked potatoes f.a. partying 8x being with Dutch Sherrie Lynn Thomas FHAIHERO 3-45 HECE 3-45 Tennis 1 f.p. Barry f.sfa. Back in Black AC DC f.f. Pizza f.a. Being with Barry Tamara Gail Tillison Arthur Robert Toth Jr. I.C.T. Vice President f.p. Best friends f.sfa. Juke Box Hero Foreigner f.f. Seafood f.a. Riding around town, Getting in troubleg and going to gymnastic competitions John Edwin Trojacek FFA 1-45 VICA 3-4 f.p. None of the above f.sla. It's Party Time f.f. Frog Legs f.a. Deer hunting FBLA 2-45 NIKE 45 Modern John L. Vantreese Language Club 3-45 NHS 3-4 ICT 1-2 f.p. A.D. f.s!a. Free Bird f.sfa. Open Arms Lynard Skynard Journey f.f. Steak f.f. Mexican f.a. Cruising the country f.a. Being with special people Gregory Wayne Toal - 5 - - l , 1 , Rosie Ann Vasquez f,f'8fFlfglI25E'2fEcfA'de3 4'FCA1 2' FHAXHERO 3-45 HECE 3-4 f.p, Mike Tay f-P5 JOSH G-A f.sfa, Take It on the Long Run 'S a' pen rms R.E.o. .Journey f.f. Mexican food ff' Itallan . . f.a. 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Spaghetti Ka meatballs f.a. football John Ernest Waedekin Jr Football 1-45 FCA 3 4 Student Council Representative 4 Science Award 1 f.p. John Sz Carol f,sfa. Open Arms Journey f.f. Macaroni St cheese f.a. fishing Sz hunting Anthony L. Wallace Football 1-25 ICT 3-4 f.p. My mom Sz D.L. f.sfa. Jam the Box Sky f.f. Black-eyed peas, corn bread Ham hock f.a. cruising around town 8: talking to my lady Ronda Jean Ware f.p. Marion'Smith f.s!a. Feels So Right Alabama f.f. Mexican food f.a. Being with M,S. Vickie LaJane Williams White Band 15 VOE 35 2nd Vice Pres. FHAXHERO 4 f.p. Magnum P. I. f.sfa. Endless Love Kenny Rogers f.f. Pizza f.a. being with Ricky Dana Beth Whittington Band 1-45 Twirler 1-45 Key Club 3-45 Student Council 45 Dandee Lion Staff 4 f.p. mom Ka dad f.sfa. Lights Journey f.f. Enchiladas f.a. Driving my new car Loy Lisa Wilhoite Cheerleader 1-35 Band 1-25 Class sec. 1 dz 45 Student Council 1, 2, 45 Homecoming Nominee 45 NIKE 45 OEA 45 Lion Mascot 45 Who's Who f.p. Kevin Fincher f.sfa. Open Arms Journey f.f. Mexican food f.a. Being with Kevin Kr special talks with friends Janet Michele Wilkerson NIKE 25 FBLA 2, 35 FTA 25 HEROXFHA 3-45 HECE 3, 4 f.p. Jeromy John Hejny f.s!a. Why, Lady Why Alabama f.f. Sicilian pizza, fish f.a. being pit crew for J.J.H. 8: the Ennis gang's motorcycles Barbara J. Williams HECE 1-2 f.p. Roylee Vicks f.s!a. The Lover In You Shalamar f.f. hamburgers 8: fries f.a. Being with my baby "My R.L.V." Sz singing David Michael Williams FBLA 1-35 Annual Staff 45 Nike Beau 45 Key Club 45 Homecoming escort 3-45 Favorite 3 f.p. Brooke Shields f.s!a. Hair of the dog Commadors f.f. Mexican f.a. Going to Dallas 8: having a good time Gary C. Williams Football 1-25 Basketball 1-25 Track 1-45 D.E. 15 HECE 15 FHAIHERO 1 f.p. Ms. Carlyn B. Childress f.sfa. This Must Be Heaven Jerry Carl f.f. chicken noodles f.a. being loved by someone special Mervin Williams Jr. Robert L. Williams FCA 2-43 Football 1, 2, 4, Ag. FFA 1-45 Roger Woodard farm Radio 3 XL 43 Ag. Mechanics 3 Sz Spanish 1? ICT I f.p. Me f. . -f:',aR'il',fIfcQ,,?Il'a1f3f1an f.sfa. Hell Bent for Leather ' ' Bgach guys I Judas Priest f.f. fried chicken, Mashed potatoes, f'f' chlcllen . 85 milk f.a. Playing the guitar f.a. riding with R.C. Annie Mae Willis ICT 3-43 Athletics Student Council 1-2 f.p. Myself f.sfa. Just Once James Ingram f.f. seafood f.a. playing tennis 1-29 FHA 15 Rebecca Ann Woods OEA 43 NIKE 49 Band Ig f.p. Kenny f.sfa. Silver Wings Journey f.f. chocolate f.a. cruising the country Deborah Louise Wilson Mary Yrlas FFA 1-4. DECA 3-4. f.s!a. Smokey Mountain Rain f.p. My friends Ronnie Milsap f.sfa. Shake It Up f.f. fried shrimp Cars f.a. cruising town :Sz going to FFA f.f. seafood contests f.a. shopping for clothes fl,-W W FTA 2 W... ' Jeffrey F. Wingo Football trainer 1-4g Track trainer 1-39 Basketball trainer lg FCA 2-35 KEY Club 2g DECA 4 f.p. Susan Nall f.s!a. Don't Stop Believing Journey f.f Steak Sz shrim ' P f.a. Being with S.N. dz listening to the stereo ,. Q f.p. favorite person f.sfa. favorite songfartist f.f. favorite food ' f.a. favorite activity Jennifer JoAnne Brame Tina Compton FFA 1-45 PAC 4 f.p. Mr. Jack Cooper f.s!a, Start Me Up Rolling Stones f.f. Pizza Sz Chicken Fried Steak f.a. Being with friends 8: jammin' Rayshun Lamon Lockhart in J oskels Pictures Not Available Kathy Faye Smith HECE 2-45 FHA 2-45 Athletics 3 f.p. Virgil Majors f.sfa. Turn Your Love Around f.f. Cheeseburger f.a. basketball Julia Sparks Victor Campos Valdez George Edward Watson l QT? if Q' Q in ,- T2 , Qx D ,gy fm: . f ' f, 7 ,tk fy ,..., 3, mf 4, , , N ,Q I rg 3 fig, I V7.1 ,' ,. lf,-ui Writ xl... ,fi X 64- :Q 'mrsssfr -me Junior Class Officers 4325 Janet Hollingsworth-Secretary, Carol Kinzie-Vice-President Matt Lafollett-President, Cindy Duke-Reporter X lass of '83 imma B C H TCM O YN ! f 1 9XfffYVN X 30 C 3 C CNW 5Jf V? 0 53 ?f Q4F A ' Mgygym B X QW fx EW k 56 52 33'g3T 3 24 V 0 ,fp , , V, ,ff 3,11 We SQ JN U A MMM faW'7 JY JL. X5 Q f fx Dm X AAN ' . 'xx :Yom . X ' ,N Q 932229 W Q , , 'QfQ4ZM w of fZf?Ufw . 0 my fffff Q v 1 I Q A J If f wif . Q35 Becky Boon Greg Bouska Dior Boyd Anthony Brown Bobby Brown Lisa Brown Robbie Brown Kim Brumley Karen Budai Claudine Bulot Tracy Burr Troy Byrd Rudolph Carrillo Ernest Castillo Melinda Castillo Ricky Castillo Angela Cate David Cervantes Billy Allen Yvonne Allen Norma Amador Dandra Arciba James Armstrong William Arnold Andrea Arteaga Loretta Ashley Rodney Bailey Ronnie Barnes Christy Bates Alfred Bennet Todd Bennett Manuel Bernal Andrew Betik Thomas Betik Toni Blassingame Leslie Bobalik .Wi 'J -. rx Assam . , . PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE ,M E if ll l I li ,,,... if-f' 35" 1 1 V... . ,,.,.,w N ...-nv., ix E.:-"" - vnu., ,xx 1 , ' X 1 , f V-wfeffl' f - 1 1, .5 1 . ' 'f i E HH" ? "f"'f"T'7 ?' 4fy,LLf4+W'?+' ., me 4 i I. V ,+- , + . ,H,,,,,, , 'wr -MN, aa -, 4 k w,,.,,..,.,, K I 5 1 K 3- , 4. 7 K Z V E 4 ,,w+.?y+A4M,,.?,?-3-r V, AY, , ,,,? 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Sammy Cervantes Jesse Cervantes Laura Chamberland Linda Chandler Kimone Clark Carl Coleman Rene Coleman John Collins Steve Collins Jeff Coulston James Cox Richard Cox Allen Crigger Darin Cromeans Susan Cryer Steve Daniel Chris Divin Ray Dixon 7 Debbie Dlabaj Dennis Dlabaj Tony Doblado Charlene Dozier Cindy Duke Michael Easley Robert Edwards Rodney Edwards Duane Ellis Janice Emmett Sandra English Dana Eves Laura Faseler Gerald Fielder Diana Fira Patty Fira Joe Flores Ginger Flint Suzanne Hamilton Susan Hammonds Lori Hanson Paul Hart Rounze Hart Sandra Head Kevin Healey Cynthia Henderson Patrick Henry Auralia Herrera Silvestre Herrera Cherylann Hester Tammie Hester Vicki Hicks Michael Holland Brian Holley Janet Hollingsworth Steve Hudspeth T612 Busy 6 -r x 'Hifi f' 5 "Sr Su mma Chris Fontaine Todd Forbes Tracey Forbes Donna Freeman Dale Fudge Jeff Fullington Kevin Gallagher Stephanie Gayler Esther Gaytan Kim Germany Michael Glaser Nancy Gomez Kevin Goodwin Charlie Green Therica Griffin David Griffith Carl Hackney Thomas Hall 6. Debra Hughes William Hughes Linda Isbell Nina Jackson Cassandra Johnson Jimmy Johnson Tammy Jones Anita Jurcik Kristine Jurik Carol Kinzie Jack Kirkpatrick Karin Knight Ronnie Knotts David Kubin Daryl Kvapil Brian Kyser Matt LaFollett Tammy LaScala Jay Lee Robert Lillie Jodas Lindley Paul Lindley Ronnie Livingston Vickie Lockhart Kim 'Lucas Mike Lumpkin Johnny Luna Kenneth Macalik Tony Maldonado Boyce Markham Jennifer Martindale Nancy Martinek Laurie Martinez Rebecca Martinez Jeff Marusak Jerry Marusak Patricia Oliver Paige Parks Robert Partida Sheila Patak Joy Patel Chris Payne Janis Peden Ruben Pedraza Mark Peebles Sheila Perkins Darryl Perry Steven Price Debby Pustejovsky Manuel Ramirez David Rankin Ronnie Rawlings Oda Reeve James Rejcek 34. 1 ABSSNT . 1, . PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE Ruban Mata Tina McKenzie Jim McNatt Gloria Miller Jackie Minatrea Jacquline Mitchell Elva Monreal Rosa Monreal Calvin Mummert Floyd Mummert Clifton Myers Kelvin Nealy Connie Newman Johnny Newman J 'Lane Nichols Steven Novy Guy Nutt Domingo Olalde f VT Qi E. if Z3 if 56 'W 'Q 5 li Ez' Kevin Roberts Carlene Robinson Lisa Robinson Patricia Sage Steven Salik Vincent Sallie Caroline Sauceda Darian Searcy Betty Sharp Ky Sibley Michael Sibley Nita Skrivanek S, E ,, v . f -our . 'za ,,:, .fr1 .f t .waz-gli' .fTifiQfi?Lf."z:. av3 ' 5-ft, fi ' ' ' 'g - :,EYWWWQi5sf25g3I'1E.2522:sa--'- Maxi.. f lwv' " 544 ' - -'1414111 K' 1' '11 iii . 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'jiielas 4 A . l is t V f G fflisijuiliizg Dwayne Vrana Mary Vrana Vance Vyers Jr. Teresa Wachsmann Arthur Walker Latell Walker Ronald Wampler Warren Washington Barbra Webb Chad Weldon Michael Whalen Renee Wiginton Jacquelin Wilborn Karen Wilcox Belinda Williams Lisa Williams Ricky Williams Robert Williams Randy Willis Rose Wilson William Woody Jolinda Yandell Talmadge Young Deanna Zabojnik Daniel Zapetal W. if Belinda Escobar :mal tiff .t lam. Q ,,a. ,Q ' .K in is .V t figs is h ir - if as f r K., M Q 58 if 1 if if 'ri 1' A 5 hn- -sump, aah-I vi '5 qw- ,.1 - 'iim gr aw. k,, .. :sf 22 Sophomore Class Officers X Seals Paige McCann-Vice-President Danny Howard-Reporter David Vaca-President Lisa Hollingsworth-Secretary lass of 784 ij ff ii iw iw do 7'xx 5 yi ZW C Dj? Ci' , CQ GD ,UQ ' O YCQCOAKQAOQES QX' X 555 SJQK 'ffisff X xx 1 L ' X jg NQX3 1 QQQHQSJMM 54 yf JXJ f - ' ,, l Kwik! Quvdgqf ww V1 V! U EMQW Macffffffj sg Q U5 I fx QW JWQQQ 5 5 M gy Emanuel Birdow Lee Birdow Sharon Blackshore Steven Boon James Bozek Freddie Brim Dina Brown Leslie Brumfield Barry Brunk Marie Brunner John Burns Michele Burreson Michael Bustamante Karen Butler Glenda Byrd Todd Camden Kirk Campbell Monica Capehart Jimmy Carrillo Patricia Carrillo Carmen Caudillo Kenneth Adair D'Anna Adams Robbi Allard Emily Allen Martin Almanza Roland Alvarez Billy Anthony Roy Arciba Tim Armstrong Guadalupe Arteaga Larry Atchley Jerry Baker Joe Baker Gilbert Banks Mark Barnett Grace Batten Derrick Beasley June Belew Bobby Benner Ron Bennett Henry Betik f I . A X ,X ea ik, Photograph nm available y i' y v Too 'BUSY .a 4 J? Z A PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE Theresa Caudillo James Choate Kevin Choate James Clark Erick Coker Yvette Coker Douglas Cole Kathy Coleman Jeff Collins Mike Collins Charles Cox Lynn Cox Donna Coyle Carolyn Crowley Jackie Davidson James Davis Heath Deagen Dennetta Dean Steve Delmere Gary Dickerson Kara Dickerson 1 :IX . ,g ,'ii"'i N " 1 1 an 3 "li 'Sf it X ik. ni' r o n A s i in Anthony Dixon Ernest Dlabaj Tammy Dlabaj Teresa Dodson Patricia Dolezalik Tracy Duren Lori Easley Lisa Edwards Billy Elling Peggy Emmett Michael English Tonya English Armando Escobar James Falkenbach Michelle Ferguson Cindy Fitzgerald Steven Flores Jennifer Flynt Janet Gabriel Gary Gant Julie Garcia , 1 V . , Too Busv A Wx PHOTO NOT AVMLABLE 64 Danny Howard Cynthia Huffman Tim Hurd Julie Jackson Janice Jenkins Lori Johnson Remona Johnson Samuel Johnson Jacqueliny Jones Louis Jones Danny Jordan Charlotte Kelley Carolyn Kelly Vickie Kidd Keith Kimberlin Shannon Kingman Clearie Kirven Angela Knight John Knight Kimberly Krajca Audrey Kvapll Randy Garrett Larry Gilbert Carl Glenn Gary Goff James Goodman James Gossett Mark Griffith Dessie Guerrero Jessie Guerrero Vincent Hall Holly Harper LaDonna Hart Katrina Haynes Glenn Hejny Samuel Henderson Benny Herrera Eddie Herrera Yvonne Herrera Michael Hester Kelly Hitchock Lisa Hollingsworth , '51 Jin, ' fi Mr' 4. -,f '.. . xii PM ,Ug'5'pl1v,:,j, " ' Mr SH Tl , nf f",5 :,g . w5Q'1' N'f ,, ' ' tml. ,f . , is ,Aa ...af . 2 ' - A 9 , I L F: Riff P' Iv' fi i, fw j.::..' . ' .V 79:-f - , A v V 3 .A '-ww: 1 1' - f -'runs' ' 1-ui-i' ,J 4-, .ss .a ,-rf' R Daniel Layne Michael Lindley Sandra Lockhart Darryle Love Shannon Lynch Suzann Macalik Jamie Mahone Sarah Mann Eva Manriquez Elaine Marek Tammy Marshall Sheila Martin James Martinek Janet Martinek Gabriel Martinez Joe Martinez Michael Martinez Walter Martinez Alice Massey Martin Mata Paige McCann vaqfgrit 'J George McClelland Brian McGlothin Andrea McGown Kelly McManus Henry McNatt Robert Mills Amanda Monreal Yolanda Monreal Frances Moreno Steven Mosely Joe Munn Glenda Myers Shandrea Myers Carol Naill Susan Nall Mark Navarro Carl Novak DeAnna Novy Mark Novy Ronnie Owens Phyllis Parma l K ,.. FTE Lf .I --A-V ATV' 5 'X 97 '? , SX ' 2, V , Assam , 1 0 more Nor flfcqf hm AvAlL.-.els 1S mg Angie Patak Gregory Payne Tommy Pechal Ginger Peebles Shelly Percival Pete Pineda Ricky Pineda Shelly Potts Jeff Pouzar Charles Preecs Scott Probst Mike Pustejovsky Ronnie Radway Kimberly Ranton Janna Richardson Kemelia Ricks Della Rios Tondra Roberts Jeanette Robinson Wayne Robinson Brent Rowden Monte Rowse Yvonne Saenz Gwen Sandifer Christopher Santos Danny Santos Raymond Sauceda John Schumacher Connie Shackelford Lisa Sirigletary Joseph Skroh Tim Slovacek Donald Smith Kenneth Smith Raymond Smith John Sosa Brian Spaniel Caryn Spaniel Richard Spence Chad Spence Lee Spencer Jacquelin Steptoe J ' 1 MS , , ' A v l 1 ESR Phorograph not available fi 26:1 , Phillip Watson Mark Whiteley Ricky Whitt James Wilhoite Kenneth Williams Susan Williams Wilbert Williams Jeff Wilson John Wilson Jerry Wingo Rana Wofford Susan Worley Mandy Wright Arthur Yandell Judith Yandell Esther Yrlas Johnny Zambrano Donna Fisher 4 Af? 1 Q, 1 3 'r . ' in 1 it iifl-,: ,ffi9?x N :H . fm 'igsf Danny Stewart Willie Struggs Polly Sullivan David Svehlak Charlie Tapia Dardy Taylor Cindy Thomas Randy Thomas Clint Tims Benny Trojacek Francisco Uresti David Vaca Patrick Venable Tammy Vyers Larry Waites Shela Wallace Brian Ware Courtney Ware Deborah Ware Virginia Washington Stephanie Waters Too BUSY fr ' ' 7.1- X AVAILABLE , , Y to C in W' be ' PHOYO NOT I f Y' i ' A . ,,rgQLf3r f,, N J' 1-. .' it 'T G 4 PM -i f ' Phozogragi-19 nm available 4 I 67 Freshman Class Officers l u Kim Adams-Secretary Leticia Hughes-President Julie Tolleson-Vice-President Lacey Payne-Reporter 68 Class of '85 w WX Q Lcyxfvfn QAgCj, QwV Q W A if-M . Q9 my W f QL W 5 W 1 . QM ff wLL ? 5LffU1w O :fx 'TMJ 'OJ W2 Q4 QNRH1 Q. Pkg 9 0 sf 04 Kim Adams Tommy Aguilar James Allen James Allred Virginia Alvarado Irene Amador Peter Amador Demetria Anderson Janet Andrews Randel Andrews Eddie Arciba Margarita Arteaga Jenny Austin Kenny Baker Stacy Baker Tony Barrera Robert Beakley Kimberly Beasley Cefus Benner Gilbert Bouska Shannon Boyd Wendy Boyde Kirsten Bratcher Jeffery Brenton Armando Buentello Eva Burnett Gregory Burns Byron Burr Annette Bustamante Rodney Butler Neal Byrd Karen Cable Douglas Calhoun Tommie Calhoun Mark Cardino Kim Carper Steve Carrillo Jennifer Carter Vincent Castillo Catherine Cervantes Carol Chapman Mike Chennault Melody Choate Legrant Clark Allison Cody Gary Collins Christine Cook Maria Cook Christy Correa Charles Cottongame Darrell Cravens Kimberly Crow Malinda Crow Sally Cuevas Gina Daniel David Darling Leah Davis Cynthia De Los Santos Yolanda De Los Santos Loy De Moss Rhonda Deagen Mike Dickerson Rodney Dickerson Michelle Dishaw Jeffrey Dlabaj Suzanne Dodson Laura Doherty James Douglas Jimmy Dowell Shirelle Dozier Mary Ann Duran Rebecca Eberle Billy Edwards Dorothy Elkins Dean Emmert Cleveland English Debby English Troy Erickson Rodney Farris John Faseler Teresa Fielder Jackie Franz Curtis Gabriel Julie Gabriel Darren Gant Sherry Gant Rose Ann Garcia Billy Gentry Patty Gilbert Bart Gillespie Billy Gillespie Everett Gilmore Helen Glaspy Jessica Glaspy Anselmo Gonzales Jerry Gonzales Rodney Goodwin Derrel Goss Kimberly Graham Timothy Grant Jacquelin Green Jalea Green Sandra Green Cindy Griffith Patrick Grimes John Gross Susan Gutierrez Sylvia Gutierrez Jason Haggard Dale Hamilton Brenda Hammonds Angela Harris Jennifer Harrison Antonia Haynes Aundrel Haynes Darrell Heine Tom Henderson Bernice Henry LeAnn Henry Ossie Henry Rodney Herford Estan Hernandez Jaime Hernandez Josephine Hernandez Jimmy Herndon Richard Herera Donnie Hodges Jacquie Honza Steffany Horne Debra Hudspeth William Huff Letitia Hughes Terry Hurley Leisa Hutchinson Lara Ingargiola James Jackson Rodney Jackson Timothy Jackson Arthur Jenkins Carlton Johnson Penny Johnson Rodney Johnson Shelli Johnson Barry Jones Brian Jones J'Layna Jones Lisa Jones Sheila Jones Carlette Kelly Sheryln Kelly Sherry Kelly Darrell King Kerry Kirven Rodger Knight John Knott Jeffrey Kubin David Lambert Lesa Lay Justin Lee Darren Lewis Leslie Lewis Rel Lipscomb Sheila Littlejohn Cynthia Lopez Eric Lucas Melissa Macalik Stacey Mach Cindy Maldonado Tammy Manuel Vicki Martinek Eddie Martinez Linda Martinez Rudy Martinez Bobby Mayne Rachel McCoy Sally McGuire Tricia Miller Joe Moreno Lori Moreno Michael Moreno Steve Morrow Blanca Moya Kim Muirhead Sharlene Mummert Salvador Muniz Juana Myers Kristy Myers Susan Neaves Jeffery Nichols Suntunka Norvell Robert Novak James Novy Richard Nutt Pam Orman Troy Patak James Pate Lacey Payne Shawn Payne Sheldon Payne Jennifer Peeler Virginia Pineda Steven Potts Karen Powell William Pruitt Karen Raburn Dora Ramirez Mary Ramirez Sylvia Ramirez Randy Rankin Mark Rejcek Patricia Reyes Carma Rhodes William Rice Robert Rios John Roach Dana Roberson Harold Robinson James Ross Jed Rudd Ralston Russell Apolonio Salas Louis Sallie Kevin Sandifer Sharon Sandifer Rebecca Santos Josephine Sauceda Allen Schlegel Blaine Seaboalt Freddy Sharp Curtis Sheffield Wendy Sheffield Susie Shelton Guy Sibley Amy Simpson Ronald Slovacek John Slovak Patrick Slovak Betty Smith Dennis Smith Melissa Smith on if Gone L ,ifishingi , Too 'Svsv . W 5, A ' ' Pi-ioro Nor ,Qgf2TN6'T AVAILABLE AVAILABLE ABSENT PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE xf L41 X -GY Rodney Smith Lynda Solis Cindy Sotelo Lora Spainhour Anthony Spaniel Kay Spaniel Patricia Spencer James Stampley Calvin Stephens Dwight Stephens Jana Stevens Joseph Stewart Susan Stewart Lisa Sutton Rhonda Taplin Deanna Taraba Kimberley Tickner Julie Tolleson John Toney Jeffrey Trojacek Joyce Trojacek Shawn Uvalle Raymond Valdez John Valek Malinda Vandeventer David Vasquez Elaine Vasquez Pamela Vavra Juan Villarreal Kristine Villarreal Regina Vinson Jerry Waedekin Samuel Walker Stephanie Walker Leigh Wampler Jody Ward William Ward Larry Ware Monique Ware Bradley Warren James Watkins Donald Watson Frederick Watson Ronald Watson Tamaira Watson Gina Wesley Alice West Evelyn Williams Kirk Williams Lena Williams Robert Williams Tanya Williams Jonathan Williamson Billy Wilson Kyle Wilson Valda Wilson Kim Wolfe Monica Woodard Isiah Young Greg Zabojnik Leonor Zamarripa Sarah Zamarripa Tamberly Zmolik Wyndie Zmolik Q, 73 'ii 52gff2.1fZ:f': ' , . 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Larry Sullivan Vice-President Jerry McCarty Secretary Don Young Member Top Row: VOCATIONAL DIRECTOR Dr. Herschel Lester, B.S.g M.Ed., SHSU Ed. D. Univ. CURRICULUM DIRECTOR Mr. Guy Mixon, B.S. M.Ed., NTSU TAX ASSESSOR Sz COLLECTOR Charles Novy ff A ffm Bottom Row Billy Dodson Member Kay Lynn Venable Member E. J. Washington Member Bottom Row: COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR Joy McCullough AA-Navarro, BBA-NTSU CURRICULUM SUPERVISOR Lillian Alexander, M.Ed., Prairie View SPECIAL EDUCATION DIRECTOR Jane Walker LIBRARIAN COORDINATOR Kay Weathers 77 Vocational Counselor Jesse Wood B.S., Sam Houston State M.Ed., ETSU High School Counselor Sue Wilson M.Ed., B.S., ETSU KI" Frances Hillger Registrar Lula Washington Sp. Ed. Aide cu 'Q 4. MQWQWJQYQ Booher, Eugenia Boon, Melinda Braddock, Steve Carroll, Otto Barr, Ron Bell, Brenda Blackerby, Jackie Blassingame, John rw? NWN Cooper, Margaret Cox, Bill Dauphin, Ronnie Drewery, Dianne ,GGY 1' YW? I :gk 3' A, 80 Photograph not available Cassell, Chris Chapman, Bill Cook, Jerry Cooper, Jack Dunkerley, Nancy Easter, Sam Fitzgerald, Curtis Freeman, Linda X Guidry, Tom Hall, Lou Hobbs, Robert Huff, Janet Lester, Gelene Lewis, Diane Lincoln, Rita Lucky, Jeannie Pointon, Susan Poff, Ruth Prickett, Robert Reel, Mike Morris, Allen df' 2 Oliver, Donna Overall, Maurine Perkins, Irene N 4-ray' T00 Busy PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE Slovak, Merrijo Solis, George Stringfellow, Dick Strunc, Ruth Ann it L A . ii 1 2 ,. 82 ,MW 2 Olfle W lshln 9 .W-.- Ti X lv YG Q Roberson, Ronnie Roberts, Dick Rogers, Susan Shoffit, Sanoma Thompson, Tecumseh Wood, Joy Wilcox, Suzanne Windstead, Sharon Ron Barr BS BU Health, Phy. Sci., Coach Brenda Bell BS MS ETSU Business Education Jackie Blackerby BA UT Algebra I, FOM I John Blassingame BM MM ETSU Band Director Eugenia Booher BS NTSU Typing Melinda Boon M.Ed. NTSU, BA Marshall U. Phy. Sci. and Health Steve Braddock BS TCU Head Football Coach Otto Carroll BS Prairie View ASLM FOM I and II Bill Chapman BS Texas Tech MS ETSU Eng. and Health Head Basketball Coach Jerry Cook BS Tarleton MS ETSU Phy. Sci. and Biology Jack Cooper BS SHSU Physics and Chemistry Phy. Sci. Margaret Cooper BA SHSU Algebra I and II Bill Cox BS M.Ed. ETSU History and Coach Ronnie Dauphin BS UNM Basic Biology and Coach Dianne Drewery BS NTSU, MA SMU Home Economics Nancy Dunkerly BA Humanities U of D Theo. NTSU History SMU English Sam Easter Auto Mechanics Linda Freeman BS ETSU Dr. Ed., Coach, and PE Faculty Index George Gardenhire BBS Texas Univ. DE Jinker Gentry BBA ETSU ICT Judie Goodwin BM NTSU Assistant Band Director Tom Guidry BM SFASU Assistant Band Director Lou Hall BBA and MBA NTSU Dist. Ed. Robert Hobbs Welding Janet Huff BA ETSU English Fern Hunter BA Prairie View ASLM English Karen Johnson BA and MA UTA French and English Billy Kidd BS Midwestern State Univ. PE and Coach Lawrence Kucera BS and M.Ed. NTSU Government Gelene Lester BAT SHSU Homemaking Diane Lewis BA MAT UTA English Rita Lincoln BS MS ETSU Geometry Jeannie Lucky BFA Texas Tech Art Melinda Ludwig AS Navarro BA UTA Science John McClintock BS and M.Ed. ETSU History Joy McCullough AA Navarro BA NTSU Annual Staff and Newspaper Prod. Doug Meier BS MST Tarleton Agriculture Allen Morris BS NTSU Math and PE Donna Oliver BA NTSU English Maurine Overall BS ETSU HECE Irene Perkins BS ETSU Homemaking Susan Pointon BA UTA Special Ed. Ruth Poff BA BS Texas Women's Univ. MLS ETSU Librarian Robert Prickett BS McMurry Business Mike Reel M.Ed. and BA NTSU Math Ronnie Roberson BS Austin College Health and Coach Dick Roberts BS Austin College Agriculture Susan Rogers BA SFA Special Education Sonoma Shoffit BS M.Ed., ETSU PE and Coach Merrijo Slovak BS ETSU Home Economics George Solis BA UTA Spanish Ruth Ann Strunc BA Tarleton W. History and W. Geography Tecumseh Thompson BA Paul Quinn State M.Ed. ETSU Special Education Joy Wood BS ETSU VOE Suzanne Wilcox BS Baylor University Drama, Speech, and English Sharon Windstead BS McMurry College PE and English I H, Eff: URGANIZATIONS Q Co-Operation It ain't the guns nor armament, Nor funds that they can pay, But the close co-operation, That makes them win the day. It ain't the individual, Nor the army as a whole, But the everlasting teamwork Of every blommin' soul. J. Mason Knox i WM fw iii I Win ' ' ' 1st Row: Nancy Dunkerly-Sponsor, Paula Salik-President, Lori Muirhead-lst Vice-President, JoLinda Yandell-2nd Vice-President, DeLane Rolen-Financial Sec., Karleen SpanielaRec. Sec. and Student Council Rep., Mary Little-Parliamentarian, Claudine Bulot-Historian, Rita Lincoln-Sponsor, 2nd Row: Lynn Ferguson, Susan Hammonds, DeAnna Novy, Debra Ware, Judy Yandell, Holly Harper, Peggy Emmert, June Belew, Ronnie Rawlings, 3rd Row: Kim Adams, Kim Muirhead, Teresa Dodson, Kathy Cervantez, Denise Kirven, Stephanie Walker, Rhonda Deagan, Carma Rhodes, Jeff Fullington J.E.T. . lst Row: Jack Cooper-Sponsor, Chris Osterheld-President, JoAnn Trojacek-Vice President, Talmadge Young-Secretary, Kristine Jurik-Treasurer, J'Lane Nichols-St. Council, Gloria Miller-Reporter, Jerry Cook-Sponsor, 2nd row: Karla Newsome, John Betik, Stephanie Gaylor, Leah Cook, Sheila Patak, Debbie Pustejavsky, Christy Bates, 3rd Row: Todd Parks, Karen Wilcox, Dee-Dee Brown, Terri Franz, Sylvia Ludwig, Laura Lamkin: 4th Row: Thomas Betik, Jerry Marusak, Danny Stewart, Mike Sibley. pm ,y Hg I 'rnwvfibf' ,-View -f,..f lst Row: Lisa Monreal-President, Renee' Brown-Vice-President, Kim Braddotk-Secretary, Becky Martinez-Sgt. at Arms, Laura McCorvey-Historian, Gina Ingargiola-Historian, Mary Mintz-Reporter, Nancy Norma x-Parliamentarian, 2nd Row: Leah Davis, Emily Blazek Langer, Becky Woods, Cindy Tay, Paula Venable, Gloria Rodriquez H -, Cindy Duke, Julie Emsley, LeAnn Jurik, 3rd Row: Sally Batten, Lori Muirhead, Donna Jordan, Tee Mclntosh, Angie Vaught :Lane Rolen, Lisa Wilhoite, Robert Kallmeyer, Cindy Burreson Rc. . My lst Row: Bill Cox-Sponsor, John Betik-President, Bobby Williams-Vice President, Henry Betik-Secretary, Andrew Betik-Treasurer, George Solis-Reporter, John Waedeking 2nd Row: Guy Sibley, Mike Dickerson, Mark Novy, Brian Ware, Steve Mosely, Jim Gosset, Jeff Djabji, Joey Munn, 3rd Row: Jamie Bozek, Mike Pustejvasky, Carl Hackney, J. P. Slovak, Mike Lucas, Mike Sibley, Kirby Green, Darren Cromeans, 4th Row: Darren Lewis, Mike Collins, Kyle Wilson, Danny Howard, David Vaca, Frank Uresti. odern Language Club lst Row: QL to RJ Kim Darst-President, Polly Sullivan-Vice President, Kim Krajca-Secretary, Jamie Erisman-Treasurer, Thomas Betik-St. Council Rep., George Solis!Sponsor, 2nd Row: CL to RJ Tamara Tillison, Carol English, Stephanie Gaylor, Leah Cook, Coleta Frazier, Missy Bruzzese, Karen Wilcox, Hope Hughes, Tammy Hart, Claudine Bulot, Sylvia Ludwig, Paula Salik, Jeff Fullington, Cathy Cervantes, Joe Moreno, 3rd Row: CL to RJ Shevera Gilmore, Michelle Worley, Carmen Caudillo, Eva Manriquez, Paige Parks, Asenath Gayton, Talmadge Young, Sandy Olalde, Debbie Pustejavsky, Christy Bates, Kristine Jurik, JoAnn Trojacek, Sheila Patak, Holly Harper, Susan Macalikg 4th Row: Jackie Wilborn, Cornelia Collins, Laura Doherty, Janet Hollingsworth, Angie Patak, Yvette Coker, Judy Yandell, JoLinda Yandell, Diedrea Boyd, Stephanie Williams, Grace Batten, Paige McCann, Wade Smith, Shelly Potts, Kay-Kay Naill, Mandy Wright, 5th Row: Jackie Franz, Kim Crow, Jenny Austin, David Rice, Danny Stewart, John Armstrong, Joyce Trojacek, Danny Zapletal, Gloria Miller, Roland Alvarez, Susan Stewart, Lisa Sutton, Sth Row: Lisa Hutchinson, Jennifer Carter, Darlene Smith, Jenny Harrison, George Solis, Carol Chapman, Lynn Ferguson, Cindy Fitzgerald, June Belew, Jerry Marusak, Tim Grant, David Lambert, Steven Potts, Elisha Probst D.E.C. . 1st Row: QL to RD George Gardenhire-Sponsor, Kathy Dixon-President, James Byrd-Vice-President, Nancy Martinek-SecretaryfTreasurer, Mary Vrana-Reporter, Lori Hanson-Student Council Rep., Lou Hall-Sponsor, 2nd Row: Ernest Castillo, Julia Sparks, Lydia Trojacek, Roy Vinson, Greg Carter, Ricky Vrana, Robert Martinez, Tommy Marusak, Mary Little, Dwayne Hart, Karen Budai, 3rd Row: Sammy Cervantes, Debbie Dlabaj, Kay Smith, Jeff Wingo, Jimmy Allen, Billy Martinek, Royce Trojacek, Wesley Bonser, John Hajek, David Kubin, Clarence Edwards, 4th Row: Randy Farrell, Anita Jurcik, Tammy Sharp, Midge Kingland, Arturo Almanza, Michael Easley, Jeff Coulston, Dawn Nelson, Mary Yrlas, Tammy Jones, Linda Chandler, Elsa Cedillo, Anthony Cook. Thespians First Row: Suzanne Wilcox-Sponsor, Ronnie Rawlings-Sec.fTreasurer, Leah CookwVice President, Evette PerryAPresident, Second Row: Karen Wilcox, Claudine Bulot, Sylvia Ludwig, Gloria Miller, Boyce Markham, Coleta Frazier, Carol English, Third Row: Talmadge Young, Debbie Pustejvasky, Diedrea Boyd, Missy Bruzzese iNot Pictured-Steve Collins-Student Council Representativej. Ke Club First Row: Greg Liska-President, Ky Sibley, Ginger Peebles, Kim Keilers-Secretary, Lynn Oliver-Sergeant At Arms, Laurie Pool-Public Relations, Dana Whittington-Student Council Representative, John Betik, Mr. Gentry-Sponsor, Second Row: Belinda Escobar, Andrew Betik, Carol Kinzie, Claudine Bulot,- Sylvia Ludwig, Gloria Miller, DeeADee Gryder, DeAnna Zabojnik, Johna Stacks, Tommy Pechal, Becky Martinez, Third Row: Rosie Monreal, Janet Hollingsworth, Thomas Betik, Mike Sibley, Henry Betik, Boyce Markham, Danny Zapetal, Mike Williams, Karen Wilcox, Shelly Potts, J'Layne Nichols, Cindy Duke, Lindalsabell iNot Pictured4Jina Henning-Vice President, LeAnn Jurik-Treasurerl. F.B.L. . First Row: Cullen Moore-President, Teresa Navarro-Vice President, Dawn Nelson-Secretary, Tamara Tillison-Treasurer, Chris Shackleford-ReporterfHistorian, Thomas-Parliamentarian, Debbie English-Second Vice President, Henry Betik-First Vice President, Carol English, Brenda Bell-Sponsor, Robert Prickett-Sponsor, Sallie Vavra-Sponsor, Second Row: John Betik, Sylvia Ludwig, Gloria Miller, Leah Cook, Dina Brown, Angie Cate, Karla Newsome, Deanna Zabonik, Third Row: Tommy Pechal, Terri Franz, Leah Davis, Suzy Laza, Tim Cox, Kim Darst, Royce Trojacek, Chris Osterheld, Linda lsbell, Fourth Row: Blaine Seabolt, George Solis, Elisha Probst, John Waedekin, James Harrison, Donnie Spencer, Bobby Williams, Thomas Hall First Row: Doug Meier-Sponsor, Elisha Probst-President, Mark Arnold-Vice President, Tina McKinzie!Secretary, Chad Spence-Treasurer, Debbie Wilson-Reporter, Sherrie Spillers-Sent. Second Row: Todd Newman, Andy Bozek, Bobby Williams, Dale Cox, Jon Pat Henry, Billy Allen, Rodney Dickerson, Greg Burns, James Goodman, Connie Newman, Stacy Baker, Sharlene Mummert, Karen Cableg Third Row: Barry Jones, Ronnie Owens, Rowdy Pruitt, Richard Spaniel, Randy Rankin, Jeff Kubin, Eddie Allan, Terry Hurley, Laura Chamberlain, Tina Compton, Debra Hughes, Steffany Horne, Carolyn Crowley, Emily Allen IKE 1st Row: Eugenia Booher-Sponsor, Teresa Navarro-Vice President, Laurie Pool-Secretary, Lori Johnson-Treasurer, Mike Williams-Beau, Jamie Erisman-Historian, Lisa Wilhoite-Sgt. at Arms, Lisa Brown-Student Council Rep., 2nd Row: Leslie Manry, Lynn Oliver, Suzanne Macalik, Suzy Laza, Tamara Tillison, Sally Batten, Melinda Bain, Karla Newsome, Deanna Zabojnik, Karen Wilcox, Linda Isbell, LeAnn Henry, Stacy Mach, Melinda Crow, 3rd Row: Mark Griffith, Carol Kinzie, Claudine Bulot, Gloria Miller, Tim Cox, Leah Davis, Elisha Probst, Kim Adams, Danny Zapletal, Mike Sibley, Will Glaspy, Hope Hughes, Holly Harper, 4th Row: Ky Lynn Sibley, Jessica Glaspy, George Solis, Laura Lamkin, Tee McIntosh, Shelly Potts, Grace Batten, Stephanie Diedre Boyd, Johna Stacks, Deanna Novy, Janet Smith, Debbie Ware, 5th Row: Janet Martinek, Kathy Cervantes, J'Lane Nichols, Darlene Smith, DeAnna Tarba, Missy Smith, Paige McCann, Mandy Wright, Kay-Kay Neill, Sheila Patak, Debbie Pustejavsky, Christy Bates, Nita Skrivanek, June Belew, Lynn Ferguson, Susan Hammond, Karen Butler. g, iii? V, 1 Y if U I PC First Row: Suzanne WilcoxvSponsor, Ronnie Rawlings-President, Jeff Fullington-Sec.!Treasurer, Jamie Mahone-Stu. Council Rep., Second Row: Evette Perry, Karen Wilcox, Claudine Bulot, Sylvia Ludwig, Gloria Miller, Boyce Markham, Rodney Smith, Lisa Brown, Karen Powell, Third Row: Eva Burnett, Deidrea Knight, Charlene Dozier, Jefftlohnson, Talmadge Young, Debbie Pustejovsky, Deadrea Boyd, Lora Spainhour, Kemilia Ricks, Fourth Row: Jackie Honza, Becky Eberle, Ronnie Wampler, Laura Lamkin, Mandy Wright, Polly Sullivan, Stacy Baker, Debbie English, Steve Mosley. ff , f, , Q ., .. .. it sie to M- ,Aw 43" I A i? Ei 6' Q Q v . '3 1 1 W 'e eil? X Xliffff N54 , r- -3 " . 5 K 'Q 5125? im 1 . 1- T K f ,Nj W if sl. Wfggs. 5. ag? .2 f i K A UIL I' X: 4 x S1 gf Debate Team Y MDiStSfZL582ii2iS'E'3f41ngS-Jf. 1 Poetry Interpretation ACADEMIC AWARDS Evaffdpasgigif-3izdS'23i2r Foreign Language Tamara Tillison and Mark Novy. Social Studies Kim Crowe, Steven Salik, Christy Bates, John Waedekin, and Karla New eademic Awards L. 4 s , l I ami? 1 :Av ,ggi , ffl? ,, . ,pf , if English: Rel Lipscomb Amy Simpson Steve Mosely Kemila Ricks Laura Fasler Blaine Smith Paula Salik Science Dean Emmert J 'Layna Jones Jeff Pouzar Carol Naill David Griffith JoAnn Trojacek Chris Osterheld Lisa Wilhoite Math: Rel Lipscomb Amy Simpson Steve Mosley Kemelia Ricks Laura Faseler Blaine Smith Paula Salik Student Council lst Row: John Betik-President, Johna Stacks-Vice-President, Janet Hollingsworth-Secretary, Karen Wilcox-Treasurer, 2nd Row: Nancy Boon, Laurie Pool, Dana Whittington, Karla Newsome, Lisa Brown, Sylvia Ludwig, Carol Kinzie, Gloria Miller, Hope Hughes, Paula Salikg 3rd Row: J'Layne Nichols, Jackie Franz, Kim Adams, Cullen Moore, Ginger Peebles, Kathleen Tolleson, Becky Boon, Deanna Zabojnik, Will Glaspy, Karleen Spaniel, Jamie Mahoneg 4th Row: Andy Bozek, Thomas Betik, Linda Isbell, Terri Franz, Lisa Wilhoite, Kim Keilers, Dee-Dee Gryder, Becky Martinez, Monica Woodard, Debbie English, Carol English, Chris Osterheldg 5th Row: John Waedekin, Corey Baker, Lisa Hollingsworth, Shelly Potts, Lori Johnson moon mimi i all . wi 1 X 9 , i is tw 3 Y' x mf- :fi - -f -',- :.gJ---- 1........ ,wf , 4.4553 'L ii Q I , i 5? , "'--J .-:,,-f -. V Q, - ' -'-,,, j rj ' -' 'V b y Igfg V' ' fi' . 1 ,, , j 15, A I. ' , . fi." .-K ,I "isspf"3 ! ,- f 1 uw- mis s , 1 U5 :QQ14 i Q , , ...EM 1 is F.H.A. ew Horizon lst Row: Dawn Nelson-President, Tammy LaScala-lst Vice-President, Eva Manriquez-2nd Vice President, Kim Brumley-3rd Vice-President, Betty Lou Sharp-4th Vice-President, Gelene Lester-Sponsor, 2nd Row: Sherry Myers-5th Vice-President, Patricia Sage-Secretary, Teresa Smith-Historian, 3rd Row: Carma Rhodes, Rhoda Deagan, Stephanie Williams, Debra Hughes HERO First Row: Dianne Drewery-Sponsor, Shandra Busby, Djuana Burr-President, Vicki White-Chairman of Encounter, Suzanne Ferris-Chairman of Projects, Jeff Svehlak-Chairman of Recreation, Patricia Sage-Chairman of Publicity, Melinda Bain-Treasurer, Tina Anderson, Maurin Overall-Sponsor, Second Row: Lue Manning, Sherry Myers, Suzy Banks, Cynthia Anderson, Joyce Sheffield, Della Brown, Julie Smith, Barbara Williams, LaJuana Banks, Third Row: Dana Eves, Kim Brurnley, Jennifer Cole, Gary Williams, Rene Coleman, Janice Tarrant, Sheila Perkins, Vicky Lockhart, J'Lane Jackson, Therica Griffin, Fourth Row: J ina Nichols, Cynthia Henderson, Sandra Head, Becky Mclntosh, Nancy Gomez, Cheryl Hester, Sharla Nutt, Jennifer Rosemark, Lana Cooke, Sylvia Santos, Josephine Herrera, Fifth Row: Leslie Bobalik, Jill Bennet, Greg Toal, Brian Kyser, Todd Forbes, Mary Ann Carillo, Sophia Martinez, Maria Caudillo, Rosie Vasquez. G1r1s' State 1?"'7 Carol Kinzie, Paige Parks, Deanna Zabojnik B eye' State ,,s.v David Griffith, William Hughes, Mark Arnold ,,li, National Honor Society 2' 371' 37 QQ l ,g I 1 1st Row: Sally Batten, Hope Hughes, Teresa Navarro, Leah Davis, Julie Emsley, Karla Newsome, Paula Salikg 2nd Row: Chris Osterheld, Elisha Probst, Sylvia Ludwig, Laura Lamkin, Terri Franz, Paula Venable, DeLane Rolen, 3rd Row: Tamara Tillison, Cullen Moore, Todd Parks, Will Glaspy, Blaine Smith, Tim Cox, Emily Blazek Langer --.ll-Ir 'cv 1 . , l'Ti5 a L 'uv "" li? Ei i E in "'is-e51,, ' ,, ni I ff, if Es r 5 of ai-or it 'Q' X Ph A f X -,X V, . ,, , lst Row: Talmadge Young, Sandi Olalde, Christy Bates, Deanna Zabojnik, Paige Parks, Mike Sibley, Karen Wilcox, Gloria Miller, Dorcas McBurnett, Ester Gaytong 2nd Row: Leah Cook, J 'Layne Nichols, Carol Kinzie, Debbie Pustejavsky, Mark Griffith, Steven Salik, Stephanie Gaylor, Kristine Jurik, Laura Fausler, 3rd Row: Vicki Hicks, Toni Blassingame, Karleen Spaniel, Mark Arnold, Tom Hall, Sheila Patak, JoLinda Yandell, JoAnn Trojacek ' Officers President-Karla Newsome Vice-President-Cullen Moore Secretary-Sally Batten Treasurer-DeLane Rolen E.H.S. Symphonic, Concert, 8: Freshman Bands effigy! f' X' -' 'Z' :V V Ei, if A 5 1: J, ,A sez,-if V - Q, - .- ' .g:.-' s. w - 1 -Y--A -N ,, 5 ,Q ,V - , nr' 'L' -: 3 in I .. 1 .l?iDiq9lETM:l,?, 'T-xif'-:X 94 5 . is ga. . if T- Q .::f' G.: ' - 5 Q, r, .5 . 1 Vgijfs? ' ww figf K - p we Q5 f I 1 , M' N so -as xx Q - 2 ,f 1 . S31 A "Q, ' F ., N , ' ",' ,IQ ' . 'g', L V 'L 5 ml" ., , f J ,X 'sr 4 - 79? gf if if , -A ' , , , M , M41, ,J , g J' gg it Row: Vicki Hicks, Karen Wilcox, Lisa Brown, Dana Whittington, Laurie Pool, Laura Faseler, Toni Blassingame, Kim Darst, Hope Hughes, 2nd Row: Jamie Erisman, gmie Mahone, Sylvia Ludwig, Talmadge Young, Kim Braddock, Diedre Knight, Kim Keilers, Nita Skrivanek, Laura Lamkin, Ginger Flynt, Teresa Navarro, Holly garper, Kristine Jurik, Sheila Patakg 3rd Row: Polly Sullivan, Jana Haggard, Karleen Spaniel, Chris Osterheld, Chuck Reeves, Brian Gabriel, John Shumacher, James Eejcek, Tim Cox, JoAnn Trojacek, Danny Zapletal, Jeff Pozar, Chris Divin, Cindy Tay, Kim Ranton, Wade Smith, Kim Krajca, Scott Probst, Angie Vaughn, Standing: ,homas Betik, Dale Fudge, Paula Venable", Tee McIntosh', Deanna Novy' . s Y fl its XX Ei ,EQ-giefli. I Qt: Q , gy .staff-,. si ass- oe, 'mv eff, f .Vgflr-1 1 . G , K N X , r l C Row: Lori Johnson, Susan Cryer, Lynn Ferguson, Djuana Burr, Janet Gabriel, Leah Davis, Connie Shackelford, Phyllis Parma, Ginger Peebles, 2nd Row: Cindy lzgerald, Suzy Laza, Debbie Pustjovsky, 'Tammy Vyers, Janice Emmert, Yolanda Monreal, Peggy Emmert, Lori Easley, Charlene Dozier, Amanda Monreal, Karen night, Mandy Wright, Paige McCann, June Belew, 3rd Row: Ester Gaytan, Barry Brunk, Yvonne Saenz, Caryn Spaniel, Angie Vaught, Susan Hammonds, Tracy ur, Elva Monreal, Angie Knight, Jackie Jones, Joey Skroh, Norma Amador, Grace Batten, Shannon Kingman, Chris Shackelford, Shelly Potts, Rodney Edwards, ily Rios, Chip Reeves, Standing: Benny Herrera, Tommy Pechal, Jackie Wilborn', Monte Rowset, Debbie Ware' 'Q os, ,Nia fi ., fit: in -rv -?"'W'f' .,, ,- s 'X .f . Sr' if -A , ff- A-ff A is ax. e so ,,- NJ ,serie 4' , , as A 'iff :M ---A fam ,F M' , '-- fc wa K , avr ' -S1 4- J .5 X fa Q 3, . 3 Rib X. Y n X ,X ja I Y .I 4 1 Row: Jennifer Peeler, Kirsten Bratcher, Darlene Smith, Juana Myers, Shelli Johnson, Kim Ticknerg 2nd Row: Carol Chapman, Jennifer Carter, Missy Smith, ,titia Hughes, Jacqui Honza, Kim Graham, Jana Stevens, Ronnie Slovacek, Amy Simpson, Jimmy Hernandez, Mark Rejcek, Stacy Baker, Brad Beakleyg 3rd Row: ianna Taraba , Shirelle Dozier, Kim Adams,'Leisa Hutchinson, Evelyn Williams, Lisa Jones, David Rice, Mike Chennault, Jerry Waedekin, John Faseler, Ralston lssell, Karen Raburn, Lara Ingargiola, Karen Powell, Joyce Trofacek, Jon Williamson, Dean Emmert, 4th Row: James Novy. Robert Novak, Steven Potts, Jenny irrison, Daved Lambert, Debbie Hudspeth", Suzanne Dodson", J 'Layna Jones', Lynda Solis', Cathy Cervantez' , Not pimnd 101 1:29 i .-P ,M I ui- is J I 1 "'aiL.i..,ge All Region Band Hope Hughes JoAnn Trojacek Danny Zapletal Wade Smith Scott Probst Vicki Hicks Toni Blassingame E H S Band Officers 81-82 Freshman Lt.-Darleen Smith Sophomore Lt.-Polly Sullivan Junior Lt.-Sheila Patak Senior Lt.-Tim Cox Band Captain-Wade Smith All District Band Toni Blassingame Hope Hughes JoAnn Trojacek Danny Zapletal Wade Smith Scott Probst Karleen Spaniel Vicki Hicks Laura Faseler J u n i o 1' H i 8 h Letitia Hughes, James Novy, Deanna Taraba, David Lambert, Karen Powell, Mike Chennault and M1SSy Smith Sousa Award All Star Jazz All Area Band 'KW' H h Toni Blassingame T ' B1 Hope ug es JoAnn Trdacek om assmgame J Dale Fudge Tim Cox Danny Zapletal Varsity 1 9 8 1 Drum Majorette Jamie Erisman Senior McCann-Soph. Laurie P001-Sr, gt Twirlers 1 9 8 2 Drum Majorette flana Haggard ' Senior ' Toni Blassingame-Jr, Karen W I J Karleen Spaniel, Polly Sullivan, Toni Blassingame, Jamie Erisman, Jana Haggard, Kim Krajca, Angie Vaughn, Scott Probst, Wade Smith, Vicki Hicks, Dale Fudge, Chris Divin, John Schumacher, Danny Zapletal, JoAnn Trojacek, Tim Cox, James Rejeck Brad Beakley, Stacy Baker, Esther Gaytan, Yvonne Saenz, Kim Gramm, Amy Simpson, Benny Herera, Jon Williamson, Norma Amador, Brian Gabriel, Rodney Edwards, Mike Chennault, Ralston Russell, John Faseler, J'Layna Jones", Monte Rowsei 3 6 3. I1 II "' Not present ports A Smile Let others cheer the winning man, fl There's one I hold worth whileg 'Tis he who does the best he can, Then loses with a smile. Beaten he is, but not to stay Down with the rank and fileg That man will win some other day, Who loses with a smile. unknown X 1 --.X ...Q . ,, nh., .,.t,,,J N: 'Pike ff' 5' , A S it it -uw , 3 W 2 J., n bw-V m,0 0 are X, Q Q 3- J 1 X A Q W J' Q 5 ,iv I . V tif 'Q' f' 11 Y 'x Q ' Q- qw qw 5 an X K W N1 ,, W , Ve- ,, -if 5? 3:0 1981 r'f'ff'r:1' i T M we . . . ..'.. f-.-....-,,,4. A -YYL-,, , .,. ..,,,..,. ...-.-M----H11-we -'Lp 1' 5' -uf?Ef111,N:,v,3,,.,au,,H,,i ,XE L Q- 4' , , g 11 .--ae:-ew---I --. , F V T' ' 4, :'-H- , ,,, Aizafgtee-J Q',f'A'A ' .vera wwf 12rfffetffiaegxfxrff--1-3i+,g5a2x5f1v 'P Rf nrsagawc, ,V V ' I :Q V I - ' A -J. 51: ::,,75:g55z..,-.J .Ac "' -HM' . T -are - - V -. V . , ,+-f,,1,x,-1-X 117-gf-Zip.,-1-x-mx, f?:,f fvxezwaai,53,5-afar:-X-w:,,.4 -Q., 5 J,-,, ,eff La -,f--rg:-'J 1-1 ,'.- : :.,,-,:.:,, ' -,A 1-. ' - , i .:,.,.-. W-f--.aaf- .,- A ,am ,HL im, 1 ,gl ,1 . 41.14-,lk -3-.,,-,,,.,,, 1,.,,, -,,, -V "'. ' ' '. 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" J -- wx' '::,.' -if !?:5i::i:E:1F:r:iu::.,m4:1.x.:::ti":z.1::'::.1:-:.':::' - -'...,.:-"'-.4 -- -3'-L .I , --1-::.---..,,i -ff34Ln:-'..4.xz-Ein:-?::x::rh"fp:f::fS:'.n ::T::1a:::'?':.:::""'--l.::.-113.-.::.Q..'?L:..a,: f1"fc.r- -1 , , ., . ,, ,, f- f - X 1 L X ' ' ' ' ' ' ' Q-,-f-iliac-?f.,..1-'1,:a:1 11-ffxqgzcix-iq---L..-'-..'--."4.f,-ya-:1,e::::i:-1:5-j' g-g:--m-,:,:r-- -r , ..-51,4-FI, , ry--iam-vhs.,-,.'.:L:v,:.v::,:-amp, -,v..' Q,1-au:3k:1v:aj: W ...W 4-.:Ey+::x:e:Q1:g.:.z4 nj ,Qs 1' fi - ' f3a,...,.,f.LZI?::E-, !"'f'i:.,'f'EE-E13ZE?7'1f.:i:E1,E:E5::x::g,,,.L" " ' ..J-.zrkz-.r.a,.,.,L.,,.....,L4.1.1..,.mr:.'-L,5i.,.1.a..,-7:3-lg:1-ref-V-L--f-V-1-1-Th-1--5-1-' K-,::1,,-Wgffny "fi gi, .Gmc 1121,-., 3 V, Q X Q - "f -"4-Wiz.:-fg' -A"r'r'.":, ,.,-.aY.,. xx: r::z:.:,..r..j..::::' f , 'WT -r . ' V ' . ' . fa-r ' - . ' e , - , 1 ,. """"-,W 1 - ,' - , 1..,""-""5:::,x5..,.,,.i-1.M,:.Ai,,:x::5:,:.'r" ,mfgl x' , , U , 'L' 'MH'--f .4 ' ,:, ".,L:-':.1'7:.:.:1Z3.J.L,,...."YIL',l""'.::.., ,.,-.z:' .,. , - T' I V - 3: A , - A ' . ' . . - - -1-A-I "" "rv ......x" ::'::11:"- .. M- -"az" .1.x4.,L'.m1'1-g.::4"-..:.,.,'-'A-:,,. .-.,-rr . , , - - , f 'wg-: .,: ,. La, .4 .... . ..- ,,.z::C...tL,...'l'1..--21.3, W T,----1--A fr- V . W f- Y 1 , 1., - K - A 1:. . tix, ,...:M1x Xxx. .. i. - 4, ' - .111-rf. 1-'-1-lf-' 1 '21-1-'1-41-W-f't"ff1f?f3.5f --QCTJQ' auf-'L-Y-N-A-:J ' - '4'5- . -1"'5rwLT'- . - .- 1 T -Liz-C1szE?er-T,i1:ssaefe+fEex,-.-te3,.,bw-N-P-ywlr-e . ,,,.- ...,.., ,,,,,..M ,..A ,...:,L.,,1,,H-MW, , ww-1.22 , ,,. ,.,.. L, , ,....V A Q , X ,, 1 V ,L , N X , venice WA, ,m,,Y-My . Y -r - -1,-5 1 r by E 1 I 4., 4, L., v.., L-, L-, L-, L-, L-4 i-l-1 bl-1 '--i 41 K ----fr x--' v--- 1 -x - -1 -1 w , ,, cacta . , , ,,, , V 'Q ff. ing C ,,., .. A l' z' -I lv 'Qt To - L T T--3 1 5- H 4 Qersxlt M ,, are . ' "' f f ' V .WA ' X . t . e , EB fr- ,, F ,, , 'P " ,9 ':-- 1- A W- -Q- gift First Row: Bobby Williams, Todd Parks, Rayshun Lockhart, Kevin Fincher, Bryan Novy, Terry Knight, Kirby Green, Ricky Slack, Stephen Novy, Second Row: Vance Vyers, Andy Bozek, Gerald Fielder, Tony Collier, Todd Newman, Eddie Mach, Cullen Moore, Adark Jones, Third Row: Dale Cox, Carl Coleman, Kelvin Nealy, William Hughes, Scott Shaw, Todd Kubin, John Wadekin, Darian Searcy, Fourth Row: Donny Spencer, Langston Layne, Russel Moore, David Lipsey, Mervin Williams, Rod Birdow, John Betik, Ronnie Coleman, Fifth Row: Mark Peebles fMgr.J Keith Potter, Shane Bennett, Clarence Edwards, Andrew Betik, Bobby Brown, Reginald Edwards, Mike Eubanks, Sixth Row: Coach Ron Barr, Coach Ronnie Dauphin, Coach Steve Braddock, Coach Billy Kidd. 'f'l Dale Cox-Sr. Rod Blrdow-Sr. Keith Potter-Sr. QB-CB Fl-LB TB-Safety Ennis 47 Ennis 15 Ennis 1 Fort Worth Nolan 0 Cleburne 14 McKinney 1 Clarence Edwards-Sr. Reggie Edwards-Sr. John Betik-Sr. CB-WB Fl-CB FB-LB 10 Y David Lipsey-Sr. Donny Spencer-Sr. Mervin Williams-Sr FB-LB QB-Safety FB-CB nnis Ennis 22 Ennis aris 6 'Hatchie 14 Seagoville VU, I V M ,I Yrblqy Z' .y ay' ,,. sf MQ' . uf . ,H I V W , 'WMA L v' . A .5f- Q , JK VW? , V nf ,,-ff 4-r feng 1 W wr . W , , , - , 11, J w x .A S' ls, W A M , J ' n ' j Sf , Ronnie Coleman-Sr. John Wadekin-Sr. Todd Newman4Sr TB-CB C-LB C-LB Athletic Sweetheart 1981 8 t Y me ., .S i -'- . My , fTM.lff?12 QP A -, fn . 1' '+L hz ,g f . ,fine X e 4 ,--,gl-s, 1319 Jv. if if v-'en Jw - 1-wr f' 1 -' ' Q . Q. 1. M' N' 19 N -N 'I Q' ' H 'fi I S fi V . .Si-X54 X I' 7 ' . ' 1 AQ P X f 1 ,-5 by ja - u, ,. , ,, f - 4 ,, I J 'V ' All -' 'M ' . , ' ,- , P v .af - , ,fit K IAQ? , M P, 4,1-5-f e if - f-at-Q, ' 4, K X -F-f" "gg: NV f 3' A' ' 7.V',3 'if te ,,,,.,. .4,., li. ,,,,, f f TN'-g, Kim Keilers FH, ,,,.- 11 . ' , l . ., B ,, ' v UL, .K - Mr.-T .11,...,, Aw M. , . if -4 A A 5 "W "i"' 3 4,2 di 1 if' JF v X W . 4 w ' . 'make spa 2 4' -..A- ,--- . A A ,7 -M-wr I Q... ,QI J Todd Parks-Sr. Scott Shaw-Sr. Cullen Moore-Sr. C-DT Guard-DT Guard-DT 1st Team All State nnis 32 Ennis 2 Ennis incoln Madison O Corsicana ,Jin 9 TN We i I 1 1 K ' " :Zi . . 4-,shin-, A-M ask f I ,, -1 W. ' ' - ,,-H3 nv. . .. : I --,im sie- ' ' ,. 1' V f 1,4-J X af Russell Moore-Sr. Eddie Mach-Sr. Ricky Slack-Sr. OT-DE OT-DT OT-DE C193 an 4151225 -1- k F. ,rl-N' , xii? ,Q v,.3.l.2,1 N-i v y? -' f , ' t.Q..g W 1 A 91' xl- N N X L 1:-X. W Vg ...I f l, sf? Poi Q Kirby Green-Sr. Bobby Williams Rayshun Lockhart OT-DT OT-DT OT-DT Ennis y X Athens 1 SN L- 5 . ,, 1 t lr' .ig-n f X - - f 'W .. ,, -A ' W V - Q - L 'if' "k" Q "W" " "Lk'-FT my gl D f L43 A ll 114 Brian Novy-Sr. Andy Bozek-Sr. Tony Collier-Sr. OT!DT E-LB E-LB v ' , N -.R E , W K Jil? 'ff ' .A-J . M4 H e K Wm " n A G-J i " ' I V- fi had Terry Knight-Sr. Kevin Fincher-Sr. Carl ColemanAJr. E-LB E-CD-PK QB-CB 2nd Team All State Todd Parks and Kevin Fincher were both honored with All-State Selections, Todd received lst team All-State while Kevin received 2nd team All-Stateg Both are College bound: CONGRATULATIONS!! ng! .t,e . or S 2 t P 'T ' ge' W - b V ,,,,,,,, was 11, it-,if H..-'gm x5gfiHf"5'i" if-K "AL L S , .N - ' .-, "' it i-3 if in 4 Q EQ, f " A' - M K E ,. we " v.s3i4iw-.f'g3"Y ,f i T' Ni fi 'F on ' ., Q - , 2 K ' egg at If 3 A ...rj -' 'I -- K c ,gs sr' ' A , :ff ,rgfgm 4 -- ge 3-x 5 """ N ng' ' ' +3 ' ' Q :- -Nsggggf ' S - ' 11.1 - -a Darian Searcy-Jr. Bobby Brown-Jr. Shane Bennett-Jr. QB-Safety TB-CB Fl-Safety VJ' 4.17 an 1 CLD as ,W . K - W ,,... . -,.,.l-Wmxfi .,-. C23 S ' . " rl -ww ' new si all Q N 'ce W Gerald Fielder-Jr. William Hughes-Jr. Andrew Betik-Jr. FB.-L.B. Guard-D.E. Tackle Lions Finished '81-'82 Season with an 8-2 Record Congratulations coaches and players 8a Best Wishes In The Coming Season S Q ,, M A ,.,., . V ,. , 4 ,. . M . rl. Q ,, 'fem , 1 fx Q , ' I . -5, f ' 1 2-' , . -i e ,Z fi f' ' 1 . ir, 'i LZ' i""'i '- ... f " . 'TMS-1 ll V 1,2 QQ 41 'pri' .N-. , , "" A .. ,. -eil", ' - , rib .aB?. -- Kelvin Nealy-Jr. Vance Vyers-Jr. Steven N0vyAJr. O.E.-D.E. 0.E.-Safety S.E.-Sp. Tms. Mike Eubanks-Sr. Mgr. - N I 1 4 A N 2 ia ,:.,...' I-"" tw- i ""' , .- an :P E Q W3 D5 I ml 5 CAPTAINS lst Row: Rayshun Lockhartg Todd Parks: 2nd Row: David Lipseyg Rod Birdow: Mark Peebles-Jr. Mgr. -AIN.: lil Q :Ulla , 4.1.1 'Qi , - Y I x X x :CHQ , ,,-gf, lst Row: Dick Stringfellow-Heal Coach, Steve Braddock 2nd Row: Ron Barr, Ronnie Dauphin, Bill Kidd 117 First Row: David Vaca, Kenneth Smith, Langston Layne, Mark Novy, Robert Lillie, Jackie Davidson, Le Jrant Clark. Second Row: Coach Cox, Mike English, Gary Dickerson, Brian Ware, Vincent Sallie, Curtis Gabriel, Eddie Cervantes, Joey Munn, Lee Birdow, Coach Morris. Third Row: Carl Hackney, Kelly Navarro, Henry Betik, Mike Collins, Pat Venable, Kelly Hitchcock, Anthony Brown, Steve Mosely, Jeff Collins, Donald Smith. Fourth Row: Jesse Cervantes, Dennis Dlabaj, Larry Atchly, Steve Boon, Johnny Newman, Randy Garrett, Ronnie Owens, Frank Uresti, Mike Pystejosky, Jamie Bozek. Fifth Row: Danny Howard, Tony Wilhoite, Tim Armstrong, Greg Payne, Wilbert Williams, Jon Knight, Keith Kimberalin, Corey Baker. ...la V .c , M I-L First Row: Jeff Dlabaj, Tommy Huff, Lesis Sallie, Harold Robinson, Darrell Heine, Jason Haggard, Jeff Nichols, Freddy Watson, Rodney Jackson, Guy Sibley. Second Row: Justin Lee, Evert Gilmore, Donald Watson, Ronald Watson, Sam Walker, Patrick Grimes, Mike Dickerson, Rick Lucas, John Knott. Third Row: Rodney Goodwin, Brian Jones, Isaih Young, James Watkins, Rel Lipscomb, Darren Lewis, Eddie Allen, Troy Patak, John Paul Slovak. Fourth Row: Coach Robertson, Byron Burr, Shawn Payne, Kyle Wilson, Jeff Kubin, Sheldon Payne, John Gross, Rodney Dickerson, Coach Clay. xgimm-3 J hx iw, Y',' QL , ff j"'V1 JV Cheerleaders 1981-82 Bottom Row: Jeannie Harrison, Middle Row: LeAnn Henry, Sherrelle Dozier, Mascot, Julie Tollr son, Pop Row: Monica Woodard, Letitia Hughes. 2 l 2 Front Row: Todd Newman, Bobby Williams, Terry Knight, Kevin Fincher, Rayshun Lockhart, Ricky Slack, Brian Novy, Mike Eubanksg Trainer, Todd Parks, John Betik, Eddie Mach, Kirby Green, Cullen Moore, John Wadekin. Back Row: Keith Potter, Donny Spencer, Clarence Edwards, David Lipsey, Mervin Williams, Andy Bozek, Adark Jones, Dale Cox, Tony Collier, Scott Shaw, Todd Kubin, Rod Birdow, Ronnie Coleman, Russell Moore, Reggie Edwards ffm LIONS is i C E i is 4'-yr 3 2 um. .rLIUN llUlg'1f. Ll'-Wg-r UUNg LlIlNgr A fi? MENS S W, t Vg, f ,Q I fl my ' 2, :auoushrmwsf r -f W- ff ,F 1 Y K , , , l ,LUNS mms LIUNS . ., len 'Img iii? 1 1 2 LlUN? N1S 1UN3 ii ' I F F , i i L c Q' 1 oi l' A , A N- X R 3 A ' I ' .V L F ' , ,,,,m ' ii" 4552? Q , ill? 1 , 1 log? l Wgltleel , rf? sm??' ,Z . , L Q 'gl 1 ii.: or si' r 1 fi 'if A, First Row: L to R: Darren Cromeans, Ricky Castillo, Boyce Markham, Vance Vyers, David Svehlak, Brian Holley, Jack Kirpatrick, Gabriel Martinez, Mike Sibley, Second Row: L to R: Coach Clay, John Betik, David Lipsey, Dale Cox, Kevin Fincher, Robert Kallmeyer, Todd Kubin, George Solis, Coach Cox. First Row L to R: Danny Jordan, Tony Wilhoite, Brian Ware, Kenny Baker, Gabriel Martinez, Mark Novy, Henry Betik, Second Row L to R: Coach Cox, David Vaca, Jeff Collins, Kelly Navarro, David Svehlak, Jimmy Johnson, Andrew Betik, Darren Lewis, Mark Peebles. fix .,,r ,,,. i f we C h J Cl C h B'll c Cac Vaisllifs ay F' C Jiiilzor Vlarsiiglyi , N: F We . Z 3 1, 114 ff ,Yu 7 5? ' Q .K 4 '42-gif' H if fi l f 1m1,sif+1z, Dale Cox-Sr.-L.F. Todd Kubin-Sr.-Catcher George Solis-Sr.-Catcher David Lipsey-Sr.-3rd base Robert Kallmeyer-Sr.-R.F Kevin Fincher-Sr.-SS John Betik-Sr.-L.F. Mike Sibley-Jr.-R.F., 2nd Brian Holley-Jr.-L.F. Ricky Castillo-Jr.-SS Boyce Markham-Jr.-lst base Jack Kirkpatrick-Jr.-L.F. Vance Vyers-Jr.-2nd base x"""""-v-N 1 Darren Cromeans-Jr.-SS David Svehlak-Soph.-3rd base Gabriel Martinez-Sophf-3rd base 81 Ranked 16th in State and 5th in Region V a 3 s I k S e t t a y l l Left to right: Bill Chapmang Head Coach, Dior Boyd, Darian Searcy, Gerald Fielder, Will Glaspy, Blaine Smith, Bruce Lewis, Jimmy McClendon, John Birdow, Ronnie Barnes, Ricky Threet, Mike Eubanksg manager, and Scott Grayg Asst. Coach. Ennis Ennis Ennis Ennis Ennis vs vs vs vs vs Seagoville Lincoln Madison Corsicana Athens 73-47 63-62 61-63 52-49 58-53 73-57 66-57 80-62 2-0 48-51 Co-Champions C of ' East-Zone .4 Ass't. Coach- Ennis Scott Gray VS Madison 64 :fx Head Coach- Bill Chapman J 3 I' S i First Row: Tony Wilhoite, Rounze Hart, Darrell Love, Tim Jackson, Jack Kirkpatrik, Jeff Collins. Second Row: Coach Bill Chapman, Larry Atchley, William Hughes, Curtis Gabriel, Kevin Nealy, Ronnie Radaway, Danny Howard, Chris Payne, Carl Coleman, Lee Spencer, LeGrant Clark, Kenneth Smith, Coach Gray. Back l to r Todney Farris, Brian Jones, Byron Burr, Shawn Payne, James Watson, Wally Ward, Rodney Jones, Billy Gillispie, James Watkins Rodney Jackson, Guy Sibley, Every Gilmore Qfrontl Patrick Grimes, Coach Allen Morris, Darrell Hejny H QF 'El-QE vb A 1 a 1' s i t Bottom: Lagrant Clark, Joey Munn, Gary Dickerson, Mike Eubanks, Robert Lillie, Keith Potter, Carl Hackney, Kenneth Smith. Back: Coach Ronnie Roberson, Manual Birdow, Adark Jones, Gerald Fielder, Keith Searcy, Rod Birdow, William Hughes, Ronnie Coleman, Coach Otis Williams Shot Sz Discus High Jump Hurdles will Nil C 'eh' -f A we 'W F rvlxru-Q-un-1 A ef" ,rf rn.: -M, - If CL: -g' i , ", z::i1' - 5, K 6, K. ey, , ge 1' S 'fx . . Keith Searcy K 'th P tt Wlulam Hughes Gerald Fielder Kjsth 335,55 Ronnie Coleman -ik. WN Long Jump e 5 . Long Jump fu ,f W. 4 "V N312 'FG' W xt ,aft q5gyg-,5,M,,...f- . ' sf. 'W , ,wwf ,gre - A . . A Y Keith Potter Gerald Fielder Rod Birdow Distance Mile Relay 400 Mile Relay -. X 4"',wIQj':.- mmf W' Manuel Birdow Gary Dickerson Robert Lillie Carl Hackney Kenneth Smith Rod Birdow Lagrant Clark Adark Jones Keith Potter Ronnie Coleman Keith Searcy Gary Dickerson Carl Hackney 5:15 Ltx' 1H ' u nz Lewis Sallie, Guy Sibley, Justin Lee, Rel Lipscomb, Coach Ronnie Roberson, Jon Paul Slovak, Bryan Jones, Patrick Grimes, Harold Robinson Pole Vault 400 Meter Run 200 Meter Run ..---, .- n-... .tl -X, 1. I 4 - -Q., -1--Q-. "' 'Q:u- - ...- " Hia nu ""'fu. ... , 1-np-, iC li 3, .5 .-ug-L-.gg LL R : -wa 4' mins- .. Mike Eubanks Ronnie Dickerson, AdarkJones, Carl Hackney, Ronnie Cglgmany Jgey Munn, Carl Hackngy R041 Birdow Ronnie Dickerson -.....-....--:gx..... :,g--.--.:'.-- Ennis Ennis Ennis Ennis Ennis Ennis Ennis Ennis Ennis Ennis Ennis Ennis Ennis Ennis Ennis Ennis Ennis Ennis Ennis Ennis Ennis 130 Lady Lion Varsity Basketball, 1981-82 C24 Wins-7 Losses? Back Row: Glenda Myers, Tracy Burr, Evette Perry, Coach Linda Freeman, Tondra Roberts, Kimona Clark, Jackie Wilborn. Front Row: Donna Freeman Shevera Gilmore, Tammy Hart, Cornelia Collins, Jeannie Spaniel, Penny Johnson Managers For All Sports Pre-district Play 1 V 62 Ferris 69 if - ' it b ,, 63 Jefferson-Moore 37 I- , ' - J! ' ' 47 Spruce 75 , ' - Q, ,,, 'W 1 67 Madison 52 'V A " V " V. 80 North Dallas 22 1 A5 59 Lancaster 54 sw' ' V 8 W f 79 Adamson 26 ' , is 52 John Tyler 54 vc 1 , Q -V 82 Huntsville 60 Q roi. 3012125 -wwf 76 Bryan 63 - Z, if R it , f 1 55 Elkhart 38 53 WeStW00d 63 Dana Eves, Sandy Olalde, Karla Newsome 76 North Dallas Melinda Bain 52 Spruce 59 66 South Garland 36 64 Kimball 58 59 Lancaster 35 74 Adamson 42 Best Team In 51 Ferris 49 2 Keller 0 46 North Mesquite 35 Lady Lion History! District Play Ennis 100 Seagoville Ennis 74 Madison Ennis 104 Lincoln Ennis 48 Corsicana Ennis 81 Athens Ennis 121 Seagoville Ennis 70 Lincoln Ennis 68 Madison Ennis 59 Corsicana Ennis 56 Athens 6-AAAA Zone Standings Corsicana Ennis Athens Lincoln Madison Seagoville Varsity Basketball Action Cornelia Collins, Sr. Capt. Lady Lion Honor Roll Tammy Hart, Sr. Capt. Shevera Gilmore, Sr. Capt Offensive Player of the Year Lady Lion Honor Roll Lady Lion Honor Roll mms Evette Perry, Sr. Capt. Spirit Award Jeannie Spaniel, Sr. Capt. Kimona Clark, Jr. Spirit Award Defensive Player of the Year Juanita Blakely Award Varsity Basketball Action Tracy Burr, Jr. Glenda Myres, Soph. 132 Donna Freeman, Jr. Leadership Award Tondra Roberts, Soph. Penny Johnson, Freshman D1StI1Ct 6 AAAA East Zone Basketball Honors All D1str1ct Players Honorable Mentio fflig Jeannie Spaniel, SR.h4 Year Letterman: Evette Perry, SR Lettermang Cornelia Collins, SR.-4 Year Letterman. Lady Lion Jr Varsity Basketball C22 WIHS 4 Lossesl EHHIS ERNIS Back Row Katrina Haynes Soph Therlca Griffin JR Coach Sanoma Shofflt LeAnn Henry, Fresh.g Kristy Myers, Freshq Sheila Dickerson, Fresh Front Row Franclne McGowan Soph Tonya Enghsh Soph LaDonna Hart Soph.g Jeanette Robinson, Soph.g Kara Dickerson, Soph.g and Letitia Hughes n Players Y , 4-S if W 1 , , ,I .. A Lady Lion Varsity Track District Champions Back Row: Coach Sanoma Shoffitg Kimona Clark, Tracy Burr, Tondra Roberts, Kara Dickerson. Middle Row: Jeannie Spaniel, Therica Griffin, Evette Perry Glenda Myers, Letitia Hughes. Front Row: Kristy Myers, Cornelia Collins, Shandrea Myers, Virginia Washington, and Sheila Dickerson, Regional Qualifiers Tondra Roberts-lst Place High Jump District, 5th Region. Tracy Burr-2nd Place High Jump District, 8th Region. 134 Kimona Clark-2nd Place 400 Dash District, 4th Region. Kara Dickerson-lst Place 800 Run District, 2nd Region, 6th Place State! i State Meet Qualifiers-Austin!! eila Jones, Alternate to 1600 meter relayg Snake Myers, 1600 meter relayg Evette Perry, 1600 meter relay, Kimona Clark, 1600 meter relay, Kara Dickerson, 1600 eter relay and 800 meter run-6th Place Relay Finish, Lady Lion Jr. Varsity Tracksters-District Champs!! ,E as -1 3 Back Row: Jackie Wilborn, LaDonna Hart, Tonya English, Jeanette Robinson, Dorothy Elkins, Front Row: Francine McGowan, Penny Johnson, Kim Beasley, and Monique Ware. 135 ,,..l' if U 5 Q, , "4 C H , ,qw ' f A T ' fm -x ,Wy , Cf' I2 . 1' 1 If ,ig f X fi , - Q1 " y x ,ff- Lad Lion Junior Varsity Volleyball Back Row: Pam Orman, Shandra Meyers, Kristy Meyers, Monique Ware, Sheilia Dickersong Front Row: Kim Beasley, J enette Robinson, Kara Dickerson, Lisa Williams, Coach Sanoma Shoffit. Team-1981 Lad Lion Cross Countr Back Row: Shiela Dickerson, Shandra Meyers, Monique Ware, Front Row: Virginia Washington, Kara Dickerson, Tondra Roberts, Letitia Hughes. 5 am' i' f ' .jf-31' , ,,,7q.,g6j ,i 5. ...Q .L jg 1 L P s 7 .- 'zr-f or -V - , , V' 1.' ir,. '7fL.,.4 ----f Q i. , f ,.4..,L, .Tim ,at V Y ,, ., , 3 , 1 A x gf .,, M! 5.1 .4 .- Lady Lion Varsity Volleyball 1981 First Season for Competition C9 Wins-9 Lossesl 3 Z s Back Row: Jeanie Spanieil, Cornelia Collins, Jackie Wilborn, Yvonne Allen, Front Row: Glenda Meyers, Kimona Clark, Tracy Burr, Tondra Roberts, Coach Linda Freeman. District 6-AAAA East Zone Volleyball Honors First Team Second Team Honorable Mention Kimona Clark Jeanie Spaniel, Tondra Roberts Cornielia Collins, Tracy Burr Boys,-1982 District 4A Champs 9 I1 I1 ' 22' 1 ' .1l1., 'i1'. i 'LQQ 1' . f .A j A , . ..,, X i . . , , V i A 1 . , . , ' J 5 .Q .-- -"""' 5-64.41, 1 y fi: " 9-' " , ' , Xlfg J ,1 i qgs S ., - 1 ' -f ff 22- , V , - M'--4 su-uf' X' 5' .... M If 4 up-f' 5-fa. Q., -- Left to Right: Mark Griffith-Soph., David Griffith-J r., Steve Hudspeth-Jr., Jim Gossett-Soph., Greg Griffith-Sr., Allen Crigger-Jr., and Ricky N utt-Fresh. N...- S, f-v.-f,1f- Coach-Annette Kubala ' ' : A xii 4 , Greg Griffith-Sr. David Griffith and Singles: District 4A Champ Allen Crigger-Jrs. 4th in Regional Doubles: District 4A Champs 9 I1 I1 S Girls,-1982 District Runners-up ,-.ii Front row 1Left to Rightlz Freshman-Cindy Griffith, Lacey Payne, and Jessica Glaspy. Back row 1Left to Rightlz Paige Parks-Jr., Claudine Bulot-Jr., Nancy Boon-Sr., Carol Kinzie-Jr., and Tammy LaScala-J I'. 1 Cindy Griffith-Fresh. S Singles: 3rd in District S in r vu Seniors: Nancy Boon and Greg Griffith 1 X Golf 1981-198 A Team 3rd-District mv "IWW 'x Coach Allen Morris, Corey Baker, Tony Adams, Matt LaFallott, Danny Howard, Ron Pollan fly B Team Rodney Ferris, Kyle Wilson, Greg Liska, Donald Smith, John Roach, Kevin Roberts ' 7 G1rls Golf Team Coach Allen Morris, Becky Eberle, Kim Adams, Gina Wesley 'QV' Personalities Judged By the Company One Keeps One night in late October, When I was far from sober, Returning with my load with manly pride, My feet began to stutter, So l lay down in the gutter, And a pig came near and lay down by my sideg A lady passing by was heard to sayg 'gYou can tell a man who boozes, By the company he chooses," And the pig got up and slowly walked away. unknown ffm DAR I M Karla Newsome 2 5 Q Mr. and Miss John Betik Kim Keilers W D ,MQ MM,i A Q' Friendliest J 'fl V, ,My , -' 'I ' Ir N ' ' -'J' zur' . - ,f!3i?.'g'NQ'5'-' -' lx .5 .nf N 5 ' -if gl id SL . Q 'ef .. il f N ' .W , x Q1 iiiwx N . , Q ,- 'V N? .1 .3211-g.1?,g-mx aw' - ' Xgiigzf' - I ,5L,. W .. X,.. , 2 N K 5 NK x fr if sh x N George Solis Deidra Knight "3 we , raw N 74 I 'vw 512, fm? J ,. - fm 'gm 19-egg A H--.., , ia? lillliq 4 'Iwi if ' '- pf' .L1":I.1g,w' J 1352 Y -, ' wiegiw. L:-4-IL. 1 ., '-'kwa Ax 'L 1'f'Yi'.51fZ' ,H L5 -- 'if' ma, 1 1 L"f':1f'g :?:fi?2?,:i f--11-il-A2 :ra 'ff iffy? fi, 'ififififif faq! ,gl f L- ' ff? uf "'1ff-HU-12-1" i"V1H 1, P " H fag," iv if,-'11Q1fiH: 1 fi my ,:'!Q,,,:'ii'aEf lift KJ'-i"1 55,15 ,gm . Q: ,fggsgqfwl 1 F X 4. X Y , :J V 55 1 Senior Personalities X' S Kg, Janice Tarrant, Dee-Dee Gryder, Deidra Knight, Jeff Johnson, Mike Williams, and George Solis i :L J! J ohnna , i P L E 1 r 1 1 V l E U 152 qhv if " if 'N Nancy Boon 1.1 A ,, . Homecoming October 16, 1981 Homecoming Queen Kim Keilers 1 il J ina Henning , Lisa Wilhoite X Homecoming Nominees and Escorts X RJ J' ga ' I' 'i-. lf' if ' ' , ' .rgisgzgr . , I 4' -Tgfgv - V- .,,:.+A- ... - X - nf, WE W M A -gs Mb A A M Y - V 3,, ,, ,Ya ,,., ,-,,Y,YV,,Y ,. Yrrw Z , A' f . , , i.,,,f, - . .4 Kim Keilers, Mike Williams, Nancy Boon, Robert Kallmeyer, Lisa Wilhoite, Greg Liska, Jina Henning, John Paine Homecoming Court f vi E ' , ,L IR MN. - ,ki V T , . Letitia Hughes, Byron Burr, Julie Tolleson, Guy Sibley, Kemelia Ricks, Jackie Davidson, Shelly Potts, Danny Howard, Lisa Brown, Matt LaFollett, Janet Hollingsworth, Boyce Markham E w W mmmn , , -Q ,, ,, M W ming' Y 1 Sophomore Favorites Corey Baker Suzanne Macalik Freshman Favorites Justin Lee Lacey Payne Sophomore Personalities Shirelle Dozier Guy Sibley Letitia Hughes Rodney Jackson J alea Green Rel Lipscomb if Katrina Haynes David Vaca Louis Jones Denise Kirvin Greg Payne Kathy Coleman Freshman Personalities , ,., 1m,,f.,, "lb, .1 .. P .1 Most Handsome and Most Attractive Robert Kallmeyer Kim Keilers 56 Tabernacle Baptist Church l 1 , 1 i I I E l K w l ,Eilf1lf'125lf?21fZe?ggjggezifsgifjiaaiifEfsi,ig':ji11:2i51"'- izg1eYjffa3fselF' , -f ' I , , , , an , V- - , -1,i3,1gs:?EQ3mi5 :s.K 1200 Country Club Rd. I 875-3861 Courtesy Williams Company 157 Autographs ADVERTISEMEN A Special Thanks to Jack Odiorne for Photography and Honza Feed Store state 0' " ' """" "il .ff ' 4 fi- ----. if - --- - -.. Tr,::1,'. , f . ,V---..-L-A f - -Y 0: 3.1 ,ff , , Af fi' R2 ,.... X, 1 f A' ' --2 Z 42 Mc ainss Smokedgigarbecue Yak, - I Food Store Delicatessen vi . LA 304D E. Ennis Ave. 1 W' grown Ennis, T x s 75119 24 Phone: 6872-6061 Wa k o - - ee faslnons Etc. Tara Show Place Fox Fire Drive-In T 1. 875-9431 , T 1. 875-6351 e ,J e TRANSPORTATION ff? Assn. of America McCrary Amusement Co. Marketing Co-op P.O. Box 239 Ennis, Tx. P,O, BQX 692 Ennis, Texas 75119 , S11 R FRANCES CURRY ENNIS TRUCK STGP + . Rmw... "Me" Wrecker Service 875-66 16 TELEPHONE N DALLAS ST 2 41875 524 ENN S TEXAS 75119 Congratulation Seniors Compliments of: McCrary Agency LONE STAR GAS COMPANY 208 W. Knox 875-3171 204 W. Knox Ennis, Texas 875-3876 161 13110116 12145 875-5250 Ennis Gold 8m Sliver 305 SXW MAIN ST. ENNIS. TEXAS 75119 Patricia Lambrecht James Lambrecht CONTINENTAL TRAILWAYS Bus Station Ennis, Texas 875-3581 THRIFTYMAN NO. 15 1015 S. Kaufman Congratulations Seniors RAMONA 8z NANCY'S BEAUT Ennis, Texas 875-7824 SHOP 1401 Creechvllle Rd. 875-8051 214-875-8781 214-875-5377 Store Home ANCISC , ciafi-J S QQZQZMQQZQV RESTAURANT 103 N.W. Main St. Mary F. Adams Ennis, Texas 75119 RON GILLESPIE is ount arm ureau I 'IMEFR LUMBER CO. Enniigexas 'Q ' - E 875 3878 A FARM BUREAU INSURANCE CO.'S R550 208 E' Enms Ave' SQEILITY Office Phone 875-650 DISABILITY Home Phone 875-850 162 FIRST UNITED METHODIST CHURCH -E U? E 1 ,sink-5 'x ig , fg g : 5 EWS I f " . ,qu ii I 9 if H 3 1' 555 Q ' I ZI, 7 -I I I , "Pointing the Way to Christv 300 N. Sherman LEGGETT 8z PLATT INCORPORATED 107 East Waco St. 214-875-2691 Ennis, Texas 75119 Three Locations in Ennis Plants and Warehouses from Coast to Coast Congratulations Seniors' OTASCO 201 S. Main Ennis, Texas 875-8171 Compliments of Able Enterprise, 1500 S.W. Blvd. Ennis, Texas TABERNACLE G a C "The Youth Ministry iw 5 on the move" of i' - E' Q F EQ j . "1 CANE!! We're More Than Just a Youth Group TABERNACLE BAPTIST CHURCH BRAD LEWI 1200 Country Club Rd. Minister of Yout Congratulations Seniors '82 HESSER DRUG -fa, -MQ? vr: L.: ' 1 - . 'ill H j was ,it . , H - 1 .,k,, , iii ww., K K Jerry L. Smith Jim Templin 6 Karen Davidson INDASH Jackie Davidson Stereos 8: Speakers Home Ph. 937-6269 Scanners CB Supplies 0 Compliments of i f a RAY sl VIDA Interstate 45 Hwy. 34 Ennis, Texas 75119 PH. C2145 875-6881 .i V., R. E. "BOB" ERISMAN SERVICE AGENT Ellis County Farm Bureau , E ' , T Compliments of mms exas LYNCH CUSTOM HOMES Congratulation Seniors Farm Burgafl Insurance o s Life, Auto, Fire, Liability, Disability. Compliments of Compliments of AMERITEX COMMUNICATION, INC. ESTQTE HYDUSE 875-8601 Y mils Congratulations Seniors Congratulations Seniors 167 ENNIS TRANSPORTATION CO. Z '-'-' Interstate 45 'Q V ' North 875-5801 ELLIS COUNTY SAVINGS ASSOCIATION my W 105 S. Preston 'fl V333 M Ennis, Texas 59 . if 12145 875-8434 v CUSTOM TOOL CO. Repair Work-All Types Production Work Ennis Dallas 12141 875-2661 C2141 299-524 P.O. Box 487 Ennis, Texas Compliment of Valek's Garage D E D B h r. . . e ne . I1Il1S Ve. EJ? J. E. KEEVER MORTUARY Serving This Community Since 1918 Insurance for the Entire Family Prearranged Funeral Trust 408 N. Dallas St. Phone: 875-3891 Sam A. Keever David E. Keever Congratulations Seniors of '82 The Williams Company, Inc Concrete Contractors Dallas, Texas Laura, Mike, Johna BILLY'S DRIVE-IN, INC. H Sz H ELECTRIC OF ENNIS North I. 45 103 N. Interstate 45 Barbecue ' 875-5181 Picnic Supplies ' l' f Compliments of Comp lments 0 LYNCH CUSTOM HOMES ODD FELLOW AND INC. HOME FOR THE AGED Oak Grove Rd. Congratulations Seniors REDKEN BLAZEK BUILDING SUPPLY, INC. JEANETTE'S BEAUTY , v X SALON gk .S Jeanette Martin Q 1400 Kaufman Owner fx Elgglgigezxsas 4 It if 'J 717 W. Lampas 875 2231 Photography By JACK Jack and Dixie Odiorne 108 W. Ennis Ave Ennis, Texas 75119 C2143 875-5401 E1 'J Za ss 0 if if 6 BARTON'S DUNLOP TIRES Tire Sz Service Center Ph. 875-5111 200 E. Ennis Ave or 875-5112 Ennis, Texas Zip 75119 BENTON GROCERY E on .fm Sf, SAFEWAY 9, 7 ENNus, TEXAS I-45 5, : . g EVEFZYT NT FROM A Good Luck Senlors AY 0,0 Vbuqvllu GEORGE'S PLACE Compliments of I' Highway 45 n North Servlce Rd. at Ennis ENNIS POLICE Exit DEPARTMENT SANDWICHES - PICNIC SUPPLIES - GROCERIES LONE STAR LAUNDRY 705 E. Ennis Ave. 875-3884 SANDERS FUNERAL HOME C 206 N. Kaufman Ennis, Texas 75119 -wma.. 24 Hours I 875-3888 N AMELIA ANN FLORIST Flowers for all Occasions Complete Wedding Service GEORGE 8z MARGARET SPANIEL 307 NORTH CLAY Owners Ennis, Texas 75119 WEEE Paint, Varnish, Stains, Carpets, Wallcoverings Decorating Service Available 105 South Main St. 875-2401 ou can help. - ,1 Q L if L so iv U I.: s.,.,, I.. L. 3'N-. 5.1.4, W.. .-.., , x :L-x.-,oo, oo QmmmT1he need L: X- ,310 con5e.1:ye..c.Xec.Trjc.i1y, and okk forms e-A, -o .. o nLy oloesoconservafson 21'-Qsmqs W ouui no'I1onsi,pce,c.1Q,uso ,,:.-M-'R e - 5 ,, resopmes .nxt helps you and 2 N- iomxlyosayemoney gmnce lf, oo , 1- ,c.o,sir,.oi,e.ne.rf5y1s oibng 0.2, no LH, , QhunLoxxY.of,mo5i' foomlhei :L-N. , A obqokcaels. Yangon help yom'yfomkX bywb ,4f", dom your port.-,mgke Sure. 'f " y you goseodoors, and wmdows, 1 ,. ' H ..-13 y hen Que. hComTmc5'or Hair C,Qv'xc:lrl'lonxrNXQ 12 ', udi M15 00.3 doriT 'c5rcrz.e." when you raid ,,y if A thenefrxgeratorf know when you L1 A ,o -,wonT before you open 1-he doorg 1L,q.ne..m-QLo1LmLaTer.ToKe5 energy- M l-...F ,,,, ,,og-,troy o..5horte.r showem :Q if , - 1 mokg surejhe Teievxsion or,5Tereo 21 ' jswiffx ?SheCvl5K'rf,f5fY'QZ3f --i-,W ,Wy . , .F ,A . .. :fr M . famiiywto save. energy now... 1 Q , yodil -help make,sure.o1'here. will be, o Q e.nou3hf7ox:.,eve.ryone. when you no ,K '-. oo ogoatafl' a famxlyyof your own. y -451 o 6 TEXAS POWER 8c LIGHT CQMPANY A tax-paying, investor-owned electric utlllty 175 MY BROTHER,S PLACE, INC. Don Washburn No. 1 301 s. Dallas 875-8311 No.2 505 s. Clay 875-35911 No. 3 907 N. Kaufman 875-9603i Compliments of ENNIS DAIRY QUEEN 101 W. Ennis Ave. Ennis, Texas 875-6524 YAMAHA 0F ENNIS Interstate 45 Ennis, Texas 875-8313 rs JACK GARLAND ..::..?..2fsgfz4.:'.. Ennis, Texas 75 1 19 AN GLIN EXXON I 45 at Hwy. 34 Ennis, Texas 75119 875-8233 Compliments of Davis 8: Wester Drive In Dairy Queen Hwy. 34 Sl IH 45 405 W. Ennis Ave. Avenue Drive In Wetspot 407 W. Ennis Ave. Hwy. IH 45 "WE CARE" CLAYSTONE MANOR i i 1107 S. Clay ADVANCED DRAINAGESYSTEMS INC jezzgn T: Ennis, TX. 12145 875-8411 i Aarfq -' V 'IVF ' YV' i ' lxlili !E1Q'f2gffQ'3J TE? -N65 45 K 'f. -'1 f ".-5,5-' .2 -I' tvvl , a " v S ', 'A :Q ik 1 Rosalie Ruoo - B oker m S Ennii wwf Eiiafs REAUOR YOUR KEY TO BETTER LIVING NIS 12141875-3831 808 E. ENNIS AVE. - 3-4496 NIS, TEXAS 75119 is 375-3467 QUALIFIED Dallas Metro Line...227-6760 F SHIRLEY MARTINEZ RESIDENTIAL BRUKER -COMMERCIAL -ACREAGE .4 I r", Y' 01215112 is - we f my I A Qi va 11 nm onv W. Hwy. 287 1Wax. Hwyi 295 Mi W. Of I-45 Ennis M ff ,- ii I ll' E i 'Fr ,f . ,, 5, 7 'Q 'iM...,.f??5x H Fl " . 4 WMM -NN ' Ni? cagxi. . Hl.-,- , " 'f hff' cus vs-M V f .,g,l. .Ji fliiitlw sill ' I" ' T I K , LIONBACKER DRIVE IN Groceries, Beer Picnic Supplies, Hot Foods Hwy. 34 875-2151 BAYLOR BAPTIST CHURCH '-Y'-4.H9f5? .. ,,,,.n1-an , ...w-h A 1 . Del Medlin- Mary Lou Parker- Pastor Secretary ENNIS AUTOMOTIVE , ,,,u?A-,Hr4:sfLk vw- 2400 N. Preston Ennis, TX 17 TUCKER GRUCERY 8: FEED Acco Feeds Garrett 875-2 10 1 Mon. - Saturday 6:30-8:00 Sunday 9:00 - 8:00 BEN TUCKER 8: SON Soil Contractors Land Clearing and Excavation Planters Co-op Ginning Society Bardwell, Texas 75101 646-5329 Leo Venable, Mgr. Murphy Beauty Shoppe KAUIYW 309 E. Brown 1 , Ennis, Texas 875-7171 ' Felcman's Gorman's Holiday M6H,S Sl10p 8: 117 South Dallas Cleaners Phone: 875-3271 M , N - NQS 1 M L0l,'a -H 1113 55? DRY . 4' .L P 111 W. Knox 2 as E11111S,TeXaS 875-7341 1 D' 75119 '-APY 5, W. R. Storey Manufacturing Tex Pack Express 1511 N. Kaufman 416 N. AGENT FOR ,- Congratulations Seniors '82 21.11 WW 54. ii i W' COII1pliII1el1tS of 214-646-5457 Ennis Cabinet 8z Millwork Custom Built Cabinet General Mill Work Preston 8 '75-7061 BARDWELL GRAIN Feed - Seed 8z Fertilizer Bardwell, Texas 75101 Maurice Bucholz, Mgr. 181 JACK POFF'S MENS WE 116 W. KNOX ST. BOB WALKER INS. 119 S. W. Main St. 875-2321 4 Phone Ennis, Texas 75119 .lf- 9 875-7521 ' V P.O. Box 579 CIRCLE H BAR-B-Q 113 S. Dallas St. Ennis Compliments of Maggie 8: Syl Holy 875-7893 SOUTHERN AUTO STORES, INC. 213-1 5 W. Ennis Ave. Ennis, Texas 75119 875-3871 Compliments of YE OLDE INN B Sz C PARTS AND SUPPLIES gigffgtatg Automotive and Truck Supplies . . ox Ennis, Texas Ph. 12110 875-3805 only minutes to J is D B Rex Carter Dallas - Ft. Worth ame575 S25 ass Ennis, Texas 75119 - 875-8476 ENNIS MARKET 8: PAT'S SAUSAGE FACTORY Home of Quality Meats Stanley J. Liska-Owner 113 W. Knox 875-7676 POODLE PARLOR "All Pets Welcome" Supplies - Bathing Grooming - De-Fleaing 1007 1!2 W. Ennis Ave. Ennis, Texas 751 19 875-2876 GENSTAR BUILDING MATERIALS CO 15:4 ' QFLINTKOTEJ Compliments of OZYMY,S DAIRY MART Rudy Ozymy 309 S. Kaufman 875-5851 Congratulation Senio rs ,82 Growing with Ennis xwiw Q0 CQQQQAQIKQXGKS ENNIS TIRE 8z APPLIANCE Compliments of MR. J'S SHELL Ennis Dallas 12145 875-5884 12145 227-1012 CODY COMPANY, INC. I. H. 45 North Corner Of P.O. Box 735 East Ennis Avenue 8z Kaufman Str. Ennis, TX. 75 1 19 Frank Mike 875-6120 875-9383 Shop - Ennis 875-8658 Metro - 299-5577 INDUSTRIAL MAINTENANCE 1003 S. Kaufman - P.O. Box 493 Ennis, Texas 75119 Welding - Shop - Portable - Heliare Sandblasting Portable MERLE NORMAN COSMETIC STUDIO STEAVY M. JAKUBIK Owner 8z Beauty Advisor Helen Slovak Mary Ann Kinzie maclairfrergf Design gl Fabrication ClY-BeltsS- Pulllleys W, Ennis Ave, eta a rication ains - proc ets . Machine Shop Service Bearing - Shafts Ennlss Texas 1 Metal Buildings Conveyors - All Types - Pumps - All Types Metal - All Types Compliments of BUDAI GROCERY Domestic Foreign Compliments of OK GARAGE Robert Jurica, Owner Congratulations ' 700 N. Kaufman Phone: 875-2961 Seniors Ennis, Texas Night: 875-5792 D0R0THY'S F' Ennis 214-875-3171 Children Shop FELL? Dallas 214-227-2036 E 109 S. W. Main Ennis, Texas 875-5581 Girls - Infant - 14 and Preteens Boys - Infant - 7 Only the best in Children's Clothes MCCRARYS' AGENCY General Insurance P.O. Box 775 Ennis, Texas 75119 135 SALLY'S BEAUTY SHOP We Use and Recommend Redken Products "The Scientific Approach to Hair Care" 708 W. Ennis Ave. 875-6441 COFFEE BREAK DONUT SHOP 219 W. Ennis Avenue Ennis, Texas 875-7810 Donuts Sz Hamburger Mon. - Sun. 4:00 AM to 2:00 PM PIGGLY WIGGLY Best Wishes Seniors FOOD STORE Compliments of No. 26 703 W. Ennis Ave. 875-5221 A " GREEN STAMPS CHARLIE'S GROCERY 8: MARKET 5011 W. Ennis Ave. Ennis, Texas 875-7971 B 8: C EXXON Service Station Minor Auto Sz Truck Repairs Tune-Ups DIESEL TRUCK WORK There's A Gas Station On Every Corner But A Service Station Is Hard To Find 875-5982 209 S. Kaufman Congratulations Seniors The Frame 8z Woodcraft Shop 305 - S. W. Main St. Ennis, Tx. 75119 Ph. 875-9161 Compliments of TOM'S FOOD MARKET 600 W. Gilmer 875-5732 186 THE FASHION SHOP 117 N. Dallas St. Ennis, Texas Rosalind Holloway Patsy Cass FRANK'S TOWNE PINK BLOSSOM 112 W. Ennis Ave 875-3281 ' . S W 113 N. Main Phone: 875-7345 f KNOX FUEL STOP Congratulations Seniors Ainwater is ' ""f THE POLLANS Oil, Gas, Diesel, and . Restrooms 4 8' i s Interstate 45 Palmer, Tx. Congratulations Seniors Dr. Allen I. Gallup, D.S. INCOME TAX SERVICE 1101 Edgewood Street Ennis, Texas 75119 , 218 W. 2nd Avenue 410 W. Marvin S gveekifigg Qfitfir P M Corsicana, Texas 75110 Waxahachie, Texas 75165 afwl' ay- ' - - ntl ' ' ' C2145 872-3981 C2145 937-6511 Helen Wllls Phone 875-3566 f214J 375-9873 SONOMA SUPERETTE KELLYS DRIVE INN Mary 8z Bobby Watson - Owner 1904 N. Kaufman I 45 at 34 Ennis, TX. Here to Serve You - Gas 875 2821 Phone 875-7949 Hamburgers Beer Meat 187 BLUEBONNET ANTIQUES 8: GIFTS 302 E. Crockett St. 8a Hwy. 75 S. Ennis, Texas 75119 Custom Made Stained EDWIN C. TROJACEK Plumbing and Heating 907 S. Paris Windgws Ennis, Texas Phone 875-7450 CHARUWORN S PLACE , 875-7351 H5112 108 S. Kaufman Fishing and Picnic Supplies Hot Chinese lunches and egg rolls Oriental gifts and novelties 7-6 Daily Closed Sunday 406 W. Ennis Ave.- Ennis, Texas 875-9231 PRECISION HAIRCUTTING GUYS 81 GALS No Appointment Necessary Owner-Mary Lee Dodson Stylist-Judy Turney Gulf Products Stylist-Claudine Bratcher Barber Stylist-James Trojacek Mobil Distributor Propane Corols Printing. Inc. Finest in quality printing HENRY OIL 8z GAS CO. and ENNIS, TEXAS John Henry - President Carolis Instaprint Quick and inexpensive 908 W. Ennis Avenue Ennis, Texas 75119 C21-D 875-6518 MY FAVORITE THINGS z O KIDDIES KARROUSEL xy . ""'f'4-4.,-E 2 1 Q 'fkminx A Childrens Wear Sz Accessories . :lf rq sl Jr. and Missy Shoppe Infants through 6X fffl X Shoe Department 115 W' Knox 1 I 1 1 '-xi 'L Owners: Pat 8a Kim Behne 115 Dallas Ennis, Texas 188 875-3251 ,4 Compliments of KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS Council No. 1353 Texas Compliments of Ennis Dairy Queen 101 W. Ennis Ave. Ennis, Texas 875-6524 KORAL COMPANY Owners: Robert Christopher Lewis Lindsex P.O. 1270 H8zH HARDWARE 210 W. Ennis Ave. Ennis, Texas 875-279 1 Ennis, CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK Y IVWNV -I-T I Hours: Main Lobby Mon.-Thurs. 9:00-2:00 Fri. 9:00-2:00 8: 4:00-6:00 Motor Bank 8: Convenience Center Mon.-Thurs. 9:00-6:00 Fri. 9:00-7:00 Sat. 9:00-12:00 WAL-MART .x ii 1 - af f Interstate 45 Ennis, Texas I1 Sara's Tru k 1601 W. Ennis Ave. 875-8811 BUSH HOG KNAPP EQUIPMENT HESSTON CURP. Ennis, Tx. Interstate 45 North 875-9691 INIXYfPEYUKIN SWE FARM AUTO-LIFE-HEALTI-I-HOME F Q AND BUSINESS 105 W. Ennis Ave. P.o. BOX No. 639 Ennis, Texas 75119 Phone: Office 12141 875-9261 POLLAN FURNITURE CO., INC. Two Locations to Serve You F H F ' hings Member: Retail Furniture Assoc. of N 8a Used Bargal Southwest 210 N D ll Featuri F B d d 211 N. Main S 1 C O d 875 2831 875-2831 ENNIS, TEXAS-75 1 19 T L rx Nocona 5 Annual Staff Co OY Seniors 5, Hogg Say -' f 9- Goodbye! L R ' l Wranglers W EMPLOYEE OWNED . . . A CUSTOMER MINDED! ff OIL COUNTRY PRODUCTS 'I' CASING 3' TUBING I' LINE PIPE Inw- 3' SUCKER RODS 24 'Hour Service Member NASPD DALLAS PIPE 8: SUPPLY, INC. FERGUSON ELECTRIC COMPANY AND AIR CONDITIONING SERVICE Ennis Owner Dallas 875-8130 James B. 227-6344 Ferguson 45 A T In .. 25 Chicken 'n rolls ,353 0 1012 East Ennis Avenue Ennis, Texas 75119 Tom 0'Sulllnn 42141 875-6031 Manager ATLAS SOUND PLANT 2 1601 Jack McKay Blvd. Ennis, Texas 75119 CRUMLEY HARDWARE, INC. 112 W. Brown "Biggest Little Hardware Store in Ennis" 875-2721 7 -'I j gi, . i 1- fl E . ,,,, 3 q 1 , nnls 'rf g, x2'. g.ff .,.L1.,,2' A , .-,, Volunteer W A-a - 1 , ""f' 1 iw 1 . 1 , M- a 1 - ag. "" Fire 1+ ii e W- E---2'. . ..,.., 1 ta. if' 1. - +551 's ' -A Department ......."""""'3.... . A .. 1 "fr . .., 194 . BRUCE BRCWN Chevrolet 8: Oldsmobile New Cars-Used Cars Leasing Service Dept Expert Body Work CHEVROLET ULDSMUBILE I 3.QQ,EWEEQWN I 6 I .....-..................- 875-2666 Interstate 45 at State Hwy. 34 Congratulations Seniors! United Publishing Co. Upco Print Shop 213-15 N. Dallas St. Gifts-Books-Printing-Office Supplies ED'S GARAGE 2555 GAQAQ, 24 HR WRECXER SER! 305 E. Ennis Ave Ennis, Texas Congratulations to Seniors ,82 Ennis Community Hospital UNIKO fb 3: a unit of Baylor University Medical Center X CA L Q93 a 'ff ff-E' f e . at-if X 'I ' 4 ,gf 4 1 ibgy' V .J ,Mimi ' -, ' ?!?j, ,wma Q5 N. . .L ,gixr khx A la., ff? V mu. v,,,,,i .,,,,,,..,. ..,, Be a part of Baylor's future The multi-hospital system. THE ULTIMATE DREAM 'WWW Q L e t U S B I t Fo 1' Y O ll fg.11,f,z.z'gx,:::: o Wok ,. 4ff3eiE 'WED 6011.029 x French Bond 8: Medina lm? EM J f 7' A 875-9937 875-8483 227-6833 , - ' 14' 1 Don Johnson Brokerage 8z Leaslng, IIC O CATTLs sQulPMfm - C T ov, .M e ' Lz 'sf "?-9 3 773 , u , W ,,., mn ' shv xsinnf - 15" 7 24 1: 315 BUY'SELl.QTRAU51,, 7 , r-4, " if' H A , 4 ii ,-, , o Interstate 45 at Highway 34 Ennis, T. Sign Here lv' w-around -me-a -wu- in 'Q x x , f 5 , f " wa M tg '-N'-qg,Qf"i' A P 'ae .Hg f W A .. 'W fr it 1 A Q X is is 5 ve-1 S ICR ECTIO was 0122 5 Er Q Hold Fast Your Dreams Hold fast your dreams! Within your heart Keep one still, secret spot Where dreams may go, And, sheltered so, May thrive and grow Where doubt and fear are not. O keep a place apart, Within your heart, For little dreams to go! Louise Driscoll 000' Sa up Z as rur s s u Western Party l 202 1982 'VX V 'PN wsu? Ml' 5 1 ,. W,,,..f-4' 20 Westcott ..................... Mrs. Ernest W. Stanley ..... .. Miss Preen .... ......... . ........... . Richard Stanley ..... June Stanley ...... John ................. Sarah ................... Mrs. Dexter .......... Mrs. McCutcheon ..... Mr. Stanley .......... Maggie Cutler ...... Dr. Bradley ................... Sheridan Whiteside ........ Harriet Stanley ............ Bert Jefferson ............... Professor Metz ................ The Luncheon Guests.. Mr. Baker ...................... Expressman ............ Lorraine Sheldon ...... Sandy ....................... Beverly Carlton ...... THE MAN WHO CAME TO DINNER FEBRUARY 25, 26, at 27 CAST Jamie Erisman .......Coleta Frazier ......Rusty Doherty ......Dee-Dee Gryder ..........Wade Smith Diedrea Boyd ............Diedra Knight Rebecca Chapman Greg Griffith ........Hope Hughes Bobby Williams ........Cullen Moore ........Missy Bruzzese Johnson Farrell Laura McCorvey, Michael Manry, Jeannie Spaniel Parks ......Mike Williams ......Evette Perry ......Jimmy Allen ....................John Betik Kallmeyer Radio Technicians ....... ........ T ony Adams, James Byrd, Dale Cox Choir Girls .............. .................. L eah Cook, Kim Darst, Julie Emsley, Tammy Hart, Jina Henning, LeAnn Jurik, Kim Keilers, Lori Muirhead, Teresa Navarro, Laurie Pool, Lisa Wilhoite Banjo ................. ........................................... R on Pollan Two Deputies ...... ....... G eorge Solis and John Waedekin CREW Dana Whittington, Julie Emsley, Jana Haggard, Sally Batten, Lori Muirhead, Lisa Wilhoite, Laurie Pool, Nancy Boon, Rebecca Chapman, Missy Bruzzese, Tina Compton, James Byrd, Dale Cox, John Betik, Jim Dunkerly, George Solis, John Waedekin, Todd Kubin, Melinda Bain, Laura Lamkin, Paula Venable, Tee McIntosh, Tony Adams, David Lipsey, Terri Franz, Leslie Manry, Leah Cook, Karla Newsome, Rusty Doherty, Kevin Fincher, Bruce Lewis, Bobby Williams, Greg Liska, Mike Manry, Wade Smith, Tamara Tillison, Leah Davis, Suzy Laza, Paula Salik, Elisha Probst, Jamie Erisman, Suzanne Farris, Tammy Hart, Nancy Norman, Dorcas McBurnett, Lisa Monreal, Kim Braddock, Janice Tarrant, Jill Bennett, Shevera Gilmore, Jina Henning, Dee'Dee Gryder, Kaye Maxey, Chris Osterheld, Carol English, Jeannie Spaniel, LeAnn Jurik, Kim Keilers, Chris Shackelford, Brian Gabriel, Clarence Edwards, Keith Potter, Donny Spencer, Angela Vaughn, Chris Mikel, Harold Brown, Andy Bozek, Kelvin Evans, Todd Newman, Cornelia Collins, Djuana Burr, Shandra Busby, Kim Darst, Dawn Nelson, Ricky Vrana, George Crowley, Joey Green, Greg Toal, DeLane Rolen, Robert Martinez, Tim Cox, Gary Deagen, Arnold Cervantes, Jennifer Cole, Mary Little, Angela Vaught. 206 1,4 ,- g if ,, A -:asf n , i ,f f ' ' J 1 ag ' , 1 " : ' 1 I , of ,J W sg! I 42 ., w Q52 Jr.-Sr. Prom April 24, 1982 O Fantasy Island MASQUERADE PARTY QQ 1 t x9 Q Q- J' af k Mu W-Q. 2 gms in f S: f. 1. 4 Ii V fs ps, . 45015 f?-."":-,tg N Qjjyl X ,J m Q s 1 il, 52 1 Q9 R. L Senior Dinner 1982 Senior Flag 6 fm -pw fv W x if ' w ' VX 0 lv 9' I e ik 'S x w fr . Q53 2 2,93 Q- QQ . , Q 'w V f , f .f,v.f,- -. 'L 6 . Q ' , f F ,Y A' V, N11 'ww' . eww' 3. f Q, . Mm. , ,, , ,nw N V. - ' , , if 3 ' 'V 'WI ., Y y, v 1, ' 1 ,vn. Q 217 Vespers 2 Salutatorian Karla Newsome Valedictorian Paula Salik Four-Year Honor Graduates IFIRST ROWJfPaula Salik, valedictoriang Teresa Navarro, Leah Cook, Coleta Frazier, Sally Batten, Karla Newsome, Salutatoriang Julie Emsley, Dorcas McBurnett, Leah Davisg ISECOND ROW!-Tamara Tillison, Emily Blazek Langer, Paula Venable, Sylvia Ludwig, Laura Lamkin, Terri Franz, Hope Hughes, class vice-presidentg Chris Osterheldg KTHIRD ROWJ DeLane Rolen, Elisha Probst, Cullen Moore, Todd Parks, Will Glaspy, Blaine Smith, Tim Cox, and Scott Shaw. One-Year Honor Graduates 1 i l QFIRST ROW!-Gloria Rodriguez Holy, Suzanne Laza, Kim Darst, Melinda Main, Jeannie Spaniel, Lori Muirhead, Melissa Bruzzeseg QSECOND ROW! Jamie Erisman, Lisa Wilhoite, class secretaryg Laurie Pool, Jana Haggard, Laura McCorvey, Angela Vaughng ITHIRD ROW! John Payne, John Waedekin, Bruce Lewis, Wade Smith and Greg Griffith. Graduation 1982 223 - DON'T STOP BELIEVIN -0 L..1, -,mfg f Y m 4 Y ' , 1 4 F? .R J 7 W ' ' ' Q, fr! Q , -4- 4 , W1 ' , g . fs 1 L, is f 5 5'1 "i" f'?-H if SU 4 i -v alia..-an mln l A--:up--1 i .53 ' ' K 'ffW"1'W'?1f?'-xii ' 2 ' A ' gp' 1 f-'Z f4f'fi..:.:3A , P, J X Q, L , V.1,. f 29' F . r ' A xi 01 X. -'r -! - 1 .Q ,X-qu-5 - -- vvvmw- .4-in - F .Q-w.1?x lj , .Ns J. 5 r-.. 32554 J' If

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